I Hate Jill Zarin Flipping Out / Rocco’s Dinner Party / Teen Mom – RHONY Let’s Chat!

I Hate Jill Zarin  Let’s Chat!

I hope you’ll take a few mintues to read these great blogs that were scheduled to be posted this morning but thanks to some petty celebrity housewife it was postponed.  Enjoy!

Flipping Out by VAGirl

So happy that a new season of Flipping Out has started and we can join the
snarky world of Jeff Lewis.  This is a guy who can cut you to the quick with his
dark humor and temper, but who I think has a heart of gold. 

Jeff sold Valley Oak and now rents West Knoll.  He hasn’t had time to look for a
new home.  The new house is much smaller and Jeff can keep a closer eye on
Zoila.  Zoila doesn’t like the new house.  They each tell each other how lucky
the other one is to be employer/employee.

Jeff has Trace, the Design Associate, sitting right beside him because he was
sending too many personal e-mails.  He has Sarah sitting at the dining room
table.  Trace would rather be sitting at the dining room table.  He wants to be
further away from crazy.  Sara wants more duties.  Jeff sends Sara to get some
laundry faucets and wants to make sure she doesn’t get something fugly. She
bumps into something.  Jeff says she’s just a little slower than most of the
other kids.

Jenni, in the car with Jeff, tells him his grandmother has called him.  Jenni
now works as a consult and on his out of town business. Her hours got cut so she
can pursue other opportunities.  Jenni calls him on being snappy and not wanting
to talk to his grandmother.  He says he is busy and doesn’t have time. He is
stressed and apologizes to Jenni for being in a bad mood. Jeff is no longer
flipping houses. He is now a designer and he likes it. 

Jeff’s current projects include Marlo’s House, which they are remodeling for her
not to sell since she broke up with her almost fiancé, but for her to live in. 
Fuller is a major remodel in Hollywood. What is that in Jeff’s hand – a greeting
card with a condom in it?  Ewwwww!  I’m sure Jeff finds a lot of interesting
things along the way.  Durand is a remodel to rent and the client is a tough
woman named Jean.  Spring Oak is a complete remodel for Laura Milligan.  Nobody
can go into the cats’ room without Laura. Jeff is still working on Chaz Dean’s
Cole salon.  They are almost finished with the third and final bungalow.  He
will also being working on a salon in New York for Chaz. 

Jeff’s business is growing and he expects his employees to pull their weight. 
Gage is new and handles all the business affairs, which Jeff sees as a most
critical part of his business. He generates business, speaking engagements, etc. 
The San Francisco Design Center has asked Jeff to be the keynote speaker for
design week.  Gage goes over the schedule and wants to know if Jeff will attend
a cocktail party before he speaks.  Jeff says he is only contracted to speak for
one hour, but agrees to do the cocktail party.  Gage then wants to know if he
wants to attend a reception afterwards.  Jeff says he’s extremely busy and
refuses to do the reception.  Jeff says if Gage had his way, he would have him
working 18 hours a day, with six hours of sleep. Gage wants to help Jeff’s
business grow and make money.  I wonder why?  Ohhhhh – Jeff and Gage are DATING. 
He has a vested interest.  Gage says at the beginning of their relationship he
used to take things personally and has learned not to take things that way with

The staff is sitting around eating brownies.  Gage says he might have eaten
about half of the brownies.  Sarah says Gage gets Jeff’s sense of humor and they
make a good couple.  They have been dating about 2 years and Gage is 26 and Jeff
is 40.  Gage says Jeff doesn’t act like a 40 year old. Jeff goes to the gym more
to get into better shape. Gage makes Jeff want to get more botox. I guess nobody
ages gracefully anymore.  At least not in Bravoland.

Jeff takes Sarah around to tell her what needs to be done while he is in San
Francisco.  Marlo’s house is way behind and Jeff wants Sarah to keep on Chris
the contractor’s back to get it done. Marlo is getting impatient.  He is telling
Sarah to be a bitch when dealing with the contractors. 

Zoila is ecstatic that Jeff is leaving and she will be alone.  She tells Jeffrey
to “Keep it Gangster” as he is leaving for San Francisco.  On the private plane,
Jenni plays flight attendant and fixes everyone drinks and snacks. Jenni
introduced Jeff and Gage.  She says she couldn’t work with her ex, but they seem
to work well together. 

At the San Francisco cocktail party, Jeff was expecting a small dinner party
that was really a large meet and greet. He meets a representative from
California Home and Design who says they are paying for his room and is upset
that he canceled the reception they were going to have for him the next day. He
is blindsided that she brought that up then and there and starts chastising Gage
in front of her, telling him they need to work it out. He asks if it’s too late
to have set it up and she says yes, it is. Gage knows it’s his fault and
apologizes to her.  He could not diffuse the situation and she really doesn’t
accept the apology.

Meanwhile back at the farm, Sarah is taking care of things the Sarah way.  She
is not very assertive.  At Cole, the subcontractor is taking pictures of her.
Don’t know what that’s all about.  Sarah does not do well at confrontation and
she thinks it’s not her job to be bold with the contractors or clients.  Marlo
is pissed and calls Sarah.

Jeff is very nervous about speaking in front of people.  He tries to go over
hand signals with Gage and Jenni. He is concerned he will not get his speaking
fee if he curses because it’s in the contract for him not to curse.  Jeff asks,
“Do you think I’m just opening for someone else?”  The moderator asks Jeff what
his design esthetic is.  Jeff seems nervous.  Jeff talks about his age and says
he hasn’t had plastic surgery and says his hair is not a toupee, it’s real.  He
feels more comfortable after everyone laughs.  The moderator asks what Jeff
thinks his employees say behind his back and says he can use profanity.  Jeff
doesn’t fall for it.  Jeff calls Jenni to the stage. Jenni thinks that Jeff is
showing his appreciation because he trusts her to come on stage and talk.  The
meet and greet afterwards has a lot of people.  Gage and Lisa from California
Home and Design talk again and shake hands.

Back at West Knoll, they are all sitting around having salad.  Jeff tells Zoila
he has a surprise for her birthday.  He’s thinking about legally adopting her.
They joke about Zoila calling Jeff Daddy and Gage Mommy.  Zoila was jealous when
Gage first moved into the house, but she says he’s OK now. 

At Marlo’s house Sarah tells Jeff how much better it looks. Jeff makes a face
and says he is a little disappointed in the progress.  Jeff tells the contractor
off and tries to show Sarah how she should have handled it.  The contractor
admits he delayed the project.  Jeff asks Sara if she is up to the task. She
says yes and he says he is worried about her.  Jeff wants Sara to stalk and
bombard Chris in a very firm manner.  Dawn is her alter ego.  Sarah as Dawn
calls Chris but can’t keep from laughing while she is trying to act tough. When
she hangs up, Jeff tells her she’s too nice and tells her to get tough.

Jeff takes Jenni to Marlo’s house, gets her to take her shoes off and starts
throwing pillows at her.  They finish with the furniture and accessories.  He
wanted it to look nice.  The house looks great.  He says they didn’t spend a lot
and got a lot for their money.  Marlo is happy.

Jeff and Gage discuss Sara.  Jeff says she not close to where he needs her to
be. She’s lacking the skill and traits for her job and he needs someone strong.
Gage says maybe this just isn’t her gig.  Gage looks at it logically.  The goal
is to make money.  It’s not personal.  Jeff doesn’t know what he’s going to do
about it.

So far I think Gage is good for Jeff.  He seems the more mature one and although
Jeff acts tough, I can tell he doesn’t want to fire Sarah. Maybe Gage will give
him the strength to do what he needs to do.  I like Sarah, but she is not the
right person for this job.  At least she wasn’t constantly chewing gum like last
season.  That drove me crazy. 

Rocco’s Dinner Party by VAGirl

The Chefs are Fabio Caparelli, Jen DePalma, and Ryan Poli.   Jen thinks Rocco is
really handsome, but so is her fiancé.  He gives the three chefs 30 minutes to
create their signature dishes.  He will pick two of the three chefs to prepare
the dinner parties.  The two guys are not worried about Jen.  They think they
are competing against each other.  Jen thinks they are too cocky.  Jen is making
Chicken Amore.  Ryan is making fish tacos.  Fabio is making Sea Bass.  He does
not want to be “chattery.”  Jen is pouring wine for everyone.  Ryan takes her up
on it.  Fabio is too serious.  Rocco tastes Ryan’s corn nut infusion and calls
it salty.  Ryan calls it seasoned.  Jen is a mess.  She spills the wine and
catches a towel on fire.  She says she is an emotional chef and she may not
finish on time.  The three guys are watching her finish her dish.  She finishes
on time. 

Rocco tastes all three dishes.  He says Fabio’s shitake broth is way
too bland, but the fish is good.  He says Ryan’s corn nut infusion is too salty
and he made a mistake by not tasting his food first, but he likes the fish and
wine vinaigrette.  He says he is surprised how good Jen’s tastes considering she
is such a mess.  He’s concerned about her being able to do a whole dinner party. 
He eliminates Fabio and names Jen the winner.  She will get to pick the dining
room and choose to serve to first or second.
The theme of the dinner is The Perfect Summer Party.  Each course must be under
350 calories and 10 grams of fat.  He gives each chef a copy of his low calorie,
low fat cook book.  Wow everyone has something to sell on Bravo.  The chefs meet
with Jes, the designer.  Jen picks the Terrace for her dinner party.  Jen wants
a contemporary look after Jes makes a face about tiki torches.  They are going
for the Miami look.  Ryan chose the intimate dining room.  He is going for the
beachy look like message in a bottle.  He bombarded her with a lot of ideas.
Jen is making dishes she has never made before.  Ryan is going for things he’s
familiar with.  I personally like Jen’s room the best.  While the chefs are
cooking, the guests arrive.  The guests are Chaz Palminteri, actor, Betty Wong,
Editor in Chief of Fitness Magazine, Joe Dowdell, Celebrity Physical Trainer,
Demaris Lewis, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Jung Lee, Celebrity Event
Planner, and Jeff Ross, Comedian.
Jeff tells Rocco he doesn’t eat healthy food.  He takes Jeff to meet the chefs
and he tells them he wants chicken salad, pot roast, motzo brie, and cheese
cake.  Rocco tells them the same rules apply and they can both make the same
dishes.  Ryan says he’s going to make the chicken salad and Jen will be making
the matzo brie. Ryan will be serving first. 

The diners go into Ryan’s room.  Joe likes the décor.  Jung says it’s too much. 
She thinks less is more.  Jeff says he thinks it’s delicious and eats the menu. 
First course is Seared Sea Scallops.  Jeff loves the chicken salad and he finds
out it’s made with yogurt instead of mayo.  Betty loves the scallops.  Jeff
doesn’t eat fish or scallops.  Since the next course is cod, Rocco tells Ryan to
make something else.  Ryan makes Jeff shrimp.  Chaz says he doesn’t eat anything
unhealthy, even hot dogs or hamburgers.  He looks fit.  The cod dishes and the
shrimp dish goes out.  Jeff loves the shrimp.  Demaris likes the cod.  Joe
thinks it’s mushy and Jung is not impressed with the cod.  The strawberry
parfait is not really a hit. 
Meanwhile Jen is getting a little stressed out.  Her room is a hit with the
guests.  They seem to really like it.  Jen’s scallop dish is inedible.  She
decides to prepare a shrimp dish she’s never made.  Her cocktail is called a
coco loco spritzer.  They like it. Rocco comes back to the kitchen because
they’ve been waiting a while.  She gets it out and Rocco tells her to get the
next course out faster.  They think she changed the course because of Jeff when
that wasn’t the case.  Jung likes it.  Jen makes up the matzo brie because she
has no idea what it is.  Jeff says it’s motzo dipped in egg and fried.  Jeff
loves it and so does everyone else.  For the main course, Jen gets one of the
servers to help her while the other two clear the first course.  She is fussing
at the servers and you can tell they are not happy.  Jeff is keeping everyone
entertained.  The next course is BBQ Pork Tenderloin.  They don’t believe it’s
low calorie and healthy.  Betty says the sauce tastes like ketchup but the
others seem to like it.  The dessert is a passion fruit trifle.  Jeff says it
tastes like baby food.  But everyone else finishes it.
The winner of the $20,000 prize is — Jen DePalma.  I think it was the dining
room that won it for her.

Thanks VAGirl, great blogs!  Lynn~

Teen Mom  by Cyndi  @buy4shipfree   July 5, 2011

Tonight was the first episode of the new season of Teen Mom.  It brings us back into the lives of the 4 original girls.  After a quick recap of where the mom’s have been and what has brought them to this point in life we delve right in.  Rather than give you a recap of the entire episode (which can be read on MTV’s website written by a better writer than myself) I am giving you my take on each girl one at a time. 

Maci –

Maci is still living in Chattanooga and is back to dating Kyle.  She says she is on summer break and just taking it easy.  At what point do adults get to take summers off?  Not sure why she isn’t working this summer, but I digress.  After a trip to the ATM machine she realizes that her child support hasn’t come.  (I’m pretty sure a job would have helped alleviate some of that stress).  It seems like every single mom I know or have known has had to talk with their “baby daddy” to ask where the money is.  It is never a good conversation but I give Maci credit for trying to keep communication open with Ryan.

We are then witness to an awkward conversation between Ryan and Maci regarding Kyle.  Answer me this though, are all tough questions now asked via text?  Ryan is once again showing his immaturity and proving to Maci that she made the right decision.  Just like pulling a girl’s hair in 2nd grade won’t make her like you, calling her new boyfriend “slow” isn’t going to get her back in your arms. 

On to Farrah

Farrah has decided that due to giving birth her breasts aren’t what they use to be.  If she can just secure a loan then she can have the breasts she once had.  Yes, she is actually going to finance her boobs!  This girl has a mother that has screamed about far less, I can not figure out why she isn’t screaming about this.  You have no real job, do not have a college degree, have a toddler that you are raising on your own and the priority is boobs???  Come on!  By the end though she is crabbing at her dad cause her new, financed boobs hurt. 


Amber, Amber, Amber.  What can I say other than thank goodness she is going to counseling!  She is holding onto the fairytale that she should be with her baby daddy, Gary.  Has this girl every been alone?  While Gary is in her bed she has to go and break up with the current boyfriend.  I have to say this is one relationship that I don’t see making it. 

And finally Catelynn

Catelynn and Tyler are so sweet.  They are so dumb, but oh so sweet.  Neither one has a job but they have decided to move in together because then “like everything will be half off”.  Catelynn’s mom’s house was certainly not safe and she definitely needed to move.  I am not even entirely against them moving in together.  The prospect of renting an apartment with no one working just doesn’t seem like a good move to make.  Catelynn’s mom does seem to be showing a little compassion which is a relief.  I certainly hope we won’t have to see the anger come out of her that we have seen in seasons past.

Four girls all trying to find their way in life while being teen moms.  While I do not envy any of them (very happy my mistakes were not filmed for my children to watch when grown) here are my parting thoughts to each one….

Maci – Get a job and get your degree.  With money in the bank you will never have to depend on Ryan.  Have your own mind and your own money that way a man can be a compliment to you and not a necessity. 

Farrah – Grow up!!!  When a mom “treats herself” she buys new shoes (generally at the Walmart on clearance) she DOES NOT finance plastic surgery!!

Amber – Stick with the counseling and think about spending some time alone.  You will never be happy with some one if you can’t be happy when you are all alone.

Catelynn – Life has not been easy but don’t make it harder by making stupid mistakes.  Get a job and a mentor.  Think about the future and how you are going to get there and then make it happen!

Till next time…….Remember only you can prevent pregnancy and forest fires.  😉

Thanks Cyndi, great job!

Is everyone ready for the Real Housewives of New York, don’t miss Simon’s blog immediately after the show and be sure to listen to Carly and I rip on the ladies at 11:30 / 10:30 central time.

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    I know I’m old school, but whatever happened to having children when you’re married, rather then when you’re a child yourself?
    Rocco: i always thought of Rocco as a ‘schmuck’, although I have changed my mind, I like his show, and he’s not as cocky as I’ve thought, so my bad!
    Jeff, and Zoila-I think she’s disrespectful; maybe too comfortable in her position as his housekeeper. If she continues on that road, maybe she should look for another job.

    One thing that really bugs me lately, and it doesn’t belong at this post. However, i need to say that Caroline from NJ is getting on my nerves a lot lately; she’s turned into an arrogant bitch, always downing somebody on her one-on-one, last time making fun of T’s cottage, and the activities. Maybe she shouldn’t go since according to her is beneath her stature. Her being a controlfreak, not allowing her sons who are now adults to let them do what comes natural, I’d say, she is crazy, and will regret the day when her kids start ignoring her, especially her daughter who she shows NO concern, love or attention. She is boring, and needs to go; maybe remain with her fake radio show, where she can leather, rinse and repeat her boring comments of advise. Her husband sure does not want to be with her either, blowing her off whether it was gold, or shuffling her onto a radio show. She’s not funny, and her condescending ways are a turn off.
    I’m done now-sorry for the long rant again.

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    Lynn & Carly – Can’t wait to listen to the two of you.

    Jill – I am so glad you are trying to help keep the unemployment figures down by employing folks to do such important work for you on the internet. I am sure you pay them well above minimum wage with good benefits in order to keep them enthusiastic about their jobs. You might feel my comments to Lynn and Carly contradict these words to you, but think of it this way: If it weren’t for Lynn, Carly, and other like-minded folks, your assistants and lawyers would have so little to do. I am sure they will have lots more to work on after tonight.

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    Its Brendon and Rachel. Surprise! Surprise!

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    Love Jeff and Jordan

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    Yeah Lynn, don’t they know your a Rock Star? She, they need to leave it alone, if it bothers her, or them so much maybe they shouldn’t read it. If I said it once I’ve said it many many times, this blog is the best of them all. You get complete, true breakdowns of all the shows episodes. The facts can’t be denied. The posters are the best at being able to agree to disagree at times not everyone shares the same feelings about different cast members, for the most part I think everyone shares the same feelings about Jill and Luann is fast becoming her twin in much the same way. She made her bed she’s the one with her life on TV for entertainment she opens the door for all. To bad for her that her reality is what it is but it’s her own doing she has no one to blame but herself period.. I think she’s worse this year than last year she learned nothing.

  25. Yippee, we’re back. I was afraid I was gonna have to go midwest on someone! Even hubs said “J crossed the line this time” and prior to this he could have cared less. It was probably my complaining that sent him over the edge!

    Good job VAgirl and Cindy.

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        So I guess Jill can cross actress and video vixen off her list of viable careers. As if we didn’t know that already. Her key dance move seems to be the obnoxious eye roll.

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      OMG. Looks like the three Bimbos of the East are afflicted with Saint Vitus Dance and/or Tasmanian fire ants. .

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      ROFL! Thanks, you made a bad day soooooo much better!!!!!

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      by the way… i am typing from my floor as i feel on my ass laughing so hard when i saw you fabulous post!!!!!!!!!!

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      Absolutely, WCW,….we are hypocrryyyyytttiiiiccaaalll,…to do nothinnnnggg!!! Imaging the most anoyyyyyyyyying nasssssal voiccce herrre!,…okay,…I know that was mean,..but,..short answer is YES,…we are,….we could go to her turf,..but, should we? and am I skeered of her,…absolutely not,…but,.when she reads this every day, why put forth the effort,..not worth it,….but I will think about it,….might be sneaky fun,….like rolling a yard or something,…LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Cusi77 says:

    Good evening Everyone!

    Bravo published my comment to the classless countless! I am glad because there were published just 12 comments and I did what she does… I gave her BS wrapped as a gift! I am Aunt Molly!!!

    • NJBev says:

      you are so good at getting posted!

    • FLG says:

      I just looked at Bravo’s website and Countess Doesn’t Sing Because She Can’t Sing High Horse has no comments…. Looks like the Bravo Magicians are at it again. 8(

  31. nancy says:

    Glad to see you are O.K. Lynn. F…k that biotch. LOL Jill is one sorry ass for a woman. Hang in there, girl. We are all here for you.

  32. JillhAter says:


    Kelly looks like she is trying to smack the jellybeans out of her pumpkinhead. Countless looks like she’s scratching fleas and Jill Zarin looks like she is having too much fun on the sit n spin.

  33. NJBev says:

    It looks like everyone’s out to play tonite!!!

  34. nancy says:

    Just one more thing and then I am back to the cave. How dare anyone try to stomp on our freedom of speech. Jill Zarin you suck.

  35. VAgirl says:

    Gawd. Rachel got HOH. Oh. well. She’ll get hers eventually (I hope!).

  36. VAgirl says:

    Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  37. Cusi77 says:

    Thank You Lynn! Wow! VAgirl, you are such a good sport! I love you Ladies!

  38. Kukulet says:

    cali says:
    Jeff, and Zoila-I think she’s disrespectful; maybe too comfortable in her position as his housekeeper. If she continues on that road, maybe she should look for another job.

    If Zoila is disrespectful, what does that make Jeff?

    It’s always been pretty obvious that Jeff and Zoila care for each other deeply underneath all the bantering and snits. Zoila and Jennie have worked for Jeff for years. Clearly, as Jennie has said, if Jeff really treated them badly all the time, neither of them would have stuck around. Personally, I have to agree with VAGirl (great blogs, btw!) that he seems to have a heart of gold underneath all his complexities, and they both know it.

    • Zoey says:

      I totally agree. I love Zoila, and I love when she gives it right back to him. And HE loves it too! Didn’t she work for his grandmother for many years, too? So she’s known Jeffrey, ha, for a big part of his life.
      They probably play it up a bit more for the cameras as well. Zoila seemed a bit shy at first but now she’s a sassy ‘manager of household operations’, or whatever title he gave her!

  39. moneycanbuyyouass says:

    Right Countess, mother of the year, Victoria totally respects you.

  40. Nancy says:

    Here we go people…

  41. Love, love, love Avery!

    • Zoey says:

      She’s so pretty. And she seems so much more down to earth and sensible that her ma!

  42. TLM says:

    Avery is the only one with any class anymore… I’d rather hang out with her…

  43. VAgirl says:

    Ramona looks hot!

  44. TLM says:

    That’s a man Ramoner!

  45. Pghemtchick says:

    Loved the first scene! Then the shebeast came on. Gah.

  46. MichellefromNY says:

    I don’t get how watching jill buy food and candy (for her diet of course because candy never killed anyone) and getting on the train is an interesting scene

    • Zoey says:

      Me either. What a waste of film that was.

    • BessiB says:

      She could not nag a car company to drive her for free.

      • MsJxn says:

        I swear….kept waiting for the guy in the trench coat to start dancing,,”WE ARE:,….step ball change”……look at phone,…”flash mob changed to 12:30″!!!!!

        • MsJxn says:

          OKAY,…..VEGITS ONLY EAT CHICKEN,…..insane now,….!!!!!Now Jillousy is soooooooo marketing her daughter,…she is TRYING to make her Carrie!!!!! Jillousy,…you are sooooo effin’ needy!!!! stop it!!!!!! please stop it!!!!!!!!!

  47. moneycanbuyyouass says:

    Obviously Ally is not happy Jill is so close — that is why she is going somewhere in the south that starts with a “V”.

  48. Cusi77 says:

    Bleach for my eyes, please! The witch is in the Grand Central! I Dislike her sooooo much!

  49. Adgirl says:

    Did everyone see Real Ginger’s nasty tweeting yesterday? Durwood really takes his duties seriously.

  50. VAgirl says:

    Ally want to be Carrie Bradshaw!

  51. mariareads says:

    Shut up Jll. HAHA..your daughter is rebelling…hehehehe.

  52. boston02127 says:

    Never fails……RHONY starts……. phone rings.

  53. moneycanbuyyouass says:

    So Ally wants to be a sex columnist – big whoop! Man Jill is hyper-critical of her girl.

  54. mariareads says:

    I cannot BELIEVE what JZ is doing! My kids would have killed me!

    • I would never call anything my child tried on “disgusting.” Nor would I insult the store like that. And what was that comment about “fat ass”.

      Run Ally run.

      • GingerTheNoseMiner says:

        Yes I caught that also. After the disgusting comment she stated
        “Everyone needs to squeeze thier fat ass”
        Heck with running Ally just strangle her with the curtain. The woman is a beast.

      • happygal says:

        Jill is sooooooooooooooo concerned about bullying but talks down to her daughter and makes comments that have been proven to cause women and girls to have body issues. Her daughter is going to college now and she is telling her an outfit she is trying on is disgusting or horrible… now yes she may be talking about the specific dress or pants etc., but think- if she is saying this now, did she naturally say these types of comments when Ally was 10, 11 or 12. Even if she was talking about an outfit then, how is a young girl supposed to really figure all of this out? Weight has been an issue for her ( Ally) and i wonder if all of this obsessiveness by Jill has contributed to it, inadvertently. I am not accusing, just wondering out loud…

  55. VAgirl says:

    Jill is insufferable. She’s asking about a discount for students. OMG.

    • Do you think she bought any underwear she’s going to try to return after using it?

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I’d rather hear her ask for a discount than tell her daughter to squeeze her fat ass geeesh! Shouldn’t be suprised Jill has to pick Ally’s clothes. She’s an expert le sigh

    • Cusi77 says:

      She is such a biotch! Don’t you think she looks like Cindy in the heads interview? They must have their injections from the same guy!

  56. Austin says:

    Ally seems to be really flourishing – AWAY from Shrill. Good for her.

    • TLM says:

      Good for Ally for going veggie. She looks like she’s far healthier than when she was living with Jill.

      • Umm – a veggie who eats chicken and turkey. I’d call her a picky eater.

        • MsJxn says:

          Vegetarian,…like her mom,….only eats chicken,…but “if you say it,…it’s true”…….life lessons from a shrewish/Jewish panti-liner returner mother,……oh,..Jill,..did you get the wooden nickle back ,…the one you used in the turnstile today…..oh,…and did you tell your beautiful daughter,…how much you love,….your dog?!!!!

        • TLM says:

          I didn’t catch that until seeing it again later. Sorry folks!!! I messed up. But she DOES look better since she’s been away from Jill. LOL.

  57. TLM says:

    “everybody needs to squeeze their fat ass”? WTF??? I’m sick of hearing Jill’s rude comments. What a message to send to her daughter.

  58. Amber...Real Wife says:

    A ten percent discount. She saves where she can.

  59. MichellefromNY says:

    Why does ally need her mom to shop with her?? Why does this woman think she knows what looks good on her family?? Why can’t ally pick out her own clothes, shes a grown woman. And how horrible was it that jill kept calling her daughter fat in the store???? Ughhh

  60. VAgirl says:

    This blog shoudl be called JILL ZARIN IS THE CHEAPEST PERSON ON EARTH!

  61. cabbie413 says:

    Did she just say ‘everybody needs to squeeze their fat ass..’ lol nice way to talk about your daughter Jill

    It’s bad enough you sent her to FAT CAMP on national tv but now you talk about her needing to squeeze her fat ass to get into some jeans. Nice job Zarin, nice job.

    • Adgirl says:

      Next up Skweez for teens.

    • She’s really mean to Ally and has no idea what comes out of her mouth.

      • MsJxn says:

        Bitch know’s exactly,….she spew’s diarrhea,….and blows mud every where she goes,..she sucks the life/air/happiness/joy out of every SOUL…NOT THAT SHE WOULD RECOGNIZE ONE…….she is ever around,….such a deep dark pit of pathetic misery,…..so sad……

      • happygal says:

        You hit it on the head… Jill doesn’t ever realize what is coming out of her mouth at any given time- even when she thinks she has it all under control. It is one thing to say things that just happen and cannot be taken back- Then you totally own it- say sorry, mean it and move forward. She never ever does that- Ally really seems to have a good head on her shoulders from what i can see and see is realizing – maybe things aren’t as her mom has told her all her life.

        • MsJxn says:

          Wow Lynn!!!!!!!! I need your mailing addy!! I feel great now,..and was sooo much cheaper than therapy!!!! singin’ Joyyyyy to tha worrrldd!! LOLOLOL!!! tell me where to send the $$$$$!!! Lalalalalala Whoop whoop!!!! off my chest now!!! Free at last!!!!!!

  62. Nancy says:

    Stop the press Jill wants a discount!!!!!

  63. Adgirl says:

    Great blogs VA Girl! Thank you!

  64. VAgirl says:

    Come on down South Ally. You’ll be much happier here!

  65. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Ally, if you are reading this, you are gorgeous. Even the hubs stopped and said “Now that is a pretty girl, who is she?”. You have a real body and it is a good body. Don’t listen to your mom. She is a sad, sad woman who cannot handle the fact that you are prettier than her.

  66. Adgirl says:

    Did Jill demand a mani-pedi on the train?

  67. Butters'Mom says:

    Email chat with old friend. Turns out he knows JZ. A couple of years ago he was thinking about getting back into fabric business and someone put him in touch with JZ. He said she is exactly like she is on tv. Additionally the whole time he was speaking with her she was yelling at her driver. Now that I am 2 degree separation from JZ I think it is too close. I need a shower.

  68. Nancy says:

    Victoria and a car. Not a good idea.

  69. Pghemtchick says:

    This is the countess speaking: first rule of driving – don’t do it high while flashing your middle finger spouting the n-word. Now seatbelt up, love.

    • MsJxn says:

      and darhlinggggg,…One only rolls a Ben Franklin’,……for snortinghh!!,…and always hold your pinkie like sooo,……look’s better on the mirror,…very European,….Double kiss,….dumb americans……..Oh Daddy,….where’s Momma……never mind,……I’m a Coun…..What?….Yous guy’s didn’t see mah right up in the highschool newspaper, Berlin somethin’…..the one where I am influential,..an alls…….they have it on that Lynn girl’s site,….yes ma’am,…the one Jill talk’s about so much,…but,…now they talk about me!,…really!…….and they don’t know I’m just a LPN=little play nurse,…they think I got a degree,..and am a RN=real nurse,..oh well,..same thing,..Jill say’s I can get my /your money back,….it’s like tampons or panti-liners,…you never wanted to keep them any way,..so,..I guess they really just “loan” them to you,….snap!…..girl!…….I need my refund……….girl!!!! snap snap!!!!

      • MsJxn says:

        Awww,.. Shite,….gave tha’ biotch a classy, but redneck Southern accent,…when it should have been that damned whinny nasal,Longgggg Issslanddddd accent,..Jousey gourrrll,,,,stomp that but out good,…then ,…go film!!!! take one…….

  70. JillhAter says:

    LOLOLOL and there she goes. Whaddaboutta discount
    Standard operating procedure

  71. MichellefromNY says:

    Countess the bad parent–“I don’t put my seatbelt on, but you should.”

    Do as I say but not as I do

  72. Holy crap – don’t give that girl a license.

  73. Ummm. . . Whatever LuAnn.

  74. MichellefromNY says:

    Why is the “classy” countess wearing ripped jeans?? How is that countess like msssss. Countess

    • Need a Hobby says:

      She’s like a hip chick….for what, 1995? Or have they brought that look back & most sensible folks ignored it?

  75. Awwww, how awesome is Avery! I think she is such a great young lady and a great testament to her parents.

    • Wow – what a great young lady.

      I know they wanted us to see the contrast between LuLu and Ramona’s parenting skills – but wow – just wow. One laughing as her kid is speeding and causing a casino, and the other being a caring, thoughtful parent. Text your daughter if you are coming home late Ramona LOL.

  76. TLM says:

    I can’t stand Victoria & the Countess sitting there giggling is sending a really great message while her imbecile of a daughter is speeding through a parking lot.

  77. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    And that was beautiful.
    What more do you need from life?

  78. MichellefromNY says:


  79. Nancy says:

    Yes Ramona you did a great job. 🙂

  80. MichellefromNY says:

    I hope to have daughters one day like avery. What a class act

  81. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Victoria speeding—We used to do donuts in the snow in the parking lot of the movie theatre. Now I would be terrified to try it, but then it was fun!

    • We did too – but in an empty parking lot, and not with our parents in the car. Can you imagine how she’ll behave without her mom there??

      • GingerTheNoseMiner says:

        We used to drive in the fields here and knock the hay bales up right … does that count 🙂
        That is how I learned to drive a stick shift.

  82. violachica says:

    wtf happened today??? what did i miss? what was so bad about yesterday’s blog? (i reread it but still don’t see what was THAT bad that it caused a mess?)

  83. VAgirl says:

    Ramona and Avery seem to have a great mother/daughter relationship. Not friend/daughter like some others on that show. Ramona’s a mom and Lulu is a easy come easy go friend.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Mainly Lulu’s easy. (Allegedly). 😉

    • happygal says:

      First VAGirl.. Great recap- you have a way with words, 🙂
      second, I was so glad to see Avery reading to her mom like that- No Matter how they were trying to paint Ramona this season, allowing that moment to air was wonderful. True parenting, affection for each other and Avery’s respect of her mother showed and that was so great.-Side note- did you all see the picture of Lumann and her kids on Reality tea Yesterday… Victoria looked like she was standing there next to her mom thinking – G_D please get me out of here now. hahahahahahaha

  84. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    Now imagine Victoria’s letter in comparison to Avery’s.

  85. WindyCityWondering says:

    Interesting driving in a parking lot vs PSATs/education. Bored with the kids, guess Kelly will be on soon.

  86. Pghemtchick says:

    Minus Jill being a biotch to Ally, it’s a nice start to the show. Avery is such a sweet girl.

  87. TLM says:

    I wonder if the Countless has been able to teach her daughter to chew with her mouth closed yet.

  88. Jill Spat on a Shopgirl says:

    How dare Jill Zarin try to skip out on a $600 dinner tab at Bice!

  89. Love, love love Chris Marsh! I can’t wait for his show.

  90. anna fields says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for this blog and your FB page. As a former tutor for Jill’s daughter, Ally, I can honestly say that I’m glad someone sees through to the *real* Jill.

    P.S. Can you believe Ally wants to be a writer? When I tutored her, English was her *worst* subject. She could barely string a sentence together. She would even try to manipulate me into writing her English papers *for* her, and I would have to essentially force her to do her own homework. Like mother, like daughter, in my personal experience. If anyone hires Ally to write *anything*, they’re CRAZY.

    Thanks again!

  91. Adgirl says:

    “This is the DumbAss speaking … “

  92. Sonja is married to an 80 year old! says:

    Jill spat in the face of a shop girl!
    Kelly has a man’s waist!
    LuAnne is a pre op Tranny,with a 9 inch cock!
    Bethenny is worth $130 million!

  93. Nancy says:

    Ramona and the word Thank-you haven’t met.

  94. VAgirl says:

    Sonja has that cat that ate the canary look on her face. She knows the “girls” are probably not going to like her skit. I love it!

  95. TLM says:

    How is it that Sonja has the time to be involved in this crap when she has declared bankruptcy? She’s $19 million in debt and is prancing around her bedroom in a tutu and getting custom bustiers fitted? Is this making her money? What happened to her farkakte cookbook she was supposed to be working on? I never saw someone involved in so much time-wasting crap.

    Not a malicious bone in her body? How about cutting someone out of photos and talking down to them that there’s a “pecking order”? How about her whole Grand Marshall self-centered crap?

  96. Ramona says “I think maybe she was talking about the other girls”. Really Ramona? Ya think so?

    Anyone else think Sonja’s gig isn’t going to go over well (no matter how much I LOVE it)?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The blondes don’t obsess over the brunettes cause they have lives and better things to do!

  97. Oh – and I was so enjoying the show without Krazy. And this means we’ll never see the rest of the Alex – Kelly lunch where Alex goes WOW.

  98. AZ Girl says:

    Welcome back Lynn!!! Good job VAGirl on the blogs. Well done. Loving this HWONY episode. Sonja is a hoot and the difference between LuMann and Ramona with their girls is night and day. Avery loves her mom and it shows.

  99. TLM says:

    I think Jelly Beansimon is in love with the Countless. This is like watching their first official date.

  100. I thought we were going to get a “Kelly free” episode. No such luck!

  101. MichellefromNY says:

    Countess what the hell is wrong with being a housewife???

  102. boston02127 says:

    Kelly & Luman having drinks……shoot me. Blah blah blah, they’re so fake.

  103. MichellefromNY says:

    of course you fit in, there no aristocracy in france!!! loll

  104. TLM says:

    Wow, Kelly got “cool as a cucumber.” At least she didn’t say she was calm and cool as a whistle.

  105. Nancy says:

    Well I’m glad 1 person here on earth thinks
    LuAnn fit into royalty.

    • Adgirl says:

      A royal pain in the ass.

    • JillhAter says:

      When the Count Left so did the only stable person in those kids lives,Rosie.

      Read a quote from Brooke Mueller saying that if her mother hadn’t been jet setting when she she was a teenager she wouldn’t have a had an alcohol problem. Even though having a nanny she did what she wanted.
      I remember when the Countless daughter broke her arm. I read it was falling out of a window to go out…

  106. AZ Girl says:

    WTF is Kelly talking about????? To: Luann: ” I know if you are asking me a questions I really know that you are asking me that question.” Um……..STFU!

    • LavaLady says:

      And LuAnn answers “no”??

    • happygal says:

      You noticed that too??? what, Kelly, when others ask you questions you can’t tell they are questions??? She really is amazingly stupid in her speech… ( giving benefit of doubt there… also- she was pissed that others got to go skiing and she was “stuck” being a housewife- What she wanted to dump her kids and run with her crowd and go skiing… Sorry- it does always work that way…

  107. TLM says:

    Well guys, I’m out. No interest in watching the burlesque portion of the evening. Nitey nite!

  108. Adgirl says:

    This is the DumbAss and KooKoo boy beater are having a romantic dinner together. Aweee cue the violins.

  109. Nancy says:

    LuAnn is such a dumb ass.
    With royalty you NEVER put your hand out
    to shake their hand. You must wait to see if they
    want to shake your hand.

  110. MichellefromNY says:

    I met prince william…yet you werent invited to the wedding countless?

    • Kats2 says:

      Yes she met Prince William just like thousands of people in Canada just met him. The only difference is the thousands of people in Canada didn’t have to sleep with an old angry dude to get introduced.

  111. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    “He gracesiously (sp) shook my hand.” What else would he do? Say you’re beneath him so refuse? Like you would do?

  112. BessiB says:

    I’m about 15 minutes behind = just so I can FF though Kelly &Lulu.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  113. Smompy says:

    I’m working and not watching the show right now but glad to see things are back to normal again. Congratulations on slaying the dragon, Lynn!

    • BessiB says:

      You are not missing a thing. It’s a snoozer.

      I need another SGM to get through the rest…..

  114. Pghemtchick says:

    Really? Prince William? He’s a real royal. I wish he would have been undignified and told her ass to bow. She really thinks a courtesy title means something? Id bet I have more nobles in my family (albeit illegitimate in one regard) than she does. She makes me want to toss my remote at the screen.

  115. Adgirl says:

    DumbAss, ask KooKoo why she is still seeing the boyfriend she beat up? Or ask her why she wears fur … or why does she make jewelry out of dead birds…

  116. Kats2 says:

    I don’t know what’s been happening but I know I keep coming back to this blog like so many other people. I Love Lynn! Still got your back. Jill, Luann, Kelly you are losers, get lost.

  117. moneycanbuyyouass says:

    Over half way through and no Alex – what gives?

  118. boston02127 says:

    What’s with the dogs on this show pooing & peeing in the house? Sonja & Jill act like it’s nothing. That has got to smell.

  119. Housewifenut says:

    Please, where can we see the new video of Victoria? Jill has released her flying monkeys, they started invading blogs as soon as the show started.

  120. Adgirl says:

    Here it comes! Chic smell my feet (who said that here?? fabulous!)

    • Whisper says:

      Ha ha!
      Cant stop laughing!

    • Kats2 says:

      That is so funny, who came up with that one? Standing Ovation! Love it!!

      • TLM says:

        For those who know a little French… the below is what I kept thinking in place of that dumb chorus….

        Qu’est-ce que c’est, ça?
        C’est mal…c’est mal…

        Zut! ça chanson…
        C’est mal…c’est mal!

  121. WindyCityWondering says:

    LuAnn can’t sing! Jill the producer? I want to see proof!

  122. Pghemtchick says:

    Aw, Jill forgot to loop her pearls a few more times 😦

  123. boston02127 says:

    Luann doesn’t “sing” it’s more like bad rap.

  124. kellynnola says:

    I completely forgot Cindy was even on this show!

  125. Nancy says:

    I can’t WAIT for next week when Ramona blasts
    LuAnn for her (and the Counts) affairs!!!!
    She gets up and walks out. Priceless!

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I hope she brings every ounce of her sometimes innapropriate bluntness! Time for “countess” to get what she has coming to her. People in glass houses…

  126. Adgirl says:

    “… SKweez, smells like feet”

  127. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    I am wondering. Is there a way to get the blog out from under wordpress…as in independent?

    • Kats2 says:

      Of course there is, but I think Lynn likes her home and why let Loser Jill change a thing.

      The fact/proof that Jill spends her time worrying about this blog is hysterical. I wouldn’t change a thing. Jill can go F herself.

    • kellynnola says:

      You can do it on the same site, as in just lynnnchicago101.com. However, to do that I think Lynn would have to pay for it. It’s a pain.

    • cabbie413 says:

      i was wondering/ hoping that too. I think Lynn should have a mirrored blog that isn’t connected to wordpress AT ALL. ..and this way she has a record of all her blogs and comments even if wordpress gets locked permanently.

  128. Adgirl says:

    Jacob the criminal jeweler?? Another “fabulous” friend.

  129. Cusi77 says:

    Now Shrill is musician and choreographer! Next she will be passing new laws!

    • Caitlin says:

      I was so hoping that Evil Music Gnome would jump up and bitch-slap Jill!

      • happygal says:

        ME TOO! Jill the authority on everything… She says she was responsible for Lumann’s last record getting play, my ass- also did you hear Lumann say Jill is her manager??? if that is so.. Lumann will have to pay jill $$ percentage of what she makes on that-
        As much as Khris Jenner makes me nuts…. I would take her any day or night over Jill

  130. Adgirl says:

    Ramona … if your husband said another woman’s body was competition …. yeah right.

  131. boston02127 says:

    That’s really a normal size hat on Jill’s head. Her head is so humongous (yet empty).

  132. AZ Girl says:

    OMG its the episode where Jill wears a penis on her head

  133. MichellefromNY says:

    Jill does not know what the hell she’s talking about. People ALWAYS dance when the person is singing…oyyyyy

    • dsc60 says:

      yeah but the luann doesn’t even friggin sing so what the hell is she talking about?

  134. I wouldn’t watch this next part if it weren’t for the support of you all

  135. MichellefromNY says:

    Jill, STFU. You’re always complaining . Enough

  136. Nancy says:

    Did you see how nervous Jill was when she first spotted Simon?

  137. Pghemtchick says:

    Jill is soooooooo two faced ugh. “I don’t like to have any negativity!” ugh lies! Why is Simon saying she has a good heart?

  138. Adgirl says:

    Simon! SHUT UP!

  139. NYCer says:

    Wow Alex looks gorg at Sonja’s party. She gets younger and younger.

  140. boston02127 says:

    Shut up Jill, I hate you. Shut up Jill, I hate you. Shut up Jill, I hate you.
    OMG—-She says Alex & Simon like negative attention. Look who’s calling the kettle black!

  141. Adgirl says:

    Jill says she is talking about Silex but she is referring to herself. LOL.

  142. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Right, the only one who can smile to your face and tweet behind your back is JILL! How dare you Simon.

  143. MichellefromNY says:

    Why is jill’s outfit the mumsiest one there?? Reminds me of her unflattering squueeze line

  144. Well – obviously you didn’t let it go Jill.

  145. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    Simon “i love you Jill” WTH?

    • Remember S2 where he obsessed over whether or not Ramona would come to their housewarming party. Alex was like “whatever”, but Simon doesn’t like conflict.

  146. kellynnola says:

    “Bigger and Better Person” my ass…

  147. AZ Girl says:

    Simon wanted that scene on film so that when Jill once again back stabbed them he would have the upper hand.

  148. I don’t know about anyone else, but all of my friends don’t like each other and that’s ok. Nobody, because we are ADULTS, has said, you can’t associate with so-and-so if we are to move on.

  149. Zoey says:

    Ha, Bobby wanted to hug Alex. Jill is so obviously jealous of everyone!

  150. MichellefromNY says:

    Why is jill being such a biatch and walked away as soon simon approaches

  151. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I am just speechless. That talking head is just …… wow.

    • It said a lot about her character, though. I would tell you what it said but I don’t use those kinds of words.

      • happygal says:

        midwesthousewife Big Smile from me! You hit it right- If you have “character and class- you do not have to tell people that you have it… duh… She is so awful and says all of the sh#t with a straight face- ugh-

        LYNN thank you for holding strong, fighting the battles and allowing me to have a place to vent while I watch this- i really have started reading your posts and recaps instread of the show. Without the call outs by B- it just isn’t the same-

  152. NYCer says:

    Simon – ugh. I have zero respect for you. “I LOVE YOU” he says to Jill. Get along for the sake of the “group” and your wife’s career, but don’t lick her feet. Yuck.

  153. mariareads says:


    Oh, I think that just did it for me.

  154. myname2use4now says:

    Jill is trying soooo hard to be Bethenney. I really started watching this season with an open mind but boy, is she pathetic.

  155. Kats2 says:

    I never thought this until tonight but Bobby is giving me the creeps he is really a weirdo

  156. Smompy says:

    Wow, looks like I turned on my TV at exactly the right moment. Now I know that Jill is a saint, a martyr and a bigger person PLUS she speaks very highly of her own character. I’ll sleep so much better tonight.

    • moneycanbuyyouass says:

      No, she’s a weasel.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      WTF was THAT???? Just because you accept someone’s apology does not mean you’ve changed. It’s the actions jill that we want to see changed.

  157. Amy Matheson says:

    Jill is a piece of crap.

    She looks stupid covered head to toe, neck to wrist in black. Ummm… it’s a burlesque party Jill.

    So what does she do once she realized how stupid she looked? Well how about bash Ramona with “your daughter let you out of the house like that????” Stay classy Jill. And when Ramona said yes, Avery approved, she basically called Ramona a liar.

    Jill – you are an ignorant bully.

  158. MichellefromNY says:

    Jill is such a hypocrite because she does associate with the haters of simon by retweeting them and tweeting them back.

  159. Nancy says:

    If I was Alex I’d be pissed at Simon right now.

  160. They are all there but the Countess. She clearly is the only one who doesn’t even bother to try to be a good co-worker with the others.

  161. Adgirl says:

    Hysterical. Jill is so uncomfortable about sex unless it’s transactional.

    • Nancy says:

      I’ve thought for years now that Jill has issues re: sex.
      I think she thinks it’s a duty of being married.
      No wonder Ally wants to investigate this subject.

  162. codystl says:

    So, is Jill going to snark about Ramona crying and saying she and Avery were acting? Avery wrote a very lovely paper about her mom.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      It seems the relationship between Ramona and Avery has not changed over the history of the show. Does anyone remember S1 when Avery called out the women, her mother even, for behaving badly? She was such a cute moralist of a kid then and has grown into a lovely, self assured young woman who still tells her mother how she feels. I respect that.

  163. mariareads says:

    What is happening to this show? Did it just jump the shark? I mean, really. I’m not a prude at all.
    But the boobs w/ the glittery tips? Come on. It’s BS. This show is done.

    • moneycanbuyyouass says:

      I’m inclined to agree with you here especially when you consider that they re-run this at all hours of the day – same as the last episode of NJ and its sex talk with sex toys – not suitable for young eyes.

      • VAgirl says:

        I’m not sure what I think. If you watch the MTV awards and things like that, you can see the same thing with what some of these people wear on the red carpet.

    • TLM says:

      Not even just the show. It’s also Andy and his sex talk and sex games now on every episode of WWHL. It plays like a bad public access show. I think “In Bed With Butch” is less sex-laden.

  164. Amber...Real Wife says:

    She said “My daughter would kill me….”. The same daughter that wants to be a sex columnist. You don’t say.

  165. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    You can’t have zero tolerance for me. You just can’t have zero tolerance. WTF?! So the next time I screw you publicly you will just have to overlook it and don’t you dare respond to my bullying by standing up for yourself, or we can’t be friends. Saint Jill of the hypocrites.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      It’s not zero tolerance, its allowing people to call you out. And jill cant handle the truth!!

    • Caitlin says:

      That “zero tolerance” line may be the single most egregious comment she’s made this season. She expects others to roll over and play dead while she abuses them and stabs them in the back? But don’t dare tell her the truth about herself. Sounds like a remake of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

  166. kellynnola says:

    I wonder why I am watching Jill right now… I should be preparing for my segment on interior design on my local morning news web show tomorrow. Don’t know how the hell I am going to do it 3 1/2 minutes.

  167. kellynnola says:

    Jill and Cindy are such bitches.

  168. Adgirl says:

    “Snitches …. is she tawkin about us?” LOL

    • Amy Matheson says:


      She looks stupid covered head to toe, neck to wrist in black. Ummm… it’s a burlesque party Jill.

      So what does she do once she realized how stupid she looked? Well how about bash Ramona with “your daughter let you out of the house like that????” Stay classy Jill. And when Ramona said yes, Avery approved, she basically called Ramona a liar.

      Jill – you are an ignorant bully.

    • BessiB says:

      If the foo shits

  169. MichellefromNY says:

    Cindy isn’t wearing burlesque, just the same ratty old shorts

  170. mariareads says:

    Sonja gets it. It’s all a lark. All a farce. She’s just called them all out.
    Yes, Jill, you are JEALOUS. The things she said about Sonja were mean and vile.

  171. JillhAter says:

    She is so divisive and thrives on negative attention as fuel for her perpetual victim act.

  172. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    I really think Hell is hearing Jill’s voice saying ANYTHING.

  173. boston02127 says:

    This show is just getting stranger & stranger with one big ugly red head leading the pack.

  174. Finally a WWHL I want to see!

  175. Pghemtchick says:

    I thought the burlesque scene was done tastefully minus the pasteys lol. “DUCK” Jill she’s a jealous miserable woman. At least Sonja keeps it real!

  176. mariareads says:

    Sing it Alex. Tell the truth!

  177. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    Finally! Alex on WWHL

  178. boston02127 says:

    Lynn, I’m glad you’re back. We were all worried today! Glad everything is ok.

    Good night all.

  179. kellynnola says:

    I am nearly done with this show. It is getting so aggravating with idiotic Jill.

  180. I LOVE that Alex is not giving into the “lets pick on Ramona this season”

  181. Zoey says:

    I love Andy and Alex ‘dissing’ Jill!

  182. Pghemtchick says:

    Woohoo for Alex calling Jill out as two-faced and sticking up for Ramona.

  183. Alex has posted her blog.

  184. If you had it like this says:

    I think Cindy gets the award for the all time, rock bottom, low blow comment of all the housewives of all seasons with that nasty “sucking a golden d#@! won’t buy class” or whatever it was. Wow. What a junky bitch. Jill too.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Trashy bitch. Guess what cindy, vajazzling doesnt buy you class either

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      hahaha…a junky bitch-love that!!!!!

    • cabbie413 says:

      Funny, she was talking about Sonja, but it applies mostly to Luann, Kill and Luann, her best buddies. lol

      She’s getting the Jennifer Gilbert edit – remember teh nasty comments Jennifer made during the last season?

    • Katiecoo says:

      She’s trashy, unattractive, boring, moronic and a weird combination of a bitch and a dud!

    • TLM says:

      I didn’t get the whole “golden dick” line. Was Sonja using a prop in the show? Maybe I don’t really want to know!! Ick.

  185. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    Why is it “disturbing” that Mario is heterosexual and gets a boner when confronted with sexy women?

    • Adgirl says:

      If he really had one. Sheesh Andy.

    • Zoey says:

      I thought the same thing! Mario getting excited at women taking their clothes off is, uh, appropriate. I don’t get Andy finding that so weird. I think Andy tries too hard to be funny sometimes, and misses the mark.

      • mariareads says:

        Well, in the spirit of the season, he was attacking someone attached to Ramona. It was stupid. Men who are sexually healthy will be aroused at the sight/thought of something erotic. It’s NORMAL. And yes, Adgirl, if he really had one. I took it as a joke by Mario.
        But either way, it’s a big so what.

  186. VAgirl says:

    Mamecastle had a question! Two words for Alex to describe Kelly.

  187. VAgirl says:

    I love Carson Kressley. He’s a riot.

    • AZ Girl says:

      He has had some major botox. But he admits it and that is cool

    • Kats2 says:

      I did too until he said he’s been friends with Crazy Kelly for years. Later Carson

      • VAgirl says:

        Well, we’re all allowed one major mistake in life. That’s his.

        • TLM says:

          I kinda wondered if they’re really that close, or if he was one of her many “close friends” Kelly would say “Hiiiiiiiiieeeeee!” and hugged at parties here and there. I got the sense he was just being nice when he said, “Yes, we’re friends.”

  188. floridagirl88 says:

    I think tonight I finally “got” Sonja. I wish I had a friend like her.
    Jill still doesn’t get it. Words fail me.
    I want to hate LuMan’s latest song, but its kinda catchy. I’ll never buy it, but it’s catchy.
    Cindy is still so, well, not there.
    Alex was showing some leg and hip, looked good in her black getup.
    Kelly and LuMan? Was that filler because it seemed kinda forced. And hard to believe.
    Ramona, Ramona, Ramona, it’s not all about you. I love you, but its OK to not take everything so personally.

    • BessiB says:

      i “get” Sonja, too. But it was last week when she was digging the phone out of the crapper. But when she said she visualized herself shaking a can on the subway, I was all “Me, too!” I use to spot places in Central Park that I thought, “If I were ever homeless, I would sleep here”.

  189. cabbie413 says:

    #wwhl sucks — Alex needs to learn how to get her one-liner digs in while she has #wwhl as a platform. She just needs to go Sarah Palin on Andy and not answer any questions, but state only what she wants to say lol

    • Kats2 says:

      I HATE Sarah Loser Palin but I agree with everything else you posted.

      • cabbie413 says:

        me too Kats lol me too – remember she never answered questions during the vp debates when gwen eiffel (sp) the moderator asked her things – she only stuck to her talking points and never answered anything lol

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sarah Palin reference!

    • happygal says:

      Cabbie413- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – I am so frustrated with Alex- heer she is on WWL and she isn’t using the platform at all- why doesn’t she just let it all out and blast Andy for editing the show the way they have this season- oh It so frustrates me….. WSh should just usee this time to g heer agenda out and let the people know that Jill and Lumann are lying sacks of sh*T

  190. Adgirl says:

    Carson in the purple pants certainly should give Simon advice.

  191. cabbie413 says:

    alex’s facial expressions are horrendous.. lol SO OVER THE TOP!

  192. Adgirl says:

    Carson: Simon please stop wearing leather space mou-mous.

  193. Adgirl says:

    Kabuki Vampire!

  194. VAgirl says:

    Uh Oh. Carson hearts Kelly. Oh well, no accounting for taste!

  195. Adgirl says:

    makes me think if Really Old Housewife. LOL

  196. MichellefromNY says:

    Oyyy carson…how can you like the ponytail…how?????

  197. VAgirl says:

    Don’t forget to listen to Carly and Lynn right after WWHL (for all you night owls). The link is upthread. You can call in if you want to. If you can’t listen tonight, you can listen later using he same link, I’m sure.

  198. moneycanbuyyouass says:

    Not really digging tonights wwhl. Obviously Alex is able to let it go, I really expected more of a throwdown from her. Carson is too schmoozy liking Jills icky looks and being buds with Kelly

    • VAgirl says:

      That’s because Alex has class and doesn’t feel the need to defend herself. She knows we know.

  199. Kukulet says:

    That scene with Jill and Ally was like watching two strangers meet for the first time. Awkward. Jill doesn’t know her own daughter…she only sees Ally as a reflection of herself. Sad.

    • mariareads says:

      Not only that, Ally will never live up to what Jill is demanding of her. Perfection. She wants her to have the perfect body, the perfect education, the perfect profession. Let the girl alone. She’s doing just fine for herself. She sounds huber smart, she looks great and she is pretty, something her mother never was. Makes me appreciate my own mother so much more to know that she just let me be myself and I have to brag and say my mother was and is beautiful. Just like a 1950’s actress. But she always builds me up and never questions my choices.

      Well, if I was standing in front of a bus I think then she would interfere!

      • Nancy says:

        Jill doesn’t want Ally to marry for $$$$$.
        Sh’s been there, done that.

      • JillhAter says:

        Ally’s last name is Shapiro. I don’t believe for a second using Zarin is for ‘showbiz’.
        I bet she tries to get Bobby to adopt… so she’d be an heir.

  200. Amy Matheson says:

    If Carson had to have sex with a housewife to save humanity – he would pick KELLY??? Well, she does look like a strapping young man, so I can’t blame him.

    Ok, maybe they’d have “supermodel babies” since that is what will keep humanity going… but they will be as dumb as a box of Kellys, so he might as well skip the mercy sex since humanity is doomed if the future depends on the progeny of Carson and JellyBeanSimone.

  201. cabbie413 says:

    i was hoping alex would shout this blog out! wouldnt that be great? lol dangit, Alex needs some bitch training

    Bitch boot camp!

  202. Zoey says:

    Cindy who? She could actually move to Whoville, she resembles the Who’s somewhat.

  203. Kats2 says:

    Sorry I try to support Alex she is not cut out for this she is totally lame. And I hate saying this but she needs coaching, major coaching.

  204. Amy Matheson says:

    I like Alex and Simon’s kindness, but they will always get the beatdowns if the continue to be such wimps.

  205. Kats2 says:

    I state the above because of her response to Kelly’s crazy “Iced out” comment.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I think she was choosing her words carefully since Carson talked about how he and Kelly were such close friends.

      See kind. But wimpy.

  206. If you had it like this says:

    I think Carson is obvs Team Brunette. I happen to like him so he’ll get a pass this time.

    • Caitlin says:

      Sonja is tweeting that she THOUGHT he was a friend of hers. Guess not, but she’s going to call him out for it.

  207. FlowerPower says:

    Ugh. From Simon’s tweet I thought he was gonna post an in-depth blog tonight. Instead, what’s there is the equivalent of “the dog ate my home work.” well, maybe not home work, more like “the dog ate my independent-study-for- extra- credit report.” Disappointing. Gonna go read a book.

  208. mamecastle says:

    HOLY POOP! ANDY ASKED MY QUESTION ON WWHL!!!!!! I can die happy now.

  209. cabbie413 says:

    anyone watching bravo online? or are you guys listening to carly and lynn? ..or both 🙂

  210. moneycanbuyyouass says:

    My cute little dog wants to go to bed and so do I. Carry on and make it work!!

  211. FlowerPower says:

    Haven’t seen DQ around today. If you’re lurking, sending good thoughts your way. Hope you’re okay.

  212. BessiB says:

    Another Bull Shit Brave Pole.

    • Zoey says:

      No way do I believe that poll. Jill had her people ready on speed dial to try to slam Alex, and Alex just responded with a joke.

      • Amy Matheson says:

        Alex is totally outmatched on how to play this game. Jill however, is a jackass extraordinaire and invented the game.

  213. Amy Matheson says:

    “sucking a golden d#@! won’t buy class”

    Well, not class Cindy, but it will buy you baubles from Bobby.

    Just ask Jill.

  214. TheSuy says:

    Did Jill say “we all have to squeeze our fat asses” while her daughter was in the changing room?

  215. mariareads says:

    Oh, how they hate Sonja. Jill and Cindy were so catty. She has what they can never, ever have. She may be campy and she admits to enjoying a very full sex life, but she is real NYC in crowd.
    They are posers. And sorry, but Cindy got her last chance from me tonight w/ her mess that she calls dress. The woman always looks as if she got dressed from the dirty clothes hamper. Can’t take it anymore. It’s time for a new cast. Please!

  216. TheSuy says:

    I think they should take Teen Mom off the air. I really think it has the opposite effect of what Dr. Drew thinks. On the web, I’m finding more and more teens just fascinated with having children.

    • cabbie413 says:

      yes, being a teen mom is being glamorized – some teens even admitted to getting pregnant so they could be on the show!!

      some of the girls have become tabloid fodder, but being a teen mom is far from glamorous

    • VAgirl says:

      I agree. I don’t see it teaching girls a lesson at all. Girls just see them on the covers of magazines and say “Hey, that could be me.” Young girls don’t think about the consequences, especially when they see the ones on TV not having to work full time to take care of their kids.

    • BessiB says:

      Kids are idiots, so it is their mother’s fault. My nieces were on the Pill at 15, to “regulate their cycle”. ( My sister-in-law is a fricking Genius, as far as I am concerned).

  217. http://berlin.patch.com/articles/from-berlin-to-broadway-the-countess-rules
    “After high school, she went to E.C. Goodwin Tech”

    “I thought freshman took the basics like English and math, but when Ally told Jill about her Latino film and human sexuality classes, I quickly realized that a lot has changed since I went to college”

    You didn’t go to college – you went to a year and a half tech school. Ya Dumb Drag Queen!

  218. Viewer1234 says:

    Jill refers to jealously so often. She’s JEALOUS of this and that, him, her, it . . . . Jealousy is SO juvenile. She really has arrested development . . . stopped mentally growing in Junior High. HORRID PERSON!

  219. VAgirl says:

    Going to read the Bravo blogs now.

  220. Kansas Girl says:

    Good show, Lynn and Carly! And so fun to hear some of the IHJZ family call in!

  221. sue says:

    Hey guys, I just had to comment right now, because I/we are fuming. After several attempts to call in to WWHL, I finally got through, and after listening to a short message and then pressing the #1agreeing to the terms, a girl answered and said “Do you have a question for Alex or Carson”, when I answered “Yes, I have a question for Alex and Andy together”, in which “the girl” replied to me, “No your not allowed to ask Andy anything”, and then she hung up!. We could not believe it, I was on speaker phone and wasted approx. 30 min. trying to get through! …My friend (using my phone)tried again,got the recording where you press #1 if agree or #2 if do not agree, and then she was sent to a viewer comment machine that instructed her “to leave a message after the tone”, but she held for approx 5 min of dead air (phone did not hang up)and never got a tone…What is up with this, and why cant we ask Andy a question. If anyone knows how this works with Bravo could you please let us know, cause I for one feel Andy has a lot of explaining to do and I would love to ask him live on the air in hopes to get a response from him or at least see his reaction to the question!

  222. Queen Butter Bean says:

    How do I listen to the radio show? I can’t find a link for the radio show at all….just a link that says Lynn has a radio show.

    I’m travelling for work at the moment and the stupid hotel doesn’t have Bravo!


  223. VAgirl says:

    OK, I just listened to the rebroadcast of Carly’s show. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW SOUTHERN I SOUNDED! Omg! I know I was born and raised and still live in the South, but puleeze! I do not like to hear myself talk at all. On a side note one of the smartest women I know is from Alabama and sometimes even I have trouble understanding her. Let me tell you, she uses that southern drawl to her full advantage. People think she’s not too bright, then BAM, she shows her intelligence and they don’t know what hit them.

    • That’s funny as I didn’t even notice an accent from you! I thought you sounded great and it is so much fun to put a voice with a name. When I first met a dear friend of mine (she was originally from Atlanta) she wanted to know what part of GA I was from. I’ve never lived in the true south but I guess when I get riled up I adopt my mother’s accent (which is Southern Ohio so go figure).

      Sorry I started rambling – it is so late but I am listening to what the CA jurors are saying. Ughhh – it was a divided jury 2 – 10 for 1st degree, 6-6 for manslaughter. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!!

      • VAgirl says:

        I have almost been to southern Ohio. When my daughter was playing softball for the University of Virginia Wise (that’s in Wise, Va, near the Kentucky and Tennesee borders), we went to Georgetown College in KY and noticed that was where the Cincinnati Bengals had training camp. Did your mom grow up anywhere near Georgetown Kentucky?

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I had opinions about the prosecutors before, but I must admit I was wrong. I listened to juror 3s comments earlier and wanted to shake her so hard. From what I gathered they realized a baby died, but there was no evidence a crime happened. What do they call the duct tape? It was there just cause? What do they call drugging the lil baby so she could party? She talked about “theories”. Well there could be a theory aliens kidnapped her, shot Casey with a slutty memory ray, then tossed the baby aside after killing her. IMO from what was said by #3, they didn’t look at the facts, just theories. Theories are fine, but you can’t prove something that doesn’t exist. I get being on a jury is hard. I had one experience with 14 hours of jury duty one day for a woman who had a baby and threw it away. I was the initial 3rd pick from the prosecutor, but on interview stricken by the defense due to knowing her psychiatrist and working mental health & knowing how to deliver a child. I digressed (I blame it being 2am), but this had to be the worst jury ever. I expected based on what she said a child abuse charge to stick. Gah. Can only hope she makes money so the stare and Eqqusearch can be reimbursed. That or she falls flat, and has judgements put against her for the cost.

  224. California35 says:

    Watching Simon and Jill’s talk – UGH!!

  225. mamecastle says:

    Just saw this:

    kellybensimon Kelly K. Bensimon
    @countessluann @jillzarin and I get along well. Choose friends like you, don’t chase after those who aren’t.

    & tweeted my response:

    @kellybensimon @countessluann @jillzarin Wow, this is the most lucid & sane thing I’ve ever heard you say. #birdsofafeather #hypocrites

  226. pastBostonian says:

    This is the ceremony the faux countess says she attended?
    From People Magazine, 3/19/99:
    >>Britain’s Prince William on Thursday became godfather to Prince Konstantine Alexios of Greece, the infant son of Crown Prince and Princess Pavlos, at a ceremony in central London. William, 16, was the only member of England’s Royal Family to attend the christening. Still recovering from an operation on a broken finger, Wills arrived at the ceremony dressed in a dark suit — and a sling.

    William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, had been expected to meet her son Prince Charles’s companion, Camilla Parker Bowles, in public for the first time at the ceremony. But a spokeswoman for the Constantine family had said earlier that neither the Queen — who disapproves strongly of Charles’s relationship — nor Parker Bowles would attend.<<

    The monarchy of Greece was abolished in 1924. Here's a link to info about ceremony, with photos of those in attendance. (Scroll to bottom of page.) Funny. Couldn't find the two deLesseps there…

  227. California35 says:

    I couldn’t get to listen to Carly and Lynn 😦 I couldn’t last week either, but I didn’t want to sound like a complainer – I’m on iPad.

    • I can get it on my iPod Touch just fine. Can you get to the link?

      • California35 says:

        I think so. I click on the link, and it takes me to a page that has writing on top only. Hey name is ther, but there are q lot of other lines I can click on like to log in or account or view or comment. Nothing about listen lol

        • On my screen, underneath her name and a little write up up there is a line Shows and Blogs. I click on that and on the next screen there is another little write up about that show and underneath that (in the same box) it says play get call in number. I just have to tap play.

          I hope this works for you. I am working of the mobile view which took me a while to figure out.

          • California35 says:

            Thank you!! After your instructions i would still get one a step because Mine didn’t have a “play”. I got it now. THANK you!

  228. HD says:

    I just finished the show as I went to bed early the first round.

    Sonja- Why does she keep having these silly parties? Why does it seem like she doesn’t know how to get dressed?

    Kelly and Luann-They looked so fake having those drinks.

    Simon-Why is he so desperate to be Jill’s friend?

    On another note, I know I haven’t been around much but is DJ Fruitloops missing in action?

    • VAgirl says:

      Yes, he had some type of medical issue and I can’t for the life of me remember what happened. He’s on the mend, but it was a really scary thing that happened. He posted on one of the blogs earlier this week. And he’s been posting under Dizziest Queen I think. Others, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • I think he posted 2 blogs ago near the bottom of the comments section about what happened. Was in the hospital and it sounded horrid.

    • California35 says:

      I couldn’t Stand Lu and Kelly so I skipped it….I hope I won’t regret it when read the blog if I missed something worth watching,

      • HD says:

        Thank you, everyone for the info on DJ. I did go back and read his post. I have not been around much (these shows are boring as hell lately and I haven’t watched many of any of them so I missed his initial statement.) I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

        California-You didn’t miss one damn thing. I mean nothing. Boring. Blah. Blah. Boring. Nothing. This show sucks!

  229. Cheri says:

    Can you imagine the backlash to the comments by Jill and Cindy on the reunion show if they had shown this episode before the reunion was filmed. Now we know why the filmed it when they did. Those women are disgusting. Hey all you NYC socialites, what do you think about being represented by these 2 idiots, are they portraying you correctly? Are you all this classless?

  230. Question for the lawyers out there..
    These are examples of men convicted of a crime-served out their sentence then later re-tried on separate charges down the line even though it stemmed from the same act.


    Now with Casey Antony and double jeopardy attachment, I know she can’t be re-tried for murdering her child or assault of a child. But let’s say the DA accepts her defense of it being an accidental drowning, couldn’t she be charged with child endangerment since it is a different crime than homicide?

    • Just to add- of course anyone can throw their opinions out there- it doesn’t have to be lawyers.I was just interested in their legal opinions in particular because they depending on their area of law, they would probably know more case law and the letter of the law. .

    • But I wonder if, since this fictional drowning would have happened at George and Cindy’s, if Casey could even be responsible for the endangerment or if that would make the grandparents liable. And I get that they are a seriously dysfunctional family, but I think it would break my heart to hear anyone say he was responsible. He adored that little girl, IMHO.

      • Her own defense puts her at the time and place of Caylee’s death and only puts George there after the fact.

        • HD says:

          Honestly I don’t think so. I think it is over. Noone is going to chargeher with anything. She is a free woman, free to do whatever she likes even have more children. sigh.

          I did just see they are trying to sign into law Caylee Anthony Law which makes it a crime if you do not report a child missing after a certain number of days. At least that good came out of this mess so no one else will try to pull this “my child has been gone a month and I didn’t report her missing” crap.

  231. It’s taking me hours to watch this show, it’s boring the shit out of me.

    • California35 says:

      I hear ya! I read blogs while “watched” show. I even skipped part of it.

      I did watc WWHL

  232. California35 says:

    Must go ti sleep now… I still have one more day of work …. Good night –

  233. This blog sucks, but all the drama and cheap publicity this thing has helped create speaks volumes about how bad tv is these day and the gullability of anyone who takes this thing seriously. If this blog was created to cyberbully this lady whoever built it sucks big time at cyberbullying. If you really want to cyberbully someone do something that can be taken seriously beyond just a few morinic web users looking at it and thinking its horrible without reading anything. I’ll admit that I have not read it if any, but that is because I don’t take it seriously. If this blogger wants to be taken seriously he or she should start by buying a real domain name and graduating from this WordPress URL.

    • And any legitimacy your org might have had has just flown out the window. I have yet to see you address and report the many instance of Jill’s “cyber bullying” by soliciting fans to make video’s that attack her castmates, creating malicious polls about them.
      Maybe the reason Lynn sucks at cyber bullying is because she is not in fact not doing that. I think by NOT doing something that you are accused of, it would make it look like you are aren’t successful or good at it. I also think it’s a bit odd that someone who wants to end cyber bullying would then council someone on more effect ways to do it.

    • HD says:

      I Hate Jill Zarin is not available for purchase as a .com. Maybe Jill bought it herself or maybe someone else out there hates Jill. That speaks volumes.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks for the advice on how to cyber-bully someone but that’s not my goal.

    • and your here for what reason ?
      dont make me laugh
      the idea that you think this blog was created to cyber bully anyone just shows how limited your intelligence is
      this blog was created for people that all love a certain show and for some of us to rant about the things that piss us off that take place on it

      ps the fact that you felt the need to even post here shows you take it a hell of a lot more seriously then you let on

    • BessiB says:

      “the gullability of anyone who takes this thing seriously”

      This refers only to Jill Zarin and Cyberbullying Report.

      Noone else in their right mind would take it seriously. (Who is the clown who runs that site anyway? We are suppose to take that seriously?)

  234. boston02127 says:

    Good morning ☼

  235. myname2use4now says:

    Maybe I’m wrong on this, but it seems as though Sonja is the only houswife who really does try to promote other artists with her time on the air. This is the second time we’ve seen Chris March and it seemed as though in the clip and in the th, she was really just promoting him because she thought he was so talented. More of a “look at him, isn’t he great” rather than a “look at him, he works for me, aren’t I so great” kind of way. In that respect, I think she shows real class. Thoughts?

    Lumann….please, no more “singing” it’s just awful. And the date between Kelly and Lumann was just awkward and weird. Ewww.

    Simon…maybe it’s time to back off a bit. As much as I like him, if he backed off a bit then Jill would have to find someone else to bully. I think Alex needs a break from all things Jill related. Take one for the team on this.

    Cindy, please just go away.

    Jill…you really think you are an expert in the music business now? That scene was just embarrassing…and as hard as you’re trying to look young and be Bethenny 2.0…you’re failing on all counts. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I hate Jill Zarin!

    Ramona…thank goodness for you on this show. It was fun to see you and Mario and Avery. Love the family dynamic. Love the fact that when someone messes with you, you give it right back in spades. I still think a show with you and Sonja would be a lot more fun to watch than this train wreck.

    Lynn…you are all sorts of awesome! Love this “hate” blog. 😉

  236. everytime i read Shrills email blog my blood pressure goes thru the roof
    she thinks were all haters just because we hate her
    how could anyone in thier right mind like that troll bitch from hell with her two faced nasty comments directed at everyone daily
    During teh first season when she was tolleraterated because of her her friendship with Bethenny i had a friend who is an interior designer that told me he worked with her on a project and that she was a total C*** then i didnt want to believe it cause we didnt know that much about her and she seemed nice
    littel did we know then how right he was
    im so sick of her ripping into Simon & Alex and i thought i would puke last night when he seemed to kiss her ass
    Simon is a good person he just wants there to be peace between teh entire cast
    he is looking out for his wife as well as his interest
    if it werent for them and the blondes i would have stopped watching
    of course avery made me cry last night she is such a sweet girl

    • HD says:

      Funny you are here today! I just asked about you like 4 or 5 post up!! Yeah, I know you probably think, huh HD missed me?! LOL! But yep, I did! I noticed you had not been around and didn’t know what happened. Hope you are feeling better!

  237. boston02127 says:

    Hi DQ—How are you feeling? Better I hope. I agree with you about the blondes, it’s the only reason I watch. I luv watching Ramona & Avery together, they’re so real compared to Jill & Ally. And Ally wanting to be a sex column writer. Ha. I just can’t see that happening.

    • Hi Boston im feeling better on my way to the g/p to see what he will do about the meds
      i have completely revised my diet which will help with everything else
      I was crying so much last night when Avery read that to Ramona
      anytime i see Ramona water up i lose it
      this certainly has been her year all the people that used to not like her so much i think have fallen in love with her this season
      Sonja continues to be a breath of fresh if not dizzier then I air LOL
      Alex is w/o a doubt my fave now she is so real and down to earth and you can tell that she is a good person and while she doesnt take any u know what from anyone she doesnt seem to hold grudges
      Kelly is still koo koo i mean she is better then scary island but not by much and LuLU i just hate like poison but i do like her single LOL


  238. boston02127 says:

    Why did Jill take the T to go visit Ally? What happen to that SUV Bobby bought her? I don’t think she took the T because she cares about the economy.

  239. boston02127 says:

    GTG, have a good day everyone.

  240. Indy501 says:

    Lynn, how come you didn’t mention Cindy’s “golden” comment? Otherwise, a boring show…..

    • vilzvet says:

      Yes I heard Cindy made a disgusting comment. Will catch that classiness on the replay. I watched some of it last night.

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