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Top Chef Masters by Quincy IL

“A Soldier’s Story”

The final four Top Chefs arrive in their kitchen to find dividers on their work tables.  There is two of everything needed for the chefs to create meals. They are told that they will teach another chef a recipe of their choice. They put blinders on and the four unknown chefs come into the room. We are introduced to Naomi’s father, Mary Sue’s sister, Floyd’s sister and Traci’s brother. 

The quick fire challenge is for the Top Chef to create a dish and the unknown chef to duplicate that dish taught to him or her by the Top Chef.   None of the Top Chef’s recognizes the voices of the unknown chef helping them.

 Naomi has difficulty in helping her chef to follow her instructions so she gets frustrated and yells at him. They poach eggs after her unknown chef locates his eggs.

Mary Sue is her typical smiling self.  She is smart and nice.  Her chef takes instruction well. They make a spinach salad with shredded chicken.

Floyd recognizes a slight Indian accent and wonders who his chef is.  He realizes that she understands his instructions and that is helpful. Floyd creates stir fried shrimp with mushrooms and asparagus. He makes it simple because he suspects his chef is not a real chef when he hears Naomi yelling across the room.

Traci realizes that her chef is not a chef because he did not know the word, “chiffanade.”  She tells him to mince.  Traci makes halibut. She makes brown vinegar vinaigrette. This is a recipe that she has taught to other chefs before. Traci thinks the directors chose the best family member, Mitch, for a kitchen adventure.

Floyd feels sorry for the chef that Naomi is yelling at and the chef takes Naomi in stride.  Fathers tend to ignore bad behavior in grown daughters on national TV. Naomi can’t believe the chef does not know what a shallot is. When she finally sees the chef is Mitch, her father, she screams, but in a good way this time.

Curtis Stone is the judge. He looks at the two dishes at each table after removing the dividers to reveal the family members.  Naomi screams when she sees it’s her dad and her dad reveals that she is like this in his home when she visits too.  Their dishes are similar in appearance and the eggs are perfect.

Floyd’s sister, Debra, is a good cook and after he discovers that she is the unknown chef, he wishes he had made something more challenging.

Mary Sue’s sister, Chris, created a matching dish that is delicious. 

Traci’s brother’s dish is very similar to hers and tastes great.

The least favorite dishes belong to Floyd and Mary Sue.  Traci wins the challenge and $5,000 for her charity.

The Elimination Challenge

The Top Chefs will create a buffet to feed 100 people with four menus based on the favorite foods of four US service men who recently returned to their families from the assignments overseas.

Four family members will help the Top Chefs design the menu.  The Chefs ask questions about their loved one and the favorite foods that they love when they are home.

Mary Sue takes a knife with the words, “Marine Corp.”

Traci’s knife has the words, “Navy.”


Naomi …Air Force

Naomi will make a Hawaiian meal for Carissa’s dad who just came home from Afghanistan. She will make pork and a pOpolo which is a ball of seaweed that is salted.  (spelling from a food site.)

Floyd will make a beef roast tenderloin and clam chowder.  This is difficult for a buffet. The other challenge is his soldier does not like spices. He is a meat and potatoes man, but Floyd is a top chef so he makes garlic potatoes, a spinach salad with pomegranate, and mushrooms.  His Army soldier lost 26 lbs in Afghanistan so he is really hungry.

Traci’s sailor likes meat loaf, potatoes and peach cobbler. Traci will have more trouble with the simplicity. She will add a Caesar’s Salad.

Mary Sue will make ribs, potatoes, asparagus and an apple dish.

For four hours they work nonstop in the kitchen before packing the food and going to an American Legion Hall for the family buffet dinner. They finish cooking/reheating the food and set up the buffet for serving. They greet the guests as they finish preparing the meal. 

The military men and their families are on stage and they are honored by the judges of the Top Chef Masters Competition: James Oseland, Curtis Stone, Ruth Reidl and Danielle Freeman (Restaurant Girl.)

Tears and smiles are mixed and then the families are served. The judges eat with each family and the families pick the winner which is Mary Sue.  Floyd is given a coin by his family and he cries from happiness and exhaustion. He is also miserable that he lost to Mary Sue in each of their challenges.  She did not notice that he was her competition.

The four Top Chefs share a toast before three go to the Critic’s table.  The judges explain that they are all great chefs and then tear apart their individual dishes.  Naomi’s shrimp was undercooked.  She later disagrees with this, but is silent during judging.  The major issue with both Traci’s meatloaf and Floyd’s beef was the lack of spices, but both of their military men prefer their meat cooked this way. The families all loved the food prepared for them. James Oseland has a salt meter in his delicate mouth and he feels Naomi’s meat loaf was too salty.  Curtis Stone defends Naomi’s Hawaiian menu as she always took risks in the challenge. 

The Top Chef Master sent home is Naomi.  She hugs the other chefs and packs her knives. Naomi has a daughter and she learned that she can take more time for her family because both Mary Sue and Traci arrange their schedules for the lives, not for their careers. 

Next week is the finale.  

From Q

These men and women are incredible in the kitchen.  It’s amazing that they can create a meal for so many in a few hours.  They work hard and are competitive, but there is no back stabbing and they really care about each other.  I am impressed with these chefs.

Please go to the last blog to see Lynn’s comments on 20/20 and photos from Boston.  WordPress seems to have problems and I am unable to move them.  Because the board won’t allow replies, I am opening a second board with part of the material.

Thank you for understanding.  Woodpress is making changes constantly and some of the dashboard is broken. 





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  1. quincyil says:

    Let’s compile a list on this comment of all of the things that are wrong with the board so I gave give it to Lynn in an email.

    The dashboard had not copy feature and it would not allow me to use my computer to copy and paste the whole blog with photos. So Please go to the last blog to read Lynn’s 20/20 review and comments. Boston’s photos are there also. This material is in Lynn’s computer, not mine so I could not put them in this blog.

    Hopefully, Lynn can take everything you see and tell wordpress so they can fix it.


    • quincyil says:

      Hopefully, I can reply here.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks, Quincy, for all that you do. You satisfy my unquenchable thirst 😉 for all things Bravo as I’ve pretty much ignored the Housewives and the new series on TV.. When you accepted your call to duty, you went above and beyond what was necessary . Lynn with your help keep a great blog running and the posters make it all the more interesting. .
      Oh…if the font could be larger it would help. I’m typing blindly here. This is really teeny…

  2. WindyCityWondering says:

    No one likes their cheese moved but my complaints are simple.
    The response box has to have a larger font for those who need or want to see larger text.
    At times a reply doesn’t go under the post I have tried to reply to and that makes reading threads confusing.
    I have not tried to post a long response so I am wondering if there is a word/character limit now.
    Many have older computers/systems and if they are having a compatibility issue this should be addressed.
    Love you Q – you take care of us so well!

  3. IndianaHousewife says:

    Quincy, we all know how much you give to this blog. It appears to me that Word Press is having issues and we are just going to have to be flexible and adjust. Thank you for all you do.

    • quincyil says:

      I suspect that I couldn’t move Lynn’s part of the blog because of the photos. I feel badly, but I am sure people can hit the button to read her material.

      I also think that the size of the page has something to do the failure at the botttom. I am not a software person, but this blog is huge compared to the normal word press blogs and I bet the software engineer did not take that into account.

      I will give you all a chat for NY later so we won’t run out of space and I will be up late tonight writing the blog so I can give another board if that one breaks.

      We are all in this together. LOL. At least , I haven’t hit an iceberg like Jill Zarin…….yet.


      • quincyil says:

        Print too small in leave a reply box and…the last post stays in after posting so you have to delete it every single time. rotfl.

        Some engineer is asleep at the switch in the bowels of word press…. rotfl.

  4. Noreen says:

    You know, just reading the blog and the posts and watching the shows is incredibly time consuming. I really can’t even imagine how time consuming writing the blogs, maintaining the site and posting regulary to the blog is for everyone involved. THANK YOU LYNN, QUINCY AND ALL YOU REGULAR POSTERS AND CONTRIBUTORS! I am so greatful everytime I check in and post occasionally but mostly read the blogs and posts. This blog and all of you are a highlight to my day!

  5. cdnfillie58 says:

    Testing here….I was reading JZ blog on Bravo..this comment was left on it : “I’m sorry, I was busy vomiting…could you GO TO SLEEP!..see how long that stays up there..but I died laughing 😛

  6. LavaLady says:

    Quincy, you are putting in a tremendous amount of effort, so thank you for that. We have all been here long enough and are most likely patient enough to wait this out.

    • LavaLady says:

      I just want to mention that I was having all kinds of problems yesterday. Today I used Firefox to get to this blog, and I have no more issues. But I only do the simple stuff, read, comment, reply.

      • Debbie says:

        Hi LavaLady!
        I use Firefox too and have had no problems.. But this teeny tiny font in the reply box is maddening. Seriously, I can barely read it with glasses,let alone without. My comments are a crap shoot when it comes to typos. 🙂 And a great excuse for laziness when it comes to proof reading.

    • Error404 says:

      Hear hear! You’re a rock star Q and Lynn too for giving us a community that bravo denied. At least here, when my comments don’t get published I know it’s a computer glitch and not censorship. Keep up the good work you two and know you’re appreciated!

      • quincyil says:

        There are limits though. You always obey that golden rule. Since you are not posting all of your thoughts here, you are ok, Have you thought about therapy, Error 404? Reading your mind is kinda scary at times.

  7. Rhetorica says:

    I’m having no trouble posting via smartphone. Maybe it’s the webpage?

  8. Error404 says:

    repeating this from other blog:

    Yeah, the 7 sins are a christain historic thing, but I’d be surprised to find Jewish law doesn’t have something similar as it all seems so common sense.
    Micky should do a collage of Jill faces as the 7 sins.
    Wrath: god that woman has a temper, but worst of all is her unrepentence. Even the evolved gorga/guidice clan shows remorse for their angry outbursts.
    Envy: she really can’t handle anyone having what she wants.
    Sloth: if she spent a fraction of the time writting the moldy book as she spends frauding it, it might actually be readable.
    Gluttony: she has well documented food issues, and don’t get me started on that dog!
    Pride: she really does think she is all that and a bag of chips. Like zero humility.
    Avarice: you can actually see the cartoon dollar sighns cha-ching in her eyes, especially when she asks bawby for things.
    Lust: yuck. As horrified a thought as Jill having sex is, she is IMO shockingly immodest like when she brags about giving head for diamonds. It’s a shockingly slutty moment that seems more tamras speed than jill’s but you can almost see the drool forming in the corners or her mouth. Ewwwwwww

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      lol – ITA, Jill is a cardinal sins cocktail. Shake it and you never know which sin you will be tasting first!

      • Golden Girl says:

        LOL! That is so true about JZ. I hope MM does do a series of photos with your idea.

    • viki55 says:

      Nicely put!
      (Just FYI – the 7 deadly sins are actually a Roman Catholic traditon. There is no biblical foundation so the list is not really based on Christianity)

      • error404 says:

        wouldn’t surprise me. The wiki entry says it’s early, even citing the bible passages that list them, but Wiki can often be wrong.

    • Nancy says:

      I just lost my appetite…”like” forever.

  9. quincyil says:

    kmlh, the original comments are in the dashboard for Lynn’s review, but I made the decision to remove them after reading them. The comments that stayed up were more reasonable opinions. I am responsible for that decision.


  10. Amber...Real Wife says:


    I think Bethenny has been responsible when ending relationships. With men, when it’s over, it’s over. If the relationship was doomed, or they were assholes, slash and burn may be the only way out. As we see with Jillzilla, she refuses to talk ill of her friends turned enemies and wont give a single negative soundbite for publicity. She’ll snark on anyone she wants to, but notice that once a gauntlet is thrown she pretty much ignores the nemesis and remains positive, speaking only of her own future as we saw with the desperate Omarosa.

    Furthermore Bethenny knows where alot of bodies are buried as she worked for many A B C & D List celebrities as a cook/chef/personal assistant. In her books she referred to them kindly but we know she’s got to have so much inside knowledge of those stars and could possibly write a book about the Hiltons. She worked for KathyHilton, knew Paris and siblings as children, and hung out with Kyle and KimRichards, yet she doesn’t have a negative word to say about these delusional, selfish, self-serving women. I don’t see destruction, I see her letting sleeping dogs lie.

    Finally, as I am prone to say, not many are happy when the servant becomes the master of the domain. She took shit from these people as an assistant, cook and underdog friend and now she’s richer than they are and has more fame. We know Jill bleeds for Bethenny and Omarosa envies her, but do you think that Kathy, Kyle and Paris are truly happy for her success i.e. fame and money? I DON’T THINK SO!

    • quincyil says:

      She was respectful in the book, but I bet there was a lot of screaming and knashing of teeth when a younger Bethenny Frankel was not happy in a love or work relationship. I see it in her Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey fiascal and in the preparations for the wedding with Shaun.

      Bethenny is great if you are not the one on the receving end.

      The board and Lynn disagreed with me a while back, but I see things that others ignore.

      I think Lynn understands where I was coming from in this discussion too. I believe I am right about this.

      The discussion between Julie and Jason about the first 3 months of her pregnancy with Bryn spoke volumes. Bethenny was mad at Jason for knocking her up according to Julie. Check that episode. on your recorder.

      No Human being is perfect. Bethenny is a risk taker and it paid of big time. Look at the business she created.

      I’m sure Donald Trump is not easy to live with too.

      Some of the things Ramona, Jill, and Luann said about Bethenny were true and I bet she owns it.
      I’d rather be with Bethenny than Jill or Luann, but being her friend is probably painful at times.

      • FLG says:

        I’ll take being stabbed in the stomach any day before being stabbed in the back. I respect someone who has integrity to allow me to see the knife headed in my direction.

        • FLG says:

          I view Bethenny to be the stomach type. The seven deadly sinner cocktail goes for the back. Bethenny called Countess Squash Blossom High Horse a snake to her face. We’ll see how tonight’s reptilian conversation goes……

          • quincyil says:

            I wonder what Alex was so upset about.

            I have never found that the person who was ready to stab you in the stomach was being nice behind my back.

            Who do you think the she is in she thinks you are a snake. It is probably Ramona. Sonja doens’t seem to have strong issues with Luann.

            • FLG says:

              I’ve been wondering what Alex was so upset about. Alex is usually pretty level headed and I haven’t been able to figure it out. Alex clearly stated that she would wait until their “hen-na” session was over, but the Brunette Brute Band were clearly unwilling to wait. (at least from the previews I’ve seen) It must have really hit a nerve with Countess Squash Blossom High Horse, to tell Alex to crawl back into the cabinet she came out of. It seems that the blondes were late for dinner, so maybe Countess Squash Blossom High Horse sent them to bed without their dinner? If that was the problem, then that was very fine hostess-like behavior for her to accommodate “her” guests in such a fine fashion! (snark, snark)

              • FLG says:

                Also, in the preview I don’t see Jillzy in the Henna parlor. Is she still having her telephone heart attack with Bawby? Added bonus of Kelly telling Alex and the viewers what normal is?????

                • Stella says:

                  Telephone heart attack with Bawby… <— That's hilarious. I haven't watched the clips but surely Kelly defining Normal must be a sign of the apocalypse. I guess there's nothing like getting "schooled" by a moronic crackhead. (Was that last bit too harsh? I know she has issues but I shouldn't be mean. She drives me crazy though)

      • viki55 says:

        Julie never said Bethenny was mad a Jason for knocking her up. She talked about how terrible Bethenny was being to everyone and how she hated Jason and her manager. BUT NEVER did Julie says Bethenny hated Jason for getting her pregnant.

        • quincyil says:

          Yes, she did. I am not making this up. They were sitting on couch of the Skinny Girl bus. Julie discussed the way Bethenny acted in the first three months of pregnany and Jason joked that she wants to be on vacation for three months. Julie said that. I don’t normall use the words, “knocked up.” The words came from that conversation. I am sure of this because I was shocked. Bethenny was in the back with Bryn singing, “The wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round, rounds and round…” The camera went back and forth between Jason and Julie talking and Bethenny in the back singing to Bryn.

          • quincyil says:

            I was shocked and confused because Bethenny always wanted a baby and she said that she and Jason decided to try and it happened. What Julie said was the complete opposite of what we all thought. So… it stuck in my mind. At the time, I played it back a couple of times too.

            • LavaLady says:

              I remember that scene as well Q, but I am not sure I understood that Bethenny was mad at Jason and blamed him for getting her pregnant. I thought the discussion was about how hard the first three months of pregnancy were for Bethenny. The sickness, the fatigue, the worrying about her age and trying to keep it secret. I truly believe Bethenny was thrilled to be pregnant, but was just having a hard time physically and maybe mentally.

              • quincyil says:

                It was one sentence and it was a question asking him if he remembered Bethenny being mad at him for knocking her up. There was a fairly long discussion, and this was one sentence.

                I am correct about this.

            • California35 says:

              Hi Q,
              I remember that scene also, and althoguth I don’t rmember the words, I know Julie said something of what you are saying. I took it more like Bethenny was very dificult on those three months…and we comented here that it was not only the pregnancy but the death of her father and the drama from NYHW and Jill….so I know we all saw that…but again I think it was more about the fact that she was dificult that she hated Jason like other pregnant wives hate the one that got them pregnant…you know hormonal. I hope this helps and not make things worse 🙂

              • quincyil says:

                Yeah.. I am positive that she didn’t mean it. Women sometimes are mean to their husbands at the time of delivery and she was ok then.

                • Mimisfbay says:

                  Hey Q, I do remember words being said but really thought it was that B was probably being hormonal. I remember my husband saying that one minute I was Attila the Hun and the next Litle Annie Fannie. I thought that is what both of them were basically commiserating about. I agree with you that BF is witty and fun TV but she is difficult and then some I’ll betcha. This new reply box is just the pits slow and type face stinks.

                • Di says:

                  I remember that scene too, and I don’t think it was meant so literally– saying B was mad at Jason for “knocking her up.” It didn’t appear to me at all that was the message Julie was trying to get across. I thought Julie’s point was B’s 1st trimester of pregnancy was the worst–with hormones raging–compared to the rest of it and the delivery. I thought she was making the point that B’s pregnancy was sort of backwards from what you might expect or from what most others experience with the difficult final months of pregnancy and especially delivery. Approaching the 40 week mark and delivery are usually the times the guy gets blamed for “knocking you up”–when you’re waddling around and can’t tie your shoes or when you’re trying to push out a watermellon…. you know the rest 😉

                  My take on B is that she has a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor. Probably a coping mechanism resulting from her disfunctional upbringing. She had to make fun of the crazy people around her to keep her reality clear and not get sucked into the crazy, and she does it well because she doesn’t dwell on it. She uses her observational humor and then moves on to focus on her own business. She doesn’t spend her free time doing the kind of stuff JZ does to get back at people. Lots of people love her for that; those that don’t like wicked sarcastic observational humor don’t get her and don’t like her. When you’re brought up around crazy, you tend to find crazy later in life because it’s so familiar, which she does, but then she recognizes it and moves on. It seems she has learned to find the good, caring people now–i.e., Jason, Julie, etc.–and cut out the rest. I think this is the best way to live a happy successful life! This is not to say anyone can’t have a blowup during stressful times like holiday dinners with the extended family and friends. JMO.

                  • Di says:

                    To clarify I remembered the scene, but not whether “knocked up” was said, just that B was realllllly mean and mad at everyone during the 1st trimester and Julie wanted nothing to do with that again.

          • VAGirl says:

            Quincy. I went back and looked at this episode and couldn’t find what you are talking about. Here it is. Unless they’ve cut something out, it didn’t happen as you say.


        • VAgirl says:

          You are correct viki. Unless someone shows me differently the knocked up term was never used during that conversation. If I’m proved wrong, I will humbly apologize for it. I’ve posted the link to the scene twice on this blog. It’s Season 2, episode 11. I know I’m probably making a big deal about it, but I want to make sure the accurate information is out there. Although I don’t see what the big deal is about the term knocked up. I’ve heard them all say things worse than that.

      • Nancy says:

        When did we see Bethenny being upset that Jason got her pregnant?

        If this is true Bethenny had a lot to do with it. Hello?

        • error404 says:

          women getting angry at the men who impregnate them because pregnancy is uncomfortable at best is as old as the hills. Countless movie and tv show scenes pander to the whole joke of a woman in labor threatening to kill her baby daddy for causing her this pain. Julie made a joke about Bethenny being a cranky pants preggo. Pregnancies are like babies, some babies cry a lot, other babies are little angels, some pregnancies are hellish, others not so bad, etc….. mountains, molehills….

          • kotagirl29 says:

            Too true Error. I HATED being pregnant. I was really, really sick and did not have a good time. My sister Denise had three kids, two of her pregnancies were uneventful and one was miserable. Although I will say that the troubled pregnancies seem to produce better behaving kids (or at least they do in our family). The niece and nephew that gave my sister no trouble in the womb are little crap heads and the niece who was the problem pregnancy is such a good kid you wouldn’t think they were related. My son is (for the most part) a really great kid, but god did I have problems when I was pregnant.

          • California35 says:

            Ah! good you explained it better….thanks Error, tha this what I wanted to say about this topic 🙂

        • quincyil says:

          Julie asked Jason if he remembed how …I described the conversation above. I think she was probably throwing up and sick and she lashed out in the early stages of pregnancy not unlike her other events durng the filming of the show. I am absolutely positive that Julie said, “knocked up.” I don’t think he answered. or the camera wasn’t on hiim. Then he joked that she wanted a 3 month vacation. She did not want to be around Bethenny when she was in the first trimester.

          Bethenny is one of the producers. She had control of what went into the show. She wanted honesty. She could have edited that out.

          Think about that time. She was sick. There was a bloodclot at some time. She was on bedrest when Alex came to visit even though she was barely pregnant. She was scared that she might lose the baby. Her father was dying. She had to deal with Jill Zarin and the start of a second reality show.

          She had a million problems.

          Bethenny has displaced anger issues. I see her toss her anger around the rooms and I’m sure many others see it.

          It could have happened in a “you are a snake” moment. Think of the times Bethenny has exploded at tthe drop of a dime over the years. She’s eatig dinner with Jill and Bobby and Jason I., Jill starts to say something and Bethenny is going to stab Jill’s eye out.

          Bethenny bitches and complains about tiny things. She says things that she regrets.

          I’m sure Jason didn’t want that on national TV, but Julie said it.

          • LavaLady says:

            But Q, I am not sure what you are getting at? Are you saying that Bethenny using the term “knocked up” is somehow disrespectful to Jason? Are you saying that Bethenny didn’t want to be pregnant because she complained about it, and it caused her many difficulties? Yes, Bethenny does get angry. Are you saying she was angry about being pregnant?

            Also, that stabbing with the fork scene sticks in my mind as well. IMHO, Jill was being a shrew that night. Jason 1.0 was exhausted and hungry. He just wanted to eat and run. But Jill went on and on about the gifts. “Whadja get, whadja get? She ignored the social ques that Bethenny and Jason were done with the conversation about the birthday gifts.

            Lastly, what is it that Jason would not have wanted on TV?

            • quincyil says:

              I think Bethenny had a bad day and was mad at the planet Earth, but Jason was handy so she said something to him in front of Julie about getting knocked up. It could have been a joke, but Julie mentioned it in a conversation about not wanting to be with Bethenny in the first trimester.

              I think Jason is a quiet person and he probably didn’t want us to know Bethenny said that to him since it was not on camera and not on Bravo. I bet he likes the times when they are not being filmed. He did not invite the cameras to their official engagement moment. That was his choice I bet.

              Jill can be annoying, but threatening to stab someone’s eye out it an overraction. She could say, “Shut up, Jill!” Bethenny explodes when she is upset. She also get back at the women in the interviews like “you dumb drag queen.” Bethenny has anger issues.

              I don’t like women using pregnancy or menopause as excuses to behave badly. There is no moment of insanity because of hormones in the lives of normal women. You can feel awful, without being mean.

          • VAGirl says:

            Julie said to Jason “You blocked it out”, a couple of times. I posted the episode upstream.

          • Di says:

            I left my more detailed opinion above, but Q I wonder if you take B too literally. She’s a smart ass. She observes people, and then comments sarcastically about them. Some people like sarcasm, some don’t.

            She also had major pregnancy hormones and was a raging b&*^* in the 1st trimester. That’s what I saw at least.

    • California35 says:

      Hi Amber, great post 🙂

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Thanks Cali but little did I know it was to spawn the Great KnockedUp Debacle! LOL

  11. kotagirl29 says:

    So far I am not having any issues with the “new and improved” word press. Although I reserve the right to complain later on if I have an issue.

  12. AZ Girl says:

    I have FireFox and have had no problems posting. But the font is small and sometimes comment remain in comment box. Other than that all is good and IHJZ.

  13. lillybee says:

    I am having no problems on my 5 year old computer, but I am using firefox too.

  14. Kansas Girl says:

    Let me add my thanks to Lynn and Quincy for all the work they put in to manage this blog. I agree that WordPress probably never imagined one of their blogs could become this large.

    My problems are the same as stated above. Comment font too small in the reply box. Old comments remaining so they have to be deleted before typing the next one. And just now on this morning’s blog, the comments were starting to post out of order.

    Maybe it’s us? We broke WordPress! LOL!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Do you think it could be sabotage? Did Shill deploy her internet flunkies to sink the blog? I don’t usually fall into conspiracy theories but it seems fishy there were complaints outside the blog and now many of us are having problems inside. We know that Boston receives the super secret blog Shill sends, maybe all this new sign in crap is an attempt to track all the people that come here so Shill can block and stop sending her super secret blog and stuff.

  15. kotagirl29 says:

    Okay, I haven’t been getting email updates. I got to complain sooner than I thought I would.

    • Debbie says:

      Kota! I don’t get email notifications for new blogs any longer nor do I get notification when comments are added. (when i ask to be notified by reply box) This has been going on for quite awhile. I finally signed up for RSS and I immediately know when a new blog and comments are added.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I get notices for every other blog, but this one. The previous posting of this blog gives me updates and every other one that I sign up for does, but not this one. I hope everything works okay for the NY chat tonight.

        • Debbie says:

          The same for me..i get all the updates for other blogs. I told Lynn awhile ago about this and she told me to re-register and I couldn’t. The RSS feed works really well though. If you have Google, add it to your Google Reader. It keeps blogs and comments more organized. I open Reader with my coffee every morning and I’m off and running. A new Lynn/Quincy blog almost every morning and all the comments are there too..

          • kotagirl29 says:

            Hey Debbie,
            What I meant was not this blog site, i.e. LynnNChicago I Hate Jill Zarin . . . whatever blog was written. I mean this specific blog, i.e. IHJZ/ Top Chef Masters. The blog from earlier today is fine, the blog from yesterday is fine, the blogs from last week are fine and all giving me updates. This one right here is not.

    • quincyil says:

      Lynn is going to have a long, long list.

      • Di says:

        LOL Q! You crack me up. Thanks for all your hard work with the blog.

        I am using Firefox on a PC and I think everything is ok except for the tiny text in the Leave a Reply box. Oh and I don’t use the wordpress, twitter or FB sign-in.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Kota, so good to see you around. How is Leo? I hope he’s doing as well as he can be. You remain in my ‘good vibes’.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        He is doing pretty good Okie. Thanks for asking. He had his first low blood sugar last Thursday. He got the cold sweats and was feeling shaky, had some chest pains and thought he was having another heart attack. Luckily it was only low blood sugar. They went to the ER and within an hour he was okay. They have postponed the trip to Houston for a few months, but other than the low sugar he has been doing great. Saturday night, my Mom and I went to the drive-in with Terry and Leo and saw Pirates of the Carribean 4 and X-men First Class. Leo fit in with the pirate theme with his eye patch. He still has double vision. His doctor thinks there is some damage to one of his optic nerves and some double vision may be permanent. We are all hoping that it will straighten out in a few weeks (they said 12 wks in the beginning). Now he is just really unhappy because the weather is great and he can’t go out and ride his Harley.

        • Nancy says:

          Give Leo all our best. I’ve been thinking about. 🙂

        • VAgirl says:

          I’m glad he’s hanging in there. I hope he gets to ride his Harley soon.

          • kotagirl29 says:

            So does he. Here’s the worst part. The bike was out of commission for almost a year because it needed an engine rebuild and they had to save the money to get it done. They had only had the bike back for three weeks before he had his heart attack. Granted he was riding it almost every day, but you can imagine how depressing the whole situation is for him. He gets physical clearance to drive in two weeks, but with his eyesight the way it is he won’t be able to.

  16. AZ Girl says:

    I just love coming home from work and this blog. Went over to Jill’s Facebook page and she is asking everyone there to go to Lisa’s new Facebook page and “friend” her. Well most of the comments were “Who is Lisa?” HA!! I was scrolling down on the wall and obviously her interns are not “cleaning house”. Really sad comment but kinda sums up who Jill really is.

    Posted on Jill’s Facebook wall in response to “Friending” Lisa on Facebook:
    I would….but I wrote you a VERY long, heartfelt letter about a month ago. Shed many tears writing it asking for some advice or a referral, since you seem (on the show) to be so helpful to people and even referred to yourself as a ‘dentis…t’. I got a very short reply back from someone (I guess your assistant) that simply said “Jill is a very busy woman and doesn’t have time to read her emails. But if you would like an autographed photo of her, please send your address and I’ll be happy to send you one”. No thanks.

    • Nancy says:

      Jill is in free fall. Bethenny being on the cover of Forbes, the 120 million,
      Bethenny being on “The Tonight Show”, last weeks episode with Ramona
      more or less saying “Your not all that”, Kelly being her only friend,
      Lynn’s Site getting bigger and bigger…..
      It’s just too much for our lovely Jill Zarin.

      Cry me a river Jill. You did this to yourself. No pity here.

      • Sonjafan says:

        Hi Nancy,

        I changed my name from Barbara to Sonjafan…we exchanged some notes on the blog last week. Anyway I totally agree with what you said. Jill is probably screaming BAWBY – they can’t see who I really am WHYYYYY (in LI nasal tone)

        • Nancy says:

          Hi Sonjafan,
          Yes I remember. How have you been?
          Looking forward to tonight. Come chat here at 7pm.

          • AZ Girl says:

            I hope everyone is here tonight. The new format has gotten some people frustrated. I really want to watch what happens with Alex and Countess Squash Blossom High Horse. (FLG is so funny)

            • Nancy says:

              Do you know that the RHONY is on an extra 15 mins tonight?

            • FLG says:

              Thank you AZ Girl! I’m hoping we can see some scenery besides CSBHH. I watched America’s Next Top Model and would have liked to have seen even more scenery. I remember when movie theaters had what I think were called travel-logs. We were always excited about those. My grandmother had a copy of every National Geographic since it began publication. That was back when there were three stations in our local TV broadcast area. PBS hadn’t even begun yet. Boy am I dating myself…. YIKES!

    • Sonjafan says:

      Typical Jill…if I was one of the HW I would make sure those kinds of things got filtered and got better attention. Heck she pays her little slaves money to remove anything that is critical. Can we say stupid narcissistic beyotch. I love this blog – YES!

    • quincyil says:

      A long time ago, I saw a message on Jill’s facebook from a women with children who needed financial help. Because Jill is so rich and she talks about charities, I bet a lot of fans ask her for help.

      I bet a lot of people asked Oprah for money too.

      These women talk to their fans in a way that makes you connect. I bet the assistants answer all of the email.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Obviously the assistants answer the emails for all celebrities but the response was once again a classic example of how Jill makes everything about her i.e. offer of a photograph of Jill. Really it is so vain.

  17. comment comment test 123

  18. VAGirl says:

    I’m reposting the controversial Jason/Julie conversation episode here in case it’s missed.


    • VAgirl says:

      It’s Season 2, Episode 11 (the picture where B is sitting on stage) if you have to select it. Please check it out Q.

      • quincyil says:

        I can’t I have Huge’s sateliite and limits on downloading. My husband downloads things from the hospital and clinic so I have to let his use all of our allotment.

        • klmh says:

          I have Hughes Net as well. It is so much better than Wild Blue and Im so happy with it. Did you know you get free time from 2 to 7 am? The limit is 300 mb/day, and when I put stuff on Ebay, I blasted thru that in 6 hours, although I was having problems at the time with my 3G card and US Cellular, so I switched. I love the convenience of the 3G card, but can’t justify the additional 70./mth just to be able to travel with it, and so many places have free wi-fi anymore. We are going to England and Scotland soon and every B&B and hotel has free wi-fi. So nice to check locations to the next stop.
          Did any of this make sense to you? 🙂

          • quincyil says:

            I would like to switch to something better than the dish, but there is nothing this far from town.

            I know you cand download and that is when I have the computers update. You can also pay to get out of punishment for downloading too much now. In the old days, they suspended you.

            My brother had the card, but we have a router with three computers and laptops here. There are only two of us, but he has his own ideas.

    • FlowerPower says:

      VAGirl, I went back and rewatched the clip (I remember it the way you did) and I agree with you–Julie was talking about how difficult Bethenny was at the time. She was talking to Jason and Brian (B’s agent) and said, “She hated you. She hated you, too. You blocked it out…” They were all relaxed and kind of joking about it. I don’t think it had anything to do with B somehow being seriously angry that Jason got her pregnant. Jason said she was cranky and irrational. He didn’t seem bothered that something private was being revealed. It was a funny moment (I thought) since Julie said she’d quit if they got pregnant again.

      • VAGirl says:

        Yes and Jason said that he thought Julie should take leave during the first trimester of pregnancy if she got pregnant again. It was very lighthearted to me.

  19. AZ Girl says:

    Hope everyone makes it here to chat during the show. Just wait…I will be the one that falls asleep. Typical Old Fart AZ Girl who gets up at 4 a.m. I remember the days when I was just getting home from the bars at 4 a.m.

    • FLG says:

      ROFLMAO, scoot over AZ Girl, You’ve got company! 😳

      • Debbie says:

        Did you and Hubs finish dinner yet? The chicken or veal parm? If so , I was wondering if you have room for desert. I have fresh Baklava I could bring over. I’m closer than you might think. We can let AZ Girl sleep and snark the night away.m -)

        • AZ Girl says:

          I am still here and plan on making it through the night….um…maybe so snark away. I would die for some home grown tomato’s. The tomato’s here are hockey pucks.

    • Nancy says:

      AZ Girl,
      Those were the day’s, eh? 🙂

    • AZ Girl says:

      I guess were the days if I could remember them!!! HA!

    • Error404 says:

      I’d like to say me too, but if i were being truthful I’d have to admit that more often I was taking the walk of shame at 6:00am!

  20. jeang says:

    My last comment didnt go in either

  21. lillybee says:

    Looking foward to 7 pst so I can get a sneak preview lol

  22. Error404 says:

    Isabelle is sleeping right through dinner, traumatized by a bad haircut.

    • LavaLady says:

      Oh error, I know how she feels. We just got our Tibetian Terrier a “summer cut” He looks pitiful.

    • VAGirl says:

      My doggies are so energetic and act crazy when they get haircuts. It makes them feel so much better. Is she traumatized by the experience or the haircut itself?

      • error404 says:

        I assume the experience, as I assume she has no idea how unflattering and just wrong the cut is. I was literally speechless when I picked her up, I was sure they were going to admit that something went horribly wrong, but they never did. But now I think mr404 is right, as he says they were confused and cut her like a cocker spaniel. She looks like a DIsney character!

  23. quincyil says:

    Lynn is not on the radiio tonight with Carly Hall, but Simon van Kempen will be. He is also in the show tonight playing pool with Mario Singer and a mysterious young woman who fits the description given by the fortune teller.


    If there has to be a replacement for Lynn, a reality star is OK.

    • Error404 says:

      He should legally change his name to Rob Shutup as far as I’m concerned, but I am sure that bravo can finally give a sigh of relief as for once one of jill’s paid adverts is actually in their favor.

      • Nancy says:

        The real burn to him are in the comments. 80% of them are pro Bethenny.
        Sorry Jill but keep on trying as you are good for a laugh.

    • VAGirl says:

      It’s so obvious who the inside source is for these pathetic articles. Bethenny could care less what the ratings for RHNY are. She is so past that and these poor pathetic fools are still stuck in the muck. I pity them.

    • Hmm….Now I know why Jill tweeted Rob and tried to get him to call her sister’s radio show this afternoon. I also found it odd that Jill called her sister’s radio show today instead of Friday, which is the day she usually calls in. We all know who the source for this article is.

      • Sonjafan says:

        Jill is disgusting and this guy is a piece of work. I like Bethenny, always have, yes she is abrupt and to the point and can appear mean, but I think beneath it all she has a good heart. I think she has also mellowed since betting married and having the baby, and of course becoming a multi-millionaire. Jill always has a motive and a plan. Instead of just living life she looks for opps to slam people she doesn’t like and play herself up. A lot of folks are watching RHONY because we want to see how far she will go to disintegrate…plus we like the blonde group as well.

  24. FLG says:

    Totally OT- The toaster oven dinner was a success!

    • AZ Girl says:

      OMG you should email Sonja

      • VAGirl says:

        Oh, and AZ Girl. Congrats onyour alma mater winning the WCWS. I was hoping for a more competitive series, but FL was just totally outcoached. My hubs and my daughter both coach softball so I know of what I speak. AZ State was awsome (as Bethenny’s dad says). That being said, I would like for an SEC team to actually win the WCWS on day instead of a PAC 10 team. They’ve won enough already, but at least it wasn’t Arizone, UCLA or Washington. That was a plus

        • VAGirl says:

          I hate this reply box. It’s so small I can’t see my typing errors. LOL

        • AZ Girl says:

          Thanks VA girl! They have a fantastic team. It is so much fun this past weekend to switch back and forth from AZ State Softball, Diamondbacks and NBA. The finals were a blow out but it was still fun. I loved the first game of the final when out catcher (who must be 5’9 and weight 100lbs) was put to bat after our big hitter was intentionally walked. She was pissed and after 7 pitches hit it out of the park.

    • VAGirl says:

      What was it? Sorry if I missed what it was upthread.

    • FLG says:

      The comments were even better than the article! Thanks for the link!

    • California35 says:

      For someone so “modest” and doesn’t like to talk about sex or nudity or see any of it, she sure does show a lot of herself doesn’t she?

    • Stella says:

      I found this quote by Kelly to be interesting “I’m a brunette. I don’t really hate anybody. I mean, they try to make me hate people, but I still don’t.” I want to know who “they” are that tries to make her hate people. The voices in her head, the producers, Jill and LuAnn? Based on the context, starting with saying she’s a brunette I choose to take the leap that it is Jill and LuAnn using her as a number to hate on the blondes.

    • error404 says:

      I can not wait until boston does some talk bubbles for that Bawby Jill Sonja picture! It’s like “listen sonja f-ing morgan don’t you ever EVER f-ing take my f-ing hangers from my f-ing closet in an f-ing riad EVER or I will seriously f-ing cut your f-ing throat!”

  25. FLG says:

    Veal Parmigiana, with homemade tomato sauce from the last of our early tomato crop. The basil was home grown also. I got started on it early this morning, blanching, peeling and seeding the tomatoes.

  26. lillybee says:

    I wonder if TWOP will reopen the NY howives thread. I think Jill may demand that they do because most of the posters really hate the blondes.

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    LuAnn is the worst hostess – she only plans for half the guests and treats the other like unworthy subjects! If someone came tearing into the room, visablly upset – a hostess would attend to the matter immediately (guess that only applies to purloined hangers in LuAnn’s hostess rule book)! IMO – since Jill isn’t there it has to have something to do with Jill.

    • Nancy says:

      When we see Kelly telling Alex that she isn’t normal I’ll be waiting for…
      “It’s Saturday Night” to break out.

      • Nancy says:

        “It’s Saturday Night Live”

        • Sonjafan says:

          I saw that clip and I seriously wanted to smack Kelly; after last year’s Scary Island I would be she is on some major psychic medications. I hope Alex can really give her some serious business tonight!

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            I so wanted Alex to say to Kelly after she told her she was not normal and to leave the room and come back in and to stop acting – “What like you were acting on Scary Island??”
            Kelly should not be on this show – big mistake Bravo, big mistake!

  28. Stella says:

    Okay guys, on a scale of 1 – 10 I’m experiencing an easy 8.5 of pain so I came here to get my mind off of that. I hope that tonight’s episode takes my mind off of this pain. If that doesn’t work I guess I’ll start drinking cause these pills sure ain’t working.

    • error404 says:

      oh no! sometimes they just take time to kick in. still 😦

      • Nancy says:

        Or you can do what I used to do, Take more! ha ha

        • Stella says:

          once I get home I definitely do that. 🙂

        • Nancy says:

          I was KIDDING!! Only take as many as your doctor said. Please!

          • Stella says:

            I know you were kidding that’s why I had the happy face. I took the pill awhile ago and I get off work in an hour, then I have an hour long drive home so by the time I get home I’ll it will be time for another dose. Don’t worry, I’m waaaay too paranoid to take too many doses cause I worry over everything and overdosing is one of the many things I worry about. Thanks for your concern though, it means a lot. Take care.

      • Stella says:

        Thank you. I’ll wait a bit more before I try taking something else. I haven’t taken the “good stuff” yet cause I am at work and it makes me drowsy.

  29. Stella says:

    I’ve got a totally non-I Hate Jill Zarin related topic I’d like to ask about. I don’t know any vegans so I’m hoping to get an answer to a question. I’d like to add the disclaimer that I’m not trying to make fun of vegans or their cause, I sincerely want to know the answer. At this point I realize that I’m too selfish (if you want to call it that) to give up things like pork and eggs and seafood cause I just love eating them but if I decided today to become a vegan I imagine I’d have to make some lifestyle changes to support the cause. My car has leather interior and I can’t afford a new one. Would I have to wait till I could afford a non leather interior version and just be a vegetarian in the meantime, would car seats and other cover-ups suffice? Cause I would imagine if someone heard me saying that I was a vegan and saw my leather interior it would take away from the true passion and compassion that vegans have for animals and I would feel like I’m bringing reproach on that lifestyle. Does this question make sense? Anyway any insight on this will be appreciated cause I tried giving up meat and lasted 3 weeks cause I kept craving pork and it got me thinking about other animal products in my life.

    • error404 says:

      there’s no rule, but most people I know don’t throw out the shoes and leather sofa etc… they already have, they just don’t get leather again the next time.

      • Stella says:

        Oh ok. Thanks for the reply and it does make sense to just move forward once you make the choice.

        • error404 says:

          it’s always tough and one just has to choose one’s own cut off point. I once helped a client sofa shop and she really really wanted a leather sofa as they were very in at the time but felt that as a vegan she couldn’t have it, so it was like days of taking a diabetic from one bakery after another. lol

    • lillybee says:

      I remember that back in the day Linda Rhonstat (I think it was her) started a leather company that only used hides from animals who died a natural death.

      Actually, I think that the leather car seat issue would only be a problem if you are going vegan because you are doing it because you hate the idea of animal abuse or for health reasons.

      • Stella says:

        Oh really, I’d never head of anyone doing that before. That’s interesting. Thanks for the reply.

  30. Nancy says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life. You ask about becoming a vegan? May I ask why?

    • Stella says:

      For health reasons I tried giving up meat and other things to see if the change in diet could bring my everyday pain level down as suggested by some books. Anyway I didn’t last more than 3 weeks each time. The pain was the same (maybe it wasn’t long enough to make a difference) and I couldn’t stop thinking about pork cause it is my favorite. Then my brain just took it from there thinking about people who become vegans/vegeterians because of how strongly they feel about animals and how they are treated and how if you feel strongly enough about something you make sacrifices. Then I was thinking about how expensive it must be to be a vegan if you start over completely. So I was wondering if I wanted to become one but couldn’t afford to re-do my wardrobe or get a different car what could I do to support it without seeming like a hypocrite. I tend to over-analyze things, even commercials, but I don’t know anyone who is a vegan to ask that question so I figured I’d ask it here.

      • klmh says:

        It sounds as if your intention to become a vegetarian is for you health and really doesn’t have anything to do with animal use, am I correct? If so, Im not sure why you would worry about leather in a car or on your shoes, or the use of leather products in general. Am I missing something? Do you feel that wearing or sitting on leather is unhealthy for you?
        The intent for some vegans is connected to animal use though. Just can’t see you fitting into that category. jmo

        • Stella says:

          Sorry, I’m not the best communicator. I only had that train of thought about vegan cause I wasn’t eating meat at the time. I know that vegans are about the animal instead of just the possible health benefits. I guess if I were to re-ask the question, I’d take myself out of it and ask if anyone decides to be a vegan and has a leather interior car, for example, what would they be expected to do to show their support of the cause if they couldn’t afford a new car? Sorry for being confusing. Anyway above, Error answered me with some insight based on knowing people who make that change.

      • Nancy says:

        Do you have arthritis?

        • Stella says:

          I’ve also been told I have fibromyalgia. I had to take a bunch of test to rule everything out first cause I’m sure you know (am I remembering right that you said you were a nurse?) there is not test for that but they make sure it is not something else. Ruling things out plus my tender spots and swelling, etc. lead the specialist to saying I have fibromyalgia. I am also experiencing pain in my right side rib area, which is what is bothering me now, that causes me to be nauseous, throw up, etc. and next week Thursday a surgeon is gonna look inside and see what’s up. Is it sad that I’m looking forward to being knocked out so I can get some sleep? Haha I’m kidding, I’m actually anxious over the anesthesia cause even thought nothing will probably happen, something can and as I noted above, I worry a lot about everything.

          • AZ Girl says:

            Oh Stella I am sorry. I really thought medical science had progress on Fibromyalgia. I guess it is still like MS you have to rule everything else out. So painful.

            • AZ Girl says:

              Before making huge changes in your diet I would consult your doctor first and may be your doctor can recommend a nutrition specialist to help you decide what you should have or not in your diet and go from there. There are some nutrients that are necessary in day to day healthy balanced diet.

              • Stella says:

                That is good advise. Admittedly I was having a moment of desperation and read some stuff in a book and decided to try no meat for a bit but it didn’t last long. My feelings on fibromyaglia change from minute to minute almost. Sometimes I’m glad that I am not worse off than I am and feel ok about everything, sometimes it gets to me and I feel sorry for myself, sometimes I am so frustrated that nothing I do is working and I try different things in desparation. I have tried different medicines but that wasn’t too successful but I have found accupuncture to be helpful and so I’ve been doing that recently and physical therapy.

                • lkgolfnut says:

                  Stella, Two suggestions that might be worth looking into. There is a book called “Eat Right for Your Type” with some pretty good information about how our blood types relate to the foods that work best for each blood type and why. I found it very helpful, not for pain but for weight control. It was recommended to my by my Naturalpathic Medical Doctor NMD, if you have any NMD’s in your area it may be worth a visit to see if they have any suggestions. You should be able to check the book out at your local library or get a used copy cheap on Amazon. My NMD recommends that type of diet to most of her patients.
                  Feel better!

          • FLG says:

            Stella, out of curiosity, do you eat bell peppers? Tomatoes? I discovered after many doctors shaking their heads and being unable to figure out what was causing me severe stomach and digestive problems that it was bell peppers. I eliminated them from my diet and the change was rapid and miraculous.

            • FLG says:

              I hope you feel better very soon, too.

              • Stella says:

                Thank you. As much as I like bell peppers, I rarely eat them but I do eat a lot of tomato based foods.

                • Nancy says:

                  I have RSD. So I know what you are going through. Some day’s it takes over my life but you have to just get again and not let it beat you. Let me look into my journals and see if i can find anything that might be useful to you. 🙂

          • Golden Girl says:

            Stella, have the doctors checked your gallbladder yet? I hope you feel better soon.

            • Stella says:

              Yes, no stones but now they are trying to see if it functions properly. I took a test last week and I’m having a proceedure next week for the doctor to look inside of me.

  31. Nancy says:

    May I ask why now?
    sorry about that.

  32. Nancy says:

    Sarah Ferguson is on CNN right now with Piers Morgan.
    I still like her.

  33. LynnNChicago says:


    New York City Chat with mysterious predictions for the Middle Eastern Adventure..

    Your soothsayer,


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