I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Big Brother / Dr. Drew

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Big Brother / Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Real Housewives of New Jersey by LynnNChicago

It’s still Christmas in New Jersey and the parties continue.  Melissa and Joe Gorga’s party is still going strong.  I feel like I have to say, “I told you so” to the Gorga’s when Kim G won’t shut her mouth because I told them that they should have made her leave with her friend Monica last week.

Monica was gone but rather than just enjoying the party and being happy that she wasn’t kicked out on her butt, Kim G talks to anyone who will listen about Teresa and explains how the altercation that Monica and Teresa had at the courthouse was Teresa’s fault.  Well no kidding Kim!  The point is when you’re in her family’s home it doesn’t matter who was at fault, did you really think they were going to take your side against family?

Kim gets loud and obnoxious causing Caroline to step in and tell Kim that she’s out of line, the discussion escalates to become loud and alerts Caroline’s son Christopher who comes over and gets in between his mother and his best friend’s mother, Kim G.  It is clearly time for Kim to leave.

Before long the entire Manzo family is involved as Chris takes Kim outside and tries to reason with her, Caroline had already told her to leave so the only Gorga’s Kim was going to party with from here on out was the ice sculptures of Melissa and Joe in the front lawn.

I think that Kim G was simply invited because of the show, I think that if Teresa had her wish and Melissa had never been a housewife filming for Bravo Kim wouldn’t have been invited.  I guess every party has to have it’s conflict on Housewives.  Melissa is impressed at how the Manzo boys came to their mother’s defense and hopes that her boys will do the same as adults.  I admit Caroline can certainly be proud of her boys and their appropriate behavior.  Chris immediately took it outside and Albie backed off when told to let his brother handle it.  These boys aren’t just looking for a fight, they instinctively did the right thing.  Impressive.

Once Kim G is gone and everyone is calming down, Christopher worries that his friendship with  Kim’s son would be ruined after many years of being close despite the fact that Caroline never warmed up to Kim.  Last season Caroline refused to even have lunch with Kim G.  Christopher’s phone rings, it is Kim’s son, his best friend proving that Kim G is a horrible bitch because the first call she made after leaving the party was to her son.  Why involve the boys Kim?  This woman is pure evil with the brain and maturity of Kelly Bensimon.  They both have the emotional age range of 13-15.

Teresa and Joe had left the party shortly before the drama started but paused in the driveway to watch the fireworks.  Teresa tells us she doesn’t know why Kim was kicked out but is just happy she did get booted.  For once, I agree with Teresa.

It was nice to see that Teresa and Melissa buried the hatchet and even danced together at the party, even with the Kim G drama the party was a success.

The next party on Christmas eve is Teresa’s and the piece of garbage Joe Giudice is vulgar and swearing in front of his children while they discuss their daughter, little Gia, getting a cute little ring from a boy at school.  Joe tells his 9-year old that he’s going to kick the boy’s ass and asks her why she’s wearing the ring.  Poor Gia, things will only get worse for her as she gets older.  As Chris Manzo tells us, no one is going to want to date the Giudice girls because of their father.

Teresa interviews that her sister-in-law Melissa may have the Gorga name, but she’s not a Gorga.  This is after she claims she wants to make things better between the two families.  Teresa’s parents seem to be doing all of the cooking while Teresa tries to walk in her 8 inch heels and her baby daughter tries to walk in a huge elaborate gown.  Little Gia is reprimanding her little sister for getting too close to the candles and Joe Giudice wants to know why he has to spend time with his wife’s family.

Over at the Gorga home, they discuss the upcoming party at the Giudice’s, Joe expresses his distaste for spending his holiday with Joe Giudice and his family while Melissa insists that they have to go there for at least a little while.

The Gorga’s children are crawling around and looking adorable and surprise, their daddy isn’t swearing up a blue streak or being inappropriate in front of his kids.  Joe Giudice, take a look at how a father should act in front of his small children.

The Gorga’s arrive at the Giudice home and Teresa has the nerve to criticize Melissa’s outfit while her vajayjay is hanging out of her ridiculously short skirt.  Teresa is very proud of herself for wearing an ugly feather jacket over her dress to hide the fact that her boobs are hanging out, Melissa’s dress was perfectly fine while Teresa’s was way too short.

Kathy’s scenes are limited tonight but we watch as her family prepares for Christmas Eve dinner with some really yummy looking stuffed mushrooms.  The Manzo’s are also preparing Christmas Eve dinner with Caroline running her kitchen like a well oiled machine.  The boys are in from Hoboken and use their college educations to count the number of guests and chairs they will need.

Teresa’s dinner is well underway as Joe Giudice sits at the kitchen island not lifting a finger to help but making really nasty comments about his brother-in-law but even worse are the things he says about his sister-in-law Melissa.  He calls her a “racoon” and includes her sisters and her family in his ranting.  I have no idea who he is talking to but he is wearing a microphone so his mumblings are clear but just to ensure viewers know that his vile mouth is running, Bravo puts his words on the screen.  This man is really disgusting!

Poor Jacqueline, her storyline is all about her daughter Ashley and the struggle that she is apparently going through having two families.  What a dilemma, poor Ashley has two complete families who love and support her, who care about her and want her to spend time with them.  We learn that this is the first time that Ashley has been with her mother for the Christmas holiday’s, she apparently typically spends time with her father in Texas during the holidays.

Clearly Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have spoiled this girl over the years and have created this monster but at 20-years old, it is time that this girl take some responsibility for her actions and her attitude.  Ashley is trying to paint a picture of a step father who simply throws money at her but doesn’t give of his time and attention.  I don’t think any of that is the case, Chris Laurita has been in Ashley’s life since she was 5-years old and was their only child for many years before their son CJ came along.

It is obvious over the past three years watching Chris with his step-daughter that he cares and is trying very hard to do the right thing for Ashley, yet she is ungrateful and seems to want to slam Chris and Jacqueline every chance she gets.  Tonight she tells us that she wishes Chris wouldn’t just throw money at the problem, last week Ashley told us that her mother likes to create and get into all the drama.  This girl is awful!  Sorry Jac but she is!

Caroline’s radio show is apparently in full swing and her topic of the evening is divorce and how it affects the children.  Chris Laurita calls in to ask for advice, he obviously has issues with his step-daughter.  It seems a little selfish of Chris to take air time when so many New Jersey residents are in need of Caroline’s help, as her brother, Chris could just call her anytime to ask for advice.  (yes that was sarcasm)  Obviously Caroline immediately recognizes her brother’s voice and tells him that he has done a great job with his step-daughter and should be proud of himself for his efforts.

The parties continue as Kathy prepares dinner and is expecting Melissa and Joe for dinner but the Gorga’s are at Teresa’s planning to leave early and head over to Kathy’s house.  This is obviously going to be an issue when the Gorga family attempt to leave before enjoying the dinner Teresa’s parents prepared, yet Kathy is expecting them too.  Utoh!

Next week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey it is STILL Christmas, and there is more cooking and gifts and kids as the festivities continue….

Caroline Manzo and Willie Geist joined Andy Cohen last night on Watch What Happens Live.

Caroline managed to get another underhanded dig in at Teresa when asked if she really believes that Teresa wants to make up with her brother and sister-in-law.  Caroline hemmed and hawwwed and refused to answer the question which clearly said that Teresa wasn’t trying to do the right thing.

Caroline also sang the praises of Joe Giudice which surprised the hell out of me.  More on WWHL tomorrow, right here at IHJZ!

Big Brother 13 Episode 8    Nomination Show Recap  By Shannon

 We picked up with interviews from the houseguests regarding Cassi’s eviction. Shelly is upset because she knows that her voting with the veterans to get Keith out, helped play a part in Cassi leaving. Jordan is sad because she really didn’t want Cassi to leave, but leave it to Rachel to kick someone when their down as she tells us that Cassi can watched the rest of the season from home, while Rachel is still playing the game.

 Since Rachel is HOH, the butt kissing begins. First, we have Adam trying to cut a deal, even though he’s already had a deal but backed out of it during the first week. He throws out Kalia and Lawon’s names hoping that she will put them up. Next we have Lawon pleading his case. He tells them that he is on their side and then rambles on and on until Rachel is ready to just take a nap. He leaves feeling good, but Brendon and Rachel both comment about not trusting him.

 Finally everyone gets to hear Dominic snoring. If you have the live feeds this is something we have known about since the beginning. All the houseguests tease him, and he really is a good sport about it and takes it well. We see Jeff throwing stuff at him trying to make him stop.

 Luxury Competition

 Rachel comes out of the diary room and informs the houseguests that there is a luxury competition and informs them that there will be no Have or Have Nots this week. Which draws a lot of cheers from them. They head outside and and see a red carpet leading to a small stage. Adam, who is a 90210 fanatic, is all excited hoping it’s Tori Spelling. As a man walks out and asks them how they are doing, the houseguests all start looking around and wondering if they are the only one who doesn’t know who this “celebrity” is. He informs them that he is on a new CBS show called Same Name and he has the same name as a International Superstar. He explains that the show is about trading lives for a week with a celebrity that you have the same name as. They will be giving clues as to who the International Superstar is and the first one who guesses it will win.

 The first clue is three bars of soap and opera binoculars. As the houseguests all stand around trying to figure out the clue, Jordan, who is constantly put down for not being very smart, put together that the soap could be Bay soap, and the binoculars would be used to watch something. So she thought of the TV Show Baywatch and went into the diary room and guessed David Hasselhoff. The second clue is a microphone. Brendon guesses Michael C. Hall from Dexter, and as he is coming out of the diary room he notices Rachel telling Porsche a clue. This infuriates him and leads to a huge fight later on. If Rachel did give Porsche the clue then she was trying to make her look stupid, because her guess was Michael Jackson. Since he is dead, it would be really hard to change lives with him for a week. Adam is trying to come up with a soap star that is also a singer and guesses Ricky Martin. Lawon guesses Barbara Streisand, we didn’t get to see how he put that together. The third clue is a man wearing a Knight outfit carrying a lifeguard float. Jeff runs in and guess Mike Knight, followed by Rachel guessing Keira Knightley. After a few more guesses by the houseguests they hear a car and go out to the back yard and see the car Kitt, and out steps David Hasselhoff.

Everyone was ecstatic to see him. They inform him that he is the first person they have seen, other than each other, in over 20 days. They take him on a tour of the Big Brother house. They show him the Have-Not room and he jokingly admits to being there once. Everyone gets the joke that he is talking about rehab. He announces that Jordan is the winner of the Luxury Competition and she gets to pick 3 people to view his upcoming episode of Same Name. Jordan picks Jeff but then shocks everyone by picking Shelly and Kalia.

 Rachel is furiously that she didn’t win and wasn’t picked to go and immediately heads off followed by Brendon complaining because she helped Porsche. Rachel starts with her fake crying and pouting saying how he is putting pressure on her and he starts threatening to leave. They continue to fight as Jordan, Jeff, Shelly and Kalia are watching the TV show. Brendon gets mad thinking about it and decides that they should put up Jeff and Jordan since they didn’t pick them. Considering that they are in a game, it wasn’t a good move by Jordan to not pick them, when she knows how emotionally they play.

 While Jeff, Jordan, Shelly & Kalia are watching the TV Show, Dominic goes to Brendon and Rachel and they make a deal to work together with Daniele. Dominic runs and tells Daniele that they are 100 percent on his side now. Daniele made it her mission to get Rachel to put up Jeff and Jordan. She had already been planting seeds trying to turn them against each other.

But in the end Rachel decided to nominate Adam and Dominic. They both think they are not the target and are being used as a pawn. We will see when the POV is played for and if the nominations stay the same. Gonna be a exciting week!


 The live feeds have been great for the last two days. Alliances are broken and people are turning on each other. Will make for great shows on Wednesday and Thursday. I can’t wait!

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew by BB

Last we were at the Pasadena Recovery Center, Steven Adler was leaving, upset with Amy Fisher and calling her a liar and bamboozler. Shelley is trying to talk him into not leaving. Back in group, Amy kind of admits she has an alcohol problem and Dr. Drew encourages her to look at the drug and alcohol piece of her life. Steven walks back into the facility and says he is not going to let Amy mess up his recovery. Dr. Drew, Shelley and Dr. Sharp talk to Steven, who says he has been lied to and bamboozled by his band and his mom, but he realizes he has to live with it. Dr. Drew says no more attacks on Amy and Steven agrees. Steven says his sobriety is really important to him. Dr. Drew and Steven hug. Steven apologizes to Shelley and even to the camera. Dr. Drew says if he continues to be aggressive towards Amy, he’ll have no choice but to discharge Steven.

On day 11, Shelley rounds everyone up at 7:30 a.m. for morning meditation. Shelley asks if everyone to identify themselves. Amy finally says she has a problem with alcohol. During meditation, they talk about resentment and anger, then they go to group. Steven tells Dr. Drew he has something to say to the group. He apologizes to Amy, says he has issues and he’s sorry he took it out on her. Everyone is proud of him for saying it. Bob asks the group what’s motivating them to stay sober. Has everyone hit a bottom by having their careers ruined, losing their family and friends, having their freedom taken away from them?

Steven says he is exhausted from 20 years of being a drug addict, he regrets it, and it makes him sad instead of being pissed off. Bob asks Bai what is motivating her to want to stay sober. She becomes very upset and says she wants to blame men for making her drink and have sex with them, but knows she messed up her career big time. She says people think of her as a bimbo and she is not. She says if she doesn’t stop, she is dead. Bob tells Bai she doesn’t need to be dating at this time. She says she will be lonely, but the group tells her she should be hanging around with other women who do not drink. Bai walks out of group very upset and goes to talk to Shelley, telling her she is destroying her life.

Sean leaves group and goes to find Bai. She finds her, hugs her and tells her she is not a bimbo and is a talented actress. Shelley tells Bai to sit down on the bed and get back into her body. She is having an acute anxiety attack. Sean and Bai go back to group. Bob tells the group not to re-traumatize themselves over and over. Bai says she wants to change and that this is serious for her. Bob tells the group that whatever has happened in their lives, it can’t dictate what happens in the future unless they let it. Family weekend is coming up and the residents are calling their loved ones about it. Michael calls Kate Major, his ex-fiance. While the phone is ringing, he repeats over and over “please pick up, please pick up, please pick up” and “please be sober, please be sober, please be sober.”

Shelley knows she is an addict and says his calling her every day while she is in her addiction is counter-productive to his own recovery. During the phone call, it’s obvious Kate is high or drunk. She strikes out at him about Lindsay. Shelley says Michael needs to concentrate on himself and doesn’t need the outside stresses. He hangs up on Kate and Kate calls him back. In the one-on-one session with Dr. Drew, Bai talks about her time in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. She was 14 at the time and tells about being sexually abused by the various leaders. She tells Dr. Drew that she didn’t know at that age what was appropriate and she even felt sorry for them because they were alone and not with their wives.

Dr. Drew explains to Bai that what they did to her was not OK and that he does not forgive them for what they did to her even if she does. He suggests to Bai that she write in her journal about what happened to her in Tibet. Dr. Drew says Bai’s story is devastating and that her victimization was so severe she identified with the victimizers. Bai has a long way to go in her recovery.

On day 12, the patients go to a facility called Homeboy Industries, run by Father Greg. It’s the largest gang intervention and rehab facility in the country, and offers everyone without hope a second chance. They watch a video about some of the residents who are there to answer questions. Their stories are very moving. These people never had a chance. They dealt, from very young ages, with parental abandonment, parental drug use, being used as dope dealers as children, youth pregnancy while using, seeing their families get murdered in front of their eyes, and being rejected by their families when they were on their last leg. Bai asks one of them how they got their life back. He said he was tired of living a meaningless life. The celebrities are blown away by their stories. Dr. Drew says if they can get well, he can help people get well, too.

No matter how difficult life becomes, there is always hope. Michael’s ex Kate calls him. Sugar answers the phone and tells Michael “Crazy” is on the phone. He comes to the phone and Kate wants to know why he hasn’t called. He says it’s because he can’t take it anymore. Kate says there is a huge situation about the car. Michael has flown Kate there for the family weekend and Shelley and Bob know there is going to be drama. They listen to the phone conversation. Kate is obviously on something and can’t understand what Michael is telling her. Michael hangs up on her. Bob then asks Michael what he is getting out of that relationship. Bob tells Michael his kids need him and want to know that he’s OK. Bob says he doesn’t care about all the numbskulls and chaotic people in Michael’s life; he only cares about Michael. Bob tells him to get Kate and the other chaos out of his life and focus on himself so he can help his kids out of the chaos in their lives. Bob tells Michael he needs to stop causing himself chaos. I agree that Michaels seems to thrive on chaos and drama.

Day 13 and family weekend is the next day. Everyone is looking forward to it. Michael has invited Kate, his ex. She calls him and tells him she’s not allowed to go to the dinner unless she checks herself into rehab that night. Michael is upset about it. He goes to Shelley and says if Kate’s not drinking or testing dirty, there is no reason she can’t come to see him. Michael says prescription drugs are allowed by the visitors. Shelley says if Kate needs to go into rehab, she needs to go into rehab. Michael tells Shelley to test her and the rules say if she tests clean, she can come to visit him. Michael is upset and tells Steven and Dwight he’s leaving. They try to talk him out of it. Michael is saying if he has to abide by the rules, then the staff has to abide by the rules. Michael asks Steven if someone did this to him, what would he do? Steven says he’d be upset. At that Michael goes to Shelley and says he’s leaving if he can’t speak to Dr. Drew immediately.

Great job on Big Brother and Celebrity Rehab ladies, thanks so much for the great recaps!  I think Big Brother gets my blood pressure rising as much as some of these Housewives do, Rachel has to be the most annoying person on the planet and her trained lap dog Brenden is an absolute moron.

If you missed Carly and me dissing on the New Jersey Housewives last night you can listen here:


Tonight is the first part of the New York Housewives reunion, I can tell already from the preview video’s that I’m going to be infuriated by the left couch, join us here to chat during the show!  Then be sure to click on the above link to listen in as Carly and I recap the whole thing on “Carly Hall Presents..”  immediately after the show.

Until Next Time….

p.s.  Thanks everyone for all the love and support especially over the past 24-hours.  It’s been challenging but knowing that you’re all still here and with me for the long haul makes it all so much easier and worthwhile. I promise to keep the drama to a minimum and get it together with some stability.  I will explain everything very soon. The change returning to this site was unexpected and abrupt for all of us but you all have been so great and I thank you with all of my heart.  xoxo Lynn~

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  1. Melinda says:

    You know I am a fan for life!!! I love your blogs and no matter where they “park” I am there!

  2. IndianaHousewife says:

    Good morning everyone! I took the weekend off was spending time with family and cleaning the house. I was really surprised to read what happened. Lynn I really feel bad for you right now, you are extremely popular and have loyal readers, the last thing you need is this drama. I wish I was more computer literate and able to offer my help.

    I am looking forward to the reunion tonight.

  3. boston02127 says:

    Great blogs—Thanks Lynn, Shannon & BB.

  4. RealMinkey says:

    Lynn, was last night just a dream??? You mean JR is still alive???

  5. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    Thanks for the recap Lynn. Looking forward to the reunion tonight.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Thank you Lynn for the Blog! I admire you very much! Even in the darkest moments you keep your composure and sense of humor! Thanks BB (kissing your ring..muahhh)Lol.
      Thank you Shannon!

  6. boston02127 says:

    HD—-Your last post on the last blog….Well said.

  7. Mel says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I think the other blog was truly using you to get hits for their site. I had a strong feeling tv101 was getting a number of hits because of your popularity…..and when you were trying to get more lead way to customize your blog she got threaten. am i right? I hope you are able to get your “own” website with no partners, that way you have full control. HOpe you are able to get that hooked up with so ad’s as well…..to at least get paid for all your hard work.

    Interesting show last night. For once i actually liked Melissa and Joe on the show. Melissa did the right thing at the party and she is slowly adjusting her attitude. Teresa’s husband needs a muzzle. I don’t think he said those things exactly at the moment last night at the xmas thing…it looked pretty edited as his mouth wasn’t moving haha. Even though, i think the her hubby needs to cool off and let his wife handle the situation with her bro. KIm G is truly pathetic and is embarrasing her son and herself.

    • klmh says:

      I was wondering about that Mel. I didn’t see Joe’s mouth spew those vulgarities about Melissa either.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Can I say ditto to everything? 🙂

      Lynn, no matter the circumstances your followers will follow. I may not comment as much as I like because of work, but you give us an outlet to talk about Bravo reality and other reality programs here. Thank you for that.

      What exactly does Joe Giudice do besides sleep all day, sit all day or not lift a finger to do anything????

  8. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Hi everyone~great blogs & pics as usual, thank you!
    I missed NJ wives last night but will catch up eventually.
    This blog is so much easier to read & respond to Lynn. I hope you have more control of your blogs soon.
    Glad we are all together still. 🙂

  9. boston02127 says:

    I’m quite sure I heard Gia say that her ring was a purity rings (also known as an abstinence rings) which I thought was odd for her age.

    • Shut the front door! How old is Gia now? If that is something a family chooses to do shouldn’t the child be of an age to have a good grasp of what purity/abstinence mean? Even if they have discussed this with Gia (I believe this education needs to begin early so I am ok with that) shouldn’t this ring/contract wait until she has a more mature understanding? I am sure they just wanted to give something beautiful to her and T thought this would be a good “spin” but it kinda made me upset. I like Gia and just worry where she will be headed with those two as parents.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Her family didn’t give her the ring. A boy from school gave it to her. I think Gia called it a purity ring to get her family off her back.
        Purity rings aren’t really a Catholic thing. I suspect this is something Gia hears her friends talk about at school. The indoctrination starts really early. Some churches have ceremonies that are almost like weddings with fathers presenting the rings to girls Gia’s age. It’s very creepy.

        • Thanks MamaZ! I can always count on you to explain things.

        • Error404 says:

          Ok, how old is this kid? Because I thought most kids her age thought the opposite sex was “yucky”. Who’s this crazy stalker boy giving out rings to girls who should still be believed to have cooties? Is she dating manny from modern family?

        • boston02127 says:

          I was surprised that Gia and her friends would even know what a purity ring is. When I was her age I was still playing with barbies. Isn’t she only about 10 or 11?

          • MAMAZ says:

            A boy gave me a ring when I was in third grade, lol. He pushed me on the swings during recess. And that was longer ago than I care to admit.

            Gia is right around the age girls are first indoctrinated into the “purity” thing.
            Don’t get me wrong I’m all for kids waiting to have sex until they are mature and in loving relationships. But the purity concept doesnt stop anyone from having sex and IMO can be very damaging to young girls. It doesn’t teach them to have a healthy approach to their sexuality. It’s all about shame and guilt.

            • HD says:

              Gia is the perfect age 10-11 to start talking about purity, her body and sex. You don’t have to have full blown conversations but you can start around that age. I know 11 years old that have had sex, 12 year olds that are pregnant and the list goes on. (I’ve worked with a lot of youth). If you do not teach them by the time you get to it, they have seen it on MTV, BET, heard it from their friends, it has beens sexted to them, etc. The naive parents are typically the ones whose daughters are now on 16 and Pregnant.

              • viki55 says:

                Totally agree. Well said HD!

              • TLM says:

                Agree, but I think the answer is teaching personal responsibility with info about contraception & disease, free of morality judgments and “purity” rings or promises. When I hear about these father-daughter ceremonies or girls pledging their purity to their fathers, I want to retch.

            • BessiB says:

              In third grade, we played spin the bottle, and the looser had to go in the closet and kiss – peck kiss. And it may not have even been on the lips, I don’t remember.

          • JenFromCincy says:

            “I was surprised that Gia and her friends would even know what a purity ring is.”

            Two words, Boston: Jonas Brothers

          • Error404 says:

            At the time this was filmed, Gia was 9.

            She goes to a good school in an affluent neighborhood, has 2 parents, a live in grandma, and a stay at home mom. To talk about her like she’s an ” at risk” teen is a bit silly IMHO, but ita it’s never a bad thing to talk openly to your kids about reproduction.

            Of course, it’s ter and juicy were talking about. It’s no wonder the kid is talking crap like purity rings considering her dad’s reaction. Still, I wouldn’t want my 9 year old accepting rings, no matter what you call them. And then there’s grandma, who probably told her to ask for the ring just to make another girl jealous. These people are pigs.

            • HD says:

              Error I am cracking up!! All the things you listed is like that makes them exempt from having sex. And quite frankly the fact that you have a vagina and have hormones make you “at risk”. Yes, affluent teens screw as well. Not having a two parent home, a good school or money. For every HOOD CHICK, which is what I got from your post that is hot to trot, I can show you an AFFLUENT CHICK that is just as hot and giving it up. Don’t get it twisted!

              • HD says:

                * Not having a two parent home, a good school or money doesn’t make you screw any more or less than someone with money. (sorry I was laughing so bad and shocked by your silent implications I didn’t even complete my thought.)

              • Error404 says:

                Sorry, I thought “at risk” meant getting pregnant when you didn’t want to because of ignorance of contraception, choices, your future prospects, etc… I had no idea that “at risk” = having safe sex when you want to. I’m so twisted.

              • TLM says:

                That took me aback for a minute – Error has a vagina? Oh, ok, the generic “you.” LOL.

        • BessiB says:


        • Thedesigndiva says:

          CEREMONIES….Geez does it ever stop..
          My father had the talk with us girls..
          It went something like this….
          As long as you live under my roof and I provide for you , ,,,,, you know the rest of the story…..
          Wasn’t that ring the knock off of Kates engagement ring you can buy for $19.99….
          Bet some Mother somewhere is PISSED cause she can’t find her ring…..LOL LOL…..the little boy is thinking..Ring?? what ring ??? Really Mom…do you think I really want to wear a girls ring….!!!

          UT OH….busted on Nationa TV…..YIKES…..

  10. Lynn – I want to thank YOU for keeping our IHJZ family together and adjusting to everything going on. You have a whole bunch of followers (cyber-stalkers?) including me that will follow wherever you are and hope knowing that will keep you going when things get . . . rough? annoying? frustrating? Just send up the smoke signal and we will find you. Honestly, if it weren’t for this place I would give up all Bravo programming (except Tabitha, Bethenny and Top Chef). I need our support group to get through all the other shows. You’re the best thing to happen to Bravo TV since Bethenny!

  11. MAMAZ says:

    I don’t know what happened over at TVTime but I’m following wherever Lynn goes.
    Maybe it’s time for Lynn to find a place of her own. I’m thinking the only real obstacle is that Lynn is not as tech savvy as Ima was. Sadly I’m not either. Is there someone on here that can help Lynn realize her full potential as a blogger?

  12. Error404 says:

    Hey, anyone know what time the reunion aires? My tv guide keeps saying it’s a repeat of lulu’s tugboat & plastic flowers party.

  13. shiny14 says:

    Wow – I go away for just a few days off the grid, and you move? Is this like the story about the kid coming home from camp to find out his parents moved? Just kidding – and anyway, you left a forwarding address. At least we all get out old rooms back, until you find our brand new home. No rush, Lynn, you need to unwind and put your feet up for a while after all the whirlwind. Thanks for continuing!

  14. Error404 says:

    Ok, just a teory, but what if….

    Teresa was trying to egg on crazy juicy to off Mel and go down for it. Then her and joe could be together forever like they were meant to be.

    First howie and cindy, now this… Was flowers in the attic andy’s fav book?

    • Amber...Real Housewife says:

      That or Petals in the Wind. But it’s more like Children of the Corn! LOL These folks are nuts!

  15. AZ Girl says:

    AZGirl checking in….Well busy night last night and I missed the party. Looks like everyone made it back here o.k. even the trolls. Now that the troll posts are deleted I am confused on what went down but from the posts it looks like you all took care of it.
    Loved that Kim G. got tossed out of Melissa’s party. Time for that woman to disappear. Joe G. and Teresa did step up and left when they should of. I would be curious and kind of hang out to see what went down.
    I love Rich and Kathy and their family. Rich is a funny guy.
    Chris’ response to Ashley question was perfect. He loves her but does not like her behavior. Ashley really does not understand how great she has it.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I can’t stand Kathy and Rich! He’s vulgur and she’s sneaky. Why was she listening to Kim G bad mouth Teresa? She should have been the one to toss Kim G not Caro.

      • RealMinkey says:

        I agree with your assessment of Kathy and Rich. The more screen time they get, the less I like them. But then again, I don’t really care for anyone on this show. For the most part, it’s only a matter of the degree to which I dislike them. Except maybe the Manzo kids, and in their case, I’m totally indifferent.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Yes, it is not in stone that Kathy has to make up with her cousin. Sneaky like Melissa’s sister who was also attached to Kim G like poo on a shoe.

      • Error404 says:

        Sorry, but if it was Mel & Joes house, no one but them can throw out a guest, even if they are bad mouthing your evil cousin who just refused to accept your offer to make up for no other reason that she’s a bitch.
        Caro was her typical rude entitled self. You don’t throw others people’s guests out of their house. Period.

        • Scorpiosue1102 says:

          Agreed! Caroline should have gone to Melissa and Joe instead of feeling she was entitled to do what she did.

          • IndianaHousewife says:

            I agree, as a guest in someones home your only option is to leave yourself. You do not throw others out. You could politely remind them this is not the time or place. I could see Caroline acting on Dina or Chris’s behalf if it was in their homes as they are all brother and sister but that’s it.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I know Rich is vulgar. For some reason the vibe I get from Rich is more like he going for the “shock” factor for the show whereas Joe G. vulgarity is just part of his personality. Kathy is trying to be relevant. They are the “outsiders” in this group. IMHO.
      I really hope that Jac hands Ashley the front door and kicks her out. Ashley needs tough love in so many ways.

    • TLM says:

      I know. I wish Chris could adopt me. I could use a new car.

  16. Lynn,
    I dont reply often on the blogs. but truly enjoy reading your blog everyday! It doesnt matter where your blog is located; I will faithfully read and follow. Thank you for all the interesting blogs!

  17. nancy says:

    Lynn. Sorry for all the crap you have been going through. Just know we will follow you where ever you go. Great blog.

  18. plainviewsue says:

    Am confused as to why the blog is back on word press, but whereever you are, we will find you! I actually do like this site better, but aren’t u gonna have to deal with Mags now?

    As for NJ, I’ve said it before. I am really enjoying this season. Yes there are people I still hate (Ashley, Joe Guidice and of course Kim G), but this show is such a pleasure compared to the angst of NY and those horrible brunettes.

    I loved that T and Melissa were dancing together, but why does Teresa have to made that dig about M not being a true Gorga. Kathy’s family is the best. I love her children, her mom’s story made me well up a bit and Rosie is truly gonna be featured more. She is a riot. Wish Richie didn’t curse so much, but you can their love for each other.

    Chris Manzo was very impressive. I didn’t think Caroline needed to go out there cos he was handling it. Kim G is a desperate vile woman (sound familiar??)

    Ashley is an ungrateful brat. She should move to Texas and live with her other family.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Ashley is an ungrateful brat but it made me very uncomfortable when Chris called Caroline’s show to talk about her. That’s a private issue. I know Ashley complains about them on camera but she is immature. They are the adults and I don’t think they should have done that to her. It was insensitive.

    • i~heart~talavera says:

      Ashley will be an ungrateful brat no matter where she is. She’s of the “the world owes me” school of thought. Hate!

    • TLM says:

      Never saw Chris step up like that. Bet Albie will have more competition for dates now. We women are funny that way.

  19. IndianaHousewife says:

    I have to admit that I was wrong (yes it hurts). Last week I was really annoyed with Kathy about how she kept going after Teresa at the party. I did not feel that she offered an olive branch by repeatedly saying to her “It’s nice to see you”. Well last night watching the rerun I heard her say “Teresa, no I mean it is really nice to see you, I want to talk ….” then Teresa cut her off. This is not an exact quote. So now I stand humbly before you, Kathy was trying to talk with Teresa, not just standing there poking at her with the same comment.

    • MAMAZ says:

      But they had already exchange pleasantries. Kathy should have let it go. She could have waited until later in the party and made small talk. Or called her a few days later and said “it really was nice to see you”.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        I absolutely agree with you she should have walked away. But at least she wasn’t standing there poking Teresa to get her to explode by saying the same sentence over and over.

      • Error404 says:

        She should have let it go because Teresa didn’t have her notes, felt ambushed, wasn’t ready to make up then, and was feeling like she was done with Kathy. Hmmm…. I can’t wait until ter shows up uninvited somewhere, demands to make up with Kathy, and then spends the year blaming someone else for not letting it happen!

        • MAMAZ says:

          She should have let it go because it’s bad manners to cause a casino at someone elses party. She should have let it go because they are family and while their Bravo “fame” is fleeting they will continue to be family when t’s gone. She chose to buy camera time over consideration of Teresa’s feelings. She was willing to disrupt her dear friend Melissa’s party, I’m sure she thought Teresa would go BSC when she tried to force a make up. She is no better than Teresa. Just wilier.

        • Adgirl says:

          Error, your theory is preposterous. No one would act like that.

  20. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Thank for keeping the blog going Lynn. As usual another great one=)

  21. kellynnola says:

    Hey Everyone! I’ve been busy lately. Lynn-glad you are back here.

    Kim G is such a shit stirrer & I’m glad she finally got what she deserved.

  22. boston02127 says:

    Well, I’m off. Nice short day today, yeah. BBL.
    Have a good morning everyone.

  23. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bravo punished viewers with this season of RHNY – viewers made it clear that Kelly had to go, that LuAnn was boring and that Jill was a vomit inducing, two faced, backstabbing bitch….yet they were all brought back and shown to be worse than ever. Tonight we get Reunion Part 1 and even Andy gave a heads up that the girls are very talkative – which means questions don’t get answered, they all talk at once and it will be one big casino that even Santa can’t fix!
    When did RHNJ become more fun to watch than RHNY?

    • Debating if I even want to watch tonight. I find ZERO enjoyment from a group of people yelling over each other and nothing being said. However, I think with a double SGM and our support group, I will start watching. I can always turn it off and just read the comments here. I, too, am finding NJ more fun and I never thought I would say that!

    • plainviewsue says:

      That’s exactly how I feel! So much more fun, even with its drama. Its because no matter how much Teresa or any of the NJ housewives make us roll our eyes, it is NOTHING compared to the antics of Jill. And Lulu and Kelly of course. But Jill will remain the queen bee of the true mean girls of NYC! I’m planning on doing some relaxation exercises before watching tonight. And who the hell is Jill to yell at Ramona YOU’LL HAVE TO ANSWER TO ME!! Who the hell are YOU Jill? Why is it Alex can’t defend Ramona, but you are the housewife police officer!! I hate her so much!! Forget the exercises, bring on the Xanax!!

      • i~heart~talavera says:

        “And who the hell is Jill to yell at Ramona YOU’LL HAVE TO ANSWER TO ME!!”

        I love this because it’s one of those moments where JZ looses her fake composure and shows us who she really is, and that she hasn’t changed at all. Not even one tiny bit.

        It boggled my mind that in the end of the season finale, Bravo put in writing that she really has changed. Um, wha???? Her lawyers must have been in on that edit. Or she psycho-dialed poor Andy until he gave in.

    • Error404 says:

      Having Kiki back was huge mistake, no question.

      Having Jill back could have worked had she indeed changed, or gotten her comeuppance. Instead she was even worse than before, basically doing what she did to bethenny to both Alex and Ramona this time. Miss Andy repeatedly let her walk all over his balls throughout the season, on WWHL, on twitter, in the press…

      It was actually kinda fun to see lulu desperate and at her lowest, and exposed for the fraud she is. I think having her back was a good idea.

      Whoever hired Cindy should be fired.

      • susanssnark says:

        so agree with this…
        I cannot stand Jill ok That being said…Cindy is just…eww. She sits there with her mouth half hanging open,hair in her face staring ahead while her children are being raised by nannies. She is a nasty control freak who won’t even let the babies dad relate to them in his own way. I do not find one positive quality about the woman. Not one thing I can say I like about her. She is just like many of the nasty Japs I went to high school with.
        Fire whoever hired Cindy= AMEN from me.

  24. WindyCityWondering says:

    Where do these Jersey girls find the clown gowns they dress their little girls in?

    • mich_in_mich says:

      Good question! You know they weren’t cheap either. Kinda ironic don’t you think that Teresa’s butt was barely covered and her daughters are covered in tulle and taffeta from head to foot.

    • Error404 says:

      Pretty sure Ter stole little Aeioudriaeiou’s gown off a statue of the blessed virgin down at st. Guido’s of the bloody eye catholic church.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Those dresses actually serve two functions…
      One ..to show how CLASSLESS tree really is
      Two….to dust mop those gawdy ass marble floors she has…..
      Tree little ones are truly ” dust bunnies “

    • TLM says:

      You may be sorry you asked. http://cillasebastian.com/

  25. Indy 501 says:

    Tried posting last night. This is a test.

    • Indy 501 says:

      Ok my post last night never made it. It was a long one. We’re with you Lynn.
      Gotta go. See you tonight.

  26. viki55 says:

    I am so glad we are back home. I wasn’t comfortable at the other site. Thanks Lynn!! I hope all is well.

    • BessiB says:

      Me too.

      I wonder if it may have been because there was so much pissing and moaning over what we did not like or what was missing, that we were finally showed the door…

      I am especially glad that we don’t have the share the blog stats (most of the 149.000 was probably ours) and this site comes up on Google.

  27. GlamB0t says:

    OMG this site has more entertainment than this season of RHoNJ! Ha! I’m sorry it didn’t work out over at the other place.

    Please e-mail me if you need ANY assistance getting hooked up with your own domain, self hosted WP site, or anything. Even if you just have any questions, please let me know. I just helped a friend do the exact same thing (move from wordpress to her own self hosted WP site) and I would be more than happy to help you out also. You’ve entertained me SO much, it’s the least I can do.

    Haven’t watched NJ yet, but can’t wait for the NY reunion tonight!

    We should start a “walk off” pool. I have JZ for 2 “fake storming off the set” occurrences.

    • The walking off drives me insane! Every reunion someone has to be a drama queen but it just makes them look stupid and immature. And it is not authentic or unique any more so just stawp it! OK, that is another check in the “don’t watch this mess” column.

      Excuse typo’s (except for stawp, that was intentional)

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        We have to excuse Jill getting up – she has to adjust that squeezer stuff so she can breathe and yell at Ramona! lol

    • mich_in_mich says:

      Ha! Anything to make the reunion less painful to watch. I’m so thankful Bobby led me to Lynn and all of you. Last year I was so aggravated after each segment of the reunion I couldn’t fall asleep . I like your idea of a reunion game. We could keep track of the “buzz words” the blondes are going to use in their smear campaign. I’m guessing “hate blog”, “mean tweets”, “inauthentic” will be used a lot.

      • GlamB0t says:

        Ha! I love that. I’m on the Pacific Coast, so I miss all the fun, but will be here watching the banter! ❤

        The walk outs are just so ridiculous. The best was when KooKooKBB walked out of season 2 reunion and B said: "Next she's going to tell us that she's an African-American, Asian woman. We're never going to find a resolution." SOoooooo funny.

        I think the blonds will stay put, I've seen JZ walk out once in a promo, but will give her one more because she's, well Jill Zaren. ha ha
        Buzz word predictions: Tweet/Tweeting, Gracious, and Genuine

      • mich_in_mich says:

        yikes!!! not enough coffee i meant keep track of the smears against the blondes lol

      • Queen Butter Bean says:

        Don’t forget “CLASS”!!!!

    • kbinldo says:

      I think if, from this point on, anyone tries the “I’m packing up my toys & going home” attention-getting routine, they should be escorted out the door & the door locked behind them. Do that once & you’ll be amazed at how soon attitudes are adjusted.

  28. OT: I am the worst friend ever! I have to leave to help pack up my best friends house (she is very ill and moving to be near family). I just want to hang here all day. Someone needs to scold me. See you all this evening!

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Nope not a bad friend, you are human. Is bound to be a hard day for you both physically and emotionally. Good luck, see you tonight!

    • i~heart~talavera says:

      Sounds normal to me. Packing/moving is NEVER fun. I hope things turn out okay for your friend. Good luck today.

    • BessiB says:

      Real friends don’t ask friends to help move. Or take them to the airport.

    • OT (Again): I have returned early – be careful what you ask for: Got to friends house and had to take her to ER. She is not one to like someone hovering so after 3 hrs, she kicked me out. That, and after I started crying she started crying and apparently crying is not helpful! Thursday we are off to the University hospital for the umpteenth time and am praying for some answers. Thank you for letting me vent here. Will remain on topic the rest of the day (I’ll try anyway).

  29. i~heart~talavera says:

    Thanks for the inside Big Brother scoop, Shannon! I was so relieved that Brachel didn’t nominate Jeff and Jordan. I was going to be very upset. I cannot believe what a sore loser Rachel is. She is just a complete joke – that child-like pouting is beyond annoying. And hiding in the bushes when she lost last week? Please! So WHAT if Jordan didn’t pick them to share the luxury prize. She probably needed a break from her whiney, screetchy voice. I think Rachel was just acting out because she can’t stand to lose a competition.

    Can’t wait for the next episodes. I wasn’t going to watch as soon as Rachel stepped on during the first episode because I didn’t think I could stomach her, but I’m glad I stuck it out. It’s getting really good now!

    • Shannon says:

      I really think Rachel and Brendon both need to get some counseling. I’ve never seen people their age act so much like children when they don’t their way. Well……..other than Daniele.

  30. BambiBaby22 says:

    I just read the first few paragraphs of the blog and I just wanted to share of couple of my thoughts. First, Caroline was o WWHL and she said it wasw Christopher who called Johnny after the whole Kim G thing, and I think what the viewers saw was Johnny returning Christopher’s call.
    Second, I believe there was valet parking at the party, so Teresa and Joe were waiting for their car and that’s why it seemed like they were hanging out in the street.

  31. kdf says:

    I’m very confused by the blog change but just glad I could follow and not miss all the good stuff!

    I couldn’t reply on the other site, but yes, I am following Lynn from Japan, which means Lynn is truly intercontinental!

  32. HD says:

    Lynn, I am very glad that you are now going to do you! I still stand on what I said in the beginning, you can do this on your own. I think this is the Universe’s way of pushing you into your destiny. It never gets old watching a flower blossom. 🙂 I look forward to lynnhudson.com. You can do the damn thing! Just Nike says, JUST DO IT! It’s long overdue!

    Also…and I don’t care who likes it or loves it or hates it, I am gonna say this one thing, EVERYONE can not always go with you on your journey. Even those you think are closest to you! I am a very observant person and I have not commented much but I read EVERYTHING. You have some people around you that are consummate shit starters and have starting shit down to a science and it is a true turn off for new people. Don’t let anyone eff up the “brand” that you are forming. Now, I’ve said my piece. Love ya!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – Lynn you are becoming a brand and need to see that some of your peers are not comfortable with your success and recognition. While you don’t walk this path alone – you alone do control your destiny in this arena.

    • Amber...Real Housewife says:

      Sometimes the ones that are closest are the ones that are the most jealous. Do they cheer because it is expected? You can have some ( success) but don’t take too much! God Bless the child that has it’s own!

  33. IndianaHousewife says:

    Is anyone else playing the drinking game tonight, and what is the word going to be……I am thinking of going with mean twitting or wine.

    • Error404 says:

      How about: take a drink every time someone interrupts another person speaking?
      We’ll be shitfaced by 10:15!

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        LOL – you got me with that one.

        • mich_in_mich says:

          Or for those who want to stay sober …. take a drink everytime Kelly makes sense

          • Error404 says:

            Not fair, as I’m sure kelkel with be drunk as usual.
            How about: take a sip of your cosmo every time Kiki self congratulates with some bogus made up award? Take two every time she describes herself in glowing terms. But don’t drive after, unless of course your liscense is in your siblings name, then its ok.

          • Jezzibel says:

            or everytime Jill says something genuinly nice to Alex

        • HD says:

          I sooooooooooooo cannot wait to hear what I assume is Ramona going off on the Countless about her kids. Luann was sitting there with that look like she was appalled someone would mention her kids. I think that was one thing this season that truly pissed me off. And then here comes to Jill to butt in like she is so hardcore. Man I wish I could be on these shows to really go off on these women!

          • IndianaHousewife says:

            You know I was trying to figure out the time line last week. Was Ramona’s and LuAnne’s disagreement, where Ramona schooled LuAnne about her parenting skills before or after the incident with Ramona retweeting Victoria’s video?

            • Error404 says:

              If it’s true, the sit down happened before ac. The video retweeting scandal happened during ac. So, unless the sit down was filmed after and bravo is lying, it was before.

              • IndianaHousewife says:

                That is what I was thinking also. It makes me wonder if this was Ramona’s FU to Luann after that lunch. It really did drive Ramona’s point about Luann’s parenting skills home. I cant say I blame her if it was on purpose, just wish it didn’t involve the children. I think Ramona was showing them that she can and will fight back, or maybe I am just wishful thinking.

                • BessiB says:

                  I think Ramona is just going to make insinuations and say I told you so to LuLu. I am hoping she keeps her cool like she did in the restaurant.

          • susanssnark says:

            If Mario and Ramona split up, and Ramona let Avery in the Hamptons for 2-3 or 3-4 or 4-5 days a week, with a house sitter, while Ramona cavorted around Manhattan with a French Fonzie…Can you imagine the sh*t talking the brunettes would do? Jill and LuMann would go apesh*t craZzzzy trashing her beyond belief. But Luann does it and it’s ok because now it’s her turn to open the door. You opened that door 18 yrs ago Luann when you married an old man for his money and bred with him. That breeding resulted in 2 kids who are at a critical age in their development and NEED their mother!!! They already lost their father and now their mother is more interested in rolling in the hay with French Fonzie, Jr than she is raising her children.
            Raising= making them breakfast, checking homework, monitoring their internet, driving them to and fro, shopping with them, being there for them when they have issues.
            What Luann has chosen to do rather than be a full time mother, imho, is the most egregious behavior of ALL. Nothing else compares to abandoning your kids part time, so you can go sing, part time, and screw around part time.

    • Queen Butter Bean says:


  34. TEB2350 says:

    Thanks Lynn!! Can’t wait to hear the scoop. I don’t always get to read all the comments (especially when they reach 500). Just glad you are blogging 🙂

  35. Error404 says:

    I love how just a few months ago, it was perfectly all right for Ter to invite Kim to her house for her gaudy party, but now evil Mel is out to get her because she dared to invite Kim to her gaudy house party. Whatever. They people don’t even have the dignity to come up with smart lies.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Betting Jac told Ter that Kim was spreading her business all over town. Monica should be sanctioned for breaking client/attorney priveledge and we all know Kim uses websites to spread her particular brand of bs. And after seeing Melly’s smelly sisters and Kathy all over Kim at the party – I am glad that the Manzo family took care of business. Will it be the last we see of Kim G.? LOL Thinking pigs will fly first….

      • Error404 says:

        Sorry, one needn’t spend 5 minutes with Kim to find out what she’s like. She hasn’t changed. The only reason it was ok for Ter to invite her was because she was then bashing Danielle. These people are sick.

        • Dwight Schrute says:

          Actually she really didn’t invite Kim. Kim begged someone, I think it was Jacqueline to see if could come and Teresa more gave in rather than invite her.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        I am actually in possesion of a flying pig..I kid you not….
        mr Ford asked me a question one time and my answer was WHEN PIGS FLY…so what does he do…
        Goes in search of a flying pig and by God he bought it and brought it home to me….along with a kit kat bar for forgiveness…
        I have TRAINED him well….. I actually have the whip in storage…no need to use it anymore….. I now use REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY…..the neighbors were complaining about the screaming….hahahahaha
        Men are so gullible at times I swear….LOL LOL….

  36. pastBostonian says:

    Lynn – That was a quick sojourn over at tvtime… and maybe that was a good thing. It looks like everybody made it over here safely, just in time for the Screaming Mimis’ couch war tonight. All’s well that ends well. ♥ to all – can’t wait to see the chat here tonight. 🙂

  37. MaryE says:

    OK…who has the highest IQ: Kim G, Kelly or Ashley???

  38. lola says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I don’t know and maybe it’s just me but there seemed to be alot of dubbing last night. I believe Joe said all those things but maybe not at the time they are trying to make us think that he said it. Same with Kathy when her words were being said her mouth wasn’t moving either. I’m still on the fence regarding Melissa but I did feel sorry for her. She insisted on going to the party and trying to make it work unfortunately Teresa doesn’t feel the same way. Glad her true colors came out last night. She slammed Melissa every chance she got without being provoked.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Maybe because Melissa knows she has to (for tv) make up with Teresa, Bravo is amping up the Joe vs Joey story. Both scenes and talking heads seem to be tweaked to fuel the feuding.

      • lola says:

        Yes I know which is why I said that I am still on the fence regarding Melissa. It’s just that Teresa’s putdowns seem to come from left field and thrown in every chance she gets even if the subject at hand isn’t about Melissa. I do believe Melissa gets a kick out of making Teresa mad which it seems is the easiest thing to do. Teresa just can’t help herself which is why I call BS on her all of a sudden “thriftful” ways. She can’t stop herself from throwing digs at Melissa or shopping. The Giudice family has alot of underlying things going on, from the kids to the grandparents and all I could do is wonder how can someone with so much still be unhappy when they claim its all about family. The girls are all healthy, both parents still alive and you live in a mansion what is there to be so bitter about?!! and I am talking about the bitterness in both the Giudice and Momma and Poppa Gorga.

      • Amber...Real Housewife says:

        Give it up WCW. Melissa is trying and Teresa ain’t being nice? Right Joe? She ain’t being nice? Teresa is Whore-ribble. SHE DOESN’T WANT TO MAKE UP! It’s obvious in her TH’s, in her interactions with Melissa and when she speaks about her to others ON CAMERA! No one has said anything about MellyMel NOT inviting MONICAChacon to the party. Everyone kept saying they would reserve judment til then. TMAN and Juicey had the Gorgas running around, for their amusement, kicking people out and telling her who they didn’t want at the party. She complied with Monica, but felt KimG was an old harmless nut. If ignored it would’ve been true. Technically, the Manzos, Lauren and Caroline started giving her the stink eye and harsh talk, but I don’t blame them as all KimGrannySmells was doing was playing up for camera time

        Melissa & Joe were the perfect hosts in comparison to TMAN and Juicey who were attacking the poor girl from her clothes to her looks and family. Terrorista talking about her clothing was laughable as she was a bend away from showing her taint and that tain’t right! Melissa was only showing her shoulders, not her boobs as Tre claimed, and her legs were covered in tights. What jealousy. Melissa and LilJoeG didn’t even know what Juicey was saying about her, which made it all the more disgusting. I hope the Gorgas leave as Juicey seems to get more vile and obnoxious the more he drinks.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I agree that they were good hosts. And they had every right to have Kim G at the party if they wanted.
          Last night was the only time I liked Melissa at all.
          I also agree that Teresa has no intention of burying the hatchet anywhere other than Melissa’s back. I also think Kathy and Melissa’s sisters have interest in seeing the two make up.
          I didn’t think either of the womens outfits showed too much skin, just a terrible fashion sense. Both were better suited for New Years Eve. They were club wear and ugly club wear at that.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      It’s kind of like the Jill Zarin “f@#$%&* b!tch” comment about Alex. It was said, just not right then. I think Juicy Joe said it, just not at that time.

  39. WindyCityWondering says:

    Error brought up a very good point – if you are hosting a party, when is it appropriate for a guest to kick another guest out of that party…. In real life, I don’t think a guest should do anything more than inform the host that a casino is about to break out. In Bravoland, IMO – there is a different set of rules.
    On one hand, I truly believe that Melissa knews what Kim G. does and knew fireworks (drama) are necessary for the show and how she handled it was her opportunity to shine. On the other hand, viewers (and the Manzo extended family) knew what Kim G. does and called it long before actually seeing it happen. We know that there was a lot of dialog between Kim G. and the Manzo clan that led to Chris escorting her out and besides Melly’s smelly sisters, Mel and Joey were not part of that convo/scene.
    Bottomline – Kim G got used again by Bravo to stir the pot but still hasn’t earned her spot as a RH.

    • Amber...Real Housewife says:

      ITA it wasn’t in their place to kick someone out of another person’s house, especially for arguing with THEM! However, as business owners (*yawn* yes that old chestnut), it seems the Manzos are quite adept at STOPPING the Casino before the dealers start dealing the cards. They try to remove the toxic person, or who they believe to be the agressor, before the party can get ruined. I noticed it at the Posche fashion show at the Brownstone, when Carolinebacker quickly broke up the shenanigans that were about to further erupt between Kathy, Melissa, Tre, and the MILs. She defused the situation and kicked out the newbies. Carolinebacker is a bouncer by trade. LOL

      • MAMAZ says:

        Of course Caroline had no business throwing Kim G out of the party! I think it would have been ok for Melissa’s sisters or Kathy to ask her to leave. They are family. Caroline barely even knows Melissa and Joe. Even worse at one point Chris says that Kim attacked his mother! That didn’t happen. If anything it was the other way around.
        Who taught these people how to behave? Nobody really needed to kick Kim G out. All they had to do was excuse themselves every time she started bitching about Teresa. Pretty soon she would have been left with no one to talk to or she would have changed the subject. Problem solved.

  40. Carly Hall says:


    Set a reminder.
    If you don’t listen to the post-reunion show Lynn and I will come to your house and download LuAnn onto your ipod.

    We’ll do it.

  41. Carly Hall says:

    We’re not kidding.


    • Queen Butter Bean says:

      Oh Lordie – the internet mafia has arrived! 😉

    • Error404 says:

      Does anyone know if the penniless countless made any dosh off of these “songs”?

      • MAMAZ says:

        Is there a way to tell how many units have sold on iTunes?

        • Carly Hall says:

          No. I have several shows on itunes. For some reason, they are vehemently opposed to giving you concise reporting statistics. You can view your popularity bar and hope to get an idea, but even that’s a mystery.

          • MAMAZ says:

            Then it would be very hard to say if she’s made any money. I think we can assume Bravo paid any production costs. They would ask for a cut to reimburse them for those costs at the very least and probably some profit as a return on their investment. The producer could have waived his fee for a cut, but I doubt if he did. He produced her last single so I’m sure he knew he was better off getting his money up front. Apple gets their portion. I don’t think that would leave very much for LuAnn.

        • I am pretty sure 3 units sold: 1 to Kelly, 1 to Jill, 1 to the army to add to their interrogation techniques.

  42. klmh says:

    Lynn, loved your recap of the NJ housewives. Spot on…

    • Nancy says:

      Do you ever watch “The Dog Whisperer?”
      I’m “in love” with Cesar Millian. He understands
      human psychology better than a lot of shrinks I know.

      • klmh says:

        Hi Nancy. Yes, I have watched him. I think he’s good, but have heard some of my friends who breed and raise dogs say he’s too rough. I am not of that opinion though, at least in the shows I’ve seen. What do you think?

  43. seasquared says:

    Lynn says “jump” I say “which blog?” Don’t post her a lot but I always check in to read everyone’s thoughts. This is the ONLY site that has the proper perspective on all of the HW shows. Thank GOD!! BTW, thought I read something somewhere about Luann’s Jacques having a fake French accent. Was that discussed here already?

  44. IndianaHousewife says:

    I dont know about anyone else but I did not do any surfing of the other blog. I went directly to the IHJZ tab and started reading. The first day I cruised around on it for a bout 3 minutes and got bored, never went looking again. I hope Ima was able to tell which tabs were getting looked at, and that the increased traffic was not for her contributions.

    • Jezzibel says:

      As much as I enjoyed the delicious irony of kelly’s ad and the ad revenue it might make for the blogger…I was kind of sick of seeing her idiotic grinning mug everytime I went to go read one of Lynns posts

    • lola says:

      I did the same also, I had checked out the other website before but it was boring. Once Lynn came on I just went straight to her tab.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Yesterday, I decided to look at the other tabs a bit for the shows I watch. I started with Showtime, as I’m a big “The Big C” fan. No one blogged or recapped season 2 at all. The last update was from like November. I figured maybe they quit? So I checked out TLC and the only show was Sister Wives. No Toddlers, no Coupons, and no Cake Boss. At that point, I snuggled back into my IHJZ snuggie never to stray again.

  45. Thedesigndiva says:

    Was busy last night so caught the HWS at the 2:00 a.m. showing…
    What pitiful ass lives these people live…..it’s like deju ve every week…. The same old fights, same old family issues…Do these people not know how TO MOVE ON …..
    The one person I chose to watch carefully this week was Jac…… That woman is on meds…!!!! either that or the DR used a really long needle and injected botox into her frontal lobe……Chris has that look of…. I’m Outa here ……Ashley will be the undoing of that marriage…..Mark my words..the writing is on the wall……. That’s why Jac sent THE GIRL to Texas with a one way ticket… Chris prob delivered the old Pick her or Pick me thing……

    Looking forward to the reunion tonite…..will prob watch with CC on the first time around then undo it for the 2nd viewing……By the time all is said and done all those women will need a colon cleanse… Maybe B can put hers in the “parting ” gift bag for them as Braveless hands them their final paycheck with the logo of a screen dr hitting their asses……or better yet..maybe Clowntess Lugman could arrange for the camels to pick them up as they all ride off into the sunset….


    • mich_in_mich says:

      You are a riot girl, really funny and quick! I wish Alex would have worn a tiny microphone in her ear when they taped the reunion, you could have told her what to say 🙂

      • Error404 says:

        I wonder if they will discuss the c word. I was so co fused by that scene. First off, I was told it stood for Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent. What’s this see you next Tuesday business? Next, I thought Simon was calling louann a working class Irishman… Take the o and put it in front …O’Cuntess right

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Or better yet…I could be the cue card girl….
        Got my poster board and box of crayons ready…..
        Or maybe they should all just use the italian hand language…..I am sure everyone understands those universal signs……


  46. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    What’s for lunch everyone? I just had a PB&J sandwich.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      I am having some baked crow sent by THE BIG BROWN TRUCK to NEW YORK CEEETY…. it will be served at the AFTER partay for the GOILS…. Of course JZ will have to remove her Chasity Girdle to fully enjoy it…..
      Come on JZ…let it all hang out..
      OOHH ear worm song of the day……LOL

    • viki55 says:

      Salad with ranch dressing & 1/2 turkey sandwich with Dijonnaise. How did you know I was eating?;)

      • Nancy says:

        Grapefruits straight from our tree. When I finish that it will
        be an orange straight off the branch.
        No eating of meat is allowed in this house! 🙂

        • susanssnark says:

          cheese, crackers and some summer salami that I can’t seem to STOP eating..omg it’s so good
          and yes I am making appetizers to enjoy during the reunion show

  47. coocoopuffs78 says:

    I just read the tail end of your post Lynn. You and everyone else that contributes to this blog are what makes this site so enjoyable. Can’t wait until the reunion tonight.

  48. AZ Girl says:

    Heading to work. Looking forward to tonight. I watched the previews and Jill trying to get up from the couch was like slow motion. She is having problems moving in her girdle. Kelly saying that she needs to be the “peacemaker” and they ALL in UNISON say “no you don’t” Hehehe….”fasten your seatbelts its going to be a bumpy night” Need a word for the drinking game..

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      My entertainment money is on casino Kelly – she is empowered this season by the turdy girls. She believes she is the defender from bullies,the knower of all authentic behavior, the saint of single working mothers, the spokeswoman for all and the peacemaker cause she is NICE and Cosmo said so!

    • mich_in_mich says:

      I think we are going to hear these a lot: “mean tweeting”, “hate blog”, “inauthentic”, “f-ing bitch”, “pinot”, “parenting”, “children”, and many more

  49. The ONLY reason I am watching this reunion is to see if “Blog gate” is brought up. I am waiting to see if there is a SINGLE housewife that will stand up for Lynn, or are they just going to defend themselves and throw it under the bus. In that process, I will need some straps to tie myself to the couch and as we speak I am removing all heavy and sharp objects from the room to protect the television and myself. EVERY time I hear Jill say “You are gonna have to deal with me!” I just want to be there so badly. Deal with you. Give me 2 minutes and you would be dealt with. You would never show your mug on television again and if you saw me walking towards you on the street you would duck into an alley and hide. I want 1, just 1 housewife with the guts and the wit to really rip her a new one. I will volunteer for this, 2 minutes is all I need. And if Countless or Kelly wanted to join in my life would then be complete.
    Deal with you. Who are you? Can you see me tremble from over here? Smell the fear coming off me? What are you gonna do? In the space of 3 short years you have managed to make yourself the most hated reality personality of all time. And here is a news flash–you “dealt” with Bethenny–yeah, you really ruined her life didn’t you. You tried to peg Ramona as a drunk, her sales of Pinot went through the roof. Tried to peg her as crazy, fans ate you alive and her social media numbers increased like crazy. Tried to say her husband was cheating and you got laughed right out of all your fancy invitations in the Hamptons and please note, NO ONE even tried to defend you as Mario cussed you out TWICE in public. You are NOT relevant. Those who you “deal” with reap the benefits. Look at Lynn. You tried to “deal” with her and it only increased her popularity. When are you gonna finally get it? You have no power. You have no friends. You have no influence. You have no relevance. There is a pile of camel dung in Morocco waiting for you to climb under it and make your new home. Deal with you. Oh just 2 minutes is all I need. If there is a God and he is listening—2 minutes, PLEASE?!

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      You got it Duchess now go get her for me too. LMAO 😛
      Everything in a nutshell sweetie. What is it with her thinking she’s someone she’s not?
      Maybe Ramoner will give Lynn & Da Family a shout out.

      • Deal with me! Okay, I would throw a bucket of water on the witch and as she was melting shout “You have been dealt with!”

        • Nancy says:

          That was the best post I’ve ever read.
          I’ve never hit anyone or anything in my life
          but that could change in a second if I had
          to deal with “woman”.
          My husband wants to do a barium enema
          with air contrast on her. Needless to say I would love
          to assist him with that. “Hi Mrs Zarin my name is
          Nurse Nancy and I’m here to help you today. Just
          relax as this isn’t going to hurt at all.” Hee hee.

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      You go girl, er Duchess! I’ll buy a ticket to that show!

    • klmh says:

      I am laughing out loud to your comment. I feel the same way about Jill’s comment, “deal with me”. I would have laughed in her face and asked who she is! Its interesting because the clip stops there. I am so hoping that’s what Ramona says, but she doesn’t use that sort of tactic when attacked. I must say, its one part of the show Im looking forward to, and I just wish someone with as much ego and chutzpah will come back at her. Im afraid though that if one of the blondes did respond to her in that fashion, she wouldn’t be someone I might like further down the road. You have to be a bitch to deal with a bitch, I suppose…
      Hope this makes sense.

    • Indy501 says:

      You got my attention!

      • MAMAZ says:

        What is JZ going to do, strangle Ramona with her Skweezewear? Sic her Mob Wives friends on her? I hope the blondes laughed in her face.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      um…I askerred.

      I give you your 2 stinkin’ minutes…here…take ’em!

      (throwing the minutes to the right- hightailing it out to the left)

    • AZ Girl says:

      Dutchess is on fire.

    • plainviewsue says:

      One of the best posts EVER written!!!!!!!! Love it all.

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      I’ve got your back Duchess! Waaaaay back here where i can pull in reinforcements.

    • TLM says:

      What is Jill threatening to do, strangle Ramona with Skweez and wrap her in Zarin bedsheets???!? WTF?

    • Yeah, Duchess! What you said.

      (And I am so relieved to be on the same side because that scared me!)

      Please make sure to secure your TV as I believ a preview shows Jill (again) say Mario is cheating.

      • AND another thing—-Yeah, I am really afraid of having to “Answer to or Deal with” the brilliant mind set of the genius who cannot figure out that people will not buy things from someone they do not like. Book–Epic fail. Bedding line–Epic fail. Girdle line–Failure to launch. Maybe while she was learning PR 101 from the voices in Kelly’s head, she should have taken a look at SALES 101, “The sales person must sell himself first, then the product.” When BAwwby runs out of the investment money for her “start up” funds, his BJ days are numbered. She will NEVER make any money on any project she attaches her name to. Even Kodak figured out real quick that their sales would actually be HURT by association with her. 2 minutes, seriously. just 2.

        • Jezzibel says:

          and her running to the press to plant stories has become such a well know tactic of hers, that now almost all of the gossip sites attribute it directly tto her rather then the alleged un-named sources/source close to the cast.

        • JenFromCincy says:

          Holy frijoles, Duch! I can see the flames shooting up from Norwood out my back window. You’re on FIRE! 🙂

          • Right?! Carly will probably be calling ME tonight just to laugh her ass off at me. How ridiculous to get this worked up over someone who has no impact on my real world. At least I can vent and then laugh at myself. Jeez, Duch, venting much?

    • LynnnSoCal/SBbeachBetty says:

      Ha! You go DODL! That was epic! I’d be right there with you, along with many others here, I’m sure. I stuck a fork in JZ last year. DONE! Way done, over done, dried up, crude, foul mouthed pile of tacky. You really can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, she’s living proof. I’m here for Lynn’s POV and all the Lynn Family randomly informative, often insightful, mostly hilarious comments. Looking forward to this evening’s live chat and Carly’s podcast. Adore this lovely group of people and thanks for giving me a laugh today “Your Most Royalness”. Until tonight..I’m bringing BBQ Chicken and lots of napkins!

    • Happygal says:

      Brava, encore… just the right tone, i really love it!

  50. Adgirl says:

    After saying terrible things about Alex’s children how can Jill scream at Ramona to “answer” to her about Louies kids.

    I’m still wondering which of Victoria’s friends have been taking & uploading videos of her on youtube. HAHA.

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      It could have been Victoria herself thinking she looked cool. Or maybe a cry for attention from her partents. Who knows? Some friend if it was a friend.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        I like you new name & avatar VA Girl right? We have more royalty here now..;)

        • Nancy says:

          I’ve been leaving you posts over the last few days.
          I hope you will this this one. If you would leave
          your home address with Lynn she can forward it
          to me and then I can help with your little one.
          How is she doing? Have you been able to pick
          her up yet? Remember I have 2 undomesticated cats.
          I took years for them to allow me to touch them. Now
          one of them sleeps right next to me every night. 🙂
          Hope to hear from you soon.:)

          • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

            Nancy my email address is moviepuss@aol.com send me an email & I will give you my address~never will be ever able to thank you enough. You are an angel in every way.
            “Sweetie Pie” lets me pick him up & pet him & hubby ordered flea medicine on line so it should be here in a couple of days. Will take him to be fixed in a couple of weeks. He is the cutest thing & I am not sure if he’s old enough to be fixed?
            Lynn~how do I email you?

            • Nancy says:

              Thanks BaaBee,
              It is my pleasure to help you and your little one.
              Keep me informed on how she’s doing.

            • Coffee Chick says:

              BLK ~ I used to “foster” kittens for the Humane Society in Seattle. They spayed/ neutered the kittens when they weighed 2 or more pounds ( which is still pretty little, probably close to 8 weeks).
              If we were treating a kitten for an infection or respiratory illness, they would not perform the procedure until the kitten was healty. IMO, the smaller kittens recovered much quicker than kittens that were spayed/neutered when they were older.

    • FLG says:

      Hopefully Ramona can explain to LuAnn Countess Can’t Carry a Tune High Horse that she was trying to prevent Victoria from graduating from climbing out of windows to climbing up men’s legs……. 😳

  51. kbinldo says:

    I am so hoping that Jackie had the guts to take the keys to the car SHE IS PAYING FOR from that ingrate grifter who says Chris doesn’t like her & couldn’t be bothered to buy her mom a present for Christmas.

  52. MAMAZ says:

    OT – Someone on here has complained of having migraines. I don’t remember who. Anyway I think I may have had one today. I got a terrible headache, it came on very fast and my vision got weird. It was sort of like lights flashing in spots. Hard to describe. Very scary. It didn’t last too long though, maybe 30 minutes. I always thought migraines lasted longer than that.
    Was this a migraine or something else I need to worry about?

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      Where is Nancy the nurse when you need her? I really don’t know MamaZ.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      It’s called a cluster headache..My Mr Ford has them on occasion…Sometimes blood pressure is low or sugar in the body is low…..

      Were the little lites like silver balls just kinda floating around ????

    • mich_in_mich says:

      Hi girl! It does sound like a migraine, but you don’t want to ignore symptoms like those if they continue for longer than a hour (and you’ve never been seen by a doctor for this complaint). You might want to jot down a few notes about what you’ve been eating or drinking before the headache started. Also where you are in your menstral cycle and the other symptoms you had along with the headache. I hope you feel better soon.

    • Adgirl says:

      I get sinus headaches that are migraine-ish. Nose does not run because the snot is packed tight behind my eyes.
      Antihistamine clears it right up. Claritan D is awesome, but my pharmacy thinks I’m Breaking Bad.

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      MAMAZ, could be migraines, but could be a deyached retina beginning. Have you had trouble with your eyes, even glasses or contacts?

      • MAMAZ says:

        Terrible eyesight. I wear contacts and I do rub my eyes a lot. I know you can detach a retina that way. Hmm, might be time to see my doctor.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Mamaz Although I have not posted about migraines here I do post so noted your question. I have been getting visual migraines for almost ten years. Ther has been significant new research in migraines in last seven years and so the good news is that there is at last excellent information and it will continue to improve treatment. My first symptoms were visual and did manifest as a halo or visual disturbance of lights in circles that temporarily (an hour for example) obstruct vision. Since my first symptoms were visual I consulted with an eye surgeon. I learned that such visual disturbances should be taken seriously since at their most extreme which I wiuld assume yours are not, such migraines may precede or be a warning sign of a particular type of temporay attack that is a non-permanent stroke (Brett Michaels). I say this not to scare you but to protect you or anyone who has a sudden visual halo as you and I do. Doctors do take visual migraines seriously ( if the physicians are qualified.) Recent findings suggest that women suffer from increased risk when menopausal. My own migraines took years to move to what i wiould expect of classic migranes and truly the fit the parameters of visual migraines so I am noise (volume) sensitive and increasingly sunlight (glare) sensitive in the Spring. At this stage excedrin extra strength just one tablet makes me comfortable. I describe the visual disturbance that I get as like a kaleidascope and it does completely block the center of my visual field so that I am unable to see clearly for a certain period (perhaps a half hour or if bad an hour). There are different types of auras so yours may not seem like fis scales or flashing lights the particular shapes vary. To anyone who does not have this it sounds scary, however does always pass and I take comfort in knowing that it is not something wrong in the eye but a headache. Stress, sun glare and noise
      are the things that trigger it for me.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Thanks everyone, I’ll make an appointment with our family doctor.

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Oops, as I was writing this on phone screen I picked up for a call and inadvertently posted without paragraphs and typos. Proofread then posted that version, it shows up below.

    • 2Stupid says:

      I have had migraines all my life. Sensivivity to light and seeing spots is one of my symptons. However, I cannot function while having a migraine, and they usually last several hours. If I am able to get to sleep, they usually will be gone or tolerable when I get up, but are MISERABLE while going on. I have to take hot showers in complete darkness to relieve the pulsating tension in my hand. Sometimes just for fun, vomiting will be thrown in for good measure. I hope you don’t have migraines, they are no fun!!!!

  53. klmh says:

    I have never had a migraine, but looked this up. There is a particular phenomenon that occurs before a migraine. I think you are post menopausal, correct?


    • MAMAZ says:

      No, not yet. Guess I need to visit my doctor. I HATE going to the doctor. They always seem to want to prescribe something and I try to put as few chemicals in my body as possible.

      • BessiB says:

        Try accupuncuture.

      • klmh says:

        Good. Nancy has written to you below and mentioned her husband who is an internist would want to see you. Best to be safe.

      • klmh says:

        Sorry, I just read your post above. Could you find a good internist?

      • kitkat says:

        I had something similar recently. It was like an untuned tv, grainy and black and white, along my peripheral vision…I couldn’t quite focus on it. It stopped and started for about 20 min. I was with my kids in a McDonalds and it scared the hell out of me, I never had it before or since. It happened after a long day at work and I was ver tired and hot…My co-worker said it did sound like a cluster headache, she gets them too. I never knew that you could detach a retna by rubbing your eyes! I rub mine all the time and will stop immediately! WOW! the things you learn on this blog! Thanks Jill Zarin for being so hateful!

  54. Dwight Schrute says:

    Just a few quick comments about last night. . .

    Nope, Caroline didn’t have the right to throw Kim out of someone else’s party. At least she owned it on WWHL and in talking to Melissa.

    Once again Ashley attempts to have it both ways. Demands a car, demands her mother and Chris get her an apartment in Manhattan. Then has the gall to say that Chris tries to buy her love.

    My favorite shot of the night. Teresa is down on the floor with one of her daughters and Melissa’s daughter trying to convince them it was not their grandmother in the Santa suit. She high fives Melissa’s daughter while Melissa is walking past and she looks at the interaction between her sister-in-law and her daughter and smiles. It was very quick but it gave me hope that if you pull Joe Guidice out of the equation and maybe ship the bum off to jail where he belongs, that maybe things can get better between these two. Likely? Maybe not but it gave the optimist in me some hope. Teresa has always been highly impressionable and easily stirred up by others and maybe she’ll get better away from her husband’s toxicity.

    • mich_in_mich says:

      hmmm the plots thickens. I’m not happy when someones kids get into trouble, but it’s karma when Jill and LuLu’s children run into trouble when they were both so mean to Alex about her children’s behavior. I think Sonja is smart to keep her daughter off camera.

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      Wonder if there is any truth to this or just gossiping girls?

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      Wonder if there is any truth to this or just gossiping girls?

    • Adgirl says:

      Going to a new school where don;t have support system is tough. I’m sure Ally wanted to get out on her own but sometimes it backfires.

      • BessiB says:

        Not really. You are suppose to establish a support system in college – particularly your freshman year when everyone is new. It implies she cannot make friends easily.

        If it is true she got so sick she went to the hospital, then it is more likely than not that that won’t be happening again. Live an learn.

    • sony4ou says:

      thanks for the link!!

  55. kellynnola says:

    I am ready for this reunion tonight. I’m getting off of work and pouring myself a nice glass of Pinot. Go Blondes!

  56. Okie Folkie says:

    Good Afternoon everyone!

    OK, I was away from the computer for a coupla days. As is my habit when I log on, I always come to IHJZ. So, I went over to *THAT* place, only to find everybody packed up and moved back home.

    I dont quite understand, cause I didnt read all the comments over there. But, I am curious, I have to admit that much. I hope Lynn will lets us all know if we can be of ANY help to her. Be it emotional or financial.

    LYNN WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    I do love we now have paragraphs!

    Sorry, but ***BIG RASPBERRY**** to the witch for kicking us out!

    “I NEED DETAILS!” jz

  57. 867-5309 says:

    I have not commented often but just want to say I will follow wherever this blog goes. I love the recaps by all of yall talented writers and the comments are wonderful. Good luck with everything! 🙂

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks 867! I appreciate it and welcome to posting! I hope you join us often! xo

    • JenFromCincy says:

      Nice to see another “Jenny” fan. I had that as a screen name on another site. I’ve always wished I had that number so when someone called it and said, “Is Jenny there,” I could tell them yes and freak ’em out a little. 😉

    • Shannon says:

      Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. lol :))))

  58. mimisfbay says:

    Phew, just checked the blog for the first time to see the move. Well, I will follow Lynn/ IHJZ wherever. Haven’t had time to watch anything so the blog was a really great read, thanks.

  59. Thedesigndiva says:

    Just a suggestion…Instead of a WORD to drink to , how about an ACTION ???
    Everytime Kelly puts her hands to hair ……Bottoms up……
    Guess it was a bad year to pick to quit drinking !!!!
    Not to worry…it’s 4;20 somewhere….LOL LOL LOL….kidding….

    • Nancy says:

      That’s my line! Something tells me I’m going to
      be the only one sober tonight. I’ll drive everyone home. Again!

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Got a bus? Since a convoy will be required I wii offer up my services as I will be sober as a judge (and snarky as Judge Judy) 🙂

      • cdninvegas says:

        Remember “drink and dial”? Now it’s “drink and email – or post”. It will be fun to re-read all the posts tomorrow, watching them spiral from coherent to sloppy in the course of an hour. Bottoms up, ladies (and token gents!)

    • Happygal says:

      love it, hahahahahahahahahahahha

  60. Adgirl says:

    Any news about Silex’s big announcement today? Is it a book or tv deal? A new job?

  61. boston02127 says:

    O/T— NFL players have agreed to deal!

    • Adgirl says:

      Go Steeelahs.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Or Stillers as they say in the ‘burgh.

        • Nancy says:

          Go LA Kings and Toronto.

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          My Mr Ford is from Greenburg, Pa….they sure do talk funny…
          He asked for a GUM BAND one day….I about peed myself…WTF is a gum band..A new age rock thing WHAT ???? splain it to me please…..he meant a rubber band…I told him then call it a rubber band…Rubber stretches..Gum gets soft and make things stick together…The there is the whole POP thing vs.soda…He asked for a POP one day , so I gave him a right….JK…..In Fla we call it soda.. get with program Mr Ford….


          • mich_in_mich says:

            You know I love ya girl, but I gotta have Mr. Ford’s back on the whole pop/soda thing. It’s “pop” in Michigan too. Does he say tennis shoes or sneakers?

            • Thedesigndiva says:

              Dont know about the shoe thing..We live in FL….closed toe shoes are for working ONLY …sandals and flip flops only for every day living…

              So picture this..Mr Ford the traveling plumber has to leave FL to go to Col for a job…. Leaves in shorts, tank top and sandals….It’s winter in the rockies and out west , light snow on the ground…. HE drives straight thru almost to kansas….Decides to stop at Mr bodetts place..cause he left the light on for him….Goes into the office and registers…The guy looks at Mr Ford and says with this weird TWANG thing…ya aint from round here is ya…Mr Ford says what gave it away…the sandals ???? all the while standing there in flowered shorts and a blue tank top…all 6 ft 4 of him……. He told me the guy DIDNT GET IT….Gee Mr ford were you surprised !!!!

          • dubyaveeyou says:

            My mother grew up in York,PA and scattered Pennsylvania Dutch sayings in her speech–we were told to red up our bedrooms, outen the lights and babies wore gumpants over their cloth diapers. It wonders me how people know what I mean 😉

            • Thedesigndiva says:

              I so understand what you are saying….

              Down here in chobee lots of folks say They are fixin…to do what ever like leave, blow their nose…etc…drives me nuts

        • Adgirl says:

          Haha. Mr Adgirl is from PA. What the heck is a package store (liquor, lotto) and whacha mean pie? You meant pizza right??
          My former MIL is italian. She makes gravy not sauce. Right next to the turkey and stuffing is a bowl of meatballs and gravy.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        OH YEA,,,,,,,Love my Steelers……


      • boston02127 says:

        Adgirl—Who are these Steeelahs that you speak of?
        Go PATS. 🙂

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Adgirl….you have to go watch this video,,,BEFORE th reunion….you will bust a gut…Been thinking about ever since the vote to return was announced….


  62. Go to SLEEP. Go to SLEEP! says:

    DAMN YOU JAY MOHR! Come out of hiding already! We all know you’re curled up in a ball watching last week’s episode on a loop, so enough already. Turn off your DVR, ’cause there’s another fresh new batch of mess at the Gorga Christmas Party THIS week.

    This is the start to my new blog– http://realhousewiveshell.homestead.com/Blog.html
    If you all like it, I’ll keep writing. Lynn–thanks for this community! You guyses rockkkk! 🙂

  63. Susan says:


    1- 5-6 stupid, drama queens Dress them up in fancy cocktail dresses, stick them on sofas facing each other. Add 1 male drama queen to referee the action.
    2- Copious amounts of alcohol. You need a cocktail of your choice and Also, have on hand a bottle of your favorite shot alcohol ie: Absolute, peach schnapps, Citron, Tequila, Skinny Girl Margarita
    3- Ice
    4- Glass and shot glass
    Mix all of the above together, sit back and enjoy.

    You are to take a sip of your cocktail whenever one of the ladies say these key BUZZ words or mention the following:
    “mean tweets”,” fantastic”, “oh really?”, mentions Simon’s name, Bobby’s name, Pinot in any form, Jacques the French Fonzie’s name, refers to LuAnn’s singing, Natalie Cole’s name, anytime Ramona says “Jill”, “authentic”, Kelly touches her hair, “Andy Cohen”, “Countess” anyone on the set takes a drink,
    You are to do a shot whenever the following occurs:
    Andy refers to the ladies as the Blondes vs the Brunettes, Andy kisses Jill’s ass, anyone mentions that Alex is red, anyone plugs their goods, the words “cyber bullying” are said, any direct reference to Lynn’s blog, Andy is condescending to Silex, anytime Luann is vile, condescending or haughty, any shrieking from Ramona, Jill talks over someone, Jill lies

    Please feel free to add to the game and include your own buzz words. I guess you get the general idea here. We are all going to be sh*t faced drunk by the 3rd commercial break. Can’t wait for the reunion show and I am so happy to have found this place!!! Other snarky people! I am usually so worked up after these reunions that I am awake for hours after with no way to vent my disgust.
    So, Cheers ladies!

    • Happygal says:

      I will need my own siute at the nearest hospital due to alcohol
      posioning…. hahaha… but it will be worth it as I know these B*tches Jill, Kelly and Lumann will all be lying and twisting the truth around…. that is why I love these group of terrific people, Lynn and IHATE JILLZARIN

  64. Amy Matheson says:

    LOL… I loved reading the comments about Gia’s “purity” ring. I swear I thought the poor just said it was a “pretty” ring that the boy gave her.

    Plus I don’t think boys normally hand out purity rings to girls do they?

    • boston02127 says:

      Amy—You could be right about “pretty vs purity”. I was the one that brought it up, I thought I heard purity. I now hope she said pretty. She’s so young.

  65. boston02127 says:

    I don’t know why (yeah I do, I’m nosey) I went to check TVtime a.k.a. coattail rider. Her blog has 0 comments. That’s right Z-E-R-O.
    Hmm.. over 250 here and it’s only after 2 in the afternoon.

  66. IndianaHousewife says:

    I just caught up on the last couple hours of reading and while reading all of the comments referencing Skweeze wear it dawned on me that if one of the blondes were to firmly place their foot on Jills backside, tightly grasp the waistband of her girdle and pull back really hard Jill would most likely fly across the room, much like anything else launched out of a slingshot.

    Now this would be my idea of a really, really great response to her “You’ll have to deal with me.”

    • MAMAZ says:


    • Nancy says:

      We better let 911 know they will be needed tonight.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        The EMT’S are on stand by with the Jaws of Life for tonites viewing …ready to extradite JZ out of her suit of armor should the need arise…
        And please let SUN-YA know I made arrangements to send the UGLY ones out for that duty……They are more used to seeing what happens when you run an INTERSECTION…It ain’t pretty………


    • angel says:

      OMG IndianaHousewife, the visual in my brain of someone pulling back on the waistband of Jills girdle and sending her flying across the room…well lets just say my husband and nephew are looking at my while I laugh and laugh and can’t even catch my breath to explain.

  67. boston02127 says:

    I’m watching the old reunion show (NY). When Bethenny talks or good things are said about Bethenny, Kelly literally twitches.

    • Thanks Boston – didn’t know it was on. Don’t know if I should watch though as I might be to exhausted by these women to watch the new one!

      • boston02127 says:

        midwesthousewife—I’m the same way, I can only watch for so long. I’m planning a homework break very soon.

        • vilzvet says:

          I’m watching too, this was 2 years ago, we know that Bethenny had just started dating Jason but was keeping it a secret…and sadly was still friends with Jill. It’s interesting to see the dynamics going on here, and how much things have changed.
          The new cut of the Bravo summer commercial is great! Lisa plays twins, and a shot of Bethenny too.
          A friend of mine is vacationing out at the Montauk Yacht Club and just saw both Bethenny AND Billy Joel! I know she will be running into Bethenny again which is cool. I’ll ask her for more details.

          • Nancy says:

            I wonder why Bethenny and Jason #1 finally cut the cord?
            I know that he got fired because of this stupid show. I wonder
            what’s up with that now? This show brings everybody down does’t it?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Have you noticed Kelly is also practically sitting on Jill’s lap? She couldn’t stand LuAnn – eye rolled every time LuLu opened her mouth!

  68. IndianaHousewife says:

    Any ideas on why there aren’t any Jersey blogs up yet today? Seems odd.

  69. Rose Colored Glasses says:

    Mamaz Although I have not posted about migraines here, I do post about shows and saw your question. I have been getting visual migraines for almost ten years. There has been significant new research in migraines in last seven years, and so the good news is that there is at last excellent information and it will continue to improve treatment.
    My first symptoms were visual and did manifest as a halo or visual disturbance of lights in circles that temporarily (an hour for example) obstruct vision. Since my first symptoms were visual I consulted with an eye surgeon. Since then I have been treated by a neurologist. Such visual disturbances should be taken seriously since at their most extreme, which I wiuld assume yours are not, such migraines may precede or be a warning sign of a particular type of temporay attack that is a non-permanent stroke (Brett Michaels). I say this not to scare you but to protect you or anyone who has a sudden visual halo as you and I do. Doctors do take visual migraines seriously ( if the physicians are qualified.)
    Recent findings suggest that women suffer from increased risk when menopausal. My own migraines took years to move to what i wiould describe as classic migraines. i am noise (volume) sensitive and increasingly sunlight (glare) sensitive in the Spring. At this stage excedrin extra strength just one tablet makes me comfortable.
    I describe the visual disturbance that I get as like a kaleidascope and it does completely block the center of my visual field so that I am unable to see clearly for a certain period (perhaps a half hour or if bad an hour). There are different types of auras so yours may seem like movig fish scales or flashing lights; the particular shapes vary.
    To anyone who does not have this it sounds scary, however the visual auras have never lasted more an hour in my case and I take comfort in knowing that it is not something wrong in the my eyes or permanently damaging but a visual migraine. Stress, sun glare and noise are the things that trigger it for me. Hope this helps!

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Viewing reunion shows may cause migraines!

    • neroes says:

      MAMAZ, I also get visual migraines. They progress to numbness down the middle of my face and if they affect the right side I will also not be able to speak or read. I had the first one in 1969 and the neurologist thought it was a reaction to the birth control pill. He said he had seen many young women with these migraines who had started taking the pill. Also he suggested an allergy to a food. I kept a diary and found out every time I ate anything with MSG, autolyized yeast, or hydrolyzed protein I would get a migraine. But you really should see a neurologist if only to put your mind at ease.

  70. boston02127 says:

    On the NY reunion show, I’m not sure of which season it was but it was Kelly’s first time on the reunion. I’m looking at Jill and comparing her looks from then to now. The dents under her eyes are so much more pronounced now than back then. She’s also aged quite a bit.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m watching too. All I have learned from Kelly
      is that “Cartwheels have no price.”
      OMG did Jill just say she doesn’t care about jewelry?
      Give it to her Bethenny! I so would love her as a friend.
      Funny how things have changed, eh?

      “You’re not in Iraq covering the war.”
      I can’t stop laughing. Too funny!

    • Jezzibel says:

      I just caught the part where they are grilling Kelly about why she is doing the show in the first place, and I just saw the light bulb go off in Bethenny’s eyes when she makes that connection that Kelly is mentally unstable.

  71. Nancy says:

    I just spoke with my husband about you
    and what boston said was correct. Because
    of your age he would want to exam you.
    Better be safe right?

    • buffywood says:


      I am sure Jill is lurking… come on Jill we know one of your many talents is that you are a Dr. too. I am sure she is dying to come out and post her diagnosis.

      I used to have migraines and still have visual migraines… best to see a doctor.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Yeah, I’ll bite the bullet and see my doctor *grumble grumble*.
        Seriously though, I will. I appreciate the advice and concern.

  72. Nancy says:

    Kelly is a pathological lier.

    • mich_in_mich says:

      But she’s a really “nice” one 😉

    • Jezzibel says:

      Yeah…..before season 3 I just thought she was just a obnoxious society divorcee, now its apparent she was always mentally unstable with probable drug or alcohol issues.

  73. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~~Good Morning! Watch housewives reunion part 1 tonight and let’s tweet together LIVE!
    How else do people tweet? Dead tweet? And what happen to her U-stream chat? As usual Jill doesn’t follow thru with anything.

    • Nancy says:

      I am getting some joy out of Shrill and Lulu bashing Kookoo.

    • mich_in_mich says:

      Jill’s probably given up on U-stream because she can’t stalk Kathy Hilton and brag about her trip to London that way.

    • Empress of FOD Farm says:

      That would be difficult anyway as Jill has blocked most of the Northern Hemisphere…but she’ll always have Australia…sigh

  74. parkeril says:

    I love how LuAnn and Kelly are yelling at each other.

    • vilzvet says:

      Oh but they’re best buds now, right? When Luann already had her number back then (ignoring her at parties when they’d already met). What a turnaround…

  75. Hey all, not sure what happened over on the other site. I’ve only been there a few times and would come here to get re-directed. I was a bit surprised to see the blogs here and then bummed to know there was some sort of drama.

    Ever since the CA verdict got handed down, I’ve been pretty upset and have been focusing on how to make situations better for other missing/exploited children or pushing to fight for stronger laws when it comes to murdered children. So I feel a bit out of the loop….but I still enjoy this blog and adore this group 🙂

    That party was weird, it seems dumb to spend 50k on a party for a few presents and call it a success.
    I think Kim bringing Monica was a big set up by the Producers.
    The fact the Melissa asked Monica to leave didn’t really impress me, the damage was already done since her showing up pissed Teresa off. It served Melissa’s interest to ask Monica to leave because it made her look like she was trying.

    Kim G is bad shit crazy. Caroline thinks she has more clout than she does.. I don’t know why after Chris had walked out why Al Sr and Jr had to get involved- while Caroline bark more orders.

    Ashley is a little shit. I think needs to tell her to smarten the fuck up or GTFO.

    I think Joe was drunk at this house which probably explains his Melissa rant. I also think there was probably stuff happening under the surface. Don’t get me wrong, it was still rude, crude and vulgar.

  76. boston02127 says:

    Going to go get things done so I can relax while RHONY is on tonight. I don’t want to be up until 3 a.m. stu-dying after the show. BBL 🙂

  77. Love me some Ramona ” Kelly sometimes I wonder if you’re the scarecrow from the wizard of Oz”

    No, Ramona, it’s much scarier than that.

    • Jezzibel says:

      look at Ramona and Alex’s body language when they are seated on the same sofa as Kelly , they are sitting as far away from her as possible.

  78. LynnNChicago says:

    My side of the story: As Imajustsaying (who I will call Ima from here on out) has said, there are two sides to every story. I have never lied to you guys before and I have no reason to start now.

    Ima and I decided to join forces for a number of reasons, she had said she wanted to take a break from blogging and set up a new web site away from WordPress that belonged to her, she knew I wanted to do the same and was having trouble with JIll Zarin and her minions shutting the blog down so it seemed like a perfect matching.

    Ima was setting up the blog and I’d do the writing. Once everything was up and running I was faced with a few issues and they weren’t really minor, they were affecting people being able to find the blog. For instance as most of you know I post just one blog a day then only on Housewives nights, a chat blog in the evening. After things got up and running and I was posting my one blog in the morning, by the time late afternoon came there were 4 or 5 new blogs posted by Ima and TinselKitty which pushed my one blog down to the bottom of the main page. If you clicked on “Most Popular” you would typically get (ok always get) one of my blogs but not necessarily the most recent, you’d get the one with the most hits or the most comments. If you clicked on “Most Recent” you’d get either Ima’s or Kitty’s blogs because they posted several a day.

    I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking, “Lynn, you said Ima was taking a break from blogging”. Yes, she did say that but there was no break, from the minute the blog was up and running, she was posting blogs. I didn’t particularly care if she posted blogs but it was making my blogs more difficult for you all to find. I asked if my blogs could somehow be seperate so that they were easy to find. By this time my requests were being met with icy cold curt and short responses. Finally she told me that she thought I was ungrateful for all of the work that she’d put in and all I did was complain.

    Keep in mind that I sent her email after email telling her how great she was and acknowledged how hard she had worked to get the site up and running. At the time there were issues with RSS and with certain cell phones being able to load the blog, she was working on those issues.

    Because I asked for my blogs to be easier to find, I was told my ego was too big and I was unreasonable, I had to allow her to prioritze the issues and trust her. I admit when I first saw the site and it was simply TVTime101 and my name or blog name was no where to be found, I was disappointed and I told her that but the priority was that readers could get to the blog so I shut up about that. She was, after all, doing all of the work.

    I confided some of my concerns to a friend (who is also a regular here on the blog) and she gave me a lot of sound advice and was very supportive and I thank her for that once again, if she wants to identify herself, I’ll let her decide. Anyway, my friend who I’ll call Frankie decided that she could probably help by emailing Ima and telling her all the things that we had discussed about what a great job she did setting up the site, she would give her a confidence boost and being truthful, tell her what a great job she did. I have since read the email, it is outstanding and should have certainly done the trick in boosting Ima’s ego and showing support. The goal was to let Ima know that the IHJZ group was appreciative too!

    Epic fail, through no fault of Frankie’s I got an email a few days later accusing me of giving out Ima’s personal email address to Frankie. I didn’t do that. It never occurred to me to ask Frankie how she got Ima’s email address, it wasn’t that important but I was flabergasted. I was being accused of giving out an email address and I really didn’t. The following day Ima emailed me that “upon further research” it was found that Frankie emailed through the TVTime site and it automatically forwarded to her personal email address. That’s it, end of story, no apology just “upon further research”, when in actuality the only research was the fact that another email came through and she remembered she’d set it up to forward to her personal email addy.

    I was being asked to trust her yet she clearly didn’t trust me, and no apology. Ok maybe I could deal with that, I let it go. Sunday morning I posted a “preview” blog for RHONJ, as most of you know, I do that often. Then just before a Housewives airs, I post a “lets chat” blog. Around 6ish my time I got an email from Ima saying that SHE always posts a RHONJ Preview blog and what were we going to do about this, she went on to say that I don’t do preview postings, I usually do “let’s chat” postings. Well that’s not true, I guess Ima never read my blogs. That’s ok but our arrangement never included her ever telling me what I can and can’t post, additionally I ONLY post about Housewives (and a few other Bravo shows that are written by our friends here on the blog like VAGirl and Shannon) so I was about at the end of my rope at that point.

    Ima was posting about every show under the sun after saying she wouldn’t be posting at all, and now she wanted me to refrain from posting a RHONJ preview blog because that was “her thing”? I never agreed to stick to any certain show or topic for my blogs but what I did say was she and her writers could post whatever they wanted, I didn’t care if they recapped RHONY or any other show that I also recap, I’ve never been afraid of promoting other bloggers who write the same things that I write. In fact Tinsel Kitty wrote a blog about Jill and the Kathy Hilton lunch and I posted a link to it in my blog and tweeted it because it was good. I was criticized for not doing more of that, I apparently should have tweeted every article that Ima and Tinsel wrote according to Ima.
    This is getting too long and WordPress is starting to rattle and shake so that is the story in a nutshell. You all watched as I was unceremoniously (sp?) restricted from posting a blog there at the last minute as I was about to post a chat blog, then I was restricted from posting comments or altering anything on the blog. Ima’s reason was that she had to “protect” her blog, well it was supposed to be OUR Blog, but I guess she forgot that. She also had nothing to worry about as far as “protecting” her blog because I wouldn’t know how to mess with it to begin with.
    I was overwhelmed by the support that you all have given me since all of this happened. My only goal there was to put out good stuff that you guys would enjoy reading and a comfy place for you all to chat and comment that would do all the same things that WordPress would do. Every time I put in a request I was met with an attitude and I was told that I didn’t trust her and I should understand that she needs to proritize. I couldn’t even put in a simple request such as asking for the threads to work with the “reply” button the way they do here but I was told she was “Allowing” me to have it that way but only 4 threads per comment. I told her that I had 10 on the WordPress blog and that 4 sometimes isn’t enough, it can tend to stiffle the conversations, she then “allowed” six …she “allowed” us to have the snowflakes rather than the little monsters. I only wanted it to be as similar to this site as possible so that everyone would feel comfortable, she fought me on everything! Even though her blogs got little to no comments, she was forcing what she wanted on the rest of us.
    When this started it was supposed to be an equal partnership but it was evident to me very early on that this was her blog and I was just visiting, not at all what we discussed. Things just got worse from there. For me the straw that broke it was her telling me that I couldn’t blog RHONJ Preview. That it was HER thing. I only write about Housewives, what did she expect me to write about? I refuse to post a photo of Luann with piles of crap all over her, it’s not my style.
    Questions? lol

    • Jezzibel says:

      Sorry moving to a new home wasn’t what it should have been. But it happened and we as the IHJZ are moving on to better things.
      I for one am prepared to be gracious and “Ima good luck with that blog”
      Its all Jill Zarins fault!!

    • klmh says:

      Thanks for your take on the situation. My father always told me, never go into business with friends or family. In this case, Im afraid jealousy rose its ugly head. Im sure she expected higher numbers of hits from her blog, and who could blame her? You have a large, loyal following, and you make it a fun safe place to come and play.
      Im sorry both of you had to go thru this, but maybe its best. I would rather have the WordPress setup because of its ease of use too.
      Thank you for all you do Lynn.

    • Nancy says:

      “Adios Lunatic Ima, I’m going over to the Word press site to
      talk to some sane people!” 🙂

      • cdninvegas says:

        Thanks to Lynn for a valiant try. I’m with everyone else – we need to get you a new home – no more renting. I’m up for rolling up my sleeves and pitching in to help us all find a new place. ps. hope some of you more ambitious posters can get over there and take down the new curtains you so kindly supplied…..:)

    • Adgirl says:

      I’m sorry this didn’t work Lynn. This reminds me of an “argument” I had with my assistant by email. We worked in different office 75 miles away from each other and she wouldn’t answer the phone.
      Email and internet are awesome for many things, but complicated virtual conversations are ripe for misunderstandings and hard feelings.

      Hope you find a nice new home with your own key soon.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Thank you Lynn for letting us in on all of the *stuff* you had to endure. For that, I am sorry you had to go through alla this *stuff*.

      You do have a huge and very loyal following.

      You also have a huge and very kind heart!

      I just hope you are OK!

    • Bottom line – I’m here, I’ve always been here and I will always be here – along with many many others. Thanks Lynn!

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Yeah, great minds and all, y’know?


      • vilzvet says:

        Thanks for the explanation, Lynn! I’m sure by the end of your rope it was like trying to eat a crab leg; a lot of work for very little reward. Great blog today, by the way!

    • nancy says:

      Thanks for the explaination, although to me you never needed to explain. This was her loss, Lynn.

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      Lynn, only question I have is, how are you doing? Hopefully, this is a misunderstanding and you two can be cordial. BUT, sometimes people have greatness thrust upon them. Now might be a good time to investigate having your own site. You know everyone will suppot you both emotionally & financially.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Thank you for the explanation. I was curious but I didn’t want to ask and cause you more pain or stir the pot.
        I have been following you since the hub pages and I will continue to follow you where ever you blog.
        I’m sorry you were hurt. Like DR I hope you can remain cordial, losing a friend is always difficult and sad.
        We love you Lynn. Chin up!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Thanks Dame! I’m doing ok, I am absolutely looking into having my own site. I appreciate all the offers of help but I think I’ll be able to manage, with some help from some generous web designers and experts I think we’ll be moving one last time in the near future.

        Thanks everyone for all the support! xoxo

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      No questions just thank you Lynn for all you do for Da Family… 🙂

      • MsJxn says:

        Thanks Lynn, I can be a “Nosey Nellie”,LOL!, so I was a’ wunderin’….but no Questions from the peanut gallery over here either. Just a big ‘ole thank ya!!!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Thanks for the explanation. I am sure it has been difficult for you. But I know I am happy to be home. Those of us who love you, the blog, and each other will find you no matter where you hang your hat.

    • I’m sorry how this turned out badly for all of you. 😦
      I want to be hopeful that everyone entered into with with the best of intentions. Obviously you already had a wildly successful blog and following and I believe your account of what happened. There is no reason for you to lie.

      I’m sure people did mention how it was hard to try and find your blog over there, because I had the experience myself. I thought that maybe it was just me and I wasn’t used to the new format. I was actually happy (but confused) to see the blog back here because again, I didn’t ‘get’ the flow or format of the other place.

      It’s unfortunate that IMA didn’t respond well to the feed back, it was honest and constructive. I am sure it Lynn never wanted to make IMA feel attacked.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Lynn—-After reading your post I can finally admit that I HATED THAT TV BLOG! It was all over the map (now I know why). It just didn’t have a good vibe to it at all.

      Glad we’re all here and we’ll find a home sooner or later. 🙂

    • Bosandi says:

      No questions here, lol.

      I rarely post but I never miss a day reading your blog and the wonderful comments. I followed you from Hubpages and will gladly follow where ever you go!

      Take care and thanks for giving us the low down.


    • Mookies1mom says:

      Lynn, I’m sorry all of this has happened! I hope you and Ima can at least salvage your friendship. We support you no matter what and where you are! I followed you from hubpages, to here, to TV Time and now back here. When you move to your next home I’ll follow you there as well!

    • TLM says:

      Thanks for this, Lynn…it explains so much that I was wondering about. After the first day, it did get confusing you find your latest blog, and I did read the other blogs by Ima and Tinsel and didn’t understand who they were or why they were there. I didn’t comment because those articles didn’t really have anything to comment on and seemed to restate the obvious, kind of like the articles you find on Examiner.com. The changing graphics at the top were good when they worked, but not at the expense of all the other stuff. Hopefully you’ll find a better situation if and when you move again.

    • Sam says:

      Okay, now I can say it: the writing of your “partner” at TVTime was extremely poor. (And I’m qualified to make this statement because writing has been my business for nearly 30 years.) I’m aware that many blogs feature substandard work, but your solo blog never did — so I think you’re better off not being associated with TVTime.

    • BessiB says:

      We should consider it just a failure of meeting of the minds, so as Judge Judy would say, there is no valid agreement in the first place. This place was still up an running, so no big deal just to move the post. No harm. no foul (except the 149.000 wasted hits).

    • Shannon says:

      Wherever you go, I will follow. I’m sure a lot of us feel this way. We are behind you Lynn, wherever you go.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I have been wondering why the IHJZ blogs were out of order or the latest was not posted. I don’t care if IMA had her blogs I would have read them but it is obvious that your blog was the “Anchor” blog. Kind of like Target in a shopping center. Well I am glad to be back here. Maggie Reynolds now has job security.

    • MISHIGA95 says:

      I’m sorry the partnership didn’t work out 😦 I’m a long-time fan of your blog (and still will keep reading), which is part of the reason I was excited to work with Ima (I’ve been doing MTV stuff for about a week and I’m always careful to keep my posts only about MTV, because I didn’t want to venture into Lynn territory!). Don’t hate us all 😉

  79. Rose Colored Glasses says:

    Watching last years reunion. Fascinating how the brunettes were not unified. How the worm has turned.

  80. Causing_A_Casino says:

    I love, in the reunion preview, where Jill yells at Ramona to stop picking on Luann or
    “you’ll have to deal with me.” Um…Is that a threat? Is she bullying?
    Someone should create a website warning the world what a threat to society
    this woman is 🙂

  81. Sonjafan says:

    Lynn, she brought you in to boost her ratings…simple as that! You were the winner there and it drove her crazy. I was very confused last night as to where to find you and decided to look here this AM – thank God! I hope you can resolve this and somehow form your own blog, does it cost $$$ to do that?
    Just delirously happy to have found you!!!! XXOO

    • Sonjafan – When in doubt of where we are camping, check lynns twitter (you don’t need an account to read her posts). She always tweets the link!

      • Mookies1mom says:

        I was confused this morning as well. But now I know if I think I am missing the blog to check twitter. Thanks midwesthousewife!

  82. shiny14 says:

    Just goes to prove you can’t always “depend on the kindness of strangers” because sometimes they really are strange strangers, not kind ones. In this case, the stranger was actually planning how you would help her/them instead.

    I’m so sorry that IMA_____ was more interested in absorbing your readers onto her blogging than she was in helping you have a fine, independent place for your great blog (independent from Dr. Jill). I had been very puzzled by the sudden increase in IHJZ blogs per day and by some of them being non-Lynn, so thank you for explaining why that site was so different than it should have been. I must not have had enough coffee or I should have realized that you weren’t doing those odd entry pieces.

    Well, proves there’s no place like home with Lynn.

  83. susanssnark says:

    lmao JZ has stooped to an all-time low! We all saw her kissing some Hilton butts recently well now she is groveling to them begging for a RT on Twitter! hahaha Here is the tweet from her.

    sign up for exclusive newsletter for juicy details after tonight’s housewives reunion at jillzarin.com please RT @parishilton @kathyhilton ?

    Pathetic much, JZ? Do you really think the Hiltons give a crap about your newsletter? or your show? or your life for that matter?

  84. Jill just tweeted this:

    Jillzarin: sign up for exclusive newsletter for juicy details after tonight’s housewives reunion at jillzarin.com please RT @parishilton @kathyhilton ?

    She is still pestering Kathy and Paris Hilton. LOL

    • Eastbayca says:

      Interesting….Jillzy is at home watching the season 2 reunion and “cyber-stalking” the Hilton’s whilst Ramona is busy running errands and actually working.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Oh good grief, whether the actual tweeter is really JZ or one of her toiling minions, free hint: stop it!! You look so pathetically desperate for the merest glimmer of attention from peeps who are beyond your “fabulous circle of” former friends & acquaintances. It’s pathetic. PR 103: never let them see you sweat or beg. It’s so distasteful.

      Which is why of course, JZ & you minionettes who haven’t a lick o’ sense, IT IS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! DO NOT STOP!!! Tweet, tweet, tweet your cold little fame hungry heart out! Please contintue to mercilessly hound your targeted “celebs” and beg like a doggie for any mere crumbs of recognition they may obliquely toss your way….until they can get restraining orders, that is.

      And who can forget JZ tweeting to K Hilton about Paris’ appearance on that morning show….sweet, yes? NO! You thundering idiot!! Paris stopped the interview and walked off the show. JZ is such a meshug she could provoke Switzerland to declare war.

      • TLM says:

        Yes!!! I am glad my “PR 103: Do not stalk celebs or beg on Twitter” is catching on. LOL.

  85. Nancy says:

    Mario must have a crystal ball. Your 15 minutes are up Jill Zarin!

  86. California35 says:

    Oh Lynn 😦 I am so sorry you went through all that 😦 I am so sorry you are still dealing with work and drama behind the scenes for this blog.
    I was gone most of the weekend, but specially yesterday so when I came to the blog today it was dificult to find you. As usual I thoguth it was me, or that I missed something…I just thought I was goind to an old blog, but I usually try to go to the most resent and then go back.

    Like the others, I want to tell you that I will follow you once I know where you are. I will look for you and look for you until I find you (like I did today). I don’t have much time and this week is just worst than all the other ones. If there is no coment from me, it isn’t because I am “done” with the blog.

    Like some others, I would like to help with $ since I don’t have the time to help with that right now. If someone is doing something about this, please let me know. I have a twitter account and you can send me a DM there.
    California35 (California035 on twitter)

    Love you Lynn…


    Lynn you are way to talented to be bogged down by someone who wants to be you. It looks to me that Ima wants the fanfare like you have. (do you think she is a stepsister of Jill’s?) I am quite certain you would continue to have everyones support here. I may not post a lot but I make sure I read everyday because I enjoy your blogs tremendously(sp). Keep your head up you are the best.

    Big Brother I have watched from the first season. Rachel is unbelievable and drives me crazy. One thing I wish CBS could do is bleep out her laugh like they do when people cuss. I adore Jeff and Jordan they are so cute together. Thought Jordan at one time was playing the dumb blonde act but I really don’t think it is an act. She is smart but very naive. They are the couple that I want to win and boot Rachel and boo boo boy Brendon out the door. P.S. You know Brendon was drooling over Cassi that is why she was voted out so soon.

    Housewives drama. UGH! Teresa and Joe watching the whole thing with Kim G enjoying every moment. I am glad the Manzo’s stepped in and kicked her to the curb. She has been nothing but trouble from day one. Believe you me I am not a fan of Teresa’s but Kim G was out of line at the party.

  88. Nancy says:

    Everyone listen to Jill’s voice tonight when she (once again) brings up
    that Mario is cheating on Ramona. I know Jill and I know when she’s lying
    because her voice goes up at the end. See if you agree with me.

    Why has Ramona been married for 18 years for the last 3 years now?
    That was right after season 2. Now fast forward to season 5 and she’s still
    telling everyone that she’s been married 18 years now. Strange.

    • California35 says:

      lol I noticed that too 😛

    • klmh says:

      Nancy, wasn’t the wedding renewal last year for their 17th anniversary? I think so anyway.

      • Nancy says:

        I think so but why is she saying on the season 2 reunion that she’s been married
        for 18 years?
        I think one of Kelly’s “issues” are that she has borderline personality disorder.
        My hint is every time someone sane is in a conversation with her THEY start to
        think their crazy. It’s happening to me right now listening to her. I’m sure this
        isn’t a new thing with Kelly but I wonder why her family (or ex husband) haven’t
        done anything about this sooner. I do believe she’s on “med’s” right now but
        why so late?
        Has it cooled down there yet? Not so bad here today. Do you hose your
        horses down to cool them off?

        • susanssnark says:

          Interesting..about jz’s voice ending on a high note when she is telling a lie. I am really going to focus on this tonight.

        • klmh says:

          I agree. Kelly has BPD, but a few more things thrown into the mix, too. Oh well, I think she was made to get help on the show. Not sure about after it though.
          I don’t have any more horses. They are all gone. I wrote a long post to you a few blogs back, but I don’t know where. Its only 100 here today, so a cool front came thru. Back to 107 tomorrow though, and thru the rest of the week.
          I think Ramona rounds things off. 18 years is over 17, etc. I don’t think she is trying to mislead.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Just playing Devil’s Advocate. After season 2 did she say they were married 18 years or together 18 years?

  89. Ramona – “Tell me you’re stopping the Kelly because I can’t take it”

    I say that every season. Every episode actually.

  90. RealMinkey says:

    OK, so now Ima’s got her big fancy schmancy blog, and no one there to read it. I would call that a failure along the same lines as Squeezy Girdlewear. That’s what happens when you’re driven by ego and not your brain. Tah tah, goodbye!
    Onward and upward, Lynn!

    • BessiB says:

      I saw over there before it went under construction that she was looking for bloggers. I thought is was for guest bloggers, But it looks like she wants to webmaster a bunch of them. But no one is gong to stick around if their content is going to be directed by her.

  91. Nancy says:

    I bet Jill is dying with the 2nd reunion being played today of all days.
    She now looks like a fool being friends with Kelly. I LOVE it.

    • Jezzibel says:

      tee hee…She looks like a spiteful fool for being friends with Kelly to get back at bethenny for moving on with her life.

  92. Nancy says:

    Jill just said…
    “I’m all about the truth”

    • Jezzibel says:

      what she forgot to add was the truth and all the ways she can manipulate it so that she looks like the victim

    • RealMinkey says:

      Yeah, and KooKoo’s a peacemaker, the Discountess can sing, and Stinky Cindy’s mother-of -the-year.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      So is that TRUTH the word or TRUTH the ancroynm….

      T…twit.. ( I used the nice word )


  93. Nancy says:

    Oh no last years reunion is starting now. Bring on the valium.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      No valium BUT I do have some airplane glue I can share !!!!


      • Nancy says:

        You are aging yourself! Huffing was one I never tried.

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          I never never ever huffed….. taking lines from the movie Airplane….LOL
          and BTW..I am 30 with 25 yrs experience….
          always a rebel and a hippie…..but respectful of the law…to some degree anyway…wink wink


    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi Nancy~I replied to your kind offer further up~my email is moviepuss@aol.com & if you email I will you with my address~I cannot believe the kindness of everyone in our family.
      Will send pics as well for our new son “Sweetie Pie”.
      Or tell me how to email Lynn or you?

      • Nancy says:

        Thanks! Help is on it’s way.
        How is the little one?

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Like I said it’s a boy! 🙂 We are so happy to be able to care for it & give him the home he needs. He is absolutely the sweetest kitty & I got him to let me pet him with treats. lol
          I will always think of your kindness Nancy~you are just amaze balls.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      I am watching as well.. 😛

  94. Nancy says:

    Please excuse my lack of knowledge about web sites.
    Does Lynn have to pay WordPress for this site?
    Why does TV time get to have ads on their site when WordPress doesn’t?
    If Lynn wants to have her own site does she have to give money up front first?
    Can she have ads so she can make some well over do money?

    I hate Jill Zarin, I really do.

  95. Nancy says:

    When Andy brought up Simon in a speedo everyone laughed but Jill said
    “I’d like to see that.” WTF?

  96. Rose Colored Glasses says:

    Here comes discussion of scary island on reunion show.

  97. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    I don’t know if anyone has posted this because I don’t follow New Jersey that closely, but my daugher sent it to me and said that Bravo edited Tre’s blog and this is her full blog which expalins things alot more. My daughter likes both Tre and Mel and thinks they could be closer without outside interference.


  98. kellynnola says:

    Lynn- So sorry what happened. It’s a shame that you were treated that way because of someone else’s selfishness. When I post links to my interior design blog for Housewives posts, it’s because I want to share the content, and not do it for my own personal gain. Besides, IMA’s competing with you is absolutely ridiculous–she could never win in a million years.

  99. OneMoreInBoston says:

    You know I’d love to say something pithy and smart about Blog-gate right now, but I’ll leave all the speeches to others. I really just have no words. Mishigas.

    • OMIB – Oh, I know you have words! I believe you put your filter on this morning! : )

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        no I swore all the words outta me last night!

        No filter-I really don’t know what to say.

        It was a good idea- just didn’t pan out and Lynn got hurt.

        I have a sadz

  100. susanssnark says:

    Watching the reunion show w Bethenny….wow JZ is a psycho lying b*tch. When she gets caught up in a lie, she just screams, gets loud, talks over people, changes the subject, blames others, denies, attacks, projects, insults and demeans others. She is just nasty. A nasty, nasty human being.

  101. Error404 says:

    Im not shocked to find ally made few friends in college because of an unearned sense of entitlement. Kinda exactly how she is on the show plus, hello, look who her mother and grandmother are! Apple, you’ve just fallen off the tree!

    What did shock me however, was the report of the er stomach pump. Maybe Nancy or someone in the know can explain. I always found that drinking too much made you throw up. Usually the pump when you took pills. Swallowing too many pills washed down with boooze don’t sound so good.

    • Kukulet says:

      I’m not a nurse, but I am a daughter who survived an extremely alcoholic parent, so I know a little about this. It’s not uncommon for a stomach pump to be used when someone has drank too much. Most people do throw up when they drink too much, but not everyone, and not always soon enough to prevent alcohol poisoning. That’s when the stomach pump comes into play.

      • Error404 says:

        Thank you!

        Because I am naive, I’m hoping that Ramona’s assertion that Jill is an alcoholic comes up at the reunion. I can’t believe something that big was just dropped, but we have to waste hours upon hours revisiting Jill being thrown off of st John.

    • Nancy says:

      I have never pumped someones stomach for an overdose of alcohol.
      That doesn’t mean it never happens though.
      I must have missed hearing that Ally had her stomach pumped.
      Where did you hear this? I’m still trying to figure out if Jill drank.

    • TLM says:

      I hope it isn’t true. It seems there was just that one article and no other substantiation.

  102. Adgirl says:

    Does kathy Hilton even follow Jill on twitter?


    I love when Bethenny gives Jill hell.(not really hell) Wouldn’t you have loved to see Andy tell Jill when she got up and walked away, BITCH get your ass back here or your fired. I would love to see Andy hold his own with her. Instead he sucks up to her. Not a clue why. I have my fingers crossed that Jill, Lumann and Kelly’s contracts are not renewed…

  104. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    WOW thank god I found your blog again Lynn. I don’t know what I would do without my daily fix.
    I was waiting all morning at tvtime for the RHONJ blog. I started to read another blog and then found out you were back through the comments. I was worried, glad I found you again.

  105. I have a feeling tonights reunion is going to be boring as the entire season.

    Also, I only went to the TV 101 blog a couple of times so I missed whatever the kerfuffle was about. Can someone sum it up in a few sentences?

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      Go upthread. Lynn gives a long explanation.

      • Thanks, I caught it after I posted.
        I saw something one the other blog that said OMIB was attacked by trolls.

        The other blog WAS confusing and it was hard to find the new blogs from the old blogs. I’m sure it sucked for IMA to hear that- but it’s the truth. By letting her know, it was an opportunity to fix the issue and by doing so it would have helped the blog. It also seems like IMA thought she was Lynn’s editor by proxy by telling her what she could and couldn’t blog about, what could/should be posted and who would be allowed to post. Obviously Lynn didn’t sign up for that, why would she.

  106. smompy says:

    I truly despise Joe Giudice and hate the idea of defending him in any way, but I think that, just possibly, it MIGHT not have been him making those comments about Melissa at the Xmas party. At first I thought it was, but then when I watched again, I kinda got the impression that the comments were actually coming from the guy sitting next to him. Was that his bruddah? I could be wrong though. Anyway, even it is was his brother saying those things, Juicy was clearly enjoying it and had no objections at all to his brother and sister in law being torn down like that in his own kitchen, so even if he didn’t actually make the comments himself, Juicy still sucks. Plus, yeah, I could be wrong anyway.

    That strapless baby gown made me literally LOL. WTF? I guess maybe it’s a better look than putting a one shoulder gown on a baby though. Also, I was thinking that Teresa and Melissa could actually market those gowns with their built-in twenty seven yards of tulle….not as clothing, mind you, but as a cleaning implement. They could be advertised as sort of a cross between a Roomba and a Swiffer. They wouldn’t require any electricity so they’re Earth-friendly. Busy moms don’t have a lot of time to do the dusting nowadays either. With this product, all you have to do is stick a toddler inside the SwiffBa Gown…RoomSwiff Gown(?)…..and place the kid on the floor. As the kid crawls around, your floor gets cleaned and dusted automatically. Brilliant, no?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Brilliant yes!

    • klmh says:

      There have been a few discussion posts above about Joe and dubbing those lines in because his mouth didn’t seem to be moving. Wish I had TIVO, but maybe it was his brother that was so rude. Good point.

    • Speaking about dresses, I can’t believe they had all those kids in those ridiculous get ups, especially the baby. It’s a good thing Gia got them away from the burning candles, they would have lite up like a Christmas tree.

      • vilzvet says:

        Hilarious smompy! And yes the get-ups were horrible. And put the candles out Teresa for Lord’s sake, they didn’t even make any sense. Speaking of Teresa, I thought her outfit was the worst of them all. Shiny plastic looking too tight skirt,, weird feather sleeves? Yikes. And does Jacqueline ever wear sensible pretty ballet flats inside her home? She always is teetering around in huge heels while just hanging around her house. I also thought her outfit was atrocious during the Caroline radio call. Totally trashy. Ahh, vent over. How much more time now til the NY reunion??

  107. Watching last years reunion, I just have to say: If a third person comes to me and says a friend (even if we are on the outs) really needs me, I don’t ask why. I don’t ask for details. I show up on my friend’s doorstep. It’s actually happened with someone I didn’t speak to after 7 years. I have never regretted that. So my question for Jill is: You took the opposite road. Do you regret your choice?


  108. kbinldo says:

    To be fair to Ima, there is/was a button at the top of the page that took you straight to all the IHJZ blogs. I don’t know what the rest of the home page looked like because once I saw the button, I clicked on it & went straight there. 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      To be fair – I looked around out of curiosity – and then started just going to IHJZ because that is why I was there! To be fair – Lynn has always given links to other bloggers because they are good/funny/on topic! Lynn will soon have a blogspot and we will all be there – it’s all good!

      • kbinldo says:

        I just mentioned that in the hopes of keeping the drama down, but if you want to take it another way, fine. Drama is the main reason I stay off of Twitter, unless I have to.

    • I found that button later, But even then , the way the blogs were laid out it was hard to tell which one was current without digging around.

    • LynnnSoCal/SBbeachBetty says:

      I found it a bit awkward to navigate, especially on Iphone. All moot now. I’m sorry it couldn’t have been resolved more pleasantly. Lynn has always seemed very supportive and generous to other bloggers. It took me a bit to figure out where everyone went last night, but it’s much more comfy here and worth a wee bit of effort to re-connect. Lynn’s blog speaks for itself, we are loyal readers and the numbers continue to grow. Onward Lynn, consider it a learning experience. Aloha

      • kbinldo says:

        Me too. I’ve followed Lynn as she’s migrated around the web & hope she has a permanent home soon. 🙂

    • BessiB says:

      To be fair, we are spoiled and picky. We want what we want how we want it. Yes there was a tab.but the blog was still buried. Ima was working on our issues and probably would have had them ironed out eventually. But there is no resolution to being told what not to blog.

  109. Cusi77 says:

    I LOVE, love the S3 Reunion! Bethenny called Jill out like it was! No one has Bethenny’s intelligence, integrity and guts to come with the truth in her hands and call it like it is!

    Jill full of contradictions… denying, accepting, lying … such a b*ochet, I dislike her more than and a kick in my butt!

  110. Nancy says:

    Jill just tweeted that she now has 70,000 “fans” that receives her
    news letter. I didn’t know Jill’s family was that large.

  111. shiny14 says:

    The S3 reunion (watching it now) is even more revealing now that S4 is over. Jill says she can’t change/says she has changed etc etc and offers attacks and excuses and demands for written proof for each person’s comments and criticisms – hasn’t changed…except to become even worse….just as Bethenny points out when she says Jill became obsessed with the fame and it changed her….but that change JZ doesn’t recognize. Bethenny was so wise to get away from the brunettes.

  112. Nancy says:

    Someone needs to put a muzzle on Kelly tonight or I’m going to loose it.
    I wonder why Andy switched the couches around tonight Now the blondes are on Andy’s
    left. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    • klmh says:

      Its ok Nancy. They will all be yelling at the same time and you won’t be able to understand any of them anyway.

      • Nancy says:

        That’s what drives me crazy. I have NEVER spoken to someone the
        way these “ladies” do. Sometimes the ER can get crazy but that’s because
        we are in a crazy situation not in a personal assault.

  113. Nancy says:

    One of Bethenny’s best one liners…
    “We need to get a court reporter for you.”
    (talking to Jill)

  114. AF says:

    Regarding last night’s episode of RHONJ:

    1) Kim G. needs help. You really have to be a bored, self-loathing idiot to cause the trouble she does just for the hell of it.

    2) The Manzo clan kind of scares me. I actually think Melissa was probably pissed off that Caroline and her maf…I mean, family kicked an invited guest out of her home. However, Melissa is smart enough not to get on Caroline’s bad side by calling Caroline out on her behavior at the Christmas party. Considering Caroline is basically the Queen Bee of the show, smart move, Melissa.

    3) Ashley is an annoying, spoiled brat and I’m glad that Jacqueline and Chris finally shipped her ass to Dallas to live with her “real” daddy. “My New Year’s resolution is for you to like me.” Come on! How can a man who has co-raised you since the age of 5, given you a palace (not a place, not just a home, but a PALACE!) in which to live, bought you at least two cars, paid for everything you’ve ever wanted or needed, and given you unconditional parental love, despite you not being his biological child not like you?! No sympathy for Ashley. None. I hope someone rips her hair extensions out someday. I lived in Dallas for almost twenty years – if Ashley pisses the wrong girl off, this will happen…

    4) I love Kathy, I love Rosie, I love Rich, I love Kathy’s mom, I love Kathy’s kids…I’m Team Kathy. If I had a cousin like Teresa, I wouldn’t want to try to work things out in private either, for fear of my own safety being compromised. Teresa is unpredictably angry and will lash out at any given moment. Better to try to make up in public and have witnesses in case Teresa loses it. Seriously, though, regarding this whole making up in private critique – Bethenny made a very good point during the NY season 3 reunion when Jill accused Bethenny of not wanting to make up off camera: this is a reality show and almost everything these people do is meant to be done on camera. Their job, what these women get paid to do is live their lives out on camera. We as an audience wanted to see Bethenny and Jill make up *on camera*. We want to see resolution *on screen*. There’s no entertainment value in family drama playing out off camera when the whole point of the season *is* family drama, as is the case with the current season of NJ.

    So, the fact that Kathy wants to make up with Teresa on camera shouldn’t automatically make her some sneaky-Kim G. type. Does she want screen time? Of course she does, but aren’t all of them vying for screen time? Why is it only wrong when Kathy or Melissa try to get attention on screen? However, mostly, I believe what comes down to is that it’s her (their) job. Kathy is being paid to try to make up with her cousin on camera, just like Teresa is paid to act like a crazy person on camera. At least, that’s my opinion. But, I am biased because I adore Kathy right now.

    5) Joe Guidice is a disgusting human being. Teresa isn’t much better, but she’s still got more going for her than Juicy Joe. I don’t know if the “animal” and “squirrel” comments Joe made last night were really about Melissa and Joey. However, if they were, I’d love to see Teresa explain that away. How can Teresa – who is allegedly *so* family-oriented – continually support a man who is actively trying to come between her and the brother with whom she so desperately wants to make up? It’s kind of sad.

    6) Finally, little children do not belong in wedding and/or bridesmaid dresses. There was enough taffeta on all of those girls last night to suffocate a horse. I liked Gia’s tutu/blazer combo – that was cute. But Antonia, Milania, and Audrina…just no.

    Okay, sorry this was so long. Clearly I had a lot to get off my chest. And now that I’ve done so, I’m going to go mentally prepare myself for the NYC reunion tonight. I’ll probably need to drink the whole 90 minutes…

  115. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Maybe Ally was the victim of systematic bully drinking

  116. Tinsel is at it says:

    Lynn, look what Tinsel posted about you on the blog. Says is all here.
    2011/07/25 at 13:18
    Lets see….a few months ago Lynn was gathering information about a (now jailed) Chicago blogger.

    Remember that Lynn Hudson befriended her estranged husband and passed her criminal history onto Intensity, history she found using background search websites. Yes, Lynn who cannot afford to travel to another city or start her own site (unless she is selling $50 keychains) paid Intellus to expose a blog competitor. Lynn waited until the right moment and pounced.

    Remember, Lynn never OPENLY posted a thing, she let Intensity (the humanitarian who worked at a womens shelter HA!) be the scapegoat b/c A) she is crazy and B) Lynn has to protect her reputation. ‘Cause she’s a famous blogger! You’ll remember, RCH posted at least 2 blogs about the situation. Lynn posted on this blog as “Somewhere Out Of Jens World” sharing the info she got from the Jailed Bloggers husband. Lynn’s minions continue to track JCB to this day., Even having the Illinois Dept. of Corrections email them anytime JCB moves. Yep. Really.

    Remember, the catalyst to this (besides the hobby blog stuff, the “abuse” tales etc) was that JCB was “allegedly” accepting donations via her blog. Whether anyone was actually dumb enough to send JCB money we will never know. However, in addition to her keychains, Lynn is having a “JCB” moment. Random strangers who don’t know her are offering to send her money, completely unsolicited, to get her blog up and running. Will Lynn take it? Or will she demure (“Oh I couldn’t possibly!”) and take it anyway, anonomously? We will never know.

    JCB is no saint, she’s a liar and she is getting what she deserves from the legal system. No question, and that’s how it should have been. NO ONE deserves to have done to them what JCB had done to her. Who would put up a hateful blog just to tear someone they don’t like down? Oh that’s right, Lynn Hudson. Or her minions.

    Oh and where’s Quincy? They say she is helping her daughter who just had a baby. I have children and I still have a few minutes a day to go online. Not even a comment. So either nice, kind Quincy was a victim of Lynn’s wrath and has gone into hiding or she is buried in Lynns backyard. How long until Lynn trieds to take over Carly Hall’s radio show and that relationship ends?

    Lynn Hudson is toxic. Someday (soon) she will be exposed. Good luck to those who cross her!

    • Nancy says:

      Do you think I would offer a stranger money? Lynn isn’t a stranger to me
      or anyone else here. We have know Lynn for a while now and I think I
      would have figure out by now if she wasn’t being honest with us.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      WOW such garbage not even worth responding to…Tinsel hasn’t learned anything from her mommy

      • Nancy says:

        Please did up Quincy from your back yard as I’m sure
        she would like to shower before tonights show.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Here’s what I think. I think that if Lynn was anything like what that post said we would have figured it out by now. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING gets by this group! Just shows how smart this group of people really are!

    • BessiB says:

      AaahhhhhHaHaHaHaHa! Bitter much?

      Even if every word of that were true, so what?

  117. Nancy says:

    “I have a very good life” Really Jill? You have a very strange way of showing that!

    • TLM says:

      I always find whenever she says, “To be honest…” you can start counting the lies. And that was one of them, the whole “I’m happy where I am” thing on the reunion. Total BS.

  118. OneMoreInBoston says:

    You know Bethenny said this recently ““But a talk show, where I could have longer conversations than on Facebook or Twitter – would be great. There are many things I want to talk to women about. While the other housewives were off getting drunk, I was doing business.”

    Who was she talking about?

    Maybe error404 is right? Jill is a big ole booze bag?

    • Error404 says:

      I did perk up when I read that quote! But I don’t think she meant Jill. In my theory, Jill was a boozer back when her marriage broke up and Lisa stopped speaking to her. Then she got sober, met bawby, is addicted to diet coke and screams “he/she is a drunk!” as the worst insult she could muster at her enemies when she’s really mad.
      I have always said that Kelly and lulu “drink all god damn day! ” to quote my good friend princess Kim.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        oh error404- you know all the princesses.

        • Error404 says:

          I don’t know how they keep straight faces around lulu. I’d be saying stuff every 10 minutes like “as my good friend princess arial says: look at this stuff. Isnt it neat.”

        • Cusi77 says:

          I know, for experience, that alcoholics that stop drinking (Alcoholism is an illness and will always be alcoholics) are the worst when it comes to judge people who drinks and not necessarily are alcoholics. It is like a fixation: “that one drinks, therefore is an alcoholic!” I can see JZ exhibiting this conduct and is not like the one who doesn’t drink but does not judge to the ones who do!

  119. WindyCityWondering says:

    Watching Andy’s video of getting ready for the reunion taping and as the turdy girls were taking their seats on the sofa, Jill did give LuAnn a “move it” eye so she could sit next to Andy and got blown off! LuAnn came out of Jill’s massive assive shadow this season and Jill still doesn’t realize it.

    • Kukulet says:

      You know, LuAnn’s been busting out of Jill’s chains for the last couple of episodes. First, she refused to tear into Ramona for being late on the yacht, and basically refrained from getting drawn into the “two women in the bathroom” drama. Now, from the reunion preview, she sided with Sonja about Cindy’s stupid business call.

      Maybe Lulu is starting to get a clue that Jill’s unpopularity isn’t a fluke.

      • Jezzibel says:

        I’m telling you Lulu has a endgame in mind if there is a 5th season and it involves her shoving Jill under the bus and becoming the queenbee of the brunette team

    • Cusi77 says:

      Windy_ That “blue” suits you better than the green one you were wearing on the other blog!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Thank you Cusi! I missed my “blue” outfit too but didn’t want to complain!

  120. Ruh Rhoa Tinsel exposed Lynn says:

    2011/07/25 at 13:18
    Lets see….a few months ago Lynn was gathering information about a (now jailed) Chicago blogger.

    Remember that Lynn Hudson befriended her estranged husband and passed her criminal history onto Intensity, history she found using background search websites. Yes, Lynn who cannot afford to travel to another city or start her own site (unless she is selling $50 keychains) paid Intellus to expose a blog competitor. Lynn waited until the right moment and pounced.

    Remember, Lynn never OPENLY posted a thing, she let Intensity (the humanitarian who worked at a womens shelter HA!) be the scapegoat b/c A) she is crazy and B) Lynn has to protect her reputation. ‘Cause she’s a famous blogger! You’ll remember, RCH posted at least 2 blogs about the situation. Lynn posted on this blog as “Somewhere Out Of Jens World” sharing the info she got from the Jailed Bloggers husband. Lynn’s minions continue to track JCB to this day., Even having the Illinois Dept. of Corrections email them anytime JCB moves. Yep. Really.

    Remember, the catalyst to this (besides the hobby blog stuff, the “abuse” tales etc) was that JCB was “allegedly” accepting donations via her blog. Whether anyone was actually dumb enough to send JCB money we will never know. However, in addition to her keychains, Lynn is having a “JCB” moment. Random strangers who don’t know her are offering to send her money, completely unsolicited, to get her blog up and running. Will Lynn take it? Or will she demure (“Oh I couldn’t possibly!”) and take it anyway, anonomously? We will never know.

    JCB is no saint, she’s a liar and she is getting what she deserves from the legal system. No question, and that’s how it should have been. NO ONE deserves to have done to them what JCB had done to her. Who would put up a hateful blog just to tear someone they don’t like down? Oh that’s right, Lynn Hudson. Or her minions.

    Oh and where’s Quincy? They say she is helping her daughter who just had a baby. I have children and I still have a few minutes a day to go online. Not even a comment. So either nice, kind Quincy was a victim of Lynn’s wrath and has gone into hiding or she is buried in Lynns backyard. How long until Lynn trieds to take over Carly Hall’s radio show and that relationship ends?

    Lynn Hudson is toxic. Someday (soon) she will be exposed. Good luck to those who cross her!

  121. dubyaveeyou says:

    Mr Dubya and I are watching the RHONY reunions and we can’t stop laughing. It appears we’re hooked on Romonics. Now don’t make a mountain out of a holemill or I’ll be on you like white rice 😉

  122. Noreen says:

    Lynn and Everyone,

    I love this blog and you all make my day. It’s a joy to sign on and read what is going on and occasionally post a comment. Lynn, it sounds like you have been through the ringer – keep the fait!

  123. klmh says:

    I love it so much that no one is addressing the negative posts above. Yea!!!!!!!

  124. WindyCityWondering says:

    It bothers me every time I watch the NY S3 Reunion to see and know that those who were on scary island were subjected to being bullied and scared for their safety. And Bravo Andy wouldn’t let them say one word about their experiences! And knowing that Jill was stocking the crazy train from NY is the icing on the cake!

    • Nancy says:

      Great friend isn’t she?

    • Error404 says:

      He didn’t dwell on it, no. But bethenny came right out and said that it was so off the hook she fully expected to hear that Kiki had been admitted to a facility. Kiki actually never denied being institutionalized. She just says her typical nonsense that confuses people and gets off the hook from ever answering any questions. But we all know the blondes don’t lie. We’ve had 4 long years to catch them in lies and it never happens. Yet the brunettes lie constantly and get caught often. So we all know what happened. Details, I’m not really so concerned with. It’s not like they are going to discuss diagnosis.

      • Kukulet says:

        What stuck with me about Scary Island was the distress and fear that both Bethenny and Alex had in their eyes during that final dinner with Kelly. A good actress might be able to fake that-but those two weren’t acting.
        It was pretty clear that, while what we were shown was pretty bad, there was other stuff going on that was even worse. While they’ll never discuss the details, they really don’t need to. Alex and Bethenny’s eyes said it all.

        • Error404 says:

          Yes. And it’s not just us twisted Jill haters. Pretty much everyone writing every where calls Kiki crazy. I don’t think there is even one person who bought that ” breakthrough” crap.

  125. smompy says:

    I’m just watched LuAnn accuse Kelly of instigating things on Scary Island and then cracking up when Bethenny says talking to Kelly is like talking to Humpty Dumpty….then I’m remembering how, this season, LuAnn has been making it sound like Kelly was in fact bullied on that island. Lulu, you’re such a douche nozzle!

    • Error404 says:

      Despite what she sometimes says, lulu liked B and was devastated at the rejection.
      Lulu has however, always disliked Ramona.

  126. lillybee says:

    Watching the season 2 reunion now and Jill was pretending to own that Hampton house.
    Kelly was crazy back at that reunion.

  127. WindyCityWondering says:

    It’s ironic that Jill used Kelly to disrupt Ramona’s trip – little did she know how good of a job she really did! There was no tolerance for her – none!

  128. Pghemtchick says:

    Lynn, I’m glad you got away from the other site. What she did reminded me so much of Jill. It’s a place of yes for you! Thanks for the great blogs always ❤

    Off to nap for me. My leg is killing me today, if I had a hacksaw it'd be tempted. So it's an icepack and elevation til Hell's Kitchen. Happy snarling all!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks Pghemt! 🙂 Hope your leg feels better. xoxo

      p.s. That guy that had to leave Hell’s Kitchen during the first episode and taken to the hospital was a friend of my son’s, they went to HS together and he used to hang out here all the time with my son and their buddies. I felt bad that he had to leave, he was excited about being on the show but he’s ok 🙂

  129. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    Phew! Finally caught up on all the comments. Holy shitballs, Lynn! What you go thru to get the blogs out for us to enjoy and snark about is unbelievable. Thank you so much for everything you do! Anyone who’s read this blog for even a short time knows you are trustworthy. Shame on anyone who would take advantage of your trust in others. I love your spirit – you’re not naive but you aren’t cynical either. I’ll find you where ever you go. Yes, I’m stalking you! LOL

  130. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~~sign up for exclusive newsletter for juicy details after tonight’s housewives reunion at jillzarin.com please RT @parishilton @kathyhilton ?
    I hear a restraining order.

  131. Kukulet says:

    YAY…Cat from DC is blogging the NY reunion tonight for Bravo. Something to look forward to…

  132. eitherhalf says:

    I guess you could call me the ultimate “lurker” as I have been reading your blog from the very beginning. I was so, so frustrated at bravo blogs and with jills behavior. I admire the comradarie (sp)? you have inspired in women from ALL walks of life. I have never posted before and wish I had posted in the beginning so that I could have been in on the ground floor of this wonderful ‘chosen’ family.
    Just wanted to say i WILL FOLLOW WHERE EVER YOU BLOG. I love how the flare-ups turn into love-ins and the clueless are brought up to date on every little thing (think 4:20 and such lol) Thanks for creating such a tolerant and loving atmosphere for folk to come in, sit down and have a cup of coffee and a bit of harmless gossip. I will continue reading from the sidelines…..thanks again

  133. Golden Girl says:

    Lynn, I just wanted you to know that I will follow you wherever you go.

  134. California35 says:

    So sad people are still trying way to hurt Lynn, GLAD Lynn has strength a MANY followers 🙂

    • Jezzibel says:

      its pathtic that they would resort to attacking Lynn to drive up the number of hits for their blog.

      • AF says:

        I agree. I’m becoming a broken record because I’ve said this so many times, but it seems to bear repeating on a regular basis: this is a fun blog about reality television shows – what’s with the drama? There are housewives attacking Lynn and this blog and now other bloggers attacking Lynn..it’s insanity! I think too many people – housewives, bloggers, commenters – take this stuff way too seriously. That’s why I like coming here – people here don’t typically take things so seriously. At least not with regard to the housewives. And that’s the way it should be, right?

  135. California35 says:

    Nancy – I didn’t go any where this weekend. I stayed home and took care of it 🙂 Cleaning etc on Saturday. Sunday I was planing ot hang out in the blog, but got busy again in the morning, and went to the movies later. It was a nice weekend, I kept trying to enjoy it and take care of things on the weekends, since the weeks are pretty much work work work.

    Did you do anything?

    • Nancy says:

      I play chamber music every Sunday morning/afternnoon.
      Other than that nothing much. We are home bodies.
      We like to spend time with our animals.

  136. Amy Matheson says:

    I think Gabriella (2nd oldest) was switched at birth. She seems so normal and does not even remotely resemble Teresa and Joe. And she looks nothing like Gia, Milania and Audrianna either.

    You can live with me sweetie.

    • California35 says:

      She doesn’t look like any of the other girls. I know that not all should like the same, but it is strange to see three of them look one way and she looking another. Maybe she takes on Joe’s family.

  137. Golden Girl says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Gabriella.

  138. Let's be fair says:

    Lynn, I understand your frustration and thank you for sharing your concerns and what happened. But, I think you should also tell the whole story. Its not cheap to have your own domain. Ima was paying for everything. That post above is rude, but seems like you have been having $ problems like the rest of us. So perhaps maybe you were a little ungreatful.?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Really? If I told you what Ima spent on the total of the blog you’d fall on the floor it was minimal …so much so that now I know I don’t need any financial assistance but thank you for your input. It actually IS cheap to have your own domain. What exactly was I supposed to be grateful for? Bringing her hits? bringing her more money than she spent? (yes! she made a profit) Being treated like just another writer on HER team? Getting emails telling me I’m doing everything wrong and she had to fix it? Being told I can’t post a Housewives blog? shall I go on?

      • Lynn, my hubby has his own server and all kinds of software. If you need anything, just let me know and he will hook you up- and it will be YOUR show. Where you don’t have to answer to anyone. Just do your thang darlin.

        • wSL says:

          RR you never cease to be an angel ! Thank you.
          (Does your hal o ever get in your way ?)

          • JC in Michigan says:

            If you compare the hits of your blogs on TVtime 101 to others it wasnt even close . I agree, do our own thing…. your an excellent writer and havea massive following. I have read you every day for over a year. I make sure I carve out time even though I am crazy busy at running my own business. I would pay for the ability to read it. What started out as a place to vent about the ridiculous behavior of Jill against B has turned into so much more. You have something special here and it may take some more effort but we will follow. Nothing good in life ever comes easy.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          muwahhh Thanks RR :)xoxo

    • Kukulet says:

      Not cheap to have your own domain? I own and service several websites, and pay approx $120 a year per website for unlimited bandwidth, email, and plenty of databases and other applications. That’s about $10 a month. While it is expensive to have a dedicated server, a dedicated server also isn’t necessary for a standard domain.
      It’s not nearly as expensive as some might think.

    • You can go to “GoDaddy.com” and get a domain for around $12.00 a year. Th real cost comes with buying your storage server and backup computer programs. It is not that expensive or there wouldn’t be the thousand upon thousands of websites out there. And, unless you have computor programming skills, designing your web page can be a little costly. But, not so bad that Lynn couldn’t do it on her own. My advise to Lynn would be to contact as many people as she can who have created their own sites to get good, sound advice.

      • Kukulet says:

        Well, I use GoDaddy…and the $12.00 a year is for registering your domain name, but doesn’t include hosting.
        With hosting ($8.99 for a “gold” package), it works out to about $10 a month.

        • MAMAZ says:

          $10 a month is a pretty small investment. If Lynn was bringing the hits that generated the revenue I don’t think she owed anyone gratitude.

  139. FlowerPower says:

    Holy ping-pong blogs, Batman!

    When I first saw Lynn’s post on the other site saying she had been kicked off, I thought her account had been hacked. Glad we’re back here.

  140. Not that Crazy says:

    Love your websites. Will follow you no matter where you hang your hat. Keep up the good work.

  141. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    Lynn. I came upon this quote that I think fits today’s theme.

    “Commitment is the enemy of resistance, for it is the serious promise to press on, to get up, no matter how many times you are knocked down. ”
    David McNally

  142. OneMoreInBoston says:

    This new movie Cowboys vs. Aliens looks good doesn’t it?

    • California35 says:

      Hi OMIB –

      I saw the previous for that and am thinking I will go see it. Is it from an old story or movie?

    • klmh says:

      Oh Lord, OMIB, we go to one or two movies a year, and our quota has been met with Harry Potter! It does look good though. There is something about the new OO7 that is so attractive. I love Harrison Ford too.

      • klmh says:

        If you go and see it, would you let us know how you like it? I might need to go, you know, for research purposes.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          It does sound like a cool movie. Like you, klmh I dont go to see movies very often. I really wanted to go to see “The King’s Speech”, I still havent seen it.

          Are you enjoying this cold front? I guess we shouldnt get too used to it though. I rather have ice than this heat dome.

          • klmh says:

            OMG O F, you have to see it. I will tell you it is one of my most favorite movies of all time. It was funny because we saw it on a plane going to and coming back. Long flights.
            It is so good, I bought it. I cannot give it high enough praise. Just so wonderful.
            Please rent it, or I can send it to you if you give me your address and if you have blu-ray. I would be happy for you to see it.

            • Okie Folkie says:

              You are way too sweet klmh! I dont have blu-ray. But, I do have a rental place close by. I thought it would’ve been on HBO or Showtime by now.

              Pretty much anything ‘Royal’ I like. “The Queen” was very well done, I thought.

              Thank you so much for your kind offer. It really means a lot to me. And, I’ll let you know when I finally do get to the rental place! Thanks! xox

              • Kukulet says:

                “The King’s Speech” is on the same standard as “The Queen” – very well done and fairly accurate – a little dramatic license, but not much.
                Colin Firth captured George VI perfectly-not just the speech impediment, but his gestures, posture, etc. And Geoffrey Rush was, as always, perfection.
                You won’t be disappointed. Even the Queen gave it a thumbs up-which, considering it was about her father, says a lot about the quality of the film.

    • My neighbors own a limo company based in San Deigo-they are hook up with comic con and they drove all the stars in that movie..plus many more.

  143. Amy Matheson says:

    I feel I have heard what I need to from Lynn, and Ima, I don’t care about you. If I did, I would post on your blog independent even if Lynn had not been on there.

    Fact is that you decided you want to run the ship even if it meant cutting off your sail.

    Bad job unless your goal is to be flotsom.

  144. shanna says:

    NO troll here, but what a casino the last few days have been! Thank you Lynn et all, for keeping me entertained. I too will just check me twitter to find (stalk) you and your site. Holding my breath for the reunion tonite-can Miss Andy corrall these heifers?

  145. Nancy says:

    Teach me something. Tell me in what context did he say that.

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      I’m not sure, I’ll have to research it.

      • Nancy says:

        You don’t have to do that. I’ll look it up and I’ll get back to you.

        • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

          Well there are two David McNally’s I think. On is a author and speaker and one is a professor. I believe this quote came from the speaker.

  146. California35 says:

    Looking forward to tonigh, eather I watch the reunion on time or later, I know I can come here to talk about it 🙂

    Tonight — Reunion, Ramona’s Pino Grigio, and Lynn’s place and followers 🙂 I hope to see you guys later….

  147. HD says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Lynn. We all can see it for what it is. You know I am straight up hood when need be! Dust your shoulders off and keep moving!

  148. Jezzibel says:

    I might be on my own here, regarding Ally, but what some might think of as stand-offish, could be mistaken for being just shy.
    But I can see how she might also have a little “my mothers a reality t.v. celeb” attitude as well.
    I was no saint by any means when I left home and joined the Military, so I can also see her getting into a situation where she drank to much for the first time and wound up having to get her stomach pumped, I don’t think its a massive cover-up but it would be embarrassing for her and she might just not want to talk about it.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I agree. People always thought I was stuck up but it was really other stuff.
      I hope it’s not true about the binge drinking but she wouldn’t be the first young person to make a mistake.

    • RealMinkey says:

      She wouldn’t be the first kid to start off on the wrong foot or fall into the party trap in her first year of college. I will still not admit to half the idiotic things I did back then.

  149. TLM says:

    Heading to Wawa to get sustenance for tonight’s reunion, plus the President’s address at 9pm. I should probably get wine, but am just going to stick to a hoagie.

  150. Nancy says:

    Watching the Scary Island reunion right now.
    How could Andy just sit there and pretend he didn’t know how
    serious things got with Kelly? It’s disgraceful. Then he made the ladies
    that WERE there sit there and take that crap from Kelly.
    Shame on Bravo.

    • Jezzibel says:

      Given the previews for this reunion…I think he might be fed up with the brunettes and is handing it back to them, and also Cat O blogging for Bravo about the reunions…..yea I think he really gave them enough rope and now he is letting them swing from it, while us viewers swing back at them like they were a pinata

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Maybe Bravo will actually post comments on the blogs tomorrow, yeah I doubt it. I do love when they post the *REAL* thoughts of their viewers’.
        Earlier today I went over there just to look and Jill had something like 33 comments! Is that all the *positive* comments that have been made?

        Cat’s blog will a must for me.

    • lillybee says:

      Andy wouldn’t let Ramona talk and came close to calling her a bully.

  151. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Kim G. looks like Heather Locklear’s grandmother

  152. Adgirl says:

    When is the Real Hobby Blogger reunion airing? Sounds like it will be exciting.

  153. Nancy says:

    What a drama Queen Jill is. Now she’s making Scary Island all about her.
    Jill, go back and stalk Kathy Hilton some more.

  154. Is the radio show tonight immediately after the reunion or after WWHL?

  155. Nancy says:

    I wonder why The Count doesn’t like Jews? What a horrible
    moment that was for LuAnn. Andy looked “pissed”! As he should have been.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      She was a dumbass for even bringing it up. Clearly if it’s true her husband sucks, but displayed zero manners and kindness sharing that to anyone – let alone anyone Jewish.

      And notice how she tiptoes around Andy’s direct question “so the Count would not like you dating someone Jewish?” and she made it sound like she was protecting him by saying “let’s just say he’d be surprised.” I love your word play, Luann, making your gross ex look like an even bigger ass than he already is.

      Maybe he “wouldn’t be surprised” because you’ve said nasty things in the past about that faith?

      I’m not saying you did, but since “we” like to play word games, Lulu…

  156. Nancy says:

    Another way to tell when Jill is lying is that she won’t look someone in the eyes when she speaks.
    She just said the “Spread eagle” BS to Alex.

  157. Amy Matheson says:

    Another way to tell when Jill is lying is when she is speaking. LOL.

  158. WindyCityWondering says:

    Watching Missy party again….her sisters/drunk BIL worm their way into every scene! And her sisters and Kathy are stuck to Kim G. like flies on poop. Now I get why Caroline’s crew are being too “assertive”. It appears they are trying to have Joey/Melissa and Teresa’s back and stop this party from going the normal burining down the house routel.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I like Melissa, but her side of the family is just tacky and rude and nasty. What kind of weirdo tells her little sister to take off their panties at a party. On national tv? And I don’t care in what context. Freako-mannerless-dumbass.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        That was jaw dropping-ly inappropriate, so odd and just…odd

      • TLM says:

        And her sister’s supposed explanation, “It’s a PARTY!” made me think, exactly what kind of party are we talking about??!? The next comment about it being an early present to Joe Gorga just made me cringe. Why does the Gorga family have to tell everyone about its sexual life and habits?? Even Joe Gorga had to talk about his own father being a “very sexual man”??? NO ONE IS INTERESTED.

  159. HD says:

    Lynn, what is your daughter’s site again? Or if anyone knows can you post the link?

  160. Golden Girl says:

    Did something happen to Ally that she had to have her stomach pumped?

    • klmh says:

      This is a story that is going around, and no one can verify something like this, although some of the students of her college, who didn’t like her anyway, say.
      Apparently she drank too much.

      • Nancy says:

        I was worried that something like that would happen to Ally.
        Bravo needs to hire women that don’t have any children.
        I wonder what a sociologist would say about this show.

    • boston02127 says:

      Maybe she ate some of Jill’s old pototo latters. Or whatever there called.
      Pototo is like banana, you never know when to stop. lol

  161. boston02127 says:

    A lil video of tonights show. Ramona vs Lulu

  162. BambiBaby22 says:

    At Melissa’s party, when the Manzo family was in their “closed door meeting”, and Christopher was expressing worry about hurting his friend Johnny (or whatever he was worried about), it seemed to me that Caroline and others couldn’t understand where Christopher was coming from and I was half expecting to hear, “Johnny is not family, WE are family, you MUST be loyal to us”.

    • AF says:

      I was expecting that as well. But, I think Caroline understood where Chris was coming from. She did turn to him at one point and said, “I understand what you mean.” My understanding was that she knew Chris was put in an awkward position and, while she didn’t feel bad about telling off Kim G., she *did* ultimately feel terrible about putting her son in such a terrible position. I could be wrong, but that’s my take on how Caroline felt about the situation.

      However, Al – Caroline’s husband – did say something along the lines, “Well, if Johnny doesn’t understand, than f**k him!” and I think most of the other Lauritas/Manzos agreed. But, I do think Caroline felt bad for poor Chris. Or maybe I just want to believe that…?

    • MAMAZ says:

      They may not have said it on camera but the implication was there. I would normally even agree to some extent except that contrary to what the Manzos were saying Kim G didn’t attack Caroline.
      Caroline was right that Kim G came there to start shit and she wouldn’t keep her big mouth shut but how did she attack Caroline? Was it okay for Caroline to defend her “friend” Teresa? Sure, but then she also should have addressed Kathy and Mel’s sister who were loving Kim G’s anti Teresa rant. And then she and her family should have walked away instaed of throwing an invited guest of the Gorga’s out and taking over their screening room for a Manzo family sit down.

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        ITA ,MAMAZ. Had to note when Joe Gorga kisses Albert’s ring ala mafia don, really?

  163. Lynn,
    Thanks for explaining what happened at the other site. I was following most of the day yesterday. But, then I fell on my steps so I missed the “casino” that happened later. Santa reminded me to check out your Twitter page and I found you again today.

    Like Ester of old “Wither thou goest , I will go”. l followed you from the Hubpages to here. From here to there and back again! I have never found another site that shared so much loyalty and comraderie. I will support you and follow you until you hang up your computer keyboard and choose to blog no more. I hope that day never comes.

    IMO there are those out there who are jealous of you and your success. You have loyal followers and your site gets a ton of hits. There are people out there like Jill Zarin and competing bloggers who feel threatened and intimidated by your accomplishments. It is sad that they can’t applaude and support you. I have seen you give links to other competitors blogs. You never seem to fear the competition. Instead, you gave shout outs and support to help new bloggers get started. I have several sites bookmarked because you reccommed we check them out. I don’t buy into the lies and hateful rumors some of these jealous people try to spread. I trust and respect you. They have given me no reason to trust them. They just appear petty and hateful.

    • vilzvet says:

      Ouch! Hope you’re alright, shadows.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I’m so sorry you fell, I hope you’re ok!!! xoxo

      Thanks for the support, it’s been amazballs around here today and I love you all! Plus I feel like I’m home with all my friends! 🙂 I’m really lucky to have all of you!

  164. Nancy says:

    The Country is broke!

    • AF says:

      I hope nobody is actually shocked by this. We’ve been broke for a very long time…

    • boston02127 says:

      Should people take their saved money out of the bank?

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        No! Please don’t! I work in a bank and we have alot of extra money because alot of people are doing just this so we ordered more money. Peopl are cashing in savings bonds because they are afraid the government won’t honor them later, but the gov’t will. Just remeber, banks are not owned by the government, and most are very healthy.

  165. WindyCityWondering says:

    I have decided, it is a fact, I hate Ashley more than Jill – I am going out to clean up dog poop because I just can not stomach that waste of human being. BBL

    • Nancy says:

      Did you notice that Ashley was right the middle of all the drama during the party.
      Haven’t we seen this movie before with Ashley?
      She is headed for trouble.

      • Cusi77 says:

        OMG! Nancy, I was thinking the same last night while watching Ashley at the Gorga’s front door. It was exactly what happened before she pulled Danielle’s hair last season. That chic is looking for trouble, is what I thought.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Yeah she looked like she wanted to jump in soooo badly. Someone must have told her one false move and that car is GONE!

          • Nancy says:

            She was also at the “family meeting” upstairs.
            Maybe Bravo has something to do with that.

      • TLM says:

        It was cracking me up when Jacqueline said, “High road, Ashley, High road. High road.” It’s like telling a dog, “Down boy, down boy.” LOL.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I’m in the minority here but I feel a little sorry for Ashley.
      She’s a brat, ungrateful, vain, shallow, and superficial but she is young. I think Chris was/is probably a decent stepdad but it never seemed like Jac or Chris followed up on any of their threats with Ashley. During the whole Danielle debacle they kept telling her if she continued fighting with her they were gonna, blah, blah, blah. Once they even said she’d have to move out. The very public fight went on and no consequences from the Lauritas. The helped create the monster.
      As for Ashley bad mouthing them on television, that’s awful. But not abnormal for a young girl, and Ashley is obviously very immature regardless of her age. But Chris calling Caroline’s show was too much for me. And at dinner on Christmas Eve all he needed to say was I love you Ashley. Not go into a big lecture about her behavior. Not in front of the cousins and the viewers.
      Being a parent is hard. I think the Lauritas have often taken the easy way out whe it came to Ashley and now they are paying for it.
      And tricking your kid into thinking they were going on vacation when you are really kicking them out is another example of taking the easy route.

      • AF says:

        I absolutely agree that Jacqueline and Chris have not followed through with regard to their parenting techniques and Ashley’s behavior. I don’t feel sorry for Ashley, but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to Jacqueline and Chris.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        MamaZ ITA agree about tricking Ashley! wth! My parents would NEVER have been so mean even when I was at my most horrible! I always knew that I could come home no matter what.
        Just pulled the rug right out from underneath her- she’ll always have self esteem issues that she is not worthy of unconditional love.

        • Cusi77 says:

          (((OneMore))) you hit the nail on the head! It is about unconditional love what makes Ashley feel inadequate. She must be 20 now. She does not act 19-20… Is she a reflexion of divorced parents with second families? She is not functioning correct. I also feel sorry for her… sorry and sometimes annoyed that she doesn’t have the ability to recognize what she has and probably playing the victim that nobody understands her… She has “things” but she doesn’t feel loved IMO>

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Chris has been her daddy for over 75% OF HER LIFE. If her life was so bad then she should have gone to Texas and the Lauritas could have paid child support and left the parenting to her “real” father. I am calling BS on Ashley. And when she did those talking heads, she knew how much she was hurting him.

        • Nancy says:

          Wasn’t that horrible. My heart broke for her mother when I heard that.
          She’s a nasty young lady.

    • RealMinkey says:

      If Assley were promoting herself as not only a Star, but also doctor, dentist, girdle designer, video producer, author, queen of society, party expert, and everything else extraordinaire, then she too would have a blog dedicated to hating her.
      Jacqueline and Chris need to load that ingrateful mullet into THEIR Jeep, drive into the wilderness, leave her to the bears, and never look back.

  166. smompy says:

    OK, well it was definitely Juicy doing the smack-talking! Sorry I ever gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    • vilzvet says:

      And it really did seem like he was talking about Melissa, but Teresa’s blog is up and she said he was talking about the sisters, basically. There is an interesting tweet from one of the sisters today in response:
      “LysaSimpson Lysa Simpson
      what’s the matter, people seeing your husband’s true colors and your looking for a way out of your corner? LIAR”

  167. Cusi77 says:

    New HGTV Design Star is on NOW!

  168. JustDee says:

    Well, there goes my TV schedule. Hells Kitchen/Master Chef/Housewives 😦

  169. Okie Folkie says:

    Have we had an “Asshat of the Week” award lately? I dont recall one. They are so much fun, if it matters, I vote to reinstate those. Thanks to Rich Ammons and Lynn.

  170. Nancy says:

    Dr Drew is talking about Amy Winehouse right now.
    I think all Addictionologists feel pretty powerless right now.
    Her death really affected my husband. He loved her music.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I liked her too, Nancy. Russell Brand said some kind things about her, but this touched me most:

      “Whether her death was preventable or not is irrelevant. It is not preventable today.”

      Post mortem discussions don’t chanmuch, though I do like Dr Drew. Have you or you
      husband heard Amy sing “Will you still love me tomorrow?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ludxpkyrab0

  171. Coffee Chick says:

    Lynn ~
    I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. I only posted comments on 2 or 3 occasions, so I guess I could be referred to as a “lurker” (not to be confused with a “stalker”)
    I find your blog posts to be amusing, snarky (in a fun way), and very witty. It is obvious that you are a very intelligent woman.

    Please don’t let recent events get you down. There are entities out there who are jealous of your success. They want to capitalize on that, in order to further their own cause. They have no regard as to the effect it has on you or your followers. Your loyal blog readers see that, and we have your back. Wherever you go to post your blogs, I will follow. And I am sure there are many, many others who feel the same way.

    Hang in there! I look forward to your continued success with the IHJZ blog!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks Coffee Chick! I am overwhelmed by all of the support and love coming my way. I feel badly that I seem to be making everyone struggle to find me but I promise I’ll find a perm home soon! xoxo

      I really appreciate your posts everyone!!! Thank you!

  172. LynnNChicago says:


    New Blog – Ready to Chat? Let’s do it!!!

  173. klmh says:

    Sorry, don’t mean to bring politics into this blog. I just want to say, thank you Mr. President. Great speech. jmo, of course…

    • Nancy says:

      Hasn’t he aged? I feel sorry for him.

      • klmh says:

        My God, with what this poor fellow has to deal with, could you imagine what a woman would look like? Have you seen H. Clinton lately? We age so much earlier than men. I hate that… 🙂

  174. boston02127 says:

    I’m thinking of closing my eyes for a half hour but I think that will be the end of me and I’ll miss the show.

  175. Adgirl says:

    I think Mario and Ramona are going to adopt a baby. They have the bug now.

  176. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello all! Just saw the commercial of Jillzilla threatening to go all LES on Ramona and my pressure went thru the roof. I’ve stayed away from BRAVO clips to have “fresh” eyes for the reunion. If I spike, and the BRAVO HW’s induced anyeurism finally implodes, LOL, please carry on the snarking in the name of LOVE!

  177. smompy says:

    Santa HATES Kelly.

  178. cdninvegas says:

    Would love to write about PR. Lynn, please feel free to contact me thru my email address if you need some help….

  179. Dumatta says:

    Just to be clear, because I think everyone seems to have missed this part, but in the RHONJ family dinner scene where inappropriate chistmas attire is discussed, Melissa was the first one to remark that Teresa’s outfit was inappropraite and then Teresa responds. I didn’t catch it the first time, but when I watched the replay – I was shocked. She said it quietly, but the camera’s caught it. Everyone is only reaccting to Teresa’s response. Don’t hate on Teresa! Review the episode!

  180. cait says:

    so I think this is pretty weird- Bravo is really evil. To me this proves it. So I read the nj blogs, and Tre’s apparently has been edited by bravo. She took to celebuzz to share what she really blogged and most of it is the same, except for her comment about joe- she says that he was speaking about lyssa not melissa and it was because she pulled his mother’s hair at the christening, sh*ts weird yo.

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