I Hate Jill Zarin/ Top Chef Masters ABC’s 20/20 Reality Stars Report

Top Chef Masters by Quincy IL

“A Soldier’s Story”

The final four Top Chefs arrive in their kitchen to find dividers on their work tables.  There is two of everything needed for the chefs to create meals. They are told that they will teach another chef a recipe of their choice. They put blinders on and the four unknown chefs come into the room. We are introduced to Naomi’s father, Mary Sue’s sister, Floyd’s sister and Traci’s brother.

The quick fire challenge is for the Top Chef to create a dish and the unknown chef to duplicate that dish taught to him or her by the Top Chef.   None of the Top Chef’s recognizes the voices of the unknown chef helping them.

Naomi has difficulty in helping her chef to follow her instructions so she gets frustrated and yells at him. They poach eggs after her unknown chef locates his eggs.

Mary Sue is her typical smiling self.  She is smart and nice.  Her chef takes instruction well. They make a spinach salad with shredded chicken.

Floyd recognizes a slight Indian accent and wonders who his chef is.  He realizes that she understands his instructions and that is helpful. Floyd creates stir fried shrimp with mushrooms and asparagus. He makes it simple because he suspects his chef is not a real chef when he hears Naomi yelling across the room.

Traci realizes that her chef is not a chef because he did not know the word, “chiffanade.”  She tells him to mince.  Traci makes halibut. She makes brown vinegar vinaigrette. This is a recipe that she has taught to other chefs before. Traci thinks the directors chose the best family member, Mitch, for a kitchen adventure.

Floyd feels sorry for the chef that Naomi is yelling at and the chef takes Naomi in stride.  Fathers tend to ignore bad behavior in grown daughters on national TV. Naomi can’t believe the chef does not know what a shallot is. When she finally sees the chef is Mitch, her father, she screams, but in a good way this time.

Curtis Stone is the judge. He looks at the two dishes at each table after removing the dividers to reveal the family members.  Naomi screams when she sees it’s her dad and her dad reveals that she is like this in his home when she visits too.  Their dishes are similar in appearance and the eggs are perfect.

Floyd’s sister, Debra, is a good cook and after he discovers that she is the unknown chef, he wishes he had made something more challenging.

Mary Sue’s sister, Chris, created a matching dish that is delicious.

Traci’s brother’s dish is very similar to hers and tastes great.

The least favorite dishes belong to Floyd and Mary Sue.  Traci wins the challenge and $5,000 for her charity.

The Elimination Challenge

The Top Chefs will create a buffet to feed 100 people with four menus based on the favorite foods of four US service men who recently returned to their families from the assignments overseas.

Four family members will help the Top Chefs design the menu.  The Chefs ask questions about their loved one and the favorite foods that they love when they are home.

Mary Sue takes a knife with the words, “Marine Corp.”

Traci’s knife has the words, “Navy.”


Naomi …Air Force

Naomi will make a Hawaiian meal for Carissa’s dad who just came home from Afghanistan. She will make pork and a popolo which is a ball of seaweed that is salted.  (spelling from a food site.)

Floyd will make a beef roast tenderloin and clam chowder.  This is difficult for a buffet. The other challenge is his soldier does not like spices. He is a meat and potatoes man, but Floyd is a top chef so he makes garlic potatoes, a spinach salad with pomegranate, and mushrooms.  His Army soldier lost 26 lbs in Afghanistan so he is really hungry.

Traci’s sailor likes meat loaf, potatoes and peach cobbler. Traci will have more trouble with the simplicity. She will add a Caesar’s Salad.

Mary Sue will make ribs, potatoes, asparagus and an apple dish.

For four hours they work nonstop in the kitchen before packing the food and going to an American Legion Hall for the family buffet dinner. They finish cooking/reheating the food and set up the buffet for serving. They greet the guests as they finish preparing the meal.

The military men and their families are on stage and they are honored by the judges of the Top Chef Masters Competition: James Oseland, Curtis Stone, Ruth Reidl and Danielle Freeman (Restaurant Girl.)

Tears and smiles are mixed and then the families are served. The judges eat with each family and the families pick the winner which is Mary Sue.  Floyd is given a coin by his family and he cries from happiness and exhaustion. He is also miserable that he lost to Mary Sue in each of their challenges.  She did not notice that he was her competition.

The four Top Chefs share a toast before three go to the Critic’s table.  The judges explain that they are all great chefs and then tear apart their individual dishes.  Naomi’s shrimp was undercooked.  She later disagrees with this, but is silent during judging.  The major issue with both Traci’s meatloaf and Floyd’s beef was the lack of spices, but both of their military men prefer their meat cooked this way. The families all loved the food prepared for them. James Oseland has a salt meter in his delicate mouth and he feels Naomi’s meat loaf was too salty.  Curtis Stone defends Naomi’s Hawaiian menu as she always took risks in the challenge.

The Top Chef Master sent home is Naomi.  She hugs the other chefs and packs her knives. Naomi has a daughter and she learned that she can take more time for her family because both Mary Sue and Traci arrange their schedules for the lives, not for their careers.

Next week is the finale.

From Q

These men and women are incredible in the kitchen.  It’s amazing that they can create a meal for so many in a few hours.  They work hard and are competitive, but there is no back stabbing and they really care about each other.  I am impressed with these chefs.

I watched the Bethenny Frankel portion of 20/20 on ABC after someone on the board mentioned that Bethenny tweeted about it.  They showed Bethenny’s accomplishment and mentioned the sale of her company for a reported 120 million.  I don’t think she would allow them to use that number if it wasn’t true.  ABC and 20/20 are the real thing.  We have seen all of that footage before.   There were other reality stars, but I had no idea who they were.  They are famous for being infamous.


LynnNChicago – I too watched ABC’s 20/20 and you can watch it in segments here:


ABC’s 20/20’s show on Reality TV was pretty interesting.  There is an entire segment on The Real Housewives along with interviews with Andy Cohen, Kyle Richards and Caroline Manzo.  Focusing on the argument in the limo between Kyle and her sister Kim, Kyle was asked why on earth would you come back for another season after what happened with your sister. Kim’s response,  “if you walk away now, what was all this for?”

Kyle Richards doesn’t need the money like some of the other Housewives, I don’t think we’re going to see her launch a product line.  I think for Kyle, it is all about the fame and notoriety.  I think that both Kyle and Kim thought that their appearance on Real Housewives would lead to real acting roles.  If they were only in the spotlight again they could work in television or movies.  They both talked about going back to their career in acting.

Unfortunately for Kyle and Kim I think they may have ended their acting career’s by becoming Bravo Housewives.

They talked about the Real Housewives of Athens and Israel.  We’ve also heard about Real Housewives of Vancouver.  Andy again stated that it doesn’t look like there will be any future zip codes added to Bravo’s US Market, but added, “Never say never”.  I think for Andy it is really about managing his staff.  We learned that Andy gets calls, texts and emails from all of his many housewives and he has to deal with each of their gripes regardless of how petty and ridiculous they are.

With each new city Bravo adds to their Housewives franchise comes five or six new high-strung, high maintenance women that Andy has to deal with on a daily basis.  Even when their shows aren’t airing, they’re filming or getting ready to film or negotiating contracts for another season.  Andy is the Housewives “go to” person and has his hands full of Housewives.

In another segment 20/20 explored the unbelievable amount of money that some of these reality stars are raking in by launching product lines.  Of course Bethenny Frankel was one of the top stars that they featured reporting the $120 million she made for selling her Skinnygirl Cocktails.  Other stars like Jersey Shore’s The Situation and Kim Kardashian are doing pretty well for themselves as the show reported having no talent and having done really, nothing.

One critic reported watching Kim Kardashian and her sister on their show buying nuts in the street from a vendor, this is what the show was about.  The Kardashians have many spin off’s of their show on E! Network.  Bethenny’s spin off was very successful and probably had a lot to do with the rising success of her brand.

Soap Opera’s are being cancelled in record numbers and we’re tuning in to reality shows instead.  The Soap writers could never come up with some of the things that have happened on the reality shows.  We know the Soap’s are scripted and while they were very popular for many years, they can’t compare to the real thing.

Kyle Richards announcing that her sister is an  alcoholic on national television, grown woman pulling each other’s hair, Kelly Bensimon having a melt down in St. John, the weddings, the birth’s, the arguments that shock us, reality shows have it all and then some.  Soap Opera writers couldn’t come up with this stuff, it is real and it is raw.

20/20 didn’t show us anything that we didn’t already know, they just put it all together in a one hour package and tied it up in a bow.

In honor of tonight’s Real Housewives of New York, more gems from Boston02127:

Until Next Time….

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  1. jeepers1941 says:

    Hello, anyone out there? Good morning

    • lavalady says:

      Hi Jeespers, Good Morning. Trying to figure out why I can only post replies, not original comments.

      • lavalady says:

        Sorry, Jeepers

        • that one caption for Ramona crying on the bed is HYSTERICAL im still laughing about it LOL

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Boston and Mickey do great jobs. lol

            Good job on the recaps too. Did B have cheek implants? One side looks lower. And regarding Jill’s implication that money can’t buy happiness, B looks and acts happier than Jill ever seemed.

    • quincyil says:

      Hello, It is 2 PM and the bottom of this board is broken. I could not take the whole blog over as the dashboard seems to be missing features and it would not allow me to copy and paste Lynn’s blog from above. So read that here and enjoy Boston’s photos here.

      We are compiling a list at the top of the next blog so please leave a comment and explain what is happening to you there.

      Sorry. We got men back from the Moon when the spaceship blew a hole in it’s side. We can survive wordpress updates.


  2. quincyil says:

    Bravo played a Paris Hilton reality show rerun the other day. She was objecting to wearing a tee shirt when doing community service. I think ti was a punishment for her DUI, but I came late to the party. She had no understanding of the crime she committed. She could have killed a child.

    I don’t watch a reality shows other than the ones for this blog. I can’t believe that Snookie wrote an novel because I don’t think she can write a sentence. I’m not sure she could sign her name. I think it is unfair to the real writers and authors for people to get publishers because they sat in a hot tube naked with men they barely knew.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Can’t stand either one of those 2 girls. Paris is just taking up space just like Lindsey Lohan and I can’t stand to look at that Snookie. Street trash they both are…….

      • quincyil says:

        People pay Paris to go to their parties. It was a huge sum of money, in the thousands.

        I just can’t understand paying someone when they contribute nothing to the betterment of Mankind.
        A street sweeper does more than Paris.

        • jeepers1941 says:

          that is sick

        • Error404 says:

          Ok, diss her for the DUI and the general ditziness etc… But she has a job like everyone else. She provides a service and gets paid for it. If club owners can pay huge $$$ to people to getting them ads and commercials, etc.. Why can’t they pay a few bucks to Paris who will not only get people in the door but will get the club in the paper? A street sweeper actualy provides much more than a woman who gets rich off of selling rhinestones that you glue to your vajayjay too, but in America people like Cindy barslop are heroes because it’s capitalism and selling shit no one needs is worshiped. Kelly and a million others do this same job, the only difference is that Paris is actually good at her job and therefore makes more money doing it.

          • quincyil says:

            She was on a CNN evening show with her mom talking about how she couldn’t survive without her family. I just can’t understand the interest in this woman who got famous becasue of a sex tape.

            I don’t think she is beautiful either.

            • Error404 says:

              If I started to list all of the super rich and famous people I have no idea what anyone sees anything in we’d be here all day. paris’s greatest contribution seems to be giving us one name we can all point to to sum up every idiotic moron the masses seem to worship for no apparent reason. Lol

        • boston02127 says:

          @Quincy —- You sound like my mother! (there’s nothing wrong with that) She could-not-stand Paris. She thought she was such a waste of space.

        • Laura says:

          Paris was actually paid 500k to make an appearance for Momar Qadafi (sp)…and once everything started happening in Libya, its rumored that she gave it back. Have to give her credit for that…but other than that, being “famous” for no other reason than being a Hilton and having a sex tape is such a shame not to mention stupid.
          I go round and round with this guy on Yahoo! Answers at least once a week because of the show “The Real World”. I started watching this – at the time – new show on MTV back in 1992. My oldest daughter was just born and it was literally “ground breaking tv” it was really the first in the genre of “Reality Shows”…..living in Podunk, USA in the middle of corn fields, I got to see everyday lives of people my age living in NYC. It was so fascinating. I can only surmise that this guy auditioned for and was rejected for The Real World and that is where his hatred and anger come from….. The show has since changed quite a lot since the passing (from breast cancer) of Mary-Ellis Bunim, one of the co-creators, she has to be turning over in her grave b/c what the show has become is NOT what her vision was. Jonathon Murray, the other co-creator has stated as much but they’ve had to adapt it to make it what the viewers want. Kids, 14-21, want to watch shows about people hooking up, drinking, partying, making fools of themselves. Its sick and thankfully my kids don’t feed that much into it. If they watch anything like that, I usually watch it with them.

      • Lindsey really is a troubled soul and she was a pretty decent actress before she got so messed up
        Paris is nothing like she plays herself out in front of the cams

    • Paris is soooo yesterdays news. I also find it very comforting that as “hot:” as Paris was she has fallen off the radar. I can’t wait for the gaggle of Jersey Shore losers and the Kardashians to go with her.

      And you are right about Snookie, a while ago she was charged with public intoxication and she had to do some community service for an animal shelter. They has some sort of press thing, where she was signing one of those big huge novelty cheques and she had NO IDEA how to fill it out. I don’t think I have ever seen something as stupid in my life.

  3. lavalady says:


  4. lavalady says:

    Seems I had to double click something to post an original comment. Sorry for taking up so much space.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Good morning lava, yes I just had to reboot my puter to post comments. I hope they get this taken care of soon, it is a real pain in the butt…….

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Sorry about the comment problems. WordPress made some “upgrades” to the comments and it has caused a lot of problems. I wasn’t able to post new comments either, only reply to comments. I’ve written to WordPress – hopefully they will fix it. Apparently it is an upgrade that not all computers can tolerate.

        I was able to fix my problems by loading Microsoft Windows updates.

        • jeepers1941 says:

          Good morning Lynn
          Thank you for doing that, I went into wordpress and took out all my personal info yesterday afternoon. Don’t trust them now………….

        • Debbie says:

          You know it’s #JillZarinsFault!

      • I Must be the only one that hasnt had a problem posting since the upgrades

    • I need to test before Friday since I am sure I will have lots to say about the episode and won’t want to fuss with the computer!

  5. quincyil says:

    Andy Cohen is paid a lot of money, but would you want to deal with the issues of these housewives as they bicker all of the time. It seems there is trouble all year long.

    I agree with Bethenny. It’s a job. You take the hits and it’s water off a duck’s back. Ramona is my hero. She doesn not attack fans and she keeps moving forward.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Well both Bethenny and Ramona know what it is to work hard and know if they don’t work, they know no one is going to hand them anything on a silver platter, for doing nothing, thats for sure..

    • Error404 says:

      We all reel what we sow. He’s making it big as a lion tamer so complaint that the lions have teeth is a bit disingenuous IMHO. Hollywood moguls have been getting rich off the backs of high strung stars they repay with public humiliation for decades. He’s turned an interesting anthropological study into a 3 ring sexist circus and then whines about poor him having to get rich and famous by making fun of people. He’s an ass

      • quincyil says:

        I think part of the reason Bravo does not want to deal with bloggers is they are sick of their own stars.

        • La Dolce Vita says:

          Don’t you know that Andy says to himself: “Thank goodness I’m gay and don’t have to live with a woman.”

    • My Little Andy is so wealthy now it has nothing to do with my deep devotion for him
      to all the i love lucy fans ,yes this is indeed partly an homage to the episode where lucy wins all that money in monte carlo and Pretends its an inheritence of Ethels from her french aunt Suzette

      i know im off my rocker
      Andy doesnt even reply to me any longer 😦
      that mofo

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Oh, that’s too bad and Andy’s missing out on some good laughs, as you’re very funny.

        I have a funny story about Andy. Well, sort of about Andy. I started watching these shows with NY S2, and apparently I caught some of the S1 re-runs and the S1 reunion. Thus, I thought Andy had dark hair. So when the S2 reunion rolled around, the women were all fussing over trivial things and Andy was trying to moderate, looking like he was at a tennis match. And my first thought when he came on was “That poor man! Those women have turned his hair grey with all their pettiness!” because the lighting made his hair look totally grey. LOL! Of course I finally figured out the lighting was the problem. But I still laugh at this and now and then think “That poor man” because it would be quite a job to be these ladies’ boss and hear all the problems.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I’m not sure Andy has to put up with every low level bicker though. He could set some boundaries. Like the jJill’sSprintgate vote thing a few monhs back was beyond foolish.

  6. jeepers1941 says:

    My comments box still has the message I just posted in it, have to back it out, geez why did they mess with this stuff. Upgrade my ass………….

  7. jeepers1941 says:

    Oh I know something I wanted to ask you Lynn or Quinn, is the WWHL Club House in NYC? And what are some of newspapers there, if you know?

    • lavalady says:

      Daily News, NY Post, NY Times

    • Kansas Girl says:

      When WWHL started, I remember Andy said it was in the basement of 30 Rock. I also remember him saying the clubhouse was a replica of his office, which is clearly not right.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        I seem to remember when Sarah Jessica Parker was on the 1st time, Andy asked what she thought of the ‘Clubhouse’ and she said something like “It looks a lot like your apartment.” Am I the only person who heard that?

  8. quincyil says:

    This is cool. Fernanda from OC will be Pride Chicago grand marshall.


    I love 300 miles away, but if you are a fan of OC, you can see here at this event.

    • thats great maybe now they will get her to be a regular h/w people did seem to like her more then most of the other “ladies”

      • nathania says:

        she’s too nice and not nasty enough in the end I think. apparently andy doesn’t get that women who seem women as potential lovers and not just competition are sometimes a lot nicer to them. that has been my experience in life, over and over again.

  9. jeepers1941 says:

    I like Fernanda, she is a real caring person , and she really did care for Tampon. But I think she saw her for what she really is…………

    • quincyil says:

      I wonder if she left the show or they quietly let her go. The story line was with Tamra, but she has gone in another direction, that of a desperate middle aged women on the prowl for sexually active younger men. If anyone thing Eddie doesn’t want to have “children” raise your hand. Tamra can’t have a long term relationship with a man who wants “children” without being wiilling to have “children.” She has four. If he wants two that makes six. He better be willing to change diapers and get up at night because dollars to donuts Simon Barney did.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        IMO – the “established wives” really didn’t want to cut their screen time. Tamra wanted her divorce/I’m so hot and Vicki has her work/divorce, Gretchen has love with a dead beat dad/I sort of work and the Jesus Barbie nixed her friendship wtih Bentley Barbie as well. Fernanda could have had a storyline around her gym but the OC crew vets weren’t interested in welcoming new cast members.

  10. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog. I’m still having problems with posting. I can’t post links. Sometimes when I post I’ll click & highlight my post and do a quick spell check, I can’t do that anymore either. So if you think my spelling was bad b4, yikes.

    • boston02127 says:

      That above post just took me 5 minutes. Grrr. I tried to add to it and couldn’t.

      I watched 20/20 last night, I don’t understand what Kyle meant by saying: “if you walk away now, what was this all for”. I thought that was kind of senseless. I didn’t understand what she meant.

      • quincyil says:

        Boston, I think it has to do with your software. I got a warning to upgrade my software on Lynn’s dashboard and this computer is 6 months old.

        Technology moves forward. They linked to twitter and facebook. I doubt that they will return to the old software so we have to adapt.

        I’m sorry this is happening.


        • boston02127 says:

          @Q—I think you’re right about the software. I got this computer when I was 16, it’s had it’s day. I hate the thought of having to buy another one, it will set me back so much. It seems posting is ok now except I can’t post links. I’ll keep trying.

          • quincyil says:

            My brother found a new lapt top at target for 300 dollars. It works perfectly. My son is in computers and he said the refurbished computers with warrantees from companies are ok too. They are signifificantly less.

            • La Dolce Vita says:

              Q: can your son recommend some reliable companies for refurbished computers? I want to buy another laptop for our mountain home. I am hoping to keep the costs down, yet have a reliable machine. Possible??

              • quincyil says:

                Of course, he buys a mac pro for his own use, but I will ask him about this and get back to you.
                I don’t bother him when he is working.

                • dsc60 says:

                  that’s what i have and i love it. i was concerned about switching from a PC but took their classes and it really hasn’t been difficult to adapt. but the do have very reasonably priced laptops out there, even new ones.

      • Error404 says:

        They all seem to make the same mistake. They do the show. It backfires and they get a lot of bad press. So they decide to go back and try to turn it around, but it always fails. Kelly wil always be the crazy woman who had a psychotic break in st John. Jill will always be the two faced bitch who tried to ruin her BFF. Camille will always be the delusion bitch who thought she was so much better than everyone. And Kyle will always be the shrew who did the unthinkable: exposed her own sisters darkest secret on tv. There is no going back no matter what the bawby zarin yes men enablers they all have in their lives say.

      • AZ Girl says:

        @Boston: Try switching to Firefox.

    • vilzvet says:

      Your captions are hysterical as usual Boston! Even if you’re a Housewife you couldn’t help but laugh!

    • i was just able to post a link ,Boston it may be your browser i use Firefox it works so much better then internet explorer

  11. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone know if Snookie’s book did better than Secrets of a Jewish mother?

    • Golden Girl says:

      Lol, yes it did. Her book was on the NY Times best seller list. Great photos as always.

      • quincyil says:

        jilll got a lot of hotel stays from her book. I bet the promotion tour dug deep into the total profits becasue she only travels first class.

        • Sam says:

          Some writers have to pay for their own promotion-related travel themselves, and I’m guessing that Jill falls into this category because her gigs were all in places she could get to easily. (Even her signings in L.A. were tied to a personal visit there.)

      • I’m weeping for America.

  12. FLG says:

    Good Morning All. It is hot already. Over 80 and it’s just a little after 8 am. It never cooled off much last night.

    • quincyil says:

      LOL… you should live in the center of the continent. We went from coats to shorts in a day.

      I went to an exercise boot camp in 95 degrees with a heat index of 108 and did non stop circuit training and running while pulling another runner up a hill.

      80 sounds like heaven.

      • boston02127 says:

        It’s going ot be a scorcher in classes today & work later. By the end of the summer I’ll probably weigh 90. We’re getting some rain, hopefully it will cool down.

      • FLG says:

        My cousin can do those kind of things, I am envious…..;)

    • FLG its gonna be 109 here in New Jersey can you believe it

  13. Good morning!

    My browser is google chrome, and the comments seems to be working for me. My computer is a few years old.
    Lynn – is there anyway to change the size of the font in the comment box? It is tiny, so please excuse any additional typos, etc.

  14. FlowerPower says:

    Boston, those captions are some of the best yet! “Jill’s fanny pack was just awful!” made me choke on my coffee. Thanks for the laugh. I woke up in a wicked bad mood today. You are too funny!!!!

    Hope you get your computer stuff sorted soon.

  15. LavaLady says:

    I have been having trouble posting comments also. But when I switched from IE to Firefox, I am now able to comment with no problem.

    • Lave isnt firefox the best it runs so much faster then I E

      • LavaLady says:

        Yes, so far I am very happy. I use my son’s old laptop, which is about 4 years old. But it works ok, so not in the market for a new one yet. Are you a new poster? Welcome if you are. And I’m in Jersey too. What is up with this weather? Some schools have a half day today due to heat. Our school district has a/c so no half day for us.

  16. TLM says:

    WTF is wrong with Jill??? Who else can she blame for her breakup with Bethenny? First it was Alex’s fault, then it was Ramona’s fault. Ummm….I kinda think it was JILL’S fault. I really don’t care for either Ramona or Alex at this point, but I don’t think either one can be blamed for the breakup of this friendship or the failure to put it back together. Interestingly Jill has not yet flipped out at The Countess for dragging her out of Ramona’s apt. when Bethenny wanted to make up. I guess Jill figures she has few friends left, and doesn’t want to give up the cache of saying she’s good friends with a Countess, any Countess. Let the Bethenny thing go already, Jill. Move on with your life and stop trying to dress like her and copy everything she does. It really is getting a little Single White Female.

    On the subject of breakups, I had to laugh at Duhresa’s presentation of Melissa’s card. “Who writes ‘your redone house’?” she shrieked, and Juicy Joe agreed. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised by such scrutiny over verbiage from these two wordsmiths. I mean, their grammar and nuanced speech is just so flawless at every moment, from Duhresa’s showing Joe “cleveledge,” to her complaining about too many “ingredientzes” in cookbooks.

    I think Joe Gorga needs to have a muzzle on half the time, but I do like Melissa and Kathy. If Kathy and Melissa did cookbooks I’d be interested. I won’t be spending a dime on anything of Duhresa’s.

    • quincyil says:

      Remember Teresa’s comment that she didnt’ want to live in a house that someone had lived in before? I think she said more to family about this and this is a touchy point for her. If someone wants to cause harm, they mention that specific point.

      I think it was a cheap card too. Teresa perfers bows on her cards so she can use them in the girls’ hair later.

    • FLG says:

      I think Teresa and JJ have bigger things to worry about other than the price of a greeting card or the message contained within….. just saying… 🙂

    • TLM says:

      I also recall Duhresa saying that Danielle’s house needed to be “re-renovated.” Maybe Melissa should have said “your re-renovated house.”

      • nathania says:

        that’s right…Danielle was talking to Melissa the whole time apparently, or getting gossip from somewhere, so maybe that had something to do with what Melissa said.

  17. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks Q for the TCM re-cap. I loved last night’s show. I thought to myself FINALLY it is about the food and not some quirky competition. Quickfire was great and showed how communication in the kitchen is essential for a successful dish. Elimination challenge was so touching. Interesting how two of the men did not like spices. My dad fought in WWII in the pacific and after his tour his stomach was never the same. Floyd is so sweet. Naomi was talented but her personality was starting to get on my nerves. Her Dad was cute though.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      My dad was in WWII in the pacific as well. He didn’t talk about it much at all. But he did put up with my cooking. When I would get bored starting at a pretty early age I would pull out the cook books and find something to make. He never said anything I made was terrible but I imagine there were a few failures from time to time.

      I also think that Naomi was talented but she was past getting on my nerves.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        My Daddy was in the Pacific Theater too. My Mom made the lightest, fluffiest, buttermilk biscuits, so when I wanted to TRY to make her biscuits they waited. I made ’em, we sat down and passed the basket. About 5 mins later Daddy sez “Pass me another one of those SINKERS, please”!!!

        • Mookies1mom says:

          LOL! 😉

        • La Dolce Vita says:

          We appear to have a South Pacific club going…….. may dad was there too, in the USN. After he came home my mother was not allowed to cook lamb. I had never eaten lamb until an Egyptian friend of mine made her shish ka bobs served with homemade tahini (sp?) which I called Egyptian mayonaise. Delish

  18. boston02127 says:

    Have a good day everyone. Keep cool~

    Has anyone heard from AZgirl? The fires out that way are awful. Hope she’s ok.

    • boston02127 says:

      AZgirl—You’re here. Good. I’ve been watching the news about the fires in AZ. I’m glad you’re ok.

      • AZ Girl says:

        They still don’t have the fire contained yet and that is so sad. That area (Eastern AZ) is so beautiful and to watch all the beauty burn up is just horrifying. Now it looks like the fire is heading toward a power source for Tucson and there may be blackouts in Tucson. I am fine here in Tempe. Thanks for the shout out Boston. Keep up the good work on your photo captions.

  19. Article about Bethenny’s appearance on Leno.


    “Regarding her sudden wealth, Frankel says it’s surreal that she’s so rich now and that she’s wiping her behind with dollar bills — it’s a bit abrasive; try 2 ply suggests Leno.”

  20. For those of us that feel that watching the HW shows is a guilty pleasure, please read this article “Why Smart Women watch the Real Housewives”


    • quote from the article “As my friend Jen put it, the fans are “fascinated by the narcissism of these people who, given that this is not the first season, know that their behavior will show as shallow and ill behaved, but still do it anyway.””

      • FLG says:

        It reminds me of Teresa’s cookiegate. I couldn’t help but think that I would have taken the cookies, thrown them into my food processor (instead of the trash), added sugar and butter and made them into a nice pie crust for a cheesecake…. 🙂

    • VAgirl says:

      One of the reasons I watch them (not the only one) is because it makes me appreciate my life that much more. I realize how lucky I am.

      • VAgirl says:

        Not lucky but blessed.

        • La Dolce Vita says:

          In keeping with “WP” 10% copy rule, here is a partial comment from the Encino paper that I found significant and slightly unsettling. What else could explain the popularity of Jersey Shore…ugh!!!

          “David Futch
          3:42am on Tuesday, June 7, 2011
          The “Real Housewife” shows are a reflection of what America has become, a country so enamored of itself it doesn’t see the ugly when peering into a looking glass”

          In addition, I also think that we are a bunch of want-a-be psychiatrists (and good ones here). I know I enjoy analyzing the HWs’ behavior.

          • quincyil says:

            At IHJZ, we call that behavior science and Lynn is the Professor of the Institute.

            We are carefully studying the behavior and words of specimens presented to us by Bravo.

            At the time this blog ends forever each of your will get a Ph.D emailed to the account on your names.
            This will be free, but you have to do your homework.

            Q, assistant to the Professor of the IHJZ Institute of Behavioral Scienc.e

            • nathania says:

              I agree in a sense. I think the Housewives shows are akin to those war documentaries that my father watches. They go over the war play by play. I think the Housewives shows are war movies for women. War is essentially nation building and we are watching so many women on these shows go from economically powerless to being in positions of great wealth, based on things that can’t be attained through hard work, with a few exceptions like Bethenny and Ramona. I think it speaks to the economic unfairness that all women have to confront when young, that our economic futures partly hinge on things that we have no control over and those circumstances are frustrating and depressing at times. It’s interesting to watch the women who have ‘married well’, the women who have done well in business, the women who have ‘lost it all’ to a younger woman through divorce, etc, and it also is obvious how the former sex workers play into it too, the shows are like a treatise on woman’s quest for the almighty dollar and a decent standard of living and how far each will go to get it and whether the paths are moral or immoral, and how will she hang onto it, etc, etc, etc. It’s like Economics 101 for women, each show is a cautionary tale. The sniping is kind of a distraction, but those are the moves women make in war with other individual women as well. Many of us might feel ‘above it’ but it’s a rare woman who can say she has never experienced being on the receiving end of any of this behavior.

  21. VAgirl says:

    One of the producers on 20/20 said a lot of people in reality shows go into a deep depression when the cameras go away. Perhaps that’s what happens to Jill. The cameras are gone and she can’t stand that she’s not in the public eye for long periods of time, hence the constant tweeting, u-streams, etc.

    • People act out to get attention in all walks of life. These women have hit the jackpot if all they want is notoriety. Unfortunately the cameras will go away eventually. Very few people are true stars and capture the public’s interest forever. Add to it Jill’s abrasive personality and demanding nature, and she’ll drop from the D list to the Z list the moment NY is cancelled. In contrast – Bethenny will be “wiping her butt with dollar bills” for the rest of her life since she went for fortune and not fame.

      • quincyil says:

        My job does’t give me first class plane tickets, fancy mansions in St. John and Marrakesh, or lunch at fancy restaurants. They get a lot of perks like free designer purses and fashions. If Jill tweets, she gets free cupcakes.

        Why would the give that up for the sake of respect?

  22. FLG says:

    I have a friend who is extremely wealthy, and she at times reminds me of the housewives. She is always having a tiff with someone. She has hauled out lawyers on some people over an imagined wrong. Her lawyers are more than happy to take the case, as she pays up front and on time. I suggested to her that she was being foolish, would not really gain anything “by winning” and was squandering time that she could never get back and would have been better utilized on something besides a tantrum. I decided awhile ago that I should distance myself from her. I did and while I wish her well, I don’t regret my decision.

    • quincyil says:

      That is why and I are BFFs. I don’t believe in being litigous . Money is power in the mind of some people. Some women want to control the Universe.

      I would distance myself from someone who did that too.

      • FLG says:

        I do adore you Empress. Smart, sassy and sensible! That’s a combination that everyone has to love! Plus, anyone who can get through the Sedgwick County Zoo after having a camel spit on them will always be top notch in my book! What? You didn’t call your lawyer after that incident? 🙂

    • nathania says:

      just out of curiosity, do you think she is bored?

      is she creating tension because maybe the tension caused by economic stresses is not present in her life?

      it’s really interesting to me to see these women create this drama over and over again…they can’t seem to find a greater purpose to live for.

  23. HD says:

    I love the pictures and the captions!

    I did not watch Top Chef this season. It was just boring to me. Bravo has had a lot of misses lately, the Pregancy Show, the song writing songs and this season of Top Chef Masters are all blah to me. Bring on the Real Housewives tonight!

    • I like Top Chef Masters if the challenges aren’t too silly. I like to see them challenged to be creative, but not challenged to open a can without a utensil.

    • quincyil says:

      I am excited about tonight’s show too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo shows were becoming a drug of sorts – I too have cut back on my consumption and don’t feel deprived. Bring on the HWs – they are my first love.

  24. TLM says:

    Can’t stand the Kardashians. Don’t understand why Kim K has (literally) millions of followers on Twitter. I feel she is the most vapid, boring person on tv. And that includes Kelly Been-someone. I always wonder if it’s just me, or if others feel like Kim and Kourtney always look as if they smell bad or haven’t showered. I don’t know what it is, but I always feel that way. My thoughts were confirmed in an episode of their dumb show when the mom came to Kim’s apartment and commented how it – and Kim – reeked. Well, Kim’s hair and makeup look the way they always do.

    And yes, I am embarrassed I watched some episodes of that show. But I guess I couldn’t comment it fully if I hadn’t.

    I don’t know how or why Bruce Jenner is in that family.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I never will forget the look on Mr. Kardashian’s face the day they got the verdict on OJ, he was in shock. I think he believed OJ would be convicted.

      • LavaLady says:

        Kris, the mom, married Bruce Jenner, after divorcing Robert Kardashian. The youngest 2 daughters are Bruce and Kris’s. The older 3 daughters and Rob are Kardashians.

    • well who else would marry Bruce now that he looks like an old Tranny!

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Thank YOU! He does, doesnt he….his hair might well rival The Donald’s in strange…..He was once a very handsome man, or did I kill too many brain cells during the 70s?

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      These shows like the K’s, Kendra, Jersey Shore etc. are geared to the lowest common denominator among us…….. and, sadly there are many. The UK Daily Mail always has photos and vapid stories about them, ie, Kim is getting her nails & hair done. They must even have a following in England.

  25. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    I find it so frustrating to watch these shows that don’t make sense & insult our intelligence I can’t stand it anymore. When watching Ho wives of NJ & NYC all I can think of is why are they so stupid & shallow & why am I watching this?
    If JZ was no longer on Ho wives of NYC would this blog still be named IHJZ or just lynnnchicago?

  26. quincyil says:

    Good question. Jill is not going anywhere and she is a superstar in her own mind so I don’t think she will ever “leave the scene.”

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Maybe someone of a higher power like Andy Cohen will force her out..:)

  27. I would think if he could she would have been gone ages ago

    the thing is we all hate her but we all LOVE to hate her know what i mean
    Andys a smart cookie he knows about this blog and he knows she is the most hated BUT at the same time she has us always talking

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Not stalking you! (LOL that I seem to be replying to your comments so much.)

      I think Jill is Andy’s cash cow and he’s hardly going to get rid of her till she’s more trouble than she’s worth. It seems to me she does cause him lots of trouble. Things like trying to screen candidates for Millionaire Matchmaker, etc, besides all her HWNY antics. But those antics bring in the audience, so she pays off. If she causes legal trouble, or it gets so everyone refuses to interact with her, she’ll be gone.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        IMO – Jill is not a cash cow. Bethenny was the whole herd for Bravo.
        Without Bethenny, Jill is not carrying RHNY and there is no one there to make it funny – and I have to have some funny to watch these shows.

        • nathania says:

          holy crap I just realized that is why Lou Ann is being such a b*tch this season. she is trying to fall into bethenny’s spot. but the truth is, bethenny was humble and likeable and the countless is neither one of those things

  28. Laura says:

    OT cute little thing…check out http://www.google.com/ today…you can “play” guitar and record what you’ve done…its kinda fun!

  29. cdnfillie58 says:

    Hi Jill…better luck next time 😛

  30. NAmerican says:

    Hi all, here is the newest installment of our Amateur Cooking competition….


    • quincyil says:

      Looks like fun!

      • NAmerican says:

        Hi Quincyil, It’s lots of fun. We give ourselves 3 hours to cook and we feel the pressure, so I can only imagine how difficult it is to do 30 minutes or to have to serve 100 people, AND have cameras watching your every move.

        BTW, love what you have to say on the blog. Keep up the good work.

        • quincyil says:

          I feel pressure cooking every night for my husband and there are not cameras.

          I think I would enjoy cooking more if there were other people here to help. It’s just me and I am running out of recipes after 34 years.

          • No Sympathy Here says:

            Q, You guys complain that Jill removes all negative comments, I see that is done here also.

            • quincyil says:

              You can discuss opinions, but not attack the person. That is the only rule here. Your point is understood in this comment, but an attack offends the people here. We only ask that you follow this one rule. Thank you.

          • arabracer says:

            I have been cooking for 24 years for my husband so I feel your pain. Last year I discovered ” A year of slowcooking” website/ blog. I never knew you could put chicken breasts in a slowcooker frozen ! I also double batch/ freeze half so I build up some freezer meals- guys forget that they ate it three weeks ago.
            Afternoons seem to be the hottest here in fl so I like to get cooking over with in the mornings.

            • FLG says:

              I still don’t work for Sonja, but don’t forget your toaster oven. I’m in Florida, too. I use the toaster oven daily. It does’t heat up the kitchen like the big oven does. I really only use our large oven for baking bundt cakes, or larger portions when we have guests over. There are a few tricks to keeping things over cooking on the top, but once that problem is solved, you can cook just about anything in the toaster oven and save electricity, too! Commercial break over, we now return to our regular programming…… 😉

              • Okie Folkie says:

                LOL, FLG! I would love to try somma yer toaster oven recipes! I’ll bring the baklava, if you like.

                • FLG says:

                  Please, Please! I love baklava! I don’t have the patience to make it myself! 🙂

                • FLG says:

                  Tonight Hubs and I are having veal parmigiana. I made the sauce with the last of our spring crop of homegrown tomatoes and garden grown basil. It should be tasty as long as I don’t get distracted while I sautee the veal 🙄

                  • Okie Folkie says:

                    OH! Yuuuummmy! I dont know if you will see this, since we moved to the other blog. But your dinners ALWAYS sound sooo good!
                    Usually, I only make Baklava around Christmastime. But, for you & yers, I’d make an exception. I want some home grown ‘maters!

                  • Debbie says:

                    I enjoy your coments but I think I would enjoy your dinner more. I’m going to fess up and tell you I don’t live far from you.. If I bring the Baklava can I join you and hubs for dinner?

                    • Okie Folkie says:

                      Debbie, I’ll bring a chocolate puff pastry if you would rather make the baklava. Ya’ll just let me know what filling you like in the chocolate puff pastry. I’ve been trying to infuse cinnamon into a choc sauce, kind thing.

                      Ya’know what they say about home grown ‘maters….they’re so much better when ya get brand new! I cant wait for the ‘maters. I also wish we had an old fashioned Fruit Stand….Our Farmers Markets are only on Wed & Sat.

  31. jeepers1941 says:

    and why don’t you crawl back in the asshole you just came from…..jerk

    • kotagirl29 says:

      What did I miss????? Holy cow slip away for a few days and all he** breaks loose.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Please remove my comment here too…… 🙂

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Q, please remove this comments as well, thank you…. 🙂

      • Arya Stark says:

        only hitting reply to let lynn and q know that comments posted hours later, not as replies, are showing up way upthread.

        • Arya Stark says:

          oh, and apparently “reply” just adds a comment to the bottom of the page now, not as a reply to another comment?

  32. IndianaHousewife says:

    I personally find this to be offensive and would vote for it to be removed.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      sorry Indiana, I hate when I get mad like that……….no call for those comments about Lynn, not ever.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        I am sorry too, I was referring to the first post, I had not even read yours yet. I understand your feelings. It is all good. Just wish people (No Sympathy) could use some manners.

        • jeepers1941 says:

          do trolls have manners?

          • quincyil says:

            I hope that people will decide to come here for discussion. There is no way to control the actions of others, but I always hope.

            • Okie Folkie says:

              Very well said, Quincy. And remember what Ramona said…”Dont give it any air….”

            • IndianaHousewife says:

              I agree completely. I enjoy the different points of view greatly. I do not care for crude though. I would have been more than happy to read what they had to say without the crudeness(sp). That is probably the one thing that would get me to stop coming here, I do not talk that way and do not chose to be around people who do.

              That’s it for my rant, life is good, moving on. 🙂

              • quincyil says:

                Lynn doesn’t mind that opinions differ about Bethenny. She and I disagree. While I respect Bethenny and enjoy watching her show, I think she would be difficult to live with or have a friendship with over time. I read her book and I told one person here that she left destrucion in her wake with the ex husband, ex boyfriends, and ex business partners.

                I feel that Bethenny was not a real friend to Jill Zarin or to Alex McCord. They had work friendships. I have work friendships. Work friendships don’t alway transfer into enduring friendships.

                Jill Zarin let her feelings get in the way of a work friendship that was evolving. She could have been on Bethenny’s show here and there and continued with Real Housewives, but Jill can’t stand change.

                • Error404 says:

                  I’ve had work Relationships that didn’t last once one person switched jobs.
                  However, I have never once ever in a million years gotten so overcome with petty jealousy because a work friend got a promotion I didnt, the I lose my grip on reality and hatch a plan to destroy my work friend’s reputation and hopefully cause my work friend to fail miserably in her new job.
                  I don’t care if bethenny frankel is the most annoying person on the planet, what Jill zarin did to her was pure evil…. Greed, jealousy, sloth … It was like all 7 cardinal sins all wrapped up in one!
                  It’s like she got drunk, ran over and killed someone and fled the scene and you’rel like ” well, it was only a homeless person that died, so…..”

                • cdnfillie58 says:

                  ITA Q…there’s alot of things Jill can’t stand, change is the least of them.

                • VAgirl says:

                  Quincy, Bethenny may have “left destruction in her wake” as you put it, but she also owned up to that. How may among us have not done something in their past that they are not so proud of? Jill has left much destruction in her wake, but has not taken personal responsibility for any of it. Other than
                  Bethenny’s mother, I haven’t seen anyone come out and trash her in public, probably because she has already admitted to any wrondoings and they would have nothing left to say about it. I think some of her exes have even assisted her along the way to her success.

              • Suzieq says:

                What is definition of crude? It seems like quite a lot of posts r crude on all of lynn’s blogs….

          • Jezzibel says:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA and I don’t care how made someone’s post makes anyone – don’t respond to those who just wish to cause chaos.

  33. jeepers1941 says:

    you know you can be replaced as well dip shit…….go kiss jz butt some more you putz…

    • quincyil says:

      I will watch. If it happens again. Don’t reply. I will remove.


      • jeepers1941 says:

        sorry about that, but it really made me angry, I’ll leave

        • quincyil says:

          I will try to help the person understand. Perhaps, the person will join the discussion in time.

          Lynn doesn’t mind hits and I got used to them over time. Just one rule. I think it is something any adult can follow.

  34. No Sympathy Here says:

    No Call for them comments? Lol, Lynn has a blog called ” I I HATE JILL ZARIN”
    Are you serious? You think everyone is going to be nice to her?
    What if someone had a blog called “I HATE” then your name. Sorry but Lynn deserves all the harassment she gets.She should know by doing a controversial blog, as terry Aley even put on his blog Roll that there would be negative attn drawn to her. She must love it, other wise she would name it, ” I can’t stand Jill Zarin, or something like that. Sorry but on the net, how you act or what you do, is how you attract the people you do.

    • quincyil says:

      I understand your comment. This post can stand, but I ask commenters to not respond.

      • klmh says:

        Q, why would you have a problem with people responding to this poster? I find it unnecessary to try to control those who would like to address this new poster. I personally don’t GAS, but trying to regulate what is said, when it is not demeaning another poster here, is not in the guidelines of this blog.

  35. Suzieq says:

    Have y’all seen Simons platinum hits about all the NY HW’s? Jill’s is perfect about having 2 faces!! Lol
    It’s on twitter.

  36. butterisafruit says:

    Chelsea Handler has a lot of fun taking shots
    at Paris. Her whole round table is hilarious.
    Apparently Paris and the Network were not in sync
    over the time of the show. I did see it but on twitter
    she was quite upset. She missed her own show.
    In my area (Boston) it came on the time it said it
    would be on.
    Well I think it was Josh Wolk on Chelsea that said.
    Those are TIME ZONES Paris.

    I remember Barbara Walters speaking to Paris when
    she was released from jail. Paris was going to start
    focusing on her inner self. She was going to work with
    charities and do things to be proud of. I’ve seen
    no evidence of that. She’s 30 now, she’s not a child.
    I wonder what demographic they are trying to reach.

    I just don’t see people in their 20/30’s watching her.
    She and Nicci already did all that.

  37. NAmerican says:

    Just wanted to share the fact that I took an on-line survey from The Contemporary Consumers Panel asking about my television viewing habits. Part of the survey was about Bravo and their shows, I answered that I no longer watch some Bravo shows like The Real Housewives of NY and NJ, they asked why and I told them that I could not support programming that promotes lies and conflict in the form of Jill Zarin and Teresa Guidice, and that I could not support a show/network that exploits people with mental health issues like Kelly has. I also told them I did not support Bravo any longer because of the censorship of their on-line blogs. I did tell them that I would watch any show that featured Bethenny. I feel so much better that I got to share my feelings about Bravo, because we all know Bravo clearly does not care what their viewers think or feel.

  38. I hate JIll Zarin but I hate Casey Anthony even more…and her lawyer too.
    He is now asking for a mistrial because he says the evidence against Casey disparages his character .


    • Okie Folkie says:

      RR, I’m with you! He is such a *DB* imho. I think he’s giving her ineffective council, so the Appeals Court might over turn any conviction.

      • FLG says:

        I haven’t followed this case, but I will say that if I were genuinely innocent of a death penalty crime and were accused of one, there are two states that I would most like to avoid it being in. Texas is first and Florida runs a very close second.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          Yeah, also the Okies dont put up with the murderers either. I have been watching this case, since little Caylee was a missing baby, its just so sad.
          But, FLG I believe you’re right, Texas has “an express lane for murderers”, then FL, then maybe OK. I dont know the stats….

    • Stella says:

      My mom can’t stand that guy. She is always updating me on his antics in court. My mom says he acts like he’s slept with Casey Anthony, especially the way he seems to have a strong dislike for her ex-boyfriends and how he “attacks” them on the stand.

      • kbinldo says:

        It’s his job to “attack” the prosecution’s witnesses, fer cryin’ out loud. Doesn’t mean he slept with her. I just *love* it when lay people jump to all kinds of wild conclusions about criminal defense lawyers.

        • Stella says:

          LOL. I told her that it is his job to do that so I agree with you there. I’m just saying she said it was some kind of vibe like he seems to be more in disgust over those guys especially. I don’t think she really thinks he did that. I think she just feels like he has some kind of personal dislike for them and she says it’s LIKE he’s sleeping with her and mad at them for doing it too.

  39. IndianaHousewife says:

    I just was reading on Radar that Bethenny has launched her SkinnyGirl Daily. It’s a cleanse. I do not know if I will take this product, however I bet many will. She is really workin’ it! Good for her, it is nice to see someone get the pay-off for putting in all of their hard work.

  40. Rhetorica says:

    If there are rules on this site, then all posters must abide by them! jeepers comments should be removed also.

  41. ann little says:

    hello ladies!

    sorry, i’m going to be really off topic about something but unfortunately i don’t have a blog and i don’t have a huge social network but i feel very strongly about a horrible piece of news happening:(
    There is a mother in Spain whose 15 month old child has been torn from her because the mom refused to wean her from breastfeeding. I don’t want to start a debate on breast vs. formula, that is not my intention.
    I just feel horribly that a mom has been prohibited from seeing her child for whatever trivial reason.
    please read Habiba’s story here:


    if you feel you want to show your support for her please join the facebook support page here:


    thank you all for reading this and for your time!

    I feel so bad for this lady and her baby:(( i’ve contacted news agencies and larger media blogs about this travesty but no one wants to pick the story up:( i guess mother’s rights aren’t worth reporting:(!

    • rabblerouser says:

      That seems so odd for Spain,I always thought they were very pro breast feeding becaue they sold a doll there with a type of binki top with fake nipples so that little girls could breast feed their baby doll

  42. ann little says:

    hello ladies!

    sorry, i’m going to be really off topic about something but unfortunately i don’t have a popular blog and i don’t have a huge social network but i feel very strongly about a horrible piece of news happening:(
    There is a mother in Spain whose 15 month old child has been torn from her because the mom refused to wean her from breastfeeding. I don’t want to start a debate on breast vs. formula, that is not my intention.
    I just feel horribly that a mom has been prohibited from seeing her child for whatever trivial reason.
    please read Habiba’s story here:


    if you feel you want to show your support for her please join the facebook support page here:


    thank you all for reading this and for your time!

    I feel so bad for this lady and her baby:(( i’ve contacted news agencies and larger media blogs about this travesty but no one wants to pick the story up:( i guess mother’s rights aren’t worth reporting:(!

  43. ann little says:

    double post, sorry!

  44. quincyil says:

    So many problems. I tried to create a new post, but word press copy button isn’t working. It won’t let me copy and put material in right now. It was ok in the morning. Reply buttons are not working. I sent an email to Lynn, but she is out tonight so I have decided to take part of the blog and move it. I am sorry for this, but I don’t know what else to do. You are stuck with me today.


  45. LynnNChicago says:


    WordPress is broken. The dashboard is broken.

    I published a partial blog trying to get a new board that is working, but I can’t promise.


  46. Error404 says:

    Yeah, the 7 sins are a christain historic thing, but I’d be surprised to find Jewish law doesn’t have something similar as it all seems so common sense.
    Micky should do a collage of Jill faces as the 7 sins.
    Wrath: god that woman has a temper, but worst of all is her unrepentence. Even the evolved gorga/guidice clan shows remorse for their angry outbursts.
    Envy: she really can’t handle anyone having what she wants.
    Sloth: if she spent a fraction of the time writting the moldy book as she spends frauding it, it might actually be readable.
    Gluttony: she has well documented food issues, and don’t get me started on that dog!
    Pride: she really does think she is all that and a bag of chips. Like zero humility.
    Avarice: you can actually see the cartoon dollar sighns cha-ching in her eyes, especially when she asks bawby for things.
    Lust: yuck. As horrified a thought as Jill having sex is, she is IMO shockingly immodest like when she brags about giving head for diamonds. It’s a shockingly slutty moment that seems more tamras speed than jill’s but you can almost see the drool forming in the corners or her mouth. Ewwwwwww

  47. Amber...Real Wife says:


    I think Bethenny has been responsible when ending relationships. With men, when it’s over, it’s over. If the relationship was doomed, or they were assholes, slash and burn may be the only way out. As we see with Jillzilla, she refuses to talk ill of her friends turned enemies and wont give a single negative soundbite for publicity. She’ll snark on anyone she wants to, but notice that once a gauntlet is thrown she pretty much ignores the nemesis and remains positive, speaking only of her own future as we saw with the desperate Omarosa.

    Further more Bethenny knows where alot of bodies are buried as she worked for many A B C & D List celebrities as a cook/chef/personal assistant. In her books she referred to them kindly but we know she’s got to have so much inside knowledge of those stars and could possibly write a book about the Hiltons. She worked for KathyHilton, knew Paris and siblings as children, and hung out with Kyle and KimRichards, yet she doesn’t have a negative word to say about these delusional, selfish, self-serving women. I don’t see destruction, I see her letting sleeping dogs lie.

  48. Kansas Girl says:

    It’s 92 outside here. Inside the office it’s about 85 because our brand new air conditioner is not working yet. So I checked on the weather and see that we’re under a tornado watch, and it says “Storms are predicted to initiate in the hour.” I love the wording. No storms initiating on the radar yet! (I’m gonna use Initiate for the rest of the day.) 🙂 (it may be the heat getting to me?)

    • Okie Folkie says:

      “Initiate a bag of chips” I love the blue collar comedy guys!
      I hope you stay safe & have no more storms!

  49. kbinldo says:

    Please don’t feed the trolls. That is all. 🙂

  50. Arya Stark says:

    I seriously hope they don’t make Alex look like an idiot tonight

  51. Arya Stark says:

    what the heck? I commented about tonights show and it is clear upthread. this is a mess.

  52. La Dolce Vita says:


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