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I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Did I tell you?  I hate to say I told you so but I did tell you that you just had to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey!  They did not disappoint.

The Jersey Girls are back baby!  This kids, is a Housewives show!  No boring discussions about Danielle, no sit down’s between two housewives to discuss how they want nothing to do with each other, this is the real thing baby!

Just to make things more complicated there are two Joe’s that are pivotal in the show here so we’ll call old Joe, Teresa’s husband Juicy Joe or JJ for short just to avoid confusion whenever necessary.

First let’s talk about the Manzo’s because this family is so boring I can’t even imagine how long they had to film the Manzo’s in order to come up with anything to put on television.  They’re reduced to slamming the entire southern half of the United States and Chris Manzo speaking gibberish that he calls his Cajun language.  His mother is very proud that she can understand what he is saying.  Caroline seems to think that an Italian living in Alabama doesn’t cook Italian food as well as she does.  I bet she’s never been to Alabama and has no idea what she’s talking about but she did manage to insult Southern people, Italians and Cajun’s everywhere.   Nice opening Manzo family.

Jacqueline’s story is a bit more interesting than Caroline’s but unfortunately with Jacqueline, comes Ashley and we’re stuck with this horrible kid and her horrible attitude.  I certainly understand why Jacqueline was impatient with Ashley, she’s working as an intern with no pay, is late or doesn’t go in to work because she doesn’t like the long commute but expects Chris Laurita to pay for an apartment for her in New York City.  At least they didn’t reward her bad behavior.

Ashley is just as horrible as she was last season, apparently some people don’t learn much from watching themselves on television.  Chances are if Ashley were doing well and had grown up a responsible young lady, Bravo wouldn’t put her on television.  Chris Laurita has the patience of a saint, he’s still lecturing Ashley with the exact same lessons that he was trying to teach her last season.  He’s taking the time to try to get through to a stubborn spoiled child, he treats his wife’s daughter as if she were his own and she’s a difficult kid so I have to give him credit for that. 

For those of you who watch this show on a DVR or Tivo, I predict that scenes with Ashley in them will be the ones that you zoom through in the future.  Mark my words my friends.

On to the good stuff, I predicted that this is exactly why Teresa didn’t want her sister in law and her cousin to be the newest housewives, to the point where she threatened to walk if it were to happen but who better than these two women who can and do make Teresa’s life hell?  This is like heaven for viewers!  Teresa will be taken down a step or two this season.

First let’s just acknowledge that Danielle Staub was telling the truth when she announced that Teresa didn’t acknowledge her nephew when he was born.  Melissa confirmed that for us on the show.

Kathy visits the Gorga’s for lunch and you can hear the pain in Joe Gorga’s voice as he remembers hearing his sister Teresa tell viewers on the show that Jacqueline and Caroline are her family.  That must have been hard to watch for all of Teresa’s family including her parents. 

Teresa can’t seem to get along with any of her family, she’s at odds with her brother, her sister-in-law and her cousin.  According to Kathy’s husband Rich,  Joe Gorga and Juicy Joe were friends and grew up just like cousins but it is Teresa who puts negativity into her husband’s head.  Let’s face it Juicy Joe’s head is pretty empty so Teresa can fill it with just about anything.  Teresa is clearly jealous of her brother’s wife, she is the competitive one and in everything in life, Melissa has just a bit more than Teresa.  Teresa had one thing that her sister in law didn’t have, Teresa was a Real Housewive but now Melissa is a real housewife too and that has to just kill Teresa.

Kathy Wilkie tells us that she would like the family to all just get along and I think that after just one episode, Kathy may just be the voice of reason.  Teresa tells us that she is unhappy with Kathy simply because she didn’t tell her husband to back off of Teresa when he criticized her spending money that she didn’t have to spend.  I think that was pretty much the sentiment of everyone who watched her spending money on television.  What a ridiculous reason to cut your cousin out of your life.  

Kathy has a beautiful family and her short introduction showed a woman who takes her bicycle to the grocery store, she has a husband who adores her and children who have love and respect for their family. Kathy spoke only of the children when the fight broke out, she was upset that Gia was crying and that baby Adrianna was abandoned in her stroller while her parents acted like thugs.   My first impression of Kathy is that she may just be one of the favorites this season. 

The fight wasn’t started by Joe Gorga or Joe Giudice, it was started by the real thug in a cocktail dress, Teresa Giudice.  I think that Simon VanKempen should send Teresa a free  t-shirt .  Teresa was clearly trying to start trouble as there was no point in approaching the couple at the dinner table to congratulate them, she had already done that at the church.  When it was clear that her brother was a bit intoxicated and not open to hearing what Teresa had to say, her best bet would have been to quietly retreat but not our Teresa.  Instead she decided to get into a shouting match with her brother creating a huge scene and fight.  Danielle Staub made a really big deal out of being called “garbage” by Caroline last season and now Teresa hears her brother calling her garbage. 

Juicy Joe stood by silently for a few seconds watching his wife and her brother arguing, Teresa storms off screaming her head off and even had nothing happened afterward, Teresa had already created a scene at a child’s Christening party but in her wake she left her husband and her brother to finish her battle for her. 

What happened next wasn’t exactly clear, Juicy Joe was standing just feet from Joe Gorga and suddenly they were lunging at each other and several men held each of the Joe’s back from the other.  Best we could tell they never got to each other but several men did end up on the ground including the cameraman.  Chaos reigned and some very large man who refused to allow his face to appear on television screamed that this was a child’s Christening and the fighting must stop.

I have to admit it choked me up a bit hearing Joe Gorga talk about his father and how he feels that Juicy Joe has come between him and his father.  We know from past seasons that Teresa’s parents have spent a lot of time with her and her children.  They helped Teresa with her kids and joined the family in Italy last season.  There was even speculation that Teresa’s parents lived with Joe and Teresa Giudice. 

Joe Gorga was extremely emotional and distraught about what his relationship with his father has become.  According to the Gorga’s, Joe Giudice was insinuating that Joe Gorga didn’t spend enough time with his family because he was working so much.  For a family like the Gorga’s that is typically a good thing, you know work Ethics and all but somehow Juicy Joe has turned hard work into a negative.

Joe Giudice is accused of drinking too much, a claim that is easy to believe based on his DWI last season and we know that hard work isn’t in his vocabulary based on filing bankruptcy rather than working off his debts.  It really makes Joe Gorga’s comments all the more believable and he is clearly heartbroken that his father spends so much time with his sister’s husband and so little time with him. 

We learned a bit more about where the Giudice’s have come as Teresa tells us that she is now the breadwinner of the family, we know that Juicy has his pizza place and they combine the two as Teresa signs books in the pizza parlor.  This book signing that we witnessed was advertised by Teresa as well as Caroline and Jacqueline on Twitter and Facebook last fall.  Fans were told that not only would Teresa be signing books but that her fellow housewives would be on hand as well which resulted in a larger crowd than may have typically attended one of Teresa’s book signings

Teresa talked on screen about her bankruptcy and flashbacks of Lynne Curtain saying, “I didn’t know” popped into my head as Teresa announced that she found out she and Joe were in financial trouble when he announced he was taking her to an appointment with an attorney.  I guess she didn’t notice the money tree in the backyard was bare and the stack of $100 bills was dwindling rapidly.  Watching Joe run his Pizzaria certainly didn’t make me want to visit as he announced that he had people waiting over an hour for their food, that isn’t going to win them any service awards or gain them any new patrons.    

Teresa tells us that her brother and his wife Melissa don’t support her, she wonders why the never showed up at one of her book signings then tells us that she heard that Melissa expected an invitation.  Teresa laughs at the thought.  I have to admit that while it would have been nice for the Gorga’s to show up at a book signing to support Teresa, they would probably need to make some sort of arrangements in advance as they shouldn’t have to stand in line at one of her book signings.  Teresa certainly could have picked up the phone and invited her brother and his wife to be her guests at one of her events. 

In any case based on the previews Joe and Melissa Gorga do attend one of Teresa’s book signings and it seems to go better than the Christening Party but it makes you wonder if Bravo has been messing with the timeline again.   It would have to be difficult for a family to come back from the dark place that the fight went to, particularly when it involves Joe Gorda and Teresa’s parents. 

So we have a lot of accusations of undue influence here, Teressa is influencing her husband against the Gorga’s and Juicy Joe is influencing his father in law against his only son Joe Gorga.  I think we can see who the villains are this season.  It will be interesting to see Jacqueline and Caroline interacting with Kathy and Melissa, will they automatically side with the Guidice’s or will they be open to a friendship with the two new housewives?  

The previews for the season actually look really good, in all seriousness I think that Bravo heard us last season and realized that we were bored, insulted and not going to take it anymore.  They found two new housewives that are perfect to liven up the show and I’m looking forward to this season.


Blog on the Prairie by Quincy IL

So now, we know why Teresa’s brother Joe and his wife are mad at Teresa.  They were not allowed to film with Teresa in the events for the first two seasons of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  The following paragraph is taken from Melissa’s blog at bravotv.com

“Some of you may be very confused right now. You may be thinking, “Teresa has a brother?” Before all the press, you probably didn’t know we existed, did you? Well here we are! I know the episode is a bit confusing at first. You’re probably wondering why Joe acted the way he did when his sister came up to him. It’s understandable so let me explain. Teresa has kept my husband, Joe, and his family (me and my three children) away from everything she has been going through and everything that has been so exciting in her life for the last three years. Although this all started before the show even existed. You will get a lot of the back-story as the season goes on, so I’m not going to go too far back. I would be writing for days! She has never been happy for her brother or cared about anything good going on in his life or his children’s. She only wants to discuss her life and only cares about herself. She kept us as far away during Season 1 and Season 2, because I think she knew this would happen when they found us. Karma is a bitch. Family comes first for me, but unfortunately it does not for her, and it never will. It’s just not who she is, and that’s OK, but don’t think we are going to go on national TV and be fake with you. We are not fakers, sorry.”

Teresa’s sister in law and brother were at the events and Teresa stayed away from them so they were not on film.  When Teresa walked up to her brother and his wife at the table, Bravo was filming them. Teresa could see that from the distance and she walked over there to be on camera.  This is her show after all and she is the star.

Teresa’s brother’s comment that she should walk away as she always does at the event was odd.  Now, his wife confirms why they were mad at Teresa. 

Teresa wanted the stardom in the reality show for herself.  Teresa’s brother and sister in law saw some of the Manzo’s  siblings on screen with Caroline during both seasons and knew that they were at the events and were being shut out by Teresa.   They were seething for two years.

Teresa acknowledges that this is what the fight was over in her blog at bravotv.com:

“He  and Melissa were invited to and came to every single party I ever had — on camera and off. If you go back and watch old episodes, you can spot Melissa. She put herself in the front of every shot because she wanted to be on TV. (That actually might be a fun drinking game — spot Melissa at my parties). Just like they don’t show all of Caroline’s brothers and sisters or Jacqueline’s brother even though they too are a huge part of their lives.”

This family was torn about by the fact that Teresa was chosen to be on TV and Melissa was not.  Now, Bravo made the decision that Melissa and Kathy will be a part of the story. He and Melissa were invited to and came to every single party I ever had — on camera and off. If you go back and watch old episodes, you can spot Melissa. She put herself in the front of every shot because she wanted to be on TV. (That actually might be a fun drinking game — spot Melissa at my parties). Just like they don’t show all of Caroline’s brothers and sisters or Jacqueline’s brother even though they too are a huge part of their lives.”

Bravo asked Melissa and Kathy to be on the show and kept it a secret from Teresa.

 “I was told by Bravo that my sister-in-law and cousin would be joining the cast,” Teresa Giudice tells me. “I had no idea until Bravo told me.”

Bravo went right ahead and recruited Melissa Gorga, her sister-in-law (she’s married to Teresa’s only sibling, brother Joe) and Kathy Wakile is Teresa’s first cousin.”


Melissa and Kathie had to be in contract negotiations for some time with Bravo and they were careful not to mention it to Teresa.

In late Oct, there were articles stating that Teresa was filming with RHNJ, but she had not signed her contract.


At the time, there were issues of payment being discussed, but filming with her family was probably an issue for Teresa also.

 Pregnant in Heels is on this evening at 9 Central. 



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169 Responses to IHJZ The Real Housewives of New Jersey/Bravoblogs Teresa/Melissa

  1. boston02127 says:

    I wonder why Gia isn’t in that above pic.

    • quincyil says:

      Joe has his arm on his mom. Some people were wondering who the older woman with light brown hair talking to Teresa during the fight was. I was the woman in this picture Joe’s mom.

    • dawn says:

      I love the Mercedes SUV that “bankrupt” Theresa is driving around in. Interesting to note as well that she has a full time nanny – Joe better start flipping a lot more pizzas! Let’s see how much cash he pockets to avoid taxes. Must be nice!

  2. Dani says:

    I think Treman should thank Bravo for having her sister-in-law and cousin on the show. It could have been worse it could have been Juicy Joe’s girlfriend.

  3. myname2use4now says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but why should it be Theresa’s job to include her sister, brother, cousin or anyone else in the show if the show invited her to be on? I don’t blame her for wanting to have something for herself. Am I reading this wrong? I want to like Melissa, especially since I disliked Theresa so much last year, but right now, I have sympathy for Theresa and I’m not all that enamored with Melissa. How’d that happen???

    I must admit, that was some compelling TV last night. Wowzers.

    • TEB2350 says:

      Interesting Name2use- I must really dislike Teresa b/c I did not hate Melissa. I know there are a lot of folks out there that do not like Melissa- but I thought she was fine. (Maybe it’s b/c so far she has shown to pay her bills…… I REALLY have a problem with the Guidice’s for not paying their bills)

    • quincyil says:

      I just was reporting the information. I don’t think Teresa has to help her sister in law become a TV star either. It seems her sister in law thinks Teresa should have included her. She has her sisters on TV and their hair and makeup were done for their filming.

      When they showed Melissa’s sisters, the scene in Cinderell with the two evil step sisters popped into my brain. I hope they aren’t evil, but the way they dissed Teresa was really mean.

      • TEB2350 says:

        Respect your point of view Q! But I HATE people that scam the system and don’t pay their bills. And that is exactly what the Greasy Guidice’s did ($11 Million is a bit excessive and my tax dollars are what is bailing out banks. I’m pissed)

        • Kats2 says:

          Thank you TEB2350!!!! No one should forget how they cheated the system they are criminals.

        • boston02127 says:

          That’s exactly why I don’t feel sorry for Teresa. She’s a thief. Last season she was denying everything, now she’s a coupon clipper looking for sympathy. Teresa can go cry in her bag of money.

        • TEB2350 says:

          Thanks Guys! I’m feeling a bit old school tonight seeing these names!
          I’ve missed this place 🙂

    • HD says:

      My take on it was that Teresa was not including them in events she was having and who does that? Unless something really happened with your family you invite your brother/sister to a party. What’s the big deal? Which leads me to believe Melissa. Teresa didn’t want them on the show. Does she have to help them get on the show? No. But dang she could invite them to events.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I think they were at events. Melissa and her daughter were definitely at Gia’s party; Melissa beef was they weren’t invited on the limo ride.

        • Lk says:

          Melissa is ridiculous. Her daughter was about FIVE at the party. Why would she ride with the NINE year olds. Whatevah.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I think that Melissa thing..she is just one of those broads you can never do enough for.

            Since they got invited to the party- then she has to squawk about them not being in the limo.

            Since they were actually at T’s other parties- then she has to squawk that T kept them hidden from us- like they were Arnie’s love child.

            Since T actually did go to the hospital after Joey was born, then she has to squawk that T didn’t pick up the baby and talked about herself and only stayed 1/2. (Sorry- but you would think that the last thin a mother would want is a crap load of people coming in and picking up their newborn or staying all day when there are probably tons of other visitors coming by).

            • detrcait says:

              I agree Rabble. In the episode M complained about Teresa being late, but then complained when she showed up! She doesn’t care what T is doing as long as she can bad mouth her while she is doing it.

    • nathania says:

      I don’t think the problem was that she didn’t ‘include’ them, I think the problem was that she intentionally excluded them and didn’t even acknowledge the birth of their son (which, if that occurred while they were filming it might have been because she really, really didn’t want them, especially Melissa, on Bravo).

    • Kristy says:

      i think you can tell a lot about who a person is at there core during the aftermath of a dramatic event, T who i have never been a fan of, my lord is she showy and annoying as all hell checked on her dad and offered to get him water and was concerned about the whereabout of her mother, her brother on the other had after yelling obscenities at his only sister in front of his “beloved niece/goddaughter” leaving the kid in tears(way to be the awesome uncle you claim to be) goes and screams at his father(the one with the heart condition) and tells his mother she is a cold cold woman(this is the guy who says family means everything)

      if i were to judge these people solely on this one incident annoying behavior and bankruptcy aside here’s my breakdown:
      T’s Joe= frankenstein like monster it’s like pulling teeth to get this guy to emote or communicate but boy you don’t have to tell him twice when there’s a brawl thats going down(-3 on the morality scale for sloth and juice fueled rages)
      M’s Joe= Fredo from the godfather can completely see him staging a shooting bc his feelings were hurt or he didn’t feel respected enough in the family”i’m smart!” also classy move to get completely trashed at your son’s christening(-5 for being from what i can tell an unstable whiny mess and verbally abusive to your own family in front of crying children)
      Teresa= not a great mother for not getting all of her children out of that place as soon as things got violent, but does appear to be a good daughter for immediately checking on her parents, i think T’s problem is that she never grew up so when she does something that feels like a slight to melissa or her brother joe its not coming from a mean conniving place the way mel and joe are trying to make it seem its from immaturity (+4 on morality scale for walking away unlike she did w/danielle last year and being a good daughter and occasionally a somewhat invested mom)
      Melissa= T’s carbon copy from what i can tell only w/0 the heart and a few extra ugly personality traits (+1 instigator and judgmental bitch but not a real threat or villain) my impromptu morality scale i decided ranges from -10 t0 +10 no one in this family is coming out a winner just slightly less of a loser, Gia looked like the most reasonable well adjusted person there that night.

  4. PF says:

    Melissa’s sisters seem fame hungry.

    • quincyil says:

      This family might push the Manzos right out of their successful show.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      The sister acted like she was the star of the show last night-stirring up trouble for BOTH sides…people will stoop to all kinds of levels for a little so called FAME!!!

    • error404 says:

      I just love that her name is Lysa Simpson! LOL The way you people describe them, sounds more like Selma and Patti.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      And here we have it, they are going to squeeze out the Manzo’s and Laurita’s to bring in more of the circus act.

  5. boston02127 says:

    Jill, Luman & Sonja are on an ad for Beach Bum Tanning

    • MichellefromNY says:

      ummmm…I’m confused. The three whitest housewives (other than alex) are advertising spray tan? To quote Bethenny, these people will support the opening of an envelope 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Guessing Kelly didn’t qualify as tannable….

    • Christine says:

      Sorry if this was already posted but I’ve been without my computer for 2 days. I saw a picture of JZ with Drita from Mobwives on Facebook. Is this what she calls her “fabulous” circle of friends?

  6. ‘Wife’ fight
    The story behind the brawl in last night’s premiere

    The explosive bust-up in last night’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season premiere was a long time coming, says the newest cast member, Melissa Gorga.

    The brawl, in the midst of a christening party for Melissa’s newborn son, was the slam-bang introduction to the hit reality series that has been characterized by flipping tables, hair-pulling and screaming matches.

    But it was, by far, the worst violence yet.

    Viewers watched in shock as partygoers had to separate Melissa’s husband, Joe, from his brother-in-law Joe Giudice, the stocky husband of “Wives” star Teresa, in a catering hall rumble.

    “The fight didn’t start when [Teresa] came up and said, ‘Hello.’ Nobody in their right mind would start a fight over that,” Melissa told The Post.

    “We were in complete shock that [Teresa] was playing it up a bit at the christening, pretending to be nice,” Melissa explained.

    “Me and my husband are not putting on a show, so we tried to cut it off right there, and I guess she thought that we were going to put on smiles and play the game.”

    “But that’s not who we are. We’re real, and we don’t put on fake smiles.”

    Apparently, it was one fake smile too many but Melissa says the feud between Teresa and her brother Joe had intensified in the weeks leading up to the volcanic explosion at the christening.

    “We were getting ridiculous, ridiculous calls from Teresa after we signed up for the show,” Melissa said.

    “You wouldn’t believe the things she was saying. They were completely uncalled for and not the kind of thing you’d ever expect a sister to say to her brother.”

    The phone calls combined with the long-simmering feud profiled in the show meant that the Gorgas and Giudices weren’t on speaking terms heading into the christening — and now they know the result of that toxic mix.

    The events still haunt Melissa.

    “I cried the whole time I watched [the premiere]. That’s my baby’s christening and that’s the memory I have.

    “I didn’t sleep for three days after it happened, and I didn’t sleep for three days after I saw the premiere,” Melissa said.

    Even though the two couples have been seen at events promoting the new season of the show, the enmity between them still bubbles under the surface.

    That’s why Teresa threw a premiere party by herself last night while the other four “Wives” watched the premiere at The Brownstone, a restaurant owned and operated by cast member Caroline Manzo’s family.

    “[Teresa] likes to be the queen, and she won’t be the queen if we’re all there,” Melissa explained.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/wife_fight_OZlAwltfF6yPJvzsrkEblN#ixzz1MfCgKuui

    • kbinldo says:

      I’m calling “bull shit” on this. They weren’t “putting on a show.” Really? When they had cameras at the event? Time for a whole lot of folks to just start sucking it up & acting like grown ups. Who the freak cares what Teresa did or didn’t do? If your son is *that* important to you, you put on a “fake” smile & play nice. It won’t kill you to be diplomatic.

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO the problems between the guidice and gorga family is much deeper than a reality tv show. Joey’s “conversation” with his parents was way disturbing. Maybe he gets the love and familia from Melissa’s family. He was definately wearing an extra large asshat in the first episode.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      It could be his dad has always like Juicy more. They did grow up together – and I’ll bet T and JJ were encouraged to get married – keep it in the family.

  8. Adgirl says:

    On the earlier thread housewifeaddict mentioned that the one redeeming quality of Teresa is that she hasn’t dumped Juicy now that $ are gone.

    The list was :
    Tamra dumps Simon after he loses his job
    Vicki dumps Donn after she becomes the major bread winner
    NeNe and Gregg
    Kim Z and Big Papa
    Alexis and Jim (oh wait – that will happen soon).

    I agree with the above, but I want to ask which of these broke dudes would have dumped their arm candy as soon as a wrinkle, gray hair, 15 lbs, hot flash or nagfest about the dirty socks disgusted him.

    Donn has stuck it out … until Vicki pulled the plug. the others are equally as shallow as the men they married.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      wondering if the money is really gone or just hidden in the guidice case…..

      • TEB2350 says:

        I’m sure there is some money- but there is lots of $$$ going to lawyers these days….

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I have a soft spot for Gregg. I’m still hoping all their issues were just made up for the camera – especially since the divorce isn’t finalized. I think he’s stick with NeNe when she’s old and wrinkly.

    • T-REX says:

      Hey, what’s the problem with being a little broke, when she clearly tolerates his drinking, brawling and bangin other broads!

  9. chismosa says:

    if there is a “Larke” reading right now just want to say i am happy i found your post in the first blog about NJ because i thought i was the only one on Melissa and Joe’s side- the Gorgas- ? I am shocked at how many people are taking Tree and Juicy’s side in things!
    Yes i think Melissa was dressed super tacky and that she is a bit annoying…. I know it’s super early to judge right away and everything is super manipulated for us by Bravo, but
    Still reading comments……………

    I for one think Tree has been incredibly manipulative and that her brother has had it up to here with it all. We have not seen it all, but clearly Tree lied about the baby and seeing him when he was born. Joe her bro obviously does work and have a work ethic and i believe in my heart that Juicy does not have one. I come from immigrant parents who have killed themselves in the States to be super successful and provide more for their kids. I also have a brother who is 2 yrs younger than I. I was really torn up by this episode because there are rifts in my family (never anything to throw down tables at a Christening for though!)I would absolutely die if my relationship with my brother was over or bad like Tree and Joe’s is.
    I am using my own intuition and thinking that Tree is wrong in this rift, deep down.
    Still i have to read comments but wanted to give a shout out to Larke- the only person of all commenters who saw things like i did!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’t think that many of us are on JJ or T’s side. I know I’ not.
      I just think based on what I saw there is plenty of room for both parties to be wrong.

      At the end of the day, if it’s your kids baptism- it should mean more to you and thus you should most self control.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Yeah – I’m certainly not on T’s or JJ’s side. I just think the other Joe also has serious issues.

        • NJ Bev says:

          agreed. it’s to early to pick sides. we’ve only seen
          one episode. for all we know this could be the best
          I don’t think either side will come out on top……
          (cept maybe the Manzo’s , they’re lookin pretty
          good right now!)

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I wonder if they got JJ on film almost bludgeoning someone to death while they were in the Caribbean.

            • Jennifer says:

              Whaaaat? Is this true? Wow, ok I’m with the Gorga’s asses or not cuz at least they pay their bills 🙂

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                When they were on the tip, JJ and allegedly the Manzo boys got into a bar brawl because someone had the audacity to take offense to them spraying the room and everyone in it with champagne.

                Push came to shove and JJ cracked someone over the head with a bottle and nearly killed them.

    • Larke says:

      Hey Chismosa, I gotta call it like I see it. I have read more comments and I’m glad that some people saw what I did, but I am still surprised by how quickly opinions of Teresa can change. Many of the posters thought she was vile and couldn’t wait for her to get what she deserves (and she deserves a lot), and now, they feel sorry for her. I won’t get it.

      I think people are getting confused though. Just because you hate Melissa doesn’t mean you have to like Teresa. And of course, just because I still can’t stand Teresa doesn’t mean that I am automatically going to like Melissa. They are two separate issues to me. And it is far too early to tell anything.

      And maybe Melissa will end up being far worse than most of the HW’s, but how can anyone decidedly say that Melissa is this awful person?! I have no idea what people have been able to judge her so harshly from? All I know is I am reserving my right to like or dislike both her and the cousin because they’ve barely made an impression.

      I mean Joe Gorga is an idiot….that doesn’t necessarily mean Melissa is behind the family feud. A lot of people are repulsed by Joe G’s episode with his parents, but to me, being that emotional at an event like that showed me that he is deeply hurt. However, that doesn’t mean I like or dislike him either. His behavior was not acceptable and calling any sister, even if she is Teresa, is completely out of line.

      I guess some people have commented that they don’t like Melissa because she wants to be a star and is soaking up the attention from her first TV debut, but what housewife is any different? Even housewives that we like, or even one that most adore, are famew**res! That’s what they do!! Newsflash- they are all on reality television series that are known for being over the top ridiculous and for awhile now, mean and catty. Is anyone expecting them to be anything other than that?

      And a side note, some posters make negative comments about some HW’s for NOT jumping on the bandwagon while they are still ‘hot’ (luke warm anyone?) to make something out of this experience knowing it won’t last much longer. But then people who do have products, etc are criticized for being greedy or fame-seekers! I guess you can never truly satisfy everyone….it’s always going to be too much or not enough for some people.

    • kbinldo says:

      Just because I’m calling Melissa & Joe on their BS doesn’t mean I’m on the Guidices’ side. There’s blame enough to go around for everyone.

      • detrcait says:

        I’m not on T’s side at all, but I do think Melissa seems pretty awful because she keeps saying such awful things about Teresa! On the episode I thought it may be clever editing, but then I read her blog where she just spewed everything she seems to have been holding in about her sister-in-law. And then the life and style article! I can’t believe anyone would say such terrible things about their family publicly. I don’t respect anyone for that.

  10. klmh says:

    Just saw this and thought you all might enjoy it. These are some homes that are for sale from the housewives series:


    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Cool link, although the info on Kim Z’s house seems to be the one they just bought and not the townhome.

  11. housewifeaddict says:

    Melissa is delusional if she thinks people care that Teresa “kept her away from us” for the first two seasons. Get over yourself! T was lucky to get cast for the show – she didn’t owe it to you go get you on the show as well!

    If Melissa wants to call T on her BS – or expose Joe as a cheating, lying, drunk, slumlord who rips of business partners – then I’ll start paying attention. If she whines about hair dressers of who had more guests at their party she can suck it.

    I like Kathy so far. Jaq is a sweetheart. I can’t figure out why people dislike the Manzo kids. I wouldn’t watch a spinoff with them – but I’m the wrong demographic. I think the episode of MM that they were on did well with ratings though. At least they laugh a lot and compared to Ashley they really have their act together.

  12. Kelly Anne says:

    I think Teresa and Melissa are probably both jealous of each other!

  13. Kelly Anne says:

    And Melissa’s outfit- I actually liked it but would NEVER wear it to any christening, much less my own son’s.

  14. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    I totally understand why people do not like Teresa and Joe. Who could honestly like any of these people? However liking Melissa and Joe just because they are mean to Teresa seems kind of strange. How do we know that Melissa’s husband has a good work “ethnic”? Do we even know what he does? I didn’t like the attitude of either one of them last night and NOT because of how they were acting to Teresa. Melissa just seemed kind of full of herself and kept telling us how wonderful she was. I would never keep people like this in my life.
    I come from a rather large family (3 sisters and 3 brothers) and have never talked about my sister or sister in law they way Melissa ans Joe were talking last night. To call your own sister garbage is so horrible to me. I cant imagine saying that ever-never mind on TV.
    I think they are all offenders on some level-Teresa and Joe for not paying their bills and Melissa and Joe for chasing the fame.
    Who is worse? I guess we all have our opinions about that!!!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Just because they don’t get along with Teresa doesn’t make them any good. They’re going to have to show me something better if they want me to like them at all. There are obviously serious anger issues with both T and her brother.

    • dsc60 says:

      Joey is a developer and according to Melissa, one of the best in NJ *insert eye roll here*

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Really? The best developer in all of Jersey?? I guess he really does have a good work “ethnic” after all!!

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Did you catch the part where he surprised her with a new house? Who does that?? How is that a good thing that your husband doesn’t consult you as to where you want to live??? I wonder if he built it on spec and couldn’t off load it.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think someone posted they took out two builders loans to create the house. I think they were probably doing the thing that was big in Cali for a while, where you would build a house or totally remodel it, live in it for two years to avoid paying capital gains tax on it- then move on to the next one.

        • chismosa says:

          He surprised her with the plans for the house. Or did she say the entire house itself?

    • SweetValley says:

      ITA with the post. I don’t understand liking them just because you want to see Teresa go down… and it isn’t a former friend of hers tearing her down, it’s her family.

  15. chismosa says:

    will re-post this here- was replying to people speculating at Melissa’s Joe drinking a lot:

    i dont think we should all paint him as drunk and ‘liking to drink’ like the Ramon-ER storyline. I don’t think that’s fair, we have hardly watched him on screen !? This was a Christening- which for Italians, esp. OTB ones- is a big big party. He also was taping for the show for possibly the first time.
    If my brother was arguing with my dad and was yelling at him to acknowledge him, etc. – yes it was dramatic but he was also telling how his mother (surprisingly) that she is so cold. I was taken aback by that as I thought Italian mothers adore and live for their sons. There are issues there. I don’t know, i know it was dramatic and my family (father’s side) is southern Mediterranean similar in some ways to the Napoleon Gorgas- also speaking in native tongue at times. I think we shouldn’t judge Melissa and Joe to be so incredibly awful so soon.
    I really truly think there is much more to what Tree (and Juicy) has done to her brother. I don’t know why but i just feel it.
    IMO as probably the only thinking this, i think Tree and Juicy truly started the fight. I really did. There were underlying issues happening in real time at the Christening and then all of a sudden, after dancing with the baby without Juicy even having come to THE CHURCH- Tree wanted to flash a smile, walk over 2 miles from her table and talk nice to her SIL and bro with the camera in front of her. I’d lash out at my sibling perhaps (not physically of course).

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I don’t buy this idea that she was trying to get on camera. She had an entire camera crew following her around as well – she was getting plenty of camera time. I think she just wanted to pretend that they were all getting along – like she hadn’t been a jealous b**ch when she found out that they had been signed for the show against her wishes.

      They are all to blame – – –

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I do agree about the drinking. He got drunk at a party. Not a big deal – but mix that with his toxic anger and whamo!! That fight would have happened one way or another – he was seething about something.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I’ve been to plenty of baptisms, some of them even for Italians (my sister and I both married Italian boys -who coincidentally enough are from the same region) and while there was bar service- it wasn’t treated like a frat party.

      The only time I have seen a shot table, was at weddings where male guests would do shot with a groom- and most of the time a groomsman would stand in as a proxy so the groom wouldn’t get too hammered.

      Joey acted like a drunken angry fool- that despite crying for his mommy and daddy he only turned around and insulted them.

      • chismosa says:

        I don’t know- and no offense- but plenty of italian boys ESPECIALLY otb italians (and even “only 1/16th italian slobber-over-her-grown-sons” caroline) – are notorious mama’s boys and I think joe is just very close and perhaps emotionally demonstrative to his parents (or not so and the events of the night made him open up, maybe too much) like I said in a previous post I do think this early taping of the baptism,having the cameras there for maybe the 1st time,the THs, etc were emotionally over-the-top and things were starting to boil over from earlier stresses with regards to Tre and her bro. I think things carried over with regards to melissa, joe and tre. My opinion.

  16. Delighted says:

    I mean I’m not to blame, I just agree with you..do I sound like a younger sister much? Lol.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Unless you’re Melissa’s younger sister – I don’t think you can accept any of the blame LOL.

  17. AZ Girl says:

    That Radaronline article that has been posted several times here about Jill making posts while impersonating as a fan of Jill is now on MSNBC.com website. On the front page of their website under the Entertainment section. Talk about totally busted. There is no going back from this. Jill is totally busted.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      It is unbelievable how stupid her PR people are at covering their tracks. They have to understand by now that the news outlets are just looking to write something that makes her look like a fool – yet they keep on giving them material.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Jill is such an idiot, on twitter she posted that she would be ‘tweeting live’ during the next RHONY. She didn’t have anything to say when I told her that tweets (sans retweets) are always live and it’s actually the show that isn’t in real time.

    • VAgirl says:

      it’s under tech and science now

  18. MBDEA says:

    Aside from having utter disdain for Tre and Juicy Joe from seasons past and how Tre tried to deny and lie her way out of a bankruptcy, my hate for them has not been magnified by Melissa and Joe Gorga. There clearly is bitter history there and from what we know and seen of Tre’s behavior, it would not surprise me if Tre didn’t start that history.

    Also, I am a bit biased as I too have lived a similar family dynamic dysfunction and certainly can empathize with Malissa and her Joe. I have a SIL who is a lot like Teresa; life and everyone revolve around her. My SIL like Teresa only had on topic of conversation –herself. I even lived through a similar family malee one Thankgiving dinner. Long story short, my husband, our kids and I left the dinner after being disrespected and behind us followed my SIL (three of them) and my MIL calling us names and yelling insults. Even when we got into our car, they pulled my door opened and started in on me –in front of my then 6 yo and 10 yo girls. I even pleaded with them, “don’t do this. My girls are here. Don’t do this in front of them.” They would not let me out of the car and would not let me close the door so they could keep yelling insults at me –again, in front of my girls.

    My husband stopped speaking to his family after this event. He told them off and never looked back. He saw how crappy they’ve been treating me and this Thanksgiving dinner was the last straw. It’s been two years and despite a sprinkling of drama they insist on creating, they are out of our lives. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

    So I GET Malissa and Joe Gorga and see the same narcissistic manipulative behavior in Teresa that I saw in my SILs and MIL. Some people are just plain evil and it is for that reason why I am glad Teresa is getting her come-upons in a very public forum, no less.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I’m sorry you have had to deal with this with your hubs family, but it sounds like he’s been very supportive.

      I guess I’d have no issue if they cut T out of their lives – but they didn’t exactly run away from the fight. Joey Gorga was just as bad as Teresa IMO.

      Melissa keeps tweeting that it’ll all be explained in the next three episodes – so I’ll withhold judgement.

    • Adgirl says:

      Wow. That is an awful story. Who would have thunk that this behavior still happnes after high school.
      I’m glad your hubby is awesome.

      • MBDEA says:

        I did not fully understand the magnitude of his “awesomeness” until recently my sister (who is divorced) revealed fully what led to her divorce. Family can be a bitch and at times the downfall of a relationship. It was in her case —her ILs. In her case, her husband sided with his family over her and she felt utterly alone and unsupported. Thus, their divorce.

        Knowing how my husband stood up for me, cutting off the toxic bits of his life (my ILs) and chosing to move forward in life with me and our girls as HIS family –was HUGE!

        Just to explain how bad they are, my hubby was hit by an 18-wheeler badly enough to end up in the hospital two months ago. On FB, despite being “unfriended” by the rest of my Ils, I saw one of his sisters did not unfriend me. I kept her because I figured I could still keep my kids connected to my Ils through her, specfically thinking my MIL and FIL would still be interested in knowing what’s going on in my girls’ lives. So I posted my hubby was in an accident knowing this one SIL would read it and let his family know (as they would NEVER have answered my calls).

        Just as I thought, soon they got wind of it. However, instead of calling me (they had my number), this ONE SIL chose instead to call my husband’s cell! I was like WTF? You bro is in ER after getting hit by an 18-wheeler and you THINK it’s better to call HIM??? How do you know his phone is not crushed or worse that he is unconscious? I figured, anything to avoid speaking to me even in this emergency.

        However, this one sister is the only one in his family to even bother calling. Nothing from the rest –not even his own parents. I got PO’d and challenged them publically on FB or as we say, put them on blast on FB where the rest of their extended family could see the pieces of crap they are. Not one minute after I posted how vile they were for not calling to check on their son, that my MIL called (not me) my husband with, “We JUST heard what happened. We worry about you” (yeah, right 4 days later? Really???) They are real “garbage.” My husband is fine –thank God. He did not engage them but merely said, “You’re a liar and a moron if you think I’m buying your crap. You have a sick way of showing your concern –only for yourself and when you think someone else is looking. Go to hell and stay away from me!” This was their chance to make-up for what they did yet still chose to be a-holes. Some people.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think that people do understand that there are sometimes unpleasant family dynamics and that there are circumstances that you do need to cut someone out of your life.

      But this is the thing, why would they then sign up to be on a reality show with them?

      I don’t think Bubbles is the only one in that family that is an attention whore and fame hungry.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      It takes all kinds of people…I swear. Heck, at my great grandmothers funeral my dad and grandmother had a fight outside the chapel. Soooo classy. Sometimes family are the biggest headaches that you end up having.

      I’m reserving judgement on Joe and Melissa. Joe being drunk at the christening is pretty bad, tacky, you name it that is what it was, but if it’s true that Teresa really wasn’t talking to J & M and was leaving nasty messages why did she go up to them again? Why dance with the baby if you are not talking to his parents? Why show up to the christening at all? Well, I’m sure that Teresa didn’t want to look bad in front of the camera (though we know it’s a given). Why couldn’t Juicy Joe just take Teresa away and let it slide for now? No one was right in the situation. I just wish one of them could have been as caring as Kathy and really think about the event that they are at.

    • Mamecastle says:

      Good for you, getting away from them! I’m jealous… My MIL told me that as soon as my children were old enough to display any characteristics that reminded her of me she would move out of state. She calls me materialistic and selfish. When I tried to go to counselling with her, (and the counselor FREAKED at how she spoke to me) she claimed that I picked a counselor that would be sympathetic to me. I just try to stay away from her. She only calls me now if she has computer or TV problems. That’s fine with me, I hope she rots in hell. Hope your husband made a full recovery!

  19. chismosa says:

    yeah i don’t love Melissa- but i really honestly think Tree is at fault.
    To ^^ Jill- Not the Real Jill- you know i think what Joe said to his sister Tre- calling her garbage WAS reprehensible. Now, if that was said after weeks of calling and calling and cursing the family out because they were on ‘her’ – Teresa’s – show now and then coming to the christening and acting all ‘normal’ for the cameras, add some shots Joe took, then BAM. There had to be stuff going on there. No doubt in my mind. I personally think it added that Juicy didnt come to the church and then dances around for the cameras, all alone with Tree and the baby.

    I dont think we should judge Melissa as that ridiculous when she is running around getting her hair done and doing the talking heads- just yet. It’s far too early. We had to deal with the other ridiculous ladies primping and preening and showing off for years now.
    I am waiting on my ultimate feelings for Melissa.

    Ps i’m so happy i read so many people are annoyed to death with THUG Caroline! yay!
    Her bariatric surgery looks to have worked though (blind item). She needs to do something with her face though, too much volume loss.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I agree with the dancing around with the baby thing-I found that very odd and off-putting.
      No matter the shots consumed or the back story between Teresa and her bro that garbage comment was harsh-and waiting to say all that to his father on camera seems a little too contrived to me.
      As far as Melissa goes I did judge her quick but you have to admit that she was front and center last night and seemed to love every minute of her time in the spot light-no matter that she came off bitter and scorned-she was chomping at the bit to slam Teresa and I find using “reality TV ” a very weird forum for settling the score.

  20. stlgal says:

    How did Teresa and Joe avert foreclosure? Did she sell that many books? Should people who file personal bankruptcy be allowed to live in such large homes anyway?

    • housewifeaddict says:

      All good questions. I was wondering about the contents of her house. I thought they had to sell it all off – but the house didn’t look empty.

      I don’t buy that Joe is making pizza now. I think he is living in the garage and only comes out when T needs him to pretend to be her husband on camera. That’s why he’s so grouchy.

      I wouldn’t eat a pizza his icky hands had touched.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think it’s because they built their own house, so it’s the actual builders they own and not the bank.

      • JerzGal says:

        I wrote about the house building below. Now that I am going through the process myself, I can’t figure out how that thing got finished. Something is so off there. There is a process to it, a system and I call shady all around.

        Although, there is 100 ways to Sunady to finance it…I do not know WHY the contractors finished the job without being paid. It makes no sense….

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I’m guessing he paid them enough to string them along. I am also sure he paid some in partial payments cash- so they wouldn’t have to declare it. It probably made some a bit more eager to fall for his lies, because he pandered to their own greed.

          I also think probably used a bunch of his over mortgaged other properties as collateral, they probably never suspected that there would be dozens of liens on them down the road.

          • JerzGal says:

            It’s gotta be something like that. I know for us, the contractor does all of the negotiating of price etc. w/ the subs. The subs order the material, we pay. They do most of the job, we pay. They finish the job. The head contractor also gets some kind of cut in the allowances (ie $15,000 cabinet allowance that we pay whether we spend $15,000 or not. Some goes to him). Some people use the capital from the house (or land value) or maybe they used equity from the other houses and when the market crashed it all fell apart.

            I def. believe you w/ the cash. More than likely, he did this and the subs kept the cash (undeclared). What ends up on record was probably the costs they owe the suppliers, so the subs sue the Guidices for the supply costs, even though they pocketed the cash. Isn’t it called robbing Peter to pay Paul? Then they write it off as a loss.

    • alicia says:

      They will eventually lose the house. There is too much publicity on the “foreclosure” and they will have to make an example of her.

  21. MBDEA says:

    Wait, wait…I have not read anyone else bringing this up but it seemed to me that Juicy Joe was doing some of his stirring as Tre was getting ready. First, I have to wonder what was behind his a-hole behavior (aside from being Juicy Joe) of dragging his feet puttering around their garage while Tre was stressing to her them ready for the Baptism.

    I don’t buy the “Joe had the runs” excuse. He seemed to calm puttering around his garage –not locked in a bathroom yelling out, “I’m not feeling well. You go without me!” I am thinking Juicy Joe had other reasons for dragging his feet and ultimately opting to NOT attend the Baptism ceremony. There’s a behind-the-scenes story there.

    Also, I distinctly heard him mumble to Tre, “You think she is keeping (the name of the hair & makeup woman) from you on purpose?” Yes, it was mumbled but I heard it and I also heard it dripping with sarcasm. What was that about? Why bring it up to Tre as she is stressing? Hmmm.

    • MBDEA says:

      Oops, sorry about my type-os….multitasking ; )

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I thought the make-up guy said that about the hair dresser?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Yeah, I could swear it was the make up guy too. It sounded too close to the English language to be JJ- who’s first language is grunts, farts and belches.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      The weird thing is they didn’t want him there – but complained when he didn’t show up at the church. I have no doubt that T had to force him to go. This season is probably on giant humiliation for him – T is going to emasculate him like Gretchen has done to Slade.

  22. JerzGal says:

    I have to laugh here…when Lynn likes someone, they can do no wrong. When she hates them they can do no right. Ever. There is no gray area with Lynn! Were we watching the same show?

    Anyway, I never got all of the Teresa hate, at least as far as the $$ stuff is concerned. MHO is that she WAS clueless. Unless Juicy told her to stop, she spent. I guess she thought the $$ was there. I think a lot of their financial problems stem from Joe and his dishonesty, so I won’t blame her for it. As for denying things and so forth, lawyers usually tell you to keep your mouth shut esp. if you are public.

    As far as the trip to Italy, parties and so forth..I do believe Bravo picks up most of the tab OR the companies donate their wares to get a mention on the show. And really, are they supposed to say, “darn party, totally gonna mess up my banruptcy petition”. Of course not! That sort of kills the aspirational nature of the show. Much of what these ladies on all of the shows do is lie, Tamra, NeNe, Lynn C., Slade and down the line. They lie about who they are.

    Plus, I find some of this Guidice stuff really odd. How does ones ex-business partner not know there was property bought in his name? What kind of lawyer does not fully explain consequences for lying in a bankruptcy? Does their lawyer not have their own forensic accountants? Why are they allowing the debtors to value their property? Why not a certified appraiser from the get go? The attorney can get in trouble for false documents as well. It’s weird.

    As for their home in Towaco, I have built a house before, in NJ too. How the hell did that house get built? We had a contractor and he supplied all of the subcontractors. Even our friends who did carpet, plumbing etc had to submit bids to him b/c their has to be certain insurances etc. The payments are made in dribs and drabs and if at some pt. we didn’t pay….the work stopped. Now even if Joe acted as his own contractor, even if you “know” the railing guy, he is under no obligation to finish a job if he isn’t being paid. A subcontractor who isn’t getting paid can go to court and that may well prevent getting a CO. Plus, you can’t get a CO withut inspections so you can’t just half ass it. Even if you lived in a home w/out a CO, the township will notice. Permits are filed with the town. Something is WAAAY shady here to me. Here’s what I think: The people who were doing the work were doing it under the table or at heavily reduced costs. Basically, they used poor judgement. Joe did stucco at the time so he hooks up the drywall guy for a later job and so on. In the end, Joe didn’t pay. When they don’t get paid the subcontractor writes it off as a business loss, reducing his personal and business taxes. So, for the people at the Bravo message board who want to take up a fund for the Guidice Contractors, don’t. These dudes know how to work every angle and I am sure they are doing just fine. 🙂

    In any case, they suck at finances! As for Teresa’s personality…meh, she’s alright. I have known many Teresa types in this area so I am simply used to it. Doesn’t bother me. Same for the Gorgas. I think the reason that people are feeling bad for Teresa is because this Melissa really is nasty, in amiling passive aggressive kind of way. That’s the worst kind of nasty!

    I will never understand why simple human behavior is so hard for these people. Ok, M & J hate Teresa. She comes to the table to say congratulations. Who cares why, to be fake, b/c a camera is there, whatever. As the hostess of a party for your CHILD where there are children and old people present, you grin and bear it…say thank you…maybe make small talk and then talk about them when they are out of earshot! You do not start an argument, people with “class” maintain their dignity in public. It’s also not “being fake” because acceptable public behavior is a positive thing. Did it occur to anyone that the Gorgas started in front of the cameras, hoping Teresa would lose her cool and they could say “hahah…see!” It backfired.

    • Kats2 says:

      Yeah not buying it, it’s your opinion you’re entitled I think they are criminals and both should have been locked up. The whole family is scum and financial crap aside Teresa is a trouble maker and a thug. She’s been that way with pretty much everyone outside the marble circle.

      • JerzGal says:

        Bankruptcy isn’t illegal, if you run out of money, you run out of money. Same concept w/ Slade and the child support on OC. If CA is anything like NJ, they almost never reduce child support. So, if Slade loses his job or takes a serious pay decrease (how much can Gretchen pay for wiping her ass anyway?)..how can he pay? Can he ever replicate the salary he was at when the support ws granted? So people call him a deadbeat and browbeat him for not paying, but how can you pay if ya gots no money?

        Anyway, when the Guidices finally hit that wall in business and in personal finances and there was no money…what can you do? You can’t unspend it. So bankruptcy is the option. It’s legal. It’s also not illegal to be stupid and irresponsible w/ money.

        That being said, if they (and by THEY I mean JOE :)) lied in the documents, covered stuff up etc. then THATS illegal. And they (he) should be punished and they will. I won’t get into it too much b/c there are so many laws and loopholes with this stuff, what one person thinks is illegal may be totally fine and vice versa. They should call Phaedra. Haha.

        The Gorga parents seem like such sweet little old people, but something tells me there was a lot of yelling in that house when litle Tree and Joey were growing up. They are both hot tempered and irrational.

        • Jennifer says:

          No bankruptcy’s not illegal but lying about it in court is, not paying your taxes is and not paying plp who do work for you immoral- hiding money is illegal

          And not paying your child support is massivly iilegal so not gettting why you don’t think any of these plp are criminals?

          • JerzGal says:

            No, I totally agree. I think I’m not being succinct enough. Here’s my opinion: When you file for bankruptcy, whatever debts were on your balance sheet are in the past, essentially. You could hit big in AC the next day and be able to spend that $$ however you want, regardless of the bankruptcy filing. A lot of people get angry (rightfully so) that T & J still kept seemingly spending extensively after they filed. (I am not including anything on the show here..b/c they aren’t paying for it). My point is, that’s not illegal. Morally corrupt maybe, but not illegal. I have such a blase attitude about it because I have an Aunt and Uncle who are the SAME WAY! Always have been. For years, people in the family helped them out and finally everyone gave up b/c clearly they weren’t getting it. So in a sense, I write off their fianancial stupidity as their own problem.

            As for them being criminals, yeah, I can agree. I guess I just see people like Casey Anthony as down and dirty criminals, not people like the Guidices. But, you guys are right, they are criminals in the sense that it seems that they have lied on their filings, lied on their taxes, cheated a business partner and tried to fake an ID. Ok. But still, I don’t get too angry about it simply b/c I cannot control what the court is going to do. Whatever happens to them is their own problem.

            As for Slade, absolutely, not paying child support is def. illegal. Again, I don’t know about California, but in NJ you pay a % of your income as support. It’s a sliding scale. Our courts are loathe to decrease payments, even when you lose a job etc. My point is, if Slades child support was set when he was making big money and now he is not…how to you handle that? If you aren’t making that money and can’t borrow it, what do you do? I am not saying he shouldn’t give her what he can, as opposed to nothing, but you can’t get blood from a stone. I know people here that this has happened to and the court usually tells them to get another job etc. But if you were making $100,000 and no ones hiring, you could work 14 jobs and still not be able to make it. I think the Slade case is an exterme one. Hopefully, they can work something out. So yes, it’s criminal, but it’s also financial, the economy has hurt people in all kinds of ways!

            So really, I am agreeing with a lot of the points people are making, I guess I just don’t let it bother me the way some people do. I am one of those people that feels that the choices you make are your choices and while I can have an opinion, it really doesn’t matter in the long run. People will do what they want.

    • chismosa says:

      That’s so funny you think that lynn feels that way bc one of the primary reasons so many people come here to comment is for the freedom of speech and we can post whatever we want. That said, the site was created for a specific HW that guess what – has yet to be proven incorrectly read-shes still evil one year later.
      I don’t find Melissa that much more sarcastic or nasty than many other ones. We have yet to see more

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I agree chi. None of us are lemmings here. Plenty of us disagree with Lynn’s take on a lot of things. I don’t get the point she is trying to make about Lynn. Lynn’s opinion is just that- her opinion. She doesn’t preach it as gospel nor does she expect us to.

        • quincyil says:

          The best example of this is me. I disagree with Lynn at times and she puts my opinions up on her blog. Lynn walks the talk when it comes to allowing free opinions. It’s nice if you have reasons for your thoughts and your opinion will be more valued if you explain how you reached your conclusions, but it’s ok to disagree with opinions here.

          • JerzGal says:

            It’s so frustrating to post on a blog and get jumped on when you werent trying to hurt anyones feelings…it’s why I am loathe to do it.

            But to most peoples credit, we worked it out. 🙂

    • Larke says:

      There is no way I believe that Teresa, or any wife for that matter, could not know that their household is 11 MILLION dollars in debt. Period.

      We are not talking about $50,000, we’re not even talking about $1,000,000! Please, not one person can buy into her BS that she didn’t know what was going on.

      I’m sorry, but I will never buy it.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        T is so full of shit.

        Like she didn’t know that the credit cards were maxed out, that creditors were ringing the phone of the hook and coming to the door. Like she didn’t know that Joe was being sued by his now ex-partner.

      • JerzGal says:

        I can. I totally can. I know of so many people who were blindsided by this kind of stuff. Husband and wives. There was a story in the paper a few months ago where a husband was laid off 2 years ago and the wife had no clue! Dude got up and “went to work” AKA drove around and hid all day. He was in sales so there was no “office number”, just a cell. My first thought was…how????? Well, the hubby controlled the finances and she never looked at any of it. I know of people who had no clue their equity was wiped out b/c the spouse was using their homes as a bank. They don’t know what’s up until the proverbial shit hits the fan. It is VERY, VERY possible she didn’t know. Or, at the very least, didn’t know how bad it was.

        If you are like me, this is probably hard to believe. I do the $$ at home, just b/c I lived on my own for years and my hubby was at home until we got married. Which wasn’t to bad..he had a lot of $$ saved! 😉 He doesn’t have time for the bank stuff and I stay home so I do it. I would never get caught in a situation like the examples above. But, if you are not the type to pay attention and figure if you have “stuff” you have $, well, you are ripe to get duped. I do believe she was duped by Joe.

        • Larke says:

          I understand to a point where you are coming from, but this is so frustrating to me. First, I do believe that there are some spouses who don’t look at their finances and at some point, may have ran into a situation where they were in debt or losing a house, etc, but the difference is this is 11 MILLION dollars! That was really my point in my first comment, not to this extent does someone have a blind eye.

          And second, Teresa and Joe aren’t ‘normal’ people with ‘normal’ spending habits. The very woman who is on TV spending thousands of dollars on junk and boasting she has so much money! That was not ignorance, that was thinking they were untouchable and that they had been getting away with what $5 million in debt, so what’s another $6 mil!

          And finally, the nail in the coffin, is how Teresa handled and ‘recovered’ from filing bankruptcy claiming $11 million. They did not become humble, they did not admit that they were wrong, they did not sell that horrid mansion, they did not downsize anything, they did not agree to have the auction to help pay creditors. All they did was deny, deny, deny and continue to live the same lifestyle. I only hope that she is smart enough to not flaunt anything on camera this season and does not have any parties, but just because it isn’t on camera (hopefully) doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

          There are a lot of ways to rebound from a situation, especially when where you claim you were duped by your husband to the tune of over $10 million and I gotta tell you, this ain’t one of ’em!

          I don’t know let’s start with a divorce! If your husband doesn’t care enough about you or your four daughters to not put you into this sinking mess, then why stay with him?!? Cut your losses and start over. She has parents to help her out. And she was already working on her cookbooks, she would have plenty of money without Giudice. And I hope nobody would claim she stays with him because she loves him, NO, she stayed with him because she is a thief and as guilty as him!

          They are truly disgusting. And I have such strong opinions about her and him, not because of some silly reality show, but because, as citizens, we are all affected by schemes like this.

          • JerzGal says:

            I see what you’re saying too. I guess no one will ever really know or be able to really theorize how this came about. The whole situation is convoluted and crazy.

            Maybe, someday, their will be a tell all. Or when the court cases are finished we will get a better picture.

            I wonder though, does the spouse rule (you dont have to testify against each other) apply in this stuff or just criminal cases?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Ok Jerzgirl- I’ll play this game.

          Your argument is Teresa was absolutely blindsided by revelations that the family was 11M in debt.


          AFTER she found out- AFTER the bankruptcy was known, that’s when she blew 60K on drapes even though she KNEW that many people, including the fertility clinic, were not paid.

          Furthermore how do you explain away the court case coming up in July, to determine if they lied about the bankruptcy?

          Even if Teresa is a complete and utter moron, and stuck her head in the sand so Juicy was able to “fool” her about the $, surely she knew that lying was wrong?

          So yeah, we WERE watching the same show. I just have a very different opinion than you.

          Deal with it. Without insulting Lynn.

          • JerzGal says:

            As far as the lying, it’s obvious they weren’t completely honest. How dishonest? I guess we will find out in July. I wouldn’t even try to dissect it. I guess they will just have to take their medicine like anyone else.

            As far as what they spent after the fact, it’s totally legal. Once you file for Bankruptcy and come into extra $ (from a book, TV show or Powerball) you don’t start paying the debt, it doesn’t work like that. It’s a move forward, that’s in the past kind of thing. Unless of course, you call it off and pay everyone what they owe. Which never happens. Once you file, you’re bound by the courts.

            I have a shore house and it seems every other week Donald Trump is in the paper, reorging and filing bankruptcies with his Casinos. Many, many people (and businesses big and small) have been screwed by the Donald b/c of the way he does business, but he doesn’t diminish his lifestyle or get close to the hate these 2 do. He warred with an old lady for 10 years, because he wanted her house. It was sadly comical.

            Anyway, whatever you make after you file is yours to spend. Now would I spend it on drapes? No. I never said she was a smart one! You’d think they’d be smarter financially, but their stupidity is their problem. As far as Bravo aired parties etc…we all know it’s covered and they actually arent paying for it. When people get so mad, I think they are fogetting that reality tv is an oxymoron, what you see is almost all faked.

            I just think the Gorgas are just as gross. Their behavior is just as bad and I bet $$ right now, within the year their financial problems (and you know they have them) will come to light.

            Lastly, wasn’t atacking Lynn. Read below…it was an observation in jest. Maybe the tone doesn’t translate onto the page, but it was innocent.

      • quincyil says:

        I bet her relatives told her that Joe owed everyone money. Teresa is capable of ostrich behavior though. I’m sure she has the capacity to stick her head in the sand and pretend that everything is wonderful.

    • SweetValley says:

      I don’t want you to feel alone because I too am a little tired of the favorites doing no wrong and the anti-favorites doing no right….

  23. cabbie413 says:

    I’ve been reading these blogs and I haven’t seen this mentioned yet

    What if the underlying anger that Joe Gorga has with Teresa is maybe Teresa and JuicyJoe asked Joe Gorga for money to bail them out of their financial issues, with prodding from their parents and maybe Joe Gorga flat out said NO – afterall, he has his own family to support. I think that may be an underbelly along those lines.

    I should watch the show but i’m boycotting Bravo. Love the recaps everywhere online though!

    • JerzGal says:

      I thought about that too! OR the Gorga parents give $$ and assistance to Teresa and Joe and not him and Melissa?

      Or mayabe Teresa is the favorite and he hates it? Old school Italian familes spoil their girls rotten. They make the boys work. Yeah, the Italian mamas spoil their boys, but they believe it’s okay b/c their wife will care for them like mommy did. When they don’t, trouble starts. In effect, no one will ever be good enough for their son, so Melissa gets the shaft. It’s a battle of never being good enough.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Jerzgal_ You have good points in both your posts.

        Why you feel the need to start your first comment attacking Lynn? Lynn has ONE rule in this forum, to respectfully agree to disagree. You do not agree with her Blog… then just post your own opinion. There is no need to be aggressive to Lynn.

        • MichellefromNY says:

          I don’t think she was attacking. At first I thought so and then I re-read it and it sounded more like it was said in jest. I’m just like lynn, the people on the reality shows that I like can do no wrong and the evil bitches I hate can do no right. Not that the evil bitches ever really do anything right, Ha. But I thought she was just making a statement on the way Lynn blogs

          • JerzGal says:

            Yes, it was in jest! I mean lets face it Jill Zarin could find a cure for cancer and Lynn would say “her Nobel Prize speech was self serving”. LOL. Really, it was not meant in a cruel way!

        • JerzGal says:

          I wasn’t attacking her! Just an observation…no malice intended.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Cool- you seem swell from your other posts. We’ve been getting hit by Gingeretts (or should I say employee’s of Jill’s) lately.

            Who keep popping by with hidden links to her page- it feels like getting “Rick Rolled”.

            • JerzGal says:

              Rick Rolled. Haha! Jill Jammed maybe? Really, like I said I was just making an observation, which to be honest is true for a lot of the posters (including me) as well. Whatever team you are on, you stay on that team. And the other team tries to drag you to their side! It’s just the way things go!

          • Cusi77 says:

            I’m sorry Jerz! I do not want to take my cart that English is not my first language… We have had agressive visitors… I apologize.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Or maybe Joey is a whiny baby that goes crying to his mama and licks his wife’s toes, while Juicy is a man’s man who cheats on his wife, lies, cheats, and steals, smokes cigars and hangs out with his FIL.

        I doubt we’ll ever know what is really going on with this dysfunctional family, but Joey sure has issues with mom and dad.

  24. Adgirl says:

    Oh Cabbie!! I agree it’s about $$$$.

    I think the Juicy’s borrowed all of Tree’s parent’s money! That would really piss off Joe Gorga and keep the old dad in happy-land with Juicy because the old guy can’t deal with the reality of the situation.

  25. Adgirl says:

    Are we almost done with Pregnant in Heels?? Rosie is fine but the “mommy is selfish” or “mommy & daddy are sad” is a total bummer.

  26. NJ Bev says:

    one last statement before I call it a very long day!!!

    When throwing an affair of the magnitude that the Gorga’s
    did, there is certain social protocal that should be followed–
    When you are the host and the hostess of the affair it
    is your duty to greet every single table to make sure
    that their needs are being accomodated by the establishment!
    you are the Host! it is your job! social protocal!
    No, seriously, you are expected to visit every table
    at your party. If you don’t, people will change the
    value on the check they wrote as the gift. I kid you
    I don’t remember seeing the gorga’s doing anything
    like that(It’s also done so that your guests don’t have to
    hunt you down to give the gift)
    If Melissa and Joey could have dragged him from
    the bar long enough, he could’ve done the right
    thing-walked up to the Guidice’s table, thank them for
    coming, taken the gift and split,
    See how easy that was! just follow protocal!
    this way Teresa would never had to come to
    their table,
    This, my dear fellow posters, is the way it should
    be done, when done with class.
    thank-you, thank-you very much! lol

    • cabbie413 says:

      in all fairness we probably saw 10 minutes of a 3 hour event. They only show us what they want you to see. Melissa, Joe or another family member probably did make sure all the guests were seated/ok/fed etc.

      • NJ Bev says:

        That’s very true Cabbie. Maybe they did. But I think
        Bravo would have shown them greeting Guidices’
        table. Also, after thinking about it, I would think
        the stress of knowing the camera’s are following them
        could throw them off-plus it’s hard to accomodate
        guests and follow social niceties when you are plotting
        to take down your SIL. lol

  27. Adgirl says:

    I am so disgusted by Arnold’s behavior! His wife Maria quit a job she enjoyed (remember she was a newsmagazine anchor) and threw herself behind his ambition. The entire time he knew about his child? His other kids are now being slapped publically with this information. The secret child is what 10 now? And the kids don’t know each other? What a huge mess!

    If you comment on this – please don’t make this about politics. It’s about selfish people. He had no right to keep this secret and make decisions about his wife and children’s life.

    • Nancy says:

      I wonder how this all went down?
      As the AA saying goes…”More will be revealed”
      Arnold, Arnold, Arnold!!

    • NJ Bev says:

      how right you are Adgirl. I said this on the previous page,
      but Maria deserves our support in giving her time to adjust
      to the shock, and then some. I feel so bad for her. She is a great
      journalist and will come out of this smelling like a rose-
      as she is entitled to. i feel bad for the kids ….so so bad for the

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      He did an awful thing. It can not be justified.

      I can’t imagine the kids are going through, especially the child who just found out that the father they known- wasn’t their bio father after all and that their mother is a liar too.

    • cabbie413 says:

      JUST THINK – THIS IS THE ONE WE KNOW ABOUT! (and even with child that took 10 years to surface!!..)

      I’m sure there are countless others!!

    • lillybee says:

      Ten years ago Arnold was railing against single mothers, who knew that at the time, he was making another one.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t remember him saying anything about single mothers, he wasn’t even the Govenator when this happened.

  28. Nancy says:

    Jill Zarin is loosing it. Bravo should sue her. They have to show intent though.
    I think we have another KooKoo on our hands. Bobby needs to step up to the plate and get his wife some help! I wonder if Ally is concerned? She has to know deep down that her mother is BSC!
    I think every new Housewife “want to be” should be forced to read Lynn’s Blog for
    2 weeks before they sign on the bottom line. Could you imagine the fear they would have? I think they might have a problem getting people to sign up.

    • Adgirl says:

      I wish I could sit on a barstool next to Andy and listen to his true thoughts about each HW.

      • JerzGal says:

        Watch his body language and attitude when they are on WWHL and the reunions. You know who he loves and hates.

        He seems to love Nene (why?), Tamra (I can see that), Lisa VP (and the dog), Caroline, Dina and Jaq. Can’t think of more right now.

        He seems to dislike Alexis (duh), Danielle (he always seemed to rip her w/out her knowing it), Kelly, Cat and even Jill a bit.

        • Adgirl says:

          He like flamboyant + success +humor. but he will take flamboyant + humor. LOL.

          • JerzGal says:

            True…I forgot his favorite Bethenney! She is all 3. I love when humorless people like Alexis, Vicki and Danielle would come on. It’s as if there is a whole subtext thats going over their heads and Andy just smirks…

            I know he was just a bit disappointed Bin Laden was killed just before the show aired that night! I know he was chomping at the bit to set Willie Geist loose on Alexis. Really, don’t the Navy Seals watch Bravo?

  29. Adgirl says:

    Have you seen the Huggies Blue commercial?
    My diaper is full… when I go #2 I look like #1? LOL.

  30. Lynn From Texas says:

    If the blind item over at gawker.com is true (baby Gorda in reality being Joe Guidice’s baby), Teresa has plenty to be mad at Melissa about. Melissa presents herself as trailer trash, so I wouldn’t doubt it being true. That would explain Joe Guidice’s reluctance in going to the christening and Joe Gorda’s attitude toward Joe Guidice. It would also explain why Teresa did not go see the baby after his birth in the hospital. Remember Teresa’s blind rage when Danielle Staub taunted her about it at the last reunion show?

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I said that the newborn pic they showed of the baby did look like jj on the previous blog. So it wouldn’t be a so far off the mark in MHO. But the dog with fleas will always come home to roost. They are all so f’ed up, who the hell knows who has been sleeping with who. I also noticed how a lot of the women were hanging on joey as he was showing his ass at that dinner. So he maybe he has been dipping his wick as well. They are all totally disgustingand are beneath being trailer trash as far as I am concerned! Just always remember, when you lay with dogs, you will bring home their fleas. melissa, joey, jj, and t are all is this together, and by choice.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        omg- I totally saw all of those women- particularly the one stroking his face(!) and raised my eyebrows!

        What was that all about?

        Honestly, that christening was a gift from the baby Jesus. There were so many interesting little side things going on- I wish I could watch it in slo-mo.

  31. lillybee says:

    And add to the mix, one of Melissa’s sisters telling Joey that she was his real sister.

  32. DiaBLa says:

    This quote was on Tree’s Twitter acct….”Come watch w/ me tonight at Tribecca in Fort Lee, NJ! $75 for VIP, but reg tix just $25 at the door. Benefits breast cancer & food bank. ”
    LOL – does anyone really think any of that money will actually go to a charity? Correct me if I am wrong, it is illegal to say that part of the proceeds will go to charity and then not give any of the proceeds to the food bank, etc? Which Food bank is this for Tree? and how are you going to “benefits breast cancer”? She is so STupid!!!
    I think we should call the police to follow up with her charitable activities……..

  33. Jennifer says:

    My take on it, is the Gorga’s weren’t upset as not being on camera so much as hurt/upset that Theresa went out of her way to avoid them at partys/events just so they wouldn’t be on camera- like so spotlight hogging she couldn’t even talk to them at events for fear they’d steal her limelight….I think Bravo thought gee how can we being back the drama w/out Danielle and some whispered The Gorgas….so I get how Joe and Melissa are pissed that suddenly they’re being taped and now Treman trying to act all nice, it’s fake and I fake…..

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I just don’t get the implication that T thought they would steal the limelight. Joey and Malicious weren’t part of any story line, so why would their faces being flashed on camera distract from any of the other drama.

      Malicious obviously thinks she is so fabulous that just the mere mention of her name is enough to elevate her to stardom.

      • JerzGal says:

        Malicious…I love it. Just read life and style and her and Joe Gorga really are gross people. Can’t wait for their downfall…

  34. Brandoodle says:

    Seems like Teresa has no forehead at all and her sister in law is trying to make up for that with her gargantuan fivehead

  35. Sachels of Gold says:

    Forbes covers Bethenny Frankel! She beat out the likes of JLo on the top 100 list. Take THAT Jill!


  36. rose says:

    Wow this is the first episode I ever have seen of the New Jersey housewives and that was great! I think I am going to have to start watching this season. I thought that I would check it out on DISHOnline.com and now I will definitely set it up on my DVR. I love DISHOnline because I can check out several shows for free and it has such a great picture quality. I can watch shows that I have also wanted to see and never got the chance. They have current and old episodes of so many shows. Check it out yourself. Here is a link if you missed the premiere. http://beta.dishonline.com/shows/24002-the_real_housewives_of_new_jersey/videos/870281-in_the_name_of_the_father That is what is so great about working for DISH Network; I get to learn about all their new products and features that come out ahead of time.

  37. susan says:

    Honestly I think melissa causes a lot of the friction that is between teresa and her brother. She, as most woman are, is very caty towards teresa. I think that on one hand she is doing this because she is defensive of her brother, but on the other hand she is only futher helping put a wedge into a family that SHE married into!

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