IHJZ/ The Celebrity Apprentice/Mob Wives May 15, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice by Quincy IL

Three previous winners of “The Celebrity Apprentice”: Joan Rivers. Brent Michaels and Pierce Morgan will interview the four candidates and two of the four will be fired after the recommendations are reviewed by Mr. Trump.

John Rich is the first to be interviewed. He is asked who he would chuck under the bus and his answer is Meat Loaf.  John stated that Marlee Matlin raised over a million dollars and she is the strongest candidate for that reason. John believes that his greatest strength is his writing skills, but that does not impress the judges.  He is asked if he could compete with his friend Lil John and he adamantly says, “Yes.”

Lil John is interviewed. He makes an error and says that Marlee is a stronger candidate than he is. He notes the amount of money Marlee raised and says that he is being honest. The judges feel he is too laid back. 

Marlee feels that she is a strong candidate and that she believes John Rich should be the other person that leads a team in the final competition. Pierce Morgan feels her hearing disability is actually strength.

Meat Loaf is asked to explain why he has been so emotional and he says that is who he is. He tries not to show emotion, but fails.

Mr. Trump accepts the judges’ recommendations and he fires Lil John and then Meatloaf after giving them both compliments.  Marlee and John Rich have competed against each other twice before and each one had one of the competitions. They are very happy and celebrate, but both know that tomorrow they will be adversaries.

The next morning Mr. Trump meets with John Rich and Marlee Matlin if the lobby of Trump Towers to explain the final challenge. An executive from 7 up is there to ask both team leaders to design a retro campaign for a 7 up which has sugar like the drink from the 70s and 80s.  The Harlem Globe Trotters (a traveling basketball team) and Def Leppard (a band) will help with the task. Marlee chose The Harlem Globe Trotters.

They will use creativity to design a can and a package for in store display; design and produce a retro commercial; launch a live retro event; and include their charity in the project. 

7up gives each of the two charities $50,000 before any competition begins.  A group of team mates who were fired came back to help and the team leaders pick people they feel will help them most.  Marlee picks Meat Loaf, Richard Hatch and La Toya Jackson.  John Rich picks Lil John, Star Jones and Mark McGraff.

Marlee’s team will incorporate the 70s clothes and  ask Jeffry Holder, a representative of the 7up company who made commercials for the company in the 70s, to sell the product for a retro feel.  Marlee will dress in period cloths and help make a commercial.  Meat Loaf, an icon from the 70s, will have a wig on and become himself again.  La Toya is transformed into a super hero and she is filmed.  They talk about disco balls and a boom box.

John Rich’s team will work with items and people from the 80’s and they decide to ask Dee Snider who was Twisted Sister to be in their commercial. Dee has to get permission to cut off his mustache as he has a contract to keep it when he is on Broadway in a play. He gets permission for this charity fundraiser and will transform himself into a 80s icon for the challenge.  They will use icons like Madonna in their 80s retro scenes.

Both teams work on the 7 up cans and packaging.  John Rich’s can had zebra stripes in black and white but the label is small.  Marlee uses green and white and there are drawings of people in her graphics.   She rejects the boom box after Meat Loaf leaves to get props and costumes, but when he returns, he gives her a hard time over her decision.

Both teams go to their sound stage, but the men’s team is better organized.  Star has created a schedule and taken care of graphics.  John Rich has problems with the stage manager of Death Leopard. John Rich wants a drummer to use a drum, but the manager says, “No.”  John Rich tells him it’s for charity and if he has to, he will play that drum himself.

Marlee’s concept may not be possible.  Jeffrey Holder’s lawyer won’t let him sign a release for the commercial.  He has been the employee of 7 up in the past so if the commercial were to be used, there would be financial issues that might arise. The script for Jeffrey Holder is missing and Meat Loaf is angry about the contract issues. He threatens to throw a phone across the room while Marlee tells the camera that they will have to come up with another idea.

Next week is the finale.

Mob Wives by Quincy IL

Renee Graziano, Drita Davanze, Karen Gravono and Carla Facciolo are in Manhattan for a girls’ night out at Juliet Supper Club.  The club has candles and the ladies describe the room as beautiful.  They sit at a table waiting for the waiter to attend to them.  Renee is peeved.  Finally Salvadore, the waiter, takes their order of Patron and Vodka.

They describe their body issues. Renee believes in plastic surgery and liposuction. The other women believe in eating correctly and exercise. 

Renee goes to another table and addresses the men.  She tells them that her father is Sammy the Bull and they are shocked. She dances with a man shorter than herself and he seems interested in her, but her mind is on her ex-husband and what he would think of her dancing with this man in this way. Drita is annoyed with Renee.

The next day on Staten Island, we see snow on the ground.   Karen has come to Drita’s home and they are reminiscing.  They discuss their meeting and their friendship.  Driata is married to Karen’s ex-boyfriend of 7 years, Lee. Karen started dating lee at 15 years of age. They broke up and within the year, Drita began dating Lee, married him and eventually had two little girls. Drita thinks it will be good therapy for Karen to write a book about her life.  On the surface, they are friends.

Renee and Nikole, her friend, go to a plastic surgeon where Renee is to have laser skin rejuvenation.  She lies on her back and he proceeds to remove her skin to the point that gauze covers her face to absorb all of the blood that is seeping out.  Renee smells her flesh burning. The plastic surgeon confirms that he smells it too.

Carla goes to Renee’s house to find her face horribly red and scabbed.  Renee’s son is mad at her for doing that and he won’t look at her.  Carla has trouble looking at her, but Renee is on national TV to share what she looks like with us.

At Karen’s apartment, Karen is on the phone with the father of her daughter in Arizona.  This man, Karen’s mother and Karen’s brother are watching her daughter, Karina.  Karen misses her daughter and she tells her ex-boyfriend that she is going to start dating. He is unhappy with that.  Karen does not want to alienate the father of her daughter, but he is not the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with because he has gone to prison and might go again. That is not the life she wants for herself or her daughter.

At Carla’s House, Drita discusses Carla’s happiness with a man she has dated for over one year while her husband is in prison.  Carla says that her husband is OK with this and they are not going to be together when he gets out. Last week, she wanted his help with the children and blamed him for the misbehavior of their son. Carla knows that her boyfriend is the love of her life. The children love him, but we also know the children think their father is away at work. Drita’s husband Lee would not be happy if Drita started dating someone else.

Karen’s cousin, Rena, visits her at her apartment.  She is helping Karen with the time line of her book. In 1986, Karen’s father, Sammy the Bull, became an underboss (the second in command) in the Gambino Crime Family. He handled the business end and was arrested 1990.  In 1992, he became a rat. Karen was 19 when this happened and she wanted street respect so she started dealing meth and dated Lee, a criminal.  

Drita tells us that Lee says bad things about Karen and calls Karen’s family, a rat family.  When Karen brings up Lee, Drita says it bothers her.

It is Drita’s birthday and her cousin is doing her hair and makeup. This female cousin will also babysit so Drita can go to Giselle, a club, in a black limousine with friends.  She drinks so much tequila and vodka that she blacks out and has no memory of her party. She says she drank to forget that Lee is not with her. When he was home, he would buy her gifts and always did special things for her on her birthday.

The next day, Drita is hung over and in her bed. She tells Carla that she did not remember how she got home. Carla helped her to her door. Drita will go back to sleep. She mentions that she is a mother.

Karen and Carla are at the gym and Carla is coaching Karen on exercise and diet. They also discuss a “loaf of bread” and why that is important in the man Karen will date.

Karen, in an interview, again discusses the issue of Lee and Drita dating.  We have heard this over and over.  Karen thinks it is not loyal of Drita to date her ex.

Drita is home doing her nails when Lee calls. Drita now misses Lee and regrets their fight. She tells him Karen is writing a book and he will be in it. He goes off on Karen and there is a lot of bleeping. Drita ends the call with “I love you.”

Karen goes to Renee’s home to discuss the Drita and Lee situation. Renee, of course, agrees that loyalty is the most important thing on the planet Earth. If a friend of 20 years ago dated Renee’s ex, she would be angry. Karen is going to address the issue with Drita.

Karen and Drita meet at Drita’s home that evening and they discuss the issue. Drita is annoyed and says that Karen must trust her, not to beat her up. Drita is holding it together and she tells Karen that Lee does not want to be in Karen’s book. Drita will not apologize for dating Lee.  Karen calls Lee, a scumbag. Drita reminds Karen that this is the home of Lee’s children. The issue was on the table, but was not resolved. 

Next week the four women get in a cat fight and try to scratch each other’s eyes out.

The following link describes the suffering of people who had loved one murdered by the families of the Mob wives.  It describes how they feel about the women making money off the death of their family members.


“The Real Housewives of Orange County” and WWHL blogs will be posted later today.

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28 Responses to IHJZ/ The Celebrity Apprentice/Mob Wives May 15, 2011

  1. boston02127 says:

    Good morning. Thanks for the recaps. I missed C.A. but watched Mob Wives. Wasn’t that face peel awful. I never thought she would look the same.

    • quincyil says:

      I wonder how long it took for her face to come back.

      We had a neighbor who almost died in a flash fire at work. His skin looked like that when I saw him at the burn center in Springfield, IL.

  2. Dawn says:

    Where do these women get their money (Mob Wives)? None works and hubbys/fathers are in jail. Wouldn’t their assets have been seized? Yet, they not only can pay their mortgages, utilities, etc. but can afford mani/pedis, nights out drinking, etc. I don’t understand how they’re able to keep the money they illegally made.

    • quincyil says:

      Drita said she lived in 11 houses. I think she like like Lynne Curtin. They move in and stop paying the rent while they wait for eviction. People think twice before tossing a criminals wife and children into the street.

      Perhaps, the Cosa Notrsta has a women and children’s fund for the families of their members put away by the feds.

      • Powell says:

        From different programs I have seen about the mob, money is hidden for these purposes and any other mob family member that’s not in jail continues to collect money from their not so legal enterprises and makes sure families are taken care of.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      “Tings” fall off of trucks and end up in their houses – professional kitchen appliances, granite countertops, tvs, furniture, clothes, furs….
      It bothers me that none of them work either!

  3. boston02127 says:

    I don’t know what to do with myself. No classes now until June. I wish I could sleep in the morning but I wake up without the alarm. I have a dentist appt at 9:30 and that’s my day. I don’t know if I like this or hate this.

    • FlowerPower says:

      I’m just catching up on last night’s comments. You cracked me up with the BF/tape measure story! That’s me and my hubby still after 25 years. He actually bought me my own bright green tape measure in hopes that I’d see the light. LOL. Nope. I still just try things. Him: That won’t fit there. Me: I’ll make it fit!

      • boston02127 says:

        I ended up moving the room around again last night after I signed off. Thankfully nobody is renting down stairs yet.
        I had a hard time picking out furniture that I was going to save, I’m trying to fit what I can but I hate the clutter look. I keep calling my brother to see if he wants stuff and I end up saying but you have to come and get it now.

        • FlowerPower says:

          My sister used to show up at my door with stuff in her car. She didn’t bother asking! It took me a long time to stop feeling guilty about saying I didn’t want stuff that I didn’t like/have room for.

          This year was our 25th anniversary and hubs took the day off and took me to Jordan’s in Framingham–first time we’ve ever bought new furniture. We were there for HOURS. (He brought his tape measure.)

  4. kbinldo says:

    I was wondering what the big deal was about Geoffrey Holder & then I saw his picture. It would be a big coup is Marlee were to work things out & get him for her ad. I remember him from the 70s ads.

    And Twisted Sister was an 80s icon, not 70s. 🙂


    • quincyil says:

      Twister sister is the choice of John Rich and he is working on an 80s theme. I will check to see if I screwed up.

  5. butterisafruit says:

    I spent most of O.C screaming…….. ZAMBONI!

  6. Kellita says:

    I can hardly believe New Joisey begins tonight. I swore up and down I wasn’t going to watch this season, but with Teresa’s relatives all putting her in her place- could be entertaining.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I wasn’t going to watch it either but now that Teresa has REAL family to fight with I do want to see if they can take her down a peg or three! From the clips it appears her own brother is the one who will lead the charge… good times.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      WILL be entertaining. Better yet, the shift of show from being Manzo-centric to now being Guidice-Gorga run. I don’t care to see the ham game ever again, and if they can find another location besides bulldog Carolinebacker’s kitchen to film it would be great. I am dying to see Clownetta lose control of the crew.

  7. VAgirl says:

    Thanks for the recap Q. I didn’t watch either show but DVR’d them. I think it’s Def Leppard if I remember correctly from the ’70s.

  8. error404 says:

    I’m disturbed. Caro is just a bully, like Jill with less tears. And like Jill and her flying monkeys, Caro and her flying monkeys were deathly dull when not bullying.

    Bethenny and Teressa were the breakout stars, but they couldn’t be more different. Ter isn’t funny, she’s violent. She’s just marginally better than an animal. Most normal people would be ashamed had they lost their rag and flipped a table in a restaurant. But Bravo made Ter a hero, even making up little promo ads with her flipping a table.

    So what has Bravo decided to focus it’s 3rd season on? Ter’s violent family, the only people in NJ animal enough to take on animal Ter. So now we have a family breaking out into a brawl at a baby christening offered to us as “entertainment”.

    I don’t get it. Are we suppose to feel superior to them because we’ve civilized and know how to eat with a fork, or are we suppose to admire them because we too punch our in-laws in the face at family events?

    • cabbie413 says:

      i don’t get it either — and I’m not watching. Same with #rhony – I’m done.

  9. LynnNChicago says:

    Communication is the key…sorry everyone. Quincy posted her two blogs and I wasn’t paying attention and posted my two…I’m sorry Quinc! my fault. I’ll get them combined. I apologize everyone!

  10. HD says:

    “Renee goes to another table and addresses the men. She tells them that her father is Sammy the Bull and they are shocked.”

    Do you mean Karen? Or was Renee pointing out to the guys at the table that Karen’s father was Sammy the Bull? If she was, what was the point of that?

    • Leah K. says:

      I noticed this too. Renee gave her own father’s name. Also, please believe I mean absolutely no offense, but the incorrectly spelled names and wrong little details by this particular person are not necessary when the names are printed on the screen every time one of the women is shown or gets a collect call from a mob guy.

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