I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives Of New Jersey / Mob Wives

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New Jersey by LynnNChicago

Teresa Giudice told Andy Cohen that she had never seen the auction photos of the contents of her house on the internet.  Andy fixed that problem!  Teresa can’t say she hasn’t seen them now, they were on the show!  Teresa plays stupid and acts like she knows nothing about this process, yet the photos that appeared on the auction site were clearly taken in her home.  She had to have allowed photographers into her home or at least been aware of it when her husband let them in.  This stupid act (is it an act?) is getting pretty old.  Did Bravo force her to put this on-screen?

Caroline and her sister (I don’t know which sister, was that Cookie?)  staged a scene so that she could talk about her radio gig.  Caroline is shocked to learn they’ve put her face on their website, she really should read the fine print of her contracts.  The sisters role play, pretending to be Teresa so that Caroline could give her advice.  The crack about her kid wasn’t necessary, it was true but sort of mean, Cooks…leave the sarcasm to us bloggers!

Caroline’s first day at work at the radio station arrives and she brings her kid to work with her?  I’ve heard of “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” but this is ridiculous!  Unless I missed it they never explained why Lauren was there!  Caroline started off very rocky, some of the things that she said were cringe-worthy and she was clearly hoping to take a call right off the bat.  It could have been Bravo editing but it looked like she had several calls right away but they sort of left her swinging in the wind for a few minutes to see how she’d fill the dead air.  It wasn’t pretty!

Once the calls started rolling in things didn’t improve much, Caroline became more confident but the advice she dished out was pretty lame.  There was a lot of “Suck it up!” and “Get Over It” and even a “Shake It Off!” thrown in there.  We get it tough guy, no pity parties on your radio show!  There is no way I could listen to 60 minutes of Caroline Manzo’s advice!  Teresa and Jacqueline listened in and Teresa was talking to herself or to the radio, I’m not sure which but she said, “That’s easy for you to say Caroline!”  Didn’t you hear the beginning of the show Teresa?  It wasn’t easy for her to say at all!

Teresa and her brother Joey had their sit down meeting tonight and I was impressed by Joey being able to articulate the issues that he felt, seeing the shock on Teresa’s face at some of the things he was saying was interesting too.  She clearly thought she was going to sit down with him and run the conversation, she was going to make it look like she was the victim and the big, bad, horrible Melissa was going to get butchered.  Joey was able to answer for anything Teresa threw at him, even the dig on the Housewarming card, it turns out Teresa made a dig at their house first.  Tisk Tisk Teresa, you failed to mention that to viewers when you revealed that nasty Housewarming card.

You could see the hurt in Joey’s face and hear it in his voice when he told Teresa that he heard her saying so many times that Jacqueline and Teresa are like “Family” to her.  Teresa had no answer for that but added to it by saying in her interview, “Sometimes friends are better than family”.

Joey put an end to the conversation, it was probably a lot longer than what we saw on-screen and most likely more details were discussed but he’d heard enough.  Joey left the ball in Teresa’s court telling her to call his wife and talk to their mother to fix this.

Teresa did just that but first she had to talk with her family/friend Jacqueline to spill her feelings and details of the conversation.  Jac tried to go into the details that Teresa had just talked about but Teresa cut her off telling her it is time to let all of that go, forget it and move forward.  What a great idea Teresa, why then are you bringing up details with Jac?  Just so that you can shut her down on-screen?  Caroline arrives with her words of wisdom and actually with the exception of the line, “put on your big girl panties” which was pretty condescending Caroline had some good advice that Teresa seemed to actually understand.  Caroline used small words and spoke slowly, you see…

Teresa calls Melissa, who is a little cold on the phone but agrees to meet with Teresa at Jacqueline’s house.  Melissa arrives and there are warm greetings all around as the two sit down privately it’s clear that they have different agendas.  Teresa is prepared to take Caroline’s advice and just forget the past but Melissa is skeptical that Teresa is sincere in her attempts to make peace.  The majority of this conversation will be seen next week and I predict it will not be good for Melissa, she didn’t just have Caroline’s wise words in her ear, she’s cautious and possibly prepared to rehash the past having not been given an agenda.  It looks like a set-up to me.

Before Melissa arrived Teresa invited Jacqueline and Caroline with their adult families to join her at their home in the Catskills for a vacation.  No children allowed.  Teresa explains that she didn’t invite her brother Joey and his wife because they only just started to open up communication and she’s not ready.  This is a bit contradictory, in fact if Teresa wants to make things better, this isn’t the way to do it.  Going on a family trip with other people’s family will only run salt into the wound, particularly since this is the exact thing that her brother had a problem with, but that’s Teresa!

Watch What Happens Live by LynnNChicago

A short recap of Andy’s show live from Las Vegas as he had just finished hosting the Miss USA pageant, Giuliana Rancic and Caroline Manzo had both been with Andy, Giuilana as his co-host and Caroline as a judge so they made for convenient guests.

Caroline made an interesting statement as she’d always seemed to be firmly on “Team Teresa” on the show, but she said she now understands Melissa’s point of view.  This is clearly code for, “I’m switching my loyalty from Teresa to Melissa” confirming that Caroline and Teresa are on the outs now.   Caroline didn’t take any digs at Jacqueline but word is they’re not speaking either.  Oh and Caroline isn’t speaking to Dina, her sister and former cast mate.  Why is this woman giving out advice on the radio?

Tonight’s poll question, Who is Hotter, Melissa or Teresa.  I’m obviously on Team Melissa BUT, I can objectively look at these two women and tell you which one is hotter.  If anyone looked at a photo of Teresa and Melissa and still chose Teresa as “Hotter” they would probably need a good pair of glasses but Teresa won the poll handily with 82% of the vote.  I think Melissa needs to place a call to Jill Zarin’s attorney to look into the WWHL phone system, it’s clearly on the fritz!

Caroline continuously interrupted Guiliana when she tried to speak, hell Andy even interrupted her a few times and the fact that Caroline took the prime seat next to Andy showed a lack of respect for his guest.  I’m not sure why G agreed to appear on this show but I’m guessing she regrets it.

As for their attire, G looked amazing in that Zac Posen dress (I think she said it was Posen) while Caroline looked ridiculous trying to sport the one shoulder number again.

On Thursday Bravo will stream their After Show live on Bravotv.com for the first time, unfortunately the guest is Jill Zarin so most likely no one will watch! 🙂

Mob Wives by Quincy IL

Carla and her children are getting into their car to pick up Joe, Carla’s ex-husband from prison.  Joe was just released after six years of incarceration for security fraud and he has not seen his twin children since they were two years old. The children are excited. Joseph, the son, could not sleep and was up early because he was going to see his father. Carla wants Joe to tell them he was in prison.

At Spice Restaurant, Renee meets with Tiffany her former boss.  Renee was Tiffany’s wardrobe assistant. Tiffany is not that enthusiastic because Renee is an admitted drama queen. Renee was organized and punctual, but her behavior was an issue.  Renee had to leave work because Jr. went to jail.  She asks Tiffany for work.

Carla calls Drita who is with Joe in the car.  Drita wants to know if he is hot. Drita is excited because she remembers when Lee, her husband came out of prison.

Karen visits Renee at Renee’s house.  Renee confides that Jr. went away for two days and when he returned he was getting calls from and texting two women. Renee is upset that she did this again after 20 years’ experience with Jr. Renee is smoking cigarettes. Renee wants Jr. to leave her home.

Carla dropped Joe off at the halfway house where  newly released prisoners serve a period of time before returning to their families or in Joe’s case an apartment because Carla divorced him and took his house and his money.  The released prisoners also have to find  jobs.  We learn that the men often have issues after leaving prison.  Carla’s children are crying because their father could not come home with them.  Carla lets them talk to their father on the phone and in two weeks the children can come to the half-way house to see him whenever they want.

Karen and Drita meet at a restaurant and Karen just came from her publisher.  She has a printed copy of her first chapter and she gives it to Drita who takes it reluctantly.  They seem to be happy together, but there is something going on under the surface.

Renee visits her therapist, Kelly, to share her dismay that Jr. has done it to her again.  She is disgusted with herself because she allowed him back into her life and home. She mentions loyalty.  Kelly says that Renee needs to change.  Renee concludes the session with the statement, “I don’t need him.”

Drita and Carla work out in a gym and share.  Drita tells us that Lee thought she was driving too fast when he first came out because the men have not been in moving vehicles for so long. Drita is both jealous that Carla’s husband is out and happy for Carla.

Carla said that her children thought that Joe was having fun walking outside and playing sports.  Joe said he had to mop floors and clean dirty toilet bowls.  Carla worries about Joe’s ability to be a good father.

Renee has a conversation with her son, AJ.  It is important to Renee that AJ goes to college.  AJ agrees that he won’t go to prison and that he wants a family. Renee mentions grandchildren to the 16 year old AJ. Renee said that when men go to prison, they get tagged, waste time, and hurt their family. AJ understands. 

Renee is asked to style a photo shoot for Ghost Killah, a rock group. She packs the car with clothes and a steamer.   Renee would like respect and unconditional love.  She does not want Jr.’s bullshit any more.

Drita and her daughter Aleeya are home when a call comes from Lee in the nick of time. Aleeya is doing math homework and Lee can help her. Aleeya talks to her dad on the phone about the rat that turned him in to the feds. Lee is mad at himself for not seeing that his friend would do that. Aleeya wants to know when her dad is coming home, but there is silence.

Renee is at home and she is packing Jr.’s things and putting the duffle bags in the foyer for him to take away. She tells Jr. to call AJ before he comes.

At Karen’s apartment, she complains to Nikole on the phone that Drita took her chapter and has not responded.

Carla and Drita meet at MIke’s restaurant and Drita is very upset that she was given a chapter of Karen’s book. She does not want to read it or have anything to do with it.  Drita imagines bashing Karen’s face in and uses a lot of obscenities while describing her feelings about this book. At the same time that she says her relationship with Karen is on good terms, she says that she is furious that someone from 20 years ago is affecting her family. Drita will allow “nothing and no one” to do this. She says she is in attack mode. Carla is silent for the entire tirade. When it comes to family, Drita is prepared to go to war. 

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418 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives Of New Jersey / Mob Wives

  1. Kats2 says:

    Good Morning!

    I thought the poser with Caroline was Caroline’s friend or least that’s what the caption said. So not a sister, too pretty to be a sister. I’m officially calling this friend “The New Dina”.

    Teresa is NOT an attractive person, she has a very rough face and looks like she belongs on the mob wives cast.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Didn’t the caption say “Caroline’s friend Delores” …or something similar? I thought too – Dina ver.2 (the voice and a bit in the face) but regardless of the name, I think she was clearly identified as “friend.” Am I wrong?

    • plainviewsue says:

      Yes, it definitely did say friend. Which for me was one of the most shocking moments of the show…..Caroline actually has a friend that is not a member of her family!

      I had not heard that Caroline is on the outs with Dina. Is this true?

    • TLM says:

      The friend kinda looked like the East Coast Faye Resnick to me. Did anyone else think so??

  2. Kats2 says:

    Forgot to add we need to start loading Andy up with tough questions to ask vile Jill this Thursday on WWHL and a ton of us should call in. Good Morning Jill, I know you’re reading this and will start complaining to Andy.

  3. quincyil says:

    Last night, Teresa had a fur coat on and when she took that off she had a leather jacket during the discussion with Jacqueline and Caroline. Yes, she is working. How does she pay for the mortgage that lease on the Mercedes and buy all of that clothes? I think she is spending every dime because the court will take any savings to pay creditors.

    I don’t believe tha Kathy or Melissa want to help Teresa. She needs money and giving her money is like burning Jill’s list in Alex fire pit.

    I don’t like Caroline. She is mean. I think her advice is useless.

    I do like Jacqueline and some of her one liners are funny. She is filler as is Caroline. The show is Teresa and Melissa.

    I never watch NJ more than once.

    When does BH begin?

    • LOLing says:

      This I know… alot of the clothes, shoes, jewelry etc they wear on the show and when promoting the show are given to them free (by stores or designers themselves) or sold to them at a DEEP discount. Kim D from Posche has made a killing off these ladies from day 1 for hooking them up w/ clothes. The minute the show airs the viewers are asking where they got this or that and the HW’s all tweet the designer, the store and the store location. The store owners want them to film in their stores for publicity. A couple of free dresses is cheaper then ads overall.

      As for the Guidices, they still work and make money from the pizza place and I understand a laundromat (which are often cash cows believe it or not!) and of course Bravo and the books. Personal appearances are also paid. So the house and lease payments are doable. They cannot pay any $$ they owe until the Bankruptcy finishes in the courts. If the bankruptcy is not accepted for whatever reason, they won’t have to pay their creditors in full right away. That is completely unrealistic and impossible to boot. Liquidation doesn’t happen overnight. A plan will be set up. So it doesn’t matter if they spend every dime b/c if they have to pay, they have to pay. We will all know soon how it will play out.

      • Caitlin says:

        But isn’t it also true that if they get convicted of bankruptcy fraud (and they are both liable as debts are in both names and filing was in joint names) the doodoo will hit the fan: no discharge of debts, liens could be obtained and even wages garnished?

        • LOLing says:

          Yes. That is what will happen. Deals will probably be worked out with the creditors as well, so they will get some compensation, if not all. There is legwork after the decisions come down b/c one thing that needs to be avoided is civil suits from creditors. Civil suits simply drag the process out b/c of money and time. It’s a long process.

          • Caitlin says:

            I feel so badly for the “little people” – meaning independent contractors – who so often get financially crushed to death by greedy “gotta have it” folks like Joe and Teresa. The facts of their bankruptcy fraud case tell me more about who they really are than all episodes of all seasons combined. Any fool should know that one doesn’t flirt with federal bankruptcy laws.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Why do Joe and Teresa still have a home in the Catskills? Why wasn’t this taken away during the bankruptcy? I understand that u don’t lose your main home, but vacation homes need to go.

        • LOLing says:

          They don’t take anything from you until the court rules on the Bankruptcy, so if they pay for it (could be a rental prop.) or own the home outright they can’t/won’t take it. Filing for Banruptcy halts any sanctions against you, until it goes through the court. You can use your homes in the interim. Question is, is it theirs? I’m sure that will come out!

          • plainviewsue says:

            According to one of Melissa’s sisters, Joe’s parents own it. Just saw that tweat. So that’s the answer!

          • TLM says:

            I was immediately wondering if it was a timeshare, or something other than a house they actually own. Watching Bravo for as long as I have, I’m no longer naive about things like that. I laughed as soon as I heard Brad “had a house in Morocco” long before they revealed he was just staying in a small hotel.

  4. okeydoekey says:

    this circle of it’s not my fault it’s your fault is exhausting. They don’t even know what they’re made about. Joe Gorga seemed shocked when Teresa told him about the re-done home card.

    Caroline hates Teresa, Lauren, her boys for leaving, and Ashley

    • LOLing says:

      Joe was upset that Teresa said “you finished your house in a year b/c you had a loan”. The Guidice manse took 3 years to build. This is a dig because??? Getting a construction loan is somehow bad?? ? These people fight over the most inanae stuff which tells me they are all devoid of substance.

      • Kats2 says:

        I didn’t get any of it. I think Teresa and Melissa are the same greedy, jealous person. They should be BFF’s. They both are at fault.

      • dsc60 says:

        i didn’t understand that one either. and teresa owned up to it as it was a dig. but still leaves my question is what about it makes it a dig. doesn’t sounds like a bad thing at all to me. i guess it’s bad because Joey didn’t have the cash outright, he had to take a loan and not pay in cash. but getting and paying a loan is better than stiffing your creditor’s isn’t it?

      • This also suggests that Teresa and Joe started building their house first- even though Melissa likes to imply Teresa modeled her home after hers.

        • LOLing says:

          I read this not to long ago. Melissa and Joe moved in to that home in 2009. They started building in 2008. Teresa and Joe moved in in 2008 (even though we didn’t see it until 2009 in S1, 1 year lag time). It took them roughly 3 years to build so they started in 2005ish. So yes, who copied who?

  5. BarbinGa says:

    First time poster, long time lurker here. Isn’t this ‘unlike/unfollow JZ’ day??? I started following her just so I could!

    • katlg says:

      June 30, I think..

      • BarbinGa says:

        D’OH! I prematurely jumped the gun! grrrrrrr ty!

        • Debbie says:

          Welcome..I see your hearts in the right place.You’re posting just in time. Great that you followed Jill . I wish I could see her face when her numbers drop. She just asked people to help her get to 150,000 followers. I hope she makes it only to fall significantly. I’d un-follow but I’ve been blocked for a long time.. I tried to get back in, to no avail. But I did manage to get on her mailing list for her special blog, I’ll be unfollowing there as well as her facebook fan page.

        • That’s okay- she expelled some of us all ready. Hopefully, once the word gets out we will see it trending on the actual day.

  6. Amy Matheson says:

    Melissa just wants a piece of the fame (infamy?) that Teresa has. Sure her goals and priorities of what is important in life is messed up, IMHO – especially in her “praise Jesus, I love my family” way of hers – but it’s her life and she can value what she wants – regardless of what she claims. I personally would be happy with a loving husband, three gorgeous kids and nice home and little to want for. But if fame/infamy is what she desires, she is on her way – likely at a cost. Be prepared to pay.

    Joey realizes that in a different world (read: a world in which he works at a butcher shop) that someone like Melissa would never have given him the time of day. Joey reminds me of the short, sweet guy who follows you around in college but whom you’d would never think of romantically. Except, in this case, Melissa did allow herself to take Jill’s advice and marry a guy that loves you more than you love him.

    I don’t doubt there is true affection between them… but Melissa could’ve married anyone. She flat out says she loves Joey because he takes care of her and she misses her daddy. Electra complex, anyone? Who cares though. They go together and for whatever reason (Joey loves her more than life) – it works.

    Regardless of the extra dose of crazy Melissa ignites in Teresa, you have to understand, dear SIL (or anyone), you do not get between a man and his wife. He will and should choose her. I wouldn’t want to be marriat ed to one who wouldn’t. That said, a woman (if she loved her husband as much as he loved her) would never try to make him choose between his family and her, if she could at all avoid it.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I actually see genuine love between Joey and Melissa. While I don’t think she could have any man, cause she would’ve had them already, I think Joe pursued her and she fell for him. He’s not the only moneyed guy at the shore on the make, and if it was a ploy to just land a ‘rich’ husband why go to school and work 3 jobs? Gold diggers don’t take kindly to working so hard. Ultimately a gold digger would have one child, maybe two but 3 kids and counting? If she didn’t love him she would’ve stopped at one and walked with her money. By the way LilJoeyGorga’s net wealth is 15 million vs. JoeGoodyearGuidice who is at -11 million. That’s MINUS 11 million for the cheap seats!**

      ** Per http://www.celibritynetworth.com

    • dsc60 says:

      also, if she was a gold digger, she would have maids, chefs, nannies and drivers, the whole lot of employees/servants to cater to her every whim. she speaks highly of him and she seems to genuinely care about him and this riff with his family. she does want peace, i think. a gold digger really wouldn’t care and wouldn’t want to be bothered with his family. she’d probably be happy she didn’t have to put up with them.

      • LOLing says:

        Melissa is a girl from Toms River, who worked 3 jobs to pay for college. To become a teacher. Golddigging isn’t about maids, drivers and nannies (which she has 2 of. Who do you think retreived Bat Baby from the welcome mat on Halloween?) it’s about getting better than what you had. Joe Gorga had enough money and a house big enough for her to be happy. Toms River to Montville is a step up. Although, I think when they met he lived in Franklin Lakes, which is a total step up! I can’t remember where I saw that…

        PS Nothing wrong w/ paying for college or being a teacher, just wan’t to be clear!

        • MAMAZ says:

          Folks on Gawker are saying she was paying her way through college as a stripper. And that Joe met her at the club she where she was working. I don’t know where they are getting their info. Most are calling it a rumor so it may not even be true. If it is I can see where it might offend an old school Italian mother like Mrs. Gorga.

          • LOLing says:

            People always accuse people of being a stripper! I doubt she was….stripper just seems to be the go to profession! Unless you’re Danielle. LOL.

            • Anita says:

              You know at the end of the day Melissa came from a family who lost their father at a young age, and it appears that he was loving and very loved. Melissa went to college was working aren’t these great attributes that we wish most people to have. In the small time they, Melissa & Joe have been on the screen they appear to have a great relationship. So maybe Mama & Papa Gorga need to simply accept their son’s family. Maybe there were teething problems but they appear to be going well so perhaps they all need to put the weapons down and love each other for who they are now. Because she can’t choose your family.

  7. HD says:

    Is it is just me or is Jersey somewhat boring? It is like everyone hating Danielle all over again. The entire show is focused on if Teresa and Joey will get a long and a little Melissa thrown in for good measure.

    The meeting with Joey and Teresa didn’t list any really good grounds for all this tension to me. It seems just petty enough that they could forget about it and move on. Here their father is sick and whatnot and they are arguing over something Melissa wrote in a card. Who cares? Life is too short to do all this arguing over nothing and on TV nonetheless. Get it together.

    • What they seem to be arguing about is Melissa and Joey joining the show. Teresa was picked by Bravo (maybe because of her friendship with Dina), became a breakout star, and when they were recasting tried to prevent Melissa and Kathy from being added. They can’t bring any of that up – so their arguments are petty (ie cookies and redone house).

      • MAMAZ says:

        I don’t think she was very good friends with Dina before the show. It seems to me that she was Jac’s friend. NJ S1 was mostly about Dina, Jac and Danielle. Teresa and Caroline were filler. Then the table flip and TA DA, Teresa became the break out star.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It seems like Joey and Melissa are on the show to confront Teresa for everything they don’t like about their family dynamics, complete with perceived slights and petty jealousies! Teresa doesn’t want to air the family’s dirty laundry so we get stuck with a boring hot mess of private family issues. IMO, if Teresa wanted to take this fight public she would slay Melissa!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:


        I think it is Melissa who could slay the TMAN dragon. Imagine all the dirt she has on Tre, what she said and done to her castmates, friends and family? Worse yet, the intentional infliction of debt she cause the contractors. Knowingly getting services she knew full well she wasn’t going to pay for. I think Melissa knows where the bodies are buried. Cause if Danielle knew…Melissa probably pounded the dirt.

  8. Unfollow Jill Zarin Day is on June 30. Unfortunately, I can’t participate because I am already blocked. 🙂

    • This was a reply to BarbinGa question. I don’t know how my comment ended up down here. LOL

      • BarbinGa says:

        Thanks! I think I was semi blocked, because when I joined her FB page I couldn’t post. Probably for the best (from her pov).

    • kbinldo says:

      I can’t participate because I’m not following her anyway. 🙂

      • Debbie says:

        she wants to hit 150,000 followers.. Help her out then help to crush her on the 30th by unfollowing. You might be the lucky one that get the shout out she promised to #150000.

  9. LOLing says:

    The lady at Carolines house was not her sister Cookie. It was a friend named Dolores, she was also in the Pumkin Carving ep earlier this year. A new housewife tryout perhaps? She did look freakishly like Dina though, but she’s not a sister.

  10. Megs says:

    Teresa hotter? Hot as an old pole dancer. There is nothing attractive about a woman full of anger and venom who’s ready to start a fight.

  11. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO – it is Melissa who has caused the riff in the family. It sounds like she wasn’t welcomed with open arms into the Gorga family and wasn’t the center of attention like she is in her family. She blames Teresa mainly because T is the favorite and Teresa doesn’t fawn over Melissa like her sisters do! What is most telling to me is that JOey’s parents are cool to Melissa because her behavior likely messed up the relationship between their children and she feeds their son mixed messages. The fact that the parents went away for Thanksgiving instead of choosing to spend it with either of their kids likely means they have said their peace, been ignored and refuse to get involved. The fact that Grandpa Gorga is in poor health is reason enough for Melissa to suck it up and put her ego aside for her husband’s family.

    • LOLing says:

      Last night Joe said that Melissa doesn’t like Teresa “b/c she tells it like it is and that hurts her”. Well Melissa, I get that, but you need to get over it. In a way it reminds me of Ramona and well, eveyone! (Minus the $$ problems).

      Ramona tells it like it is and that hurts people. What do most people on the boards etc. say when Ramona goes off the rails? They admire and defend her for being “honest”. Same w/ people attacking Jill (who I don’t like BTW) for quizzing Sonja and sharing her expertise (is there nothing Jill is not an expert on?) on bankruptcy, but yet people on the blogs go on and on and on about the Guidice bankruptcy when the truth is, no one here knows the details of the Guidices problems, just what we read online and infer from that. In a sense we are knocking Jill for the very same thing a lot of us are doing. It’s sort of hypocritical, no?

      Obviously, the Guidices have issues and I am not going to defend them. I am fully aware that these forums are here for debate and opinions etc. I am simply pointing out that many of us do what we knock these women for! This isn’t a bad thing..just human nature, but I wanted to paly Devils Advocate and throw that out there!

      IMHO, we defend those we like, regardless of what they do and villify those we don’t, no matter what they do.

      • They are public figures that put their lives out there so that we can observe and talk about them. To me they are no different than characters in movies. Sometimes I have to try to remember that they are real people under all that makeup and those designer clothes – but then I read stories that all of this is just made up acting – so I forget again.

        That said – when people lose their homes it’s a serious thing – and I suppose Sonja has no more entitlement to live in her 8 million dollar UES townhouse than any of the other ladies in foreclosure have to live in their over-sized homes. Yet somehow I feel for Sonja – so I suppose you’re right.

      • NightLight95 says:

        I totally agree with your last sentence: defend those who we like, regardless of what they do and villify those we don’t, not matter what they do.

        Personally, I can agree and disagree with both sides on this family fued but I think the Gorga’s and Guidice’s should be ashamed for airing it in public. One last thing, the grandparents should never take it out on the grandchildren.

      • klmh says:

        For me the difference between the Guidice’s bankruptcy and Sonya’s is easy to see. Teresa flaunted her “wealth” purchasing a home they knew they could not afford, she spent thousands on her clothes and jewelry, as well as her children, and they lied about their assets, forgetting to mention a few of their businesses. By the way, where in God’s name are they getting 10,000/mth? Friends or family? Are their benefactors paying taxes on that money, or are they gifting it, but no matter what, they would and should pay taxes on the remaining 54,000/yr. These people expect to get out of their dilemma thru the help of the American taxpayer, and that is not ok with me. I don’t want to pay their bills, thank you very much.
        On the other hand, Sonya declared a different type of bankruptcy and is protected but expects to pay it back. One deal went wrong, the movie, and I never saw Sonya throwing money around. She does though, buy good clothes and wears them over again.
        One is robbing me, the other is planning on paying it back. The difference is night and day.

        • NightLight95 says:

          There have been bankruptcies, foreclosures, divorces, new relationships, good/bad children behavior and depending which housewife you like you either excuse or are appalled. But they are slowly all becoming one and the same.

          • LOLing says:

            ITA with that!

          • klmh says:

            Why do we like or dislike any of these ladies? Much of it has to do with personalities and how they treat fellow cast mates and family members, but when someone breaks the law and it affects me, thats when I raise my hand in protest.
            If its legal but unethical, I can only put the blame on the lawmakers for the unjust and biased laws. If it’s illegal, the choice is made by the individual to thwart the law,the perpetrator should pay the price, and that’s why the Guidice’s will be in court soon. I can only hope for justice.

        • LOLing says:

          I hear you, I do, but I am going to reserve judgement until it goes through the courts and we see what they did or didn’t do wrong. There is so much rumor and innuendo that I just want to wait and see. I do know that the 10 grand is from different things w/ family (no not the mob) and loans etc. Although that number may not be 100% accurate.

          • klmh says:

            Why do you think they are going to court? Check the records last year. Joe forgot to mention one of his businesses in the assets column, and Teresa forgot to mention her assets from her on-line merchandise. She also mixed over 190,000. into their private account, instead of keeping records. This isn’t rumor. Many here are new posters from last year’s season of HWONJ, but the information is there, if you care to look for it.

  12. jeepers1941 says:

    Remember the Smothers brothers? “Mom loved you more?”
    I think a lot of the problem is jealousy and who the parents care for the most as far as Joey is concerned. Teresa is jealous of Melissa for many reasons.
    I agree that Joey needs to be more concerned about how Melissa feels, but she needs to stop adding fuel to the fire as well. Insaying that tho, I can see where Melissa is coming from also. She should not have to take a bxck seat when it comes to Joey’s family members. She is his wife and if they(his family) can’t except that, then to hell with them.
    Teresa set this all in motion when she became to big for her brtiches on HWNJ. I think she thought she is and was the queen bee so to speak. I also think that BRAVO didn’t help there either. By that I mean all of the editing and cutting out any of the scenes where Joey and Melissia was apparently attending just didn’t make it on air. So maybe they thought that Teresa had the final say on those kind of things. Thus, they started building up some resentment towards her. As time went on, it didn’t make things easier, and they all started questioning everything that each other did or said and it has just snowballed from then on.
    Now they are at the point of who, when, where and what do we need to do to fix this mess.
    Maybe they should all write down a list of the hurtful things they feel was done or said about each other and give it to each other. Then each person take the time to read and respond to each item. If they are truly sorry, then say so and when they have finished the list, then return it and give each other time to understand where each person is coming from. But they must be honest about it, otherwise it will be a waste of time. Leave the petty shit out of it too, because that does not serve anyone’s best interest.
    To me, we are family alike and like every other family, we all have our own way to deal with problems, but to have to hash it all out in public is just plain nonsense and BRAVO should have stayed the hell out of it entirely, but all they can see is the $$$ signs for them and to hell with those that feel they need to answer to BRAVO, because they could give a shit less about these families.

  13. IndianaHousewife says:


    I am bringing this over from the last blog as it is pretty much my only contribution for this episode. A new blog went up right after I posted.

    I hate to admit this but I felt some sympathy for Teresa last night. Please correct me if I am wrong but didn’t both Kathy & Rich and Joey & Melissa say they would love to help her out but Teresa won’t ask for help? What planet are these people from? To me they came off as wanting Teresa to beg for their help. It made me think yeah they will help her about the same as giving her the scraps from their table and she better be prepared to show the appropriate appreciation.

    I mean come on, if I was Teresa I would sit there and say everything is fine also. Why would I open myself up to people who are being critical of me and who do not have my best interest at heart? I have always been a pretty private person and I do not share failures, hurts, worries, etc with anyone other than my husband. I just don’t figure other people need to know about my personal issues, I smile say everything is all right and then go home and do what needs done.

    • BarbinGa says:

      The smirk on the accountants face when he brought up her $$ issues annoyed me.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I am waiting for the reason why Kathy took Joey/Melissa’s side in a fight/feud that isn’t really her business.

      • Kats2 says:

        I thought she said choosing Caroline and Jac over her own family and something about Teresa saying her family was weird something like that is what I recall from the first episode.

    • LOLing says:

      This is all so true and correct. I think we live in a world now where oversharing is the norm. Plus, these reality shows are so cult-like in their followings. Esp. RH of Anywhere. A rerun of Greys Anatomy gets twice or more viewers then a HW show does, but doesn’t stir up the kind of frenzy you see with HW’s. Maybe because it’s they are like us, if some producer plucked us from obscurity to star in a TV show! I get the feeling that b/c they are not actors playing a role (even though they kind of are) but regular people, that the fans feel that they owe them something.

      Teresa cannot talk speciffics of her problems, not now anyway. The lawyers won’t allow it, or they put tight reigns on what she can say. She always comes out looking stupid and shady b/c of it. But does she really “owe” us information? Arent some things off limits? Should anyone in the HW’s franchises have to give fans a full acccounting of every single thing in their lives? Shouldn’t some things remain private until you choose to share them?

  14. AZ Girl says:

    I got back yesterday from a weekend in Tucson and they did not have Bravo at the resort we stayed at. My husband was very happy. No housewives. Trying to get caught up on all the weekend posts and get back to the real world. HA!

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Hope you had a good time. Glad you got back safely.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Went down for a convention and my husband and I were going to do some hiking in Sabino Canyon. Due to the fires all hiking trails are now shut down. Really looking forward to some monsoon storms to help out the fire fighters.

  15. Be sure to follow me on twitter for my latest “do as I say, not as I do” examples. Only I can get in others business, not Alex. You know how I am up Jill Zarin’s ass? Alex may not do that with Ramona. Didn’t she read my book I DIDN’T write?

  16. I wish someone would tell Caroline MAN zo that I am the only one who shall wear one shoulder dresses.

  17. AZ Girl says:

    Jill tweeted this. Who is going to be my 150,000th follower I wonder! U will get shoutout!!

    Her following numbers are climbing and I wonder how many are just following to participate on June 30th’s “unfollow” party. I assume this is also for “unlike” on Facebook? I plan on friending her on FB and unfriending on the 30th.

  18. jeepers1941 says:

    I thought someone said that it is illegal for us to do that………………….haha

  19. Eve says:

    Caroline is boring. Her kids and husband are boring. Don’t know why she gets so much face time. I tape the show and always speed through her scenes…..she spouts off some one-liners but that is about it.
    I bet the NJ ladies are unhappy that Danielle is gone…now they are turning on each other……Caroline taking Melissa’s side on WWHL was a slap in the face.
    I think T is trying……I think Joe and Melissa just don’t want to give an inch. Every time she tries they give another stipulation. I believe Melissa is the cause of it all. She talks out of both sides of her mouth……she says she will do anything to get family back together….then she questions any overatures.
    Sorry to disagree with Lynn so completely on this one. But I still hate Jill Zarin

    • I still hate Jill Zarin too – but I’m warming to Teresa as she does seem to want the family drama to end. I suppose Melissa is still “trying out for the show” in these early episodes, and wants to keep the drama going. She also wants to prove that she’s right, and Teresa has been heartless. Oh well. No one forced her to sign up for this – so if she thinks it’s worth it for a little notoriety I’m not going to feel sorry for her.
      I’m tired of Caroline because she’s a hypocrite. I don’t think she’s boring – but she hides her family drama well. Let’s hear from Dina and the brother she doesn’t speak to !!!!!

      • Eve says:

        I would love to hear from Dina and the brother too! I even might like to hear from Danielle! Can’t believe I’m going to say this…..but I am feeling sorry for T as well. Totally agree with you on Melissa wanting to drag out the drama….at least until she gets her record deal.

        • Caitlin says:

          Well, she’d better do a better job of memorizing lyrics if that;s what she really wants! Any would-be producer who heard her sing “saved a wench like me” (instead of “wretch”) on “Amazing Grace” would be too busy guffawing to draw up a recording contract!

      • Angela Cox says:

        Why doesnt Caroline do as she speaks? She says on her radio show to suck it up family is everything and now she doesnt speak to Dina and Jaq…Jaq is her sis in law right?? Hyprocrite!!!!

  20. Melissa’s been saying all along that this fight is about Joey and his father (and Joe putting Joey down). But when Joey and T get together – Joey makes it clear that the issues are between T and Melissa and T and Joey’s mom. I’m beginning not to believe a word that comes out of Melissa’s mouth.

  21. JenFromCincy says:

    I still don’t comprehend the love for Melissa. I know taste is subjective, but she’s a total narcissist. It rubs me the wrong way. At least Teresa shows us glimpses of humility on occasion. I’ve yet to see that from Melissa at all. She’s completely spoiled and entitled.

    I continue to be on Team Neither, because everything that Melissa represents is what the blogosphere has used as ammo against T. Good for the goose with the low forehead should be good for the other goose who thinks excelling at karaoke entitles her to be a star.

  22. plainviewsue says:

    Compared to RHONY, this show is a walk in the park. No blood pressure rising; no screaming at the TV! I love Kathy and wish she had been on more. I agree Jacqueline seems to be used for filler, but I still enjoy her. Caroline…snooze fest.

    As for the two main fighters in the arena, they are both at fault from what we have seen so far. And I’m talking about Joey and Teresa. I believe that Teresa allowed her “fame” to go to her head, but so does nearly every other housewife (paging Jill zarin!). Teresa is not a smart woman. I hated the remarks she made about Melissa and bringing up Joey’s former engagements. That is just petty.

    Very interesting Caroline’s remark on WWHL that she understands Melissa’s side. Wow!

    • LOLing says:

      Carolines boys got in trouble in the Dominican while they were w/ Tree and Joe. I am sure she is very pissed. Even though Chris, Albie and Greg didn’t have to get involved. They are big boys and don’t have to fight..now maybe they couldn’t help it, maybe they were hit first. It would be just like Caroline to blame someone else for her boys troubles instead of holding them accountable.

  23. Sonjafan says:

    The thing that bothered me about last nights episode was the dinner with the Gorga’s accountant. I can’t believe all of the family business was being discussed and dissected with non-family members. It also appeared the accountant was elated about Teresa and Joe’s problems. I know families in-fight, but taking it outside to strangers is not acceptable. I know Teresa took it to Caroline and Jaqueline; but I feel that is different as she substituted them for family
    and is now paying the price with her brother. I agree with Joey – Teresa and Melissa are cut from the same cloth. It also appears Teresa has always believed Melissa was a goldigger, as per her comments last night. Too much tit for tat
    and I think it is an accumulation of a lot of perceived insults over the years. I also think Melissa wanted to get on the show big time. By the way I am 50-50 Melissa and Teresa as I think they are both at fault re the family issue.

    • LOLing says:

      The accountants wife was mad Teresa didn’t RSVP for a party. Maybe, just maybe these accountants have been chatting about her business on occasions other than this dinner, so she simply won’t associate with her. Can’t blame her!

    • quincyil says:

      I noticed this also. They want to tell us about the detailes of Teresa’s problems too.

      Jill Zarin wanted to make sure everyone knew that Sonja had the large debt.

      The same people would be horrified if someone did that to them.

  24. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    Thank you Caroline for taking my call.
    This is my question for you.
    I want to know why a mother would love her sons more than her daughter?
    Why does this happen?
    What would you call a mother who does this?
    I know you will have knowledge on this.

    • krone says:

      YES!!!!!! As a mom of daughters, I get REALLY pissed off at the Manzo’s obvious preference for their male children. I remember a season or 2 ago when Lauren was shopping with Caro and wanted some special kind of milk for her diet and Caroline either wouldn’t get it or got a small size. This was at about the same time that the boys’ were regularly playing the “ham game”. Now Caroline’s going on about her empty nest and having no children at home while her poor daughter is sitting right there. It has to effect Lauren, who seems like a good kid; I feel badly for her and wonder why someone in that family hasn’t pointed out their callous, insensitive treatment towards their daughter. After all, someone who fancies herself such an advice maven should be able to accept constructive criticism.

      • arabracer says:

        I agree- why all the support for albie to become a lawyer and the “beauty school” career for Lauren ?
        Caroline has put too much time into her boys and not enough into Lauren, IMO.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          And Christopher is the family clown – what no clown school for him? Lauren is lucky because Caroline isn’t running her life for her.

          • Mookies1mom says:

            I think Caroline is just waiting for Lauren to marry Vito. But it’s still wrong of her to favor the boys. Could you imagine having her for a MIL? That alone will send many girls running for the hills.

            • LOLing says:

              Lauren has the uterus, she will probably supply the Mazno grandchild first. Unless one of Al or Chris’s swimmers breaks through in some Hoboken club skank who “forgot” to take the pill that day. I think the 2nd option is better, because it would drive Caroline mad!

        • MAMAZ says:

          I can’t stand Caroline but I have to go to bat for her on this one. Lauren wanted to go to Beauty School. It’s not like she begged for a 4 year college and Caroline said “no way, it’s cosmetology for you!”
          And how do you think Lauren got her very own salon and “beauty bar” so soon out of Beauty School? Albert and Caroline got it for her of course.

  25. Off Topic: Interesting NY Post article about Bravo trying to cast a couple of new people on RHONY.


    • plainviewsue says:

      As much as I would miss the blondes, I do think this show needs a complete and total overhaul. Thanks to Jill & Lulu, this show has become so mean and nasty that it is unwatchable. Kelly & Cindy provide nothing but unintentional laughter to this show, cos they are both so pathetic.

      • quincyil says:

        I think they will keep Sonja. They wanted her from day one and she does interesting things like cut someone out of camel photos and then own.

        • Eve says:

          I loved that Sonja owned up to the camel photo issue!! Best part of the show.

          • Mary says:

            I like Sonja too, but she can turn on a dime. Remember the marriage equality march? Plus, she never really wants to take a stand. No, she can go too. I sure hope that the entire cast, perhaps minus Alex should be dumped.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      I think that is just what is needed – a complete recast. I do like Alex, Ramona and Sonja, but this show is really in the toilet so badly. The brunettes are truly boring as hell and mean – and not in a way we like to watch, either, for their “bad girl” qualities. Just dark and depressing and desperate.

      So funny that they can’t get any “real” socialites to take on the show after having been brought to the level it is by JZ. She pollutes everything she touches, seems like.

    • Kats2 says:

      Thanks for the link, I like the article but love the comments. I think almost everyone agrees that the whole current cast of NYC needs to go but it comments like the following that should really smack Luann and Jill in the face.

      “Right. Women who have money and class and who have earned their success do not need to parade around on tv trying to “outdo” one another.”

    • LOLing says:

      Of the 7 women, 3 are really on the chopping block, IMHO. That would be Cindy (who’s a bore), Kelly and Luann. Kelly and Luann don’t realy add much to the show and they don’t have a very big fan base. A lot of haters (or in Kelly’s case ppl who laugh at her) but no real fan base to counteract the hate. As for the other 4, Ramona and Sonja are gold. Alex is kind of strange, but people like her! Of all the women she is the most “real” and people relate to that. That leaves Jill. Clearly, she has many haters, but she has fans too. I’ve said this before, the Jill hate is good hate in TV world. It’s hate that bring eyes to the show. Even though she inspired the title of this blog, everyone is watching to rip her more! She’s going to stick around at least one more season.

      Real socialites and established business women will not participate in this show. Real socialites don’t have to, they are already “celebrities” in their circles. A sucessful business woman, at this point knows that this kind of sho does more harm than good. All they will find are people who want to be the next Bethenny. They are not getting that Bethenny was lightning in a bottle and the chances of anyone replicating what she has accomplished is slim to none!

      • krone says:

        Complete agreement here. Remember Kelly trying to minimize Bethenny’s success by saying that it was a result of Bravo’s power? Sure Kelly, Bethenny’s drive, ambition, hard work and a good product had nothing to do with it!!

        I have to say that I’m a die-hard Silex fan and would enjoy a show of just them and their boys,- think it would be interesting to watch a committed couple raising 2 very bright boys in NYC. ( and I do think that Simon and Alex truly love and respect each other). I’m aware that not everyone shares my borderline adoration of Alex, but what can I say? I love her!!

      • klmh says:

        But don’t you think Bravo is trying to put Alex in a bad light this season? Im not sure she will survive if they start to cut cast members…

        • LOLing says:

          I think she comes off okay on the show, but Andy Cohen sure makes fun of her and Simon on WWHL! It’s hard to really decide for me. Let’s call her a Wilcard.

          But, if anyone from Bravo is reading this, please never make me watch Silex Sexy Time again. No like! Actually don’t make me watch any of their sexy times. In or out of bathtubs.

          • quincyil says:

            I didn’t enjoy watching Simon shop for lingerie either. He reads this site too, but I was honest. I liked the other video with the boys.

            I dislike Simon’s comments about Alex having to exercise for weeks if she could not fit in the panties very much. It reminded me that he handed her a weight when she was talking to the modeling agency. It makes me think that he treats her as a sexual object that has to be a specific size and it bothers me.

            I have seen men do this to women. It is demeaning. Alex can take care of her own body. She is very intelligent.


            • TLM says:

              I’m sorry, the image of that oyster-eating scene and Simon’s comments there (which I will not repeat here) are still burned into my brain, and I need to be deprogrammed to get rid of that horrifying memory. I will never forgive Bravo for foisting that whole vile “welcome home” segment on its viewers.

  26. Amy Matheson says:

    I think Melissa sincerely does love Joey now, no matter if his money was what first attracted her — but just a tiny bit little less that he loves her. 🙂 The book of Jill.

    And she is hard working (or was) for sure, based on what’s been said on the show. and I don’t disagree.

    But Melissa needs to understand that a man that is so crazy about her that he would shun his entire family and always take her side is a rare jewel. The least she could do is love him back (as much as he loves her) in order to do whatever she can so he can be with his mom and aging dad of ill-health (and yes, whatever his sister too) while he still can. And of course if they make him choose (have not seen this, by the way) he should choose her. But making him not have to choose is completely within her power, and she yields it well.

    And personally, she missed the boat with the singing and pursuing it (with three very young kids and a lovely but lead-soprano-in-the-church-choir level voice) is just funny.

  27. Amy Matheson says:

    “But making him not have to choose is completely within her power, and she *yields it well.”

    I meant *wields. Kinda changes the meaning totally. 🙂

  28. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    I think LuMan tried to be witty and snarky like Bethenny. MAJOR FAIL I love that all the women try to mimick everything Bethenny does – and fail miserably. And I love that Bethenny holds dear the saying “Imitation is the best form of flattery.” It must kill them when she says it. teehee

    • MAMAZ says:

      The thing about B’s humour that they all forget is that she was just as quick to cut herself down as she was to rip into someone else. JZ, KooKoo and LuPaul only make fun of others. They are never self deprecating so they come off mean. Which of course they are!

  29. Kats2 says:

    Thanks for the link, I article but also love the comments. I think almost everyone agrees that the whole current cast of NYC needs to go but it comments like the following that should really smack Luann and Jill in the face.

    “Right. Women who have money and class and who have earned their success do not need to parade around on tv trying to “outdo” one another.”

  30. Thedesigndiva says:

    Good Monday to you all……..just a quick carry over from the previous blog.
    I think Andy really likes Alex and in some weird fashion feels he is protecting her by not having her appear on WWHL…just a gut feeling..
    No comment on NJ today….. Spent a quiet eve w/ hubby and kid for Fathers Day…then played Zuma..much more interesting than watching….Tired of the same old same old……
    Have a good one..
    Hugs and Peace

  31. Kats2 says:

    I think Andy likes what makes his version of good TV, gets ratings and makes him money. He is loyal to Bravo and his own career. He might personally like some HW’s more than others but it’s all connected to is bank account.

  32. quincyil says:

    i do not enjoy watching family members in sword fights. I think Melissa was jealous of Teresa from day one. If my sister in law talked to Danielle Staub and gave Danielle bullets for a reunion show, I would be mad at her. If my sister in law knew I was at war with Kim G and she went out with Kim G and sat with Kim G at a fashion show, I would be mad at her.

    I think Melissa manipulates her not intelligent husband with the skills of a surgeon.

    I don’t like Teresa one bit. I thnk she is not intelligent and that she made a success by having a nice figure.

    The good news is I don’t have to watch NJ and I am not going to watch it anymore.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      At this point it is very easy for me to also see Melissa as a manipulator, whose machinations didn’t work according to plan. I don’t like Teresa but I don’t like Melissa either. I truly am disgusted by Joey Gorga – who IMO wants to be on this show more than all the housewives combined.

    • codystl says:

      Q – I’m gonna agree with you. Last night, I found that I really wasn’t paying attention during the show. I don’t think Tereasa and Joey will ever make up as long as Melissa is around. I’m not saying she’s the cause of it all, but she will always put some doubt in Joey’s head.

      General observation, what is up with Tre and Melissa and curling their hair like Shirley Temple? I think they all need to update their do’s.

  33. cabbie413 says:

    With regard to #rhonj I only like Kathy and her family – they seem really cool! I love that she makes all those delectable desserts! mm!

  34. kellynnola says:

    Teresa did have photographers in her house. who is she fooling? I might just have to do an interior design review of her house on my site… if I can bear it.

  35. Melissa says:

    Teresa and her hubbs Joe are scam artists and Teresa is ghetto trashy but still I hate Melissa more for making me side with that Ghetto trashy scam artists.
    Joey is hot headed and compulsive just like big sis Teresa but I can’t fault him for siding with his wife, he’s a man, a husband and father to 4 kids ofcourse he’s going to side with his wife or his marriage will be over. That’s why I lay the blame on Melissa because the girl can’t Let. It. Go. I’m sure having Teresa for a sil isn’t exactly a picnic but neither is she. She is constantly bringing up old issues to get back at Teresa, even at Gia’s gymnastics, by the way Gia acted to Joey, you know he’s sweet to her and she loves him dearly.
    And I think Melissa is jealous of that closeness. Not only to Gia but to Teresa and it shows. Melissa needs to get over her pettiness or else she will forever be the evil witch in that family and she’s got noone to blame but herself.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I have a SIL that I absolutely can not stand. My husband doesn’t have a clue that I feel this way. He knows I sometimes get annoyed with her but that’s all. It would be very unfair to him if I held him accountable for her behavior. Or tried to turn him against her. That’s his sister and he has every right to love her. I see her as often as I have to but never more. I smile, chat and am very polite to her at all family functions. Then I call a friend or one of my sisters and VENT.

      • Melissa says:

        Good on you, no matter what happens, you don’t try and put a wedge between loved ones no matter how you feel about that certain individual, it only leads to ugliness and unnecessary drama. I hope Melissa becomes as reasonable or I’m pretty sure Joey will be fed up with her. If Joey and T were as close as they say they were, sooner or later, he’s going to miss it and want that back.

      • LOLing says:

        This is what’s called “normal people behavior”! 😉

  36. jeepers1941 says:

    Both Melissa and Teresa are spoiled by the husbands and have been since they married them. So it is only natural to these women they feel they deserve the best, “happy wife, happy life” said it all. If these women didn’t have a pot to pee in and a window to throw it out of, we wouldn’t be watching this dribble. They have all made they’re beds and yet they aren’t satisified with that either. Nothing will ever be fixed with these 2 families. They are all to bull-headed and filled with jealousy as I stated before up-thread.
    What is very sad is what this is doing to the children. And I hope this does not carry over in their adult life. But the parents are to blame for not taking out of the public view and settling matters in they’re own homes. They all have faults they can and should work on, but they just can’t see it.

  37. val says:

    Did Teresa actually sat she has a house in the Catskills? Never heard about it before!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Yes she said it but I bet it is a Bravo rental for giving us the “original” housewives free of Gorgon drama for an episode.

    • Nancy says:

      She is an IRS dream.

    • The trustee, John Sywilok, is probably watching RHONJ and taking notes.

    • LOLing says:

      It’s Juicy Joes parents house..someone mentioned that above. One of the Gorgon sisters tweeted it apparently. They are also tweeting lovey, lovey kissy, kissies to Lynn! Judgement=clouded! What manipulators! If you weren’t on Team M, they’d ignore you. Just calling it as I see it…..

      • LOLing says:

        I typed this real quick and walked away to do something. I reread it when I came back and I didn’t like my tone so let me restate and explain b/f someone hollers..:)

        Lynn Hudson is the sole owner of her blog and she can write whatever she wants. She can tweet, facebook, email and talk to anyone she wants related to what she writes. My point was, obviously, they are reading this blog. Since Lynn is Team M all the way, of course the sisters are going to support that! It’s not a conflict of interest b/c this is not hard news! But, if she was Team T, they’d ignore her or try to sterr you to the other side! It just seems shady.

        Plus, are they feeding you stuff that skews to their side? Is it fair to be totally one sided? Lastly, just b/c you don’t like Teresa, doesn’t mean that everything they tell you (if they are telling you anything, I’m just guessing they are) is true.

        That’s it, no ill will I hope, just an opinion.

        • Alip says:

          I totally agree with you….

        • quincyil says:

          I don’t think Lynn is influenced by these sisters. Lynn prefers Melissa over Teresa.

          Lynn is Lynn. She calls them as she sees them.

          I don’t like Melissa. I don’t like her sisters. I don’t like Teresa.

          Lynn won’t have a problem with your comment or mine. They may have an issue, but they signed up for a reality show so tuff luck.


          • LOLing says:

            When people sign up for these shows I think the lure of being famous is so great that they don’t consider the negative impact. They don’t consider how they and everyone related to them will be put under a microscope. And they definitely don’t anticipate how cruel the public can be!

            • quincyil says:

              Yes. I don’t like the way they all gang up on Teresa and they are ganging up on her. If Melissa has issues, she should have dealt with Teresa. She back stabs Teresa on film when she shares with Kathy, Joe and her sisters.

              I would not want to have anything to do with Melissa or her sisters in real life. i did like Kathy in the beginning, but not anymore. She backstabs too.

              If my sister in law was under the stress that Teresa is under, I would be silent.

              I think Teresa was stupid and she did not know what Joe Giudice was up to in his companies. Now, he might go to prison and it looks like she will have his debts to pay off. Still, she keeps trying to survive.

              The more those women gang on on Teresa, the more she looks like a victim and an underdog.

              I believe in paying the bills. Teresa’s original statement were awful. She lives in Oz.

              I see the new women as shrews. They remind me of the wicked step sisters in old fairy tales.

              They won’t like the comparison, but that is how I see if from the prairie. The more they tweet mean things and give away the secrets, the more I dislike them. Maybe, they should consider how they look to people from the other parts of the country.

  38. Melissa says:

    Melissa is a trouble maker period. She said if Teresa wants to put it all behind, she’ll start out fresh on a clean slate and if T pulls something else, they’ll deal with her then. But then she tells Joey after his talk with T that not only does she want an apology from T, she wants her to apologize to Kathy,,,,wtf? She basically wants T to take all the blame and crawl on the ground for their forgiveness or else… what a bitch. For all it’s worth, Teresa looks like she really wants to move forward and Melissa is trying her hardest to not let that happen. Kathy, for the most part is like Jacqeline, not much going on so they’ll each insert themselves into the drama at hand to stay relevent. Jacky to Teresa’s and Kathy to T and Melissa’s, both boring and pathetic.

    • Smompy says:

      Well, IMO Tree does kinda owe Kathy an apology, but I can see what you’re saying. Melissa doesn’t look all that innocent and may very well be just as bad as Tree. I doubt she’s WORSE than Tree, but maybe as bad as.

      My problem with going on my first impression is that I remember hating (and I mean HATING) Alex and Simon during Season One, and swearing I would never like them. And even worse, I actually thougth Jill Zarin was a good person back then….that was honestly my early impression of her. I could kick myself over that. So now I’m asking to see a lot more evidence before deciding who to hate. Or, to a lesser degree, who to like. I mean right now I like Kathy, but in the end she may turn out out be the biggest bitch of all.

      • Melissa says:

        I can agree about Silex, I really disliked them at first, very pretentious and were not my cup of tea, and what do you know I too liked Jill and thought she was actually decent. But I must say, either it’s Bravo’s editing or I believe Silex has changed their behavior for the better, maybe in response to the criticism they received after season 1. Alex is still socially awkward but is very sweet and much more down to earth and by far the most real, a complete 180 from her 1st season. Not sure about Jill, either she was always a vile person who was able to conceal it through editing or that she grew this obnoxious persona after fame and adoration hit. But you’re right it may not be as wise to form an opinion solely on first impressions etc. but I just can’t shake the feeling that I get when I watch Melissa, it seems pretty clear to me that she was very jealous and feels threatened by Joe and T’s closeness and maybe feels left out.
        I don’t care much for Kathy either, she didn’t need to openly go up against Teresa and sure enough it backfired, did she seriously believe T was going to be meek and understanding after she accused her of irresponsible parenting? Just another bored NJ housewife looking for drama in my book.

        • LOLing says:

          My first impression of Silex was that they tried to hard to be something they arent. I still feel the same way! Jill, I never liked. I worked in NYC 15 years ago in a department store called Bergdorf Goodman. Jill reminded me of the rude Jappy (I’m sorry-not PC, couldn’t think of another word) wannabe customers who treated the workers like slave children. I pegged her. I’m pretty sure I was right!

          • Melissa says:

            True, Silex still at some degree try to be something they aren’t, example; When Alex stated “Ofcourse I’m going to dance, I’m the first girl to dance on tables” er whatever she said, I’m sure we all thought collectively “Uh sure Alex *wink” But compare her to the first season, the day after they went to the oprah, skimming through newspapers to read about themselves, complimenting eachother, blech. And “Francois” the very name and the way they tried to convince us of his superiority and how they tried to enroll him in some pretentious school, I mean it was all a bit much. But now she’s trying to be down to earth and genuine, which I can appreciate.
            Working at BG, I’m sure you got alot of those, fortunately I never had to deal with such ugliness so I was blindsighted by Jill’s fake nicey-nice act.

          • Indy501 says:

            Jap here. No offense taken. Just like true countesses you will know the difference. JZ a wannabe.

        • dsc60 says:

          in re-watching the first seasons of NY and knowing what i know now, i can see that jill was vile even back then. all of the signs were there. i think her saving grace is she was friends with bethenny. bethenny brought out the best in her. even watching it now, most scenes where she showed the side we see now are scenes without bethenny. if you get a chance, rewatch the first seasons and i’m sure you will see it yourself.

          • Melissa says:

            When she was with B, she did seem like a great person to hang out with didn’t she. I’ll try to catch the early seasons when I can, it’s probably better now that we know what they’re all about. I even liked the “countess” in her earlier days, my how things have changed.

        • Smompy says:

          I’m not really sure what show you were watching, because from what I saw, Kathy never accused Teresa of anything during that scene at the Brownstone, and that includes irresponsible parenting. If Teresa felt accused or attacked by anything Kathy said there, Teresa has only her own guilty conscience to blame. I watched that scene at least three times. Kathy is probably guilty of getting involved in something that was none of her business, although even that’s up for debate considering that Kathy and Teresa are first cousins and, until recently, always had a very close relationship. Kathy was probably wrong for expecting Teresa to be the one to make the first move in ending the feud as well, but I think that’s where Kathy’s guilt ends in that particular scene.

          It was Teresa herself who went on the attack during that scene, first berating Kathy for not jumping into a fistfight. ????? And then Teresa attacked her for allegedly using phony “excuses” for not jumping in. And again I say…?????? When Kathy implied that Teresa may possibly have had some role in the feud with her brother and SIL, Teresa responding by yelling, “And where the %#^& were you??? You ran away as soon as the fight started!!!” as if Kathy was being a coward and in fact had some responsibility to stay and fight for Tree’s honor or whatever. After taking a moment to look shocked at the ridiculousness of Teresa’s accusation, Kathy defended herself by saying she left the area because wanted to make sure her kids were OK, since that’s always her first priority as a mother, Then Teresa attacked that idea too, loudly insisting, “Your kids are older and don’t need NEED protection.” Teresa once again made it clear that Kathy’s “excuse” for avoiding a bunch of drunken brawling men in order to protect her kids was unacceptable, by shouting, “KATHY, YOUR KIDS ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL. THEY DIDN’T NEED YOU” (OK I’m slightly paraphrasing there but only slightly). Teresa was stubbornly insisting that Kathy tell her why she wasn’t right in the middle of things during that brawl. It wasn’t until this point that Kathy finally let it be known to Teresa precisely what she was doing during the craziness…that she had in fact also found Audriana left alone in her stroller and wanted to get her out of harm’s way. It’s not like Kathy exactly WANTED to bring that up. She waited until Teresa gave her no other choice but to explain exactly what she was doing during that violent melee. Not only was Kathy being completely honest about protecting the (temporarily) abandoned Audriana, but it was also obvious to me that Kathy was trying very hard NOT to say anything that might offend her cousin. Only Tree wasn’t having it. Watch the scene again and wait for the moment when Teresa realized that her baby was left alone. Kathy never had to actually accuse Tree of anything. Tree went silent & started to think about where her children had been during the fight, and then she suddenly had a moment of realization; that realization being was that she was NOT watching Audriana at that time. This moment of realization was written all over Teresa’s face in that scene. But instead of accepting that Kathy was telling the truth and thanking Kathy for looking after her baby daughter when no one else was looking after her, (and let’s face it, we all saw what happened with Kathy and Audriana, it was on camera), Teresa decided to play the victim again and pretend that Kathy had just deliberately accused her of being a bad mother. Teresa then in turn used her own guilt-driven delusion (that Kathy had just accused her of something awful) as a reason to start screaming and basically going postal, while Kathy stood there with a shocked look on her face saying nothing.

          This is just a guess on my part, but Kathy has probably witnessed Teresa going off the rails a few times before and knew there was nothing she could do or say do at that moment that wouldn’t end up making the situation even worse. But please do watch that scene again. It’s pretty clear that Kathy’s goal was never to make accusations about Teresa’s mothering skills. Kathy absolutely DID look out for Teresa’s kids while Teresa was busy fighting, and IMO she should be thanked for that. Teresa was first the accuser in that scene, then the victim, then the aggressor. And that’s pretty much Teresa’s standard M.O.

          • Golden Girl says:

            Smompy, ITA!

          • ITA. I think Teresa thought she heard Kathy imply something because “she knows Kathy” (I can’t remember who she said that to). I listened carefully as well, and the second T jumped out of control Kathy stopped talking. She’s not a shit stirrer so far and I like her – not just because of her desserts. Now Melissa’s sisters – urgh.

          • Melissa says:

            Uhm I gotta say….Kathy went up to Teresa, asked why T didn’t call Joey, trying to make it so that the Christening rumble was all T and Joe G’s fault. She aligned herself clearly with Melissa and was in her passive aggressive way, repremanding T for all that had gone down between them. I don’t believe at all that she was “coming from a good place’ like she claimed, she was looking for trouble and in T’s hot temper Kathy was successful in making herself look like a “peacemaker” to some.
            If she was truly fair-minded and a peacemaker as she claims, she wouldn’t be scolding T only, Melissa has done her fair share of harassing and shit-starting so why isn’t she scolding them too?
            What about Melissa’s son, where was he during the excitement and who was caring for him? Joey was too busy going off on a rampage and I don’t remember seeing Melissa holding her kid either but again, that doesn’t seem to bother her.
            Kathy’s an irritating and boring 3rd wheel in the NJHW and should be treated like Kim G &D and hopefully Jacqueline.
            I don’t like defending Teresa, keep in mind I think she needs anger management not to mention finance 101, but I will call it like I see it.

            • Smompy says:

              I can’t really disagree with your reasoning, Melissa. It probably was generally wrong for Kathy to approach Teresa in the scolding way she did. I might be giving her a little bit more “benefit of the doubt” than others would, mostly because I have first cousins that I’m very close to, and I can totally imagine myself saying something like that to one of them. But still, I won’t say Kathy wasn’t wrong for the part she played in the first part of that particular scene. OK, so Kathy was totally wrong in that one aspect.

              But everything after that…the elevation of tensions and the histrionics and so on? That’s all on Teresa’s head.

              • Melissa says:

                I sure hope Kathy is more understanding to T than how she comes off on TV, it’s unfortunate if they were like sisters once upon a time. It seems to me though, that Kathy has her own issues with T and she’s attacking her through Melissa and Joey. Maybe the reason might be revealed soon or maybe it has already and I just wasn’t paying attention.
                Teresa for the most part, is her own worst enemy, she needs to get a better grip of herself or else she will come off as an ignorant hot-head and that advice extends to her brother Joey too. I wonder what kind of environment they were raised in? Sheesh.

          • Caitlin says:

            Great reasoning and writing ability, Smompy, very impressive indeed!

          • jillz68 says:

            That is also how I remember it!

          • LOLing says:

            Teresa said she was sitting w/ her family. When she left to go to the table to congratulate Melissa and Joey she said “I’m going to say hello to my family”. There were multiple grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, her husband etc.. watching the kids. They weren’t alone. When the fight started everyone jumped up. C’mon, this is being filmed, I am sure it is standard that Teresa, Joe and the rest are always slightly distracted, directed and moving around when filming. Someone is probably assigned to the kids. There could have been a babysitter there for all we know, Bravo isn’t known to give all the details. For that matter, the scene of the abandoned Audrianna could have easily been a shot of them pre-fight a foot from an adult. Editing my friend! I do not believe she left Audriana on purpose, since she clearly informed the table she was leaving! I doubt people knew that a 20 foot walk to her brothers table was going to result in an all out brawl. Gia had no trouble tracking her down! Plus, there was a little boy playing around the stroller so there was more than 1 abandoned kid! Where were the Gorga kids?? Why is no one complaining when little bat baby was abandoned on the welcome mat while Joe put his dress on! LOL. 🙂 Besides, production will step in if ther’s any real danger, they are watching on video in another room. Why do you think someone was there and beat Teresa to it when Audrianna escaped and headed to the steps? Because someone is watching everything. No one is going to let a kid get hurt. So really, bat baby was supervised too!

            No one saw Kathy save Audrianna. Maybe we’ll see the film of that later….I assumed Bravo would show it to paint Teresa as a liar. maybe later. Basically, Kathy accused her of abandoning her kids during a fight, when she didn’t know her overture was going to cause one! The adults watching the kids abandoned the kids and I think it upset her. Teresa walked away when the shit started pretty quick and the Gorga were still wailing when the Guidices were leaving. Who had her kids? Teresa’s mom and MIL seemed pretty pissed at Kathy’s allegation and maybe they were upset about it as well. In any case, Kathy accused her of putting her children in danger, when there was no way of knowing anything was going to go to hell the way it did! This stuff happens sometimes and everyone was fine. My son (almost 4) has escaped from the house, disappeared in stores, wandered away in the house, opened gates, climbed out of his crib and opened the automatic garage door. Oh and climbed a dresser. They are slippery suckers! It just seems like she took a low blow at her when it was not a situation that could be predicted and everyone was frazzled in the minutes after it happened. You never accuse a mother of something like that when it is not a deliberate act. It was a bitch move!

            • Melissa says:

              Excellent point, Kathy was obviously taking cheap shots at Teresa for god knows what reasons and I don’t appreciate her disingenuous, false “nice person” image she tries to convey to us. She knew it would set off Teresa, but did it anyway. I wouldn’t trust her any more than Melissa if I were T.

          • Karen says:

            Thank god for you smompy . I see all of that and more in every single Teresa interaction. She is without a doubt the sickest hw I’ve seen so far. None of them share her level of borderline personality disorder with the added issue of being a complete and utter moron. As much as I hate Jill zarin , I hate Teresa more

  39. smompy says:

    After thinking about the “who’s hotter” contest between Tree and Melissa, the results make a little more sense to me now. There is clearaly something about Melissa that turns a lot of people off. Less than twenty four hours after appearing on her very first RH episode, Melissa was descibed on one popular webiste as the most hated woman in housewife history. That may have been an exaggeration, but it was obvious that she was in fact widely despised right fom the get-go. If Melissa looked like Mariln Monroe’s identical twin, lots of people would still say Teresa was the “hotter” one. IMO Melissa is hated that much.

    And all of this still baffles me. I can sort of agree with those who feel her brother was right about Teresa and that Melissa and Teresa are too much alike. There are some obvious similarities and I’m sure that could cause friction. On their own merits, neither one of these chicks is particularly admirable, probably, but in comparing the two, I personally can’t see how Teresa wins anything. I mean, I keep hearing/reading the assertion that Melissa is the main cause of all the fambly problems of Teresa, and that Melissa is a shit-stirrer, and that Melissa is definitely turning her brother against his own parents and so on. I’m still open to the idea of accepting this theory if and when I see some proof. But that’s the problem for me….I’m just not seeing any real evidence to support this contention. Yes, there are some little things that would seem to indicate Melissa is a somewhat petty person, and there are even some slightly bigger things that make me wonder if she isn’t playing a larger role in the Giudice problems than she might have appeared to at first, but when I see her painted as this master manipulator who’s really to blame for attacking and trying to destroy poor Teresa (and for pretty much everything other negative thing that’s happened), I’m just non-plussed. I watch these stupid shows pretty closely, and so far I’ve seen very little evidence that Melissa is a “bad person.” I’ve seen ZERO evidence that she’s worse than Teresa in any way. We all already KNOW how awful Teresa is because we’ve all seen her disgusting behavior acted out over a sunstanitial period of time, but when it comes to Melissa and her character, most people seem to hate her based on little more than a feeling they get from watching her, or on the impression she left them by using one particular adjective over another duing one of her Talking Heads, etc., rather than hating her based on any hard evidence that she (or anyone else) has actually shown us. Again, if I see such evidence, I’ll be happy to jump on the Melissa-Sux train myself, but so far, nope, can’t do it.

    Also, regarding the idea someone expressed (sorry, I forget where I saw this and can’t find it now) that if Teresa wasn’t so worried about airing her dirty laundry, she could eaily destroy her sister in law…I don’t see that happening either. Although Melissa is ovbiously no Einstein, Teresa…who, for scientific reasons, I will henceforth refer to as Coco the Gorilla…is a full fledged moron. The only way Coco could ever slay anyone is by using her fabulicious, furry fists of fury. Really that’s Coco’s only talent; completely losing her mind and getting out-of-control violent (or for any scienticians in the crowd, “going apeshit”) toward whatever person is currently threatening to expose her idiocy to the world. For instance, Coco wasn’t angry with Prostitution-Whore-Gorilla because Prostitution-Whore-Gorilla offended Coco’s highfalutin moral sensibilites, as Coco would have us believe. Coco was angry with Prostitution-Whore-Gorila for making Coco look like a spectacularly stupid monkey right there on the TeeVee. When it comes to a war of, you know, words, Coco is basically shooting blanks. Unless one is talking about the goings of some primate house, jumping up and down while grunting and screeching will never win a debate. Last night, even Coco’s almost-equally-violence-prone baby brother, Gorgo the gorilla, was able to outwit Coco’s dimwitted ass and make her resort to inanely sputtering and stammering within the first minute or two of their meeting. Poor dumb Coco can’t find a fair fight in human society.

    Cool as a whistle indeed! That’ll do, Coco, that’ll do.

    • LOLing says:

      Awesome post! I admit I am no Melissa fan and I am not sure what real “concrete” evidence to look for since at this point it’s just 3 people being petty. On second thought, maybe the pettiness IS the concrete proof.

      There is just something about Melissa that rubs me the wrong way. I can’t explain it, but it’s there. It’s gut instinct. It’s the same in real life for me, I have met people who I had no concrete evidence to prove they were not nice people, it was just my gut and first impressions. Most of the time, something happens to prove my gut was right. As I have gotten older and gone through life, my gut has gotten pretty good at weeding out the bad people.

      Other HW’s I have had gut feelings about from day one were Luann, Danielle, Tamra and Kyle. The Kyle one was one that no one wanted to buy, everyone loved her! The tide didn’t change until the end of the season, esp. when she announced for all the world to know that her sister was an alcoholic. All along, I thought Kyle was a bully and a snake and mean girl. I still feel this way. Camille is no prize human being, but I think Kyle overdid the whole thing. Just did not like her. Gut feeling.

      I know I didn’t present any hard evidence to make my case, but my instinct is that Melissa is a sneaky person. I guess we’ll have to see…

    • krone says:

      LMAO & well done! completely agree

  40. Nancy says:

    Sorry I haven’t contributed much to the Blog today. I was admitted to the Psych Ward at 6am this morning for depression because I didn’t win Jill Zarin’s contest on Father’s day. My husband won’t talk to me because he so wanted (and needed) one of Bobby’s ties. Personally I can get over that but not owning and displaying a 8×10 glossy picture of Jill and Bobby is too much for me to take. The Doctors have told me that they will be starting electroshock therapy tomorrow if I don’t improve. This might be the last time you will hear from me so thank you for all the love you’ve shown me in this wonderful site IHJZ. xoxoxo

    • quincyil says:

      We will send 2 dozen red roses and a box of chocolates.


      • Nancy says:

        Thank-you so much. Hopefully the staff won’t eat them all.
        Jill is so pathetic. A total of 24 “people” entered the contest. Have you noticed that she isn’t tweeting about the stupid thing because if she had hundreds of people in it she would be all over the airways with this. Someone should tweet her and ask who won?

        What designer would “dress” her for the reunion. No one wants to be affiliated with her. 😦

        • quincyil says:

          I think he Lebanese because of his name and he has a design studio in Beirut.

          It won’t be the first contest that she organized and then did not follow through on. Some people made videos a while back and she walked away from them after they did a lot of work.

        • Caitlin says:

          Hope your Doc hubby is good in the TLC department. How’s his hangnail [rogressing?

          • Caitlin says:

            argh – can’t type today – sorry – “progressing”

          • Nancy says:

            You have the wrong husband. AZgirl has that issue. My husband is “Dying” (aka a cough.)
            As far as George being good at the TLC dept…We had just started dating and one day my lung collapsed and then had complication from the chest tube, I became septic and almost died. It was George that diagnosed me not my “real” doctor so yes I can say he’s a big time TLC guy. I have no memory of that week I spent in the ICU except for telling George I wanted to go home and him telling me
            “You are very sick Nancy” while strocking my hand. It was sweet.
            That’s no doubt more information than you asked for or needed, sorry.

            • Caitlin says:

              Love it – great detail! Myohmy, he does sound like a keeper! I’m just a fool for a romantic story, and yours is both gripping and charming. Something tells me he feels lucky too. Thanks for sharing!

      • Debbie says:

        If you still have that space open on the grand piano you were saving for Jill and Bobby’s signed photo, I can sign a pic of me and send it to you.. I’m a real housewife and would be happy to fill your void. 😉

        • Nancy says:

          Thank-you Debbie for the offer but that space will always be saved for Jill & BAAAWWWBBBYYYY.

      • ms molly says:

        and a stuffed dog that looks just like ginger.

        • Nancy says:

          ms molly,
          I think my 2 feral cats would eat Ginger and my dog, Emily would go on a hunger strike if I let that rat in.

          All kidding aside, please don’t blame Ginger for how she turned out. If I raised her she would be a sweet, gentle, loving rat. 🙂

    • lillybee says:

      Dang, my poor keyboard. At least it was only water I spit out.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Oh dear! Maybe a little thorazine therapy would help.

      • FLG says:

        Hi Mookiesmom,

        I hope you don’t mind if I “borrow” your “thorazine therapy” saying occasionally, to substitute for my usual “pass me the cyanide” comment. I think I should ask for what is more healthful. Thorazine is better for my body than cyanide…… Although I will still continue to require smelling salts from time to time.

        • Nancy says:

          You will get the “Thorazine Shuffle” though. It’s one of the drug’s side effects. The patient stop’s picking their feet up and just shuffles them down the hall.

    • IndianaHousewife says:


      I would just like to say I find it ironic that you are choosing this day and this time to make things all about you and not my girlfriend Lynn. You have had well over two months to go and see a doctor and by doing it today you must be wanting everything to be about you.

      ( I will apologize and come see you in the hospital tomorrow, after I have done televised interviews stating what a selfish brat you are.)

      I hope of course you know I am kidding, after all I am nothing like Gretchen!

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Sorry this was in response to Nancy above at approx. 2:30

        • Nancy says:

          I’m not ignoring you I’m just trying to think of a reply. I have to admit when I started to read it my heart sunk but then got the joke. People can call my all sorts of names but selfish has never been on the list.
          Thank God. 🙂

          • IndianaHousewife says:

            Hi I was just trying to be funny. Did not mean to cause you any distress. I thought your post was great!

  41. quincyil says:

    AbedMahfouzAbed Mahfouz designed a dress for Guiliana…so Jill Zarin is tweeting her beak off trying to get the designer to give her a dress for Wed.’s reunion. She is always trying to be in the middle of action. Plus, Jill did not follow him so he could contact her. Doesn’t she ask people to do that at least 10 times a day?

    @Jillzarin two of Giuliana’s dresses were made by @AbedMahfouz (Gold/Red) – http://www.abedmahfouz.com

    13 hours ago
    vegas http://twitpic.com/5e1vsn – She looks GREAT!!! Dress is by @AbedMahfouz (Abed Mahfouz)

    @Jillzarin Follow me, I can’t DM u.

    6 hours ago

    • quincyil says:

      This is the designer’s twitter. I won’t copy Jill’s/copyright infringement. The designer will be glad we shared his name. Hi, Jill!

  42. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I call bullshit!

    Melissa can’t ever really “get along” with this family because she has to be the wife of the poor little match boy. Not her style and rightly so!

    Teresa, the GorgaPrincess married the GuidiceToad, oops I mean GuidicePrince and they became the power couple of the two families. The Gorgs and Guids have been traveling and living life together for years prior to the marriage of their kids. The marriage just solifiied their bond further. The GorgaMom didn’t approve of Melissa, as she was branded a golddigger by the princess, and automatically sided with Tre in all the disagreements. The GuidiceMIL is probably like an aunt to LilJoeG and much like his mother she never approved of Melisaa and of course is going to side with her son’s princess so that her son and his wife REMAIN the power couple in the family. LilJoeG’s role was that of the single guy Prince. Once he married it became competitive as to who achieved what milestone and how quickly it was achieved. With Melissa as the outsider, and no shrinking violet, she was quickly deemed bad news and shunned.

    AND let us not forget the most important FACT. Melissa was able to gave MALE children!!! Just the fact alone that the Gorga’s choose to ignore their only grandsons speaks VOLUMES! Grandparents fight for rights everyday, yet these people ignore Melissa and her kids because of TMAN and her whims. The Guids may have grandsons elsewhere so they don’t care if this estranged relationship continues to benefit TMAN’s little monkettes. But why wouldn’t the MACHO GuidSr. not want to bond with his grandsons? It just doesn’t jive.

    • krone says:

      Wasn’t it strange that Grandma Gorga gave a piece of jewelry to L’il Joey to give to his “angel” (whom I’m assuming is Antonia, her namesake and granddaughter) and chose to not give it to her herself? In fact, it seemed that Grandma Gorga paid no intention to the little Gorgons at all, unless it’s more of Bravo editting?

    • kbinldo says:

      Erm, just wanna point out the the sex of the child is determined by the father, not the mother, so it’s Juicy that ain’t up to snuff in the breeding males department.

      • LOLing says:

        FINALLY someone pointed that out! Women are XX, men are XY. Thank you HS biology! Remember the $ they owed to a fertility doctor? I wonder if they went not to get help getting pg, but to do sex selection? If Joe wanted a boy so much (since obviously his Y’s are lacking!) I can see that. You actually leave a deposit in a cup, they put it under a blacklight and seperate the X’s and the Y’s based on size and also one glows from the solution they use to wash it. The woman does injectables and then they do an IUI. I wonder if they tried and it failed? It’s something llike $25,00 to do this. That’s are science lesson of the day

    • klmh says:

      Do you remember in the Guidice’s bankruptcy the list that mentions the fertility Dr. had not been paid 12,000.? I don’t know if there is a procedure to produce a male vs. female, but its always been a question I’ve wondered about. Was the Dr. not paid because he didn’t succeed? I may be way off base though.

      • LOLing says:

        I just posted about that above! Great minds I guess..LOL

        • klmh says:

          I bet we’re on to something!

          • klmh says:

            I read your note above and the cost for this procedure. It would make sense too, because I’m sure they had to put 1/2 down, the other 12,000 they decided not to pay, because it didn’t work. Eureka!

    • dsc60 says:

      GuidSr is not Joey’s children’s grandfather. they are not even related. do you mean GorgaSr.? or am i missing something?

  43. Mimisfbay says:

    I have just received a recipe from Ramona Singer. Enough already, I signed up for her newsletter and now I am also getting spam. These women are all annoying the doo doo outta me right now.

    The RHNJ was so boring that I missed most of it and completely missed WWHL. If I knew that G was on I would have watched except it sounds like both Caroline and Andy talked over her. Her reality show was fun to watch as she and Bill are funny and interesting.

    JZ, puleeze, does she really expect Abed M to dress her. She is just a joke.

    • quincyil says:

      I did not sign up for a recipe that her chef uses for a dinner party of 24 either. I thought she was going to write about the show.

      • klmh says:

        I thought the recipe looked great and will let you know. I’ll cook it sometime this week.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Make enough for all of us and we’ll be over?

          • klmh says:

            Great! Im close to you probably, in the upper NE section of OK.
            Have you seen her recipe? If not, I can post it here. It really looks good. 🙂

            • klmh says:

              Chicken Dish
              4 Chicken Breast skinned boneless and split in half
              20 White Button Mushrooms slice
              1 (14oz) or 2 cans Artichoke Hearts (Drained well and cut in half)- you can always use one can and it’s still great to cut down on cost
              Juice one Lemon
              1 cup of Chicken Broth (I like College Inn brand)
              1/2 Cup of Ramona Pinot Grigio
              Put salt and pepper on both sides of the chicken then coat with flour
              Heat the olive oil in pan on medium heat
              Cook the chicken on both sides for about 3-4 minutes each (until done, then remove from pan)

              Add slice Mushrooms and cook for 1-2 minutes
              Add the artichokes, chicken broth, wine and lemon juice
              Bring to a boil then simmer until the sauce gets reduced
              Add the chicken breasts back into the pan
              You can serve immediately, or as I do, serve 4 hours later and just reheat in the oven or sauce pan
              I usually make for 24 people, so I make the recipe times 3. For home I usually make it with linguine and serve the chicken and sauce over the pasta. This makes a great party dish as it can be made ahead of time and served with grated Parmesan cheese on the side!

            • Kansas Girl says:

              I got it too, and it sounded good. I think she felt she let her fans down by mentioning her good recipe and then not having it to hand so she could include it. I was sort of amused that she sent it out today.

              You’re right that we’re not far from each other, LOL! I get down your way now and then to visit the cousins.

            • Kerry Okie says:

              Hey, neighbor! I’m also in Northeastern OK. I agree, the recipe looks good; I’m also getting the newsletter.

    • FLG says:

      I’ll be more than happy to dress Jillzy with a couple of coats of Dutch Boy exterior latex enamel. I’ll even use some good quality redwood stain on her hair if she’ll wear the ponytail again! I’ll take one for the team 8) .

  44. Melissa says:

    Not sure of why others hate Melissa but for me, she’s an annoying whiney shit-starter. To some extent, her husband Joey too. They blame T and Joe G for the brawl at their child’s christening but wasn’t it Joey who started it all telling T to get the F away from them after she congratulated them? And, he started flipping out Teresa style, banging on the table, charged at Joe G, then cried about it in an alcohol-induced state to his sick dad telling him how he’s his son etc, creating chaos and drama. And after all of it, goes and blames T and Joe G. And we’re suppose to agree with them? How is that possible when they made complete and utter fools of themselves.
    Then there’s Melissa who saids she wants Joey to patch things up but then goes on to victimize herself saying, “If I have to be treated like crap for you to be a family, I’ll do it” or something along the line, these aren’t fan-winning behavior. She always “say” she wants them all to get along, but every chance she get’s, she stirs the pot and blames everything on T and Joe G. When they were late for Gia’s competition, she made sure we know that T did this-n-that so they deserved it, making me think were they late on purpose? -most likely. But melissa asks Joey infront of them “Didn’t you know the time?” Laying the sole-responsibility on him. Another manipulating move by Melissa.
    While T discussed the card issue and cookie tossing drama to Caroline and co., she told them her part in it, while Melissa only told everyone what T did and not disclose what she has done to them in the past. As a viewer, Teresa is clearly a bumbling fool, but maybe because of that, she’s not capable of being manipulative and malicious like Melissa. T after some difficulties, even though neither she nor Joe G was at fault for the christening fiasco, wrote a letter trying to make amends with her brother. While Melissa, tells a somewhat confused but seemingly ready to forgive Joey that she somehow feels “weird” around them (Joe G and T) and again re-igniting the family feud. No wonder her mil doesn’t care for her much, I don’t blame her.

    • dsc60 says:

      “When they were late for Gia’s competition, she made sure we know that T did this-n-that so they deserved it,”

      when Melissa said that i thought why hurt Gia for something she’s blaming Teresa for? and that’s who it did hurt, it hurt Gia. i’m not sure if that’s the reason she lost focus, but i’m sure it didn’t help. but Gia was so happy when she saw her Uncle Joey.

      • Nancy says:

        I was surprised at how good Gia was at that event. I hope she continues training.

      • Melissa says:

        I felt sad watching Gia, she cried when her favorite uncle Joey called, all excited, wanting to talk to him, couldn’t focus waiting for uncle Joey to come see her competing (she seemed concerned enough to look over her shoulder and ask T a few times). I never thought uncle & niece (or god father/god daughter?) could be that close so my heart sank for her when she looked so disappointed when she learned he didn’t make it. When Melissa popped up talking about T and her faults, and how she didn’t want to “hear it from her” I wanted to reach into the TV and smack her for being such a petty jerk. Her own daughter said she was “mean” and cried which to me was very telling.

      • it’s clear how much Gia loves her uncle – so I was annoyed that Melissa said that. He promised her he’d come and watch and she was so excited. I sure hope he apologized to her. Even if that’s not why she lost focus, she was disappointed, and she’s just a kid. Although I’m sure she’ll get over it 🙂

        • Melissa says:

          Hope Joey apologized to her too, but he looked guilty enough I’m sure he’ll never do that to her again..if Melissa approves.

  45. kellynnola says:

    Interior Design review of NY Housewife Sonja Morgan’s townhouse here at http://kellynnola.wordpress.com/

    • Smompy says:

      Thanks for the link! I’ve never been too crazy about Sonja’s townhouse. It wasn’t about her decorating taste or anything like that, but only because I really dislike the narrower type or row houses (I didn’t like LuAnn’s either) and I didn’t think Sonja’s place was very well planned, especially after seeing the plans on Realestalker. But I have to admit it actually does look pretty warm and homey in your posting. Now I’m thinking maybe she did pretty well considering what she had to work with. When a narrow townhouse is more than two rooms deep and isn’t located on a corner (therefore can be no windows except at the front and back) I suppose the middle room is doomed to be a little dark. I’m not too fond of the security gates either, but I guess they may be a necessity.

      • Nancy says:

        You better never move to San Francisco!

        • Smompy says:

          Oh, but for the chance to live in San Francisco, I could put up with dark rooms, security gates and a lot more. It’s soooooo beautiful out there!

    • Melissa says:

      Great review!
      I like Sonja but Sherlock Holmes could be filmed at her place without removing a single furniture, and that is not a good thing.

    • klmh says:

      Thanks so much. That was fun.

    • dsc60 says:

      very nice kellynnola. while i’m not a fan of Sonya’s decor, it is tastefully done. it’s certainly doesn’t appear to be dirty and out dated. Kelly probably sees the antiques and thinks because they are old, they are “out of date.” she’s such an idiot.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Love your blog. Fun to read your insights to the homes.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Love your reviews! I’m so glad you’re doing this.

      And if anyone is like me and wishes they could go back and look at the Realestalker’s comments on her townhouse, http://realestalker.blogspot.com/2010/04/sonja-morgans-townhouse-on-then-off.html

  46. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    @Kellynnola I really enjoy viewing your website especially the pics of the housewives homes. Ramona’s is my fave so far. Thanks.

  47. Debbie says:

    Her’s a link to NY Times article on Bravo’s “Summer by Bravo” commercials.. Jill Zarin isn’t mentioned once. She’s going to be maaad!!! Overlooked by her hometown paper in a three page article…Too bad, so sad.

  48. Nancy says:

    The reunion form season 1 RHONY is on right now. How funny it is to see what was going to be.
    Shoot I sure wish I got the beginning of this. Shrill is wearing her “Team Jill” T-shirt. What a surprise!
    LuMan just told Andy she is going back into the modeling world. We all know how far that went for her.
    Bethenny and Jill were on different couches. That should have been a clue.

  49. AZ Girl says:

    Jill tweeted this…..On way to Bad Teacher premiere at ziegfeld in my “skweezmobile”! Like it? Do u like dress for reunion? http://twitpic.com/5ehc7z

    Click on the picture is hilarious.
    The Skweezmobile obviously is a “takeoff” from Bethenny’s “Skinnygirl” VW Bug but instead of a car that Jill can drive herself she the Skeezmobile is a limo with a driver.

    The dress is ugly and too short. You can see her girdle peeking through which may be what she wants. Looks like Jill borrowed some of Countess Squashblossom’s jewelry.

    I was watching re-runs of Morocco last night and Countess’s earrings at the dinner where she chewed out Alex and Ramona for being late seriously looked like solar panels.

    • boston02127 says:

      She looks awful. She always goes overboard. I luv how her (sexy cough cough) girdle is showing.

    • Nancy says:

      You should have warned us. She looks like she’s trying to be 18 again.
      Her earrings, her ring, her watch and her bracelet look like something a Jr High school kid would wear.
      Her legs are HUGH. Must be from all the figure skating she doing.
      Her hair and makeup leave me speechless. The dress is cute but not on her. Nothing is cute on her.

      Remember at 6pm (west coast) OC “lost footage” is coming on so let’s chat. 🙂

    • Deep sigh. At least she doesn’t have her hair in a pony tail this time. JILL PULL DOWN YOUR SKIRT!

      Whoever posted that must hate her.

      • klmh says:

        I thought it was intentional. She is showing her wares… always selling.

      • Caitlin says:

        For real! As obsessed as she is, I would have thought she’d examine pics with a microscope before pushing “send” button! Lord, imagine what she’d say if Ramona were caught with Spanx showing? I thought about Skinnygirl, too, when I heard what she called the mobile. Difference is, it is so pathetic that I don’t want to know more………….

    • Adgirl says:

      I hope she DOES wear that to the reunion. LOL.

      • MAMAZ says:

        That’s one chunky thigh peeking out of that ugly blue dress. And please LuAnn her jewelry back.

    • FLG says:

      OMG, she’s been digging in Countess Squash Blossom High Horse’s trinket box for her jewelry. NOT a good idea.

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  51. boston02127 says:

    I’m just catching up on NJ & all the posts.
    I don’t like Melissa. She the type that farts in a room and leaves so everyone else is blamed except her.

  52. lovemamaearth says:

    Did you see the size of Jill’s leg? no wonder she’s trying to squeeze herself.


    Oh and sqeezemoble like B’s SG bus/car. copy catter Jilliousy

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Oh should have read ahead. Quincy do you reallly think the fighting is alll for show? I can’t imagine doing all that for.. for what? fun? a pay check? to pull one over on viewers?

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Sorry the L key stuck. I sound like Jill there with her Evvvverrrryboudy comments for emphasis. It wasn’t on purpose.

    • boston02127 says:

      Squeezemoble. The word squeeze alone is kind of a gross word. Leave it to Jill.

    • Adgirl says:

      Is LouAss going to say something snarky about the Squish-mobile? Didn’t she say something about the SG bug?

      • Nancy says:

        Yes that’s where Bethenny’s quote came from…
        “That’s the point you dumb drag queen”

    • Mary says:

      Poor Jill. She doesn’t realize how absolutely pathetic she looks. I’m embarrassed for her. Now she has a squeezemobile. The woman has never had an original idea in her head. I hope they recast RHONYC.

    • TLM says:

      She looks ridiculous. It’s like she’s even copying a dress Bethenny would wear, plus the white watch that’s similar to Bethenny’s. Single. White. Female!!!!!

  53. quincyil says:

    Simon van Kempen tweets that he is with Mario and Bobby and the women at the premier of “Bad Teacher.” He souds happy. So the fighting must be a complete fabrication for the show.

    @ the #BadTeacher premiere w/ Bobby & Mario! Oh & @RamonaSinger @JillZarin @McCordAlex & @CountessLuann r here 2 It’s a mini #RHoNY reunion!

    43 minutes ago

    • If it isn’t, they’ll certainly ramp it up for the reunion so that they don’t get replaced.

      I can’t fathom that Ramoner would agree to be labeled as an alcoholic by her castmates in the year that she’s trying to promote her wine line. If they’ve agreed to fight – wouldn’t they agree to fight about something less toxic – like designer clothes and shoes??

    • lovemamaearth says:

      The fighting and then the socializing like this leads us all to wonder if it’s all an act and we’ve been taken in. Maybe they don’t realize that we get emotionally invested.

      • nathania says:

        that is exactly what I was thinking about, the emotional investment.

        lou ann being a fake uber beyotch just so they don’t all get replaced and everyone has a storyline.

        who knows.

        I still think they are dumping them all.

  54. boston02127 says:

    I can’t stand how Carol-Man says “so guess what” everytime she begins a sentance.

  55. Nancy says:

    Have you ever noticed how small Alexe’s head is?
    Could explain a lot!

  56. Nancy says:

    I want a divorce from Vicki.

  57. boston02127 says:

    Alexis has a lot of rules in her marriage. Me & my b/f have 2. We don’t swear at each other and don’t cheat. Do we need more?

  58. AZ Girl says:

    Would it not be the greatest if the Skeezemobile was shaped like a sausage….something like the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile. The Jill will arrive at the movie premiere and photos of her getting out of the limo with her girdle leg. Yikes! PR nightmare…

  59. Nancy says:

    Ryan is one messed up “kid”. Poor guy.

  60. Is it ALL fake?

    Yes many of the fights and on-screen confrontations are. Yes the trips are obviously set up and choreographed. But Amazongate? What about the non-flattering picture Jill just posted. Was that so we’d talk about her – talk about her squeezewear? Is all press good press?

  61. NMhousewife says:

    I’m surprised that Ryan would agree to co on camera regarding his gyecomastia (enlarged mammary glands or “man boobs”) because it is a situation ripe for jokes.

  62. boston02127 says:

    I’m trying so hard to get pic’s on here. My friend was getting rid of her infant car seat and I took it. My dog sits in it just like a baby. The pic’s are so funny. Usually when I take her with me she wants to sit on my lap and it’s hard to drive. Now she sits calmly in the seat with her front paws sticking out. People driving by me must think I’m nuts cuz I keep laughing at her and you really can’t see her, so all they see is me laughing.

  63. boston02127 says:

    Ugh…..Ryan & his bloody parts coming out.

  64. dsc60 says:

    i haven’t seen this posted but apologize if it has been. it’s very interesting indeed or should i say eye-opening.


    • nathania says:

      one thing I like about Melissa is she says what other people think but won’t admit to openly. Like thinking that they could ‘outsmart’ the cameras and reality show producers so that only the good would be shown. EVERYONE thinks that, but only Melissa is willing to cop to it.

  65. boston02127 says:

    Peggy doesn’t have a bum.

  66. Nancy says:

    I want to set up my Pug Emily with Don’s Walter.
    I hope he like older women.

  67. FLG says:

    Hi everyone. Hubs and I are back safely. Wow, looks like I missed a lot. It’s good to be home again, but we had a wonderful time and saw so many friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. I missed all of you and your comments, though I was able to do a few quick check ins. I hope all of you are well.

    • Nancy says:

      Welcome home FLG! You were missed!

    • Smompy says:

      Welcome back, FLG! Please start right in on that beyotch, LuAnn, and don’t hesitate to go for the jugular:)

      • boston02127 says:

        Welcome home FLG.

      • FLG says:

        For starters, She needs to get her smaller trinkets back from Jill. I couldn’t believe she expected Alex to grovel at her feet. I think Alex should have thrown her shoes at Countess Squash Blossom High Horse. Having just arrived from a largely Muslim country, even the thick headed shrew LuAnn should have understood the meaning of having shoes thrown at her. LuAnn is sooooo cheap, I’ll bet Alex even had to pick up the tab for the coffee.

        • Cusi77 says:

          (((((FLG)))) Welcomeback! Hugs to your hubby too!

          • FLG says:

            Thank you so much. I missed all of you. It was a great trip for us.

            • FLG says:

              We arrived home in time for our local gay pride parade. Our Congresswoman was on one of the floats. That helped us feel better about coming home. We will be closely monitoring how she votes on issues that directly affect us. We have seen politicians show up at election time and then vote against measures that would have changed our lives for the better.

        • Nancy says:

          Just like Bethenny did when she met Luman for drinks after driving 2 hrs so Luman wasn’t put out.

          • FLG says:

            Nancy ITA! I hope Countess Squash Blossom High Horse gets replaced and slithers back to the Hamptons, or joins Clarabelle in pulling carriages around Central Park. Her appearance on Law and Order SVU was semi-nude and tackier than either Alex’s or Ramona & Mario’s welcome home. Yet she still thinks she’s the purveyor of good taste? Alex hit the nail on the head when she told LuAnn that she was delusional. LuAnn should have run from that restaurant, but she should have at least had the decency of grabbing a bill or two from her tightly closed purse to place on the table before she left.

            • TLM says:

              OMG …I am so happy I never watch Law & Order!!!!!! My eyes! My eyes!!

              I’m sure there was no charge from the restaurant for that meeting, so I doubt either one of them paid.

              • TLM says:

                OK, I hate myself but I saw it. And I have to say, this was the lamest cameo I’ve ever seen. TWO LINES and she did a lousy, not-believable job. Gee, I’m so glad Jacques “read lines with her”.


                • Amy Matheson says:

                  Luann is a wannabe and a hypocrite.

                  I have to admit she is pretty for her age. If she could just keep her mouth shut. Always.

                  It’s still shocking (after all these seasons) when that horrendous man-voice comes out of an otherwise pretty face.

                  But any pretty she owns is trumped by the buckets of ugly that pour out from the inside.

                • Caitlin says:

                  Lordgoddalmighty – can’t believe I watched it, too. I’m just speechless………… How desperate must SVU be?

  68. Nancy says:

    Did I mis something? Why is Alexis’s plastic surgeon driving the boat.

  69. boston02127 says:

    Alexis shouldn’t worry about the bump on her nose, she should be more concerned about those big nostrils.

    • Nancy says:

      Or the size of her brain.

      • FLG says:

        Alexis needs a bigotectomy. Maybe Jillzy can perform brain surgery since she has informed us that she is all MDish? If the operation is unsuccessful, Alexis won’t be that much worse off. Now, I wonder if Jillzy can figure out on which end to perform the surgery?

        • Nancy says:

          I couldn’t agree more. I hate to tell you this but MY Brother-in-law needs the same surgery.
          He’s a “born again” guy. Need I say more. I feel so sorry for my sister as he wasn’t like that when they married. 😦
          Are there any states right now that you could get married in? I don’t even know if my own country (Canada) performs sam sex marriages. I need to look that up.

          • Nancy says:

            same not sam

          • FLG says:

            There are a very few states in the USA that have civil unions and a few actually have gay marriage. They are not recognized by the other states and do not allow us access to each other’s social security or healthcare benefits. Canada does have gay marriage. Hubs and I actually have considered relocating to Canada because of that. We know several married gay couples from Canada. I don’t know if it is still possible, but there was a time when we could have emigrated to Canada based upon our belonging to a persecuted class. Spain, France, Lichtenstein and Uruguay now have civil unions and or gay marriage. That is just a short list. There are many other countries that have universal health care and gay marriage. That is what we want. I am multi-lingual but hubs is English speaking only. Most of the younger generation of my family (my age and younger) have already left the United States, with no plans to return. That certainly wasn’t what my father and his family anticipated when they arrived on US soil. My mother was American born and raised.

            • FLG says:

              I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression. I don’t think that the USA is a “bad” country. I find by and large that the American people have generous and giving hearts. I have felt like a second class citizen since puberty. I have joined in the political process, but I don’t see things changing quickly enough to benefit me or hubs within our lifetime. I still have older relatives that I want to spend time with here. Once they pass on, then hubs and I will likely join some of my relatives that have already expatriated.

              • FLG says:

                The USA just doesn’t happen to meet our needs as citizens.

                • Nancy says:

                  I’ll marry you for a green card.:)

                  • FLG says:

                    We need to talk….. 8)

                  • FLG says:

                    What color are Canadian cards?????

                    • Nancy says:

                      Not green. Isn’t that weird?
                      We always travel with our dog so I made her a “green card” of her own.
                      FYI…Custom’s does NOT have a sense of hummer.
                      I was happy to hear that Canada does recognize same sex marriages.
                      Maybe it’s time I move back there.
                      As far as the green card issue between you and me…my husband would
                      pack my bag’s. Trust me!

                  • FLG says:

                    I’ve been to Canada many times. I know customs on both sides of the border have NO sense of humor. I have a funny story about that, but hubs would make sure that this would be my last post on earth if I relayed it…… But we did have a wonderful time in Montreal that particular trip.

          • Kerry Okie says:

            Two of my really close friends who just happen to be of the same sex got married in Canada a few years ago. I don’t know if they recognize “sam” sex though.

            • FLG says:

              Their marriage should be recognized by most if not all of the provinces. I don’t remember which one, but there was one province that was trying to hold off on recognition. If they are Canadian Citizens then their marriage is recognized and full divorce proceedings will be required to dissolve it, should they ever decide to legally separate.

          • FLG says:

            Do you think we could get Alexis and your BIL a buy one get one special?

        • Adgirl says:

          I think Alexis is like those Barbie dolls with the extra hair stored inside her head, You rotate the arm to wind it back in.

          • Smompy says:

            LOL, yup but if you’re thinking about giving her a haircut, don’t do it. I did that and then when I wound her arm up, all the hair went all the way inside and it would never came out again. So maybe Alexis’ skull is full of extra, wound up hair?

            • Adgirl says:

              funny story Smompy! Ahh the good old days of tormenting our favorite toys instead of reality stars. LOL.
              I’ve been wanting to ask you what your handle means?

              • smompy says:

                Good lord, I’m deeply ashamed to admit this, Adgirl, but at this point I’ve completely forgotten where the heck this silly name came from! I know it had something to do with a play on words (so to speak) involving a nickname someone was calling one of our housewives. Or something like that. But I thik I must have Alzheimers or brain damage or something because that’s as much as I can recall. I actually tried looking it up on google recently, hoping maybe some reference would jar my memory. Nope, my memory keeps hitting a brick wall. I did learn from the
                urban dictionary that the little pads on the bottoms of cats’ feet are called “smompers” or some such thing, though. Maybe I should just make up a story about the origin of the name. That’d probably be more intersting than the truth anyway:)

            • FLG says:

              Hey, let’s give Alexis the haircut. Kim Z could sell her an ugly wig! I’m sure Kim Z would love that, and we could have sweet revenge…. 😉

  70. boston02127 says:

    Gotta go walk the dog & go read. Not enjoyable reading either. Blah. G’night all.

  71. Cusi77 says:

    It’s just me or “The lost footage” was way better tha the one “Found”? If OC has the chance to come back I will skip the entire Season and wait for the lost! It was less painful than the entire Season! Thanks God those brainless girls are gone!

    • Nancy says:

      How are your wrist’s doing? Did the surgery help?

      • Cusi77 says:

        Yes Nancy, I am doing much better! Thanks for asking! Don’t be so “formal” just call me Cusi, let’s Mr 77 held the name of the family!

        • FLG says:

          Cusi, I’m so happy you’re better. I worked with someone with severe carpel tunnel. I know she was in agony. I hope your healing continues to be rapid and complete!!! (((Cusi)))

  72. LOLing says:

    Someone needs to track down the ex-fiances of Joe Gorga. I’d LOVE to hear what they have to say. I wonder how Teresa felt about them?

  73. Nancy says:

    Got to go. My husband asked me to tell him when “The Bachelorette” came on.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      why is this so funny to me? lol

      • Nancy says:

        You are the only one that “Got that”. Well sort of.
        It was an insult to myself. He wants to find another wife.
        Do you really think my husband would watch that show?
        Anyway, I thought it was funny. Pretty pathetic that I laugh
        at my own jokes, eh?

  74. cabbie413 says:

    OT- Am I the only one who gets into snackmode when nightfall comes? wtf I get so hungry at night, but the rest of the day I’m fine. I have been going to sleep early to avoid overeating lately..gah!

    ok my rant is over

    • Cusi77 says:

      I just got some strawberries… must of the time I get grapes…. yummy!

      • MAMAZ says:

        I try not to eat past 8pm. One of the tricks I use is to brush my teeth just around 8 every night. Then even if I’m tempted I don’t snack because my teeth are already brushed.
        But Bethenny Frankel messed that up. We finally have Skinnygirl Margaritas where I live now and I like to have one during the Houswives chtas. So I have to brush my teeth again anyway!

    • being diabetic i have to watch everything i eat
      never eat after 8pm
      i do however ake sure i have a bottle of water upstairs while i watch tv
      it fills u up and no calories

  75. VAgirl says:

    I’ve missed you guys today but have been pretty busy. I just got back from a concert by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra and it was wonderful If you ever get a chance to see them, it’s worth it.

    • Nancy says:

      Now I’m REALLY envious. What did you hear?

      • Nancy says:

        Would you do me a favor and go to YouTube and listen to the music that Carolina Kostner skated to at the Olympics. Yo Yo Ma is the cellist.

        Carolina Kostner Gabriel’s Oboe

      • VAgirl says:

        Two Welsh Hymns – Guide Us, O Though Great Jehovah and Awak and Arise, All Ye Children of Light; Music of theMasters – Gloria, Nunc Dimittis, and Cum Sancto Spiritu; American Folk Hymns and Spirituals – Pilgrim Song, Down to the River to Pray and I Want Jesus to Walk with Me; Glory, Ah el novia no qure dinero! and Betelehume; Count your Blessing instead of Sheep, It’s a Grant Night for Singing, Sunrise, Sunset, I Got Rythm and Seventy Six Trombones; Come, Come Ye Saints, Battle Hymn of the Republic, God Bless America and the last song I can’t remember, but it was conducted by our Governor who was there.

        • viki55 says:

          Wonderful! I am so jealous;)

        • Nancy says:

          You are to kind. I wouldn’t have asked you what you heard if I knew it were so many pieces. Thank-you.
          I’ve always wanted to hear music at that sacred church. Maybe one day?

  76. Yuck says:

    I finally watched this episode… I gotta say, I kinda love Joe Gorga. The way he pulled that that sincere and logical routine… Unheard of in Housewives land! Theresa looked at him like he was talking Greek. He wasn’t superficial, he wasn’t “acting”- My God! Doesn’t he realize the show he is one? Only Caroline is allowed to be sincere and logical and authoritative! And, if you are arguing with Theresa, your job is to be the asphalt she irrationally steam-rollers.

    Yeah, I changed my mind- I adore Joe Gorga. Until he acts pouty in front of his children because his wife hasn’t had sex with him that week.

    • Everyone has thier moments
      I Like him more then i thought i would despite how he can be in front of the kids

      I like Melissa too i dont understand the universal hate towards her in here

      • TLM says:

        I like Melissa and like that Joe Gorga (God, you can’t even say “Joe G” without possible confusion with Tre’s husband, which kinda creeps me out) adores her and puts her first. However, I can’t get past his obnoxious sex talk in front of the kids and temper which ruined his own son’s christening. I have a hard time believing that’s the only time a temper like that comes out.

        Is anyone else kinda creeped out that Melissa said her husband is “just like her father”? Looking at his photos and hearing her Dad’s voice on those videos of her, I would have to agree with her – he does even look and sound like her dad. A resemblance to my dad was actually the reason I didn’t go out with a certain guy. I just couldn’t get past that. Never had the heart to tell him why.

  77. Tamra’s son Ryan is such a little d-bad and she completely enables him.

  78. lillybee says:

    Catching up, Good Blog today.

  79. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~was helping a friend yesterday clean his house so I am catching up too.

  80. last nights lost footage for oc was such an utter bore
    that scene with Best left forgotten Lynn & Gretchen over the pocketbook line was just stupid
    i wanted to reach thru the screen and slap lynn silly but i guess someoen else beat me to it as she made such little sense
    she says the guys came to her first and she turned them down
    if thats true why would she care that her friend said yes its a free market
    if she started a make up line i seriously doubt that Gretch would have invited her out to dress her down
    and then Lynn with her watch your language your s classless
    UH Lynn werent you just on the screen moments before laughing along with Trampy at the idea of what Gretchen does best is be a golddigger oh yes thats a classy way to act at one of your friends behind thier backs
    thank god Bravo got rid of your boring ass

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi Dizz~
      I fell asleep after first 10 minutes of lost footage so I missed that thankfully. It’s unbelievable that Gretchen is now the word of reason with these awful women.

      • HD says:

        I fell asleep before it even came on. If it was that interesting they would have put it on the show.

        • sue says:

          I think Lynn was being “overly daramatic” because she wants back on the show so bad (meaning in a “getting paid” capacity) Lynn is no Albert Einstein, but she know she would light a fire in some viewers with how she reacted to Gretchen in hopes people would start talking about her again….Like I just did. LOL!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Lynn has her spoon in so many pots, that she turns around and smokes it! Cuffs, dog collars, handbags, sheets blah blah blah she had more schemes going than Gretchen did. If she should be mad at anyone it should be her wanton drunk daughters who got her fired or the manufacturer who used her to get to Gretchen. It’s a no brainer for them….active tv HW or has been tv HW who’s roasted and toasted? BTW Gretchen doesn’t need to apologize or get permission to start any product lines as no one goes and tells anyone ANY of their tentative plans for launching products. Only AFTER it’s done to you tell anyone.

  81. TLM says:

    Bethenny Frankel checks-in at the Children’s Health Fund (CHF) Mobile Medical Clinic to kick-off the Clorox and CHF Check in for Checkups program, Thursday, June 16, 2011, in New York. Every healthy habit checked in at http://www.checkinforcheckups.com helps get doctor’s visits for kids in need.

    Read more: http://www.looktothestars.org/news/6485-photos-bethenny-frankel-checks-in-for-check-ups#ixzz1PuAoSUqA


    • Nancy says:

      Look how happy Bethenny looks. Good for her.
      Go Bethenny!
      P.S. Jill you should try this kind of stuff.
      Maybe you would look better. Just saying.

  82. IndianaHousewife says:

    I see differing opinions on last night’s lost footage, but I enjoyed it almost more that what was first shown. It seemed to me that the reactions of the Housewives were more real than what we have been seeing all season.

    I think I get why Lynn was upset. She had the idea for purses and no other housewives were trying to sell this item. I would guess that Gretchen was with her during the off season and met the two guys that wanted to use only her name. Then when filming starts again Gretchen has a platform to sell from, however Lynn who had the idea first is no longer on the show. Just my guess.

    It also explains why all of the OC wives keep saying anyone can slap their name on a handbag, it doesn’t make them a designer. I hadn’t really thought about it before but I would imagine that they get asked to put their names on just about everything.

    In true snark fashion I think we should suggestions for the ideal product for each housewife to endorse. For instance an obvious one would be to have a selection of toilet paper rolls with each housewife’s picture printed on it,then you could use the toilet paper according to who you disliked the most that week.

    There are many people much funnier than me here I would love to read your thoughts.

  83. caliwife says:

    Great blog lynn!! I think they should replace the rhony cast starting with luann, cindy and kelly. Jill is ob vious and such a follower.. Rhooc needs a total replacement also.

  84. culvercity8 says:

    Melissa is on a local morning show in L.A. right now and she has a new nose…(i think)..she looks good on camera.

  85. Toni Bella says:

    Doloris is a friend, I think her married name was Catania. She is the daughter of the retired Chief of Police

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