I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

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I Hate Jill Zarin   The Real Housewives of New York

Finally the Real Housewives of New York are in Morocco! I wonder how you say “Ugly Americans” in Moroccan. I’m glad that Bravo was able to add to the tourism fund of Morocco but I have to wonder if it was worth it to them having to put up with these women for a week.

Why are you all so shocked that Jill Zarin likes snakes? Need I explain? Jill tells us she’s not afraid of snakes because she has snake-skin shoes. Actually Jill is a snake so how could she possibly be afraid of them? Jill was in her element wrapped in snakes, it was almost ironic.

The brunettes arrive first and after Cindy diva-like refuses to open her own car door, they “Big Brother it” and run to check out the bedrooms and choose the best ones for themselves. Kell Kell got the red one with the pink accents. The ladies introduce themselves to the staff of the house and Jill is sure to tell them to address Luann as Countess, something I would refuse to do if I worked there. You know how staff are known to spit in the drinks and pee in the soup of the really mean guests?  Notice how Cindy’s drink was a bit off?  Nuff said.

Luann was so excited to show all the girls Morocco, the sand, the shopping and how sophisticated Morocco is, she tells them that they’re staying at the best place to stay and that Brad Pitt just left, he must have heard the Real Housewives of New York were coming. Later as Luann is walking those sophisticated streets of Morocco she says she’s scared but it’s magical so I guess she was afraid of being attacked but excited that maybe she‘ll see Harry Potter there?

Luann is overdoing the “hostess” thing, besides we were told that both Luann and Sonja were hosting this trip but in the end, Bravo hosted the trip, Bravo made the arrangements, got them their accommodations and booked the flights. Lulu forgot to send out the memo explaining the rules of Morocco, Luann apparently needed to explain the required wardrobe to Ramona before the trip, once she arrived it is simply to late daaahling.

The blondes enjoy the first class accommodations on the airplane but Ramona is concerned about her 600 thread count cotton sheets and whether or not there will be enough “help” to assist her with her unpacking. Don’t worry, Ramona sent a text with her list of requirements and Luann was appropriately outraged.

The blonde’s in the van on the way from the airport to the hotel acted like they’ve never traveled before (as Alex pointed out) Sonja is afraid someone will jump out at them like they’re robbing a stagecoach in the wild west. Ramona doesn’t like the dust and dirt but Sonja tells them it will all be fine since Luann had been there for a day and told her it was all ok. It’s always good to have someone taste your food before you eat it too Sonja, have Luann do that as well.

Kelly tells us that their home in Morocco is yellow, warm with glowing light or some other such nonsense. I’m sure Kelly sees pink elephants on the walls too.

Jill’s talking head interviews show her sporting that awful “new look” with the severe pulled back hair.  I wish I knew which one of her paid “yes men” told her that looked good on her because I’d really like to shake their hand.

Ramona asks Luann if it is ok to go to her room, unpack and take a shower, luckily Luann is in a giving mood and allows them to do that.

The brunettes go outside, sit by the pool as the blondes unpack. They talk about Ramona’s wardrobe, as Bensimon sits in a bikini top eating lunch. This is the same woman who insisted on changing out of her bikini to eat lunch in St. John. Luann explains the dress code for Morocco and the other women are mesmerized. Luann is so smart and worldly, isn’t she?  They just hadn’t bashed Ramona enough, Jill says that Ramona has work done on her face every other week because she’s 50-something and can’t admit it. Jill just wishes that she’ll look as good as Ramona when she’s Ramona’s age. This is the same Jill Zarin who returned from Australia a new woman, a woman who wasn’t going to gossip and a woman with a whole new nose. I guess all bets are off with Zarin once you cross the International Date Line.

Cindy asks Luann permission to leave the table because she had eaten all of her vegetables and explains to viewers that she opens her bedroom door and was shocked at what she saw, missing from her closet was ….wait for it….coat hangers.  I really don’t understand why Cindy didn’t call the police.  Cindy confronts the blondes and they all deny stealing her hangers but Cindy’s not buying it….it had to be Ramona in the Closet with the Candlestick…er coat hanger.  Get Scotland Yard on the phone!   Even Luann said that Cindy was over-reacting. Most likely one of the staff saw the extra hangers in Cindy’s room and since she had already unpacked borrowed some of Cindy’s hangers but that thought never occurred to the whining, moaning, complaining Cindy Barshop.

Luann also forgot to send out the itinerary for each day as her plans to have lunch and go shopping were set, but the blondes had other plans. Alex just wanted to relax in her room but Ramona and Sonja wanted to go for a drive and Luann found that rude.

The brunettes speculated that Ramona and Sonja had decided to go to a neighboring hotel to have their hair and nails done. Kelly viciously starts with the horrible comments that she seems to save up for her international travel. She says that these women never have their nails or hair done so why would they do it in Morocco? The wonderful and charitable Ms. Bensimon then goes on to bash Sonja’s house saying that it is old, unorganized, untidy and needs redecorating. There is no further need to find the bully of the season, Kelly Bensimon takes it hands down.

The brunettes arrive back from their day of shopping where Jill was sure to perpetuate the Jewish stereotype and had pre-calculated the exchange rate of the dollar, she also met up with her ex-gay husband Brad Boles, what a coincidence. Brad happened to be throwing himself a birthday party in his home that evening and invited the housewives to join him.

Luann brought a very famous Moroccan clothing designer to make each of the ladies a new dress or gown of their choosing. Each lady was measured and able to choose a garment. For some odd reason Sonja and Ramona decide that he should put another log on the fire, maybe it is just because he was closest to the firewood? Luckily Alex averted the awkwardness and got the firewood to keep the fire going. Alex correctly points out that it sometimes takes more time to ask someone else to do something for you than it does to just do it your damn self!

Brad had told Jill that he saw Ramona over the summer and she insulted him, does anyone really care that Brad was insulted? Me either.

All seven housewives arrive at Brad’s and they learn that he doesn’t so much own a home in Morocco as he’d always claimed but he stays at the same Bed and Breakfast each time he travels there. That’s the same thing, right?

Brad warmly welcomes Ramona to his party, Jill asks for a tour of the house and was told no because there were people sleeping. Who sleeps through a party in the house. Jill is completely embarrassed (in front of Brad, I suppose?) because Ramona is texting on her phone and Sonja is just a mess…read drunk. Ramona tells us about an awkward moment on the ride over to Brad’s, Cindy still has that hanger up her ass I guess.

The snake charmer affected all the ladies differently, Jill played with the snakes and even decorated her head in them. Jill is trying so hard to be Bethenny it’s almost sad. Kelly was creeped out, Sonja turned it into something sexual and Cindy complained. I think we’re going to hear a lot more of “Cindy complained” this season. She is a complainer!

The funniest part of Brad’s party had to be Sonja twisting her hair repeating, “Kelly” over and over again. Then cut to Kelly twisting her hair, it was classic Bravo editing! Sonja was not tipsy, she was drunk, drunk Sonja is funny.

The big finish…the Fortune Teller! Jill has a big heart and she talks too much? I think the fortune-teller mistook the beating in Jill’s chest as a heart when it was actually the sound of the bongo drums from last week still bouncing off the empty walls where her heart should be.

Sonja was told she had a good man who may not have money but not to worry because the money will come. Kell just about jumped up and down telling Sonja that she must be referring to the starving artist, Brian.

Kelly is told that she’ll have three children, let’s hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon. I just can’t see Kelly Bensimon with a little baby, it would be like a 13-year old playing with a dolly. I just hope that whoever she has this 3rd child with has enough money for a nanny.

The cliffhanger has to be Ramona’s reading by the Fortune Teller, Ramona is told something that she can’t understand because it is in French. Kell refuses to repeat it and Ramona thought she was being told that she would have another baby. Finally it is revealed that the Fortune Teller says that there is “another woman” and everyone has the very serious looks and assumes that Mario is cheating on Ramona.

Next week we watch as the ladies all contemplate Mario leaving Ramona after Avery goes off to college. Personally I can’t wait to watch that camel shake Luann to her core and try to drop her right into the sand…fun times!

If you missed my live internet radio broadcast with Carly Hall , we recorded it too so you can listen to it here:

Carly Hall Presents What the Heck REAL HOUSEWIVES of NY 05/26 by Carly Hall | Blog Talk Radio http://t.co/puDE55t 

We had some great callers even one from Puerto Rico and Simon VanKempen called in toward the end.  I wish we had more time to talk with Simon, hopefully he’ll call in again next Thursday night.

I’ll have my Watch What Happens Live recap tomorrow.  Thanks for joining me!

Until Next Time….

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560 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

  1. okeydoekey says:

    Bravo is exploiting the mentally challenged by having Kelly on tv. I feel bad for her. Kelly and Gary Busey are not fit people. This is no different than filming an execution.

    • Bella Bay Beach Girl says:

      Gary Busey may be the baby daddy the fortune teller was talking about

    • Powell says:

      Gary Busey has an excuse. He was in a motorcycle accident. What the heck is Kelly’s excuse?

    • nathania says:

      Kelly is already acting out, I’m thinking it’s less mental illness and more fear of carrying the good stuff through customs and getting busted, and doing without affects her ‘mood’.

  2. ritgrad says:

    It’s amazing how much money, fame, station in life, or whatever else these women think they have going on in life allows them to act like spoiled children week after week. Don’t they have anyone that cares enough about them to tell them to reel it in? They are all condescendiing and petty and have the need to talk over each other at every chance. And yet…….I continue to watch this train wreck.

    Top five reasons why Jill loves snakes:
    1) They both can shed their skin;
    2) They both have forked tongues;
    3) They both hiss and spit poison;
    4) They both try to suffocate their prey; and
    5) They can open their mouths wide enough to swallow a small dog (run Ginger).

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Hilarious and right on the money!

    • Powell says:

      You are totally correct. Besides the Queen of a country and the First Lady, who do they think they are? I have heard stars like singer Patti Labell say that when she stays in the best hotels she takes her own bedding, towels and cleaning products and changes the linen and cleans the bathroom herself.

      • nathania says:

        that touched my heart.

        I clean office buildings and I stayed in a hotel night before last and I feel for these women, getting down to scrub bathtubs and showers and change sheets in every room must be murder on your back.

    • Whisper says:

      You forgot :
      6) They are both cold-blooded reptiles

  3. Kukulet says:

    Ramona pointed out on her blog that she wasn’t texting at Brad’s house-there was no cell signal, she was simply looking at the pictures she had just taken with her cell phone. I believe her-the footage showed her taking pictures with the phone before the “texting” moment that Jill slammed her for.

    It’s too bad that the psychic said that in front of the Brunettes. Poor Ramona. Maybe Mario does have someone else, and I couldn’t say whether Ramona knows about it or not, but either way, we all know the Brunettes will barely manage to conceal their glee over the “scandal” of it. They probably ran home and called every media contact in NY that they could to spill the scoop.

    The Brunettes-they really are disgusting wastes of good air.

    • vilzvet says:

      Just read the blondes’ blogs, they are all awesome and explained alot! Loved how Jill was called out about lying about owning that yellow Ferrari and the Hamptons house (where the wedding was held), she was only renting at that point! LOL! I’m fully back on Team Sonja, she and Alex both slammed Kelly into the wall with her vile comments about Sonja’s financial situation. Now I’m off to get po’d reading Lulu’s and Cindy BarSTFU’s (thanks error for the name of the year) blogs.

      • NightLight95 says:

        Well it’s not the first time a psychic tapped the wrong head. Could be Bobby. It seems like all the ladies were hovering.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I just read the blogs. The blondes certainly do come off a lot better than the brunettes. Especially Alex.
          Luann is just vile. Every word out of her mouth, or keyboard, is intended to wound. Cindy Barslop is ridiculous and I couldn’t even finish Kelly’s, she is an IDIOT!

        • Cheri says:

          Yea remember the Beverly hills reading of Kyle oops! I mean camile

          • yayamagic says:

            Allison duBois’ reading wasn’t off because of what was going on with Camille and Kelsey. It was off because she’s a fraud.

            LOL I don’t usually subscribe to conspiracy theories but I believe that the brunettes set up that fortune telling situation in Morocco. I believe that they paid the seer to mention another woman. In party situations, fortune tellers take the people they’re reading apart from the others . . . for many reasons, first being that they may rehash some of their visions.

            • Maryla says:

              Agree with this theory 100%. @yayamagic. I think that Luann set this whole thing up is proven by her demeanor when Sonja/Ramona decided to “go for a drive.” That totally screwed with Luann/Jill’s plan to “bump into” Brad. They had this whole thing set-up — the reading especially. Luann totally panicked at that moment and you could really see it on-camera. She could barely resist the urge to grab those women and tie them to a chair in order to get them to stay at the compound and go “shopping” later. So transparent Luann.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I hope it’s Jill. Was her reading only that she has a big heart and talks too much? That was only half right.

          Did anyone else notice how dialated Brad’s eyes were(sorry if that was already mentioned).
          Alex says: Simon and I ran into him in the Hamptons and he was really, really weird.

        • nathania says:

          that is a very, very good point.

          it wouldn’t surprise me if Jacques had a cute 22 year old blond Norwegian on the side whose shoulder he cries on about having to endure the insufferable american amazon robot for the sake of getting his business free advertising…she’s like ‘i understand daddy, just make that money’

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        I agree – the blondes’ blogs were the best. I absolutely cannot stand stupid Cindy. Who would want to be her friend? {{{{shudder}}}} ditto for the rest of the brunettes!! I’d rather take a vacation with Ramona, Alex and Sonja any day over those other broads.

        Sonja was pissed that LuAnn acted as the sole host of the trip, when they were actually co-hosts.

        • nathania says:

          is that what it is???

          I wondered, because sonja really entered the villa pissed off and I wondered what had been done to make her so mad.

          I think she finally figured out that the brunettes were recruiting her to turn vs. ramona, that she was just being used to hurt ramona.

          plus she didn’t expect cindy to tell the women about the ‘pecking order’ thing and make fun of her.

          honestly i feel the same type of ‘pity’ that the people (person?) claim to feel for teresa giudice, though it’s more valid since sonja was actually unbelievably rich and spoiled at one point and really is having terrible adjustment problems.

          i think though, that sonja is actually happier inside than all of the brunettes put together. she will adjust, it just takes time.

  4. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Thanks Lynn. One thing you can give JillZarin credit for… she can turn a non-gossiping model into a yenta shrew! WOW KellyBeenSomeone was going off on Sonja. Saying her house was dirty, (smelly?), unrenovated and she was trying to hold on to her past life…VICIOUS! Glass houses anyone? Did she learn this from Jillousy, or was it always in the socially inept social butterfly? This is what happens when the butterfly can’t leave after the step and repeat and has to stay and interact with others. She commits faux pas after faux pas and loves it. How dirty and low. TurqoiseLu was shocked that Kelly was insulting Sonja’s home, as she would give her left testicle to live in that townhouse.

    • Bella Bay Beach Girl says:

      I think she made the “smelly” and “dirty” comments because of the comment on the yacht in St. John when Sonja said Kelly smelled like Cat Pee!

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Gilles Bensimon should really sell off the Soho condo and Hamptons house Kelly lives in (which are both not in Kelly’s name). I’m surprised their kids are allowed to live with Kelly. Poor kids.

      • dsc60 says:

        i was wondering about that! i was shocked, although with kelly nothing should shock me, that she said that because i believed she was doing the same exact thing. i wasn’t sure if either was marital property but i know darn well she doesn’t pay for her apt and house herself since she doesn’t seem to even have a steady job. she is such a friggin hypocrite it’s pitiful. everything she says and does is a contradiction. a picture of her should be by that word in the dictionary as an example.

    • Angela Cox says:

      LOL…Kelly BeenSomeone is freaking hilarious!!! Love it…

    • mrssuperkate says:

      As much as I don’t care for Luann, at least when Kelly was talking trash she attempted to shut down the conversation. It didn’t work but at least she threw it out there that it didn’t need to be said.

    • Toga says:

      KellyBeenSomeone!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!

      • alicia says:

        Someone called her ” The poor man’s Elle Mc Pherson”. Hah!!

        • cait says:

          yeah- I heard that somewhere too- Also – don’t know if this is accurate but when her ex was still married to Elle- Kelly was the other woman and was already pregnant – Elle promptly divorced him and Gilles and Kell got married shotgun style

      • yayamagic says:

        Kellamity BeenSomeone!

    • yayamagic says:

      TurqoiseLu, I LOVE it!

      Also Amber, remember the lunch on the boat in St John when Kelly called the other women vile for just mentioning Jill. As I recall, the other women were just rehashing what had happened at the “we’re done we were never friends” conversation with Jill prior to their vacation departure.

      Because there have been MANY “we’re done! we were never friends” conversations with Jill, this one was the one that Jill had right after Bethenny’s dad died. The one where she ended up in Jen’s pantry. The one that Alex told Jill that Jill was a mean girl in high school and that Alex was in Brooklyn. THAT fight with Jill.

      • dsc60 says:

        yep she called them morons as she was trying to figure out how to open a door to make her protesting exit.

    • nathania says:

      it’s interesting that this group is made of of two couples.

      Kelly puts Sonja down, I suspect, because
      Sonja has pissed off Cindy so much. And Cindy puts down Ramona because of Ramona’s myriad insults toward Kelly (no brain, wonky boobs, scary island).

      Countless slays the Ramona dragon because of her deep love and affection for her Princess Jill. Jill in a reciprocal gesture of love, demands the help refer to the Countless by her pretend adopted title, which she knows is the key to the Countless’ heart in that Countless values the subordination of inferior beings far more than retribution for slights.

  5. Bella Bay Beach Girl says:

    In Luann’s blog she attributed Kelly’s rude comments regarding Sonja and her home to “Jetlag”? During the whole episode while she and the brunettes were trying to pigion hole Sonja and Ramona as immature alcoholics, I was simply thinking, “They are jetlagged and had a bit too much to drink.” As those of us who travel know, this happens to people who travel long distances on “a trip of a lifetime”… They are excited and exhausted at the same time…. They are also wanting to celebrate their arrival and live it up a bit with some pampering and champagne. I believe the only reason the brunettes were disappointed that they didn’t join them for lunch was because they left four boring old women to dine by themselves with no one to pick a fight with. As far as Kelly’s “jetlag” she arrived a day earlier and she had plenty of time to rest before opening her pie hole. One more comment regarding Brad’s hired “soothsayer” He paid her and he was very peeved at Ramona….. I can just picture Brad saying “Butter the red head up so she throws me more work, the ditsy scarecrow you can tell her she will get laid some day and squeeze out another maladjusted brat, oh ya and tell the sassy blonde that I’m pissed at that her hubby is cheating on her….” just sayin’

    • JaniceP says:

      I was just thinking the exact same thing!! He seems like a brown noser, plus he’d have to be or Jill wouldn’t keep him around.

    • Kathi says:

      Totally agree. As soon as I saw Brad introducing the women to the ‘fortune teller’ I thought that her comments were pre-determined with help from Brad not the fates.

    • nathania says:

      I thought this from the beginning and I thought that that might be the true reason the woman’s face was partially disguised so that her identity (as an extra or bit part player perhaps) would be concealed.

      because brad’s reason for being mad at ramona is that ramona didn’t say ‘hi’ to him with as much enthusiasm as he thought she should. that’s it.

      um…get over it, brad. why does a gay man give a shit that a menopausal heterosexual married woman doesn’t say ‘hiya’ to his satisfaction? whatever.

      • sue says:

        Yea, what about all the bad comments Jill has made about Brad, remember the season her and B were friends how Jill talked about him like a dog in the one on one interviews and then we never saw him again!

    • snarkarella says:

      OK, makes complete sense that Brad could of set Ramoner up. But, didn’t Shill kind of cut him out of her life after he tried to take credit (rightfully) for redoing her apt? She did that piece in the magazine about her faaaaabulously redecorated apartment a couple of years ago and failed to mention him. Bitch that she is I’m sure it was on purpose. BTW that is one butt-ugly apartment.

  6. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    I dont know what made me laugh more-Luanne being excited to see Harry Potter or Kelly seeing pink elephants!!!!

  7. butterisafruit says:

    Thanks Lynn,
    Love your take on this.

    I can’t stand Sonja sober. But when she’s sloshed she’s OKAY. I got a huge
    kick out of her and Romana. I must be in one of those….”life is too short”

    LuAnn kept saying she wanted to show them this exciting land, but in actuality, she brought New York with her.

    I love how Sonja and Romana ignored the buzz kill step sisters.

    • Mum says:

      If I had to be around the brunettes I would definitely turn into an alcoholic. They are just too demonic for me. Sounds like the blondes need the services of an exorcist to protect them from the brunettes. The saddest thing is that by now you would think the ladies would be ashamed of how the come across, they are most embarrassing.

      • nathania says:

        it’s post filming and kelly still won the poll about who need therapy the most. so it’s not going to work, their little plot.

        it must just slay kelly that as much as she despised bethenny it was bethenny that in the end destroyed her. she allowed her envy to push herself over the edge, because of bethenny, and there is no undoing it.

  8. Caitlin says:

    Fabulous recap, Lynn, and hilarious. The camel is my nominee for best participant in this so-called vacation trilogy. It would have been that snake on Jill’s head had he acted as snakey and snarky as the brunettes do. My cable/internet died 10 minutes into WWHL – can anyone tell me the results of Andy’s poll? Many thanks.

    • Bella Bay Beach Girl says:

      Romona was the one who should have her passport revoked! LOL

      • NightLight95 says:

        Everyone has to own their bad behavior. Ramona did not choose her words wisely.

        • Mum says:

          As predictable as Ramona is, Ramona is her own woman, at least she sees the error of her ways and makes amends. Once she realizes how what she has said or done hurts the person she immediately apologizes. However, being targeted by the other women is like being in a catfight, you get tired take a break and go back in, it will never stop. I don’t make excuses for bad behavior and never will, not even my own, but I see Ramona as put upon by the other women believe it’s enough to get through without the help being in perpetual ‘turtle time.”

    • yayamagic says:

      Camels are retromingent which means that they pee backwards. In previews I heard Luann tell someone to watch out for the camel’s spit. How much do I wish that Jill listens to Luann and walks behind the camel to avoid the spit only to get peed on?

      A lot.

      Any substitution of redhead for brunette in that scenario will do.

  9. karen says:

    i finally watched a part of last week’s episode where Lulu and ramona were lunching, and it hit me, their faking it. completely. look at their faces, the expressions, it was so obvious to me. the shows over ladies. it really is and more and more i realize bethenny was the show. not that it couldnt have been good but they all became crazy with jillousy and ruined it themselves. now their doing sex in the city? no way it will be renewed and i have to say , im one person who will take great pleasure when they have no more excuses about it being “too dark” with bethenny. it will be obvious it was too nothing without her.
    Ive never been a blind fan following B but more and more i realize that if anything good has come out of this franchise its her. Shes the real deal. there are alot of other fun people to watch, mostly BH , but for reality, doing something important, i think B will end up doing way more good then just being a brand. She has more to offer than just product.
    The women of NY will fade into obscurity. Until then, Ill still come here to read the updates and blogs though!!!!!

    • Caitlin says:

      Great insights. As for predictions: “From your lips to God’s ear.” And Bethenny will have the last million laughs. Ramona and Alex will adjust just fine post-show, hard to say how it will affect the brunettes. It will be the end of the world for ole Jill, though, just the end.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The darkness continues because she who brought it is still there! I hate Jill Zarin!

    • Whisper says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said. This show has “jumped the shark”.
      The brunettes want us to believe the show is better , in their words “less dark” without Bethenny??!! Are you freakin kidding me? We are 8 episodes onto this crap fest, and barely a scene goes by without someone sh*t talking, back stabbing, confronting someone, etc. This is supposed to be light, funny, and entertaining? Maybe in Hades!! The only reason I am still watching is the hope that the brunettes will get what is coming to them!! Karma’s a b*tch!!

      • twoile says:

        ITA!!!!!!!!!! Can’t/won’t watch any more just visit here 4 the best of………love this blog Tx Lynn & Q U R the Gr8ist!!!! :0)

      • alicia says:

        Yes, I stopped watching it in it’s entirety- just bits and pieces. I like Alex, Sonja and Ramona. They can ad more to these three and start fresh with a new dynamic.

    • Di says:

      You said it Karen! I totally agree.

      Thanks for recapping Lynn. You always have a great take on the show. Now I don’t have to watch anymore. I decided this episode was the stopping point for my RHNY viewing because the previews for this trip were just too much. It looked like a bunch of middle aged women acting like 13 year olds. All the shows I watched this season were awful. I’m done with the show, but it’s still nice to come here and read your take and everyone’s comments.

    • dsc60 says:

      i agree with you except i don’t think they’re faking it. they may be trying too hard to bring the drama, but i believe the brunettes really are trying to bring down the blondes.

      • nathania says:

        they are, it’s a plan that they scheduled out months in advance probably.

        but I truly don’t think they could do this without the help of producers.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      This is interesting and I agree, I’m always afraid to say these types of things about Bethenny because I’m constantly being accused of blindly following Bethenny so it is good to see that I’m not the only one.

      The talk was that Cindy was replacing Bethenny and maybe physically she did but there is no way Cindy could ever be compared to Bethenny. Jill tried the funny one liners last season to “be like Bethenny” by her own admission and she admitted that she failed miserably but now she’s trying to be like Bethenny in other ways (the snake on her head, the crying, the pony tail, making friends w/Alex).

      No one will ever replace Bethenny, she is one of a kind but I think they could have done a LOT better than Cindy Barshop.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        They could have put a turd in a martini glass and it would have been more interesting replacement for Bethanny than Cindy BarfSTFU.

  10. PF says:

    I know I continue to point this out…but it would explain Sonja getting drunk on camera. It is being reported that she filed for bankrupcy on the day she left for this trip. She probably wanted to get Ramona alone to talk also, hence leaving for the hotel with her after arriving.

    • HW Addict says:

      I read that also, she was looking over papers in the plane and I am sure this was very heavy on her mind. I also believe it may account for her other not so nice behaviors, she may have been feeling very out of control and feeling like she had to grasp at what little she could. I also think that if Cindy BarSTFU hadn’t pulled the hanger nonsense she and Ramoner MAY have stuck around.

      As for the getting snookered, I rarely drink but when I go on vacation all bets are off, I’ve been known to start with breakfast ( Mimosa, Bloody Mary) and continue through the night. Vacations are for letting your hair down,take note: Jill Zarin. You are not Bethenny and will never be able to pull of the ponytail, give it up.

      I agree with everyone here saying that if they had to travel with that hornet’s nest (the brunettes) I would be on a constant drunk! Ah Hell, I would be looking for the neighborhood hashish dealer! Nothing short of unconsciousness would be able to get me through that “axis of evil”.

    • nathania says:

      you know what,

      bless her heart. I didn’t know that.

      and really, who BETTER than to be around than Ramona when you have been through something like this because Ramona knows her sh*t when it comes to business. I hope Ramona will be able to advise Sonja about how to get her finances in order so that she can pick herself back up. It might explain why she wanted to be the only one to speak at the MENY march because she was in a panic about everything going on and wanted as much camera time as possible.

      And you know what is interesting? Ramona and Sonja KNEW apparently that the cameras would not follow them. The cameras are staying around the brunettes, apparently. Which is just icky because not one of them is attractive or charming, whereas the blondes are all attractive and each has an actual personality.

      • What is up with the new girl? says:

        The hotel that they went to was not signed up for the show. Everywhere the women go with the cameras has to go through the production process. Ramona and Sonja may have ditched the cameras on purpose by heading to that hotel.

        • Maryla says:

          I believe that to be the case, and that is what so irked Luann and Jill. Jill’s BRAVO blog has a bit in there about Sonja and Ramona telling a lie about going to the hotel (vs. going for a drive). But if they wanted some time away from the cameras to spill about the bankruptcy, that could explain a lot.

          But the bigger problem is that it unraveled Jill’s plot to “run into” Brad and arrange for dinner at his place where the soothsayer could trash Ramona and praise Jill (She got the big mouth part right, but a good heart? Ha!).

  11. Kelly Anne says:

    Everytime Sonja’s home has been shown on tv, it appears very organized, clean, and inviting. If Kelly is going to attack someone at least have just and truthful reasons for it. Not renovated since the 1900’s? Sonja’s townhouse may be an older Victorian style but many homes on Park Avenue are traditionally decorated that way.

    • PF says:

      I couldn’t understand the ‘dirty’ comment either. That was mean! And I’d rather have Sonja’s house then Kelly’s with my purses as decor, and a huge horse for a couch!

      • Bella Bay Beach Girl says:

        she’s still pissed about the “cat Piss” statement from the yacht on St. John is my guess

        • yayamagic says:

          Beach Girl, you’re probably right. You could bet cash money that there has been a confab between LuAnn and Kelly about the dog poop in Sonja’s courtyard.

          • snarkarella says:

            And I sure Cindy blabbed about Sonya chastising her for dancing with the “help.”

      • Kelly Anne says:

        I know! Kelly’s decorating style is completely bizarre. Who is she to say anything about another house when hers is so eccentric and different?

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I like leaving a house in the same style it was built and match the inside decor. I like maintaining a sense of history and comfort without it looking like a museum exhibit.

      • Mum says:

        And I respect that because I am not paying for it and that such a discussion is out of bounds. I am surprised that their has been no violence among the women because if anyone said half the crap they said to one another you would think it would result in hair pulling, gouging one eyes out and kicking, maybe that is why I keep watching to see if their is going to be a throw down.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Kelly is just so stupid. Sonja lives in a luxury town house- and having original fixtures and accents adds to it’s value and appeal. It’s not like living in loft in SoHo that you would constantly update to keep it looking modern.

        Kelly of all people with her chewed up finger nails- and stringy unkempt hair is making comments about other people NEVER getting their nails or hair done?

        • nathania says:

          honestly that comment had me making scooby doo noises too

          I always assume kelly is too stoned to notice the nose on her own face…I think someone else must have pointed out about the manicures, and told her to say it.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Isn’t this the Same Kelly who hates gossip!!?? Jill truly has taken her under her wing.

      Watching this show is getting more and more difficult. With the exception of Alex and Sonya, every last one of them is so mean spirited.

      Loved Ramona calling out Countless Louann on WWHL.

      In yesterday’s New York Post, it said happy housewife Jill Zarin and her husband Bobby are looking to buy an apartment downtown now that THEIR daughter is in college. I wonder how Ally’s father feels when he reads that. My first thought was OMG Bethenny!!!!! That’s where she lives.

    • Dixie says:

      I don’t remember Kelly ever being at Sonja’s home other than the day of the photo shoot. I can image everything being out of sorts then because of that particular circumstance, but her home has always appeared lovely to me

      • Waslurking says:

        Kelly brought the ‘cleanse’ over to Sonya after here tummy
        tuck last season.

    • HW Addict says:

      Out of all the NY housewives Sonja’s home is the one I covet, I adore her decorating style and it seems very warm and inviting. KellyKrazyB*tch’s style is indicitive of her fractured mind, IMO…

      • HW Addict says:

        *housewive’s* must proof read!

      • alicia says:

        Sonja has a beautiful townhouse and it’s the most expensive at 7 million, since Lu Ann lost hers in the divorce. Kelly wishes she could live there- she can’t even afford that part of NYC.

        • What is up with the new girl? says:

          Luann’s townhouse was a rental. She owns the Hampton’s home though.

  12. Logan says:

    Thank God for Alex Mccord. She is the only saving grace and truly likeable person on this show since Bethenny. Ramona and Sonja are likeable too, but definitely show some of their flaws this season. The brunettes have zero redeeming qualities that I can find.

    • vilzvet says:

      Agree. She is definitely the least objectionable person on the show right now, and that is not going to change. Just read Cindy’s blog, now she is claiming she was “bullied” and her clothes were “ransacked”!! That not only were hangers taken, they were taken with her clothes already on them, supposedly. Yeah, that makes sense, Cindy. And of the two comments on Luann’s blog, one slams Bethenny! Jill must be up early.

      • Dixie says:

        Ransacked? How would she know? I have always thought that was the look she was going for, like she had been mugged or something.

      • yayamagic says:

        Cindy’s blog was despicable. Innuendos and accusations. Way to start a relaxing vacation, huh? I do not blame Ramona and Sonja for leaving AT all.

        I loved Willie Geist’s take on the whole Hanger-gate situation. He said in the real world, the hanger situation would have been an eleven second conversation. the end. Not with our Cindy. She had a can of gasoline just waiting to get the bon fire rolling.

        • madison says:

          Have you noticed that Cindy’s Inuendos always trail off without ever finishing a sentence? She never says anything. She just implies a lot. Snake. On tape she did not say that her clothes were left on the floor when her hangers disappeared yet in her blog she insisted that they were on the floor. Must be a lie. Anyone would be upset about their clothes on the floor more than the minimum hanger allowance. Why was she not speaking about her clothes? On video she says “hangers gone and my clothes…..trail off”. What they heck does that mean? Nothing, maybe?
          Another example of this behavior of hers is when she tried to confront Ramona a few weeks ago. Cindy did not get a full sentence out of her head. Trails off, trails off and trails off. I think she was trying to get Ramona to go off on her and was disappointed because Ramona just waited for Cindy to finish a sentence and it never happened. It was like two deer staring at each other. I think Ramona won that round since she was being set up by Cindy’s $%^# stirring non-sentences.
          Cindy did it again at lunch in Morocco with the brunettes. She begins to say that Ramona looks like her nose is…..trails off.
          I wound not want to share a cab with this woman.

          • HW Addict says:

            I was just able to watch the full episode (the BF deleted the first airing, he thought it was an old one) and Cindy Barslop doesn’t trail off, her exact words were…”I came in, they took all my hangers,my clothes were half on the thing…babies”.
            IMO the maid went to her room and in haste grabbed some hangers and may have bumped something that was hanging and it became a little off-sided, OR, for dramatic effect, Cindy Barslop threw that in the mix to make it seem more sinister. Baby!

      • T-REX says:

        Good grief, if I start playing the drinking game everytime one of these RH says the word “Bully” I will probably wind up needing a stint in Betty Ford! Way to go RH’s, overuse a word, and use incorrectly so that no one pays attention to the issue any more, at least from the likes of you!

      • nathania says:

        does anyone else but me think that this story is contrived?
        a) Cindy’s clothes always look ‘ransacked’
        b) No one would want to be caught dead in most of what she has worn on this show so why would anyone ransack them? half the time they don’t even look clean
        c) her outfits don’t seem like the types of things that need hangers anyway.

    • nic says:

      Alex is the voice of reason. I didn’t realize Ramoner was so high maintenance. Maybe I just wasn’t paying as close attention on her previous travels. It’s really kind of funny to watch her get in a tizzy. And anything that gets a bug up LuLu’s butt is aok in my book. Drunk Sonja is funny, but I could see how she would get annoying after a while.

  13. jeepers1941 says:

    Ok, so now I suppose the next zing about Ramona is, not only is she a drunk, but that Mario is having an affair because Ramona is a drunk and poor Mario just can’t stand her anymore. Sounds like a plot directly from the files of, LULU and jz, eh?
    I wouldn’t put it past them either.
    Sonja just can’t seem to win either, she lives in filth in someone else’s house.
    Of course KOOKOO has a giant plastic horse in her living/diningroom, doesn’t everyone?
    LULU lives in a 500sq ft apt., stuffed with oversized furniture and all painted in dark colors to go along with her dark side thinking.
    Then jz still lives under that same damn bridge, with that shitty wallpaper her ex-gay husband put up. And she still has that dog that shits all over the place and licks buggers from her nose.
    Put we have Alex who lives in Brooklyn with Simon and the chums and is happy to be where she is.
    Then there is Ramona, who has a beautiful daughter, Avery and husband Mario she adores and they spend their time between the house in the Hamptons and the place in the city during the work week.
    Then there is Bethenny, who thank the good Lord no longer is own this show, that lives in an apt. with her husband, Jason, her daughter Bryn. Oh and yes, she has her office set up in the apt. and Julie comes to work everyday, and let us not forget the nanny too. And of course who can forget Cookie, who doesn’t shit all over the apt. and apparently doesn’t like nose buggers……..Oh and let us not forget, she is the richest of them all, payback is definitely a bitch, ain’t it?………LOL 🙂

    • vilzvet says:

      Hah, great post. I think Ramona’s apartment is gorgeous. And I think Sonja’s blog mentions that at least her ex doesn’t live “in the basement” like Kelly’s does!

    • Mum says:

      This is what I actually find refreshing and appealing about Alex, she is happy with who she is and with what she has, and focuses on her own business.

    • yayamagic says:

      If it weren’t for Ramona, Bravo would be treating us to more footage of Ginger licking those nose boogers out of Jill’s nose. More Ramona, less Jill. If it weren’t for Ramona, we might be hearing more of LuAnn working on her music. So, thank you, Ramona.

      And I think it’s vile, this “she’s a drunk and Mario must be cheating” narrative they’ve conjured up.

    • nathania says:

      I know. I just watched that video of her apartment and she didn’t even walk much, she just kept turning half a degree and saying ‘and this is…’, it’s tiny.

      And those lips Jacques gave her, was that a joke. I would have to murder someone who gave me those as a gift. I bet she was secretly horrified and had to pretend to be thrilled, they are only slightly better than a faux satin pair with a fake rose from a gas station.

  14. jeepers1941 says:

    And I haven’t foregot about Cindy either, but she is unforgetable, because there is simply nothing about her to remember…………….. 😦

  15. WindyCityWondering says:

    Maybe I had housewives lag last night, but in the JZ twitter was she saying that LuAnn made up the fortune teller’s “another woman” remark given to Ramona?

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I believe that she was referring to the psychic saying that she talked too much.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I would put it past LULU to pull a stunt like that, especially on Ramona. Lulu is really pissed at her, since Ramona stood her ground about the dress designer and to back off with regards to her fight with jz.

      • Debbie says:

        Let’s not forget that LuLu’s ex-Count cheated on her and told her he was leaving her by email. They both were allegedly cheating throughout their marriage.
        She who is without fault can cast the first stone. And that, by no means, is Lulu.. I believe that she put the revelation re the other woman in the psychic’s ear. and some cash in her hand.

        • yayamagic says:

          right! and don’t forget the LuLu was pissed at Ramona for re-tweeting Victoria’s indiscretions. Another motive.

      • nathania says:

        Here is the next Bravo poll I would like to see:

        Would you pay a fortune teller to tell a woman her husband was cheating on her, just because she pissed you off?

        yes or no.

        I would imagine that MOST people on the planet would not do so. It’s just too low a blow, to do this you would have to be able to take pleasure from other people’s pain. I mean real, deep, gut-stirring pleasure from watching other people be this hurt and embarassed.

        And not just that, but on a national tv show. Lou ann is mentally disturbed, clearly. Jacques must have a teeny weeny because something is not getting worked out.

      • sue says:

        Yea, and remember how she reacted on that reunion show to Ramona when Ramona got on Luman for acting fake and had the perfect family, maybe Lu nd JZ wanted to get her back and start some poo-poo while they were at it!

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I’m no fortune teller but I have feeling it might come out in later episodes that Luann made it up and Ramona sticks a hanger up Luann’s ass (we can only hope). Jill just loves to dish the dirt first.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Haha..that would give new meaning to “hangergate”!!!

      • snarkarella says:

        Hmmm…well, Ramoner did say, “You’ll have to watch.” on WWHL when Miss Andy asked her about the fortune teller’s allegations. Maybe something like that does come out.

  16. Kats2 says:

    Lynn I totally agree and love your recap.

    Kelly is a bitch and is everything she has ever accused Bethenny or anyone else on the show of being. Jill and New Girl are evil the three of them belong together. They were agreeing with everything mean Kelly had to say about Sonja.

    Sonja has been nothing but kind to both Kelly and Jill.

    Loved Alex’s Bravo Blog

    Luann is just a boring controlling bitch, the only nice thing she did that showed a hint of class is when she defended the mean comments Kelly was making about Sonja.

    I do not believe Ramona has a drinking problem and I have no clue if Mario cheats. Just like I have no clue if Bobby cheats on Jill. But I think it’s really bad Karma and very classless for the other HW’s to revel in this speculation. Specifically the HW’s that have first hand experience with a spouse cheating on them.

    I’d also like to point out again the only difference between this Kelly and the Kelly who was on the trip last year is Alcohol/Drug use. Kelly is obviously a very mean and jealous person. When she is sober she has some control, when she is wasted she has no control. I personally will not use the excuse that she has some medical problems to explain away her very behavior. I think it’s an insult to people with real problem who do need professional help.

    • nathania says:

      I think that Luann is calculating when it comes to Sonja, who is an ex-Morgan and is and always will be very well-connected because of it. Alex and Ramona she can trash, but Sonja *knows people*.

    • sue says:

      Exactly, that is why we asked on the other blog page to start a “petition” of some sort to have Bravo show the “lost footage/cutting room floor” scenes from “Scary Island” so we can put Kelly in her place. Look, it would be different if she came back just acting her nutty self, but now she is downright smug and mean.
      We could not stand the way she talked about Sonjas house, or the way she is making Ramona out to be a liar, and especially the way she acted when her and Cindy were on WWHL. They did not let Camille and Allison Dubois get away with bad talking Bravo, they showed the NJ dinner, then why cant we see the Ny Scary Island episodes. If there are legalities of why we cant then why doesnt Bravo just say so, they dont have to give us details, but they should not ignore us when asked either. Viewers are a major reason why their shows succeed.

  17. Kats2 says:

    I have to add, the new girl is so boring and really very unattractive. Her mouth is always hanging open and she has a very unfortunate face.

    Jill on the other hand, If I didn’t know Jill at all (so take her personality out of it, never heard her speak) She has a pretty face. But Jill’s black soul and awful personality is what trumps her looks. She is such an ugly person it takes over any nice physical traits.

  18. MAMAZ says:

    Great recap. I’m so glad I don’t have to watch this nightmare for myself.
    Favorite line –
    Brad Pitt just left, he must have heard the Real Housewives of New York were coming. LOL

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    Gotta love that Sonja is supposed to be the co-hostess and yet LuAnn’s blog is titled, “The Hostess with the Mostess”. LuAnn is more a warden than a hostess – and feels that she is making everyone feel comfortable! Making fun of Ramona because she made requests per instructions? Hangergate? Giving Ramona and Sonja crap because they want to leave the compound instead of eating with the other inmates? So far this isn’t the trip of a lifetime….not even close!

    • FLG says:

      Loud Applause!

    • boston02127 says:

      @WindyCityWondering—-“More of a warden than a hostess”
      Bwhahahaha….so true!

    • Caitlin says:

      Ooooo, hadn’t seen that blog, but thunderstruck that Lumann stole that title from the people who described Perle Mesta’s legendary hostessing in Washington, D.C. for decades (senators, Congressman, diplomats, artists, White House inhabitants, etc., etc.). This makes Lumann a legendary narcissist, IMO. The brass b*lls are clanking louder and louder and louder!!!

  20. TLM says:

    I seem to be in the minority with the way I feel about this cast. I think Cindy is the only normal one in the bunch, staying restrained when she should and could really let other women have it. People have attacked Cindy continuously and I don’t know why. I find Jill tiresome, Sonja disgusting, Ramona rude beyond belief, Luann formerly condescending but rapidly becoming vulgar with her mouth, Alex rather pathetic and boring, and Kelly out of place and ill-suited to a reality show.

    I read that Bravo is looking to replace the entire NYC cast, and this doesn’t surprise me. I think it’s long overdue. Not very good news for many of the women who are depending on the Bravo cash: Sonja, Luann, Alex and possibly Kelly.

    I cringe every time I hear Sonja talk about how she used to have a yacht or attended this or that far-flung event in her past, or how she used to have so many servants, or how she KNOWS quality where others don’t. Get over it, it’s not your life anymore and you sound like a pompous ass. Ditto for ordering people around in Morocco like you’re royalty. I will say this about the Countess – even though her marriage was 7 years longer than Sonja’s and I’m sure she attended many grand events during that time, she doesn’t beat everyone over the head with stories about what she did every 5 minutes like Sonja does.

    And Sonja, enough with your toaster oven crap already. Either publish a book or shut up about it. Just out of curiosity I Googled “Toaster Oven Cookbook” and by no means is it a new idea. There are tons — and I mean tons — of them out there. That she thinks anyone will care about her book is hilarious. I tend to think that people who are relegated to cooking out of a toaster oven aren’t aware of or interested in some obscure, aging socialite. They are college students and people who can’t afford ovens. Bethenny would probably have more success if she wrote such a book. How funny that Sonja has a silhouette logo on her website of a woman walking on her site, http://www.sonjamorganonline.com/, a la the Skinnygirl logo.

    Wasn’t Sonja also supposed to be working on some kind of a novel? She kept talking about it, but I think it’s all bullshit and she’s too lazy to follow through.

    • Kats2 says:

      But don’t you think Sonja is entitled to mourn her past life? I think that is what she’s doing when she talks about how things used to be and how she’s dealing with the possibility of not getting the divorce settlement she was planning on.

      • Debbie says:

        No biggie, but there are many Italian cookbooks, dieting cookbooks, child rearing books, advice books, etc out there and have been for years. Sonja’s not claiming to have the first toaster oven cookbook ever written. Neither did Tree, Bethenny,Jill or Alex make any claims to having the first book in their category.

      • Kukulet says:

        Yes, but I have to agree with TLM-she takes it too far. There comes a point where one just has to move on, and it doesn’t seem like Sonja is trying to do that.

        Her constant references to royalty are starting to irk me. “Entertaining royalty, staying in castles with royalty”, etc. a) Her “good friend” Prince Albert of Monaco is NOT royalty, and b) enough with the royal by association inferences, Sonja. I like Sonja for the most part, but that little habit of hers is just as revolting as LuAnn and her constant Countess spiel.

        There is nothing sacred or special about royalty or nobility. It’s all just a bunch of empty titles that some predecessors made up.

        • HW Addict says:

          I think that is more a dig at Lumann; Lumann does not have the market covered on mingling with the upper-eschelon and, more importantly, having true class is the art of making everyone comfortable no matter their station in life, not beating them over their heads for their “ignorance” of protocol. A title, a bought one at that, does not make you an authority. Sonja is, IMO, trying to delicately call Lumann out on her hypocrisy.

          I’m trying to understand their inner thoughts as these tapings were ufolding and Sonja had major issues going on at the time. I believe her “core” is very good and is just in a bad spot right now.

        • quincyil says:

          Prince Albert came to the Hannibal Hospital as his close friend is surgeon 20 miles south of my house. He was so normal. I know a secretary that sat with his and he was a nice guy who loved touring Mark Twain sights with his friend.

          • Kukulet says:

            I researched a biography on his father years ago, and have to agree that Prince Albert is a normal and very nice guy. And his father was one of the coolest men I’ve ever met.

            • quincyil says:

              The secretary was my physical trainer’s mom. She thought he was great. He toured the hospital and spoke to patients. He went to the children’s area to say hi to sick kids.

          • yayamagic says:

            One of my college roommates was pledging a sorority back in the late 70’s. She attended this “blind date” frat party where everyone picked a card and found their counterpart – hers was Prince Albert. To this day, she blames me for why he never called her because she was wearing a low cut sweater I lent her. I always apologize for being the reason why she isn’t living in Monaco right now. Her nickname is Princess Delusional.

        • twoile says:

          @k…Purchased titles…fairly common as well as just being on the winners side of the proverbial war/battle ….so no merit 2 having titles just circumstance/luck etc. I feel sorry 4 Sonia as she is trying to process her losses & they appear 2 b substantial…& could it b that the “ladies?” who object 2 her rememberences R a bit Jillous. They certainly have jumped the shark this season, nothing short of B’s arrival on set would salvage this pathetic mess & we all know & agree that will never happen, B is in “bliss” w/out this “crap”, Amen!:0)

        • lovemamaearth says:

          If we consider the Stroke of Insight woman’s quote of be responsible for the energy you bring, Sonja’s psyche has taken some severe hits in a short time. Divorcing shortly before menopause and the soon-to-be-invisible age, wanting a younger but wealthy man,lower income, the law suit, being on tv and taking that criticism.

          From Sonja’s reaction (crying) over the psychic’s message to Ramona, I’m betting her divorce was a lot more painful and hard on her ego than she’s so far let on.

          I wonder if Jill did a therapy session like we’ve seen interspersed in B’s episodes, I wonder if we’d think she’s so evil.

      • FLG says:

        ITA! Sonja’s got a lot of healing to do. It’s a process. She’s trying to keep some humor about her and I do applaud her for that. I raked her over the coals regarding the Equality March. I felt she deserved it and still do, but there is more to Sonja than just that mistake. She’s got a tough row to hoe ahead of her and I wish her luck with it. She’s going to need it.

        • nathania says:

          I think Luannn is what you become when you don’t heal through the losses after a divorce and drop in status. I hope Sonja will find another way to not become a Luann and instead keep her sense of humor and mirth.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Oh ineresting point!

            Lu seems to have info wrong about that car ride–Napping? from her blog: Sonja and Ramona had other plans, which was fine but they didn’t have to lie about being tired and needing a car ride to nap.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      You lost me at your first line. “Cindy is the only normal one”. I think she’s the worst of the bunch. She picked sides, and she won’t budge. At least KelKel tries to talk to Alex and Sonja (she just has the paranoia thing with Ramona – but heck she’s crazy and consistently crazy – so ….)

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        I agree, housewife addict. Cindy’s a bitch. But I do agree with TLM that Bravo will be recasting RHONY.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          With such a polarized cast – it’s no fun to watch at all. There’s nothing new – no surprises.

          • housewifeaddict says:

            The only thing that could save the cast is if LuAnn turned on Jill too.

            • yayamagic says:

              oh, housewife addict! My fervent wish is for the brunettes to turn on each other – with Jill on that team a precedent has already been set. Her behavior with BFF Bethenny crashed and burned. Her decades long friendship with Ramona? Apparently done. IMO, that would be bravo tv gold

      • PF says:

        Umm….correct. And wasn’t Ramona the one who brought Cindy onto the show as her friend? What a friend Ramona had in Cindy!

      • nathania says:

        one thing I know for sure is that they sucked Cindy in and have probably constantly fed her b.s. all season long about someone said this about you and that one doesn’t like you and blah blah blah.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I don’t like Cindy because she lies and has no backbone (if you don’t like what someone is saying about someone who isn’t there to defend themselves than don’t roll your eyes – speak up!).
      Pretentious Sonja and her stories from the past – she wants a monied guy and is slutting it out there in a feeble attempt to attact one. If she knows so many fabulous people why doesn’t she ask them to fix her up? IMO – she went to that hotel to troll for a guy and Ramona went to get away from the brunettes.

      • Mum says:

        I am a single woman and I go to spectator sports for the same purpose, and I like sports. I don’t think mr right is going to drop out of the sky and the mailman is the only person coming to my home on the regular, I did check him out but did not get that warm, fuzzy feeling. Tell me: what would you have Sonja do?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        When I was single – I went to events I enjoyed, my friends were looking for eligible guys that I would like and you have to appear to be positive and approachable. Don’t laugh but I met my husband in the produce dept of a grocery store!

    • error404 says:

      This post actually made me sad. If Cindy is “the normal one” then that means you are surrounded by people like Cindy in your life. *shudders* I couldn’t stand the toxicity.

      To me, Alex is “the normal one” which is exactly why she’s also often called “the boring one”.

      Sonja and Ramoner both are OTT and also ham it up for tv, because it is in fact TV and they are here to entertain. For all of the Kiki, Jill and Lulu boasting about how fun and fabulous they are, they are all actually really dull and the only thing that ever wakes the viewer back up is that none of the brunettes can seem to go 5 whole minutes without being really really mean. Sonja and Ramoner are the only two who make people laugh, even if it is to laugh at them, they do make people laugh. The browns never inspire laughter. That drum circle… ugh, like some form of torture!

    • Sparkles says:

      Good insights, TLM.

  21. Theresa says:

    It seems to me that Brad is once again on Jill Zarin’s payroll. The fortune teller reading that Ramona received just reeks of the devious Jill Zarin. Jill hasn’t changed one bit since last season. She is still a jealous, spiteful, overbearing woman, whose target this season is Ramona. How dare she make comments about Ramona’s age and appearance, when she her face is cemented with botox and other fillers. Ramona may be a few years older, but she is a pretty woman and looks much better than Jill.
    Kelly is also becoming a mean girl. Her comments about Sonya were so nasty and uncalled for. Lastly, does anyone think Cindy is a pananoid nutcase?

    • housewifeaddict says:

      The whole thing was staged with Brad. Jill told us she had emailed him and let him know they were coming – so he knew Ramoner would be there. I’m sure their evening itinerary was planned for every evening – otherwise what would they have to film.

      I’d bet that Jill told Brad to say nasty things about Ramona for the camera – in exchange for getting his party on camera. I would also bet that “meeting” Brad in the store was why the ladies couldn’t go to the hotel for drinks with Sonja and Ramona.

      As far as the fortune teller goes – who believes any of this – even if it wasn’t a set up?

      • Addicted to Bravo says:

        I guess he’s paid to take Jill’s nasty remarks as well then? they are a match made in heaven – Brad and Jill – she is a liar and he lied to her about his quarters. Then she is so insecure and ungracious on camera about it. Great fwend (use the Jill voice).

      • nathania says:


        And it is the ONLY reason that Kelly would translate this particular time.

        Jesus lord.

        The fortune teller does not speak english and there was a woman translating. The fortune teller/actress was told ‘when the grungy looking deadhead type changes places with the translator, THAT is when you tell the petite blonde that her husband is cheating on her’. They completely, totally set this up. I wondered when I saw that, why on earth change translators at that particular moment? They set it up. God these are sick evil vile despicable disgusting human beings, amoral and with zero redeeming qualities.

    • PF says:

      Jill gets her face done to look younger but yet she makes fun of Ramona doing the same? Jill will not change. It’s sad!

      • jillz68 says:

        Well maybe it is because Ramona actually looks good thus the work worked! Jill just ended up looking REALLY silly and like a wannabe. Jill hasn’t had an orignal thought EVER!

        • PF says:

          When I first saw her on WWHL dressed like she was….I thought why would she embarrass herself like that? Ramona looks great. Jill trying to dress 20 years younger is ridiculous!

          • quincyil says:

            They are crazy to criticise someone for getting older. What is the alternative?

            I think Jill and Kelly look a lot older than i did in my 40s and I baled hay all of my life.

    • twoile says:

      Yep!!!!!!!! ITA!!!!!!

  22. housewifeaddict says:

    Here’s the thing. It was pretty clear that Sonja and Ramona ditched the brunettes to go off to the best hotel in town and see who they knew. Sonja both lied to LuLu’s face (said they were going on a drive) but also didn’t invite anyone else along. I suspect that LuLu told them the itinerary was lunch and shopping, and they wanted to do something more fun, but didn’t want to battle it out with the Hostess.

    ENOUGH of LuLu thinking everyone needs to do what she decides to do – especially when they get off a plane for 30 hours. If there are organized events – parties etc. that they know about in advance – then fine. But they don’t need to hang together 24/7 wearing identical gowns.

    I get why Cindy was cast now. Given enough time, I could grow to hate her more than LuLu or Jill. Except I have a feeling once she’s off the screen I’ll forget about her. She has an aura of negative energy. I can’t believe anyone could stand to be around her.

    Oh and LuLu – Cindy made the fuss about the hangers – not the blondes. Get your facts right when you snark in your blog

    • Kukulet says:

      I don’t blame Ramona and Sonja for ditching that lunch either. The Brunettes had traveled all the way to Morocco, and all they had done up to that point was hang out at the house wearing caftans and congratulating each other about how “wonderful” and “real” they were and making snarky comments about the Blondes. Then they went fabric shopping. Seriously, they might as well have remained in New York.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        They went fabric shopping to meet up with Brad who they could seen in NY. Urrrrgh.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          It was so revolting reading in the dark hairs blogs how they were ‘disappointed’ the fair hairs didn’t want to eat lunch with them. No they weren’t. They shit talked them every chance they got when they weren’t around then suddenly we are suppose to believe they feel saddened by not being in their company. GTFO

    • PF says:

      I think Sonja wanted to get Ramona alone to discuss her bankruptcy filing the day she left for Morocco. Ramona and Sonja seem to be very close friends outside of RHONY. I can see her not wanting to share that with the uncompassionate bru’s. I’m sure it was heavily on her mind on the trip. Doesn’t it seem odd that they didn’t film them at the hotel having ‘fun’?

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        Not only that, but aren’t Ramona’s and Sonja’s birthdays around that time too? They probably wanted to celebrate them together!

      • Kathi says:

        I agree – of all the women in the current cast – Ramona is the one I would talk to about financial stuff. I think she has the most practical experience and would give you an honest answer.

        • yayamagic says:

          I didn’t think of that, you’re absolutely right. Ramona is a pretty savvy business woman.

    • kitkat says:

      GREAT post! I agree 100%! and I would ditch Luann and the other 2 witches for a nice hotel lunch too. Luann was probably pissed that she lost an opportunity to lecture Ramoner some on camera some more. And that Cindy is THE WORST. You are correct about her negative energy, SHE is the one whose “core is not good”.

  23. housewifeaddict says:

    I’ll bet Sonja’s house is dirty and smelly. Posters here were commenting that the interior looked like a scene from hoarders in the Chris March episode, and she probably doesn’t have much help to clean and tidy. HOWEVER there is no reason for Kelly to point this out on national TV.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Even with allergies – I can still smell the difference between cat pee and 409!

      • Mum says:

        I think someone pointed out last year that meth-amphetimine (sp) smoke smells similar to cat pee. As I want to have nothing to do with meth I find that I cannot spell it or no anything about it, but found the comment quite interesting but not curious enough to pursue additional information.

        • nathania says:

          wow, i just looked it up and other people have described it that way as well. gee.

          I didn’t see kelly as a tweaker but it sure makes sense.

          and sonja just blurts it out without thinking. sonja is like that, I can see why she and ramona get along, because they are both sometimes filterless.

    • error404 says:

      They all have dogs or cats, so it’s really tacky to call out anyone else for dog smells in their house. I also think that Sonja’s dog is quite old so that’s perhaps why she has to put down the peepee pads. That’s a lot of stairs for an old dog to go up and down… her bedroom is on the 3rd floor. Other than that, her house is always spotless and is fully rennovated, so Kelly is just a bitch.

      The “horders” comments were about all of the stuff she keeps in closets etc… old wigs, costumes from parties she went to years ago, etc… her house is always very tidy. Just watch, cameras do go in and film and it’s never dirty or even cluttered. It’s always spotless.

      • Kukulet says:

        I don’t know if Sonja’s house is clean or not-what little of it I’ve seen looks clean, but who knows? But I also haven’t seen Kelly pull on Marigolds and scrub her own place, so who is she to talk?

        Kelly just needs to shut up. She’s either acting insane or inane.

  24. Mum says:

    As a working class black woman I am actually shocked by the brunettes behavior..I KNOW ghetto, I live in the ghetto, they are the epitome of GHETTO. I know ghetto women who have more class than Luann, Jill, Cindy and Kelly put together. I clearly feel deep in my heart that Kelly is mentally unstable and should not be on tv. Jill is a snake, no surprise there! Cindy, can you say Bozo the Clown. I think Luann is a real dog.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I feel that decent behavior transcends social class, income, religious affiliation, etc. – and that the three of them (Jill, LuLu and Cindy) are not decent people inside or out. LuLu holds herself to a higher standard – so IMO she comes off worse in this episode. Kelly seems to have a great deal of paranoia – which causes her to lash out (mainly at Ramona this season). I blame Bravo for allowing her to be on TV.

      • twoile says:

        @HWA….I respectfully disagree Re: Lu , IMO she does not hold 2 a higher standard at all……just the perception et al. Faux front in total. Not the most attentive Mother as post Rosie the teens appear 2 b on their own & not 2 the “good” of things as dtr is now expelled from pvt school, & now 2 b shipped off 2 Paris 2 art school 4 the summer when most of the city leaves 4 vaca 6-8wks due 2 heat etc…….just sounds fishy…..2 Lu it “sounds sophisticated 2 say Art School” there4 OK!..she is self absorbed….& sad that she has no room 4 kids & their needs. If not in the elevated situation currently her family might b considered by CFS 2 b neglectful of the children.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          I actually think we do agree. I said she holds HERSELF to a higher standard – meaning she thinks she’s classy. I certainly don’t think she is.

          • twoile says:

            @HWA, thank u for clarification, I must have misunderstood…we r on the same page after all. :0)

    • HW Addict says:

      Mum, I could not agee with you more!!! Class is being able to treat people with dignity, nothing more, nothing less~~~it has nothing to do with how much money someone has nor where they live.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I can’t believe where this show is going! Every scene is passive aggressive jabs and digs

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Isn’t it ridiculous? I mean, that is ALL it is. The couple of scenes that are supposed to be of the brunettes being so “cool” and “awesome” are fake and sickening as well. LuMann straddling an airplane seat barking “darling” in another language? Ugh. Pounding some stupid drums and trying to be witty? Gawd, it’s so boring. Then the rest is just vicious, vile, calculated reputation assassination. What’s wrong with Bravo?

  26. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kelly – she is on a short lease and the only conversation she has to offer is what she has heard over and over again from Jill and LuAnn! She gave Cindy crap because she has nannies (are her daughters home alone or with Gilles nannies?). And her crazy is creeping back into her Bravo blog – middle age women don’t babble on about what is hot and what is not…. She is like watching a scary movie – you know it is coming and you know it is bad!

  27. Pantry Viewer says:

    Two things:

    Kelly being so hateful and ugly at the lunch table … in her bathing suit … trashing Sonja. Her head is kind of hung down, stringy hair in her face, lifts her eyes occasionally and has that weird shooting off of angry insults staccato style. She shoots a few ugly insults, eyes go back down to her plate. She really does seem mentally ill not far beneath the surface. Weird.

    The fortune teller was an absolute set-up and I’m concerned that anyone would think otherwise. They just “happen” to meet up with Brad on the day he’s throwing a big party? Give me a freaking break. He just “happens” to trash Ramona right off the bat? Just happens to have a fortune teller there to say nice things about the brunettes and something vicious and vile about Ramona? That is seriously deranged, dark and unforgiveable. Disgusting. I have no doubt the brunettes planned that and it’s sick.

    And the enormous amount of hateful gossip they’re doing? Just insane. So that’s all they live and breathe for, revenge against made-up grudges because the others are successful. Must be a sad, sad existence and I can’t imagine how this show could continue.

    • Kukulet says:

      I’ve no doubt the psychic was a set up-don’t believe in psychics myself-but I felt bad for Ramona. Not about the “prediction”, but that the Brunettes will gleefully beat her over the head with it.

    • error404 says:

      I thought the blogs were interesting. Alex said she was afraid it was her he was mad at, as the last time Silex ran into Brad he acted really strangely. Ramoner said that Brad was over her house several times during the summer.

      On the show, Brad himself disclosed that the unpardonable sin Ramoner is accused of was *gasp* not saying hello to him when they were both at the same crowded party. This is an old HW chestnut they all love to drag out which usually ends up meaning “Ok, you literally said hello, but it wasn’t the OTT HELLO!! I wanted or deserve.” When Caro called out Lulu for this very same thing, she explained it all away. But I’m sure Lulu will hold Ramoner to a different set of rules than herself.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I agree the whole thing was so staged. They ‘just happen’ to run into Brad- who was actively tweeting last year begging viewers to bring him back since he was absent last season.

        Jill drops the name “Ramona” and it sets Brad off on a rant on how he felt slighted by her months and months and months ago? Please…as if that whole scene wasn’t created so Jill could deliver her talking head line “Ramona has hasn’t even been the country for a day- and already we are running into people she has offended”.

        I am sure the allegations about Mario cheating is LuLe striking back for Ramona letting the cat out of the bag last year about the C-words open marriage.

        But I have to wonder if maybe there isn’t some truth to them.

        The fact that Ramona is constantly talking about her marrage sometimes comes across like she is trying to convince herself.

        I am also sure I remember in S1 Ramona losing her mind at a party and accusing some woman of trying to make moves on her husband.

        Vow renewals that do not mark a milestone anniversary(10-15-20 ect) IMO it mean one of two things, that something is wrong in the marriage and they think this will refresh it or that there was something wrong in the marriage, they think they have healed it- and this is their fresh start. Jon and Kate renewed their vows and by the next season, they were announcing they were divorcing, Vickie and Donn did as well.

        • error404 says:

          IDK. My parents renewed their vows and I’m pretty sure it was in some non milestone year. I can’t even remember when it was.. maybe 48th anniversary (they just celebrated their 60th!) but I do remember they did it for themselves and didn’t want a big fuss or party. I think their church was offering it so they took the offer.

          Anywho… with regard to the Singers, I think it had a lot more to do with Bravo/Shed who probably wanted to gear the whole year around Divorce (lulu), engagement (B) and renual (R&M). Plus it very much fit in with R’s Renual branding, or she could have just wanted to stick it to Lulu because her marriage outlasted the Countless’, or maybe R’s dad hated Mario and said R was throwing her life away by marrying him, so this was a way of exorcizing the demons… sound better than that stupid burning paper thing Jill does.

          I have no idea if Mario cheats or not, I just know that so far I haven’t heard a convincing argument on why he probably is.

        • Pantry Viewer says:

          To me, I don’t care if Mario really was or is cheating. The thing that alarms me is Jill, LuMan and Kelly have obviously plotted to ruin a woman’s reputation by repeating, over and over and over again, Ramona is an alcoholic, try to ruin her new product launch, dogged her jewelry, and when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, sets up the “fortune teller” to harm her marriage and her feelings. I watched in shock as the camera panned to each hideous jealous woman’s face after LuMan “interpreted”. Absolutely sickening and shocking that behavior is going on unchallenged and unchecked.

          • Sus says:

            Good people would laugh and say it’s a fortune teller, not a fortune truther. I don’t like how nasty these women have become. Not one of them is nice any more. They are living their lives for the show instead of of living their lives in spite of the show. I don’t know if that makes sense or not.

            Ramona might be BCS but I highly doubt she would put up with Mario cheating. She talks all the time that she can take care of herself.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              WOW! ITA – they are living their lives for the show and not showing the lives that they live!

          • nathania says:

            they are all mental, have trauma issues apparently and have not worked through any of it, therefore keep reappointing people in their present lives to destroy in order to slay dragons from the past.

            ramona proved again on wwhl why she is so endearing, it’s because like bethenny she is real and unscripted, and people relate to that.

            I only hope ramona continues to know this and not pay any attention to the nutjob weirdo mental patients she is being forced to share her, alex, and sonja’s show with. 🙂

  28. Kukulet says:

    The whole season has descended into nothing but snarkiness and catfighting, lies and twists and Kelly’s insanity. It’s actually kind of boring to watch.

    My hat is off to Alex, though-she may not have said much last night, but she definitely behaved with real class and dignity.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Yeah, they are killing the show for me.

      If I want to watch a fight over coat hangers, I will rent Mommy Dearest.

      If I want to listen to someone with Spicoli hair string a few words together and make an idiotic sounding sentence, I will rent Fast times at Ridgemont High.

      If I want to watch a show about nothing, I will put in on Seinfeld .

  29. error404 says:

    Maybe Mario does have “un autre femme”, but let’s just review the other “readings”:

    Kelly: the 43 year old perpetually single woman who is scared of naked vajayjays is going to have 3 kids. At this point, I think disclosing a love child given up for adoption during her modeling years is the most likely route to a 3rd kid.

    Sonja: the artist friend she is obviously propping up on the show for exposure even though he painted a really really bad portrait of her, is the love of her life. Rigghhhttttt. Although the money part is probably right. You don’t divorce a Morgan and not get a payout, even if the jerk is going to make her go thru hell to get it, she’ll get it, and then she can afford to hire pregnant Kelly to come over and clean 3 times a week. Or is Kelly hoping to get on “Teen Mom”?

    Jill: has a big heart. Stop laughing! Jill is very generous, look at all of the nice things she said about Brad after the party. Did she give him one of those kuala clips? They must have edited it out,a s we all know Jill loves to give gifts. She’s never given one she doesn’t seem to tell the whole world she gave. I wonder if Bryn ever got those onesies? On right, she will only give them in person.

    • LOL! Jill made it a point to shop for onesies in front of the papparazzi so the world would know how generous she is. First Jill claimed that she sent Bethenny a baby gift but a few months later, she claimed that she purchased a gift and she will give it to Bethenny the next time she sees her. It’s safe to say that Bryn will never get the gift because I think Bethenny will do everything in her power to avoid seeing Jill in person for the rest of her life. LMAO

  30. JenFromCincy says:

    I agree with the whole blog, except for the interpretation of Ramona’s requests. They were told ahead of time that it was a luxury home and that if they had any requests that they just had to ask.

    Ramona didn’t ask for the help to unpack her…she asked if the staff could help her unpack. Um….that’s part of their job. While some might feel uncomfortable asking and do it themselves, that’s just their choice. Ramona chose to use the staff’s services because that’s what they get paid to do.

    When I’m on vacation I want to relax and have fun, not do chores. If there’s a maid or a staff there to do that, why would I be wrong in taking advantage of it?

    • Kukulet says:

      Exactly. And as Ramona pointed out on her blog, she wasn’t the only one who made such requests.

      Was 600+ thread count sheets a luxury request? Yes. But they were staying in a luxury villa. The staff is accustomed to and equipped for those kinds of requests. It is their business, after all.

      LuAnn, seriously…check your butt for one of those hangers.

    • Dixie says:

      Didn’t Ramona say during WWHL that they were told there would be staff to assist with the unpacking? So she is a horrible person for taking assistance that was offered? And since we did not see Countess Pot Stirrer unpack herself how do we know that she also did not have assistance?

  31. housewifeaddict says:

    The show is no fun – it’s predicable because Jill has written the script. She’s like the Survivor’s Russel – controlling and manipulating behind the scenes, but also so transparent that everyone knows she’s doing the dirty work. She may make it to the finish line – but viewers want her to lose. She’s controlling her alliance with a heavy hand – I’m surprised they even talk to the other alliance. They will be with her to the finish line.

    The best survivor editions are when the alliances shift – and you never know what going to happen. That’s Atlanta. When the alliances are set in stone – (OC and NY) – boring. That’s why they had to shake it up in NJ – boring, boring, boring.

    The only way to get out of this rut is to get rid of the brunettes – or recast the entire show. Jill is the one who polarizes things – and the only thing that kept S1 & s2 from going this way was Bethenny talking some sense into Jill.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alliances are an important part of the housewives landscape – but who would change sides? Who would want Cindy? Who would want Kelly?
      IMO – three intelligent, strong, fun loving blondes are a stronger alliance than adding any of the brunettes for a majority.

  32. FLG says:

    Okay kids, it’s Kelly’s turn:
    In her blog, Kelly says: “I am now traveling to Africa with ladies whom I have grown to feel so comfortable with.” Huh? Kelly dear, when did this epiphany suddenly occur? Aren’t you the one who had to be talked into going, because you were so afraid of being around Ramona??? You also said “I felt bad for LuAnn, but I respected that she remained THE hostess and tried to include everyone.” Perhaps if LuAnn Countess Squash Blossom High Horse was a little less High Horsey (or a little less high camel-y, in this case), people would be more willing to be around her. I’d rather have lunch with Jebus Barbie Alexis Bellino, aboard a catamaran heading for Catalina Island than to dine with LuAnn and Lynn’s readers know what I think of Alexis!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      LuAnn was a poor choice for a hostess – but Bravo needed drama and who better to bring it than the grating, ungracious countless of crass?

      • FLG says:

        Well, she is good at pulling hubcaps off of European cars to convert to necklaces…. She seems to prefer Aston Martins. Must be from all those road rallies she attended with her former Count.

      • katlg says:

        WCW, I can’t remember who’s blog it was on but your post is there.
        Waiting to see if mine to Jill gets posted.
        Re Kelly and Ramona, does anyone think Kelly is all over Ramona because R”s jewelry line is up, running and doing well as opposed to K”s second attempt that is another large fail?

    • FLG says:

      Kelly recommends to:”Cover your bed with a fun piece of ethnic fabric and keep the pillowcases white.” Well, I guess so, after you’ve put all that oily goop on your hair and wasted that perfectly good vodka on it. Remember that video you made, Kelly? Oooops, silly question. I’m sure she has absolutely no recollection of that video.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        A fun piece of fabric?

        Why doesn’t she just holiday in Bawby’s store and let the good times roll.

  33. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Thanks everyone for all the laughs. Haven’t seen this episode yet & it used to bother me but after reading Lynn & Q’s blog & the posts I can wait till they show it again.
    So happy Bethenny got away from these evil bioches. Alex seems to be the only one that was born with a heart & a brain. Ramona is still good & Sonja seems like fun.
    Countless & JZ & the idiot are still mean & bitter & not the brightest bulbs of the bunch.
    Hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day 🙂

  34. WindyCityWondering says:

    Theory – Jill’s blog is late because it takes her longer to figure out how to spin her bad behavior and hateful words than the rest of the wives.

  35. I don't have my notes says:

    I actually had a thought about LuMann this season, which is unusual because she never has interested me enough in the past to bore me.

    I wonder if she isn’t directing her role as a domineering mother onto the “girls” now that she is no longer mothering her own children except on the weekends when she isn’t busy.

    She controls what is appropriate table talk, “no we won’t talk about menopause,” she vetoes clothing choices as being too slutty to be worn out and insists everyone stay in and have family togetherness night when two of the unruly kids want to go out and do the town.

    Just a thought.

    • FLG says:

      She didn’t want any competition when she later headed out on her own to “do the town”…….. She does have a history of “doing the town”.

    • Addicted to Bravo says:

      Super controlling and she was the one who brought up menopause and laughed about Ramona. I think she’s deeply insecure and lost without her status marriage so she’s desparately trying to carve out a station for herself. Sad.

      • jillz68 says:

        I would be surprised if all the women weren’t menopausal or at the very least perimenopausal (minus Alex). I mean they are they right age so to act like Ramona is the resident senior citizen is laughable.

        Ramona has a hotter figure than Jill ever had or will have even with her ass being sqweezed by some made in china girdle AND she looks younger in my opinion.

        If Kelly wants to get pregnant she best make an appt stat with Cindy’s fert doc. She isn’t old per say (we are the same age) but her parts aren’t exactly youthful. By the way Kelly, they will need to look at your girlie parts. Maybe they can give you a valium first since it is so traumatic. I am beginning to wonder if she is hoping for Jelly Belly to make her the jelly bean ambassador.

        LuAnn is a major shit stirrer. She needs these ladies since she is countless, the poorest of the bunch (I imagine Alex and Simon have more disposable income but maybe she has more wealth in real estate), her daughter will no doubt cause her grief (not sure on the son yet), and when her stint is done with this, French Ross will move onto someone else who can get his wines some publicity. I am not sure this is true but I read somewhere that he only slapped his label on a California wine not that he was a vintner. So not any different than Ramona. At least she isn’t trying to do more than a vanity project with her wine.

        Sure last night Ramona and Sonja were a bit over the top and made me cringe a few times (my best friend has done that to me as well, we are all human). If LuAnn and Jill didn’t have such a stick up their ass they probably would have been the exact same way. They may have and it just wasn’t shown.

  36. Addicted to Bravo says:

    ITA with all of you! Lynn thanks for a great recap as always and you were great “on the radio”. 😀
    To me the proof is in the pudding: Hang out with Jill turn into a mean, nasty, gossipy, backstabbing piece of reality poo. Hang out with Ramona and turn into a fun, giggly, sometimes inappropriate, pinot grigio drinking, dear person. ITA that Jill has scripted this whole thing. Luann, who did not get a *Count* to marry her due to her intellectual prowess, went along with the plan. I predict that once her synapses start firing in the form of bad press and she clues in that she jumped on the wrong train, she will start backpedalling big time and roll Jill under the bus.
    Cindy is another idiot. Have you noticed that her mouth is always open? She has sinus issues that apparently stop her from closing her mouth and an open mouth leads to all that snotty stuff coming out.

  37. Mum says:

    Relishing every comment..

  38. Mum says:

    I must be dumb because there is no amount of money in the world that would make get on tv and make an ass out of myself or hang out with other asses.

    • Addicted to Bravo says:

      Dumb as a fox :;

      • Mum says:

        Sorry to say I have done my share of dumb things but nothing legendary like these broads. I found out this past St. Pat’s Day, my heiny has no cushion, it hurt like hell for at least 3 weeks. I texted my doc a photo and when I got to his office 2 weeks later we’re talking and he says show me your butt and I drop my pants and he said and I quote “that looks good” I can’t tell you the last time someone told me my butt looks good, yes I keep it covered but, but was glad as I interpreted that as a compliment. I was so happy that day.

  39. mariareads says:

    Well, it’s clear who the drags are going to be! Luann & her pack are so full of krapola you need boots to wade through it. The phony, fake DAHLING behavior is so over and we are not fooled by it. Between “let’s put on our kaftans” and “who took all of my hangars” I wanted to pull a mommy dearest on them all. While I agree that Ramona is being depicted as a drunk & a loon, I immediately thought of Avery as the “other woman” during last night’s show. She must be 16 by now and it’s clear Mario adores her. Who knows if he’s having an affair? Who knows if Bobby was having an affair with Jill before he married her and put clothes on her back? We know Luann was whoring around along with the count. Cindy is the pinnacle of “proper”? Kelly, who lies, fakes and is quiet like a sedated dog when she takes her meds (as soon as she refused wine last night it figured that she might be taking some kind of psychotropic medication and the two don’t mix) and who has boyfriends she slaps around is an example of propriety? Give me a break. The whole thing was hilarious in the house. That the 4 icicle up the butt brunettes were getting so pissed at the blondes simply doing as they pleased was a riot! Countess you are Classless when you do all that gossiping and bullying. Naughty, naughty.

    • PF says:

      What I’d like to know is what is LuAnn’s definition of FUN? Because she kept talking on last week’s episode about how much FUN they were all going to have. Then, she kept harping on how much FUN they were going to have the plane ride over. So, after last night’s episode, I’m thinking FUN to LuAnn means bossing everyone around, and talking about them behind their backs. She is a piece of work, and last season, Bethenny totally called her out. LuAnn should have listened!

      • error404 says:

        What? The words “Let’s all put our kaftans on and sit around” don’t spell F-U-N to you? 😛

        • jillz68 says:

          This is how I spend every weekend, don’t you? Wearing my caftan, talking about all the fun I am going to have while calling my cats darrrrrlllliiiinggg and musing about how smelly my co-workers homes are! What isn’t fun about that???

      • yayamagic says:

        If you watch this episode again, check out the looks that LuAnn and Kelly exchange when Sonja speaks.

        When the group was taking photos at the party and Sonja kept saying “push the button HARDER” Luann couldn’t even sit still, she practically jumped up off the couch rather than *shudder* have to endure another double entendre.

    • Kukulet says:

      Well, at least we know where Cindy’s hangers really are. 😉

  40. Addicted to Bravo says:

    Bethenney really has the gift of reading people – she always seems to be proven right further down the line. Bravo should hire her to help with casting the RH shows…lol. Then we might get more Ramonas and Alexs and less of the scary, dysfunctionl, mean girls.

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Exactly. Bethenny’s been surrounded by crazies and phonies all her life, and she pegs everyone to a T. She’s been proven right over and over again. To a degree, Ramona, as well. She was dead on when she told Bethenny that Jill considers her the underdog. Everyone scoffed at her then, but she was proven right later on. And LuAnn never denied not sleeping around and having affairs when Ramona called her out on it.

  41. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I didn’t feel the Morocco accomodations were of the same standard of those in St.John. Last year you knew the ladies were staying in a beautiful luxurious retreat, where they had staff ready to accomodate needs and perform personal services. At Morocco, the staff in the riad, some in uniform and others in street clothes, didn’t inspire the same confidence. AND I don’t think it was something lost in translation. as the 5star hotels have uniformed employees. I’d be shocked to find that was a royal palace as the lux level made it appear to just be a compound built by a wealthy personal who rents it out.

    Having heard so much comparison of the SATC2 theme, I expected outright luxury, beautiful tapestries, furniture and architecture with concierge/housemen ready to assist. Not there. If BradPitt just left it was to go to a better place. 😉 I may be wrong….but I doubt it! LOL

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ramona got the good trip and LuAnn got the not so good trip!

    • mariareads says:

      I agree with you. I thought it was just OK, given the build up that we had. Maybe Brad Pitt just stayed there because there wasnt’ that much the hundred kids of his could destroy.

    • Kathi says:

      Not sure why people think that Brad Pitt is the leader in luxury playgrounds. George Clooney maybe, but not Brad. He always seems dirty to me.

  42. Sus says:

    Jill’s “Exclusive” Blog – someone said that they think Jill waits to post so she can be at the top of the blog list. I think that’s true.

    I want to start by thanking all of you for your kind support of my step daughter Jennifer Zarin, following last weeks episode. Please “Like” The Birthmark Project on Facebook. She is really connecting to so many of you who have shared your own “Birthmark” stories.

    After spending a busy week getting Ally ready for her Summer vacation and getting Bobby and I ready to go to the Hamptons, watching myself and the other ladies in Morocco seems like such a long time ago. But I will tell you, it was the “trip of a lifetime” in so many ways.

    The Riad we stayed in was absolutely fabulous. Kelly was right when she said it was “warm and luminous.” I should have realized it was a sign of things to come when the blondes and the brunettes arrived separately. Did you notice the difference in the two arrivals? When Cindy, Luann, Kelly and I arrived, we were happy, excited and extremely impressed with our surroundings. But in watching the blondes arrive all I heard was a lot of criticism and complaining, mainly by Ramona. Alex seemed humiliated by some of the things she said regarding the poverty and the people. I felt so sorry for the driver who had to listen. One wonders where the term ” Ugly American” comes from.

    Why would Ramona think Luann of all people would ever get us a house that wasn’t 5 star magnificent? How funny or ridiculous was it (depending upon how you look at it) that Ramona emailed Luann a list of “needs” that included sheets, hand weights and Pinot Grigio? Don’t they have wine in Morocco? I am still not sure whose trip it was. It seemed to me Luann did all the planning, at least that is what I saw when we got there, but Ramona has said Sonja planned it too. If so, why complain to Luann? You have Sonja to get your “list” filled. I have hosted more guests than I can count over the last 20 years in my vacation homes and NO ONE ever asked me for 600 count sheets, down pillows and free weights (5 pounds each). Even Andy Cohen couldn’t believe the “rider” that Ramona demanded before she would go on the trip. The crew all snuck in bottles of Pinot. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it.

    I knew it wouldn’t be long for the first bit of drama and it wasn’t. Someone took Cindy’s hangers. It may sound funny but Cindy was more angry at the pettiness of it than anything else. But what I truly love about Cindy is how quickly she is to confront such behavior. When she heard the girls talking about her she was on it in a flash.

    Watching it back, I am still surprised at just how separate the blondes chose to stay on the trip. I felt bad for Luann. She tried so hard to make it a happy, bonding trip for all of us. What I don’t understand is that with all of the complaining about what Morocco looked like, why were they so quick to get out of the house? We all waited for them to arrive so we could have lunch together. Sonja told me they were going to get their hair. Why did they lie? If they were going to a famous hotel, why wouldn’t they share that with us and invite us too? We wanted to see the hotel also but waited for them to arrive.They drew a line in the sand the minute they got there. This was supposed to be a friends trip to be together. We didn’t need to be attached at the hip but it wasn’t nice and not a good way to start the trip by separating from the group. The cameras were not allowed at the hotel and they knew it. Production was really angry that they just took a car and left. I would have left earlier to go shopping instead of waiting for them if I had known.

    We had an incredible time shopping. The clothes, jewelry, everything was so unique. I had told Brad that we were going to be in Morocco and I was excited that he would be there while we were. It was very generous of him to invite us all to a party. I felt bad about what I said. I love Brad but he does exaggerate and I admit it gets to me sometimes. We all wanted a tour and if he just told me he couldn’t because it was a bed and breakfast it would have been fine. Instead he said everyone was sleeping. It was no big deal and I adore him. He can’t stand Ramona and it was nice of him to let me bring her. He has told me some of the things she has done to him, things would make your skin crawl. The fortune teller was incredible. She told me my mom is always with me and that I had a hard year last year and it would be a better year this year. She said I should keep doing what I am doing and that my weakness is my big heart. I cried. Everyone else (except Ramona) thought she was right on. It was eerie. When she spoke to Ramona, the mood changed immediately. Watch next week to see more on that.

    Ramona doesn’t know anything about Bobby and my business. We have owned all the cars we have. Bobby has had over 10 Ferrari’s including the yellow one that was seen on the show a few seasons ago. We have never denied selling our house or lied about renting it back from the owner, which by the way, we sold at the top of the market when we realized that we never use it in the winter. In fact, recently Ramona told me she thought we were so smart and that they should sell their house since they rarely use it in the winter. Ramona has had her house up for sale, although it didn’t sell and rents out her house during the summer and stays with different friends. I didn’t exaggerate anything and and don’t appreciate the dig.

    Trust me, this is just the beginning of the Moroccan drama. Wait until you see the next two weeks!

    Until then, have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

    Many of you have asked me to share this recipe for Rao’s Famous Lemon Chicken. Let me know if you like it!



    2 broiling chickens, halved

    Lemon sauce, recipe follows

    1/4 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley

    Lemon Sauce

    2 cups fresh lemon juice

    1 cup olive oil

    1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

    1 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic

    1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

    Salt and pepper, to taste


    Whisk together juice, oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano, and salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. Whisk or shake vigorously before using.

    CHICKEN: Preheat broiler at least 15 minutes prior to using. Broil chicken halves, turning once, for about 30 minutes or until skin is golden-brown and juices run clear when bird is pierced with a fork. Remove chicken from broiler, leaving broiler on. Using a very sharp knife, cut each 1/2 into about 6 pieces (leg, thigh, wing, 3 small breast pieces). Place chicken on a baking sheet (that will fit in the broiler) with sides. Pour lemon sauce over the chicken and toss to coat well. If necessary, divide sauce in 1/2 and do this in 2 batches. Return chicken to broiler and broil for 3 minutes. Turn each piece and broil for an additional minute. Remove from broiler and portion the chicken onto each of 6 warm serving plates. Pour sauce into a heavy saucepan. Stir in parsley and place over high heat for 1 minute. Pour an equal amount of sauce over each chicken and serve with lots of crusty bread to absorb the sauce.

    • Sus says:

      I snipped out her Scuzz Couture ad and some videos

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        And thank you and a big kadoos to you for removing them – I’d probably vomit. LOL!

    • viki55 says:

      There is no way I would read all her crap….what a bull%&$@

    • mariareads says:

      Jill you are a liar. You KNOW that these trips are set ups. If you are any kind of traveller at all you KNOW that these rented houses are always staffed w/ people to help one unpack, put logs on the fire, clean up, bring drinks, serve meals-or did you go to the kitchen and stir up some grub for yourself? What a complete crock. YOU are the pot stirrer and Luann is the snake. This Cindy idiot is your whipping girl. You both need a good slap and a reality check. I have a Jewish friend of 25 years. We are besties forever and you know what she says about you? That you give Jewish ladies a bad name. And she’s right! I wouldn’t read your blog if someone hadn’t posted it on this site. The IHJZ blog gives you lots of publicity. You just don’t like the KIND of publicity. As for your recipe? I don’t think Ginger would eat it.

      • vilzvet says:

        Ooh, good comeback, maria! That blog sickened me as well, calling the psychic incredible tops the list.

      • Kukulet says:


        The riad was a luxury rental. The staff is accustomed to meeting demands. It’s what they DO.

        Jesus, it’s not like LuAnn had to run out and find 600 count sheets or free weights herself. The riad probably already had those things on hand anyway. It’s the difference between being a luxury rental and a Motel 6.

        And you KNOW if her and Jill’s sheets hadn’t been “substandard”, they themselves would have had a screaming fit. Jill probably counted individual threads before she went to bed just to be sure she was sleeping on the ultimate sheets, dahling.

    • Whisper says:

      Who ever said that JZilla waits to post her blog last so she can read what the others wrote is DEAD ON!! Did you notice she brought up the yellow Ferrari and the Hamptons house??
      You Suck Jill Zarin

      • vilzvet says:

        Right! Proof positive that she just cannot blog from the show itself.

      • PF says:

        Good catch! It’s official, Jill waits to blog so she can come up with lies to make her look better when she just makes herself look worse!

    • I hate Jill even more after I read her blogs.

  43. boston02127 says:

    Jill–tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick ……Karma.
    Me…..patiently waiting.

  44. boston02127 says:

    Great recap……. ஐღ Thank You ღஐ̄

  45. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill wonders why the blondes don’t want to bond?
    Let’s see, does Alex’s Gov Island birthday party ring a bell? Let’s see, does Canyon Spa ring a bell. Does your charity event ring a bell? Does being with crazy Kelly ring a bell? Does being with lying Cindy ring a bell? Does insufferable, busybody LuAnn ring a bell? Oh, and what about you Miss Drama Queen, does that ring a bell?
    If the Blondes would have arrived first they would have been happy and excited because they wouldn’t have the brunettes there to buzzkill the life out of “a trip of a lifetime?”. To borrow a Teresa phrase, “Don’t get it twisted!”…..

    • FlowerPower says:

      Jill is so full of sh*t! When the blondes arrived and Kelly seemed pleasantly surprised at how it went, Jill IMMEDIATELY told her not to believe it. She was determined to keep the us/them team mentality going. Blech. Despicable woman.

  46. boston02127 says:

    JILL ZARIN—–Get over the fact that nobody wanted you on Scary Island!!! You will never be a forgiving person, which only hurts you. You’re quiet revenge on Ramona isn’t working, she’s such a better person than you will ever be.

    You’re a compulsive liar, a user and a bully.

  47. LoriOkie says:

    Great recap, Lynn. I no longer watch rhony, but I’m glad I can come here to get the 411. From what I’m reading here, I’m glad I’m not watching. It seems that Jill and her cohorts have a free pass to be as hideous and vindictive as possible without ever answering for or even acknowledging their disgusting behavior. Where are the consequences?? I really hope bravo recasts rhony. Otherwise, it’s just not worth watching.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      That is what is just killing me here, and I need to stop watching because of it. How can their calculated behavior go unchecked like that? It’s one thing to respond to someone’s real, vile behavior. It is totally another to try to ruin someone because of jealousy by false rumor and fake acting.

      • ramonacoaster says:

        Exactly. Luann and Jill are trying to ruin Ramona’s reputation insinuating that she has a problem with alcohol consumption without any real concern for her health and welfare.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I feel the same way. I would love to sit across a table from JZ and LuAnn, one at a time, and discuss their behavior with them. No point in talking to Kelly. She needs a professional.
          I hate that they get a forum for their ugliness and I don’t get a chance to confront them. EXcept here on Lynn’sblog.

  48. boston02127 says:

    Ramona Singer Denies Husband Mario Singer Is Cheating On Her, Also Denies Drinking Problem


    Free for all posting over there….hee hee. Luv those.

  49. Stella says:

    I figure Jill isn’t afraid to have that snake around her head because she already has LuAnn the Snake wrapped around her finger.

  50. WindyCityWondering says:

    Three episodes devoted to Morocco – the first one was boring and ironically the most entertaining part was of real reptiles!

  51. MAMAZ says:

    Reading this recap, the blogs and all the comments really, really REALLY makes me hate Jill Zarin. And Kelly Wishesshehadbeensomeone, and the Countless LuMann, and Cindy Barslop.

    Like everyone else I have no idea whether or not Mario has ever been unfaithful to Ramona but I do know that I would never wish that pain on anyone. Not even my worst enemy. If I had one. Yet another difference between me and the NY Housewives.

    We know the Count cheated, I would guess the Gilles probably cheated. There was a conversation about it between LuAnn and Kelly once. I think LuAnn and Kelly hate that Ramona is still married to her first and only husband. And that she was independant and financially secure before she married him as was he, so it’s a safe bet they married strictly for love.

    JZ just hates. Everything. Even if she acts like she loves you I believe inside she hates. And is watching and waiting for her chance to strike.

    • Whisper says:

      I’m dying!!!!!

    • VAgirl says:

      Barslop fits better than anything else I’ve heard so far! Her mouth is open all the time and I imagine drool will come running out at any time – ewwwww!

  52. lillybee says:

    Cindy can’t let anything go. I can’t believe according to her blog that she is still hung up over the hanger issue.

  53. NightLight95 says:

    I just had the misfortune to meet one of Jill’s fans. A temp employee.
    I don’t know how the subject came up about Bravo and RHONY.
    She immediately asked me if I was on Team Jill and I said heck no! She then said well I hope you are not on Team Ramona! (really snippy-like) I said I am on my own team and I find Jill to be vile and despicable. Her eyes popped. I said don’t worry, you are only here till August.

    • HeyAll says:

      Ha. You should have said Team Ramona just to stick it to her. Loved how you added the vile an despicable.. Woo!

      • NightLight95 says:

        That conversation happened Monday and today she brought it up again wanting to speak on last nights episode. I said Jill is still vile and despicable. She changed the subject.

    • It’s sad and comical that Jill has to hire people to be on her “team”.

  54. shamrockblonde says:

    agggh – what utter nonsense – Luann is simply unwatchable – Jill is a giant wannabe who will furiously work to knock someone down – Cindy is someone else who is utterly unwatchable – her blank looks, then the quick shake of the head and the boring and overused eye squint – her obsession with her teeth is disturbing – Kelly has issues and is in need of therapy, and I mean that – she needs serious help – I pray for her children –

    I can only watch this show a little bit at a time, not all at once – I think Romona wants to be strong. I think she is finding herself and starting to really beleive in herself for the first time in a long time, if not for the first time – Jill senses that and it scares the crap right out of her – Romona does not have a drinking problem – she is battling a confidence problem, but something tells me that she will win this battle despite Jill’s best efforts – my heart actually goes out to Sonja – to have lived your entire adult life a certain way and to suddenly have to deal with great change is unnerving, to put it mildly – that is true with or without money. I admire her optimistic view of life in spite of what she is facing – not an easy thing to do – be afraid and still smile –
    Alex is the voice of reason and the example of grace in this strange group and thank goodness for her –

    thanks Lynn – and all of you have a great Memorial Day weekend – please say a prayer for our military – they keep the wolf from our door – remember all those who have fallen in the name of freedom, and if you can, thank a vet – God Bless the USA

    • vilzvet says:

      I sure hope that Ramona is not upset over the episode. At her wine signing last month she was super confident, walking into the room with her head up high and looking unbelievable. She is a hardworking, caring mother, and dedicated wife. She is on top of the world compared to the other wives, although I also add Alex to the short list of happy cast members. The rest are green with envy.

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        No wonder they hate Ramona and Alex so much. Living well is the best revenge, especially when you are lucky to have things that others don’t have.

  55. Mookies1mom says:

    I thought I would share this. And while I think everyone should be free to practice whatever religion they want I drawn the line when it come to protesting someones funeral. I also may not like everything Lisa Lampanelli says she did follow through on what she said she would do.


    I hope her donation helps.

    • FLG says:

      Good for Lisa. Hubs and I went up to one of her shows and had a fabulous time. Her humor is a bit strong for the faint of heart, but she is an equal opportunity offender. We were sore for at least a day from laughing during her show. I’m happy to see that she followed through, though I never doubted she would. Thank you Lisa for turning hate into help and thank you Mookies1mom for posting the link. (I still think Mookie has a very smart mommy!!)

      • Mookies1mom says:

        I still think I just have my moments. I really enjoyed the fact that she turned this around on WBC. If they had shown up at a funeral I was attending, well lets just say they would be short a few members! You are right. She is not for the faint of heart and she an equal opportunity offender but she does make me laugh, really hard, at times. (I didn’t think she would wimp out on the donation either.) I’m so glad that with all the hate in this world it could be turned around to help the very people that the WBC protest!

        With all that said, I still hate Jill Zarin because of oh so many reasons. Let’s just leave it at her behavior towards other human beings, especially those that have to film with her.

        • FLG says:

          JZ like WBC have EARNED my disdain for them. There isn’t enough room in the universe to hold list of reasons embedded in my heart. I tend to have a sharp tongue and often say things that would be better left unsaid, but it is a rare occasion that I ever say something I am willing to take back.

  56. cdnfillie58 says:

    Jeff Conaway passed away..sad..had a huge crush on him back in the day

    • VAgirl says:

      RIP Jeff. Most remember him from Grease, but I remember him on Taxi. Now that was a good show! The last years of his life were not good and I hope he is at peace now.

      • Sus says:

        This makes me sad. He was so good in Grease and Taxi. I was horrified at how he appeared on Celebrity Rehab. It didn’t seem like he had anyone normal that cared about him. RIP Jeff.

    • FLG says:

      Very sorry to read that. I never really understood how people could die of flu or pneumonia until I had a serious bout with it last year. Now I will listen to hubs when he tells me to get to the doctor.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      That is so sad. I remember him from both Grease and Taxi. My mom passed away due to pneumonia and heart problems. But the pneumonia really did her in. It’s nothing to mess around with. My mother-in-law is recovering from it right now. It takes a toll on you even if you were healthy before coming down with it.

      • Kukulet says:

        I’m saddened to hear this. Jeff Conaway was an extremely nice, very down to earth man who, despite his problems, had a generosity of warmth and kindness, and a truly good heart.

        Godspeed to him, and may he be at peace.

  57. HW Addict says:


    Jillousy is now planting suspicion on her current blog’s comments that Bravo is not only blocking negative comments on HER blog!!!!!!!!!!!

    This only CONFIRMS to me that this psycho has a team of bloggers. Below is the comment: Submitted by LoveYouJill on May 27, 2011..Jill,

    Love you. It seems Bravo is not posting all the comments
    on everyone. (I posted one for Ramona and guess what
    it never showed)

    Keep the smile up, you are miles ahead of Ramona,
    Sonja and Alex.


    • FLG says:

      Well, I guess we can expect a visit from Jillzy over here again sometime today. Hi Jillzy! Got everything schlepped over to the Hamptons yet? Ferrari’s don’t hold have much trunk space, do they? Are you happy that Bawby bought you the Mercedes, yet?

    • Whisper says:


  58. Smompy says:

    We all know by now that Cindy is a pathological liar, but I have a confession to make. It was all me. I am responisble for hangergate. When I heard about this trip to Morocco, I flew over there right behind the brunettes. I was carefully disguised in a LuAnn-style caftan from 1979 and a fake mustache that I made from the trimmings on Cindy’s spa floor. And BTW, now my upper lip has crabs, TYVM, Cindy! Anyway I snuck into that riad and ransacked cindy’s closet. It wasn’t the hangers I was after, though. I just thought that maybe if I could find and try on her wool leggings, torn cut-off jean shorts, dirty boots, shawl (crocheted by her grandma?) and those fake horse-teeth she wears, that I too could feel beautiful, confident and 100% superior to everyone. Ya know, like Cindy does? Didn’t work. Not at all. Instead I looked and felt like an angry, insecure hobo with huge teeth. So sue me, I took the hangers as a consolation prize.

    Btw I recall reading a while back, last year or earlier, that both Brad Pitt and George Clooney had bought homes in Morocco. Isn’t it odd that Brad would pay to rent the house that the housewives subsquently stayed in when he already owns his own home there? Those Hollywood peeps is crazy. Then again, it seems that the other Brad…the crazy-eyed one who defiled the Zarin apartment with Turquoise paint and glitter, simultaneously rents and owns his home in Morocco, so maybe that’s just a “Brad” thing to do. Or a Morocco thing?

    For once I agreed with Lulu last night. Ramona was VERY rude and diva-like to accept the unpacking help that was offered to her. There was absolutely no excuse for Ramona’s horrible behavior toward that poor woman who was paid to unpack people’s luggage for them. It was truly declasse, and quite frankly, I felt it was almost as bad as when ramona hired that underpaid filipino immigrant to raise her children while she went out and partied all night, or when Ramona horse-laughed in response to a child’s expession of her dream to someday become a model (and also labelled said child a fatass), or as bad as when Ramona scolded Bethenny for daring to introduce her to a cab driver as Ramona rather than following protocoal by first blowing a long golden horn with a fringed velvet banner hanging from it, then formally presenting Ramona to the driver as Her Royal Majesty, the Sernely Elegant and Better than You, MISSUS COUNTESS Della Sepps (the fourth). Oh wait, I think maybe I got something mixed up there. OK, never mind this part.

    Lastly, I’m a bit confused by something I saw on last night’s episode. OK, while jill was slithering around at Brad’s party, was that venom coming out of her mouth, or semen???

  59. FLG says:

    another LOUD APPLAUSE!

  60. Arya Stark says:

    I have to say, I just used google to search for blogs about last night’s show.

    Almost ALL of the ones already up are very negative to the blonds. A few are negative to all of them. Lot’s of positive brunette stuff out there though.

    VERY odd. I just typed in real housewives new york, then clicked blogs, and last 24 hours.

    Somehow, it looks as if Jill’s plan is actually working for many bloggers.

  61. FLG says:

    According to the Brad Book of Home Ownership, I now own homes in Maine, Fire Island, P-town, Savannah, Key West,Tennessee(2) Colorado(4), New Mexico(3), Arizona(5), San Francisco, New Orleans, West Hollywood, Laguna Beach, Palm Springs, Montreal, Victoria BC, Vancouver BC, Spain(4), Costa Rica(7), Japan(2)(one is for sale right now), Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico(5), Nicaragua, Uruguay and Argentina.

    • FLG says:

      But Fort Lauderdale remains home base…..

      • Kukulet says:

        Where do you stand on permanent house guests? 😉

        • FLG says:

          ROFL, like Ben Franklin, unless they are hot Latin Houseboys. Not the dancing kind…..they’re way too much in upkeep!

          • FLG says:

            Remember Cedric? Oh, and we prefer something with a fuse longer than two inches….

            • Mookies1mom says:

              Hey, I’ll trade some home cooked meals including dessert! Damn, I just remembered your menu for you hubby’s b-day so I know you can cook. I’ll throw in doing laundry and turn down service at night, including leaving a chocolate on the pillow! Could even be something homemade from my recipe file that I keep in my head.

              • FLG says:

                Yummy! You’re invited! Ben Franklin was wrong!

              • jillz68 says:

                Heck, if I agree to glue on your horse teeth when you pry them off with a pistacio can I come too??? I will bring my own caftan. Just sayin’

  62. Is that what I just saw? says:

    The top picture with the matted bee hive, was that photo shopped or was that her actual hair do? Please say photo shopped.

    • HeyAll says:

      lol!! it looks real, doesn’t it?

    • FLG says:

      I’d love to tell you what you’d like to hear, but the only photo shopping was the speech bubble.

      • FLG says:

        In earlier posts people were commenting that hair is where she hides her diet coke cans. Personally, I found it proof that her head spins when she reads Lynn’s blogs.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          You owe me a monitor! Thanks a lot! 😉

          • Mookies1mom says:

            Oh, hold up. Now I have some leverage with you about being a house guest! LOL >.<

            • FLG says:

              I’m sure we have an extra one around here somewhere….but the exchange will have to wait until after we eat!

            • FLG says:

              Made a cheesecake today. The death by chocolate cake didn’t make it through the nite.

              • Okie Folkie says:

                I NEEEEEEED somma ‘at cheesecake!
                I missed out on the Death by Chocolate cake. You have no idea how many times I’ve thought of that cake since you 1st mentioned it!

                • FLG says:

                  I was soooo disappointed that Countess Squash Blossom High Horse didn’t show up. We were so looking forward to tossing the prime rib bones out to her in the back yard, to bury. I even had the pet grooming van on standby to give her a bath! I guess she didn’t show because I said I wouldn’t spring for her flea dip.

                  • FLG says:

                    Okie, I’ve been thinking of you, too. I was worried about you with all of the tornadoes. My cousin’s son lives east of OKC, and they spent the night in the bathtub, with a mattress over them. I had family that didn’t fare well in the Southern Tornadoes.

                    • Okie Folkie says:

                      FLG, you are just too precious to worry about me! Thank you!

                      I do wish I could express my sympathies for your family! “Sorry” just seems not near enough.

                      I actually, like when we get storms, mind you, NOT deadly!
                      I hope your OKC family is fine & dandy. And suffered NO DAMAGE!?

                      P.S. yeah, the Countless probably will never show up, because YOU wont BUY her some of that new Parfume…aka…flea dip!
                      I am surprised she did not come for those good bones, though. I KNOW they had to be delish!

                      So, may I please have some cheesecake? 😉 I’m charcoaling steaks this evening, I have more than enough….will you guys come & bring Dessert?

              • Mookies1mom says:

                Ok! You got a deal! Which lovely home should I go to? I’ll bring the Pinot!

              • Mookies1mom says:

                Mmmmm! I love cheesecake! I’m making Mookie’s dad his favorite dinner….homemade chicken pot pie. I’ll throw it in the oven him and then I’ll be on my way.

                • Mookies1mom says:

                  *for* him. Jeeze.

                • FLG says:

                  It’s hot in Fort Lauderdale right now. It will be awfully busy in Fire Island and P-town…Maybe we should go to Montreal. The food is good and we could both take an evening off from cooking!

                  • Mookies1mom says:

                    You got a deal! What a great plan. We get to go somewhere cool and we don’t have to cook or clean up after cooking. I could live with that!

                    • Mookies1mom says:

                      Plus, we are in a water boil advisory per the EPA so that makes it twice the work to cook and clean up.

              • Kansas Girl says:

                Cheesecake? Cheesecake?

                I’ve got a bottle of SGM to contribute to the party.

                • Okie Folkie says:

                  Kansas Girl, I was just inviting them over to charcoal steaks, IF FLG would bring his cheesecake….you are more than invited!

                  But, now they seem to be going on a Road Trip, want me to pick ya up? Montreal sounds like FUN! I’ve never been there.

                  • Kansas Girl says:

                    Sure! I’m on the way from your house to Montreal! It’s not storming in Montreal, so that sounds great!

                • Mookies1mom says:

                  Well, alrighty then. FLG, I think we should turn this into a party. What do you think?

                  • FLG says:

                    Sounds like we’ve got a plan! No camels to feed, either! Boy, do WE know how to plan a trip of a lifetime!

  63. Is that what I just saw? says:

    I am so ready for an \”IhateLuAnn\” post. She gets too much slack. Last night when she sent that text in to WWHL, saying that psychic was dead on, and referring that she right about Ramona, How dare her? In season 3 she wanted everything \”hush hush\” with her look a like Bernie Madoff husband, the cast complied, how dare her? Good for you Romana for bringing that up.

    • Kats2 says:

      Maybe keep the blog name, but add really unattractive pictures of Luann, Kelly and New Girl. God knows there are plenty to choose from. But please keep Jill front and center.

  64. I agree(Lisa) says:

    I agree! I was so happy when Ramotional said that last night at the end of WWHL. I also agree that a post needs to be dedicated to LuAnn on here but also on Yahoo Associated Content. LYNN, that’s not a hint, it is a HUGE REQUEST me begging ou like a fat person wanting chocolate. I BEG OF YOU LYNN.
    You know how you spoke of Kim Z? Please Lynn, do one like that on LuAnn, I am so sick of her being referred to this “Countess with Class” mean while it’s a persona she is trying to live out in her real life in her sick manilpulated mind. Her daughter is out of control, she is in denial.
    With Love, Lisa

    • FLG says:

      Lynn, do it! Pretty please with death by chocolate cake on top?????

      • Mookies1mom says:

        I’ll throw in a pecan pie and assorted home chocolate goodies! And homemade Chex mix that I’ve been told is so addictive that is like crack!

  65. Okie Folkie says:

    Good Afternoon everyone! I havent read all of the comments, yet, but I do like the below quote from Ramona.

    “LuAnn really did not know the proper attire so I just packed a ton!”

    Did anyone else think BRAVO, or the HOSTESS (Luman) shouldve done just a wee bit of research regarding the country they were traveling to, and then shared with everyone the proper attire, etc…?

    I was kinda disappointed about the “Put another log on the fire” comment by both Ramona and Sonja. And in Sonja’s blog she’s saying she WOULD tell Marc Jacobs to “Put another log on the fire”. Daaayuum, someone should write a SONG!

    Also, since Sonja is always saying “I just came from working out” or “I have my work out clothes on…..” getten up off yer flabby as$ to fetch a log for the fire could be considered exercise, no??????
    Thank the good lawd above Alex was there or else they may well have frozen to death.

    I do like how Ramona is not holding back in her blog! The house that Jz sold, and continued to *pretend* as though she still owns it. Oh, the list of Jz’s lies is soo long, why lie, jz?

    OK, off to read the comments! Sorry for the *rant*

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I was wondering about all of Sonja’s working out not looking like it is helping!

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Thank you, WCW! To me, it seems in every episode (except last night) she has said “I’m in my work-out clothes”.
        Its getten on my very last nerve, when she cant even get up & “put another log on the fire”.
        I’m still kinda mad at her for the way she treated both Alex and Simon at the MENY march. And again the lunch she had w/Alex, in….her….”work-out clothes”.

        • FLG says:

          and who could ever forget that HAT????

          • Okie Folkie says:

            I think she done had sumbody killt dat bear…all that was missin’ from the H.A.T. was the poor bears head!
            STreeMorgan….(Lady Morgan!! HA! yeah, AS IF!)

  66. katlg says:

    I was reading the Bravo Message Boards and someone suggested that after the treatment Ramona received from LuAnn on the “Trip of a Lifetime”, she did the retweet (?) of Victoria, any thoughts?

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      good point.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO Ramona would not hurt a child intentionally – I really think she didn’t understand who twitter/retweets etc worked. But I can see LuAnn holding it against her and wanting revenge.

      • quincyil says:

        Think fly out of Ramona’s head. She rarely considers the outcome. She easily could have done it to get back at Luann.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Maybe but I just don’t see her doing anything hurtful if a child was involved. Ramona was also worried about how much time LuAnn spends with her kids because she knows it is important. Their daughters are the same age and instead of if being a bonding moment, LuAnn got offended!

  67. klmh says:

    Dont know if these has been posted, but take a look:
    Are Teresa and JJ splitting? That’s not my big question. Mine is, why is JJ wearing a rolex? How can Teresa afford a bigger upper lip?
    Where be da money Guidice’s???


    • Okie Folkie says:

      Good point, kmlh! I wonder if a couppla months from now they will file for d.i.v.o.r.c.e.?

    • Kats2 says:

      Bad boob job.

      They don’t look like people who are suffering are about to lose their gaudy home.
      They should be locked up but they got away with it.

  68. Laura says:

    After watching this episode, it isn’t any wonder that places abroad find Americans to be rude, self centered and just downright annoying. I felt so much shame watching all the women on this trip. They act like they’re still in high school with the gossip and the drama. I’m sure its been mentioned but every time Kelly is on screen, gossiping about someone else, it makes me cringe. I’m positive that she flipped out on Scary Island b/c of all the gossiping and now here she is doing it? What is up with that? She is such a hypocrite and all of them are so juvenile.

    There is always “my side, your side…and the truth” of what happened. Interesting that everyone of the Brunettes was so quick to throw Ramona under the bus about the hangers. Their blogs on Bravo.com are all different sides of the story. What/who to believe, geesh!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      My sons are world travelers and have been since before they could walk. They were taught to be polite, to hold questions until we were alone so as not to offend and that other people will judge all of America by how they behaved. Pretty simple stuff.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      The rudest person I ever met in London was another American. She literally pushed me out of the way to get to the St. Paul’s Cathedral post cards. Unreal.

  69. Arya Stark says:

    Sad to say but I think Jill is winning this thing this season.

    She has made sure everyone is focusing on Ramona’s drinking.

    Now she arranged for the bombshell that everyone is talking about now, Is Mario cheating on her.

    She’s also playing up the ugly American thing, and that “Ramona offends EVERYONE”

    She just keeps repeating this stuff over and over and over again, and people are responding to it all, making, by sheer volume of discussion, it seem “real.”

    • Nancy says:

      I think the happiest person ON EARTH right now is Bethenny Frankel! 🙂

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I don’t think Jill is winning anything this season unless it is a very ugly reveal of her inner dark self.

      You are attributing power to her that she does not possess.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        ITA – just because Ramona is getting trashed by her minions doesn’t make Jill look any better. Her core is not good.

    • Kats2 says:

      I don’t think so, it just shows how low Jill, Luann, Kelly and new girl will go to bring down someone they once called a friend. It takes a lot of energy and determination to do what they are doing. And the hits are really low. Alcoholic, husband cheating, trashy American.

      Not everyone will see it that way, but eventually we will find out just how much money and how many people are on Bobby’s payroll working 24/7 to make it appear to the fans that more people are siding with Jill. I think it’s called PR. But I know what I know and I’m a good and very accurate judge of a persons character (or lack thereof). We’re not wrong about what’s going on.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Very astute observation, Kats2! A really big PR push has been activated and it is costing somebody (Bawwby) some really big bucks because the “agents” are employing a rather sophisticated methodology designed to attempt change in the negative perception of JZ.

        This blog, the biggest thorn in Jillousy’s side, has had some rather “interesting” posts over the last several weeks.

        It would appear that they totally underestimate Fearless Lynn and her devoted readers.

        Interesting… Talk about a challenge of rolling a Mega ball of doodoo up a slippery steep hill….

        • Arya Stark says:

          By no means am I saying she is winning me or even US over.

          I am observing a change in tone on various blogs, lots of posts about Ramona’s drinking, Mario’s possible cheating, Ramona being disliked by EVERYONE, etc. all over the place.

          It’s one of those “just spell the crime right” situations. Jill has created a LOT of negative buzz about Ramona, and the focus is now mostly OFF of her horrible qualities, and on to Ramona.

          • error404 says:

            well, if you read pretty much any article about Bethenny there are tons of truly hateful posts just ripping her to shreds, sooo I’m sure B and R are both crying all the way to the bank.

            Alls I know is, Ramoner Pinot is flying off the shelves at my local and even mainstream gossip sites are writing articles about Jill’s faked positive comments that she pays people to post.

            I don’t need a fortune teller to tell me that Bawby always seems to be MIA and every time Jill starts crying because she was “ambushed” again, he’s no where to be found even though they had earlier arrived at the party together.

            • Arya Stark says:

              But what are people discussing? What are the topics of news and blog posts in general.

              Ramona’s drinking.
              Is Mario cheating?
              Ugly American.
              Ramona is offensive.

              Jill has said it so often, and got her monkey minions Kelly and Luann and Cindy to keep repeating it over and over again that people are discussing made up shit from Jill Zarin.

              It takes focus off her, and put a bunch of horsepucky on ‘Mona.

              • Suzieq says:

                I feel the same way as you. I’m so scared that the public opinion is against the blondes. I went to ramonas Facebook and couldn’t believe the comments!! It really scared me’ lol ( sometimes I just get a little bit too emotionally invested in my reality tv faves)

            • DarkSonnet says:


              And just because we are informed that “Jill has created a LOT of negative buzz about Ramona, and the focus is now mostly OFF of her horrible qualities, and on to Ramona.” – does not indicate that we believe this to be true in any way, shape or form.

              Whether it is posted elsewhere or here (with bullet points in caps), very few people attach credibility to ANYTHING Jill Zarin says, particularly concerning her castmates.

              We were front row witnesses to the vicious attack on Bethenny last year.

              Second verse, same as the first…

  70. Nancy says:

    Get this. “Taylor” said that the reason she has lost so much weight lately is that she is taking supplements (aka speed) that Russell brought home! Oh and that they have never been happier in their marriage as they are right now. I want to vomit.
    I have no doubt that this “lovely couple” will be marketing these supplements once the show starts again. They are so transparent. (Jill like)
    “Taylor” want some free advise? Go to a NA meeting. I’ll even look one up for you and send it via twitter 🙂

  71. Mookies1mom says:

    Oh, my poor boy, Mookie, thinks he’s in hell. The last three nights we have had loud thunderstorms and it’s starting up again. He’s gone into hiding. He won’t come out until at least an hour after the storms stop. Hey FLG can I bring a slightly neurotic cat and a reaaallly neurotic cat on our trip? Mookie’s a good traveler, his sister not so much. Actually. I’ll leave her at home, she could use a vacation from her brother.

    • Nancy says:

      Send them to my house! I hope they like surfing because I live near the beach.
      I have 2 crazy cats myself and 1 deaf dog. My husband acts like he’s deaf when it suits him but I have a feeling I’m not alone in that. We’ll all have a blast! 🙂

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        What beach are you near Nancy? I live by the beach too, fortunately it’s not as high traffic as Laguna and despite being quaint it’s got some nice attractions including legendary surfing.

        • Nancy says:

          I’m in Malibu looking after my niece as she just had surgery. (between you and me…she’s such a baby! I’m ready to strangle her 🙂 What beach are you near?

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Oh Nancy, Mookie’s sister would put someone in the hospital if you get her near water. Mookie might enjoy it though. He’s pretty happy go lucky unless there is thunder involved.;) Sounds like fun! I like to call it selective hearing when it comes to Mookie’s dad. Or husband hearing depends on my mood. BTW, if he comes for a visit can I? I love the beach. Maybe, we need to make this a mobile party with multiple stops!

        • Nancy says:

          Sounds good to me but I don’t cook. At all! I mean nothing! Where are you going on you trip? Be careful.

          • Mookies1mom says:

            Oh the trip that FLG and I were talking about. I thought it would be fun to make it mobile since there were so many offers of cool things to do, good food and drinks.

            • Mookies1mom says:

              Who knows it could be “the trip of a lifetime”! ;0

              • Okie Folkie says:

                @ Mookies’1mom….that will be the “TRIP o’ my Lifetime!”

                I’d soooo much rather be breaking bread w/alla the good folks right here in the Land o’ LYNN & Quincy! with a lil help from OUR FRIENDS! 😉

    • FLG says:

      Hubs and I are owned by a neurotic cat, too. Let’s bring all the kitties along and they can have a big kitty group therapy session in the car. Maybe we’ll all feel great by the time we get to Montreal!

      • FLG says:

        Oh, and Nancy, Mookies1mom and I have decided we need a break from cooking on this trip, so lack of culinary skills isn’t a problem.

      • Jezzibel says:

        great I’ve got five..where and when is this trip of a lifetime happening? I’ve got five of the furry freeloaders and I think I can get some cat percocet
        1. Sammy my flame point-crosseyed-three-legged-siamese
        2. Jezabel my mischevous tortie
        3. Rossi my fluffy nutter
        4. Tristan my loud one
        5. Pheifer my baby kitten
        and Calla my cat butt sniffing dog…who really likes cats whose butts she can sniff

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Oh please bring the kitty percocet. Mookie may need some. He actually broke out of his carrier when we were moving from the south to the north. This was after 2 sedatives. Luckily we had an extra carrier in the trunk. We gave him another one, after we found somewhere to pull over, put him in the other carrier and we went to get some coffee while we waited for it to take effect. After a percocet (or 2, he is 22 pounds) he probably won’t mind having his butt sniffed.

      • lillybee says:

        Can I come and bring my greyhound, Isis. She and Mookie can hide together from the thunder. I wish she would hide during storms instead of trying to sit on me while shaking so hard her teeth chatter.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Of course you can and please bring Isis. Greyhounds are gorgeous dogs. Mookie hasn’t meet any dogs yet but he’ll put up with just about anything for a little while. I’d love for them to meet.

          Our power went out for about 3-4 hours, so I’m trying to catch up here.

  72. boston02127 says:

    Tonight on 20/20

    @KyleRichards18, @BretMichaels, and more #realityTV stars tell all about life in and out of the spotlight:

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Thanks for the heads up boston! I’ll try to catch it.

      Hey, up thread you posted some really cool heart shape designs…How did you make those shapes happen? How ever you did it, they are very cool, indeed!

      • boston02127 says:

        @Okie Folkie—When I see something cute I copy and paste then save, I have a folder of them. Here’s a heart. ♥

        • Okie Folkie says:

          Thanks sooooo much! for that idea!
          @ Me; DUH! 😉

        • Okie Folkie says:

          ok, I just tried the ‘heart’ and I didnt do it correctly!

          @ ME;;;;double DUH! DUH!!!

          • boston02127 says:

            Okie Folkie—-tap on your mouse to highlight the heart. you may get some writing in there too but that’s ok you can delete later when u save it.

            after it is highlighted —right click on your mouse. click on copy.

            go to your email as if you are emailing yourself a letter and click so your curser is there then right click again and click paste.

            What ever you highlighted will show up. You can delete what u don’t want.
            you can email it to yourself and start saving them like that.

    • PF says:

      BTW, she still hasn’t written or put a blog up @ Bravo. Can she not face the fans after last week?

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Good link. It lead me to this (which may have been posted before):


      He had her served at Peggy’s house as she arrived for the dinner party.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        I had heard about that happening….but I dont believe I had an article. So, thanks to both of ya’ll for providing the links.

        Does anyone for one minute believe that when they “served Gretchen” all it of WAS NOT caught on tape, which the article sez? I betcha they do have it, but wont/cant/dont wanna show US.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Oh, they either got it or shut off the cameras so they don’t get pulled into the mess those two have going on in court. But, now that I think about it. I think they do have it because how would they know what was going to happen.

    • FLG says:

      Can we get a couple of extra muzzles? One for Jillzy and the other for LuAnn Countess Squash Blossom High Horse? Maybe we could get three for the price of airport Koalas?

  73. WindyCityWondering says:

    After last night’s episode, I am really feeling that Bravo held back this season to make it as unpleasant as possible so they can kill the franchise. They plucked the golden, money making one out at the end of the last season. No one else is close to bringing what Bethenny did to the frachise. Bravo is skuttling this ship!

    • California35 says:

      Hopefully — it is sinking.

      I keep regreting wasting my time watching it….

    • Kats2 says:

      But do you remember when we kept watching each episode over and over again? Now most of us can hardly stand to watch it once. Beverly Hills HW’s all but the last episode and reunion I can watch over again. But I can’t with any other franchise. I think that’s a big sign that Andy/Bravo can’t afford to ignore.

    • FLG says:

      This season of RHONY and RHOC have seemed a lot like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Trust me, being a gay guy, I know a lot about looking at a room and mentally rearranging furniture. We call it sprinkling the fairy dust!

  74. Kats2 says:

    Oh one more PR move from a loser HW. . . Why do you think Teresa all of a sudden this season wants people to use the Italian pronunciation of her last name Giudice? She talked about this on WWHL with Andy – It’s a PR move

    She’s trying to sell products and her last name when mentioned is synonymous with crime, drunk driving and debt. So change the way it’s pronounced and busy and/or stupid people who can’t connect the dots right away won’t directly think of the negative.

    • California35 says:

      Is that why? Is she changing it? I was thinking that that is not the way I have been reading it on Lynn’s blog lol — so it sounds like she is NOW changing the pronanciasion. I wonder if it is because that is the correct way all along and ONLY wrong from when they join Bravo.

      • Kats2 says:

        She gave some lame excuse that it was just easier for people the original way it was pronounced but now (all of the sudden this season) she wants it pronounced correctly. But I’m not stupid I know the real motive on why she is really doing it. Just like her bankruptcy being swept under the carpet that’s how they live. They do awful things, spend money when they can’t afford it and just walk away from the mess they created.

        • California35 says:

          Yeah that is a good excuse…but I am not buying it 😛 I am going more for your theory. It is like creating an illusion that they are different people…

    • nathania says:

      I imagine what happened was the first generation got called Gee you dice when they came here so they conformed. My Scottish family side changed the spelling of their name from Lloyd to Lyde, and some have changed it to Lide, because that’s closer to the way it’s supposed to be pronounced. Teresa might just want to honor the original Italian pronunciation because she is getting flack for not being true blue. This is most likely the only non-negative thing I will ever say about Teresa.

  75. California35 says:

    Hi everyone…

    I have not read many of the comments so I don’t know if you guys mentioned anything about Jill’s look on the “talking heads”. Terrible!!!! I whatever she is doing, facelift, liquid whatever, different make up, no bangs…sorry California doesn’t like it…. lol

    I found this also

    She looks different on the talking heads from on the actual show. In one of them, her hair is more red, last night with that 1/2 ponytail 1/2 bun. Her face looks terrible in all of them. Is it the lighting? Is it the make up? It is sad that her “improvements” make her look worse.

    Now I feel like terrible from bringing this up, it is not like I am miss universe hot pretty type of person lol

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Now, California, dontcha go and worry one little bit about that horrible Jizz! She does look muuuuch worse post “improvements” HA!
      Especially in that newest TH w/her hair all done up in a bunny-tail ‘er pony bun, (I dont know which it should be!)

    • boston02127 says:

      Look at her in this pic. Look at the sides of her mouth. It looks like she’s meltiing.

  76. boston02127 says:

    Here’s a chance of a life time!

    Enjoy a Private Dinner with Jill Zarin, Star of The Real Housewives of New York City!
    Myself…I’d rather shoot myself in the foot, but that’s just me.

  77. Imseasquared says:

    Boston, I say we all chip in enough money and then let Lynn be her date for the dinner. Did you see that in the rules that the winner has to pay for dinner? But the winner also gets to pick the restaurant. I say we make sure to win the bid, then have Lynn take Jill to Mc’D’s!!

    • Nancy says:

      My husband an I will sell some stock so we can contribute to the cause.
      Lynn will have to be wearing an “I HATE JILL ZARIN” T-shirt. Heck I’ll even give Lynn some money for flowers. 🙂

    • FLG says:

      How about taking Jill to dinner at one of those food trucks that Bethenny’s buddy talks and writes about???? Take along some Skinny Girl Margarita’s and some Ramona Pinot, but don’t offer her any. Remember how Jillzy reacted to not being offered a glass of water or the bathroom on Scary Island?

      • Nancy says:

        Why does Jill think anyone wants to have dinner with her?
        She is a very strange, sad, lonely “lady”.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        I would love to see that! Can you imagine the look on her face when she realizes it Lynn walking towards her!

  78. boston02127 says:

    Kelly has always been stupid, there’s no denying that. Luann has always been a snob and a know it all. This season they’ve both become so mean & nasty since they started hanging around with Jill.
    Does Jill have that much influence on these two idiots? Why do they want to please Jill? I think Luann is a little afraid of Jill and would rather be on Jill’s good side. Kelly….she’s just dumb.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Actually, I believe they are very capable of those things on their own without outside influence from Jill.

      They have a history of these attributes that precedes Jill being in their lives.

      You have a valid point of Luann being a little afraid of Jill or at least Jill’s perceived HW status of being a rung above Luann.

      Kelly is something more than just being dumb. She is a malicious liar and an entitled spoiled child who is especially jealous of the self attained success of other women. She is also a nasty bully with aspirations to be Jill, Jr.

  79. I totally agree that Brad set up the psychic and what she was supposed to say for each housewife.

    • quincyil says:

      Usually, the fortune tellers ask some questions and then get into the reading. I can’t believe she was dead on with every woman. Someone talked to her or she googled the show.

      • Nancy says:

        Have you ever talked to your “Elevator Man” again?
        I hope this isn’t offensive but does Iran have a Symphony?
        An Opera? I know they don’t have figure skaters, or do they?

        • quincyil says:

          I never talked to him, but my husband sees him at reunions.

          They love symphony music, but it is illegal under the current Islamic regime. Most of the muscians are in the West now. So are their famous singers and actors.

          They have small teams in the Olympics, but I don’t remember them in the Winter Olympics.

          • Nancy says:

            I couldn’t live in a country without classical music.
            How sad for these people. Bur then again they probably don’t know what they are missing. 😦

            I think it’s funny that your husband still sees “Elevator Man” He must have a great sense of humor. A great quality in a man.

    • Kats2 says:

      You know I think you are so right. Brad too quickly trashed Ramona behind her back, was too nice to her face and he knew his revenge was coming and made sure all the HW’s had their reading.

  80. boston02127 says:

    Kelly is always a little behind.
    Her tweet~~
    @ladygaga I can’t stop listening to #BornThisWay! You have done it again!
    This song has been on the top of the charts since (maybe) February.

    • HW Addict says:

      She must be following Bethenny. Bryn was mentioned by Gaga in a skit on SNL and Bethenny has been tweeting about it… IMO, it’s a pitiful attempt to get Gaga to notice her… She is truly deranged.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        really? Lady gaga mentioned bryn in a skit? I must’ve missed that, but we all know the only reason why kelly would EVER mention Lady Gaga is because Kelly wants to be just like Bethenny. I think Lady Gaga wishes she was like B too!

        • HW Addict says:

          My bad, read this on Bethenny’s FB and interpreted wrong.
          “Ok I need help. I can’t stop watching the Saturday Night Live skit of Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, and Lady Gaga with Bryn!! Its unreal.”
          My early morning brain interpreted it to mean that the skit had a mention of Bryn but Bethenny was referring to watching it WITH Bryn… Either way I can see Kelly’s diseased brain working overtime!

    • Kats2 says:

      I love your links and updates. Thank you Boston!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I hate that ice hearted, saggy chinned bitch! She can say she loves and respects Donn all she wants – I don’t believe her for a minute.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Actions speak louder than words. We’ve all seen the photos of her kissing young guys in the bars. I’m married and I respect my husband, my marriage and myself way too much to do something like that.

  81. SkewedHalo says:

    Ab Fab went to Morocco long before Sex In the City and the New York Housewives. Maybe Sonja and Ramona are trying to be funny like Patsy and Edie, I dunno, but this theme was already old when SITC did it. zzzzzz Totally lame.

  82. BambiBaby22 says:

    I find it tacky of Ramona to wear a “True Faith” shirt on the show. We get it, you want to sell your jewelry, but geez…..

  83. Sara says:

    I saw Teresa’s book at my local Meijer, is it Fabulicious? There was one copy on the shelf. I was going to flip through it but I was in a rush. Is it selling good by any chance?

    • PF says:

      If you go to Amazon….you can look through the book before purchasing. It does have a pic of her brother in it.

  84. Grace says:

    I forgot what I was going to say.

  85. kbinldo says:

    Anyone else find it odd that the person complaining about Sonja’s house being dirty is the one with Trigger in her living room?

    • error404 says:

      No. Kiki is like Pavlov’s dog, and if you rewatch this or the St John episodes you can see her suddenly almost out on nowhere launch into these seemingly rehearsed tirades and then quickly clam back up and go back into an almost trance. It’s like someone rings a bell and she just attacks. The first time I saw Morocco I thought it was an odd tirade and that Lulu was sticking up for her friend Sonja, but the second time I watched it I noticed Lulu was almost spoon feeding Kiki her lines. “Don’t you think Sonja leads an enviable life?” “No!”… Umm, ok.

      • Kukulet says:

        Yeah, I noticed that, too. I don’t know if her St. John tirades were planned or rehearsed, but the Moroccan ones sure seem to be. There’s a monotone quality to her voice that hints that she’s just reciting what they want her to say.

        Plus, Kelly never had an original thought in her life. She just parrots.

  86. Smompy says:

    I believe this was probably discussed in other postings, but does anyone here know anything concrete about the Zarin Family Trust? I’m a total moron when it comes to all things financial, but I did make an effort to figure this out and still got nowhere fast. I know it’s not a non-profit, and I couldn’t find it on any lists of registered charities. One site says that the Zarin Family Trust is just another name for the Zarin Family FUND. Someone else said that it’s a grantor trust, designed to avoid estate taxes from generation to generation, legally of course. In 2008 and 2009 it was indeed listed (with an asterisk which I couldn’t figure out the significance of) as one of the funds under the auspices of the New York Community Trust, but I don’t quite understand that either. I mean, did or does the Zarin Family Fund give money to the NYCT and then the board of that trust gives some of it out as grants or whatever? I did see a picture of the NYCT’s board on their website and noticed that my neighbor was in that picture (she’s crazy rich), so next time I run into her, I’m going to ask her what that group does and who exactly get’s into it. But unfortunately, for now I’m still no closer to understanding what the Zarin Family Trust is, or does…besides auctioning off ironically sequined baseball caps and dinner dates from Hell, I mean.

  87. Savannah001 says:

    I missed last nights show, and I can’t believe that Bravo is running repeats of DC and Miami tomorrow, it’ll be Sunday before I can watch it according to Bravo’s schedule. I havent checked comcast’s ondemand to see if its available yet though.

    I’ve really been upset about New Jersey’s blogs and all the negative comments that Melissa is getting, I truly dont understand it and whats worse is I cant get a positive message posted to her it makes me sick… How can people forget Teresa;s horrible animal behavior that she herself started on the last 2 seasons it just makes me sick. I have never liked Teresa even before her ugly side came out. People thinks Melissa is jealous of Teresa, NO WAY it’s Teresa thats jealous you can see it on her face, the negative blogs posted to Melissa and Kathy are horrible. In regards to Kathy WTF cant people see? Caroline is really making me sick she has no problem approaching Melissa who wasnt even in the room with Kathy and Teresa when Kathy pulled her aside and Caroline yells at her and Kathy, what about Teresa the one who flipped out I guess her bad behavior is just excused. Kathy wasnt trying to say Teresa was a bad mother at all, Teresa asked her where she was during that fight and she answered her question and her answer was the truth. Another thing I guess it’s OK for Caroline to start asking and commenting on the fight in front of the children who were having fun carving the pumpkins that was not the time nor the place to start asking questions and the children didnt want to hear it and certainly didnt need to. I think the dear abby shit has gotten to her and she feels that she can do no wrong ask her and she’ll give you the answer, she’s not GOD but boy her ego is something else and it’s gone beyond just to her head. Where Kathy is concerned in watching the show I wonder if Caroline felt like a fool because she certainly got it wrong. She couldnt understand why Kathy chose that moment to talk to Teresa, well Caroline why did you chose to bust up kids carving pumpkins and having a good time? She then screams to FIX IT well bitch what do you think Kathy was trying to do huh???

    Melissa’s blog is kind of pleading to not judge her by just what we;ve seen there’s more to the story and I believe it. I;ve always said that Teresa’s bad behavior that no one claims they;ve ever seen before in all the years they’ve known her is Bull Shit. I dont believe that for one minute. It;s interesting that Caroline who trying to make you believe that she doesnt know people like that, well she knows Teresa and she has no problem with her. I think she’s scared of Teresa. I know from the reunion show after the first season that Jacquline punched her one time, I wish she do it again, sorry I’m just very fed up with Caroline the one that thinks she can do no wrong.

    Has anyone noticed how everyone has these side deals going with books with trying to start their own lines of what ever all except for Jacquline she has no side deals with starting anything that I;ve heard of or read about. I guess she doesnt need to or she has no desire to do anything like that. She seems to be happy just keeping house and taking care of the kids. I have to say I really dont think she;s interesting, I dont think Caroline is interesting either.

    I’m amazed at how Teresa keeps that house, I havent actually heard that her bankrucy has gone through, does anyone know where that stands?
    I know that JJ and that little Pizza shop can’t be enough income to keep up with mortgage payments that they have on that house and Teresa book sales I’m surprised that some of the creditors hasnt tried to get some money from that, I dont know really how bankrupcy works and if all the people they owe can’t go after anything since they’ve filed for it.
    I think that theres alot we will see in upcoming episodes

    • Smompy says:

      I’m with you, Savannah001. I don’t necessarily think Melissa is great, but for so many people to completely forget all the bad stuff Teresa has done because suddenly she’s making sad faces and crying about another brawl disturbing the peace in her fambly (when brawls are kinda HER specialty) strikes me as bizarre. I guess to some extent I can understand the people who dislike both Teresa AND Melissa (although I personally intend to give Melissa more of a chance to prove herself), but I can’t believe how many people across the net seem to feel so genuinely bad for Teresa. I’m not her brother, but to me she’s just…well…garbage.

      Sorry, but that’s how I feel, Tree! I gave you lots of chances and you repeatedly showed yourself to be a pretty damn vile human being.

      • nathania says:

        I don’t believe any of it.

        And it pisses me off royally that they are freaking twelve million dollars in debt and somehow have come up with money to pay scads of people and a publicist to engineer this ridiculous ‘poor pitiful teresa’ display online and on the WWHL poll.

        the show hasn’t been on long enough for teresa to have that many *new* fans. melissa hasn’t been on tv long enough for people to hate her with the venom they have been displaying. and there wasn’t a whole lot of teresa love from the “old” fans. so, quite frankly, who the eff are all these people….

      • PF says:

        If Teresa can show that she is willing to work towards fixing the bankruptcy situation (I don’t think it’s been settled or dealt with fully yet?) then I can respect that. I believe that she turned a blind eye and allowed Joe to handle all the finances. Yes, that is dumb when you are sharing responsiblity as a husband and wife. But Joe is not acting that responsibly…getting himself arrested for using his brother’s identity to get a driver’s license. Does he not realize he has a family to support? I really hope that Teresa learns to watch the finances and NOT allow Joe to take care of it alone because he fails at it. It looks like she knows she can’t just spend without knowing how much anymore. That is crazy for anyone to do. (This is what impresses me about Jason and Bethenny. They can be rich but still not want to waste money…ie Jason’s pair of jeans…lol) I believe Joe deceived Teresa in making them think they had all this money that was neverending. I would not trust him with the money anymore. But I have to admit she is handling it well. Who else would stand by their man after that? But she was at fault too for turning a blind eye. She had to wonder. But let’s see how she does being broke and rebuilding. (It can be done, look at Trump) That is the telling. So far, I’m not sure. I know she loves that house.

    • FLG says:

      The last I read, Teresa and JJ’s bankruptcy proceedings will be looked at again in July. I’m positive they’re in some pretty deep poo with the trustee. JJ has been ordered to repay a large sum to his former business partner and he has his driver’s license problem. To my knowledge, fraud is still not discharged under bankruptcy laws, so at best they are going to have some pretty hefty settlements they are going to have to negotiate and repay even after (if) the bankruptcy is accepted. Personally, I don’t like Teresa and they were less than an open book about their finances. I do give her credit for hitting the road, making a lot of personal appearances, book signings and what ever else she can come up with to help begin to dig them out of the hole they dug themselves into. It has to be physically exhausting and at best I think the legal outcome isn’t going to be pretty.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        They also neglected to pay taxes and falsified returns in order to qualify for loans. And the IRS is not happy.

    • vilzvet says:

      Well I went over there to check out the comments myself (I avoid that section on NY to keep my sanity) and yes, it is just crazy that NEGATIVE comments to Melissa and Kathy are allowed and are in full force. Who are these people?! It is clear as a bell the manipulation going on. We all know what Teresa is all about and has been since Day 1. Just not going to read those comments any more, they’re pointless and useless and do not represent what we SEE on the show.

      • BT says:

        I’m no Teresa fan, but I also don’t like Melissa & Kathy. No one is manipulating me.

        • Sparkles says:

          Same here.

          • PF says:

            The thing is….I can tell by the way Melissa says things that she is just out for fame and fortune. How much fame and fortune is it worth to go on a tv show that your family has been on for a couple of seasons just to be used against them for ratings? Honestly, that is scum in my book.

  88. housewifeaddict says:

    I’m sorry – but having a fortune teller in Morocco tell you that there is another woman is just that – a fortune teller telling you there is another woman. I can’t understand why people think that makes it less or more likely that Mario is cheating.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Jill’s tweet from last night:

      On Friday 27th May 2011, @Jillzarin said:

      The fortune teller told all of us stuff that was all true. Scary. All of us. No one could have know some of the stuff. Right @kellybensimon @CountessLuAnn ?

      • Jezzibel says:

        the guilty flee..where none pursue

      • Kukulet says:

        Of COURSE the fortune teller could have known that stuff – either from Brad ahead of time or from cold reading.

        Jill, LuAnn, and especially Kelly-they’re all so seriously. stupid. It’s just mind boggling sometimes.

      • PF says:

        Jill needs to get to the point where she has to understand that viewers are not stupid and can see she will not stop spinning stories to her advantage. I think her WHOLE goal this season was to make people like her after last season. But she can’t convince people. At least not me. I gave up on her changing last season and how she treated Bethenny. The episode of her calling Ramona and Alex horrible names at the wedding. Done, done, done! Nice to your face…curse you up and down the second your face is out of mine. I’ve never seen someone like that. It’s horrible. I mean, if I were a friend of Jill’s outside of RHONY, and saw how she was acting with these women, I would question what she’d say about me behind my back.

    • Kats2 says:

      I can tell you for a fact that the fortune teller was full of shit. She said Kelly would have a new baby. Kelly hasn’t dated ANYONE in many years and the last time she was with someone she had to pay/hire him. The weird dude who showed up in her first season and Sonja already nailed.

    • California35 says:

      I just hear Kelly saying – “when the fortune teller told me what she said about Ramona” I know I know we have said that she never makes sence lol

    • nathania says:

      *pausing to digest*


      truer words have never been spoken. now, it if was a private investigator, that might mean something.

  89. FLG says:

    I’ve tried to look into it as well and it has led me nowhere. I don’t know if it is a Grantor Trust, a Charitable Remainder Trust, a Living Trust? I personally know a few families who have Family Trusts and Family Foundations and I can find EIN numbers, addresses, and quite a bit of information on their entities. I haven’t had the same outcome with the Zarin Family Trust. It could be because it falls under the “umbrella” of the New York Community Trust. Charitybuzz is a FOR profit organization. S. Coppy Holzman is Boardmember, CEO and Co-Founder of Charitybuzz. http://www.charitybuzz.com/management#holzman He was one of the founding members of webvan.com. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webvan The webvan article I found particularly interesting.

    • Smompy says:

      That was interesting, and now I do recall reading an article about Webvan way back when. Some of these people just bounce right back after a big fall. I wish I was like that when it comes to money. I still haven’t found anything substantive on the Zarin Trust or Zarin Fund, or whatever it is, but in an online interview I read, Bobby’s son, who now runs Zarin Fabrics, said that his stepmother Jill has both helped and hurt the family business. I wish he’d been more specific and more talkative! She does try to advertise it all the time, so I imagine they’d like that. Plus, as much as I dislike Jill personally, I never really saw her doing anything to “hurt” that business. But her stepson would know, I suppose. Maybe he just meant she’s generally embarrassing or something like that.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        There are a few articles/interviews out there that have Jill first talking about having the business expand to include furniture and design, and then shrink back down again. She blamed it on not being there to run the other (non fabric) part. Maybe that’s what he meant. They were basically looking for someone to lease store space that they no longer needed.

        • Smompy says:

          Could be. Then again, in the article I read about David, it was mentioned that although the Zarin family used to own a good deal of real estate down that way, they sold it all back in the 1980s, including their own warehouse/store. It said they just rent space in the building now, mostly because it’s still cheaper there than other parts of Manhattan. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that, of course.

        • error404 says:

          She kinda hinted in s2 that she had Brad there to run some kind of home decor branch of the business. That seems to have fizzled. Businesses often do suffer from over-expansion, and well, we all know where the bedding line got them.

      • FLG says:

        It looks like her book and the bedding line with Bed Bath and Beyond are going the way of webvan…..The bedding is on clearance and I’m even less optimistic about the squish ware….

        • NJ Bev says:

          I have never seen the bedding. checked every time
          I went into BB&B. Not like the store in my town is
          a small branch- probably one of the biggest BB&B
          in my entire county. It never carried her line. never.

  90. Kats2 says:

    Wait a minute, is the story about Ramona hitting a producer true? So this could be why we are seeing the bad edit and they are letting the other losers gang up on her. Is this why the season was delayed so they can re-edit and make her look bad?

    • error404 says:

      I’ve never seen or heard anything to indicate the story is true. IMO it’s right up there with Alex “spread eagle” in the lobby and Bethenny giving birth to a boy.

  91. Kats2 says:

    Oh and I have to add, while I hated Mario checking out the girls strolling by in S1, I also hated Bobby hanging out in the basement with his stack of playboy mags whacking off as we learned in S2 or S3. So if Mario is a cheater so is Bobby.

    • Kukulet says:

      Ha! Bawby probably started keeping a mistress the day after he married Jill.

      • Caitlin says:

        Who was it that said when a man marries his mistress he creates a job opening?

        • Kukulet says:

          James Goldsmith (he was a British businessman who owned a well known nightclub in London called Annabel’s.) He was known for keeping a mistress with his wife’s knowledge. At one point, he had two families living in separate wings of the same mansion.

          Something I imagine Bawby would like to try. 😉

    • lillybee says:

      I think he hides in Mom’s basement to escape from Jill.

    • FLG says:

      loved it! ROFLMAO

    • Mookies1mom says:

      That was funny!

    • PF says:

      That was so funny! My dh never stays in the room while I watch the HW shows. He saw some of the Morocco epi and started walking out while telling me that he would never want to go on a trip with that one lady. I asked who. He was talking about LuAnn…..lol

  92. FLG says:

    Squash Blossom High Horse isn’t faring too well on WWHL this season. First Cat O publicly eviscerates her and now Ramona airs out LuAnn’s dirty laundry, skid marks and all. On the optimistic side, maybe we’ll be spared one of her singing appearances on WWHL!

  93. Okie Folkie says:

    I missed WWHL last night, aaaarrrrrrgghghghgg!!!!!!! I very much wanted to see Ramona, especially the horrible behavior by stupid brunets. I am extra looking forward to the Recap tomorrow.
    I do wish they’d rerun WWHL sooooo much more than the garbage bravo is shoving down our throats, of late. (skankeroo comes to mind)

    Does anyone remember what the name of Rocco D’s FIRST SHOW was called? He was opening a Restaurant w/a ‘big backer’ in the biz and they DID NOT get along?

    Bravo used have that show listed on their lousy site…after it was canceled
    I think Rocco’s new show might have potential……

    I still havent seen the the new ‘Summer by Bravo’

    • Mookies1mom says:

      You can watch it on Bravo. Plus, you will also get to see the after show.

    • Adgirl says:

      It was called The Restaurant. With Jeffrey Chowodrow – who fired Rocco for being media-whoring absentee head chef. LOL.

      • nathania says:

        yeah, that was quite a show.

        Chodrow was a felon and he had a shady history but Rocco was the sleaze. He made my skin crawl on there. It freaking kills me that male chefs sometimes act the way he does. There is a culinary school in my hometown and the male students used to come in the restaurant I worked at and be absolutely nasty. Like they were practicing their @sshole chef behavior for when they started working.

  94. Mookies1mom says:

    Catch you all tomorrow. During the power outage I decided it was a good time to start drinking some wine that I forgot gives me a headache. Hopefully, it won’t turn into a massive migraine so we can continue the cross country on our way to Montreal party planning.

    • FLG says:

      I hope you’re feeling well this morning! I can’t drink wine. I think it’s the sulfite. Wine gives me a horrible headache and makes my skin all blotchy.

  95. Adgirl says:

    So, wait. The fortune teller said Jill has Big Fart? I guess she can “see” Ginger.

  96. lillybee says:

    I noticed that when the brunettes arrived at the house in Morocco, Cindy demanded that someone open the door to the van and a voice from inside, I am pretty sure it was Jill said open it yourself.

    • PF says:

      Yes….and Jill was not nice when she said it. But of course Cindy is okay….right? She’s not demanding….lol!

    • HW Addict says:

      Jillousy did and she was PISSED! Cindy Barslop was going off script. I could imagine the ripping she got from Jillousy “WE are suppose to be the NICE ones, low maintenance, not like the demanding blonde bitches!” Remember Ramoner emailed Lumann of her needs while she was staying in Morroco, that germinated into the “Jillousy Script” that the brunettes should be the perfect houseguests while the blondes be betrayed as the “ugly Americans”.
      IMO, Ramoner’s “demands” were not ridiculous. If you are staying in a 5 star anything you are paying through the nose for specializeed treatment and pampering, otherwise it is more cost effective to stay at a Holiday Inn. Not disparaging Holiday Inns by any means, just pointing out facts. I have stayed in 5 stars and THEY don’t let you do anything! There is no running down the hall for ice, you call the front desk and they bring it to you etc. I was staying at The Four Seasons in Philly and wanted to go get something from my car and asked were the parking garage was, the front desk insisted that they have a bell man go down for me and retrieve my item, I resisted because I felt foolish having someone do what was something that was no skin off my nose to do but soon realized that the reason my ex and I were paying 600 plus a night was for this type of pampering. I was thankful and gracious and tipped the bell man well. This, after all, is why people in the hotel industry covet these jobs, they are well compensated.
      Believe me, if this wasn’t a “Jillousy Script” Jillousy would be whining so loudly we would have heard her over here, mother’s not happy!

  97. Thedesigndiva says:

    With regards to the “mis fortune teller”….as far as another woman and Ramona…maybe she is thinking or feeling that Ms Sonja is THE OTHER woman for Ramona and NOT Mario…thus the tears from Ms Sonja ??? I know..I am sorry..but my mind and logic just goes out the window with these people….LOL….
    And why does Jill get read on a couch in a private area with Lugman there and then rest of them get read in a KITCHEN….Really ..a KITCHEN… readings are suppose to be one on one and private so other vibes do not interfere with the readers thought process…….Bravo editing at its finest……

  98. katrina says:

    I think we all forget that there is editing involved with these series and the producers knows the strengths and weeknesses of all the women. The interviews are with production people and they can lead them into any discussion. It’s not like the women watch the footage and then the ladies tell them what they think. The producers can choose show something or take out a specific word from the footage. The shows are for entertainment or to poke fun of people’s behavior or lack there of. There is no doubt that Bravo is making money or they wouldn’t continue to do it.

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