IHJZ The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part II / Platinum Hit

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part Two by LynnNChicago

These women are obnoxious, all of them in their own special way!  Let’s rank them, shall we?  It’s a close call but probably the least annoying of all the Orange County Housewives is Gretchen.

Tamra and Vicki continue to bring up things that happened three seasons ago, Gretchen was engaged to a wealthy older man who passed away.  She didn’t marry him before he died and she probably could have married him.  Clearly he didn’t leave her millions of dollars, as Tamra and Vicki speculated, or she and Slade wouldn’t be struggling right now.  Jeff’s children got some comfort after the death of their father from Gretchen Rossi so who really cares what Gretchen did outside of that relationship?  Let it go already!  It is over, no one got hurt except maybe Jeff’s kids who I’m sure where distressed to hear that the bitchy housewives thought their father was a fool.  Never any apologies from the mean girls for speculating the worst on national television,

Gretchen simply asked Vicki to show some compassion and Vicki just chose to keep yelling, “I didn’t know Jeff” then “I didn’t know you that well”.  How well do you have to know someone to show a little compassion?  Not only were Tamra and Vicki completely detached but they slammed the hell out of Gretchen while the woman was mourning the death of her fiance.  At the time they had no idea that Jay existed, they simply did not like Gretchen without explanation. 

Even worse was the way that Tamra treated Gretchen the first time she met her, Tamra was vile and cruel to Gretchen simply because Gretchen joined the show and became a hotter housewife than Tamra.  I don’t really care whether or not Jay called Tamra on the phone, Tamra should have stayed out of it.  Now Tamra is calling Slade’s ex?  The woman is really sick!  We’ll get back to Tamra and Vicki.

The second least annoying in my mind is Alexis.  I don’t think Alexis has a mean bone in her body, I really don’t.  She doesn’t have the nasty demeanor that Vicki and Tamra do, she just can’t go up against them in a verbal battle.  I think she knows what she wants to say but the mean girls bully her and don’t allow her to speak.

The fact that her husband Jim dated (or hung out with) Peggy fifteen years ago is really irrelevant and the fact that Peggy brought it up to Jim many times surely means that it was much more significant to Peggy than it was to Jim.  If Alexis and Jim had decided not to discuss former loves in their lives, which many couples do, why does Peggy keep wanting Jim to tell Alexis?  It’s funny how Peggy rolls her eyes and says she’s glad she didn’t marry Jim yet she then brings it up to Jim privately many times, seems a bit contradictory.  Apparently it was a big deal, but only to Peggy.

Alexis coming out at the end saying that Peggy should have been a good girlfriend and told her that she used to date Jim was just ridiculous.  I don’t think Alexis has the brains that God gave her, keep praying Alexis!

Only because Vicki was not the topic of conversation too much we will put her in the middle of the most annoying Orange County Housewives.  Vicki did yell over Alexis and Gretchen, she slammed Jeana Keough saying that she was totally “Team Tamra” adding that Tamra had never talked behind her back or let her down.  Does Vicki have short-term memory loss?  Tamra was the one bashing Vicki last season, calling Vicki insecure and agreeing with Alexis that Vicki can dish it out but can’t take it.  Tamra was the one who had to take Vicki to Mexico at the beginning of the season to apologize to Vicki for not having her back and bashing her last season.  Is Vicki really that stupid?  Jeana may have said a few things behind Vicki’s back but nowhere near as badly as Tamra did it to Vicki.

Vicki was pretty annoying while Alexis and Peggy were discussing whether or not Jim should have told Alexis that he dated Peggy 15-years ago.  This was one subject that had absolutely nothing to do with Vicki yet she kept saying over and over that Jim should have told Alexis.  There are few things more annoying than this bitch repeating the same thing over and over again, particularly when it is none of her business!  Vicki can’t seem to shut up for even a few minutes to let other people speak.

Vicki decided to argue with Gretchen about the hospitalization situation when Gretchen already apologized and even visited Vicki in the hospital.  Gretchen reminded Vicki that she had no compassion whatsoever for her when Gretchen’s fiance passed away.  Vicki’s constant excuse that she didn’t know Jeff and she barely knew Gretchen were too much, no one was asking Vicki to host a funeral, simply show a little compassion, instead she slammed Gretchen at every turn.  This after insisting she barely knew Gretchen, so she couldn’t show compassion yet she knew enough apparently to attack Gretchen.

Vicki criticized Gretchen for even appearing on the show while her fiance was ill yet when Gretchen tried to explain that Jeff wanted her to continue on with the show, Vicki started rolling her eyes and kept saying, “We know all this, you told us a million times”.  Then why bring it up Vicks?

The final straw with Vicki had to be when she looked at Jeana crying and saying that she’s on Tamra’s side.  What a fool Vicki Gunvalson is, Tamra is not going to be loyal to you, she never was!   You deserve what you get when you choose Tamra Barney over Jeana Keough.

If there is another season of Orange County they better have learned their lesson and find a decent housewife!  The second most annoying Housewife tonight had to be Peggy Tanous!  She butted her stupid nose into everyone’s conversation, announced that she was going to answer questions for Alexis and simply would not shut up!  Andy asked Alexis about her role in getting Peggy onto the show, instead of allowing Alexis to answer the question, Peggy shouts, “I’ll answer that!”  Because Vicki and Tamra refused to allow Alexis to speak we were never allowed to hear Alexis’ side of the story and that is one thing I wanted to hear.  Whether or not Peggy or Alexis is telling the truth, we’ll never know since we don’t know what Alexis’ side of the story is, do we?  Thanks bitches!  Ok they sucked me in, why do I care?  I really hate Peggy!

Peggy jumped into every conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with her, her voice is really annoying too!  Peggy decided to answer Andy’s question to Alexis but she made a fatal error.  As she revealed that Alexis told her she would not be putting her name in for the show, Peggy told us that Alexis informed her she talked to Gretchen and they weren’t casting after all.  Seconds later Peggy says that Alexis lied and told her that she did put Peggy in for the show. Which is it Peggy?  First you say Alexis told you she did NOT put your name in then you say she lied and told you that she DID put your name in.   Contradictory?  I think so!  Liar?  oh yes!

Peggy’s biggest mistake was revealing that she went to Jim’s house because he wouldn’t take her calls but didn’t “break in”, that was pretty telling.  Umm Stalker much?  It certainly leads us to believe that Alexis and Jim’s story was true and Peggy was lying.  She probably should have stuck to denying everything, instead she confirmed Alexis’ story!

Alexis hasn’t been caught lying to viewers at this point, she is simply a novice at arguing and sticking up for herself, I can’t hold that against her.  Peggy on the other hand is cocky and arrogant, Peggy is the one who kept talking about a competition with Alexis all season, Peggy kept turning it into a battle and one upping each other.  Alexis admits she didn’t want Peggy to be on the show as she could foresee that it could hurt their friendship.  I get that.  It turns out Alexis was right about that too!  I honestly don’t know why anyone would be friends with this woman to begin with.

Vicki and Tamra took Peggy into their fold simply to have strength in numbers, I’m sure before the season began they assumed Peggy would be on Gretchen/Alexis team but the mean girls got another team member even though it was clear they didn’t care much about her, they took her on their side because she was stupid enough to join them.

Peggy made a complete fool of herself walking around that end of season party telling all the guests (very loudly) not to mention Donn’s name in Vicki’s presence, what an absolute moron.  Peggy was hugging Tamra and telling her “I love you!”, it was easy to see that Tamra was having trouble keeping her eyes from rolling.  Peggy loves Tamra?  Ick!

Of course the most annoying of all Orange County housewives hands down is Tamra Barney!  There was really no contest, as she sits there accusing Jeana Keough of butting into her life minutes later butts into Gretchen and Slade’s life even calling Slade’s ex-girlfriend to get dirt on him about his child support issues.  I have to say that Slade has a point, if he hadn’t been paying child support for all these many months, they would have thrown him in jail.  How on earth does Tamra know what Simon pays or doesn’t pay?

Tamra is such a hypocrite, as Jeana pointed out Tamra had her ex-husband, Simon Barney thrown in jail for throwing a dog leash at her yet Tamra throws a letter and a glass of wine at Jeana.  Tamra wants Jeana to stop meddling in her life yet Tamra is meddling in Slade’s life.

Tamra didn’t walk off stage because she was disgusted, she wasn’t even trying to be dramatic, what Tamra did was walked off so that she could call Slade’s ex and put her on speakerphone.   Tamra wanted this woman to confirm that Slade was not paying child support but what Slade’s ex, Michelle actually said was that Slade wasn’t paying “Expenses”.  That is different from Child Support.  Michelle’s exact words, “The child support records reflect all of what he’s paid, he’s not paid any expenses”.  This means to me that he HAS, in fact, paid child support just not as much money as Michelle would like.

I don’t doubt for a second that it was Tamra who called Slade’s ex, not the other way around.  Tamra actually said to Michelle on the phone, on air “I just went to bat for you girl, please tell me that you’re telling me the truth”.  (paraphrasing)  Michelle hesitated and seemed to be unsure as to how to respond to that.  She chose her words carefully saying that the amount Slade paid was in the records.   Just exactly how is this any of your business Tamra?  This is typical Tamra to gnaw her way into Slade and Gretchen’s life then throw wine at Jeana for supporting Simon Barney.

Because Tamra is such a bitch people are actually becoming sympathetic to Slade and to Gretchen.  Slade explained that his original child support amount was set when he was making a six-figure salary.  If the man can’t work making the same amount of money, he certainly can’t pay the same amount in expenses.  Child support is an expense that needed to be adjusted based on Slade’s salary.  The fact that Slade’s son is ill complicates Slade’s financial situation because there are not only support payments that need to be made just like there would be for any child, in this case there are medical expenses that also need to be paid for Slade’s child.

Tamra continually told Slade to get a job, yet last season when she and Simon were having financial problems she was upset that Vicki told her to “get a job!”

Tamra actually had a disgusting grin on her face when Alexis talked about her father dying and suffering from postpartum depression.  This woman is pure evil.

So to recap Tamra’s lies and contradictions:

  • It’s ok for Tamra to yell at Slade to “Get a job!” yet when Vicki says it to her, she’s completely offended.  Tamra even asked Vicki, “what should I do, get a job at McDonalds?”  Same holds true for Slade.
  • It’s ok for Tamra to throw things at Jeana but she has Simon thrown in jail for throwing something at her.
  • It’s ok for Tamra to attack Gretchen for what she thinks Gretchen may have done but Gretchen isn’t allowed to criticize Tamra for having sex with Eddie Judge in a bathtub on television.
  • It’s ok for Tamra to butt into Slade and Gretchen’s life but Jeana should stay out of Tamra’s life.
Tamra, after slamming her ex-husband all season while he remained silent decides to do it again on the reunion show, she went after Simon who wasn’t there to defend himself all season.  Jeana was simply trying to even the playing field.  Simon wasn’t there and he wasn’t allowed to talk to the press, someone needed to respond to all the garbage Tamra was throwing in the press about him.  
Tamra Barney really needs to take a good hard look at herself, she is the poster child for being able to dish it out but not take it.  I truly feel sorry for her children.  There is no way she will ever convince me that they haven’t seen her on television, a court order isn’t going to stop kids from watching their mother on TV!  
I’m a little surprised that Andy didn’t ask Fernanda to join the reunion, while we know she didn’t have a lot going on this season, it would have been nice to invite her at least for a few minutes of the show.  

Platinum Hit by Quincy IL

The ten remaining song writers are going on a “Road Trip” and that is the title of this week’s episode. They are given 30 minutes to come up with a hook after reading a work from the back of their post card. Kara Dioguardi tells them that “life is a trip.” Kara and Jewel will judge together.

The song writers put on head sets and they use their instruments and voices to work out the hook that hopefully will be turned into a song under their leadership.

Jess uses “free.”  Her melody is great and vulnerable. “Finally feeling free is hard for me” is part of her lyrics.

Mellissa uses “change” and “it aint easy.”  The judges look pleased.

Amber is given “view” and she add “piece of hope on the other side.”

Karen uses “away.”  Nick loves the hook and her voice.

Scotty sings a cappella and incorporates Honkey Tonk.

Sonyae is to use”explore.”

Nick is given “wheels, “but his theme is family and ones. The judges say that he doesn’t know how to put his feelings into music.

Johnny’s word is” escape” and he sings while playing his guitar. The judges love his performance and his hook.

Brian does a great job at using “direction.”  The judges felt they were in the car and traveling.

The 3 top Hooks

3rd Place Jackie  The melody an structure was great.

2nd Place Jes  The judges love the high and low tones. They felt it was vulnerable and hopeful.

1st Place Johnny  Before they announced that he won, the judges said that this hook was perfect. They    loved the melody.

Road Trip

The songwriters were so happy to get off campus. Each group was sent in a large black vehicle and they created the songs as they went to an old motel in the desert.  They continued writing the song and working on the lyrics in the dingy rooms until it was time to sleep and no one wanted to sleep on the dirty floor. 

Johnny’s group is experienced song writers. He was allowed to pick Brian and Scotty as a reward for winning the first place hook.  His music represented his desire for freedom from his corporate life of a computer programmer.

Jes picked Amber and Mellissa. She did not want Nick.   In the vehicle, Amber and Jes were creating and Melissa was silent and looking out of the window.

Jackie picked Karen and Sonyae, but was forced to take Nick.  Karen comes up with pages of lyrics, but little was used.  Nick concentrates on his lead in on the guitar and helps with the melody.  Jackie leads, but she is critical of her team mates.

The next morning they return to the studio and have one hour to finish their preparations for the performance before the four judges: Kara DioGuardi, Jewel, Keith Nataly, and Natasha Bedingfield.

They dress and apply makeup in preparation for the trials.

Johnny plays the guitar quietly as he begins his song and the judges appear please.   “My heart beats faster as I make my escape” is one of the lines.  The judges tell Johnny, Scott and Brian that this is the perfect song. It is “timeless pop.” They loved the lyrics and structure and ask Johnny to perform the first part again and they love it. They are the winners and they are safe. They return to the conference room happy and jump on the couch.

Jess, Mellissa and Amber are upset.  Jes begins to cry.  The reaction to their lyrics was “universal.”  The hook did work for the song and the judges liked the vocals.  They are safe.

The group of four: Jackie, Sonyae, Nick and Karen wait to discover which of them will go home.  The first line of the song failed. They judges loved Nick’s instrumental and he is allowed to return to the conference room safe first.  Next, Sonyae had one successful line and she is sent back safe. Karen and Jackie are alone. Jackie is crying and she reminds the judges that they like her hook. They tell her she was responsible for the entire song. Karen is from Nashville and she went to school at Stanford, but she is sent home with a miss.  Her lyrics were bad.

Thanks Quincy, Great job!!!

The Twitter world is buzzing with Jill Zarin’s latest stunt.  Jill posted a photo of her daughter Ally naked in a bathtub in LasVegas today.  It is one thing to post a photo of a baby taking a tubby but this is absurd!    Ally’s web site:  http://allysonpaige.tumblr.com/

*Note:  as of this morning Jill took the photo down.  Lynn~

Jill’s Twitter was also in a frenzy yesterday as she apparently left Ally’s computer on the Delta Airlines flight taking them from New York to Las Vegas.  After the Delta rep tweeted back to her that she should complete the on-line report, Jill demanded to speak to someone.  “A Voice!  I need a voice!”.  No Jill, it’s “A Brain!  You need a brain!”.

Jill’s most recent Tweet about the computer:

@Jillzarin disappointed @deltaassist couldn’t find ally’s laptop. flight 4 from JFK to vegas in 5a. $1000 reward. all her school work!! Desperate!!

Jill also Tweeted this regarding the OC Housewives:

@Jillzarin Wow! So do u think there will be another season? I will post poll on my Facebook!

Jill’s Facebook polls are out of control!  She really should worry about her own show and get her nose out of OC’s show.

Until Next Time…

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518 Responses to IHJZ The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part II / Platinum Hit

  1. jeepers1941 says:

    jeepers1941 says:
    June 14, 2011 at 7:02 am
    Chances are Slades ex is not all that she is cracked up to be either and you know the old saying, misery loves company. There are a lot of hanger ons in that area too, so who knows why she would want to hitch her wagon to Tampon. She would be the last person I would get involved with when it comes to legal issues or anything else for that matter. Maybe the ex thinks she could get on the show herself, you never know!

    I brought this over from the other side as my comment to BaaBee posting…..Good morning everyone.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      hi jeepers~
      Would be nice to see the ex while she is talking instead of just hearing so we could get a better reading on what she is all about now.

      • jeepers1941 says:

        Hi Baa
        bet there is a pic of her floating around the net somewhere?

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          I just looked for a pic & could not find one..
          Hope she watched last nights show & if she has any respect for herself or family she should not be in touch with Trampon.

          • There are plenty of pictures of her and Grayson on his website.

            Slade and Gretchen have both called her a liar on the show yet somehow she is the one who lacks self respect because she talked to Tamra? She isn’t the one who was seeking out housewifes to plea her case, but if her name is going to get dragged into it, she has every right to provide information that verifies what the COURT has been saying about SLIMEY along.

            • Scorpiosue1102 says:

              Totally agree. Also, just because Tamra says something does not make her incorrect either….as much as I loathe her.

              • Exactly, i can’t stand Tamra. Not only does she think her own crap doesn’t stink, she thinks that it’s okay for her to be the town crier when it comes to other people’s business but that everyone else should live and act like cloistered monks.when it comes to hers.

      • We don’t even know it was really the ex talking.

    • Wicked says:

      Maybe Slades ex, Michelle, wants on the show?

      • TLM says:

        THAT would be AWESOME and I would definitely watch!!! I think maybe that’s the infusion that OC needs, just like adding Melissa Gorga to NJ.

      • Reallife says:

        No, I don’t think Vicki would allow her to be on the show because she shouldn’t be filming since her little boy is sick.

  2. quincyil says:

    I took a link from the board and noticed that other commenters on other boards might be scifi fans like me and are using “Q.” I only post on this board. I only have one identity here and If I post something for Lynn, I will leave a Q for you. I think this is best because in this cyber world there is little trust and on the Internet, you should have one place that is safe for you to share your opinions with others interested in the shows on Bravo.

    I loved Q of the Continuum in Star Trek. He gives me the soothsayer skills to predict the real housewives episode. I need his help because the reality stars are locked in timeloops.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      That’s a good point Quincy, please know that I don’t post on other sites either, even if you see my name and/or photo on other blogs you can rest assured that it is NOT me. I give enough of my opinions right here!

    • FlowerPower says:

      Whenever you leave your Qs I actually do think of Star Trek and it makes me smile. 😀

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi Q ~glad to see you~

    • kbinldo says:

      I love Q too!! 🙂

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I visit some sites, but not lately, and I don’t recall ever posting anything, except for maybe a couple of mag. stories. Lynn’s site is the only blog site I enjoy for the most part and that is enough for me. Lynn and you both do a pretty good job of keeping everyone up to date on what is happening on the shows, so I see no reason to go to another site. Sure there are things you both have posted that I don’t always see it the way you both do, but then I have the right to post my comments if it is something I feel that strong about, And for that I thank you Lynn Hudson. I always like to read the captions to the pics Boston provides to the site, they are very funny and dead on. I also like to read many of the posters here and what their take is on the same things I have been watching. Most of the time I agree, and when I don’t I say so, maybe…………. 🙂

    • i loved q too cause hes such a big queen LOL

  3. Indy Anna says:

    Am I the first? Yippee! Lynn, did you read about housewives of NJ being sued by a cop? Seems the cast and their hubs and sons beat up a cop and his cousin. Yee Gads. What a motley crew they are. Class all the way.

    • LavaLady says:

      Here’s a short article http://www.northjersey.com

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Since the paper moved on to other news, the story isn’t at the top. Here’s the direct link.

        • LavaLady says:

          Thanks Kansas!

          • ChiTownRocks says:

            As you can tell by my name I am a ChiTown girl. That story about the two UIC cops was the first and second stories ran on the local news here last night. I have admit, I laughed my butt off. I feel bad for the guys who where humiliated by the Jersey trash cast and I hope they get everything they are asking for.

            • Mookies1mom says:

              The Jersey cast really did a number on these guys. It’s disgusting and unbelievable. I hope they win in court and win BIG TIME.

        • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

          Wondering…. Before I finished reading the article I had a sneaking suspicion that Bravo would try to silence it by throwing some $$$ at it. Of course they did!!!

          I’m pretty sure if the cousins had already cashed those $25,000 checks- they may be out if luck. When there is no consideration (money or something of value) involved, they may get another bite. If not and they sighed & cashed the checks, they could very well have to live with their decision. The duress argument won’t work. If you return to the US, have a few days to consider, then deposit the settlement, you are no longer under duress. Hopefully they got good legal advice when they got home & haven’t deposited the settlement check. People should NEVER settle so quickly! A 30 day wait should be the minimumn- especially when it was a physical confrontation. Bravo’s motivation to settle so fast was prob less to do with bad press but more of a risk management move. If they could settle for such a small amount & get the paperwork signed— they may be free! Wonder if the Bravo settlement included all cast members?

          IF, the language in the settlement agreement was vague, and/or fails to address physical injuries, the judge may allow it. Heads up for something called a demurrer, that is usually the 1st response.

          In any event, this behavior is shameful. Something tells me that Tree was at fault. Seems to me, she has little or no respect for other people & is just oblivious to anything other than shallow pursuits. What makes me think she was more aware if the bows inherent daughter’s hair & whether there purses matched their ensembles ??

  4. FlowerPower says:

    Last night on Twitter someone said to Jill: I don’t get the forced outrage here. Pic is perfectly benign. Chill!”
    and she retweeted with the reply: Correct!

    So why remove the pic, Jill? If you really believe it is perfectly fine (and Ally has no problem with it too), why not just leave it up and stand by your decision? If ii’s okay to share a bathroom pic of your daughter for the world then OWN IT!!!!! Defend it, don’t remove it. Celebrate the fact that anyone can download it and spread it. If you think it’s adorable/beautiful/benign then SAY IT YOURSELF.

    Personally, I would never do this to my child. I think putting a picture like this on Twitter is like printing a stack of them and handing them out to strangers on the street. If I were even a minor celeb like JZ, I would not want anyone having access to a photo of my child that was at all suggestive or could be construed as voyeuristic. (Yes, a bikini shot on the beach would show more and I’d be against that too.)

    • boston02127 says:

      This coming from Jill who never has shown herself in a bathing suit. That pic of Ally….I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Jill’s even inconsiderate to her own daughter.

      • FlowerPower says:

        The sad thing is that Ally seems like a sweet kid (I don’t know for sure). I showed my daughter (about the same age) and her response was, “Why is her mother barging in on her in the bathroom? Who does that?”
        Me:Jill Zarin.
        “Oh, that explains it. Creepy.”

        • boston02127 says:

          @FP—I think Ally and I are the same age. (19) I wouldn’t like that. But then again, my mother would never had done anything like that. Esp posting the pic on the net. Jill’s odd.

      • Maybe Jill watched the Joan Rivers fiasco series where she barged in on her daughter, took the photos AND THEN showed them to scanky Perez Hilton.

    • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

      I think Jill is nuts about TWO things:

      1) The posting if that pic… OMG who does that to a young lady, much less her daughter !

      2) Why in the world is Ally in a hotel bathtub ? Ugggrrrr! Nasty! Unhygienic ! Gross ! In LAS VEGAS of all places? How many people do you suppose have had sex in that tub? More importantly— the tub has jets, it’s a soaking/jacuzzi tub. We have one. We built our house, so I knew it’d never been used !

      BACTERIA can live for a long tine in there. And it loves it. Warm & dark, perfect environment!

      Poor Ally, I think she’ s sweet & adorable! Shame her mom cares more about using her to get attention rather than caring for her!

  5. boston02127 says:

    I’m overwhelmed on how to vote. There should be one for “all of the above”.

    I don’t care for Gretchen at all. Last night when she slammed her hands down saying “Slade has a job”, why has she been so wishy washy about marrying him. She wants money, big money. They’re all money whores.

    • quincyil says:

      My sister married a man who was irresponsible about the child support payments so she paid them out of her check. She loves him. I see a lot of Gretchien in my sister.

      • boston02127 says:

        Q–I’m sure your sister is 1000 x’s more classier than Gretchen. There is something I don’t like about Gretchen, I don’t think she’s very honest when it comes to men.

        • quincyil says:

          She never questioned that the two boys from a previous marriage needed their child support.

          My nieces are hard working mothers. A testament to my sister….

        • Having spoken to her many times in private conversations i can tell you,that your wrong about her
          she tells the truth about everything
          she is also smart enough not to tell all on a very bad reality show

    • I think she wants security. Debt doesn’t give one that. Neither did the man dying of cancer. I think she’s being smart on this one. But on the other hand I don’t much like Gretchen.

    • She loves him but doesnt want to be responsiable for his child support issues
      if you look at teh polls results the real “winner” has the right ammount of votes
      i was Trampy by a landslide

    • Reallife says:

      I think it’s because if you marry a man who pays child support, your income is taken into consideration when the amount is set. So it’s not just Slade’s money going towards child support but also any monies she would receive on the brand that she is working hard to establish. This happens all the time. I have had friends who just live with their boyfriends and wanted to marry but couldn’t afford to because of the consequences. I must admit, I wouldn’t want to either. Thats not saying I don’t feel their child doesnt deserve support, every child deserves financial support from their father. Smart women marrying men in this predicament must protect themselves too. No worse than requiring a pre-nup. Marriage isn’t just about love it’s also about the mingling of assets and finances. I’m sure if Gretchen were just a golddigger she could find a man with more potential and money.

  6. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Thank you Lynn & Q & boston~~~
    It was like nails on a chalkboard listening to Vicky & Trampon screaming. There mics should be automatically muted when they start screeching that way~
    Glad they are over. Felt bad for Donn. Hope he finds someone soon.

    • quincyil says:

      Donn is a great catch. He will have half of Vicky’s life time of earning and will have plenty of time to wine and dine a woman.

      They will line up at his door.

  7. boston02127 says:

    The OC bunch looked pretty tough last night. Tamara looks like she’s aged 10 years along with Vicki. I think mean makes you ugly too so they lost out on that one too.

    • zma says:

      I thought the same about Vicki and Tamra. The two of them are supposedly so happy with their perfect new men but they look positively miserable. And definitely have aged more than the others.

      • maybe they already know they are nothing but covers for a couple of gay men
        ironic after how obnoxious they were about others pocket gays
        now they have some of thier very own LOL

        how i long for the day while they are in some gay bar for someone to ask if they are drag queens LOL

    • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

      Am I wrong or has Tamra gotten her hands on whatever Peggy is putting on her skin? It has that weird shiny & smooth look of Retinol to it. That’s why make up doesn’t stay on- when skin has that texture, it’s like applying liquid foundation to an apple! Maybe she had an aggressive peel. She also looks really jowel-y. Weird puffiness to her mid/lower face. She should also stop with the cheap Botox ‘specials’. Botox is an art,it needs to be done by trained, educated, skillful experienced hands. Otherwise you’ll look like..lmm TAMRA BARNEY???

  8. kbinldo says:

    I can’t imagine why an allegedly loving mother would not only take a photo of her ADULT daughter in the tub, but post it on the internet for all to see! Such a stunt has “attention whore” written all over it. If Jill wants to post nekkid bathroom shots, they should be of herself, not her daughter!

  9. housewifeaddict says:

    Good morning,
    Bathtub-gate is amusing – only for Jill’s lack of common sense. Ally did look cute – but she’s not 2 years old and even if she was – photos like that belong in family albums and not on the internet.
    However – it is detracting from the Hampton lies Jill spun this weekend with her assistant’s friend (possibly boyfriend) a the so called witness. The “reporters” writing her lies should be slapped on the knuckles by their editors (if they have editors). Check your sources! Hopefully it will get to a point where no one will print JZs lies.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      What are the Hampton lies this week-end?

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I’m about to run off to work – but there were links over the weekend on this site to two articles about Mario confronting Jill at a party in the Hamptons. Ramona disputed it – saying Jill was just creating more drama – and the eye witness they found to confirm Jill’s side was in a photo on the internet hanging out with Jill’s assistant Darrin (and may be his boyfriend). Plus there were some interesting comments in these articles talking about how Jill was making all of this stuff up. I think her web of deceit is closing …. please let it be closing ….

        • We Can Never Be Friends says:

          Wow! Thank you for the info! Jill never learns and certainly never changes. What a train wreck.

        • Error404 says:

          The best part of the article was that it was a win win for the singers.

          V1: Mario had quiet words with Jill and idiot she is Jill let the whole world know that the singers don’t take shit from anyone and won’t be intimidated by the like of Jill high school zarin.

          V2: Mario loses his rag and gives Jill a good telling off to which all of America gives a collective ” you go girl!” it’s about time someone had to balls to tell this stupid bitch where to go.

          • Mario told her off once before
            remember when they had plans for a tennis match and she was being her usual whinny asshole self
            and he told her to take her toys and go home
            then all Bawby did was shake his head and laugh of couse back then he was most likely trying to figure how to get mario over to his moms base ment to whip out the playboys as some sort of seduction LOL

      • Error404 says:

        In real life: Mario went up ti Jill atba party and told he rit wasn’t Colleen to spread lies on the show like him charting and his wife being a drunk. Jill was shocked and stunned and probably cried for bawby.

        Jill version to press: bawby went up to Mario to congratulate him on the new baby. Mario called bawby ” garbage” at which point Jill and Mario got into a major fist fight which turned the whole christening into a brawl and jill’s assistant Darin had to stop making out with his bf long enough for him to separate the two. Luann later reprimanded Jill for leaving ally alone in a stroller.

  10. boston02127 says:

    I’m off, school & work. I was thinking about the spoiled brat Ashley when I was getting ready, not that I side with her lazy ways what so ever but….being grown up is exhausting.
    Have a good day everyone.

    • LavaLady says:

      I know its hard Boston, but you are on the right track. My daughter just caught the 7:30 train into NYC for her internship that starts at 9:30. She will work till 5:30 and be home at 7:30. Also, this is an unpaid internship, but like you, she is building the road to her future. You have alot on your plate, but there will be rewards for you in the future, I know it.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Take a look at spoiled Ashley-she makes being a spoiled brat look more exhausting than being ambitious-she looks like a miserable-better to an exhausted grown up with a purpose!!!!!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I’m sorry you had to grow up so quickly Boston – but you seem like a very mature young woman – and even if you were handed everything Ashley has been handed, I’m sure you’d still be hard working and level headed.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      It’s not easy but you have a good head on your shoulders, something Ashley doesn’t, and you will go far in life. There will be benefits in the long run and you will reap them in so many ways! Just hang in there!

  11. FlowerPower says:

    Thanks for the endless entertainment here, Lynn! Have a great day everyone.

  12. Sherry says:

    I haven’t read through everything yet but I saw this http://www.today.msnbc.msn.com/id/43385933/ns/today-entertainment/?gt1=43001 on msnbc site and wondered if you saw it Lynn. It’s a story about Teresa, Joe, and the Manzo boys getting into a bar fight.

  13. Janet says:

    Great blog Lynn! I was disappointed that they didn’t show Tamra in the biggest lie about Jeana pushing her or pushing her into the pool etc..I absolutely can’t stand Tamra..she is utter trash and I sooooo hope she reads this blog!!!

    • essexgirl2286 says:

      i know!!! why not call her out about lying that a person got “physical” with her when there is video evidence to the contrary and how that undercuts her previous statements about simon, i thought that was a major oversight

      • they needed a 3rh hour just for her lies alone
        how many people here laughed when slade said
        your sucking off eddie like you sucked off simon LOL
        yes it was vulgar but you have to give the man credit he knows just how to shut that tramp up

        oh and Lynn please never post that one pix of trampy again
        you know the one i mean the one that makes her look like a total geek from the thompson twins with that hair that awful hair dont

  14. VAgirl says:

    OT. Ashley Holmes is a blonde now. Saw a picture on her facebook.

  15. Eve says:

    May sound strange but I think Jill posted the picture because its a good picture of Ally. Usually she looks heavy (not to be mean…I think she is a cute sweet girl)
    Slade’s child’s medical expenses must be astronomical. He may be planning to claim bankruptcy at some point so that is why he is not paying them. Lots of parents with children in this situation do this. Not defending Slade but it doesn’t make him a dead beat dad. Gretchen shouldn’t marry him because she will take on his debt.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I was thinking along the same lines. That maybe because he isn’t paying that his medical bills will be picked up by the state or charities.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I could almost guarantee that Grayson’s mom is the one that has insurance on him since Slade is not working. Otherwise, private insurance would either a. be astronomical or b. they would not be able to get a policy anyways. Since the mother most probably has the insurance, all explanation of benefits are in her name. If Slade is not the member he cannot have access to anything regarding the medical policy. So Grayson’s mom is the one that gets all the bills for coinsurance, co-pays, Rx bills and so on. Slade cannot claim bankruptcy on any of that. Also, I think when Grayson’s mom mentioned “expenses” this would be part of the expenses. Sorry about the rambling…I used to work in medical insurance.

  16. klmh says:

    You will love this. Promise…

    • Nancy says:

      Thank-you soo much for posting this. I just might have another hero in my life.
      I hope Quincy will see this. Most of my life I’ve been involved with animal rights.
      Not only do I think that they have so much to teach us I also believe that without
      them this world would perish. It’s all a balance. One is not more or less in that balance.

      • klmh says:

        Isn’t she an inspiration? So young and so smart. I actually shed some tears…
        Glad you enjoyed it.

        • Nancy says:

          The Queen would LOVE to see this little girl. Like me she loves animals more than humans. 🙂
          I hope she wins.

  17. jeepers1941 says:

    Dear God In Heaven,
    I f someone on this board has this answer to this, please let them speak now!

    Why and what would possess a woman (JILL ZARIN) to post a picture of her 19 y/o daughter (ALLY) setting naked in the bathtub of a hotel suite. Has she gone completely off the radar screen? WTH was she thinking that taking a picture of her beautiful daughter in that tub? Then to go beyond that, to post this picture on the internet, she has totally lost her damn mind. Someone needs to step in and take this woman to a crisis center. She is most definitely in need of intervention on all fronts. I mean Jesus H
    Christ, who in the hell does things like this? This woman is beyond delusional, she has gone completely bonkers big time and is not dealing with a full deck.
    If Bobby can’t see this and takes no action then he is just as responsible for her actions as she is herself!
    I mean come on folks, who the hell in their right mind would do something like this, would you?

    To Ally, Honey all I can say is, if you must go home for whatever the reason, make sure there are locks on all the doors and especially the bathrooms and besure to lock them everytime you enter the room. Your mother is in serious trouble and in need of professional help. I pray for your safety under your mother’s rooftop!

    • klmh says:

      I understand why some people are upset, it doesn’t bother me, but I looked at the view behind her daughter. Wow, that is some bathroom! The view from the huge pane window behind her is amazing.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Ohhhhhh. Thanks for pointing that out, and what a dope I am. I somehow thought it was scratches on the photo, but now I see it’s The City. Yowza, what a view! Is that the famous bridge they live over?

    • k-ris says:

      well Bethenny had her naked babies cheeks on display all last season (lol,j/k), thk god it wasn’t pics of them in the tub togehter. JZ is a special breed, why waste the brain power to try and figure out her kooky motives.

  18. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn you are so correct about all the OC wives being annoying – all in their own precious way! None of these women look sexy or hot – they bare as much as they can to distract a closer scrutiny of their bizarre faces. None have happy or enviable lives. Sadly they inspire laughter not jealousy. As I sat there watching them yell silliness at each other I couldn’t help but wonder if Andy would announce the end of this franchise….. and then realized he would never get out of there alive if he did. Andy?! I am waiting for that announcement – this franchise needs to be retired.

  19. ihearttalavera says:

    OMG. I thought that was Jill in the bathtub. I’m gagging up my breakfast muffin. Poor Ally. I will never look at her the same again.

    I hate, hate, hate when I disagree with your blog, Lynn. Unfortunately this morning I do disagree with most of it. I need to get ready for work, but the three main issues I have are…

    Alexis doesn’t have a mean bone in her body??? Does anybody remember the sleeve slicing scene? Her unforgivable views on gays? I’m not buying it.

    Gretchen could have married Jeff? Jeff didn’t get to be as wealthy as he was by being an idiot. Never would have happened. Gretchen only seemed the least annoying because she mostly kept her mouth shut. (Sorry DQ.)

    AND… Dunt, dunt, dunt… My number one issue with this blog – PEGGY tried to one up Alexis???? It was ALWAYS Alexis doing the one upping. I even thought I had gotten it wrong because Lynn always said it was Peggy but when they showed that footage last night of Alexis one upping every single thing Peggy brought up, I couldn’t believe anybody could see it the other way around.

    Also, I don’t think anybody would feel the need to point out the issues with Alexis’ marriage if she didn’t feel the need to point out how great it was and be so smug about it. She’s not fooling anybody. She couldn’t even if she tried, because she’s an idiot. I HATE ALEXIS!!!!

    All of that being said, thanks for another great blog and Q, hope you’re doing okay today. Sending you happy thoughts. 🙂

    • plainviewsue says:

      I agree with every word you said! What I love about Lynn and her blog is all opinions are welcome, altho I hate to disagree with Lynn as well.

      My least favorites are Gretchen and Alexis, for all of the reasons that you said.

      Slade needs to get a REAL job. Of course his child support payments need to be altered, but from what I’ve read, he didn’t pay even when he was making the big bucks. Consulting is fine and good, but obviously it is not paying enough. I will never get over when Slade called his son baggage.

      Gretchen calls out Tamra in her bathtub scene. I was more grossed out when Gretchen was doing the stripper poll dance and sliming all over Slade. She is a hypocrite.

      I have to admit I chuckled when Alexis said she had post partem depression also. Now that it is funny, but it is true. Whatever Peggy says, Alexis has to top!

      How dare Alexis be upset with Peggy re not telling her about dating Jim. It was up to Jim. I totally believe her story and I loved when she told Alexis to have Jim say that in person. He is a liar and a crook. I hope he gets questioned about his real estate dealings.

      No matter what, tho, nobody tops Jill Zarin in te most hated housewife!!!!

      • ihearttalavera says:

        Amen sister!

        Also at the reunion, I can’t remember the exact context but Peggy said something like her and her husband tell each other everything, and Alexis said, “We do too AND we go to therapy” or something of that nature. I can’t remember the exact details but I was aghast. It’s too much. And really said that Alexis is such an empty shell because she is such a gorgeous woman (on the outside anyway).

        Also, I’m sorry but I like Tamra! Okay, I’m off to work. Have a great day!!!

      • I totally agree with you.
        I fully appreciate how we are all allowed to bring our own opinions to the table here and that it’s perfectly acceptable to disagree with others- even Lynn but I am a bit shocked that people are falling for Gretchen and Slade’s crap.


        Slade continues to fail to pay ordered payments. He fails to report income. He fails to secure a job that will allow them to attach a garnishment to his wages. He continues to spend limited time with his son.

        It really makes me sad that people are extracting the word ‘expenses’ and assuming that means that he is paying support but not the additional costs. Why split hairs here, he is failing his son.
        The argument that “Why isn’t he in jail” if he isn’t paying is a pitiful one. He WAS in fact arrested for non payment and released on bail. Perhaps some of you are unaware of the overcrowding situation that we have here in California in the penal system but just look at how much jail time people like Lindsey Lohan have spent in jail for probation violations and felony charges. Just recently the Supreme Court has order that the department of corrections must release over 46,000 non violent offenders because of over crowding. SO THAT’S WHY SLADES PATHETIC ASS ISN’T IN JAIL.

        I also am not buy Gretchen’s grieving widow act. She does not have a relationship with Jeff;s kids and the only reason they appeared to support her is as Lynn pointed out their father was being made out to look like an old fool.

        Why would Vickie be expected to go to the hospital toward the end of Jeff’s life? When every second is precious- why would anyone try to steal even a minute of that time?

        There is no way I am going to believe that Jay wasn’t having sex with her during that time, when he has pictures of her on the bathroom. tweaking her nipples and having sex with machinery.

        The courts have already ruled in Jay’s favor time and time again.

        Gretchen and Slade are LIARS.

        • Golden Girl says:

          Rabble Rouser I agree with what you have said too! Slade is a dead beat. Even his own mom said that maybe he needs to do something else other then promoting Gretchen. I also want to know why it’s ok for the support burden to be dropped on the ex and thats ok?

          • MAMAZ says:

            RR – It’s not so much that we are falling for their crap as it is that Tamra is so horrible we WANT Gretchen and Slade to be telling the truth.

            • VAgirl says:


              • Tamra IS horrible- but just because she uses something as a clip of ammo against someone it doesn’t make it untrue.

                In the same way, just because I can’t stand Teresa it doesn’t make her attention whore SIL endearing to me.

          • I believe one of the reasons why Slade has not received a modification of support (if in deed that is the case)is because he continues to be in contempt of court. He was ordered to find work outside entertainment but has failed to show that he is actively doing so.

            My husband would shovel shit if he needed to provide for our kids.While Slade won’t even declare the money he does make-and hides it.

            He’s garbage and I hate him.

            • dsc60 says:

              Gretchen even said that Slade couldn’t ask for a decrease because he was in contempt in one episode didn’t she? or is my disdain for them so overwhelming i’m losing it. I can’t stand Gretchen and i think she is the lying hypocrite. I liked her and believed her until i saw the pictures of her on the internet and one of them with Jay’s face between her legs. from what i’ve read and the time line does back it up is she cheated on her husband with Jeff and on Jeff with Jay and on Jay with Slade. now THAT is the definition of a slut.

              • Gretchen and Slade can barely keep track of all their bullshit and lies.
                Not only did she say that Slade was in contempt of court, they said in previous episodes and on Gretchen’s blog that the reason he wasn’t paying support is because he was paying off the hospital bills. Now that Michelle has said he is not paying and has NEVER paid any expenses related to Grey, they are now trying to say that means he is paying child support.

                Yes, when she was still married to Chris, she cheated on him with Jeff. (This comes from Jeff’s own sister and one of his ex wifes-the mother of his kids). She cheated on Jeff with Jay and on Jay with Slade.

        • Nancy says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more!

        • Scorpiosue1102 says:

          Agreed RR. Slade is a con man. He’ll smile at you while he’s stealing your wallet.

          After reading the article you posted I dislike Gretchen and Slade even more. Gretchen’s excuse for Slade not working “he’s depressed because of Grayson’s illness ” (paraphrasing) is ridiculous. Doesn’t she think that Grayson’s mom is depressed that her son is sick AND her baby daddy doesn’t see his son enough or pay any kind of support PLUS she has to pay for the medical expenses?!?!?!? Of course a rhetorical question ;). I cannot stand when people use their kids as an excuse for their own short comings.

          • Thanks, I can’t imagine the weight that is on her shoulders. Slade complains about how much he owes, as if the real financial and emotional costs of raising a child with a terminal illness are only his cross to bare when in reality Mitchell is the one who is taking Gray to his doctor and therapy appointments, to school and his walking the floors with him while he is sick. She is the one who is at his bedside in the hospital. But from Gray’s website, I know that her son’s sweet smile and positive outlook keep her going..

      • Gretchen was single
        Trampy WASNT

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I agree with every word you said. The problem is that people dislike Tamra and Peggy so much that even though these women are not liked they are seen as not telling the truth.

  20. Error404 says:

    Jill has no internal filter. My take on bathtub gate: it’s just a boasting photo. Look st me, I’m so famous that I get a blinging bathroom with a blinging view and I share my fame with my family and fabulous circle of friends. The picture is more about the bathroom than anything and I’m sure Jill was the most surprised of all to find people seeing the picture differently. The whole tone of the pic is ” ain’t we living large now maw!”

    One other thing I will say is this: ally appears to be a willing participant and may have even known it was being tweeted. And why is her leaving her laptop with all of her school work on the plane all jill’s fault? I’ll never understand the free pass bawby and ally are given when nothing really points to them being any different than Jill.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      If I was to ever take a picture of either one of my daughters (both who are very beautiful I might add and not because they are my girls either) in a bathtub and put them on the internet, them by God someone needs to take me away. But of course I need not worry about it, because fortunately I am of sound mind. Not so for jz as far as I am concerned!!!!!! But once again this is MHO!!!!! and you have yours’

      • jeepers1941 says:

        and while I am on a rant with regards to this topic, I believe it could be called an exploitation of parental guardianship for starters.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      I totally agree about Bawbee and Ally getting an undeserved pass on all things. It’s not like Bawbee is being held prisoner – he is always Jill’s wingman. Those BJ’s must be awesome. And Ally – being raised by vipers means you’re probably not going to grow up to be a bambi. Just sayin.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      I tell my hubby that birds of a feather flock together..
      If someone is a certain way the people they seek to hang out with are usually of the same mind. Same with people doing drugs will seek other drug users.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I would love to get a look at the files on that laptop.
        I wonder if you’d see Amazon reviews that were sent from it, comments to blogs and message boards. Emails to Rob Whatshisface.

        • Miss Katherine says:

          though she’s no longer a minor, i feel gross talking about a child. she hasn’t even been on camera this season and doesn’t seem to be the fame whore her mother is. i don’t think we should talk about ally’s personality because she’s young and has never give anyone a reason to speak negatively about her (unlike ashley holmes, who is the same age as ally).

    • Inauthentic says:

      I said the same thing on the previous blog regarding Jill. I think she was trying to show everyone how fabulous her bathroom is. I also said I think Jill is absolutely wrong in posting the photo of Ally. Maybe as you said Ally was a willing participant but I doubt she knew Jill would post it on Twitter. But she most likely didn’t know about it for awhile…her laptop was forgotten on the plane. Stupid Delta. They should have been more careful.

    • HD says:

      @ Error-If the picture is more about the bathroom why not just take a picture of the bathroom? I’m lost.

      I am a mother. My daughter would kill me. She wouldn’t even let me get to the point that I have the camera up to take a picture. Let alone Tweet it all over cyberspace. Yeah right. What college kids wants their mom to do that? I know when I was in in college it was my dream for my mom to take photos of me in the bathtub! LOL!

  21. quincyil says:

    Kelly wanted a helmit for riding the camel? Here is a photo of Kelly running in traffic in NYC with her younger child on a bike in traffic with no helmit.


    • MAMAZ says:

      Of course, and she also thought the other women should cover up in Morroco while she was free to run in her teeny tiny shorts and sports bra.

      • snarkarella says:

        Yeah, I wondered how inappropriate that was to their cultural sensibilities. But, I guess everyone is just supposed to humor her because of her fragile state of mind brought on by all those horrible wummin on Scary Island.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      O.M.G. So many things wrong with these pictures. Isn’t it illegal to endanger your child like that? Aren’t there bike paths in Central Park? No helmet laws for children in NY? The writer of the article kept saying how fit and attractive Kelly is – are you KIDDING me? – her veiny shins and calves, the manly bulge in her shorts, those wonky fake boobs, stringy hair, leather-skinned face, ugh!

      • Error404 says:

        The kid probably had the helmet on and was asked to remove it for the photos ( you can see it in the basket) how many HWs have to be lambasted for allowing heir kids go helmitless for pictures before they just tell the paparazzi no. the helmet issues doesn’t bug me nearly as much as the riding in the street thing. I understand that Kelly runs in the street because she’s an attention addict and this is how crazy people get heir picture taken. But having your kid risk their life for publicity is abuse. Get the poor kid to a park, where btw is where normal NYC people jog!

      • Debbie says:

        I like the caption that reads:
        “Mother and daughter manoeuvred their way through the New York streets with Kelly cautiously checking for cars as they crossed the busy Manhattan intersections”
        Yep, right under the photo of Kelly and child stopping at a busy intersection. And the kids helmet is sitting right in the bike’s basket.
        Shhh.. Close your eyes. Re-enter. Inauthentic.

    • vilzvet says:

      Oh good, I see Kelly one-upped Jill in the Stupid Parent Department by subjecting Teddy to this. The shot of the van directly behind Teddy’s bike really bothered me. All it takes is a simple fall off the bike for a head injury. What a twit this woman is. I’m going into the city tomorrow to meet a friend visiting from Florida and I will be on the lookout for little kid bike-riders in the freakin’ STREET. Doubt I will see any besides Teddy.

      • Natasha Richardson died because she fell and hit her head on SNOW!- How can anyone put their child in the middle of NYC traffic on a bike without a helmet.

  22. kellynnola says:

    Why is Ally so happy to have her picture taken? I find it totally bizarre and I would think my mother was crazy if she took a picture of me in the bathtub.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      I suspect it’s because she has absolutely no moral compass since she’s been raised by a woman without one.

      • quincyil says:

        Jill said that her breast helped her in her 30s. That was when she was trying to lure Bobby. Maybe, she is trying to help her daughter catch a husband. It’s in her book…. page 52… bathtub photos.

        • California35 says:

          OMG!! that is what I was thinking….I feel bad for thinking it, but she is who she is…it is not my fault that is the impression she is giving.

          BTW – I think Ally is smilling just like she smiles all the time, so I don’t know if she is smiling because she likes the idea of the picture…

  23. MAMAZ says:

    Things I’ve learned from The Real Housewives:

    1. If you hate someone because they are younger and prettier than you it’s acceptable to accuse them of things you have no proof of. When they try to defend themselves just yell liar!. The person who yells liar loudest and most often wins.

    2. If your love tank is full it doesn’t matter if your partners is or not. You are all that matters. His/her needs are unimportant. You must find someone who will understand this even if it hurts your daughter.

    3. You can butt your nose into everyone elses business but nobody has a right to say anything against you. If they do it’s ok to accuse them of being violent. If they defend themselves see #1.

    4. You can be pretty sleazy as long as there is another Housewife so awful she actually makes you look good by comparison.

    5. Bigger is better. Bigger house, bigger lips, bigger boobs. There is no such thing as too big. Even stretched to the vein popping limit is not too big. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pay for them it only means your bankruptsy will be bigger than your friends, yayyyy!

    6. Dumb, superficial and subservient plastic wives are more tolerable than schreeching harpies.

    What have you learned?

    • Jennifer says:

      AGREED!! LOL My husband asked me why I watch this (although he watches it and laughs as well) and I told him to feel lucky about my life and friends!

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      That’s hilarious Mamaz!
      Unfortunately it’s also true.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Seriously…these women (using the term very loosely) don’t see themselves on the videos and cringe??? Tamra looks like a pitbull and she has her nose in everyone’s business, especially Gretchen’s. She and Vicki talk smack about everyone and then turn it around to look like they themselves are to blame. But, when the shoe is on the other foot, Tamra gets a cease and decist order (via Eddie’s father’s law firm, I’m sure). How pathetic is that? The face when she threw the drink at Jeana, is a look Eddie can look forward to…better watch out. I’m sure Simon has seen that face many times. And, how ironic is it that SHE can throw a letter and a drink and not be arrested or have a restraining order against her, but she got one against Simon?
    I like Donn…haven’t lived with him, but I am glad he is free from the ridicule of his wife telling people her “love tank” is empty. PULLLEASE!! She looked like the idiot saying that, IMO. WHo does that?!!! She was not trying, by being at “work” all the time or traveling for “work” all the time. I can see why her daughter is not happy with her.
    Peggy just freaks me out with her duck lips. She is trying too hard to get in good with Tamra and Vicki.
    Gretchen, I could care less what she did in her past (as should Tamra and Vicki). She seems to care about Slade (as happens) but it seems she is being smart about it. I like her humor about him being her beyotch. Too funny. She seems very torn about wanting children.
    ALexis…she is just lost. She is drinking the Jim Kool-Aid too much, although less this season than last, but still it’s like she is under some spell. If my husband acted like him….well, he wouldn’t be my husband. He just grosses me out. Tamra and Vicki are right on the nose about Jim and how he behaves; controlling, etc.

    • quincyil says:

      Something came to my mind while reading your post. Remember the garage scene with Simon, Ryan and Tamra? Simon held up a toy dagger given by Ryan’s real dad. The men laughed and Tamra looked angry.

      Tamra has behaved like this in the past. She must have been hell to live with. Look at the sophisticated dinner party that turned into naked wasted.

      Simon knew how this would look on national TV and he did try to help her by telling her not to do this.

      Donn also tried to stop Vicky from her wild behaviors.

      Frankly, those men are much better off without Vicky and Tamra.

      • Jennifer says:

        I remember the garage scene now that you mention it. You are right! I used to kind of like Tamra before her true colors started showing…errr I mean trash.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Alexis said something really telling a few weeks ago. I don’t know if it came during the coming from Jim’s rib comment or prior to that. She was talking about people not liking aspects about her marriage but she’s not one of the two couples breaking up. She said that she and Jim had not talked about divorce.

      But if you listened closely there was one more very important word at the end of the sentence. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere and if someone has already addressed it and I missed their comment I apologize but she said that she and Jim hadn’t talked talked about divorce “YET” I just found it an odd word to use.

  25. coocoopuffs78 says:

    I hate to be defending Slade of all people but child support orders don’t always make allowances for medical conditions and the expenses that add up as a result. I have twins (one with autism and the other with a learning disability) and I came to court with medical bills and left with only monthly child support payments. I’m responsible for medical insurance and all medical expenses and I choose to keep it that way for my sanity. I’m thankful for the monthly support that I do get and I choose not to go after my children’s father for additional money because it is a long and drawn out process that gets very emotional. I would rather see Slade pounding the pavement instead of painting portraits of his girlfriend but I have to wonder why his ex is so trusting of Trampra of all people. I don’t get why she would even waist her time and energy dealing with that woman. He may have given her money in cash that hasn’t been counted towards the child support order. We don’t know all of the facts. We have no idea how much he even owes in pack payments. He also has another child he’s probably still paying on. The child support orders make no special allowances for the father’s change in income. It’s usually based on what they “could make” and what they are currently making. Personally I don’t care for Slade because he was a complete a** the first season and I think he’s reaping what he sowed but I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone especially a child. I’m so over OC this year it’ll take a miracle for me to even watch a re-run let alone another season of this crap. Vickie and that botoxed troll Trampra have really ruined this show.

    • LOLing says:

      I wonder if the ex gets SSI and/or Medicaid for the child? It would help with expenses etc..That doesn’t exclude Slade from responsibility, but if I were in her shoes I would try to get as much as I was eligable for to help my child rather then running to Tamra and The OC Register.

      • coocoopuffs78 says:

        I’ve dealt with both SSI and Medicaid before I was laid off and even those benefits come with income restrictions. The only innocent party in this is the children and neither Slade or his ex should be hashing this out in the public eye. Trampra was wrong to insert herself into their drama. I would like to see Andy and all of the housewives go away for awhile.

      • dsc60 says:

        even if the ex was able to get Medicaid at this point which is doubtful, it wouldn’t cover expenses already incurred.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      In a Reality Tea article posted earlier he owes about $138k or he’s owes about 3.5 years worth of child support. By that timeline he started not paying while he was still employed.

  26. cdnfillie58 says:

    ooohhh…Foghorn will be pi$$ed off when she sees that pic posted on this blog….can’t wait for the action to start 😛

    • quincyil says:

      The Anthoney Weir photos went viral. I’m sure he wanted to control who could publish the photos and could not.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I’m about to show my ignorance here..who is Anthoney Weir and what photos?

        • We Can Never Be Friends says:

          Anthony Wiener the Congressman who tweeted photos of his weiner to women who followed him on Twitter. He meant to DM the one that went viral but sent it public by mistake. He said someone hacked his account – before he admitted he did it himself. Now he’s in rehab.

          • cdnfillie58 says:

            Oh..I know about the Weiner guy, the jokes are endless about him, I didn’t know Q meant him

    • cabbie413 says:

      once you put ANYTHING on the internet, it’s been captured, somehow, someway..so deleting it doesn’t really do anything – if someone wants to find something all they have to do is google. Celebs delete tweets all the time, just to have an article written about the tweet they deleted lol.. once it’s done, it’s done! own it!

  27. SassyInTX says:

    Tamra is a miserable woman who insists on bring up others’ “dirt” so that the focus is not on her. She’s a horrible mother and I feel sorry for her younger kids who will DEFINITELY see the porno tub scene much sooner rather than later. If any other of the housewives had pulled that stunt, Tamra would criticize them until her dying day! Why didn’t anyone bring up Peggy’s home drama???
    Jill is a moron. Case closed.

    • Wicked says:

      One day when Tamra’s kids get in Jr. High or High School, I’m sure some kid will get his/her hands on this season & Tamra’s sex tub scene will be passed around the email/social network of their peers. Can you imagine going to school knowing all you classmates have seen your Mom get screwed in a bathtub! Stupid witch

      • MAMAZ says:

        No doubt about it. It happened to Danielle’s girls and even Gia supposedly gets teased at school about her mothers on screen antics.

  28. jeepers1941 says:

    Well the more I listen, read and observe, it is no wonder that society as a whole is making a rapid declined. That we as a nation are on a collision course with disasters of epic proportion and the devil himself. I for one
    can do without seeing that in my lifetime, thank you very much………….
    It is not whether Ally was smiling or not, it even isn’t about Ally being ok with her mother taking the picture of her, it is about a mother showing respect for her child as a human being. Not an object or a possession to be exploited. But I guess this is all mute to the masses……………. God gave us these children to be nurtured and loved, not used as a tool for attention, is all I am saying…………..

    • viki55 says:

      Totally agree! Very Well said:)

      • MAMAZ says:

        jeepers1941 “it is about a mother showing respect for her child as a human being. Not an object or a possession to be exploited.”

        Nailed it!

    • Kats2 says:

      I totally agree about the Jill Zarin and Ally picture situation.

      As far as the world, these HW’s or Bravo as a whole do not represent or speak for the whole world. I truly believe there are more good parents than bad, but the bad is what gets attention. The evil is sensationalized and while the evil is a small percentage of the world, when you keep seeing it over and over again or we keep going back for more of the crap it’s hard not to think this type of behavior is the norm or majority. BUT I assure you it’s not. Jill should raked over the coals for posting that picture and I’m thrilled we have this forum to call her out on it.

      • Golden Girl says:

        I feel bad for Ally, there are so many employers out there now who do Google searches on perspective employees.

  29. Candace says:

    OMFG! Look at The Daily Mail today for photgraphs of the damages the Guidices and Manzos did to that police officer.

    If they don’t get in massive trouble for this one, I don’t know what they would get in trouble for.

    Shocking stuff. This time Caroline’s beloved, saintly baby boys were part of it too.

    Broken bones and more.

    • quincyil says:


      Here is one article. It seems they signed an agreement, but did not cash the checks so it’s a plan to get even more money from Bravo. It takes more than one person to fight and if I got sprayed with alcohol, I would not turn it into a brawl. I would walk away.

      They could have recognized the famous people because cameras were filming at times.

      I don’t know why Bravo got sued.

      • Jen says:

        Wait is that what the article says? Bc this sorts sounds like their condoning the RHONJ acting the cop- scream all you want but you can’t physically touch plp. If I was on vaca and someone sprayed me with champagne you can bet I’d confront them….but no touching

      • Christine says:

        Q, IMHO, Bravo is being sued because they were filming this. As Bravo is the employer of the Giudices and Manzos, they are liable for the actions of their employees. There are thousands of cases holding employers liable for the torts of their employees during the course of their normal duties AND under the direction of the boss. Normally, the Courts excuse employers for liability if the employee commits a criminal act, but Bravo condones and excuses it. Given that Bravo makes no secret of their love for the most violence they can get out of all of their Housewives, plaintiffs may be claiming that Bravo encouraged the brawl. Table tossing, shoving Andy, pulling hair, drink tossing,etc., etc. – an argument could be made that Bravo does promote these behaviors. In addition, Bravo is what we call the “deep pocket.” Knowing that you can’t get blood from a stone, i.e. Giudices, you include the one with the money in hopes of a settlement.

    • essexgirl2286 says:

      from the pictures it looks like T must have done all the damage i only see scratch marks from presumably long fake fingernails, i don’t see any bruises or anything raised the way it should be after being punched by at least 3 grown men.

      • Huh? Didn’t you see the pictures of broken blood vessels all over a mans face in the shape of a boot print. Broken arms and legs are also hard to fake, I am sure their must be copies of the X-rays and medical reports once they returned state side.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Wow. What does the know it all mother of perfect children say about this?? She was there; is this all gonna be on the show?

      Who attacks a police officer?? Of course, people who have no respect for the law, namely the Guidices.

    • Kats2 says:

      The Manzo’s will walk, I bet money on it. They have connections (just like the mob). Flashback to S1 when we learned a VERY CLOSE Family friend is Bernie Kerik the TOP COP doing time for crimes he committed. They will use any and all connections to keep the babies out jail/trouble and we will have to endure Caroline the pit-bull telling us they are innocent, it’s someone elses fault. It always is with the Manzos. Danielle was trash, but so are they. They are making Danielle look much better.

      • Wicked says:

        Hopefully the Manzo’s Jersey connections have no influence in NY, Chicago, & FL where the cops filed their suit.

  30. Kats2 says:

    Happy it’s over and I hope it doesn’t come back

  31. Candace says:

    Thanks Viki55, didn’t have the link at hand.

    This is what the Jersey group is really like. They can’t keep from violence at family parties or abroad.

    They are criminals.

  32. Candace says:

    The victims had broken bones. They didn’t show those.

  33. Candace says:

    Unless you think Teresa broke bones, it wasn’t just fingernail scratches from her.

  34. Jennifer says:

    I would say the Guidices, i.e. Joe et al, have tempers. This is pathetic! How immature and unbecoming. I have watched a few of Mobwives and have noticed that the camera crew will get involved if the women start to fight. Finally! I guess I was just raised to not let things get to that level. That’s just crazy. And I’m not LuMan! LOL *husky voice* Dahhhhhling! Don’t get me started on her getting into everyone’s business and acting like she is drawn into it. Sheesh! She drives me mad…just looking at her.

    • Adgirl says:

      Re: Mob Wives. Renee’s sister is the producer so she the camera people are probably socially closer to the cast. RH are filmed by various production companies who could not care less if the cast injure civilians – in fact the crazier the better as long as it’s on film.

  35. Wicked says:

    Slade has provided E! online with documents proving he is not a deadbeat dad. I just read the article on google news. Sorry, i cant copy & paste link but I’m using my phone.

    • MAMAZ says:

      He didn’t actually provide E! with the documents just claims that he has them. He sgave them pictures of himself and Gretch with his son. For some reason it won’t let me copy the link.

      I hate to think any man would do to his sick child what Trampra accuses Slade of, I hope he will provide the proof.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Who shares plans to make babies with their young children? You announce to them after you are pregnant and to do so before hand is just plain nasty! Considering his new wife has already had a miscarriage, yet again Kelsey shows what an egotistical asshat he truly is!

    • There is no way I believe Kelsey. Isn’t his son something like 6 years old? I seriously doubt a child of that age would use verbiage like “So when are the children coming?”. Give me a break.

  36. IndianaHousewife says:

    Good morning (just barely), I have been reading everyone’s comments all weekend, but was too far behind to add to the comments.

    Quincy, I wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers were with you this weekend.

    Have a great day everyone!

    • Jen says:

      Everyone saying Slade is paying on child support but not ”expenses ” should read this- proofs in the court filings the man owe a ton a support $$ …..he’s as deadbeat as Tammy says regardless of her trashiness

      • I’m with you Jen, he is a dead beat.
        Not to mention, only a few short episodes ago Gretchen and Slade both said that Slade was n paying support because he chose to pay Medical EXPENSES instead. I am sure that is what Michelle is referring to when she used that word.

  37. cdnfillie58 says:

    re: Peggy and Jim..find it very suspect that Peggy had been Alexis “fake” friend for years without letting it out that she had dated Jim at one time…..methinks she’s been trying to get the advantage or “one-up” Alexis…otherwise who befriends the wife of an old boyfriend unless you want to keep tabs on the ex, just in case his marriage goes south? Seems to me that Peggy hasn’t gotten over Jim. I believe he did dump her and she stalked him for a while. Don’t like sneaky Peggy, but not as much as I dislike Tampon and Icky. Alexis, in my opinion is just a dumb blonde and not street smart enough to handle those three bimbos. Gretchen..I like, for some unknown reason 🙂

    • MAMAZ says:

      I don’t think it’s that she hasn’t gotten over Jim. More like she hasn’t gotten over being dumped.
      Going to a persons home once because he doesn’t return your calls doesn’t make you a stalker. It does make you a desperate fool with no self respect. If she did that kind of thing repeatedly then she was a stalker.
      I think she liked believing she had something on Jim. And that they shared a secret from Alexis.
      They both come off like golddiggers. Maybe PIggy’s pissed that Alexis got the prize she was after but lost.
      I have no idea why they were friends in the first place. It does seem like Alexis was always trying to top Piggy. They are very competitive with each other. She doesn’t do that with Gretchen.

    • nathania says:

      if that were true she’d have never asked him to tell Alexis. that had to be awkward, she was afraid that it would slip out, and she was correct in saying it was Jim’s place to tell Alexis.

      After the party last year, I thought that Alexis was the only one delusional enough to think other women were actually after her husband, because he is sooooooooooooo hot. It’s kind of gross to see that other people on this board are supporting the delusion that Jim is worth carrying a torch for 15 years.

    • Alexis can’t just stop trying to one up Piggy is she tried.
      Peggy says ‘I hung out with Jim’ and Alexis says ‘I am younger than you and I married him”.

  38. Suzieq says:

    Was looking at tweets and saw yours, but what caught my eye was your profile pic….on top of everything else u do, do u sew?? R u a quilter? Is that designer fabric??

    • quincyil says:

      I am helping my mother and her friends make baby quilts for gifts at the hospital for sick children and new borns. I bought a simple sewing machine and I am learning. The women felt that they are getting old so the 60 year old daughters and 40 year old granddaughters are trying to learn.

      My mom also knits thousands of baby caps for new borns. She never stops working.So far…I have made one knitted scarfl that looks a lot like the one in Jill’s photo that you al laughed at. LOL.

      I also have a series of paintings this summer. Loose backgrounds and fish in acrylics. Last summer, I did corn fields.

      I don’t have children at home anymore so I found hobbies.

      • Suzieq says:

        I got a sewing machine 2 Christmases ago….I never took any lessons, just kinda learning as I go and buy a lot of pattern off of etsy which led to my obsession with designer fabrics….just don’t ever search for Amy butler and u will be fine! Lol

  39. cdnfillie58 says:

    OT..watched Bethanny with Jay Leno the other day, she said something about having her “former” assistant with her in the studio or something..does anyone know who she was talking about..not Julie I hope

  40. T-REX says:

    Okay, how sick is it to track down the baby-mama of someone who is technically not a part of the cast in order to bring it out on TV, I mean Trampon is one sick psycho! Now, it makes perfect sense regarding the Gretchen situation last season. I am sure she stalked her ex-boyfriend like she is stalking Slade’s baby-mama. I am so sorry that this poor Cancer stricken child has now been dragged into this mess because Trampon has no class, nor brains. If this was her sick child she would be utterly appalled at some woman would drag this crap on TV about her. Simon, Simon, you are certainly far better off with her no longer being your wife, and I suspect the only reason you stayed was because you knew this psycho-lunatic would try to take your kids from you. Trampon surely has some sick fascination of Gretchen.

  41. krone says:

    I agree with your ratings of and reasons for, the OC HW. None of them are likeable so we have to go with least unlikeable etc. I used to get all worked up about Alexis for setting back the Women’s Movement but realize now that she’s just not very bright and even less articulate. I agree that she’s not inherently mean, just not used to thinking much. I too, was struck with how “ugly” the mean girls looked. Petty looked old & hard: Vicki has more than a passing resemblance to Miss Piggy and Trampa looked horrendous! bloated and a bit like a porn star who was given only 5 min. to pull it together after her previous performance. What a vile, loathsome woman! I’d love to see Trampa, Terrorista, JZ and LuMan stuck on a desert island. No cameras that they could see (just hidden ones so we could watch the carnage; I’ve no doubt Countless’ “manners” would disappear quickly and she’d have no trouble at all interacting on their level)

    • MAMAZ says:

      Krone – I know, right? I thought about their appearance when Piggy was talking about how you get diseases from negetive energy. Something like that. I don’t really listen to her, lol. They may not get diseases but the UGLY was really coming out!

      And what’s with Piggy’s voice? Is she a chain smoker? She sounds like Selma Diamond or the Andy Griffith “Hey Doll” girl.

      I think they should do an all Housewives version of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. With Vicky, Tamra, JZ, Kelly, LuAnn, NeNe, Kim Z, and that Salahi nutbag.

    • nathania says:

      I think Alexis has a very different kind of intelligence than what most people consider ‘brains’ but she is the one wearing diamonds, having two nannies, being kept up and not having to work. Alexis has a reptile brain, that focuses on getting her basic needs met to the highest degree possible. She can’t argue with women because she has had little use for women in her life, being heterosexual and looking to get her dime the old fashioned way. Gretchen is very much the same kind of animal except Gretchen has more of a conscience and a bit of a codependent streak. Gretchen annoys me because it’s clear she expects to not be called on her b.s., based on her looks.

      I think Gretchen is in a weird place in her life…she’s probably tired of the ho stroll and realizing that she might be able to have the things she wants in life without using her looks and behind, after all. At the same time. she sees a success story like Alexis and thinks, why can’t that be me? And then she sees Slade’s past, and probably the only reason she is holding on is because she thinks, if he’s done it before, he can do it again. And Slade is so full of b.s. that he probably can. I think she’s just conflicted about the person she used to be (Alexis) vs. the person she has the potential to be (someone like Vicky or Bethenny, at least in her mind).

      But I have news for her, she can’t go on a reality show and expect not to be called on this stuff. It’s just not realistic.

    • I disagree about Alexis not being “mean”. Just because she doesn’t call the other women names or yell over them, it doesn’t make her the wounded dove. In some regards Alexis is “mean” in same devastating Jill Zarin is. While she has the right to voice her opinion on gay marriage, she has to own it and accept the very real and devastating effect it has on the lifes of others. Here in California it would mean that a sick person can not qualify to be listed on their partners medical insurance, it prevents them from filing joint tax returns and many other types of benefits that straight married couples get to enjoy.
      She says things like ‘I feel safer with a man President’ which is not only blatantly sexist but she can’t even articulate as to why. She fosters oppression and dependency. I think it’s more than mean, it’s cruel and I don’t like it.

      • Nancy says:

        Something tells me Queen Elizabeth 1st and Hilary Clinton would disagree with her.
        I bet Alexis doesn’t even know what Hilary Clinton does. Idiot.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        Rabble Rouser for president!!!

      • krone says:

        I absolutely agree that A’s comments about women’s “duties” & limitations

        are infuriating and spending time as a volunteer with GLBT youth, her views

        on equality are especially odious to me; however, I guess the pure malice with

        which Trampa, Icky & Piggy too I guess, make their comments leave me

        feeling that the garbage that falls out of A’s mouth are not carefully

        thought-out positions but a startled reaction from a woman who’s not used to

        expressing her feelings (or thinking at all). She is, in fact, repeating what she’s heard and been

        told by Jim (her master) and the other people she hangs with. i.e. the minister

        & parish members of her church. I’ve learned the hard way that one doesn’t

        get anywhere arguing with those people. One can only hope to change the

        minds of people possessing one.

  42. Cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn for this great Recap of OC! Thank God is O-V-E-R! Thank you Quincy! (Are you doing better, sweetie?)

    Lynn, honest, It is/was difficult to choose the most annoying OC Housewife!

    # 1 .-Head to head: Tamra and Vicky… Uggghhh
    # 2.- (but close for a nose) Peggy, flugly boobies, irkkkkkkk!

  43. Adgirl says:

    I realized yesterday that I still watch some of these shows out of habit. Like I still sometimes watch the 49ers play football.It’s only enjoyable if you have someone to root for. On OC there is …. no one to root for.

    I skipped the OC reunion Part Duh because I am never going to waste another brain cell on those miserable women. Not one of them is likeable. They are all equally repulsive.

    I hate to admit that I held on to liking Vicki. I assumed she was angry at Donn for things we didn’t know about. (I guessed he cheated on her and she stopped trusting him). Now that’s she’s admitted that the whole time she was trashing him on national tv for ignoring her phyically, she actually was rebuffing his attempts at reconciling. WHAT A HORRIBLE PERSON. No wonder her kids are pissed at her. They probably figured out that Vicki has been hanging out with Brooks while she has been “working” til midnight every goddamn day. She said in an interview that she has known Brooks through her work. Vicki has probably been worried about how much $$$ Donn would take with him in a divorce, so she was trying to figure out how serious Brooks is about her before she cut Donn lose..

    They are all liars. Except maybe Alexis, who in my opinion is close to mentally retarded. Just because Alexis is cute, that doesn’t preclude her from having serious IQ issues. I don’t think she is smart enough to lie. Seriously, it takes mental energy to create an alternative truth and Alexis is running on candle power.

    Make them all go away.

    • Sonjafan says:

      I totally agree about Vicki hanging on to her marriage until she knew this Brook guy was serious…great insight! My ex did that with his GF, waited till her divorce came through and all the finances were in place,
      while we were in marriage counseling. I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on that. By the way my situation was
      5 years ago and all is fine now.

    • Nancy says:

      Go 49ers!!!!!

  44. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    First of all, Quincy, love and prayers for you.
    Secondly, I do not think (if there is another season) we will have to worry about Slade and Gretchen much longer.
    Did anyone catch when he said he “loved her enough to leave her so she won’t be affected by his issues continuing to harm her image” Paraphrasing, but that was the gist. This is Slade’s MO. When he broke up with Jo he said almost the same thing. He loved her soooo much he was willing to walk away so she would be able to pursue her dreams instead of focusing on him and his kids. Initially he bitched that she was not focusing on him and his kids, then loved her enough to “force” her to focus elsewhere when he was done with her. Now, Gretchen is refusing to marry him (and share her assets to bail him out) until he fixes his crap, and suddenly he “loves her enough to leave her” so she can continue to focus on growing her business and have her own life.
    He is ready to dump her.

    • Jennifer says:

      Good catch!

    • quincyil says:

      Thank you for your words.

      I don’t think Slade wants a 9 to 5 job. He likes living with Gretchen and being on TV. They go to Vegas and events on the weekends. He is living “the good life.” without working for it.

    • nathania says:

      I hope people will remember that Tamra and Vicky have had to listen to several seasons of this crap. It has to get old, watching it.

  45. Mary T says:

    Why are so many people thinking that “Gretchen” is struggling? Contrary to what she says, she did get alot of cash from Jeff’s insurance policy. What Bravo pays her certainly can not support her life style and her products that she is hawking everywhere she can are not making her rich either…open your eyes, folks……she is a gold digger and a major liar!

    • VAgirl says:

      I don’t think Gretchen lives that extravagant of a lifestyle. She has a moderate looking house, doesn’t drive a Bentley, I’ve seen rollers in her hair, etc. Compared to the others, she’s pretty low maintenance if you ask me.

    • T-REX says:

      Gretchen may have gotten some money from Jeff’s estate, but I believe it has been addressed that she has put that money into investments. Her home is modest compared to all the other Beyotches on this show who can’t pay for their homes. Trampon sold her home under duress of a short sale, why because she lives WAY beyond her means. Gretchen is probably the sanest person on this show. She does her own hair, her own makeup, doesn’t name drop about what designer she is wearing, etc. Trampon is the biggest lying cootch of the bunch, and she is the one making Gretchen look better and better.

      • nathania says:

        I don’t think she is any better or different than anyone else. I think she wants the same lifestyle. She probably has done what she has done to get what she wants like any other housewife on this show. It was Tamra and Vicky that had stable marriages and children, not Gretchen. I would have divorced Simon too, he is a big jerk, the leash thing not even factored into it.

        Gretchen is looking for the same thing Tamra has. I think Gretchen and Tamra are practically the same person. Kathy Griffin told Andy on WWHL that Slade once tried to hook up with her, telling her it would be ‘good for her career’. He probably convinced Gretchen of the same thing (based on what, I am not sure.)

        I think Gretchen has a major naive streak, which you can’t have if you are dabbling in the world’s oldest profession. She seemed shocked when Jeff died that she didn’t get the amount of money she thought she would.
        Being on one of these shows is like a war, and the difference between Tamra and Gretchen to me is that Tamra doesn’t hide it. Tamra doesn’t seem to try to use charm and manipulation to come across as different from what she is. Gretchen does. because she can.

    • Adgirl says:

      I can’t stand Gretchen. But I can’t stand any of the OC women now, but I dislike the most.

    • dsc60 says:

      Tamra may be trash, but she does admit she’s a “truck driver with tits” so at least she owns it (a bit). not saying that makes her likable, cause obviously it doesn’t, however, Gretchen acts like she is a sweet little angel and how dare anyone talk bad about her since she is soooo wholesome when actually she’s a lying, cheating, gold digging ho. that alone makes her worse IMO.

  46. cdnfillie58 says:

    I find it hilarious that “Brooks” is living with “Eddie” when he comes to visit Vic. My gaydar is going off big time 😛

    • HD says:

      That was so strange to me. Why would he be staying with Eddie and he is a grown a$$ man?

      • T-REX says:

        Because he is probably some Grown Broke a$$ man, who has decided to ride the coat-tails of this show and use Icky for all she is worth.

    • Adgirl says:

      My gaydar went off when Eddie said something about not liking a guy because he hated the shirts the man wore. LOL. My husband won’t notice anyone’s shirts, even if you asked him to pay attention.

      • T-REX says:

        Exactly! I had a flashback to that “Legally Blonde” movie where the gay pool guy was pretending to be gay, but noticed her Prada Shoes, straight guys don’t hardly notice women have feet, according to the words of wisdom from my Husband. I found it interesting in articles on Stoopidhousewives blog that Eddie lived with an older man when he was in his teens, and changed his name to this man’s name, and now is living with another older man.

        • T-REX says:

          Whoops he was pretending to be straight! Arggh!

        • Wicked says:

          Straight guys with foot fetishes totally notice shoes & feet. Trust me, i have good feet and theiris alot of foot guys hence high heels in porn.

  47. VAgirl says:

    Tamra’s blog. I hate it when people start off kind of apologetic for their actions, then start defending their actions.


    • Jennifer says:

      She’s delusional. It’s okay for her to go after someone and defend her actions all this time, but not for someone else? Childish! I hope Eddie does help her…she needs it! I hope he has a staff on hand.

  48. kellynnola says:

    Tamra says one thing then takes it back. If she would just own some her actions I could start to like her more. Alexis actually did own her mistakes at the reunion. And postpartum? It is a very common thing!

    Coming up on my blog Wednesday I’ll be reviewing Ramona’s NY apartment & Hamptons home.
    Plus please check out the home I just finished redecorating as I worked so hard on it! Go to kellynnola.wordpress.com

    • Golden Girl says:

      Wow you did a beautiful job. I am looking forward to your take on Romona’s home.

    • VAgirl says:

      I enjoyed looking at your blog. I love looking at other people’s houses/designs. You did a great job for your artist client.

    • viki55 says:

      Very pretty. I would love to see some before and after shots!

    • Sonjafan says:

      I am going to look at your photos and blog. If I ever become wealthy maybe you can come and do my house in elegant modern. That has always been a dream of mine. I envy you your profession. I can look a home design magazines all day long!

  49. Butters'Mom says:

    I tried to post this from my blackbery but it didn’t work. This weekend I was with Butters’GranDad and I was watching RHNYC. I pointed out Ramona and asked him how old he thought she was. First he remarked about her great body (yucky to hear that from one’s father) then he guessed she was 40. When I told him she was in her 50s he remarked, “so she’s the same age as the red head (JZ)”.

    Sorry JZ even 84 year old men think you look terrible.

    • quincyil says:

      I think Ramona is pretty and young looking. They others are Jillous.

      • Butters'Mom says:

        I agree Q. I think Alex often looks very pretty but the rest besides Ramona often look rode hard and put away wet. BTW I am a huge ST:TNG fan and Q was always a big favorite of mine. Met him once at a Star Trek convention. Yes, I am a big geek and love being one.


        • quincyil says:

          With the loss of Stargate Universe, I am suffering. I read awhile ago that they would bring another Star Trek to TV and they did not.

          • Butters'Mom says:

            I never got intro Stargate for some reason but I miss ST:TNG and B5. Just got into Hunger Game books and am looking forward to movies. SF bookwise tops are Dune, Heinlen and Orson Scott Card. There is some new show coming out that looks good. Cannot remember the name but it seems to be about people starting over on earth by going back in time to prehistoric times or something like that.

            • quincyil says:

              I liked Earth Two by Spielberg. So many of the sci fi shows barely make it a season.

              • Butters'Mom says:

                Yes, that was a good one though you could tell the last few episodes seemed rushed and a bit chaotic though it started off really strong.

          • Wicked says:

            Try True Blood you’ll love it if u like sci fi

            • viki55 says:

              And Warehouse 13 on Sci-fy channel is great! It is getting ready to start again, I think it is July 14th. They will most likely have a marathon right before so you can catch up. There are episodes on line too.

            • Butters'Mom says:

              OMG. I am a big fan of True Blood. I found the TV series first (Erik is my #1 fantasy man) then found the books. Though I do think the books are written at a slightly lower level then I like I do enjoy them and just finished reading the latest one. I have no desire to read or see Twilight ever. I like my vampires more on the naked side then the sparkly side.

          • PJ says:

            Ever watch Dr. Who?

  50. Kelly_Has_ Big_Shoulders says:

    Hey guys I saw this on E News last night and now Reality Tea is also reporting. Looks like Jillosy is at it again planting stories.
    oh and check out this comment.
    14 Jun, 2011 at 10:55 am
    Jill is a liar! Please read comment #39 in the first article…Very intesresting!
    Pholchan Thai Mon, Jun 13, 2011, 7:12 AM
    I absolutely know Jill is leaking this story around; my sister is on Jillosy’s PR team and Jill forced them to spread rumors about Ramona’s alleged drinking issues. Yes, folks, Jill is behind it all including trying to ruin Bethenny. Her staff calls her a witch and many have quit working for her.
    Also, that Trevor guy is friends with Jill’s ‘manager’ Darren.

  51. val says:

    Everyone talks about Tamra’s children being able to watch OC episodes when they get older and how they’ll be so embarrassed by their moms actions. My question is , what about Ryan….he’s her adult child now. What the hell does he think about what his mom did. And isn’t he embarrassed by her?

    • Golden Girl says:

      OMG no kidding but I don’t think that Ryan would care considering how he was willing to prey on a drunk Gretchen last season and that was on tape.

    • T-REX says:

      Could be a perfect example as to why Ryan gets arrested every other month, look at who raised him!

  52. HD says:

    Honestly, in regards to Jim and Peggy, they should have told Alexis they dated. I would want to know if a friend of mine dated my husband even if it was years ago. It’s not a matter of if we are duscussing past relationships but this is a past relationship where your now wife or husband should know especially if we are all hanging out. Why sit and pretend like we didn’t date or have sex or whatever? When you do that, lie by omission, it gives the appearance of it being more than what it was. If it was not that deep, tell your wife and then it would have been water under the bridge and not something that Peggy feels she has to lord over Alexis’s head.

    • Golden Girl says:

      Tell me about it. I know that I have talked to some of my good girlfriends before about my sex life and I would just die after all that talk to find out that one of my friends has slept with my husband before we were married. It would make me be suspicious.

    • VAgirl says:

      I agree. It’s become a much bigger deal that is probably was.

      • quincyil says:

        I have a problem with my husband talking to an ex and telling her I am not to be told. Peggy talked to him 3 times and wanted to share with Alexis. That means he and his ex, Alexi’s good friend, had secrets from Alexis recently, not 15 years ago. That is very bad.

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          I have been in a similar situation being friends with my husband’s ex. The difference is once he knew she and I were friendly he made sure to let me know not only that they had dated but I was better in bed than her (smart man). Also my friend was smart enough to never talk about their sex life to me. Now we live hours away from each other so I haven’t given it a thought until now.

          • MAMAZ says:

            I agree that he should have told Alexis but we only have Peggy’s word that she asked Jim to tell her. I don’t believe it because if she really wanted Alexis to be told she could have told her. Or issued an “tell her or I will” ultimatum.
            I think Jim didn’t tell he in the beggining because he didn’t think the friendship would last. The longer he waited the more difficult it became.
            One thing I would never have done in Peggy’s place was ask Jim to tell her more than once. If he said no the first time asking him again and again was just compounding the secret. If it is true that she asked him 3 times I would guess she was secretly thrilled that he said no and she now had some heavy artillary to use against Alexis. Which we all saw her do.

        • nathania says:

          I agree, and it makes me wonder what else Alexis doesn’t know (probably plenty since she is so insecure…and I believe Jim does everything that he can possibly do to foster that insecurity. I believe the real reason he doesn’t want to be on camera anymore is it was becoming obvious to the rest of the cast how he was mistreating Alexis and putting her down all the time, and they were beginning to make an issue of it with her.)

          I think if Peggy really had the hots still for Jim (barf) she would not haved asked him to tell Alexis. She would have just left the situation the way it was. I believe her when she says she’s embarassed she dated him. Who wouldn’t be? He’s creepy.

          • MAMAZ says:

            He’s very creepy. But have you seen her? She’s revolting with her duck mouth, fried hair and ready to explode breasts.
            The sad thing is that her sister looked natural and pretty for the brief moment we saw her. I bet Peggy was a good looking girl at one time.
            Now she looks like one of the Death Eaters from Harry Potter.

            • dsc60 says:

              Micah may not be likable (neither is Jim) but he’s definitely a lot better looking than Jim. If she was still single that would be one thing, but she’s not and her husband isn’t creepy (looking anyway). I also read that the reason Jim wasn’t on camera this season is because he didn’t like what viewers thought of him last season. He thought he got a “bad edit” and didn’t want to chance that again.

              • TLM says:

                Funny though, for the 20 seconds or so Jim was on camera, he still managed to behave like a jerk, via slapping Alexis on the ass and telling her stick her ass out more during the fashion shoot. Ugh.

  53. Indy Anna says:

    Just went to Bethenny.com and played the video of her visit to Ellen Degeneres program. Once again, Ellen made a comment about she and Bethenny working together. This is the second time Ellen made that comment. Any news of a talk show for Bethenny?

    • Adgirl says:

      I wonder if Bethenny will fill in for Ellen when Ellen takes vacations, or maybe Bethenny will have a regualr segment (cooking and nutrion). Although Bethenny is funny and chatty, it isn’t easy to carry an whole program yourself day after day.

      Hey Kelly, I can smell your brain frying: Zzzzt! Zzzzzzt!

      • MAMAZ says:

        That would be fantastic! Better than having her own show. It would give her a built in audience and a chance to find out if she can carry a talk show.

      • T-REX says:

        HA! Next thing you know KKB will be tweeting that she has her own show, it’s mainly in her head, but you all can watch on this network called You Tube. It’s going to just take off and make network ratings records. Then someone might mention to her that You Tube is not a TV Network, then more brain cells willl start to zap.

  54. IndianaHousewife says:

    I find it interesting that Platinum Hits was also on last night and I have not seen any comments on it. I feel asleep right after OC reunion. Did anyone stick around and watch?

    • VAgirl says:

      I watched it and I think all of the songwriters have talent, but I don’t know how they are judged. To me it’s kind of like whatever your personal preference is and not based on talent really. They are all talented and it just depends on why type of song/lyrics you like. Am I making sense?

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Yes you are. I had these same thoughts on the first episode. How can country, rock, pop, or rap all be judged against each other as to which is better? For me country would almost always win, just my taste.

      • quincyil says:

        I stayed up and wrote the blog. LOL. The winner was really good. The rest…I’m am not that impressed.

    • TLM says:

      I can’t watch that show. Now the promos showing a budding romance among the contestants makes me want to upchuck. I just look at my cable guide to see when it WON’T be on.

  55. NYCer says:

    Fernanda (and Lynn Curtain) both filmed something for the reunion but I guess it didn’t make the cut. But the videos are on bravotv.com.
    Here’s Fernanda’s:


    • TLM says:

      Both of them put me to sleep. Remember back when RHOOC this season was first being promoted, and Bravo was really pushing the “Look, we have a LESBIAN in the cast now!” thing? I guess after Danielle and Kim Zolciak’s fake lesbian attempts to grab attention, people don’t even care. Thankfully Bravo had Fernanda’s storyline as a minor sub-plot, and did not make her an actual cast member.

  56. LOLing says:

    Todays Non-Story-Story:


    I guess the 60 year age difference was just to much to bear????? LOL.

    • VAgirl says:

      Maybe he brought out the prenup and she wasn’t getting what she thought she deserved after he departs this earth. I mean really, you cannot tell me she was marrying him for love only. I would hope his children would be getting the dough.

      • LOLing says:

        Don’t you believe in love?? Haha. There are only 2 reasons to marry an 85 year old man 1) You are an 85 y/o widow OR 2) $$$$$. His kids should get the bulk of his estate. I wonder, does Hef understand the mentality of these women? Does he believe they love him LIKE THAT? Or is it a game to him too? Although, I believe Holly Madison truly cared for him. He probably should have married her.

        • dsc60 says:

          that’s like when Donald Trump’s wife was asked if she would be with Donald if he wasn’t rich and her answer was “do you think he would be with me if i didn’t look like the way i do”? how romantic. it’s surely true love in these type of relationships, don’t ya think?

    • Adgirl says:

      Maybe they couldn’t figure out how to fit his walker & wheelchair into their bed.

  57. quincyil says:


    I believe Ramona Singer and I would fire Darren if I were Jill Zarin. Darren made a nasty remark about Ramona’s assistant over the wine for drinking vs silent auction bullying event. Darren got Jill in tourble with Bravo over a tweet about filming when it was not filming for Bravo.

    Now, Darren is contradciting Ramona Singer. Darren is an apologist for Jill Zarin. He is a PR person and from his comments, I believe he is a sycophant. Bobby needs to clean house and get that guy out of Jill’s bedroom/office.

    • Adgirl says:

      I’ll bet Jill would go to the mat for Darren if Bobby wanted to get rid of him. Jill must just adore having a adoring “yes man” willing to screw with her enemies. Darren’s function in Jill’s personal life is no different than LouMan’s usefulness to Jill on TV – they both are proactive assholes to the women Jill despises.

      I think Darren has replaced Brad as Jill’s gay husband. He’s so much more useful and vindictive than Brad.

    • nathania says:

      that article links to another where Kelly totally takes a dig at Bethenny :”bitches may have sold last year, but they don’t sell now. It’s a whole new year.” Wow.

      I realize there is nothing but ‘fashion-speak’ in Kelly’s brain. It was empty before, and now it’s filled with hip/hot/new soundbites. So weird. She’s been around the industry so long she thinks all that is real.

  58. 2Stupid says:

    Is Lynn going to see Ramona tonight? If anyone can get some scoop it’s Lynn! Didn’t Lynn already interview Sonja? Lynn needs to get those girls some wine and get some dirt!!!!

    • Adgirl says:

      I really hope Lynn does score an interview with Ramona. That sure would send Jill into orbit – an interview with Ramona on IHJZ. LOL. Ramona may not want to do anything that stirs up Jill any further, I don’t think Ramona is spiteful. I know Lynn’s blog is not hateful, but Ramona may not know that. She feel that being interviewed by Lynn/IHJZ may come off as spiteful.

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        Ramona isn’t vindictive but I think she’s FINALLY figured out that Jill isn’t her friend, never was her friend and never will be her friend.

      • VAgirl says:

        Simon knows what Lynn is about. Maybe he can put a good word in for Lynn to Ramona. But I agree, Ramon is not the spiteful person that Jillious is and may not want to give that perception to all those who think we’re really haters.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Ramona is now fighting back against Jill’s lies. I don’t think she’d be shy about speaking about what’s going on if there is time in her schedule. How would Jill fight back – spread lies about her?? Oh wait – she’s already done that.

    • quincyil says:

      I think Lynn is going to the wine bottle signing tonight. I don’t know how much time fans get, but I bet you can have a photo taken with Ramona.

      • 2Stupid says:

        Lynn is no mere fan. She is the person that has given us all a place to discuss/vent all things Jill Zarin. I think Ramona would enjoy this community as we know how vile Jill can be, and leaves no prisoners!

      • lillybee says:

        I hope that Lynn will let Ramona know that most of her posters support Ramona and Mario.

      • California35 says:

        I hope she gets to talk to her, or at least get to go.

  59. Dwight Schrute says:

    For the most part I’ve disagreed with the ranking of Peggy vis-a-vis that of Alexis. I did feel Alexis was always attempting to one up her. I really think the dating thing was part of it as well as that Peggy’s blatant attempts to get in good with Tamara and Vicky seemed to be working had to be eating at Alexis who had received so much venom from the two.

    One thing that I did not like from the reunion was Peggy pointedly asking if Jeanna was still married to Matt. I’ll admit to being surprised at the answer and the whole living situation but the original question came completely out of left field. There was no need to ask the question and when she did so, I really got the sense that she was asking a question she already knew the answer to and was just doing it to make Jeanna look bad.

    • Adgirl says:

      I didn’t watch last night isJeana still legally married to Matt?

      • vilzvet says:

        She said they still are; there is some paperwork left to do.

      • TLM says:

        Jeana is a freak. The woman lives with both her boyfriend and her husband “when he’s in town”, and she’s just now saying that she should complete the divorce because it bothers her boyfriend. Really, genius?? Her initial answer was that it was just “so much paperwork” to do a divorce. Jeana is so full of crap. She’s been a doormat for Matt and is basically still supporting him.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I have a friend who had a fire at his home. While they were waiting for repairs he and wife #2 stayed with wife #1 and her new husband. They aren’t freaks. They have children together and decided when they first divorced to minimize the damage to those children as much as possible.It wasn’t easy at first pretending to be friends for the childrens sake but over time they found they became real friends. The respect and courtesy they showed each other resulted in beautifully raised children who love both parents and feel loved by both in return. They have great relationships with the stepparents as well.
          I wish there were more freaks like that in the world.

          • Kats2 says:

            That’s not why Jeanna is with Matt. She’s a doormat, I’m sure she’s not divorced because she really doesn’t want to be. Don’t confuse real people who are decent and kind like in your example with the OC HW’s. Apples and Oranges

          • TLM says:

            I agree with Kats2. It sounds like your friend and her ex are both nice & decent people. Matt was abusive to Jeana and even after they separated, she never really disengaged from him. She has made excuses for the things he did and the way he treated her, and I think it was far worse than what we saw. Jeana is someone who’s in denial about not only herself, but Simon and what he did to Tamra. It really pissed me off that she would dare say Tamra is lying when she doesn’t know what went on behind closed doors.

        • Kats2 says:

          I agree, really can’t stand Jeanna

          • quincyil says:

            She didnt’ stay in Thintervension shape. She looked fantastic at the finale with Jackie Warner.

            • VAGirl says:

              She did look good, but didn’t she come up short in meeting her goal? I can’t remember. I do know she passive aggressively fought Jackie all the way.

    • nathania says:

      I agree about Alexis/Peggy. I think however that Alexis’ complete insecurity about EVERYTHING comes from Jim, and that’s why he’s not on camera this season because the rest of the cast was picking up on it. He controls Alexis by keeping her insecure and worried about her looks/etc and she controls him by pretending to be submissive and letting him ‘wear the pants’. That is an extremely dishonest relationship,

    • MAMAZ says:

      Dwight Schrute – That bothered me too. She gave a little knowing smirk after Jeanna answered.
      Meanwhile her 2 new BFFs are both still married and dating. Tamra is obviously have sex with Eddie, and Vicki said her love tank was full so I think we can safely assume she is as well. What difference does it make if they live with them or not they are still technically committing adultry.
      This is what I HATE about Piggy, Trampa and Icky. They think the rules are for other people.

      I do think Alexis was always competing with Peggy. But reaction to it was crazy over the top. I had friend like that. I slowly stopped spending time with her. She never really even notice because she is so self centered. I didn’t set out to humiliate her in public.

      • dsc60 says:

        even Alexis said that you can’t expect people to not date/have a sexual relationship while a divorce is on-going (although personally i think that’s an especially slippery slope when there are young children involved). i’m not saying it was okay for Peggy to say that or that her timing isn’t suspect but i think her point was that Jeana was still with this abusive man, not looking down at her because she was committing adultery.

  60. quincyil says:

    I imagine Jeanna and Matt can’t divide the assets…that house and they can’t sell it in this market.

    • Adgirl says:

      So true. We lost our shirts on our house in OC and we owned it well below “market” and didn’t use it as a credit card. All of our neighbor’s homes surrounding our house went into foreclosure and made the entire neighborhood go into a tailspin. It is still really bad in most parts of OC except Laguna and some parts of Newport Beach.

    • Sam says:

      The market’s actually picking up in Southern California now. My dad’s house just sold for $50,000 more than the asking price, only one week after it was listed, and there were seven offers on it.

    • Kats2 says:

      This has been going on for years, they have been separated and going through the divorce forever. Now they can blame the economy, but that’s a convenient excuse now.

  61. Adgirl says:

    Those RH sure seem to go for that living separately under one room thing. Jeana, NeNe and Vicki come to mind.
    There are lots of reasons for a couple to stay married, like for medical insurance. If Jeana is still married to Matt then I hope she has not made an issue out of Vicki or Tamra dating while they are still “legally” married albeit well on on their way to a divorce. Jeana herself has dated the past few years.
    Is there anyone on RH that doesn’t date while they are still married??

    • MAMAZ says:

      I don’t think Matt lives with Jeanna anymore.

      • vilzvet says:

        Right, the new boyfriend is there however she did say that Matt stays with her when he is in town! One big happy family I guess! The boys are with her too.

  62. Jen says:

    We heard Alexis’s side of who got Peggy on the show, Alexis said she told Peggy shed mention her but then decided it might hurt their friendship so didn’t give Peggys name but told Peggy why and Peggy said Alexis never told her why she didn’t

    as for Vicki vs Gretchen w/ compassion with Jeff – Vicki’s right. She didn’t know Jeff or Gretchen so why visit him in the hospital – sorry Greychen herself went on vacation when Jeff was in the hospital so that’s pot calling kettle black

    I agree Tamara is the worst but I’d actually put Gretchen second, Alexis third, Vicki fourth and Peggy a non enitity

    • MAMAZ says:

      I don’t agree. Vicki and Gretchen were working closely together on a show about the relationship between the women. She didn’t need to visit him in the hospital but she should have been more compassionate toward Gretchen.
      As for Gretchen going on vacation, I never base my behavior on how other people act. I strive to do the right thing regardless of their actions. I a a firm believer in the Golden Rule. And I don’t always even do it for them. I do it to maintain my personal integrity. Of course I’m only human and often fail but I don’t balme other people or ther actions when I do.

      • Adgirl says:

        @Mamaz “… I don’t blame other people or ther actions when I do.”
        And THAT is why you will never be on Real Housewives. LOL.

      • Dwight Schrute says:

        MAMAZ – I took that as the same way, not necessarily as compassion for Jeff, who they never met, but compassion for Gretchen as his caregiver and what she was going through. Still I remember these two being very rude and dismissive towards Gretchen and Lynn, who were both net that year. I remember them going to the races, not sitting with them and Vicky going “Whatever”

    • essexgirl2286 says:

      i don’t think gretchen is a gold digger, here is my theory
      i believe gretchen did cheat on jeff -young stupid in over your head mistakes that plenty of people make. but i think seeing jeff die actually being in the room when it happened really made her grow up. and having tamra constantly bringing that up just gets under her skin and makes her go on the attack. i remember a scene a couple of seasons ago when the girls were asking her about jeff’s will and how she should make sure she is taken care of, but she seemed offended and said she wouldn’t bring that up to jeff. bottom line in my book is better a reformed slut then a gold digger which she clearly is not.
      she is now dating broke ass hanger on slade,
      she doesn’t live in a mcmansion or have big fake breasts or a brand new sugar daddy.
      she seems to be making a conscious effort not to be so flippant with her life decisions which does show maturity so i agree with lynn’s placement of her on the list

      • dsc60 says:

        i believe Gretchen cheated on Jeff also. Yes, many people make that mistake, but Gretchen came off holier than thou lying over and over that she never cheated when she did. and honestly, if she didn’t cheat she shouldn’t blame people for thinking that she did considering all the disgusting pictures of her that can be found on the internet.

    • Kats2 says:

      They just started working together, they asked her about it. I don’t think they owed her any visits to the hospital. Jeanna met Jeff did she go visit him? If they went we would have said it was fake or they were sticking their nose in. They could have done other things, maybe they did I doubt it, but I don’t think anyone had to show up to the hospital.

      Maybe Gretchen should have skipped the pink motorcycle shopping or trips to the jewelry store and had people over to meet Jeff?

  63. Adgirl says:

    I so want to start a teeshirt line with Kelly’s face on them.
    “Authentic!” “Honestly? Honestly?” “Leave and re-enter!” “You look like a Kabuki Vampire”

  64. Stella says:

    Ok so I have noticed that I tilt my head to the side naturally and have to force myself to correct it. Also my nose is plugged and I have my lips parted slightly to breathe and I thought to myself, OMG I’m becoming Teresa and Cindy rolled up into one. My personality is nothing like their’s but still I can’t stand it. I noticed I tilt my head in pictures too. When I was in Italy recently I had to remind myself not to tilt my head for the picture. LOL. I feel like a dipstick now. Haha.

  65. viki55 says:


    It’s a little old but I had not seen the link posted before. Kind of fun to see what they looked like before all the surgery and junk.

  66. WindyCityWondering says:

    The most interesting part of the reunion last night was the Jim/Alexis/Peggy dilema. Peggy wanted to tell Alexis and ask Jim three times to tell his wife about their past relationship. Alexis got flustered when all the other wives said Jim should have said something bout his past with Peggy – her come back was her good girlfriend should have told her. I agree Peggy should have said something but Alexis’ hubby told Peggy not to say anything. And after 15 years, Jim’s story is Peggy stalked me. IMO – since he wouldn’t return her calls and she had to go to where he lived then he very likely owed her something (money). There was something more than a casual hook up here and Jim probably didn’t behave like the good, manly Christian he pretends to be. Alexis is stupid because stupid is easy to be!

    • Adgirl says:

      What a sleazy story. Big surprise it involves Jimbo.
      Not that I do tell me friends about my sex life, but if I ever plan to, I’ve learned I need to ask each friend they have had a “relationship” with my hubby.
      That is so super skeevy.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Jim and Peggy could have said they knew each other 15 years ago and ran around with the same crowd. Now it has become sooooo much more! Peggy wanted to tell Alexis but Jimbo say NO…. skeevy to the max!

    • quincyil says:

      Tamra also explained how they have cash to buy a new house. That was important.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Alexis doesn’t know when to shut up – the we are paying cash for our next house has to raise all kinds of red flags. Tamra will pursue the cash house remark until she gets Jimbo in real trouble. Befriending Slade’s exwife is another example of causing real harm in another family’s dynamic. Tamra loves to make people suffer.

      • TLM says:

        I know many people have jumped on Tamra in the review of this show, but I have to hand it to her for revealing what happened with Alexis and calling her on her bullshit. Alexis was actually trying to say “We’re paying cash, therefore we must be doing great” and would have left everyone scratching their heads about their supposed insolvency. When Tamra said what really happened, Alexis had nothing to say. I find Alexis very conniving and a jealous person, and I’m not sure why so many people are on her side now. She’s hanging onto this gross guy for dear life and I feel sorry for her for that, but for little else.

        • Eve says:

          Just because Tamra said it doesn’t make it true.
          She just likes to stir.

          • cdnfillie58 says:

            ITA…and why are people believing Peggy … Why would she ask Jim, three times no less, to tell Alexis they dated a long time ago. What did she hope to gain knowing full well Alexis would blow a gasket and risk losing a friendship. I still think she maintained that friendship with Alexis to keep an eye on Jim…cause he dumped her, and she’s so totally jealous of Alexis, and she likely assumes she’s better than Alexis. Peggy is as big a sleaze as Tamra IMHO

            • Nancy says:

              Do you think Peggy is unhappy in her marriage?
              There isn’t a man on earth that gives me the creeps more than Jim.

              • cdnfillie58 says:

                He gives us the creeps because he’s not our type..but he is someone else’s …post partum depression can make you crazy about things and people…give Peggy another couple seasons with RHOOC and she’ll give Tamra a run for her money

            • nathania says:

              are you serious?

              have you seen Jim? have you seen Micah?

              good lord, people are losing their mind over this alleged ‘stalking’ comment Mr. Egomaniacal told his wife to get his arse out of hot water for not telling her the truth about the Peggy thing. He has/had something to hide, and it wasn’t accusations of stalking.
              I don’t think Peggy is jealous of Alexis either. She is not a bad looking woman and 15 years ago she probably could stop traffic. Alexis is only okay looking sans the surgery and bleach, I’m sure.

          • TLM says:

            But if it was false, Alexis never contradicted her. Alexis’ version did not make sense with the current climate and what banks allow people to do (or not).

          • Okay- then what could possibly the the reason the bank would allow a short sale instead of demanding payment if they had the cash lying around.
            Something also makes me think that Taliban Jim pulled money out of a lot of his property at the height of the market and is now hiding the cash. There is something very Juicey Joe-ish about this whole thing.

            • LOLing says:

              No. Jim owns a bunch of companies. Doing what I don’t know. Anyway, the house was part of a compnay, which is legal b/c his “home base” office is the home. So the assest (house) was part of the company. When the house became an issue (IE lost it’s value and the business failed as well) Jimbo filed for Bankruptcy. Since the house was part of the company..it was able to be sold as a short sale to satisfy the creditor. Personal wealth or other business wealth does not come into play. Nor does any $$ made after filing. This is totally legal, maybe unethical, but legal. Tamra was exactly right when she described the reason they were paying csh. She is in Real Estate, so I am sure she sees this all the time. Although, I’m sure she wouldn’t bitch if she was the realtor on record and making commission. 🙂 In that case she’d probably encourage it. Bottom line, people w/ money and/or connections are able to hire the best lawyers, accountants etc.. to help them get away with all of the things most people don’t know are possible or believe are legal!

              • nathania says:

                absolutely. I spent the entire semester of wills and estates class with my jaw on the floor. If you have financial knowledge or access to it, you can get out of paying income and inheritance taxes of just about all kinds. It was stunning to me how many ways there are to skirt paying taxes and get around losing money, or taking a financial hit. There was a really good article recently in Bloomberg business about how the richest men in this country get out of paying taxes on different things. It was unbelievable, started out with Warren Buffet’s brag that he pays a lower rate of tax than the people who clean his floors. Which is true.

        • Nancy says:

          I think Alexis and Jim deserve each other.

  67. Adgirl says:

    David Cook from american idol sings Rolling in the Deep with the PS22 children’s chorus.
    Really awesome. Gota love the kids dancing.

  68. TLM says:

    I think the funniest part of the reunion and final show is that I don’t think anyone has brought up Quinn Fry’s appearance on the final show. What in the F was that???!? The woman is now wearing a full-fledged hooker wig and it looks like she gained 40 lbs. and has a really nice turkey wattle/double chin going. Hmm, somehow I don’t think any guys in their twenties are mistaking Quinn for another 20- or 30-something woman anymore as she always claimed. She looks like she’s doing a bad impression of Stevie Nicks before she lost the weight. And then she’s comforting JEANA? I guess her church says it’s ok to go to the papers and deny another woman was abused? I could never stand Quinn to begin with, and that whole thing just cemented her uselessness and irritation factor. And I bet Billy is out there thanking his lucky stars that he got rid of this hag.

    • Nancy says:

      What the #%&! was on her head? I almost wet my pants when I saw that.
      She ONLY gets a pass (IMHO) if she has had chemo recently,
      Nah not even that gives her a pass. Sorry.

      • It was the saddest wig I ever saw, it looked like it was from Halloween.

        • Nancy says:

          She is an odd one. It would have been “interesting” to have Quinn and Alexis
          on at the same time being “Christians” and all. I’m not sure if Alexis would have
          approved of her golf playing “boy toy”. Do you?

      • TLM says:

        If Quinn is ill, I take back anything I said. I only commented since I thought it was the return of her “Roxy” character which struck me as ridiculous and a desperate way to get Billy to stay interested in her. I had not even considered she could be sick and have no idea what her situation is.

  69. SoutheastVA says:

    I thought Jill only flew Private. What’s up with using Delta?! Another contradiction.

    • T-Rex says:

      She made sure to mention her seat to show that while she flys commercial, it is most certainly First Class. Although I fly frequently first class on Delta for work, it’s not quite the service it used to be, but it is an upgrade from coach.

  70. quincyil says:

    Peggy’s House is in trouble also.


    I watched a 60 minutes last year where people in Floriday were deliberately giving up their homes because the mortgages were higher than the value of the house. They looked at the long term and the housing market to make those decisions. That is why we see Alexis and Peggy living so well, but unable to pay their monthly bills to the bank. They bought at the height of the market and want out on purpose.

    The banks lose money and I’m sure the neighbors lose money on the value of theri homes, but Jill only cares about Jilm so it is OK.

  71. smompy says:

    I must be hip-mo-tized from reading this blog too much because I usd to ddisagree with Lynn’s take on things a lot more. Lately I feel like Lynn is somehow reading my mind. I agree pretty much 100% on the OC reunion and the individual housewives. To me, Gretchen is the least offensive, and she’s closely followed by Alexis. It’s not that I like or admire either one of them. Ir’s a relative thing. Gretchen is not the most likeable, exactly. She’s just the least detestable woman in this very detestable group of women. I wouldn’t have said that Alexis doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, but I understand and agree with the sentiment begind that line. I’ve seen Alexis do and say things that are mean, but with a very few exceptions, when she’s behaving badly, she doesn’t seem to realize what she’s doing. IOW she’s rather stupid and oblivious but not deliberately malicious. If she does have a mean bone in her body, it’s not a large one like her femur or her hip bone. It’s maybe a metatarsal.

    As for that bathtub pic, I agree with Error. Jill Zarin is clearly a horrible, horrible human being, but on this one specific issue, I feel like she’s being criticized unfairly. There’s absolutely nothing scandalous, or salacious, or embarrassing about that picture. All you can see is the top of Ally’s shoulders so for all we know, she could have been fully dressed when that pic was taken. On top of that, Ally is laughing in the picture, so I see no reason to assume she wasn’t “in on” the whole thing. Here’s a quote from Ally’s page:
    “HI its ally. I bull shit and take pictures. lots and lots of pictures. Enjoy my rants and photographs of those I rant with and about. Its funny.” Jill, and perhaps Ally as well, probably thought the pic was cute or funny and nothing more. As awful as some of Jill’s behavior has been, it’s always been clear to me that she totally adores her daughter, and I doubt there’s been one single day in Ally’s life where she wasn’t confident that she could always count on he mother’s support and love. A number of people here defended Tesresa’s reaction during her blow-up with Kathy at that fashion show by asserting that Kathy had NO RIGHT to question Teresa’s mothering…which BTW Kathy never actully did…so I feel like lambasting Jill over posting a harmless picture of her adult daughter is a little hypocritical and/or hitting below the belt. And now Jill’s being attacked for doing what everyone was saying she SHOULD DO, i.e. taking the damn picture down?!? No one was harmed by Jill’s posting that photo. Just for the record, I’ll say this again…I absolutely HATE Jill Zarin still. But some of this criticism is unfair.

    To the commenter upthread that asked who Bethenny was referring to when she mentioned her former assistant being in the green room at the Leno show, yes, she meant Julie. But she only added the FORMER part to make it known that JUlie has been promoted and so she no longer uses the job title of “assistant.” Nowadays Julie is Bethenny’s official COC:)

    • Nancy says:

      I disagree with you on the Tub issue. It was totally out of line and
      the only reason Jill posted it was to show the world that she can stay
      in hotel’s that have towel warmers.

      • smompy says:

        If her sole reason for posting the pic was to show how luxurious a
        hotel’s bathroom is, then obviously her intent had nothing to do with exposing or embarrassing her daughter, so then her posting of that pic is an even LESS egregious sin. If, along with the photo, she’d said something like, “Look at this beautiful bathroonI can afford but that effing social-climbing bitch Alex McCord could never afford” then I’d agree that Jill was out of line, but posting a pic so her “fans” could see how nice that bathroom looks is hardly a criminal act. We’ve all witnessed Jill plotting to destroy people, and chronically lying and vicously attacking others. In the bigger scheme of things, I don’t
        see why her sharing a photo of some hotel bathroom should be considered such an outrage. To me this feels like grasping at straws, in much the same way Bethenny’s haters will use a single paparazzi picture of B pushing an empty stroller while Jason carries Bryn as solid evidence that Bethenny is a terrible wife and,an uncaring mother.

        • Nancy says:

          I wouldn’t have an issue if Ally wasn’t in the photo.
          The entire think is creepy.
          Do you have any children?

          • smompy says:

            Not sure how relevant it is to this issue, but yes, I do. I guess the problemif that deciding whether something is or isn’t creepy is a totally subjective thing. I mean, just because I might feel creepy for posting this kind of photo of my daughter, that doesn’t mean another person’s decision to post such a photo is morally wrong, or that anyone who does that is being a bad
            mother. This pic depicts nothing illegal, it’s not very revealing or suggestive, and it doesn’t objectify anyone, and I have no reason to believe thatthe adult person appearing in the photo wasn’t an active participant in its being posted, so I say different strokes for different folks. Who am I to judge?

        • Here is the thing, Russel Brant tweet a picture of Katie Perry without make up. It was innocent and I thought she looked just fine…but he later took it down and his wife was annoyed because it opened the door to some not very nice comments about the way she looked without make up.
          Just like how Jill talking about sending Ally off to ‘fat camp’ seemed innocent enough at the time, the blow back was not kind.

          I think it’s weird Jill would barge in on her kid while she was in the bathroom and take a picture. I think it’s bad judgment that she posted in on twitter. It’s comes from the same waste of grey matter that gave a couple of college kids the dumb idea to punk Tyler Clemente by hiding a camera in the common room and streaming a private moment on line for anyone to see and make cracks about.

        • FlowerPower says:

          Smompy, I wanted to respond, since I was the one who commented on Jill taking down the pic. My issue with that was that she retweeted a comment about how benign the pic is telling people to chill out. Fine. If that’s what she believes, she should leave the pic up and say that herself. Don’t hide behind another tweeter. Leave the pic in place and come right out and say that she sees absolutely nothing scandalous or inappropriate about it and be done with it. (As far as I’m concerned, once a photo hits the internet it’s out there, so if you don’t want something online don’t put it there to begin with.)

          Now, had she done that, would it change my opinion about the wisdom of tweeting a picture of my child like that? No (especially if I were choosing to live my life in Bravo’s dim spotlight), but I’d respect Jill for standing by what she claims to believe. (If she took the pic down and said she had made a mistake putting it out there, that would be a different matter.) To me, the whole thing goes to her character and isn’t that far removed from what she does behind the scenes with planting stories–or rather having others plant stories for her. She’s claiming to OWN IT this year, but I don’t see her owning anything.

          I really don’t believe the sole reason she posted the pic was to show the bathroom. Her tweet said “rub a dub ally in the tub” and to me it seemed that she was so excited to have Ally back from her trip she didn’t want to be away from her for a minute (including while she was bathing). I don’t think her intent was malicious or in any way trying to embarrass her daughter. I think she took the picture because she really was overjoyed to be with Ally again and she wanted to share that with the world. Was I appalled? Yup. Should it matter to Jill? Nope.

    • klmh says:

      Just posted my thoughts on the picture down thread and am reading your take on it, and obviously agree.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I will say of course you have a right to this opinion, but this is my opinion and I will stand by it!

      Well the more I listen, read and observe, it is no wonder that society as a whole is making a rapid declined. That we as a nation are on a collision course with disasters of epic proportion and the devil himself. I for one can do without seeing that in my lifetime, thank you very much……
      It is not whether Ally was smiling or not, it even isn’t about Ally being ok with her mother taking the picture of her, it is about a mother showing respect for her child as a human being. Not an object or a possession to be exploited. But I guess this is all mute to the masses……………. God gave us these children to be nurtured and loved, not used as a tool for attention, is all I am saying…………..

      P.S. And it is not about how swanky the hotel was with the over the top bathroom either, it is about how we treat others, be they friends or family members. It is about common decency to another human being, in this case, your very own daughter takes priority over everything else,
      regardless. As I said before, it doesn’t matter if Ally approved of it, she is still jz’s daughter and therefore she should ashamed of her actions, IMHO.

  72. Di says:

    If anyone is interested in why Jay was awarded $40k from a judgment against Gretchen, here’s my take (warning–legal analysis could be very boring :))

    I was just reading through the comments on the last blog and saw a comment posted about Gretchen having a judgment against her for defamation against Jay. Now this is something I’ve heard from the other HWs when talking about her and many of the posters here have said the same thing. I wanted to clear this up because it is not accurate. No I’m not Gretchen, or Slade or anyone who knows either one of them. In fact, I’m not at all fans of theirs, though I do think sadly they are the lesser evils of these bitches on the OC. I’m just a normal Lynn fan who’s an attorney in Cali and who’s been here about a year because I hate Jill Zarin.

    So my point….Defamation against a public person (which Gretchen is) is almost impossible to prove. Furthermore, in California there are these claims called Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Policy), which relate to defamation suits and automatically award attorneys fees to the prevailing party. Jay prevailed in his Anti-SLAPP suit against Gretchen and was awarded $40k of attorneys fees. THIS DOESN’T MEAN JAY DID NOT LIE ABOUT GRETCHEN. What it does mean is Gretchen accused Jay of defamation. She requested a restraining order against him to prevent him from speaking about her. His attorney then filed an Anti-SLAPP suit because Jay has freedom of speech rights (as we all do). Opinions that are false are protected by freedom of speech. Factually incorrect statements if made against a public figure can often be protected as well if the public person cannot prove that the speaker had malicious intent (really, really high threshold and hard to prove). So here’s the kicker, which makes it next to impossible to file a restraining order against someone speaking about a person–especially a public figure…..prevailing party is automatically awarded attorneys fees in California because of this Anti-SLAPP statute. Since Jay had to defend this this claim he was awarded attorneys fees. IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT ONE WORD OF WHAT JAY SAID WAS TRUE; we’ll probably never know. It only means we live in a free country where anyone can speak their minds and say just about anything about a public figure (and often private people too) even if it’s WRONG.

    God I feel dirty now defending Gretchen, so now I’ll hold off on the Slade legal issue analysis (but it’s not as cut and dry as you think with him either). I really should get back to looking for more work instead of using my skills on the HWs. Sometimes I can’t help myself they’re my guilty pleasure!

    • quincyil says:

      Thanks. I understand it better now. I am sure it is frutstrating to be involved in these trials.

      How is is possible for Danielle and Tamra to silence cast mates with those letters then. Are the cease adn desist letters simply a threat?

      • Di says:

        Sure Q. Glad I could help, you help feed my HW addiction here.

        Yep. They hold no legal weight. C&D letters are written by lawyers/law firms and basically just state that if you don’t stop doing something that they allege is illegal or against they’re clients legal interests, they will file a claim against you in court.

    • Kats2 says:

      Thanks – the whole thing is stupid.

      I’m sure there is more to the Slade situation which might make him less of a deadbeat, but still a deadbeat. He doesn’t help his situation, he looks like he’s living a pretty easy life, I wish I had time to have hobbies like painting or fix Gretchen’s hair. I do know the last thing he should do is have another kid.

      • Di says:

        totally. i can’t believe he curls g’s hair. i always thought he was a ridiculous puppy dog with these women, but he curls her hair, seriously?? get a better job slade.

    • I think the numerous pornographic photos Jay of Gretchen are a strong indication of the nature of their relationship. Gretchen is the Merry Widow and not the grieving one.

      • Di says:

        True there are lots of pics and the dates seem to overlap with G’s relationship with Jeff, but the way I see it pics can be misleading and none of us will ever know if G and Jeff had some sort of agreement/arrangement. This is stuff you can’t prove in court and honestly the court doesn’t want to tough that kinda crap with a ten foot pole.

        • quincyil says:

          Slade had the big house and claimed to make six figures and in the clip said 7 figures. $4,000 a month is $48,000 a year. For someone with 7 figures, it is peanuts. What did Slade do with all of that money?

          • VAGirl says:

            Bought Jo $15,000 chandeliers?

          • AZ Girl says:

            Our office saw a lot of these young guys like Slade in mortgage/real estate business after the crash. Here and in California and Nevada the market dropped 35 percent in 8 weeks. All of them were making bundles of money and spending it all on crap like fancy cars, second homes, boats etc. They just thought this real estate market would never adjust itself. Well it did and they have NO CASH. Just a bunch of stuff that they could not even give away because the economy is so bad. All of them filed Chapter 7 and have no skills to get a job somewhere else. Just stupid. Gretchen needs to find another guy.
            Personally I am a turtle. I move slow with finances and invest conservatively. My home is almost paid for. I like being a turtle.

          • Di says:

            Slade listed his house for sale in 2007 I believe, but then last I read it went into foreclosure. He owed more than it’s value because of the depreciating housing prices. I think he was paying his support payments the entire time he had the 6/7 figure job.

            I don’t know whether he lost his job or quit to become an actor. He made the mistake of not filing for modification of child support if he lost his job. I don’t believe a judge would hold a guy to a $4k/mo child support payment for one child (he has 2) if he lost that job due to the economy. That’s a lot of money every month for one kid. By the time he got arrested I think he hadn’t been paying for about 3 years. He claims he was putting his money towards his son’s medical care (instead of child support) during that time. This is illegal to do if he did it because the child support is court-ordered. These issues haven’t been fully litigated yet to the best of my knowledge so there’s still a lot unknown.

            He obviously needs to get a better job and stop trying to hide his money. However, he could’ve probably avoided a lot of this mess if he just filed for a modification. It is very likely the judge would’ve reset the support to a reasonable amount once his skill set (title company) no longer had the earning potential it once had. I believe the judge is now waiting to see what job he gets to plug his salary into the dissomaster (child support calculator) for future support figures. That’s why the judge required him to show proof of contacting 5 employers every 2 weeks–to get the ball rolling faster. As far as whether he’ll be liable for the entire amount of the arrearages, that’s up to the court’s discretion since he didn’t file a modification. He’s probably on the hook for it all though is my guess.

            • Di, I think I read somewhere (on the Real Estaker?) that part of the reason Slade was so upside down on his home was because he keep on pulling out money from it that wasn’t real but created by the inflated market.I think he pulled out something like 50K before he even made his first few house payments on it.

            • nathania says:

              thanks di, I don’t believe for a minute he was paying medical bills instead of support, that’s a completely unnecessary (and spiteful if it’s true) thing to do. And stupid.

              Like you I don’t believe that the judge refused to modify the payments. I believe that is bull. I just basically don’t believe anything Slade says. And Gretchen would impress me a whole lot more if she would ditch the dead weight.

      • quincyil says:

        Gretchen’s accusation that they did not visit a man they just met in the hospitat was outrageous too.

        These women are not friends. Vicki and Tamra are teammates in a roller derby.

        Gretchen went wild after her divorce so did Tamra and we will see Vicki do the same.

        My favorite moment of insanity was Slade saying that Tamra “sucks off” people. Those are fighting words.

      • dsc60 says:

        i agree… and as i stated before… Gretchen certainly shouldn’t fault anyone for thinking she may have cheated with those photos being out there. it’s the appearance and it’s not a good one. it’s not about proving she cheated in a court of law. she always just denies it without addressing the indications showing the opposite.

    • smompy says:

      Thanks so much for explaining that decision. I’d read an account of Gretchen’s situation that made it sound like her case was similar to Oscar Wilde’s, i.e. Wilde sued someone for publicly implying that he was gay, and not only did Wilde lose his case against the other person, but the judge also decided that since there was enough evidence to convince him that Oscar Wilde WAS indeed a homosexual, he also sentenced Wilde to seven years in prison at hard labor for the crime of being gay. Whoever wrote the article I read made it sound like Gretchen not only lost her lawsuit but was also proven in court to be a liar and that’s why Photoglou was awarded the money. That just didn’t sound right to me, and now I know it wasn’t. So thanks!

    • nathania says:

      Slapp I believe is strategic lawsuit against public *participation* not policy
      I only add this because the last word is the most important, they are specific to California where you have a lot of people concerned about image who are very wealthy public people. Anti-Slapp suits prevent people from being silenced by the rich and powerful who needless to say have the money to sue every time their name appears in the paper. Perez Hilton won one of these against Samantha Ronson several years ago who sued him for saying she was the owner of the cocaine Lindsay Lohan was busted with. She had to pay his attorneys’ fees which were like 80 thousand dollars.

      • Di says:

        Good catch Nathania. Sorry for the wrong word (so used to using the term ‘public policy’) . The Perez case was the perfect example.

    • Di says:

      Did anyone else think this guy looks like Donn and the guy from the pool in Mexico that looked like Donn or am I just imagining it? I think she definitely has a type.

      • Eve says:

        A younger Donn in looks, yes.

      • TLM says:

        I don’t think it’s the same guy, but I always wondered if Vicki hooked up with the Donn lookalike who was in the pool in Mexico!

      • TLM says:

        Her first husband didn’t look at all like Donn. They showed him in Season 1 I think. It’s a shame that he was a deadbeat as a dad by all accounts. I thought he was a goodlooking guy.

  73. TLM says:

    Do Vicki and Brooks get each other in the mood by discussing insurance? Ugh, don’t answer that…I don’t want to know!! LOL.

  74. Sunny says:

    NJ Housewives lawsuit over Dominican Republic fight: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20502470,00.html

    • nathania says:

      This is all over the place!

      I picked up today’s paper at work and was reading through it and it was in section A at the bottom of like the third or fourth page. I was taken aback. It sounds horrible, it really does.

      I think Bravo should have dumped Teresa Guidice from the show after the first table got flipped. And they should have gotten rid of KKK’s tweaked out @ss when she flipped out in St. John.

      How many more Guidice brawls before someone gets killed. The man got his face beat up, and his brother had a broken leg. It’s Jerry Springer-esque, what Bravo has become. Yuck.

  75. Sherry says:

    In my opinion Gretchen is the only one of the housewives that deserves any kind of respect. Her story has never changed and she’s always been consistent with everything she’s said. I actually wouldn’t mind being Gretchen’s friend. I like that she has a great sense of humor and would be a loyal friend and not a fake loyal friend like the others are. The other women not so much. They’ve all changed their stories more times then I can count imo. Tamra deserves absolutely NO respect what-so-ever!!! If I was her mother I’d be so ashamed and embarrassed watching my daughter talk and behave the way she does. She has no redeeming qualities at all that I can think of.

  76. AZ Girl says:

    I am late to the blog today. I watched last night and I was just shocked at how OC has changed over the years. I remember when they were all friends and it was cool. The nastiness is just unreal. Tamara has no business judging anyone. Gretchen has done nothing to Tamara. Why the obsession with Jeff is just nuts. Then to film a scene having sex with Eddie in a bathtub? Like her kids are not going to see this ever? Right. I hope Simon gets to be the primary custodian of the kids. Vicki is done. Time for her and her latest squeeze to run off into the sunset. She is going to be one lonely old lady eventually. Peggy the stalker was really interesting.
    Jill and her tweet of the picture of Ally is so irresponsible. What mother does that??? Poor Ally.

    • T-Rex says:

      Trampon is just that a trollop and one with only one functioning brain cell! Simon is not a “saint” but I can tell you that if I acted the way she does my husband would try to calm my ass down, especially if one has kids, which I do not. Trampon is like a girl that used to be a regular at the bar I worked at long ago, she let random dudes do body shots off her, would lap dance women just to get free drinks from the regular drunks hanging out there, etc. Tampron is totally devoid of anything that does not directly affect her, and wants to be the center of attention at all times. In Teresagorilla speak “ain’t I pretty, ain’t I” .

  77. klmh says:

    I thought I understood people’s feelings about Ally’s tub picture, but I need to get this off my chest.
    I think JZ was happy to have her daughter home for the summer holidays. I also think the picture was darling, Ally is quite a lovely young woman, and the picture wasn’t showing anything, other than a lovely face, bright and beautiful eyes and sparkling smile, and an amazing background picture of NYC. I loved that bathroom too, by the way. I see more skin on every scene of OC, BH, Miami, etc. than I see of this shot of her lovely daughter.
    Im afraid some people here, no matter what JZ does, will ridicule not only her, but her daughter and husband for anything they do. Jill can be a stinker, but why talk about this picture as pornographic or in poor taste?
    I enjoyed the picture and thought it was so great to see a true smile on someone’s face. Im so sick of
    these plastic women trying to be sexy.

    • AZ Girl says:

      You are probably right about how excited Jill is having Ally home. But trust me that a young lady of 18 does not want her mother in the bathroom while she is bathing and taking a picture and putting it out on the web? Trust me…NO.
      Yesterday, Jill also tweeted that they were sleeping together in the same bed and that Ally talks in her sleep and that she was going to record it. That was also taken down.

      This young woman is 18 and an adult. This shows that Jill has no filter or friends. Ally is her only friend and Jill is lonely.

    • Di says:

      I think you make really good points about the picture not being pornographic klmh. I don’t think it was pornographic either, but I do think it seems to be in poor taste because it seemed intrusive on Ally’s personal space to share with the world a picture of her in a bathtub without clothes on even though it showed no nudity. Ally may be ok with it now, but she’s 19–still pretty young and figuring her way out in the world–and I think people think a mother should know better, and guard their daughter’s privacy better. But it’s gray area imo. I wouldn’t want my mom to have done that to me when I was 19, but that’s just me. Thank god we didn’t have twitter then, not that my mom could’ve figured it out anyway lol.

    • Nancy says:

      It’s because she was naked in the bath tub. More than one line has been crossed here.
      A. Why is Jill in the bathroom to begin with? It’s not “normal” when the child is in college.
      B. Taking a picture of your naked child in a bath tub is wrong.
      It doesn’t matter that we can’t see her “private parts”
      C. Jill puts the picture on the internet!!!!

      • vilzvet says:

        The pic is from a hotel in Vegas, correct? Not from NY. I also wonder what the laptop status is…

        • Nancy says:

          Still MIA.

        • klmh says:

          That would make more sense. I was wondering how their apt. in NYC would have such modern windows and why they would allow someone to change the structure of the outside of the building. Neither here nor there, the view is amazing, isn’t it?

    • T-Rex says:

      I get the whole “MOM” proud issue. My mom was so proud while we were in Europe and going to our next country stop and singing “TOMORROW” from Annie because frankly our drunk asses were on pitch and it was cute. However, this is for only Family consumption she did not add to Facebook, Tweets or any of that. There are some things that should just be kept within a family. JZ is a complete lunatic who must let the world know her life. She is a totally Sad person~

      • klmh says:

        But T-Rex, would you expose yourself and your family to being filmed by Bravo? Different strokes…

      • NJBev says:

        @T-REX, ITA>My daughter is the same age as Ally. I showed her the
        twitter pic and she was HORRIFIED. Not that there’s
        anything wrong w/ taking a picture of your kid-It’s posting
        it on the internet. This is, for an 18-19 yr old, the
        most embarrassing thing a parent can do to their
        “almost adult” child-
        Ally will be mocked endlessly by her friends, other young
        adults will taunt her in social situations. It’s a really STUPID
        thing to do, to post it that is-

        • klmh says:

          Oh, I think she is getting a lot of heat for having JZ as her mother, but the picture was tasteful and fun. Nothing revealing in any sense, and Im sure the background was a main reason for the pic. Vilzvet mentioned it was taken in L.V. and the view is marvelous.

    • FlowerPower says:

      klmh,I just saw your post, I posted upstream in response to Smompy. I agree with you about Jill’s love for her daughter. I really do believe that’s what prompted her to take the picture. I also believe Ally looks beautiful in it, but I still wouldn’t put it on twitter. Share with close friends and family, maybe? I guess what I’m trying to say is that the picture itself is fine, but the use of it in this case (public twitter feed) is not. (Oh, and I asked sarcastically on the other board isn’t it soft porn, but that was just in response to Jill’s comments about the next episode being gross and soft porn–another attack on Ramona and Mario. That probably didn’t come across in my post though.)

      I wouldn’t put a shot of my child online like that. Wouldn’t tweet a bikini shot of my daughter either. Had stern talks with them about internet safety when they got on Facebook. Maybe it’s an overprotective mother thing, but the internet is a weird place. I’d rather be prudish than sorry. And just to be fair, I did not approve of Bethenny showing Brynn naked at bathtime either.

      • Nancy says:

        I wouldn’t put a picture of my dog on the internet!
        Ally is a known face out there now. We still have predators
        out there as well.

        • klmh says:

          Well, there ya go. 250 million people are on Facebook. 93% of the teenagers are on Facebook, and heir faces are on Facebook.

      • klmh says:

        My answer to you would be the same as T-Rex, but put another way is, where would you draw the line? I can pretty much guarantee you would not allow yourself to be on any of the HW series. I think it takes a different type of person and family to allow this intrusion into your privacy.

        • klmh says:

          Oops, their, not your, last sentence.

        • FlowerPower says:

          Oh, absolutely right, I wouldn’t. I totally get that and I often find myself banging my head when watching these shows–wondering why anyone would agree to do this! And then I ask myself why I’m watching!! LOL.

    • klmh says:

      Thank you for all for your posts. Alley is 19 and is an adult. Girls and mothers often dress together and it is not an invasion of privacy to me that she came into the bathroom when her daughter was in the tub. Some people are shy and don’t want others in the BR when they are there. Others consider it normal. I grew up with three sisters and we shared a large bathroom. It is normal for some of us. I certainly would not mind my mother coming into the bathroom had I been her age or any other when taking a shower. I do not know if Ally commented on this picture.
      It makes a great deal of difference to put this picture of this lovely young woman out there, compared to someone showing explicit photos of themselves Nancy. That smacks of something Kelly would say, and this picture is done spontaneously with love. This photo to me has absolutely nothing to do with exploitation, it has to do with being proud of your daughter that you just got back after her first year of college and enjoying a happy time in their lives and I understand why she wanted to share it. To me she wanted to share her love of her lovely daughter with those that follow her. Im sure she didn’t consider the backlash, but I imagine the majority of that is coming from this blog and not from the general public.
      Di, if I thought something was wrong with this photo, I would agree with you. There is nothing, nothing, nothing revealing about this. She has been filmed numerous times in the past. This will not ruin her for life and if she reveals her unhappiness with it, we should hear about it soon. Then I will agree with you. Otherwise, everything is good, to me.
      AZ girl, you’re right. She has no filter. She can’t figure out when to stop. This picture to me is her wanting to share the best thing she has done in her life, with others, Ally.

      • Je suis un italien a' Paris(V-NY) says:

        I agree with you KLMH…this picture did not offend me.

      • floridagirl88 says:

        Jill obviously felt regret or she wouldn’t have taken down the pic and the post. Like Kelly, she is so self absorbed sometimes she doesn’t think things through.

        • klmh says:

          Since I don’t know why she took the picture down, I would assume it was because of the negative remarks about her daughter, who didn’t mind the picture at all, btw. But most of time on these shows, it is not obvious to me.

    • nathania says:

      I guess my thing is, I know what is out there on the internet, and it ain’t pretty. Do I want all the perverted creeps on the internet wanking off to my daughter’s naked picture? If Ally wants to put it up that is her thing. But for a mom to do this, is just icky.

  78. Nancy says:

    Let’s do a new poll.
    How many of you think Gretchen HASN’T had a boob job?
    (because she has denied this)

  79. TLM says:

    I think Gretchen is still natural and sometimes wears pushup bras and chicken cutlets.

    • Nancy says:

      I’ve scrubbed in for a lot of “boob jobs” so I’m saying fake.

      • Adgirl says:

        I haven’t really noticed her boobs this year. She use to say they are real but I haven’t heard her say that this season. She has had massive work on her face. Nose, teeth and some other stuff.
        So that is fake skin color, fake hair, fake teeth, new nose, botox etc. Just your typical OC woman.


        • nathania says:


          WHAT has she done to her face. I have been watching ALL season…just to try to figure this out.

          There is something Jocelyn Wildenstein-esque about her face…it seems very swollen. The only thing I can think of that would do something like that is cheek implants. I don’t know, it just has looked very odd to me all season.

          I am wondering if Gretchen has had implants in the past and taken them out. Because she’s at the age where if she was going to do that she would have already done it.

  80. DiaBLa says:

    Jill’s lil part in the bravo promo has been taking out….Could Bravo said enough is enough with Jill and they are going to fire her???
    Please let it be so!!!!
    and take Vicki and Trampra and LuMann Countless Camel Toe with Her…..plz

    • DiaBLa says:

      Taken out…that is

    • Nancy says:

      That’s the best news I’ve heard all year. 🙂
      I’m surprised she hasn’t hired an attorney re: this.
      I know…give her time.

    • VAgirl says:

      OR maybe she didn’t like to be the butt of the joke (falling backward on the ground cuz her BFF Stanker didn’t catch her) and demanded that they take that part out. Just speculating. There were ppl making fun of that part of the promo.

      • Nancy says:

        I bet you’re right. She is pathological.
        I wonder where she heard that ppl are making fun of her?

      • Christine says:

        Did you notice the sign that said “Trust Exercise”? Then Patty is the one who answers her cell and lets JZ fall. ROFL

    • lillybee says:

      and while they are at it,please lose Patty Sanger.

      • Debbie says:

        I really, really despise Patty Stanger. I couldn’t continue to watch her this past season and think that ultimately she was the reason I stopped watching most Bravo shows. I peek now and then at housewives so I can keep up with you here. But I haven’t watched Miami, Atlanta, NJ or NY. That carried over into the new shows on now as well as the new Top Chef Masters. I usually agree that #ItsJillZarinsFault but maybe I’ll change that to #ItsPattyStangersFault. She really was the catalyst.

      • klmh says:

        I’d vote for that too!

  81. I missed LuAnn’s Ustream chat but I heard on Twitter that she claimed that she invented the Skinnygirl Margarita with Bethenny. LOL

    • Nancy says:

      Are you kidding me? LuMan and JIll need to be hospitalize
      at Bellevue Hospital in NY. i’m sure they would have some empty beds.

      • Adgirl says:

        That would be a very cruel thing to do to the other patients in Bellevue.

      • I wasn’t planning on watching LuAnn’s Ustream chat. I don’t know if she saved the video but if she did, I might watch it later. I heard that LuAnn said that she is going to write a parenting book. Someone begged her to write one. Who in their right mind would want LuAnn to write a parenting book and who would give her another book deal? Her first book didn’t sell.

        • HD says:

          Are you freaking joking?! Luann has really outdone herself this season! Everybody knows Bethanny has BEEN making the drink. I even remember when she was out with Luann and ordered it and Luann asked what it was and Bethanny told her and she ordered one too. Luann gets the B sit down card on that one!

        • Nancy says:

          It’s going to be a comedy.

  82. Nancy says:

    Jill is saying on twitter that she is gal that she is in
    Las Vegas to be with her “real” friends.
    Good. Let’s hope she stay’s there.

    • Nancy says:

      glad not gal

      • boston02127 says:

        Jill’s real friends in Vegas, who are thay all the fake Elvis’? Jill has no real friends. She doesn’t know how to be a friend.

        • Nancy says:

          Seriously I really feel that Jill does not have any “real” friends other than Ally.
          (Which is really twisted) Parents are suppose to be parents not friends.
          On a personal note may I ask why you are going through a ruff time?
          I see references to that a lot on this site. You don’t have to answer that if you
          don’t want to. Just wondering if I can help.

          • boston02127 says:

            @Nancy, I lost my mom on Dec 1. It’s been tough, I miss her so much.

            • VAgirl says:

              Boston. If I lived closer to you, I’d adopt you. I will be your adpoted cyber-Mom and you can unload all your problems on me when you have down days I’m sure there are plenty of cyber-Mom volunteers on this blog. You are such a well adjusted mature young lady to be so young, but I know some days you’d just like to have your Mom around to talk to. Add to that going to school and working and I’m sure some days you feel very overwhelmed. Take my word for it, better days are ahead. I’m usually here everyday if you need to vent.

            • Nancy says:

              I’m soo sorry. I lost my mom when I was 6 but I think it’s much harder for you because you have lot’s of memories where I don’t. C.S. Lewis said “The amount you love in life will be the same amount you will hurt when it ends. That’s the deal.” I have to agree with that.
              If you watched last winters Olympics in Vancouver you probably know this story but I think it might help you as the skater Joannie Rochette from Canada lost her mother a few day’s before she was to skate.
              The show 48 hrs did a 3 part story story re: those days. I found it very inspirational. I don’t know how to put a link up here so here is the info so you can go to YouTube.
              48 hrs Joannie Rochette

              If there is anything can do for you just ask. 🙂

              • Nancy says:


                48 hrs Joannie Rochette pt 1

              • boston02127 says:

                Thank you Nancy. I’m sorry you lost your mom so young. It’s hard. My mother was very sick with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. The last three years were very hard on her. We were very close and we knew that PSP would take her life. We’ve had many talks about my life and what she wanted from me. She was a very good, funny, honest, kind person full of love. I was blessed to have her for a mother.

                • Nancy says:

                  You were blessed. 🙂

                  • Nancy says:

                    Just for you I hope Boston wins tomorrow night 🙂

                    • lillybee says:

                      Nancy, your wish for Boston just made me cry. It was so sweet.

                    • Sonjafan says:


                      I’m here for you as well. I don’t have any daughters and I would be glad to support you in any way possible.
                      I understand, my Mom died when I was 15 and I didn’t get a chance for the life lessons and anecdotes, but you did and your Mom lovlingly prepared you for the woman you are now and will become. You have many guardian angels here covering your back. Lynn can give you my email as well.

    • lillybee says:

      So who are her real friends?

  83. boston02127 says:

    I wonder what Simon thought after he saw Tamara throwing the letter then the wine in Jeana’s face. He got arrested for throwing a leash yet Tamara gets away with abuse. Would that be simple assault?

    • Eve says:

      I believe it is as well as drink in the eye.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      That’s what I thought!! Tamra is so evil. You could see the glee in her eyes as the other ladies talked about their issues. But oh holy tamra, how dare you say I do ANYTHING wrong??

      • Adgirl says:

        My parents use to say “How dare you accuse me of doing those things that I did.” LOL.

  84. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    http://www.bsideblog.com/2011/06/real-housewives-of-oc-reunion-photocap-awful-people-yelling-at-awful-people/ Funny as all get out as usual. He thinks Peggy is the only Winner out of the group. Well, “You know what they say about assholes…everybody has one.” <—HW Jen lmao

  85. boston02127 says:

    I just watched parts of Part 2 of OC. Tamara is just dirty all around.

  86. Adgirl says:

    I don’t really care about Ally’s bathtub pix (at least Eddie Judge wasn’t in the tub with her). I think that is really between Jill and Ally.
    I just wonder what Jill would say if Ramona did something similar (if Avery were also 19). Jill would probably run around screaming about how Ramona is exploiting Avery etc.

    • Nancy says:

      Did Jill ask Ally if he could put the picture on the internet?
      I say no because Jill can do anything she wants to anyone.
      She has no filter. It’s always what Jill wants Jill gets.

      • Nancy says:

        I meant she. I guess I had Kelly on my brain.

      • jeepers1941 says:

        love the post, does it really matter if Ally approved of her mother taking the picture?
        Surely if jz wanted to take a pic of that bathroom, could she not have waited till Ally was finished using the bathroom, then take her damn silly pic. People here seem to think the window scene from the bathroom was more important than Ally’s privacy. I will say this to them tho. I at no time suggested that this picture depicted in any way a porn pic. If I had thought that, I would have asked if jz is now trying to pimp out Ally, but I know this of course is not the case. It is just another ill attempt of jz for attention, but it was and is the wrong kind of attention and she knew damn well what she was doing and going to do with the pic.

  87. cabbie413 says:

    This is old.. really old — but i found the amazon thread interesting – someone starts a thread about getting jill removed from bravo lol per many of the comments it is clear she’s heavily disliked and of course, she hasn’t changed one bit. http://www.amazon.com/Zarin-should-because-weird-behavior/forum/Fx2I2XBEZQDQYI9/Tx2UBQMDSM9ZSAA/3?asin=0451232674

  88. cabbie413 says:

    If Jill wanted to show some personal pics on twitter she needs to just show herself, not Ally.

    Maybe she could take a picture of herself while giving Bobby a blowjob and holding up her book with a description that says “it’s in the book!”

  89. ravenslady says:

    Jill Z. is going to be on The Talk tomorrow.

    Been reading Lynn’s blog since the Island days. Love it and everyone here. But I hate to type.

    • VAgirl says:

      You need to get yourself one of those voice activated computers that type as you talk! LOL

    • Adgirl says:

      The hosteses on The Talk will not be doing any talkingof their own when Jill hijacks their show.

  90. Arya Stark says:

    Section 1234. Riding on roadways, shoulders, bicycle lanes and bicycle paths. (a) Upon all roadways, any bicycle shall be driven either on a usable bicycle lane or, if a usable bicycle lane has not been provided, near the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway or upon a usable right- hand shoulder in such a manner as to prevent undue interference with the flow of traffic. Guess Kelly didn’t get the memo on that one.

    Section 1238. Passengers on bicycles under one year of age prohibited; passengers and operators under fourteen years of age to wear protective headgear. 5) No person, one or more years of age and less than fourteen years of age, shall operate or ride as a passenger on a bicycle unless such person is wearing a helmet … For the purposes of this subdivision wearing a helmet means having a helmet of good fit fastened securely upon the head with the helmet straps.

  91. Melissa says:

    I’m not a fan of Jill or Tamra but I’ll take Jill over Tamra any day..at least she won’t go Jerry Springer on me. That “thing” is so trashy..

  92. Amy Matheson says:

    I think Simon and his new girlfriend need to be on next season.

  93. snarkarella says:

    Was just over checking out the OC House Ho’s blogs. Gretchen’s was actually not bad. Trampra ended hers with, “Farewell.” Wonder what the vile beyotch meant by that. If Andy insists on continuing with OC I hope he recasts AT LEAST a couple women. It’s just not entertaining to watch dumb, nasty, foreclosed shrews prance around in tacky clothes and claw at each others eyes. NOT FUN ANDY!

    • Melissa says:

      I hope OC doesn’t come back, it is tired. If they insist on another season, they need to re-cast the old gloomy women, Vicki Tamra and Peggy. They have nothing in particular going on, their life is pretty much a done deal. Tamra will continue her trashy ways continue to embarass and neglect her children, Vicki will follow Tamra’s lead destroying her relationships while dragging her empty love tank, Peggy will still be hung up over Jim, the end.

  94. S8 says:

    I am not shocked at all that Brianna has issues with Vicky about the divorce and this “new” guy.

  95. SweetValley says:

    I don’t necessarily like Gretchen and she better run from Slade. He needs to get off this show for good. But Tamra is just difficult to even look at. Her comments all season have not been cute or funny as I imagine she believes. Vicky actually thinks Tamra’s trashiness is to be envied and pursued. I’m sure Vicky will find something else to be pissed about next season, even with her new bf in tow. So annoying the way those two talked over the others at the reunion. Peggy is freaking me out now. I agree with the person who said she befriended Alexis ‘because’ of the Jim connection. Wee bit psycho. Alexis is in her own little world when it comes to her marriage. w/e if she likes that ‘traditional’ marriage, she can have it. I’m not worried that she’ll influence many viewers with her religious babble.

  96. chismosa says:

    Hi everyone, not sure who is online now- Quincy- i have been catching up – soooo behind on comments but just wanted to give you belated condolences on your horse. Sorry so late. Thanks for all you do here xo

    ps- i was so freaked out reading all those comments the other day by that GANG – i literally was frightened while reading!- but you handled so maturely. I don’t even understand the extent of what happened, but whatever. Again, kadooze to you

  97. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~

  98. Powell says:

    Great job as usual!! Thanks so much to you and Quincy for this season of OC Housewives. Question? I’m totally with you about Peggy. So my question is if Peggy would have been an original OC Housewife, would your blog be called “I Hate Peggy Tason”? Who do you hate most? As I ask with a big grin on my face…

  99. SantaBarbaraSusie says:

    Ok, I know I’m off topic. But, that LuMann annoys me no end! Her pompous attitude us off the charts!

    She’s not ‘Royalty’!!! She had a courtesy title- that’s not royal. I wonder how real royalty feels about her airs? Miss Middleton is true royalty!! She is natural, gracious & down-to-earth!!! I can’t see her putting airs on like the Mann!

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