I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Platinum Hit

The Real Housewives of New Jersey by LynnNChicago

Photo/Caption by Boston02127

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are celebrating Thanksgiving!

Teresa Giudice just keeps proving week after week that she did not write a cookbook, let alone two cookbooks.

Tonight’s show is all about dueling Thanksgiving dinners, Melissa and Teresa each hosted and cooked dinner, set a beautiful table and invited their guests. Two completely different dinner parties resulted.

Melissa went shopping with her well-behaved children, with the help of her husband and got all the things she needed including a ham and a turkey with all the trimmings.

Teresa and Joe got lost going to the Turkey Farm, Teresa had to do the driving because Joe doesn’t have a valid driver’s license but she wouldn’t turn when Joe wanted her to turn and they ended up sitting in traffic with Joe spewing vulgarities at his wife. Hours later the couple arrived to meet live turkeys that they didn’t purchase, they bought one from the store’s refrigerator, similar to the ones they sell in the supermarket. The Giudice’s agonize over whether to pay cash or credit for the $45 turkey.

Melissa’s sister’s came early and helped her cook, she was surrounded by loving family and beautiful well-behaved children. The men took shots of tequila while the women sipped wine. Kathy brought an amazing array of desserts, a sight for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Melissa said a prayer before dinner and the family were all grateful, loving and beautiful.

Teresa’s kids tried to help but only made things more difficult for her, she explained that things don’t have to be absolutely perfect, Teresa tells us that her husband was supposed to be helping her, cut to Joe Giudice sleeping. As the guests enjoyed Teresa’s food her two daughters were locked in combat and smacking the hell out of each other, pulling hair and Teresa is screaming at them. Jacqueline arrived with a store bought box of cookies then Caroline arrived with store bought boxed cookies. Teresa yelled at her kids a bit more, brought out a housewarming card given to her by her brother and sister-in-law that Teresa took as a dig at her new home.

Ashley leaves.

Melissa, Joey and their guests talked about the loss of the relationship between Joey and Teresa. Brother and sister used to be close but Teresa has changed and she doesn’t even realize it. She sent a long letter apologizing to Joey and his family, never mentioning Melissa by name. Melissa insists that Joey speak to his sister and acknowledge that she made the first move and apologized. Joey finally agrees to hear what Teresa has to say.

Teresa, Joe and their TV friends Caroline and Jacqueline talked about the loss of the relationship between Joey and Teresa. Teresa’s daughter is pulverizing the cheese with a sharp knife. Caroline the bossy butt tells Teresa that she has to let it go and forget about what happened in the past, she has to make up with her brother. Caroline’s eyes just about fell out of her head tonight as she rolled her eyes constantly at Teresa.

Melissa explains that her husband Joey is a very emotional guy and he is hurting over the loss of his sister and the distance between him and his parents. Melissa explains that she lost her own father at a young age and that Joey has been the perfect husband, so much like her father. Melissa cares about her husband and only wants him to be happy. I think that Melissa is sincere because for her purposes it would probably make her life a whole lot easier if there were no Teresa in her life. Melissa insists that Joey talk to his sister because she knows it is what would make him happy, she’s putting her husband first. I think they have a great relationship.

Teresa tells Jacqueline and Caroline that they’re like sisters to her. Caroline tells us that Teresa is going through a challenging time. Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice tells his guests that Teresa is the older sister and her brother Joey should just respect her, he reveals that Teresa borrowed her brother money in the past. Joe was a real ass for saying that, it wasn’t necessary. Similar to Vicki in Orange County telling viewers that Jeana Keough asked her to borrow money, Joe steps over the line and goes too far revealing things that should not be public.

Teresa tells the “cookie story” revealing that when Melissa brought store bought sprinkle cookies to her dinner party she threw them in the trash! Cut back to Caroline and Jacqueline bringing store bought sprinkle cookies to Teresa just moments before.

Melissa tells the “cookie story” revealing that Teresa told Melissa that she threw her cookies in the trash. The previews of Melissa saying that there are starving children in Africa was cut out of the actual show…who knows why?

Teresa tells her friends that the ball is in Joey’s court. She wrote the letter and it’s up to Joey now to make the next move.

Joey tells his family that he will call his sister, sit down with her and hear her out. Joey wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

This episode was very sad for Teresa, while she did tell us that she had an earlier Thanksgiving dinner with her family and her husband’s family, this meal was with her TV friends and we know that she doesn’t even care for Caroline very much and visa-versa. Teresa needs Caroline this season because she already has two cast mates against her. Teresa also knows that Jacqueline would always side with Caroline, she doesn’t want to be the Danielle of Season Three.

Joey and Melissa Gorga had a fun and fabulous time with their large family, laughing and smiling and eating some amazing looking food.

There was also a mechanical bull in this episode but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. Moving on…

Kathy’s daughter looks like an older version of Teresa’s oldest daughter Gia.

Kathy is still upset over her failed conversation with Caroline Manzo.

The Manzo boys utilize their roommate to clean the toilet.

Ashley visit’s the Manzo brothers and tells us that she is close with them because she lived with them for a minute 17-years ago.

The Manzo boys tell Ashley the same thing her parents tell her, she needs to work hard and take things seriously.

Ashley has temporarily given up on wanting her parents to pay for an apartment in New York and is shooting lower now, she just wants them to buy her a car.

Ashley cleaned her room and the kitchen because she wants a car.

Lauren Manzo is dating Vito whose family owns an Italian Food Market, the Manzo’s visit the store.

Caroline Manzo doesn’t look down her nose at Vito’s family simply because they don’t carry designer handbags.

Albert Manzo explains that he was poor growing up but that his kids don’ know what it’s like to be poor.

Caroline Manzo used to shoot Groundhogs as a child? Don’t ask.

Was Jacqueline even in this episode?

Next week we learn that Melissa can sing and Joey will attend little Gia’s gymnastics meet…. don’t miss it!

Bravo is moving The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Sunday the same way they did with Atlanta last season.  Now that Orange County has finished their season and we have only two reunion episodes to endure, Jersey will take OC’s spot.

Platinum Hit by Quincy IL

Eleven song writers remain in the competition in a LA studio. This week they will “Hit the Club.” They will first create a hook during a thirty minute session and later form groups to create a song that they will actually take to a club to allow real people to listen to the recorded song and hopefully dance.
After the song writers wake up and we see one of the apartments that they are sharing, they all go to the studio to begin the Hook challenge. The surprise is Jewel introduces Donna Summers, famous for 23 billboard 1st place hits. The hook should “pack the dance floor.”
All of the song writers are given headphones and they listen to what seems to be different tracts of music created by a member of the writing and composition school.
Melissa states that she is inspired by forests and natural disasters. Karen is loud and she is disturbing Nick who claims he can’t hear his own tract. Scotty shares that he is famous in Europe for his dance music with 7 top hits.
Each song writer performs his/her own hook with Jewel and Donna Summers as judging. Karen’s hook is “ Make it Easy.” It’s about a woman making it easy to love her. Jackie sings, “Unsinkable, unsinkable” which gives Donna Summer’s goose bumps and makes Jackie very happy. Blessing is uncomfortable with this type of music. His hook title is “Dance Romance.” Donna says that the substance is limited.
Nick tells us in an interview that Donna dissed Blessing. Nick them performs “Moonwalk.” He is convinced that he is the best.
Amber’s hook is called, “The Last Time.” She also uses “have your way” in the hook. Sonyou sings, “I’d rather be free.” Melissa hook is “Rip Tide.” She says that the ocean takes love down. Scotty’s hook is “Party this Club with Amazing.” Donna’s face showed that she absolutely loved this hook. Jes called her hook, “Sunlight,” but included “do you use.” Brian sang with a very low voice and had odd lyrics for the hook called, “My Ridiculous.” Johnny san “Push on You.”
Donna and Jewel discuss the hooks and pick the winners:
Top 3
3rd place Scott / abstract imagery, concept melody had strength
2nd place Karen/ soaring, but needs to empower
1st place Brian/ unique/ vocal impression different
Nick who won last week is upset that he was not in the top 3 and he tells the judges that he got dissed. Jewel admonishes him for criticizing Johnny.
They are to complete their songs and record them so the songs can be played later in a club.
The three winners pick team members:
Brian picks Jess and Jackie.
Karen picks Blessing, Amber, and Johnny.
Scott picks Nick who does not want Sonyou, but has to accept her in the end. He also picks Melissa.
Brian is allowed to keep his lyrics and tract as the winner the others have to create with a new tract.
We then watch the three groups create music and lyrics in small studios.
Scotty’s group has difficulties because Nick calls Sonyou, “a ghetto bitch from the hood.” Melissa is concerned about the chorus. Mellissa also seems to be from another planet.
Karen’s group begins to work, but Blessing refuses to contribute because this is not his kind of music. He offers a line: “I want to make it easy to love me.” The group accepts this. Johnny believes sex sells, but Amber says that Karen’s lyrics are G rated. Karen seems to be off the mark. They want to sing about feelings.
Brian is singing too loud for Jes and Jackie. The women don’t like his low voice on the hook and they change everything. Brian thinks that they had a plan coming into the studio and he is voted out of his own song.
The song writers dress up for the club. The girls wear high heels and apply makeup.
When they arrive, we are told by the song writers that it is a gay club for men.
Trevor Jerideau, Jewel, and Karen DioGraurdi are the judges. The judges stand to the side of the dance floor and the song writers mingle with club dancers. Some of the song writers are good sports about the others’ songs while they are being played, but others are not supportive. The club members are smiling and they dance to the music. When they really liked the song, they were more animated.
Scotty’s team worked the room and had everyone dancing to their song. His team won and they have immunity from elimination. The judge asked if Nick and Sonyou were now friends and they were not, but they could work together as a team. The judges loved the counter melody and this song was more complicated than the others. That was a tribute to the skills of Nick and Scotty. Sonyou sang the song and she is a gifted singer. Melissa is their weak link. These four go to their community room to celebrate.
The remaining song writers stand in front of the judges for elimination. Brian, Jes and Jackie are addressed first. Jes is in tears. They are told that the reason the hook won was Brian’s singing of the song with a low voice which was unique. The cadence was good and it was a decent song. These three are allowed to leave the stage and they are safe.
One of the members of Karen’s team will go home. The team missed the mark. The lyrics were stock. It was not framed properly. In order to fix it, the song would have to be completely rewritten. Blessing was admonished for his lack of contribution and he was sent home. He wants to continue to write music and his fellow song writer wished him well with hugs and tears.

Thanks Quincy!  Nice job as always!  Lynn~

Until Next Time…

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512 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Platinum Hit

  1. V-NY says:

    Thanks Lynn and Quincy!

    I have a question. Did Teresa’s house smell like something awful? Caroline just kept making faces the entire time! Who does she think she is?
    More comments later. lol.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Caroline also made a lot of faces in Vito’s parent’s deli. She looked very uncomfortable even though the family was welcoming. She doesn’t appear to like to go anywhere except the Brownstone and Jaq’s house.

      • V-NY says:

        Yes, I noticed she was kind of forced to be nice at Little Italy Deli too. She needs to branch out and see other things too. Those salamis and provelone’s dangling from the ceiling made me hungry!! I felt quite famished at the end of the episode, but I was good and I decided to drink an entire bottle of water!

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Between the deli and Kathy’s desserts. Mmmmmmm.

          • V-NY says:

            I wanted those cannoli’s!!!!!!!!!!! She most likely made the shells too.

            • housewifeaddict says:

              And the tiramisu. Mmmmmm.

              • V-NY says:

                Tiramisu!!!!!! I ❤ it!!
                Kathy must have worked for three days just to make all of those desserts. God bless her that she enjoys cooking and baking.

                • sue says:

                  Yea, I’m sure she does love baking, I’m also sure that we will be hearing that she has a baking book coming out or an address were we can buy “Kathy’s Cakes”!!!!

        • nathania says:

          I am so disappointed because for a few minutes when Caroline referred to Vito’s parents as ‘Albie’s roomate’s parents’ I misheard her called them Lauren’s boyfriends parents and thought she said ‘now they are his boyfriend’s parents, and I actually shouted out loud, “ALBIE IS GAY?!?!?!”

          It made my night, if only for a few brief minutes.

        • BEA says:

          I also noticed the huge sign GLUTEN FREE items. My daughter has Celiac Disease and it’s only in the past year that I have noticed stores and restaurantsactually advertising GF products.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        I didnt get that at all she seemed very warm and friendly to Vitos parents

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Many of the shots of her face showed her looking very uncomfortable – but she was polite to them – just awkward. Albert and Lauren seemed much more at ease.

        • V-NY says:

          sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant that she made some of her faces at the deli in response to hwaddict. Perhaps she is just one expressive lady!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I was a little perturbed that the Manzos seemed to want to talk about being poor/not being poor in the deli. It made me wonder if they see Vito’s family as poor. I thought the scene was awkward. Maybe it was just edited that way.

          I wish the Manzos would back off on the marriage hints to this couple.

          The deli scene made me hungry too! I could quite happily do a little shopping there.

          • V-NY says:

            Hi KG
            It was perplexing to see them discuss poverty while surrounded by food! The family deli might make decent money, and as a result his family may be middle class people; this is perfectly fine, Manzo clan! Middle class people are far from poor!! I’m sure with time and popularity, the Scalia family Deli will expand and grow. Also, the Brownstone has been established for quite some time, and they didn’t become rich overnight. As a person’s properity increases, they need to remember and honor where they came from.

            • nathania says:

              I about choked on that discussion. Tiny Manzo bought the !@#$#@ Brownstone with mob-skimmed money, that was established last season, and one of the main theories as to why he ended up the vicimt of a mob hit, hands and feet chopped off, naked in the trunk of a car. If Albert senior is asserting he ‘grew up poor’ I’d sure like to know what his definition of poor is. On the books he was poor, maybe, but not otherwise.

          • plainviewsue says:

            I completely agree. All I can say is, Vito run for the hills and take Lauren with you! She seems like a nice girl, but having Caroline as a mother-in-law……….OMG! They way they keep pressing the marriage issue is so embarrassing for both Lauren and Vito. I totally felt that Caroline (as always) thinks she is above Vito’s parents.

            Gotta say, Caroline is the one I am hating on most this season. Love Kathy, just wish she didn’t care so much about what the high and mighty Caroline thinks.

            Teresa will always be Teresa, but I think she’s a little easier to take than last season.

            Surprised to see Kim at the friends thanksgiving!

            • V-NY says:

              I also think by today’s standards, 23 seems a little young to be married. Most people I know were married by their very late 20’s and early 30’s. Have some more fun for another few years!!!

              • Error404 says:

                It’s about sex. The nj HWs live in the dark ages and caro doesn’t want Lauren having premarital sex, or worse: having people think she’s having premarital sex.
                I’ve seen people say the rhs are too 1950s but IMO the RHNJ are too 1590s

                • V-NY says:

                  yes, I agree. Did you see C’s face last week when Lauren mentioned that she may want to live with Vito?? I felt that she was stifling what she really wanted to say on that matter.

                  C-let your children have pre-marital sex! She’s 23!!!

                  • Rabble Rouser says:

                    I knew a girl who lived with her then boyfriend in a basement apartment in Little Portugal (in Toronto). She said the land lady must have told the other ladies on the street they weren’t a married couple. She said every morning all the ladies on the street would wake up and start sweeping their porch, walkway at the same time while gossiping and chatting. When she would talk by on her way to work, they would all make a show of spitting/or pretending to at her feet.

                    • V-NY says:

                      awww..I feel sorry for your friend. The world has changed and we have to move with it. It’s one thing to have your opinions, but to publically humiliate someone is just indicates people feel threatened when new ideas come by!

                      I am for pre-marital cohabitation-it’s far from a sin. It’s no shock to me that C looks like she’s 65-old and dated ideas can age a person quickly!!

                • Hugh Knowit says:

                  im pretty sure that Vito & Lauren have already gone past that stage

            • snarkarella says:

              Caroline is always looking down on everyone. I think the only HW she every truly had any respect for was Dina and that was because of blood. She’s a snotty beyotch. She thinks the answer to everything is money, though. They wanted Lauren to go to cosmetitology school so they could buy her her own store. What? How ’bout wanting her to go to school to learn a trade and going to a salon like everyone else first to get experience? Maybe she’s not cut out to own and run a salon.

              • vilzvet says:

                I guess she still has that piece of the infamous salon that’s been featured on the show? Her own little makeup business, Face by Lauren Manzo I think it said.

            • nathania says:

              me too, in regards to Caroline. It’s so funny that I thought it would be Teresa whose storyline would suffer the most because of Danielle being fired. But Melissa fixed that, and Teresa needs to thank her lucky stars. Oddly enough, it’s Caroline that is floundering the most without Danielle to lead the lynch mob against. It’s extremely telling Dina was nowhere to be seen at the dinner…she has popped up elsewhere on Bravo but the fact that she is one of the kids god mother and not there is extremely strange, and Caroline acts like she does not exist. I suppose Dina feels that Caroline ‘stole’ the housewives gig out from under her.

            • BEA says:

              I think Caroline does not like being out of her comfort zone and going to the deli and having to visit with people not her family was out of her comfort zone. Lauren seems very comfortable with Vito and his family. The best thing that could happen is for Lauren to marry Vito and live near his family. I thought that comment of Albert’s to Vito, Sr. was rude. They go to Fordham for four years and end up working in a deli. Excuse me but that is their family business! If not for the RHONJ Chris (without an education) wouldstill be working at the Brownstone. What is Albie doing?

              AND YES what the heck was Kim P doing at Teresa’s.

  2. boston02127 says:

    Great blog L & Q, thx.

  3. boston02127 says:

    Did anyone else notice and think it was odd that Melissa’s dinner table was practically touching the front door?

    • vilzvet says:

      I was confused by that too. For a house that size why did not fit into the formal dining room, they were in the foyer! I guess they really had a ton of people and her dining room just could not accommodate them. Now we know that 13,000 square feet does not mean you can host a family dinner properly. And who else noticed that new footage was included from Teresa’s housewarming party showing Joey and Melissa, something we did not see last year?

      • V-NY says:

        Maybe Melissa needs to buy a bigger house?? lol.
        I noticed the new footage from last season as well. Melissa needs to direct her anger to Bravo for not acknowledging during prior seasons; it’s not like Teresa controls what is edited.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          I suppose they couldn’t make 2 tables and risk not having everyone on camera with all the fuss they’ve been making about T leaving them off camera.

      • nic says:

        I noticed that too, which actually backs up T’s story that she has included them in the past but Bravo edited them out…dammit. lol

      • Barbara says:

        That new footage surprise me as well. Teresa was very proud of her brother (apears that way). From what I understand Bravo edits and they (cast) do not have control over what makes the final cut. Agree about the dining tables…same thing in both homes.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Maybe it’s because she acknowledges her brother but not Melissa?? Who knows. I found it very strange that Bravo showed this footage but also showed Teresa’s dinner in such a negative light. Their story arcs seems convoluted.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Yes, odd. But they did have a lot of people, a long table, a separate large table for the desserts (wow!), and then the camera crew had to be able to get around them all.

        • dsc60 says:

          true… maybe the camera crew being able to film was the deciding factor of eating in the foyer instead of the dining room.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      well they did have a large large group of people

    • PF says:

      Yes. She has a huge house…I was wondering why it seemed so tight.

  4. Error404 says:

    Was there any explanation why Teresaa dragged out a card she’s been keeping for 3 years? Did she also play a vm of bethenny telling her to “get a hobby”? Am I some kind of weirdo because I don’t nurse petty grievances for years on end?

    • V-NY says:

      All I can say that it is kind of a classic stereotypical Italian behavior; grudges are longstanding especially when famiglia is involved. Some of us can hold these resentments forever!!! Nonna still has vendettas from the 1950s….and she will never forget.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        I just about said the same thing and then i realized its not just italian familys i think it happenes to all people

      • Kansas Girl says:

        So can Nonna ever be appeased? It makes me wonder if the J/T war is hopeless and will go on forever.

        • V-NY says:

          Nonna hasn’t spoken to ha sista Giuseppina since 1985!

          Ma sista est disgusta!! sona a ma bae-ich! I hata ma sista…oh ma gone…always gelose of mea…I hatea…

          They will not attend the same event if they know the other is attending. All of the other sistas are in the middle. Nonna always said that Giusy has always been gelose(jealous) of her. I think Nonna’s perception has been distorted all of these years.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            LOL! Your family is very amusing from a distance. (It’s probably not so much fun when you’re in the midst of the war.)

            • V-NY says:

              It’s still amusing when we’re in the midst of a war!! I just sit on the sidelines!! The bad blood doesn’t affect my immediate family, just the super extended family.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        LOL- so funny you said that because my husbands Nonna (RIP) held a grudge against a neighbor/friend of her for almost 20years (it ended with her death) all because her friend called her on the phone while she was cooking and because she was distracted she burnt herself.

        Every time she would hear someone mention her name, it would set her off ‘She burned me’, even though the poor woman really hadn’t done anything wrong.

        • HW Addict says:

          For decades my family had to hear that my mother Tomasina told my Aunt Sally to “shut up” when her brother, my mother’s father, was dying in the hospital. No respect for elders, the cardinal sin for Italians! The problem is that while my Aunt Sally was wailing as though her brother was dead my mother got upset and turned to her and gently said, “please Aunt Sally, where there is life there is hope”. My mother’s version was cooberated by everyone that was there but Aunt Sally would never give in that my mother did not tell her to shut up.

          Italian women are insane! We fight and love with equal passion though…

    • HD says:

      I was half paying attention so I didn’t know it was 3 years old. Who does that? And why did Caroline act like she was going to cry when she saw it? (I was on the phone when this was going on.)

      • housewifeaddict says:

        The entire dinner seemed to be set up so that T could air her grudges – over the card and over the cookies. But I think the cookie jab backfired – I was very confused that Jaq and Caro brought storebought cookies. I had even read M’s story by late August, and this was filmed in October. More things that make you go hmmmmmm.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        Caroline doesnt like to see family fight
        well really who does like seeing that sort of thing
        i found yesterdays show to be very sad

        • HD says:

          I get that. What did the card say? I thought it just siad congrats on remodeling or something. What was the big deal? Didn’t T build a house? (Sorry for asking all these questions. It seems like everyone wants to call me during my shows.)

          • V-NY says:

            something about congrats on having your house redone. Teresa’s house was completely rebuilt and not redone. It is a silly grudge to hold onto,but Melissa was implying something and trying to get a dig in.

          • nic says:

            T’s pissed because Melissa said ‘Congrats on your redone house’ and took the word ‘redone’ as a dig because it didn’t take into account it was a complete gut and fully renovated etc. Very very petty much like getting pissed over ‘get a hobby’. Caroline tried to tell her how petty it was and T cut her some eyes! I really can’t wait for that blow up, because I know it’s coming.

            • housewifeaddict says:

              T’s house was essentially a new house, but they skirted building codes by making it an official remodel. It happened all the time when I lived in DC – people would leave up a wall, and get a remodel permit rather than a new building permit.

              It was a dig – because they did something shady. Why she’d want to air that on national TV is beyond me.

              • V-NY says:

                good point hwaddict. I never knew that. Yes, why would T air that on national tv??

              • nic says:

                Never knew that. But it’s still a stupid reason to still be mad about it 2 yrs later.

              • Kansas Girl says:

                Yeah, yeah. That’s what I was trying to remember last night — what the deal was with building/remodeling. So Melissa was pointing out she knew this was shady? I can see (sort of) why T would be a little miffed, but did she forget the cameras would catch this and get us talking about it?!

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Because this is the same woman who went out and spent 60k on furniture only two months after filing for bankruptcy.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            or when i’m taking a shower

            and then when i almost kill myself to get to the phone its always some stupid person asking if i would like to change my internet provider or subscribe to some newspaper

            the thing about the card was it was supposed to be a subtle dig but does T’s sil seem like the subtle type

            ive noticed with Jimmys family a lot of these fueds start from a imagined slight or a complete missunderstanding over something someone said taken the wrong way

            and they go on for eons

          • @tweatcyn says:

            Don’t answer the phone silly. It’s easy. Just put it on “quiet” mode and fuggettaboutit. It was a stupid card with big scrawl like a child’s that said something benign like “congratulations on your rebuilt or redone house”

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      no your just not a italian women from NJ

      T is every woman in Jimmys family all rolled into one
      and also every one still living on my dads side of the family

      the only one that never acted this way was My aunt Suzie on dads side long departed , she was my fave on his side of the family a warm loving woman that always went out of her way to make everyone welcome in her home
      saddest thing is she died on my birthday and my fave aunt on my moms side died two days before my birthday
      i should have birthday issues like Bethenny LOL

    • boston02127 says:

      @error—Besides the card, did you see the printing on it. It looked like a child wrote it.

      • Error404 says:

        My HW isn’t child like like kelly’s but I could totally pass as a doctor based on illegible HW alone. I’m like the only person alive to survive 12 years of catholic school and still have bad penmanship.

    • Sunny says:

      Agreed. I immediately delete or destroy a nasty email or card I might get. It’s done for me. I know people that save emails, letter and cards for years, rereading them on occasion to keep their anger alive and then bring up “remember when you said this in an email dated November 4, 2002″. You said blah, blah, blah.” I’m like – grow up!

    • nathania says:


      on camera, on national tv.

      My take on Melissa, she is the baby of the family, she is very well intentioned for the most part. she is religious, and, from the big loopy hand-writing on that card, she is a little naive. I am not sure I believe that her intentions were bad. I mean, the house was NOT new house, so she couldn’t put new house on the card. The house was redecorated or rehabbed or whatever they did to it. So she didn’t use the exact correct terminology…at this point I am not even sure what that would be, but still, I don’t believe it was as sinister as teresa portrayed it.

      • @tweatcyn says:

        Teresa was trying to prove her point that “Melissa is sneaky” to her guests and the card was her proof.

        • nathania says:

          ooh, I just realized something….if it’s true Melissa is sneaky then perhaps it’s that subtlty mixed with charm that Teresa can’t stand. Because Teresa’s delivery is as dull-edged and explicit as it gets, “I nevah sweah on my children when I’m lyin’ “. She probably can’t stand, or understand, either, how Melissa can come off as sweet and charming while getting a dig in here and there. But then again, Melissa seems like a genuinely happy person who just gets a little annoyed with her inlaws, whereas Teresa is has some serious pathology going on…a genuine personality disorder of some kind for sure.

  5. HD says:

    Teresa’s dinner seemed really forced. She is not herself this season for sure. The juxtaposition of the dinners was very interesting to watch. Sad. Family shouldn’t act that way but I know it happens.

    Things that made me take notice:

    1. I loved all of Kathy’s desserts. Not sure who said it but she will have a cookbook I am certain but she should open a little bakery. That would be nice.

    2. Why did Kathy’s husband have a flogger and that mask? Hmmmm

    3. Why was one of Teresa’s girls cutting the cheese with that knife? Someone watch the kids please.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Teresa’s dinner did seem forced. It was her third one in a row (one with her parents, one with Joe’s family, and one for the camera). She looked exhausted – not her normal self. I don’t know if I’d want to cook for that many people with 4 kids underfoot.

      • sue says:

        you should also take into consideration that most of the people at Melissa’s table are not part of the show, but all of the people at t’s table have all been filmed at one time or another and they just appeared to come off as though they werent letting alot out because of the cameras so not to be misconstrude if they said or did something wrong….Gee I hope that makes sense!lol.

    • V-NY says:

      Skinny Italian; Just desserts; solo i dolci!! I would buy Cathy’s possible future dessert cookbook. She seems genuine, and I really like her so far.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I think it’s hard for T to be poor. Or act poor.

      The child with the cheese massacre reminded me of family dinners at my cousin’s where the children were unsupervised. The children played with all food they could reach, wearing olives on their fingers, then licking them and putting them back, etc. I would watch to see how far their little arms could reach and only ate from the untouched food in the center of the table. Yuck! Oh, and they played with knives too. The mother insisted the sharp knives be kept in the front of the drawer and allowed the boys to run around the house with them. They told me this was normal and my expectations were too high, blaming it on me being childless. (I still think they’re a bit odd.)

      • V-NY says:

        Yes, I agree; it’s difficult for Teresa to act with some humility after all that has transpired with her money issues. I know this is for the show and all, but maybe in real life she could have combined the first two parties and canceled the third one. If money is tight, then there is no real reason to host a party like that.

        As for the party you described, at least you have a good head on your shoulders to note the difference between what is dangerous and what is not. Her comment to you was very very silly!!!

    • snarkarella says:

      #3. Good question. We all now Tre wouldn’t leave her girls unattended right? Good thing Cousin Kathy didn’t see that!

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        But i dont think she did
        i still believe she thought her hubby was watching them and that was why she got so angry at Kathy
        she thought Kathy made it up and said it on Camera to be spitfull

    • nathania says:

      good god, I know, that part with the knife was very disturbing. and her flipping out about the girls was also over the top and they already have her attitude.

      she is going to have one hell of a crew of wild-child teenagers on her hands in a few years, that much is evident.

    • @tweatcyn says:

      Milania terrifies me. Always crying, screaming and angry. Last night’s murder of the cheese wheel, and pulling her older sister’s hair like she was hanging onto it for dear life while hanging off a window ledge. It’s can only get worse. And T says Audriana is Milania 2.0.

  6. nic says:

    I think Lauren and Vito’s family should have a show, with a little bit of Big Al thrown in . They are the only ones I liked last night.

    Teresa wonders where her daughters learned to hit each other and fight like that..Hello pot, meet kettle…..

    Re: Caroline’s eye rolls @T- can’t say too much abt that because I was right there with her. I see C’s patience running very thin with T

    Albie and Chris actually served a purpose and made sense tonight.

    Joey G- Him and Melissa and the bull- who acts like that in front of kids? Oh, HE does. He really makes my stomach turn. And people say Alexis sets the women’s movement back with Jim…What about Melissa? I honestly think she’s scared of her husband’s reaction to anything he would say. At least Kathy has no problem telling her husband where to go when he’s bugging the crap out of her.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I really like Kathy – even when she snapped at Rich a little. It’s hard having everyone around chattering when you’re trying to bake!

      The bull – oh vey!

      Chris and Albie always talk sense into Ashley. Chris lying on the couch with his gut hanging out was not a good look for a young man. They don’t seem that interesting – I wonder if that’s why their show got cut to short webisodes – – –

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      better yet did you catch when they showed the older clip when discussing how much the brother and sister look alike somone said that one of them looked better and Joey was saying to Joe
      you can kiss me Joe


      • sue says:

        Well, did you also catch Melissa’s reaction on the clip when T said that about her and Joe looking so much alike?…Melissa is a sneak and so are her sisters and as far as we are concerned, T is no saint, and we truly think that M’s sister Lysa did say that to T’ on the phone about Melissa being a cold bitch!

    • nic says:

      *she* would say.

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    RHNJ is getting more difficult to watch and is edited very poorly this season. The competition/rivalry is boring. Both Melissa and her needy husband need to get over the whole “Teresa kept us off the show” because we know it was Bravo’s decision!
    IMO – Melissa isn’t the housewife – her husband is and he is just plain creepy.

    • Di says:

      I totally agree with you WCW. I am not a fan of Melissa and Joe Gorga. They remind me SO MUCH of Teresa and Joe Guidice in season 1–all about material wealth and look how great our sex life is…Joe wants sex all the time…blech! Saw it all season 1. How long until Melissa’s and Joe’s skeletons fall out of the closet?

    • boston02127 says:

      WCW–“Melissa isn’t the housewife-her husband is” I TOTALLY agree.

    • nathania says:

      thank you.

      you are right, it’s like Bravo doesn’t even give a crap.

      same with Miami.

      is someone getting tired of casting/editing these shows.

      here is what they need to do, in all seriousness, if they want these shows to last:

      get Lynn, and some people like her, who are seriously dedicated to the shows, and not to be discriminatory, but people of the same demographics as the cast, female, late thirties and above, etc, who have their share of appreciation for camp and cattiness on the surface BUT can discern and relate to the humanity of the cast members beneath the surface outrageousness. That second part is what Bravo is missing and is why the shows are starting to fail. Plenty of camp and almost no compassion, because neither Andy nor any of his producers even like these women.

  8. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    im guessing he is bi

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Joey? Anyone who talks about sex that probably has insecurities in that area. That’s what I always thought about Teresa when she blathered on and on about her sex life – that probably Joe was getting it on the side and she was left alone every night.

      • Di says:

        so true!

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        the question is ,is T’s hubby getting it from a woman or a man
        it would be really funny if Joey caught Joe at a porn theater or adult book store with either a man or a Tranny
        that could explain all teh fighting and the comments about Ill Kiss you Joe

      • nathania says:

        I disagree.

        My feeling is that his dad is an @sshole who has berated him about his masculinity his entire life. This is a man who said to his adult son on national television, “go cry to your mother!”.

        I am not a fan of the father, nor the mother, and I think they are the main reasons both of their children have some pretty serious personality problems. Joey, being the younger child, may have suffered less in some ways, but more in others, being a male and having expectations placed on him that were not placed on Teresa.

        My father is similar in some ways to the Gorga father and I have zero relationships with any of my siblings. We are not at each other’s throats, but so much damage has been done because of acrimony placed there by bad parenting that we just don’t talk.

      • NAmerican says:

        Yes, when all you talk about is sex and money… you don’t have either!

  9. IndianaHousewife says:

    I am bringing this over from the last blog, cuz I think I am just too funny today (said in a very sarcastic tone).

    Good morning! I read this from above last night and I am still laughing – “I can’t imagine the countess now without thinking of the clap clap, class with the countess that runs on wwhl”. by SongBird80

    On the first read I initially thought clap as in sexual disease. After hearing Ramona’s description of Luann and Mario and other men I think this is too funny. Every time I see the clap clap video on WWHL I will be thinking of what a slut she is!

  10. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    take note,no oe seems to care about platinum sh!t

    i know i cant watch that garbage

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I started watching Bravo because of Project Runway! I used to like Top Chef, but it’s been going non-stop for such a long time with the various editions, I’m bored. I haven’t watched any of the other shows except HWs for a while. But with HWs on 3 times a week – that’s enough TV for me!

    • HD says:

      I can’t watch it either, DJ. I refuse to be sucked into another Bravo show. I just can’t do it. They have enough from me. What more does Bravo want?! Leave me alone! LOL!

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        I think they are after our blood or our souls LOL
        I just cant listen to Jewel & Kara

    • snarkarella says:

      I’ve got no interest in that show. And, really no time to get into another show.

    • @tweatcyn says:

      I totally agree. I have zero interest in Platinum Hit and can’t bring myself to watch even one episode. the artistic competition shows bug me. Creativity is not meant to be fostered this way and the team challenges don’t mesh with the artistic process, which for me and most artists i know, is a solo endeavor. the team aspect is just a gimick for drama. It only seams to work for top chef, and then just barely.

  11. katlg says:

    Very OT and I do not want to make this political, not my intention, this does pertain to NY housewives, Ramona in fact.
    With the Harvey Wiener twitter, in that now he says he wanted to DM but actually tweeted, is it possible Ramona, who has so much less to loose did the same?
    I never thought she would be malicious to a child but perhaps wanted Avery to see how careful she neds to be.
    Just my opinion and again this is not meant to start a political dialouge.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I assumed Ramona re-tweeted by accident when the story first broke. But now – seeing how awful LuLu was to her all season, she may have done it on purpose. The video was already posted, and the tweets were already circulating. Not that what Ramona did was okay because Victoria is a kid …

      • SeoulSista says:

        Okay, I am not sure if Ramona knew the content prior to retweeting this, but let’s focus on the fact that LuAnn herself admitted she is not home very often. BIG surprise that her kid was filmed at a party smoking up and slinging about racial slurs. The apple probably doesn’t fall far from the goose-stepping tree on this one as we know Der Count doesn’t care for the chosen ones…LuAnn needs to tend to her own little flock before nattering on and giving unsolicited advice to every animal, vegetable, and mineral under the sun…Daaaaahhling!

      • NJBev says:

        I’m w/ you housewife-I think it was a mistake now. If
        this moron Wiener , who seems to be a pro at sending
        ill-conceived tweets could make this mistake, then it is
        entirely possible that Ramona made a mistake.

        • V-NY says:

          Do you guys think that the discussion of the tweet will be RHONY?

          I think Mona made a mistake…I don’t see her as the malcious type like either. Who knows?
          Oy Oy Oy

  12. quincyil says:

    In the examiner, Jill Zarin said she learned tolerence. OMGoodness.

    From dictionary.com:

    tol·er·ance   /ˈtɒlərəns/ Show Spelled
    [tol-er-uhns] Show IPA

    1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.
    2. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own.
    3. interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one’s own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint.

    I totally disagree that she is tolerant. I think she is intolerant:

    definition from dictionary.com

    in·tol·er·ant   /ɪnˈtɒlərənt/ Show Spelled
    [in-tol-er-uhnt] Show IPA

    1. not tolerating or respecting beliefs, opinions, usages, manners, etc., different from one’s own, as in political or religious matters; bigoted.
    2. unable or unwilling to tolerate or endure (usually followed by of ): intolerant of very hot weather.
    3. an intolerant person; bigot.

    I watch the show, read articles about her, listen to her on videos, read her website and watch her twitter line. I can’t think of anyone more intolerant than Jill Zarin.

    • SeoulSista says:

      Reheheheally? I just choked on my chicken soup…just because others tolerate you (G-d bless their little saintly hearts) does not make you tolerant…

      • quincyil says:

        I think I am biased. I am intolerant when it comes to the way Jill Zarin treats her cast mates. I am sure of that and everyone here would agree with me.

        For example, I can’t stand people who pat themselves on the back all of the time. Jill does that. She is constantly telling us in twitter how great she is.

        I keep quiet a lot and really can’t remember stabbing someone that I know in real life in the back like Jill does every day. I don’t confront people often either. If I have to deal with an issue, I try to listen to the other person. Screaming at them as Jill does, simply doesn’t work.

        I think I am more like Alex McCord at the kitchen table in the Brownstone trying to deal with Jill Zarin. I am probably better at getting my thoughts out than Alex, but I am older and have had more years of dealing with people like Jill Zarin.

        • SeoulSista says:

          Oh I agree, I think sometimes I need to purchase a mouth guard to protect my teeth from grinding too much as I watch her in action. Let us just say that Jill would be safe from an attack by tigers were she to depart on a jungle safari excursion into the wild. Girlfriend has one in the front, and one in the back as far as faces go.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I don’t see you as intolerant. You seem to base your comments on Jill’s behavior. If she really changes, I suspect you’d acknowledge that.

          And I agree that Jill is intolerant. And she still seems clueless about herself. And she’s too old to be so obtuse.

          • FLG says:

            Jill is as stubborn and obtuse as Alexis Bellino is at an air conditioned tent revival.

        • @tweatcyn says:

          I get hives like Alex.

      • SeoulSista says:

        The above comment was directed at Jill saying that she was a tolerant person….

    • Error404 says:

      Jill is extremely tolerant of anyone she’s currently using. No way would I ever be as tolerant of Cindy Kiki and lulu as she is! She only becomes intolerant when you make more $$ than she does or beat her somehow… She was perfectly tolerant of ramoner until she started making all of that Pinot dish, then suddenly it was all intolerance. Maybe Ramona was suppose to give her a cut or something? Jill is like Tony soprano without the blacking out.

      • Maryla says:

        I feel like there is something wrong with lulu and cindy for being willing to side with Jill after both having seen JZ “turn” on cast-mates. There will come a time when JZ thinks that there is a perceived slight — and then look out girls. You will be next. She always needs a target.

        Unfortunately, I don’t think Ramona saw it coming this season. She thinks that she and Jill have had their ups and downs but things always return to a level playing field where normal rules to fight fair apply.

        But after scary island, JZ went for the jugular and Ramona didn’t see it coming. And Ramona is so flighty, she surely didn’t see that Lulu and Kelly and Cindy have (for whatever reason) jumped onto the JZ “get Ramoner” bandwagon. They are like Cheetahs on the hunt, circling their prey.

        • SeoulSista says:

          I concur, these sharks have scented the freshly chummed waters of Scary Island and are after poor Ramona like a great white on a wounded seal…

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I can’t help but wonder what will happen when she turns on Kelly. Of all of them, Kelly will be least able to understand what happened.

  13. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Thanx Lynn & Q.

    The differences between the dinner parties were night and day. The Gorgas celebrated with family and love. The Guidices celebrated with “friends” who don’t love them, but came out of pity or storyline in the made for tv soiree. The Gorga kids were well behaved, while TMAN’s kids were screaming, fighting and mishandling the hors d’ouevres. I can’t stand it when kids, known for being “uncleansy”, play with or pick at food that is to be shared. Carolinebacker continues to demand that others do as she says, refusing to listen to the hostess family drama, instructing TMAN to “fix it” as it could possibly become the focus of the season and make Clownetta irrelevant.

    BTW the meet of the in-laws was so patronizing on the part of the Manzos. Albetyourhungry came off as a snob, inferring that the others were poor. Vito’s family, however, are honest hardworking people. If Lauren joins that family, which it seems she can’t wait to do so, she’ll help out in the store. When Lauren made a crack about her father not wanting her to do certain things, the future MIL made it clear she’d be expected to work. No pretenses there. As for the designer purse issue, Carolinebacker recently started dressing a wee bit “fashionable. I doubt she always had Chanel purses stacked up, as she is/was more Brighton, Dooney&Bourke or Coach. 😉

    BTW Vito working in the deli is no different than Albie working at the Brownstone. They both got degrees and with the economy in the terlet, they’re now working for their families.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      It was Teresa’s third Thanksgiving. The first two were with family. It felt forced – like they were all doing their job for the camera.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Yes of course, however, couldn’t one family member come out? Her parents were gone to PuntaCana, and she’d celebrated with her in-laws too, but what about Joe’s sister or brother? It seems she really goes out of her way to isolate herself from her family while filming, yet she invites KimD? Come on.

        • NJBev says:

          I think Tree was sick of cooking by then-
          I’ll bet after
          all the Bullsh.t that took place during filming this year
          no one from her family were willing to go on camera, being afraid of another blowup.
          I was surprised by the card from Melissa. It was really
          tacky, cheap and very condescending. I’d be pissed
          if my SIL gave me a card like that as well. even her
          handwriting looked like she couldn’t give a crap-
          But Cookiegate?? WTF. the was stupid beyond
          comprehension. Caroline showed her emotions(IMO)
          -she can barely take Trees’s stupidity at all anymore.
          Caroline has realized that no matter how much you
          try to help this person, you’re wasting your time.
          It must be infuriating to be stuck in an “alliance” w/
          someone this thick-headed(read;stupid)-
          Next week we see Caroline get the job at the radio
          station- I’ve heard her broadcasts, so I”m interested
          to see it play out-

          • BessiB says:

            I just did not see a problem with the card. Do-overs are the norm in my neighborhood. It is a lot of work and deserving of a “Mazel”.

            • nathania says:

              Me either.

              What am I missing. It was written in the big loopy handwriting of what could have been a 12 year old girl, which makes me think that Melissa is definitely not as Machiavellian and sinister as Teresa tries to paint her to be. I call bullsh*t. I think all of Teresa’s issues with Melissa are projection stemming from her own jealousy.

            • dsc60 says:

              but she didn’t mean it as a “Mazel” she meant it as an insult and a dig. pretty nasty if you ask me.

    • vilzvet says:

      1. Dooneys are gorgeous! Nothing low-end about them. My daughter just treated herself to one with her first paycheck. I couldn’t do a thing about it, now that she’s working full time. Amazing quality. And I also have several Brightons, we are obsessed about the whole line in my extended family, the shoes, jewelry, etc.
      2. So Vito is a graduate of Fordham, wasn’t that where Albie went partially? It looks like he is no going to continue to try to be an attorney.

      • vilzvet says:

        “not” going to continue I meant….

        • NJBev says:

          Both Dooney’s and Brighton are beautiful bags.
          To me, they present a more “sporty” outdoorsy
          look. Sort of like a woman w/ $ and class, who’s very confident in herself. Plus, they are very well made and
          can take a beating.
          But I do love me my Louis and Chanel. Louis V.
          is very durable as well. Chanel, not so much.
          I love hand-bags. I don’t have to try them on-

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            They have limited addition ones on the Disney Dream ship I am going on next year, I am thinking of getting one.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        3. I adore Coach, Dooney&Bourke as I have several, and Brighton are also lovely too. However, the price point between the those and Chanel is a wallet for a bag if you know what I mean. All of the aforementioned are easily attainable, while the Chanel is a real treat, higher end and more fashionable. JMHO> no insult intended,

        • vilzvet says:

          And don’t forget you have to go to Venice to get Channels! Oh wait, you can just as easily get them in NY, Teresa!

        • lillybee says:

          Lol, I have a Chanel but it was a thrift shop find. I love it though.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        1. I just got a new bag from Penny’s. It’s plastic (imitation alligator?) and bright red. Very tasteless, but it makes me happy. My birthday present (from me, to me, with love). I’ve been telling people it’s Big Red One. Don’t worry, no one else seems to understand the reference either.
        2. Weren’t Vito and Albie roommates at college? I think so.

        • boston02127 says:

          Kansas Girl—-“from me to me with love” Ha ha….too funny.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          Happy Belated Birthday, Kansas Girl! (*to me, from me, with love*)! I love that line! Mine was last week and I got some cash, so now I’m gonna hafta go buy me a present.

          So what happened to the site since yesterday? The reply thingy is very different.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            Thanks! (Ooooo, the message slides to the left for a reply. Very technology!) My BD is Tuesday – Flag Day. But I celebrate for weeks, since I hardly have any family left to make a fuss. LOL! We gotta keep ourselves amused somehow!

            The reply stuff changed this afternoon, like a couple hours ago. I guess I’ve been a chatterbox today because one reply was the old way and one was voila!! new!. (I don’t much like the tiny print in the reply box. Makes it so much easier to type mistakes.)

            • V-NY says:

              HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAApppppppPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (Belated)

              • Kansas Girl says:

                Thaaaaaaaaannnnnkkkkkks, V! You’re early! You’ll have to type all those leeeeeettttters again next Tuesday!

            • Okie Folkie says:

              COOL, Kansas Girl! So, I’m not ‘belated’ in my wishes! Also, that is one of my brothers Anniversary’s. So, I will *CHEERS* you, too!
              And, another thing, I think you should know AND follow, years & years ago my oldest brother decided that in order to properly celebrate your birthday, you had to celebrate one DAY for each YEAR you are old.
              Ya’know, that was a lot of fun when we were in our 20s & 30s….now that I’m in my *ahem* 40s (plus 36 months) its getten harder & harder to celebrate that way.

              A couple of weeks ago when we were talkin’ about Kansas & OK, etc…I think I asked if you knew of Baxter Springs, etc…but I never saw if you replied. Its cool if you dont wanna say. I just miss being ‘up-home’. That area of KS., OK., MO., & AR. is so pretty.

              • Kansas Girl says:

                That’s a great celebration theory, but the celebration would yawn on for almost 2 months. Likely people would be telling me to knock it off! (I’m in my 40s too + something like 116 months. lol)

                I didn’t see your Baxter Spgs question, but yeah, my mom’s stomping grounds. Chetopa, Columbus, Melrose, Hallowell, Miami. Still have relatives in the area.

                • FLG says:

                  Happy, Happy Birthday Baby! (think Bette Midler)

                • Okie Folkie says:

                  @Kansas Girl, I thought you prolly knew Baxter! Do you still go to S.E. KS? Its so pretty up thata way. Although, when I was growing up in Mudville (ever hear of it?), I’m so sorry to say we Okies didnt much like *some* KS. drivers! Some Kansans would come to Miami to go to Wal-Mart…and I think they were excited or something, because there were many near accidents. We joked about some Kansas drivers. I’m sorry!

                  OH! And the B-Day Rule thingy…well, several years ago I changed the “Birthday Rule”. So, now technically, it can still be accomplished. What you do is, of course PARTY hard for the week of your B-DAY, then you just ‘party’ the rest of the year & call it “The BIRTHDAY RULE!” So, in my case last Thursday, I partied. Now I’ll hafta ‘party’ 52 more times before my next B-D. I’ll betcha you can do it! And this is also for anyone else reading this RULE. Party on Garth!

                  • Kansas Girl says:

                    It was probably my relatives driving. They were like that. 🙂

                    • Okie Folkie says:

                      I’m so glad you took NO offense! It really was a runnin’ joke with all Mudvillians. The car/booze story you wrote below is too funny!

              • FLG says:

                Isn’t Baxter Springs close to where Big Brutus is?

                • FLG says:

                  south of Fort Scott?

                  • Okie Folkie says:

                    @FLG, are you talking about Ft. Scott in Arkansas or is there one in KS? At any rate Baxter Springs is in the very south east corner of KS. Where OK & MO meet KS. In the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.

                    • Kansas Girl says:

                      Baxter Springs is on Route 66!

                      Story is that my relatives were running booze into or out of Baxter Springs during prohibition in my great aunt’s car. She thought those young men were so nice, so she let them borrow the car.

                • Kansas Girl says:

                  Big Brutus is in Mineral Springs, south of Pittsburg and north of Columbus. http://www.bigbrutus.org/index.html I had to Google.

                  There is a photo of me standing in the shovel when I was young. My Uncle Maynard (yes indeed) loved to show us the local sights when we visited. That photo has sadly run away with the photo of little me standing on Elvis’ birthplace front porch. Classic photos gone missing.

                  • Okie Folkie says:

                    OH! Cool, so all along we were talking about the Chat Piles….or Ottawa County Alps! Didja know you used to be able to walk underground from Commerce, OK. (home of Mickey Mantle) to Joplin, MO. all because of mining, or as we said it “digging bullets outta the ground?”
                    I had a friend whose dad had several dirt bikes and he would take all of us out to the Chat Piles & turn us loose with those dirt bikes, no helmets….aaahhh good times at age 13.

                    • Kansas Girl says:

                      Really! That’s cool about the underground tunnels. A cousin lives in North Miami still, so I know Commerce too. People still ride on those chat piles, but I think most are fenced off now. Contaminated. And Treece and Picher are sinking.

        • klmh says:

          Happy happy B-Day!

  14. Error404 says:

    Ok, I clarification on cookie gate as well. In Providence the Italian bakeries on federal hill all do specialty cookies and it’s very common for people to bring “store bought” cookie platters to your house on holidays and special occasions as gift. It’s not like someone shows up with a box of freihofffers of keebler slripes from the supermarket! These are gourmet cookies and considered a nice gift. I assume that’s what the nj wives are gifting. Are they showing up to teressa’s with a package of chip ahoy? Or is she just a bitch?

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I don’t find it strange that Melissa brought cookies, but I find it strange that knowing the fuss about Melissa bringing cookies, Jaq and Caroline did as well. I do find it strange that no one brought pies.

      • nic says:

        I don’t think they knew about Melissa’s cookies. Just because of Jac’s look to Caroline like “Oh crap, is she gonna get pissed about our cookies next?” T doesn’t have enough sense to realize the story she’s relating is insulting her dinner guests.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          How could they not know the cookie story? It was all over the news in August/September when Melissa got signed on as a HW.

          Jaq may have been poking a little fun at T, and then had the face of “oh I didn’t expect her to retell the story – crap” look on her face. Hard to say with Jaq – her expressions are priceless.

    • quincyil says:

      I was tricked into eating calamari in an Italian restaurant on Federal Hill. That place is dangerous. I was trying to get vegetarian and went I went to the ladies room for one second, the waiter conspired with Iranians to do that to me.

      Beware…. the waiters tell stories on Federal Hill.

      Yuck, by the way… like rubber inner tube.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Nope she’s just a bitch. She made sure to say she didn’t like sprinkle cookies when Jacbesimple just walked in with a platter of them. Caroline also brought cookies from the famed “Corrado’s” but it wasn’t her favorites either. IOW Bitch get your own cookies!

      • housewifeaddict says:

        She is a bitch to Melissa. Clearly there is nothing Melissa could do that Teresa would like, and vise versa. They are in THAT place in their relationship, and can’t get out. I’m sure the cookies are yummy – but now just a theatrical prop to retell their stories.

        Production probably handed Jaq and Caroline the cookies as they arrived at T’s house and made them bring them in LOL.

      • SeoulSista says:

        Good lord, this is what the housewives from Jers have been reduced to? They are really scraping the bottom of the idea barrel on this one (Cookiegate) as far as story lines go. Perhaps T-Money should stop using the Countess’ book as a doorstop and flip through to the manners section..even if the author rarely practices what she preaches..

        • HD says:

          What is really stupid, is who cares if they are homemade or store bought? Everybody knows you just take what someone brings even if no one is going to eat it. What is the big deal? Take it, put the cookies on a nice plate, let the kids eat them and who cares. These people fight over stuff that is so stupid to me.

          • SeoulSista says:

            Agreed, mountains out of molehills is the theme for season three…

          • Error404 says:

            As “she who will not be named” once said on RHNY: it’s never about what it’s about. Mel obviously did something for ter to throw “that prostitution whore’s” cookies out.

            My guess: Juicy made apass at Mel. Mel finked and Joey went apeshit. Juicy denied it. Then juicy told ter it was Mel who came on to him, and as women with serial adulterine hubbies are prone to do, ter chides to belive juicy and now convinces herself thatmelmade the pass at juicy because that makes life easier. Unlike dumping her husband, dumping her brother doesn’t require a relocation, raising 4 brats with no $$, etc….

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              You should write children’s stories! LMAO Good one, and believable.

            • nathania says:

              wow. that is brilliant.

              I think we have a winner.

            • HW Addict says:

              T said that the cookie incident was retaliation for the card. That is why Caroline got so po’ed, she saw that they BOTH were acting like children. I know there is a lot of Caroline hating around here but I like her, she jsut has a really low BS meter, IMHO…

      • Caroline brought Pinnolli cookies which ARE T’s faves

        (DG, I changed the name. Q)

    • BessiB says:

      Teresa was just a bitch about the cookies, as she was telling everyone who would listen. Maybe Melissa was not bringing the cookies for Teresa: maybe she was bringing Sprinkle Cookies for all the kids.

      • nathania says:

        I thought it had to do with Danielle Staub, those were Danielle’s favorite cookies, so when Melissa brought them, Teresa was supposed to have been offended she brought Danielle Staub’s favorite cookies to her house and threw them in the garbage. The story makes no sense without the Danielle Staub reference but apparently they are trying to get around bringing her name up…probably because they have all been threatened with lawsuits or something.

    • snarkarella says:

      I don’t think bringing cookies from a nice bakery is bad. I’m sure there are lots of Italian bakeries in the area. But I found it very Tereas like for her to say, “Oh, I looove sprinkle cookies!” to Jacqueline and then say she hated them during dinner while recounting the whole tossing of Melissa’s cookies.
      What a classless ho’.

      • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

        Melissa said in her blog that she was 4 or 5 months pregnant. Judging by the age of her youngest son, I think thats pretty accurate. That makes Teresa even more petty.
        Geez, who cares if you bring sprinkle cookies or not and who expects for a pregnant woman to bake a desert for a holiday. Its really not that serious.
        Teresa is the older sibling, she needs to grow up. This whole thing is childish and annoying. Caroline and Jacqueline both brought cookies to her house and she didnt say anything about that.
        This whole thing is really stupid at this point.
        If you look for something hard and long enough, you find it. Teresa and Melissa are grasping at straws and looking for reasons to continue this childish arguing. They are too old for this.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I oten bring bakery cookies. I am far to busy at Christmas to do much baking. I leave it to the pros.

        • nathania says:

          to me it looks like they are having trouble even prolonging the feud past the third episode, but possibly have been asked to do so by the producers, for the sake of keeping their places on the show…(or maybe the hint about creating drama was an inference)

  15. linda2148 says:

    Lynn – you really seem to like the Joey and Melissa group. Me – not so much. I wouldn’t trust any of them.

    • Hugh Knowit says:

      they just look happier at times by comparison
      I think at one time all these people were more then just family
      thats what makes it so sad

      did anyone ever see the film Avalon with Aiden Quinn a whole tight knit jewish family is torn apart because someone cut the turkey at thanksgiving before another relative arrived,its really a great film bring a hankie

  16. klmh says:

    From ER doctor after Joplin tornado

    45 Seconds: Memoirs of an ER Doctor from May 22, 2011.

    My name is Dr. Kevin Kikta, and I was one of two emergency room doctors who were on duty at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin, MO on Sunday May 22,2011.
    You never know that it will be the most important day of your life until the day is over. The day started like any other day for me: waking up, eating, going to the gym, showering, and going to my 400pm ER shift. As I drove to the hospital I mentally prepared for my shift as I always do, but nothing could ever have prepared me for what was going to happen on this shift. Things were normal for the first hour and half. At approximately 5:30 pm we received a warning that a tornado had been spotted. . Although I work in Joplin and went to medical school in Oklahoma, I live in New Jersey, and I have never seen or been in a tornado. I learned that a “code gray” was being called. We were to start bringing patients to safer spots within the ED and hospital.
    At 5: 42pm a security guard yelled to everyone, “Take cover! We are about to get hit by a tornado!” I ran with a pregnant RN, Shilo Cook, while others scattered to various places, to the only place that I was familiar with in the hospital without windows, a small doctor’s office in the ED. Together, Shilo and I tremored and huddled under a desk. We heard a loud horrifying sound like a large locomotive ripping through the hospital. The whole hospital shook and vibrated as we heard glass shattering, light bulbs popping, walls collapsing, people screaming, the ceiling caving in above us, and water pipes breaking, showering water down on everything. We suffered this in complete darkness, unaware of anyone else’s status, worried, scared. We could feel a tight pressure in our heads as the tornado annihilated the hospital and the surrounding area. The whole process took about 45 seconds, but seemed like eternity. The hospital had just taken a direct hit from a category EF-4 tornado.
    Then it was over. Just 45 seconds. 45 long seconds. We looked at each other, terrified, and thanked God that we were alive. We didn’t know, but hoped that it was safe enough to go back out to the ED, find the rest of the staff and patients, and assess our loses.
    “Like a bomb went off. ” That’s the only way that I can describe what we saw next. Patients were coming into the ED in droves. It was absolute, utter chaos. They were limping, bleeding, crying, terrified, with debris and glass sticking out of them, just thankful to be alive. The floor was covered with about 3 inches of water, there was no power, not even backup generators, rendering it completely dark and eerie in the ED. The frightening aroma of methane gas leaking from the broken gas lines permeated the air; we knew, but did not dare mention aloud, what that meant. I redoubled my pace.
    We had to use flashlights to direct ourselves to the crying and wounded. Where did all the flashlights come from? I’ll never know, but immediately, and thankfully, my years of training in emergency procedures kicked in. There was no power, but our mental generators, were up and running, and on high test adrenaline. We had no cell phone service in the first hour, so we were not even able to call for help and backup in the ED.
    I remember a patient in his early 20’s gasping for breath, telling me that he was going to die. After a quick exam, I removed the large shard of glass from his back, made the clinical diagnosis of a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and gathered supplies from wherever I could locate them to insert a thoracostomy tube in him. He was a trooper; I’ll never forget his courage. He allowed me to do this without any local anesthetic since none could be found. With his life threatening injuries I knew he was running out of time, and it had to be done. Quickly. Imagine my relief when I heard a big rush of air, and breath sounds again; fortunately, I was able to get him transported out. I immediately moved on to the next patient, .an asthmatic in status asthmaticus. We didn’t even have the option of trying a nebulizer treatment or steroids, but I was able to get him intubated using a flashlight that I held in my mouth. A small child of approximately 3-4 years of age was crying; he had a large avulsion of skin to his neck and spine. The gaping wound revealed his cervical spine and upper thoracic spine bones. I could actually count his vertebrae with my fingers. This was a child, his whole life ahead of him, suffering life threatening wounds in front of me, his eyes pleading me to help him.. We could not find any pediatric C collars in the darkness, and water from the shattered main pipes was once again showering down upon all of us. Fortunately, we were able to get him immobilized with towels, and start an IV with fluids and pain meds before shipping him out. We felt paralyzed and helpless ourselves. I didn’t even know a lot of the RN’s I was working with. They were from departments scattered all over the hospital. It didn’t matter. We worked as a team, determined to save lives. There were no specialists available– my orthopedist was trapped in the OR. We were it, and we knew we had to get patients out of the hospital as quickly as possible. As we were shuffling them out, the fire department showed up and helped us to evacuate. Together we worked furiously, motivated by the knowledge and fear that the methane leaks could cause the hospital could blow up at any minute.

    Things were no better outside of the ED. I saw a man man crushed under a large SUV, still alive, begging for help; another one was dead, impaled by a street sign through his chest. Wounded people were walking, staggering, all over, dazed and shocked. All around us was chaos, reminding me of scenes in a war movie, or newsreels from bombings in Bagdad. Except this was right in front of me and it had happened in just 45 seconds . My own car was blown away. Gone. Seemingly evaporated. We searched within a half mile radius later that night, but never found the car, only the littered, crumpled remains of former cars. And a John Deere tractor that had blown in from miles away.
    This is about 1/2 of the letter and I will put the rest on if someone wants to read it.

  17. emdee says:

    Not crazy about the Joey and Melissa group either. A few things came to light last night. I thought Melissa’s card was unnecessary, and if I were Theresa I would be pissed off too. That was just mean. She is very jealous. She clearly introduced her brother at the party, and did anyone catch when someone was saying they looked alike, Melissa was very adamant they didn’t. Melissa is spoiled who got everything she wanted and is babied by her siblings, who also want to be on television. You can tell Joey Gorga thinks he’s the greatest thing since mozzarella, but he is a total turnoff.

    • NJBev says:

      I really think Melissa is spoon fed a lot of crap by her
      older, bitchier, sisters. She eats it up, whole heartedly..
      the sisters wanted to keep Tree out of the equation, and
      keep their family together. IMO, they didn’t want the
      Gorga’s interfering with their family dynamics-

      • nathania says:


        but I have to say, that if these girls know anything about teresa…they would have been defensive, and rightfully so, about their baby sister from the beginning. it was dina who said teresa had a “reputation” which we now know she meant ‘for violence’ or throwing fits or whatever. so her reputation precedes her. and the knowledge of that might make the older sisters a bit defensive, and I can’t say I blame them.

      • BEA says:

        Absolutely! Melissa’s sisters and their husbands do not want Joe and his sister to reconcile. Where would that leave them! Melissa’s sisters are creepy. That fur apron – oh please.

    • Hugh Knowit says:

      I wouldnt say a total turn off LOL he has a very sexy face and beautiful eyes

      he acts like a pig but im sure he has moments where he is charming

    • nathania says:

      well, um, most people would take offense at being compared physically to Teresa Guidice. I don’t think that makes Melissa anything but normal.

  18. I hope Kim G. has been completely edited out of future episodes of RHONJ. She has gone too far on Twitter this time. She is targeting Andy Cohen now.

    Kim G’s tweets:

    Kimgranatell: Andy, stop being a flaming A…hole!!! There r birdies all around. Is there really a market for ….????

    Kimgranatell: Glad to be in Vegas dripping in “Real Diamonds” and not with Tom Murro @ Made iin NY Event with that DB A.C. JO.

    Kimgranatell: Can everyone understand initials??? Keep guessing!!

    Kimgranatell: if the “flaming” guilty shoe fits, then WEAR it!!!

    Kimgranatell: Hey Tom, get burnt on any flames tonight? Flying home with my jewels, having sweet dreams” and not about u know who. Goodnight!

    Andy response to Kim G:

    BravoAndy: @Kimgranatell I know you of all ppl have a better sense of humor than that kim g!

    • NJBev says:

      I don’t get it.
      can someone pls. translate fore me? ;(

      • For some reason, Kim G. is attacking Andy Cohen. I don’t know what set her off. She keeps calling him a “flamer” in her tweets and I find it very offensive. I can’t say that I’m surprised. She was caught on videotape making racist comments a few months ago. That video has disappeared.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      What did he do to make her so mad?
      (I’d be offended at the homophobic slurs, but Kim G is garbage to me so I refuse to rise to her bait).

      • HD says:

        She must have been drunk tweeting.

      • I have been trying to find out. I have come up empty so far. Maybe something went on behind the scenes that set her off.

        • SeoulSista says:

          Perhaps it’s because he didn’t choose to make her wizened tooky a cast member? Good lord this woman is like bigoted Methuselah (sans the wisdom and righteousness) with giant pringle on her shoulder. Let it go honey, the nails were being driven into the coffin after last seasons retina-searing episode involving the stripper pole and birthday candles…

      • Barbara says:

        Totally agree – that message was disgusting; but so is KimG. That is one person that truly makes me ill. She does not have one redeeming quality whatsoever. She always talks about her wealth – who cares. Besides Tree was right that woman does look likea 70 year old, but with a facelift.

      • Hugh Knowit says:

        refuse to make her a housewive LOL
        his reply sugest to me that the person twitting is not the real Kim G

      • BEA says:

        I’m sure it is because Andy didn’t put Kim G. on RHONJ. She is disgusting and needs help. I feel so sorry for her son John and her daughter.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Kim must have gotten “chopped” from NJ after her appearance at the fashion show. She is so nuts. Even her family thinks she has lost it.
      DB A.C JO? DB: Dumb B###tch; A.C Andy Cohen; JO? Jack Hole? Whatever Kim I hope your diamonds keep you warm at night.

      • LOLing says:

        I think it’s Douche Bag, Andy Cohen, Jerk off (or jack off). I can’t WAIT to hear the story behind this. And we will, Kim can’t help it.

        Did anyone else notice on the fashion show ep, during all the backstage stuff Kim was lurking around, behind Caroline and trying so hard to be in the middle of the fray! She so much wants to be a part of this, but no one likes her enough to let it happen. Even Melissa & Kathy were uncomfortable when she went off on Teresa in Posche.

        Money wise-Kim G has a ton! She is well above Teresa in that aspect of her life….but I think in a way, Kim is insanely jealous that Teresa, who she despises (or just picks on for attention) is getting a lot of attention for the books, the magazine covers etc. It drives Kim nuts!

        It’s funny though, she is the one cast member who actually outwitted Danielle and beat her at her own game. She fake friended her, stirred up trouble, played both sides, publicly dumped her and insulted her square tits. Danielle was famous for using the legal system to cover up her dirty work and the Manzos wouldn’t play along, so she had that over them. She never tried to go after Kim G. legally, because Kim has enough money to keep it going in court and expose anything and everything about Danielle.Kim fights dirty and she fights to win.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Your translation is probably right. Kim did beat Danielle at her own game. One crazy after another crazy makes for good t.v.

  19. VAgirl says:

    OT. In case you haven’t seen it, a sneak peak of Flipping Out. This season includes Jeff’s bf Gage.


  20. boston02127 says:

    Caroline’s “tight knit cemented family” seems to switch up from season to season. And what was Kim doing there?

  21. klmh says:

    Since some found this of interest, Im posting the last part of the letter. Well, not the last part, he thanked all involved, the hospitals, etc for all their help.

    Tragedy has a way of revealing human goodness. As I worked , surrounded by devastation and suffering , I realized I was not alone. The people of the community of Joplin were absolutely incredible. Within minutes of the horrific event, local residents showed up in pickups and sport utility vehicles, all offering to help transport the wounded to other facilities, including Freeman, the trauma center literally across the street. Ironically, it had sustained only minimal damage and was functioning (although I’m sure overwhelmed). I carried on, grateful for the help of the community. At one point I had placed a conscious intubated patient in the back of a pickup truck with someone, a layman, for transport. The patient was self-ventilating himself, and I gave instructions to someone with absolutely no medical knowledge on how to bag the patient until they got to Freeman.
    Within hours I estimated that over 100 EMS units showed up from various towns, counties and four different states. Considering the circumstances, their response time was miraculous. . Roads were blocked with downed utility lines, smashed up cars in piles, and they still made it through.
    We continued to carry patients out of the hospital on anything that we could find: sheets, stretchers, broken doors, mattresses, wheelchairs—anything that could be used as a transport mechanism.
    As I finished up what I could do at St John’s, I walked with two RN’s , Shilo Cook and Julie Vandorn, to a makeshift MASH center that was being set up miles away at Memorial Hall. We walked where flourishing neighborhoods once stood, astonished to see only the disastrous remains of flattened homes, body parts, and dead people everywhere. I saw a small dog just wimpering in circles over his master who was dead, unaware that his master would not ever play with him again. At one point we tended to a young woman who just stood crying over her dead mother who was crushed by her own home. The young woman covered her mother up with a blanket and then asked all of us, “What should I do?” We had no answer for her, but silence and tears.
    By this time news crews and photographers were starting to swarm around, and we were able to get a ride to Memorial Hall from another RN. The chaos was slightly more controlled at Memorial Hall. I was relieved to see many of my colleagues, doctors from every specialty, helping out. It was amazing to be able to see life again. It was also amazing to see how fast workers mobilized to set up this MASH unit under the circumstances. Supplies, food, drink, generators, exam tables, all were there—except pharmaceutical pain meds. I sutured multiple lacerations, and splinted many fractures, including some open with bone exposed, and then intubated another patient with severe COPD, slightly better controlled conditions this time, but still less than optimal.
    But we really needed pain meds. I managed to go back to the St John’s with another physician, pharmacist, and a sheriff’s officer. Luckily, security let us in to a highly guarded pharmacy to bring back a garbage bucket sized supply of pain meds.
    At about midnight I walked around the parking lot of St. John’s with local law enforcement officers looking for anyone who might be alive or trapped in crushed cars. They spray painted “X”s on the fortunate vehicles that had been searched without finding anyone inside. The unfortunate vehicles wore “X’s” and sprayed-on numerals, indicating the number of dead inside, crushed in their cars, cars which now resembled flattened recycled aluminum cans the tornado had crumpled in her iron hands, an EF4 tornado, one of the worst in history, whipping through this quiet town with demonic strength. I continued back to Memorial hall into the early morning hours until my ER colleagues told me it was time for me to go home. I was completely exhausted. I had seen enough of my first tornado.
    How can one describe these indescribable scenes of destruction? The next day I saw news coverage of this horrible, deadly tornado. It was excellent coverage, and Mike Bettes from the Weather Channel did a great job, but there is nothing that pictures and video can depict compared to seeing it in person. That video will play forever in my mind.

  22. LOLing says:

    Ok, a couple of thoughts…

    In Season 1, Teresa mentioned it took 3 years for them to build their home. S1 aired in summer 2009, but it filmed in summer 2008. So the Guidices started building that house in 2005 or so. The housewarming party in season 2 was filmed in 2009, aired in 2010. I mention this b/c sometimes it’s easy to forget when watching the show, that filming was so long ago. Melissa mentioned that it took a year to build their house, They moved there in 2009. So, the Guidice Manse was the first to go up. It raises a question of who was outdoing who?

    Someone mentioned shady permits and such (remodel as opposed to rebuild). I’ve built a house in NJ and getting permits and inspections and all of the other insane hoops you have to jump through to get approvals and a CO. You just don’t say “I’m remodeling” and they say “Ok” and nobody checks on that! Maybe in other states it’s more simple but I can say from experience, NJ is a bitch! My assumption was there was an older house on the property (I’ve been to the Guidice Manse and where they live is a weird mix of older homes, McMansions and empty lots soon to be McMansions. They don’t live in a neighborhood like the other ladies do) that they took down or built onto so in Melissa’s mind it was a “redo”. As opposed to her house that was built on land they owned from the ground up. In any event, it is petty and the card was petty. It was a dig for sure. Also, personally, when I have done remodeling, or the build…there are some people who are just rude about it. Even friends. Why, I do not know, but it happens. Don’t know if it is jealousy or just annoyance. Would it have been so hard for Melissa to say “God Bles you guys in your new home”? Why the re-do? This is definately a war that both Tree and Melissa carry on. Don’t forget in Ep1 Melissa was pissed Tre didn’t tell her her house was beautiful. My Lord, the tiniest slights set these people off….

    Also, clearly Tree introduced her brother at the party and Bravo cut it out. This whole fight with the parties has everything to do w/ Tree not having them on camera. That is not her fault, thats Siren and Bravos doing. Thats why they showed it…to give the Gorgas a slap down. Did Joey piss off someone b/f editing this ep? LOL.

    As for Cookiegate (ugh these people) here is how I interpreted it. Teresa was pissed about the card, so instead of calling her and yelling about it, she waited until the holidays and bashed her cookie choice. This was revenge for the card. Oy. What a crew! Now, whether Tree actually threw away the cookies or just SAID she threw away the cookies to piss her off is probably something we can’t prove…I think she just told her that to piss her off. Melissa prefers that they went in the trash…so in any event don’t bring these people cookies.

    I think the fact that this is becoming the Guidice/Gorga show is driving Caroline insane. Poor Jaq, she just sits their and gives advice and no one listens.

    • vilzvet says:

      Teresa’s Bravo blog is just up and she tries to explain the cookie situation, that Melissa simply brought over store-bought cookies in their plastic container, no effort involved. No one ate them according to Tre and her mother in law was the one who chucked them out. Then 2 days later the Gorgas came back over for another dinner and Melissa brought nothing. That’s when Teresa said something to her. So now I get it, and I kind of understand. After briefly mentioning Kathy’s great desserts, Teresa went on and on about how delicious HER desserts are to give her book a plug. The blog does not touch upon Milania’s disturbing behavior although Bravo was sure to show the munchkin at her worst. I thought Teresa would have a say about it, but obviously there was no excuse, the kid acts like that all the time.

      • LOLing says:

        Hearing “Milania” in that Teresa voice haunts me like Jill’s “Hiiiii”. Nails. On. A. Chalkboard.

        Although, having a child myself, I never judge other kids actions or the way people parent based on little clips on TV. Like the infamous Johan and Francois stabbing the burger. These are little kids, who are probably upended by the filming and they act up. This could have been midnight for all we know! Plus mom is running all over promoting her book (they need the $$ so she has to do what she has to do), that the kids act up is no shock. I kind of equate it to when your kid acts up in public and you don’t react like you would at home. Probably same for the TV kids. Although, I was suprised to see her yell at the girls…I feel like you can see the strain on her. Who know? Could the Gorga Switch have been inherited by Milania?

        Which isn’t to say Milania is an angel! She does seem to be a little, um, maintainence than the other ones, but in a lot of families I know the older ones are calmer than the babies. I don’t know why this is, but I have noticed it.

      • Hugh Knowit says:

        well none of us really know that she acts like that all the time despite how often its caught on tape

  23. Carlin says:

    Anybody else catch Tree’s blog this morning? She has written a different account of the cookie debacle. Not really a nicer version, but one that lays the blame for the cookies getting thrown out on another person. I think the version she told Caroline is probably closer to the truth. She was angry about a poorly worded card sent by her SIL and thought that she could return the insult. I believe that because I don’t see Melissa having the capacity to insult in a covert manner. Just as I don’t believe that Teresa could grasp the tone or intent in any writing. Neither of them are mind ninjas.

  24. V-NY says:

    I have another Nonna quote!!!

    “My hushb, believa me..est bada f*cka man.. oh ma gone…believea me…the Gone no like ma husb…my husb sona ma bae*ich. Ma hushb go out wita alota gels…calabrese putana…only me take cara of my kidsa. I cooka e cleana per my kidsa…me da best modtha in da worlda. Nobody likea me. My husb…dropa deada e me no f*ucka carea.”

    She has lost her filter over the years due to some dementia/senility. However, she is quite the character. It’s a shame that I know wayyyyyy to much about her personal life; some of these stories are best left when unsaid.

    • Debbie says:

      Trying to catch up with blog and comments..Haven’t seen the episode yet..can you let me know who Nona is? Thanks.

      • V-NY says:

        Hi Debbie. Nonna just means grandmother in Italian. I was quoting my grandmother!! lol. I’m sorry you thought it was part of the show.

        • Debbie says:

          Thank V-NY!
          I’ve only been keeping up with the Hw’s through the blog and comments. I thought I had missed a new character and a funny one at that 🙂 .
          Too bad there’s no Nona . Had there been I could have been tempted to jump back into the fray. As far as I’m concerned, No Nona? No Joisey!

          • V-NY says:

            hahah Debbie. Maybe they need a Nonna on tv for some comic relief. RHONJ makes me feel very tense afterward; I also feel sad at the end of each episode because of the family drama an dynamics all aired for us to see. I don’t think this show will be good for my emotional health!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Oh, you give Nonna a big hug from Kansas! She sounds so cute. Can you laugh when she says this stuff, or does she notice and get mad? My own grandma had an aneurism and after she recovered she suddenly could swear fluently. So funny to see a sweet old lady swearing a blue streak.

      • V-NY says:

        I usually laugh when I quote her, but in front of her I try not to. lol. I don’t need a vendetta against me from her!! lol
        It is funny when they don’t realize that they’re saying inappropriate things. I’ll give Noninna a big hug for you.

  25. cdnfillie58 says:

    OT…just realized JZ blocked me on Twitter…I am TRULY blessed 😛

  26. butterisafruit says:

    We renovate..heck we rebuilt our summer house. And even though it’s new, including a new foundation, it’s considered a rebuilt home. It has nothing to do with anything shady. If (in our area) it’s a newly built home the property is not taxed by the town the first year.
    It’s different if the house was razed and it was reaccessed, for taxes, as property only. I can’t say anymore on that as I am not familiar with all the codes.

    I do think in T’s case even though it’s rebuilt, it’s essentionally a new home. Mostly because they didn’t live there before. I don’t think. I think it was a jab. I’m in
    a house built in 1890, but when I moved in I thought it was MY new home.

    • butterisafruit says:

      I meant I didn’t think they lived there before and I felt it was a jab.

      • LOLing says:

        No..they lived in a house with linoleum floors! The horror!!
        Having built a home, let me ask you this (and I mentioned this in another thread)…..do you find something “off” as far as them getting the house finished and getting a CO? I know w/ our build we paid for each phase and then that phase was done and we moved onto the next. The contractor handled everything. We just picked colors, tile, granite etc. The contractor negotitaed all prices as well..even on appliances.

        Obviously, the house added to the Guidices debt. That place was for sure a million to build. At LEAST. But, when you look at the bankruptcy stuff, they owe builders or suppliers money. Now, maybe this isn’t for the house, could be other things. Was Joe his own contractor? Also, a lot of people were upset that they owe money to, say, the railing guy and people feel so sorry for the railing guy…but why did railing guy finish the job? I think Juicy paid the labor in cash to his contractors (so they and their people got paid) and the contractors who use credit for supplies, stiffed the suppliers. Then when the suppliers went after the infmous railing guy…they sued the Guidices, knowing full well Joe could find a way to cover it eventually. Or file for bankruptcy. Maybe that was the plan all along?

        Oh, and when the suppliers don’t get paid, they write it off as an uncolloectable debt on their taxes. The building business is very interesting!

        • butterisafruit says:

          I don’t know why they were able convert the construction loan to a conventinal mortgage with all those liens.
          A contruction loan is just as you said. The bank authorizes X amount of $. However it’s dispersed as the construction is being done. Foundation, framing, roofing, interior work…plumbing, electrical etc.
          Even if you are your own contractor the bank will not lump sum the money. And I don’t know any tradesmen that wait over 30 days for their money.
          And the word gets out. You can’t play around. If you don’t pay the lumber company for the framing, no way will you get a delivery for windows.
          Also you can’t write off too much as an uncollected debt. You only can carry so much for the next year.
          The whole thing is fishy. I still want to know how he forged her name, for the mortgage. Here it has to be signed in front of an officer of the bank.

          • LOLing says:

            Exactly, I feel like there were a lot of hands in this. Also, since they started the house in 2005, the economy was still rolling and loans were handed out like candy. Unless he was using cash? From his businesses maybe?

            I don’t think the Guidices had a construction loan. I know the Gorgas did…that house they live in was meant as a spec. They did convert it to a mortgage though. Those are the questions I would like to know the answers to…as far as Teresa’s house. HOW did it get finished? It seems like a lot of cooks had their hand in the pot.

          • twoile says:

            @bif, I remember that part of the issue was that JG didn’t pay the mort or upkeep…heat/hw, etc on the sec8 rentals he had….maybe he used that $ 2 pay as he went along…

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    When someone either builds or moves to a new home the card would always say congratulations on your new home! Not a redone home. Not a 100 year old home owned by multiple people prior to you buying. That was a dig but considering the source – Teresa should just ignore it – cause paying no attention to an attention seeker is the best revenge!

    • LOLing says:

      Yes! That is right! That is to funny! The concept of “normal people” behavior is lost on these people. All the housewives actually.

      For example:
      Teresa was being fake nice at the christening and she came over to the table to say a fake congrtulations. A “normal” person would probably cringe, but grin and bare it, then talk about them when they walk away. Esp in a room full of people for a family party. 99% of the people at the party would have no idea there was a problem. The GG Clan is so offended by this fakeness that they snap and start a brawl. Because, that’s how to handle things.

      There could be a whole thread dedicated to “Normal People” V Housewives. There are 100 for Jill, Tamra, Teresa, Daniele alone!

    • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

      It was a dig but considering that Teresa and Joe didnt pay for the home that they live in via bankruptcy, its a moot point now. She should probably spend all that extra energy focusing on how shes going to work her way out of the excessive debt she has acquired.

  28. RHONJ has been rewed for a fourth season. This is the first time that I can remember that one of the “Real Housewives” shows has been renewed when the season is still in progress.


    • LOLing says:

      NJ and BH are now the standard bearers for this franchise. DC and Miami flamed out, Atlanta is, well, it’s Atlanta and OC and NY have run their courses. I Bravo wants to keep his going they have to hang on to NJ and BH, while they fix OC and NY.

      • V-NY says:

        I think Miami still has a good chance despite that their ratings were quite abismal. As for RHONY, I watched an online interview with Ramona and she said that they had new producers this season. It seemed to me that the producers didn’t capture the best of storlylines from these ladies.

        However, if we compare the ratings from RHONY 3 and RHONY 4 by using a paired-difference statistical hypothesis test, we could infer that their isn’t much of a difference in performance from both seasons by using a 1 percent or a 5 percent level of significance. RHONY season 3 garnered about 2 million viewers by the 10th episode;RHONY season 4 has garnered 2 million viewers by the 8th episode. The ratings prior to the climatic episodes are very close in measure, and the dispersion of the ratings seems fairly distributed for both seasons. I’m sure Bravo was hoping for the percetage of ratings to increase during season 4, but it is impossible for the NY iteration to do so because it is a tamer in comparison to the other iterations such as RHONJ and RHOA.
        I also hope Bravo will use a statistician to determine whether or not to continue The Real Housewives of New York.

        • quincyil says:

          I liked Miami. I hope it comes back.

          • V-NY says:

            I really loved Lea Black; I thought that she was very classy. I also thought that it was strange that every episode revolved around a cooking lesson. Miami has many venues to help illicit drama and more complex storylines. They could have introduced the Marysol/ Larsa feud over Elsa a little earlier. Then they could have extended that feud because it would have been better TV. Even the allegations of Cristy Rice cheating on her husband, could have been introduced earlier, and it could have been woven into her storyline more too. It was poorly produced and poorly edited, but it does have a chance. I need to be a producer, and I’ll get us some good old fashioned drama!

            • V-NY says:


            • Debbie says:

              I was under the impression that Miami was not being filmed as a HW show. That it was more or less going to be another version of Miami Social, revolving around social events and dinners,” ladies who lunch”. When they had to delay premier of NY, they chose to air Miami as A Real Housewife franchise to fill the gap..
              Of course, I could be wrong but I think i read a Miami review that specifically addressed the cooking lessons and how each show seemed to revolve around food.

              • V-NY says:

                @Debbie- I think you’re right about the original intention of RHOMIA. When people watch a RH show, they expect it to be a better. I still liked it, but it’s up to Bravo to renew it.

            • Okie Folkie says:

              Yeah! @ V-NY! PLUS, Miami has “DEXTER” there. Now THAT could make some good drama for the RHs! I can just see Tre & Juicy wondering WTF is following us……then…..stab…ouch!

            • nathania says:

              yes, what was nice about Miami was that it was allowed to happen more organically since they were not putting so much effort into it. I really liked the cast, minus Larsa and Christy whom are just not interesting being ‘wives of somebody famous’. Lea Black really does show how to marry into something like that yet take it and use it to do good things in the world.

              Marysol has more class than probably any other housewife I can think of, with the exception maybe of Adrienne Maloof…although with Adrienne I don’t know if it’s class or reserve I am detecting. I loved Marysol’s humility, she refused several times to be nasty when attacked and instead responded in earnest. That quality is so intriguing in a scenario such as this one. I think those cast member aside from the b-ball wives are very interesting people and the demographic is THERE absolutely, for this show to succeed.

              It feels to me though like Bravo is getting worn out. They are trying too hard with NJ and NY, editing-wise, that much is clear. OC has sooooooooooooooo run it’s course and there is just nothing left to say, since the one interesting aspect has been outdone by BH.

              • V-NY says:

                @Nathania- I agree with what you said, and I enjoyed reading your viewpoint. I could not have said it better. I am glad that you also see the potential in the show as well.

        • LOLing says:

          That was very complicated! ;0 JK!
          I wonder how Bravo is going to keep these shows going? I wonder what criteria they use to determine who stays and goes? The NY Post had a blub about Bravo recasting the whole NYC franchise but who knows.
          I will make some predictions (for fun-I could be totally wrong, it’s not like rocket science!)
          Miami will not come back.
          OC will lose Peggy, keep the rest, but keep introducing new people and reduce the roles of Tamra, et al over a season or 2, until the cast is fresh.
          NY will lose Cindy and LuAnn. They will slide in new people and phase out Ramona & Kelly. Alex will stay, ppl like her, plus Simon is a wild card. Sadly, Jill will remain,. b/c as much as people hate her…they watch her.
          Atlanta women will kill and eat each other. Except Kim, her Kroy and the baby will get a spin-off! 🙂
          NJ will let Dina back into the fold (for Teresa) and phase out Jaq and Caroline. Not totally b/c Andy loves Albie, but they will be diminished. I forsee a Marco sister (Kim or Lisa) maybe taking a spot. A friend of Kathy’s? Teresa will never leave, she’s NJ’s Jill!

          • V-NY says:

            I like your predictions!!
            I wonder what are the criteria for renewing a show?

            • LOLing says:

              Besides ratings, I know Bravo people, interns etc study online sights. Their own and other ones. I know they track what people say about the housewives. That’s why the villians always stay…they get eyeballs. Except Danielle, there’s no way she’d walk away from a TV show and $$$, I am pretty certain she was fired b/c her crazy went too far off camera.

              I guess if ratings are low and opinion is lackluster, they end it. That’s why I don’t believe Miami will come back. DC was doomed from the start b/c public opinion was so against the Salamis and Bravo. The perception was they pulled that stunt to get on the show and Bravo allowed it (which isn’t 100% true) and promoted it, when the President and Vice President were put in a (potentially) dangerous situation. I liked the DC people too (except Salamis). Plus at some point HW fatigue willl set in.

              And of course, if thye get the ad dollars. Although it seems Bavo commercial time is spent promoting Bravo shows!

              • V-NY says:

                I really liked RHODC. I will miss Lynda and Cat 😦
                Thank you for sharing your insight on how these shows are renewed.

    • Debbie says:

      I followed your link, ICSTT, and was dumbstruck by the numbers:

      NEW YORK – June 7, 2011 – Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County” finale was as explosive in the ratings as it was in the drama, delivering the highest rated episode of the series with 2.88 million total viewers and the highest rated episode of the season with 1.86 million adults 18-49, according to Nielsen Media Research. The season six finale marked double-digit growth with 17 percent increase in total viewers and 3 percent growth among adults 18-49 compared to the previous season finale (03/04/10).

      I can’t believe that the ratings went UP this season!

      • I am surprised too because I thought RHOOC was awful this season. I stopped watching it after the first five episodes but I did watch the finale. I will probably watch the reunion even though I thought the season was boring.

      • nathania says:

        the fact that it is the highest episode of the season is not surprising so we can throw that out. I think the finale being the highest of the series is not surprising considering the popularity of the HW franchise right now.

        I also have to wonder how much of the Alexis vs. Peggy T&A (not to mention Tamra bathtub porn) that was so much a part of this season is responsible for the growth in viewership. Is this the new direction for housewives, nakeder, younger, and more plastic? Is Bravo segue-ing the series into a soft-porn “Lifestyles of the Nouveau Riche and Borderline Bankrupt?” It’s interesting to note that Alexis and Peggy don’t have a whole heck of alot of fans among seasoned viewers of these shows. Yet ratings are going up, at least in the 18 to 49 group and I wonder how many are males?

        Because my guess is that ratings are going down among true HW veteran fans. With there always being better and newer porn around the corner if I were Bravo I would not put my eggs in that basket and expect it to have any longevity.

  29. ClevelandGuy says:

    Ok, that was a very boring episode of the NJ Housewives last night! Lynn has written a very glowing account of Melissa’s thanksgiving and I’m not so sure Joe and Melissa are as innocent as she thinks in the Teresa/Joe fued. Again I am riveted by Melissa’s beauty….. Joe must be very nice or a great earner because he is not as handsome as Melissa says! He sort of looks like the missing link! Anyways, between mama-hen Caroline (boring) and ho-hum Jacqueline (boring), the only story line driving this season of NJHW is the Gorga-Guidice battle…….. let’s see more of it!!!

    • MAMAZ says:

      She is very beautiful but I think she’s a nasty piece of work.

    • nathania says:

      well, she says he reminds her of her father, who has passed away, and it’s been proven we do go after people who remind us of parents.

      He’s probably hung, in my guess.

      I think people shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Melissa because the potential she has been handed to create drama with Teresa as a SIL seems limitless. If she took advantage of HALF the oppty’s she’s had to stir the pot, there probably would have been bloodshed by now. I see her taking the high road more often than not.

  30. ClevelandGuy says:

    Oh almost forgot…… can someone explain the “dig” Melissa made at Teresa with that card? I didn’t get the significance of “redone”.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Any house is new to you when you move in – it can be new construction, rennovated, previously owned, etc – by saying redone, Melissa was making a dig about the status of the house itself and not what it meant to the family who was moving into it. Melissa isn’t as nice as she wants us to believe.
      The Guidice’s bought land and an existing structure where their mansion now stands. By leaving one wall of the existing structure standing they saved on loans/taxes by rennovating instead of going new construction.

      • LOLing says:

        That’s not quite how it works in NJ. Leaving one wall isn’t enough to call it a renovation. The laws, codes and stuff are so convoluted I won’t even try! But you save nothing on taxes or loans, the cost of new or renovated has nothing to do with new or renovated and everything to do with the cost of the job. The house and land are assesed when the product is finished. There are special loans for building and alot of people use the equity in an exsisting home to renovate. This is just a rumor type of thing.

        But, you can save on taxes by saying certain space is not livable. This applies to attics and basements…not bedrooms etc. A lot of people get a CO and do final inspections w/unfinished attics and basements to save money. Then the second the assesment is done..they bring in contractors to do an attic or basement living space! This is common. But NJ has the one of the highest property taxes in the country…so I say do it! Maybe I even have..LOL

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Construction everywhere has loop holes. I have seen bedrooms called dens, libraries, game rooms, sewing rooms, classrooms, etc in an atttempt to undervalue property based on number of bedrooms. I chair my village’s Building and Zoning Board of Appeals. My favorite hearing was a guy who buried four tires in his foundation and tried to call his 5000 sq ft, six bedroom house a mobile home!

        • Error404 says:

          It’s about zoning. Usually you leave a piece of old building up and “rennovate” because current code won’t allow you build what you want new. They were either trying to get a bigger house on the land, or a house closer to the highway, or a house on land not zoned for houses, etc…

          • LOLing says:

            Yes, that’s true as well. But I realy thought they lived somewhere else completely b/f they built that? Melissa would know better, obviously! Where were the linoleum floors that Danielle talked aboout? A temp house during the renovation?

    • TrillianAlice says:

      It is like saying,”Good Luck with your new car.” To, “Good Luck with that piece of junk.” Just a nasty dig and she even admits it on her blog.

      Great job Lynn and Quincy.

      • ClevelandGuy says:

        Thanks for the explanations! I really didn’t get it, but now I think I do. Seems like this whole “thing” is just classic alpha-females clashing. The poor husbands seem like they don’t really want to hate each other, but their wives’ drama makes them feel obligated to do so. Joe Gorga’s “daddy-issues” are babyish. Grow up. Joe Guidice is not trying to turn your dad against you!

  31. lillybee says:

    I think that the men at Melissa’s party weren’t drinking tequila shots. I think they were drinking grappa. Grappa is an Italian distilled spirit that is strong enough to take the enamel off one’s teeth.

    • Error404 says:

      Grappa is Greek. Italians drink Strega which is also gross IMO but IIRC it’s yellow not clear like tequila and grappa. Anywho, long story short: IMO slamming shots during holiday dinner is “a Gorga thing” not ” an Italian thing”. The funniest thing about RHNJ is that they’re all garbage!

      • MAMAZ says:

        There is Italian Grappa. My grandfather used to make it.
        I thought the same thing lillybee.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I thought I saw a bottle of Patron and was thinking that slamming shots before appetizers was not a very wise thing to do.

        • Error404 says:

          Thanks! I was having a senior moment and was thinking of uzzo, not sure why. Yes grappa is Italian. Blech, personally I can’t stand any of them. Chinzano either. Yuck.

  32. LOLing says:

    Here is something that is a MUST READ! Every now and then I look on the Twitter timeline of BravoMaxine (AKA Tweet Maxine) [http://twitter.com/#!/BravoMaxine] b/c I find her special brand of crazy so outrageous and amusing. I have yet to determine if she is actually a crazy person who makes this stuff up for giggles (and God help us, people believe her! Her and danielle Staub are Tweet buddies, which tells you how credible she is) or if it is some kind of weird PR stunt. Anyway here are Tweets from yesterday about Jaq. It is off the charts loony tunes!

    BravoMaxine Tweet Maxine
    @ @xxluvnmylifexxx u can bet if Derek & Ashlee had problems…. @JacLaurita was right in the middle of it. #daniellestaubownshow #rhonj #rhnj

    BravoMaxine Tweet Maxine
    Spread the news— @jaclaurita had ILLICIT AFFAIR w/ Derrick Vance — @Ashleeholmes Boyfriend (reason y they broke up) #daniellestaub #rhonj

    BravoMaxine Tweet Maxine
    Derek Vance writing TELL-ALL book about @Jaclaurita household, says when cameras were off Jac pranced around in see-thruNIGHTIE in attempt 2

    I didn’t even post half of the crazy…but if you have a Twitter go and read this. Also, she is asking her followers to call NJ Dept of Health to shut down the Brownstone AND asking people to call CA CPS and report Tamra as an abusive mother. I wonder what the legalities of this stuff is? I wonder if this is lawsuit stuff? In any case it’s tranwreak nuts! :0

    • JKW says:

      I saw the best line ever on TVgasm about Ass-ley wanting to get a car. I couldn’t stop laughing…and I still am.

      Grubman won’t respect me til I run someone ovah and I can’t run someone ovah on public transpatashun MOTHA!

      • LOLing says:

        That is a fantastic line. I am convinced that Ashley has a car. Or at least a car she can use whenever she wants. I mean, I know she isn’t walking to the train everyday, it would not be possible and I am sure her mom isn’t driving her….I seriously think this car thing is part of Ashley’s “storyline”.

        • Chris bought Ashley a car on the first season of RHONJ. I wonder what happened to that car.

          • LOLing says:

            The official story is that she got to have it, then she messed up (again) and they gave it to a relative. That was in a blog last season. Who knows? Ashley is hapless!

            • WOMAN says:

              Did anybody else laugh when she blamed her tears on PMS? It sucks being told to your face, and on television, that you’re an idiot.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Ashley is a waste of film, throw in some b filler and move along. What a whinny waste – so she cleaned up the kitchen, walked the dog and cleaned up her room unaided by friends. If she gets a car out of this deal, then we will hear about the tickets…. Sorry but Jacquiline can blame Ashley’s behavior on a broken home but Ashley has never lived the life of a child from a broken home! Ashley hit the jackpot when Jac married Chris and she is milking it like she owns the cow.

      • nathania says:

        that’s hysterical!

    • Lurker Also says:

      Speaking of which, I saw this on Tweet Maxine’s FB today. Wondered also if anyone had pegged who she is. Anyway, here it is:

      ATL Seas4: Kandi forced to sell ‘Tags’ Boutique, blames SHEREE!
      .Ok, let’s start from the beginning: Ever since Kandi opened up her retail store, she dreamed of having her own “Tags” house brand merchandise. Kandi does have a few “Tags” logo items, but she really wanted a more complete line of dresses, tops, jeans etc.

      Enter Sheree…..who was looking to start up her ‘She By Sheree’ clothing line, and it seemed like it was a perfect match.

      The two have been fighting over everything, starting with what to name the (joint-venture) clothing line. Since it was supposed to be a House-brand, Kandi naturally wanted it called Tags….one syllable, simple. Obviously that didn’t sit well with Sheree, but Kandi argued that since they were going to split the profits 50%….what difference does a name make, when the money’s the same?

      Then there was the problem of styling and Sheree’s disdain for plus sizes and Sheree’s (funny) remark about how Tags is turning into a glorified “Lane Giant”. This happened after KimG, who spend much of this (new) Season pregnant, asked Kandi to include a line of Maternity Wear in the new Tags Collection.

      Things came to a head at the Tags Fashion show when Kandi & Sheree ended up arguing about the models (Sheree did not want Cynthia to model her designs which resulted in a Four-way SHOUTING MATCH that spilled out onto the runway. Four-way because, as always, Nene sticks her nose into anything having to do with Cynthia.

      The bad press that resulted, and all the fighting have caused Kandi and Sheree to end their fashion partnership only two months (and 6 episodes) after it began, and now there’s the issue of whether Kandi can go forward with her House Brand at all, given her failed agreement with Sheree, which didn’t leave adequate escape clauses for disasters….which, with these ladies always occur. Phaedra, who drafted the (flim-flam) contract is trying not to take sides, meanwhile Kandi’s boutique is floundering.

      The retail industry even for the big giant stores is doing poorly, Kandi certainly isn’t turning a profit on her little store. Her signature line was supposed to infuse Tags with new life and increased sales, but that’s fallen through, all Kandi wants to do is sell the boutique, and she blames Sheree for the whole thing.

      Look for this story to play out on Seas4 Atlanta which should premiere sometime in September.

  33. Bethenny will be on the Tonight Show this evening.

    Bethenny: Be sure to DVR @JayLeno tonight at 11:35/10:35c on @nbc I will be on! Who will be watching?!

  34. WindyCityWondering says:

    This bothers me – all the NJ housewives are American citizens – why make a big deal out of having a turkey on Thanksgiving? Why would they wonder why the holiday is not celebrated in “the old country”? I’ m getting sick of the horrible way these people butcher Italian traditions or chalk their faults up to being Italian. Yeah, their parents are from the old country but they most definately are not!

    • Error404 says:

      Well, if they are typical itlo Americans they had lasagna before the turkey. LoL

      • MAMAZ says:

        We had rigatoni as a side dish for EVERY holiday including Thanksgiving. And I was an adult before I learned you could have a wedding without serving rigatoni!

        But seriously why would they wonder if they had Thanksgiving in Italy? It’s a freaking American holiday.

        I think Juicy Joe was born in Italy wasn’t he? And did anyone else think he looked a little thinner last night?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Joe looks thinner and more relaxed this season (except for the car conversation) and he was born in Italy but didn’t stay there long. All families have “traditions” but his lack of knowledge about Thanksgiving was just plain weird! And we always have a pasta side with the big holiday dinners too!

          • nathania says:

            amen, he’s practically a rastafarian this season compared to last, I guess because last he was afraid teresa was spending them into bankruptcy and this season she already has, it’s over and done, and they are scamming their way through it and using the mason jar money from the backyard to keep up their lifestyle

          • twoile says:

            @WCW…..the JG/TG famblyseem 2 B lacking in their elementary education…..their respective parents who were adults when they arrived 2 the US would not necessarily B acquainted with the (history/ always written by the winners;) of the holiday.

        • BambiBaby22 says:

          Canada has Thanksgiving.

    • snarkarella says:

      Because Teresa is stupid. She probably couldn’t even tell her kids the story of the Pilgrims if they asked her.

  35. Mt says:

    “she was surrounded by loving family and beautiful well-behaved children”

    Lynn, *sigh* you’re making me go crazy with this stuff. I usually agree with you but not on NJ. In a way you’re implying Teresa’s children are ugly and not well-behaved. Please lets keep the kids out of it? And I don’t think the Gorga’s are as worthy of praise as you make them out to be. I didn’t trust Kathy at all, and still have my suspicions, but I thought she came out looking the best in this episode. I thought she was genuinely upset when thinking her own two kids could one day drift apart like her cousins.

    • Error404 says:

      Oh, is it just me?. I kinda assumed it was generally accepted that ter had ill-behaved kids. I don’t know them, but certainly what bravo chooses to show is footage of poorly behaved kids, especially melannia

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I’m not feeling the Gorga’s either.
      It’s really a coin toss on who the most disgusting is.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Teresa’s children were behaving badly on camera. I’d love to leave them out of it but Teresa keeps putting them on the show!
        Still I’m with you RR. The Gorgas skeeve me out. Kathy’s husband was MFing up a storm in front of the kids. Not good. And Kathy needs to quit whining about Caroline. She didn’t go there to apologize. She went hoping to turn Caro against T. I don’t believe for a moment that T & Caroline are friends but they are allies. Caroline recognized the visit for what it was.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          T’s kids have been on camera longer and are used to it – Melissa’s kids seem very quiet and shy – give them time (look how their parents act on camera)! lol

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I agree, I think the Gosslin kids are prime examples of why these kids (or any other) don’t belong on reality tv.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think it was only Milianna who was behaving badly on camera. Gia is actually been pleasantly surprising me lately.

          I have a feeling that in a few years Mel’s daughter is going to be just like her mother and not in a flattering way. There are already people gushing about what a beautiful child she is and I am sure her mother will use her in the one-upmanship she has going on with Teresa.

  36. HeyAll says:

    I can easily buy Melissa as sneaky; deliberately putting in as little effort as possible. What she wrote in the card was childish and ridiculous. But even setting the content aside, it seemed she wrote it in two seconds while riding a camel in Morocco. Might as well have said, I don’t really care and I’m only writing this because I have to but since I don’t care I’m going to make sure you KNOW I don’t. Is there any excuse to be so sloppy when writing a congratulations to family or friends? I wouldn’t write that way to a neighbor I barely know whose pet has passed.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I’m not liking Melissa or her phony “thank you Jesus” comments.

      • mint says:

        I hope that’s the last of the Jesus comments we hear from her. It’s getting weird.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I would rather hear Thank You Jesus than her Amazing Grace rendition. Now I know she is another delusional one who ‘thinks’ they can sing when they really should be contestants on The Gong Show.

    • mint says:

      It looked like it ran into the crease & was written sideways. I refuse to believe her handwriting is that bad. Perhaps one of the children wrote it. lol

  37. LOLing says:

    Kim is back at it!

    Kimgranatell Kim Granatell
    U meant what u said Andy! I am not “dumb” Theresa here. Hard to get things past me. Way way too smart!

    Someone please uncover this! What did he do!?! I also guess it’s safe to say her days w/ Bravo are done!

  38. Nancy says:

    To all the Boston people out there,
    Thank-you for not shoving last night’s score in my face.
    Let the best team win. 🙂

  39. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    I have not seen last nights episode of Jersey wives but caught last weeks with T trying to write a letter & saying how dumb her brother Joey & Melissa are.lol~
    They all seem to have so much to be thankful for & cannot imagine being so petty.
    What kind of work does Joey Gorga do that he can afford a home like that?

  40. WOMAN says:

    I noticed the guy at the cash register talking to Gorga said, “Woman” do all the cooking. Maybe he knows Danielle.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Well this is the second time Tersa has been caught in a truth. I hate when that happens!

      First she told us Joe and Melissa were at all her parties. Last ight we saw Bravo footage of Teresa and her brother at the Housewarming. She sure wasn’t ignoring him.
      Now Melissa admits she meant to hurt Teresa with the card. Still doesn’t excuse Teresa being so mean about the cookies but it does show us that it isn’t as one sided as the Gorgas would like us to believe.

      • psol says:

        I don’t believe the Gorgas wants us to believe anything is one sided. I think we are all making assumptions and running away with them. Melissa stated in her blog that she wrote the card purposely to hurt Teresa, for something Teresa had done to her previously. he stated that it may come out later in the show if Bravo chooses to show it.

        I don’t believe the Gorgas are saints, but I truly don’t see her being the sneaky, nasty person everyone is saying that she is and I’ve watch the same shows that everyone else has seen.

        Can someone please tell me what I’m missing, because I just don’t understand.

        • psol says:


        • nathania says:

          It’s not everyone saying it, in fact it’s very few people saying it. Most people are undecided. I think if Melissa is a sly as some seem to think then she’s a hell of a lot better operator than teresa which is probably what drives teresa nuts. However, if she really were that conniving, she would certainly not openly admit to throwing a dig at teresa, because that is something someone diabolical never does, they just keep on shucking and jiving. Melissa is a threat to Teresa and Teresa has internet minions spidering around the blogs, in addition to the number of actual viewers of the show who have taken an honest dislike to Melissa. I think most people are withholding judgement until they gather more information (about her motives at least, if not her personality, which does have it’s quirks).

  41. kbinldo says:

    Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like watching Mom & Dad gettin’ it on with a mechanical bull.

  42. Nancy says:

    Please go to U-Tube…
    Korea’s Got Talent 2011 Sung-bong Choi

  43. Jen says:

    Hmmm I thought Melissa said on FB when Tree threw her cookies in the trash it was at Christmas 2010- after this would have been taped…? Or do I have wrong dates?

  44. jeepers1941 says:

    Hey, when did the comment section change?

  45. DiaBLa says:

    Omg….this show makes my head ache!!!!!!! or Maybe Spin…Tree is so StupiD! Yes those things in the “poultry” shop were…..CHICKENS!!!!! Who knew that “Thanksgiving” is an AMerican Holiday???? Everyone except Tree that is…A fresh Turkey is 45 freakin dollars??? WTF……Let’s go get a loan………wait Juicy has a lot of cash still in his wallet. He must have made a trip to the backyard to dig up a few hundred. Just saying….

    • vilzvet says:

      I bought one this past Thanksgiving, yes a big 23 lb., but for SEVENTY dollars! I wanted to support our one local poultry farm. Next year going back to regular frozen. There was NO difference in taste.

  46. MAMAZ says:

    It was a free range turkey. They can be pricy.

  47. BostonGirl says:

    Nancy: Wish they could have saved some of those goals for the next game! Boston was happy last night, it’s been a long time coming. I’m sure the best team will win in the end!

    • Nancy says:

      I love it when the home teams win. I miss seeing my dad out there so it’s a little sad for me to watch.
      OT go to U-tube and type in
      Korea’s Got Talent Sung-bong Choi
      It’s about to go viral.

  48. VAgirl says:

    Just trying out the new reply situation. Didn’t watch NJ last night so have nuttin to say. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions about my doggie situation yesterday. They are all three still alive and well. Feeding the one seperately.

  49. AZ Girl says:

    Vito and Lauren should live together before getting married IMHO. I think many kids today do not know what goes into making a marriage work. Living together happily is good sign that it will be successful. Working out finances and domestic chores is a big part of making it work. Vito should also know he is not just marrying Lauren but also the Manzo family zoo.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      Except studies have shown that couples that do NOT co-habitate before marriage divorce less often than those that do live together.
      In my professional opinion (I am a banker), couples that are not married should NEVER co-mingle funds, I have seen too many instances where the bottom fell out.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I agree with the money not being co-mingled (I am a paralegal). That is a given. Lauren is 23 and that is young. I don’t believe any 23 year old is ready for marriage. You throw in the dynamics of the extended families and that is huge. Like I stated before this is just IMHO.

        • BambiBaby22 says:

          AZ, I am sorry if it seemed I was being argumentative. I didn’t intend that. I did see it was your humble opinion. I

        • Hugh Knowit says:

          my mom got married at 18
          to a man 20 years older
          everyone was dead set against it

          the age thing
          he was a catholic she was a protestant
          they had the happiest marriage of anyone i have ever known

        • MichellefromNY says:

          I’m 23 and have been married for a year. In my culture girls marry much younger than the rest of society. I do not believe in sex before marriage and I feel I was raised to be mature much younger than the rest of today’s society. I do believe I was ready for marriage when I got married and even now I don’t doubt it for a second.

      • Nancy says:

        Tell Prince William that.

  50. nathania says:

    Okay, I just have to post this at the end before I read and realize someone else has pointed it out, but since you mentioned that Caroline was reaming Teresa about letting it go, WHERE IN THE HELL WAS DINA???

    LOL, Caroline.

    There, I just had to get that off my chest.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Dina seems to have fallen off the housewife map and I don’t miss her either! If she had a falling out with Caroline, don’t you wonder how long before Caroline “fixes it” since she is the authority on all things family???

      • boston02127 says:

        Doesn’t Caroline have another brother she doesn’t talk to also?

        • Nancy says:

          Yes, he’s gay.

          • Mr.Rochester says:

            I think Albie is a little Gay…there is something about him…maybe like a 49.852 percent chance that he is.

            • V-NY says:

              It’s VNY above- this new machine technology wordpress is confusing me!!

            • Nancy says:

              Isn’t that like being a little pregnant?

              • V-NY says:

                a little pregnant is when you are not showing hahah. A little gay is like when there is something there in a person’s mannerisms that hint to homosexual possibility…..Also..C is a lesbian-that backwash is a lesbonic trait.
                Oh Nancy..you are always too funny.

                • nathania says:

                  I had to laugh in the preview clip when they had her all butched up.

                  She was soooooooooooooooo convincing in her leather.

            • Hugh Knowit says:

              I wish LOL

              Albie isnt gay at all
              but he does have some gay friends and doesnt have a mean homophobic bone in his body

              say what you will about Caroline but she broght those kids up right

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I remember their gay brother, he was at Dina’s house. I didn’t know that Caroline and him were in the outs…but if that is the case, there is another brother she doesn’t talk to as well. Not only does she not speak to her brother who is/was business partners with Chris, she was omitted from the obituary for his deceased son.

        • AZ Girl says:

          He was the decorator in S1 who made the great comment “Rooster Down”. HA

      • psol says:

        I just saw Dina on a commercial for HGTV.

  51. BambiBaby22 says:

    As far as Teresa and Juicy discussing with each other how to pay for the turkey…….I think it is a good thing. They are now discussing financial issues and they were both aware and on board how to pay for the turkey. I think it shows that they at least learned a little bit of a lesson from their bankruptcy.
    I hope they keep up the financial discussions especially regarding big purchases.

    • Nancy says:

      They have some nerve to show their new mercedes.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      No way was Teresa going to pay for that bird with her bacon money! lol

    • Dawn says:

      It only shows that they have an awareness of the cameras. It doesn’t speak to financial responsibility. To wit- the Mercedes. What’s wrong with a Ford Focus when you’re bankrupt? Of for that matter, a used car paid with two thousand cash?

  52. boston02127 says:

    Is anyone else’s “comment box” diffrent. I’m signed on but the box is totally diffrent and the lettering really small. My new comment box where I post also has links to facebook & twitter. Anyone else?

  53. Hugh Knowit says:

    oh Damn Damn Damn Damn
    i could have met Teresa today at the bookstore in the clifton commons that like 5 mins from us

    Its prob just as well i didnt go she might have flipped a table if i brought up that that baby WAS left unattended even if it wasnt her fault
    but i would have thanked her for sparing that turkeys life LOL

    • boston02127 says:

      I can’t post unless I click on “replay” from the last posting. So sorry.

      Jill’s tweet:
      Jill’s tweet~~Sign up for @jillzarin newsletter at jillzarin.com. Approaching 50,000 subscribers! Jill will personally call the person will is #50,000!!

      I can imagine how that would go:

      Jill—-Hello, You’re subscriber number 50,000!

      Caller—-Do I win anything?

      Jill—Yes, this phone call! A phone call from me, great me!

      Caller—No money, no tee shirt or baseball cap, tickets for anything?

      Jill—-You’re talking to a Hollywood star, I don’t need this crap, we’re done!
      Lynn——Paa-lee–ezzzz make up a fake email on yahoo so you can become subscriber number 50,000.

  54. SoutheastVA says:

    OTT – Does anyone watch “Game of Thrones” on HBO (Sunday night)? It has me hooked. The series is based on the books written by George R. R. Martin. I never heard of the author or books until the series but I bought the box set of novels to read up. It’s an epic type of series in the vein of Excalibur and a little bit of Lord of the Rings. Just thought I’d share.

    • California35 says:

      I watch that and I really like it. There are so many characters and so much going on that it does keep me entertained. Getting the book (s) might be a good idea 🙂

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I read up on the author and found out he penned an epic Dr. Who episodic too. Another one of my guilty pleasures.

  55. Hugh Knowit says:

    a few of us have talked about Game Of Thrones its very addictive and possibly the most violent show evver on TV

    My 2 fave characters are “the Bastard Son” and the Little Person
    im really bad with the names

    the thing is i dont want to see these two fight each other in battle i like them both so much
    oh and that Little girl who was learning how to sword fight love her!

    • SoutheastVA says:

      Your favorites are mine too:
      “the Bastard Son” – Jon Snow
      the Little Person – Tyrion Lannister AKA The Imp
      that Little girl who was learning how to sword fight – Arya (I liked her “dance” teacher too.)
      Oh and I like the direwolves!

      • Hugh Knowit says:

        i flt so bad for that teacher and im sure that woman that was walking with the older sister is dead too isnt she

        its a great cast with terrific acting
        i thought i was gonna pass out when that one guys tounge was ripped out of his detached head


        • California35 says:

          Oh yeah, that guy and that thrive is pretty brutal…
          I do think that lady is dead… 😦

        • SoutheastVA says:

          I felt bad for Serio also. My husband watched it with me and he kept screaming “pick up a sword, pick up a sword” Too Funny. He kept quoting him saying “When the God of Death comes say, Not today!”

          I had to turn away when Kahl ripped out that guys tongue. He is a total bad–s!!

      • California35 says:

        Mine is definitely the “1/2 man” 🙂 he is so good with his words…the little girl since the first episode showed interest for boy stuff, that I figured she would have a big part on the show.

        Did you guys notice the other “bustard” escaping? It wasn’t very clear, but I hope he did escape. I am talking about the real son of the king, that no one knows about yet.

    • SoutheastVA says:

      I think True Blood is more violent. I can’t take it.

      • oh i cant agree i mean yes its violent but not as much as this has been for every episode so far
        True Blood at least has some quite moments and a lot of humour

        i love me some true blood
        Fave villian had to be Mary Ann Forrester love the actress that played her
        she is now on the killing as the mom of Rosie (the girl who was killed)

        there are only 2 episodes left dont see how they can wrap this up

  56. Hugh Knowit says:

    RHOBH was nominated for a critics choice awards

  57. Hugh Knowit says:

    Well they are a classier show for sure and lord knows OC would never get it LOL

  58. jeepers1941 says:

    Well I just posted Melissa and Teresa the same comments, but BRAVO probably won’t publish them, so I am posting it here:

    Teresa My Dear,
    I am attaching a post that I just sent to Melissa just a few minutes ago. Please try and work things out for the sake of “your” family. I think you are both two very head strong women who are saying and doing things you will both regret one day. Best of luck to you and your families….. Oh and please don’t get Caroline involved in this matter, she is not the be all end all person she tries to portray to the public….. but you already know this…….. 🙂

    Hi Melissa,
    I enjoyed watching the scenes of the ladies in the kitchen preparing the Thanksgiving dinner. It reminded me of my family from years ago. Table setting was well done. Oh and Kathy’s derests looked absolutely delish.
    As for this thing between you and Teresa, you both need to stop it, or you both will regret this for the rest of of you’re lives.
    Did you ever stop to think, that just maybe Teresa might resent you because
    you took her little brother away from her? I say this because I was the “outsider” for so many years. But we finally got through that by having a talk without being angry at each other. No digs, no yelling, and realizing we all loved my husband and only wanted what was best for him, and him only.
    While I understand Joey thinks his parents prefer Joe their son-in-law to be their favorite, this is simply a self made barrier Joey has built. I mean Joey is not Joe Giudice, as he appears very laid back. But with Joey he appears very intense and sensitive on many levels, that is not to say that is a bad thing, either. They are two individual people and no two people feel or think alike. So in saying all this, you all are adults and should be able to sit down and get this matter settled as adults. Because there are children involved in this situation as well. Think about what this is doing to them, instead of yourselves. After all they are cousins and should be building relationships with each other, not hating. I wish you all the best………..
    P.S. I am sending Teresa the same post…….

  59. Cusi77 says:

    Arnold and Maria

    Arnold Schwarzenegger had this little misunderstanding because
    English isn’t his native language.
    He told Maria that the Housekeeper wants a raise. Maria said,
    “Screw her.”

    Any simple-minded semi-literate Austrian could have made the
    same mistake.

  60. Nancy says:

    Someone needs to write a “I Hate Jill Zarin” theme song. Then we need to do a “Flash Mob” at Zarin Fabrics.
    I can choreograph it.

  61. Mookies1mom says:

    Haven’t had a chance to read all the comments but found this tidbit on another site. Thought you all might enjoy what a shopping experience with Theresa is like without the cameras there to capture her behavior.

    What pseudo celebrity reality television housewife from New Jersey with the first initial T and who has been known to have anger management issues by flipping restaurant tables visited our store?

    Hurricane T came in as usual and brought the drama with her. According to the story, Hurricane T was a complete BEEYOTCH to everyone from the retail slaves to even a few custys by forgetting to check her rude attitude at the door.

    Apparently life imitates art as her prima donna diva behavior became showcased for the whole world to see.

    I’m sorry but I have serviced celebs before in my retail career and had positive experiences with them so this bitch needs to get a reality check. Plus it is ironic that she treats people like shit especially when she is financially in trouble, facing bankruptcy, and still spends money like there’s no tomorrow. I guess karma is a bitch!

    • boston02127 says:

      Jill’s tweet~~Just ordered some Christian Dior Spray foundation color 300. THE BEST to make your skin look flawless!

      Jill, I’m screaming this to you. STOP! JUST STOP! Nobody cares what kind of makeup you buy. You’re so boring, get out of your smelly bed and do something with your pathetic, sad life.
      And BTW, your skin has never looked flawless.

      • California35 says:

        She really needs a job!!!! If her mind and body were busy, I am sure what she does now would seem to her like it seems to us…..Seriously Jill, just STOP!

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        Celebrities get paid by companies to tweet about their products. Bethenny does it all the time. I find no harm in it…..they should make money while they can.

    • Debbie says:

      I get agitated when I watch these women and it’s not only the Jersey crew, it’s every city lately. I’m not too happy to report that when I read this about Tree I felt immense satisfaction. I like to hear from people who interact with them and are not reluctant to report on their bad behavior. It’s embarrassing but I have to admit I feel vindicated when I hear their antics in ‘real life’ are just as abhorrent as they are on the show.

    • Stella says:

      I don’t know all of the history of why Teresa was bad-mouthing Bethenny but didn’t she claim that one reason she doesn’t like Bethenny is that Bethenny supposedly treats people who help her poorly and she supposedly had “proof” because people were telling her stories. I didn’t pay any attention to Teresa’s accusations but I think it is funny that people are saying that about Teresa.

    • DJF says:

      except no one knows if this story is true or not

  62. Jen says:

    oh ok- so the cookie thing- T did it on PURPOSE as payback for the card- how stupid! No wonder Melissa hates her- how petty of Treeman- the card was fine IMO

    • boston02127 says:

      Hey Jill, You should probably follow Rev Run on twitter. His latest tweet—-

      RevRunWisdom If u didn’t see it with ur eyes it shouldn’t be comin out of ur mouth. #gossip #stopdat

    • The card was a dig. Melissa said so in her blog. She did it in retaliation for all of T’s digs at her. M brought grocery store cookies to T’s house instead of baking because she was tired, pregnant, and did an impulse buy. No one ate the cookies so the MIL threw them out. T should have left it at that, but she threw it in Ms face because she was mad about the card.

      This is petty stuff but they are both in it up to their eyeballs. It’s sort of like the Alexis/Peggy feud. A lot of nonsense over nothing.

    • DJ F says:

      The card was Def a dig

  63. smompy says:

    I read Teresa’s blog and still can’t figure out how she (or anyone else) thinks she was justified in saying, directly to her sister in law’s face, and in front of all her other guests then, and to anyone who would listen since then, “Nobody liked those cookies you brought. I threw them in the trash.” They were evidently somewhat expensive cookies from a fancy store, but even if they’d been nothing more that Archway, Entenmanns or or Price Chopper brand cookies, how is it OK to say something like that to the person who gave them to you???

    Also, I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this, but I thought it was funny when the Manzos were at Vito’s fambly deli and as soon as they heard the news that Vito’s dad’s people came from Sicily, they immediately started up with the mafia jokes. I know it was meant to be funny and I know that almost everybody does joke about Sicilians that way, but it still surprised me to see the Manzos doing it, especially considering that Caroline breaks out in self-righteous indignation and/or tears every time anyone dares to imply or insinsinuate that her own father in law might have had some sort of connection to the mob…simply because he had some history of associating with certain suspicious, possibly-mafia-related characters, or just because he happens to have been killed in what would appear to be a textbook case of a standard mob-style hit. Their joking in that scene just struck me as odd.

    • Error404 says:

      Re: mafiagate. Everyone has their own personal brand of bs, and for whatever reason many itloamericans are obsessed with the pecking order. Neopolitans are 2nd to lowest, so of course she had to rag on the one group lower than her. The only thing one needs to know about RHNJ is that the entire cast is garbage.

      Re: cookie gate. Let me translate for you:

      ” congratulations on your new redone home” = go f yourself you broke ass embezzling no forehead bitch.

      ” I had to throw your cookies out” = who the f do you think you are f ing with you prostitution whore! I will f ing come into your f ing house at f ing night and f ing cut your f ing throat. P. S. Did milania forget her brats doll over yours the other day? That f ing kid wont f ing shut the f up about it.

      • V-NY says:

        That’s why when I speak Italian, I sound like like a Milanese-the highest in the pecking order. (My pride is important) Milanese accent, but Neopolitan blood! lol.

        • Nancy says:

          Hi there, you changed your picture. You are a handsome young man.
          I’m glad you came back to us. 🙂

        • La Dolce Vita says:

          I have copied all because there is no telling where post will end up…:V-NY says:
          June 7, 2011 at 7:36 pm
          That’s why when I speak Italian, I sound like like a Milanese-the highest in the pecking order. (My pride is important) Milanese accent, but Neopolitan blood! lol.’

          Da dove sei? I prefer the north to the south in Italy. Perche (why) at the least the north is cleaner. All one needs to do is walk through the streets of Napoli or Casserta etc. and see all the garbage that the Camorra (local mob) will not let the govmt deal with. Also, the food of the north is better. Variety is the reason… pasta, sure, but also, fish, poleta, risotto, grilled meats and vegetables… I could go on. Mangiare in Italia e’ moriere a paradiso. (To eat in Italy is to die in heaven.)

      • LOLing says:

        Where I summer in NJ is the summer hot spot of the Philly Mob. Not so much this summer, half of ’em were just arrested, but in summers past. And not just the flunkies, the actual bosses. Just walking and drinking in the bars w/ the non-mobsters. Now, they know that everybody knows who they are and certain people who are associated with them know we know who their “friends” are…but no one would DARE bring it up. Because, there is no Mafia. Doesn’t exist. I am in Waste Management. I suspect the Manzos know what Tiny may have been (if not made, at least associated) but of course they deny it publicly, since it doesnt exist! Hence why Renee from Mob Wives father will no longer speak to her.

        • there is one connectecd family just down the street from us
          everyone in town knows it
          they dont bother anyone keep to themselves
          If you didnt know you wouldnt even think about it

  64. This article gives details about why Kim G. is mad at Andy Cohen. Jill is also featured in this article too.


    • LOLing says:

      You found it!
      I will answer Andy Cohens question..No Andy, there is not a market for Kim G. Kim G. belongs in a cave in Bora Bora.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Nice job! Yes Kimmie Andy Cohen is right there is no market for a senile old bag who makes out with Michael Lohan in public.

    • Kim G. shouldn’t be surprised about Andy’s comments. I heard that she filmed a lot of scenes this season but they chose not to cast her as a “Housewife”. If Bravo felt that there was a market for her, she would be a member of the cast.

    • Error404 says:

      So…… Jill goes to a party, chats with Andy, then blabs (or should I say tweets, as that’s what little birdies do right, tweet tweet) what he said about Kim G. Then makes sure to get her own filthy name mentioned in some moronic blurb about peepee. this woman is like a cancer!

      • Nancy says:

        I wanted to throw up when I read that.

      • LOLing says:

        Well I guess that solves the Mole Mystery. It’s Jill! I wonder if Andy is so public, in a sense, that these people forget he is their (albeit innappropriate-see Tmra Barney NYE kiss) boss? Not that Andy has the final say, he’s not the boss of bosses, but his job gives him a heck of a lot of clout. It’s one thing to be manhandled by Teresa (she brings ratings) but it’s quite another to call him flaming. Neither is good but lets face it, ratings are key and Kim G. doesn’t bring them. The good news is, Kim G will no longer pollute our airwaves b/c I am sure Andy will blackball her and since he is CORRECT that there is no market for her…bye Kim!

      • lillybee says:

        Jill asls had to bring up the fact that she uses pp;s.

  65. WindyCityWondering says:

    Part of Melissa’s problem with her inlaws is the sisters interference/advice but IMO the biggest problem is the fact that Teresa is her family’s alpha female and spoiled little Missy doesn’t like it and can’t change that fact. Joe Guidice was correct in saying that the Fidget should respect his older sister. What surprised me was him saying that T supported him financially when his parents would not. At this point I am wondering if it was worth it for the Gorgons to finally get on TV – their side of the “story” is starting to really smell fishy.

    • Error404 says:

      Just curious, but what has ter ever done to earn respect? Did she pay his way thru college or something? Or is he suppose to just put up with all her shit because she got pushed out on an earlier date on the calendar?

      • Nancy says:

        Go to U-Tube
        Korea’s Got Talent Sung-bong Choi
        The Video is going viral.
        Get your tissue ready. I want to know your opinion.

        • lillybee says:

          Young man was remarkable. I am glad one of the judges offered him vocal lessons, no matter where he finished on the show.

          • Nancy says:

            He’s going to be the next Susan Boyle.
            He has pitch problems but a very pure voice.
            I’m sure there is more to his story. It will be interesting.

      • psol says:


    • nathania says:

      Wasn’t it Joe Giudice that said that Teresa loaned Joey money? Joe G. who said he got drunk AFTER he wrecked his car…Joe G. who forged a document saying that he had actually already repaid the 300k he owed someone …Joe G, the guy who with his wife ran up eleven million in debt but still manages to sleep all the time, take his wife to Mexico on vacation, and drive a Mercedes SUV…that Joe G?

      If Joe Giudice told me the sky was blue I would look out the window just to be sure. Just sayin’.

  66. Arya Stark says:

    I tried with RHNJ, I really did.

    Last episode? Didn’t watch. No interest. Ditto with RHOC, although I did catch the slap.

    NY and BH are the only watchable shows, and NY is really slipping.

  67. Nancy says:

    The only thing Jill has changed is her face.

    I’d love to take credit for that but can’t.

  68. Ha – I knew Jaq brought the cookies as a joke

    From T’s blog:
    “And no, I did not throw out the sprinkle cookies Jacqueline brought over! She knew all about the sprinkle cookie thing and brought them on purpose as a joke. “

  69. AZ Girl says:

    Hey everyone…just a ‘shout out” for good vibes on the fire raging in eastern Arizona. Another town is being evacuated. Beautiful country. Largest population of Ponderosa Pines in the world and 350,000 acres are burning right now. Zero containment. High winds and low humidity are not helping at all. The fire was cause by human error which makes AZ residents crazy. Lightning? Nature’s way and we understand. Human error just breaks everyone’s heart. They are hoping that they can get it somewhat contained by Friday if the winds settle down.

    • Nancy says:

      I was thinking of you when I watched the news tonight. Are you OK?
      Human error…that makes me CRAZY. All the animals 😦

      • AZ Girl says:

        Yes I am in Tempe area so no worries. I know so many that have second homes up in that area. We spent many winters cutting Christmas trees down (with permits) up in that area. It is so beautiful. Looks like everyone being evacuated are heading to Pinetop/lakeside and there is shelter at the highschool there.

        • Nancy says:

          What about all the horses and live stock? Is that being addressed?
          I’m glad you are OK. Stay safe. 🙂

          • AZ Girl says:

            Yes… guaranteed…. Arizona ranchers love their animals. They have a ton of horses, sheep and cattle up there now and yesterday the news was showing how they were all moved out to safety. Everyone pitches in and livestock are all saved. Animals in the wild are helped if able. It is a community effort long before the fire gets bad.

    • Cusi77 says:

      ((((((AS Girl))))) Stay safe, sweetie! Sending prayers your way! I used to live in Ventura County, CA. With the Sta Anna winds we had fires several times a year… That is the way of nature, like you say…. human… not that human but irresposible.

    • lillybee says:

      I live near fire country, too, so I feel your pain.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I have always like an ensemble cast. I tend to get bored with the scenes of a single HW. I found B’s scenes by herself boring (like naked on the rooftop or babytalk with Jason) so I am not surprised that the ratings did not suffer since we see more of the HW together.

    • The ratings for RHONY were bad before the Morocco episodes. They got 1.7 million viewers for the two episodes prior to the Morocco trip. RHONY recently got a ratings boost with the last two episodes, they averaged about 2.3 million viewers. Let’s see if they can keep it up. They averaged 2 million viewers for the entire season last year. They are a bit under that right now. If they average over 2 million after the season is over, Bravo will probably consider that a successful season. If not, it may be on the bubble. RHONY’s ratings have always been mediocre compared to RHOOC, RHONJ and RHOA.

    • Error404 says:

      S3 was much longer and by ep 9 they were still hanging around ny. S4 has already blown it’s wad with several trip episodes already. No way will future episodes keep up with scary island and reunion ratings #s. Jill needs to stop spending so much money on spin, as no one believes any of it.

    • nathania says:

      I think that should read : RHONY ratings increase BECAUSE OF Bethenny Frankel.

      Because she’s the one that has gotten that franchise all the publicity. It was her on skating with the stars and her getting her own show and her that caused Kelly to blow a gasket and her that got the 120 million dollar deal. It was HER that Jill rattled on endlessly about and character assassinated in the press non-stop. It was ALL ABOUT BETHENNY, so Bethenny take your bow.

    • DJLoopsFruit says:

      sorry but i dont believe one word of that article

  70. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    On rador on line they have a picture of Gretchen.
    I kept thinking – is that her – that’s not her.
    I need your help – is that her?
    She has bangs.
    OMG…I must find my scissors!!!

    • California35 says:

      It is her!!! She does look different.

    • Bangs cut down on her horsey length face and makes her look younger.

      How does Tamra think she can get away with her lying spin on what happened when it’s on tape? That’s pretty stupid on her part.

  71. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    Thank you, California35

  72. lillybee says:

    Does anyone watch THE LITTLE COUPLE. It is such a sweet show about two little people who love each other.
    She is a dr. who cares for very ill newborns.

    • Nancy says:

      I love that show. I think she get’s pregnant this season. Hope so.

      • lillybee says:

        I am so glad someone else likes it. It is such a sweet show. I think they want a surrogate (I think she is too small to carry to term) but they want to use her eggs and his sperm. Those two need to be so proud of themselves.

        • Nancy says:

          You know that they can have a “normal” child.
          I think that could be hard on all of them
          What do you think?

          • lillybee says:

            I am sure that they can, I am not sure that their being little has much to do with genietics. I do hope that they have a baby soon, since they want one so much.

  73. Nancy says:

    Bethenny is on The Tonight Show.
    She doesn’t mention Jill until Jay brought her up.
    Dang! You could clearly see Bethenny had no intention of
    bring up Jill.
    B looks great!!
    Jill…not so much.

  74. VAgirl says:

    Good morning, everyone. It’s going to be a scorcher here today. Last night the air was full of smoke from a wildfire down NC way, but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what AZ is going through right now. Hope they get that one under control soon.

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