IHJZ The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Watch What Happens Live (second posting)

Thanks to Boston02127 for her latest gem:

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I know this is supposed to be a Teresa vs. Melissa season but the one who irritated me the most on this episode was Caroline Manzo.  Who the hell does this woman think she is?  She is starting to believe all of her hype as the mother hen, the all-knowing high Priestess of New Jersey, sickening!

Caroline ruined a nice fall day at Teresa’s house with all the children carving pumpkins and having a nice afternoon.  She decided she was going to tell Teresa what it is and how to behave.  While the ladies and children are in Teresa’s yard carving pumpkins and talking about the Christening battle, Joe Giudice is in his kitchen, refuses to change his child’s diaper because he’s eating and grins as he spills his side of the Christening fight to Chris Laurita and Albie Manzo.  Teresa is supervising four children while carving pumpkins and this ass, Joe Giudice won’t even change his daughter’s diaper because he’s forever shoving food into his mouth. What a prize this man is!

With never-ending flashbacks of the Christening Party why couldn’t they show the one scene that Teresa and Kathy were arguing about?  We saw as Teresa’s youngest child, Adrianna was trying to crawl out of her stroller while the fighting was going on, I know what I saw and I saw no adults anywhere near her.  Joe and Teresa were dancing with Melissa’s baby for what Melissa describes as a long time, then they were both over at the Gorga’s table at the same time so who was watching Teresa’s children?   I don’t think that Teresa is a bad mother, I really don’t but she wasn’t thinking about her children as she started that battle with her brother and his wife, and lets not forget that last week little Adrianna was rescued from falling down that huge staircase by the hairdresser because Teresa was too focused on beautifying her older daughters.

Back to the fall festivities, the Giudice’s, Laurita’s and Manzo’s all got together to carve pumpkins at Terea’s house.  When the subject of the Christening brawl was brought up and Caroline decided that she has to give Teresa advice and tell everyone how things should go down going forward, little Gia was disgusted and didn’t want to hear about it.  Teresa’s talking head interview reveals what we all already know, Caroline should really shut the hell up.  Teresa tells us that she doesn’t need Caroline’s advice because she’s the matriarch of her own family.  Who is she kidding? Hell, Teresa can’t even spell matriarch.

On Halloween we saw the very different way the families celebrate.  The Giudice’s had a kid’s party to celebrate Halloween while the Gorga’s  went out dancing after taking the kids trick or treating.  Melissa invited Kim D who brought Kim G with her, unfortunately this is the woman who simply will not go away.  Kim G acts like a child, she’s so immature it is ridiculous.  Kim G was so excited about the fashion show because she was hoping for a repeat brawl like last year.

Albert Manzo is overseeing the set up of the Fashion Show at his restaurant The Brownstone, Caroline tells us that since her son Christopher has moved on and no longer works there, Albert simply cannot retire or even slow down.  What?  No one else can over see tables being set up?   This is a skill that only a Manzo can perform?  Albert tells us that he provided the maximum amount of people that can safely be admitted to the Posche Fashion Show then says that amount was exceeded by 100.  Luckily the Manzo’s have the Fire Chief in their back pocket or they may have gotten hit with a fire/life/safety violation.  The way those guests were jammed into the Brownstone they are all very lucky there wasn’t a fire.

As Teresa arrives Melissa and Kathy are already getting their make up done and she predictably acts as if nothing has happened.  Teresa greets both women with a phoney kiss and fake smile then screams at Caroline at the top of her lungs twice when Caroline dares to speak to Melissa and Kathy.  “Caroline is MY friend” Teresa reminds viewers, “Melissa and Kathy are sucking up to Caroline” she says.  It was pretty clear that Melissa was trapped in a make up chair and Caroline made her way over to talk to Melissa to say hello and chat, not the other way around.   Get a grip Tree, you can HAVE Caroline, who the hell else would want her?

Jacqueline was the first to walk in the fashion show and she unnecessarily tells us that she is no good at it, Melissa is over the top and does her walk twice at the urging of Kim D while Caroline describes Teresa accurately as stiff and forced.  The best part of the show is that we didn’t have to tolerate Ashley Holmes appearing on stage.  The mentally stunted Kim G asks her table mates if they should all “Boo” Teresa then giggles like a 13-year old.  She and Kelly Bensimon should really get together, they’re the same mental age.

After the show Kathy makes an attempt to talk to Teresa, Kathy explains that she’s talking to Tree but no one is home, she’s simply not listening.  Teresa is blaming the entire thing on her brother yet he and Melissa believe that Teresa owes them an apology.  When Kathy tells Teresa that she attempted to protect the children at the Christening battle Teresa freaks out and refuses to acknowledge that she left her youngest daughter unattended.  Where was the usual Bravo flashback showing that Kathy was indeed telling the truth?  We saw that little baby sitting alone in her stroller trying to climb out of it with no parents in sight.  Gia tried to pull her mother away from the arguing and was crying hysterically when Kathy tried to calm her down.  “I don’t want them to fight” Gia said to Kathy. 

Once again Caroline decides to stick her nose into something that is none of her business, she yells at Melissa  “You’re family, Fix it!”  then tells Kathy to go kill each other in your hown homes.  Great advice Caroline, you write an advice column, huh?  Teresa was the first to raise her voice and scream at Kathy yet Caroline said nothing to her.

I’m really tired of Caroline Manzo and her “perfect” life, she acts like she is so perfect, is the perfect mother, the perfect wife and gives such great advice that everyone has to listen to her and do as she says.  This woman who made a complete fool of herself at last season’s reunion and is so ignorant that she thinks Italian people in the south can’t cook Italian food because they don’t live in Jersey?   Who would ask this woman for advice?    You’re a moron Caroline Manzo…own it!

I’m firmly on Team Melissa, it may not be the popular choice but I’m surprised at the number of people who have forgotten all that Teresa has said and done in the past three years.  Have people forgotten all the legal trouble that her husband has gotten into?  I haven’t seen Joe Gorga in the news for drunk driving, driving without a license and attempting to get a driver’s license in someone else’s name.  Not to mention forgery, lying on their Bankruptcy documents, hiding assets, scamming people out of money…and the list goes on.  Teresa pretending she didn’t know about any of this is a joke!

I wasn’t surprised by the Watch What Happens Live poll results, the Twitter fans went ape shit crazy against Melissa in support of Teresa while the show was airing so when Teresa won the battle with 94% of the vote it was not a shock.  Clearly I don’t agree, Teresa Giudice is a liar and her husband is an untrained animal but I recognize that viewers are slow to warm up to a new housewife.  I won’t deny that Teresa has a lot of fans, I’m simply not one of them.

I think Andy was hoping to get a rise out of Teresa and get her to say some shocking things against her sister-in-law Melissa and her cousin Kathy but apparently the kool-aid Teresa was drinking wasn’t strong enough.  Andy should have fed her some of his Maker’s Mark if he really wanted to get her riled up.

No crazy Teresa on WWHL

Jacqueline joined Teresa on Watch What Happens Live and apparently recognized that the show was boring so when she won a small ham in tonight’s game she stuck it up her dress making it appear as though she had a penis.  Why she did this, there no way of knowing.  I don’t think Andy was too happy about this stunt because his next question, a serious one about Jac’s daughter Ashley never got answered because Teresa was playing with Jacqueline’s ham in her crotch.   I know, it was very strange.  Andy even said, “Respect the ham!”   Maybe this is a Jersey thing, they can only play with ham.  The Manzo children throw sliced boiled ham at each other and Jacqueline sticks ham up her dress.  Remind me never to eat ham in New Jersey.

Unfortunately the ham stunt didn’t save the show, it was a bit boring.

Andy’s three obsessions tonight:

1.  The Halloween costumes worn by the Jersey cast

2.  Kim G’s reappearance on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Andy wondered if she was constipated as she likes to start crap.

3.  The Posche Fashion Show and the New Jersey Housewives walk the runway, Andy wants them to learn from Teresa’s daughter Gia and ran the footage of Gia practicing her runway walk…AGAIN and again and again.

Apparently the Watch What Happens Live crew didn’t have their delay button handy as Teresa slipped and said the word “Shit” but really they should have bleeped the entire sentence that Teresa said.  It included a lie, a swear word and a double negative.

“Danielle kept attacking me and I couldn’t take her shit no more.”

This was in response to a question about Teresa taking some responsibility for things that have happened on the show.  She took no responsibility for anything, no surprise there.  We’re supposed to believe that this women writes her own blogs?  Not a chance!

I loved the way Andy kept asking Teresa if she understood the jokes he was making, we’ve seen so many times things going right over her head so tonight Andy kept saying to Teresa, “do you get it?” just to make sure she “got it!”  Hysterical!  

Andy asked Teresa why she completely freaked out and the “Gorga switch” went off when Danielle mentioned her sister-in-law Melissa on the last season reunion.  Teresa said she didn’t know how Danielle knew Melissa’s name.  Is she kidding?  By the time the reunion filmed many people knew Melissa’s name, she was already rumored to be the newest New Jersey Housewife and she was already chatting with viewers on Twitter.

Typical Teresa doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong and took no responsibility for anything.

Last week I tweeted my RHONJ blog to both of Melissa’s sisters and I got a private message back from one of them with a very nice message telling me it was funny and thanking me for seeing and writing about the truth about her sister and Teresa.

The New Jersey ladies have posted their blogs and included there is a bonus blog written by Jay Mohr, Jay is cute and funny and all that but he doesn’t really give his opinion, whose side are you on Jay?  Grow a pair and tell us what you really think! Take a look:


Tonight on Bravo the season finale of Pregnant In Heels, I don’t think too many will be upset that this series is ending.  Quincy has done a fantastic job of recapping the shows and will post her final blog about PIH tomorrow morning along with my thoughts on what these wacky housewives are up to.

Until Next Time…


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335 Responses to IHJZ The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Watch What Happens Live (second posting)

  1. Malinia says:

    Ooops, posted on the other one just after Lynn announced this one was up!


    Theresa’s blog is finally up. For once? I believe most of it.

    Hopefully I will be back to hating her and Melissa equally next week!


    BTW Lynn, I agree with the others! I hope you get a blog that allows sponsors soon. With all the hits you get, and all the work you do, you should make some money out of all of this!

  2. Rahrah says:

    I don’t know why her name is not Medusa, Melissa is a pretty name, she is clearly a Medusa.

    • quincyil says:

      If you didn’t know what the Medusa was, you might like that name too.

    • cait says:

      Yes..crown her Medussa Gorgon
      Gorgon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In Greek mythology, the Gorgon (plural: Gorgons) (Greek: Γοργών or Γοργώ Gorgon/ Gorgo) was a terrifying female creature. It derives from the Greek word gorgós, which means “dreadful

      what do you think?

  3. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks for the blog Lynn.

    After watching last night I really believe that Caroline needs to get a job. I a mean right now. She is miserable and alone. She desperate to have Albert to fill the emptiness in her life and he rather be at the Brownstone working.

    Her entire life has been wrapped up in those kids of hers and now they are moving on and she is just lost. Watching over her daughters shoulder while she applied makeup at the Brownstone and going to her daughter’s set up in a salon is just sad. I bet Albie and Chris could not wait to get their own apartment (and show) and get the hell out of that house.

    Well the fight later in the season should be interesting. I wonder if Caroline is going to be as hard on her son’s for fighting as she is Tree and Melissa. My bet is she blames Teresa, Joe and Joey for the altercation in the bar and Chris and Albie are victims.

  4. quincyil says:

    Please check both boards for a discussion of May 23, 2011/RHNJ. This is the second posting and there are many comments on the first one. The links are found on the right hand of this page.

  5. quincyil says:

    If I was a PR guy for Melissa, I would have her tell the viewers that for two years Teresa’s family were unpaid extras at her large parties. They were told to stay out of the camera line, but were fillers so it looked like large gatherings of family and friends. She is complaining on camera, but she looks petty and grasping. It looks like she is jealous of Teresa which she probably is.

    Having Melissa’s sisters say things to Teresa’s brother to cause his anger to boil over or to say things to Teresa is a PR nightmare if you ask me. Whenever you have people taunting from the sidelines it affects the relationship of the people in the show.

    Kim G is a major distraction and I hope we won’t see her again. She is over the top rude and so like Danielle Straub that it makes me wonder.

    I would love to know Danielle’s view of all of this. Lynn, you should ask Danielle for an interview. She seems to have known that a lot of this was going on in that last reunion.

    • Caitlin says:

      Well, thanks for the inside dish! Re Danielle: great idea, as now some of her reunion comments (particularly to T. about the nephew) make perfect sense. No wonder Teresa got so violent then – she can’t abide even a hint of veiled criticism.

    • Stella says:

      I’m not excusing the Gorga’s behavior but in regard to their party attendance, I always took it to mean that they invite each other to their parties because of their kids being friends/cousins and maybe even to seem like a big happy family on the surface (it seems like a small town where word gets around so not inviting family that lives near you is making any issues publice I guess). What I got from what Joe and Melissa were saying is that they expected Teresa at some point during these gatherings to introduce them as relatives and include them like she did with their parents (even though Bravo controls what airs I figured they were saying she never acknowledged them as family in front of a camera) and then when she said that Caroline and Jacquline were her family they took that as a dig and this showed them why they weren’t included. They probably did want some of the attention/fame or whatever but I do believe that Teresa purposely didn’t include them. They all definitely have issues and I think they are the same issues on both sides.

      • nathania says:


        But I do believe the parents have more to do with this. Twice I have seen the parents react without even bothering to find out what happened. And I mean ‘hyperreact’ about what happened, jump to a conclusion and then jump on someone without stopping to even ask what happened. Both times, it was in Teresa’s favor and against the other person.

        Plus I think something that is hurting the dad is the language barrier. I don’t know if he speaks english but if not, anyone could give him their version of what was said and he would not know any different, so facts could be twisted.

        Honestly I believe the parents are at least 50 percent of this. They have their children fighting over them, so they are in complete control. people grow accustomed to power like that, and don’t want to give it up.

        • Stella says:

          You bring out some excellent points and I have to say it makes a lot of sense.

        • error404 says:

          ITA I’m not buying the “poor poor Babbo and Nona!” routine. They created them two monsters and then released them on the world.

  6. Okie Folkie says:

    El Reno, OK. “At least ONE MILE debris wall!” (per my local NBC news, OKC, OK.)

    I-40 and Route 66 these tornadoes are really stacked up! I’m counting at least 6 mezo-cyclones on the news….
    so sorry to keep telling this….if ya’ll are getten sick of this, I will stop! But, whew these things are stacking up more & more by the minute.

    Looks as though our community might skate through this….I just hope these storms dont blow anymore communities off the face of the Earth.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Stay safe!!!

    • klmh says:

      Which county are you located in? We have a drop in metal tornado shelter and are in Washington county, and I have some things packed in boxes to take down. Rounding up the cats will be another matter.
      I hope you are safe. I haven’t heard about the distruction in your neck of the woods, and its heading our way. Should be a “bumpy ride!” this evening for us.
      God bless.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        I’m in Cleveland Co. So, you are in OK, too?????

        • klmh says:

          Yep. Glad you are ok. I can’t believe our local weather hasn’t mentioned Piedmont. I had to go to CNN to find out. Thanks for letting me know.

          • Okie Folkie says:

            You’re very welcome! What are your local TV stations call letters? I’m shocked they didnt tell you before you had to learn it here!

            Our TV has been nothing but weather since about 3:00 pm.

            Good luck to you & your cats, too!

        • Okie Folkie says:

          Yeah, looks like we might actually get something……and I’m hearing some Thunder Boomers right now, so, I’d better run outside & see what the sky looks like!

          Good luck to you, klmh!
          And thanks to everyone else for your good wishes!

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            stay safe klmh & Okie…stay safe! praying it just passes over everybody –

            • Okie Folkie says:

              Thanks! Just heard from my Ex-In-Laws, 45 miles to my S.W. and they made it through just fine….now, its heading my way. Well, ONE of ’em…as there are several different ‘Super-Cells’ goin’ on right now.

              SIRENS are goin off just started….if I’m not posting later, I had a HELLAVA RIDE! 😉

              • klmh says:

                Do you have somewhere to go? Wish you lived closer to me and we could share my little underground hole.

                • Okie Folkie says:

                  Well, the bath tub….but, I prefer outside! My skies arent green, or even yellow.
                  Sirens went off twice. I went outside to take a look & alla my neighbors are out there looking too. It sorta felt like a block party, w/o food & drinks.

                  The town of Washington sounds as though it got hit.
                  Its headed my way….

                  I wish we were closer, too! So we could watch it together!

            • klmh says:

              Thanks so much. I hope so too.

              • Okie Folkie says:

                Well, looks like this wave of storms are moving to the N.E.
                We did get a LOT of debris flying around. Several shingles in my yard, among other things. That was the most debris I’ve seen since the May 3rd Tornadoes in 1999.

                I hope, hope, hope they die completely out by the time they get to Joplin.

                Joplin is such a nice little city. That entire area of the 4 States, is just so very beautiful.

                Situated in the in the foothills of the Ozark Mnts. Its breath-takingly beautiful. The rivers & lakes are clear and so beautiful.

                There HAVE been TWO CONFIRMED deaths in El Reno, OK.
                SO SAD!
                I sure hope thats all.

                We may be on the news, after all….

      • Nancy says:

        Please get your cats safe. 🙂

        • klmh says:

          Those stinkin’ cats. They came out of the walls when the storm subsided.
          You are as bad as me. I love kittehs. By the way, do you need, or does anyone need one? 🙂

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Are you guys ok? The storms have come over us and now just rain and lightening. No tornadoes up here. I saw that OKC had one and Dallas was having perhaps more than one. Various other towns too. This all could just calm down for a while!

      • Humbruh says:

        Dallas got at least 2 last night. I had to go hang out in the tub for a while until the sirens stopped blaring. Scary stuff.

  7. klmh says:

    Brought this from the last page and thought it was interesting:

    okeydoekey says:

    Teresa paying a $10,000 mortgage and not downsizing is crazy. I can’t imagine how much they pay in health insurance.

    My take on it is she will do what she did before, stiff the Dr. Remember the 12,000 bill from the OB that helped her get pregnant that was a part of their bankruptcy? If not, we, the people paying medical insurance, will get to pay for the Guidice’s care. Lucky us. I don’t remember seeing any monthly health insurance bills listed on the filing, and since they are self employed, well, enough said…

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Lawd just imagine who would buy the tacky marble manse? In NJ they would pay more than $10,000 a month to live in a house of that size. Guess that’s why they still have it. No way T is moving over the pizzaria! Real estate ain’t what it used to be in NJ. Danielle thought her place was worth plenty but I believe it finally sold for way under a million. Nobody who watched RHONJ would ever have bought it!

      • klmh says:

        Do you think she wants to sell it? I had the feeling they would kill to stay there. Someone here mentioned a site that mentioned they were going to put it on the market until Bravo came along with HW for her.

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          I don’t live up in that area of NJ but what did happen is that lil bro Joey put his house on the market (believe he built it as a “spec house” which means he wanted to build it & then quickly sell to make $) Looks like he spent about $2 million building it, then put it on the market for more than double that last year. But the market dropped so fast that he might as well keep it since it’s not going to sell. NJ is just so overbuilt in that market range. Lots of huge mansions built in the last few years (just as over the top as lil joe’s) all over NJ sitting vacant, in foreclosure, etc. Probably well over 500 in the entire state. It’s a great time to be a buyer in that market trouble is how many people can afford $2 million & up for a house – not to mention the $30,000 to $60,000 in property taxes? Juicy’s house is another story – it’s in an area of homes well under a million. Plus it backs to busy rt. 287 – not the best location. It looks odd, not the best design…jmho. I think they built the house to their design & meant to keep it. But then the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. The bankruptcy was one way to get out of debt & keep their home….not going to speculate how planned that was. Juicy had a business, he was a contractor. Plus all those apartment buildings he had in poverty areas. If he had done a better job as a landlord & not overspent then he wouldn’t be in this mess. I do believe keeping up with the Gorgas & vice versa really did these people in.

          • klmh says:

            Thanks so much. I understand this mess a bit more now.
            I am wondering though if the G.’s used Joey for anything. I wonder if that could be part of the riff between the two. M. mentioned they pay their bills, unlike the G.’s so that was just my first thought.

            • BlueSky_Forever says:

              somewhere I read that juicy & T were asking people to invest their $ with juicy’s business – so you know lots of relatives/friends are mad about losing $ with him. Lil joe bro may have lost some $ but even worse for him I’ll bet he lost face & business contacts because of his bil’s reputation.

              • Humbruh says:

                I was wondering if maybe part of JoeBro being so pissed is because that $10k/mo. from family they disclosed on the bankruptcy filing came from Tree’s parents. If he thinks his parents were taken advantage of it would explain his hatred for all things Giudice.

            • vilzvet says:

              Good question although it was stated that the Guidices used Melissa’s brother-in-law for some work and did not pay him.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Do you think the bankruptsy would let them keep a house they can’t afford even the taxes on much less a mortgage? They have other properties that are not expensive – who knows they may end up back in Paterson….

          • dsc60 says:

            ” (believe he built it as a “spec house” which means he wanted to build it & then quickly sell to make $)”

            Melissa said that Joey surprised her with the specs for the 15,000 sq ft house for Christmas. She made it sound like he built it JUST for her. I’m confused (not much of a surprise with this bunch).

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Well here’s a great solution if they could just stop the fist fightin’ & feudin’ . Lil bro Joey has a humongous house, with even more marble & glitter. So they could all move in together…lol imagine that! We will have to watch what happens to Juicy…he may not be available for moving in with his in laws. Thank goodness pizza sells & what a great place for T to sell her cookbooks. Alla familia!

        • klmh says:

          The first thing I thought of when you wrote your post was seeing some dead people on the floor and some guns and knives everywhere, and of course police everywhere.

  8. VAGirl says:

    SoutheastVA, did you weather the storm OK?

    • klmh says:

      I think OkieDokey said she might be out of it. It hasn’t hit us yet. My beautiful trees and all of my feral cats are on their own. I hate that.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        hehehe….thats okie-FOLKIE to you! There IS an okey dokey, I’ve noticed posting. Dont know if she/he is from the Sooner State, though. We never seem to post at the same time. I’d like to know…then WE could have a “Watch Party” too! 😉

        • klmh says:

          Oops, sorry!

          You out of danger now? Man, it looks to be a mess out there. Joplin looks like it might get hit again. I just heard they are missing 1500 people. Im hoping these folks are ok and just haven’t had a chance to communicate with their families.

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            OMG that’s terrible. Praying for Joplin, and all of you out there in tornado land. what is with all these super bad tornados? global warming, the wrath of Khan? (star trek reference, sorry)

            • klmh says:

              Im a tree hugger, so I’ll go with global warming.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              I had on the Weather Channel when their storm chaser made it into Joplin right after it happened. At one point, on camera but off to the side, it looked like they were pulling a body out of some debris. The reporter was shaken up – it only got worse – prayers to all and if you can donate to the Red Cross now is the time to do so.

              • klmh says:

                I don’t mean to be difficult, but as I was looking to donate to the Red Cross this evening, I went to Charity Navigator to check out the rating. It is now a 3 of 4. That just isn’t acceptable to me.
                They paid over 20 million dollars in 2008 for penalties, and that is one instance.
                We have been looking at maybe Catholic Charities, but they don’t have a rating.
                Any other suggestions?

  9. Monkey says:

    I think that Caroline’s overbearing behavior was the result of trying to protect the Brownstone from “drama.” I didn’t realize that the Brownstone was such a well respected establishment that Caroline had to personally babysit people to prevent a scene. It is the Posh fashion show, I think people were expecting a little drama.

    I dislike the Guidices immensely, but Joe Gorga’s behavior at the Christening was intolerable. Being that physically aggresive with a woman is shameful, I am talking about when he got upset with Theresa baiting the sister in law and started banging the table. Maybe it is because I have experience with abusive men, but the fact that he could act that way towards a woman, even if Tree was provoking him, is a huge red flag. And the fact that Melissa simply brushed off her husbands inappropriate drunken behavior at a child’s party speaks volumes as well. I simply cannot be Team Melissa, I find the Gorga’s almost as offensive as the Guidices. The only saving grace the Gorga’s have is that they pay their bills, other than that they are equally horrible couples.

    I am thinking I might not be able to watch this train wreck, especially if Kim G or Kim D keep making appearances.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I wouldn’t say the Gorga’s pay their bills. I think their are two contractors that are trying to collect a debt from them. Plus, it’s only been a few episodes- people have only just started to dig up dirt on them. If T resorts to their tactics, I am sure it would be long before she starts selling stories on the hush hush about her bro and SIL’s finances.

    • AddictedtoBravo says:

      ITA . Great post.

  10. cait says:

    so I just wanted to apologize if I’ve pissed off some regular commentors (been seeing alot of disdain for the tree sympathizers) I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone with my opinions..been having fun on here today responding and reading everyone’s insightful posts. I never comment usually (i am sick in bed today- so) I like this blog, originally because i hate jill zarin- that will never change- she is vile, next. But anyway, I didn’t want to piss off regular commentors. I just have a huge soft spot for the underdog.. so anyway thanks for all the great entertainment today, it was really fun.
    cheers everyone! 🙂

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      we piss each other off on a regular basis…again JMO & also lmao. post away as long as you don’t personally attack another poster, & back up your opinions with a little evidence it’s all good.

      • klmh says:

        Amen, we all see things differently! I enjoy being able to give my opinions, and thats all they are unless you have substantial references. This is all speculation about who feels what and why something happened.
        Stick around and post more often. A different point of view as a good thing.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Dontcha worry ONE lil bit! Just like Blue Sky Forever sez…..BUT we DO seem to be very able to agree to disagree and then BASH the S*** ouuta JZ come Friday morn! 😉

      Feel better SOON!

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Hope you feel better soon too Cait!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      One of the great things about this place is that even if two regular posters lock horns over something, it usually doesn’t get brought over into new blogs.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I have a huge soft spot for the underdog as well.

      I want to preface this with – I think Joey and Teresa both have huge anger issues, and Joe is a piece of garbage. BUT I’m not feeling any love for Melissa. I’m surprised that T won the poll last night by such a wide margin – I wouldn’t have been able to vote unless there was a “none of the above” option. However – as vile as Joe and T have been, they haven’t brought any family drama to the show. When all is said and done T and Joe will still be brother and sister. I hope their relationship survives this.

      • NJ Bev says:

        Housewife, I think you hit on something there.
        I did not vote for the same reason,
        my “jury” is still out and I don’t prefer one
        over the other….But if I had to vote, it
        wouldn’t be for T since I know so much about
        her. I know nothing about M.
        I bet the people who are “new” to the series
        all voted for T based on only 2 episodes.
        The rest of us didn’t vote at all,
        thus the landslide……….

  11. coco says:

    Teresa made an ass of herself last night… as her family ‘matriarch’ she should have called her brother and made things better scream, curse whatever but they should have made steps to becoming a close family again. Melissa is jealous of Teresa and anyone that doesn’t see that is blind! Joe did agree to change his daughters diaper so that’s just bs to claim he was just stuffing his face, people make mistakes and I don’t think its fair to judge him so harshly especially when most of it is hear say… and Caroline needs to stfu she likes to hype things up too much, then jump in like she’s saving the day, do us a favour and sit down! OMG I can’t stand Melissa’s sister Lysa! what a complete bitch! she is so desperate it’s disgusting! both of her sisters need to go away asap they are ruining the show! a bunch of wannabes ugh!

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      I can’t wait to see these people in Punta da Cana (that is where they had the fight with other bar patrons…allegedly!) Somehow they all go on vacation together, & come back alive.

    • vilzvet says:

      Both sisters are really pushing themselves on twitter and FB. Melissa posts a ton of stuff on FB to EVERYONE, although she must have a private one for family and friends only.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Melissa wants fame and fans yet she hasn’t earned either at this point. IMO she will be disappointed because coming out of the gate swinging at Teresa will get her major hate.

        • JenFromCincy says:

          Totally agree. She’s already feeling the heat if you read this week’s blog and compare it to last week’s.

          Also looks like she waited to read everyone else’s before she sent in hers.

          Like many before her, she’s starting off by underestimating our ability to spot fake humility. I think she feels she is much more deserving of fame than Teresa, and whether it is or isn’t true…that kind of vanity comes off ugly.

    • cait says:

      ITA – coco

  12. BlueSky_Forever says:

    The blogs are all up over at Bravo except for Melissa. She must be reading the comments under Kathy’s blog, which are mostly negative to Kathy & Melissa. SMH (shaking my head) reality shows are not all they are cracked up to be & would never ever go on one myself! Almost feel a bit sorry for Melissa. She hasn’t had 2 years of experience like T, plus the back story on their feudin’ family is murky at best. Her husband little bro Joey made an ass out of himself so far. Melissa has come off as full of herself – looks like she wants to be a pop star? The spin on Teresa’s blog…no comments yet & we know that means “only nice comments will be posted” or some such. Bravo why don’t you let people post what they say? Oh right as was pointed out by someone (a lawyer?) imagine the lawsuit possibilities when say Tree gets “sick” due to the negative comments posted on her Bravo blog & sues Bravo for whatever. Plus imagine the factoids people may be posting about the bankruptcy, fake IRS tax filings, etc. etc? My my the can of worms Bravo has opened dealing with the RHONJ blow back.

    T’s blog is a brilliant piece of spin spin spin! She’s heavily promoting her second cookbook, which she says “is already in it’s 2nd printing.” How many books were printed in the 1st job? 10,000? Whatever mama’s bringing home the bacon!

    The above is all just my opinion….still SMH.

    • Caitlin says:

      You go, Girl – LMAO!

      • NJ Bev says:

        @Blue Sky-
        I don’t think Tree wrote the blog by herself-
        What do you think?

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          No way! She’s getting major PR help so far. She’s scared to talk…she was really stammering on WWHL, trying to remember her talking points maybe? I’m waiting for her to SNAP and then the real T will come out like when she flipped that table, knocked down Andy, and screamed “don’t bring up my family” at the last reunion!

    • As of right now, Teresa’s second book hasn’t made the NY Times Best Seller List. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does eventually because she has been doing a lot of book signings. I remember this time last year, when Skinny Italian made the NY Times Best Seller List she was so full of herself. She even bragged that she sold more books than Bethenny. She can’t say that now!

      • Christine says:

        JZ is always promoting her book signings, too, but neither she nor Teresa are NY Times bestseller material.
        Teresa has even admitted that a number of her recipes are not her own and that, in fact, she is not a great cook. We all know that she would be incapable of anything written in a readable version of English, either.

    • Humbruh says:

      The 1st printing was however many were in that box she brought with her to the “book signing” at the pizza joint.

  13. karen says:

    i was surprised by all the pro teresa comments, and not only pro but viciously pro . I dont know about anyone else but i read this blog all the time. i post from time to time. Last year i posted all the time because i was so emotionally involved in hating jill lol…
    i dont like melissa. there was nothing to like. kathy either. but teresa ive watched for a few years and i KNOW i cant stand her. I can also pretty much figure out the family pecking order and i bet melissas had to eat it alot so her opportunity came and she let it out. and teresa really has that poor me act down so well that everyone is feeling sorry for her. i dont. at all. i think the entire show is awful. i think its funny that they got rid of danielle because she was too sick, twisted and vile, and here they bring on the gorga’s who in their own way are just as, and worse than she was. I think its obvious now where Danielle got all that inside information from. how could i possibly take sides on sick and sicker, dumb and dumber.

    • quincyil says:

      I have been checking all day and I haven’t noticed anything vicious. This is a place of diverser opinions and it takes some getting used to. The only rule here is to discuss the opinion, not the commenter.

      I will check again, but feel free to share your thoughts, but know that others will share their thoughts and they may not agree with you.

      I hope you continue to post.


    • quincyil says:

      Karen, I went through all of the posts. This is a free board in the sense that you don’t have to agree with Lynn or anyone else. Sometimes, we don’t understand how someone came to her/his conclusions and it helps if that person gave their reasons. You will see that a lot of comments here are actually mini blogs. They even will give you an http to back up their opinions.

      Over time, every one gets used to the set up.

      Feel free to say what you feel and know that others are reading and paying attention to your thoughts.

      This is a controversial show so the comments will reflect that. Sorry, if something bothered you today.


      • klmh says:


      • karen says:

        Quincy , i was just replying to another post that mentioned there seemed to be alot of new people posting today. While i dont post often, i have been posting for a year. I also noticed that there were alot of posts today with names i didnt recognize ( im sure mine is one as i tend to reply to people more than not). I did notice alot of agressive language, more so than i usually do and i wasnt offended, and i didnt get upset, im just surprised at how heated today has been. there is usually a more laid back feel to this site. I noticed a few people saying that they read the blog but dont usually post and i think that happened today. i certainly posted way more in one day than i do in a three month period. I really appreciate this site and ive said it before and ill say it again, ill NEVER forget being so insensed over jill and just typing in my browser out of frustration, i hate jill zarin, and this wonderful site popped up 🙂

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I was just trying to make you feel comfortable. It’s hard to remember all of the names and the names change sometimes.

          I’m glad you like this place. Lynn works very hard to keep the content fresh so that people have topics of interest to discuss.


  14. Kelly Anne says:

    I think Teresa is right now hurt but also is using that to get sympathy from viewers.

    Had a NY Housewives experience at Rock Center yesterday (think they filming for today show). The Countess walked in the cafe with Kelly following her lead like a jumpy 10 year old all smiling and excited. Must say they look much taller in person.

    • quincyil says:

      I think Teresa is suffering. She has a husband with legal issues. They have been sued, filed bankruptcy and despite Teresa’s protests, she could lose her house.

      I bet Teresa wonders how all of this happened and feels like a victim.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I hope T fans aren’t as freak showish as Kate Gosselin fans.

        Kate was just ordered to pay 10k to a marriage counselor she hired but didn’t pay. (Kate is reportedly appealing it, which makes me think she will end up spending more in attorney fees but I digress). I heard that some of her die hard fans want to take up a collection for her. This a woman who supposedly makes 250k an episode, lives in a million dollar plus home, had all her 5 star vacations paid for ..and these sheeple want to pay her bills?

        • ihearttalavera says:

          That is disgusting. I can’t believe anyone likes her much less is willing to help her live beyond her means.

      • HW Addict says:

        Did (K)elly(K)razy(B)itch have on one of those collars that they use to train puppies that squirt water in their face…Lumann seems pretty sadistic, she probably had (K)elly(K)razy(B)itch fitted up with the type that zaps her with an electric shock…which could be exactly what she needs,electro-shock treatment! Minimally!

    • aquamarinecandy-083 says:

      You are right, they are both super tall in person!

  15. Malinia says:

    People aren’t being “trolls” because they have a different opinion, and I know damn well Lynn doesn’t expect her readers to walk in lock-step with her, or even with popular board opinion.

    Calling people names because they don’t agree with you about a particular episode of a silly reality show is whack to me.

    In this ONE instance, I felt bad for Theresa, and I believe that she is hurt, and in shock that Bravo blindsided her with this after she signed, and that having this air is making her sick, heartsick. That doesn’t mean I think Theresa is cool. It simply means that DAMN, that would be rough, fameho or not!

    So far? I can’t stand Melissa. Joey is a violent drunk. Joe is a fat criminal.

    Oh, and I have been here since Amazongate, even though I do switch my name around sometimes. I think Lynn has been fantastic in both creating this blog and safe place to chat, and in setting a good tone. Disagreeing with Lynn on one blog doesn’t mean I am a troll, or that I think any less of Lynn!

    For crying out loud, it’s reality TV. We can all disagree sometimes! 😉

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      If T is feeling bad she should read the comments under Kathy’s Bravo blog. That will make her feel a lot better. Can’t wait to see what Melissa writes. Q you should take a crack at it! Melissa remember you need fans to buy your record when it drops…let the spin begin.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I bet Kathy is getting the brunt of it all because Mel chickened shit out of posting a blog.

        I didn’t see Kathy doing anything that bad. I didn’t find her confrontational in her approach dealing with the gorilla. I found Caroline to be much more aggressive than her.

    • historykc says:


      • Malinia says:

        I think Theresa was probably pleased by the poll results last night, and I don’t think she expected them.

        However, having fans on your side in this, while nice? Wouldn’t make up for knowing that your (ill) dad and mom and aunts and uncles and cousins and every other person knows that your brother hates your guts.

        Nor would it make up for that. I would be DYING if one of my feuds with my brother ended up on TV. I would be horrified that people were watching something that actually DID hurt me, unlike the stupid Danielle crap, play out.

        I just think Theresa probably feels the same way. Just because she is an idiot and distasteful as hell, doesn’t mean that she can’t be wounded. She’s taken a lot of hits, most well deserved, and I just understand that THIS particular hit is the one that is humiliating and hurting her the most.

        As for why she hasn’t talked about her brother before this if it meant so much to her? Why WOULD she? She obviously didn’t want this out there, not for her, her brother, or for her parents.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Here, Here…
      Although I can’t say I felt sorry for Teresa. I could see her pain, it just didn’t stir anything up in me. I think part of the reason I find Mel and Joey so offensive by trying to drag T down, is that it reminded me of the whole scene in the limo ride with the Richard sisters and all the accusations that came before and after it.

      • Malinia says:

        Yeah, and that scuzbag Kim saying “Shall we BOO her?”

        These women.


        Glad I am not from Jersey.

      • cait says:

        Rabble Rouser-
        I agree about the limo richard sisters, somehow when the playing field isn’t level, it’s just not as enjoyable to watch. For instance, I felt really really bad for Kim and an irrational hate for Kyle- Didn’t matter if it was the truth- some things you just don’t say about your family out in public

    • cait says:

      Malinia hit the nail on the head

  16. stlgal says:

    Is anyone going to comment that on the bravo site there is an article that states that Teresa wants her own cooking show?

    Or that she was slated to be on the People cover but got knocked off by Arnold. Inside she dresses up as a contestant for Dancing With the Stars!

    Since RHONJ is the highest-rated viewing show, I can see Teresa getting on. Bethany was a favorite for the Ice Skating with the Stars show so it could happen.

    • Caitlin says:

      Oy! Yeah, I saw that little blurb, but how can she have a cooking show when she cannot even pronounce the word “ingredients”? It may have been on WWHL, but she said “ingredientses.” Puhleeeeze!!! I mean, aren’t the “dese, dems and dose” enough?

  17. Obsessed with RH says:

    I might be in the minority here but I have a major problem with Teresa and I personally don’t see Melissa’s behavior as egregious as others do. Granted, I’m NOT condoning Melissa’s behavior by any stretch of the imagination BUT I refuse to feel bad for Teresa or look at her as the victim. That woman doesn’t take responsibility for ANY of her actions at all and instead gets up and screams at whomever might be pointing out one of her flaws or missteps. I do not believe for ONE second that Teresa knew nothing about the impending bankruptcy. Unless she stuck her head in that gigantic vase as soon as she walked in the door to that marble disaster until she left every single day there is no way that she didn’t see a bill come through the mail, pick up the phone when a collection agent called etc etc.

    Melissa to me is more like an obnoxious fly on the wall whereas Teresa is a 6 foot gorilla (with no forehead). I think people are forgetting that this is Melissa’s debut season. In each of the housewives debut they talk about themselves, their kids, what they do etc etc…that is how the viewers get to know them. Granted, Melissa is somewhat pompous about it however, if my sister in law were Trashy Tree I would probably take any opportunity to jab her if I could. While Joe Gorga is an animal lets remember who his sister is. Teresa is the one who flipped a table, Teresa is the one who shoved Andy Cohen at the reunion. TERESA is the one who puts her hands on other women and uses some of the foulest language I’ve ever heard. Melissa might be a pain, but Teresa is trash and for that, I’m Team Melissa.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Yeah!!! Someone who agrees with me! LOL

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        Sorry it took me so long to post Lynn!!!

        • Caitlin says:

          And I agree as well! I think a lot of people have a short memory about Teresa’s behavior (Danielle or no Danielle, her actions in the recent past has been horrendous.) Thank you, Obsessed, for reminding us about the so-called “victim” here. Melissa deserves the same benefit of a doubt that Teresa got at the beginning.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for saying exactly what I think but couldn’t quite get out lol

    • Humbruh says:


      You took the words out of my mouth! I agree with you 100%!

  18. quincyil says:

    We have so many new people that I thought I would share some cool things on this blog. In the top, there is a black box containing links to Lynn’s blogs and articles.
    Teresa’s legal documents has a board like this one and there are comments there.

    Lynn has a series called: “Portraits of the Housewives.” These articles are looks at the reality stars over a period of time/seasons.

    From the top of the page in the black box:

    Teresa’s bankruptcy documents
    Lynn’s series on the housewives over the years:
    Portrait of a Housewife: Tamra Barney http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/7960279/portrait_of_a_housewife_tamra_barney.html?cat=2
    Portrait of a Housewife Jacqueline Laurita @http://look.ac/hB0mzR
    Portrait of a Housewife – Ramona Singer @http://look.ac/ecEwsz
    Portrait of a Housewife – Kim Richards @http://look.ac/gCwWvW
    Portrait of a Housewife – Taylor Armstrong @http://look.ac/hRITdu
    Portrait of a Housewife – Teresa Giudice @http://look.ac/eVeK98
    Portrait of a Housewife – Jill Zarin @http://look.ac/gUD6kv
    Portrait of a Housewife Kim Zolciak @http://look.ac/i4JbCb
    Portrait of a Housewife NeNe Leakes @http://look.ac/fZvbW9
    Portrait of a Housewife – Camille Grammer @http://look.ac/hie17m
    Portrait of a Housewife – Lisa Vanderpump @http://look.ac/h2wUfs

  19. vilzvet says:

    “You’re a moron Caroline Manzo…own it!”
    This line had me choking with laughter today, many of the Housewives have had the privilege of being called a moron by Lynn! It kills me every time. Kelly is the Most Moronic, followed by Teresa.

    • Nancy says:

      I loved when Bethenny yelled at Kelly…”I went to culinary school you moron.”
      They were on the boat during Scary Island. That line should be on our Bethenny’s one liner T-Shirts!

  20. Obsessed with RH says:

    I would also like to clarify that Melissa said to Joey “you LOOK like your sister” when he was in his halloween costume. He was dressed as Snooki from Jersey Shore, NOT Teresa but if people made the mistake that he dressed like Teresa for halloween I wouldn’t necessarily fault them because the resemblance is there.

    • quincyil says:

      I thought he was trying to be Teresa because of that statement from his wife. Being Snooki didn’t come to my mind as I don’t watch that show.

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        I figured that there might be some confusion but the wig and the dress are a part of the Snooki costume I saw floating around at different stores for Halloween.

  21. Smompy says:

    Wow, Teresa’s blog really is Spin City:

    “I never expected in a million years that my brother would erupt like that, especially in front of his goddaughter.”

    Why not, Tree, You erupt like that quite often yourself. And frankly, nobody looked all THAT shocked when Joey erupted, so I’m betting that wasn’t the very first time it’s happened.

    “It’s one of the millions of reasons I walked away immediately.”

    But you didn’t walk away immediately, Tree…or were the cameras lying again?

    “Someone asked me an interesting question this week — if the roles were reversed and I was asked to be on a show Melissa had been on already (knowing going on it would hurt our family) would I do it? Not in a million years.”

    Suuuuure, you wouldn’t, Tree! And why would it automatically hurt your fambly to join a show they were already on? I would think it’d be nice to work with family members. Did it hurt Caroline that her sister and sister in law were on the show too…not to mention her brother in law, sons, daughter, nieces and nephews?

    “I’m a smart girl. If I wanted to still write a book, I think I could find a way to get it published. I do live near New York City. If I wanted to be a singer, I would audition for The Voice or something. Nothing is worth putting your family into situations like this.”

    Yes, Tree, you’re a very smart girl. Everyone thinks so, and I’m sure your book would be published and sell like hotcakes even if you were still a hirsute Guidette from north Jersey who nobody ever heard of. Also, if it’s so true that nothing is worth putting your fambly into situations like this, why didn’t you withdraw from the show when you found out your brother and sister law were going to be added? Somehow it must have been “worth it” for you to stay.

    “Gia cried at school this week, because the kids were making fun of her family. I never, ever thought that would happen.”

    Really, Tree? I would have guessed that’s happened lots of time before. You have thrown tables, you have cursed like a truck driver with Tourettes, you have chased people through catering halls, you have had to be held back when you were trying to physically attack other women, and you have literally thrown your male employer into a chair on national television. You have also conned people out of money, declared bankruptcy, hid money from the government, lied in court papers and forged documents, all the while conspicuously throwing around thousand dollar bills like some Colombian drug lord with terrible taste in furniture. But none of Gia’s schoolmates were bothered by any of that I guess. Nope, it’s all Joe & Melissa Gorga’s fault that your fine, upstanding fambly is now embarrassed.

    “Yes, I know, I flipped a table on Danielle. That’s different.”

    Of course it’s different, Tree. Everything is different when YOU’RE involved…all the rules change for you. You explained that to the world many times.
    “When someone on the outside is messing with your family and friends and trying to bully everyone, you stand up for yourself. I’ll always stand up for myself, my family, and my friends.”

    Sure, Tree, except that Danielle was NOT “bullying” your fambly when you went apeshit on her. Not the first time when you threw a friggin’ dinner table at her, not the second time when you maniacally chased her around the fashion show screaming, and not the third time when you got in her face, angrily chased her off the set, and repeatedly threatened to kick her ass at the reunion and had to be restrained. No bullying (by Danielle or anyone else) preceded any of those uncontrollably violent outbursts of yours, Tree. You simply didn’t like that she called you out on your own behavior. And on last night’s episode, Kathy certainly wasn’t bullying you when you went off on her. She was calmly speaking the truth during what appeared to be an honest attempt to being you and your estranged fambly members together.

    So please QUIT SPINNING and face the fact that you’re an angry, dishonest, jealous and violent person, mmmkay Tree?

    • Obsessed with RH says:

      Well said!!!!! My favorite was the fact that the rules are different when foreheadless tree and felony joe are involved!

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Wow awesome Smompy! Maybe you should write Melissa’s blog for her. She needs help…plus didn’t it seem so obvious that someone else wrote T’s blog?

      Okie Folkie getting nervous here…are you all right? the weather channel has been reporting non stop about Oklahoma, they just had the Governor of OK on. It’s been a really tough day out there for you & klmh. Praying you are ok in OK!!

      • klmh says:

        Me too. Are you ok Okie Folkie?

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Aaaawwww, Thanks so much.

        I’m so sorry you had to endure our awful Gov. on your TV. Mary Palin, I mean Fallin!

        There are still some storms to the south. The bad ones left me behind. Just left parts of other peoples’ roofs in my yard.
        The sirens did go off for about 1/2 hr non stop.

        As I mentioned above there have been 2 confirmed deaths, from the storms that hit El Reno. (about an hr or so due west of where I live)
        I just pray thats all, as that is TOO much!

        • klmh says:

          I have some stuff in our little hole, but they haven’t issued a tornado warning. Yet. Its close, in Osage. It also looks to be redirecting itself to a more northerly direction, because 1/2 hour ago, we were in the direct path to the cells.
          I cant find the damned cats to put them into their crates. Damn their eyes.
          Hope it passes us by. Im so sorry about the 3 that have been killed.
          This is the second time I have had to worry about this, in a sincere manner. The first time we saw the tornado form above us.
          Im so glad you are ok, and Im sorry to hear about your friends roofs.
          Oh, we are now in the warning. See you in a bit…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Someone wrote that blog for Teresa – I have no doubts. Just like they are all fed the same crap in their talking heads – work ethic? my heart in a million pieces? it’s my family? I’d spit but it just isn’t worth the effort!!

    • Whisper says:

      You couldn’t of said it any better!!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      LOL- I loved your rant.

    • Christine says:

      Yes, yes, and, by the way YES!
      Loved the Colombian drug lord comment – I immediately pictured Al Pacino in Scarface. Previews show Teresa getting a gun from Juicy – “Say hello to my new little friend.”

  22. Malinia says:

    To switch the subject for a second.

    Lynn! How wonderful you were able to see this Oprah tribute in person! On TV it seems kind of over the top, but I can only imagine how SUPER COOL it must have been in person!

    So glad you got to go!


    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks Malinia, it was so much fun and the atmosphere was amazing, hard to describe but it was impossible to show on TV how really spectacular the night was. I always liked Oprah but I wasn’t an “over the top” fan until this show. What she’s done for Chicago is amazing too!

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        So amazing that you actually got to be there-I have been watching on TV and it is truly unbelievable the amount of love and respect that all of those people have for Oprah. To be in that arena must have been a real treat for you-it is what you deserve for giving us a forum for expressing ourselves-no matter who’s “side” we are on..thanks!!!!!

  23. Ches says:

    Hello Everybody,

    I’ve been kind of scarce around here lately because I’ve totally lost interest in the OC this year, and my hard drive finally gagged and died.

    But NJ snapped me back and I’m slowly warming to NY.

    Couple of random thoughts-
    Kelly…such a freaking liar. She drones on endlessly about how she was bullied on the scary island, when the only place it happened was in her own mind. She blamed everybody else for the things, she herself was doing. I suspect she was the abuser and twisted it around to to become the “abusee”. She is always the victim. And the 14 year old mentality act is really getting old.
    Luann needs to STFU, keep her snout out of other people’s business and stop being Jill’s lapdog. She has her head stuck so far up Jill’s butt she needs to get some snorkeling equipment so she can breathe. Although I do think she has physically gotten much more attractive since she left the count.
    Jill…same old, same old… just has Lapdog Luann and Kiss-ass Kelly doing most of her dirty work for her.
    Caroline Manzo…I’d rather watch my own toenails grow.
    Theresa, Melissa and JoJo the dog-faced boys…I think it’s just a matter of time before T and J are over. I think the whole “I’m poor now, with 4 kids that my Pillsbury Dough Boy looking husband never helps me with, because he’s too busy making pizza for a living , losing all the money he swindled and running around on me” thing is gonna get really old really fast.
    M and J, I’m undecided. I wanted to like them and in a weird way I do, although I feel he has major issues that he really needs to work out.
    But in a way I think they are just a re-digested version of T&J.
    Same poop only in a different shape.
    Asshley…Somebody needs to buy her a one-way plane ticket and ship her butt off to a third-world counry. Or a mandatory 4 years in the Army might be good too.
    What a brat. I think Chris should get a medal for having to put up with her. They need to kick her butt out and cut her off completely. Anyone else would have been fired. She is more annoying than the worst of the housewives put together. The sad thing is I don’t think she’ll grow out of it, I think that is just her personality.

    One more thing, does anyone know how to get added to Old broad Chronicles? She made it “friends only” and you have to be invited. I really liked reading her blog.

    • Jezzibel says:

      the Army has enought problems..why would you want to inflict Ashley on them???? I kid..I kid..have nothing but grudging respect for my fellow brothers-in-arms

      • Ches says:

        You’re right. What was I thinking? Not to mention the fact her incessant whining would tip off the enemy miles away.
        But on the other hand, they would probably surrender on the condition we send her back to the US.

  24. Tammy says:

    Lynne I really enjoy your blog. However, this is the second week you’ve clearly been team Melissa. I think you are so blinded by your hatred for Tree that you can’t see the crap that Melissa is feeding us. I’m no fan of Teresa’s either but clearly Melissa has a lot of stuff with her. Everyone keeps referencing Tree’s financial woes but it’s only a matter of time before the truth about Melissa and Joey begins to surface as well. Case and point the following article: http://stoopidhousewives.com/2011/05/11/melissa-gorga/

    • Obsessed with RH says:

      Since I seem to be the only one who agrees with Lynn about preferring Melissa to Teresa if you see my response upthread you’ll see that I don’t simply point out Teresa’s financial problems but her PHYSICAL violence toward others on REPEATED occasions and her inability to EVER assume responsibility for any of her actions whether she was at fault or NOT. Melissa is annoying definitely but she isn’t physically pushing, touching, flipping anyone nor is she using the word c**t like it is going out of style. Teresa is a sh*t starter and everyone is so quick to say Melissa is however, when Teresa went to say congrats at the christening it was a half an hour before the christening was OVER. If she really wanted to say something she could have done so earlier. Melissa isn’t without fault but Teresa is being portrayed as this defenseless victim which she is the furthest thing from.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        I’m with you guys, too! Dont fetgit ’bout me!

        I’m so sick of Tree & JJ.

        I do find Melissa and her always saying “Thank you Jesus” quite off-putting. But, so far she is not violent, to me, that is always a BIG PLUS.

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          Glad to see you back Okie! this has been one h*ll of a tornado season this year

        • Ches says:

          I’m Catholic but that “Thank you, Jesus” bothers me too.
          I’ve found, in most cases, that the people who are always airing their religion in public, no matter what their religion is, are not very nice people and use their god and religious teachings to back up their nasty behavior.
          Although, I have met some “praise the lord” people who are absolutely great.

          • cait says:

            Yeah.. “thank you jesus” followed by an evil smile ? looked so fake and weird- bleh

        • Whisper says:

          Me too!

      • Karen says:

        Thats been my take on it too. Melissa seems harmless compared to the true viciousness of Teresa and I’m sure shes terrorized her sil for years

      • nic says:

        Why is it that if we don’t like Melissa, then that must mean we are ‘pro’ Teresa? I see a lot of people that don’t like either, myself included.

        • Obsessed with RH says:

          I said I preferred Melissa to Teresa, I am definitely not pro either of them however, I feel it necessary to point out things about Teresa that it seems people may have glossed over or forgotten.

        • cait says:

          exactly , nic. There’s enough hate for the both of them, if you ask me.

      • detrcait says:

        could it be possible that she was going up to them as she was about to leave to say congrats again before walking out the door? because we know if she didn’t say goodbye, that would have been pointed out too by Melissa.

      • Caitlin says:

        No, no, no, you are not the only one!!!

      • Cheri says:

        You might want to rewatch the fight see as she is filmed kicking at someone in that fight

    • Smompy says:

      Even if some of the unsubstaniated claims contained in that anonymous email (on stoopidhousewives) hadn’t already been disproved by various commenters there, I would still have had trouble believing anything the emailer saidm based on this one particular statement:

      “Melissa has been jealous of Teresa since the day they met. Melissa was a plain Jane. Teresa has been fabulous and over-the-top since high school.”

      Melissa may end up being shown to be just as much of a lying grifter as Teresa is, but in what universe is Teresa the more attractive of the two??? In that competition, Melissa’s the Mary & Teresa’s the Rhoda. No, wait, it’d actually be more accurate to say Melissa is the Rhoda and Teresa is the Lou Grant.

      • Thunderstruck says:

        I don’t think either of them are attractive when the camera gets up close to their faces. Melissa’s nose is very unattractive. It reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose. All bony, crooked and lumped. Melissa is softer looking than Teresa though. Teresa’s face definitely shows the stress.

        • cait says:

          Thunderstruck- Take a look at the witch in wizard of oz and tell me her and melissa don’t look like twins, they have the same nose anyway

  25. Malinia says:

    Say safe you peeps in Tornado land!

    CNN is scaring the crap out of me and I don’t live anywhere near there.

    That poor dad looking for his 16 year old son just broke my heart too.

    Latest is tornado touch downs near Oklahoma City.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I always get so sad when I hear about the fatalities, especially those that involved children. I am so sensitive, I have a hard time even watching fictional tv crime shows that’s plot line evolves around a death of a child- or even worse when it’s true crime story.

      I can’t imagine the helplessness that survivors must feel as they watch people they love being pulled from their arms.

    • Thunderstruck says:

      My husband is heading to Joplin, Missouri, tomorrow so he will see the devastation in that town first hand. They are still having severe weather down that way too and I’m not sure tomorrow will be any better. I think the last death toll in that area alone is 124 and still counting. Very very sad and yet it could’ve been even worse although that really isn’t comforting either.

  26. AZ Girl says:

    AZ Girl here…I have been really busy at work and trying to catch up on all the posts. It has been very entertaining. Just a few “shout outs” for a boring PIH (sorry Q) night.

    First, to all the new posters that have decided to join us the past week WELCOME!! Pro Tree/Anti Melissa v. Pro Melissa/Anti Tree etc. you are all welcome to post.

    For all the posters in living in Tornado Alley/midwest we are thinking of you and hoping that you are safe from the storms.

    Finally, Caroline needs to get a job. Any posters from NJ area want to hire her? HA!

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      She could help make that famous Brownstone sauce, looks like Al needs help since Christopher is gone.

  27. BlueSky_Forever says:

    Melissa posted her 4 pager blog….


    Glad to hear from our Okie Folkie that you’re okay!

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Thanks BS_F for posting that link!

      Also, thank EACH and EVEY ONE of you all for your concern, regarding our ‘weather events’ today.
      As long as no one gets hurt, I really enjoy a good storm. Of course nothing of the like we had today, or what our neighbors in MO. experienced. That is so very sad.

      I appreciate that I can come here & go so off topic and each of you CARE what actually happens, to me, that means the world!

      ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((IHJZ Bloggers & commenters)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      On BRAVO I posted this…

      Love the blog Melissa. You seem happy, having a wonderful marriage and lovely children. That’s a blessing. I hope your family is able to come together and at least be civil. In some families where one sibling rules (Teresa), the other children and their children will never have the overwhelming support of the parents. They are too invested in building up, assisting and defending the favored child. As for your husband… life is unfair. Keep loving him and encourage him to love and treat his children equally, so they’ll never feel the hurt he does. When you marry, you start your own family. He can’t change the past but he can make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. TeamFamily. 🙂

      Wonder if it’ll get posted…

    • vilzvet says:

      She does try to play nice here but I did notice she states that SHE writes her own blogs! Nice dig!

    • PF says:

      Melissa said in her blog the following:

      As you can see, my husband was still so upset. I think he was expecting a phone call from his sister asking if we were all OK and trying to explain why she pushed him to that point, but he never got anything, He admits the way he reacted was not the right way, but bottom line is it was his son’s christening. Families have blowouts, sometimes even tragic ones like this, but most of the time you get a phone call the next day. I think he wanted that from his sister. He wanted an apology for doing what she does best, causing a stir and getting everyone crazy when it all could have been avoided in the first place. He then would have told her he is so sorry for calling her garbage.

      *This is why I am not liking the Gorgas. You call me garbage and expect a call from me the next day with an apology?
      This is so backwards. They are both in denial that Joey was the one at fault for what happened at the christening.

      • Malinia says:

        WHY on earth should Theresa apologize?

        For saying “Congratulations” at the party?

        Anyone here who would not have said a second congratulations if they attended both the Church service and the big blow out party several hours later?

        • PF says:

          What kills me is her saying that T pushed him to that point. That is so childish! No one pushes you to hit or flip a table. That’s all you! I’m just not getting this family.

          • ihearttalavera says:

            He’s just like his sister. Neither one ever take responsibility for their actions. That’s why they’ll never change. While I’m not happy to see T *appear* to be so sad (even though I can’t stand her), I am hoping that all of this might make her take a long, hard look at her behavior. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to make changes. I don’t think she will though.

      • Jezzibel says:

        I think I would have held out for a phone call admitting that things got well and truely out of hand and maybe they should get together and talk about if face to face….thats the kind of phone call I’d be expecting.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        JOey called his sister garbage, he told her to leave, he didn’t accept her congratulations and oddly enough – she is supposed to apologize??? For having an asshat as a brother? For the fact that their dad like her husband? Oh Melissa – you have four children not three.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Why did she bring Jacqueline into it – saying her face said it all. Why put her in the middle. Grrrr – I’m not liking this woman at all.

  28. detrcait says:

    i am just curious why no one has pointed out the fact that while, yes, teresa was not with her daughter when joe freaked out…. melissa was also not with her kids either. they were just as caught up in the mess as everyone else (actually more so), but kathy didn’t seem to be as concerned with melissa’s kids and who was with them.

    • Malinia says:

      None of those slugs were taking care of kids, with the possible exception of Kathy at some point.

      I saw one woman holding a baby while huge fat drunk Italian men were flying past her either throwing punches or being thrown bodily. Here is a thought? Take that kid OUT of there!

      Get the damn kids away you animals. I felt for Gia too. All of those children really. Hope Joey Gorga and the rest of the pigs are proud of themselves. Oh, and the hos like Melissa egging them on.

      For people who profess to love family so much? Yeah, didn’t see that.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It looked like the women were getting all hot and bothered by their men grunting and acting like apes…..who has time to worry about children being in harm’s way?! The Gorgon started it, it was about his feelings not his son and Teresa did walk away cause she has seen this move before.

    • PF says:

      Great point!

      • detrcait says:

        Malinia- I saw that baby too! It looked like baby Joey to me, but I’m not certain.

  29. boston02127 says:

    Is this the blog we’re on?

  30. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Okay, Here’s the thing. As everyone knows who has been around here for a while, I do not like Teresa. She is a classless, thieving, in your face, screaming Banshee who gave a new definition to the term “Nasty-Nice”. But now I have a problem. I just read Melissa’s second blog and now after 2 episodes and 2 blogs—I gotta tell you I am seriously pissed off at this chick. Why? This little passive aggressive, whiny, jealous, LuAnn wanna be is actually making me feel bad for Teresa.
    This may be the sentiment that so many are trying to express on this board today. I do not like the way this feels. I like my bitches and butt-heads clearly defined and easy to hate on. It is a small life, but it is MY life and those are my terms. I wanna snark guilt free, dammit. Now, after FOUR pages of the most ridiculous, passive/aggressive, subtle digs on every page, bullshit agenda pushing I cannot do that. And no, I do not want to take a big girl pill. I do not wish to be adult about this. I WANT MY BITCH BACK!
    LuAnn’s little protege has taken her from me, as I now have a small, teeny tiny, barely visible but there all the same, spark of sympathy for Teresa. And that just made my head hurt. DAM you, Gorgas. I shall have my revenge.

    • Obsessed with RH says:

      LOL that was hysterical. She is definitely not doing herself any favors with the blog, I’ll give you that, but what tips the scales back in the Tbag direction for me is the physical violence that I have yet to see Melissa exhibit. Teresa is violent and gets away with it with no consequences. She just blames her behavior on everyone else and never has to be punished for it.

      Joey G on the other hand is Teresa’s twin….any excuse to use your hands on an object or a person. That is not ok.

      • PF says:

        Yes, Melissa is showing no violence. But she is also excusing Joey’s. She needs to recognize that no one pushes you to violence. That is all on that person.

        • detrcait says:

          I agree PF! She is justifying and defending his behavior. I understand that she wants to support her husband, but her accepting that behavior is just as bad to me.

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Actually, you can goad someone to violence. And that is one of the big reasons I don’t like this Jersey version of LuAnn. She knows he has a “switch” and pushes his buttons (Joe is destroying your relationship with your dad, Teresa resents your success, etc) and enlists her sisters to help (we are your REAL sisters, our family loves you even if your dad doesn’t etc) and keeps subtly pushing those buttons until he explodes at the first opportunity.
          It is like when my cousin used to put her finger so close to my face it was just barely not touching me and taunt me and taunt me. When I finally smacked her hand away, I got in trouble. That is what she wanted.
          I am not excusing the violence, but to me if you know that tendency exists and you egg it on, then sit back and get all wide eyed and “How did that happen” you suck worse than someone who just straight slugs you and then owns it.

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            and NO, I don’t think it is cool to slug someone at all, I am just saying one is as bad as the other to me.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I know how you feel, but that spark that you speak of (you know, the spark of sympathy for Teresa) I poured a huge bucket of water on it. 🙂

    • midwesthousewife says:

      You are killing me with the “I like my bitches and butt-heads clearly defined”. Will you grant a newbie permission to use that in everyday life?

      This is exactly what I am feeling about the whole thing. I feel like both of them just need to – Go to sleep! Go to sleep! They’re insane!

      My life is becoming a myriad of one-liners from HW and this blog! I need a hobby.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        permission granted with pleasure. Glad to find a kindred soul!

      • cait says:

        GO TO SLEEP! GO TO SLEEP! sometimes I’ll just say that exactly the way bethenny did , and than giggle like an idiot- my husband must think I’m nuts

    • Caitlin says:

      I’m not crazy about Melissa, and I didn’t enjoy her first blog at all. Doubt I’ll “treat” myself to the second one either. However, Teresa has gotten away with acting like “Queen for a Day” every single time she shows up at an event, whether she is hosting or not. Surely last year’s fashion show was not “her night,” but she was determined to “greet” Danielle in a way guaranteed to get things going. And she succeeded! I think she had the very same thing in mind when she approached her brother’s table at their event. She was determined, imo, to make herself the center of attention and goad others into behavior which was not pretty. Again – success!!!! And now she is playing the victim? I don’t buy it! Jacqueline made some mention of how Teresa manages to do this in last night’s episode – but didn’t go into it in near enough detail. Yeah, Teresa’s crazy – crazy like a fox!

    • cait says:

      well thank you for expressing my feelings about mel so well- hating on tree is so easy- mel is so sneaky- how dare she try to snowball everyone

  31. boston02127 says:

    According to a news report, a certain private Catholic school in Brisbane was recently faced with a unique problem. A number of 12-year-old girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom.

    That was fine provided it was of a natural or neutral skin tone, but after they put on their lipstick they would press their lips to the mirror leaving dozens of little lip prints.

    Every night the maintenance man would remove them and the next day the girls would put them back. Finally the principal, Sister Paschal, decided that something had to be done.

    She called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there with the maintenance man. She explained that all these lip prints were causing a major problem for the custodian who had to clean the mirrors every night (you can just imagine the yawns from the little princesses). To demonstrate how difficult it had been to clean the mirrors, Sister Paschal asked the maintenance man to show the girls how much
    effort was required.

    He took out a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror with it. Since then, there have been no lip prints on the mirror.

    There are teachers…. and then there are educators.

  32. Kats2 says:

    Teresa was, is and will always be a trouble maker and a thug. Her “innocent” “Congratulations” was just like how she hung outside the bathroom waiting Danielle to exit to say hi. Nothing innocent about it and I’m sick of lies.

    Love your blog Lynn and totally agree, I don’t like Melissa. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I want to see the criminals Teresa and Joe get what they deserve and I’d like to see Caroline Manzo knocked off her self-created pedestal.

    So Albie and Chris finally crawl out of Caroline Manzo’s ass and Jay Mohr crawls right in. Based on how badly his wife messed up her beautiful face with really bad plastic surgery, I’m not sure he should be blogging about anyone. I don’t get his Manzo Love. My guess is his now ugly wife wants to be a Bravo HW and he is doing everything he can to make that happen.

    I will add one positive comment, I love Lauren Manzo, I hope she runs away from home. To think mommy paid so much attention to the weirdo flunky sons and look at all Lauren has done. I wish her the best.

    • boston02127 says:

      Did you notice her makeup set up last night? She had Mally makeup but it said Mally by Lauren. But it was real Mally. ????

      I agree with you, I hope Lauren goes her own way.

      • chismosa says:

        Boston- many salons by me have this- the salon itself employs one person who specializes in one type of makeup, i had a Paula Dorf woman once (ps i can’t find Paula Dorf anywhere anymore! loved it)- and the girl/ woman there does that makeup specifically. It’s Mally for sure. Exclusively Mally.
        Lauren needs to shape up on her own makeup skills though on her face. Too much stuff going on. I loved Bethenny’s makeup artist’s look.

        • boston02127 says:

          Ohh…I was wondering why Lauren’s name was in with the Mally name. I’ve never tried Mally but I’ve seen it on QVC.

          I luv B’s makeup too. Less is more. I luv the way B dresses too.

          • NJ Bev says:

            The Mally stuff is pretty good. I just
            got another from QVC last week.
            great waterproof eye make-up.

            Why do I always feel sad for Lauren?

            • ihearttalavera says:

              I love Mally too. Great blush if you have a problem with blush “disappearing.” The poreless face defender is AH-mazing. Her lipglosses are just meh.

    • chismosa says:

      Kats i totally agree with you and i’m on Lynn’s side on this- I’m team Melissa all the way

  33. Arya Stark says:

    Well, one thing for sure, Jersey is no longer completely boring.

    THE FABULOUS Richard Lawson GAWKER recap!

    Oh, and the always Fun B-Side Blog photo-recap

  34. Kats2 says:

    OMG Ashley was on the WWHL After Show and she makes me sick. I’m not just trying to be mean but she still lives at home, she got lip injections done and she is now blonde. Jac is a sick mother and quite frankly I don’t see anything good happening to this spoiled brat.

    • chismosa says:

      omg really? that is so gross. Jacqueline is a model for a bad mother who is not seemingly bad (not starving her kids or beating them, etc) but who is a BAD mother nonetheless. She needs to be on Dr. Phil like tomorrow.
      What an embarrassment!

    • Obsessed with RH says:

      She is another one who is going to act like an animal and then blame it on other people…theyyyy made me to do it because you didn’t give me a Range Rover MOMMM!! How was I supposed to get across the street without a $100,000 car? I hadddd to steal hers!!!!

      • chismosa says:

        love !
        i just can’t take Jacqueline and the issue with Ashley. Can’t do it anymore. She’s going to try to do a re-do with her two boys.

    • Humbruh says:

      If I had even thought of being half as disrespectful as Ashley is toward my parents they would have smacked the taste out of my mouth then put me out of the house. Not only does Jacqueline tolerate the constant disrespect but it’s as though she rewards her as well. I don’t get it at all!

  35. chismosa says:

    Hi Lynn and Quincy- i am SO behind on this blog i am still reading comments from Simon’s webisode blog from last week- i must read everything or else i feel i miss out. Luckily i can scan through OC stuff as i don’t watch.
    Just wanted to tell you Lynn i’m so happy someone else besides myself seems to see the light with Teresa- how on earth did 92% of people vote on her side? I was in shock.
    Watching her on WWH it cements the fact that Tre cannot speak english correctly or well and also that she has ZERO personality for live one-on-one talks. She’s awful. It seems Tre only turns *it* on when there are Bravo cameras on her own turf in Jersey.
    Someone weeks back mentioned the theory that Tre probably doesn’t speak that well because of her immigrant parents. I have immigrant parents and speak flawless, grammatically correct english- when i remember to ;)- and not on this blog when commenting, i know! i majored in english in college, etc. My father to this day (unfortunately bc of the business he is in) works 6 days a week, super-long hours. My brother and I got educated, read regularly and speak well. She is a disgrace to hardworking immigrant parents everywhere and what children they raise.
    But i think i should add that apparently Tre grew up in Paterson NJ- which as far as i know (having asked some NJ-ians that i know), is a terrible place, not very upwardly mobile. So that may have an effect there as well.

    Hate Caroline with a passion and am so happy Lynn you called her out on it- why can’t people have a discussion in a place that was paid for by use for an event? Caroline you are a THUG i said it last year and i’m happy now people see you as you are. Shut up. PS Lauren does not do great makeup on herself so i don’t think she’s a good example for catching customers with her own makeup. She needs to tone down the black eyeliner prontisimo. That went out about 5 yrs ago.

    I love Kathy, i thought i wouldn’t be able to take looking at her ginormous eyes because they scared me a bit but now i love her to death. Her look reminds me a bit of a blue-eyed Bethenny in some way, with very heavy-lidded/huge eyes.
    Rachel Dratch is wrong about kathy’s husband- he’s not Italian people!
    I think people need to give Melissa a chance. We’ve had 3 seasons to watch Tre & all the other horrors, so we need to see more from Mel and Kath. I like them, i have to say. They were somewhat honorable in how they talked about others on the show last night and how they talked to eachother. They really could have gone on far worse than what was shown/ edited to be seen. I really deep down get a good feeling from them both.

    With the DISGUSTINGNESS that is this season of NY housewives, i’m happy at least others (or maybe just Lynn) are agreeing with what i see on NJ. Ok back to reading thousands of comments
    hope you are all doing well!

  36. boston02127 says:

    Quincy—-Today went really well. My friend Amy and I got 9 boxes of goods together. We stuff them with tons of cloths, blankets, sheets, etc. We went to 2 dollar stores and bought all the tooth brushes and put those in too. A manager at one of the dollar stores asked why we were buying all the toothbrushes and he donated 2 hugh (HUGH) cases of toilet paper and 2 cases of baby wipes. After we packed everything up we went to the P.O. and it was so expensive to mail everything. We didn’t have enough money and the people at the P.O. pitched in and got all the boxes out! I did what you had said and wrote Salvation Army…Joplin, MO on the boxes instead of family in need. We’re going to get some more things together thru out the week and mail a few more boxes.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      ****sigh**** and that is why you are you and I am me. I spent the day cleaning and snarking on housewives and you were out making a difference in someone’s life. What I would not give for a son your age—-I would force you into a marriage just so you could join my family. I am humbled, my darling girl. just humbled.

      • boston02127 says:

        @ Duchess of Dryer Lint —I’d marry your pretend son and one day you’d see me with PMS and say rid her!!!

        Today actually did me good. I’ve had a hard time with my mothers cloths and I felt right about this. I think it’s what she would of wanted me to do.

        • Whisper says:

          I bet she’s really proud & smiling down on you right now. I know I would be!

    • quincyil says:

      I am sure the Post office people will take it to the Salvation Army trucks.

      When we have had floods, our Salvation Army and the Red Cross are always there.

    • AZ Girl says:

      You and your friend Amy are a “joy”.

    • klmh says:

      You the best, girl!

    • neroes says:

      A Fl. radio station that I listen to, Joy FM has collected in just a few days $146,000 dollars in gift cards and will be going to Alabama to give them out.

    • Kats2 says:

      You are a saint. Always have been always will be. Not to get to cheesy but it makes me smile just knowing there are good people like you out there.

  37. Karen says:

    Of course now I have to go see who jay m’s wife is and what she did to her face

  38. MKValle says:

    I find myself feeling sorry and embarrassed for Teresa, I can’t figure out if she is just uneducated or outright ignorant, okay I really mean stupid. I cringe when she opens her mouth to speak.
    Now Kelly, has anyone ever seen her diploma from Columbia because I’m thinking she may have just graduated from a summer camp program at Columbia, one for special people. It seems her emotional mentality is stunted at age 15. Maybe she was abused, but not the way she admitted to LuAnn.
    I can’t bring myself to watch NJ, I’ve tried for 2 weeks now but I end up just falling asleep. RHNJ doesn’t come up on my version of On Demand (only has NY, Top Chef & Bethenny!), so I don’t get a chance to catch up.

  39. Kats2 says:

    Nikki Cox is his wife the following is one of many before and after pics


  40. chismosa says:

    sorry i went on and on above and there is some discussion apparently going on about Joplin and the disasters there. Prayers to any of you out there in any danger ~~~~~~

    Sidenote: i never trust texting on my phone to donate to the Red Cross. I would love to donate to them and know for sure where things are going to and that they indeed get there. I wanted to with Japan but was scared. I honestly don’t trust a) the way money is collected and b) that things get to where they have to go.

    • NJ Bev says:

      klmh said upthread that they are only rated a 3 now?
      Red Cross apparently not getting money where it’s supposed to be_?

  41. Arya Stark says:

    Oh gag me. A comment from Jill’s blog.

    What the hell is up with Bravo? Hundreds of comments on last week’s Jersey blog and still, almost NONE on RHNY? WHAT GIVES?

    Submitted by Trudie on May 23, 2011.

    Jill, what can I say? Bethanny took full advantage of you , your connections with people that could further her ambitions and then left to make a fortune ,that if not for you would never have happened. The same thing has happened with Alex and Simon.They used you to enter a group of people well above their social standing and used your connections and then Alex went nuts I think.So far LuAnn is her same snooty self and I love her!

    • PF says:

      I saw that too! Also so many others that say, I love you and you are my favorite hw…blah!

  42. Kats2 says:

    Bat baby left by the door when they came home cracked me up, it’s not funny but it cracked me up and is totally funny. Melissa’s son was left on the door mat when they got home and were changing for the adult part of the night. Poor little Bat Baby just laying there with his little bat wings on the door mat next to the bucket of Halloween candy. Good thing no one opened the door.

    Scroll down to see the pic of bat baby on his welcome, wipe your feet before coming in door mat.


  43. boston02127 says:

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for Teresa. She’s a thief. She does seem a bit humbled this season. Maybe she’s learned something. But she’s still a thief.

  44. boston02127 says:

    I just got an email from Cusi. She says hello to everyone.

  45. justanothermary says:

    I just want to take a minute to say thank you to all who reached out to me on the death of my mother on the last blog. I couldn’t read it all right away, because I’m still a little weepy, but I do appreciate all your kind words and the love that abounds on this blog is amazing.

  46. Cusi77 says:

    Love from Cusi! This is Cusi´s sister… no hablo ingles Cusi OK

  47. kotagirl29 says:

    Not about NJ, but I got a comment posted for Ramona:

    Submitted by IHJZ on May 24, 2011..

    Go get em Ramona! The mean girls are trying to make you look bad, but it isn’t working. Jealousy is an ugly color for all those brunettes to be wearing!

  48. boston02127 says:

    Watching Mob Wives. Renee gives me a headache.

    • Kats2 says:

      They can merge with the NJ HW’s and you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference. Teresa and Caroline would fit right in.

    • chismosa says:

      i just recently caught up on a few eps and i have to say i like Renee. She calls it like she says it, is rough around the edges, but makes for very entertaining tv, i.e. Nene.
      I would love her to put a beat down on Caroline

  49. Nancy says:

    Are you watching the hockey game? Canadians just scored. 🙂
    I’ve missed you.

  50. Nancy says:

    Never mind. It’s tied. 5-5 😦

  51. Mimisfbay says:

    Wow, lots of comments on NJ and new peeps! Congrats Lynn and Quincy. I am stunned by the support for T but I just have a low tolerance for criminals.

    I basically also think that Peggy and her family should be forced to sleep in their Bentleys. Alexis and Jim? Tent? Tamra? groan. You get the drift.

    Saw the comment on JZ twit, thanks! Her ego makes you just realize why they call psychiatrist and therapists SHRINKS. Eegads, she is such a disgusting person.

    Quincy I am looking so forward to your PIH blog. Night all stay safe if you are in a tornado area.

  52. housewifeaddict says:

    Wow – just read Lisa’s blog. I wouldn’t have thought she’d go that low. The style seems different – maybe Jill had it written by a new PR firm. If anyone can prove Jill’s ties to that blog – she’ll go down hard. Really hard. It’s worse than what she posted on amazon.


    • Nancy says:

      OMG! My heart is still racing because of “Lisa’s” blog. You have to be kidding me. If I were Ramona (or Bethenny) I’d get an attorney and sue for slander.
      This really needs to be looked into.
      I honestly think Jill is loosing her mind. What a %#^@! bitch!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Nobody reads that crap anyway, that blog is so the work of Jill Zarin and everyone knows it. No one comments because the comments get removed or even changed. All of the other housewives know that is Jill’s fake blog and I’m sure they’re laughing their asses off at her. She pretends to be interested in the OC housewives just for show then all but ignores the show.

    • chismosa says:

      i am scared to click on this because i dont want to add anything to Lisa’s/ Jill’s blog numbers- is it safe to click on as a fervent Jill Zarin hater?

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I am watching the rerun of last week’s episode right now and I just noticed that in the scene with Ramona and LuMann, ol’ Louie is wearing strung together disco balls around her neck. WTF!?!?! There is something seriously wrong with her sense of style.

        Oh and the Kookoo – LuMann van scene just played and Kookoo absolutely said her husband slapped her. I hope ole Gilles sues her ass off.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t want to click on the link either because I don’t want to give her any hits on her site-can someone copy and paste it, or give me the jist of it.

        • Christine says:

          Bascially, she KNOWS that Ramona is a drunk, Bethenny is a bully and Sonja is a pantless slut.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Does this mean that Jill will stop supporting her because we all know Jill will only help uplifting and positive blogs. (snicker)

  53. stlgal says:

    As a woman of southern Italian descent, can we take it easy on the hirsutism, gorilla, guidette, wop terms a bit?

    I am not a fan of any foul-mouthed housewife that lives beyond her means but sometimes I get my feelings hurt with the deragatory comments when referring to Teresa’s ethnicity.

    We wouldn’t do that to describe African-American reality stars so let’s just give it a break at times. After all if Teresa is trash for being so foul-mouthed, what about the posters who reduce human beings with racially-insensitive comments?

    Thanks and proud to be an Italian woman!

    • chismosa says:

      i am southern mediterranean myself – 1st gen.- and i take no offense to anything called to Tre. i have similar coloring but don’t tan myself to look so orange and i take no offense whatsoever. She has no forehead- that is not racial. She literally has no forehead. There are many celebs who have similar problems.
      Tree is awful and deserves anything she is called- in my h opinion of course.

      • Smompy says:

        I called Tre hirsute and I stand by that. Her hairline begins right above her eyebrows. That has nothing to do with her ethnicity. i’ve also called tre a Guidette because she acts in a stereotypical way that basically identifies herself as one, and in fact she has used that very term herself. The word “Guidette’ is not an insult, and it does not apply too all women of southern italian descent, obviously. In fact, technically speaking, I don’t believe there are any Guidettes in Italy itself. It’s mostly a Jersey thing.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I don’t call them gorilla’s(chimps, apes, baboons) because they are Italian. It’s because they all pound their chest and throw feces.

  54. JerzGal says:

    I have a theory as to why the results of that poll were so crazy and why (I think) Melissa may be rubbing people the wrong way. It’s JUST a theory….but bear w/ me.

    If I didn’t read the blogs, Bravo boards or the recaps online, I wouldn’t see the comments, which I think are the heart of a blog. Why write one if no one comments and has a back and forth, right? I was thinking about this and I realized something. When you read a blog (any blog) you are getting that writers perspective, their take on the events and of course, their feelings towards the “characters” on the show. It’s like when people come here and question the Jill hate. Then complain about it! Hello? Did we not read the title of the blog? You were expecting a shrine to the alter of Zarin, perhaps?! I found this blog b/c I googled “Jill Zarin hate”! I wasn’t thinking their would be a love letter here! LOL. 🙂

    But at the same time, I think blogs skew things in the sense that it is a small sampling of the viewership as a whole. Im sure this place gets tons of hits a day and there always seems to be a lot of comments. But compare that to the viewers of the show and it’s small. Also, I have noticed in all sorts of blogs (not just Housewives) that it is the most passionate people that comment. I think a lot of people are like me, we read ’em and don’t get involved too much. Never post or post infrequently. So in a way, you are only seeing a little bit of peoples perspectives.

    Just a cursory reading of the Bravo message boards would lead you to believe the world hates Teresa (at least it did last year). So, to me it’s skewed a bit. How do you justify the board dislike from the fact that she sold a boatload of books? I went to one of her signings and it was packed. Some other local ones she did around here were packed too. She has a huge fanbase. There are people who like her. And even the ones that don’t care for her too much are sympathizing w/ her for various reasons.

    Which brings me to the poll. Obviously, Teresa fans are going to watch WWHL if she is on it. People who hate Teresa will watch it in the hopes she will implode. But 92% to 8%. Wow! I was suprised by this. So I am thinking that she has more support than people thought. At least right now. I figured the people who hate her would vote in droves (like w/ Jill) to make her lose. Maybe she isn’t as hated as reading blogs and boards would have you believe? Which brings me to the second part of my theory

    Part 2 is that Melissa Gorga maybe read too much into blogs and message boards. I am sure she read them and read the comments. I’m sure her sisters did too. I know she was chatting on Twitter and many of the people who hate Teresa followed her immediately and sent messages of support to her. And she wasn’t even “officially” a housewife. I think she overestimated the feelings towards her SIL. Taking the blogs and board comments to seriously. Not thinking that this is just a smaller sampling of the viewership….She dislikes her SIL and it makes sense that she would be drwn to the negative. So, when she started filming, she went in guns blazing, geared towards the Tersa negativity. Even while filming, she was using Twitter and T & Joe were in the news a few times. People wrote about it here and on the other popular blogs, people were talikng, so I think she just kept on hitting. Playing to the haters, so to speak. I guess she thought they’d love her. And they do, it just seems there werent as many haters as she tought. Only 8% apparently. 😉

    What she didn’t anticipate was that people wouldn’t like her. That people would see through her a bit and that people will very quickly change their tune on you, if they don’t like your personality. Of course, we’ll have to see how the season plays out…but filming is over and she can’t go back and adjust herself. If she miscalculated then she has to live with it. Kinda like Kim G, she really misread the fans of the show.

    Not to mention, Teresa has been down this road for a couple years. She knows how it works, how the game is REALLY played and how to just stand back and let people self destruct. A’la Danielle. I watched the first season last week and you truly could see Danielles decent into madness. It was actually scary, but I understand her motives now. She does need help. What’s worse? She would have had it made on RHONJ if she just would have not been so crazy off camera. That was her downfall.

    In any event, these are just my theories..can’t prove them, I’m not Einstein. Although The Theory of Relativity kinda fits the theme of the show!

    • chismosa says:

      i don’t find Melissa that calculating? But you really think that she came into the show using digital media stuff- to get what fans were starting to think about Tre? I’m sorry, just trying to understand the theory- sounds good but that means that there was bad chatter about Tre previous to Melissa starting to film, right?

      I personally like Melissa and Kathy. Also i don’t find Tre to be intelligent enough and savvy enough to play viewers correctly. Not much going on up there. Maybe her handlers- but i dont see her holding on to good managers that tightly without pushing them down on couches or cursing them out nightly.

      • JerzGal says:

        Yes. The chatter about Melissa started after the reunion last summer when Danielle brought her up and Andy Cohen got manhandled. There was actually some talk that Melissa and Joey were the ones feeding stuff to Danielle about Teresa. It’s possible, I can see Danielle trying to side up with the disgruntled family member to get dirt. I can see M & J as disgruntled enough to be manipulated by her. I don’t think anyone could prove it. Maybe just a rumor.

        Anyway, as soon as the reunion ended the Melissa stuff heated up and I am sure Bravo had the wheels spinning for a while. She joined Twitter and had a ton of follwers off the bat. She Tweeted during filming. People who dislike Teresa really embraced her. I think that hurt her. I think she geared her behavior towards a certain crowd and what she believed to be the prevailing opinion. Couple this with her being angry at Teresa and there you have it. I think she wanted to be the one who stuck it to Teresa. Except it seems to be backfiring.

        Now, we still have a whole season to go!

        • chismosa says:

          i don’t know if the backfiring can be called right now. I think we’d have to see the end of the season.
          Now if Danielle got in touch with Melissa and spoke to her, etc. I think that is super-shady. But i would also think Tre would be loud and proud to call Mel and Joey out on it. Why hide that? She has hate for Danielle and clearly, though she may try to hide it- hate for Melissa.
          Tre is very impulsive when in her gorilla screaming matches moments.
          I don’t know, i did not gravitate to Melissa purely because of my hatred for Tre but i can see others may have doneso.
          I don’t think many Jill haters gravitated that quickly to Ramoner or Bethenny, i think Ramoner and Beth had to prove their merit on their own. Same with Melissa, hopefully.
          Tre just leaves a bad taste in my mouth these days, like Cindy. Not full-on hatred like Jill, but just ehh, not so good.
          But good theory! i wonder if it holds up?

          • JerzGal says:

            I guess we will have to see as the season plays out. Lets face it, Teresa can snap at any moment! 🙂 But for now, I will hold onto this theory.

            It’s interesting you brought up Jill and Bethenney. In a way it’s kind of like Teresa and Melissa. People LOVED Jill and Bethenney together. Until the fight. Then the fans took up sides and I’m pretty sure Jill lost that battle in an epic way! 😉

            Think about it..Jill thought she was so popular that people would see Bethenney was wrong and side with her. She thought people loved her enough. They didn’t. They loved Bethenney and from then Jill was sunk.

            Jill overestimated herself and her worth to the show. She didn’t get that her popularity was derived from Bethenney’s. Jill did not expect the backlash and she has spent 2 years tring to undo it and fails miserably each and everytime. Melissa is kind of on a Jill path. Except I think Melissa can redeem herself if she goes another season. Jill is done. Done, done done!

      • JerzGal says:

        One more thing. I think Melisssas situation is a unique one. Normally, new housewives don’t get a ton of attention prior to being on the show. I mean, was anyone following Peggy Tanous or Cindy Barshop prior to her starting on RHOOC or RHNY? For that matter, is anyone following them now? LOL.

        The fact that she was brought up at the reunion, the fact that the mention of her made Teresa go BSC and throw in a dash of the Teresa haters wanting to find out EVERYTHING they could about them. She had a fanbase b/f one second of film was shot.

        Other housewives don’t really have that experience until AFTER the show airs. Melissa had it before and during filming.

        • chismosa says:

          i think you are putting Melissa way above her station pre-this season filming. I read a lot of the weekly trash mags and i also follow gossip online, both here and elsewhere (i know i know i am so enriched)- i just don’t see Melissa having that much clout before-hand.
          I may be wrong but that’s my feeling.
          now- as for the reunion and Teresaurus attacking everyone and their mother there- maybe that had something to do also with the rumors spreading at that time about Juicy Joe and a baby? or his cheating with that waitress at a Latin bar near his old job? I don’t know if it had to do with Melissa staring mud-slinging at that time already.
          I don’t know if i see her having a hand in anything there at the time. If Danielle went up to speak to her it may have been much like how Caro want up to Mel at the Porsche- HOLD THE ‘R’ – Fashion show and not that Mel went up to Caro.
          I don’t know, i just don’t think Mel had that much clout. but again, it’s a theory and interesting, i wonder how it will all pan out.

      • JerzGal says:

        I forgot the Salahis. They were infamous prior to the show airing. People watched DC to see their special brand of cray. I think thoses 2 sunk that ship before it even sailed.

  55. aquamarinecandy-083 says:

    Can I just say……Ashley looks TERRIBLE as a blonde. She looks like how that Elizabeth chick from Bachelor Pad did last summer with her (obviously) dyed blonde hair — just awful. By the reunion show she had gone back to brunette. Hopefully Ashley does too, as the blonde does not suit her at all.

  56. Stella says:

    OMG I was turning channels and Frasier is on and I still like that show, Niles is my favorite, and it’s the episode that some new guys come to the station that Frasier is on and they prank him. Anyway he is trying to set them straight and Frasier tells them “After all there is a pecking order.” I laughed out loud and thought immediately of Camille saying that on RHOBH. :-).

    • California35 says:

      I like that show also, I must say I probably watched only the last couple of seasons on real time, the rest where on re-runs. E brothers were funny and silly.

  57. California35 says:


    I’m awake but getting sleepy…it was nice to find this – and thought I post it here. Happy family happy baby 🙂

  58. jeepers1941 says:

    I am rethreading this down here, because I am really puzzled by this and don’t see why there would be a need for you to use Lynn’s space, for “her” comments. I can see the need for other functions of the board but not “her” comment section. It just is not something I would have ever thought about until it happened!

    LynnNChicago says:
    May 24, 2011 at 6:38 pm
    I was just trying to make you feel comfortable. It’s hard to remember all of the names and the names change sometimes.

    I’m glad you like this place. Lynn works very hard to keep the content fresh so that people have topics of interest to discuss.


    quincyil says:
    May 24, 2011 at 6:44 pm
    oops…forgot to log out and be me.

    At least I said I was Q…

    Karen says:
    May 24, 2011 at 7:35 pm
    Lol I figured out that it was you:) Thank you for welcoming me

    jeepers1941 says:
    May 25, 2011 at 1:21 am
    So you can post using Lynn’s page or whatever it is called? I must say, I find that very interesting.


    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think we are very lucky that Lynn has someone as reliable as Q to help out when she isn’t here. Q having access to Lynn’s account helps her to be able to post new blogs, release comments from the spam filter, delete spam.

      Q always identifies herself when she is using Lynn’s account. It doesn’t really cause any confusion.

      • quincyil says:

        The only time I use Lynn’s name is in the morning for the notification of the new blog because it lights up and allows people to see it better. I can leave a Q there if it makes people feel better.

        If I make a mistake, I will always tell you that I forgot to log out.

    • Karen says:

      I’ll reply . I have a
      Website and my web designer who does my updates and enters my blogs can of course sign in in my account . Obviously with my permission . Quincy blogs here the same way Lynn does , she has her own blogs so it was obvious she has access to the name Lynn uses. So what? Do you think their pulling a fast one on us? Do you think she’s saying anything Lynn doesn’t approve of or know about? Maybe all she does is use it to repost a post. She obviously helps Lynn with the blog in many ways so I wasn’t surprised to see her access to the name and if you read it , she wasn’t trying to hide who she was. She signed it Q. I think your looking fir some kind of lynngate where there isn’t any . IMHO

    • quincyil says:

      You log into word press to check things and release people from “pending.” You can check posts also. Sometimes in the morning the “New Post” alert is actually from me, Q, if I am the one posting the blog in the morning.

      This is the way the software works. If I make a mistake, I will tell you that it is me making the mistake.

  59. Smompy says:

    Sorry if this was discussed already, but did anybody pay attention to the part where Teresa ran to her mother at the Brownstone in an effort to back up her story about not “abandoning” her children during that brawl? Either I wasn’t paying close enough attention or that whole scene got mixed up in my mind. Teresa first went off on Kathy for allegedly insulting her motheering skills, but it seemed like Tree’s mother ended up yelling at Melissa (that she should be ashamed?) rather than Kathy. How’d that happen? And did Tree really criticize Kathy for leaving when the brawl broke out? I mean, did Tree think she should have stayed and thrown some punches, or what?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      It was either T’s mom or Joe’s mom that started yelling at Kathy saying she ought to be ashamed of herself and that T was her cousin.

  60. IndianaHousewife says:

    The weirdest thing just happened, I opened the new blog for Preg in Heels and entered a post. The blog then just disappeared, is no longer listed on the right hand side and my comment seemed to go out into space. I promise I did not use foul language or anything. Very strange.

    • quincyil says:

      Yes, Lynn tried to add a photo and the post disappeared. Your pilot and first officer are attempting to save the ship from disaster at this very moment. ROTFL

      • boston02127 says:

        I can’t get back on it either. Odd.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Thank you, thank you. Everyone here is my saviors against a long boring day. I was going to panic if I had to sit here alone all day.(Just kidding, but I do send my thanks).

        • quincyil says:

          Lynn is rewriting her part and I am using a bucket from the barn to bail the water. If we all go down, we will go together. rotfl.

          I feel some comments are on the floor of the North Atlantic right now. I suspect they may be lost forever.

          Jill Zarin isn’t the only one with an “Operation Titanic.”


  61. stlgal says:

    Regarding using hurtful terms such as “hirsute,” “gorilla,” “greasy” to describe Teresa or other Italian-Americans, I’m just asking that posters think twice before using these terms.

    Judge someone according to the content of their character, not the color of their skin–even if it is orange due to tanning.

    And if you are also Italian and not offended by such terminology, that’s fine but that still doesn’t make it right. Certainly, thousands of African-Americans are not offended by the n-word, does that make it right? Are posters dropping the n-word on this site?

    And true, hirsutism is not specific to Italians, but what about overweight persons? Should we make fun of Jeana for not being height-weight proportionate? Should we put down women who are 20 lbs overweight.

    I don’t recall reading a lot of posts ridiculing the color of Phaedra’s skin or the hair texture of Kandi’s hair. Could there be a double standard? Racist to do so for Miami but perfectly acceptable for New Jersey?

    Judge people by their actions, not their ethnicity. Let’s not get too carried away when expressing our distaste for others.

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