I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – Let’s Chat!

I Hate Jill Zarin   The Real Housewives of New York – Let’s Chat!

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It’s a short one, so here it is in its entirety:

At Gawker’s “Summer of Love” rooftop party last night to benefit the Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation, there was some of my beloved non-lovin’ in the air.

Real Housewives of NYC’s Alex McCord told me, “I just came from a 12-hour reunion taping of the show.”

“The whole thing was like a cage match,” she said.

“Ooh, lots of TV conflict?” I cooed. “But you’re not a fighter, unless provoked, right?” I added, totally faking it. (I don’t watch TV except cable news and reruns, remember?)

“If I’m provoked, watch out,” replied Alex. “I had a lot to say and to get off my chest!”

At that point, along came Sonja Morgan, who was fuming like a haystack, too.

How was the taping, pray tell?

“Horrible!” Sonja boomed. “I had to defend everyone and people were attacking me.

“Kelly said my house is dirty and disorganized!

“You don’t say that to someone when they’re going through a divorce and a lawsuit and …”


“I’m going to get a beer.”

And suddenly it was the summer of love again.

I don’t believe that last line but interesting to hear what Alex and Sonja had to say immediately after filming.

I think that Kelly just creates drama for the sake of creating drama.  Someone told her that it was the Brunette’s vs. Blonde’s this season and he decided she had to attack all the blondes at one time or another throughout the season.  She has to keep “acting” on the show because in her head she is creating great TV for Bravo.  Last season she actually tweeted to a viewer that they should join her on “the set” someday to see how everyone is “acting”.  Kelly, you don’t have a “set”, this is a reality show you moron!

Kelly insulted Ramona by acting like Ramona had the plague and keeping her children away from Ramona.  Could there be anything more insulting than acting like you’re so toxic that people have to keep their children away from you?

Kelly insulted Alex by treating her like a child in Morocco.  Kelly was shushing Alex and telling her to calm down.  She called her “inauthentic” and told her she cannot act that way. Kelly didn’t know or didn’t care what was on Alex’s mind, she brushed off Alex’s feelings and was extremely rude to Alex.   Kelly used Jr. High School mean girl tactics on Alex, unfortunately Alex is too kind to have recognized it as it was happening.  I wish Alex had completely ignored the psycho mean girl Kelly and walked away.

Kelly’s attack on Sonja was so vile that even Kelly’s team-mate Luann sided with Sonja.  Without knowledge or provocation Kelly said that Sonja’s house is dirty, needs to be remodeled and that Sonja is trying to live her ex-husband’s lifestyle.  OMG Look who’s talking!  Just because Kelly buys new Zarin Fabrics every 6-months to have her couches recovered, then tweets photos of them doesn’t make her home newly remodeled.  Sonja doesn’t need to have pink, purple and blue couches to pretend to be hip and cool.  Just because Sonja’s taste in decor doesn’t agree with Kelly’s IKEA taste doesn’t make Sonja wrong.

Worse than Kelly insulting her home was Kelly insulting Sonja’s financial situation.  Particularly since we all know that Kelly Bensimon lives off of Gilles Bensimon, her ex-husband.  This is a woman who does not have a job, her books have failed miserably and she donates a box of cereal to a food pantry.   Her jewelry line consists of feathers on a thin wire twisted into earrings.   She thinks that if she Tweets the name of a charity, she doesn’t have to give anything to that charity because thousands of people will donate based on her Tweet.  She’s delusional and while many thought her just to be crazy last season, she’s not crazy, she’s vicious and mean.  Painting herself as a victim and venerable is ridiculous, she’s stupid and vile.

Bethenny’s popularity is soaring, she’s gone beyond a Bravolebrity or a Bravo Housewife, she’s becoming a household name:



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683 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – Let’s Chat!

  1. majnon says:

    Can’t wait for the new episode, although, I always end up mad at the brunettes. Will tape Jill on WWHL, will need a good nights sleep to endure that. Thanks again Lynn and Quincy for this wonderful blog!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      T minus 10 minutes and counting 🙂

      • Caitlin says:

        You are soooooooooo funny! Can’t tell you how much enjoyment I get out of your blogs!

      • Laura says:

        Does anyone know when BH Housewives returns? Is it true they’re filming now? (sorry if this has already been discussed)

      • ive never been more angry at a tv show in my life and its not even the housewives episode but last night WWHL

        Jill is DISGUSTING taking those swipes at Ramona then saying how loyal she is but when Adam made those digs at Alex she just sat and smiled and Andy looked like the cat that ate the canary for he was off the hook this week and let someone else take pot shots at Alex,

        as for the show tonight while i loved that Bobby brought up Lynns Blog who the F does he think he is talking to Simon like that,he is nothing more then a thug
        wishing he could wear the cocktail dress

        I Loved that Sonja didnt feel the need to go to LuManns party for her daughter but would rather attend the one that aldo set up something for the adults
        in reality Ramonnas seemed to have more old fogeys at hers then at Ramonas

        the funnies part being Koo Koos pearls of wisdom about LuManns Daughter being snapped up by all the fashion rags in 5 years
        i dont recall the exact quote but it was something like “if they dont snap her up i know nothing” lol
        she was right about the last part

        regarding Jills Suprise party
        for me the highlight was seeing people i actually know on this show
        Michael Musto and Drag King Murry Hill
        Murry Hill is one of the funniest goofiest performers you will ever see
        Her character is part mc part lounge singer and a long time performer at wigstock as well as having appeared in many movies and tv shows

        Michael Musto is of course a long time collumist for the village voice and is a SCREAM

        his dead pan expressions make Cher look giddy

        ok back to watch what happens live

        say what you want about her she knows her housewives and would have run circles over that jackass
        just thinking about that show is pissing me off again so ill end rtight there

        • floridagirl88 says:

          I agree that Adam C was a poor choice and he appeared to already be drunk as the show started. I don’t like that he kept attacking Alex. Jill was so sincere and needing to win that silly game that I laughed out loud. Everyone else was being funny and irrelevant and she was so serious. It’s ironic to watch her need to win even a silly game.

          • My husband loves Adam C.
            I told him that he was sucking on this show-and it looked like someone just gave him a two page brief on the show and he made jokes built around that.

  2. boston02127 says:

    Bethenny looks so pretty & happy in that picture.

  3. majnon says:

    I’m on the west coast. I can’t watch until 10pm

  4. Whisper says:

    been gone 4 a while… cant wait also
    thanks Lynn & Q
    Go blondes!!
    I still hate JZ!!!

  5. boston02127 says:

    Lol….can’t wait to see Ramona in the red wig making fun of Jill.

  6. cusi77 says:

    No one can make my blood boil like LuAnaconda!

  7. Nancy says:

    Oh no Avery has been taking “like” lessons from KooKoo.

  8. Golden Girl says:

    Luann cant afford a $100,000.00 b-day party please. I doubt its because Victoria wants a small simple one.

  9. MAMAZ says:

    Jill needed that liquid facelift. She looks awful.

  10. Caitlin says:

    Jill the Yenta! Now she’s a legal expert AND an expert on when one should smile?

  11. Golden Girl says:

    I have already had enough of Jill tonight.

  12. Kats2 says:

    Jesus the Zarin’s are meddlesome people

  13. MAMAZ says:

    Wouldn’t Sonja’s lawyer be giving her advice? Why is Shrill’s sister even on here?

  14. Nancy says:

    Didn’t Shrill just have a “liquid facelift”?

  15. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Ewwwww…thats all I have to say!!!!

  16. VAgirl says:

    OMG Luann DOES look like a drag queen coming up!

  17. boston02127 says:

    Maybe years of that crap going in Jill’s face has damaged her brain.

  18. Golden Girl says:

    OMG Luann really did look like a drag queen!

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    Sadly, I am happy to see Jill stuck with all those needles! And the results were not all that great!

  20. cusi77 says:

    Ouch! I will never! Never! going to put anything in my face! And that lady enjoys doing her job! Ughhhh

  21. Kats2 says:

    Anyone else notice Jill in her talking head one eye (I think her left eye) is smaller than the other? It is, must be the side effect of the face-lift.

    Ramona calls Luann a DRAG QUEEN on camera! Move over Bethenny I think I just feel in love with Ramona!

    • cusi77 says:

      Yes, Kats. She looks there like Cindy! They must do that ugly, ridiculous injections in the same place!

  22. Poor Sonja, I think the only reason Jill invited her was to showcase her sister by talking about Sonjas debt.

    • nathania says:

      what killed me is the sister didn’t tell Sonja a damn thing, not one thing of any value did she share. I think Jill did this just to once again rub Sonya’s face in it and embarass her on camera. Same thing as at the spanx focus group. She could just clap her hands and shout “bankruptcy!!! nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in doo doo!!! and it would have had the same effect. it’s just jill being her spiteful disgusting self. she needs to freaking learn when to give advice…which is when it’s ASKED FOR.

  23. I don't have my notes says:

    OK, I really haven’t been commenting this season but seeing that little preview of LuMann in that get up !!! I am dying! Oh Lord she is delusional!

  24. MichellefromNY says:

    Hahaha Luann got SCHOOLED by the owner!!! And I love how she pretends like she’s super close to the “son of josephine baker” who shushed her on camera. classic

    • MAMAZ says:

      Love it!

    • nathania says:

      I missed that scene!? What happened? someone please, I hate I missed one of the best parts of the night…I could not bear the thought of hearing her sing a note so I didn’t watch much of this party…

  25. MichellefromNY says:

    I love how luann chose the place because “the owner is the son of josephine baker”…..can she get any more pretentious?? stop name dropping luann!! they dont like u anymore!

  26. boston02127 says:

    If I were invited to Jill’s surprise party I would have left a secret gift, I’d put a dog muzzle in a bag and a pair of Spanx & left a nasty note.

  27. The scene with the wandering magician was just awkward.

  28. tricia says:

    omg I thought Howie was with a drag queen…

  29. MichellefromNY says:

    Self absorbed bitches ignored the magic trick guy lol. He looked so embarressed

  30. Kats2 says:

    I’m just loving Ramona, she is crazy but good TV

  31. Golden Girl says:

    Oh please gag me

  32. boston02127 says:


  33. Caitlin says:

    OMG Cindy – more delusional than ever!

  34. MAMAZ says:

    What the hell is wrong with kelly? Who gives a crap if she was there or not?

  35. Kats2 says:

    Shut up Kelly, you’re never on-time and it’s not about you.

  36. Nancy says:

    Where’s KooKoo?

  37. Caitlin says:

    Bawby tawks!!!

  38. cusi77 says:

    Jimmy the cricket from pinocchio is LuAnaconda’s BF!

  39. MAMAZ says:

    This has to be the worst party EVER!!!!

  40. Golden Girl says:

    Luann looks ridiculous!

  41. boston02127 says:

    Bwhahahahha Ramona…..This hugh woman-man comes down the stairs & it was Luann! haha

  42. This party is a trainwreck!

  43. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Oh sweet Jesus…shut up and sit down you dumb drag queen!!!!!

  44. NMhousewife says:


  45. Kats2 says:

    SHE CAN’T SING and LOOKS LIKE A DRAG QUEEN! Thank you Jesus!

  46. cusi77 says:


  47. MAMAZ says:

    Who throws a party for a friend then makes it all about them?
    LuAnn cant sing worth a damn.

  48. Butters'Mom says:

    My ears my ears they are bleeding help me lord!

  49. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Sit down and shut up you dumb drag queen!!!!!

  50. VAgirl says:

    Was that party supposed to be fun?

  51. Nancy says:

    Maybe Ice Capades will hire LuMan?

  52. Kerry Okie says:

    Romona’s comments about the party were spot on. It was awful.

  53. Smompy says:

    I’ve had nightmares more enjoyable than this.

  54. Amy Matheson says:

    LUANN in full-on drag queen-cigarette-throat songbird(or frog) mode.


    • Amy Matheson says:

      And I am totally digging her bigoted drag-queen daughter in training. Victor/Victoria anyone?

      haha. no really.

  55. MAMAZ says:

    Shouldn’t Andy have John Waters on WWHL? You know he’d love LuMann.

  56. MBDEA says:

    LOL, my 13 yo just caught sound of LuAnn, the Tyrant Tranny…er, Drag Queen and said, “Ugh, his voice it too boring for singing. He’s just talking.” 1) Even my 13yo thought she was a he (reinforcing the Tranny) and 2) Even she can tell, the CntLess CAN’T and DOESN’T sing.

  57. MichellefromNY says:

    Wow, I can sing better than Luann and I’m nearly tone deaf

  58. NYCer says:

    This is the weirdest party ever. WTF was Cindy doing? I can’t decide if her speech was worse than Kelly’s.

    • MBDEA says:

      Hm, I drowned them out but maybe I should give it another listen to really comment, huh?

      • NYCer says:

        Kelly’s speech started and ended with an apology for being late. As if anyone realized she was missing. And Jill was taping it as if she was going to say something so profound. Awkward!

  59. VAgirl says:

    Saying LUMANN looks like a Drag Queen is an insult to all Drag Queens. She looks like a really ugly Drag Qeen.


  60. I don't have my notes says:

    I’m gonna wake up screaming in the middle of the night after seeing LuMann in that get up singing. I just know it.

    • nathania says:

      hearing it was worse.

      she apparently does gigs like this, I don’t think she hit a single note in that song right. she should stick to rapping, at least she doesn’t have to be on key.

  61. MichellefromNY says:

    Everyone needs to tweet Luann asking her if she’s a tranny. We DEMAND the truth!!!

  62. boston02127 says:

    The dresses make Luman nervous but leaving her 2 kids each week doesn’t.

  63. Nancy says:

    Victoria needs to stop the pot smoking.

  64. dsc60 says:

    not quite as short as kelly’s usual

  65. Butters'Mom says:

    A hoochie in the making.

  66. Caitlin says:

    LuAnn is allowing her daughter to dress like Kelly – Yowzah!!

  67. cusi77 says:

    Victoria looks like a model! She is beautiful! Domage sa mere!

  68. boston02127 says:

    Luann’s daughter is looking a little manly & homely too.
    (I can offically make fun of her until I’m 20) I have until Sept.

  69. MichellefromNY says:

    Yes Luann, victoria has her own sense of style…it’s called whorish.

    • Delighted says:

      Ah, don’t be too unkind..my own daughter has been known to test the limits…the real question is how the mother (and I choke “Luann”) handles it..or chooses not to…

      • MichellefromNY says:

        Exactly. But it’s obvious victoria wants to dress like a slut. Just Luann tries to cover up by saying she has her “own sense of style”

  70. I don't have my notes says:

    Victoria has estrogen unlike her “mother.”

  71. MichellefromNY says:

    hahaha Luann picked out a hooker dress for herself!! And she’s complaining about victoria’s choices…

  72. Kats2 says:

    Victoria is looking rough! Weekend Mom indeed.

  73. MAMAZ says:

    This is a strange episode.

  74. MBDEA says:

    Kinda enjoyed Ramona sporting a red wig and impersonating Jill. Ugh, such a waste and contrived party for Jill. Painful to watch.

  75. Kats2 says:

    Anyone else remember when Kathleen Turner played Chandler’s Gay Dad on Friends? She was a lounge singing drag queen?

    She looked better and sounded better than Luann.

  76. VAgirl says:

    I’m liking the hypotherapist.

  77. NYCer says:

    Simon is just so unattractive.

    • VAgirl says:

      I don’t find him attractive, but he does have a great personality and seems to be a great husband and father. Apparently Alex finds him attractive and that’s what counts.

      • NYCer says:

        Great personality? Totally disagree. I think he embarasses Alex at every turn.

        • sorry i dont agree with your diasgreement
          anyone that has seen him with his wife and kids knows he is a great father and a great husband
          so he isnt a model
          he is still a stand up guy

    • Kats2 says:

      I agree, but some how they fit as a couple. You know when a couple just look like they belong together.

  78. MBDEA says:

    So cute that Avery is coy about answering if she invited boys. I like that kid.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Her friends were cute and seemed nice.

    • Kats2 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. What a difference from hung-over Victoria

      • MBDEA says:

        Exactly. I hadn’t heard that she was into that but I got that vibe right away. I guess you get into all kinds of stuff when you only have a weekend mom, er dad

        • i dont like Victoria but her smoking pot at 15-16 seems to be more the norm then not
          ,now a lot of you are gonna be up in arms and dissagree but even back in the 70’s when i was that age everyone and i mean everyone that went to my school smoked pot even most of the teachers
          I myself didnt untill i was at least 21 not that i was a goody 2 shoes i just didnt like smoking anything

    • boston02127 says:

      I like Avery. I like her & Ramona’s relationship too.

  79. boston02127 says:

    Gawd, I miss Bethenny on this show. It seems like it’s 2 hours long and we still have 20 minutes to go.

  80. Error404 says:

    What is wrong with Kelly

  81. kellynnola says:

    Avery is adorable. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was a teen, because I acted like a little adult! And the boys question-so cute!

  82. Nancy says:

    Avery is such a “Valley Girl” Cut!

  83. VAgirl says:

    She seems like a typical 16 year old. I don’t think Victoria has had the same upbringing. She was practially raised by Rosie and her father was hardly there at all. I think that makes a difference for sure.

  84. WindyCityWondering says:

    This has to be one of those “re edited” filler episodes and it is still garbage!

  85. MichellefromNY says:

    Look! Cindy befriended alex without us knowing!! and she’s acting ridiculous as usual

  86. Golden Girl says:

    OMG how embarrassing for Cindy!

  87. Error404 says:

    Omg what does she smell like?

  88. NMhousewife says:

    LOL, Cindy smells!

  89. WindyCityWondering says:

    Ah Cindy must have held one of her babies and got spit up on her fugly 80s workout jacket! Do we wonder why she can’t identify the smell???

  90. Kats2 says:

    So Cindy clothes smell? Random but she shouldn’t be talking about Sonja’s home if her own clothes smell that bad.

    • VAgirl says:

      Wasn’t it Kelly talking about Sonja’s house?

      • Kats2 says:

        Kelly started and Cindy and Jill piled on

        • nathania says:

          holy crap, I forgot about that…I posted below it sounded like something sonya might have put him up to if she knows him and this just lends more credence to that…

      • MBDEA says:

        Yep, CooCooTiel Kelly said it (one of the few things she did not parrot from the CntLess)

  91. MBDEA says:

    Maybe Cindy accidentally wore Victoria’s pot-puke-stale alcohol ladened sweatshirt to her workout; why her trainer said it reeked and tossed it.

  92. Golden Girl says:

    I go to the gym 6 days a week and I have never seen a trainer through out someones sweat shirt because it smelled so bad.

  93. AddictedtoBravo says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger but I thought Avery was being pretty bratty in tne meeting with the party planners. Victoria seems a little dumb and out of it but she was respectful. Avery’s remarks were kind if Ramonaesque…

    • LVChick says:

      I agree. I think she’s disrespectful to her mom too. My girls have never treated me that way. Don’t talk to my friends? In this house, it’s completely the opposite. I hate how so many write it off to teenage behavior. Teens only behave this way when its allowed.

    • Zoey says:

      I thought the same thing. Avery seems like a diva in the making. She seemed a little spoiled and demanding to me. Victoria seemed sweet but very sad. I’ve always thought she had such a sad, lonely look in her eyes. She also looks like she’s headed for trouble with no one watching out for her.

      • HW Addict says:

        I agree with you Zoey…to a point. Avery with the party planners made me take notice as well but it was edited down big time, it seemed, and I believe that she had enough of the 3 against 1 and decided to put her foot down and make sure the party was to her liking. I cannot blame her. Victoria is probably so happy that her mother took two minutes out of her day to show her some attention that she would yield to pretty much anythng. She does look sad and i always liked her. I believe that if Rosie was still around she may not have made some of the horrible choices she has lately. Let’s face it, her parents get a divorce and then the only parental figure in her life (Rosie) is ripped away as well. I pray she bumbs onto herself and starts making better choices.

  94. boston02127 says:

    Best thing about this show was my sub and the black moon I’m about to eat that’s the size of a dinner plate.

  95. MAMAZ says:

    How many times is JZ going to wear that God awful blue dress?

  96. MBDEA says:

    Cindy’s stinky hoodie confirms that woman drags her outfits out of her hamper. She is so disheveled aaand now she stinks.

    • VesperL says:

      Yeah could Bravo hate her more? I would DIE if WHILE BEING FILMED someone told me I smelled!!!!! She is just the grossest slob. I seriously cannot beleive she is in the BEAUTY BUSINESS! God she is the worst poster child.

      • nathania says:

        I have to wonder…was this guy an Alex fan?

        or perhaps, sonya’s personal trainer?

        probably the latter…I kind of can see sonya putting someone up to this…

  97. Nancy says:

    Bed at a sweet 16 party?

  98. Amy Matheson says:

    Avery looks like a well loved child, rather than a prop for dress-up and display when convenient.

    Take note Luann.

  99. MBDEA says:

    Isn’t a Sweet 16 supposed to have some kind of SWEETNESS to it? Just sayin’

    • MBDEA says:

      PS Avery’s party looks sweet while Victoria’s looks like a stinky stripper club. Yuck.

  100. VAgirl says:

    You don’t know anything, Kelly.

  101. MichellefromNY says:

    umm I think the difference between parties is obvious. What’s with the half naked performers???

  102. Golden Girl says:

    You don’t know anything Kelly.

  103. Error404 says:

    I vote B: Kelly doesn’t know anything

  104. MichellefromNY says:

    kelly likes victoria cuz they have the same coke dealer

  105. Amy Matheson says:

    Mother F – Victoria pulled her unkempt hair into a messy pony for her sweet sixteen? Did she come to the party after her spin class??

    What tha hell? Not cool.

  106. MichellefromNY says:

    victorias party is so empty

  107. Nancy says:

    OMG Kelly actually said “I don’t know anything”
    That’s the first intelligent thing I’ve ever heard her say.

  108. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Oh Jill….shut up!!!

  109. MichellefromNY says:

    shut the F up jill. It was AVERY’s party, not RAMONA’s, avery took control idiot.

  110. MBDEA says:

    Ramona just said a wise thing about why she chose NOT to put her 16 yo in a nite club setting. Jill and Kelly are VILE, jealous BIATCHES!!!

  111. Nancy says:

    I CANNOT STAND JILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. MAMAZ says:

    I wish Avery hadn’t said anything to Kelly. 😦

  113. cusi77 says:

    OMG! Is Bawby going to give a sermon to Simon?

  114. Butters'Mom says:

    Looks like they are going after Simon next. He can handle himself so this should be interesting.

    • nathania says:

      I know, I swear it’s jill with the big green nose going “I’ll get you my prettys, and your huzzzzzzzzzzzzzbin’s too!!!!!!!!

      First she tried to take Mario down, now she is messing with Simon again.

      This woman is literally insane, insane, insane.

  115. Smompy says:

    Wow, did anybody else notice that? Mario just “shoved” Kelly all the way across the room and was clearly trying to get her closer to the “bed.” That BRUTE!

    • nathania says:

      He was like ‘the f*ck you don’t, bitch’…he knows how they roll, and he was like giving her a thug-escort across the room to shut her up.

  116. MichellefromNY says:

    Go ramona! 16 year olds shouldnt be in a club!

  117. MAMAZ says:

    I missed something. I keep getting phone calls!
    What did Jill do?

  118. kellynnola says:

    My Sweet Sixteen was much more like Avery’s then Victoria’s.

  119. WindyCityWondering says:

    This episode is pure Bravo vomit! Scenes that should have been left on the cutting room floor….

    • Golden Girl says:

      The lost episode

    • nathania says:

      i know.

      I actually watched The first 48: Missing persons, and NY Ink at the same time I was watching this show, and I was STILL bored and actually watching commercials to get through it.

  120. Butters'Mom says:

    Victoria’s friends look whorey too!

  121. MAMAZ says:

    Victoria dances like her mother sings.

  122. cusi77 says:

    Sorry but Victoria looks groovy!

  123. MichellefromNY says:

    Victoria’s hair is as greasy as kellys

  124. Nancy says:

    Remember this was the night that LuMan found out that Ramona re-twitted the videos about Victoria’s joint rolling and her lovely choice of the N word.

  125. MichellefromNY says:

    He mentioned us!!!!!!

  126. Error404 says:

    Lynn you hit the big time!

  127. AddictedtoBravo says:

    they r talking about this blog!!!

  128. Golden Girl says:

    Wow what is Bobby talking about?

  129. MBDEA says:

    Oh, HELL NO!! MY 13 yo gets a Sweet 16, I am there the ENTIRE time. I’m not a horny drag queen who can’t wait to get away to hump her FUGLY French moron.

  130. NMhousewife says:

    OMH–Lynn’s blog got a shout out!

  131. Kats2 says:

    What blog are they referring to Lynn?

  132. MichellefromNY says:

    Bawby is like a mob boss

  133. Butters'Mom says:

    OMG he’s talking about us. Lynn you are famous.

  134. Delighted says:

    Hate bloggers! OMG , they’re talking about us!!! And Simon’s denying us..

    • NMhousewife says:

      Well technically Bobby asked if Simon was a part of it, which I took to mean created it or co-created it, and he denied, which is true. Simon has only talked with Lynn.

  135. Okie Folkie says:

    CONGRATS LYNN-N-CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HATE JILL ZARIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oooo, they have it all figgered out??????????????

  136. MBDEA says:

    I really want to JUNK-PUNCH Bobby, Jill’s Bitch!

  137. VAgirl says:

    Could Bawby be talking about THIS BLOG!!!!!

    • nathania says:

      if I google “Jill Zarin”, this blog comes up second. I would be curious if this is true for everyone here, I recently saw a Ted talks which revealed that google filters search engine results based on user history, so each person gets a different result when entering the same search terms into the google search box, it has to do with algorithms and based on your search history in the past.

      • actually if you google Jill Zarin in google blog search it comes up as number 1
        Congrats LYNN!!!!!

      • Debbie says:

        It’s Saturday noe If I google “Jill Zarin blog”…the first four are for Jill’s blog and from there down, it;s IHJZ blog..
        Now if you Google “Jill Zarin hate blog”..1st up is IHJZ blog. and there are a number of them listed for Lynn

  138. I don't have my notes says:

    HOLY COW we are on the show. Bobby is trying to blame Simon? WTF?

    • nathania says:

      I just wish Simon had had the presence of mind to say something like “no, actually, I was tangentially involved with the column written in years past called “Jill Zarin is a disgusting human being” only in that I confirmed some of her disgusting acts did actually happen, however I have no affiliation with the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog on wordpress by Lynn in Chicago, if that is the particular blog you are referring to.

  139. BambiBaby22 says:

    WOW! It has been confirmed that Lynn’s blog IS known by JZ!

  140. Queen Butter Bean says:

    Everyone here is famous!!!!

  141. PatnPhilly says:

    OMG Lynn your blog made the show!!! Jill is a weird crazy bitch, I HATE JILL ZARIN!!!

  142. MichellefromNY says:

    Omg this shud be an interesting wwhl. Make her answer for the hate blog comment!!

  143. HAHAHA!!! An I Hate Jill Blog!!!!!! LMAO!!!

  144. boston02127 says:

    Did Bobby just say a hate blog was brought to his attention? HEY THAT”S US! Bobby over here! Hey Bobby, we hate Jill. That’s right big Bobby we can’t stand your wife. Hate her, hate her, hate her.

    • NMhousewife says:

      I don’t believe he was only recently told about this blog. When was this filmed, last fall? He has had to have known about it since last spring.

      • Of course, she and Bawby knew about his blog for ages. Remember after Amazongate when she went to the press and said she was being threatened by a family in Chicago and Texas?

        • quincyil says:

          The good thing is so many people here were on the board and they remember things that happened and when they happened. Many of these things happened last summer and the blogs are on the site with comments from all of us. The story is here in real time. Jill was in the Hamptons when she said she went to the police. There is not a chance in hell that Bobby did not know about this blog last summer. Bobby brought cards home from Zarin Fabrics. Jill tweeted that and she was so happy that her fans thought of her. Its on the blogs. Our comments are there too.

    • cusi77 says:

      SMILE GIRLS! Say hello to the cameras!

  145. Adgirl says:

    I LOVE HATE BLOGS hahahaha.

  146. Nancy says:

    Lynn you’re famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Okie Folkie says:

    maybe jizz will expound further on the ‘hate blog’???

  148. Anna says:

    wow I never write on this blog I always enjoy reading it but I just had to write this, did Bawby just refer to this blog

  149. MichellefromNY says:

    I think that’s why Simon was tweeting positive things about Jill earlier this year because of Bawby

  150. Yte says:

    Were they talking about THIS blog? LOL. Cool.

  151. ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

    Are we really a hate blog? (I mean besides the title) I guess because we all hate Jill Zarin, we classify as a hate blog?

  152. 2Stupid says:

    OMG! Lynn is on the RHNY! Go girl! I feel kind of famous myself. Riding on coattails!!!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      We’re all famous! 🙂 lol

      • MickeyMouth says:

        LOL Congrats Lynn!!!!!

      • jeepers1941 says:

        Congratulations on being encluded in tonights episode, so I hear. Still have an hour and a half before it airs hear. But you deserve the plug, so thank you Mr. Z for mentioning Lynn’s blog even though we don’t hate everyone, just Mrs. Z we can’t stand, so lighten up ok?
        To Mr. Z, if things get to be a little to much for ya, you can always come here and vent, I am sure Lynn and the rest of us would totally understand the reasons why. Being married to jz must be one hellva job, I wouldn’t wish on anyone!

  153. LynnNChicago says:

    Jill’s wearing the same dress she wore the other night….sheesh!

  154. WindyCityWondering says:

    Does anyone believe that Bawby is just know finding out about the many blogs out there that are not so nice to his wife???

  155. Error404 says:

    I’m so sick of Jill dispatching the flying monkeys to do her bidding. Now kiki has to reprimand Alex. Stop just stop!

  156. MBDEA says:

    Scratch that! I wanna JUNK-PUNCH Jill, the CintLess and Kelly

  157. boston02127 says:

    WWHL—-Jill tuck in the skin at the top of your dress. Ick.

    Jill’s going for that Doritos tan.

  158. Delighted says:

    Why did Simon deny us???

    • Error404 says:

      Three times? LoL

    • cusi77 says:

      for 30 coins?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Simon was accused of having something to do with the blog, he’s a reader and posts once in a while. He didn’t create it and has been accused of being behind the scenes, he’s not. I’m not friends with Alex and Simon, I was lucky enough to have met them twice but that’s it. They’re trying to make it seem like Simon encouraged or asked me to start/write the blog.

      • quincyil says:

        I am always honest with all of you. I have been with you on the board and since the end of summer, I have helped Lynn. I also help her when she is away. This is Lynn’s board and Simon van Kempen has nothing to do with this blog.

        You see Lynn’s work and my work every single morning.

        There are 10,000 to 13,000 hits a day or more at times. There have been hundreds of comments. I think Simon has been on the board two times in all of that time and each time, we were all surprised together.

        I would never say this if it was untrue.


        • Also, the only time Simon posted on this board, that I can recall. It has NOTHING to do with Jill Zarin. He was defending his own wife.

          Like Lynn said, it’s not like she has Simon on speed dial. Pretty much anyone who follows Simon and Alex will get followed back by them and can DM them.I’ve DM-ed Simon,it doesn’t make us friends.

          • quincyil says:

            He was on the board defending Kelly Bensimon when she switched from kikilet to her name on a twittter. I wrote to him and called him “a Turncoat.” This is in the fantasy story for season 4 in the final chapter. I apologized to him in that chapter and told all of you that he had telephoned me after contacting Lynn to see if I would be upset and to get my phone number. We shared everything in story form when we were writing the season four fantasy. Lynn and I made sure that all of your were a part of everything from the after booksigning part to the removal of blog materials when Jill went out of her mind a couple of weeks ago.

            Jill started doing things and I could not understand. I was so confused. Now, I see why. This is in the show. The blog removal that Lynn told you all about occurred around the time Bravo sent their dvds with the final shows to the reality stars so they could prepare for an early reunion. Jill must have seen that Lynn’s blog was the scary island of season four.

            I thought Marakesh was too tame to be a season finale as it ended with the exchange of a swim suit and a hug. We here knew of the conflict between Jill and IHJZ blog because Jill told us on New Year’s Weekend when she came to the board and talked to Lynn mentioning Simon.

            Jill also reacted on twitter to IHJZ blogs. People on the board would watch her twitter and report back. When Jill came home from Costa Rica, she read an “Open Letter to Jill Zarin” by Lynn and we got the Rachel comment from Sarah Lawrence college that was immediately shared with the board. Ally Shapiro Zarin goes to Sarah Lawrence.

            After thinking about it, Jill has more contact with all of us and Lynn than Simon. LOL. It’s Jill that we react to and write about. Other than the fantasy story of season 4, I dont’ think there have ever been a blog about Simon van Kempen. There are hundreds of blogs on Jill. The board have discussions about Jill on days that we only have food blogs on. You all discuss Jill. The board brings articles about Jill and posts them in the comment sections. We keep each other informed. You see it every single day.


    • he didnt deny the sites being just that he didnt help create it

  159. MAMAZ says:

    What the hell is up with Andy’s hair?

  160. Whisper says:

    hey Bobby
    we hate Jill Zarin!!!!

  161. Rhetotic says:

    OMG! Did Simon just lie about knowing Lynn?????

    • MAMAZ says:

      No, he said he’s not involved with this blog and he’s not.

      • Delighted says:

        Come on. He and Alex have been very “chummy” with Lynn. And us, by association. It was a total dis.

        • Delighted says:

          I just read Lynn’s comments about Simon and Alex..I stand corrected. I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture. I’m going back to my martini and cheese. Please forgive the hysterics..

    • PJ says:

      No he said he wasn’t involved with the blog, which he isn’t.

  162. codystl says:

    Did Bawby say hate blog?

  163. MichellefromNY says:


  164. AZ Girl says:

    Holy Smokes! Lynn you got “head’s up” on the show. Right on!!!!. Good luck there Bawby. You can try and protect Jill all you want but unless she gets therapy you are out of luck.

    This has been a totally amazing day!! yea I know AZ Girl and “Amazing” . …

  165. Kats2 says:

    Jill is dressed like an 18 or early 20 year old would be

  166. Okie Folkie says:

    Hey America!!! We are all waving at you, thanks to Bawby.

  167. codystl says:

    Is Bawby (as fed by Jill) blaming Simon for a hate blog?

    Who will the ass hat award go to this week?

  168. AddictedtoBravo says:

    is it hateful to boycott jill tonite?

  169. cabbie413 says:

    omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this is Lynn’s blog but I shouted to my husband “hey they’re talking about our blog!!!” lol Thanks Bobby for the huge plug lol.. look forward to new people coming here lol

    Hey Lynn, this rocks!

  170. quincyil says:

    This week was a snoozer, but I saw the commercial about Simon. Jill and Kelly are accusing him of cyberbullying. He is very restrained on his twitter and I have only seen him respond in kind to Jill Zarin after she attacks Alex or one of her friends. I have read his since last summer. I can show you the google hits on my computer for his site because google records them. Recently, he was in a tiff with Bobby at an awards ceremony, but that happened long after season four was in the can.

    I feel the earthquake here.

  171. Nancy says:

    This is too funny.
    Look at the time in the posts above.
    We all wrote the same thing within a minute of each other.
    It was like we were all standing in the same room.
    God that felt great.
    My dog is looking at me like I’m crazy because I kept screaming but no one was here.
    I had my own little party but I knew you all were with me!

  172. MBDEA says:

    No Jill, you are an embarrasment, a bitch, a lying sack of sh__, a classless two-faced, unsophisticated MORON!

  173. MichellefromNY says:

    Andy bashed LuAnn!!!

    • MBDEA says:

      Whuuut? Shoot, I missed it. When, what?

      • MichellefromNY says:

        He talked about luann in his “here’s what” and said that ramona shouldn’t say her voice is so deep because its insulting because its deeper than a tranny’s voice …..or something like that. Basically, he called her a man

  174. WindyCityWondering says:

    what is the poll question tonight?

  175. dickens says:

    Wow! I missed most of the RHNY tonight but caught the end of it! Lynn, have we become part of the show?! Jawdropping!!!

  176. MBDEA says:

    Andy, that tie is giving me a migraine.

  177. I don't have my notes says:

    so they are going to try to tie this blog in with Simon cyber-bullying Jill?
    Looks like Jill has sprained both of her ankles and is wearing Ace Bandages on her feet tonight.

    • klmh says:

      Simon posted on this blog before, but I can’t remember how long ago. I think it was at least 6 months since that time, but I am probably wrong.

      • quincyil says:

        He was here twice. He came in Jan. and a few weeks ago to comment on a post about his children in the piano scene.

        The first time, Lynn and I were on the board. The second time was on Mother’s Day and Lynn was away. I was on the blog.

        Both times, I was shocked about it when it happened.

        • His last post had nothing to do with the piano scene, that might have happened on twitter. It was about the article that claimed Alex drank through her pregnancy.

          • It was the day after the piano scene aired – but the post was about drinking during pregnancy.

          • quincyil says:

            Francois played with the sound boom in the piano scene and the comment played off that scene so Simon set the record straight with a link. The link given by the blogger was a planted story by the PR of someone who wanted to hurt Alex. I can’t imagine who that was. Maybe Bobby can tell us.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Jill is a shrew. She’s a disgusting person and the only thing we’re doing is taking her to task for it. It’s a far cry from cyber bullying. God, I hate how these women throw around “bullying”. It denigrates the very meaning of the word. Disgusting pigs

  178. MichellefromNY says:

    Next week the brunnettes attack simon for being associated with us on jills bidding….Stick it to them Simon!!! We love you!!!

  179. NMhousewife says:

    According to previews for next week, the brunettes accuse Simon of “cyber bullying” Jill, sounds like she will be going after the blog.

    • snarkarella says:

      We must stand strong. Shoulder to shoulder. Don’t let the beyotch and her minions break us!! Both sides can play the game Jill.

  180. 2Stupid says:

    I am loving Adam, He is snarking on Jill to her facel

    • MAMAZ says:

      I think he’s been really easy on her.

    • FLG says:

      It seemed to me that Jill knows Adam, at least somewhat. How is it that Jill won the poll tonight? I think Adam deserves Rich’s next Asshat award. He was even sticking up for Countess Squash Blossom High Horse more than she could ever deserve. He was insulting to Alex.

  181. ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

    Wow Lynn your really about to blow up (we say that alot in the black community)! I predict after next week’s show your going to have double the amount of website hits you do now.

    • NMhousewife says:

      Good point, this is going to backfire on Jill. People who may not even know about the blog will check it out next week…Good going Jill!

  182. Butters'Mom says:

    Now I cannot wait for next week because we might get talked about again.

  183. MBDEA says:

    Typical chicken-sh__ Jill. She KNOWS who hates her, she KNOWS the name of this blog but typical Jill-fashion attack someone she “thinks” won’t defend themselves. I’m sure Simon can hold his own. Still effing, POS Jill!!!! Ugh, I really HATE that tacky bitch!

  184. Kats2 says:

    Lynn – Bobby just did what Jill NEVER wanted she’s been praying it wouldn’t happen. She does not want you to get recognition for fear that your aptly titled blog will go viral.

    Thank you Bobby for putting Lynn and the I Hate Jill Blog on a national scale!

  185. Nancy says:

    Lynn et al,
    I haven’t been this happy is a long long time! 🙂

  186. codystl says:

    So will Jill call her attorneys if she loses this poll, too?

  187. MickeyMouth says:

    Lynn please tell me Andy is talking about you and you are in the WWHL audience!

  188. Caitlin says:

    Have we all voted yet?

  189. wendg says:

    I still can’t believe Bobby mentioned this blog! It was surreal!!! I wonder if it will be addressed on WWHL?!??

  190. PJ says:

    Oh good grief now the brunettes are going to go after Simon. For what? Is it because he has the audacity to call them on the garbage they spew to the press and on twitter? The thing that really bothers me is that they must think the viewers are so stupid.

  191. boston02127 says:

    Did someone drug me? The whole show is ripping Ramona apart and Jill’s sitting there like queen bee.

  192. 2Stupid says:

    Is Jill dressed for the 16 yr old party?

  193. Kats2 says:

    Jill looks gross and her spanx are not working

    • MBDEA says:

      They’re shoving most of her fat (what’s not in her head) to her back creating some gnarly back-fat muffin top.

    • snarkarella says:

      I think we should all go on her website and ask where we can get her “Spanx.”
      Refuse to calll it Skweeze Wear or whatevs stoopid name it is.

  194. Adgirl says:

    Sounds like there will more IHJZ to come … Simon “cyber bullying Jill” … right?

  195. MichellefromNY says:

    She said she loves Camille!!! Trying to steal her notes on the art of war perhaps??

  196. NYCer says:

    Jill is going to beat Andy’s ass for having her on the same show with Adam. Hilarious

  197. Kerry Okie says:

    She’s trying way too hard to be cool. God, she’s sickening.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      She’s a classic wannabe whose only goal in life is to be the queen bee

    • MBDEA says:

      Jill! You gotta be born with it, not fake it. Oh wait, you’re Jill. You fake everything, you fake-tired-busted ASS! (I really hope you and Bawby are ready this today)

  198. CJAddictedNow says:

    My vote is in.

  199. Thelittlewife says:

    I am just sitting down to watch the DVR. I got home in time to watch the show but figured I had better have a few cocktails with the little husband to prepare. He is happily falling asleep while I fixed another to watch the show. I didn’t put away the liquor yet as I forsee needing another couple to watch the show. Just me Mr Captain Morgan and the TV to yell at Here I goooooooo.

  200. I don't have my notes says:

    I just can’t believe the stupidity of Jill and her flying monkeys for mentioning this blog on national television. Don’t they know it will bring more publicity to the fact that 1000s of people have joined together online to hate Jill? I’m really starting to feel bad for Simon now that they seem to be attacking him now or I should say again.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I love that they are that stupid. I wonder how many more hits this blog will get. Awesome Lynn!

  201. ann says:

    I can’t believe Luann just left the b-day party and Victoria just….talks…like…this…

  202. Kats2 says:

    CONFIRMATION – Alex’s Bravo Blog is up

    Let me try to shed some light. There’s a blog out in cyberspace that isn’t complimentary to Jill. If you read Bravo blogs, chances are you know it or have heard of it. A year ago, Simon and I were on our book tour, and stopped in Chicago, where the founder of the blog is based. The blogger attended one of our book signings, and had contacted us via our website prior to our arrival — asking that if a meet and greet for local bloggers and fans were to be organized by them, would we attend? We discussed it, ran it by our publisher and agreed that a blogger and fan event was good outreach, and attended the event after our signing in June of 2010. We took fan photos and discussed the book and the show.

    I don’t know how that translates into Simon or me being investors, content writers, posters, or even members of the blog. We don’t own it, we don’t have money in it. We don’t write for it. There is a link on the blog to a recap of the Chicago fan event held for us with pictures, and as the blog covers the whole Housewives franchise, we along with all other cast members are regularly discussed on it. That doesn’t mean we are doing the discussing.

    • Kats2 says:

      Here’s more –

      Six months later, now that all this nonsense and finger pointing has happened, yes, we do read it, along with a few other sites that blog reality TV. I don’t see everything — there is way too much online to keep up with while maintaining life and work. The blog owner has now met and interviewed quite a few members of the Bravo family, and sometimes tweets us random questions about our show and pop culture in general. Sometimes I answer, though I won’t speak for anyone else because keeping a handle on my own Twitter feed is enough work. If I had a dollar for every blogger out there who hates me, my husband, or family. . .you know the answer. Reality TV spawns lively online content, and everyone has an opinion about the people on their favorite shows. With the advent of social media, everyone can also comment publicly. If you tweet nice things or garbage, at a Bravolebrity or anyone else in the public eye, chances are they or their fans will see it. I get tons of love and hate every week. Here’s what I DON’T do. I don’t assume that the negative stuff is written by, supported by, or controlled by my castmates. When you assume, you make an A-S-S out of U and ME.

      • Golden Girl says:

        Thank you Kats2 for posting this. Way to go Lynn!

      • I don't have my notes says:

        Alex’s response is accurate and fair. Good for her for writing this.

        • quincyil says:

          Absolutely honest and fair. Jill reads this blog every day. That doesn’t mean she writes the blogs. It is convoluted logic, but that is how Jill’s mind works.

          Bobby lied about who told him about this blog and when. He knew about this blog from May or June 2010. Jill left twitter and facebook after Lynn met Simon and Alex with fans and other bloggers in Chicago. There were people at the event and they will share what happened. This is not the Hamptons where Jill and her employees make up stories and plant them in gossip columns. This is real life and people wrote the truth on this blog in the comment sections.

      • California35 says:

        Thank you Kat, she is very clear and fair as usual. Deaf ears as far as la Jill and her “team” but not to regilar readers. They will know more about this blog because her explanations can direct them here 🙂

      • nathania says:

        she’s spot on, that
        ‘assuming’ is exactly what brought kelly to her lunatic break on the show last year, that fueld her anger toward bethenny and had her lose her marbles right on television.

    • MBDEA says:

      Well explained Alex –as usual! However, it will still fall on deaf ears and tiny moronic minds; Jill (and her fans), Kelly and CntLess.

  203. AZ Girl says:

    Adam is bashing Alex like he watches this show. BS. Jill slipped him a 100.00 to say that crap.
    Nice “mummy shoes” jill……

  204. I have a bad feeling that Jill is going to win this week’s poll.

    • Caitlin says:

      She had to have anticipated that there would be a poll, and that she’d be a part of it, and …………………. we can fill in the blanks, I’m sure.

    • nathania says:

      not only that, it’s a stupid question and not ever relevant. not only did she win the poll this week, she authored it, apparently.

      just wait til Ally goes all mommy-dearest on her

  205. NJ Bev says:

    Congratulations Lynn!!!!!!
    I vaguely remember the day this happened–
    Simon posted on the site-
    I bet Quincy already has it… it was before the time he posted
    about Kelly’s twitter account??
    anyway- we all knew that they read the site on a regular basis-

    congratulations again, Lynn- all the time and effort you put into the
    site, it is truly like a genuine group of friends, and you really get
    nothing but “us” out of it- please never leave…… xoxo

    • quincyil says:

      I remembered an article with Jill’s statement that the one thing that upset her was that a “housewife” came between her and Bobby. We discussed it on the board at the time and I speculated that the quotations might mean that someone in the show who wasn’t an official housewive may have come between her and Bobby. I think that someone in Jill’s mind was actually Simon. It looked like Bobby believed Simon and it was over. Alex mentions Bobby and Simon finishing things before the women know about it.

      My soothsayer skills tell me that Morocco was not Scary Island. IHJZ blog is Scary Island for season 4. We definitely have something next week on the blog because it was in the commercial.

      The bad thing is that Jill has created all of this in her own mind. It is just like her falling out with Bethenny. Jill imagined Bethenny giving her slights. Jill imagines Simon having something to do with this blog. In the end, Jill will have to apologize to both Simon and to Alex. You can not make up lies about your fellow cast mates and expect the public to believe those lies. That would be horribly unfair and down right wrong.

      I think fans are a lot smarter than Jill Zarin or her PR department realizes. There are many written blogs in the archives on the right of this page and the fans and others can look at the long lists and see this is a working blog that publishes on Bravo and a few other shows every single day for the benefit of the people who discuss and those who just enjoy catching up on the Bravo shows with their morning coffee.

      Alex is correct we are not complimentary to Jill Zarin, but we do give her a thumbs up when she does something good and we often will give her positive comments when she looks nice. If people go to the Valentine’s Day post, the entire blog was pro Jill.

      All fall, Jill tweeted “the Haters.” She even said that Bobby said it is wrong to use the word “hate.” Bobby is it also wrong to call Alex a “F****** B**** at the wedding in episode two of season four. Jill also said on the airplane on the way to Marakesh that if someone didn’t like her the could F themselves. Bobby, that is worse than saying that I hate the behaviors of you wife on national TV. I have no problem saying I hate the things Jill Zarin has done to her friends and coworkers.

      It really bothers me that she made up a lie about Simon van Kempen. All I can do is stand up for the truth. Simon van Kempen has nothing to do with this blog. Jill probably reads this blog more often than Simon. Jill Zarin inspired Lynn to create this blog by Jill’s words and actions on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” All of this is Jill Zarin’s doing. We came here to share our opinions because we were horrified by Jill Zarin’s treatement of Bethenny Frankel and Alex McCord.


  206. Kerry Okie says:

    Did Jill just say “they beat up poor Andy,” in response to Andy saying the reunion was brutal?

  207. MAMAZ says:

    I knew Adam was going to be on the brunette side.

  208. I want to slap Adam Carolla!

  209. tricia says:

    Alex’s blog is up and she talks about this blog. Also, what is wrong with Adam Corolla? what a douche

  210. Polly says:

    Victoria is such a pothead!

  211. MichellefromNY says:

    blechhhhh jill won

  212. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill’s robots won the poll!

  213. MBDEA says:

    Jill’s lawyers and her hissy-fit won her a poll. Choke on it, Jill.

  214. NMhousewife says:

    Wait…what was the poll question? Who is the best mom? Now I am sure these polls are rigged by Bravo to say whatever they want it to say. I hate this show!

  215. boston02127 says:

    I’m off to NY to beat the shit out of Jill.


    • Whisper says:

      I am right behind you!!!!

    • NJ Bev says:

      call me when you get here….
      I’ll arrange for the getaway car.
      ps I’ll be drivin……

    • nathania says:

      careful, next shrill will be running around caterwauing ‘bawby!!!!!!!!!! the hate-ahs on the hate blog are makin’ threats to my personal safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bawby!!!!!!!!!!! we gotta shut this thing down bawby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    Jill won. It’s official. Bawby is a mob boss. I’m done.

  217. NYCer says:

    I wonder why it took Bobby so long to hear about this blog? Doesn’t he live in the same house with JZ? I have a feeling she’s been obsessed with Lynn since blog #1. I mean, she does have those google alerts!!

  218. MichellefromNY says:

    hahaha jill said that luann doesnt care that she sounds mean on the show!!! Luann really has no emotion its scary.

  219. Golden Girl says:

    Good Night all It was fun tonight!

  220. Kukulet says:

    Sorry, Bawby. We don’t like Jill because she’s thoroughly unlikable, and Simon has nothing to do with the impression she makes on people.

    Now, run along. She’s waiting…and don’t forget to buy her something tomorrow.

  221. AZ Girl says:

    Adam Corolla knows Alex???? are you kidding me. This was so scripted with Jill’s tweets to Adam etc. Man this just pisses me off. Adam could care less but Jill got him to say sh##t about alex?
    Andy grow some balls will you??? Please????

    • NJ Bev says:

      I have a feeling Adam C. has no idea about what he’s dealing

    • cusi77 says:

      And Sonja! He called her “broke”!!! The broke one are Teresa, Nene, Alexis, Kim, Kelly, LuAnaconda, Etc…….

    • nathania says:

      Adam Corolla is the male version of Jill. I was so shocked a the irony of the Barbie and Ken poster children for vile, disgusting, classless behavior being on the same show at the same time that I actually watched a bit of it. He has mellowed with age, but he is still a pig, just as base as ever.

  222. Jamie Lannister says:

    Lynn, you have to tell us if you get a lot more hits after Bobbie’s plug tonight!


  223. AZ Girl says:

    Dear Jill: Poll was fake. Pulled to your favor with Bawby pulling the strings. Are you HAPPY NOW!!! I would not even let you baby sit my dog and my dog is deceased. Will somebody please end this nightmare of Jill Zarin

  224. CJAddictedNow says:

    I don’t think many people were watching Jill except her fans – everybody else turned the station except some of you, and because of you I knew to vote for Alex. Couldn’t handle Jill or Adam. Thanks for heads up and that should explain the win.

    • Suzieq says:

      I watched for about 2 minutes….that’s all it took for her to start bashing Ramona and calling her a hypocrite and then I turned it off and promptly deleted it from my DVR.
      I am not being dramatic…this is exactly what I did.

  225. whats going on with the radio show, I can’t seem to connect.

  226. MAMAZ says:

    Jill is a nightmare. I’m so tired of watching her bad behavior being rewarded.
    I can’t understand why anyone would like her.
    I’m depressed now.

  227. Mary says:

    I hate this awful show. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel made and this Adam Dude is barely making it.
    I’m team blonde, but Ramona doesn’t help. And I thought it was terrible that Avery would go complaint to KuKu.

    Another thing is I really can’t stand Simon. He’s a fame whore. Most of the bad press that Alex gets is from that bozo. He has kissed up to Lynn when team Silex was down and now he disses her?

    I’m out. I hate this show.

    • Polly says:

      Simon didn’t diss her. He said he isn’t behind the hate blog.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I’m not fond of Simon either. He’s on the show too much. Way more than any of the other husbands. Like Rich Amons talked about in his guest blog.
      He may be a good husband and a good father but he wants to be one of the Housewives. Just like Joe Gorga.

      • NYCer says:

        ITA with MAMAZ and Mary. Simon is unwatchable. And because he’s trying to make a business out of this, everything about Alex feels inauthentic this year–the weird piano player, the lingerie that was clearly comped, the social causes…it’s all one big infomercial.

        • NJ Bev says:

          I was horrified by Simons appearance with
          the hypnotist–he looked soo old..
          the bags under his eyes, the bloat- I couldn’t
          watch him.!
          I saw episodes from season one a few days ago and
          Simon looked 15 years younger. I think this show
          has done a number on him…………….

          I hope he doesn’t read this and use it as an excuse
          to get some work done- he needs to slow down on the
          alcohol, stress, and lose some weight.
          then he can talk to the “Dr.”

  228. MichellefromNY says:

    Rebecca Romijn like Luann and thinks kelly is normal. I knew there was a reason I never liked her…

    • CJAddictedNow says:

      Maybe Rebecca needs to continue to model & it wouldn’t be cool to piss off Kelly’s ex? Just a thought.

  229. MichellefromNY says:

    Jill looks like a teenager out to party

  230. AZ Girl says:

    AZ Girl is fired up and heading to bed. Carry on…..

  231. Rhetotic says:

    Everyone remember where we were on the nite Lynn’s (& Quincy) were mentioned in RONY! Nite.

  232. MichellefromNY says:

    OMG, naseating…..Ginger tweeted jill on the after show…”do I get lamb chops mommey?” barf

    • Sinclair says:


    • sue says:

      We would LOVE to know what Jill meant when she told Adam that Andy wasnt allowed to answer that question,that Adam asked about Kelly. Jill interrupted before Andy even registered what was being said???

      • klmh says:

        I think she was saying he couldn’t give his own opinion because he was the host of the show. I think he inserts his opinion if something comes up, but with questions, I don’t remember him giving his point of view. That was my guess anyway.

    • Kukulet says:

      You know, having a Twitter account for your pet is humiliating. Think about it. Jill is a 40 something year old woman tweeting cutesy stuff to herself. Then think about all the other 40 something year old women who actually have real lives and real jobs and wouldn’t be caught dead doing something that childish and embarrassing. That offers a little insight into how empty Jill Zarin’s life actually is.

      BTW, kadooz to Bobby Zarin, who just increased the hits on this blog. Bet he did it on purpose!

      • Sinclair says:

        He is an enabler, he did not do it on purpose. I actually smell Jill on this. I bet she thinks she’ll get some sympathy with all her “bullying” talk this season.

        • Kukulet says:

          Oh, c’mon. I was joking. I didn’t seriously mean that Bobby Zarin mentioned a hate blog about his wife to drive traffic to it.

      • FLG says:

        Mr. Robert Zarin, be careful, very careful. Jill relentlessly attacked Alex, then Bethenny, this year it is Ramona. One by one every year she has a feud with somebody. What are you going to do when it’s your turn? Someday if she finds you have outlived your usefulness she WILL turn on you. Read my post on the last blog about my Uncle and Aunt who divorced after 43 years of marriage. Jill Zarin is a carbon copy of my Aunt. To semi-quote the movie Ghost: Bobby, you’re in danger, girl.

    • Debbie says:

      I notice Ginger isn’t on camera.. She’s obviously no Giggy. She is one unfortunate dog. Owned by Jill and unattractive to boot. Poor thing. Andy dislikes her so much she has to tweet Jill from across the room. He won’t get close to her. You just know it pisses Jill off.

  233. MAMAZ says:

    So do you think Bawby will call Rich Amons and chew him out about being involved with a Hate Blog?

  234. MichellefromNY says:

    and jill just compliment andy on his “great job doing the series”. Jill, trying to not get recast??

    And jill tried to get jerry o connel and wife to say having alcohol at the party was bad and to say inviting your own friends to a daughters sweet sixteen is bad. She will do anything to get others to snark on ramona its sick. And then she says, ramona is awful because she said that her own party was better than her daughters, so dont put down your daughter. I get that jill, but if anyone said that about you, all hell would break loose.

    God, I hate jill zarin.

  235. MAMAZ says:

    I’m going to bed. WatchingJill Zarin on WWHL makes me feel like there is no justice in the world.

  236. Amy Matheson says:

    At least Jill’s minions are doing their job even if Jill’s shapewear isn’t.

    I find this to be true from my unscientific observations: Usually the co-non-housewife-guest is less apt to say anything too negative and sometimes teams up with the housewife guest. I also find that HWs who know how to play the media game do their groundwork to make sure the voting goes their way. Watch and see… it’s always the case. Hahah… except when Luann is on. Guest fight with her and she loses the good poll and wins the bad ones (remember – who is the most weird poll? Poor poor countess.)

    Jill is a skank. The end.

  237. Ok, if you google hate blog Jill Zarin, number one pick is this blog. LOL! Congratulations Lynn. You have made the big time. Too bad Simon did not bring up the whole Amazon stunt that Jill pulled.

  238. klmh says:

    The funniest thing on the show tonight was Kelly standing up and apologizing for being late! I knew that people who are always late are manipulators, but standing up like that was just so obvious! What a fame whore…

  239. NJ Bev says:

    2 things I’m curious about-
    1-Kelly late for Jills party?!
    2-Cindy smelling at the gym
    i loved both of these moments!!!!!!!!! Kelly cant be on time for her BEST friends
    Bday party??!! AND CINDY…………… the OWNER OF A SPA!!!!!!!!!!! STINKS!!
    B O body odor !! (i guess i am showing my age!!)

  240. aquamarinecandy-083 says:

    Wow, way to go Lynn!! Jill just created how many more hits to your blog by the mention…hehehehee LOVE IT!!

  241. cabbie413 says:

    Attention all tweeters – did you hear how Jill said she had 150k followers on #wwhl?? I cant wait until june 30th.. (i dont follow her tho, but i will on the 29th just to unfollow on the 30th lol)

    All of us should tweet simon, kelly, ramona, sonja, countess and jill ..heck all of them! with a link to lynn’s blog somewhere in the tweet and #rhony , just so others can see it and get their butts over here! Love that the “hate blog ” was mentioned on tonight’s show..so awesome!! Let’s help Lynn get more people over here!

  242. NJ Bev says:

    I’m sure this has been posted already-
    Andy being pushed by Bravo to try for Regis Philbins’ job?!
    apparently his original programming for Bravo has not gone so
    well..and he is becoming too well known in the “host” genre
    to be really effective as bravo’s VP of original programming.?

    can anyone tell me more about this?

    • Adgirl says:

      I think it’s BS. We all know how Andy is, but the “world” doesn’t. Andy and Kelly R are good friends so maybe that’s how the rumor began.

  243. Greta says:

    Well IHJZ peeps…It was a bit if a mystery and took me the entire WWHL show to finally find out what your Bawby (haha) was talking about…BUT I FOUND YOU! You must be sooooooo excited. I have loved, loved, loved reading you in-real-time take on the show tonight. Funny!

    P.S. I hate Jill Zarin…thanks to Bawby (who sort-of DOES look like a flying monkey) for “protecting her” or else I would have never thought to search for this site!

  244. Rob Shuter tweeted that Kelly comes off the worst at the RHONY reunion.

    NaughtyNiceRob: spoke with 3 housewives and hear @kellybensimon comes across worst on reunion show! Ouch

    • VAgirl says:

      Yes, on WWHL, they said Kelly was pretty mean to Alex and Sonja. Even Jill agreed.

      • NMhousewife says:

        Was that on the main show or the after show?

        • VAgirl says:

          The main show. They may not have said she was mean, but they said something to the effect that she really gave Alex a hard time and Sonja too.

  245. Yuck says:

    Hee hee. Sometime last year, I literally googled “hate Jill Zarin”. I figured I couldn’t be the only one. And- praise the little baby Jesus- there was a fully formed community with its own local economy- a pilgrimage destination for every Jill-hater. Suck on that, Zarin.

    • Yuck says:

      P.S. Upon reading my own post, I realized I unnecessarily used the word “literally.” Please pronounce it like Rob Lowe does on “Community” with a very hard “T”. Thank you.

  246. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Congratulations Lynn! And to all fellow posters too as our snarky comments will soon be read by a gazillion readers! LOL

    My name is Amber and JillZarin gets on my nerves so I come to this blog and put my feelings for her and other HWs…On display, on display, on display…Each and everyday, everyday, everyday,

  247. Hits right now 2,744,547
    Let’s see how Lynn’s blog is doing tomorrow thanks to Bawbee and Jill advertising for her.

  248. VAgirl says:

    Tonight’s episode was really not very cohesive. It was all over the place.
    Jill’s party was weird and kind of sleezy. I don’t think Jill would have planned that party for herself. Same thing for Victoria’s party. Kind of seedy. And I would never, ever leave my kid’s party. Can you imagine if anything had happened to one of those kids and Luann wasn’t there to take care of it? She’s lucky nothing happened. I feel kind of sorry for Victoria. I think she’s kind of lost and hasn’t had the guidance and support she has needed. Avery on the other hand has had both her parent’s involvement in her life and it shows. The little spats between mom and daughter are so typical at that age and Kelly should have stayed out of it. Cindy always looks like she could have an odor about her by the slovenly way she dresses. She always looks like she got her clothes out of a big pile in the floor of her closet. I don’t know if I can keep hanging around this blog because it’s just becoming TOO FAMOUS. Way to go, Lynn! As for WWHL, pretty bad. I thought some of Adam’s comments were pretty funny, but you could tell he didn’t know what he was talking about and probably got schooled by Jill during the airing of the show. Never thought too much about Rebecca Romjin (sp). What has she ever done, really? Always thought her two husbands were too nice for her – John Stamos and Jerry O’Connell, who played the chubby boy in the movie Stand By Me. Oh, well, I’m rambling. Tonight was good (shout out to Lynn on the show) and a letdown (Jill on WWHL). HATE on this blog ?- I DON’T THINK SO! More like CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT.

    • Mary says:

      A cat is a better mother than Luann. I too would never ever leave a group of teenagers unattended. Stuff happens… Even with these ‘perfect’ loves.
      Ramona is no better bringing in so much alcohol.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      LOL!!! I completely agree!!! Victoria’s party had only a few people and the entertainment was slightly sketchy, while avery’s party had all the bells and whistles and stayed sweet. Ramona brought alcohol, but I want to remind everyone that there was a seperate “parents” party. If you saw, there were not that many cases of wine. KIt was clearly for just ramona and HER guests, not her daughter’s guests.

      • VAgirl says:

        I agree. I’m sure there have been many a sweet 16 party where adult relatives and close family friends have attended and there has been alcohol, just like wedding receptions with kids and other type parties where kids and adults are both present. You just have to make sure the kids stay separate from the booze..

    • nathania says:

      WHAT in the FREAK is wrong with kooky kelly.

      okay, what is this disorder where someone who has no core personality takes on the personality of the strongest person they are around at the moment? I swear this is what kelly is doing…

      Mainly she has taken on the persona of whatever dear, well-meaning psychiatric professional is trying to help her right now. When she’s around Lou ann, she takes on the evil queen’s persona. Last year, when she was around Bethenny, she took on Bethenny’s personality. It’s like she has NOTHING of her own to act from, so she just
      adopts the personalilty of whatever is resonating the strongest in the room. When she’s not got anyone to copy, she spouts sound-bites and advertising lingo…’hip’ ‘hot’ ‘now’ ‘new’, ad nauseum. Kelly’s big secret is there is really NO ONE in there.

  249. Yuck says:

    Damn you Nyquil!!! “Parks and Recreation” not “Community”.

  250. If we ever needed evidence that this show was fake – Bobby just gave it to us. Found out about this blog in the fall. HECK NO unless he was living under a rock. Jill was actively talking about the blog in the spring. So why put it out there on camera. Bad PR AGAIN I suppose.

    • wendg says:

      Bobby knew about it but he didn’t have any reason to mention it to Simon yet. He only had words with Simon after Simon had posted.

      I’m fuzzy on the timeline of it all but I think my theory is right.

      Or maybe it just took Bobby that long to work up the courage to confront Simon.

  251. Caitlin says:

    When you think about it, it’s ridiculous for anyone to think that Simon would be actively involved in a “hate blog” that criticized one of his wife’s cast mates – it would be like cutting off his nose to spite his own face. Let’s recall the financial position they are both in: neither of them have the same “other careers” they had when they first got on this show. And I would hazard a guess that a lot of the income they have circa today came from contacts derived from the show. It’s illogical for anyone to think he is “actively involved” with this or any other site that doesn’t quite approve of his wife – but, then, Jill (nor Bawby, presumably) does not operate on logic. The real problem is toxic narcissism, and folks with that personality disorder cannot abide criticism from any quarter, no matter how justified the critic may be. My guess is that Bawby will only makes things worse for Jill in the end by trying to shut down/wipe out her critics. It is sad in a perverse sort of way.

    • quincyil says:

      Lynn was a guest blogger at Terry Ally’s blog and he knew her from her comments on his board. He told her he should write a blog. He’s going to confirm this and Jill will look like a big fool. I did not know Terry or Lynn then.

      Lynn also has relationships with many bloggers. They know Lynn, they read the blog.

      I would expect that the whole blogging community will disagree with Jill’s accusation of Simon because so many of them are part of this community.


      • Caitlin says:

        Good points all, Q, and I predict that Bawby will, down the road, rue the day that he made this whole thing an “issue.” How much “Jill Kool Ade” is he force-fed every day, anyway? For a businessman, he seems to have not much of a clue about how the real world works!

        • nathania says:

          I think he deals with jill like a lot of men deal with their wives, he tunes her out, and sleeps with hookers. allegedly of course. I mean…

          and then there is the porn in the basement…

    • FLG says:

      They (The Zarins) also accuse others of what they themselves are most likely to be caught doing.

  252. Sonjafan says:

    Hi All, You must read Alex’s blog for the show – it’s on bravo. This blog is mentioned (not by name) but
    she mentiones that she met Lynn etc when they were in Chicago. This blog is what Bawby was talking about; he is a delusional as Jill. Doesn’t he realize there are so many people out there that dislike the way Jill behaves, he is so stupid to think it is someone on the show- that would go to this length to get even with Jill. Poor guy doesn’t realize how big the majority is that is against Jill

    CONGRATULATIONS LYNN – YOU ARE A CELEBRITY!!!!!! ABOUT TIME – as this is such a great place to be. Can we say blogalebrity!!!!

    • Adgirl says:

      I bet Bobby is not comfortable using a computer/internet. He believes everything Jill tells him because he doesn’t use social media.

  253. Katiecoo says:

    Google “Jill Zarin Hate Blog” and see what you get. LOL Bawby just did a big ol’ advertisement for this blog! Lynn, will you please share with us the hit increases that will happen tonite and tomorrow? You can buy this kinda publicity. I may even get outta my jammies before I sign on tomorrow. 🙂

  254. quincyil says:

    It was lucky that I checked the board. I got tired of the birthday parties and was going to bed, but I thought I would check my schedule for tomorrow and the blog was on the screen so I check it.

    I had to go upstairs and replay the dvr to see. I had seen the commercial for next week and wondered what that was about.

    I’m glad so many people chat on housewives’ nights. LOL


  255. California35 says:

    Well Kelly, guess what? You don’t know anything – and that is regardless if Victoria becomes a “muse” or not.

    • FLG says:

      Somehow, I think Avery will get a very fine education and earn at least one if not several valuable degrees from a first class university or several first class universities that will serve her very well in her future. That’s what my admittedly limited soothsayer abilities are telling me.
      If Victoria is going to have that kind of success, she’d better lay off the pot and get some motivation or she will just end up being another spoiled trust fund kid.

      • FLG says:

        And Victoria, if you read this blog, things happen and trust funds don’t always last forever.

      • nathania says:

        tonight shocked me a bit because I guess I didn’t even ‘get’ that victoria was this young. so she was fifteen, or fourteen, when the video was on youtube? good lord.

        and THAT has everything to do with lou ann’s absentee parenting, like ramona pointed out.

        it was at the beginning of last season that victoria had broken limbs because of falling while climbing out a window…and lou ann was so cavalier about that too, like it happens to everyone.

  256. California35 says:

    Luanne,Bethenny said it – Drag Queen!!!

  257. California35 says:

    Luanne leaves the party full of teen agers, because she checked that everything was fine before she makes her exit

  258. SantaBarbaraSusie says:

    Quick Questions:
    [1] Is there going to be an ‘unfollow’ for Shrill’s twitter? I don’t follow, but I’ll join till that day, then drop it. Is it scheduled for 6/30? Is is under JZarin or JillZarin ? Does she have more than one Twitter acct?

    2] Lynn, do you have any idea of how many members on IHJZ? I know you’re not a group, just wonder how many people post here ?

    Would anyone else like to join me in sending Bawby Z a postcard c/o Zarin Fabrics ? I’m thinking of signing it:


    That way, he can see for himself that this IS a REAL group & REAL people. I want him to know that tons of people actively dislike Shrill and that her claims that it’s just a few people are false.

    I’m thinking if Bawby received signed postcards from all over the U.S., Shrill would have an awfully hard time explaining herself to him & he could no longer be in denial about his wife’s DIS-likability!!!

    Just a thought…

    • LynnNChicago says:

      LMAO NO!! NO postcards, cards or letters sent to Jilzy or Bawwby! please! I’m literally laughing here!

    • HI there, yes #UNfollowJilllZarin Day is June 30th, people who are blocked by her can unfollow her in spirit by tweeting #UNfollowJillzarin. Her twitter account is @Jillzarin.
      People will also be UNliking her on facebook and UNsubscribing to her accuse errr I mean news letter.

  259. LynnNChicago says:

    Total views of posts on your blog today 17,432

  260. Sonjafan says:

    I am so happy for you LYNN, your writing and breakdowns of the various episodes on all the franchises is
    phenomenal and it’s not really one sided. You deserve all the accolades and once again a huge
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! You are now officially a blog STAR!!!!!!!

    Quincy you are a STAR as well, because I enjoy your breakdowns on all the shows and your inpartial views which are extremely insightful!!!!!!

    • quincyil says:

      Thanks. Lynn created this place, but without all of the comments from the Lynn family there would be no reason to watch all of those shows and create all of those blogs. We are all in this together so when Jill attacks us in the next show and possibly more, she is attacking all of us not Lynn alone.

  261. kbinldo says:

    I fell off the couch laughing so hard when Bawby gave this blog a shout-out! YAY!!! Wonder how many NEW PEOPLE he just sent scrambling to Google looking for the “hate” blog!!

    And I definitely loved Avery’s party better than Victoria’s. And Jill, grow the hell up. It’s not hypocritical to have alcohol for adults at a kid’s party. It’s good for kids to see adults drinking RESPONSIBLY. And that was not a “bed”–you could clearly see the kids sitting all around it. No one was lying down.

    • HeyAll says:

      LOL the bed..I doubt they would have used it to make out on, even if the parents weren’t there. But Mario’s concern was cute.

    • lillybee says:

      If adults can’t drink at a kid’s party, why does Chucky Cheese serve beer?
      If Jill is correct, Avery and her friends shouldn’t have had lunch at that restaurant, with all the wine bottles on the wall.

    • nathania says:

      Victoria always looks dirty to me, like she never brushes her hair.

      Not that she has a good example in her mother, lou ann’s hair looked even more outdated than usual tonight…it isn’t even a style, what she wears, it looks like something that might have been a style six months ago.

  262. Sara says:

    Victoria’s party looked more like a 21st than a sweet 16

    • nathania says:

      I know, I thought the bondage-esque stripper suspended from the ceiling was more than a bit much for a sweet sixteen

  263. FLG says:

    It was more like my 29th…..LOL

  264. Jamie Lannister says:

    It was hysterical. I gulped down my water and thought, Holy —-! Jill is even more stupid than I thought! She just had Bawbie give Lynn a shout out! Then I started giggling.

  265. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    The best part about the whole “hate blog” scene with Bobby and Simon is that Bravo even aired it! I am saying Bravo to the editors and producers of the show. Not only did true fans realize that Jill’s lemming aka Bobby gave himself away that he knew about this blog before this scene, but he it making this blog even more popular. Well done Bobby!!!!!

    • nathania says:

      I bet it took everything simon had not to punch him out….he was so patronizing.

      the way he said ‘hate blog’ it sounded like he was talking about the gestapo or something…I guess he’s as dramatic as Jill.

  266. marisol says:

    lolololololol did that just happen?!

  267. Jamie Lannister says:

    Well, Bravo, better late than never I guess.

    Suddenly, an old blog of Luann’s has a LOT more comments, most of them raking her over the coals for her atrocious manners. It makes me want to go check one of Jill’s old blogs to see if they finally allowed a few real opinions!

    Check it out.

    • Jamie Lannister says:

      OK, most of Jill’s are still, OMG! Love you! TEAM Jill! nonsense that she and her assistance wrote herself, but surprise, surprise, WEEKS later, a few critical ones did show up. Here are a couple of the first page of a blog weeks ago. (where no one will really see them of course!)

      Submitted by Ga viewer on June 5, 2011.

      I am no huge Ramona fan, but I am disgusted by you…Ramona tried to get you and Bethenny back to being friends, but you would not have it. Why should she try to help you on scary island????why??????

      You showed up thinking everyone would be happy to see you and CLEARLY they were not…Ramona owed you NOT ONE THING..and she should NOT apologize.

      However, in this new Bethenny like grudge you have against Ramona, you refuse to be her friend unless SHE apologizes to YOU!!! What!!!! You did not even listen to Ramona. She was being upfront about something CURRENT..you talked about her at that wedding–as you did Alex…as if you were so ABOVE them…You and your buddies-Kelly (who still needs serious help), Countess darling (snotty) and new buddy Hangergate…move on…you will self destruct on each other eventually…

      Thank God Bravo has the sense to give Bethenny her own show…she is the only show worth watching…I will not make the mistake of tuning in again.
      Submitted by djdonnag on June 5, 2011.

      OMG! Please post this!!!
      Ramona did apologize to you several times while you sat in the SUV on the island. YOU probably weren’t listening and don’t remember. SO go look at the video again! She owes you nothing now. She apologized to you over and over but you wouldn’t shut your mouth enough to listen. She shouldn’t have to apologize again just because you demand it, again and again. SHE ALREADY DID while you whined and whined about everyone’s cold reception to you on the island. You want someone to blame for your loss of Bethenney’s friendship. Ramona did try to get you to reconcile at her home, BUT stubborn and prideful Jill wasn’t having it. THAT was your chance. AND You should probably thank Ramona for tyring when she did. She was waaaay ahead of you. She owes you nothing now in terms of Bethenney!! OWN IT, YOU messed up all on your own. Bethenney has moved on. YOU should too. ….. It is you…Ramona tried to calmly discuss with you and all you did was get defensive and angrily attack her in Morocco. You haven’t learned to listen or remember a damn thing.

      Submitted by beggs909 on June 5, 2011.

      Jill…last season you obsessed about how awful Betheny was and any attempts to bring you together were thwarted by LuAnn. This season you have set you sights on Ramona and are obsessing about how awful and mean she is. Betheny made attempts to understand why you were so angry and to make up, and you completely shut her down. When she finally reached the point of saying, I am over this with Jill. You should have gone to see Betheny yourself and not use Ramona’s party for the retaking of her vows to work out your differences. That was in appropriate. Ramona has no filters and she will suffer the consequences of her words, but you can’t seem to get by without having someone to hate and blame for the troubles in your life. Get over the island, get over Bethany or make up with Bethany, but stop wearing your heart on your shirt sleeve. Not everything is about YOU.

      • Jamie Lannister says:

        assistants, not “assistance” oopsie

        So is this Bravo’s game? Post the negative comments weeks later?

  268. nathania says:

    I guess we can all just drop the charade and fess up to being Simon Van Kempen’s flying monkeys. No more password, no more secret handshake, no more cryptic instructions hidden in Lynn’s blog posts, we can all take off our black outfits and face paint and come out into the light of day now that our commander in chief, Simon Van Kempen, has been outed on national television.


  269. jhater says:

    has anyone noticed that jill always is the last one each week to blog on the bravo site..she is so annoying..of course she has to read everyone’s blog before she comments so she doesnt miss a nasty thing to comment on..i cant stand her..she used to be my favorite

    • California35 says:

      Well, tonight there are some reasons that come to mind for not posting her blogg.
      1 she was busy preparing for WWHL
      2 she was on WWHL and the after show
      3 she has check her blackberry
      4 she is reading about what Bobby created when he mentioned the “hate blog”
      5 she is screaming at everyone
      6 she is reading this blog
      7 she is screaming at everyone
      8 she is crying to Bobby asking him to fix it
      9 she is screaming at everyone to help her re-write her blog
      10 she is screaming

      Did I mentioned she is screaming? Lol

  270. California35 says:

    Got to get some sleep now, darn it I knew I should have asked for tomorrow off 😛
    Tonight was very exciting, can’t wait to read more tomorrow…

    Sweet dream everyone 🙂

  271. I think I’ve figured out the timeline. This has nothing to do with Simon and Alex’s trip to Chicago – and more to do with a series of events that happened in November.

    1) WSL watches old footage and thinks she figures out where Jill’s apartment is – all heck breaks loose in comments on other blogs.
    2) Later in November WSL attends an event in cobble hill. All heck breaks loose again.

    Probably most related to (2), with a healthy does of paranoia from (1), Jill sends Bobby to talk to Simon in early December.

  272. krone says:

    MY NAME IS KRONE AND I HATE JILL ZARIN…………….countless, kelly beensomeone, cindy barslop & hubby Howie….but mostly JILL ZARIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. chismosa says:

    HW Addict ^^ – what is going on with this timeline sleuthing you are doing? Did something happen in regards to Jill?
    I am reading comments above, just scrolled down to see if anybody was posting yet. Sorry if it is explained above.
    What a DISGRACE Jill is for next week to claim Simon is CYBER BULLYING HER. omg i just can’t take this anymore .Thank god only 5 more episodes to go. I pray to god that the blondes really let it rip yesterday at reunion

    God i hate Jill! what a joke was WWHL- !! i need to watch the aftershow- i hope Adam Corolla was even meaner to her later on.
    Andy clearly hates Jill

  274. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Congratulations Lynn & Family~thanks Bobby Zarin~:P

  275. Debbie says:

    ‘Real Housewives of New York’ recap: Ramona, LuAnn have dueling Sweet 16 parties, Jill gets facelift http://nydn.us/j3iACV

  276. butterisafruit says:

    Good Morning Everyone.

    I was unable to watch last night. A good friend called me, just to chat. She’s worth more than any of those brunettes.

    There is a trend with Jill and Bobby. They blame everyone else for their own problems. Even Lynn’s Blog. Someone needs to take them aside and tell them. They are blaming people for actions they do themselves. They infiltrate and smear others. That’s their way. Amazon is a perfect example.
    They must ask themselves, why do they always attract so much dissension. They’re aura is mean spirited and selfish. When you are like that, this is what you receive. Something has to be their fault. Yet they don’t see it.
    There is a line in an EmmyLou Harris song. “all you own is your soul”. I truly believe that too. If Jill wanted to really change this year. She would be taking care of herself instead of worry about how others treat or perceive her. She wouldn’t be insisting on apologies and recognition. This couple wants “yes men” around them. They’re content with false sentiment. They’re demanding it from people who will not trade their beliefs for popularity.
    A practice they should try on themselves.

  277. IndianaHousewife says:

    Good morning. Lynn – congratulations I am not sure but I think you might have just become part of the Bravo family! I also want to say thank you for giving us a place to come and share our thoughts.

  278. Wee Little Chick says:

    Hi everyone,
    LOVE this blog and thanks to Bawby here I am posting! I truly enjoy the great commentaries/thoughts and opinions that go into all of the posts here and now even more people will know what a great blog this is. Ha ha Jill, keep talking you stupid fool….oh and I HATE JILL ZARIN.

    I am starting to get really concerned that I will never have the justice I need (that we fans deserve.) I keep watching and reading in hopes of seeing team nasty “face the music” for their atrocious horrible behavior. Yet every week I see team blonde getting terrible edits, ridiculous censored posts on Bravo blogs, rigged polls on WWHL, fake Jill PR posts on various blogs, Andy wimping out each week etc etc. I am fearful that the reunion is not going to be any better, and it is KILLING ME! If I don’t get any satisfaction then I can’t watch this anymore (but I probably will because I can’t give up hope, right?) Thank goodness I can always read this blog, thanks everyone. and did I make it clear that I REALLY HATE JILL ZARIN!

    • butterisafruit says:

      Welcome Wee Little Chick,

      You’ve made quite a few points. And those are the reasons why Lynn’s
      Blog is so endearing. People can share their views. No one is being a bully,
      they’re actually the silent majority. Bravo refused to post our own reflections.
      Lynn doesn’t censor. It’s that simple. Of course people are going to find a place
      that their voice will be heard/read. The Jill’s of the world are afraid of the truth.

      We’re so fortunate to have LYNN

  279. Nancy says:

    What was going on 3 to4 months ago that made Booby bring this blog up? I can’t remember but I’m sure you do. I wish we could do something for Simon as his neck is on the line. Bad time to quit smoking Simon. (ha ha)

    • As HW mentioned, WSL was invited to Francois birthday party and blogged about it. Jill must have done nut when she saw it. When people figured out who WSL really was, Jill’s team could not believe that someone of her statue disliked her. They emailed WSL and said told her there was an impostor posing as her on the IHKZ blog-when they found out it was actually true, they went ape shit.

  280. butterisafruit says:

    Bawbby doesn’t know how to appreciate a good Sympathy Card.

  281. mariareads says:

    Lynn, may I take this opportunity?

    To: Jill Zarin
    From: Maria
    Subject: Your Behavior As An Adult

    Jill, please take a long look in the mirror. We see you, in case you forget, do all the things you claim you don’t do or say. The camera catches you. You are the kind of woman that gives us all a bad name. You are petty, social climbing (fell down fast, didn’t you?) & you are a BULLY. You actually believe RHONY is your show. You are just a pawn for Bravo. They use you to attract viewers. Do you know why? People want to see what kind of rotten, miserable individual you are and marvel that you have no barometer for acceptable social behavior and personal self control. Your ego is broken because it believes your own sad characterization of yourself as some hugely rich, untouchable do gooder who is highly misunderstood. There’s the rub. You are not misunderstood. You have been discovered for who you really are: jealous, cruel, ego-centric and childish. I pity anyone who has to be around you for more than the 5 minutes it takes to size you up. The people who have watched Bravo come from all walks of life and you have no idea who we are, what we have done or (more important to you) how successful we are; meaning financially in comparison to you because that’s what you look at first, isn’t it Jill?

    As a psych major, you don’t fool me. I see you for the narcissist you are. I’m sure there is a category you fit in the DSM-IV. Please know this: you have lost whatever battle you believe you were fighting. I don’t care who it was you have had problems with or who you have attacked. You have lost each time this season, on film and off.
    Your life is a sad one and the hysteria you put into your reactions to the impressions of people you will never know are self sabotaging. Don’t you know that starting a war with those you don’t know is a lose for you? If you can’t take the heat, get off the show! Step away from the light and go your fabulous, merry way since you life is so wonderful “DAHHHLLINNNG”. What’s that? You can’t do that because then what would you have? You would have time to see a therapist and work on your serious problems. You are a woman who is almost 50. You behave like a child who is 10. That must be where you are stuck. Only a child would behave as you do. Do you not understand that you are such a sad case that even I, who know how dark and nasty you are, feel shame for you?

    So what are you going to have Bobby do to Simon? Throw him in the Hudson River?
    All because he answered you back a few times! You play you pay, Jill. You can’t take it? Don’t open that mouth of yours and speak ill of everyone. You are not cool. And by the way, you looked ridiculous on WWHL. I had to turn it off and continue to read Cleopatra. (You know, a REAL book written by a REAL writer.) At the end of the day you are a silly woman whose perception of herself is so twisted and skewed that you are
    mostly a creature to be mocked. Please understand that you have no power. You cannot hurt other people for what they think of you. You show us and we react because we DO have a barometer for how to behave, right thinking and goodwill.
    How completely tragic for you that you will live out your life with this total lack of self awareness. I don’t hate you Jill Zarin. I pity you.

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