IHJZ Million Dollar Decorators / The Amazing Vanishing Blog Explained

2nd posting of today’s blog…

I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Decorators / The Amazing Vanishing Blog Explained

I Hate Jill Zarin  Oh Yes I do!  / Million Dollar Decorators

The Amazing Vanishing Blog Explained

Some of you may have noticed that a few of my blogs are missing.  Two blogs to be exact. That isn’t a WordPress glitch or someone hitting “delete” by mistake.  The blogs were purposely taken down per instructions from WordPress.  To be fair, they didn’t instruct me to remove the entire blogs with all the comments, they instructed me to revise the blog and remove certain passages.  I chose to be safe and remove the entire blog to bring my site into compliance.

You see, apparently it is against WordPress rules to copy another writer’s entire blog into my blog and then make snarky comments about it.  The snarky comments part is ok I suppose but for example if Jill Zarin sends out her private blog to only fans who have signed up to receive it, I can’t just re-post the entire blog here on my WordPress blog.

I can’t post it in my blog and you guys can’t post it in the comments, if you do I’m supposed to delete it.  As many of you know, Boston02127 is on Jill’s private fan mail list, not because she’s a fan of Jill Zarin’s but because we like to make fun of her private fan blog.  Boston would send it to me each week and sometimes I’d post it here for you all to snark at…er enjoy.

Reposting it in its entirety is against the rules.  I make no excuses, I should have known that but honestly I did not. “Someone” reported my Thursday and Friday blogs from last week to WordPress.

Those blogs included entire blogs of some of the housewives and excerpts from others.  Jill’s private emailed blog was included as was her Bravotv.com blog, Cindy’s blog and Alex’s blogs were posted in my blogs as well.

A very smart man explained to me why posting a private, emailed blog is an issue for a cast member of a reality show.  Compiling an email list of “fans” like this can be valuable and if the private emailed blog is made public, people will un-subscribe as they can read the blog right here.  The email list can be sold to advertisers, it can be used to advertise the Housewife’s crap..er high end products. The more people on that list, the more valuable the list becomes.

To ensure complete compliance I chose to remove the entire blog rather than cutting it up and removing certain parts of the blog.  Additionally, I really didn’t have the time to read and delete every comment that may have included bits of the Housewife’s blogs in question.

So hopefully I understand the rules correctly, I can post “excerpts” from another blog but I cannot re-post the entire blog here on my site.  No problem! I apologize to WordPress for being ignorant of their rules and I apologize to all of you for breaking those rules and having to delete two blogs full of your wonderful comments!

In other Housewives News:

Bethenny takes a walk with her family in New York and it makes news…seriously?  I like Bethenny as much as the next girl but…seriously?



Ramona Singer denies that she has a drinking problem.  Well no kidding, do you think that she would admit it if she had a drinking problem while promoting her new wine and drinking on screen?  Ramona Singer doesn’t have a drinking problem…sheesh!

I really don’t understand why Bravo is allowing this ridiculous rumor to continue, they’re painting a picture and viewers are buying it.  Staaaaaawwwp! http://www.ivillage.com/real-housewife-ramona-singer-denies-drinking-problem/1-a-355546

Million Dollar Decorating by Quincy IL

Jeffrey and his assistants are in La Jolla putting the finishing touches on a home that they worked on for three years.  The house is worth $20,000,000 and there is $3,000,000 worth of furniture to be placed in the home.  The house is beautiful and is on the ocean. The concern is there is 72 hours before the owners arrive. They live on a yacht in the Pacific most of the year. Their two daughters have been supervising the remodeling and decorating for their mother.

Nathan is late for a meeting with a close friend and client, Melissa. He has been working on her house for 8 years and it will never be finished. Melissa is a diva, divorced, and rich.

Melissa’s veranda will be Bohemian ethnic with layers.  It will be an extension of the living room. When Nathan arrives, a contractor is ripping out the tiles of the veranda and Nathan is surprised.  The home has water damage so the contractor needs to get to the area where the leaks are and repair it. He guarantees his work.  The mess bothers Melissa.

Mary continues to work on Kendra’s guest house.  The home is to be sold immediately as Kendra is getting a divorce.  The walls of the bedroom area are dark and appear to be charcoal black, but Mary mentions that the living room is chocolate colored.  The walls of the recreation room are also very dark. The floor is light, perhaps carpeted.  The pool table veldt is black.

Nathan and Melissa look at the plans for the veranda.  He has a place for dining and entertaining.  There will be a bar with stools.

Nathan and Melissa go to Mosaic, a Moroccan store, to buy lanterns and bowls for the tables. It’s going to be dramatic.  They also visit Inner Gardens for plants and a $250 terra cotta pot that looks simple to balance the Moroccan pieces.  This will help it look modern also.

Martyn is in his office with an assistant who gives him a box of chocolates from a client. He eats all but one as he has a chocolate addiction.  He does not pay attention to his assistant.  She is explaining that they can take out a wall and that they have to get permits, but he is busy eating chocolate.

Jeffrey is in a bad mood in the La Jolla mansion. The bed is late.  His white Labrador dog is there watching him. He frets about the fact that the daughtersof the owners are difficult to work with. He shows fabric that is $400 a yard and $100,000 dishes that his clients might not like.  Demetra, one of his assistants surprised him with the news that the clients’ daughter is there and Jeffrey is not ready. Jen arrived with her baby ready for an inspection. She doesn’t like the size of the sink, the carpet in the bedroom isn’t soft, she has issues with the placement of furniture, and she doesn’t like the bed which has not arrived.

Mary argues with Kendra over the $100,000 project. The realtor wants the area to look simple, but Mary does not care about his opinion.  Kendra wants to spend $50,000 as she is getting divorced, but Mary won’t allow that.  She will be careful, but can’t cut too much or she won’t be able to put her name on it. Mary knows what looks good.

Nathan gets a phone call from Melissa with the news that 50% of the imported antique tiles are broken.  Nathan hopes that is an exaggeration.  He wants Melissa to be out of the loop because being a part of the process causes her stress.

Jeffrey’s assistant is threatening the bed maker and tells them to deliver the bed right away or they will end their business relationship.

Martyn goes to lunch with Katherine. She talks about her breasts again and he talks about chocolate.  Mary has body issues and so do most of her clients.  They have a 10 year relationship and like to drink wine together. Martyn explains that he is going to the home of Paul McKenna, the hypnotist and author for help.

Mary is shopping with her assistant in Maison al Natural.  There is a real giraffe rug. She is looking for masculine and rustic items and settles on antlers. Mary is tired of people trying to stop her from completing her vision.

Martyn visits the beautiful home of Paul McKenna and is hypnotized.  Paul’s large Great Dane seems to go to sleep on his couch too. Paul counts backwards from 300 and adds suggestions as he does it.

Jeffrey is done with the La Jolla house and the clients’ daughter loves everything, but one mirror that she picked out.  Jeffrey pushes his life partner and assistant into the pool.

Martyn goes to dinner at Katherine’s home and the French cook provides the food and entertainment. Jacqueline, the cook, wears a turban and dresses oddly. Mary tempts Martyn with chocolates.  He refuses.  Paul McKenna did it.

Mary goes to Kendra’s house and there is a For Sale sign.  She is surprised. She supervises the decorating, but finds out that there is a showing to prospective buyers at 5:30 PM and there are boxes that have not been unpacked. Mary has problems with all of her assistants.  They don’t do what she tells them to do and that wastes time and money. She says that she has been too friendly with them.

Nathan puts the finishing touches on the $100,000 veranda.  There are lanterns, couches, and an antique tile floor from Europe.  Melissa, the client, loves it.

Kendra goes to her guest house and loves Mary’s creation also.  She is OK with spending $100,000 because she can use those pots and the bed in her new home.

Inside The Actors’ Studio by Quincy IL

James Lipton interviewed six members of the cast of “Modern Family” a sitcom created in 2009 by Stevan Leviton (he was in the audience) and Christopher Lloyd.  This show won 6 Emmy Awards for acting and writing, Golden Globes and other honors.

The Actors interviewed and their characters are:

Ed O’Neill/Jay Pritchett

Sofia Vergara/ Gloria Delagado Pritchett

Julie Bowen/ Claire Dumphy

Ty Burrell/ Phil Dumphy

Jessy Tyler Fergerson/ Mitchell Pritchett

Eris Stone Street/ Cameron Tucker

Ed went to Ursuline High School in Youngstown, Ohio.  He played football in high school and at Ohio U for two years then Youngstown State for two years. During that time he drank beer and chased girls. He was drafted by the Pittsburg Steelers, but was cut on the day Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. He went to NYC for 10 years.  During that time, he did 30 plays.  He moved to LA to perform in “Married with Children.”

Sophia was born in Colombia.  Her family was wealthy and they traveled, attended the best schools and lived well.  She went to a bilingual school.  She has a mature figure at 13, but we slender.  At 17, she was walking on a beach when she was discovered for a commercial that was extremely popular.  She gave up her dream of being a dentist for the opportunities she was offered. She left Columbia to work for a US Hispanic Network as a TV host.  She acted in two sitcoms before Modern Family.

Julie was born in Baltimore to parents who were supporters of education in that area. They were wealthy.  She went to Brown University with a major in Italian Renaissance.  She visited Florence and loved the city and art.  She attended the Actors’ Institute.   She worked with Adam Sandler and Boston Legal.

Ty grew up in a small town in Oregon where his father and uncle had a small store.  The family had financial issues.  He received a NFA from Penn State and worked on a number of shows before Modern Family.

Jessy is from Albuquerque, NM.  He went to Catholic schools and participated in Children’s Theater.  He was often alone in his room singing musicals.  He went to NYC to the American Musical Academy and was in “On the Town” in 1997.  He had success in LA in pilots, but greater success when chosen for Modern Family.

Eric is from rural Kansas City.  He is not gay.  He has a preoccupation with clowns. He was injured throwing a discus in Jr. College.  His major was sociology.  He traveled to Chicago and studied in Second City.

The creator Steve Leviton explained that they like hugs and emotion unlike Jay Seinfield.

James Lipton discussed the characters and how they interact in the next part of the lecture.

Jay is insecure and middle aged. Gloria is beautiful, funny and intelligent.  They show clips from the show and discuss the interaction of the characters.

Claire is complex.  She tries to make the best of it, but she has concerns about her husband who isn’t very intelligent.  Phil is funny, but critical of the lists his wife makes for his to do.  It works for them

Mitchell is uptight and Cam is flamboyant.  They play gay fathers to an infant girl who they got as a newborn. Twins play the daughter who they struggle to raise.  Cam is playing his real life mom.

There is a clip where the new fathers lock the baby in the car.  Cam freaks and Mitchell calls for a satellite operator to open the car door.  They balance each other.

They all submit in the supporting actor competitions and Eric won the first Emmy.  He believes they will all win.

James Lipton then plays a game with the actors and they give their favorite words and least favorite.

Finally, there are questions from the audience and the one they share with us is from a second year directing student who asks about four cameras verses and audience.  Ed explains that the audience is disturbed by the cameras being between them and the actors so it isn’t like a play.

The students and James Lipton applaud the actors.

Mickey Mouth’s latest –


Mickey Mouth’s latest – Hysterical!

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102 Responses to IHJZ Million Dollar Decorators / The Amazing Vanishing Blog Explained

  1. lillybee says:

    Lol first poster, I think TWOP was closed because the posters were going round and round about Victoria’s youtube video. Many were defending V ‘s use of the nword, saying using it with an a at the end is acceptable slang for teens.

    • Error404 says:

      LoL really I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but people are so stupid sometimes it’s best to just laugh and move on.

  2. Boston02127 says:


  3. quincyil says:

    TWOP was closed. They closed it down in order to clean up the board.

    It was an interesting 5 minutes.

    Tonight on Top Chef Masters the four remaining chefs will create a meal that reminds our men and women in the service of our nation about home and meals with their families. I actually love this idea.

    I think it’s Floyd’s turn to pack up the knives. We will see.


    • AZ Girl says:

      I am watching last weeks episode and Padma is just pissing me off. Her comments were mean. She does not have her own restaurant and has a few cookbooks out in publication. Big deal. Hopefully tonight will be better.

    • I like Floyd. He seems to come in 2nd a lot – so I think he will make it through this round.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Posted below and loved tonight’s episode of all of them. Came down to the cooking and that to me is what matters.

  4. neroes says:

    Bethenny just tweeted to watch 20/20 tonight. Behind the scenes of reality tv.

  5. Boston02127 says:

    test again

    I think I can post! Too bad I don’t have anything to say.

  6. Sonjafan says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I feel badly that you had to go through all this junk because of jill or her minions. What a load of crap. I have never seen anyone as narcissistic as this woman. I cannot believe she cannot see or understand anything about herself. Can we say spoiled rotten. Sorry she is a real jap (I can say this as I am half jewish) – so please non of the political correct stuff. For some women it is a way of life – they can never do anything wrong, and everything is about them, and it’s even worse when there is money involved. I was shunned by anyone that was super wealthy at some social gatherings, and it was really a hoot. Of course I can’t afford a chanel bag, etc…or drive a jaguar/range rover. My engagement ring was probably way to small at 1 carat etc… you know the kind of stuff I am talking about. However her jealousy about Bethenny is eating her alive, she is also jealous of Alex, because she simply doesn’t care and stuff basically rolls off her back. She’s jealous of Ramona – because Ramona’s wine will probably make some decent money and she is jealous of Sonja’s social standing – after all she did marry a Morgan and her daughter will always be a Morgan, so her ex husband cannot completely close her off socially and she has probably kept some of those friends as well. Let’s take a look at Jill’s business ventures – her bedding line definitely didn’t make it and there is no way she can compete with Spanx – can we say stupid business ventures. Of course there is no jealousy with the brunettes, because what do they have that she could possibly want and they are her minions. She is not going to go into waxing
    vajayjays, nor is she going to sing like the C_ntess, and I doubt if she will be making sand castles and eating jelly beans.
    I am curious about her relationship with her sister. It seems to me that her sister worked pretty hard to get where she is
    and I wonder if she considers Jill as being vapid and very materialistic….does anyone know?

    • chismosa says:

      i would like to know if we could ever bring up an actual question to Jill at her u-streams/ twitter/ reunions, etc. about the nature of the rift between Jillousy and Lisa. That would interest me. Someone should hide it under the guise of ‘OMG Jill i am SUCH a fan of yours and adore you! I have a sister named Lisa too and it turns out we have some problems sometimes– did you ever have issues with Lisa? It’s so hard to have a sister right???’- and try to get it out of her. I know i know, she’d block, ignore, etc. but it would be fun nevertheless

  7. chismosa says:

    did everyone see Bethenny on Leno last night? She was wearing her ‘squeezed’ beautiful line of clothes- she wears all black all the time is the only problem i have, i like a little more color.
    She was great on and you could tell after the musical guest played and she went to shake hands how excited she was to be on Leno, i felt so happy for her! Kevin Bacon is known as such a nice cool guy so i hope they made friends there– and i love his wife Kyra.
    I am dvr’ing the 20/20 thing and i hope it really sheds some light. I hope D’Andy is not on it. Hope it proves some of his ways wrong- the way he manipulates all the viewers so gleefully

  8. VAgirl says:

    Anthony Weiner’s wife is reportedly pregnant with their first child. How sad.

    • chismosa says:

      ohhhh emmmm Geeeee- really? Poor Huma. She really should leave him, imo, i don’t care how un-pc/ how open their marriage is/ was. So wrong.
      Donny Deutsch (i like him…) was on Today show yesterday and analyzed the entire thing and was like ‘we should not be surprised by any of this’ but they concluded that it was his lying that is the worst and his abuse of power and just thinking he can get away with anything. All pathological these power guys, ALL of them have sex issues. Sex == power

    • Nancy says:

      She’s really pretty too. Why are some men so stupid?
      Maybe I just got lucky. A lot of doc’s have affairs. 😦

  9. chismosa says:

    ok i don’t want to offend him- but i have a question about the V-NY/ Vinnie/ Vinny poster- is this new person posting under that name, with now a picture- him? The earlier posts by the ‘Vinny’ person a few days ago were full of grammatical and spelling errors, i honestly thought it was a 60 yr old man who just immigrated here typing it. Or that it was a troll by Jill/ Lisa NE, etc.. the way he was like ‘ i like think Jill has sweetness to her soul and like believe best everyone’ -????? But today’s/yesterday’s posts of Vinny with picture- are fully coherent? Am i smelling something funny here or am i just soooooooooooooooooo off-base….? No offense to anyone here, including a valid Vinny who agreeably hates Jill Zarin if you ARE ON THIS BLOG.

  10. addictedtobravo says:

    Not sure if this has been posted previously but just saw a promo for 20/20where they are doing a story on reality tv and they flashed a pic of Andy. it’s on next 10PM EST.

    • chismosa says:

      darnit i was hoping D’Andy would NOT be on! darn it. hopefully they ‘edit’ him as well as he ‘edits’ for us

  11. CJAddictedNow says:

    Jill Zarin and her minions kind of remind me of Sarah Pallin & HER minions during the Boston/Paul Revere story and attempted alteration of Wikipedia this week. Jill and Sarah both have a huge problem with narcissism and both employ revisionist tendencies to make the world and history reflect their personal (and blind) views. I can see Jill thinking she too should be President, and instructing her followers to “fix” her mistakes to make it seem she was right all along. Her personal blog is like Sarah’s personal “emails” and in time maybe both will come crashing down to reality as it is and has been all along!

  12. Nancy says:


  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bethenny got front and center on the 20/20 Reality Rules segment. And they interviewed Caroline and Kyle – but not the fabulous Jill Zarin…..hehehehe!

  14. chismosa says:

    Ok 2 things i was thinking of in the back of my mind these past few days:

    1) Does anyone else besides me- think Caroline’backer looks not-so-great (more, say like she looked in S1 as opposed to now, post-surgery)- in the Bravo summer camp ad? She looks quite awful i have to say. Her hair, her face, she looks totally S1 – almost like they snipped her out of shots from that time and inserted it into the commercial.

    2) how do any of the HWs get to say ‘see next week for what happens with this ….. ‘ like say, Jillz saying ‘you’ll have to tune in next week to see how Ramona and i talk about this’ – HOW can they say that if they don’t get their dvd screeners until a few days prior to on-air? Do they get a group of dvd’s all together? That way they can work on their spin of events early on? Or does Shed/ Bravo send one week’s dvd to each housewife a couple days prior to on-air date, and then same thing for each following week? I don’t get it?

    • Nancy says:

      Yes they get it ahead of time.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I would have to imagine that they have an idea of what is going to be aired in future weeks as they have actually lived it. Even with Bravo manipulating the time lines and editing, they have to have a clue.

  15. AZ Girl says:

    I am going to re-post this tomorrow but I loved TCM tonight. Loved the Quickfire challenge and the elimination challenge. Looking forward to next week. Looking forward to Q’s blog tomorrow.

    • I really enjoyed it as well. As far as the quickfire went, why do you think no one recognized who was behind the screen? That seemed very strange to me. The voices didn’t seem altered. The military theme was heartwarming, and the food looked like something I’d really like.

  16. Y? says:

    It’s funny that Jill can’t figure out who Boston is. How does she keep it a secret? lol

  17. Y? says:

    Anyone know if Bethenny is filming yet?

  18. lillybee says:

    I read that it will start filming in early July.

  19. NMhousewife says:

    The 20/20 show had a positive spin on Bethenny’s part and not so much on some of the others.

  20. Y? says:

    I’m watching the preview clip of NY right now, and Alex’s very loud stomp down the stairs is absofriggin hilarious.

    • My stomach hurts when I think about watching tomorrow. Kelly is so mean.

      • HeyAll says:

        Of course we have Kelly repeating how weird and not normal it is. In fact, it’s CREEPY. OMG Alex is such a menace. She’s going to cut Kelly’s hair off in her sleep with a butcher knife.

        • nathania says:

          yeah when you watch that clip I think it’s pretty obvious this is ‘old, before she lost the money/husband” Kelly. Frightening person, that one.

          I wonder whatever happened to ‘all i want to do is enjoy this awesome life we have, that’s it’, and her belief that you don’t have to like people but ‘you always have to be polite’?

  21. Y? says:

    Kelly is mean & unbalanced. She advised Alex to “re-enter” because her first entrance was “inauthentic.” And when she starts spewing that nonsense, she just can’t seem to stop.

    • boston02127 says:

      And dumb. Don’t forget dumb. lol

      • SeoulSista says:

        Koo-Koo is the type of person that should thank the good lord that she has looks. She is a frequent passenger on the crazy train and has the IQ of a seizing hamster, if not for the superficial, this woman-child would not have gotten very far in life at all. Kelly can’t string together a cogent sentence and has the personality of a pit viper that fancies mayhem and stamp collecting. Her connections, her career are all based on her appearance, were she as ugly on the outside as she is inside, her fabulous life would not exist.

  22. boston02127 says:

    From Jill’s tweets
    you’re right… you have changed… for the better :-)”

    This is from a woman who’s bio says that she’s an elementary school teacher. Lol, I bet the kids have fun & get away with murder in her class.

  23. chismosa says:

    LOLing yesterday was saying something about predictions for a change in the NJ cast and said something about a Marco sister – Kim or Lisa coming on- who are the Marcos? Are they on NJ right now? I can’t figure who that is

    • LynnNChicago says:


      Kitchen fire at the Brownstone in New Jersey

      • boston02127 says:

        I had a hard time getting thru the artical, Carolinebacker’s almost naked pic was throwing me off.

        • boston02127 says:

          “For outsiders, the Brownstone is the banquet hall/restaurant owned by Albert and Caroline Manzo, often featured in the show the Real Housewives of New Jersey. It’s also where Albert allegedly LIVES. (Apparently there’s an attached Brownstone apartment”.

          Where Albert allegedly lives? What’s that about?

          • Y? says:

            That was my first thought. Why a picture of Caroline giving off the impression of being nude? Why? Also, that’s interesting about the apt. Allegedly, that’s where Dina’s husband lived with a girlfriend. I don’t know what became of that rumor either.

            • chismosa says:

              it was all with that political thing- i forget the history- do any of the New Jersey’ians remember the details? Something about Albert officially stating his formal home address as the Brownstone to save money on something….
              Someone should tweet Christopher as to why he can’t work there anymore? What does he DO while in Hoboken? What do he and Albie do all day? I understand taking a little time off, but then what? So very Ashley-like

              I would hardly call the Brownstone “OPULENT”

        • chismosa says:

          she SO looks naked! Gross

          • terry aley says:

            LOL! I deliberately cropped Caroline just above the top of her low-rise dress so she would look like she was standing around naked. I’m glad you noticed! 🙂

  24. Fan says:

    Google’s homepage has a pretty neat interactive guitar thingy. You can even record your own session. My skills are not so good. http://goo.gl/doodle/YshO

  25. CJAddictedNow says:

    I don’t normally get a response on here from anyone, but does anyone think that Kyle and Kim Richards may have just been “acting” last season? Watching them again on 20/20 I once again thought about how in the end they pulled off a “memorable” reality moment and in the end Kim returns for the new season. She is a pretty good actress after all.
    Just wondered.

    • VAgirl says:

      For some reason I don’t think that particular scene was an act. Did you see Kyle on 20/20 tonight? She talked about it.

    • Y? says:

      I didn’t really watch BH closely enough but it’s possible. I’m sure a lot of these ladies now concoct stories and scenarios to be more interesting.

    • I don’t think Kyle and Kim were acting but I can understand why you are skeptical because they are actresses. I think there is a rift between them and it will be interesting to see how it plays out on RHOBH next season. Kyle claims that they are in a good place but I don’t believe her.

  26. chismosa says:

    CJ Addicted ^^ i dont watch BH, sorry

    Does anyone here know of a good site or somewhere online where i can get tips on how to tweet/ use twitter best? i want to start, am changing up names, etc. want to secretly infiltrate Jill’s tweets, etc. – but i dont want to make Ramona-esque errors. Thanks to anyone who can help……
    Love you Ramona!
    (ps there was a poll on that site talking about the RHNY ratings and asked who your favorite hw was and Alex and Ramona were both winning! not Jill! yay! and if she planted that story too, priceless)

  27. Waslurking says:


    • Waslurking says:

      hmm…seemed to work fine for me…. sorry you are having issues Boston.
      Off to watch TCM now.

  28. CJAddictedNow says:

    Thanks! I can see Kyle being abusive after watching last season, but just couldn’t be sure. Guess I’ll have to watch another season & see.
    Sorry, I don’t twitter, but agree about the poll, yay!

  29. lillybee says:

    Damm it, I am hating the judges. I don’t care who wins, the chefs who are left are my favorites. Although I do have a soft spot in my heart for MarySue especially after Peggy’s dinner mess.

  30. Katiecoo says:

    Is it just me or does Bethenny look “a little bit pregnant” in that photo???

    • chismosa says:

      shes wearing a lot of loose clothing/ tops but i also think it’s because here in ny we’ve had like near 100’s-feeling temps some days (with the humidity). just a wave, not for long. But at Leno yesterday she was in super tight top under her jacket/blazer.

  31. SeoulSista says:

    Really? Really? Another blog was deleted? Who will be the virtual flying house to save our Munchkinland from the clutches of the evil one and her flying monkeys? Lynn, I have followed your blog for sometime, but hadn’t posted anything until last week and just wanted to say I really love it!

  32. jeepers1941 says:

    I went to wordpress this afternoon and deleted everything off my account and will not go back there. Q was saying earlier today they had done some changes in I think formats? IRDK, but after the crap about Lynn’s blog site breaking some rules, piss on them………. 😦

  33. Hugh Knowit says:

    wtf all my comments are gone now

  34. Hugh Knowit says:

    my mistake i didnt realize this was a newer blog LOL
    Boston glad to see that your now able to post

  35. Maybe i should just change my twitter name to The Dizziest Queen In Fairyland


  36. Oh they would only let me change it halfway LOL

  37. Lynn How Do You Like The New “Frock”

    I think it suits me dont you ?


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