IHJZ Top Chef Masters Finale / Rocco’s Dinner Party

I Hate Jill Zarin  Top Chef Masters and Rocco’s Dinner Party

We have an all food related blog today courtesy of QuincyIL, thanks Quincy, great job!!!

Top Chef Masters Finale by Quincy IL

Three chefs compete for their charities: Mary Sue Milliken, Traci Des Jardins, and Floyd Curdoz.

The Final Elimination Challenge

The three chefs are to create a 3 course meal of a lifetime: a  food memory that made them love food, an experience that influenced them, and the critic’s choice of a memory food. For the final course, the chef’s drew knifes with the names of their judges.

Floyd chose James who wanted an Indonesian dish that he tasted when he was 19 on his first trip to SE   Asia.  The dish was spicy and luckily Floyd knew the dish James was describing.

Mary Sue’s knife had Ruth’s name. Ruth went to Paris at 10 years old and had a lemon soufflé that inspired her life time affair with the taste of lemon.

Traci had the last knife with Gael’s name on it. Gael loved a fried duck that she had tasted when on her honeymoon.  Traci and the other chefs did not think that you could fry duck so she will create two other recipes and hope that will work.

They will plate for 12 dinner guests and they have 8 hours to shop and prep.  They can go to any shop or grocery store that they wish and each of them has the help of their own sous chef who they had worked with for years.  Traci had the help of Morgan who started working with her when he was 16 years old. Mary Sue had the chef of her restaurants, Jaime.  Floyd had Ty who has work with Floyd for 9 years.

For the experience courses, Mary Sue would make a shrimp cocktail that was the first dish her mentor had made for her. Traci was 16 years old when she went to Zola in San Francisco and had quail salad. Floyd’s dad took him to Bombay for a business lunch where he ate a white fish and loved the ceremony of the dinner.

The chefs go shopping and they can prep until 10 PM.  Traci goes to Kohls, but she is worried about their duck.  Floyd goes to a Farmer’s Market for his oxtail and has problems with traffic that affect his ability to prepare the meat. Mary Sue knows that the traffic will be bad in LA when it is raining so she goes to Whole Foods and returns first to start her food.

When Floyd returns last, he opens his fish to discover that the butcher left scales and that some fish are damaged. Mary Sue makes a practice lemon soufflé and shares them with everyone in the kitchen.

The next day, the chefs are shocked that they are being driven to the Hollywood Hills and all they want to do is get into their kitchen and work.  Curtis Stone greets them at his door in a chef’s coat. He is making the quick fire challenge and serving them as a thank you for all of their hard work. They enjoy the food.

Judges’ Dining Room

The four judges are in the dining room along with several others that have been guest judges this season. Some of them are Tom Cochia, Jody Adams, and Jonathan Waxman. 

Before each of the courses the chefs explain what their thoughts were and how they met the challenge described by Curtis Stone.

Floyd made rice flaked snapper. Mary Sue made shrimp mouse and rigatoni stuffed with shrimp. Traci made quail salad. When the chefs leave the judges discuss each dish.  There are differences in their assessments.  They tease each other about their likes and dislikes.

Floyd worried about the amount of spice that he uses with the Indonesian oxtail as he knows that James wants a lot of spice, but others judges might not.  Mary Sue started her egg whites too soon and she does not have enough for the 14 soufflés so she asks her sous chef to quickly make some more. The other chefs help her plate the soufflés even though they are competing.

Traci’s shrimp creole is nontraditional and based on a family recipe with red wine. Mary Sue shocks the judges with an Asian steak tartar with a spiced pear.  Traci’s sweetbread is a hit.

Curtis thanks the chefs for 10 weeks of hard work. The judges note the wonderful dishes.  While the chefs return to the wine room to discuss their challenge, the judges pick the dishes apart trying to find the best of this challenge in order to award the title Top Chef Master.  The judges give this title to Floyd. The others congratulate him, but they wish they could have won.

Rocco’s Dinner Party by Quincy IL

Each week, there will be three guest chefs helping Rocco create his themed parties.  The first chefs are Executive Chef Geoffrey Johnson, Chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson, and caterer Britt Kurent.   The winner of the challenge will receive $20,000.

The three chefs will compete in a 30 minute quick challenge judged by Rocco.  One chef will go home and the remaining chefs will compete to design the menu and the room for their event. 

Brit decided to make fish tar tar and not cook.  She blends avocados to get a mush. Geoff makes poor man’s lobster/monk fish. The monk fish is not cooked enough and that is dangerous.  JJ makes scallops with corn. 

Rocco asks for the input of contestant while he tries another’s plate. 

Britt is sent home. If you make raw fish, it should be perfect.

Rocco introduces Jes Gordon who will help the young chefs design their dining rooms to fit the theme of a Speakeasy which is an establishment that served alcohol during Prohibition. 

JJ decides to create a Harlem feel with a down home/ comfort food menu and the feel of jazz with a piano and instruments. Geoff goes with boxes of liquor and uses the terrace and he uses “the Garden of Eden” as his concept. Later, his dining room is described as Sunday afternoon and JJ’s dining room is said to be like Saturday night in Harlem of the 1920s.

We see the chefs shop and prepare the meals as they tease each other. This is an opportunity to show their ability and to gain fame on national TV.

Rocco appears in the kitchen with special requests. One of the guests never uses alcohol and another is a vegetarian. There are also allergy issues.

Geoff serves scallops which the guests love.  The vegetarian version is zucchini and it was good.  There is sweet potato bisque served in a shot glass which was a bold choice and was successful. The cod was weak. It was not black cod as the chef suggested.  The short ribs were excellent and the crème brulee with spun sugar was incredible.

Geoff is done and he is enjoying a glass a wine while JJ works quickly to get his meal on plates for his dinner. 

JJ’s creamy grits fail. They were over cooked. His oxtail with beets is a success. The guests love his caramelized banana bread pudding. His onions, carrots and beets add color to the plate and are delicious.

Rocco discusses the meals with the guests and he makes his decision based on the dinner that the guests enjoyed the most.  The experience of Harlem in the 1920s won the contest for JJ. 

Geoff leaves the kitchen and JJ goes with Rocco to enjoy the end of the party and talk to the guests.  

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  1. Nancy says:

    Is there any way we can get ahold of you if this idiot starts posting like he did last night?
    Or should we do what we did last night and just ignore him? He doesn’t have an impact on me I just don’t want you waking up to that garbage. That guy has issues!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Yes, please just continue to ignore, that’s the best way to get rid of them, if anyone engages that gives them exacty what they want and they’ll stick around longer. It was perfect last night, no one even paid any attention to them! (except me, like a fool LOL)

      You can email me anytime, unfortunately if I’m not at the computer for whatever reason I won’t see anything until I return but Quincy is usually here if I’m not and she looks out for things too, and very well! LynnAHudson@aol.com

      Thanks Nancy!!!

      • chismosa says:

        Lynn not sure if you’ll see this reply, i believe you will, instead of bombarding you with an email- sorry again if i started anything with those people. Did not mean to- it’s just so very Real Housewives to come on and bombard with accusations that i almost wanted to hear what it was they were accusing you of? I know, it’s sick- i have been watching way too much RH these days….
        Thanks for all you do and i know what to do in the future now! hugs

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I honestly have no idea, these idiots accuse me of all kinds of things from being on Bethenny’s payroll to stalking Jill Zarin and everything in between.

          None of it is ever true but they try to throw things against the wall and see if anything sticks I suppose.

    • Error404 says:

      Hey Nancy! OT but did you see that USFS officially reprimanded and fined Rachel Flatt?

      • Nancy says:

        Thank-you I did NOT know that. I wonder why her coach wasn’t fined. I hope Frank had a hand in this.
        I think Rachel should call Tonya Harding and hang out with her. I hope Rachel gives skating up. Let her go off to Stanford as I am done with her. How selfish it was of her to go. 😦

        • Error404 says:

          Decision about Tom z is still pending.

          • Nancy says:

            Good. Thanks again.

            • embellish says:

              Nancy, do you have a favorite American figure skater?

              • Nancy says:

                I assume you mean that are still competing.
                Ladies I have to go with Alissa Cziny. When she is on she takes my berate away.
                Go to YouTube and type in
                Allisa Cziny The Swan

                2nd Mirai Nagasu. She studies with my old coach so I sort of have a personal relationship with her because I know what she’s going through. Frank Carroll can be difficult at times but he’s doing a great job with her.

                Men Jeremy Abbott When he’s on he’s great.
                What about you? I love to know what other people think. 🙂

    • TLM says:

      Who is “he? What happened?

      • Piore says:

        I think it’s a poster on another blog. The blogger is claiming that Lynn left her negative comments on a day when she reached 1 mil views. I’ve read her blog before but I haven’t seen Lynn post there. The comments that Lynn supposedly left have been deleted. If she was so upset over it, she should have just let them stand. Anyway, I obviously don’t believe her. I know Lynn doesn’t like us responding to the person but I feel weird just ignoring it. Sorry Lynn. Maybe addressing it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. You have a right to defend yourself and people are wondering what in the hell is going on. I will respect your wishes either way. I had to get this off my chest.

  2. quincyil says:

    We probably will have to ignore. Lynn and i are only posting opinions on the shows here. Lynn has one twitter and many people here are followers of that one twitter.

    • HD says:

      That is why I am glad I don’t Twitter and I am rarely on Facebook. I log in Facebook for about 5 minutes and I log out. All that stuff, from what I have heard, gets so damn messy.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        Good morning~that’s why we don’t twit or have facebook. Just when you thought it was safe the weirdo’s come out. Why do they insist on saying stuff that isn’t true?
        I saw Lynn’s pic & comment on another web site & it did look real. It’s amazing how easy it it to copy,
        Sorry you are being subjected to this now.

        • quincyil says:

          I was afraid to tweet for the longest time, but it is a good way for people here to contact me. They can DM me if they need something.

          I enjoy watching and discussing Bravo shows. That is why I am here. My facebook is to look at videos of my grandchildren. I love watchig them and seeing their photos. We watch those videos over and over .LOL.

          • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

            One of the first tweeters I followed was Bethenny~that’s how long ago it was. Now after a couple of months being on there, Dog The Bounty Hunter told me that my password had been hacked & to make up a new one. I don’t know if it was really him but that was enough to make me end my twitter & facebook accounts. I am glad you can enjoy them, just be careful out there..lol 🙂

          • cdnfillie58 says:

            Hi Quincy..can I follow u so we can be twits together 😛

            • quincyil says:

              Sure. I am trying to follow anyone that follows me out of respect too. I thought that Simon and Alex following a grandma on the prairie was kind.

              I was honored that Lynn and put your hair up followed me too.

              I try to come up with good tweets about the shows.


            • quincyil says:

              I don’t know if you noticed, but I say North American when I talk about people who watch the shows with us because we have so many Candians here with us. We have a few people with Mexican families too. Lynn had a caller from Puerto Rico on the radio podcast and they follow the IHJZ website so I think it’s good to be inclusive. Puerto Ricans are American citizens…at least today they are.

      • HD same here i hardly ever go to facebook and everytime i do its a disaster
        BUT i love my twitter
        unlike weiner i know how to d/m LOL
        I cant believe how they forced him out

  3. HD says:

    Good morning, Everyone! I enjoyed Rocco’s show. If you are a fan of the show Chopped on Food Network, think of it as the same thing but they are at a dinner party and have to “design” a set. I think I will watch it as I am a huge foodie. Bravo has sucked me deeper into the abyss.

    Love the caption photos!

    • quincyil says:

      Surprising to me.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Embarassing, and sad, they did this once before in 1994. Idiots :<

      • Mt says:

        Well when you consider how much they had riding on this, you can almost understand the outrage. They’re Canadian. They weren’t watching the NBA finals. They certainly weren’t watching any baseball games. Hockey is IT for them and they’ve never won Stanley. The fans in the arena were actually quite gracious. At on point after the game, they chanted “Stanley Cup.” They just wanted to see it regardless of whose hands it was going to. The crowds outside were unbelievably long. It’s obvious this is the sport they live for. Meanwhile, in the U.S., repeat episodes of 2 1/2 men got more ratings. I’m just saying, there’s a huge difference in the importance of this game for Americans and Canadians. As far as the riots go, I don’t think it’s fair to blame them all for the actions of a few.

        • quincyil says:

          Absolutely, we can’t blame the whole crowd. I had a fasciating discussion with my husband about mob mentality because of what happened to the female reporter. He has been in mobs in Tehran so he has personal experience. He said that the crowd becomes frightened and react to the stress. Some people actualy do thing that they would never do alone.

          It takes a couple of bad actors to make it look like all of the people were out of control. It’s not true at all.

        • cdnfillie58 says:

          Some of us Canucks did have a lot riding on this…been a while since we’ve had Stanley at home here..and hockey is the NO. 1 major sport here for us…but I’m pretty sure the fact we lost again doesn’t justify the stupidity of some people. These idiots will look for anything to protest and riot about…and feed the mass media.
          One good thing…soccer fans will probably always one-up us hockey fans when it comes to voicing their displeasure for a home team.

          • Nancy says:

            I am embarrassed to be a Canadian today.

            • VAgirl says:

              Don’t be. Those rabble rousers (sorry rabble rouser) are definitely not representative of the good citizens of Canada. I remember many years back I was embarrassed at how the American gallery acted at a Ryder Cup golf tournament between Europe and the U.S. They were not good sports at all and I remember hoping that the Europeans didn’t think all Americans were like that.

              • i will never understand sports fans

              • Nancy says:

                It makes me mad because after the riot in 1994 we finally redeemed ourselves by having a great Olympics. Now we are back to square 1. It’s just so unnecessary. Thank-you for putting up that link to see Ramona’s apt. I thought it was beautiful. It’s funny that we rarely see Jill there. Now I know why.

  4. Mookies1mom says:

    Love the photo captions!

  5. housewifeaddict says:

    Photos of Ramona and Sonja in Chicago this week:


  6. housewifeaddict says:

    Reality Tea has a story on Jill’s bad PR attempt to make it seem that Mario ambushed her.

    “Ramona goes on to state the obvious which is that Jill and her reps leaked this story to the press. “Jill has her reps make up exaggerated stories about me as this is the only way she can get press. So sad, isn’t it?” Ramona adds.”


  7. LavaLady says:

    Anthony Weiner has resigned.

    • viki55 says:

      Finally! I hope we don’t have to see anymore pictures!!

    • HD says:

      Did he? I wouldn’t have. To me it wasn’t a big deal. Only his wife and himself needed to really be concerned about him tweeting a pic. Even the constiuients wanted him to stay. I never really cared about politics and sex unless you were spending political funds or something like that where you are co-mingling the two things. Other than that, do your job and if you want to be a freak on the side, you gotta deal with that.

      • viki55 says:

        For me it wasn’t the sexting that was disturbing, I think all politicians have an ego that would explain that behavior. It for his Lying to all of us. It is always the lies and coverup that takes these jerks down. It he hadn’t done that, hadn’t tried to put the blame on other journalist and strung the American people along for a week, I might agree with you.

        • HD says:

          True. I forgot about the lie/coverup. He should have just come clean from the get go. I did it, it was not in good judgment, let’s move on. Very true, it was the lying that made it a bigger deal than it had to be. Other than that, who really cares. He tweeted a pic in his undies. In the big scheme of life America has much more to worry about than a man and his Fruit of the Looms. I think the news makes too big a deal out of stuff when the stuff they SHOULD be focusing on gets overlooked. Par for the course.

          • Mimisfbay says:

            True HD so true! Sadly, there are a bunch of puritanical nut cases out there. In Europe they would have laughed. Oh, wait, they are laughing.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              I agree with you both. Too bad he didn’t laugh it off and say it was a stupid move. I’m not sure when the media got so dumbed down with bs nonissues.

              • lovemamaearth says:

                Oh and great photos and funny captions.

                Wow at yesterday’s news that Vicki’s new beau had back child support debt. Who would have guessed. And why didn’t Andy know about it and ask her while Tam was screaming at Slade?

            • Sara says:

              I guess I see it a lil differently. Not taking pics of yourself in undies is something you;d think would be common knowledge to people, especially ones in his postilion. If he’s really that idiotic than it’s all good that he has resigned.

              • VAgirl says:

                That’s how I see it. Nothing wrong with sending your picture in your undies to someone. That is, unless you are representing a constituency and are responsible for using “good judgement” when voting on the course the country is taking. I wouldn’t want someone that lacking in good judgement representing me.

      • Error404 says:

        Unfortunately, most Americans only pay attention to politics when something like this happens. Most of us never even heard of this guy until this, for all we know he could have been setting policy to sell diseased puppies to orphans, or on the brink of finding a cure for cancer, but no one actually cares about what politicians do, they only care what they do in the bedroom. And we hold them to adiferent standard. The love child probably would have improved Arnold’s box office draw, but ruined his political career. No body boo hoo ing that Hugh grant lied about the prozzie at first. He’s still a big star. but god forbid a politician tires to save themselves embarrassment when we pry in their private lives!

        • HD says:

          @ Error, I think more along your lines. I never wanted anyone snooping around my bedroom so I suppose that is why I never really cared. You want to tweet pictures of your goodies, go right on ahead. You want to make videos, be my guest. Just leave me alone cause I have some freak tendencies. LOL! Just being honest.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            On the last Real Time with Bill Maher – Bill and Jane Lynch read the transcript from one of Weiner’s “phone calls” – it was so funny – no embellishments, no ad libs – just the transcript. I don’t know how they did it and kept straight faces! Bill did point out for all Weiner’s “communication” – he never did get any action! lol

        • Caitlin says:

          Why “private” issues matter as far as legislators are concerned is something called “good judgement.” I don’t want to be in anyone’s bedroom, and I resent his taking us all there in the first place. Should a legislator – who has voluntarily put himself in the public eye – be able to quickly answer yes or no regarding a certain photo of someone’s crotch posted online? I think so, and I also think we have a right to question the sound judgement of a person who sends such a photo. Mr. Weiner has been an extremely vocal critic of his opposition in Congress, and those who dish it out should be prepared to take it. Because the Congress decides issues like war and peace and how to spend the taxpayer’s dollar, we have a right to expect sound judgement from all of its members.

          • VAgirl says:

            You said it much better than I did upthread. I agree wholeheartedly.

          • HD says:

            If we are going to start asking politicians about SOUND judgment I think we all can compile a HUGE list that has nothing to do with panties or drawers. There are much BIGGER fish to fry when it comes to judgment than someone’s underwear. I know I got a huge list of stuff I want to ask politicians WTF were you thinking concerning health care or war or poverty or education, you know, minor things.

  8. quincyil says:

    I did notice that Rocco had a temper last night. When one of the chefs was late with the last dish, he got up from the dinner table and said to the guest that he might not be allowed to bring it out. The guests reacted to that poorly. I think he got control because the final dish was served.

    I would not eat an uncooked fish that might be dangerous, but Rocco did in the quick fire.

    Some of the future guests will be interesting. Lisa Minelli and Kelly Bensimon are shown in promos. Kelly Bensimon as the judge of a feast. Wow.

    • HD says:

      I didn’t see him having a temper. I thought it was all the made up “drama” for these shows. “Where’s the food” “It’s late” “Guest are hungry” Cut to Rocco leaving the guests to march into the kitchen, stern look, dramatic camera shots, “will the dish be served” *play scary organ music*. We all know the dish was going to be served, Rocco was not truly upset, the guest don’t really care. They are rich and can eat whenever and whatever they want. I am watching this strictly for the food and not the made up drama that Bravo is so good at sucking us into.

      • quincyil says:

        How do they eat two meals with drinks in one night? Someone might explode. LOL

        • HD says:

          I know, right? I was thinking maybe because the portions are small or they just have a few bites. I know my greedy behind would clean my plate. LOL!

  9. quincyil says:

    I really thought Mary Sue would win Top Chef. Floyd came in second to her for the entire season. I guess his spicy Indonesian dish topped lemon desserts. At this level, the judges really had to look for something to complain about.

    I also thought it was interesting that they went to a quick fire at Curtis Stone’s home and that he cooked for them.

    • I really wanted Mary Sue to win. And I love lemon desserts. Oh well.

      • I thought Floyd would win.
        There was something a little suspect about him ‘almost’ being the winner too many times in the challenges for him to stick around without knowing that he/his charity would be guaranteed the brass ring in the end.

        Husband and I predicted the last Master Chef (the Ramsey show) especially how the last episode would pay out and we were right-which is why I won’t watch it this year.

  10. plainviewsue says:

    I also was sure Mary Sue would win. There’s never been a Top Chef Masters woman winner, and I thought she’d be the first. They raved about her food. I was disappointed Floyd won, but his story and his charity is wonderful.

    By the way, can I just add that I Hate Jill Zarin and Countless!!

  11. jeepers1941 says:

    So Bethenny is taping a talk show eh? OMG, I bet jz will never get the skid marks out of that gridle for sure, and she probably busted poor Bobby’s ear druwms sreaming when she found that out, holy crap hope her face cracked………..ha ha ha ha…… 🙂

    • T-REX says:

      Certainly explains all the tweets from JZ about trying to be a Substitute Host on whatever the program JZilla was on yesterday, kind of funny that it was so short if went to the fridge for a snack you missed it!

      • quincyil says:

        Jill could be in a group of women discussing nonsene and she would do ok. I don’t care if she gets a gig like that. To be the star of a show like Ellen or Oprah is more responsibility. I think Bethenny could do well in this kind of venue. I can’t see Jill as Oprah.

        • jeepers1941 says:

          I can see jz as maybe O’s ass wipe and that is a big maybe at that………..

        • sue says:

          Agreed! I would like to see her on a show like that,because it seems you have to be around Jill a while to start seeing her nasty,phoney ways. I mean really, if ya think about it, these shows are mostly one time visits, and anyone could control themselves for approx 3 to 5 mins. during an interview (Kelly B. not included) but, if she was there more then that, the other women would be complaining about her, I would bet on that.

      • jeepers1941 says:

        I can’t wipe the freakin grin off my face now, really, this made my day for sure, eat it jz !!!

      • mariareads says:

        She must be going BSC! Her mouth is much too big to be in group talk show & she is too dumb and weak to carry anything on her own. Her jealousy of B will only bring more luck to B. Sorry, but that’s how Karma works Jill. Did you find that computer yet? Wait until someone releases all the krap that’s on it! Wow.

  12. jeepers1941 says:

    Life just couldn’t get any sweeter than this, go Bethenny, you da girl now, for sure, holy shit, don’t ya just love it? well don’t ya? Oh happy days are here again………… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • T-REX says:

      You know that we are going to hear on the Reunion show all about how JZilla made B, because B was no where and homeless, I still can’t believe Jzilla is still saying that, uhm delusionalfreakJZilla you offered her a room at your RENTED Hamptons house, for one summer. B could have easily rented her own space and still had her apartment in the CITY! Then Luann will chime in with she co-created Skinnygirl, and KKB will just twirl her hair and say, B is here and I am here with the famous hand gestures. Oh and JZilla you didn’t get B on the show, Bawby suggested it and producers loved the Idea since B already was on Martha Stewart’s apprentice, had her own business and a book! Suckit Jzilla! (going to my timeout space with jeepers, HA!)

      • jeepers1941 says:

        Don’t mind the mess in the time out box, haven’t cleaned it for a few days now 🙂

  13. jeepers1941 says:

    I can see the headlines now,

  14. jeepers1941 says:

    Sorry folks, doesn’t take much to make me happy as you can tell 🙂 I’ll just go to my time out box now!

  15. quincyil says:

    So Jill is in promos discussing Sonja’s bankruptcy. Sonja really didn’t want to share this. What is the benefit to JIll? Do we think Jill is a better business woman because she knows where every dime Bobby has is?

    I think Sonja screwed up and she knows it. I wonder how people will feel about Jill getting involved in this on tonight’s show.

  16. klmh says:

    A New Commandment:
    In honor of Governor Schwartzenegger, a new commandment has been added to the Bible.
    ” Thou Shalt Not Share Thy Rod With Thy Staff

    • butterisafruit says:

      Okay now that’s just TOO FUNNY.

      Chelsea Handler said, don’t you think it’s odd..the day before the world was supposed to end. Arnold admitted to having the maid’s son? Oppsie!!

      • sue says:

        Yea, and isnt is funny that JZ said on the “talk” yesterday that her girl crush is Chelsea Handler….Wonder how Chelsea feels about that!!!!

    • jeepers1941 says:

      OMG KLMH
      Now that is just to hilarious and so right on to the point I might add. 🙂

    • viki55 says:

      6 minutes and 35 seconds….take that JILL!

      • katlg says:

        I love the fact that she spoke more slowly and seemed very calm and at peace.
        I was more calm listening and didn’t feel the need to say slow down to my TV.
        So very happy for her!

        • California35 says:

          One more proof that she does look at herself and tries to improve 🙂
          Talking fast some times is very necessary when trying to get a point accross on a short period of time, but it was nice that on this interview she was able to get her point accross without rushing 🙂

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Did she tell the host he looked like a “jacka$$”? bahahaha

      • cabbie413 says:

        yes!! and i loved it lol faux news sux!! i’m sure B was just there for exposure and i doubt she agrees with the sentiments on that show lol

        they are jackasses.. you can see her bite her lip when the woman says and you’re a “female” entrepreneur..umm duh lol

        • viki55 says:

          That “woman” was Gretchen Carlson and she is a great person who does a lot with many charities, including the March of Dimes. I don’t why there is hate for a show you obviously don’t know anything about but that’s just the way it is I guess.

          • VAgirl says:

            Now, Vicki. You had to know that someone was going to put Fox News down, didn’t you? Don’t waste your breath (or your fingers).

            • viki55 says:

              Your right. I just reach my breaking point now and then. I need to take a deep breath and go away for a few days.

    • California35 says:

      THANK YOU Viki55…I wanted to see this …

    • T-REX says:

      Awesome! B is such a professional while she did plug her brand she wanted to make a point of plugging the Charity before talking about her life, the show, etc. She didn’t mention the RHNY, although fox chose to use footage from a previous season. I did like her dig thought that if you go on to be “famous” it will boomerang on your ass ! Love it!

  17. quincyil says:

    Link to Lynn’s blog on bravo.

    I looked at the RHNY at bravtotv.com and there was a box with moving symbols called “Tweet Tracker.” I hit on ny and then there was a list of words like love, hate…. I hit “Hate” and there was a link to yesterday’s “Million Dollar Decorator” blog.

    I think it’s Lynn’s twitter announcement from the morning that is linked. There were other IHJZ blogs there too.

    That is very nice of Bravo to advertise Lynn’s blog on their site. I’m sure Jill Zarin loves it.

    Now, tell me that Bravo isn’t interested in sites like this. rotfl…

    I don’t know if this has something to do with the number of tweets, but someone here who understands the twitter world might know.

    I am happy with Bravo right now. I like Million Dollar Decorators and Rocco’s Dinner Party. I understand more about the creation of music from Platinum Hit and I hope it gest better, but I don’t want to see people kissing when they should be writing lyrics for a major competition.

  18. T-REX says:

    Okay MickeyMouth you need a caption for this one, Jzilla just doesn’t quit on making it too easy to be mocked:


    • Error404 says:

      Just stick lulu and Kiki ‘s heads on jill’s ” friends” and title it “my fabulous circle”

      • LavaLady says:

        This is the third time we have seen this outfit. Did Jill not pack correctly for Vegas?

        • California35 says:

          Maybe that is her new thing….all interviews and pictures wearing the same clothes…
          when she lost the laptop, did she loose all her luggage?

  19. T-REX says:

    Oh and for more fun, Jeepers you are going to love this! Jzilla is tweeting she is going to be on some random local show in Las Vegas, and here is the link to that page, she isn’t even listed on the page! The clowns are but she isn’t how funny is that!!!!


    • jeepers1941 says:

      I love all things that makes jz go crazier, boy I must have hit the jackpot today, huh?

    • jeepers1941 says:

      hey, maybe she is going to be in the pick of the litter…..haha

    • Sam says:

      Sounds like what happened with “The Talk.” The cable guide that popped up on my TV yesterday didn’t list her as one of the day’s guests, so I went to the show’s website and no Jill listed there either. The only reason I knew she was going to be on was because someone had mentioned it on this blog.

      • California35 says:

        see Jill? we help you on this Blog, if it wasn’t for it we would have not known about your inerviews.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Clowns given more PR than Jill.

  20. Error404 says:

    If you put # before any word in your twee, then the links will lead to any tweet with that word. Ex: if bravo links “RHNY” if you tweeted RHNY, no connection, but if you tweeted #RHNY than it will link to your tweet.

    • Error404 says:

      Sorry, this was meant as a response to Quincy above.

      • quincyil says:

        Interesting. I have never used that symbol. When Alex McCord took one of my tweets, she actually improved it using 4 for four so she could add, “+camels” to the beginning.

        The twitter website doesn’t have a lot of instructions. I looked at support.

        I google Jill’s twitter line and I don’t think she looks heavy. I think it is the slacks that she has on. They are not flattering. Hopefull, after the trip they will be on eBay.

        • Jezzibel says:

          I just saw this one from Kellly…delusion at its finest
          kellybensimon Kelly K. Bensimon
          My kiddies and i are making sushi burritos for lunch. Seaweed is the new bread.#kellyfit

          • Mayblurry says:

            What kids like sushi? I don’t think I would have enjoyed sushi burritos as a child. lol

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              A roll is the correct word that KKB substituted burrito for in the sushi context. My kids have been eating sushi since they were very little but they also know all the Japanese words necessary to order what they want. When I used to stuff squid and grill it – I would call it a seafood hotdog so they could relate. So I am guilty of using kid familiar words too….guess I better go run in traffic for awhile! lol

              • Jezzibel says:

                except nori(seaweed) is not even remotely bread like at all!! I happen to love nori maki (seaweed crackers)and buy it when ever I see it at world market

                • MAMAZ says:

                  Nothing is “the new” anything!
                  I hate that expression!
                  And didn’t KooKoo tell us once that ankles were the new cleavege or some such idiocy?

                  • Golden Girl says:

                    OMG You are right Kellly did say that ankles were the new cleavage. That was when I new for sure she was BSC.

  21. jeepers1941 says:

    Hasn’t jz been in LV for some time now? I wonder what she is up to, can’t be anything good. She never goes anywhere unless it is to stir up some more shit for someone. Where’s Ramona? Since she is the target of jz’s hate this year. BTW, did everyone sign up for Ramona’s newsletter the other day, I did. Ain’t I nice 🙂 I love Ramona and Alex, sometimes Sonja if she would stay like she has been here lately, the poor thing, I do feel sorry for her though. But she can be very sweet and very funny most of the time. But watch out when her and Ramona get in to things, because all hell will break out, ya know.

  22. Error404 says:

    I think I get it now. With all of Jill’s Ramona bashing this week I figured that Jill came off poorly on tonight’s episode. Then RHNY posted on face book a hint that jill’s “detective work” uncovers sonja’s bankruptcy. Hmm we may have yet another reason to hate Jill zarin come tonight!

    • quincyil says:

      There is a photo where Jill had her finger up in the air and it looks like she is yelling at Sonja. I wonder if Sonja just has seen the dvd with the lead in and wondered why Jill was doing that.

    • quincyil says:

      Error 404, does Jill make sense to you in the video? To get 19 million in debt, Jill said that you add her assests of the house/ bank… about 12 million. to the settlement which was 7 million…

      You deal with numbers at work and so do I. This does not make sense. I would subtract the settlement from the house/bank assets and that would be my debt.

      I predict that the person who leaked 19 million was JZ and the evidence is on the Bravo tape where she is wrong about the debt.

      We need a lawyer or accountant here, but I am sure Jill is wrong to add an asset to a debt and call it a debt

      • viki55 says:

        You are correct Q. I think it makes it pretty obvious who planted the story since the amount matched Jill’s twisted logic. She says the house (houses?) is (are) valued at $12m as an asset. The judgement was $7m. If Sonja liquidated the house to pay the judgement she would still be ahead of the game. Perhaps they meant to say Sonja owes 12m on the house(s)? That wouldn’t make sense. I guess we will learn more tonight.

      • Error404 says:

        Personally, I wouldn’t pause to listen to jill explain how to use an extinguisher if I was on fire. WTF does she know about Sonja’s house. When and how it was purchased and in who’s name. But if I know our Jill, she will be absolutely gleeful over someone else’s pain and suffering.

        • quincyil says:

          That is so true. Unless the detective work involved and in debt study of public records. Still how would you know the mortgage amount on a property.

          I don’t think Sonja has to share that inforamtion with Jill and us either. Jill should get out her bank statements to share before she exposes her cast mate.

        • Error404 says:

          I actually don’t know anything about Sonja. I had heard she was sued for 7mil for a movie she produced that never happened. If so, 99.9% of people start an llc for the very reason that you don’t lose the family home when someone sues your business. So, unless that $12mil house is owned by ” Sonja Morgan productions” or whatever her movie business was called, i don’t understand what it has to do with anything.
          Did Sonja file for personal bankruptcy or professional?

        • Kats2 says:

          Error – Thank you for this – ” I wouldn’t pause to listen to jill explain how to use an extinguisher if I was on fire.” LOL

          • Sara says:

            THAT? Was hilarious!

          • Nancy says:

            Thats another T-shirt quote!

            • MAMAZ says:

              The big question is not what Sonja owes but why Jill Zarin cares? And why she would do “detective work” to find out?

              • Error404 says:

                I think jill’s “detectives” knew backin morocco. Why else would kelly answer the question of “can you pass the salt” with a soliloquy on Sonja’s run down diy lifestyle sham? Sonja has never been anything but nice to Kiki and she repays her with an apropo of nothing public shredding. These bitches are so dumb they actually think people are buying their crap. My only question is, when Kelly burns in hell, will all her plastic body parts survive?

  23. Mayblurry says:

    Congrats to Bethenny. I hope she gets that Talk Show. Have they started filming for season 3 of her Bravo show? It would be great to see BTS stuff from all this.

  24. California35 says:

    Andy will be on Access Hollywood. I don’t know when, but he is going in today.

  25. Don't Kill the Messenger says:

    Hi, Tina is a friend of mine was trying to post this here she comes here much but is having a hard time with her browser. It’s a free site on Google where you can view books for free and something like she wants you to make Jill Zarin mad, because Jill wants you to buy the book and the stuff she wrote in their is crazy she says about Ramona. . http://books.google.com/books?id=bHXui9t9g0cC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false if it don’t work sign up for google and go to tab where says everything else then hit books and type any title in. you can’t vie whole book but can majority.

    • HD says:


      Jill’s Jewish Mother book? I wouldn’t look at that if the whole book was free!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Ditto….that woman is not qualified to give advice, neither are the other two “authors”!

        • Nancy says:

          I wonder why Jill hasn’t said anything about Bethenny’s lawsuit?
          I would have thought she’d be all over that. And what the hell is going on in LuMan’s head re:
          Skinnygirl Margarita’s? I thought that was a joke. Speechless.

    • viki55 says:

      Can someone translate this into english for me?

      • HD says:

        I thought it was just me.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          I saw it too & clicked right out..it was too scary! LOL
          I am so happy for Bethenny..Also this will make dopey JZ & Kelly Kook trying to get something of their own.

        • I think they were saying there is a copy of Jill’s book on line and that if we read it online for free, it will bug JIll Zarin because in her mind that is a lost book sale.

          Either way, I would rather take a punch in the face than read that book.

  26. T-REX says:

    This is my take on the whole Jzilla Las Vegas trip. Okay, since this is a slow time in Vegas this time of year, some random show out there books her into a room. She flies out on her own dime. Since she was going to be there, I am sure her minions were working fast and frenzied to get JZilla onto any show that would have her in LA since it is not from Las Vegas, of course again she traveled on her own dime. Now, why would she be doing this at this time you might ask. She knew B was in LA shooting a new show, and had some sort of Talk deal going on, now Jzilla never one to back away from someone else’s success, I am sure was trying furiously to get some sort of deal out there too. But alas, all she could manage was a random 2 second segment on The Talk, and a couple of seconds on the random Las Vegas local program, and didn’t even rate higher than clowns since they were actually listed on the program. Oh, and bonus Jzilla you took yourself to a new low shooting naked bathroom pictures of your kid and tweeting them to the world. I know she is an adult, but now they are out there on numerous websites you freak! Who does that to their own child.

    • Error404 says:

      Remember when she was stranded and so desperate to be home with Ginger bawby was looking into private planes in a storm? That was days ago! And she now shows little to no sign of going home anytime soon.

      • T-REX says:

        I think she is going to be staying out there until she completely exhausts any hopes of trying to be on a show out there, but probably headed home tomorrow, would be my guess, since her taping for the random Las Vegas show was this morning.

  27. kellynnola says:

    New interior design post on kitchen I just finished! Go to kellynnola.wordpress.com

    Tomorrow I’ll tell you everything that is wrong with Jill’s home!

    • viki55 says:

      You gave Luann’s place a 70/100….what would Ramona’s be? Jill’s?

      • Error404 says:

        Looking at pics of lulu’s place was just like flipping through a west elm catalog. I trust that the big red glass lips on the mantle was a gift from Kiki, they had kili written all over them and were the only personality in lulu’s entire apt which looked like the model apt sales people set up for new condo developments.

    • Nancy says:

      Is there anyway to could put up a link on Ramona’s apt as I was unable to do it myself. I tried
      Yahoo and google but no luck. Thanks.

  28. BEA says:

    I found it interesting that yesterday on the Talk (who knew JZ would be on – surprise) Jill said her girl crush would be Chelsea Handler (who happens to really like Bethenny). Jill said she is friends with Heather McDonald (really that’s even odder) and really likes Chelsea. My guess is JZ is trying to get on Chelsea’s good side in hopes that (like Johnny Weir) she can turn Chelsea against Bethenny. Don’t think that would happen. Bethenny earns her respect.
    Also not shocking is Leah R. taking Jill’s side and helping her to bash Ramona on the Talk. Well Jill is a huge supporter of Scientology and you know they stick together. The conversation was basically Leah and Jill all over Ramona.

  29. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Q for the recaps. I wanted either of the women to win but Bravo serves up Floyd? Huh? Rocco has an annoying personality and lack of respect for both the chefs and the food created that I only watched 15 minutes of his dinner. As a foodie – I want to learn from the shows I watch.

    • nathania says:

      rocco is most def a sexist jerk… that much was made abundantly clear in ‘the restaur-NOT’

  30. IndianaHousewife says:

    Lynn, please correct me if I am wrong but I thought you were seeing Ramona last night at her wine signing. Can you tell us how it went? I wish nothing but the best for her and hope she had a good turnout.

    • VAgirl says:

      IH. I think it was the night before last and I’ll bet Lynn, if she went, is saving her recap of it for the weekend. Just a hunch..

  31. VAgirl says:

    I found Jill’s girl crush a little odd, too. I like the way Jill says she is “good friends” with people. She probably met Heather McDonald once and now considers her a good friend. Don’t know what show Leah R is watching, but it’s surely not the same RHNY I’ve been watching.

    • T-REX says:

      VA, anyone remotely famous that has ever answered her tweet or she has tweeted to(most with no response) that she may have seen, met, gone past at some random event is her “good Friend” she throws that around too much.

      • Sam says:

        Whenever I hear Jill name-drop, I think of something my dad (a Hollywood executive and director) used to say: only small people feel the need to drop big names.

    • nathania says:

      Leah Remini and Jill Z. both have that fishwifey, ‘make a huzbin wanna jump off a bridge’ type thing going on. So naturally they are going to be attracted to each other as people, they are both equally grating.

      I don’t understand this thing about ‘the talk’…I thought having ‘the view’ was bad enough, why another crappy ‘chic’ talk show I wonder…

  32. Sara says:

    Why do I feel like it’s already evening and we should be chatting about the show? LOL. Maybe I’m tired. I looked at the time and was shocked at how early it still is.

  33. klmh says:

    Hey Lynn,

    Was on Stoopids blog and she reamed you out for supposedly making a cutting remark to her. I told her it wasn’t you, because you had written that you don’t blog on other sites. Se “warned” me and told me I was wrong, she saw your avatar, etc. and felt the need to threaten me, like I give one F.R.A. Anyway I simply called her an idiot and told her she should know you better than that, because she used to post here. Its her blog from the 14th of June. Just thought you might want to clear the air. I don’t plan on visiting her site again, but didn’t know if you thought it would be worth your time.
    I wrote a note to you, but am unsure it was successfully sent. It was a gmail acct. and for some reason I thought you had an aol address.

    • sweet pea says:

      I didn’t see any of the fake posts at Stoopid HWs, they had already been deleted. I saw yours (only one, I think any others were also deleted). Very bazaar reaction by the posters over there. I wanted to defend Lynn but seems to be futile. Whoever the fake poster was, they did a good job. SH has a great blog and I’ll continue to view it, but my loyalty has to be with Lynn and the commentors of this blog. I hate when crap like this happens and the instigator, crap stirrers win.

      • klmh says:

        I agree. I enjoyed her blog and she finds some great items, buy warning and threatening a 62 year old lady just doesn’t fly. I was not rude to her and just stood up for Lynn. I wish Lynn would contact her, unless its true, but its not my business anymore. Tried to explain, but she left here with a rancid taste in her mouth, imo, and she Im afraid, has an agenda. S’ok my be though…

        • Okie Folkie says:

          There were so many blogs for the 14th of June. But I did read them and it sounds like (?) it was the blog where she had a million hits? I didnt see your comments or the replies….I am so curious now!
          Some of the posters said to leave up all comments, but I guess she didnt.

          I have enjoyed her blog, too. But there are times that she hardly writes anything original, rather she only puts up videos from Bravo. I’ve pretty much stopped even going there to read, coz, there. is. nothing. to.read. Mostly.

          Sorry klmh, that that happened to you.

          • klmh says:

            Oh, I don’t mind it O-F. If Lynn hadn’t mentioned she didn’t post on any other blog, I would have let it go. I have posted over there twice I think, and enjoy the read, but I seem to have computer problems after I go to her site. Its the only time it happens, too.
            I read what Lynn supposedly wrote, and even I can tell you it didn’t come from her. It was sarcastic and a bit demeaning and Lynn just wouldn’t do that. Stupid then took it off after I wrote the note to her and another poster there who repeated Stupids accusation. Then she jumped on me, and I responded. Im sure my posts have been removed as well.
            Im sorry she was offended by someone posing as Lynn, but she should have recognized that it wasn’t her. She’s looking for a fight, or maybe she’s just stupid!

            • Okie Folkie says:

              @klmh Yeah, too bad she was offended. I find it sorta unbelievable….I really never even read the comments over there (all four of ’em, on most blogs) but, it sounds as though she “KNEW”/”KNOWS” Lynn & shouldve gotten in touch w/Lynn in private. Buuuuuuuttt nooooooo, she makes it public, on the day she get a million hits???? I dunno, but I’m smellin’ some fish getten old. And, it seems to me a lot of the posters over there are very uuumm, protective of stupid.

              It was exactly what you said, stupid.
              BTW, did you get that BIG FAT 15 minute storm on Tuesday? It did some pretty major damage here for a 15 minute storm.

              BTW and OT but, WHERE IS OUR FLG??? I havent seen him in quite awhile, and I’m getten hungry! Has anyone heard from him?

              • klmh says:

                We got a whole .30 inches of rain today. We have had exactly 6.5 inches since Sept, except for the 2 feet of snow in Feb. The winds came up and I really thought we would loose some trees.
                Im sorry to hear about your damage. Did you loose some trees? The sirens went off in the city, but I don’t believe there was any damage.
                Oh Lord O-F, what is FLG? Have I already forgotten???
                I just saw the note about the number of hits she has, and I think Stupid has had .5 million since the beginning of her blog. She does have a fun site with good info. and she obviously works hard to keep it up.

                • Okie Folkie says:

                  klmh, wow! you guys must have gotten a lot more weather than we did. The winds did come up, then the rain began, then the hail. But it only lasted about 15 minutes. I didnt have any damage personally. The Transcript said there was quite a bit of damage around town. Although, yesterday 88,000 homes here were without power, luckily, I wasnt in that 88,000. I dont know how much rain we ended up getten. It did come down hard and fast then it left, quickly.

                  On the other sites #s, ooppps! I guess I was reading too fast. And you’re right, it is a fun site. Not as fun as this site, imho. 😉

                  And FLG=Ft. Lauderdale Gay, but I think he changed it to simply “FLG” he makes Death by Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake and make his hubby lotsa good stuff to eat! And I’m getten hungry! But I’m fixin’ to go out and start a fire and throw some hamburgers on the grill and some potatoes on the coals! 😉

                  • Okie Folkie says:

                    klmh, I misread the .30 in your above post & thought it was 3 inches! oooppps, I cant read correctly today. Maybe I should just hush up!

                  • WWW says:

                    FLG said he’d be away. I think a week or two…

      • x's says:

        “Very bazaar reaction by the posters over there.” I agree. I found SH’s blog just a week ago and thought it was nice. I had no idea the person had actually been a poster here at one time. I tend to be a lurker most places. One thing I didn’t like though was how some of the posters there said this place was not friendly. Honestly, that has not been my experience. I think people here engage in thoughtful conversation even if they disagree. Most people who take the time to write something insightful get a response. If there are “cliques” here, it’s only people who have gotten comfortable with one another. I don’t see anything wrong with that. They don’t shun others.

        • klmh says:

          There might be some jealousy on Stupids part as well, I think it was on the 13th she mentioned she had had 1/2 million hits on her blog. IDK.
          I do know this site could be tough on you if your view differed from other long time posters as far as JZ was concerned. But its much better now. Whenever someone would support and explain their viewpoint that was leaning toward JZ, they poster would sometimes be called Jill, or someone else in her amazing circle of friends/relatives, or the inevitable troll. Some of them were though!

          • klmh says:

            Sorry, tough, not though

          • WWW says:

            They have no right acting like the posters here are evil in comparison. They’re usually sarcastic in a mean way but think they’re cute. Much like the way SH spoke to you. She has since deleted both your comments. Only one remains. I have no idea why she deleted your comments. There was nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, offensive in them.

            • klmh says:

              Well, I was bad. I called her an “idiot” after she threatened and warned me. But honestly, trying to threaten a 62 yr old fart like me is just silly. I play by my rules, not hers. Thats the one good thing with age. You know stuff and are confident. That or you just don’t give a damn.
              Thanks for your note WWW.

              • WWW says:

                It’s no problem. The earlier two comments were more than civil on your part and didn’t deserve being scolded. You weren’t bad at all. 🙂

        • quincyil says:

          They are welcome here any time. I hope they read this and feel free to post here about the shows.

          I don’t know or understand any of this. A while ago, someone posted here with Lynn’s name in black and a photo of her. I knew it was not Lynn because I knew she was away and did not have the internet. I told you all this this was not Lynn and sent Lynn an email.

          If waxdiva reads this, I hope she believes me.

      • Crap stirrers only win if you respond to them – that’s what they are after.

        • klmh says:

          I agree with you HWA, but if I had been accused of writing something negative about another poster on their blog, I would contact them personally and explain the situation. I don’t care what Lynn does, but I would go the extra yard to clear myself.
          To me the crap stirrer would be the loser if communication and explanations took place between two good bloggers.

        • T-Rex says:

          Exactly! You can usually tell by their “handle” or “name” here from the get go they are here to do nothing but pot-stir . I don’t directly respond to them, wasn’t here last night for whatever went down, but ignoring is the best policy. I only come to this blog to post, period, but I know that some try to use a similar version of names to create havoc elsewhere.

          • klmh says:

            It didn’t happen on this site… Not to be disrespectful, but maybe it would be best to find out what you’re talking about before you offer an opinion that has nothing to do with what happened.
            Lynn’s name, IP address and avatar were identified by Stupid as proof that Lynn wrote a derogatory remark on her blog about Stupid. Lynn doesn’t post on other blogs. She mentioned it the 13th or 14th of this month. I mentioned it to Stupid. I was then threatened and warned.
            I enjoy your posts T-Rex and mean no offense, and Im thru discussing it. I appreciate your thoughtful reply though.

            • T-Rex says:

              Sorry KLMH, I am so used to troll attacks on sites, thought maybe this was what was happening, again mea culpa for stepping in on a different subject completely.

              • klmh says:

                I appreciate your note and was afraid I wasn’t explaining myself very well.
                See you in a few hours!

  34. VAgirl says:

    Error. Here’s the LuLu apartment tour again where she says the lips are a valentines gift from Jaques. Some of her stuff she got from Williams Sonoma and TJ Maxx. Nothing wrong with that, I just got a lot of stuff for my beach house from TJ Maxx. Of course, I’m not a Countess. LOL
    Hope this just shows the link and not the video.

  35. sweet pea says:

    Just watched a re-run of RHNY. Bethenny and Luann went to lunch. This is when B first introduced Skinny Girl. Luann wanted wine, B said no they were having tequila. She then gave the recipe to the server. Luann listened to it, ordered it and said she always wanted to try new things. She heard the recipe, that was the extent of her input. Silly woman.

  36. Smompy says:

    Hey, did Rocco get hair transplants or something? He seems to have more on the top than he did a few years back. I didn’t watch his show because I used to have a little crush on him but then he acted like such an ass on that Restaurant show that I actually started to hate him. For a long time he was Captain Douchebag to me (I LOVED when that kid said that loud enough for Rocco to hear), but maybe it’s time to give him another chance?

    • Okie Folkie says:

      I really wish that Bravo would rerun that Restaurant show of his. That would be funny.

      • Caitlin says:

        Uh Huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I just find him so endlessly irritating….. it ‘s as if (to me) he keeps rereading his own advertising between “takes.”

      • nathania says:


        I would LOVE to watch that again, that was one of the greatest disasters of all time, it reminded me so much of my restaurant days. And Jeffrey Chodrow swooping in at the end and being like ‘oh no you don’t, back up’

        it really ended up being a great show, but not in the way Rocco intended.

  37. Vinny says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 hours until The Real Housewives of New York City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Kats2 says:

    Where and when did Luann take credit for SGM? I heard about it here but can’t find the source.

    • sweet pea says:

      I read about it on Lynn’s 6/15 blog. It was stated that Luann said this during her U-Stream.

    • nathania says:

      if there was any truth to it she’d sue.

      I don’t even see lou ann as the margarita type, she has never had a moment of fun or mirth in her life except maybe a few times by accident. If she were going to market any kind of drink at all it would be “Piss in a Jar with a Vinegar Chaser…to maintain a sour countenance fit for a Countess”

  39. Laura says:

    Bethenny says “A Place of Yes” is still on the New York Times Best Seller list but I can’t find it anywhere….I did find Teresa’s listed at
    13 SKINNY ITALIAN, by Teresa Giudice with Heather Maclean (Hyperion) on the Advice/Paperback list …

  40. Nancy says:

    Because I love pain I watched Jill on The Talk Show from yesterday.
    She had to (of course) make a hugh grand entrance and kiss all the ladies and then ended up sitting next to her (new best friend, per Jill) Sharon Osborn. If you go back and watch it again it is clear that Sharon is tilting to the lady on the other side of her to prevent her from being that close to Jill. It get’s better…someone asked Jill if she liked the show more because Bethenny isn’t on it. So Jill starts Blah Blah Blahbing away bashing B and right in the middle of her doing that Sharon yell’s out GO BETHENNY!!! Then Jill tweets later that day to Sharon saying they would make really great friends. Someone needs to hospitalize her. Bellevue is very close to her apt so Bobby could visit her often. It’s a win win for everybody!

    • California35 says:

      Did Sharon really do that? lol that’s too funny.

      BY THE WAY – I need to be slapped I realized what I was eating and had to stop to write. I don’t want to go into details of work bla blab la… but I decided to have a … soda…. that ended up being a DIET COKE!!! I didn’t think much of it, I have one once in a while…today felt like a good afternoon for it…I need energy… but what got my attention was that I started…. eating…. JELLY BEANS!!! UGH! Since WHEN ?!?!?!?! LOL I stopped eating them as soon as I realized what I was doing (A coworker gave me these little tiny bags of jelly beans that I put on a drawer. I had forgotten about them, and when I saw them right now I thought it was a good idea to have some…lol)
      Ok sorry — please continue with regular programming


      • Nancy says:

        Maybe you can get a bed right next to KooKoo at Bellevue Hospital. I think Kelly has her own wing there though.

      • FlowerPower says:

        LOL! What a sad day for you California. At least you owned it and now can move on toward recovery!!!

        • California35 says:

          Today would have been a good day for hadphones, but I guess I left them on my other purse. Today is not as bad as the rest of the week…but it is still a rough day. It is okay, i only have two more hours to go and plenty to do….

          I hope get back to the board by tonight’s NYHW…

    • T-Rex says:

      And as a Counterpart B went on TV last couple of weeks, Jay Leno, Ellen, Fox, etc. and with the exception of the Jay Leno show(he brought it up not her about Jzilla, she deflected the question), B never once brought up the Jzilla or her antics. B has become a complete CLASS ACT, while Jzilla is a completely classless POS.

    • Nancy says:

      I have to call myself out on my post above. I went back to watch it and Jill wasn’t really that bad.
      She still pissed me off though. Sharon said “Hi Bethenny” not “Go Bethenny”
      All in all…I still “hate” JIll Zarin.

  41. klmh says:

    Just watching the Designer show and really love Kathryn Ireland’s humor, style and design. The others, not so much, although Im sure they have talent. They seem to be so full of themselves, the other lady thinking her design is more important than pleasing or listening to the client, ugh. And what a mouth. She is another that has no filter.
    Where did the little blond model come from? His hoity-toity accent seems to come and go. So funny… and of course, his partners design is more important that the President’s job. Im afraid, Im very afraid…
    Its nice to see some beautiful antique furniture, instead of all modern, incorporated into a design, and I like the layering look as well, but Im old.

  42. Mayblurry says:

    Huge personalities on that show. It’s early but I think it’ll get another season.

  43. Vinny says:

    I just bought some Ramona Pinot Grigio just for tonight’s episode of The RHONY! My friend and I drink it because we make it a special event!

    4 More Hours!!!

    • VAgirl says:

      Vinny. Ramona had a recipe for Sangria on her newsletter. It looked delicious and I might try it if I ever get some of her Pinot.

      • Vinny says:

        I’ve never had a sangria before…lol. 😦 Maybe I should try one soon! I’m sure her recipe is delectable because she loves to have a good time while enjoying a fun drink.

        • VAgirl says:

          She says she likes sweet so I think it’s a sweet drink. I’ll see if I can find her recipe and pass it to you.

          • Vinny says:

            Thank you. That is really kind of you. Margherittas have tequila in them right? I really don’t drink those either, but I know I’ve had at least one of them.

    • I want some Ramona pinot. The store that sells it where I am, is an hour away. No way am I driving an hour for some wine.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I’m not crazy about Pino Grigio but I would buy a bottle of Ramona’s. Just to stick it to JZ.

      • quincyil says:

        The other day, a lady in the grocery store saw me buying Mondavi wines and she asked me about them. I have gone to wine tastings in Napa at the Mondavi vineyard and I told her some of the comments of people from last fall’s tour. She bought wine for a party based on my memory of other’s people’s wine tasting as I don’t drink. LOL. I think it’s a good vineyard and their tour is educational and worth the ticket.

      • Vinny says:

        @RR: That is a long drive. I’m not intending to brag, but I only have to drive 2 minutes here on LI. I guess it’s because Ramona is closer to me then you, and that may be the reason. I have no clue how wine and liquor distribution works!!

  44. quincyil says:

    I love that show and it’s fun to write a blog for it. They are fun and funny.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Quincy_ I love that show as well and I appreciate very much your witting! Thank you!

    • klmh says:

      I was hoping to wean myself off of these reality shows. Wish they wouldn’t put a fun one on, to start the addiction all over again… I agree. This should be fun, shocking, but fun.

      • quincyil says:

        I think Rocco’s show with themed dining rooms would be interesting. Lisa Minelli will talk about Salvador Dali. I love to hear inside scoops on famour artists.

        • klmh says:

          This is so silly, but I don’t appreciate anyone abusing even crustaceans when alive, and apparently Rocco did that. I love your blog, so will enjoy it from a distance, here.
          Thanks for all you do Q.

  45. Vinny says:

    3 Hours until The Real Housewives of New York City!!

    woo-hoo! hahah lol

    • California35 says:

      I can see you are really looking foward to it :-D…. actually me too…lol

      • Vinny says:

        I think each episode progressively gets better and better. I can’t wait until the reunion episodes…but then the season will end 😦 RHONJ is the only HW show airing for the rest of the summer. At least last summer we had the premiere of RHODC.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m beginning to suspect you’ve already gotten into that wine just a bit! LOL!

      • HD says:

        I can’t wait either. I have been waiting all season for that Herman Munster line. I wish it as on already!

        • MAMAZ says:

          Are we chatting tonight? I haven’t decided to watch or not. I just know I can’t watch alone and my family refuses to have anything to do with the show. They are smarter than me.

          • klmh says:

            Me too Mamaz. My cats and dogs even leave because its too loud. Of course my husband will have his ear plugs in, sitting in the other room, having a scotch and cigar, listening to Rachmaninov, or something… if I was smart, I would join him…

        • Vinny says:

          me too HD!!!!!!

      • Smompy says:

        Isn’t tonight’s episode the one where LuAnn humiliates Alex in a fancy restaurant and then storms out? ‘Cause I heard that was coming up soon. If Alex had any sense, she would have gotten the drop on LuAnn by throwing a glass of Ramona brand wine in LuAnn’s face as soon as LuAnn sat down and then stormed out herself. But I don’t think Alex has that much sense, unfortunately. If she did, she wouldn’t keep getting one-upped by these vile witches on national television week after week. Maybe if we all screamed at our televisions at the same time, “JUST PUNCH THE BITCH, ALEX!” as loud as we can, then Alex might somehow magically hear it?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          LuAnn always exits a fight before it is finished because she surely knows that her arguments are based on lies, half truths and just plain mean spiritedness – she leaves before she can be declared the loser. Alex loses fights because she tried to keep the focus on the problem but also understands feelings and express herself without attacking the other person. Where I come from the person who leaves in a huff is the loser.

          • HD says:

            @WCW-I hear you! Where I come from all the grandstanding and grand exit means you lose too. The Countless wants to get in her jabs and then walk off not giving someone the chance to tell her ass off. Honey I wish she was talking to me!

          • nathania says:

            I know… I feel bad for Alex because she really believes it is about the truth and fighting for what is right. Though interestingly though Alex may lose the battle she always wins the war in the end, because everyone that pisses her off ends up being loathed.

        • Debbie says:

          I read a show description that Cindy berates Ramona too. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else though.

      • Vinny says:

        hahha not yet!!! One glass for me..and 3 glasses for Roula!

  46. Nancy says:

    OMG Stop the press.
    Jill is having a contest and the winner gets…One of Bobby’s tie!
    But…you have to sign up for her “news” letter to qualify.

    And here I though I had to go to the mall to get George a Happy Fathers Day gift.
    (Yes we count our furry things children)

    • Nancy says:

      It gets worse. The “winner” also gets a singed picture of Jill & Bobby.
      I’m going to throw up now. Does she really think people want a picture of her and Bobby?

    • T-Rex says:

      OMG! If you go to B’s website she is doing an auction for Charity for the campaign she promoted today and now Jzilla posts this! She truly is some sick SOB for stealing B’s stuff. I work hard all day and don’t rely on others to do my work! If I were Jzilla I would fire my staff, because in the PR world being a “day late and dollar short” is what keeps you from being a F-minus-list Celeb to at least D-list!

      • mariareads says:

        Jill zarin has become B’s stalker. Does this woman not see how idiotic she looks and that she is transparent? What a tool. She’s such a jealous, petty thing. So unattractive in a person. And the thing of it all? B doesn’t mention her LOL! Must kill her.

    • BostonGirl says:

      Nancy: You’re posts are so funny! You are a good sport, Stanley Cup wise.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Of course furry things are children! I have two 2 legged children and two four legged children. 🙂

  47. BostonGirl says:

    Your not you’re

    • Mt says:

      I hate when I make mistakes like that. Than/Then is another one. It makes it look like I don’t know the difference when it’s really just being in a rush.

  48. Debbie says:

    OT.. Jezebel says there are over 60 lawsuits against several cast members oHousewives…LOL
    The Real Housewives Lawsuit Index – Jezebel http://bit.ly/kdwxmq

    • Error404 says:

      1. It’s misleading to say there are over 60 lawsuits pending when almost all of them are against one particular cast member, everyones favorite white house gatecrasher.

      2. All of Joe gorga’s suits are against his construction co and newsflash to subs, you don’t get paid if you didn’t finish the job or finish it right, but hey, let’s all twist it around to seem like Mel is a liar when she says she pays her personal household bills. whatever.

      • Debbie says:

        My favorite factoid was the judge ordering Mr Salahi to relinquish his watch to the landscaper when he lost the suit. He handed over his $325,000 watch only to have the landscaper find it was broken and, adding insult to injury, it was a knockoff, worth less than $100.00.

      • nathania says:

        I know…that bit is getting annoying.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I knew Melissa “We Pay Our Bills” Gorga was full of crap!

  49. VAGirl says:

    Vinny, Here’s the Sangria Recipe

    All you need is one bottle of Ramona Pinot Grigio, 1/3 cup of sugar to taste sugar (I prefer using brown sugar as it is more natural), 3 oranges, 1 lemon, 1 lime (all sliced), and ½ a liter of ginger ale or club soda. I personally love it with ginger ale, I have a sweet tooth!!

    All you need to do is pour the Pinot Grigio into the pitcher and squeeze all the juice wedges from the fruit into the wine. Then toss in the fruit wedges (try to avoid the seeds!!) and then add the sugar. Feel free to add any berries you love into the mix as well! Let it chill over night and then add the ginger ale or club soda just before serving.

    • Vinny says:

      Ty So much!!! I’ll have to try it for next week’s episode!!!! The ginger-ale mixed in makes it sound even more appealing!

  50. Vinny says:

    My Last Countdown!!!!!!

    Two hours until The Real Housewives of New York City!!!!!!!!

    Now it’s time to schlep myself to my friend’s house. It’s like we’re pre-gaming!!

    • Nancy says:

      What time for drinks? It sounds like fun. I have a question for you. (and this time I am serious)
      When you watch Jill and Ramona or Jill and anyone fight who’s side are you on? Is it always Jill’s?

      • Vinny says:

        Good thing you caught me before I left!! Drinks will be served at 9 tonight(this ensures that I have a full 2 hours to sip my glass of wine and be responsible to drive home ).

        When necessary, I do call out Jill’s behavior because she disappoints me sometimes. I’m always team Jill, but I enjoy the entire show and therefore I like them all, including Cindy and Kelly. There isn’t a pecking order of favorite to least favorite for me. In fact, the opening credits is my favorite part of the show; it adds to the excitement of what is forthcoming!!

        • Nancy says:

          V V V,
          What I don’t understand is why are you “Team Jill”? Please tell me the things Jill has done or said that makes you say you’re on Team Jill. Maybe all of us here are wrong? I’ll be willing to see you list and honestly hear your side. Have fun at your party tonight. I will be having a sober party with my animals.:)

        • nathania says:

          you must be in charge of the opening credits!
          aha! 🙂

          I can’t help but think you are ‘pulling my leg’ sometimes with your posts. 🙂

  51. Stella says:

    Kelly’s tweet: @wondrtwinpowers #sushiburritos: seaweed, rice, crab( anyfish), avocado and roll into a burrito. Yummmmm

    My reply: @kellybensimon ummm I think that’s called a California roll. I just had sushi today too.

    • Nancy says:

      KooKoo will think a California roll is exactly that. Someone drives to California, find’s a hill then rolls down it. Of course…A California Roll!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kelly creates things (sushiburritos) simply by renaming the item – very authentic! Kelly is the new rip off artist – that’s so hot! lol

      • Cusi77 says:

        Windy_ It is like when Kiki invented the kellade (Mexican Michelada) … now that she knows that she can sell the rights of an invention for 120Mil she will try the sushiBurritos! Heee!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Are you mending well Cusi? Glad you are back on your keyboard!

          • Cusi77 says:

            Thanks for asking Windy. I am doing great. I bought a Tai-Chi CD and I am doing a 55 min. a day and I feel much better! Thanks!

      • Stella says:

        Kelly really drives me crazy cause she is one of those people who just don’t get it and will insist we are the ones who are wrong. Is she just so stuck on herself she thinks she can do no wrong? Is she that dumb she just can’t follow the evidence of her contradictions? Is she crazy and incapable of being logical and reasonable? Is she on drugs and her brain cells are fried? All of the above? I couldn’t handle being around her at all.

  52. Cusi77 says:

    As some of you know, I live in Las Vegas. Watching Ally’s photo (shame on you JZ!!!!) they are staying in “Wynn” or “Encore”… I was telling my hubby: Let’s go there with a “Ramona, Pinot Griggio” bottle and play the stupids asking her to sign the bottle… but hubby is too tired!

    • AZ Girl says:

      HA! too funny Cusi. Hubby did not want to fight the traffic on the strip.

    • Nancy says:

      Tell your husband we will pay him…A LOT!

      • Cusi77 says:

        Hubby says WE CAN’T afford him! Haaahe! He is not that interested in bothering JZ

        • Nancy says:

          Well we can change that. Ask him how he would feel if 800 of Lynn’s friends knock at his door. ha ha
          Tell him we forgive him. We have to get your guy on board with us. It took me a while but I swear my husband “Hates” Jill Zarin as much (or more) than I do.

          • Cusi77 says:

            Nancy_ Don’t be so formal, sweetie… my friends call me just “Cusi” however we can call my hubby Mr.77! BTW He hates “with passion” JZ!

  53. Kats2 says:

    Luann has never liked or had any respect for Alex. She has been “friendly” on camera but she feels Alex is beneath her and should just shut up. That’s why Luann walks out when Alex calls her out.

    • klmh says:

      I think you’re right. I do have to say, I didn’t care for Alex and Simon the first season.They came across to me, as pretentious social climbers. Not anymore though.

      • Cusi77 says:

        LooseAnn Countles Classless of nothing would be thankful to God to have 1% of the good heart, understanding, humility, compassion that Alex has! She is way below Alex as a human being!

        • Nancy says:

          Are you the person that has Fibromyalgia?

          • Cusi77 says:

            No, Nancy, Thanks God, not! I has a carpal tunnel condition and now I am doing much better after surgery and Tai-Chi! I told you up stream (?) to be more familiar… do not be so formal (wink) call me just “Cusi” let’s my hubby be Mr. 77

      • Kats2 says:

        What has stuck with me was the comment Jill said at that Brooklyn fashion show Alex organized.
        Jill said, “Luann wouldn’t be caught dead at anything Alex and Simon were doing.”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      LuAnn has class and manners – she just doesn’t know when to use either. IMO, LuAnn is also intimidated by Alex (that whole you are educated remark) because she is intelligent, has class and manners.

      • HD says:

        To me none of the women ever really liked Alex. I think Alex is like that unpopular girl that gets to hang with the cheerleaders because her brother is the quarterback or something so you have to be nice to her. None of them “really” like Alex. JMO!

  54. lillybee says:

    When Lulu was reaming Alex over being a half hour late for dinner, I was wondering if Kelly and Cindy remembered that they were 4 hours late for Alex”s birthday party and Alex was gracious about it.

    • Waslurking says:

      Selective memories….. as usual.

    • Nancy says:

      Good point lillybe. I’m still waiting for your application to “nab” Don. Ha ha.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Excellent point about Alex’s BD party. LuAnn came with a blonde bashing agenda. She had to be going bonkers because the blondes had their own agenda to enjoy the trip of a lifetime on their own terms.

  55. Waslurking says:

    I finally watched that 13 minute vid that Jill posted about Ramona’s “disloyalty” (?)
    LOL LOL …………………. LOL LOL
    What a moron!

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