I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Decorators / The Amazing Vanishing Blog Explained

I Hate Jill Zarin  Oh Yes I do!  / Million Dollar Decorators

The Amazing Vanishing Blog Explained

Some of you may have noticed that a few of my blogs are missing.  Two blogs to be exact. That isn’t a WordPress glitch or someone hitting “delete” by mistake.  The blogs were purposely taken down per instructions from WordPress.  To be fair, they didn’t instruct me to remove the entire blogs with all the comments, they instructed me to revise the blog and remove certain passages.  I chose to be safe and remove the entire blog to bring my site into compliance.

You see, apparently it is against WordPress rules to copy another writer’s entire blog into my blog and then make snarky comments about it.  The snarky comments part is ok I suppose but for example if Jill Zarin sends out her private blog to only fans who have signed up to receive it, I can’t just re-post the entire blog here on my WordPress blog.

I can’t post it in my blog and you guys can’t post it in the comments, if you do I’m supposed to delete it.  As many of you know, Boston02127 is on Jill’s private fan mail list, not because she’s a fan of Jill Zarin’s but because we like to make fun of her private fan blog.  Boston would send it to me each week and sometimes I’d post it here for you all to snark at…er enjoy.

Reposting it in its entirety is against the rules.  I make no excuses, I should have known that but honestly I did not. “Someone” reported my Thursday and Friday blogs from last week to WordPress.

Those blogs included entire blogs of some of the housewives and excerpts from others.  Jill’s private emailed blog was included as was her Bravotv.com blog, Cindy’s blog and Alex’s blogs were posted in my blogs as well.

A very smart man explained to me why posting a private, emailed blog is an issue for a cast member of a reality show.  Compiling an email list of “fans” like this can be valuable and if the private emailed blog is made public, people will un-subscribe as they can read the blog right here.  The email list can be sold to advertisers, it can be used to advertise the Housewife’s crap..er high end products. The more people on that list, the more valuable the list becomes.

To ensure complete compliance I chose to remove the entire blog rather than cutting it up and removing certain parts of the blog.  Additionally, I really didn’t have the time to read and delete every comment that may have included bits of the Housewife’s blogs in question.

So hopefully I understand the rules correctly, I can post “excerpts” from another blog but I cannot re-post the entire blog here on my site.  No problem! I apologize to WordPress for being ignorant of their rules and I apologize to all of you for breaking those rules and having to delete two blogs full of your wonderful comments!

In other Housewives News:

Bethenny takes a walk with her family in New York and it makes news…seriously?  I like Bethenny as much as the next girl but…seriously?



Ramona Singer denies that she has a drinking problem.  Well no kidding, do you think that she would admit it if she had a drinking problem while promoting her new wine and drinking on screen?  Ramona Singer doesn’t have a drinking problem…sheesh!

I really don’t understand why Bravo is allowing this ridiculous rumor to continue, they’re painting a picture and viewers are buying it.  Staaaaaawwwp! http://www.ivillage.com/real-housewife-ramona-singer-denies-drinking-problem/1-a-355546

Million Dollar Decorating by Quincy IL

Jeffrey and his assistants are in La Jolla putting the finishing touches on a home that they worked on for three years.  The house is worth $20,000,000 and there is $3,000,000 worth of furniture to be placed in the home.  The house is beautiful and is on the ocean. The concern is there is 72 hours before the owners arrive. They live on a yacht in the Pacific most of the year. Their two daughters have been supervising the remodeling and decorating for their mother.

Nathan is late for a meeting with a close friend and client, Melissa. He has been working on her house for 8 years and it will never be finished. Melissa is a diva, divorced, and rich.

Melissa’s veranda will be Bohemian ethnic with layers.  It will be an extension of the living room. When Nathan arrives, a contractor is ripping out the tiles of the veranda and Nathan is surprised.  The home has water damage so the contractor needs to get to the area where the leaks are and repair it. He guarantees his work.  The mess bothers Melissa.

Mary continues to work on Kendra’s guest house.  The home is to be sold immediately as Kendra is getting a divorce.  The walls of the bedroom area are dark and appear to be charcoal black, but Mary mentions that the living room is chocolate colored.  The walls of the recreation room are also very dark. The floor is light, perhaps carpeted.  The pool table veldt is black.

Nathan and Melissa look at the plans for the veranda.  He has a place for dining and entertaining.  There will be a bar with stools.

Nathan and Melissa go to Mosaic, a Moroccan store, to buy lanterns and bowls for the tables. It’s going to be dramatic.  They also visit Inner Gardens for plants and a $250 terra cotta pot that looks simple to balance the Moroccan pieces.  This will help it look modern also.

Martyn is in his office with an assistant who gives him a box of chocolates from a client. He eats all but one as he has a chocolate addiction.  He does not pay attention to his assistant.  She is explaining that they can take out a wall and that they have to get permits, but he is busy eating chocolate.

Jeffrey is in a bad mood in the La Jolla mansion. The bed is late.  His white Labrador dog is there watching him. He frets about the fact that the daughtersof the owners are difficult to work with. He shows fabric that is $400 a yard and $100,000 dishes that his clients might not like.  Demetra, one of his assistants surprised him with the news that the clients’ daughter is there and Jeffrey is not ready. Jen arrived with her baby ready for an inspection. She doesn’t like the size of the sink, the carpet in the bedroom isn’t soft, she has issues with the placement of furniture, and she doesn’t like the bed which has not arrived.

Mary argues with Kendra over the $100,000 project. The realtor wants the area to look simple, but Mary does not care about his opinion.  Kendra wants to spend $50,000 as she is getting divorced, but Mary won’t allow that.  She will be careful, but can’t cut too much or she won’t be able to put her name on it. Mary knows what looks good.

Nathan gets a phone call from Melissa with the news that 50% of the imported antique tiles are broken.  Nathan hopes that is an exaggeration.  He wants Melissa to be out of the loop because being a part of the process causes her stress.

Jeffrey’s assistant is threatening the bed maker and tells them to deliver the bed right away or they will end their business relationship.

Martyn goes to lunch with Katherine. She talks about her breasts again and he talks about chocolate.  Mary has body issues and so do most of her clients.  They have a 10 year relationship and like to drink wine together. Martyn explains that he is going to the home of Paul McKenna, the hypnotist and author for help.

Mary is shopping with her assistant in Maison al Natural.  There is a real giraffe rug. She is looking for masculine and rustic items and settles on antlers. Mary is tired of people trying to stop her from completing her vision.

Martyn visits the beautiful home of Paul McKenna and is hypnotized.  Paul’s large Great Dane seems to go to sleep on his couch too. Paul counts backwards from 300 and adds suggestions as he does it.

Jeffrey is done with the La Jolla house and the clients’ daughter loves everything, but one mirror that she picked out.  Jeffrey pushes his life partner and assistant into the pool.

Martyn goes to dinner at Katherine’s home and the French cook provides the food and entertainment. Jacqueline, the cook, wears a turban and dresses oddly. Mary tempts Martyn with chocolates.  He refuses.  Paul McKenna did it.

Mary goes to Kendra’s house and there is a For Sale sign.  She is surprised. She supervises the decorating, but finds out that there is a showing to prospective buyers at 5:30 PM and there are boxes that have not been unpacked. Mary has problems with all of her assistants.  They don’t do what she tells them to do and that wastes time and money. She says that she has been too friendly with them.

Nathan puts the finishing touches on the $100,000 veranda.  There are lanterns, couches, and an antique tile floor from Europe.  Melissa, the client, loves it.

Kendra goes to her guest house and loves Mary’s creation also.  She is OK with spending $100,000 because she can use those pots and the bed in her new home.

Inside The Actors’ Studio by Quincy IL

James Lipton interviewed six members of the cast of “Modern Family” a sitcom created in 2009 by Stevan Leviton (he was in the audience) and Christopher Lloyd.  This show won 6 Emmy Awards for acting and writing, Golden Globes and other honors.

The Actors interviewed and their characters are:

Ed O’Neill/Jay Pritchett

Sofia Vergara/ Gloria Delagado Pritchett

Julie Bowen/ Claire Dumphy

Ty Burrell/ Phil Dumphy

Jessy Tyler Fergerson/ Mitchell Pritchett

Eris Stone Street/ Cameron Tucker

Ed went to Ursuline High School in Youngstown, Ohio.  He played football in high school and at Ohio U for two years then Youngstown State for two years. During that time he drank beer and chased girls. He was drafted by the Pittsburg Steelers, but was cut on the day Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. He went to NYC for 10 years.  During that time, he did 30 plays.  He moved to LA to perform in “Married with Children.”

Sophia was born in Colombia.  Her family was wealthy and they traveled, attended the best schools and lived well.  She went to a bilingual school.  She has a mature figure at 13, but we slender.  At 17, she was walking on a beach when she was discovered for a commercial that was extremely popular.  She gave up her dream of being a dentist for the opportunities she was offered. She left Columbia to work for a US Hispanic Network as a TV host.  She acted in two sitcoms before Modern Family.

Julie was born in Baltimore to parents who were supporters of education in that area. They were wealthy.  She went to Brown University with a major in Italian Renaissance.  She visited Florence and loved the city and art.  She attended the Actors’ Institute.   She worked with Adam Sandler and Boston Legal.

Ty grew up in a small town in Oregon where his father and uncle had a small store.  The family had financial issues.  He received a NFA from Penn State and worked on a number of shows before Modern Family.

Jessy is from Albuquerque, NM.  He went to Catholic schools and participated in Children’s Theater.  He was often alone in his room singing musicals.  He went to NYC to the American Musical Academy and was in “On the Town” in 1997.  He had success in LA in pilots, but greater success when chosen for Modern Family.

Eric is from rural Kansas City.  He is not gay.  He has a preoccupation with clowns. He was injured throwing a discus in Jr. College.  His major was sociology.  He traveled to Chicago and studied in Second City.

The creator Steve Leviton explained that they like hugs and emotion unlike Jay Seinfield.

James Lipton discussed the characters and how they interact in the next part of the lecture.

Jay is insecure and middle aged. Gloria is beautiful, funny and intelligent.  They show clips from the show and discuss the interaction of the characters.

Claire is complex.  She tries to make the best of it, but she has concerns about her husband who isn’t very intelligent.  Phil is funny, but critical of the lists his wife makes for his to do.  It works for them

Mitchell is uptight and Cam is flamboyant.  They play gay fathers to an infant girl who they got as a newborn. Twins play the daughter who they struggle to raise.  Cam is playing his real life mom.

There is a clip where the new fathers lock the baby in the car.  Cam freaks and Mitchell calls for a satellite operator to open the car door.  They balance each other.

They all submit in the supporting actor competitions and Eric won the first Emmy.  He believes they will all win.

James Lipton then plays a game with the actors and they give their favorite words and least favorite.

Finally, there are questions from the audience and the one they share with us is from a second year directing student who asks about four cameras verses and audience.  Ed explains that the audience is disturbed by the cameras being between them and the actors so it isn’t like a play.

The students and James Lipton applaud the actors.

Mickey Mouth’s latest –

Mickey Mouth's latest - Hysterical!

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    am i first 🙂

    • quincyil says:

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    oh dear i did post Shrills blog because i just couldnt believe her nerve
    sorry Lynn if it caused you trounle in any way

  3. DJLoopsFruit says:

    trouble damn these fingers!!!

  4. IndianaHousewife says:


    I too have to give you my apologies, I have copied Jill’s blog from my email onto you site here. Sorry!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Please don’t apologize, I am the one who should have known.

      It’s all good because now I know the rules and can be sure to follow them 🙂

      • twoiletwoile says:

        @Lynn……ahhhhhhh mystery solved …….thought I’d gone nuts….was in the middle of posting a reply 2 VNY when all hell let lose & disolved 2 “tweet” like messages……I don’t tweet or any form of social media as I’m tech challenged, imagine my shock…thought I’d done some damage 2 your fablous blog…..it was certainly a puzzle. Gr8 blogs tx 2 you/Q & Bostin…:0)

  5. viki55 says:

    Good Morning! The final episode of Bethenny is available to watch at Bravotv.com this morning. It goes good with coffeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  6. HD says:

    Dang someone ran back to tell. LOL! You must be pretty damn popular Lynn. I love it! What these people fail to understand (at least for me) when stuff like that happens, like I get banned or blocked or reported because of Jill’s followers, I take a little piece of joy in that. Kelly blocked me from commenting on her stupid Youtube videos and she fails to understand she made me smile! LOL! Oh well!

    • HD says:

      I do want to add I am glad no trouble came out of it. Keep doing what you do, Lynn!

    • Whisper says:

      I agree HD!! Damn, that shrew is probably sitting back patting herself on the shoulder, but I know I am laughing my ass off knowing that this blog is a thorn in her side that she cannot pull out! JZ spends soooooo much time blocking, banning, changing polls & “telling” on bloggers, she really does need to get a life!!
      JZ- I STILL Hate You, maybe even more now!!

    • FlowerPower says:

      I’m reading from the bottom up, so I saw butters’ post first. You guys really nailed the feeling on this one! I’m glad Lynn didn’t get into any real trouble, and I find it hilarious that this blog bugs Jill so much!

      • Whisper says:

        Flower- I also am so happy that Lynn didn’t get in any trouble.
        Knowing what a control freak JZ is & can’t do a thing about this blog just makes me feel so good! Is something wrong with me??!!

        • Sammysmom says:

          I have no idea what name is gonna show up but it’s me, Sammysmom. There is nothing wrong with you. I love that Jill HATES this blog. It gives me such joy. I hate Jill Zarin and she Hates this blog. Hate/Hate relationship. Ha ha ha Jill Zarin!! You are such a lying weaselly Alice the Goon!!

  7. butterisafruit says:

    I think it’s neat. People are worried about the posts. Considering
    Bravo wouldn’t let us post our true thoughts. Knowing what we had
    to say was the truth.
    Now they’re crawling all over Lynn’s Blog, still trying to keep us in line.
    I understand the theory, in doing so. However if that was posted on
    my rinky dink, knitting, cooking blog no one would care.
    You’re humble and gracious Lynn. I’m so proud of you.

    • boston02127 says:

      Lynn—-I’m logged on, yet I can’t click my curser on the “leave a reply” box. If I want to post I have to click on someone else’s “reply’. Is it me or is there something wrong? Thanks.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I just click right on the words, they will disappear and you can write your post. Hope that helps.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      DITTO Buttisafruit

    • FlowerPower says:

      Love your post, Butterisafruit! I totally agree.

      • butterisafruit says:

        We all need TEAM LYNN, T-shirts.

        • T-REX says:

          I would totally buy one of those “TEAM LYNN”

        • SeoulSista says:

          I agree with you Butter, Obviously Jills nephew has a new job and is trolling around the net looking for evidence of the besmirchment of Big Reds name. While that probably was not too long of a search on his part, I think it speaks to the fact that Lynne’s Blog is quite popular. Her posts are read by folks all over the world, I know she certainly is popular with other Bravo fans here in Itaewon. So in reality, while it is annoying, you can also see this as a validation of sorts. A giant clap on the back to Lynne, Quincy, and all the fans 🙂

          • Bella Bay Beach Girl says:

            What Jill fails to understand is that most of the fans of this site found it, like I did, by simply doing a google search with the words “HATE JILL ZARIN” in them…. I didn’t know this blog existed, but was looking for articles to see if anyone else saw through this moron. Was so happy to see that it’s not just me, she really is a bitch! So Jill why don’t you just read your website and the posts written by your brown nosing family, and leave us all alone to enjoy our conversations about what a vile human being you are?

    • Sunny says:

      Butterisafruit you are absolutely right. I think it is a JOKE how almost every comment on the BravoTV blogs are rainbows and sunshine this season. Pathetic!

      And I hope Lynn continues to comment on the blogs because I almost enjoyed her comments on the housewives ridiculous blogs more than the her blogs on the show themselves! 🙂

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I just used the same adjective for Lynn. She’s got as much fame a some of the RHWs and she still seems the same as when she started this blog. Nothing like the second season syndrome some of the hws go through. Very admirable.

  8. jeepers1941 says:

    Hey Lynn,
    Now I wonder just who the person was that complained..LOL
    Bet she had her attorneys checking that out for a while….. oh well
    a lesson has been learned and I am sure we will never do it again,
    but just in the event, maybe you might want to put like a disclaimer
    or notice at the beginning of the site..so everyone is on the same page
    about this?………
    Just so I have it correct, we can use only parts of HW’s blog (e-mail)
    but not all of it? Hope I don’t ever do it, but if I have, you can spank me,
    I won’t tell anyone……….. 🙂 Oh and thank you for the heads up******

  9. okeydoekey says:

    Joe and Teresa Bunker pic is the best one yet. They are the modern day italian Bunkers.

  10. Kukulet says:

    Lynn, it’s called the “10% rule” – you can only reproduce 10% of the entire content of another person’s writing-not limited to “published” work, such as blogs, etc, but also private correspondence and diaries. Which means small excerpts, basically.

    I guess I should have mentioned it before, but it never occurred to me that anyone would create a sticking point over the HW’s blogs. Of course, I forgot about Jill Zarin and her control issues. Big brain lapse on my part. 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Maybe the super secret, exclusive part of it’s blog is under 10 percent so Lynn could blog on that part. We can go to Bravo to read the rest of it’s recycled lies…. Guess this means it reads this blog (which is just plain wack if you think about it) and just can’t stand the truth of viewers’ opinions.

  11. Melinda says:

    so are we saying that we think that the lovely (cough…gag) Jill Zarin reported you….or one of her many fake screen names?? geez…..Jill….people either like you or hate you…….get over it!

    • SeoulSista says:

      No, no, no, it was Katrina from Aruba!

    • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

      My thoughts exactly. If we could only report all the people that dont like us in the world… Its such a small thing to do and ironically contributes to why people dont like Jill Zarin in the first place.

  12. boston02127 says:

    Why can’t I post without clicking on someone else’s “reply” ????

  13. butterisafruit says:

    Boston look lower. There is a box to enter your post. THEN below that, on the lower right is
    a “Post Comment” box.

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      Butter—- I can’t do it thou. For some reason I can’t click my curser in the box to begin typing.

      • boston02127 says:

        For some reason I have a plus sign in the box when I try to post. Even if I delete it I can’t get my curser back on the box. Grrr. Not that I have much to say but this is aggravating.

        I’m running away from Lynn home. So good bye. I hope I don’t get kidnapped or eaten by a dog.

      • butterisafruit says:

        oh oh. I just checked your blog has the same new feature.

      • I had the same problems last night. I couldn’t click on my cursor and I kept clicking my mouse in the comment box until my cursor appeared. WordPress made some changes yesterday and I hope they fix this problem because it is annoying.

        • quincyil says:

          After Lynn sees these comments, she can send an email to wordpress and ask for help.

  14. I'm in Florida says:

    I really hate Jill Zarin. How can one human being be so foul? My mother always said “look for the good in a person.” I have looked and looked and really can’t find any good. She is a despicable human being and I feel so sorry for anyone that has to deal with her on any level. My heart goes out to Ally. Bawby knows better and can do something about it–but poor Ally is stuck. It’s almost child abuse. LuMann is just slightly better, but not much.

  15. carlyhall says:

    Really? Really? Wahhhhhhhh…wahhhhhhh…..I’m tellin. Geezuz, learn how to be a celeb or choose another profession. I thought that you guys might like hearing this Ramona story, for contrast; As many of you know, I am a celebrity ghost-writer. (I do a gossip show with Lynn after RHONY & WWHL on Thursday nights.) I recently spoke with Ramona about my services because I also do “light cleaning up” on social networks for my clients. When I noticed that people were calling Ramona a nasty drunk on her own sites (nice job Bravo editors), I offered to address these rumors for her. After all, it’s a serious and harmful allegation that I believed (and still do) that she shouldn’t let stand. Long story short, her final decision was (and I quote) to “let the fans have their voice,” right or wrong. Compare this to you-know-who….constantly monitoring and complaining …and it’s easy to see why the name of this blog is quickly becoming a mantra for many.

    • Error404 says:

      People who actually do things take the bad with the good. Notice it’s only the HWs that sit on their asses all day doing nothing that are obsessed with negative feedback? It’s because nit only are the browns doing damage to the blondes but they are also doing damage to themselves. So many like me have lost all respect for them because of their shallow and vicous attacks of others. All 4 of them had the potential to win us over as fans, but chose to go over to the drak side instead. Now they’ve lost us as fans for good. They only harm themselves but are too stupid to even see it. Losers.

      Poor Cindy the muff mogul. So many big companies are grown on the charm of their founders… Dave Thomas, mrs fields, frank Perdue, martha stweart, even lee iococca…. Yet ms Barstawp! Is so unlikable and acting so horrible each episode she doing more damage than good. She’s lucky if she doesn’t lose business after this debacle.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Ramona is a class act. She’s not playing clean up as she knows it’ll be a round the clock job and she’s got a busy schedule. Unlike Jillousy, she is going to “let” the fans have their say , won’t edit insulting comments, or delete them either. But then again, comparing Ramona to Jill is lunacy as one is an unitentional assasin and the other a cold calculated killer. LOL

    • quincyil says:

      I think Simon, Alex and Sonja have this kind of attittde also.

      Cindy is probably more like Jill. The perfect friend for a Jill Zarin.

      I listen to the radio show, but I don’t have any good questions. LOL. It seems I always know the answers that people ask you and Lynn.

      I can tell you know a lot about the shows too from your descriptions.


    • lovemamaearth says:

      Wow at the story about Ramona. What a strong and courageous decision. I heard one of your interviews with Lynn and enjoyed it very much. AndI kind of agree with you that R shouldn’t let the accusation stand.

    • Whisper says:

      Carly, I hear you!I have listened to your show with Lynn & LOVE it!
      I also met Ramona last week at a “Pinot” signing. Down to earth, lovely, the “REAL DEAL”!!!
      Love her! No B.S.! She is who she is & OWNS IT!!! No back peddling , banning, blocking that you get from JZ . She might not come across as “P.C.”, but she doesn’t hide & lie & blame others (unlike JZilla). Glad she knows you can’t hide from the viewers opinions; she knows there is more than the lollipops & gummy bears of Bravo blogs!

  16. kbinldo says:

    Of all the things to lose your mind over. :sigh: Well, Lynn, how’s about just posting the “extra special” stuff from the private blog, especially when it contains blatant lies (like they always do)?

  17. Suzieq says:

    Sorry to go OT….but right now I am trying to choke down bethennys skinny girl cleanse. I went and got it last night and it only comes in one flavor..green lemonade. It is really really gross. I just spent $60 on this and I can’t even get the first one down. Anyone else try this??
    I love me some bethenny but can we have a better flavor???

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Skinnygirl Margarita chaser 😛

    • Jen says:

      Suzie if you ever get it down can you tell me how the cleanse is ? How many days do you get for $60? 60 days or 30? Cuz I’m not paying $1 or $2 a day…..

  18. I told myself that I would never do it but I subscribed to Jill’s newsletter last Friday only so I could copy and paste it on this blog. I am unsubscribing right now. I can’t stomach her newsletters unless they are posted on here for the purpose of mocking her. LOL

  19. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Lynn thanks so much for going to the trouble to give us an explanation. I hope that someday you can have your own website so you can control the content of what’s posted.

  20. quincyil says:

    Boston, WordPress changed the format. I think you have to log in. Yesterday, they added new features.

    • boston02127 says:

      Quincy—I am logged in. I still can’t post without clicking on someone eles’s older post. I’m usually good at these things, I don’t understand what’s wrong.

      • quincyil says:

        OK, I have gone into the site in several ways and there is a box at the bottom that lets me post.

        Is this not a new post? It is not moved over like the ones above and below.

        The look of the comments section changed too. I will try to reply to my post and see where it ends up.

        • quincyil says:

          It’s the reply box that makes it look like the post is directly under the one you are replying too. I will go down to the bottom and check the new thread box now.

        • Error404 says:

          Question:how come sometimes you include the link to your blog and sometimes not? Just wondering.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m replying w/o logging in. It remembers me and has my email and name under the message box. I don’t have to click anything, even Guest.

  21. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn, you could just post all the blantant lies – opps that would her whole blog!
    At some point a rational person would stop and reflect on why so many viewers/bloggers are seeing such a negative side of one’s actions/words. Jill’s tag this year is about her owning her behavior. IMO, we are making a mistake in thinking that the bad behavior would be either owned or corrected!

    • SeoulSista says:

      Jill is truly a legend in her own mind and definitely suffers from selective amnesia. The reposted blog that I read brought to mind some seriously whacky Sally Fields action in Sybil, what a kook. She needs to get control of her cray-cray and stop the mantra of I-Me-My-Mine, she is truly an egocentric villainess! I cannot believe that she has been able to proclaim that she has somehow changed, to me it looks like Oz just stepped behind the curtain…

    • Nancy says:

      The only thing Jill has changed is her face.

      • sue says:

        Yea, I listened to one of her sisters radio shows when Jill was on it, and Jill kept saying about how many people told her she looked so much better, even her sisters reply was “I wont say you look better,just different”. We thought it was hillarious, and Jill did not even pick up on it….it was last thurs. June 2nd, it was a prerecorded show.

  22. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Looks like a new format.

      • viki55 says:

        I can see two of your post that didn’t show as replies. just as new post.

      • quincyil says:

        Please be careful. When you hit one of the 4 boxes for login, your name from that site will appear.

        If you login to WordPress, do not use your real name in the box that asks for a name. That spot is the name that will be on the board.

        WordPresss added this feature.

  23. FLG says:

    Good Morning All.

  24. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning & thank you Lynn & Q & boston~
    JZ must really be losing sleep over this site & instead of doing something to change it she tries to keep us quiet.
    Typical loser move. LOL

  25. V-NY says:

    Good Morning everybody!
    NYC and her burbs are scorching today!

    As for the private blog, I hope I do not get advertisements clogging my emails! I will unsubscribe or spam it to keep my email free of that! I thought she was being nice by sending us more inside scoop about the show. I am also happy that you did not get into real trouble. Making mistakes helps us grow.
    ttyl ciao.

    • vilzvet says:

      Going to be a hot day here Vinny! Think I am headed to beautiful Robert Moses Beach!

      • V-NY says:

        lol…It’s very early in the summer to be this hot and humid!!!
        o0o you’ll pass my neighborhood when you cross that bridge!!

        Now, this is a silly question, but don’t you have nicer beaches on the North Shore? I’ve been to the one in Wading River, but I can’t recall it’s name since it’s been 10 years since i’ve been there.
        Anyway, keep cool and drink plenty of fluids.

        • vilzvet says:

          Just got back from the beach and it was perfect, at least 10 degrees cooler than my neighborhood right now of 90 degrees. Vinny, the South Shore beaches are wayyyyyy better than the North; we have little rocks on ours and NO waves. Remember, the Great South Bay goes right into the ocean. We are protected up here by the LI Sound so no ocean waves.

          • V-NY says:

            I’m glad you went to the beach. I never knew North Shore people liked the South Shore beaches! lol. When I was younger, I used to go to Wildwood Beach and I loved it. I guess bigger waves and sandier beaches are more appealing to the masses. I should go to the beach this summer; I look very pale and my legs are very very white. I miss those blizzards, and I loved walking outside during the snowstorms; they were very romantic.

  26. jeepers1941 says:

    Well I keep about 7 to 10 days saved of all the blogs here on Lynn’s site. Last Thursday was the 2nd of June and then it was a long blog at that, because it ran until Sunday til HW’s of OC came on, then we went to chat page. So I am going back in and read what I have, because I just don’t recall anyone doing what they (wordpress) have implied. But maybe I didn’t catch it all at the time. Anyhow, the more I think about this, the more I am getting pissed off about it. Because if jz and or Bravo had anything to do with this complaint I think that would be the end of my relationship, especially if it was Bravos doing. jz is nut case and we all know she will and does do anything and everything to cause someone else misery, gawd what a bitch this woman is…………hate her, hate her………….

  27. T-REX says:

    Whew Lynn, glad to hear it was just a minor infraction! I am glad it was for something so petty, which reaks of JZ, but she can’t stop the free speech of what we all think of her, if we didn’t think she was a complete loser before, she has just taken LOSER to a whole new level. Way to go JZ!

  28. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the link Lynn. Here’s some other recent ones I’ve done.
    Who Wants to Be A Millionaire – Teresa Giudice: http://t.co/aGqpwWU and Caroline The Lorax: http://t.co/BYHBtmT

    Hi Jill, glad to see you are still Lynn’s number one fan!

  29. quincyil says:

    Boston, I am posting the beginning of a new thread.

  30. jeepers1941 says:

    but you do have to log in with wordpress, correct?

    • nic says:

      I used the ‘guest’ tab because I refuse to sign up for any website. I have a fear of being tracked; it’s the conspiracy theorist in me lol 😉

    • quincyil says:

      You can do the guest box.

      The owner of a word press blog set a switch so non logged in wordpress visitor can not post. Lynn allows guests.

  31. nic says:

    Just goes to show who works for a living and who has idle time on their hands…..

    • Whisper says:

      I agree Nic, Someone’s got waaaay too much time on her hands!
      Spin control? JZ!!!

  32. jeepers1941 says:

    ok, so I clicked on guest box, but had to click mouse several times before my cursor would appear?

  33. V-NY says:

    I am both V-NY and Mr. Rochester just to avoid future confusion. Both of my pictures are the same.

  34. 2Stupid says:

    Testing to see if I can figure out new format. Jill is just proving that she want to win at all costs. If she needs money so bad, that she has to sale email subsrciber lists, she needs to stop bragging about her fabulous life. These ventures are certainly not going to fund that!

  35. quincyil says:

    I really like wordpress. They are fair. They give you lots of space. Their spam control is fantastic.

    They are good people.


  36. La Dolce Vita says:

    Having read Boston’s issues with posting, I thought I’d do a test myself. I am logged as a guest,,,, I think.

    That was the way it was when I scrolled down to the Leave a reply area. Well, here goes……………..

  37. AZ Girl says:

    Well there is some interesting tweets out in Twitterland. Last night Bethenny was on Jay Leno and according to Jill’s Australia fan club Jay called Bethenny out on how she was cast for HWONY. Bethenny said the producers called her and Jay said he thought that Jill got her the gig. When did Jay get to be a fan of Jill? Well Jill’s fan club is all over this. I did not watch so I will go on Youtube and see if I can pull up a clip.

    • I watched the Tonight show last night. I think Bethenny was trying to avoid saying Jill’s name but Jay Leno brought Jill up. I don’t think he has any idea who Jill is. It was probably one of his producers who gave him some of the backstory.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Clip on Youtube just has the discussion of her childhood. Off to work. I will try and watch the episode in full later. Australian “Gingerettes” are obnoxious.

      • vilzvet says:

        I can’t believe I fell asleep RIGHT before she walked out! That’s bad. Oh well, I’m sure I can catch it on the NBC website.

    • It could be both – Jill may have recommended her, and then the producers called her. Jeesh – I’m sure she just avoids saying Jill’s name whenever possible. I would.

      • AZ Girl says:

        You know Jill is jumping up and down thrilled that her name was mentioned on the Tonight show even if it is in passing.

        • I’m sure that Jill is thrilled that her name was mentioned on the Tonight Show but she is probably pissed that Bethenny didn’t give her credit for everything that she has accomplished in the last three years. *rolls eyes*

      • Jill wants to take credit for Bethenny’s success and she is so desperate that she wants Bethenny to mention her name in interviews. Jill is a pathetic loser!

    • SeoulSista says:

      Jay is a douchebag anyhow, who the hell cares what he thinks. He and Jill would make great buddies as they are both immoral, backstabbing, cloven hooved, spawns of the evil one. This is like a bad episode of Batman, with Jill starring as Two-Face, and Jay as her dolled up moll, hanging on her every word…

    • kbinldo says:

      Considering Jay Leno got his job back by stealing it from Conan, I’d say he & Jill are made for each other.

    • kokuanani says:

      I watched the Tonight Show, and was mortified [on Bethenney’s behalf].

      Jay must have had Jill write the questions. He asked question after question — several on her father — that weren’t relevant and could only have been designed to embarrass Bethenney. And his whole approach to her — despite the fact that he had a smile on his face — was aggressive and seeking to “knock her down.”

      I thought Bethenney handled it all well. I thought Jay was a complete ass.

      • PJ says:

        I don’t like Jay and for the most part don’t watch him. It’s like he just can’t check his arrogance at the door but has to express it with his guests.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Bethenny needs to just say… I was referred for the job, BUT … I’m a great closer!

          Isn’t that what it comes down to anyway? You can tell someone about a job, or refer the person, but unless you are doing the hiring or it was a favor, or nepotism is involved, YOU DIDN’T GET THE PERSON THE JOB! Do we really think Jizz only referred Bethenny? Asolutely not! Much like Kyle, she probably threw out many friends in order to control the show, but they didn’t get hired. The person you refer must be able to sell herself to the interviewer. Some can’t get arrested, others can sell fudgsicles to an Eskimo wearing white gloves. I can’t stand when people take credit for “getting” someone a job, lording it over them for life, wanting constant adoration, never letting anyone forget. What a Jill.

          On second thought, B should say “Actually I got myself the job. They saw my prior work, I gave good interview, the producers loved it and hired me.”

          • 2Stupid says:

            ITA. It is all sour grapes on Jill’s part at this point.

          • PJ says:

            Absolutely agree. B didn’t back away from the fact that Bawbee brought her to the producer’s attention, so she did give credit where credit was due. But as you say someone may get your foot in the door but after that you are on your own. If the producers didn’t see something they liked all the recommendations in the world from Shrill-zee wouldn’t have meant spit.

        • glammedupthug says:

          I didn’t watch the show mainly because I’ve never liked Leno. He is a horrible interviewer and is more preoccupied with getting a laugh than conducting a quality interview. I know I shouldn’t expect New York Times, in depth questions at midnight, but even Letterman asks some pretty thorough questions along with humor tossed on. I used to always cringe when Jay had a guest on whom I lliked, so I quit watching him altogether. Bethenny should just stay in New York and let Letterman or Jimmy Fallon ask the questions. Jimmy truly enjoys his guests without mocking or making a comedy skit out of them. And he’s funny too!

      • klmh says:

        Gosh, I thought it was a great interview by Jay and Bethanny and I think she did a great job. Her wit and humor came thru. I enjoyed both the first and second segments.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I didn’t think Jay was anything but a guy giving an interview. I think he was going over topics that were covered in her book (her Father) and then tied into Ho-wives to say that was how he had first heard of her. I thought it was a pretty good interview. She was funny, charming, and handled herself well. How many of the other Ho-wives or ex-ho-wives have been on Leno or Letterman?

  38. La Dolce Vita says:

    As for Jill’s obsession with controlling the Universe……….. REMEMBER – what goes around, comes around.

    I am not trying to start a political discussion; I am giving an example. There is a certain NYC congressman that is in hot water for sexting. Well, it turns out that when he ran for the first time in a local election, he used some very dirty tactics to beat his opponents. After the election he even admitted he did the deed.

    Moral: play nice or you will GET yours back in spades.

    • SeoulSista says:

      By the power of Grayskull…They will like me! They WILL LIKE ME! Perhaps Ms. Tannous can star as Skeletor…or maybe Kim G?

      • FLG says:

        Please no more Kim G. She already polluted Fort Lauderdale with Mr. Lohan. I’m still waiting for the stench to clear.

        • FLG says:

          I would like to know how Kim G and her ex became so wealthy. I’m always curious about how they made their fortunes. I would like to see her get another hobby other than TV.

    • I’d like to believe it works like that. I feel that Jill and Kelly lie with impunity for the most part. The problem with reality TV is they want a villain on the show – so unlike real life – there are rewards for outlandish behavior – even if we feel JZ has crossed the line. I’m sure they’ll tell themselves that they were just “acting” for the TV show.

    • quincyil says:

      Out of the blue this morning, Jill Zarin, public figure tweeted that money can’t buy you happiness. It can just give you freedom.

      • I just copied and pasted that tweet below. It was definitely a dig at Bethenny because she tweeted that right after one of her fans told her about Bethenny’s appearance on the Tonight Show.

        • quincyil says:

          Last week, Jill (public figure) said in her twitter that she was going to answer accusations.

          As your unofficial pretend IHJZ soothsayer, I have been getting vibes from Manhattan’s UES for a while now. It started a year ago and the vibes are like blue flames now. My soothsayer brain says this is not happiness.

  39. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    Good morning,
    Does reality tea-reality tv blog have a connection with Bravo?

  40. jeepers1941 says:

    ok, it is to early in the morning for all this confusion, so I am going to POGO and play some canasta and fight with the robots there…………later… 🙂

    • dsc60 says:

      hey, are you a Club Pogo member? i play there all the time… do you ever go to the forum there?

  41. PJ says:

    Wow shrill must be jumping up and down today with glee.

    • viki55 says:

      Nice interview. Part 2 is more interesting. She actually says that Bobby was the one who brought the producers over to her.

  42. Someone tweeted this to Jill about Bethenny’s appearance on the Tonight Show:

    Team_Jill_AUS”@meeganlea She tried to claim that the RHNYC producers sought her out rather than telling the truth … ie. @Jillzarin got her the gig!”

    Jill’s response:

    Why would she lie?

    Then Jill decided to tweet this dig at Bethenny: *rolls eyes*

    Jillzarin Money doesn’t buy you happiness just gives u freedom

    • PJ says:

      Jill doesn’t really have the power to get anyone a gig on RH.

    • T-REX says:

      JZ must know from experience about the fact that money can’t buy you happiness, because she is certainly only talking about her own life with that comment! Uhm JZ you lunatic, Bethenny has a ton of money, a great husband a new baby, hopefully another one on the way soon, has her own show, writing her 4th book after her first 3 hit the Bestseller lists and 2 are still on there. Oh, and you are out of her life completely, soI think that’s a pretty happy life!

    • Nancy says:

      Right Jill, thats why you live in solitary confinement.

      • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

        Jill has to go all the way to Australia to find a fan. How many people are in this club anyway?

  43. cdnfillie58 says:

    just a thought..wondering if JZ keeps doing all this stuff, just to keep herself relevant and talked about long after RHNYC is done..hmmm!!

  44. FLG says:

    I thought Jill was going to be heading to the Hamptons for some much needed rest. I was hoping that meant she was taking a twitter vacation, too. She’s dashed my dreams again.

    • Error404 says:

      Pfft I swear she tweets nonstop as soon as the car hits the LIE
      The Hamptons is really a business trip for the zarins and they do most of their fame Whoring from there.

      • FLG says:

        and political fund raising….

        • FLG says:

          Because I consider both Jillzy and LuAnn Countess SBHH both snakes, I really wish they would be required to slither along the LIE.

      • quincyil says:

        When the four were going to the spa to play drums, Jill was on her phone/blackberry the entire time.

        • FLG says:

          Yet they gave Ramona grief for looking at photographs on her phone in Morocco…..

          • quincyil says:

            I’m sure we will see Jill in restaurants looking at the phone like Cindy did when she was meeting with Ramona in NYC or Cindy at the high tea at Sonja’s house.

  45. NMhousewife says:

    Off topic….I have read a few different comments that Theresa and Caroline are going to have some blow-out? Anyone know if this is really coming up on the show?

  46. FLG says:

    Regarding Jillzy’s latest “Get a phone call from Mommy” promotion, at least this time you don’t have to pre-order ten copies of her $3.19 book and pay retail. I don’t know I don’t want to give my phone number to JZ. I’m sure she’d sell it to somebody. I already get 5000 spams/day on one of my email accounts.

    • quincyil says:

      Another reason that I don’t sign up on blogs. I don’t want them to have my email. WordPress and Lynn don’t do that.

      • FLG says:

        I keep one email address that I use for registering new purchases, making online purchases, etc. Another for personal correspondence. The latter gets 0 spams.

  47. FLG says:

    Correction: I know I don’t want to give my phone number to JZ.

  48. Hugh Knowit says:

    Boston that is so strange i just din ,w.o a problem are you using I/E Or Firefox

    • 2Stupid says:

      You are posting under your name, did you mean to do that?

      • Error404 says:

        Either the “knowits” have a silly sense of humor, or that’s a nome de plume. I wonder if Hugh has a sister Dontcha? Or if mr knowit’s name was knowitall before it got shortened at Ellis island? If Hugh marries a guy named what, they could hyphenate their last names so he’ll be Hugh know- what.

        • Hugh Knowit says:

          LOL Error i did do it as a joke a while back but would hate for anyone to think im a know it all
          i aslo just assumed everyone would get that it was “dj Fruit loops” from all my typos and spelling T H E ,TEH

      • Hugh Knowit says:

        Do you really think my name is Hugh Knowit LOLits one of my twitter names i thought it was kind of funny
        well i did at the time
        My real name is Philip and im a tv reality show addict LOL

  49. Hugh Knowit says:

    unless you count my typos as a problem LOL

  50. VAgirl says:

    Thanks for the recaps Quincy. I don’t think there have been any comments on Million Dollar Decorators. I don’t watch it, but that does not bode well for the show I think. I wonder what their ratings have been for the first two episodes? Not watching either of Bravo’s two new offerings. That and Platinum Hits. Just not interested. I hate Jill Zarin. She is one dispicable human being.

    • VAgirl says:


    • quincyil says:

      We do have a few people interested in the show. They spend money without thought.

      I would like to see the couple who live all year long on a yacht in the Pacific and only visit their 20 million dollar home with 3 million dollars in furnishings once a year.

      The daughter of these people was picky about a sink and who would pay for changes.


    • arabracer says:

      I watched parts of “decorators” and really enjoyed it. Back in the 50’s-60’s my FIL was
      a designer in Palm bch county. The Duponts loved to use real animal parts(think elephant foot) and use them as stands for tables and such. I think they had shot them and enjoyed displaying them. Poor FIL hated it ! Anyhoo- I’m kinda off housewives and watching Tlc now that I’m doing summer duty with my son and his buddies. “Sister wives” I’ve found very interesting. I think the first wife is having trouble with the new wife. I’m also enjoying “19 and counting”, and there is a new show about gypsy weddings on TLC this friday. Just tired of the mean girl attitude of Bravo. I’m changing my name here because of privacy issues but I’m known as the equestrian housewife from fla.

  51. FLG says:

    Jillzy is now tweeting that her “Oprah family is coming to visit” I hope Jillzy’s not planning on an OWN show. OWN recently fired it’s head of programming. http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/05/06/christina-norman-dismissed-as-chief-of-own/

    • quincyil says:

      If Danielle Staub has these shows, Jill can get one too.

      • FLG says:

        I can’t argue with you when your are right, Empress Q. Further proof why you are the Empress……

    • Jill has become friendly with some of Oprah’s producers. Jill is their second choice because they tried to be friends with Bethenny first but I think Bethenny was too busy to hang out with them. As we all know, Jill has plenty of time on her hands so she will suck up to the people who are close to Oprah. That connection won’t do anything for Jill but she will continue to brag about hanging out with her “Oprah family”.

      • quincyil says:

        Well, you actually get jobs through connections.

        I won’t watch any show with her.

        • FLG says:

          I wonder if that is why JZ threatened lawyers over that poll. She wants to demonstrate her popularity. She can’t exactly point at the book, sheets or skwishware……

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          IIRC before Jill changed the story – Bobby suggested Bethenny for RHNY (he likes to look at the ladies when he is being dragged around by the shrill shrew). Bethenny was hesitant to sign on because she had done reality tv and didn’t think she qualified for a “housewives” show. Jill may want to claim credit but Bravo put out many, many phone inquiries for prospective cast members. It is ironic that Cindy came on board via Ramona….Jill’s fabulous crowd must be getting very small!

          • Error404 says:

            The way I remember it it went more like:
            Jz “so, who are you hiring?”
            Bvo “well, we’d love to hire that bethenny frankel, but she keeps saying no”
            jz ” what her? I know her! So you want maybe Iin traduce you, put in a good word? I’m very persuasive you know, I’m like my mother that way.”
            Bvo ” um well we have a vp working on it, I’m sure……”
            Jz ” bawby! bAWBy! Get over here! Bawby go over there and get that bethnny frankel girl to come over. I’d go but you know my ankles. Tell her I want to introduce her to someone very important”
            Bvo ” um you relly don’t have to…..”
            Jz ” nonsense it’s my pleasure I love fixing people up it’s what i do it’s what I’m known for. I run in a fabulous circle of freinds you know”

      • FLG says:

        I’ll bet Bethenny may be having talks, she just knows when to keep her mouth shut and not count chickens before they hatch….so to speak. I remember seeing a video of her talking with Rachel Ray about “having and doing it all” and finding time, etc. Rachel Ray certainly has Oprah backing. I would watch a talk show that had Bethenny as host. Jill, no way. Not even for a first episode launch. It would be a constant flow of drek and drivel. The more I think about it, it’s got to be for bragging rights.

      • La Dolce Vita says:

        ” Jill has plenty of time on her hands so she will suck up to the people ”

        Jill would suck up to one of those drains at the bottom of a pool. Those drains hold on and could take you into the bowels of the earth…….. we should all be so lucky!

        • La Dolce Vita says:

          My reply posted in a totally incorrect place. I was referencing ICANSTANDTHEToxicity

  52. klmh says:

    For those who are twitter illiterate, as I am, here is the explanation about Weiner’s faux pas:

    “And that’s exactly where his problems began. He committed a rookie mistake on the social networking service by fumbling Twitter’s Direct Message (DM) feature — used to send private messages between two Twitter users — turning a private missive into a public tweet.”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Which is what I think happened when Ramona tweeted LuAnn’s daughter’s escapades. IMO Ramona was trying to send it to LuAnn privately and hit the wrong command.

      • klmh says:

        I would like to agree with you, but I don’t know. Ramona has been hit hard by these ladies and it is one way you can get a word in edgewise with LuAnn the knowitall.

    • Hugh Knowit says:

      and they are crucifying him for it

      you would think he raped a nun at gunpoint

  53. Mimisfbay says:

    Phew, where to begn…I just thought this blog would be about MDD and lo and behold another JZ drama. She is just the gift that keeps on giving. I hope that she goes away. Glad this fiasco didn’t result in a law suit.

    Loved the link to Jay Leno appearance with Bethenny. She is a great interview.

    Okay, I really like the million dollar decorators. La Jolla is one of the most beautiful places in SoCal. That house! That view! It is just beyond gorgeous. I like watchng the transformation created by the decorators for rich clients. Living vicarously for an hour is fun. Love that the big drama is chocolate addiction and it is a handsome man, who happens to be witty, heads for hypnotism. I’m with Mary…giving up one of life’s pleasures makes no sense. I am craving Donnelly’s chocolate covered caramels with a sprinkle of sea salt flakes, sigh.

    • FLG says:

      I agree, La Jolla is beyond gorgeous! Hubs and I used to visit my late “MIL” in Laguna Beach. She lived there for many years before she died. The views were breath taking. She lived in a cantilevered house which would be considered quite modest by today’s standards, but I always loved her welcoming spirit and enjoyed her views. I would sit for hours just taking in what I could see. We always did a driving tour of La Jolla while we were out there.
      My favorite sweet craving is always Sander’s Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge, right out of the jar. I’m not always up to baking, so for a quick treat it always does the job. Luckily, there is someone from Michigan who carries it here in Fort Lauderdale, so I don’t have to have it shipped in. 🙂

      • Mimisfbay says:

        OMG, I was doing business in Grosse Pointe (speaking of gorgeous places) and had hot fudge sundaes at Sanders!!! What an experience it is like chocolate and caramel mixed but you can still taste both. Oh faint. The guy I was doing business with sent me two gigantic cans of it and I made sundaes for the entire office.

        Laguna is beautiful too. LaJolla? Not to be believed. I think I love the show because when you drive through La Jolla you wonder what on earth the interiors of those houses look like. I am so glad you know what I am talking about!!

        • Hugh Knowit says:

          oh god now im starving LOL
          has anyone tried one of those magnum ice cream bars
          delish but i picked up the wrong ones
          they didnt have caramel and had chocolate ice cream inside not like the ones in the commercial but they were realllllllllly good
          and yes i knoe as adiabetic i shouldnt have them but it was just one time this week i cheated

          • dsc60 says:

            they are soooo good. i’ve had all the flavors. i like dark chocolate myself, but really they are ALL yummy. i try to only have one or two a week. i never even looked at the calories – i can imagine it’s a lot – and i want to enjoy them without too much guilt.

  54. VAGirl says:

    Quincy I appreciate your blogging MDD, because it’s interesting to read about people who have so much money they don’t know what to do with it.

    • quincyil says:

      The homes do look nice in the end.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        I agree, I like to see the finished results. I have recorded the first episode, as I want to try and get the look of Sharon Osborn’s bedroom. It would be a totally new style for me, but I really liked it.

        Also I tried to read the designers blogs, but was unable to get through any of them, very boring to me.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Yes, thanks for blogging this show. I loved it last week, but last night I was kind of mortified that the divorcing woman’s request for reducing the cost of the renovation was totally ignored. The designer does not show much sympathy for this woman’s marital problems.

      I was amused at the dollar amounts quoted, but then the one at a flea market balked at prices that were (to me) much lower than the designer model stuff. Sheesh!

      • quincyil says:

        One day, she is going to renovate the guest house and the next day she calmly announces they are divorcing? Wow. Did she not see that wrecking ball coming in her direction?

        Could hiring Mary have caused the divorce? Kendra seems so nice. People don’t just get divorced like that. It can’t be so sudden and so final at the same time, right?

  55. Shannon says:

    Testing to see if my post are right. :)))

  56. smompy says:

    I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to read the always-riveting Double Secret, “A Very Special” Jill Zarin Blog any more…well, not without selling my soul to the devil…er…I mean subscribing…but I am kinda surprised it took this long for someone (either Jill, or one of her ginger children of the night) to make the complaint. I figured posting the whole thing that way just HAD to violate copyright laws and such. Of course I wasn’t about to mention that myself because I LOVED the fact that it was posted here; helping to expose JZ’s pathological dishonesty and gargantuan ego to an even wider audience, although obviously those things are always on full display with Jillzy anyway. Oh well, I can still read her Bravo blogs I guess. Jill’s only about 10% less nasty and deceitful in those blogs than she is in her Double-Secret, Special Privacy Whaaaa Whaaaa Whaaa, Quit Being More Successful and Likeable Than Me, Bethenny, You Ungrateful Bitch Blog.

    OK I’m about to click on something that has no letters or label or anything but which I hope is the thing I’m supposed to click on when I want to post a comment. Be nice, WordPress!

    • Lavalady says:

      I’m having some trouble posting.

    • Mimisfbay says:

      Good one! Hilarious in fact. I find it even more hilarious that copying that wenches drivel is a copywrite infringement, go figure.

    • Error404 says:

      You mean you’re not going to mail in the box top of 7 squuezemeelmo girdles for the super secret jillettes only double decoder ring and de part of the sper secret exclusive “circle of friends”? I’m dying my hair red Today, right after I post on Facebook that I heard a rumor that my best friend’s husband does gay for pay porn. It’s step # 5 in the be like Jill handbook

  57. Stella says:


    I only recently found this blog (maybe a few months ago) and so I decided to look through the archives and read old blogs. I was reading one on last season of RHNJ dated Aug. 26, 2010 and you made a comment that was absolutely hilarious. You were commenting on Danielle’s eyebrows and you said they look like a serial killer’s signature. OMG I thought that was soooooo funny I had to thank you for the laugh. Hope you have a great day.

  58. quincyil says:


    I hate it when Alex gets nervous and can’t respond to the women who confront her. It happens when she is confronted by more than one person at a time. They all talk over each other so to get a word in, they start to get loud.

    Kelly is the worst this season. She started demanding and giving orders on Scary Island and she has done that all season four long. Can you imagine having a towering figure screaming at you as you try to get your thoughts together? How does a nomral person respond to Kelly’s barrage?

    I wonder if Alex gets homesick. It seems that part of her behavior is that she worries about the boys and Simon.

    The other preview was Sonja and Ramona sneaking into the designers area to try on caftans. Those girls just want to have fun.

    • PJ says:

      I think Kells lives in opposite world, poor girl, so all the crazy things she says are really not her fault. Whatever she says really means the opposite. Like when Kells says she is nice and being mean is ugly, with the inference that the blonds aren’t nice and are therefore ugly, but she Kells is nice and because she is nice she is also not ugly. It’s both a pat on her own back and a put down of others. You see Kells thinks this is being nice, because she doesn’t understand the meaning of the word nice. I think she forgot to take an English class at Columbia and therefore doesn’t know the meaning of many words so when she speaks she says the opposite of what she really means because she just doesn’t understand.

      I also think Kells may not realize that people watch the show she is on. Kells probably thinks its like the other projects she has done in her whole life in fashion, you know the ones no one has ever heard of. The ones where poor Gilles was forced to take her picture over and over just to get her to stop talking. She must think this because she constantly gives interviews telling people the exact opposite of what she is seen doing on the show. The poor girl just doesn’t understand, that’s the problem with the dichotomy between what she says and what she actually does.

      • Error404 says:

        I seriously think kiki is whatever the current pc term for retarded is. Her development seems arrested to me. These type of opposite fits remind me of when a child cant get it’s way so it starts yelling things like “bad mommy!” because the bad person is the one who won’t yield to her will.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Maybe Alex stutters or halted when Kellidiot, with her monster stature and crazy eyes, turned around and creepily started talking calmly. Alex who was privy to the ‘breakthrough’ on ScaryIsland probably shat her sequined shorts thinking she was a black eye away from a lengthy blog! LOL

          • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

            Krazy is pathological. She is mean but doesnt think shes mean and its totally insensitive. If you are not her friend, she will attack like a dog.

            • PJ says:

              I think it’s a job requirement or something. You have to be pathological. Like Shrill-zee who thinks she has changed, Loo who thinks she has class, Kells who thinks she is nice and Barhop who thinks someone cares. We should tell them: Just because you say it doesn’t make it so!

  59. kotagirl29 says:

    Well if we didn’t already know, we certainly know now that Shill is monitoring this blog closely. I can’t believe that she is so consumed by her good name that she would now try to shut this blog down. I’m sure she had the same “team of lawyers” that were ready to go after Bravo for poll-gate, contact WordPress. She needs to get a life. Now she just comes off desperate and pathetic.

    • If Jill keeps hiring lawyers, PR people and interns to improve her public image, Bobby isn’t going to have any money left. LOL

    • FLG says:

      It sure seems that some of the jokingly posted “hi, Jill” posts got back to “receive a phone call from: “at least I’m not sticking you for pre-ordering 10 copies of my paperback book this time Mommy”.

  60. smompy says:

    I was listening to an old Allan Sherman record on the hifi last night and got inspired. The Skinnygirl maragaritas may have played a role too. Anyway, this is meant to be sung to the tune of Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman.” Is Helen still alve? And yes, I know, I have way too much free time on my hands:)

    I am Zarin

    I am Zarin, watch me schnorr
    We all know LuAnn’s a whore
    But she’s on my payroll so I just pretend
    Yeah, I’ve used that bitch before
    Since her Count left she’s so poor
    That for ten bucks she will act like she’s your friend

    Oh yes I’m despised
    So what? People know my name!
    Yes, I give advice
    But mostly I just blame
    With Bobby’s checkbook, I can do anything
    I am vile (vile)
    I am contemptible (contemptible)
    I am Zarin!

    When I’m caught in any lie,
    I first attack and then I cry
    And famewhoring is my one and only goal
    When fake tears don’t work, I screech
    about Ms. Frankel being a leech
    Those who know me are aware I have no soul

    Oh yes I’m a yenta
    And at times a downright bitch
    But none of that stuff counts, ’cause my husband’s somewhat rich
    If I blow him, he’ll buy me anything
    I am rude (rude)
    I’m hypocritical (hypocritical)
    I am Zarin!

    I am dumb
    I’m unredeemable
    I am Zaaaaaaaaaaaariiiiiiiiiiiin

  61. Error404 says:

    Ut oh, looks like teressa must have been cooking at the brownstone to pay some bills

    • V-NY says:

      hahaha- did Teresa flip the stove?? lol. At least everything is fine with the Brownstone.

    • California35 says:

      Hi everyone!

      Thanks Q and Lynn for the blogs. So so sorry that you had to delete those blogs and that we need to be more careful on what we post here. I hope that will be the end of it. I am not surprised she/they are still trying to bring this board down. I am very happy they have not succeed.

      Q – thanks so much for the recap on Inside the Actor’s … I like that show and I watch Modern Family. I wish Bravo advertise Inside the Actor as much as it does the other shows. . . then again, I have not been watching much tv so maybe I missed that too. I will now look for it to see if I can catch the rerun.

      I saw Bethenny on Jay Leno from last night. I gringe when I heard the questions, but I think she did very well on the answers. I totaly get what she says, and already knew the answers (:-)). At the same time I can imagine that those who don’t know her or don’t like her, could use her answers against her. Like we have seen happend. On the other hand, nothing has stoped her…she is popular, rish, happy and successful.

      • Stella says:

        Oh I LOVE Modern Family. I’m not home on Wednesday nights so I happened to catch this in a rerun on a Saturday during season 1 and I’ve been hooked. I caught up through NetFlix and DVR all the new episodes. I can’t even pick a favorite character because every time someone else comes on the screen, they make me realize why I love them so much. Everyone on that show was the perfect choice because they each have the perfect mannerisms, body language, facial expressions, pitch and tone, and timing to perfectly complement the character they are playing and the story line that is being worked out. I can’t get enough of this show.

        • California35 says:

          Me too!!! they are all crazy and reasonable on difrent times. Like we can figure out who is our favorite character, we can figure out who is the one that has the reason. It is all pretty funny and usually in all the little families. There will be a drama on each of the little families, on every singly episode..even if the main story line is one. Can you tell I like it also? 🙂

          • Stella says:

            Yes. This really is a great show. I don’t have a family that gets along. When I’m around them I always am concerned about not leaving with all my stuff or being taken out (and I’m not even kidding) so I always find it interesting to see families that have issues but genuinely enjoy being around each other even if it is scripted cause families like their’s do exist.

    • California35 says:

      oh wow – I am glad everything is fine now…but yeah Caroline don’t invite Theresa to cook 😛

    • Kansas Girl says:

      That’s quite a fire, coming out the roof, for them to say it’s nothing and all over with!

      • Hugh Knowit says:

        they opened the brownstone right back up
        ive never eatten there but i know people that have and they said teh food is pretty good
        I know teh cupcakes they serve for dessert ate fierce because the bakery is here in Nutley and i get those all the time

        the one time i got a reply to a twit from caroline was about those cupcakes
        they are really really good

    • Hugh Knowit says:

      Carolines such a red hot mama she set the place on fire just by walking in LOL

  62. quincyil says:

    i was working and thinking….

    How many times have we watched Jill Zarin exhibit the emotion of anger on the show for minor slights?

    Ramona did not invite Jill to the cfef’s lesson when Luann was new to the group. Simon is punished for saying that Jill has a Long Island accent with an article in the Post claiming he is a falling down drunk. Jill in the ice skating rink when one of our Olympic hopefuls could have been injured by her foolish skating practice. Jill and a display of sinage over a bar in the end of season two. Jill and Mario discussing a tennis game. The huge fight: Bethenny getting her own show and leaving Jill behind. Jill moving her arms in anger at Ramona in the Riad. Jill screeching about being made to walk the plank in St. Johns during the season three reunion. Jill angry because Ramona drove to a wedding with Alex and Simon in the second episode of season four. Jill furious with Alex because Alex delivered a message from Bethenny. Jill furious with Ramona because Ramona ask her why she asked the bridge why she was friends with Ramona.

    Four years now… and we know who she is and what she is capable of. If you can slaughter your friend (Bethenny) on the show and in the press and try to destroy your fellow cast mates by harming their reputations (Simon and now Ramona,) are you this happy person that you claim to be?

    I was shocked that Jill went after the Bravo poll and told a reporter about a lawyer. I should not be shocked by anything I see Jill Zarin do in her reality show. I should not be shocked about her statements in twitter, a public forum that we all all invited to read.

    When Jill said she wanted to change and I had read that she and Alex had an understaning, I thought she had gotten control of her anger issues and was trying to treat people better. Watching the show in season four and thinking about things make me believe that it is just as bad as it has always been.

    I’m sure you all will remember many more times where she has shown this streak of anger and said she was going to punish people with her words and actions in the show. This is all on film and we watch it over and over and over again thanks to Bravo.

    • California35 says:

      And yet, she says that she is the one being bullied, she is that one with the big hart (LOL I couldn’t keep a straight face) She acts like she is the queen and only she can decide what to do, who to do it with, who is coming, who is not, when is a good time to dish, when it is not, when someone will pee (…oh sorry…). Seriously, she wants us to believe one thing, but keeps giving us reason for not believing. Then, what is it, are you the victim or are you the powerful one? Are you being bullied or are you doing the bullying? Are you being real or are you a two face?

      • quincyil says:

        I would like to see an accurate definition of what it means “to bully.” I have a feeling that what Jill does by manipulating her team and their thoughts about Alex, Sonja and Ramona has to be a form of bullying. It is my guess that Jill had discussions with Kelly like the one before Jill left for Australia and it affected Kelly’s mind which is impressionable.

        Is it possible that Jill Zarin started the spark that lit the flame of Scary Island? Is it possible that the confrontations that we see between Cindy and Sonja are being fueled by the comments of Jill Zarin?

        Listen to the words of Jill Zarin when the blondes arrive in the riad and go off to their rooms. Jill set the negative tone. Cindy and Kelly then seem to follow Jill’s lead and get into the faces of some women who want to have a good time on vacation.

        Kelly makes a statement about Sonja’s home being dirty and smelly. Jill confirms. She seems to be right there to push Cindy and Kelly into paths that lead to hangergate and henna tatoo gate.

        If you lead others to cause pain, it seems like it would fit the concept of being a bully to me.

        • California35 says:

          So true, the way she manipulate then. Directly or indirectly. I don’t want to say that she talks to them saying “you do this, you say that, or from now on bla bla bla”, but I can sooo see it happening. If she does that or not, I can almost say what she DOES is tell them stuff that will influence them to be on her side or against someone. Like…

          To Kelly – I believe you…they were mean to you on the island”,
          To Cindy- if you only knew what Ramona and Sonjia said about you, and that pecking order….wow that was low, what she meant was that you are below all of us for being the new girl.
          To Luann- you know you can stay at my house all you want, my Countess.

          …and stuff like that. We don’t know because we don’t see it…but what we do see on camera, is still prety clear. She is feeding to their issues with the blonds.

          • quincyil says:

            For all we know, Jill might be suggesting these things to them. Jill said that season four will be about the formation of teams. Jill is manipulating to form teams.

            Jill and Luann wanted Alex to be on ther team against Bethenny in the beginning of season three. Alex tried to stay neutral and when she observed what was going on, she supported Bethenny.

            Sometimes, you have to join a team. You might have noticed that I joined TEAM LYNN about a year ago.. I watched Jill Zarin and felt that I had to state that her behaviors and actions are wrong.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      To grow and/or change deep seated behavior takes hard work and vigilence. Jill is a lazy person but also one who expects/demands instant gratification. Be nice once and her slate is wiped clean….without apology or care for anyone else’s feelings. Jill will never be happy because she will never put the work in to change whatever inside of her is amiss.

  63. FLG says:

    Wow, from the photo, it looks like Teresa lit a charcoal bar-b-que inside the place and then started texting………Somebody must have ordered blackened chicken or fish.

  64. California35 says:

    So true, the way she manipulate then. Directly or indirectly. I don’t want to say that she talks to them saying “you do this, you say that, or from now on bla bla bla”, but I can sooo see it happening. If she does that or not, I can almost say what she DOES is tell them stuff that will influence them to be on her side or against someone. Like…
    To Kelly – I believe you…they were mean to you on the island”,
    To Cindy- if you only knew what Ramona and Sonjia said about you, and that pecking order….wow that was low, what she meant was that you are below all of us for being the new girl.
    To Luann- you know you can stay at my house all you want, my Countess.

    …and stuff like that. We don’t know because we don’t see it…but what we do see on camera, is still prety clear. She is feeding to their issues with the blonds.

    • California35 says:

      this was meant to be in responce to Q.

      • quincyil says:

        My impression of Jill, Cindy and Kelly is they are not hightly intelligent. I think all three of them let emotions rule. I see the same interaction with the Mob Wives of Staten Island. Drita would make a foursome for this group Kelly and Jill already invited Dritat into their clique. That should be fun when Lee, the bankrobber, comes to cocktails at Zarin’s Fabrics. Of course, Kelly and Cindy will complain about going to State Island when Drita returns the invition. It is too close to Governor’s Island and we know how Kelly and Cindy feel about visitng that place.

        • klmh says:

          Have to disagree with you on this one Q, or your implication that intelligence and emotions don’t go together. Its funny, the first person I thought of was Bill Clinton, and I have no idea why other than all here know he is a Rhodes Scholar and just about as emotional and intelligent as they come…
          My experiences with friends and family also support my comment. Lots of emotional intelligent hot heads out there!
          I do agree with you though, that the three ladies you mentioned are not, nor will they ever be, rocket

          • quincyil says:

            I met President Clinton here in Quincy the day after a State of the Union. What a personality! He has the ability to connect even though you just must him. I think he was a genius too. I wish he had worked harder to be a good husband.

        • PJ says:

          I think they have no depth, they are extremely shallow people. Whether they have the IQ to learn or not I don’t know, but they don’t have the ability to apply what they learn so they therefore have no wisdom since the ability to apply and use knowledge requires wisdom. Whether it’s an IQ problem or an EQ problem or some deeper problem or combination I’m not sure but they are in my opinion stunted in some rather serious way.

  65. quincyil says:

    Jill tweeted 11 minutes ago. She said they were in the last act and she hoped her flowers arrived before it was over.

    You don’t think she has her cell phone/blackberry going during the performance, do you?

    • Nancy says:

      Flowers for whom? Did I miss something?

      • quincyil says:

        Jill went to a dance performance before she leaves for the Hamptons to spend a weekend with Oprah Family.

        BTW… I don’ t think Oprah actually met Jill. It sounded like Jill has a tour by staff and sat in the audience of one of the last shows. I don’t think Oprah actually spoke to Jill. If Oprah did speak to Jill, Jill will be tweeting that non stop day and night for months.

        • California35 says:

          I am watch Shania Twain on Own, and the last episode got a bit of the show after it. It was behind the scenes for Oprah’s show. She was in a room with her producers having a meeting. I couldn’t help but think of Jill (Damn it!!!). I thought of who, from Oprah’s team, talks to Jill. (I won’t say is Jill’s friend). I wondered if who ever that person is, has a real access to Oprah’s closer group. I didn’t think it would be anyone from that table having a meeting with Oprah.

          • FLG says:

            Andy Cohen certainly has Gayle King’s ear. That may be why suddenly the Zarin is yapping about her “Oprah family” I think Andy ranks way higher when it comes to registering on the Oprah radar………but the little red haired competition queen has to make it all about her little self……….

            • quincyil says:

              I thought about writing to Oprah. My children, nieces and nephews are grown now, but I was with them when they were preschoolers and we ate at a MacDonalds on Michigan Ave. at the table next to Oprah and her friends. They watch the kids so I could get the trays with their food and drinks.

              My sisters, sister in law and i all watched Oprah and would share this with them as only two of them can actually remember the event. I think it had an impact on them becasue Oprah is an excellent role model.

              In the Oprah blog, there is an email address that she said people could use to contact her. I am going to write.

              • FLG says:

                Empress Q,
                I’ve always held Oprah in high regard. It is amazing what this lady has accomplished from such humble beginnings. Whether a person is a fan or not, she has accomplished something of historic proportions and I have always believed that her concern for the world at large is genuine. She has demonstrated that if you help her overcome something (beef council w/ help from Dr. Phil) she will be a tried and true friend. She could have just as easily paid the bill I’m sure he presented her, said thank you and walked away. I like friends like that! I hope we each have someone in our lives with that amount of loyalty.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Geeze! People on stage can see who is playing with their phone. The little light reflects on their face and it’s very clear. How tacky and impolite.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Omg! Tweet during a performance

    • klmh says:

      I love this so much! They through a texter out of a movie theater in Tx.!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish someone would have done the same if Jill was doing the same thing. Just rude.

  66. Stella says:

    OK random weird experience that happened in my family and I can’t remember if I’ve posted this but I was thinking about it just now. Thirteen years ago my mom had an aneurysm and strokes (she survived and even though part of her brain doesn’t work anymore and she has no short term memory most people don’t even notice) and when she woke up and wanted food she specifically asked for Haagen Daaz Butter Pecan ice cream. A month ago my cousin who went to live in Chicago as a kid (he was a delinquent and after he threw a skate at my mom while she was holding me as a baby his mom sent him to live with his dad) had an aneurysm and strokes. When he woke up and wanted food he specifically asked for Haagen Daaz Butter Pecan ice cream. I just thought that was so weird. We’ve only seen him twice in like 28 years and he could have asked for a hot dog, a brownie, a steak or even some other kind of ice cream but he wanted exactly the same kind my mom had asked for. Well anyway it just struck me as odd to say the least.

    • boston02127 says:

      Mama Lynn——I’m still floating at sea. HELP !

      • Lavalady says:

        I can’t create a new post; can only reply. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

      • California35 says:

        I have the same problem Boston, I have been posting by replying to someone. There is one post from me that seems like my posting, but I don’t know how it happened because I was replying to Q.

    • klmh says:

      Did he know the story of your mother wanting the ice cream before his stroke/aneurism?
      I must say, I would love some now too…

      • Stella says:

        Not that I’m aware of. He really has not been in his right mind anyway. He has moments of knowing his wife and being ok to being in a complete rage that includes hitting the doctor. He goes back and forth. But anyway I don’t think I told anyone that my mom wanted that ice cream when she woke up.

        • klmh says:

          Stella, Im sorry to hear about your cousin and your mother. Do you know it the aneurism was in the same location of the brain with both of them?

          • Stella says:

            Thank you. I don’t know where his was but my mom’s was in the back of her brain. Another interesting thing is that since part of her brain doesn’t work anymore she can now eat the things she was alergic to. She found out at an early age that if she even touches an orange she breaks out into bumps but since her aneurysm she can eat oranges and nothing happens.

            • klmh says:

              A lot of weird things happen after a brain injury, like the lady that had brain surgery for some reason and woke up speaking with a british accent. But what happened to your mother and the allergies is just so strange. Glad she can enjoy oranges now though!

    • Adgirl says:

      Wow Stella that is an intresting story. It wasn’t clear to me whether your cousin lived long enough with you to know about your mom’s preference for that flavor before he he had to move. Maybe he liked your mom very much and was sad about leaving?

      Anyway I think this story is worthy of contacting Hagen Das’s Public Affairs or Community dept. Maybe your famliy can have their favorite flavor provided free by Hagen Das.

      Sorry about the illnesses in your family.
      PS My mom and grandmother are named Stella. 🙂

      • Stella says:

        Oh cool. I always like meeting other Stella’s. I was named after my grandmother. Anyway I would guess he was between 9 – 11 when he went to the mainland, we live in Hawaii. I don’t know what kind of ice cream she was eating back then, about 28 years ago but maybe they both liked that ice cream and ate it together back then. I like your idea about contacting the company :-). Any thank you for your sympathy over what happened. I thought it odd too that they both even had an aneurysm.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Stella, I think the fates are telling you to buy Hagen Daz stock!

  67. Debbie says:

    The comments ‘Nurse Jackie’ makes in this article aren’t Zarin or Housewife specific, but could be and are pretty interesting

    Edie Falco on Our ‘Frightening’ Reality-TV Culture, Nurse Jackie, and Her Tony Nomination

    • Nancy says:

      I love “Nurse Jackie”. I’d love for Lynn or Q to blog about this one.
      I didn’t know she was in recovery herself. I knew I liked her for a reason (ha ha).
      Jill wouldn’t get her point about reality “stars” because Jill see’s herself as a “real” star.

      • California35 says:

        Oh yeah, I had no idea she had had a drog problem either. I really don’t know much about her…other than her acting. I know why she is not into fame like those who twitt what they are having for dinner and if they sneased, she did say that herself 🙂

      • Debbie says:

        Agreed, Jill would never get the point. If you hvent opened the link this quote is what I was referring to:
        ” who the hell is Kim Kardashian? Like, who are these people and why are they famous and why are they advertising things and being asked their opinions about things? I just don’t understand what these people did to be in a position of having everyone ask their opinions about stuff. I mean, if there’s something about her personality or something that she’s accomplished or her philosophy on something — but beyond that I don’t understand what’s happening. It’s actually frightening.Edie Falco/Nurse Jackie
        And Nurse Jackie is right, It’s actually frightening. It’s frightening to me that Jill and Co. actually have fans, people that admire them and value their warped opinions. People that look up to them and adhere to their definition of bullying and how to behave. How to be a true friend to someone, how to be loyal and don’t see through their actions, that what they say and how they act are two different things. Everything they say and do is contradictory. It’s really a sad commentary on what passes for an icon today, I have a really hard time trying to figure out how and where their fans grew up if this is what they look to for inspiration. And the “Stars” pander to them to further their own agenda and to hawk their wares. Too sad.

    • California35 says:

      Interesting story – thanks…I watch Nurse Jackie. I never saw the Sopranos, so I don’t really imagine her role. My sister though, I told her about this show and she began watching this season. She watched a few episodes, and then she noticed who the actrice was. She was so funny texting me and calling to ask me if she was the wife of the Sopranos 🙂 She used to watch it.

  68. AZ Girl says:

    I wonder where Jill&Bobby stay out at the Hamptons? LuMann’s? Jill is probably contaminating the Hamptons like she did Bryant Park. None of the really cool peeps want to be seen with her & Countess.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m sure they are running to the hill’s.

    • lillybee says:

      Jill could have rented Kelly’s house for the season. I think the figure was 300k or thereabouts.

      • California35 says:

        Can I post this or do I have to describe it only? lol
        Okay – so Ramona wrote on her FB that she will be in Chicago. She is planing tasting there, in Atlanta and CA.

        Lynn, I hope you can go and meet her 🙂 and I hope she comes to CA on a day I can go so I can meet her too 🙂

      • AZ Girl says:

        I can guarantee that she and Bobby are not renting. This woman is so cheap she sells her used clothing on Ebay for money. I am sure she a mooching off someone. That picture taken with Hugh Jackman at the Hamptons a week ago looks like Hugh had a few drinks and next time I am sure he will run for the hills. I really believe there is a tier system there with the events. Tier 1 is the level of P.Diddy’s parties, Tier 2 is fundraisers in which everyone is invited and show up to get their picture taken, and Tier 3 is anything with Crazy Kelly is involved with. HA!

    • FLG says:

      According to Newsday, Bawby and Jillzy are renting in Bridgehampton near MeCox Bay. That was as of last year, but from some of Ally’s tweets, it sounds like they are staying in the Bridgehampton area again this summer.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I would not be surprised if this was NOT “comp” to Jill and Bobby in some way. Filming for Oprah’s channel?????

  69. V-NY says:

    Hey All
    I will not be around tommorow and I’ll be back Friday morning; I didn’t want anyone to miss me 🙂 lol.
    I’ll be in Woodstock, NY to get a chiropractic adjustment and some TLC from my chiropractor/healer. I also need some mountain scenery for a change of pace as well.
    ttyl Ciaoo
    p.s. I will be watching RHONY tomorrow night!!!!
    bye bye everyone.

    • California35 says:

      Have fun!!

      UGH! I don’t know if I want to watch NYHW 😦 I really don’t want to give it the rattings.If the ratings are high, then it proves that they should not change anything about it. AND IT DOES NEED A CHANGE!! 😦 I don’t know I don’t know….

      • V-NY says:

        ty Cali
        aww c’mon….you do wanna know what the aftermath of the fight is??? Also, think about Alex and LuLu having a little fight…and maybe Alex yells at Kelly too??? You’ll miss out on scoop!! I made sure Bravo was available at the hotel too;in fact, that was my first question. It’s too juicy to miss on it now. lol.

        • Nancy says:

          I hope your back feels better. Be careful.
          “Talk” to you later.

        • California35 says:

          Right?!! that is WHY I am watching this season even though I said I wouldn’t. I want to see how things got after last season…but the brunets are acting like it wasn’t a big deal..and that Kelly really was bullied…oh well…I guess I will watch lol

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Have fun, relax and good luck. To make you laugh: my dad used to go to the “choir-practor” frequently. My mom was an RN and thought it was fake. Oh, the discussions about choirpractory!

  70. Nancy says:

    I hope you see this in time.
    Today at 4pm a show called Lord Stanley’s Summer is on.
    Highlights of what players do with the Stanley Cup after they win it.

    Should be fun. Good luck with game 4 tonight. (cause your going to need it) HA HA

  71. Nancy says:

    I wonder what put Jill over the edge to have someone look into the “Rules of Word Press”?
    Was it her “private” news letter? I love the fact that we are so getting under her skin.
    One would think she’d stop for a minute and figure out why
    this is happening but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    The gift that keeps on giving.

  72. tweatcyn says:

    I’m going to LaJolla for my vacay in a week. Staycation since it’s only an hour south of here driving. Laguna has a great tour each May called Charm House tours. People volunteer different houses eac year to be toured by public for charitable donation. Busses take you house to house. I’ve done it twice. The ocean views and interiors and landscaping are to die for.Docents lead the tours and protect property. Like MDD in person. Really fun.

    • California35 says:

      San Diego? Is that an hour from you? wow so you are in California!!! I don’t know why I thought you were in NY…my memory lol

      Your vacay sounds fun…I should look into it, I am trying to figure out where to go for a short trip.

  73. klmh says:

    Finally, the truth! Jeanna Keough spills the beans on the OC finale!

    • Stella says:

      Thanks for the link, it was an interesting read. It even tells us what Eddie’s job is. That dude weirds me out.

    • FLG says:

      OMG, did you all see the part about LuAnn Countess Squash Blossom High Horse, Teresa and Dina getting to co-host on Good Day New York? I’m predicting some bad mornings on NY television. I hope you New Yorkers won’t be blinded by one of Countess Squash Blossom High Horse’s necklaces. Good Luck! I think you’re going to need it.

  74. Arya Stark says:

    I think Jill is concentrating on TWOP, Bravo owns it and the trolls are out in force there. It’s nuts. They are even defending Victoria using the n-word and smoking pot, while saying that Luann’s absence is fine, and Alex’s boys are spawns of the devil. Jill is PERFECT of course, but the Bethenny hate has now taken over the RHNY thread there as well.

    Anyway, Oprah is a reader. And a control freak about who she hires. Jill will never work for Oprah, because Oprah would read her book, and well? That would be the end of Jill, and any producerette that suggested Jill be hired.

    • California35 says:

      Great point about Oprah….

      • Arya Stark says:

        She would be APPALLED by that trash, and wisely not want that bitch anywhere near here.
        Her thoughts on Jill and her book would probably make Alana’s look supportive.

        • California35 says:

          And…Oprah is where she is because her hard work and so she appreciates people who do hard work. She is has what she has because she is giving it to her self, no man is giving it to her. She is pretty much a self made person who came from humble beginings and raised to the top. Did I saw she works hard? lol

  75. tweatcyn says:

    Oh, BTW, I hope my own snark attacks on Bravo blogs aren’t targeted. LOL. RCH has done some funnies too. We mix it up though. Not only JZ’s.

  76. Sonjafan says:

    Checking to see if this works for me

  77. chismosa says:

    Hi Lynn and hi Q-
    I haven’t commented in a few weeks and now there are all these new posters i don’t know most of them! ha ha-
    Lynn i can’t believe all the trouble this has become- i wonder if there is a better site to go to, however i do remember the trouble last year in moving over to new sites for your blog and now that you are so famous (did you REALLY get a shout out from Mario on his FB page! Go Mario!)
    I have to say i am so happy you seem to be seeing NJ the way i am and i called it from ep 1 that i love Kathy and i truly do. Don’t know why some people still see something odd in her, i see her as 1000% genuine. Love her. She is a fantastic example for a good marriage, good mother, good children, etc…..
    Will come back to post again later today but still have to catch up on this last blog and the end of the previous one- reading about Kim G’s feud with Andy? I have to say, though everyone and their mothers hates Kim G- at least SOMEONE is taking D’Andy to task. I’m so over him and his overinflated ego. NBC/Comcast new execs decided to keep him i guess but they could have gotten rid of him and cleared up the Bravo mess going on. I don’t think ratings are doing that well these days, and new niche shows don’t seem to be doing well either.
    SO HAPPY Jeff Lewis is back- it’s a little birthday present for me from Bravo, with love (to quote someone saying something funny here yesterday about buying a purse for yourself with love… ha ha)

    Just have to say i suffered a death of a very very close family friend, more of a close girlfriend-slash- aunt and it was sudden, she was 63, in near-perfect health and had a heart attack in her sleep. I am still reeling, but coming to read the comments and blogs the past wks to catch up has certainly helped to bring my mind a bit off of it. So thanks to you Lynn and Q for your constant barrage of Bravo reality nonsense analysis! It truly has helped me.
    ~~~~~~~As always, lovingly, i hate Jill Zarin forever and ever.

    oh ps- Lynn- Sofia Vergara is from Colombia, not Columbia where KooKoo supposedly graduated from GENERAL STUDIES not regular university. Probably where Kookoo had her first breakdowns.
    Now i have to go find some binoculars to put on when i type these replies on here…. what the F is up with this Font number .4 ???? WordPress? For god’s sake

    • klmh says:

      Im so sorry for your loss Chismosa.

      • tanya says:

        thanks so much, I really appreciate it. Its been harder than I thought it really would be. Coming here and reading to catch up has helped immensely. You are ALL so funny

    • Stella says:

      I’m sorry for your loss.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Hi chismosa! First, I am so sorry for your loss! That is so sudden and tragic. I wish you well. You are so right on the money about this blog being able to take our minds off stuff.

      Yesterday I learned one of my neighbors, a very handsome 29 year old man went out on a bike ride with his girlfriend. They rode out to the river, then split up to explore. She (GF) heard TWO gunshots ring out & ran toward where he was, he came running out saying he’d shot 2 opposum. Then they split up again & GF heard one gunshot ring out, but he didnt come running out. Hes gone.

      I didnt even know him all that well, but this has had an awful impact on me yesterday & today. So, of course THIS is the place to be. I’m sorry to dump this on ya’ll here. I just have a very heavy heart.

      OH, BTW, I think that was our very own Kansas Girl that said “with love to me, from me” yesterday to which you referred. Thats a great line!

      I do hope you and your family & friends will find some healing peace with each other during this sad time.

      • klmh says:

        Where in OK did this happen O.F.?

        • Okie Folkie says:

          In Norman. Silly damned kids. Hell, I even saw him leaving for that bike ride. We spoke, just Hi, but, ya’know……

      • chismosa says:

        ok now i’m back on here, as chismosa – same old one- thank you so much Okie, Stella, thanks all- Okie- this is tragic, truly tragic. You said it best, heavy heart- that is exactly what this all feels like!
        But thanks truly to all of you

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Chimosa and Okie, I’m sorry for both your losses. Sometimes we have to be reminded to enjoy every day in any way possible. My grandma used to say “It’s a hard ol’ life” and I think she was right.

        And “from me, to me, with love” is a family tradition. Make it yours too!

        • Okie Folkie says:

          KansasGirl, I am GOING to live by that great line you shared yesterday, I LOVE it! And, yer Grandma had great insight. “It IS a hard ol’ life.”

          Thanks to you all. The spirit of real ‘Community’ is def right here. Always with a kind word of support when someone is in need. That is so greatly appreciated, especially when one might come in with a ‘heavy heart’.
          (((((((((((((((((((HUGS to ALL)))))))))))))))))))

    • kotagirl29 says:

      So sorry for your loss chismosa.

    • quincyil says:

      Two big blogs and one letter wrong. LOL…U to O…done



  78. chismosa says:

    is it better to post as a Guest or a WP person? I am so confused and i am so blind typing this right now… help- anyone…..??

    • klmh says:

      Sorry, I didn’t experience any problem with the new posting. I have no idea, but think if Boston is having problems, its pretty bad. She is good about internet stuff… Many seem to be experiencing the same problem.

      • Arya Stark says:

        don’t click either one.

        look BELOW and just type and click on the ‘post comment’ logging in as you always have.

        • Arya Stark says:

          where your little quilt square is, type in name you use here and email you use here.

          then go to the blank box and type in comment.

          then back down to the far right of your quilt square click “post comment”

          Ignore the guest,and log in buttons completely unless you want to log in using twitter or facebook or whatever.

          • lavalady says:

            My problem is when I do the above, the cursor never appears in the box to type a comment.

            • chismosa says:

              to all of you here ^^ i seem to have it work best just signing in as guest, and it recognizes my old name and my old gravatar comes in fine

            • Kansas Girl says:

              It seems to work well for me, but now and then the last comment I typed appears in the box. I have to delete it before typing my next nugget of wisdom.

  79. California35 says:


  80. California35 says:

    I should write like the reality stars and ask for sugestions (although I will do whatever I want :-P)

    I want to plan a short trip one or two night stay somewhere…any suggestions?

  81. Nancy says:

    Boson’s where are you?
    Good luck 🙂

  82. chismosa says:

    Woopsie my middle name that I use on emails posted! I hate these issues. Thanks all

  83. California35 says:

    Ok – I must sign off now…but will be back this evening….

  84. quincyil says:

    Oprah’s Family just sent me an email. LOL.

    I sent an email this afternoon to Oprah@Oprah.com. A couple of hours later, I got this:

    Got your email.
    Thank you for watching the finale. I could feel your beating hearts, along with mine, through the TV screen.
    I’m off to take a little rest, and then I’ll get busy working on OWN.

    Take care of yourself.

    I’ll write soon,

    I think it’s from a computer and I am now on her mailing list. It’s fine with me. I will look forward to email from Oprah.


    • quincyil says:

      BTW, I printed the whole email from Oprah and i bet she doesn’t have a problem with us seeing it and discussing it.


  85. lillybee says:

    TWOP just shut the NY board down.

  86. Nancy says:

    V-0 😦

  87. neroes says:

    Bethenny just tweeted to watch 20/20 tonight. Behind the scenes of reality tv.

    • Whisper says:

      I saw a preview on Good Morning America today; they are supposedly going to show “Housewives” (don’t know which ones) & ask about & if they regret their behavior & how they regret it. Doubt if JZ is on!! Hell won’t freeze over tonight!

  88. Arya Stark says:

    Expect new posters! They closed the TWOP thread again.

    This time it deserved it, justifying racial slurs and attacking Alex’s kids was OTT.

  89. Nancy says:

    V-0 😦

  90. Nancy says:

    V-0 😦
    Not a good day to be Canadian.

  91. caliwife says:

    Hi lynn love ur blogs… I too hate jz and for all her talk on taking the high road and owning up to her mistakes she sure as hell showed her ugly jealousy when bethanny was on jay leno..as for tamra the trashbag from oc she is a liar and an embarassment to her kids and my eyes..I think that all of her lies will soon be found out and it is..peggy is a hasbeen that sucked up wayyy to fast to the darkside of vickis hemmorroids lol gretchen is truly beautiful inside out and I wish her the best..go team ramona and gretchen!!

  92. DarkSonnet says:


  93. Cheri says:

    I’m on a bus ride in NYC stilling I’m front ofzarin fabrics

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