I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Mob Wives / Big Brother / Celebrity Rehab

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Mob Wives Reunion, Big Brother and Celebrity Rehab 


Exclusive interview with New Jersey Housewife, Melissa Gorga right here tomorrow at IHJZ!  Don’t miss it!

Big night on TV!  We’ve got several blogs for you today!  VAGirl has brought you Mob Wives and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.   Our friend Shannon has brought us the Big Brother recap, great show last night!  First let’s get into The Jersey girls…

Real Housewives of New Jersey by LynnNChicago

Tonight I was mad at Caroline Manzo and in the next minute I was really liking her…why?  When she talks about her daughter I want to shake her because she comes across so emotional and loving with her two sons yet Lauren is in “bitch mode”?  Later in the episode Caroline objectively looked at Joey and Melissa Gorga and recognized that they’re young, they’re fun and they’re the up and coming next generation.  Caroline said, “they’re not so bad”  for Mrs. Manzo, this is about the best you’re going to get!   Caroline is coming along…in fact I think this is the beginning of Caroline actually enjoying Melissa and Joey a lot more than Teresa and Joe Giudice.  Teresa is a drama queen and Joe is just a pig.  The Gorga’s are fun!  I don’t think it is any secret that Caroline only tolerates Joe Giudice and has little respect for Teresa.

Lauren Manzo really makes no sense based on what we see on the show, she seems to be with her brothers more than most siblings their age.  I do understand that she’s adjusting to them being out of the house but she has a boyfriend and hopefully girlfriends, move on Lauren!  The boys aren’t going anywhere!  That said, Caroline really should have a little empathy for her daughter, she seems to save it all for her sons.  Right or wrong these are Lauren’s feelings and her own mother should show her some support, especially on screen.

Ashley Holmes (I refuse to spell it the way she’s changed it) was only on screen for mere moments tonight but she managed to completely bash her own mother.  Was Ashley right?  Is Jacqueline trying so hard to be her own person and have a mind of her own that she is making bad decisions?  Danielle was first and although Danielle managed to make Jacqueline uncomfortable by talking about Jacqueline’s sister-in-law in a negative way, Jacqueline continued to put herself in situations where she would be in the middle of family and Danielle.  On a side note, who changes the way their name is spelled?  Ashley is so immature!

This season we see Jacqueline going to visit Kim G, and I have just one observation…WHY?  Ok, I have more than one observation.  It simply makes no sense, Jacqueline must have other friends.  I can see why Jac would not want to continually hang out with Teresa, that woman is so self-centered and full of herself it must be exhausting  being Teresa’s friend but wouldn’t Jac be better off alone than with Kim G?  Jacqueline has managed to put herself back into an uncomfortable situation with Kim G raging on Jac’s friend Teresa.  This causing Jacqueline to repeat, “shut the fuck up” several times while Kim continues to rattle on about the rumors swirling around Teresa’s court case.

Ashley tells us in her interview that her mother likes to pretend to be a peacemaker but really just likes to get into the middle of drama.  Why does Ashley hate her mother so much?  Jacqueline and Kim admire Kim’s new chandelier in her foyer and Kim begins to sob about being ill, having a brain tumor leaving her tough as nails.  It’s clear to anyone watching that this whole scene was set up so that Kim could slam Teresa and Jacqueline could pretend like she doesn’t want to hear what RadarOnLine has reported.  (yet later Jac confronts Teresa with the Radar OnLine article)

Teresa and Joe had to appear in court on this episode, the rag mags reported that Teresa got into a screaming match in the courthouse and tonight we got confirmation of what happened thanks to Joe Giudice.  No, this isn’t the court case for the Driving while intoxicated charge, no guys, it’s not the bankruptcy where Joe lied about his assets, oh no, it’s not the one where Joe tried to get a driver’s license in someone else’s name, nope not the charges for fighting in a bar in the Dominican Republic …no try to keep up with all Joe’s legal battles, ok?  (Allegedly)

Backing up a bit, Joe is accused of forging his former business partner’s name on a loan.  Did anyone else notice that Joe never said that he didn’t do it, he merely said he knows who he can and can’t trust now and Teresa said that it doesn’t matter what people say, she knows the truth.  Neither of them denied the charges.  Allegedly.

As the Giudice’s drive to the courthouse Teresa is giving Joe a pep talk telling him to stay positive while Joe tells his wife that he doesn’t want to talk about it, Teresa continues with her pep talk while Joe repeatedly tells his wife to “shut up Tree”.  What a lovely couple.

At the courthouse a woman named Monica who is apparently the wife of the business partner’s attorney is present.   Teresa saw Monica at the Posche Fashion Show with Kim G and our Teresa snapped.  You know, the way she snapped when she flipped a table and the way she snapped at last season’s reunion, you know the way she never snaps, only around Danielle, and Kim G, and now this Monica person…..Teresa never snaps!

As Teresa is telling Jacqueline how she calmly walked up to Monica and snarked at her for talking with Kim G, Joe is telling the manly men that Teresa snapped and went off on Monica, screaming and yelling and finally had to be pulled away threatened with being arrested if she didn’t stop.  What’s one more lawsuit?  Someone has to keep attorney’s in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.  Seems as though our Teresa snapped again, she really never does that!  Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice really should have discussed their stories before going in front of the camera’s at Jacqueline’s house.  One of them is lying, which one do you think lied?  Teresa or Joe and all of the reporters who saw Teresa flip out?  Did Teresa flip out at Jacqueline for talking to Kim G?

Jacqueline’s party looked like a lot of fun, not like the typical parties we see with this group and I think the difference was the Gorga’s!  This couple IS fun, young and they breath new life into this show, there is no doubt about it!  Teresa tried to start a fight with Melissa when Melissa mentioned her sisters, Teresa started to snark at Melissa about losing her brother and not having any sisters.  Melissa made it clear that she would be happy to have Teresa as a sister.  I love that Melissa didn’t back down, she told Teresa to “wake up and smell the coffee”.  Teresa and Joe Giudice sat sulking all evening while the Gorga’s were the life of the party!  

Melissa announces that she is having a party on Saturday night and invites everyone there at Jacqueline’s house to her party.  As Joe Giudice interrupts Melissa and asks at least five times “what time?” the others are all excited and happy to join in the festivities.  The Giudice’s didn’t seem to enjoy this party at Jacqueline’s house nearly as much as everyone else did.

Caroline tells us she is warming up to the Gorga’s and notwithstanding Teresa’s attempts to turn Caroline and Jacqueline against Melissa before even meeting her, Caroline formed her own opinion that night.   Christopher, Albie and their friend Greg even seemed to enjoy the Gorga’s company.  Was Chris Laurita even at his own party?  We didn’t see much of him.

Teresa added, “I’m not really worried about Jacqueline and Caroline becoming friends with Melissa, I share, I have other friends, lots of them”.  Very convincing Teresa!

Missing from Jacqueline’s party was the final housewife, Kathy and her husband Richie.  Richie is determined to open a restaurant while Kathy is cautious and a bit unsure until they look at a beautiful space and she gets excited.

As Kathy explained she and Richie are long time patrons of the Manzo’s Brownstone, the couple go and visit the owner of the Brownstone, Albert Manzo.  The scene felt staged as Albert looked as if he didn’t want to be there and couldn’t understand what he was doing there in the first place.  In fact, it looked like he wasn’t even listening until the minute Richie said they wanted to open a restaurant, then Albert let out the most obnoxious, rude and fake laughter in Jersey Housewife history.  It was awkward.

In the end, all agreed with Albert Manzo but he could have gotten his point across without the laughter by simply telling his 9-11 story of the death of a friend.  I really thought Albert was going to talk about spending more time with family rather than working so hard but instead he told the story of the deceased spending a lot of time at the Brownstone, giving Albert a sense of purpose with his business.  Albert explained that when you have a restaurant you no longer have the time to spend with your family, the business will consume your life.  I can see how that can be true, particularly in the beginning but I would think that by now there has to be a way for Al to hire a good manager and take some time off, I think he simply doesn’t want to, I think he enjoys his work.  On a side note, I still don’t really understand why Christopher Manzo doesn’t work there anymore, and we haven’t been told if he has a new job, how does he pay his portion of the rent?

Caroline tells us that Albert took over the Brownstone at a very young age and it wasn’t doing well, her husband put his blood, sweat and tears into the restaurant to make it the success that it is today.  It must be very successful because it supports Caroline and Albert’s family as well as Dina and Tommy’s family and who knows how many other families, along with all of their Bravo paychecks but Dina’s paycheck now comes from HGTV.

So what have we learned on tonight’s episode?  Ashley Holmes is still a horrible person who uses her screen time to drop kick her own mother.  Chris, Albie and Lauren are adjusting to major changes in their lives.  Teresa isn’t jealous of Caroline and Jacqueline warming up to Melissa.  Joe Giudice is going to be seeing a whole lot of the inside of courtrooms.  Kathy and Richie are going to start small with a catering business rather than jumping into a restaurant.  Jacqueline is a girl that just wants to have fun and found that Melissa is a whole lot more fun than Teresa.

Next week Melissa and Joey Gorga host their own Christmas party and if I heard right they are spending $50k on the bash only to have Teresa flip out because Monica (the wife of the attorney of Joe Giudice’s former business partner) is at the party and Teresa wants her thrown out!   Best we can tell Teresa’s only beef with this woman is that she talks to Kim G.  I wonder if Teresa wants Jacqueline thrown out too?

Immediately following the RHONJ, Jay Mohr hosted Watch What Happens Live with Kathy and Richie, while they were unfortunately dull guests and a lot of Jay’s jokes went right over their heads, I think that overall Jay did a fantastic job and I think he should be the new permanent host of the show!  Jay made it fun and his snark was fantastic!

Stop back tomorrow for my Exclusive Interview with Melissa Gorga!  You won’t want to miss it!  

Mob Wives Reunion by VAgirl

Here we are at the reunion after the 1st season of Mob Wives on VH-1. We already know it’s been renewed for a 2nd season. Drita, Karen, Renee and Carla were the four central characters for Mob wives.

They are either the daughters, wives, ex-wives, or girlfriends of mobsters, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Drita’s husband, Lee, who also used to be Karen’s long-time boyfriend, is currently incarcerated. Drita is divorcing him because she found out he cheated on her before his latest incarceration.

Karen is not currently married, but has a child by someone who was incarcerated but is now out. Karen’s daughter does not currently live with her on Staten Island. Karen is writing a book about being the daughter of Sammy the Bull.

Renee is a divorcee with a teenage son who has had trouble breaking the tie with her ex-husband, Junior. Her father is incarcerated.

Carla is a divorcee with two children whose ex-husband just got out of prison.

During the season, the ladies have had their ups and downs amongst each other, but it seems at the end of the season, Drita and Carla were close, and Renee and Karen were close.

Now to the reunion. The host of the reunion is - wait for it …. Wendy Williams! Hmmmmm, probably not a bad choice for this group of ladies. I think Wendy can hold her own. I’m not going to take the time to go over every question and answer of the reunion since I’m sure VH-1 will rerun it numerous times. I will just hit the highlights.

The reunion opens with a lot of tension in the room since the season ended in a smack down between Drita and Karen. Wendy starts off asking the group their thoughts on people thinking they are a disgrace to Italian Americans or Staten Islanders. They say they are themselves and do not represent anyone.

Wendy mentions that Victoria Gotti thinks the show is scripted. Renee could care less what she has to say. It’s definitely not scripted. Wendy says a lot of fans (and we have on this board, too) have asked how do they live so well when their loved ones are in jail and they don’t seem to have a full-time job? Carla has always worked even if it’s not full-time. Karen used to run a day spa, she has the book advances, and of course she gets paid for doing the show. Renee says “Don’t count my money, it’s not yours,” and everybody needs to mind their own business. Wendy wants to know if there is still a mob on Staten Island.

All the ladies have this “I don’t know look on their faces.” Renee smiles and says “What Mob?” Wink Wink Wendy gets into the three main fights between all the ladies. The first was between Karen and Renee when Karen returned to Staten Island. Nothing new here except we learn that Renee and her father do not speak, not because of Karen but because Renee did the show.

Renee’s father does not watch the show. Karen does speak with her father who watches and supports her. Carla said her ex Joe has no interest in it. Drita said her husband cannot watch VH-1, but that he hears about it and is pissed about the show. He is in prison for robbing banks and during the show she never found out exactly when he was coming home. I guess it doesn’t matter now that she’s divorcing him for cheating on her. He denied his affair.

Drita has confronted the woman, not face to face. Renee says she’s been through it and she has compassion for her. Drita wants to date a regular guy. Karen thinks all the good guys are afraid of them. The second major conflict was between Renee and Carla because Renee did not like Carla’s then boyfriend. Carla is no longer with him and even though she’s not back with her ex, she says they have a good relationship now.

When Carla and Renee start discussing the fight, they get into it again. Renee starts crying and they keep arguing about it. Carla is no longer dating him. Who cares who he put his hands on and where he put his hands? Get over it already! The third major conflict involves Drita and Karen and Drita’s husband Lee, who Karen dated long-term.

Not going into this long drawn out drama and who did what when. By the looks on their faces, I think Drita is over it, but Karen seems to still have that “it’s not over” look on her face. Suffice it to say, this issue has not been resolved and since neither is with Lee, Who Cares? Like I said before, get over it already!

On a lighter note, the talk turns to Renee, the Drama Queen. Renee doesn’t like being referred to as a drama queen, but then numerous scenes are shown where Renee is being a drama queen. She says Junior is gone and she’s getting back out there. She does not have her original nose, has had liposuction and a breast reduction when she was 18. She says she doesn’t exercise like the other girls because she can do it much faster and after 48 hours and the swelling goes down, she can look like them. She is back to styling for rap stars. She has styled 50 Cent and others.

Wendy asks Karen if her daughter is mixed, because in her words, she looks like she has some flavor. Karen says yes. Karen doesn’t know if she will be staying in Staten Island or not. She said her baby daddy has been in and out of jail most of his life, but she felt she needed for her daughter to spend time with him in order to have a relationship and that she spends a lot of time with her also. Wendy tells Renee she knows she likes to dance so she says “start the music” and Renee dances in her seat. I have to say, I like Renee the most out of this group.

Wendy asks each lady if they have any regrets. Karen regrets the big fight with Drita. Carla regrets the big fight with Renee. Drita regrets the big fight with Karen. Renee regrets not losing weight before the season began. That Renee has her priorities straight. She cracks me up.

I think Wendy did a great job.  What do you think?

Until next season ……

Thanks VAGirl, great job!  What did everyone think of the first season of Mob Wives?  Lynn~

Big Brother 13 Episode 2   Nomination Show by Shannon

We pick up from the last episode with the house guests being stunned by the golden key twist. Julie Chen informed them that the houseguest who survives the nomination block will be presented with a golden key and it will guarantee their safety for the next four weeks.

The veterans quickly realize that they have to stick together since they are out numbered 8 to 6. Evil Dick tells them they must pull two newbies in to their side. His first target is Porsche. He tells her that they want her to be with the veterans and that they will protect her even if she goes up on the block, what they want in return is for her to vote with them. She is quickly on board.

The library bedroom is occupied by Dominic, Lawon & Keith. Dominic tells them that they should all three work together since they are partnered up with other people, and they should bring in a fourth member from the other newbie team. That way if any of the teams goes up on the block they will have each others backs and their partners will be voted out. They bring in Cassie as the other member and she quickly agrees. They decide they need a name and Dominic comes up with the Regulators.

Porsche tells Keith that the veterans want to work with them and that she thinks it’s a good idea, since they will be strong. Keith acts like he is on board but then runs back to the Regulators and tells them what Porsche said, so now they feel like they can’t trust her.

Have Not Competition

The house guests, led by the HOH Rachel, are dressed up as cows, and the backyard has been transformed into the moon. The object of the competition is for the teams to run and jump in a pool of milk and soak up as much milk into their outfit as they can and then run across the yard where a squeezer will squeeze all the milk out of their costume. The first two teams to fill up 6 milk jugs will be Haves for the week.

The teams are Jeff, Jordan, Evil Dick & Dani on the Blue team. Adam, Dominic, Porsche & Keith on the Green team, and Shelly, Cassie, Kalia & Lawon on the Orange team. The Blue teams wins followed by the Green teams, which means the Orange team will be the Have Nots.

The library has been turned into an asylum for the Have Not’s room, complete with padded walls. So now not only will they be on slop for the week they also will have to take cold showers and sleep in the asylum where the lights have to remain on even during the night. I still think that’s better than sleeping on the cots like last year.


Rachel says she has learned from last year and will not nominate people for emotional reasons but strictly game play. We’ll see how long that last. I wasn’t a fan of Rachel’s last year, but she seems to have toned it down a little bit this year. Maybe she learned from her mistakes, but she still hasn’t learned that she doesn’t need to yell during her diary room interviews.

Evil Dick suggested Adam as the other one to offer to bring to their side and the other veterans agree. So he pulls Adam up to the HOH and tells him to not be freak out if he gets put up because he is getting the Willy Wonka golden key because they will save him. He goes on to tell him that what they want is for him to vote with the veterans, that he is now with them. He also tells him that if he gets HOH he can’t put up a veteran and they might also want him to throw a POV. Adam seems happy to accept. I was glad to see in his interview that he isn’t as gullible as he acts on the live feeds. He said during his interview that he was really going after Evil Dick. I find that hard to believe since he is such a big Evil Dick fan.

In the end Rachel puts up Keith & Porsche. She wants to get rid of Keith since he is such a tough competitor and she wants Porsche to be on their side. She feels like if she helps Porsche get the golden key then she will be with them.

Great job Shannon, I love this show!  A question for all you Big Brother fans, Shannon has some spoilers but we agreed that posting them might annoy some of you, what are your thoughts, would you like to read the spoilers?  We can be sure to label them for those who would rather not know, Shannon can put them at the end of her blog with the *Spoiler Alert* notice for those who would like to skip them.  What do you all think?   Thanks again Shannon!  Lynn~

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew by VAgirl

Last week as we left Celebrity Rehab, Bai was on the roof. Shelly gets on the roof and tries to talk Bai into using the ladder to get down. She finally gets down and asks Dr. Drew what happened. Dr. Drew tells her they can’t have that happening and they have to protect her. He tells her she needs to take the meds he recommended for her. If she doesn’t, she may have to be transferred to a higher level of medical care. Bai said getting on the roof just happened.

In spite of her being afraid of getting addicted to the medicine, she finally agrees to take the psychiatric medication. On day five, everyone’s withdrawal is beginning to subside and they look better. At group, Sean says she is feeling sad because she is going to have to say goodbye to an old friend, alcohol. She feels fear, remorse and isn’t sure she has the skills to allow that sadness.

Amy states the rehab facility is like prison. Steven says she shot someone in the head and if where she was in prison was better than the rehab facility, then she had it easy. Michael is also angry at Amy because he said prison was hell for him, where pedophiles had pictures of his daughter in their lockers and had pictures of his wife and said vile things about her. He got into lots of trouble in prison because of that and had to stay in the “hole “ most of the time. He says it got so bad he climbed a tree in the yard hoping he would get shot. He leaves the room and gets physically sick.

Dr. Drew checks on him and prescribes anti-nausea medicine. Dr. Drew wants him to continue to express those feelings. Sean talks with Dr. Drew one on one. She thinks being there makes her look like a loser and is completely humiliated by the condition of her reputation in the business. She says she made a lot of stupid mistakes that have damaged her career and she feels they are insurmountable. She doesn’t want to address her feelings, but Dr. Drew tells her in order for her to get better she will have to do just that, in little doses, just like the talk she had with him.

On day five, Amy gets a new roommate, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper who was on Survivor for two separate seasons. She was the first voted off Survivor the second season because she wanted to harm herself. She has been on a downward spiral ever since. When she meets with Dr. Drew, he finds out she drinks, smokes pot, has tried cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy. She also likes Vicodin, Valium and Xanax. Dr. Drew says she is a severe, severe addict and it will be a long haul for her.

On day six, the rehabbers will be going for Equine Therapy. Sean is apprehensive because she fell off a horse and broke her arm in one of the Batman movies and lost the role to Kim Bassinger. Was that one of the better Batman movies or a flop? Not sure because I never saw any of them. Does anyone remember the Sandra Bullock move 28 Days when the addicts had to lift a horse’s hind leg and clean out their hooves? Well, this is what they are doing here.

The trainer is a former addict and has Jessica be the first to go. She can’t do it at first but then looks the horse in the eye, tries again and is successful. It’s all about getting in touch with your emotions. Next is Sean. She tells him she lost a movie role because of a horse and the trainer asks her if the horse took away her ability to act. She says no. He asks her if Kim Bassinger’s career was made from that movie. She says no. The trainer minimizes the effect the accident had on Sean’s career. He hands her the cleaning tool and she approaches the horse and does it. Then she smiles and says she is ready to ride him. Everyone applauds.

On day 7 at morning meditation, everyone states their name and addiction except that Amy won’t. Steven, who is known for his anger issues, goes off. Shelly tries to get through to him, but can’t and he is getting out of control. Amy is upset and says she has to leave. This episode, I really felt sorry for Sean, Jessica and I even felt sorry for Michael. Don’t know if he’s putting on an act, but he’s pretty convincing. 

Thanks VAGirl for that great recap  xoxo!  Lynn~

Tomorrow my exclusive interview with Melissa Gorga will be posted right here along with more on The Jersey girls and their blogs and we’ll talk more about Watch What Happens Live too!

Thanks to Boston02127 for the great photos and captions!

Until Next Time…

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597 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Mob Wives / Big Brother / Celebrity Rehab

  1. Eve from CT says:

    I love you Lynn and I hate Jill Zarin but I just disagree about Melissa. I thought it was stupid that her husband dressed in woman’s clothes ……again. I just don’t like Melissa and she makes me feel sorry for Theresa.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Same here. I don’t get the Melissa love on this blog. I think she’s just as vile as her sister in law. When Teresa and Melissa were going back and forth at the party about who was who’s “sister”, I kept thinking how exactly alike they both are and that’s probably why they hate each other.
      The Gorga’s won’t get any love from me. Joe is a pig and his dressing up in woman’s is getting old.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I don’t think there’s a lot of Melissa love, but to me it’s just enough! LOL I LOVE MellyMel and LilJoeG. They are young, fun and cute! I know Lynn likes her, and a few others but even with a few cringe worthy moments, I am totally on their side. Maybe I understand her because of my own past…..To be Continued! 🙂

      • TLM says:

        I haven’t really seen Melissa love? All I’ve read are people demonizing her from day one and I kind of didn’t get it.

        I’m skeeved out by pretty much everyone but Lauren Manzo and Avery Singer at this point.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Hi Lynn,

      I like Melissa – a lot. But I don’t think we need to kiss up to anyone. I appreciate that she will be giving you an interview, but I like to think that we don’t need to be told how to feel.

      No disrespect.

      • HD says:

        I think Melissa stirs the pot. What would be her reasoning for mentioning how much she loves her sisters and would be lost without them at the dinner party? She clearly knows that Teresa and her brother are trying to mend their relationship. Then I believe she mentioned the recital and then of course reminded Teresa she was upstate. She is a crap starter. I see right through her.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          At the same time Tman made a great deal of the “enjoying being with people you love” when talking about the Catskills. “Who does that?” in front of actual family, i.e. talking up friends over family?

          • Cusi77 says:

            Amber_ I think that Teresa was out of line making that remark, her act this Season as “I have changed and now I am more humble” came down in Jacqueline’s party. I agree with Lynn, The Gorga’s were the heart of the party and Teresa came across as the same jealous woman we got to see many times before.

            Great Blog Lynn an VAgirl! Kudos, Ladies!

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              ITA with you Cusi. You don’t put friends over family… IN FRONT OF FAMILY!!! At the end of the day, it’s all you’ve got. I think the Gorgas will help TMAN and kids quicker and to a bigger degree than the Lauritas and the Manzos. Just saying.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        I hope no one feels that I’m telling anyone how to think or feel about anyone on any of these shows. I give my opinion and you’re all welcome to yours, always!

    • MISHIGA95 says:

      I agree – I feel like Melissa and Joey Gorga do things that seem “fun” and “offbeat” but are really just fake and showy. They weren’t even playing Truth or Dare when Joey put that one-piece on, WTH?!? I feel like Big Gay Greg (BGG), Chris/Albie’s new awesome roommate, would have rocked that one piece with MUCH more panache! I’m sorry, I’m just not on Team Melissa. I even kind of felt bad for Teresa and Joe G. during the party — they’d obviously just come from court and were doing their best to be festive. Maybe Teresa needs to go into acting, instead of Jill Zarin!

      • HD says:

        I also agree that they always seem to be a little over the top like they do things for attention and have to be the center of attention all the time. I didn’t think him putting on that dress was even remotely funny. Maybe I had to be there. It seems like Melissa is always posing to me like she knows there is a camera around. Perhaps that is because she is still new to the cameras.

        I think I can stand the brother. It is Melissa that is fake and phoney.

      • Dr. Drew says:

        I agree with MISHIGA95. Felt sorry for Joe Guidice–when he drunkenly and dejectedly asked Melissa what time her party was. Joe Guidice is not a good guy but he seems truly decent around his wife, his daughters, and his mother and father. I feel sorry that he had made bad choices in the non-family parts of his life.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I think Melissa is ok, but I dislike Teresa so much that it makes Melissa look so much better to me.

      To me, it seemed that the “I love my sisters” seemed to be edited particularly well. It seemed to come out of the blue. I’m thinking that there was a different conversation and this was edited to fit at that moment.

    • I’m with you. Not sure if I exactly ‘feel sorry for Teresa’. It’s more of fining a point of agreement with Tree and I still resent that.
      Not to mention that I think she is delusional. Her signing ‘ability’ doesn’t make gold records, and the 30+ year old housewife gimmick has been done to death. She is at best a Karaoke signer and not even hardcore Japanese Karaoke Bar capable.

      • deedee1969 says:

        I also have issues feeling anything for Thersa. I know that Melissa is a fame seeker without a doubt. I also feel that the family issues don’t stem from her wanting to be on or now being on the show. I can see that past criticizm’s from Theresa doomed thier relationship before Theresa was even on the show. Theresa seems to be a very me, me, me type of woman. Women like her do not like any kind of compitition for attention and lets face it , Melissa gets attention. Next weeks neak peek looks like an embarrassing one for Joe and Theresa. Melissa’s sisters husband goes up and asks joe for the $1000 he owes him, wow talk about bad timing.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Hi Deedee,

          Is there ever a right time to ask a debter for the money? They always have an excuse and won’t pick up the phone. I suppose the one collecting has to ask whenever they see them. We heard him say that Juicey told him to sue him. So maybe he thinks asking on camera will shame him into paying or at least admitting the debt. I am ProMelissa but I see ALL THE HOUSEWIVES from EVERY CITY as fame seekers. Who else would put their lives on camera? Someone who wants to be famous.

          • deedee1969 says:

            I’m with you Amber, Joe Guidice has plenty of excuses. This guy is Melissa’s brother in-law and knowing you would run in to him from time to time he should have been paid the $1000 already. But I was thinking the brother in-law knowing Melissa and Joe are trying to mend fences with Theresa’s side his timing could have been a little better, not in front of a bunch of people at a party and on camera. This debt issue is most likely embarrassing for Melissa and Joe as well. Also knowing the tempers in that family a fight could have broke out and this family dosent need more fighting.

    • i still dont get why people dont like Melissa i mean real what has she done to make people hate her instantly
      I think its very funny that her hubby likes to cross dress
      even when he does it there is not a thing fem about him
      i find it refreshing to see a masculine man who isnt afraid to do things like this
      can tyou see tress hubby doing it he UnJuciy is just so uptype
      I think Melissas hubby knows something about Tress hubbys past and that is where all the friction comes from

  2. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Thank you for the blogs & pics~
    I can’t watch NJ wives unless there is absolutely nothing else on.
    My favorite of the mob wives is Drita~she reminds me of some friends I had in NYC.
    I love Jay Mohr & Dr. Drew & Celebrity Rehab.

  3. Mookies1mom says:

    BaaBee, I’m good, a little sleep deprived again. Trying to reset my internal clock is a pain in the butt! Our bunny is MIA this morning but plenty of squirrels and birds that Mookie wants to go and play with. Supposedly we have a black bear mama and two cubs wandering around my neighborhood. I haven’t seen them yet but several others have. They apparently raided the middle schools garbage, which is just two houses away from mine.

    I had trouble getting this to post on the last blog. Hopefully it will show up now.

  4. Off Topic
    too bad the housewives dont realize this yet

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi DQ~hope you are feeling well. If curvy is sexy then I am truly the kitties meow..;)

      • They Didnt get much Sexier then Marilyn Monroe and look at her curves
        she was also a full figure woman
        im guessing the anorexic look started in the 60’s with Twiggy
        who back then did look gaubulos
        someday it will turn again and real women will be the absolute in beauty

  5. Mookies1mom says:

    Having trouble posting.

  6. Mookies1mom says:


  7. Lynn i have heard of teh brownstone long before this show it was always doing well
    have heard that the food is really good as well as the service but have never gone

    • LavaLady says:

      Hi DQ Hope you are feeling better. The Brownstone is a beautiful place. But it is located right in the middle of a Paterson, not a great area. I have been several times.
      Always had a lovely time. It was very popular when my son was 16. He must have gone to about 6 sweet 16 parties there, and I always dreaded the drive.

      • Lava Lady (Huggies) Im feeling MUCH better
        as a matter of fact I used to work in Patterson at a company called Barhill
        i put the trim on award plaques and trophies deadly boring job but the women i worked with were amazing
        this was on lehigh ave but i do know what a bad area downtown patterson is
        ive never been to the mall there but heard its nice
        how was the food i heard it was really really good

    • dsc60 says:

      well albert took it over when he was 18 or 19, forget exactly, so figure that was around 35-40 years ago. he said he turned it around from when his father ran it. guess he’s saying he’s more successful than his father was. anyway, i too have always heard good things about it but have never been there myself. Paterson is not where i would pick to have an event but i guess many people don’t feel that way.

      • Patterson like many cities in NJ has its good and bad spots
        think about Montclair
        that was always thought of as a luxuirious place to live but you go five minutes in any direction and your in a drug infested slum area

        Same as Bloomfield and Clifton

  8. Mookies1mom says:

    OK. Now I’m not, again. BaaBee, I’m doing well even though my sleep schedule is completely screwed up! Mookie wanted to play with the squirrels and birds this morning but the bunny wasn’t around. We have a black bear mama and her two cubs wandering around the neighborhood for several days now. I haven’t seen them. She went dumpster diving at the middle school that is two houses over from mine. So, she is around somewhere.

    Hey DQ! I hope you are feeling better!

    Now let’s see if this will post!

    • Mookies Mom i am feeling much better thanks so much
      OH MY about the bears that has to be scary for the people in your neighbourhood
      if you even get a whiff of one hightale it back inside

  9. LavaLady says:

    HI Lynn: Thanks for the blog. How did Ashley change the spelling of her name? Didn’t hear this before.

  10. Mookies1mom says:

    Every time I post “testing” it goes through. But when I write out a comment it says that it is already posted when I’m not seeing it! I sent both of you a comment.

  11. kellynnola says:

    I didn’t even watch New Jersey last night. I was so tired from the weekend that I passed out on the couch.

  12. Mookies1mom says:

    OK. Now I’m not, again. But it will post “testing”. Blagh!

    BaaBee, I’m doing well even though my sleep schedule is completely screwed up! Mookie wanted to play with the squirrels and birds this morning but the bunny wasn’t around. We have a black bear mama and her two cubs wandering around the neighborhood for several days now. I haven’t seen them. She went dumpster diving at the middle school that is two houses over from mine. So, she is around somewhere.

    Hey DQ! I hope you are feeling better!

  13. Mookies1mom says:

    Well, there you have it! I thought Jersey was boring. Caroline seems to favor her boys over Lauren IMHO. I’m not feeling sorry for Tree either. They got themselves in this mess, and want us to believe that they have no living room furniture, they have to deal with the consequences of their actions!

  14. Rhetorica says:

    LOVED Jay Mohr! If he took over the show, all Andy’s “games” would be replaced for the better. I thought Rich held his own. He was funny. Anyone watch Drop Dead Diva? I’m off to water therapy; gotta keep moving. I’ll chat with you all later. Have a good morning.

  15. Mookies1mom says:

    Lynn, hope you are ok. I have the weather channel on and you guys are getting pummeled! Stay safe!

  16. HW Addict says:

    Not that we needed any more proof but… Jillousy is full blown, bat shit crazy, pass the lithium delusional!!! I truly believe that she thinks moving to the UK and “starring” in a UK version of HW will give her an audience that is not aware of her vileness. Sorry to have ruined your breakfasts!

    PS Jillousy: They are a year behind on RHONY so you are in the middle of the Bethenny mutany that you tried to execute last year!!!

    • plainviewsue says:

      If it means that England would take her off our hands, I’m all for it!!!

    • Nancy says:

      How desperate Jill is. Of course she is telling everyone that RHONY is HER show.
      She will bring HER cast to England. As much as I would love to get rid of her it’s not going to happen. England (trust me) will not give this pain in the ass a visa. I’m a Canadian and I had a hard time getting one. (It did go through) 🙂 What does Jill have to offer England?
      A fabric store? Give me a break. Get some help Jill you are really loosing it.

      • Visa?
        Canada and the US are on the visa waiver program with them (assuming are talking about just a visitors visa)

        • Nancy says:

          You are right. I included England in with all the other visa’s I needed to tour with
          Holiday on Ice. We toured all over Europe and South America.

          • Nancy says:

            Re: the Casey suit. This is NOT an excuse but maybe we can understand how things got so out of control in her life. The more I learn about this family the more I am certain that something wasn’t right at home. Something happened to her when she was young.
            I’m not sure if it was sexual abuse but it was something. One of Casey’s friends were interviewed and he said it was horrible there. Before you throw something at your computer I do not think this justifies her actions. For me though I’m no longer seeing her as a monster. What scares me is that she will one day get pregnant again.

            • ms molly says:

              Especially since she has already written to one of her inmate pals that her plans for when she gets free is to change her identity, get pregnant, or perhaps adopt one of the many unloved children because she has so much love to give.
              And I’m not making an excuse either, but there are millions of people that had horrible things happen when they were young myself included, but I really believe that regardless of what atrocities you claim from your childhood, the second you yourself become a mother, you do everything in your power to protect and shield your child from anything or anyone that may harm him/her. For me, I grew up with a family full of violent alcoholics and fighters and found myself hiding under the house when things like knives, furniture, pots and pans, etc. were being thrown and there was not another soul that i could run to because everybody was the same. There was also attempted sexual abuse by uncles and their friends, but I was always able to run away.
              I got married at 17 and had a son at 19, and the one thing that was clear to me was that I needed to stay as far away from the situation that I grew up in as possible. My goal was to give him as normal a childhood as I could with God’s help. I think Casey is a bad seed that learned at an early age to control a situation by lying and I don’t believe she gives one whit about anyone but herself and actually resents the fact that people have the nerve to be concerned about her daughter and not what SHE is going through. It’s all about her.

              • Nancy says:

                How horrible for you. Do you speak to anyone anymore?
                I bet it was difficult raising a baby when you were so young yourself.
                I hope your husband treated you well.

                • ms molly says:

                  Nancy, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, most of my immediate family is now deceased, (mother, father, grandmother and father,aunts, 3 uncles) I do have one uncle who lives very far away in Virginia so we don’t have to have contact. I am also an only child so, guess I lucked out. My husband treated me very, very well for the majority of our marriage and when he stopped, I divorced him, so now I have my son and a 92lb chow mix and we are all wonderfully happy and content (especially the chow, lol).Thank you so much for asking. ((.))

              • Molly, I am so sorry for your situation. I think you are an example of what people with souls, a conscience and love in their hearts for someone other than themselves are capable of, dispute the odds against them.

                • ms molly says:

                  RR, Thank you so much for saying that. When I watched Casey Anthony on trial and even before the trial, I can’t tell you how many tears I cried. It did just make my heart hurt. Children are such a blessing and they have no control over who they have for parents, and sometimes the parents are so selfish, they would rather hurt them than do right by them. I feel that Casey Anthony is one of those parents.

            • She is absolutely a monster.
              I know people who have been sexually abused- and although have issues that stem from it, they are not devoid from empathy- and most certainly aren’t murders.

              Here is the thing,everyone has a story. Who knows why she is who she is, is it nature or nurture? But it’s still who she is.

              I don’t know if she will get pregnant again. I don’t buy the the letters she exchanged from fellow inmates, where she said she wanted to adopt or have another kid. Her lawyers knew that correspondence would be released and by saying she wanted kids, it would diminish the prosecutors accusations.that she killed the baby to be free. The same way what she wasn’t going to give money to charity when she gets out. Bitch killed her baby and dumped her in a swap- then went out and partied like a rock- no way she’s tossing a few bucks to Greenpeace.

              Her private journal entry written days after the death are more in line with the truth.
              She thinks she made the right choice, she respects her judgment. She hopes the ends justify the means- and that she is the HAPPIEST she has been in a long time.

            • twoile says:

              @Nancy, I respect your perview & would offer that regardless of a disfunctional family of origin, Casy herself is, IMHO, a classic sociopathic personality & that is who she is with all its inherant problems. The members of the general public who have reacted with outrage towards the jury as well as Casey & her atty have certainlynegatively impacted the financial advantage Casey was looking forward to for “her story”. I certainly hope the Jury members can recover from this “trama” of their service & their decision they were forced to make…like it or not….the Jury had no other choice based on the evidence presented…..Now I have a better feel for the truism “Justice is blind”. Take Care JP

          • For the skating tour, I am sure your probably needed an entertainment type visa because you need work authorization. I don’t doubt it required some paper work,

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        Hey Nancy..can we chat? What hoops did they make you go through to get your US Visa? I’m thinking of getting US residency since my American husband is being jerked around getting his Cdn residency… PITA

        • Nancy says:

          I came on my fathers visa. He was an NHL ref and when the LA Kings were formed they needed ref’s so my dad was asked and there you have it. Their selling point was that he would only have to work at the LA Fourm for home games. (and lucky me would have free Ice time after the games.)
          My husband is an American but we see no reason to join the others citizenship.
          What benefits do you see?

    • Alexa Rose says:

      This story is so obviously planted by Jill, it’s laughable.

    • BarbinGa says:

      She finally got a publication to bite on ringing that stupid bell!

    • i seriously doubt the uk would want that rubbish let alone have that critter loose in thier country

  17. Indy501 says:

    Carried over from 2 blogs.

    Ok. Poo Poo is an eastern european (jewish) expression of superstition. When you say something that reflects on your good fortune you say poo poo or “ken ahora” which means keep the evil spirits away or don’t jinx me. Truly grateful people might just say “thank god”. But Jill and her family only bring shame
    to our people. I dont think i need to elaborate. She doesnt in any way respect the basic tenets of our faith, the Big Ten. Letz just count how many she has broken on national tv.
    If she reads this and gets her hit squad on me (oops, there goes another commandment) tell my boys B&B i loved them and if some of you midwesterners could show up at the funeral that would be nice . Dont send flowers, we’re Jewish, so food is always welcome. The rest of you just have a martini in my memory.

    Re AZ’s post on Kelly as smart….it just fuels my conspiracy theory that this show is sooo scripted.
    and all of these women are acting and yes, dare I say it, even Jill. Discuss.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I left you a comment on the last blog to this very post!
      Thank you for explaining this.

      • Indy 501 says:

        Omib, i have my standards, daahhhling, martinis after 5. Bloody Mary’s work:).

      • LavaLady says:

        I was curious so I went back to read Az’s post. I wonder if Kelly came off better on the show because she was prepared, i.e. they gave her the questions in advance. I know this goes against the theory that RH is scriped, but could Kelly’s problem be she is better when prepared, and a crazy loon when situations spontaneously occurr? or head off course?

  18. LavaLady says:

    Does anyone watch Primetime in No Time on Yahoo? He sometimes reviews Real Housewives shows and other reality TV. I’ll try the link. Don’t know if it will work.


  19. LavaLady says:


  20. plainviewsue says:

    I hate to admit it, but for the most part, I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes of RHONJ. There’s no angst like watching New York. The Catskills were fun, and I have to admit I did smile a few times during this episode.

    Ashless is horrible. Nothing else to comment. Jacqueline is hands down my favorite housewife. She just cracks me up.

  21. plainviewsue says:

    Trouble posting. Will try to continue my last post. Lauren came off horrible. A whining bratty girl who is upset because her brothers are finally growing up. Doesn’t she have girlfriends to hang out with? Where’s Vito? How dare she get mad if she isn’t invited to their house for every occassion. My lord, they gave her her own key!

    I also hate to admit that even though Teresa is a narcisstic angry woman, Jill Zarin could learn from her behavior this season. She has been easier to watch, and even though I despise all that Joe did, I really did feel for her in this episode. I don’t think it was that Teresa wasn’t so much not enjoying Jac’s party. I think she felt left out and saw that Caroline (the most disloyal friend you can have, after Jill) was beginning to show her like of the Gorgas. Very interesting comment was when Caroline said how they made her laugh. That’s exactly what she said about Teresa over and over again in season one. Caroline thinks she is better then everyone, so natch Teresa is beneath her.

    I don’t think Melissa came off any better then Teresa has in previous seasons. But I do love how her Joe completely and totally adores her. That is very obvious.

    I voted for Kathy in the WWHL poll, but like Kathy, knew that Teresa would win.

  22. LOLing says:

    Lynne were you watching that special Chicago RHNJ feed again? The one that is sooo different than the one they show in NJ? How any more times can I make this joke? LOL. I know, you hate Teresa, you love Melissa and she can do no wrong…and now that she is giving you an interview, I am sure you’ll love her more. Oh well!

    As for this episode, there was more behind the scenes than on the show! WHY don’t they ever explain the good stuff? Teresa and Joe were miserable not b/c of her brother and his wife, but b/c the were in court all day. Joe lost (of course) and Teresa had a confrontation w/ that Monica woman. Joe was very pissed at her. The confrontation w/ the lawyer was b/c she is sharing (and had been sharing) the Guidies legal info w/ Kim G. and various people around town. Her husband was Joe’s partners lawyer and she at one time worked on the case. Lawyers aren’t really supposed to be doing that kind of stuff. Especially not on TV. Kind of a fine line. It seems Kim G. brings her to the Gorgas party next week. No matter how much you dislike Teresa, Kim G. is an ass. I think her purpose in stirring up shit w/ Teresa is to stay on the show. Teresa is a good foil b/c she will snap and I think this is Kim’s dream. Sorry Kim G., no one likes you!

    Melissa isn’t a bad singer (see? I can be objective!) but oh honey, although you may sell a couple ITunes of your songs, you will never be a pop star. Ever. You might do some Kim Z. random concerts in parks, but you will never be a star or have any relevance in the music industry. 32 y/o’s do not become pop stars….sorry. It’s nice to say you tried to achieve your dream and maybe a decade or so ago you may have had a minor hit, but not now. I think Melissa is a little bit deluded regarding herself and her talents!

    Onto the party…Lauren Manzo hit the nail on the head w/ her comments about Melissa & Teresa. Melissa is a younger Teresa (and more beautiful-Melissa IS prettier, see I’m objective! :)) and when she married Joe, she became the number one in Joes life. This is the root of the problem…she wants to be number one in her brothers life and it just can’t happen anymore. But there were 2 things that stuck out for me w/ those 2. One was when Joe Guidice asked a few times what time the party was and Melissa ignored him (and made a face). Sure, maybe she didn’t hear him or something. This is Trick 692 in the Sorority Girl handbook: when you don’t like someoone, make friends w/ their friends and be super outgoing around them, while ingnoring the one you don’t like. Don’t be ignorant. just ignore. Not answering Joe was her way of putting them in their place. I’m telling you, I know girl behavior and Melissa Gorga is a snake. She knows just how to play people. The second thing was the little back and forth w/ Melissa and Teresa. It is so clear what the problem is, Teresa said it “when he got married, no more brother”. Then off course, the two of them had like a singsongy battle about “lets be sisters”. Clearly, these 2 don’t like each other, but if you were Melissa and you wanted to make things better, wouldn’t you NOT argue? Maybe be more sympathetic? The 2 of them are incapabale of ending this feud.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I also am not a big fan of Melissa’s but given a choice? I’d pick her over Tree any day. Although I like Juicy Joe (c*ck ring and all) more than Joe Gorga.

      So that’s *my* opinion, you’ve told us *your* opinion- how come Lynn can’t have *her* opinion?

      Maybe you should check Sorority Girl Rule # Elebenty: When posting comments on someone’s blog, it’s best to respect that they have their own opinion, because after all? It IS their blog.

      • LOLing says:

        Why are you torturing me again? I thought we hugged it out? 🙂 Anyway, Lynn can have any opinion she wants! If you are talking about the opening sentence (which is similar to the one you were annoyed about last time), I do some version of that every week! It’s a JOKE. The only person who has ever complained is you. Since I am not banned or anything, I think Lynn is well aware that it is sarcasm as opposed to disrespect.

        Moving on, I would pick Juicy Joe too. Joe Gorga is creepy. I don’t know why, but he skeeves me out. As for the ladies, can I pick neither?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          well crap- I didn’t know it was a joke.
          and I completely forget from day to day who I’m annoyed at. We hugged it out? lordy I need some herbal supplements or something

          Over on another blog it was posted that Lynn is biased ON HER OWN BLOG so I guess I was responding more to that debate than to you…but m’kay. I will now hold hands and sing kumbaya every time I see your name

          LOLing along now

          • LOLing says:

            Isn’t the reason for having your own blog the ability to be biased? That’s funny that people would even debate that! To me thats sort of a given.

          • Nancy says:

            What am I going to do with you. You were almost grounded the other day. Do you remember? No ice cream for you tonight young lady. After work you must go straight to your room and think about your actions! 🙂

    • MISHIGA95 says:

      Well said! I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. I hate Teresa last season because she seemed to have no cares about her family’s financial issues. But now, there’s a sadness behind her eyes, I almost miss the arrogance! 😦

  23. maggie_01bklyn says:

    Good morning Dizzy,

    I have been to the Brownstone, and it was a beautiful wedding. The food was excellent, the service outstanding. When i grow up and get married is where i would have my reception.

    Now, to get down to the RHONJ, I used to love Theresa, but the mighty have tumbled. I am thinking that she would be perfect for the new Bravo show, The Real Drag Queens of the East Coast.Tree, Luzilla, Danielle, Cindy, Kelly and Melissa…. The show would be amazing.
    Then toss in Ashley, as DQ in training.

    I am still pushing for a D-List Celebrity Rehab……. for those addicted to Drama, the cast: Renee, Theresa, Jacq, Ashley, and Danielle, these shows could all cross over. Would be freaking great. Dr. Drew now your going places.

    Another show another point…. Jay Mohr as host of WWHL, OMG LOVED HIM. I feel that Andy has started being the bitch to all the ladies of Bravo. Kelly was given a free pass on last weeks show cause she is a friend of Carsons……… come on really. Andy has lost his edge, Jay should host the Housewives of NJ Reunions. The Jackhole of last week should have been Andy himself. Now that would have been interesting. The Yetti in red ski boots, i was rollinggggggggggggggg.

    I like the Mob Wives, all except Karen…….. she is a rabid pit bull in heat and Drina is the bone.
    She really needs to get over herself. She herself is trading on her fathers crimes. Now we should all buy her book, and keep supporting the PIT BULL. In the case of some of these wives including the housewives…… Those who can work, those who don’t attempt to author.

  24. Dwight Schrute says:

    I’ll give Joe Guidice a most improved award for homophobia. Season one had him making homophobic comments about the dance instructor. Last night he was joking around with George and even laughed it off when George joked about having a chance with him. It was a cute scene.

    Can Bravo please stop forcing Kim G. on us? The woman has a desperate and disturbing need to be on television and has no redeeming qualities. This season seems to be all about piling on Teresa. Let’s bring on the sister-in-law and cousin who she’s on the outs with. Let’s bring in the pot stirrers Kim G. and Posche Kim. Next week it looks like more of this Monica.

    Also no mention of the record producers and constructing the studio?

    • I found that scene with Greg (I think that’s his name – not George) kind of disturbing – only because Greg looked really uncomfortable. If it was Ashley, and Joe was telling her what sort of outfits she could wear that would make him find her attractive – that would be icky – so fame for Greg who’s got to be the same age. But I guess because Joe was running around in Jaq’s clothes – the whole scene was a little off for me.

      I wish Kim G would go away. After her twitter war with Andy – I hope they’ll be done with her.

  25. Mookies1mom says:

    Kim G. is trying desperately to stay on the show. I think the only reason Jac is friendly towards her is because they are neighbors. Ever been on bad terms with your neighbor? So, I understand her trying to stay on good terms but I wouldn’t go to her house to chat either. I noticed Melissa ignoring Joe too. I think both Teresa and Melissa want to be queen bee and there can only be one. They will probably continue the struggle for power for a long time.

    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      Kim G. and Jillzilla…….. now there’s a spin-off!!!!

      After reading all the positive comments last night about Melissa’s voice. Like a true addict I watched it again….. SORRY!!!!! I just don’t get it. Her Hubby spending all that money on a recording studo for her. Donate that money to the HOMELESS. You know you he is not going to permit his wife to be in the freaking basement all day with the “PRO’s” who are going to make a fortune off of making her sound good. And now she wants it GOLD, really Melissa. I still don’t know how Kim from Alanta can make personal performances.

      • My absolute favorite moment on WWHL last night is when Rich says “No, I just wanna say Melissa really can sing!” And Jay Mohr says “Not according to the cameras microphones, Soul Diggaz faces or the comments in my hand right now.”
        I thought “Dang, Andy would NEVER have had the nerve to go there!”

  26. ms molly says:

    Lynn, for a long time your blog has been my morning pick me up before I have to go and face “the world beyond”, and I expect that it will continue to be, but referencing Melissa and Joe Gorga. I see a woman who is willing to throw Joe’s family, under the bus just to get on the teevee and Joe just following along. Just by the rolling eyes (when she is thinking) and the flippant manner, I can see she doesn’t want to resolve anything, she feels she should be the star of the group and when Joe Guidice was asking about the time of the party, she was downright impolite and ignored him. She also had to get the dig in about “upstate NY”.

    Also if I had ongoing court cases, for whatever reason and found out that an attorney’s wife was going around town discussing my cases with any and everybody, I would probably do more than get into a screaming match. If I’m not mistaken, she did the same last year when she talked with Danielle about the status of Teresa’s homes and finances. It looks like another case of doing anything to get a scene on teevee in the worst way. I wonder if Monica has considered that her mouth may well get her husband a reprimand by the Bar Association.

    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      Great point ms. molly, her 2 minutes of fame on a reality show, will cost her husband.
      Not only with the reprimand but in new clients, I would not hire an attorney who is telling his wife what should be confidential. He’s not very good at it…

      I also, wonder if this in someway may be able to be used by Tree and her Joe, with their legal issues.

    • LOLing says:

      It’s so dumb isn’t it? Why a lawyer would behave this way is beyond me. The worst part is, she shared info that isn’t public and didn’t come up in court. A major breech of confidentiality. I doubt anything will come of it, but I am sure her fellow lawyers don’t find it cute at all.She was the girlfriend Kim G. mentioned last night. She went to court to gossip, plain and simple.

      • deedee1969 says:

        Since the Guidice’s are not her husbands clients the ex partner is, there is no confidentiality attached. She can discuss anything she wants with whomever she wants about the case. bankruptsy cases are not closed cases. The public can go to the court and listen to the case. I’m not saying she a good person ,I think she is looking for her 15 min like everyone else.

    • lillybee says:

      She should get in trouble herself.

  27. VAgirl says:

    Shannon. Great job on the BB recap. I’m all for the spoilers as long as there is a Spoiler Alert warning us so we can skip over it. Of course, how many of us are going to have the willpower to skip it? I won’t. Lol. Lynn, looking forward to your interview with Melissa tomorrow, although I think in the long run, you may find that she’s not the person you originally thought and that maybe, just maybe you like her mainly because of your disgust with Teresa and Joe. Just my opinion. I hope I’m proven wrong. Don’t know how you do this blog and interviews and everything else you do. I should have so much energy!

    • ditto on the spoilers for BB

      And agreed with I don’t know how Lynn keeps up. I hope it isn’t getting to be a chore.

    • LOLing says:

      ITA agree. Melissa isn’t getting a lot of love in general. Except here, from Lynne. 🙂 I think Melissa (and her sisters) are sucking up to Lynn and given the attention this blog is getting lately…it’s win-win! I’m sure Lynn can handle it! 🙂 Melissa Gorga is easy after beating back Zarin Monster Inc.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        You better stop talking about MellyMell MizLOLing…. Girl you don’t want it! LMAO Don’t be so upset that Lynn likes Melissa. When she was oodling over the hideous CatONooooo, I just doubled up on Xannies and kept it moving. Sure I would still snark on the BritPit, but I never ribbed Lynn about her love affair with the worst export ever to cross the pond! 🙂 LOL Plus I’ve learned there’s no accounting for taste AND a interview will not curry favor. Many have not interviewed here but continue to get Lynn’s support. See BH, DC, OC, NY, NJ, BEA etc.

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you, I was really nervous writing it. You was a busy girl writing the other two and you also did a great job on the recaps. I missed them both so I enjoyed reading them. Next time I will add some spoilers, but I will make sure they are at the end and I’ll let everyone know they are spoilers, so they can decide if they want to read on or not.

    • Michelef. says:

      VAGirl – I really enjoyed your Celebrity Rehab recap! I hope you have the time to keep doing it. I am fascinated by that show! 🙂

  28. I’m going to cut Lauren M some slack, because I think her angst was about her brothers getting their own show, and she was left behind. That may account for some of the bitterness towards Greg – who seemed like a nice guy, and pretty uncomfortable when she started crying. This was probably about the time their episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker was airing as well.

    Somehow I don’t think the boys are going to be breakout stars – and Lauren has been smart enough not to let the fame get in the way of building a solid relationship – so I think she’ll be A-okay.

    Still not loving Melissa – she grates on my nerves. I admit Joey is amusing, but in a disturbing sort of way. But less disturbing than Joe and T’s comments to Greg.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      HWA I think you’re right. Lauren seems most bothered that’s she’s been left behind. She seems jealous of Greg and probably feels if they took a gay guy in, she could’ve been the 3rd roommate. Her mother was a bit harsh with her, but it seems it was the same speech someone gave herself in the mirror…maybe?

    • BessiB says:

      I think Carolyn characterized Melissa and Joe pretty well: They are young.

      I noticed they gravitated right toward the kids, after they said hello to everyone.and the kids obviously loved them. So a lot of the things that annoy me about them are a reflection of their maturity level.

  29. LOLing says:

    Adding b/c my computer went wonky…

    Melissa and Joe seem to have it all, nice house, cute kids, fame (which I think is the important one for Melissa), money. They are fun people I’m sure….they both have big personalities. But, Melissa is a snake. I’m telling you! How easy was it to walk into Jacs party, smile, be friendly, rub your nipples and cross dress. (LOL! That always happens at my parties). How easy is it for Melissa to put that doubt in Teresa’s friends minds (and the viewers too) as to who is responsible for the feud. Especially given Teresa’ history of snappping! Especially given the Guidices situation. Teresa was miserable, uncomfortable and probably ticked off at the party. You could see it in her face. It is VERY simple for Melissa to win people over. Or so she thinks!

    I’m sorry Lynn, but I see straight through this girl. I have been around people like this….she is manipulative. She is a also more articulate than Teresa. Plus, Teresa lies and says it’s all fine…even when it’s not fine. Maybe this is why she snaps so much? It must be hard to pretend all the time. Melissa Gorga is equally guilty in this feud. She gets in her digs, she gives as much as she gets. Her and Teresa are the same person! Trust me, today Caroline likes the Gorgas, they are like shiny pennies. But people like Melissa become exausting. At some point Caroline will become as sick of them as she is of the Guidices.

    I cannot wait to see the party ep next week. Here are some observations of the previews (which don’t mean much, Bravo teases) but here’s what….

    Why would Melissa Gorga invite Kim G. to her Christmas party? At this point, Melissa is well aware of the dislike there. So, when you are trying to make up, you invite a woman to your home that hates the person you are trying to make up with? Kim G. will humilate Teresa any way she can, in front of anyone, because Kim G. is an ass. It appears she shows up w/ the lawyer Teresa had a confrontation with. Really? It seems Joe throws her out too. Come on Melissa..although I will give her the benefit of the doubt if Bravo set this up (a possibility). If not, inviting the enemy that you barely know and hoping for no drama? Melissa is nasty!

    Then, of course, the brother in law. Why, why, why would you even bring up that debt in a public setting. Oh, I know, camera time! And of course, if Joe gets pissed at the brother in law and says something…Melissa will blame Joe Guidice and NOT the brother in law.

    It seems to me that the Gorgas set up situations quite nicely, piss of Teresa and/or Joe (not a hard thing to do and Melissa KNOWS this!) and then blame them for everything when they react. Even when they play a role in it! Melissa Gorga is manipulative and I am so glad I am not the only person here who can see this! Teresa and Joe need to settle down w/ their behavior but this mean girl not only stirs th pot, she throws extra meat and veggies in it.

    I wonder what will happen if (when) the bottom drops out for the Gorgas? Melissa Gorga is not a girl who can handle a fall in public. I know the Guidices have done a LOT (esp. Joe) but I do have slight admiration for Teresa..she’s holding it together.

    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      I totally agree with everything you say LOL’ing. Melissa is a spoiled rotten SNAKE. Now I actually like Kathy, but when they showed that scene with the bad attorney’s wife being introduced to Kathy and Melissa, I know that if someone was saying something negative about someone in my family, I would shut them down. Not in such a dramatic way. A simple “I would appreciate your not talking down my family in front of me.” And then you dismiss them just as Melissa did. Kathy did look uncomfortable, but Melissa was just soaking it all in. She loved that they were talking about Theresa and Joe. I am going to call her Melisssssssssssssssssssssss a. Shades of Harry Potter!!

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      I’m guessing Kim G. wasn’t originally invited to the party unless the party has been set up by Bravo. Remember last year when either Kim D. or Kim G. wasn’t invited to Teresa’s housewarming and finagled an invite and acted like a complete tool?

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Yes KimG is great at inviting herself to parties. Who knows how she got in.

      • LOLing says:

        That’s right! That was the “ain’t I nice” ep! Since I know that Bravo manipulates behind the scenes, I will reserve judgement about Kim G. at the party. If she was there at Bravos behest, then I won’t blame Melissa for it. As for bringing the lawyer, that may have been Bravo or just Kim G. She is an evil little Granny.

        If it turns out Melissa did the inviting and let Kim G. and that Monica woman into her home knowing full well how they treat her sister in law then melissa is horrible.

        I’m going to reverse course (for now) and say Bravo had a hand, so she gets a slight pass! As for the brother in law asking for the money, yes, Joe should pay him back, no defense there. However, the BIL is just being a dick for the sake of it. I mean, it’s not like they are going to write a check on the spot. I would love to know what the thousand was for!

        • Pghemtchick says:

          I suspect Kim was invited prior to Tree. Kim was “nice & friendly” to Melissa at the fashion show. Melissa prolly invited based off that. I suspect Kim asked to bring a friend and they said sure. While I think her singing needs fine tuned, I don’t see her being the next Gaga. I do see her as better than Lulu. As for people going around talking about your family, maybe they are immune to it. Maybe they enjoy the gossip. I dunno. Personally, I feel the need to tell everyone that my cousin is a convicted rapist over seas, since he’s not on Megan’s law. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but at least people are warned.

        • blondieDana says:

          It reminds me of the finale party on OC this year. Vicky said she invited Jeana because she is her neighbor and Jeana said Bravo paid her to be there AND told her to come later so everyone would be drinking already.

    • BessiB says:

      I don’t understand why anyone would think, at this point, that Melisa invited Kim G to the party to humiliate Teresa.

      Jacqueline said that Teresa had no issue with Kim G. It is Kim G that was bent because Teresa snarked about Kim G’s age.

  30. VAgirl says:

    Oh. just wanted to add that Jo De La Rosa on Orange County had a really nice voice and you see where that got her.

  31. RealMinkey says:

    I went to bed immediately after Danielle appeared on that strange VH1 food show. It was God’s way of telling me I was staying up way-too late.

    Best line of the evening was from Teresa: ” I needed to silence the lamb”. ( It looked like she silenced a lamb and a few other species for that fugly fur-on-fur-on-fur coat she was wearing.)

    Vicki Hyman- NJ Star Ledger recap had a great description of Kim G.: “friendly neighborhood jackal”. lol. She also had a lot of good background info on Juicy’s forgery case.

    Don’t anyone blame Kim for her ticky tacky 80s taste in decorating. It’s the brain tumor, ya know.

    And count me in as another who can’t stand Melissa. I don’t find her or her little ape husband fun at all. Watching them makes me want to take a bleach shower. Yecch.

    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      How many furs is too many???
      I hear that the folks at PETA are filling up Hospital Beds all over the US…… Sudden heart attacks.

  32. nappykink says:

    I know this isn’t going to win me any popularity contests, but in that picture of Joe and Tre leaving the courthouse above, I think tre actually looks kinda pretty without all the makeup and bling.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      really? I was just thinking, that it just shows how much she needed all of those “props”, I think she looks like crap!
      But to each his/her own.

    • LOLing says:

      She did a book signing right buy my house and I went, mostly to see what she looked like in person. She is ALOT more attractive in person. She is in great shape after 4 kids. She looked much “softer” in person. Not a lot of makup and her hair was straight. I think she overdoes herself on camera. She was also a LOT more articulate with the crowd and the people she was with, an agent I guess? Sometimes I think she’s too stiff on camera. She seemed very relaxed at the signing.

  33. MKValle says:

    Another pathetic attempt by JZ to get attention:

    Jill Zarin Just for the record, I am obsessed with @TheLarryDavid show and would work for FREE for a cameo. I could be your ex girlfriend?

    • HD says:

      SMH! This woman just doesn’t stop. I love Curb Your Enthusiam please don’t ruin it for me with a cameo by her. Please.

      • LavaLady says:

        Ha! Regis P. has had an ongoing thing with Larry David about the same subjct. Being on Curb. Larry David was in NYC filming, and was even in the lobby of Regis’s bldg., and didn’t even ask Regis to do a cameo. When Larry later appeared on Regis and Kelly to promote Curb, it turned into a very funny conversation.

      • Larry didnt want to do THIS season
        HBO has already said this would most likely be the last
        as its already filmed and airing now there is no chance that Shrill will ever be on the show
        Praise Jesus


    • Noreen says:

      I read that and it just makes me feel dirty. She is soooooo gross!!!

    • Christine says:

      I think that I will tweet this:
      Pres. Obama, Just for the record, I am obsessed with power and flying around the world. Could I be Secretary of State when Hillary resigns?

  34. Candace says:

    Jay M. is only about a thousand times better at Andy’s job than he is!

    Lively, pushes a point at times and zeros in on stuff…so, so much better than Andy.

    I wishe he could replace him.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Agreed! I loved his “oh snap” about the callers question on how Rich and Kathy would handle Ashley.

      • maggie_01bklyn says:

        I have to agree, I totally LOVED the show with Jay….. Ohhh snap!!

        I am still smiling just thinking about it.

      • Noreen says:

        I LOL when is said that. He was so pumped for the show and did a good job at moving it along. It must be very hard to do a live show when you are a guest host.

        • do you really think so

          think back to when Johnny Carson was still teh host of the tonight show
          lots of people stood in for him
          Joan Rivers comes to mind but i know others did it to

    • well he cant LOL
      and of course he can say things Andy cant
      he doesnt work for Bravo

  35. Candace says:

    Anyone else notice this line from the moron fidget to his wife, about the basement sound booth construction….he says he is going to put in two way glass, so he can watch her, without her knowing.

    Umm, Einstein, did you mean one way glass?

  36. Hey everyone- posters and lurkers…

    This baby girl and her family really need your help.

    This child was MURDERED 3 years ago- with only 3 adults in the home. But because of what can only be described as lazy and incompetent detective work and effort by the DA still no arrests have been made.

    They even let all the suspects leave the state.
    Please like the faceook page and try to trend on twitter- not to mention contact local media to put the pressure on.

    • HD says:

      SMH. How much more of this can we take?! You have 3 people in a house and a baby beaten to death. How difficult is this? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

      • No shit, especially when babies get beaten to death and the 3 people in the house are the drug addict mother, her boyfriend- and some other random dude. While I am no Colombo, you start by putting the squeeze on the third wheel since he is the least likely of the three and offer him a deal to snitch the other two out.

        Women aren’t complacent or participants when a room mate kills their child but we know plenty of bitches who watch their boyfriends beat their kid to death.

  37. boston02127 says:

    Great blogs guys thanks.

    I’m not a fan of Melissa’s at all. Teresa is just plain dumb and says things off the top of her head without thinking, I’m use to that. Melissa on the other hand is calculating. Her words are thought out and mean. I think she’s waited a very long time to be on this show and has been very pissed & jealous with Teresa because of her involvement.

    She’s finally on the show and she’s making sure everyone knows “we pay our bills” and about her wanna be singing career. Maybe she hasn’t watched the all the other housewives shows and witnessed how many paid their bills too yet hit rock bottom or tried to start a new career or business and failed. (Hi Jill)

    I think Melissa is just as dumb as Teresa but Melissa has had more time to think about things and how she wants to be perceived.

    • Noreen says:

      ITA – To quote Kelly, “Melissa is inauthentic.”

      • BessiB says:

        I’m still not convinced. Spoiled baby of the family (attention wise), probably. Can’t not react, definitely.
        Hey, last night showed a whole room full of people waiting to judge when they walked she walked in the door. Seems none of them detected ‘fake’.

      • maggie_01bklyn says:

        Ohhhhhh snapppp!

    • MISHIGA95 says:


    • Di says:

      I totally agree!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I think part of it too is that Melissa is smarter than Teresa. That’s not putting Melissa on some kind of pedestal, but that she comes up with these things much faster. Teresa is a hot head and doesn’t think where Melissa is two steps ahead of Teresa.

  38. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~~ Just for the record, I am obsessed with @TheLarryDavid show and would work for FREE for a cameo. I could be your ex girlfriend?

    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      She left off… Or a future wife…

    • maryla says:

      I actually think that would be delicious. Larry David would rip her to shreds. She wouldn’t even know what hit her until her humiliation aired for all to see on HBO.

      Wait a minute. Public humiliation doesn’t seem to phase her.

      Um. Nevermind.

    • BessiB says:

      Does she know that show is improve and she has no sense of humor?

  39. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet~~~@wendywilliams was a gr8 host on #mobwivesreunion. @drita is my fav.
    I would pay money to watch Kelly and Drita hang out for one hour. I’d luv it.

    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      We should take up a collection, and make this a PAY PER VIEW SPECIAL…. have Jillzilla host it, and then send in LuMan with a folding chair to the rescue. I have no doubt Drina can take them all. MY MONEY’s ON DRINA

    • MISHIGA95 says:

      OMG – can you picture Kelly telling Drita to shut her eyes and stop being so red? Drita would knock her the f*ck out! Love Drita, HATE Kelly!

  40. Rory P. Bellows says:

    this is from a jill ‘fan’ blog she has SLAMMED bethanny in the past and i called her on it (she dismissed me) NOW shes crying antismitism for herself and jill. there are so many reasons to not like jill her ethnicity is irrelevant.
    heres the blog

    i was busy watching the ‘original’ housewives last night SOAP is on again now that show was funny

    i did see jay mohr as the host he did fine

    jaqueline is still a doll ………..

    • plainviewsue says:

      Wow. This woman is a nut job. Jill is not hated because of her religion. And if Jill says that is the reason, then she really is delusional. She is a horrid, vile person, and as a fellow Jewish woman, makes me ashamed. She is the horrible stereotype of Jewish women who treat their husbands like children, only has sex for jewelry and thinks she knows everything about every topic out there. That is not what or who we are.

      • Indy501 says:

        Ditto what Plainview says.

      • happygal says:

        plainviewsue I am right behind you- You said everything i wanted to say about that blogger-I am also Jewish, have mentioned this on the blog her before about how Jill just feeds into all of the stereotypes out there that are not who we are… It is hurtful to see her hiding behind this veil of people don’t like me because…. Jill get over yourself- People do not like you because you are vile… you are rude, uncaring and a know it all- ugh- cannot stand her…

        • i agree as well
          she is hated for all the right reasons
          which are she is a vile disgusting backstabing hatefull woman
          being jewish never entered into my head of why i so dislike her

    • Christine says:

      Jill Zarin and Ilana Angel (?) – separated at birth.

    • Happymouth says:

      Here is a review from someone in England who went to the concert, it is not positive.
      We went to see Take That at Wembley and unfortunately Robbie William’s behaviour in his solo section spoilt the entire evening. He had a very aggressive and offensive attitude. If this is how he treats the fans who fund his privileged lifestyle it suggests he has little respect or genuine consideration for them.
      – sam wender, england,
      Sounds just like Jill’s behavior.

      • ive read much more positive reviews about the comeback concert
        Poor Robbie hes gonna take hits now because Jill befriended him
        oh and did anyone here know that teh take that fans were upset that pet shop boys were the opening act
        pet shop boys arre lie a zillion times better then take that

    • BessiB says:

      “hints she is open to” a spin off. No duh.

  41. pidge says:

    I agree with some of the ladies here – I’m not head over heels for Melissa. I think we’ll find out that she and Teresa are more alike than you’d think.

    Kim G is hanging onto this show by her fingernails – give it up lady!!! It’s REAL housewives, not DESPERATE housewives!!

    • Hahaha- no kidding.

      It seems like everyone is auditioning this season, from The Kims, Grandma, Caroline’s Dina–ish side kid, the Gorga accountants, and Lyssa Simpson (at least the other one seems to be laying low- unless she is edited out)

  42. IndianaHousewife says:


    I have to respectably disagree with you. I totally got the impression that Melissa was ignoring Joe asking what time party was, only to continue to issue invitations. Basically trying to leave Joe and Teressa out of the loop, and doing it right in front of them. I get a really bad vibe off of this girl, she is the type that I would keep my distance from in real life.

    I will keep an open mind and read the interview tomorrow though and hopefully gain some new insights that are not shown on the show. I came into this season hoping to like her, wanting her to “put Teresa in her place”, but I have to say I usually end up feeling that she is every mean girl I have had to deal with. At this time I would not go out of my way to meet her. If I had the opportunity to meet Jill, I would just to form my own opinions of her, however with Melissa I do not have any curiosity at all.

    Thankfully we all can have different opinions and personalities or the world would be a pretty boring place. Thanks for letting me share mine!

    • HD says:

      Right! I mean dang, how many times did Joe have to ask?! She knows she heard him!

    • BessiB says:

      From watching that scene, I was not convinced Melissa was ignoring Joe. She was in a conversation with someone else, she was not looking at him, and he asked the question without addressing her or even raise his voice to get her attention.

      Sound is edited just as film is, so I don’t know what happened.

  43. IndianaHousewife says:

    Also how financially responsible is it to build an entire studio in your home? Does she have a signed contract for a record deal or is it just a couple of guys saying they think she is good and they started building? Those types of remodels are not cheap and I do not think Kim Z or Luann have made enough money off their songs to cover expenses like that.

    • But Melissa is going to be the next Brittney Spears. Didn’t you know that? That studio will pay for itself in NO time! Hee hee hee!

      • HD says:

        Even with Melissa singing, I think we are so used to the others being soooooo bad that anything will sound good right about now. Does she sound that bad? No. Will she be the next Celine Dion? I doubt it.

        One thing I did like about that though was that her husband was supportive of her dream even if I doubt she is going to be selling any gold records.

    • RealMinkey says:

      My brother-in-law (who lives in NJ, btw) has a recording studio in his basement, but the difference is, he’s a real MUSICIAN- with expertise and TALENT. Not only is he a performer, he’s a songwriter and producer, and he charges others for his services and use of the studio space.

      Oh, and his studio isn’t “gold”, either. Hah.

      • RealMinkey says:

        He also has a lucrative day job that pays the mortgage.

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          He also probably doesn’t have a huge balloon builder’s loan coming due in a year either? I don’t think she has the talent to sing, let alone write and produce.

  44. Rhetorica says:

    OK! Below is the updated Happy Birthday List – thanks to WSL for the original! We’re gonna need more cakes! Please check & let me know of any corrections or additions.

    The Happy Birthday List
    7 Chismosa & Mamecastle
    8 Vicki55
    14 Pantry Viewer
    15 Sam & Neroes
    20 TT
    21 moneycanbuyyouass
    28 TEB & Zoekayla
    30 Diana & WSL
    2 Kellynola & Kats
    13 Tootsie
    16 Lynn Hudson
    24 shamrockblonde
    28 twoile
    1 WSL & Boston 2
    3 dreemz
    6 Sha2000
    7 ms molly
    8 FloridaGirl88
    11 jillz68
    14 One Mo Bo & Dickens & Zanne
    17 Dubyaveeyou
    21 Ellabean
    30 error404
    14 Designing Deva
    25 25Stupid & ButterisaFruit
    27 Zoey
    29 Another Lynn
    1 Noelle
    2 Scprpoisue
    14 Debbie
    20 Nancy
    21 Michele
    22 realminkey
    24 jazznightOut
    28 Canada
    30 kat
    1 Blue Sky
    5 Buffywood
    10 tuzentswarth
    24 KirksvilleMo &cyotteflower
    & lola
    26 JustAnotherMary
    29 Rabble Rouser
    31 MKValle
    2 WaxDiva
    6 cal 35
    LynnSoCal &12 Cakers
    16 Lillybel
    21 Dee
    24 Kirks Cyotte
    26 Jezzibel
    30 Rhetorica & krone
    4 kbinldo
    14 AdGirl
    15 flippy
    16 Quincy
    12 Waslurking
    13 Vilzvet
    16 BaaBee loves kitties
    25 Am Idiot/Lavalady
    19 FelonyStupid
    21 Ione 22 AZ
    24 Savannah111
    11 TrueLifeDiva
    17 Plymouth Lighthouse & ATLmeetsNYC09
    29 WindyCityWandering & Indy501
    14 Kansas City Girl
    25 Butler’s Mom
    30 Cuci77

  45. HW Addict says:

    I’m just watching RHNJ and Theresa has my dinnerware! I am sick to my stomach that her and my taste would be the same, even for dishes!!!! I wonder what else she stiffed Ballards Designs for???

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I remember seeing a “teresa’s crib” video once and I thought she had Gucci….maybe it was stemwear.
      I have Wedgwood….I use my china everyday…not just for special occasions.

  46. A says:

    I love this blog!
    I like Melissa, she has fewer faults than teresa and I hate how spoiled Teresa is. I also love Kim g bc all she does is stir up trouble and she’s pretty open about it.
    On rhny, the only ones I can stomach are alex Ramona and Sonja. It’s pretty boring without the real life of bethenny.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      You know you may have something there. I would like Melissa more if she could be open about the $hit stirring she does. Take Sonja for instance (the camel pictures with Cindy not in them) she owned it and did not apologize for it. If Melissa could just own it instead of all of this Thank you Jesus, I am such a bigger, better person I think I could get interested. Right now I just see her as two faced.

      • Noreen says:

        OMG – thank you for remiding me about the camel pictures and Sonja’s remark – one of my favorite housewives moments!

      • BessiB says:

        I’m still on the fence about the shit-stirring and Melissa. I totally discount the Love My Sisters think in this last ep. because it was clearly apart of another conversation and wee could not see how it started. I thought it probably came up in a conversation about the Manzo kids; issues.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Based on the link provided upthread for info on the lawsuit, Melissa was talking to Lauren about her situation. I think it was a valid feeling in regards to that conversation. Tree stirred the pot by bringing up her lack of a brother after marriage. I’ve always hated that at parties or dinners where people not in the convo jump in with stuff they know is gonna cause controversy. Tree is right up there with Jill IMO. I’m not all pro-Melissa tho either. She seems like shed stab ya in the back then flaunt it. If given the choice of two evils, I’d take Melissa any day.

      • blondieDana says:

        I was totally on the fence about Sonja until she owned those pics! Revenge really is best served cold. I can imagine the anticipation of waiting til Cindy found out! So funny!!

  47. Dwight Schrute says:

    Jay Mohr on WWHL going off on Melissa’s “saved a wench like me” reaction was EPIC!

  48. Zarout! says:

    OMG! If Jill EVER shows up on Curb Your Enthusiasm – I will definitely spontaneously combust!

  49. http://www.bravotv.com/summer-by-bravo/season-2/videos/camp-talent-show

    You need to watch, just wait for the last line. Boy, she said a mouthful! Bwahahahaha!

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      My new favorite video clip! Right from the horses’ mouth……

    • maryla says:

      That is precious. Def. worth the click-through.

      Now Jill, the first time telling the truth is the hardest. See if you can keep it up when it comes to you interpersonal relations with castmates — prolly not.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      She doesn’t have any obvious talent either.

  50. Queen Butter Bean says:

    Hey…my b/d is 8/27.


  51. Mommy Smurf says:

    Hey, I wanna be like the cool kids on the b-day list! Mine is May 2!

  52. Bea says:

    I don’t care for either Melissa or Therese but clearly the people who watch RHONJ like Therese – just something about her. She won the WWHL poll. Melissa is a pot stirrer – “I would die without my sisters.” Direct hit toTherese. Ok Therese hit too “had the best time ever with my friends in the Catskills.” Stop already girls!!!! I actually think they could be good friends if they would just stop.

    Kim G – REALLY!!!!! ENOUGH!!! Bravo did not have to air that little footage even if Jacqueline went to visit her neighbor but they wanted to keep the battle going between Therese and Kim G. I found it interesting that Kim G. talked about her brain tumor (even tearing up) but clearly her surviving did not make her a better person – it made her horribly wicked. Honestly if Jacqueline were truly Therese’s friend she would have ended the conversation about her finances by just excusing herself and going home to her children and parents. Why did she sit there turning magazine pages while giving this horrible woman more time to talk about Therese.

    • TLM says:

      That whole back and forth sarcastic exchange between Teresa and Melissa was obnoxious. Thank God Caroline cut it off.

    • I don’t get why the f- Kim would a chandler when she has pink and lavender colored walls and green carpet. Her decor is pure 80’s. I HATE it.

  53. MISHIGA95 says:

    Kim G. is just so, SO sad… She needs to stay away from cameras and all things Bravo!

  54. RealMinkey says:

    Jaqueline’s behavior was strange. She strikes me as dim-witted and shallow. But then, her day consists of standing around the damned kitchen, drinking wine and polishing wine glasses. Not much intellectual stimulation going on there. I don’t think her lack of facial expression is all due to the botox; I think it’s also because there’s just not much going on upstairs.

  55. TLM says:

    Kinda of obscure interview with Bethenny from a couple of weeks ago in which she says she and Jason are closing on an apartment and will do renovations on it, which will probably be in Season 3 of BEA. I guess she’s finally not in a rental anymore!! And is keeping a home base in NYC.


  56. PantryViewer says:

    Just received Ramona’s newsletter. Bless her heart. She discusses Jill and her nasty behavior towards everyone, and discounts Jill’s story we all knew wasn’t true about Mario pushing her or whatever. Ramona writes that Jill sat behind her and Mario, with no bodyguard (duh!) and that incident as relayed by Jill did not happen. She also mentions that Jill is deleting all of her ugly mean social media stuff she’s been doing since she’s been called out on her ugly behavior.

    I can’t imagine even showing my face if I were Jill and behaves the way she does.

  57. maggie_01bklyn says:

    Just why is Jacq visiting that mean old harpy KimG. anyway, she knows that KimGzilla is a shit stirrer, she knows she talks bad about her friends. I think the content of Ashleys remark was correct. The delivery sucked.

    • Melissa says:

      Completely agree, even though Ashley is a pain in the u-know-where, she most likely sees her mother clearly than the viewers and she sees her as a pot-stirer, to which I agree.

  58. Cabbie413 says:

    What exactly does Rich do? I like him and Kathy, but it seems like none of these people went to college yet they are just swimming in money. What do they do??!!

    We know that Juiced (i refuse to call him Juicy) Joe is basically a criminal and that’s how he’s gotten so much as of late, but what about the other guys on the program? What does Jaq’s husband do exactly? Rich?

    oh, and that old granny lady Kim..how did she get all of her wealth?

    None of these people seem to be skilled at anything in particular so I’m curious how they’ve amassed so much money as simpletons. 🙂

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      I think they’re all mobbed up but too fake and chickenshit to admit it, unlike the Mob Wives who I just love for being so honest about it among other things.

  59. AZ Girl says:

    Just received Ramona’s Newsletter. She calls Jill out again on her lies. Jill’s lies about Mario shoving Jill, the Faceebook poll post that got taken down and Jill’s determination to make Simon look bad. Ramona hung Jill out to dry. Thank you Ramona!

    • AZ Girl says:

      Oh Jill did bring a bodyguard to the event that they were filming as she claimed on her Super Secret blog

      • AZ Girl says:

        oops did NOT bring bodyguard. Posting from phone sorry

        • Delighted says:

          I thought her nnewsletter was terrific. Very clear about the havoc JZ causes and how easily she twists the truth. I also thought her comment about Simon being the only person who cared about making things right with Jill was kind of sweet. Unfortunately, Ramona felt the need to explain Avery’s comments – no one with a teenaged daughter took her comments very seriously! I think Ramona has really taken a lot of heat about that scene and I wish she’d just blown it off..like water off a duck’s back?

  60. lillybee says:

    I enjoy this show because I dislike all of them equally so I have no vested interest.
    I thought that Joe fixing dinner for Tree and serving it in their empty living room was sweet and I can’t believe that I though Joe could be so sweet.

    On the twop board a lot of posters think that Albie is gay.

  61. smompy says:

    Whoa! Whoa! (Hey, did I just sound like Joey Lawrence from Blossom?) I get that a lot of people hate Melissa just as much and (often) more than Teresa, but it just isn’t right to accuse Lynn of kissing up to Melissa due to some selfish, ulterior motives. That has NEVER been Lynn’s M.O. People have also accused Lynn of being up ALex & Simon’s butts because she has defended them, but in fact she has also openly criticizd them when she felt they were wrong, and she’s also contradicted public statments they’ve made. I’m pretty sure Lynn still likes Alex & Simon AND that Lynn still gives her honest opinions. It is possible for people to actually prefer Melissa & Joe to Teresa and Juicy without having any underhanded or sinister motivations.

    That said, I personally “like” Melissa and Joe, but it’s mostly due to my own underhanded and sinsiter motivations. IMO in some ways Melissa & Joe Gorga are very similar to Tree and Juicy, and in some ways they’re probably almost as bad as Teresa & Juicy, but since I LOATHE Teresa & Juicy with ever fiber of my being, I will always like and root for Melissa & Joe. Until such time as that ahcnges:) Like I said, Melissa may be ALMOST as bad as Teresa, but IMO she’s not AS bad. I really wouldn’t want to socialize at home or go to a party with either couple, but if I had to pick one couple to hang out with, I’d pick the Gorgas. No contest. Maybe that’s the way the rest of the NJ cast felt like at that party? They were finally able to compare and contrast the two, and Melissa and Joe were more fun and/or less annoying?

    It’s pretty funny to me when I read comments about Melissa on the interwebs because there’s a popular and recurring theme I see, usually involving a certain percentahe of people who seem to be trying to declare their own intelligence by announcing that they “can see right through Melissa.” Do people really not get that Bravo WANTS us to feel this way? Do they think it’s a coincidnce that (just as they do with Teresa and others) as soon as Melissa says something nice to Teresa’s face, we’re immediately treated to a talking head in which Melissa contradicts her last statement or just makes herself look like a braggart or whatever? Seeing through Melissa Gorga requires no more work than seeing through Jill Zarin or Seeing through Tamra Barney. If I can watch Teresa telling one of her “poor litle me, aint I great?” stories and still realize that she’s actually a lying POS, that doesn’t mean I’m especially intelligent. It only means that Bravo’s editors did their job. If you think about it, pretty much ALL the housewives are awful people. In fact, many, many, many reality TV stars are awful people. Saying we like one of them usually just means we don’t DISlike them nearly as much as we dislike the others. Well, that’s the way it works for me anyway. Because I got to watch Teresa quietly seething and constantly making jillous faces as the rest of the cast openly accepted the Gorgas into thir group, I literally “liked” Melissa more than ever. Hey, come to think of it, it’s the same with Melissa’s singing! Can she sing well? No, not really. Can she sing better than Kim Zolciak or Loser LuAnn? YES, compared to them, she sings like an angel!

    Dear Jacqueline’s mope-faced, tired-beret-wearing daughter…I understand you wanted to rename yourself because you felt your real name sounded too “vanilla” and “white girl,” but by adding “Hussein” to your name, all you’ve accomplished is to become a whiney, vanilla, white-girl poseur with a fake named tacked on. Now if you were ever go to court and legally change that name to, say, Hookalahkah Mishabob or Chen Wu, I might believe you were serious about wanting to be more “ethnic.” In the meantime, please address me as Smompy Thumbelina Hitler.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      LMAOPIP! You GO girl. I didn’t watch the crap fest so I wondered what she changed her name to. Hussein? The hell? Imina have to go watch it now. How far into the episode is it?

      And agree about Lynn not being up anyone’s derriere. You just can’t win with some people. The main criticism is she’s too critical, then, when she scores interviews (which is what we all want…the inside scoop) she gets accused of sucking up. Oy freakin vay!

      • vilzvet says:

        Hah, speaking of which, I guess Teresa in her Bravo blog just gave a shout-out to this blog (this could be directed at Alex and now Melissa): “I don’t write nasty blogs about people or give nasty interviews or make friends with nasty bloggers who say horrible things about my friends and family. I know other Housewives are into that, but it’s just not my style. Sorry!”

        • blondieDana says:

          I love how she called Caroline out by saying, “maybe she is used to not speaking to her sisters and brothers, but I’m not

    • LOLing says:

      I love your posts and I love that you own your sinister motivations! I am one of the crowd that says I can see through Melissa (ya got me!) and in reading this you are so correct about Bravo and the editing, what we see isn’t controlled by them and we miss ALOT of backstory.

      When I watch these shows, sometimes it’s like holding up a mirror to my own life in the sense that I have “met” these people before. Maybe in college, moms groups, high school, whatever. Maybe I even I friends like some HW’s….or ex friends. Or maybe I am kind of like some of them too. Does that make any sense? So, when I see, lets use Melissa, acting a certain way…it reminds me of the Melissas I’ve come across in life. It reminds me of the hurt the faux Melissas have fostered on people. It’s not just seeing through the editing, it’s sometimes like being hit over the head with repressed memories! There are names I do not like, simply b/c I hated someone with that name! I mistrust redheads b/c someone who treated me horribly had red hair. (No, it wasn’t Jill). The passion & feelings comes from the relation. That is probably why these shows are so popular!

      Teresa and Joe have certaintly made some bad choices in life. Hopefully they learn from them. I do feel kind of bad for her, not b/c of money or the tabloid stuff or anything, but b/c when this show is done..what does she have left? A fractured family. She has stated her parents are very upset, her kids are upset, is it really worth that? The funny thing is, for all of Teresa negative attributes, I don’t see the almost sheer glee that I see in Melissas face when she chips away at the Guidices. Raw anger, maybe, but anger is okay–it’s a valid (even if in Gorga hands dangerous for furniture) emotion! It comes from something, even if we don’t know what it is. Melissa seems to enjoy the fight, Teresa just seems sad. Joe Gorga seems sad. Even Kathy seems sad. Melissa pretends to be sad. I think she loves this. I know, editing, but how much can they possibly edit? There is a little piece of their authentic (or inauthentic) selves in the show.

      Alright, that was deep enough, I need to make fun of something….anything? Myself?

      • zanne says:

        I think I need to vent today. i can watch HWNJ every time. Go to the bathroom and it is all gone. I just don’t relate to anything going on there. HWNY,ALT,DC,BH,even OC I have known people like them. Could put myself in several of their places (when I was younger) but NJ just can’t get there.. My nationally is so mixed up (first ones here in 1600’s) that I just have trouble thinking about a group all this new to the USA and being able to relate to them. I do have friends that are like them with their families, but mostly I just know them. I don’t think I’m getting out what I mean. I come from a large mostly scot/irish – but we never acted like these people do. Guess I have said enough and really haven’t said anything. Maybe it’s the meds – anyway I feel better.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        um Smompy Thumbelina Hitler?


        I just wanted to say your new name

      • Mookies1mom says:

        You realize Lynn is a red head right? 😉 Just checking.

        • LOLing says:

          Is she? I thought she was blonde! Uh oh…..but so far she has been kind!

          • Mookies1mom says:

            Listen to her radio show with Carly from last week and she talked about it. I’m sure she won’t hold against you. 😉 I won’t either, but I’m not a red head either.

    • I don’t think anyone thinks Lynn kissed up to Melissa (unless I missed it)
      If anything I think Melissa and her sisters (well Lyssa anyway) kissed up to Lynn to win favor. I think Lynn will call them the way she see’s them regardless, Sonja gave her an interview and was still later criticized.

      It’s all good, I think it would almost take an act of God to get me to change my mind.

      • LOLing says:

        That’s what I think too. Maybe I misspoke or wasn’t clear in some of my posts b/c I may have given the impression it was Lynn doing the kissing. I agree w/ you. I don’t read every blog on the planet, but a lot of the ones I peek at for recaps are not kind to Melissa! Why wouldn’t they want to be friendly w/ the blogger who likes them, right?
        Who wants to do an interview with someone might be mean or unflattering?

        • Aussie says:

          LOLing T it appears to me as living a pretty good life, she doesn’t seem to be suffering at all through these trying times. Now I don’t need to see her beating her chest with a whoa is me but maybe a liittle humilite wouldn’t go astray. The story line as I can gather is T and family living a very spoiled and carefree lifestyle. Now in my world you live according to your means or at some point you need to pay the piper. And I appreciate that previously you have said that no one has suffered very much from them not paying their bills which seems very strange to me as when I don’t get paid someone doesn’t eat.

    • vilzvet says:

      I thought the royals sewed little weights (not kidding) into their hems to prevent this from happening. She really did have nice wardrobe, though, for this tour. I think they went home today.

  62. Butters'Mom says:

    Love the bday list thanks for including me. I hate to be typo police but you had my name as Butlers’mom. A noble profession to be sure but I am actually Butter’Mom (two t). And since Butters is a 50 lb beagle who won’t even fetch, she’d make a terrible butler.

    • lillybee says:

      Same for me, I am Lillybee not Lillybel. But close enough.

      • 2Stupid says:

        Yeah not to be too picky, but I am 2Stupid not 25Stupid. However, WSL gave me a very nice serenade last year, and made me feel special. I am flattered to be included in the list.

    • Rhetorica says:

      OK I got the beagle pleased, the bell unrung, & 24 off stoopid:) I’ll post again tomorrow to make sure. Thanks!

  63. Mimisfbay says:

    Great blogs and, wow, a visit from WSL to boot! Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. I do miss her comments and remember how much fun it was to get behind the scenes dish. I am so glad she dropped in and gave us all a laugh and more news.

    Loving BB even though a more subdued Rachel won HOH; I still can’t stand her. Celeb Rehab is very depressing because we are dealing with relative that I wish would go to rehab. NJ? I just really don’t like any of them anymore. The financial situation is just more than I can take.

    I miss Quincy! Hope that all is well.

  64. Melissa says:

    Blech, not getting the Team Melissa deal on your blogs, just for a lame interview with her?
    She and Tre are very similar, cut from the same cloth, everyone in their circle pretty much agrees. If you hate tre, you should also see the same qualities in Melissa too.
    Just because I dislike someone, I can’t simply disregard their enemy’s fault completely and jump on their bandwagon. I know it’s your blog, but I wish you would keep it more real, just saying.

    • smompy says:

      Melissa, I understand that you despise Melissa (Gorga) and have trouble with the fact that not everyone feels the same way, but, as far as her personal take on Melissa Gorga, Lynn has been completely consistent about this from the beginning. She has really never wavered at all in her feelings, so why would you suddenly accuse Lynn of being positive toward Melissa “just for a lame interview”? Do you really see a sell-out or a conspiracy here? ‘Cause all I see is consistency on Lynn’s part.

      • Melissa says:

        You’re right, she has been consistent and it was a snarky remark on my part. But she has strong bias in regards to Melissa. Again, Tre and Melissa are both very similar, Melissa may be younger but she is just as flashy and self absorbed, tacky as Tre. I enjoy Lynn’s blogs for the most part and usually agree with her on her take but she dismisses everything that Melissa does while continues to see everything wrong in Tre.
        To me, that’s boring. It’s her blog, she can do whatever she please, but if she called her out like the rest, it would be more enjoyable to read her take like her other blogs.
        Lynn calls out Caroline pretty much the entire season but her only redeeming quality is when she praises Melissa? Excuse me while I hurl.
        She doesn’t have to agree with me at all, but if she called her out when due, she would have more credibility as far as being “real” that’s just my opinion.

        • smompy says:

          I remember reading some things from Lynn that were complimentary to Teresa AND to Caroline. Not a whole lot of them, perhaps, but she did call them when she saw them. And if criticizing Melissa (even when one likes the woman) is a required component of “keeping it real”, shouldn’t giving Melissa props when she does something decent be a component of keeping it real too? There are a good number of people here (and elsewhere) who have never had one single nice to say about Melissa at all. NOTHING. Ever. Unless the women is the devil incarnate…and let’s be honest, she isn’t THAT bad…then, using your logic, she deserves some occasional praise along with all the slams. Have you yourself ever written anything positive at all about Melissa here? Maybe you did at one time and I just missed it, but right now all I can recall seeing is the non-stop Melissa bashing and attempting to convince everyone else to do the same. I don’t recall you ever criticizing or attacking Teresa here, for that matter, and obviously she’s far from perfect. So clearly we all have our own biases, Lynn included. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean we’re not being “real.” Again, I’ve been watching Teresa for year, and I hate her. I’ve been watching Melissa for a much shorter time, and so far I don’t hate her. You hate Melissa. Lynn Likes Melissa. So what? As LuMan (or a wounded wildebeest) might bellow, C’EST LA VIE!

          • Melissa says:

            Ohhh kay, I think you’re going a bit over board on the defense. I don’t remember myself praising Melissa other than saying her voice is better than the other HWs who attempted singing in the past but also adding that’s not saying much. Not to mention, Bravo hasn’t really shown us anything to like her for except that she’s Teresa’s nemisis and some people hopped on her side instantly just for that alone (including in my opinion, Lynn). But I have crticisized Tre on se-ve-ral occasions, I can’t believe you missed it all. Just look at my first comment that you replied to, I wrote, “She and Tre are very similar, cut from the same cloth, everyone in their circle pretty much agrees.” That’s hardly a team-Teresa comment if I say so myself, and I can almost say everytime I call out Melissa, Tre goes down with her. The only difference I see of those two are that Melissa seems more hell bent on keeping the feud alive while claiming to want peace, while Tre looks annoyed for the most part and is honest in what she expresses to the viewers, and that’s about it.
            Look, I don’t care if you or Lynn or others love Melissa and hate Tre, but I’m just saying, as MY opinion, I think her blogs would be more entertaining to read IF she wasn’t so one-sided. Yes we are somewhat all biased in more ways than one, but I like Lynn’s style of writing and believe if she hadn’t picked a side so hastly, she could’ve perhaps seen what many of us see in Melissa or whoever else that may come along in the future.
            As for me, I enjoy reading everyone’s take on the show (including Lynn’s) and will continue to do so when I can. I hope we successfully cleared the air 🙂

            • Melissa says:

              nemisis=nemesis, The one time I didn’t proof read ,ackk 😦

              • smompy says:

                LOL I wouldn’t have known whether that word was spelled right or not!

                I’m sorry if you think I’m going overboard while expressing my opinion, or defending Lynn, and I’m sorry that I’ve missed your past criticisms of Teresa, and I’m sorry that I will most likely never hate Melissa quite as much as you do:) You’ve always been very clear about your strong dislike for Melissa and I never had any problem with your strongly expressing that dislike, even at the beginning of this season when I really did like her. The only thing I was really reacting to was your implication that if somebody (Lynn in this case but others before) actually likes Melissa, then obviously that person is not being fair, or real, or whatever. I still think it’s possible for Lynn and others to honestly like Melissa even after watching her on the show. Also, you were not the first person here today to accuse Lynn of being fake, by implying she was only pretending to like Melissa because she was getting an interview from it. I feel Lynn deserved defending because, after reading this blog for a very long time, IMO she’s never shown herself to be that kind of a person. That’s all.

                • Melissa says:

                  Thanks for graciously overlooking my spelling error 🙂

                  I don’t hate her as much as you think, just find her to be a very annoying, whiney princess who throws a fit whenever things don’t completely go her way. And if you and others find her tolerable or even likable, more power to you. But I still can’t understand how anyone can hate Tre and love Melissa, they’re like two peas in a pod, one’s got anger management issues and other one is a fake narcissist, I mean who to choose, who to choose.. I haven’t read all comments, I rarely do because I’m ..lazy :-p So I wasn’t aware that anyone else accused her of it too, it just irked me a bit when I read there was going to be an interview with the drama queen herself, blech.
                  I’m not a long time reader so maybe I don’t know Lynn as well or have any kind of attachment to her, that’s probably why I feel free and unconsraint to call it like I see it. I don’t quite understand “what kind of person” it is I accused her of, but I honestly felt her bias blinders were on and still do, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a talented writer who I enjoy reading from time to time so that’s that.
                  I hope we can agree to disagree and continue supporting this entertaining site! At least we can both agree Luann is aweful, right mon amie? Or should I say, duaahhhh-ling.

        • BessiB says:

          I think Lynn is allowed to have a strong bias toward Melissa, if she does, just as you are allowed to have a strong bias against her. But that is just me.

          • Melissa says:

            Again, I don’t think I had any bias for or against any of these people that I don’t care for. Melissa comes off as an entitled bitch like Teresa but with more narcissism, if that’s possible. I just hate it when people pick sides too fast and get caught in it to the point of not being able to see the clear picture that’s all. Lynn’s allowed to do anything she wants, like I said, but I’m saying it would make her blogs more interesting if she hadn’t pick sides, that’s it really.

            • BessiB says:

              I understand what you are saying. This blog was created out of picking sides. Check the title.

              • HD says:

                Out of all of this Melissa vs. Teresa vs the blog…the funniest thing I read was Smompy saying, “LOL I wouldn’t have known whether that word was spelled right or not!” You are too funny!

              • Melissa says:

                I said “when people pick sides too fast”, which I believe Lynn and others have done. Next time, try to understand the context before giving pointers. *shrugs*

                • BessiB says:

                  Oh. What is the time limit?

                  • Melissa says:

                    Try having an objective view maybe? Most people liked Jill originally, cuz she came off as a decent caring person. Later on as the seasons progressed, she became vulgar and unlikable, that’s a reasonable dislike. Do I need to explain further or can you take it from here?

                • Aussie says:

                  So what you are saying is if they don’t agree with you then they have picked their sides too fast and without adequate thought ever thought they see something you don’t. Everyone brings their own life experiences and M might have not been treated too nicely by the family and is out for a bit of revenge, hell thatis family.

                  • Melissa says:

                    I’ve explained myself pretty clearly on my previous posts so feel free to read them all as I’m not going to continue writing the same things until you understand.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      My opinions are just that, my opinions, you are entitled to yours but there is no need to be rude.

      I don’t see the same qualities in Melissa, Melissa hasn’t stiffed contractors, lied on her bankruptcy documents, spent money she didn’t have then screwed her creditors, Melissa isn’t married to a man that she continues to defend who has committed several crimes and spent time in jail. Not to mention all the other lies we’ve caught Teresa telling.

      I don’t see them as the same. I do “keep it real” as far as I’m concerned, I think I outlined my reasons for my point of view, you’ve merely slammed me and called my interview with Melissa “lame”. What questions would you have asked her that would have made it not so “lame”? Where do you see similarities between these two women?

      • Melissa says:

        Lynn, as I wrote somewhere in my responses, I was a bit irked that you seem blind to her faults, and that was me being snarky, which I already admitted, but I apologize for that.

        As far as Teresa goes, she’s entitled, self absorbed, and a train wreck, not to mention, declasse. Melissa may have not stiffed contractors etc but she does come off just as entitled and self absorbed as Teresa, even their family members (including JGorga) agrees.
        I believe people, including you have just decided to love her from the start just because she and Teresa hate eachother and even though you have every right to do so,
        I think it was done in haste. Everything Melissa does, you seem to defend. She has a nastier personality than Teresa imo. I can list countless examples but I don’t think it would do much since you’ve already decided how you feel about her, which is fine but again, I too have an opinion and we just don’t see the same when it comes to them.

        I called your interview “lame” not for the content, as I haven’t even read it yet, but the very idea of it seemed lame because she will most likely fake it as usual and say things to make her seem like the better of the two, when she’s made snide remarks and has done more to aggrevate the feud rather than help make peace. Not saying Teresa is bending over backwards trying her hardest but she seemed genuinely saddened by the situation where Melissa seemed to glow in their feud.

        I thought it would’ve been entertaining for all if you called Melissa out when the occasion called for it, as I do enjoy your writing.
        As for now, we have to agree to disagree and hope I was able to express my view without offending.

  65. Amber...Real Wife says:


    I like Melissa because I can relate to where she’s been and where she’s “coming” from. She came into a family, that had a “princess” who ruled the roost and here she was to marry the family “prince”. She was not approved of by the family as they were probably vested in LilJoeG’s past fiances. Seeing how strong Tre and Mom can be, the past girlfriends were probably pushovers or kiss asses. If that’s the case, you’ll only conquer them by being their slaves. Doing as they ask, when they ask, without any backtalk. . Then you have the SIL who sees you as an intruder who took her brother away and has the family force you to carry on the “traditions” she refuses to do. Add the competition over grandchildren, personal and financial success amongst other family milestones. You will always be pegged as being a copycat even though everyone wants a new car, a new home, a baby and their children in XtraCurricularActivies and you shop at the same local places.

    RealSister married a guy who had a overbearing Mom and a simpering fool for a sister. Both of the SIL’s who became pregnant around the same time, kept the sex of the babies unknown and a debate started. The MIL and SIL were both named Miriam. They wanted my BIL to name his daughter MiriamAurelia like the great grandmother too. What?!! Why wouldn’t his sister name her daughter MiriamA like she was named. Nope, LilMiriam was tired of the name and was going to name her daugter Alexis, as a Dynasty fan, and would not play ball. The MIL INSISTED her son force the name upon his wife, as it was a tradition. My BIL tried that BS with RealSis and she readily sent them all to hell. If his own sister disliked the name why would she force it upon her own child? My RealMom agreed! Well this started more animosity that wasn’t resolved until my NEPHEW was born and named after his dad and my RealDad. This started a new kerkuffle as to why the MIL’s father’s name wasn’t chosen.

    Now my Q….Gia was born first, why not name her Antonia like her grandma or after Joe’s mom? Sounds like Tman didn’t play ball and named her daughters as she pleased. Don’t know what their middle names are but Melissa followed tradition and named her daughter Antonia. And then the grandmother pretty much ignores her only namesake? Bullshit!

    • LOLing says:

      Remeber how mad Kathy was b/c Teresa said “family sucks”? I have to agree…sometimes family does suck! My BIL’s ex fiance tried to steal my girl name when she was pg. Flat out steal it! A few months after the baby was born, and after being told “you cannot steal the name” (and she didn’t and she was pissed about it) I got pregnant. Just to be a bitch, I declared that “there are too many Baby Janes, I think I’ll name her something else, if it’s a girl.” The look on her face! Yeah, we all have it in us, to be bitchy….I’m so glad they broke up, she was disliked for many reasons beyond the petty name, every family has something. For the record, my BIL has a lovely new girlfriend now and everyone likes her. Some people just don’t mesh. Oh, and I had a boy. 😉

      The thing about Melissa is that she claims to want to put the family back together, she wants Joe to have his mom, dad and sister back, but acts counter to that. Not that Teresa doesn’t help fan the flames, but at what point did Melissa think that going on the show was going to improve relations? If anything, it’s made it worse and Teresa and Joe’s parents probably dislike her even more! When Teresa started the show, we had no clue what was going on in her family. This was not under her control. Bravo controls what they show. We really don’t know anything about any of the families beyond what we see on the show. Maybe an appearance here or there, but Manzo internal drama is never addressed on the show. The show isn’t about extended family business, it’s about the HW’s and their individual lives. I think Melissa was never upset about not being invited to the parties (’cause she was), she was upset that she wasn’t on camera. Not Teresas fault. She says Teresa ignored her, but I would guess when she was filming, she didn’t get much time to socialize. Was Melissa pissed that she was “ignored” or that she didn’t get an intro to the producers or that Teresa didn’t try to persuade them to film her?

      Teresa was chosen for this in 2008, actually probably 2007, this was her gig. It’s almost as if Melissa takes it personally that she wasn’t picked as well. Melissa eventually got what she wanted, she’s on the show (w/ a little help from that plant from Danielle at the reunion), she’s exposing her music to the masses and then what? I just think that if she was really concerned about family, she would have passed on this. (Although to be honest, I’d want to do the show too. ;)) I just really don’t think Melissa cares about the family, she cares about her new career in pop music and being a D-lister. Which is fine, but don’t react with shock and offense when the family dislikes you for your actions.

      • Something about your story made me think of the Seinfeld episode where George revealed that his perfect girls name would be “Seven”- and then the couple decided to use it and he lost it.

        I tried to read the rest of your post (and I promise I will) but I can’t stop laughing because all I see is George Castanza whistling, using his fingers to make an image of the number seven.

        • LOLing says:

          I never saw that one! The important lesson is never tell anyone what you plan to name your theorectical baby, b/c they may like it and then steal it! baby name theft should be a prosecutable crime. LOL.

        • lillybee says:

          Soccer great Beckman and his wife named their newborn girl Harper Seven. lol But at least Seven is his jersey number.

      • BessiB says:

        I don’t really care if Melissa was pissed that she did not get camera time before. The grandparents were shown with the Guidos a lot. I did not even know Teresa had a brother. So Teresa did not even have her only brother around enough to notice she had one in the background (and having them at a party of 300 other guest do not count). To me, that reflects more on Teresa.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      It always sounded to me that Melissa picked Antonia to honor her MIL, not because she was forced to. Maybe she expected more love (or to one-up Teresa? who knows?) because of it, but it didn’t turn out that way, and I don’t get the impression that she was bothered that out of 5 granddaughters, her child bears her MIL’s name. To me (I may be wrong), it appears she is proud of it.

      And I may be completely alone here, but I love the name Miriam Aurelie. I do feel bad for your RealSister and her drama. You should name your child what you want. The end.

  66. RealMinkey says:

    I loved that Jay said Assley wears a potholder on her head. That guy is so funny!

    • smompy says:

      I missed that last night, but LOL!

      • RealMinkey says:

        I’ve always thought she looks like she’s wearing an old tea cozy. Lol.

        smompy, You’re living over on the other side of the river from me, right? I think each of us exited and returned here at about the same time. Just trying to recall and catch up.

        • RealMinkey says:

          To clarify… by “here”, I mean Lynn’s blog.

          • smompy says:

            Yup, on the east side right now, although I’ve lived in Orange County before and liked it. Hey, you know there’s a big “reality star” who went to Marlboro High School, right?

            • RealMinkey says:

              Oh yeah, the guy who washes and does color on my hair (on your side of the river) was her first kiss!

  67. That article about Jill wanting a spin-off in London cracked me up. I guess she realizes that the odds of her getting a spin-off in the US are slim to none. LOL

  68. Marky says:

    Seriously, what’s your take on that Jill story? Sounds crazy to me. Is Bravo offering her a deal or is she dreaming-up a deal? It reminds me of Teresa wanting to be on Dancing with the Stars.
    I hope she moves to England and get the hell out of Dodge.

    Anyone? What do you think? Curious.

    • I think Jill started the rumor about a possible spin-off in London. She has wanted a spin-off show for a while but I don’t think Bravo will ever give her one. Jill is desperate to be relevant and she is leaking stories about herself again(allegedly).

      • RealMinkey says:

        Oh please no. It’s such a lovely city. So civilized, understated, polite, and reserved. Jill is the antithesis of everything that is London. No, no no, absolutely not!

      • Marky says:

        Thanks for responding. Yes, Jill is so desperate.

    • Cabbie413 says:

      this was my reply when i saw they wrote this on twitter

    • BessiB says:

      Jill is making it up, and it is exactly like Teresa and DWTS. Actually it is not really making it up since Jill would like that, it is just that she was not offered.

  69. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Continued Part Deux or is it Tres?

    Now my story…

    RealHusband dumped a girl to be with me. He told me it was over but she just kept hanging around his family. Did she, this girl was their slave! She cleaned, cooked, ran errands, took the sister’s shopping and even went to the laundromat when their washer broke! INSANE! She was always gifting them so when he broke up with her, his Mom and sisters tried to persuade him to change his mind. I was given the worst treatment by his two older sisters who I readily ignored and was instantly adored by his baby sister. His Mom “played” nice while trying to make me the DIL she “WANTED” instead of the woman for her son. Didn’t work! Hell, I was the youngest of three, spoiled and chose to pay extra into RealMom’s AtlanticCitySlotMachineFund for room service, laundy and animal care! LMAO. After the “BattleRoyale” where he threatened to move out , he helped financially, if they didn’t stop trash talking me or hanging with his ex, the hate became less blatant. The ex gave up and the old sisters just didn’t speak to me. When I left NY he followed me to FL and we eloped and married in Vegas. BTW RealParents were our witnesses and spent their 3days gambling while we stayed a week. 🙂

    After we married and had a child, his Mom and sisters finally resigned to the fact that he chose me. Sadly his Mom died 7yrs ago, and I was the one who would force RealHusband to call her and send her money and pictures of our family. She knew I was the strong one. Upon her death, he thanked me as his guilt was lessened because i’d been kind and attentive to his Mom, and had made him do the same. His older sisters and I became closer upon her death, one even admitted years later, that she had been jealous of me. I worked corporate while she did retail, so she thought I was conceited and became angrier when her aunts, uncles and cousins all liked me. I laughed and said “I knew it bitch!” We became like sisters speaking often, for hours long distance….and then I tragically lost her two years ago. What started with such animosity ended with so much love and sadness. I speak two my other two SIL’s every few weeks. Either i’ll call or they’ll call. Sometimes they’ll speak to RealHusband but they’ll always speak to me. 🙂

    Only time can heal the realtionship Melissa and Teresa have. They have to be truthful and then let the past go. That’s why I believe Melissa when she says time is short, Tomorrow is not promised, Make up before they’re gone, and You’ll regret it if anything happened. I said the same things.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a great example of doing the right thing even tho it doesn’t seem fair at the time. The rewards are great. (even if people don’t ever wake up)

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Thank you. I always knew death brings regret. Learn to forgive while they’re alive.

  70. LOLing says:

    So here is a little blurb from Melissa’s blog:
    “I was so nervous and scared when the producers got to my house. I was trying so hard to control my nerves so they wouldn’t rattle my voice. It’s definitely not easy to sing a cappella, let alone in a room with music producers that work every day with artists such as Britney Spears and Beyonce. What if they tell me I stink? What if everyone hates my song? But how will I ever know if I don’t try.”
    Ok, I hate to be overly picky, but I will. A Cappella is without music. You were singing along w/ the piano!!! That’s not A Cappella!!!! She has a a nice voice, I’ll give her props but her general knowledge of music (wench like me) is lacking! I can’t sing a note and I know what A Capella is! Oh well….

    • LOLing says:

      I have to correct myself, I should have spell it Acapella. I still know what it means though!

    • Melissa says:

      Lord, Melissa is so self absorbed, she reminds me of an old ex-friend nobody wanted. She may have a better voice compared to the rest of the HW wanna-be’s but that’s not saying much. With that said, unhealthy dose of naricissism are a requirement to get on these shows so I’m not surprised by her lack of talent accompanied by her distorted belief that she is the next Whitney Houston.

      • MAMAZ says:

        You’re right she’s better than LuLu, Simon and Kim Z but that’s not enough for her to hit the big time, Her voice is nice but not exceptional. And the song is awful.

        • Melissa says:

          The lyrics are pretty hilarious, actually. Gotta love her self absorbed facial expressions when she sings too 😀

    • kbinldo says:

      Um, she wasn’t singing A cappella. Someone was playing the piano…and notice how quickly Joe went from being her biggest fan to whining about her being in the studio 15 hours a day. “She’s a mother with three children.” Well, duh, but that doesn’t mean she’s chained to the house, you moron.

  71. boston02127 says:

    How did Ashley change the spelling of her name?

  72. I noticed that Jill’s cyber assistant Maggie follows Ilana Angel on Twitter. Jill must be thrilled because that is the only blogger that likes her AND she hates Bethenny. Jill must be in heaven.

  73. Mookies1mom says:

    This is so cute I couldn’t help myself. Plus, the kitty looks like my Mookie, except Mookie is much bigger.

      • FLG says:

        Jill and LuAnn auditioning for a new spin-off in Switzerland. They forgot to bring Jill her diet coke. She isn’t complaining so she can prove she has changed.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          LOL! 😉 How is the packing/moving going?

          • FLG says:

            I’ve gone through all my clothing and chosen what is to be donated to charity, and what wasn’t in good enough condition, can be used as rags or tossed. Tomorrow’s job is to go through drawers and toss what isn’t needed or can be donated. I started to go through some drawers and found some notes and cards from my Mom. Those were wonderful to read, but really tugged at my heart since she’s passed. I just couldn’t do more of the drawers today because of that. She was always good at choosing just the right card for the occasion and had beautiful penmanship. Several were thank you cards for little gifts I had sent her and wishing me well after hurricanes had passed through, hoping that I would have electricity soon, giving me hints on things I could easily prepare on my Coleman stove and reminding me that I was welcome to come home for a while, if I’d like to get out of the area until things returned to “normal”. Some special ones were about phone conversations we had regarding her illness and her desire to come back down one more time before she died. She got to do that and spent several months down here in her winter home before she died. I think I will choose a few of them and a few photographs to place in the family Bibles that I have been entrusted with to pass on to her great grandchildren’s generation. Those books goes back to my great grandmother’s generation, with many notations regarding family births and deaths. It was decided by my great grandmother (I remember her, she lived to be 100) I would receive them and that the tradition was to be that it be passed to the youngest great grandchild and so on. While I don’t have children, I have a sibling who is just recently now a grandparent, so if that child ends up being an only child, those books will be passed from me to them. If another comes along that will be younger, it will go to them. They will have a glimpse of who my mother was that way, see her handwriting and have an opportunity to know how she approached both life and death.

            • Mookies1mom says:

              Oh wow! What a wonderful tradition she created. I know how finding those kinds of things can open up some wounds that you think are healed. When I was packing for our move I found letters from my mom, dad and grandmother who have all passed away. I was extremely close to my father and seeing his handwriting and readying his letters took me back in time and I realized how much I miss him, his humor, compassion and his very distinctive sneeze. (I know that last one sounds weird but if my dad sneezed in a crowd I could find him.) Your mother sounds like she was a wonderful woman. She certainly raised a wonderful son and that is her legacy that lives through you and your sibling. ((((((((((Hugs))))))))). Wish I could give that hug in person. Take a break tonight, have a glass of wine and let the memories flow. Know that she loved you and would be proud. Sometimes you just have to have the moments where you allow yourself to mourn and start fresh tomorrow. Hang in there!

              • FLG says:

                Thank you MookiesMom! ((((hugs)))) to you and all who have been so supportive on so many levels and subjects. This is a wonderful neighborhood!

                • Mookies1mom says:

                  Promise not to stress and be kind to yourself. You are going through so much in such a short time. I’m sure it’s a little overwhelming. When everything is done and you have settled in we have to have a cheesecake bake off contest! With all the birthdays coming up never mind the bake off. I’m going to need some help!

                  This is a wonderful neighborhood and I’m so happy to have found it!

    • Nancy says:

      Thank-you for posting that. I loved it.
      I have one of my kitties at my side right now so she says thank-you as well. 🙂

      • boston02127 says:

        @Mookies1mom —-Thanks Mookie. 🙂

        • Mookies1mom says:

          No problem. Mookie does the same thing that the cat in the video did. He will actually hold your arm with both paws until he is finished licking you to death. If you pull away he pats at you with his paw until you give in.
          boston02127, That video had me laughing! I want a dog but Mookie and his sister over-ruled me. 😉

  74. AF says:

    As the child of a single mother, watching Ashley treat Jacqueline the way she does infuriates me! And I call foul on Jacqueline saying in various previews that Ashley is having such a hard time dealing with coming from a broken home, as if this is a legitimate reason for Ashley’s hateful behavior. I come from a broken home as well. Hell, I don’t even know if my dad is alive. However, I’m okay with this because I have such a great mom and I’ve never blamed any of my past behavioral problems on my “broken home”.

    Furthermore, Ashley has a really sweet deal – not only is her biological dad still present, she’s also got this cushy life now that Jacqueline has married into money. She’ll never want for anything. And she still complains about how hard life is for her and how mean and stupid her parents are. Really?! I say, “GET OVER IT!” I’m in a good chunk of debt from putting myself through school, I’ll accrue more debt when I go to grad school, I still live at home with my mom because of the debt, and my mom never found a really nice rich guy to marry. We don’t have the kind of security that Jacqueline and Ashley have, yet I’m still well-adjusted and satisfied with life because, even in my situation, I know how much worse things could be. And I both adore and respect my mom. So, yeah, no excuses Ashley. Stop treating your mother as if she’s the dirt on the bottom of someone’s shoe. UGH.

    • AF says:

      This is off topic and I know that the NJ blogs will be discussed in tomorrow’s post, but did anyone else notice Teresa’s mention of a “hate blog” on her Bravo blog? Is Teresa now jumping on the Jill-Zarin-I-Was-Cyberbullied bandwagon?

    • Nancy says:

      ITA I’ve been trying to figure out why she is so mad/rude/disrespectful?
      I feel like throwing something at my TV when Ashley acts likes that.
      We need Bethenny to tell her “Get over yourself!” Like she did with

      • boston02127 says:

        I think Ashley wants everything done for her. She’s lazy. My mother would of told her “the world doesn’t revolve around you”.
        ( I use to hate hearing that, but she was right)

    • boston02127 says:

      @AF–I agree with you, there are no excuses for Ashley. I also think some of it is Jacqueline’s fault. I respected my mother and never would of talked to her the Ashley does to her mother. I’ve never been beaten but if I called my mother a bitch, I would of had to run (really fast) and hid for a very long time. Maybe Jac should of nipped it in the butt at an early age.

      • AF says:

        Yeah, I agree that Jacqueline is waaaaaaay too lenient when it comes to Ashley. I actually did speak to my mother the way Ashley does to Jacqueline once and I got slapped. It was the first and last time it happened because I learned my lesson pretty quickly. Honestly, if I were in Jacqueline’s shoes, I’d literally cut Ashley off completely. No money, no car, no home. I’d kick her out and let her see how hard it is to survive on your own when you have no skills, no degree, no motivation, and a bad attitude. I understand that would be a hard option for a parent because no (good) parent wants to leave their child hanging. But, Ashley needs to grow up sometime and, clearly, nothing Jacqueline has done is working…

        • boston02127 says:

          When we were in our early teens and we’d be fresh, my father use to tell me & my brother “you’ll be picking in your shit for your teeth if you talk your mother like that”.

        • Nancy says:

          If I was being rude to my dad all he had to do was look at me and I knew I had better change my attitude. I remember when he was the coach of the Hockey Team at Pepperdine University in Malibu and I was in my teens and developed a crush on one of the players. I got THAT LOOK when I was mad because my dad benched him for something or other. I remember that like it was yesterday.

      • MAMAZ says:

        AF – Yes!
        And I still wouldn’t dare talk to my mother that way!

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      I have another theory because my grown daughter was just telling me about “Mistake Child Syndrom” and I think Ashley and her behavior is an example. My daughter says she used to think that she and her brothers felt like they were a mistake when her dad and I got divorced. Now, she realizes that feeling about it all didn’t actually happen when her parents divorced but when her father remarried and had another child. THEN the “mistake child” feeling kicked in. The new wife, the new sister …everyone in that lil family either acting like or really feeling like “we got it RIGHT this time!” makes the children of the first marriage think “Well, if the marriage I was born in was a mistake, then so am I.” I am thinking maybe Ashley feels that and is acting out her depression, anger, angst, sadness et al. My children went thru some tough years acting not in their best interest, rebellion, sabatoging themselves…yadda yadda and I know for sure it’s related to what my daughter called “the Mistake Child Syndrom”. Just a thought…

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        And I think Jaq is lenient because she knows and feels guilty about it and tries to make it up to her by not being harsh on her. From the outside it’s easy to see she should put up boundaries but from the inside, without counseling or guidance she’s doing what she thinks will make things better for Ashley. I’m not saying all the feelings are right or wrong or whatever…feelings just ARE, like itching isn’t right or wrong, it just itches. 😀

        • AF says:

          I think you make some excellent points, We Can Never Be Friends. I particularly like your point about being on the outside looking in. Despite my personal feelings regarding Ashley and Jacqueline’s relationship, from an objective point of view, I actually do feel badly for the both of them. And, I think your theory on Ashley’s behavior is pretty sound.

          • We Can Never Be Friends says:

            Thanx AF. My daughter is 35 and is just now able to be objective about it all. Ashley is still in the throws of it. I feel for teens and young adults who are forced to “handle” what is dealt them without having any weapons, as it were, I sure didn’t know how to equip my children. PTL, God is able 😀

      • LavaLady says:

        It’s a good thought.

  75. boston02127 says:


    An atheist was seated next to a little girl on an airplane and he turned to her and said, “Do you want to talk? Flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.”
    The little girl, who had just started to read her book, replied to the total stranger, “What would you want to talk about?” ” Oh, I don’t know,” said the atheist. “How about why there is no God, or no Heaven or Hell, or no life after death?” as he smiled smugly.

    “OK,” she said. “Those could be interesting topics but let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff – grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, but a horse produces clumps. Why do you suppose that is?”

    The atheist, visibly surpri sed by the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it and says, “Hmmm, I have no idea.” To which the little girl replies, “Do you really feel qualified to discuss why there is no God, or no Heaven or Hell, or no life after death, when you don’t know crap?”
    And then she went back to reading her book.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      That’s funny!

    • Mommy Smurf says:

      Thanks!!! I needed a good laugh!

    • boston02127 says:

      I posted this not thinking that anyone here may be an atheist. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I got it in an eamil and should have changed the word atheist to something else. Sorry.

      • MAMAZ says:


      • Amy Matheson says:


        Change … Atheist to Jill
        God to Jill Cola
        Heaven or Hell to SkinnyJillMargarita or Place of Jill
        life after death to Jill Tru Renewal Skin Care

        and it would change from a very funny joke to what was probably a real life conversation between Jill and a little girl on her Virgin Atlantic flight to London.


      • Melissa says:

        It was funny! Don’t feel bad. I think many (including myself) are more likely sick of being offended in this day and age, and tend to brush it off rather than making a casino.

    • Eastbayca says:


  76. RealMinkey says:

    England pretty much invented and set the standard for modern day “society”. It’s so completely farcical and hilarious to think about Jill fantasizing that she could go there and take them by storm. Hey Jill, London doesn’t need your help or presence, believe me.

    BTW Jill, if in London, don’t even think about having Bawby take a pic of you in front of any of the local buildings or landmarks… They might find you guilty of stalking, and throw you in Holloway.

  77. Rhetorica says:

    Hi everyone! In case you haven’t read all comments, check the Happy Birthday List above. Let me know if I need to change anything. Start baking cakes; lots of bdays coming!

    • Mookies1mom says:

      I have one of Sylvia Weinstock cake recipes that is yummy.I make a mean ganache too! FLG and I can have a cheesecake battle.:)

      • Amy Matheson says:

        Uh Ma’am… I am going to need that recipe for ganache.

        Please?? 🙂

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Who are you ma’aming!;) We’ll see!

          • Mookies1mom says:

            I had to find it in my recipes. This is what I’ve used as a guideline:

            Ordinary Ganache is 1:1 (ex. 16 fl oz heavy cream to 16 oz chocolate).
            Rich Ganache is 1: 1.5 (16 fl oz heavy cream to 24 oz chocolate )
            Truffle Ganache is 1:2 (16 fl oz heavy cream to 32 oz chocolate).

            It has worked well for me. I use the Ordinary Ganache between layers of cake. I haven’t tried adding any extra flavoring but I bet you could put a bit of say peppermint or whatever extract you like without changing the texture.

            • Mookies1mom says:

              I forgot to add: Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and slowly add room temperature milk in small amounts, incorporating all the milk into the chocolate each time. (I’ve actually warmed the milk in the microwave because my kitchen is really cold in the winter.)

              Hope that helps. If you try it let me know how it worked for you.

              • Amy Matheson says:

                Haha… that was “cop talk.”

                PS I love you!!! Thank you!!!

                • Mookies1mom says:

                  I guess I should of asked for some ID before handing over anything!;) Love you too! Let me know if you try it and how it works out for you.

                  • Amy Matheson says:

                    I will tell you! My husband and son are NOT chocolate lovers, so I rarely make anything that isn’t a fruit pie of some sort when I bake.

                    I am making a chocolate truffle ganache version for my sister in law’s birthday in a couple of weeks if I can get it right 🙂 I’ve had pretty good luck with double boilers and I trust people who have already tried successful recipes before.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Rhetorica,
      How are you feeling? I miss FLG already.
      I’ll be around tonight.

      • FLG says:

        Thank you Nancy! I miss you all, too! I’ll pop in with a quick snark or two as I get a chance!

    • California35 says:

      Hi Rhetorica
      You got mine 🙂 thanks — cheesecake or starberry shortcake 🙂
      California35/Cal35 for short 🙂

  78. Mookies1mom says:

    Who prefers buttercream and who prefers fondant?

    • Mommy Smurf says:

      Buttercream YUM!!

    • JillhAter says:


    • boston02127 says:

      I had to Google fondant. Can I have both? Yummy.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        You wish is my command. Now then I need flavors people!;)

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Your not you. Sometimes I think faster than I can type.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          There is only one flavor: chocolate. Right?

          • Mookies1mom says:

            I love chocolate but can only eat it in small bits otherwise it will trigger a migraine. White chocolate doesn’t do that, because it is missing the ingredient that regular chocolate has. Having said that it doesn’t mean I won’t bake with it because when I cook/bake it’s to make people happy. Therefor, Kansas Girl you will have a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream! 😉

            • Kansas Girl says:

              Oooooooo. My mouth is watering! I’m so sorry about your migraines and that you can’t have chocolate. (My mom had migraines and I grew up having to be very very quiet when she had one. Maybe that’s why I’m not so very quiet now!) But I’d be more than happy to sacrifice myself and eat your chocolate too! I just had a birthday, but this may be worth having another right away! LOL!

    • kbinldo says:

      Buttercream! 😀

    • BessiB says:

      Butter-creme, Vanilla.

  79. Nancy says:

    Now she’s tweeting Congratulations to Victoria Beckham for giving birth!!!
    Now for the bad news…
    She’s coming back tonight. Dang!

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Don’t they have some really old and hidden cell they could keep her in? I mean away from civilized society.

  80. kbinldo says:

    I’m kinda with Caroline regarding Lauren. She was all whiny & bitchy about the guys having a dinner party & not inviting her, even though she lives an hour or so away. Really? WTF? Where is it written that your siblings have to include you in each & everything that they do? Doesn’t Lauren have friends she can hang with? And does she invite her brothers along on her dates?

    As for Kathy & Rich, I like them & I liked them on WWHL. I even liked Mohr as a host better than Andy.

  81. California35 says:

    Monday Monday — Hi everyone…I hope everyone is doing well. I am just busy and tired and aching and…oh sorry this is not the PityParty lol

    Busy week again, and trying to take the last two days off…so the presure is off (I still got the hhmm aah when I asked for those days off, I wonder what will happen when I say I want a FULL week off lol).

    Any ways, I am glad I went back to the previous blogs to read a few of the coments…I was SO happy to see our missed wsl…

    SO GLAD TO READ FROM YOU!!! I hope all is well and you and yours.
    THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDATE LIST!! I hope to see you back soon.
    California35 (aka Cal35)

  82. OneMoreInBoston says:

    so Teresa writes in her blog on Bravo:

    “I don’t write nasty blogs about people or give nasty interviews or make friends with nasty bloggers who say horrible things about my friends and family. I know other Housewives are into that, but it’s just not my style. Sorry!”

    So what is Teresa’s style? (besides bad)

    2 years ago the Giudices filed for Ch 7 bankruptcy relief/ status Case 09-39032-MS filed 29 Oct 2009 seeking to discharge all debt (except those they reaffirm)
    There were 2 pending hearings:
    *July 14. Bankruptcy Trustee John Sywilok case #: 10-01845-MS to object to the discharge.
    *Oct 13. U.S. Trustee,Roberta DeAngelis #10-02150-MS DeAngelis v. Giudice

    Now *BOTH* the Trustees want to dismiss the Judice request for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection because *BOTH* have charged the Giudices with FRAUD!
    So recently Trustee Sywilok’s office says that the 2 cases have been combined and will be heard in Dec.

    Okay let me just repeat this- not because anyone here doesn’t understand- but because I just can’t believe this: BOTH trustees accuse the Giudices of FRAUD !!! If the trustees win the Giudices will :
    *have to repay the $11mil owed
    *face Criminal Fraud charges

    vs. Melissa Gorga doing a 30 minute radio podcast with Lynn Hudson.

    hmmm…I going to have to really mull this one over…who could be worse…what a conundrum

    Bottomline: this chick’s going to the pokey

    • Mommy Smurf says:

      Oh SNAP!

    • AF says:

      I love that Teresa says she doesn’t write nasty blogs about people when that whole statement quoted is *clearly* a passive-aggressive, snarky dig at Melissa. Sure, it’s not a whole blog directly devoted to putting down her sister-in-law, but it’s still a “nasty” comment, as far as I’m concerned.The hypocrisy (or perhaps just stupidity?) is astounding…

    • kbinldo says:

      No she just throws tables at people who tell her to pay attention, & then is stupid enough to get into a free-for-all in a courthouse full of armed law enforcement.

  83. Savannah001 says:

    Hi everyone,
    Great Blogs ladies on all shows, I’m a fan of them all. I watched Mob Wives, Celibrity rehab and RHWNJ last night, I didnt watch Big Brother but I can catch up ondemand has the episodes.

    I loved last nights Jersey episode a lot, I think alot came out of last nights episode. I was really suprised to see Caroline interactions with her daughter versus with her son’s, I’ve always thought to myself that she almost shows alittle more warmth with her boys than Lauren and I’m surprised by it because I think her daughter really does look up to her mother and has a lot of respect and I’m sure Caroline has to pick up on that, I dont know its alittle strange, but like you Lynn I was really really happy to hear Carolines thoughts on the Gorga’s I truly was, I get so pissed off at reading Bravo’s board and all the posts that are negative and mean to Melissa I just dont get it, I think I like her so much because I can’t stand Teresa she has always made me sick. So here’s what I noticed about the party as you said Teresa tried to brush off the argument with the attorneys wife but her husband tells the guys she went nuts, he said it more than once and of course I believe him over her I dont like either of them but lets face it she has a reputation. Here’s a question to you guys if you know what kind of lawsuit this is with the forgery is it one in which he pays and does time? Or what exactly is it, a form of a Rico act? Also do y’all think that Teresa didnt know anything about any of this, see I cant believe she didnt have any knowledge about anything it just doesnt ring true what so ever to me. They are going down I think the hammer is going to fall big time and I just wonder if it was all worth it to Teresa to have everything she got to just end up losing it all, this woman has a big big problem, she says family is the biggest thing in her life, bullshit, it should be but I dont think it is. Oh and did anybody kind if notice the faces on the young guys at the party when Joe was telling them about Teresa, they kind of looked alittle like they were just over it, did anyone catch that, it might be me but I know they loved being around Teresa’s Joe. I havent read any of the posts on the board yet, I just read the blogs and I still have to read the Bravo blogs posted by the Jersey wives.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      “Under RICO, a person who is a member of an enterprise that has committed any two of 35 crimes—27 federal crimes and 8 state crimes—within a 10-year period can be charged with racketeering. Those found guilty of racketeering can be fined up to $25,000 and sentenced to 20 years in prison per racketeering count. In addition, the racketeer must forfeit all ill-gotten gains and interest in any business gained through a pattern of “racketeering activity.” RICO also permits a private individual harmed by the actions of such an enterprise to file a civil suit; if successful, the individual can collect treble damages.” From wikipedia

      So the charge of forgery *may* lead to racketeering charges but he’s not charged with that now.

      I posted right above you that they may pay back money and do time if they’re found guilty of bankruptcy fraud.

      • Christine says:

        Jail time is a real possibility for both of them. They provided the Court with falsified documents, failed to file income tax returns, hid assets (like Teresa’s book advance), etc. It’s not a good idea to try and pull one over on the Court when you are asking them to forgive an enormous amount of debt.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          The wind just blew this into my mind…(boy, these Okie winds are strong!) I’d be willin’ to wager a dollar, the Giudice’s (a~hem) “*ATTORNEY*” is indeed and in fact none other than her mightiness THE JILL ZARIN LAW FIRM/TJZMEDICIAL DOKTOR Practices/T.JZ DENTAL Practice/T.JZ.MUSICAL Producing Inc, LLC/ T.JZ INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM.

          Have I left anything out of her great and monumental *professions* Jizz has taken as her OWN? *cough* *cough* ***allegedly*** (sorry I’ma gaggin’)

    • BessiB says:

      The case that was going on on TV was the one where Joe forged his partners name on a loan and took the cash so his partner sued him. I believe Joe admitted it to signing the name but same he had permission and that they do it all the time. The judgement was against him only after he said Teresa did not know anything about it.

  84. Indy501 says:

    I haven’t read anything since lunch but I did go to Ilana Angel’s blog in the LA Jewish Journal. I needed to investigate.

    From Ilana’s blog:
    I write two blogs for The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. This one, Keeping The Faith, is about me, my life as a mother and a single woman, the world, and pop culture. Basically I write about whatever I want. My other blog is called Keeping It Real and it is about reality television.

    I watch reality shows I like and recap them in an honest, and I like to think, funny way. I write a lot about the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo. I have been writing about the ladies of New York City. It is a horrible show but I watch it, and am a little ashamed to say I love it.

    There were a lot of comments on my last blog about the RHONYC. I wrote that I liked Jill Zarin who is one of the featured women. If you don’t watch the show, I won’t bore you with the details, but will share that Jill Zarin is a Jew. That fact alone has inspired hate mail that is heartbreaking.

    When I wrote I liked her, people responded that the only reason I liked her, was because she was Jewish, and “dirty Jews” stay together. She was not referred to as Jill Zarin, but rather Jill the Jew. It made me sad and, sucked the peace out of my yoga practice.

    I wonder if there will ever be a day when Jews are not attacked simply for being Jewish. I write about a lot of things, and push a lot of buttons, and whenever someone does not agree with me, my opinion is useless because I am Jewish. I am judged by my faith, which is crushing……..

    ……I am going to interview Jill Zarin this week for my Keeping It Real blog, and it will be interesting to get her take and the anti-Semitism that she and I seem to generate. Will there be a time when I am not hated for being a Jew, and a day I don’t cry because I miss my kid? I’m keeping the faith
    Comments, including mine:
    so you like jill for being jill, which is fine but when you attack bethany with snide comments and are accused of being a jill fan you claim ‘that is so over’ i think jill is a horrible person regardless of her ethnicity

    Comment by jill fan on 7/11/11 at 8:42 am
    you wrote over 30 “I HATE BETHANNY’ blogs and now you whine about antisemitism, we get it you LOVE jill we’re not confused people who harp on the jewish thing have no materiel theres a hundreds of reasons to hate you and jill people who cry racism and antisemitism when they dish it out just have to accept people respond as they will.

    Comment by jill fan on 7/11/11 at 9:44 am
    People don’t dislike Jill because she is Jewish, they dislike her because she is a horrible human being. I have witnessed one of her crazy tirades in person. She is a mean woman. I find it interesting that you didn’t like Jill last year but you love her now. I can’t say that I am surprised, you are both alike. Based on what I have read recently, I consider this to be a hate blog because you come off as a mean, angry and bitter person, just like Jill.

    Comment by Interesting! on 7/11/11 at 11:03 am

  85. Indy501 says:

    …..cont’d with my comment.
    I am truly sorry if you are judged for being Jewish, I am truly sorry if Jill is only commented on or judged only as a Jewish woman. It’s something we as Jews live with and it will probably never end.
    That being said,what is it that you like about Jill? I would really, really like to like her. But her behavior the last 2 seasons has prevented me from doing so and I really did like her the first 2 seasons. But there is no way that the dots don’t connect her to the bad behavior.
    The way she presents herself promotes every bad sterotype we as Jewish women have to overcome.
    Love to hear your thoughts.

    Comment by Indy501 on 7/11/11 at 1:49 pm

    Ilana’s reply;
    @ Jill fan: When you compared Jill to Beth I stopped reading.
    @ Interesting: You are wrong, but welcome to share here.
    @ Indy: I love your comment and am glad you found us. I have lots to say on this topic & will write about it on Wed. I am interviewing Jill tomorrow about the struggles we have with stereotypes of Jewish women and I will answer your questions then. Hope you come back to check it out. Thanks for writing.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      Wow, just wow. Every time Jill couldn’t go any lower she proves me wrong. Pulling the anti-semitism card is soooo desperate. What a fool this Ilana person is to fall for it and bond with the Snake. holy shitballs! I should have remember that card was in her arsenal from the Amazongate fiasco.

      • We Can Never Be Friends says:

        er, Every time I think Jill ….

      • MAMAZ says:

        Jill pulled that card during Amazonagte. But this time it’s Ilana Angel saying that people dislike JZ for being Jewish. I’m sure JZ will jump on that bandwagon with both feet when she does her interview with Ms. Angel.
        What I would like to know is what about the Jewish people that dislike Jill Zarin? There are plenty here on theis site. Raise your hands please! Would Ms. Angel and JZ call them self loathing Jews? Talk about a stereotype!

        • We Can Never Be Friends says:

          I think Ilana WOULD call Bethenny that. From what you said happened it sounds like she came to that conclusion about B and it sent her over the deep end into the Snakepit i.e. Jill Camp.

          • smompy says:

            I found out a long time ago that this Ilana person is not interested in facts, reality or logic. She is, in fact, a Douche with a capital BAG. Don’t even bother trying to reason with her. She believes Jill is a saint and Bethenny is a demon because she drank that awful henna colored Zarin lemonade and won’t be coming back to reality any time soon. Chalk her up as a loss. But not an important loss, fortunately.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Indy- I noticed she didn’t bother to say what she likes about JZ.

      Bigotry is wrong. If anyone hates JZ because of her heritage I’m sorry for that. But I have never seen anything to support that claim. Ilana Angel has referred to such comments before but always “deletes” them so we only have her word that they ever existed. She didn’t hate Bethenny until Bethenny sort of denied being Jewish. She admits that she’s half Jewish on her father’s side but explained that she was never raised with any knowledge of Jewish tradition or culture. She went to Catholic school. Her family practiced no religion. Ilana Angel wrote blogs encouraging Bethenny to explore her heritage which is good advice. But when Bethenny never made any public claims of doing so Ms. Angel went crazy, I mean rabid dog crazy, out to get Bethenny Frankel. And flip flopped on hating Jill Zarin. Which in my book makes Ms. Angel a bigot.

      Is JZ even observant? I’ve never heard her say she goes to temple. She mentioned Yom Kippur on one episode but even then she said “we are supposed to….” And she mentione Ally’s Bat Mitzpha. Excuse me if I’m not spelling these terms right. I’m a cradle Catholic. But I have great respect of Judiasm as I do all the worlds great religions.

      I mentioned before that my dream WWHL guest would be Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. I would like him to address JZ’s behavior and how it pertains to Jewish law.
      I know a lot of people find Rabbi Shmuley to be a bit of a famehog, I can’t use that other word about a Rabbi!, but I think his heart is in the right place and that he is a man of God.

    • I haven’t read Ilana Angel’s blog in a while. Does she usually interview people? I’m not surprised that she is Jill’s new BFF but am surprised that she is interviewing her.

  86. jeepers1941 says:

    OK, so somebody shoot me as I am a little behind here…. 🙂
    As I watched last nights episode of the party, I noticed that Teresa seemed a little put-off by Jeoy’s display being funny dressed in that outfit. I also noticed what I thought as Teresa being embarrassed by her brother doing his routine. At least he was trying to entertain the guest. As for the Melissa and Teresa drama, they are both at fault. Teresa is on target about Melissa and Melissa is on target about Teresa.
    As for WWHL, this was better than Andy Cohen’s shows. Jay seems to be more comfortable with the guests. Of course watching Kathy and Rich is fun to me anyways. Rich is definitely funny and Kathy is his side kick for sure. This couple knows what is important in life, their kids come first. We saw this in the episode where the kids were ask to prepare their contracts with Mom and Dad. I think this is why they are happy in their own skin.
    As for the Manzo boys, I think Albie is gay, so what? Chris is just Chris, always with a stupid look on his face. Laruen on the other hand, is not a happy camper be any means. Of course having a mother telling everyone, “oh Lauren is in a bitch mode” doesn’t help the situation either. But Albert, Sr. is just as much to blame as Caroline is. He seems to be just as removed from Lauren’s life as he is from everything and everyone else, except for the Brownstone business. This is his first love and always will be.
    As for Ashley, she is just a brat period, spoiled to the core and never looks back, well that is except for Danielle Staub. I noticed a few mentions of her by Ashley, so she still has issues in that regard.
    Kim G. looked fantastic, so did her house, but someone please explain, why did Jaq even go there? Does she or is she trying to start up something? Jaq’s husband Chris, must have the nerves of steel to put up with all this crap………….. THE END …………. 😀

  87. BessiB says:

    Lynn: if you are taking questions to ask Melissa, ask her about her relationship with Kim G- how and when they met, why she was invited to the party, did she know Monica and invite her, did she warn Teresa and Joe that they were going to be there…..

  88. boston02127 says:

    Last night when Joe set up the romantic picnic dinner on the floor, did anyone else think it was because they had furniture taken away?

    • Nancy says:

      They are as transparent as Jill is. IMHO they removed their furniture to make it
      look like they had to sell it.

      Sometimes as I listen to Dr Drew I think he’s talking about Jill.
      Dang that woman needs help.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      Teresa said something like, “we are now paying the mortgage instead of buying furniture”.

  89. boston02127 says:

    BBL, Going to read about Nicoderm CQ. I bought a 14 day box today. I started smoking again after my mother died. Tomorrow I start on the patch. Fingers crossed.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Good job on making a positive change!

    • JillhAter says:

      You will do it!
      Get nicorette for sudden urges.

    • Rhetorica says:

      Good luck Boston! Chantrix worked for me but now has warnings for stoke & heart attack.

      • zanne says:

        I tried it and had bad thoughts of killing myself. I tried to stay on it, but fighting that about 3 weeks was as long as I could take it. Thoughts went away about 3 days after I quit it.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Good luck! My dad was an on and off smoker. He could go years without smoking and then start up again. Rinse and repeat. He always said “never tell people you are quitting because if you don’t they won’t know the difference”. Plus, your friends/co-workers won’t give you a hard time.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        My dad smoked a pack a day all his life. He died of lung cancer. It’s an ugly way to go. I understand how addictive they are and how hard it is to stop. But stop. If you can. Any way you can. The surgeon brought the cancerous growth out to show us. Just stop. I’m rooting for you.

    • RealMinkey says:

      I’m still vaping e-cigs and haven’t had a real smoke in over a year.
      Sorry, but can’t resist saying it… “Know that”. LOL

    • FlowerPower says:

      Give me a B!
      Give me an O!
      Give me an S!
      Give me a T!
      Give me another O!
      Give me an N!
      What does it spell?
      Yay, Boston!!!!!

      I’ll be cheering you on for this one. Good luck!!!!!

    • Nancy says:

      What about that electric thing Allyson was smoking at the dinner from hell at Camilles
      house? (BH) Good luck. This is my husbands field of work so if you have any questions
      punt them my way.

      • boston02127 says:

        Thx everyone. I’m going to give it my best.

        Nancy, I just read that Nicoderm CQ may make me nervous. I’m nervous to begin with. I have anixety attacks and now after reading about it I’m afraid that the patch my trigger a panic attack.

        • Nancy says:

          He said not to worry and that your smoking is probably giving you your panic attacks.
          Can you remember which came first? (smoking or panic attacks?)
          You can do it boston. You will be so happy when you can say goodbye to them,:)

      • Too funny mentioning Allyson. I had been thinking of going to the e-cig for ages but am terrified of (and yes, I understand the irony of this statement but you can’t rationalize with an addict) the health side of them. Then I saw Allyson on BH and I said “OMG, they turn you into an obnoxious wench”! Anyway, all of you who do the e-cigs or know about them, do you really feel they are safe? I guess this convo has me back to thinking of them and still concerned because no FDA regulations as far as I know. Again, I get that it makes no sense to think cigs are better (but at least the govt warned me on the label?). It is crazy that I can’t quit as I don’t smoke in house, car, during work, at school, around people so you would think that really limit me to the point I would just stop. NOPE.

        Now I sound like a rambling addict (because I am) and just wanted to ask someone to tell me about the e-cigs. Thanks!

    • AZ Girl says:

      You go girl. I quit at 21 because my boyfriend (now husband of 28 years) could not stand the smoke. It is so worth it . You feel better, your skin looks fantastic, food taste better. beer and wine taste better. What more can you ask for ???? and you save approximately 9 bucks a pack a day X 30 days a month=270 a month. Car payment!

    • VAgirl says:

      Boston. You’re young. Please do it now for your sake. I smoked from the time I was 16 until I was 41 (except during my two pregnancies) and quit cold turkey one day and haven’t looked back. I wish I had done it a lot, lot sooner. If I could do it, anyone could do it. I’m pulling for you. You know what made me quit. I moved into a new house and didn’t want my walls, curtains, furniture, clothes and everything to smell like smoke like my former house did. I tried to wash some curtains from my old house and I washed them over and over and could not get the smell out. If it did that to curtains, imagine what it was doing to my lungs? I know you know it’s bad for you, so I’ll stop the preaching now. Nothing worse than a reformed smoker. Going on 15 years quit now and I do not miss it and I cannot stand to be around smoke. Luckily, VA now does not allow smoking in restaurants.

  90. AZ Girl says:

    I am amazed that Jill is pulling the anti-Semitism card on us now. I have never assumed that her bad behavior was the result of her being Jewish. It is the result of being vain and narcisstic.

    I was raised catholic in a totally Jewish neighborhood. I never came across any family, friend or neighbor who I grew up with that was Jewish that would condone her behavior.
    Her behavior is not based on the Jewish faith it is a narcisstic disorder. You can be Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Buddist and/or whatever the bottom line is bad behavior is BAD behavior. Period. Once again Jill takes no ownership of her choices and blames others for the fallout. Same old Jill. She is the victim. Whaa…… This really pisses me off.

    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      What you said!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Why be “amazed”? When a reviewer at Amazon.com gave her “Jewish Mother” book a bad review, “Susan Saunders” not only posted comments at Amazon but also emailed the reviewer, accusing the reviewer of being antisemitic.

      Nothing JZ does or says should surprise you or anyone else by now. She doesn’t own her behavior; instead she attacks others if they dare to call her on her behavior. Lather, rinse, repeat. Nothing new there.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Jill’s desperate, she’s tried being the victim of stalkers, the victim of mean tweets and the victim of haters, she has no proof and can’t get anyone to believe all of her lies. Jill is now trying to say that people hate her because she is Jewish. I can assure you that is not the case in my world. I have a lot of Jewish friends and I adore them, I don’t hate Jill because she is Jewish but I have a WHOLE List of reasons why I do hate her. Not the least of which is that she has tried to play victim of stalkers, mean tweets and haters. Jill Zarin is no victim!

    • happygal says:

      You said it right… Her behavior is just appalling whether she was Hindi or Amish… she just likes to hide behind anything she can so as to not take any responsibility for her actions.
      I can say all of this as i am on of the “Tribe” and if I acted in any way she did,I would hide with shame….

  91. We Can Never Be Friends says:
    • BessiB says:

      It does, but one cannot reason with an angry mob.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I think the point of that article is that the time limits proposed are arbitrary and not based on any research or consensus.

      I think that not reporting a missing child for days and weeks on end should carry some serious legal consequence, if it doesn’t already.

  92. maggie_01bklyn says:

    I am banging my head against the wall, I remember watching RHoNY when Jill spoke about Yom Kippur, I remember being shocked on her take of this High Holy Day.

    Now i am going ot have to check out what she said…. I wish i was i could remember. It was so shockingly self serving.

  93. VAgirl says:

    For those interested, don’t forget Bethenny is a guest co-host of The View tomorrow.

  94. Kukulet says:

    I’m really baffled by Jill’s claims that she is “stereotyped” because of her heritage.

    Didn’t she write a book a while back called “Secrets of a Jewish Mother”? Does she actually believe there is nothing stereotypical about that title? Does she honestly believe that firing back with accusations of “anti-Semitism” at those who criticize her for her vile behavior isn’t stereotypical?

    This woman doesn’t do her heritage proud when she screams anti-Semitism. She-and Ilana, by picking up the Jill banner without pausing for any real reflection over Jill’s behavior-shame the millions of people who really struggled with intolerance and persecution through the centuries.


    • Cusi77 says:

      Well Said, Kukulet!

    • cabbie413 says:

      Remember during one of the reunions, Luann said her ex would be surprised that she was dating a Jewish guy, and the fallout from that after the reunion..? Many alluded to the count being anti semetic. Isn’t it funny that Jill is buddy buddy with Luann who apparently used to be married to an anti-Semite, yet Luann gets a pass, and in fact gets to sit at Jill’s imaginary King’s table?

    • BessiB says:

      I don’t read but a couple of blogs and what is linked to said blogs, but I have never seen any comments like is described by Ilana. Have any of you?

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I agree, I would never have even known that jill was jewish had she not written a book. It’s not like I can tell by looking at someone what their religion is. She likes to play the victim.

  95. jeepers1941 says:

    What I don’t understand is why everything boils down to one’s own religious beliefs or stations in life, when they are not anyone else’s business! If you are Jewish you are Jewish, if you are a Catholic your are a Catholic. Making those choices is not mine to make for noone but myself. I don’t appreciate those looking down their noses at me because of my own beliefs or station in life. Most people are born and baptized into some type of faith. For those who do, they are not part of my circle of friends!
    I have never looked down on someone because of their religion and am not about to start either. Stations in life are all materialistic things one can or can not afford for whatever the reasons.
    I was never baptized by my parents, they left that up to me when I was old enough to decide for myself and I was very happy they made that choice. Thank you Mom and Dad…….. 🙂 RIP

  96. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Melissa does bother me. How many times a show is she going to touch her hair? It should become a drinking game. The difference between Melissa and Teresa, actually not much. They both seem very entitled, expect a lot, don’t like to be wrong, start crap and are self serving.

    For me, my dislike of Teresa has been a slow and steady roll. It’s like those cartoons where a ball goes downhill and keeps accumulating stuff until it’s the size of a boulder. Teresa has let her kids run wild in a children’s store, she let’s her daughters ride an ATV without helmets. Teresa has thrown lavish birthday parties when she’s had no money. Teresa has started crap with Danielle when claiming to just want to say “hi”. We have seen her lack of parenting i.e. Melania’s outbursts to Audriana almost going down stairs. Teresa and Joe have filed for bankruptcy and have stiffed many creditors to the tune of $1 million. Teresa continues to make excuses for her deadbeat husband who has, allegedly or not at this point, forged his partner’s name, drove drunk and then went to get a license under his brothers name. Teresa blames all this on everything and everyone except for herself and Joe. I have no sympathy for her. She chose this life. She is living this life in front of the cameras. If she is so upset that her family is being broken up or hurt because of all this QUIT the show and DUMP your loser husband.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      $11 million, not $1 million. I’m sure their creditors wish it was $1 million.

      • smompy says:

        That pretty much sums it up for me too. It’s taken quite a while for me to learn to dislike the many, many bad aspects of Teresa Giudice. Melissa may get there too, eventually. She’s gotten a good start already, although I’m still happy she’s on the show for now.

  97. Cusi77 says:

    HGTV Design Star Alert! Sorry if someone has told you before me! Hola!

  98. LOLing says:

    Rewatching the episode to study it and revise or reinforce my opinions.
    It really shouldn’t be this much effort! LOL.

  99. Rhetorica says:

    OMG!! I can’t talk on Monday’s now. Eureka & Warehouse 13 on SyFy! So excited (nerd much?) Mwaaaah!

  100. boston02127 says:

    According to the New York Times, St. Martin’s Press has acquired the rights to a book about Casey Anthony, who last week was found not guilty of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter.


    • maggie_01bklyn says:

      If this book is in anyway going to benefit Casey Anthony, then we should call for a boycott St. Martin Press. They are very big business in the publishing world…

      Recognized for the breadth of its list, St. Martin’s publishes such authors as M. K. Asante, Charlotte Bingham, John Bingham, Dan Brown, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Ken Bruen, Augusten Burroughs, Stephen J. Cannell, Jackie Collins, Jennifer Crusie, Charles Cumming, Janet Evanovich, Diane Fanning, Julian Fellowes, Amanda Filipacchi, Joseph Finder, Lauren Fix, Frederick Forsyth, Brigitte Gabriel, James Herriot, Murry Hope, Simon Kernick, Lisa Kleypas, Thomas Lakeman, Robert Ludlum, Gayle Lynds, Michael Palmer, Robin Pilcher, Patrick Quinlan, Cathy Scott, Susan Arnout Smith, Wilbur Smith, Erica Spindler, Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, and Darryl Wimberley. It also publishes the New York Times crossword puzzle books.

      • boston02127 says:

        @ maggie_01bklyn —-Agreed and thank you.

      • VAgirl says:

        I think we should write or e-mail these authors and maybe they would have some influence over what the publisher does. I read some of these authors and would consider not buying their books anymore if anyone at their publisher pays for or makes money off of the Casey Anthony story. Im sure they all have websites and you could contact them there.

      • Sam says:

        The article says it’s a book ABOUT Casey Anthony, not a book written by her (or by a ghostwriter using her byline). This means that CA most likely won’t get a dime from it.

        I imagine it will be a lot like the books about Jon Benet Ramsey that offered a theory as to what really happened.

        • Sam says:


          I thought you were referring to a different article about a different book project, but when I looked again at the link you provided I realized my mistake. The project you’re referring to probably WILL benefit Casey Anthony financially, and in that case I think it’s appropriate to write the publisher to complain about this.

          • BessiB says:

            St Martin book is suppose to be written by a forensic psychiatrist, – you mean that will benefit her?

      • Thank You for the info.
        Time to put on the heat and get them to pull it,

  101. maggie_01bklyn says:

    Did anyone else notice how much these women play with their hair on the show, There is a scene at the party that showed nothing but hair touching.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I am just watching the second half for the first time and I didnt notice the hair touching, but I am multitasking and not paying attention. Could it be they are very proud about how nicely sewn in their extensions are?


    • BambiBaby22 says:

      The worst offender of all HWs is Kelly……she CONSTANTLY runs her index finger and thumb down the front of her hair to the ends…right where her part and forehead meet.

      • Nancy says:

        Someone else does that…Casey!!!!!
        When she came dressed to court all dolled up because she thought she was going home that day her hair was down. Go back if you can and watch her play with her hair exactly how KooKoo does. Hmmmmmmmm

  102. boston02127 says:

    To all the housewives who read this blog. I’m begging you, PLEASE STOP with the one shoulder dresses. They’re so over. Unless you have the body of Gisele Bundchen (my future husbands current wife) Just stop please.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I am sorry, but Tom Brady is my future second husband, so we are going to have to time this carefully.

      • boston02127 says:

        Amy, I think we should have a contest to see who wins Tom. I think the contest should be an Irish step dance off.

        • Amy Matheson says:

          How about ballet? LOL

          • Nancy says:

            I’ll take the two of you down with figure skating.

            • smompy says:

              Yeah, well, I’ll use my figure skate’s blade to cut a bitch!

              But seriously…about the one shoulder dresses? Thank You! Enough with those fugly things already. And they look ESPECIALLY bad on Jacqueline and Caroline. Don’t they own mirrors? You are not Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble, and that is not a flattering look for you ladies.

              • Nancy says:

                LuMan is the worst.

              • We Can Never Be Friends says:

                “You are NOT Wilma Flintstone” OMG LMAO Imina use that one as my nick on some site. LOLOL I have a nick for playing games GregryPeckry LOL I collect names.

    • LOLing says:

      I will go on record as saying you can have that pretty boy Tom Brady. I hate that guy. I also hate the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks and the NY Yankees.

      I guess I should mention I am a Philadelphia fan??? And yes, I know our QB killed dogs. Sadly, we will overlook that in Philly if they are winning. *ducks and runs*

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        Vick paid his dues……..He was a Hokie (virginia tech) you know!

        • LOLing says:

          He was a Hokie..I’m not a Tech fan though! When he came here there was alot of controversey and it was 2 camps-he paid his dues and should be allowed to play again or he is horrible and should never be in the NFL.

          I love animals and I don’t condone what he did, but the NFL let him play (they didn’t have to) and the Eagles picked him up. I actually don’t think they ever intended him to be our QB, it just worked out that way…but he does a lot with local animal charities and speaks about dogfighting and poor life choices to at risk youth in the area. So, if he can do some good, I can live with it.

          The Eagles are thinking of bringing in Plaxico Buress and there was some talk about if it was possible for 2 felons to even play on the same team, since felons aren’t supposed to associate w/ each other. Don’t know what has come of that yet..

      • Nancy says:

        You better not let Lynn see that!
        It will be OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

        • LOLing says:

          Which part? The Blackhawks or Michael Vick? I can take it…remember our team was called the Broadstreet Bullies back in the day! 🙂

          • BambiBaby22 says:

            Lynn’s cousin plays for the Hawks……I forget who he is but he is really good. I think he even won MVP or something. That is really cool.

            • LOLing says:

              I cringe when I see that photo of Lynn and the cup. A random soft goal that 1/2 the people didn’t realize went in on our home ice….I’m gonna have to go w/ not liking the cousin. Sorry Lynn!

      • Amy Matheson says:

        I like the Eagles – and Vick has proven he can make better decisions on the field than off.

        • LOLing says:

          This is true…at least so far!

          • Eve says:

            People should go and read the report again about what Michael Vick did to those dogs. He is a monster and no amount of charity work could change that.

      • twoile says:

        @LOL, A bit of sour grapes maybe:0)It’s is ok we’ve all been on the opposit side at times:)

  103. maggie_01bklyn says:

    This is a comment for allllllllllllll of the HOUSEWIVES, Wives etc….

    With all the money these women have, why is it that they always look like Call Girls working the town??

  104. vilzvet says:

    Looks like Teresa and brother Joe are still not as close as they used to be:
    From twitter: (didn’t know Joe Go has a twitter account)
    joegorga Joe Gorga
    Just read the blogs, when will she stop?
    Who else could he be referring to but Teresa?

  105. LOLing says:

    Everytime Greg (who is my new favorite, along with Delores–where is she???) is involved in a conversation the camera pans to Albie and his winsome face. Is it love? 🙂 Either he is gay and Greg is his boyfriend (not there there is anythin wrong w/ that) or Bravo loves homoerotic subtext. I mean Joe Gorga wore a dress twice….

    If Albie does turn out to be gay..which parent will be more pissed, Caroline or Albert? I say Caroline, supriseingly.

    • LOLing says:

      That was some bad spelling. Sheesh! Totally sober too.

    • Nancy says:

      My fathers first name was Loring. Every time I see one of your posts I think of him.
      Anway…Albie had to know that this issue would come up if Greg lived with them.
      Is Greg out of the closet? I think I remember him talking about girls? One of Carolines siblings is gay so if Albie is gay I think his motor already knows.

      • Greg is out – I’m not sure if it’s been said directly on the show – but he’s open on twitter. He was in a relationship a few months ago – I don’t follow him, so I don’t know what the situation is now.

        • BessiB says:

          They had to have said it, or I would not have known or speculated.

          Than Albie also said he the up side to that was that that is he did not have to worry about Greg dating his sister.

      • LOLing says:

        I love that!

    • Amy Matheson says:

      If Albie is gay, I am pretty sure they know… he wouldn’t need to say much. Not because it’s obvious, but because how could she NOT know something so significant about her son. I dislike Caroline in general, but I am sure nothing about Albie would ever bother her at all, especially if he was happy.

    • LOLing says:

      Yes, Greg is out. I honestly don’t know about Albie, but whether Carolines brother is gay, when it’s your own son sometimes it’s hard. Cher is a gay icon and had a tough time when Chastity/Chaz came out and then made the change. You worry about it differently as a mom: are they happy, are they being discriminated against, is the rest of the family accepting them? You see your plans for them (a wedding, babies) evaporate. Of course you love them and want the best, but I think it’s harder when it’s your own.

      I do feel like it’s possible Albie is gay. If so, Godspeed and congrats…Greg is kinda hot. 😉

  106. Butters'Mom says:

    Rhetorica the beagle thanks you for fixing the name. You rock!

  107. boston02127 says:

    ugh, i just saw an ant and i moved so fast now i can’t find it. being the neurotic person i am, i won’t rest until i find it.

    • Nancy says:

      Do you think Albie is gay?

        • BambiBaby22 says:

          The camera was hinting to that last night. When albie’s roommate and juicy were “flirting”, albie looked uncomfortable (perhaps jealous?). I wish albie would come out of the closet, it must be hell for *anyone* who has to hide who he/she is.

          • Nancy says:

            Why did he have that date (with a woman) on his show?
            It just wasn’t necessary. Do you think Caroline knows?

            • BambiBaby22 says:

              I would think that caroline must suspect something regarding albie. Christopher seems 100% hetero and seems to get jealous that the ladies fall over albie. As far as the “date” on the show, perhaps it was a set up. With a mom like caroline, it would probably be easier for albie to be gay since I am sure no woman would ever be good enough for her first born.

              • We Can Never Be Friends says:

                I have a theory that having an incestuous mother like Caro “causes” it. That and having a milktoast absentee father. Plus being sexually abused by some adult family member. Mix it all up and you get …

    • zanne says:

      Put some sugar out and you’ll have him and all his family and friends by morning. Gee I hate those almost as much as Jill.

      • boston02127 says:

        zanne–I’m hoping he’s single with no ant family. Of course I feel like there’s 20 of them on me now.

        • zanne says:

          Know the feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Get some Terro, if he’s going for sugar. He’ll take it home and share it with all his friends and you won’t have to worry about them. Hardware store carries it here. One of the tiny bottles will be plenty.

  108. Nancy says:

    How many hours do you think Jill will be back in the states before she
    starts tweeting about moving to England? I say within 45 mins.

    • Adgirl says:

      They can have her. We should encourage this.

    • FLG says:

      I’ll give it 4.5 seconds after she has passed through customs and immigration.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi again,
        I’m beginning to realize just how much stress Bethnny getting her own show caused Jill.
        Jill will do anything for that to happen to her as well. Does she really think she’s going to
        help produce the Housewives in England and “star” in it. She is delusional>
        How much of Bobby’s money is she going to waste? Bobby’s children are probably going crazy!

  109. boston02127 says:

    Gonna go pig out & read. Have a good night everyone. ☮

  110. Nancy says:

    Some lady had a 16 pound baby today.

  111. Queen Butter Bean says:


    Read above that you’re trying to quit smoking….BEST OF LUCK…I smoked for 28 years – quit cold turkey on 11/22/02…

    Be good to yourself during this time. If for some reason, you slip, remember it’s JUST A SLIP – not the end of the road…and continue quitting….because it’s not just ONE ACT…it’s a series of acts…since VAgirl is a quitter, she’ll know what I’m talking about…

    Another thing that helped me was the website at http://www.quitnet.net. You can put in your quit date, how many cigarettes you used to smoke per day, and how much a pack costs…and a little java script will keep track of it all for you…I just checked mine and it says that I have NOT smoked 63064 cigarettes and saved over 20k.

    Best of luck…


    • VAgirl says:

      Hey, QBB. My mom told me tonight she was going to make me some corn and butterbeans and bring them to me tomorrow. I can’t wait!

      • Queen Butter Bean says:


        Can I come for dinner? Can I? huh? huh? I promise to be good! 😉

        Butter beans and corn (with rice) are about my favorite thing in the entire world. Add in some fried chicken and I’m in heaven!


    • Queen Butter Bean says:

      Oh…and quitnet has a whole bunch of things that are actually kind of fun and a whole bunch of boards…their “quitticisms” are pretty funny too.

      They have free and premium options…the free options were plenty for me…

      Again, GOOD LUCK!


  112. VAgirl says:

    JZ is baaaaaack!

  113. Mookies1mom says:

    I think I need to step away from the computer. I’m starting to see spots! Have a great night everyone!

  114. Indy 501 says:

    Im listening to my 15.5 yr son agonize over whether to spend 130$ (his) for a Harry Potter costume to wear to the midnight premiere. We’ve already told him he’s nuts and will regret the purchase. The guilt trip is working but the scent of teenage angst is filling the house. He’s a good kid and truly never whined for anything which made it hard at times to motivate him with the carrot.
    Im going to bed. We’ll see how it plays out. #RHOIndy.

    • LOLing says:

      But when he’s older he’ll tell his kids how he went and wore the costume and even though he spent all that money, he had fun! I still remeber Madonna Parties from middle school…I spent a fortune on rubber bracelets and lace hair bows. I won’t mention the incident that occured when I attempted to wear my Grandmothers rosaries out of the house….Let’s just say dad was not to “catholic” in his admonishment. Unles the F word is in the bible.

      To be young again….

    • Nancy says:

      I often wonder what kind of mom I would have been.
      I spoil my dog rotten. And my cats and rats. I’m sure my husband
      would say I don’t spoil him. My sister spoiled her daughter (my niece)
      and she’s paying the price now.
      IMHO being a parent is the hardest job of all.

      • Adgirl says:

        Hi nancy, I always look for your posts. I just love them. I also live across the bay from you.

        I have two kids, now grow up. Well actually they are adult in age but have some maturity challenges. They are a blessing and burden. Yep, being a parent is a chore, It give your pleasure that you’ve done something contructive. Like cleaning your house but not seeing the results or the parts you missed for years.
        I missed a bunch of nooks and crannies. LOL,

        • Nancy says:

          Thank-you and I enjoy your posts.
          Do your children still live in the Bay area? I think because
          I was motherless I had no reference to go by therefore
          was terrified to become a mother. I enjoy my nieces
          (even the spoiled one) but deep down I morn that part of my life.

          I’m sure you are (and were) a great mother.

        • zanne says:

          Kids are something that can give you more love than you could ever guess about. They can also give you the same amount of heartache. (quoting my mother)

    • LavaLady says:

      It can always be worn again on Halloween.

      • Indy501 says:

        Yes, he did mention that in his pitch. Haven’t seen him as yet this morning…..ah to be 15, the golden year between camps and working when you sleep as long as you want (and can!)

  115. lillybee says:

    Congratulations to the US women’s soccer team. Yesterday, they pulled out an amazing victory over Brazil. The tying point was scored in the 122nd minute of the game, from a fantastic cross by a girl from my town. The game was won by penalty kicks.

  116. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~still reading~going to check out “Real Italian Place” today.

  117. MAMAZ says:

    Good Morning everyone.

    BaaBee – We always seem to be the early birds l:)

    Indy – Do you sew? We have HP premiere fever in this house too. I made robes using this guide. They came out great. Very quick and easy too.

    LOLing – I was too scared to wear the Rosary like Madonna! I thought I’d be struck by lightening! I went more for the ZZ Top girls look. The mini with heel and ankle socks. So silly!

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi Mamaz~it’s hubby & my 10th anniversary today & it’s been a while since we have been to a nice restaurant for lunch.
      It’s nice to see I am never really alone. I had the short hair & always wore a bandanna. I was too cool to wear rosary beads.. lol I am really a rebel without a cause.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Happy Anniversary!
        Have a nice lunch.

        A rebel huh? Sort of like Brando – “What are you rebeling against?”, “Whatta ya got?” LOL
        I’ve always loved that.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Yes, everything & everyone at one time..lol
          Thank you so much~just went outside for a minute to feed bunny & birds & it’s already sticky & icky out there.

      • boston02127 says:

        @ BaaBee Loves Kitties —

        ☆♥** ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ღ ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ღ**♥☆ Happy Anniversary ☆♥** ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ღ ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ღ**♥☆

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Thank you boston! You are too sweet & an artist as well.
          How are you doing? My mama quit smoking with Wellbutrin I think is the name of it if you can get from your Dr.

      • FlowerPower says:

        Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful lunch.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Thank you Flower!
          It’s going to be a quick one since I have COPD & it gets real hard to breathe in this weather. I have a copy of their menu & I know the appetizer is going to be:
          Mussels Alla Diavola~
          Broiled freshwater mussels sauteed in white wine or spicy garlic tomato sauce YUM ;P

    • Indy501 says:

      No, Mama doesn’t sew. I’m also paying the price for giving away his cape and wand last year in the Salvation Army bag. I thought we had passed this phase…

  118. MAMAZ says:

    Good morning Boston 🙂
    Good luck quitting cigarettes.
    Your probably sick of advice but, I tapered off. I allowed myself so many each day and didn’t clean my ashtrays so I could see exactly how many butts were in there. So I couldn’t cheat. And it was also gross to look at and smell.
    Anyway whatever works for you.
    Off to work, have a great day.

  119. boston02127 says:

    @ Queen Butter Bean —Thank you for that link that you posted for me. It’s the first thing I did when I signed on this morning.

  120. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Supposed to be close to 100 again here today but feels like 110 degrees~:(

    • boston02127 says:

      It’s hot here too Kitties. It’s already 75 and dead air. I dread going to class with no a/c.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        Yes I feel your pain boston~going to jump in car after pre a/c to get it cool first. Sorry about classes with no a/c. How dark ages of them. Bring your fan darling or one of those battery operated ones I use for hot flashes. lol

  121. Bea says:

    Bethenny is co-hosting on The View Today – Tuesday, July 12th.

  122. VAgirl says:

    Going to the Home Goods store today. Looking for some lamps for my bedroom and they are always restocking their supply. Hope I find some today. Don’t forget Bethenny is on The View today. Used “today” four times in five sentences.

  123. Bea says:

    I think Amy Fisher is the most pathetic thing I have seen in a long time. Cry me a river!!!!!!!! She comes out of prison and marries an ex-cop. They end up living off his pension (and I guess another job) with two kids. Along comes Joey and she leaves her hubby (for a short time). Suddenly she is back with her hubby but now doing porn because no one will hire her for a “real” job. She has to get wasted in order to “perform.” REALLY!!!!!!!! Where the heck is your husband and how much money do you need to live on. She (and her husband) are discusting. I feel for her children.

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