I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Orange County – Let’s Chat!

Episode 12 tonight, I believe there are just two episodes left plus the reunion and most likely we’ll have to suffer through a lost footage or possibly an extended reunion show.  Word is they filmed the reunion this past week and will be a 2-parter as usual.

Andy Tweeted:  In 6 seasons of RHOC, tonight’s episode is one of the best. It gets really deep in a “Knots Landing” kinda way. #heavydrama

I find this very hard to believe after a season of absolutely nothing.  I think we’re all watching just waiting to see the end of season argument between Tamra and Jeana.  We know that Jeana will end up with a face full of wine out of Tamra’s glass and the season that could have been the turn around for Tamra goes from bad to worse.

Tamra is quite frankly a bitch this season.  She was inappropriate, rude and even cruel as she had sex in a bathtub with her boyfriend on-screen, gossiped and talked behind everyone’s back this season, laughed at Alexis for having to do a loan modification when just last season Tamra had to short sale her home.  Just like Tamra, Alexis has three children in the only home they’ve ever known, I see nothing funny about the Bellino’s possibly losing their home.  Tamra seemed to think it was hysterical, proving Tamra is a really  horrible person.

Tamra was going through a divorce, she could have gotten sympathy if she had only shown some class in dealing with the entire situation.  Instead she was a raving bitch, she flaunted her new boyfriend on screen, not just having him around but the revolting tub scene, the constant kissing and talking about sex was just so over the top and even if you hate Simon Barney, what Tamra did this season was just cruel.  “Her core is not good”  is very fitting.

Alexis didn’t show us a kinder, gentler person either in fact she was much kinder last season, the way that Alexis acted with that dress-maker was appalling!  Outside of that Alexis didn’t bother me that much, Peggy tried to paint Alexis as being competitive and jealous but I think it was actually Peggy who was trying to compete with Alexis and slammed Alexis every chance she gets.  Peggy had no story so she had to try to play off the fact that Alexis didn’t have a great opening season.  Peggy’s plan was to jump on the “let’s all hate Alexis” bandwagon and try to gain fans that way, epic fail!   

The Mean Girls

Peggy is the newest Quinn of the Orange County crowd, she was completely forgettable and the Bravo casting wizards should give themselves a time out for hiring this woman! 

Vicki hasn’t changed, she is the Jill Zarin of Orange County, she thinks she is queen bee but all she is, is bossy and rude.  She really does believe in Sonja’s “pecking order” theory and thinks way too highly of herself.  Vicki’s life is really boring, she admits to working 12 to 13 hours a day selling insurance.  We really don’t want to watch that.  Vicki’s annual office trip is interesting only to Vicki and her employees, we don’t care to see them tearing up the streets of Seattle. 

We know that tonight will show Vicki’s hospitalization, the same one that we read about back when it actually happened.  The drama that we’ll see tonight will all be a complete waste since we all know that there was never anything seriously wrong with Vicki and of course now she is completely fine.  We may learn a bit more about why Vicki is divorcing her husband Donn but it is clear that she enjoys attention from young guys and in her head if she was only free of Donn, she could have an exciting dating and sex life with young guys.  I think that Vicki is jealous of Tamra and her relationship with Eddie. 

In my opinion the only reason a young good looking guy even looks twice at Vicki is either because she’s on television or because she has a good amount of money.  These guys also appreciate the fact that she’s married because they know they won’t be on the hook for the long term, they can have some fun with her then walk away, she won’t be clingy and calling because she has a husband at home.  Put a single, poor Vicki Gunvalson in a club and no one will look twice at her until she screams “woohoo” and then she’ll get a whole lot of dirty looks.

Gretchen’s the only housewife who had a bit of interesting story this season.  Like Slade or hate him he’s an interesting character and he and Gretchen have been together longer than anyone thought they would.  Rumor has it they will get engaged on the finale.  Can you imagine getting engaged and then being contractually obligated to pretend it didn’t happen until it airs on television six months later?  

Alexis and Gretchen arrive without their men

For the past two seasons, particularly on Gretchen’s first season on the show she really was ripped apart by these women.  The realization that Jacqueline came to on the RHONJ Reunion last season that she was slamming Danielle for things she was doing in her personal life that was really none of her business.  Jacqueline said, “why do I care? It’s none of my business what Danielle does”.  Bingo!  The same holds true for Tamra and Vicki slamming Gretchen.  Why do they care what Gretchen does?  Even if Gretchen was guilty of everything Tamra accused her of why is it Tamra’s business? 

Gretchen really sort of sat back and took the verbal poundings the last two seasons but she promised that this season would be different, she wasn’t going to take it anymore.  She did confront Tamra on one of the first episodes but then we didn’t really see these women together again after that.  Did one or more of these women refuse to film with another? 

I’m really not caring much about the reunion, there aren’t any questions I can even think of to ask these women.  This was definitely the most dull season of RHOOC in recent memory. 

Watch What Happens Live tonight Andy welcomes Kara Dioguardi with Gretchen singing a new song for us tonight.  BravoTV Tweeted:

@BravoAndy: @Bravotv: Get a taste of what’s to come this season on #PlatinumHit when @gretchenrossi performs in front of @kara_dioguardi & @bravoandy on #WWHL!

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  1. jeepers1941 says:

    Lynn I hope you don’t mind me bringing this over from the other side….

    jeepers1941 said
    May 22, 2011 at 8:36 pm
    Dear Ramona,
    I don’t know if you have heard of a blog site, called: LynnNChicago101, who has the title of “I Hate Jill Zarin”. Lynn Hudson owns this site and has done several interviews with the women of the Housewives Franchise, to include, Alex, Cat, Sonja and others. I was wondering if you would ever give thought to coming to this site as a lurker, you wouldn’t have to take part in the comments. But just to observe and see what the site is like. Lynn is a wonderful lady and gives of herself continuely for the many fans of the HW series. The site has over 2.4 million hits in just a little over a years time. Simon has posted on the site a few times and is recieved quite well. Alex of course is a delight as always.
    Ramona, this site is a place I think you could be very comfortable in, be you are a lurker or a commenter. Please come and visit and check it out. We talk about not just Jill but all sorts of things, from family rearing to passing along recipes, to being a comfort to those in need. I am sure you will love Lynn and the site she has opened for everyone. Oh yes, Jill refers to Lynn”s site as “The Haters” only because we see and have seen through all her lies for a long time. I might also add we were all happy that you caught her in the lie at what she said and did at Jennifer’s wedding. Poor Jill, she just can’t help herself, she is to be pittied….LOL Hope you stop by, we love you…….xoxoxo

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Well said, I hope Ramona sees your post. Thanks Jeepers!

    • elisabeth says:

      SHe really is just a self entitled materialistic bitch. Much as she tries to say she’s changed, people don’t change unless they really really want to. It’s a good thing she has a great husband who supports her financially and seems to truly love her. He is somehow able to look behind her status seeking, longing for attention and crippling materialistic ways. I guess he is about the only one so it makes for a lonely existence because the only types of people she will attract are those who are just like her…i.e….”Countess” Luann..who incidentally wipes her ass the same way everyone else does. So yes, Lynn I agree. She isn;t very like able and Bravo should just dump her frumpy ass because she’s predictable, viscous and boring:)

    • lovinthisblog says:

      Yep, high time ole Ramona give Lynn an interview.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      i invited her to the blog as i hated what the show was doing to her

  2. okeydoekey says:

    I just hope they recast the RHOOC and RHONY. It’s time to stop beating these dead horses.

  3. jeepers1941 says:

    ok, I’m gonna go fry some fish and put my mac & cheese in the oven……….but I’ll be back….lol 🙂

  4. Lemonoll says:

    For some reason, I really don’t like Eddie. He bugs me.

    • Whisper says:

      It’s something with his creepy smile; or his creepy fascination(sp?) with Tamra. What ever it is- it’s CREEPY!!!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Anyone who is so head over heels and blind to the real Tamra Barney has something wrong with him. No doubt about it!

    • AddictedtoBravo says:

      ITA but it may just be that anyone who would be with Trashera gets tainted. I keep wondering why he went along with the porno scene if it required downing a huge glass of wine…

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        even if i were straight it would take more then a glass of wine to me to climb into the tub with that creature

  5. DiaBLa says:

    I have on my “Alexis CooTer” Dress on!!! I got my beer and chips ready! My dress looks hot but I had to put small water ballons in my already size 40d bra to fill out the extra space…..
    I put the “holy water” nearby incase Tampra decides to do porn again…………..

  6. VAgirl says:

    Is anyone watching Sister Wives right now?

  7. HD says:

    I may be the only one but I like Tamara and Vicki. After reading Vicki’s book it gave me some insight into the person she is. Her dad was a very hardworker until he got Alzheimer’s and passed away, her sister jumped out of a window in a failed suicide attempt (she is fine now), her ex husband was a complete jerk, Donn was someone she often thought about and loved. He made a comment once about her spending too much money and from that point on she made it her goal to make more money than him. She has always been pretty independent and highly driven. She obviously has not found balance in life in regards to her money and relationships. For her, money and her personal best drives her. Donn I don’t think got on the Vicki train and in the way she lives I am not sure if he was ever truly included.

    • klmh says:

      Im with you about Vicki, she’s ok except for the way she treated her husband. I haven’t watched this as long as some here, but she has always been unhappy with him thruout the time I’ve been watching. They seem to have two completely different thoughts about life and how to live it.
      But not Tamra. She to me is just filthy.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      I like Tamra and Vicki also. Vicki does act queen bee-esque like JZ, but at least she works hard for her money and doesn’t spend all of her time trying to control the audience like Jill. Tamra is totally inappropriate, but I think some of it is pretty funny. Plus I think she’s reliving her childhood because she was married for most of her adult life.

      I don’t totally agree with everything they do, but I do like them better than the other ladies on the show.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I like Vicki and Tamra too. A couple of week’s ago I got accused of being Tamra because I said I swear and I don’t find her trashy like everyone else. Sorry, but I do swear and I am rude, crude, and socially unacceptable as well. Vicki is Vicki much like Ramona is Ramona. Neither one bother me. Childhood issues color the adults we become.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      Sorry Sweetie i hate her like poison
      I dont care what happened to her along the way
      People that get enjoyment out of making fun of people behind thier backs gets everything they deserve and more
      Last nights comments about Alexis’s Pocket Gay was the last straw

      what had he done personally to her to make her comment at all about him
      her vicious catty bitchy comments seem to be the complete opposite of a good christian woman who is asking god for guidence regarding her failing marriage

      heres a hint Icky if you werent such a cold shrew to your hubby he might be able to fill up that empty love tank of yours or fix the flats on your other 3 tires
      it takes 2 to COMMUNICATE
      and she is jut so self absorbed she cant see ,she is the cause for all her woes

      • ihearttalavera says:

        I must have missed the “pocket gay” comment. I noticed someone else on here mentioned it, and I just assumed it happened on another episode. Not cool. I was wondering last night how Alexis’s poor assistant felt after her rude comments about gays. At least she did call into WWHL and apologize, but still. I think that is what is truly in her heart (or what Taliban has ordered her to feel in her heart) and I don’t know how he could be comfortable working for her or being around her disgusting husband.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          it happened when Trampy was driving with Icky and they Almost had a accident
          Icky brought it up and trampy added her 2 cents

          i wonder what Alexis asst thought as well
          and Ickys hubby don calling him Slades stand ina nd then laughing
          most of the people are disgusting

          • ihearttalavera says:

            Oh. I totally missed that scene. That explains it.

            I felt so bad for the assistant (can’t think of his name) at that dinner and I was surprised to see him again. Why would he want to keep subjecting himself to the abuse? Hopefully she pays well. Poor guy.

  8. klmh says:

    There was a tornado that hit Joplin Mo this evening and has damaged St John Hospital, a school and other buildings in the city. Just thought someone might have relatives there so you can check on them. Apparently it was 1 1/2 miles in width. Lots of smaller funnels reported around the area as well, but many aren’t reaching the ground.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      My brother just called with this news too. He can’t remember if we have family there. (My brother doesn’t keep track of family very well.) He said there is not much news from the area yet, which is thought to be an indication that it’s bad. They are calling for emergency support from as far away as Kansas City. Fire station was hit, a Walmart, major damage. The hospital hit is a major one for the area. Communication to the area is not good and they are asking people to not attempt to call in to check on people, as cell towers are gone.

      And this happened right about 6:00. What is it with that hour?

      • klmh says:

        I wasn’t watching the TV, but my sister called to tell me about it. Apparently they have diverted the traffic to bypass the town. I agree, at this time, it doesn’t sound very good. Hope Im wrong. Apparently one of the hospitals in Springfield has been on alert as well.

  9. Delighted says:

    Watching OC right now with Tamra and Eddie in the kitchen..sounds like a cancelled soap opera. Anyone believe it’s not totally scripted?

  10. HD says:

    Donn and Vicki are sad to watch.

    • wowza says:

      Most of the time I want to slap Vicki for the way she treats him. No excuse for that.

    • Delighted says:

      Terribly sad..I notice that he’s always got a beer in hand. Is it implied that he’s an alcoholic? Sounds like the theme with Ramona on RNYC.

  11. HD says:

    Why does Gretchen keep calling Slade Tubba Wubba? If that was the other way around everyone would say that was wrong. She needs to stop picking on him about his weight.

  12. HD says:

    At what point in a marriage do you stop coordinating outfit colors? Just asking.

  13. AddictedtoBravo says:

    Interchangeable bimbos!

  14. NMhousewife says:

    Does Micah not realize how ridiculous he sounds?!

    • NJ Bev says:

      omg, so pathetic

    • AddictedtoBravo says:

      They are all so self-involved they think they are charming and clever. Oh yes and sexy. You would think sitting at a table in seeing that each one looks identical would the alarming. like an orange county cookie cutter smacked them all over the head

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      no but we all do LOL

  15. HD says:

    I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad Gretchen is being smart about this. Once she gets married they WILL come after her as well for child support. That will affect her income.

    As an aside, I think Gretchen is sooooooooo pretty.

    • Delighted says:

      Smartest thing ever said on any housewives show: sometimes love just isn’t enough.

    • Jen says:

      How can you love and respect a man who can’t/won’t/doesn’t pay his child support? And IMO refuses to get a real job so he won’t have to pay….he has Bravo pay him through Gretchen so the courts can’t garnish his wages, how could you have any respect for a man who treated his children that way? Awful

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        didnt they just say he IS paying just not what he was paying when he was raking in the big bucks
        truth be told if he wasnt on this show
        or any other man in the same situation
        would get a reduction of the support
        but because of the show and who he is they havent taken it into account
        I dont believe he is refusing work so he wont pay
        if he was making what he once was he would gladly pay

    • ihearttalavera says:

      I think Gretchen is really pretty too, but for some reason her face looks puffy to me this season. I was wondering if something happened to her.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      I think her true beauty comes from within
      she is one of the few h/ws that i tweet with who has always been genuine and sweet to me
      and she really doesnt have to be i just love her

  16. AddictedtoBravo says:

    Gretchen just went up in my book

    • HD says:

      Amen! I am not one of those people that think they can live off love, love is GREAT but love never pays the bills. You can’t eat imagination sandwiches all day long.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        Well you can try eating those imaginary sandwiches for a while if you want to lose some weight! Maybe that’s why Alexis is so thin?

  17. NMhousewife says:

    I really cannot stand Peggy and Micah. It amuses me how hot they both think they are. I can see the nerd in Micah even with the stubble, open chested shirts, jewelry, and $100 haircut.

  18. Delighted says:

    Is Vicki actually holding a bible? I die.

  19. AddictedtoBravo says:

    Donn this, Donn that….we really don’t know what goes on in someone elses marriage but Vicki needs to take a hard look at her contribution to this failure. She never wants to own her stuff and until she does she won’t be happy.

    • nathania says:

      I think she has her good points but I don’t see any sign she’s ever going to be able to own her part of things. Don is too easygoing, he will be snapped up straightaway by a new woman I am sure. I think Vicky doesn’t like the easygoing nature, she probably wants a tarzan type to swing by and grab her and dominate her. So many of those types are twisted and unfaithful though…it’s a no win.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:


  20. klmh says:

    Joplin tornado:
    Little warning to the town as it was wrapped in rain and hail. Winds in excess of 150. Looking at the hospital now. My God. CNN. They are calling for Doctors and other medical personnel to come help.

  21. Adgirl says:

    Good on Gretchen. Finally.

  22. HD says:

    The “alexis couture” police should have told Alexis not to come to lunch dressed like Michael Jackson.

  23. AddictedtoBravo says:

    Alexis should have Kelly translate everything for her into Engwish..lol

  24. Katiecoo says:

    Vicki uses religion to elevate herself above Donn and anyone else. The only thing that makes this possible to stomach is we know the ending and that he was finally set free from that prison warden.

  25. HD says:

    When you are past the point of fighting that means you truly don’t care anymore. JMO

  26. Rabble Rouser says:

    Shut up Gretchen, you hooked up with a dead beat now deal with it.

    Shut up Micha who ‘buys whatever he wants’ rapping about living within your means when your house is in forecloser. I wasn’t sure if Tamra witch cackled after was directed at your situation but it’s very fitting.

  27. Adgirl says:

    I’m not willing to judge either Vicki or Donn. Marriage can be hard for two A personalities. In my home I know things go better when I let my husband be the star. In turn he shines the light on me so it’s all good.

    • Delighted says:

      I’m not judging but have to wonder how Vicki could throw him under the bus on national tv. No sex in two years? WTF?

      • Delighted says:

        Ps. And to go to Tamra as a marriage counsellor?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          DH just said, you can tell what someone wants to do by who the commiserate with. If you want to stay married, you speak to someone who has had their ups and downs but are battling through it.

          If you go to someone in the mists of a divorce, it means you are headed on the same journey.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          LOL OMG that really made me laugh

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Donn doesn’t want to touch her because I can imagine it’s not fun to have sex with an icecube.

        • Delighted says:

          Could be true but what I really meant was who says that on tv knowing that it’s all out there? What was she thinking?

      • Adgirl says:

        Not with each other ….

      • AddictedtoBravo says:

        I think she threw herself under the bus on that one.

  28. HD says:

    Oh man. This is pretty hard to watch. I feel so sad for Vicki and for Donn.

    In her first marriage (according to her book) she was going to just stick it out because her family is really big on marriage and their religion and what not. But it was so bad her dad told her that even though God frowns on divorce get out of it because her first husband was no good. I don’t think she ever imagined she would be divorced twice.

    • Mimi says:

      What does God say about cheating on your husband?

      • HD says:

        That’s wrong too according to the Good Book. Did she cheat?

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          well there are photos of her making out with a man young enough to be her son and they were printed long before this season

    • Katiecoo says:

      She says God does not condone divorce but I bet God is less fond of the nasty discounting sometimes abusive demeaning behavior we’ve seen her dish out to Donn since this show began.

    • boston02127 says:

      I find it hard to feel sorry for Vicki. One minutes she’s crying over her marriage and the next she’s drunk woo hoo’ing with guys.

  29. Adgirl says:

    What are those weird wrinkles on the sides of Tamra’s nose?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think it’s kind of like how when they say you get lipsuction, the fat finds somewhere else to go. When you get botox, so do the wrinkles.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Charlotte in Sex and the City had those too. We saw Peggy or Alexis get botox there.

  30. Rabble Rouser says:

    Alexis just loves french food, you know french fries, french toast, french bread

  31. Adgirl says:

    So … no make up / honeymoon whoopie at Turks & Caicos?

  32. Mimisfbay says:

    I can’t feel any sympathy for Vickie. We have watched her emasculate Donn for how many seasons? She has always excluded him from her trips, said horrible things to him and just generally treated him like a bothersome creature. Now we are supposed to feel sorry for her? Sorry HD there isn’t a book on this planet that could elicit sympathy from me. She treats people badly and is intrusive in her children’s lives. Treatment of her employees is deserving of a lawsuit. In the midst of her recommitment she told Donn how expensive the ring was!

    You hit the nail on the head about all of these Stepford Wives, Lynn, so what more is there to say?

    • Adgirl says:

      I don’t know … Vicki has been a bitch for sure. However there have been a lot of rumors about Donn’s … err … commitment to his marriage.

    • Som says:

      From what we’ve seen on the show though, I completely agree with Mimisfbay.

      • HD says:

        I have never disliked Vicki. I do agree with you on how she treats Donn. That is highly apparent but I don’t know the why she is doing that part. I just cannot make a call on their marriage. I did that for a while and then I had to check myself only because I don’t really know what’s going on. Even for her to say Donn was traveling for 4 weeks was new to me. I didn’t think Donn traveled for work or whatnot. Maybe there is more to this than what meets the eye.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          I dont see how you can like her
          even forgeting how badly she treats her husband
          she is a back stabing two faced witch
          she helped her good freind Trampolina get Gretchen drunk

          you know just for fun or to out gretchen as a gold digging tramp even drunk Gretch turned down Trampolinas sons advances
          did that put a stop to the viciousness coming out of Vickis mouth
          of course it didnt
          and we all remember thatother dinner party were she was yawning in other guest and host faces
          cause you know she works ???
          lord what is there to actually like about this JZ wanna be

          • ihearttalavera says:

            We don’t know everything that happened in their marriage. They were married for a long time before we knew of them through the show. It takes two…

  33. boston02127 says:

    Gretchen is so fake & sneaky.

  34. Adgirl says:

    Is Gretchen wearing one of Jill’s boosteeaayyys?

  35. boston02127 says:

    Alexis’ is soooo much like Vera Wang.

  36. Som says:

    Marlee annoyed me there. She was signing angrily. lol

  37. Adgirl says:

    Plenty of dresses or are they tops? for KKB to wear.

  38. boston02127 says:

    Gretchen’s hair…..at least it’s not skanky looking like Kelly’s but she’s got to loose that old hair-do look.

  39. Adgirl says:

    Seriously Gretchen? Vicki planned to go the hospital to one up Alexis?

    • AddictedtoBravo says:

      And if Tamra is so worried she should leave and go to the hospital. But Gretchen’s reaction is over the top

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        it had me laughing her reaction may have been over the top but not as over the top as Trampys

        oh im so worried im just gonna sit here and drink some more to show everyone im a real friend and not rushing to the hospital to be with my very best friend till i decide to tear her apart

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      she was ill for two years and she picked that day to go
      it does make one go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • ihearttalavera says:

        My understanding was she was bleeding. I really don’t think you can control the day blood does or does not come out of your butt.

        As for Tamra not leaving to be with her. First of all, probably would not have been allowed to go in anyway since they were doing tests and she’s not a family member. Second, she was probably scared they would all rip her apart the same way they were ripping Vicki if she left.

        IMO, G looked really bad last night on both shows. I do think it’s super cute how you’re sticking up for your girl though, DJ. 🙂

  40. boston02127 says:

    If that were my bff in the hospital I would have left in a second. I can’t believe they’re all bitching about this. Gretchen esp.

  41. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I LUV IT!

    Alexis and Gretchen are going off on Vicki while she’s in the ER! 🙂

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      who sendsout pixs of themselfs in the e/r hooked up

      Icky IS mentally UNSTABLE

  42. boston02127 says:

    Ohhh, next week is the push!

    • ForReality? says:

      When Tamra yells, those wrinkles around her nose really have a mind of their own. She looks like a scary witch, seriously.

  43. Rabble Rouser says:

    Is Alexis throwing another one of those cutting edge fashions shows sans fashions?

  44. VAgirl says:

    So next week is the finale. Thank God! Please, please do not bring the OC back with these plastic women! Get some real women please.

  45. Kats2 says:

    I don’t like Tamara or any of the OC HW’s but I love that someone pushes Jeanna next week. Can’t stand her.

    Gretchen has problems just another mean girl. Why do Gretchen and Alexis need attention from Tamara and Vicki so badly?

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      if i was Jeanna i would have had Trampy arrested
      no one has the right to put thier hands on you
      and mind you Trampys the one that had HER ex arrested for throwing a dog leash at her
      think about it
      a dog leash LOL

      • Christine says:

        ITA, DJ,
        Andy had his chance to have Teresa arrested when she body slammed him, too.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          Im shocked he didnt just fire her right then and there but he knows she is in the words of Malcolm McClaren when talking about Sid Vicious he’s a fabulous disaster

          thats theresa to a t

  46. VAgirl says:

    Gretchen is a bitch. Cara doesn’t even know what to say!

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      i didnt find her to be a bitch she said in retrospect that she was sorry she said some things but that the time it looked suspicious that vicki picked that day to go to the hospital

      and she said that wasnt the whole thing that happened that they edited it down to look that way
      and you know i believe her after all the shows this season i do believe bravo edits to make people look worse

  47. Sara says:

    lol Gretchen ripping Tamra and Vicki on wwhl…

    • VAgirl says:

      Like I said, Gretchen is a bitch tonight.

      • Effects says:

        Oh but I was enjoying it.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        She should have just said she was WRONG and that she was sorry. Instead of,

        “Well I said I was sorry but come on, but that still doesn’t mean I would put it past the bitch. She should have just had it checked out sooner, she obviously suffered for two months in agony bleeding out of her ass, just so she could sabotage Alexis’ fashion show. “

      • kit9 says:

        I don’t think so. I think Gretchen made some very good points. Vic’s been dealing with this for 2 months but she just happens to go to the hospital at the very day and very hour that Alexis has her show? Really, what are the odds? And, if it were really serious, why didn’t scum sucking pig Tamra go to the hospital instead of staying around and having drinks? And, if it were actually serious, WHAT the F is Vicki doing taking and sending pics of herself in the hospital? Please. I think Gretch nailed it.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        The two of those witches have attacked her non stop since day one of her joining the cast and now that she is giving them a taste of thier own medicine she is now a bitch
        sorry i dont see it that way

  48. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~
    I tried to order a dress from @alexisbellino and no one contacted me yet. How do I order? No in stock? Custom only? Help?
    Jill, A barbie dress won’t look good on you. You need to lean towards brown paper bag fashion.

  49. Adgirl says:

    Gretchen is happy to dump on Vicki .. I’m surprised she didn’t finish with her trademark HeeHaw laugh.

    Tamra should have been quiet about Vicki at Alexis’s event. She was being rude and making a huge scene at Alexis’s fashion show. So was Gretchen.

    • VAgirl says:

      I agree. If Tamra was so concerned she should have gone to the hospital. Gretchen is right about that, but she still acted like a bitch.

      • Adgirl says:

        I agree Tamra should have shut up or left the fashion show. none of that was on Vicki and Gretchen was just looking for something to bag on Vicki about. Gretchen was just as distracting to Alexis at the show going on about how Vicki was dissing her.

  50. Effects says:

    So Kara doesn’t even watch the housewives? What kind of a guest is this. Boo

  51. Adgirl says:

    Bubble over Kara’s head …. this gal is a raving beeetch.

  52. Rabble Rouser says:

    I’m a bit behind you girl, but Tamra needs to stop cracking off, saying how people shouldn’t name their dress lines after themselves? Is she an idiot?

  53. ForReality? says:

    Vicki hasn’t been touched, and that’s all on Donn?

  54. okeydoekey says:

    A coworker of mine married a man with a child and she was sued to provide health insurance for her husbands child and the child support was increased based on her and her husbands combined income. Gretchen better prepare for his debt.

  55. VAgirl says:

    Awwwwwwww. Gretchen isn’t going to sing. I ‘m so disappointed.

  56. Nancy says:

    Lance Armstrong has a lot of explaining to do in the morning!

    • VAgirl says:

      I’m curious to see how this plays out. The authorities are definitely going to try to get to the bottom of it and I’m glad about that. Otherwise, it would just be a public he said, he said between him and the guy on 60 minutes. His name is Hamilton, right?

      • Nancy says:

        I think he’s going down. And because of his sponsor being the
        US Post it will be a Federal crime. Being an athlete myself I am glad. (obviously if it becomes the truth.) Figure skaters get tested all the time. Remember when the Russian pair skaters had to forfeit their Gold medal at Worlds because Elaina tested positive for an other the counter cold medicine that was approved by the Russian federation doctor!
        So if this is true about Lance his sport will be better off.

        • VAgirl says:

          I’ve always thought pro cycling was one of the dirtier sports w/regard to banned substances. there was always somebody popping positive.

          • ihearttalavera says:

            Mmhmm. Plus Lance Armstrong seems so smug to me and I hate smug. I am very interested to see if this goes any further.

            • kit9 says:

              When you beat brain cancer and come back to win 7 Tour de France’s, you can be smug.

              • Nancy says:

                No you don’t. I don’t care if he walks on the moon. Cheating is cheating. I have no time for people like that.

                • ihearttalavera says:

                  Exactly. He’s very arrogant and it’s finally biting him in the a**.

                • Christine says:

                  Armstrong’s initial diagnosis was testicular cancer. It metastasized because he ignored the symptoms. My step-son used steroids and performance enhancing drugs for years and, at the age of 38, was found to have testicular cancer. I am no doctor, I am simply saying that those drugs can do awful things to one’s body.

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              oh yes people that survive cancer are always just so smug LOL
              sorry but did anyone stop to think maybe his having had cancer may have been why he took the steroids ?

        • Anne says:

          Why would be a federal crime? How is it a federal crime because his sponsor was the US Post office? Are you stating that you believe he committed fraud in inducing the US Post Office to sponsor him? That is far fetched also the US Post Office has been more than 50% privatized for years.

      • Anne says:

        He has been tested and he came out clean. However there was controversy over several urine samples, but they were determined to have been mishandled so they can never be used because of the samples dubious nature.

  57. HD says:

    I had a phone call during the entire last part of the show from the fashion show on. Don’t people know not to call me during this time?! My mom really needs to get it together!! I am on the EAST COAST mom!! KIDDING. But I did miss the rest of the show.

  58. Adgirl says:

    Did Gretchen or Peggy buy anything from Aleix Kootertour?

  59. Jennifer says:

    Hahaha- they couldn’t get the rights to Gretchen’s song? Hahaha- wonder who owns it?An ex of Slade’s or Gretchen’s? And Gretchen tried to lie and Andy called her out on it….

    • lillybee says:

      Maybe Jo. I remember that Slade said he bought the rights but I guess he forgot to pay for them.

  60. Kats2 says:

    Gretchen not performing on WWHL because she sucks and is too afraid to sing in front of Kara who I now love. Also love how Andy didn’t let her get away with why.

    So Gretchen’s big news – marriage – no, kids – no, ugly handbags or cheap makeup taking off – NO – She is performing with the Pussycat dolls – HA! She’s such a joke

    • VAgirl says:

      I agree. I think Gretchen is intimidated by Kara.

      • ForReality? says:

        I thought it was the copyright issue

        • Adgirl says:

          Gretchen claimed she didn’t want to sing her song – but something else …. why not her own song? The song name wasn’t mentioned. HAHA. Maybe the song owner didn’t want to hear her ruin their song.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            It’s weird because out of all of the housewifes Gretchen is the only one who can actually sign (Candy excepted since she is actually a singer).

            • Kats2 says:

              OMG she can’t sing

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                IDK, at least she doesn’t bury herself under autotune.

                • ForReality? says:

                  Out of them all, I’d say Gretchen has the best voice.

                  • VAgirl says:

                    that’s not sayin much.

                    • Rabble Rouser says:

                      I agree Nat, Danielle would have been better served being a lounge singer.

                  • nathania says:

                    Danielle Staub did very well with her slowed down version of “close to you” or whatever it was called, on WWHL. She sounded like a pro, and there was no autotune or backing track or anything. She can sing, in fact it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen her do. Shame she had to ruin it with everything else, because she seemed totally at ease singing and performing.

              • DJ Loops Fruit says:

                uh yeah she can sing
                anyone that has heard her sign knows she has a lovely voice

  61. lillybee says:

    I think that Peggy and Cindy are following the same dumb script. Make friends with what they think is the “in crowd”, disrespect the person who introduced you to them and then make nasty remarks about those the “in crowd” consider to be inferior.

    Neither of these women add anything positive to the mix.

    Fire both of them Bravo.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I wonder why Fernanda didn’t get an orange. She got a lot of screen time. She didn’t bring drama I suppose, but I’ll bet she has an interesting story, if they had let us get to know her.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        I wonder too because I like Fernanda. She probably didn’t make it as “full time” since she actually has a heart and can feel.

        • nathania says:

          Her accent is hard to understand and she is very unnatural on camera, plus she is not enough of a bitch and really doesn’t even speak in complete sentences. I have to wonder also if Bravo was a bit lesbophobic since her ex was rather butch and that doesn’t really fit the image of the show.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I didn’t get her and her wife as a couple either. Maybe it’s like mismatched(looks wise) straight couples and her ex had deep pockets.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            what would her girlfriend being butch have to do with Bravo being phobic
            Vickis butcher then that and shes on LOL

  62. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I have realized once again that I do not like ANY of these women. I take that back, I like Fernanda and she’s the only one. The ladies are not likeable at all. They are all selfish, backstabbing, egotistical women. Lady/Ladies is too high a compliment.

  63. Jennifer says:

    Oh and time for Gretchen to blame editing

    • VAgirl says:

      Yeah, they all do that, don’t they? And the finale will be week after next since he said next Sunday they are off.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      how can you even say that when its obvious from NY season that bravo IS editing to make things look worse

  64. boston02127 says:

    As much as I can’t stand Slade, I wish he’d dump Gretchen b4 she dumps him. Just to bring her down a notch on TV.

  65. boston02127 says:

    What’s with those C underware on WWHL? I wouldn’t make it down my back stairs without turning back and ripping them off. If you wore them all day by the end of the day they probably end up in your shoe.

  66. boston02127 says:

    How much $ can Gretchen be worth or be making? Makeup & pocketbooks….a dime a dozen.

    • HD says:

      Certainly not enough to take care of Slade.

      Does Slade get a check from the show? If so, how much do you think it is?

      • VAgirl says:

        i think he does get something.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          I just checked out her website – and she’s pretty much sold out of purses – there are a few styles left. Although it’s hard to say how many she had in stock.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      more then this blog thinks apparently

      does anyone really think she is living off of what Bravo gives out LOL

  67. Rabble Rouser says:


    My 2 year old is sitting in my lap and she keeps pointing to the wallpaper picture of Kelly in the background and saying ‘Mama’.

  68. ihearttalavera says:

    Does anybody know who won Celebrity App?

  69. boston02127 says:

    Alexis’ must follow Jill.
    @AlexisBellino @Jillzarin Hi Jill! Please tell me which dress and what size… you can direct message me if you want! xoxo -Alexis
    Jill—-Get the bathing suit. It will look great on you.

    • lillybee says:

      Alexis, classy response but I still think Jill was trying to dis your company.

    • VAgirl says:

      omg she’s not talking about that aqua blue bikini is she

    • jeang says:

      Get the credit card number first Alexis cause otherwise she isnt paying.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Yes Jill, you can DM her. I would think you would know all about that since you keep asking real celebrities to follow you so you can DM them. But we all know, if you did that, you publicly trash her line under the guise of being a customer.

    • Katiecoo says:

      There are so many private ways she could have contacted Alexis. More Jill trying to compete and put someone down in public. She’s just so transparent.

    • texaschick says:

      This is Jill’s sneaky way to get a dress for free, pretending she was actually going to pay for one. She’s such a con artist.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      Maybe the direct message me if you want to comment to JZ from Alexis after she asked JZ “what size” was her own little way of getting in a dig. Funny we were just talking about Jill and her sizing “issues” earlier. She wouldn’t want her REAL size out there in the Twitterverse. Hmmm.

  70. Katiecoo says:

    Ok I just have to say it–Fernanda’s hair in that one scene at the fashion show? LMAO Was she wearing a hat and grabbed it off quickly and it landed like that–sticking straight up and out. Maybe she stuck her finger in a light socket? Or just touched Gretchen?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I was thinking the same thing, I was wondering how a lesbian gets “Something About Mary” hair.

  71. boston02127 says:

    I’m rewatching. Vicki & Tamara are having drinks. Tamara says “that taste like ass”. When was the last time you tasted ass Tamara?

  72. VAgirl says:

    Doesn’t Tamra look really uncomfortable while Vicki is spilling her guts to her? Like she’s thinking to herself “What do I say, how should I react, how can I be empathetic?” And she also said you shouldn’t have to work so hard to keep a marriage togther – Duh. Marriage takes a lot of hard work. That’s probably why she’s twice divorced.

    • Sara says:

      I saw the same look on her face when she was getting those texts at the fashion show. She makes a bad actress.

  73. ihearttalavera says:

    Didn’t Slade tell Gretchen that the Tubba Wubba thing pissed him off a few episodes ago? Nice of her to stop calling him that.

    • Adgirl says:

      I don’t think she is nice at all. During all of her conversations about Slade’s child support she has never said anything about how his kids are getting by. She treats the support like it’s a school loan or credit card bill.

      I don’t understand why he doesn’t sell high end cars. For real. He’d be great at it and he’d make real $.
      The judge refused to decrease the support because Slade wasn’t seriously looking for a job. Slade was caught driving with a suspended license (which he lost because of the support $) so the court is really pissed at his attitude.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        You’re right. There is a definite disconnect when it comes to her feelings about his kids, it just seems like a money issue to her. He does have a great personality for sales. He just needs to get back to some man-scaping so he’ll look the part. I don’t think he is at all fat, but he has let himself go a bit in the grooming department.

        The part I can’t get over about her calling him fat, is that she’s doing it on national television – after he asked her not to do it. Can you imagine how she treats him off camera?

        • Katiecoo says:

          I just don’t “feel the love” between the two of them. On either side. I think he really did love Jo but this one seems like an arrangement of mutual opportunity.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      off cam he constantly worries complains about his weight
      so she does this to get him to stop

  74. Adgirl says:

    Absurdtosublime reports Slade moved out of Gretchen’s house last week. Oh, and she has so many lawsuits against her she may owe more $ than Slade.


  75. Adgirl says:

    Another article on Absurdtosublime … the day after the Alexis Cooter fashion show Gretchen and Slade tried to visit Vicki in the hospital but were turned away.
    Why did they go? Were they trying to prove she wasn’t really there?


    • kit9 says:

      Seriously, you’re quoting the random annony. messages left at Absurdtosublime? Ok, well, if those are a reliable source of info…let me announce that Kelly Bensimon is really a man! I know, my friend took her home and tried to have sex with her but she had a penis! Really, it’s all true!

      • ihearttalavera says:

        kit9, I think we are all smart enough to realize absurdtosublime does not have the same credibility as cnn. It’s all in good fun.

        adgirl, I appreciate your links. Thank you.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        its funny how people believe these things from these kinds of resources

  76. Adgirl says:

    Vicki’s new boyfriend.

    (I know … I spend too much time on absurd to sublime. LOL)

  77. ihearttalavera says:

    Alexis thinks it’s rude that Tamra is taking calls about Vicki being in the hospital after what SHE pulled at Peggy’s dinner??? Really???

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      This is also a woman who in her new blog says that it is demeaning to the entire gay community that Tamra referred to Alexis assistant as having a ‘pocket gay’ that she ‘carries around like a Chihuahua’. Because the good person she is thinks it’s okay for a gay man to do her hair and makeup, just not at their own wedding.

      • Adgirl says:

        Alexis’s big problem is her IQ. She is seriously dumb.

        She’s the type of woman who gets dumped when her looks fade because no one can carry on a conversation with her. Although Jim doesn’t seem to belong to Mensa either.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        actually both Icky & Trampy said things about pocket gays that they should be ashamed of

        and Alexis views about gay marriage are just as screwed up
        hell ive been with Jimmy longer then just about any housewive on any of the series

  78. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Lynn believe it or not i agree 100 per cent with just about everything you said about everyone on this show
    the only thing i didnt was i cant WAIT for the Reunion
    i think its gonna be a major one
    i know this will sound mean but i was laughing me head off when the whole icky goes to the hospital thing was going on esp when Gretchen started laughing about it
    normally i would never laugh at something like this but because it was Icky i couldnt help myself
    i said it i own it LOL
    now if it had been Shrill i would have had to have been hospitalized myself as there is only so much laughing a person can do before they are forced into a padded room LOL
    last nights wwhl omg what a bore and i LOVE Gretchen but even she couldnt save that train wreck
    i blame that Kara DeBORO omg bitch get your self to a dentist no one needs to see a mouth like that on tv and please buy a personality while your at it
    i thought she stunk on Idol that was emmy worth compared to what she is up to now
    please Bravo id the ratings suck get rid of it

    • Suzieq says:

      There’s nobody I dislike more than Jill, but I would never wish her or anyone to be in pain or have a seriou illness. I’m sorry, but that just takes this blog to a whole different level and makes me kind of sad. 😦

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        sorry but she was already ill i didnt wish it on her i said i didnt care
        there is a difference

  79. Wicked says:

    I have no sympathy for Vicki. I hate how she treated Jeanna & spoils her worthless son. I realize I appear new, but I’ve read this blog everyday for a year. I just don’t post. Oh- and Tamara is disgusting. I don’t believe Simon abused her for a sec. She seems to have no problem reporting him to the cops over a leach so I doubt he ever punched her. She is NOT the type to put up with it.

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