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I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion by LynnNChicago

The five ladies (and I use that term for lack of a better one) did a whole lot of accusing on the first installment of the reunion show.  I found absolutely nothing likable about Peggy Tanous and hopefully if this show returns they will dump her.  I really don’t care if Alexis wanted her on the show or not, I don’t care if Alexis was jealous of her (but I can’t see anything to be jealous about) and I really see why these two women would have been friends anyway.  The way that Peggy attacked Alexis all season was really ugly!  Worse than that was the way that Peggy sucked up to Vicki and Tamra even telling Tamra that she loved her.  Seriously?  Vicki and Tamra were the mean girls who took Peggy into their group simply to ensure she would be on their side against Alexis and Gretchen.  There was no genuine concern or caring for Peggy from either Tamra or Vicki, they simply tolerated her.  Peggy is another poor casting choice who will most likely be another in the long line of Orange County’s forgettable housewives who added nothing to the show and will hopefully go away!  I don’t typically comment on the Housewives attire but did anyone else think Peggy looked like a slut?  The hair, the make-up and the dress all screamed …SLUT! lol

Painting based on this photo

Gretchen Rossi was asked for the ten thousandth time whether or not she will marry Slade, there was rumors that he proposed at the final OC party at Vicki’s house but after their conversations shown on-screen, Slade knows better than to ask.  He might have gotten a “no” from Gretchen at this point in their relationship.  Gretchen says she’s happy with Slade the way things are but she’s obviously concerned about Slade’s financial situation.  He will join the ladies next week and cause Tamra to storm off the set bitching all the way, so he can’t be all bad. 

Tamra again accuses Gretchen of cheating on the now deceased Jeff while the two were engaged to be married.  I really don’t know if it is true but this subject has really been beaten to death and Tamra really needs to just let it go.  Tamra clearly feels the need to bash Gretchen and she’s got nothing else to use against her so she keeps bringing up the same nonsense.  I’m not typically a fan of the one shoulder dress but Gretchen is young enough to pull it off well (Caroline!) and while she was coiffed to within an inch of her life she looked pretty good.  Andy said she looked very “Pageant” which I think was an insult but Gretchen laughed it off.

Bravo showed a montage of Tamra’s issues while going through a divorce and was asked some pretty tough questions about her behavior on screen.   She claims that she didn’t plan on having sex in a bathtub on screen, the plan was to “just talk” folks!  But Tamra doesn’t regret it, she doesn’t believe in any regrets and she doesn’t think it hurt her soon to be ex-husband Simon since he has a girlfriend.  This woman has three young children and is naive enough to believe that they know nothing of anything she’s done on screen, why?  Because according to Tamra there is a court order that her children are not allowed to watch Bravo.  Good luck enforcing that order! 

If Tamra’s children were home schooled and not allowed to leave the house or use the phone or have any interaction with anyone, they might be able to enforce that court order.  Lets be real Tamra, they do go to school and they most likely visit their friends and at some point they will be old enough to watch whatever the hell they want to on television but still too young to watch their mother having sex on TV, hell I’m too young to watch something like that!  No one is ever ready to see their mother doing …that! 

Tamra claims that her kids only know Eddie “a little” and that she spends time with Eddie while her kids are with Simon.  Alexis pointed out that they probably know a lot more about Eddie than Tamra thinks they do if they’ve caught any of the show.  If Tamra truly believes they’ve not seen any Bravo due to a court order, she’s pretty stupid.  But then we already knew Tamra was pretty stupid. 

Tamra looked like a thug in a cocktail dress, she looks like a pretty little thing until she opens her ugly vulgar mouth. 

Both Vicki and Peggy said that Tamra’s soft porn scenes in the bathtub were “beautiful” and showed how much they love each other.  May I respectfully request that if Tamra chooses to show her love for Eddie in the future, she simply says, “I love you”?  There is no way that Vicki and Peggy would have had the same opinion of those scenes had it been Gretchen and Slade or Alexis and Jim doing what Tamra did! 

Since Alexis called Tamra out for her bad behavior as a mother on screen, Tamra felt the need to give her take on Alexis and Jim’s housing issue.  Andy asked Alexis about her home sale and she admitted to having to sell the house in a short sale and they are buying a new house with cash.  Vicki and Tamra both chimed in that typically a bank won’t allow you to do a short sale if you have that kind of cash in the bank.  They speculated that Jim most likely put their home into a business name and then filed for bankruptcy.  Alexis didn’t seem to know if that was true or not but I’m guessing that if it is true, Jim Bellino did what he had to do in order to ensure his family were not left homeless.  I really don’t care how they did it as long as the Bellino children are safe and in a happy home. 

Tamra was sure to bring up the stroller in a pool incident, Alexis has explained this several times and I tend to believe that Alexis didn’t purposely toss her kids into a pool so I’m sure it was an accident.  We’ve not heard anything negative about Alexis’s mothering skills, I think Tamra was a bitch to even bring it up.  When she could afford to, she had some nanny’s, so what?  Any mother of twins would do the same if they had the funds to do it.  Vicki and Tamra like to try to slam Alexis and since they can’t find much, they attack her mothering abilities and I think it’s a low blow. 

Alexis takes a lot of hits about her marriage but really who are we to judge, if it works for her and Jim, why does Tamra and Vicki care so much?  They have both been divorced twice so they’re certianly not in any position to give marital advice to anyone.  I don’t think there is much on screen that Alexis would need to keep from her kids either.  (Tamra!)  I’m not overly fond of Alexis but her marriage seems to work and her kids seem happy so I say, let her be. 

When it comes to her comments about a woman being President of the United States, I may not agree with her but I certainly wouldn’t want to see Vicki Gunvalson in that office either!  WOW, Vicki thinks she could do a better job that Barak Obama?  Dream on Vicki! 

The only new information we learned tonight is that Vicki has a boyfriend!  I’m sure finding out while watching Bravo is exactly what Vicki had in mind for Donn.  Vicki contradicted herself when she told Tamra in that now infamous dinner scene that she hasn’t had sex in two years and that she never gets hugs, she just wants to be touched, she’s never touched.  Boohoo so sad, poor Vicki is so mistreated, she was looking for sympathy from viewers and looking for a way to justify leaving her husband.  On the reunion we learned that Vicki froze up and refused to hug her husband when he put his arms around her.  We also know that this couple had sex while renewing their vows which was less than two-years ago.  Vicki is a liar and we can’t believe anything that she says.

Vicki grinned like a cat when talking about her new boyfriend, we also learned that he is living with Tamra’s boyfriend Eddie.  This seems to me that Vicki watched Tamra divorce her husband and find a young stud and Vicki wanted the same thing for herself.  I still think that Eddie Judge is a gay man (not that there’s anything wrong with that) unless you pretend to be a straight man dating a Bravo Housewife.  

Vicki’s new boyfriend, I think she said his name was “Brooks”, is from the south and apparently can’t afford his own place in California so he’s bunking down with Eddie.  Fascinating.  What is more fascinating is that Vicki told viewers that her daughter Brianna who is again living with her, doesn’t approve of her mother’s behavior.  Just last week we watched on screen as Vicki’s daughter told us she had her mom’s back and she would take out anyone who went after her mother.  

How things change in a few months.  Both of Vicki’s children, Michael and Brianna seemed to have a pretty good relationship with Donn Gunvalson and while Vicki told us that Michael has been supportive of his mom, Brianna has gotten angry and lashed out at her mother.  Brianna is typically the voice of reason and is probably one of the most intelligent women to ever grace the screen of The Real Housewives of ANY city, I have to think that Vicki’s behavior has to be pretty bad for Brianna to have turned on her mom.  

Both Michael and Brianna have made it clear they want to maintain a relationship with their step-father Donn and Vicki said that she supported that decision.  If Vicki is acting with Brooks the way that Tamra was acting with Eddie, I can see why her daughter is disgusted!   I sincerely hope that Brianna lives her own dream and moves as far away from her mother as possible as soon as possible and is happy and healthy! 

Vicki tried to lead viewers to believe that she was so busy with work that she had no time left for her husband, if this were true how is it that she’s finding time for a new boyfriend?  This wasn’t about work, this was about Vicki being bored and refusing to work on her marriage.  Vicki’s lack of respect for her husband was evident from the first season of RHOOC and she was clearly bored with him for years. 

I’m sure we’ll hear more about Vicki’s boy toy in the coming weeks but my prediction is that this guy is another male gold digger who would love nothing more than to be on television and is attracted to Vicki’s money more than he’s attracted to Vicki!  Tamra and Vicki both deserve what is coming their way. 

Tonight on part two of the reunion, Jeana and Slade join the ladies on the couch and Tamra dramatically storms off the set.  I doubt we’ll learn anything new, more bitching and cattyness…stay tuned.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey by LynnNChicago

I no longer feel sorry for Jacqueline and the issues that she is dealing with regarding her daughter Ashley Holmes.  Jac’s husband Chris enters the house and announces to Jacqueline that he has decided to work out an arrangement to buy Ashley a car.  Jacqueline is clearly unhappy about this decision but she shows no authority and says very little in opposition.  “I thought we talked about this” was about all Jacqueline said. 

Ashley works as an unpaid intern at a PR firm in New York City, she claims to have a “part time job” but we all know that she does collect a paycheck from Bravo being under the final year of a 3-year contract.  We don’t know how much money this kid gets but apparently it wasn’t enough to buy a car on her own so what makes her parents think she can make the payments going forward?  Sigh…they will never learn!

Ashley tells viewers that she’s a “good kid” because she’s not in and out of rehab.  Her definition of a “good kid” leaves a lot to be desired! 

When the trio arrived at the car dealership and Chris Laurita told his step-daughter that he would be holding onto the second set of keys to her car, Ashley whined “Noooo” and refused to agree to allow this man to even drive her car complaining, “you have four cars!”  This is the man who is paying the down payment and her first two car payments, her mother is co-signing this loan and Ashley doesn’t want to let Chris take the car out for a ride later that evening.  It gets worse… Ashley says, “if this is how it’s going to be, then I don’t even want the car”.  Chris says, “Fine, let’s go home then” to which Ashley replies, “fine, let’s go home!”  This is where I would have stood up and walked out of the car dealership and Ashley would have been left to walk home.  But not the Lauritas!  No way!  What do they do?  They continue on with the purchase and Jacqueline signs all the paperwork so that her disrespectful, unappreciative, rude daughter can have a brand new Jeep.  WTF?  Chris and Jacqueline Laurita deserve what they get with this kid!  Ashley is a sickening person, she’s not a child and she’s not a woman but she is a dispicable human being!  Sorry Jacqueline, but she is!

At the Giudice household they’re all excited to receive a voice mail from Uncle Joey, he notes that he received Teresa’s letter and would like permission to attend Gia’s gymnastics meet.  Gia is clearly excited and is so emotional she begins to tear up causing Teresa to tear up and Joe Giudice to roll his eyes and crawl back under the rock…er covers of his bed.  Did anyone else notice Joe Giudice spends a lot of time in bed? 

Teresa calls her brother back and gets his voice mail finding his mail box full and unable to leave a message.  Joey must have seen her number on the caller ID and called her back just moments later.  Teresa scolds her brother for not taking her call, forgetting that she didn’t take his call since he had to leave a message but he also explained that he was with a customer.  Apparently Joey actually does work while Joe Giudice is in bed, I get why Teresa wouldn’t understand that as her husband spends all day in bed.

Joe gets out of bed to attend Gia’s gymnastics meet but based on his questions and the fact that he had no idea what was going on, this was his first time to attend his daughter’s meet.  Poor little Gia did not do well, it could have been the fact that Bravo’s cameras were on her or it could have been what Teresa claimed, it was because her Uncle Joey hadn’t arrived on time to watch her perform.  I tend to believe it was the cameras.  Since her father and her uncle had never attended before, I doubt her audience had much to do with her being nervous.  A young child performing for the first time for television cameras was more likely the problem.

Joey, Melissa and their daughter arrive in time for the awards ceremony and while Melissa is all but ignored, Teresa makes a big deal over her neice while Joe pays no attention to the child saying, “she never says hi to me!”.  Grow up Joe Giudice!  She’s a child, if you paid a little attention to her, she would be more likely to acknowledge that you exist. 

Joey and Teresa’s mother is in attendance, she ignores her daughter-in-law and scolds her son for being late even as just moments before we watched her arrive late as well.  It must run in the family, Teresa has absolutly no right to be upset with her brother for being late as just a few weeks ago we watched her miss her nephew’s entire Christening ceremony arriving only in time for photos afterward. 

Kathy’s family was really sweet on tonight’s episode, I love the way that they have open communication with their children and I thought the idea of a contract was a great idea.  The fact that Kathy and her husband didn’t dictate what the contract would include but allowed the kids to create something that they’re comfortable with was a great way to handle this. 

Caroline Manzo and her husband playing golf.  Really?  This is the best they’ve got?  sigh…

Later in the episode Caroline interviews for a radio job and tells the station manager that while she has no radio experience, she has a lot of life experience.  Since we know that Caroline does get the job apparently it worked but I certainly wouldn’t have hired her based on that line.  Caroline has never worked, she raised three children as a stay at home mom like millions of other women in this world, what qualifies her to give advice?  Her behavior on last year’s reunion would have disqualified her for any job in my book!  I think that Caroline got this job simply because she is a cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Melissa Gorga sang the wrong lyrics to Amazing Grace but I have to admit that she’s got a pretty voice.  Previews for the show confirm that she will be allowed to sing on stage in front of an audience in future episodes.  For tonight we learn that she not only sings but writes songs, texting lyric ideas to a young writer who puts it all together for her.  I liked the song he came up with, I thought it was pretty good.  We’ll see if Melissa can hit those high notes. 

I was impressed by Joey Gorga’s support of his wife’s dream, he quietly said shhh to his kids so that they could listen to Melissa sing then told her he would support anything she wanted to do with a singing career.  It was really very sweet. 

I was less impressed with Melissa and her sisters shopping spree but thankful that Bravo didn’t flash price tags on the screen.  Fur Melissa?  Really?  The shop owners actually said she should give Melissa a free coat because she spends so much money in her store.  Cut to Teresa’s jealous rant about Melissa knowing how to get what she wants from her husband.

I suppose Teresa forgets that her husband let her spend anything she wanted to, $10k on a couch, “why would I love a couch”.  Who knows how much on Teresa’s fake boobs, “Happy wife, happy life”.  Teresa is the queen of spending her husband’s money so she has no room to talk about her sister-in-law, the difference is the Gorga’s aren’t filing bankruptcy. During Season one we watched Teresa shop exactly the way Melissa was shopping, Teresa wasn’t working, was home raising her kids and spending like she had a money tree in her yard.  Tonight she criticizes her sister-in-law for the exact same thing.  Yes, Teresa wrote two cookbooks and they’ve sold well but it isn’t because she wanted to get a job, it is because she was forced to make money when her husband’s business failed.  I sensed a bit of jealousy in Teresa’s version of Melissa’s life. 

I really don’t understand how this hard-working Italian family continually criticize Joey Gorga for working all the time and they say he spends too much time working?  This is a bad thing?  I thought this family came here from Italy with no money in their pockets and worked hard to build the American dream?  Why is it a negative thing that Joey Gorga works hard and supports his family?  Maybe Joe Giudice could learn a thing or two from his brother-in-law?

Melissa talks to her husband about her concerns regarding his family.  They all seem to blame Melissa for the conflicts and she doesn’t understand why.  Honestly, I don’t understand why either, Teresa tells us that she was fine with her brother until he married Melissa yet we also heard that they were all fine until Teresa started appearing on television.  I’d like to hear from Teresa exactly what she thinks Melissa did to tear apart her and her brother.  Particularly since we’ve seen Melissa only try to encourage her husband to talk to Teresa and fix things.  Melissa has said she wants her children to know their cousins and to get together with Teresa on a regular basis. 

Yes, I’m team Melissa, I know it’s not the popular position to take but it’s how I see it, feel free to disagree! 🙂 

Next week Joey and Teresa sit down in a restaurant to talk things out, I’m going to predict that it doesn’t go very well since from what we’ve heard each of them blame the other for the problems. 

Mob Wives by Quincy IL

Carla and Renee are catching up at a diner.  This is the first time that they are together after the fight.  They need to laugh, forget and be friends.  Renee doesn’t like online dating.  She wants a man like Jr., her ex-husband.  Carla said that Renee needs to move on because Renee is not happy and she needs to be happy. They have been friends since they were teenagers and they want each other to be happy.

Karen is talking to her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter Karina.  David said Karina has not stopped crying for Karen since she returned to Phoenix, AZ.  Karen’s mother is also there for the 11 year old girl.  David talks about how difficult adjusting to being free is has been in prison most of his life.  The stress of working a regular job and trying to stay out of prison has taken its toll on David. Karen wanted a guy who was “in the streets.”  David says, “I love you.” Karen says, “Right, bye.”

Carla tells Etty her friend that Joe will be out of prison in 2 weeks.  They go shopping for tee shirts, underwear, socks, and sneakers. The kids are excited that their dad is returning to them, but he won’t be moving back in as they are divorced.

Drita arrives at a restaurant and they discuss the cold rain. Drita shares that Lee has been in prison half of his life.  He spends 2 years in JV, 6 ½ years, 8 ½ years and 2 years. Drita jokes about phone sex.  They share that women suffer. They feel good and look good.  Drita says she won’t get a boyfriend because Lee will hurt me.  She jokes about a vibrator.

Nikole and Renee visit Dr. Clapper, the plastic surgeon. Renee wants a body makeover. The doctor’s assistant takes naked body shots and Renee is shocked.  Some people would lose weight, but Renee wants the doctor to change her figure.  He said they would discuss the best scenario.

Drita talking to her cousin on the phone and she is upset that raccoons are getting into her garbage bin and making a mess.   She said they were smart and like a gang.  She is going to use a paint gun and shoot them in the ass. She says that a single mother needs a gun for burglars and raccoons.

Karen is meeting with her writing coach, Carmela to discuss the book. There is an article in the paper calling it a tell all and that there is a backlash from the victims of her father’s crimes.  She says that people have written about blood money.  Karen says that she did nothing. Karen feels that she was a victim of circumstances. She is going to tell her story, not her father’s story.

Drita is with her daughter Aleeya and they are talking about Lee.  Aleeya asks why her father went to prison for the first time.  Drita said that he hung out with friends and the friends did something wrong. One of the friends did not want to go to prison so he was” a rat.” Drita explains that a rat is a person that tells on the others. Aleeya would rather have her dad in prison than be “a rat.”

Renee and Karen are in a restaurant. Karen compliments Renee on her lips. Karen says the papers have published her mug shots. They agree that her father’s crimes are twenty years in the past.  Renee says that Karen has a right to tell her story.  They quote, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

Lee calls Drita and she tells him about the raccoons.  Lee laughs.  She tells him about Aleeya and how she feels about rats.  She is proud that her daughter has a sense of loyalty.

Jr. arrives at Renee’s house and asks for chicken soup as he doesn’t feel well.  Jr. and AJ talk so Jr. can tell his son that he is going to prison.  AJ shows a lack of emotion, but Jr. tells him AJ that he is getting his car and that Jr. will take care of him.

Carla comes to Drita’s home at night and they are ready to rumble.  The have a paint gun and a flash light.  Drita fires the paint gun and misses the raccoon, but they are frightened by the animals. They sit on the porch and talk about the need of single women for guns.  Both have alarms on the houses, but both have had intruders. Drita mentions knives, but a gun would be better.

Renee tells Nikole, her friend, that Jr. has stayed over and they have held each other in bed.  Renee says, “I love him.” Renee wants the feeling of a family.  She admits that she is catering to him.
Carla is out on the shore with her two children, Carmen and Joe.  Their dad will be out of prison in 11 days after years of being away. Joe should tell them where he was right away when he gets home.  The kids are happy.  Joe won’t be coming to live with them as Carla and Joe divorced.  Joe is unhappy with Carla receiving all of their assets in the divorce.

The four Mob Wives are walking in a park.  They arrive at a restaurant.  Renee shares right away that she is back with Lee and the other three women question why she is doing this. Renee explains that Jr. brought home 3 packages of pumpkin seeds. When they were first together Renee loved pumpkins seeds so she thinks he cares about her.  Renee wants AJ to be the father to her son. The women agree that AJ needs his dad. Renee loves AJ to the point that she can’t get over him.  She feels she is loyal.

Great Job Quincy, thanks for all you do!!!  xoxo

Don’t miss the Orange County reunion part two tonight on Bravo then stop by tomorrow for the recap!

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  1. HD says:

    Before I read the blog, GOODNESS doesn’t Fernanda add something to that first top photo! She is pretty!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Is not tonight that the Reunion part II on OC will be aired? Thank you Lynn and Quincy!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Yes! tonight is the final of the OC reunion, then we can say goodbye, hopefully forever to these women! lol

        • If you had it like this says:

          I can’t believe I actually watched this entire season of these shallow women who offer nothing. I’m a little ashamed of myself! Ha!

        • lol it wont be forever the ratings were pretty decent
          too bad the cast isnt LOL ps im on team Melissa also
          I honestly believe the person that created all the tension is Joe T’s hubby
          oy vey so many joes on that show

  2. sally says:

    I will no longer be watching Orange County.

  3. GoldenPoolGirl says:

    Lynn; I love your blog and am thrilled when there is a new post. I’ve always agreed with you in the past, but I have to disagree on one point. It was not okay for Jim B to put the house in a corporate name and then short sell it 1.7 million. Then he pays cash for a new home. When this happens, either the bank or the PMI insurance company covers the 1.7 million shortfall, and then passes those losses on to other consumers. WE all end up paying for it. It is unethical, if not illegal, and hurts everyone. I did some research last night on Jim B. and he is nothing but a conman. I predict that eventually he will go too far and end up in jail with Juicy Joe. He has already been investigated by the FBI for fraudulently selling fake “authentic” autographed memorabilia. I don’t know why they didn’t pursue it, but the article did not indicate that they dropped the case because of lack of evidence. That said, I loved the rest of the blog!

    • nic says:

      Yeah, I didn’t understand why it was perfectly ok for Jim to do that but Juicy Joe has been raked over the coals for his shennanigans. Illegal is Illegal.

    • klmh says:

      If Tamra knew how he handled the situation, Im sure its done all the time and is legal. What the Guidice’s did was not. They hid assets and declared bankruptcy along with other felonious acts, imo.
      The Bellino’s apparently know how to work the system to their advantage, legally. I agree with you, but those are the laws of the land.

      • GoldenPoolGirl says:

        I did say it wasn’t illegal, just unethical However, Jim B is being sued for illegally foreclosing on properties, including the “hotel” that Alexis advertises on her webpage. I just believe that people who get away with skirting legalities will become overconfident and will cross the line into something that will really land them in jail. Just like Juicy did.
        I hate the way unethical people cause good people to suffer financially. It also irks me when they do this while proclaiming their christianity. A true christian wouldn’t cheat honest people.

        • klmh says:

          You questioned the legality of the transactions though. As mentioned above, I agree with you but we can blame the laws for his actions. J.G. broke the law though.
          I guess what makes me mad is that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people hire attorneys to find their way out of paying their fair share.
          Im glad that lawsuit is still in progress for J.B. I thought it had been resolved. Hope they crucify him. 🙂

        • if you have to hate unethical people
          blame all the banks that screwed over the entire country and not only got away with it but were rewarded by the government

          • Yes, everyone is quick to blame the homeowners but seem to forget that the BANKS committed FRAUD!!! (WaMu was seized by the Federal Gov’t for God’s sake!)

            Its not like people bought homes & the market took a natural dip. Its that the banks (& Wall St) systematically conspired to rig the housing market, inflate housing prices & defraud innocent consumers of home loans.

            The ones with the dirtiest hands are the mortgage companies & Wall Street!!!

      • Eve says:

        Just because Tamra said it…doesn’t make it true.

        • HD says:

          I needed someone to explain the house thing to me and if it was unethical. Maybe is legal but is it the right thing to do? Probably not but I am in NO WAY knowledgable about any of this. I once heard, there is no right way to do wrong.

          Why isn’t Jim the same as Joe? I’m only asking not to stir the pot but because I am not knowledgable on this topic.

          • klmh says:

            My take on it is that J.G. hid assets in his bankruptcy filing, including businesses and his wife on-line business. I don’t think its a good thing to hide from the Federal bankruptcy courts. We shall find out more when their court date comes up in July.
            Im not sure about Jim B. but from Tamra’s description, its legal, and is done a lot in Ca. right now. just my take…

          • plainviewsue says:

            You are absolutely right. What Jim did may not be technically illegal (I am not sure as I am not a real estate expert), he found a way to beat the system. He is a toad and I cannot stand him. As Tamra works in real estate, I tend to believe her regarding this.

            • HD says:

              Thanks everyone for explaining. So what he did was not illegal it might not have been the best thing ethically but he found some loophole and used it. I guess that happens all the time. You would hope good Christian folks would not take the loopholes. Everything is permissable but everything is not good for you. Some scripture says something like that. Oh well.

              • If you had it like this says:

                Bingo HD! Good Christian folks wouldn’t do that. That’s what turns me off so bad about them. I just don’t buy their religious act. In the words of that wise philosopher, Kelly Bensimon, it’s not authentic.

                • MAMAZ says:

                  ITA that Jim Bellino is a con man. Alexis too. I don’t buy their whole Christian traditional marriage shtick.
                  It was their hook to get on OC. It’s what they use to distinguish themselves from the other women on the show.

                  • Scorpiosue1102 says:

                    What is that Alexis always says…something like they’ll have to answer to God. Well, Alexis and Jim sure will have to answer for themselves to God.

                  • nathania says:

                    from that angle it could be that Jim was a ‘mark’ for Alexis. And I personally believe that everything she says and does from the boobs to the ‘that’s my man’ faux fight last season to the ‘submission’ comments, are part of her con. It’s all about the benjamins to her.

                • are you kidding me
                  ever hear of a lil man named Jim Baker

                • nathania says:

                  my boss and his wife are alot like this, they own the business and they had their kids on the payroll taking healthy salaries even though neither worked there. They wouldn’t pay overtime and if people got 40 hours made them clock out and clock back in under other socials. Every dirty trick in the book. And I have found that to be the rule, rather than the exception, when it comes to business, religious teachings don’t apply.

            • arabracer says:

              I wonder how he hid the money from the bankrupcy judge??? I know in Florida you have to sign papers that you have no assets to settle the debts. My friend inherited some money aroung the same time as his bankrupcy and they garnished it. If Jim had money to pay cash for a house then he hid assets. No different then Joe Guidiuce- he stiffed people out of money, he just had a better lawyer.

        • actually because she said it would most likely make in untrue as all she does is lie
          to herself and others

      • While the transfer of property might not have been illegal, it certainly seems shady. Should he and his family been able to live in the house if it was owned by the business?
        I also would love to examine how that pile of cash they are using for the new home was earned. Jim has already been investigated for illegal activities such a fraud. He has been accused of loan sharking, withholding wages of employees (the nannies) and as mentioned in another post, forcing forecloser on properties and other types of shannagians .

      • nathania says:

        I just wonder in terms of a short sale what you have to provide to the bank to show that you can’t pay, and they need to help you out. And if they lied about assets that could be fraud.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I agree that the kids should have a roof over their heads, but I also believe that if Jim and Alexis are living beyond their means paying cash for a house wont’ help them in the long run. Next they’ll be maxing out their credit cards, have a a car repo’d, etc.

    • I’m not okay with it either.
      Jim is a criminal and IMO is cut from the same cloth as Juicy, I don’t understand the philosphy of it being okay for one ‘doing what they gotta do’ and not the other.
      I honestly don’t understand the support that Jim and Alexis have been getting from the last few blogs.

      I could care less that Alexis says she wants to be a ‘subservient’ wife- my offense is that she seems to think that because other people are not that is the reason for the failure of their marriage. When the facts are she has not be married as long as Tamra and Simon or Vickie and Donn were- so until she hits their numbers she needs to STFU.
      It’s the same thing with her anti-gay marriage stance, while i get that for many people they believe marriage is religious sacrament and not just a civil contract the fact is, she was already ‘married’- so if she wants to pull out the ‘in the eyes of God card’- she and Jim aren’t married- they are both adulterers.; So again, she can STFU.

      • people married before there was organized religion

      • dsc60 says:

        i also can’t stand alexis’s holier than thou attitude about her marriage working compared to tamra’s and vicki’s not working when alexis has been divorced prior. also agree that there is no difference between jim and juicy joe. just because what jim may have done with the short sale situation may not have been illegal it sure sounds underhanded and sleazy. and from what alexis says, this house they are moving into is their dream home and one that they will never have to move out of – doesn’t sound like someone that needed to sell a house in a short sale. they aren’t downsizing they just got over because jim is shifty.

  4. Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

    Good Morning!

    I wanted to discuss some family dynamics between Melissa and the Gorga Family. Italian families are quite insular; unfortunately, they don’t like outsiders marrying into the family. Thus, the outsider has to be treated poorly for a number of years to recieve full initiation into the family. It’s unfortunate that this occurs because it does tend to cause nothing but tension and heartache in the family; however, since times are changing, the initiation process is dwindling as more Italians are educated and the role of the nuclear family continues to diminish in Italia and here in the U.S to an extent. Also, Italian matriarchs are also reliniquishing their controlliing ways and are embracing the outisders in the family.

    Also, the role of the daughter is very important. Contrary to Melissa’s early statements about the role of women in an Italian society, women are raised to take care of the mother through a variety of modes, one of which is taking care of the mother in her later years of life. The mother and daughter dynamic is paramount to many Italian families, and it is the most salient because it is quite observable and very profound in future dynamics . The theory that supports this mode, is that men marry off into other families(Hashem willing!!) which in turn signifies that they are under the dominion of a new matriarch. He many never see his mother again. He is also initiated into the new family, but it is not as intense as the initation of woman, unless if he is a ‘straniero’ which denotes to foreigner.

    The initation process is even greater and much more volatile when an Italian marries a non Italian, which used to be off limits; it was forbidden in old fashioned times. Nevertheless, Italian society is dynamic and ever changing, and today the union between an italian and a foreigner may pose an issue, but it is does not ellicit strong opposition and disapproval.

    • Nancy says:

      Are you planning on marrying an Italian woman?
      My husband is Italian and I am not. What does this mean?
      Do most Italian men marry Italian women?

      • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

        @Nancy- I want an Italian man or a Jewish man!! Today marrying a foreigner is no longer frowned upon.
        In regards to you and your husband, it means that your husband is a good man for breaking the contraints that were placed by a controlling mother, if he had one. I commend him for looking outside of his nationality.

        Italians do try to mary Italians, but it is a challenge here in the U.S because it is a heterogenous culture. It all boils down to assimilation and how many generations the family has been here; once assimilated, an Italian can do whatever they please. My Aunt, my father’s sister, married a German American about 27 years ago, and hell did break loose! My granparents impulsively moved the family back to Italy in order to hamper the union to ever occur. The German American man, my uncle through marriage, followed his future wife, my aunt, to Italy and returned with her to the states and eventually married. Back in those days it was not feasible to do such a thing. Today there is much more freedom, and people know better then not to let a nationality dicate how one marries.

        I was born in Italy, but I have lived here for most of my life. I am very assimilated so I can date whomever I like. I want an Italian because I love my culture, and I want to keep that alive.

        • Sonjafan says:

          Marrying within your lineage is age old. I come from Polish descent and the Poles are the same way, as are
          Greeks etc. I believe a lot depends on how many generations grew up here in the US. My BIL is1/2sicilian 1/2 irish, trust me the Italian part definitely took over. His father left their family when he was 2 years old, so BIL only identifies to his Italian side. My nieces are only 1/4 Italian and he wanted them to marry Italian men
          (they didn’t). Also my sister learned to cook Italian very early in their marriage and all holidays were based
          around Italian cooking in their household. We were exposed to this and it was wonderful, as we kind of have a United Nations type family – Polish, Italian, Arabic, Mexican, Jewish. I am very jealour of you V, as I would love to be able to speak Italian or French and of course, visit both of those countries.

          • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

            Thank you for sharing your story and how universal it is to many nationalities, ethnicities and cultures. I like united nations type families!
            As for speaking Italian and French, you can absolutely learn them. There are many resources out there. I have copies of Teach yourself (insert Language) guides. They can be purchased on Amazon.com, and they ensure that the langauge acquisiton occurs rapidly. Also, all the aspects of the langauge are coverered, such as listening, speaking, writing and reading. The aforementioned program is better then the Rosetta Stone series in my opinion. It is challenging to find people who speak Italian or French in the U.S. because Spanish is very important here. I do wish that foreign language minorities in the U.S. are promoted equally. Spanish is a very beautiful langauge, and at times, I do wish I could speak it. However, there are way too many languages in my head! Taking a semester of Russian in college did stress me out because it’s difficult to keep all three languages going all at once- they tend to rust without use. I hope I can continue to learn more Russian and proceed to an intermediate level; that would make me happy. lol.

          • nathania says:

            livemocha.com is a great site to learn languages and a lot of fun

      • Nancy- another thing we both have in common. We are both Canadians married to Italian men. My sister married an Italian guy too whose family is from the same region in Italy as my MIL.

    • stlgal says:

      The fact that Teresa’s parents and Joe Giudice’s parents are from the same small village, and are therefore “paisani,” mean that the two families are in essence one family. The celebrate together, they speak Italian to each other. The marriage between Joe and Teresa demonstrates the strong union between their respective parents. They planned, encouraged their marriage. It is very insular.

      Melissa, with her sisters Lisa and Kim, may be Italian by blood but I don’t get the feeling that they are fluent in the language. Melissa and her sisters have American first names–their ethnicity is diluted and therefore in the eyes of Teresa and her mother and mother-in-law somewhat inferior to the “good girl” Teresa who married the boy her parents encouraged her to marry and speaks to her parents and in-laws in their native tongue. Melissaq is treated as somewhat undeserving of Joe Gorga. Plus as the outsider, Melissa is traditionally supposed to show respect for Teresa and defer to her–even Joe Giudice brings it up.

    • Kathy married a non italiand and teh rest of the family seem to like him just fine
      Im only 1/3 italian Jimmys mom adores me seriously she does

  5. nic says:

    I couldn’t stomach watching the OC reunion, but will tune in tonight just to see how awful everyone looks. SVK tweeted that EVERYONE looked horrible, even Andy. I did catch the previews b4 NJ started and love Slade’s comment: “Who’d want to miss this bitchfest?” LOL the boy is growing on me a little. And if he and Gretchen never get married and just shack up for the rest of their lives, who the hell cares?

    I have been in Jacq’s position of being overruled by my husband re: the kids. Even if she would have put up more of a ‘fight’ I don’t think there is much she could have done about it. You get tired of being the bad guy all the time, so I see why she just went along with it. I put this one squarely on Chris.

    Teresa wasn’t so bad tonight. I thought it was sweet when she teared up when Gia started crying. The most shocking thing was I can’t believe she let us see her without her makeup. Has that ever happened?? She’s not that bad looking, but looking at her bathroom, I don’t think she would take to the concept of “Less is more” with anything be it makeup or decorating.

    I still can’t stand Melissa- I don’t know why, if it’s her snotty facial expressions or what, but the chick just rubs me wrong. I like Kathy and her husband was not nearly has obnoxious as in previous episodes.

    • vilzvet says:

      I guess Teresa never did “correct” her hairline since the previous season. Still looks the same.
      I would think the first thing gymnasts learn in class is to block out the audience or lack thereof. It was a flimsy excuse for Teresa to throw out about Gia not performing well. Wasn’t she also hell bent on being an actress last season? They were also doing dance and that wretched karate. We never really heard about this gymnastics “passion” before. I predict it will be shortlived. Also, isn’t 10 years old kinda young to get braces? I never noticed she had bad teeth before…I guess the Giudices insurance is still in place or an orthodontist will be getting stiffed soon.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Gia could have been thrown off by looking for her uncle, or the cameras, or could have just been having a bad day. She’s just starting the competitive levels – they mess up all the time. She’s not a high level gymnast. They learn to block out the audience when they are on an event – but it takes time. T’s talked about Gia being in gymnastics since S1. She wouldn’t be a Level 5 competitive gymnast unless she was committed to coming to practice at least 6 – 9 hours a week. Gymnastics is like a pyramid – less kids as the levels progress. I also predict she won’t stick with it – but only because only a very small percentage of kids do and with their busy lifestyle, it would be hard to commit to such a demanding sport. I personally think it’s great Gia is trying all sorts of things.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          I was thinking at the time of Gia’s performance, those loud-mouthed Guidice’s were the problem. They were cheering for her while she was trying to concentrate on doing her stuff.

          I sorta thought it was like golf. You should keep quiet until after she has completed the task, then cheer your ever-loving heads off. But not before.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            I thought about that too, we didn’t hear anyone else yelling out to their kids but I”m not sure if Gia could even hear them because they appeared to be behind glass…Teresa may have just been cheering to get it on the show and appear to be supportive.

            • housewifeaddict says:

              People always cheer for the gymnasts, and other gymnasts cheer as well, plus there is loud music blaring away. The kids should be able to tune out the excess noise.

      • maryla says:

        I posted this on the thread from last night, sorry for repeating myself. but… it seems to me like Tree has to have something to blame if there isn’t perfection. She has said this previously — that it all has to be perfect — her kids in the matching outfits and hair bows, etc. She can’t just be comfortable and confident that her child is doing her own thing and enjoying it for what it is. She has to assign a reason why the goal of perfection hasn’t been met.

        So, Gia fell off the beam because Uncle Joe wasn’t there. A simple, tidy reason why it is imperfect.

        Unfortunately, it is an impossible standard for parenting. Nobody is perfect. No child is perfect. They will be great sometimes and sometimes they will have an off day. You can already see Gia bristling against it in some of her scenes around the house. I don’t think that Gia and Tree will get along in a few years — when she’s a teen or early adult she will always be pushing back against her mother’s unreasonable standards.

        • LavaLady says:

          Also, having a friend whose child has participated in competitive gymnastics for years, the balance beam is the most difficult and hardest apparatus to learn. Many experienced gymnasts never fully conqueror the beam.

    • I dont get why people arent feeling sorry for Melissa
      yes i know she spends ooodles of money on stupid things so do all teh housewives
      her hubby is spoiling her she isnt doing it alone
      but just the way she is treated by his family should be hitting a nerve with some of you housewives out there

  6. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Too funny Melissa singing wench. Did she know she messed up or not?
    I have heard wrench…

    • Noreen says:

      When I saw her singing in that scene, I thought, now we know why she wanted to be on the show – her singing career. Does everyone on these shows have to sell something? It is getting ridiculous!

      • why shouldnt they,though its a great outlet to get your product out there these shows wont last foreer get what you can while you can
        no one seemed upset when Bethenny did it

        • dsc60 says:

          i think everybody winces when we hear about another housewife singing because of Kim Z and Luann. luckily, Melissa does sound like she has a nice voice. i don’t blame her for wanting to be heard.

    • dsc60 says:

      i noticed that immediately… she said wench… it should have been wretch.

  7. klmh says:

    Q, you are here. Many of us are worried about your mare. Is she feeling better?

  8. Nancy says:

    Good morning Lynn.
    I am sooooo happy that you are on team Melissa as I thought I was the only one.
    What do you think about the Jill/Mario fight last Friday night while they both attended the same party?
    Oh ya, and “someone” leaked it to the press. Speechless. She is loosing it Lynn.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Jill continues to think that viewers are stupid or at least that she is smarter than viewers, it is her downfall every time. In this case Jill gave the press her version of what happened and insisted that they say that the info came from an “inside source” when we all know it was Jill. Zarin will do anything to trash Ramona (and now Mario) because Ramona is this year’s target. Jill is so transparent. I don’t doubt that Mario told Jill off, in fact I hope he did but it wasn’t anything she didn’t deserve. Mario would never lay a hand on her but of course Jill had to imply that she was scared of Mario even mentioning that Bobby Zarin had to get involved. I think “something” happened but I don’t believe this version because it is clearly Jill’s version.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Jill tweeted that she went out for a fancy dinner and then clubbing with her Oprah producers on Friday night. No mention of going to a private party or Mario. Jill always seems to leak false stuff to the press when she is in the Hamptons

        • mariareads says:

          Her Oprah producers? Give me strength. I wanted to like OWN but to be honest, I have found the original shows to be very boring. Shania Twain dragged. The 1st episode of the Fergie saga was just eh. I’ll admit I enjoyed the Judds a little bit more, but really I don’t think this channel is going to be a killer hit at the moment. What the heck is Jill going to do on OWN? Have her mother and sister on and have a talk show? I’ll bet that is what it’s going to be. I can’t believe Winfrey fell for this. Clearly Jill is NOT authentic and is a sh@t stirrer. Why people like this are rewarded in life is beyond me. I’m not in the mood these days to see the bad and fugly do well while so many of us are going through tough stuff whether it’s health issues, economic or family. OWN producers? Wow. I could throw up. Whatever it is, I’ll never watch it. I think Jill Zarin is a bad person. In my family-saying someone is a bad person is pretty harsh LOL! Seriously, underhanded and bad.

          • Nancy says:

            Does anyone really believe that Jill is going to be hired at OWN?
            It’s comical.

            • NYCer says:

              No, she won’t be on OWN. We are playing right into her hands by repeating any of her tweets. She’s doing it for publicity.

            • Sam says:

              A few weeks ago, I read somewhere online that OWN is having trouble getting enough new product to fill its air time, so they might just be desperate enough to give Jill a try. After all, a lot of people have no idea what she’s really like.

          • nathania says:

            I hate OWN. My favorite show was “I didn’t know i was pregnant” and I miss that show so much. There were so many good shows on that channel that we can’t see any more. And the OWN shows, like Dr. Phil, are patronizing and insincere. I just don’t think Oprah ‘gets it’. Or, maybe her show, Oprah, was enough but we don’t need 27 shows run the same patronizing way.

      • coocoopuffs78 says:

        Judging by how “involved” Bobby Zarin got in the last Jill and Mario confrontation I seriously doubt anything major went down. The man has no spine. Jill should really give it a rest already. No one cares anymore!

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Jill said on national TV that she had heard Mario was cheating on his wife. If he confronted her about it – then good. She needs to be held accountable for her sharp tongue.

        • That’s another thing that bothers me about Jill, it’s okay for Bobby to ‘confront’ or at least initiate discussions with other housewifes in defense of his wife- but some how Mario shouldn’t be awarded the same opportunity; especially when not only did Jill smear his wife but him as well by painting him as an adulterer.

      • Nancy says:

        Go to the article and read #40 response.

      • and now she has finally made people disgusted with Bawby
        yes how noble he is to tell people to back off his wife despite the fact that she and she alone brings it on herself no wonder she didnt have friends in high school
        who would want to be her friend
        had Bethenny not been so damaged so long ago i doubt she would have had anything to do with that phony baloney bitch

  9. Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

    I wanted to share my opinion of Ashley, and I may be a contrarian here, but I do not believe that the concept of laziness or indolence exists. Indolence is a condition that is rooted in feelings of being unworthy. The lack of self worth perpetuates the behaviors of resistance and procrastination, which become the misconception of what is definded as indolence.
    It seems to be that Ashley suffers from depression and anxiety, which is unfortunate because it clouds her judgement and it may hide her dreams and goals. I hope that she is recieving some help for it because she the the potential to be an amazing and strong woman. The underlying feeling or thought of unworhiness needs to be addressed because it stagnates the process of emotional development. She may also be having major difficulties during Erikson’s physcososocial development stage of Indentiy vs Identiy confusion. She may not have developed an strong identiy yet, and it is does not suprise me in the least that that her identity was not fostered because of the negative reactions she has heard from her family all of her life. Her identiy is considered to be diffused at this point because it is not a cohesive entity.
    I hope that she can find the love and support within herself to melt that depression and build a fruitful life.

    • VAgirl says:

      I don’t have a degree in psychiatry or psychology and can’t spout all them fancy terms and words, but Ashley’s problem is that her mother has not done her any favors by spoiling her rotten all her life. I agree it’s not entirely Ashley’s fault. Doesn’t make her any more likable, though. It has nothing to do with divorce. I know a lot of divorced moms who raise well-adjusted responsible kids. I know you didn’t say anything about divorce, but that’s the excuse being tossed around by Ashley’s mom, probably to take the focus off her own poor partenting skills. I hope her other two don’t turn out like Ashley, but seeing Chris buying Ashley a car last night makes me have doubts about that now.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Ditto about the degree in psychology VAgirl but I do think the divorce had something to do with it. Different parents handle divorce differently and too often the parents try to compete to give the kids more than the other parent or a step-parent will go overboard with money instead of with love and attention.

        I think that when Jacqueline married Chris, Chris tried to buy Ashley’s love by buying her things. It’s not unusual but as you said, it doesn’t do the kid any favors, especially now when they’ve seen the outcome of their behavior and continue to do it.

        • Nancy says:

          Good luck tonight!!!
          You better have your kleenex ready though because
          you are going to need them. 🙂

        • VAgirl says:

          True. That’s what I meant by Jac’s parenting skills. She tried to overcompensate for Ashely not having a dad around, then Chris did it too.

      • Nancy says:

        One year on my Uncle’s farm would fix all of Ashley’s problems.
        She would be begging to go back home and become a productive member of society.

        • Caitlin says:

          Yeah, Baby! There’s nothing in the world like “real world” reality! And I totally understand why Jeff (“Flipping Out”) said on WWHL – that he just couldn’t watch Ashley anymore And, Lynn, your take on Ashley jives 100% with mine. She needs to go back to school, and that would be The School of Hard Knocks.

      • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

        I agree, I don’t think they did the best job as parents. Someone can be spoiled rotten and still feel unworthy. It’s up to Ashley to move foward and make some change in her life. I also feel that divorce is just a small piece of Ashley’s issues and not the major reason for her behavior. We need more information about her childhood and such. I can only make conjectures at this point becasuse there is very little information I have available to me about Ashley’s ubringing.

        • Nancy says:

          May I ask you your age?

          • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:


            • Candace says:

              That answers a lot.

              • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

                Quite the contrary, I am going to become a future mental health counselor….we have to be open and understanding to people’s needs. Would you like someone calling you all sorts of names anjd judging you while recieiving counseling? Getting a dig at someone because of their age is unneccessary, and it is quite childish to use as a defense mechanism to counter an opinion. Perhaps this Ashey issue has struck a chord in you….

      • not all women that get divorced are healthy enough emotionally to not inflict the pain on the child
        Ashleys young life had her being shlepped from home to home and her mom having many relationships that didnt work out gave her a long list of uncles to have thrust into her life to only have them thrust out again
        now she is in a semi stable enviorment and has someone she thinks of as her dad trying to buy her love,its not all Jacs fault and its not all chris fault but at the same time it isnt all Ahsleys either its a combination of everything
        it still doesnt make me like her more it just makes me feel a little sorry for all 3 involved

      • nathania says:

        I am not sure she is spoiled. She is surrounded by wealth. Her friends, I am sure, are wealthy and probably showered with privilege. When her parents attempt to give her discipline, it might come across as “well, YOU are not actually from a rich family, so YOU have to behave like a child from a non-wealthy family.” Since Ashely knows that the other kids who are bio kids of Chris are not going to be treated this way, on some level she has no other choice but to take it personally. It is just HER that is unworthy of the wealth surrounding her. Jacq has a right to it because she married into it. Her brothers have entitlement because they have the wealthy sperm donor. She, however, is the poor kid from the wrong dad who doesn’t ‘deserve’ all the goodies. I think this is what she’s trying to relate to Jacq, with all the whining and crying. Honestly unless they are going to hold their boys to similar standards they might as well just give Asheley a trust fund and let her run through it and be like, well, you screwed up.

    • klmh says:

      B.S. jmot

      • HD says:

        I don’t care how you spin it, Ashley is lazy. Period. How many of us are from divorced homes? Give me a break. JMO.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Oh this behavior is not just seen in a divorce situation – Ashley knows how to play people off each other and there are plenty of kids in a two parent home that play the same game. Ashley is lazy, uneduated, spoiled and self entitled. She used guilt to get her way. Aand there is no doubt in my mind that she and her friends have fun with the crap she pulls on Chris and her mother.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            True and I beleive that she dumped her boyfriend because he was too “goody goody” for her. He always seemed to try to get her to do the right thing and show some respect. That kind of guy will never work for Ashley.

        • klmh says:


        • HD obviously she is lazy,But WHY is she
          i cant say how many of you alla re from divorced homes as i am not

    • Candace says:

      You “don’t believe the concept of laziness or indolence exists’?

      The concept most exists and so does the reality of laziness.

      Ashley is a poster child for both and they DO exist.

      • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

        It’s only an outer effect of an inner pattern of feeling unworthy.

        • klmh says:

          So Ashley was feeling unworthy and then decided to yank a clump of hair out of Danielle’s head? Oh please! She is an evil little twit that has never taken responsibility for anything she’s done. Chris hasn’t helped the situation either, nor has Jacq. but please, making the depression excuse doesn’t even come close to her problem!

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    Hoping beyond hope that the OC reunion is the last we will see of these insipid women. The faces have changed over the years but the content has not. I have never found even one of these wives remotely interesting or likeable! At this point, I would watch one of the European offerings with subtitles!

  11. VAgirl says:

    Re OC, I think Tamra would have let the Jay/Jeff thing go if Gretchen hadn’t held onto it for so long herself. When Tamra invited Greten to her party in the first episode and if Gretchen had let bygones be bygones, the season may have turned out differently. That being said, I’ll repeat what I said last night. There was not one women on that set that I would want to be friends with. I sincerely hope that OC is finished. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

    • i dont believe that for a second both Icky & Trampy love to throw up to gretchens face anything they think will upset her
      Trampy said she had only good intentions of letting by gones be by gones yet talked to the press continuiosly about both Gretch & Slade as if any of it was her buisness
      hers the difference bteween Trampy and Jeanne

      Jeanne was ASKED for her opinion by the press

      Trampy went to the press about Gretch & Slade on her own

    • nathania says:

      I think so too, and this is not the same Gretchen from last year.

      I honestly think Gretchen is unhappy, and she is misplacing her anger on the other women, rather than really owning her frustration with Slade.

    • Wicked says:

      Tamra & Vicki purposely shoved tequila shots in Gretchen’s face when she was watching her boyfriend deteriorate & suffer in pain as he died! All to get her “naked wasted” to humilate & make physically ill with excess alcohol all for their own sick amusement.
      I don’t care if Gretchen is a gold digger, you can NOT watch another person die in front of you & not be changed permanently.
      Gretchen should NEVER forgive those b!tches. They took advantage of her emotional state & I have always believed that Trampy’s Son slipped drugs in Gretchen’s drink!

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    In the convo with Melissa and da Gorgon last night it became clear to me that Melissa is not welcomed by his entire (all three of them) family. I don’t believe the parents are taking Teresa’s side and they have their own reasons for disliking Melissa. Melissa truly believes she is a little princess and should be cherished and her sisters reinforce this behavior. At the fashion show they gave Missy grief for wanting to say hello to her MIL and at the baptism brawl they fed the Gorgon heap of crap to push him over the edge all the while saying they were his true family!

    When the sisters went shopping, I swear I saw that hideous drapery creation that Teresa wore on last year’s reunion hanging on a rack they passed by!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Yet the MIL left the meet without saying goodbye to Melissa and daughter. She even refused to give the gift to her grandaughter, sending it with LilJoe instead. Melissa can’t get the MIL’s approval because she is not a TMAN fan.

    • PF says:

      To me, Melissa and her sisters act like their family is so much better than any family. I know they lost their dad…maybe that has something to do with how Melissa acts with Joey…maybe she selfish with him. But what I don’t understand is last week she said she would do anything to get Joey and his family back together and then the way she acted at the gym. Really bitter like. And then the conversation with Joey. I tend to agree with Jay Mohr’s take on this one. Just have to wait and see how it plays out. Teresa made alot of sense in her blog this week too, believe it or not 🙂

      • psol says:

        Teresa dosen’t write her blogs…and Melissa wasn’t bitter at the gym, she was hurt!

  13. Nancy says:

    You are so sweet. I was sort of joking with you but you being
    nice and respectable you did what I asked of you. You answered my questions.
    Whom ever you decide to marry will be a lucky guy.
    I met my husband after his parents died. He was a only child so I don’t have any issues
    with his side of the family. I would have loved to have known his family.
    Have a good day V. 🙂

    • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

      no problem. I can’t tell if someone is joking or not lol.
      have a good day too.

  14. coocoopuffs78 says:

    When it comes to Alexis and her views they don’t bother me so much. I live in the Bible belt and trust me she’s tame compared to some of the yahoo’s I’ve encountered. Vickie is just sad. She threw away a good man to go whore it up with Trampra. It’s only a matter of time before that friendship runs its course and she realizes just how empty her life is. Peggy is a waste of space on that couch. I happen to love Gretchen. I don’t care if she did cheat on Jeff. How do we know they didn’t have some sort of arrangement? The man obviously trusted her enough to keep her around during his treatment. His kids had a good relationship with her so who cares!? Trampra had it out for her from day one. She is a nasty, spiteful, and jealous woman that spews negativity every where she goes. I would love to put Theresa, Trampra and Jill on a deserted island together…forever. Now I understand the family dynamic between Melissa, Theresa and Joe. I’m not Italian but my father and his sister were super close before he married my mother. Like Theresa my aunt put my father on a huge pedestal and worshipped the ground he walked on. When he married my mother she instantly disliked her because my father didn’t have time to spoil his baby sister with attention and money. It’s obvious that Theresa likes being the center of attention and can’t stand sharing the spotlight with Melissa. Her brother has moved on and created a comfortable life and obviously adores his wife. I just think that Theresa is jealous of Melissa and all the attention that her brother lavishes on his wife.

    • Nancy says:


    • I agree with everything you just said
      I dont even think T is aware she has a jealousy issue and i think at one point those 2 were good friends
      I really see T’s hubby as the instigator

      there is something going on there that none of us have been privy to

      • psol says:

        Maybe because “T” is the oldest, she is suppose to have the better home and how disrespectful of her younger brother to work all the time to out-do her.
        …by the way, looking at the outside of her home last night , I thought of the Addams Family.

    • cali says:

      While agree with most of your comments; I strongly disagree with you, when you associate ‘Bible Belt with yahoos’. It’s an insult, because I’m a christian, but far from being a yahoo.

  15. Carlin says:

    I love that everyone but Tamra is a big fat liar. Well, except Vicky and Peggy. I can kinda see why, Peggy is probably trying really hard to stay on the show and not have anything from her past dredged up and used as ammunition and Tamra is the only person in OC who can even stand Vicky’s self absorbed and hateful ass.

    Honestly, I don’t care who Gretchen slept with or didn’t because even if she did, I would find that preferable to anything Tamra has said or done. The fact that Tamra throws out these allegations and has nothing to support them other than her claims that the other person is lying actually makes me feel like Tamra is the one lying. Tamra Barney has officially become my most hated housewife.

    • Carlin says:

      ARRRGGGHH! When I started that post there were only two comments, pfftt! It takes a while to finish a post with two kids running around. I’m not gonna be able to keep up with you ladies until my kids are 18 and out of the house!

      • coocoopuffs78 says:

        Honey don’t feel bad. If it wasn’t for Shrek Forever After playing right now my twins would be bugging the living crap out of me right now. Thank God for television. I have about 45 min left before we head out to the zoo. …big fun..can you tell how excited I am ?

        • Carlin says:

          I feel your pain. I’m very happy that my two aren’t old enough to go on those sorts of outings yet. Well, the three year old is, but the baby isn’t going to sit for an hour and a half in the car and then sit in a stroller and then co operate for another hour and a half ride home. I learned when my first was a baby that if they don’t sleep in the car, you aren’t going any further than the grocery store.

    • I agree she is even more hatefull then Jill sometimes

  16. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jacq’s had better watch the relationship with Chris and Ashley a lot closer. Ashley doesn’t need a car – she doesn’t work and she likely has friends who can drive her to her real occupation – spoiled party girl. She wants to be Carrie Bradshaw and play SATC? Carrie went to college, struggled to establish a career, had supportive friends, looked for love and is a book/tv character! Ashley dear, you can’t be a butterfly before you are the caterpillar!

    • mariareads says:

      Oh, Ashley plays that family like the best con artist. I see nothing about this kid that is real. She’s immature, whining and constantly playing the badly done by card. What a mess. Thank God He gave me sons. Seriously, I would be in jail as my hand could not keep itself from flying out and smacking that sullen mouth of hers when she starts the whine. UGH. And why a new car? Can’t she have a used car? To drive into the city where they bang and bash your car from day 1? No used car for that spoiled brat!

      • Nancy says:

        I’m soo glad my dad was hard on us.
        He wouldn’t have put up with Ashley’s mouth for a second.

      • Candace says:

        Caught a very old episode of RHONJ a few days ago.

        Guess what scene Jac and Asley were playing out? A tearful Ashley found out she was failing classes in senior year, asked her mother if she had fixed it yet and cried about having to go to summer school.

        Same crying and sniffling, daubing eyes with a tissue or scraping running macara up with a fake nail and examining it closely while her mother drones on and on. Exactly like the scene at her internship and at diner afterwards.

        Whining about how hard things are and you don’t understand and (insert obnoxious snuffle of loose snot) why are you like this. Blot under eyes and look at mascara under nails. Look at ceiling and act bored.

        Chick hasn’t changed at all.

    • she does have an intern job in nyc

      lots of really succesful people got thier start that way
      i think Andy did as well with NBC

  17. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Eyewitnesses at a private party Friday night tell me that Mario was on a mission to find Jill as soon as he arrived.

    “Once Mario found Jill, he began screaming at her and was blaming her for the fact that Ramona looks like a drunk this season on the show,” one partygoer said. “It was really sad and pathetic that Mario was screaming at Jill like this. It was abusive and everyone at the party was extremely offended.”

    According to the source, Jill was surprised by the confrontation.

    “She was just standing there speechless and looked scared and finally a guest had to get in between Jill and Mario and push him away from her. Bobby [Jill’s husband] had some words with Mario and told him to back off of his wife.”

    Even after the incident was broken up, Mario and Ramona continued to badmouth Jill at the bash, according to a source.

    When reached for comment, Jill’s rep tells E! News, “Sadly, this story is accurate.”

    Ramona’s rep didn’t return our request for comment.

    Just don’t expect to see this catfight on the series this season. Sources say Bravo cameras weren’t rolling to capture the drama.

    Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/hwood_party_girl/b246852_real_housewives_feud_gets_ugly_jill.html#ixzz1PAN2Mw5T
    This is only part of the page. Hope it’s not too much~lol

    • mariareads says:

      Good for Mario. I’m glad he stepped up to the plate and told that hag off. She deserved it. I don’t care what Ramona has said in the past, there was an obvious “get Ramona” agenda this season and it was despicable. Jill is a rat and a mean, jealous biotch. She got what she deserved. Don’t care what Mario said to her. I hope it was harsh!

    • Ramona responded to the story about Mario confronting Jill. She is denying Jill’s/The sources version of the story. This is part of Ramona’s reponse:

      “Jill has her reps make up exaggerated stories about me as this is the only way she can get press. So sad, isn’t it?” Ramona adds.


    • Nancy says:

      Read the 40th response to this link.

      • LavaLady says:


      • Error404 says:

        I found #39 interesting as well:
        I absolutely know Jill is leaking this story around; my sister is on Jillosy’s PR team and Jill forced them to spread rumors about Ramona’s alleged drinking issues. Yes, folks, Jill is behind it all including trying to ruin Bethenny. Her staff calls her a witch and many have quit working for her.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          I can’t imagine having what JZ has & still being so mean & rotten.
          You would think she would be happy & trying to help people instead of lying & hurting everyone she can.
          She must really get off on seeing other people in pain for some reason. She needs an intervention of some kind.

          • sue says:

            Agreed, thats why I find it so hard to believe that Mario went that far, cause they all know how far Jill will go to be seen as the victim, when all the while she is starting all the crap. I don’t get how its OK for Bobby to approach everyone Jill insults, but when the other husbands stick up for their wives they are made out to be monsters. Look, the statement Jill made about Mario cheating, because people in her circle told her deserved her to be called out especially because, the people she is referring to I’m sure are people that Mario and Remona know!!

    • PF says:

      Bobby would have done the same thing to Ramona if she had done this to Jill. He is so blind to his wife and her horrible antics. I certainly don’t blame Mario. I think a whole lot of people would have loved to get in line behind him to let Jill have it too!

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Jill probably doesnt allow Baaawbee to even watch the show. She tells him nothing exciting will happen. Then she send him to his Mom’s house, to the basement where the Playboys are hidden away.
        Eeewww, he’s prolly “doin'” it with Koo-Koo-Kelly.

  18. kbinldo says:

    What killed me the most about Chris “buying” the car for Ashley is the fact that he told Jackie she’d be the co-signer. And then Jackie was dumb enough to do it!

    • klmh says:

      Well, we know the pecking order in this household. A., thenC, and last and least J.

      • HD says:

        Right! That was so dumb to me. They are digging their own hole.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Chris did this all behind Jacq’s back – the car was detailed and ready to go! She should have insisted Chris co sign for it. Maybe Chris’ bankruptsy didn’t pass the credit test. Either way, Jacq loses, Ashley wins and Chris gets to look like a good guy.

  19. plainviewsue says:

    Wow Lynn. I can’t believe you did both the reunion and a new RHONJ recap in one blog!! You are the best!!

    As for the reunion, I know that I am definitely in a minority, but I like Tamra. Yes, she can be too much, but that is her personality. She had a baby at 18, was married for many years to a control freak, and now is letting loose. Do I think she’s naive to believe her kids aren’t seeing this? Yes. But when you sign up for this show, like Bethenny said, if you’re gonna be sincere, u show it all!

    I believe without a doubt that Gretchen WAS cheating on Jeff when he was sick. Does that affect my life? No! But I think what makes Tamra upset is Gretchen keeps denying this, even after all the lawsuits. Why doesn’t it get brought up that this whole season was delayed because of the guy Jay and the lawsuits?

    I did feel for Vicky, but my heart broke even more for Donn.

    I know tonight it comes up about Peggy dating Jim. Don’t know what happens, but Alexa needs to be upset with her husband!!! Not her friend!

    As for RHONJ, the whole Ashley car story made me sick. I’m very surprised with Chris. They need to kick that girl out so she can fend for herself.

    Gia has just melted my heart! With two screwed up parents, she is the voice of reason. It made me sad when the cousins ran to each other, wanting to play, but the selfish parents can’t see ho

    • Candace says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tamra with a weathered beat up face like her mother and an STD or two just a few years down the line.

      Her teen age daughters are going use her public sex scenes as a battering ram any time she attempts to control their behavior in high school.

      Gross woman, all the way around.

    • sorry i cant agree
      i dont believe one word that Trampy says about her relationship with Simon
      I believe she is teh abuser not the abused and she may very well be a control freak as well
      she obviously isnt a very good mom to any of her kids
      she already has one jailbird son im sure the others will follow in his path

      • MAMAZ says:

        I’m with you DQ. I don’t believe Tamra was ever abused.
        We saw her screaming at Jeanna while she stayed calm. We saw her throw the famous Cyst and Decease letter in her face. Then we heard her tell her “boyfriend” that she snapped because she couldn’t take Jeanna’s words anymore.
        That’s her excuse for behaving like an animal, that she couldn’t take someone’s words?
        TOUGH SHIT TAMRA! Grow up. Sticks and stones and all that. And she loves running her mouth about everyone else.

  20. plainviewsue says:

    Oops, didn’t finish before I posted! I meant to say the selfish parents can’t see how their fighting is affecting their children. Caroline is completely unnecessary to this franchise. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kathy, Rich and their children.

  21. LynnNChicago says:

    Can everyone please say a prayer for Quincy, she had to put down her horse this morning. She said the older horse had a good life and always took good care of kids who rode her. Quincy is an amazingly strong woman but this is tough…she needs all of our support.

    I’m so sorry for your loss Quincy! Love you!!! xoxoxo

    • Nancy says:

      Oh Quincy, I’m soo sorry. What great memories you will have.

      • HD says:

        I’m sorry to hear about that Quincy. I know animals do become just like members of the family. Sorry to hear this news. Hugs!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ditto Quincy – find peace and good memories and help the barn mates adjust.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss Quincy. I am giving you a big cyber hug.

    • mariareads says:

      I’m so very sorry, Quincy. We have a friend who owns horses and understand how much these animals love and are loved. I know how much I love our little dogs & have had to go through this with 3 of the best little doggies that ever graced the planet. I understand and empathize.

    • songbird says:

      I’m sorry for your loss Quincy. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope your heart is not heavy much longer! Hugs xxxx

      • LavaLady says:

        I am sorry for your loss, Quincy. I know it is painful, having owned a horse once myself. They are such beautiful and gentle creatures, and so loving. I miss ours. I know you realize your mare had a wonderful life with you, and it was her time to go. Still, it is hard to adjust to the loss.

        • vilzvet says:

          Deepest condolences Quincy, and remember that the horse had a nice long life…especially with YOU as her master.

        • arabracer says:

          Owning a horse means you are the steward of that horse’s life. It takes alot of courage to decide when they are ready to go. My thoughts are with you and I hope one day you will be able to ride her again.

    • Quincy – sorry for the loss and you are in our thoughts.

    • lillybee says:

      I am sorry Quincy, It is hard to lose an animal that you love.

    • FlowerPower says:

      Quincy, so sorry to hear about your dear horse. You’re in my thoughts.

    • Noreen says:


      I am so sorry about your loss. I am sure you will miss your horse very much! He was fortunate to have such a good keeper to love and care for him!
      Take care of yourself!

    • kbinldo says:

      Quincy, so sorry to hear about your horse. It’s always hard saying good bye to our animal friends. 😦

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m sorry to hear this, Quincy. You’re in my thoughts.

    • Cusi77 says:

      I am so sorry Quincy… ((((Love to Quincy))))

    • Christine says:

      Quincy, your lovely mare has gone off to run on a new prairie without pain and suffering. I just gave my 3 hooved ones extra hugs and treats. Please accept my prayers, love and condolences. 😦

    • Debbie says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. We are all aware of how much you love and care for your animals. It’s so very hard to loose such an important part of your life. My thoughts are with you.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Sorry for your loss Quincy. Now she’ll be giving rides to the kids in heaven as they need horses too.

    • VAgirl says:

      Quincy. So sorry to hear about your mare. I know she had a good life with you as her owner. My thoughts are with you.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Hugs Quincy….so sorry to hear

    • jillz68 says:

      Oh no! That is just awful! I have never had horses but losing any of your furry family members is very hard. I am so sorry Quincy!

      I am facing something similar but not with a horse, my chinchilla. Breaks my heart to hear about others going through it just as much as it does when I have to!

    • Jezzibel says:

      Q, I’m very sorry for your loss

    • klmh says:

      Im so sorry Q. I know how hard it is to put a big family member down. You gave her such a great life though and it sounds as if you and your children gave her all that she could ever want, love.
      My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      So sorry to hear about your horse, I know you loved her and she knew it too, thinking of you now and for the days to come, we will be here when you come back…………. xoxoxo

      • quincyil says:

        Thank you I am fine except there is a fog inside me head. It doesn’t affect weed pulling though.

        A good life lived… that is what is important and she had a good life.

        • Dawn says:

          Quincy, I can’t imagine what a difficult thing this was to experience. My thoughts are with you and with your beloved mare.

        • psol says:

          Quincy, so sorry to hear about your loss, my thoughts are with you!

    • Mookies1mom says:

      I’m so sorry Quincy. I know how hard it is to be in that position with your beloved animal. It’s horrible. I’m sending you hugs.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Just got this. At work. So sorry Q. Sending condolences.

    • Caitlin says:

      Quincy, Bless your heart. Hope you are around people who can endlessly hug you. All of us can sense that you gave your blessed pet the best possible life.

    • Yes Q so very sorry for your loss

      i cant imagine the grief and pain in having to do something like that

    • Plymouth Lighthouse says:

      {{{{{{{{HUGS Q}}}}}}}}}}} So terribly sorry for your loss.

  22. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    So Sorry Quincy~Love & hugs to you

    • Arya Stark says:

      You helped give her a good long life, and you will have your memories. I am so sorry.

  23. HWM says:

    Housewives = Stepford wives. 😉 Either REPLACE OCHW entire cast or dump the show it’s beyond repair. NJHW are the most interesting at the moment. The NYCHW what can we say, women we love to hate.

  24. Sonjafan says:

    You need another blog – I hate Tamra Barney! She was awful last night, and I cannot believe how bad she looks -hagard, overly madeup, stringy unkempt hair and cheap dress. She looked to be at least 50. I do have a problem with her bringing up the Jay thing with Gretchen, why is that her business. I also believe Tamra was fooling around with Eddie before the divorce; didn’t Simon run into them in Vegas? Tamra just loves to dig up dirt on people, while crying the poor me victim thing. I also don’t understand her feelings about her divorce – why is it difficult for her? She is publicly shacked up, doing soft porn on TV and so madly in love. I went through a divorce with a cheating ex, and it is tough to get your bearings back, and he sailed onto his new life and erased 12 years. Tamra is only suffering for the camera – little POS. Don’t get me started on Vicky…she treated Donn like crap from the beginning and lo and behold she is so happy now. She does everything with her boyfriend. Do we know if this is the same guy that was in the pool in Mexico? Lynn, thanks again for these blogs, I’m in between jobs and this is my pick me up every morning and before I go to bed. I love reading your take on everything! THANK YOU AGAIN and Q as well!!!! XXXOOO

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Sonjafan,
      You doing ok? Being in-between job’s is stressful.
      Be good to yourself. Thinking of you. 🙂

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I’m glad you enjoy the Blog Sonjafan! Good luck with the job hunt, I know it is tough out there so I hope all turns out well for you, it can only get better, right?

      I’d love to have blogs “I Hate Tamra Barney” and “I Hate Teresa Giudice” and “I Hate Taylor Armstrong”, finally “I Hate Kim Zolciak” but I’d never sleep LOL

      • vilzvet says:

        I have also been in-between jobs for a year and a half now and this blog is also a high point of my day! Great job as always Lynn. I love how this week’s Morons are Luann and Cindy, with Kelly for good measure,but she’s a given.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Best of luck to you Vilzvet, I know things will get better! I’m glad the blog can help in a little way…:) hang in there! xoxo

        • Sonjafan says:

          My heart goes out to you, as I know how difficult job searching can be. One day you are up and the next day you are down. It is an emotional roller coaster, plus add in the anxiety about money not coming in. I’m rooting for you!

          • vilzvet says:

            Thank God for unemployment benefits, I still have them for another few months believe it or not. Then I’ll end up taking anything I can get, they all know me at the local grocery store so that could be a possibility.

      • Sonjafan says:

        Thank Nancy and Lynn,
        I’m a business development consultant in the IT industry – and a lot of the companies are bringing this in house. I have been applying for jobs and did get to the final interview on two of them, but I think my age
        (50’s) is hampering me. It is a reality. But I am plugging away, and have to use my little bit of savings for survival – YUCK. Thanks for the concern and good thoughts, and this blog takes me to another place and
        please know how much I appreciate it. I’ve been following you forever.

    • Noreen says:

      Could not agree more. I think Jeanna should stay out of Tamra’s business, but why does Tamra think it is okay to stick her ugly nose in everyone else’s very private business. And she did look terrible last night. Her nasty faces are almost as bad as JZ’s.

      • Eve from CT says:

        What is on the sides of her nose? Is that from Botox? It looks horrible.

        • jillz68 says:

          I can’t tell if you are talking about Tamra but if so, I have noticed she has a GIANT pore or blackhead on her nose. When she was speaking with Jeana outside I almost couldn’t follow the conversation I was so distracted by this. My husband even noticed.

          She needs a major makeup overhaul and she needs to do something about that hay growing outta her head! Her hairdresser should be embarrassed to have THAT as a business card! As an ex hairdresser it is really bothersome. The makeup also needs an update. She really ages herself slapping on pounds of makeup and using a really dark color underneath her eyes. Of course she also needs to stop being such a self righteous harpie. Why do I think the kids would be better off with Simon?

          • Mookies1mom says:

            I thought Vicki’s skin looked really bad as well. It looks like she has some major skin damage she is trying to hide.

            • LavaLady says:

              I thought rosacia or adult acne. I remember Vicki once saying she was on accutane for her skin.

              • MAMAZ says:

                That’s interesting. I wonder if the Accutane is conected to her recent medical problems. I have a friend whose son has Chrones Disease from using Accutane.

                • LavaLady says:

                  That’s too bad about your friend’s son. I think Vicki’s skin has always been prone to breakouts. You can see the acne scars when the camera zooms in.

                  My daughter had a very good experience with accutane. But I know that is not always the case.

      • PJ says:

        I agree, but as they say what goes around comes around. If Tammy Sue wants others to stay out of her business then why is she in other peoples business? No one has to own anything or apologize to Tammy Sue because it’s none of her business and it never was and never will be. As long as Tammy Sue gets in other peoples business I say she is fair game. What a hypocrite.

  25. Sonjafan says:

    Quincy, Sending you positive energy and prayers across the miles on the loss of your beloved animal. They truly become our furry children, no matter the size.

  26. Nancy says:

    News Flash!!! Jill left Ally’s computer on the plane.
    Oh how I would loved to have found it. Can you imagine what would be on that.
    Letter’s from Lisa maybe? etc etc etc.
    Not sure if it was a PP or just a regular plane that us poor folks have to fly.
    Jill is going crazy on her twitter right now. GOOD!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Jill is a MORON! Who leaves their computer on an airplane? Geeze she’s an idiot! I’m sure she’ll get it back, the airline will make sure of it. They’re pretty good about things like that. She really is freaking out:

      Jillzarin Jill Zarin
      I need a voice!! RT @DeltaAssist “@Jillzarin Please fill out the form to report lost items if you have not done so … http://tl.gd/b39fpb
      2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » Jillzarin Jill Zarin

      @DeltaAssist I did but I need human contact! Who can I call? If I left on plane in vegas is it here in lost and found or back in NYC?
      11 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » Jillzarin Jill Zarin

      I need help @deltaassist ! I left ally’s computer on the plane!!! I can’t get anyone to help! Please dm me!

      • LavaLady says:

        I don’t really think twitter is the place to resolve this. Why not just call Delta airlines and explain the situation. I am sure the computer is in the lost and found area of whatever airport they landed in. You don’t need a “personal contact” to resolve this. I am sure it happens all the time. Just act like normal person and get on the phone, and stop creating a casino on twitter.

      • Nancy says:

        What will kill Jill more then loosing a computer is now the world will know she had to fly commercial.

        • Caitlin says:

          You’re so “bad” – hahahahahahahahaha!

        • sue says:

          Sorry, dont think Jill lost that computer. We here all agree this is a set-up by Jill, a plant if you will, I’m not saying she is an intelligent person by any means, just saying she is too conniving and would never twitter about something like that for fear someone at Delta would know someone that did not like her, which we all know is easy to find. No,no and noway, dont believe it for a minute!!!

      • kbinldo says:

        I left an iPod on a plane once. Fortunately, they were still letting folks off the plane, so I told one of the attendants at the gate. They went & got it for me.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Who in their right mind would want to talk to Jill – she will be screaming, crying, blaming everyone except herself – oy vey!

      • So Jill has all her followers blowing up twitter so that she can be there only focus?

        Maybe Bawby should just fly you private all the time so you can call the pilot directly.

  27. Error404 says:

    Ok, got my ramona newsletter today. I believe her as everything seems to ring true so I hope she is sincere and this isn’t just spin.

    She says that the fight with Jill was a lot longer and more intense than what was shown an d that when Jill started s reaming all of the accusations r was brought back to that place when her father used to just scream at them and yelling abuse because of all the ways they were such a disappointment to him. That is why she broke down in tears afterward because she was back in that ugly place she thought shed left in her past.

    She reinforces that she is “real life” friends with Alex and Sonja and says that from now on proceeds from her wine will go to domestic abuse charities. I hope she means it.

    Having read this, I understand Jill “payback” articles about Mario. Jill is always eye for an eye. Never turn the other cheek. Whomever slights Jill must immediately brace for the blow, because she will strike back, and strike hard.

    • Nancy says:

      What did you think about the picture of Ally in the bath tub
      that Jill has put on the net this morning. WTF? right?
      If I was Ramona or Mario I would hire an attorney and sue for slander.
      Jill needs to be stopped, now!

      • Error404 says:

        Luckily I missed it! I know that the Kathy hiltons and Dina lohans of the world are a dime a dozen, but I have shocking old fashioned ideas about women who pimp their own kids. I can’t wait for Gia to write a mommy dearest type book.

    • If you had it like this says:

      I believe Ramona. I need to sign up for the newsletter. I read Jill’s extended blog, she posted it on her twitter for anyone to see without having to sign up for her newsletter. She says she doesn’t buy Ramona’s friendship with Alex and that when the show ends she guarantees Ramona will never see Alex again. She compared it to Bethenny’s friendship with Alex and Ramona which I guess is pretty non-existent these days.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I got my newsletter also and I agree with you about how Jill’s screaming took Ramona to an “dark” place. Very cool what she is doing to donate proceeds to shelters. Ramona is taking the “high” road while Jill keeps sinking in quick sand.

    • nathania says:

      okay, I suspected this with Bethenny, and now Ramona is saying it too.

      Does Jill have ANY friends who aren’t drawn to her out of a suppressed need to re-enact the childhood trauma of having an abusive parent? Because why else would anyone put up with her b.s.? Some advice, ladies, therapy is a whole lot cheaper in the long run.

  28. Amy Matheson says:

    Jill is demanding assistance from Delta because the bonehead left Ally’s laptop on a flight.


    I can just see the next tweet: “Do you know who I am?? I demand my special treatment now!”

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Oh I guess they gave it to her after all by phoning her personally! There is an 800 number too, if you “need a voice”, bitch, but I guess that is just for the peasants? Being a demanding bitch works! weeeee!!

      @DeltaAssist thank u for calling me! Pray u find it!!!
      2 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply”

      Yes, Jill, let us all pray.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Seriously it was probably just easier to call the crazy bitch than listen to her bitching all day and night that she demands to speak to a “voice”. I’m sure the “voice” told her the same thing that the on line report she filled out told her. We’ll be in touch…. haha

      • vilzvet says:

        Oh so it has not been found yet? Good! Let her stew a little longer….

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Heads will roll and people will lose their jobs because Jill left Ally’s computer (Ally must have broken arms) on a plane.

    • Delta is also suppose to know who ‘ally’ is.

      ‘Oh no- not ALLY’s computer’
      “”Hello Delta 237 out NYC, this is control. Please abort your current flight path and return to JFK.immediately”
      “Hello control, this Delta 237. That’s a negative.- as we are on approach to our destination and transporting the vital organs little Timmy needs for his transplant.”
      ‘Delta 237, maybe you just don’t get it- but ALLY’s computer is on that plane’
      “Control, did you say ‘ALLY’s computer’?”
      “Roger that- we are heading back, Sorry Timmy- but some things are just more important”

  29. Error404 says:


    Which Real Housewife Is Getting Prescription Drugs from the Crew?

    I agree with the commentor who guesses Kelly

  30. There is a blind item on CDAN about a “Real Housewife” on the east coast.

    This Real Housewife from the East is not only sleeping with one of the crew, he is also supplying her with prescription drugs that are not hers.

    My guess: Kelly


    • LynnNChicago says:

      I saw that, Gawd I hate blind items, have the guts to spill it or shut up! haha I guessed Sonja, even though I don’t want to think it is her, I do.

      • Noreen says:

        Sonja came to my mind as well. I don’t think Kelly has sex.

        • Error404 says:

          She told us repeatedly that she doesn’t drink yet loves beer and patron, then even ” invented” her own signature drink. I think Kelly Doesn’t have sex like she doesn’t drink: copiously.

          • PJ says:

            I couldn’t agree more. Kelly is a walking contradiction. Everything she says is really the opposite of what she says and everything she accuses others of is what she really does. Kelly says she is authentic and nice, but Kelly is the most inauthentic person on the show and one of the meanest. Kelly pretends to be so innocent and grossed out by anything sexual, but my guess is that in reality this is just the opposite and far, far from the truth. I think Kelly is always acting, pretending to be normal and trying to talk people into believing what she says about herself.

        • sue says:

          I think Kelly. C’mon, she talks like she is sister mary holy communion way too much, not only that, but I had read somewhere before that Gilles was somewhat kinky and wild, so if Kelly landed him, and we all know she did not have an immaculate conception, I really think Kelly is a freak because of the way she is always,always talking about how pure and innocent she is…KELLY IS A FREAK!

      • i would say Sonja over Kelly
        kelly has way too many sexual hangups
        and Sonjas a happy party girl

  31. jeepers1941 says:

    I won’t pretend to know what Chris’ reasoning was to buy Ashley the new car, but I think he has a plan. Chris just didn’t or doesn’t seem the type of person who would do something like that without thinking it through. Maybe this is the piece of straw that will break the camel’s back should Ashley F-up and Chris will be through with her for good. Kick her butt out of his house and give Jac a wakeup call at the same time. I still say if Jac doesn’t change the way she deals with Ashley, she is going to lose Chris. But I can also understand why Chris didn’t tell Jac what and why he did this, because Jac can’t keep secrets as we know.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You could be right, Chris may be testing Ashley. I think that he is taking away her excuse to not work everyday and not be late for work all the time (at the unpaid internship) so if she continues to be late and not go in to work – they take the car away…and are done helping her? Let’s hope thats the case but Chris did this before, Season one Caroline reamed Jac and Chris for buying Ashley a car that she hadn’t earned. Jac was going to give it to her until the photo shoot when Ashley yelled at her mother. They finally gave it to her after she passed summer school. It wasn’t clear why they took it away, no details were given. It had to be a pretty serious reason since they’re so lacking with the dicipline for Ashley. Jacqueline signed the paperwork last night after Ashley talked back to Chris about letting him drive the car….what would she have had to have done to have the 1st car taken away?

      • jeepers1941 says:

        If that had you or I when Ashley started in about Chris taking one of the keys and she was my daughter, I would have got up and walked out with my spouse in tow(before they signed any damn papers). But that is me, and when she made it home, she would be packing her shot anf moving out.
        Like I said they other day. There are shelters for homeless people and that is where Ashley would have to stay until she could afford her own place. Even if it was a trailer down by the river side, she wouldn’t be living in my home ever again, period!!

      • an internship isnt really a bad thing Lynn lots of people go thru them into really well paying jobs

        lots of people start out this way

        being late for it isnt good though

        • LavaLady says:

          I agree with you. Internships are almost mandatory for college students, especially in NYC. I am not sure how Ashley got an internship with being a student. Does not really make sense to me.

          Many internships are unpaid these days. My daughter, a college student in NYC, has had at least 6 unpaid internships. They are a stepping stone, hopefully, to a paid position when she graduates.

  32. LOLing says:

    I have a very different take on the Ashley thing. This may not be a popular view, but as the seasons progress and I see Ashleys interactions w/ her mother, not just on the show but on Twitter and in blogs…I think Jaq is the cause of a lot of Ashley’s grief. It seems to me that Jaq is always negative when it comes to Ashley. It’s easy to assume that it is because of her attitude, but I think Ashley’s attitude is born of the way she’s treated. I think that there is a deeper level of negativity in Ashley’s life and it comes from mom. I also would be willing to bet there is resentment on Jaq’s part. She chose to get married and have Ashley so young and now, looking back, she regrets that choice and Ashley is a daily reminder of everything she missed out on when she was young. Not to say mother and daughter don’t love each other, but it’s as if they are rivals in a way. I feel like Jaq gets off on constantly criticising her. Put another way, Ashley is a girl who can’t do anything right, even when she is doing something right. Does that make sense?

    When she visited Ashley at work and Lizzie pointed out that Ashley misses work, (which was unprofssional in my mind) Jaq should have said nothing or said “we’ll talk about it later”. Not reprimand her at work in front of everyone. I think Ashley said her moms timing “sucks”. To me that means Jaq has no qualms about putting her down in front of people. That’s just not necessary. It’s like she WANTS to make her look hapless. Then later at lunch, Chris and Ashley were having a nice convo and Chris was getting through to her and what does her mom do? Get mad and walk out! That was so weird. The is a reason she can’t through to Ashley and I think it’s b/c she likes having Ashley low. Keep her weak.

    As for the divorce, sure that may have affected her, but imagine being 10 yrs. old and moving to NJ and joining the Manzo/Laurita clan? In addition to Jaq bending over backwards to get her acceptance into the family, God know Ashley could do no right in Carolines eyes. So for years, this girl has struggled to fit in and please people and there was just no pleasing anyone. No wonder her self esteem is so low. On top of that, when Jaq was having a hard time having a baby, imagine how she made Ashley feel? Probably like, “I can’t have a baby with Chris, I’m stuck with you.”

    It was no secret that Danielle Staub always found the weakest link to prey on. First Dina, then when tht didn’t work, she drug Lexie into it. When Jaq wouldn’t accept Danielle, she turned to Ashley. Danielle knew Ashley was weak, she knew the dynamic between mom and daughter and knew she could push and push and push until Ashley cracked and took it to far. It wasn’t just Ashley bad mouthing on FB etc. Danielle was fully engaged w/ her in battle. That hair pull was manna from heaven for Danielle. She used the weakest ling (Ash) to get revenge on the mother. The sad part is, Ashley felt she was “defending” her mom and family by lashing out at Danielle. I think she was looking for the family to approve and respect her for defending them. Of course, that didn’t happen. Just the opposite.

    I know people who have had this kind of stuff in their life. And what seems to be laziness and misdirection is really just a lack of ability, in the sense that they can’t function b/c they are so used to doing everything wrong, that they just can’t cope. Being reprimaned at work for making a mistake send speople like this into a tailspin and they give up so quickly on everything. They always feel like a failure. It’s actually really sad. These people know what they want to do, but they don’t express it, they express excuses. This is b/c they know if they say “I want to do X”, the negative person in their life will say “Why don’t you do Y”. Even if X is perfectly acceptable, it’s just a way to, again, keep them down, weak and dependant. In Jaq’s blog and on Twitter she stated that she encouraged Ashley to act up at the signing to see what Chris would do. Really? What is that about? To me, it’s sabatauge. Why would a mom do that? Unless, again, she wants to make her daughter look and feel stupid. And given the fact that it was ON CAMERA and the way these shows are edited, it’s as if Jaq wants to make Ashley look bad, so when the public criticism of her mothering skills comes about, she can say, “it’s not me it’s HER”.

    • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

      I agree with your statements. Thank you for trying to understand Ashley’s point of view. It is easier to bash somoene then to take an objective viewpoint in a non judgmental manner.

      What people don’t realize that constant criticism causes someone to feel unworthy. If someone feels unworthy, then they continue to procrastinate and berate themselves or they have resitance to perform a task or an activity; this stems from fear of ‘doing it wrong.’ That’s where the misconception of ‘laziness’ comes from.

      • Candace says:

        If requiring an adult child to follow the rules of the home that she lives in rent free and calling her on it when she doesn’t is “constant criticism”, well, too bad, so sad.

        The real world, should she go out and make her own way, is much less accomodating. She won’t get by on her crying and whining there.

        • LOLing says:

          I agree with that, which is why she does so poorly in the real world. I mentioned in another post that I had a friend in HS whose parents were alwyas on her. One of the reasons they’d withhold the car was for “breaking the rules”. Problem was, the rules always changed. I know with my friend her parents would say come home at 12 on Friday and then Sat she was grounded b/c she came it at 12:02. Then next week curfew was 9:30 or 10, knowing full well that no one would take her anywhere b/c you couldn’t do anything if you had to be that early. Or they’d tell her she needed good grades, and she’d bring home good grades, but they were never good enough. Not enough A’s…it was really sad. I am feeling so strongly that Ashley lives in this type of environment b/c she reminds me so much of my friend. Another thing she used to do, as nice as she was, when you pissed her off, she overreacted. As if she was taking out her parental frustrations on us. She’d take a breakup w/ a boyfriend so hard, when she was allowed to have one of course. I just see her in Ashley.

    • Error404 says:

      Ita and I’ve said as much before. That being said, I don’t see how this is “a different take”. Just because her mother is a bitch is no excuse for Ashley to be the laziest girl in town. with such bad parents it’s all the more reason why she needs to stop her self planned pity party and get on with her life, and by get on I mean being productive, not using manipulation and games to get what she wants.

      • LOLing says:

        I think it’s easier said then done, when you are not in her shoes. For every person resiliant enough to get on, there is someone who is not. You can’t expect everyone to have the same strength.

        • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

          I understand what your talking about and can see what you are saying, to a point. However, Ashley takes her mothers quasi-abuse and downgrading and turns it into an excuse. She cant do this, because of this. She cant get to work on time because she doesnt have a car or doesnt live in the city. Mind you, she has no drive or self motivation. If my mother was someone who was looking at me to always fail, I probably wouldnt give her the satisfaction. Ashley wants her parents to pay her way, for everything, for ever. You can be sure that she uses that broken home, reprimand thing to the fullest of her advantage. I think thats what many dislike about her. Its hard to feel sorry for someone who manipulates their situation, no matter how sad it is.

    • nathania says:

      they are so close in age she projects the bad parts of herself onto Ashley, number one, and number two, she sees Ashley as sexual competition. They are enmeshed and Ashley is trying to find a way to exist in the world without threatening her mother. Eventually she will realize this is impossible to do and possibly cut off contact. Jacq will always see her as a threat, because Jacq doesn’t even SEE Ashley, Jacq sees herself.

  33. Candace says:


    So, what has Ashley done right, besides perfect the art of sniveling and crying on demand?

    • LOLing says:

      I think the sniveling and crying is b/c she just has no outlet, it’s upsetting and embarressing for her to be on TV this way, and guess who put her there? Mom. Ashley is NOT a person who should be a part of a show like this. I honestly can’t say EXACTLY what she done right :), since we only see the wrong on TV! But, she seems to love her little brothers and she does apologize when she’s out of line. we only see a few hours of their life. I am sure she does good things. One day maybe we will see one. Although I doubt it, at this point her “story” is petulant brat.

  34. LOLing says:

    As for the car situation, I live in and grew up in NJ. I got a car at 17 (u can’t drive in Jersey until 17), it wasn’t new, it was my dads 4 y/o car. They certaintly didn’t hand me the keys b/c 17 y/o’s deserve cars. They did it b/c Jersey is NOT pedestrian friendly. And public transportation in the suburbs is lacking. This is a car dependant state and the fact of the matter is my parents were tired of driving me all over to friends house (even worse I went to a regional school, so I had friends 5 minutes to 45 minutes away), work, school activities etc… They really got tired of having to put everything on hold to cart me around. Plus, my father traveled alot for work and my mom was a nurse, so if I had to get to work after school and dad was away and mom was doing 3-11 pm, I couldn’t go. It was a necesary evil. Not that I don’t understand earning a car in a sense, but what really bugs me about the car situation w/ Ashley is that her mom is constantly telling her to get a job, go to school, do this, do that…but yet won’t provide transportation? Jacquline Laurita isn’t stupid, again, it’s as if she makes these demands on the kid and denys her a key tool to carry them out. I had a friend in HS whose parents did this all of the time. We were always having to cart her around. It was annoying. It was not my responsibilty to take her to school. Her parents just liked to see her squirm. Especially when she needed them to take her somewhere. I can’t tell you how many calls I’d get when she didn’t show somewhere (no cell phones in 1990!) and tell us they wouldn’t drive her. It wasn’t about where we were going or what we were doing, it was them making her feel inferior and dependant. And yes, she ended up much like Ashley…directionles, which of course they blamed on her. Ugh.

    I think Chris Laurita is well aware of this dynamic and is really trying to give the girl the tools her mother won’t to succeed. Now, she didn’t need a brand new car, but I really think he wants her to do well in life. And as far as gas, insurance etc… there is no way in the state of NJ she is paying that all on her own. Insurance is sooo expensive here. I didn’t pay for mine until I was 25 and established. My dad was smart enough to know that you can’t save money to live on your own if he’s taking 80% of it for expenses! I think this is what Chris is trying to do, lay that foundation. To be honest, I’d have more respect for Jaq if she would simply say, we are helping her establish herself and that’s that. She’s so worried about the criticism SHE gets regarding her daughter. Um, Jaq, you raised her! Sadly, Ashley will probably will never please her mom. She will always struggle to try. If you notice, Ashley’s desires always involve moving. I wonder if it is so she can get away from her mom and make her own decisions. The solution for Ashley may very well be a seperation from her mom.

    Ultimately as an adult, Ashley is responsible for her choices, I just truly believe that she has never been given the tools in life. She can’t do right, even when she does right. Imagine how hard that must be? I hope she overcomes. She’s still young, there’s hope.

  35. Candace says:

    Looks like she gets plenty of chances (multiple new cars) and great advice from Chris Laurita, and is welcomed back to that home whenever she agrees to a few lax requests in the past as to curfew.

    She can’t seem to make it while living in a nice home and gift cars, I’m sure with insurance included.

    Poor, poor Ashley.

    • LOLing says:

      I see what your saying…but the fact of the matter is, you can be given all of the material stuff in the world, you can have the best of everything, but without emotional support, you will fail. I don’t disagree that Ashley is spoiled, but I think what she REALLY needs is lacking and Chris tris to fill that void with stuff. It never works.

      • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

        Ita LoLing

      • Candace says:

        It seems that Chris gives attention, advice and attempts to give direction to Ashley, as well as new cars if she will follow a few rules. If he’s anything like he appears on the show, he’s a kind, calm guy who goes the extra mile to help in all ways. He seems like one of the good guys on the show.

  36. Dwight Schrute says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to defend the comment about Juicy Joe always being in bed while Joe G. is working since I can’t stand the guy but here goes. I’m going to give Joe a pass on always being in bed. He is running a pizza business and, as such, he’s not exactly in a 9 to 5 job.

    The other thing that got me last night was Tamara going on that Gretchen wouldn’t marry Slade because he didn’t have money. The fact that this comment came from a woman who ran out on her husband after all the money was gone smacks of hypocrisy!

    • arabracer says:

      Seriously- a pizza business is not going to keep them in that lifestyle. If they own a few they could live an upper- middle class lifestyle, like her cousin Cathy. I’m doubting that Joe is standing there making pizza until midnight.
      I don’t think Tamra left Simon Barney because he ran out of money. I think it contributed to his overall crappy, sarcastic attitude. My husband laughs because I would say” Tamra needs to be with a latin guy”.
      Eddie justs laughs and eggs Tamra on with her behavior- he’s perfectly accepting of her.

    • T-REX says:

      I don’t think Juicy even knows where is Pizza company is located! He doesn’t work!

  37. Mimisfbay says:

    Quincy, I am so saddened by your loss. You are in my thoughts..

  38. eve says:

    I am not sure if anyone saw Theresa on Good Day New York. Here is the link. Just by watching her hands movements i got dizzy.


    • cabbie413 says:

      she looks worse with straight hair..she should go back tothe jersey curls. her hairline is entirely too low

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      OMG…she looked like a total idiot. I don’t think that host was none too happy she was going to be co hosting with him next week either…LMAO

  39. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kathy’s family is interesting but I am wondering what happened that threw her into the Melissa/Joey camp…..eventually we will find out. The fact that Caroline told her she didn’t care about the Guidice/Gorga Family fiasco makes me wonder if she already knows.

    • LOLing says:

      I think Caroline is just pissed that her role as Godmother has been usurped by the Feuding Gorgas. She’s outnumbered and they don’t listen to a word she says.

  40. sugarmagnolia10 says:

    That Trampa just burns me up. She was caught in yet another lie last night. When the discussion turned to her kids watching Bravo, court order, etc….She said, “Simon didn’t want the kids on the show, so we compromised that they wouldn’t be able to watch it.” Has she not soooooooo many times claimed that both SHE AND SIMON chose to keep them off the show? The rumors on the internet (which I don’t take at face value, UNLIKE Trampa) were that she had Simon arrested in attempts to get full custody of the kids so she could have them on the show. If she had full custody, she could make all choices, including putting the kids on the show. We all know that Bravo doesn’t care for the “Dina’s” who are essentially wives without families on tv. I think that this “rumor” has legs after what she said last night. She basically admitted that it was Simon, not she AND Simon as she had claimed, that didn’t want them filmed.
    This is along the same lines as the infamous bathtub scene. In her blog she states that she got carried away and forgot the cameras were there. On WWHL 2 weeks later, she (drunk) said that they had to stop filming, take Eddie downstairs, the producers fed him some shots of tequila, and then they resumed. I was glad Alexis called her out. I have a 2, 3, and 4 year old, and they can literally turn on every tv, computer, launch Safari on my macbook, find games, etc….If her kids even have a smart phone, they have access to bravo. Trampa’s reaction? To chastise Alexis about a swimming pool accident, where nothing bad happened. Every kid in the world has fallen out of a tree, into a swimming pool, had a bike accident, etc and have lived to tell the tale. Accidents happen. Purposefully choosing to film a racy, unnecessary and fabricated segment for television is not an accident. AND it will do more emotional damage than a careless accident. Alexis and Jim did not shove their kids in a pool, but Tamra shoved her “love scene” on the world, her children, and her ex husband. Also, I am curious why both Peggy and Vicki, who thought it was so full of love, completely ignored that topic in their blogs.

    Oh, and I forgot, didn’t she get rufied? Passed out in a club, in the car, then in the hotel bathroom. Eddie and Micah were calling all night worried about them, but no one though to call Vicki? Vicki didn’t think to take them to a hospital or call their significant others? What a good friend.

    UGH! In closing, I just really want to understand why Trampa thinks the internet is a viable source about the other wives, but with her it’s all lies. Also, I would like her to say “press” instead of “prass”.

  41. Nat from Texas says:

    Hello, I just wanted to tell you I thought you handled the situation good yesterday. Rather than arguing with them, or calling them “Jill’s People” you handled it like a professional, you listened to their complaints and tried to reason with them, by that, you dis-fussed the situation, then next thing you know they left.. I defiantly learned something from you yesterday; You get more with honey than you do vinegar.
    I would of been cursing up a storm and said things that i would of later regretted.
    I hope you get paid lol! f not, I’m going to start a collection for you. You are a lady with class Quincy. Hot in Texas today.
    If you read Jaq’s blog, she said that was a set up in the sealer ship, she told Ashlee to act that way because she wanted to see how Chris would re act.

  42. LOLing says:

    On another topic, the GG’s continue to amuse w/ their antics. Teresa told Joe (and everyone else) 1:30 and then Gia corrected her 1:00. Joe heard that and he repeated it. It’s on film! LOL. These meets take HOURS, it’s painful. If they got there at the end, it had to be close to 4. It was rude. Then again, Teresa is always late too. I have noticed in life, that self centered people are always late…the rest of us can wait. So yes, Ithink all 3 of them are self centered!

    As for Gia messing up, part of it is because it’s very easy to mess up in gymnastics! A cartwheel on a 12 inch wide beam, 5 feet in the air is hard. Running full speed towards the vault and 1 second of lost concentration can ruin the vault. I did gymnastics as a kid and we were alwyas taugh at that age (it changes as you get older) if you lost concentration during a routine, just stop. It’s so easy to get hurt, they’d tell us “stop” and re-focus. It’s not the Olympics. It’s very hard for kids that young to “block it out”, that’s a skill you aquire with maturity. You saw Gia looking for her mom, looking for her Uncle, getting upset on the floor. The poor thing cried when he called the house! Given the history of the family, the fighting and so forth, I am sure that little girl was off her game. Hoping there is no ruckus, in fromt of her friends to boot. Come on Lynn! I know you love Team Melissa, but understand a 10 y/o’s menatality. It affected her in part. And also, at this point cameras are second nature for Gia. I am sure she has no problem performing in front of them in any instance.

    Lastly, with Melissa crying about the family. You can’t help but have sympathy for her. She is not being accepted the way she wants to be. Perhaps she is expecting too much? She’s used to being catered to and can’t stand when she’s not? Props to Joe for siding with his wife and admitting his family is wrong to treat her that way, but this problem will not be solved until Miss Melissa stops with the digs and such. As guilty as Teresa may be, Melissa is just as bad, maybe a bit more subtle, but she’s no saint. All 3 of them are the types who talk and talk and talk, but nobody listens. All 3 of them want to be right and have the last word and both of the ladies want Joe Gorgas full attention. This is a train wreck.

  43. Amy Matheson says:

    ….oh heads are rolling (lol… what a cow)
    Jill Zarin

    On Monday 13th June 2011, @Jillzarin said:

    I will give full report!RT @vjwhite “@Jillzarin @DeltaAssist @Delta has the worst cust serv – no one listens. Funny cuz they’re pushing a new cust serv campaign @ the same time!”

    • Amy Matheson says:

      cuz we all realize planting an RT to threaten the minions doing her bidding at Delta is the best way to show that there will be HELL to pay if Ms. Zarin is not worshiped properly.

      Scurry scurry, Delta, to fix Jill’s dumbass mistakes – because one tweet from her and you’ll go DOWN.

      “This is why Bawwby and I fly private.”

      • She is still waiting to hear back from Delta. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

        Jillzarin @DeltaAssist any news?

        • LavaLady says:

          I hope Ally backed up all her data. I imagine she had her college schoolwork, papers on the laptop. As well as personal pictures, e mails, etc.

    • lillybee says:

      Jill, you do realize that it is not Delta’s fault that you left the computer on the plane. Another passenger may have seen it abandoned and decided to take it, BTW.

    • Delta charged returning soldiers almost $3000 for extra baggage fee’s (it was their gear they use to protect our Country and keep them alive) yet JIll thinks the world should be incensed that she should have to fill out a lost items claim form and hope for the best like the rest of us.


      • MAMAZ says:

        I was gonna say I will always fly Delta from now on for not caving JZ’s constant demands for attention but then you added the link.
        As the daughter and wife of retired military men I am seriously offended.

        • It’s abominable. Delta has since changed their policy to allow active duty military to bring on bags no charge- but still, this never should have happened.

  44. Amber...Real Wife says:

    DISCLAIMER It coud get ugly.

    I have conflicting notions about Chris, Jac and Ashley. I originally thought Chris is buying this car so Ashley will be free to go out and date, find a new guy and shack up as she is wont to do. Also thought he was buying the vehicle to facilitate her commute, it would only get her to the local train stop, and then she’d have to take another train when reaching NYC. It couldn’t be for her to drive to Manhattan as that would entail the NIGHTMARE of finding and PAYING for parking which is outrageous in the city. Ashley doesn’t have a paying job, but we know she draws a check from BRAVO like Caroline’s kids, so she can easily make the payments.

    What is a bit disturbing is the competition between Jac and Ashley for Chris’s attention. The mother becomes upset if they close her out, and storms off like a petulant child. Ashley is cajoling and making private deals with Chris behind her mother’s back, getting 2 new pricey vehicles in the last 3 years against her mother’s wishes. What’s up with that? Shouldn’t they work as a team, and not play good cop, bad cop. She will never learn if she just lies and pretends to change, to get what she wants and then returns to her ways. She enjoys making fools of her parents on tv, brattily refusing Chris access, which was probably a test anyway, and saying they could leave the dealership. That Chris and Jac actually continued with the car purchase is beyond me. Does Chris enjoy having these two compete for his favor?

    Is Ashley working a Vita angle on Chris a la Mildred Pierce. While i’m sure Chris is a nice guy who has raised her since age 8, it’s not impossible for men to be mentally seduced and fall prey to the whims of a spoiled teen. RealHusband’s aunt had a lazy 18yr old daughter who was very disrespectful. She would ask her newly married mother for money and also her new stepfather. Whenever the mother said no, she would play the stepfather close, complimenting him, walking around scantily dressed, and would get what she wanted. The mother and stepfather argued when he defended the teen and gifted her excessively. The aunt once told me the daughter didn’t like him until she found out he had money. She was very uncomfortable when the daughter stopped asking her for stuff and would instead go directly to the stepdad. She admitted she didn’t trust either of them because her daughter was bad, their relationship had deteriorated and her husband was just a man. BTW their marriage failed after a few years.

    • LOLing says:

      Jaq said she told Ashley to make a stink as a test for Chris. Which is so beyond weird…

      I soon as I saw Vita I thought Oh HELL no, she’s not going there! 😉 LOL. That’s gross and I seriously doubt it! Stranger things have happened, but eeeewwwwww. I wrote earlier about what I think of Ashley and the root of her problems.

      But if you are correct…that would make quite a spin off!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        More disturbing than gross. Worse case scenario is horrrible, but the plausible scenario is Ashley working Chris to get what she wants. She’s a stupid girl but smart enough to get new cars while doing poorly in school, doing little if no housework and not working a real job. Her fighting with her mother, places Chris in the middle, having to be the ultimate decision maker. They both want his approval.

        • nathania says:

          I think Chris Laurita knows something is not quite ‘right’ between Jac and her daughter. I think he is probably the smartest person in this entire cast. Because he listens, and watches. I think he also realizes the other kids are going to be ridiculously spoiled in their lives and this is a ‘don’t say I never did anything for you’ kind of parting gift. Good strategy on his part…

      • I agree, Jac encourage Ass-ley to act like her name sake is so childish. Why didn’t she just stay at home and rent the latest Jack Ass movie and fart underneath the blankets?

    • Debbie says:

      You’re braver than me. I thought about this scenario awhile back but didn’t want to voice it here because I knew it would be controversial and it makes me uncomfortable to think I can read something like this in a family dynamic that I only know from an edited reality show.There’s really no outward appearance of impropriety yet it seems to be there just the same…Ashley playing Chris against her Mom’s wishes.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I know father’s spoil daughters every day against their mother’s wishes, but sometimes you see that it becomes a competition between the females as to who is in control of the man. Will the husband listen and co parent with his wife or will he ignore his wife and continually spoil a mocking daughter? It’s getting dark Vern.

  45. TanyaD says:

    I love this site and generally agree with most of what Lynn says ESPECIALLY about RHONY. When I read the NJ recaps, it is quite obvious that because Teresa is so hated that Melissa gets a free pass on everything. I have yet to see Lynn acknowledge any of her flaws. I don’t understand why if you dislike a cast member, you automatically side with their opponent if you will. I look so forward to these blogs but it is SO biased when it comes to NJ its hard to read. The “save a wench” comment wasnt even mentioned just that she messed up the words. And to assume thats Teresa was lying about how excited Gia was is beyond me. You could see it in that little girls eyes, during the phone call and everything. Teresa does everything wrong so that means Melissa does everything right? I do not understand that logic

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Tanya, I don’t think that Melissa is perfect just because I don’t care for Teresa. I am still trying to figure out why Melissa seems to get blamed for everything, I really haven’t seen her do anything wrong that would cause her to break up the relationship between Teresa and her brother Joey. I really like Melissa and the lyrics of the song has already been beaten to death, I could have made a joke about it but they’ve all been said. I don’t think it makes Melissa a bad person because she screwed up song lyrics, hell people do it with The Star Spangled Banner all the time.

      If I said Teresa was lying about Gia, that’s not what I meant but I don’t remember saying that. What I said was I don’t think that GIa’s audience was the problem with her performance, I think it was Television cameras that made her nervous. It was clear that Gia was excited about Joey coming to her meet, she loves her uncle, anyone can see that. The fact that I don’t like Teresa is not the reason that I do like Melissa, but the fact remains that I do like Melissa.

      Maybe something will come out that will reveal that Melissa is behind the issues with this family but all we have is Teresa blaming Melissa with nothing to back it up.

      • LOLing says:

        She has had cameras in her face since she was 6! She has done modeling and acting auditions on camera and a fashion show. It’s not cameras. She LIKES to perform! She had family on the brain..she was looking for her Uncle and given the issues they have may have been nervous as to what may occur. If they can brawl at a Christening…God knows what they could do in a gymnasium!

        Melissa gives as good as she gets..she’s just not as obvious. Plus people who hate Teresa want her to be always be the bad guy, but sometimes, she’s not the only villian. Melissa to me seems very manipulative. The 3 of them have over the top personalities and the women crave being the center of attention. Plus, I don’t think Joe’s family likes Melissa. No big suprise, that’s Italian MIL’s for ya, no one is good enough for my boy! One of these relationships is going to end and I suspect it will be Teresa and Joes. Joe wont cast his wife aside for his sister. And Teresa won’t give up Juicy for the sake of her brother. Although, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world IMHO. Teresa needs a man who hustles and brings home the bacon….not a hustler.

        • Smompy says:

          I’m still sort of on the same pas as Lynn, because even though it seems like Melissa does a lot of “acting” on the show and she may indeed be a master manipulator, I haven;t seen any concrete evidence of that yet. At this point I have no reason to dislike her. Teresa is another story.

        • If you had it like this says:

          I agree with you. I really think this feud is about two women competing to be number one. Obviously, the wife should come first now but there still has to be room for the rest of the family. I really wanted Melissa to be this anti-Teresa and to come on the show and kind of expose Teresa’s true colors but that hasn’t really happened. She just seems so similar to Teresa to me. And I’m starting to think she wants fame more than Teresa. I thought it was interesting that she said she never wanted friends. Just her sisters. She may be clannish with her family as the Gorgas are. Maybe I’ll change my mind as the season develops.

          • LOLing says:

            I think so too. People were so excited for Melissa and Kathy to come on and see Teresa knocked down a peg. I think people are disappointed that they are kind of the same person, Melissa and Teresa. Kathy seems nice, but I don’t know, something strange is there…

            Melissa’s sisters don’t help the situation either, I think they fill her head w/ more negativity.

            Her singing voice wasn’t too bad, but 32 y/o women don’t become “pop stars”. Pop stars become pop stars when they are young and evolve into their 30’s. She could have an ITunes hit, but I don’t think her singing career is going to go anywhere. But props to her for getting to live it out!

            • If you had it like this says:

              Agreed. She probably won’t be the next Brittney Spears but god for her for going for her dream.

            • sue says:

              Yea, I can’t believe someone like Lynn cant see straight through Melissa. I am in no way a fan of T’s, but this chick Melissa, it is crystal clear what she is all about and where she is coming from, and it is obvious she is sneaky,conniving and not a very good actress!!!

  46. smompy says:

    I never in a million years thought I’d be saying this, but I’m kinda sorta looking forward to seeing Slade Smiley tonight. Anything that makes Tamra retreat from the camera is a good thing IMO. Rip her a new one, Slade, you glorious lowlife deadbeat! For me, Tamra has become the Jill Zarin of the OC and Vicki has pretty much the LuAnn. Peggy is not exavtly the Kelly but the two do bear a faint resemblence I suppose. I can’t say there’s much to admire about Gretchen, but since Tamra has always been (and still is) so obviously jealous of and threated by Gretchen’s looks, I have no choice but to support the woman. The day Gretchen arrived on the OC was the day Tammy realized she could no longer convince anyone (including herself) that she was “the hottest housewife,” and so it was also the same day that Tamra decided she would hate on and try to destroy Gretchen in any way she could. Being considered “the hottest” amongst this particular group of women was never any great feat anyway. Alexis, of course, is a total moron, but for some reason she doesn’t bother me much. I guess maybe I feel like when she says questionable things, and she says A LOT of questionable things, that she doesn’t generally do it with malice aforethought. Mostly it seems to occur because she’s so dumb and delusional. I guess I pity her more than I hate her.

    I believe that Mario probably did get in Jill’s face and yell at her, but I don’t believe for a second that he was threatening or that she ever FELT threatened. We’ve seen those two performing this exact same scenario on the show before, and Jill sure didn’t look scared that time. She was LOVING the attention she got. Whoever this Terry Cork person is, though, he or she is either lying or honestly didn’t understand the dynamic of what was happening between Mario and Jill. There’s no way Terry Cork had to “pull Mario off of her.” Mario doesn’t want to have to touch Jill any more than the rest of us would ever want to have to touch her. Just the idea of shaking hands with Jill Zarin is enough to make me think about cutting off my own arm with a hacksaw and then soaking my bloddy stump in a bucket of bleach. But anyway, now Jill can paint herself as the poor little victim again. Ramona, please just kick Jill’s ass up and down Park Avenue already. Even if you’re convicted of assault and battery, it’s your first offense so you probably won’t even have to do any time. And even if you do end up at Riker’s island for a short time, we can smuggle your Pinot Grigio in pretty easily. Do it, Ramona, it’d be soooo worth it! Just say sje threw the first punch. We’d all be happy to testify to that.

    OK, and lastly, I know it’s their shtick and all, but I am getting SO tired of certain Jersey Housewives’ overuse of the “I’m Italian and this is the way Italians do things” crap. Yes Tree, you may be of Italian descent and you may have even been conceived in Italy, but in no way do you represent the typical Italian American person. Even the poorest, least educated, lowest earning levels of Italian society behave better and exhibit more dignity than you do. IOW you are trash. You represent nobody but yourself, so stop trying to take credit and/or allign yourself with a culture that is, in fact, proud & historically rich; a culture in which honesty, hard work, personal achievement and education are all revered. Personally, I’d rather have my culture respresnted by someone like Mussolini than by Tree & Juicy or their traveling band of assclowns. Just sayin’.

  47. HD says:

    Ashley get NO sympathy from me. Not one ounce. There are children who had it FAR worse that turned out to be JUST fine. Let’s take Oprah for instance. Did she have cars and “emotional support”? How about many of us. My mom kicked me out of the house when I was 15. I went on to graduate in the top ten percent of my high school all while living with someone else and got excepted to every college I applied to. Went on to to graduate with honors from college-oh AND I had a baby in college and I was a freshman. No emotional support there. I pushed my stroller around so much people jokingly asked me how many miles I had on it. No car, no emotional support. But ONE THING I had was a great work ethic. My family didn’t play that mess. Get your ass up and work. My daughter is 15 and has had a job EVERY summer since she was 14. She is only allowed to work 9 hours a week but you better believe she is working them! When she is 16 and can do more hours she will. Her father left when she was 5 months old. I guess I should allow her to be lazy. Ashley is a lazy spoiled brat that was created by her mom and her step dad. Now the chickens have come home to roost. PERIOD!

    • Golden Girl says:

      YES! Well said ITA!

    • I hear you about the work thing. Both my parents left school at an early age 14-15 to work and they were expected to give their entire paychecks to their family. If they were luck, they got a few bob for themselves.
      When I got my first job, I hated it and wanted to quit but my parents wouldn’t let me- which I am thankful for as I stuck it out and turned it into my career as the years went on.
      But when I was younger, not only was i expected to turn up for my own shifts, if I wasn’t scheduled and they needed me, they would call my mom to get her to tell me to go to work-and she would force me to go.

  48. If you had it like this says:

    I want to like Melissa but I’m having a hard time. I really think she and Teresa are not that different. Perhaps why they don’t get along. They are both competitive with each other. They are both jealous of each other. Melissa said that the family gave her the cold shoulder but it appeared that she was pretty cool to them as well. I am actually starting to feel sorry for Joey and all the kids involved. Those cousins love and miss each other. I think it’s a horrible position to be in for him. I found the conversation Melissa had with him after Gia’s meet, confusing. She was crying and it almost seemed she was scared he would reconcile with his family. He obviously loves his family but he has to put his wife first and I just can’t tell if Melissa sincerely wants them to be back together. She kind of seems like she just wants Joey to be close with her family. And the Wakiles. I am ready to hear what happened to cause all this strife. I’m not sure it’s going to be very dramatic or enlightening. Just more petty jealousy stuff, likely. Melissa is just as showy, and just as self-involved as Teresa, seemingly. She is still trashing Teresa in the press so it doesn’t seem like she wants to do everything in her power to bring the family back together like she says. I know Teresa is a jerk but sometimes you just have to suck up inlaw issues. You don’t always adore your inlaws but it’s important you tolerate them for the sake of family. I know there are nightmare inlaw stories out there but this one just seems petty and stupid.

  49. jeepers1941 says:

    I said it before and I am saying it again. When Joey married Melissa(the outsider) and Joey wasn’t always around like he used to be, because he had a wife now. So bad feelings started to build up between Teresa and Melissa. Then she told the mother and dad the Melissa was taking up all of Joey’s time from the family. If you have never been in a situation like this, it is hard for some to understand this. I was in the exact same thing and it took years before we got it resolved. Melissa and Teresa just can’t get to that point because they are both hot heads and that doesn’t help matters. Neither one wants to talk to the other about it, so as we see it now, it is a stalemate. But from what the previews shows, they may be trying to talk as Jac referred to in the snippit. So we will just have to wait and see. But it ain’t gonna be easy for these two to talk without some ripping each other apart. I think both of them pour fuel on the fire and it puts an even deeper divide where Joey is concerned. But he needs to tell them both to knock it off, that he loves his sister and he loves his wife. His bigger problem is with his parents and both Melissa and Teresa need to stay out of that and let Joey work it out with his parents. The whole family needs family therapy, but that will never happen, not with this crew it won’t.

    • LOLing says:

      2 headstrong women who always want to have the last word and “win”. They are both vying for the affections of the same guy. The parents are siding with the daughter (no suprise there). Melissa is the odd man out here and the only solution I see is for Melissa to take a backseat to Teresa. It doesn’t seem fair and it doesn’t seem right that she would have to do that, but it may be the only way to make it through in the family. If she really loves and wants her husband to have his family in his life, she may have to swallow her pride and deal with being number 2 when with Joes family. Maybe she could get a Teresa voodoo doll and stb it with pins after the Christmas parties to alleviate the stress!

      The Joes also dislike each other. But, I think this is easier to handle. I think the men could be cordial and drama free as long as neither one of them say anything to or about the wives in front of the other.

      • jeepers1941 says:

        Well they better do something quick, because Christmas is just around the corner and the show only last for so many weeks, anyone got a doll we could send to Melissa and Teresa both….. 🙂

      • If you had it like this says:

        Yes, Teresa is the only girl and first born in her family and Melissa is not going to be the queen. Melissa is obviously the star and center of her family so that just may have to be enough. If she could just employ a little humility in this situation and be the bigger person then that would go a long way. I’m just worried that she may not actually be “the bigger person”.

      • nathania says:

        I don’t think the parents are helping the situation at all. Melissa seems lighter of heart than Teresa…and Teresa seems like there is something wrong in her head, like she misinterprets things, whether intentionally or unintentionally. So once something goes into her brain, there is no telling how it’s going to get twisted around.

  50. SantaBarbaraSusie says:

    Sheesh! I don’t understand why Icky Vicki, Trampy Tamra and Petty Peggy spend so much time criticizing Alexis & Gretchen ! These sad looking females live in glass houses & throw stones!
    VICKI- She’s about as warm as a witch’s tit to her long-suffering husband. She wants full control & undivided attention from him, yet she treats him with nothing but contempt! No man wants to cuddle or romance such a shrew! I honestly feel badly about the way she treats him, yet she ponders ‘how did we get here?’ Her children have been brow beaten within an inch of their lives. I have yet to see her treat any of her ‘loved ones’ with any genuine kindness or care! I think Donn is a genuinely good man, I wonder what made him feel he needed to tolerate such ABUSE ? I agree with others who opine that Vicki got bored, saw how Tamra ‘moved on’ and wanted the same for herself. Honestly!! She’s let her quasi-celebrity status went to her head making her believe she could ‘do better’ than Donn & that she was a desirable ‘catch’ ?

    TAMRA — Where does one start with this MONSTROSITY ?? Hateful, cruel, petty, selfish, loose, etc!! Okay, so Simon can be unlikeable. His so called controlling nature seemed to me to be an effort to get his wife to behave appropriately! The way she speaks, dresses & acts is truly shameful. In my eyes, she is the epitome of everything ugly in a human being. She is intolerable– In all ways ! The disgusting things that come out of her mouth are shameful. Where in the world did she get the idea those things are cute? Furthermore, I’ve never witnessed such a LIAR !!

    Her transparent jealousy if Gretchen is pathetic. As for being a former ‘Trophy Wife’… WHAT pray tell competion did Simon ‘win’. Winner of the trashiest, broken down wife maybe. Caution Tammy Sue.. ever heard the saying ‘Pretty is as pretty does???’ She’s looking more & more ragged with every episode. What in Tamra’s life gives her the right to judge or question Alexis or Gretchen’s personal lives? For all the nasty gossip & accusations she made about Gretchen, how is that different from Jeana expressing an opinion when asked? And, about that ridiculous ‘cease & desist’ order she ‘served’ on Jeana— ever heard of a little thing called the 1st Amendment ? Freedom of Speech. Yes, it does have caveats. But, threatening Jeana with legal action isn’t covered. First you need to show they were lies, then malice then, finally… DAMAGES ???? You cannot meet any of those burdens! Really? Jeana has harmed your reputation???? Hardly !! Ha Ha!

    PEGGY— Oh, where to start ? Appearance wise, she’s pretty scary. All the Botox, fillers & peels cannot stop the clock! They just make you look strange. Also, take a look in the mirror. See how the bottom lip on your mouth hangs, revealing mostly bottom teeth? That dear, is the greatest sign of aging. It’s like painting a damaged gate. If the wear & tear make the hinges sag, no about of paint or sanding will make that gate look new! Peggy’s envy of Gretchen & especially Alexis makes her look all the more pathetic. Tossing around names of expensive autos & designer clothing names is a true sign of insecurity!

    Well, sorry for my first post being so verbose. These things have been on my mind for a while!

    Want to say a true thank you to Lynn in Chicago for creating this blog. I enjoy her observations and everyone’s input!

    • Okie Folkie says:

      You do make very good & valid points, SBS!

      Welcome! This is a fun place to hang out!

    • gypsygirl says:

      I hate Trampra and she does get under my skin, such a total LOSER. She makes me want to harass her on face book, and post a copy of your rant, all true btw and my thoughts exactly.

  51. 2Stupid says:

    I am sorry to hear about your horse. It is heart wrenching to have to put a beloved animal down, but I know you would only do what is best for your beloved horses. I’ll be thinking about you!

  52. Melissa says:

    I don’t blame Brianna at all, she’s always been the most sensible compassionate one (even out of all the HW kids) and for her to witness Vicki’s behavior towards Donn etc must be very crushing for her.
    Vicki cried, played victim (straight out of Tamra’s playbook) and got her kids on her team, then turned around, served Donn (in front of his coworkers can you imagine?) ALL so she can protect her “assets”, and she saids her “marriage was most important” No, Vicki, your work and assets/money were the most important, that and getting your “love tank” filled by a guy she was most likely sleeping with prior to the divorce.
    And Vicki has the nerve to comment on Gretchen’s situation with Jay, Jeff, Slade when this isn’t her first time cheating on her spouse and leaving, Vicki is vile and I hope Brianna will move far away enough so she won’t be affected by her stupid mother.

    • Eve says:

      I agree with you…..it’s Vicki who would play around with assets….not Donn. I’m glad Brianna is calling her out…it speaks volumes.

      • Melissa says:

        Exactly, Donn never was obsessive about money or possessions like Vicki and for her to do this to him was wrong on so many levels. I saw the pain and hurt in Donn’s eyes when he spoke about it in the video. Vicki admitted to everything being her fault (as she should) on the show but on her blog she defends herself making excuses for her behavior. Again, she’s so easily influenced by her surroundings, I do believe having a trashy friend like Tamra really effected her. I remember (vaguely) how I actually liked her in the first few seasons and she has really changed for the worst.

        • songbird says:

          How do these people move on so quickly without cheating? Tamra said Simon was dating his girlfriend 3 weeks after they separated which was “almost as long as she had been with Eddie”. So, she had to be with Eddie while she was still married and not yet separated. They make jabs at Gretchen for being a cheater, but pot mean kettle. I am suspicious of Vicki’s relationship too….Did she meet this man from the south on one of her business trips she went on before serving Donn with divorce papers? I know she was out of town a lot right before he got served. Also, neither of these ladies can be “alone”, therefore have no room to make fun of Alexis for her “traditional” values. They clearly aren’t exactly strong independent ladies, either.

          • Melissa says:

            It’s so wrong for the kid’s psychy imo to watch their parents leave their mom/dad and just bring in new people showing affections to one another so quickly as they did. That’s why Tamra disgusts me the most for doing that bathtub scene with Eddie, she’s so self absorbed, she can’t even feel for her children even though it was only a short while ago she cried over her parents divorce and how much it effected her, can she imagine if her dad or mom did an intimate scene like that for the world to see when she was a child? I believe Vicki was already with this guy in Cabo, there was a guy that look just like her new bf during the trip, and she has done it before.

        • Eve from CT says:

          I do believe that Tamra effects her as well. She is jealous of Tamra and her teenage like love.

          • Dawn says:

            During the reunion Vicki stated that she lost her passion for Donn. That’s it in a nutshell. She stopped caring for him and about him and allowed the marriage to die. Then moved on a few short days later. …

          • Melissa says:

            Tamra’s a very empty, superficial woman, her and Eddie will be over soon enough but because she is so needy and not self-reliant, I’m sure she’ll latch onto another one who can provide her money etc, that’s the way she rolls. If Simon was bringing home the rolex’s like he did on the previous seasons, we wouldn’t be watching an abuse victim right now. She’s as real and compassionate as her silicone implants.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO Vicky already played with the assets before she served Donn with divorce papers. They didn’t have to be served at his place of employment – that was mean. So while he was trying to work on the marriage she was looking for the next fall guy (Donn rescued her from a horrible marriage in Illinois and took her and her kids to California). It’s ironic that her children didn’t have a relationship with their birth father but are now unwilling to give up their relationship with Donn – Vicky doesn’t always win!

      • Melissa says:

        Like they say, once a cheater always a cheater. Vicki was always a cheater and and she will continue to do so when her “love tank” runs out. And who serves divorce papers at their spouse’s work place? That is showing zero respect, Donn, Micheal and Brianna are all justified for their anger and hurt. But hey who cares about the kids right? Just stick em in therapy and hop in a bathtub and press record- Tamra style.

  53. Smompy says:

    I’m with you! My mom, who ironically worked for the FBI at the time, lied on all our working papers when we were teenagers so that my siblings and I could “legally” work various jobs at a younger age. In our house, if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. And if you didn’t do your job, do your chores and get good grades, you were out on your ass. At least that’s what we were threatened with. None of us ever actually tested those limits:)

    And with Ashley there is simply nothing to empathize/sympathize with. She is lazy, surly, entitled, slovenly and dumb. Granted, her parents played a big part in making her that way so they deserve whatever they get, I suppose. I’m wondering if Chris wasn’t doing a little manipulation with the car deal, though. I mean, maybe he insisted that Jackie be the cosigner so that when Ashley misses her first (then second, third and fourth payments) her mother will be forced to deal with her daughter’s irresponsibility directly?

    • Smompy says:

      Sorry this was supposed to be in reply to HD’s last comment, Not sure how it ended up down here.

      • HD says:

        AMEN AND AMEN! Ashley has too many opportunites that a lot of people would have KILLED for and her parents get happy because a grown woman cleaned her room. Okay. Someone tell me how I am not seeing this straight?

  54. Joe Giudice, Albie Manzo, Chris Manzo and Bravo are being sued by two men who were injured in the bar brawl that took place in the Dominican Republic.


    • Nancy says:

      Should these “people” be worried?
      I would love for them to sue Bravo. It’s about time.

    • T-Rex says:

      You know Teresa is just one of those people who like to light a fire and watch it blossom into a full Blaze. I worked in bars for years in my youth and watched these types get men and women to fight just to watch how much damage they can create. Pathological if you ask me, but we have the great Empress Q who could explain the psychology behind creating a Drama. You just see the rags, see the oil and light the fire between them, then walk away like you had nothing to do with it. She is sincerely not right.

    • nathania says:

      oh good lord.

      wherever Teresa goes, violence breaks out.

      Do similar melee’s happen when Joe and Melissa Gorga go out on the town?

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I think all the cast was there at the brawl. It was the bravo fake vacation segment of the season.

    • Caitlin says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Jersey crew act like drunken trailer trash. Where/how does Bravo find these repulsive folks????

  55. BostonGirl says:

    Go Boston Bruins…. Hope kleenex will not be needed in Boston tonight! Fingers crossed!

    • Noreen says:

      Yeah Baby! They are going to take care of business tonight Boston and then make Vancouver cry on their own ice!

      • Nancy says:

        Have you two been hitting the KooKoo kolaid?
        My boy’s are going to cream your boy’s.
        Let’s make a bet. The looser has to have lunch with Jill Zarin.
        Never mind. I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemies!!
        Good luck, may the best team win. 🙂

    • T-Rex says:

      Hey Boston your Bruins better win for taking down my Lightning! You are the better team!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      We’ll have to disagree on this one – Go Canucks!

  56. Carlin says:

    Does Lauren Manzo still live at home? It sure sounded like she didn’t to hear Caroline last night. In fact, it sounded to me like she was a non entity in that family. Kind of there but not ever really on her mother’s radar. I thought that was sad and very telling of what kind of parent Caroline really is. I felt really sad that Lauren probably learned last night that her mother doesn’t give her presence one single thought.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Unfortunately for Lauren Manzo, yes she still lives at home. She could back her things up and move out and not a single person would notice she was gone, at least not her mother. Caroline is so busy with her nose up everyone else’s butt she has forgotten about her own daughter. I sure am glad she wasn’t my mother. To think this woman is giving out advise on family matters and such, what a joke that is. But then again, Caroline is a joke!

  57. If you had it like this says:

    On another note… Jill tweeted that next week’s episode was great and Luann takes a housewife down and then writes ‘guess who’? As if everyone hasn’t seen the Alex previews. How exactly does she take Alex down? By insulting her shoes and then walking out because Alex calls her on her BS? Ooohh. Burn. These brunettes are such jack asses.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Where I come from, a take down does not mean a few insults, lying, finishing off with a “get a life” and stomping out! LuAnn can’t take out the garbage much less an educated, classy, refined person like Alex. But LuAnn can give the viewers another opportunity to see what a sham she truly is! LOL

    • PF says:

      And she is so proud of that? Yes, Jill has changed….NOT!! She is so transparent.

    • Inauthentic says:

      I read in a preview that Cindy takes Ramona down too..

    • nathania says:

      Lou Ann insults Louis Vuitton, is who she insults. She didn’t insult Alex in that clip, she straight up, bigger than hell said Louis Vuitton makes butt ugly shoes.

      She is so arrogant it is appalling.

      • HD says:

        As everyone here knows, I dislike Luann so much but everytime I hear her say that Herman Munster line I crack up. Help me.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          LuAnn wants those Herman Munster shoes because they go with her large ugly jewelry!

        • LOLing says:

          But I am thinking good old Louis V. will never give Luann any swag after that remark. Not that they do anyway.

  58. Nancy says:

    How much would you guy’s pay me to send Shrill this tweet.

    Great news Ms Zarin. I found your computer and to find out information so I could get it back to you I found your friend Lynn (in Chicago) address. I have mailed it to her so I’m sure it will be in your hands shortly.
    Thank-you for flying Delta.

  59. Kukulet says:

    When it comes to Ashley, I learned something from my own kids a long time ago – parents can’t take the blame for their kid’s failures any more than they can take the credit for their accomplishments.

    Yes, Ashley didn’t have the best childhood. Okay. A LOT of people don’t. A lot of them had childhoods that make Ashley’s look like a dream. But you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you take charge of your life.

    It’s the difference between being a victim and being a survivor.

  60. SantaBarbaraSusie says:

    Dear Quincy,

    My sincerest condolences go out to you for the loss of your beloved mare. Although it is one of the most excruciating decisions to make, it is the TRUEST act of love to end her suffering. I realize how hard it must’ve been to make, but it shows unselfish love, strength & compassion for the suffering mare.
    I hope the comments posted in this blog help you during this difficult time. The many posts of condolence & support show you that you are not alone. May you find comfort in them!

  61. Amy Matheson says:

    In her Ask Caroline Blog-lumn (how lame, btw), Caroline states this:

    “I think that today’s parents are losing sight of the simplicity of childhood. What I mean by that is we put our children in every extra curricular program we can think of. You run from dance to gymnastics to hockey to singing lessons, etc, etc, etc.”

    I think Caroline is making a none-too-thinly veiled commentary on Teresa’s parenting of Gia and her other girls, especially in light of the gymnastics meet featuring Gia this week. Also remember that first season when Teresa had Gia modeling and acting and singing and dancing ….?

    I think there is something to be said for all the “there is a falling out between Caroline and Teresa” rumors out there.

    • Nancy says:

      I think it’s coming out today because of the lawsuit.
      Teresa started the whole thing that ended up involving her sons that are named in the suit.

    • nathania says:

      I want to disagree with Caroline. Maybe it’s only because I didn’t have those things. But I think children’s talents should be fostered and developed. They will spend the rest of their lives with the level of self-esteem they gain in childhood, the more the better. If Teresa wants to drive her kids all over the place…you know, I find myself in a strange position because I normally loathe Teresa but in this instance, good for her. I think it’s an amazing gift to give a child, to say, I want you to shine, and I want all your talents developed to their fullest extent. As long as it is fun for the child, I think it’s great. And seriously, what else is Teresa going to do? Shop?

      And that’s yet another reason why Caroline shouldn’t be giving advice, if she is taking digs at someone on her stupid reality show under the guise of giving advice to others.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I think as long as it’s the child who is driven then it’s fine. If the parent pushes them to do more than they want or can handle it’s wrong.
        A lot kids with too much time on their hands get into trouble.

      • Smompy says:

        This makes me feel weird and a little dirty, but I kinda agree with Caroline. I had such a great childhood and so did pretty much everyone in my neighborhood, yet none of us rarely enrolled in anything at all during non-school hours. There was no soccer, no T-Ball, no ballet lessons, gymnastics, etc. We just went out of the house (in fact usually we were ordered out of the house) and played all day. We made up games. We hiked in the hills and built forts and go- carts. We went to the library and borrowed books. We wrote our own stories and plays. We went fishing and crabbing or caught eels in the river. We swam in the old town reservoir or one of the local ponds. We walked the railroad tracks or searched through the town dump for treasures. We just used our own imaginations to have fun and generally didn’t have to report in until the street lights came on. I guess with the way society is now, it was inevitable that more supervised activities would occur, but most of today’s kids seem to be scheduled every minute of the day. The young kids I see now have trouble with free time. It’s like they can’t figure out what to do with themselves until somebody tells them, and they can’t enjoy just being still either.

        I hate writing this because I know I must sound like one of those old fogies who begins every sentence (or lecture) with, “back in MY day….” But I honestly do feel sad for kids today. Their lives should be simpler IMO.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I think Carolin has lost sight of what children face in today’s world. It is a fact that sports and the arts raise self-esteem, encourages sportsmanship, improves student grades, make kids more sociable, cuts down childhood obesity, and found that in girls it drastically reduced the number of teenage pregnancies.
        How dated is her advice when “being a kid” these days is about zoning out on junk food, playing video games and experimenting with drugs and alcohol right in the home.

  62. Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

    @ Quincy
    I send my condolences to you for your loss. I am so sorry to hear.
    Please get plenty of rest and time to mourn.

  63. Amy Matheson says:

    New here, Quincy and I don’t know you, but I lost my dad to cancer many years ago and recently had to put down a beloved cat. I am by no means comparing the loss of a human and a pet, but I know love itself cannot be compared in worth to other things that you love.

    To allow yourself to love something is to allow your heart to break when you no longer have it.
    ((hugs and healing))

    • quincyil says:

      Welcome to the board. I hope you decide to post often and share your thoughts. The people here are wonderul.


      • Nancy says:

        How are you doing? I’ve been thinking about you all day.
        When ever one of my pets walked by me today I burst out in tears thinking about your loss.
        I hope you will be able to take a few days off work. You did the best thing you could have done for her.
        She knows that and is thanking you and she will be waiting for you. God Bless.

        • MAMAZ says:

          That was beautiful Amy.

          Losing a loved one is always difficult. Warm and positive thought for you Q.

        • quincyil says:

          I am sad, but OK. I spend a lot of time in the barn with the horses and cats today. That helps.

          • Nancy says:

            🙂 😦

          • Smompy says:

            Oh, I somehow missed this news earlier….I’m so sorry for your loss, Quincy. I know how sad you must feel, and I think that only time can help. It’s not quite the same thing but we had to put my little tabby buddy, Louie, down about two weeks ago, and even though we prepared ourselves for it (he had been ill for a while) and I know it was the best thing for him, I still keep expecting him to show up whenever I walk through the front door, or see him run in whenever I open a can, or find him staring down at me when I wake up. But after two weeks of this sad confusion, it IS starting to get a little easier finally. Anyway I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight.

            • quincyil says:

              I have a cat, Buddy, who loves me like a dog loves their owner. His sister is more independent, but Buddy would rather be with me than any other being on Earth.

              Buddy did not take his usual siesta this afternoon. He was right with me the entire day. I think I get a lot of love from animals and it’s worth the pain of a loss to get to be loved so much the rest of the time.

              I understand the language of the animals too. I think I get soothsayer skills when I am in the barn.

              • NJ Bev says:

                you were born with soothsayer skills-
                so sorry about your loss.

              • AZ Girl says:

                It is amazing how they “know” that you are hurting. Sometimes I think animals are on earth just to watch over us and make sure we are o.k. They are our guardian “angels”.

              • Nancy says:

                Where did you get Buddy? Is he a barn cat?
                A scientific study just came out on the relationship between Cats
                and their human mothers. It says the relationship is much stronger
                than they thought. (I could have told them that).
                I’m sure Buddy will help you in this journey.
                My 2 little ones have gotten me through a lot.

                • quincyil says:

                  Buddy’s mother was feral and she woudl come to the barn in bad weather with kittens. I could not catch the, Buddy was born two years ago in the late fall and she was forced to find shelter in the hay bales. Buddy and his only living sister warched me from a hole in the bales and he came closer and closer as I would put cat food and fresh water close to his hole. One day he was sitting next to the dish waiting for me. He decided I was ok. His sister followed, then mom. They are vetted and neutered now.

                  I have seen wild cats that look like buddy and sister on walks. I think some of her other litters survived. If they come to the barn, I will try to tame them.

              • Karen says:

                Sending you lots of love too Q

    • Nancy says:

      Welcome. It was C.S. Lewis that wrote that.
      He ended it with…”That’s the deal”.
      Quincy means a lot to us here so today we’ve been a rather sad.
      Sorry to hear about your loss. One of my cats died a few months ago.
      It’s hard, but again, that’s the deal.

  64. violachica says:

    so technically this is a RHNYC comment, but i’ve been rewatching seasons 1 and 2 of NYC online and it occurs to me just how appalling Luann’s behavior is…

  65. AZ Girl says:

    In regards to Ashley I think Chris and Jac are wrong in buying her a car. If my kid whined like she did at the dealership I would have made her walk home.
    Both of my son’s were probably the few graduates of their high school without cars. One is 22 and still does not have a car because we can’t afford to pay for college and a car so education get’s first rank. Guess what? he works and goes to school and never wants for anything. Happiest kid on the planet because he is going to graduate next semester debt free. Ashley is spoiled rotten.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      As for Ashley, she probably couldn’t pass the entrance examines for college anyhow. There is definitely something wrong with her thinking abilities. This girl will wander through life and know nothing of where she has been or how she got there to begin with. Sad, very sad.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I’m watching NJ now. Jac as much as said Chris is competing with Ashley’s dad. He’s not doing her any favors.

      • AZ Girl says:

        You are right about her thinking abilities. “LIfe skills” is what I call them. I have 2 nephews who lost both parents in their late teen/early 20’s. They were lost. They had no life skills. Moved them close to us and we slowly (without judgment) gave them advice. Whether they take it is up to them and they did listen. Both are doing so amazingly well. They just shine!! I am so proud of them.
        The problem is Ashley will not listen and Chris and Jac will not let make her responsible for her bad decisions. Ashley is really in for a very long road in life. You are right it is sad

        • jeepers1941 says:

          Actually I think Lauren is the only one on this NJ show that is sane, but if she sticks around to long she will be as bad as the rest of them. Th Manzo boys are total idiots, they are living like heathens and that Chris in a fool. I know Albie has learning disabilities, but geez man he needs to get a trade of some kind he can handle. I feel sorry for all the kids on this show, I really do. As Mrs. Manzo puts it, they’re as thick as thieves, live by the sword die by the sword I say, just do it in NJ for God’s sake is all I ask…………..

          • AZ Girl says:

            I am kinda worried about Lauren and her need to get out of the house. I believe Caroline is “prejudice” to her boys. Who I may add are ridiculous for their age. I do give Chris the “high five” for working hard for his dad all these years but then he open’s his mouth and it is like he just crawled out from under a rock. They are really immature for their age.

            Lauren seems to really found her calling in cosmetics. She is doing it on her own and good for her.
            Lauren seemed to be pushing the marriage button with her boyfriend and his parents last week and her intentions I think IMHO is that it is a way to get out on her own and have someone help pay the bill. Lauren a sweetheart and no young lady should be pressure into marriage just so she can be rid of her dominant mother.

    • T-Rex says:

      In our home we got the “paid for” hand-me down car to take to school, we only got a real car once we actually graduated college. That car was also not expensive, it was a presentable car that could take us to and from our new jobs, since we all were lucky to have been hired directly after college. I remember driving a car 15 years old during school, and when that broke down they bought another very used car until I graduated. My parents felt that they would rather not “saddle” us with College tuition debt to buy us some fancy car. I only went for the Bachelor’s degree but my sibs went much further and all of us have paid the parents back for their grand gesture. Jackie should be in some sort of training school, internships are very good, but some addtional schooling is much needed since with her attitude, she will not make it far~

    • Nancy says:

      Good work AZ Girl!!
      I don’t have any kid’s that don’t walk on all fours but I thought
      one of the “things” you are suppose to do as a parent is to teach them about
      life so they will be ready when the time comes. What skills does Ashely have down?
      Whining? That will go far.

  66. AZ Girl says:

    Still catching up to all the posts. As for Vicki and her new boyfriend. I don’t get it. I have been lucky. I married the man of my dreams 28 years ago and we are just as happy as day one. If (god forbid) I would lose him it would take me FOREVER to allow someone else in my life. If by chance I did meet some it would still take time.

    Vicki disposes of Donn like he is trash. Then she goes to the “guy” store finds a replacement for him. What else is crazy is that this “Brook” person knows all of her business due to the filming of HWOOC the past 4 years and STILL wants to be with her. What is he a moron? HA!!

    • mariareads says:

      Things that make you go HMMMMMM. For instance, could she have known this Brooks person before the divorce papers were served? Never know.

  67. Jen says:

    This week confirmed for me I’m fully on team Melissa, I just overall like them more then Tree though I know they’re not perfect, plus I really hate Caroline this season and love Kathy so there it is….

    • Arya Stark says:

      OK trying one more time, since my post isn’t showing up! I will try reply to this post instead.

      Oh, and I still get a skeevy crap-stirring vibe from Melissa!

      About Ashly.
      She is a spoiled little beyotch.
      She has really bad parenting. Even when Jaq tries to do something right, the stepdad takes over and screws it up. He is a horrible influence.
      She has no concept of the real world, and she will never have one if her parents keep coddling her.
      TV has made all of this much worse. She thinks of herself as a “STAR!” and wants to keep collecting money for being herself. Honey, that’s not going to work.

      She wants to play at being a grown up, be a Sex and The City girl, fabulous shoes, fabulous apartment, lots of dates, designer clothes, and to keep her name in the press.

      The best thing that could possibly happen to this brat is her parents acting like parents, cutting off the gravy train, telling her that if she is in school they will pay as long as her grades are good, but other than that? You are on your own kid. The best you can afford is a Bronx or Jersey apartment with 4 tolerant roomates and 2 bedrooms, and a job at Burger King. So either get an education which we will help you with, or a job, and get out. NO car. NO allowance. NO nothing.

  68. Caitlin says:

    There is no acceptable substitute for starter cars, starter apartments and starter jobs. Those accoutrements of real “reality” are the things which lead to a normal life with rational expectations.

  69. Nancy says:

    I almost want Vancouver to loose tonight because Canadians need to win on home ice.
    Best of luck.

  70. NJ Bev says:

    I’m curious
    I think I saw a commercial on HGTV that had Jill in it-
    It also had Dina Manzo in it as well.
    Has anyone else seen this?
    (ps sorry if this is a repeat-)

  71. MAMAZ says:

    I just read Alexis’ blog. Except for the stupid crap about liberalism I have to say I was pretty impressed.

    I wonder who wrote it?

  72. jeepers1941 says:

    I would really like an answer to this question!
    Who the hell at BRAVO decided to give Caroline Manzo a blog spot as an advice column? What the hell makes anyone think this woman has any business giving out advice to total strangers, who will more than likely try and actually do what she tells them to do. OMG, Caroline Manzo needs to do her own house clearing and get in contact with her daughter first. Then she needs to fix whatever the problem she and Dina have or at least address it. I mean c’on WTF is she besides a stupid woman who has her nose in everyone else’s business and has many problems of her own.
    BRAVO surely has much more important things to do than this crappola, like getting out from under this lawsuit, fixing the production of some good shows that has some values we can all learn from. The people I have seen on these shows with the exception of a few are laughable beyond words. Trashy dressing women who try and act like they are 20 something when they are pushing 40 and above. Hubands who either like their women to dress like common street walkers or whores from God knows where. Then to let a child be a part of all this is just unbelieveable. I get so angry at myself for being taken in by all this crap and yet,
    here I set at my computer complaining about the very thing I detest. Now that is a problem, but I sure as hell ain’t going to be asking Caroline Manzo what to do about it, and you can go to the bank with that. 🙂

    • MAMAZ says:

      And why the hell is Icky on a show helping a woman with OCD clean her home up from years of hoarding???? She sells insurance forpities sake she’s not a therapist!
      These Braolebrities are taking themselves wayyyyyyyy too seriously.
      Sheesh. I wish they’d all go back to writing lousy books and losuy songs.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I have no problem with Caroline giving out advice. I am sure most people writing in knows she is not a licensed therapist and it is just a light hearted advice column. Advice columns have been around for generations.
      If one must have credentials to dish out advice, then there would be alot of girlfriends, sisters and hairdressers in prison.
      Bethenny gives out “advice” in her book and as we all know, she has some major league lfe issues.

  73. Nancy says:


  74. Nancy says:

    I think I might be getting my wish.

  75. Nancy says:

    One more goal & I’m going to the rink to skate this game off myself.

  76. Nancy says:

    Good-bye 😦

  77. Ches says:

    Hi everybody,
    I don’t know if this has been posted yet, if it has …nevermind.
    It says, while they were in the Dominican Republic Theresa sprayed his mother-in law with champagne, and when the cop complained Joe and his friends started beating up the cop.
    This entire family needs anger management. I hate to see the anger problems their children will have when they are grown.

    • NJ Bev says:

      oh puhleeze
      a” campus cop”
      all of a sudden wants to press charges-
      sounds like an “ambulance chasing lawyer”
      got his ear…
      this guy signed the release, now the show is on
      and he wants to get rich quick.

      • I disagree, they were in a foreign country and agreed not to press charges because there system is different than the U.S. one. He and his cousin have some pretty substantial injuries. It takes a lot of pressure to break and arm and a leg. Remember, Joe takes martial arts.

        I am sure that Joe was ever bit as loud and rude and disrespectful as they claim. Remember how disgusting he was on the bus in Italy?

  78. BambiBaby22 says:

    I would like to say that I don’t agree in the part of the blog that says Teresa does not have a right to be upset over Joe being late to the the gymnastics meet since she was late for the baptisim (actually we are not sure how late she was for the baptisim, even Melissa said she did not know exactly WHEN T showed up ).
    The HUGE difference here is that Joe told Gia he would be there, there was no way Teresa could promise a baby being baptized that she would be there for him.
    Melissa tried to make an issue out of the time thing when she asked Teresa why she didn’t let Joe know the time and then Teresa let her know that Joe did, in fact, know the time……it was HE who screwed up the time.
    This is why I find Melissa tiring and petty, she didn’t care about being late for Gia BECAUSE Teresa is late for things like “little Gino’s” first bday. Tit for Tat.

  79. MAMAZ says:

    I’ve got my Skinnygirl Margarita. Ready for OC Reunion Pt 2.

  80. Amber...Real Wife says:

    They are really attacking Alexis, but i’m glad she’s trying to fight back. Notice how Vicki-IWork gets upset she’s such a non-issue that she’s jumping on the Alexis/Peggy debacle? Old hag!

    • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

      I TiVo-ed it and am just watching now. Can’t watch this (or any HW shows) without the ability to FF.

      They are SCREAMING at each other! Let me see if I understand correctly ? Vicki didn’t know Gretchen well enough to visit in the hospital but…. she knew her well enough to judge & gossip about her??? Hmmmmm….. ????????
      Tamra yaps about Slade:

      Spoke to Slade’s ex, Michelle
      Claims to have read court records
      Calls him a deadbeat dad
      Follows his Twitter
      He has no income & he’s broke

      And Jeana is served with a cease & desist letter from Tamra ? Wow!!! She is in everybody’s business, spreads gossip BUT doesn’t want anyone talking about HER ??

      WHO IS this ‘woman’ ? Can’t call her “lady”… She has zero attributes if a LADY!!!


      Why does she use crass words to describe Vicki’s illness & symptoms ? Crude!

  81. Katiecoo says:

    What makes me go hmmm about Vicki’s new boyfriend is that at this stage of life, what middle aged man needs to shack up room mate style with another man? With her wealth she’s likely to attract gold diggers. He should be able to stay on his own in some kind of hotel-ish situation until they are at a stage in the relationship where she feels comfortable hosting him at her home (I’m sure she has plenty of bedrooms). I can’t imagine she goes to visit him “in the South” and shacks up with one of his middle aged friend’s girlfriends. Something’s not right here.

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