I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey Preview / Housewives News

I Hate Jill Zarin – Real Housewives of New Jersey Preview

Tonight Bravo will air another episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on their new night, Sunday!

Similar to Simon’s Bravotv Webisodes, New Jersey has The Manzo Boys, Caroline’s two son’s Albie and Christopher moved out of their childhood home and into an apartment in Hoboken New Jersey.

This most recent episode is six minutes or so of Albie’s date, but first he warns his brother not to embarrass him when he brings his date, Jacqueline back to their apartment.  First the couple go to dinner where they talk about allergies and she explains what happens to her if she eats fish.  It’s not pretty!   Albie explains that he’s missing “Man Night” for this date.  I have to wonder what “Man Night” is, these three guys all live together and so isn’t every night “Man Night”?

Why this guy would bring a date back to his apartment after dinner to hang out with his brother and roommate, Greg is beyond me but there they are, the four of them having drinks.  Very romantic Albie!  Chris tells us that Albie can’t date a boring woman, a librarian type and Albie shoots daggers across the room at his brother and Greg.

Have you guys watched these Webisodes?  What did you think?  Personally I was thinking that it was 6-minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

There are a few previews posted for tonight’s show and a few extras that never appeared as always.  Teresa takes Gia to a gymnastics practice and is having trouble controlling her other children as the baby keeps taking off her headband and is about to fall out of her stroller and her wild child Milania simply won’t listen to her mother, even saying, “I don’t want to listen to you!”.  This is the same child that tore apart a clothing store why shopping for Gia’s back to school clothes last season.

Teresa tells us that Gia used to be like Milania (wild and out of control) but that she mellowed, Teresa doesn’t see Milania mellowing and calls her “different”.  I sometimes wonder if Teresa thinks about her kids and the fact that someday they’ll see all of these scenes and comments made by their parents on screen.  I don’t think Teresa thinks before she speaks, these comments aren’t made on the fly during filming, some of the things that she says during her sit down interviews are cringe-worthy and could hurt her children’s feelings when they’re older.

On a side note, little Gia is a good little gymnast!

Tonight’s previews include Teresa and Joey preparing for their meeting.  As we watch Melissa help her husband to choose his clothes, Melissa is supportive and tells her husband to “think positive!”  Teresa tells us that she and her brother spoke every day until he got married, blaming Melissa for the tension between her and her brother.

Obviously none of us are privy to the history here but it seems to me that Joey and Melissa feel like they’ve been a part of Teresa’s life until she began filming The Real Housewives.  I have to lean toward believing the Gorga’s here because if Teresa were right and the two families have been at odds since Melissa and Joey got married, their children wouldn’t know each other as well as they do.  They wouldn’t miss one another having seen each other only at family functions.  They must have gotten together more often than just Christmas and Birthday parties.  

There are photos of Teresa and Melissa together looking happy, going on trips together and their children clearly adore each other.  If Teresa’s timeline for this rift were accurate, none of this would exist.  Add to that Teresa’s tension with Kathy, what excuse does Teresa have for that?  The only explanation she’s given us is that Kathy’s husband made a few snide remarks about Teresa’s spending.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Teresa was quick to criticize Melissa for her shopping habits yet Teresa cuts her cousin Kathy out of her life because Kathy’s husband made a few jokes?  Teresa isnt’ being honest here, it is obvious to me.  I think that the show tore up this family and Teresa won’t admit it.

Melissa is quoted as telling viewers that Teresa reminded her family at last year’s Christmas celebration that she is a “Celebrity”.  I think it is clear that Melissa didn’t destry this family, Teresa and her quest for fame and fortune did.  You can read all about it on an old Real City Housewife’s blog from last year:


The other preview is Caroline starting her new gig as a radio personality giving advice to listeners. I can only imagine how difficult it is and how nerve-wracking it must be for Caroline to be on the radio for the first time but this is what she wanted and we all watched as she told the station manager that she could do this!  The truth is she flopped based on this preview, there are a lot of “Ummm” moments and she’s obviously unprepared to talk for more than 10 seconds.  She has a topic but is relying on calls rather than having something solid to say.  She’s clearly waiting to talk to a listener after only 5 seconds of being on the air and announcing the topic, her producer tells her, “don’t worry, the calls will come”.  It only goes downhill from there….


Since I don’t live in New Jersey I’m not sure if Caroline continues to be on the radio with her show, maybe someone who does live there and has heard it will comment and let us know.  Hopefully she improved as time went on.

And now a message from Quincy IL…

“The I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by QuincyIL

Reality Stars are in time loops that James T. Kirk would have difficulty escaping. They have their lives open to the scrutiny of the masses, sell books about their lives, produce clothing lines, and share their every thought on twitter.  It has to be maddening. 

“The Real Housewives of New York” have shared every moment of their lives whether they wanted to go there or not because of the nature of the reality beast.  What happens in their private lives away from the cameras always is discovered because they are watched by paparazzi and fans.  How they behave in a dress shop in the Hamptons or in an elevator on an island in the Caribbean is shared on the Internet with millions.

I like the underdog that refuses to give up because that is how most of us live our lives. Jill Zarin loves an underdog too as Ramona has shared with us on several occasions, but Jill and I have different reasons for caring about the underdog.  I hope the underdog can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and show the rest of us how to survive in this rat race.  Jill gets a feeling of superiority from being on a higher level than the person struggling.   Ramona shares so we know Jill Zarin.

I like Sonja Morgan.  I liked her before I knew that she was an underdog.  I liked her humor and compassion on the yacht near St. John’s.  I like that she ate food and enjoyed every bite while complaining that she ate food.  I liked her quiet asides with self-deprecating humor.  I liked her clothes and don’t care if they are old.  They look great on her. 

I was shocked last fall to learn that Sonja had financial issues and having read the thoughts of a very intelligent board member, I thought Sonja would win her appeal, but when that did not happen this spring, I watch Sonja moving forward and making sure her daughter was loved so I respected her even more.

I did have a week when I wondered after having watched Sonja at the Marriage Equality March and with Alex at the painting reveal, but now I realize that everyone including my heroes have a bad day. Heroes are Humans and they can be underdogs too.

Jill Zarin complains that we look at the past and won’t allow her to move forward. Every time Jill smokes a peace pipe with Alex, Bravo replays the treatments of Jill’s BBF, Bethenny for us in a Marathon, so it’s hard for us to leave the past, but it’s possible to break into linear time as both Alex and Sonja have done that.  We know of their comments and their mistakes, but we don’t hold them accountable forever like we do to Jill Zarin.  Jill Zarin feels that Alex is a hypocrite for forgiving Sonja and Jill Zarin would like to call us hypocrites for forgiving Sonja and Alex, but not Jill. 

Jill Zarin remains in the time loop while Ramona is able to break free and join the blondes in a sincere friendship and this drives Jill Zarin loopy. Ramona has surely been awful to her cast masts.  Yet, she can have a season of renewal and Jill cannot.  Jill feels this is unfair.

Season Four was supposed to save Jill Zarin.  She has videos on the net describing how it was a return to the fun of Season One.  Jill Zarin also shares that it is “The Brunettes against the Blondes.”  This is the fatal flaw that keeps Jill Zarin in infamy.  Jill loves to fight.  It is not something that is forced on her.  She makes the fight her first option.  Ramona feels badly after a dispute. You can see it in her demeanor.  Jill becomes the angry victim who is preparing for the next battle and enlisting the support of other cast members.  Ramona wants it all to go away. Jill rents a Viking costume with a sword.

After each episode, I read the blog and I discuss the stars on this board with fellow commenters.  If Jill does something good or looks nice, it is noted.  The consensus is that there is something wrong in the way that Jill Zarin looks at her cast mates and at the world/fans that make her worthy of a blog with the name “I Hate Jill Zarin.”   Jill openly admits that she is two faced and that her thoughts are real. She does think that Alex is a “F****** bitch!” as she said to the producers about Alex being invited to a wedding. Jill does feel that it is Ramona’s fault that Jill has zero relationship with Bethenny.  Jill refuses to accept fault for sharing her negative thoughts and says “I own it.”  Owning it is not good enough, Jill.  You have to see it, realize that this is a toxic way to think, and stop thinking that way.  If you can control your thoughts, you will move out of the time loop and into a better life for yourself and your family.

Alex had an awful first season.  She tried harder and created a fan base.  You don’t see Alex yelling at her fans on twitter with “Off with your Head” remarks like the Red Queen, Jill.   Sonja communicates with fans and you can sense her sincerity.  Ramona is on another planet, but she knows better than to fight with or insult fans.

Jill Zarin should fire the sycophants that surround her and listen to Lisa Wexler, her older sister.  Lisa is the one person that can guide Jill Zarin out of the time loop.    I see Lisa there and I have listened to her and read her blog.  She is a reasonable person and she wants her sister to find a way out of this. I hate leaving a Human being lost in a time loop too.

Lisa, the contact email address is: LynnAHudson@aol.com

Let’s turn this around and help Jill Zarin come back to reality and happiness.


Really well said Quincy, I love this because every word is true and Quincy is completely fair and unbiased in her post.  I truly hope that Jill Zarin is listening!  Quincy is genuinely trying to help here.

I think that Jill is upset because so many of us were mad at Sonja for the way she treated Alex in the first few episodes but Alex forgave Sonja and so did we.  The problem with Jill’s behavior is that she may apologize but she goes back to the same behavior that required an apology in the first place, her apologies are insincere.

Stop by tonight to chat during The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Bethenny Frankel’s New Talk Show With Ellen DeGeneres Coming Soon?  http://j.mp/m3Enct

Until Next Time….

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170 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey Preview / Housewives News

  1. MichellefromNY says:

    I agree with quincy. Our hatred of jill is not because of her mistakes or flaws because we’ve forgiven others in the past for their flaws like ramona, sonja, and alex. The problem with jill is that her love of fame takes over whatever decency she has. And i think we would like jill if she would take responsibility for what happens to her and not blame everyone else. I think jill skipped over the sesame street episode where owning up to something and apologizing for bad behavior is always better than acting deflecting blame. She would never succeed at anything in life because she needs “yes” men to surround herself with to protect her precious ego. You dont grow in life by having people tell you you’re perfect and everything is good and dandy. People need to tell you that you messed up so you know how to fix yourself.

  2. Ames says:

    Great! I was eating breakfast while reading this! It’s now cold! Who is going to fix my food? Hmmmm? Santa?

  3. Kansas Girl says:

    i agree, Quincy, and you’ve explained it well. I find that I don’t hate Jill the human, but I definitely hate the behavior she exhibits and I hope she can find her way to something better for her so she is happier.

  4. MichellefromNY says:

    Melissa may be a famewhore(and they all are famewhores. Its the nature of the reality beast) but she really is a decent person. I liked her from the beginning because she kept encouraging her husband to stop engagingin verbal spars with teresa at the christening. I think what happened is that the gorga family didnt accept melissa into the family and she was an outcast for years. Her husband saw how miserable his wife was and she probably constantly complained how the family would treat her like dirt. And joey, being the good husband ho loves his wife became estranged from his family. When melissa saw this, she realized that antonia would be losing playmates and cousins and that severing ties to his family while good for her, would be bad for joey. So she encourages him to fix it.
    I think joeys mom is vile. What kind of grandmother doesnt give her granddaughter a gift in person? Does she hate melissa that much. You can tell she loathes melissa and i think she was the original source of tension but then teresa’s famewhoredom brought the whole situation to collassal new heights.
    I dont think melissa is blameless. She was passive aggressive right back to the mom and sis in law. But i think it came from the initial rejection of the family and she was (wrongly) reacting yo be treated to crap. Honestly, i did the same with my mother in law when she was obnoxious to me when i started dating my current hubby. Its not the good and classy way to act, but if you have a big personality like me, you’re not going to be tolerated being treated like garbage and will attack back in any way possible. At this point though, melissa realizes this has gotten outof hand and wans to fix it but at the same time i dont think shes willing to capitulate and pretend like it was all her fault just so teresa will forgive them so she can continue to treat them like crap.

    This is all in my humble opinion of course

    • Nancy says:


    • dsc60 says:

      my ex-mother in law started out vile to me. i killed her with kindness. this way everyone thought that she was wrong to treat me the way she did and without reason. even her husband thought she was acting inappropriately. finally, she came around and embraced me. i’m sure now that i’m gone she boasts to all that she was right from the start. either that or it’s the total opposite and she thinks her son blew it. anyway, i really don’t care now.

      it doesn’t seem like melissa gets much of a chance any longer since it seems like joey doesn’t see his family very often. it’s really hard to judge without knowing the history. maybe she tried being nice and it just didn’t work so then she got to the point where she is now. i do have to give her credit for encouraging joey to try and work things out. it does show that family is important to her.

  5. MichellefromNY says:

    Someone in the last blog revealed that the zarins, kamens, and shapiros have been writing rave reviews for “zarin enterprises” for years. They found a blog that basically was reviewing the zarin fabric sotre before jill was on the show and 3 of the positive comments came from family. I guess they never thought jill would actually be a star and that people would find out who is related to them.

    But in any case, i found this comment on that blog about bobbys lack of intelligence:

    Bobby Zarin has something do with the success of this firm? If so, quite remarkable for an airhead who could not even master his courses at the University of Miami in the late 60′s…a real lightweight!
    posted by UM Alumnus on December 11th 2006 at 1:22pm

    LOL! I guess thats why he was stupid enough to marry jill and couldnt see past her smiles to her shwred and manipulative self and still continues to think jill is all fine and dandy. He’s just a blubbering idiot.

    • Carly says:

      Blubbering idiot…as we all expected. He does, however, seem well-intentioned and kind-hearted, no?

      • Error404 says:

        No. He always seemed like a sleazy ass to me.

        • MichellefromNY says:

          Me too. I get the same vibe from taylors husband. Maybe its the freaky glasses or the vagabond beard, but i wud be skeeved if i had to sit next to him. Hes a little creepy. Maybe its cuz he doesnt speak ever. The silent types who stare at you are creepy.

    • Error404 says:

      I remember reading that before. But from other things I’ve read, i got the impression that the store went almost directly from bawby’s dad to bawb’ys sons. I also read thathe made his money in real estate deals, not the store. Which would also explain Jill’s re license. It was probably just so she could sign the paperwork as he flipped buildings for a quick buck.

      • Smompy says:

        From the little snippets & quotes emanating from David Zarin in various articles (and he’s the one who actually runs the business), he seems to be pretty smart, plus even though he doesn’t come out and say anything nasty about his evil stepmother, I always get the inference that he doesn’t like her much. And of course disliking Jill is a quality I admire.

  6. WindyCityWondering says:

    Fun and interesting blogs this morning – thank you both!
    Now I will have to think about the Guidice/Gorga family dynamic, the Manzo muppets miserable webisode and Jill’s time loop conundrum. But first, I have to figure out a way to keep my huskys out of the strawberry patch!

  7. California35 says:

    Good morning and happy father’s day!

    ITA with Q about Jill … We don’t forgive her because she really has not really apologized owned and changed her behavior. To this day my mom says that she doesn’t like when people apologize to her and she doesn’t like to apologize either. I really don’t like or agree with her, but I have learned what she means. She has explained and I am understanding it. She says that if she doesn’t really means it she won’t appologize. If she has any feeling that the ore person is at fault SHE won’t apologize, if she feels she hurt the person she feel really bad, but would feel embarrassed to bring up her own behavior that doused that pain. (I have mixed feeling about it, but the last part truly made me feel better). When she talks about her being the one accepting an apology, she says she rather that person, doesn’t bring it up an instead move on, because she doesn’t need the apology to feel better. She says that the people who have apologize to her, some would even cry when doing so, but then turn around and do the same thing or continue to act like thet did. THAT is what made me understand her…and relate it to Jill. We don’t want to see her apologize, she is not sincere….oh and the worst part is that she acts like she is the one that needs to forgive others….THAT is why she doesnt apologize or changes her behavior, because she feels she is the one that was hurt.

  8. Error404 says:

    I think it must be exhausting to be jill’s friend. She seems to need constant damage control, constant clean up, constant defense. We’ve seen bawby have a word with Alex, to reprimand her for upsetting jill. We’ve seen him have this word with bethenny too. We’ve read that he’s had this word with Mario and Simon has mentioned having this word with bawby in the past. Bawby should wear atshirt that reads ” clean up in aisle 5″ because all he seems to do is go around scolding the seemingly endless supply of people who upset his wife. I love my husband, but after a year or two of half the world all picking on him for absolutely no reason, I’d start to suspect it was maybe him that was the problem. I’m just saying.

    • quincyil says:

      Error, Jill is have a problem with rejection. She thought she would be loved by all and that is never going to happen. There are people who don’t like Mother Teresa.

      Jill is battling fans on twitter, facebook and in blogs. It’s time consuming, expensive, and useless.

      Fans are fickle. They are hot and cold. Sonja’s fantastic line “water off a duck’s back” is my every day rule for existence.

      You can’t battle a tornado (but you can name it Error 404). You can’t wage a war in cyberspace.

      The reunion is on the 22nd. Turn this around. Have a reunion where you all solve issues.

      I think you can have fun with hangergates and saving seats in fans and you don’t have to say, “You were never my friend.”

      We were all in high school decades ago, but we remember those interactions. I never had the desire to be in the cool girl group. I was the President of the Science Club and organized the first Earth Day in Illinois. Kelly Bensimon…eat your heart out! LOL

      I did watch those high school girl interact and noted that they hurt each other. I think the people giving advice to Jill Zarin are as bad at the guy helping Sonja with 20 years of experience.

      The one person on Earth who would help Jill Zarin is Lisa Wexler. She is the person Jill should listen to and trust.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I don’t think Lisa Wexler can help. From what I’ve read she behaves pretty much the same way as Jill. Making fun of people with JZ on her radio show. She encourages Jill.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Of course we know that Bawwbby is sent by his wife to “talk/shame/reprimand” her aggressors. i.e. anyone who dared insult her delicate (yeah right) sensibilities. The reason is the following…

      My sister, the villain, was married to a mild mannered ex-soldier who worked as a corrections officer. He spent many hours hearing her rant about those who did her wrong and she would make him go to “talk” to these people. When we had a fight, he showed up to my door calmly asking what happened. I told him it was a matter between sisters and he really shouldn’t try to interject himself in the chaos. He said that if he refused or went home without talking to me, my sister would make his life impossible. He hadn’t been able to sleep after working all night as she kept telling him to come and defend her honor and insult both myself AND my husband. I loved my brother-in-law, yes past tense they divorced years later, so we gave him coffee, cracked a few jokes and sent him on his way. I’m sure he told her he let us have it and my husband apologized and then he was able to sleep. You see my BIL took his chances with kind people pitying him, but Baawwbby is trying to shame people, knowing full well how deceitful his wife is. He’s no sucker, he’s just as manipulative as she is, using his greasey old man, nice guy persona to get people to apologize to his wife and do her bidding. However, if he doesn’t have these “conversations” which are all Jill’s idea, his life would be MORE of a living hell!

    • dsc60 says:

      Bethenny did say she liked Alex because she was a low maintenance friend which i translated into Jill being high maintenance which she seems to be in every way.

  9. quincyil says:

    If Jill is interestied in pulling a 180 and coming out of the time loop that she is stuck in, I think her sister can really guide her. If you read Lisa’s blogs or listen to her on the radio, she has common sense. Of course, she loves Jill. Sisters should love each other.

    There were moments this season that I saw light at the end of the tunnel for Jill Zarin. When she was dealing fairly with Alex at Alex’s home and the way she treated Alex during the Shirley Temple incident showed a flash of light in the distance.

    Jill’s relationship off camera with Alex might be bad right now, but Alex has a lot of the thoughts that we have here. Alex and Sonja could guide Jill Zarin tool. Listen to them and see how they approach issues, Jill. Alex McCord is interested in the dynamics of the group. She pointed out that the group dynamics are affected by Jill’s feelings.

    I think Jill is trying to be funny, like Bethenny, at times and it falls flat because of the aura around Jill. We don’t expect her to be funny. Comedians actually create the environment for us to be receptive. At least, funny comedians do that.

    We know that Jill’s people read this site every day, so we know Jill will be infomed of that praiirie blog. I think Jill is mad at her cast mates because they read this site. This affects Jill Zarin’s emotions and is running under the surface of the show and in real time.

    Frankly, I believe Jill when she says that editing changes what she looks like. She should learn to watch what she gives them and if she is not furious all of the time, she would not give them material to make her look furious.

    Jill can’t do this alone, but she could do it with Lisa’s help. Alex and Sonja can help her too.

    Jill will be surprised at how accepting ex-friends are when you actually change, People recognize that we are all fallible and they will forgive and forget when they see that you are sincere.

    Open the door, JIll.


    • I don’t think Jill wants to change. I believe she thinks she’s right, and everyone else should change. iI being the most hated housewife and being completely cut out of Bethenny’s life didn’t make her change – then I’m not sure what will. I doubt she listens to Lisa, and people have mentioned here that Lisa is also very mean on her radio show.

      • quincyil says:

        I have not listened to all of her shows. I caught one about Israel and her concerns.

        i have read her blogs. I did not read their book, but he reviews were bad.

        No one is perfect, but Lisa is the best Jill has.

        • I love my sister. She has very bad instincts for relationships, and continually asks for my advice. One thing I have learned over the last 20 years is that she never takes my advice. She continues to make the same mistakes. She started seeing a life coach a few months ago. I have hope for her. (She is nothing like Jill – just a woman who trusts the wrong men).

  10. Caitlin says:

    Quincy, How eloquent and insightful – and a joy to read! It really is true that the sincerest form of apology is a change in one’s behavior. And that is why the other ladies can forgive and forget and move forward.

    • quincyil says:

      Bethenny told Jill what she had to do.

      I think Jill wanted ot change, but has bad advice.

      • cabbie413 says:

        Jill also told Bethenny I’ll never change, i am who i am. Jill doesn’t want to change..she sees nothing wrong with her behavior.

        • Caitlin says:

          But it did seem, cabbie, that at least for a glimmer of a moment, Jill had some true insight into herself during last year’s reunion. Then, it would seem, she retreated to the lowest common denominators of Luann’s Count-less insecurity plus her army of paid sycophants. Real change is gut-wrenching, and requires a commitment of toil, tears and sweat. Jill, in the end, took the softer, easier way out.

          • quincyil says:

            There was a glimmer of change when it came to Alex in the last few episodes. Jill has been silent about Alex. That means Jil had the ability to hold her tongue at time. All she needs to do is expand on that.

            Jill have a problem with fans that she is unable to solve. She read this site and it upsets her. If Jill were to find peace with us, she could find peace with her cast mates.

            No one here wishes Jill Zarin any ill will. We dslike the way she treats people on the reality show. She can consider our concerns and look at her words and actions on the show. I think this is a small thing.

            • Caitlin says:

              As you have said other places Quincy, everyone has had to accept things about themselves that they do not necessarily like about themselves. As my genius therapist, Dr. Judy, said to me, “As precious time keeps ticking by, it takes more energy to keep denying our faults than it does to accept them and do something about them.” It’s very hard to see that when one is 100% invested in denial. And that is where Jill seems to be stuck. I do not wish her ill. I wish her freedom from the past – but she has to do the work!

              • Nancy says:

                Jill is still getting something from her current behavior.
                People only change when that has stoppered. The question is…
                What is Jill still getting? Answer? Maybe she wants to keep
                people at bay? It’s like her shield. She doesn’t want people to know
                the real Jill?

                • Caitlin says:

                  God knows I could be so wrong, Nancy, but somehow I keep sensing the Desperation of Denial shining through so much of what Jill says and does. And denial itself can be a drug.

                • dsc60 says:

                  look at her “friends” Luann, Kelly, Cindy. they all reinforce her bad behavior. they indicate that she doesn’t need to change… that it’s everyone else who has problems.

  11. WindyCityWondering says:

    JIll tries to take on too many conflicting roles at once – and when they are diametrically opposed – instigator of mischief vs misunderstood victim, the outcome is a predictable hot mess. And to borrow from Kelly’s vocabulary – Jill is not being authentic when she tries to fix the damage she has done. She demands forgiveness and/or an apology – demanding is not sincere, especially when she doesn’t want to hear what she has done or how her actions made the other person feel and then throws in a threat of unless it is done than the friendship is done as well!
    Jill seems to have neutralize the damage she did to Alex both last season and this season. IMO, Alex let Jill play her forgiveness/apology game and went along with it knowing she couldn’t trust Jill in the future. Jill will not be successful with mending her relationship with Ramona because Ramona refuses to play the Emporer’s New Clothes with Jill. Jill was more likely having an orgasmic experience instead of a heart attack during the fight in Morocco because Jill has a need to scream, yell and throw past history into her tandrums. Jill will never forget or forgive Ramona for stealing her big Bethenny make up scene in SJVI and Ramona will never let Jill have her way. Sadly, IMO, JIll is not programmed to truly own her behavior nor possesses the sincerity to repair a damaged relationship.

    • quincyil says:

      I bet every person on this board had made a mistake and reprogrammed their way of approaching a problem. They call it, “Growing up.”

      We will see if Jill allows this door to open.

      If I was Jill, I would drag Alex, Sonja and Lisa into the discussion. I would hash out things now, before the reunion so that she won’t have 3 weeks of OMG on TV like last year.

      Jill has an underlying issue that she could fix. Then next year, they can work together to turn the direction of the show and their lives.

      With all of that NY money and opportunity for showing us the good life, I think they can come up with a show that will change the direction of reality TV forever. Take Sonja’s direction and run with it: French Cominque. Make fun of yourselves, not others.

  12. I believe Jill has a lifetime habit of lies and deceit, and isn’t likely to change. I posted this last night, but I thought I’d bring it over. These are comments left on a sight for Zarin Fabrics.


    “It has everything you can think of and then some.I met the owner, Bobby Zarin who was friendly and very helpful. That’s the reason they have the great reputation they enjoy. They do things the old fashion way, you, the customer come’s first.
    posted by Sol J. Kamen on May 11th 2005 at 7:01am ” NOTE SOL IS JILL’S DAD

    After someone wrote a bad review about samples and postage, there was this one:

    “I also ordered samples from Zarin. I didn’t mind the price for shipping because I know what a pain it is to cut and send sample. I am in a similar business and lose money doing it. I can only imagine how many swatches they cut and probably very few turn into orders. In any case…when the swatches were not marked properly..they couldn’t have been nicer. They even scanned in the swatches and emailed me the information. I saved over $800 so it was worth the trouble. David, the man I spoke to, said they have improved thier sampling process and even credited me the money for the swatches against my order. I didn’t expect that when I am saving so much money off the listed price everywhere else. I would DEFINITELY order again. Just compare thier prices to anyone else..you will see too. Good Luck!
    Show More
    posted by Reid Wexler on February 19th 2006 at 7:43pm ” NOTE WEXLER

    “Zarn is great. I am in the middle of redecorating my room and Zarin is doing everything. I custom orderd apink tufted headboard, a pink carpet and i got all of my furniture from them. Best quality and low prices. i highly rercomend Zarin to everyone.

    p.s i found zarin in Zagat as the #1 upholstery store….check them out!
    posted by ally shapiro on May 23rd 2006 at 5:27pm ” AND LITTLE ALLY CHIMES IN!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Do you wonder if Jill just wrote the reviews and borrowed family names? Ally wouldn’t have any idea what Zagat ratings are but Jill would. Since she wasn’t challenged here, she went on to become “Susan” of Amazon fame.

      • Yes – I doubt her dad and daughter wrote the comments. Since they were written over a year apart, someone had to really care and watch this site (there were 15 comments in all). The funny thing is she hasn’t gotten much better at covering her tracks. The latest story she planted about Mario had the “eyewitness” being outed as her assistants boyfriend or friend.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      And unlike Jill..they at least used their REAL NAMES…..too funny…
      For the unknowing public…they would not be any wiser that these people are RELATIVES….

      for the comment on the blog..It was GREAT…so well worded..Jill will never have TRUE FRIENDS as she doesn’t quite grasp the concept of what friendship is all about. She has thesame attitudes with her family..Mother , Sister , daughter , Jennifer her DIL etc…. She doesn’t understand the words…FORGIVE AND FORGET…she rather thinks along the lines…hmm.. maybe I can fake forgive,.BUT I WILL NEVER FORGET….the amount of energy it takes for her to maintain this vile and evil contempt towards other people could be well spent doing something constructive..

      I would so LOVE to be a fly in the room on the last day of her life as she lays on her death bed…I can only imagine her conversation with her Maker before she draws her last breath…..I wonder what she will hear as her response to the question..Which direction am I headed….
      Will there be enough time for her life and actions to FLASH before her eyes…One could only hope so…
      I do hope that Jill finds it in her heart to LEARN the meaning of friendship and all the values that it entails..She just may find that life itself can be quite rewarding just on the merits of being a TRULY GOOD PERSON and MEAN IT…..
      Happy Fathers Day to all the guys who do what they do..and do it right…..
      Hugs and Peace

    • Debbie says:

      I just posted a reply on the other blog..it was the comment someone left about Bawby and I don’t think it was Jill’s handiwork.. 😉
      “Bobby Zarin has something do with the success of this firm? If so, quite remarkable for an airhead who could not even master his courses at the University of Miami in the late 60’s…a real lightweight!”
      posted by UM Alumnus

  13. plainviewsue says:

    Beautifully written Quincy. But it will fall on deaf ears, cos Jill can never change. She cares too much about herself and her importance.

    I was discussing the show this morning with a very good friend who is on the opposite side of me when it comes to the housewives. She thinks they are all crazy, but dislikes Ramona and Alex more than Jill & Louann. I don’t understand, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions of course.

    As I was talking about the show and getting very heated (!), I realized that this show is so unhealthy for me! As much as Teresa can annoy me and the Orange County housewives are nuts, none of them upset me to the point of Jill.

    I totally hate her and the way she treats the people around her. Her blogs drive me nuts because she is blind to how she is perceived by others. Her treatment of Bethenny can never be forgivven. Bethenny allowed herself to open herself with Jill’s family and they betrayed that trust she had put in them.

    Now LULU wants to be the bad girl. Jill and Lulu keep calling themselves the victims of bullying. Every last one of theam brunette is nuts. And after reading Cindy’s blog, she is a bitch and nastier then I thought she was.

    I want the show to revolve around the blondes only and new castmates.

    • Adgirl says:

      Plain, I feel your pain! (didn’t intendto write a rhyme LOL.) These shows aren’t escapism anymore. They are a voluntary stress test for me. An unhealthy habit I need to break.

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill does not seem to believe in self reflection or examination of her behavior as it relates to those she affects. Had she really looked at what happened when she made her grand entrance on SJVI (she even has the benefit of watching it on tapes!) instead of tightly holding on to her own negative feelings then maybe she would see what her behavior does to other people. Because Jill is so self centered and needs to be right at any cost, it may be impossible to put anyone else first or to truly care about their feelings.
    This is an entertainment show but Jill has turned it into a contest with the prize of being top dog! She fails to realize that the lives she messes with are real and that there are consequences to her actions that go past the confines of tv. I cross paths with women who are very much like Jill – while I am polite to them I don’t engage them or let them into my life.

    • Kats2 says:

      “Jill does not seem to believe in self reflection or examination of her behavior as it relates to those she affects.”

      Jill obsesses over Everything and spends the rest of her time creating excuses. It’s all about her and why she is right. It’s really very sad. I will never forget when Bethenny said at the reunion, how Jill would react to other people getting things and playing the pathetic “Why not me” that she can never really be happy for anyone else.

  15. I watched the video of Gia’s gymnastics, and sorry but I don’t think Teresa’s comments about Milania were harsh. She just said she was different than Gia. I think she should enroll Milania in gymnastics (maybe she is). That would work off some of the excess energy.

  16. Kats2 says:

    Happy Fathers Day!

    I totally agree, great blogs. I didn’t have a good feeling about Jill from the start, but Bethenny is really the one who saved Jill and brought out a different side of her. The relationship between Bethenny and Jill was great to watch and there is no replacing it.

    Now it’s really bad, we are seeing the real Jill and Luann just makes her worst. If Jill is still being a wimp and looking for someone to blame besides herself, she should be blaming Luann.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Yes blaming luMann would save her. By throwing luMan under the bus, jill would fix her reputation in the eyes of the casual viewer and garner a fan base tht truly liked her. We will always hate her here, but at least her visciousness will be dircted to the evil luMann so we wud actually enjoy it!

      • I agree. If she sudden realized how poorly she’s been acting (remember Jaq from NJ reunion at the end), and makes up with everyone, and turns to LuLu and says “you’ve been pretty awful too”. That would redeem her in 70-80% of the viewers eyes. Most people watch the show and don’t read the other stuff anyway.

        What she has to avoid is trying to make Ramona (or Alex) look bad at the reunion. She needs to concentrate on herself (Jill) looking good – by showing a little humility and passion, and understanding.

        • plainviewsue says:

          That is a fabulous idea. If she would do that and MEAN it, I think she would be well on the road to redemption.

          But it’ll never happen. She doesn’t have the niceness gene!

  17. re: Bobby as an enabler – – –
    I thought Bobby’s conversation with Alex was okay. She went overboard as the messenger, and he was trying to see if there was a way to diffuse the situation before it got out of hand. Unfortunately he misread Jill and she wasn’t ready to listen to Alex (and it did get out of control).
    He was fine in Scary Island – just talked to Bethenny calmly (who he hadn’t seen in ages), and left quietly.
    I don’t think he makes things worse. I’m going to have to put the blame firmly on Jill and her PR team for that.

  18. VAgirl says:

    I have to give you props, Quincy, for at least trying to reason out what Jill is about and what she can do to fix it. Unfortunately, I don’t think Jill thinks there is anything to be fixed about herself. I think some people are just naturally happy in their miserableness. She doesn’t want to fire her PR team because they are yes people and don’t make her face up to her true self. If everyone in her family truly stood up to her and told her how she really is, then maybe, maybe she would take a look at herself in the mirror and want to change, If that hasn’t happened by now, I don’t see it happening ever. That could be why Jill and her sister didn’t talk for years. Maybe Lisa did tell it like it is and Jill couldn’t handle the truth, so Lisa just gave up so she could have some type of relationship with Jill, her only sibling, I think.

  19. klmh says:

    Jill thinks she is an attorney, a CPA, a dentist, a physician, a tailor and designer, a fashionista, and who knows what else. Why do you think she would entertain the idea from you or anyone else that she is imperfect and admit something that would lower her standard in intelligence or status in life, in her own mind?
    You are deluding yourself, but it is a nice thought, because you are a nice person.

    • quincyil says:

      Lynn thinks that I have that flaw too. I do see the glass as half full.

      I hope they contact Lynn. I acutally thought that Jill had changed and that something was up last fall when I saw the Katriina post on New Year’s Even. I thought that Alex wouold be a good judge of a changed Jill Zarin.

      I don’t think Ramona is doing well this season at all. Was that Ramona in a red wig screaming about diamond at the very end of the show from Thurs. That looked like she was totally out of control.

      I see moments of Jill with the other women that give me a glimmer of hope.

      I am your unofficial pretend soothsayer, but I don’t know if this will work. If it did work, Andy Cohen will not have the fight at the reunion that he hopes for.

      They worry about their hair, makeup, clothes and shoes, They should worry about how they treat each other in public. The only thing I remember about clothing from the last reunion is Jill’s green shoes with red bottoms. I’m sure the shoes will be important to Jill this reunion too.

      • Nancy says:

        That also had the sales ticket still on so Jill could return them after the reunion was over.

      • klmh says:

        It will be interesting to see the the reunion. Im not sure it will center on Jill, but LuAnn might certainly be trying to defend herself. It was really interesting though, the only time L. stopped her abusive and petty rebukes was when Alex said her comment was rude, about her shoes. Maybe if the blondes use that tactic they can get her to listen.
        My husband is a person that sees the glass as over half full as well, and its a lovely way to look at things.

  20. VAgirl says:

    Absurd to Sublime is reporting that RHNJ is already filming Season 4 Interesting article.


  21. Amber...Real Wife says:

    With the NY reunion coming up i’d like us to send Simon an open letter. Please feel free to add on follks and possibly send it to him via twitter. 🙂

    Dearest Simon,

    Silex has been my favorite married couple on RealityTV for years. You’ve shown us your mutual love, admiration and repect all with buckets of humor tossed in. In dealing with the HW’s, we’ve seen you attacked and attack back quite successfully, however I FEEL you need to HELP prepare ALEX for the reunion. While I am sure you believe Alex can handle herself, the truth is she is too educated, kind and genteel, when compared to these NY brawlers. She is too CEREBRAL, taking in the words of her opponents, registering and refuting the claims, while the opponent speaks over her and continues to attack. Alex is quite the wordsmith, and while her words are absolutely on point, they are not sharp enough to combat the incoming barrage.

    How could she let LuMan tell her she was butting in someone else’s business, and NOT let her have it for doing the exact thing for 2 or more seasons! Call her out for being a hypocrite, forget pretentious, condescending and patronizing, just say she’s a wannabe elitist obnoxious snob who is broke and dejected trying to hold on to a purchased title, that was thrice removed even before the divorce. LooseAnn insulted Alex’s style many times this season, even jealously attacking LV a premiere designer, while wearing the same dirty boots, cheap gaudy jewelry and borrowed or old tacky clothing for the last four seasons. While DelooseAnalLou defends herself as the GrandDame of Decorum, let Alex point out her atrocious behaviour in Morocco, where she attacked Ramona because of Jill and even wanted to leave the blondes without dinner when we all know she didn’t PAY a dime for the trip! Also, how dare this manly bitch talk about Alex not fitting in with them, as she’s a poor hooker who was emptying bedpans in CT, before she married her grandpa CountChocula! She’s the upper crust of society? More like just a crusty old ho trying to hold on while trying to stop your wife who has the education natural sophistication and class that the Countless learned or pretends to have. As for Jill and her comments about Alex socializing above her level, remind her of her LI roots, marrying a senior citizen for money not love, and how she’s just schlepping fabric as a living, not haute couture as she likes to think.

    In conclusion Simon, we know how kind, loving and forgiving your wife is. We also want to see her defend her honor and not get flustered and spoken over by mean callous shrews. Puh-leeze school her in the ways of the quick retort and to never say excuse me more than once per battle. Your fans are counting on you. 🙂

    Sincerely yours,

    Anyone else want to add something?

    • MichellefromNY says:

      My only advice is that she should repeat these three things to luann…youre a hypocrite(you meddle in jills issues and was the messenger of jill to ramona by giving her the koala) a proven liar (use examples like that she was going to ramona to make it all better but the tape caught her saying why r u causing problem ramona?) and a slut (cheated on her then husband with other men and how she as always a loose floozy). The more she says it the less lumann can overtalk her into submission

      • I think she should use phrases like “You know that isn’t true.” I don’t think she should call LuLu a slut – it will reflect poorly on Alex to lower herself like that.

        I think her main points are that LuLu said “hateful” things all season behind her back, and was the “messenger” between Jill and everyone else for the last two seasons. That should be enough.

        She should ignore the other three – or stick to the “you know that isn’t true” or “that’s pretty harsh” lines if they go after her – which I doubt they will.

        She could bring out a doozy – like “you spread lies that make Simon have to leave his job” to Jill if she had to. I’d have one of those in my back pocket (similar to Camille and the naked pictures in the limo).

    • sue says:

      I would love to see Alex just square up to Luann(when Lulu interrupts Alex)and start yelling in her face “the street way” LOL, that would make my day!

      • Nancy says:

        She should say when LuMan is talking over her…Is it good manners LuMan
        to talk over someone?

      • ms molly says:

        I would be afraid that she would say “Excuse me or l’m sorry” before yelling into her face the street way.
        Now that makes me want to go through the TV and take care of the situation myself. I’ve actually never heard anyone argue politely before.

  22. FlowerPower says:

    Great blog today! I’m afraid I’m pretty jaded though when it comes to Jill changing. I think she did want change this season–but she wanted US (the fans/viewers) to change–change how we saw her without her actually doing anything differently. I think she’s always believed she’s right and really doesn’t need to act differently–we just need to see things her way, so she blames editing and everyone else around her for the negative reactions her behavior generates.

    I think when she talked about coming back this season so we could see the real her, it wasn’t about her acting better toward others, it was her expecting a kinder edit. We were supposed to realize during those episodes when she was in Australia that she was not the negative force on the show that people were accusing her of being. New producers would guarantee that we would see a version of the truth that agreed with her reality and in so doing we would all regret ever having said a harsh word about her.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Flower i think you make a good point. Jill doesnt want to do anything. She’s inherently lazy. Thats why she’s making a shapewear line because she’s too lazy to diet herself. I mean, think about it, jill never does her own dirty work, she gets her minions to do it. She also doesnt have a job and “works” at zarin fabrics whenever filming is happening. Sye spends most of her ay in bed and trolls the internet looking up press about herself and planting stories while also tweeting constsntly–a sign she doesnt do anything with her day and doesnt haveany responsibilities like a typical teenager. Instead of working hard for her money like bethanny and ramona, she married rich and thinks her “celeberity” guarantees her success in any venture without writing up proper business plans and putting in the hard work.

  23. sue says:

    Again, I think the word “reality” also lends itself to how we perceive and accept these women. For instance, Jills first and second season on RONY had most viewers seeing her as “the nice jewish girl from Long Island ” and flavored with endearing hints of a typical NY yenta which sometimes could be overlooked and laughed at, because there was a “realness” to it. I truly feel that in her young life she was not accepted. She probably was the akward one in the family and her sister Lisa was probably alway the achiever and levelheaded one who Mommy and Daddy gloated over, not intentionally I’m sure, but Jill just seems to crave approval and they do say it usally starts in childhood. Jill has also admitted to not being popular in high school and not having hardly any friends. I remember an episode where Jills mom Gloria was in the kitchen w/Bethenny, You know the one where she told B she would adopt her, before the conversation she told B she Loved and respected successful people and I just have this feeling that all her life Jill not only tried to gain approval from others, but mostly her mother and I think she tries to equalize success with having money and status and because she could not do it on her own she married it, but I think she found out, that in her mothers eyes money does not equal success and deep down she probably felt defeated again.

    Now when Jill got the RHONY and people started to genuinely like Jill for Jill this I’m sure not only filled the void of “the lonely,frumpy and unpopular girl”, it also made her feel she made Mommy proud…Look I guess what I’m trying to convey here is that, have you ever heard the story of the people who came from nothing and they could not handle the fame and they turn into these self-centered, egotistical A-holes whojust surround theirselves with people who tell them what they want to hear? This to me is what Jill Zarin ended up to be, when she finally got that feeling of acceptence and approval for just being her she became a monster and she will and would do anything not to loose it! even go as far as what she did to B, or her writing her own reviews. She cant see or accept that she is in a war with herself and I feel that is why she deletes,blocks and just wont listen to constructive critism. that is why she has been surrounding herself with weak minded people like Kelly who will tell her what she wants to hear, because Kelly wants friends and will do exactly what Jill tells her.

    I think Jill is so far gone that she has herself believeing that these “genuine self-made actors” and other truly sucessful people that when she meets them, she thinks they truly like her and want to “be around Jill Zarin” when these people, everyday smile in peoples faces and then forget about them the next minute. I’m not saying they do it intentionally, but c’mon, waht does Jill Zarin have in common with Oprah. Jill has to accept that she is just a mean spirited reality celeb that is trying to accomplish real things like B, but Jill has to remember, and Kelly for that matter that people like B want to make things better and they do it by hard work and determination,not by trying to ruin and steamroll over people. Jill has to go back a couple years and remember when she used to build someone up, and although she liked to be mentioned as helping, the fact is she did help.

    As for Kelly, as I said before, this one really does need professional help, because although Bravo feels they are making ratings, I’m afraid they are putting Kelly and other in harms way, especially Kellys daughters. I was bored this morning and started watching interviews w/Kelly from 3-4 yrs ago till now, its not funny anymore its time people start doing something to get this chick away from any type of Camera! Again a perfect example of what someone can turn out like when they only surround themselves with people who dont truly care for them and just tell them what they want to hear. I know some blogs and message/comment boards can be nasty, but they should let some through so these women can read them!!!

    • Adgirl says:

      Amen Sue. See my note below about Jill being just like my Jewish aunt.
      Jill is extremely destructive to people she doesn’t like (Alex) or people she is angry with (Ramona, Bethenny). She has zero empathy for the results of her wars because she has a bottomless hole to fill in her self-esteem and she fills it with the bodies of the vanquished.
      By watching and commenting on sites like this we are enabling her.

      • Nancy says:

        How can this site help her self esteem?

        • Adgirl says:

          I think Jill is an ADDICT.

          Bethenny said Jill has to “win”. Jill has to “kill” her opponent professionally and socially for her to “win”. It feeds her ego. Big ego= low self esteem so she constantly needs to prove to us and most importantly to herself that she is The One by vanquishing her opponent.

          She trolls day and night for mentions of her name. She tweets like she’s sending out SOS signals.

          She is addicted to the fame and to the “win” because then she is truly on TOP of the heap.
          She gets HIGH.
          So for an hour our two she is elated – she is HIGH. She’s got the buzz!!!, Then it wears off and it’s time for her next fix. She starts the hunt again.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Wow sue, just wow. I think you really hit this on the nail. Very eloquently put! You put into words exactly my thoughts about jill, it makes so much sense now wow.

    • Indy501 says:

      Well said!

  24. Adgirl says:

    Jill & Bobby remind me of my Aunt and Uncle. My aunt is the stereotypical manipulative Jewish woman, my uncle the suffering enabler.
    My aunt is exactly like Jill Zarin and her mother Gloria. She will ask you in front of 12 people at dinner how much you weigh. She will compliam day & night about the help. She is 90 yrs old and maintains a lifelong feud with her cousin, even though they were raised together and are the only surviors of their generation.My aunt also blackballs (fatwahs) people she dislikes.
    My uncle who was a brilliant & famous patent atty protected her and then finally drifted away leaving her to own devices while he hid at his office until his death.

    I think Bobby’s mom is exaclty like Jill so he feels comfortable re-inacting his father’s life. I don’t think most traditional Jewish men cheat either (too much guilt). They become workaholics or alcoholics. One divorce is enough for Bobby, his mother probably gave him hell over it.

    What I’m getting at here is neither Jill or Bobby will change. They are locked in a generational role modeled by their parents. Shrewish wife, suffering provider. That’s the deal.
    Times are changing so, maybe Ally will be different.

    • Sonjafan says:

      Very good summation, I would like to add that from my perspective, most of the jewish men I know/knew cheated like crazy. They treated their wives well materially and found a shiksa (non-jewish woman) for a girlfriend. I am not saying this is commonplace but the few I knew were horrible with the cheating. My ex is jewish and he is now on wife #4, and he always had the next wife waiting in line while he was winding down the current wife. His first two wives were jewish and the last two were not. I have quite a few others that I can use as an example, but one is enough I think. However I have also known jewish men that are faithful and loving and adore their wives whether they are crazy or nice. These are the men that took their vows seriously.

      • MichellefromNY says:

        On my side, as a Jew and married to a wonderful man, i see jewish men as being sweet and very loving. But one thing that is true that they dont usually divorce unless the guy is a total asshole and cheats or beats his wife. I do think that jills generation of jewish women can be more shwrewish but again, there are always exceptions to this rule. A friend of mine is manipulative while a woman jills age is an angel. I think its more a personality trait of being a shrew that is exacerbated by jewish culture which is very family oriented like italians and greeks.

      • Adgirl says:

        You know, now that you mention it…. I probably don’t like to think about my uncle cheating so I have decided that he didn’t. Sooo… what was he doing “at the office” all those years?? Probably hiding from my aunt.
        When I read about the old fashioned Brooklyn to Florida group (ala Jerry Seinfield’s parents on tv) cheating just isn’t discussed. My dad was jewish and married a raging athiest. My dad worshiped my mother, so that is how I decided jewish men don’t cheat. TV and my dad.

    • Caitlin says:

      So sad……. But it is also true that if one spouse changes the way they interact with the world, and the other does not, the marriage itself is doomed. So, you have what we so often see – 2 sort of “half people” desperately clinging together to make a whole one. As you said, it is a “marriage model” that is all too common.

      • Nancy says:

        I knew this was you “speaking” even before I looked at your name.
        We DO speak in Bumper Stickers. Too funny.
        Did you ever seen “Postcards for the Edge?
        If not you need to run to your video store and rent it.

  25. I’m becoming neutral / sympathetic to Teresa. Here are the reasons:

    1) Her life has changed; she needs to earn money; she’s accepted it and is doing something about it
    2) Joe will pay for his crimes – he’s going to trial this summer and may end up in jail for a hefty time
    3) They have the right to defend themselves in court; we don’t have the right to say they are guilty before their trial – we live in the USA.
    4) Her family drama has been splashed across our TV screens. We all have family drama. No one else needs to see it.

    Teresa isn’t a bright woman, and she isn’t self aware. She has violent tendencies that seem to be shared with her parents and brother. But she doesn’t seem to lay out a plan to destroy other people. And yes I know Joe’s crime has very much hurt people – but I feel like the courts will take care of his punishment.

    • Kats2 says:

      Not me! I bet Joe will get off and won’t serve any time. Teresa will continue to lie and not own her mistakes, get help for her anger problems and keep living a life they can’t afford. I don’t feel sorry she has to work, who doesn’t work? She spends it, she can earn it.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Bottom line for me, Teresa might annoy me, but my hatred for Jillousy and Loumann is through the roof!!!

      Teresa doesn’t know much better and isn’t a smart woman.

      I think what is really killing me about Lulu is this woman seriously thinks she comes from royal lineage!!! She got a title by marrying someone with a title. End of story.

  26. I secretly don’t want Jill to change. I secretly enjoy reading about all her misadventures – or watching her make a fool of herself in her ponytail and squeezewear on WWHL. I enjoy that Lynn starts every entry into this blog with “I Hate Jill Zarin” because for me the word HATE when used against an individual has very strong meaning.

    I think Jill could change her image with the right PR people.
    I think Jill could change herself with a lot of intensive therapy.

    I’m glad she has horrific PR people. Really, really bad – couldn’t be worse PR people.
    I wouldn’t mind if she got some therapy – her fabulous circle of friends would be much happier.

    • LOL! I don’t want Jill to change either. She has provides A LOT of entertainment offscreen. Her misadventures include writing her own book review, threatening legal action over a silly TV poll, leaking gossip to the tabloids with her “grubby little fingerprints” written all over it, having temper tantrums on Twitter and there are more things that I can’t remember off the top of my head. We don’t have to worry because she will never change so the entertaiment will continue.

      • Nancy says:

        Jill is my hero because if it weren’t for her I would have never found this site 🙂

  27. MichellefromNY says:

    I personally think that jill and luann and even kelly are queen bulliers. A very smart lady told me once that bullying amongst boys is easier to see because its aggressive and physical and so is easier to spot and deal with. With girls, its tougher because girls who bully use relationship bullying tactics where they destroy other girls pyschologically. The more the bully is shwerish, the harder it is to point out what is wrong as the bully is trained in covering up her tracks. She’llmake an underhanded comment to see the hurt reactionof the other girl and takes pleasure in that response and when confronted by an authority figure she’ll innocently say, “oh it was only a joke” and make everyone think the victim is overreacting and thus doubly hurt tge victim who now doesnt have a voice. Thissmart lady saidthat the best way to deal with these kind of bullys is to not let it get to you. That when the aggressor says passive aggressively, “your herman munster shoes” the victim should twist the bully’s words and turn it to a compliment “oh thank you! I didnt realize you had such good taste”. This reaction shuts the bully up because she didnt get the reaction of hurt she wanted. So she’llhave to resort to more obvious and vile tactics, thus revealing thetrue monster.

    This is what alex should do. Dont engage them, retort. Whenever they throw a dig her way she should turn it around to make them look bad. So that will make their vileness more obvious

    • quincyil says:

      Sonja said, “Water off a duck’s back.” I thought that Sonja Morgan was a reality star genius. The slights that they give each other are small, but they make mountains out of mole hills.

      I think turning it around if a sign of iintelligence. I know we all had issues with Camille Grammer in the NY restaurant fight, but she was right. The person who stays calm wins. Camille screwed up later by continuing the fight and making it worse by bringing legions of mediums into the battle.

      In seaso one of NY, I though Jill was letting the comments by Bethenny slide and Jil was popular. Who knew she had a list at home of every comment.? That was her downfall.

      If Jill had not brought all of that up, we would not remember any of it. It’s when they go to war that we notice their words.

      • Sonja said “water off a duck’s back” and then went on to have an epic fight with Alex. Because neither of them hold grudges – they were able to move past it quickly.

        Camille had Kyle’s number – but completely misread the viewers and came off too smug and bitter in her talking heads. She turned it around by the end of the season by saying less and being contrite – she’s a reality star genius.

        Jill will continue to dig her hole deeper until she stops worrying about Ramona and Alex and their popularity. She needs to concentrate on herself.

    • Adgirl says:

      I do wish Alex especially would stop trying to reason with the bullies. It only reinforces their perception that they are in charge and therefore right.

      My husband who was a corporate CFO told me that he always knew when someone was marked for being fired (corporate death). It all starts with mocking the target., Once that person is undermined then it doesn’t take long for everyone to pile on.

      That’s why I think Alex should just laugh at LouAss and point our her gramatical errors. That will hurt LouAss because regal people aren’t laughed at or corrected by their subjects.

      • Kats2 says:

        Adgirl – I totally agree and think this is the message that we get to Alex for the reunion.
        Laugh through-out the reunion, keep the dramatics out of it, and come up with a couple digs for each of them, plus some facts. But don’t waste her energy on trying to make a point with morons or trying to be friends.

    • dsc60 says:

      as much as i hate to say this… it sounds like kelly’s PR101 when someone insults you, say “that’s a pretty dress.” please someone tell me it’s not the same.

  28. Jill tweeted a link for a RHONY recap. She must be thrilled because this is the only blogger, except Lisa In New England, that doesn’t bash her . She must have seached thousands of websites trying to find this one. I have visions of her surfing the internet trying to find blogs/articles about her that are nice. LOL


    • Nancy says:

      Why did Jill have the need to put that article out there? Doesn’t she get that things like this only make her look worse? Can she really be that dumb? Bobby please get your wife some help.

      • cabbie413 says:

        she put it out there because she loves it when others join in and bash the opposing ” team”

        Jill is unstable.

        • quincyil says:

          After Jill reads this blog, she jumps up and down on twitter to tell us she’s finished. She likes to tell her fans to read the good blogs so those blogs will get the 10,000 hits that Lynn gets on off days.

          I understand the languages of dogs, cats, horses, and Jill Zarin on twitter.

        • Kats2 says:

          So true. Her desperation to have others say she’s right proves just how wrong she is.

    • sony4ou says:

      Lisa has not posted a blog in quite some time that I can find. I looked on her Twitter because she always linked to it and she does not have any mention of the blog. Maybe she got busted because she was getting the episodes before the show.

      • quincyil says:

        I don’t know. Jill was pestering lisa about doing her blog right away because she had those dvds.

        It’s a lot of work to blog consistently.

  29. cabbie413 says:

    In a nutshell, Bethenny summed it up in one comment when she said “Jill can’t get out of her own way” .. and we’ve seen that this is truly the case with Jill.

  30. Kats2 says:

    I’m sure I posted this before but wanted to share it again – the biggest sign that OC and NYC shows need to end or at least casts need to change is that I (like so many) would love when the latest episode would be on again and again. I would literally re-watch it a couple times. Now I can hardly stand watching it once.

    But this is not the case of Bethenny’s show or the Beverly Hills HW’s. IF Bravo had a marathon of anything with Bethenny or S1 Beverly Hills HW’s I’d watch it again.

    So many fabulous people in the OC and NYC is this really the best Andy can find? I thought he would have learned something from BH HW’s we’re looking for some substance and not just one note vile women to watch.
    Clean House!

    • Nancy says:

      Isn’t that the truth. The only episode that I can watch over and over again is
      Scary Island. Oh ya and Jill “trying” to ice skate and falling on her butt.

      • plainviewsue says:

        So true. I can watch Scary Island over and over again. Even Season one and season two episode. This season I can barely get thru the episode without screaming at the television.

      • Kerry Okie says:

        One of two all-time favorite moments of watching the housewives (and I’ve literally watched them all) was seeing Jill fall on the ice; the other was when Vicki took a tumble off a step during some work related social function. Those two scenes, I could watch over and over and over, and laugh every time. For some reason, I don’t get the same kind of jolly watching the camel try to buck Luass off; now if she’d actually hit the sand, that would have been funny.

        • Nancy says:

          Are we related?
          Re: Jill’s spill…I loved that Jill said in her talking head shot that the reason she fell was because she was trying something hard. SHE WAS JUST SKATING FORWARD!!

  31. Adgirl says:

    I copied and moved this down here to discuss:

    I think Jill is an ADDICT.

    Bethenny said Jill has to “win”. Jill has to “kill” her opponent professionally and socially for her to “win”. It feeds her ego. Big ego= low self esteem so she constantly needs to prove to us and most importantly to herself that she is The One by vanquishing her opponent.

    She trolls day and night for mentions of her name. She tweets like she’s sending out SOS signals.

    She is addicted to the fame and to the “win” because then she is truly on TOP of the heap.
    She gets HIGH.
    So for an hour our two she is elated – she is HIGH. She’s got the buzz!!!, Then it wears off and it’s time for her next fix. She starts the hunt again.

    • Nancy says:

      How was church? How is your husbands ankle?

      Re: your post…Where did you get this from?
      This has to be the best Psyc evaluation of Jill I’ve ever read.
      It is spot on. She is also a Narcissist.

      • VAgirl says:

        Nancy do you mean me? My husband is the one with the bad ankle. Church was great and his ankle is “acting up” because he had to wear a real shoe to church. He’s milking it. I think Adgirl’s hubby has the toe problems.

      • Adgirl says:

        That was VAGirl who was singing at church. I have no talent to speak of, except today I spent most of my time moving one pile on leaves from one side of a tree to another. LOL.

        Nancy, I mentioned before my ex-husband was an addict (God rest his soul). I see similar behavior in Jii. Her drug of choice is to mainline attention & approval. Her desperate t hunt for the drug (demanding approval of herself) thru twitter and crushing the people who don’t adore her. She is hysterical when denied (We can never be friends! Alex is FB, who deos she think she is!). She is gleeful when she attains the attention by being seen on tv like on The Talk (her high) and she starts the cycle over when the high wears off.

        She is just as sick as the heroin addict on a street corner. She just has a different poison.

        • Nancy says:

          My hats off to you. What a great parallel. JIll is an addict. Too bad they don’t have a 12 step program for jerk’s. People have mentioned here about Jill being an Alcoholic. What do think about that? i’m on the fence leaning towards a no. As you know anyone can do the 12 step program. This would help
          Jill soooooo much. But it only works if you humble yourself and thats not going to happen with Jill until she is sooo miserable she’ll try anything. Do you worry about your children because addiction is genetic? I’m “almost” happy I have it because I find addicts (clean ones) to be the funniest people I’ve ever met. I think we see the world differently and we have to have a big sense of humor or we would be unable to cope. I got addicted to pain pills after I was forced to quit skating because of a knee injury but I don’t see myself as different to a street junkie. Addiction is addiction. Can you see Jill relating with us so that she could see the parallels in her life? No. No one is more “special” than another in meetings.

          • Adgirl says:

            Jill is an emotional eater, but I can’t see her tipsy. She has to be in control so no she won’t ever relate to us. She will never agree she has a problem anyway.

            My son can’t drink due to gout. If he smoke a blunt, I really don’t care. I know that sounds bad but if that his is drug then I’m lucky.

            • Nancy says:

              What is a blunt? Gout can be a hard one to manage. How’s he doing with that?
              Never mind about the blunt question. My husband answered it.
              If it works for him I’m ok with it. I used to be so ridged about all of this but not now.
              Believe it or not I don’t have all the answers in life. Jill should try that approach.
              I hope your children are ok today being that it’s Fathers Day.
              Log on tonight for NJ Housewives.

            • Kerry Okie says:

              That’s it Adgirl; Jill is a control junky, without a doubt. You nailed it!

    • VAgirl says:

      That is a good analysis by the way.

    • Kats2 says:

      I agree.

      So basically Jill is really a very unhappy person? With all she states she has it’s not enough, if she gets hurt by someone she has to destroy them and is paranoid that people around her are trying to destroy her first? I knew Gloria was twisted but I wonder what she did to Jill to make her have these kinds of problems?

      • Adgirl says:

        I think Jill is an empty person. She requires outside approval from people she considers significant members of the famous club). That’s why she doesn’t care about “us”.

  32. Nancy says:

    I’m so sorry. I didnt get a lot of sleep as I was called into work around 2am and didn’t see my bed until 8am this morning.:( Re: your husbands ankle.
    I think you are in for a very long day.
    I listened to Elvis Presley sing your song.
    It’s very moving I wish I could have heard you sing it.
    Have a good Fathers Day. 🙂

    • VAgirl says:

      Thanks, Nancy Actually, my daughter is over here doting on her dad so he’s not concentrating on his ankle so much Make sure you get plenty of rest after your busy night..

      • Nancy says:

        Again sorry for the mix up.
        Please tell your daughter that she is lucky she still has her father. 🙂
        Have a nice day.

  33. quincyil says:

    I got a form letter from Oprah. She is back from her vacation. I actually makes me happy to get her notes.


    • Smompy says:

      Well, don’t let Jill know you and Oprah are communicating,.. or she’ll cut you both out of her life like a cancer….maybe even the kind of cancer that bitch Bethenny gave to her poor Bawby!!!

      • quincyil says:

        I signed up at Oprah@Oprah.com

        She regrets that she can’t give money to indifividuals, but she will help schools and institutions.

        I did not ask for money, but I suspect a lof of other people did.

    • Adgirl says:

      Jill got a form letter too. But she thinks it is a personal communique from O. Watch for Jill’s tweet about it soon! LOL.

      • Nancy says:

        We should have a bet going and see how many minutes/seconds it will take Jill to tweet this.
        She’s such an idiot.

    • Kats2 says:

      I don’t get it what is it for?

      • quincyil says:

        Oprah has a newsletter now. She said to email her on her last show so I did. Now, she shares her thought with us by email because she doesn’t have the show.

        It’s like she is with me.

        She even used my real name.

    • FlowerPower says:

      Q, I’m on Oprah’s email list too. I agree, it’s nice to get her updates that way. I was never a mega-fan, but I really enjoyed Behind the Scenes and her master class. I feel like these updates are *that* Oprah, not the one who was hosting every day (subtle difference, I think).

  34. quincyil says:

    In the category, “I can’t believe she tweeted this”

    by JIll Zarin:

    Where is that??RT @annie_alright “@jillzarin i’m watching RHONY in belarus and i think,that u’r the best!your style… http://tl.gd/b7hlgq

    20 minutes ago

    I bet she has never heard of MInsk either. Jill, there is no USSR.

    • Adgirl says:

      haha. Jill probably thinks it’s a estate in the Hamptons she needs to be invited to.

  35. Adgirl says:

    Housewifeaddict, icantstandthetoxicity & Nancy – I too enjoy watching the Jill-go-round. I am torn about watching her pathology and my knowledge I am enabling (or even worse encouraging) her destructive behavior towards Alex, Ramona and Sonja.
    On the other hand those ladies volunteered for their combat missions. They want to share in the spoils of war so they need to sharpen their military skills. Jill doesn’t play war games with rubber bullets. She brings a nuclear warhead to a knife fight. If they haven’t figured that out by now they will be shipped home in Bravo body bags.

    • Nancy says:

      I think all of us should send Jill roses on a weekly basis. Without her I would not have had this site that brings me hours of joy. Without Jill I would not have “met” all these wonderful people that I have “met” here and in Canada on the IHJZ site!

      • Adgirl says:

        Me too. Except the roses to Jill part. Obviously I enjoy this board. It’s like my substitute work family.

        You asked about my son’s gout. He has an extreme case. He’s only 24 and developed it as a teenager. I feel awful because when he was 14 he would complain his elbow hurt and I didn’t take him seriously. He is on 2 meds daily which have allowed him to go to the Conservation Corp which has been his dream. If he didn’t have the meds he would be a complete cripple and on morphine. So far so good.

        • Nancy says:

          I wasn’t really going to send Jill roses, maybe some thorns..
          Re: your son’s gout. It wouldn’t have altered his treatment for gout
          to have had his elbow looked at. Gout has a very high genetic link.
          Did your husband have it? I’m glad your son has it under control and that he is able to go to his
          Conservation Corp. Also he won’t want to know this but smoking a blunt can make his pain worse.

  36. LuAnn is really going at it on twitter. She’s got an issue with your and you are (you’re) though. Heh.

    CountessLuAnn LuAnn de Lesseps
    @——- if your thirsty, drink it. It’s good!
    3 hours ago

    CountessLuAnn LuAnn de Lesseps
    @——- how dare you! Don’t call me fabulous. Your fabulous! 😉
    2 hours ago

    Which is funny only because she tweeted this one in between:

    CountessLuAnn LuAnn de Lesseps
    @Iluvthatgirl We could ALL use a refresher course in different subjects. My guess is yours would be spelling and politeness. 🙂
    3 hours ago

    Oh LuAnn – rule number one – don’t get into twitter wars with your fans. You look like a schmuck.

  37. Eve says:

    Just read on People.com about Bethenny’s talk show with Ellen D. producing! Am looking forward to it.

  38. Angel says:

    Is it possible that Gloria was a narcissistic mother? Take a moment to look up Narcissistic Mother on line. They cause so much pain its child abuse but its hidden, people think these mothers are lovely people but they emotionally cripple their daughters who are left to pick up the pieces. You feel like you will never be good enough at anything, some daughters get therapy and begin to heal and break the cycle but if you dont understand whats going on in the family then you just keep looking for approval or you say screw it and decide to just take whatever you can get out of life. These mothers always have a Golden Child like Lisa and a Scapegoat child like Jill. Its a terrible family dynamic.

    • Nancy says:

      I wonder if money (or the lack of) played a part in Jill’s childhood?
      Maybe they weren’t well off and this scared Jill so she made sure she would marry for money.
      I wish we could find out about Jill’s first husband. We are falling down on the job people.
      Let’s get to work and find out!

    • Kats2 says:

      Gloria gives me the creeps.

    • Adgirl says:

      Totally. Jill did not grow up in a vacuum. I think Jill is desperate for her mother’s approval. And she probably competed like hell against the more “successful” sister Lisa. Now Jill is flying high in the family. She thinks the whole world should line up with her new position in the family.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      When I hear Gloria make those sweeping statements “I’ve always been there for you and I always will”, which we hear Jill say too, this is what I think of.

  39. Nancy says:

    I’m watching a rerun of NJHousewives.
    I think Caroline and Albert word fell apart when Albi got thrown out of Law School.
    I feel so sorry for their other two kids. They have no respect for their daughter what so ever.
    Why is Mrs Soprono crying over the empty nest syndrome when she still has a kid at home?
    Very sad.

  40. Kats2 says:

    So will Andy talk about Joe’s pending trial and possible long-term lock up (God Willing) on WWHL?
    He should, he airs everyone’s dirty laundry and it’s being discussed all over the place. Can’t wait to see how Caroline sweeps it under the carpet.

  41. Melissa says:

    I know I’m in the minority here but Jacqueline’s my least favorite out of NJ, dunno why she annoys me but she does.

    • Smompy says:

      I don’t really like any of the NJ housewives, Jacqueline included. I suppose I like Jackie better than I like her whiney, godawful daughter, though.

      Oh, and Kathy doesn’t count, right? ‘Cause so far I do kinda like her.

    • Nancy says:

      Me too. I think she’s rather stupid.

  42. Kerry Okie says:

    I like Kathy too, and so far I think Melissa is okay, but the jury is still out, innocent until proven . . . I don’t “like” her or dislike her, but boy, can things change on a dime in Jersey.

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