I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York / Big Brother

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York

Before we get into the show I have to say it again, I’m never giving up, I’d Love love love to see Cat Ommanney on this show!  She would be perfect for The Real Housewives of New York!  Cat would stand up to the Brunette’s alongside Sonja, Alex and Ramona!  Cat would be the perfect addition to the Blonde Team!  What do you say Bravo?  Andy??  Anyone???

Quincy and I both wrote our reasons why we’d like to see Cat on The Real Housewives of New York and I think they’re all pretty good ones….

I Hate Jill Zarin We Want Cat Ommanney on Real Housewives of New York: http://t.co/pdVqeB4

On to the show!!!

I have to admit that Jill isn’t as vile and vicious as she was last season, but has she changed?  Hell no!  Jill picked on every member of the cast at one time or another, this season she was pretty cruel to Ramona but she’s backed off of Alex as she really had to in order to make herself look better.  Jill didn’t change but she did learn a thing or two, she learned that she was losing fans by attacking Alex all the time.

Jill apparently thought it would be safe to attack Ramona but The Pinot Queen has fans of her own, plus she can hold her own and doesn’t get tongue-tied and turn red when Jill attacks.  Ramona attacks back as we learned tonight with Lulu.  Wasn’t that great?  We will get into that in a minute!

Ok well Jill isn’t blatantly attacking anyone in the most recent episodes but she is still annoying enough to want to take an ice pick to your ears and a dull spoon to your eyeballs. She still has to throw in the snide comments in her talking head interviews, you know the ones where she says it is her job to snark at her cast mates, it is expected of her, right? More prevalent on this episode is this ridiculous notion that Jill knows everything and is going to prove it just grates on your last nerve, right?

After pretending to know all about dentistry, medicine, the law and fashion, tonight she wanted to prove that she knows how to direct a music video.  You know that horrible spoken word atrocity that Lulu put out needs a video to go along with it so Jill is going to direct it.  Jill’s going to tell them which way to drive the limo, who to put in the video and even how to style Lulu’s hair.  I thought it was hysterical that they couldn’t find enough people to stand around a craps table so they had to grab assistants, Jill’s kid and even the producer himself.  Jill tells us that her feet hurt and she’s exhausted.

So the debate of the night is whether or not the blondes should have sucked it up and went to Atlantic City to be in LuAnn’s video.  I say no way, they didn’t want to and shouldn’t do anything they don’t want to do.  Luann refused to attend Alex’s Brooklyn Fashion Weekend with Jill even telling us “the Countess wouldn’t be caught dead here” while pointing out the trash in front of the place.  (I’ve got news for you Zarin, I’ve seen NYC and there is trash in the streets everywhere, even in your neighborhood!)

I thought that the discussion that Alex and Simon had in their backyard while toasting marshmallows was a good one and Alex made some outstanding points.  Alex reminded everyone that Lulu’s music has messages, those messages are extremely contradictory when compared to Luann’s behavior.  Most people agree that all of Luann’s “class” talk is completely classless!  (Thank you Anderson Cooper!)  Alex explained that while Luann’s message would have or could have been a fine one, coming from the Hypocrisy Queen it was ridiculous and who would want to be a part of that?

Anderson Cooper’s 2 cents:  http://terryaley.com/?p=4365

Add to Alex’s outstanding points, Ramona’s conversation with Sonja about her reasons for not wanting to be in the video were also valid.  Let’s face it, Ramona’s not perfect and she’s probably done a whole slew of things that embarrass her daughter (haven’t we all!) but if Avery really was against Ramona doing it then I see no reason not to honor that simple request.  You can’t let your kids dictate what you can and cannot do but this wasn’t an earth shattering event that Ramona was missing, it was a stupid music video!

Sonja explained that she didn’t want to appear in the video, Jill trying to bully and guilt Sonja into going to Atlantic City for the day was another good example of Jill’s horrible behavior.  Who is Jill Zarin to tell Sonja how to be a good friend to anyone?  Jill told Sonja that even if she didn’t want to be in the video, she should still attend the taping.  WHY?  Sonja explained that she welcomes her daughter home from school at 3pm every day so back the hell off Zarin!  Way to stand your ground Sonja!

My favorite scene tonight is Lulu having lunch with Ramona as Ramona tells Luann she won’t be in her stupid music video.  The whole thing starts off as Luann and her typical moaning says, “I had to come all the way across town to meet you today”.  Oh well, now you know how Bethenny felt in The Hamptons last season when you dragged her to your side of town.

It got way better from there!  Luann tried to slam Ramona but Ramona turned it around and made it a slam at Luann, it was sheer genius!  Ramona told Lulu that she spends a lot of time with her daughter, Luann tried to dig saying, “It’s amazing that she’s turned out as well as she has” implying that time with Ramona could harm the child but Ramona told Luann that when you spend a lot of time with your child they turn out to be good kids, which implied that not only did Lulu not spend time with her kids but they didn’t turn out so well.  It was a thing of beauty!  And it got better!  If you haven’t seen the scene, I highly recommend watching it, it was amazeballs!  GO RAMONA!

This video is just a portion of the entire scene but it’ll give you an idea…


Sorry Lulu, Ramona isn’t Alex and you can’t push her around, she got the better of you and it was a sight to see!  Ramona was even able to get a comment in about Luann’s ex-husband cheating on her causing Luann to get up and walk out of the restaurant, this is becoming Luann’s trademark move…and the crowd goes wild!!!

Luann’s talking head interview telling viewers that her good friend Princess Laura (or Lara) give her good advice, “just go for it” was so pretentious and obnoxious that it was a miracle my television set survived (good thing I had nothing nearby to throw at her face).  Whoever this Princess Laura is, I hope she got her royalties from Nike.



Jill submitted herself to some tests from some doctor, they were free…enough said.

Thank you Bravo for putting the final nail in Cindy’s coffin, her behavior at Sonja’s breakfast was unforgivable!  Why would you agree to attend breakfast then bring your assistant along and get on a conference call in the woman’s kitchen while waiting for breakfast to be prepared?  Just say No Cindy!  She needed to either reschedule the conference call or reschedule breakfast at Sonja’s but you can’t do both!  Who raised this bitch?  Oh yeah, the couple who sat there at lunch watching their daughter struggle to handle one of her twins at the table in the restaurant.  Rather than helping the stupid ass to care for her child, or show her how to amuse the little girl while waiting for lunch to arrive, they sat there dumbfounded as Cindy calls in a nanny to retrieve her child.  Apparently this is how Cindy was raised.  Cindy’s behavior gets worse, Cindy asked Sonja to keep it down because she was cooking too loudly in her own kitchen, preparing breakfast for the rude and dumb as a box of rocks Cindy Barshop.  Toodles Cin, your days are numbered on this show!

Alex and Simon hosted an art party in their Brooklyn home and some very strange art was hung on the walls.  (sorry but the big brown lump on the wall was weird but some of it was cool)  The best part was Sonja telling Alex and Ramona about Cindy’s horrible behavior at breakfast.  It was Mario’s turn to put his foot in his mouth while his wife’s foot remained firmly planted on the floor.  That’s ok, we can forgive Mario for complaining about Brooklyn because he’s an all around good guy but enough with the Brooklyn nonsense!  Now that I’ve been there I can say it’s a beautiful area with amazing homes and huge lush parks, it reminds me of Chicago’s Gold Coast. (without the lakefront)

Somehow Luann forgave and gave a pass to Cindy for not attending the shooting of the music video but the blondes excuses were not acceptable.  Cindy had to be with her kids?  The woman who doesn’t watch her kids, who lays (or lies?) in bed listening to the nanny get up with her kids, the woman who hands her kid off to the nanny because she can’t handle her at lunch, the woman who has more nanny’s than Keebler has cookies.  Cindy had to be with her kids.  (stop laughing)

Don't ask...it was free!

The best part of the show was that Kelly was barely seen, she showed up for 15-minutes to do a few cartwheels in Lulu’s video then she was tail lights…  Of course Jill Zarin never left Luann’s side, she wanted her mug in every shot and she got her wish!

While the video was being shot in Atlantic City, the blondes took a hip hop dance class and as you can imagine it was a bit hysterical but they had fun and Ramona’s daughter is gorgeous, funny and bright.  It’s always a good scene when Avery is part of the fun!   Avery is not faking it, she tells it like it is, similar to her mom we see and hear the real Avery, not the fake one who is perfectly behaved on-screen yet acts like a holy terror off-screen.  (Yes Lulu, I’m talking about your kid)

Shooting the music video was a little dull, I imagine it is like being there for real.  Jill nonstop complained about everything, tried to give her two cents about how things should be shot and all around annoyed the entire production team.  I can’t imagine why the blonde’s didn’t want to be there?  Maybe the real reason is they Hate Jill Zarin?  haha  There isn’t a lot of love to be had for the star of the video either, Luann’s meeting with Ramona certainly wasn’t going to convince Ramona to do the shoot.  If Luann wants something maybe being nice to people could go a long way to that end, huh Lulu?

The brunette’s are blaming Ramona for Sonja’s failure to appear in the video, that is really unfair.  I don’t think Sonja does anything she doesn’t want to do and I certainly don’t think that if Sonja wanted to appear in the ridiculous video anything would have stopped her.  Sonja is perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

The end result of Luann’s video was hysterical, the only problem is that it wasn’t meant to be funny.  Jill’s behavior on screen in this video is typical of who she is, overacting and making a fool of herself.  Kelly also looks ridiculous, does this woman EVER brush her hair?  Luann was overly made up with pancake makeup and her hair was something out of the 1960’s, and not on purpose!  It’s a good laugh in any case and you can view it here:


But this one is better:


Big Brother 13 Episode 4

Eviction Show Recap by Shannon

 Tonight’s episode picked up after the POV ceremony. Rachel and Brendon left the nominations the same so either Keith or Porsche will be going home. We see more interviews explaining how they both think they have the numbers. Porsche completely brushes Keith off when he tries to talk to her, because she feels like she could never trust him and she is just ready for her golden key. Keith acts like he really would like to be friends but it’s a case of too little too late.

We see Cassi talking to the rest of the newbies and deciding that Porsche needs to go. She doesn’t trust her and honestly didn’t even try to like her, because she was so sure she was leaving.

The veterans know they have to flip some votes, so they decide that they need to socialize more. They hang out with the newbies and play games. The only one who didn’t fall for their attempt is Dominic. Jeff thinks they can get Adam since Evil Dick already had a deal with him, but they aren’t sure so they also try to bring in Shelly and Kalia.

Brendon once again gets upset over something Rachel did, and we get to see the two love birds fighting. Well, not so much fighting as pouting. Rachel told some of the houseguests her pet name for him, which is “Bookie,” and when they teasingly call him that as he is playing a game of Corn-hole Toss, he thinks it’s out of line, and decides it’s time for Rachel to call it a night. He leads her up to the HOH room and scolds her about how she is demasculinizing him. He tells her how he wants to get a job as a medical professional one day and doesn’t want anything they do to come back to haunt him. My problem with this is that he has a problem with her telling their nicknames for each other, but doesn’t think it’s a ever going to come up, or be a problem, that they are having sex, on camera, with live feeds rolling.

We get a message from Evil Dick explaining how he loves the game of Big Brother and had to leave for “a personal issue”, but that he was OK, as well as his family and girlfriend. He apologizes to Dani and tells everyone how he is going to watch “every episode.” It really upsets Dani when Julie Chen asks her what she thinks, and she states, “this part’s not ‘Big Brother,’ this part’s real life.” Julie goes on to ask, “No, I love you?” Dani just replies how awkward it was.

Before the voting Julie gives both Keith and Porsche a final plea for the houseguests votes. Keith thanked Porsche and said she “rocked,” and he thanked his fellow houseguests and told them to have fun and remember that it’s only a game. Porsche thanks everyone for playing the game with her.


Dominic – Porsche

Brendon – Keith

Jordan – Keith

Cassi – Porsche

Lawon – Porsche

Jeff – Keith

Dani – Keith

Adam – Porsche

Kalia – Keith

Shelly – Keith

Keith is voted out by 6 to 4. Before Dani placed her vote, she tells Julie that she does love her father. I’m not sure if she had to think about it or if she just didn’t like being put on the spot. Either way, she did want it known that she did love him.

As all the awkward goodbye hugs are taking place you can see the newbies shooting glances at each other. Already trying to figure out who the two people are that switched sides.

During his interview with Julie Chen, she calls him out on his cockiness. Keith admits that he was, and that he is shocked to have been voted out. She suggest that throwing the POV wasn’t the smartest move. Which he agrees.

The goodbye messages are the normal stuff. Everyone telling him how he played the game wrong. Cassi says how Keith came in to play “The Dating Game” instead of “Big Brother.” Lawon tells him he “acted a fool.” Rachel tells him the he fell victim to Hurricane Brenchel and Porsche points at her shirt which says, “You Can Look But You Can’t Touch” shirt. Keith did seem to be a good sport about it and kept laughing through it all.

HOH Competition

The Head Of Household competition is the “Big Brother Open”. It’s a miniature golf game with the contestants trying to get a hole-in-one. The player closest to the number one slot will be HOH. The out going HOH got to pick the order of the players. Rachel picked Dominic to go first and he gets his ball in the 6 slot, Adam was next and he hit his ball into the number 8 slot. The next three players were Cassi, Shelly & Lawon and they all three overshot the numbers and went into the water and were eliminated. Kalia was next and hit the ball in the 6 slot so she tied with Dominic. Jordan was up next and hit her ball in the number 3 spot. Jeff and Brendon were next but both didn’t even try since they knew Jordan was going to be the winner.


The newbies have completely lost trust in one another. They don’t know for sure who the two people were who voted with the veterans so they are all jumping to different conclusions. None of them thinks it could be Shelly, which we all know it was. She is doing a good job in fooling the newbies into thinking she is with them. Lawon thinks it’s Cassi and Dominic that have flipped, while Dominic thinks its Kalia and Adam. So now he has lost trust in his own partner. The veterans are playing them all like a fiddle.

***** End of Spoilers*****

Thanks Shannon, great job!  I’m really disappointed we lost Evel Dick, he makes the game so much more interesting….it’s going to be a fun season!

As I mentioned yesterday the Zarin Camp, specifically her cyber-assistant Maggie Reynolds continues to harass me by reporting my blog daily to WordPress, they don’t like it when I use photo’s that Jill has tweeted or posted on her Facebook wall, they have a problem with me repeating Jill’s tweets and passages from her blog.  It’s not a problem because as a very good friend pointed out, the photos that Jill posts (that I sometimes was posting here for you all to see) typically portray her in a good light or she wouldn’t have posted them in the first place, right?  Not a problem, I’ll simply use the photos of her that show her ugly side, there are plenty of those that are perfectly acceptable to WordPress.  She hasn’t posted her blog this week and didn’t bother last week since she was in England, did you know she was in England?  Yes, she was in England!  She did however manage to post two other blogs, one on her web site and another private blog she mailed only to those who signed up for the Jill Zarin Fan Club err.. signed up to get her blog emailed directly to them.

Jill doesn’t like it when I quote her Tweets here on the blog either, other blogs can do it and she takes no action but that’s ok too because she’s clearly embarrassed by what she has tweeted or she wouldn’t care, right?  Let’s face it, this woman isn’t saving the world.  Besides you can all view her entire Tweet stream right here:


It’s just as embarrassing to Jill this way or if I post it for you….try not to laugh too hard as she begs celebrities to please just talk to her, follow her on Twitter or put her on their show.  Don’t judge her too harshly as she constantly pushes her new undie line at everyone.  Be kind as she tells you that she just got a HUGE check from Ebay for all her used crap that poor suckers bought up, and how she brags about being in England and all the fun things she did while she was there.  (While in England, she sent out newsletters and tweeted constantly, posted on Facebook and she threw rumors out there that she’d be a part of a Real Housewives show in London)  Desperate much?

Yes folks, Jill Zarin is an evil, awful person who has nothing better to do with her time than to harass and annoy me, a blogger from Chicago who simply wants to blog the show and enjoy all the great comments.  Maybe she doesn’t like Chicagoans?  Or maybe she doesn’t like the Midwest?   Maybe she just wants this blog shut down?  That’ll win her more fans and make people like her again, huh?  If anyone thought for one second that Jill Zarin has changed for the better, think again!  Jill is paying someone to harass a blogger, think about that!  I hope Mags is getting paid well by Zarin to act like a fool!

Stop back tomorrow when we’ll talk about the Blogs, maybe by then Jill’s blog will be posted, she’s very busy remember, she just got back from England.  Did you know she was in England?  Yes, she was in England.

Until Next Time…



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766 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York / Big Brother

  1. Queen Butter Bean says:

    From last blog:

    I’ve been thinking….

    Some say that Jill is a Bravo darling. If that’s the case, why did they edit the show to include the “hate blog” information? All it’s done has led folks directly to Lynn’s blog.

    I guess I see Jill as a person who was excited to have the opportunity to get her name “out there” and prove some sort of worthiness (because I see her as feeling that she’s always coming up short compared to other people – most of us call it jealousy). While she had the means to help her, she didn’t have the intellectual capability to maneuver through the maze of “stardom” or “famedom”, so she resorted to poor behavior to try (teaching an old dog new tricks and all that) and “control” what’s out there. I mean seriously, she should have listened to Kelly’s PR101 and PR102 or whatever the hell it was and ignored the bad stuff. If she had done so, it would never have gotten to where it is now.

    And while she’s proclaiming that she’s done with all this “bullying”, she still has folks that are directly associated with her doing her dirty work. As a result, she’s an accessory and therefore, guilty.

    When all the stuff went down with Bethenny, it seemed that Jill thought she was higher on the food chain than Bethenny, so she was going to “teach” Bethenny a lesson. As we all know, that backfired big time. Jill not only lost a true friend, but I think THAT’S when she lost her biggest opportunity to break out on her own. After it was known that Bethenny was going to have her own show, Jill would have had a chance to be on both shows and really big the “big dawg” on HW. But, she chose to drag it all in the mud and now she’s living with the result. In all the mess, I’ve never heard Bethenny talk poorly about Jill – she just doesn’t talk about her at all. Jill, on the other hand, still talks about Bethenny and what she says depends on who she’s talking to – it’s nuts!

    Look at Ramona and Alex – sure they have detractors, but they don’t seem to let it get to them. As well, the detractors don’t even seem to generate any noise above background. Both Ramona and Alex keep moving forward with their own interests and don’t let jealousy get in the way. As a result, their stars seems to be shining brighter. I mean, aren’t most of us really liking Ramona this year much better than in previous years?

    As for the rest of them, I dunno. I like Simon, but I don’t think he’s quite as secure as Alex is in being who he is, warts and all.

    Sonja seems to be trying to find her way to a new life, but I’ll bet she’s got an incredibly high stress level – I would probably croak if I were in her shoes.

    Kelly – she’s like a parrot – she mimics everything she hears and is DEFINITELY not comfortable in her own skin. As my mama would say, she’s missing four bricks on a two brick load.

    LuMann – she’s just a pretentious bitch.

    Is there someone else on the show?


    • TEB2350 says:

      Great post QBB!!
      JZ is a sad person who has to pay people to be her friend. I can only imagine how the NY Society people make fun of her behind her back!!

    • Adgirl says:

      Love this.

    • dsc60 says:

      i’ve signed up to get Ramona’s newsletter and in last weeks she made a really good point. if you believe in who you are, if you like yourself, you don’t care what others around you say or think about you… not even the bad stuff. that really explains why Ramona acts the way she does and why jill cares SOOOO much about what others are saying. you hit the nail on the head Ramona!

      • Viewer1234 says:

        JZ constantly says she’s jealous of this/that/him/her/everything like it’s supposed to be a compliment.

        • Viewer1234 says:

          I love how Kelly’s opening says something like she’s making one mistake at a time. She too stupid to figure out that this is not a good thing.

      • Sammysmom says:

        I love that comment from Ramona and I love her. Thank you for posting it. I think I will sign up for it too. Thanks for making me aware of it. Last night was the first night in a long time that I watched the show during it’s original air time. Stupid ca trial had me hooked

      • kotagirl29 says:

        Did you read today’s newsletter? Ramona gives a HUGE shout-out to Lynn and her blog. Says it cracks her up and if anyone hasn’t been here to read it yet they should

    • TLM says:

      Jill looked like something out of the movie Sleeper with that red cap on her head at the mad scientist’s office. I wonder if Sonja wasn’t secretly trying to get them to do electric shock therapy on her so Jill would stop meddling with people. Guess it didn’t work.

      Like Lynn, I noticed the countess’ remark that she came “all the way across town” to see Ramona, and I did notice she didn’t get right into a limo when she left. Yet she never seemed to give a damn that Bethenny DROVE 2 HOURS EACH WAY on Labor Day Weekend to have one stupid drink with her in the Hamptons.

      Money can’t buy you class!!!!!

    • Cheri says:

      If she (Jill) was a bravo darling I think the show would be edited entirely different, they would only show her in a positive light not the way she really is. I loved Ramona putting lumann in her place. I agree with the blonds in not wanting to be in that video. Lumann is making aN a** of herself as were the others.

    • Hey QBB!

      I, too, am confused by Jill’s alleged alpha girl Bravo status. It seems she can definitely get things deleted from their blogs, but these are also the people who have put the spotlight on her most reprehensible behavior. And, as you mention, Bravo is the reason I and many people know about Lynn’s great blog to begin with. So they are in effect serving as the PR agency of the I Hate Jill Zarin campaign.

      I have a feeling the folks over there at Bravo are as sick of Ms. Zarin as we are. And I can just imagine the junior assistant type who gets Jill’s initial calls. Back in the day, I used to be that assistant and I could barely resist rolling my eyes when some jacked up nut of a celebrity rang my boss’s phone to say something truly bizarre. And you know Jill is saying crazy things.

  2. Queen Butter Bean says:

    You mean to say – I was the first poster?? GO ME!

    • debbie says:

      I was excited too, Queen, to be the first. I thought I was only to find you beat me to the post coment button. :).. Great post, Go You!!!!

  3. Norie says:

    Lynn, not sure how else to contact you, but wanted to say that I really understand what you’re going through with Jill Zarin’s intern. I experienced the same heartache over the series of a few weeks in the spring from a couple from “Pregnant in Heels.”

    Before switching away from WordPress, make sure to check out the Terms of Service from your new host provider that TVtime101 uses. If there is anything in there about libel or slander and any threats that the provider might drop you if you violate those terms, then chose another. Zarin and her minions could complain and then those pointless complaints could be respected. There are host providers that provide less strict TOS agreements. You can contact me through my blog, if you want anymore info.

    Just thought I’d reach out. Good Luck!!

    • MAMAZ says:

      How sweet and supportive. I’m sure Lynn will appreciate it. 🙂

      Aren’t these people ridiculous? They go on these shows, behave abominably and get angry when people don’t like them. Sorry you had to go through that.

      • Norie says:

        Thank you. As I always say, if you are on a reality TV show, you open yourself up to criticism. Just like when I write a blog post, I have to expect that someone might disagree with me.

        Photos are something that people do need to be careful about, since they are owned by the person who took them. They should be taken down if someone requests it. I’ve also gotten into the habit of putting photo credits at the bottom, but beyond that it’s basically all fair game. As long as you don’t over-quote and link to your sources, there’s really no reason that anyone would complain. Checking TOS statements is really important to know how much you can and cannot do.

        • BessiB says:

          What I don’t get, is how can you not quote somebody?! And what the heck is an over-quote?

          • Norie says:

            You can always quote people. Place it within quotation marks and then attribute it.

            As for over-quoting, more than 50% of someone’s blog post for example would be too much. Quoting someone’s tweets, as Lynn does, shouldn’t be a violation. Perhaps, a screen capture would work better to avoid any issues. I just found a nice little referenced post about copyright and tweets–http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2009/04/article_0005.html

            • Christine says:

              To quote JZ – just because you say it, doesn’t make it true. Unlike our friend Mags, I actually used my J.D. to practice law. Copyrighted material requires a copyright. Over 90% of tweets cannot be copyrighted. They are in the public domain, therefor, they actually fall under the Fair Use doctrine. I seriously doubt that Jill is applying for an individual copyright on her every tweet, blog, newsletter, etc. (Doing so would have slowed down her material as well as that of her minions. In fact, JZ should be more worried about what they write as they are her employers and she is both responsible and liable for their words, too). There would have to be a claim for an Intellectual Property action – I don’t think she has done that either.
              People are retweeting all over the place. You cannot allow one individual over antoher to use your “stuff”. Nice try Jill. Oh, and as for WordPress – they must be afraid of their own shadows. Move on, Lynn, we don’t need them.

              • TLM says:

                I don’t think they’re in the public domain – that term is generally used after the expiration of a copyright. She *does* have a copyright interest in them. However, if they’re republished for news, commentary & criticism, they fall under fair use. The other issue is that it would be hard if not impossible for Jill to prove damages because she’s already published these tweets herself, and they have negligible economic value.

                • Christine - just because you have a JD doesn't make it true! says:

                  TLM – looks like you’re putting your JD to good use. I agree completely! The news/commentary exception under the fair use doctrine is a far better argument with respect to text and photo content. (Parody may be another exception.) As long as a blog sticks to opinions and doesn’t publish any untrue statements, it should also not be liable for claims of defamation/libel. I would think that even JZ’s attorney sister wouldn’t touch these claims. It appears JZ is just making any assertions she can to deter detractors, and unfortunately, whether they are well founded or not, wordpress may be adverse to any potential liability. I enjoy this blog and despite her many flaws, I still like JZ too. Yes, she can be detestable, but it’s all relative given the other cast members’ behavior. Personally, I think this series has run its course, lacks the glamour and interest it once had, and has just become a boring stream of hypocrisy and a vehicle for self promotion for the cast to sell crap products to fans. My favorite part of the last episode was when Alex said she hates wannabes and her young son exclaimed “really”? Pot, meet kettle. Smart kid – doesn’t miss a beat! (nymag blog picked up on it too.)

    • klmh says:

      That was so thoughtful. I have you on my saved list as well and enjoy your blog.

  4. vilzvet says:

    Awesome blog, Lynn, still cracking up at the Cindy breakfast scene, there are no words. Loved that the episode was basically Kelly-free too. Now I’m heading over to read the ladies’ Bravo blogs but will stop short of the fake comments sure to follow about how great Luann and Jill are. I did think that Alex and Ramona had some fantastic moments; someone needs to tweet Luann that she certainly does always run out on the check, LOL!

    • kitkat says:

      YOU’RE RIGHT! She DOES run out on the check! She acts all huffy and jumps up and runs out, that’s her thing. She did it with Alex and with Bethanny at the Surf lesson, she just got in her car and drove away without bothering to split the bill. Nice cheap scam countess…I know a person like that, she is now avoided and NOBODY wants to do anything with her. She also like to “forget” her wallet!

  5. Rhetorica says:

    With blog’s gone missing & moving, I’m posting Happy Birthdays since our list was updated. Let me know if you want your name added.

    July birthdays:
    Birthstone -Ruby
    Flower: Water Lily, Sunflower
    Traits: Contented. Successful, Devoted.

    July 12: Duchess of Dryer Lint:
    Since your birthday marks the inaugural of the new Happy Birthday List, the following are events that share your special day:

    1932 –Hedley Verity takes a cricket world record 10 wickets for 10 runs in a county match for Yorkshire.

    Jill Zarin was present for the match in England and an unidentified source claims she personally trained Verify.

    1854 –George Eastman, American inventor was born.

    Over 150 years later, Jill Zarin becomes spokesperson for Eastman’s company – at his request.

    July 14: Happy Birthday Pantry Viewer! The following are events that share your special day:

    1960 –Jane Goodall arrives at the Gombe Stream Reserve in present-day Tanzania to begin her famous study of chimpanzees in the wild.

    Nearly fifty years later, Andy Cohen repeats Goodall’s research in Orange County.

    1858 –Emmeline Pankhurst, English suffragette, was born. Pankhurst worked diligently to forward the women’s movement. “Ability is sexless.”

    2011 – Alexis Bellino worked diligently…….. Anyway, Bellino set back the women’s movement. “I feel safer with a man running my country.”

    July 15: Happy Birthday VAgirl! The following are events that share your special day:

    1799 –The Rosetta Stone is found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta by French Captain Pierre-François Bouchard during Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign.

    The code of the stone has been found easier to break than the code of Bensimon.

    1737 –Princess Louise-Marie of France, daughter of King Louis XV of France, was born.

    This, somehow, means that you are related by the stars to Countless Luman de LaSchlep. Our regrets.

    • NMhousewife says:

      This was great! So funny!

    • klmh says:

      Quite creative and I loved it! Tx

    • VAgirl says:

      Thanks, Rhetorica! Can’t believe I’m related by the stars to the Countless. I am going to go get a hubcap off of my car right now and make a necklace out of it so people will know we’re related! Just to let y’all know how my birthday started out, I wen to pick up my mom this morning to take her to get a rental car while hers is being repaired. She gave me a birthday card and after I dropped her off, I opened it. It was a really sweet card and she said she loved me to pieces and thanked me for everything I do for her. AND there was $1 in it. Yes, I’m sure it was a mistake because for the last umpteen years she has always put a $20 in my birthday cards. I laughed my butt off when I saw it!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        That’s classic! When I was in college, my mom sent me the Sunday comics with $1 and she wrote in the margin of the comics “Have a nice weekend!” No letter included. Whoopie!

      • SoutheastVA says:

        From another Virginia girl, Happy birthday VAgirl!

      • Rhetorica says:

        VAgirl, make sure you post a pic of your royal jewels. Have a great day!

    • FlowerPower says:

      Love this! You are so funny. I almost skipped over it, but so glad I didn’t. Still smiling.

      Happy Birthday, VAGirl!!!!!

    • moneycanbuyyouass says:

      Mine is July 21st, the same as Robin Williams, I sometimes wish I was as funny as him but then I might be a mad genius!

  6. Rory P. Bellows says:

    think of it brendon met rachel on BB, their relationship blossomed on the next edition and will end with a drunken episode of COPS the modern world…………………….

    • MAMAZ says:


    • Pghemtchick says:

      Lol you inspired me to re-watch his apology for cheating on her. If you haven’t seen just YouTube big brother Brendon apologizes. I can’t seem to link from my phone.

  7. LavaLady says:


  8. vilzvet says:

    Okay, now we know why Jill said to Kelly she could smell her when she arrived in AC (Atlantic City to you, Luann!) According to Kelly’s blog she claims she jumped straight from a spinning class into a car and sweatshirt and headed to the video shoot. Anyone who has taken a spinning class knows you are sopping wet when you are done.

    • Yes, but that is why I take 5 minutes to shower after. Maybe the midwest is more sophisticated in that our gyms provide showers? Better to show up with wet hair than stinky but maybe that is just me!

      • MAMAZ says:

        She didn’t exercise after working out? That’s disgusting!

      • gorgeousvirgo@gmail.com says:

        Yeah, so gross, I’m from NY and it’s like 3hrs from NYC to AC so there’s no reason why she had to miss a 5min shower. I’ve been to the spin gym she goes to and they def have showers available. You definitely work up a good sweat, so I don’t know how she didn’t prepare accordingly, but it’s also kiki so I don’t expect much.

    • Sairah says:

      Funny that a “spin class” was an ok reason for Kelly to be late…funnier yet that Kelly chose her spin class over filming!! Lol!

    • TLM says:

      Smelly Bensimon?

  9. debbie says:

    Good Morning Everyone!
    “Hello, Dolly, It’s so nice to have you back where you belong”, Lynn. It is incredibly nice of ImaJustSaying / TV Time to open her blog to you and us. Does that mean that you’ll be posting there or merging,to avoid further harassment here?
    I normally don’t read the chat page as I can’t watch the show any longer. I love to read the comments the following day though and I get your new posts and comments in my Google reader.
    This morning, with coffee, I opened the comment section from last night and there 586 too read. Seems like Jill Zarin will never learn. The more she and her minions act out the more comments there are as the blog continues to get new’ family’ members.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..Can you imagine the good Jill and Company could do if they focused their energy on something worthy an substantial?
    Lynn, thanks again for persevering and fighting a good fight. I have a question. If you publish excerpts, tweets or photos from Jill it’s ‘copyright infringement’.. Would it cause problems for you if a commenter pasted a tweet or a couple lines from her super secret blog into their post ?

  10. plainviewsue says:

    Happily you are back!!!! One thing I do have to disagree with you. Jill is STILL as vile as she was last season!!!!! I hate her more than ever.

    I rewatched the back and forth between Ramona and Lulu about three times, and still haven’t deleted the episode yet from my DVR!! Ramona takes no crap and Lulu cannot stand it. Alex needs to take a lesson from Ramona. I know that Alex is the bigger person, but sometimes you have to say enough is enough!!!

    I also LOVED when Sonya said Jill might bully others, but won’t do it to her. Did you hear that Jill???? YOU ARE THE BULLY!!!!

    There simply are no words to explain Cindy. I guess she did what she accomplished. Joined the show; people know of her business and now she’s off. If Andy was the one who okayed her for the show, he should be furious.

    Loved how Jeff Lewis said on WWHL that he’d kill Jill!! I wasn’t surprised that Ramona “won” the poll, cos she even said she’s been through many assistants. I voted a ton of times for Jill.

    Why oh why does Lulu get a third time on WWHL next week? Kelly and Cindy were only on once (thank god!) and the others had two visits.

    It’s almost over…….

    • BessiB says:

      I think Ramona probably does push her assistants. But the ones with the constitution to work like a maniac are probably OK with it because Ramona works just as hard. That is motivating, when your boss is at it right there with you.

      The poll is still Bullshit, however.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Especially when you know Jill’s cyber assistans are tweeting Ramona’s name like crazy! I did vote for Jill about 10 times.

        • BessiB says:

          I would not even be surprised is Jill’s PR has some kind of robo-call software they use to call in the votes.

      • lillybee says:

        I live in the wrong time zone for the poll votes but I would have voted for Cindy. Her assistants don’t eat and she calls them during their lunch break to mind her baby.

        • dsc60 says:

          very very true. all jill’s people have to do is search the internet and harass people accordingly… although that’s certainly a full time job for her assistants, jill doesn’t really do much. whereas cindy is ALWAYS working and i’m sure cracking that whip treating people like crap. even her nannies get no break ’cause cindy sure as hell isn’t any help.

      • Mmboley says:

        Jill has the poll rigged, too. She won for most liked for Mom or friend-I forget? Really?

    • Christine says:

      LMAO with Jeff Lewis’ I would Kill Jill. I had an idea that perhaps Quentin Tarantino could pick that up – Kill Jill Vol. 1 & 2.

    • dsc60 says:

      i agree… jill is just as vile as the was last season and more than likely she’s been this way a very, very long time. Bravo may have disguised some of it this year, not sure if it was intentional or not, but the evidence is still there. actually last night’s episode was one of the better ones sans the music video, but it did show the blondes in a much better light than the brunettes… FINALLY! i will actually watch reruns of this one. love the scene with Ramona and luann at lunch!! also, not much screen time for kelly – that’s always a plus. however, even though she got little time, it was still crystal clear that she’s a moron… period.

    • FLG says:

      If you happen to be visiting Manhattan this summer, don’t forget to look for Clarabelle pulling carriages around Central Park! Remember, DO NOT treat her to raw carrots, she might have to trot to the dentist! Casa Zarin may not be on the preferred route! Clarabelle obviously is unable to attend a dental appointment by herself and Clarabelle may be sensitive regarding the type of glue the dentist uses. In my opinion, it’s a pretty safe bet that Clarabelle has been a one season wonder.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I fell in LOVE with Jeff Lewis when he said he would kill Shill. I almost fell on the floor laughing. I am guessing there is no love lost between those two. I wonder what Shill had to say about it last night or today. She seems pretty quiet on twitter, other than begging Paris Hilton to have a doggy playdate.

  11. Luann misspelled ‘bon’ in her blog.

    “Check out my new music video and iPhone app available on iTunes on my web page LuAnndeLesseps.com. C’est bonn, c’est bonn!”

    • Or even ‘bonne’.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I never read her blogs! That is hilarious!!!

      I also like how she pronounces the “a” in her her boyfriend Jacques name. Apparently that’s cool with him but whatever. It’s not how the French say it.

      • AF says:

        Thank you!!!!!! She pronounces “Jacques” as “Jack” and it is so. freaking. irritating! I’m
        glad someone brought this up.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I’m glad you mentioned this too. She started with something vaguely French, but now it’s almost Jack. So much for her French!

        • TLM says:

          She says it like “Jack” but with a “Zh” at the beginning. She turned it into half French, half English. I don’t get it & it’s bugged me from day one. She made fun of Ramona not knowing how to pronounce a certain valley where wine is from. But she was married to a French guy and is now DATING a French guy, and she can’t even pronounce his name?? I think Americans can handle “Jacques.” we all know Jacques Cousteau and Jacques Pepin and many other Jacques, Countess.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      I just posted on her blog that her attempts to speak my native tongue is irritating the “French” out of me…elle est tres “declasse”

  12. Examples of why I think Kelly doesn’t write her own blog (and forgive my mistakes). I am suspect of the proper sentence structure, which I will not quote as I don’t want to start a kerfuflle. But here are examples of words/phrases I am sure she does not understand but wind up in her blog: digress, prowess, lack, town crier, rite of passage (am sure she would spell it ‘right’), aspire, and (last but not least) reality. When compared to her tweets I find her blog absolutely inauthentic!

    • klmh says:

      I would have to say my relative who is afflicted as Kelly is with this personality disorder, etc., writes beautifully. Kelly is not dumb, just has psychological problems, but can put word on paper well. Her problem comes from stress of the moment, and tweets and conversations don’t come easily to her. She can take herself out of the “me” mode while writing.
      Just my opinion and observation though.

    • dsc60 says:

      however she said “i digress” when she couldn’t have. she wrote one sentence then said “but i digress.” huh?

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I agree. When I read Kookoo’s blog last night my brain immediately screamed GHOST WRITER!!!! If you read any of the magazine “articles” that she has written one quickly realizes this woman (and I use the term loosely) is an IDIOT.

  13. Dwight Schrute says:

    So who has NoCount Luann name checked this season? Prince William, the King of Greece, and Princess Laura. It’s also funny how she takes every comment as criticism or as a judgment, which Ramona was very clear that she was not doing it. It was also funny at the meeting that she expressed her concern for what the fortune teller said about Mario but left in a huff when her exhusband’s infidelities were mentioned.

    I know all the housewives show up at each others events to support them but what Luann was asking for way too much. She expected all the housewives to leave home, family, and work, for two full days of filming to promote her product.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Luann is ridiculous and rarely supports what others do on the show.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Oh I think Ramona was judging, lol. I also think she was right. I love the way Ramona put LuLu in her place.

        • dsc60 says:

          she was judging but only since luann was actually guilty of to what Ramona was alluding. if luann didn’t think she has done anything wrong, what Ramona had said shouldn’t have bothered her.

        • ImaJillHater2 says:

          Watching Ramona put Lulu in her place was A. Thing. Of Beauty!

          Absolutely masterful! Touche’ Ramona!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      What chapped my ass was during LuMann’s talking head. She said that Ramona had no business discussing her (LuMann’s) marriage or any infidelities, but LuMann was the one who started that conversation when she brought up the fake prediction. Pretentious, hypocritical b*tch!!!

  14. Queen Butter Bean says:

    Kelly’s blog hit the nail on the head when she said:

    “Does money buy you class? In this group, most of the women think that is does. They think it buys them a rite of passage, a superiority complex and the right to turn their nose up at anything they’d like to disagree with at that moment, even if they are guilty of much worse.”

    She shouldn’t talk about Jill and LuMann like that – I thought they were her friends…

    • dsc60 says:

      ha i sent in a comment stating that she was indeed correct in judging the brunettes that way! but we all know it won’t get posted. i still can’t help but try. i usually don’t read the brunette’s blogs but since it was such a good episode for the blondes last night, i couldn’t resist.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      That really was in Kelly’s Bravo blog? oops, Kelly’s assistant must have had a few drinks and written that. Wait till Jill and Lulu see that. LOL

  15. AZ Girl says:

    Happy Birthday VAGirl! Heading to Flagstaff today to help my son move into a new apartment. Check back tonight.

  16. Amy Matheson says:

    First Cindy’s smelly sweatshirt, and now Kelly not showering after working out?

    Is bathing optional for the fabulous group of people that Jill runs with?


    • Amy Matheson says:

      and who the hell is Princess Laura?

      • BessiB says:

        The only thing that comes up on Google is a cruise ship.

        Besides, ‘go for it’ is not advice. It is a comment you make when someone tells you they are going to do something.

        • And I usually say it with a good dose of sarcasm. Example: If someone says to me “I’m a middle-aged, never-was has-been but I am thinking of talking a song and then going to AC and shoot a video with my one friend, what do you think?” My reply would be “Go for it”

  17. BessiB says:

    Lula has made it clear she has no use for Alex, so for that reason alone, Alex should have declined.

    I believe Ramona when she says she asked Avery what she thought of her mom being in the video, as we have seen this kind of thing. Ramona said two times that Noel did not like Luann’s first video at all, and Ramona used that one as the basis for her own decision. So she gave it some thought.

    What was so great about the Ramona / LuLu lunch was that Ramona responded, did not start the ‘digs’, she was kind of being polite about it (she really did say ‘different’), and best of all, Luanne cannot discount it by saying how Ramona got all Crazy Eyed.

    Who is Cindy, again?

    You know, Lynn: I like it when you just tell us what is in her tweets. I don’t need to see them myself. I believe you. And I know what she looks like, I don’t, and have no real desire to see her photos.

  18. heykatgo says:

    Love the blog- First time posting
    I am sooo glad the blondes said “h&ll no to LuAnn’s ridiculous handi-cam video (did you see that camera??). Obviously Alex had every reason not to go. Every interaction she has had with Lu has been negative or, at least, unpleasant. Lu has demonstrated no class in her attitude towards Alex. Therefore, Alex, who actually has class, is right to find the whole thing stupid and embarassing- which it was. It seems Alex took Lu’s advice and “got a life”.. She chose to live that life instead of help someone who obviously loathes her…..nuff said
    I could not love Ramona more after that sit down with Lu. First, she makes Lu drag her butt across town (which Lu has done to others) then Ramona uses Lu’s tactics on her. Ramona was beautifully passive/agressive in her attack- which is usually Lu’s approach. Lu had no idea how to respond. The best part is she never denies anything; the affairs, neglecting her kids etc… As in every argument, all Lu can do is run. Of course Lu has been slamming Ramona all season. So why would Ramona want to help the nasty hag out?
    To me, Sonja’s refusal to do the video was the most interesting. Sonja has gone on two major trips with the girls so the excuse regarding her kid doesn’t wash. Last season Lu and Sonja seemed to be good friends. This time around that seems to have changed. Although she doesn’t say much, Sonja is obviously not thrilled with Lu’s behavior and the way she treats people. She has seen her constantly attack Ramona (Sonja’s BFF), Take over the Morocco trip as her own, boss people around and generally be a B. Plus Lu is friends with Jill and, if you notice, Sonja never really spends a great deal of time alone with Jill or seeks out her company. Recall her comment from last night- “Jill may bully other people around but I’m not doing the video.” She’s got JZ’s number
    So what does all this mean? Basically, money can’t buy you class and being a passive/agressive B won’t get you friends who’ll appear in your crappy video just because it’s yours. The chickens have come home to roost. Lu has pissed most of the cast off and now they want as little to do with her as possible. She’s like the popular girl in high school who abuses her power a bit too much and loses it all. Lu has become a cartoon version of herself and has no idea because she is, in fact, the least self- actualized person on reality tv (quite an achievement)
    As far as the video- nothing says jet set like New Jersey (I’m from there- I can say it), glamorous parties with you, one friend, a crazy girl, someone’s husband and a hand full of paid assistants. Almost no one showed up to be in her video and that says it all. They were desperatly grabbing anyone as filler. As for that camera………The size of a standard digital camera with a zoom lens. It was a fancy handicam and that……………………..says it all

    • MAMAZ says:

      Welcome! Very insighful post.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      “Lu has become a cartoon version of herself and has no idea because she is, in fact, the least self- actualized person on reality tv.”

      If I ever wanted to have Andy ask someone a question of someone on WWHL or a reunion show, it would be of Luann. It would be a whole litany of her haughty and rude behavior followed by the comment that people laugh at her and “is she in on the joke?”

      • MAMAZ says:

        I used to suspect that LuAnn was a performance artist because I couldn’t believe that anyone would behave that way and not mean it to be tongue in cheek. But she means it, the name dropping, the manners, the silly Dahhhhhlings. She’s like something from a Christopher Guest movie.

    • The camera was most likely a DSLR with video. The video is shot at 1080p, HD quality. They’ve actually shot a season finale of house with the Canon 5D Mk II – It gives the same quality as those giant cameras and is a lot smaller. Being that small would be helpful in a limo.
      Any camera, even if it was just a little built-in webcam on a laptop was wasted on that car wreck of a video though!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Welcome! What a great comment! Thanks!

    • dsc60 says:

      and let’s not forget her hypocrisy about cindy not “supporting” her. cindy is the least likely to turn something down because of her kids yet she gets a pass but the others don’t.

    • cdninvegas says:

      A well-thought out analysis. Love the least self-actualized comment – and YES, that’s a hard crown to hold on to given the quality of ladies on all of the other franchises (maybe Tre?) except BH, IMHO. Welcome to the group!

    • ImaJillHater2 says:


    • furalis says:

      Welcome to you – great insight and so true on LuMann. Her new best friend is Kelly and that says alot…. Two peas in a pod because they are has been wives – sad but true. They took the trophy status but now they are abandoned by those that made them and they are trying to hold on for dear life…..

  19. IndianaHousewife says:

    Good morning all. I am not sure if I missed this being discussed here but I just read on the internet that Luann has launched her own Manners Ap for your phone. For $.99 you can ask her advise on manners. WOW – the book pretty much flopped why would she think this is going to work?

    • MAMAZ says:

      I saw that too. LMAO.
      I am so tempted to get it just so I could ask her obnoxious questions.

      ” Dear Countess. Is it bad manners to grab a man’s crotch at his own wedding”?

      But of course she won’t see them anyway. She’ll have have some Maggie like assistant read and answer them.

    • Indy501 says:

      .99? I may have to spring for it. Maybe that will help her out on these pesky coffee dates and she could at least leave the tiip. Or , better yet, I’ll be able to ask the question “is it rude to assume people always pick up your check?” Btw, where was Frenchy in her video? Have you noticed on the previous episodes how she sort of pulls away when he zeroes in for a kiss?

      Alex nailed it. If you have to talk about class, then you don’t have it. I always thought the she was well-bred, if maybe too pretentious in the beginning, she has certainly calmed down.

      Yesterday at lunch a friend said that she stopped watching the show after Jill called Alex an “effing b” .

      Hey Indiana HW, what part of the state do you live?

      Have a great day all! Off to a big closing, one that almost didn’t come off. Big nail biter.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Morning Indy
        LuAnn always telling us how classy she is reminds me of Teresa telling us how nice she is.

        LuAnn is like I’m classy, aint I Jill?

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        I was wondering where Frenchy was also. I am in Lafayette.

      • dsc60 says:

        you know darn well that if jill or luann had an upbringing like alex did you’d always hear about it. i think this is the first time alex has talked about it… at least as far as i can remember.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Alex spent a bit more time in Kansas than she let on.

          • Nancy says:

            Am I missing something? What is wrong about being from Kansas?

            • Kansas Girl says:

              Nothing! She said she spent a little of her childhood in Kansas, but the newspaper story indicates she spent like 12 years in Fort Scott, KS and graduated from high school there.

              Alex’s blog addresses this more and gives more detail. Her point is that she had a pretty broad background, living both in exotic places and small towns, so she thinks the talk of class is pointless.

          • cdninvegas says:

            Wow! What a find. I’m not sure I can believe that she was as busy an actress as proclaimed in the story (and I DO love me some Alex, after loathing her in Season 1). If she has all of the experiences and credentials she claims in the article, than I give her kadoos (thx Ramoner) for downplaying them on the show. Seeing how the story was published in the show’s inaugural year, I’m wondering if there is a bit of embellishment (i.e. creative BS) going on. Nonetheless, thanks for sharing. Everyone should take a read.

  20. MAMAZ says:

    Jill told Sonja that she asked Ally if she should do the video and Ally thought it was a great idea. She then ripped into Sonja and Ramona for asking their children if they should be in the video.

    • vilzvet says:

      I just took the time to rewatch that video and it is truly the worst thing I have ever seen. There is no way on earth that song is ever going to be played on NY radio or anywhere else for that matter nor will the video make MTV. Total piece of crap and seeing Jill’s stupid faces and movements was priceless.

      • twoile says:

        @V, Couldn’t watch any more than last nights ep….just seeing the “shoot” was enough of an asault 4 my senses………imho mtv wouldn’t b interested in “ol’lady” vid…..in their age range the performers would necessarily have “made their name” in the teen -20s range 4 mtv 2 care. I.E. nkotb new release etc. Lynn you r the best 2 hold steady while under seige, I look forward 2 the next stage of IHJZ & sincerely hope u will b able to profit by it soon. Loved the radio interview! take care Jeanne

        • Nancy says:

          I would have given anything to see Bethenny’s face when she first
          saw LuMan’s video. I can almost hear her say…”You dumb drag queen”

    • plainviewsue says:

      Great catch!!!!!

    • klmh says:

      Yep, great catch.

    • PantryViewer says:

      Exactly – they are so ridiculous! It’s just like LuMan being so pissed in her blog and on camera that her marriage is her own private business, ALL THE WHILE SLANDERING RAMONA WITH rumor and innuendo about hers. It is maddening, I tell you.

      • Cusi77 says:

        That is true Pantry! LuAnn is in every one’s business but DON’T DARE to mention hers, because it is not any one’s business but hers! She is an hypocrite, the worst class! Always mentioning how classy she is, and she is classless at every step of her way! I have met Class and is nothing than herself!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Lulu’s marriage was so “private” that she previously had confirmed in newspaper/mag reports and wasn’t it also discussed at a previous RHONY reunion that Lulu’s “Count” dismissed her and their marriage via an email after he hooked up with an Ethiopian “princess.” Kind of late for Lulu to get all huffy about something she herself had already discussed in public.

        What Lulu wanted I’m sure was to shut the door on any possibile discussion of her infidelities and carrying on during her marriage. Something already touched on in one of the previous RHONY reunions and elsewhere as I recall. That marriage apparently had been on rocky shoals for some time.

        Lulu would get a lot more mileage out of the show if she ditched the haughty, stick up the butt persona she adopted for the show. It just makes her look like a ridiculous hypocritical bore.

        • dsc60 says:

          that’s because she IS a ridiculous hypocritical bore. she, like jill, will never change. i’ll use jill’s words – they both have a bad core (as does kelly).

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          I believe I have figured out who Princess Lara is – the Count’s Ethiopian princess girlfriend. Who better to tell Luann to “just go for it”?

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Lulu’s quoting her ex-husband’s mistress? Seriously? LOL

            If it was the Count’s mistress who said that to Lulu, I bet the full quote was “Just go for it, ya big dumb drag queen!” 😉 LOL

        • HW Addict says:

          You just reminded me about when Jillousy had Ramoner on speaker phone and she went on a 20 diatribe about Loumann’s marriage and her shenanigans. My guess is that Loumann remembered that convo and high-tailed it outta there while the gettin’ was good!

        • Jules says:

          Yes, Lulu confirmed the Count’s infidelity many, many times, both on the show, at the reunion and in print.

          She backed away from Ramona’s comment about infidelity because if you will recall in the one episode where Jill was talking to Ramona on the phone about not making it to her party in the Hampton’s because she was staying at Lulu’s place in the Hampton’s, Jill puts Ramona on the speaker phone without Ramona’s knowledge. She does this so LuMann can listen in, and Ramona talks about the fact that both LuMann and the Count were cheating like crazy during the course of their marriage. This was brought up at the reunion and LuMann simply said it was no ones business. Typical LuMann.

          Also, while some have suggested that Jacques is sexy, he doesn’t appeal to me in the least. I do not like a man with a weak chin, and isn’t it time that he update his hair a little. I do not find Jacques to be a great find, although he does appear to be nice, and I am sure he is tolerant, putting up with LuMann’s crap.

  21. mich_in_mich says:

    I just read the Bravo blogs and a few things crossed my mind:
    1. Ramona – I love her but she’s on TV and nothing is private. So just say you didn’t want to be on the video.
    2. Sonja – I agree Cindy was beyond rude. Although Sonja is making me alittle uncomfortable with how she supports Ramona (which I love, the two of them together crack me up), but then she tries to keep the other side pacified. It appears she is a peace maker but how far would she go to keep the peace?
    3. Alex – I’ve noticed in her last 2 blogs she has made comments about some of the things Ramona and Sonja have said as jokes (during shopping for the Sonja’s party and making a joke about Simon tweeting) (during the art party about hangers and Brooklyn). It seems they are friends but I think Alex is sometimes hurt by their comments.
    4. I hate Jill Zarin
    5. Kelly is so full of herself. She shows up late, does the minimum and then crows about showing up for your friends? The exhaust fumes from running in traffic have gotten to her.
    6. Yay! the Countess got schooled go Ramona.

    • MAMAZ says:

      1.I think the real reason they didn’t want to be in the video is because LuAnns first song was such a joke. They knew it was going to be an embarrassment. How can you tell someone that? I also think they were enjoying the opportunity of taking LuAnn down a peg.
      But I agree they should have just said they weren’t interested. They didn’t even owe her an explanation.

      2. Cindy is so obnoxious. Sonja should have left the room, and told Frenchie to show Cindy out when she was finished with her business meeting.

      3. I also agree that they hurt Alex’s feelings. They don’t show her the same respect they show each other. IDo you think it’s an age thing, Alex being younger, or a status thing?

      4. ITA

      5.And Jz and LuAnn take it from her! That’s what I don’t get.

      6. OH YEAH SHE DID!

    • dsc60 says:

      but i still think turtle time and the video ARE different. there’s nothing wrong with having fun with friends on vacation but to intentionally be in such a ridiculous video when you know you will be making a total fool of yourself is just wrong AND embarrassing.

      i agree that alex is sometimes hurt by the comments and deservedly so. and yes kelly is full of herself. whatever SHE does is fabulous then she criticizes the same thing when others do it. she’s a moron.

    • moneycanbuyyouass says:

      Yay!!! someone else from Michigan – welcome!

  22. TiffanyH says:

    I love this blog 🙂 Found it when they mentioned it on the show and I have been lurking since.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Hi Tiffany.

    • VAgirl says:

      Hi, Tiffany. I’m VAgirl and I am an IHJZ blog addict.

      • neroes says:

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAgirl. Have a nice day and go celebrate.

      • TiffanyH says:

        Hi 🙂 I’ve been watching housewives since OC started. Except the Miami one, I never really got into that one. After the kiddos go to bed at night I unwind and read this blog. My husband asks me why I watch the shows and I always say well its like a car accident, can’t help but stop and watch.

        • PantryViewer says:

          Welcome Tiffany! I found this site out of sheer frustration last season. It is amazing how many normal everyday folk have Googled “hate Jill Zarin” and found their way here … and now thanks to Bobby, he even made it easier for us to find each other. Ha!

        • LavaLady says:

          Always nice to “see” new people. Welcome, TiffanyH.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Welcome to the board!

    • dsc60 says:

      i love to hear this! it’s all bobby’s fault… lol (and jill’s that it exists in the first place). welcome Tiffany!

      • MsJxn says:

        Welcome Tiffany, this is a wonderful site and I am sure it has saved many TV screens!!! LOL!!

  23. A says:

    Pretty soon Jill won’t have any money with all that she has to pay for to not look stupid- two pr directors, webmasters, tweet assistants, cyber bullying experts, etc

    • MAMAZ says:

      I bet she uses a ot of unpaid interns. Mags and Darren are probably her only paid assistants. And she probably conned them into accepting shares of Skweeze Couture as part of their pay, lol.

    • Jill is flushing Bobby’s money down the toilet. Hiring all of those people didn’t improve her public image. She is still the most hated Real Housewife.

  24. Ladydi says:

    Wow. Lynn you are hilarious and on spot. Jill is a self important bitch and she wants only positive comments so she wants you to go away. Keep socking the truth to the woman because you are doing it for all of us mere serfs. As for liane, she,
    Is horrible and they deserve each other. Love you blog. I should be working but this toooooooooo much fun.

  25. Cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn! 5 Stars for this blog!

    This was the first Episode during the entire Season that my blood pressure didn’t went to the ceiling!

    I enjoyed Ramona letting the classless HW on TV have it! SALOP PRETENTIEUSE!

    Great Radio Show! Wow! Now we have heard our LavaLady and FLG voice! I wanted to call… but my accent!

    • LavaLady says:

      I think FLG sounded great. He has a wonderful voice. I, on the other hand, rambled on and on…….. I think I had a little too much SGM.
      But it was fun, and Lynn and Carly put on a great show.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I didn’t listen last night and am looking forward to finally listening tonight. Cusi, you should phone in. We understand ya fine!

      • Okie Folkie says:

        I have yet to listen to the radio show. It sounds like I am surely missing out! I’d better change that and listen.
        Cusi, where are you and yer accent from?

  26. Adgirl says:

    Ha anyone figured out who Princess Laura is? Does she work with Alexis Couture?

  27. MokeyWoo says:

    Luann is the most delusional snooty bi$ch I have ever witnessed. Luckily for RHONY, your blog is the only thing keeping me watching. It would only be fair if Alex were the only one compensated for appearing on this show-how she tolerates the never-ending insanity from ALL the other women is beyond me!! Lynn, you are utterly fantastic. Thank you for telling it like it is!!

  28. OneMoreInBoston says:

    So….was Jill in England?

  29. OneMoreInBoston says:


  30. Mimisfbay says:

    Happy Birthday VAgirl! Have fun no mattawhat.

  31. ChiTownRocks says:

    I had to wait till I got home from work to watch the show, but it was well worth the wait. Ramona handing Countless Lucifer butt to her was priceless. I guess when I need to know anything about anything I’ll just ask Jill, she seems to know it all. Cindy, how rude can you get at a guest’s house? Apparently in her case, quite rude. The dance class seemed like a lot a fun and thumbs up to Avery for hang out with the girls. So glad to see you Lynn get your own site, so people like Jill’s minions can stop attacking and bullying you for printing the truth. Happy Birthday to all those today and may your day be filled with laughter and love.

    • L.A. Chica says:

      Ha! We were thinking the exact same thing. Must be in the air!

      And yes, ChiTown does indeed rock. 🙂

  32. L.A. Chica says:

    Last night’s episode was one that was finally worth watching, if only to watch Ramona hand Luanne her ass. THAT was priceless! And I agree with whoever said it first: Turtle Time was silly, fun and innocent, but lying on a bed surrounded by half a dozen half naked (they were half naked, right?) men is extremely sexually provocative. LuAnn, listen to your son next time.

    Cindy Barshop – huh??? Who accepts an invitation to someone’s home for breakfast and then makes her host feel like crap because you’re acting like you’re wasting your time being there? I could NOT believe how rude Cindy was. Sonja showed tremendous restraint, imo. Had I been in her shoes I’d have cleared the table and shown Cindy the door. But then I lack Sonja’s tact, plus I have zero patience for people who act like their time is more important than anyone else’s. Who does she think she is?

    Either Cindy lacks basic time management skills along with manners, or she is massively passive-aggressive.

  33. heykatgo says:

    Did everyone catch on WWHL when they played “Shag, Marry, KKill” and Jeff Lewis said Jill Zarin was his choice to be killed. He was not laughing or smiling. He seemed very serious like he really hates her and we know they have met and talked. That was actually his second slam against Jill last night.

    • Sheena Evans says:

      i didn’t catch wwhl live because i want jay back but that sounds funny so maybe i will watch online

      • Sheena Evans says:

        just watched that video. loved it. how much do you love jeff for saying that? although i have to say, andy looked a little upset that he chose jill. with that being said, i firmly believe something for sure is going on behind the scenes will jill and andy.

        • Nancy says:

          Andy was slamming Jill all night through.

          • Mookies1mom says:

            Do Jeff and Andy have a problem with each other? Or does Jeff just not like Andy? I thought it was funny that Jeff could choose Jill.

            • cabbie413 says:

              I believe they snark each other – Jeff doesn’t seem like he likes a lot of b/s and he knows that Andy loves drama and b/s ..but I think Jeff is snarky fun(ny) about the b/s that goes on at Bravo and lets his truth/his feelings be known.

              • Mookies1mom says:

                Good point!

              • L.A. Chica says:

                Did you hear Jeff say to Andy something to the effect that he thought Andy was going to let the contentiousness among the housewives spiral down to the point where they would ultimately kill each other? Andy denied it, of course, but it sure seems like Jeff nailed that observation.

            • Mookies1mom says:

              could = would

          • Sheena Evans says:

            oh i didn’t see that. i just watched one quick clip as the whole episode wasn’t up yet. i will make sure to check that out. finally he slams her. jill is like something smelly and mushy on the bottom of your show!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Maybe Andy was upset because he feared Jill would call him or twitter her complaints.

        • aussie says:

          Could you tell me please where I can watch it online as I can’t get Bravo outside the US
          thanks so much. Love the comments read them like its a novel, husband says I now have laptopitis, for the amount of time I am on it. By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY VA girl, enjoy

  34. arabracer says:

    I’m not sure that the arguement that wordpress is suppressing Lynn’s blog is valid. Another blog that I like is “The fugley horse”- they expose horse abusers and they haven’t been shut down by wordpress and they publish abusers names, facebook pages, etc. I’m wondering if Jill is doing something on her own or threatening wordpress w/ her attorneys ?

    • kitkat says:

      or paying someone a few bucks to “glitch” up the blogs for a few hours??? That was my thought last night. I can see her tossing $500 (or less) to some techie in charge of the WordPress server who makes min. wage.

  35. L.A. Chica says:

    Sorry to post so soon again but my lost train of thought returned (too many interruptions around my house!).

    About Cindy’s passive-agressiveness, why can’t this woman be upfront? This is the second time she’s been less than honest with Sonja:

    1) Rather than call Sonja and tell her she broke her tooth and can’t make lunch, Cindy makes Sonja join her on a useless shopping trip only to then break the news to her.

    2) Rather than decline or move the breakfast date, Cindy brings her assistant and takes over Sonja’s kitchen as if it’s her office, even shushing her!

    Does she just love to waste other people’s time in a sorry attempt to make herself feel more important? How pathetic.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Hi, nice to meet you. From what I got out of it last night Cindy feels that Sonja is a stay at home mom with nothing important to do all day. Cindy made a comment similar to what does she have to reschedule dance class or the gym? Consequently in Cindy’s mind since she is more important than Sonja, Sonja should be happy to accommodate Cindy’s schedule, after all she works. I ran into this attitude when I stayed home for a while with my children.

      • lillybee says:

        Not even Vicki does that and we all know she works, Vicki would decline the invite.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        (In Ms. Phaedra Parks’ voice:) “Everybody knows that beaver shaving & vajazzling is serious and important work. Why, Ms,. Cindy should get a medal for her contribution to the nation. Hmm hmm.”

      • L.A. Chica says:

        Hello! It’s nice to meet you, too. 🙂 I found Lynn’s blog by googling “I hate Jill Zarin” in a fit of frustration and just knew I wasn’t alone. Started lurking, then jumped in, though my netiquette is lacking and I didn’t properly introduce myself. But this seems like a forgiving group.

        That attitude of Cindy’s makes me crazy, though. Everyone’s time is important to them, and I seriously doubt Cindy has any real clue as to how Sonja spends her days. Maybe she’s working on her own business deals, maybe she’s playing online poker, whatever – but the point is Cindy has no right to place her time above anyone else’s. It’s just basic respect.

    • kitkat says:

      camera-time. The reason she’s even here.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I don’t think Cindy knows any better. Maybe she should read LuAss’s book on etiquette. Seriously, though, Cindy does seem to be missing the common sense gene.

  36. PantryViewer says:

    Rhetorica – HAHAHA! You are so clever and made me laugh! I read my birthday day happenings and thought, Oh, cool! I so admire Jane Goodall and remember the National Geographic shows about her from the ’70s and how neat it was to watch her…then I read the next paragraph – LOL! You are funny and thank you for the time to research that and for my birthday wish.

    I can’t believe that cow Jill Zarin interrupted my birthday by having us move boards around – she’s one busy vile nobody!!

    Thank you and to all for the wishes!! It was a great day.

  37. PantryViewer says:

    I LOVE JEFF LEWIS! Just love. Will forever be loyal to his show 🙂 I enjoyed it before, but love that he was “real” in calling a spade and spade and naming Jill as one of the hairy pit women, although it wasn’t one of the multiple choice, AND for naming her as the ONE WIFE he would most like to get rid of. Yes! I guess she will sue him now for threats?

    Yay Jeff!

  38. Queen Butter Bean says:

    So….I’m home today with a case of anal glaucoma – I think I could do this on a regular basis. As a result, I’m glued to the blog today! Lordie – *I* need to get a life…or a hobby! But the dishes are done, clothes are washing, floors are vacuumed, so I think I’m good.

    Prince BB came in because KBB took his car to work and the only other cars are manual transmissions. Son walked into his room saying, “Girlfriend’s not gonna be happy!” since they are going to watch Harry Potter today. I asked him if girlfriend knew Jill!

    But I have a question – what’s the proper grammar for a full sentence quote within a sentence (like above)? Was what I did correct? I can’t decide.

    • Queen Butter Bean says:

      PBB doesn’t know how to drive a stick.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I’m on strike today. No cooking or cleaning or crisis managment. It’s all about me today.
        Gosh if I keep this up maybe I could be a Houswife!

      • VAgirl says:

        PBB needs to learn how to drive one (in case of emergency). And I think your format for a quoted sentence within a sentence is correct.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I hope your ailment gets better soon-ish (like about 5:00 today). Could it be catching via a blog, with perhaps a 48 hour incubation period? I think I feel it coming on for Monday.

      • Queen Butter Bean says:


        It is easily spread via blogs, so you very well could have it by Monday morning. The good thing is that it only lasts about 8 hours once you get it. 😉

        I get anal glaucoma about twice a year – just hits me and there’s nothing to be done about it – so I just go with it.

  39. PantryViewer says:

    Was the after show with Jenny and Zoila good? Any more Jill slams from them? That was such a pressure reliever last night, to actually have someone tell it like it is about Jill and quit playing like she is someone to enjoy watching. Rock on Jeffrey!

  40. jeepers1941 says:

    I was just browsing for domains/websites just to see how much $ it would cost and found one place that was only $16.66 a month w/2 year plan. Hell if that is all it would cost, I could manage that on my own.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      and BTW, that was for a “Professional” website with the works.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      That’s very thoughtful and generous of you.

      I think that since Lynn and TVTime101 are going into a partnership, that we’ll will end up on that website?

      • jeepers1941 says:

        But I don’t think Lynn should go partnership with anyone, she needs to own her own website out right.. Then she has full control of what goes on. When you bring someone else into the picture, sometimes two minds do not think alike. I feel safer for Lynn if she had her own site period. I don’t trust a lot of people, but Lynn I trust and wish nothing but the best for her.

  41. RealMinkey says:

    Congrats Lynn on your domain. Hah hah hah, Jill!

    Happy Birthday to VAGirl!!

    My computer isn’t close enough to the TV, so can’t do the live chat. Rats. Loved reading all the running commentary this morning, though. Gawd, that Countless is such a f-ing bitch, and so is the Vjazzler.
    One of those guys toasting weenies was Simon’s brother, right? I thought that was a strange unsettling scene all ’round.

    Kadooz to Jeff Lewis! Think he reads Lynn’s blog?… I wouldn’t be surprised!

  42. mishiga95 says:

    D’oh! Where’d my post go?

  43. vilzvet says:

    Looking at Jill’s twitter line, did anyone else catch this?
    “So excited. working with @Lisawexler on details of collaboration with AOL media group. Exciting announcement coming!! Dying!!”
    22 hours ago

    She’s always “dying” about something, isn’t she?

    • mich_in_mich says:

      ITA …. that’s Jill attempt to try and appear humble while bragging at the same time.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Let’s see. Jill’s book tanked, her bedding line is not exactly making news as far as I know, her SqeeezeWear Spanx knockoffs are not out yet but smell from the name alone. Jill’s most noted claim to fame as a result of RHONY is how many people unite in loathing her. Jill keeps trying to capitalize on her RHONY “fame,” but she hasn’t really learned a thing from Bethenny.

      Hint for Jill: people don’t buy discretionary merch (things they can well do without) from people they don’t like.

      • kitkat says:

        not to mention her Kodak moment ended befor it began and wasn’t she s’posed ta be a new co-host or some such nonsense at LX ny last summer. She fails at everything she tries because she is just so darn unlikeable. People have to LIKE you to buy your crap. She can spin her twitter and her FB and her fave book reviewers all day long, but the bottom line is sales and she aint got none.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I wish!!! (She was dying) that is.

  44. deedee1969 says:

    Wow what an episode!! Now if I didnt dislike LuAnn and her uppity attitude, I would say Ramona was harsh, but I think after her treatment of Ramona and Alex, she got what was comming to her. Ramona just ripped into every aspect of her character without blinking (pun intended). LuAnn should have known better. Ramona unfiltered is scary, I would’nt want to go up against her. The blonds not wanting to do the video, was that a huge suprise? beyond the whole message Alex was talking about and the lack of class LuAnn has, why the hell would Ramona and Alex help this woman who has been nothing but rude and condisending to them both ego get any bigger.

    Now onto Cindy and Sonja: Cindy lack of respect and common manners for anyone ,is just beyond rude. I personally would have just kicked her butt out. If she didnt have the time for the breakfast reschedule. First the lost lunch because of her teeth, then this breakfast fiasco. Cindy the sun dosent shine out your ass. Your time isnt more valuable then anyone else’s, you remove pubic hair.

    Now onto my two “favorite” housewives Kelly and Jill: Jill can now add producer and director to the unsolicited advice she spews. Come on Jill you must be blind to or don’t care that the director wanted to smash you in the face. Jill is the jack of all, master of none. Speaking of none Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!!!! If I have to hear once more how Kelly has never partook in any of the coming of age rituals most teenage or college girls have I will puke. Lets see, she’s never had a sweet sixteen, a tattoo, a one night stand, a martini and now she’s never gambled. Its like some adolecent ailien has inhabited a 40 year olds body. One more episode then onto the reunion, should be a good one.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Third Rock From the Sun! That’s exactly what Kelly is like.

      • dsc60 says:

        LOL i loved that show – and i knew she was from another planet! moron. sorry but i can’t stop saying that word when i hear or see kelly’s name.

    • cabbie413 says:

      Ramona wasn’t harsh at all, Luann was just projecting..if she didn’t feel like she was a bad mother or didn’t spend enough time with her kids, Ramona telling her truth about her life and her family wouldn’t have bothered Luann in the slightest.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Well alls I got to say about that is that ol’ Lulu shipped her daughter off to boarding school tout de suite while Ramona kept her daughter at home with her.

        Scene de la frommage*:
        Lulu’s daughter breaks both wrists as a result of a fall while escaping the house from her bedroom’s second floor window. Was the bedroom door locked? Lulu’s brother was sta.ying there allegedly “watching” the kids. Lulu just brushes that off like it’s nothing. Most mums wouldn’t play it off quite so lightly.

        Lulu’s young son begging Lulu not to leave home when they’re having taco night or whatever the heck it was. Does this sound like kids who get lots of quality time from their mum? I dunno.

        *yes I know what that word means, but it sounds so nice in French. why should Lulu have all the funny with her phoney bullcrap?

  45. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Cindy was trying to put a Morgan in her place.
    epic fail

  46. maggie_01bklyn says:

    Happy Friday to all, to all the new peep’s, welcome….. I am pretty new too, and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Happy Birthday VaGirl, I enjoy your postings and always look forward to reading them.I hope your day is filled with FUN.

    I loved the poll question last night on WWHL, but i am confused, why does Kelly have an assistant?? She does not work, she lives off her ex-husband, it just amazes me that she has an assistant. She is never on time, she is always leaving early, and this is with an assistant??????

    She came from a spinning class, she knew she was shooting a video, so why go to the spinning class? Just another day in Kellyland.

    The “CLASS” issue is one that always amuses me, Theresa flipping a table and she wants to know if she was classy. After I say this I am going to drink some bleach. I can feel my blood pressure rising over this. Well here goes, The Countess is right, there i said it! I am holding my breath waiting for the blood to start running from my eyes. Money can’t buy you class…. she’s right (OHHH this hurts so much). The Housewives themselves prove it. Examples such as LuLu, Jillzilla, Theresa, Danielle, Cindy, Kelly, Tamara, I am going to have to spend some time meditating.

    All in all I enjoyed last nights episode very much, and I caught a few glimpses of the old Andy.
    His guest stars last night were just too funny. I think it was clear that listening to the fans. I am thinking Bethanny should co-host the reunion show with RHONY…

    A special thank you to Anderson Cooper, loved it.
    As always, Lynn I appreciate all that you do to keep this blog up and running. Your name should be remembered along with those of our founding fathers. GOD BLESS LYNN AND FREE SPEECH.

  47. mich_in_mich says:

    Random question … What is LuAnn’s business model? What demographic are her “songs” geared to? The tweens and college kids definitely won’t like it. I can’t picture people in their 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s liking it either. Maybe drag queens? That’s an idea … maybe she could be a guest judge on Ru Pauls’s “drag race” … the contestants can perform to LuAnn’s “hits” … I can jut see it now … it’s time to “lip sync for your life” 🙂

  48. kitkat says:

    Ramoner was AWESOME last night. FINALLY someone set that awful woman straight. I would never go up against Ramoner. Living with her abusive father sharpened her defenses and taught her how to attack properly. She was my hero last night. Luann will hate her more than anyone, and probably never go up against her again. I think Alex is “off” somehow. I know she has a lot of fans, but she comes across as such a geek. I cringe when I watch her onstage: dancing, confronting a bitch, modeling, etc. She is not in her element and is not comfortable in her skin. And I don’t think she comes from any important family like she is always hinting about. She was “acting” like she didn’t want to talk about her regal heritage. I don’t dislike her, but I just don’t buy what she is selling.

    • Bosandi says:

      KitKat, I couldn’t agree with you more about Alex. She is out of her element. This has nothing to do with status but more with personality. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but most of her scenes are cringe worthy because she just doesn’t fit in. The whole “I’m rich too” scene was forced and uncomfortable and not b/c she didn’t want to talk about it. I feel bad for even typing this b/c I want to like Alex but she is clearly the outsider in the group (not a bad thing btw). Take the dance class for example, Ramona and Sonya were together giggling & laughing during the lesson while Alex was “dancing.” I’m not saying they were laughing at her but these women have connections and commonalities that Alex doesn’t share.

      On another note: I used to post here and there eons ago but stopped b/c you all always summed up my thoughts exactly so I enjoy lurking. Thanks to Lynn and all of you for the enjoyment!!!

      • kitkat says:

        YES! Forced is the word…and I don’t buy her reluctance to talk about it. It was to studied, yet she seemed chomping at the to get out her “Oil Fields Owning Family”…she kept getting interrupted by SIMON. Someone is always rolling over her. FIND YOUR VOICE WOMAN! And stop with the frozen faces, the mouth half open, the raised eyebrows. It’s frustrating to watch her attempt to go up against these fake Society Monkeys. I know she always claims that she gets uncomfortable with confrontation (which is why she gets so red) so then Don’t Do It. If one keeps commanding the floor and then keeps disappointing their audience, everyone will stop listening. Ramoner, on the other hand, sparkled like a diamond! LOVED her last night. I didn’t like her for the first couple of seasons, but now she’s my fav. She’s crazy and fun and smart.

    • TLM says:

      Three words come to mind when I think of Alex and Simon: awkward beyond belief. I don’t know what makes these two, and particularly Alex, think they are hip and happening, or glamorous, but they don’t appear to have gotten the memo that few other people think that. And if Alex is a high-fashion model, then so is Joy Behar. Come on. Please God, let there be no more scenes with Alex confronting anyone, or with her husband coming on to her or talking about their sex life, or their family life in general. It’s like having bamboo shoved under my fingernails.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I like Alex’s blogs but other than that I can’t really appreciate her. I have never cared for Simon. There is something about him, a certain ick factor.

        • kitkat says:

          BTW, I really like her blogs too. WHen she has a chance to think about what she wants to say, she’s quite good. She should stick to being quiet and studeous. THAT is who she is, an intellect. Not hip-hop dancing in baggy old socks. Ew.

      • kitkat says:

        She is a nerd. She tries too hard to be something she’s not. I don’t think she knows who she really is. I went to an art show in the Hampton’s over the weekend and it was AWESOME. The best art show I’ve ever been to (not that I’ve been to many). I just thought of how professional and cool it was compared to what these two nitwits tried to cobble together. They just don’t have “it”. And they keep trying really, really hard. His attention-seeking outfits, oy.

  49. Rhetorica says:

    I researched & found Princess Lara. She’s from Ethiopia and recently married an older, wealthy man who evidently is a royal also. Hope this helps:)

  50. Mimisfbay says:

    Well this has been quite a few days for IHJZ! I have just listened to radio show and I am just fuming about Jill and her crazies. I so loved that FLG called in and, geez, they are in the midst of moving? He is amazing! I am so glad that you aren’t caving in to the beasts request to change the name of the blog. I followed you from the old site and I will follow you to a new site. Keep up the great work and fun blogs.

    I didn’t watch the HW last night because they are so obnoxious. i did watch WWHL and absolutely loved it when Jeff Lewis mention JZ twice in such a derisive tone. Ohhhh, just loved it. I, for one, would love for you to interview him!

    • FLG says:

      Thank you so much Mimi! It was a pleasure to speak with Carly and Lynn! I just had to take a break from the move last night. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I hope we don’t run into anything unexpected with the move. I am looking forward to getting to know our new home and hometown.

      • mimisfbay says:

        You are just the best and, of course, so witty! I just love your comments and nicknames for Countless. Good luck on the move, so stressful.

  51. PantryViewer says:

    Ha – listening to the after show of WWHL. Angel, the break dancing grandma or whatever that Andy is promoting as a RH super fan called into the show. Andy asked her if she enjoyed RH show tonight. She said she hates LuAnn, that she looks like a transvestite and she has no class. Laughs all around by Andy, Jenny and the comedian woman.

    Thanks Angel!

    • PantryViewer says:

      Another caller called in and asked if they would rather take a dance class with Alex or be in LuMan’s video. The woman from Curb your Enthsiasum immediately said she’d rather take the dance class 🙂

  52. Toga says:

    I just watched LuMann’s “music” video. I can’t remember when I’ve ever been so embarassed for three grown women!!!! Talk about forcing people (all eight of them) to look like they’re having a fun time at a casino. Yikes!!!!! Granted, they make fools of themselves every Thurs. night, but still. I’m guessing this embarassment will be topped only by their performance at the reunion…

    • vilzvet says:

      Agreed! Cannot wait for the reunion anyway. P.S. Here is a very cute video to watch: Katy Perry’s “T.G.I.F. Last Friday Night”. Excellent song and the video is an 8 minute mini movie ode to the ’80s with tons of great cameos of people like Kenny G, Hansen (the three brothers), Debbie Gibson and Corey Feldman at the end. Very well done! Katy doesn’t mind making herself look silly.

      • Nancy says:

        Doesn’t LuLu have any other friends that could have been in her video?

        • Mookies1mom says:

          None that want to be seen in public with her. IIRC I don’t think she has been shown with any friends on the show. She went out with her niece on the episode when her son begged her to stay at home. But if I’m wrong, please let me know.

  53. Indy501 says:

    Happy Birthday VA girl. Hope it’s a beautiful day!!

    Welcome new posters, fairly new myself, but welcome to the sanity.

  54. 2Stupid says:

    Just recently my birthday was straight out of Sixteen Candles. I called my mom when she failed to call me, and asked is there anything you want to say to me today? Response, No should I? It’s my birthday you moron (that part I didn’t say!) Sucks to not be the most important thing in your parent’s live anymore, that’s why I have children- to be adored!!!


    • VAgirl says:

      Thanks Indy501 and 2Stupid. 2Stupid, I hope you had a “Jake Ryan” to make it up to you!

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      I send flowers to my Mother on my BIRTH DAY to thank her for giving so much to me as a person… She is an AWESOME WOMAN and raised EIGHT GREAT KIDS…… along with help from my Father…..
      Alan King is the one who gave me this idea man moons ago…..

  55. Queen Butter Bean says:

    OMG – I just got Ramona’s newsletter – she talks about the philandering ways of LuMann and her exhusband – she also gives a LINK…

    PLUS – she give’s this blog a direct shoutout!!!

    Ramona is done with the brunettes’ BS and is out for the KILL!

  56. PantryViewer says:

    Ramona’s newsletter just hit my inbox. She keeps it short this week, but does bust the countess for her fake behavior and what her marriage was really like. Includes a scathing recount via link to LuAnn’s behavior at a wedding we’ve heard about where she was crotch grabbing and more. Laughed because it called the men LuAnn was grabbing and kissing “victims” – hahaha!

    • MAMAZ says:

      That’s it. I’m signing up.

      • PantryViewer says:

        Do, Mamaz 🙂 She tells it like it is in her newsletters. Unfortunately, she was so attacked this season and didn’t seem to fight back. Now she is and I love hearing her real thoughts in her newsletter and also now seeing her stand up to those fake vile women. I want to see her slug them and slug them hard insofar as calling them out on how they have tried to hurt her this season, then I want to see her walk away from this crapfest show that it has become. Go Ramona!

        • vilzvet says:

          Holy cow! Lynn you are going to flip she certainly does give a fantastic shout out to your blog and how funny it is! Well done!

        • dsc60 says:

          she’s fighting back now because she saw how they all were insinuating she’s a drunk and all the other terrible things they said in their talking heads.

  57. Sheena Evans says:

    BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lynn this was an absolutely wonderful blog. LOVED IT. I was so eager to read what you thought about that sit down Ramona had with Luann. I thought Ramona was amazing. She knew exactly how to ruffle Luann’s feathers. Not once did Ramona raise her voice or get upset and when she took that dig about the ex-husband, I was in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!! She went right for the kill and was successful as Luann high-tailed it out of the restaurant. I imagine Ramona was laughing wildly in her head at her wonderful accomplishment. Me personaly, I stood up and clapped.

    • Viewer1234 says:

      Lynn, this was a particularly GREAT blog today! Fantastic!! THANKS!

    • Jules says:

      Yes, I loved it. I have watched it 6 times. Ramona was masterful in the way she handled LuMann. She didn’t allow LuLu to ruffle her feathers and just kept on in her masterful attack on Lulu. Love, love, loved it!!!!!!!. She also did it in such a subtle way with such a calm manner that is made Lulu look completely crazed. Go Ramona!!!!! My daughter and I think Ramona rocks.

  58. cabbie413 says:

    i LOVE THIS BLOG!!! i can’t wait for Lynn to take it off wordpress..then we can REALLY have some fun! Muhahaha ..nah jk hehe but i do Love this place!

  59. maggie_01bklyn says:

    I HATE MYSELF……. I gave in and i am watching “Famous Foods”
    You are not going to believe it…. Danielle Staub had an EPIPHANY, and Vincent Pastore (Soprano’s} destroyed it. Then Danielle and Heidi Montag went to get a snack, Crepes and Wine, and paid for it out of the funds for the business that they are ALL supposed to be setting up. Seem’s Heidi and Danielle are bff’s. Pastore, is not putting up with any of Danielle’s crap, she is crying already!!!! Pastore says “this ain’t no desperate housewives”.. This why she left the Housewives and NJ, so she sobs.

    • dsc60 says:

      figures… once a real housewife always a real housewife.

    • blondieDana says:

      I love how he refers to Danielle as a Desperate housewife more than once. Hard to believe that someone doesn’t know who you are, huh Dani?

  60. MAMAZ says:

    Error has been saying all along that the stuff that comes out of Ramonas mouth is no accident. Last night proved him right. She has refined her delivery and it was lethal.
    I also now believe that the leaked Victoria tweet was no accident either.
    Ramona tried to make Bethenny see what JZ was like but B wasn’t buying it, when she understood it was too late. She wanted off the show. Alex isn’t tough enough to help take the the brunettes down. But Ramona has found a strong ally in Sonja.

    All season I’ve been ticked at Bravo for allowing the brunettes to run roughshod over the blondes. Now I think they were setting them up. They knew Ramona and Sonja were making plans to fight back. Susie Essman was so clearly team blonde but she never resorted to the low blows JZ and her minions do, she was a fantastic guest. Best part was that JZ was just tweeting the other night BEGGING to be on her show, LMAO! Even Jeff Lewis stomped all over JZ.

    I think this is going to be one hell of a reunion.

    • Sheena Evans says:

      I agree with everything you stated. Ramona calculated it just perfectly last night right? She was the best.

    • dsc60 says:

      even last week i saw glimmers of hope in the treatment of the blondes by Bravo. i didn’t think luann and her daughter’s scene was too complimentary, yet Ramona’s with Avery was. jill and cindy look petty by making all those comments about Sonya then kissing up afterwards. i see a change a comin’ and i can only hope the end is on this same track along with the reunion too.

  61. TLM says:

    I’m just dying for someone to tell the Countess, “You were behaving badly so guess what, I dismissed you…”.

  62. IceMeNot says:

    Guys, can someone please tell me why Bravo made this dreadful season drag on? All I could think of last night was they want it buried in summer ratings when no one is in toown (in NYC.). Because I am dragging through wishing it was the Reunion next week.
    I have purchased on Itunes the first 3 seasons. I love the visual beauty of the settings, the camera work, the production values. And the stories of human beings behaving good and bad were entertaining. There was a classiness, fashion, pretty places, families living in luxury. It has also been a psychologsts treasure trove culminating in the diagnostic mystery of the Kellamity on St. John, then the sheer exhaustion on the faces of the survivors when Jill arrived! This was high camp drama. The stillness of their bodies qnd faces as they comprehended Jill’s sudden arrival could not have been scripted in a real soap opera. And all set in the lush beauty of that stunning seaside villa. Finally, to hear Jill’s misinterpretation over and over that they ganged up on her like they did on Kelly! This could be a textbook case for any graduate course in personality disorders! on so many levels, one can enjoy these shows!
    But this season, no way. I won’t purchase it. It held few pleasures. The production company mishandled the storylines to sneer at our characters, as if to say they are all equally ugly! That is not why we watch! Without good stories, fun people achieving important goals (Flatline Cindy is not a Bethany!), and then some nuttiness for flavor, this series has been destroyed.
    Now I’m wondering, “what will I do without this crew of snarkers when next season comes? Can we find a better show to entertain us?”
    Well, it wasn’t the vile Kelly who Iced Me out, it was Bravo’s producers who basically ruined this franchise. So did they stretch it out til August out of ineptitude? I wish you all could tell me;)
    And though I only recently posted, this board and previously Bravo’s has given me hours of entertainment and a banquet of food for thought! Thanks to Lynn and Quincy for keeping the fun going.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Nice post – I to have been wondering about the production company change – this season is bush league, silly stories, high school historonics and “teams”….hard to watch and probably even harder to follow with another season.

  63. Sheena Evans says:

    here’s something laughable. i was reading some instant message, twitter thing that bravo has up on it’s page and someone wrote a message saying “i just love kelly bensimon, she’s so independent” Ha, i thought old gille over there was footing the bill for everything.

  64. smompy says:

    A good day at the lake, or LuAnn’s personal jeweler working on a new piece? You make the call.

    • VAgirl says:

      smompy, I couldn’t get to whatever it was you posted, but I’m sure I would have been amused.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      What’s Error doing over there on that site?

    • klmh says:

      Yikes! I really don’t appreciate the pornography and cookie that you have as an attachment. Please warn before posting this filth. I won’t open it.

  65. PantryViewer says:

    IceMeNot, I could not agree more. I have had those same thoughts. It is such a shame to see what the producers or whomever have done with this season, and then to watch Andy try and back and promote the villians as people we want to see, to Bravo sensoring the website comments…It has just been sickening and maddening. And all such a big waste and mistake.

    • cdninvegas says:

      Wouldn’t it be so awesome if someone, anyone, could find the true lost footage of this show (the out-takes, scene do-overs, script rehearsals, etc., sort of like a “making of” feature that you get on movie DVD’s) I would pay to watch that series all day long. I know it’s contractually impossible, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. Even a book by some anonymous author (perhaps a disgruntled ex Bravo employee) would be worth satchels of gold.

  66. Ramona had a link to Lynn’s blog again!! I love her!

  67. VAgirl says:

    Look on the left hand side of page where it says receive Ramona’s Newsletter.

  68. wvurn says:


    I just bought my first bottle of SGM! I can’t wait to try it. The saleslady raved about how good it is and said they absolutely can not keep it in stock.

  69. Good afternoon all. Just finished my “Harry Potter” movie marathon and thought I’d catch up. Got my tickets switched and my six year old and I are going to the 6pm showing. Can’t wait.

    I swear I have never laughed and cheered soooo….hard during a RHONY episoide like last nights! I LOVE RAMONA! She served Luann up good. I thought it was vile of Lulu to passive-agressively try to again insinuate problems with Mario and Ramona’s marriage. Ramona turned it around and slammed Lulu with her cheating ex husband! I’m sure Lulu high-tailed it out of there before Ramona could bring up Lulu’s cheating as well!

    I thought Alex looked beautiful during her little cookout outside their home. I don’t blame her one bit for not wanting to be in that stupid video. Lulu NEVER supports or attends funtions thrown by Alex. Lulu is just mean and hateful to Alex. Alex is right about class. If you have to shout to the world about it, you probably don’t have it!
    I think Alex explained her feelings about Kansas in her blog better. I grew up in the midwest. I’ve lived in New Jeresy,New York, D.C.,the Micronesia Islands, Spain,and have been fortunate to travel Europe, the USA, and the sout Pacific extensively. My ex- husband was in the military for 12 plus years. I love the big cities but unlike Alex, I love raising my family in the midwest. So, now I’m a transplanted Kansan. I love it! I always say “Bloom where you’re planted”. My older children have thought about moving back east to the “big city” but they do like the perks of living where we are- more affordable housing, smaller commutes, cheaper gas.less hustle & bustle lifestyle, ect. I have enjoyed everywhere I have lived and have found there is good and bad no matter where you are. It’s all prespective.

    Cindy is a rude b*tch just like Jill! I would not have been as Gracious as Sonja! I would have made as much noise possible and then throuwn the wench to the curb. If you know you have to be on a conference call, then why accept Sonja’s invite? Reschedule for heaven sakes! Cindy is just…….ew, words just can’t discribe how awful this woman is. She is a horrible mother who can’t seem to funtion unless there is a nanny or assistant around. I wonder if she needs an assistant to wipe her ass!

    Jill is still a bossy, bulling, vile piece of trash as always. I can’t stand watching her. She now thinks she is a doctor, lawyer, dentist, finacial planner, director and producer of videos………What’s next, she going to tell GOD how to do his job?! IHJZ!

    Did anyone else think that Luann’s styling for her video make her not only look like a man but ugly as well? She did not look attractive at all. I think the only time I thought she looked fairly pretty is when her hair was being blown out and it was looser.

    Lynn, A big congrats on getting your own domain! It will make Jill see red! Plus, it renforces the fact that this blog has grown and is being discovered by more and more viewers on a daily basis. Yeah for you Lynn!

    Happy B-day VAgirl! Happy belated B-day to those I missed in the past few days.
    Great job RHETORICA on the b-day list. It’s quite witty! Not sure if you got my b-day. Its’ Sep 24

    • Rhetorica says:

      shadowsnomore, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I showed my hubs & kids. They tried to act interested. My daughter said “history sure repeats itself”. I’ve added your bday to the list & will look for events l can snark on!

      • cdninvegas says:

        I agree! The birthday list was pure genius and a hoot to boot! Very clever. Your daughter is spot on – history does repeat itself! BTW – please to remember me on January 14th! Would love you to continue this incredibly witty idea!

        • Rhetorica says:

          Hi cdn, glad you enjoyed it! I’ve added you to the list.

          • cdninvegas says:

            While not wishing much for my next bd (#51), I will be anxious to see what you post! Think you should start a little blogette for each day of the year! You can bet your fellow IHJZ’ers would follow you, kinda like Micky Mouth et al. GO FOR IT (meant in a good way, no sarcasm here!)

  70. MKValle says:

    Did you Ramona’s newsletter

    N E W S L E T T E R

    Friday, June 15th

    Hello again everyone!! Just wanted to send out another newsletter before I leave for my trip to Italy with Mario!!! We’re going to Positano and Capri! Avery is away at Oxford taking classes for the month, so Mario and I thought it was a perfect time to have a romantic getaway!! Just wanted to let everyone know, while I’m out of the country for the next week or so my assistant will be answering any questions you may have on my Facebook and Twitter! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting photos from my trip when I return!


    Weekly Feature: “Luann’s Dishonesty”

    For the weekly feature I wanted to talk a little bit more about this week’s RHONY episode. From season one Luann always pretended she had the perfect marriage, regardless of the truth. In fact, while her ex-husband spent most of his time overseas, Luann would fill up her time in NYC with other people (and her husband would do the same thing while traveling). Why Luann would pretend none of this was happening to viewers is beyond me and not my problem. It’s one thing to be private about your personal life…it’s another to try and come across as something that you are not. Does this article from the New York Post sound like the Luann she makes herself out to be? I think not. All I know is with me, what you see is what you get!

    I also think Cindy was very rude to Sonja when she took her business phone call during breakfast. If Cindy wants to show viewers her business side there had to be a better time for it to be filmed. Who wouldn’t leave the room if they got a business call? Or ignore the phone call? It seemed so forced and artificial, in my opinion it showed poor business judgement to accept the phone call during that scene. I love Sonja, I believe she had a right to be upset by Cindy’s behavior.

    If you haven’t already visited this blog, you must! I love Lynn of Chicago’s blog! They crack me up every time.

  71. jeepers1941 says:

    jeepers1941 says:
    July 15, 2011 at 1:57 pm
    But I don’t think Lynn should go partnership with anyone, she needs to own her own website out right.. Then she has full control of what goes on. When you bring someone else into the picture, sometimes two minds do not think alike. I feel safer for Lynn if she had her own site period. I don’t trust a lot of people, but Lynn I trust and wish nothing but the best for her.
    I brought this post here because I was responding to OMIB comment of a prior thread I had posted.
    But I want to make sure you all understand why I made these comments.
    Lynn has worked to damn hard not just for herself but for all of us as well. I just don’t think Lynn should go into a partnership with someone else. Lynn is well known at BRAVO and the entire HW franchise. She has a following that loves her and cares about her blog site. I worry that she will not get her well deserved applause do her through someone else’s website. That is of course JMHO…………….. 😀

    • HD says:

      @ Jeepers-I have been out of the loop for a while because the shows were so boring I really didn’t watch and had no comments. I did see that Lynn was getting her own dot.com. CONGRATS! I also agree she should do it soley on her own to begin with but that is just my opinion. I am sure at this point Lynn you are probably getting many offers and know what is best for you. Whatever you do, I support you. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I disagree.
      Strength in numbers.

      • BessiB says:

        Sometimes, you partnership out of necessity to share time and talents, not just resources.

        I can image that it is a hugh pain in the ass to set up a Website (my POA has been working on their’s for three months), particularly is you have a day job.

    • cabbie413 says:

      i agree..she should go solo and have 100% control over content..this blog is growing..fast..so she needs to think long term

      • jeepers1941 says:

        HD, OMIB and cabbie,
        thank you all for the input. I am truly concerned about this partnership deal. But of course it is up to Lynn. I just have a fear this is not a good move for her to make, but I will stand behind her 100% whatever she decides to do. I know we all care for Lynn and will help if she decides to go it on her own, both financial and helping where needed. I just don’t want to see her jump into someone else’s space and down the road have the rug pulled out from under her. She has been fair and above board to all of us and I feel I need to be the same with, so that is why I made this a JMHO statement/comments/post. And cabbie you are 100% correct about fast growing, and the long term.
        OMIB she has numbers in us and still growing as cabbie stated.
        HD, I so happy that you and I finally agree on something, but ITA with you…….. 😀

  72. MAMAZ says:

    Ramona Singer

    Now that we know you are reading, three cheers and a standing ovation for you masterful handling of LuAnn on last nights episode. You are our hero! (After Lynn Hudson that is, lol).

  73. cabbie413 says:

    omg is that Kelly in the yellow dress in the picture above where Jill is making the “Joker” face? omg that looks like a man in a yellow dress..HORRIBLE!!!!!

  74. MoDee says:

    Okay, now I’m really confused, what happened to tvtime101’s site? it’s saying that domain is for sale now…. I thought Lynn and Imajustsayin were co-blogging there? I don’t know where I am anymore, I think I’ll go lie down now, and when I wake all will be just a nightmare.

    • Now I am totally freaked out and as I will be more off htan on the next few days, I am afraid I will be left behind and unable to find anyone (having flashbacks to when I was 3 and lost in the mall)

      • MoDee says:

        Same here, weekends are always busy for me, don’t always get to check the blog when I want to…darned husband, always wanting to go do something.
        Please Lynn, don’t leave us 3 yr. olds lost at the mall, or the gas station restroom (now you’ve got me having a flashback, lol)

    • jeepers1941 says:

      I have been trying since last night to find out what is going on with that site, but nothing so far.

  75. Delighted says:

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned earlier but the recap on Gawker is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages..and totally accurate! Got to love Brian…

    • MAMAZ says:

      Yeah but I was surprised by all the anti Ramona comments.

      • Delighted says:

        I hear you. I was, however, kind of uncomfortable with Ramona’s conversation with LuAnn..I can’t imagine bragging about my great parenting skills (and I’ve raised three strong kids) and my longtime happy marriage (which I’ve had for thirty years) and our strong family unit while facing someone who obviously has none of those things..I get it that Luann has consistently been a jerk to Ramona and deliberately hurtful, but I just felt it was overkill..I can’t stand Luann and everything she stands for but I thought Ramona might be too secure for that conversation.
        Having said that, I would have ripped the Countess’s face off in Morocco after that “fortuneteller”. A deal killer for life.

        • TLM says:

          I’m puzzled by people who think Ramona “got the Countess good.” I think Ramona is one step away from being awkward as Alex. She has that weird stare with her eyes and keeps throwing comments out there that are obvious insults, then tries to keep saying she really didn’t say what she just said, and tries to backpedal.

          I’d have more respect for her if she just put out the real reasons why she doesn’t want to do something. It wasn’t because of Avery and that whole concocted, meandering speech. In her solo interview she said she didn’t want to support Luann, and why should she spend her time promoting Luann? It should have been a simple statement: “Luann, I don’t want to do a group video. I was uncomfortable watching your last video and didn’t like it. I have my projects and you have your projects. I don’t mention your name in my projects, and I don’t appreciate being talked about in your song and my name being used to promote your song, because I have no interest in being part of your music video.” Done. Period! None of this bullshit about I spend time with my daughter and I have to be a role model for my daughter.

          I think Ramona’s been taking lessons from Alex. Next she’ll be running through a restaurant and saying, “Excuse me, Luann! Excuse me, Luann!”

          • Bea says:

            and Luann should have said “sorry I don’t want to go to St. John’s with you Ramona.” Instead Luann used her daughter’s birthday as an excuse (although Jill called her out on it).

            • MAMAZ says:

              TLM – In the early seasons Ramona always said exactly what she thought and it got her into loads of trouble with her castmates and fans alike. At her lunch with LuAnn she employed LuAnn’s tactics against her. And there was nothing LuLu could do. That’s why I think she got her good.
              JZ thinks Ramona is the ringleader against the brunette but I see it differently. I think it’s Sonja and I think she coached Ramona before her meeting with LuAnn.

          • dsc60 says:

            i thought she was giving it just like she has to take it. i took it as Ramona throwing it right back in luann’s face.

  76. Nancy says:

    Hope you have a great one. Cheers to you! 🙂

  77. Laissez-faire says:

    Long time lurker here. I just wanted to say that I think that when Lumann made that ridiculous (and typically pretentious) reference to her “good friend” the princess, I think she may have been referring to Princess Lalla, of Morocco. It does sound a lot like “Lara” or Laura.” Just a guess though!

    Also, I’m still bathing in the after glow of Ramona’s trouncing of Lumann. Finally, the satisfaction I’ve been craving! I love how Ramona completely flusters all the brunettes. They just can’t handle her!! Alex, take note!

    I noticed that Alex and Ramona’s blogs on Bravotv.com are really good and insightful. Alex in particular handles issues well in writing. However, Lumann and Jill makes fools of themselves trying to justifying their behavior or distort the truth. The comments on that site are truly skewed in favor of these two wenches and I find it hard to believe that Bravo doesn’t think we notice their manipulation.

    I guess that’s it. Just hello to everybody here. I feel friendly to you all since I’ve been “reading you” for well over a year. Oh, wait! I just thought of something else! I found Bethenny’s SGM at my local Vons! Totally yummy over ice with a squeeze of lime. A little too yummy. I see more SGM in my future!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Well said! Welcome, Laisser-faire!

    • Kansas Girl says:


    • Nancy says:

      I wonder if Bethenny knows that a lot of people that have tasted her Skinny Girl thinks it needs some lime? Unlike Jill and LuMan Bethenny can take constructive criticism.
      We miss you Bethenny.

      • mimisfbay says:

        Gee I love it just the way it is and I take a big piece of fresh lime and run it around the rim of the glass and squeeze it into the SKM. I kinda like that it doesn’t have that fake lime taste. The tequila and the fact that it is sweetened with Agave is just the best. Sometimes lime and lemon added to drinks tastes like Pledge to me.

      • Waslurking says:

        I think it’s great the way it is. I do like a bit of salt but apparently that ruins the whole
        low-cal thing so…..bummer. It’s still good the way it is tho! I will continue to buy.
        Not seeing Ramona’s wine here yet (AZ, maybe AZgirl knows more?) But if/when
        we do get it I will def try it.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Not sure about the new Sangria. Katiecoo was able to make the signing up in Scottsdale and bought a few bottles. I was going to head over to Bevmo tomorrow and see if they had it. SK Margaritas personally I like it but it needs to be really icy because it is tart. But I do like it.

    • Mookies1mom says:


    • cdninvegas says:

      Laisser-faire! I’ve been a long-term lurker and fairly new to the board, but I extend my welcome to you. The regulars on this site are so much fun and provide a lot of insights and validate a lot of my own feelings. Would be fun to have an IHJZ cruise sometime so we could all meet and rage on together. That being said, I extend (with hopefully Cusi’s blessings) an invitation to y’all to come to Vegas for a weekend “conference” to discuss all things Housewives! I’ll make the arrangements Lynn, if you can figure out how to gauge interest. Just thinkin’……

      • Cusi77 says:

        cdninvegas_ I would love to see all the IHJZ Family here in Vegas to honor Lynn Hudson for bringing so much fun and laugh in many lives! Disliking Jill Zarin has been a “Blessing” just for the opportunity to meet Lynn, Quincy, WSL, VAgirl, HD, Boston, Windy, Error, MAMAZ, OneMoreInBoston, Adgirl, AZgirl, California35, Nancy,Lavalady, Rhetorica, FLG, Mookies, TLM, Olivia, cabbie, JustanotherMary,,,,, (OH MY GOD! I am in trouble….. SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE TO MENTION!!!!) Excuse me! You are ALL in my heart!!!!!!!

        • cabbie413 says:

          aww C’77 you’re so sweet 🙂 I love everyone here too 🙂 Lynn has created a great community here. Kudos to her!

        • Mookies1mom says:

          And you are in ours! Could you imagine all the fun and snark?

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Wouldn’t that be fun! I think it would be like meeting radio personalities, where they’re not at all what you imagined.

      • kitkat says:

        How funny! It would be an Anti-Fan Club Meeting! What a riot! I bet it would be in the news. I think that would be a first.

        • cdninvegas says:

          Okay fellow IHJZ’ers. The invite is on. Hopefully Lynn can provide some guidance and if there is some major interest, I’ll do my homework and find some reasonably priced hotel rooms and meeting places. Summer in Vegas is super-cheap hotel-wise, so I would highly recommend we get the ball rolling ASAP. (Lynn – sorry if this is out of line – still don’t know all the rules of the blogosphere, but if you support the idea, please feel free to email me directly with your thoughts.)

          • Laissez-faire says:

            cdninvegas – Love your idea for a Vegas Snarkfest. Count(ess) me IN. And thanks everyone for the welcome. You peoples ROCK! cdninvegas I love that you used the phrase “rage on” because that was one of my 80’s catch phrases – LOL!! Let’s all rage on on in Vegas, like, totally!!! I can get a real cheap flight from my city. I. am. there. I totally feel you on the whole idea of this site validating your feelings. I typed in “I hate Jill Zarin” in my Google search because I could not believe how awful the woman was and I wanted to see if anyone thought the same way I did. Fortunately, the answer was YES. Yes, yes, YES!!! Lynn and the people here are just awesome.

  78. Sparky says:

    Please remember that Luann did not bother to show up to the dinner that was in Ramona’s honor. Avery even commented that Luann never shows up at any function when Ramona invites her.

  79. Nancy says:

    My husband just told me that if he was Jill and LuAnn’s doctor he would
    order Barium Enemas on both of them. 🙂

  80. Mookies1mom says:

    After watching last night here are my thoughts:

    Way to go Ramona! I loved the way she handled Classless. She didn’t have to raise her voice, just a few key statements that sent the Classless running.

    Classless needs to give it up! Nobody thinks you are the modern day Emily Post. In fact, she probably is rolling in her grave every time you try and school someone on proper etiquette. For the sake of humanity please stop recording what you think is music. It’s not.

    Jill, you don’t know jack, so stop pretending you do!

    Kelly still drives me up the wall because she isn’t on the proper medication just yet. But I was glad to see so little of her on the episode. Apparently she is giving Cindy a run for her money in the smelly department.

    I like Alex, that’s not a secret, and thought that the backyard cookout was nice. While the art in the show wasn’t my personal style it was nice to see them support local artist.

    I think Sonja is trying to get by in what must be a difficult time for her. She and Ramona seem to be double trouble when they are together. And not in a bad way. It looked like when the blondes and Avery were at the dance studio they were having a lot of fun. Good for them! Looked like more fun than being in Classless’ video!

    Cindy is just plain rude! Your time is not more important than anybody else’s, no matter what! The fact that I don’t have children and would still be able to handle your kids better than you do makes me sad for you kids. They will grow up looking at the nannies as “mommy” rather than you. I know that was last episode but sometimes things just kind of peculate before I say anything about it. Sadly, I have a “Cindy” in my life. I invited my “Cindy” over to our home for a Birthday dinner and even asked what they wanted to eat. While cooking their requests, this person was constantly on the phone. I even heard part of the conversation (because it’s hard not to when they are in the same room) when I heard this: “Yeah, I’m at Mookie’s mom’s house but I’ll come over later for the dinner you cooked for me. I have several other people that cooked me a Birthday dinner too”. Now, I wasn’t upset that my “Cindy” had other people cook for them. I just don’t want to hear about it while I’m slaving over a hot stove, had made a dessert the night before, and put a lot of effort and energy into trying to please you! Guess who’s not invited to our house next year for their Birthday.

    Right now this all makes sense in my migraine addled brain. I could be wrong, it’s happened before. I’m sure it will happen again. That’s my more than two cents worth!

  81. Cusi77 says:

    The only princess LuAnn might be talking to is the Ethiopian one her ex-hubby is living with…

  82. smompy says:

    Oh, Happy Birthday to You, VAgirl! I musta missed that earlier, but I hope you’re having a wonderful day, committing many sins and so on:)

    Even though a joke is never funny if you have to tell it twice, I’ll try this again….

    Found a pic of LuAnn’s personal jeweler working on a new necklace for her:

    • kotagirl29 says:

      HA!!!! I just laughed so hard I scared my dogs!

    • klmh says:

      OMG, that is her! Loved that, tx

      • Nancy says:

        Did you see the one she was wearing last night?
        It was about 100 little sea shells on a rope.
        I wonder if an ocean came with it?
        Why doesn’t she hire a stylist?

    • Laissez-faire says:

      LOL! Perfect, Smompy!

      And what IS it with Luann and her ugly jewelry, anyway?? I find it fascinating how people striving to be _____ (fill in the blank – cool, rich, admired, powerful, beautiful…) are completely susceptible to buying into whatever a “certain circle of people” (Madison Avenue, an exclusive boutique, a “hot designer”, an obnoxious fabric-shilling friend) tell them is chic. Ridiculous! Use the eyes the good Lord gave you to see that you are wearing an ugly hub cap ’round your bourgeois neck, deario. And ya paid a few thousand smackers for it to boot. Brilliant!

      • TLM says:

        I have a screen shot of Luman wearing a necklace that I swear looks like it was Christmas decorations ripped off a tree. I think her jewelry is completely hideous and there’s nothing that looks high-end about it. The trend in any case has been toward smaller, not larger jewelry in the last 10-15 years, and clearly this woman has no sense of how ridiculous she looks. The recent bizarre blond hair and extensions are further proof of that. And there’s just something skanky about her I can’t specify. Just every time I see her, I picture her in some low-budget porno.

        In the very beginning of the show, when it first started, she seemed like all she was cracked up to be, fancy title, tony house. But once you saw how she chucked her kids at home in favor of going out all the time and left them with the housekeeper, and how she was so full of herself with Bethenny about the limo driver and how she was addressed, little by little the mask fell away and you could see her whole holier-than-thou act was total BS, to when Ramona said last year she had been a slut the entire time she was married. The husband was almost never around and it became clear Luann was on the prowl for bottom feeders like Coerte, the beautiful NYC house was revealed to be a mere rental, and the mean girl who sat there with a smirk on her face while she sat next to Jill on her cell phone came out in full bloom with language to match. And I doubt her daughter was ever exposed to anything on etiquette, since she seems to have a complete lack of manners and social graces, and has a mouth like a longshoreman. Her son is embarrassed by her skanky video.

        Personally I don’t care what your marriage is like or if you have an open marriage. But how dare you write a book — on CLASS? An etiquette manual when you’re the one who stiffs the girl with the least money with paying for the surfing lessons, and you make her drag herself 2 hours each way just to have a drink with your spoiled, self-centered ass? Knowing what skeletons were in her closet, did she not think that was all going to come out when she published her book??

        Sigh. Sorry, but I’ve been irritated by her for quite a while now.

        • I don't have my notes says:

          Ever think that LuMann is broke? I mean, I seriously doubt she even got that apartment in the city ( her pied a terre ) that she went shopping for last season. Alls we see ( as she would say ) is her Hampton’s home she got in her divorce and she must stay with her boyfriend in the city. Just because her ex-husband is suppose to be a count doesn’t mean he has any money left, or is actually forking it over to her. Maybe for the kid’s school and nothing else. I think her pathetic attempts to be a singer is a bad reaction to getting dumped and having nothing in the bank right now.

        • Nancy says:

          That is what shows me the level of delusion she’s in.
          I do think LuAnn believes she’s “all that.” I cringe for her
          when she starts that illusion. Bethenny said it best…
          “Get over yourself.”

        • cdninvegas says:

          In S1 I thought the Countless was charming and classy (despite her reprimand of B re introducing her to the limo driver). Over the past few seasons since, she has revealed herself to be vile, ultra-condescending, full of herself, etc. I agree that she is probably hurting for money now (which, BTW, I really don’t get for any of the Ho-wives, since aren’t they making plenty of $$$ from the show, personal appearances, etc.???) Slightly off topic, but Tamra (OC) was here in Vegas for a Cinco de Mayo at a local tequila joint, and the hilarious thing was that her “co-celebrities” at the event were Erik Estrada and some midget wrestler. If I can find the ad, I’ll post it here some other time……..

          • Waslurking says:


            • Laissez-faire says:

              Awww, don’t say “ewwww” to Erik! He was soooo hot in CHIPS. And these days he donates money to the school where I work. What a nice man!

    • JillhAter says:


    • Mookies1mom says:

      That’s funny!

    • FLG says:

      Love that picture! Finally LuAnn Countess Can’t Sing High Horse is getting some TASTE in jewelry. Now if she can just hone that skill just a little bit more. Tasty Jewelry isn’t quite the same as taste IN jewelry…..but it is an improvement! I will give credit where credit is due….thank you Smompy!

      • cabbie413 says:

        hey FLG, I heard you call in last night. You sound so nice and genuine. Just had to tell you that!

  83. I don't have my notes says:

    I think LuMann must be referring to her good friend Princess Leia from “Star Wars.”

  84. Nancy says:

    I just heard that 3 of Casey Anthony’s potential father of Calyee’s all died
    in a car crash. Strange.
    Also men are coming out of the woodwork stating they are the father
    and will be filling wrongful death suits.
    I hear Jerry Springer all over this story.

    • lillybee says:

      A woman with a slight resemblance to Casey was run off the road in Oklahoma. Her truck flipped over two times. The woman who ran her off said that she wanted to save the babies from being killed by Casey.

      • Nancy says:

        Yes I did hear that. If I was that woman I would RUN
        to the hair salon and then to a plastic surgeons office.
        I feel so sorry for her. She didn’t do anything.

        • dsc60 says:

          that might make it worse… ppl might think it’s casey after her plastic surgery. she’s in a very precarious position. i mean yes, casey anthony disgusts me, but this story was way over the top.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Okay now that is just the dumbest bunch of crap I have ever heard. None of these possible father’s were around when Caylee was alive and now they are going to try for a wrongful death claim. I hope that is all rumor because if it is even remotely true then I am seriously moving to the moon.

      • dsc60 says:

        they’ll have to prove through a DNA test that they are actually the father. if there’s not a chance they can be the father and they know it, it seems ridiculous to me to even try considering DNA evidence will disprove it unequivocally.

    • debbie says:

      Her e-fiance thought he was the father until his father insisted and paid to have a DNA test done and it was negative. After that Casey claimed the dad was a young man that recently had died in a motorcycle accident. No way to prove paternity and no else to lay claim to Caylee. (although after the trial his mother came out to say she wanted to find a way to do DNA test) She has never named another person that I know of that might be the father.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Even Jerry Springer said he didn’t want any part of this.

  85. lillybee says:

    I think that Cindy’s phone call at Sonja’s brunch was beyond. Since it was a conference call, it was not a surprise call especially since Cindy had all her paperwork with her. Cindy should have scheduled that phone call for another time.

  86. BambiBaby22 says:

    I did not read all the comments here because there are over 300, so if this was already discussed, please forgive me. BUT….Simon calling LuAnn the “C” word rubbed me the wrong way bigtime!. It is NEVER NEVER NEVER OK for a man to use this word regarding a woman. I can’t stand LuAnn’s condescending ways and she is so self-UNaware that it is not even funny, but that word is uncalled for and Simon fell about 18 notches in my book!

    • Nancy says:

      I agree but Simon is at the end of his rope.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Nancy – He may at the end of his rope but that’s no excuse. Imagine if someone at the end of their rope use the N or F word. The C word used against a woman is the same thing. It’s misogynistic an unacceptable.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Sorry, and unacceptable

          • Amy Matheson says:

            What if someone doesn’t consider her a woman?

            Youre a nice person Mama Z. I will have to start relishing Simon’s “mean speek” a little less because it’s bad. Bad. Very bad Simon. Bad.

            *blink* *blink*

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Sorry. She is.

      I think he has taken enough of her crap. She can eat it back this time.

    • cabbie413 says:

      What does it matter? Honestly.. a whore is a whore, whether its a stranger or your sister. Sometiems it is what it is.

      I guess he could’ve always just used code like Alex “C U Next Tuesday” lol I loved that line!

      • MAMAZ says:

        But by that reasoning if Kim Z gets mad enough at Nene it would be ok for her to call NeNe the N word. Or if NeNe is at the end of her rope with Dwight she could get away with calling him a f**. Nobody would accept that. But we are ok with calling a woman the C word. Nope, Simon was wrong.

        • cabbie413 says:

          that logic makes no sense. We’re talking about Simon and Alex making a play on words with the haughty “Countess..” .. the N word or F word isn’t part of this conversation, nor should it have even come up.

          Stay focused lol

          • MAMAZ says:

            I disagre cabbie. I think it’s exactly the same. We have been taught that those words shouldn’t be used. And it’s time to educate people not to use the C word as well.

            • dsc60 says:

              sorry, but i don’t think it is. you can hate the word and hate that he used it, but being racist or prejudice is never okay and the c word ain’t that like the n or f words.

              • MAMAZ says:

                Using the c word is a form of prejudice. Just one that’s widely accepted. Just like use of the N word used to be.

            • MKValle says:

              Don’t go see the Vagina Monologues then!

              • MAMAZ says:

                That’s like saying don’t listen to old Richard Pryor. It’s said in that context to make a point. Very different than calling a person that.

        • Delighted says:

          You’ve got my vote MamAz.

          • Delighted says:

            I meant to say that I’d be equally offended if the word came out of a woman’s mouth. It’s an offensive, oppressive word .

    • AF says:

      I agree that Simon’s word choice was poor. However, I will give him credit for not making excuses about using that particular word. People are angry with him on Twitter and he’s not trying to downplay the situation at all. He said it, he can’t take it back – at least he’s not trying to hide it. I don’t think he’s sorry for calling Luanne a c**t, though…

      Also, I wonder if people (not necessarily people here on this blog, just people in general) would be as pissed off about it if that word had come out of the mouth of one of the women on the show?

      • Waslurking says:

        The use of that word is not that big a deal in the UK……. just saying.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I know but the word f*ck is frowned on there. It’s a cultural thing. In the UK it’s not used as to demean, here it is.
          I am very sensitive about this word. There was a time in my life when I had it thrown at me on a regular basis. The first time I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. And it was meant to. It was used to belittle me, diminish my sense of self. It reduced me to a body part and the implication was that body part was foul. It’s a misogynistic term, here in the US.

          • Waslurking says:

            Assie/UK, Simon ……..that was my point.
            I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience in regard to that word I really am.
            Obviously someone was very abusive and abuse it comes in many ways whether
            physical, emotional, or physiologically.
            Hell I’ve been there……… I feel ya, I really do.
            …but, and there always is a but huh?
            I don’t for one second think Simon is misogynistic……not at ALL!
            Alex did the C U next Tuesday……. do you think she hates women?
            Just to make myself clear…… it’s an ugly word that I’ve had tossed at me
            too, but there are so many ‘words’ that really are just words unless you
            give them power.

      • AF says:

        And now that I’m thinking about it, didn’t Alex also call Her Royal Highness a c**nt, too? I mean, she didn’t use the word – she said “C U Next Tuesday” – but, she still basically say the same thing as Simon. So, why isn’t anyone mad at her? Just a thought…

        • AF says:

          *said the same thing

          • MAMAZ says:

            Alex and Simon should both no better. As activist for gay rights and writers they should understand the power words have to wound. This is an ugly word for either gender to use against someone.

            • dsc60 says:

              n word = racist, f word = prejudice, c word = offensive. not the same thing, sorry.

              • dsc60 says:

                i know i said that already but thought i would reiterate it.

                • MAMAZ says:

                  Again I disagree.
                  The c word is as much a term of bigotry as the others. What they have in common is intent to demean. Ask anyone who has been a victim of a hate crime. An African American who has been will tell you the n word has been hurled at them with anger, disgust and venom. Any victim of gaybashing has had the same experience with the f word. And every woman who has been a victim of abuse by a man has also had the same experience with the c word. The same people who speak out against racism and homophobia are comfortable with misogyny.

                  • smompy says:

                    Did Simon even actually use the word, though? I have to admit I wasn’t paying close attention to that scene, but I thought he was making some stupid joke….something about taking the “O” out of countess and putting it in front of the word. I guess so her name would be O’C*ntess or whatever? I’m not even defending that either, really, I just don’t remember him using the actual word itself.

  87. Nancy says:

    NJ Housewives is on right now from 2008
    and (get this) Tamera, Simon, Vicki and Don are on this
    “romantic” weekend get away together. Too funny.
    News Alert
    Jennifer Lopez and Anthony are splitting up.
    Didn’t they just have twins a year ago?
    What’s wrong with these people. Work it all already.

    • vilzvet says:

      That is a surprise! And they even released a statement so it is not just gossip. Remember when he appeared in the American Idol finale and they did that hot number? Sad to hear this, their kids are so young.

      • Nancy says:

        That’s what I thought? They looked so happy then.
        That’s Hollywood for you. Wasn’t this her 3rd marriage?
        I wonder who will get main custody?

        • dsc60 says:

          she will be remarried in no time. she’s never stayed single for long. but it is a shame… they did seem happy. one can never tell what happens behind closed doors though.

    • TLM says:

      It doesn’t surprise me. Marc Anthony is a mess. This is his FOURTH divorce. How he wound up married to two beautiful women, I’ll never know. The guy looks like a drowned rat and I just don’t see the appeal. I believe he split up with his ex-wife, a former Miss Universe over cheating, married her a second time (the 2nd wedding was unbelievable and was featured on a tv show) and I think he cheated on her again with Lopez. Now I wonder if he cheated on Lopez. Lopez at least has her kids, but she’ll probably wind up paying this scumbag alimony because she’s far more successful than he is.

  88. BambiBaby22 says:

    Did anyone else notice Sonja’s tea cup? It had a chip in it (the one cindy was using), the corner of sonja’s wall was dirty and dented looking and it looked to me like her kitchencounters were simply formica in a color to resemble granite. I know she is having huge financial issues but I did not think her things would be so run down after just a few yrs of not being Mrs. Morgan and I will not be surprised if next season she has “downsized”.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I just re watched that part of the episode and the “upstairs” looks a little dirty and run down.

      I really don’t think being a Morgan has anything to do with it. I don’t have a maid, or help, my home is always clean and I work all day. Every year I touch up the woodwork and get the rugs and drapes cleaned. Upholstery is every 3 months because I have pets. I’m sure most people here have some sort of cleaning and maintenance routine.

      Sonja just seems overwhelmed by everything right now. That’s probably an outcome of this messy divorce and a 19M bankruptcy and also starring on this viper’s nest of a show. Her home and garden is a reflection of her struggles.

      • Nancy says:

        That i what I like about Sonja. She doesn’t care
        about that kind of stuff.
        What kind of animals do you have?

      • cabbie413 says:

        I’ve said this in past blog posts, but I’ll say it again. I really don’t think Sonja lives there (all the time). I think she lives there for the purpose of filming. Remember last season there was dog poop all over the backyard and it was unkempt as if no one maintained it regularly. Also someone came over and there were cleaning products in her elevator. She also had some art exhibit at her house and someone said they moved all the furniture out of the room and she said “oh..ok..” as if she had no idea – wouldn’t you know if someone cleared out rooms in your house that you were LIVING in? She seemed a bit surprised that it was cleared out.

        Also she always talks about the privacy of her daughter. I don’t think Sonja would want ppl to know where her daughter lives, being heir to a blue blood. If you’re familiar with the area, you know where Sonja lives..also the house has been on the market and there are pictures and blueprints of her floor plan out there on the internet. Doesn’t seem very safe especially in light of how protective Sonja is of her daughter and her privacy.

        Just a thought.. I don’t think she lives there except for the purpose of filming.

      • TLM says:

        I don’t know why, but she never looks clean to me. It’s like her hair and makeup may be done, but she looks like she didn’t take a shower. I definitely feel an “ick” factor about her. Maybe part of it is the constant talk about multiple men and sex. I don’t care if she is sleeping with several guys, but does she constantly have to announce it? It’s in poor taste and just looks so desperate.

        Someone said they thought her countertop might be formica made to look like granite. I don’t think her countertop is formica. It definitely looked like granite to me, and her stove is very high-end, I’m guessing either a Viking or Wolf. Her cabinetry doesn’t look cheap either. All of which makes it irritating to me beyond belief that the women insists on using a TOASTER OVEN to cook in, as if she lives in a dorm room. I have a rickety old Caloric stove that’s 16 yrs old and needs replacing, but I’m trying to push that off for as long as possible. Meanwhile this chick has a stove that has to have cost around $5000, and she’s using a toaster oven. Just pisses me off.

        Now, if her REAL reason for not using the stove is to save on electricity, I could understand in part, but why not just say that?? She never has. She acts like it’s just cool to use a toaster oven. When she starts with her toaster oven rap, I think she sounds like she’s out of her mind.

  89. Rhetorica says:

    Taylor files for divorce?

    • Nancy says:

      I keep trying to figure out your “name”.
      Anyway, I put “Taylor” in the same camp as Jill and LuMan.
      She is a SNAKE. Both Russell and “Taylor” are grifters.
      I hope she will be dropped from the series. The way she treated
      Kim was unforgivable. And of course by her own sister.
      IMHO Kim is another Kelly and shouldn’t be on the show this season.
      I don’t know how Bravo gets any sleep at night.
      Hope you have a fun, pain free weekend.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Kim is a nice kelly. Damaged but not mean.

      • Rhetorica says:

        Hey Nancy! You are exactly right. I thought it was horrible the way Bravo depicted Kim by not mentioning the murder of her fiancee until lost footage. That explained a lot about her behavior. I also thought she was abused by Kyle early on; perhaps only emotional but still abuse. Rhetorica was a fictional representation of ethical speech. I can send you a description & the pic that’s on my textbook if you want to know more. My son’s (then) girlfriend was an art major and drew it. Poor thing, she signed the release & they broke up & she moved to Savannah. How are you doing? I keep asking but we keep missing.

        • Nancy says:

          My Aunt and Uncle are going to be so happy that I “met” you.
          My Aunt is an English prof and my Uncle is a Latin prof in Canada.
          What they would have done to have a daughter like you. They still
          are broken hearted that I chose Professional Figure Skating over
          “A real profession.” I did however get back in their good graces
          when I married George as he did his undergraduate work in the poetry world.
          Now when we visit it’s 3 against 1 but I’m ok with that. We all have good
          fun together. At least my Uncle still plays hockey so we go skating together
          and my Aunt and husband show off with their poetry readings.
          I would love for you to send me a “description and pic”. Thank-you.

      • dsc60 says:

        i really hope when you say kim is another kelly that you only mean for the fact that they both shouldn’t be on the show. IMO kim is NOTHING like kelly. i really like kim even if i feel empathy for her and i feel the complete opposite about kelly.

  90. Amy Matheson says:

    I am watching Ramona smack Luann down.

    WOw… Luann is such a freaking bully, but when Ramona stands up to her you can see her lose under her fake air of coolness. Not everyone is poor Alex you dumb .witch

    I love Ramona. This might be the third time I’ve said that.

    P.S. I hate Jill Zarin, And the cOuntess,

    • Nancy says:

      Go back and watch again. Look at LuMan’s chest. It gets really red.
      Just like Alex’s. I could watch that meeting all day long. I was thinking of sending Ramona flowers today for that smack down. God it felt good!

      • Amy Matheson says:

        LOL. I didn’t realize.

        Her life is the embodiment of karma. Bad karma.

        • Nancy says:

          I’m sure Ramona has been practicing that “speech” for
          a year now. It was worth an Academy Award in my opinion.
          Bravo Ramona bravo!

      • TLM says:

        It didn’t feel at all cathartic to me, since when Ramona got close to saying what she really thought, she backpedaled. It was all, “I’m not saying that!” and “I didn’t say that.” To me Ramona was just tap dancing around what she should have just come out and said.

  91. kellynnola says:

    Did Sonja and Cindy have breakfast at 11:30? That is a bit late.

    • Nancy says:

      Darrrrrrrrrrrrling it’s called Brunch. 🙂

      • kellynnola says:

        LoL I know- I’ve just never been a brunch person. All of my friends and family have always thought I was weird because I can’t understand the idea of eating breakfast food at lunch time. I

        • kotagirl29 says:

          Breakfast food is good any time of the day or night. Two of my son’s favorite supper meals are pancakes, eggs, home fries, and bacon, or dough boys, eggs, and bacon. Haven’t you gone to an all night diner for food at 2 am and had “breakfast”?

          • kellynnola says:

            Of course I have before, but I just prefer having it in the morning for some reason. Whenever my parents would cook pancakes at night, I just never liked having it at that time. I’m a bit neurotic.

            • Nancy says:

              I don’t think you would like living in England. They eat dinner (super)
              very late. 😦

          • TLM says:

            I always thought there should be a restaurant that ONLY served breakfast. I think it would do well.

            Still can’t figure out why McDonald’s hasn’t come up with a way to have its Egg McMuffin available at all times, since the restaurant’s “cutoff” time and its propensity to irritate customers has become the stuff of legend. The moment in the clip where he looks at his watch is priceless. The red and yellow colors at “Whammyburger” are an obvious imitation of McDonald’s, and the hamburger man in the corner an obvious takeoff on Mayor McCheese.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I love brunch! There is something great about sleeping in and still getting breakfast.

        • Nancy says:

          I love going to brunch. You eat breakfast and lunch together. So it’s not like you are eating more. It’s romantic to me as they are memories that I have when I first started dating George. 🙂
          Fast forward to present day. ‘Do you want some coffee?” “Yes dear”
          “Great go make it yourself.” (kidding)

  92. boston02127 says:

    Great blog, thanks. Great posts too.

    Happy birthday VAgirl, hope you had a great day!

  93. boston02127 says:

    At the top of the blog there is a pic of Jill (making a face) and Simon is in the pic too. Is that Kelly in the yellow? Look at her arms.

  94. OneMoreinBoston says:

    sorry everyone, I am not hating Jill so much in this episode. She’s pretty obnoxious just like she always is- but so transparent about it -who even notices anymore.

    I hate Jill for the bullshit she pulls off screen.

    Note to Ramona- LUV U!

    • MAMAZ says:

      I think JZ is doing more behind the scenes manipulation of Kelly, LuAnn and Cindy. They are doing her dirty work and she doesn’t look as bad.

      • Cusi77 says:

        I agree with your theory, Mamaz…. To alienate Kelly there is a little work to do to convince her that Bethenny had knives as a tongue, that she put Kiki’s kid’s in the press, that Bethenny was trying to kill her many times,Etc. Alienating Lulu is just another HUGE step! Paying her rent in NYC? Just another thought…

    • Nancy says:

      I’m going to get killed for this but I agree.
      SOMETIME she can be funny. But then again not so much.
      I feel sorry for her. She has to be so unhappy.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        If you didn’t know anything about her evilness, you would think she’s the life of the party and a lot of fun to be around.

        Then she slits your wrist and sucks you dry.

      • zanne says:

        ita UNTIL you read her blogs then the real Jill comes out. The things she compares are just out there

  95. Amy Matheson says:

    BTW I only caught part of last night’s WWHL (and frankly I still havent seen last night’s episode all the way through) but Andy was a giant jerk for saying that Ramona embarrassed herself dancing hip hop in front of Avery. WTF … I didnt see that.

    Andy seriously … your Skweeze and your bias is so showing. Avery looked like she was having fun. Are you and Jill having a hard time standing it?

  96. Nancy says:

    Did you have fun with your girlfriend? Hope so.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:


      Unless Boston’s shared something with us that I missed (not that there’s anything wrong with it!) I think she went with her boyfriend.

      It was a gorgeous day in Boston too- absolutely perfect weather with blue sky and big puffy white clouds.

    • boston02127 says:

      Hi, I’m here. Sorry the phone rang and I’ve been gabbing. We did go to Water Country in Portsmouth NH. It was a blast. Expensive but fun. We brought a cooler of water bottles and like idiots and no food. A hotdog & french fries was $10!! We split a foot long hotdog and when we left we couldn’t get to a McDonalds fast enough. They have a wave pool and all kinds of slides and a float thingy called the lazy river and you float around the park, it was a lot of fun.

      On the way there we got lost and were on a back street. There was a deer in the street, we stopped to watch it and it had a baby with it. A little fawn with little white spots on it. It was so nice to see.

      • boston02127 says:

        This is a link to the park. This ride was called the double geronimo. We went down and when we got to the bottom my friend said “If there’s a lump in my bathing suit bottom it’s cuz I shit on the way down” (she didn’t, she was joking) We laughed so hard. It was a scary slide ride, it was super high up.


      • Cusi77 says:

        Sooooooooooooooooooooo Happy for you Boston!!!!! It sound like you had a lot of fun! You deserve it, girl!!!!! You are a great raconteur, I feel like I was there!!!

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Glad you had a good time you deserve it!

        • vilzvet says:

          Nice! I think you passed through Amesbury/Newburyport to get there which is where my cousins live. The camping up in the White Mountains is great; they go every year.

          • boston02127 says:

            @ vilzvet—We did go that way, thru Amesbury. We got off on the Salisbury exit. We think we should of stayed on the highway thou. We got lost for a while.

            My b/f and I are going up north to Alpine NH this summer. I’m not sure when. We are going zip lining. I’ll have to look up Alpine & see how close to the White Mountains that is. I’ve been to the W.M. before with my mother & brother. It’s beautiful there. My mother use to take us to Echo lake for day trips. We also went to the bear show at Clarks.

            • vilzvet says:

              Zip lining sounds like a blast, and it’s way safer than rock climbing or horrors, jumping out of a plane which my daughter wants to do for her birthday this year. I will find out the name of the place where my cuzzies go each year; they are professional campers. My brother joins them but is smart and rents a cabin right down the road. We also used to go yearly to Lake Winneapeasaukee for a family reunion. I really love Mass. and NH (except for the snowfall!)

  97. Nancy says:

    They keep on showing Casey’s conversation with her parents right
    after she was incarcerated. What must they have been thinking is beyond me.
    My heart breaks for them. If I were Casey’s mother I wonder if I would let
    her come back home to live. Honestly I’m not sure.

  98. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Maggie is now tweeting Lynn that if she gets her own domain Jill’s name is trademarked and cannot be used without permission. In otherwords, she won’t be able to keep the title.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Then why can she use it here?

    • Nancy says:

      Fine, Lynn can name it Shrill Zarin, ill Zarin, etc.

      • cdninvegas says:

        Okay, Nancy – THAT is funny!!!!!!

        • cdninvegas says:

          oh, and by now, just saying I Hate Jill is enough for most people to figure it out. BTW, isn’t there a site called I Hate Tom Cruise? And how the heck can a person’s name be copywrited or trademarked? No way, no how. Puhleeze……

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            It’s called the Right to Publicity. Basically, every person owns the right to their own name and likeness. It is illegal for you to profit off someone else’s name or likeness without license or permission. But this is only enforced in certain states, and it was my understanding that even then it’s hard to get sued for it.

            The law allows famous people to protect their “brand” from exploitation by third parties. Really, its an anti-appropriation law – the idea is that celebrities have worked hard to create an image that is commercially valuable, so others cannot use that image for their own gain for free. Specifically, it keeps unscrupulous people from using the names, faces or “likenesses” to sell something.

            • Waslurking says:

              But………Lynn isn’t selling anything for one and for two my name is Lynn also
              so…….. should I be reaping the benefits of her famous-ness……… or suing?
              … IHJZ….

        • Amy Matheson says:

          Maggie is a dumb cow.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Are you freakin’ serious?!?! So, are Mag’s and Jill going to call up a lawyer every time Jill’s name is mentioned or is that rule only going to apply to Lynn?

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        I think it means they will try and stop Lynn from naming her own site, like if she got her own webpage called http://www.I hate Jill Zarin.com or something. But I am not sure it holds water. Also, if it did come up and turn out that she is threatening what you said, Lynn could probably prove discrimination as they would have to go after EVERY blogger mentioning Jill or none of them. Not sure even Bobby has the money for that many assistants policing the web!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I doubt that is legally correct. If it were, what’s the difference between a blog title here or elsewhere? They’re huffing and puffing, but there’s several good reasons they want to intimidate rather than litigate.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        Well, we know old Mags reads here or listens to Carly because I think what she means is not the blog title, but the domain name. Basically she is nicely threatening Lynn that if she follows through on getting her own site she will have to get Jill’s permission to name it after her. Just call the site Lynn.com and name every blog I hate Jill Zarin and it probably mutes the point. AND I am still not sure trademark laws even apply here. I just figured one of our many talented minds would know.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          so very true- that’s why I want this partnership to work out, so Jill or Maggie won’t be able to touch Lynn.

          (waving at Maggie-hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Here’s the thing. Somebody already bought IhateJillZarin.com. They are cyber squatting. Meaning that they registered the domain name with no intention of using it but rather selling it for a profit.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Domain showmains. These folks most likely are not constitutional or even copyright/trademark experts. They might be surprised.

          Again, there are reasons they are huffing and puffing. Just coz they say it, doesn’t make it true.

  99. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    someone is suggesting that this may not be the case–that it only applies if the name is used to sell competing products, confusing the consumer. I looked to see if I could find anything–apparently Jill has trademarked her name to sell candles and fabric. It was issued in like 2009. One legal site agrees that trademark infringement only applies if you are using the name to sell goods that are in the same catagory and thus the use would confuse any potential consumers.

    • Nancy says:

      I think the same thing happened on that show called
      “Cake Boss.”

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        But that is a business name, and they agreed to the terms and usage (I think they get to use it for 3 years and then renegotiate). And fits the definition. The store in Florida is called Cake Boss. When the show wanted to use the name it could create customer confusion because the product being sold is the same. So the case went to moderation and got worked out. Not just over a celebrity name.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          Every time you do a Google search of “jill Zarin” this blog pops up, usually in the top 10.

          Jill might have a legal leg to stand on (this is coming, or course, from someone with zilcho law experience)

          IHJZ is violating her Right to Publicity. Basically, every person owns the right to their own name and likeness. I think it is illegal for you to profit off someone else’s name or likeness without license or permission. But this is only enforced in certain states, and it was my understanding that even then it’s hard to get sued for it.

          The law allows famous people to protect their “brand” from exploitation by third parties. Really, its an anti-appropriation law – the idea is that celebrities have worked hard to create an image that is commercially valuable, so others cannot use that image for their own gain for free. Specifically, it keeps unscrupulous people from using the names, faces or “likenesses” to sell something.

          • cabbie413 says:

            Lynn isn’t selling anything. Lynn, and the rest of us are commenting on a reality show. She puts herself out there – does she expect not to get discussed – be it good or bad? We have every right to comment and voice our opinions about a television show.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          If you type in cakeboss.com it leads to a site that has nothing to do with the show. If you google cake boss it shows that cake boss is on TLC or relates to Carlos Bakery.

    • TLM says:

      Trademark infringement and copyright infringement are two distinct things. A trademark or servicemark is a name registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office. A copyright only requires that you be the author of the work. So Duchess, you are correct that branded products and services which are likely to confuse consumers would be subject to trademark infringement. A good example might be the Jerseylicious “Glam Squad” created by a salon that had been affiliated with The Glam Fairy, but no longer was. Both businesses performed the same service of on-location makeup and hairstyling, and they were located within 45 minutes of one another. Since the names were similar and there was a prior affiliation, customers were likely to be confused. This was never litigated, but when threatened with litigation from The Glam Fairy, the salon changed the name of its service to Gatsby to Go, avoiding the issue. The determination of infringement very much depends on specific facts in each case.

  100. jeepers1941 says:

    OK LYNN HUDSON, where are you?????????

  101. Amy Matheson says:

    Jerry Maguire is on. I forgot Jay Mohr was in that.

    Why do we care who Andy is again?

  102. Peggygee says:

    Hysterical Lynn! I am laughing my ass off. I guess I won’t need Jill’s faux girdle. It’s certainly BS what she is putting you through.
    She’s a dentist, music mogal, plastic surgeon and director why wouldn’t we expect her to rewrite the constitution. If she had it her way freedon of speech would only apply to her fans. (Boy are those ten people lucky.)

    P.S. Kelly can’t brush her hair because her head is mush.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      “If she had it her way freedon of speech would only apply to her fans. (Boy are those ten people lucky.)” OMG! I think I just broke something i laughed so hard!

  103. Mookies1mom says:

    If you google Jill Zarin vs. I hate Jill Zarin you get two very different results. With IHJZ of course Lynn’s blog comes up first but there are other many other sites that come up just on the first page. Seriously, I think this is just a lame attempt by Jill and her camp to try to intimidate Lynn (and us as an after thought) and it’s not going to work. Just like the repeated reported “violations” to wordpress haven’t worked for very long either.

    Hi Mag’s and Jill!!!! You can keep trying but it’s not going to work!

  104. Viewer1234 says:

    The witch’s blog is up at Bravo. Maybe you already know this?

  105. Nancy says:

    This is mean but sooooo funny.
    Carly said in her (and Lynn’s) radio show last night that someone tweeted her
    (in ref: to Jill having a “brain” scan)
    ” Oh please tell me it’s true Jill is finally getting executed”

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      wth was that?

      I’ve seen it 2x now and I don’t get what that was all about. To prove Jill has a brain?

      • boston02127 says:

        Jill mentioned something about that doctor checking her memory. He should of looked out the window.

      • Nancy says:

        First of all it was FREE. So Jill could care less what is was.
        It measures brain wave patterns.
        What really made me mad was that she invited Sonja and made
        a play date out of it all for air time.
        Why does she insist on wasting these professional’s time?
        (or anyones time)

  106. FlowerPower says:

    So just for fun, I went online to read a bit about this whole trademark thing that MonkeyMags is so sweetly sharing with Lynn. I’m not a lawyer, never dated a lawyer, don’t know any lawyers, but it would be interesting to talk to one about this stuff.

    From http://www.bitlaw.com/internet/webpage.html:
    Trademark concerns:
    A trademark is a word, image, slogan, or other device designed to identify the goods or services of a particular party. Trademark infringement occurs when one party utilizes the mark of another in such a way as to create a likelihood of confusion, mistake and/or deception with the consuming public. The confusion created can be that the defendant’s products or services are the same as that of the trademark owner, or that the defendant is somehow associated, affiliated, connected, approved, authorized or sponsored by trademark owner. Since most web sites will contain discussions of products or services, web site developers should be aware of the potential trademark issues.

    Discussing the trademarks of others. There is nothing inherently wrong with the identification of other party’s products on a web page by using their trademarks. Nonetheless, some parties have made inappropriate claims of trademark infringement every time they see one of their marks on another party’s page. Sometimes, however, a web site does violate the trademarks of another. Web page designers should avoid trademark usage that might cause confusion among viewers as to the source or sponsorship of the web page. Such use might well constitute trademark infringement.
    [end quote]

    This whole trademark thing is fascinating really. The thought of JZ going nuts over this blog just cracks me up. Petty of me, I know, but it does. I think her little monkey is just blowing smoke, banking on their ability to intimidate and bully (hey, it apparently works with Andy and Bravo, so why not Lynn). I would love to tack “I hate Jill Zarin” onto every user-name and post on the site (even if just for a day), just to send the message (again) that she can’t blame Lynn for the reaction to her own behavior. And no matter what the domain is called (and really, why would Lynn want to limit herself by tying a domain name to Jill Zarin? It’s only in Zarin’s warped little mind that Lynn is obsessed with her and is only successful because of her. Ha!) people hate Jill Zarin (or Jill Zarin’s behavior) BECAUSE OF JILL ZARIN (AND HER BEHAVIOR!!!!!!).

  107. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~No way!! RT @NaughtyNiceRob “Omg @JLo and marc split!”

    Give Jennifer a call & suggest doing a music video with her to cheer her up, I’m sure she’d luv that. Show her LuAnn’s video as a reference. Bwhahahaha.


    Jill’s tweet~~~@KathyHilton @realgingerzarin and @AllyZarin in hamptons this week. Can we come over for playdate with tinkerbell @ParisHilton

    Give Paris a call too! I’m sure she’d luv hanging out with you. You 2 can try on each others cloths and trade stuff. Don’t forget to give her a free skweez girdle. Bwhhahahahaha.

    Jill Zarin you’re so needy. You’re a needy, insecure, clingy, desperate, selfish, lame, fake, lying, pathetic, annoying bi*ch.

  108. Sam says:

    Okay, here’s my take on the lawsuit issue: even if Jill has grounds to sue, she probably won’t want to spend the $$$$ to do so. Legal fees can be astronomical for cases like this — more than what Jill would receive from a favorable judgement — and then there’s the lost time to consider. (Depositions etc. can take hours, and time = money.)

    I once had a very good case against someone for plagiarism (I’m a book author), and when I found out what it would take to sue I let it go. I think this is what Jill (if she does have a case) would do as well.

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t be so sure. This is Jill we are talking about. What Jill wants is what
      Jill gets. (Until Bobby’s money runs out) She will obsess over this 24/7!

      • Sam says:

        Too true! Jill won’t stop obsessing over this, and she does have a tendency to get what she wants. But I’ve heard that Zarin Fabrics isn’t doing too well right now, so maybe Bobby will have to say “No, not this time,” when it comes to paying lawyers.

  109. VAgirl says:

    I just want to thank everyone here for wishing me a Happy Birthday. I just got back from P.F. Chang’s and it was great. I don’t go there very often because it’s usually mobbed, but my daughter made reservations for us and we only waited a few minutes. I got an organic agave margarita (yum), some lettuce wraps (yum) and some spicy chicken. Didn’t really have room for dessert so could someone send me something later? Oh and for gifts my hubs gave me one of those poolside chairs that’s very comfortable, my oldest daughter gave me picture that I’ve had my eye on, and my youngest daughter gave me some margarita glasses. It’s been a great day.
    Oh, and Lynn if you need any monetary donations to retain a Lawyer to give you advice about copyright issues or anything else that Jillzilla throws at you, I’m sure there are many here who would be glad to contribute, including me. Boy, I’m feeling that margarita. Whoopi!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Birthday cake coming!

      • Mookies1mom says:

        From up thread: Sorry for the late cake delivery! I hope you enjoy the chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream and chocolate ganache!

    • boston02127 says:

      VAgirl—Sounds like such a nice day and your family sounds so nice. If I could I’d send you a big pretty cake. I’m glad your b-day was happy.

    • Nancy says:

      VA Girl,
      Sounds like you had a great day. 🙂
      I’ll throw some money in too. With pleasure.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Sounds like you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY! Salud! You deserve it VAGIRL! Many happy returns with health and love!

    • Sam says:

      I hope it’s not too late for me to wish you a happy birthday too!!!! I’m glad you had such a wonderful dinner, such terrific presents, and such a potent margarita! 🙂

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Happy Birthday VAgirly!

  110. chismosa says:

    VA- happy birthday- i was last week – so many Cancers on this site! All the best to you—

    Hi everyone– to Lynn- i cannot believe how crazy this has gotten with Jill and her assistant & all her other minions. I applaud you for the steps you are taking to get your own site and hopefully it will better than ever. I’m still catching up on comments so i hope i did not miss anything with regards to this casino being caused by Jillousy.

    I just have this feeling, along with what happened on WWH with my LOVE OF MY LIFE Jeff Lewis who i adore now more than ever bc he said he would ‘kill’ Jill out of the HW’s- and then the showing of the ‘amazing’ Jill and how she can do ‘everything’ – Andy seems to really be getting Jill back. I am hoping that this is a faze-out of her and the NY women in order to make room for more fun and more legitimate upper-society NY hw’s- or at least more fun- like Sonja and Ramoner breaking into dance during ‘no wire hangers!’- how cute was that scene!?

    Anyone catch two things?:

    1) Cindy pronouncing Atlanta. I cringe for anyone from that city. She is so gross. As a businesswoman she should have so much shame for her god awful accent. Why did she not take some diction classes or something?
    2) Jill filling out the paperwork for her lobotomy? She checked off LOW SEX DRIVE, and ANGER. i can find out the rest of the things she checked out if i watch again but wanted to see if anyone caught that!

    Again, support and love to Lynn and Q- who keep us so well-fed here !

    • cabbie413 says:

      I thought QuincyIL quit the blogs

      • chismosa says:

        wait, what? When did this happen? And who is “Ima” – i’ve asked below but no one answers. OMG- what happened to Quincy? Sorry to hear this, hope it was not under some sort of negative consequences. Yikes, sorry i was just so used to thanking Quincy and Lynn for their work here… sorry

      • neroes says:

        Quincy is in Ct. helping her daughter who gave birth this past Sunday to a baby girl. She tweeted this morning.

      • Nancy says:

        Congratulations Grandma Quincy.
        We have missed you. Did you hear
        FLG last night on Lynn and Carly’s radio show?

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Yes, I laughed at that pronunciation of Atlanta as “Atlanter.”

  111. Queen Butter Bean says:

    Wait a minute – there’s more than one person in the world with my name. I just did a quick search – there are several Jill Zarins born at different times, just like there are a ton of Lynn Hudsons and Andy Cohens. You can’t “trademark” a person’s name – I get that there are legal issues when folks are posing – but that’s not the case here at all.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      You mean there’s more than one Butter Bean? Like a whole pot of them???

      • cdninvegas says:

        Bwahahha – late in Vegas but just had to say 2 u KG that your comment was pretty damn funny – sigh, living in the Entertainment Capitol of the World and my bestest fun comes from y’all.

    • Nancy says:

      There is another “me” at the same hospital I work in.
      We have even received each others pay checks.

      • Waslurking says:

        I googled myself once just for shits and giggles…… cause my last name is “very” different.
        Laugh was on me………….the only thing that came up was my mom’s obit. Not much of a giggle at all.

  112. boston02127 says:

    O/T—If anyone has read the book called The Help, they are doing a story on it on 20/20. It was such a good book.

    • chismosa says:

      Boston i heard that the primary maid ( i never read the book, just heard this)- is suing the writer of the novel. Heard it’s a great book, but i never see movies of books i’ve read so i’m waiting on the movie for this one.

    • Nancy says:

      Thanks boston. It’s on at 10pm out here. I’ll let you know what I think of it.

    • VAgirl says:

      The Help is on Ramona’s summer reading list, according to her newsletter.

    • Waslurking says:

      They have made a movie about it too.
      Wish I had a kindle……….. but $ and all.

  113. Nancy says:

    Whale Wars is on tonight. (Animal Planet)

  114. Peggygee says:

    OMG Boston-hysterical
    Sam I agree with Nancy. Bobby’s money is no object when it comes to Jill’s hobby-herself.

    • Sam says:

      Yes, you’re right — but I’ve been hoping that he’s been hit hard by the current state of the economy, because it would be terrific if he finally put Jill on a budget. Can you imagine? “Sorry, honey, but you’ll have to get rid of at least six of your flying monkeys. We just can’t afford them anymore.” Ha!

      • Peggygee says:

        You are hysterical. I can’t wait for an opportunity to use the line about the monkeys.

  115. kellynnola says:

    I’m watching Jerry Maguire on Bravo & haven’t seen it since 1996. LoL I’ve been watching so many movies this week as my husband has been working his ass off late every night trying to make partner at his law firm.

  116. chismosa says:

    i know it’s a quite night typically around now but can anyone tell me who “Ima” is with regards to her and Lynn getting together on the new website? I don’t see any info on this person in the blog above?

    And i’m sorry but no one ever explained what an ‘asshat’ is? i know it’s by Rich Amons with the two legs/thighs and vagina with a hat on top. But why is it a picture of a vagina? Is it a term for asshole? thanks to ANYONE who bothers to answer me~~~~~!!!!!!

    • chismosa says:

      i meant ‘quiet night’

    • boston02127 says:

      An ass hat is someone who is dumb. Someone who has their head up their ass. That’s where they get the pic from, someones ass as a hat.

      • chismosa says:

        thx so much Boston! Next: why is Quincy gone? or where can i go to find this out- which blog- do you know? so sad

        • chismosa says:

          disregard please, someone helped me above. thx anyway

        • VAgirl says:

          Let’s see if I can explain this. During th 4th of July or thereabouts after Lynn’s blog got mentioned on RHNY, all of a sudden Lynn and Quincy and others were received really, really nasty twitter attacks about being sued and all such other nonsense. It got really really bad and I think it got to Quincy to the point that she said she was quitting never to return. The next morning she came on the board an apologized. Right after that she went to visit her daughter who has since had her baby. I don’t know if Quincy will be coming back to blogging on the board, but I hope that is the case. Quincy if you are lurking, we miss your perspective on things. Also, IMA is Ima Just Saying, who has a blog called TVTime 101 and let Lynn post her blog on there Thursday after Maggie, Jill’s assistant, report Lynn to WordPress for some type of violation. Maggie has been doing this on a daily basis. Lynn will be getting her own domain so she will not have to deal this in the future. Hopefully. Hope this answers all your questions. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong about anything.

          • chismosa says:

            VA you are the best – thanks so much. Yes i went to TV time to check it out the other day. But Lynn will get her own actual domain, not via another site i hope, i.e. a WordPress, and then a blog within it that is hers.
            Thanks so much for your help

  117. Indy501 says:

    I love the idea of an anti-fan club get together. Love Vegas!!
    Don’t worry about trademarks for domains and names. In trying to market myself as a realtor a web consultant told me the importance of words to pull up specific sights. The more we incorporate certain words in a blog (not necessarily together) the sight will pop up higher in the search engine. I’m sure Lynn will be able to incorporate some of those “”secret words”” into her blog and voila! And don’t forget sometimes we have to change the “secret words” to be more topical any given week.

    Regarding LuAnn’s choice of jewelry…..big jewelry is in. Has been for the last 3-4 years (trust me, it was my prior career). Also, when we were in NYC a few weeks ago that’s all I saw in shops and boutiques. I didn’t say she picks out the cream of the crop, esp her latest neckpiece. She’s also a bigger woman and dinky jewelry, well, would look dinky on her. I don’t think the ex showered her with the kind of stuff Jill and Ramona have.

    Ok, no one has mentioned it but what was up with all that underarm hair. I thought I was going to puke. Julia Roberts? Really? Was it a set up for the gift certicate to Cindy’s pube boutiques?
    Pass the eye bleach , please.

    Had a freshly made Skinny Margarita tonight. Delicious!

  118. Waslurking says:

    Re: Jill’s blog………..
    “Once again, we see Alex defending the indefensible when she gave in and agreed about the boys being able to drink when they are 17 years old.”

    Um did anyone watching that think that Alex was agreeing? LOL LOL She was so obviously just letting it go…………for NOW!

    • AF says:

      Agreed. Alex was quite clearly against the idea of her children drinking at 17/18, but I got the sense she realized it was not an argument worth having at that time. I mean, their children aren’t even close to being 18, so what’s the point in fighting about it now? I personally thought it was a smart move on Alex’s part.

    • VAgirl says:

      You’re right. Alex NEVER agreed with Simon. She just gave him “the look.” You know, the one that says we’ll talk about this later.

    • Error404 says:

      A. Bravo clearinly showed Alex not agreeing
      B. I, and probably many others too agree with Simon, so Jill is off her rocker if she thinks most agree with her “indefensible” party line. I am Jill’s age, and we could both drink at 18! Seriously, she needs to look at why she hates all drinkers with such a passion. It’s creepy,

      • Cusi77 says:

        Alex word were, to the best of my recollection, “17 plus 4” . Jill if that is too much for you to add 17 + 4 = 21! You NITWIT!

      • TLM says:


      • Nancy says:

        Hi there. I wonder if one, or both of her parents drank too much?
        That would explain a lot.

        • HD says:

          TLM you are right. She needs to get a hobby. Also like Simon said I never understood why an 18 year old could go to war, carry a gun, kill another man in a war but can’t come home and have a beer. It never made much sense to me.

  119. Error404 says:

    Hey everybody. What a day what a day what a day. Never-ending guests moved out today! We just got back from theirs and helping them set up their beds etc… We’re exhausted but so happy to be home alone again. Even simple stuff like being able to park the car in the garage again felt so good.

    • VAgirl says:

      Yay. Now your life can get back to normal. And didn’t you say you were moving soon too? I don’t envy you on that!

      • Error404 says:

        Yes! We’re actually taking all of their boxes after they unpack. LoL but I hope we don’t move soon now as I’d like to enjoy the house again for a bit before everything gets all crazy again.

    • Waslurking says:

      Glad you are home………..alone.
      Have missed your posts and humor.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Congratulations Error!

      • smompy says:

        Yes, congratulations…and this means your guest room is now available, right? And BTW what’s your street address again?

    • Dawn says:

      I’m sure that you’re experiencing immense relief at the ability to enjoy your home again. You were very kind to host your friends for such an extended period of time. I’m sure that LuAnn would have done the same for Alex, Simon, and the chums were the situation such that they needed a place to stay. 🙂 After all, Jill says they shared such a friendship prior to Simon’s betrayal.

  120. VAgirl says:

    Oh, I forgot to tell y’all this little story. On the way back from eating out tonight, my daughter said “I’m going home and put on my P Jay Jay’s.” We looked at each other and she said, “That didn’t sound right did it?” and we all burst out laughing. My SIL told her not to use Jay Jay after any word unless she is talking about one specific thing. I thought it was worth sharing.

  121. Waslurking says:

    More from Jill’s blog……
    “My jaw dropped when I heard Simon refer to LuAnn as Countess with the “o” removed. See you next Tuesday? OMG! What a horrible thing to say about your castmate and friend of the last four years.”
    ……….ummmmmmmm really? Cast mate yeah, but friend for 4 years……..LOL LOL LOL

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yeah, it’s like calling a fellow castmate and friend of the last 4 yrs “a f–king bitch.” What a hawwibal thing to say. Who would do that, Jill?

      • Waslurking says:

        I’m so hoping all things get brought up during the reunion since all the cast members got the rest of the season cd’s (or whatever) prior.
        Let the games begin……

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      and I guess it is alright to call a castmate a f**king bitch?

      • Cusi77 says:

        and telling to friends and producers “look at her socializing above her social level”!

        LooseAnn told Alex they have never been close, before bashing her of what they could talk about? Like they have nothing in common… NOTHING? Just appearing in the same show, salopard!

      • Waslurking says:

        No sh*t! ……….

      • MAMAZ says:

        I honestly think I’m going to cry. I can’t understand why any woman would defend calling someone that word. No matter who the woman is or how much you dislike her. It’s beyond offensive. I feel like our old friend Squirrel who left because people insisted on using the word retard.
        Now I really am crying.

        • smompy says:

          Don’t do it, MAMAZ! Please don’t let someone else’s use of one word have that much power over you. I understand how you feel, but any word is only as powerful as you let it be. Please don’t ever let something like this make you turn tail and leave this blog. You’re too important here!

          • Mookies1mom says:

            Please don’t leave MAMAZ! I don’t like that particular curse word either and believe me I can cuss like a sailor. But like smompy said “any word is only as powerful as you let it be”. You add too much to the blog to leave!

        • Cusi77 says:

          Mamaz, dear, what word you are talking about…. the countess “O” i could never found a definition? Is that that bad? I am sorry… do not cry… is that word like the one Squirrel refused to accept? Any tiny hint?

          • Cusi77 says:

            Ohhhhh my! Simon went out of line here… a gentleman NEVER should use that word even if you don’t like LuAnn, you don’t put yourself in that low level!

          • Waslurking says:

            if this gets through Cusi…
            the word was cunt……….is there a word in your language/culture that is so offensive
            as it seems to be for Americans? The UK throws it around like sparkles …
            I don’t think it’s misogynistic, I’m not proud of it………but I’ve used it with person or
            two over the years.

        • Waslurking says:

          You can’t believe that other peeps have a different opinion of the use of language
          then you? I’m all about agree to disagree but you are making a massive issue
          out of it. As for Squirrel……….. she now bashes the fuck out of Lynn.
          Is that where you want to go because a few of us disagree with you?

        • Waslurking says:

          People didn’t INSIST on using the word retard. She was the one that went ape shit about it and thought she could change the entire world’s use of it…… plz. Many posters attempted to be more than sensitive but she kept beating a dead horse and preaching to the choir.
          Why cry? Just a word…………it only has the power to hurt you if you let it.
          BTDT…………over it.

        • AF says:

          MAMAZ, I’m sorry this is so upsetting for you. I understand, as I have personally been called almost every hateful word/phrase in the book: n****r (I’m biracial), fat b*itch, whore, c**t, dyke (even though I’m not a lesbian)…the list goes on and on. I was once told that I was too ugly to live. I’m not even kidding. So, I really do understand where your emotions are coming from. But, I also believe what others have said – words only have as much power over you as you let them.

          However, that doesn’t mean that you should be okay with the “c” word. You should continue to speak out against its use because it’s obviously important to you. I just don’t think you should let yourself be so upset, particularly since I believe most of the people here agree with you that it’s an awful word.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Did someone here actually defend the use of the C word? Or just call Jill on her hypocrisy, which is what I saw. Those are two different and distinct things. The latter doesn’t equate to the former.

        • MAMAZ – I am sorry I was not here earlier to say don’t go!! Please don’t!

      • TLM says:

        #getahobbyjill !

    • Dawn says:

      Friendship requires the involvement of two people. LuAnn’s behavior toward Alex and Simon was never one of a friend.


    Speaking of cat, Lynn PLEASE BLOG ABOUT THESE SLUMS, the Salahi’s. This blogger is trying to the word out. http://askmissa.com/2011/07/11/tareq-and-michaele-salahi-virginia-wine-tour-fraud-following-the-money/ They went to court this month.

  123. Adgirl says:

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split


    • VAgirl says:

      It’s been a big day for couples. MA and JL split. Taylor and Russel Armstrong split. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo got married.

      • TLM says:

        This was the first I heard of the Taylor Armstrong split, but I’m kind of wondering why it took so long to happen. Maybe now Taylor can propose to Kyle. LOL. In all seriousness, I wonder if she’s going to stay in that house or move into a Lauri Waring-style townhouse with her daughter. I can only hope this will be the start of a reinvented Taylor and that she gets help for her drinking, puts on 20 lbs and gets that dumb implant removed from her lips.


    If everyone could pass this link to you blogs you visit, then maybe there will be no more victims of the Salahi’s http://askmissa.com/2011/07/11/tareq-and-michaele-salahi-virginia-wine-tour-fraud-following-the-money/

    • Cusi77 says:

      I don’t know about Lynn, but if it were my option I will never give this couple the time or the day of my attention they are craving for!

    • Adgirl says:

      The Washington Post has covered them extensively. There are a ton of stories about them scamming charities with their fake polo fund raisers and stiffing vendors. They need to be in jail.

  125. smompy says:

    I finally got around to listening to Carly’s last broadcast with Lynn…it was very cool to hear LavaLady and FLG on the air! I despise my voice and could never do that, but you two sounded great. And maybe it’s just me, or the fact that I’ve only seen that one picture of Carly, but she so reminds me of that English actress, Rebecca Hall. At least the way Rebecca Hall looked in the movie I recently saw her in, “Please Give.” And of course they’re both named Hall, so….

  126. Dawn says:

    I agree that Cat would be a great addition to RHONY. Her life experiences paired with her activism would make for an entertaining and interesting storyline. Much more compelling than Kelly’s current storyline (which leads me to ask- what storyline)? and a definite improvement over Cindy’s. LuAnn doesn’t have much to offer besides a rebellious teen and a former title that she’s still attempting to milk, (with weak results).

    I hope that the powers that be take a serious look at the suggestion. Ratings would surge as a result of the new interactions and alliances. Let’s see Jill and Cat go toe to toe! Perhaps a burgeoning friendship with Sonja or Alex? I have to believe she would display a zero tolerance for Kelly’s antics.

    I haven’t watched the last two episodes of RHONY and it used to be a must watch program for me. Add Cat to the mix and I am back. Oh, to witness the ensuing conflicts.. Ratings would definitely increase!

    • VAgirl says:

      I agree RHNY has been very painful to watch this season; however the last two episodes I think have been the best. Maybe because the turdy girls are getting some back of what they’ve been dishing out all season. It definitely needs some serious tweaking if they want it to stay fresh and watchable. Same for RHOC – bleh. I don’t know if that’s worth trying to save.

  127. Thedesigndiva says:

    I am not a lawyer BUT I did stay at a Holiday Inn once….
    All kidding aside…just a quickie….If Lynns site is basically named after an EMOTION how can Jill claim copyright to it ???

  128. Happy B D VAgirl!!! I still have 3 minutes in my time zone to wish you that – hope it was great.

  129. Just a question buttttttt – if Lynn isn’t making any money off of the name Jill Zarin – what can she be sued for? There has to be a loss by JZ in order for there to be grounds for a legal issue. Lynn makes no money off the name – JZ loses nothing – no issue.

  130. VAgirl says:

    I’m off to sleepyland folks. Good night!

    • cdninvegas says:

      nite nite. Hoping yur hangover is not too vile. Think “toaster oven eggs benny” with a side of mimosa (sans the conference call) when you awake tomorrow. That or refreshed PFC lettuce wraps. Don’t forget the chipped tea cup…..

  131. Waslurking says:

    Happy …..happy………….happy birthday to Vgirl!
    And all others I’ve missed…………
    PARTY ON!!!

  132. AZ Girl says:

    I know it is late. I am catching up. I just read Ramona’s newsletter and she once again gave Lynn and plug which is really cool. I just copied and pasted the plug WITH THE LINK! to our lovely home.

    If you haven’t already visited this blog, you must! I love Lynn of Chicago’s blog! They crack me up every time.

  133. cdninvegas says:

    Lynn!!! You probably are going to break a comments record tonite. It’s 10:25 here in Vegas (PST) and you’re rapidly approaching 1,000 comments. Everytime I refresh my email there’s another 20+ comments. Mucho congrats! What a coup for you and a very real validation that the endlessly entertaining, yummy stuff you provide for us (we? grammar?) HW addicts on a daily basis is much appreciated. A SGM/RPG toast to you and major kadooz for such a wonderful hootenanny of rather sick enjoyment. Love love love u….and tres thanks for your recaps/commentary and stable of equally entertaining posters….think I’ll need a L’nC/IHJZ intervention sometime soon….off to chaw on some gumberries….delish with a Kellaid chaser….. 🙂

  134. Nancy says:

    Good night everyone.

  135. Thedesigndiva says:

    I think Jill needs to JUST GET LAID…… and then get on with IT…….and OVER IT…
    So Jill…. PLEASE if you are reading this blog…… There are way more IMPORTANT issues in life for you to deal with….Is this really how your parents raised you ?? To have such contempt for people that YOU NEED inorder to maintain your…and God fogrgive me for this POI POI…your celebrity status…… Remember the same people who propped you up can also make you fall and fail…


    • chismosa says:

      Diva- she checked off ‘low sex drive’ in the questionnaire for the brain test she was having done. Among many other ailments she checked off, including Anger…. and Attention problems.
      So here’s hoping she starts an awful menopause soon (sorry i know it’s mean but i can’t take what problems she’s causing our Lynn)

  136. I actually got a comment posted on a Bravo blog!!! I am a little disappointed because week after week I try and those previous (attempted) comments were sooo much better. Oh well, I made the cut this time – yippee

  137. boston02127 says:

    Good morning ☼

  138. Mommy Smurf says:

    I commented on Bravo….I’m sure it will not be posted…..anyway, someone commented on Ramona having Turtle Time, which in their opinion is worse than a “classy” video, and could not understand Avery being embarrassed about the video and Ramona choosing Avery’s feelings over the video. When on the other hand they stated Ramona was not worried about Avery’s feelings during “turtle time” and such…..basically calling her a hypocrite. (Im on pain meds so bear with me…..cuz in my head this comment makes sense!). So, I commented that I’m sure Avery (just like EVERY teen) is always embarrassed by Ramona, but I believe the Ramona actually went to Avery and flat out asked her if she should do the video and Avery said it would embarrass her….well the blogs are going crazy about how that could embarrass Avery with all of the other antics Ramona has been invovled in. Well, I blogged on Bravo that I believe the route of the embarrassment stems from the fact that the song is beyond cheesy with middle aged women dancing around like idiots COUPLED with the complete lack of self awareness that these women display…..they seem to think they are actually Klassy and Kool! Now think of how you were when you were Avery’s age…..would you DIE if your middle aged mom was in a music video “thinking” she looks cool…..when actually it is so embarrassing to watch that you can’t make it all the way through (i was too damn embarrassed that I honestly have only seen a few seconds). Now imagine Avery’s friends asking her about it…..how.freaking.embarrassing. Okay, lets picture Avery’s haters….goodness gracious she will be tortured. So, let me sum up the novel I just wrote, I think she was mortified at the thought of her Mom dancing around in a cheesy video while trying to act cool……like the moronic brunettes! ******disclaimer******** I was under the influence of Percocet (kidney stones) when writing this so be nice…..cuz like I said, in my head it made perfect sence.

  139. kaeth says:

    God this is a horrible place. You’ve created a place that exists solely to hate on one human being. How old are you? Even if she is the worst person in the world, which is arguable since they’re all catty bitches, you’ve both brought yourself down to her level by doing this and you’re just giving her unasked for publicity.

    This is like…high school, but worse, because I doubt you’re IN high school. And Bethenny follows you, honestly I really thought she was wronged party last season but if she’s throwing her weight behind a hate site on the internet she’s just as vile, Bethenny you’re just as vile as this woman is saying Jill is if you’re supporting it. I mean god, do you have nothing better to do then to spitefully talk about another human being? Talk about needing a hobby…

    -a normal person who has seen a couple episodes and who’s life doesn’t revolve around loathing someone i’ve never met

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