I Hate Jill Zarin And Her Little Friends Too!

I Hate Jill Zarin – The Blogs  by LynnNChicago

First thank you to TVTime101 for allowing me to blog here while WordPress has me blocked for posting.  I truly think that Jill’s people just report the blog everyday and hope something sticks.  I’m sure WordPress is getting as sick of this as I am.

I was about to post on TVTime as the owner offered the use of her blog anytime I was blocked out of WordPress, just as I was about to post this blog, WordPress released my site.  Sorry for the confusion.  Lynn~

Moving on…

Cindy Barshop

Cindy’s blog is the latest to be posted and I know you all waited in high anticipation for her to utter her words of wisdom, she merely showed how childish and really stupid she is by mentioning scenes with both Jill and Luann and their daughter’s but completely ignored Ramona’s scene with Avery.  She went on to complain that Sonja is stealing the show, that must be jealousy since she was only in one scene.  I call that a slam dunk!  No Cindy Barshop all night is a beautiful thing!  This woman can’t write a blog to save her life and I think she’s going to have a lot of trouble saving herself as a Housewife.   Take your place among the ex-housewives Ms. Barshop!  Jennifer Gilbert saved a seat just for you! 

Sonja Morgan

Sonja always tries to be neutral but she manages to get in her digs, or at least to ensure viewers know how she feels about certain things, Sonja said:

I love Jill’s costume for the burlesque. I was mad though because she took me aside from my friends as soon as I got off stage to tell me how seriously amazing my act was, and then I learn she was making all these snarky comments while I performed the skit I wrote for everyone from my heart. She can’t help it sometimes. She was very nice to say she was “a little jealous” and that everyone should have a friend like me. That made me feel good. I pride myself on my relationships above all. I agree you can’t have zero tolerance for people to quote Jill. Glad she let the fight go with Simon. I didn’t want to see it fester.

I’m glad that Sonja addressed this incident but giving Jill a pass by saying “she can’t help it sometimes” is a load of BS, she CAN help it, she just has a mean cold heart.  Simon tells us in this episode that Jill has a good and loving heart, I don’t see it. 

Jill Zarin

Jill’s Bravotv blog is short and suspect.  Jill says:

I want to end all of this bickering about mean tweets. Bobby and I both talked to Simon about our relationship and hope we can finally move to a more positive place. I decided to not publish or talk anymore about the hate and move on to more positive and interesting things that we are all doing. Honestly? It is so juvenile.

NOW suddenly it is “juvenile”?   This woman who held onto a voice mail message from Bethenny for four months just so that she could play it on television, who held a grudge against Bethenny for many months, who has been attacking and trying to ruin the lives of Simon and Alex for years has decided that this is all juvenile? 

Here is what I read into this statement by Zarin, “I’ve given the “hate blogger” LynnNChicago enough publicity, Simon is winning the public support because his blog was honest and truthful, besides I have no proof of mean tweets because I just made that stuff up.  I’m going to have to cut my losses here and hope that people stop talking about it because it’s making me look bad.  All I want is to sell my worthless crap to these idiot viewers so maybe if I pretend to take the high road, they’ll shell out their hard earned money for my undies made in a 3rd world country by slave workers.”

This statement by Jill (not the one I made up, the one she really said) is the equalivent of her saying, “We’re Done!” or “We were never friends”.  Jill tries to have the last word and when she decides she wants to end the conversation, she uses one of those mean girl tactics leaving no room for argument.  (maybe she learned these from her attorney sister)  Why does she want to end the conversation?  The same reason she told Bethenny “we’re done!”, because Bethenny was right and made excellent points on the phone that day, Jill had no come back and no excuse so she said, “we’re done” and hung up the phone.  Jill was called out for her horrible behavior toward Alex and couldn’t defend her vile actions so she said, “we’re not friends, we were never friends”.

This is what Jill does, she has no more to say on the subject because she’s buried herself too deep so she has decided not to talk about the “hate” or “mean tweets” anymore.  The true reason is because she painted herself into a corner and when push comes to shove and we ask for proof, she’s got nothing!

From Jill’s extended private, secret blog: 

I want to end all of this bickering about mean tweets etc.  Bobby doesn’t care when the girls go at it because, well, that’s what we all signed up for.  He does object to a man/husband attacking e in any way, (on the show or off).  He doesn’t think men should get involved in the fights.  He thinks men need to be men and stay out of it. 

 I wonder if Bobby changed his tune because he was certainly up for getting involved last season when he confronted Alex at Luann’s house.  He doesn’t think men should get involved in the fights?  Why then would he stick his nose into the fight between Alex and Jill last season?  What about just a few weeks ago when Bobby confronted Simon, I believe Bobby said something to the tune of “I’m here to protect my wife”.  What about Simon protecing Alex?  Didn’t Jill call Alex a “F****N Bitch”?  Simon shouldn’t have the same right as Bobby to protect his wife?  This is another instance where Jill Zarin thinks viewers are stupid and have no memory.

Jill has been bragging all week about her “acting” career…stop laughing!  Ok keep laughing…Gawker is laughing at her too!


Ugh!  Enough about Jill Zarin, she’s AWFUL!

Luann deLesseps

Lulu had this to say about the daughter’s:

Jill’s visit to see Ally at college was instructive to me, since Victoria will be heading off to college in a year. I thought freshman took the basics like English and math, but when Ally told Jill about her Latino film and human sexuality classes, I quickly realized that a

Yes, a lot has changed!

lot has changed since I went to college!

From Gatecrasher regarding Lulu’s daughter Victoria’s well publicized video:

The source says Bravo producers wanted de Lesseps to learn about the video – and Singer – on camera, and discuss the matter with fellow housewife Jill Zarin, who was with her.

The source adds, however, that when the Countess was finally informed of her daughter’s offense, she ignored producers’ prodding to make the video part of the series plot line, and insisted that taping cease immediately. She and Zarin then retreated to a hotel room to discuss the matter privately.

‘Real Housewives of New York’ star LuAnn de Lesseps’ daughter caught in drug video on YouTube http://nydn.us/fynEF1

 I can understand Luann not wanting any of this shot for Bravo but Luann burying her head in the sand and pretending that there is no problem with her teenage daughter is a huge mistake, in my opinion.  Luann clearly doesn’t have the girl’s father around to support and help raise these kids, so Luann is going to have to be tough and ensure there are consequences for her daughter’s behavior. 

Luann goes on to say:

I had to chuckle when Avery shared her thoughts on Ramona’s parenting skills. Wasn’t it just a couple of episodes ago when Ramona shared her opinion of my parenting? I’m sure that Ramona feels she is a good mother and that she spends enough time with her daughter. Nonetheless, this scene goes to show you that it’s difficult to make teenagers happy while balancing family and work.

I can hear that manly, hearty chuckle out of Lulu’s mouth as she judges yet another mother while her kid is proven to be a problem and she admittedly spends days away from her kids every week.  Yes, Lulu, Ramona is a better mother than you are, deal with it!   Luann really should have stayed miles away from the subject of mothering. 

Alex McCord

Where are these mean tweets Simon supposedly sent? Where are the articles Simon supposedly wrote for a blog? Where are the gangs of people we employ to harass Jill? Where is the conspiracy? It’s all in Jill’s head.

I think that says it all, Bravo Alex!

Ramona Singer

I thought Sonja was beyond spectacular at her burlesque party! She captivated everyone with her performance. I loved her line “the jealous b—hes are usually the snitches,” which to me meant they are the ones who make up stories, lie, and exaggerate. I told my daughter, in life you will come across women like this but you need to have a strong sense of self worth and know who you are. If you keep this is mind then women like this can’t hurt or harm you.

Another well said statement Ramona!  Ramona has really changed, I think the renewal thing was slow but it did take place, she’s seem to have matured over the course of the last few seasons and I like her more every week. 

More tomorrow on the blogs (we haven’t even gotten to Kelly’s) and on the show…I’d love to hear your comments!

Don’t forget Big Brother on Sunday night, we have a new blogger who’ll be recapping for us, I’m looking forward to her snark on the Houseguests.

Until Next Time…

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  1. Whoa—I can’t be the first! I am NEVER the first! Are you still blocked or has that been cleared up?

  2. Mommy Smurf says:

    One word for the “Countess”….projection!

  3. MAMAZ says:

    Good morning Lynn and felow JZ haters!

    I agree about Ramona. I think she’s been doing a lot of work on herself. And it shows.
    As for Avery complaining her parents are never home, my daughter does the same thing. Even if I only go out in the evening once a week. And just like Avery she spends most of the time I am home with friends, on the phone or on her laptop!
    Teens tend to talk in extremes. You are NEVER home, so and so is NEVER friendly, I ALWAYS clean up my room, lol.

    Cindy Barshop is beyond horrible. Her comment about Sonja at Sonja’s party deserved a slap. I hope Sonja calls her out on it at the reunion.

    I can understand LuLu not wanting to discuss the Victoria youtube incident on camera. But she and JZ didn’t mind telling everyone how awful Alex’s very young children were on camera.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Victoria’s behavior and Alex’s kids behavior can’t be compared – I get why LuAnn wouldn’t want Victoria’s utube discussed on the show but I don’t get why she continues to leave her teenagers alone for long periods of time – especially when she now knows what her little darling is doing. And shipping Victoria off to Paris knowing her party tendencies/poor choice making is her selfish way of not dealing with her daughter. What cracks me up is saying her daughter respects her – when it is clear Victoria is just sitting there waiting for mommy to leave again.

      • Wicked says:

        I figured Luanne didn’t want her daughters video on camera becuz it would affect her child support/alimony check & make her look bad in court. But I hope it was to protect her daughter. I know its bad to think so little of her but I do.

      • I very much understand why she didn’t want it all to unfold on camera. Maybe she did start spending more time with the kids after this happened – there is a time warp involved here. Obviously Ramona has her number on the absentee parent thing (see the preview video on Bravo) – so that is probably why she thinks it’s okay to dig back at Ramona. Nevermind that Ramona seems to be right.

      • JillhAter says:

        HOLY HELL
        just saw Victoria’s pot smoking video. No words for LULU. Stay home with your daughter who is imploding in front of everyone. She is officially a horrible mother.

        Teaching Victoria to drive is the stupidest thing you could have done.

        Lynne Curtain’s daughter vid was listed. That is out of control. But not surprised.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Excellent point! They (LuMan, Jill, Kelly) talk without hearing what they are saying. They take swipes at others then get all offended when someone returns the favor.

  4. HADENOUGH says:

    I normally read but don’t post. However,I recently began posting on the HW blogs n hv yet 2 c them make it thru thanks 2 Bravo Andy I’m sure. I said the same thing on Jill’s blog. Since she calls herself taking the “high road” she had nothing 2 post about! Wow that speaks volumes! Lumann can’t say anything about Parenting! Kelly needs 2 b locked up! Cindy needs a bath n parenting classes. Luv Sonja.. She’s a trooper. Ramona n Alex r my fav! N Jill calling something that she started “juvenile”! SMH..GROW UP JILL BUT PLEASE GO AWAY! Nobody likes u! Ur a HATEFUL,SPITEFUL,MEAN,2FACED SNAKE!!!!

  5. FLG says:

    Good Morning All:
    I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much, but we learned recently that hubs and I are moving. We have only about three weeks to find the new home, pack what we don’t want the movers to pack and get moved and set up our new home. Wish us luck! I’ve been able to check in a little bit, when taking a break. Hope to re-join you on a regular basis soon! I hate moving!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Good luck on your move and hurry back – you will be missed!

      • FLG says:

        Thank you WCW! I adore our IHJZ family!

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Congrats on the family success! Best of luck for the move. Don’t think too much and just chuck it, or give it to charity if it needs to be replaced. Three piles, TAKE, DONATE, GARBAGE.

    • FLG says:

      Dealing with appraisers, Real Estate agents, Movers….etc. It is a nice promotion for Hubs! He’s EARNED it, unlike some of the housewives! We will still be living in Flori-duh, but no longer anywhere near Fort Lauderdale. I’m going to miss my buddies here, but upward and onward!
      I thought this was a great episode to understand Sonja. This blog was spot on in it’s assessment of Sonja weeks and weeks ago! I wish her well. I still don’t work for her, but our toaster oven is going to be the last thing packed by the movers!

      Lynn, you’re the greatest! Rhatorica and Cusi77, I will be in touch as soon as I get us settled in.

      Oh, and to put a positive spin on things……I like Jill Zarin as much as I like moving! 8)

      • LavaLady says:

        Congrats and Good Luck!

      • Rhetorica says:

        FLG, good luck. Remember, change is good. This is just an AFGE. Another fricking growth experience:)

      • VAgirl says:

        Hope to hear from you soon FLG. Are you going to have to change your name since you are moving from Fort Lauderdale? Lol.

        • FLG says:

          I guess I’ll have to change it to Flori-duh Gay or FG…… 😳

          • dsc60 says:

            FLG will still work since FL is the abbrev for Florida or should i say Flori-duh. hope your move is as quick and painless as possible. at least you’re moving for a good reason.

      • Cusi77 says:

        (((FLG))) My best wishes in your moving! I know it can be difficult in many dimensions but it is just like life is… Life is movement… and moving to a better place inside and out!

        • Nancy says:

          I feel your pain. We moved over 2 yrs ago and I still have unopened boxes in the garage. I hope you love your new place and your new city. You will be very much missed. Come back soon though. 🙂

          • dsc60 says:

            lol… we moved five years ago and still have unpacked boxes in the basement. amazing how much junk we accumulate that we obviously really don’t need.

      • ChiTownRocks says:

        Congrats on the hubby’s promotion. I totally know what you mean about moving. I have to do the same myself shortly and I can’t believe how much crap I have gotten since I started living here. LOL

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Good luck with the move, FLG! We’ll miss you while you’re gone. You are an A-#1 snarker! I hope you’re moving to a “better” state???

      • I'm in Florida says:

        Good luck FLG–I am an army brat and ex-army wife..and moved at least every 4years my whole life. Now I feel like I have to move–to get rid of stuff. Good luck with the move–I am up here in Jax Bch if you need any help!

  6. Indy501 says:

    I loved the scene between Ramona and Avery. Especially the part where Avery was upset that R&M were out late every night. At first I was put off by that….then I realized I have an almost 16year old son that spends most of his time in our office, on the computer, with the door shut. (No lectures, we do surprise raids on him and he is always on his music composition sites). Last night we invited him out to dinner with us and he turned us down. Then he got mad because we went to a “fab” restaurant and didn’t include him. Arrr!!
    This site is sooo addicting. I’m hoping i don’t neglect my career so much that you find me on a park bench in Central Park. (yes, i would save enough money to get there).
    Just to catch a newbie like me up…what dates specifically did WSL post. I would love to go back and read them

    I think it is time for these franchises to change’ the cast. They’re resorting to idiocy in these later seasons to maintain interest. Find new interesting cast members (please screen out Kellys and Cindys). Normal people can be interesting too as long as their not past their freshness date.

    Carry on everyone

    • HADENOUGH says:

      Can someone tell me what “WSL” stands 4?

    • WSL was a regular here starting in late July. I’m not sure when she stopped posting – maybe early spring. When she first started she mainly talked about Teresa. I think it wasn’t until early November when she watched the early seasons of NY and then met Silex.

      Here’s an early post on LuLu. I think this could be the charity Simon mentioned in his blog.

      “Wall St Lady says:
      August 18, 2010 at 5:43 pm

      Someone mentioned Lu ann & I have a brief story. Remember 1st season she goes to a homeless charity & helps a gal prepare for a job interview. 1st u see her w/ the founder Henry B. Well I almost died when I saw this on TV cuz I helped found the charity. Mater of fact I met my husband at our 1st gala which I co chaired w/Henry B. I called immediately & asked Henry when did Lu ann get involved & Henry said she just called up & said she needed to show some charity work & could he help. The rest is history. So I asked about her & he said he met her around SH & she was an American Indian ,tall. gal from a really big family but of very modest means. Last he said her husband had. A fake title that everyone snickers about & was older,married many times & never around. She did come to our Spring Gala. At the very last minute we didn’t go. But she has never volunteered again. I will find out if she paid for her ticket. I would bet she did. BTW We only have a party every other year. The off years we ask for a donation on the savings incurred by not having a party ! Its a cool idea & w/ little effort we raise a happy amount w/o having to deduct for food,band ,cocktails etc so 100% goes to the charity ! Henry B is an amazing man & has completely changed So Ho’s homeless past problems.

      • Adgirl says:

        Good times. sigh….

        • I’m afraid that now that she’s been “outed” so publicly, she can never just be an anonymous poster like the rest of us again. She’s moved into their world. I wonder why Jill phoned her at her office though? OMIB?

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            To verify that WSL really was who was outed by another poster on another blog.

            Jill called to tell the real WSL that a fake WSL was claiming to be her, because surely no one of WSL’s stature would be posting on such a nasty hate blog about someone as fabulous as Jill Zarin- right?

            I don’t believe the conversation lasted that long after that.

            Although, I believe there were other…incidents.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Yeah, miss those days. I loved the insights she was able to give us into New York life and the things we were seeing on the show. 😦 that she can’t post as herself now.

  7. jeepers1941 says:

    Good morning Lynn,
    Once again, good recap.
    Did you know BRAVOTV is following you?

  8. HADENOUGH says:

    Cindy not mentioning the Ramona/Avery mother n daughter scene was MESSED UP,but then so is she!! Jill/Cindy showed just how 2faced n what kind of ppl they r when they were making those VERY NASTY,MEAN N VILE comments while Sonja was performing n then smiling n hugging her as soon as Sonja came off the stage! UGHHHHHHH!! Yes,Sonja pegged them right n her skit! B*ITCHES N SNITCHES!!


    Thank you Lynn for validating me,,,I was screaming at the tv when Bawby was taking Simon to task…”what about when you confronted Alex at Sonya’s last year???? ” OMG…I wish Jill and Bawby would just go away..just go! Jill’s blog that it is too juvenile what a hoot.and LuANn about Ramona’s parenting skills,,I swear a bolt of lightning will come down one day or turn them into salt or something biblical. (Kidding) I want no harm to befall them,,just go away,,u are both way past your expiration dates,,as well as Kelly,,,and we saw Cindy certainly is,,,she smelled..lol

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alex and Simon are adults and respect each other. Bawby has to take care of/protect Jill because they don’t have an adult relationship. Simon lets Alex take care of her business with others but Bawby has to step in for Jill because she is a mean, irrational, immature golddigger.

  10. RealMinkey says:

    Hello, fellow Jill haters. Anyone still remember me? It’s been a long time! I won’t go into the list of reasons (personal and computer-related) I haven’t posted here (since last fall, I think), but just had to give Lynn and the rest of you a great big Thumbs Up. I’ve been lurking in the shadows, but Jill and Bawby get all the credit for bringing me out now.

    Anyway, Lynn and the rest of you are all so witty and wonderful, and are still brightening my days! Thanks to you all!

    • MINKEY! Hello, God so good to see you again! Welcome Back! Of course I remember you–The Duchess’ memory is going slowly–but the important stuff sticks in the old noggin longer than the location of my car keys! LOL

    • Adgirl says:


    • 2Stupid says:

      Hi Minkey! Welcome back. I often hope some of our other old regular posters are still lurking around here sometimes. I don’t really follow twitter, so sometimes there are a whole other back story I have missed. I just found out recently that WSL was terrorized on twitter. I think the WSL story is very telling in how JZ really deals with the real world. She not only goes after her castmates, but anyone who doesn’t kiss her ring. She is very threatened by real business women ie Ramona, Bethenny, Alex, and our beloved WSL!!!!!!

  11. California35 says:

    Good morning, so much to say so little time, I was thinking that maybe I should cut and paste coments I agree with and say I do, but thatbwould mean I would cut and paste way too much 😛
    Also, so many UGH!!!! Moments while watching the show and reading the blogs from the cast members.

    It is another hot day in California, I will be going to a cooler place for the day and at the same time visit my sister and her baby girl.

    Have a nice weekend!

    • Nancy says:

      Have fun Auntie California!

    • dsc60 says:

      i only read the blondes blogs. i can’t handle the brunettes. can’t even watch the reruns because of them. and i used to ALWAYS watch the reruns. yet another thing they’ve ruined for me. i agree with everyone that says we need new blood on this show.

  12. It looks like wordpress gave you the go-ahead, because we’re here again. What else can she possibly report you for? It is good to know that you’ve got a group behind you knowing all the legal stuff though.

    OT – Lynn what’s your preference on Big Brother Spoilers? Yesterday it was mentioned that if we posted them – just put

    ***************BIG BROTHER SPOILER**************************************

    first – so people can skip past.

    I’m going to post a link that has all the latest from the live feeds – so WARNING – do not click on it if you don’t want to know what’s going on in the house. PS – it does contain the nominees and veto winner, plus other news.

    • Mimisfbay says:

      Thanks! Not sure that I will read the stuff but did see the noms and, ugh, HOH Rachel. I can’t stand her but she played a pretty good game. Loved that she still digs whazhisname for not being as strong a player. That laugh of hers makes me crazy.

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Does Jill really think she can take away this blog?
    It is so like her to complain and whine to WordPress daily. But Lynn is bringing big hit numbers and attention to WordPress – what has Jill done for WordPress?
    When I read other blogs I do read the comment section and I am not seeing a lot of love for her anywhere. So while the title of this blog may bother her – what about all the other blogs that don’t feel she shoots sunshine out her ass? Is Jillsy going to sick Bawby on them? lol She just keeps making it easier and easier to dislike her!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Bravo does dump the whole group of them. Dealing with Jill’s complaints must be absolutely tiring, and at some point not worth it.

  14. It just cracks me up that she can tell the world that she has her flying monkeys out there in cyber world collecting screen shots and creating a “paper trail” of anything she considers “mean” to her and yet posting a screen shot of a very PUBLIC page or quoting her on this site is not acceptable to her. This woman lives in her own little fantasy world where she is the Red Queen. She is allowed to do something in an attempt to bring others down, but if YOU do it simply to put the facts out there and they are not flattering to her—“Off with their heads!”

    • I doubt she thinks like that. They are just looking for ways to shut the blog down – and report anything new that they haven’t reported before. But at the same time, it does give Lynn protection so she doesn’t have to research what is and not allowed, and gives us something else to laugh at Jill about.

      Now if the blog had to move and Lynn had to figure out new software – I’d be mad – because that’s a lot of work for her.

      • Oh, I agree she just wants the blog shut down. Has from the beginning. But I do think she feels like it is perfectly okay for HER to collect paper trails and screen shots and try and twist them to fit her version of things. She admitted it in her last super secret spy stuff newsletter. She just HATES when someone captures her BS and puts it out there. She can do it, and you better not question her right to do it. But God forbid someone do it to her!

        • MAMAZ says:

          That is typical JZ thinking. There can be no zero tolerance for her but she has a zero tolerance policy for everyone else.

  15. Lynn, I love your blog. You’ve inspired me to create my own. Thank you.
    While I agree 100% with everything you have written,
    for me, the big reveal on Thursday was Cindy’s vulgar comment
    about the golden dick.

    Cindy has always struck me utterly boring.
    And of course she still is, but now I see she is also too gauche
    to ever function in the upper echelons of Manhattan society in any role
    other than pube primper.
    (Trust me, I know. I have had an unobstructed
    bird’s eye view of Manhattan society for almost 20 years.)

    The weird blog comment about the RHONY turning into the Sonja Show
    is pure jealousy. And an odd brand of it for a woman who claims
    she has it all on her own terms.

    I cannot think of one top-of-the-line Manhattan society woman
    who would ever agree to be on this show,
    let alone complain that she is not getting enough of the spotlight.
    Try as he may, Andy Cohen is never going to get the real deal NYC society women.
    like Aerin Lauder, Beth Rudin deWoody or Samantha Boardman
    into the Bravo Clubhouse.

    So I guess we have to suffer through the nasty comments of wannabes
    until this series expires.


    • Welcome and great blog!

      • MAMAZ says:

        Hi Priscilla!
        Loved your blog.
        Isn’t in funny that JZ not only boosted interest in Lynn’s blog but has inspired yet another HW blog that calls her out on her bad behavior?
        To quote Simon, “watch out”. JZ is a formidable enemy. Get enough hits and she will be gunning for you just like she does Lynn.

        • Hi Mamaz,
          Thanks for your generous words!
          It is truly bizarre that JZ and her hissy fits have brought me here and inspired me to write my own blog. Such a silly woman. The nut who launched a thousand blogs!
          I am not nearly as brave as Lynn is. I fear I will crumble. But all I want to do is tell the truth about what I see because I find the show interesting. I do not hate Jill. I hope I don’t sound mean by saying this, but I must: Jill bores me.

          Oh shoot, I better hide now.



      • Thanks HWA!
        I really appreciate your kindness.


    • JillhAter says:

      Welcome! I am new too and these people are great!!!

    • Rhetorica says:

      Welcome Priscilla, can you see Russia from your house too?

    • Christine says:

      The golden dick comment would best be applied to Jill – BJs for Bawbles is the way she rolls.

      • happygal says:

        Christine, Right on…. she has no shame either because when she went shopping for her birthday in another season, she actually said it to the camera- as a “reward”- gross….

      • Bawbles from St. Bawbee!
        That man has to be a saint, if for no other reason,
        just for listening to that voice…

    • FlowerPower says:

      Love your blog!

      • Thank you. I wanted to create one eons ago when I first found RHOOC during season 1,
        but I didn’t think anyone else ever watched it because everyone I know denied it. I have since learned they were all closet-housewife fans.

    • happygal says:

      Priscilla, really enjoy your writing style. Also love that you are someone in the Know- i am new here in posting and just started commenting recently, all are so welcoming . I bookmarked you blog and will check it out regularly… 🙂

      • Thank you happygal!
        I appreciate your kindness.
        Please know I am not exactly in the know.
        It is just that I live in Manhattan and through an odd set of circumstances
        have had the chance to see a unique slice of NYC life
        (including crashing Bethenny’s wedding which was hilarious to say the least.)

        • Kelley says:

          I think people missed your comment about Bethenny’s wedding. Come on, girl, dish! Or maybe you should save it for your blog?

          • I sort of think it is too late to blog on the BGM? wedding.
            So in a nutshell this is the gig:
            My friend Carey and I snuck in.
            We kept circulating as much as possible
            so no one would notice we were not guests
            and we were not with the film crew.
            Jason’s family is extremely nice and wholesome.
            They looked genuinely happy and they were definitely friendly.
            The maid of honor, whose name I forget, was extremely chatty.
            All you had to do was ask her a question and she started yakking.
            She could have been nervous or she could have been a tad tipsy
            (either way who cares?) but she was very very very nice
            and she genuinely likes Bethenny.
            Dhe tolf me they met at that Florida boarding school where BF’s parents stashed her.
            (and BF ended up moving out of the dorms and
            into the maid of honor’s family house during school)
            The funniest thing that happened to us was that
            Carey and I got nervous that we were going to be discovered,
            because we saw Bethenny coming down a hallway with cameras,
            so we hid in an unused coat check room near a big handicapped bathroom.
            Then the next thing we knew, Bethenny went into that bathroom
            (she didn’t see us), and then Jason followed and literally saw us
            (two very tall girls) hunched over behind Bravo’s gear
            and apologized for interrupting us.
            I do not know what he thought we were doing there
            crouched in the corner of a coat check room, but I can only imagine.
            No Jason we are not getting amorous in a coat check room.
            We are crashing your wedding.
            No need to apologize for the interruption.

        • Debbie says:

          Does your blog have a link for RSS feed (google reader)?

          • Hi Debbie,

            I don’t know.
            I think I added it, but I am very new to blogging so I am not sure.
            Can you tell if I did it correctly?
            Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

            • Debbie says:

              I read your blog and really enjoyed it. In order to let you know I followed you on twitter and tweeted you so you’d know I found your ink here..I just went back and checked and don’t see the link for RSS feed/readers. Maybe you can ask Lynn. She has links for them on this blog and it makes it so easy to follow new posts and comments. They’re right there waiting for me with my morning coffee. Great way to start the day. 🙂

              • Thanks for letting me know.
                I will definitely read up on this tomorrow
                and see how to make this work.
                (I don’t want to bug Lynn.
                I suspect she is busy with more high maintenance women
                Thank you for your feedback.
                Soon as I figure this out, I will let you know.

                • moneycanbuyyouass says:

                  Priscilla, just took a look at your blog – very well done, great insight, can’t believe you crashed B’s wedding – what a hoot! Keep up the great work!

  16. So according to Jills’ secret blog – Bawbee doesn’t mind it when she has fights with her cast members, as long as they are the female cast members. I call BS on that one.

    1) Bawbee told Jill to make up with Bethenny
    2) Bawbee tried to get Alex to apologize to Jill
    3) When Mario started fighting with Jill over the tennis thing (S2) Bawbee walked away

    Did you forget your notes Jill – because I have a gooooood memory.

    • JillhAter says:

      LOL at Bawbee to the rescue!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO – Bawby doesn’t say anything and Jill makes all her “marriage” stuff up! Jill is a fool to think that Bawby cares about any of this petty grade school drama. Once her behavior starts truly impacting Zarin Fabric’s bottomline she will be out on her gaudy girdled ass.

    • Adgirl says:

      I think Bobby is semi-retired from the fabric store. His main function is escorting Jill around and getting hammered while she calls her co-stars alcoholics.

      • Nancy says:

        Is he a drinker? He sure looks like he is.
        I still wonder about the relationship between Jill & alcohol.

        • Caitlin says:

          Wouldn’t surprise me at all! And we both know that with substance abusers, there is never any resolution, closure or change in unhealthy behaviors…… it’s the same old thing, over and over and over again.

        • Wicked says:

          Functional alcoholic is what I wonder if Bawby is. Always hiding his eyes behind tinted eye glasses even at night.


    Duchess,,heard you on the Carly Hall show,,I love these with Lynn don’t you? Gives more of a back story,,,Lynn really has taken some hits,,but glad that Word Press knows they are dealing with a crazy woman with Jill when she gets Lynn blocked,,,it’s gotta’ kil Jill that Lynn gets unblocked and back in business….

    The only thing I didn’t like was I’m Just Saying called into Carly’s show and she was so funny,,,Carly kind of whisked her off quickly…..I found it interesting of what I’m Just Saying said about her trials and tribulations of trying to get through to Andy’s show,,just like trying to get a comment posted on Bravo. Wish Carly had let her talk more about it. But I so enjoy Lynn on there and love the way these 2 bloggers support each other….


      OOPS….typed my name in wrong,,I am such a blonde

    • When you call into a radio show you only get 2-3 mins to talk with the host. Otherwise the entire topic they have planned can get hijacked and never finished. I really enjoyed I’ma’s comments, but it infuriated me that she had to promise not to bring up Twittergate, or anything else that was relevant. I will no longer watch WWHL and am really considering giving up RHONY. I was positive I would not watch it anymore until I saw that Ramona smacks down LuAnne this week. I must see that and then I am probably done. If anyone, as a Bravo executive, allows a topic to be brought up and featured on several episodes, it does not seem right that they would censure comments on blogs and QUESTIONS from the very viewers supporting that show about the topic. I just think it sucks.

      • SAVED A WENCH LIKE ME says:

        Duchess,,,,I so agree with you,,I get to the point that I say to myself,,,I’m not watching this again,,but then I get bamboozled into it…I am not wasting time watching Andy’s Clubhouse anymore. That really infuriates me that they make I’m Just Saying thru all those hoops and then she gets voice mail. Andy’s Golden Goose,,or Golden Geese are grating on my nerves,
        I want to see Ramona smack LuAnn down,,I hope it’s not a letdown,,
        I don’t know,,maybe I’m getting jaded,,,but some parts are so scripted,,but I gotta’ say..Sonja had me laughing out loud,,with her girls going east and west,,,I’m thinking how is that possible?…then when she put the boustier on upside down and the girls were hanging out….she laughs at herself and I find that to be a wonderful quality in a person. I really think some new cast changes are needed. When LuAnn made that comment “that’s a housewife dahling”…well,,maybe it’s time for her to move on down the road and get on with her singing career,,omg,,had to laugh at that one when I typed it.

    • Carly says:

      I love ima, but when all the lines are full I have to be fair to other callers. As it stands, I NEVER get to every caller and many fall off the line. I always try to take ima’s calls because I really like her and try hard to recognize her area code when she calls.

      I love that Lynn does the show for free. I do the show because I like RHONY and want to talk to other fans like myself.

      No one was whisked off quickly, just trying to keep it moving.

  18. Rhetorica says:

    Hi all, haven’t been on in a week. Very interesting week to miss! Glad Lynn is still going strong and picking up new posters – so sorry Jill. Off pain mess for 8 days – withdrawls are getting better!

    • Nancy says:

      I was wondering about you. It takes a long time to feel normal again.
      Hang in there. 🙂

  19. Adgirl says:

    Did you guys read Simon’s blog about Jill? He talks about WSL!
    The whole scenario is interesting… WSL contacted Simon about something which quickly lead to socializing. I wonder if WSL was purposely trying to get under JZ’s skin by befriending the one couple that JZ really really detests.
    It wasn’t clear whether Simon & Alex are still in touch with WSL or what the reasons are if they are not. Did Silex cave in to Jill? or did WSL complete her task of infuriating JZ?

    Thoughts anyone…..?

    • I don’t think WSL gave a thought to Jill. I think she phoned Simon to raise money for Lynn’s radio show, and then like he said, they just started chatting. She had already phoned Bawbee and Harry (see post above) by then – that’s what she does.

      I also think she enjoyed entertaining us with background stories, so the first time she met Simon and Alex, it was probably not too different to her than phoning Bawbee or going to Teresa’s learning annex class. After that it sounds like they hit is off, and she became a friend rather than a fan and didn’t post about that stuff here anymore.

    • When Lynn first decided to do the radio thing with Carley, WSL posted that getting some sponsors would be a good thing to do. She is business savy and was trying to see if there was a way to start getting Lynn some compensation for all the hard work she does for us here. She probably contacted Simon regarding advertising time on the program because she knew he had met Lynn and therefore, would know what the show would be about. At the time Simon was managing the hotel, and she probably was looking for them to advertise. I would imagine she contacted several possible sponsors. The conversation probably took a natural course from there, and let’s be honest, I love Simon and Alex but I don’t see them passing up the opportunity to meet a REAL socialite, and incorporate her into their circle of REAL friends. WSL has more connections than Jill has haters!LOL! WSL has a sweet personality and I would be willing to stake my Grandma’s famous mashed potato recipe on her not even thinking about Jill when she accepted that invitation. She just thought it would be fun and that we would enjoy hearing about it. Then Jill overreacted, as usual. BONUS!

      • Adgirl says:

        You mean WSL wasn’t stalking Jill??? Wha??? LOL.

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          You mean the entire world isn’t about Jill? Wha???? Who is Jill if she is not being victimized by SOMEBODY?! Poor little lamb.

        • I think Jill is trying to label her as a stalker because at some point in Nov WSL was watching some old episodes, and thought she recognized Jill’s apartment building. She was mad because it wasn’t the fancy building shown in earlier episodes – it was a B building under the bridge. So WSL (who lives a few blocks away) went for a walk and took some photos of this building under the bridge. Turns out she was off a few blocks. Some stalker – she didn’t bother to google Jill’s name and find out her real address (her apartment had been for sale). It was all pretty funny – sort of like an I Love Lucy episode IMO – but then nasty comments about WSL started appearing on other blogs like ROH and RCH – so someone (cough Jill) didn’t think it was that funny. She was probably more upset about people thinking she might live in a B building under the bridge LOL.

          Of course Jill thinks Lynn is a stalker because of that photo of Lynn in front of Zarin fabrics.

          Jill is delusional. That’s the only explanation.

  20. Adgirl says:

    I seem to remember WSL & Jill had a prior acquaintance. WSL was annoyed by Jill’s posturing & fakery on tv, hence the photo of the apartment building. Making Jill mad was kind of fun.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bobby Zarin’s dad had a working relationship with WSL and he sold and hung draperies for her. Jill never had a relationship with her other than the store owner’s son’s second wife – then to call WSL a stalker (which would hurt her husband’s discount fabrics business) was very, very stupid. So bad for business but then a real business woman would have know that! lol
      WSL is class and in a league Jill could never even dream of being in!

      • Nancy says:

        I remember the day when Jill was “skating” (with Johnny Weir) and she wanted to use the bathroom. Kate (from Kate plus 8) was in there so her body guards made Jill wait until she left. Jill was mad so when she returned she said to Alex “I’ll ruin her!”

        • Nancy says:

          *Kate plus 8*

          • Amy Matheson says:

            If she has to pee that badly, she should consider getting some Depends under that skating skirt. Maybe she can get them free if she tweets about it.

            Oooh. Or maybe she can incorporate them into her spanxskqweez undies too?

    • BessiB says:

      I think WSL turned down Bobby;s invitation to meet his wife.

  21. FlowerPower says:

    Fantastic blog, Lynn! You nailed it with your take on Jill’s blog.

    Welcome to all the new posters! The board has been really fun to read with all your comments. I lurk here a lot, post occasionally (but lately haven’t been able to sit through an entire episode of RHNY….Jill and Luanne make me sick!) so I haven’t had much to say.

    FLG–Good luck with your move! (I hate moving too.)
    DQ–Glad to see your posts, hope you’re feeling better.

    Off topic–for those who sent thoughts and prayers for my granddaughter’s surgery, she could use a few more. One week post-op and running a persistent temp, also having trouble standing up/walking. Might have an ER trip in our future (tomorrow) if there’s not improvement. We’re in touch with her docs, so she’s being followed, but we’re a little worried.

  22. Disturbing says:

    I am confused. why would you ask Simon to buy ad space on your blog and radio show? Have you asked Bethenny too?
    You know that would cause controversy.
    read simon’s blog http://mccordvankempen.com/wordpress/?p=433&cpage=3#comment-40170

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I asked many housewives to buy ad space on my radio show, you can’t put ads on this WordPress blog so you’re a bit ill informed. Who better to advertise on a Housewives radio show than the Housewives themselves? You don’t think I’ve already read Simon’s blog?

      • OneMoreInBoston says:


      • Nancy says:

        You tell them Lynn!!

        • Carly says:

          Yeah Lynn, how dare you work all day, raise a family, encounter countless hatred & humiliation, fight with WP on a regular basis for us, and then dare to ask for a dime to coordinate a well-run blog and radio show so fans can have a common place to socialize and vent! That takes no time, energy, patience, hard-work, creativity and skill, does it?

          You are here to serve us, after all. Boy, you’ve got your nerve!

          Even a Tupperware hostess will get a free bowl at the end of the day.
          Kudos to you darling (I refuse to say Mozel). You’re way underpaid.

  23. kellynnola says:

    Hi all. My little boy is sick today with a fever of 105 so I’ve been at home all day taking care of him.

    I really am completely over Cindy Barshop and Jill after last episode. These women are babbling idiots and I hope to never have to see their faces on TV again after this year.

    • butterisafruit says:

      Kelly I hope that fever breaks. The poor thing must be miserable. I’ll be thinking of you.

    • JillhAter says:

      Hope he feels better soon.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Sorry Kellynnola, hope your little guy feels better soon! xo

    • I hope he kicks the fever soon (((((hugs)))))

      • kellynnola says:

        Thanks everyone for well wishes for my son! He’s only 5 but is a trooper.

        Nancy, it is a urinary infection. Luckily I had some medicine for it.

        • klmh says:

          I just talked with my husband about this. He is a Pediatrician.This is what he told me to tell you. “A temperature of 105 could very well indicate a very serious condition or it could be just a virus, but it requires a proper diagnosis and treatment, today.”

          • kellynnola says:

            Thanks! I called my sister this morning to come by. She’s a pediatric physician assistant & had prior plans this morning but should be at my home in a half an hour.

            • Kansas Girl says:

              What a wonderful group of friends we have here. klmh, that’s fabulous that you could offer great advice. Kelly, I hope you’ll report back soon.

    • FLG says:

      I hope he feels better really soon. Hubs and I have our hands full taking care of ourselves and Mr. Tigre. My hats off to all the Moms, Dads and Grandparents!

    • FlowerPower says:

      Hugs to both you and your little guy! Hope he’s feeling better soon.

    • lola says:

      Ok so this might sound a little weird but it works each and every time. Whenever my daughter has a fever her father (maybe it’s a german thing) cuts up a potato and strings it. He then hangs it on her neck and sure enough the fever breaks. He swears by it and I have never told him that I think it does work because he’ll never let me live down the fact that I laughed and teased him about his idea for so long. When my baby is in pain I’ll do anything to make her feel better.LOL

    • HADENOUGH says:


      • kellynnola says:

        My son is improving- his fever went down to 102.5 & continues to drop. Urinary infections are tough on kids. He’s been so strong…all he has been asking is if he can still play in his baseball game on Tuesday.

        Thanks so much for all the well wishes! After I informed all of my worried friends on the phone, I of course had to inform all of you here. I love our little family!

    • twoile says:

      @(((((((((((((((((((((k&Son))))))))))))))hope you feel much better soon. Take Care, Jeanne

  24. Disturbing says:

    Seriously Lynn,
    you know they cath hell for even reading your blog, he felt that you were “cold calling him” then sending Wall Street lady also to get money off you. You’re messed up!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Who catch’s hell for even reading my blog? From whom? Jill Zarin? Who the hell cares? Ramona, Sonja, Alex, Cat and many others have admitted to reading my blog, who are they catching hell from? You think I “sent” WSL to do anything? You obviously don’t know her, no one sends her to do anything. You don’t even have your facts straight but I’m messed up?

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Do the housewives work for Jill, just like you? I think people are free to read what they want – even Housewives of Wherever.

      Last I checked, the name of this country isn’t the Republic of Jill and her control extends little further than her delusional mind. And pocketbook.

      PS I hate Jill Zarin. Please let her know.

    • dsc60 says:

      that’s funny because even jill reads this blog.

  25. Disturbing says:

    I just want to know did you ask Bethenny to since now she is a multi millionare? You do support her.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, I’m sure we could get you an email address to contact Lynn personally.

      Otherwise, how are Lynn’s business arrangements any of your concern?

      • HADENOUGH says:

        @Disturbing…ur on the right blog asking the wrong questions. U need 2 go away n DISTURB someone else. Better yet go holla at Jill,Lumann,Cindy n DISTURBED KELLY! C Ya! BOO BYE!!!

    • Nancy says:

      Why do you care? Don’t you have anything better to do today?
      No one and I repeat no one is afraid of “The Jill Zarin” on this site.
      We do however feel sorry for her because she is obviously a
      very sad, lonely, bitter woman.

    • Adgirl says:

      @ Disturbing … I wonder why you are so disturbed about any of this. I work in advertising sales and the first potential clients you reach out to are the ones who benefit directly from the content or placements. Such as current cast members who have something to shill to a receptive audience.
      Jill herself would be smart to advertise her granny panties on Lynn’s show. Did you see RHNY this week?? Did you see the Jose Cuervo ads for their 100 calorie margaritas? Gee, I wonder why they thought RH viewers would be interested. Maybe it has something to do with Skinny Girl rocketing into outer space. Ride the tailwinds, my friends.

      Duh, relevance.

      • happygal says:

        Thank you ADGIRL for taking @Disturbing to school, hahahaha- Anyone in business knows what you taught her…

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Thanks Adgirl, and if anyone knows what she’s talking about it’s AD girl, hence her name 🙂 (I like it when I can use the word “hence”)

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I just want to know, were you prompted to come on here and post, and if so by whom?

      🙂 since you’re asking about motives and financing too, you won’t mind answering…

  26. boston02127 says:

    An Italian sub & Lynn’s blog, what more could a girl ask for 🙂 just checking in during my lunch. Great blog & posts. Luv how Jill puts words in Bobby’s mouth. I believe her like I believe it’s going to snow tomorrow.

    @FlowerPower —Your family is in my prayers.

    @ Rhetorica & @ RealMinkey —Welcome back. 🙂

    @FLG—Good luck with your move, I went nutso going from the first floor to the second but it all falls into place.

    @ JillhAter — (from the last blog) I’ve been watching the Gypsy Wedding show too. It’s interesting. I like them but feel sorry for them too. I’ve been Googling & looking for a book about them. I like reading about how diffrent people live. I was like that with the Amish too, I read so many books about them.

    Luv the Big Brother postings! I hope it’s a good one this summer.

    GTG back, 4 more hours, then I’m free!!! 🙂

    • JillhAter says:

      Hey if you find a good book let me know!!!!!

      “It’s Gypsy ways nothing ever goes properly” LOL

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      mmmm…going to go get an Italian sub right now! BBL!

  27. butterisafruit says:


    I hope your son is having a better day and will start to improve quickly. I’m sorry I’m so late in mentioning this.

  28. butterisafruit says:

    It’s convenient, now that Jill has no evidence she want’s to drop the “mean/hate tweet” subject.
    Lynn is right, once she’s back into a corner, for the truth, she manipulates the situation and still claims the victim. Oh sure everything is okay..FOR HER. Is she going to get Simon’s job back for him too?

    • dsc60 says:

      i also think she wants to brush it under the rug since the entire subject just put more emphasis on this blog. i’m sure bobby is paying dearly. wonder if bobby did that on purpose under the pretense of helping her… lol it’s a nice thought anyway.

  29. krone says:

    Did anyone else here get a bit verklempt while Avery was reading her paper to her Mom? I’m getting too emotional in my old age. I’ve always liked Avery: thought she was a bright, normal, socially adept teen and like any “normal” teen expresses her total mortification at times, by the very fact that her Mother even dares breathe. Each of my daughters have gone through phases when they were embarrassed by my existence.. and each has told me how much I mean to them but they were a bit older than Avery when they had their epiphanies. I’m sure there was a bit of “staging” but that Ramona/Avery exchange was genuine and the mutual love was palpable. I cried. I was so happy for ramona after all the BS she’s had to endure this season, and while Avery is her own person, Ramona had something to do with the way she turned out. Those other biatches can say what they want,- Ramona saves her time and energy for the people who matter,- her real friendship with Sonja and her cherished family. I felt that all the BS I’ve sat through this season was justified/ rewarded by that special exchange.

  30. krone says:

    Lynn, I hope you tell “Disturbing” to frak off or don’t mind me doing so. It’s no one else’s business whom you have/haven’t spoken to re ads. I know it’s best to not feed the trolls but this one has JZ written all over it; must sting that she failed to block you on WordPress.

    • There are other people jealous of Lynn’s success. Sometimes it’s not even about Jill Zarin 🙂

      • Adgirl says:

        It’s never about what it’s about.

        • Carly says:

          That reminds me, I have ONE keychain left. Yes, it’s the keychain that the haters made famous. Contact Lynn or me if you want it.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Nice Carly! I haven’t even gotten one yet LMAO 🙂 I’ve only seen a photo hahaha

            Maggie Reynolds (Jill’s cyber-assistant) is snarking at me on Twitter, this is fun!

            • Amy Matheson says:

              I think she’s on overtime pay now… lol

            • Jessica says:

              what is the cyber assistant name? or reply to her so we can see.

            • Adgirl says:

              Talk about not being ready for prime time. There are a ton of sites that are called “I hate (fill in the celebs name)”
              There is one for Tom Cruise! I wonder how many Maggies he has on the payroll harrassing the blogger. I wonder if he cries to Kate Holmes about getting the name changed. I think he stays up ALL night googling his name, reading twitters, creating facebook surveys, composing two blogs (one for the employer and another for his secret fan list) and calling media types to say “I heard Matt Damon is a falling down drunk.”.
              Maybe he is flattered he inspired a site called I Hate Tom Cruise.

            • Carly says:

              I do have one for you in the vault. LOL. They’re quite pretty.

            • AZ Girl says:

              Checked it out. Jill must be paying Maggie a fortune to keep up with FB and this blog. All so Jill can have peace of mind while away in London going to Robbie William’s concerts. Ummmm….I don’t know who Robbie Williams is. If it was Bono yes that would be cool.

              • dsc60 says:

                with all the jill hate out there she may even end up putting a dent in the unemployment rate to keep up with it… er to TRY to keep up with it.

              • Need a Hobby says:

                I doubt JZ’s paying anyone a “fortune.” JZ’s apparently notoriously cheap, always on the hunt for a “deal.” JZ’s probably got some arrangement going with her hired minions. (The ones who aren’t just volunteering, that is.) She probably considers that just being involved with her “fabulousness” is worth a discount in pay right there. Then there are probably other things. After you deduct all the “perks” of being employed by her highandmightyness, the salary of a minion is probably not very great. Just a guess.

        • JillhAter says:

          Well said 😀

          Throw a paypal donation button up in here! I ! You should be selling adspace this site is a monster and your writing is fantastic.

      • krone says:

        but ladies, haven’t you heard? #itsalljillzarinsfault

        But really, now you have me wondering;)

    • BessiB says:

      Disturbing certainly reads a lot of Jill, because she phrases just like Jill does based on the tweets and blogs that members quote here.

  31. Disturbing says:

    Okay radio show, same thing in a way. He said that WSL ask on behalf of you since she was doing business adventures with you then someting about being cold called for cash.
    But, I’m just wondering since Bethenny is a multi millionare now and for someone who “talks her up” and defends her even when she is obnoxious why she wouldn’t advertise with you. Right? I know Jill is a bitch, don’t we all, But, I think for you to ask others to advertise would be putting them in a bad situation to come that’s all. Jill would make their lives hell. Bethenny isn’t on RHNy no more. Or maybe she gave you a donation. Hope she did.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      If I give you a donation will you go away?

    • krone says:

      If I misunderstood your intent, I apologize. I don’t know what happened re WSL and thought you were attacking Lynn. I think a lot of us here love Bethenny but don’t feel that we “talk her up”, we just revel in her success, happiness and brilliant (snarky) repartee. It seems we came together over mutual dislike and frustration over JZ but bond over many other things.
      p.s. we love as hard as we “hate”

    • Nancy says:

      IF Simon is upset with Lynn (which he isn’t) it is for Simon to have it out with Lynn,
      not you. Why are you so invested in this?
      You obviously have issues with Bethenny so why hit Lynn over the head with an 4×4?
      Take it up with Bethenny. You are acting like LuAnn right now. Don’t get involved.

      I hope Jill is paying you over time today as it is Saturday.

  32. maggie_01bklyn says:

    I read that post about Luzilla’s charity work, I remember watching that and thinking, that she was an arrogant wench but she did good work. So she was tolerable, Now, honestly they all seem to be working on their own branding. Remember how Jill flipped out when she thought that Bethanny was cutting her out of a branding opportunity……. I thought that Jill was horrid back then. I could not believe the EGO’s of these women. One of my most favorite memories is of Simon going to bat for Jill with her tennis match….. How soon they forget.

    • happygal says:

      I was really stunned by the way jill behaved with that situation… Bethenny made sure there was free booze at the event- what did they think.. her company wasn’t going to put signage up- and to lash out at her that was awful. iMO i think that was the beginning of the end for Jill and Bethenny… you could see the shock on B face and then the realization of what happened. The season was over and with B’s promoting and marketing etc. Jill wasn’t included in everything. There also must have been one too many, put me in it it B- I made you comment for B to finally say- get a hobby- IMO – that is where all of that began….

      • dsc60 says:

        that episode was just on NBC this past week. jill really came across as paranoid that b was trying to upstage her when that wasn’t the case at all. and i’m with you – i believe that was the beginning of the end for J and B.

  33. Jessica says:

    Lava Lady, Lynn who ever else,
    I remember WSL now. She did the post asking for donations because Lynn felt funny asking, I would too but was nice of WSL to post and ask.
    But, did WSL quit posting here because of Jill? If she did then I would be disappointed because you support friends no matter what. I think Lynn stayed with her In NY when she went to Cat’s book signing, so that to me says that she would trust Lynn. So if she quit posting here because of Jill then i would question the friendship. If that’s the reason she quit posting. Lynn, can you tell us what happened?
    Also, will you consider blogging for Basket b\Ball Wives? (not to add to your load lol)
    Why does Jill say people stalk her? Her apartment was for sale listed in the New York times with her address. That was free advertising for her.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      WSL stopped posting because a poster here posed as her friend and then went to another blog and betrayed her by outing not only who she was but naming her company.

      Sinced WSL’s company has employees, any negativity attached to her will affect their livelihood as well as hers.

      Why would you be disappointed by that? That’s pretty crazy, don’t you think?

      Don’t you think there are other ways to support Lynn’s decisions here other than by actually posting?

    • Nancy says:

      Because she’s an idiot.

  34. Jessica says:

    LOL, I like the part “he has a fake title we all snicker at”
    But, funny Lu calls and says she needs to be featured doing charity. smh
    Why not go to one of your charities LU LU.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I remember that charity. She told that young african american girl, she needed to watch her weight if she wanted to model… or something. Anyone remember?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Oh I remember LuAnn crushing that girl’s dreams while she went on about how fabulous she was and how fortunate those girls were to get a minute of her precious time. It was sickening.

        • krone says:

          and then she really “got down” and threw a few hoops in those fugly brown boots.

      • JillhAter says:

        That was an awful experience for that young girl.

        Countless should be more worried about her children than marketing Jacque’s wines.
        Still in disbelief on how at ease and seemingly pro her daughter smoked pot on video.

  35. Jessica says:

    Including Betheny, they all drove me crazy at some point. But Jill is starting to make me really hate her with her lies. I don’t hate anyone, but Jill is about to really make me hate her. I can’t stand a liar. Then for her to go on her sister’s show like that and say that they had a woman at Silex’s house who stalked her from the blog, who clearly was friends with the Zarin’s (real Zarin’s, Jill married in to the Zarin’s) just shows her credibility.
    I hope we get to see Lu get called out about her daughter. Only because she has made remarks along with Jill about Silex’s TODDLERS at the time.
    Sad, I bet the Zarin’s are really good people. Jill married in and now is destroying the name.
    Silex says their friends don’t watch RHNY? If my friend were on a show I would watch.

    • Adgirl says:

      Love your posts! Right on girlfriend.

      I think Alex and Simon run with an artsy crowd who may (or may not) sneak watching the show but certainly don’t discuss it with them. (I bet their friends discuss it with each other. LOL.)

    • Nancy says:

      I’m with you on that one. I have always said “I really don’t hate Jill…”
      but I DO hate her now!
      Once again trying to destroy Simons livelihood knowing he has 2 little boys?
      Yep, I HATE JILL ZARIN!!!

      • JillhAter says:

        She should suffer a paupers life for being such a miscreant.

      • dsc60 says:

        i don’t know… i’d have to care about her to hate her. it’s an awful strong emotion that drains a person’s energy. truth being is that jill doesn’t deserve any of our hate. but that’s literally speaking. i say i hate her but in a whimsical way. “hating” her is entertainment. actually her behavior makes me thank God that i DON’T know her and my choice would be to never associate with anyone like her. she’s pitiful.

    • BessiB says:

      The Zarin kids probably are decent people. I always cringe for them when Jill says shit like ‘my store’ and ‘welcome to my store’, given that that store was passed from their grandparents, they work there with their father for real to keep it going, and probably expect that it is to be THEIR store.

  36. FLG says:

    Jill’s Bravo blog is dated July 8. She stated in her blog that she’s decided to “end all of the bickering over mean tweets”. Lynn, wasn’t your blog blocked on either July 7th or 8th? Does the part of Jillzy’s decision regarding the ending of all of the bickering, “publishing or talking about hate” include stopping the constant barrage of complaints to WordPress? Is that is the realm of possibility? I suggest to Jill to enjoy her time in the UK and move on to PR102. PR101 isn’t working too well for you, Darhling. This isn’t the Countess speaking, but it is good advice, nonetheless.

      • Nancy says:

        Isn’t she awful? I knew you couldn’t stay away for to long.
        Do you want us to come and help you pack? Be careful of your back.
        Bend with your knees. Again good luck with the move and tell your
        “Hubby” congratulations on his promotion. 🙂

        • FLG says:

          Thank you for you kind offer to help pack. I hope we have that covered. I will be very careful of my back. Luckily the movers will be doing all of the heavy lifting. Thank you for the kind thoughts and well wishes!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I love that suggestion! Wouldn’t it be funny if we all showed up to help. HOW many are we now? Imagine how that would turn out. We’d all end up laughing and egging each other on with silliness and nothing would get packed at all. It would sure be fun. (FLG would have to throw us out to get rid of the party.)

    • LynnNChicago says:

      FLG, I really wish that were the case but I doubt it, mostly because Maggie Reynolds (Jill’s Cyber Assistant who reports the blog) just all but told me on Twitter she won’t stop

      • Amy Matheson says:

        Mags is an underling paid to shovel Jill’s sh!t. Probably Ginger’s too….

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Lets play Matchword!

        Psst… Maggie needs to get ____!

      • Nancy says:

        What was her complaint this time? She doesn’t like you wearing
        the colour green?

      • FLG says:

        After this season is over (just a few more episodes including the reunion) surely Maggie will be tasked with getting Jillzy’s Squishware onto every website in cyberspace…. Surely they want it to sell better than the now moldy book. With a fall launch, they don’t have much more time to accomplish that task. I hope her partner in this venture has better instincts than Jill. George Foreman has sold a lot of Foreman grills, and I’m sure some of the buyers were Ali or Liston fans.

        • FLG says:

          I have an even better idea! Perhaps Maggie should be tasked with getting a pair of Jillzy’s used shoes off of ebay and into the Smithsonian Institution? 8)

          • GingerTheNoseMiner says:

            I thought Glenda and Dorthy already took care of that you know after that unfortunate house accident Jill had in OZ. … Oh wait that was just a dream I had sorry all carry on 🙂

      • BessiB says:

        So, what is her twitter name, again?

  37. kitty says:

    JZ said: “I want to end all of this bickering about mean tweets. Bobby and I both talked to Simon about our relationship and hope we can finally move to a more positive place. I decided to not publish or talk anymore about the hate and move on to more positive and interesting things that we are all doing. Honestly? It is so juvenile.”
    Meanwhile, on her sister’s radio show, you can clearly see she hasn’t ‘moved on’ and is still ‘talking about the hate’. This whole interview sounded very negative against Alex & Simon. Not positive, as she claims.
    part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwRur7fTr6E
    part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ2fN46dJUw

    • JillhAter says:

      Whatever she accuses someone of she has done it to them already.
      So happy the story about her shaking down BiCE restaurant is circulating. Imagine the phone calls Jealous Jill must be getting…
      ‘Um, Jill we have been back to that great restaurant you took us to. But the owner and staff give us such looks we were wondering if you got that meal by charming them with your expertise in Haggling ….’

      • Nancy says:

        Is that when she wanted her bill of $500 to “disappear”?
        Doesn’t Bobby know that her actions are going to hurt his company?
        Can he be that dense?

        • JillhAter says:

          He probably can’t believe how much she has done without him knowing. She didn’t drag him to return used UNDERWEAR. She did take her family on separate occasions/attacks.
          She bullied and harassed college kids. She tried to make them break the law by making them refund her money for USED underwear.
          Who does that??????

          • kitty says:

            I heard about the ‘trying to return underwear’ story. Not sure if it’s true or not. Whether they were used or not, Who does that? How much could they possibly have cost? And making several trips probably cost her more in time and money than the underwear were worth. If they were not used, she should have just donated them, rather than harassing the store employees. If they were used, she should have just thrown them out.

            • JillhAter says:

              She is vile. I witnessed the events.
              They were used.

              She enjoyed most of all making scenes each time she went back. She is what you wish your child never has to encounter in the working world.
              She spilled a water bottle on a counter ..OOOPS that drenched a salesgirl. She tried to provoke.
              “You don’t know who I am” “You don’t know who I know, My father and sister are lawyers.”
              Then she went back with them.-totally disgusting.

      • kitty says:

        I did not hear about the story at bice. do you have a link?

  38. Housewifenut says:

    Housewifeaddict, to your post about WSL information about Lulu. I felt uneasy when I watched that scene. The guy who started the charity (who she was so close friends with) introduced her the the guy who ran the program (I don’t remember how many years he was in charge but it was a long time). I remember thinking at the time, if Lulu is so involved with this charity, why doesn’t she know the program director????

    • Nancy says:

      Good point. All of LuAnn’s charity work is for the cameras.
      I can’t wait to watch LuAnn fall from her imaginary wonderful life.
      Back to emptying bedpans for LuLu.

    • I think Alex and Simon really care about the charity work they get involved in. LuAnn must not do anything for real if she had to fake it for the camera.

    • FLG says:

      Simon’s and Alex’s involvement have also actually produced results. Marriage Equality passed in New York State. I realize that they weren’t the only people responsible, but they did bring awareness to the cause and I congratulate them for their passion and involvement. I additionally thanked them, on this blog as well as their own websites and facebook pages. I also changed my tune toward Sonja Morgan. I apologized to her on this blog and on her facebook page as well. I try to give credit where credit is due. In that vein, I would like to thank Countess Can’t Sing High Horse for inspiring me to come up with my series on nicknames for her. I think Anderson Cooper’s inclusion of her on his Rediculist and Joe’s conclusion of her new song as Worst Song of the Year lends credibility to my choices of nicknames for LuAnn. Jill is finally giving Bethenny some credit, but only because denying it would further tarnish Jill’s image. The same goes for continuing the attacks on Lynn’s blog.

      • Indy 501 says:

        Hi FLG. My husband and i were in ny during gay pride so we went down to see the parade. Simon and Alex marched in the parade and i only recognized them cuz i watch the show. They did nothing to call attention to themselves. Class Act.

  39. Here’s one more from WSL – this time for KelKel:

    “Wall St Lady says:
    August 19, 2010 at 4:08 pm
    On the wall
    Whose a media wore
    After All ?
    I am watching Kelly & decided to share this:
    On Ramona’s trip Kelly attacked Bethanny & called her a
    media Wore along w/ some other unfounded accusations. This was particularly revolting cuz Miss B had just poured her heart out about her fathers death & ANY human being deserved to b comforted not abused. So I have proof Kelly is the media Wore. Remember how Kelly has said several times that when she was contacted by Bravo she had never watched any HW show ? Well my brother’s girlfriend worked for Rubenstein Associates and Rubenstein was Kelly’s PR firm before she became a Bravo Starlet (yuck yuck). Many rich people in NYC want to seem important so they hire a PR firm to PROMOTE them by getting their picture in the social picture spots. It costs $3-10 000 /month depending on what the client wants. Having a PR firm is something people deny like people USED to deny a boob job. I have even been accused of having a PR firm but in reality a college class mate is one of the most powerful society columnists in the USA & she always “promotes” me. (Yawn Yawn)
    I wouldn’t dream of wasting $$$ this way. Its done by VERY insecure people & it really makes them think they r MORE IMPORTANT than the rest of the world. (Can’t resist this I buy beautiful 2nd hand party clothes cuz I wouldn’t dream of wasting thousands of $$$ on new gowns ) Back to Kelly. My friend who worked on Kelly’s account came said Kelly came in one day & announced “Get me on the NYC HW TV show. Then she went further & DEMANDed that they get her a audition ASAP ! & would tolerate NO Excuses! My friend was a little taken back because previous to this Kelly had been very sweet. My friend said Kelly’s husband Gilles was also involved w/Kelly’s promotion/account & was a very nice man but wasn’t there the day she demanded to be a HW. The Rubenstein Kelly team got right on it & got her an interview & went whew !
    Net Net : Kelly lies & she is the media Wore. Bethanny may be in the lime light but she deserved the buzz ! BTW Miss B. Probably has a PR firm now but not to promote but to coordinate & to try to protect untrue statements & it is possible her assistant handles 80% of the PR & an outside firm covers the rest. I close in saying it was so sweet when Miss B was so surprised & grateful outside the 4 Seasons for her wedding when the press lined up & waited for her in the rain. It shows that unlike I Hate ill , Kelly & blowing Kisses Trasha , Miss B is humble yet delighted & loved by the press. “

    • Nancy says:

      Kelly’s going to be “Kelly’s not happy” with you.:)
      IMHO she’s more than weird, crazy and stupid I think she’s may be dangerous.
      No wonder the producers got her off of that Island ASAP!
      Part of me wishes that Bethenny would move to the west coast to get
      away from her.

      • JillhAter says:

        I have to add. There must of have been an event on the Island…

        Thinking of the movie with Diane Ladd smearing lipstick all over her face and going insane.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Agree. The others made comments that it was much worse and didn’t one of them say something like You can’t imagine… I suspect much was covered up that went on on the island. Which of course makes me VERY curious!

  40. VAgirl says:

    Here are the weekly ratings of some of the shows we watch from RT


  41. Nancy says:

    I wonder if LuAnn knows there’s another video circling the net
    that might be Victoria throwing up from too much partying?
    Someone posted it yesterday. She might want to get that pulled as well.

    • BessiB says:

      She may as well get used to it. Victoria has the rest of high school and then college where she and her friends will be posting their partying.

  42. Indy 501 says:

    Thank you Housewife Addict for the timeline on WSL. The poop on the Countless and her charity was certainly worth revisiting. Can also confirm that she is from nowhere, connecticut and a working class family. Nothing wrong with that except it makes her “airs” truly laughable. True bluebloods dont behave that way.

    Good luck on ur move FLG and congrats on husband’s promotion. Which coast will you be on? There’s such a difference!

    Nice to meet u Priscilla going to your blog next.

    Flowerpower sending healing thoughtz to ur granddaughter.
    Enjoy ur afternoon everyone!

    • dsc60 says:

      i agree with the difference between the coasts. i personally prefer the west coast or Gulf coast. IMO, it’s much more subdued than the east. i do enjoy the east coast too, but would rather relax on the west… for instance, i love Sanibel Island.

      • Indy 501 says:

        Love Sanibel. Also like Longboat Key. MiL lives on East coast so Grandma wins.

      • Debbie says:

        I love Sanibel..I’m on Florida’s East Coast and used to take my daughters there for a couple weeks in the summer. It is more peaceful and slower paced. Sanibel has wonderful memories for us. Now that my daughters are adults and one a mother, I don’t have that opportunity any longer. I wish I did.. I’m an empty nester and happy but there are times I wish I could do it again. I loved experiencing new things through the eyes of children. Everything was so new, exciting and fresh.

  43. Housewifenut says:

    Housewifeaddict, re WSL on Kelly

    If someone is paying for a service (no matter what the price) their business should be private!

    That being said, bet Jill subscribes.

    • Yes I agree – they shouldn’t be telling tales on their client. I hadn’t really thought about that when I reposted.

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a PR service – it’s just sort of funny that Kelly “demanded” to get on the show. I suppose she wanted to sell something – unfortunately old pigeon feathers or stuffed animals glued to chairs aren’t selling these days.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        That just made me remember. In the stuffed animal chair video, she said she got this idea from a chair by an artist, that Gilles had one and it cost a gazillion dollars. She was making her own version so the girls could sit in it. So… she’s saying the girls are not allowed to sit in the art chair their father owns. Since we never hear her criticize the best photographer in the universe, this stuck out as unusual.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Hi HWN!

      I agree, EXCEPT when a person is RUDE or VICIOUS! People who work in support have to deal with monsters daily. While discretion is necessary when dealing with certain clients in certain businesses, a salesperson, server, valet, secretary, chef, concierge, boutique owner, etc. have the right to say when they’ve been mistreated. They are the same folks who will rant and rave over what a joy, kind sweetheart or big tipper the “celebrity” is. Can’t have it both ways.

      • dsc60 says:

        agreed – if you don’t want to be talked about when you’ve acted like a monster… then don’t act like a monster. i guess she said she’d never seen a RH show because then it seems like she was sought out because, after all, she’s sooooo important and famous. typical kelly.

    • BessiB says:

      USED to pay for service. The comment said R&R was the PR firm before Kelly was on Bravo. Reading between the lines, and the fact the the firm was named, Kelly was clearly no longer with the firm and the ‘leak’ probably reflects that the split may not have been on good terms.

  44. Meg says:

    Bobby better watch his business instead of his wife. Here in NYC there are rumors going around that Zarin fabrics has lost some pretty big projects in 2011. Apparently Jill who believes that she is NYC Society with a Capital S….has annoyed some real bigwigs and they found it’s easier to purchase from someone else.
    It seems that Jill will never learn. She will continue to lie and scheme all in order to try to make herself look better. If Bobby loves her….he should tell her to knock it off and act like a responsible adult, wife & business owner. Good luck with that Bobby.

    I guess she will never realize that the way she treated Bethenny made the viewers actually hate her. I’ll never forget B leaning against the car in her pretty red coat crying her eyes out. So sad.

    As far as I’m concerned, Jill deserves everything she gets. She really should look back at that season and maybe then she will see that Countless did her part in keeping the fight alive.

    Jill is a pathetic & sad person. If I were a nicer person I would feel sorry for her. Sadly.I’m not that nice.

    • Adgirl says:

      I heard Bobby’s son is running the day to day @ Zarin’s. There was an interview with him about the store. If Jill is losing them jobs is must be due to her taking credit for everything and her lack of descretion.
      Nobody wants to learn Jill announced on twitter that she single handedly redecorated so-and-so’s apartment. “It was hideous and disgusting before ..” She’s a total snoop and name dropper. Secondly, a decorator who is lucky enough to get a story in a shelter magazine usually sites the vendors … which decorator wants to site Zarin Fabrics now? And who needs Jill complaining that the decorator didn’t say the right thing, or Jill calling the magazine and demanding a story about herself etc…

  45. Smompy says:

    Good Luck with the move, FLG, and you have my sympathy. The last time I moved, I swore that if I ever needed to move again, I’d throw some gasoline around the house, toss a lighted match and walk away. You know, start with a fresh slate. I seriously hate packing and unpacking THAT much.

    Welcome back RealMinkey! I stopped posting for quite a while too, mostly because my internet connection at home is way too slow to keep up with the volume of comments here. But then I realized I could just use the new computer at the office. The only reason I didn’t do that before is because Mr. Smomperson told me I shouldn’t use the office computer for non-work stuff like this….but I never listen to him at home so why the hell was I listening to him at the office? Bite me, Mr. Smomperson! You aint the boss of me.

    Hey, is anybody else surprised by Kelly’s rumored pregnancy? Maybe that’s why she’s been spotted with that guy she kicked the crap out of before getting arrested…because maybe he’s the father? Personally, I’m hoping she has octuplets.

  46. OneMoreInBoston says:


    why do I feel like all of this controversy is about money???

    Every HW has a gig, a schtick-right? Jill is failing at her gig.

    Zarin Fabrics shut down their first floor, which carried all of Jill’s stuff and to my knowledge has not found a tenant.
    What happened to the sheets? In the discount bin at Bed Bath Beyond?
    Every brassiere company is coming out with a “girdle” type garment-where’s hers?
    The apartment never sold.
    Why is she selling her used clothes and shoes on eBay?

    Could it be that Jill is losing out on *ton* of money on lost endorsements because her bad behavior is being documented on this blog and others and *that’s* why she’s on the warpath?

    Could Jill be in trouble financially?

    • Nancy says:

      They did fly commercially to La Vegas last month.
      No more PP? (private plane as Jill likes to call it)
      What a shame.
      P.S. You forgot about “THE BOOK”! Wasn’t it on the NY Best Sellers list?
      cough cough cough

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        The HORRORRRRRR! COMMERCIAL??!! What has this world come to? LOL Can you imagine how irritated the tired guy next to them was when he kept hearing her talk and complain, throughout the flight?

        • Nancy says:

          This was talked about a few days ago. This is how I responded to it.

          If I had to sit next to Jill I would lock myself inside the bathroom for the entire flight.
          If that didn’t work I would get myself to the baggage dept and sit there to avoid that foghorn. If that didn’t work I would sit on a wing outside the cabin. If she followed me
          out there I would jump off without a parachute and take my chances…
          even if we were over the Atlantic ocean.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Was the lost laptop ever returned? Perhaps we understand why no one troubled themselves to turn it in!

      • FLG says:

        And she of course BLASTED Delta Airlines for their counter service and the inability to locate the laptop that was left behind. She said she would never fly Delta again. I’m sure Delta exhaled a collective sigh of relief.

        • FLG says:

          OMG, can you imagine being on their flight to England when she found out they no longer provided in flight pedicures? I would rather be seated next to a screaming infant. I imagine it wasn’t that different.

    • JillhAter says:

      Good. I hope it directly impacts that bottom feeders purse. She deserves it because she worked so hard at it.
      “nobody will believe them” I hope those words haunt you forever….

      BTW nobody is gonna buy your skweezcheez wear.

      • Nancy says:

        Don’t understand…”nobody will believe them” I hope those words haunt you forever…

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I feel for the family, trying to run this old family business and keep it competitive. It would not be fun to have a step-mother come in and ruin the good name in her quest for fame. Hard to deal with that without breaking up the family.

  47. A says:

    Tell you what OMIB, . I have seen you on other blogs do this. Take responsibility for your actions. I will stick up for people. I am tired of hearing the commenters on this blog are mean and your name comes up. I am sick of it. I will read what I please, I call you out so you move along.

    So Sorry Lynn, so many people are sick of her but don’t have the balls to say it. I forgot to click the X.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’m so glad you at least have the balls to attack me.
      Thank you for your comments,

  48. A says:

    , OMIB I have seen you on other blogs do this. Take responsibility for your actions. I will stick up for people. I am tired of hearing the commenters on this blog are mean and your name comes up. I am sick of it. I will read what I please, If I see you being a bitch I will call you out so you move along stop starting trouble. You can never keep that mouth shut can you? control freak like you always got to have the last word.

    So Sorry Lynn, so many people are sick of her but don’t have the balls to say it. I forgot to click the X.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’m so glad you at least have the balls to attack me.
      Thank you for your comments,

      • Queen Butter Bean says:

        I guess “A” stands for asshole….

        • A says:

          Great – I just started posting here using “A” as opposed to my whole name and now this person shows up using the same handle and starts calling everyone a bitch. I’ve posted a few times and I really hope people don’t mistaken me for this person. I think OMIB is great, as is everyone else here who isn’t clearly trolling for drama. This “A” is not an asshole 🙂

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Hi A! Luckily there are two different quilts for the two different names so hopefully everyone will know you’re two different people.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      nope, this isn’t goint to fly A, saying sorry to me doesn’t excuse anyone from calling names. No one gets to be nasty to other posters, for any reason. It’s a simple rule. Thanks!

  49. Wow OMIB says:

    Boston, Why even say something? I see what that person is talking about now. You are rude to people. Stop being a control person. that person has a valid complaint and for someone like your self who is a friend to Lynn, Let her handle it.
    No fight necessary either OMIB, you just move along also. .
    Lynn, A was right, I can vouch for her. Before i get accused of being a troll, if OMIB questions you can see where I’m commenting from. I know that is going to be the next hing that comes out of her mouth.

  50. Adgirl says:

    Attention! This is The DumbAss speaking:
    “Which little twerp friend of Victoria’s keeps uploading videos of her?? Watchout butthead because I’m going all vocational nurse on your ass and then throw you into the cabinet you came out of.”

    • Mommy Smurf says:

      Made me giggle!

    • Nancy says:

      Someone needs to tweet that to LuMan.
      Thank-you for that Adgirl.

    • FLG says:

      ROFLMBO! Victoria might want to be a little more discerning when it comes to choosing friends……..

      • Queen Butter Bean says:


      • BessiB says:

        This is what unsupervised kids do, and Victoria will be posting the same ol’ same ol’ of her friends, too. This is their idea of a good time.

        Even the “good” kids – my niece’s friend put up pictures of a party she had in my sisters second home at Thanksgiving when she came home during her freshman year. My sister was all “She lied to me (security call and to notify her all the cars were coming in), I have always been able to trust her”, blah, blah, blah.

        They say how soon we forget, but I don;t get that. I never forgot all the stuff we did on high school and college (though 18 was the drinking age my last year of high school, so we were legal)..

  51. k lopez says:

    didnt know bethenny had a shapewear line too–instyle.com covers her skinnygrl shapewear! i’m sure jill thinks that bethenny is really out to trample her now…..

  52. JillhAter says:

    What about Jill Zarin’s money troubles??? 😛

  53. Adgirl says:

    Attention! This is The DumbAss speaking:
    “Which little twerp friend of Victoria’s keeps uploading videos of her?? Watchout butthead because I’m going all vocational nurse on your ass and then throw you into the cabinet you came out of!”

    • Nancy says:

      of which you came out of.” That was the funniest part. She corrected her own grammar in front of the filming camera. I almost died. I think that line should become one of our
      A total snot to the end!

  54. krone says:

    For BB watchers:
    I enjoy this site because Dingo includes concise, relevant info. There are spoilers though (nominees,veto winners etc.) so go at your own peril;)

  55. JillhAter says:

    Looking for Jill Zarin money troubles in google :

    Jill Zarin: Kelly Bensimon Hasn’t Made Good on Charity Donation
    LOL she got KUKU!! A slam in people magazine.

    • Nancy says:

      I need to send you my notes. That is old news. But funny this… Jill doesn’t seem to mind now about this does she?

    • dsc60 says:

      i wonder if Gilles ever came through. kelly probably offered him without even asking him. she says they have a wonderful relationship… i wonder if he would say the same.

  56. FlowerPower says:

    Had a minute, so I was looking at the photo gallery on Bravo’s site with pics from Sonja’s burlesque party. Someone over there has a sense of humor–the caption on a photo of Simon talking to Jill is, “Simon resists the urge to mean tweet about Jill’s tiny hat.”

    Made me laugh!

  57. Smompy says:

    This will be of no interest to anyone here, but since I just watched another video clip of LuAnn claiming that her family (the De Lesseps family) “built the Panama Canal” and since I have an ancestor who actually DID help to get the Panama Canal built (by America), I thought I’d reprint this little bit of history about the count’s ancestors. From one of WIkipedia’s Panama Canal pages:

    “De Lesseps went with his youngest child to Panama to see the planned pathway. He estimated in 1880 that the project would take 658 million francs and eight years to complete. After two years of surveys, work on the canal began in 1882. However, the technical difficulties of operating in the wet tropics dogged the project. Particularly disastrous were recurrent landslides into the excavations from the bordering water-saturated hills, and the death toll from malaria and yellow fever. In the end, insufficient capital and financial corruption ended the project. The Panama Canal Company declared itself bankrupt in December 1888 and entered liquidation in February 1889.
    The failure of the project is sometimes referred to as the Panama Canal Scandal, after rumors circulated that French politicians and journalists had received bribes. By 1892 it emerged that 150 French deputies had been bribed into voting for the allocation of financial aid to the Panama Canal Company, and in February 1893 de Lesseps, his son Charles (born 1849), and a number of others faced trial and were found guilty. De Lesseps was ordered to pay a fine and serve a prison sentence, but the latter was overturned by the Cour de Cassation on the grounds that it had been more than three years since the crime was committed.”

    Now STFU about the Panama Canal, Lulu!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      More hysterical laughter from over here. Please ignore. Good research, Smompy!

    • Adgirl says:

      @ Smompy who is not the Boss of me! LOL.
      I just read Eiffel’s Tower about the World’s Fair in Paris …. and lo & behold (I’ve always wanted to say that) up pops De Lesseps. Eiffel was dragged into the mess to re-engineer the canal because Dumb Lesseps designed it like a river – all one long canal. Apparently the terrian and water is not the same height across between the oceans. Dumb Lesseps didn’t understand that. Eiffel created the lock system where self contained units raised and lowered the water.
      Dumb Lesseps screwed his investors (private people and the people of France) and even got Eiffel blamed for some of it, Eiffel was sent to jail but was released. It had nothing to do with him, although it became a huge blemish on his career.

    • BessiB says:

      THIS is why I read this site!

  58. Christine says:

    Sending this little gem along – it was a little question I hade from the author of an article written about the Countless in a Connecticut newspaper. Read it from the bottom up. : That was a vapid response. Relate in what way? By marrying and divorcing an older, wealthy man. She has accomplished very little, in her own right. Not everyone on TV is a role model or influential. I give you Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians, Casey Anthony, etc.
    You actually failed to respond to what makes her one of the most influential women in America. Are you comparing her to Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton? Oh, never mind. You stand by your words, which obviously are meaningless.

    Christine Myers

    From: “mankxx@gmail.com”
    To: dannyshiba@yahoo.com
    Sent: Sat, July 9, 2011 3:33:37 PM
    Subject: Re: Patch – From Central Connecticut to Broadway: The Countess Rules

    She is on television, her life story is one that many can relate to

    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
    From: dannyshiba@yahoo.com
    Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 13:19:29 -0400
    Subject: Patch – From Central Connecticut to Broadway: The Countess Rules

    From Central Connecticut to Broadway: The Countess Rules

    By what standard does this woman qualify as one of the most influential women in America?

    • Adgirl says:

      She influences me to snark on this blog. Haha. Thanks for sharing that. Isn’t Patch that AOL platform for small towns? There must not be much to do in Berlin CT except hope you marry a faux-count.

      • NJBev says:

        I give you a tremendous amount of credit for
        going out of your way to get a point made!
        thank you and well done..

  59. Amber...Real Wife says:

    What’s amazing to me is the comments on other blogs about how mean it is here. LOL Really? This was said after the Bawwbby shout out to the “hate blog” and other sites were posting on it. While they have called ALL the HW’s every imaginable name, vulgar sex act, curse words, ridiculed their children, made anti-semetic, stereotypical and racist remarks against the HW and posters too, WE are considered “mean”? On B-SideBlog, the writer on his u-stream criticized this site, while acknowledging he has the same readers and trying to placate them. This after ripping into Melissa, TMAN, and Alex also making countless whore, hoarding and “GreyGardens” references about Sonja! BTW he lovesssss the CountlessDasBoot.

    On RealityTea they insult Bethenny, as bad if not WORSE than we do Jill, and the other HW’s like Gretchen, Alexis and KimZ are treated little better. The problem there is that they aren’t very welcoming to new posters, and SOME of the regulars invariably scare some away with their wordy gang bangs. I’ve come to the conclusion, that if you like a HW, but the rest of the crowd doesn’t, get ready at least for a civil discussion, or at worst… combat.

    But at the end of the day aren’t we all here and “there” because BRAVO wouldn’t let us post how we felt about any HW? Don’t we all want to get away… Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name… And they’re always glad you came… You want to be where you can see… Troubles are all the same… You want to be where everybody knows your name…. Or at least we try! 🙂

  60. HADENOUGH says:

    Jillousy forehead n ego is sooooo BIG that she needs a zip code all by herself!!

  61. @ OMIB – Jill must monitor the blogs all the time, because I remember the day WSL was outed (and if I remember either you or hadenough fought the troll on her behalf), and RCH cleaned it up by the next morning. But I guess Jill’s minions were watching the whole discussion of the apartment under the bridge/troll unfold – because something set everyone off that weekend.

    It was so confusing, because there was a fight going on between bloggers on at least 3 or 4 blogs, and then there was the WSL stuff going on. It was hard to keep up.

  62. Hey Lynn – Blog comments are acting all crazy for some reason. Posting all over the place. If you’re around, would it be possible to start a new one??

  63. @Bravolebrity1 says:

    Hi Lynn! Glad to see you back on WordPress! Jill would have a big fight on her hands if this blog ever goes down! She’s such a cyberbully! #1Blog

  64. Adgirl says:

    Are the posts all wonky still?

  65. LynnNChicago says:


    New (Reposted) Blog for comments

  66. Mommy Smurf says:

    Something weird is going on while trying to comment..

  67. dianahelen says:

    how can a real person not hate Jill Zarin. she is phoney, manipulative and totally and self serving She is also fat and homely. nnd ot much to like. she is also a fake socialite….can’t stand her

  68. zanne says:

    Ladies – I have posted on here only once before. I have been reading and enjoying post for about 3 months (I think). I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your posts and Lynn thanks for all the work your do (and all her helpers). I would go all the way mad is it wasn’t for you all. I have tyroid cancer. Am taking the pills. Hope they are working. But they have made me extremely sick to my tummy – etc – etc -etc. The other thing that is going on is almost all my teeth have broken off at the roots. All in the past 3 months, so my mouth,throat and etc. are all giving me trouble. But this to shall past. Just wanted you to know I was out there and am giving thanks for all the enjoyment you have given me. By the way I hate Jill also. I did post a question on her skqueez wear and got an answer.

  69. Housewifenut says:

    ok, I wanted to comment on something upstream but there were so many comments that I lost my train of thought. So I’ll just say this! HERE YE,, HERE YE V

    When I was a little kid I lived in DC and we had to learn not only about DC but all the surrounding (close by) states. One was New York, we had to study and visit the Statute of Liberty.

    I don’t know how long Luann’s family lived in New York but the Bravoed videoed trip was the first time she and her children’s father took them to that site. It didn’t seem that either parent had given them any background information and both children seemed bored. Victoria was actually disrespectfull to her father.

    I believe Luann was never interested in her husband’s family history — only that she could be addressed as Countess.

  70. Housewifenut says:

    My last post has many errors, I wish there was a preview option on this site.

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