I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Decorator / Housewives News

I Hate Jill Zarin  Million Dollar Decorators / Housewives News!

Million Dollar Decorators by Quincy IL


Mary has gone to the home of Jill, a fashion designer.  Jill’s home is what Mary calls “LA English.” It is the style of home that an English person would have if they were in LA. We see the pink room which has no desk, but is used as an office. They discuss Jill’s new office.  Mary suggests bold patterns because the room is small.  They will change a window to French doors.  The room will have the same budget as the work that was done on the other rooms in the mansion.

Martyn has flown to NYC to share Tamara Mellon’s 30 million dollar apartment with us, they have been friends since they were 16 years old.  Tamara is the creator and CEO of Jimmy Choo, a line of designer shoes and handbags.


The apartment is 9,000 square ft.  In the last six months, Tamara has spent a couple of million dollars on furnishing and they will spend between up to $600,000 dollars more in the next six months. There is a 5,000 sq. ft. terrace and they discuss putting in a pool.  Marytn sees Tamara roasting marshmallows by the fire on her terrace. No other apartment in NYC has a deck like this. Martyn suggests a swimming pool.


They go into the television room to admire the chocolate lacquered shelving installation. Martyn describes the room as sex.  A famous photographer and artist, Marilyn Minter, has splashed gold paint and signed shoes from Tamara’s new collection of handmade shoes.  Martin considers this art and he will create an installation on his shelves for Tamara using her shoes.

Ross and Jeffrey are home in their kitchen.  Ross is cooking and he thinks Jeffrey is slacking.  Ross is going to have his 32 birthday and Jeffrey wants to throw a bash. Ross insists on a small party with close friends.  Jeffrey knows someone with a small beach house.  He is going to work out a meal.  Ross would like Jeffrey to do the dishes from dinner. The maid isn’t coming tomorrow. Jeffrey suggests that they do them together.

Mary meets with Jill to discuss the office design. Jill is all over the place when she discusses colors.  Mary tells us, “Jill’s color wheel goes round and round, round and round. Where it stops, nobody knows.” People don’t know what they want, but Mary knows.

Katherine is now discussing the design of the beach house that Shannon Factor recently acquired. The Malibu house is in an area that has 10 million dollar homes and the nearby neighbors are Tom Hanks and Barbra Streisand.  The home was purchased furnished, but it is bad taste according to Katherine. Katherine does not want the house to look like the Palisades home that we saw in the last episode.

Katherine envisions a bright and breezy beach house with whites.  The home needs new bathrooms, new cabinets, paint, new flooring, drapes, and furniture.   The house has a nice flow, but it is outdated, Tuscan, and belongs in the valley.  Katherine says the home will take 6-8 months to decorate, but Shannon insists on 6-8 weeks. Katherine has a budget of 1 million dollars and she tells Shannon it will cost more. Shannon plays hard ball and says that she can find someone else, but Katherine says she is the only one who can finish this in 8 weeks. She wants to keep the 1 million dollar project. This could be fantastic or a disaster.

Mary wears a dusk mask as she checks out the office renovation.  They have 50 thousand dollars to decorate this room. She talks to a painter about the floor that is he is sanding. He thinks it will cost $8,000 to paint a zigzag in black, white and tan. When Mary thinks that price is alright, he raises it to $8,500 then $9,000. The floor will make this small room, so Mary will convince Jill that it is worth it.

Katherine shares fabrics samples with Shannon and Shannon starts giving her preferences. Katherine calls Shannon a control freak.  They talk a lot about the daughter’s room. 

Mary is driving through Brentwood when her phone rings so she answers it while she is driving.  Jill sounds concerned and she insists that Mary comes to her home because she does not want to discuss it on the phone.  Mary says that her business is a service and you have to drop everything to please a client.

Jill hates the zig zag floor in her office.   Mary loves it because it adds a sense of volume to the small room.  Mary would like her clients to stop grabbing the paint brush before she has finished the painting. She tells Jill to trust her on this.

Jeffrey goes to the Tavern Restaurant which he designed for Suzanne Goin ten years ago.  He is taking a cooking lesson for the appetizer that will be served at Ross’s birthday party. He is making torts with goat cheese to serve with wine.  Susan thought that the party was that night and she seems concerned the Jeffrey will duplicate her recipe next week. Demetra1 is going to help him, but she seems inexperienced too.

Mary comes to Nathan’s store to shop for feminine furniture as a counterpoint for the office with the masculine floor.  Mary is looking for a focal piece for a wall with paintings/photographs.  Nathan has a piece that might work in his office and anything he has is for sale.

Mary finds an ivory desk for $4500 at Mecox, another store.  It’s plain so she will add some upholstery to it. Mary and the clerk in the second store banter about their dead mothers.  Mary said she has listened to her dead mother for 18 years.

Katherine was 2 hours late to her appointment with Shannon so Shannon started to organize Mary’s cloth samples for her beach house. There were pieces of cloth missing and Shannon asks about them. Mary edited. Shannon has a great memory. The colors are blue and white with a pop of red.

Jeffrey is at the beach “shack” and he is alone. He should have arrived three hours  earlier to decorate and cook.  Demetra 1 thinks that you have to increase the oven temp to 450 degrees if you are going to cook two tarts at a time. Jeffrey calls Jennifer (probably at the Tavern) and she says you will burn it at the higher temp.  Demetra 1 does help the preparation and there is a woman cooking in the kitchen in the background too. There is a decorated cake that could have been purchased.

Ross’s party has begun and Katherine is a guest. She comes in a too tight, too short white dress with her breasts showing. Ross loves the dress. They all love the sunflower decorations and the beach house. They love the goat cheese tarts. They really love the wine.

Mary and her staff are installing the office furnishings.  One of the framed objects is damaged and the focal point painting is missing. Mary’s staff calls the framer, but they cannot guarantee delivery by 4 PM so someone travels to pick up the painting.  The room cannot be finished without it. They continue working.  The owner returns and Mary has to ask for more time, she does not like the client seeing unfinished work and because they suggest tangents.

Katherine is driving in her car when she remembers that the ashes of her dead dog is in a container that her French cook might believe is “herbes de Provence. “Katherine doesn’t want Greta’s ashes in her salad. She leaves a message for Jacqueline in French.  We don’t know if Jacqueline received that message.

The focal point of Mary’s office wall arrives and it is a woman with a hat. Jill is a fashion designer so this is a great piece for her.   Mary discovers that one of her employees has broken a drawer in the desk so she can’t open it.  She thinks everything has been off track lately.  She wants her employees to stop breaking things.

Jill loves the room.  Mary says it is so Jill. It is bold, modern, with a touch of glamor just like Mary. At least, that is Mary’s opinion.

Housewives News by LynnNChicago

Teresa’s blog is up, she had this to say, among other things:

 I really do think it’s just a bunch of little things, tit for tat, that built up. But at the end of the day, it’s not one big thing, and hopefully we can all get past it. At least I will never stop trying. My kids and my parents deserve nothing less. I’ve apologized three times now on the show — and a million other times you don’t see! — and believe me, I don’t say “sorry” easily. I don’t know if it’s the fiery Italian in me that makes that word so hard to say, but I’ll say and do anything to make my family whole again.

It’s interesting how Teresa claims that it is all Melissa’s fault and she did nothing wrong yet she apologized three times on the show AND a million other times that we don’t see?  What did she apologize for?  I thought it was all Melissa’s fault?  I still believe that someone else helps Teresa write her blogs, we know for a fact she didn’t write those books on her own.  The woman can’t speak, nevermind write.

Melissa also posted her blog, she goes into detail about some of the things that happened between her and Teresa,  I really think she’s sincere in wanting her husband’s family to be whole again.  I still don’t completely understand the situation with Joey and their parents, I find it hard to believe that they’re unhappy with Joey Gorga for working too much.  We know that they have spent a lot of time with Teresa and Joe Giudice because she is filming and doing her book singings so they’re built in baby-sitters.  Teresa insists that they don’t live with her but we even heard Joey Gorga saying that they spend a whole lot of time in the Giudice home watching the four Giudice girls.

Teresa’s claims that she does it all with no help are an outright lie and it is insulting to her parents when she continues to refuse to acknowledge how much they’ve helped her.  I don’t think anyone would think less of Teresa if she said, “I couldn’t do all of this without the help of my parents, they’ve been so great!”

The Watch What Happens Live Aftershow has been posted, you can view it here:


I think it is very telling that Caroline appeared to be on Team Teresa during filming but she’s definitly trying to tell us something, she again mentioned that she “gets it” when she’s asked about the fight between Melissa and Teresa.  This time she was asked if she thought that Kathy was causing some of the problems between the two families and she told us that at the time (during filming) she did think Kathy was part of the problem but now after the season is finished she said she really likes Kathy and again said that she “gets it” and there was a definite “Team Melissa” feel to what Caroline was saying.  This should make for an interesting reunion.  Now that Caroline has flipped from Teresa to Melissa and rumor has it she’s not speaking to Jacqueline anything can happen.  I certainly hope Caroline is better behaved at this season’s reunion.

I wonder if they’ll bring Joey and Joe onto the reunion.  If they do will they have to invite Chris, Albert and Richie?  I think Andy Cohen will see value in bringing Joey Gorga onto the reunion, we may just see the husbands this season.

Kim Zolciak did a radio interview in Atlanta, read all about it here:

Real Housewife Kim Zolciak Dishes On Feud With NeNe Leakes, New Baby, & New Ventures! http://t.co/8vX69jB

The New York Housewives are filming their reunion today, send Alex, Ramona and Sonja some love, they’re going to need it.  The Brunettes probably got together before filming to go over Jill’s notes.  I can see that meeting clearly, Jill is prepared with copies of her notes for everyone, Lulu bosses everyone around telling them exactly what to say, Cindy begs them to back her up over the hanger car set issues and Kelly is daydreaming about unicorns and satchels of gold….The Blondes only have to go in armed with the truth and support each other and they’ll come out on top, as always!

Our friend Real City Housewife (@Putyourhairup) tweeted yesterday that she tried Ramona’s recipe for Pinot Chicken and she said it was great, here’s what she had to say:

Final Verdict on @RamonaSinger Pinot Chicken: Very good!! I served it with a side of brown rice and poured the extra sauce on top of the rice. But the chicken needed to cook for more than 4 minutes per side, so I popped it in the oven while I made the sauce. 


Ramona Pinot Grigio Chicken Dish With Tossed Salad 
(I didn’t make the salad)

4 Chicken Breast skinned boneless and split in half
20 White Button Mushrooms slice
1 (14oz) or 2 cans Artichoke Hearts (Drained well and cut in half)- you can always use one can and it’s still great to cut down on cost
Juice one Lemon
1 cup of Chicken Broth (I like College Inn brand)
1/2 Cup of Ramona Pinot Grigio


Put salt and pepper on both sides of the chicken then coat with flour
Heat the olive oil in pan on medium heat
Cook the chicken on both sides for about 3-4 minutes each (until done, then remove from pan)
Add slice Mushrooms and cook for 1-2 minutes
Add the artichokes, chicken broth, wine and lemon juice
Bring to a boil then simmer until the sauce gets reduced
Add the chicken breasts back into the pan
You can serve immediately, or as I do, serve 4 hours later and just reheat in the oven or sauce pan

I usually make for 24 people, so I make the recipe times 3. For home I usually make it with linguine and serve the chicken and sauce over the pasta. This makes a great party dish as it can be made ahead of time and served with grated Parmesan cheese on the side! 

Tossed Salad


Take Asparagus and toss lightly in olive oil and a little lemon juice 
Add freshly ground pepper
Put on a baking sheet covered with foil
Bake for about 10 min at 425 degrees
Use a tossed salad (field greens)
Grated Carrots
Cherry tomatoes cut in half
Toss together!

Salad Dressing Directions ( I always make excellent seasonings!)

All natural Italian packet of spices
Add extra virgin olive oil water and balsamic vinegar

It was amazing. Definitely adding this one to the recipe book!

Thanks Real City Housewife!  Don’t forget to check out her web site too!


I got a very nice tweet yesterday:

AnAmericanRoyal to @LynnNChicago. Thank you so much for reading my blog & referring your 1,000s of readers. U made my WORLD! I’m a HUGE fan! ladybrooks.com
Check out her blog about Gretchen Rossi, its really good!
Don’t forget to tell Andy Cohen if you want Cat to replace Cindy on The Real Housewives of New York!   http://wp.me/pVOhN-TW

More photos to enjoy by Boston02127:

Thanks Boston!  Great stuff!

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291 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Decorator / Housewives News

  1. JenFromCincy says:

    I’ve apologized a lot in my life even when I felt I wasn’t at fault. If the relationship was important to me, and that was what the other person needed, I was happy to do it.

    Doesn’t surprise me at all that T would do that. It does surprise me that Melissa would say to everyone that she wanted things to be better and then constantly shift her demands and expectations about what was necessary to do so.

    Just my opinion.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I can see apologizing sometimes when it isn’t your fault, a customer service representative may apologize to you for an error on your bill or for a rude sales person in their store but this is Teresa apologizing to her brother and when he asked her what she was sorry for, she couldn’t answer him.

      That tells me (in my opinion) that she isn’t really sorry, it was insincere and if she doesn’t know what she’s sorry for, there’s a good chance she’ll make the same mistakes again.

      • HD says:

        At this point she might not know what to say sorry for. Shoot, I keep watching and I don’t even know why they are arguing. The cookies, because her brother is on the show, the card that said redone house, Joe talked about Joey to the dad, Teresa ignored them at her daughter’s christening, because Joe was standing on the grassy knoll. I mean I just don’t know. Everyone throw a sorry in the hat and keep it moving.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Good morning & thank you Lynn & Q & boston~:)
          If all they are fighting about is cookies & the card & being dissed in public this show is not worth watching for all the aggravation it causes me. Can’t stand Don Caroline anymore either.
          I agree with you Hannah~let’s get a real story going like Mob wives who really have something to bitch about eh?

        • Mimisfbay says:

          HD, you just made my day! The coookies…ROTFL

        • LOL at the grassy knoll LOL

      • ms molly says:

        All I had to do was listen to Joey at that restaurant to see that he doesn’t have a clue why he should be mad, and is only responding to what Melissa told him he should be mad about. I don’t think anyone knows except Melissa because Joey said she had a list.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          ITA – the Gorgon keeps repeating that he is Teresa’s brother! Is Teresa supposed to apologize for that too? Saying she is sorry is sincere because the target keeps moving! Until Joey/Melissa accept the fact that the parents have problems with them then this will never be fixed.

      • maybe she is genuinely sorry that the family split in directions but doesnt know exactly why
        Lynn the family dynamics is such that it could be anything
        Jimmys family all fight about the dumbest things imaginable,someone took too much food at the dinner party someone didnt compliment on the cake all sorts of imagined slights
        ive seen it with my own eyes

      • @tweatcyn says:

        I completely agree Lynn. Nobody takes her apology seriously because she doesn’t feel she is to blame for anything and doesn’t know what she is apologizing for. It’s empty. That was Joey’s point when he asked her what she meant by that?

  2. boston02127 says:

    I don’t see Melissa as a peace keeper. Her husband and Teresa aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree, I’m guessing Melissa tells him just about everything to say. Without her and Teresa arguing, Melissa wouldn’t have much of a storyline. I think Melissa is more of a trouble maker than we know. (yet)

    • HD says:

      I do agree about Melissa. She seems to stir the pot with her gullible husband. Teresa and her brotehr would have made up a long time ago I bet if she would have stayed out of it. I don’t get involved with my husband and his family arguments or whatnot. All I say is fix it and I leave it alone. I’m not meeting anywhere, I’m not sending any letters, I’m not doing any of that. That is JOEY’S sister. Let him handle it.

      • I’m telling you Mel is a POS.

        Mel spins shit. It went from Teresa never acknowledging her nephew to her ‘only going to the hospital for 30 minutes and not picking up the baby’. I’m sure if she did pick up the baby the next thing would have been Teresa turned into Rumplestilskin and tried to take off with the baby.

        I’m surprised that Teresa didn’t bring up her giving Danielle ammo to use against her. As much as the Manzo’s like to pretend their shit doesn’t stink meanwhile it’s chaos behind the scenes, at least they don’t air their dirty laundry in public.

      • FLG says:

        Hi HD! I agree with you. You have a very common sense approach. It’s amazing how rare a commodity common sense is in Housewifeland.

      • nathania says:

        the men in my family always assume the women are the cause of all the trouble, don’t get along *because they are women* and any trouble that does come up is ignored by them and attributed to emotional causes having to do with ‘women being women’. I suspect this might be at play in this family as well, where Teresa knows that her brother and husband are not going to pick up on some of the crap she pulls because they are tuning her out and not paying attention. Melissa is going to pick up on it, be insulted, retaliate, but to no avail, because she’s powerless in that family.

        I agree that Teresa and Melissa should not have met without Joey there. I would have put the kibbosh on that if I were him, just so I wouldnt’ have to hear ‘she said this’ and ‘she said that’ for the next five years. He should either go or it shouldn’t happen…and he needs to tell his sister, this is my wife, respect her, period.

    • Noreen says:

      ITA – everytime Joey says he wants to make up with his sister, Melissa says, I don’t think it will ever happen or something to that effect. I think Melissa is just a sicky-sweeter version of Teresa.

  3. Jennifer says:

    LOVE these!! LOL

  4. IndianaHousewife says:

    I am still trying to figure out why I have such a negative reaction to Melissa. Taking Teresa totally out of the picture I am still not able to get on the Melissa train. So anyway when thinking about this I was trying to come up with something nice that Melissa has said or done when interacting with her castmates. Something that was not all about look at Melissa, I sing, cook, love my family, sacrafice all for my husband, am sexy, am spoiled, etc. I just do not see very many moments when she is on screen and it is not all about her.

    • smompy says:

      Funny you should ssay that, because I was just thinking that if Teresa were out of the picture, I most liekly wouldn’t be so fond of Melissa either. Actually, I’m not even particularly fond of her now. But since she’s Teresa’s foe, I will gladly suppport her for the time being. I felt the same thing with Danielle Staub. Well, not exactly the same thing…Danielle is clearly a piece of crap, whereas up to this point Melissa is only questionable. But I liked seeing Danielle get under Tree’s skin (or her bark?) and I like that Melissa has the ability to do the same. In case it’s still unclear, i do not respect Teresa Giudice, not one little bit:)

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        That’s it exactly. I am not a Teresa fan at all. Even though I am glad Teresa has someone poking at her I can’t stand Melissa’s attitude. To me she is the type that upon first meeting her I would be like “she’s a pretty nice person”. I think after time though it would become one of those relationship that had to be all about her, even when she was supposedly supporting you it would be about how hard it is for her to be there, how much she loves you, etc. Thankfully I have filtered most of these types of friendships out of my life, not sure I want to invite them back in even through a Bravo TV show.

      • Caitlin says:

        Thanks, Smompy, for getting in my head and organizing my thoughts for me. So, that’s why I am so ambivalent about Melissa! I feel better now!!

  5. Eve from CT says:

    I disagree with you, Lynn, on this Teresa/Melissa fight. Teresa is being the bigger person by apologizing and they just want blood. I’m from a big Italian family and know how sister in laws expect to be treated. Melissa wants to be adored by all…….I think T really wants her family back together. I think it stinks that Caroline is sticking up for Melissa….especially since SHE has fought with her own sister and sister in law.

    • sue says:

      You hit my feelings for this Melissa girl right on the head,and the problem is, is that I cant see how others just cant see what she is about and how she manipulates “the family situation”. Sometimes its hard to see who is really the bad guy, cause most of the time its “six of one, half dozen of the other”,but in this case its soooo obvious to me that its 80% Melissa and 20% T. Look I’m no T lover thats for sure, but it is so crystal clear that Melissa is in this for all the wrong reasons. And I just want to add, that in her Bravo blog (which incidentllyshe again waited till T posted before she put hers up)she tried to use the angle of “whats wrong with working 3 jobs, cause she thinks viewers will side with her cause she was such a hard worker, when in fact, I look at it like “She went with Joe so she would not have to work 3 jobs or work at all for that matter, and truthfully, theres nothing wrong with that, cause thats what he promised her, but she wants people to believe she still wants to work and she cant, when in fact I would love to see her reaction toward her Joe if what happened to T financially happened to her, I DO NOT think she could be like T and “bring home the bacon” and I especially DO NOTt think Melissa would sand by her husband…Just my opinion!

      • Eve from CT says:

        I agree. I think Melissa must be stunned with the fact that not everyone likes her and hates Teresa. I think she expected to be loved when she appeared on the show. I just don’t think people can relate to this prima donna and her “thank you Jesus” announcements. She is so phony.

        • I think Melissa is diabolical. There clearly is no length of which she will not go to get on the show, even it meant publicly betraying family and planting false stories. She taken a page from the Jill Zarin code of planting seeds of unrest.

          She started a fight with a family member at her own son’s baptism-knowing that her idiot husband was drunk and hostile.
          He screamed insults at his sister in front of his ‘beloved niece’.
          Joey got up and had to be restrained.and went on the attack

          And somehow this is suppose to be Teresa’s fault?

          • I dont think im ever gonna get the hating Mellisa thing that is going on ,on this blog,i fully understand the hatred for Shrill I can get beihnd the hatred of LuMann But so far i havent really seen Melissa do anything that bad
            next to Icky & Trampy she seems like a nice person
            now i havent seen the last episode so perhaps that will clue me in but i have been reading these since the begining of this season so i find it strange

            • I think you are usually pretty perceptive, I think slowly but surely you will start to see where most of us are coming from.

              Her resentment for not Teresa not getting her on the show is crystal clear. She thinks that Teresa ‘hid’ them- as if she is a undiscovered gem. The fact that she fed Danielle information to be dropped at the reunion to create a buzz about her..and it would get her on the show.is straight up Jill Zarin Gorilla warfare tactics. She doesn’t feel bad about being late to Gia’s tournament because T was late to Joey’s first birthday, if innocent kids get hurt in her tit for tat mentality it’s just par for the course. Look at her own sons baptism…even if she didn’t think the “Congratulations” was timely or sincere, why would any normal person choose that moment to rip off the bandage and expose the wound? Especially since during the course of the evening Joey got more drunk, angry and belligerent.

              This woman could wait to ‘sing’ on camera (we all know that was such a set up) because she thinks she really can sign (not really) and that she is headed for stardom (hardly). I don’t know how anyone can be that delusional. Does she really think that a married suburban mother of 3 is going to be the next breakout Pop star? That’s why there is a cut off for American Idol, there comes a point to give up the dream.

              People can debate if T’s apology is sincere. I surmise she couldn’t articulate what she was sorry for because as far as what actually happened it’s all petty bullshit. “I am sorry I threw out your cookies”, “I am sorry at Gia’s birthday that you and your 4 year old didn’t get to ride in the limo with Gia’s 9 year old friends”. She wasn’t addressing an incident, she was talking about their feelings. I don’t think being sorry that someone is hurt is an admittance of guilt. But Joey and Mel can’t even do that much.

            • jillz68 says:

              I agree. So far I like Melissa. Tre has proven herself to be someone I despise but I am waiting to see how I feel about Melissa when the season is over or next season. Yes, her Praise Jesus stuff bugs the living daylights outta me but until she is shown to be an alleged criminal like her sister-in-law and her Juicy sidekick I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Tre has a hairtrigger temper and so far M hasn’t shown that. I am also not bugged she is using this to showcase her singing. At least it sounds like that has been a lifelong dream and not just something she did for the show. I have a feeling the Gorga parents are behind a lot of the drama with help from Tre.

              Tre showed she was raised in a barn by thinking it was cute or ok to spray a stranger in a bar with champagne and not have the class to apologize. We don’t see Joey, Melissa, Kathy, Rich, Caroline, and Albert getting arrested in another country…I imagine some of the anti-Tre love from Caroline has something to do with this little fiasco which I would love to see on the show.

              • Caroline and Al sons were involved in the fight abroad. I also don’t see getting into a fight with strangers while on vacation any worse than getting into a fight with family at a baby’s baptism.

                We are among the thugs here, no matter whose team you are on.

            • nathania says:

              she’s young, cute, rich, and talented.

              Part of it is jealousy, the other part is insiders who have knowledge most of the regular bloggers on this show are not privy to and loyalty to Teresa.

              Teresa Guidice is a disgusting human being. Anyone who disagrees can just re-watch last season.

              The knee-jerk ‘hate the new girl’ reaction to Melissa is so bizarre it’s almost like Stockholm syndrome with people bonding to Terroresa despite her lunacy because in my opinion the je ne sais quois that Melissa has, whether it’s star quality or just charisma, or what have you. It’s the same inexplicable hatred that Tamra has for Gretchen.

              I think the vitriol makes people look foolish. The evidence just is not there so when I see it I always assume they are reacting to Melissa on an emotional level and that she threatens something within them…when the evidence DOES appear, I will change my viewpoint accordingly. About Melissa, not Teresa. Teresa owes Danielle Staub about 57 apologies, not one of which she has made. She will always be pond scum in my book.

              • Maybe it’s your perception that is off?
                It could just as easy be said that those who are unaware of Melissa’s faults, do s because their vitriol against Teresa allows them to suppress criticism against her opponent. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” mentality can be just as foolish as the behavior you described.

            • Wicked says:

              I agree with you I dont hate mel

            • Anita says:

              I’m with you too,T keeps saying my beloved brother changed when he got married Of course he did he had a new wife and had to separate from the family that hurts in most families but you adjust. Not turn it into ring side wrestling. For Heaven sake Gorgas give M some space and respect in your family and then maybe she can reciprocate. And though Gia is obviously loved by her uncle T’s husband didn’t even try to M’s daughter at the same gym meet. Maybe M feels that her kids don’t get the same feeling from the family. Just my feelings.

            • TLM says:

              I don’t get the vitriolic anti-Melissa sentiments either. I think when Teresa speaks, she confirms what Melissa said, which is that Joe’s family wants him back as long as they can ignore her. That isn’t right. I also think she’s a wonderful singer – someone said she can’t sing, and I found that comment the strangest. I had to wonder what they thought of Kim Zolciak?!??

              I found the repeated references to Jesus odd, only since Catholics typically don’t say that – it seems more of a born again/Protestant custom. But if that’s what she’s comfortable saying, I’m not here to judge that.

              I like Kathy but I can see where some people think she’s trying to stir the pot, since she doesn’t have a dog in this fight. It’s really up to Melissa and Teresa to work out, as well as the husbands. The ones I really can’t figure out are Joe and Teresa’s parents. They seem odd. Even Joe told his mother, “You’re so cold.” And what grandmother wouldn’t want to give a present to her granddaughter in person?? I think they are passive-aggressive and cause a lot of the aggravation. If they see Melissa as a golddigger, they need to look at their own daughter and how she spent her family into bankruptcy, as well as their son-in-law.

  6. Amy Matheson says:

    I think both of these women have queen bee complex.

    I am the youngest daughter in law in my husband’s family of six siblings. I am not the kind of person who takes my place, most of the time, but I love my husband and my mother in law (my FIL passed away long ago) and while there are some SILs I consider true sisters and a couple I think of as my price to pay for a great husband, I respect them all – not because they are older than I am or were there first – and certainly not because I take everything they occasionally spew as honest or kind – but because I love my husband. In my mother’s house I know my place. In my mother in law’s house, I also know my place and do not demand to be queen bee.

    Otherwise, personally, I’d prefer to be friends with Melissa. However, she has a lot of power to end this and make peace and she (so far) chooses to let it continue. Teresa is a moron, but this is her family and Melissa married into it. She needs to get that and respect it – especially in such a traditional Italian family.

  7. ramonacoaster says:

    So RHONY is going to be fliming today. Anyone thought of any questions to ask the cast?

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Ooops! Forgot to add reunion to the post.

      • Jezzibel says:

        will Ramona hold jills feet to the fire over allegations of Mario supposedly shoving her at a party in the Hamptons a few weeks back?

      • FLG says:

        I sent in questions yesterday. I had quite a few for Jillzy and Countess Squash Blossom High Horse. I’m curious if any will hit the airwaves.

        • FLG says:

          I used Bravo’s “email” rather than facebook or twitter. I don’t have a twitter account and I am very private with my use of facebook. Bravo allowed 1000 characters for questions. I think I had 8 characters left.

        • plainviewsue says:

          I also tweeted a bunch of questions to Andy. I just hope he isn’t a wimp and goes after the mean girls!!

    • Sonjafan says:

      Andy, please fire Jill, Lumann and Kelly…time to send them on their way and Kelly needs to go to rest home
      for a long long time (the unicorns are waiting to come out and play), so she can be even more authentic.

  8. T-REX says:

    I am hoping the Ramonacoaster is on a roll today and she brings up the fact that Jzilla tweets if she farts, but yet didn’t tweet anything that night or in the few days after the incident anything about it, but only commented when her assistant blatantly leaked it to the press.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I hope so too! I don’t know how Jill thought she could make a serious statement like that and think she could get away with it. I wonder what Bobby thinks of her lie.

  9. lola says:

    I agree with the majority here and believe Melissa is the one who is ultimately stirring the pot. You can see it in her demeanor and facial expressions that she is not in favor of peace but must act as though she wants it to her husband’s face. Kathy, while having a lovely family, is absolutely not helping the situation and should address her issues with T separately and not pile on with Melissa. Back to Melissa, obviously T and Non Juicy are lacking in the brain power department and Melissa plays her over-sexed, demanding husband like a top. Of course, Teresa has some fault in it and probably more then we know but I absolutely see Melissa as a jealous, insecure, spoiled brat. I am obviously not a Melissa fan, I see through her bullsh*t and being a jersey girl,she isn’t fooling me. There is nothing likable about Melissa and her sisters drive me batty. The only person on the show that bothers me more then Melissa is Ashley, and there is not enough space on this blog to illustrate my disdain for her. I miss Dina, love Jac and Caroline even though Caroline’s schtick of being the goddess of life advice grates on my nerves. I will however take Melissa over Danielle any day, I am so glad she is gone.

    • im not on either team here but find it strange how Nene was always accused of having anger management problems when its clear from what we have seen that T is the one with serious anger problems and her bother seems to have them as well
      I like her brother but wouldnt wanna get him mad at me

  10. AZ Girl says:

    I watching Thursday’s NJ episode last night. Joey did bring up a good point with Teresa. He told her that for the family the wife (Melissa) and sister (Teresa) need to make this right. I agree. It is about Melissa and Teresa and he is stuck in the middle. Of course Joey has a dispute with his parents but I believe the main problem is Melissa and Teresa jockeying to be the matriarch of the family. IMHO.

    • What confuses me is why Melissa says it’s mainly about Joe, the dad, and Joey. Joey didn’t say a word about Joe. (Joe strikes me as being tired of Joey, but would do whatever just to be left alone)

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      The better point he made was even if he married a whore, those are the grandkids, and the parents should be wanting to be with them. ITA Children are innocent and TMAN responded so they have to kiss her ass to see the kids? Visiting someone’s home and seeing the kids, playing with them at social gatherings, or taking them for the day is “kissing her ass”? So wrong on so many levels.

      • To play devil’s advocate – what if T made that point because Melissa wasn’t letting them see the kids unless they kissed her ass. Maybe she wasn’t inviting them over – or was just making it hard. IDK – but they are all wrong if the grandparents aren’t seeing the kids.

        Whatever role Melissa has played in this – she’s not a horrible person (like Danielle). She’s not a saint either. They all need to figure this out – and sitting down together and talking is a great step.

        • didnt his mom have a gift for one of melissas kids and wouldnt give it to her ,herself but gave it to her son to give his daughter despite the fact they were all at the same event
          to me that was just wrong
          i dont care what you thingk your daughter in law has or hasnt done
          thats your grand child
          you dont go out of your waty to make kids feel bad
          Like t’s hubby with that little girl
          he wouldnt even talk to her because she doesnt ever say hi to him
          that just made me so mad when he acted like that

      • nathania says:

        my sister in law is a lunatic and she is her absolute WORST whenever there is competition from other kids of my parents, and grandkids (my siblings children). she is barely normal in daily life but like when my niece came last summer that I had not seen in 7 years because of the custody battle and all the stunts that my OTHER crazy sister in law pulled, she was completely outer limits. nothing pushes her looney buttons worse than other grandkids impinging on her monopoly of my parents attention for HER kids.

        I bet Teresa is the same way, since she is by rights every bit as much of a violent psycho. She wants mom and pop wrapped around her kids fingers, at her disposal (also VERY important with my sister in law) and at her beck and call at all times. She has mistreated both my siblings AND their children to get her way. She’s disgusting, really, the lengths she will go to to keep her monopoly on my parents time, money, and attention (in part because she is such an inadequate parent herself). Melissa probably doesn’t freak out about it as much as she should because she has her own family and two sisters, but she is right, those kids should be growing up together.

  11. Sonjafan says:

    Caroline left me in the dust cause she forgets she has a daughter at home. The crying and carrying on about her sons
    moving out, you’d think they were going off to war instead of a luxurios apartment in Hoboken. It’s as if the daughter is a second class citizen. Se should be bonding with her and having some fun before she gets married.

  12. I get the sense that both Teresa and Joey want to make up, and they aren’t that mad at each other. (Jah Mohr’s bravo blog was funny this week). I think Teresa and Melissa have reached a point where everything they do bugs the other one – and hopefully they’ll both let it go – but it’s hard.

    I find it hard to really dislike Teresa when she’s showing signs of trying, She’s not bright – so that does get in her way – and she’s as stubborn as hell – but she does seem to be trying – on all fronts.

    I couldn’t care less what Caroline thinks – but she shouldn’t have judged Kathy and Melissa before getting to know them. There are two sides to each of these relationships. That said – my judgement of Kathy (before I get to know her) is that she isn’t stirring up the shit. She seems genuine – and interesting. A good addition to the cast.

    At this point I’d really like to know what is going on in Caroline’s family, and who isn’t talking to each other – especially the Dina/Caroline thing. That would be interesting.

    • Caroline has since said that now that she has gottten to know her she really likes Kathy

    • nathania says:

      the thing is, that just shows, THIS is the kind of person Caroline is.

      She plays teams, always. She is not fair-minded or diplomatic, no matter how much she masquerades as being so. She is a ‘tough as bawls’ mafia-moneyed mama, who calls other people ‘garbage’ and wages campaigns to ruin them.

      Teresa pissed her off somehow, so now she’s switched teams. If Melissa pisses her off, she’ll probably switch back. Nothing to see her, move along…

  13. quincyil says:

    The housewives of NY are always concerned with the clothes and hair for the reunions. Jill frets over the shoes. I would be more concerned with the kind of person, the viewers were lead to believe that I am.

    I feel the accusations that Mario pushed and verbally attacked Jill Zarin are very serious. He had the right to defend his wife and Jill told the nation rumors of his infidelity. True or untrue, that would upset a man because it is absolutely non of his business.

    There have been posts on this blog several times that mentioned Jill and rumors. We ignored them because there was no evidence.

    I think making Ramona look like a drunk and Mario look like a womanizer was in the cards from day one of this journey through season four. We have seen Ramona drunk on the Hooters Boat and at other times, but these were social events and she was not driving a car. Prohibition is over and people can drink.

    Jill Zarin realized that fighting with Alex in the last reunion was an all time low, but she felt it was OK to return to season one and fight with Ramona.

    Simon van Kempen said in his twitter that the wives have seen the last 5 shows so they know the entire story of the season.

    One frightening preview has an excited Ramona in a red wig saying her diamonds are too small. Sonja pretended to be Ramona and Jill laughed. I am sure she won’t laugh when Ramona pretends to be Jill. I bet that Ramona was shown the scenes of them discussing her and decided it was pay back time last fall when they were filming.

    • I believe they should pay attention to their shoes – and take the price stickers off the bottom this year (that’s for you Jill)
      It is much harder to disprove something than to insinuate that it happened – and that is for all of the Page 6 and Popeater confidential source gossip pieces that have been leaked over the years. We’ve seen Jill on camera say that if someone pokes her in the press – she slams back with a 2 x 4. This year Ramona, Alex, and even Sonya haven’t held back in their blogs – Ramona has been very direct in her talking heads, and Simon has been like a gnat on twitter.

      I think a lot of this press is to make sure that Jill is the centerpiece of the reunion. She’s barely had any air time this season, and may be upset about that. Ramona, Sonja, LuMann and Alex are in many more scenes. Jill is filler at this point – except for a few weak attempts at cat fighting with Ramona. We haven’t noticed that much because of her off-screen antics – but most people just watch the show, and don’t know the other stuff.

      • T-REX says:

        Remember between S1 and S2 we found out that when Simon referred to Jzilla as a typical Long Islander, which Jzilla is, she was born and bred out there, Jzilla went to the press and called him an alcoholic and an obnoxious drunk. Jzilla goes WAY overboard any time she attacks someone. I didn’t watch, but did notice from reading the blogs that Jzilla seemed to have less air time, I thought it may be because she is just so freakin boring there was nothing to show. Plus, she pulled a stunt to either get more money or something else from Bravo by heading to Australia when she knew the filming schedule, so she wasn’t in the first few episodes.

      • FLG says:

        This reeks of “scripted reality”. Just like Jeana got shoved in the last episode of RHOC after Tampra served her cyst & deceased letter. Jill and her “staff” have about as much credibility as Countess Squash Blossom High Horse has manners. Zip, zero, zilch, nada, none. Jill wants to be the one and only star in her very own goat parade. That is fine with me. Hit the pasture girl and take your girdles with you. Oh, and while you’re at it, take Charlie Crist with you. I don’t wish loneliness on anyone.

        • T-REX says:

          FLG, it’s so funny you Said Charlie Crist, because he is really in his own personal hell right now. Saw his new commercial for the Local Central Florida “ambulance” chaser Morgan and Morgan, shilling for legal business! That was pure justice for he has done to set back gay rights in this state!

          • FLG says:

            I guess his “wife” Carole Rome won’t let him near her money! I’ll bet that was an interesting prenuptial agreement. I took an immediate disliking to Jill once I saw with my own eyes the invitation for the Hamptons fund raiser Jillzy and Bawby held for Charlie, all the while yak yak yakking about her gay husband Brad. I wonder when Durwood will get tired of being used? As a gay man, I would never work for someone who donates time and/or money for anti-gay candidates. Durwood should be ashamed of himself. If I were her gay hair dresser (if her hair dresser is gay), I’d fire her as a customer.

            • FLG says:

              Hmmm, I wonder if the hairdresser in Morocco who gave her the Shirley Temple do was gay friendly??? 8)

            • T-REX says:

              The whole Brad thing with Jzilla sounds a bit contrived as well. We saw him S1 and by S3 it was like “who’s Brad” I don’t think his name was even mentioned. Then they go to Morroco to Brad’s “House”, which A) Wasn’t a House or Villa, it was a Bed and Breakfast and B) Brad did not own the establishment. I think that was there was some “egg” on Jzilla’s face, because I do believe, she believed Brad actually had a residence he owned there, and she was bringing the girls to some great party at his place. I can tell you I do not have one gay friend that likes Jzilla, they hate her! I think she tried to use the Brad “gay” husband schtick to have some following among the gays, did not work Jzilla, they still like B WAY better.

              • WindyCityWondering says:

                IMO – Brad divorced his “wife” because she was taking credit for what he is trained to do – which is his career/job/income!

            • quincyil says:

              I google Carol Rome and found photos from 06 of Jill Zarin and Carol at an event for Manhattan Society.
              When did Jill Marry Bobby?


    • i wish Mario would sue Shrill for slander

      • FLG says:

        If I were a judge, I would award Mario damages for Jillzy breathing within 100 miles of him.

  14. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I don’t see Melissa as the shit starter, more along the lines of having to be the shit taker and refusing to do so any longer. Teresa may have been jealous that someone undeserving was getting her brother’s money and probably wouldn’t stop with the barbs. I’m sure she made it very competitive between herself and Melissa, and most probably needled Juicey with her brother’s success, in order to push him to make more money so she could spend more. In recent articles, Juicey and Tre have stated that LilJoe wouldn’t help her if “anything happened to Joe” in an attempt to make LilJoe look bad and also “force” him to “help” Tre and her daughters. How shameful is that? JoeGorga, who wasn’t shopping, spending or stiffing their creditors is now being pre-emptively badmouthed for not helping the GriftingGuidices. So even if JoeGorga would’ve helped his sister because she’s family, her husband’s in jail and he doesn’t want his nieces to suffer, he’s been made out to be a callous cheap deadbeat who only helped because of media pressure. How foul is that?

    • I can’t believe anyone would think that Joey and Melissa should help T and Joe out with their financial stuff. They need to go through the courts and get that all settled. It’s not like their homeless or can’t put groceries on the table.

      Sometimes in families you just have to suck it up. Same with work. That holds true for all of them because they are family – and you shouldn’t cut family out of your life without a very good reason (that’s advice for you Caroline – put on your big girl panties and make up with Dina and your brother).

      I don’t dislike Melissa -but I do find her annoying and self-involved – and that surprises me because I was sure I’d be on Team Melissa until I met her. So now I’m Team Gia. She’s one who’s really been a delight this season. Go Gia Go. PS – tell your mommy to put Milania in gymnastics too – she needs to work off her excess energy!

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Well put – Team Gia! That about sums it up for me. Thanks.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        People will absolutely believe that LILJOE should have to help TERESA and her girls if and when JUICEY goes to prison. It doesn’t matter the wreckless, criminal behaviour that landed the husband in prison, it is the wife and children that will suffer. Was TMAN part of the original plan to defraud, ABSOLUTELY, however, she’ll be pitied because she’s stuck with making a go of it with 4 kids. Her BROTHER, not Melissa, will feel the responsibility to care financially for his sister and nieces. While Joe’s brother, sister and parents will probably contribute, the burden will fall mostly on TMAN’s family. Where the shady BULLYING behaviour comes is the GriftingGuidices badmouthing LilJoe, making him out to be cheap and heartless BEFORE the situation happens. This is done to deflect the attention from the actions that led to imprisonment, and focus on forcing JoeGorga to “take care” of TMAN and her daughters til Juicey comes home. That’s quite a responsibility even though TMAN also works. Imagine having to help with PITI, utilities, car payments, insurance, gas, food, clothing, schooling, gymnastics etc. monthly for a few years. Lucky JoeGuidice huh?

        • Amy Matheson says:

          I think the bullying goes both ways. Don’t see it quite like you. And they may help Teresa, because no matter what Joey probably does love Teresa, but it seems she would have (and has done) the same for him when he needed her help..

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            They say “Some favors can’t ever be repaid”. Not even a million dollars. When you help someone out of kindness you may get bigger returns. Or like some find out “No good deed goes unpunished”. Like we’ve seen with JillZarin, some favors are done with ulterior motives and even when repaid, the person never lets them forget. Or possibly like TMAN who “lent” her brother some money per Juicey when even his father wouldn’t. Somehow, I believe LilJoe would’ve paid her back, especially when Juicey didn’t say “and he never paid her back!”

            Maybe this is grating my nerves because I’ve been through similar situations. People who committed crimes or were fiscally irresponsible, expected me to “help” them financially, even citing favors they’d done for me that I thought i’d repaid. Like Juicey and Tre playing good cop, bad cop while trying to squeeze some more. Bottomline, Grifters are never satisfied.

            • Amy Matheson says:

              That is too sad about your situation and being taken advantage of by unethical people/criminals. I can see why you;d take it to heart,. Hope things got better for you!

              • Amber...Real Wife says:

                Thank you and yes! It got much better with the help of a therapist! LOL

                He told me I wasn’t responsible for the bad decisions made by others. I didn’t “have to” pay anyone’s bills or give them money and countless loans even if they’d been generous in the past. Oh yeah, I put up bail, purchased groceries, gave cash and loans, made a car payment all behind RealHusband’s back. I was counting pennies, on a tight budget, while my beneficiaries were gambling at the casino, and living in an open marriage, heading for divorce! When I finally said No!, they tried to shame me reminding me of the times when I was single that they brought over groceries, (and stuck around and ate them too!), and that now that they’re broke nobody knows them. I told them “I’m not responsible for the bad decisions that you’ve made. I can’t help you anymore”. At that point they knew it was over and I was able to order out! 🙂

            • MAMAZ says:

              Why should Teresa need help? She has an income from Shed Media, book sales and personal apearances. She doesn’t need to stay in that huge home. Most Americans make do with a more modest home. Most people in other parts of the world make do with far less than modest. Teresa and Joe should use this as an opportunity to teach their children to not repeat their mistakes. To teach them to be financially responsible and live within their means.

              • Amy Matheson says:

                I was once told by a friend in college that as long as I knew him, I would never be homeless. I have never been that low, but it’s good to know that even if you never need help, that someone (family or friend) would be there to not leave you wallow in the gutter.

                Gotta think the bro-sis relationship trumps any pettiness between them when either is in need (whether or not that would ever be a real situation)

                And yes, Teresa does alright. Wish they would live within their means, but I think many people on these shows care more about the appearance of grandeur than financial stability and living in reality. Ironic.

        • nathania says:

          holy crap….

          that might just be it. teresa is holding a boot on the neck of the grandparents because she is terrified to think how she is going to manage being po’ and alone without them. she is not going to let anything or anyone come in between those gp’s and her kids, because they are about to be enlisted to fill in when juicy goes to the big house.

      • i agree about Gia she is the most mature person in that entire family

  15. Error404 says:

    I had a little tiff with my brother on father’s day over the Internet connection. Stupid but true. I was told over dinner that the Internet was not working. We were going to go over to my sister’s anyway, but we decided to try and fix the connection before we left. Then my brother got mad and said that it was working but mr404 ruined the connection. so I got pissed off and instead of just leaving for my sister’s, I stormed off. My sister later told me that my brother had been trying to help them with the connection but complained because my mom seemed to only care if I and mr 404 had connection, she could care less if he had internet or not.

    So, this is my take on the gorga feud.
    1. I’ve been putting up with my brother for years and had he spoken rudely to me, I would have just shrugged it off. But because he was rude to my husband, I got pissed and left. This is why teressa thinks everything was perfect before melisa. Joe’s been putting up with her shit since day one, but now that she’s pulling her shit on his wife, Basta! She may think the problem is new, but that’s only because she’s been ignoring his feelings for the past 30 years.
    2. Yes, sad but true, but full grown adults with lives of their own can apparently still go there and play the “mommy always liked you better” card. I sincerely doubt this is the first time anyone has heard Joe complain that his parents favor ter.
    3. My mom made the whole thing worse by repeating misinformation and stepping on more toes in an effort to smooth things over. After I stormed out, she immediately took my side and gave my brother a good earful. Instead of ignoring my immature reaction, she threw my brother under the bus in an effort to appease me. I have no doubt that if one were to find the source of all the gorga problems, they need look no further than momma and pappa gonga, who probaly throw more logs on the ter vs Mel fire than a pyromaniac.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      ITA The GorgaMom looks like she throws the rock and hides her hand. She may do it unknowingly between the siblings, but she sure as hell does it with a purpose between Melissa and Magilla (TMAN). LOL

    • klmh says:

      Good points. I don’t think, in Teresa’s or her parents eyes, anyone is good enough for little Joey, and I do they they treat her unfairly. That is not saying Melissa is without blame though. It would be difficult to be treated poorly and not react.
      Im glad M. has the support and love of her family.

      • Golden Girl says:

        I am the same way Error, I let a lot of things slide by when it comes to the way my family treats me but when it comes to my husband or kids I will fight back. That is very observant on what the real feud may be about between Teresa and Joey.

    • California35 says:

      Great example Error, and that is kind of what I had been thinking about their situation. Since we know of Teresa we can imagine her being the problem, neither she or her parents see it and probably the brother either because it was the way things were. The brother got married and expects (at least now, like he said on last episode) that even if his wife was a prostitute SHE is the mother of his children and his wife so his family should respect her…he didn’t see that and eventually got sick of it.

    • nathania says:

      I have said this from day one, that the parents are the root cause of this (figuratively and literally too because they are the ones that raised screwed up kids)

  16. smompy says:

    The above photo of Jill (wearing that neon green number) looked so familiar to me, even though I was sure I’d never seen the pic or the gown before. I mean, I’d definitely remember seeing an outfit that hideous. But when I suddenly started thinking about my Saturday mornings as a kid, I realized why it looked familiar.

    I don’t know how to do a side by side picture thing, but here’s the photo of Jill:

    And here’s her doppleganger:

  17. plainviewsue says:

    I don’t worry about Ramona and Sonya during the reunion. They can get down and dirty with the horrors on the other couch. Alex articulates so well in her blogs; I just hope she gets her points across as well as she did in the last reunion.

    Jill is gonna be on WWHl tomorrow night, and I’m sure the reunion will be discussed. She will bring up the fact that not only did Mario shove her, but he also smacked her and now she has to get a nose job because of how hard he hit her!

    I don’t blame Mario for standing up for his wife, and I am positive he did not shove her, or he’d be in jail by now! I’m sure Bawby was thinking Good for you Mario! I wish I had the balls to get in her face!!! What a henpecked man.

    • quincyil says:

      Jill waved her arms and went towards Ramona who was sitting on the bed in the riad. That is aggresive behavior. I’m sure Jill frightened Ramona at that point.

    • nathania says:

      I really hope Alex will just relax and ‘get through’ the reunion. She wins all the polls, she knows she has tons of people on her side.

      My feeling is Andy is going to lick Countless/Shrill/Kreepy butt, because that is what he always does. He roots for the wrong side, every time.

  18. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    And THANK YOU THANK YOU to whoever it was that posted the url justnutstv.com!! I live in the Texas hill country waaay out in the hills and can finally watch Bravo live!! God bless you!

  19. Cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn And Quincy!

    Quincy_ Great blog! I enjoyed The Million Dollar Decorators very much! I liked the office Mary did but I think those floors are going to be a nightmare to keep them clean. It Looked great but it was a bad choice in terms of practicality. I do like to design and decorate and I did it in the 80’s hence it is not surprise that I like to watch this kind of programs and the ones on HGTV. Last week I liked very much that bungalow Mary decorated (not my taste there were a little bit too many objects) but the overview was absolutely gorgeous.

  20. 2Stupid says:

    Ok, I have asked before and wasn’t really given an answer, just she was taking a break, but where the heck is WSL? I would love to hear her take on all the JZ BS, and would love to hear what she thinks of all the Gorga/Guidice drama. If you are out there WSL, come back, we miss you!!!!!!!!!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Me too! Miss your posts!

    • California35 says:

      Yes, Hi WSL if you are reading….

      Lynn told us that she took a break, but it has been a while. I wondered if it is becasue she is not supposed to visit blogs for some reason. Either way, I hope she is doing well… no one reminds us of our birthdays WSL…I miss the b-day parties you would have for us 🙂

  21. PantryViewer says:

    Yes, please let us know what happened to WSL.

  22. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I would LOVE to see the reunion kicked off with a “Cyst and Decease” from Ramona to Jill, stating she must stop speaking about ANY member of the Singer family, the businesses, etc. And that anyone on her payroll must stop as well. It would be legal, as the rumors started by Jill have the potential to affect the businesses that provide necessary revenue to the Singer household (drunk=Pinot business, cheating=family faith based jewelry line, plastic surgery=skin care line etc.)
    If Jill and her flying monkeys were not allowed to speak on this stuff, how long do you think it would be before we began to see Kelly and the Countless thrown under the bus for the sake of staying in the press?

  23. klmh says:

    Where has One More in Boston gone?

  24. lillybee says:

    Will Jill bring bodyguards to the reunion?

  25. WindyCityWondering says:

    Never been into the Team anyone – I like to pick my HWs apart individually.
    Melissa is a pot stirring diva! I don’t like Melissa because she is not about family unity, acceptance or peace – she is about herself first, last and everywhere in between! As if she would ever be a doormat…lol.
    Melissa has messed up with the Gorga family (parents, siblings, grandkids, cousins) and instead of fixing the mess she made – she wants to first blame someone else and then make her husband suffer because of it. If Melissa isn’t being treated the way she wants to be treated (by either Teresa or her in laws) then she needs to fix it. Melissa doesn’t like being anything but number one – sorry sweetie, maybe in your family you can play that game/role but not in your husband’s family.
    As for Teresa – I don’t like her for other reasons but she has the right to be with friends that accept her and to avoid the battle that will never end with her SIL. Melissa makes the Gorga family uncomfortable and Teresa is not in any position to change that. As if anyone could tell their parents to like/love/accept the snake who is hurting them or their children or their grandchildren!

    • LavaLady says:

      Melissa’s sisters are 12/14 years older than her. She was probably adored by them when she was a child and the center of everyone’s attention. Then she was the apple of Joey G’s eye. So she most likely loves the spotlight, and couldn’t understand why Teresa was on TV and she wasn’t.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Exactly – Melissa is the center of attention in her OWN family but can’t accept that she is not in the Gorga family. Her sisters are egging her on and it is hurting her relationship with her husband’s family.
        I remember reading that her sisters helped chase off Joey’s last girlfriend before she moved into his house…she wanted Joey’s money.

  26. Sam says:

    Regarding the comment, “I still don’t completely understand the situation with Joey and their parents, I find it hard to believe that they’re unhappy with Joey Gorga for working too much” — I’d be unhappy too if my son were working long hours just so he could buy expensive unnecessary things for a shallow woman who seems to care only about appearances.

    And yes, Teresa’s the same way — but that’s their daughter, and they’re probably blind to her faults.

    • quincyil says:

      I would be more upset if that son was not paying his bills and the wife was spending all of that money.

      • Sam says:

        I didn’t realize that their son hasn’t been paying his bills. I thought only Teresa’s husband was the deadbeat, not Melissa’s. Or are you just talking about sons in general?

        Anyway, yes, I’d be more upset too — and I sure wouldn’t want this behavior shown on TV!

  27. Amy Matheson says:

    I think the Gorgas were close to the Guidices since the children were young (sounds like Joey, Teresa and Joe have known each other since practically birth), so Mom and Pop Gorga probably always thought of Juicy as a son, whereas Melissa had to work harder for the daughter role, as a newbie – fair or not.

    I personally think Teresa is better off without Juicy Joe, but raising fatherless children doesnt sound appealing either. Joey is a good provider. I thin k maybe Teresa and family may have been fonder of one or two of Joey’s ex-fiancees moreso than they were of Melissa (TOTAL speculation here) which may be the cause of some lack of warmth between them and Melissa. IDK.

  28. MAMAZ says:

    I think Teresa said that their parents were best friends. And that when she was younger they told her to stay away from Juicy Joe because he was too wild.

  29. JONI says:

    Bravo Maxine is at the reunion and tweeting!!!!!!! Some intresting tibbits,

  30. JONI says:

    There is a lie detecter on stage !

  31. Dwight Schrute says:

    I’ve heard Joe Guidice will not be at the reunion. He’ll be off filming Bravo’s newest show HoB*tches of the New Jersey State Pen.

    Also, I think one of the photo above needs another text bubble. Specifically the one where most of the NY housewives are in belly dancer outfits. One particular housewife is missing from the shot and there should be a bubble pointing off the picture about being cropped out by Sonja.

  32. WindyCityWondering says:

    Isn’t it odd that they are filming the RHNY reunion now with more episodes to come? IMO – this season surprised all of them in content/storyline – and one of them took their “defense” to the extreme and are having real time fights now. Mario seems to be having an organic reaction to his wife being branded an alcoholic and him being a cheating spouse. Both “rumors” go directly back to Jill – can’t wait to see/hear her spin on these tidbits!

    • quincyil says:

      Simon said there are 5 more episodes, but they were given the dvds. The cast could not find time to get together in July. It’s on Simon’s twitter.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        So with 5 more episodes then questions raised from this point on by viewers wouldn’t be considered. Bravo didn’t improve this franchise by holding it back for a retweak and now it is a rush to finish – strange.

  33. Debbie says:

    I just hopped over to twitter and need to post this tweet from @BravoMaxine . Another one that can’t help herself, She’s so full of Sh*t.. !! Lmao

    Tweet Maxine
    BravoMaxine Tweet Maxine
    Jill says she’s actuallyGOOD FRIENDS w/ Bethenny but th two keep th feud going because they know it makes good drama &the fans want conflict
    1 hour ago

    • California35 says:

      Full of it, I say too…at least the story is!

    • T-REX says:

      Tweet Maxine tells half truths all the time. If B and Jzilla were friends or even spoke to each other, I guarantee you Jzilla would totally have twittered that she has met baby Brynn, and of course mentioned whatever she would have bought her as a gift. Jason H does not like Jzilla and B would not want that kind of drama and lying around this precious child!

  34. quincyil says:


    Jill finally tweeted this photo. I doubt this is her reunion dress because she would want to keep that a secret.

    • Debbie says:

      No surprise, but I can’t stand her.. i hate her phony smiles.I hate her voice. I hate everything she claims to be. I hope she’s ripped to shreds by Ramona and the other Blondes on the reunion. I hope Andy asks her some pointed questions regarding her behavior. i know we don’t know these women, per se, but the behavior we do see has to based in reality. The fat that Jill and others continue to carry their vendettas out in the press and other mediums when the show was filmed months ago only proves to me how hateful and spiteful they are. Jill just won’t stop..In my mind it’s not only the editing. If it were we wouldn’t have leaks from ‘sources’ with new tidbits all the time. I hope she suffers and her reputation suffers.. I hope her ‘fans” realize what a hypocritical liar she is. I haven’t watched more than 30 minutes of this season, but I’ve been keeping up with the show here. And I still get aggravated. You, Quincy, are one of the most level headed posters here. You remain unaffected when commenting. It must be nice not to get rattled and respond emotionally to these women 🙂

      • quincyil says:

        It’s age. I see that Jill Zarin has done damage to so many people, but all we can do is point out her failings and use this as an example of how not to treat other Human beings.

        Plus, in my work I see so many horrible things…things that break my heart… so when watching reality shows, I can put in perspective. I’m sure Nancy and the other health professionals here agree with me.

  35. quincyil says:

    What do you all think they are discussing at the reunion? The show this season had a few ups and downs, but it was nothing like season three. Luann will again go to the middle and pretend she did nothing wrong. Jill and Ramona will problably get into it. Ramona said on her twitter that she would not put up with crap and I’m sure she has read the stories about the Hampton’s party and is fuming.

    I don’t think Jill will go after Alex because there was a huge backlash last year.

    I think Sonja and Alex will support each other.

    I would love to have the men of NY confront each other this year. I think Bobby Zarin would be blasted by both Mario and Simon. I think Bobby ignores the horrible words and actions of Jill Zarin and then he stands up for your on twitter and in real life.

    Jason Hoppy is a reasonable man and he was not into the housewives world. He told us who Jill Zarin was. She met him and went on and on about her things bragging and she did not care about meeting him. That is the truth of all of this.

    • California35 says:

      IT will be boring like the season, so they will try to spice it up with nonsense and stupid fights about nothing…you know like in the actual season. Unless of course Jill bring up the “Island” thing and how Ramona and Alex didn’t help her get back with Bethenny. Other than that she will pretend she made amends with everyone (or Alex), and will try to look like she has changed. Then she will forget about that from time to time and show us her real colors….again like we have seen over and over.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ramona will not back down from anything Jill or LuAnn have to say and if Alex or Sonja were present during any events they will back Ramona’s play. Jill will deny everything and blame editing again. LuAnn can’t stay under the radar this season because she inserted herself smack dab in the middle of other people’s business. Cindy is a non entity and will get tossed marshmellow questions. Kelly just lies so I don’t see anything being tossed her way either. It will come down to Ramona vs Jill!

  36. quincyil says:


    Alex’s nail polish is the color of her reunion dress. It looks blue to me. Now way Jill and Alex would both wear blue.

    What colors are in style right now?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Blues are in style now. I always celebrate summer with blue toe polish but not as dark as Alex’s. And our NY HW’s tend to like dark, jewel tones in their reunion attire. I hope Jill doesn’t go to form fitting because her squeezers tend to allow fat puddling which is so unattractive.

  37. California35 says:

    Great recap Quincy – I saw this episode, and I think I will continue watching it because I liked it. THANK YOU for telling us about the scene with Katherine talking on the phone about the dog…I did NOT get it when I saw.

    I am still behind on the reading, but I will read today’s board so that I don’t keep missing stuff. I have been trying really hard to focus at work, and have been busy afterwork with some things I need to do although I also want to 🙂 but I just have less time to come to the board. I miss it. Now if I just breakdown and get myself an iPhone then I could come here more often…but seriously I have so many devices already that I feel the phone should be only for calls, the good thing would be that I would have all the other devices into one for when I am not home. Any waaaaays, look at me rambling on as usual.

    Back to the point…I have seen coments here and there (FB and twitter) about the NY reunion being filmed today….how exciting, I wonder what is going on. I can’t imagine being interesting based on the season, but it is still exciting to know they are filming it. Ramona and Alex posted a pictures where they are both smiling like having a good time, and Cat is making funny coments about Luann. I can’t wait to read what you have been saying about it here.

    • California35 says:

      By the way on the Million Dollar Decorator’s last night, every time someone said Jill I would pay attention…and when you wrote her name on the blog too 😛 I think that name is now ruined for me lol

  38. PantryViewer says:

    Help me with Twitter. I tweeted a few things, mostly in replies to tweets. I don’t see them show up in the threads of those replies, though. Is Twitter immediate? Does Jill have someone deleting negatives tweets immediately? Thanks for any insight.

  39. Debbie says:

    As long as you’re tweeting under the timeline tab, your tweet should show up right away in your timeline. If you click on someone’s name that you replied to after you tweet them you wont see it as you’ll be seeing their timeline which only shows what they tweeted.

  40. Vee says:


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  41. Katiecoo says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat but just saw this…JZ claiming Mario “assaulted” her…OMG


    • I know- what a crazy bitch

    • AZ Girl says:

      This guy is hilarious and really gives it to the crazy that is Jill Zarin. Botox madness…HA!

      • Debbie says:

        I get Dan’s posts in my RSS feed. Dan cracks me up, without fail, every day. All his photo links are highlighted and I must say that some of them are off the wall funny and others have way TMI. All the same i enjoy his posts. Then again I am more offended by the likes of Jill and Luann than i am by some nekkid raunchy photos.( If you always wondered what Leo, Brad and others look like, full monty, they are there for your viewing pleasure.) By the way that link to Dan I posted above came up again under Deco.. Sorry about that, I’m not trying to post under another name, it populates that way when I don’t check, I can’t get my avatar back either, If you can tell me how, it would be appreciated.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Thanks Debbie/Deco.
          I’d never seen Dan’s blog before. Soooo funny.

          • Katiecoo says:

            I follow him daily via Facebook–he’s super smart and funny (he’s a lawyer too). He’s a sweetie too–he’s not a meanie but he can say super snarky things and I happen to know, privately, he hates JZ too. 😉

  42. Indy Anna says:

    I would think Jill will use her vile, trailer trash mouth during the reunion. Ramona, who I don’t ever remember using vile language, will respond like a lady as will Alex and Sonja. Princess Minee Haw Haw doesn’t use foul language nor does Sasquatch. Well I guess that leaves Jill as the only toilet mouth among them.

  43. kellynnola says:

    With all the rumors of Bravo recasting the women, it got me thinking of what the hell Jill would do without the show. It’s very sad-because I think she would almost rather not exist as a non-reality star. She craves the media attention and everything else. She has no remarkable talent… so I think she would go insane without Housewives.

    • Indy Anna says:

      and the sooner the better.

    • quincyil says:

      From the research of a brilliant member of this board, I know that Jill and Bobby attended the social events of Manhattan and the Hamptons before she became this huge reality star with millions of fans. I imagine she will still be known, but interest in her daily actitivities will fade over time.

      Do we pay attention to Jeana Keough?

      • MAMAZ says:

        I don’t believe JZ will be satisfied with the NYC scene any more now that she’s tasted the celebrity life.
        And I don’t think Jill will fade into obscurity. She will go kicking and screaming. She will continue to attend any industry event she can wrangle an invitation to and collect as much swag as possible. She will tweet her expanding butt off about her fabulous life. She will attach herself to any charity that will have her.

        I also think one of the reasons Jill tolerates KooKoo Kelly and her madness is so that she can have access to Kelly’s connections when her Housewives gig ends. Bethenny told Jill when Kelly first came on RHONY that Kelly really did run with the fabulosity crowd. She would have made many fashion industry connections from her ex and from them some entertainment connections. But the divorce is well behind her now and her behavior on the show may have cost her the good will being Gilles baby mama had bought her.

  44. quincyil says:

    Ramona tweeted a photo of herself and Alex. The blue dress matches Alex’s toe nails.

    I’m surpised that they don’t want to keep their dresses a secret.

  45. Deco says:

    one more take on mario assaulting jill:
    Jill Zarin Is Saying Ramona’s Husband Assaulted Her At A Party… « HitDanBack http://bit.ly/iOwZ9z

    • MAMAZ says:

      It doesn’t seem like anybody is buying this new version of the argument. JZ has really made a fool of herself this time.

      • quincyil says:

        The little girl who cried, “Wolf!” How can we believe anything she says when we have so much evidence that she lied on the net, in interviews, and on the screen where Bravo shows us her lies?

        Jill Zarin has no credibility.

        • T-Rex says:

          Empress Q you hit it on the head, Jzilla has been misunderstood, misquoted, bullied and now assaulted, but yet the Lunatic doesn’t realize all of this has been filmed and NONE of these items are true! She lied about being offered a marketing campaign with Kodak, her Squeezemycameltoe line of products is non-existent, yet she purports to having the line. The only facts we have are that Bobby Zarin was a successful businessman that had the unfortunate luck of marrying her~

  46. quincyil says:

    I tweeted a comment about catommanney next year at the 2012 NY reunion and mentioned Lynnnchicago and bravoandy. If you have twitter and would retweet that if you agree, of course, i would appreciate it.


    • Debbie says:

      Your wish, Empress Q, is my command…Retweet is done!!

      • quincyil says:

        Thank you to all. It’s a good time to tweet it with the reunion news out. Andy is curious and he looks at twitter. He mentions it on WWHL.

        • quincyil says:

          T Rex shared some marketing strategies. I have no business experience, but I think Andy Cohen would be called a genius if he took Cat O and plucked her down in Brooklyn/Dumbo neighborhood where artists and young families live. We would have a Brooklyn vs Manhattan with two different, but fascinating looks at the city.

          It seems controversial and it is something Bravo has never done before, but I think it would be a home run for ratings. The pro Jill kids in Australia and the twenty five US fans would not like it, but the rest of the planet Earth’s population that dislikes Jill Zarin will be in heaven.

          Andy Cohen needs to think out of the 10 inch by 8 inch plexiglass box with invisible screws.

          Alex and Cat are already friends. Simon lived in England.

          I think it would work from day one. Jill will be forced to film with Cat because Jill and Alex film together. Jill is currently being nice to Alex, at least to her face.

          I know some have issues with Cat, but a lot of her problems came from a disintegrating marriage that was not meant to be. Look at her ability to survive. She takes the hits and keeps on trying. That is all a Human being can do.

          Now, how do we get Andy Cohen to listen to us?


          QuincyILIHJZ on twitter…the grandmother with a squeeky voice on the radionpodcast with lynnnchicago and carly hall. That is what happens when you spend a lifetime not smoking, not drinking alcohol, and going to bootcamps for grandmas…you squeek in more than one place.

          • nathania says:

            honestly i think that Andy Cohen and the producers for these shows have such contempt for the viewers (and the casts) that probably the quickest way to get Cat on NY is to start a “Oh please massa Andy, whatever you do don’t put that evil meanie Cat O’Manney on RHONY or we will boycott the show for all eternity” campaign.

    • California35 says:

      If I did it right, I think I just did 🙂

  47. Adgirl says:

    I may be in the minority here but I just can’t enjoy the Gorga family fighting. It is terribly sad to me that the entire family has decided to work out their jealousies on tv for our entertainment.
    It’s one thing for the Zarins and Singers to argue. They aren’t related to each other and this tv show won’t be a family record for their future generations to fued over.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I agree. The worst part is the way both families are exploiting Gia. They are causing her pain while earning a Bravo paycheck. Unless she’s a better actress than she seemed on past seasons.

    • quincyil says:

      I am against the family members going to war on national TV. They have to be together for life. It’s not like the NY women who can walk away from their cast mates for months and not deal with mean people.

    • nathania says:

      I felt like they were even having trouble extending the family feud past the first few episodes.

      I am not entirely sure that all of it is real. I like the Gorgas (Melissa/Joe) but anything is possible in Teresa land.

      The thing with the Richards sisters bothered me so much more…because Kyle was so vile and utterly devoid of class or compasssion, and Kim seemed incredibly fragile…plus Kyle was clearly attacking Kim behind her back to cast mates the entire show. You get the feeling Kim was clueless and actually loyal to Kyle so it was not a fair fight. With the NJ couples at least they are evenly matched.

  48. quincyil says:

    The reunion has been over for an hour. Ramona tweeted that she and Andy survived. I imagine that Ramona and Alex will go to dinner. Perhaps, Sonja will go too. I don’t think Jill Zarin will go to dinner with the blondes tonight.

    I had a rerun of BH on my dvr and I love that show. I love the homes and the flowers.

    • California35 says:

      I would think that they would just want to go home and rest…but you are right they could also want to talk about it with the people they agree with.

      No signs of Jill yet?

      • quincyil says:

        Reality stars are go getters. They love going out. I am sure they have a sitters for the kids because they had no idea when it would end.

    • FLG says:

      Andy has tweeted that the reunion was EPIC and indicated that he may have lost his temper with the ladies. He also said he can barely hear and needs some libations. I hope he’ll have some skinny girl and Ramona Pino Grigio.

      • BarbinGa says:

        Andy always thinks it’s EPIC though 😦 I would love it if he lost his temper, if it’s at their not answering questions or addressing behaviors. Between the many citys/seasons I just can’t get my hopes up anymore. This year I’m prepared for a snoozefest with a 50-50 chance of about 2 decent moments. Just MHO

        • nathania says:

          I think the reunion shows are like the superbowl and that’s where they get the most viewers, i.e. advertisting dollars so of course he isn’t going to say it sucked.

          if he lost his temper it was probably because the blondes were too assertive and didn’t cowtow to his pets.

          (is cowtow a word….)

  49. T-Rex says:

    I knew that Bethenny also had a new shapewear line on the market, decided to just search to see what it had on the website.
    Marketing 101 – Make sure you actually HAVE a product to market that people can actually purchase, CHECK!
    Marketing 102- use the same marketing logo you have made a lot of money with, CHECK.
    Marketing 103 when using a search engine (like Google) make sure your product comes up front and center on page at the top of the page, CHECK!
    Marketing 104 make it affordable and inline with other products, CHECK.
    Marketing 105 Have pictures that are done by professionals on the website, not pics that look like you got a random group of people to try on your product and take pics on their I-Phone, CHECK!
    Jzilla you LOSE AGAIN, you failed all of the above.

    • quincyil says:

      Jill’s products did not look any different from those at Walmart. I’m sure they are made in the same factory in China.

      • T-Rex says:

        Actually Wal-mart pics would look better! TMI but a couple pics made it look like the models should have made a trip to Muff-mowersBarshop prior to the shoot! Another in a long line of Jzilla mistakes, just put my name on the product, I don’t wear it, I have no clue how or who makes it, just let me make sure the logo looks good, Oye! B is marketing the line correctly, start the buzz on the Internet, then if they do well, with lots of hits(okay a hint to marketing, search engine companies sell the number of hits to product websites to major marketing firms to find the next “IT” product, it’s more complicated but that’s the basics). Once it becomes a major player, then the big Box Stores offer space for the line in their stores. Major Stores above the Wal-mart level only have a finite amount of room on their floors for merchandise and don’t want to waste that on products that clearly won’t sell. I will tell you Buyers for these stores look not only at product, but their pre-sales on websites, the way websites are shown, etc. Sorry for the marketing lesson, it’s just in the blood for me.

        • quincyil says:

          I think it’s interesting. I would not have real housewives for my focus group. I would have gone to the women who actually buy these products.

          I tweeted after the show that it looked like my grandmother’s girlde collection and it really did. I remember my grandmother had a drawer in her dresser for girdles. I remember her struggling to put them on too just like Jill and Sonja struggled.

          I think Jill’s girdle line looks like Gretchen Rossi’s purse line: old fashion.

          • T-Rex says:

            Exactly and no Major Box Store Chain will purchase your product line without an independent Focus Group! So, she even lies on her website, she is just pathologic in her thinking. We have all watched the Designer shows and what they go through to get their products to market, Jzilla thinks she goes to Fashion shows, was in one once, so now I am designer, the woman needs serious help!

            • quincyil says:

              Alexis Bellino had three tables and less than 20 people at her luncheon fashion show. That was just to get her clothes on TV. I did not look to see if she had a website. Jill Zarin had trouble getting a dress and she is Jill Zarin.

        • Adgirl says:

          Bethenny mentioned that she has “targeted” Target to carry her shapeware line. Interesting because Jill is testing in select Macy’s.
          Bethenny is going for the practical everyday gal. I don’t know if Target carries spanx,

          If Macy’s carries spanx then Skqweeeezy Grannypanties better be better looking or far cheaper than spanx if they will be side by side in Macy’s.

    • California35 says:

      Very good points…we all know Jill is NOT doing well on her “businesses”. You would think that because she is such an expert on so many things, she would be an expert in business also.

  50. VAgirl says:

    Bethenny will be coming out with a new SkinnyGirl flavor in July. I haven’t even tried the margarita yet, but my daughter found a bottle last weekend and bought it for me. Waiting for a reason to open it. Maybe this weekend.

    • Cusi77 says:

      No wonder why Bethenny called her drag queen! She looks more feminine now than when she was younger.IMO>

  51. NMhousewife says:

    I am watching last Sunday’s rerun of NJ and we are at the point where Caroline is giving Teresa unwanted advice before her showdown with Melissa. It is so funny to me how much Teresa HATES advice from any of her friends…hates it and tries to shut it down right away.

  52. A tweet from Andy Cohen:

    BravoAndy: We just wrapped the RHNYC reunion. It was EPIC. I can barely hear. (Maybe I lost my temper at the ladies!) I need a drink.
    about 1 hour ago via UberSocial

    • Adgirl says:

      Sounds like Jill & Ramona got into it. They can be very loud. I wonder who Andy was annoyed at.

    • California35 says:

      He lost his temper??! ABOUT TIME!!! lol so I won’t blame him for it if he really did.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Cali_ Please, feel free to send me an email when you come to Las Vegas and we can have a “get together”!!!!!! Ask Lynn for my Email adress…. Turtle time!!!!!!

    • AZ Girl says:

      Well I hope he got pissed at Jill and all her lies and bullying towards Bravo. I am sure the crew and production people are done with Jill, LuMann and Kookoo Kelly.

    • cabbie413 says:

      this sounds like a bait type tweet ..i can read Andy better when he and Jill are on WWHL

  53. neroes says:

    Simon just tweeted that Alex, Ramona, and Sonja are at the Gawker Pride party with him.

  54. AZ Girl says:

    Here is Jill tweet as of 8 minutes ago:

    With my Girls @CountessLuAnn @kellybensimon our own after party!

  55. VAgirl says:

    OT. Is anyone going to watch Expedition Impossible tomorrow night? I believe it takes place in Morocco. Looks good.

    • sony4ou says:

      What channel is that on?

      • VAgirl says:

        ABC at 9 PM EST

        • VAgirl says:

          If you go to abc.com it will show you the first 15 minutes of the premiere. 13 teams of three go on an expedition across Morrocco. The scenery looks fantastic. The REAL trip of a lifetime!

          • sony4ou says:

            Sounds great, I will DVR. Thanks for the heads up. I DVR so much I miss a lot of commercials!!

    • California35 says:

      I just asked my BF if he heard of it, and he said he already set the DVRto record it lol. He said he is not sure what it is, but sounded interested so he will give it a try,.. I guess we will be watching it here too:-)

  56. MichellefromNY says:

    It’s three days later, and I still can’t get over that teresa won the “hot” poll over melissa.

    I mean, even if you hate melissa, clearly she is hotter than tree. Tree looks like a gorilla with her hairline basically on her eyes and she overdoes the lipliner which makes her look olllllldddddd and really unattractive. Melissa has a great hairline, a pretty smile, and a pretty face. WHAT THE HELL AM I MISSING????? Even my husband–who doesnt watch the show was shocked. He’s like, “theres no way she won. It must be a joke”–this coming from a guy who claims to hate the housewives lol

    • Cusi77 says:

      Michelle_ How is Levy doing? Teresa must have more fans. I completely agree that Melissa is waaaay more attractive than T-man!

      • MichellefromNY says:

        It’s crazzy how he gets cuter everyday. He’s such a boy–he loves looking at cars and laughs when we fart or make fart noises. Oyyy lol.

        I don’t know where tree would find any fans. She robbed honest people, spends recklessly, and acts like an animal at family functions. Not to say joey and mel are much better, but come on…

        Here’s my take: if you are somebody who would like teresa, then I don’t see why you would not like melissa who acts this season the same way teresa acted season one. I mean melissa is clearly a better choice. She’s way prettier. She’s a lot smarter (which really doesn’t necessarily say much because teresa has the intelligence of a woodpecker). Her voice is way more tolerable than tree’s screeching. She doesn’t excessively mispronounce things so she even SOUNDS smarter. I could go on and on.

        I think what I’m trying to say is that I find melissa much more likable than teresa. I don’t know why, I just really like her. She gives me a good vibe. I’m definitely on team melissa for two reasons: 1)because it’s her first season and she hasn’t given me a reason to hate her and I just find her enjoyable to watch 2)she’s trashing teresa who I haven’t forgotten only months ago how disgusted I was with her less than human behavior.

        • chismosa says:

          HALLELUJAH! finally someone who is reading my mind. I am still catching up a bit on comments and can’t get over everyone disliking Melissa so much? It’s like people forget how Tre was S1? Or they got sick of that sort of behavior/ personality and so are taking it out on Melissa? i am with you Michelle- i get a ‘vibe’ about Melissa and like her much right now. I LOVE Love love love love infinity Kathy and hope she can overtake Caroline as de facto ‘mama’ to viewers.

          I called Caroline a thug last year and lots of people commented against my opinion (not sure if it was here or other site i was on, not a blog but a site- somewhere i cant remember but i did) and now here we are a year later and everyone agrees with what i thought last year- again VIBES. It really is all about your gut instinct. I could read Caroline being overbearing and so haughty to everyone around her and butting in and everyone found that so endearing last year and seasons past. Well wipe that smile-and-tears look that you pull simultaneously off your face! So sick of you Caro.

          My gut tells me Kathy and Melissa are great. Melissa’s sisters come off badly on camera but i truly dont think that they are that bad in real life. They are just taking care of their sister during this odd family feud time and also love that there are cameras following around their little sister! PS i think Melissa doesn’t look like her sisters at all.

          Love you Kathy and Melissa– !! Hate you Caro and forever and ever, I HATE JILL ZARIN.

          • nathania says:

            that’s interesting your comment about Caroline being a ‘thug’ because I think she wasn’t even acting last year but I couldn’t stand her. she’s acting BIG TIME this year, she’s had an image makeover, yet this year is when people can’t stand her…to me it was clear what she was when she made her comments ‘looka me, I showed da book’ and ‘I’m tough as bawls’. I mean, it can’t get any clearer than that. Just because she went all uptown doesn’t mean anything.

  57. Kats2 says:

    I don’t like Rocco or Padma. Way too much arrogance for one show.

    • Caitlin says:

      They spend the time between takes rereading their own advertising – dontcha know – that way they can keep the arrogance as fresh as a daisy!!!

      • BarbinGa says:

        I’m clearly in the minority here, but I actually like Padma.

        • Caitlin says:

          At least she has some basis for a little arrogance, my friend. Now, when it comes to people like our dear Ms. Zarin, well………………………….

          • BessiB says:

            Rocco is a douche. I could not stand him from that show where he opened, then ran that restaurant in the ground because he was too busy flirting with the female customers instead of running the place. His partner finally bought him out just to get rid of his ass.

    • chismosa says:

      I think you are both discussing Rocco’s show, which i will not watch because he is such an arrogant little pri** from both what we’ve seen on his last show to people i know who worked at restaurants when he was there- so i wont’ go there. He also, IMO comes off super conceited on talk shows/ live shows. I feel he can’t hide his conceitedness easily. There is no warmth or genuineness to him, he makes for a bad TV personality. This is why he has not fared better in the tv world when TONS of chefs have gone on to far more fame on tv.

      Padma– someone on here on another blog date posted that people know ‘how nice she is’ in real life? Are you kidding? Padma is KNOWN for being the most super-conceited, pretentious and snotty woman. I have read countless countless accounts of how not nice she is in person to the average person or even B-list or below, star. Also know 2 people who ran into her. I am not fooled by her tv persona. Just because she has some food knowledge, big deal. She is a model who made it on some tv show. This is widely widely known that she is a jerk in real life. She, unlike Rocco, can mask her flaws well for tv. Not fabulous for tv, but she is ok.
      She should grant her baby-daddy visitation/ equal rights to her baby and then her legal headaches will be over. Pretentious bitch!

  58. Adgirl says:

    The original version of Jill & Mario (hint, no shove and the party guest/witness was leter revealed to be her PR dud Durwood.

    Eyewitnesses told E! that Mario was on a mission to find Jill immediately after arriving to the party. “Once Mario found Jill, he began screaming at her and was blaming her for the fact that Ramona looks like a drunk this season on the show,” one partygoer said. “It was really sad and pathetic that Mario was screaming at Jill like this. It was abusive and everyone at the party was extremely offended.”

    The “source” then goes on to add that Jill, who oddly enough was photographed putting her finger in castmate Sonja Morgan’s face just last week, was “scared” and taken aback by the confrontation.

    “She was just standing there speechless and looked scared and finally a guest had to get in between Jill and Mario and push him away from her. Bobby [Jill’s husband] had some words with Mario and told him to back off of his wife,” added the source. Jill’s rep then goes on to confirm the story to E! News, stating, “Sadly, this story is accurate.”


    • Caitlin says:

      Adgirl, Great get! Did you look over the reader comments? Seemed like more than half of them think less of Jill than a lot of us do here – wow!!!

    • nathania says:

      it sounds to me like Mario got shoved. I wonder if he’s going to sue?

  59. lillybee says:

    I am enjoying the dinner party show.

  60. BarbinGa says:

    I have a quick question. I’m a newbie and have responded to a few posts lately. I set the email notifications to let me know if there’s a response to the posts, and I’ve gotten notifications to view them. However when I click the link it brings me to the beginning of the page, so I’d have to re-read everything to find them! Is there a trick to this?

  61. chismosa says:

    Barbin- sorry i don’t do that link thing so i can’t help you– but good luck and welcome!
    (ps if you don’t ‘tweet’ on twitter- try to become a Jill fan so then you can ‘unfriend’ – or unfollow her on the NATIONAL Unfollow Jill Zarin day- June 30th!)

    ~Adgirl ^^^ thanks for link on Ramona article/ church!

  62. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~how is JZ going to prove that Mario pushed her?
    I thought the preview was hysterical with Ramoner doing a Bethenny with the red wig & JZ’s mug after she did it.

  63. HAHAHA!! I love those thought bubble pictures!!!

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