I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Did I tell you?  I hate to say I told you so but I did tell you that you just had to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey!  They did not disappoint.

The Jersey Girls are back baby!  This kids, is a Housewives show!  No boring discussions about Danielle, no sit down’s between two housewives to discuss how they want nothing to do with each other, this is the real thing baby!

Just to make things more complicated there are two Joe’s that are pivotal in the show here so we’ll call old Joe, Teresa’s husband Juicy Joe or JJ for short just to avoid confusion whenever necessary.

First let’s talk about the Manzo’s because this family is so boring I can’t even imagine how long they had to film the Manzo’s in order to come up with anything to put on television.  They’re reduced to slamming the entire southern half of the United States and Chris Manzo speaking gibberish that he calls his Cajun language.  His mother is very proud that she can understand what he is saying.  Caroline seems to think that an Italian living in Alabama doesn’t cook Italian food as well as she does.  I bet she’s never been to Alabama and has no idea what she’s talking about but she did manage to insult Southern people, Italians and Cajun’s everywhere.   Nice opening Manzo family.

Jacqueline’s story is a bit more interesting than Caroline’s but unfortunately with Jacqueline, comes Ashley and we’re stuck with this horrible kid and her horrible attitude.  I certainly understand why Jacqueline was impatient with Ashley, she’s working as an intern with no pay, is late or doesn’t go in to work because she doesn’t like the long commute but expects Chris Laurita to pay for an apartment for her in New York City.  At least they didn’t reward her bad behavior.

Ashley is just as horrible as she was last season, apparently some people don’t learn much from watching themselves on television.  Chances are if Ashley were doing well and had grown up a responsible young lady, Bravo wouldn’t put her on television.  Chris Laurita has the patience of a saint, he’s still lecturing Ashley with the exact same lessons that he was trying to teach her last season.  He’s taking the time to try to get through to a stubborn spoiled child, he treats his wife’s daughter as if she were his own and she’s a difficult kid so I have to give him credit for that. 

For those of you who watch this show on a DVR or Tivo, I predict that scenes with Ashley in them will be the ones that you zoom through in the future.  Mark my words my friends.

On to the good stuff, I predicted that this is exactly why Teresa didn’t want her sister in law and her cousin to be the newest housewives, to the point where she threatened to walk if it were to happen but who better than these two women who can and do make Teresa’s life hell?  This is like heaven for viewers!  Teresa will be taken down a step or two this season.

First let’s just acknowledge that Danielle Staub was telling the truth when she announced that Teresa didn’t acknowledge her nephew when he was born.  Melissa confirmed that for us on the show.

Kathy visits the Gorga’s for lunch and you can hear the pain in Joe Gorga’s voice as he remembers hearing his sister Teresa tell viewers on the show that Jacqueline and Caroline are her family.  That must have been hard to watch for all of Teresa’s family including her parents. 

Teresa can’t seem to get along with any of her family, she’s at odds with her brother, her sister-in-law and her cousin.  According to Kathy’s husband Rich,  Joe Gorga and Juicy Joe were friends and grew up just like cousins but it is Teresa who puts negativity into her husband’s head.  Let’s face it Juicy Joe’s head is pretty empty so Teresa can fill it with just about anything.  Teresa is clearly jealous of her brother’s wife, she is the competitive one and in everything in life, Melissa has just a bit more than Teresa.  Teresa had one thing that her sister in law didn’t have, Teresa was a Real Housewive but now Melissa is a real housewife too and that has to just kill Teresa.

Kathy Wilkie tells us that she would like the family to all just get along and I think that after just one episode, Kathy may just be the voice of reason.  Teresa tells us that she is unhappy with Kathy simply because she didn’t tell her husband to back off of Teresa when he criticized her spending money that she didn’t have to spend.  I think that was pretty much the sentiment of everyone who watched her spending money on television.  What a ridiculous reason to cut your cousin out of your life.  

Kathy has a beautiful family and her short introduction showed a woman who takes her bicycle to the grocery store, she has a husband who adores her and children who have love and respect for their family. Kathy spoke only of the children when the fight broke out, she was upset that Gia was crying and that baby Adrianna was abandoned in her stroller while her parents acted like thugs.   My first impression of Kathy is that she may just be one of the favorites this season. 

The fight wasn’t started by Joe Gorga or Joe Giudice, it was started by the real thug in a cocktail dress, Teresa Giudice.  I think that Simon VanKempen should send Teresa a free  t-shirt .  Teresa was clearly trying to start trouble as there was no point in approaching the couple at the dinner table to congratulate them, she had already done that at the church.  When it was clear that her brother was a bit intoxicated and not open to hearing what Teresa had to say, her best bet would have been to quietly retreat but not our Teresa.  Instead she decided to get into a shouting match with her brother creating a huge scene and fight.  Danielle Staub made a really big deal out of being called “garbage” by Caroline last season and now Teresa hears her brother calling her garbage. 

Juicy Joe stood by silently for a few seconds watching his wife and her brother arguing, Teresa storms off screaming her head off and even had nothing happened afterward, Teresa had already created a scene at a child’s Christening party but in her wake she left her husband and her brother to finish her battle for her. 

What happened next wasn’t exactly clear, Juicy Joe was standing just feet from Joe Gorga and suddenly they were lunging at each other and several men held each of the Joe’s back from the other.  Best we could tell they never got to each other but several men did end up on the ground including the cameraman.  Chaos reigned and some very large man who refused to allow his face to appear on television screamed that this was a child’s Christening and the fighting must stop.

I have to admit it choked me up a bit hearing Joe Gorga talk about his father and how he feels that Juicy Joe has come between him and his father.  We know from past seasons that Teresa’s parents have spent a lot of time with her and her children.  They helped Teresa with her kids and joined the family in Italy last season.  There was even speculation that Teresa’s parents lived with Joe and Teresa Giudice. 

Joe Gorga was extremely emotional and distraught about what his relationship with his father has become.  According to the Gorga’s, Joe Giudice was insinuating that Joe Gorga didn’t spend enough time with his family because he was working so much.  For a family like the Gorga’s that is typically a good thing, you know work Ethics and all but somehow Juicy Joe has turned hard work into a negative.

Joe Giudice is accused of drinking too much, a claim that is easy to believe based on his DWI last season and we know that hard work isn’t in his vocabulary based on filing bankruptcy rather than working off his debts.  It really makes Joe Gorga’s comments all the more believable and he is clearly heartbroken that his father spends so much time with his sister’s husband and so little time with him. 

We learned a bit more about where the Giudice’s have come as Teresa tells us that she is now the breadwinner of the family, we know that Juicy has his pizza place and they combine the two as Teresa signs books in the pizza parlor.  This book signing that we witnessed was advertised by Teresa as well as Caroline and Jacqueline on Twitter and Facebook last fall.  Fans were told that not only would Teresa be signing books but that her fellow housewives would be on hand as well which resulted in a larger crowd than may have typically attended one of Teresa’s book signings

Teresa talked on screen about her bankruptcy and flashbacks of Lynne Curtain saying, “I didn’t know” popped into my head as Teresa announced that she found out she and Joe were in financial trouble when he announced he was taking her to an appointment with an attorney.  I guess she didn’t notice the money tree in the backyard was bare and the stack of $100 bills was dwindling rapidly.  Watching Joe run his Pizzaria certainly didn’t make me want to visit as he announced that he had people waiting over an hour for their food, that isn’t going to win them any service awards or gain them any new patrons.    

Teresa tells us that her brother and his wife Melissa don’t support her, she wonders why the never showed up at one of her book signings then tells us that she heard that Melissa expected an invitation.  Teresa laughs at the thought.  I have to admit that while it would have been nice for the Gorga’s to show up at a book signing to support Teresa, they would probably need to make some sort of arrangements in advance as they shouldn’t have to stand in line at one of her book signings.  Teresa certainly could have picked up the phone and invited her brother and his wife to be her guests at one of her events. 

In any case based on the previews Joe and Melissa Gorga do attend one of Teresa’s book signings and it seems to go better than the Christening Party but it makes you wonder if Bravo has been messing with the timeline again.   It would have to be difficult for a family to come back from the dark place that the fight went to, particularly when it involves Joe Gorda and Teresa’s parents. 

So we have a lot of accusations of undue influence here, Teressa is influencing her husband against the Gorga’s and Juicy Joe is influencing his father in law against his only son Joe Gorga.  I think we can see who the villains are this season.  It will be interesting to see Jacqueline and Caroline interacting with Kathy and Melissa, will they automatically side with the Guidice’s or will they be open to a friendship with the two new housewives?  

The previews for the season actually look really good, in all seriousness I think that Bravo heard us last season and realized that we were bored, insulted and not going to take it anymore.  They found two new housewives that are perfect to liven up the show and I’m looking forward to this season.

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574 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey

  1. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    housewoves LOL

  2. okeydoekey says:

    I read all of your comments last night and loved them all. I didn’t like this episode. Melissa was so much like Teresa it was annoying. Carol’s kids don’t interest me at all. Ashlee is the same and needs a good kick out the house too. A man never calls a woman garbage drunk or not. I read Jacqueline’s blog and she says there is a lot more to come. I hope. Loved Kathy’s husband Rich he’s funny and they seem like they live in a beautiful but affordable home. What a change.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      ITA, Kathy and Rich appear to be the only normals on NJshow. Your comment about the house is very interesting…….I had the same thought.

      Why have an immense house just because you can??! Reason being to show off, to let other know the kind of money you have. Generally speaking, this is why “old money” doesn’t like “new money.” No class, no reserve in comportment … behavior of Teresa, JJ and her brother is so over the top, crude doesn’t even come close in description.

      And they have no taste in clothes or how to decorate a house. There is a NJ term for their type of decorating that I won’t use so that I don’t, unintentionally, inflame some people here. I have never witnessed such atrocious behavior among humans. They are embarrassing to the fine people who live there, and who used to live there; I being one of them.

      These people are pond scum, bottom feeders and trash. I will not watch NJ any more. Waste of time.

    • babykakes says:

      how is Kathy the cousin related to Teresa?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Joe Gorga and Tre G are both jealous of each others spouses! When they got married that spot as the man/woman in their was taken by someone else……..

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Joey Gorga also has some deep issues with his parents. My guess is Melissa has her hand in that as well.

      • Stephanie says:

        I think you are so right about that. It was very hard to watch a man scream and cry to his parents for them to understand why he is so hurt. During the face interviews I realized she might be a bird in his ear constanly bringing it up.

        At the party Joey G said I used to tell you to shut up when you would say something but go ahead and say it now I don’t care. She prob stirs that pot daily.

  4. Lavalady says:

    Melissa has the one thing that Teresa does not have, a son.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      It really bugs me when people demean Teresa for the gender of her children. In this day and age – why would that matter?

      • Lavalady says:

        I didn’t mean to demean Teresa. But I come from a large Italian family, and know many others. And sons are important, very important. I’m sorry if you were offended, that was not my intent. I just know from my own experience that it is sometimes a cause for resentment.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It isn’t just New Jersey Italians who have a thing for sons/grandsons – and it isn’t even the woman who determines the sex of the child! But this bunch has not adapted to their new country or evolved to see that all children are carrying on their family’s legacy. This coupled with the cook in the kitchen, lady in the parlor and whore in the bedroom are stereotypes that make this mess somewhat unwatchable.

      • Mum says:

        Hey lady, I feel you. Seems like some topics should be taboo. Thank God Theresa’s children are loved and happy because that is all that should matter when it comes to the children.

      • Larke says:

        I know why having a son is important in certain cultures. But, I happen to agree that it is kind of a cheap shot at Teresa. She couldn’t control the gender of her children.

        However, we can all agree that thank goodness they didn’t keep trying….since they can’t even afford (their preferred lifestyle for) the four they already have! Oh my goodness and talk about being negligent…that baby was on the stairs!! I can’t believe they don’t have baby gates on those HUGE staircases if they are just going to let the kids crawl around. Insanse! That was the most repulsive thing about last night’s show.

        But, I totally agree, JERSEY’S back, baby!!!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Teresa’s mother was busy being her other grandchild was being christened and all. But gates would be a good idea or even watching your crawling child would work.

  5. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    I always love reading this blog and now I just realized why-it is because I always agree with the writer and most of the people who comment….until now.
    I knew there was going to be a lot of Teresa bashing b/c I have been reading this blog for a long time and know that there are not many Teresa fans here. I just cant understand the depth of hatred for her-she is not so villainous but is perhaps full of herself like most of these Housewives seem to be. I think her SIL acted like a snubbed teen-ager last night. All her digs and resentment seemed to be her way of showing how jealous she was that Teresa was “famous”(and believe me I use the term famous loosely) and she was the one who “deserves” to be b/c she is prettier-more talented..etc….
    I will be watching and reading to see how this all plays out

    • VAgirl says:

      I agree. Neither is worse (or better) than the other as far as I can see. I gess we’ll have to see how it plays out.

    • okeydoekey says:

      I am no Teresa fan nor am I a Melissa fan and if the show shifts from Danielle bashing to Teresa bashing I’m not interested.

      • Mum says:

        I guess we watched the same show..I didn’t like either of the new cast members and the sister-in-law..talk about the hillbilly side of your family. I feel for Theresa and do not care to watch anymore, I couldn’t even get through the entire show. I do know this, no one, not even my brother would ever dare call me garbage..even if my husband didn’t hear or see, there would have been blood. If her brother ever loved her or saw her as his sister, he surely wouldn’t have ever called her garbage. The nieces he professed to love so much, doesn’t he know Theresa the person he called garbage is their mother? Danielle was garbage. Now that wife of the brother, I wish she would crawl back into whatever hell hole gutter sewer she came out of, that girl needs intensive therapy, how will we ever know she is normal if she has Theresa on the brain. I guess her disease is called the Theresa obsession. Hey I ain’t no angel either, but I do believe I would create problem if I constantly said negative things about one person in particular. I didn’t think Theresa’s comment, as referred to by Melissa, concerning the statement she made about family was not an insult to them, it explained her friendship with the other cast members but you can see some witch cast a spell on the brother and his wife is so insecure that they were insulted and slighted by the comment.

        • nathania says:

          unfortunately the truth is, the parents are behind all of this.

          their part, we will never know. but both siblings are ‘teched’, although I so far think Joey Gorga is the saner of the siblings. there is way too much competition between the two and the parents either don’t care enough to defuse it or (more likely) milk the crap out of it for the advantages it brings to them.

          • Powell says:

            I don’t get how JJ could be the cause of Joe not being close to his parents, so I agree that his parents have done this and they get to benefit by Teresa and Joe basically buying their parents. Remember last season JJ paid for his in-laws long with his parents to go to Italy. I’m sure that Joe dangles something at his parents, they bite then they go back to not speaking to him. The parents go back and forth with receiving material things from their kids.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I am no Teresa fan, but I thought Joey Gorga and Melissa’s sisters and Melissa were just as bad as Teresa and JJ. Kathy I liked. She managed to put T in her place without violence or too much sniping. Just a little common sense – although the previews show her screaming a little as well. And I loved that she thought of Gia and the baby first.

      This is the first time I’ve read a blog here where I felt like we were watching a completely different show. That Joey is simply a carbon copy of the volatile Teresa – and add drink to it and yuck.

      As best as I can tell from Melissa’s blog they expected T to show up and keep her distance – and she broke the unspoken rule by coming up to them and (oh my gosh how awful of her) – actually congratulating them and talking to them for a nanosecond and pretending that they all get along. How dare she!!!!!! Jeesh – I don’t get along with my SIL but I am always civil to her when we’re together. Life is too short. Yes I know T is garbage and there are years and years of resentment there – but nothing is ever one sided.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        It seemed to me that Melissa was angry that Teresa never show cased her family on Housewives and she wanted to slam her for it.After watching the way the family behaved last night Im glad they were never on the show before!!

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          Melissa’s Twitter says that she is so happy with all the press…I guess she is getting what she feels she deserves.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I think I saw the same show as you.

        I do not like Teresa- and I have no idea if her “Congratulations” was sincere or for show but I do know- that I wouldn’t have picked my child’s baptism to unleash my frustrations.

        I think Melissa and her sisters plotted to stir the pot. They had that look in their eyes. I think the producers knew Joe G was drunk and sullen and broody and got Teresa to go the table. They probably were hoping for the argument but not fully expecting that it would end up like a battle royal in a steel sage match.

        Melissa and her Joe are nothing more than a younger version JJ and Bubbles the chimp.

        I think they will proof themselves to be even more vile given that it took me almost a full season to be repulsed my the senior version.

        I’m still waiting for JJ and T’s bankruptcy to be denied= and for them to loose everything they STOLE. They are still living high on the hog, instead of realizing they will have to pay those debts and start salting away money for it.

        Junior needs to man the &^&*% up and stop crying like a baby.
        “I miss my daddy but a I gotta work”. All they needed was to play “Cat’s cradle” in the background for dramatic effect.

        It’s pretty simple, spend more time with your dad or don’t.

        Just because JJ can spend his dad making sausage and wine with your old man, it doesn’t make him the source of your discontent.

        • okeydoekey says:

          I agree Melissa’s sister were ready for Teresa and wanted camera time. “One side” couldn’t have been said enough.

          BTW — Melissa’s hot pink dress was tacky.

      • Debbie says:

        I don’t like any of them from any season. I watched last night because of the cast change. I thought i remembered someone saying last year that Tree didn’t want her SIL filmed at her events last year. Maybe Melissa reacted that way in turn because Tree was showing up to talk to them when the cameras were focusing on Gorgas.
        But, I really dont give a rat’s ass. These shows make me feel nasty after I watch them. I think I’ve given up on Bravo.
        I actually get irate when I start to comment. I’ll continue to read blogs, but having ignored OC and NY, it’s time to ignore NJ. I thought I would get some satisfaction watching Teresa get what’s due her but even that didn’t happen.

    • Mum says:

      I was so appalled last night by the SIL she scared me. this is way worse than Danielle’s fixation on Dina. SIL or not, I wouldn’t have anything to do with my brother’s wife and so there goes the brother too. That Melissa and her sister witches are toxic, toxic, toxic.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        The sister for sure stirred the pot

        • vilzvet says:

          Yes her blog did make it clear that she was PO’d they were never seen in any of the parties/get togethers. Although I believe when the pink limo showed up last season there was a very brief shot of Melissa and her daughter, that’s it. It certainly looks to this day months later that the families are still not close, though Teresa said in the opening lines of her cookbook just released that she sees them “a couple of times a week”! Doubtful!!

        • Suzieq says:

          Completely agree with ur posts! SIL is so bad that it makes me a fan of T!

        • codystl says:

          I agree with you 100%. T may have been a hag to her in the past, but SIL’s behavior wasn’t any better.

    • Sammy says:

      Yes, I agree with you. I think maybe Lynn watched this episode with Teresa-hating blinders on, because Melissa and Joe G are even worse than T & her husband. Melissa is clearly jealous of Teresa, her house even looks about the same…creepy. I definitely think she wanted in on the show to become more famous than Teresa, and I’m even wondering if Teresa’s reason for bitching about it was out of respect for her parents, she seems to really care about them. It’s not the fault of Teresa or Joe Judice that Joe G’s relationship with his father has suffered. And to scream at the father and mother like that was disgraceful.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        I did laugh when the father said to Joe “go cry to your Mamma”…

      • nathania says:

        if you watch HGTV all those houses look the same, it’s nauseating.

        I don’t think Melissa copies Teresa like Teresa claims, because Melissa seems a full ten years younger than Teresa who is middle-aged, and Melissa seems very young and vibrant, she has a cute ‘oh no she din’t’ look on her face after so many of her comments, with that kind of sassy head bobble that is au current or whatever.

        Melissa seems young and vivacious and probably was looking forward to ‘being on teevee’ when Teresa got the gig. My guess is that Melissa naturally upstages Teresa at every juncture, because let’s face it, Melissa is far more attractive and has a much more pleasant personality. Teresa was probably like ‘oh hell no, this is MINE’ the whole time Bravo was filming. Didn’t work though.

    • Sammy says:

      I think maybe Lynn watched this episode with Teresa-hating blinders on, because Melissa and Joe G are even worse than T & her husband. Melissa is clearly jealous of Teresa, her house even looks about the same…creepy. I definitely think she wanted in on the show to become more famous than Teresa, and I’m even wondering if Teresa’s reason for bitching about it was out of respect for her parents, she seems to really care about them. It’s not the fault of Teresa or Joe Judice that Joe G’s relationship with his father has suffered. And to scream at the father and mother like that was disgraceful.

      • sally says:

        actually, melissa and Joe built their house way before “tree” and Juicy Jamba…..

    • kitkat says:

      I think I actually agree with you. I kind of felt sorry for the Tree Monster last night. Geez, all she did was go say “Congrats”. They DID invite her. They are the hosts. Put you hurts aside and be cordial to your guests and if you can’t, then DON’t INVITE THEM. I also felt that the Gorga’s were laying it on a little thick. And I am NOT a fan or Teresa’s, just a fan of manners.

      • kitkat says:

        But then again, if they all behaved themselves, there would be no show, and last night, the show ROCKED!

        • Nancy says:

          What would have rocked if Jill Zarin and Theresa changed places. Maybe throw Ramona in there for good luck.

          • kitkat says:

            YES! and Tamra too! and what the hell, throw in Vicky and Nene. I think I would pay to see them all brawling in a catering hall…then maybe one of them can fall into a Christmas tree a la Kiefer Sutherland.

      • wendylicious says:

        yup…Melissa and Gorja were def stirring the pot… I beieve tha T really loves her famil.

  6. MickeyMouth says:

    The jury is out on this group for me. They certainly opened their season with a crash boom bang, but drunken free for alls will get old fast.

    However, I have thought of at least a dozen photoshops for this episode alone. It’s a trade off on my integrity, lol.

    Keep on watching for us Lynn!

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      LOL Mickey 🙂 Second sentence cracked me up.

    • Debbie says:

      Hurray for Mickey!!! Can’t wait for the photoshops. I am a huge fan of your work/sense of humor. Makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

  7. VAgirl says:

    Great blog, Lynn. However, I’m not so sure that the brother/sister feud is totally Tree and JJ’s fault. Not taking sides as they all acted boorish at the Christening party. Not going to say anything about the Manzos insulting Southerners either. There have been many a times I have tried to imitate a Joisy, New Yooowrk, or Baaaston accent, just not on TV. And I probably can’t cook Italian as well as Caroline, but I bet she can’t cook Chikin n Dumplins as well as my mom can. Did you see those burnt biscuits? LOL. Anyway, it was definitely not boring. I’m not sure I understand those on the blog who are complaining about it. Last year was a snooze fest, so Bravo livens it up and some are still not happy. Don’t exactly get it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Since when is chili “southern” cooking? It was offensive to make fun of another cuisine and those who cook it.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I always thought of chilli as Tex/Mex cuisine.

        • VAgirl says:

          I make great chili and I’m neither a Texan nor of Mexican heritage. Southern Chili and Texas Chili are not the same. Neither is NC/VA Barbeque pork and any other Barbeque pork. I went to Alabama once and got what I thought was Barbeque pork – NOT. It was just pork with red barbeque sauce on it. In NC/VA we use vinegar based sauce and mix it in with the pork, not poured on top. My cooking lesson for today.

          • Debbie says:

            yum..love me some va/nc bbq pork!

          • teresa says:

            great cooking lesson vagirl! I am from NC and couldn’t help but to be offended by caroline’s comment! What was she trying to say about southerners and the mountains!?

    • boston02127 says:

      Umm….VAgirl we don’t have an accent. We just don’t like the letter r.

    • Nancy says:

      To me this was NOT entertainment. It was disturbing.

  8. historykc says:

    i usually agree 100 percent with your posts, so i’m a little taken aback by how much love melissa and joe g. are getting on this recap. maybe i’m the only one who feels this way? i just want to state ahead of time, that i’m by NO means a teresa fan.

    from my couch, it looked like fame has split this family. melissa and kathy came across as jealous and spiteful. i come from a stoic german family, so maybe that’s why their behavior was so repulsive to me. no matter the type of fight i’m in with my family, none of us would ever speak like that of one another on national tv.

    joe g. came across like a ranging lunatic and drunk, screaming at his sick father. teresa seemed genuinely shell-shocked by recent events (family division, bankruptcy, etc.) melissa and her sisters seemed to be channeling the evil step-sisters in cinderalla, they were almost foaming at the mouth with jealousy/rage. IMO, the guidices are not angels, so i could not believe this episode actually made me feel bad for teresa! i guess there’s a first time for everything.

    • housewifeaddict says:


    • Mum says:

      I replied earlier re: the Theresa bashing..that is not what I tuned to see and I thought Melissa and her sisters were witches and vampires sucking the life and blood out everything and everyone. If I were Theresa I would be very afraid, that Melissa talked so much smack about Theresa it reminded me of when Dina Manzo said something to the effect that Danielle acted like she wanted to chop her up and wear like last years Versace. The past two seasons I thought Theresa was okay nothing to warrant such venom, like being called garbage by her own brother, the were cast this year not the past two seasons, well they got what they wanted and they should both wear a big A for Asshole. Really, what family isn’t without its problems. However, if they felt that strongly about Theresa and Joe, why did they invite them, there is no rule that says you have to invite someone to any celebration you don’t want to, if you think for one moment your celebration may not turn out right don’t invite your enemy, that was is not a close family, and I saw that and it turned me off.

      • vilzvet says:

        At least one of the sisters, Kim, is very active on twitter, every few minutes she is lapping up the love and attention. It looks like this is what they all wanted.

    • Thelittlewife says:

      ITA too.

    • Noreen says:

      ITA too!

    • linda2148 says:

      I totally agree with you!!! I certaintally don’t see Joe G, Melissa or Kathy as being anyone I would want as a famuly member. I kinda felt bad for Teresa

      • nathania says:

        maybe you should rewatch some of last years episodes and the reunion where Teresa throws Andy into a chair and calls Danielle a c*nt.

        Very little, actually, could make me feel bad for this woman. This family has had a lifetime of putting up with what we only saw a few episodes of. Teresa has a very, very long list of karma to burn off…better to do it in this lifetime.

        • teresa says:

          ITA, I can’t help but to get a bit annoyed with the pity party for jj & t. Nathania I remember all t’s crap and viciousness from the last to 2 seasons! I liked T season one the first 2 or 3 episodes, it didn’t take long before T started making me become a Danielle fan, ok, well not a fan, but i believe T started a lot of crap all the way around! I will bite her in the butt this season!

        • Furalis says:

          I totally agree with you. Theresa deserves all of this. She is the one that keeps everyone waiting and started all this crap on Danielle last season. This woman think she is above everyone else and plays the dumb card. The reasoning behind her lack of freindship with her cousin is he was saying she is spending too much money!! No kidding now that the tax payers have to cough up that money. I do not feel bad for Theresa one bit. Karma is a bitch and I would not want any of these women in my family.

    • kitkat says:


  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Lynn for the chat last night and the recap. Without this place, I would not be watching New Jersey. Interestingly enough, the Guidice family was seated isolated away from everyone else at the christening and Teresa had to make the effort to get on camera….never get between T and the camera – she would never just say congratulation and walk away. Joe Gorga is a hot mess and is upset that his parents don’t like him best. They must have been raised by wolves, no I take that back wolf packs have respect for their members – that family has none. Can’t wait to see more of Melissa and Kathy – for once Bravo got it right and gave viewers what they asked for – new cast that isn’t just fluff (Kelly, Jennifer G and Cindy come to mind).

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Teresa had her own camera crew. Remember that Melissa was just auditioning for the show – so they were pissed that she didn’t try to speak to them sooner and show them together on camera. There is always something else going on….

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I understand the auditioning part but I don’t understand how a cheesy “reality” show can come before a child’s christening. It is my bad for expecting some class from this franchise, especially since “family” has been the core value hammered home from the beginning and all we have been shown is family at it’s worst.

    • quincyil says:

      I have been paying close attention to the way Mob Wives react to trigger words. I see some of this happening with Teresa’s family. I need to watch the show again and listen carefully, but my impression was everything was fine until Teresa married Joe Giudice. They had their first child and Teresa asked her brother to be the God father. Then her brother married Melissa. The family dynamics changed after that.

      I think it has something to do with Melissa having sons also.

      Teresa’s father has had two open heart surgeries so his illness played a role.

      Teresa becomes the star of a television reality show and throws parties where she is filmed with the Manzos. Her relatives are pushed to the side lines and when they complain to her she said the Manzos are like family. She also said that in the TV show.

      There is a lot of jealousy because of the fame Teresa received. Mellisa is pretending she is innocent, but I believe she is gifted in the ability to manipulate her husband, Teresa’ brother with sex.

      Joe Giudice has a habbit of making off the cuff comments on people. Teresa ignores this, but Teresa’s brother has been listening and he felt that Joe Giudice turned his own father against him.

      Teresa was spending money and her family members knew that Joe Giudice was not paying the bills as they were owed money also.

      My guess is that Teresa’s brother is a developer and some of her feelings were shared with others in the industry and this might have affected Joe Giudice’s businesses one of which was applying stucco to homes. I bet that Joe G blames Teresa’s brother for some of financial ruin. One of the family members said that Joe Giudice owes him money. Melissa made the point that her husband works hard and they pay their bills.

      Lynn said the lack of service influenced her when it came to Joe G’s restaurant. As a microbiologist, I cringe when I see him touching food with his hands as I don’t see him as a handwasher.

      My son is law is half Italian second generation from Brooklyn. I have met the family at my daughter’s wedding. They were very loving, but the intensity of family and being close to each other was similar. Being respected is extremely important to them.

      I am sure that a comment like “garbage” will never be forgotten or forgiven and having that on camera for the nation to watch is painful for Teresa.

      I do believe that Teresa is not intelligent and did not listen to her husband when he told her to cut back on spending. I can believe that she doesn’t remember court dates or if they filed federal and state taxes. She is overwhelmed combing her children’s hair.

      Teresa says she is being careful with money, but the hairdresser is still coming to the house and the children have designer fashions. Teresa is not shopping at Walmart.

      I think she is making money and spending every cent she makes and more.

      Beware people living in New Jersey. Don’t give credit to Teresa and Joe Giudice. You will probably never be paid.

      • vilzvet says:

        Ooh great post, quincy. I had forgotten about the pizza parlor scene! That is where we can find Joe to this very day, I am sure. How humbled he must be. Their celebrity is the only reason the place is doing well, unless the food is bang-up good. I certainly would not be waiting an hour for a slice. The brother of Melissa’s sister is the one who made the comment about Joe owing him money, they are all in construction it seems. No surprises there.

        • Nancy says:

          I wonder if this is Joe’s only job now.
          I thought once you got a DUI you were on probation which means NO ALCOHOL? It’s that way in Calif.

          • teresa says:

            True for NC, i wonder how much drinking he will be doing on this season?

          • Anne says:

            Not in NY or NJ. DUI first offense is usually lose of license for 6 months and really nothing else. He can drink himself into a stupor if he wants to in the Metro area.

      • Debbie says:

        Never was a Teresa fan, always have been a Quincy fan. You are the voice of reason. I don’t know what triggers me about this show, but I actually get irate. Your post just mellowed me out a bit. Thanks, Q. 🙂

      • kama says:

        One other family dynamic occurred to me: T is the eldest of the two, and I’m sure her brother looked up to her for their entire life. She’s probably used to being the one in charge, calling the shots …. until he married Melissa. Melissa doesn’t seem the sort who’d be content to sit shot-gun to T. I would be willing to guess that the family dynamics changed mightily once she arrived on the scene … not like JJ, who was already “like a cousin.” I do believe Teresa in that did try to befriend Melissa, in her way, but Melissa already had sisters & wasn’t willing to take second chair in the Gorda family. Just a guess.

    • Nancy says:

      I think Bravo should pay for these two/three families to go into family therapy together. I would make it mandatory. Dang same thing goes for RHONY.
      One of the emergency rooms I worked in made us all go to a retreat 2x’s/year together and that made all the difference. In high areas of stress people need a healthy way of releasing it. Both of these families need to do it for their children.

      • Debbie says:

        You know what would work better than therapy? Not doing a reality show with friends, family, or foes and not compounding the bad feelings for years to come by having your children subjected to the histrionics.

        • Debbie says:

          In case anyone is wondering what Danielle might be doing for the next 3 years..here’s a news flash. *caution* if you click on photos
          No need to thank me 🙂
          Danielle Staub — I’m A STRIPPER Now [PICTURES] | TMZ.com http://bit.ly/kGPgvu

          • Nancy says:

            What planet are these housewives getting their implant’s on? Bad boob job. Didn’t she get them redone. Yicks!

          • nathania says:


            you know, it’s the same every single time with Danielle though.

            I mean, last night was her night to sit in the catbird seat. There it was, for all the world to see…vindication that it really was TERESA the whole time, that was crazy. That violent scenes follow TERESA around wherever she goes. That she was the focus of a vendetta.

            But, typical Danielle, what does she do? Sit quietly by, muttering a ‘see, look’ once in a while?

            No she gets her 48 year old behind up on stage butt nekkid and then gets it splashed all over the internet. I mean, what on earth…sigh…

      • quincyil says:

        The Mob Woves. Teresa. Melissa, and Danielle all have something in common. They are self centered. They family members and friends revolve around them like planets around a star. My guess is it has something to do with uneducated parents who meet their children’s physical needs and fail to help their children develop into emotionally stable adults.

        Teresa’s brother’s behavior was outrageous for he entire show. Kissing his wife’s feet and offering to put lotion on her rear is something done in private, not shared on national TV. He had opportunities to communicate with Teresa in the party, but chose to tell her to walk away and then called her garbage. He went to his father and screamed at an old man who was sick from two open heart surgeries and made his aging mother cry.
        This is not normal behavior for the father of three children.

        I think the parent came to America and had to work all of the time to put food on the table. When they came home at night, they were spent and knew little English so they could not help Teresa learn how to speak and write correctly.

        Teresa had a ghost writer for the two books. I believe that she has help with her blogs too. Read her twitter and you will see that she is barely literate.

        I don’t think therapy will help Teresa or her brother. It doesn’t help Renee of Mob Wives either. You have to want to change for therapy to work. Teresa is happy with herself. She wants other people to change.

  10. lola says:

    I am from New Jersey and the whole episode made me cringe. Yes, jersey girls are tough and we are not afraid of confrontation but to yell and scream in front of children at a nice venue after a christening.. unacceptable and ridiculous!! It was just a gross display of unwarranted, animalistic behavior. Did anyone see Gia crying, trying to pull her mother away while her “beloved” uncle was screaming and calling her trash only to flip out like a possessed demon? AND when he went to charge juicy joe, he actually knocked into Melissa his wife, almost knocking her on her spoiled butt. This just showed the rage and need to fight for nothing and with no thought of the women and children around. This whole episode was just so predictable and unfortunate, and I suspect Melissa is the sh*t stirrer.. with her wicked, self-serving sisters egging joe gorga on. Teresa is absolutely a drama queen, obviously dim-witted and a tad green about her sister in law but make no mistake, Melissa is absolutely jealous of Teresa as well and loves the rift, its just a sad mess if you ask me. Yes, I will continue to watch for now, but the jersey fighting thing is so overplayed and its hard to watch a splintered family, so sad.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Melissa’s sisters also were shit stirring and trying to get camera time. This is simply the case of Melissa being stark raving jealous that T was picked as a housewife, and didn’t tell the producers about her SIL – with salt rubbed in the wound that all the Manzo sisters and in-laws were sharing the spotlight. Not liking any of T’s family. They actually make me feel sorry for T – and that’s saying something.

      I will say that T is one of the few HWs that hasn’t dumped her hubby after he became broke:

      Tamra dumps Simon after he loses his job
      Vicki dumps Donn after she becomes the major bread winner
      NeNe and Gregg
      Kim Z and Big Papa
      Alexis and Jim (oh wait – that will happen soon).

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      ITA< why would they want to put their dirty laundry on TV for all to see?


      • quincyil says:

        Fame and money. They want both.

      • nathania says:

        well, my guess is that had cameras not been at the christening, then this would not have happened. had cameras not been there, joe gorga wouldn’t have even been a part of this episode except here and there.

        he was contriving all of his statements for the camera and it’s sad because it seems that he is very, very deeply hurt. enough to express it so openly like that, which isn’t that characteristic for a male.

        melissa was contrived as well but i don’t get the sense that she said anything she wouldn’t have said if she were sitting there talking to anyone else. she seemed very natural to me, like this is the real melissa.

  11. Stephanie says:

    At some point this season Tre said Jacquelin USED to be hot………hmmmmmm……..Jab! Jac may become to close for comfort to Kathy or Melissa for Tre. We may see some sort of rift between Jac and Tre. You would never say something like that about someone “as close as they are”.

    We know Caroline and Jac are tired of Tre pulling I’m late diva card. Maybe after spending time with Kathy and Melissa they are not able to take Tre side because they know she is in the wrong.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Since Teresa wasn’t at the official viewing party at the Brownstone – the rift is there. After last season, the Manzo clan, including Jac, were inching away from Teresa and it is only a matter of time before we see that become a real split. Caroline will never accept their version of family and will not “go to war” with them either.

      • NJ Bev says:

        I was under the impression that Teresa
        threw her own party to raise some money.
        she is broke, and did talk about all the personal
        appearances she was making because
        “momma is bringin home da bacon”

        didn’t the Manzo’s wish her luck via twitter?

      • MickeyMouth says:

        I wonder if Teresa wanted a cut of the profits from this viewing party happening at the Brownstone thrown by the Manzos? She makes money for her “appearances” and throwing her own event means mo’ money for her.

        • NJ Bev says:

          first of all, I don’t think the Manzo’s
          make any money on these events, and if
          they did charge any admission
          they probably just break even.
          Teresa NEEDS the $$.
          those hair bows don’t come

    • boston02127 says:

      I think that part about T saying Jacqueline use to be hot has something to do with what Jacqueline says about herself. She said her belly button use to look like a happy face and now it doesn’t. Jacqueline actually makes a sad face imitating her belly button. I think ( I could be wrong) Teresa is justifying Jacqueline having a tummy tuck or something like that.

    • Stephanie says:

      Ya know the straw that broke the camels back and started this rift between Tre and Jac/Caroline……..

      They prob feel if Tre hadn’t started something with Danielle at the country club Ashley would have never gotten into all that trouble. Hmmmm

      • Nancy says:

        Good thing Ashley didn’t pick skating for her career. I had to be on the ice at 5am every morning.
        I wonder why her “real” father isn’t in her life anymore? I know we see him sometime this season. I’m trying to figure out what makes that girl tick. She has the maturity of a 13yr old. Sad.

      • nathania says:

        I am sure that is EXACTLY what Caroline thinks.

        For Caroline it’s an embarrassment all around. The mafia is only one generation back for that family and I’m sure she wants NOTHING like this going on around her to taint the family name, they are civilized upper middle class hardworking americans who earned their money the old fashioned way (not that racketeering and embezzlement aren’t old fashioned either, but that point is lost on Caroline).

        They used Teresa and now they are done with her. The tweet came from Jacq who always does seem to be the one to try to be decent (except where her daughter is concerned). Forget Melissa and Kathy, I want to see Teresa and Caroline go mano a mano. 🙂

  12. Cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Lynn! You cracked me up! Thanks for your Blog.

    As from my perspective I think that the one who started the fight was Joe Gorga, obviously intoxicated while his little wife was on his ear telling that Teresa and Juicy where dancing with the new baptized boy and she did not take the baby from their arms, unlike Teresa took Audriana from Melissa’s arms. Teresa (imo) came to say hello again, the brother was drunk and fed up, Poor Gia knew this was going to be ugly and Melissa’s sister was the big instigator (imo).

    I do not like Teresa, but Melissa and her sisters behavior were wrong. I found Teresa more humble “bringing the bacon” while I think she continuous laying about her spending habits, her competition with he brothers wife…

    I honestly can’t see that the fight was instigated by Teresa. His brother is angry and was intoxicated, two components for disaster!

    I agree that Kathy will be the voice of reason for this family.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks Cusi! I love the way Teresa said that she doesn’t “swear on her children” and then lie..so I guess we can assume that all other times she’s lying..haha 🙂

    • Christine says:

      I still don’t understand why no one called the cops on this brawling mob. When I was a cop we ended up arresting half of a wedding party and about 20 guests who started their fight inside the reception hall (ironically the local Italian-American Club) and ended up in the street. (It was kind of funny to see them all doing the perp walk in their wedding finery. Handcuffs as accessories…)
      The Gorga/Giudice clan had the makings of numerous assault charges and child endangerment.
      One would think that the owners/managers of The Manor would have recognized the liability for not intervening in and incident where people were being hurt and threatened.

      • NJ Bev says:

        The Manor is probably one of the finest
        catering halls/ restaurants in the state-
        and that’s saying something, because one thing
        we do have, is good food and huge variety-
        I don’t think it ever occurred to them that
        something like this was possible in their
        establishment. I cannot imagine how much
        they paid per head for that party- $300-
        would be a starting point.

        • vilzvet says:

          The Manor looked beautiful, it was nice to NOT see the Brownstone featured. There was no way the Gorgas were going to the Brownstone anyway…they play for a different team.

        • nathania says:

          if they keep it up, they won’t have anywhere left to film. They are banned from the country club after last year and I bet they are banned from the Manor after this too.

        • Anne says:

          The Manor sucks. Go to Princeton and there are far better places to have a reception.

      • Nancy says:

        The cop’s were called.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      How lovely for her children. She is brain dead.

    • Stephanie says:

      Oh………my ……….Goodness.

      I feel so sorry for her kids. Last season we saw the looks that Christine would give her mother every time she opened her mouth. How can she say she is a good mother making good choices for them!

      BTW yesterday it was reported she and wait for it…..Ray J are canoodling and wait she has a new show on vh1? What

      • Stephanie says:

        She also finds it appropriate to talk about things that are Not appropriate for girls of their age…..she did it from day 1 of the Rhonj. She has no friends so she thinks Christine and Jillian are her girlfriends.

        Is Kevin, her ex in the picture if so why hasn’t he stepped in to take a more active roll in raising them

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      Her eyes look completely dead. I wonder if she’s strung out?

      I don’t know why- this makes me sad. Like she tried to pull herself out of the gutter but couldn’t quite make it, so she slithered her way back down into the sewer where she feels comfortably at home. sigh.

      • California35 says:

        I feel sad too. I got goosebumps. Is that all she can do to earn money? wow – poor her and poor kids.

    • Noreen says:

      I need to go home and shower now. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

    • Cusi77 says:

      I could not pass to the second picture… with the first one was enough to know I will not like it… Poor her daughters.

      If she did that in the past (drugs and what not) she did not have kids. I never wish any woman should have her kids taken but in this instance IMHO Their father should to take over for the girls well being.

      • vilzvet says:

        I can’t even click on it. She was so depressing to watch last year and I really feel for those girls. I hope the older daughter is still modeling and happier off the show.

    • boston02127 says:

      Eye bleach! Eye bleach!

    • Debbie says:

      oops. hadn’t yet read this far and posted the same vile link a few posts back. You’re right, No words. My question is, can you photoshop this, Mickey? bwahahaha!!

  13. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    Caroline said it best when she said “Melissa and Teresa are exactly the same they just don’t know it.”

    • Stephanie says:

      AGREED! They are exactly the same!

      • Mum says:

        Disagree, and I would angry for being compard to that wannabe Theresa.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          ITA – it is teresa and her brother who are exactly alike

          • WQR says:

            Melissa wants to be Teresa, which is creepy. Their house is even the same as Teresa’s. Now she wants the fame because she’s a pussycat dolls reject.

            • nathania says:

              I just do not believe this.

              WHO in their right mind, wants to be an ugly, classless, illiterate 40 something, when you are in your 30’s, richer than them, smarter than them, and more well-spoken than them?

              answer: NO ONE.

              Only in Teresa’s wildest fantasy does Melissa want to be anything like her. Melissa wants what Teresa HAS, which was access to tv cameras. And now she has that, and she will upstage Teresa, like she probably does on every other occasion.

    • HD says:

      I agree. They are so much alike they can’t stand each other. If they ever got over themselves they probably would be best friends.

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    It bugs me no end that Teresa is always late for everything! She had to dress the little circus clowns complete with purses and deal with Juicy who had no intentions of going to the church (the runs? really? are there no bathrooms in the church?). I will give him credit for not going because he knows what usually happens at family events and he didn’t appear to be drinking at the reception. I don’t like Teresa or her brother and don’t buy the “we were so close” crap for one minute.

    • Mum says:

      never heard of someone with the runs leaving the privacy of their own homes if they didn’t have to, no wonder public restrooms are always hazardous, people like you need to stay home at times like that, I personally, was glad Joe made it inspite of having the runs. Geez, no wonder so many people are walking around with shit stains in the seat of the pants. I can’t believe your comment.

      • NJ Bev says:

        Tree’s brother was upset that JJ didn’t
        take a shot with him, he didn’t know about
        JJ’s morning. IMO that’s one of the things
        that set him off in the first place-

        • vilzvet says:

          They were so late they must have walked into the church after the service began, at least. And don’t get me started on the stupid outfits. Those horrible headpieces, still in the picture til at each girl hits the age of 8 or above like Gia, when they can voice their own opinion of what should be placed on their heads.

    • jillz68 says:

      It irritates me the way Tre is always late. I don’t have kids but I know when I have somewhere to go that is important I have all my stuff set out the night before. Why can’t this be done for the kids so she isn’t always late? Although this does require a brain so maybe I have my answer.

      I really liked Kathy and her goofy husband. She impressed me when she was the only one who thought about the dang kids at the violent party. I don’t think they are wealthy or pretending to be so it is somewhat refreshing.

      I didn’t mind Melissa. She is not what I would call a classy lady but really who on this show is? Maybe I only liked her because I find Tre and Juicy so awful and she makes them miserable. My sisters wouldn’t have started the fight or egged it on (Melissa’s certainly egged it on) but I know for certain they would ‘have my back’ tm RHoBH. Maybe they are just so sick of how they have seen T treat their sister they are just waiting to take her on.

      I am totally convinced that this family has mob connections. The fact that Juicy isn’t in jail already with his record sounds to me like there is a judge on the payroll. There is a scene in the fight when it looks like someone has a gun. Anyone else see this? Sorta near the scene when the guys face is being blocked out telling everyone to knock it off.

      Next month the venue I manage is having a baptismal party with alcohol. We are having security since we always do when alcohol is served but you just know that this episode will be swirling through my head!

  15. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Best moment of the show: The most deliciously ironic moment of the show was the big guy with the blurred out face STANDING ON THE TABLE bellowing “People, this is a f*cking Christening!”

    Just could not look away. I think they call that “Trainwreck TV”.

    ahhh…worth the price of admission.

  16. leighmarker says:

    Ashley needs to be kicked in the butt and shoved out of the nest! What an ungrateful person she is. But it doesnt sound like her new boss is an angel either (thats right go work for someone who takes their vehicle and run into a crowd while drunk) great things to learn about life!
    I keep thinking back to last season when Joe bought the pizza place and he kept saying this is where we are going to be livin’. Tree thought he was kidding, guess not now?
    Are those really her recipes in the cookbook? Has anyone tried any of them?
    I did see where Tree twittered last night that she has no livin /or otherwise help. I wonder if that is because they dont trust people in their home?
    Thanks for the re-cap Lynn!

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      I tried some recipes from her 1st cookbook, I have to say they are actually pretty good. (I rented it from the library). I make one of her pasta dishes quite regularly. Don’t know about the second cookbook though.

    • Debbie says:

      Good help is hard to find when you can’t pay them.. they could however try to find an intern. They might, like Ashley, be unreliable but at least they work for free. And the experience would be remarkable.

  17. patrick says:

    Lynn: have you seen this: http://gawker.com/5802556/jill-zarins-internet-superfans-are-probably-just-jill-zarin

    i imagine this will be catnip for your blog.

    • quincyil says:

      This is interesting coming from the Gawker. Jill did an internship for a day with them and she watched their comment section. There was a lot of press when she did that. It has been suggested that she leaks stories to the New York Daily news and she seems to have a relationship with someone from the examiner.com

      Darren, Jill’s assistant and PR person, is her advocate. It is my opinion that he is writing blogs that support her. It looks like there is a Vulcan mind meld between Jill when she writes her blogs and some bloggers. The bloggers actually take statements that she wrote poorly in her blogs and further explain them.

      It’s interesting to watch from the distance, but if she was making those comments about cast masts, it would be hurtful to them.

      At the beginning of season two, we learned she did this with the Post article and Simon. She went underground with it in Amazongate.

      Thanks for sharing this. I sent it to Lynn.


      • Dani says:

        Thank you patrick for sharing this article. It was very interesting as I have always thought that Jill is Jill’s only fan.

  18. Kelly Anne says:

    I want to take a few episodes to form a big opinion on the newcomers, as I think it can be hard to tell one episode in.

    Even with the Christening fight, I felt that the show was the lightest it has ever been- due to the absence of Danielle and Melissa & Kathy. Danielle gave it such a dark and rough tone that I for one am happy that it is no longer there.

    • NJ Bev says:

      ITA. Danielle was such a lost soul-
      no redemptive qualities what-so-ever.
      I just always felt bad for her kids-

      this season is so much better just
      for the fact that Danielle is no longer.

    • PJ says:

      That may be true, but it is so interesting that Danielle was telling the truth about TG’s nephew. I just wonder what else Danielle was telling the truth about.

      • NJ Bev says:

        @PJ-there were so many times I felt bad for Danielle-
        genuinely felt bad for her. But then came her Talking
        Heads, and without exception, any empathy I felt for
        her was gone. She was right about a lot of things, but
        with that chip on her shoulder nobody wanted to hear
        what she had to say-
        I’m glad she’s gone.

        • PJ says:

          I know I felt the same. I tried to see Danielle’s point of view because I felt she was being ganged up on and I feel for the underdog, but she didn’t make it easy.

  19. Stephanie says:

    Okay coming from someone who lives in the Deep South, Wetumpka, Al, I do not pretend to cook with “moot-sa-rella” everyday. No! And yes the gravy I eat does go on my potatoes…but does that mean I don’t know how to get in the kitchen and make my own pasta or homemade sauce! When I think about pasta I don’t think of it as coming in a can. It’s no easy task because I don’t do it everyday like Cornbread and greens…..it’s what you’re used to making. I feel like they are speaking about people in the south like we are from Mars. Paula Deen isn’t the only one who can cook.

    Okay, I have southern draw as thick as the “nipple syrup” they were eating but didn’t take offense to the whole accent thing but hey I’m not Cajun. I’m not going to lie my family gets a kick out of me trying to do a Jersey or New York accent…so yes I think everyone has tried to mimic certain ones but I think the whole gibberish gibberish “word” gibberish was insulting. I think that is were it crossed a line for me. Caroline is supposed to be so PC!

    • HD says:

      Caroline is so silly. She did all that talking about cooking but still burned the bottom of those biscuits. Yep, I noticed that.

      Pasta from a can? Does she think people in the South are just stupid?

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Caroline insulted an entire section of the United States, what makes her think that Italian people in the south can’t cook good Italian food? What makes her think that she can cook southern food any better than anyone else? I have lost respect for Caroline since her childish “Own it!” behavior at the reunion last season. Her “empty nest” syndrome is already old because she started it last season when her kids were still living with her and had no plans to go anywhere. She’s used it all up as far as I’m concerned.

      • quincyil says:

        I get my pasta from a box and I boil it in water. I have never made home made pasta in my life.

        • NJ Bev says:

          I have never made home-made pasta either.
          And, Guess What–(I can’t believe I’m admitting
          this) I don’t make my own sauce(gravy) anymore
          either. stopped years ago. I go to a great Italian
          store in town(I can’t believe I’m admitting this.)
          I buy 6 quart containers 3 meat 3 marinara
          combine in my huge sauce pot and heat. I throw the containers out, or if i have time i scrape the
          labels off and put the the sauce back in-
          pretending that I made a huge batch.
          I feel so pathetic right now–
          But -They make it just as good as I do-
          and no one in the family has ever
          questioned it-
          there it is, my deepest, darkest secret.
          PLEASE don’t tell anyone!!

          • quincyil says:

            There are refrigerator pasta in our grocery store and I buy them then use Ragu. My family never complains.

            • quincyil says:

              I never fry foods like chicken. My husband had cholesteral issues from the time I married him so I try to get flavors from spices and do a lot of baking of lean meats. I am trying to keep that old guy healthy.

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              ragu in a jar

              Sacrilege LOL

          • MickeyMouth says:


            I love that you go to so much effort for your deception. Very Lucille Ballesque!

          • MKValle says:

            I’m a half Italian, half Croatian girl in California who cooks awesome Italian food, really all types of food. I remember a recent scene

            • MKValle says:

              (wow, forgot to finish my thought)
              Anyways….a recent episode on Top Chef at that exclusive Italian restaurant in NYC when all the pasta dishes presented were bad, Tom said it was necessary to make fresh pasta as the dry pasta in the stores is just as good.

          • boston02127 says:

            @ NJ Bev —I don’t even know how to buy meat! I look at recipes to cook and go to the market and look at roasts like a big duh. I always end up with chicken or hamburger.

            My mother wasn’t a big meat eater. She had meat maybe 3 times a year. She made great veggie meals thou.

            • NJ Bev says:

              @Boston, LMAO! God you are funny.-
              Believe me, no one at your age knows
              how to buy meat. It takes years of
              mistakes before you can pick out a
              decent piece of meat!!(I could take
              that in soo many different directions..)
              I think it’s good that your Mom
              preferred veggies, you got a healthier
              start in life. you miss her so much,
              I can tell. I’m sorry.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            NJ Bev did you ever see Mario Cantones Laugh Whore comedy special on HBO
            he does this whole bit about having a step brother that was brought up a wasp and the difference between Sauce and Gravy
            its hysterical

        • PJ says:

          Homemade pasta isn’t always the best. Remember that the judges commented about that last season on Top Chef saying Mike (I think) should have used boxed pasta, it would have been better.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            they make it with time constraints in a not so great enviroment
            if you take the time to make it ,its usually awesome

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          its not hard to do its just time consuming
          and nothing taste like it
          ive even made home made raviolis omg they are so good

    • NJ Bev says:

      I can see where you’re coming from. As i was watching
      it I got that “bad” feeling that people would take offense-
      If I can just put it to you another way……..
      being from NJ, we are so use to being the butt of every
      geographical joke imaginable, so I think our skin is a
      little thicker.
      I truly believe the entire family(Manzo) meant
      no harm or insult at all- I thought they were kind of
      cute(===ducking====) but only because I didn’t
      think they were being intentionally insensitive.
      I hope you understand the “gist” of what I am
      saying- 🙂

      • quincyil says:

        They were making fun of their inability to make Southern foods.

        • NJ Bev says:

          I thought they were “self” mocking-more
          making fun of themselves than anything
          else, but I can see where that doesn’t translate
          well on film-
          I was somewhat uncomfortable watching it,
          because I knew people would be offended-
          I just don’t think they meant to offend anyone-
          poor judgement, they should know better
          by now.

          • dsc60 says:

            i agree. i thought caroline was trying to make herself feel better about her much less than perfect southern style cooking. however, i was cringing when they were discussing Italian cooking in the south and how it could be taken as insulting. i must say though, i never hear anyone worrying about how comments about New Jersey may be construed as disrespectful to residents here.

      • HD says:

        I wasn’t truly bothered by it because I can cook a variety of things pretty well. I know I may be overly sensitive in this area but it goes way back. I remember once I was in the grocery store and out of alllllllllllllllll the people in the store this guy came up to me and asked me, “what ingredients do I need to fry chicken?” I said, “I don’t know.” Of course I did but hmmmm I wonder why out of all the people in the store he assumed I knew how to fry chicken? Go ask someone else.

        You just should not assume about people. Just because someone is Italian does not mean they are at home canning their own sauce or just because someone is Asian doesn’t mean they can prepare sushi or whatnot. I got what Caroline meant and I was not offended but I can see how some people could be.

        (Please no one rain down on me about being overly PC. This is just something I PERSONALLY do not do as you never know how people will take it. This is just another way to look at things. Sorry if that was too off the deep end or something.)

        • NJ Bev says:

          HD-sorry about the Chicken incident,
          that would have upset me, as well.
          I think we are essentially saying the
          same thing about Caroline.
          (so odd, I am so happy about that!)

          • vilzvet says:

            Sorry about the chicken incident too, HD, and all I know is the answer is buttermilk! I think I may make it today as a matter of fact…once this rains lets up I am heading out…

        • Stella says:

          Once my mom was in the grocery store (she’s black) and a fire fighter came up to her and asked her how to make a roast cause it was his turn to cook dinner at the station. She told him what he needed to do and he was very appreciative and she came home and told me about it and asked me if I thought he asked her cause she is black. She wasn’t offended, she actually found it amusing but she definitely thinks you can’t ask someone stuff like that just cause of their ethnicity. Anyway she went to school to be a chef but she could cook from when she was young cause her mom taught her how to make all things soul food so I guess that was fortunate for him. 🙂

      • kitkat says:

        I agree with you. It was harmless. There were much more egregious offenses to follow. I think in the times we live in, so many people are so quick to get offended. Don Rickles would have never survived today. LAUGH people, it’s a joke!

    • Kukulet says:

      And here’s another shout out from the South: a) I live in SC, used to live in Alabama, and lots of us down here know how to cook authentic Italian food. b) Cajun is not gibberish; and c) they don’t speak generally Cajun in Alabama. They also don’t always speak “Southern” in the South, either. It’s a little more culturally diverse than the Manzo’s are suggesting – lots of of folks have relocated to the South from other parts of the country over the years.

      By the way, Caroline, Alabama is one of the more diverse. It plays a big part in the country’s aeronautics development-ever heard of Boeing, Lockheed, and Werner Von Braun, you nitwit? They’ve got science and medical research, one of the leading agricultural colleges in the country and more.

      The folks in Alabama (and the rest of the South) aren’t gibberish spouting, inbred hayseeds sitting out on the front porches of their trailers watching the kids use an old Ford pickup with no tires as a jungle gym, Caro-LINE. We’ve even got us some of them college edumacations down har. You know, like the one your son is getting?

      I just lost all respect for Caroline Manzo. No offense to New Jerseyians, but who died and made her so special she can look down on the South?

      • NJ Bev says:

        now you know how we feel-
        everyone in the country thinks
        we are as stupid as the Jersey
        Shore kids.
        I don’t think Caroline meant
        to slam the south-but can see
        how some would

        • Kukulet says:

          I’m part of “everyone” and I never thought people from Jersey were stupid just because they were from Jersey.

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            I really do not understand how anyone can be offended by the “cooking segment”. They were clearly making fun of themselves and not looking to insult anyone. This show is offensive enough without having to make things worse by claiming that Caroline called anyone “unedumacated”.
            And FYI-I am not from Jersey-Im from NY and please do not try to say that no of “youse” have ever tried to do a New York accent…

            • WQR says:

              I didn’t think that was offensive at all.

            • jeang says:

              To me the Cajun talking nonsense was as ridiculous as the ham game. This family is doing all this for the cameras. You think they do this when no cameras are around? They probably are having take out dinner from the Brownstone. And for the record, after 61 years, I have “never”tried imitating the “youse” accent of anyone. It just never occurred to me to do that.

        • VAgirl says:

          I did not take it as an insult, but can see how some did. I agree with you NJ Bev about people insulting NJ. We had a bunch of people from Bayonne come to work for the Navy down in VA when their facility closed down. It was surely a culture shock for them and for the residents here, too. I’ve actually heard NJ referred to as the “armpit of america.” Not very nice since I’m sure the people saying it have never even been to NJ.

      • Suzieq says:

        I didn’t think it was that bad….I thought she had said that southern ppl could probably not cook Italian like NJ and NJ can’t cook like southerners. Just seemed like a common sense statement to me.
        Also….I occasionally watch swamp men and also axe men. Anytime it shows the one man from Louisiana in axe men, they have to use subtitles for when he talks because otherwise u would have no idea what he is saying….so I kinda get where the Cajun impression was coming from.

      • Lollipop165 says:

        You are taking the Manzos comments WAY too personally considering that the residents of NJ have to deal with people nationwide assuming that they are anything like the RHONJ, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, etc etc etc…

    • nathania says:

      That was so idiotic.

      I didn’t take offense but it tires me to NO END that people seem to think that southern accents came from us southerners getting mud in our mouths while being birthed in the fields or something. Cajun is slang for Acadian and the accent comes from a combination of French and English dialect:


      And other southern accents come mainly from Scotch and Irish pronuniciations. Sometimes if you hear Scottish people talk you will hear a full-on ‘southern’ accent because they are so similar.

      It’s considered just an ‘american’ quirk that no one bothers to question the origin of, Caroline, because the ancestors of those of us with southern accents have generally been in this country a hell of a lot longer than those of Italian americans. So there.

      • Lollipop165 says:

        Most Americans are well aware of what the Cajun accent is, even if they can’t speak it. IMHO, the Manzos were having fun, just like how people joke about NJ’s “Joisey” or Boston’s “Pahk the cah on Havahd yahd”.

        • nathania says:

          they were insulting a whole class of people by insinuating they couldn’t cook this or that. Caroline burned her biscuits, how hard is it to tell time.

          They are morons and they annoy me to no end. And being southern I can attest that ‘most Americans’ aren’t aware of very much at all except that to those from other geographic locations southerners are stupid inbred people who talk funny and don’t wear shoes.

  20. HD says:

    If this was alread asked please forgive me….

    Who is the heavy set woman, blond, that was kind shooing Teresa off, I think she is standing next to Juicy Joe in that picture up top. Is that Joe’s mom and if so why would she be shooing Teresa?

  21. quincyil says:

    I thought it might be Joe’s mother.

  22. kbinldo says:

    Trainwrecks R Us : http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/8065527/rhonj_monday_night_fights.html?cat=39

    (shameless plug; hope you enjoy) Now off to read Lynne’s always excellent recap 😀

  23. Error404 says:

    I’m a little surprised by all of tre’s bacon boasting. She seems tocome from a very traditional background and boating onto that your juicy hubby has gone dry and canno longer provide forhis family and that mama must leave the kiddies at home so she cannery a roof over their heads seems surprising emasculating behavior for someone soooo in love with their studly man.

  24. Kats2 says:

    Great blog Lynn!

    So for me last night it was a bit of payback and proof that with or without Daniele that this group of thugs all belong in the same garbage can together.

    The scenes with Teresa family was ugly and as trashy and classless as can be. Good parents don’t act that way around their kids or at a Christening. The scenes with Jacqueline’s mess of a daughter and lack of parenting were pathetic and it’s time to stop giving this little pathetic girl camera time. The scenes with the Manzo’s were boring and once again Caroline is proving to be a piece of shit with how she can and will defend people because her “thick as thieves” BS when she should be calling it like it is and stop being a liar and just as pathetic as the rest.

    As Vile as Daniele was and there is no denying she was vile, I watched with my own eyes how they played with the Danielle situation and NO ONE (not even Queen Caroline) took the high road. Last night just proved that these HW’s were not above Danielle different type of garbage but still all garbage.

    Caroline’s Bravo Blog – here comes the BS excuses. Can you imagine if it was Danielle not Teresa at the event, or one of Danielle’s daughters behaving like Ashley, or someone outside of the protected mafia family? The names and lectures we would be hearing in talking heads and blogs about these events?

    Caroline’s comments on the family fighting:

    “I’m willing to bet that every family out there has had their fair share of issues. The bottom line is this: it’s the end game that counts. Let’s watch the Giudice/Gorga family journey as it unfolds and wish them all a peaceful resolution. Are you with me on this one?”

    “Ashley is still Ashely”

    Nice try big C – but I’m not buying that what I have watched with your trashy clan is in any way normal, because it’s not.

    This is why I can’t stand Caroline and anyone seeking advise from her is a moron.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ashley is Ashley and Teresa is Teresa – are code in Caroline’s world for worthless. Ain’t she nice?

      • Kats2 says:

        See I think it’s the big C’s way of sweeping it under the carpet and not actually a dig at all.

    • nathania says:


      Caroline is a big ho in the big ho tradition, there is nothing on this earth she won’t support or endorse if it fits her agenda. Jersey Shore kids? Hey, do your thing, to the point of alcohol poisoning and incarceration. Stripper/carwash, hey, fine with Caroline…meanwhile Danielle Staub the stripper is ‘garbage’ for being so…whatever Caroline, whatever, just work it for the highest bidder, that is what you are doing.

      This ‘june cleaver’ type fake Caroline actually makes me miss the ‘tough as bawls’ Caroline that was probably way closer to the actual truth.

  25. val says:

    Why doesn’t JuicyJoe ever get to do a talking head? The new Joe did, geez… he wouldn’t shut up.

    • Wendy says:

      It would be difficult for him to form a complete sentence.

      • val says:

        I know, but that’s what would make it so funny. I’d love to hear from him for once. Teresa is always talking for him.

    • WQR says:

      None of the husbands do. Joe G & Rich did. They’re just as bad as the fame-whore women.

    • kbinldo says:

      Probably on advice from his lawyer.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Either that, kblindo….OR we could believe what T. sez in her blog??
        Something to the effect of…”my husband just doesnt want the cameras around….and he doesnt really like the attention….”(paraphrasing here)
        but, yeah….if JJ didnt LIKE the ATTENTION then WHY continue on this show????

        I’m with you, kblindo!

    • nathania says:


      I get the feeling he RUES THE DAY that Teresa ever talked him into doing this show, and he hates the whole situation now that he is into bankruptcy and lost that fraud case and so on and so forth. He’s thinking, ‘if we hadn’t signed on for this, she wouldn’t have spent so much, it wouldn’t have gotten this out of control’ and now he is “juicy joe” to the whole american public and the whole country is going to watch him be humiliated. I don’t see him embracing the Bravo cameras much at all this season, probably.

  26. cdnfillie58 says:

    Great blog…per usual. I noticed Gia is missing from the pic you posted…wondered why.
    Not sure yet about Melissa and Joe G. I hear she was embarrassed about the episode so I guess that’s something. Leads me to believe alot of the stuff that happened was egged on by Bravo..ya know..let’s get the drama going right off the bat.

    • WQR says:

      The toe kissing scene was enough to disgust me of those two. Ew. Melissa is a fame whore.

      • NJ Bev says:

        oh my God, I think I mentally blocked that scene out-
        just remembered it as I read your post!
        as @Boston so eloquently puts it…
        “eye bleach, eye bleach!!”

  27. Kats2 says:

    People in the South please do not forget the comments the Manzo’s made last night because I bet they will soon want to visit and try to sell you some of their crap, like a cookbook or their version of jarred pasta sauce. Don’t forget the two flunkies (dumb and dumber) who I’m sure have some get rich and famous scheme in the works will be relying be asking you for money or want you to watch their stupid web show.

    The best revenge is to not give them any attention and get others to boycott anything they do.

    • quincyil says:

      I also use jarred red sauce, but don’t tell my husband.

      • HD says:

        And see I make my own sauce. Bet they never would imagine that. Yes, we here in Kentucky do like homemade sauce. Nothing like a good meal after we ride horses, drink burbon and smoke tobacco. 🙂

        • vilzvet says:

          Very easy to make sauce and actually lots less expensive. Although in the pinch I sometimes keep a jar around to “stretch” out some of my own if needed…I also just tried for the first time those lasanga noodles that are no-bake. Genius! They work like a charm and no more messy boiling and trying to get them out of the pot in one piece.

        • jeang says:

          And spit into the fires, dont forget that.

    • quincyil says:

      Good recap, but I thought he would be funnier.

      • error404 says:

        I felt just the opposite. LOL He was very funny, but the whole gist was just weird and uber one-sided for someone who should be a totally impartial outside observer. How the f does he know how hard Juicy works, and I for one am not buying the whole “The Guidices are just honest hard working folk fallen victim to the economy” bs that we’re being fed. As a NJ native, Jay knows very well what a front business is. And you know who has trouble paying their mortgages? All of the people Joe and Ter conned out of cash! Likewise, his need to make fun of Kathy’s kids while writing a love poem to the Manzo clan out the other side of his mouth was just bizarre.

        • vilzvet says:

          Hey was that an imposter of yours above, error? I just noticed it now…

          • error404 says:

            What? Where? The “bacon boasting” post with all the typos was mine, from my phone. Fat finger, small keyboard. LOL I hope there’s no dopple ganger here. I have enough trouble remembering what I say as myself. LOL

            • vilzvet says:

              LOL, oh it was? Relieved. I thought someone was hijacking your avatar because you usually are so grammatically perfect!

  28. emdee says:

    Inasmuch as they did it to themselves, I really felt no sympathy for Teresa and Joe’s during their bankruptcy and all the troubles that followed, because they did it to themselves. However, I never considered Teresa or her husband to be evil people in any kind of way. I think her brother was just a total idiot last night. And I liked nothing about Melissa. They all acted like they could not wait to get on tv and tell everyone how great they are. And what struck me the most was Melissa’s sister starting in on Teresa. You just do not do that. She should respect Teresa because it is her sister’s husband’s sister. Period. If Teresa and her brother make up, which I doubt they ever will if he stays married to Melissa, where will that leave Melissa’s sister. She should mind her own business, but instead, another Jersey famehore. (Although no one tops Dina at famehore status IMO-LOL) I am glad other people saw what I saw last night. Joe Gorga obviously can’t handle his liquor and he’s the one who ruined his son’s christening – not Joe and Teresa. Teresa was trying to make an effort going to the table. While I did not agree how Teresa acted at fashion show with Danielle, she did start that whole episode. After watching last night, I do not think I am going to be on Team Gorga. Not impressed by them at all. As of now, I am on Teresa’s side. Her brother’s a little too dramatic for me with his heart breaking into a little million pieces etc. All along we have been waiting for Melissa to come on the show, and I think Melissa and her sisters thought everyone would automatically be on their side because of how Teresa acted last year. Sorry girls – you have to earn it. Cannot ride on Teresa’s coattails of mistakes and think people will automatically like you because of not liking Teresa. Hope you all understand my babbling, and thanks for letting me get it out!!! I look forward to Lynn’s blogs after every HW show. GO TERESA!!!!

    • Larke says:

      Wow, Teresa and Joe not evil??

      I would agree with you if they were living a normal, balanced life and ran into hard times or lost their jobs. But, these are people that were 11 million in debt! That does not happen overnight and that does not happen without intent. They were malicious in what they did! Even people who make a low six figures a year could never pay all of that back and still run a 1 million dollar house a month and pay for bills, etc. Plus, they had mortgages and bills on other houses, too, until they lost them. And obviously T had no income until Bravo.

      So, please, they never had any intention on paying back their creditors and the fact remains that they did not have to pay people back and got to walk away with all of their possessions that they cared about.

      To me, stealing 11 millions dollars is EVIL! Seriously!

      And if they weren’t those kind of people then why didn’t they elect to sell their mansion, downsize, and live an affordable lifestyle. Trust me, their financial problems are not over! How many cookbooks can Teresa sell?

      No offense to you either emdee, although I totally disagree with you, but I was shocked by people feeling sorry for them or even having empathy all of a sudden. That is the LAST thing I ever thought would happen. It sort of makes me wonder if people who are now batting for Teresa sign off on that type of behavior- of you know not being decent people and running away from their mistakes.

      I feel her brother calling her garbage was the only thing that was not right. It shouldn’t come from family, leave that to the rest of the people!

      • nathania says:

        aso, the hard truth is

        we ONLY know about the 11 million in debt.

        judging from the way these two have lied and lied and lied (remember Joe forged a document to try get out of paying a 300k debt) there is probably far, far, far more that the public doesn’t know or will never know.

        Teresa is also lying when she says she didn’t know about it. I don’t remember why she’s lying, but she is, some technicality about the bankruptcy and assets.

        They probably have enough money squirreled away to live comfortably the rest of their lives. The 12 million bankruptcy is probably just to get out of paying for crap because they are just bored of paying bills or something. I don’t think for one moment it’s an honest accounting of their actual wealth or assets.

    • Simple says:

      Melissa’s sister told Joe G she was his “real” sister. I can’t stand her or Melissa, or Joe G for that matter.

      • Larke says:

        I am not defending anyone for that matter. Although at this time, I do believe there will be a few that come out better than the others. I have my two favorites, but with only one episode and a crazy one at that, it’s too early to tell.

        And I know this is a reality show and the blog is here solely to discuss the shenanigans of all things Bravo and beyond. However, I do find it difficult to say who is at fault or what caused the family feud. It’s one thing to speculate which is what we all do, but not one person here knows the real issue so I personally would never blame one side or the other because I have no idea! I can say that Gorga was to blame for the christening because of his actions that we all saw on TV, but beyond that…I have no idea. I do know that Teresa and Joe are pretty low in my book for being the kind of people they are, but I am not blind to the way Gorga acted during his first debut. I am sure they are all to blame, but I don’t know what is there to blame Melissa for the family feud.

        In addition, I know that the Giudice’s lie and are dishonest people so with any liar, it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of their mouth. And to boot, Teresa, herself, insinuated that unless she swears on the lives of her girls she’s pretty much lying!!!

        I think the only for sure thing we can take away from last night’s episode is that it’s a long, complicated past between the Giudice’s and the Gorga’s and the truth may never come out on camera.

  29. susan says:

    This show, regardless of who the cast mates are, is an insult to our intelligence. For a great critique, see the article in the New York Times TV section this past Saturday. I cannot watch it any more.

  30. Okie Folkie says:

    Just stopped by bravo & noticed this lil gem…..Jay Mohr is blogging about RHNJ!
    If this has been posted, I’m sorry.


  31. error404 says:

    I find the Gorga/Guidice feud creepier than the Cynthia/Howard bffs w/ lookalike partners of RHNY.

    Can you guys actually tell one Joe G from the other? IDK, if my sister married my clone, I’d be kinda creeped out. Ter and Mel are a little easier to tell apart, as Mel seems to be Ter with a professional makeover, but still… it’s so funny to see them all torn up over competitiveness when the two couples are eerily identical.

    Has Bravo become latent-incest tv? LOL

    • quincyil says:

      I was a little shocked by the toe kissing, but Teresa’s brother is as wacko as Teresa.

      The parents of these two seem normal. What happened to their children?

      • Mookies1mom says:

        The toe kissing didn’t bother me as much as him offering to put lotion on her butt while on camera. Really? She can’t put her own lotion on her legs?

    • Cusi77 says:

      Someone put a link last night referring to Teresa and her brother like “Flowers in the Attic” Novel. That me laugh hard!

  32. Larke says:

    I finally read chat comments from last night and it seems that quite a few don’t like Melissa in part because she makes digs at Teresa including her financial problems, like saying “We pay our bills” or “My husband works”.

    That, I just don’t get. They don’t pay their bills! Neither one of them were willing to work a regular 9-5 or pay back their creditors! They took the easy way out and filed bankruptcy and got to keep everything they ever wanted. So, I am shocked at people now feeling bad for Teresa and calling Melissa out for being insensitive or crude about Teresa’s financial mess. I mean, these are not people that were down on their luck. I don’t even have to explain what kind of people they are because we all know!

    This blog was filled with every last bit of info on the proceedings last fall on their auction, etc because the people here were tired of those two taking advantage of honest people who did work and never got paid! And I was one of them, but what happened to the others?

    I just can’t believe that because Melissa may not be much better than Teresa that people are feeling sorry for her and her financial ‘hardships’.

    And I don’t believe for one second that Joe works at that pizza shop every day. You could totally tell he barely knew what he was doing!! And what about the first scene of the season, panning in on the painted ‘Teresa’s Specials’ in the window of some pizza joint in NJ!!

    I don’t think Melissa is the most savory character and J Gorga is a mess and was definitely equally to blame at the christening, but letting J and T off the hook is unacceptable in my book. The children should always be off limits, but everything that they did and got away with- they deserve little digs and so much more!

    Although I am happy that they got to keep the house and all the assets they were trying to hide and mitigate regarding the auction because they have what they value in life and they are still miserable. You can see it in every scene last night. Especially in the cutaways between babies falling down stairs and a frazzled Teresa at the Giudice’s to Melissa being pampered and everything running so smoothly at the Gorga’s. J and T are miserable and can barely stand each other, but look Teresa- you have everything that is important to you- worthless, tacky STUFF!

    The BEST line of the night, and I’m willing to bet entire season, was when a guy at the Gorga’s table at the christening said something like “[Joe’s] not going to come over here, he owes me money!” PRICELESS! How can these people even face their friends and families knowing they are worthless trash. And I say that ONLY because they lived off of other people’s money knowing they would never pay it back! And of course, I’m not her brother- so it’s totally acceptable! What a family!

    I can’t stand the Manzo’s, but I ignore their scenes anyway because all I can think of when I see her is that accent saying ‘We’re fambly’ and ‘Tick as tieves’!! She’s a joke, too!

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      ITA with everything you said!!

      • Dani says:

        I too agree with what you said.

      • NJ Bev says:

        I am surprised that anyone would even think there
        are sides to”take” in this situation. One is worse than
        the next in all aspects of the Guidice/Gorga clan.

        Didn’t someone post here a few days ago that the
        Gorga’s are no more on the up and up than Juicy?
        Something about how Joey took a builders Spec
        loan to build that house for Melissa? and the loan is
        due in one year, and they have no money to pay
        the loan back?? But they don’t care because by then
        Melissa’s career will take off?
        IMO there isn’t a good one in the bunch.

        • nathania says:


          that is the root of the feud then, it’s TOTALLY financial.

          thanks for clearing that up, that makes more sense than anything else I’ve read about this.

          They wanted and needed desperately for Teresa to give Melissa access to the cameras because they knew the note was going to be called on the loan. Melissa is a singer, that much we know from the previews but also she is incredibly charismatic and cute, my queer ass took notice. She has definite camera appeal. They know that she needs a break and Teresa being Teresa wasn’t going to give them any of her ‘close-up’ no matter how desperate they were financially, because this was all about HER. Even though she I’m sure has no demonstrable talent besides childbirth and she’s just barely a homo sapien, she wouldn’t budge.

          It’s really sad, because a good sibling knowing they could help their sister or brother out of a jam, would have done so. Shame on Teresa, really.

          I do hope Melissa at least gets a shot at fulfilling her dream.

    • error404 says:

      But don’t you understand? It was evil Melissa who forced Juicy at gunpoint to forge his partner’s signature on paperwork! LOL Maybe business fronts don’t exist in other parts of the country, but you only have to live in the NY/NJ area for a short while before you start noticing the florist that only opens late at night, never seems to have fresh flowers, and has tons of customers go in and out but none of them exit carrying bouquets. Or the video rental store that has inches of dust on the outdated dvds, but the guy behind the counter never puts down the phone but just lists a whole bunch of numbers to whomever is on the other end. LOL Believe me, Juicy owns a “stucco contracting co” and a “pizzaria” but we all know how he really makes his money.

    • Whisper says:

      Not one ounce of sympathy for those thieves from me!

    • nathania says:


      I did notice alot of new monikers on here.

      it might be Teresa pulling a ‘zarin’ type manuever…just sayin.

      i don’t get how anyone could feel sorry for Teresa. She went up to little brother and his wife after excluding them intentionally for a couple of years. they were over it and told her to take a hike. I don’t see how anyone who watched her basically accost and then confront Danielle Staub, at the country club (who, god love her, tried in a very adult and mature manner to leave that confrontation several times) and say things like ‘is bitch better’, could feel any pity for Teresa. How soon people forget.

  33. Eve from CT says:

    I agree that Carolyn and her family are plain boring. She thinks her kids are funny and I think they are stupid.
    Ashlee. Ugh. So don’t care about that spoiled brat being late or a no show for work because step-dad won’t pay for an apt in the city. I wish they would get rid of her.
    Now…..I know this is not a popular opinion and I am not a T fan BUT I cannot stomach her toe-kissing brother and wife. I think they started the fight. Boo Hoo my dad likes my brother-in-law….give me a break.

  34. quincyil says:

    They all have great figures, but they aren’t beautiful to me. Kathy has great eyes, but the rest is normal. Melissa’s face is normal too.

  35. California35 says:

    Hi everyone,

    Reading parts here and there, but not enough to comment. I had not been watching Bravo, but last night I cut a few very small parts of NJHW. I couldn’t wait until I could read the recap because the little I watched, seem interesting 🙂 I was cooking, and I couldn’t pay much attention…and then I missed the rerun also.

    Any ways, Lynn YOU DID TELL US!! lol That is why I wanted to watch NJ and I think that at least this first episode seem much more interesting than last season. So far I liked Kathy too. She rode her bike to get groceries, showing some more down to earth personality lol. Yes was all made up and all, but I still liked it. Caroline’s scenes are a bit boring still, BUT I do LIKE that she is a caring mom and family person. I can see why Bethenny would prefer her as a mother figure. How many kids wish their mom would cry for seeing them leave the nest? it doesn’t make good TV, but it is nice to see caring families…who joke around and support each other. Ashley needs to pay her dues before she can collect all the $ or the things she wants. She needs to work for it. It sounds like NY has a lot of not pay employees. That must be frustrating for the employee. All the sacrifice and the hard work for no pay, but if it is only for a short period of time AND while they are doing something else, like going to school it would be great to get experience for when they are done with school and they get a pay job. It seems though, that Ashley wants to be independent, but at the same time have the luxuries that at this moment only her parents can give her (or a sugar daddy).
    Okay, that is it for now. I must get back to my pay job…besides I didn’t watch too much of the show, to comment anything else at the moment.

    Lynn thanks again for the recap…right now my only way to know about the show until I catch the rerun.

    Oh! Another thing, I watch Andy on Letterman. Did anyone watch? It went well and like the questions and answers. He was the guest who had to answer questions for change 🙂

    • NJ Bev says:

      @Cali35 I saw Andy on Letterman last night. It was very
      cool to see Andy so humble. he acted differently than he does
      on WWHL, don’t you think?
      Dave gave a great interview, IMO.
      Andy was the last person on, before the music act(like 12;25)

      • California35 says:

        He did act difrently and I liked him very humble. I like his answers also…like when he said that the shows are guilty pleasures, when he discribed Sanfield’s visit to WWHL, etc. he also said that DC is not coming back. I wondered when he said 6 shows, although he was hesitant like he wasn’t sure himself. I wondered ONE that maybe he was counting BEA also, or TWO he really lost count 😛

    • Whisper says:

      I saw Andy on Letterman too.
      He did a good job, maybe because he was drinking water instead of Makers Mark. Did you hear when Letterman asked him about if they were going to film any new cities, Andy said no, then when asked how many HW franchises there are, and Andy hesitantly said 6.
      Who is the 6th?
      Is Miami coming back?

  36. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jackie would not have a storyline if slacker Ashley wasn’t back. Caroline’s storyline of empty nester/knower of all things family will also be a snoozefest. That leaves us Gorga vs Guidice battle royale for Family of the Year. We are barely introduced to the new castmembers and Bravo throws us a side taking fight. Well, I have already formed an opinion of Teresa, Jackie and Caroline and am not ready to form one for Melissa or Kathy. What I can say is that the Gorga/Guidice family is broken and for the time being – I lay this at the feet of Teresa and her brother and realize there is a lot behind their problems that we are unaware of at this point.

  37. NightLight95 says:

    Jay Mohr’s blog is up and I LOVE it! Nothing like getting a straight man’s perspective on these crazy ladies. Praise Jesus!

  38. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Seems to me that T and her brother were very close growing up. It sounded like the brother had issues with the dad wayyyy before JJ came along, and I would bet money on it being a situation where the brother got validation from his older sister that their dad did not give him. Then T married JJ. They had kids and the grandparents were attached to the kids and began spending more time with T and JJ then her brother. I bet there are some business issues as well, with JJ and the brother being pals, probably did some deals together (they were in the same business line) and the brother did most of the work, while JJ was slacking off with the grandfather. Then the brother gets married and the little birdie in his ear is egging on the whole “Your father should recognize YOU more, YOU are second class in your own family, JJ is NOT his SON, YOU are!” starting a whole rift thing. The brother obviously feels that his kids do not get equal attention from the Grandparents, and that his dad likes JJ better than him. This has eaten away at the relationship between brother and sister. The sad part is that the Grandparents were probably in a routine with Teresa’s family by the time brother had kids (We always go there for Sunday dinner, etc.) and didn’t even think about whether it was hurting anyone. If they do indeed live with Teresa then that just compounds the issue.

    Teresa probably seemed to be ignoring him as well, because she sticks her head in the sand and refuses to see issues she does not want to deal with. The brother, egged on by the wife, is constantly competing with Teresa materially (If I can’t make daddy love me more than you, I will have a bigger house) and has probably made a few scenes before this over the dad, so she just quit going around and stayed away from the whole thing. We know she does this, “If I ignore it, it aint happening” thing.

    Then, when it went south for Joe and he was calling in every family contact he had to keep his lifestyle afloat, some of them got screwed in the bankruptcy and that just put the nail in the coffin for the brother. Now he finally has a place to vent the jealousy, egged on by his wife “Why can’t your dad finally see what a loser JJ is and recognize you as the better man?”
    Rather than look at his own issues, he has made this about JJ. He STOLE his father’s love, He STOLE his sister’s love, He STOLE money from the fambly etc….. And Teresa LET him! She transferred her support from the brother to the husband and helped JJ do all this TO HIM. HER OWN BROTHER! Melissa is telling him how Teresa should support the brother and just egging this on.
    Granted I could be way off base, but I have seen this situation before in a few of my friends families, it is actually kind of creepy how close the two scenes are. Just my thoughts. The brother just seems to be a “victim” kind of guy. He has been sooooo wronged by the fambly, and he needs somewhere to blame. And the wife is only too happy to be able to point out how HER family is the good one, and reaps the benefits of the competition materially while getting out of having to spend time with the in-law family and having her own around more and more.

    • Sammy says:

      I completely agree. Just by the way Teresa was all “This was the Judice’s fault, blah blah” tells me she is the little birdie. SHE’s the one planting things in her husband’s head. I have a hard time believing even if Teresa tried, that she’d successfully influence Juicy. Joe G is extremely juvenile with all his daddy woes, blaming them on others, and even his elderly father and mother. GMAB, and grow the ef up. Teresa is not there to coddle him anymore.

    • Sammy says:

      I completely agree. Just by the way Melissa was all “This was the Judice’s fault, blah blah” tells me she is the little birdie. SHE’s the one planting things in her husband’s head. I have a hard time believing even if Teresa tried, that she’d successfully influence Juicy. Joe G is extremely juvenile with all his daddy woes, blaming them on others, and even his elderly father and mother. GMAB, and grow the ef up. Teresa is not there to coddle him anymore.

    • error404 says:

      Oh come’on! It’s not stockholm syndrome. If everything Melissa said was bs, Joe would dismiss it as such. And show me the person who never once told their spouse that their family was being unfair to them in one particular instance and I’ll show you a liar. LOL No family is perfect. The few times Mr404 complains about my family, I shrug it off because he’s right, he just hasn’t had as long to get over it and focus on the good while ignoring the bad as I have, and vice versa. In the end, the bad blood between the brother and sister is no one’s fault but the brother and sister themselves. Even if Melissa threw gas on the fire, she didn’t start the fire and no one else seem very interested in calling the fire department either. Even the parents of the two warring siblings seem to have no problem with airing their dirty laundry to entertain the masses, as they both signed releases and both appear on camera on the show. What exactly are these people doing to heal the rif between their kids? It’s a good thing Bravo hired Melissa. Apparently she was the one that forced Teressa to go all BSC and attack Danielle during seasons 1 and 2, we just didn’t know it because Bravo didn’t show her on camera. LOL I mean really, after 2 years are we suppose to believe that the Gorgas are anything but rageaholics.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I also think that Joey has some serious insecurities or he would not be in a drunken rage yelling at his dad to “acknowledge” him. He kept yelling in the lobby “You are my father” in English and Italian. Seriously, it is something out of the Godfather. Melissa is feeding into his insecurities.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Oh, thank God! I had that same vision. Good to know I wasn’t alone!

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Amen, AZ Girl! Amen.

        • kitkat says:

          I think his histrionics had something to do with the cameras. I felt like I was watching an audition. He got the part.

        • chismosa says:

          i dont think we should all paint him as drunk and ‘liking to drink’ like the Ramon-ER storyline. I don’t think that’s fair, we have hardly watched him on screen !? This was a Christening- which for Italians, esp. OTB ones- is a big big party. He also was taping for the show for possibly the first time.
          If my brother was arguing with my dad and was yelling at him to acknowledge him, etc. – yes it was dramatic but he was also telling how his mother (surprisingly) that she is so cold. I was taken aback by that as I thought Italian mothers adore and live for their sons. There are issues there. I don’t know, i know it was dramatic and my family (father’s side) is southern Mediterranean similar in some ways to the Napoleon Gorgas- also speaking in native tongue at times. I think we shouldn’t judge Melissa and Joe to be so incredibly awful so soon.
          I really truly think there is much more to what Tree (and Juicy) has done to her brother. I don’t know why but i just feel it.
          IMO as the only thinking this, i think Tree and Juicy started the fight. I really did. There were underlying issues happening in real time at the Christening and then all of a sudden, after dancing with the baby without Juicy even having come to THE CHURCH- Tree wanted to flash a smile, walk over 2 miles from her table and talk nice to her SIL and bro with the camera in front of her. I’d lash out at my sibling perhaps (not physically of course).

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        Stockholm syndrome is not even applicable here. I am just saying it seems to me that the guy has major issues with his DAD and this has become JJ fault. I don’t like JJ, I think he is a bum, but I do not think he is the reason the brother has issues with the dad, and I have seen enough of this kind of crap to bet on the wife egging the insecurities on. I stand by it. The brother is a whiny drunk “victim” and there is very little worse a man can be, personality wise, in my book.

    • nathania says:


      continuing on the note of what was said above about Melissa needing a ‘career’ to start so they can pay off the balloon payment…

      my guess is, that it’s very possible this is NOT about affection, or spending time with one sibling, or one sibling having sons vs. one having only daughters.

      my guess, now, is that this is about one thing: MONEY

      during the bankruptcy it came to light that the Guidice’s receive ten k a month from ‘family’. I imagine that is Teresa’s father.

      I bet Gorga senior has been helping out Joe Guidice a lot more, financially, trying to help dig him out of the hole he has dug. And Joe Gorga, the son, is fit to be tied (as evidenced at the christening) because he can’t work enough, or earn enough, to make this payment he has coming up.

      I think that makes a whole heck of a lot more sense than what we are expected to believe, that the family is arguing about who ‘spends time with who’.

      And the worst part, the most jaded part is, they know the man is on death’s doorstep. They know he is ill, and may die soon. I bet all this conflict and tension and controversy is about one thing: the will. If it is the father that has the money and the connections and sets them up in business so they can live like kings, then it’s possible that there might be a will with enough money to rescue Joe Guidice from his troubles. That more than anything else would explain why they are invested in turning the father against Joey Gorga. Sigh…

      Plus Joe Guidice is a tough guy and if Joey Gorga was treated like a baby boy by his mom that could be the root of some discord too with the dad. . I think the most appealing thing about these shows is getting to play armchair psychiatrist.

  39. boston02127 says:

    I wonder how much Caroline is paying for her son’s new apartment? Neither of them were working. Also, I use to read Ashley’s tweets all the time until she bored me to near death. She did move to NY and had a roommate.

    • error404 says:

      They both work for Dad parking cars down at the Brownstone. Their apt is most probably an investment property Big Al owns, and they probably had to move out so they could have a “two wild and crazy guys” slant to the web show their Mommy got for them.

      I don’t know why people laugh at Caro for her empty nest syndrome. Just because I have a good marriage doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad for someone who obviously doesn’t. She’s seen her sister Dina wandering around her empty house alone like Hamlet’s ghost. She knows what’s ahead for her once those kids leave.

      • boston02127 says:

        I don’t have an ounce of pity for Caroline. She can cry all she wants on TV. Just knowing how she (tries to) justify anything she wants makes me sick.
        Her and her “family this and family that” like she’s a big tough thug, ugh. She should take a good look at her own family. She’s got 2 grown men probably living back with her by now. Last season with all the b/s about poor Albie and law school. Like we didn’t see this incomplete coming at 100 miles per hour.

        • error404 says:

          Well, Caro is an extremely unlikable person, but I do have a little bit of pity for these women because they, more than any other HW show, seem to be victims of an old fashioned sexist mentality. Dina and Caro both are so awful, but in the end, they really are just sad lonely women trapped in bad marriages because no one ever told them they could do better than marry mean men. Her kids are all losers, but I feel the worst for Lauren. I doubt Caro pushed HER to go get a law degree. I also doubt Lauren has any real passion for make-up. She looks like a real plain jane type. I think she was told this is what girls do until they find a husband, and since Lauren won’t go for a boob job or bleach her hair, she’ll just have to wait a little longer.

          • Alysen says:

            Lauren has said many times she wants to be a mother and wife. And I don’t see why you have to pick on makeup artists as if it’s the most terrible thing in the world. It’s a profession. May not be on the level of architect, or whatever you may be, but learn to respect what others do please. You come off very judgmental when it comes to professions. I don’t even want to know what you think of stay at home moms.

            • error404 says:

              I thought I was clear, but apparently not. I have no problem with anyone doing what they chose to do. Any snobbery you’ve chosen to place on me is purely made up in your own head.

            • boston02127 says:

              @Alysen—I didn’t read error’s post like he was picking on makeup artist at all. Being a makeup artist doesn’t seem like Lauren’s biggest wish in the world. I don’t think her parents encouraged her as they did Albie.

              • Lavalady says:

                This is what I find so puzzling. Albie went to college, a good one. But no college for Christopher, Lauren or Ashley. I wonder if they were not encouraged or just not interested.

                • NJ Bev says:

                  I don’t think any one
                  of them had any
                  interest in going.
                  barely got out of
                  high school-
                  but that doesn’t
                  mean they
                  can’t do good
                  things with
                  their lives.
                  Being a success
                  IMO is being a
                  happy, and
                  productive person.
                  We didn’t see
                  Lauren in HS
                  so we don’t
                  know what she was like.
                  did you
                  say that
                  did get an apt.
                  in the city
                  after all?

          • nathania says:

            lol, even for this blog that is jaded, error.

            but so true. sigh…

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Naw- I am betting the apartment was/is being paid for by Bravo for the spin off show about the Manzo boys which is why Chris is quitting the Brownstone. I’d also like to know why layabout Albie has been doing all this time.

      • Nancy says:

        Didn’t he become a Sheriff?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          He got himself the uniform- but since there is no chance of him getting into law school I am sure he gave that up to.

          • nathania says:

            that whole storyline really irked me.

            that was a sales pitch on the backs of people with actual learning disabilities who have achieved. rumors were flying the kid never went to class. he just didn’t try hard enough, then he and Caroline tried to put one over on the public, probably to put pressure on the law school.

            • Lollipop165 says:

              Even if he did try really hard, it’s just not in the bag for him. I don’t know why his “excuse” was that he had a learning disability. Whether or not you have a disability, if you can’t do well in law school, you shouldn’t be a lawyer.

  40. boston02127 says:

    What was with the preview showing Caroline with that makeup on and what seemed like she was egging on male strippers? Did anyone see that?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Yes and now we get to see Caroline shake her empty nest blues. She really looked skanky in the shot with the stripper.

    • Debbie says:

      That scene has to have been from a Halloween Party.Others were in what I hope were costumes,JG and other men were in drag . Joe Gorga looked exactly like his sister in his long black wig.

  41. WQR says:

    Wow. I completely disagree with the blog about Melissa and Joe Gorga. Those two are disgusting. He’s blaming others(Joe Guidice) for his issues with his father. Teresa went over to their table to say congratulations. Melissa’s face in that moment, “Why now?” STFU. She stirs the pot and loves it.

    • iceNfire says:

      imo Teresa was trying to look like a “nice girl” for the cameras and she got called out for it.
      “ain’t I nice? ” Hell I can still here those lines.

  42. shamrockblonde says:

    oh my my my – I am at a loss – when that man started kissing his wife’s toes, attempting to look all sexy and hot, I wanted to throw up – and if I have to hear that woman say “thank you Jesus” with that fake little kiss thing one more time, I may break my tv – cannot stand either one of them – classless, clueless and tacky – it is so bad I actually feel a wee bit – very wee bit – sorry for Tre!! – and JJ is just as disgusting as ever – as for Ashley – I actually was on her side with this one – first of all she is working for Lizzy Grubman – On July 7, 2001, after being asked by security guards to remove her Mercedes from a fire lane,in a fit of rage Grubman drove her SUV into a crowd of people outside a nightclub in the Hamptons. She injured 16 people and was later charged in a 26-count indictment with felony crimes including second-degree assault, driving while intoxicated, and reckless endangerment. Grubman faced up to eight years in prison, but she served thirty-seven days in jail and received five years’ probation after reaching a plea bargain – now maybe she has changed, I don’t know – Jacqline spoke horribly to Ashley – she embarrassed her at her place of work – did Ashley overeact? of course she did – she is a kid – a female kid – Jaq should have had that discussion privately – not at the workplace – and to hear Lizzy Grubman tell Ashley that Ashley reminded her of herself was no compliment – I do feel badly for Caroline – say what you will about her, but it is very clear that ther children are loved – and yes, whoever said that the toe sucker and his wife are very much – in look and personality – like JJ and Tre – I totally agree with that – scary – and so very sad – for the parents and for the children involved – all I see is “notice me – see me” in all of them –

  43. SweetValley says:

    Joe Gorga seemed to know that Gia was at a gymnastics competition earlier in the day. Why is it that “Melissa” took so much offense when Gia couldn’t be at the church? Guess she had to use anything and everything to spew her family bs. I’m sorry, Lynn, but I didn’t see anything in this episode that would make me believe this is all on Teresa. I can’t stand Melissa.

    • codystl says:

      It drove me crazy that Melissa kept whining “family comes first”. Did it really make a difference that Gia missed the church portion? And as far as family comes first, Melissa sure throws her jabs at the family first. Shit-stirrer #1.

      • NJ Bev says:

        Yeah, lets see how Melissa feels when her little
        ones start with the soccer leagues, basketball,
        and all the other lovely things you have to do
        with your school age kids on your precious

  44. Katiecoo says:

    Teresa approaching her brother/sil at that moment reminded me of her “innocent” approach of Danielle last season as she sat in the hallway waiting for her to walk by so she could provoke her. She knew exactly what rattlesnake she was poking in this moment too and she couldn’t resist. She’s despicable.

    • Sara says:

      I didn’t see it that way. She seemed to be trying all evening for her brother’s sake. But she should have just walked away when he called her garbage.

      • nathania says:

        it was not for his sake.

        it was for the sake of her ‘image’. she really believes she can get away with treating her family like dirt for two years (didn’t go to the hospital or acknowledge the child when he was born) but then all of a sudden, when cameras are on, she realizes her crappy behavior is going to be ‘outed’ and she’s to be seen as a fraud, so she tries to change the game.

        I mean, remember her freak out at Danielle Staub on the reunion was about this *fact* that she did not acknowledge her own nephew, Teresa was screaming “I wanna know who she’s been tawkin’ to!” She was about to kill Danielle over that. Because she really believed she could control this part of her image. Boy was she ever wrong.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – Teresa was looking for a moment – she didn’t get familia love so she stuck around for a fight.

    • twoile says:

      AK, ITA!!!!!!!!!!!!:0)

    • boston02127 says:

      She’s got that whole Kelly thing going on. Eww.

    • VAgirl says:

      She’s starting to look just like her Mom did. Some of those Kennedy ladies do not age well.

      • AZ Girl says:

        You are so right VAgirl. At Teddy’s funeral they looked awful. Their skin was really wrinkly. Eunice and her sister Patricia looked terrible. I know that Maria has had work but still for her age her skin looks old. I don’t remember Rose’s skin being that bad. Maybe all the time spent on the beach at Hyannis Port.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’t think she is ugly…I just think they used a horrible picture of her.

      • NJ Bev says:

        She is 56, and considering what she’s been
        put thru the last few weeks, she’s entitled
        to take a crappy picture-
        I feel so bad for her.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I feel horrible too. Recovering from a cheating spouse must be humiliating and devastating, then to learn that it resulted in a child must also result in a spiritual and ethical dilemma.

          • nathania says:

            yeah, but, good god, it’s Arnold Schwa…

            I could have told her this before the wedding ever took place. The guy has a history. A bad one. He is soooooooooooooo not a nice man.

            Anyone could have predicted this. She completely deluded herself. Too bad she didn’t think twice before she even got with him. Because the news is so NOT shocking.

  45. Suzieq says:

    Does anyone else think that Jaqueline is beautiful? Every time she cones on I always think about how much prettier she is than all the others. I really want to like her….wish she would handle her daughter more maturely…..but still can’t help liking her.

    • Larke says:

      No, I don’t. I am not saying that maliciously at all. I can see some attractive things about her, but overall, I don’t think she is pretty. I know it’s being catty, but she has this odd thing with her jaw and it being like ‘crooked’ or something. I don’t know, that is all I see when I look at her.

      Plus, her attitude and bitterness last year was sooo over the top and to me, it made her look so bad that I honestly couldn’t say anything positive about her. She just really rubbed me the wrong way with how she reacted to Danielle in every interview or head shot thing. What sticks out in my mind, and I didn’t even watch the entire last season, is in one of her interviews she sat there and methodically rambled off every name or alias Danielle has ever used in this psychotic way. That just sticks out in my mind and it was creeepy!!! And what I said has nothing to do with Danielle, it has only to do with how Jacqueline reacted.

      So, I know that’s not what you asked about, but honestly, I can’t find one redeeming quality about her. Chris, on the other hand, how did she land him?? He is like a god send to this cast of clowns! Always the voice of reason and doesn’t seem to put up with his sister’s, Jacqueline’s or Ashley’s nonsensical drama.

      Ashley is an immature, irresponsible child and that is not always an indication of her parents, but in this case, it is! Jacqueline does nothing but complain about and nag Ashley, which is well-deserved, but then stop being part of the problem. Stop footing her bills! If Ashley was living at home and not making any money, who was buying her clothes? Who was paying for when she went out to eat or with her friends? I’m not a parent so I’m not trying to be harsh, but I don’t understand how she constantly nags her like everything is Ashley’s fault when Jacqueline won’t remove herself from the situation. Stop providing a cushy lifestyle for the brat or be quiet!

      • Suzieq says:

        I don’t know about all that….just giving props to a woman that I think is pretty. Same with krazy Kelly….that woman is nuts, but can’t deny how pretty she is.

        • Larke says:

          I understand, I just don’t think she is pretty, as I explained. But, I agree about Kelly. I think from far away she is very pretty. Up close she is still pretty, but the leathery, orange skin is not a good look.

          I agree that regardless of how crazy and annoying she is, she takes great care of herself and being crazy doesn’t take away from that!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        If Ashley was at home then that marriage would be over! Chris has raised her and she is still disrespectful to them both.

    • cabbie413 says:

      no she’s not pretty. She wears a lot of makeup but it doesn’t hide her super long horse-like face — You can definitely see where Ashley gets her facial structure and Ashley gets her chub and height from her father.

      That being said, I don’t think any of them are attractive, but as the saying goes, if you see someone on a magazine or on tv enough and media telling you “this is attractive/pretty/desirable”, then you get that familiarity factor and it becomes pleasing to the eye.

      Sorta like big hunking ridiculously fake boobs and turning pale white people into lightskinned black people (ie fake tans). Many people think that look is attractive.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think she is the best looking housewife. I don’t know if I would call her beautiful, maybe she is but there a tons and tons of women who’s looks I am would envy more.

  46. linda2148 says:

    My sister and I were watching this episode together and we both thought we heard someone shout “he’s got a gun” during the fight portion of the show. It looked like a guy in a suit with a blue shirt being wresteled to the ground. Did anyone else catch this or were we mistaken?

    • boston02127 says:

      Linda — Yes, I thought I heard…”not the gun”. I knew I heard something about a gun!

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I thought I heard that as well and saw the man on the floor with a coat over him at first. So I think you are correct. Those people carry weapons or have they’re goons carry them for sure. Pure and simple, we are not going to have all fun and games in NJ, they play for keeps!!

      • linda2148 says:

        I’m amazed I haven’t heard or read anything about this “gun” situation on any of the blogs!! I can’t imagine being at a christening where people are carrying guns! Am I just out of touch with reality??

        • Lavalady says:

          I’m going to watch again and look for that. My son was at a sweet sixteen recently where one of the adults present had a gun and a few kids saw it and it was obvious that some adults knew about it. Now why would an adult bring a gun to a teenager’s sweet sixteen party? I was shocked when I heard about it.

    • iceNfire says:

      Watching with the captions on it’s written ” get the cops ” but the captions are often incorrect.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I thought I heard, “whos da guy?” and then someone said Joey’s father.

  47. codystl says:

    does anyone else think Melissa’s tan (and her evil sisters) is a tad bit too much?

    • boston02127 says:

      A big hugh Y-E-S. It’s called the Doritos tan. It doesn’t even look normal.

    • Larke says:

      I was thinking that maybe she is a lot darker than the rest of the cast. Her nationality maybe? People of the same ethnicity, region, or even family can vary greatly in pigment color. I guess I was thinking that she was so dark that it was more natural, but wow, I might have been way off. I didn’t think she looked orange at all, like the rest of them and like those who tan too much, I thought she had more brown skin than anything.

  48. Sara says:

    I think this is going to be a ratings win for Bravo.

    • Sam says:

      I disagree.

      I didn’t like what I saw last night, don’t plan to watch again, and have talked to several other people who feel the same way.

  49. Sammysmom says:

    I am amazed that so many posters here don’t agree with Lynn’s blog. I completely agree with it and then some. We now have proof of all the BS Teresa and Joe G were trying to pull for the last few years. I’m not sure yet how much I care for Melissa. I hope I am right in believing that while she is a lot like Teresa, she isn’t as big of a phoney. The pizza parlor scene was gross to me. If you can, pause it, and take a close look at that kitchen. It’s nasty and unsanitary. What I was confused about is, who is the guy that found Teresa’s baby on the stairs or downstairs while Teresa is busy telling us about the runs. I may be impartial because I find the things Teresa and Joe G have pulled in the past to be disgusting, rude, obnoxious, lies and outright thievery.

    • SweetValley says:

      I think the blog seems a bit too one-sided. But many of us think Melissa is just as bad if not worse, and wish it hadn’t been overlooked, especially in regards to Joe G’s behavior. But that’s why we have different opinions and are able to post here. I enjoy it, regardless.

      • quincyil says:

        That’s the beauty of this site, you feel free to agree or disagree and you know it is perfectly ok to disagree with Lynn.

        It’s cyber heaven here.

    • Obsessed with RH says:

      I agree with everything you said. I think that it is very easy to see T’s family as being “jealous” or “famewhores” or “using every opportunity to badmouth them.” I have to say, if I were related to T and JJ and I finally had a platform to show what lunatics they were I might look the same way. I do feel like M is a bit of a pot-stirrer but again, after dealing with T and JJ for 8 (i think) years you know what their M.O. is and what the real reason behind it is. If you read Melissa’s blog the fight happened in the last half hour of the christening. This leads me to believe that T’s “congratulations” wasn’t as noble as everyone is making it out to be. She waited until the end of the party to say congratulations? I think not.

      T and JJ are the same despicable grifters they have always been and clearly aren’t changing their ways. A hairdresser for your girls and yourself? If you can’t pay your mortgage you should do your own hair and your daughters as well. If JJ had the runs why the hell was he doing yardwork/work in the garage? I feel like T and JJ have come across nicer because M and Joe Gorga aired their grievances all at once and poorly so.

      I suppose it is early to judge but one thing I know is that I will not forget what T and JJ did last year since my taxes are what allowed them to keep that house and their trashy belongings.

    • Larke says:

      You are not alone, this reflects my sentiments all the way. I never post on here, though I read daily. But, my shock with all the dislike of Melissa and more so, this empathy for Teresa just made me come out of hiding!! I can’t hide my disdain for people like them, but in the context of this show, in even one episode I feel a lot was revealed about Joe and Teresa. This isn’t just some lunatic across town trying to take Teresa down a few notches, this is her own family and none of them seem to be on her side. And I didn’t even take to what Melissa said so much because at this point that could go either way, but her cousin seemed to have a pure point of view. And even before her family was on the show, we watched for two seasons Teresa surround herself around the Manzo’s and talk about how they were her family.

  50. Sammysmom says:

    I wish we had a “like” or “unlike” botton to click on after reading a post.

  51. MAMAZ says:

    My name is MamaZ and I’m a Houewifeaholic.
    I have been clean for the whole NY and OC seasons. But last night I fell off the wagon. I watched NJ *sob*.

    The Manzo’s are so BORING! I wasn’t offended by the cooking scene. I just thought it illustrated how dull and stupid they are. If you can cook you can cook. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is or where you live.
    Did you hear Caroline say she was hoping that Chris would do something with his “wit and sense of humour”? I’m she she does ’cause then he’d have to move back home. His cajun voice isn’t even mildly amusing and he stole the whole bit from Adam Sandler anyway!

    Ashley is the biggest brat on TV and that includes Jeana Keough’s(sp?) kids and the combined casts of Bad Girls club, Jersey Shore and all the Real Worlds.

    The episode didn’t make me like Teresa any more than I did before. It just made me hate her brother and SIL too. Even if Teresa was congratulating them for camera time they should have thanked her and then continued with their meal. Or not invited her at all. What trash.

    I feel I need to say a couple of things about Italian Americans.
    As a cultural group they are no more prone to wanting sons than any other group. Many men of various nationalities want sons. Many don’t care. JJ has said repeatedly that it doesn’t matter to him and that he is happy with his girls and I believe him.
    And Italian Americans are no more family oriented than any other group. I know extremely close knit families who are Asian, African American and good old American Heinz 57’s.
    And finally, the screaming, table pounding/flipping behavior is not the sole property of Italian Americans either. These people would be the same mean spirited, ugly folks if they were Danish! They are selfish, self absorbed, spoiled and small and immature. That’s why they behave the way they do.

    I’m reserving judgment on Kathy for now.

    • Delighted says:

      I also would like to speak up for those of us who survived “empty nest” syndrome without expecting an Emmy..Caroline makes me cringe..
      On another note, whoever said that a good cook is a good cook got it right. I’m a girl from the north but make pretty fine shrimp and grits..

    • California35 says:

      “My name is MamaZ and I’m a Houewifeaholic.
      I have been clean for the whole NY and OC seasons. But last night I fell off the wagon. I watched NJ *sob*.”

      Same here, I didn’t watch last night because I couldn’t and didn’t recorded becasue I forgot to….but was planing to watch…that after I didn’t watch them last season, nor Miami nor OC. I had promised (not sure if outload) the NY either if they brought Kelly and Jill, but here I am watching 😛 Now it will be NY and NJ.

    • error404 says:

      I’m another “friend of Andy C”.

      I was housewives free since I shut off RHoMi halfway thru it’s first ep, but then I fell off the wagon last week for the Ramoner vs. Jill smack down. I refuse to watch RHoNJ because although I know it’s just a show about horribly disgusting people who just happens to be Itlo-American, I feel that the baby Jesus cries every time the media decides to put yet another stereotypical depiction of Italians as violent criminals out as “entertainment”.

      I agree about Italians in general, but after I read the description of the OTT christening, I would say that bearing a son DID certainly mean something to the Gorgas and I do think it’s got something to do with the feud. I’m glad that Juicy at least says he doesn’t care, for his kids sake, but considering that they stiffed the bill to the fertility clinic that specializes in sex determination tests for their fourth child, I doubt very much it’s true. Or at least, maybe he doesn’t care, but someone in that marriage obviously does care.

  52. boston02127 says:

    20 years from now:
    Joey Jr. at his physiatrist office~~

    Dr–Tell me what’s bothering you.

    Joey Jr.—I feel angry all the time, I feel nervous and anxious. I also feel that nobody cares about me.

    Dr—When did these feelings start?

    Joey Jr.—-Here…..watch this tape.

  53. MickeyMouth says:

    Since these shows are all about branding, I thought I would help them out with some ideas 🙂

    Entitlement By Ashley Laurita: http://t.co/ucjzAxY
    The Bro – By Joe Giudice: http://t.co/HOq9wXH

  54. PF says:

    Break out star of the episode: RICH, Kathy’s husband…he seems like a character…hope they show more of him. Kathy seems fun too. Loved her riding to the market on her bike. Something I can relate to.

    • OvenBaked says:

      I thought she was trying a little hard to be the one you could relate to. So far I don’t hate her but we’ll see…

      Btw, do I remember correctly that her daughter had poster sized pictures of herself on the walls of her room? LOL. I can’t imagine doing that when I was 16. The WTF faces on my friends would have been priceless.

      • Lavalady says:

        Do you think she is/was a model? That’s what I was thinking.

        • Watched Jersey says:

          Lynn started off her chat one way and she didn’t want to backtrack after watching the episode. That’s how I see it. Otherwise, feeling sorry for Joe Gorga???!!! Come on now. That’s a grown man who wears a diaper.

        • NJ Bev says:

          lava-she said on her blog that the pictures
          were part of her sweet 16. vanity shots

    • MAMAZ says:

      Yeah, but what was with that weird comment that most women are afraid of vegetables? And did you see the way the guy looked at her? Priceless.
      I’m a vegetarian. If I was afraid of vegetables I’d starve to death!

      • SweetValley says:

        I didn’t catch that. I’ve never heard of women being afraid of veggies. lol

    • AZ Girl says:

      Love Kathy. So down to earth. When she was struggling to get on her bike and leave the store she said “o.k. I got it now” That is so real. LOVED Kathy’s husband. I posted last night that I was racking my brain of who he reminds me of and it came to me. He looks just like the guy who played Mo Green on Godfather II.

  55. LucyRLPotter says:

    My apologies is this has been posted. Jill Zarin busted AGAIN!

    Jill Zarin’s Internet Superfans Are Probably Just Jill Zarin

    Seth Abramovitch —If we’ve learned anything from the cautionary tale of Dilbert creator Scott Adams, it’s that masquerading as your own biggest fan on the internet can come back to bite you in the ass. You’d think that lesson might have sunk in by now for Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin, who we’ve already caught once writing glowing Amazon user reviews for her own advice book (while accusing its critics of being antisemites). But someone — not saying it’s Jill! Could be anyone really! Innocent until proven Zarin!— has been bombarding the Vulture comments section with suspiciously pro-Jill propaganda.
    The post in question is about how the entire New York cast might be given the boot and replaced with women of the same fab-bracket as those of the Beverly Hills franchise.

    Here’s what a random sampling of RHNYC fans are saying:

    Gingerette3: “Bravo is nothing more than one big BS machine, creating stories like this to rile you people up. They would NEVER drop this cast. Maybe Alex and Kelly but NEVER the rest. Too many people love Jill Zarin. She is the best of all housewives. We LOVE her!!”

    Cookie09: “Give Jill Zarin her own show and get rid of these co-stars. Bring Kelly along for laughs.”

    jillzarinfan1: “I would agree with the long needed removal of Alex McCord as well as Ramona who has obviously drank herself into another reality. But I watch the show for ladies like Jill Zarin… Jill has a star quality that makes the show great.”

    Michelle1234: “Jill Zarin is the heart and soul of Real Housewives of NYC I would not watch without her…Jill Zarin is the only lady on the show that is a true New Yorker. Start with Jill and rebuilt around her.”

    GliterGirl: “Replacing some but not all of the cast sounds like a great idea to me! Not sure all of them should go though. I enjoy watching Jill Zarin to see what she’s up too, but Sonja can go.”

    ladychic101: “I love Jill Zarin and think shes great…the show definatley [sic] would not be the same without her.”

    DorisMo: “NOOOOO! I watch the Real Housewives of NY ALL THE TIME! I’m totally gonna miss Jill Zarin….So sad 😦 I love her…she is so fun to watch on the show.”
    XLilyPadX: “This is very sad news! I am a big Jill Zarin fan even though a lot of people tend to hate her. For me…she will be missed.”

    Hear it enough times, and it really begins to make perfect sense, in a Manchurian Candidate kind of way. [Vulture, photo via Getty]


    • MAMAZ says:

      I saw that this morning. LOL. She’s at it again! Hide your cats!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Oddly enough – everyone should go except Jill Zarin……she will never cease to amaze me and I will never cease to hate her.

    • Jill is desperately trying to hold on to her spot on RHONY. They may not have to worry about recasting the show because if the ratings keep falling, they will end up canceling it.

    • error404 says:

      I’m tellin ya, she’s one compound and two packets of kool-aid away from a Waco/Jonestown debacle. Lost the plot, big time.

      • Kelly Anne says:

        If they cancel or fire Jill, she will have a major nervous breakdown. She wouldn’t know what to do without the fame and publicity- she will have to be sent to a mental institution.

  56. nancy says:

    OT TMZ reporting that Kelsey Grammer filed papers for sole custody of his children. Sorry don’t know how to do the link but I know we have puter savy people here.

  57. quincyil says:

    Whew.. Teresa dissed Simon van Kempen. He sang at the Brownstone’s Premier Party last night.

    She had a previous party planned because she did not know the date of the Brownstone event. Dina went to Teresa’s Party.

      • Teresa is a big baby. Simon didn’t bash her in the press. He did an interview with Popeater and Rob Shuter asked him which housewife should never record a song. Simon said Teresa and that really insulted her. She has been taking digs at Simon on Twitter and Facebook ever since. *shakes head*

        • quincyil says:

          I have followed Simon for ages. He did answer a question about Teresa Guidice in this article:


          For Teresa to go to war and mention that he should not perform at the Brownstone over this is over the top.

          Alex did blog on NJ, but Teresa did not hit at Alex, she objected to Simon. If Caroline threw the party, she should be allowed to pick the entertainment without someone making a comment when they did not attend.

          It’s actually refreshing to see the reality stars helping each other with openings and booksignings which crossover. Alex McCord went to the Cat Ommanney book signing event that Lynn attended and she was kind to Lynn.

          It was a Bravo event, it makes sense to have Bravo reality stars perform if they are available.

          They should have Kim Z come and sing for Jill Zarin at her girldle signings. Ooops.. Jill is a close friend of Nene..That is probably a bad idea.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Right, she just randomly picked a date for a premier party and low and behold it just happened to be the premier.

      She obviously saw her party as a nicely little opportunity for a cash grab- and she wasn’t going to let all those Manzo’s make the green.

  58. lillybee says:

    I think the NJ girls could be a target market for Alexis Coulture.

  59. boston02127 says:


  60. Amykish says:

    I take my tatas off to ya! You have a way of helping me see the bullshit thru the trees. I have always wanted to see the good in Teresa. It is getting harder and harder to do so. I can’t imagine doing such a thing at anyone’s party for their baby. It’s disgusting. Thanks for help me pull my head out of my ass to see the light….

  61. MichellefromNY says:

    Ok, I get hating on melissa’s hubby (who is such an animal and shares his sister’s genes for violence), but I don’t get the hating on melissa. Yes she spent most of her talking heads bashing teresa, but that’s what we’ve been BEGGING someone to do. And the only reason teresa didn’t spend her talking heads bashing them is because she is so narcissistic as to believe that there is nothing wrong. I think teresa’s attitude that she’s always right and she can do no wrong will bite her in the ass when kathy takes her to task later on the beach in the dominican republic.
    Also, don’t forget that when the showdown went down, SHE was the one telling her husband to stop. She knew that this was the wrong time and place for a showdown, knew her husband was worked up and wasted, and didn’t want a scene in front of her guests. You can tell afterward that she was mortified. And during the brawl, she was trying to get her hubby to back down, but then he pushed her to the ground. She must have felt humiliated.
    So Melissa may be spoiled, she may be a bitch about teresa, but I like her. She just seems nice. I don’t know, maybe because she’s prettier than teresa and looks better groomed than teresa and mayb e it’s cuz her smile is genuinely sweet instead of teresa’s fake “aint I nice????” smile. I don’t know, I’m still a fan. Really don’t like her husband though.
    Kathy is my favorite by far. Love her husband, reminds me of simon in his endearing eccentricity. HATE HATE HATE ashley. She’s sooooo spoiled. She’s lucky enough to have an internship–which is nearly impossible to get, even with connections–and she complains that she doesn’t get paid and has to commute. UGHHH. I got married pretty young (21) and my parents didn’t enable me at all. We had to figure it out on our own. There have been months where we scraped by, but we both work hard. I was brought up that you have to earn what you get. I never got a car from my parents but I get along fine in life. I’m 23 with a kid, and it disgusts me that ashley thinks she can get by in life by doing nothing–no college, no work ethic, just living her fantasy “sex and the city” episode without doing a thing to earn it.

    • quincyil says:

      I bet Ashley’s friends are just like her. They all have cars, designer fashions, and spend their time having fun.

      • lillybee says:

        I think that Ashley wants to be the next Snooki.

        • okeydoekey says:

          Ashlee clearly should not be on tv. She needs to mature more and being a poor celebrity is just slowing her down. According to Jacqueline’s blog Ashlee’s got a lot of bills with no job. According to twitter Ashley enjoys going to NYC to party and meet fans.

          • Lavalady says:

            I just don’t get how someone finished with high school can not be in college or have a job. Most kids Ashley’s age do both.

      • California35 says:

        Was there anything on the episode about Ashley’s boyfriend? Is she still dating him? Does she live at home?

        Sorry I am asking this, I just didn’t watch last night 😦 and wondered about that.

        • Lavalady says:

          He wasn’t on the show, CA. I don’t think anyone mentioned him at all.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I heard they broke up- and Ash was seen sucking face with that PR d-bag who flogs the Kardasians.

          • Okie Folkie says:

            They probably broke up because the BF (I’ve forgotten his name, begins w/a “D”???) actually spoke good ‘common sense’.

            I’m thinkin Ash, dont like her no ‘Common Sense’ speaky….??????
            She CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!! (hehehehe)

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Thank you MichellefromNY!! I agree with your comment. I too had to work for everything in my life from a young age, but I wanted to. My parents would help me out a bit financially (some gas money here and there, food, they helped pay for my wedding) but otherwise I did it on my own after high school. I wanted to prove it to myself and to them that I could do it on my own. I bought my first condo at age 21. I got married quite young too, at age 23. My husband and I discovered quite quickly that we had to curb some spending habits before we got ourselves in real trouble. We paid off a lot of debt in the early years of our marriage and learned to budget as a team, yet we still were able to go on some nice trips and pay cash for things we wanted. After a few years, we were able to afford a really nice house. We still keep a pretty strict budget, but it works for us.

      Anyway, these are things that Ashley has to learn (and JoeG & Teresa!!) Chris and Jacqueline have to stop providing Ashley with a safety net and let her figure it out on her own. She’s a big girl now.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      The problem with Melissa and her Teresa bashing was that they are family and almost everything she bashed Teresa on, I don’t really give a damn about.

      I don’t care that she tossed your cookies.
      I don’t care that she didn’t compliment you just as ostentatious house
      I don’t care that you think she tries to ‘copy’ you.
      I don’t care that when you were invited to events filmed by Bravo, you didn’t get ‘face time’.

      She claims to pay her bills but all signs are pointing to her financial situation is as precarious as T’s.

      T DID actually go to the hospital when your son was born, but her grip is that she didn’t spend enough time there or praise her enough.

      This Melissa broad barely has one show under her belt and already she is trying to shill her shit. Everyone body thinks they are a signer nowadays, thanks autotune.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Here’s my thing about Ashley. She is spoiled rotten and wants everything handed to her on a silver platter. When I was her age I had a full-time job, went to college full-time and paid my own rent and bills. I moved out of my parents house just after I turned 18 and didn’t live with anyone, including my now husband for several years. I didn’t wear designer clothes, have lots of jewelry but I managed to pay my bills. Wasn’t always easy but I lived.

    • Christine says:

      I think we should start a pool as to when Ashley gets pregnant. She is irresponsible enough and that would ensure that she could have the sweet life under the Laurita’s roof and not go to work.

  62. Okie Folkie says:

    Well, I enjoyed this blog very much, thanks lynn!

    So, I was just wondering with the addition of Tre’s in-laws & cousin to the cast, if that might be PAYBACK for Tre shoving Andy down on the couch during last seasons reunion show?
    I’m sorta thinking that the producers probably knew how Tre felt about her family members & which ones would “push her buttons” the hardest.

    I havent read every response, yet….it takes me a long time to catch up!

    • MichellefromNY says:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO with Danielle (remember Caroline, Jac and Teresa said they would not film with her) gone Bravo had to do something to fill the gap. Rumors that Melissa had been considered before were around and once Teresa tried to stop her from being on the show Bravo did what it does best – piss the divas off! The only thing Teresa should have gotten from pushing Andy on the reunion was fired or more politely – not asked back.

  63. Jen says:

    I do agree Treman didn’t have go up to them and should have walked away but her brother was equally if not more to blame- they trashy, all of them. But I still like Gorga’s more…..:)

    • quincyil says:

      I usually look for the hostess or host of a party to thank them and say goodbye at the end.

      • Dani says:

        Jen, I like the Gorga’s as well. I was never a fan of Treman, but after they filed bankruptcy and screwed people out of their money all the while Treman is spending like a maniac. Well that did it for me. I will take anyone over her and if that is the Gorga’s then so be it.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          My BIG QUESTION for ‘The Tree’….. will WE actually get to witness her spending 120 K. in CASH, or any amount, for that matter, this season?

          OH! I HOPE, I hope, I can HOPE! Thataway maybe they WILL finally get what they
          H.O.N.E.S.T.L.Y. D.E.S.E.R.V.E.! f.i.n.a.l.l.y???????

          • Lollipop165 says:

            When she bought all that furniture with cash it became quickly apparent to me that there was something wrong with finances and that a lot of their income was “off the books”. Anyone I know who can afford to make purchases like that do it on the credit card for the benefits (miles, etc), and pay it off asap.

  64. aliz says:

    I usually agree with your assessments; This one not so much, I have never ever been a fan of TeeTee’s But, after watching the SIL and TeeTee’s cousin, I didn’t hate her as much. I think the sil is clearly jealous and tee’s brother Gorgonzola, is also jealous. I think these two, as well as the cousin are primarily pissed that T was on the show (for season 1 and 2) and they weren’t. End of story. That Melissa is wallowing in the spotlight like a pig in sh*t and There is nothing normal about the cousin, I guarantee she has no intention of smoothing anything over. Also what normal man would scream at his father when he has had two open heart surgeries??? ABUSIVE.
    That is all.

  65. quincyil says:

    Least we forget:

    Teresa’s lega documents. She will be back in court this summer with two dates set by the court also:


    This link is at the top of the page if you are ever looking for it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I thought the whole conversation between Teresa and Jacq was so fake – Teresa was lying through her teeth about now knowing anything about their finances and making it sound like it was all behind them now.

  66. boston02127 says:

    Lauren Manzo’s tweet—- I love getting ready in my parents apartment at the brownstone! This is the first place they ever lived! http://t.co/2zORiTJ

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      that’s some kinda carpet

    • lillybee says:

      Yuck, dog on dining room table. Not even my spoiled dogs do that.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Mookie and his sister are not allowed on the table or kitchen countertops. They get a talking to if I find them there.

    • Debbie says:

      Right!! What timing! Hope the NJ water Commission (name?) read that.

    • alicia says:

      Her pictures of the food she made looked pretty authentic.( Scroll thru a few till you see)- she probably should have come out with the cookbook.

  67. error404 says:

    OT, but has anyone read “Saving Gracie”? I know there are a lot of Cavalier owners on the blog.

    • boston02127 says:

      Looks like a tear jerker. My bff gave me her old Amazon Kindle. She got the new color Nook. Anyhow…I luv it. You can look up any book and click “sample”. Amazon sends u the first 2 chapters of the book to see if you like it before you buy. (all this typing & u prob have 1)
      I’m going to read the first 2 chapters of Saving Gracie tonight and see if it’s too sad.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I have two Blenheim. When I first went looking for the breed I contacted a breeder nearby. I got a really bad vibe talking to him on the phone and never followed through. We got our two from a family that breeds show dogs, we took the rejects, lol. Which basically means they have a pedigree but because their Blenheim spot or overall coloring is not “correct” they weren’t wanted for show. They are such great dogs, great with children which is why we wanted them. Two years after we got our boys I was watching the news and they had busted a puppy mill, it was the guy I had contacted first. I kind of wished I had gone to visit and could have possibly had him closed down earlier. My husband had to literally forbid me (not an easy thing to do) not to adopt all the Cavaliers they rescued. These were my first bred dogs. We always adopted from the pound. I don’t think I will ever go to a breeder again regardless of their conditions.

  68. Kelly Anne says:

    As a former interior designer, I thought Melissa’s house was miles ahead of Teresa’s- both inside and out. However, it was still New Jersey gaudy with the marble and large overdone furniture.

    I thought Kathy’s house was nice, simple, and elegantly understated. A rarity for this franchise. Caroline’s is not terrible, Jacqueline’s is okay.

  69. WindyCityWondering says:

    I have to imagine that Bravo wanted to introduce the new ladies to us before a major fight. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case because the first filming of Melissa was supposed to be the christening and we heard and now saw how that went. Teresa likes to go big (table flip, country club riot) so that is what she did. The Guidices were in the news with lawsuits, bankruptsy, DUIs, court appearances so it will be interesting to see this season. Kathy had it right – I would have stayed in the house too and not gone around saying everything was fine.

  70. boston02127 says:

    From NJ.com
    Albie Jr., 24, and Chris, 21 — sons of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Caroline Manzo — moved to an apartment on River Street last November.
    “We love it here,” Albie said recently. “Hoboken fits both our personalities and has such a great energy.”
    Wearing matching bracelets that reflect their family bond, the Manzo brothers sat for an interview on the balcony of The Chandelier Room at the W Hotel — a popular nightlife spot on River Street that is often frequented by celebrities.
    “The W is one of our favorite places, where everyone knows our name,” said Chris. “It really is like a second home to us.”
    Although the two have joined the ranks of local reality TV stars, they still see themselves as regular people.
    “We don’t think were celebrities. We worked very hard to get to where we are,” Albie said. “And I believe it comes from our parents. Our dad has always worked 15-hour days at The Brownstone in Paterson, and our mom has always taught us family values. We are not afraid of hard work.”
    Albie, who graduated from Fordham University with a degree in marketing, is currently working with his uncle at a marketing firm. He recently launched a new bottled water line called BLK. The black-tinted water, sold on Amazon.com, is fortified fulvic acid.
    Chris, who has worked as a bartender at Wicked Wolf Tavern on Sinatra Drive, said cooking and his father’s restaurant have been important in his life.
    “My mom taught me to cook, but most of my skills and creativity were learned hands-on at The Brownstone,” he said. “I love to cook. I put on my music, relax, and create my specialty, double-dipped veal cutlet.”
    Filming has wrapped on the third season of the show, which premieres Monday, May 16 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. The brothers could not reveal any details, but emphasized the shows authenticity.
    “What you see is real, Chris said. We aren’t acting for the cameras.”
    And, as for how long the two will to stay in Hoboken, Albie said, “as long as they’ll have us.”

  71. MAMAZ says:

    I had stopped watching the Housewives after Beverly Hills. Watching Kyle and Taylor rip Kim to shreds was too much for me after the whole JZ/Bethenny thing. I couldn’t take anymore ugliness. But I watched NJ last night and it didn’t bother me at all. I was sort of worried today that I had become desensitized. But thinking about it I realized that the NJ H’wives and families were so stupid, so backward and animalistic that I just don’t relate to them at all. It’s like watching a documentary about Cro Magnon Man.

  72. PF says:

    Melissa is making comments on how she is loving all the attention from the radio and things being reported about her and such on her fb wall….and people are tearing her apart on there.

  73. boston02127 says:

    After all is said about NJ, Our little Kelly is still dumb….
    Her tweet~~~~i can make anyone hot. you need is a little confidence, little sweat, and a big heart. Souless dont need apply. #icanmakeuhot

    Kelly……Can you make yourself clean looking?

  74. California35 says:

    As anyone mentioned this? I missed BEA last night 😦

    Okay out the ways…

    Bravo posted a question on FB about Kelly. Should she go to Morocco? It got so many answers mostly against it. Do we know if she ends up going? I guess we will find out this Thursday.

    Also, any idea on what is the secret Kelly tells that make Luann hug her?

    • quincyil says:

      She went to Morocco.

      • California35 says:

        ugh! I don’t like how they come up with this type of question, when they have advertised the answer. I guess they just want to know what people are fans would say, but still. Boooh on the question…

        • Okie Folkie says:

          Also, is it just me, but I have a BIG problem w/bravo prompting all of these Tweet “Battles” WHY? bravo WHY MUST everything be a “BATTLE?”

    • TLM says:

      It’s a shame KKB contemplates going to Morocco rather than entering therapy and a halfway house, but I guess that wouldn’t be very glam.

    • Kats2 says:

      The secret is that She is really a He

  75. quincyil says:

    I thought of something that could be causing a huge wedge between Teresa and her brother Joe. Teresa has a huge mortgage on her mansion. Her husband can’t be making a fortune at one pizza parlor. Teresa spends a lot to make her money. I would bet that Teresa’s mother and father are helping Teresa keep her house and that it the inheritance that Teresa’s brother thinks he is entitled to as their son.

    • VAgirl says:

      May be. If Teresa’s parents are living with Teresa, then they are probably kicking in to keep the mortgage current.

    • iceNfire says:

      Good one quincy, it’s all about money.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’t think the parents have much money.
      The story the Guidices have been telling about getting support from family was just a lie to cover all the money they bilked from the ‘real estate’ . The only reason why T hasn’t kicked Joe to the curb is because he is the only one who knows where all that money is buried.

      • quincyil says:

        What ever they were able to save is going to Teresa. People are weird when it comes to one sibling taking more than their share.

        • VAgirl says:

          And it’s usually the ne’er do well that gets the parents support because the other(s) can take care of themselves.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think it it’s anything, it’s that the Guidices got the parents involved in their little schemes- and lying on legal documents.

          I remember Oprah once said, when a couple fights about a pair of socks on the floor, it’s never really about the socks on the floor.

          Joe G (not JJ) can’t really come out and say what the issue really is because that would make him a snitch.

        • nathania says:

          I posted about this too.

          After watching this showdown, i am absolutely certain that it money, and ONLY money, that is causing these people this kind of emotion, to the point of hating each other and losing control.

  76. OneMoreInBoston says:

    You know, I had to come back to say one more thing (famous last words…I’ll be back about a million more times)

    I thought it was really mean of Joe Gorga to tell his mother in Italian “you’re so cold”. Even his father said something to him about it.

    no mother deserves that because she wants her son to calm down when he’s drunk and causing a scene.

    But then again his heart was breaking in a million pieces. Oh the drama of it all…

    Between his dramatics and Caroline’s and Ashley’s -oh and Jacqueline’s too-breakdowns- I think that part of NJ needs some valium in the water supply. Just a little bit.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      It was awful the way he spoke to his mother who was clearly trying to console him- and his poor sickly father.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        well, the sickly father threw about 3 guys into the wall when he got pushed.
        If that’s sickly what was he like when he was well?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think the entire family has that chimpanzee strength that Teresa is well know for.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Boston, you crack me up! You should be happy to relax and have nothing to do the next few weeks. This is the perfect time to veg and snark with us!

  77. AZ Girl says:

    I apologize if this was already posted. Jill’s tweet 1 hour ago:

    Another co. Wants to hire us. Need housewives again! Who is in?? Now I’m an agent!

    Oooooooo boy…….

  78. floridagirl88 says:
    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I commented on this up thread. It just makes me sadder and sadder every time I see it. What a mess. FUBAR.

  79. Smompy says:

    Thank you, Lynn. I’m pretty much in total agreement with your assessment of the new cast members. I can’t imagine wanting to be neighbors with any of these people, mind you, but that christening wouldn’t have been nearly as epic if the Gorgons weren’t on the show. So they are my new heroes. Maybe I’ll change my mind about them tomorrow of course. I’m fickle that way, but generally speaking, anyone who’s willing to cause trouble for Teresa and Juicy is AOK with me. It pisses me the hell off that they get to keep that ridiculous home and pretend their financial troubles are not due to their own misdeeds but only caued by the bad economy…in much the same way it pisses me the hell off when some of the NYC HW’s rewrite history by pretending that nutjob Kelly was in fact a “victim” on Scary Island. IMO both Teresa and Juicy should be sent to jail. And their daughters should be placed into some sort of Safe-House where, hopefully, they will not be forced to wear sequinned & feathered appliances on their heads. And while I’m thinking about it, Kelly should be chained to an iceberg and set adrift. OK, maybe that’s a little extreme. But only a little!

    I think the real reason for the start of that Summer-Slam at the Christening, aside from the fact that the Gorgas truly do despise Teresa and JUicy with a passion, is that the innebriated Joe Gorga and his wife were right in the middle of putting on a show for the cameras when Teresa walked over to say her second “congratulations” and act all phoney-nice toward them. Before they even joined the cast, I’m sure the Gorgas realized that Teresa would try to take camera time away from them and upstage them as much as possible, which is a sensible hypothesis considering we’re talking about Teresa. So then, true to form, Teresa makes sure to insert herself into THEIR big scene at the christening. And the Gorgas are just not having it. Teresa probably didn’t expect as much of a reaction as she got from them, but she definitely knew what she was doing. I mean, if she sincerely felt the need to say congratulations to her brother again (even though she’d said exactly that a short time before), then she would have waited until her brother was off camera. But had she done that, she wouldn’t have gotten any face time on Bravo, and she wouldn’t have been able to play the part of the sweet little peacemaker for us (the TV audience). We know from experience that this is a role Teresa puts on ONLY when the cameras are rolling. It’s just not in her nature to be humble. Hell, even with she knows the cameras are trained on her, she still can’t manage to remain in that character for more than a few minutes at a time. We’ve all learned this from watching her many previous uncontrollably-violent outbursts…which ironically always seem to coincide a public declaration of her intention to “take the high road” from now on. So basically Teresa tried to use her brother’s camera time to make herself look good, and her brother wouldn’t let her get away with it. Instead he turned the whole scene into a big, bloody opera where he himself starred as the poor, wounded son, tearfully begging his beloved Papa to please just love him. Therefore Joe Gorga wins and Teresa loses. Of course he loses too by acting like a complete lunatic, but I don’t care about any of that because I have no investment whatsoever in Joe or Melissa Gorga. Just as long as Teresa & Juicy get exposed as the violent, pathologically dishonest, lowlife thugs they really are, then I’m happy:)

    ….and how much do I despise Ashley? I’d need the aid of a thousand poets to express the depths of my disgust with her.

    • Dani says:

      Smompy excellent assessement of the situation at the Christening and I agreed with Lynn’s blog as well. Treman and Juicy are nothing more than thieves. They have taken people for thousands of dollars, while Treman has spent it on parties, cloths and frivolas things. I can’t stand them and for no other reason I like the Gorga’s.

    • Whisper says:

      I agree with everything you said!

    • twoile says:

      @S, ITA!!!!!!!!!:0)

  80. TLM says:

    For anyone who didn’t know who or what I was talking about when I said Alexis Bellino’s clothes are from the Joanne Worley Collection, check out this vintage clip with Joanne Worley:

  81. WindyCityWondering says:

    Gia surprised me the most last night – she has probably witnessed many family brawls and didn’t want her mom to start yet another one. She is coming to age when most kids are embarassed by everything their parents do or say but she tried to do the right thing at the christening.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      very sad.
      It made my stomach hurt a little to see her trying to push her mother away from their table.

    • Kats2 says:

      Yes it was sad and all I kept thinking was how they encourage those little girls to fight (remember the karate lessons last season) and how proud the morons were that their daughters could kick and punch.

      Unfortunately I think these little girls will follow in mommies footsteps and will be a bully just she is.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I forgot about the karate lessons. these poor little girls are going to end up with gorillas for husbands.

    • lillybee says:

      Poor little girl.

  82. detrcait says:

    Melissa is vile. Her blog clearly said that she resents Teresa for not including them in her fame. She doesn’t seem to be too affected by the time before Teresa became a housewife, just after. Jealous? And can you blame Teresa? Who needs enemies when you have a SIL like Melissa? All she wants to do is bring Teresa down and make her look terrible. My favorite part was how M kept saying how much she cares for family. Please! All she cares about is FAME, and making herself better than Teresa. And she will claw her way to the top if she has to.

    • Kats2 says:

      I think they are equally vile and this is not a one sided thing. Teresa and her brother have horrible scary tempers and I think they married people who are just as bad. Very ignorant trailer park garbage, they make the Sopranos look classy.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It always puzzled me how Teresa could go on and on about family and we never saw her parents or her brother’s family. She seemed more interested in being a Manzo family member than a member of her own family. So the curtain is being pulled back on the Gorga family and guess what – they have a problem with Teresa and Juicy.

    • nathania says:

      no one has to ‘make’ Teresa look terrible.

      Last season speaks for it self.

  83. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Oh yeah…so one more thing.
    So when Juicy and Treman were dancing with the baby- who was the woman who came and took the baby away from them and said to Juicy now put both your hands on your wife *where they belong*?!?!
    ouchies! Many a truth is spoken in jest… I would have been livid! but Tre just kept that stupid d’oh expression on her face…

  84. Waslurking says:

    Do you know what I find amazing?
    These previews have been shown for weeks and everyone was SO excited.
    Now many saying ‘oh that is terrible, I’ll never watch again’!
    Like you are surprised it was that intense………..really?
    … lol….

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Well, I think we knew something was going to happen- but a shred of me didn’t believe it could possibly be as bad as it was described (when the story was leaked).

      Thinking of it like suspecting your spouse is cheating on you-then finding out they REALLY are.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I was a little surprised Bravo LED with the fight at the christening- their MO
      previously has been to build up the tension until cresedno of a fight.

      But, I guess, after RHONY their not taking any chances on losing an audience to boredom. Wham! hit them with a fight first and then spend 90 minutes piecing together the back story.

      • Waslurking says:

        Agree with you there as far as teasing previews…. such as the
        table flip and Tam/Jeana confrontation, it usually is kept till the
        last episode.
        Peeps have been whining about OC/NY being boring and wanting a big BANG with NJ. So I don’t really get all the OMG, how could they…… GASP, stuff.

    • VAgirl says:

      I agree. Have they not watched the previews and even read about some of their escapades in the celebrity news? Some seem so shocked and indignant as if they didn’t expect something like this to happen. It was over the top, I’ll grant that, but Bravo is all about over the top (Scary Island anyone?) Some people are never satisfied, it’s either too boring, too dark, or too something. Bravo can’t win and you can’t please everybody. That’s what OFF buttons are for. I don’t watch OC, but I try not to trash it either because I know some others like it. Rant over.

  85. Kats2 says:

    I’m thinking there is more to the whole situation with the Dad and what Joe actually did to Teresa’s Dad. Perhaps the Dad gave Teresa money and Joe lost it on some bad business deal. There has to be more to it and I wouldn’t doubt money has something to do with it. According to Teresa they had many investments that they lost.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IIRC there were pieces of property with both her parents and Juicy’s names on and nothing splits a family apart like money can! Joey may be pissed about things along those lines and can’t handle the fact that his daddy likes Juicy.


    WOW! I think the saddest part is how the children reacted. Their faces were terrified especially Gia. Teresa just like Jill the fame has exploded her head and rules do not apply to them. Teresa once again starting the trouble with her brother. If she would have walked away when he told her to and Gia pulling her away. No she had to be the center of attention.

  87. LynnNChicago says:


    A repost of Lynn’s blog with additional information from Q concerning the bravotv.com blogs of Teresa and Melissa.

    More room to chat!

  88. lovemamaearth says:

    A bit of a back topic comment, regarding Alexis and her comments I think she was leaving the judgments up to God and the person. And his guy came out with his book and his self with this beautiful letter. Beautiful man inside and out.

    ==”Today I chose to step out on faith and begin openly living my own truth. And let me say right up front that I hope many of you will be inspired to do the same thing in your daily lives. Some of the things I’ve chosen to reveal in my book Transparent were very difficult to share with even those closest to me.

    There was a time when I was terrified of revealing these things to the person I love most in this world – my own mother. But when I finally mustered the courage to tell her that I had been molested as a child and that I was born gay, my life began to change in positive ways that I never imagined possible. Yet I still chose to keep those secrets hidden from the world. I, like most gay people, lived a life of fear. Fear that if some employers, co-workers, friends, neighbors and family members learned of my sexuality, I would be shunned, mocked and ostracized. It is a burden that millions of people carry with them every single day. And sadly, while the mockery and ostracizing are realized by millions of people every day, I truly believe it doesn’t have to happen and that’s why I feel compelled to share what I’ve written in Transparent.

    As a journalist I believe that part of my mission is to shed light onto dark places. So, the disclosure of this information does not inhibit in any way my ability to be the professional, fair and objective journalist I have always been.

    My book is dedicated to the memory of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi, who jumped to his death from a bridge after his dorm mates streamed his private business over the Internet for the world to see. Tyler might still be with us today if more gay men and women had chosen to live proudly and openly. It is also dedicated to the millions of young, gay people who believe they are alone when dealing with their own sexual identities. You are not alone! There are people, like me and many others, who are thriving in their personal and professional lives and although we sometimes have a hard time with it ourselves, we are here to show you by example that you too can overcome any obstacle as long as you stay strong and, most of all, stay alive.”

    With love and honesty,
    Don Lemon
    May 16, 2011==

  89. Kashma says:

    I am half Sicilian, live in the South (Alanta), and yes I do know how to make sauce. Being a born and raised New Yorker I am not offended by the comments. It’s a joke. If anything, I’ve heard that people would put ketchup on pasta here and call it sauce. Kidding!
    That said, I would be more than happy to invite them here and I am sure they would change their tune in 5 minutes about Italians in the south.
    Maybe because last year was so boring, I was shocked to see all that drama not even five minutes into the show.
    Again being Sicilian, I have see and heard about italian dramas and fights. I was at my uncles’ wake and in the other room there was another family having a screaming match over someone there that was apparantly not welcome with this woman screaming get the he** outta here. Nice huh?
    I just felt bad so bad for those kids and thinking of the first season how all the kids left the room when the book was to get discussed, for fear of inappropriate discussions. I guess all of that concern went out the window in this case. Makes you wonder in 10-15 years the affect in seeing all this behavior will have on them. My heart ached for Gia seeing the uncle she obviously adores and her dad screaming at each other. She seems like a good kid, self driven. Makes me think she could teach Ashley a thing or too.
    Speaking of Ashley, I am just boggled at this girl and wondered this girl’s problem is? She pratically flunked out of high school, I am guessing college was a disaster too. She has a record thanks to her behavior with Danielle. Now we come to see she’s got a pretty good setup interning at a PR firm. Instead of being grateful, we see her complaining about having to get up early and coming back late? Does she even hear herself? Seriously? I give her boss credit for trying to see some ounce of good or potential in this girl, but the way I look at it, you can have all the potential in the world but you have to be willing to work and apply yourself too. I wonder what happened to her boyfriend. There was no mention of him? He seemed like a good guy, so maybe he wised up dumped her.
    I wonder if this will be the year they finally give her some tough love and cut her off. I think this girl almost needs something like that to make her wake up and shape up.
    I hope so!

  90. Savannah001 says:

    Hi everyone, I watched the show 2 times last night, I was kind of shocked the 1st time that the first show would end up explosive. However, I have to say I was entertained and found it very interesting to say the least. I think this is finally going to be a great show.. I havent read all the comments but a few and someone thought that Melissa was jealous of Teresa, I strongly disagree in fact I think its very much the other way around. I can’t imagine anyone that would be jealous of Teresa I have to admit the truth I can’t stand her she makes me sick.. Melissa has so much more to her than Teresa, even Teresa’s brother made a comment last night about her not reacting and I think thats another thing that sets her apart from Teresa she has more respect for herself as well as self control than Teresa does. Teresa just goes off like a wild animal. I believe she will be taken down a peg or two. She derserves it and I hope that I see it happen. Teresa knew what she was doing when she walked over to that table and so did her daughter Gia or so it seems the poor thing was trying to pull her away even before it got really bad, what stands out in my mind was Teresa last year sitting waiting for Danielle to walk by, she absolutly planned that last year she was so determined to screw with Danielle that she took her position where she knew she’d see Danielle when she was leaving. Teresa last night said that it hurt her feelings that her brother didnt dance with her, yeah right. Melissa and Joe have been to her parties they were at house warming party last year and there was a lot of dancing going on I know I didnt see Teresa dance with her brother she’s just trying to play victim but she’s far from a victim of anything she never spoke of her brother or Melissa ever
    It’s going to be interesting to see how Caroline and Jacq. take to the new cast

  91. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    please someone tell me that they watched GLEE last night
    im still crying my eyes out over it

  92. Pamela says:

    I really like jacqueline. I think she has alot of class and I do feel for her dealing with Ashley. Ashley is only concerned about Ashley and cannot see beyond that no refuses to see beyond that. The only thing I feel Jacqueline is wrong about is Ashley comes from a broken home and she can’t deal with it . Half or more young adults come from broken homes and they know how to act. Using that for an excuse is ridiculous. Ashley has a family that loves her.thats more then many others lids have. Too bad she didn’t love them back who has time when they only care about themselves .

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