I Hate Jill Zarin Rocco’s Dinner Party / Jill’s At It Again!

I Hate Jill Zarin  Rocco’s Dinner Party by Quincy IL

This week Rocco shares an Italian dinner with his Italian guests.  His goal, as always, is to have the perfect event. He asked three chefs to provide their signature dishes in a 30 minute time period. 

Chef Nicola Carro was born and raised in Italy. His mother was a fabulous cook.  He works in NYC.  The next chef works in NJ and she is 26 year old Ninamarie Nomica of Italian descent. Finally, the surprise is the Fababrizo Carro, Nicola twin brother. He works in Miami.  Ninamarie asks if the twins know each other when she sees they are identical. The brothers hug when greeting each other.

Nicola’s signature dish is homemade egg yolk rissoto, Bumba Tangallo with red wine reduction, and Robiola cheese.

Ninamarie sets up a smoker in a pan to make rosemary, sumac, and fennel on lamb with blood oranges.
Fababrizo made Colorado lamb with cheese. 

Ninamarie mentions that the brothers have a 90s plating style. Rocco turns off the smoke alarms because of the smoker. Fababrizo realizes that his oven is too cool and time has almost run out.

Rocco is a brave man.  He eats anything put in front of him.  Nicola’s food was cooked and looked beautiful, but the flavors did not work together. Ninamarie’s lamb was overdone and she said that it was dry on the outside.  Fababrizo’s lamb was uncooked and no one wanted to try it after Rocco took a bite.

Rocco sent Nicola home and gave the prize to Ninamarie, who got the choice of the formal dining room and serving first.  Fababrizo will serve on the terrace.

Décor Design with Jes Gordon, a NYC party planner was next.  Ninamarie went with the restaurant designs of Little Italy in NYC. There will be photographs and a large wooden table.  Jes knew what she wanted right away.  Fababrizo wanted a wine table, fruit on the table and the feel of a garden in Tuscany.

They shop and share their love of food as they purchase items in a store called, “The Garden of Eden.”  Ninamarie is experienced in Mediteranian and French cooking.  She mentions infusion. Fababrizo will have Italian foods from the North and South. Everything will be made by hand according to Fababrizo.

The second day, they begin to cook.  Ninamarie will have 4 courses in an hour. She is making eggplant capanata, zuchinni brea, braised pork, grilled asparagus with figs, veal Milanese, Israeli coucous, and chilled poached basil infused fruit. Fababrizo prepares Melanzone al Parmigiana salumi, Bramzanio formaggio, lasagna with Bramzanio white fish, and panncotta with expresso.  There are meatballs in red sauce/gravy.

Ninamarie marinates her chicken in mayonnaise which horrifies Fababrizo. No Italian cook would do that. He says that you can never trust a woman with blue eyes and Ninamarie has gorgeous blue eyes. If Ninamarie wins, Fababrizo will cook Japanese food for the rest of his life.

Jes Gordon shows both chefs their rooms and they are blown away.

Rocco meets his dinner guests:
Caroline and Albert Manzo, owners of the Brownstone in NJ.
Sara Gore Open House on LXTV
Jules Fatone actor and TV host (who receives a call from the Manzo’s daughter, a
    fan, during the dinner parties)
Tammy Pescatelli comedian and actress
Silvio Marchetto owner of Di Silvano Restaurant in NYC

The guest talk about their experiences with Italian dinner parties, how they set up the table. Caroline likes to dominate the conversations so she makes sure we know that she has open house every Sunday.
One guest has a special request.  Sara Gore is on a carb free diet so the chefs are asked to provide food for her.  Fababrizo changes his menu to make something carb free in the main menu. His lasagna for Sara uses zucchini slices instead of pasta.  Ninamarie said that Sara can eat mussels and what she wants from the foods provided for everyone.

Albert Manzo said that he never criticizes food in restaurants and then he fully participates in the critiques.  He talks about the flavors and obviously knows Italian foods. He asks what Fababrizo made by hand and lists ingredients.  Sara picks at food. She is on a diet and wants us to know that. Rocco’s mom makes the best Italian meatballs on Earth, but Fabrabrizo’s are very good.  Fabrabrizo’s lasagna lacked and was bland, but it looked gorgeous.  Fabrabrizo’s fish had a smell and Caroline did not like that.
Caroline liked all of the food, but she uses portion control to stay thin. Ninamarie’s infused fruit did not infuse.

Caroline Manzo loved the room. It reminded her of when she was dating Albert who she met at his first big wedding at the Brownstone. She was the maid of honor and she asked him to dance with her.

 The other guests did not share much or Bravo edited them out. They give Rocco their opinions and he makes the decision that Fababrizo wins.  Fabrabrizo will take his twin brother with him to Hawaii.  Ninamarie is young and she did well.  She feels she has a future.

 Italian dinners are all about family. The guests celebrate Fababrizo’s win with a toast.

Great job my friend!  Quincy’s just too nice to say it but I have to add that Caroline Manzo’s “portion control” diet has a lot to do with the reported lap band surgery that both she and her husband Albert had.  Apparently when they tie off 2/3 of your stomach, you can’t eat as much.  Allegedly.

Housewives News by LynnNChicago

You guys won’t believe this, Jill is at it again!  This woman has some nerve calling anyone else a cyber-bully, wait until you see what she did this time…

This is a screen shot of Jill’s Facebook page:

In case the font in the screen shot is too small to read, here is what it says:

Jill Zarin said:  “Do you want to read a letter from Carol about Ramona?  In ep 1. you saw Carol and the “Cigar Incident”   I have been asked to make this letter public by Cindy, should I?”

This quote Jill created is in the form of a poll, she found a new toy on Facebook folks!  The poll was an overwhelming yes!  

I know what you’re thinking,  “oh no she didn’t”  But yes she did folks, then a funny new blogger tweeted to Cindy asking her why on earth she would ask Jill Zarin to do her dirty work and publically publish a private letter.  Guess what Cindy said?

CindyBarshop @MzElizaChick I never requested anything; if I wanted something posted, I would post it. P.S. Love your avatar!

But it’s not over yet, Jill then posted this on her Facebook page:

Oh yes, she did say that!  Then she deleted them both, luckily new blogger ElizaChick had the good sense to catch those screen shots.  Kudooze to you!  (As Ramona would say!) 

I’m blown away that Jill knows that the upcoming episode of her show is all about cyber-bullying and she will be accusing Simon of bullying her, yet she thinks that it is ok for her to post something like this?  Let’s pretend for a minute that Cindy DID ask Jill to make this letter public, why would Jill agree to get involved?  Just Say No to Cyberbullying Jill Zarin!  You peice of garbage!   Seriously we know Cindy never asked Jill to do anything like this.  I’m not Cindy’s biggest fan but I think if she wanted this letter out there, she could certainly do it herself. 

Jill Zarin makes a complete ass out of herself every single day, how does her cyber-assistant put up with her?  How does anyone put up with her?  She’s a mean girl and she’s in high school…yes I’m certain I heard that somewhere…

This story courtesy of Mz Eliza Chick, you can read her really funny blog here:  http://mzelizachick.blogspot.com/  follow her on Twitter too!  @MzElizaChick

If you haven’t seen it  yet, Luann deLesseps has come out with her new video, she claims that she invited all of the housewives to join her in the video but that only Jill and Kelly agreed to be part of the project.  As much as I hate to admit it, Kelly didn’t make quite as big a fool of herself as Jill did but no one looked more ridiculous than Luann herself.  If it was meant to be funny, it wasn’t, if it was meant as a serious shot at a music video, it was a joke.  Oh, and Jill can’t dance at all!  I get why she doesn’t dance on screen, she should have stuck to that rule. 


As most of you know Quincy’s town was hit hard by a storm in fact many are still without power in her area, she’s been helping out in town with those in need and missed blogging about

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  1. Amy Matheson says:

    ramonasinger Ramona Singer
    Rt “@tcm007: @Bethenny follows 11 people @LynnNChicago is one of them @jillzarin did you block her? @ramonasinger @mccordalex @Bravotv”
    12 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    Love you Ramona!

    • quincyil says:

      I think Ramona is great! She is actually standing with Lynn and in turn with all of us.

      I think Jill Zarin will do everything in her power to cause us harm. That is what she has done to her cast mates. I feel sad that she did not see the humor and kinship here.


      • Hahahahaa- awesome.

        • quincyil says:

          It’s worse than blocking Lynn. Anyone who follows Lynn is threatened and often blocked. I think that it is wrong to do that to people who are just interested in the show. Jill is thin skinned. It has something to do with those injections, I bet.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I’m glad you’re ok Quincy and it’s nice of you to help others. Good luck to all in your area.

      • kathy says:

        It’s obvious to all, that with the way Jill is treating Ramona she learned absolutely
        nothing from last year. It is hard to believe Jill can be as stupid as she is.

        I love Ramona and wish her nothing but the best. I hope Ramona takes the high road
        w/ Jill. Keep ignoring her that will drive her more crazy. TEAM RAMONA all the way!!!

    • Debbie says:


  2. plainviewsue says:

    Good morning and let us salute Unfollow Jill Zarin Day!!! Her numbers haven’t changed yet, but it’s only 840 AM on the east coast.

    Can I just say this woman makes me so ill???? No other housewife pulls the crap that she does. Tamra & Gretchen may despise each other, but putting up polls on their face book pages???? They don’t even go that low.

    Bethenny was so right when she said Jill needs a hobby, and this vile woman just keeps proving that this is true! She is such a messed up woman it is nuts to watch!!! She has more money than most of us, has a henpecked husband who adores her and gives her whatever she wants, travels, etc. Yet she is such a miserable soul that cannot be happy for others. Truly happy for others.

    I know we all have our favorites/unfavorites with the other housewife series. But this woman is so vicious and mean.


    • GoldenPoolGirl says:

      I wish I could unfollow, but I’m already blocked. I am afraid this will be the case across the board, so her numbers won’t change much, but I’ll be looking throughout the day. Love the blog, as always.

      • I too was blocked but LOL guess what she was FOLLOWING ME!!! so idid what any smart young (ok maybe young is pushing it LOL) queen would do and blocked her LOL

        dont know who when or why she started following me Ally was for the longest time not sure if she still does

        • quincyil says:

          Wow.. Andy and Jill follow you? I think you must have a gift for clever tweets.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          ROFL Too funny. Hey DQ have you thought about doing a live stream? Or calling in to Lynn’s radio bit? That would be fun. Some others did on the one before last. (I missedthe last one)

  3. Kukulet says:

    Jill the dork strikes again. The cigar incident was trivial. Who cares?

    Hey, maybe Jill should publish a few of her own emails – THAT would be interesting. Not least for the rest of the Housewives-they can discover what Jill says about them behind their backs. (Except Alex, who already knows).

    What a cowardly idiot she is.

    • she will do anything to make Ramona look bad too bad for Jill that it always blows up in the face of hers
      by now most here would agree that Shrill is a classless clod And cant hold a candle to Ramona
      I wish i had teh restraint that woman has if it was happening to me i think i would have slapped Shrill across the face by now

  4. IndianaHousewife says:

    Hi, actually Butterisafruit noted that she was at 158,124 as of 5:00 this morning (posted on the previous blog). I was one of the those that left. I am hoping to enjoy watching the numbers go down.

  5. Indy Anna says:

    The mental midget strikes again. Jill, you can run but you cannot hide (Lynn WILL find you). Great blog Lynn.

  6. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Happy Unfollow JZ day to all~I never follow anyone anymore so I can’t be part of that.
    That video of Lumann & JZ & Kreepy is more than I was prepared to see this early.
    Thank you for the blog Lynn & Q hope you are well.

  7. I don't have my notes says:

    Did you notice that vile LuMann had to get one last dig into Alex and Simon at the end of her song? She lists all the housewives and what they will bring, “Jill bring your jewelry, Cindy your crystal, Ramona the Pinot, Sonia her man, Kelly the jelly beans, Alex and Simon.” It’s like the theme song to “Gilligan’s Island” where they quickly say “The Professor and Mary Ann.” I suppose in The Countless’ mind, Alex and Simon are supporting players.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      What does Cindy’s crystal mean? The stick-on sparkles?

    • Az says:

      Oh she made digs at both Sonja and Alex. Sonja brings men because she’s broke and slutty. And Alex brings Simon cause she’s broke too? She is ridiculous!

    • Az says:

      Also, i don’t see why the song says that Kelly should bring jellybeans when we all know that the main thing Kelly brings is the crazy. Just sayin’.

      • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

        I think that was a slight dig in itself. Kelly and her crazy jellybean eatin’ ass. She could have said Kelly bring your miniskirt or Kelly strike a pose or whatever the hell else she is known for. But Jellybeans? It has dig written all over it.

    • ritgrad says:

      Seriously, that is three minutes of my life that I will never get back. Does she really think she is going to make money off of a song about RHONY? Am I missing something? If this is satire, it’s bad satire (probably right up there with some of the skits running on SNL right now). Looks more delusional to me. Move over Kelly, you’re getting company at the sanitarium.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Cannot listen to her song. Will not put myself thru the torture!!

  8. boston02127 says:

    Why does it not surprise me that Caroline asked Al to dance with her?

    • Personally i dont find anything wrong with thatshe knew from first sight he was the one for her
      that actually shows me that there is a sweet side to Caroline
      Before Jimmy i dated a guy named Henry
      now i was in my late teens back then and i was normally super super shy esp at a club
      I never talked to people i didnt know
      if someone asked me a question i would stammer out a short reply
      but this one night i see this tall blond man he wasnt a hunk or anything like that he just had the sweetest face and he looked so out of place and i dont know why but i was instantly smitteni i just walked up to him took his ring off his finger put it on mine and i said marry me this is NOT something i have ever done in my life anyway long story short we dated for two years till i found him in the car slipping my best friend more then a tounge if you get my driftsorry for the long post i got lost in thought LOL carry on

  9. MichellefromNY says:

    I met a man once who is in media and says that he and his colleagues are fed up with jill and her antics. He says he deals with narcissists and divas all the time, but he hates that a pseudo-celebrity like jill has her pr people literally stalk him and constantly call him about her activities so that she can be mentioned in every significant gossip site/paper as often as possible. He said that’s why some reporters have taken to posting the emails she sends because they’re sick and tiredof her beyond ridiculous behavior. She literally BEGS to be written up in any forum whatsoever and so the media is losing patience for her made-up drama and her desperation to be a “celebrity”.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I suggest we invent a new acronym: WAINS (Why Am I Not Surprised)

      • Ratzy says:

        I call Jill the “COADD” Queen- Center of Attention Deficit Disorder Queen. If she’s not mainlining a Media outlet, or crawling up someones arse so her presence is known she becomes the stink-stirrer behind the scenes. She’s not very crafty at it though as evidenced by the letter publication and Subsequent FB postings.

    • quincyil says:

      She is mentioned her every day.

  10. Janet says:

    Just saw Luann’s new song….WAIT…it’s not a song cause there’s no singing..seriously…NO SINGING..!! I wouldn’t really mind except all I hear is how great of a voice Luann has…really??

  11. floridagirl88 says:

    Jill must be worried about tonight’s episode. The latest Facebook drama looks like a failed attempt to misdirect our attention away from her and onto Cindy and Ramona. She bullied both Cindy and Ramona with her antics this time. She has gone after Alex and Simon who thankfully don’t fall for her bulls$$it. The thing is Jill doesn’t know how to be relevant in a positive way. All her attempts to show people how smart and likable she is goes awry almost every time, from her shameless treatment of Bethenny, to demanding a recount on a WWHL poll, from Amazongate (seriously Jill??) to trying to get Simon fired from the job that supports his children. What makes Jill fascinating to watch is her not understanding why people don’t like her.

    There seems to be no self-reflection, let alone accountability for her bad behavior. Again and again she comes from a place of No. What boggles the mind is how easy it would be to turn things around. She can be genuinely funny, but she keeps targeting people for her special brand of revenge, even when no one has done anything to her. That said, I give her kadooze for bringing us all together on this wonderful blog. I still remember the night last summer when I was fed up with JZ that I googled I Hate Jill Zarin and lo and behold there was an entire blog of likeminded people!

  12. Queen Butter Bean says:

    I looked at LuMann’s video. While I think that she is usually physically pretty on the outside, she didn’t look right in the video. She looked much older and a bit tired. I must say, I thought Kelly looked pretty. Jill was too animated and always a step/note behind.

  13. Mel says:

    Bethenny called JIll out and knew how low Jill could get. I bet B is sipping a skinnygirl and thanking God she left the show and did not make a single guest spot. Jill will stop at nothing to destroy someone who she feels has slighted her. I really think this women needs to seek professional help. This is no longer funny anymore….. it’s sad.

    • boston02127 says:

      Mel—I totally agree, it isn’t funny anymore. Jill went in to this season with a list. She is now trying to ruin marriages. She’s tried to ruin Ramona’s business dealings and Alex & Simon’s jobs. She’s sick in the head. I don’t think she has any regard for anyone, even her family.

      • Remember how Kelly shared on crazy island that she felt B was attacking her “personally” in the press. The only one that would do that would be Jillzy – assuming it even happened …..

        Oh poor Kelly, I think she may be cuddling up with the enemy.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      And I love that B had both Alex and Ramona at her birthday party. And not the others!

  14. boston02127 says:

    I sort of deal with Jill backwards. I have never followed her on twitter. I read her tweets and read what others are tweeting to her. For instance, someone just tweeted her and asked her for a recipe from “the book”. I follow that person and then link them to this blog. Then I unfollow them a day later. I just like to get it out there to others about how hated she is. I esp like doing it when people ask her about any of her products. So, Jill if you’re reading this, you can never block me, I would never give that to you. You can kiss my Irish ass Zarin.

  15. Mel says:

    Lumann and Kelly “jellybean” should get the heck off the show. They are both a waste of airtime. The only ones that should remain are Ramona, Sonja, Alex, and Jill. Jill should be there because every show needs a villian, and she has gotten that role down pretty well. I hope they add two more interesting housewives to complete the cast. Miss Bethenny on NY, but i think it was the best decision to have her do her own show. It got her away from a toxic environment, where she does not have to sell her soul for a paycheck. NO matter how hard these women try, they will not get near the success that B has achieved. Teresa may be a close second with her books, but I don’t think she has the brain power to go beyond cookbooks….guess we will see from her copycat drink that she is tryin to pimp lol.

  16. PantryViewer says:

    Felt good to unfollow her. But I’m sure her PR people have paid for plenty of replacement followers. How sad to have to pay for friends. Can you imagine how much money Bobby has had to pay for fake followers so she can pretend to be a celebrity? And how much money he has wasted on her pretend copycat businesses? Think of the money that could have gone to charity that she supposedly used to do. Sad and desperate.

    I did notice that numbers were going up for her this morning instead of down. LOL. Her PR people had to get up early to start filling in with fake followers!

    • I just googled “buy twitter followers”
      It’s easy and cheap to buy them
      10,000 for $140.

      • She has increased about 8000 in the last few weeks – so my guess is she bought the 10000 package. There are dozens of similar sites.

        • PantryViewer says:

          I knew it. And the numbers I have seen this morning have gone up a few, not down. When I unfriended her, the number stayed the same, as a matter of fact. Don’t know if it is immediate or refreshes later in the day. Anyway! Not going to think about it anymore, because we won’t get the satisfaction of seeing the numbers go down since she is definintely going to buy her way out of it. I knew she would. Off to more fun things in life! Just thinking of her vile behavior turns me off.

        • You know, I was looking at some of Jill’s followers and notice that some have never made a single post- and they only people on their list are ‘personalities’.

          • PantryViewer says:

            Interesting. Her whole life is so fake. Blech.

          • jillz68 says:

            Well one of them might have been me. She blocked me last year so I signed up for a second account just to follow her until today. Lame I know, but it felt kinda good :). So she does have one less…

      • PantryViewer says:

        I knew it. But that’s a lot cheaper than I thought it was. Holy wow!

        Well, even if no one else knows she’s doing it, she knows in her empty soul!

        • It is more expensive if you want “targeted” followers – or ones likely to buy your products. This is mainly a business service for customers – like selling phone numbers or emails.

      • floridagirl88 says:


        • quincyil says:

          Still she knows that the packages are not real and she will see that the affect even if the public does not. I”m sure her staff is manning computers right now.


          • JenFromCincy says:

            Authentic people care about what is real, fake people only care about how things look. We know which group Jill falls under.

      • Christine says:

        ITA, Pantry. Sad way to spend money. Bawby, buy me some fake friends. All I can think of is how far each $140 could go if you gave it to a shelter or food bank instead.

  17. TLM says:

    Re: the Jill thing, who is Carol? The only Carol I recall is Jason Hoppy’s mother. And I don’t recall what the “cigar incident” was either??

    Saw Clean House last night, and I thought Vicki G did a great job. I would like to see her actually join that show. Although I miss Niecy Nash, Trish Suhr and Mark Brunetz, I guess they aren’t coming back, and the 3 replacements they have on there are so forgettable to me. Lisa Arch is boring to me, and I can’t even remember the names of the other two. Niecy Nash used to have these great heart-to-heart talks with the homeowners, and I think Vicki is good at that. Thank God Matt Iseman didn’t leave the show – LOVE him! Although I miss Rich Pinot Grigio (for those who don’t watch Clean House, that has nothing to do with Ramona. 😉 ).

    • In the first few episodes this season, Ramona’s story line was that she was upset with Howie (Cindy’s brother) because he was smoking cigars that used to belong to a friend of hers (Jeff) who had passed away. Carol was Jeff’s fiance who inherited the cigars, and is now dating Howie and gave them to him. Phew. Anyway – Ramona was really bummed and mentioned it to Alex (and Carol overheard) and also tried to talk to Howie. Why Jill is involved is unknown.

      • T-REX says:

        You have to ask why Jzilla is involved, she involves herself in every single drama she can! She is such a loser!

      • Error404 says:

        I can see both sides of cigar gate, but it’s between Carol and Ramona and maybe possibly Howie, but that’s about it. Cindy’s reasons for hating Ramona were so flimsy and stupid it’s a lose lose for her IMO because either she’s the type of person who makes enemies over totally petty and trivial things, or she’s just a liar who sides with Jill against Ramona for cliquish reasons.

      • TLM says:

        OMG, I did see that whole thing. Can you believe I completely forgot it because it was so ridiculous. Ramona made such a fool of herself with that whole thing, both at the wedding and at Cindy’s party.

        • BessiB says:

          Yeah, but how would that have inspired Carol to write a letter over it?

        • snarkarella says:

          Yeah, Ramona may have over reacted but she said she heard Howie said something like, “This is one of Jeff’s cigars.” He was being an insensitive bastard to say that period, much less within earshot of her. He owed her an apology. Cindy to him that and he just laughed it off with his big horse teeth. Cindy and her brother can both jump in LI Sound.

    • mamecastle says:

      I thought it was funny when Icky, balancing on her cloven hooves on a pile of garbage, almost bit it face first into 20 years of detritus!

    • jillz68 says:

      I watched Clean House and thought Vicki did well also. I did think that family should have been on Hoarders instead and the mom nearly drove me to drink. I really wanted to slap her when she kept crying. I know, not very sensitive but I understood how frustrated her daughters were.

      • TLM says:

        I wanted to slap the daughters. I never saw any kids being so rude to their Mom and selfish in their behavior. The Mom should have kicked them out of the house.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Niecy Nash has a voice like nails on a chalk board.

  18. Angel says:

    Jill is never going to change and I know this because I grew up with a narcisisstic mother. These people cant change because they dont realize anything they do is wrong, they are always right. Its so twisted, you can beg, plead and threaten but they dont change. I had to cut my mother out of my life to get some peace. I feel sorry for my enabling father but he made his choice now he has to live with it. Narcisissts are the gift that keeps on giving, give them enough rope and they just keep hanging themselves and they dont understand how things work out that way and nothing is ever their fault. It takes a lot of therapy to recover from growing up in a household like that and from the outside everything looks fine and no one believes the pain you are in. Jill wont change because she doesnt want to change

    • neroes says:

      Wow Angel, sounds like we had the same mother. I too cut her out of my life. When it started to hurt my children I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was the best thing. Finally had some peace.

    • Sadie says:

      Excellent post. We can keep bashing her, but I have the feeling we’re going to wind up feeling sorry for her(or her family). Shill is not all there, and will never be able to experience normal human relationships or experiences. She is exhibiting classic narcissitic behaviour.

    • LynnSoCal says:

      Thanks Angel, my maternal unit and sister are carbon copies of each other. Narcissim doesn’t allow them to ever examine their behavior. They don’t change, and in my situation they both appear to be getting worse. They are who they are and I can no longer have them in my life. Their cruelty know no boundaries. When it affects your children, it’s time to remove yourself. I’ve learned through counseling and Alanon that I had choices. I chose to remove myself. Life is sweeter and kinder. I’m very careful who I let in my life as it’s so easy to fall back into old patterns. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to these
      blindingly textbook cases of narcissisic behavior that that’s rampant on Bravo. I think fame whoredom and narcissim go hand in hand. I’m horribly fascinated and love all the various perspectives here. Rarely watch the trainwreck these shows have become. Rhnj is definately out. Too much trash to stomach. My rant for the day….I hope. Laughing at the Jill hijinx. What a maroon! It’s almost sad, her ridiculousness out weighs it. She’s a joke.

  19. butterisafruit says:

    There is something about Jill and LuAnn. They have a life of cruelty.
    They dismiss people when they could open their hearts. They find
    venues to hurt. Not just hurt but stab and leave damage.
    I keep thinking, I’m watching Leona Helmsley. They want to crush and destroy.

    • FLG says:

      Jillzy and CSBHH are beginning to make Leona Helmsley look like Miss Congeniality.

      • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

        She is a small person. Who blocks everyone on Twitter that doesnt like them? If thats the case, just dont have a twitter. Everyone in life isnt going to like you Jill. If you learned to handle it like an adult and not use childish antics, maybe people would leave you alone. There are so many things about you that rub people the wrong way. Dont think that because a few people like you that most do. I would gather to believe that most people dont like Jill or are indifferent to her. She is way too self-important and full of herself.
        People dont like Alex, Sonja, Ramona, Cindy, Kelly and LuAnn and none of them go as low as Jill does to avert negative comments. That is why people dont like you, you think you are above others and your not. As long as you act like this, I will continue to hate Jill Zarin.
        (…Gets down from my soapbox)

  20. Angel says:

    One more thing, if you really want to read so more about Narcissists go to http://parrishmiller.com/html (hope I did that right). It is the best description I have found of a narcissistic mother, just image Bethenny, Ramona, Alex and Simon the victims instead of Ally. On a bright note I hope everyone here is preparing for a Happy and Safe 4th of July Weekend. And may those affected by storms and bad weather recover quickly. Having lived through hurricanes I know how bad it can be please stay strong and know that we are thinking of you.

  21. AZ Girl says:

    Heading over to Facebook to “unlike” and “unfriend” Jill.

  22. WindyCityWondering says:

    Good morning to all and Happy unfollow the Zarin day! I wish that some of those followers who are part of a purchased list would speak up about it too!

    What really bothers me about Rocco’s show is his lack of respect for the chefs and the food in general. Its like two shows fused together (chopped and restaurant design) and the guests could be cardboard seat fillers for all the “dining experience and witty conversation” that isn’t going on.

    LuAnn may have a future in audio book reading but singing she is not doing! Her video is not even silly enough to make fun of and having JZ in it was not wise because she is ugly and next to Kelly she looks like a mutant, overused 1960’s Barbie doll knockoff.

    • Christine says:

      If LuAnn should decide to take up audio book readings she might want to start with “A Tale of Two Cities”. She could do Madame DeFarge without breaking a stride. Monsieur DeFarge husband also had a wine shop. Alex could chime in as Lucy who was the biggest target of the evil Madame.
      In the “you just cannot make this stuff up” category – the code name for the DeFarge’s band of spies and revolutionaries was Jacques!

  23. quincyil says:

    I think there may be unfriendly posts today. We are all in this together. If one of the regular poster puts an ignore in the reply box. Please ignore. Last week, there were over 40,000 hits, so the board may run slowly. I suggest using your computer security and removing cookies to help your speed.

    If anyone has a question and you know the answer, please help them.

    I will be here checking and Lynn will be on tonight. My twitter is QuincyILIHJZ and I follow anyone who follows me so you can DM me. I do this because I want to show respect to those who follow me.

    This is similar to the Old West. You have all been deputized and the silver stars are in the mail.


    • Christine says:

      Thank you Q,
      I love being your deputy. Willie Nelson and Toby Keith catching all of those desperadoes. Big Joe is also happy – while the farrier was here I sang “Whiskey for My Men and Beer for my Horses” to him.

      • quincyil says:

        We cannot open the saloon until noon in California, they you all can start sipping Skinny Girl Margaritas and Ramona pino grigio. We have to be fair to West Coast friends. Unlike Jill, we wait until everyone is seated before we start to eat and drink. rotfl.


    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Awwhh – you are so sweet. On a serious note I want to say I really respect that you are here running things when you obviously have a lot to deal with both at home and in your local area. Good Luck tonight – Let the Games Begin!

      • quincyil says:

        I am waiting for the telephone repair guy. A back surge affected the in house line. So. I am stuck cleaning while I wait.

        Other cities and towns sent their linemen and phone techs. We are in good shape thanks to these men and women.

        • FLG says:

          Wish I were there. I’d be happy to do the cleaning for you and let you take a break.

          • IndianaHousewife says:

            FLG – you are nice than I. I would much rather cook dinner for those in need than clean. In fact I would almost rather do anything other than that. This is why I have created a system, I clean for 1/2 – 1 hour each day during the week to avoid having a full day of it on the weekend.

            • arabracer says:

              I would clean Quincy’s stalls ! We are now getting six months’ of rain in a three day period in south florida. My horse is locked in his cozy stall while I dash back and forth in the lightning.

          • quincyil says:

            That’s because we are BFF.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I getting out my cowboy hat to go with my star.

    • Rhetorica says:

      We’ll circle the wagons Q! So glad you & yours are safe and hope the city has enough help.

      • quincyil says:

        I have a feeling that the men who work for our electricity and telephone companies go other place. The man who repair our phones lives in Springfield, IL which is 100 miles east.

        He was so nice.


    • If you want a good laugh watch the video of Anderson Cooper slamming the Countess – complete with clips of her song. BTW – she looks like she’s aged about 20 years between the two songs.

      • Christine says:

        AC’s ridiculist is hysterical. He also makes no bones about his utter disdain for the phony Countless. Kudooze to Anderson.

      • TLM says:

        I agree about the aging. Have you seen her with her new greenish blonde hair? Oy vey. And I had to laugh at the “Chic C’est La Vie” video being shot at the Atlantic City Borgata. Sorry, girlfriend, but I don’t know that the real jet set are flocking to an Atlantic City casino. The camera guy wasn’t even imaginative to make it look as though they were in different places around the world, or even outside the confines of the casino. A high-school film club could have done a better job, and filming in the Hamptons and NYC would have looked more “chic” than that. Did I mention that that albino mohawked producer dude makes me want to retch?? The Countess sure knows how to pick ’em. The guy was a blatant suck-up to her from the start, and she ate it up. But who else would even want to get involved in recording her but this loser who keeps saying, “That’s what I’M talkin’ about!” and who wears dark aviator glasses indoors? Loser with a capital L.

  24. iamdawndi says:

    Guess who blocked me after I started following you on twitter? And the funny thing is? I really don’t use twitter very often, mostly just to read. However, I did send out a tweet this morning saying something like ‘@jillzarin blocked me for following someone else on twitter. I thought this was America?’ anyway, who has time to go in and figure out who is following who and then blocking people? She seriously needs to get a hobby!

    • quincyil says:

      I google JIll Zarin twitter. You can always read her line since it’s open.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      What I noticed, when reading her timeline, she certainly doesn’t have a lot of different people tweeting her..guess they haven’t figured out how to get these “bot” followers to automatically tweet her so it looks legit 😛

  25. California35 says:

    Bethenny said it – Jill has to win because if she loses everyone loses.

    Good to those who got the print screen and for Cindy for denying asking Jill to post the letter. Stupid Jill!!!

    Got to go a deal with real things, like WORK!!! Something Jill knows nothing about. I bet if she had a full time job she would have time for that nonsense.

    Thanks Lynn for the blog, once again you are proving WHY this blog was created.

  26. Cusi77 says:

    Great Blog Lynn, as always, have to admire you, girl! Good Morning Everyone!

    Quincy, my heart goes to you!

    I could not watch the LuAnnaconda video -not big loss! Does she talks-sings about the antics of ALL her castmates or just the blondes? She upsets me so much! Luann is unwatchable! I hope IF there is a 5th Season they cut her. Not even Jill can make me puke like this gal, the bigest snake ever!

    btw: today is my B-day and hubby has not realized… yet! He has been talking about my B-day for days, but today he just forgot… I am laughing! This is really funny!

  27. boston02127 says:

    You have to wonder why so evil. Jill is pure evil. What went wrong in her life that this is what she’s turned to. I don’t think she likes herself very much. I also have wondered about her appearance. I wonder (psychologically thinking) what is with a woman who changes her looks every other week. Not just change in lip gloss, her whole look. Maybe someone knows more about this than I do. What is with her continuous changing looks? Does that mean something?

  28. Erin says:

    I am honestly starting to believe that Jill now does this stuff on purpose to get attention. Either that, or she is so stupid that she keeps doing it over and over.

    She’s not getting enough attention in the media except when she’s bad.

    • That’s what I think as well. Balls to the wall on press for her. She didn’t have much luck getting coverage for her lunches and shopping trips, but slam her castmates and wowza.

    • Error404 says:

      I actually think she’s hyacinth bucket. She really wants to be admired for her famous candle lit suppers, but then she’s so afraid that onslow will embarrass her she’s shoving people thru doors and spilling soup on their laps.

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        Excellent! But it’s Bouquet! doncha know. LOL 😀

      • snarkarella says:

        But Hyacinth has actual redeeming qualities. And, she doesn’t do vicious things to purposely hurt people.

      • 2Stupid says:

        My nickname is Hyacinth by all my friends. Whenever I invite someone over they always ask if it is for one of my famous candlelit suppers and will Daisy and Rose be there. I have always been partial to Daisy!

      • HW Addict says:

        Oh my gosh, I haven’t even thought of that series for a few decades!!! They ran it on our local PBS so, so long ago…

        • snarkarella says:

          Our PBS station still runs it when they don’t do the pledge drives. I still laugh even thought I know what’s coming. The Vicar of Dibley is another one I love. But, I digress…

  29. kbinldo says:

    Ok, why is “Carol” writing letters to Jill in the first place? If the issue is between Cindy, Ramona, & Cindy’s brother, it’s got nothing to do with Jill. Oh, & btw, notice that Jill waved Carol’s letter around until Cindy told someone else that she never asked Jill to publish it. Whether Carol wanted the letter released didn’t enter into Jill’s mind, until Carol found out what she was going to do, most likely through Cindy.

    God, Jill is such a bitch.

    • I don’t think she wrote it to Jill – maybe to Cindy and Cindy gave it to Jill??

    • Error404 says:

      It is a letter from Ramona to Carol. In other words absolutely Irving to do with Jill at all! The insinuation is that Ramona wrote carol a letter telling her off for giving Jeff’s cigars to Howie and Jill wants to publish it so that RHNY know how awful Ramona is. Jill is actually kinda stupid because Ramona shows her awful self every Thursday night for 4 years now and people still like her. Jill’s not exactly a rocket scientist is she.

    • FLG says:

      Geeeze, It’s terrible that Jill can do all of these underhanded things and now that the reunion show has already been filmed, she won’t have to answer directly to her cast mates for them. I hope they make her accountable on their twitter and facebook pages.

      • Kerry Okie says:

        Well, nobody’s ever really held her directly accountable for Susan Saunders either, so apparently Jill can get away with “deformation” anytime she wants.

  30. vilzvet says:

    Bethenny has tweeted that she is buying a house. I wonder where, NY or maybe Cali?

    • Nancy says:

      She said she wants to live in Beverly Hills. What would really get Shrill is for Bethenny to join BH Housewives! We should start that rumor today.

      • plainviewsue says:

        My guess is she is buying an apartment in New York City. The apartment she’s in now is a rental. She can buy some gorgeous apartment!!1

    • BessiB says:

      I thought she said home – referring to first time homeowner (too lazy to go back and look). Probably a place in NYC, though she did originally say plus a small place in CA

  31. katlg says:

    I love Lumann’s video, I “literally” had tears running down my face and I needed it.
    If we show this to every depressed person in America, we won’t need anti depressants any more.
    Who knew Lumann was such a humanitarian

    • katlg says:

      Wanted to add she deserves a Nobel Prize, but my computer apparently doesn’t agree and froze.

  32. boston02127 says:

    Sweet MS Cusi~~~~

    (¯`’★♫♪•♥ WISHING YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥ •♫♪★’´¯) ●●●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●●●

    Luv, Shanna ♥

  33. boston02127 says:

    Have a good day everyone. One more day and then I’m off until next Tuesday!!!
    Happy Butt Dance! (_l_) (_/_) (_l_) (_\_) (_l_) (_/_) (_l_)

  34. Bella Bay Beach Girl says:

    I actually couldn’t even stomach the entire video of Luann’s. It was just noise vomit!

    • Kerry Okie says:

      I couldn’t get through it either, and I tried twice. I just can’t watch these people anymore. This could very well be my housewife addiction cure; well, this and Teresa’s vibrating rubber band.

    • FLG says:

      Hubs thought I stepped on Mr. Tigre’s tail when he heard it from the other room.

  35. JaniceP says:

    Hi all! I’ve only posted on this blog a couple of times, but I read it and your comments everyday. With that said, thank you all for expressing my feelings towards Jill Zarin and friends. When I watch the HW shows (especially HWONY), I become very agitated and usually end up yelling at the tv. Then every morning I wakeup and quickly read Lynn & Q’s blog, which makes me feel so so sane! It’s not just me who thinks these women are snarky, liars and inconsistent. This morning I got up and got on twitter and unfollowed JILL ZARIN (yeah!), LuMann and Kelly. When I first read about June 30 unfollow JZ Day, I quickly went and started following these three women. The other day I was on twitter and went through all Simon’s outgoing tweets and I never could find any cyberbullying, shame on Jill. I can’t say the same for her outgoing tweets! I still, after all this time, cannot believe what a horrible women she is and am surprised she has fans. Thanks for letting me comment (rant) and hope everyone has a safe, fun Fourth of July!!

    • quincyil says:

      Welcome. There will be a New York Chat blog tonight and that is a heck of a party. I hope you come to share your opinions. Lynn has a radio internet show at 11:30 PM tonight and anyone can call in during that time. The link will be on the NYC chat blog.

      This party may also have fireworks. rotfl.


      • MAMAZ says:

        Hi JaniceP!

      • JaniceP says:

        Thank you. I may show up tonight! I spent a week vacation in Aurora, IL last month with my sister’s family. My niece graduated from Aurora University in Nursing. I love going out there! She lives near some great outlet shopping. Hope you’re doing well after all the bad weather.

      • FLG says:

        Welcome JanisP! Loud applause to tonight’s radio show! I enjoy hearing Lynn’s and Empress Quincy’s voices. It’s always nice to be able to place a voice to the names for me.

    • PantryViewer says:

      Hi Janice, that’s exactly what led me to this blog last year. I was so horrified by everything Jill did to Bethenny with LuMan’s help, I was just shocked. Bravo won’t post negative comments to those they don’t want to and I was so frustrated! I googled her name hoping to see if other sites had a more balanced view of her behavior and if anyone felt as I did. Thankfully found this site to know I wasn’t insane. I’ve stuck around because everyone is as appalled as I was and are good folks here. Welcome!

      • JaniceP says:

        Thanks PantryViewer. I REALLY miss Bethenny this year, but I do watch BEA. I find LuAnn insufferable and I just went to watch her video…want can I say? Horrible and let’s talk about her hair. What is she thinking? At first, I thought it was a wig, but then I saw the picture were she’s getting it colored. Again, what is she thinking? I think it ages her and it just doesn’t work! Plus, I felt embarrassed for her watching that video. I’m being kind. This blog calms me down after watching any HW show. It’s like a sedative for me. I get so hyped up at the brunettes (plus one blonde).

    • Cusi77 says:

      Welcome Janice!

  36. VAgirl says:

    I know everyone is not a Bethenny fan, but if you are check out Lady Brook’s shout out blog.


  37. Carly Hall says:

    Hello everyone. Love U guys& this blog.

    I’m not blocked by anyone so I think I’ll make it my mission to get that done today. @prettyplusmore
    I’m so outdone with these shrews.

    Call the show tonight!

    • quincyil says:

      You need to leave links. I will do my best to see they are on the board tonight.

      As IHJZ unofficial pretend Soothsayer and a member in good standing of the IHJZ Soothsayer Society, I predict that Jill Zarin will not be truthful tonight. I think Kelly will be incoherent Luann will be arrogant. Alex will be confused, but she will recover and be logical. Sonja will be befuddled because of the stress. Ramona will lead us like Moses in the desert. Cindy will be MIA like always,

      Anyone who has followed the storylines and has a guess is automatically in this society if they wish to be so. LOL. Everyone is welcome here.


      • Nancy says:

        Hi Quincy,
        Do you join Lynn every Thurs night for the talk show?
        Please put up the link tonight (like you have nothing better to do) sorry.
        Miami Housewives are on right now. I wish they were coming back.
        Hope everything is fine at your end.

        • quincyil says:

          I did two weeks ago. Last week, I just listened. It took me forever to find my tweet and the same goes for the call in show.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Quincy_ I predict… You are right 100%!!!!!

  38. Happy #UNfollowJIllZarin Day everyone.

  39. PantryViewer says:

    How do you know you are blocked?

    Been watching the numbers now and then the last couple of hours as I work. The numbers go down, then go up, down, then up, down then up.

  40. Az says:

    Please tell me you guys have seen Anderson Cooper’s take on the Countless’s video. I actually had coffee come out my nose when i watched it because I was laughing so hard. http://gawker.com/5816941/anderson-cooper-to-the-real-housewives-stop-singing

    • JaniceP says:

      Az, thank you so much!! Anderson should get a Shout Out for that clip!! “make it stop, make it stop…My first good laugh today.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I was surprised at how not horrible Kim Z was in comparison to the other songs.
        I think it’s because she was working with Kandi, since her name was associated with the song she wanted to make sure it was done as well as it could be. Unlike that weird producer of LuManns who acts like someone straight out of Spinal Tap.

    • VAGirl says:

      Anderson Cooper is my new hero – for today at least. I didn’t know he was going to have a daytime show. I’ll bet it will be good. He seems to be able to snark with the best and his calling may be more in the line of talk show host than news reporter. He admits he watches the housewife shows. Maybe he won’t be afraid to call it like he sees it.

      • JaniceP says:

        I think he would do great with a daytime show, plus he’s not hard on the eyes! I would watch and I agree in regards with his comments on HW shows. I enjoyed him (and NeNE) on WWHL with Andy, but he may be more forthcoming w/o a HW present.

      • Cusi77 says:

        I am with you VAgirl! Lets start a FAN CLUB! “Just for today, I love Anderson Cooper”

    • Kerry Okie says:

      Watching Anderson Cooper make fun of the housewives is the most entertaining way to watch the housewives. I’ve always liked Anderson; I like him more now.

      • Nancy says:

        A while back he refused to say the name “Paris Hilton” while on air.
        It was soooo funny.

  41. meghandowling says:

    Hi Lynn–I have to *thank* Jill Zarin for turning me on to this blog, lol. Great stuff. Here’s an open question to the comment board:

    We all know that JZ hires people to post positive comments about her, vote in polls, etc etc…but what’s your take on the Bravotv.com blogs? Have you ever noticed that though most Housewives get positive AND negative comments, only the “Team Jill” comments seem to get put through by Bravo’s moderators on JZ’s blog? Between that, the number of times JZ is on WWHL, the strange poll results, Andy Cohen’s obvious discomfort around her. . . Anyone suspicious that JZ has some things in her Bravo contract that the other housewives don’t?

    • VAGirl says:

      Welcome meghan. The reason most of us bloggers are here is the BravoTV.com blogs and our inability to get our opinions out there and yes, we’ve all noticed how Jill and some others get very few negative comments. I’m not sure if Jill has anything special in her contract or if she’s just such a pain in the ass with all her demands, they just cave in to shut her up. She does seem to have an “in” or something as far as Andy is concerned. I think Andy lets her get away with all her craziness to bring in the ratings. She does seem to get the most attention, doesn’t she? I mean, after all, there is a blog named after her, negative or positive, that’s something none of the other housewives have. Her claim to fame, so to speak.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Hi Meghan!
      Someone posted a rumour that JZ or Bawby has a relative who is highly placed at Bravo. I don’t know if it’s true.
      Sometimes I think Andy Cohen just likes to **** with us.

      • meghandowling says:

        Mamaz– THAT would not surprise me in the least! Andy isn’t tough enough on any of them for my tastes (if I had his job, after five minutes the women would be threatening to quit that b!tch) but he does seem to treat JZ with kid gloves. . .

    • BessiB says:

      The Bravo blog censorship is one of the reasons this blog was created – to post everything Bravo blocked. In I don’t .believe some of there polls

    • vilzvet says:

      Well Melissa must not have the same privileges. I still cannot get over the over 250 mostly negative comments at Bravo in response to her blog. I know we wanted everything to be posted but this just seems suspicious. All the other HW’s comments are still sanitized and fully edited, except Melissa’s.

      • meghandowling says:

        I know, that was weird, right? In reference to the Bravo blog moderators, most of the time I assume they’re simply Bravo employees who have 10,000,000 other job duties and moderating comments on the website is at the bottom of this list, so sometimes nothing gets through or everything gets through, etc etc. . . But I sure do like a good conspiracy theory! (I actually feel bad for Melissa–Teresa seems to have the “Jill Zarin” deal at Bravo, if such a thing exsits, lol)

        • MAMAZ says:

          Oh it exists. Bravo loves JZ and Teresa. I can’t for the life of me figure out why.
          But I don’t feel sorry for Melissa. If you wanna sell your soul for fame you better be prepared to get screwed over by the devil.

        • Error404 says:

          Mel’s blogs are censored too. Try posting something positive, I bet it wont be published.

    • JaniceP says:

      I’m glad! Go blondes (except LuMann)!!

    • butterisafruit says:

      Well, Romana is spending this time at her home. She had a lovely dinner last night with the family. Avery will be going off to Oxford in a few days. Unlike LuAnn she spends time with her daughter, when she can.

      • MAMAZ says:

        They probably couldn’t figure out a way to answer when she asked what they thought of her new video.

  42. Jill Zarin BUYS followers or has her PR team make up mock accounts?
    Hey lets look at some of Jill’s followers- these are just random samples as who has the time to investigate all of them. But generally, look for what looks like incomplete twitter accounts- no avatar or bio.


    Now this is something else I noticed..the next few accounts have little or no tweets-and a handful of followers despite having never tweeted. The same names in their followers keep popping up.


    I could post more but twitter seem to be acting wonky.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Figured as much Rabble…like I said earlier, she doesn’t seem to get a lot of tweets from so many followers..great detective work 😛

    • BessiB says:

      RR: I KNEW someone here was going to take the time to actually do this!

    • BessiB says:

      Three stand out as oviously lazy name changes – JenniferSoules, jenniebrownie and FryRose – a couple of letter changes from others.

  43. MsJxn says:

    OMG! Didn’t think of that! Why would Louassman go blonde? Ya think she realized she was on the Titanic’s sinking ship?! What would be funny is if Cindy Lou Who donned a blonde wig,..then the mousy brown with gray/ cheese stands alone……LOL!!!

  44. Q or Lynn- help- I posted a comment that is in WordPress Jail because of the links

  45. I just checked out the Bravo blogs-holy crap Melissa is getting slayed.

    I don’t get all the Teresa love over there. It’s just so over the TOP. Really, I don’t get it. But I try to pacify myself by saying “Let her make her money- so it can be turned over to all the people she and Joe ripped off”

    • JaniceP says:

      When I read Melissa’s blog on Bravo last night, she had over 280 comments. Now she has much less. I wonder why?

    • shadowsmom says:

      Lysa re-tweeted something insinuating that they are only allowing the bad to be posted but that doesn’t jive. Look at RHNJ facebook and there are countless more anti- Melissa posts than pro and even on her own facebook page after she deletes the bad comments there are few left that support her. Lysa is also blaming editing but it is hard to not see M rolling her eyes, not taking responsibility for her part in the family fiasco and listening to her words in her talking heads. Like Jill, she can’t seem to own anything she does.

      IMO she made a mistake from the start. Before the season started she and her sisters were telling everyone to wait and see – they would bring it on because they were getting support that someone would take on T. Unfortunately I think that they underestimated viewers.

      Besides T’s supporters which are many, there are others like me that don’t like T at all but find a family member coming on TV for two purposes – 1) to bad mouth a family member on national TV and embarrass her (yet claim to do otherwise) and b) to self promote abominable. She played her hand all wrong and her PR company is not helping her.

      IMO, T is stupid and self destructive and ignorant. M is stupid and destructive and mean just like her sisters who claimed to be the next Kardashian’s. You don’t have to like T to dislike M. They are both boorish idiots who should not be allowed to spawn.

      I think that they should have a show for Jill and Melissa. They can plot how to outdo each other in self absorption and leave everyone else alone.

      • I could agree more. I think you hit it home when you said how Mel-icious and her sisters are lobbying to become the next Kardashians. As much as I want to see Teresa get whats coming to her, I want to see her raked over the coals by “family members” who are every bit as materialist and fame hungry as she is. I also don’t want it to come from some crazy old bitch like Kim Grandmatell.

        • shadowsmom says:


          I can’t wait to see Jay Mohr host WWHL with the Walkies. His blogs are spot on IMO.

          I feel bad for Kathy. I think that she is basically a good woman who signed on to bring drama to Teresa. I was appalled when they (M and K) had that convo at the accountants dinner table and then feigned ignorance. I would like Kathy much more if she stepped up to the plate and called them both out not only T but that isn’t her role I guess. *shrug*

          I think that Mohr and they will be a hoot and hope he calls out everyone like he does on his blogs.

  46. Az says:

    Question: Does anyone here talk with or know who @sawds23 is on Twitter? I had said something negative about Jill on Twitter during last week’s show and this person asked me if I knew Jill. I asked, “Do you?” and the answer was yes. So I told this person to let Jill know how badly she was coming off on the show and never got a reply. Now I’m wondering if this was one of Jill’s fake accounts?

    • JaniceP says:

      I’ve seen @saws23 before and she was always talking w/@kneddie. At one time, I thought she was @Kneddie, but I have no proof. They both love Jillzy and are always bothering Simon. FYI.

      • Happymouth says:

        Both of those people tweet with Annie ( the young girl from Australia) . They also call into Jill’s sisters radio show on Fridays. Kneddie called in and spoke with Jill last friday. They also posted on Lisanewengland’s blog.

  47. Amy Matheson says:

    Jill Zarin
    On Thursday 30th June 2011, @Jillzarin said:
    I block haters and people who follow haters or tweet vulgar words. RT @RHO_TWEETS “@Jillzarin please tell why u are blocking everyone?

    Gee thanks Jill – we never knew this about you. lol

    • Amy Matheson says:

      TRANSLATION: Hands firmly over ears….LA. LALALALA. LALALA.. LALALA… LA….
      (see can’t hear us because she is happy in the dark)

      • MAMAZ says:

        Vulger word, that’s rich considering the filth that comes out of her mouth.

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          ITA – what is worse tweeting something vulgar or saying it on National TV? (Calling Alex a F_ _ _ ING BI). I would be mortified to have been caught saying that outloud in a media environment.

          • MAMAZ says:

            My mother would say ” She’s got a mouth on her”
            Kinda weird since we all have a mouth on us, lol.

    • FLG says:

      follow haters or tweet vulgar words…….and what was it that Jill called Alex at the wedding? Hey Jillzy is that word allowable on your twitter?

  48. IndianaHousewife says:

    Sonja tweeted about an hour ago, “Do you know what Thursday is” . I wish I knew about using Twitter, I would answer her “yes its stop following/friending Jill Zarin Day!” Oh well will just have to be happy posting it here.

  49. Shane says:

    I have hated Jill from the beginning. She is so pathetic. All she does is bully people.She is so pathetic that we laugh hysterically at her and her ridiculous comments. The best thing she could do for the world is to shut her trap and go away. I hope she knows that the world is laughing at her. She is such a joke! GO AWAY JILL. The only one responsible for your relationship with Bethany is YOU! So go ahead and blame others if you must, but you are not fooling anyone. You are only digging your own grave! HA! What a dumdum!!! p.s. We LOVE Ramona!!!!!

    • TLM says:

      I just want to go on record and say that I can’t stand any of the NY housewives anymore except Bethenny!

  50. Shane says:

    p.s. thank YOU Jill for turning me onto this blog! HA!!!!

  51. parkeril says:

    Anderson Cooper is the best. http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2011/06/30/the-ridiculist-countess-luann/
    Jill down to 149,301 on Facebook as of 11:30 CST

  52. PantryViewer says:

    Wow, her minions are furiously adding fake followers like crazy. Every ten minutes, the numbers go down a bit, then up more than they went down. Consistently all morning as I’m checking, down, up, down up. Then they just added to many too fast. Went from 58,106 up to 58,139 within minutes. LOL.

    • PantryViewer says:

      Oh, and just for comparison purposes, Ramona, Alex and Bethenny’s have not moved. So only Jill’s account is up and down, up and down. Bet her minions are tired by now!

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        That is odd, I deleted Jill and added Ramona, Alex, Sonja and Simon today. I know i am only one but…..

        • quincyil says:

          Jill says vulgar words frequently, but Bravo bleeps them. I think she is very upset today.

          On Thursday 30th June 2011, @Jillzarin said:

          I block haters and people who follow haters or tweet vulgar words. RT @RHO_TWEETS “@Jillzarin please tell why u are blocking everyone? Your fans are wondering why they are being blocked? Thanks ♥ please don’t block me!”

      • , says:

        Minions are tired and we can get a little gigle in the fact this this is costing her, money & aggravation.

        • I think it’s hilarious. The fact that this just happens to fall on her anti-bullying-Simon mean tweeted me- episode just makes it even more spectacular.

  53. Sonjafan says:

    When HW of NY first started I really enjoyed Bethenny and Jill very much. However the charity event where Jill lit into Bethenny about the signage and that the event (charity event)was all about her…that was it for me. Anyone that can do this to a friend and scream that way and cut them off is garbage. Bethenny was so right at that last reunion, anything Jill does for you, you have to kiss her a$$ and keep telling her how wonderful she is, even something small like getting flowers from her. And if one gifts Jill, you have to rack your brain, because nothing is ever good enough, and Jill will comment negatively. I can go on and on, but we all know who and what she is. The only satisfaction I have is that Bethenny made it and has her own show, her own brand, made millions, has a beautiful baby and husband (not in that order). Ramona is making it, now I hope that Alex and Sonja come up with something that will be successful dollar/brand wise…if that happens you will see Jill’s head spin like Linda Blair in the exorcist.

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you for bringing up that charity event from season 2 – this was also the moment when I began to really dislike Jill. To be perfectly honest, I never really liked her much to being with, but I loved Bethenny and I figured if Bethenny could love Jill so much, there must have been something I was missing. So, I was constantly giving Jill chance after to chance to maybe redeem herself somehow? Clearly, a waste of time on my part…

      • katlg says:

        Yes,the charity event in S2 was the end of the road for me as far as Jill is concerned.
        Looking back I think Ramona was nudging Jill to get her, Jill’s, true self to show and show it did.
        She was ungreateful to Beth for the donation and unwilling to listen to an explination, knowing how hard Beth was working to make something of herself.

        • Sonjafan says:

          Thanks for reminding me about which season this was in. Jill is an ungrateful bitch, do you remember when Bobby bought her that Mercedes and it was not good enough. I about fell out of my chair when that happened. All of Jill’s business endeavors have gone in the toilet, her bedding line, working at Zarin fabrics, and now this girdle stuff. That market is owned by spanks and she doesn’t have a chance in hell to make it. I guess Bobby has a lot of tax write-offs for her failures – LOL

          • , says:

            Did the Zarins not rent out part of their store a little while back – downsizing?

            • Golden Girl says:

              I liked how Bethenny called Jill out on her bull and told her that she needed to apologize to her. Jill needs some NO people in her crew instead of all these Yes people little does Jill know that usually the No people are your true friends.

  54. lillybee says:

    TY for the blog on Rocco’s dinner party. Did anyone notice that NinaMarie runs a catering company in Franklyn Lakes, NJ.,of all places. Things that make one go ummm. The twin chefs were challengers on Iron Chef, they lost to Michael Symon.

  55. 2Stupid says:

    Happy Birthday Cusi! You’ll be getting some extra flowers out of this!

  56. Caitlin says:

    Wow, very interesting about buying followers on Twitter! If Bobby had to rethink the birthday, he may regret having bought Jill diamonds, for having all the minions on the staff has to be costing him a bundle! Jill blocked me this past weekend, so, for some batty reason, I started following Ginger’s twitter account. Ginger, from what I could see, did not seem to have inherited “the mean gene” from Mama Jill. But stay tuned……………. Ginger blocked me! Well, I always have my kitty cats to console me – they warned me when I started!!! Love me some Anderson Cooper! LuAnn should have listened when he warned her about the use of the word “class”! Happy June 30th, everybody!!!!!!

  57. Powell says:

    Whewwww!!!!!! I almost forgot to unlike Jill on FB. Crisis averted:…

  58. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Has anybody ever heard of this lady? This is HYSTERICAL!

  59. Butters'Mom says:

    Happy Birthday Cusi from one Cancer to another!

  60. VesperL says:

    Happy Unfollow JZ Day!

    AS much as I hate to admit because I cannot stand her, LuAnn looks gorgeous on parts of that video! Having JIll in it was a mistake though, she makes it cartoonish and embarrassing. She’s such a klutz! I did laugh when Luann walking blocks her in the opening though..haha.. Kelly looked good too, the only saving grace is that she didn’t have Cindy in it!

    I asked Lynn this before, I’m not sure onthe answer. When you are blocked from someone as I am because I follow Lynn, if I were to tweet Jill, can she still see the tweet, or do those get blocked to her as well?

  61. Powell says:

    Bless your heart!!!!

  62. Mimisfbay says:

    Today is my daughter’s birthday so Happy Birthday Cusi and my beloved daughter. Offered to make a Pavlova for her but she is on a diet. We will probably head for Sprinkles and I will be praying that they are bringing their red velvet cupcakes outta the oven.

    I really like Rocco’s show because it is a dinner party with a bit of elimination. Rather than elimination only. I even liked Caroline and Albert which surprised the hell outta me. I love that the chef actually chooses decor for the dinner party and must be creative. Thanks for the recap Q, I really loved it. I really haven’t seen Rocco in anything much but have heard of him as a chef. Most chefs are arrogant and so I can mostly ignore their stuff.

    I am not doing Twitter but now, that the whole buying followers thing has been disclosed, it seems hilarious. Kinda like the voters on the Bravo polls. JZ is never, ever, going to learn but she will try to punish anyone she perceives as a threat. Which in itself is pretty funny. One transgression and she just can’t help flailing around looking for the soft underbelly of the one whodunit. Will miss tonight but checking in tomorrow for the recap. Have fun no matter what!!!!

  63. kellynnola says:

    New interior design post of the home I just finished designing here at http://kellynnola.wordpress.com/

    Coming up-Jill Zarin, Alex Mccord, and Lisa Vanderpump’s (& Giggy!) Houses

  64. Indy501 says:

    Welcome to all the new posters!! May have to watch live tonight. I usually tape so that I can zip through the commercials. Besides’ it’s my night out with friends so I’ll watch pre-medicated (two martinis).

  65. FIG says:

    The Countess makes it to to AC360 Ridiculous list:

    • Noreen says:

      This made my day. I love Anderson Cooper. That man knows how to put a Countess in her place. I love it: “Unless you are using the word class to describe a room where children learn, you have none.”

  66. Jezzibel says:

    I counted 131 twitter (and thats barely scratching the surface of Jill Zarins Twitter followers with the same guidelines Rabble Rouse pointed out.
    No picture on the twitter account
    No tweets
    No Followers and only a minimum of followings

    • Jezzibel says:

      oh and the one follower of Jill’s that sells and talks about all things pornagraphic..she seems to have a bunch of spam twitter followers as well

      • quincyil says:

        You are kidding. I got banned for Operation Titanic and they have porn. How fair is that?

        • Jezzibel says:

          no telling…..but I think its hilarious that Jills the majority of Jills twitter followers are dummy twitter accounts and spam twitter accounts rather then made up of people that actually like her.

        • Jezzibel says:

          I’m also willing to be Jill does’nt clean up her twitter account of spam twitter followers for fear of seeming to lose those precious number of followers

  67. ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

    Congrats to Denise Richards on her new addition to her family. I think she would be great on RHBH. She expressed interest in being apart of the show and she would have made a better addition than Brandi IMO.

  68. smompy says:

    I think if I could go back in time, I might kill the person who will later create twitter, so that I’d never have to hear about these worthless TV personalities (like JZ) and their silly, hypocritical pronouncements written in, at best broken English, or their non-stop boasts about the important “events” they attend either. I’ve been watching some old youtube interviews that Joan Crawford gave later in life, and I think she had the right idea about fame. She felt like her fans were responsible for everything she had, and so she owed them everything she could give. That’s why she never left her house without looking perfect, she never refused anyone an autograph (even if that meant she’d end up having to stand there and sign a thousand others), and she never did any of her embarrassing things in public. Basically, she would never deliberately do anything to let her fans down. And most of the other old time stars were like this too, at least to some extent. Now, thanks to reality TV, and twitter and facebook, we have these undeserving, untalented “celebrities” (like JZ) who do NOTHING BUT embarrass themselves in public. And America not only follows every move they make, we also get involved in their idiotic behavior & conversations. I don’t mean any offense to the twitter fans here, but when I hear grown up people disccusing their tweets, as if they actually mattered, and complaining about being blocked or unblocked or or whatever, it all sounds soooooooo high school to me to me. It’s just too funny, really, that a grown woman would go on national TV and literally whine, “Simon has been mean tweeting me!” Seriously, “mean-tweeting”?!?!?!?!? LOL WTF has this country come to?

    BTW, I hope that didn’t sound TOO condescending because 1.) I’m not being all that serious and 2.) I have to admit that unless I get very busy at work tonight (which is unlikely) I’ll almost certainly be glued to the TV, cursing at Jill AGAIN, and even commenting in the blow-by-blow chat here. I’m as addicted as anyone else is. Not to twitter, praise Jebus, but to the rest of it. That’s the first step, right? Recognizing that you have a problem?

    • VAGirl says:

      You are correct, you do have a problem. And so do I. Lol! We cannot help ourselves because they are so incredibly stupid that we can’t believe it and we want to keep watching to see how much more stupid they can be. I asked my daughter this morning if she was going to unfollow Jill and she told me she was at work doing something more important than unfollowing people on twitter and essentially told me I needed to get a hobby. I probably do, but I would miss all my friends here! It’s just so much fun to snark and joke around about these self-absorbed women.

      • VAGirl says:

        BTW, I don’t do twitter or facebook. I don’t need to know everytime one of my friends or relatives goes to the store. I have a facebook account that I need to close when I get a chance. Sorry all you facebook and twitterers, no offense. But why would I need it when I have you guys? I can get all the info I want to know right here!

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        It’s tough to get scolded by our children isn’t it? I remember when I would make them leave the video games and go outside. One of my little darlings reminded me of this the other day when talking about these shows and this blog. I was suggested that I join a volunteer group or something.

        • VAGirl says:

          Well, I did do Vacation Bible School last week. Does that count? Lol. This blog keeps my blood pressure at a normal level. I look at it as therepy.

    • Debbie says:

      As George Costanza’s dad would say, “Serenity Now !!!” (it’s bugging me that I can’t remember dad’s first name.)

  69. PantryViewer says:

    Quick recap of number and I’m off the computer for the day!
    6:00 158,124 followers
    6:45 158,108
    7:37 158,117
    10:02 158,106
    11:34 158,139
    12:39 158,160
    2:28 158,182

    You can’t tell me she wasn’t plugging up holes with purchased followers. Oh, and for comparison purposes, as I said earlier, Ramona, Bethenny, Alex and LuMan stayed basically the same throughout the whole day with no up and down, up and down and changing follower numbers.


    See everyone tomorrow to blow off a little steam. I’ll be fast-forwarding through most of it tonight, I’m sure, and just hit the highlights of what you guys say is worth watching. Good to have this crapfest show off my watching list!

  70. Aranda says:

    JMJ (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph for you non-Catholics out there), how could the Countess be so completely clueless??? In all my days, I have never seen ANYONE who is as deluded as this woman is, not only in her life but specifically in her video. She seriously thinks she can sing, she seriously thinks she can dance, she seriously thinks she is cool and hip, she seriously thinks she is royalty, and most of all she seriously thinks she has class and dignity. I’ve seen more talent, class and dignity in a classroom of unruly 5-year olds! When I viewed her video, I had to IMMEDIATELY leave my desk at work because of a rather severe urge to empty my bladder from the laughter. As you might imagine, peeing in one’s pants at work is not acceptable where I live, but then what do I know? I am not a Countess with “CLASS”!!!

    • buffywood says:

      I just had to laugh at your opening… about a week ago my 3 year-old son dropped his juice and said JMJ very loudly. Needless to say I had a littte talk with my dad about what he says in front of him.

  71. Amy Matheson says:

    I have no idea why reruns of RHOMiami are on this afternoon (never watched it the first time) but I had to do a double take. Marisol looks like Adrian’s (RHOBH) twin.

    I don’t have an opinion on either women (I’m sure theyre great) but they have been plastic surgeried into clones. It is so icky to see that I’ve been pumped and lifted look. Seriously – it is a specific look. Sad.

    • quincyil says:

      I think they are probably the same age.

    • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

      Those hidious nose jobs. They have this strange unnatural angular look to them. Who in the world actually thinks that looks good? But look at Marisol’s mom. Geez shes scary.

    • mamecastle says:

      I know! It’s a weird homogenized look to all of them. Like you have to pick from a book with only 11 noses & 5 cheek choices. The sameness of them all is spooky, very Stepford Wives-ish.

  72. Debbie says:

    I don’t post that much but I’m here every day reading the blog and the comments.It’s really nice to see all the new commenters here. Jill’s plan backfired again. 🙂

  73. klmh says:

    Shampoo alert!
    As I was conditioning my hair in the shower this morning, I took
    time to read my shampoo bottle. I am in shock! The shampoo I use in
    the shower that runs down my entire body says “for extra volume and
    body”! Seriously, why have I not noticed this before? Now I
    understand why I am so “full-figured”!

    Tomorrow I am going to start using “Dawn” dish soap. It says right
    on the label “dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.”
    It pays to read the warning labels my friends!

  74. cdninvegas says:

    Wow! What a day and it’s only half over! You peeps are way too funny. I’m posting a link here (hope it’s not redundant but I’ve been off the boards the past few days; If you haven’t seen this barf-fest, you MUST check it out if only for the lulz.http://www.popeater.com/2011/06/24/michaele-salahi-debut-performance-song-bump-it/?a_dgi=aolshare_twitter

  75. Smompy says:

    I just forced myself to listen to Lulu’s new “song.” The woman truly does not possess an ounce of self-awareness, does she? Who in their right mind would attach their name to something this humiliating? Oh, and I finally figured out who LuAnn’s so-called music producer has been reminding me of.

    That video? Seriously, there are no words. Is it any wonder Victoria turned to drugs?

  76. cdninvegas says:

    Maybe I’m smoking crack (or should) but here’s an idea. Why don’t we all unfollow Lynn en masse, than try to follow Jill for a few minutes and then reverse the move. I don’t know alot about Twitter but maybe that could work?

    • Techically, unless Jill has already blocked you, you wouldn’t need to unfollow Lynn. You could still follow Jill but later find yourself blocked once they start pruning.

  77. Nancy says:

    I just read that Charlie Sheen wants to go to court to get full custody of his twins.
    I’m sure when he Judge gets wind of this he is going to think he’s been Pun’ked.

  78. Nancy says:

    Miami reunion is on right now. I can’t stop laughing. Andy has lost all control. Why didn’t this get picked up for season 2? I liked it a lot more than NJ Housewives.

    • Smompy says:

      I never watched it when it originally aired, but it is looking more entertaining than Jersey right now. Why is Walter Mercado on that show, though?

    • VAgirl says:

      I thought it was getting picked up. I thought DC was the only one not renewed. Not sure about that though.

    • JaniceP says:

      I’m watching it too and I thought Miami did get picked up for a second season. Does anyone know? They sure talk fast!

  79. codystl says:

    Quincy – I think you had the best tweets all day today!

  80. VAgirl says:

    Anyone here watch Big Brother? New season next Thursday. My DVR is gonna be busy!

    • JaniceP says:

      I’m a huge Big Brother fan and I setup the dvr to record. I’m all ready to go. I love watching people stuck in a house like that and my husband thinks I’m nuts.

    • mariareads says:

      ME!! It’s my summer guilty pleasure. A bunch of people locked in a house with nothing to read or watch. No contact with the outside world. LIke watching a science experiment! BBAD too! Love the DVR!

    • Plymouth Lighthouse says:

      Guilty as charged!

      • VAgirl says:

        They have some newbies but are supposed to bring some PAST couples back. I can’t wait to see who it is. Probably not fair to the newbies because I woudl think past players would have an advantage. I hope it’s not Brenden and Rachel, but I have a feeling it is.

        • neroes says:

          You can vote at CBS for either Brenden & Rachel, Dr. Will &Mike Boogie, Jessie & Natalie, Evel Dick & Daniele Donato, Jeff & Jordan, or Hayden & Enzo. Three pairs will be back. Jeff & Jordan are leading with nearly half the votes.

    • Shannon says:

      I watch the live feeds every year. It’s my favorite reality show.

    • boston02127 says:

      I’ll be watching BB.

    • sony4ou says:

      i cannot wait…look forward to it every summer!!

    • Whisper says:

      count me in!

  81. Nancy says:

    These Miami “ladies” are a riot! OMG!!

    • TLM says:

      I’m sorry, but Marisol is truly homely, not to mention stupid. When Andy asked her what work her mother has had done, she interpreted it to mean what jobs had her mother had. WTF?? Why not at least say you just don’t want to discuss it? Marisol is going to look exactly like her mother, and will have a completely deformed face like she does. Her mother truly scares me. I do think her husband married her for a green card. That “proposal” could not have been less romantic, and Marisol was like a robot. Her actions are not like those of someone who’s in love. It was like a business deal.

      Lea Black is a joke. Totally pretentious and that dumb cackle all the time. I just want to tell her to STFU. I really thought she was mentally disturbed when she went into that store and tried everything on over her clothes, stretching everything out. Who does that??? What makes it all so reprehensible is that they would probably throw her out if she wasn’t Lea Black with her husband’s money, and she takes full advantage of that. It’s interesting that despite all the money, she dresses like just found whatever she could at Goodwill for $10 and put it all together regardless of whether it goes together.

      I cannot believe they are renewing this loser of a series.

      • Nancy says:

        I thought it was “strange” re: how they met. She was one of the jurors in a case that he prosecuted. Or was he the defense? It doesn’t stand well with me.

      • chismosa says:

        TLM I’m so happy someone calls out Lea Black, I could not STAND her! Plus she totally was the black sheep on the cast. She definitely belongs on HWs of Houston or Dallas or something. Not on Miami. I found something underhanded about her and I too could not get over the strange way she met her husband.

        As for Elsita- I agree that she is shocking to look at and my own south american mother screamed in horror whenever I put her up on the tv, HOWEVER I find her personality so hysterical, she is very Cuban and I know that can be somewhat jarring for people unfamiliar w that culture. I adore Elsita but her face, yeah its bad. As for Mary(should be an ‘i’)sol, I loved her overall personality, she had such a calm kind of elegant (very capricorn) way to her. She needs to calm down on the fillers, agreed. I hope D’Andy brings them back. Oh I also think Elsa is still married to her husband, so I guess the green card thing may have worked out afterall.

  82. Nancy says:

    Casey Trial today…the defense rested without Casey taking the stand.

    • VAgirl says:

      Casey on the stand would be a disaster. Her only hope is an appeal that the didn’t get a proper defense. That defense attorney is horrible from what I’ve heard.

      • Nancy says:

        I agree. I think they are just (at this point) trying to keep her out of death row.
        I feel sorry for all of them but Casey’s brother had my heart in this nightmare.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          How about the guy that flipped the BIRD to the prosecutor? Man, that guy got into some deep doo-doo.
          I do wish she had taken the stand, though.

      • lillybee says:

        He is horrible, I think he could could be hurting her defense.

  83. Nancy says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised is Jillzilla does a U-Stream during the show tonight.

  84. snarkarella says:

    I was just cruising around JZ’s facebook page last night and looking at some of her photos. There were some from WWHL with the stupid ponytail and faux Spanx among a head scratching selection of others. Anywho, the commenters were generally GUSHING about how young she looked, and she’s so great. She makes the show. Her “spanx” are wonderful. Her hair looks so pretty up like that and on and on. This kind of shit was on every picture. If anyone disagreed they were branded ‘haters.’ One guy called the people with a mind of their own whores, fat and old because they weren’t bowing down to the golden calf Jill. I couldn’t believe it! I was like, “WHOA!” I think that’s cyber bullying and Jill’s against that isn’t she?
    Some of these people sound like they are totally ready to drink Kool Aid for her!!!!! It’s kind of disturbing.

    • VAgirl says:

      I know. Either these people are deeply disturbed or are getting paid. I can’t figure out which. I think they are fake commenters myself.

    • Nancy says:

      I look at Jill and her cronies as a sociology project.
      I haven’t come up with a conclusion though.

  85. caliwifey says:

    Hi I’m a new poster. Has anyone thought of the possibility that jill can afford to block the people that unfollow. Her today because she already knew that she was going to purchase fake twitter followers to make up for the blocked accounts?? Just my thought. Maybe we should have a second unfollow jill after the reunion just to see if her numbers change again..she’s really immature for a 50yr old woman I’m 24 and I don’t act like that just saying. TEAM LYNN

  86. Eve says:

    I just watched Luann’s new video……..and I like it and I actually think Kelly was the most natural….what’s wrong with me?
    BUT I still hate Jill Zarin and she looked so totally stupid and fake.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Nothing a few SG Margaritas and more time on this blog can’t cure.

      • Eve says:

        I thought I was going to the dark side……but you are so right about the SGM’s …Thx for the great idea!

  87. Kats2 says:

    So what happened did Jill’s twitter numbers change?

    • boston02127 says:

      I’m guessing she’s watching this blog like a hawk and she’s got as many email address’ one can possibly have and has her under paid workers doing the same.

      • vilzvet says:

        It’s still at 158K and change. By the way I also noticed a Kelly tweet and she and Cindy are appearing right not together at a store in NYC, for her jewelry line. Can you imagine heading out to see the both of them, Ms. Charm and Ms. Personality, and shelling out 50 bucks for a feather earring?

  88. Kansas Girl says:

    Mourn for me. I can’t watch tonight. Have to go to an interview dinner and make nice for work. You KNOW I’d rather be home watching TV! Waaaaaah!

    • quincyil says:

      If you hear screams, Jill said something about the blog.

    • Kats2 says:

      Kansas Girl – you are lucky you can’t watch! I was going to say, Kill Me I’m going to watch. Interview dinner and work is good. NY HW’s are not. It will be repeated all night long, you won’t miss a thing. Good Luck!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        We’re hiring. It’s not me getting the new job. It’s actually kind of fun interviewing people, but the committee chair is a complete dolt and there’s many more dinners to go, trying to make conversation with candidates with little help from Mr. Dolt. I’d so much rather be snarking with all of you!

  89. California35 says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks to those who have responded to my hit and run coments 😛

    I have not been able to read this blog the way I like to 😦

    The last two weeks have been from “a place of stress” as Bethenny would say — but I have a four day weekend starting tomorrow, and it will be sooo nice to stay away from work those days. Then I will be on “a place of relax” 😛

    I have lots to read, so I might not comment in a while, but it does look like there is a lot of fun stuff to read.

    (OMG! I took me 1/2 hour to write this…I am still at work)

    • VAgirl says:

      Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I miss your posts I hope work calms down for you so you can post more 🙂

      • California35 says:

        Thank you girls! I’m home now 🙂

        I will do some reading and then some writing 🙂 I will watch NYHW later tonight, so I will probably post until tomorrow…but I will be in tomorrow early for the NYHW blog 🙂

  90. quincyil says:

    Carly and Lynn will be on the radio at 11:30 tonight right after WWHL.

    You can call the telephone number and talk to them about the Bravo reality shows. If you can don’t have your computer speaker on because you can hear the show in the phone. When Carly says your telephone area code, you can ask your question or make a comment.

    This link works:


    I will put this on the chat board too.


  91. ramonacoaster says:

    Well, even if Jill’s twitter numbers didn’t go down that much, at least someone made money today. I wonder how much Bawby had to shell out to pay Jill’s peeps to create fake Twitter accounts. Poor Bawby’s going to be bankrupt at the amount he has to shell out to keep his immature wife happy for hopefully at least a minute. I’m all for another unfollow Jill Zarin day. Let’s see if Jill can keep this up.

  92. caliwifey says:

    @kats2 as of 7 min ago jill has 158288 followers ithasnt been consistent at all but at least for new posters like me we totally know the truth..I feel really sad for her..she is so desperate how embarassing lol

    • Kats2 says:

      Thank you! Maybe the results tomorrow will be better to see the impact.
      I have a feeling the only time we will see the fan count change is when Bobby’s check bounces and all the people who are paid to follow the loser go away. There is no chance in hell Jill has 150k faithful true fans. We only had a handful of trolls and I bet they are not Jill fans either.

      • Jezzibel says:

        most of them seem to be dummy twitter accounts of spam twitter accounts, I’m willing to bet that scrubbed clean of fakes and spammers Jills twitter followers more closely resemble the number of people she follows

  93. Jill’s tweet to Adam Carolla’s wife:

    Jillzarin: @LynetteCarolla email me? Need to talk to adam . Important.

    She just met Adam last week, what could be so important. LOL

    • Kats2 says:

      Jill is so pathetic. I hope he turns on her and let’s her have it.

    • LOL- so sad.
      Want to know why Behtenny doesn’t need to tweet people to ask them to email her or to follow her so they can DM? Because Bathenny can just call them. That’s the difference between those who have arrive and those who are circling the drain.

    • Error404 says:

      Jill tweets like a pothead.

    • VAgirl says:

      She’s becoming quite the star stalker, isn’t she? I’m sure Sharon Osborne has gotten in touch with her. LOL

  94. FLG says:

    Okay kids, it’s official now. In addition to being added to Anderson Cooper’s Rediculist, Countess Squash Blossom High Horse’s new release has been declared an epic failure by one of the gay community’s best known news bloggers. He calls it the “worst record of the year”. One of the funniest comments that caught my eye is: “Yeah, the countess should stick to what her family did best…dig ditches aka the Suez Canal…not a bad thing as canals go, but, singing, not so much. She gets a lot of milage out of that title which is rather worn around the edges.” There were almost no positive comments at all, unless you consider this a positive comment: “I don’t know who those people are, and I don’t want to know. But, I think they’d make great organ donors. Now.” I think the last is a little on the harsh side and somewhat unkind, but I’m not making it up. So, LuAnn Countess Squash Blossom High Horse, I don’t think I would be looking to the gay community for itune sales.

  95. Kats2 says:

    Here’s something else that is Official – I’m getting drunk tonight! I hope you enjoy my incoherent comments. P.S. You’ve been warned 🙂

  96. boston02127 says:

    Did you ever laugh out loud at something on this blog and the person you’re with asks “what’s so funny” but when you try and explain they look at you like you have 3 heads?

  97. chismosa says:

    Hi everyone, Cusi>>happy birthday/ felicitaciones!- I am a cancer too- so many on this site (I’m actually 7/7/77 but my mother had a c section ;( )
    I hope tonight is bearable and that Simon sets Jill straight with the audience being privy to Jill being the one at fault and not falling for her stuff. I also hope I don’t vomit when Kell berates Alex.
    Go Lynn and Q on your busy busy blog and kadooz on hard work. I will try to stay calm when trolls or faux-trolls come by. Speaking of which- where is beloved Vinny? No speako Americano!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Thank you, Chismosa! Let’s have a “Cancer’s” Party! There are around 10-12 having B-days in the following days!

    • Okie Folkie says:

      I happen to recall the day of your birth, nearly to the 1/2 hour-1 1/2! (well ya’know as it pertained to “my life”)….I find a lot of Great Memories of that date, when I re-play that in my brain!
      PARTY Like its !1999 X 99! 😉

      • chismosa says:

        that’s so funny Okie- well there was a big blackout in nyc when my mother had to deliver so the city went dark that night but luckily she was in a hospital so all ok. So funny you remember~! kind of millenial i guess, with all the numbers the same? but i know 7 gets a big luck thing from a lot of people finding it lucky.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        oooppps, in my previous post, I was referring to 7/7/77…..I was a 19 yr. old, kid having just lost my 1st finance, and I always remember 07/07/77, kinda bitter-sweet, but ….NOW, FOR ME, I’ll… BE *WAVING* the “bitter-sweet” part of those memories, now I’ll be’a grinin, and who woulda thunk it.

        THIS is all JILL ZARIN’S MU*THER-N’ F**/KIN! FAULT!!

        i love lynnnchicago!

        iHATE JIZZ ZARLIN!!!!!!

  98. Kats2 says:

    I just thought of the perfect name of Countless Luanne’s next book –

    “How To Go From Class, To Trash, in a Flash”

    I think it’s a catchy and appropriate title

  99. Happymouth says:

    So, I was looking at Jill’s twitter line and found one of her adoring fans. This person os sending nasty tweets to Simon, Alex et al. he calls others ” haters” and tweets “hate and vulgar words ” LOL. Someone should take a look at her tweets, she bugs me !
    ginade21 Gina D
    @simonvankempen you remind me of Charles Manson. You believe your own bullcrap
    Why are Jill’s followers so nasty ?

  100. Jen says:

    So for tonights RHONY

    if Jill has been gettin liquid facelifts for 2 years why did she have to ask her derm if the procedure exisited? Also 2 years and she wasn’t prepared for the pain?
    She lied in WWHL about no plastic surgery too- which is stupid considering it’s on TV

    • chismosa says:

      I am SO happy you caught that. Big lie … and if you watch the show on syndication during the day- it’s now Season 2- her face is completely not the same as it is today (or rather, last fall when they filmed it all)- so 2 years ago rings very very false. I don’t think even in S3 does she look so tight up there.
      But whoever called it out is right, her left eyelid is major majorly drooping a lot. She deep-set eyes to begin with so it doesn’t help.

  101. val says:

    Hey guys!

    Have any of you been watching “Life According to Paris”? I remember people saying the Hilton’s probably never wanted to appear on RHOBH’s because they didn’t want to be embarrassed. Well…the Hilton’s are really embarrassing themselves on this show. It’s so stupid and corny!

    • Error404 says:

      I don’t remember anyone saying that. That cat was embarrassed out of thebag years ago! Lol I remember people saying they wouldn’t do RHBH’s without getting paid.

      • val says:

        I think it was around the time of the graduation party and the Hilton’s called in from vacation.

  102. AZ Girl says:

    Today we can just vision Jill and her minions watching the twitter numbers as they go up and down and plugging in the AMEX card number to purchase more followers.

    Who would do that? Why would it make a rat ass difference to the average American how many “Twitter followers” you had? But in Jillsyland it does. How pathetic. She has a bunch of interns watching and purchasing followers so not to be outdone by this blog.

    Memo to Jill. People are homeless, jobless, some do not eat 3 meals a day at a restaurant comp no less. Get a grip and look beyond yourself and see what is really important. Today was another successful attempt to show how vapid and self-absorbed you are and the good news is the night is just beginning.

  103. val says:

    Can someone please explain to me, can you really purchase twitter followers or are you all kidding? I don’t know much about twitter.

  104. boston02127 says:

    I’m watching last weeks show. LuMan looks like such an idiot in that outfit & (cough) singing at Jill’s b-day party. Also, 10 to one this party was put together with the help of Jill. Poems to her, songs to her. Give me a break.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Boston_ on Bawwwwby’s wallet!

    • Golden Girl says:

      I turned it on to get ready for tonights show but had to turn it off. Jill, Luann, Kelly, and Cindy are so awful I cant watch the re-runs anymore.

  105. Cusi77 says:

    I was watching Dragaconda singing and I put “mute” (understandable) I touch the button too soon because I could hear JZ saying “what a beautiful voice”… love is not just blind but deaf!

  106. FLG says:

    I had to unplug my earbuds when LuAnn started to sing. Jill said “everyone she loves was there”….What about Gloria-Mother’s-Not-Happy and Ally?

  107. FLG says:

    Boston, wasn’t it you who had the bad earache and had to get antibiotics? If so, maybe it was from listening from last weeks show. Send CSBHH the doctor’s bill.

  108. FLG says:

    correction: from listening to last weeks show…..

  109. Okie Folkie says:

    I was so trying to catch up on each post…….b’b’b’but…..I couldnt wait to at least say, Hey! again, I betcha we’ll be movin’ pretty soon???

    I LOVE LYNNNCHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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