I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York / Watch What Happens Live/ Second Posting

Real Housewives of New York    May 18, 2011

Desperation, Luann deLesseps is desperate, she is desperate for air time, desperate to remain relevant and desperate to have a story to air on The Real Housewives of New York.  Why though, is Luann jumping in front of Jill and taking a bullet for her?  Is this a deal they made?  Maybe Lulu stays in Jill’s guest room when she’s in New York and this is her rent. Jill and Luann have a deal, in exchange for room and board (or bored in Luann’s case) she’s going to be the number one mean girl this season to take the heat off of Jill.    

Tonight Luann really stirred the pot, it is irritating that Bravo chose Luann to play hostess of the trip to Morocco, it is already clear that she’s going to try to take over this entire trip and if it is possible she will act even more pompous than she already does.   Luann is apparently the only one of the ladies who had been to Morocco before so she will act superior and bossy, oh wait, she does that in New York too.   I was really looking forward to seeing the New York housewives in Morocco and I just know Luann is going to ruin this trip for me, I can just see it coming. 

Luann starts out by giving Ramona a lecture and telling her that she cheapened her party by having it out with Jill.  Luann doesn’t have any idea what happened, she has no clue what she’s talking about yet she pretends to want everyone to get along but it is Luann who causes most of the drama.  We’ve seen Ramona and Jill get into it for three seasons now and as far as Ramona is concerned, they always get over it.  How many times have we heard Ramona say that she and Jill fight but they’ll always make up and they’ll always be friends.  Unfortunately Jill doesn’t work that way, she has always bashed Ramona behind her back. 

I don’t think anyone believes for one second that Luann gives a damn about Jill Zarin.  Luann simply wants to get in everyone’s face and give them advice and play it all off as if she’s trying to make peace among the group.   What she’s actually doing is just trying to get her face on screen.  Hopefully we’ve seen the last of her boyfriend as his sickening love for Luann makes me sick to my stomach.

Kelly Bensimon is the biggest moron on the face of the earth.  Ok, I know that you all already knew that but she just keeps on proving it.  First of all Kelly, Sonja is NOT selling toaster ovens you idiot!  Freaking out about seeing Sonja’s private parts for a split second just proves that Kelly has really deep seeded serious problems.  Honestly, this is concerning.  Even the brunettes thought Kelly was strange for being so sheltered.  This woman is not a teenager, even though she acts like one.   She was a model, she posed topless for Playboy (many years ago) and she’s telling us she’s never seen another woman’s vagina.  She appeared in a magazine that she’s never opened?   Why is this a big deal?  Kelly’s reaction to that split second was exactly that of a 13 year old kid. 

The big revelation that Kelly told Luann was that a man slapped her once.  This was later referred to as abuse.  I’m confused.  Kelly never said that she was abused, that she lived with or dated a man who beat her.  She literally said that a man slapped her once.  Luann took this to a whole new level.  We know that Kelly was accused of punching a boyfriend, in fact she was arrested for battery.   If Kelly was in an abusive relationship then I can understand why it was a dramatic moment but that isn’t what she said.  One man slapping her across the face is unforgivable and completely wrong but is it an event that causes emotional scars and a lifetime of not trusting men?  Is this a stunt that they came up with to try to explain some of Kelly’s strange behavior?    

Kelly tells the brunettes that she is not going on the trip to Morocco, it was really idiotic for several reasons, first we already know that Kelly does go on the trip.  It was clear to me that Kelly was simply trying to get attention and she wanted everyone to beg her to go on the trip.  I really wish Luann had just said, “ok, you don’t  want to go, that’s fine, we’ll go without you”.   But that wasn’t in the script. 

Luann called Cindy, who didn’t hesitate to leave her business and her twin daughters to travel with women she barely knows and in some cases doesn’t care for.  Luann asked Jill and she asked Bobby if it was ok for her to go?  We all know that was a load of bullshit, Jill doesn’t ask permission to do anything.  I’m sure Bobby was secretly thrilled to get rid of his wife for a week.  Kelly’s response was “I’ll think about it” and her sole reason for hesitating was Ramona Singer?  Why is Kelly so afraid of Ramona?  Kelly beat the hell out of an ex-boyfriend, I think she could take Ramona out if it comes down to it.  When last Ramona and Kelly talked, we watched them clear the air and Ramona even apologized for the “drunk text”.  Kelly’s drama is just ridiculous!  Bravo will force her to go on the trip again and Andy Cohen will deny it at the reunion. 

Sonja calls the blondes and Alex is in but Ramona is worried because Morocco is a third world country and she may not come back….ok Ramona. 

It was interesting to see Sonja getting ready for her photo shoot for me, mainly because her stylist David Evangelista was doing her hair and this was the day that Sonja gave me an interview while David was doing her hair, David even spoke to me on the phone for a few minutes.  Obviously the interview portion was cut out of the scene that they aired but it was fun to watch… Until Kelly arrived, Sonja invited Kelly because she was a model and thought it would be nice to invite her, unfortunately Kelly was a bitch and rather than giving her opinions she kept talking about why the toaster oven wasn’t in the shot and several times mentioned that Sonja is trying to sell toaster ovens, it is a cookbook Kelly…you moron! 

Cindy invites the brunettes to Canyon Ranch and tells us that she invited Jill, Kelly and Luann because they have fun together and all get along well.  She goes on to make fun of Kelly for being embarrassed about saying the word “vagina”.  Cindy says she didn’t invite Ramona, Alex or Sonja simply because she didn’t want to.  I get why she didn’t want to include Sonja and Ramona as she had recently had it out with both of them but why did she exclude Alex McCord?  Simply because Alex has blonde hair?    

Six hours in a van and the brunettes arrive at Canyon Ranch, Cindy has gifts waiting for the ladies as they check in and Jill opens the gift to find a monogramed fluffy robe, Cindy seems happy to see Jill’s reaction and it was finally a nice moment for the brunettes but Luann manages to ruin that too by telling us that it is simply not good manners to open the gift in a hotel lobby.  I wonder if that is in her book, admittedly I didn’t read Luann’s book but we know Jill has it by the bedside in her guest room so Jill should have known that Lulu wouldn’t approve of her opening the gift right there in the hotel lobby.  Luann seems to look for one manners tip per episode as a public service to viewers, I think we should all send Luann a thank you email because without Luann’s tips we’d all be opening gifts in hotel lobbies and sticking our nose into everyone’s business….Oops.  Personally I think that Cindy appreciated Jill opening it and enjoyed watching her excitement over the gift.  Luann has no idea what she’s talking about. 

The brunettes at the Spa go into some bongo drum therapy and as always the classless Jill won’t stop talking long enough for the instructor to speak, you really can’t take this woman anywhere.    They all act like idiots and when they’re each asked to reveal a secret about themselves we learn that Luann wears large ugly jewelry, nothing new there.  Kelly is obsessed with smells.   No comment.  Jill reveals her red hair is fake, she is really mousy brown with a touch of grey.  Another really waste of breath since we all already knew that as well.  Cindy, who is wearing wool fingerless gloves for an unexplained reason, tells us that she’s not as tough as she appears.  Her wardrobe aside I never mistook Cindy as tough but Jill wasn’t satisfied with Cindy’s revelation, Jill wanted Cindy to admit that her teeth were fake, where was Luann with her etiquette lesson for that one?  Jill doesn’t get to decide what Cindy reveals, no one forced Jill to reveal that she’s the ultimate bitch. 

This episode ends as Jill Zarin hosts a fundraiser.  The fundraiser was $200 per person and according to Jill was an “Anti-bullying” fundraiser.  There was no specific charity mentioned and no explanation as to where the money was going and what exactly the fundraiser was supporting.  Did this benefit the Zarin Family Trust? 

More Ramona Pinot confusion as Jill tells us that she asked Ramona to bring a case of her wine to be auctioned off but Ramona thought it was to be served at the fundraiser.  If there was an auction at the fundraiser, we didn’t see one but Ramona was sure that the wine got opened and served.  Alex arrived early to help Jill along with Jill’s daughter Ally to prepare the gift bags, unfortunately guests all received a CD of Luann’s song but they can always use it as a Frisbee so all is not lost. 

Bravo has more fun with editing as Ramona arrives and appears to say “Hi” to Jill several times as Jill ignores her and continues to smile for the camera.  Jill and Ramona agree to talk on the trip to Morocco to clear the air, previews show us that doesn’t go well, more on that next week. 

Luann is sure to spank Ramona some more for not calling Jill to get together but more importantly Luann had to get on camera attacking Ramona about the designer issue.  Apparently Ramona has a favorite designer and has asked that he dress her exclusively for the show.  I can see why Ramona would want to keep her favorite designer to herself, there are plenty of designers out there that are anxious to provide the housewives with clothes to wear on the show, Lulu needs to find her own. 

Ramona explained that Luann always used Ungaro in the past and hinted that maybe Luann blew that connection somehow.  If Luann is subscribing to the Jill Zarin school of not returning clothing that is borrowed or buying something, wearing it and then returning it, that would explain the problem.  I was actually pretty impressed that this designer who works with Ramona would refuse to provide Lulu with clothing just because Ramona asked them to keep it exclusive.  Someone said No to the Countess?  Yeah!

I was also impressed that Alex told Luann to her face that she brought the negativity to Jill’s fundraiser, it was absolutely true.  Luann just wouldn’t let up, she refused to let things rest and insisted on lecturing Ramona.  More air time for Luann. 

Finally we learn who the Thug In A Cocktail Dress is, Luann, very fitting!  Luann just insists on getting involved in things that simply don’t concern her. 

Completely oblivious to all that is going on around her, Kelly announces out of nowhere that she’s decided that she will go on the trip to Morocco.  Suddenly Kelly decides that no one will stop her from seeing Morocco.  Very anti-climactic Kelly, no one gives a damn.

The evening ends as Jill’s stepdaughter makes a speech, she explains how her birthmark on her face caused kids at school to make fun of her.  The camera moves over to Ramona who appears to be pouring wine as she talks.  I don’t trust Bravo anymore, I would bet anything that Ramona wasn’t pouring that wine during the speech, it could have been edited in that way.   Jill’s stepdaughter explains that kids would tell her that they would be her friend if you didn’t have a birthmark she went on to ssay that she remembers going to bed and hoping she didn’t wake up.  I think everyone was touched by that moment.  Later Ramona says to Jill that because of her inner confidence,  you didn’t notice her face is deformed.  Jill is going to twist it into something sinister and maybe Ramona chose the wrong word, “deformed” but it was clear that Ramona didn’t mean it as anything negative.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jill had a plan for this season and we’ll have to see how it plays out but she is clearly painting Ramona as an alcoholic and herself as the victim of Ramona tongue lashings, Jill has recruited Luann as she did last season to attack Bethenny.  Kelly does whatever Jill tells her to do, we watched Jill whispering instructions to Kelly at last season’s reunion.   I wouldn’t be surprised if Jill told Kelly to announce that she was once slapped in the face to get sympathy.  Why hadn’t Kelly mentioned this before?  Even while she was being accused of beating up her boyfriend, still Kelly didn’t reveal anything about a man ever touching her. 

Previews show us that the next three weeks will be the trip to Morocco, can’t wait! 

Watch What Happens Live with Gail King

Who knew that Gail King watched Bravo and the Real Housewives?  Clearly she does but she told us that Oprah doesn’t.  Is it just me or is Gail looking more like Oprah every time I see her.  They say husbands and wives begin to look like each other after many years together….just sayin….

As the opening music played we could hear Gail King say, “what are we going to talk about?”  Oops…

Gail was fully prepared to talk about the Housewives and discuss the show with great insight, she’s not fake or phony, she really does know the show.   Gail found it odd as we all did that as Kelly revealed to Luann that she had been slapped in the face once by a man the two ding bats in the back seat seemed to ignore the whole situation.  Even if they had not heard Kelly’s revelation, wouldn’t they question why the two ladies were crying and hugging the way that they were?  Isn’t it in Jill’s DNA to ask, “what’s going on?”

Thank you Gail for having the guts to admit what we all were thinking, Luann definitely stirred the pot and was causing problems tonight.   This is Luann’s “thing”, it is what she does, it is who she is. 

Gail did agree that Oprah would never deny a designer to provide clothing for another, as Gail added, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Ramona should be flattered that LuLu wants to dress like her.  Let’s face it between the one shoulder numbers and the big ugly jewelry, Luann needs all the help she can get.

Tonight’s poll question, whose side are you on the Blondes or the Brunettes?  We had a tough time getting an answer from Gail but I think in the end she agreed with the final viewer results and chose the Blondes.  They took 52% of the vote, close but the clear winner is Alex, Sonja and Ramona.  Jill is fooling some people but not all of them.

Gail is fascinated and appalled at the same time.  I know how you feel Ms. Gail! 

Andy continues to be obsessed, here’s his list for tonight…

  1.  Jill wanted to do something to end bullying, and at the event to raise money to end bullying, there was a whole lot of bullying going on, particularly from her bestie Luann. 
  2. Obviously Andy had to mention Sonja’s lack of panties during her photo shoot and her flashing her vagina, he really had nothing to add, he just wanted to mention it.
  3. Finally Andy shared with us an old photograph of Gail and Oprah before they had stylists and then superimposed himself into the photo. 

Andy asked Gail what she thought of the former California Governor Arnold Schwartznager news.  As she mentioned the story broke when Maria came to do the taping with Oprah at the United Center in Chicago.  There was apparently some speculation that Maria wouldn’t show up but she sure did show up and she made an amazing speech about Oprah.  Gail talked a little about Oprah’s show at the United Center, I was hoping to hear more backstage news.  Gail said that Steadman will be her guest after the final Oprah airs.  An interview that would be a big deal for anyone else is most likely just another day for Gail with her bestie and her boyfriend.  I was surprised to hear Gail’s favorite moment was  Dakota Fanning.  I honestly thought that was a bit contrived and scripted.  I adore Oprah and she has definitely changed many people’s lives but this seemed a bit over the top to me, you can decide for yourselves when you see it on her show next week.    

Andy played a short scene from Gail’s talk show with  Nick Cannon as her guest, he told us that his wife, Mariah Carey insisted on her songs being played as she gave birth, Andy found that amusing. 

Gail also agreed that Luann was over the top and WRONG about her idiotic mention of Jill opening her gift in the hotel lobby.   Absolutely not even worth mentioning.  Gail said she didn’t think it was a bad offense either.

My favorite part of the interview had to be when Gail was asked if Luann was a trouble maker and she looked directly at the camera and said – YES!  I do! 

Tonight’s Game time was a good one for Oprah fans, Andy asked Gail about different things and Gail was to reveal if Oprah would or wouldn’t be a part of that:

Would Oprah:

Pump her own gas – no

Enjoy an adult film – no

Chow on a Big Mac – yes (stipulated a good burger, not necessarily a Big Mac)

Pop a zit for you? (her best friend) Gail replied, Yes but wouldn’t ask her to

Swear like a sailor – yes  

Be Hungover – yes  Oprah enjoys tequila now and then

Chew gum – no  doesn’t like gum chewing at all

Stand in line at the DMV – yes

Watch Reality tv – no

Get Waxed – yes

Gail talked about Oprah’s final show to be taped in complete secrecy at Harpo Studios, Andy tried to get information on the final guest and Gail only told viewers that the final details are still being discussed.  Rumor has it that John Travolta will be one of the final guests but as Gail noted, does she really need a final guest? 

Gail talked a bit about the Real Housewives of New York, she told us of her meeting with Kelly in the Hamptons and told her to just be herself, Gail said that she thought some of these women were playing to the camera and it isn’t pretty.   I thought that was excellent since it is always Kelly who is accusing the others of playing to the camera and Gail told Kelly to stop doing that. 

Kelly is so contradictory, she will tell us that this is her, raw and real then she will tell us that she’s making good television and she will imply that it isn’t real, it is just about creating drama for television.  I think this is what Ms. Gail was trying to get across to Kelly, not even Oprah’s best friend can fix Kelly Bensimon.  We applaud you for trying though Gail.  

This Sunday  Gretchen will sing and the host of the new Bravo show, former American Idol judge Kara Deguardia will be Andy’s guests

On a special WWHL on Monday  from The Real Housewives of New Jersey –  Teresa and Jacqueline  (I hope Andy gets combat pay for this one)

Finally on Thursday Ramona will be a guest on Watch What Happens Live.

Until Next Time…

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128 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York / Watch What Happens Live/ Second Posting

  1. kotagirl29 says:

    Yeah! More room. Thanks Lynn!

  2. lillybee says:

    For all the bitching about Ramona that Lulu did at Jill’s party, she had a glass of wine in her hand in quite a few scenes. Things that make one go hummmm.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Great recap! Gayle was far more down-to-earth and enjoyable than I thought she’d be, and I loved that she shared so many of the sentiments of the fans of this blog – especially her views on Luann’s machinations. My level of disgust at the Countess’s behavior hasn’t subsided since last night. Like a lot of others, I am not sure how much more of the Jill/Luann roadshow my poor stomach can take. Mostly I hate that they ruined this once fun show.

    • MsJxn says:

      I sooo much agree,..I know I am a new name to this site,..but please Know this,..I am not an alias of JZ!! I have so much to say,..like I love the way,..classy way might I add,..that B,..flipped her the bird,..Laverne and Shirley,…and then B makes it there,..and she and Jason do the shimmille,…shamozzile,….LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Adgirl says:

    The scene in the van … it it so obvious none of these women care a crap about each other. Jill & LuAnn only care about Kelly’s ability to imagine slights by Ramona so they can pile on. They like name dropping Kelly too, but I don’ imagine LuAnn or Jill have benefited from Kelly’s tenous social connections.
    Cindy is welcome as an extra pair of guns to aim at Ramona. That’s it.
    There is zero “caring” between them.

    • error404 says:

      I know. Is there really anyone fooled into thinking this coven, this axis of evil forged out of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” strategy has even any remote true feelings of comradery? It was so stilted and staged and they were all so desperate to tell us over and over again how much fun they were having. pffft.

      • MAMAZ says:

        So what are they trying to accomplish? They are already getting a Bravo paycheck. They have their reality show fame. And they keep telling us what fabulous lives they have. What is the advantage of destroying Bethenny, Ramona or Alex?

        • Malinia says:

          I think it’s more “anyone but ME!”

          Jill needed a target and it was obvious that Alex had built up a lot of fan followers, so she decided to target Ramona.

          She’s a bitter bitch, and also wanted to get even for Ramona throwing her out without offering her a terlit or a glass uh watah.

          It was funny watching Jill flip out over a freebee, (the robe) so soon after she handed out $.99 useless Koala bears that anyone can buy at a 7-11 store in Cleveland.

          • Kristy says:

            hehe, seriously what was she thinking with the koala bears??? it was so ridiculous when Luann pulled it out to give to ramona at lunch, as if “here she bought you this, you should feel so ashamed about trying to call her on anything,” how much guilt is one supposed to pack into a 1/2″ toy?

        • error404 says:

          tale as old as time. It’s easier to take something away from someone else than it is to earn it for yourself. Destroy B’s new show, ruin Ramoner’s new wine business, sabatage Sonja’s cookbook before it even hits the presses, get Alex fired form her modeling job…. “Susan Saunders” didn’t just leave Jill a glowing review. No, she also left really poor reviews on B and Alex’s books.
          Jill’s blog was very telling in that she opened it up with a lot of lame excuses on why her girdle business was going nowhere fast… who does that unless they are preping their fans for a sure failure to come.

          • Maryla says:

            This may have been discussed previously, but was it ever determined if Jill was the reason Simon lost his hotel job? Didn’t she say something about Alex being “spread eagle” in the hotel for some photo shoot and then simon got canned? She knows no bounds.

      • error404 says:

        I’m just weird I guess, because once Kiki was kicked off the show for being a violent psycho, the four women seemed to really be having a good time together in St John. Nothing, absolutely nothing about Canyon Ranch looked fun, and really, how could anyone have fun with these four sour pusses who each have a pure gift for sucking the joy out of even the simplest task.

        • Malinia says:

          Or in Morocco with Jill, Lulu, and Kelly counting every drink and criticizing any merry making?

          It would be like traveling with nuns, who carried big rulers to smack you with, and frowned at levity.

          whisper/whisper/whisper gossip/gossip/gossip judge/judge/judge

          All while pretending their HooHaws didn’t land them in the money by selling them to the richest old guy they could land.

        • nathania says:

          honestly I hadn’t even thought of that aspect of it, how when they get together their eyes probably bleed from boredom because none of the three sane ones really like them and Kelly is probably running around trying to catch imaginary butterflies the whole time. I never thought about how little fun they must have together.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I agreeE4.

      • Smompy says:

        At one point I almost felt sorry for them. Almost. This was during the drum circle scene at the spa. Obviously that was supposed to be a cute, funny scene with the brunette girls all being silly – and it’s clearly part of Bravo’s agenda this season to try and make these monstrous bitches somewhat likable to their TV audience again – but instead it was just as annoying to watch as every other scene containing these hags. If I live for a thousand years, I will never again be able to look at Jill, Kelly or LuAnn as innocent or fun. They have proven time and time again that they are filled with nothing but double-strength, concentrated EVIL.
        And that’s that:)

        • MAMAZ says:

          I get what you are saying but wouldn’t they all want the show to succeed? Isn’t it in their own best interest to play as a team? Some dramatic tension is obviously necessary but the show is starting to implode.

          • housewifeaddict says:

            But they have to bring drama to make the show work – – – it’s not like real life.

            Besides – Jill is very polarizing – even in the first season – you are either with her or against her – there is no middle ground.

            • MsJxn says:

              Just my 2cent’s but, why did Jhairball,…can’t cough up the name,…become brunette,..where is her “Team Jill” t-shirt,..if not to start these asinine “teams”!! no wonder “she was never popular in school”!!!!! ,..hey,..News flash,….you have to be likeable,…you are not!!!!! Twirl your 13 year old hair (extensions) Kelly,…must have been pretending it was that long, but you are not that old,…ridiculous,…acting young does not make you look young,…..what worked in Highschool,..doesn’t work at ,…..well,..over 40 looks seriously stupid!!

            • L.A. Chica says:

              I’ve been watching RHONY since the first season and was initially drawn to watching how these women were getting to know each other and forming their relationships (not alliances, but relationships – big difference). I was curious to see their lifestyles and the kinds of activities they involved themselves in.

              This “drama” that Bravo thinks is necessary to make the show interesting is BS. It’s a complete turn-off, and while rubbernecking is a natural human response it’s not lasting. Bravo’s answer is to create more rubbernecking situations, but all it does is create viewer fatigue and outright disgust.

              The best scenes from this show — indeed the most satisfying — have been when we get to watch the women enjoy each others’ company, as they did on Scary Island after Kelly was escorted off and before Jill arrived. One of my personal favorites was when Ramona and Simon danced together at the end of season 3 (or was it 2?).

              RHONY is no longer fun to watch because it’s not fun to watch people who despise each other be forced into situations together. It’s fake, and it’s painful.

              That’s my 2¢, anyway.

        • nathania says:

          “it’s clearly part of Bravo’s agenda this season to try and make these monstrous bitches somewhat likable to their TV audience again”

          best synopsis of this season I have seen.

          and one has to ask, why Bravo, why on EARTH???

          why can’t you face the fact that no one can stand them, dump them, and let the three blondes live in peace.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            ive pretty much stopped watching both NJ and NY
            ill most likely go back for a marathon of hate
            because really that is all i do now when i watch them is hate most of the people on them
            of course i could never Hate Alex & Ramona or even Sonja even though the march lie came close to making me hate her

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Jill should have told Lu that her confession be “I’m not really a countess.”

  5. Malinia says:

    Anyone watching Game of Thrones?

    • MAMAZ says:

      I am. I never read the books, did you?

      • Malinia says:

        Yes, read them all in a row after I heard GoT was going to be on HBO.

        I think the TV show will actually be better than the rambling books, but then reading the rambling books could be fun in order to fill in the blanks or interesting side stories.

        He still has 3 books to go though, and who knows if he will even finish them before he croaks, and he has a will directing that NO ONE ELSE finish them if he dies. Jerk.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I am enjoying it but I do sometimes get confused. I think I’ll order the first one for my Kindle.

          • Malinia says:

            Well, it’s spoilerish, but if you have questions there is a Westeros Wiki that is fab.

            You can put almost anything into the wiki and find out who is who, but stop reading when it gets to the future parts if you want to.


            • JKW says:

              I never read the books but I do enjoy the series. The one recapper on TV gasm does a great job on Game of Thrones. She has read all the books so explains things more but never gives any spoilers. I pick up alot more after reading her recaps. All the charachters are confusing and her recaps help me keep them straight.

          • JKW says:

            Try reading the recaps at TVgasm. The recapper has read all the books. She explains more of the plot and charachters without giving any spoilers. It helps me to keep everyone straight by reading her recaps.

    • Adgirl says:

      HAha. Is this a potty room game?

      Kidding. I’m going to watch when it make it onto netflix.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      LOVE IT
      never read the books
      but love love love Peter Dinkage hope i got his last name right
      and i love the “Bastard Son”
      my two fave characters so far

  6. Adgirl says:

    Jill has been stupid here – allowing LuAnn’s rise from side-kick to her self declared position of Imperial Empress of Decorum and Rank.
    In the long run this is at Jill’s expense. LuAnn is upsurping Jill’s leadership role. Jill is damaged goods right now and LuAnn is making her move.

    I think LuAnn has planned this. She has really been a nonentity all along. This is her last chance to “be somebody” before the show ends.

    • Malinia says:

      Funny, I think Jill is tainting Lulu’s previous too boring to care about but kind of fun rep.

      Now she is just a nagging harpy divorcee reliving her glory days as “wife” to a very old philanderer.

      • Malinia says:

        Oh, and doing Jill’s dirty work.

        She is such a fool, and being used by Jill, as is Kelly. Cindy too, drinking the Jillade.

    • cabbie413 says:

      “She lost her husband and grew a penis” .. Bethenny said this in season 3 and it’s so true.

      Lu acts like she’s Jill’s lover – I don’t understand her fervent need to defend/protect Jill who is perpetually in the wrong.

      • nathania says:

        this is what people do to kiss the @ss of someone whom they feel has power, be a sycophant (sp?)

        it’s the same thing Taylor Armstrong did with Kyle Richards last summer, slay their dragons for them in hopes they will be seen as loyal. Of course if either lou ann or taylor turned out to like girls it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

        • Kristy says:

          how incredibly weird was it that kelly wrote loyal about herself??? there all going around trying to figure out who wrote it and it was the name in question… weird just weird and jill tries to save it by saying oh i forgot to write mine, no that was never part of it just stop.

          seriously stop trying to make kelly into a sane person or victim of bullying on scary island, or a survivor of domestic abuse, to be clear Luann she said “i have been slapped by a man,” while still wrong and terrible doesn’t really qualify as abuse especially when just a few yrs ago she was arrested to PUNCHING her then boyfriend in the face.

          longer response then i intended but seriously stop

  7. rabblerouser says:

    I thought I posted this on the other blog but I don’t see it, in any event since we have moved over to here I will say it again, I think that both sonjia and alex mentioni ng this blog is their subtle way of f-ing with jill zarin, because we all know that this place is her source od discontent. I love it

    • housewifeaddict says:

      wow – where did they mention it?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        They didn’t mention it by name but Alex commented about a blog that she reads and referenced a lot of our opinions- and Sonja made a lot of references to Quincy’s blog and Errors posts. It was a very nudge nudge, wink, wink sort of thing.

        • kotagirl29 says:

          Well we know that Alex and Simon read it since Simon posted here on Mother’s Day.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            thats awesome
            I invited Ramona to come but she never replied but i hope she does read it and realizes not everyone is drinking the kool aid and we mostly all here still love her to pieces

            i for one hate what they are trying to do to her and Bravos seems to be condoning it

        • nathania says:

          good catch, I didn’t think about that. Jill won’t miss that and it will drive her nuts.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I know- I bet stem is coming out of her ears. Until Bawby buys the internet…there is nothing she can do.

  8. MAMAZ says:

    I need a nice graduation gift for the daughter of a friend. I don’t like to give cash. I plan on spending $200 – $300. Any suggestions?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      What is graduating from H.S. or college.

      If she is graduating from H.S. and is planning on going to college maybe you can get her a gift card for the book store there which will cut down on her expenses.

      If she is graduating from college maybe a gift card from H&M so she can get some work type outfits. Or maybe you can find out what her favorite hair salon is and get her a GC for there so she can get a new hair do-color-style?

    • Elo says:

      That’s a lot of money to spend on something she may not even enjoy. Ask your friend if she’ll like it before purchasing just to make sure. Money isn’t so bad though. I got money from practically everyone when I graduated and I thought it was perfect. I saved it, and then used it for a trip. Much better than if someone had bought me a piece of jewelry that might not have been my personal style.

    • lillybee says:

      A nice briefcase, especially if she is going into business.

    • Adgirl says:

      This might be too similar to cash for you, but I give my kids and others in the 18-30 age groups a gift cards to the grocery store, Costco, gas station or drugstore (like CVS). Buying decent food or having perscriptions filled is so expensive. If they commute I buy bus passes.
      I know most young people really stress over their bills.

      It’s not a lasting gift like something you’d wrap and everyone will remember forever, so it’s not always the right thing.

  9. Malinia says:

    If you don’t know her well enough to know what she would like, or even if you do? Graduation is the one time that cash is a nice “gift.” You can always put it in a nice wallet, or pretty container of some kind, carved wood keepsake box or “wish box” or any number of things. Her gemstone earrings might also be nice. If she has hobbies, something to do with those. Something from her field of interest in school, if applicable?

    Meanwhile, Danielle blogged the premier of NJ.
    Yes, really.

    • Malinia says:

      Someone please look at picture 13 and read what Danielle is implying.

      Who are those two? Is this one of his strippers, or a baby momma, or what?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Oh, I know her very well. She’s more like a niece. She’s graduating from HS. She has been working for a couple of years and her parents have a very nice income. She doesn’t really need money. She’s the first of my friends children to graduate so I wasn’t sure if there were certain must have gifts for this occasion. I wanted something special. She’s an exceptional young woman.

      • Smompy says:

        Wait, did Danielle write this herself, or are all the comments written by Hannah Rose Siegel, writing as if she were Danielle? ‘Cause after reading the whole thing, I’m still confused.

      • Malinia says:

        Then I would go with something she is interested in or loves to do. If she is planning on getting her first place, or going off to college, you could get her something for that as well.

        If she doesn’t need money, a gold locket with photos of mom and dad might be really nice. Sentimental, but still GOLD. Ha.
        Hobbies are also a great place to start when thinking of gifts.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I like the idea of a locket. She is very close to her parents. I know she will miss them since she is going to college out of state.

          • Malinia says:

            Oh heck! If she’s going out of state to college you also have the whole dorm room goodie thing to choose from!

            But yeah, a locket is always nice, and there are SO many really lovely ones out there. Frankly, if you have a nice TJ Maxx locally, I would check there first. They often have some amazing things for quite a bit less money.

            I gave a locket to my God Daughter when she graduated. The day she graduated from college, another relative sent her a diamond necklace and her dad wanted her to wear it. She quietly held up the locket and opened it. Her dad smiled, backed down, and said, “You are right, that is better. You can wear this one another time.”

            It had a picture of her mom (my best friend) and one of her dad inside. Her mom died when she was 9.

            So, no matter what? Lockets can always hold memories and be comforting, and if she’s going to be away from mom and dad? Perfect!

            • Malinia says:

              Be sure to buy a new chain! The ones they come with are much too flimsy normally, and easily broken.

              Or just buy them separately, since the chains many come with are kind of useless. Even a beautiful silver locket is nice. Gold prices are so nuts right now.

      • Adgirl says:

        Mamaz! I just love your feelings toward this young woman! My kids are always in a place of struggling so I try to relieve their pressure a bit.

      • Butters'Mom says:

        I just got my niece her first coach purse for hs grad

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        if your planning on spending that much ,perhaps a tablet
        they are all the rage she can use it for just about anything ad they go for around 300

      • Debbie says:

        “Oh, I know her very well. She’s more like a niece”

        Reading your first 2 sentences I thought you were replying to Melinia’s question about what Danielle was implying about the girl Juicy was hugging in the photo.
        Then i realized you were talking about the graduate. So disappointing. i thought we were going to get some inside info. Lmao.

      • ImaJillHater2 says:

        I like to give a nice pen or pen/pencil set for graduation. Something like Cross or Tiffany.

        For a high school grad I’d go Tiffany b/c she’d probably get a kick out of it. For college, I’d go w/ a fancy Cross pen t/b used in her new career.

  10. Sam says:

    Under the previous comments section, someone implied that I posted a link to an article just to give someone a virus, and another all but accused me of being Jill, which really upset me. But I still want to share certain parts of the article, so here they are. (And if anyone else calls me a Jill-bot, I won’t participate in any discussions here again. Really, what an insult!)

    Anyway, the article was a Q&A in “The Wrap” magazine, “A Reality Show Therapist Grilled” by Frank Feldinger, with a psychologist who specializes in treating reality-show contestants after the show is over, Dr. Jamie Huysman. Huysman’s comments about people on reality shows include:

    “Each show will try to outdo the other by ratcheting up the stakes; a lot of what’s called ‘good television’ is conflict, good guy versus bad guy. The only difference between so-called reality shows and dramatic shows is that they get real people to play the roles. It’s one thing if you’re portrayed as the good guy, but what if producers decide you’re to play the villain?”

    “I think people who want to get on reality shows are mentally challenged. At best, they don’t know how television works, how they will be manipulated to play the roles of hero and villain and how they will be edited out of context to fill the roles producers pick for them. You may think you’re the smart, sexy one, only to see yourself portrayed as a calculating bitch when the show airs.”

    “Being on TV helps give damaged people the illusion that they matter, that they’re noticed: ‘Hey! I’m on TV so I must be important. People want to hear what I have to say.’ So people will tell the camera what they’d never tell a friend or family member or clergyman. That camera lens is seductive, people will reveal instantly what it would have taken a year of treatment to tell a therapist. Appearing on TV is a validation that you matter, that you matter, that you’re being noticed. It’s like shooting up a fix of self-esteem. Problem is, just like shooting heroin, the ‘fix’ doesn’t fix anything. When the red light on the camera goes off, you’re left with yourself and all your problems still intact.”

    Huysman also says that people typically don’t understand, before going on a reality show, just how much editing is involved, or that the editing will be done not only to shorten running times but to shape the ‘characters’ being portrayed onscreen.

    I hope from all this you can see why I thought the article was relevant to the discussions here, and why I posted the link.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I didn’t accuse you of being Jill.

      I said JILL JAMMED- it is reference to following a link that leads you back to Jill Zarin’s site kind of like being Rick Rolled. In this case you posted a malicious link- be it you intended to or not….you did. That’s why I and many others here don’t click on suspicious links.

      • Malinia says:

        It’s also possible that her virus program didn’t catch it.

        Sam, you might want to run a full scan of your computer, and possibly download the free SuperAntiSpyWare (be sure it’s the legit one!) and run a scan there too. Just in case your computer DID pick up a bug!

        I already read that article somewhere, (not sure if it was at the link you posted or not) so I didn’t click on it. You are right, it’s a good article.

        • Sam says:

          Thanks, Malinia! I’ll have my computer-savvy son check my computer for viruses tomorrow, just in case my system has something nasty lurking in it!

      • Sam says:

        Oh, I’m so glad you weren’t calling me Jill! Like I said, I can’t think of a worse insult.

        And what’s weird is that it wasn’t a malicious link when I typed it. I typed the site address as it appeared, but when this site converted it into a link those extra words and numbers were tacked on. Since I have no clue how virus works, I never thought to check to see that the address posted correctly.

        But again — thanks for not accusing me of being someone I’m not!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Cool- 🙂
          I never thought you were Jill, but I did think the OP in that post was talking about “Samantha” aka “Question for Lynn” when they said they got a virus. That person posted a link before that I was afraid to click on.

          I think I do vaguely remember you posting about having a son who was an actor.

          • Sam says:

            No problem, Rabble Rouser. I completely understand, and I’m glad we’ve cleared up our misunderstanding.

            I’m also glad you remember me now! I was feeling pretty bad about not having made any impression here. (I know I don’t post much, but I still wanted my posts to count!)

    • Adgirl says:

      Hi Sam, I go to that site often and have frequently had viral attacks to my computer. I’m sorry that someone said you were Jill. That is just wrong.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Please back and look at the post AD, I said Jill Jammed. Not to mention, I thought the “Sam” the OP was referring to was “Samantha”.

        • Sam says:

          No, I’ve always posted as “Sam” and always will, but I can understand your confusion.

      • Sam says:

        Thanks, Adgirl! I’m sorry to hear you had problems with that site too — but glad to know I’m not alone! (Because as they say, misery loves company!)

        And I guess I wasn’t called Jill after all; I just thought I was, because I didn’t know what “Jill jammed” meant. (I figured it was a term that meant something like, “Jammed together with Jill,” or “co-opted by Jill.”)

  11. housewifeaddict says:

    Lynn mentioned in her blog that Sonja was on the phone doing an interview with Lynn when she was getting her hair done. Up to now the target has been Ramoner – and everyone has been pretty okay with Sonja (except for Chiclet).

    So …. wait for it ….. I predict the target will be Sonja soon –

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Sonja is already starting to go under the brunette banshees’ microscope – her recent behavior is “off” and is being attributed to her hanging with Ramona. How you jump from Ramona’s pinot to Sonja’s lack of panties is lost on me.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I’m sort of shocked how transparent their attempts at setting up Ramona are. They can’t be more stupid than last year – so the producers must be showing more of it – or trying to make it more obvious.

        I wonder what Cindy actually thinks – now – that she’s over being pissed at Ramona and realizing how horrid Jill, Kelly, and LuLu really are.

    • I posted a link to this article when it first came out. I suspected that Jill may have leaked this story. It’s dated 10/21/2010.

      EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewife of New York Recovers From Drunk Driving Arrest With Booze-Filled Night!

      It didn’t take Sonja Morgan too long to get back in a party mood after an arrest on drunk driving charges.

      The Real Housewives of New York star attended cast mate Romona Singer’s party to launch her own wine brand Wednesday, and then continued to drink after leaving and hitting another event, until it was time to wobble home, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

      Morgan got popped on drunk driving charges in June when she failed a field sobriety test in Southampton, New York. (See her mug shot here.) But that arrest hasn’t hampered her taste for partying, as eyewitnesses discovered Wednesday night.

      First Morgan downed some wine at Singer’s party. In nearly every episode of the show Romona can be seen sipping her Pino Grigio and the Bravo reality star was sharing the launch of her new wine at Serefina Restaurant while filming the fourth season of Real Housewives of New York.

      Sonja slipped out early and went up the street to party at neighboring club, Lavo.

      “Sonja was walking around at Lavo saying she got drunk from Romona’s cheap wine,” said a club goer. “But she continued to drink.”

      The source told RadarOnline.com that Sonya was clearly feeling the effects of the alcohol by the end of the night and leaned on two men for some support when she left.

      Morgan, 46, made it home without a police escort.

      When contacted by RadarOnline.com, Bravo declined to comment.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Wow – a couple of cheap shots in there.

        Let’s see – they quoted Sonja as calling Ramona’s wine cheap and mentioned that Ramona is sipping wine in nearly every episode of Season 4. The source must be Jill or Lulu. grrrrr.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        again look at the source Radar is not known for telling the truth ever

  12. baggedemotions says:

    Really interesting blog! Check out mines and let me know what you think 🙂

  13. linda2148 says:

    I just have this really bad feeling that the brunettes are going to make their own “Scary Island” and make it seem like Ramona, Sonja or Alex are in “Kellyland”. I think their goal is to make one of the blondes crack-up. Creepy!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      They are just such bad actresses that I’m not too worried. Didn’t Kelly tweet something about it being hard to film with Alex and Ramoner because they aren’t ‘real’ which in Kelly speak probably means they don’t play along with PR 101 and in kellyland where opposites are true – they are probably the only two that are actually trying to be real. Sonja I am beginning to like again – but as Q pointed out she is really putting on a strange skit for us. The others have their secret scrip to make themselves empresses of new york – and the way to the top is to stomp down the riffraff.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        ITA – Kelly would find it difficult to “act” with anyone who was not using her script. Ramona and Alex are real in their interactions with the other wives and therefore Kelly can’t work with them. And yes, mission crack up a blonde will be the order of the day on the Moroccan Melee.

      • linda2148 says:

        What you are saying is all true, and I hope you are right but in the previews Alex is shown very distressed and Kelly (of all people) is telling her to calm herself. And then we have the scene where Ramona is sobbing uncontrollably.. It makes me uneasy because JZ and Lulu are really conniving!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          The previews make it look like they the dark hairs all dropped something into the golden hairs drinks. It’s really has this foreboding effect.

    • nathania says:

      from the preview clips I’d say its’ more than just their agenda, it’s the agenda of the producers as well. The whole thing reads as retribution. I mean, instead of giving us a semi-authentic season, we have the canned trip to the spa for the brunettes, the canned anti-bullying thing, the canned abuse thing in the car with Kelly, the canned speed dating thing with lou ann and Jacques…’

      you know honestly I have to step back a bit and realize how much camera time Luann is getting this season. She’s getting her mug in just about every scene this season. It’s really freaking annoying, and it’s no wonder her true colors are showing.

      But the whole season is canned an inauthentic because Bravo producers seem hell bent on making Kelly appear sane and the browns appear moral. And viewers know neither of those things are true.

  14. boston02127 says:

    @MAMAZ–When I graduated from HS, I got a white gold thin bracelet from my grandparents: On the outside it reads: “Life is a Journey ~ Not a Destination” .
    The secret message inside reads “~Enjoy the Moments~”.

  15. Cusi77 says:

    from JZ blog in BRAVO:

    “I was so overwhelmed after her speech. When Ramona came over to me and said “you didn’t notice her face is deformed,” I didn’t know what to say.”

    You knew she was going to take it out of context! You know the nature of the beast!

    OT- Thanks from my heart to all for your good wishes. It warms my heart. I read your comments. Thanks. My brother in law’s specialty is in hands surgery. I will be well, sourounded by my loving family. Gracias mil!

  16. housewifeaddict says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted – but article on the twitter / facebook war between Ramona and Jill. Nothing really new but this interesting nugget: darren is no longer her assistant – he’s now her manager.


    • quincyil says:

      It’s bad when you have to save email to prove you were asked to donate wine.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        It is- but then again they are dealing with a woman who saved phone messages for 6 months and edited them for dramatic effect.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Jill needs to get her story straight. Is she mad because Ramona brought the case of Pinot (which clearly she was asked to do), or is she mad because Ramona expected guests to drink the Pinot instead of it being stuck in the kitchen?

          If the Pinot was meant for the auction – why wasn’t it put on the auction table??

          And seriously – why would Ramona bring an entire case unless she expected it to be used somehow in the event – and you could predict she’s want her Pinot. It’s almost as if Jill wanted to ‘bait’ her into asking for Pinot when only martinis were available – and then accuse her of making a stink.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            If they didn’t have other wine to serve, then why would the cater have brought any wine glasses at all? Or why wouldn’t they have open a few bottles and put the rest at the auction table…or as Ramona pointed out, why wouldn’t they have asked for any of the other items she shills for the table or the gift bags.

            Jill just says things then expects people just to believe it. That’s why she gets all huffy when she is asked details. Her mind can’t work fast enough to keep up with all her lies.

            • housewifeaddict says:

              The email she posted did ask for things for the gift bags. My guess is there was confusion all around between the assistants and then with Jill and Ramona in the big fight. That happens. What is crappy is Jill making it seem like a bad thing that Ramona donated her wine. She should have said thank you, asked the caterers to put it out or had Darren put it on the silent auction table, and gotten over herself.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                You are right, they did mention items for the gift bag but not the auction table.

    • error404 says:

      Oh look, a member of team burnette has a party, invites Ramoner “I can’t go 5 minutes without a pinot in my hand” Singer, and refuses to serve any pinot. Hmm… why am I getting this weird deja vu from this party? It’s almost as if I’ve seen this episode of RHNY before somewhere. But where? Where could I have possibly seen a party on RHNY where a member of team brunette threw a party, refused to serve Ramoner pinot, and then made a huge production out of Ramoner asking for it? Weird right? It must have happened to me in one of those Shirley McClain past life thingys. I mean come’on Ramoner, it’s not like you put your own name to a pinot label and are using the show to help sell it! No, she must be a drunk. Yeah, that’s it.

    • error404 says:

      these things are always funny because it shows you how people really are. Even if it was a simple case of crossed wires, Darren, class act and nice guy he is, chose to totally trash both Ramoner and her assistant in the press. What is the point of saying that she sent a “crazy” email, when all he is really saying is that he couldn’t understand it. Leave it to Jill to have an event that was all screwed up and disorganized (don’t get me started on the Creeky Joints party where she screwed up all of the liquor signage and then raffled off prizes that weren’t even real, like Bensimon’s photos) and then blame it all on someone else… Bethenny, Kelly, Ramona….. it’s not like this is a pattern, like Jill got the birthdate and sex of someone’s baby wrong and then threw her own kid under the bus when caught… oh, wait.

      • Adgirl says:

        OMG you are my favorite poster ever. Marry me. Oh. Wait. I’m married and I think you are too.
        Let’s run away. To the Virgin Islands (haha I don’t think I qualify to set foot there) and let’s rent a yacht and invite our work friends. We can pour the booze freely or withhold it! Let the tantrums and cat piss fall where they may! Are you a model or mannequin, an author or writer, a gossiper or sociologist?
        As long as we record it all on film for the enjoyment of the office Xmas party we will be golden!

        • quincyil says:

          Error404 is a great catch, Adgirl. Congrats on making the first proposal, but there are lines of women on this site standing in line behind you now.


    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks for the article. This is one of the comments from there: she’s a known liar..she lies on camera. Countless times. But what I love is how when Jill gets her big nose out of joint, Kelly (nutjob) and Luann (desperate old hag) rush to her defense like you know, poooor Jill. I think Kelly is so grateful to Jill that she will back her on anything at this point. Truly sad.

  17. WindyCityWondering says:

    Oddly enough, at Jill’s Anti Bullying charity Ramona bashing, we never hear from Ms Systematic Bullying during the event on a topic she was so passionate about last season but we see her jumping up and down gleefully when she reveals she will go to Morocco with her besties. IMO, Bravo is finally letting Kelly’s crazy peek through.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Kelly can’t keep her stories straight from one season to another.

    • error404 says:

      I swear that Kiki just blurted out “I’m going to Morocco!” in a total panicked tone because it was the only way she knew how to end Lulu’s pit-bull attack on Ramoner. I was said like she was yelling “fire!”.

  18. boston02127 says:

    G’nite world.

  19. Adgirl says:

    Canyon Ranch doesn’t serve alcohol – hence the apple champagne. No word about upcoming productions of the Vagina Monocles.

  20. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    i think im glad i stopped watching

  21. HW Addict says:

    KKB is an abomination, she belittles ever woman that has ever truly suffered brutality at the hands of a loved one. It is rather telling, imo, that the statement she “was literally slapped by their hand or an arrest”. I believe that she was speaking of the same person that she pummeled in both instances and he had possibly slapped her in self-defense.

  22. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Just in case anyone missed this rubbish
    Jill Zarin Exclusive Blog Episode 7

    Hi everyone! I have been busy this week working on the new packaging for my Skweez Couture Shapewear, Hosiery and Legging line. I haven’t done this in a while so it was harder than I remember! I can’t wait for you to see it. Please follow me on twitter @skweezcouture and Facebook SKWEEZ COUTURE for updates. Secrets Of A Jewish Mother is now out in paperback and has an added chapter on bullying that my mom, Gloria has many words of advice to share. Autographed copies are available at zarinfabrics.com Jill Zarin bedding is available at bedbathandbeyond.com

    I loved seeing Luann and Sonja have a lunch that wasn’t about bashing anyone, just working together to plan a fabulous trip to Morocco. I had heard so much about it and seeing that I am finally kid free, I was able to leave home for a week with my girlfriends. I know how many children we have among us and how hard it is for everyone to leave their lives, so to say “trip of a lifetime” is an understatement. I rarely leave Bobby for even one night, unless I am visiting my parents. When I asked him if he would mind if I went without him, he didn’t try to control me and make me feel guilty. Hearing Ramona say they don’t respect women in Morocco made me cringe. Morocco is not Iran or Saudi Arabia. Her ignorance is no longer a viable excuse. Wait until you see what happens when we actually get there!


    It was interesting seeing Luann and Ramona have lunch together. They never have lunch together unless there are cameras in the room. I am so grateful that Luann tried to stick up for me. Ramona is a hypocrite. She says “talking behind people’s back” as if she doesn’t? The entire show is about us living our lives and then talking to the camera and sharing our real feelings. Is that gossip or a TV show? Ramona has said horrible things behind my back too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. At least I own it. She admits to putting her foot in her mouth and her opening line says it all, “If people can’t handle the truth, it’s really not my problem.” When Ramona said she didn’t have a problem with anyone I almost threw up. When talking about Cindy she said “I don’t have a problem with her”! No of course you don’t Ramona. You just say and do whatever you want. Then when she doesn’t like the reaction? She attacks. She should realize that her actions cause reactions.

    Ramona has a pattern of doing this to all of us at one time or another. Ramona likes to pick fights out of nowhere. Why did she attack me at her party in front of her guests? Was time of the essence? Why wouldn’t she let Jennifer tell me to my face what she told Ramona? I’ll tell you why. It was because she knew that they set me up and Jennifer could lie behind my back but not lie to my face. She talks out of both sides of her mouth. First she tells Luann

    “I don’t want to talk behind Jill’s back” but then she talks behind MY BACK with Jennifer. Hypocrite?

    nyc logo

    Ramona said she would talk to me before our trip. I did tell Luann I didn’t want to go anywhere with anyone without resolving past issues and starting with a clean slate. I felt really good that I had made up with Alex. We agreed that anything we did or said about each other before that day we would forgive and start over. I can honestly say that I have tried to get along with Alex and not have any conflicts.

    Car ride to Spa: finally, I am in my comfort zone with real friends who respect each other and I’m not worried that there would be a knife in my back when I woke up. We all have our little quirks and they get amplified when you are on a trip together. This was a good test to see if we could all get along for 7 days in Morocco. I thought we should take the blondes as a trial run since Kelly didn’t want to even be in a room with Ramona. Cindy’s brother was still reeling from Ramona attacking him at her party and of course there was Ramona’s unprovoked attack on me at her party. In the car, Kelly shared with Luann about her past relationships. Cindy and I were in the backseat and couldn’t hear them. I felt terrible that I couldn’t comfort her too.


    The only bad thing about that day, was the car ride from hell! What should have been a three hour ride took six hours. The driver went the wrong way. It was a nightmare.

    We had such a good time..I wish we could have stayed a week. The game we played was actually one my sister, Lisa Wexler made up when we took a family girls trip to TURKS a few years ago. It was so much fun. I also had received a package of Skweez Couture hosiery before we left for the ladies to try. Thigh highs, corsets and leggings. They all tried them on and modeled them around the room. It was such a great scene, I felt badly they cut it. Oh well.

    skweez party

    Thank you to Teri Jon (Ricky Freeman) for hosting my first annual Anti-Bullying Charity Event. You have a huge heart and you are an amazing designer. Also, Christina DeSimone, my dear friend. Christina started People Reaching Out, appropriately named to raise money for various charities. I asked her to help me with this event. It is so much work and I couldn’t do it without her.

    When I heard Luann tell Ramona how rude she is to block her from a designer I laughed. Ramona did the same to me! I asked Teri Jon to lend clothes to all the ladies. I don’t remember Ramona telling me she wouldn’t accept it since she doesn’t want to wear the same designers as me. I will be sure to tell all my favorite designers to extend her the same kindness. Alex was very nice a few years ago to share one of her contacts and I am always happy to share mine.

    I was so happy my mom, Aunt Cookie, my sister Lisa and Allyson came to support me that day. My very special step daughter, Jennifer Zarin, made me so proud. Jennifer has her masters degree and is a Life Coach. She started a Facebook page called The Birthmark Project. I hope people who connected to Jennifer and to what we are trying to do will LIKE her page. You can contact Jennifer through Facebook.


    I was so overwhelmed after her speech. When Ramona came over to me and said “you didn’t notice her face is deformed,” I didn’t even know what to say. Now I know why Kelly won’t let her around her children. Can you imagine if Jennifer heard that? (Of course she did now) I am embarrassed by her behavior. My mother always told me you become more of who you are when you get older. Ramona is getting more “Rameana” every week.

    I need to address the Darren/Ramona wine issue. It really was like a game of Telephone. I told Darren to do something. He may not have done exactly what I asked and we got a different result. As far as I knew, I asked my assistant to get auction items. I told Darren to contact all the girls to see if they wanted to promote their products. The caterer ordered colorful martinis (which we paid for!) but most of the guests drank soft drinks and water since it was 11AM when it began. If we needed wine for the party, we would have asked for 10 cases for 200 people (30 bottles to fill glasses on the table and have a one glass refill). I would have sent a car service to pick it up as I picked up all of the other fabulous donations including the four night stay at Canyon Ranch, ReVive Skin Care and bedding from Zarin Fabrics.

    Obviously there was a misunderstanding. I asked the girls to donate something so I could promote their brand. I knew Ramona’s wine was coming out this spring and we called her to give her a platform to promote it on the TV SHOW. That is what friends do. Friends show up at their events, which I did weeks before, and have them put their products in goodie bags or silent auction (did you hear me mention Luann’s CD on the show?) Rather than waste it filling glasses, since many guests weren’t drinking alcohol, I asked her to set it up on the silent auction table. Either way, once I asked her not to serve it she should have said “fine”. Darren was wrong. I told her that. She went behind my back and did what she wanted anyway. The caterer was upset. They didn’t have enough wine glasses and were serving out of martini glasses.

    I have always supported the ladies any way I can. If one of us has success, we all succeed. I have gone to more book signings and product launches than I can remember. In fact, Bobby and I were the only ones at Ramona’s wine event last week on the Upper East Side. Alex had just left but no one else came. I was there. I am always there. Ramona and I have a complicated friendship and if things fester too long it gets worse. WE need to resolve this. I don’t hate Ramona. I just hate some of the things she says or does to hurt me or people I love.

    wives 2

    I was grateful she brought the case but instead of ending up in the silent auction the bottles started to disappear and only to her table. No one else was drinking the wine. I think that she brought the wine as her own stash, for her and her few friends at her table. Either way there was a breakdown in communication from what I asked my assistant to do and what he told Ramona, and what she brought to the party. Like the game Telephone. The most embarrassing moment was when she was caught by the Teri Jon employees re-corking the open bottles to take home with her. Why did she do that? Gross? It’s just vulgar to donate wine, drink half, re-cork and take back home.

    I have to say Ramona and I have always had a strange relationship but something always keeps us connected. This too shall pass…I hope.

    Next week, Morocco!


    Jill XO

    can you believe the gall of that fame whore

  23. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    there is so much wrong with what Z wrote i dont know where to begin so instead im just gonna say
    F*ck you Jill Zarin you disgusting piece of human filth
    you deserve to be locked up in a mental home
    or a jail for the criminally repulsive
    lord how i hate the ground you walk on and wish the earth would just open up and swallow you whole

    PS hope you have a lovely summer

    In Hell


  24. jeepers1941 says:

    Like I have said before, I have never really hated anyone, not ever, until I saw that piece of shit. She just makes my blood boil and I actually love hating her. Now that is sick!

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      and to think at one time i LOVED Jill
      before she was exposed for the horrorshow that she is
      she isnt missunderstood
      there is a reason she wasnt liked as a child
      and im pretty sure we all know why
      she just isnt a nice person
      a vindictive vicious sick sad piece of sh!t

  25. HW Addict says:


    Just read in the UK Mail that countless’ daughter was booted out of her boarding school…vindication for the ramoner and their former housekeeper…I thought Vicky ws sweet though, never thought she was an anti-semite. Disappointing. The article sates that countless is shipping her off to art school in Paris for the Summr now.
    Way to parent countless! Why did this woman even have children, as accesories?

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