I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York

It’s the mother / daughter episode!

First we have to watch as Luann teaches her daughter how to drive.   This is a repeat of Bobby and Jill teaching Ally to drive last season, or the season before….who can remember the dull stuff?  Get this, Luann says in her blog that the reason Victoria was driving too fast was because her father likes car racing.  Makes perfect sense to me….actually not so much!

Ramona and her daughter Avery are very real, that school project that Avery wrote about a person that she looks up to and cited her Mother Ramona could have been a set up for television but the reason I don’t think it is, is because Avery also spent a portion of the scene criticizing Ramona, which made the paper seem very real.  Avery isn’t happy that Ramona talks on the phone during their meal time or that she’s home alone until 9pm in the evening while Ramona and Mario are out.  In the end, Ramona must be doing something right because Avery is an amazing young woman.

Jill visited Ally at college and I have to give Jill credit when it’s due, for once the conversation was all about her daughter, Jill asked, listened and followed up with Ally and I actually found Jill funny when she was talking about her daughter taking a human sexuality course.  Jill was able to undo all the good she did at lunch by acting like a shrew while shopping with her daughter.  Poor Ally can’t even choose her own clothes without Jill criticizing her choices.  Overall I wasn’t completely disgusted with the mother/daughter Jill scenes, it could have been worse.

We only had to endure crazy Kelly for one scene really, she and Luann had a conversation (if you can call it that) in a lounge over drinks….Kel Kel couldn’t decide what to order and rather than choosing a cocktail she might like, she was choosing her drink by its name on the menu.  Similar to choosing a race horse by the name and not the horse’s or the jockey’s performance, Kelly picked a drink because of what it was called rather than what was in the drink.  The beer expert had no clue how to order a cocktail, Luann had to read the names to her like a child.  This woman really lives in New York City and raises two children?  Seriously?

The discussion consisted of, “you’re great, I really like you” then, “no, you’re great, I adore you”.   Apparently Kelly could listen to Luann’s stories all day but I have no idea what these two were talking about, they sucked the air right out of the room.  These two women are the biggest fake’s on earth!  No one will convince me that they’re really friends outside of television.

There was a whole lot of scenes showing Sonja getting ready for her burlesque party, shopping, trying on clothes, dancing in her bedroom with Chris Marsh as he helped her prepare her outfit.  They were a little dull to be honest but if the alternative was more of Cindy, Luann, Jill or Kelly, I’d much rather watch Sonja do just about anything.

It was nice to be almost completely Cindy-free, she made an appearance at Sonja’s party just long enough to make an ass out of herself with Jill Zarin.  The two of them stood together watching Sonja’s performance making snarky comments the entire time, even saying, “is she drunk?”, they were completely rude!

Simon and Jill finally had their sit-down with Bobby as a witness and they both said all the right things to each other, Simon apologized although I’m not exactly clear on what he was sorry for because he never said.  Jill used her typical line, “you can’t have zero tolerance for me” which basically means she gets a pass no matter what she does or says.  She can have zero tolerance for others but no one can be upset with Jill if she makes a mistake.

I think this discussion, which later included Alex, was well before Simon and Alex saw the video of Jill calling Alex a “F****n Bitch” at the wedding and the nasty “social status” comment.  I don’t think you can hold anyone to a peace-making discussion when later you learn that one person in the truce was two-faced and lied.  Can you?

As Alex pointed out on Watch What Happens Live, Jill admitted to being two-faced and she’s ok with that, apparently Jill believes that the talking head interviews are meant for slamming her fellow housewives and it’s all part of the game.  Maybe this is where the zero tolerance exception comes into play for Zarin?

Jill proved to be two-faced as Sonja came off the stage and after having slammed her throughout the performance, Jill then hugged Sonja and told her she was jealous of how great she looked.  Really Jill?  Don’t these women remember they’re wearing microphones and being filmed?

I thought the ladies all looked really beautiful at Sonja’s party, I really do like Sonja but she baffles me at times.  She told us that she had very important guests in from Europe and even royalty, they take their burlesque very seriously?

The first performance was just a stripper to me but what do I know about burlesque?  I thought Sonja’s performance was certainly “out there” but in the end we have to give her props for getting up there and performing the way she did, it was pretty daring.  I really loved how Jill thought Sonja was talking about her but said, “is she talking about US?”  Who is “Us” Jill Zarin?  The brunette’s?  I’d say, yes, she is probably talking about YOU Zarin!

All of the ladies seem to like Sonja with the exception of Cindy but Cindy is a complete waste of space and it seems like Bravo is getting that by now.  It’s late in the season and we don’t see too much of Cindy, thank goodness!  Even Luann rarely says a bad word about Sonja, could you imagine if Alex McCord had gotten up and performed that routine?  She’d have been ripped apart limb by limb by all of the brunette’s.  No, only Sonja could have done what she did on national television.

Unfortunately we had to sit through listening to Luann’s song but only a bit of it (Thanks Bravo!) of course Jill had to give her opinion of how to mix the song because Jill’s not only a doctor, dentist, financial advisor, attorney and rude bitch, she’s also a music producer.  Even Luann was quick to remind Jill in her interview that her advice wasn’t needed, but I have to say, someone’s advice telling Luann she shouldn’t do this would have been valuable.  This woman cannot sing, but she’s not singing in this one, she speaks with the voice of a man and makes a complete fool of herself, again!

Luann’s tone deaf producer, Chris Young suggests that Luann do a music video to go along with the song, this guy’s a genius!  Luann clearly already knew she’d be filming a video and tells Jill she wants to include all of the other housewives.  As we know, the only two who agree to do it are Kelly and Jill, the fame whores.  Sonja, Ramona and Alex are chastised by the one who can’t sing yet I noticed Cindy’s not there but seems to get a pass.  When Lulu looks back on this in years to come she’s going to regret including Cindy in her lyrics because we’ve all have forgotten who the hell she is as soon as this season ends.

Next week we actually have to watch Luann, Kelly and Jill make this video, I don’t know why Bravo wants to punish it’s loyal viewers.  What have we done to deserve this Bravo???

There is already a preview video of Jill and Luann getting hair and make up done for the video, could there be anything more dull?  Oh right, no Cindy, I guess we should be thankful?

If you missed Carly and I dissing on the show, you can listen here:


We’ve discussed doing a show after The Real Housewives of New Jersey as well, would you guys listen to that?  Let me know, if there is interest we’ll sure give it a try!

This is the You-tube video Luann parody that Carly refers to (thanks for sending it VAGirl):





Big Brother, A Mini-recap

Big Brother also premiered last night, I love that show!  If anyone is interested in blogging it, please send me an email.  LynnAHudson@aol.com  (remember it’s 3 nights a week) Thanks!

Big Brother Newbies

I think it’s going to be a great season with the couples theme and half the house is made up of newcomers while the other half are veteran Big Brother contestants.  Each couple will play together but the Head of Household (tonight Rachel…yuck!) will choose two people for eviction.  Another twist is that the nominee who does not get evicted will get a golden key and a pass for the next four weeks directly into the final 10.  Jeff and Jordan, Brenden and Rachel, Evil Dick and his daughter Danielle are going to be tough to beat as they proved in the first competition.

The most annoying Big Brother contestant ever, Rachel as head of household will now have to choose two people for eviction but has to remember that whoever is not voted out will be her housemate for at least four weeks.  She promised Evil Dick and Danielle that they would be safe as they made a deal during the competition.  I would have preferred to see Danielle and Rachel fight it out til the end because they’re both tough competitors.

It’s going to be a fun season!

Don’t forget to check out some friendly blogs:








Tomorrow we’ll discuss the blogs, Watch What Happens Live and more of the show, as of this morning we’re still missing Sonja, Jill (who cares?) and Cindy (not missing a thing) from the blogs, apparently Jill is out of town so maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll skip blogging altogether this week.  (crossing fingers!)  And this weekend…The Rich Amons Asshat of the Week, don’t miss it!

Until Next Time…



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612 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

  1. IndianaHousewife says:

    Good morning everyone. Lynn thanks for all you do and giving us a place to meet up with each other. I always look forward to reading what you have to say and seeing what everyone has to say.

  2. Housewifenut says:

    Jill’s blog says Cindy showed up but was cut from Luann’s video.

    • VAgirl says:

      Wow, Cindy isn’t even relevant enough to be in the video when she took the trouble to show up for it. If she was worse than Jill and Kelly, then that is really sad.

    • JillhAter says:

      Countless: Won’t it be hilarious that she won’t be in it.

      Jill: Oh, It was the best thing to do. she won’t know she ain’t in it until airs. She will give us ( I will make her ) free services at Completely Bare even for our friends.
      Think of the bargahhhning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      See gurls. I can take you places!

      Kelly: Jill you earned your degree in PR101. She will think we luv her and be on our side in fights on the show,

    • GingerTheNoseMiner says:

      Ha Ha Ha to funny. The poor little wretch can’t seem to get anyone to not cut her out of pictures. No wonder she needs to do this show… so her children will know what she looks like when they are older and on vacation with thier nannies.

  3. maryla says:

    Thanks Lynn, for the site and the RHONY updates. I boycotted the show/JZ last night because of the blog mess yesterday (got a good night’s sleep instead). When I got up I read through the blog and comments, and I don’t think I missed too much. Happy Friday and happy weekend to everyone at IHJZ!

    • vilzvet says:

      I myself prefer to watch the show the next morning after I read some of the comments here and of course the always prompt Lynn blog! I’m also going to check out the Bravo blogs (no comments though!). I had to watch the Yankee game live last night because my man Derek Jeter is going for 3000 hits.

    • Trudie says:

      My son has been in the hospital all week and I haven’t had my computer. What was the blog mess yesterday?

  4. VAgirl says:

    The Brunette Bunch is to be pitied.

    Jill wants to be loved and adored by everyone and that will never,ever happen – that’s sad.
    Luanne cannot be “authentic” and therefore will never have a genuine friendship – that’s sad
    Cindy doesn’t seem comfortable with her own children nor confident as a Mom – that’s sad
    Kelly has never grown up and seems to be drifting aimlessly through life – that’s sad

    What a sad, sad group of ladies.

    • vilzvet says:

      And what a spot-on analysis!

    • ms molly says:

      Well, LuMann seems to have gotten a pass on authenticity because according to her hometown newspaper, she happens to be one of the most influential women in the world, so as long as she’s influencing people, genuine friendships and being authentic are unnecessary…..

      • MsJxn says:

        Think it’s more like a high school newspaper!! Seeing that she calls herself a nurse,..and went through 6 months of training…….ummmmm hummmm, rrrriiighhhhhtttt!!!

    • I would almost feel sorry for Cindy as since Morrocco she seems to be trying to make an effort BUT then when you hear there is a lawsuit against her for racial discrimination it just makes you hate her more

  5. MickeyMouth says:

    Glad to see the blog up and running again. Jill can’t keep you down Lynn 🙂

    Last night’s episode of RHONY was boring and felt completely contrived to me. It gave me something to snark about, but I find I like this show less and less. Maybe because they keep trying to sell me something that I know is BS: Kelly is not sane, Jill has not changed, Sonja is not rich, Luann can’t sing, Ramona isn’t a drunk, Alex is not forceful, Simon isn’t a cyberbully and well Cindy is boring so Bravo got that right. Stick a fork in New York, I think it’s done.

  6. floridagirl88 says:

    LuMan isn’t singing in her video. She is speaking, actually you could say she is rapping. Who knew? LuMan has a rap video. Tee hee hee

    • Caitlin says:

      What a gift to detractors that video is! Jill, LuAnn and Kelly have their heads so far up their own behinds that they have no idea of how absurd they look and sound. I haven’t had an episode to look forward to since that camel tried to buck LuAnn into a sand dune. Evil Music Gnome gave them a rope which they happily tied and put around their own necks. Voila!

      • When I watched Jill in that video the first thing that popped into my mind was her charity – Creaky Joints.

      • Team Blonde says:

        Re: the camel comment.

        Everytime I watch that snippet, I feel like I’m watching a bobble head. Could someone PLEASE make a LuMann on a camel bobble head? Pretty please?!

        • LynnNChicago says:

          That’s a good question for Mickey Mouth…we’ll have to ask her! She’s a wiz with photoshop or whatever she uses! Welcome Team Blonde!

  7. NDS says:

    What happened with the blog yesterday? Did Bravo or Jill shut it down?

    • vilzvet says:

      Jill tried to shut it down because of the screen shot of her Facebook self-adulation page shown in the previous blog.

      • that woman needs to be sued or slapped
        really really really hard
        how Ramona has kept from doing it this season is beyond me
        all i can think is she is just a better person then I

  8. cali says:

    Good morning from the West Coast!
    The scene of the daughters episode between Ramona and Avery, and Jill and her daughter couldn’t be more stark! The scene in which Avery reads to her mom whom she looks up the most was touching, and charming-Ramona tearing up was genuine, and her laove for her daughter became obvious.
    the scene between Jill and her daughter was more artificial, no intimacy or level of genuine love as Ramona had was visible. (By the way, is it just me, or does Jills always licking dog looks like one of these rodents frm South America, which size is that of a bog rabbit?).
    Something about Sonja became obvious to me last night-she lives in a -make-believe-world. Being european, and knowing what the uppity society does or likes (I had to divorce my husband after 7yrs, because I couldn’t take the boredom anymore) Sonja missed the mark entirely. ‘Burlesque parties only take place during ‘Fasching” which is equal to Mardi Gras in America. I became clear that Sonja is trying too hard; she wants to continue living the lifestyle she once had, although she can no longer afford. Her behavior borders on sluttiness at times, and she should lay off a bit; it does not suit her-I like Sonja, she’s likable without all the oversexing.
    Her financial woes are hurting her, and all the papering over with parties of make-believe can’t fix that!
    What is Simon afraid off? The consant apology to Jill just seem out of place, whatelse is going on here? He hasn’t done anything wrong, and only gives Jill more ammunition to make up more lies!

    • I dont think Sonja would be Sonja without the over sexing
      that doesnt bother me in the least as i can be very that way myself at times
      the only problem i ever had with her was when she didnt recognise how wrong she was to Alex & Simon regarding the march
      and that she pulled a semi LuMannaconda by speaking and NOT listening to what was being said

  9. From Jill’s blog:

    “I want to end all of this bickering about mean tweets. Bobby and I both talked to Simon about our relationship and hope we can finally move to a more positive place. I decided to not publish or talk anymore about the hate and move on to more positive and interesting things that we are all doing. Honestly? It is so juvenile.”

    Must be she realized she can’t produce non-existent tweets from Simon.

    • Let’s think a little about the time warp. They talked to Simon in November – yet she embellished her accusations in last week’s secret newsletter and in her interview on some morning show. So what does talking to Simon 5 months ago have to do with her decision??

      I think she realized she went over the line with her accusations last week – and she’s retreating. I wonder if this move will change what Simon has to say in his blog.

      And how about her finally getting her blog posted early so that Ramona and Simon could see that she’s trying to keep it all quiet now??

      • NJBev says:

        Yes, PVS- she realized this week that she went over the line and is retreating.
        Just as she did with Bethenny-

        • NJBev says:

          sorry, this is a response to Housewifeaddict!!

        • Retreating in public, but working behind the scenes to get wordpress to shut Lynn down.

          • Caitlin says:

            Exactly! And she tried like hell to avoid having a conversation with Simon AT ALL in last night’s episode. Let’s face it, if things are “resolved” on tape, then Jill has less ammo in her Bitch Grab Bag. I’ll give Bobby props on one thing: that conversation would never have taken place if he had not insisted on it. .

    • she hasnt shut up about it once since it happened
      all her new blogs mention it
      what a lying sack of miserable bones she is

    • dsc60 says:

      i think she realized she was giving this blog attention and she certainly doesn’t want that. i bet she regrets that it ever came to light. after all the negative comments that somehow leaked through last week, she knows this blog may grow and grow and that my friends is one of her worst nightmares.

  10. JillhAter says:

    That is so Jill Zarin. LOW BROW and PITY PARTY “Discount PRINCESS”
    Jill trying to apologize to someone: “I forgive you”

    She should be cut out of RHONY.

  11. Now this video is pretty funny – Ramona explaining to LuAnn that the secret to raising children is actually spending time with them. Remember this comes a week before Ramona retweeted the Victoria video.

  12. NJBev says:

    when this show first started airing, I would watch each episode at least 3-4 times. Each time
    I would catch something I missed the first time around.
    Now, I can barely get thru the first showing and have not watched a single repeat.
    The show is forced, contrived, boring, and downright uncomfortable to watch.
    It’s kind of sad, like the end of an era-
    but, for me, this show has become unwatchable.

    • BessiB says:

      I have a few of S1 and S2 episodes still on my IPod that I watch every now and then.

    • Cusi77 says:

      I am with you. It has become so upsetting and unwatchable that I prefer to be watching the first time while snarking here with these great and funny commenter’s than paying attention to details I used to watch, and re-watch, trying to catch something I didn’t the first, second or more times I used to watch it! My hubby wants to watch it with me after airing the first time and I prefer to leave the room. It makes me sick! And it’s not funny anymore.

    • Toga says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • HD says:

      Amen, NJBev. I feel the same way. This is the only season where I have not watched repeat after repeat.

    • Everyone keeps saying its boring but i dont find that to be the case
      week after week i watch i get mad,mostly at what lying evil pieces of crap most of the brunettes have become,i dont get bored i just get angry
      still its like a bad car wreck you know you shouldnt look but you just cant stop
      Jimmy watched the last one with me he is being super attentive since my hospital stay so this was a big thing for him as he hates all the housewive shows in his defense he does adore Bethenny and will watch that and like myself he loves Nene just because she cracks him up but wont watch the full show
      while he was watching this episode he got it all right on the money
      Jill was a mean spirited yentta that doesnt shut up
      Luanne is NO mom
      Kelly is a whack job
      but he loved Ramona tearing up
      he LOVED Alex & Simon and he Loved Sonja saying omg she is like barbara striesand in the 60’s
      he wont watch again but he convinced me that im not entirely nuts in my opinions of these peopl

  13. Jill’s blog is up and this is one of the things she has to say:

    “I decided to not publish or talk anymore about the hate”

    I wonder if she will hold true to that in her secret newsletter or blog.

    So it’s okay to make false accusations, and then just say I don’t want to talk about it? I suspect the backlash from her newsletter last week has been huge.

  14. plainviewsue says:

    I completely agree with NJ Bev. The first three seasons episodes I could watch over and over. Esp Scary Island. The show is nothing without Bethenny.

    This episode was so boring I’d find myself wandering while watching it. The only scene that I did find interesting was Jill shopping with Allie. Rewind to season one when Gloria and Jill was shopping. Gloria criticized what she tried on; she criticized the designer. Jill said she felt very stressed shopping with her mother. Fast forward to present day. Jill has truly become Gloria and poor Allie has to deal with a critical mother. “I know what looks best on Allie.”

    I was very disappointed with Simon. What is it with him and Jill? Why is it so important to him that Jill is part of his circle of friends? She has been vicious to his wife since the show began.

    I was hoping Alex would talk more about the mean tweeting on WWHL, bringing up Jill’s tweets about Ramona.

    When oh when will this season end?

  15. maggie_01bklyn says:

    Rude equates to classless, and that is what the Countess is, what amazes me is that people continue to pay this woman.

    It’s obvious that Jill’s behavior has gone down hill since she hooked her social wagon to the ClassLess Countess. Now we add into the mix nut job Kelly, these three are never going to be GOLDEN GIRLS… MEAN GIRLS for sure.

    Ladies farm animals behave better than you, and there is a valid reason for their odor.

    I was totally amused by Jill’s comments about Sonja, questioning her class. That act alone is RUDE. Bobby the only protection you can provide for Jill is a muzzle. In fact perhaps you can buy three diamond studded muzzles for the girls… Buy in bulk and this will ring Jill’s bell…. you could get a DISCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yayablue says:

      Yeah, but these brunette women are savvy. Look at all the buzzwords these women have used this season – I see them filtering in posts on other blogs. Alex and SImon’s relevance? (As opposed to Jill’s??) The brunettes say that Ramona has a drinking problem and THAT becomes the story and it’s repeated on the blogs. (If Ramona had a drinking problem, I highly doubt that Avery and Mario would behave as they do with her.) All season long, these brunettes have had an agenda to marginalize the blondes. To ice them out. Kelly says Sonja’s home is smelly. LuAnn says Simon is a dangerous cyber bully. They’ve all had nothing but contempt for Alex. Even preseason when the wives were doing the talk show circuit one of them always made a point to make a derogatory comment about Alex. And yet THEY make the bully claim? It sickens me.

      Am I awful for wanting a big blowout fight between Kelly and Luann and Jill? Let’s see how relevant any one of them are without the others.

      • well they think they are savy what they didnt count on was that the tv audience isnt stupid and see them for the trash they actually are

        sooner or later Shrill will throw LuMannaconda way under the bus and announce to the world how often The Countless cheated on her hubby when they were still a couple

  16. ChiTownRocks says:

    The video was totally funny, loved it. I really don’t know what Simon was apologizing for.

  17. vilzvet says:

    So in .Jill’s blog she said she’s at the home of freakin’ Robbie Williams?? BIg English superstar who never caught on here, as I recall. What on earth do they have in common? Scratching my head over this one.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Jill is a leech and some people are willing to be suck-ered.

      • Amy Matheson says:

        And I forgot, Robbie Williams is the adorable Ginger Zarin’s “Uncle Robbie.”


    • JillhAter says:

      someone will point out this blog to Robbie.

      Robbie has been a victim of ‘friends’ calling the tabloids on him. When he finds out that Jill Zarin is huge culprit of snitching on her friends and those that aren’t.

      She has Cindy Adams on speed dial.

      • @tweatcyn says:

        “The Jealous Ones are the Snitches” Sonia Morgan’s Burlesque. Yes Jill, she was talking about YOU (and Cindy).

  18. AZ Girl says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!! Happy Friday. Kelly and LuMann’s conversation last night still has me rattled. Kelly makes no sense and you could tell by Luann’s facial expressions that she is trying to figure out what Kelly is saying. Kelly is childlike and she really does have some kind of mental problem.

    Ally and Jill’s lunch was sweet but then they go shopping and Jill can’t say anything nice. Poor Ally.
    Avery composition about her mom was really heartfelt and real. She was telling the world that she loved her mom’s for who she is good and bad. That is class. Take note LuMann, Avery is the example you should live by.
    I love Sonja. Her party was fun with the exception of Jill and Cindy. Chris March is great.

    Bobby seems to be hanging around Jill this season playing the protective husband. I think Simon wanted to make peace with Jill last night to protect Alex and the chums. As many of you know Jill can make you life a living hell.

  19. IndianaHousewife says:

    Just something I noticed while watching the Sonja / Toilet rerun last night. Sonja is in the bathroom with the plumber wearing a large gray/black beaded bracelet. She goes to answer the door, still has bracelet. She returns to bathroom talk with plumber about Cha Ching, Cha Ching, still wearing bracelet. She puts her hand in the toilet no bracelet. The thing is they never show her removing it. It makes me wonder what was edited out?

    It is silly I know but it makes me think the reason she was willing to put her hand in with no glove and removed the phone and toilet tissue and be willing to pick the tissue off the phone is because it had just been put there.

    So are we seeing a reenactment of what actually happened or is Bravo trying to say this is how things actually went down?

    I have developed this bad hobby while watching the Housewives. I find myself watching for this little mistakes more than following the show. Does anyone else do this and what have you caught?

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Which might also explain why the plumber seemed so non-plussed when she reached into the toilet. Did you notice that he had on socks, no shoes, but Sonja had on heels? What’s up with that?

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Yes I did. 🙂 I thought he might have removed his shoes when he entered her house. I know I always remove my shoes, even when not asked. It is a habit from growing up that I have never outgrown, in fact I find it weird to watch people on these shows wear their heels in their own homes.

      • Dwight Schrute says:

        I noticed the socks. I also noticed that when the Feng Shue expert came in they made it appear like Sonja was letting her in the front door when she was really coming in from another room (you could see a lamp and furniture back there)

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          I saw that. I want to go back and re-watch Sonja’s house party when Bryan painted her picture. I want to compare the entryway (which I think was painted an orangy color to what was shown last night).

          This proves it – I really need to get a hobby! There are serious issues in our world and I am trying to be the new detective of Bravo Editing – pretty sad. 🙂

          • BessiB says:

            You do that while I monitor the blog counter.
            (Back to turning my cans facing front in the pantry.)

      • its her house
        he is a worker

        lots of people have workmen remove thier shoes when coming into thier homes

    • @tweatcyn says:

      INDY, that’s Hilarious! I was watching that bracelet’s disappearance and reappearance during that rerun last night also. LMAO.

    • Michelef. says:

      There is definitely something missing. The way they edited it made is seem like she called a plumber to fix her toilet and then he just stood there watching her do it herself and then she asks him not to charge her. For what?? It still makes me lol!

  20. Big brother watchers – Evel Dick is already gone – speculation is he broke the rules by telling people he was going to be on the show – and got booted.

    • kbinldo says:

      YAY!! I couldn’t stand him or his lousy daughter when they were on the first time.

    • Shannon says:

      I’m not sure how I feel about it. I hated DIck on his season but I want Jeff and Jordan to stay for awhile and they needed him for numbers plus he was a big target. So now Danny gets a 4 week pass, so I guess she is secretly happy.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I’m already sad. I knew after watching After Dark last night something was up. I hope he went out with style at least. Guess I’m touting for Adam now lol. I’m loving the conspiracy theory talks with the newbies from last night.

    • did BB start already ????

  21. JillhAter says:

    Sonja couldn’t afford for him to clear it. IMO

  22. kbinldo says:

    I thought the comment about the golden (you know) was way out of line. How ironic that the most prudish tut-tutting at Sonja’s performance came from the woman who owns a beaver barbershop.

    And once again Kelly “I don’t drink alcohol” owns up to drinking mainly beer (and Patron shots) & then can’t stand the cocktail that she ordered. Since we know she downs tequila, why wasn’t she smart enough to order a margarita? What evs.

    Oh, & did anyone else catch the Jose Cuervo 100 calorie maggie mix ad? Looks like Skinny Girl’s got some competition. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Bet the Joe Crow guys were kicking themselves in the ass for turning Bethenny down when she shopped Skinny Girl around.

    • JillhAter says:

      Kelly never having a cosmopolitan? Really?
      He dialogue with Countless was ‘rich’.

      I remember not too long ago that Kelly loved torturing the Countless. Didn’t she invite Countless to Miami for a BikiniBook party and then rescind the invitation? (cut out like Cindy Barshop)

    • I thought it was especially funny that she said it to Jill who is very proud of being a gold-digger.

    • linda2148 says:

      kbinldo you seem to say exactly what I’m thinking. I also think Kelly’s “I don’t drink alcohol” is bs. She drinks, period!! And maybe more than that.

      Cindy and Jill’s comments were totally out of line and really shows their disrespect for Sonja.

      Poor Simon is just trying to keep the peace. I really think he could take Jill on if he really wanted to. I’m not sure about Alex and I love her for that. She just doesn’t have that “viper aggressive” instinct in her. Not a mean bone in her body.

      • kbinldo says:

        Yeah, it’s bs. She made a big fuss over not drinking alcohol on the Scary Island trip, yet not 5 minutes later, was shown lining up Patron shots on a tray & suggesting they all start knocking them back.

        • @tweatcyn says:

          that’s what was discussed in the reunion. she said I just want to be accepted and appreciated for who I am and everyone said in unison: we don’t know who you are. you contradict yourself constantly. I don’t eat processed foods, I don’t drink, I don’t have one night stands, I don’t put your children in the press, I don’t act like a 13 year old, etc.

        • because she is a schizophrenic

  23. Shannon says:

    Lynn what is the protocol for Big Brother? As in, those of us that watch the live feeds. Should we not talk about what is happening or just talk about what happened on the previous show? The reason I’m asking is something major happened last night that will change the game. It probably won’t be announced until next week. It was not something planned by Big Brother so its not a twist or anything, but I don’t wanna say it because it is a major spoiler unless its ok.

    • Oops – I just posted it. Do people not watch after dark or the live feeds?

      • Shannon says:

        There are a lot of people that just watch the CBS shows, so I wasn’t sure what we should do. If maybe we should just write ********BIG BROTHER SPOILER*********. That way if people don’t want to read it they can skip over it. It’s really hard to not talk about whats going on in the live feeds. lol That is where the real show is.

      • Shannon says:

        I didn’t see your comment when I wrote that. lol Sorry! I started writing it then had some work emails that needed to be sent so went and did that. I wasn’t posting about your comment but I was wanting to tell it but not sure how Lynn wanted things done.

        • Debbie says:

          housewife addict, shannon
          it’s a great “spoiler”. wondering if we’ll know before sunday and if they will deal with it on air sunday night

          • Shannon says:

            I’m thinking they will show it on Wednesdays show. But, they will probably start promoting that something happened on Sundays show but say turn in next time to find out. I read on a Big Brother message board that he left due to something happening to his girlfriend or her family member.

            • mariareads says:

              I think we should post SPOILER ALERT or something like that. Some people get very upset when they hear something before a show. I’m the opposite. I like to see how they spin the truth (the producers).

              • VAgirl says:

                Thats a good idea. Even better is the post BB SPOILER ALERT so we’ll know it’s about Big Brother. I would rather not know before it happens, although it will probably all over the internet anyway. That’s why I thought about recapping Big Brother for Lynn, but I figured a lot of you guys would know a lot more than me becase I’m only watching thge CBS version, so I opted out.

                • JaniceP says:

                  I only watch the episodes on CBS, but wouldn’t mind knowing what’s going on? Tell me PLEASE!

                • Shannon says:

                  VAgirl I think you would be perfect to recap it. I love reading your post. Since the recapping is about the show only it shouldn’t matter about the people who watch the live feeds knowing more. Maybe we could just jump in every now and then and post if something major happens and we can write the BB SPOILER ALERT message first.

                  • VAgirl says:

                    Thanks, Shannon, if it weren’t three nights a week I might be able to handle it. I’m sure there are others her who could do it. How about it guys. Lynn’s looking for someone if they want to do it. Just e-mail her.

    • i cant believe i missed the premier when did BB start ???

  24. Amy Matheson says:

    I thought the scene with Avery and Ramona was sweet.

    Avery is well loved and given the best of everything – especially time, which is the most precious gift of all – from her parents. It is clear she loves them back.

    However, while Avery is overall a great girl. she could watch her mouth a little and show a little respect for her mother. We all know that Ramona isn’t the typical mother and her verbal filter doesn’t work often. As much as it probably annoys Jill, despite all the times Ramona has been unfiltered and blunt, there is something inherently kind and genuine about her. Some people have that quality and some people don’t, Jill.

    But back to Avery – you’re a good kid, but if my 16 yr old talked to me the way you speak to your mom at times, you wouldn’t be going out to get the mail let alone spending the summer in London. Be grateful for what you have, Avery. I know you are.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Take a look at Season 1. Avery is still being true to herself. She is an interesting young woman.

      • Amy Matheson says:

        Just like her momma. 🙂 she is true to herself.

        Maybe should have better sense than to say everything she thinks on camera or ask Kelly for help herding her mother’s friends out of her sweet 16 party… but in the same way Ramona is trusting of most anyone and doesn’t always filter what she says, Avery is not much different – though personality wise she is.

        The main thing they have in common is that despite any glitches (which compared to some of the dysfunctional mother daughter relationships on the rest of the show are minor – see: absentee moms Cindy and Luann, best friend and doofus mom KuKu, and Jill’s passive aggressive attacks on Ally smothered in what appears to be – love?) they do seem to remain likeable despite anything they say to each other…. like “my party will top yours” (Ramona – haha) and “you’re never there for me” (Avery as her mom is taking her to lunch and when requested puts away her phone and devotes her entire attention to Avery – and goofy but sweetly presents her a file on “Avery” her most important business – lol)

        Whoa. Long sentence.

        Go Singer girls. You can’t help what you are – sweet, kind and sometimes (Avery) always (Ramona) outspoken.

        🙂 You’re the best part of the show.

        • I LOVED Ramona’s TH: Avery wants us home so she can go in her room, shut the door and not talk to us. Yep – I was the exact same way! Always telling mom to stop working so late and when she would say If you want to do something or need to talk I’ll come home right now. To which I would say I have homework to do, mom. Geez.

          Oh, I am glad I am not a teenager anymore!

        • You said everything ive been thinking i Love the dynamic between those 2
          You just know they are both really good people at heart

      • Nancy says:

        I agree but Avery IS rude to her mother at times.
        I’m glad I’m not the only one to feel like this.

        • MsJxn says:

          normal,….at times,…but, overall quite respectful.

        • do you know a teen that isnt at one time or another
          and it could be hormonal too
          despite it all you can see that she adores her mom
          and would fight tooth and nail for her

          the thing that really makes me laugh about this season is ,the plan was to make Ramona look like a drunk whos hubby cheats on here and all this season did was make teh viewers love her and her family more and see thru the tissue of lies

    • Interesting. I, myself, have never viewed Avery as being disrespectful. In so many words she’s told Ramona to behave but I never felt there was sass behind it. I would agree with you if I thought I heard sass. I may be a little biased though because watching them communicate is like watching video of my mom and me when I was that age.

    • Mum says:

      As a mum who started teaching her child to communicate her feelings as she started to verbalize words, this is what you can expect, but it was truthful and shows what a good parent Ramona is and how she has raised her to be an individual who can express her thoughts rationally. Rory will be 17 next month, and off to college next year, my training time is almost up, I only pray the lessons and values I have been instilling in her since birth go with her and I am devoting more time to being available and waiting at home for her but she has a busy training schedule and most times I am just waiting at home for her. Like last night, I got home about 4:15, she was ahead of me in traffic and in the kitchen waiting for me, I wanted cook us two steaks quickly so that we could eat dinner together but she said she had training at 5pm and just had enough time to take a shower and leave. Honestly, I wanted to burst out crying but I keep a strong, supportive front and eat a steak, salal and baked potato and enjoyed a glass of merlot. Funny, she really only wants me for my shower and soap, it could feel like that but I have explained to my daughter that I will not be going everywhere she goes and she doesn’t want me too. I want her to have a life of her own and make her own decisions, good or bad, I only want her to read her Bible and practice Christianity.

      • MsJxn says:

        Yes ma’am,…me too!! I have alway’s taught my children,…my job is to teach you how to live without me,…..I have my own friend’s….they get that. and Raise your Son(child) in the way he should go,..and if he(she) stray’s,…will return,…Me too,…and am Not ashamed,…everyone should raise,…or rear their children,..pathetic is when you birth potential “friends”…..that has worked out very well,…riggghtttt.

  25. AZ Girl says:

    Let’s all keep an eye on the Bravo comments. I just posted on Jill’s blog. Maybe they will be asleep at the wheel again this week. That was pretty crazy when the comments started disappearing.

    • I’m thinking from now on Bravo is pouring Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy down the interns throats in order to prevent that SNAFU from happening again. It would be so much easier if we, the peasants, would remember our place!

      • VAgirl says:

        I suspect they did it on purpose to let Jillous know she wasn’t totally running the ship over at Bravo. Like an OOPS – sorry Jill. JMHO

    • Mum says:

      Don’t waste your time, I think Bobby has purchased Bravo to keep Jill from pissing in her pants.

      • MsJxn says:

        Honesty So do I,…..Really pathetic,…but, what is any other excuse? People used to be passionate about this,..now,…given up,…..just,…you WON ANDY GURL,…..was it worth it?!!!

  26. ChiTownRocks says:

    NeNe Leakes’ Son — Arrested for Shoplifting One proud Mama , if the link doesn’t take it’s on TMZ.com

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    Another episode of throw away scenes!
    Why didn’t they save Cindy’s I can’t parent for 45 minutes with only one child to throw in here? Avery is a lovely young lady and Ramona did an excellent job of giving her positive tools for growing up. LuAnn and Jill both had mommy/daughter scenes but they didn’t ring true – no love just face time. Alex is wisely limited the showing of the chums this season. Thankfully we didn’t have to see Mother Kelly and her wack parenting skills. Sonja was wise to keep her daughter out of this goat rodeo.

  28. Queen Butter Bean says:

    Good morning all,

    This silly hotel I’m staying in doesn’t have Bravo. Doesn’t anyone know of someplace online where I can watch last night’s show. It doesn’t seem to be available at Bravo.

    I thought Jill’s blog was just a bunch of backtracking – she created this huge mess and now she doesn’t know how to handle it, so she’s just backing off. Of course, not having any proof to back her claims doesn’t help her either.


  29. cdnfillie58 says:

    clueless Jill..wonder is she’s caught on yet that her cyber patrol adds to the hit numbers here..she is bad karma waiting to happent 😛

  30. cabbie413 says:

    Anyone else anxious to see the reunion?

    In JZ’s current blog she acts like this tweet stuff is so juvenile, yet she’s the main perpetrator. She wants to act like the bigger person, as she states, but I’M SURE.. OH SO SURE that she really beat this into the ground during the reunion. It wasn’t until last night when she realized that Lynn’s blog isn’t going anywhere, especially with her husband driving MORE traffic to it, that she decided ok I quit (which we know is a lie). This lady is crazy and I hope she dives into a bed of ants with no Bobby to save her

    • Mum says:

      Yeah, after I read Alex’ blog I wondered for a moment if Bobby had put a muzzle on Jill. I quite sure she would snap at him like a pit bull if he tried though.

    • Trudie says:

      She acts as if it is so juvenile, and yet she is the one who made such a goddam big deal about it. It makes me laugh when they act as if “the hate blog” is the only blog with negative comments about Jill.

  31. Queen Butter Bean says:


    Sonja’s blog is the BEST!! She slams Jill with SUGAR I tell you!! It’s great.

    “I love Jill’s costume for the burlesque. I was mad though because she took me aside from my friends as soon as I got off stage to tell me how seriously amazing my act was, and then I learn she was making all these snarky comments while I performed the skit I wrote for everyone from my heart. She can’t help it sometimes. She was very nice to say she was “a little jealous” and that everyone should have a friend like me. That made me feel good. I pride myself on my relationships above all. I agree you can’t have zero tolerance for people to quote Jill. Glad she let the fight go with Simon. I didn’t want to see it fester.”

    • JillhAter says:

      With a friend like Jill don’t need any enemies.
      Can we say Bravo for the story drivers showing Jealous Jill talk about Sonja.

      Sonja looked great and it was a great burlesque.

      Glad she pointed out the camera pig calling her over to praise her.

    • VAgirl says:

      And Cindy’s is the worst. She mentions Luan and Jill and their daughters, but no mention of Ramona and Avery. What a hag.

  32. Mum says:

    Lynn since you brought up the future..I would like to ask you and the posters..in the end what will these women be remembered for, do people forgive and forget, what if you are the child of one of these brunettes, I can imagine 15 years from now, someone saying something like, “yeah, you’re so and so’s kid, my mom said your mom was a real douchebag.” Do you think these women will regret their hurtful actions and dirty low down deeds? What if Kelly meets Prince Charming running through traffic, will he jump off his horse and go after her or will he recognize/remember her from RHONY and run for the hils? I mean for a man to date Lumann, I imagine he really wants to be on TV real bad, I mean real bad. What if Bobby woke up one day and decided he wanted his balls back, it’s not like Jill is his first wife. As a mum, I wouldn’t any son of mine to bring one of these brunette women home.

  33. VAgirl says:

    I saw above where Ne Ne’s son was arrested for shoplifting. Isn’t he about 20 now? It may be time for poor Ne Ne to cut the apron strings and let him fall or rise on his own. Those little tough love talks about find a job or leave and then not following through have not worked. As hard as it is, she needs to kick him to the curb and see how that works for him.

  34. HD says:

    Kelly Bensimon: Forgot the Feminine
    “Kelly’s got an awesome body, but in this suit it looks like she could beat me up. I’d be a lot more attracted to her if she was wearing something more feminine like ruffles. This suit kind of emphasizes the wrong parts.” — Steve, 26

    HA HA HA! Kelly’s picutre is on the MSN homepage as part of a swinsuit article. This is what was said about in her swimsuit.


    • VAgirl says:

      Yuck. She has not waist at all, ergo, she looks like a man.

      • Nancy says:

        How can Kelly look in a mirror and think this looks good?
        I don’t get it. Kelly needs a one piece, badly.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Exactly – no curves, wonky boobs, bizarre definition in her torso and cawliflowered knees! Nothing feminine to define in a bikini so maybe a one piece suit would help.

        • arabracer says:

          She probably is too long-waisted to wear a one- piece but should try a tankini.I order them in tall.

  35. VAgirl says:

    Hey, guys. My post got through on Ramona’s blog. I am there under Bravo Fanatic. I also saw WCW. Also, make sure your read the comments under Kelly’s there’s a real dig at Kelly about Bethenny’s book. LOL

  36. GMarie10 says:

    I couldn’t even get through this episode. There is not ONE redeeming quality in ANY of the characters anymore. I’m over it. And I never thought I’d say that about any of the RH’s. Their terrible accents and their terrible attitudes, all while luxuriating in their million dollar palaces, are appalling.

    Lynn, thoughts?

  37. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I do not like it on WWHL when Andy is always making digs to poke phone of Alex and Simon. He did it in last nights game of Carson in or Carson out not sure if that was the correct name of the game. However I am not liking Andy. Why not put pics of Kelly and some of her styles that make her look like a linebacker with a dress on. Just saying..

    I loved the Avery and Ramona moment it was real to me. I love Avery I think she is an amazing young lady who will go far in life with dignity and grace. Ramona and Mario have done a great job.
    Jill was very fake with Ally her fake smile makes me want to vomit. I like Ally and her mother shopping for her and telling her things looked disgusting on her was DISGUSTING!!!

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      The best was telling her daughter one of the outfits was too small, “disgusting”, and closing the curtains on the dressing room while saying “Everyone needs to squeeze their fat ass”. Nothing like using your daughter’s SLIGHT weight issue to promote your skeevy underwear line. The parenting Gods must have smiled on that one.

      • Oh, I am such a dope! I posted down thread about my feelings regarding her comments. Never occurred to me that she was talking about the granny girdles. TOTALY thought it was being used as a verb and not a noun.

        Hang my head and quietly appologize to JZ (while muttering it still wasn’t nice to say to your kid).

  38. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I could never be on this show. There would be a verbal smackdown that would leave LuAnne, Cindy and Jill cowering in a corner from too many home truths being thrown at them at once. And if Kelly EVER had the nerve to tell me my husband was wierd or creepy the aftermath would literally cause her head to explode and leave her babbling to her imaginary friends in a mental ward.
    And from the description of the “promises” you have to make during the screening process to ask a question on WWHL, I think Andy’s days of hiding behind “I don’t make those decisions about editing, I am not involved in this or that” are now over. WWHL is his baby. You are never going to convince me he is serious about addressing issues the fans seem to really want addressed. The show brought up the tweeting/hate blog issue. The blogs continue the conversation, but you have to promise not to ask a question about it? You can’t ask a question about a serious issue, being hijacked by a bunch of juvenile, mean spirited women to suit their own needs, when YOU put it out there? It is no wonder Andy and Jill get along so well. Jill, having inflicted the damage with her lies, innuendos and exaggerations, tweeting, blogging, on the show, and on various other programs (good morning new york or whatever she was on before the Nasdaq thing) speaking her side of things (with forked lying tongue) about being stalked and intimidated, and bullied. Now she is going to stop talking about it. She said what she wanted, and now will shut down the conversation. She won’t take back what she said, she won’t apologize, she won’t recant. She meant every delusional word she said. But you are not allowed to speak to her about it, because having put her view out into the world, it is law, and will no longer be spoken about. She has spoken, Bravo will support her decision and her view will be the only one allowed out there.
    Sorry long rant. I am more angry at myself for allowing this stupid show to affect my emotions. Gang, I am done. I will read and laugh with you all, but for this gal, the Housewives ship has sailed. It aint worth it to me to be a part of Jill Zarin’s world.

    • VAgirl says:

      Well said, Duchess!

    • Christine says:

      Dearest Duchess,
      I am with you on this one. I can’t get through this show anymore. I will wait for Lynn’s recaps and the comments here rather than watch this hateful, deceitful nonsense. I found myself reading a book through most of last night’s episode. This morning I downloaded three more books onto my e-reader in the hopes that it will take me through the rest of this NY season.
      Perhaps, with enough of abandoning ship, Andy just might get the message. They have even stooped to use Lynn and this blog as a storyline, and yet continue to call us haters and stalkers.

      • Lily says:

        I agree with you all. I stopped taping this show. I can’t stand the brunettes anymore. Since Bravo won’t post the negative comments to Jill’s blog-what’s the point? The only thing Bravo should be moderating are any inappropriate words etc., they should not be moderating all of our opinions.

  39. Ruth C says:

    Bobby looks disgusting. I guess money CAN buy you clASS!!! 😉

  40. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Oh, Carly and Lynn–it was a genuine pleasure to be speaking to you last night. I just wish the topic could have been more pleasant than Jill. Carly, it appears you were right–after last night’s episode she has nothing more to say, what CAN she say? I await her recipe tweets. LOL

  41. VAgirl says:

    Vicky55 – Wherever you are today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Vicky, Happy Birthday to you. And Many Mooooooooore!

  42. Noreen says:

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but Kellade tweets today that she was not “keen” on the Burlesque because parents should be good role models. Strange coming from someone who was arrested for hitting her boyfriend and posed in playboy. Burlesque is an artform. You would think a gal from soho with an alledged degree in journalism from Columbia would know that. Go figure.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Someone posted yesterday that Kelly was seen in Pittsburg recently with the same boyfriend that she assaulted. That’s setting a good example for her daughters. Kelly so wants to be relevant that she just opens her mouth and says random words, sometimes making a nearly coherent sentence.

    • JillhAter says:

      LOL, she is dellusional.
      She served community time..that’s creepy!

      I wonder why she is listed as being Male on the police report.

      • Adgirl says:

        JillhAter … I wonder why too. I think she is 6″ taller than Nick, and he looks like a teenager. Maybe the po-po thought they were breaking up a gay fight?

    • jonnyxo says:

      she tweeted that? gah! she drives me nuts!

      and i gotta say: kelly’s columbia degree is from a program they have that offers people a second chance…like for people who had to drop out of high school and things like that. it’s a great program and wonderful to offer people the opportunity to go to college, but it is not the ivy league columbia we think of when we hear that name. just sayin…she throws around the name columbia, but she should mention which program she enrolled in.

      just another thing i can’t stand about that nutbag!

  43. VAgirl says:

    Ramona is on HSN in about two minutes.

  44. Dwight Schrute says:

    The mother-daughter scenes were very telling. For me, the biggest shocker was Avery. She’s at that age where she has no problem letter her mother know how much she annoys her at times but that composition was beautiful. NoCount Luann and Victoria was telling, too. You have NoCount telling the camera that they’re not just friends but that Victoria respects her too. Meanwhile Victoria is tearing through the parking lot not listening to her mother telling her to slow down. Jill’s seemed overly staged for the camera but I blame Jill, not Bravo. Do we honestly believe that Jill sending her daughter off to college did not even know what courses she was taking?

    The NoCount – KelKel scenes were telling too. Last year these too were deemed the most irrelevant two of the cast (other than the party planner who never actually made it onto the cast) and I think their relationship is about finding relevance and hoping to stay on the show. So NoCount shook the hand of Prince William? Big deal, Cat snogged Prince Harry!

    A few quick items. . . I always enjoy seeing Chris March. Anyone else think that Mario and Jill were attempting to resemble characters from Moulin Rouge? More shirtless Brian!

    • kbinldo says:

      Driving like a speed demon through an iced-over parking lot. I’m surprised she didn’t skid into at least one of those parked cars. My parents taught me how to drive, but no way did they let me treat their car like that.

    • please dont ruin Moulin Rouge for me LOL

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      oops! I hate when I find a typo in my post. I addition to “letter” instead of “letting” I meant to say I blame Bravo, not Jill.

  45. PantryViewer says:

    JillhAter, it’s been fun to have you on the board. Since the show was boring, please do tell us more scoop on your experience with Jill. I’m so bored right now!

    • JillhAter says:

      Just more of the same behaviour. Different place same lowbrow shakedowns.

      I love Ramona 🙂
      But I did tell her to be quiet at a nail salon once. It is not in business anymore Karen Wu.
      So if you are reading this Ramona.. I still love ya big mouth!!

      • oh my thats so funny
        i personally love when Ramona gets loud

        i think i first started loving her when despite how she felt at the time she danced with Simon and making fun of his outfit

        you just know that deep down she is a good person with a heart of gold

  46. maggie_01bklyn says:

    I just read the Fabreez tweet of Kelly’s….. She is just trying to get a promotion deal. That might be really valuable for her, who knows one day she may have to move to Brooklyn like “poor alex”..
    Kelly would not last a week in Brooklyn, someone would send her on a one way trip to KELLYLAND.

    BTW, remembering back to the first season that Kelly appeared on, she who comments on everyone else’s fashion don’ts.. Should remember when she was showing all her business. She loves coming across as this Ice Queen, but she sure does not dress the part of the Ice Queen.

    It’s painful to watch Jill shopping with Aly, The nasty self serving comments, I am really shocked that Aly is not attending school in the North Pole.

    LuAnnzilla should not be commenting on anything at anyone else does…….. I love that she takes every opportunity to point out that she is royality…. EVEN THE ROYALS MAKE MISTAKES, score one for Valentino.

  47. Powell says:

    I’m sorry Zarin was at it again. I was wondering why the new blog wasn’t up yesterday. We’ve got your back. 3 mill hits & counting. She doesn’t see that she’s helping you does she? I guess she’s blinded because everything is always about her.

  48. This has really been eating at me since last night. I adore my mother but, if at any time in my life she would say “Everyone needs to squeeze their fat a**” while I am trying on clothes, I would take that as a personal insult, walk out of the dressing room naked, and slap her. Mom and I are both lucky that this never has or will happen (and I had a serious chubby faze) because she’s great and made sure I loved myself for who I am no matter what the size of my a** is. Adults just shouldn’t talk to girls/young women like that.

  49. sandy says:

    When will the world get a clue that Jill Zarin’s life was destroyed when she suffered her break up with Bethany? Even though Jill was the cause of said breakup, she suffers every minute of every day and despises any of her other RHONY costars who are still friends with dear Bethany. Jill is a mean high school girl and is especially rude and backstabbing to the two RHONY guests who were invited and attended Bethany’s wedding…………….Alex and Ramona!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jill will never, ever, ever……….get over this……………

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And since Jill blames Ramona for her fall out with Bethenny she will never get over it! That crap about owning her behavior just keeps tripping her up.

  50. deedee1969 says:

    I found Jill’s no tolerence comment the most amusing thing said on any of the RHONY ever. She’s always done with this one or that one for things said (to her face), but she can spew hateful commnets not only behind thier backs at events like Sonja’s party, but in the confessionals every chance she gets. Things said mistakenly are forgivable, things said out of anger understandable, but things said to get more “camera time” like the brunettes like to say, well zero tolerence my rear end. Jill and Cindy hugging Sonja and saying she looked beautiful and I’m jealouse of your body after ripping her apart on stage was so fake I just about laughed myself to sleep. Simon should have never apologized to this women, really what will he lose, not a good friend since Jill has made it abundantly clear Alex and Simon are social climbers looking for more camera time. Jill made the comment that Alex and Simon try to get press, wheather its good or bad for camera time. No Jill Alex and Simon realize that when your on camera your going to get both good and bad press. The only difference is they dont take bad press or blogs personally and set out to destroy anyone whom seemingly has anything to do with it. The whole cyber-bully thing is crap. How can I feel sorry for anyone who has seen gossip mags chase down real talent and trash them. Did Jill really think that she a d-lister on a fake reality show whom is a snake tounged, money grubbing, nasal voiced joke was not going to be fodder for the bloggers. Please Jill some introspection would do you some good.

  51. MAMAZ says:

    Hi everyone. I have been too busy to post the last few days.
    Lynn – Glad you’re back.

    Some thoughts on last night’s BORING episose.

    JZ – I still hate her even though she spent most of last night telling us how wonderful she is. Her comments during the studio scene with LuAnn were ridiculous! I can’t believe she said she helped make Money Can’t Buy You Class a hit, what did she have to do with that song? And saying people didn’t want to dance over LuLu’s singing??? Has she ever been to a club? There are lots of vocals in dance songs!

    Ally – Living in Bronxville, does she go to Sarah Lawrence? That’s a great school. It makes me question the post here from a supposed former tutor saying she couldn’t write. Sarah Lawrence is a top tier school. Ally must be a good student to have been accepted there. I also think Ally is a beautiful girl with a lovely smile and great hair. BUT, she mumbles when she talks. I had trouble making out what she was saying. I also don’t agree that she and Jill have a bad relationship. She appears very comfortable with her mother. You don’t have to have a lot in common to have a good parent/child relationship.

    Kelly and Luann – The phoniest friendship on the show. Enough about those two.

    Sonja – I like Sonja but enough with the parties already. Is that all she does, throw parties? But I do like seeing Chris March under any circumstances. Love that guy!

    Cindy – Needs to have her face slapped for that comment last night.

    Simon and Alex – I am liking them less and less as this season goes on. Ass kissing is not attractive.

    Ramona – is fast becoming my favorite housewife. While the rest of them get worse Ramona seems to be growing and improving. I think she was serious about a renewal. She isn’t perfect but is much better than the Ramona from earlier seasons.

    • JillhAter says:

      I believe the school is Manhattanville.
      and the worst thing she could of done is say school with a V.
      Vanderbilt folk are not the type to like reality TV ppl.

    • if i was going thru what Sonja is i would do just the same
      i think it was a smart move to show people she isnt down and out as there are jerks out there writing the most horrific stuff about her and her financial situation

      • Caitlin says:

        Me too, DZ! And no one who hasn’t had a similar experience can appreciate what it is like. I had five years between separation and settlement, so I know that if Sonja did not create things she can look forward to, she’d hardly want to get out of bed in the morning.

    • NJBev says:

      I have to agree with you about Ally, MAMAZ, she is a beautiful
      girl. and she does mumble. I didnt hear a thing she said either.

  52. smompy says:

    Thanks for the recap, Lynn. I wasn’t able to watch much of this episode…although it sounds like I didn’t miss too much. I was fortunate enough to catch Jill and Simon’s sit down (oh, and Bobby and Alex’s too), and personally, I thought it was very kind of Jill to “forgive” Simon” for the mean-tweeting SHE did and once again announce that she was the “bigger person” and also tell us all how highly that speaks of her own character and so on. That was such a ridiculous speech. So over the top, even for the world’s biggest narcissist.

    Bravo, what the hell is the idea of showing us “next episode” previews involving the blondes refusing to take part in Lulu’s video humiliation last week when you knew damn well it wouldn’t be shown until the episode being broadcast TWO WEEKS LATER? Once again, F U Andy Cohen. And whoever mentioned Andy picking on Alex, I agree. At first I thought he was being surprisingly nice to her in WWHL, especially considering how he usually laughs at Alex behind her back (but on the air). Then that “In or Out” game proved to me he was still pretty much ANTI-Alex. Did Andy really need to force Carson to dump on several of Alex’s outfits while she’s sitting right there? Don’t get me wrong, I hated those outfits too, but it’s not like Andy’s boss Jill Zarin hasn’t appeared in a million stupid looking outfits as well. Or Kelly. Or how about that fashion plate, Cindy? I want to like Andy again, I really do, but I’m sorry, that man us a spineless, famewhoring scumbag IMO. No, I take that back…it’s not MY OPINION. It’s a fact:)

    • From the few moments I saw of WWHL before I changed the channel I’d say Carson is in no position to dump on anyone’s look. He’s gotten quite chubby.

    • i will always love andy
      i dont like how he has been with Alex as of late but i have to say i thought she was being an awful good sport
      i loved when she laughed about the poll and asked if if he was gonna give her the meds right then
      Carson to me has always been someone with questionable taste and he is friends with Koo Koo so what does that say

  53. maggie_01bklyn says:

    The problem is that Bethanny is “snarky” she uses humor to deal with uncomfortable situations. I loved her “Madonna” comment to Kelly… Kelly was foaming at the mouth. The “drag queen” remark about LuLuzilla was hysterical.

    Jill wants to be Bethanny, but Jill is not capable of pulling it off. Jill is just mean. Look at the remarks she made at her daughters expense…

    I MISS BETHANNY ………… I want to see her back on show……

    • I Miss her too but am glad she left for her own sake
      if she had stayed she may not have ever gotten to this happy place and i for one am so glad to see how everything worked out for her

      • maggie_01bklyn says:

        Come on just a one shot deal, to put the BRUZILLA’s in their place…. Notice Kelly did not butt in when Bethanny was around!!

  54. WindyCityWondering says:

    I get why Simon apologized to Jill – it was an adult attempt to stop her hater behavior. Since that apology Jill has been on a hater tear – tweets, facebook, blogs and tv/radio appearances. Simon has not (nor has Alex) done any of the serial hating that Jill does. Jill doesn’t understand that she gets treated the way she is because she never really stops behaving badly – she may think she gets a clean slate but she keeps getting it dirty! Then plays poor, litte misunderstood victim, spouts poo about forgiveness and then just continues being a vile, hateful, two faced creature.

    • you took the words right out of my mouth
      I feel so bad that both Alex & Simon are getting so much abuse because of all this
      and that few besides us are calling that witch out on her disgusting behaviour
      her blog is like a witch hunt sometimes teh way she tears into those 2 and Ramona

      she doesnt realuize all she does is make us love them more and hate her more

    • codystl says:

      I agree. Alex and Simon generally will take the high road and take ownership in their behavior unlike certain castmates. Simon can say he really tried to patch things up even though many of us do not believe he had anything to apologize for. He has a clear conscience.

  55. smompy says:

    Sonja now has my total sympathy, not because of anything she did on the show, though. It’s because I just read an article about her money troubles and found out what a jerk her ex-husband is being. She’s evidently only trying to get the 3 million dollar settlement and the alimony she was awarded by a court, but he’s fighting tooth and nail to keep her from getting anything. He says the three million far exceeds the pre and post-nuptial amounts he agreed to. This man has one foot in the grave, is worth a gazillion dollars and lives on a private island, but three million bucks is way too much for him to give up to the mother of his young child??? What a cheap, malicious SOB. Sonja should have never agreed to such a lowball pre-nup in the first place, though. For a man like that, three million (actually less, according to him) is a mere drop in the bucket. And still, the nasty, petty, childish octogenarian still won’t fork it over even when it’s court ordered. His great grandfather must be turning over in his grave.

    • ATLmeetsNYC09 says:

      ITA and find it interesting that she would agree to such a small settlement from him. I suppose she doesnt want to have to keep fighting him in court.

    • BessiB says:

      Sonja has said that she has always been frugal. She probably figured 3M cash settlement was fine as she also owns the townhouse out-right and half interest in other real estate (which she or her kid probably gets the other 50% when he kicks the bucket). Plus, she gets child support for kid for anther 8 years. If it were not for the judgement, she would not have financial issues.

  56. Cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn!

    Happy Birthday *******VICKY******

  57. mary says:

    Wow…Simon posted his personal blog and doesn’t hold back. Kind of yuck that WSL was personal friends with the Zarin family and then writes kind of extensively about them on a negative blog (if what Simon is saying is true)

    • I wouldn’t say she was a personal friend. More like a nodding acquaintance. She had a closer connection with Bobby’s father but even that sounds more professional than personal.

      From Simon’s blog:
      “It turns out that this woman who came to our sons’ birthday party, and since then we’ve gone to the theatre with her, had dinner with her husband and her at their apartment, attended two separate events for the Ace Partnership with her and which LuAnn attended as well, has known the Zarin family for years. And it’s my guess that the catalyst for Bobby speaking to me was this woman’s attendance at our son’s birthday party, although at the time he was told I am pretty certain that he didn’t know that this was one & the same person. Back in the 1970’s Bobby’s father Harry Zarin had been her client and she gave him professional investment advice. In addition she had been a client of Zarin Fabrics since that time and had had them provide drapes for three separate apartments of hers. Plus in July or August 2010 she & Bobby had had a very long and cordial telephone conversation about his father and how their lives had crossed paths over the years.”

    • VAgirl says:

      I think there is a big difference between “was personal friends with the Zarin family” and “has known the Zarin family for years.” You can know someone on a social level or business level and not be “personal friends.” JMHO

    • VAgirl says:

      And by the way, I don’t consider this a negative blog. Quite the contrary. It’s a positive blog AND an honest one.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Kind of yuck that Jill called WSL at WSL’s office to accuse her of posting on IHJZ, when WSL was hardly friends with Bobby Zarin- his father hung the curtains Zarin Fabrics made in her homes.

      So it’s sort of like one of WSL’s employee’s wife calling up an old boss 25 years later. So inappropriate.

      I also think it’s fairly inappropriate that *you* Mary, post nothing but negative questions and snarky comments on this blog. If you find it so distasteful here, I can’t imagine why you return day after day.

      Unless you are paid to.

      • mary says:

        What? Why I’m I being attacked? I’ve only asked a couple probing questions about WSL and the minors on the show….I thought it was ok to have opposing opinions on this blog. I do not work for anyone; I am a teacher’s aide in California.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Prolly cause your “probing questions” are all you ever write.

          I really don’t care about opposing opinions-like a$$holes everyone’s got one- but I’m picking up on a real snarkiness in your questions that is making me question who you are and what you represent.

          like calling anyone here a “minion”. If you believe we’re all “minions” on this “negative blog” why would it bother you if you are attacked?

          So Mary, The Teacher’s Aide in CA-lose the ‘tude dude- m’kay?

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Now that’s a little more probing. Do u moonlight for the TSA, OMIB?

            Do not knock minions. I want minions of my own, dammit! 😦 That bitch JZ cornered the minion market. 😦

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Do you feel “attacked?” I just thought you were indirectly asked a couple of probing questions. :shrug:

    • BessiB says:

      Not yucky at all. Why would her acquaintance with the Zarin family preclude WSL from posting here? She is not accountable to them, posted her picture with Simon and Alex, so she certainly was not hiding it. She probably thinks she is free entertain herself (and us) and to express her opinion on how Jill behaves in a TV show, just like everyone else.

    • JillhAter says:

      Thank you!!!!
      Gotta feel bad for Simon for all the bullying that thing Jill Zarin has done to him.

  58. LOL i actually do like Lulus song her voiuce is only slightly annoying but i like the song itself and suprise suprise though she didnt say it right i agreed with Shrill it does need a remix and the way she was saying it might be wrong buut she was spot on it needs a long intro then a little of the spoken parrt more insturmental then the vocal a nice break in the middle and then the rest of the song
    it could actually be a hit in the clubs
    ive already mixed the single version on my latest mix and it mixed flawlessly into britneys single that bravo is using for Camp bravo commercials
    ill post a link tomorrow to my mix if anyone is interested in hearing it,its pretty good it has a bunch of fun tribal stuff and some lady gaga for good measure LOL
    ps i still hate that Coutless LuMannaconda like poison but the song aint that bad LOL

    • justanothermary says:

      I blame the whole Countless signing career on Kandi Burress. Kandi made Kim Zolciak sound good. CreepyMusicDude saw that there was money to be made off these dim-witted, no talent, housewives and began talking up the Countless and stroking her ever-needy ego to the point he had her convinced she’s the female(?) Barry White. The problem being that Countless is digusting (even more than Kim Z) and CreepyMusicDude is no Kandi. What I’m wondering is, did Countless have a friendly relationship with CreepyMusicDude or did she have to pay him out right to produce her songs for her. He may have actually made some money off Countless. If that’s the case I’d have to give him credit for having some brains even if he doesn’t have the abilities that Kandi has.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      So Jilzilla might have a potential career as a middleaged housewife rap mogul? LOL 😉
      I can just see JZ& Lulu in the ‘hood. Hee.

  59. chris says:

    Did anyone else notice that LuAnn was teaching Victoria to drive on a parking lot with LOTS of ice patches? I half expected that car to careen off one of the ice “hills” and take flight.

  60. JillhAter says:

    Victoria had me cracking up. She loved scaring her mom.

    • VAgirl says:

      Victoria is a typical teenager who is going to get away with whatever she can. It’s a shame Luan is not engaged and conveniently looks the other way because it’s easier for her than having to be a disciplinarian.

  61. WindyCityWondering says:

    In last night’s episode of mothers and daughters where was Kelly and Cindy?

    • VAgirl says:

      I think they are Moms through genetics only. Someone else is probably raising their kids. Same could be said for Lulu.

  62. I’ve been reading your blog for ages, just finally decided to log in and comment! Hey everyone! 🙂

    Cindy really is a waste of space on the show. I thought maybe it was just the way she was being edited (grumpy, rude, sarcastic (not in a funny way) etc), but I just watched some clips of her with Kelly on WWHL from Hulu and she is EXACTLY the same……just plain grumpy. Kelly is awful as well, but it’s entertaining to see how the others react to her!

  63. Kats2 says:

    Lynn please read this! I just read Simon’s blog and wanted to share my opinion and for what it’s worth some support and advise for you. Also many hidden messages for the Zarin clan since I now know they are the most dedicated readers of your fabulous I Hate Jill Zarin Blog. Hi Jill, Zarin Clan and people Bobby puts on the payroll to be friends with his wife.

    Lynn – I have been and will always be one of your biggest fans/supporters. I think what you created here is needed, justified, completely legal and quite frankly the smartest creation since Spanx and Skinny Girl Margarita.

    To steal a line from Oprah – “Here’s what I know for sure”

    -Jill is a petulant vile child who surrounds herself by Yes people who quite frankly can blame themselves for the monster they helped to create. There you go Jill I just gave some valid people to blame for your collapse. Have at it.

    -Jill’s Sister Lisa who is allowing Jill to slander and say vile things about other people on the radio should be fired. Lisa is no different from Jill, just a lamer version. Anyone who would take any advice from this family needs professional (Not the Zarin – “we know everything” quack kind of help. I mean real legit mental health kind of help.) But quite frankly hardly anyone listens to them and how they behave on the radio simply erases any arguments about any mean comments we make on your blog.

    -Since Bethenny is also a supporter of Lynn and the blog, I now have another piece of information on why Jill set out to ruin Bethenny last year, I sure this was a big part of it, but Jill was not ready to out the blog, just yet. It didn’t work the millions of fans Bethenny have and growing fan base is too much for Jill to take on. NO CONTEST. So vile Jill set her sights on Alex and Ramona and threw the blog in – No Doubt, No Question this is what happened.

    -Jill cannot ever tell the real truth, just her twisted version of it. Jill is a martyr and every martyr needs to point fingers and blame someone else for their disgusting actions. That is why Jill moved-on to trying ruin Alex, Simon and Ramona this year and it is why she is targeting your blog. Jill is a failure compared to so many but specifically Bethenny, Ramona, and other HW’s. Remember Bethenny said it – paraphrasing “Jill can never be happy for anyone else; she is always questioning why she is not getting stuff.” She needs something/someone to blame for her lack of endorsements and overall failure.

    -If Jill really changed we’d see it and I’d be the first to admit it. If Jill really had the great life she claims, she wouldn’t be paying attention to the blog or care what the title of the blog is. If Jill was really a happy person and happy with her life, she would focus her time on all the fabulous stuff she has going on and Bobby would be spending money on more important things than hiring people to be fans for Jill or shutting down the blog. This is the biggest proof point that all things in Zarin pretend land are not as great as Jill would like for us to believe. Bobby is just as bad as Jill.

    -Bravo is protecting the HW’s there are too many people out here who do not like Jill, Luann and Kelly and simply tell it like they see it every week. The whole Bravo blog comment situation is really messed up. Andy should be fired. I encourage everyone to not even read the Bravo blogs and stop going to the Bravo site. Maybe when they get less traffic they will get the message. Why they are protecting these vile people is beyond me. Andy allowed very personal and damaging information to be aired about Beverly Hills HW’s, NJ HW’s even Nene (very personal stuff on the show and allowed in the blog comments). Why is Bravo protecting Jill, Luann, and Kelly? Why didn’t we get see what really happened on Scary Island and why has Crazy been allowed back to spew lies?

    -Simon covers the WSL details in his blog – while I never appreciated or liked WSL style on the I Hate Jill Zarin blog, I know you support her and quite frankly as an adult I am able to be in the same space (physical or cyberspace) with people I don’t care for. When it gets to be too much I go away, no grand goodbyes or exits and always come back eventually. I admit WSL got to be too much for my liking and I took a break for a bit, but I don’t see anything wrong with her engaging with Simon or any of the other stuff Simon covers in his blog. She has the right to do and say what she wants. This is just another lame excuse for Jill to use.

    -You will NEVER change the name or banner of the blog! No debate no discussion it will never change.

    • vilzvet says:

      I just finished Simon’s detailed blog. Lotsa good stuff that Jill can try to but fail to argue against.

      • Smompy says:

        I’m sure it’s something I should know already, and I’ll probably kick myself in a minute (when I figure it out), but what does WSL stand for?

        • Kats2 says:

          That is a person who used to post here a lot in the past still might under a different name

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          WSL- Wall Street Lady

          • Smompy says:

            Oh darn, now I do feel stupid…just as I expected I would. Of course I remember Wall Street Lady. She was great!

          • Wicked says:

            Honest to God, all this time I really really thought WSL was making up her stories, because I couldnt fathom her life was real. I’m swallowing crow because of Simon’s blog. I stopped posting ( kept reading) because I really thought that. If WSL reads this I’m sorry I thought that.

    • plainviewsue says:

      What a fantastic write up. I agree with every word of it.

  64. GrnWave03 says:

    Another great blog!
    I’m sure you’ve seen LuAnn’s blog – where she managed to find fault with the Ramona/Avery scene. (which was one of the better scenes). Here you have a teen who complains that their parent isn’t home enough – but i bet when they are home, she ignores them! Then rights a nice paper about a role model. What’s to criticise?
    A teenager complaining? Ha! Please. I’m sure all of us who have children have been on the phone & THAT’s when the kids act up and/or want attention. Soon as you get off, it’s as if you don’t exist.

  65. Maura says:

    I think Jill is a good girl &bad girl. She has two personalities.

    I know I could possibly be in the minority here, but I think Luann is so classy & connected. I mean, hello?? She is royalty & knows Prince William. I bet she was good friends with his mother.

    I’m surprised Ramona hasn’t gotten more recognition for her jewelry. It’s fabulous! It nearly beats Dior, Chanel, Gucci, etc. She is one of the most talented jewelry designers in Nyc!

    Kelly is so pretty and funny. She reminds me of myself a little bit.

    Sonja is way too sexed up for me. I mean I’m not a lesbo like she (might) be. LoL!!!

    Alex is weird-that laugh an hair…ewwww

    • Kats2 says:


      “Luann is so classy & connected. I mean, hello?? She is royalty & knows Prince William. I bet she was good friends with his mother.”

      I bet she was NOT good friends with his mother and she IS NOT royalty or classy

      “Kelly is so pretty and funny. She reminds me of myself a little bit.”

      Not sure if I should laugh or feel sorry for you.

      • Maura says:

        I think it’s possible she was good friends with Princess Di.

        • Kats2 says:

          I think it’s possible you need help, hey look we all have opinions

          • Maura says:

            Sorry, but Luann’s a royal aristocrat. If you can gimme one example to how she is not, I’ll give it to you.

            • Kats2 says:

              “Her courtesy title comes from her previous marriage to Alexandre de Lesseps, a descendant of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the architect of the Suez Canal. The title is a “courtesy title” because France does not issue official titles. Rarely, if ever, would someone refer to themselves as Comte (“Count”) in France. Luann herself said once he remarries she no longer has the courtesy title. She was not born into it, she is not Royalty, she just acted the part and got invited to some fancy events. What her ex husbands family accomplished is something to proud of but that has nothing to do with Luann being a “a royal aristocrat”.

              If you are looking for legit titles for Luann try the following:

              Mother, licensed nurse, model, reality personality, and much to my dismay recording artist.

            • BessiB says:

              Um, Luann is part Native American from CT. No connection to royal bloodlines

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        Duchess just looooves her some Kats2 and Had Enough. Always and Forever. 🙂

        • Kats2 says:

          Now here’s some real Royalty and Class – The Duchess is in the house!

          • Smompy says:

            LuAnn is the fourth ex-wife of a petite Frenchman whose ancestor was given a “noble” title, which was then converted to a courtesy title after France became a republic 200 plus years ago. Neither his own titles nor any of his family member’s titles were are “royal”, therefore neither were any of his many wives’ courtesy titles royal.

            But I do agree that LuAnn is extremely klassy and was prolly close friends with Princess Di. I heard that while she was attending technical school, she used to have chugging contests with Mari Antoinette & Catherine the Great too. Those crazy royals!

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            Se Bon! Se Bon!

      • I'm in Florida says:

        Kat2 I so agree with everything you have said today…to include WSL… but especially Maura. Kelly, Pretty and Funny? Scary and funny looking….

      • floridagirl88 says:

        LuMan is a legend in her own mind.

        • vilzvet says:

          If Luann ever had the privilege of meeting Diana she certainly would have said so in her fake talk with Kelly, doncha think? Diana died almost 14 years ago and at that time Luann was busy with babies, so doubly doubtful she was at events with a fake Count meeting Prince Charles and Diana.

    • Indy Anna says:

      Are you for real?

    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      I feel that you are on your way to being one of the wasted label praising Housewife wanna be’s…..
      Just because you find yourself at some social function with Royalty does not mean YOUR royal…. Luann is not ROYAL,,,, she has been screwed by a Royal D**K… She is a rude ass farm animal…. get it she MOOO’S…

      Kelly is a POST just a dumb POST… Painted pretty but still a POST.

      Cindy is a HORROR, she has the personality of an Artichoke.

      Sonja is scared, she has always been a bit wacky but she has a good heart.

      Alex is an amazing woman, All that crap that keeps coming her way and she is still holds her ground.

      I am hoping that your really young, and not just mentally challenged like your idol Kelly..

  66. Maura says:

    I think Jill is a good girl &bad girl. She has two personalities.

    I know I could possibly be in the minority here, but I think Luann is so classy & connected. I mean, hello?? She is royalty & knows Prince William. I bet she was good friends with his mother.

    I’m surprised Ramona hasn’t gotten more recognition for her jewelry. It’s fabulous! It nearly beats Dior, Chanel, Gucci, etc. She is one of the most talented jewelry designers in Nyc!

    Kelly is so pretty and funny. She reminds me of myself a little bit.

    Sonja is way too sexed up for me. I mean I’m not a lesbo like she (might) be. LoL!!!

    Alex is weird-that laugh and hair…ewwww

    • Nancy says:

      Is this a joke?

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Okay, for the sake of what little sanity I have left after this season of this show, Let’s put on our learning cap and go through this again. LuAnne is NOT royalty. She was married to a man who has a COURTESY title given to his family (as a thank you gesture for helping build the Suez Canal) by the French Government who not only do not recognize royalty in their country, but, in fact, CHOPPED OFF THE HEADS OF THE LAST ROYAL PEOPLE THEY DID HAVE. LuAnne, is a midwestern Native American woman who was a nurse. She met her husband and when they married she was allowed to use the title so she wouldn’t have to be introduced as Count and MRS. Her ex is rich. Like stinking rich and does know some high flyers, but she cannot help but reveal her ignorance with phrases like “I was at the KING of Greece’s son’s Christening.” There is no King of Greece. The last person to hold that title was Prince Phillip (The queens hubby) Grandfather. There is a Crown Prince, who is Phillips cousin and that is why William was there. Greece is broke, and their aristocratic class is no longer being paid by a civil list, so they always invite rich people to “sponsor” their events and parties. Pay them enough money and you get to come to the party. Enter LuAnnes then hubby. And you do not extend your hand to a member of the Royal Family of England. Protocol states you curtsy and wait for them to extend a hand to you. She blew it, and William was gracious enough not to point it out. But a truely CLASSY woman would have known, or learned the protocol. PHEW. Now, any questions?

      • Maura says:

        Ok you have made some pretty good points. My only question is why does she say/act like she socialized with the Royal Family?

        • Kats2 says:

          The same reason Jill says she’s changed and doesn’t see how vile she is or Kelly thinks she’s smart and sane. They are delusional and think if they tell us something or act in a certain way we will believe it.

          • Maura says:

            Okay well I’m just a 17 year old girl who believe what these grown women say. If they are 50 year old liars, then that is pretty pathetic.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              Oh young naive one.

              If a woman of 17 lies? typically they’re still lying at 50.

            • Need a Hobby says:

              It’s a sad fact of life that some grown women are still the lying evil little shits they were in jr & sr high school. They never grew beyond that. Many of them appear to show up on “reality” TV shows.

              Jill for example is like the Carrie (Stephen King’s Carrie) of RHONY. She will have her revenge on everyone even if it takes her down in flames too. Lulu is the local skank who always acts like her shit don’t stink and yours reeks, is a classic hypocrite, preaching to others, putting them down & then meeting up with the married local soccer team behind the bleachers. Kelly….Kelly is the one that something happened to and no one knows what it was, but she hasn’t made any sense since.

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Because she is a pretentious name dropper who must justify why you should read her stupid book. Why read a book called Class with LuAnne? Who the hell is LuAnne and why should you listen to her lectures on manners? But a Countess? That kind of makes it legit. In America, especially, with our fascination of royalty that claim might help create interest in her books. At least that was the marketing strategy. When people began to see what a snob she is and how she is the exact opposite of class, then the real story of her marriage (affairs all over the place on both sides) came out, the book tanked. Now she insists on the title as a bid to set herself apart and hopes it will make her relevant on the show. She aint Royal and I would bet my favorite Chocolate Cake recipe on the socializing with the Royal Family going something like this
          “Hello, I’m Countess De’Lesseps.”
          “How do you do”
          and that is it.

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            and the fact that you are 17 and unafraid to state your opinions makes me think more highly of you than I ever have of these RHONY women. 🙂

            • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

              if you are interested in Royalty, I can recommend some VERY good books on the topic of both English and French Royal families. The Tudor family and the Sun King era (in England and France, respectively) are particularly interesting as those eras involved periods where history itself changed dramatically in each country during the reign of a particular monarch.

            • Maura says:

              thank you so much. You all seem really intelligent and have some funny comments. Don’t get me wrong—-I luv all my friends, but sometimes it’s just nice to take a break from them and hear talk to adults as opposed to a teenage conversation on facebook.

              • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

                I have nieces. I understand. And you are welcome here, Kiddo.

                • Nancy says:

                  I apologize for being curt. We get a lot of Jill’s “people” here trying to
                  cause trouble. You can like Jill and be a part of this blog. We just want her fans to tell us why they like her. Maybe we are seeing her through dark glasses.
                  Welcome to our little family. This is a great place to discuss anything you want.
                  I’m impressed by your maturity. I also like to learn about Royalty (esp English)
                  as half of my family are English.

                  • Maura says:

                    Thanks and I understand if you thought I was a Jill “person”.
                    I think Real housewives is funny to watch, especially in the summertime, & i think they’re all pretty crazy. I have been fascinated by royalty ever since studying England in History last year. I now see Luann is not really royalty, because I don’t think a real royal would have to brag about it every minute.

      • Thank you and it also explains why she never felt ill-at-ease among her husband’s crowd. She just trampled all the rules of protocol and etiquette without even knowing she was doing it. My mother was fond of saying “it’s fine to break the rules. But you need to first know the rules before you choose to break them.”

      • Kukulet says:

        You are completely correct, except that, for non British subjects, curtsying to a member of the British Royal Family is optional. It isn’t considered rude if an American elects not to curtsy. It IS customary to wait for the royal to extend their hand first (except in crowd/walkabout situations).

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          I would curtsy, simply because I was told in dance class when I was a little girl that I do it well, and when I grew up I realized it is a great way to show off the cleavage I always dreamed of having! LOL

          • OneMoreInBoston says:


            You’re the funniest Royal ever!

            Now if I could just get you to rap- you’ll be a triple threat! Cheesecake, Rap, and humorous cleavage! Watch out Countess…

          • Kukulet says:

            LOL! Well, in that case…curtsy away! Especially if you meet Prince Harry!

            (On a side note, I can guarantee that LuAnn DeLesseps and Princess Diana were NOT friends. They may have met, may have shook hands, but if LuAnn ever makes that claim, she’ll be adding another lie to the list. )

            What is it with that dame and royalty? I swear, LuAnn really believes that these (and herself) are rarefied human beings. It’s bizarre.

            • vilzvet says:

              I totally doubt it. Maybe if Diana was still alive and the Countless was still married and travelling in those European circles, but the timeline is off. Diana was separated in ’92 before LuAnn was barely married, so their paths would not have crossed at any royal functions.

              • Kukulet says:

                True, but Diana did visit New York, the Hamptons, and Martha’s Vineyard several times between her separation and her death, so it’s possible that LuAnn may have been introduced to her at some point.

                Introduced, mind. Not became instant BFF’s with the Princess, although LuAnn would probably spin it that way.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Okie dokey…..someone has been smoking dirty socks again.

      • Smompy says:

        Can I make one small correction? LuAnn isn’t actually midwestern. She’s from midwestern Connecticut though! Her father (and I think possibly her mother too) was from French Canadian stock and settled in the working class town of Berlin, CT where he worked with concrete. Somebody from Connecticut, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong as I’m going on my own questionable memory, but I believe the people in that town pronounce Berlin so that it rhymes with “HURL-in'” rather than the way most Americans pronounce the Germany city of Ber-LIN with the accent on the second syllable. Supposedly the father was also native American, but that story has been told so many different ways that God only knows how much of it is true, if any.

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Sweet Magnolia Margarine—That is even better! Considering my GERMAN family (some of whom live in Ber-LIN) are actual nobility (Baron/Baroness on Dad’s side). Ohhh Countess, This is the Duchess speaking–Please remove yourself from the arrival gate and depart stage left at once.
          The irony! Oh the irony!

        • midwesthousewife says:

          Smompy – thanks for clearing up the Luann is from the Midwest thing. I can raise my head high again!

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            LOL, sorry Midwest. I thought I read she was from the midwest. no insult intended!

        • Whisper says:

          from CT here ….you are correct…..Berlin is one long strip mall….IMO
          Ashamed to say LuMann & the Wig r from here…. nothing to be proud of..UGGG

    • Amy Matheson says:


      Why do you keep reposting the same comment?

      PS I hate Jill Zarin in case you want to pass that along.

  67. SoutheastVA says:

    IRT JZ deleting her bad tweets, I was at the Library of Congress where I learned that they c0llect each and every tweet that is sent worldwide and archive them. Once it’s sent, it’s never really gone for good.

  68. kellynnola says:

    So great to come home at the end of the day and read some hilarious comments. Did not have a good day at work do say the least.

    • Nancy says:

      Sorry you had a bad day at work. This is what I do to recover every Friday night.
      !st I say a prayer for Jill Zarin that one day she will see the light, and 2nd
      I watch “Whale Wars” on the Animal Planet. Hopefully God will hear both
      my prayers.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Why? You had that interview this morning—what happened? I was rooting for you!

      • kellynnola says:

        Thanks- the segment actually went well for the most part. I have a whole new respect for television anchors as some people have no idea how hard it is to do everything in such a short amount of time.

  69. jeepers1941 says:

    Hi all,
    Well by the time I finished watching the episode I was so upset at Simon. If ever there was a time to tell it like it is, this was his moment to shoot jz between the eyes. Why Simon, why did you say you were sorry? I have stuck up for Simon many times when it was not the most popular thing to do, but this was just to much to take. Simon, you are now on my shitlist, until you can explain why you felt you owed jz an apology, why Simon, why?

    • Nancy says:

      I agree jeepers,
      I felt he threw Alex (his WIFE) under the bus.
      I guess being on TV is more important.
      Yes I know this is their income but I don’t care anymore.

      • jeepers1941 says:

        I felt the same way, I hope when they got out of there, Alex kicked his ass.
        How embarrassing that must have been for her.
        Be damned their income, Alex is his wife, damnit, she should come before
        anything else, except for the boys of course.
        He really pissed me to no end this time.

    • ms molly says:

      I know, right? I sort of understand if the apology was for the comment “watch out”, but they both said that he apologized for that the day after. This just looked like groveling and bowing and scraping to her nibs so he wouldn’t have to endure further punishment by the queen and to get back into her good graces. WTF Was all that I love you Jill sh#t about??????

  70. TLM says:

    Just saw part of the episode with Sonja, the plumber, and the Blackberry. If I were the plumber, I would have punched her out.

    She didn’t have any money to pay him, and she’s crying poor and saying, “You aren’t going to charge me for this, are you?” Yet she didn’t seem to be asking the Feng Shui lady to cut her a deal or not charge her, and both the feng shui lady and the plumber were right there.

    You tell ME which is more essential – someone to rearrange your old furniture, or the person who’s going to unclog your toilet?? Then Sonja stands there crying like the poor little rich girl, saying everyone is jealous of her. Really?? That’s funny Sonja, I’m not at all jealous of a desperate old cougar who throws herself at just about anyone with a penis, and constantly name-drops about experiences she had 20 years ago as if they happened yesterday. I was wondering if the reason the plumber didn’t charge her was because she promised him a good time, and I am dead serious.

    The Feng Shui lady said Sonja has to be “full of herself”. Don’t worry, Feng Shui lady. She’s plenty full of herself.

    • Error404 says:

      We all have our favs and those we love to hate, but it always bewilders me a bit why you always see la Sonja in the worst light possible. Viva la difference ( which is probably the title of lulu’s next song!)

      Anywho, fwiw, she said in her blog that she’s spent tons of $$ over the years as they are her reg plumber, that this time the owner himself showed up with no tools probably just to be on camera, and since she did all the work and he got free publicity, why should she pay him for watching her pull something out of her toilet.

      • Nancy says:

        Where have you been? I’ve missed you.
        OT (of course) I watch old videos of Christopher Bowman
        today. What a talent wasted! He broke Frank’s heart.
        I’m glad he is couching now. Maybe they can mend broken hearts?
        I hope so.

      • TLM says:

        And I don’t understand why others have the absolute hatred they have for Melissa. BTW I don’t know if you are in that camp or not; I often just scan comments just to get a feel for what people are thinking and don’t always pay attention to who said what. I just call things as I see them, and only speak for myself.

      • TLM says:

        Also Error – My feelings about SM have been consistent from Day One. I didn’t care for her constant sex talk & thought it was obnoxious, even when it seemed others thought she was so much fun, so sexy, etc. I feel exactly the same about her. It’s the same stuff since the beginning, just times ten.

  71. Carly Hall says:

    I just want to know what Lynn has to say about Simon’s blog.

    • Carly Hall says:

      I appreciate what he had to say, but I’m left feeling uneasy. Anyone else? I’m sure Lynn can set me straight.

      • TLM says:

        Simon and Alex are like dust on old furniture to me. It’s unsightly and unhealthy, and I have no desire to start messing with a dustcloth or a Swiffer and carefully wiping so as not to redistribute it. I just want to whip out a vacuum cleaner and get rid of it.

        I don’t really care what they do or what they have to say. All season they’ve been desperate to up the drama to ensure they don’t get fired, and despite constantly trying to create chaos, they’re still boring and will probably be fired. One can only hope.

      • Kats2 says:

        Why uneasy? I think his blog was the truth and Lynn would agree with it. Your post makes it sound like you think Lynn will have a problem with what Simon posted? When I think Simon presented the facts and in many ways supported Lynn. What am I missing?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Guess I am missing it too! lol

          • I'm in Florida says:

            I like Simon and Alex…. Having lived in Europe for a long time– I “get” him….and I think Alex was raised right and has manners.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Hey Carly, I was gonna ask, now that you have heard my voice, what do you think about me recording a reply to the Countess—-I have lyrics, left them on the blog 2 days ago! You do radio—wanna hook a Duchess up? LMAO

  72. Carly Hall says:

    I don’t take issue with the content. I have no doubt that it’s the truth. I guess I just want to know that Lynn supports the use of their personal correspondences and conversations. Me being typically over-protective. 😦

    • AZ Girl says:

      I am sure Simon let Lynn know what he was going to post. Simon did a good job on the timeline. We were all here when this went down trying to put the pieces together. I was thrilled to hear that WSL and her husband had dinner and met up with Simon and Alex at events even after the birthday party.

      Remember Jill is the outsider in this. Bobby and his father had a long business relationship in the past with WSL and now the “new tv wife” has this person posting on the IHJZ blog? Of course Jill is pissed because she is reminded once again that she is not the “Queen Bee” of NYC. WSL is.

      • Carly Hall says:

        I’m sure you guys are right. I just can’t help but feeling like a big sister on the warpath lately…..

        I should calm down.

      • buffywood says:

        One thing about WSL that I think is worth mentioning… when she came to this blog it was when we were discussing Teresa Giudice’s bankruptcy and spending habits. Her interest and comments had nothing to do with any dislike of JZ. As a matter of fact if I remember correctly she said she hadn’t seen the show yet and just got the DVDs of season one. The “hate” blog at that time was really focused on Teresa, not Jill.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Carly – Maybe your unease comes from Simon playing both sides of the fence. At least it seems like he does to me.

  73. jonnyxo says:

    I’ve watched some of the earlier episodes from previous seasons recently, and I’m here to say that Jill Zarin definetely CAN and HAS changed. For the worse. 😉
    She started out as pretty likable in my opinion. She was just a rich housewife who liked to gossip a little, but who’s heart was in the right place.
    That was until she got a taste of fame and attention. Now she has to resort to creating and manipulating storylines and drama to keep herself “relevant”. Let’s face it: she isn’t an interesting person. It’s funny she says Alex will accept any form of attention to gain relevance when she is the one who will stoop to any level to keep our attention. It’s sickening. She makes my stomach turn.
    She isn’t a role model-unless you’re looking for a lesson on what NOT to do as a human being. This is a woman who’s postion in life was gained by marrying a wealthy man…that she walks all over. It’s a joke! She treats him like a lap dog.
    Whenever they show a closeup of her lumpy, overly botoxed face, and those soulless, black pits she has for eyes…I want to vomit.
    Jill Zarin has to go. I’m too sucked in to quit watching now lol, but this is the last season I’ll tune in.
    Bethenny was right when she said “I’m tired of people being rewarded for bad behavior”. That’s exactly what’s going on.

    • kellynnola says:

      I agree. Look at Jill’s change from season 1 to season 2. THe most dramatic change was season 2 to 3. Season 4 she is absolutely awful and at her worst.

    • Error404 says:

      Her only likable season IMO was s2. While ITA that pseudo fame has gone to her head and she’s gotten 100x worse, if you rematch s1 you’ll see she was just awful. When I think back to those scenes where she’s schooling her kid on how to suck up to the step dad so he will buy her more stuff… Shudders!

      • Nancy says:

        We should have known from the very 1st episode when Jill was irate that
        Ramona didn’t invite her to her dinner party.

    • Nancy says:

      Jill’s eyes….. they look exactly like my pet rats eyes.
      Small and black.

      • Carly Hall says:

        I don’t know about you, but my pet rat is sweet, loving and cute. Nothing like……,

        • Nancy says:

          First of all I love your radio show with Lynn. It is nice to put voices with names.

          I LOVE my rats (I have two) Their names are Bubble & Squeek.
          (It’s a british breakfast made from roast beef and veggies)
          They actually play with our cats but I don’t test fate. My dog even tolerates them.
          Bubble just had surgery to remove a tumor but he’s home now for me to nurse him back
          to health.
          Make a note to look into JIll’s eyes. The are small and black. She’s evil IMHO.
          I’m glad to hear I have a rat lover friend here. Not all of my friends feel the same way we do.

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            I thought Bubble and Squeak was potatoes and kale with lard. As it is frying it bubbles and the kale squeaks. The Two Fat Ladies on BBC make it on their show. Do you have a recipe—your way sounds much better!

            • Nancy says:

              Dear Duchess,
              The Queen would not be happy with you if you make fun of one
              of her favorite dishes. I’m in the middle of watching Whale Wars.
              I promise I will send you the recipe. 🙂

              • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

                How am I making fun of it? There is a show called Two Fat Ladies. It was a big hit cooking show in England. BBC and Cooking Channel rerun it. They made Bubble and Squeak–it is diced potatoes and chopped Kale cooked in Lard. You cannot use oil, the Kale will burn. They put it in a cast iron skillit and when you press down on the mass of food in the skillit the lard makes a bubbling sound and the kale squeaks. Sorry if you thought I was being fresh or something. Not intended.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Carly – Rats are wonderful pets. very smart. Nothing like JZ. 🙂

          • Carly Hall says:

            OH I love you both! Rats Rule! 🙂

            Thanks for listening to the show. It’s fun.

          • Nancy says:

            I didn’t say my rats are like Jill
            I said their eyes are. Look at your rats
            eyes. They are black. Look into Shrill’s
            they are black. Don’t get me wrong I would
            never tell my little Bubble & Squeek that so shhhhhhhhhhhhh. 🙂

            • Carly Hall says:


            • Adgirl says:

              Thank God I’m not the only person who has/had a pet rat. I had a wonderful one named Templeton. He was house broken! Very cute. Rats are surpisingly clean.
              My friends always wanted to hold my “hamster” until I said he’s a rat. “Ewww!”.

              • Nancy says:

                They are great pets. They just don’t live long enough.
                One of mine just had surgery. The Vet thought I was crazy
                as it was quite expensive with not great odds. He’s home
                now as it should be so all is fine.
                You should get another one.

  74. HD says:

    I might get blasted for this but in regards to Simon’s blog, who gives a eff? He wrote out all those details like high school girls do and then she said, and then he said and then I said, and then she said. Really? This is a little bit too much for me! Simon is tooooooooooo overly involved in this housewife stuff. I mean really! No other husband does this mess! Uhhhhhhhhhhh it is disgusting. Sucking up to Jill, following behind her like a lost puppy at parties. Who the hell is Jill?! Who cares if you and her are not friends? I don’t get any of this. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • AZ Girl says:

      Jill has damaged Simon reputation in a vile manner. Attacking Simon in the NYP article on his drinking (S3) , calling his employer at the hotel in which he was the GM and then calling his wife a FB on tv (S4).

      When you go back on the time line Simon realize just how far Jill would go to hurt anyone. Simon I believe really wanted to save his kids and Alex from Jill’s malicious behavior alas he was trying to keep the peace with a deranged maniac.

      • MAMAZ says:

        HD As usual I agree with you. All Simon had to say was I’m an adult I can socialize with whoever I want. And he needs to get a different hobby.

      • JillhAter says:

        OMG- She called Simons employer?

        Directly impacting livelihood again. Don’t know why I am surprised.

        • Nancy says:

          Didn’t you know that? She is despicable.
          She is trash in my eyes. I would like for Alex and Simon
          to get off this show. Jill is toxic and she will ruin them.

          • JillhAter says:

            I just figured out SIlex was short for Alex and Simon and not a clandestine loft space in NYC. LOL
            WSL I thought was a potential cast member for next season. So many layers of that stinky onion…

            • Nancy says:

              What I don’t get is this. Jill lives in a small ugly apt,
              To our knowledge has no real friends. She doesn’t have any skills
              outside the bedroom (and I even question that.) Her husband is old
              boring, creepy and owns a fabric store.

              If Bethenny’s life didn’t evolve into what it is today Jill would have kicked her
              to the curb and walked right over her. She ruins peoples lives and sleeps
              well at night. She is soooo pathetic to me.

    • buffywood says:

      Part of me totally sees your point, but to me I equate this situation to those nuisance law suits. People keep suing companies and business for small amounts that they know will be settled because it is cheaper to make them go away then fight the fight. The more you continue to pay out, the more you get sued. At some point someone has to fight the fight.
      Jill continues to throw out lies, rumors, and basic bullshit… After so many people just letting it go someone has to say enough is enough. In this case Jill finally went too far with the false acquisitions and Simon decided to fight the fight and finally call bullshit.

      • buffywood says:

        ha… auto correct… acquisitions should have been Accusations

      • Waslurking says:


        • HD says:

          I hear you Buffy but this is an issue about a tweet. A tweet! Really? In the big scheme of life do you worry about Twitter and someone saying they don’t like you on Twitter? Jill never mentioned the hate blog, Bobby did. Jill mentioned mean tweets. Okay. Mean tweets. And how old are they again?

          • buffywood says:

            I know I know… they all behave worse then my 14 year old daughter… MUCH worse. If it was just a “Boo hoo Simon sent me a mean tweet” it wouldn’t even be worth putting down your cup of coffee to address. But when peole are throwing arounds the words Cyber Bullying and Stalking it will raise some eyebrows. With so many real victims of both crimes (and those are crimes) out there; if I was accused of either I would defend myself as well. Sometimes it is hard to remember that Jill really does have fans and people that believe her (scary thought huh?) not to mention her habit of putting stories (false, exagerated, does it matter to Jill?) out to the press. I am just glad that she was called out in her lies.

          • @HD – Jill accused WSL of stalking her – and Simon of cozying up to her stalker. The tweet thing was just a minor part of it. Jill has spewed really serious stuff out in her blog and on that radio show with her sister – and he felt the need to address the allegations.

    • linda2148 says:

      Do you girls realize we are giving Jill exactly what she wants? We are turning on the people that we like the best. This criticism of Simon is crazy. He’s just being who he is (he can’t help it) and Jill is probably laughing her ass off!!!!

      • linda2148 says:

        Ooops! This was supposed to go under all the Simon comments. Sorry!

        • HD says:

          Jill is not getting what she wanted from me. I have been criticizing Simon since season one when Jill still appeared half normal.

          • Smompy says:

            Not sure why, but this comment made me LOL. It’s kinda like one of those legalese things you see at the bottom of a contract or whatever…..i.e. “Any agreement between myself and Jill Zarin is purely coincidental and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by me of Jill Zarin or any of her subsidiaries.”

  75. lillybee says:

    W00T, I got my computer back, virus free.

    Can someone explain it to me as though I were Kelly, exactly how did Jill make MONEY CAN’T BUY YOU CLASS a big hit.

  76. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO there is a lot of self loathing within Jill. She is not beautiful, witty, funny or bright.
    Her claim to fame was marrying a husband who happens to have money. Sooner or later she will find herself replaced by a younger, hotter, nicer wife and she know that too. Like her friends, LuAnn and Kelly, being mean to others makes her feel good about herself.
    As a viewer I am tired of watching her and her little buddies. NYC has so much more to offer and Bravo needs to make some changes to this franchise. Listen to your little golden girl – its time to leave this party!

    • kellynnola says:

      I’m ready to see a fresh & exciting new group come in. Ramona and Sonja are the only ones who have happy scenes that make me laugh.

      And I do hope Bravo comes down to New Orleans. I would never do it in a million years, but know of some women who would make it a crazy & entertaining show.

      • Nancy says:

        My husband and I joke about this all the time.
        We would love to join one of their Housewives Shows to let people see
        how the REAL housewives live. Put it this way it wouldn’t be pretty
        but it would be funny. Case in point…Today as I was working in the
        operating room I get a call from my husband but I couldn’t pick up the phone as
        I was “scrubbed in” so he was put on speaker phone. But George didn’t know
        this. (we are in the middle of doing our taxes and we can’t find a lot of files so it’s a night mare) Anyway I was trying to tell him where I thought he could find something
        and he yells into the phone “AL SHARPTON AL SHARPTON” (our word for you’re not making any sense, thank-you very much Kelly) He hangs up and the room went silent.
        The surgeon finally breaks the silence with “Am I the only person that thought that
        conversation was a little odd?” It was really funny.

        • kellynnola says:

          Lol that is hilarious! Did you explain it to them?

          • Nancy says:

            That would be a very long story. Where would I even begin?
            “There is this chick Bethenny that called this nut job Kelly “Madona.”
            Then they went to Scary Island and Kookoo Kelly thought Bethenny was
            trying to kill her in the middle of the night with a butter knife as she was running around
            telling everyone to “Zip It” in-between eating jellybeans. Kelly kept telling Bethenny
            that she was a cook not a chef and that she slept around. Bethenny didn’t like that so
            she told Kelly “Adios Lunatic I’m going to the “Hooters” boat to talk to some sane people”

            Something tells me I wouldn’t be working with that surgeon anymore.

        • Adgirl says:

          HAHAHA. I love it your hubby said a KooKooism.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Great story!!


        • maggie_01bklyn says:

          OMG, now that is funny……………… REALLY LOL’ing

        • codystl says:

          Love it! I wonder if Al Sharpton knows what Kelly has done to his name!

    • Smompy says:

      I totally agree about the self-loathing. Unfortunately, Jill’s self-loathing is easily eclipsed by many other people’s loathing of her.

      • HD says:

        @ Nancy-That is too funny! AL SHARPTON!! My friend and I, when something doesn’t make sense, say, “satchels of gold”. LOL!

  77. Nancy says:


    It’s almost time people. Whale Wars is almost on. (Animal Planet)

    • Candace says:

      Team Japanese, whenever that show is on.

      The scroungy hippies need another cold bath in that nice cold water.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I ❤ whale wars! I have a hard time watching cuz it's old news. Being stuck at home with the limited ability thanks to my foot made me a Sea Shepherd junkie so was reading the updates when it was going on. Also, my college drinking buddy now lives in Japan so I rant at him about eating whale, and he tells me how delish it is. Ugh is all I can say. I will say congrats on this seasons campaign and it really did help the Japanese. After the tsunami, he was stuck in a shelter roughly 20 miles out from the nuke plants with one orange and some rice a day. So at least the meat helped at that time. I'm not justifying, but at least there was some good. I see no reason to kill intelligent animals. I get they are all smart; however, hunting a deer is so different. I guess it could be seen as wishy-washy, but if A whale, dolphin, or baby seal jumps infront of my car I'll change my mind. Lol.

  78. shadowsmom says:

    I stopped watching after last season. The only one who I like on the show is Sonja and sometimes Alex but I am so tired of watching her being attacked. I don’t want to see Cat since she isn’t a NY’er but I would like some women representative of NY’ers with some substance and not these drama queens.

    Jill Zarin should be ashamed of herself. She is a sad excuse for a D listed reality star and IMO on par with Danielle Staub — slimey and would sell their souls for attention. Continuing to behave badly while having her minions trying to clean up behind her by sterilizing some blogs and trying to eliminate those she has no control over.

    IMO RHNY has jumped the shark.

    • Smompy says:

      How cool would it be if Judge Judy became a NY Housewife? I bet she’d put the smack down on Jillzilla right quick! She’d prolly shut Lulu and Kuku up too.

      • Adgirl says:

        Can’t wait to see her burlesque act.

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          See, what is it with you—you always seem to bring out the slightly bawdy in me! LOL!
          Maybe that’s why I love your comments!

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        I LOVE JUDGE JUDY! She has the power to MAKE people do the right thing and she knows what the right thing is.

  79. Adgirl says:

    I just read Simon’s blog … quite detailed but WTF. I would probably like Alex and Simon as friends but they are seriously idiotic pansies when it comes to Team Doo Doo (aka brunettes). They are not respected by the Turdy Girls for obvious reasons.
    Simon and Alex bring fountain pens to gun fights. (In Jill’s case, she shoots nuclear missiles with poisoned tips.)
    I’m fed up with A) Mealy mouthed bowing and scraping, or B) Fumbling and flailing while being verbally dismboweled by everyone.

    Grow a phucking spine, dude!
    Simon, you wrote a wonderfully fact packed blog. Big deal. Who cares. Nobody! Simon; you, Alex and children have been publicly humiliated over and over again. So, as the protector of your family, you rise to combat your foe to the death with a …a …a blog?! That only a tiny portion of fans will ever read anyway?
    Why aren’t you calling up the Enquirer? How about an attorney (so what if your contract says you can’t sue – which I don’t believe Bravo has in their contracts anyway). If you don’t have the balls to go to war then Get off the Show!
    You two are making me crazy!! Stawp!!
    After 4 season’s this will never improve. They let themselves be a toilet for Jillsh1t to dump in anytime she wants.

    • Wow – this totally cracks me up considering a mere blog has driven Jill nuts for the last year.

      Silex can’t (don’t/won’t) lie and I doubt they’d have a case if they sued. Besides Jill is pathological – nothing will make a dent – so better to get it all in writing and be done with it – then walk away until next season. Obviously whatever they are doing is getting under her skin!

      • Adgirl says:

        Of course they shouldn’t lie. However, Simon stated in his blog several times that they have slandered. Jill has her lawyer on speed dial so she thinks legal action is the ultimate threat. Ok, then do the same. Just filing a lawsuit will (it can be withdrawn anytime) will get all kinds of attention.
        I was complaining about Silex’s whimpy responses to confrontations and to real threats to their ability to earn a living.

        • Viewer1234 says:

          I think Simon did a great job on his blog. Facts . . . facts and nothing but the facts.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      ITA Adgirl. This season is so frustrating because no one has the ability or what ever it takes to stand up to Jillzilla. I realize that opposing her in any way or like Bethenny just doing your thing and not including her will bring out the wrath of kahn but that’s why I agree Silex and Ramona need to sue her ass. It’s the only thing that could possibly work to hold her accountable or at the very least cause her to cyct and deceased.

    • TLM says:

      I don’t read any of the cast blogs. Perhaps I should, but I just don’t have the energy or time or drive to. I just go purely by what’s said on the show and sometimes on WWHL. If I were going to read a blog, though, Simon’s would be the very last one I would bother reading. I would read Tree’s blog or Kookoo’s blog before I’d read Simon’s, and I don’t bother to read theirs either.

  80. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    On another note, I finished up all the housework, paid the bills, gave the dogs their bath, pedicures and flea/heartworm meds, got myself cleaned up, fed the hubs, re-cleaned the kitchen, and took the dogs for a walk. Anybody wanna film a real housewife (with a blog supported courtesy title, no less) of Cincinnati? Anyone? Hello?

    • Adgirl says:

      Why did you do all of that? Is your mother’s helper off today? What about your cyber minions, shouldn’t they be typing your comments for you?

      I guess you just feel like slumming today.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        It helps me stay in touch with the emotions of the “little people”. Usually I just swan around in my tiara contemplating the fabulosity of myself and lashing out at people who think I love them behind their back. But I am such a great person, I occasionally like to feel what is like to be “common” and dirty my hands a bit–but now I need a manicure.

      • Viewer1234 says:

        Adgirl – why are you such a crabby-ass?

        • Adgirl says:

          LOL. See below, the hubs and his tooth. I was joking with DODL. About Simon and his blog… I know he is right (and I like Silex) but really now, man up or get out off the stage.

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            Viewer—Why do you not have a sense of humor? Back off my girl right quick, now.

            • Viewer1234 says:

              Please calm down. I’m on your side. Just hadn’t read all of the posts. My bad.

  81. Palmer Avenue Garage says:

    Jill Zarin brought her foul mouthed act to Bronxville on last night’s episode.Jill,you are not wanted in Bronxville.We also hear you tried to get free lunch and free clothes for your kid in exchange for showing the storefronts.We are not like that here.

  82. VAgirl says:

    Cause You’re a Woman, W-O-M-A-N, I’ll say it again.

  83. Adgirl says:

    OT. My hubs is making me cray cray today! Why are men such pansies about the dentist? Hubs broke a tooth. This is the first time he’s needed any dental work other than a cleaning. The dentist put a temporary on until the crown is ready. Hubs has been whining non-stop about the pain and swelling … but he won’t even take an advil. Today hubs informed me the dentist MUST have cut his gum with the drill (2 days ago) for his gum to hurt. Completely improbable.
    So, wait now the dentist malpracticed that’s why you are whining?


    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      My husband got a sweat bee sting last week and is STILL griping. This is why we give birth. Face it, one menstrual cramp and the population would die out.

      • codystl says:

        I got stung on the cheek by a wasp on the Fourth and I didn’t miss a beat at the party. Just took an ice cube out of the beer bucket every once in a while to numb the sting. If a guy got stung, they’d probably stop the party.

    • boston02127 says:

      My b/f is the same way about taking anything like Aleve or Advil. He’ll complain that he has a headache and I’ll say take a couple of Aleves. He won’t take anything like that and says no, I think to myself …then suffer.
      LOL, I just re-read that and I sound so mean.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Tell him you will be happy to hit him in the head with a shovel to take his mind off the pain in his gums. Feel free to let him catch you digging in the garden. Sing around the house a little tune called “Happy wife, longer life.” 😉

  84. boston02127 says:

    I wonder why Ramona isn’t in this pic. And look how dumb Kelly looks. (as usual) She’s dresses awful.

  85. JillhAter says:


  86. vilzvet says:

    Aww, former First Lady Betty Ford passed away today.

    Also, Jen Aniston on Inside the Actors’ Studio Monday night.

    • Nancy says:

      Every sober alcoholic out there in LaLa Land should salute her tonight.
      She’ll never know how much she did for a lot of people.
      God bless her.

  87. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    Sonja’s talking head “I thought it was the epiphany of what I’m going through now.” Um, she sounds like Kelly here, using a word she heard somewhere, not having a clue what it means. Maybe she meant epitome …it sorta rhymes lol

    • Smompy says:

      I still haven’t figured that out. She might have meant epitome, but maybe she was trying to say that doing the show was like an epiphany for her? I dunno!

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        All I know is, next time I write a poem I’m gonna use those two words 😉

  88. Adgirl says:

    I had an epitome today! If we all stoppped hating and held hands …. oh nevermind.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      ROFLMAO! BTW, Adgirl and Smompy I love when you two go on a tear and rip some assholios. You guys rock at it 😀

  89. lovemamaearth says:

    Jill let things go with Simon? I missed that. She’s been ragging like a dog in heat. And when you’ve changed, people tell you. YOU don’t tell them OVER & OVER & OVER.

    And I suspect Kelly can’t do booze because it conflicts with the meds she’s on. And WHO goes on and on about liking the friend and how well youu can relate to them? Who is she trying to convince?

    • Adgirl says:

      Yes! Wasn’t it painful to watch Louie and Kookie’s romantic date?
      Kooks: “Oooo. I don’t know…. Help me decide what to order”
      Lou: “Don’t you want to taste my drink”

      Next week they’ll be spoon feeding each other cleanse.

      • I’d rather watch Ramona rub Mario’s foot. Not really – but those two (Countless and KelKel) are just too in love with themselves, and too busy patting each other on the back. But at least they weren’t saying nasty things about the other “girls”.

  90. Amy Matheson says:

    I think it’s very obvious that there some people on the site who post from Jill’s camp. Welcome. 🙂 We love your opinions and we – well I will speak only for me – I hate Jill Zarin. Pass it on.

    Some of the Jill’s moles and trolls spend all day juggling multiple accounts and posting here and pretend to be us or them here and and Bravo blogs. So glad you make time so much time in your life for us. Just realize we are laughing at you and you amuse us. Thanks for the chuckles.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      “all day juggling multiple accounts and posting here and pretend to be us or them here and and Bravo blogs”

      Oooh and twitter – didn’t want to forget to acknowledge how hard you work there! Cheers!!!

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        It’s so freaking pointless. No matter what Jill does to manipulate the polls, WWHL, her blogs, the gossip rags, she knows the truth, which is everyone hates her guts. She can’t manipulate THAT. Well, she could be completely delusional/mentally ill but she’s not. Neener, Jill.

        • Cusi77 says:

          WeCan_ Jill can’t recognize the truth even if her life depended on it! For her to recognize the truth she would need to be self conscious. She has a personality disorder. I am not a Psychiatrist, but many of the HW’s fit in several categories of personalities disorders I’ve read from Mayo Clinic (I found mine, BTW,Lol)

        • I think she’s completely delusional. But that’s just my opinion. I only say that because nothing she actually does is strategic in any way – just destructive (self and to all those around her) and pathetic. Plus she surrounds herself with all those sycophants that she feeds off of.

    • VAgirl says:

      It’s like Lynn said last night, if they could only give examples of why they like Jill so much when they say they like her, I’d be OK with it. But they come here and say we’re mean and they don’t cite examples of how we’re mean. When we call Jill on something, they can’t dispute what we say, but we are haters. I don’t get the Jill adoration.

  91. Cusi77 says:

    OMG! I am laughting out loud here! I went to read Cindy’s blog from this week Episode -thing that I’ve never done, since she is so dull that I do not care for what she has to say- Wow! Wow! She took offense for what Sonja said in her Burlesque talk. In Spanish we have a say “Si el saco te queda, pontelo” … meaning: If the jacket fits you, wear it! But it is up to you, right? Free will is called. So I left a comment there! Haaa! Please God, I’ve been nice lately, let those nitwits publish my comment and I promise to not eat chocolate for a whole week! (I do not eat chocolate at all! Never, never, ever… I prefer oranges) Ok. I promise to not eat oranges for an entire week! But let Cindy have a piece of my mind!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Oh, my! I am forgetting Spanish and not learning English! “Al que le quede el saco que se lo ponga” is the say: To whom the jacket fits, feel free to wear it!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Dear Cusi – or you could say “if the shoe fits” which is another way of saying what you so nicely said in Spanish. And I love orange slices with dark chocolate! lol

  92. maggie_01bklyn says:

    I still say Bobby should take away her cellphone, and get her a diamond studded muzzle… OHHHH Never Mind this is toooooooo much fun.

    • Adgirl says:

      Do you think Bobby will get a BJ for buying her a diamond studded muzzle?

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        If he can “fit” through the—-Oh, never mind. Pass the eye bleach for the inner eye, please.

    • Nancy says:

      Now that Jill and Bobby are in England maybe, oh maybe Bobby will see just how out of control his wife is. She’s probably tweeting, twooting, 24/7!
      I doubt it though because they went to Austraila not too long ago and I’m sure she was doing the same thing as taping was underway without her. 🙂
      Sure glad I’m not married to “that”! Could you imagine?
      Got to go and kiss my husband.

  93. Adgirl says:

    I believe Jill has real fans. Especially people who disliked Bethenny in the first place. To them Jill’s attitude was natural (they already hated bethenny for a reason – now Jill has seen the light!). Jill’s behavior now is just an extention of last season. Jill is being picked on and she is just reacting to treatment she’s received.

    I hearted Vicki on OC forever until her new boyfriend turned out to be a deadbeat asswipe.

    • Cusi77 says:

      I agree, Adgirl. Jill has fans that drink her Kool Aid. I have a Niece living In Chicago and I asked her to watch RHONY and tell me what was her impression of the women. She watched something from Morocco and told me that she liked Jill and disliked Ramona and Alex… She has never seen them before! She thought Jill was nice!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        I can see why she said that Cusi, what we saw of Jill in Morocco was her goofy hair and asking a ton of questions on a tour of a palace, she certainly wasn’t herself with the exception of the argument with Ramona in the bedroom. We saw Ramona and Sonja drinking, Alex confronting Luann so if you don’t know the backstory it is easy to see why with just that one episode your niece would get the wrong impression. Tell her to keep watching…. lol

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Vicki makes me feel like there are not enough baths and showers in the world to take the Icky Vickiness off me. Which is why I avoid anything associated with her hypocritical and not-as-cute-as-she-thinks @ss.

      But I hate Jill Zarin more *just barely though* . Hi!!!

      • Nancy says:

        I almost hate LuMan as much as I hate Jill.
        I would end up slapping LuMan if she talked to me like she talks to Alex.
        Someone would have to keep her away from me. Kelly I would just laugh in her face and leave. Jill…I think I could play her game and win.
        THANK GOD I will never know!

        • Amy Matheson says:

          Luann only needs people who will help her maintain her illusions of grandeur.

          She’s like a parody of an aging b-movie “star” from the old days .. trying desperately to hand on to her delusional glory days (“please address me as Countess”… “the Countless has arrived”) … and she is still “ready for her closeup.” Should happen annnnnnny minute now.

  94. So I wonder what Bobby thinks now. Jill gets him to confront Simon about WSL being a guest in their house – but then he’s told who she is – and knows that she’s harmless. My guess is he talks to Jill and then she agrees to make up with Simon (or talk it out).

    Then Jill forgets about all this and accuses WSL of being a stalker in her blog. And once again Bobby is reminded that Jill is BSC (in my opinion). How crazy does Jill have to get before they get her help. Is this trip to England Bobby’s attempt to get her into some sort of narcissist rehab?

    • It’s so ridiculous,

      WSL has known the REAL Zarins (and not just Zarin’s by marriage) before Jill even knew Bobby.

      (sarcasm on) Jill Zarin should really stop stalking WSL by getting involved with people she knows and moving to the City to get closer to her (because we all know Jill Zarin started out in Long Island). Jill Zarin just can’t stop talking about WSL, be it on the show or in her blogs. (sarcasm off)

      • BessiB says:

        Jill knows exactly who WSL is. I think Jill has a bug up her ass because she declined Bobby’s invitation to get together and meet Jill.

  95. Peggygee says:

    I think “Bravo Andy” has to take some ownership in Kelly, Jill and the Countless removing or not posting comments they don’t like (even though they are true). I like him but he needs to grow a pair. I think he’s afraid of Jill.

  96. kdf says:

    Just can’t resist joining in – Kelly asked her followers on her blog to recommend some good reading material and someone told her to get Bethenney’s book. LOL!!!

    • Nancy says:

      I would recommend…
      “Dick and Jane making angels in the sand”

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I recommend Cat In the Hat, but Teddy and Sea may need to help her with the big words. Like Cat.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      That is too funny.

    • VAgirl says:

      Welcome kdf. I saw that and think it’s so funny! All my comments to the “blondes” got through, but not the others of course because they weren’t overflowing with the love. I posted as Bravo Fanatic. I figured Bravo would like that handle and post them.

  97. Jill’s blog is classic..instead of reading the Art of War she read parts of the Geneva Convention….and took it as….I am going to level a heavy assault on you- full of lies.and false allegations, I am going to call you names but then when it’s all said and done; and it’s your turn to respond, I am going to throw down my weapon, raise the white flag and say I want peace, so if you do react- you look like the one who is keeping it going and is attacking a defenseless woman (I am a victim and I am being bullied).

    • Any smart viewer will recognize that blog from the one she wrote after her coming back from Australia episode, where she was all happy and over it all. That lasted – oh – one week and then she was calling Ramoner and alcoholic.

      She likes to think she can fool people by looking like she’s above it all – but then she looses it and sends out a private newsletter laced with venom.

    • Viewer1234 says:

      WOW Rabble Rouser – you nailed it down! Great summation.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      I want YOU for my judge if I’m ever in court 😀

  98. maggie_01bklyn says:

    Don’t worry Kelly will be busy soon, she is going to be the new Fabreeze girl…… Cindy has hired her to spray down her clients. Just another day in KELLYLAND.

  99. Adgirl says:

    Maybe I’m really off base here .. but I believe Bobby is not computer friendly. I’ll bet he didn’t like computers at work and left it to everyone else. It’s his generation. Even with email he might not do much online. My dad was like that.
    I don’t think Bobby reads the internet about Jill, Jill’s blogs, tweets or anything about the housewives. Jill doles out info when she’s excited/upset.

    Who would point out to Bobby how crappy she is to her colleages? His kids ? No way they’re touching that sh1t, nope! His friends? Nawww.
    Bobby likes that Jill is famous (he doesn’t understand she’s infamous). He likes that she is vivacious. He loves the parties, the attention, the new connections. He’s flattered. She is a trophy wife now. She looks a hundred x better than season 1.

    That’s just my opinion. Bobby should have known way more about IHJZ, WSL etc. before “someone” brought it to his attention.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      You’re spot on as usual Adgirl. Seriously. I don’t feel a bit of pity for the po foo tho. The dumbass lives with that snake and doesn’t know her? What a shallow asshole, who deserves what he gets for being a lazy BJ taker.

    • GingerTheNoseMiner says:

      I think you are spot on with this. My DH just turned 61 and I will just say that when he starts bellowing from his man cave that there is something wrong with his computer I usually just yell right back that it is operator error.:) The poor man still can’t send a email for goodness sake.

  100. maggie_01bklyn says:

    BTW, I have to say I love you people….. this is so much fun.
    Day two for me here.
    I have tried to post on the Bravo Blogs,,,, but nothing was ever posted….
    It might have been my suggestion to change the name of the show to The Real Cockroaches of NY.. I thought it was rather funny….

  101. codystl says:

    Does anyone else think that Andy is losing fans because he kisses Jill’s butt? I’m becoming annoyed that he rarely ever calls any housewife on her BS. I get that he doesn’t want to be mean, but when they contradict themselves within 60 seconds, ask a friggin’ follow-up question.

    • VAgirl says:

      For sure he’s lost me as a fan. I don’t even enjoy the reunions that much because he never really calls anyone out. He’ll ask a question, here the lie and know it’s a lie, and not follow up. What a whimp. I mean he’s supposed to be the boss, right?

    • A says:

      I might be alone here (and that’s fine), but I actually feel kind of sorry for Andy. By his own admission, he never thought the Real Housewives of Orange County was going to go any further than one season. Now he’s got, what, five franchises full of catty, ridiculous women, most of whom (if he’s not exaggerating) bug him every single day. I personally can’t help but wonder how he isn’t three sheets to the wind on an *hourly* basis…

      Having said that, I do agree that he doesn’t call the housewives out as much as as he could (or should), which is weird because he has to have more power over these women than they have over him, right? I mean, if I’m not mistaken, he’s basically their boss, right? I think on a recent WWHL, he referred to himself as someone who likes to stir the pot, so to speak. You’d think if he really wanted to ignite some drama with the housewives, he would do something like call Jill out on her hypocrisy or demanding an apology from Teresa for basically assaulting him. From what I can tell, his actual goal is keeping the women happy, hence the never calling any of them on *anything*.

    • BessiB says:

      I find it annoying as hell that we see Andy at all. If he wants to be a reality TV personality, he should quit is day job and do that. I have no interest in seeing an exec vp in front of the camera. An really don’t think it is appropriate for an exec vp to have a show and snark on and with the people when he has input into whether or not they are re-signed. I don’t dislike Andy, but I don’t respect what he does.

    • BessiB says:

      I was never a “fan” of Andy. I find it annoying as hell that we see Andy at all. If he wants to be a reality TV personality, he should quit is day job and do that. I have no interest in seeing an exec vp in front of the camera. I don’t think it is appropriate for an exec vp to have a show and snark on and with the people when he has input into whether or not they are re-signed. I don’t dislike Andy, but I don’t respect what he does.

  102. VAgirl says:

    Is there a rehab facility for those addicted to the IHJZ blog? If so, my family wants to send me there. However, I have to admit I have a problem first, right? I think they are going to stage an intervention soon. Oh no, there is a detox facility for those addicted to the IHJZ blog. It’s located in the basement of a fabric store in NYC. There are lots of boxes of moldy books down there. There is a recording that plays over and over and over with a screeching, grating voice, along with a video of a redheaded shrew wearing some type of ugly shapewear and her hair is in a madonna like pony-tail. She repeats over and over “I am fabulous, you will adore me, you hate Bethenny and Lynn, I am fabulous, you will adore me, you hate Bethenny and Lynn.” This goes on and on until you swear you will never again follow that hateful Lynn woman who owns the IHJZ blog. Wait, wait. I am slowly waking up. It was just a nightmare. Whew! I thought I wouldn’t be able to read this blog anymore. What a relief! Uh oh, here comes the hubs and he wants to know if I’m on that blog talking to my peeps again. “No sweetheart, I’m looking up recipes for your dinner tomorrow night (fingers crossed behing my back).” Gotta go. Be back later.

    • NJBev says:

      you crack me up, VA!!

    • Adgirl says:

      LOL! This blog is addictive. I do chores and check in every once in a while for a laugh.

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        We all know it’s Hotel California. We can check in but we can never check out. I refuse to get emotionally involved. Ok, I did once and got burned. I love this place evenso. I’m a unrepentent optimist. I’m in.

    • Nancy says:

      You have me and my husband laughing big time.
      That was very well done. My husband loves me
      on this blog that way I’m not bugging him on his blog.
      (Which is Opera) I swear he’s only doing this because
      he HATES knowing that I know more than him on
      one subject in life, classical music. He’s making a fool
      of himself so I let him continue. When we met I was the
      cellist and he was listening to Howard Stern. Now I am
      spending hours chatting everyone here and
      He’s chatting about opera.

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        My husband is a Texas “what are we going to do the day after the government declares a bank holiday” where our money is as useless as it was in Germany before WW2 guy. He would be considered poor on Jill’s scale but he’s wealthy by a standard of we have the means to live with food stored and ways to keep safe and fed for at least a year and beyond. I wonder how long a Manhatten socialite could live if the shit hit the fan.

  103. maggie_01bklyn says:

    Don’t worry we will arrange for your escape…. Of course you will have to be debriefed in BROOKLYN….

    • VAgirl says:

      That’s OK by me. That’s where the “normal” people live.

      Good nite, all. It’s been fun!

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        My hubby wakes up and goes to chat with his ham radio buds at 7am every day. When I pointed out he has his group of buds and I have mine, he had to admit I had a point. I love when I’m right …which is always lol

  104. Helpful says:

    Apostrophes are for possessives and contractions. Not plurals. For example, if you say:

    the brunette’s

    You’re talking about something that belongs to a brunette. So the full sentence might read: “You may prefer the blonde girl, but I love that brunette’s, rich auburn locks!”

    To refer to multiple brunettes at once — for example, to insinuate a group of brunettes are snitches — you’d just say “the brunettes.”

    /second grade English lesson

  105. VAgirl says:

    Good morning all. Had to let the mutts out. It’s raining here this morning.

  106. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~finally got rid of that headache & watched NYC wives last night.
    I don’t know how much these parties cost for Sonja & wondered if they should be scaled down & some of that money be spent to pay bills?
    Jill is still sickening as well as Koo Koo & Countless~Cindy should never had children. That baby was so cute & sweet.
    Just found out our soaps are going to online~yeah! 😉

    • BessiB says:

      I think she has enough money to pay her bills, and she says that she does pay her bills – she just does not have enough to pay out a $7 million judgement, on top of her bills. And you know, I don’t recall that we ever say her spending over the top amount of money (like Teresa).

  107. GingerTheNoseMiner says:

    Morning VAgirl. I am in the Old Dominion as well. Just a hop, skip and a jump from that world famous winery knon as “Oasis”, LOL

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi Ginger~welcome~:)
      I loved that song Sonja did about the snitches usually being bitches. Jill couldn’t keep her mouth shut for five minutes.

      • GingerTheNoseMiner says:

        Good Morning BaaBee 🙂 Yes you are dead on about Big Red. God forbid the cameras focus on someone other than herself for more than a minute.

  108. GingerTheNoseMiner says:

    Whoops typo. known.
    Don’t want to alert the teacher. I got ruler slapped enough by Sister Mary Gregory in school.

  109. maggie_01bklyn says:

    Greetings and happy Saturday, This is my new favorite everything… I just love it. You peeps are fun. I have been reading some of the old blogs, I had no idea that Joe was cheating on Theresa, could be why she is so clingy….

    • boston02127 says:

      Ramona said: “I think she’s blurring reality with TV. She doesn’t know what’s real or not anymore … I think she’s out of touch, and has too much time on her hands.”

      She hit the nail on the head with that one!

  110. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s morning tweet~~~On way to Polo fields to ride horses. Bobby coming too. Oye Vey! Hope we don’t get thrown off!
    I don’t know if anyone remembers when Jill went to visit Alex and she stopped at the foot of Alex’s stairs and did an ugh… She could barely make it up the stairs. I highly doubt she is going on a horse. Bobby either. They’re probably really going out for a big fatty breakfest and then to lay around a pool while Jill spends the day on her computer policing the blogs. Who’s she kidding.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Maybe she’ll post a picture. … What am I saying! Has she posted pictures yet? LOL!

      • GingerTheNoseMiner says:

        Well I for one would give up a little toe to see Big Red land on her tush. With any luck she pre planned and had bumpers sewed into her Squeeeeze Me’s and will bounce across the field like a kid on a hippity hop. 🙂

      • Nancy says:

        Please don’t send a picture of Jill and Bobby in their bathing suits!
        My heart isn’t strong enough.

  111. Megs says:

    I didn’t get too far in the comments section here today, in fact scrolled down to the end just to make a final comment. I’m increasingly finding the NY characters (except Ramona and Avery) to be irrelevant attention-seekers who will never really contribute anything meaningful to the lives of those around them. I think at the beginning of it all seeing them support their family members in loving ways and work at charities was a nice TV break, getting to know some ladies who have a different life style (like getting a glimpse into lives of high school/college friends who have taken on different jobs and roles). But their 15 minutes of fame is about to expire. Andy Cohen is also disgusting. Sad how much time and energy these people spend chasing lives that are so irrelevant.
    But I have to say this blog has become very distasteful to me as well. Not long ago contributors would remind one another to keep comments in line, have a little fun with this. But the “Hate” has taken over. Comments here are incresingly ugly, I’m afraid reaching a level lower than the ugly TV personalities being criticized. I think it’s time to reexamine what’s happening here. I’m going to go find something more meaningful to do, will DEFINITELY tune in to the Beverly Hills ladies and Bethenny with a great glass of wine or Skinny Girl, will look forward to seeing more of Chris March, Jeff Lewis and crew – but enough of this. I’d suggest most of us here could focus more on learning better grammar in writing (rather than criticizing Ally’s writing skills) and enjoy the connections you have… but Adios.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      What Boston said…

    • LynnNChicago says:

      WOW after reading the comments you’ve made over the past few weeks you have a lot of nerve criticizing anyone on this blog for anything they’ve said. Hasta la vista

    • Error404 says:

      Personally, I think it has to do with what were seeing on s4 RHNY. It may be true that the gloves are off for most of us with team brunette, (lulu in particular has attracted a lot of scorn with her current actions and attitude) because their behavior this season is truly appalling.

      I see a similar thing happening with RHOC with people just fed up with them, Vicki and tamra in particular people just seem to have reached their tolerance threshold with.

      I stand by My theory that most successful group shows ( big brother, real world, etc…) change cast every year. If some here have grown a little thorny, it’s just because we’ve passed our limit with theses bozos. Some of us don’t even actually watch the shows anymore, but come here because during s3 we became friends, and who doesn’t talk to friends.

      • BessiB says:

        Agreed, and we are a thousand times more annoyed and irritated with the cast by what little we do watch,

      • LavaLady says:

        I agree with you error. I have always thought that the Houswives should be changed every season or so. I really do not care to see Vicki anymore; she has been around for 7 seasons? NY Housewives needs to regroup, refresh, renew, overhaul. I would like to see the show continue, just with new people. I have always felt the first season of NY was the best, mostly because there was no Kelly, but also because the ladies were definitely more likeable and it was fun getting to know them. I really don’t need another season of NY the way it is right now.

        On an off topic note, I finally went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met. It was amazing. I heard the line over 4th of July weekend was out the door. And I thought waiting a hour and a half was bad.

  112. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Did we do something wrong? lol
    I told my hubby as soon as these women change their bad behavior we will stop making comments about them.
    How are you boston?

    • boston02127 says:

      Morning Kitties—How are you? Do you still have the bunny coming around? I would love that. I’m doing good, slowly getting reading for work, blah.

  113. LynnNChicago says:

    Hey Everyone! New Blog should be up around 10am CST. Thanks for your patience 🙂 xoxo

  114. butterisafruit says:

    Good Morning and Happy Saturday everyone.

    I can see we’ve had our morning scolding. Thank you. I’ll take it under advisement. (later).

    I’m someone who’s received a tremendous amount of compassion, from the people on this blog. So I must contradict anyone who chastises the members of Lynn’s blog. It’s not up for discussion or debate. Whomever posts that this is a place for hate, is simply wrong.

    That being said. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Our weather has improved and it’s going to be a glorious day. Yesterday was so black, rainy and dreary. I spent the afternoon watching BB on the feeds. No news there. Except Rachel is still whiny and Brendon is still trying to make her happy.

  115. boston02127 says:

    Well….I’m off to work. Yucky work.
    Have a good day everyone.

    • JillhAter says:

      Have a great day,boston2127!

      anyone watch Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series? About the Irish travelers and Romany Gypsys. Very fascinating and eye opening since there is such extreme prejudice against them.
      The closest that US telly has shown about the travelers was the cable show The Riches with Minnie Driver.

  116. jeepers1941 says:

    Good morning all,
    I just heard that BRAVOTV was following Lynn’s site ! Has anyone else heard or read this ?
    I think this is very telling on several levels, what do you think ?

    • Housewifenut says:

      Interesting, judging from the way they manage the Bravo blogs, there’s no one there intelligent enough to gage public reaction.

    • VAgirl says:

      You mean we’re being stalked!?

      • JillhAter says:

        That’s KuKuKreepy!

        This is like when everyone starting figuring out Bernie Madoff. He’d show up with new celebrities and persons of influence to try to passive aggressively get ppl to stop hounding or harassing him.

        Well we know how that ended up.

    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      Hi, Hi, Hi back at you.

      I have not heard that Bravo was following the blog, if you find out any information on it would you please post.

      I am very interested.

      Bravo never post any of my comments, I tried and tried,

      Actually I was appalled when i listened to the radio show Thursday following WWHL, when the caller was treated so badly. I could not believe it.

      Andy, you are going to be the JACKHOLE of the week.

  117. jeepers1941 says:

    Well it seems strange to me, that a lot of the posters on this site can’t get comments posted to the BRAVO cast members, I would almost bet the you know who has something to do with it. I don’t trust BRAVO and the way they handle things is not all above board, IMHO. But it still doesn’t make me feel any better knowing that either. Now I know that Andy Cohen knows I called him a d-head and a bastard, so life is good………… 🙂

  118. Nancy says:

    Does anyone remember someone on this site grading Ally’s grammar?

    • jeepers1941 says:

      All I recall was someone said something about it, but not who said it. It sure wasn’t me tho, because I don’t know didly squat about good or bad grammer! But I have been told that mine was bad, so whats the problem with Ally’s grammer? Oh I bet jz has an axe to grind about it, figures…………. 🙂

      • floridagirl88 says:

        Someone said she mumbles. I don’t think she is all that comfortable in front of the camera on a reality show that her mother takes too seriously.

    • I don’t remember anyone doing that. Actually Ally got a lot of love today/yesterday after her mom was so mean to her on TV during their shopping trip.

  119. FLG says:

    Good Morning All:
    I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much, but we learned recently that hubs and I are moving. We have only about three weeks to find the new home, pack what we don’t want the movers to pack and get moved and set up our new home. Wish us luck! I’ve been able to check in a little bit, when taking a break. Hope to re-join you on a regular basis soon! I hate moving!

  120. Peggygee says:

    I’m with you Codystyl. Andy has to know that most of the world sees that Ramona and Alex have it right. Jill, Kelly and Luann are mean, narcassitic, hypocritical and shallow. Sorry to repeat myself but he needs to grow a pair.

  121. TrillianAlice says:

    “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”
    Lynn hope this helps.

  122. Dalonna says:

    Of COURSE I would listen to you on a radio show. I am having a hard time getting to your show now, but I would LOVE to listen. I live in NW Indiana, on what staition can Ihear you?

  123. L.A. Chica says:

    Hello everyone! I’m coming in to comment a bit late but just wanted to ask if anyone knows how many more episodes are left of S4? It used to be a guilty pleasure for me to watch the DVR’d shows of RHONYC but now I find myself wondering when the mysery will end. I know, I can stop watching anytime but I’m way too OCD to not see this train wreck through to the end.

    At least this last week’s episode was viewable. I had to fast forward through the majority of the show the week before and only watched Ramona’s birthday party scenes. It reminded me of what was so appealing about the show in the first place, and Ramona was so sweet to include Sonja, who looked truly moved by her generosity. The photos were so funny and fun to see. Watching the party scenes made me smile instead of wanting to throw something at the TV.

    Speaking of the brunettes, the only way I can keep up with the gist of what’s happening in their scenes is to come here. Once again, many thanks! I’ve given up reading the Bravo blogs and forget about trying to post a comment there. Phffffft. Apparently they only post love letters, and very little in the way of actual comments. Heaven forbid Bravo should acknowledge that the viewers are capable of making real observations.

    So Jill and Cindy took umbrage with Sonja’s bitches/snitches reference? That is funny. They must be feeling guilty if they assume Sonja was talking about them. Sonja’s performance, while generally not my cup of tea, was good theater to watch and I have to give her a hand for doing it. She really comes across to me as a bit of a frustrated performance artist and it makes me wonder if she should develop a fuller act to take to the stage.

    But those nasty comments by J & C? Yeah, bitches: if the shoe – or the jacket – fits, well then ya gotta wear it because you bought it with cash.

    /morning ramble. Off to get a cuppa joe.

  124. Peggygee says:

    Many people are feeling bored with the program. It’s Karma. How can the show be in teresting to an audience that they are ignoring? Refusing to post comments that may not be good but real and never making those with terrible behaviors, especially Jill, accountable says to us the viewers you can watch but can’t have an oppinion we don’t like.

    P.S. I too would love your radio show.

  125. Peggygee says:

    Many people are getting bored with the program. But that’s karma. You can’t deny your audience the opportunity to express themselves. Refusing to post comments that you or your psuedo celebraties don’t like is disrespectful (and I think unconstitutional). It’s as if they are saying to us…you can watch the program but you can’t have your own opinion.

  126. Peggygee says:

    Oops sorry for the double reply-computer malfunction

  127. maggie_01bklyn says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ….. what is the new addy for the blog, TV1 is DOWN…

    JILNAZI is reallllllllllly ticking me off….

  128. Mommy Smurf says:

    I commented on Bravo….I’m sure it will not be posted…..anyway, someone commented on Ramona having Turtle Time, which in their opinion is worse than a “classy” video, and could not understand Avery being embarrassed about the video and Ramona choosing Avery’s feelings over the video. When on the other hand they stated Ramona was not worried about Avery’s feelings during “turtle time” and such…..basically calling her a hypocrite. (Im on pain meds so bear with me…..cuz in my head this comment makes sense!). So, I commented that I’m sure Avery (just like EVERY teen) is always embarrassed by Ramona, but I believe the Ramona actually went to Avery and flat out asked her if she should do the video and Avery said it would embarrass her….well the blogs are going crazy about how that could embarrass Avery with all of the other antics Ramona has been invovled in. Well, I blogged on Bravo that I believe the route of the embarrassment stems from the fact that the song is beyond cheesy with middle aged women dancing around like idiots COUPLED with the complete lack of self awareness that these women display…..they seem to think they are actually Klassy and Kool! Now think of how you were when you were Avery’s age…..would you DIE if your middle aged mom was in a music video “thinking” she looks cool…..when actually it is so embarrassing to watch that you can’t make it all the way through (i was too damn embarrassed that I honestly have only seen a few seconds). Now imagine Avery’s friends asking her about it…..how.freaking.embarrassing. Okay, lets picture Avery’s haters….goodness gracious she will be tortured. So, let me sum up the novel I just wrote, I think she was mortified at the thought of her Mom dancing around in a cheesy video while trying to act cool……like the moronic brunettes! ******disclaimer******** I was under the influence of Percocet (kidney stones) when writing this so be nice…..cuz like I said, in my head it made perfect sense.

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