I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

I Hate Jill Zarin  and Luann…oh and Kelly… In order for me to be authentic, I will have to take a bit more time to write my blog on The Real Housewives of New York.  I had some other plans and wasn’t able to watch until the third or forth showing so I’ll get my blog on the show done for tomorrow’s blog but Quincy was kind enough to write tonight’s blog on the New York psychos. Thanks to everyone for your unending support of both Quincy and me.  My blog will be posted tomorrow, in the meantime please enjoy Quincy’s …

More great photos from Boston02127:

The Real Housewives of New York City in Marrakesh

Dance of the Seven Veils by Quincy IL

“She didn’t own it!” That was the sin of Ramona Singer.

Jill Zarin fled Ramona’s red room in the riad with the comment, “We are never going to be friends.” She attempts to locate Cindy Barshop and she is not going out to have fun this evening in the Medina.  Luann comes to room and immediately hugs her friend, Jill. Jill shares, “She came in like a hurricane and destroyed the place.”  Jill is crying just like she cried in the limousine in New York City.  Jill and Ramona have locked horns again.

 Luann is there to support and comfort Jill as usual. Jill downloads all of her frustrations onto Luann.  Luann says, “The things that just fall out of her mouth….no amends…no apologies.”

Jill proclaims, “I am never going to cry over Ramona Singer again.” Kelly and Cindy have arrived and they are concerned for their friend, Jill. Jill shares the details of the planned confrontation with Ramona while the three companions sympathize and stir the pot.

Kelly says in an interview that Jill is never going to have satisfaction from Ramona.

Cindy says this is “not working for you.”

Jill says, “I will never take that again.  Nobody will ever treat me that way. Ramona’s crime was that she refused to say she was sorry that she sent Jill Zarin away from the mansion in St. John’s and ruined the possibility of Jill Zarin having a friendship with Bethenny Frankel forever.

Luann says, “I will not allow it. I won’t!”  Luann leaves to find Ramona. The women knew what Jill demanded from Ramona before the confrontation.   Jill Zarin does not go to war without a battle plan.  The plan was to confront Ramona Singer and make her apologize for making Jill Zarin walk the plank in St. Johns a year ago.  The plan was for Ramona Singer to take responsibility for the failed relationship of Jill and Bethenny. 


Earlier this season, Luann had met with Ramona twice to attempt to intervene on the behalf of Jill Zarin.  She admonished Ramona at a luncheon that the two shared in Manhattan and she admonished Ramona at a Jill’s bullying fundraiser.  Luann was going to make sure that Ramona Singer knew her place this time when she left Jill in the care of Cindy and Kelly. Marrakesh was Luann’s trip and Ramona was going to walk the plank.

Ramona found Alex and Sonja in the salon and sat next to Alex on the settee.  Quietly, Ramona asked Alex for her help.  Alex said, “Honey, what happened?  Alex put her arms around Ramona as Ramona was visibly shaken from the encounter with the angry Jill Zarin.  They heard Luann coming and Ramona knew she was coming with a message from Jill Zarin. Ramona was shaking like a palm leaf.

The first words out of Luann’s mouth were, “Why are you causing problems?”

Ramona told Alex, “She’s attacking me again.” Alex stayed close to Ramona and Sonja was close by to help if it was needed.  Ramona asked for pinot grigio to calm her nerves.  Everyone wanted to comply with that meek request.

 Luann went to the bar to open a bottle and Sonja asked Luann if they could do it in the kitchen because she wanted to protect the distraught Ramona from the Luann’s wrath.

In an interview, Alex suggested that Luann might be there to throw the Christians to the Lions. Alex had dressed as a lion tamer on the camel rider earlier according to Luann.  Alex had good reasons to dress like that. Alex has been with Luann and Jill for four years now.

Ramona told Alex, “I was coming from a good place, but she did not listen. I felt she was aggressive. I wish I never did it.”

Luann shared that Jill had downloaded on her and went away.  Jill releases her emotions on those who will listen.  Some have empathy like Luann so Jill’s feelings become Luann’s marching orders.


Kelly arrived and amazingly comforts Ramona.  She tells Ramona that she refuses to take sides. Kelly states that Ramona and Jill have to agree to disagree.  Ramona is relieved that the group isn’t going to come down on her head with the force of the Berbers.  Ramona and Kelly hug.  There will be no sides in this Riad. They can go out and have Turtle Time. Ramona knows how to vacation in the Desert and on the Sea.

(Does anyone remember that they are being filmed by cameramen for a reality show?  When they watch the show with us, do they question the validity of their statements to each other and in the interviews? Is it possible that Kelly believes that she did not take Jill’s side when she was in the room with Jill and in the interviews that we watched on our television screen? )

Ramona, Alex, and Sonja actually think that it is safe to go with Kelly. (How much pinot grigio did they sip?)

Clubbing in Marrakesh

Sonja was able to get reservations at an exclusive Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner and Turtle Time.  A group of men make eye contact with Sonja. She is the straw that stirs the Moroccan drink. Ramona sees the tables of men putting money in the waist band of the dancer’s costume like the men in the room have done. Ramona tries to fake happiness by dancing with Alex and smiling a lot.  Jill sits so far away from Ramona at their table that she is in another room.


The next day, Luann and Ramona remained at the riad to rest while Jill Zarin and the others go with Mustapha, their tour guide to a palace.  Jill Zarin played 100 questions with Mustapha  and Sonja thought Mustapha is jamil (handsome.)  The palace is magnificent but the stories that Mustapha shares with his five NYC wives about four wives and twenty-six  concubines leads Jill to say that one day a month is not bad.  Mustapha offered his thought that it’s not easy to be a man.  The levity is a brief moment of relief for the followers of this band.

Return to the Reality of the Riad and Ramona

Alex finds Ramona in the terrace. Alex listens to Ramona who felt she should have gone with the ladies because she was drained from thinking about the conflict with Jill. Ramona felt that she has lost a 15 to 20 year relationship with Jill Zarin and that relationship was a sham.

Alex tells Ramona that she knows that she made herself vulnerable so that she could resolve the issue with Jill as Alex had made her own self vulnerable and resolved her issues with the burning of the lists in her Brooklyn back yard fire pit. Alex is going to be Ramona’s wing man and unlike Simon van Kempen, Alex’s version of a wing man actually defends and protects.

Alex goes to find Luann who has invited Kelly and Cindy for a henna tattoo session.  They are staining their skin when they hear, “Clump, clump, clump.”  Alex appears in the doorway in Middle Eastern garb.

Alex is visibly upset and she asks to speak to Luann who invites her to sit down and have a henna tattoo because the cameras are rolling and this is a Luann event.  Alex requests a word with Luann who says it is not OK and tells Alex she is interrupting her henna tattoo session.  Alex attempts to leave respecting the words of Luann, but she is called back by Cindy to share her thoughts. Alex is shaken, tongue tied, and there are hives creeping up her neck. Luann is forceful and commanding.  Alex attempts to present Ramona’s case and is faltering.

There were shades of Scary Island in the Moroccan Desert surface when Kelly says to Alex, “looks weird.”  Cindy agrees.  Cindy is an expert in knowing what is weird and what is not weird. Kelly says, “Inauthentic.”

Kelly tells us in an interview that Alex acts and imitates Alex on a stage.  Alex tries to control Kelly’s barrage while trying to engage Luann but she is wounded by the incoming fire of an angry Luann and controlling Kelly.   In an attempt to wage two fronts, Alex tells Kelly that she’s not acting with one breath and shares that she thinks Luann should not engage Ramona for Jill with the next breath.  Kelly tells Alex, “Be normal. Go out and come back in! You are acting.”  Alex is flummoxed.

Alex asks Kelly for a minute and Kelly says, “You are having an inauthentic moment.”

Alex says to Kelly, “Can you stop for a minute?”

Kelly tells Alex that she is acting “crazy weird.”

Finally, Alex loads her thoughts and fires at Luann with her belief that Ramona was so vulnerable after the conversation with Jill that she was hit by a ton of bricks implying that Luann was wrong to confront Ramona last night after the engagement of Jill Zarin in the red room.  Alex says to Luann, “You told me that you weren’t taking sides between them.”  Luann quickly answers, “I am not!” Alex counters, “You are taking sides! Every moment of the trip you have been reprimanding Ramona.”  Luann asked, “When?”   Alex starts to say, “Last night when Ramona was beaten down…..”  Luann and Kelly start to laugh.  Alex is shocked.

(We are not shocked.  We saw the reaction and support that Kelly, Luann and Cindy gave to Jill Zarin concerning what was said in the red room. We have watched the interviews from the past four years. We know what Luann and Kelly think of Ramona.  I believe that Jill had discussed her plan before she went to that room. We saw Jill in a discussion with Alex prior to the confrontation.  The brunettes had decided that Ramona was at fault before Jill confronted Ramona.  The thought that Ramona had feelings and perhaps reasons for her feelings never entered their minds and that is why they laughed.)

Alex said to Luann, “You are a snake to her.”  Luann got up and announced, “This conversation is over.” Luann countered, “Go back to the cabinet you crawled out of.” Luann departs.

Scary Tatoo Event in the Desert

Kelly is unable to control her words now.  Kelly wants Alex to stop being emotional, odd, weird, and inauthentic. She begins to move back and forth as she tries to remove herself and then comes back again.  She moves up and down the hallway with Alex. 

Alex tries to explain Ramona’s side. Then, Kelly states in an interview, “Ramona can fight her own battles.” Kelly goes on to say that Alex first tried to fight the battle for Bethenny and now for Ramona. Kelly says, “Alex, give it up. It’s not working.”

Kelly is loud and seems to have lost control of her words and behavior.  Alex says, “Can I speak?” Kelly states, “You can’t speak. Trip of a lifetime.  People don’t take trips like this.” 

Kelly is moving around and she looks at her tattoo and asks, “Who is going to fix this, Santa? For not f****** my tattoo is ruined.  I think this is insanity. Stupid.” Alex apologized for the tattoo.  Alex says, “I felt….”  Kelly answers, “Shhhhh, shhhh. Shhhh.” Alex is silenced.

Cindy sat in silence and watched the conflict. In an interview, Cindy felt sorry for Alex and said, “It’s a disaster.”

Behind Enemy Lines

Jill Zarin was unhappy with her hairdresser so she sought assistance from Alex who does her own hair. Jill’s hairdresser curled her hair into Shirley Temple ringlets.  They speak briefly then Kelly leaves and Alex helps Jill with her hair.

Spies and Gathering Information

Sonja tries to lighten the mood so she sneaks downs stairs with Ramona to try on caftans designed by Albert.  Ramona gets into the swing and tries on several of the gowns.  She actually seems happy on this adventure.  Sonja is fun. They avoid the other combatants and giggle as they return to their quarters.

Cutting Supply Lines

Jill, Luann, Kelly and Cindy are upset that the other did not come to dinner in the dining room of the riad at 8 PM.  They are gossiping about Alex attempting to be Ramona’s advocate when Alex shows up at the dining room door fifteen minutes late for dinner. She is told she is late, but Alex was never told the time dinner was to be served.  She offers to eat a little green something on a cold plate and drink a glass of white wine, when Luann attacks her. Kelly ushers Alex out of the room.  Alex tells us in an interview that Kelly has to end any conflicts.

Sonja and Ramona show up for dinner one and one half hours late.  Luann,” the RA of the riad,” throws a hissy fit claiming that the riad is not the Plaza and the kitchen was closed. Ramona tries to explain that they had a snack sent to the rooms earlier, but that is not enough for Luann.  Sonja, in an interview says that all of her guests would be told the correct time for dinner.

Attempts at Truce

Luann said that she felt bad for Ramona and started to talk about the card reader. Luann acted concerned for Ramona as if she believed that something was wrong in Ramona’s marriage.  Ramona attempted to contradict Luann, but Luann has decided that Ramona’s marriage has failed.

Ramona says that she does not believe for one minute that Luann cares about her in an interview.

Behind the Lines and Lies

The next morning, a playful Ramona and Alex wake up a sleeping Sonja and they all smile and laugh.

Cindy thanks Luann for the trip which she really needed. Luann says that she feels like she was hit by a donkey cart carrying two sheep.

Kelly strips down into an exercise bra and shorts to sprint down a path alone.

Jill returns a bathing suit to Ramona and they talk. Jill tells Ramona that she is listening to Bobby’s words of wisdom. They agree to clear the air and start fresh. Jill says that it is a marathon, not a sprint.

The Homefront

Back in NYC, Mario and Simon are playing pool with a friend, Adam.  There is a girl leaning over the table and all of the men are paying attention.  Simon takes a photo of Mario with the attractive young woman to send to Ramona who Mario thinks is in Dubai.  Simon tells Mario his wife is in Morocco.  Simon sends the photo to Marakesh.

Cold War

“The Real Housewives of New York” have a Moroccan cooking lesson in clay pots and share a meal.  Cindy doesn’t cook and doesn’t like to cook. Cindy doesn’t care about eating food either. She says, “All of that work for five minute of eating.” The others say Cindy’s staff works, not Cindy.

Everyone gets their makeup done and their eyes are made to look like Nefertiti of Egypt. They dress in their caftans.  Then the women share a meal at an exclusive restaurant arranged by Sonja that only the in crowd can get reservations. The women make a toast.  Jill Zarin takes a sip of wine. After Jill compliments Kelly’s breasts, they each share what they liked about the trip most:

Jill… the house

Alex started to give a soliloquy and is cut off by the others…

Sonja said Mustapha the “jamil” tourist guide…

Kelly loved her run half naked (black exercise bra and exercise shorts that were slightly larger than a bikini )through a rural village where a woman called out to her in French with the word for” healthy.”  We don’t know what the men called out in Arabic.

Cindy loved the camels.

They laughed.  They spoke of harmony.  Jill Zarin drinks diet soda while the others drink wine.

Then End.

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471 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

  1. I think the show has jumped the shark
    the sharks name being LuMann

    • Mary Jane says:

      She was so ridiculous. “This is not the Plaza! This is Morocco! Crawl back into the cabinet you came from” Bitch

      • yayamagic says:

        I’ve never felt bad for a philanderer before but watching LuAnne trying to open that pinot after Ramona’s Round 111 with Jill, it became obvious to me that she was just there for an opening to chastise Ramona. Again. And it made me feel bad for the 16 years the Count spent with her.

        • nathania says:

          I am starting to wonder if the Count and Gilles both got tired of being burned from being married to beautiful women and both set out to find the homeliest, most ill-mannered women they could find to reproduce with. They perhaps thought that if they could find a woman whom no one else could possibly desire, then they could set up a measureable amount of stability for their future spawn.

          • I Hate Countless LuMan but she really isnt an unattractive woman on the outside its just the inside that is hideous

            • nathania says:

              I find her very plain, at best, and her style is atrocious. I imagine the competition for noblity, even faux nobility, would have been pretty stiff, and some men are known to do this when they are looking for maternal types…thinking of Jerry Seinfeld who dated Shoshanna but went for Jessica (i think that is her name) when he was ready to find a mother for his kids. (Unfortunately for both the count and gilles, ugly does not a good mother make.)

    • Katiecoo says:

      hahaha that’s awesome!

    • Kathy says:

      I think Lynn should start a second blog. “I hate Luann De lesseps”
      What a pompous ass she is.

  2. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Maybe they will get new Ho wives in NYC or cancel them. I cannot believe that people want to watch a show that has really made some women look like such shallow & uncaring fools.

    • but i would hate for them to get rid of Team Blondes Really do have more fun
      I love Alex,Ramona,& Sonja

      • nathania says:

        me too. they really had a lot of fun this time, sonja and ramona did.

        I honestly have to feel bad for sonja…she did not realize at the beginning that this whole season had been hijacked by the revenge plot. you can tell at the first episode that she thought it was going to be like the old days, and she was going to be the belle of the ball, even if she had to be the belle of the queer ball on the poor side of town. and you can watch it slowly dawn on here that these girls, unlike the song, do NOT want to have fun, they want to make everyone as miserable as themselves, and only used her in the beginning to the extent that she was willing to backstab alex and ramona. I think she was also drinking pretty heavily in the first couple episodes. Now reality has hit her hard and she’s given up on the turdblossom countess and shrill for good. I think she just wants to flirt and dance and drink and have a good time, and ramona is the perfect match for her as Alex is a bit serious and the others are so nasty.

  3. FLG says:

    If I were Alex, I would have said “after you, daahling”. Alex certainly couldn’t say “Ladies, first…..” hmmmmm How about “age before beauty?”

  4. quincyil says:

    They are consistent in their inconsistencies.

    I would love to be in the room with these women when they watch the show. I’m sure the editing changes some of the direction intended by the women, but the words come from their mouths.

    The concept of two faces is certainly owned by the brunettes.

    • quincyil says:

      If you notice, there is a touch of the “Art of War” in the blog. The New York City women, especially Jill Zarin, seem to be worried about competition from BH. The blog also has a touch of Scary Island since the war to end all wars in RHNYC took place on Scary Island.

      I sensed Kelly going into a break through on this second trip. She was incohenernt, running up and down the hallway and was trying to control Alex, Ramona, and Sonja. This is what happened in St. John’s.

      Kelly was angry about the tatoo and she was in a real battle with Alex. Luann really had Kelly’s back when she walked away from Alex and the confrontation leaving Kelly to freak out alone.

      Cindy had control and knew what was going down. I loved her use of the word “disaster” here. “Aster” is the word for star in Arabic. The Arabs were great astronomers during their high period while Europe was experiencing the Dark Ages. The Obsolete meaning is an unfavorable aspect of a star or planet. So “disaster” we so perfect, but I doubt Cindy knows this.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Great Blog Quincy, Thanks! I would like to watch the show with everyone of the HW’s but I am afraid that with Jill and LuAnn ( aalong with Bawbby and Jacques) my blood presure would be in an unhealthy high level… shame on these two two-faced liars! Can you imagine the comments of these two snakes? When I think that Lulu can’t go lower, she can!

      • yayamagic says:

        Quincy! What a fabulous scrap of insight on the scene. Moor! Moor!

        • MAMAZ says:

          Cusi- I felt the same way. I wanted to wait and read the recap before I watched. Now I don’t thin I’ll watch. I wouldn’t be able to handle Luann and Kelly attacking Alex.

      • Mum says:

        Quincy “Scary Island” is still running, they just keep moving to new time zones. Jill may not have been physically present but her disgusting hand sure was blowing up Kelly’s telephone. Now I can read the rest of your comment.

        • quincyil says:

          Both Luann and Jil had conversations about Kelly going to St. John’s. They talked about it on tv.

          I think Kelly is impressionable. Kelly had a vendetta against Ramona and Alex since the Island and she used her time in interviews to punish them all 4th Season.

          I told you all in our fantasy 4th season that she would make peace with Jill Zarin. They were in Marrakesh the week of Nov. 16th. So in the next month, Jill and Alex become so close that Jill Zarin thinks Simon and she are going to become friends and she makes the Katrina comment to Lynn on the IHJZ board on Dec. 31.

          In Dec. 2010, Luann and Ramona’s daughters both have fabulous 16th brithday events and Simon, Alex, Jill and Bobby sit at the same tables.

          I see Jill Zarin and how she treated Alex and Ramona, but I can’t like Jill. I don’t know how Alex and Ramona do it. How could you trust Jill Zarin knowing what we know from the television show? How could you hug Jill Zarin? I could not hug someone who calls me names. I would not consider them a friend.

          I can ignore people who are mean to me and not go out of my way to avoid them. I guess this is what Alex and Ramona have to do every day when it comes to Jill Zarin.

          Another confusting thing for me is Simon van Kempen’s twitter. He seems not to appreciate Jill and to respond to her digs on twitter, but he can giver her those air kisses when they meet for the show.

          Simon, please trust us when we say that Jill Zarin is not a good person. We are not two faced. We are honest people here.

    • Q they showed LuMan watch scenes on wwhl and she was just sitting there laughing as if she was the wittiest creature alive since noel coward

  5. FLG says:

    I can see Jill arriving at a restaurant, alone, without Bawby and the Maitre’De asking Jill……”Dinner for two”?

  6. BEA says:

    Am I really wasting my time watching this load of crap! LuAnn is nothing but a crap stirrer and BULLY! I guess it is what she needs to do to make herself relevant to the show. What “good” host doesn’t tell EVERYONE what time dinner will be served. On the flip side didn’t the other three think to ask AND if as LuAnn said on WWHL last night that she was hosting WITH Sonja why didn’t she know what time the dinner wasbeing served. Wouldn’t you at the very least tell your co-host. Kelly in trying to be the “normal” one came across as b** s*** crazy AGAIN. Viewer WWHL polls don’t lie!

    I think that Jill and Ramona have a history/friendship that the others including LuAnn don’t understand and that’s why Jill keeps coming back to Ramona even though she swears they are over. I do think Alex should have just stayed out of it but then maybe not getting involved would have made her irrelevant to the story line last night. I agree with Kelly she was over dramatic but only because Alex does not like confrontation and gets flustered. It would have been better if Alex just blogged her feelings. Alex is no match for LuMANN the BULLY.

    Does anyone else catch the little digs that Jill throws at LuAnn or should I say the calling out. I wish I could remember what LuAnn said at the dinner at 8 but Jill said “oh really that’s news to me.” Jill also called her out last season when LuAnn said she was not going to St. John’s because it was Victoria’s birthday. Jill told LuAnn “that’s not true but if it weren’t that you would have found another reason not to go.” WOW! That and what LuAnn told Cindy about traveling and leaving her kids behind said a lot. I think Ramona was right LuAnn is a weekend mom – well I think she is less than a weekend mom.

    I have to give Jill some credit for wanting to talk less about Ramona at the dinner and more about her day. That was also telling to me. I think deep down Ramona ranks higher on Jill’s list than LuAnn. OR maybe she figured it would make her look good knowing that LuAnn is like a dog with a bone and would not let it go especially for the cameras.

    Of course, LuMANN had to bring up the fake tarot card reader and her predictions regarding Mario to Ramona again just to push the knife in deeper. Ramona was trying to be the bigger person but LuAnn was not having any of it. Um……..maybe the lady was seeing Mario and Simon’s night out. Bravo Andy stirs the pot a lot and editing is everything.

    I would love to see shows with nothing but the unedited versions.

    • nathania says:

      I am really getting creeped out by Jill the Closet Case.

      I mean she has her Kate Jackson (Luann), she has her Jaclyn Smith (Bethenny), and she has her Farrah Fawcett/Cheryl Tiegs (Ramona), so I guess we should just start calling her Charlie, because she won’t give up on any of them, the greedy lesbionic beyotch.

      I have a mental picture of her now dressed as Puff Daddy, puffing on a cigar, in a rap video surrounded by her ho’s while something like Big Pimpin, or Pimpin Ain’t Easy plays in the background.

    • I dont believe LuMann told any of the blondes and Sonja and she may have divided thier plans ahead of time
      also they may have been told dinner would be a little late and that would explain why Ramonna arranged for a 4 pm snack for all of them which no one else seemed to be aware of

  7. PJ says:

    If this episode proved anything it was that Kelly is authentically crazy and Loo is just a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible person. I honestly didn’t think it possible but Kelly and Loo are even worse that Jill.

    • Caitlin says:

      I second all of that!

      • plainviewsue says:

        This was the first episode in a very long time that I didn’t finish watching with pent up frustation and anger towards Jill. I know that will change next week, but for once, Jill was not the target of hatred. I enjoyed the scene with her and Ramona, and even though I know it won’t last cos of what we read via tweets, I was genuinely touched for the moment.

        As for Louann, she is now up there with full guns blazing. Even on WWHL, she truly doesn’t think she takes sides. All the blondes said they were never told the time of dinner. Even if they were, who cares?? This is vacation. Loosen up countess.

        As for Kelly, up until this episode, I really thought her meds were working! But she was back to her crazy stuff last night, and it was not enjoyable to watch.

        Luv Alex, but she has to learn how not to be rattled by the others. I think Cyndi realized she picked the worng side!

  8. NYCer says:

    Cindy and Ramona both made the NYPost this morning in separate stories:

    Ex-employee filed racial discrimination suit against ‘Real Housewives’ spa owner Cindy Barshop

    Ramona Singer managed to “offend an entire country in five seconds,” fellow housewife Cindy Barshop told Page Six. While filming “The Real Housewives of New York City” in Morocco late last year, a jolly Singer stepped out in a full burqa, then danced while necking glasses of Pinot Grigio. In a display of sensitivity rarely seen on the series, the other housewives barked at Singer for offending the Muslim staff. Stunned by their response, Singer later successfully begged Bravo execs to cut the scene in the episode that aired last night.

    • quincyil says:

      I guessed on the board that the promo of a women in a black chadori was Ramona. I noticed it was not in the show. Good catch on the articles.


      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        I have this full episode waiting to be seen on bravo’s site & I cannot bring myself to watch it yet. I think it actually does lower my intelligence to watch these idiots for too long. Someone posted that they feel themselves getting annoyed after watching & so do I. 😛
        Going to watch Jon Stewart on comedy central first. LOL
        Thanks again Q & Lynn & boston for the blog.

    • I wonder who leaked a story of Ramona in a burka drinking wine? Hmmmm.
      I guess that would be the same think as someone dressing up as a pregnant nun.for costume party.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      ITA with earlier post this am

    • Sunny says:

      I knew it was Ramona and was wondering when they would air that scene in the burqa. Guess I know what happened to it now!

      • quincyil says:

        I can see why the staff would be embarassed by Ramona doing that. I think Kelly running half naked through a village is bad too.

  9. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Forget the shark, it’s jumped the ocean, moon, stars , hearts and clovers! Stick a fork in it, these witches are done. The ones we like can’t defend themselves against the ones we hate because of fear of confrontation, lack of practice or exhaustion. It’s annoying and frustrating that these grown ass women don’t have enough words in their vocabulary to respond to vicious attacks by the idiot Brunettes.

    Luman must believe she actually PAID for this vacation when she had the nerve to try to deny food to her fellow travelers, castmates … friends? Sonja actually left the room, either embarassed or refusing to spar, but good ole Ramona was not going to be denied a meal. I loved that she didn’t turn tail and run, but stood up to the power tripping LunaticDasboot and got a meal. The “etiquette queen” behaved horribly, her actions were atrocious and her denying dinner in Marakesh was comparable to a schoolyard bully taking someone’s lunch money, leaving them to starve. Money can’t buy you class, but the lack of it makes the Countless crass!

    • Caitlin says:

      Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!! And did you notice on WWHL that Luann denied all those “digs”? And I LOVED the caller who asked Luann what made her the Queen of Marocco? This woman is so delusional about herself and her behavior that it’s a wonder she’s lived this long. Off with her head, I say!!!

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Maybe Sonja left the room to get some food from the kitchen rather than listen to LuMan’s BS.

  10. chris says:

    I really felt for Alex in all her scenes with LuAnn and Kelly. Kelly is again the bully just as she was on the trip to St. John’s. She not only tells Alex she is acting, inauthentic, weird, and stupid, she tells her she is not angry, she is sad. I’m sorry, people…at this point words with this moron would not cut it with me, if you get my drift. I’m not a tall amazon, but I would have figured out a way to even the odds. LuAnn has never liked Alex because she thinks she is socially beneath her, but more than that, Alex doesn’t kowtow to her the way Jill, Kelly and now, Cindy do. I would dearly love to see LuAnn and Kelly get taste of their own medicine, but now that Bethenny’s gone, there is no one with the cojones to do it. In Kelly’s Bravo blog, she again disses Alex by saying “who wears boots in Morocco?” Check the photos, you dumb b*#+ch…LuAnn and Cindy both have on boots on the camel ride! But, I doubt that even photos would convince Kelly she is wrong about something…

    • nathania says:

      I was at the same point with her, it WOULD NOT DO for me to have been in that room, i would have yelled stfu and karate chopped her in the neck, at the very least.

    • PJ says:

      We should ask Kelly who goes running half naked in Morocco? Especially after she said Ramona was dressing too sexy, this while Kelly showed as much boob as possible. Kelly is an idiot.

    • Maryla says:

      I wish alex wouldve just said to Kelly. Stop bullying me. I am not inauthentic or whatever mean words you are using. You are insulting me and I won’t stand for it.

  11. maryla says:

    I certainly hope that Luann and Jill are shunned from all of their tony Hampton parties this summer after their awful behavior on this show. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen since people will overlook a lot to get a Bravo celeb to grace their soirees.

    On WWHL, it just seemed like Luann had no clue whatsoever that she is viewed as a shrew. It is like the Vicki G “head in the sand” syndrome. They don’t read the negative press, which Andy reinforces so that they’ll stay on the show. He just loves people making complete fools of themselves. I guess I must love it too because I keep watching these horrible people who have no idea how to behave in polite society, let alone high society.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      Yes, I was disappointed that Andy pointed out LuMann was trending on Twitter, but didn’t mention it was almost all negative. Just like when Jill was on in that ridiculously cheap-looking 1980’s Madonna outfit with her hair in the awful pony tail and he only mentioned the positive comments from her three fans, when for every one positive comment there were thousands of negative comments. There has to be a written contract saying he can’t bring up the negativity. It’s the pink elephant in the room during every WWHL when JZ and LuMann make an appearance.

  12. NYCer says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Repeating this from the last blog: I wish you would write an open letter to Harpo’s Sherri Salata in your next post. Can anyone believe that there were Oprah producers watching with Jill last night and tweeting message if support like “Harpo girls love Jill Zarin.” ??? How is this happening?
    Why would the Harpo brand associate itself with Jill– are they so uninformed that they don’t know Susan Saunders is a proven liar? Have they missed the episodes where JZ calls other women “f/ing bitches?” Maybe they just wanted a free trip to the Hamptons? (I pray that people don’t associate my beloved NYC and my beloved Hamptons with JZ.)
    What kind of crazy payoff is happening here? First JZ and her sister Lisa Wexler end up in a front row for a (mini)-favorite things episode of Oprah and then a month later JZ is hosting 4 producers for a free Hamptons weekend? I swear if JZ ends up on OWN doing some jewish-mother/friendship/bullying show I will lead the boycott. And I am a huge Oprah fan. It saddens me that they would choose to affiliate themselves with a woman like Jill. I’m so confused by it, and of course true to form Jill is milking it for all it is worth. Yuck.

    • Noreen says:

      I would join the boycott. Who on the O staff likes JZ. This is crazy talk!

      • NYCer says:

        This is from co-producer Lindsay Feitinger’s twitter account:
        @Jillzarin , @jvanlokeren @brittanygoudie @lindsayfern @cluxem tweeting during rhony in hamptons http://t.co/I7eoycj

        In the hampton’s w the fabulous @Jillzarin watching rhony = so happy
        So sad. I really like watching these girls on Oprah Behind the Scenes, and now they are cuddling up to one of the meanest women on tv!

        • FlowerPower says:

          I felt the same way! I loved them on Behind the Scenes and was shocked that they’re fans of Shrill. Oh well. To me, Jill Zarin is the antithesis of everything Oprah talked about standing for in Behind the Scenes. Obviously, others disagree.

        • ihearttalavera says:

          Didn’t Oprah say they all worked 16 hour days on her show? That doesn’t leave time to watch RHW or WWHL. They have no idea who they are dealing with. Sigh.

    • quincyil says:

      Oprah’s friend,Gayle King was on WWHL and she knew the housewives. I am sure Oprah know who Jill Zarin is.

      Lots of celebrities know Jill Zarin. You see her in photos with stars. Bravo made Jill famous/infamous.
      People like the Osbournes and Paris Hilton. I know it’s strange, but some people actually like them.

      • Mel says:

        Except that Gayle said that Oprah wouldn’t watch these shows 🙂 I would think Oprah would put a cap on this…anyone remember when she had an author and then had to bust him for not being athentic? She would not likely be impressed with Susan, I mean, Jill.

        • quincyil says:

          Gayle knew what was happening with the show, but she said Oprah did not.

          • nathania says:

            she also politely denied being ‘friends’ with Kelly and said, albeit obscurely, that she had told kelly she ‘didn’t like what she was seeing’, i.e. “girl you are looking bsc on national television, tone it down’.

            from that, KKK tweeted that they were friends, which Gayle never confirmed. it was really a kind of ‘Adrienne Maloof busts Taylor Armstrong’ moment.

      • FLG says:

        I can see this as being a BIG push to get Lisa Wexler on TV (w/Jillzy as a regular guest or co-host) and out of a local radio market. What do you all think?

        • quincyil says:

          NY will like them. I don’t think either would be a hit on the prairie.

          • NYCer says:

            Noooooo! NY does not like people like this. I don’t even know people like this.

            • quincyil says:

              Jill does her book signings in your neck of the woods.

              I am taking my car to CT in July for one month. We have a new baby on the way. If there is an interesting reality star event around Hartford, I might go.

              No one ever visits the pairie on these tours.

    • When was this?
      I don’t see that comment on her twitter account.

      • NYCer says:

        Sherri is their boss. She wasn’t there and wasn’t tweeting. It was:
        @Jillzarin @jvanlokeren @brittanygoudie @lindsayfern @cluxem

        I’m just surprised that they wouldn’t be more careful of the Oprah brand. NY Magazine spent all of last year reviewing the show with “Why Jill Zarin is a bad person.” It’s not a minority of people that think she is a poor representative of humanity.

        • Those women worked for Harpo, isn’t the new brand OWN? Are they still employed by O?
          But I do agree that if they crawl in bed with her it will be very unappealing.

          • NYCer says:

            Yes, they are still employed by Harpo (that’s the production company–OWN is the network), and most likely they will be working on the new Rosie show, because she is taking over the Chicago studios.

            Jill called in to the aftershow last night and said she had all the Oprah girls staying with her–and wrote something similar in her blog. That’s depressing to me that they wouldn’t be more discerning.

            • ihearttalavera says:

              That is totally depressing. Is it possible they just met Jill when she attended the taping of one of the final episodes and they have only watched the last two episodes of RHWNY? That is the only way I can make sense of this.

              • nathania says:

                this is the problem I have with it. there are people out there who have heard of the show and know nothing about it. jill busts her behind to be ‘out there’ and catch those people up, the ones who know it’s trendy and might use it or mention it for ratings. they have no idea she is almost universally despised. She is like the Osama bin laden of the FBI’s most wanted, prior to the capture/kill. I mean, can anyone else name another guy on that list? I can’t, most people can’t. But this one, we know. Jill is notorious, and not in a good way, but unless you are paying attention, you wouldn’t know it.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      this is the posting I was talking about, so glad you brought it up here, where do I sign uo for this undertaking? ………… 🙂

  13. AZ Girl says:

    Where was Jill during the dinner scene with Luann and Alex? She was at the table and then gone with only Cindy sitting there with her mouth open as usual.

    • quincyil says:

      She probably left after a while. I am sure the conflict went on for a long time.

      • Mel says:

        Jill stirs it up and then sits back to watch her dogs fight. She then can say she had nothing to do with it.

        • nathania says:

          yeah, she set this all up, her and Luann are probably trysting in the bathtub in the middle of the night. every time I think of them I think of the two leads in Dangerous Liasions

          it’s the photo at this link that comes into my mind every time I think of these two, and there is a plot summary which is perfect, shows how depraved people can get, conspiring against other people just for sport, Luann is the John Malkovich character to Jill’s Glenn Close, it’s so skeevy and nauseating to think about the conversations these two must have.


      • housewifeaddict says:

        None of it made sense. Where was Jill? How late was Alex? How late were the other two? Where did Alex go – and did she talk to Ramona and Sonja? Who enters a room where people are eating and asks “When’s dinner?”

        I think LuLu and Ramona were playing a game – and Alex, Cindy, and Kelly, got caught in the middle. Everyone was tip toeing around LuLu – Why?? Why not just say – c’mon LuLu Alex was late for the first course, but let her eat. Jeeesh. And yes I know LuLu was still seething – but have some manners Countess. I’m sure many of the Count’s friends could hardly bare to sit down at a table with you.

  14. FLG says:

    OT: Does anyone know if Jacques Azoulay is the son or close relative of Andre Azoulay? That may explain why a trip to Morocco was arranged. Andre Azoulay is/was a Jewish Senior Advisor to King Hassan II and King Mohammed VI of Morocco before moving to Paris. Andre was also Executive Vice President of Banque Nationale de Paris Paribas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andr%C3%A9_Azoulay
    Could Countess Squash Blossom High Horse have latched herself onto someone rich enough to give up her courtesy title for?

    • FLG says:

      Although I still think it is just a showmance. I cannot imagine Jacques ever marrying the Hamptons Hubcap Heffa.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        If he’s a smart man he’ll run far far away after viewing last night’s episode.

      • quincyil says:

        You should ask some of your contacts. Someone told me last fatll that they were engaged.

        Women and people in general don’t proclaim their love publically unless there is an engagement and committment. It’s too easy to look like a fool when the leave you if you declared your love.

        Luann has a huge “class” ring on her hand in some shows and she did not have it before. It’s a university ring and it’s a man’s ring. Luann’s dad was a cement company owner and I doubt the ring is his.
        Do Eurpean men have class rings… or do families pass down rings with family crests of something lke that?

        Anyway… I think she’s engage to that much young man who must not want children because Luann is too old to have a baby.

        • FLG says:

          I’ve seen her wear a large round cabochon star sapphire ring, but not a man’s ring. I’ll have to look more closely. I’ve been watching her necklaces too closely, although one would have to be Helen Keller to miss those.

        • FLG says:

          There is always in-vitro & surrogacy. Look at Clarabelle. Twins no less!

        • FLG says:

          There are family rings that are passed on in European families. It is not uncommon for the European mother-in-law to supply the new daughter-in-law’s engagement ring. At least that is how it was done on the European side of my family. My paternal grandmother supplied my mother’s engagement ring on behalf of my father. She was actually allowed to choose one from a number family rings. It was meant to demonstrate acceptance into the family,

          • FLG says:

            If the marriage ends in divorce, the family heirloom is expected to be returned to the original family, btw, especially if the marriage produced no female children.

            • Are you and Jimmy married? If not but are planning to, I wonder if there is a family ring that you might get with two matching stones that can be taken apart -or the gold can be melted- so two new matching bands can be made from it.

  15. HD says:

    OMG!!! I can post!! Thank you Lord!!!

    I have not been able to post all night and day!!!

    WTF is wrong with Luann? I thought I couldn’t stand Jill but Luann has taken the cake!!! A dinner time?! Really! Heffa we are on vacation!!! You are not the monitor! People can eat when they damn well please! IT IS A VACATION! She is the last person I would EVER want to vacation with! Don’t manage my time! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Now I may get blasted for this but Kelly had me rolling with her imitation of Alex. WTF is wrong with Alex?! Pick your battles honey! You do not have to intercede for everyone! Some things just are not your business! Alex was OVERLY dramatic when it was not called for. Alex needs to stay on the porch because she clearly does not have the chops to stomp with the big dogs. Alex is just a nice, normal person and this character it seems she has created does not suit her. Running after Kelly, clamoring down the stairs in her “Herman Munster shoes”. I thought something really happened the way she entered the room.

    • FLG says:

      Welcome back HD 🙂

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi Hannah~lol
      I was wondering where you were. I just started watching this episode on bravo & thank goodness there is fast forward & mute buttons.
      I wish Alex would just do her own thing too & leave these biotches alone.
      How are you doing & how come you couldn’t post?
      Went to swim at outdoor pool yesterday & got some sun finally.
      All is well here~lol 🙂

      • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

        I totally agree. Alex should have just minded her business, especially knowing that she cant handle confrontation like that and Lou is about nothing but confrontation. She waits for someone to come to her so she can start a fight with them. Ramona was upset for a while and eventually she calmed down. She even ended up being fun and silly with Sonya. Ill Pill and Ramona even made up toward the end of the show.

        My mom always says “If you like it, I love it.” The moral of the story is to mind your business. And, of course Zelly is confirmed crazy, but we all knew that.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          I would love to see Dr. Drew come after kelly with a nice straight jacket..

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I think Alex is smart enough to know that she needs to be part of the big fights each season, otherwise people begin to question why she’s even on the show. Jill took the Jill/Alex feud away from her with the fake makeup, but LuLu is a prime target. She knows viewers will love her for it – since LuLu is so pretentious, and completely deserves it. If this cemented her paycheck for next year – then good for her.

      • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

        I see that but she doesnt handle confrontation well at all. It was like watching a bull charge a kitten. Alex starts to shake, turn red and breakout. If Ramona had a problem, she could have addressed it. Ramona knows how to handle Lou.

        • PJ says:

          True Alex is not good at confrontation because she is a genuinely nice person. But I think having to be around the Loo Countless of nothing and her nastiness just pushed Alex over the edge, I don’t think Alex was acting I think she was really upset. Plus I was impressed by the way Alex kept restrained under attack. There were so many things Alex could have said and she didn’t say them. For instance when Kelly called Alex weird Alex could have brought up scary island but she didn’t. I mean who is weirder than Kelly after all? In spite of her difficulties with confrontation Alex kept it classy. I give Alex credit for that. The Loo certainly doesn’t know how to keep it classy.

      • nathania says:

        just for a moment I had a dream…

        wouldn’t it be wonderful to think of Alex as this prescient…

        To realize that she knew she would be getting steamrolled by lou ann. to continue to play along with krazy kelly and keep her talking, knowing that kelly would eventually spout out a gem like “cause a casino” and “santa?”…

        to confront lou ann because alex herself generally is supported as having ‘spoken truth to power’ whereas the other two are regarded with contempt?

        to charge into that room with the courage of her convictions, like a first line battilion knows it is facing almost certain death, but does so anyway in the name of truth and justice…

        sometimes if you want to discern a person’s intentions, you have to look at results. the results speak for themselves…

        Kelly is the weirdest housewife and Lou ann is a close 2nd. Lou ann is nothing but despised after last night, and the more she puts down and mocks Alex, the more despised she becomes. The more Kelly talks, the more she reveals her true insanity. Alex, on some level, must know she has NOTHING to lose by confronting these two. It only worked in her favor. Its really interesting to me to think about this in terms of how much of this Alex knew before she charged down the stairs, that if she offers herself up like a lamb to the slaughter, the wolves will drop their sheep costumes, and show their fangs. Which is what she wants after all. Like the saying ‘speak your truth even if your voice trembles’. Alex might believe at this point all that matters is that she speaks her mind (and gets lots of face time).

    • Sam says:

      In her blog, Alex says that she got upset because she’d just checked her e-mails and Simon had sent her an article in which LuAnne said bad things about Ramona. This suggests that Bravo might have cut out a scene with Alex getting all worked up, maybe even talking to another Housewife about it, perhaps because they wanted to make Alex look a bit ridiculous.

    • In my mind, if I were arguing with someone and they broke out in hives, I would feel victorious because they had such a strong physiological response to me.

      Kelly also tried to mind f*ck her and I think it threw her off.

      • klmh says:

        That’s nice of you to think that Kelly thought that far ahead, and it may be the case. She also may feel her presence is temporary unless she gets involved, but to me she just shoots from the mouth, on and on, and doesn’t have the presence of mind to stop.

        • I think all the roles were laid out before the dark hairs get on a plane.

          Jill was going to be the victim
          LuAnn the advocate
          Cindy the petty one who ruffled feathers
          Kelly could then swoop in and try to be the calming force by ‘not taking sides’ and “shoosh-ing’ people and pretending like she is talking them off a ledge when really she is just interrupting.

          • quincyil says:

            I agree. I think the season’s plot line has been discussed by the women also. I know that they plan events and try to get other to come because it is more likely that material will get into the show if 2 or more housewives are there.

            That is why Cindy was invited to high tea at Sonjas and told that she was blessed when Ramona came to her event. I gave a list for my pecking order posts and the women are running the show.

    • HWM says:

      Alex has lost her mind, that weird strange scene where she runs into the room with the crazy look in her eyes, what was that??

  16. Caitlin says:

    Q, I really needed a laugh this morning, and I thank you for the comic relief your hilarious captions provided. Thank you! I am feeling sickish about this show after last night. But I want to hang in there long enough to see the Blondes survive and thrive. If anyone has any suggestions of how we could be more supportive of them – I’d love to hear about it. Trying to post anything authentic on the Bravo blogs is obviously out of the question…………

    • La Dolce Vita says:


      • La Dolce Vita says:

        Something strange is going on with this site now. I can’t post. I did a few random tests on older chats that worked and one here. But, only one test posted here.

        • quincyil says:

          Some of the older chat boards are broken. That is why Lynn kept moving boards forward and sending email to wordpress who changed their format.

          The bottoms of the boards seem to be the places with the most issues.

          • La Dolce Vita says:

            Thanks for the info. The bottom of the board is where I am presently having posting issues. Glad to know it’s not only me…. misery does love company.

            • La Dolce Vita says:

              (Sorry, out of context, but this is the only place I seem to be able to post.)

              Let me tell you what I REALLY think of Luann:

              abject, appalling, bad, base, coarse, contemptible, corrupt, debased, degenerate, depraved, despicable, dirty, disgraceful, disgusting, evil, filthy, foul, horrid, humiliating, ignoble, immoral, impure, iniquitous, loathsome, low, mean, miserable, nasty, nauseating, nefarious, noxious, perverted, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, shocking, sickening, sinful, sleazy*, stinking, ugly, vicious, vulgar, wicked, worthless, wretched

  17. SeoulSista says:

    Holy Mother of Pearl! LuMann is like a bipolar Emily Post, manners maven in one turn and then Hannibal Lecter serving you your own kidneys for a snack at the next. Who died and made her empress of the sand dunes, queen of camel shit? Obviously the pharmacies of Morocco do not carry Kel-Kel’s medication and she began hitting the ice rather hard (and not in the Dorothy Hamill sense). Girlfriend just can’t stand for anyone to express any type of emotion that is not authorized, certified, and given the general once over by herself and her heavenly father, Jill Zarin. Doesn’t Kel-Kel know what happens to those who worship the golden calf? The blondes are going to need a vacation from their vacation…sheesh.

  18. housewifeaddict says:

    Alex is too thoughtful to fight well verbally. She takes time to form sentences, and explain how she feels, Her training has been in mediating, not fighting, and she needs to learn the skill of snarky combat. I think she will, as she is very bright, but being mean and snarky doesn’t come naturally to her.
    LuAnn came off the worst in this episode. Not because of what Alex said to her, but because of the way she treated the others. I’ll be 99% of us have people like her in our lives, that are just looking for opportunities to put others down. She may have gotten screen time, but she won’t ever be able to sell another book pretending she has class. That ship has sailed.
    Wow on Kelly – just wow. I think we just saw a year of therapy tools spewing from her mouth. Open your eyes, shut your eyes. It’s better to observe than participate. I think in her small brain she thought she was helping Alex, so I’ll move on.
    Jill – stirred up the fake fight, and then sat back and watched the entire group of ladies implode. Good job. They fell for it.

    • chris says:

      Alex was out of her element…you don’t take a knife to a gunfight…or in her case, you don’t take the time to think and form sentences. I wanted her to tell Kelly to stfu. That would have been worth watching!

      • SeoulSista says:

        OMG I would grab a lawn chair and a bag of popcorn wherever I was standing at any time of day or night to see/hear that one….

    • ihearttalavera says:

      ITA. Alex explained in her blog that she can handle attacks against her, but she gets very upset when people who she cares about are attacked. I don’t think she was trying to fight for air time. She knows she gets nervous and breaks out in hives and I’m sure she realizes confrontation is not her specialty. I think she was truly furious and was sticking up for her friend. She’s the most authentic of them all. She lets her feelings get in the way of her “performance” because she truly cares unlike these other poor excuses for human beings. Poor thing. I just wanted to hug her.

      • nathania says:

        yeah, I’m finding this more and more interesting.

        because sociopaths statistically are about 4 percent of the population.

        so Alex knows that far more people are going to relate to her than lou ann or jill.

        if we pan back and think about it, it is sort of a mary poppins-esque machiavellian mentality here that Alex might be employing, “i’m the underdog against a sociopath and so are most people so even though it will be painful and embarassing I wil stand up to her and make her come out as the contemptible human being she truly is, and then in the court of public opinion I will be the victor. and Viola, she triumphs. Yay, Alex. 🙂

  19. Eve says:

    Kelly is a buttinski.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Kelly was trying to control the situation.
      LuLu was trying to control the entire vacation. LuLu acted as if being the pretend host gave her special rights to tell people how to behave. Who cares how they behaved – especially in the villa. Were they even allowed to go out much – except for those few trips they seemed housebound. What a nightmare. She was like a bride run amok.

      • SeoulSista says:

        There are more control issues at work in this episode than any psychiatrist worth his/her salt would know what to do with. If Alex was a lion tamer, then these two were the rampaging angry elephants that threatened the entire sideshow. Too bad no one had a tranquilizer dart or five to put them down and save the innocent circus folk…

        • Katiecoo says:

          haha love your metaphors. At least reading your posts makes me smile about this trainwreck of a mental asylum show.

        • nathania says:

          in the end, though, she did tame the lion.
          LOL. it’s like Alex is doing to Lou Ann what Bethenny did to Kelly last year. Getting up in her face enough to show the works what a nutjob she is. And lou ann is too thick and out of touch with reality to stop giving Alex EXACTLY what Alex wants, for lou ann to be shown for the snake she is. Go Alex! and

          dear lou ann: In your face, sucka!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Forget Bridezillla, LuMan turned into Riadzilla the OBIC (ObnoxiousBitchInCharge) She was ColonelClink, BarneyFife and every butt-awful ,stupid, self-absorbed, tyrannical nuts ever created. She’s a menace to society and a stupid head!

  20. Error404 says:

    Stella, I’m curious if the pain subsided any. I saw an article this morning about how pfizer has admitted theyve been putting arsenic in chicken for years, and I thought of our vegan conversation from yesterday.

    • Stella says:

      Yes I feel better right now thank you for asking. Interesting about the chicken. I actually don’t like chicken but I eat it when my mom cooks it. She makes great fried chicken. It’s amazing to me what goes on with our food.

  21. pantryviewer says:

    Well, thank you, Bravo. You just freed up my Thursday nights. My husband and children thank you. They cringe when I USED to watch this show.

    I am done with this disgusting farce. Words cannot express my absolute disgust for Jill, LuMann and Kelly. No words. Cindy is a boring non-entity.

    I had dread even turning it on. Then turned it off part-way through. The whole thing is totally unbelieveable. This is the first time I’ve thought this, but Ramona, Alex and Sonja should have told them all to kiss their ass and just left. No one is going to watch “the brunettes”. But for the blondes to continue on with this character assassination of them is not worth it. This show is stupid and disgusting now. While I would love to support Ramona, Alex … and Sonja if she doesn’t act like she did beginning of this season, my respect for them is going down a notch or two knowing they are staying in this cesspool, “giving air” to the brunettes at all. What the brunettes are doing is beyond outrageous and for no one to call them on it directly or have no repercussions makes me ill. Watching Andy yuck it up and laugh with glee at LuAnn on WWHL? That’s what sealed it for me. His glee at playing along and encouraing the likes of LuAnn makes me ill. Adios, lunatics (Andy and brunettes, not you guys).

  22. Error404 says:

    Sorry, I don’t get all of the Luann hate. Yes, she is extremely annoying but you can always just walk away. Every room has adopt one can leave thru and Morrocco has an airport, no one is forcing these women to put up with Luann.

    Jill OTOH won’t stop until she destroys your life. she’ll get your husband fired, your kid kicked out of school and will try to convince your coop board to evict you, all because you only thanked her 16 times for the gift she sent and everybody knows Jill requires 17 thank yous.

    Luann may be a windbag bore, but Jill is the devil himself here on earth.

    • VAgirl says:

      I agree Jill is much much worse than Luann, but you have to admit, it was easy to hate Luann last night, too.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Awww let me hate LuLu for one day please. Jill is a constant, but Lulu was in fine form last night. Yup it would be better to ignore LuLu, but it’s fun to vent a little. But I agree – she’s no Jill. She doesn’t do this for a living, just the on-season paycheck.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        I agree. Luann forgets about RHW as soon as the cameras are off. Jill lives and breathes RHW every second of every day.

    • quincyil says:

      Luann took Jill’s feelings and ran with them to attack Ramona when she was down in the gutter, but does not see that she did this as we were shown on WWHL. That is why people are upset. There is a disconnect with reality and it’s frustratiing.

      • SeoulSista says:

        LuAnn is like a rabid rottweiler that attacks the Christians for Caesar, that bitch can worry any bone Jill has to pick down to a shredded nubbin. Someone should just throw her out in the back yard, give her an old tire to play with and call it a day….

      • Error404 says:

        Oh it’s like groundhog day on this show! Remember when Ramona “ambushed” Jill in her apt with a bethenny sit down? Luann couldn’t wait to rip ramona a new one for daring to upset Jill. S4 is just s3 all over again with newly painted backdrops but the same stale poorly written drama.

        • nathania says:

          there have been a couple of almost verbatim repeats of scenes. one that was really noteable was sonja throwing alex out of her house when luann threatened to do the same to ramona, I can’t remember the other one but they are definitely recycling.

      • Di says:

        So true Q!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Error! So true! I want to have your baby!lol! Great comment! Easily Sonja , Alex and Ramona could have left to stay in a Hotel if they wanted to have fun in Morocco or head to the airport and leave the nasty, boring witches behind!

      • Error404 says:

        And that’s exactly what they did on day one. I mean who wouldn’t choose drinks by the pool over sitting around in caftans listening to Cindy complain about hangers

        • quincyil says:

          I have my own hanger problems. I have the cheap plastic hangers and certain grown sons take them after using my washer and dryer, but no one brings any pack.

          • ihearttalavera says:

            Q, You must try the “huggable” hangers. You can get a great deal on them at Costco. I swear, they changed my life. 😉

            I wanted to commend you on your bootcamp efforts. I love bootcamp. It is not easy, and I can’t imagine suffering through it in 95 degree heat. I’m in my 30s and there is a woman in her 60s who kicks my butt some days running up the hills and on some of the obstacles. She looks amazing – better than some of the 20-somethings. She’s my inspiration!

  23. Error404 says:

    Loved the Cindy barslop is being sued article, thanks! She is smut like Jill and the description of her salon as an evil sorority was wonderful, as it explains why she feels so at home with Jill and her girl gang of bullies.

    • mariareads says:

      I agree. She seeemed to have the same issues as Jill. But I did see Jill treat her like krap. Remember the scene where they pull up to the place they are staying in and Jill yells “Open it yourself!” about the van door? Nasty. But Cindy is no innocent and even though she tried to redeem herself in talking head portions, she came off as disliking everything and everyone. Like the girl at school who is so out there that she looks down her nose at everything. And could she get some clothes? I wear what she wears when I’m working around the house-in or outside. She really dresses like krapola!

      • MAMAZ says:

        If the suit goes ahead and it’s proven the woman was paid in cash without Cindy Housewifeflop withholding taxes she can be in serious hot water with the IRS.

        • Mimisfbay says:

          Not too mention the Dept of Labor. Ohhhh, they can make her life a living hell. If she paid her as a 1099 and set requirements of an employee she is in big trouble. They will audit everything they can get their hands on so she best have a really good employment attorney.

  24. WindyCityWondering says:

    JIll’s fingerprints are all over LuAnn and Kelly’s behavior, not so much Cindy because she looked shocked by the behaviors going on around her. Bravo should have just shown two vacations – brunettes being themselves and blondes being themselves – viewers are not dumb and the Morocco trip was a bust! LuAnn was the worst hostess I have ever seen (Ramona runs circles around her!) and she excluded her cohostess completely – no one rang the dinner bell – Sonja better bring this all up because the trip of a lifetime was barely watchable.
    And Kelly finally was comfortable to be herself – she ruined her henna tatoo – Alex never touched her! Causing a casino – was she trying to say causing a commotion? Telling Alex she was sad not angry – Kelly does not have the ability to recognize emotions? She was weirdly inauthentic and came off as just plain stupid! I wonder if the “security” that was frequently mentioned was to contain the lunatic…..

  25. quincyil says:

    I hate people saying one thing and doing the opposite. Kelly had a problem with the sexy clothes of Ramona? Are you kidding? She had a jogging outfit that I would not wear on the running paths in Quincy, IL.

    Kelly showed her fake breasts a million times. Even Jill pointed them out at the Last Supper and Jill’s are real.

    I have been oogled by tables of Middle Easter men and Greek men at restaurants in Chicago and I didn’t like it at all. I once begged to leave a restaunt in Chicago’s Greek town so we paid for a dinner we did not receive. I don’t know how Sonja and the housewives enjoyed those men making comments in the belly dancing restaurant.

    I never enjoyed walking by construction sites either.

    In a car dealership for Audi in St. Louis, the first baseman of the Cardinals made me cry because he tried to follow me around and talk to me.

    I am not Sonja Morgan.


    • MAMAZ says:

      I think a lot of Sonja’s self esteem comes from being desirable. She wants to be seen as a sex object.

      Yours comes from your accomplishments. You want to be seen as the strong, independant woman you are.

  26. mariareads says:

    OK! So it’s done. Here’s what I think:
    LuAnne was hilarious in her role as head mistress of the rihad (or however you spell it). What a riot to watch this idiot behave like a queen and adapt this persona of head nut job, head of the staff, director, tour guide, mother superior and Daffy Duck. Her schedules & rules and regulations made her look like an idiot. IDIOT! This is what I see has happened. Luann is done without the old Count. The money is not flowing like it did. This boyfriend of hers will move along in time. He’s too young and she’s not rich enough for him to mooch off of her in exchange for her being that much older than he is. Once there is no more RHNY who is LuAnn? Nobody. Cindy added nothing. NOTHING. She reminded me of someone sitting in the audience watching when we saw her commenting. Boring to watch, boring to be involved with no doubt. Then there is Kelly. She was NUTS. Trying to act like the school psychologist all I could think of when watching her was that she has learned all of these psychobabble phrases since her own therapy after Scary Island breakdown or the reveal of her very real mental health issues. She looked idiotic to me quoting here, there and everywhere. My favorite? “Close your eyes”. I almost stopped breathing I was laughing so hard. She’s certifiable and irreleveant. No story line at all for her except “no BSC please” but she did it anyway. She looked like a ghost flitting from one person or place to the other and SANTA fixing her tatoo was HILARIOUS but the idiot was SERIOUS! I worry about her daughters. God help them. ~Jill was herself getting digs in when ever she could and she doesn’t just do it to the blondes. This viper did it to ALL Of them. Always the sarcastic commednt, always the remark. Don’t they get it? Don’t they hear her? In my world she would be called out on the spot and then taken out to the woodshed. She’s a snotty biiotch who actually believes her own press (and in her case it IS her own press since she writes most of it!) As for the blondes all I can say is that’s the crew I would have wanted to hang out with. Mostly Ramona and Sonia who seemed like they were having too much fun running around that place getting into trouble. No doubt that Ramona did some things intentionally to piss off the head mistress and it worked every single time. Bottom line, I think Ramona is the most successful of all of them now that Bethenny is gone and it burns their bums so badly.
    She can go anywhere she wants. She doesn’t have to have anyone take her to Morocco. Kelly’s constant “This is a trip of a lifetime-people don’t get to do this” made me laugh. Come on! I can go to Morocco if I want to. I don’t want to.

    It’s time for them to replace these women. Keep 2 for continuity and get some other nuts in here for us to laugh at. Jill didn’t interest me at all. She might as well not have even been there as far as I am concerned. She is not interesting. She has no wit or quirk that is appealing to watch. She’s just blah. Her time has come. Luanne is done. Cindy never was. Alex is probably just too nice to be on a show like this. By the way I thought she looked really pretty last night when she came flying down the stairs to the 3 ugly stepsisters. How bizarre was that scene? “WHO IS GOING TO FIX MY TATOO? SANTA?” Really..out there. I did understand why Alex was upset and we all know she doesn’t do upset well. The words get tangled on her tongue and you are so rooting for her to be able to spit them out but she doesn’t seem to be able to get them from her brain to her lips. She probably wanted to tell Luanne to bleep off but is just too polite to do so.

    Oh, well. I’m going to watch the reunion shows because I think they will be filled with drama and Kelly’s mental thealth babble and strange stares and twirlling of hair and some god awful outfit. Other than that, I am relieved
    it’s over and bring on the RHBH!

    • MAMAZ says:

      Didn’t Sonja say she and Ramona met up with friends at the hotel? Isn’t Brad in Morrocco? So Kelly it seems people DO get to do this, lol.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        Yeah, WHAT did poor Santa do to get dragged into this mess? I doubt he would help Kelly with her tattoo. I think she’s on the naughty list.

    • dsc60 says:

      the worst part is so many of the comments on Kelly’s Bravo blog are glowing testimonies of how she saved the day in Morocco. gag me. and Kelly says in her blog that she does not like to let situations escalate. she says she tried to remove Alex “politely,” because she promised herself that “no one will ever be treated like she was.” please someone put that woman out of her misery and give her the proper medication already. although the problem is one may not exist. maybe i’m the one that should be on medication for watching this mess week after week.

  27. Kelly_Has_Big Shoulders says:

    I want some to SCREAM F*** YOU TO LUANN!! I can’t stand her. I also want to punch Kelly in the face. They frustrate me!!! I was also hoping at the dinner that Alex would do a Teresa on them. Ok thanks I had to get this out of my system.

  28. Katiecoo says:

    Remember how the “flavor” of this blog was each morning after BEA? Warm, fuzzy, everyone uplifted and smiling. I was so agitated watching the likes of Luann the Snake, Kelly the mental patient and of course JZ the master manipulator last night I had to vent here dropping f bombs right and left. Comeon Bravo…you hooked us on this show with Bethenny then took is straight down to skid row and I feel like an old drunk drug thru the dirty gutters trying to eek out a glimmer of hope after watching this crap. Compared to putting on an episode of BEA I still have in my DVR and I feel like I’m tiptoeing through a garden of everything’s possible and upliftment.

    I know my own damn fault for even watching this crap but it just sinks lower and lower and is so BASE. The worst in humanity and the “nice” girls being led to slaughter–in another country. That episode last night was just so disturbing I can’t describe it. I gotta wash it outta my brain now but yeah I think I’m done with this franchise (RHONYC). Sad.

    • Error404 says:

      It doesn’t bother me so much.
      Kelly is insane. I wouldnt wish her perefect storm of ego, mental illness, substance abuse, stupidity and meanness on my worst enemy. I think just being Kelly is it’s own personal hell.
      Luann is a friendless bitch whose asshole husband couldn’t even put up with. Now she’s broke with two problem teens. I wouldnt wish a life so awful on my nemesis.
      Cindy: the woman can’t even wake up on a beautiful day and feel happy for a minute. It’s like “ow the sun hurts my eyes and why did the nanny put the twins in rose pink when I specifically told her last night I wanted them in blush pink blah blah blah blah” and the damage this show is doing to her rep can’t possible be helping her business. Soon she’ll be renting a waxing booth in empty zarin fabric space.
      Jill what is there to say about a woman who vows to call the employer of random strangers on the Internet who criticize her and fink that they are ” bullying” her. LoL she’s insane. I wouldn’t wish being these women on anyone they are all creating their own living he’ll.

  29. Katiecoo says:

    May I also add–this was a total INSULT to Sex and the City–as preposterous as that SATC 2 movie was and their trip to Dubai (I think), this fiasco tried to rip it off right and left and it was so disgusting as it was the ANTI girl bonding movie. This was like the mean girls who have nothing to talk about other than the objects of their bullying and the good girls trying to eek out a good time in a freaking mine field. SATC was so popular because of the BONDING. This couldn’t be more opposite and how DARE you rip off their theme for these assholes. WRONG! FAIL!

    • SeoulSista says:

      Agreed, SATC2 was a film about the camaraderie of love and friendship, something sorely lacking in this franchise. Andy Cohen, much like a bad lunch monitor, has failed to keep the peace between tables and the cafeteria has simply descended into an all out brawl involving hormones and cheese whiz…

  30. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    I agree totally with you both. It is sad because they used to be fun & I looked forward to seeing the city I spent 30 yrs in & now they have tarnished that too.

  31. Mel says:

    I think Alex does well when the other person initiates conflict- then she can focus on rebuttal. She probably would have done ok if these rude women would not have forced her to do her confrontation while dodging crazy arrows from Kelly and condescending comments from LU. Then for them to laugh at her, tell her she wasn’t reacting the way they thought she should, and to re-enter! It would have made anyone’s head hurt! UGH.
    Lu was not a hostess- she was the Ruler of her own mind’s world. They shall have nothing to eat to punish them for disrespecting ME! This is how it is to BE! No, if you are a hostess you cut your guests some slack and not beat them silly for misunderstanding or showing up late. You do what you can to make things right and smooth it over…you don’t make someone feel like crap for arriving 15 minutes late and likely overhearing you beat them up behind their backs just before they entered. Funny- they were so late that the ladies where still eating their salad course.

    • SeoulSista says:

      That might have been a good time to hurl a bowl of hummus on these beotches it and call it a day…I’ll re-enter your face with my fist…but alas, Alex is too much of a peacemaker for all of that (sigh)

  32. NAmerican says:

    This was the 1st episode of The Real Housewives of New York I watched this season and I am so sorry I subjected myself to watching it. I much prefer reading about the shows than watching them. Watching gave me anxiety and heart palpitations.
    If I had to pick a team, I would surely be with the blonds. I agree that the Luann has become a vile, passive aggressive snob. With a hostess like that I would have gladly missed that “trip of a lifetime”. She acted as if it was her home and wanted to control everything and everybody, if she had actually paid for the trip it may give her some license to have it her way, but she was just a guest on Bravo’s dime like all the other housewives. AND I thought she co-hosted the trip with Sonya, nice way of taking over Luann, did she really write an book on etiquette? Hey Luann, is acceptable for grownup “Society” women to call one another Witches and Bitches? Or to make fun of each others shoes? I think not, darling! She needs to drop the Countess routine and raise her children. Snarky is not a royal trait, it’s a royal pain in the ass!
    Kelly definitely has psychological issues or is just plain dumb. After Alex’s Grand Entrance, Kelly would not allow her to spit out the words and give Luann the lashing she so deserves. Alex writes much better than she speaks, although if Kelly would have shut her mouth, who knows, maybe Alex could have gotten her point across. Alex seemed to me, to not want to set Kelly off, so she allowed Kelly to ramble, I would have just ignored her and insisted that Luanne speak to her 1:1. Kelly needs to focus more on her own issues and raising her children.
    Cindy was a mistake in casting. She is a regular girl from Long Island, the only thing interesting about her are her twins. Luann gave her such sage advice when she was missing her twins by telling her it gets easier to leave them behind as one lives their own life. Did someone say “Weekend Parent”?
    Jill, to me, has become runner up in the Mean Girl Department, Luann takes the prize. For Jill to blame Ramona for not being allowed to stay on Scary Island so she could work things out with Bethenny is laughable. And what about working things out with Alex, was she there to do that as well, I don’t think so. Jill was a favorite of mine during the 1st Season, she was a stereotypical JAP (Jewish American Princess) from Long Island and Bethenny brought out the best and the funny out of Jill. BUT she has fallen so far and done such unforgivable things that I can never again like her (or tolerate her). Her positive fake Amazon reviews of her own book and negative ones of both Bethenny and Silex’. Her treatment of Bethenny when she was trying to make up with her. Jill’s vicious attacks on others in the media. Her attempt to paint Ramona as an alcoholic and Mario as a cheater. Her lies, her double standards, her bullying, her selfishness, her mean girl attitude, her voice! I am D-O-N-E with Jill.
    Ramona, to me just needs a filter. She needs to learn to think before she speaks. She has proven herself to be a mean girl in the past, but she has softened and I think she would never intentionally hurt anyone. I like that she likes to have fun and that she married for love and not money unlike most of the NY Housewives. I can forgive Ramona her foibles now because she really does seem like a good person.
    Sonja is OK in my book too. She also likes to have fun and I loved her and Ramona sneaking around in Morocco. Sonja just needs to stop name dropping and trying to impress, we like you for who you are, not your former life.
    Alex seems like a good friend to have. She is down to earth and doesn’t seem mean or vindictive (JILL). She needs to learn to better express herself in a clear and concise manner, because with these “Ladies” you only get a few seconds to express yourself before someone talks right over you.
    Sorry for rambling on, but after watching my first episode this Season, I need to vent. I will probably not watch again, I prefer to read what happened here instead. SO thanks to all of you for keeping me up to speed on what’s going on.

    • vilzvet says:

      Great post and you missed NOTHING by just tuning in now, only heartburn and aggravation.

  33. Mel says:

    Did anyone else notice Kelly’s eyes when she was “talking Alex down”??
    When Alex saw Kelly’s eyes get all shifty and darting about- she should have backed away slowly and sent for some jellybeans. (Or better yet, attach Jill to her so that Jill would have actually seen some of the insanity that was witnessed upclose last year). She was looking crazy straight in the face- and we all know there is no talking or getting through to that. I guess they all now know how to keep Kelly happy- let her believe that she is “helping or saving” then she won’t completely lose it…she has a false sense of “control”.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I think JZ has seen it, at least heard it on the phone from St. Johns. She doesn’t care as long as she can harness it for her own use.

  34. Mum says:

    Does anyone want to throw a glass of pinot grigio in Luann’s face besides me?

    • SeoulSista says:

      Just a glass? how about the whole bottle, and peg her with some of Kel-Kel’s jellybeans to boot…

      • SeoulSista says:

        It would have been like an uppity Dr. Dre video if it had been my choice, but LuLu would have been drenched by Pinot instead of Pilsner…

    • NAmerican says:

      Did anyone notice that Luann could not get the bottle of wine opened, guess she will have to learn to do a lot of new things for herself, including WORKING!

      • SeoulSista says:

        I did see that and found it ironic that the wine maven didn’t know her way around a corkscrew…does her staff cut up her food and feed it to her as well?

  35. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Well I could not watch the whole episode. It was same same same BS.

  36. Where the garden grows says:

    Who I would really love to here from are the off the show real life friends of Ramona and Jill. From what happened at the wedding I think they like and side with Ramona.
    This is one reason why Jill backed down. They are on a TV show but lets not forget that they also use this show for inter-city politics. Like when Jill got Simon fired from his job. Ramona is to rich, successful, and well liked for Jill to bring her down.
    She was preying upon Ramonas good heart hoping that she would fall in the trap of taking responsibility for the failed friendship between Jill and Bethenny. When she realized that was not going to happen Jill backed off. All the statements above are the only reason why Jill ever wanted to make up with Bethenny. Someday the happy, rich, fun, has her shit together Msr. Hoppy is going to bring that bitch Jill Zarin down and I can’t wait for that to happen. Hell I’d pay good money for a ticket to that show.
    If the show does have a season 5 my perdiction is that the lovely Mrs. Zarin will go after Luann.

    • lillybee says:

      That might be fun.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        I would love to watch a few episodes of this show with Bethenny and Jason. Can you imagine? Bethenny should auction that experience off at a charity event (not a Zarin Family Trust event, of course), that would make a TON of money, and she’d probably even provide snacks – FREE of charge unlike the very “thrifty” JZ’s charity dinner date that the “winner” had to pay for.

  37. Stella says:

    Did anyone notice that on WWHL Luann said that being on the bucking camel was like falling from the 1st floor. I’m like what the heck. Is this first floor on an elevated foundation? Is she falling out the window? Am I the moronic crackhead cause I didn’t get it? Her comment cracked me up.

    • quincyil says:

      Well, the camels are tall and she is tall. What is a floor…in an old hour/ranch style. 8 ft?

    • error404 says:

      In Europe, the ground floor is always the ground floor and the floors start first, second, third on up, so a fall from the first floor in Europe is like a fall from the second floor in the US.

      LuAnn, the daughter of a cement factory owner and one of six kids in middle class CT before becoming a nurse, was just being her pretentious “I’m a Countess who lunches with European Royalty” self. She’s an ass.

      • quincyil says:

        Well, I asked my husband to get verification on his royal blood and he actually told his brother, an ex college professor to do it. LOL.

        The Meshad Mosque of Ali apparently has records of marriages. This should be good.

        • FLG says:

          Trust me, You Are the Empress! Empress Queen consort has a nice ring to it, too! Don’t you think?

  38. La Dolce Vita says:

    Contessa Dahling seems to be having issues other than harrassing the blondes. Did you notice how drawn her face looked? She is extremely uptight and quick to fly off the handle. Could there be trouble in romanceville or a squabble over $$$ with ex-c, even perhaps more troubles with those inconvenient, interferring kids of hers. Something will be coming out in the near future in real time (vs Bravo time). Keep your eyes on NY Post’s Page SIX.

    • quincyil says:

      Would you like to join my soothsayer club. The membership is free, but you have to provide free card readings to the board one day a month.

      Think about it. I need help.


      • La Dolce Vita says:

        Q WOW becoming an honest (?) to goodness soothsayer sounds seer iously fun.

        I will be leaving my extremely hot, sweltering southern climate for the cool breezes of the mountains soon. I don’t have much computer time there. You can’t imagine how strange this board looked to me when I returned last year. When I left it was just JILL & NY. The crazy Kelly pictures told me I was in the right place.

        We do lots of hiking and outdoor stuff. We return mid-October… after all the color is gone from the leaves and they start to drop.

        • quincyil says:

          Well, if you get really good at it, I can give you a letter of recoommendation and you might be a shot at a series on Bravo. Lynn met Andy Cohen and he acted as if he knew this website.

          The need soothsayers on Million Dollar Listing in LA to clear the houses of the spirits of people who passed away in the back bedroom. Jeff Lewis need them to sage homes. All of the housewives shows needs them to predict the future of the reality stars. Patty Stanger needs someone to use crystals over the head of women want to date men. You can do it out of your home like the lady who tells the future of Kim Kardashian and her new born son or the woman the Richard’s sister visited. Jill Zarin will require you to go to her home. and do her hair and makeup during the reading.

          If others on the board would like to join us, please let us know. You too can be gainfully employed by Andy Cohen.


          • GoldenPoolGirl says:

            I actually own a set of the tarot cards identical to the fortune teller on the show. They were a novelty item my mom had in the sixties. I can rock a burka.

          • ihearttalavera says:

            “You too can be gainfully employed by Andy Cohen.”

            I misread this as “PAINFULLY employed.” Hahahahaha.

        • quincyil says:

          I have a computer and can make certificates for us to display near our tables where we read. Official IHJZ Soothsayer Club members in good standing.

          That should do it.

      • jillz68 says:

        I want in on that soothaying! I even have my own tarot cards! Of course I don’t speak French so no one can botch the translation.

        LuAnn doesn’t look good to me this season. From a distance she looks good but something is up with her face. Maybe the pole up her ass has affected her expressions.

        • quincyil says:

          LOL. Maybe, we can make a super secret newsletter and predict the fate of Jill Zarin. rotfl.

          The more the merrier.

          I bet most women on this board have women’s intuition when it comes to their families. That counts as super powers.

          If you are into sci fi like me and have experience in Vulcan mind melds….That is a qualitfication also.

    • SeoulSista says:

      Can someone please slip girlfriend a xanax, for the good of the group?

  39. Dear members of the IHJZ community, I am an avid reader of the blog, and wanted to start posting. Here is my introduction to all of you. If anyone else wants to join my open letter, they are more than welcome. Lynn, thanks for all you do. Go team Blonde!


    Dear Mr. Cohen,

    On behalf of Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy, Ramona and Mario Singer, Alex McCord and Simon Vankampen, and Sonja Morgan, I respectfully wish to voice my displeasure regarding season four of the real housewives of new york city. It is my firm belief that during season three we were able to see the REAL real housewives of New York City. We witnessed Bethenny Frankel grow her passion for business while finding love in the process. We witnessed Alex McCord and her thoughfulness, her desire to be a good friend and do the right thing even if it means less camera time, and we witnessed Ramona Singer go through her renewal and change some of her thoughts and behaviors for the better.

    It is my firm belief that these were authentic events in the lives of these individuals. We also witnesed the lives of those who, while upsetting, were also engaging in real behavior. We were privy to Jill Zarin bully her ex-friend, Bethenny Frankel with the assistance of LuAnn DeLesseps, and we watched Kelly Bensimon have an embarrassing breakdown in St. John. While not anything to emulate, these women also gave us valuable insight into their real lives. When tuning into the Real Housewives, this is something that viewers expect and deserve.

    I do not have a crystal ball. I cannot see into the future and I certainly was not there when the women signed up for season 4 of the show. However, I would bet my life on the fact that both Jill and Kelly were upset about the fact that they were shown in their true light and demanded to be treated with the utmost respect and positive editing for season 4. It is my guess that you, as the producers promised them both that they would be heavily edited and that nothing negative would be shown. While it is important to preserve the personal dignity of an individual who has signed up for a reality show, it is also encumbant upon Bravo to show the truth. Indeed, Bravo has a responsibility to the audience to show how things actually occur and what is actually said about them. While Jill Zarin often blamed editing on her poor portrayal in the past, it is quite clear that she is once again completely wrong. The previous seasons, with a different set of producers showed Jill and her friends in their true light. The current producers are not, and thus failing the audience that they are supposed to serve.

    My best friend and I were having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory the other night and discussing these facts. My friend said the most apt observation to date, in my mind, regarding the real housewives of new york season four: “It’s like the bad guys won.” The attempts of Bravo to show the “brunettes” as some kind of busted up Sex and the City (TM Jaqueline Laurita) while lying and destroying the character of Ramona Singer by calling her an alcoholic is not only unfair but brutal and a real destruction of her character. We also were shown, in my mind, a heavily edited version of the disgreement between Sonja and Alex during the same-sex marriage march; my guess is that there were other reasons that Alex didn’t speak, that someone at the march screwed up, and Sonja and Alex, being classy individuals, are covering for them. Of course, this is all lost to the unfair and unreal season 4 editing.

    Mr. Cohen, if this continues into season 5 (if there is one, clearly your attempts to turn the brunettes into the “good guys” aren’t paying off ratings wise, viewers tend to want to see the truth) I will not be a viewer. It is stunning and upsetting to me that a series which was supposed to document the lives of these women has now turned into scripted television. Jill Zarin has said as much. We know she plays to the cameras and also tells us that the “show is about talking behind each others backs.” Really, with “friends” like these, Mr. Cohen, who needs enemies?

    Consider me one less viewer next season if this unfair and unreal “editing” continues.

    • MAMAZ says:

      BRAVO! (pun intended)
      Your friend is right, the bad guys have won. That’s what bothers me so much. I want justice!

    • PROUDStay@HomeMoM says:

      WoW uniqueurbanite, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Andy Cohen needs to hear this. We, the true fans of RHONY, are disgusted by what has transpired in Season 4. Lynn please give UniqueUrbanite a voice so that Bravo can hear once and for all that we the fans won’t take this lying down!

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Sign me up too~
      These women truly need to go elsewhere. It’s not even fun to make jokes at their expense anymore because it hurts my head to think about the stupidity of the women on this show.

    • Suzieq says:

      I posted this a long time ago but forgot to go back and check to see if anyone replied…
      If we want to complain about a show and get results, instead of complaining to bravo, shouldn’t we be complaining to the advertisers? Isn’t that what they care about? Whatever company is advertising their products during the commercials is obviously supporting this show and the behavior, right? I dint know much about it though…

    • midwesthousewife says:

      ITA, mostly. The only thing that is different for me is that they are down one viewer NOW. I can’t finish out the season.

    • Nancy says:

      The general thrust of your open letter is excellent. I’d just like to comment on a few things which might seem like insignificant details at first, but which could be important to a number of people.

      The science now tells us that alcoholism isn’t a defect or weakness of character, but mostly a genetic disease. It becomes manifest when the genetically predisposed person is exposed to alcohol.

      “The brunettes” are attempting to use the common misunderstanding of alcoholism as a weakness of character to assassinate Ramona’s character. If they were really concerned about her drinking, they would show some compassion & try to get her to stop, not assassinate her in the media & try to destroy her business.

      • Caitlin says:

        Of course you know that I’m in your corner on this topic 1000%!!!

        • Nancy says:

          Thanks Caitlin. I knew I could count on you.
          Being in recovery is strange at times. Living in San Fran and LA
          makes me feel like the “real” world knows about the disease and the program
          and then something will happen that makes me feel ashamed that I am in recovery.
          Oh well, things could be worse. So many “Movie Stars” in LA are in recovery and are open about it.
          I would love to try to get to Kim Richards (from BH Housewives) and introduce her to them.
          Have a nice weekend. 🙂

          • Caitlin says:

            I feel ya! I’m in Nashville and therefore see a lot of music people, as well as so-called “stars” at meetings. So, it feels like a great way to live (which it is!). But you’d be amazed at some of the Steel Magnolias who make snarky remarks at a “nice” gathering, to wit: “Not drinking? Do you have a problem?” I have come to conclude that we really learn who others are when we are trying to do the next right thing. And that’s how I keep my peace of mind. Staying serene is the best revenge, so you have a happy and healthy weekend too!

            • Nancy says:

              What is your feel about Jill and alcohol?
              Do you think Ramona has a “drinking problem”?
              I wish Bethenny would make a non alcoholic Skinny girl Margarita.
              Not sure my sponsor would be happy about it though.
              I’ve never been to Nashville. Do you like living there? I bet your city is happy about the winner
              from American Idol. I thought he was adorable. So was the runner-up.
              Hopefully we will see more of them in the future. They would make a very cute couple.

              • Nancy says:

                Reading this back to myself is terrifying as it sounds like Kelly wrote it.
                I have to go to a meeting, “like” now!

                • Nancy, thank you so much for your thoughts and I completely agree! Now, if we could just get some kind of plan together behind this open letter….

  40. LavaLady says:

    Regarding the deleted scene with Ramona wearing the burka (sp?). I recall seeing this scene early on, most likely during the coming attractions. And someone (Cindy?) says “she managed to insult a whole country in 5 seconds) or something like that.

  41. lillybee says:

    So many thoughts about this stupid show.
    If Jill had gone after Ramona for saying that Jill’s step daughter was deformed, I may have felt for Jill but no she had to rehash Scary Island yet again.
    Lulu at the dinner was beyond rude. She said to Alex, “I expected better from you, you are educated.” She refused to hear that Alex didn’t know what time dinner was.
    I felt so bad for Ramona. It seems that Kelly forced her to apologize to Lulu for being late to dinner. We saw Ramona demeaning herself by chasing Lulu around to apologize and then Lulu had to bring up the fortune teller.
    Who does that?

    • Kukulet says:

      Okay, but I have to defend Ramona a little about the “deformed” remark, because I don’t think she meant it negatively. What it seemed like she was trying to say was that she thought Jill’s stepdaughter had a beautiful spirit/personality/outlook on life that transcended her deformity-which was actually a very nice thing to say.

      IOW, Ramona was looking inside the girl, not judging her by the outside.

      Is it wrong to call the birthmark a deformity? I don’t know. It IS a deformity. It probably isn’t politically correct to use that word, but I don’t think Ramona meant it as a cut or an insult.

    • HWM says:

      The entire Morocco segment made me wonder what were they smoking while in Morocco each one was stranger than the other, they made Kelly look normal.

  42. culvercity9 says:

    OMG!!I’m so upset…I’m only at the “*8 O’clock dinner…I can’t even read the comment’s…so if I’m repeating sorry but…Lumann is such a snake!!!!!

  43. FLG says:

    I didn’t watch WWHL last night, but I recall when LuAnn was on last time with Kat O (still thanking you Kat), that LuAnn was going to belt out her latest off key auto-tune, “If Andy asked nicely” on her next appearance on WWHL. That would have been last night’s episode. Also, from reading posts on Lynn’s blog, Andy told LuAnn what Anderson Cooper said about class. Could it be that Andy is showing his own disdain for her no longer aristocratic lowness? Was this a second public dressing down? Since I didn’t see the show, I can’t say one way or another. What did those of you who watched the show think? Is his opinion of LuAnn somewhere approaching what I suspect his opinion of Kim G. to be? Do you think LuAnn will be back on WWHL?

    • ihearttalavera says:

      “LuAnn was going to belt out her latest off key auto-tune”

      FLG, You slay me!

      Unfortunately, I think she will be back. Andy seems to come to his senses at random times and calls these women on their BS. I think that’s all it was. I choose to believe he really and truly only hates JZ. That’s what goes on in my bubble, anyway.

    • GoldenPoolGirl says:

      Thanks for mentioning the Anderson Cooper quote. It was the best part of Wwhl. I mention it later in my post b/c I hadn’t read this far, and it was too good not to discuss!

    • Nancy says:

      She also didn’t have the #1 seat. (the one right next to Andy)
      I’m not sure ANYONE can stand LuMan at this point.
      Personally I “hated” LuMan from the gate.

  44. kitkat says:

    Please Help…someone in this wonderful Lynn Fambly posted an AWESOME quote by someone whose name I forget about friends. It went something like, “Who are my friends? What do they do? who am I surrounded by?, What are they turning me into?…etc.” Totally paraphrasing, but the quote was so great that I copied it to print out and bring home, never saved the copy and never made a printout. I have been scouring Lynn’s last few blogs to find it again to no avail. Does anybody know what I’m talking about or did I dream the whole thing up. (Which is entirely possible…) THANKS IN ADVANCE.

    • Alip says:

      LOL… I think this is what you are looking for.

      “You must constantly ask yourself these questions: Who am I around? What are they doing to me? What have they got me reading? What have they got me saying? Where do they have me going? What do they have me thinking? And most important, What do they have me becoming? Then ask yourself the big questions: Is that okay?” -Jim Rohn

      • kitkat says:

        YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! I wish I just asked earlier instead of googling thousands of combinations of this quote and wasting a lunch hour! Of COURSE this is the place to go for answers!!!!! Thanks a million Alip!

        • ihearttalavera says:

          This blog is like interactive Wikipedia.

          • quincyil says:

            There are a lot of brains working to make this blog and comments interesting.

          • midwesthousewife says:

            But more reliable!

            • ihearttalavera says:

              So true. When I debate with my husband about anything I feel he’s being ridiculous about, I always ask him if he got his bad info from Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia, but I would not consider it a reliable source. It’s very, “I read it on the internet, so it must be true.”

              • ihearttalavera says:

                I’m not saying the info on here isn’t reliable – I hope that came out right! What I’m trying to say is my first Wikipedia comment was meant as a compliment. 🙂

                • midwesthousewife says:

                  I totally got what you were saying! I was just adding a compliment for our little group here!

              • Nancy says:

                Consider yourself luck my husband just says…
                “Adios lunatic, I’m going over to the “Hooters” boat to talk to some sane people.

                I kid you not. He says this all the time. I have to give it to him though because I can’t stay mad after that.
                Bethenny is our new marriage councilor. 🙂

  45. FLG says:

    Oh, and I think it may be illegal in North Carolina for LuAnn to sing: http://askville.amazon.com/law-sing-key-North-Carolina/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=5659934

  46. Mookies1mom says:

    Last nights show was just horrible. Alex just wanted to have her say in private but the brunettes weren’t going to let that happen. Then Luann tells her off and leaves her with Kelly! Kelly wasn’t in complete Scary Island mode but pretty darn close. (Cindy was useless.) Then Luann again giving her grief about arriving 15 minutes late to dinner. She’s quite the (co)hostess. Not that it would ever happen, but if I was on a trip with these “ladies” you can bet on a few things. One, I would be drinking, A LOT. Two, I would have a phone number for transportation (taxi, whatever) Three, a standing reservation to stay somewhere else. Four, my own plane ticket so I wouldn’t be stuck on the same plane back with them. I could see having fun with the blondes but never with the brunettes without fear of finding a knife in my back.

  47. Mookies1mom says:

    Found this tidbit earlier and meant to post it but I am trying to catch-up on the comments. If it’s been posted my apologies in advance.


  48. Why did I read it? I forgot to unsubscribe to Jill’s newsletter. Since the newsletter was in my inbox, I read it. I hate Jill a little more each time I read her blogs. I unsubscribed right after I read it. 😦

  49. T-REX says:

    Question about the Tarot readings, can anyone tell me what the cards were? I have of course an “in” with someone who may be able to shed some light on what they may have shown!

    • GoldenPoolGirl says:

      My mom had those exact same cards when I was a kid back in the sixties. They were just a novelty item.

    • Arya Stark says:

      did they even show the cards? and no, you wouldn’t be able to tell anything without the entire uninterrupted “reading” anyway.

      I read tarot.

  50. GoldenPoolGirl says:

    I haven’t made it through all the comments, but so far, no one has commented on the bit of WWHL when Andy quoted Anderson Cooper regarding Lumann’s use of the word class all the time. Now, AC is a real blue blood with real class, and he said that people who have class never use the word. Rewatch the scene. Andy was slamming down on Lumann and all she could say was that everyone has their own opinion. You know that really had to cut her to the quick. I would be mortified. I loved Andy at that moment.

    • quincyil says:

      Probably Lynn will mention that in the next couple of blogs as it is important. Andersn grew up in high society so he knew a lot of high mucky mucks. I read a biography of his mom.

      I am looking forward to Lynn’s blog too. I hope she give it to us tomorrow, but I am not sure. So drop by and check what Lynn says about that.

      • Debbie says:

        Anderson Cooper’s mom is Gloria Vanderbilt. A book was written about her years ago,” The Poor Little Rich Girl”. I think Ms. Vanderbilt would be an Empress of Society today had Quincy not usurped the title. 🙂

        • quincyil says:

          I wonder if my title is considered bestowed because I am married to a direct descendent of an Afghan King. LOL This royalty stuff is hard for Americans t get a handle on.

        • ihearttalavera says:

          Really? I had no idea AC was her son. I’ve never heard that! Wow, that explains a lot.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      Also, the truly rich, Old Money, never talk about it. They are not showy; they don’t need to be, everybody who is anybody knows their lineage and worth.

      That is something that Jill will never understand (I am seering/soothing here). She believes that money is the be- all – end-all. One look at her TACKY apartment tells you all you need to know about her. Decorating tastes do vary, but the key word here is TASTE. Watching the MIllion Dollar Decorator reinforces my preface. LOTs of money, make it look great… but is it a home? NO… all they are saying is look how much money I can spend. That’s Jill to a T.

  51. jeepers1941 says:

    Well I fell asleep on the first showing of last nights episode, so I stayed up and watched a much later showing.
    OMG, if I had had a gun, I think I would have shot my TV right between LULU’s eyes!
    Poor Alex, I love her, but she just can seem to keep herself in the mood. She is to nice of a person and when she wants to say something in the heat of the moment, she gets tied up in knots. It is not in her nature to be so hateful as some of the others.
    Whoever said, “she should have told KOOKOO to STFU” was exactly right. That was Alex’s first mistake.
    Secondly, she should have insisted that she and LULU talk one on one period.
    When one goes in for “the kill” one must make sure they are in control of themselves above all else.
    Have list(s) of the things you want to say or talk about and then ask the other person to wait until you are finished before they begin to respond. If they try to talk over you, just put a hand up and say I am not finished yet. If the person then goes into a tail spin, then just tell them to forget it and walk out. There is no reason to stay in a situation that is becoming combative. I say this knowing that I understand people react to situations like this as a personal attack and start to get defensive. But there is something about being adults, we need to control ourselves in a better manner and especially when we are being watched on a national tv show. What the world must be saying about us as peace loving people, one can only imagine!
    I am totally disgusted by what I saw on the show and I am done!

  52. WindyCityWondering says:

    If the “co hostess” Sonja says no one rang the dinner bell – I believe her. LuAnn never stays on topic about what she has done or said – she is dismissive, she says don’t start with me (and when that challenge is taken) she leaves the room. IMO, that is behavior she learned on the wrong side of countessville (I doubt she was ever accepted in the Count’s circle or family). Ramona was an excellent hostess on SJVI trip – she tried to accommodate every single guest and had to deal with the loonie’s meltdown and Jill’s jackass move of just showing up! Bravo wasted a ton of money shipping these women to Morocco (trip of a lifetime??? It wouldn’t make my top 100 places to go!)! Camel riding, henna tatoos, visiting the souk, tea ceremonies and caftans – pretty much 101 activities – sorry nothing life time about it and even Santa couldn’t save that crapfest vacation.
    This franchise with the current crop of wives is OVER. Without Bethenny it just didn’t have a chance – no light, no laughter and no one to really watch. NY is off my list of must see or curious or bored enough to turn into next year. Stick a fork in it, give us the reunion and bury this trash in the backyard.

    • error404 says:

      I actually expected Kelly, LuAnn and Cindy to break out in a chorus of “Kidnap the santiclaus” because they remind me so much of the Boogie Man’s 3 henchmen from “Nightmare before Christmas” and we all know which role Jill plays.

  53. Arya Stark says:

    My BRAVO comment to Luann. They are publishing more comments now BTW. Somehow, I doubt this one will make it!


    It’s so nice of you to want to replace her as the most hated housewife of all the shows! I didn’t think it was possible, but you are getting there! Just keep it up and you too can be completely despised!

    Oh, and darling? You wouldn’t know manners or class if they jumped up on your (smart) camel and bit you on the butt.

    HabibiTi! (you said it incorrectly DARLING!)

    • quincyil says:

      I never bother with Bravo or sending anything to Andy. I don’t thnk the care about the thoughts of fans.

      • FlowerPower says:

        I agree, Q. I think that as long as people are talking about the housewives and the show, neither Andy nor Bravo cares what’s said. The only thing that would get their attention is if no one talked about them at all (no outrage, nothing, just silence). If other shows were discussed here and the housewives were completely ignored then they’d notice and start thinking about what they could do to get viewers’ attention back.

        • Sam says:

          Plus Bravo has been getting terrific ratings lately, according to the TV By The Numbers website, and that’s all Andy and the other execs really care about.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I asked some of my Saudi students this morning and they said yahabibi means “baby”, and is used to ask questions, but is not flirting. I asked if it could mean “darling” and they said no, no, no. (Their command of English is not all that strong, yet they knew “flirt” and “darling”! LOL!)

  54. Jill’s Bravo blog is up and it is a borefest. This is the politically correct version of her blog. In her extended blog that she sends out as a “newsletter”, she slams Ramona and she takes a dig at Bethenny. I thought she wasn’t going to talk about Bethenny anymore. LOL

    Jill’s boring Bravo blog:


    • 2Stupid says:

      Will it break the 10% rule if you just copy the Bethenny part. I love knowing what delusioanl stuff she is saying, but could never bring myself to sign up for it. I don’t want Lynn to get in trouble, though. Can you give a few more details w/out breaking any rules?

      • Arya Stark says:

        you can summarize it all you want, just not quote directly more than 10% (or ZERO % just to stay safe)

      • I will summarize it. Jill thinks that the Ramona/Alex friendship is an act, mostly on Ramona’s part. She thinks that once RHONY ends, Ramona will never see Alex again. She doesn’t think there is any “chemistry” between them. She thinks Ramona is only Alex’s friend in front of the cameras. She thinks Ramona is being fake. Then she asked if that sounded familiar and that’s when she mentions Bethenny. She said that Bethenny never tweets or talks about her “best friends” from last year. She then goes on about how she is real and that if she wants to be friends with you, she will make an effort on and off camera. She also mentioned that she keeps in touch with Cindy, Kelly, LuAnn and Sonja off camera. They are her real friends. The rest of the blog was boring so you aren’t missing anything.

        • 2Stupid says:

          Thanks. She forgot to mention that Alex and Ramona just tweeted a picture of them on the subway yesterday. Bethenny has had both Alex and Ramona on her show. She was miffed about Ramona saying she exaggerated about the sale of Skinnygirl, but she probably is more “real” abouth that then anything that comes out of Jill’s mouth. I guarantee you, you won’t see any of the brunette’s togethe after the show stops airing. Jill really is so full of sh@t. She is jealous of Bethenny, Ramona, and Alex. They have all accomplished something on their own. Jill will NEVER be able to claim that!!!!!

          • Jill doesn’t know what she is talking about. Ramona, Alex and Sonja seem like close friends off camera. Jill is jealous because I doubt that she is that close to Kelly, Cindy and LuAnn. I bet you Alex and Ramona talk or see each other more often than Jill speaks to her “real friends” from RHONY. I find it interesting that she is stalking Bethenny’s Twitter timeline. She doesn’t follow Bethenny on Twitter. She probably goes to Bethenny’s Twitter page several times a day to see what Bethenny tweets. LOL

        • Sam says:

          I think Jill is confusing being fake with being busy.
          Busy people have a hard time getting together with people they don’t see regularly (at work, school, the gym, etc.), because it takes an extra effort to make arrangements to meet, and schedules don’t always coincide. So of course Bethenny doesn’t see Alex and Ramona as much as she used to — nor will Ramona have as much time for Alex, once the show is over, because she has businesses to run. But Jill just can’t understand this, since she has nothing but time on her hands. (No way do I believe Jill when she says she has to work.)

          • ihearttalavera says:

            “I think Jill is confusing being fake with being busy.”

            Hahhahahaha. Love this.

          • California35 says:

            “I think Jill is confusing being fake with being busy.”

            Love it also!!! From the ones she is talking about Ramona, Alex and Bethenny ARE busy Jill….ALSO they are not twetting everything thougt that comes to their mind like a few of you do lol. Seriously from the brunnets the only one i can iamagine busy is Cindy (partly why she looks so bored on the show, becasue she is used to being busy)

        • ihearttalavera says:

          Such a load of crap. Most people I know have a handful of very good friends who they will be friends with, no matter what, until the day they die. Then we all have other friends that come and go out of our lives, which is the case with RHW. Just because they may drift apart after the show ends does not mean they weren’t real friends during filming. Life happens, a lot of friends come in and out of our every day lives for whatever reason (marriage, relocations, babies, career changes) and people generally make their family a priority. Things like Facebook and Twitter make it easier to keep in touch, but there is only so much time in a day!

          • California35 says:

            “Such a load of crap. Most people I know have a handful of very good friends who they will be friends with, no matter what, until the day they die. Then we all have other friends that come and go out of our lives,”

            I agree!! Just yesterday, I talked to two friends I had not talked to in a very long while. We are just busy, but we all understand that. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other, we are grownups though 😛 We used to hang out all the time before, but work and family matters do take priority as far as the daily life. Not meaning the friends and friendships are not important any more, or that when we used to hang out was becasue we were using each other or anything like that. AGAIN…we are grownups and understand that kind of thing….

  55. Arya Stark says:


    GAWKER review!!!

    • nathania says:

      “Jonathan Taylor Thomas Trapper Keeper Brain of Kelly’s!”

      that is even funnier than his last remark about Kelly living in a Lisa Frank fantasy land…he’s hysterical.

  56. Alexa Rose says:

    I may hate Luann more than I hate JZ. Cat should replace Luann. Not because I’m crazy about Cat, but because Luann needs to go away.

  57. quincyil says:

    As you know I have been silenced…but

    Please consider going to ramonasinger.com and sign up for her newsletter. There is information about someone.


  58. Sara says:

    I loved the way Ramona acted when she approached Luann at dinner. And all the dahhlings she threw around were priceless. She even brought the snacks down to prove they hadn’t ordered dinner up to their rooms like Luann said. And I don’t believe for one second that Ramona, Alex, and Sonja would ALL lie about not knowing when dinner would be served. Luann just saw an opportunity to pick on these ladies and point out their rudeness. It was unfounded. Also very classy – Luann calling Alex a witch as she was walking away after the cabinet comment.

  59. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill is not capable of being a real friend. LuAnn has absolutely no class. Kelly can’t hide her craziness. Sonja wants to have luxury. Ramona wants to have fun. Alex wants to be fair. Cindy wants everyone’s hangers. Andy will host yet another reunion where those who are bad get to slide and those who are good get grilled. Yawning now.

  60. DiaBLa says:

    Bethany tweeted out a reference to her book about Chap 8 on her rule about “Owning It”……..LoL..She must have seen Jill crying about Ramona not “owning it” and was getting a lil dig in….Jill – u had your chance and you blew it with Bethany. You will never be part of her world as she is so far above you now………Karma is a Bitch!!!!

    • California35 says:

      lol 🙂

    • California35 says:

      Still can’t write my own comment so I am replying to the last one I see.

      Can this day feel any longer!!! I am so glad it is Friday, but it just feel like a very long day…sigh…

      Any ways!! I did take a short break from the office to visit that wine place….I found Ramona’s Pinot and got two bottles. The price is only a bit hire than SGM, but very close. I will try it some time this weekend and will report how I like it.

      I hope everyone is having a good day….for me 3 to 4 hours more before I can leave work….


      • Nancy says:

        Do you keep your dog outside when you are at work?
        5pm is almost here. Have a nice weekend.

        • California35 says:

          No, miss thing will not stay outside :-P. she is inside the house on the confort of her bed (or mine, if she gets away with it :-P). How about yours? She does LOVE to go out for a walk or rabbit and lizard chasing, but she is a total indor dog.

          • California35 says:

            oh, and I work until 6..unless I sneak out 😛

            A few people are out, one of them for two weeks, and the more empty the office is the more I need to be here. On the other hand it has been nice to deal with ONLY work, none of the other stuff. I need to plan a few days off myself now 🙂

          • Nancy says:

            Emily sleeps on our bed at night and some of the day now. I take her outside and she hangs out with the cats. It’s interesting because our cat’s are feral but they accept Emily as part of their pack. It probably helps that she is their size. I think they know that she is old and they try to protect her because they are always right up against her. It’s rather sweet to see.

            Not that this is any of my business but you don’t seem all that happy at your job. Do yo ever think of leaving? I would hate to get up everyday knowing hoe much I don’t want to go to work. Again, none of my business. Hope you and “miss thing” have fun this weekend.

            • California35 says:

              No worries, thank you for asking. Yes, it has not been a happy place for a while now. I have been up and down on this feelings regarding work. I talked about some details before, but since I am still here, I didn’t wnat to keep on talking about it. I got to do something about it instead. I am hopefull that things would change for the better, then I am just dealing with it, then I am sick of it and want to leave. I am glad I stayed this long, those time I wanted to leave. I HAD to wait for some things to happen to make my time worth while before I leave. Now is the time, but there are a few new hires that potentially make my life easier (or worse). So now I am wating for that. As I said, I have been on this situation for a while now, so I have been trying to prepare by saving money and thinking of what I want to do next, and looking for jobs on line. So far the only thing that I have control of is savings, but at least its something. There are some things I wish I can do, but worrying about loosing my job have stoped me from it…like buy a car, do some home ” redoing”, take a big trip, go to night school. On one side, I feel that doing those things would make it worth working here, on the other side, I feel I would be more concern if I loose/leave this job. That is not a good way to live, so I guess that is why I do sound unhappy. Any waaaaaaaays! I am just goind forward, a few more moths and then I will see. Going back to school its more and more interesting to me…and would LOVE go full time, but that won’t happen (no $ to support myself in the mean time). I amconsidering some options while I wait.

              • Nancy says:

                I sort of know how you feel. When I stopped skating I had no idea what I was going to do for the rest of my life. It was scary. School now a day’s costs a fortune. It wasn’t like that in the 80’s. School loans were easy to get. I had to work full time as well as go to school full time. It was crazy but I did it.
                I wouldn’t recommend it though. I have taken job’s that I have hated and had to stay for many reasons.
                No job is going to meet all your goals but staying at one that makes you miserable isn’t good either.
                Have you thought of going to school on line? That might be an option.

                The Stanley Cup is on so I’m bidding you a farewell. Hang in there. 🙂
                P.S. My cats LOVE bringing in little critters for me to nurse back to health. I wish they’s stop.
                It seems like a zoo at times in this house.

  61. lillybee says:

    Some poster on TWOP said that Lulu reminded her of Sue on Glee and added just give her a whistle. I thought that it was so funny, I had to bring it here.

  62. VAGirl says:

    I posted the same comment on each New York blog:

    “Team Blondes all the way. They are much more fun that the buzz kills.”

    It’s already posted on Kelly’s. I wonder how many blogs it will make it to. I tried to keep it short and simple.

  63. VAGirl says:

    “than” vice “that”

  64. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill, we are waiting to see the new and improved, the changed and owning it good or bad Zarin. There are not many episodes left thankfully so you are really running out of time to show us who you think you are. You have turned your goon into an uberhated stooge. You have lost control of your loon who went off in search of Santa last night to fix her henna tatoo. And Cindy, well lets be honest – she would definately be picked last for the dodgeball game. Some team you assembled this year! No one likes them and everyone is willing to give some credit to you for their brunettely bad behavior. You are still sucking it Zarin and are still giving us no reason to stop hating you.

  65. Kukulet says:

    I honestly didn’t finish watching last night, but I’m glad I read Alex’s blog today, because I thought there must have been something else that happened between her talk with Ramona and her confronting LuAnn over the tattoos-and now I know what.

    I wish LuAnn would shut up. I wish Kelly would shut up. I wish Jill would shut up. I’d wish Cindy would shut up, but I tune her out usually anyway.

    Recast the show, Bravo!! Keep Alex and Ramona and kick the bitches to the curb. They’re BORING. They really are. All they ever do is repeat the same old crap. It’s a snoozefest. Ramona and Alex are interesting women. The others are not.

  66. quincyil says:

    Error 404 got his wish. A tornado has been officially named after him. Error 404-1 I have been watching the sky to the north rotate. They say there is wind damage and hail, but we have no wind.

    All toranadoes hitting Western/Central IL will be named after Error 404. I told my friends son, our NBC weatherman and he laughed.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Congratulations Error 404!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Oh man! That looks like it went right over where my cousin lives. Was it a tornado or just wind?

      • quincyil says:

        On the ground…. just north of my house.

        There is a number of storm fronts passing through. I was on the deck watching clouds with my cats.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Seems like it was south of her. She’s close to Gregory Landing, on the sand hillside.

          I saw on the radar all those storms. You got a lot and even more to the south of you. Whew!

    • Adgirl says:

      WOW Error 404 not only do you terrorize my computer but now you are grinding up the MidWest! Busy boy!

  67. Nancy says:

    I wonder if “The Count” watches RHONY? He must be mortified if he does. How embarrassing for him and their children. I can’t stand her. It’s a good thing I wasn’t on that “Trip of a life time”.
    I would have given ANYTHING to hear Bethenny’s TH re: that trip. Oh my God that would have been priceless.
    She could make another $120 million to do that with the entire 4th season.

  68. Nancy says:

    boston et al…
    Good luck tonight. Hopefully it will be a good clean game.
    I don’t like all the fighting. I hope your guy is out of the hospital
    and is doing fine. I’m glad “my” guy has been suspended.
    Let the best team win. 🙂

  69. VAGirl says:

    If you don’t want to see any previews of the OC reunion, then don’t watch this. This is really sad. I feel sorry for Donn. At least Vicki owns it and is not making any excuses.


    • Adgirl says:

      It’s strange that he only called her once when he was gone for a month but he is complaining about her doing the same. Also no sexy time on their secong honeymoon? Best that they end their misery.

      • VAGirl says:

        Would you call her if you went to hug her and she kept her arms at her sides? Not saying it doesn’t take two to make a marriage work. I’m actually one of the few on this blog who like Vicki. I think it should have ended way before it did. They both deserve to find someone who makes them happy.

      • Kukulet says:

        It sounds like Donn, at some point, gave up trying. Natural reaction-you hit a brick wall enough times, you are going to give up trying to breach it.

        I don’t get Vicki. She spent four seasons bitching that Donn didn’t meet her needs, etc., and vowing to renew her marriage, but now they both agree that she was the one orchestrating it so that he didn’t have the opportunity to save the marriage, no matter how hard he tried, and she never put any real effort behind her vows to put more effort into her marriage.

        She’s weird. He deserved better. Donn had his bad moments, but it seemed like he really loved Vicki and wanted to save the marriage, and she refused to meet him halfway. Just weird and sad.

        • quincyil says:

          I feel sad because that marriage could have been saved. They both committed to each other last season. Both people have to give 100% to each other in a marriage. I think Vicki has quirks that make it difficult to communicate with her. Those same quirks probably helped her to become rich.

          I think Don is good looking and he is going to have half of her money so he’s a good catch for women in OC.

  70. Arya Stark says:

    I’ve decided that the reason Jill may be getting mostly positive comments on the BRAVO blog is that most of those who hate her guts have just given up. Sure, it’s partly BRAVO, but I think it might also be that they take a bit of a “representative” sample.

    Jill obviously spams the blondes with negative comments as well.

    Anyway, I think people should go ahead and post away, if for no other reason than to give Bravo a head’s up that Jill and Luann and Kelly and Cindy are not beloved. I noticed a couple of negative LUann comments this time (already!)

    Anyway, please post. I know it may not be printed, but by letting the positive spam be all Bravo sees? It’s implying support that isn’t there.


    • Smompy says:

      Apparently today it’s my turn to have posting problems. Looks like my “stand alone” comments are disappearing now. Anyway, just wanted to say that I was able to find the full episode (from last night) on Hulu.com…in case anyone is looking to watch it.

    • VAGirl says:

      I agree. Three of mine got through and I also noticed ones that FLG and Kota posted. So it does work sometimes.

      • Arya Stark says:

        I have had several posted as well.

        The biggest problems seem to be with posting on JIll’s, which is why I think a combination of Jill spamming hers with positive stuff and us giving up is making Bravo think Jill’s redemption arc is working.

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  72. Kukulet says:

    Kelly’s Tweet: “kellybensimon @—– ive always been the voice of reason. No one could hear me before.#rhony”

    My Snort. Chuckle. Guffaw. has just supersized. I want some of her drugs.

  73. @tweatcyn says:

    Testing comments.
    Great recap of a horrific display of shallow narcissistic housewifery.

  74. @tweatcyn says:

    Yay! Success. Now if I can only get it to work from my mobile again.

  75. quincyil says:

    I don’t normally respond to negative comments about this place on other blogs, but someone read my blog and used my “The Lastt Supper” idea and felt the need to criticized the idea that it was supper time because light was streaming into the restaurant.

    Morocco is closer to the equator so they have close to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. They are not dark in the early evening in November when the show was filmed like we are. The twiligtht in the desert also produces spectacular colors due to dust in the atmosphere.

    Flights across the ocean are generally at night. So they could have an early dinner with light streaming into the restaurant.

    I never go to that blog so I won’t post an explanation there, but I will give it to you here.

    • quincyil says:

      PS I make it a point to not read other people’s blogs if I am writing something for IHJZ so my stuff comes from my head. I think that is a good thing.

        • quincyil says:

          I noticed a video at Bravo that is about Mario getting a massage from Ramona. He is a hunk and it’s obvious that both work out, but do you think part of their sexual game playing is being shown on National Tv? That’s kind of Kinky for two 50 year olds. rotfl

          • Adgirl says:

            Absolutely. It makes you feel important when your partner is considered extremely attractive to other people. It stops working if you don’t trust your partner.

            • quincyil says:

              Mario is spending time in the gym and playing tennis. I bet the breadwinner is Ramona. The pinot grigio is going to sell big time.

              A lot of the comments made by others come from jealousy in the real world and in the reality world. I saw that here in my neck of the woods too. I just kept working and volunteering, while others made comments about me. It always gets back to the person you talk about too.

              I have a rule. If I don’t want something I say to get back to that person, I don’t say it.

              I also don’t buy anything that I will have to dust.


  76. AZ Girl says:

    So WWHL After show Andy takes a call from Jill and Oprah’s producers who are with her in the Hamptons. You hear them in the background and Jill is trashing Andy about comments made by him about Oprah’s last show. Now this is so obvious is enough to make me sick. Bravo is talking about re-casting HWONY and suddenly Jill is calling in to WWHL with Oprah’s producer’s and calling him out on comments about Oprah’s final show.

    Andy grow some balls here. He was obviously put on the spot and Jill thinks she is so cute. Well…head’s up Oprah people! I can guarantee that Andy wants Jill out and in your camp so you can put up with her BS. You can have all the weekend’s in the Hamptons with Jill that you can stand.

    Thanks for the memories Jill and head over to Oprah’s cable station which is tanking right now along with her Sirius radio station. O Magazine is RIP. Jill is having pipe dreams about her, Lisa and Gloria having a “self-help” show on Oprah’s cable channel. Yes I am sure if that does happen IHJZ will continue for quite some time.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Oh and I hope you all had a great time at Lulu’s today and made sure you were on time for whatever so Lulu did not chew your asses out.

    • quincyil says:

      Oprah is a savy business woman and if it works and makes money, she will go for it. I would be surprised if Oprah thought Jill’s book was good when the top reviewers at Amazon had issues with it.

      Oprah made movies that changed the way I thought. I trust her.

      • Arya Stark says:

        No chance Oprah could read that book without throwing it in the garbage can. Heaven help the PA who suggests “the most hated housewife” gets hired for OWN.

        • Sam says:

          Sorry, but as I’ve said before, it’s all about ratings — and if Oprah believes that Jill will bring OWN enough viewers, then Jill will have a show on OWN. (Especially since Oprah desperately needs to bring her network’s ratings up. They’re terrible right now.)

  77. Waslurking says:

    I haven’t read all the comments….but I want to toss this experience in…..
    Peeps keep saying that 8 women can’t do a vaca without drama and that
    is just not right. Several years ago…. and I do mean several. 8 ladies
    set up a plan to rent a condo at Rocky Point in Mexico. None of us were
    flush money wise so splinting the cost for the week was affordable for all.
    We all live in AZ….but different towns ….so logistics was a trip in and of itself
    getting us all together in one town to be in 2 cars……. remember 8 women.
    Some of us were closer friends than the others…as you would expect.
    Everyone was respectful of each other.
    Once we got to the condo, which was right on the beach…. awesome.
    We all did the tourist thing….this group or that group. No one was in
    Biggest drama was flipping coins for who got the bedrooms/couches/sleeping bag
    each night or who’s turn it was to slice the limes for the Corona… lol
    My one and only vacation and IT was a “trip of a lifetime”!

    • quincyil says:

      I doubt there is drama when the cameras are turned off. I think it was an article about the OC women by Gretchen that I read about this. Gretchen said they change immediately. That was a while ago.

      • Waslurking says:

        Drama or fun? We had FUN!
        I’m just saying 8 less or more women can go on a trip and
        not be bitches.

        know that!

  78. Arya Stark says:

    Luann’s absolute RAGES seem quite real to me, and Alex’s blog comments about her screaming at the staff make me think there is plenty of drama off camera with this group. Only it didn’t fit into the storyline Bravo is trying to peddle about the Blondes being rude/drunk/inappropriate while the Brunettes were just SOOOOO appreciative and patient, so it doesn’t get shown.

  79. FLG says:

    I’ll be out of town for about a week or so. I hope all of you stay safe and well. Lynn, Empress Q and posters, I thank you for bringing brightness, levity and laughter into my life. I’ll miss interacting with you while I am gone. Peace, love, light and laughter! Keep up the good work! FLG

    • FLG says:

      I still don’t work for Sonja, but remember to use your toaster ovens! 8)

      • quincyil says:

        Wow. You are going to a place on the Planet Earth with no internet. I will try to figure this out the entire time you are gone. Hmmmm. It can’t be Birjand, Iran. I know they are all online.

        We will miss you,


      • katlg says:

        I did see your comment made it on her bolg…good for you!

    • VAgirl says:

      Please stay safe and we’ll miss your funny posts while you are gone.

    • FlowerPower says:

      Nooooooo!!!! Don’t go!!! You always make me laugh. My week will be dark and dreary without your posts.


      • Smompy says:

        Hurry back, FLG. I will miss your comments, as you’re one of the main posters here whose level of hatred for Lulu seems to closely match my own. I’ll think of you when I’m burning my cinnamon raisin English Muffins in that POS toaster oven I got at Target.

        Die, LuAnn, die!
        (btw, that’s German for “the, LuAnn, the”)

    • AZ Girl says:

      Safe travels FLG!

  80. Nancy says:


    You must be my good luck charm.
    While I was reading your post Vancouver scored!
    So far the only goal of the game. Thanks! 🙂

  81. AZ Girl says:

    @ Q: I know you are a huge fan of Oprah’s and I respect that. Oprah is also a business woman who has made some serious mistakes in the past i.e Dr. Phil. I see a lot of her decisions not in the best interest of her viewers. The “give away” shows are a perfect example. The audience (who have no prior knowledge that they have been chosen to be on this show) are confronted at the end of filming with deciding between enormous sales tax debt for these items or declining the items all for crap they would not necessarily buy in the first place.
    The car give away and Austrian trip brought to light the sales tax burden on those who won. This is done all under the “premise” that she purchased these items to give away but in fact they were donated for free advertising. One hour of advertisement on prime time on Oprah was worth whatever the cost of giving these items away.
    Granted the audience are thrilled and it makes for good tv. All in the end signed waivers knowing that they were responsible for the sales tax but it does add up to more than some could afford for things that they would on normal basis not purchase in the first place.

    You can all hate on me with this but I have issues with this whether it is Oprah or any other celebrity/show including “Lets Make a Deal”

    • Nancy says:

      AZ Girl,
      What happened with Dr Phil?

      • AZ Girl says:

        Dr. Phil was accused several years ago of “sexual harassment” by (I believe 2 women) that were on his show which he insisted that they remain in a green room with the man they supposedly were accusing of wrong doing. Not sure what happened to that case.

    • VAgirl says:

      AZ Girl. I admire what Oprah has done, but am definitely not an Oprah worshipper. However, I’d like to think she has enough sense to put a STOP to any possible show by Jill and family. Let’s hope that’s the case. Or maybe it would be a good thing because it would be a surefire FAIL.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I hope so but we shall see. Then again even Oprah can lose track of everything on her plate. She is only human and she is I believe a good person.

        • Waslurking says:

          She’s had complete control all these years but it’s her time to step down. I’m sure she’s tired of it all.
          We all make mistakes and she made her share of them……
          I’m not a Oprah clone…….really I could care less….but she’s been good for many in a lot of ways.
          I doubt she understood the repercussions re: the taxes for the car give away.
          She is not my cup of tea but it seems impossible these days to attempt to do ‘right’ when
          the media looks to find a wrong.

      • quincyil says:

        No one could accomplish what Oprah did without blunders. I’m sure some people felt hurt by her actions too. All in all, she had a good heart and used her intelligence. She A+++++.

        Bethenny is flawed as we all are, but she worked hard and hit the jack pot.

        Jill Zarin says she is working all of the time, but if you look at her twitter, she is going out to eat and having fun a lot. There is a disconnect between her claims and reality.

        I don’t worship any person. I do try to give credit to people I don’t like, if they do something good.

  82. Cheri says:


  83. Adgirl says:

    Is anyone still here tonight? It’s 7:30 on the West Coast. I’m just catching up on the 20/20 story about reality TV shows. A producer noted that while most people on reality TV disliked the cameras and microphones at first, many were devasted when their 15minutes was over.
    That got me to thinking about Jill Z and her endless tweets, newletters and FB postings …. I think she is flat out addicted. Like it’s attention-heroin that’s she’s mainlining.
    When the show ends, will she be in rehab or therapy?

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      Hopefully she’ll fall on her sword.

    • Nancy says:

      Oh the thought. Jill in Rehab. I would rather take care of Charlie Sheen.
      But you are right. This has become Jill’s life. Just like Bethenny has said.
      “This show has brought you over”

      Jill is going to implode when this show goes belly up. Will be “interesting”
      to see what happens to our “lovely” friend Jill Zarin.

  84. Cheri says:

    Hi everyone, guess where I’m at. NYC, my first time and I’m loving it. I tried to post this yesterday but couldn’t so here goes again. I took the city sights ny downtown bus tour yesterday and we were around china town when we made a scheduled stop. Next thing I know the bus guide was announcing “for those of you who watch the housewives of New York this is Zarin Fabrics right here! Yep the bus stops right along side of Zarin Fabrics! I was shocked were it is located at, did not seem like a good area of town. There were a few of us on the bus who stood up to take pics. I was also surprised at the number of garbage bags we saw out if the sidewalks around the city, all I could think was poor Luann she is so limited to the number if places she can go to in this city (alex’s fashion show a couple if years ago). Today I was in Chinatown (another not so desireable place) when this couple walked by me and I heard the husband say to his wife this is where the New Jersey housewives shop for all their purses and jewerly and claim it’s real. I started laughing and his wife smiled. Anyway my experience in the big apple.

    • Adgirl says:

      So funny! I was in product training this month (I sell advertising on various media platforms) when we were discussing TV ads. Suddenly the trainer was talking about her love for the NJ housewives. LOL.

    • VAgirl says:

      Sounds like fun. Stay safe.

    • Error404 says:

      Stay dry today! Hope youre at the museums!

    • Error404 says:

      I’m so happy youre enjoying NYC!

      The hoods: I think Jill misleads people by hinting that zarins is some kind of posh 5th ave boutique. Bawby’s grandpa started the store back before the holocost and like all discount wholesale places, it’s basically a warehouse in a warehouse neighborhood with other discount wholesale places. Nothing wrong with that, it authentic. But it’s like Jill is always banging on about all of the big name designer stuff her store sells, and people start picturing bloomingdales, and are then shocked to find she owns a target. She’s not lying, but she’s not being totally honest either.

      Chinatown: you should have seen it before gulianni! Lol it was more “real”. The food is still really good though!

  85. Nancy says:

    V-1 🙂
    Thank-you God!

    • Melissa says:

      To be fair, just because someone is accused of being a racist doesn’t make it so, especially in this day and age where the term “racist” is being used so loosely, often as a tool to divert the focus from the real issue, it’s all but lost it’s effect.

      • VAgirl says:

        That’s very true. I’ve dealt with people claiming discrimination when it turned out after investigation that they weren’t doing their jobs and their supervisors were just making it clear that either their performance improves or they will suffer the consequences. It happened all the time.

        • Melissa says:

          I know, I’m not denying this particular case til all the facts are in but I’m also aware of how the word “racist” is being thrown around so often without context these days. The word has taken a life on it’s own, and I believe it’s a serious enough word/accusation that shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

      • Error404 says:

        To be fair, racist wasn’t the only accusation. There’s like a laundry list of abuses, so yes, innocent until proven guilty, but this isn’t just about race.

        • Melissa says:

          There is a list of abuses but they were all supposedly propelled by racism correct? Her claim was, “they were all very happy with my credentials etc til they saw me”, so basically she’s saying if she was white, all of her sufferings would’ve never took place, so what am I missing?

  86. DiaBLa says:

    I think Jill actually did it!!! I hate LuAnn Countless Camel Toe more than her……….Wow!!! Shrill is a Criminal Mastermind after all……

    • Waslurking says:

      That is giving her too much credit…..she’s just a bitch.

      • DiaBLa says:

        Well after closing my eyes and then I opened them again ……I saw that you are right. She is def not smart enough to be considered a Criminal mastermind. She just got lucky!!

  87. Waslurking says:

    I’m way late …..but I feel so bad for Alex. She is so like I am……… if peeps are giving me grief I let is slide but
    if I hear/see peeps talking trash about my friends then all of a sudden I’m a badger.
    Alex prolly should have stayed out of it………but honey…. I understand why she didn’t!!!

  88. Melissa says:

    Luann is truly despicable, I used to be under the impression that she was at least a reasonable and a fair minded individual but last nights episode proved her to be anything but. She’s a crass, pompous woman who seems to get a strange pleasure out of putting another down.
    I felt for Alex, standing there struggling to keep calm yet trying to get a word in while Kelly like the fruitloop she is, kept interrupting her and mentioned something about a casino? Totally could’ve done without her. I couldn’t believe how Alex didn’t just shut her up by calling her crazy and asked her why she kept bullying her, as she was undoubtably was doing.

    • Adgirl says:

      All Alex should do with those bitxhes is just laugh hysterically at them. Point her finger and laugh at them. That would make them NUTS!

      • Melissa says:

        LOL but I don’t know if they could be anymore NUTS than they already are. I was so wishing B was there to put all those lunatics in their place with her clever one-liners.

    • Waslurking says:

      Must have been some agreement with the cast to not aggravate Kelly. Poor thing is on meds and all,
      right? Not very authentic is it? She NEVER should have been back this season after last years
      breakdown……and the BS on the reunion.. Do they think we have forgotten that mess?

      As Nancy said above……….. I miss Bethenny!!

    • Error404 says:

      There’s always this silent “everybody knows…” with lulu. Even on WWHL twice she was so unapologetic about being cruel to Alex it’s like she knows in her heart that everyone agrees that Alex is beneath her and therefore deserve g of contempt. I’ve never seen anyone so out of touch with reality that wasn’t real European royalty. She reminds me a lot of prince Phillip.

  89. Adgirl says:

    I’m finally watching this week’s NY show on DVR. I can’t stand Louann. I have to FF thru her andalso Kelly’s SSSHHS.
    The producer’s blog this week said they never saw a written itinery for the trip. So. Louann told her buddy’s about dinner @ 8 but not the blondes? And then she did attack Alex then called her names when Alex finally took her dinner upstairs.

    • Waslurking says:

      I hope Andy pulls tape up huh? ….

    • Melissa says:

      You have to love Luann’s line to Alex at dinner with a stern disapproving glare, “Alex, you know better than this, you graduated college” or something to that effect, who is she, her mother? Well, evil step mother anyway. Luann seriously infuriates me to no end. Maybe if she was as involved and preechy to her own daughter, she wouldn’t be rolling a joint and perhaps may have stayed in school.

      • Waslurking says:

        Education means nothing in regard to manners! If it did, my kids ( who are both 30 something), my
        friends, or myself would all be illiterate morons! We all know how to get along and behave…..

      • quincyil says:

        Both Kelly and Luann have mentioned college in this episode. Alex went to Northwestern which is a fantastic school. I think they know you have to be a good student to get into NW.

        • TLM says:

          Alex dropped out of Northwestern pretty early on. This somehow never gets mentioned. She isn’t a graduate from there. To me that’s like someone saying they’re a doctor because they went to med school for a few months and then dropped out.

      • cabbie413 says:

        With both of them mentioning college, it just goes to show us that they have conversations about the other housewives behind their backs. if they both dont like Alex, why are they discussing her schooling and her extra curricular activities.. afterall, that was probably 15 years ago, so how is it relevant today? they are just gossiping bitter bitches

  90. lillybee says:

    I thought that Alex stayed cam with Kelly because she saw that the crazy was trying to come out.

  91. boston02127 says:

    good morning

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Thanks for sharing the never ending revisionist lies of Jill Zarin! What a stupid bitch – she has no clue about friendship requirements as she only thinks about herself. Buy a mirror Jill and take a good look at the only person who thinks you are their friend.

  92. cabbie413 says:

    WHO’S GOING TO FIX IT??? SANTA??? ..that’s what the blog should be called lol

    I can’t stand any of these women anymore — including Alex and Ramona (only because they allow themselves to be bullied! – I would’ve quickly told the Brunettes to STFU and get out of my face..why cant they do that??)

    and as far as the Oprah stuff with jill .. why do we never see Jill with OPRAH herself? it’s because Jill is a name dropper and she’s “socializing with people so ABOVE her”

    From what I understand about Oprah and how she conducts business… Oprah vets the people she wants to “put on” Recently during the height of Steve Harvey and his relationship advice shows, which garnered a lot of viewership, Oprah wanted to give Harvey his own show on her network. According to this article http://www.stlamerican.com/entertainment/living_it/article_2587c64e-32d4-11e0-9910-001cc4c03286.html and http://www.the-savvy-sista.com/2011/01/more-drama-steve-harveys-ex-wife.html
    (and others – that was just a quick google search), it was comments from Harvey’s ex wife that ruined his chances of getting his own show.

    Once Jill is ‘vetted’ by Oprah’s team, I am sure she will not be considered. People know Steve harvey and he comes with a national following (ie built in audience)..and he got kicked to the curb. I don’t think they’ll bother with Jillous Zarin

    • Error404 says:

      Oh, stop causing a casino! LoL

      The way I see it is this: in the real world the blondes never would have anything to do with the browns, they’d never in a million years go on a trip with them, and if they did, they’d do more like Ramona and Sonja and keep to themselves avoiding the others. The fights with the browns is really about being on a tv show and yes, Kelly is right, bravo forces them to go in the sense that you know it’s either go downstairs and ruin Kelly’s tatoo or give up your apple.

      Someone earlier suggest throwing a glass of pinot in lulu’s face. Could you imagine? We’d never hear the end of it! For the next decade sh’d be acting like a serial killer attacked her with a chainsaw. It’s not like any of them are ever going to get it.

      which brings us to ramona’s abusive relationship with Jill: it’s like being in the mafia, the only way out is in a box. That’s why she keeps making up with Jill because Jill will spent every one of bawby’s $35mil making ramona’s life a lving hell if she tried to end it. Jill friendships all have this creepy lesbian stalker vibe to them. She’s always comparing them to marriages and when they end, she always goes all bunny boiler on poor sods. It’s creepy, weird and inauthentic. Perhaps Ramona spent too many years being abused by her father to realize just how damaging Jill is: she’ll abuse you and abuse you and twist it all around to make it somehow your fault. Jill is soooo. “why did you make me hit you? You know this hurts me more than it hurts you.”

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ramona seeks peace with Jill because she knows what a horrible, backstabbing, two faced shrew she really can be – they have to travel in overlapping fabulous circles and Ramona isn’t stupid. Make nice with the bitch, limit your conversations to hello/weather/Hamptons and move along! IMO, Ramona is nice to Jill for the purpose of filming RHNY and so she doesn’t have to fight with her in real life.

      • VAgirl says:

        You’re right! Creepy lesbian stalker vibe is so accurate. Alex knows the deal and keeps her distance with Jill, only interacting on a casual aquaintance level. Ramona hasn’t quite gotten it and I do think her past experiences is clouding her judgment when it comes to Jill. Hopefully she will wake up in time and won’t let Jill cause irreversible damage in her life. Ramona really needs to leave the show after this season if there is a show. She has gotten great publicity for her brands and now she needs to get out while the gettin is good.

      • La Dolce Vita says:

        Error: Oh, I do think they “get it.” They have all chosen various methods to make themselves relevant to the show. However, as their natural personalities emerge, it becomes obvious that most have not chosen wisely.

        Luann, case in point > having chosen to be the epitome of all that is elegant and noble, in reality (true personality) comes across as a haughty, bossy, mean-spirited, ill-mannered, back stabbing, snake in the grass screw.

      • TLM says:

        Did Ramona say casino? I couldn’t believe that line. I’m still stunned over her saying Sonja was telling an “antidote” rather than an “anecdote.”

  93. TLM says:

    I was late in posting anything about this last episode because, quite frankly, I lost interest about 10 minutes in and shut it off. I went to Comcast On-Demand last night just for the hell of it. What a complete waste of time.

    Watching Medicated Kelly try to calm down Crazy Actress Alex while the memory is still burned into my brain of Kelly calling Alex a vampire in kabuki makeup was beyond ridiculous. I kept wondering why Alex stood there listening to her and bargaining with her about closing her eyes, rather than saying, “What’s wrong, lunatic? You gonna call me a vampire again? Aren’t you late for your next dose of lithium?” I’m sick of the fact that no one dares bring up St. John and acts like it never happened. Except for Jill, of course, who will never let it die and has to rehash that she was “thrown out” when her poor judgment stunned 4 women and 1 Bobby.

    But I’ve already spent too much time on this. My impressions are:

    Luann: The Countess mask has fallen off, and she’s just a mean girl in a caftan. Her remarks have been getting bitchier and bitchier. I guess with the Count gone and book sales in the toilet, there’s no reputation left to uphold. Funny there has been not one mention of “Jacques” after her bringing him up every 30 seconds like an egg timer. Perhaps he dumped her, and now the world must suffer her wrath. And I hope Cindy wasn’t listening to her advice on needing to get away from the kids. Cindy,unless you want your kids to climb out of windows and break their legs and upload videos to YouTube with racial slurs, don’t follow Luann’s advice on parenting.

    Ramona & Sonja, or “Sonona”: The Ugly Americans ordering foreigners around and butchering what 5 words they know in French, made even sadder by Sonja constantly recounting her glory days when she had a yacht and danced with the Sultan of Brunai or whatever. I think the Maysles need to move into her decaying townhouse and film the sequel to Grey Gardens – and hey, Sonja can definitely use the money. Ramona is a freaking crazy lunatic, and I don’t blame Mario for running around. I really don’t. I would be running for the hills from that woman. Don’t be fooled by the vow renewal last year; look at where Donn and Vicki are after their tearful ceremony on the beach.

    Alex: Awkward till you drop, boring and desperate. Constantly doing her best Jon Lovitz “ACTING!” job in every scene she can steal a bit more camera time. And still has no fashion sense. WTF is with that hair? She needs to go back to her natural brunette & shorter hair. Saw the wedding photo of her and Simon and it was night and day. Stop trashing your hair with bleach already, and spend the money on good veneers.

    Jill: Let the St. John thing go already. Even with a makeup between her and the Ramonacoaster, you know this isn’t the end of it. What the hell was that purple outfit on the camel? Was that Rerun’s costume from What’s Happening, circa 1975? Oh, just go away.

    Kelly: Glad you are now medicated and functioning, but I have no interest in you or anything you have to say.

    Cindy: Despite what others say, I think she’s the only down to earth one, and I like a lot of the clothes she wears, in contrast to the supposed “fashionistas” whose clothes I wouldn’t take if you gave them to me for free. You’re better off without this bunch.

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