I Hate Jill Zarin &Tamra Barney, oh and that Peggy bitch too! The Real Housewives of Orange County Finale

The Real Housewives of Orange County Finale by LynnNChicago

I’m so glad this season is over, the RHOOC finale and Watch What Happens Live made my blood pressure rise.  Between Peggy and Tamra, I’ve never seen two more horrible women since Jill and Luann sat on that couch with Bethenny on speakerphone. 

I really can’t stand Tamra Barney, I think that Jeana is right, she’s trash and she wasn’t brought up right.  When Tamra’s mother came over to the argument her language was atrocious and it is easy to see where Tamra’s trashy mouth comes from.  I believe that Tamra left Simon when his money ran out.

I am so over this stupid argument between Alexis and Peggy.  The two women were friends until Peggy joined the show, Peggy then turned the show into her personal competition with Alexis.  As Peggy kept saying that Alexis was trying to turn it into a competition, Alexis wasn’t competing at all but Peggy wouldn’t let it go, it was Peggy who was trying to one up Alexis at every turn. 

Then Peggy decided she was going to school Jeana and told her she needed to apologize to Tamra.  Since Peggy was completely clueless about the whole thing and had no idea that it had gone well beyond an apology, she needed to shut her fat lipped mouth!  Peggy decides to tweak her little finger and pull Tamra over to Jeana, she then goes on and on slurring her words talking about a whole lot of things that she doesn’t know anything about. 

Peggy is an awful woman, she wants to shove her big nose that’s been surgically reduced into everyone’s business to make herself relevant but she failed magnificently.  Who ever decided that she should be the guest on Watch What Happens Live on finale night is a complete moron!  Don’t get me started on having a hockey player on the show, what the hell was that about?  We’ll get back to WWHL after the rest of RHOOC.

The show opens with all the women preparing to go to Vicki’s end of season party.  She’s crying, again.  Tamra complains about Jeana and reads aloud her cease and desist letter to Eddie. 

No one will convince me now that Eddie is not playing for Andy Cohen’s team.  After watching him tonight greeting the women by calling them, “Girlfriend!” and telling all the ladies how gorg they look, all the hugging and excessive flirting.  This is a gay man, not that there’s anything wrong with that but don’t pretend Eddie Judge. 

Peggy was absolutely disgusting and disrespectful to her husband the way she was hanging all over Eddie.  This was vomit-inducing TV.

Gretchen and Slade are lying in bed talking about the party, Slade is actually making sense.  Gretchen was apologetic for accusing Vicki  of faking an illness to skip Alexis’ fashion show.  Gretchen visited Vicki at the hospital, Vicki says she has forgiven Gretchen then goes on to call her childish and stupid.  Forgiveness… Vicki style!

Slade is right, Vicki and Tamra have been horrible to Gretchen and they’ve been so judgmental.  I realize that many people aren’t fond of Slade but he’s actually growing on me now and there is no doubt that he adores Gretchen and supports her without fail.  I think he gives Gretchen what she needs and she knows that she can always count on him to be on her side.  He truly has her back and that is nice to see.  He really needs to get a job though.

As Alexis prepares to get ready and we briefly see her husband Jim, he won me over on last season’s reunion when he explained that he was raised a certain way, the men are in charge in a marriage but that he was trying to slowly change and work on himself.  I also give him a lot of credit for walking away and not attending any Housewives events.  He seems to be content to sit in the background and let Alexis do her thing on the show and I respect that. 

Jim Bellino knows when to walk away, Alexis tells us that Jim knows these women don’t like him so he sees no reason to force himself on them.  I really don’t think  that they gave him a fighting chance last season but he still made the right decision this season.  Peggy tells us that Jim “doesn’t care who he’s hurting” by staying home, are you a moron Peggy?  You’re “hurt” because Jim didn’t show up?  Oh please, I really can’t stand Peggy!  Have you noticed?

Whether or not you like Alexis’ clothing line, Jim is supporting his wife in something that she wants to do and I think that makes him a pretty good husband.  It is ironic, isn’t it, that the two bitches who criticized her marriage (Vicki and Tamra) are both getting divorces and Alexis and Jim are still happily married. 

Vicki’s daughter Briana arrives at her mom’s getting ready for the party.  We learn that Donn won’t return Vicki’s calls but that Donn has called Briana and she hasn’t called him back.  Vicki encourages Briana to call Donn back, as she should. 

Loud mouth Tamra arrives at the party and immediately goes up to see Vicki, who is holed up in her bedroom creating drama by not arriving at her own party.  Obviously Vicki wants to make a grand entrance after all the other guests have arrived.  Vicki tells Tamra to ensure that none of the guests at the party mention Vicki’s divorce or Donn.  Vicki cries more and Tamra turns it into all about her and asks how she should deal with Jeana Keough.  How about some perspective Tamra?  Your friend Vicki just filed for divorce.  Oh these drama queens! 

Vicki wants to make sure the party isn’t all about her divorce so she asks Tamra to ensure the guests don’t mention Donn or her divorce.  Tamra recruits Peggy to help spread the word that Vicki doesn’t want to talk about her divorce so the genius Peggy goes from group to group yelling at everyone not to mention the word, “Donn”.  When she’s finished giving everyone instruction she decides to attack Alexis with complaint after complaint that are so petty and stupid that it really did look like jr high school.  Peggy continually wants to attack Alexis’ husband Jim and I was so glad when Alexis finally ended it all by simply saying, “I don’t care!”  I think that those three words summed up the whole season of Peggy’s childish antics!  I am not a fan.

Tamra Barney is such an idiot.  Her attorney must have offered to mail that cease and desist letter, even certified, maybe even via overnight mail, don’t ya think?  I’m sure that Tamra has 44 cents for a stamp, Bravo must pay her a few bucks, right? 

Jeana explained that she told the reporter her opinion after being asked, plain and simple.  Tamra can’t control the world and she certainly can’t control Jeana Keough.  Tamra decides to throw the letter in Jeana’s face and sure Jeana threatened to throw her into the pool but she never touched her.  Tamra then threw her drink in Jeana’s face, Jeana threw hers back but unfortunately missed the bitch and hit another party guest, who then shoved Jeana in the back.  Jeana immediately left the party but not before Tamra threw a slew of hateful vulgar and trashy words at her.  Tamra really is garbage. 

The housewives who missed the excitement got Tamra’s version of events, all lies of course.  Tamra told Alexis and Gretchen that Jeana pushed her which is a complete lie, Jeana never touched Tamra. 

Take a look at some of Jeana’s tweets during the show:

jeanakeough   upsetting that the camera didn’t show Eddie yelling a racial gay slur at my friend as we left the party..

@jeanakeough  So happy @vgunvalson came over tonight and that me and her are back to normal ,she needs everyones prayers and support right now

And from Jeana’s daughter Kara:

@karakeough   Is any1 seeing this? “She pushed me & tried to throw me in the pool!” Any regard for the actual sequence of events?  My mom never TOUCHED Tamra

Yes, Kara we did notice that Tamra lied, we also noticed that Tamra is upset about Jeana telling the truth.  Even more irony is that Tamra went to the press talking crap about Gretchen over and over again for the past three years and now Tamra is upset that Jeana gives her opinion when asked.  Tamra can sure dish it out but she can’t take it. 

I’m a little surprised that Jeana is hanging out with Vicki again, Jeana obviously doesn’t hold a grudge and has forgiven Vicki for her nasty behavior.  I’m sure Vicki has been let down by Tamra since filming this season and Vicki has learned what a true friend is and what a TV friend is, Tamra kissed Vicki’s ass all season for the cameras simply because none of the other housewives would put up with her trashy behavior.  Let’s hope Jeana doesn’t get hit with another Vicki shaped knife in the back. 

I know many of you are upset with Jeana for speaking to the press about Tamra but we know Tamra took the spotlight and was trashing Simon Barney every chance she got while Simon was under a gag order.  Jeana was helping Simon to tell his side of the story and while it was surly none of her business, Simon quoted Jeana in at least  one press report, something Jeana couldn’t control.  As Jeana said, she was asked a question and she answered it.  Tamra tried to paint Simon as a man who physically abused his wife and Jeana didn’t believe it was true.  I don’t believe it either, Tamra likes to play victim.  Simon was controlling but Tamra seemed to fine with her life until…The money ran out. 

I know that the next two weeks of the reunion is going to annoy me just as much as the entire season has.   Peggy’s big mouth simply out yells Alexis so she appears to win the verbal arguments when actually Peggy was nit-picking stupid little things all season just looking for something to argue with Alexis about.  Vicki’s superior attitude and her inability to really hear anything that anyone else has to say will be evident again this year, I’m sure!  Tamra’s vile language will most likely come out as her trashy background always seems to come to the forefront when she’s not on her guard and trying to pretend she has a little bit of class where none exists.  I think Gretchen is the least annoying this season, I don’t care enough about Alexis to hate her or love her …  I just can’t wait until it is over!

I was throughly disgusted by Peggy on Watch What Happens Live, she acted like a teenage girl, they should introduce her to Kelly Bensimon..more on that soon!

Thanks to Boston02127 for the hysterical photos and captions! 

I can’t wait to read what you’re all thinking…..post your comments now!

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636 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin &Tamra Barney, oh and that Peggy bitch too! The Real Housewives of Orange County Finale

  1. Jerseydaisy says:

    Thanks for your usual thoughful and insightful recap! I thought I was the only one who couldn’t wait for this travesty to end. I used to enjoy and look forward to watching all of the Housewives shows but they have turned into nothing but brawls. I find it hard to watch these grown women fighting, backstabbing and lying. I hate to say it but I think the Housewives have “jumped the shark”.

    • Mary Jane says:

      They have definitely jumped the shark. This was the worst season of OC ever. Put this show out of it’s misery and end it already.

      Did anyone notice Lynn at one of the tables? They kept showing her in extreme close up and her face looked odd, maybe she had more work done?

      That wig that Quinn had on had to be a joke, she can’t seriously think that looked good. It looked like doll hair.

      • Lisa Pizza Pie says:

        OMG, you are so right about Quinn. At first I couldn’t figure out who/what it was. I knew the face looked familiar, but thought at first it was a cross-dresser. She looked ridiculous. And why would she even be there? She was a dud in her “only” season.

      • Tess says:

        YOu are hilarious, I was cracking up so bad from laughing over here I just love your comment very funny girl!

    • Powell says:

      I used to enjoy them also. This wasn’t a good season for OC, Miami & I’ll have to see about NJ. I haven’t started watching NJ yet. I’m only caught up because of Lynn.

  2. BEA says:

    It was a sorry show tonight. It saddens me to see Jeana back but obviously she needs the money. Jeana looked tired and worn and obviously gaining the weight back. Tamara was hell bent on confronting Jeana. I think Tamara and Peggy might have had that little scene planned in advance.

    • snarkarella says:

      Oh, I think Tamra definitely had her dramatics planned in advance.
      She choose to do it at Vicki’s party to get the most bang for her buck. Why not go all out if you’ve already got a captive audience. Thing is all these people (aside from her trashy mother) already know what kind of person Trampra is and prolly aren’t buying it.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      I didnt think any of that about Jeanna she doesnt look like she put any weight on

      • BEA says:

        She is no size 6 – sorry.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          does she have to be a size 6
          she looked fine

          • dsc60 says:

            no but she said at the fashion show when she walked on the runway that she used to be a size 10 and is now a size 6. i’m not sure if i buy either of those sizes. she does look good though. that’s all that should matter.

            • vilzvet says:

              Kirstie Alley said the same thing after Dancing with the Stars, that mysterious size 6! She did look great by the end of the competition though, but no size 6.

              • Powell says:

                Well ladies they say the camera does add 10lbs. Don’t laugh!!!!!!!! OK, go ahead and laugh…

    • Cheri says:

      I agree Tamera had the planned otherwise the attorney would have sent the letter to her. Tamera just wanted to make a scene As far as Peggy and the Barbie Jesus, I do think Alexis was trying to one up Peggy all season long I just don’t know if she realized she was doing it. It seemed like she was the person who is always is the one who whatever you do has done it too only better. My thoughts

      • snarkarella says:

        I agree Cheri. She was one-upping Peggy. Not always successfully so I can imagine it would get irritating. I didn’t find Peggy as annoying as some of you did. I think she’s right that Alexis was sorry she introduced her to the group and I think some of her own insecurities (Alexis’) started to come out and she would get in the one-ups to try and compensate. Micah bought Peggy a Bentley, new boobs, giant diamond earrings, yada, yada, yada… What did Jim Bellino buy? Oh, yeah, a Couple of watches for HIMSELF!

        • nathania says:

          I agree about Peggy and Alexis. Alexis has to be the center of attention and she upstages anyone who is in her way. I think Peggy wasn’t used to ‘lights camera action Alexis’ and she just didn’t know how to respond to her because that was not the way that Alexis had acted to her all season.

    • Lisa Pizza Pie says:

      I thought Jeana looked like she had gained her weight back as well. She also needs a new hairstyle. She looks a bit downtrodden.

      So easy to sit here and criticize everyone! 🙂

  3. VAgirl says:

    Thanks for your recap, Lynn. I pretty much agree with everything you said. I’m just glad it’s over and hope it doesn’t come back with the cast it has now. If it’s not renewed next season, that will be fine with me.

  4. HD says:

    Good recap, Lynn. I actually really don’t have one thing to say opposite of it. I know, head for the hills the end is nigh! I think the things we have disagreed about have been beaten and flogged to death, Vicki, Jeanna and Tamara.

    I didn’t think about Jim in the way you painted him but shoot that does make sense. I actually am glad this season is over and I wouldn’t renew it. It’s time to let it go.

  5. plainviewsue says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I thought Jeana was so out of line and she has proven what a lot of former housewives have said. She can be a snake. Tamra never said Simon physically abused her. She said he threw a leash at her. Jeana is an enabler of men. She has yet to divorce her abusive husband. Her oldest son Shane abused her verbally over and over on the show.

    I did feel for Vicki last night. Like her or now, she showed her vulnerability.

    As for the others, Gretchen came off well last night and redeemed herself from last week’s episode. Alexis and Peggy offer nothing to the show at all. They can leave.

    I do not think Eddie is gay! I think he is just a very outgoing person and was joking around.

    I love Briana. What the hell was Quinn wearing on her head??? She looked ridiculous.

    I still despise Jill Zarin more then any other housewife out there, bar none! Tamara knows who she is, inappropriate and vulgar, but doesn’t hide it.

    Jill literally turns my stomach, cos she tries to come off as something she isn’t.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Oh, I actually thought Sean Avery was pretty funny! Anything is better then the episode with Sandra Bernhardt. That was mind numbing!

      • MAMAZ says:

        I think it’s always a good idea to stay out of other people’s business. But Jeanna didn’t do anything to Tamra that Tamra hadn’t done to Gretchen. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

        I don’t hate Vicki. She is a silly woman who thinks far too much of herself. She irritates the heck out of me but I don’t see her looking to destroy her castmates like JZ does.
        The end of a marriage is always sad. She may not be mourning losing Donn but rather the loss of what they once had or what she wanted their marriage to be.

        I don’t know if Eddie’s gay or not but he is so cheesy that I’m actually embarassed for him. And if he did call Jeanna’s friend a FF I don’t ever want to watch him again.

        I can’t decide if Brianna is really as dull as she seems or if she is just trying to counteract her mothers WhooHoo BS. I might like her IRL. She’s not memorable.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          if he isnt gay he is def the nelliest straight man i have ever seen on TV

          • Lisa Pizza Pie says:

            Yeah, for sure. And like the hockey player said, those ridiculous shirts gotta go.

            I also think it’s strange he manages (??) his family’s law office but isn’t an attorney. Why not?

      • nathania says:

        Sean Avery was hysterical.

        I am still not clear on who he is, I get from the hockey references he has something to do with hockey or plays hockey or something. But he’s a housewives fan? Hilarious! and you can tell he is because he knows a lot about the shows, not just OC. His statement to Alexis to ‘lets wrap this up now’ was so funny, when she called in , and the fist bump with Peggy when she said she was ashamed she ever dated Jim was hysterical too. I thought when I saw him that he must be a gay man or something but he’s apparently straight and definitely not an Alexis fan.

        And then when Alexis Couture came on that show, that was awesome. She is really a beautiful woman, they should have gotten her a decent chair to sit in though.

    • Kukulet says:

      Tamra never said Simon physically abused her.

      She never said it on camera, but she has insinuated to the press, after Simon was gagged and couldn’t defend her statements, that he was physically abusive throughout the entire marriage. Jeana got dragged into it because Simon quoted her to the press.

      I agree that Jeana should have stayed out of it completely, but then both Simon and Tamra should have shut the hell up, too.

    • BEA says:

      Jeana was out of line! Even Laurie said she sticks her nose in where it does not belong (they were both on WWHL not too long ago). Jeana clearly did not like what Laurie said but it was true. I’m sick of hearing Jeana say “have you ever tossed something at someone and they didn’t catch it.” Is she kidding. I think Jeana is very sad.

      Vicki was crying but she has only herself to blame. I don’t think she was crying over the loss of Donn but the loss of yet another marriage. She wanted to find a new man – someone who fills her love tank up.

      It was interesting when Gretchen said to Tamara do you understand how I felt when you stuck your nose where it didn’t belong and all Tamara did was shrug as if to say that was totally different because YOU Gretchen were messing around on a sick man. Karma isn’t pretty Tamara!

      • nathania says:

        it’s so weird to me because the unspoken end of Jeanna’s statements always seemed to be, “and let me tell you, the reason I know Simon wasn’t abusive is because I KNOW what abuse is and that is not abuse and if you want to see some spousal abuse come live at my house, I’LL show you some abuse.”

        Jeanna has misery and codependency coming out of her pores. This is about HER, it’s not about Tamra at all. She has to minimize the abuse Tamra has gone through so she can minimize her own, because hers is apparently WORSE. It’s so stupid…Tamra has more self-esteem than Jeanna and that is a good thing.

        I had thought Eddie might be gay but you don’t see many gay men calling another gay men an ‘effing f*ggot’. So that kind of changed my mind right there. I could be wrong, but men don’t all have to fit one
        mold to be straight.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      yes calling someone a faggot as they are leaving a party is so fun and outgoing
      he is aeither a closte case or a homophobe
      either way he is disgusting

    • Powell says:

      I really like Jeanna, but she has totally been out of line this season. I am no fan of Tamra or Simon, but if Simon threw the leash at her she had every right to file charges against him. Little issues can lead to bigger issues when it comes to domestic violence. It needed to be on the record even if the judge threw it out. Jeanna wouldn’t know abuse if it jumped up and bit her on the behind. As you said her husband and oldest son verbally abused her for years.
      Simon is a big boy and he doesn’t need Jeanna or anyone else defending him in the press. If Jeanna was really Simon’s friend she would have said something like “I wish the Barney family the best”. After all they do have kids and that’s what all of these adults are supposed to think about before they open their traps.

      • nathania says:

        I know, when kids are involved, and there is going to be sustained contact, it needs to be established that certain codes of conduct must apply. Tamra needed to stop the cycle NOW before allowing it to worsen. Simon comes off as an @sshole in just about every episode last year. and that last one where he was hugging her and essentially restraining her and telling her how to act and what to say is just nauseating to me, to watch someone being treated like that, no matter who it is.

      • ShariE says:

        Je anna didn’t seek out opportunities to comment on Tamra and Simon. She answered a question and called it as she saw it. She has a right to her opinion. Tamra was out of line and physically abusive to Jeanna, and it was not provoked by any thing physical on Jeanna’s part. Abused women don’t behave as Tamra did. I don’t beleive it either. I have a right to my opinion as well.

  6. Love all things housewives says:

    What’s with the love fest with Jimbo?? Can’t stand that jerk- and how Alexis goes on and on and on about being from his rib is vomit inducing- me thinks she set the women’s movement back— so over her and her lack of articulation and jesus quotes- YAWN!

    • MAMAZ says:

      I can’t stand him either. But Lynn made a couple of good points.
      He is secure enough to not NEED to be on this show. I’ve gotta give him credit for that. And he still lets Alexis participate. So he didn’t “take his ball and go home” when things didn’t go his way.
      However I’m sure, given her statments about traditional male and female roles, that his permission was required for her to remain part of the cast. And that does bother me. But it’s their marriage I’m just glad I don’t live that way.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I can’t stand Jim and I don’t think his decision to lay low on the show has anything to do with making a choice to stay away from a group of women who don’t like him.

        I think it stems from that he realized that people were digging up dirt on him and exposing him for the fraud and conman he is. He wants to keep a low profile because it doesn’t want to draw attention to himself and the people (potential victims) he wants to fleece.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          it could have also been he didnt ever want to have to tell Alexis about his tryst with Piggy

        • ihearttalavera says:


        • glammedupthug says:

          I absolutely agree with you. Jimbo is a slimy chauvinist who has had several questionable business dealings (an easy Google search). He was too pompous to realize that fame leads to a vulnerability to an open book of his life.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        ive said it before and ill say it again My sister is exactly the same way when it comes to her hubby and so is every women that goes to thier born again christian church
        its more like a cult then a religion
        i was dragged there a few times and witnessed people falling to the floor and speaking in tounges husbands treating thier wife like property while at the same being propositioned by more then a few in the churchs mensroom (im not kidding)
        if you didnt see all of it with your own eyes you wouldnt believe it

      • Furalis says:

        I’m sorry but he didn’t participate because it would make them look worse. He needs her on the show to make sure he doesn’t look like a chauvinist. She trotts out saying I am born from his rib. So hysterical. I am lower than you. Are you kidding?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I think Lynn made some good points about him, but to me, he is still unlikeable. When he showed up at Alexis’ photo shoot he was completely controlling. Let the girl do the shots she wants. Part of this is Alexis’ fault too. If she truly believes that he is the decision maker then she deserves all the 1950’s like b.s. that she’s receiving. All I have to say is that she puts the women’s movement back about 60 years. Brava! Though, as we’ve seen, she’s not the brightest bulb.

      Best moment of WWHL was Alexis Couture coming onto the set. How is it a porn star sounds smarter than all the women combined?????

    • VAgirl says:

      Alexis isn’t complaining about Jimbo so why the fuss? I have to say kadooz to him for not wanting to be a part of the OC clan – what trash. Doesn’t mean I like him, but the only reason Peggy wants him on there is so she can trash him. Otherwise, why would she be “hurt” that he wouldn’t come to her dinner party from hell?

    • yayamagic says:

      Thanks for the recap, Lynn! I wanted to underline each sentence the way that some people do at bible study . . .

      Speaking of which, I wish I could type this next sentence smaller because of the backlash, but I *like* Alexis and Jim. Everything about them is opposite my world views; politics, religion, what a marriage is, but it seems to work for them. I can’t recall them actually trashing another person.

      Does Alexis set the women’s movement back? I think my grandmother would even say so. One day Alexis will face up, grow up, learn. That’s a good thing for any woman.

      Peggy, and Tamra are soulless empty ugly creatures. Without their make-up, jewelry and enemy of the day, who are they?

      • lovemamaearth says:

        ==Without their make-up, jewelry and enemy of the day, who are they?==

        Add their plastic surgeries and you’ve got a great line.

        And I bet the only reason Jim is “letting” Alexis do any of this is because they need the money. They seem to be a lot like Tamra and Simon used to be only T& S used manners as the control issue instead of religion.

    • snarkarella says:

      Well Lynn is right about Jim’s decision to back away from the show. But, I still think he’s a gross, controlling pig. I thought he was totally obnoxious at the photo shoot telling her how to stand to be “hot” and slapping her on the ass in front of people. What a pig. She just puts up with it because she thinks she’s supposed to. But, whatever works for them. And, I’m not so sure it’s a matter of him ‘letting’ her do the show I think he sees it as a form of income and she’s too dumb to realize it as such.

      • Nancy says:


      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        I dont agree i think not only does she like it she encourages it
        if they are both happy with it whom am i to judge
        i dont agree with it but its none of my buisness how they treat each other
        as far as her views on gay marriage she is like so many other idiots that thinks there is something about it in the bible

        you know the type that picks the book apart just to suit there given need at any time it suits them

    • nathania says:

      I don’t think so, it’s a typical bdsm thing where she is the submissive but has all the power. She’s living off of HIS dough and not the other way around. She has everything exactly the way SHE wants it, she’s the real one in control in that marriage and she just says that crap to allow him to think otherwise. Don’t think for a minute if he steps out of line she won’t pack her fake double D’s up and slide into the guest room for a while. I think that whole scene at the party last year was just to get Jim all hot and bothered by having his wife make a public scene over him. Alexis is a gold digger extroardinaire, she knows exactly what she is doing, it’s all about the benjamins and the lifestyle.

  7. jeepers1941 says:

    Thank you for validating my comments of this morning about Tampon. Good recap as you always do. Have a good Monday……… 🙂

  8. Kukulet says:

    I did like the way Gretchen tried to point out to Tamra what a hypocrite she is…but Tamra clearly wasn’t getting it.

    I’m tired of Vicki and Tamra making assumptions about the relationship between Gretchen and Jeff, and I expect we’re going to hear more of that during the reunion, based on the previews. They never met Jeff, never talked to him, and he’s been dead for almost three years. They’ve no clue how he felt, what he thought, how he regarded Gretchen. And, really, why does it matter to them, other than they want to take Jay’s statements at face value and paint Gretchen as the ultimate whore?

    Show some respect for a dead man, you morons. Quit picking over the last few months of his life like carrion.

    I did feel bad for Vicki…divorce isn’t easy and regardless of how she and Donn feel about each other now, their marriage undoubtedly had good times, and it’s not easy to see that many years of marriage come to an end. But I do think Vicki wasted the chances she had to save the marriage. They were there, but she went back to work and let them go. It’s sad all around.

    While I think Jeana could have definitely thrown Tamra’s scrawny ass into the pool, I think it was an empty threat. Fact remains that Tamra made the aggressive move, not Jeana. So Tamra’s a liar, and it throws her claim about Simon into doubt too. I don’t believe that Simon was physically abusive during their marriage. Emotionally abusive and controlling, yes, but Tamra was equally as guilty of that. Tammy’s a shrew even in her good moments…and it was pretty obvious she was in it for what Simon could give her. I didn’t see her whining about her marriage when she was unwrapping that birthday Rolex.

    Two people who were just bad for each other. Get the divorce and move on already. There’s no law, Tamra, that says you HAVE to talk to the press. Do what is right for your children and STFU.

    Besides, does anyone really believe that Simon Barney took his dog for a walk one day and then just decided, out of the blue, to go to his wife’s house and throw a temper tantrum? Something else happened that day, and I’m guessing it was Tamra’s nasty mouth.

    No real comment on Slade, except that he’s come across as pretty decent the last few episodes. Good for him, and if he and Gretchen are truly happy together-which they seem to be-then more power to them.

    Come on, Bravo, pull the plug on OC. It’s done.

    • Trace says:

      Tamra isn’t so scrawny any more. Well her hair is.

    • NMhousewife says:

      Everything you say here is EXACTLY how I feel about this whole mess.

      Even though I hope all the housewife shows will be done away with, especially as they seem to be doing worse, I think they will go on for a couple more years because Beverly Hills was such a hit.

      This will be my last experience with OC though, as I can’t take them anymore, especially Tamra.

    • nathania says:

      I suppose it’s possible that Jeff, being sick, wanted some pleasure at the end of his life and had full disclosure from Gretchen about her other exploits. It would not surprise me if they had an ‘arrangement’ and Gretchen doesn’t want to come off looking like a hooker but honestly, it would not surprise me if that was what she ultimately was. No judgement, just saying there is a reason she’s defensive about the situation without being able to tell the truth.

  9. TEB2350 says:

    Did anyone see the clip on Bravo of Donn and how he found out Vicki filed for divorce? She is obnoxious in so many ways.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      yes I saw it, but can’t remember exactly what Donn said, but he seemed angry at Vicki about whatever it was.

      • jeepers1941 says:

        I went and watched the video and Donn was not angry, he is hurt. You could see what I think was tears in his eyes. I think he feels like Vicki knew she was going to file for the divorce but never said anything to him about it.
        I will say, I think Vicki had no choice but to own up how she went about this whole thing. She is a cold fish and she looks like she has really aged a lot since this all became public.
        Tampon maybe had her eyes and ears opened about her friend Vicki, I said maybe…….haha. I think really does feel for Donn and what this has done to him though. It is all sad, just very sad the way it all went down and Vicki was in control of how it all came about………..

    • MAMAZ says:

      No. Is it still there?

      • HD says:

        I watched it. Donn is hurt but it seems like Vicki owned up to her responsibility in making the marriage fall apart. I have heard that it takes two to ruin a marriage. I am not sure if that is true or not. I guess it can be.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          when one is staying away from home to avoid her husband its pretty obvious she had 75 per cent of destrying this marriage
          how many seasons did it take before she finally gave up

          there is something wrong with this woman

          • Powell says:

            You know what Vickie’s real problem with feeling the need to work practically 24/7? She is so afraid of being without and strapped for cash like she was with her 1st husband. He was an alcoholic and it was up to her to take care of her family. I believe when she got into insurance and realized it was something she could be good at and make the kind of money she made, she couldn’t believe it. She also realized that she didn’t need a husband to earn the living to live the lifestyle she wanted. Remember the beginning of the season she was having work done on the house and said she could sell it whenever she wanted, she didn’t need anyone’s permission. She doesn’t feel like she needs Don to make that type of decision. A decision typically made by both spouses.

            • nathania says:

              don is such a good guy.

              I feel sorry for him. it was pretty obvious what the problem was when she came home that day and said ‘at work I am very respected’ and at home, not.

              that is the same problem a lot of celebrities talk about having, being just themselves, at home.

              well, guess what vicky, that’s a good thing, good luck finding another don out there

              I’m sad for her because she flirts with all these young guys but I do not think they are interested in anything more than a roll in the hay with her.

    • AZ Girl says:

      That clip was sad to watch. Vicki did own up to her role in breaking up the marriage. Donn is a nice guy and I am sure he will find a good woman to make him happy.

      • BEA says:

        I just hope it is NOT Jeana!

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          as long as it isnt Tampon

        • Dwight Schrute says:

          Ohhh, I remember a few seasons ago Jeanna saying Vicki better treat Donn better or she’d take him in. I don’t think Donn is interested in being the next Slade Smiley. He seems to still have feelings for Vicki and I don’t think he’d do that to her.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      That’s awful. I think Vicki expected Donn to come begging her to come back and prove his love. Just like she kept tellingher mom to tell Vicki that she loved her. No one will be able to fill Vicki’s love bucket. It’s a bottomless pit.

    • Nika says:

      I watched, and it makes Vickie look even worse! She filed thinking that would make Donn fall in and behave and he chucked up the dueces. She was crying because her plan didn’t work. Donn appeared hurt, not angry to me. I think Vickie was looking at Tampon’s (love this name) green (gay) grass and was wanting the same. I’m glad she took all the blame though.

      • jeepers1941 says:

        I like the name too, thats why I started calling her that, reminds me of something nasty that you throw in the trash after using it…….. 🙂

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    It is my hope that last night was the last time we had to see RHOC.
    Tamra, as usual, picked the wrong time and wrong place for her shrewish and slutty behavior. Vicki needed her support to get through her party and Tamra was going for her Teresa moment by serving (yes it can be mailed or served by a company hired by the law firm) her letter.
    None of these women are interesting or relevent or really nice looking anymore – they all need to go away.

  11. Kristy says:

    I was convinced that Jeana was in the wrong until i saw this episode, i really dislike Tamra but that limo ride with simon last year showed how awful he could be so I couldn’t be sure what was going on and thought Jeana should have kept her opinions to herself.

    HOWEVER seeing Tamra flat out lie about Jeana getting physical with her and that prompting her to throw a drink in her face was beyond telling.

    back to thoroughly disliking Tamra, thank god, it was very unsettling being on the otherside of that.

    • Alip says:

      That is exactly what I was thinking….

    • 7and7is says:

      Jeana has her own busy body issues but she is not a nasty ass like Tamra or Viks. Tamra thinks her 15 minutes will go on and on but after OC is over for good she will slither back under the rock from which she came as no one will be interested in her…not that anyone really is but we all kind of glance over at accidents when we pass them. For someone that comes off as a mess without self esteem(Jeana) she certainly more on the ball than those supposedly ” got it all together” wretches
      Their act has gotten old..unless any of them can bring something fresh and new to my TV I am over this show and you can find me over at TLC watching fancy Gypsy weddings…now THOSE are dresses!

  12. nic says:

    For once I agree with EVERY point you made (yea!). There are usually 1 or 2 I disagree with you on. I also agree about Jim pulling back. Some other househusbands (*ahem* Joey G, Micha, et al) could take a few lessons. The evolution of Slade (or de-evolution) is interesting to see from where he was S1 to now. He does need to man up and get a J-O-B. I’ve always liked Jeana and hate she accidently hit the other party goer with her drink- that would’ve been my luck too. I just don’t care about the other girls anymore. I miss the toned down Vicki of yore when she and Laurie were working out of her homeoffice. I even miss Jo a teeny tiny bit! Oh well. I can’t see this going another season, I really can’t!

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Alexis and Peggy – what was their “season” about? They were like kindergarten kittens fighting just to fight! Who fights over whose lips or boobs are bigger? What I really loved was finding out that Peggy had hooked up with Jim and he didn’t want Alexis to know about it! And on WWHL Alexis calls in with juicy info only to say Jim married her???

    • yayamagic says:

      LOL @ kindergarten kittens!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I agree with Alexis on this one – “I don’t care!!!”

      But she should never phone in again. I have no idea what her point was. She should also avoid the judgmental talking heads, because she’s so dim she mixes up her metaphors, and it makes my head ache to try and figure out what she’s saying.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Alexis is the type of person who drives me crazy in everyday life. While not everyone is succinct, she just rambles on and on and on- and never actually gets to the point. I just don’t have the patience for it.

        At least when Ramona puts her foot in her mouth, she does it swiftly in one sentence while Alexis keeps hammering nail upon nail into her own coffin. She gets lost in her own abyss of stupidity.

    • Stella says:

      I thought that Alexis is the one who told Andy that Jim & Peggy dated on WWHL when Bin Laden was killed and she was the only guest and Andy thought it was juicy, juicy gossip. Didn’t he say he would bring it up at the reunion? I was confused to hear that Peggy said that Jim didn’t tell Alexis cause she seemed to know about it before they taped the reunion.

  14. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Great blog Lynn! Alexis may have some personality issues but the one thing you can’t say is that she has ever tried to attack the other houseives verbally or physically. Granted her and Jim are a little nutty but she stands up for herself and her husband. Vickie, Tamra and Peggy are just terrible human beings who’ll tear anyone down. These three just relish in othe peoples misery. Tamra has zero class, Vickie is just selfish and needy, and Peggy is such a wanna be. Note to Peggy: stop with the plastic surgery and the 80’s rocker/ hooker gear. I loved how Gretchen put Tamra in her place. I’m over Andy Cohen. He’s obnoxious and rude and WWH lost it’s appeal a long time ago. Unless Bethanny is on I won’t bother watching.

  15. sally says:

    I love how last night Tamra tweeted at 6pm west coast time that she was going to bed and not blogging the episode. Then I noticed she shut down her comments on her facebook page. I think alot of ppl really realized the trash for what she is and I dont think she could take the heat. I hope the rumors about her not being asked back for next season are true. Peggy is just a complete waste of space. It’s time to get a cast that is actually married, have money, not in foreclosure, and are not straight from the trailer park. I miss what this show used to be. Dont think Im gonna watch the reunion, I may blow a gasket…lol

    • VAgirl says:

      Hopefully she realized she wasn’t going to come off looking good and will own it (but I doubt it).

      • sally says:

        nope, she replied on twitter to a follower that bravo didnt show jeanna pushing her…when everyone at that party said jeana never touched trampra….she’s trash and should be put out at the curb with the rest of it.

    • Powell says:

      You said it. The rumor is that NY housewives are all being replaced by really wealthy women and I hope they do the same for OC. OC was really boring this season and all they mostly did was argue or try to show one another up.

  16. Boat says:

    HAHA! I think they are all trashy. You killed me last week when you called Jeana classy! I think she is a nasty woman. Anyway, as far as Alexis and Jim having a happy marriage; I don’t agree with that at all. I think Jim is chauvinist. He is controlling. I totally agree that Slade needs to get a JOB! I’m tired of all his excuses. He can find a job, sure it might not pay as much as he has earned in the past, but that is to be expected in this economy. Heck, Slade, go back to school! That’s assuming he went to college in the first place.

    • VAgirl says:

      What evidence do you have that Alexis and Jim don’t have a happy marriage? I don’t know if they do or not, but she’s not complaining about it (like Tamra and Vicki did continuously in their talking heads before their divorces).

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Didn’t Alexis tell the girls in Texas that she was miserable and unhappy?

        • VAgirl says:

          I didn’t see that episode. The one that got away! I always thought she was pretty happy.

        • Powell says:

          She was saying that because she was fulfilling the role of being 2nd in her marriage, the wife and mother only. Never traveling for more than a weekend without her husband. She got a little taste of freedom last season and this season she wanted more. She and Jim talked and she started her clothing line, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the family.

    • Dawn says:

      Maybe not happy by your definition but it’s their marriage so their definition is the only one that counts!

    • kitkat says:

      The ones in the unhappy marriages got divorced, no?

  17. Trace says:

    Great Blog! I can’t stand Peggy either! I can’t believe that bitch has the nerve to say that it was Alexis who tweeted the question about her dress. Peggy is in her 40’s she needs to stop dressing like she is a 20 year old hooker. I don’t know who is worse, Jill or Peggy? I accepted the fact that Alexis is different, at least she doesn’t feed in to the two face ness and really does mean well. I just wish she would get help with her eating dis order. Shame on Jim for not addressing it.
    I did have a question though (Lynn or anyone please answer) In a previous blog you mentioned that Jill tweeted a question SOMETHING LIKE “Is Rosie Pope deaf? It’s hard to understand her” Then you were up set about it and mentioned it on the blog. My question is, What was wrong with that question? I wondered the same thing and later saw that many people were asking about her voice? It was hard to understand her. I think what Andy Cohen allowed to happen on WWHL was worse. That lady acting as if she was Rosie Pope and saying that her tongue had got stung 1000 times by bees. Also, did we ever find out why it’s hard to under stand Rosie?
    NO JILL, YOUR NOT OFF THE HOOK, I still can’t stand you and think your couture line is hideous. I wouldn’t wear it if you gave it to me for free. You looked like a clown on WWHL.
    Who did that picture of the RHNY, with Ramona bending over and saying “It’s turtle time”? That was funny! Good Job who ever it was.

  18. Trace says:

    LOL, Lynn you kill me. About Slade,
    “He truly has her back and that is nice to see. He really needs to get a job though.”

    • Powell says:

      I don’t understand why he all of a sudden has an aversion to being gainfully employed. The 1st season of OC he had a very successful business. Prior to starting the business I believe he was a model. He seemed to have like living off of women when Jo moved to LA to pursue a recording career, which was a laugh, and Bravo gave her her own show and Spade was also on it. Maybe he doesn’t want to pay his kids mom the back alimony. He said to Gretchen that the back alimony will always be high. He could pay it off if he really wanted to.

  19. Trace says:

    One thing I liked about Jim was, when they did that photo shoot for Alexis and while the alarms went off, the photographer was still trying to get shots while the hotel staff were standing near by (even if they weren’t) Jim said “Absolutely Not” I respected that. I wanted to ring the designers and photographers neck for that.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I didn’t watch last season, so my impressions of Jim are all from this season. I agree that he had so little screen time, he came off pretty benign – so it was a good move for him.

      Alexis makes my head ache with her stupidity.

      • yayamagic says:

        I agree that alexis should keep her brain in better condition but she doesn’t shut down people who tell her that she’s incorrect. She seems open to learning.

        • VAgirl says:

          Alexis is like Lynne Curtin. Neither is too smart, but they don’t try to destroy other people. They are pretty decent people. I really think Alexis believes all her religous rationalizations and doesn’t know better.

        • FLG says:

          Then send her over to my house for a weekend. I’ll even issue her a frame-able certificate after she completes my sensitivity training seminar.

  20. butterisafruit says:

    Kelly, on Regis, just said. Last night’s show was like a Rippa Thanksgiving.

  21. WindyCityWondering says:

    Do the men of OC really like to see women, even their wives, dressed like hoochie mamas? Even when these women are covering up – they leave hugh areas open for inspection! I don’t know but maybe if they would leave their boobs alone some of those dresses would look alright – Peggy’s dress last night was a not mess!

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      yes they do
      these women are trophies to these men,they like to show other men what they have

      the sick thing is the women are aware and encourage it

    • Powell says:

      I’m glad you pointed that out. I know the weather is really nice out there but I am so tired of seeing fake breast, hanging breast, tube tops, staples dresses and one shoulder dresses. Don’t they own bras?

  22. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    “Cyst and Deceased” letter. OMG LMAO

    • Di says:

      This was my favorite part of the show! Couldn’t stop laughing at the cyst & deceased letter. Now that Tamra is dating the non-lawyer owner of a law firm she knows that jeanna must cyst & deceased from speaking about her to the press. So smart.

  23. GrnWave03 says:

    I’ve seen a lot of ‘wine, or other drink’ throwing incidents prosecuted as assault. Someone asked Kara Keough why her mom didn’t press charges – her response:
    @CRS19 My mom’s BF wanted her to press charges… But she has a big heart and didn’t want to hurt Tamra. Even though it all screamed “setup” .

    …and from Jeana:

    isn’t a cease and desist letter supposed to be served by a neutral party ??? Is that something everyone brings to a backyard BBQ ??

    Tamra is low class. and a liar.
    Simon is smelling like a rose. He has the best interest of his kids. Not having them on the show while their mom is acting like a bitch and a whore on tv.. for them to see at a later date.. lying. way to be an example.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Tamra clearly went to the picnic planning to give the letter to Jeana and make a lot of drama. She was visibly upset and shaking by what Jeana had done to her, and wanted to tell her off.

      Was it a good choice? No.
      Did it make good TV? Yes.
      Could it be assault? Yes. But Peggy’s friend in the blue who shoved Jeana actually did assault her – and by then Jeana had thrown her drink.

      But you lost me on that last paragraph. Simon and Tamra clearly had issues in their marriage, and now they will have issues as they divorce. I’m sure Simon and Tamra both love the kids and have their best interests at heart. If Tamra explains to her kids that “mommy was acting on a show” – is she any worse than a soap star? How much of this is truly real anyway?

      • GrnWave03 says:

        the things she said about Simon on the show, you know her kids are going to see that.. and I’m talking when they are old enough to look this up on the internet. sure, she can claim it’s acting – but she was said to have wanted the kids shown on “mess”. he didn’t want them a part of it… to me he showed better judgment there. Same with Dina’s ex husband of NJHW – her preteen wanted to be on the show, but he didn’t sign papers allowing it. I think, given the way these shows are “over the top” that is in the best interest of the kids. These are portrayed as reality shows. can you imagine the crap given to these kids at school, etc?

        ….saw the pic of Jeana’s eye after the wine hit it. To me.. she should’ve pressed charges. Yeah, stay out of people’s marriages, etc. but when asked if a friend of yours assaulted his wife and you say “no comment”. Is that enough?
        eh well…

      • @tweatcyn says:

        Actually, even raising your arm at someone is considered assault. Making physical contact with an object, be it your fist or a drink or anything else is battery. So, Tamara was guilty of assault and batter with Jeana.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        nope not buying it Trampy goes on vacation w/o her kids to another country
        Simon would ave teaken them
        and she does it w/o his knowledge or approval
        she films a sex scene for all to see
        i guess she just assumes her kids wont be affected by that
        and i think the point the other poster was making Trampy showed herself to be a out and out liar
        if she lied about this how do we know anything she ever said about Simon wasnt a pack of lies as well

        he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Abusive to her thruout thier entire marriage and what does she call the police on him for supposedly throwing a live dog attached to a leash at her
        Yeah ok ill buy that for a dollar
        i guess the judge didnt buy it either as it was thrown out of court

    • Christine says:

      You are correct,GrnWave03. An assault, in its most basic definition is any unwanted or uninvited touch. So any type of pushing, throwing, etc. is technically an assault.
      IMO, Teresa assaulted Andy, Ashley assaulted Danielle, Tamra assaulted Jeana, and all of the Gorgas/Giudices assaulted a number of the Christening guests and family members.
      If I left anyone out who has used physical force to resolve their issues, I apologize, but it is hard to keep track of all of their “hands-on” approaches to problem solving.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        well if you believe the rumous Nene Chocked Kim

        but i guess that would be considered a Giant leap for humanity LOL

  24. housewifeaddict says:

    I think the most poignant scene from last night was Gretchen calmly explaining to Tamra how she felt, when Tamra said things about her in the press. We all know Gretchen has been dealing with law suits from Jay all year – and whether you like her or not – or believe her or not – it’s got to be difficult to be thrown under a bus by someone you barely know on national TV. Same thing for Tamra. I don’t like her – but it’s her marriage that has fallen apart – and Jeanna should have stayed out of it. Whether she “thinks” Tamra is lying or not – she doesn’t really know – and it’s up to a judge to decide.

    I hope all the HWs take it to heart a little and back off on the really nasty stuff. New HWs should study how Phaedra was interesting and provocative, without being an evil gossip. (I still smile when I think about her baby shower dance with Dwight). More Phaedras, Kandis and Cynthia Baileys – less Cindy Bs, Peggys, and relatives who know how to hit below the belt.

    • error404 says:

      Let’s not rewrite history here. I am no Kim Z fan by any stretch of the imagination, but let facts speak for themselves. Kim Z actually was a nurse, and Phae P was actually knocked up with a bun in the oven when she married. When Kim said Phae’s story about the doctor taking the pre-mature baby out months early didn’t make sense, which it didn’t because it was a bold faced lie, Miss Phae said the most awful things about Kim, saying the closest she ever came to being a nurse was wearing a nurse’s uniform on the stripper pole in a topless club. I seriously doubt a single one of us here would publicly accuse a nurse we knew of being a stripper, even if she was tacky like Kim. It’s just so low class, and so typical of Phae!

      And that is just one of many, many examples of Miss Parks “evil gossiping”. I have no idea when everyone’s eyes got wool pulled over them, but luckily there is tape to be replayed, and I for one will never forget all the awful things that PP said.

      • Eve says:

        Kim Z was an LPN not a registered nurse.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        but wasnt she a stripper at one time

        • Error404 says:

          I know Nene admitted to once being a pole dancer, but AFAIK neither Phaedra nor Kim have ever admitted to it.

          • FLG says:

            As recent events would suggest, both KZ & PP are pole squatters. No offense intended. LOL.

      • Powell says:

        You said it. That’s exactly what I said about Phaedra. She is the one that came up with such a ridiculous story about her due date and that the doctor said she could have her baby at 7 months as long as the lungs were developed. When the ladies asked her all she had to say was that she was doing well. She makes up outlandish lies because no one in her family has children out of wedlock. It’s 2011, not 1950. She is not a teenager, she has her own business and can take care of herself. No one cares if she was pregnant before she was married.

  25. Mel says:

    Looking forward to your blog on WWHL. Andy has lost any sense of objectivity. How could he not call out Peggy on any of her crap. That hockey player totally fed into it, too. I agree, Jim was smart not to film with this group. Peggy seems to have a crush/obsession with Jim…likely why Alexis and Jim distanced themselves from her. She seems to obsess over people- she is already “besties” with Tammy and slapping Eddie on the rear (in front of Micha). She is a cameleon. Vicki totally played up the drama- she tossed Donn out like yesterday’s garbage. The previews for the reunion look unbearable to watch…

    • katlg says:

      Did I miss the blog on NY- WWHL from last Thursday?
      I am sure Andy gave the finger to Sonja on the after show, what was that all about?

      • VAgirl says:

        That supposedly happened on the after show and it wasn’t blogged about, but it was mentioned on the blog. I didn’t see it myself, but Andy is a tool sometimes.

        • FLG says:

          I re-watched it several times, and I think it was unintentional. It appeared to me, that he had sticky fingers from eating one of the sweet rolls and was pointing at himself, while suggesting “all this for me”(the hand painted oven plus the homemade rolls)…..I’m paraphrasing, but I don’t think it was anything ill intentioned at all.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      i think the fact he wasnt drinking last night threw him for a loop

  26. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    Forgive me, did I miss something, when did Jeana become a backstabber, mean, hateful or anything else people have called her? What did she do to the other housewives that make people not like her?

    I thought she was the one who always took up for the one being bashed.
    She seemed nice and kind to all those around her. She wasn’t loud and crazy.

    I felt sorry for her when she ask Vickie for money and Vickie told the whole world on Bravo. It’s Vickie money she can do as she wants. Telling everbody is trailer trash.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I’ve always had a generally good impression of her as well – so I’m surprised – but I’ve only watched bits and pieces of past episodes. I remember one episode at a race track, where Tamra and Vickie and their hubs snubbed Gretchen and her brother, and Lynn and her hubs – even though they were all in the same luxury box. Jeana didn’t stick with the mean girls – she talked to everyone. I liked her immediately.

      She shouldn’t have talked to the press about Simon and Tamra’s marriage though. No comment would have been better.

    • NMhousewife says:

      I agree with you, I don’t think Jeanna deserves all hate. I remember her sticking up for Gretchen when Tamra was constantly talking trash, and I also think Jeanna recognized early on Tamra’s dramatics and T didn’t like her for that reason. Also when new castmembers came on, Jeanna was always welcoming and nonjudgemental whereas Tamra always was very catty with new people(unless they majorly sucked up to her like Peggy). I think it is not so much Jeanna is an enabled of men but Matt had brain issues and she was too much a caring person to just throw him out, he is father of her kids for pete’s sake. I think she hears these other women complain who actually had decent husbands and cared about them and had little patience for it, especially compared to what she was going through. I don’t think she went to the press, but just asked her opinion. We all know it is quite common for journalists to also twist things for a better story so I believe J over lying T any day.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I agree with you ladies.

        I think Jenna does have faults but they pale in comparison to the likes of some of those other women.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        she also was trying to keep Gretchen from getting super drunk at the party that Trampy & Vicky decided it would be fun and get her naked wasted and expose her as a whore
        they are such a terrific couple of women aint they


    • BEA says:

      I think there is clearly a lot we don’t know about Jeana and her relationship with the housewives. OK she asked Vicki if she could borrow money (and Vicki is right – you don’t lend friends money you do give it to them not expecting it back). I think if they were truly friends Vicki would have bailed Jeana out BUT then we don’t know what the money was for and maybe Vicki did.

      Jeana also took Franky to Lake Havesau a few seasons back knowing that Vicki did not like him and certainly didn’t want to spend her vacation time with him. Vicki invited Jeana and her family (along with Tamara and her family) to stay with them and even secured her neighbors home so that they would have enough room. Jeana decided she could not go without Franky and chose to stay in a horrible motel. Then Jena shows up at the appointed time for lunch on the lake and Vicki sees Franky (ambush by Jeana).

      Franky became friends with Jeana through e-mail. He was watching season one and became obsessed with being her friend. I think he became obsessed with being Jeana.

      Jeana has a nasty mouth on her as well. I heard several bleeps when she was leaving Vicki’s house and her gay BF smashing a wine glass on the driveway of Vicki’s home as he left – REALLY!

      Jeana immediately calls Simon to complain about Tamara. What was that going to accomplish – more name calling between Simon and Tamara.

      Jeana’s own marriage was a mess and her kids are a mess. Granted Kara seems bright enough and has moved on (living in Jackson FL with a ballplayer) but Jeana needs help.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      Why do you suppose she is so thick with Trampy

  27. AZ Girl says:

    Peggy really killed this show. She is just dumb and nasty. Her husband is rude too. Jim was smart to keep away from filming. He has enough problems in real time and does not need to have unwanted publicity right now. I still can’t get over that scene when Alexis cut off the sleeve of that dress. She is a piece of work.
    Vicki is going to grow old and lonely. It is really sad she dumped Donn. He was good to her and her kids.
    I give Tampra and Eddie 6 months and that relationship will end. Sooner if Bravo drops OC and Eddie loses his film time. I really think that is the only reason he is in a relationship with Tamara. He does not seem very sincere when Tamara is ragging on about her problems.

    Well OC is done. Bravo needs to give the show a decent burial and be done with it. Very interesting how Jeana and Vicki are now friends again. I wonder how will that play out with Trampy relationship with Vicki.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Eddie is clearly tired of having to listen to Tamra work through her issues with Simon. It would be wearing on anyone. Their relationship doesn’t seem real – – – it’s like they are acting on a soap opera. Could they have made an arrangement for him to get screen time, and for her to payback Simon by rubbing a new BF in his face??

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      if they renew it without a cast change im done

  28. ChiTownRocks says:

    Great recap here. Peggy is annoying as hell and wants to play high school games. I do not think that C&D letter is even legal. Last time I checked, letters like that had to be signed by a judge. I don’t think that asking for a person’s honest opinion is backstabbing.. depending on the question. From what I understand Jeana said in other media outlets, the only question that was asked, if she thought Simon had hit Tamra and she said no. That’s it, really a stupid thing to get up in arms about Tamra…I said it before and I’ll say it again. If Tamra is going to be acting like an ass then she needs to be ready to defend herself, not have her Mommy do it for her.

    • Di says:

      C&D letters don’t have to be signed by a judge. You may be thinking of a restraining order. A C&D letter usually comes from an attorney and is simply a warning to stop doing an allegedly illegal or harmful activity or a lawsuit will be filed.

      FYI nothing Jeanna said to the press was actionable, so Tamra was just pissed & trying to stir up drama.

      • ChiTownRocks says:

        Ah ok you are right I am probably thinking of the other, thanks for setting me right. 🙂

      • Dixie says:

        She wanted Jeanna to stop giving her opinion to the press, which in and of itself is not actionable. As long as Jeanna says it is her opinion it cannot be considered slander. I bet that C&D letter was written in crayon.

        • Di says:

          I know, right! It made me laugh all episode T was so proud of her cyst and deceased letter. Maybe her boyfriend Eddie “I’m not a lawyer, but I own a law firm” signed it.

          Now I don’t know anything about his law firm if it is in fact a law firm. I haven’t even googled it, but I have to say, I don’t know what Eddie is trying to pull since it is not legal in California for a non-lawyer to own or be a partial owner in a law firm. So it’s either NOT A LAW FIRM or an ILLEGALLY OWNED LAW FIRM. It seems to me (along with a lot of you here that have mentioned it) that Eddie is trying to get camera time. But for what? To advertise his illegal law firm? Crazy. All the peps who get on these HW shows with so many skeletons in their closets really surprise me with their stupidity. I wonder if the Guidicies, Curtains, Bellinos, etc have found the fame is more important that covering up their scams that they were successfully running in secret for so long? Sorry rant over.

          • Di says:

            Oops almost over. I forgot a third option if it is a legal law firm, and if Eddie is not a lawyer, then Eddie doesn’t own the firm. Maybe someone in Eddie’s family is a lawyer and owns the firm.

            • dsc60 says:

              i thought it was his father’s business but i didn’t realize it was a law firm and that Eddie is not a lawyer. that’s strange – i wonder what he does?

              • Di says:

                Me too. Maybe it’s his Dad’s and Tamra was just trying to make him look better? Is he an unemployed actor? Trying to get his dad’s law firm more publicity on tv? Not sure what’s going on here, but something is fishy to me

  29. V-NY says:

    “I Hate Jill Zarin &Tamra Barney, oh and that Peggy bitch too!” (Lynn)

    You are too funny Lynn!! I didn’t watch the entire season but only 3 episodes. It was difficult to try to watch these women on TV. I also missed out on all the prior seasons, so I would have been lost without the background information that is needed to connect the plot. From what I saw, I really didn’t like Peggy because she seemed very fake, and I don’t think she was approrpiately cast for the series. She didn’t stike me as the OC type. My only frame of reference for what is an OC type comes from the scripted verison of THE OC. I really miss that show. You know what…maybe Pegs did fit the cast- she reminded me of Julie Cooper Nicol, Melissa Cooper’s mother!! (that’s not a compliment). That was a great show; it’s unfortunate that it is no longer on the air.
    RHONJ tonight!!!!
    ttyl ciao

  30. Mel says:

    Did anyone else find it odd how Tamara consoled Vicki? Think about insurance, rub your breasts and other parts. ICK

    • HD says:

      LOL! Right. I know when I am upset my bestfriend rubbing my breasts always makes it better. Eye rollage.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I did see that, Tampon I truly believe is Bi. It doesn’t matter to her who it is, male or female, her mind is constantly in the gutter. She either has to make a vulgar comment or do a touchy feely thingy. She is just trashy Tampon, through and through.

  31. FLG says:

    Considering the cast members of all the Housewives series, Celebrity Rehab should be safe and on the air for a long time. Celebrity Rehab just needs to add fame whoredom to the list of treatable conditions.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I expect to see a few of them on CR after their shows are canceled. We know Danielle Staub is already talking to Dr. Drew.

    • Nancy says:

      What do you think of Dr Drew?
      Did you use to listen to “Love Line?

      • FLG says:

        I enjoyed Love Line. I thought that Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew played well off one another. In all honesty, I haven’t seen a complete episode of Celebrity Rehab. I have seen some lead in commercials.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      Lord knows it did wonders for Jeff Conway
      may he rip

      • Di says:

        In all fairness, Jeff Conway was going to do what he was going to do and there was absolutely no stopping him. I totally got that from watching him on Celebrity Rehab. I watch that show and I like it. It’s incredibly depressing, but I think I’m drawn to it because I dealt with a suicidal alcoholic mom. Addicts and alcoholics do not have a high recovery rate (I’ve heard 5%) because it’s incredibly difficult to convince the addict s/he has a problem, and then once you get over that hurdle it’s incredibly difficult to convince her/him to get help for the problem (because they’re so ashamed and using feels better). Once you get over those almost insurmountable hurdles then the addict needs treatment and to change every single thing about how they live their lives. Tough stuff. Anyone who is successful recovering (no matter how many tries) should be commended because most can’t. I don’t think Dr. Drew can be expected to cure addicts or alcoholics–treatment is a lifetime commitment that only the addict can chose every single day. I’m impressed with Dr. Drew. I think he knows his business, he’s got great credentials and he’s bringing awareness to a very shame-filled subject to attempt to release the stigma. I’m not saying he doesn’t like to see himself on tv though 😉

        • Di says:

          With all that said, I don’t believe in in-patient treatment for “love addicts” nor “fame addicts.” That’s just silly nonsense from tv producers to spice up a really depressing show imho.

        • Nancy says:

          Did your mom ever get sober? I’ve been in Recovery
          for 20 yrs now and work in the field. They say the odds of beating cancer is better than beating alcoholism.
          But it can be done. Sorry to hear about your mother. 😦

  32. SeoulSista says:

    Man, oh man, charm school is really in order for some of these ladies, particularly Tammy Faye Barney, but alas, in this economy, can we really afford to flush money down the toilet? Peggy needs to stop shopping at Streetwalkers R’ Us and like many of the women really needs to learn to focus on her own business instead of instigating problems with other people. Good lord, Jill Zarin is sorely in need of a hobby, and so is Ms. Tanous, perhaps something worthwhile for this meddling pair….like volunteering their time as speedbumps in a school zone…

    • FLG says:

      like volunteering their time as speedbumps in a school zone…
      Priceless. added bonus, once the silicone has oozed out of them the speed bumps become self-cleaning.

    • Dixie says:

      How about a show like the MTV show “Charm School” with some of the Real Housewives including most of the cast of OC, ATL and NJ and the Countess and Jill from NY. Maybe Andy could get Monique from the original show to host. I know it would be a black hole of tv, but I would watch it.

      • FLG says:

        I’d love Monique. They would have to be very careful with Countess SBHH, you know how she gets anywhere near a microphone……..

  33. FLG says:

    But please don’t put the Salahi’s on…….. There are cases of reality star famewhoredom that are not treatable.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Maybe Bravo can do a RH of Weirdos – the Salahis, Kelly, Alexis, Joey Gorga etc – it would be a franchise for the totally insane!

    • SeoulSista says:

      Agreed, and Michaelle’s boney tooky and Tariq’s fat arse caused people to lose their jobs…I don’t need to see more of that train wreck thank you very much.

  34. Mel says:

    Time to talk to Vicki (Peggy and T, too) about a retirement plan…this show is going to kill her. It has already caused her to bleed out of her butt and to get confused on where to apply the prep-H. Her daughter was Hilarious when she asked her about that! Might be time to bring on Orange County, the next generation with Brianna and Cara.

  35. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    “Might be time to bring on Orange County, the next generation with Brianna and Cara.” <–YES! I think it would be a huge hit! I've always loved both of those girls.

    • Mel says:

      They are funny and so level headed! Plus the bonus would be hearing their perspective on there parentals. OHHHHH- BUT WAIT! Scrap that idea! I would rather gouge my eyes out than have to watch anything on Ryan! (threw up a little)

      • VAgirl says:

        I think Kara is too smart to sign up for that. Maybe Brianna, too. I think Tammy’s (not Tamra’s) and Lynne’s kids would do it. Maybe even Lori’s oldest daughter. That would be a total disaster. Why did I even broach that concept!

        • Mel says:

          True…I guess it is time to start from scratch. Out with the old, in with the new. It is starting to feel like “Cougar Town”- all the empty nesters, divorced and hookin’ up. I am not sure I can watch Vic in the tub with some guy or making out as much as Tamara has been this season. Listening to Pegs talk about her younger man and seeing her posing for pics was a little much ,too.

        • FLG says:

          I’m not 100% sure, but I think Kara is living in Jacksonville, FL now, with a jock boyfriend. I think he plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I’m running on low memory this morning after last night’s episodes, so I haven’t done my usual fact checking. Please correct me if I am wrong. Jeebus Barbie just frazzles me.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Add Jeanna and Lynn Curtain’s girls and it would be a very interesting mix. Another demographic for Bravo to chase.

    • Kats2 says:

      Cara/Kara is sickening and following in the same footsteps as Mommy. Plastic surgery, get her hooks in a professional athlete and hang on for life. Playboy will happen soon and desperation to marry for money is a requirement. Hopefully she won’t end up with someone who hurts her.

      • VAgirl says:

        I don’t agree. Didn’t Cara/Kara get her degree? I know she’s now with a professional athelete, but I think she could take care of herself without a man.

        • Kats2 says:

          Of course she could, but she won’t. She is cut from the same cloth

          • vilzvet says:

            On twitter she said she just graduated from UCLA with honors so that is a good start.

            • sally says:

              karakeoughKara Keough

              Kara worked hard for what she’s accomplished….Can you say your child did this? This is what she is doing today.

              Kara’s Tweet
              Night everyone! Early AM workout then packing for California. Heading home to graduate Cum Laude from UCLA

              • Kats2 says:

                Yes plus I can say no child of mine would be running around getting plastic surgery for every life event or flaw as a way to make them feel better.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Huh? Jenna married a pr baseball player but still had her own career in real estate. I think at the top of her game and market she was making more money than Matt.

            • Kats2 says:

              After his accident she went to work. Jeanna has even talked about this in the past and how his family (baseball past) was a bit odd it was all about her ex marrying the right person and reproducing the kids to carry on the baseball tradition (all S1 stuff)

  36. FLG says:

    Yeah, the Ryan part would be a little hard to swallow. Ryan gets a job, Ryan loses a job,
    Ryan gets a tattoo, Ryan gets pulled over by the cops, Ryan…………….

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I hate Ryan.
      He seems like the type of guy who would put a roofie and some girls drink.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      Ryan is like Laurie’s boy (can’t remember his name). My heart went out to them both. Having to deal with a step dad who really didn’t give a crap about them and Moms that were too selfish to be a mom first and a cougar second. Saying things like they shouldn’t act out, shouldn’t rebel in anger, shouldn’t cope with drugs and alcohol isn’t considering what caused them to.

  37. Kats2 says:

    Hi Lynn and everyone! Love you Lynn but this is one blog I just don’t agree with. There are no winners, they are all losers and yes they all need to go away. Why point out anything remotely positive? they are all trash. There is no good vs. bad, it’s all evil.

    The following might not be popular opinion but it’s how I truly feel and after watching last night out of all the drama there was one thing that I just can’t let go.

    Taliban Jim as we used to call him in the day -Has not changed at all. He simply is broke and needs to support his wife and any money she can make from the religious zealous masses that might watch the show, buy into their BS and buy her crap.

    Taliban Jim’s personality or lack thereof is not good for business, so he is behind the scenes (for now). Plus his ego and controlling ways can’t handle it. It’s easy to shut his wife up; he does that all the time. But you can’t shut the viewers up and this loser can’t handle it. Taliban Jim has not changed and his slave/wife is doing the talking for him. Get a mashed up recap of all her talking heads this season and two things will stand out.
    1. Alexis is as dumb as dumb can be, but that is still no excuse
    2. Alexis is pushing Jim’s agenda. Of course all wrapped up in warped religious BS to try to make it OK. These are not good people. They have passed judgment on everyone.

    Love how it’s OK to have a gay person work for them and fill in at parties but it’s not OK for that same person to get married or have a family. But Vicki thought he was an odd guy and Alexis got all over Vicki about that. Vicki can’t have an opinion but Alexis can dam him to hell for wanting to have the same right as she has?

    Forget Tamara throwing a drink at Jeanna, forget Peggy or even Slade. Alexis’ little lecture on liberals “women these days” is what was cringe and barf worthy during this episode. She seems to have an issue with any female thinking or actually doing the same job as a man like “Women running for President”. You know who has a problem with this, is men who lack a backbone, need to be in control and feel threatened. Very Sick!

    Alexis dresses it up pretty and does a good job of cloaking these very damaging statements around religion, but the Bellino’s know what they’re doing and these big bold comments delivered as Fact is very disturbing to me.

    While Jill Zarin and other HW’s have done things on the show to other HW’s on the show that I find unforgivable and simply repulsive. The things coming from Alexis and Taliban Jim are offensive to everyone on and off the show. And is far more insulting to the viewers than anything I have EVER seen on a HW show.

    I hope I’m not the only person outraged over this.

    • HD says:

      I’m not outraged. It is so funny with this entire franchise only two women have ever really, really pissed me of in “real life”-Luann and Jill. Other than that, Alexis doesn’t bother me. Everything you said was truthful but she is a non factor to me. Go on and workout some more, get botox,wear your silly mini dresses, take your Victoria Sercet pics in a bed and sale them on your website all while toting your WWJD pin and King James coffee size Bible. She is unimportant. If she wants to cater to her husband, so be it. She is married to him, she has to deal with it. A lot of women do those things so that doesn’t bother me. Do I find it silly? Yes. Does it bother me? Nope.

      • VAgirl says:

        I agree with you 100%. I am not outraged by her in the least. She’s entitled to live her life how she wants. See my below comments.

    • FLG says:

      Well said. I agree. Turn it into a petition and I will gladly sign it.

      • FLG says:

        HD, I think it would bother you more if you were more directly affected by Taliban Jim and Jeebus Barbie’s religious/political viewpoints. Have you ever been denied housing based upon the fact that co-habitation by two males of legal age was against the law? I was. I could go on and on.

        • HD says:

          Honey, I’m Black and a woman. I’ve been denied a lot of stuff. In that I could go on and on and on as well.

          • FLG says:

            Well, I will humbly disagree with you then. I am outraged.

            • HD says:

              Understood. And think FLG, the way Alexis and Jim feel about gays and women do you REALLY think I believe they would have me sit at their table? Trust and believe I am certain about one thing, today it is one group and the next day it is another. I am well aware of that. She just not outrage me. Maybe its because I am used to that type of stuff. It is par for the course in my life and I have had outrage dealing with cobwebs until finally I decided the nest thing to do is address the spider. Alexis is just cobwebs. There are bigger spiders to fight in order to bring about true change in this world.

              • HD says:

                best not nest. Sorry.

                • FLG says:

                  Very good analogy, HD. I’m going after the spider, too. I do thank you for double checking me to make sure that Alexis isn’t my only focus.

              • DJ Loops Fruit says:

                I think they would be fine with you at their home at their table
                ect unless you were a black lesbian

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            Oooo child. Tell it HD!

            Call again when you’ve been denied entry in a place you wouldn’t be caught dead in. When denied a position you didn’t apply for. When a promotion was denied and given to another because of color or sex.

        • FLG says:

          co-habitation by two persons of the same gender, of legal age and not related by blood

        • VAgirl says:

          FLG. I believe you are justified in your indignation at some of the things Alexis and Jim stand for and no I have never faced the same discrimination you have and I’m truly sorry for that and hope that one day that type of discrimination will cease to exist. I would like to think that my energy would be better served in supporting those running for political office who can do something about it and supporting those organizations who want to put a stop to the kind of discrimination you are talking about than worrying about what Alexis and Jim Bellino think or believe. They will have to answer for that in due time and that is my belief. I love, love, love your posts to this blog and would never want to offend you in any way and I hope I haven’t. My hope is that one day people like the Bellinos will come to the realization that they are not correct in some of their beliefs. Friends?

          • FLG says:

            BFF’s. I assure you that this is not my only forum. I do direct my energies in ways that I hope will improve my community and my nation. I want this community to know that I find sexism and racism just as repugnant as I do homophobia.

            • VAgirl says:

              I was a federal equal employment specialist and a mediator for years and believe me, I’ve seen it all. There are some mean perverted hateful people out there from all of the races, sexes, colors, religions, national origins, ages, and even those with disabilities.

              • VAgirl says:

                And believe it or not, Sexual Orientation was not covered by the Federal EEO process and I don’t believe it is to this day unless it has been changed in the last couple of years. People could still file discrimination charges, but they couldn’t use sexual orientation. They could also file under another federal statute, but not EEO. Don’t know if non-federal sector EEO allows it or not. But the two processes are different and the Federal sector cases are more difficult to dismiss than the non-federal sector. OK, that’s my informational moment of the year.

          • Kats2 says:

            I agree, they just fuel the fire and it makes me sick Bravo give them a platform. I don’t know what Andy is thinking. Not sure there are any females who need a weekly reminder that people like them exist in this world.

          • Nancy says:

            Alex and Jim are no better than Teresa &
            Juicy Joe. Alex and Jim’s kids are going to be exactly like their parents which I feel is a form of child abuse. They make me sick.

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              they may not be anything like them My sisters kids are nothing like thier parents

    • Obsessed with RH says:

      I have to say I agree with this post. I think the problem is that Vicki and Tamra (more specifically) have bogarted the season with their antics that Alexis’ behavior has just been dismissed as less egregious. Statements like her little rant about liberal america are SO damaging and horrendous but I think everyone pays more attention to tamra, jeana, gretchen etc and what they’re doing. I was HORRIFIED when Jim slapped Alexis on the ass at the photo shoot and basically told her how to look like a porn star. He avoided being on the show this season to avoid people seeing him as he really is, aka, last season. He’s a chauvinist and Alexis dismissing his behavior as ok just because she came from his rib is absurd. So if he starts beating you Alexis is that ok as well since he’s the man and the final decision maker?

      • MAMAZ says:

        As a Christian I am offended by Jim and Alexis’ pontificating. I don’t think they are Christians at all or even truly belive the crap they spout. I think it’s their hook. It’s the only thing that sets them apart on the show. If they thought getting Alexis cast took being a Satanist they would have played that role instead.

      • viki55 says:

        All these men who marry these superficial vacuous trophy wives are the same type of men. It has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with power and control. It is just easier to call Jim out because of his beliefs but it has nothing to do with it. All these husbands are the same. Don was different but then again, Vicki wasn’t a trophy wife like the rest. These men and women are perfect for each other. And don’t think Eddie is any different.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I agree with you about Alexis and Jim.

      While there is nothing wrong with a woman who is content in her role as a wife and mother-and has the ability to not have to work outside the home if they choose (which is the life I have); I still want women to move forward with success and achievement.

      Alexis and her pig husband want to pretend like profession and/or educated women upset the apple cart.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      You forgot that Alexis was also ok dancing with the lesbian
      and the idea of helping her get pregnant

      • dsc60 says:

        i must have missed the “helping to get her pregnant” scene. i’m almost afraid to ask, but how in the world was Alexis going to do that?

    • CJAddictedNow says:

      Thank you!!! You expressed exactly what I felt! You are definitely not alone!

    • If you had it like this says:

      I totally agree with you Kats! Feel the same way only I’m not outraged I’m just flummoxed by her idiocy. She truly is an idiot. Read Richard Lawson’s recap.http://gawker.com/5808919 The part about Alexis made me laugh out loud for real!

  38. WindyCityWondering says:

    Alexis’ designer religion really bugs me more than the fact that a brain wasn’t included when she was created. Her husband made the correct choice of not filming with that pack of hyenas.

    • VAgirl says:

      Alexis’ designer reilgion does not bother me. She is only limiting herself by believing it. Nobody with an ounce of sense would take her seriously. I’ll bet even the people in her own church cringe when she spouts that religous mumbo jumbo. I think they make it up as they go along.

      • VAgirl says:

        Sorry religion.

      • FLG says:

        I can assure you the people in her church don’t cringe much as she spouts her mumbo jumbo. I know which church they attend. They are a wealthy bunch of “don’t confuse us with science” kind of congregation. Against stem cell research…yada, yada, yada.

        • FLG says:

          The minister there became quite publicly involved in the Terri Schiavo case in 2005.

          • VAgirl says:

            Thanks for the info. I don’t know anything about the church they attend.

            • MAMAZ says:

              I know far too many of these types of Christians. Their beliefs are not founded on the Bible as much as an interpretation of the Bible that supports their political views.

              • FLG says:

                And that is what feeds their feeling of “moral superiority”. Just like the housewives egos feed their feelings of superiority.

                • Nancy says:

                  You know what I don’t get is that most Christians are republicans. Doesn’t exactly make sense.

                  • DJ Loops Fruit says:

                    oh it makes perfect sense to me as most born agains and republicans are hatefilled loons

                    • ChiTownRocks says:

                      Well, I hate to burst someone’s bubble, but I’m a Christian and a Republican
                      and I don’t think I’m a hate-filled loon

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          and dont they believe the earth is only 4,000 years old and that dino’s helped the farmers pull wagons LOL

    • VAgirl says:

      O. M. G. I have no words (heavy sigh).

      • Jezzibel says:

        I’m sure Betheny has learned the error of her ways, by Kelly posing for playboy….adios lunatic!!

        • VAgirl says:

          Yeah, those bulliers sure learned their lesson!

          • MAMAZ says:

            She wanted to teach her daughters about good body image.
            Me too, guess I’ve been going about it all wrong. For instance I urge my daughter and son both to eat more than 700 calories a day! And to eat healthy foods that will fuel their bodies.
            Now I find out all I had to do was pose naked.

            • VAgirl says:

              And I taught mine not to eat jelly beans all day and to have good hygiene and not to walk around with their lady parts hanging out. Gosh, I could just kick myself.

            • FLG says:

              OMG, This is the same Kelly that cringes and runs anytime the subject of sexuality comes up? Press the call button: Nurse, patient in room 503 needs her meds again.

              • MAMAZ says:

                I’m sure she tells her daughters that their bodies are beautiful except for their HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, VAGINAS!

                • FLG says:

                  Sometimes I’m happy to be only half-American. I wasn’t raised with that type of body self-hatred. It didn’t prepare me well for the puritanical views I’ve encountered, but it did prepare me not to accept them as the only viewpoint.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Is she forgetting that she posed for those pictures years ago?

              How does it promote a good body image when you used old photo’s of the body you HAD instead of the body you HAVE.

              Is Kelly really an evil genius? She is a master of saying things that are so ridiculous they make an impression.

    • Error404 says:

      She’s been saying from day 1 that PB asked her to pose at 40, but we all know Gilles took the pics before she had her kids. I really do suspect he sold them to PB without her consent, and since he owns the rights, she had no other choice but to spin it as some pseudo feminist choice instead of what it reall is, a powerless woman being humiliated by her bastard ex. Kiki just makes me sad, she’s pathetic really.

      • FLG says:

        as another poster has previously said “nail, meet hammer”

      • Kats2 says:

        I’m sure Kelly is a kept woman who Giles basically has hired to keep close as she watches the kids. They do live in the same building and we know the 2 months editing Elle Accessories and the feather jewelry is not paying the rent.

    • Kats2 says:

      So last year is this all she still has to talk about?

    • California35 says:

      As HD would say – Child Please 😛

      Sorry HD for using this 🙂 But I was like what the…?

  39. Mimisfbay says:

    I was all set to give my opinion and after seeing the Donn video and Vicki’s comments I am beyond sickened. Vicki’s behavior toward Donn has been mean and dismissive for years. What is up with these people? Send a process server to the man’s office? Not a discussion? Is she for real? Crying and sobbing about how hurt she is and that is how she advised him of her decision to divorce. What kind of person does that?

    Well, when Gretchen and Slade are the sane ones you know you are ready for HW Intervention. I really must get a life!

    I, too, liked Jeana and find it hard to believe that she is guilty of much except maybe exposing T’s character. The way her husband and sons treated her makes me wonder about the Simon lovefest. Simon was controlling and abusive. Now, perhaps, we are seeing the extreme behavior of Tamra but why and when did he and Jeana become such close friends? Isn’t the newspaper a local rag in OC? It’s like being exposed in the San Mateo Times or any county free paper. Jeana inserting herself into this situation is curious indeed.

    Love the idea of Dr Drew treating all of these people on Celebrity Rehab, thanks FLG.

    I also liked Sandra Bernhart’s idea of dropping them into post tornado areas to have them clean up and help people who have really lost everything. Let’s see these idiots do something good for a change. Maybe Peggy could drive there in her Bentley. Ugh.

    On my guide it said that Vicki was supposed to be the guest on WWHL. Anyone else notice that? I think Peggy and whatzhisname were last minute change out? Groan what a mess that show was.

    • Songbird80 says:

      Vicki was listed as the guest on my guide too…
      I really liked sandy b’s idea to send them to Joplin as well! I found her to be hilarious on wwhl. Sonja (im a fan of ms morgan) lost points for not even knowing what she was referencing…Do you think the other housewives are as clueless? 😉

      • VAgirl says:

        Yes, I believe that some of them are so self-absorbed that they do not check news sources about what’s going on in the world.

        • Songbird80 says:

          To whom much is given, much is expected. You are right vagirl, they are self absorbed. I think yesterday was my last day as rhw watcher. I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts as a lurker. I will still read this blog but I can’t stand these women anymore! And worst, I get a dirty feeling just watching it!

    • FLG says:

      I’ve been through a lot of hurricanes down here in South Florida and was living on a sailboat for more than a few of them. I cannot imagine how any of the housewives would cope with the aftermath of a serious storm. We’ve been without running water and electricity for weeks at a time. Bentleys aren’t very handy when the traffic lights don’t work……..I can’t imagine any of them except maybe Bethenny and Alex being capable of operating a hand crank can opener.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I think both Ramona and Sonja could rise to the occasion.

        • FLG says:

          Thank you Mamaz, you are right. Apologies to Ramona and Sonja. I should have included them from the start!

          • FLG says:

            Plus, with Ramona and Bethenny supplying libations, we could all have a faabulous post hurricane party while waiting for the utilities to be restored. Hubs and I would be willing to do the cooking. Bethenny could relax a little and cook if she wanted to, but it wouldn’t be a requirement. Mario, Jason and Bryn would be a nice addition and Bryn could be well cared for if Jason and Bethenny wanted to take a nice couple’s only walk along the beach.

            • VAgirl says:

              FLG you are so fun. You always want to make the best out of bad circumstances. I like your attitude! Party on.

            • MAMAZ says:

              You make the aftermath of a storm sound fun, lol.
              JZ would insist that Bawbby charter a helicopter to get her out. Kelly would pretend the storm never happened and tell everyone to stop being so negative.
              Cindy would panic because without electricity she can’t heat her wax and without her wax she’s gonna start sprouting fur. She’ll be so uncomfortable and itchy in the heat that she will go without panties. Kelly will catch a glimspe of Cindy’s now less spangled vajayjay and FREAK.

              • VAgirl says:


              • FLG says:

                ROFLMAO, yes indeedy, I think you have that scenario completely spot on. Unless Clarabelle was willing to lend Kelly her blinders.

              • VAgirl says:

                And LuLu would provide the entertainment with her No. 1 hit and make sure protocol for an after hurricane party is followed to a “T.”

                • Songbird80 says:

                  You are all
                  Much more entertaining than any of the shows! I can’t imagine the countess now without thinking of the clap clap, class with the countess that runs on wwhl.

                • FLG says:

                  Oh NO SHE WOULDN’T!
                  I have to draw a line in the sand somewhere….LuAnn ain’t invited and if she shows up she’s gonna get Jill’s Scary Island reception.

                  • Nancy says:

                    I was just think about what LuMan would do but you answered it for me. She ain’t invited!

                  • Okie Folkie says:

                    Aaahhhh, C’mon, now, FLG! WHY caint we have Luman outside with your dogs, just like at the Dinner Party with Death by Chocolate Cake that was sooooo yummy?!?!?
                    I wanna see her on her hands-n-knees chewing on what ever we toss her way!

                    I STILL want me somma that Cheesecake!
                    I think I’m gonna make a Red Velvet Cake.

                    You & everyone here would be so much fun in any post-disaster. Just do NOT allow Luman to sing.

                    • FLG says:

                      I’m afraid there would be a post disaster, disaster! She’d say Daaaarling once and I would lose it.

    • California35 says:

      Oh! I am glad you mentioned that about Vicky on WWHL…My listing said Vecky was the guest…instead I got Peggy.

  40. Tanira Porter says:

    Tamara is pure trash! She is an old, wrinkled, scrunch faced,broom haired joke. Simon should sue for full custody of their children. Simon through a dog leash and she got a restraining order?? Well, Jenna should sue and get a restraining order!! Just because someone is annoying-does’nt mean that you can throw a drink in their face, throw paper at them and invade their personal space you old-ass lady!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just as immature,ignorant and, ugly as the rest! This is great vindication for Gretchen-you put her through the same nonsense and it has returned to its evil corpse-like owner!!

  41. Tanira Porter says:

    And Peggy is the most subtle of the bunch yet she is still an immature hag! What is with these wrinkled plastic surgery gone wrong looking women?? I mean my goodness-I was almost afraid to watch the show when they do close ups!! Does no one else see the deathly looks they have or is everyone just brainwashed?? I’m sure everyone’s husband is cheating, especially the younger men! The stretched skin and veins and plastic parts and thin yellow gray hair-iiiiccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk! Get serious

  42. Eve says:

    I have always thought was gay. He hangs all over T like he is trying to prove his manliness.
    Did anyone notice T said that letter was from the Judge Law Firm. No surprise that she is getting representation from them probably for free. She is a user.
    Peggy is like the NY Cindy. I just want her to go away.
    I like it that Jim opted out of the filming. Good for him not being a phony.
    The girl in the blue dress put herself into that argument. She should have stayed away and I think she assaulted J.

    T really showed her true colors. She is a low class person and a total liar.

    Peggy on WWHL was a total waste of time. I think they planned for Vicki and she probably canceled.

  43. quincyil says:

    I fell asleep while waiting for OC again. I just sit down and start watching that show. then immediately go to sleep. We need to bottle this and sell it to people with insomnia.

  44. Katiecoo says:

    I have to say Lynn you and I are on the same page here with your synopsis. As much as Jim and Alexis’ marriage wouldn’t be for ME I have to admire him for stepping back from this ridiculousness yet still supporting his wife being involved. I do wonder how he felt though seeing her “wild” behavior in Texas and how she was bustin out all over even with a lesbian (which I’m sure he had his little non Christian fantasies over).

    Anyhoo, I too can’t stand the vapid Peggy. There is something just so odd about her face to me that I can barely look at it–like she’s the ghost of Dorian Gray or something–she looks like someone who’s WAY older than she says but who’s hiding behind all of this plastic surgery–I think she looks about 45 years old if not older. And the way her lips don’t move when she smiles–it actually looks painfl to me. I don’t wanna kick someone who might be in the throws of post partum depression but I just can’t stand that bitch. She’s way out of her league here and there’s just nothing likable or genuine about her–one thing as much as a nasty whatever Tamra is, she’s GENUINE in her trashiness–am I making sense?

    Anyway, yeah they need to stick a fork in this show. They’re all nauseating in some form or another, including the men with the exception of Donn who I’m definitely looking forward to seeing on the reunion. Awesome he got away from Vicki and I hope he got a damn good settlement–he deserves it for putting up with her abuse all those years!

    • vilzvet says:

      At this point the people who are no longer on the show are the ones I want to see: Lauri Peterson, Jeana and her kids, now Donn, heck even Tammy, but definitely NOT Quinn the Snow Queen, she was wacked.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I thought the same thing about Jim supporting his wifes involvement on the show until somebody upthread suggested they needed the income. Now I’m thinking maybe he is making her do the show. Which might explain why she was so upset at Peggy’s dinner party.
      I am too easily influenced!

    • FLG says:

      I don’t think Peggy was really in postpartum depression. I think she was in a- this mortgage is in my name only I need a ten year interest only loan modification- depression. Either way it’s horrible. I don’t want to kick her when she’s down, either. This economy is destroying families and individuals right and left.

      • Mimisfbay says:

        Awwww, please tell me you are joking about her. This isn’t some hardworking middle class American who made a terrible mistake. She and that creepy husband with 8 businesses are in trouble. They have purchased Bentley’s and who knows what? If the mortgage was only in her name…hmmmm. Still not enough to elicit pity. There was some sleezy reason for that and we will never know. We may be suffering in these economic times but it seems whenever we lift a rock in the gardens of the HW’s and hubbies, many ooey gooey disgusting worms crawl out. Teresa, Dina, the list goes on.

  45. PJ says:

    I have a question about these Bravo incidents where violence is involved. How do these people manage to avoid prosecution? The wine thrown in the eye is a classic example as well as the shove in the back. If a normal person threw wine into another person’s eye or shoved them from behind like that, I think police would be called and perhaps charged filed. How do these people get away with violence? Wouldn’t you think Simon could take footage of Tammy Sue in action and use it in court to show to the judge who determines fitness for custody? I find it difficult to believe anything Tammy Sue says as she outright lied on camera about Jenna shoving her, and to lie about something caught on camera like that is really strange.

    • MAMAZ says:

      If I had to guess I would say Bravo STRONGLY discourages any legal action. Danielle Staub pressed charges and was dropped from the show.

      • Di says:

        Hey PJ, Here’s my 2 cents on your questions. I think Mamaz is right. I would assume their employment contract has a clause that releases Bravo, the production company and other “co-workers” from liability. It may also contain language that allows Bravo to release a HW from employment if she pursues legal action. The HW’s are signing up for a reality show, which along with other reality shows (i.e., Bad Girls Club) includes assault and battery in normal course of filming activities. The way I look at these types of shows is as the new wrestling–most of it is fake, but sometimes people can still get hurt.

        Everyone who’s filmed on these shows has to sign a release of liability, stating that they know what the inherent dangers of participating in the show are, and that they consent to them. This is not to say Jeana couldn’t pursue 1) Tamra for throwing the papers & wine for assault and battery; and/or 2) Peggy’s friend who pushed her from behind for battery. The problem is she may not be successful because of the signed release and knowing the inherent dangers of the activity that she consented to. A judge would have to find the incident(s) was/were outside of that “normal” activity for the show.

        As for this tape being useful for Simon to show who Tamra is for the custody battle PJ, I think a judge would probably not admit it as evidence since it’s a tv show and arguably not “reality”, but you never know. I think it depends how good his lawyer is, and whether he can overcome the objections based on hearsay, relevance and prejudice for allowing the tape into evidence.

        Glad I got that law degree, so useful with the HWs 🙂

        • PJ says:

          I think it’s sending a really bad message to viewers that violence is ok. Jenna is no longer a regular on this show so couldn’t an argument be made that the person who shoved her should be held accountable for their actions? As Jenna is no longer part of the show and has no worries of being let go I would think that she is free to file a complaint against Tammy Sue as well.

          But at any rate it seems to me that an unsafe work environment has been created one in which a waiver is not providing protection for innocent parties. One of these days someone could take this violence over the top to a point of no return as no action seems to be taken against those initiating violence. In fact they seem to be rewarded by being allowed to stay on the show. Top Chef has a zero tolerance for physical violence against cast mates, if you remember that the person who got physical with Marcel was immediately sent home. Doesn’t Bravo have any ethical or legal responsibility to ensure the safety of those participating in this show? I think they do, and I think that point could be made in court. For the most part people can’t sign their rights away and I would think that a person cannot sign away the right to have their safety protected. There has to be a reasonable assumption or expectation that a person will be safe in their work environment.

          I would love to hear your opinion on this. It’s always good to use your expensive education.

          • Di says:

            I hear ya PJ. I agree that is definitely sends a bad message to everyone. I don’t think there’s anything that would stop Jeanna from filing a police report to try to pursue criminal charges and/or suing civilly. (A full-time HW may not want to risk losing job) I just think it would get tossed out or she’d lose based on signing the waiver. I think someone is going to have to get really hurt on one of these shows for things to change. Remember the Jenny Jones case? That changed the direction of talk shows, but I digress.

            Waivers like these are for reckless activities, and by signing them you are signing away some rights. It’s like signing a waiver to play rugby, or go skydiving. People are allowed to participate in dangerous activities, they’re just not entitled to compensation (sue a person/company civilly) from the other participants or the company owner if they get their ear ripped off playing rugby or break their leg or die from skydiving. As far as criminal charges, waivers cannot be signed to avoid criminal charges, but you have to prove specific intent.

            The thing that’s a little muddy in my opinion has to do with the intent of the incident. See I think many of the viewers saw Tamra intended to scare and hit Jeanna with the papers and the wine, which is a crime (not able to waive by contract) because it wasn’t an accident or even reckless. However, Tamra’s easy defense is there was no specific intent to scare or hit or harm Jeanna– they were just doing a scene–everyone knows there’s drink-throwing and pushing and shoving in the HW shows (plenty of footage) and Jeanna signed up for it. These shows are loosely scripted, so it’s not like it has to be written down that T throws her drink for her to use this defense.

            It’s not black and white; it’s arguable, but TV shows have a lot of lawyers and firepower to make and enforce their contracts.

            • Di says:

              On a side-note have you (or anyone) seen Bad Girls Club? I caught some of those episodes this season and omg, I don’t know how any of those girls got outta there alive! Now that is a show I am amazed is still on the air. It reminds me of the prison shows–lots of talk about respect, hazing new people, nightly all out physical battles. If you think the HW are bad those girls are INSANE. On that show pushing, throwing things are all allowed; security doesn’t break them up until a few punches are thrown or hair is ripped out. Then they take the girls to a hotel for a cool down and bring them back to the house the next day! Oh and that Real World/Road Rules Challenge show has gotten seriously physical too. One cast member is an animal who keeps viciously attacking other cast members, and they keep bringing him back in new seasons.

              The difference with Top Chef is those contestants are actually still there to cook. We’ll see how many seasons until they’re expected to “brawl” for the Top Chef title. It wouldn’t surprise me LOL!

              • PJ says:

                I haven’t seen any of the shows you mention. HW is over the top enough for me, and I don’t watch most of the franchises.

                LOL. I really like Top Chef but if they have to punch their way to a win I think that will be it for me.

                My daughter was a victim of a very violent and brutal crime and I really can’t tolerate the violence. Something like throwing a drink in a person’s face can escalate into something much worse. These shows showing it as something acceptable is just wrong, and by keeping people that do these things on the shows they are showing it as something acceptable. That’s my two cents worth anyway.

                • Di says:

                  PJ, I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to your daughter. That’s awful she had to experience such violence. I hope she’s ok.

                  I completely agree with your 2 cents. I think showing all of the violence desensitizes people and it can definitely influences kids who aren’t old enough to know better or adults that should but don’t.

                  • PJ says:

                    She is going to be ok but it takes time. She moved back home after the crime happened and it really helped her in recovering emotionally, she needed her family. But I think damage is done that can’t ever be undone. There is so much I would like to say but can’t say about this as it would be covered by all the national news media if it got out and my daughter wants it kept private for her own sake and safety.

                    • Di says:

                      sending your daughter and your whole family strength to overcome this terrible ordeal.

                    • PJ says:

                      Thank you.

                    • Stella says:

                      I hope you don’t mind me butting into your conversation but I am so sorry to read what happened to your daughter and I hope that you guys as a family will be okay.

                    • PJ says:

                      That’s so kind, thank you.

                    • Mookies1mom says:

                      I’m so sorry for what your daughter has been through. Sounds like she has a good support system with you. I hope she is able to find some peace.

              • Stella says:

                I admit that I’ve watched some seasons of Bad Girls Club (I just could not turn away) and this season is the first one that I am aware of that if you punch a cast mate they take you to a hotel to cool off. Before they’d get kicked out but the house had the opportunity to vote to keep them in the house.

              • lovemamaearth says:

                Yes Bad Girls is a lot like a Jerry Springer show on booze.

                And Jenny Jones probably had a clause banning assault charges and someone ended up commmiting suicide. Permitting and even rewarding violence is asinine.

            • PJ says:

              I was thinking about the Jenny Jones Talk Show case too. I never thought there was really that much merit in that case but it did go to trial. As you said it has changed the direction of talk shows.

              I think the point that it is partially scripted is a good one. If these kinds of actions are real they are inexcusable, however if there is some scripting then they are acting and that is a defense.

              It’s an interesting discussion. I do think that the fact that physical violence is tolerated is like playing with fire. But you are correct it’s going to take more than this for anything drastic to be done.

              • Di says:

                Definitely interesting! You’ve made really good points, and I think you were right about the JJ case. Hopefully the public will get sick of this violence on reality tv before someone is seriously injured or worse.

  46. Zarout! says:

    I am obviously in the minority bigtime here, but I don’t see what Peggy ever did to be hated so much. I didn’t watch every single episode (I think I only missed the last 1 or 2 before last night’s), but from what I did see, it did seem like Alexis was trying to one-up Peggy all the time. Alexis doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. I actually felt bad for her when she called in on WWHL last night. I thought Peggy played it cool & kept a level head while Alexis was going on and on about God knows what.
    Maybe I missed something…Is Peggy a total snoozefest? Yes. Is she the best looking woman of the bunch? Certainly not. Should she have approached Jeanna about what was going on with Tamra? No. But I don’t think any of those things are really that horrible. The other women have done much worse IMO. And as for her kissing Vicki’s butt in the beginning, I don’t think that was so horrible either. Anyone who has watched the show knows Vicki is a total biatch to newbies. Maybe Peggy just wanted to avoid being Vicki’s punching bag. I don’t know… I guess I just didn’t see the vileness so many others seem to have witnessed.

    • Zarout! says:

      Uh oh, does that make me a Jeanna??? LOL!

    • VAgirl says:

      I don’t like her or hate her. She is a nonentity to me.

      • Zarout! says:

        That’s a great way to describe my feelings as well. She’s almost completely irrelevant.

    • Error404 says:

      I don’t watch RHOC but I do watch RHNY and from what I’ve read here, Peggy and Cindy are very alike.

      Neither have really done anything truly awful, but dislike seems to hinge onto things:
      1. We’ve all at one time or other have gotten a job thru a friend, and usually we don’t repay that friend by immediately siding with others in the office and constantly slagging off our friend to the others. If Ramona and Alexis feel used, they have every right IMO. What Peggy and Cindy are doing is pretty awful, and a best tacky.
      2. They’re just annoying. All of cindy’s drama is just so stupid and idiotic its hate-worthy in it’s own right because you just can’t believe someone so dull and childish is wasting your viewing time with such petty nonsense. In a way the truly evilness like Jill are better just because they make for better tv.

  47. Kats2 says:

    Don’t we think the whole last party “perfect storm” with all the former HW’s back for the party was a bit planned? Still each HW is responsible in the part they play, but the drama is escalated for the viewers, right? I mean if they all showed up and hugged it out Andy and Bravo couldn’t exploit the bad behavior or get ratings. These untrained actors know exactly what they’re doing and what’s expected of them and this is the oldest franchise so they are totally not new at this game.

    • VAgirl says:

      Of course it was planned up to a point. They need their paychecks, but alas, I hope their paychecks are a thing of the past and they all ride off into the sunset and I never have to see them again.

    • Di says:

      Great point Kat! I think you’re right they all had to bring their own drama and that’s why Tamra brought her worthless c&d letter and maybe, just maybe why Vicki filed her divorce papers when she did?? Or am I being too cynical? I just thought it was telling that Vicki had to redirect everyone’s attention and pity back to her after Tamra stole it for a couple minutes.

  48. lovemamaearth says:

    Tamra said it herself, she’s a truck driver with tits. An insult to truck drivers. I’ll give the benefit of divorcing crazies but she was a much better person with Simon than she is now. I doubt he hit her, but he did sure control her. And all for the good. Ryan has acted out what he saw his mom do before the simon years imo.

    Peggy is a miniTamra&Vickiwannabee. I think she’s afraid of losing her younger hubby to someone Alexis’ age. Michah was classless at the party where he called the guest a mini Jim. And he’s with petty Peggy.

    Gretchen treats Slade like a second class citizen. She’s right about Karma coming back on Tamra. She needs to stop with the tubbawubba insults.

    Slade needs to quit working for Gretchen. Let her pay someone so she realizes the value (not bedroom payback).

    Alexis. She’s pretty naïve and seems to want to hide her head in a religious ostrich hole.

    Vicki. She wanted her every need filled by Donn but wasn’t willing to fill his love bucket. What does she expect from a guy she treats like Walterpoo? I’m glad she encouraged Brianna to call him back but I suspect it was just to keep tabs on him. I’m sorry for her pain but again, karma is a bitch. You get back what you put out.

    Jeana must regret getting involved with the queens of backstabbing again. Kudos to her keeping her cool as much as she did. Tamra’s spin on the events was just the opposite of what happened. She should have kept out of Simon’s stuff tho. I hope Simon appears on the reunion and plays some voice messages and reads some texts from truckin’ Tam. I doubt that Jeana was misquoted much tho. And what “racial slur” could Eddie yell? Maybe she meant bigoted?

    I’d love to know how much they pay the newcomers who don’t pan out like Feranda. She must be thanking her lucky stars for having minimal embarrassment from this fiasco of a season. Shame on Andy and Bravo for all of it.

    And another good blog, Q, L & B.

    • VAgirl says:

      Agree with everything you said except the first paragraph. Tamra was a much better “acting” person when she was with Simon, vice much better person. She’s always been how she is now.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I agree that Tamra was no angel, but she wasnt a crazy hate filled person. Now she has zero manners and I think it may be a backlash from Simon’s control.

        It would be interesting to hear from someone who knew her before Simon. He did seem super controlling and critical of her.

    • sally says:

      I think they planned on using Fernanda for a Tamra storyline, but it didnt pan out..without a husband and no kids on the show what is her relevance to it? Bring in gay for pay boyfriend Eddie…watch, they will be “breaking up” soon

      • Sod says:

        I really liked Fernanda. Except that her whole connection to the HWs was making out with Tamra. There was nowhere to go.

  49. VAgirl says:

    TOTALLY OT. OK all you dog lovers/experts. My daughter is going to Bonaroo this weekend and I have her dog this week – a large female lab mix. My two dogs are small mixed breed males. They all pee and poop together, play together, lay together, but no eating together as the lab mix has some food agression issues (probably because she’s an only dog) and has even pinned one of my little ones who came near her while she was chewing a rawhide. How should I address this? It’s only for a week and I can feed them separately and make sure there are no rawhides allowed. Or is this something that can be easily fixed? Never dealt with it before.

    • California35 says:

      Hi – I had a similar problem but in my case my dog was the “only dog”. When we had other dogs over, she was very protective of me and her food. They got along and even played fine, but the food was an issue. Since the one with the problem was MY dog, I was able try to teach her and even repriment her for it. I don’t know what I would do if it was the other way around, but the way I did it is by stoping her as soon as she tried to snap, or I would take her out of the area where the others were eating. Again, this is because the one causing the problem was my dog, and I understand that you want your daughter’s dog to feel welcome. How about just separate them when they are going to eat?

      Good luck…. 🙂

      • Nancy says:

        My cats are way higher on the “pecking order pole” so they rule my dog. Cats eat the dog food the dog eats the cat food. No joke.
        Would you like to borrow them for the week as they don’t tolerate any &$%@ coming from a dog! 🙂

      • vilzvet says:

        Yes even feed the guest dog in a separate room behind closed doors.

      • VAgirl says:


        • Dawn says:

          My dog grabbed my daughter’s dog by the neck as they fought over a paper towel that must have smelled of food. The large dog shook her like small prety. The small dog required stitches in her neck as a result. I wouldn’t let any food enter the equation (especially treats) while they are all together.

  50. Huey says:

    I still don’t like Slimey, and never will. They say they’re madly in love but I swear I don’t buy that.

  51. @tweatcyn says:

    Great Blog. So glad I didn’t waste my evening watching and getting mad also. I can’t stand Peggy, Vicki or Tamra. Oof!

    I have a new blog post on tweattwaddle. Exerpts from Kelly Bensimon’s new ode to the Jelly Bean: The JellyBean Book. Be sure to read the photo captions.


  52. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    I’m not making excuses for Alexis
    She can’t verbalize
    It’s hard for her to express with worlds what she wants to say
    It’s hard for her to even have a conversation with her husband
    Throw in stupid and …..it’s not good
    She needs to find help with this
    Maybe if she would eat a little more
    That would give her brain more energy

    • Sod says:

      Well after putting that pumpkin colored dress on, she said no food was going in that body. I doubt much food goes in there anyway. She talked about having an eating disorder and that it stuck with her. Maybe she should get some help.

  53. ClevelandGuy says:

    I’m a 30 something straight guy that loves these Housewife shows. Not sure why, it must fulfill some “drama” part of my soul that I don’t get in real life. Whatever the case, your description of this season, the finale and the Cohen After-show is absolutely spot-on. Tamra Barney is perhaps the most disgusting person I’ve ever seen on reality TV. Simon was no peach, but he is WAY better off not being married to that ho-bag!

    • VAgirl says:

      Hey, Cleveland Guy.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Hi Cleveland guy.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      East or West side?

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Welcome ClevelandGuy!

      • ClevelandGuy says:

        Westside! Loving the Cleveland love. If there was a Real Housewives of Cleveland………. well it would be interesting. New Jersey seems to think their tough……. I guess where I’m from it takes more than an Italian last name to be “tough”!

        Can’t wait to watch New Jersey tonight though! I’m not decided on whether I like Melissa or not yet…… but lord; she is a hottie!

        • Mookies1mom says:


        • Rabble Rouser says:

          She might be a hottie Cleveland, but just remember the saying..no matter how hot a woman is, keep in mind there is probably some guy out there that got tired of putting up with her shit.

  54. Huey says:

    In the previews of the reunion, Peggy, Vicky, and Tamra are practically gloating when talking about Alexis’ doomed marriage. I dislike both Jim and Alexis & their way of life, but if it works for them, so be it. Enough with the gloating.

    • VAgirl says:

      I know. It’s as if they can’t believe they have a happy marriage. It may be doomed or they may live happily after after, but why can’t they wish the best for them? Is it because they are such failures in the relationship department? I mean really, are they some sort of marriage experts? Puhleeze!

    • quincyil says:

      With 3 tiny kids, I hope they work it out.

      Well, I love Vicky’s back yard. Is she at the top of a hill? It looked that way in the film.

      I think that Tamra got the idea of the letter from the NJ girls. Gretchen needs to get one and throw it in the face of Tamra.

      Tamra’s mom over reacted. She should have been afraid that her daughter would go to jail for her behavior at the party which was captured on film. I would also use that film for child custody if I was Simon Barny. Tamra Barney behaved badly all season.

      I don’t care enough about the show to dislike anyone of the OC women. I hope Don gets married right away and retires on half of Vicki’s fortune. He could live like a king if he moves here.

      The world has turned upside down when Gretchen and Slade appear reasonable to me.

      I really liked the back yard. I should sell the farm and buy Vicki’s house then invite all of you to a party in the back yard. Wear orange. We will call it “The Orange Party.”

  55. I don’t know if this was posted yet, Tamra’s blog is up. She still claims that Jeana pushed her first. *rolls eyes*


    • Katiecoo says:

      You’re kidding! In the face of what we all SAW? That’s just dumb.

      • quincyil says:


        • Kats2 says:

          God I don’t want to watch it again to find out.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Tamra is such a liar, if she was pushed then there would have been a jump in the film that would have made it look like she moved. Not only did she move, no one did. Are we suppose to believe that Jenna pushed her and Tarma’s gaggle of friends who were standing there would not have stepped between them?

    • IndianHousewife says:

      I was just going to post the same thing. It seems to me that Bravo is intentionally not showing some of the things that happened, perhaps to generate more talk and anticipation for the reunion? Jeanna supposedly shoved Tamara before she threw the letter at her, not shown. Jeanna says Eddie yelled the gay slur, not shown. It seems to be it would be something that would be included in the episode if they actually happened?

      • sally says:

        If you chat with the other housewives all of them have said that Jeana did not touch a straw hair on trampras head…and where is all this negative press she’s talking about..Havent heard any except the stuff she generates herself by her actions….

        • Kats2 says:

          Who knows, maybe they didn’t see it. Not all were around at the time. Hopefully Bravo will show us an unedited version.

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          Where do you chat with them? Twitter? If so can you copy and post it?

      • mariareads says:

        I thought I saw Jeanna poke Tamara after she threw the paper at her. No biggie, just a little poke w/ her finger and then she said she would throw her into the pool. Hardly the threat that Tamra is SCREAMING about.

        What a bunch. Embarrassing to watch women behave that way.

    • ClevelandGuy says:

      Yeah, just read it. That lady is DELUSIONAL! She looked like a demon!

  56. LOLing says:

    My random thoughts on the episode:

    Tamra: She is Heidi Montag in 20 years. I will admit I find some of her one liners to be hysterical but she is a trashy lady. Poor Eddie..he doesn’t know what he has gotten himself into. While I certaintly agree Simon was a jackhole, It wouldn’t suprise me if she escalted that fight that ended in the thrown dog leash. Almost as if she WANTED to call the cops on him. Not that it makes Simon right in the situation, but I think between those 2, it was a mutal abuse-fest. Even though I do get Tamras anger at Jeana, that scene was so stupid and over the top. Then she lied to the entire party. This is why I don’t find her to be an innocent victim in her marriage to Simon. JMHO. Lastly, I loved the look of indignation/”oh shit she has a point” when Gretchen gave her the “see how it feels speech”. Tamra did helped to fan the flames of Gretchens problems in the press. She’s the Jill press planter of OC!

    Gretchen: She doesn’t bug me. I always believed her relationship w/ Jeff was mutually beneficial for both of them. He gets a pretty blonde companion in his final years, she gets the benefits of his money. I would bet my life that she was “allowed” to see other men, just to be down low about it. And if her and Jeff made a deal like that, so be it. I think G lying about this Jay was her protecting both her and Jeff’s reputations. I do really believe that G had love for Jeff. Maybe not romantic love, but love. Ultimately G got burned in the end..b/c I remember her stating in the reunion that she had money to get by from Jeff for a year. The assumption was she got millions. I think G said yes, Jeff was worth a few million, but he was alos a few million in debt so…there goes that. I think the other ladies believe she got a windfall and I really believe that Tamra was insanely jealous of Gretchen’s looks, personality, access to $$$ so she decided to expose and destroy. As for Slade, yes, boyfriend needs a job and needs to deal w/ the child support issues. But he does seem to love this lady. Maybe, just maybe, this is Slades humble pie and he has digested it and will soon come out of this fog and be successful again. I wonder if he isn’t a little depressed? He was certainly emmasculated. I actually wish them a big fat Mazel!

    Vicki: I wanted to feel sorry for her, I did. But she is so annoying and innappropriate that I just can’t. She humilated Don on national TV. I think the tears are about her and how this will affect her life. Someone said it best earlier, she is wildly self absorbed yet totally NOT self aware. Good luck Vicki, you’ll need it.

    Alexis: Oh God this one. She is an idiot, albeit a blissfully happy idiot, who does not believe she is an idiot at all. As for Jimbo, the saying goes there is a lid for every pot and if she’s happy with him…who am I to judge? Although, I guarantee you this: If another man came along, one who was younger, richer etc.. I do believe Miss Alexis would hightail it out of that marriage to Jim and deal with Jesus later. But, I do give her credit for trying with the dressline and everything. Right now there is a woman named Wanda, somewhere it Witchita, wearing Alexis Couture. Alexis is the unintentional comic relief of the OC…keep her!

    Peggy: Oh good Lord. This is another idiot. So vapid and devoid of substance. Remeber her list of what she was looking for in a husband? Ugh. She’s another typical OC golddigger. Now that her and Micah are in brokeland, I wonder if it will last? Please send her away right now. She truly added nothing to the show. Although it cracks me up she dated Jim. And it was so funny on WWHL when Alexis called in and said “I married him” and Peggy said “Thank God! Not me! He’s one of guys you say you’re glad you didn’t end up with”. There is some bitterness there, but really, 15 years ago Alexis and Jim didn’t know each other and had other relationships…I don’t get it. Jim never told Alexis about Peggy and Peggy never told Alexis about Jim. So, they both lied to her. I wonder why?

    Fernanda: Well, this one got the Gilbert. Maybe Bravo didn’t want to pay for all the subtitles everytime she spoke?

    I say dump the whole cast, except Alexis. Let Alexis trip all over herself trying to be the “leader”. It will be TV gold.

    • FLG says:

      You had me until the last paragraph, but I come complete with my own set of baggage and it isn’t Louis Vuitton. If Alexis has to stay, then I would beg Bravo that Alexis come complete with a roll of duct tape and a pair of scissors. The duct tape is for her mouth and the scissors are to be used only for sleeve removal.

  57. LemonadeOutOfMountainsLemonsOutOfMoles says:

    I agree with everything aside from Slade. Can he finally leave the show? Go focus on your child support issues instead of banking off of Gretchen and lounging around the house like a lazy bum.

  58. Barbara says:

    HI Lynn,

    Great blog as usual and I am in total agreement. Your site is my first stop in the am with coffee. I was really riled up last night at Tamra – she is really a low class beotch; and one can see where she gets that watching her screeching mother. Tamra started sniping at Jeana right from the beginning and got right up in her face. Peggy has no business telling Jeana to apologize to Tamra – who is she to talk? She looks like an alcoholic barbie doll. Her behavior at the party was totally boorish. Tamra has been slamming everyone since she got on the show. Does anyone recall when Simon asked her to take etiquette lessons. People say he was controlling, but I think he was just trying to stop her from making a bigger ass of herself. Let’s face it Tamra always did whatever she wanted. My other point is why is Tamra crying about her broken marriage and divorce – she has her new stand in. Eddie dresses like some old gang member, but they match as Tamra usually looks like a floozie. Also her skin looks horrible and those wrinkles near the bridge of her nose are saying no more botox please – overdone. I like Jeana, always have; she stayed in a bad marriage because her H had brain damage. Yes she does take a lot of crap from her son,but we are not privy to all the dynamics. I guess I am blabbering away today….sorry!

  59. @tweatcyn says:

    One last sound bite before lunch. I bought Bethenny Ever After DVDs at Target last week and have enjoyed revisiting the show all weekend. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

    • California35 says:

      I am thinking about S1 of NY – should I? I want to revisit they why I liked that show – I remember being excited to see into the NY life and style. It was so new to me, that I probably paid more attention to the surroundings than the actual actions of the wives.

      • California35 says:

        Also!!! there was no Lynn and family back then 🙂

      • @tweatcyn says:

        Yes, get S1 of RHNY. I’ve had it for awhile and love it. I just bought S3 also, and would have gotten S2 but 2 was sold out. It’s fun to revisit the earlier seasons and commercial free, plus includes all reunions and lost footage.

    • viki55 says:

      Very expensive? Is the Getting Married season available also?

  60. California35 says:

    I everyone! It is 1 already!! I like that this day is flying by.
    I didn’t watch OC…to think that it was the show that started it all…now I don’t want to watch and from what I read here, many of you don’t want to watch either (or are not watching either). I say thanks to Lynn and Quincy for watching it for us 🙂

  61. val says:

    I recently watched reruns of OCHW’s on NBC where Quinn was on the show. Why did she leave the show and why didshe have a wig on in last nights show?

    • HD says:

      Because she was boring.

    • BEA says:

      Quinn was probably asked to leave because she was so darn boring. What was up with that wig. I laughed out loud when that friend of Tamra’s (the one that got Jeana’s drink thrown at her) said to Quinn maybe I should borrow your wig I’m a mess (or something like that). That woman was clearly throwing a dig at Quinn. Wow was that a desperate plea for attention – that horrible blonde wig Quinn had on.

      Was it me or was Tammy K. drunk! Why didn’t Quinn and Tammy (Jeana’s two buddies) leave to console Jeana at her house which was only across the street.

      • California35 says:

        Becasue staying at the party was more fun? because they wanted to be on camera? because they are not friends outside of this show?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Quinn and Jenna are really friends. Quinn rented a room from her after she sold her house in San Clemente.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I think that chick was Peggy’s friend. but regardless, Quinn looked like she was trying to become the next Kim Zolciak.

  62. California35 says:

    I saw a picture posted by Ramona on her FB. She is the only one in the pictures. She is wearing a bikini and she is having lunch. On the table, a salad, some glasses and two bottles of alchool, her Pinot and Bethenny’s SGM 🙂 That was very nice for a few reasons 🙂
    1- yes she is drinking
    2- supporting Bethenny
    3- Advertising her drink
    4- Jill will not be happy 😀

    • Nancy says:

      Great news California. I’m hoping Ramona & Bethenny will get to be better friends. Not sure what their relationship is right now. Ramona’s dig re: Bethenny’s “120 million wasn’t cool.

      • BEA says:

        Ramona likes to be completely honest even when she doesn’t have the facts. Ramona was assuming based on what her business mind was telling her. Maybe Ramona should have gotten the facts first then made comments.

      • @tweatcyn says:

        It was so sweet when Ramona went to Bethenny’s to see newborn Bryn (BGM?). I just watched it again.

    • Error404 says:

      5. It will frustrate Kiki that R is again bullying her by openly lunching in a bikini!

  63. Mel says:

    Regarding Quinn and Tammy k…Quinn just stood there smiling like a fool and Tammy K was splashing people with drinks and badmouthing/gossiping about Jeanna.

    • BEA says:

      Um……wonder what happened between Jeana and Tammy K. I did hear Tammy say that Jeana told her that she felt bad about what she said or something like that. The look on Vicki’s face when Tammy K. sloshed her drink on Vicki’s arm was priceless.

      Yes Quinn looked so uncomfortable which I think is why all she did was stand there with a stupid smile on her face.

  64. AZ Girl says:

    F.Y.I: I have been to the Bed,Bath and Beyond near my house many times since Jill’s bedding was launched a year ago. Yesterday again I was there and Jill’s bedding was no where to be found. I even looked in the “discount” display and nothing. Maybe they are not distributing the bedding on the west coast?

  65. butterisafruit says:

    Well I still don’t like Jeana. Not that she had any competition I’m disgusted with all of them. I always thought Jeana had some scruples. When asked by the press regarding the Barnys she should have said, no comment. It’s cut and dry. She’s a little too chummy with that guy.
    Gretchen had her day in the sun. She had the chance to throw it all back in Tamra’s face. I give her that. If Tamra wasn’t so enraged, she probably would have had a rebuttal. I don’t fault any of them for not visiting Jeff and her at the hospital.

    However not one of them could hold a candle to the ladies in my blue collar, NON gated community. One night I got home around 2 AM, it was about 5 below zero, with 3 feet of new snow. And there was a bag, with a sealed bowl of tupperware, full of soup. It had a note…I know you’re too busy to shop and cook, heat this up. You need it. That was the best minestrone I’ve ever had.

    • California35 says:

      aww that was so sweet 🙂 There are nice normal people out there…. 🙂

    • Kats2 says:

      I agree and love your story.

    • Christine says:

      I know the feeling. A couple of weeks ago our horses got out of the pasture and went on an adventure. I made one phone call and 12 people showed up with ATVs, pickups, leads, halters, treats, etc. Horses were brought back home in a very spontaneous and humorous parade.

  66. FLG says:

    Does anyone know whether Ginger got the grilled cheese or the hamburger last night? I’m still shaking my head that Jillzy is tweeting her dog…….

  67. vilzvet says:

    Watching BH reruns on and off all day and after the bore of OC I can honestly I look forward to its return. I hope they are all coming back, even Taylor. Here’s hoping Kim is doing well.

  68. Smompy says:

    I wish I’d been a fly on the wall of that alleged attorney’s office while he (or she) was advising Tamra that she had any right or legal precedent in drafting (and then literally throwing) that ridiculous cease and desist letter against Jeanna. In what U.S. jurisdiction would it ever be considered illegal for a citizen to express her completely non-libelous, personal opinion of a realty TV “personality’s” actions, when asked for said opinion by a reporter? God, I hate people like Tammy Sue who trash others CONSTANTLY but then run to a lawyer the second one of the victims of their venom does or says anything back to them…IOW those who can dish it out but can’t take it. You are an ugly, pathetic coward, Tammy. And congratulations, now you’re also in the running to become the next Jill Zarin.

    I only wish Jeanna had filed charges against Tamra immediately after that incident and/or also tried to get a restraining order against the bitch….if for no other reason than to annoy the living hell out of her.

    • Eve says:

      I agree……and I thought that the Bravolebrities couldn’t sue each other per their contract.

    • klmh says:

      I thought the restraining order probably came from Peggy’s husband since they are friends. Doesn’t his papa have a law firm?

  69. LemonadeOutOfMountainsLemonsOutOfMoles says:

    What happened with Paris & Nicky not showing up to Kyle’s daughter’s graduation? I never watched that episode but read it in the description.

    • Error404 says:

      On the show Kim told Kyle that Kathy and her family couldn’t make it as they were busy out of town. Rumor online was that Paris works for nonBravo networks and/or the Hiltons don’t show up on any tv show for free.

  70. HD says:

    Sigh…this is OT but do we REALLY care about Rep. Weiner sending a picture of a penis. Who cares? Damn! We make too big of a deal out of stuff. Is it just me?

    He should have just said yep its my penis. Who gives an eff. CNN is acting like he committed murder.

    • MAMAZ says:

      He can’t admit it was him because it was really small. Or so I heard, lol.

    • VAgirl says:

      Is that story still alive? Must be a slow news day.

    • VAgirl says:

      Sorry HD. He should go. Not because he tweeted his weiner, but because I wouldn’t want anyone that dumb, dumb, dumb to represent me in Congress. AND because he repeatedly tweeted to different females (again dumb, dumb, dumb) AND because he repeatedly lied about it. I didn’t know he had admitted his dumb, dumb, dumb actions until I went to the website and read it. I’ve seen other politicians’ (both Democrat and Republican) careers end for much less than this. Why should he get a pass? This is not a political opinion, just a personal one.

      • klmh says:

        I totally agree. He got caught with his pants down, or full, and should suffer the consequences. And who would want someone this stupid representing them in their district?

  71. boston02127 says:

    Great blog & so true. Great posts too.
    Can’t stand Vicki.
    Can’t stand Tamara.
    Can’t stand Alexis.
    Can’t stand Jim.
    Can’t stand Peggy.
    Can’t stand Gretchen.
    Can’t stand Slimy.
    Hasta La Vista OC. See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya…..

    Can’t stand myself right now, going for a power nap. 🙂

    • vilzvet says:

      LOL @ Can’t stand myself right now, oh you are too hard on yourself. We all need to sleep this show off.

  72. AZ Girl says:

    Hey gang….Jill tweeted her Ebay site with all her clothes and accessories she is selling. I bet she got all the clothing for free from designers and now trying to sell them for profit. She posted the selling price and most don’t have any bids on them.

    My ebay !!http://stores.ebay.com/Lindas-Stuff/_i.html?_nkw=jzarin&submit=Search&LH_TitleDesc=1&_sasi=1&_sop=1&_sacat=0&_sc=1&_sid=30121573

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I wouldn’t buy a damn thing from that bitch, nada, zilch, zero. OMG just the thought of it makes me ill……….

    • Nancy says:

      She’s so gross. Who would SELL their old shoe’s? YUCK
      Get this…She is selling one of her “TEAM JILL” T-shirt’s.

      • FLG says:

        I’m sure she has half a warehouse still full of the T-shirts. She was offering them on the Zarin Fabrics Website for years. That was probably one of her first attempts to merchandise items after she started the show. She had key chains and other items as well. Even charms for charm bracelets. I imagine that with the price of silver having risen, those got melted down a while back.

    • quincyil says:

      This has been going on for months. How much old clothes did she have?

  73. Kats2 says:

    I can’t wait for a new fresh OC free blog!!! Let’s talk Jersey Turkey. This should at least be interesting to watch.

  74. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—Almost ready to interivew @andersoncooper and @ladygaga at CFDA. Im proud to be fashion host for EXTRA.

    Have TV people lost their minds hiring her? UGH.

  75. Walks says:

    I’m so turned off by these juiceheads or whatever. They look stuffed and gross.

  76. California35 says:

    OMG Lynn I just noticed the title of your blog today… LOL!!!
    ” I Hate Jill Zarin &Tamra Barney, oh and that Peggy bitch too! The Real Housewives of Orange County Finale”

  77. California35 says:

    Ramona Singer
    “Excited to be attending the “Made in NY” Awards tonight honoring Lauren Zalaznick, John Leguizamo and Matt Damon at Gracie Mansion. Will be a special night!”

  78. Adgirl says:

    I’m glad Alexis is with Jim. She needs 24 hour supervision to keep her from poking her own eye out with a mascara wand, burning down the house when leaving the curling iron on or losing her kids in the backyard. Sheesh. Lucky she is cute because if she wasn’t good looking nobody would watch out for her.

    Alexis couldn’t survive a week in a herd of bunnies.

  79. kotagirl29 says:

    I don’t know if anyone posted this, but this guys blogs are freakin’ hysterical.


    • Kats2 says:

      I love it! and no surprise the following is my favorite part.

      “Anyway, Alexis thinks that women being too ambitious is what gets them divorced, but that’s not her. No, she wants to be her husband’s “baby” and be “cherished” by him. Ew. Baby? Ew. But yeah, that’s why she and Jim are doing so strong, because she lets him ultimately make decisions because he’s the man and she “came from my husband’s rib.” No no no, that’s not right. Maybe one time your husband came on some ribs. I think that’s maybe what you’re thinking of? That might be it? (Ew, sorry.) Or maybe it’s just that beautiful Jim is made of spare ribs? Whatever it is, you did not come from Jim’s rib, Alexis. That’s something from a storybook that people who lived a long, long time ago made up to try to explain simple biology. Don’t stress about the rib thing! Oh and, ‘Lexy? You may think you’re pulling one over on us, but you’re not. It is painfully obvious to all of us, to every single one of us, that all this religious mumbojumbo is just a sad flailing attempt to justify to us and to yourself that you’ve tied yourself up with a nasty misogynist prick who treats you like property. You know it, we know it, so can it with the moralizing please. Own your choice! Yes, you are married to a sentient, breathing sack of sour mustard and fried clams! Embrace the suck! Just live with it. Please don’t justify your shitty, miserable marriage by telling all women that they’re doing things wrong. That’s how sociopaths do things, Alexis. They reframe the entire world to fit their own psychology. You don’t want to be a sociopath, do you Alexis? I don’t think so.”

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I liked that part too. But I also liked the section where he talked about not giving one of the millions of s**ts left to him by a long lost uncle to Wretched and Slimey.

  80. Jen says:

    For me on this episode what Alexis said about womens lib is far far worse then that stupid, probably staged catfight- Alexis for me is the worst – so ignorant and stupid….I’m a stay at home wife but that’s doesn’t mean I judge and look down on others who aren’t

    also- Peggy used to date Jim? That explains soooo much about their relationship and why Alexis competes and Peggy thinks she is superior

  81. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Okay, maybe I am just slap happy tonight, but this one just cracked me up. Congressman “Weiner” is now admitting the he IS the one who posted the lewd picture of himself on twitter, then lied about it. His account was not hacked. AND it is not the first time he has done this. There have been several instances of dirty tweets with multiple women. Here is why I find this funny.
    QUOTE from the article: The congressman claimed that he never met any of these women in person, and that his wife HUMA only learned he’d been lying about the Twitter picture on Monday morning.
    Why is this funny? I always say I have CRS syndrome (can’t remember sh#t) and my sister in law said to me just last week, “Oh, see I have the sister disease to that syndrome, it is called HUMA—Head up my A##.”
    It just struck me as funny that Huma the wife had a husband with Huma the disease over thinking he would not get caught eventually.

  82. California35 says:

    I guess this will be her story line next season…


  83. Furalis says:

    OK I disagree with a lot of things with Lynn post but still thank her for creating this community. There is never enough praise because I love this blog.

    First Sean Avery is sexy in a nerdy kind of way. I found him to be quiet but vocal not sure what I’m saying just going with my thought process.

    I thought Peggy is getting very vocal. I have seen all season Alexis just overriding everything Peggy says and that gets irritating. Alexis is old school but I have no respect for her or her marriage to Jim. Google him and his business he is a scum bag and have been prosecuted for sleazy crimes. The only reason why Jim is not on the episodes is so he cannot show his wife serving him food and taking care of everything. I give them no credit for that – he just doesn’t want to show what a chauvinist pig he is and his enabler wife that believes men are above women. Made from his rib yeah – OK.

    Vicki just pure drama – Don will meet a great woman who cherishes him. Vicki has issues as we all do and she blames him for her feelings. So wrong on many different levels a woman makes her own life and a man adds to that.

    Tamra is pure evil. She went after Gretchen for two seasons and now she can’t handle exactly what Jeana is doing. What a bitch.

    Gretchen – I feel bad for her she is in love with a loser. How could you ever respect a man that does not support his children? I’m sorry but that is disgraceful. I know you can’t help falling in love but why even go there to begin with. You surround yourself with people that are good and bad and knowing Slade is bad and continuing this relationship is her mistake,

    OK I am through venting but I agree with those that say take these people off the air. I am done. No more House wives. I will continue to read the blog but I am done. After NJ (because Theresa deserves all the crap she gets and I need to see the slap down) I won’t watch. I was down to three OC, NY and NJ – I never watched DC, Miami or BH because I just can’t handle it.

    And still I hate Jill Zarin the most – she is vile!!

    • quincyil says:

      Vicki is going to be miserable when Donn finds a nice woman and has a great life. She is such a fool.

    • Powell says:

      I get what you are saying but give BevHills a chance. They had their problems but not like the rest. But then again it was just season one. It is rumored that NY will be recast w/really wealthy women. If so they may be worth a watch. The big problems w/the shows is that most of the women are trying to be something that they can’t be, and they are playing for the camera.

  84. quincyil says:

    In the beginning, none of the OC women were violent. This is new and it seems that everything over the top has Tamra written all over it. I believe Simon Barney. I think had had his hands fulls holding the fort for the family while Tamra drank up a storm.

    I think Tamra is doing this for ratings because the show is all she has. Without the show she is a 42 year old divorce mother of four with no money.

    Bravo was really cheap with the OC girls. They did not get an overseas trip.

    • FLG says:

      Maybe Bravo should put the OC girls (I can’t bring myself to type the word ladies) on a plane and fly them around for half an hour or so and just bring up a few critters from the San Diego Zoo and let them think they went on an International trip…….oops too late for that dog to hunt. This episode was the finale…….

    • Furalis says:

      Very good point Q.

    • AZ Girl says:

      You are right!! I don’t think Tamara tells the truth i.e Jeana “shoving her” first last night. Several OC Hw have said this is a lie. I can see Simon losing it with this crazy woman and throwing the dog leash but not aiming it at her. Tamara full of it. After this season she has no where to go. Eddie will drop her like a hot potato if OC is canceled and she is just done. Looking bad too.

  85. Christine says:

    Did some Googles on The Judge Law Firm. It’s in Irvine, CA. There is a lawyer, James Judge (I assume Eddie’s father). Contact person is Edward Judge. They specialize in HOA’s, Condo management and collections. These are the guys who take over some company’s uncollected rent or credit card debt, and send harassing letters and make phone calls at all hours. They receive a percentage of whatever they can collect. Really the dark side for attorneys. I would guess that we all can guess Eddie’s role in this type of law firm. They have also been sued.

  86. Kats2 says:

    Anyone else watching

    • MAMAZ says:

      NJ you mean?

      • Kats2 says:


        Why is Teresa driving Joe around (no license again)?

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I’m half watching while I do my homework and so far I haven’t caught much other than Ashley kissing ass to get her own apartment and car and Tre and Juicy trying to decide if they should use a credit card. What I want to know is how in the hell do they still have a credit card? Is it in their kids name? I went through a divorce and lost a business and I can’t get a credit card to save my life. How in the hell are those two low lifes doing it?

    • Nancy says:

      I’m here. Can Teresa really be that dumb?

  87. Nancy says:

    I could do without the “live” turkey scene.
    At least Teresa felt bad for the poor little bird.

  88. Kats2 says:

    I think Kathy is going to come out with her own line of cook books and I bet they will be amazing.

    • PF says:

      I kind of got that feeling too when they were showing all he work in the kitchen. I couldn’t believe how much dessert she made.

  89. MAMAZ says:

    Caroline better quit with all the marriage talk or Vito’s gonna dump Lauren’s butt.

  90. Kats2 says:

    I adore Lauren, can’t stand the rest of her family so much, but Lauren is adorable. The Dad’s ok too.

    • PF says:

      No, no. Albie and Chris should have scored some points tonight with their conversation to Ashley alone…lol! “Ya’ll gone make me cry”….It’s reality, Ashley. You have no money but yet want to rent an apt?

  91. MAMAZ says:

    Why would Lauren and Chris share a room while Albie had his own room?

  92. Kats2 says:

    Too much Ashley in this episode.

    • vilzvet says:

      And Milania is still a full-on BRAT. Yikes!!! What a little angel.

      • Nancy says:

        I’m never having sex again.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I actually felt for Teresa a little bit in that scene since my 2 year old and 4 year old will fight. My 4 year old can be the same way with refusing to apologize sometimes times.

  93. Nancy says:

    Ashley is going to make me relapse. (kidding)

  94. Kats2 says:

    So I’m to believe that one conversation with the wonderful Manzo brothers has cured Ashley?

  95. Nancy says:

    Oh great. Let’s bring out the alcohol. It worked so well the last time they were all together.

  96. MichellefromNY says:

    Teresa’s dress at the thanksgiving dinner is super slutty and totally unflattering

    • PF says:

      Yes, she looked weird in her own home chasing down Malania to put her in time out or whatever in it….BUT it was better than the mink apron that Melissa had to have help in just to cook. What is the thought in that? Oops, tomato sauce spillage!

      • PF says:

        Sorry about the comparing of Teresa and Melissa…but that IS what Bravo wants us to do, right? At least that was what I got from tonight’s epi. We got it Bravo…they compete with each other.

  97. vilzvet says:

    Okay so Caroline is from a family of a million siblings and she and Chris go over to Teresa’s on Thanksgiving of all days?? Where is their close family, where is Dina? Sorry but that is strange…
    Yes Teresa let Milania keep playing with that sharp cheese knife, no biggie. She can use to cut Gia’s hair after she’s done yanking the hell out of it.

    • Nancy says:

      If they weren’t filming together I don’t think they would see each other al at.
      Great mothering T. Take the knives off the table I’m “on call” today and don’t want to be called in. Thank-you very much!

    • NMhousewife says:

      I got the impression from what Teresa said that she actually had 2 or 3 different dinners, one with her parents, most likely on Thanksgiving, and this one was a “Friendsgiving?” probably on a different day. I can’t figure out why that Posche lady Kim was there?!

      • vilzvet says:

        Teresa’s parents were in the Dominican Republic(!) on Thanksgiving according to Melissa and Joe. And yes that was sooooo strange to see Kim G there, but at least she’s getting her camera time in.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I am sure it wasn’t actually filmed on Thanksgiving, because the camera crew would probably have it off. I also know that production company’s and the ‘cast’ will also pretend it to be a certain time of the year or special day when it’s really not.

        Part of the reason I am so disgusted with the idea of children being on reality tv is because of what the Gosselin kids are going through.

        One morning they were woken up out their beds and were told on camera that it was Christmas morning, so they paraded down stairs to find a tree set up that wasn’t there the night before with presents under neath it. Later after the camera crew left, they were told that it wasn’t really Christmas, it was still weeks away but they wanted to get ‘Christmas morning’ footage for the show.

        (I’m not going to even get into Kate Gosselin soliciting money and gifts from viewers under the pretense that it’s so hard to stretch a dollar to give 8 kids a nice Christmas- when the following year they celebrated in a plus million dollar home)

    • PF says:

      Who was not cringing while watching that part? Wow!

  98. vilzvet says:

    Milania is DISTURBING! I’ve never seen a kid act like that at such a young age. I feel sorry for all three of her sisters.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      I know!! I saw her scream and was like, she definitely got teresa’s anger issues. She’s the most spoiled kid I ever seen on any of the housewives shows. My guess is she’ll be worse than ashley when she gets big.

      • vilzvet says:

        Yes I agree I see anger boiling inside that kid all the time, she is NEVER happy. Hope your little one is doing well by the way, he must be getting big.

        • MichellefromNY says:

          He is! He actually started babbling for real! Just last week, he looks at me and says “ba ba!” very clearly and emphatically. I was so excited! Granted, its not “mama” but its a start! And whenever he says “baba” it cracks him up! He’s such a mush.

          I really hope he never becomes a milania…I don’t know how tre deals with that. I pity her for that, but that doesn’t stop me from hating her lol

          • vilzvet says:

            That’s great, more words to come! It will be Mama in no time. I really miss that age of under 1, before they walk and they’re crawling around.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I bet Levi is a little cutie.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          She does always seem to be screaming or crying or causing a stir.

          They need to keep these kids off of tv.

          But I was impressed with Gia for not popping her in the mouth a few times.

  99. Kats2 says:

    Why does it look like they didn’t like Teresa’s food?

  100. cris says:

    The OC was boring this season – Let’s get back to what’s important……the fact that Jill Zarin is the phoniest of all the housewives. Her fake smile makes me want to lose my lunch! Her pathetic attempts to manipulate the opinions of others is laughable. Why doesn’t she just realize that she can never live up to the other ladies, as ridiculous as they are….

  101. Adgirl says:

    Phrase to be dropped from vocabulary “Who DOES that?”.

    • PF says:

      Or thank you Jee zus! I love Jesus, yes I do! But if I hear Melissa say it one more time…just the way she says it. It’s fake!

    • Wendy says:

      Also, “Are you kidding me?” I’m getting so sick of hearing that phrase too.

  102. MichellefromNY says:

    How is saying your home was “redone” a bitchy thing to write?? I would write that if someone redid their house. sheesh. teresa is making no sense.

    • Smompy says:

      I only heard the tail end of that ’cause I went to answer my phone, but is THAT what Teresa is so pissed about….that her SIL used the word “redone”???

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Wasn’t it suggested that they avoided new construction costs by partially taking down or gutting the house that existed on the property and “rebuilding” it? I thought that was what the card alluded to.

      • vilzvet says:

        You hit the nail on the head. One measly wall was probably left up and the monstrosity was built around it. Melissa was probably alluding to the competition between the siblings of who has the better house.

        • Sparkles says:

          I still don’t get it. Caroline seemed to think the card was mean, too, and said it had a play on words. Weird. So the insult is that the card didn’t acknowledge that the house was built from the ground up?

      • BessiB says:

        My neighborhood is FULL of remodels, MY house is a remodel. Is this suppose to be a bad thing?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I didn’t understand that either, but it also seemed to get Caroline’s dander up to because I guess the work done was much more extensive than what they thought ‘redone’ implied. Obviously nothing other than ‘re-renovated’ would make Tree happy, unfortunately it’s not a word..and even if it was, I don’t think Melissa could spell it.

      • Sparkles says:

        I gave this some more thought (which is pathetic). I figure there is indeed an insult, since Caroline agreed.

        So…imagine if you bought a property and it had a small, outdated house on it. You tear down the house and spend a year building a huge house of your dreams. Your husband oversaw the construction, you oversaw the interior, and you think it is beautiful. Rather than complimenting you on building a new house, someone says you re-did your house. This implies you did far less work than you actually did. And it implies that the end result is less than the total transformation that occurred. (Sorry if I’m stating what was obvious to the rest of y’all… I’m just trying to better understand the insult.)

        So, yeah, I guess this statement is part of the Melissa/Teresa competition. I can’t relate, though. Both their houses are such monstrosities that I wouldn’t want credit for either. Who needs these 15,000 SF houses with their pretentious foyers and gaudy grand staircases?

        Money can’t buy you class, indeed.

      • BEA says:

        Joe, Melissa, Juicy and Tre all lack education.

  103. MichellefromNY says:

    and didn’t jacqueline bring sprinkles cookies too??? did you see jaqueline’s face??? priceless

    • NMhousewife says:

      I caught that too…Theresa is so dumb…as she proved over and over just during this episode alone.

      • PF says:

        Her and Joey were brought up to take revenge apparently. Please, the best you should do is ignore the person trying to bait you. Teresa acted like she did something great by dissing Melissa’s cookies as a ‘get back at her’. Now that’s dumb.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think I almost busted a gut….

      but you know, the cookie story was floating around before they filmed that season, I wonder it that was a little swipe at T from Jax.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      yes and then teresa said oh they are my faveorite LOL and carolines face was priceless because she brought the pinnoli cookies and she said they were her faves LOL
      to me both are too dry to enjoy
      Jimmy loves all that italian cookie stuff with coffeee as he puts it just like any good old italian woman would LOL i just laugh and dive into a canolli
      oh and this is something else that drives me bonxers his mom and his sister will only eat the plain canollis while i prefer the ones dipped in chocolate
      now i ask you if you like a canolli how could you hate one dipped in chocolate

      chocolate makes everything Better LOL

  104. Adgirl says:

    Bethenny’s Thanksgiving that was filmed wasn’t really on Thanksgiving. Her assistant tweeted about being home in PA on Thanksgiving.

    I think Bravo sets up fake family holiday parties.

    • Kats2 says:

      Yes this is definitely a fake Thanksgiving and again want to stress it didn’t look like anyone was enjoying her cooking.

      • MichellefromNY says:

        I agree. Did you see how she was handling that turkey?? Like she was clueless what to do with that big bird.

  105. SourCream says:

    Teresa is all anyone mentions. Guess all the other NJ wives are boring as hell. I don’t hate her. I think she’s stupid and people love watching stupid.

    • boston02127 says:

      Oh, she’s stupid all right. Headaching stupid.

      • SourCream says:

        Ohhh you have to be kidding. Don’t let a reality person give you a headache. I laugh. IRL, I wouldn’t befriend any of them. It takes a special kind to want this kind of fame.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Bostoncito_ You clove is shrinking! You have to feed it!

    • NMhousewife says:

      I don’t like all the fighting scenes in any of the housewives series, and I don’t like this storyline of the fighting with her brother, but I thoroughly enjoy watching her live her life because of all the stupid stuff she says and does.

      • SourCream says:

        She’s comical. Maybe I’m fascinated since I’ve never met anyone so dense.

  106. PF says:

    Hey, Ashley cleaned her room one day! Way to go Ashley….lol.

    • SweetValley says:

      Ugh, the Ashleys of the world make me mad.

    • glammedupthug says:

      What will you bet that she’ll be rewarded with a shiny new BMW for cleaning her room, the kitchen and walking the dog ONCE!!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I’m starting to think Chris is every bit as stupid as Jax when it comes to that layabout. He already gave the turd a car last year- and they seem to be hinting at it for the next show.

      The only transportation that kid would get to me is a one way ticket to the moon, and I don’t mean by a rocket ship but in the Jackie Gleason “Bang- Zoom” sort of way.

  107. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Carolinebacker is acting as if she’s lost her buffer, insisting in other’s homes what she will and will not hear! Is this old bitch nuts? I thought she was about to rip up the card for a second or slap the living shit out of TMAN. I get that she’s the elder statesman who shaves, but calm down with the demands for the hw’s to pay homage, as Tre will do as she wants.

    BTW Regardless of the date of the parties, the Gorgas looked to be celebrating with real family vs. the Guidices made for tv Friendsgiving. Tre even inviting KimD….how random was that? With her daughters screeching in the background and mishandling the food surely didn’t make her guest feel comfortable or emit sanitary conditions. I’m sure the Manzos hope she reconciles with her family PRONTO as Milania will soon be slapping them!

  108. Mt says:

    Haven’t watched yet but it sounds like Milania is as obnoxious and loud as ever. Why is this child so angry?

  109. wendy says:

    Did you guys see what The Sulk just tweeted:

    “Good or bad, I know who I am, and I own it.” – Jill Zarin (No, you don’t. And it’s ‘bad’, by the way)
    web • 6/6/11 6:58 PM

    That’s huge! He is a writer for Famiky Guy, Sarah Silverman’s boyfriend and quite famous for his twitter and he just totally slammed Jill hard! Hilarious!

  110. housewifeaddict says:

    OK Bravo producers I get it.

    This week Melissa’s dinner is perfect, everyone helps her – her life is wonderful.
    Teresa’s is all alone, Joe is still in bed, and her her dinner is uncomfortable.

    Last week Melissa and Joey had a self-absorbed adult halloween, but Teresa was the perfect mother and threw a kids party.

    Are we going to have to watch dueling events every week? It’s getting old.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Yes, instead of the OC lipgate, you know they are going to fight over who has the ‘biggest hair’.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        id rather watch thier family gatherings then anything on OC

        Im so glad T couldnt have them kill a turkey she saw alive

        i dont know how farmers do it
        i could never raise an animal and then kill it,its just not in me
        im thankfull others can so i can enjoy eating but i think i could easily live on pasta and salad if i had to

  111. Cusi77 says:

    I hate this NJ Housewives! They show so many delicious food that send me directy to the kitchen and overeat! Those nitwits!lol.

  112. Cusi77 says:

    Guess who will be publishing a Dessert Cookbook? I’ll buy it!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Me too. Her table looked great!

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        omg she mad so much
        my mouth was watering
        no wonder her hubby always looks so happy

        and i thought i would die when they went to CORRADOS LOL
        any italian american living in North Jersey has been there at least once
        (some of us many times)
        the funniest thing was they made the aisles look so wide when in reality they are supper narrow and always blocked by people with carts
        its really aggravating in there but worth the trip as the prices are so low for fresh produce

        i think that only have two locations the one they didnt show was one that was right around the corner from the factory i worked in Paterson for a couple of years a couple of the ladies and I would go there and get lunch
        the only other thing i wanted to comment about the show was who else gasped when T’s Daughter slapped that other little girl
        i hope they grow out of the brattiness and act more like Gio i know she is much older but to me she has alwayas behaved with a mature but sweet air about her

  113. Nancy says:

    Did you guy’s hear that Amy Fisher is going to be on the next Celebrity Rehab?

    • Adgirl says:

      I read Amy’s autobiography many years ago and I was surprised about how much I liked her. She was happily married and accepted every bad thing she has done and apologized.

      And then …. she dumps the nice hubby and starts what a porn career? Ick.

      • Nancy says:

        I blame Joe completely. Amy was a child. It looks like everyone lost in this sad saga. It’s to bad she left her husband. I didn’t know about the porn career. She must have a very low opinion of herself.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          uh wasnt she already turning tricks BEFORE she met Joe
          im not saying he is a angel by any means but she was heading in the wrong diirection before him

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Her husband isn’t a nice guy, he’s an dirty old man who sold their honeymoon video to a porn company which launched the porn career.

        The kid has a thing for pig men.

  114. Smompy says:

    Wow, I just realized that some of these Jersey Housewives are actually of Italian descent! How come none of them never mention this about themselves? I naturally assumed they were all ordinary WASPs.

  115. quincyil says:

    Great news! I was able to blog Platinum Hits. I was really worried because I had a terrible time last week. Well, they started to let the song writers interact and they were specific about the criticism of the songs. Last week, I had notes, but they didn’t make sense and it turns out that some of the song writers are wackos and they don’t make sense. No wonder I had trouble creating order when they were in chaos.

    It’s a relief!


    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      the show comes across chessy and fake
      i just cant watch for more the 30 secs

  116. Ches says:

    Everthing that Ashley does gets the hell on my last nerve.
    She cleans her FREE bedroom, cooks her FREE dinner and takes the FREE dog for a walk. And she expects a FREE car from them. Which looks like she does next week. Suckers!
    If I got a free car everytime I cleaned my room, cooked dinner and took the dog out to poop, I would have a string of car dealerships by now. What a brat!

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      well she had all that free stuff prior to cleaning her room cleaning the kitchen walking the dog
      They knew she wanted something and yes they will give it to her but at least she wasnt whining about the apartment anymore and she realizes she had to do something to earn her keep
      if she cleans the room from now on and helps around the house while keeping the job in manhattan i would say its a step in the right direction

  117. Nancy says:

    I sure didn’t get a free ride and I’m glad about that.
    Is she going to college? Can she go to college?
    Her “parents” are really doing her no favors.
    Do the “girls” in Italy stop after High School?

    • Error404 says:

      I believe the answers are no, no and no. Well, maybe #2 is a yes to some sort of commuter school. IIRC she passed the classes she failed in summer school.
      All my Italian female cousins went to college and I didn’t get the impression it was unusual.

  118. lillybee says:

    I think that a lot of us are “done” with the NJ ho wives. There have been so few posts about it tonight.

    • Adgirl says:

      I turned it on and couldn’t be bothered to actually watch, It’s my least favorite RH. I watch OC out of habit because I was living there when the show started. NY is depressing. ATL was awful when NeNe spent 6 episodes screaming at Kim on the bus. NeNe is a lot like Jill in that she had high expectations of her fame and is disappointed & frustrated, so she is blaming her former friend/castmate. NeNe is infuriated by Kim’s “singing career”.

  119. Arya Stark says:

    Back to RHNY for a minute folks.

    There is truly a BIZARRE universe out there. 3 posters on TWOP (obviously tag teaming, and all of whom regularly “report” people who like the blonds in the fink thread there) are saying that

    oh and get this
    ALEX is much worse in Morocco than Kelly was (because after all, Kelly was perfect on Scary Island)

    I mean, WTF?
    Check it out for a few laughs if you want.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I can’t go to TWOP, the moderator there Smegma or whatever their name is just makes me want to post only to tell tell her/him to go F themselves.

  120. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    with a name like smegma its got to be good jam LOL

  121. butterisafruit says:

    Good Morning.
    It’s a pretty day here.

  122. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~
    I love blocking people who are ignorant so they don’t clog up my tweet feed. Bye bye!!

    We could go so many ways with this. She’s so awful and dumb, I’m surprised she knows the meaning of the word ignorant.

    • butterisafruit says:

      She’s her own worse enemy. No one else goes on and on about blocking. However weekly she’s announcing how she blocks, haters, bullies etc.
      Which means, it really BUGS HER.
      She should take a lesson from Simon. He responds to everyone, and twists it right back to them. In a gracious sort of way. She doesn’t have that gift so she should just SHUT UP.

      • boston02127 says:

        I wonder why and how she has so much time to do this with her so called wonderful life. She seems to so much free time on her hands. She has “no friends syndrome”.

        • SeoulSista says:

          Mother of pearl, Jill needs to shut the hell up and do what she feels like doing without the running commentary…”I’m done.” She’s Done.” “No, We’re Done” Hell Jill, I about as done as a turkey waiting to get its ass stuffed on pilgrim day. Shut your pie hole and block people if you intend to, we don’t need the blow by blow, but I assure you, it will involve more blocks than a Bruce Lee film once you’re finished…

    • FLG says:

      Jillzy, Daaarling, please put your ego on the ginger diet.

  123. quincyil says:

    I can’t believe women dress like the OC women. They wear such short dresses and no undergarments. Don’t they worry that they will fall out of their dresses if they reach for a glass of booze? I don’t think I have ever seen anyone wear the clothing that they wear here.

    Kim Z’s outfits for the stage are the closest to the OC attire for a backyard party.

    The NY girls enjoy sharing assets, but their skirts are not as short. They do have problems when they want to sit at times.

    I have visited California and most of the people are not like this. The plastic surgery reminds me of the Chinese custom of binding little girls feet so they can’t walk and have ugly tiny feet when adults. The OC women are mutilating their bodies for what they call beauty.

  124. boston02127 says:

    Quincy–You have an exciting month coming up. New grand baby! You must be getting excited. Do you know if they are having a boy or girl or are they keeping it private?

    When I have kids I don’t know if I want to know if it would be a boy or a girl before they birth. That has to be a hard decision.

  125. FLG says:

    Good Morning All! Empress Q congrats on the new addition.

  126. IndianaHousewife says:

    Good morning! I read this from above last night and I am still laughing – “I can’t imagine the countess now without thinking of the clap clap, class with the countess that runs on wwhl”. by SongBird80

    On the first read I initially thought clap as in sexual disease. After hearing Ramona’s description of Luann and Mario and other men I think this is too funny. Every time I see the clap clap video on WWHL I will be thinking of what a slut she is!

  127. humbruh says:

    I know what a “cease & desist” letter is but what the heck is a “cyst & deceased” letter? Who in here can translate Tamralish?

  128. bengalbaby says:

    Hi all. Been a lurked for quite awhile and really enjoy the things I read here. You guys are hilarious at times and I agree with a lot if the views expressed here about these shows. I’ve only posted once before. It was regarding Alexis and her fashion show episode. Not sure if anyone responded to what I noticed so I’ll throw it out there again for the hell of it.
    I noticed quite a few faint bruises on Alexis’s back at that fashion show. Was wondering about Taliban Jims treatment of his beloved wife. I found it creepy. Although it wouldn’t surprise me I’m sad to say. Just wanted to see if anyone else noticed and had any thoughts
    When I look at Peggy …she reminds me if the Crypt Keeper. Or Caron (spelling sorry) the ferryman on the river Styx. She really needs to ease up with the facial alterations
    Thanks for listening and for all giggles you guys have given me. I hope to post more. Especially about the classy demure and tasteful ladies of NJ. YIKES!

  129. Cooper says:

    Does anyone remember that horrible man that gave his wife a beautiful Rolex on a yacht for her 40th birthday? Remember the wine country trip where a couple had to remind another to say I love you? Abuse?

  130. Allison says:

    Well I am definitely in the minority here. I am no fan of Tamra or Jeanna, either one. I find peoples’ ignorance on domestic abuse frightening. Domestic abuse is not just physical abuse but also control issues. Based solely on how Simon treated Tamra last yr., he was controlling. It is on tape and indisputable. No physical violence was ever recorded but as any woman who has been in this type of marriage will tell you, the psychological issues leave the worst scars. What Jeanna said regarding their marriage was disturubing on this level, no one and I repeat no one knows what has transpired between Simon and Tarma except those two and it was not her place to be making the judgement that she proclaimed. Funny how people always critisize woman who stay in abusive marriages for staying and then with the same breath critisize them when they leave the marriage, making their own proclamations about who was right or wrong. This attitude makes is so much more difficult for women to get out. I don’t particularily care for Tamra but she has a right to live her life w/o being belittled and controlled and no excuses form Simonn’s behavior make it ok.

  131. Tamra Is Trash says:

    When Tamra said something is going on between Eddie and Micha, how did we know she meant phsycially. Eddie is gay.
    Saying Jeana has mad cow was cruel and deliberate. Tamra needs to take a look at herself in the mirror. She’s getting fat. Hahaha!

  132. Lisa Loveitt says:

    Simone should seek custody of his kids. Tamara is demonic evil, filthy mouth and no class. Team Gretchen!! Tamara is not holding up very well; lines are visible around her eyes with no facial expressions, frown lines are distracting and she has a turkey neck and since Tamara talked about her vagina needed to be tightened she can add that to her :”To Do” lis. Sadly none of that can purify that soul.

  133. Geeia says:

    OMG – you are so awesome and totally correct! I have to ask though, why oh why has Bravo given Vicki so much power? I heard her son came up with the housewives program – is that why? Why is Vicki so well liked by the masses out there – are you guys insane??? And how about Tamra – what a piece of trash she is. Wow – she is so vile – such poison! Thank goodness her ex is gone – for his sanity! But her helpless little children!! Look what she did to her first born!! Loser awful nasty yuckface that he is! Just like his mother! At least Simon will show them decency. But for him to marry her in the first place – Simon just went with his fifth digit I guess. I will say Tamra is sexy – but please, doesn’t personality account for anything with men????? And Vicki is neither sexy or has a nice personality!!! Thank goodness there is Gretchen and Alexis – even though the masses seem to hate Alexis.. Why? Cause she is so beautiful like a barbie doll?? Who cares – celebrate it!! She’s nice, respectful, sweet, a lot more intelligent than Tamra and is religious – I’m not, so it’s nice to see on such a trashy show!!!! And please – GET RID OF THAT PIECE OF YUCK PEGGY!! That’s all Bravo could find??? Skeletor vs Zombie woman in one?? Ugggh – no personality except to suck up to who she thinks has the power with Bravo – and she’s right… Bravo – you suck for giving Vicki so much power! But this Blog rocks… And hey, just to put a little jab – sorry – but I love Jill!!!

  134. Geeia says:

    I just found out that Vicki G’s boyfriend owes a TON of child support and she was yelling at Gretchen/Slade about his child support on the reuninon?????!!!! Also, he owes to 2 different women – Vick’s b-f – does. Also – he is the SAME man that was in Cabo!!! Don – are you an idiot or what?????????? So she is cheating on Don and all the while she is slamming Gretchen for “cheating” on her dead fiance???? And there is NO proof of that – YET – there is now proof that Vicki was cheating on Don!!!!!!! These horrible women – Vicki and Tamra – when will it all end?? I just wish Gretchen would leave the show so I wouldn’t have to watch it anymore – I hate Vickie and Tamra so much!!!!!!! I’ll be bleeding out of my tush soon!!!!!!

  135. Karyn says:

    First of all if Tamra is a trophy wife, then I would like to know what contest in hell, poor Simon won…gimme a break. I have to say that perhaps in the world of OC trash she might be the trophy winner, but other than that I don’t think so, and further more the first clue we had that she was trash was her mom, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree there. I am so grossed out by her, and as my dear Gramma always said, mutton dressed in sheeps wool is still mutton…think about it. Now, on to Pegs and Vicks….let me just say…..gag! Ahhhh that felt so good to get that off my chest, and again TY Lynn for allowing us the opportunity to say it like it is. Kisses 🙂

  136. Great blog, great post – I agree with everything in this post, except for what you said about Peggy trying to one up Alexis. No fucking way. It was SO obvious that Alexis was trying to one up Peggy the entire time.

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