I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Reunion Part I

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – The Reunion Part I

This show rocks!  Did you know that Kelly was rated one of the top five most “nice” celebrities?  She was nice on the show tonight, when she attacked Alex about being “different”, she gets irritated when Alex turns red and that upsets Kelly.  Alex, please stop turning red, the last thing anyone wants is an upset Kelly Bensimon.  Bad things happen when Kelly is upset.  Jelly beans get devoured, men get punched in the face and chaos ensues.

Even Andy Cohen laughed when Kelly told Alex that she was “nice”.  A magazine article named Kelly as one of the top five nicest celebrities and Alex asked her if she really believes her own press.  Apparently she does, she was also named the most charitable person in her area when she was growing up folks!  Don’t forget that!

Kelly is nice, she was nice when she said that Sonja’s house was dirty and unorganized, she told viewers that Sonja is living beyond her means in her ex-husband’s house.  I love that Andy asked Kelly about the home she lives in, Kelly excitedly and proudly told Andy that her ex-husband Giles Bensimon bought that house for $1 million.  She started to go on about what it’s worth now and the square footage as though she was a real estate broker.  Andy cut her off and had to point out the obvious, Kelly didn’t even get the connection between her living in Giles home and what she said about Sonja living in her ex-husband’s home.  Sonja was very clear, that is her home, she owns it outright.

Kelly had the nerve to point out that as a mother, hygiene is very important, implying that Sonja’s home is not only unorganized but when Kelly said her house was “dirty” she meant it was “dirty” as in really dirty.  We all watched as Sonja’s little dog piddled on the carpet but what Kelly was implying was much worse.  All of the ladies seemed to disagree with Kelly, except Cindy but she doesn’t count.

The first montage they showed was Alex McCord after Cohen’s introduction of “Alex seemed to fight with everybody here”.  Poor Alex, she did turn red a lot and she had squabbles with everyone except Ramona and Cindy.  It was very obvious that Jill tried to back off of Alex all season, there were a lot less attacks on Alex this season compared to previous seasons.  Unfortunately for Jill, the remarks she made at the wedding were pretty bad leaving Jill very little defense except to repeat what she said behind Alex’s back directly to her face at the reunion.

Jill’s nasty face stared directly at Alex and said, “you ARE a F****N Bitch” and Alex looked directly at Jill and said, “and so are you!”.   Alex was right, Jill was wrong.  Jill’s comment about Alex being in a social setting that is above her wasn’t brought up, I certainly hope thy don’t let her off the hook for that comment.

Kelly was asked why she was attacking Alex all season, Andy’s viewer question was “what makes you think you can tell Alex how she’s feeling and calling her ‘weird’ repeatedly?”  Kelly didn’t have a proper answer, but then she rarely does.  The New York Housewives begin to talk over each other and it’s impossible to hear what any of them are saying, this happened frequently on tonight’s show and Andy had very little control.

Andy knows that when even two people are talking at the same time, viewers can’t hear either one of them but when four or five of them are all talking it is just like being at a rock concert standing right next to the huge amplifiers while trying to listen to people around you talking, you can’t hear anything at all.  Andy tried to put a stop to it but this went on way too often and for too long.

The montage of Alex also brought up the subject of the Marriage Equality March and the argument between Sonja and Alex.  They seem to have gotten their stories straight and as the two ladies explain we hear Kelly mumbling every few seconds in the background.  At that point Andy decided to find out what Kelly was mumbling about.

Every time Kelly opened her mouth she made a fool of herself.  Kelly jumped into several conversations that had nothing to do with her, the Marriage Equality March argument between Alex and Sonja was being discussed and for some reason Kelly decided she was going to tell the story of what really happened.   Kelly really does need etiquette lessons, she interrupts (while claiming everyone interrupts her) and is rude to everyone.

When Jill and Ramona were arguing about Jill’s event, Ramona was explaining that she thought the wine that she brought was to be served and Jill insists that she asked Ramona not to serve it.  Jill’s martini’s at 11am would be an acceptable offering for her guests, Alex tried to jump in to give her take on things and Jill jumped down her throat telling her to shut up, it is none of her business.  Alex pointed out that she was there and had an opinion the same way Kelly jumped in to arguments simply because she was there.  Apparently Jill only allows that if someone is on her side.

I think almost everyone on the brunette couch at one time or another told Alex to “shut up” or “be quiet” or “stay out of it”.  I truly believe that was planned in advance.  The Brunette’s all decided that they were going to try to neutralize Alex and make her opinions invalid.  This is all part of Zarin’s plan to try to get Alex off the show and that has been Jill Zarin’s goal since season one.  Jill always has a plan.

Every one of them jumped into arguments that had nothing to do with them so for them all to tell Alex to back off was completely obvious and inappropriate.  Luann, the Miss Manners of the group was rude to Alex and told her to “stay out of it” yet Lulu jumped in to try to defend Kelly and even Jill.

Ramona got upset when the subject of her husband was brought up.  Luann tried to sound like the innocent victim as Ramona talked about cheating husbands.  This same subject came up last season as Lulu talked about her ex-husband not liking Jewish people and their “open marriage”.  A wife like Luann who is married to a Count and has the life that she dreamed of with as much money as she could possibly spend doesn’t want an “open marriage”.  Chances are pretty good that she had no choice.  The Count most likely was openly cheating on his wife during his many business trips and Luann would have been told to deal with it or leave.  The Count may have even told his wife she’s free to do the same as long as she’s discrete and doesn’t make a fool of him.  This arrangement would have probably disgusted Ramona and as she said the Count and Countess tried to play it off as if they had this wonderful marriage but they were actually separate more than they were together and both having affairs.

In Morocco when the fortune-teller implied that Mario had another woman, Luann told Ramona that she’s sorry, and she’s there for her and she feels badly, no one should have to go through what Luann went through….and on and on.  This implies that Luann believes that Mario is having an affair.  If Luann really wanted to support Ramona, she would have said, “it’s ridiculous, of course Mario is faithful, just ignore the fortune-teller”.

Jill played into it as well telling viewers that in her “circle of friends”  (Luann and Kelly) she also heard a rumor that Mario was cheating.  Interesting how this came up only this season when a fortune-teller said it and Luann, Kelly and Jill were most likely speculating about Mario.  Let’s face it, Jill doesn’t have a “circle of friends” she has Kelly and Luann during filming, the rest of the time she chases after psudo-celebrities like Kathy Hilton.

Overall I thought Luann was pretty nasty but I have to give her “Kudooos” for not blindly following and agreeing with the Brunette’s on every subject.  Luann was quick to tell Kelly that she was out of line talking about Sonja’s home and her bank account.  Kelly actually tried to defend her comments rather than owning them and apologizing, which would have been the proper thing to do.  Jill didn’t mutter that in Kelly’s ear so how could she possibly know the right thing to say?

Luann also agreed with 99% of the population that Cindy was rude to take a conference call while visiting Sonja for brunch.  Cindy’s only defense was that Sonja knew about it, a fact that Sonja denies.  Regardless of Cindy’s defense it was rude of Cindy to shush her hostess, bring her assistant and schedule a conference call while your hostess is cooking a meal for you.  Isn’t it obvious to anyone else that Cindy had several other options?  The only one discussed on the show was Cindy leaving the room to take the call, that really should have been a last resort.  How about rescheduling the call?  or rescheduling the visit to Sonja’s?  Kelly decided to jump into this argument as well, explaining that Cindy has a “Business!”  and it is important to take these kinds of calls.  It is hysterical how impressed Kelly is with Cindy and the importance Kelly places on Cindy’s business dealings.  Kelly was quick to point out that Cindy’s time was more important because it was “business”.  Let’s remember for a moment that Cindy’s “business” is putting sparkles on women’s private parts.  Kelly’s fascination with Cindy’s business is pretty funny.  Kelly is easily impressed.

Cindy seemed to take an immediate dislike to Sonja, something that was never properly explained but clearly Cindy isn’t hip to the Housewives protocol.  Both Jill and Luann seem to admire Sonja, even defending her against their own Brunette’s.  As Sonja explained that she never tried to change anyone, she accepted each of them for who they are Jill jumped in and agreed, “that’s true Sonja, that’s very true Sonja”.  Of course not being able to let anything go, Cindy chimed in with, “Except me, you tried to change me”.  Not exactly Cindy, she only tried to teach you some manners, something we all agree that you need badly.

Sonja got emotional when discussing her marriage falling apart, she implied that there were outside factors involved in the break down of her marriage.  It could be Morgan’s family, another woman, another man but clearly Sonja is not over the marriage ending.  Her story was heartbreaking.  The fact that there is a child involved makes it even more difficult to not feel sorry for Sonja.

The ladies discussed the final party on the yacht celebrating Luann’s relationship and Ramona was accused of turning it into all about her possible pregnancy.  I loved when Ramona said that she was getting bored anyway but Jill had to jump in and yell that Alex seemed to be “left out”.  That is hysterical coming from Jill who pounded on the door begging to be let in and then went around to all of the guests announcing that Sonja and Ramona were in the bathroom together.  I didn’t see Alex caring all that much and she certainly didn’t try to get into the bathroom with Ramona and Sonja.  Jill obviously was trying to make Alex look bad by implying that the blondes leave Alex out in the cold.  The fact is Sonja and Ramona have been friends for a long time and they have fun together, why does Jill have to make it sinister?  Because she’s a hateful, awful bitch!

There are many things that weren’t covered tonight that I certainly hope are on next weeks’ agenda.  As much as I would like Cindy to get no air time, I’d love to hear her explanation for being unable to care for one child during a 1-hour lunch.

It is sort of fitting that Jill stormed off the set while the talk turned to their children.  Jill has absolutely no problem talking about Alex’s children, she’s called them wild animals, she’s made fun of the cute duo and she’s criticized Alex and Simon’s parenting skills.   Suddenly the kids are off-limits when it comes to talking about Luann’s teenager daughter, could it be because it hit a little close to home?  Jill’s teenage daughter maybe isn’t as perfect as Jill would like us to believe….

Why Jill Zarin’s Daughter Ally Shapiro Really Left Sarah Lawrence College http://t.co/BS06H18 via @crushabledotcom

As so many of you pointed out there is no better day than today to acknowledge that the name of this blog is so appropriate!  Someday Jill Zarin will be off of our television and the question will be “Who the hell is Jill Zarin?”  After Jill’s behavior on last night’s reunion show, I Hate Jill Zarin couldn’t be more accurate!  A few tweeters asked if I’d include all the brunette’s in the name of the blog…I’d love to but it would just be too long LOL

So much more happened on the show including Bethenny’s name coming up a few times but there’s no way to cover it all, post your comments about what you thought and we’ll be back to talk more about it later this week…


In this special episode of Home by Novogratz, Robert and Cortney take a plain family beach condo and go wild with color. They meet in Long Branch, NJ, with their developer friend Dave Barry and his family who have a condo that needs the Novogratz touch. Dave says it’s not like a home and not comfortable. The kids wants more color. The daughter likes pink. The older son wants a durable boy’s room. The youngest wants non-scratchy furniture and pictures. Dave tells them to do whatever they want. They want a family fun house. They go visit the condo to see what they have to work with. They notice it’s very bland with traditional furniture and non-beachy. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. They want to do the entire floor in carpet tiles rather than the wall to wall carpet. It has to have carpet due to sound issues. They want to make the inside match the view. As Robert says, “From Casper the Ghost to Willie Wonka.”

Cortney wants to use tons and tons of color. They discuss the colors of the floors and walls. Each room will have its own color theme; aqua/teal in the living area, blue in the boys’ room, pink in the gir’ls room, and yellow in the parents’ room. They will be updating the furniture, putting art on the walls with light boxes and photography, and installing unique light fixtures. After watching the crew remove the plain beige carpet that is throughout the condo, Cortney and Robert go to Asbury Park for vintage and antique shopping. They want to find unique things with personality. Cortney wants to get a rather gaudy looking marble and gold table. Robert doesn’t want to get it. She talks him into it by saying it can be painted. Robert mumbles that they don’t want to mess this up. I can tell Cortney is the risk-taker of this couple. The living room gets a mix of paint and black and white wallpaper. Remember the living room is a teal/aqua color. They are installing a light box display in the dining area.

Cortney and Robert go to Paula Rubenstein’s antique shop in SoHo to get blankets to warm up the space. They spot an old boogie board and have to have it. They also want a sign that says “No Coasting Downhill.” Cortney is working with her assistant and keeps getting interrupted by her children. She says she loves working in the kitchen with her kids around, but sometimes it gets pretty hectic with them all talking to her at the same time. Cortney checks on the condo project and likes all the painting that has been done and then paints the gaudy gold table green. Then they start hanging light fixtures. They hang a lighted love shack sign in the parents’ bedroom. They will be laying corkboard on the floors and then gluing the carpet tiles into place.

They are putting black and white in the living room, a very bright stripe carpet in the boys’ room. The boys’ beds get duct taped and painted red and white and blue and white. The furniture is very bold with contemporary, vintage, mod and even natural earthy. They approached the condo with a sense of humor and if ever there was a home described as eclectic, this is it. My husband, Mr. Beige, would not be able to visit this place for long periods of time without losing his equilibrium. When the space is revealed to the Barrys, they are blown away. They are impressed with the livability and say even on a rainy day, it’s bright and cheerful. The boys love their room. They love their duct tape beds. The daughter’s room is what I would call the Pepto Bismol room. It really doesn’t look that beachy to me. The parents seem to like their room, but I’m not sure. They say it feels like a boutique hotel room.

Thanks BB, great job as always!  Lynn~

Thanks Boston02127 great photo/caption!

Until Next Time….

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1,085 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Reunion Part I

  1. angel says:

    I have not even read the blog yet, yes I want too but something about a child demanding breakfast and a house that needs cleaning but after watching The Reunion last night my first thought is…stick a fork in it, they’re done. Really Jill sitting there holding Kelly’s hand and kissing her and comforting her. Kelly is a moron and in the real world Jill would have nothing to do with her. And telling Ramona she’s have to deal with her if she brought up the Countlesses kids. I’m sure Ramona is so afraid of Jill. Oh I’m just getting started. Good morning everyone.

  2. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Good morning ladies! Have a great day =)

  3. Kukulet says:

    “A magazine article named Kelly as one of the top five nicest celebrities…”

    Actually, it didn’t. I checked with Cosmopolitan Magazine. There wasn’t anything listed online that fit Kelly’s description, so I called a researcher buddy who works at the mag and she checked the print editions within the furthest possible timeframe that KKB would fit into.
    To begin with, Cosmopolitan Magazine has apparently never run a “5 nicest celebrities” list-and, honestly, even if they had, there isn’t a chance in hell KKB would have been on it.
    Cosmopolitan Magazine has only mentioned KKB twice…ever. Once to refer to her as a “bronzed wackadoo” (give them marks for their consistent accuracy in reporting!) and another time to chide celebrity chef Sam Talbot for appearing with Kelly on an episode of RHoNY. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was something like “Sam’s a great chef…but what was he doing with Kelly Bensimon? Really, Sam? REALLY?”
    Kelly was probably referring to the sycophantic morning deejay at Cosmo Radio whom she met at her “Spin Cycle” event and who strangely think Kelly is “HOT”. No accounting for lack of taste and intelligence, I guess. Girlie probably said Kelly was nice offhandedly, and Kelly translated that into “Cosmopolitan thinks I’m the nicest person alive.” You know, like the NY Times “major tastemaker” thang. It’s all in Kelly’s pea brain, not reality.
    Kelly is a delusional liar. Always has been, always will be.

    • Interesting. I didn’t believe her – but it must by another symptom of her mental illness to lie with such authority over something that is meaningless and easily disproved.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Kukulet_ THOSE are facts and made sense. Kiki has (among many other things) delirious of grandeur, she thinks she is real and the rest of the blondes are fake and with evil JZ on her ear describing a twisted world that Kelly believes is true. Everything coming from JZ mouth this case-nut believes it.

      • Zoey says:

        She even thinks she’s a blond, at times!

      • MsFran53 says:

        I never respond to blogs, but last nights reunion well enuff is enuff.
        Kelly , you are not nice you have a severe mental issue..seek help. Your house is really your ex’s house by your own definition. You dress inappropriately, you make no sense and you are no fashion icon nor nice.

        Cindy, just go wax a vagina Thanks

        Luann, you are the condesending one.Dismissing Alex like a maid, she is part of the show.You and Jill did not succeed in getting her tossed off show. Your vile remark get back in the cabinet to her , your attitude to her during show and the reunion spoke volumns.We all know you four got together and planned to treat Alex like an outsider.Not relevant to show or you. You only came off tacky cheap and petty. You made tacky remarks about Alex’s 2 young kids.Really luann was it worth it? Then you become offended when your child is mentioned? It was on internet she has racist remarks credited to her plus drugs and drinking. That is on you not anyone else. Four school changes? Spend more time with your child and less trying to be a popstar.You go make what $$ you can off that crap you call singing, more power to you. But pay attention to your children so they dont end up drug addicts or drunks and in rehab.I was amused you made fun of Simons go at same thing. Do you own market on crap music? You also did not pay for that trip to Morocco, and to send the women to bed without dinner was just another sign of condesending.
        You and the other 3 planned all you did on the reunion last night, dont deny it.Jill tried to prepare self last time this time she got the other 3 of you to work with her.

        Yes you are mean and condesending and yes you believe you are better then Alex.How did it taste when Cindy told you not so nicely to buttout.

        Jill well what can I say? You claim you changed.Well yes you did.Now you openly enjoy the nasty remarks you spit out.Yet you get others to agree with all you say .You know I read your sister Lisa told a story about when you were young kids threw rocks at you. When did you become one of the rock throwers? The day it happened? Or did you practice for decades? You have insulted, been vicious and nasty to all on show.Even your friends(you will lose them too). You throw out rumors that Mario was cheating becaus eyou heard it thru the grapevine. I have heard rumores You cheated on your first husband does that make it true? Everyone in NY knows Luann had open marraige and they both screwed what ever moved. Why is that ok with you why is it ok luann would grab mens balls and stumble drunk?

        Tell me Jill why is it ok for you to belittle Alex and Simons kids and their parenting? Your daughter went on an alcohol fuel binge and had to have stomach pumped.Left school, they considered her a snob and hoity. She uses the Zarin name , how insulting for her father to have her toss his life out. When did you get the right to decide who can attend a wedding you are at? Why do you think Ramona or anyone else should of informed you?
        Alex is trying as hard as anyone else to build a good life for her family why do you ttry to take her livlihood away? Why did you lie about photos at Simons job? You scream when others get into others business so then why do you? You have ridiculed and slammed ones who dont kiss your ass. You are mean nasty vile and just one of the rock throwers. You showed it with Bethenny you show it with Ramona with Alex . You used to be the most liked on this show, ever sit an ponder why now you are the most hated?

        • MsFran53 says:

          Alex you try too hard, it becomes passive aggressive like Luann. Not every thing you do is the most important thing on earth. You need to stop . Stop trying to be the bodyguard to others.You are as effective as Kin G’s bodyguard on NJ show. Alex leave this show before the women destroy you and you know that is their plan. Simon never sing(screech) again.

          Ahhh Sonja while a bit goofy this season you still are the only real one.It showed in way you spoke last night. With you it is what it is. God love ya, you try to enjoy life and thats why I like ya.Dont change, well except wear panties, stop being Vagina rude to Kelly.

          Ramona You do have no filter you speak with out thinking.People do care when you blurt out their business.Why do you think Jill spreading rumors about Mario? To show you how it felt to have that type talk hurts.She was throwing rocks. Just stop pitchin booze so much we get it you are good at business but do it too much people shut it out. The others used it to their advantage. You have a good kid listen to her.

          You women had a shot of a lifetime, its made you tv famous, you are all profiting off it. Just stop it the meanness the nasty crap the insults the lies. Shut the fuck up about others and grow the hell up

        • mary says:

          amen…faithful reader, first time responding..nice post, nicely stated

        • Debbie says:

          I could not of put it better myself, well said MsFran53! 🙂

    • Empress of FOD Farm says:

      Kelly’s nicest claim made about as much sense as trying to make us believe that the Playboy photo shoot was two years ago instead of 20.

      • jillz68 says:

        I had a thought about Kelly last night when she wouldn’t own what she said about Sonja re the house and finances. She is like my cat who sees his reflection in the mirror and wonders who is that cat in my house. She can see herself on screen but has no connection that yes, that is her and she did say that.

        The entire show was maddening. Too much yelling, too much mean girl attitude. Didn’t Gloria tell Jill that her face will stick like that if she keeps making those awful faces? Best thing ever would be for them to kick Jill and Kelly off. They can keep LuAnn and the rest but MUST add Cat since she is NOT intimidated by LuAnn like the rest of the brunettes seem to be.

        I am not sure if anyone else has seen this but I have had a feeling that LuAnn is either bi or gay for quite sometime. She exudes absolutely zero chemistry with any of the men she has been with on the show. There were also reports of her making out with a woman at an event a year or so ago in LA and the people at the event were tweeting that the Countess was making out with a chick and asking for cigs. What an awesome storyline that would be. The Countess comes out of the closet.

    • 2Stupid says:

      Can one of you tweeters tweet that to KKB and Andy Cohen? I would love for that wretch of a woman to be held accountable for her lies, at least once. Are you listening man up stairs?

    • Carly Hall says:

      Nope, read it with my own eyes. Cosmo not only said she is the nicest, they also said she “never forgets a name.” It wasn’t an article, it was a blurb. I suspect she heard Lynn and I discuss it on our show because I think I’m one of the only people who saw it.

      She’s not lying.

      • viki55 says:

        So who were the other 4 and where can we find the “blurb”?

        • Carly Hall says:

          I can look, but I doubt I still have the mag. If you wanted to contact Cosmo, one should mention that it was NOT an article. It was a small, bottom-column graphic. Kelly’s pic was there. It was NOT an article, it was NOT a feature, it was barely an inch of devotion in the mag.

          • Carly Hall says:

            ….and if Lynn remembers on which show we discussed it, the month it appeared could almost be narrowed down.

          • Kukulet says:

            Oh, wow, thanks, Carly. We were looking for an article, or one of the “Hot Lists”, not a blurb. Gracias.
            Of course she “never forgets a name” – most brown nosers use that trick. 😉

            • Carly Hall says:

              So do prostitutes.


            • anon says:

              Except Bethennys name, she never could remember that she had met her several times before joining the cast!

              • NYCer says:

                That is so true!

                • Adios Lunatic aka/HW Addict says:

                  Lumann and Sonja had said the same about KKB, it seems that they had all been running into her for years and getting the same treatment. They both talked about it on the reunion last year. I think Ramoner had a friend whose BF lived in the same building as KKB and had the same experience as the rest; ignore the female that is present but talk to and only remeber the male that is present.

              • lainey says:

                Alex is the new Bethenny. Cuckoo Kelly used to try to talk down to Bethenny with her “I”m up here, you’re down there” crap. Now that Bethenny is mega rich and successful, Kelly has only nice things to say about her. So, she has to pick a new target….cue Alex. Kelly has NO ROOM to call anyone weird! Holy Mother of God, that girl wrote the book on weird. Oh, and can someone please tell her to stop putting her head down, so her hair falls forward (I am assuming to cover her crows feet) and then pretend she is pushing her hair back, only to keep it right where it is. Drives me nuts!

          • So Kelly probably took out an ad & called it a poll.

      • christie says:

        Thanks for bringing the facts to the table Carly. Seems at this blog, which I do enjoy reading by the way, everying the brunettes say is a lie and everything the brunettes do is awful. Then the blondes do the same things, and everyone starts making excuses for them. I totally believe that the comment about Cindy’s brother wearing the dead man’s suit was totally made up by Romona so she didn’t look like a fool for freaking out about a cigar but I’m sure 90% of the people on this blog take Ramona’s word for it. At the end of the day, all of these women are rude, mean and inappropriate but like everyone else, I just can’t stop watching. 🙂

      • floridagirl88 says:

        Are you saying Kelly listens to your show? Get outta here!

        • Carly Hall says:

          I don’t think she listens to me. If I’m on the air alone, no one listens. LOL! Do I think she and the others listen when Lynn is on with me? You bet your ass.

    • RabbleRouser says:

      You are a rock star.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    My expectations for the reunion part 1 were very low – and oddly enough, I was still disappointed! IHJZ…

  5. kit9 says:

    Oh, man, new blog right after I posted. I’ll reposted here-just want to point out this spectacular lie Jill told at the reunion..others were talking at the same time and I missed it the first time and I had to rewind to catch it…During the segment about Kelly’s nasty comments about Sonja’s house-Jill said that she was very uncomfortable with Kelly’s comments at the time they were said and got up and left. Um, that’s not what I remember! I seem to remember Jill laughing at Kelly’s comments about Sonja before agreeing with them. Isn’t that what she did?

    • Kukulet says:

      You’re right. Jill didn’t give any sign that she was “very uncomfortable” with Kelly’s comments at the time. She just sat and nodded and chortled.

      • Yayablue says:

        Not only did JZ delight in Kelly’s trashing of Sonja’s house, she moved the conversation over to Ramona and menopause and even questioned whether Ramona had work done. As usual, Jill wasn’t deft or witty, it was another heavy handed smear.

        And posters on other blogs wondered why the blondes didn’t want to stick around to eat with them . . .

    • plainviewsue says:

      You are absolutely right. I believe that she said “She speaks the truth” or something to that effect.

      I hate Jill Zarin more than ever!

    • Carly Hall says:

      Oh you’re so right. OMG!

    • GlamB0t says:

      Yep! I just watched the scene (22:49 into episode “Misfortune Teller”)

      Jills exact words were: “That’s true, (chuckle) she’s not wrong.” while it sounds like Cindy laughing in the background and, of course Kelly continuing to babble on.

  6. I am a little peeved at all of you today! After a good nights sleep, I realized Kelly IS the voice of reason and she IS one of the nicest people. I am the one that belongs in an institution. Why did none of you tell me I had it backwards all this time? What kind of cyber-support group are you?

    Going to eat some gummy bears for breakfast and rip off one of Bethenny’s ideas and make it second-rate.

    • Kukulet says:

      I was gonna tell you, but I’ve been too busy reinventing beer.
      “rip off one of Bethenny’s ideas and make it second-rate” – beautiful!

  7. RealMinkey says:

    Morning , Lynn and everyone.
    I watched last night, but couldn’t collect myself enough to go to the computer and post about that disgusting melee of nasty brunette behavior. I was completely verklempt!
    And then to top it off, Andy’s guest Doogie Howser gave his arrogance-tinged worthless opinions based upon nothing, since he doesn’t watch the show! ( He was there to plug his Smurf movie, and Andy obviously has the hots for him. ) Great guest for a reunion wrap-up, Andy! Way to go!


    • plainviewsue says:

      I totally agree. Andy was just starry-eyed having NPH as his guest. Altho, the best part was he telling Andy that the show needs a whole new cast. A group of women who don’t live to tear each other apart. You all know I am totally Team Blonde, but I am getting so tired of this group.

    • Debbie says:

      Good morning everyone, and to RealMinkey your comment is right on the money. I agree the brunettes behavior was immature and disgusting and some people on here say lulus behavior was better than most, thats only because Jillz was speaking for her!, ( so she wouldnt come of crass,Buls$$t) Jillz is pathetic, vile, and now she acts so tough, while sitting with her fwiends ( she cant pronounce the word FRIENDS) and then SCREAMS at Ramona ” dont talk about her children or your gonna have to deal with me?!?!??? What a wuss! lmao at her.

      And your take on Doogie Howser made me laugh so much because its TRUE! He should not have been on there as a guest knowing NOTHING about the RHONY and was only there to promote his movie. Your total view of this was 100%. 🙂

  8. Another great blog Lynn!

    I agree with so many things you said. At this point, I’m so fed up with the brunetts. After watching last night and seeing the upcomming previews I just wanted to throw something at the TV.

    Jill, Luann, Kelly and Cindy take the term “Mean Girls” to a whole new level. I have never witnessed 4 grown women act and behave so juvenile.Jill really needs a diffrent hobby other than lying, being hateful, a shitstirrer,and a rewriter of history.
    Jill at least decided to shed the facade of “I’ve changed” to embrace her true bitch self. No going back now Jill after calling Alex a f*cking bitch to her face. I just wonder how this woman can still have any fans after her display last night!

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Especially stoopid was Kelly’s inabilityto say anything without looking to the other brunettes for constant reassurance. (I’m following Jill’s suggestions, aren’t I, aren’t I,aren’t I ???? I’ms o.k. Aren’t I aren’t I?? ? Gee this is almost as much fun as sand angels and gives me that light headed feeling of CARTWHEELS yippee! At last they like me, they really really luv me, gee this is fun, fun, fun! I’m going to eat gummie bears soaked in beer and Patron while I tweet about how hot #beingforeverfriendswithJill is.

    • Causing_A_Casino says:

      The brunette couch is the couch of dillusion.
      Luann truly believes that she has been “nothing but nice and kind”, that she can actually sing, that anyone whill buy her book (except for a joke), that she’s a good parent, that Jill’s her friend etc…
      Kelly truly believes she is nice, a business woman, stable, doesn’t need intensive therapy, that orange is the proper color for skin, and jill and Lu are real friends
      Jill truly believes that we believe she has changed, that she’s a business woman, that she’s a victim, that she’s smart enough to manipulate situations without everything falling to shit.
      The brunettes are full of venom- None of them have a sense of humor about themselves
      On the other hand….The blondes admit when they screw up, own it, can laugh at themselves and have been the only enjoyable part of the season

      • jillz68 says:

        At one point I thought LuAnn was going to switch couches. Jill must have major dirt on LuAnn (which you know she has shared with Kelly et al) for LuAnn to keep her aliance with the brunettes.

        Kelly really is is another world. A world where she is perpetually 12. No adult I know has the same lame ass expressions and innocent act and then in a hot minute be a raving bitch. I say she is still in puberty.

  9. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I tired – gave up the first time after 10 min, then got bored again during the repeat. Too much of people talking over each other and rehashing same old same old. Frankly ladies -” I don’t give a damn”

    I will say that Andy saying people think Kelly is now the voice of reason was what finally got me to turn off the TV.

    They very much ganged up on Alex (thank you Andy for saying that on WWHL and NPH I love you but you sucked last night with your opinion but you’re still awesome) and she again tried too hard and they made her look too desperate. Ahhh Alex – you write so beautifully, but you suck at verbal sparing with the witches.

    • chismosa says:

      HW Addict I don’t think we can fault Alex and lambast her for trying to deal with the brown poopoos. I know she doesn’t come off perfectly in her verbal attacks and facial expressions but I applaud her dignity — she was just at her last straw. Go Alex.
      Honestly I don’t care how low Ramona may have to go during the reunion as someone said yesterday- she IS FORCED TO with the trash she is dealing with.
      Go team Blondes

    • kit9 says:

      Save for the few seconds when she hyperventilated, I thought Alex held her own well. She didn’t take their shit and had good comebacks. Kelly, for her part, was every bit as batshit as last year-denying things that came out of her own mouth. On camera. And, she’s as vicious as ever…she made that dig at Alex, ridiculing her work compared to Cindy’s. Um, what work does Kelly do? And, what about all that ‘women should support each other’ bs from last year. Loathe her.

      • shiny14 says:

        I was surprised that out of nine hours of taping, Bravo felt that it needed to include showing Alex breathing heavily when upset and showing Cindy nastily imitating it. I guess Andy had to spend 8 of the hours telling the brunettes to “shut up” so that any comments could be heard by the viewers.

  10. Cusi77 says:

    I have one question: In the beginning of the Season it was a Jill’s taking head saying “Everyone was worry about Kelly and I told them that Kelly was perfect and nothing to worry about…” and they show Kelly doing “Sand Angels” (which that happened with Sonja walking the dogs in The Hamptons)… I wonder if Kelly had another break down? I just watched ONCE every Episode… did I miss Jill saying the above comment?

    Thanks Lynn for this Blog, It is fantastic since it covered so much!

    • That comment was in the previews that aired early, as well as Alex mouthing “WOW” at their lunch. But neither scene made it to the show as far as I saw. I wonder if they re-edited Kelly’s story line to be all gummy bears and lollipops. Maybe that’s why they delayed??

    • RealMinkey says:

      Kelly looked even worse than usual last night. Her face was squished, she looked angry and edgy from the first moment, she was slumped into the chair, and despite the shiny dress, she was even more unkempt than normal. That girl-woman’s got serious problems goin’ on upstairs.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Kelly looked more child that usual… I could see three women and one girl… mean girl! She refuses to grow up… What a mess for her kids!

  11. kbinldo says:

    Ok, new blog, so I’ll move this over here: Hmm, I posted a comment, but it’s not here. Anyway, I had to give up on the reunion because there’s only so much BS I can put up with in one day. Jill “afraid” of Bethenny? W.T.F. How deep did she have to dig to drag that out of her ass? Calling Alex a f-in bitch—again? Really? Why? I haven’t seen Alex say or do anything to warrant that from Jill, even AFTER that episode aired. And yay Sonja for going after Kelly & her snide remarks about her house.

    • Kukulet says:

      When they were showing the clip of Kelly making the comments about Sonja’s house, they were also showing Sonja in the split screen and she mouthed something at Kelly. I’m pretty sure it was in response to Kelly saying that it was her ex-husband’s house and I think Sonja mouthed “It’s MINE”. Kelly just gave her that vapid blank look in return. Did anyone else catch that?

      • Cusi77 says:

        Yes! And I noticed that by the end of the reunion every time Alex talked JZ and Kelly looked to the other side, ignoring Alex. IF there is another Season I think Alex won’t be there… Alex is not in the likes of Andy. If I were in Alex’s shoes I will not be back.

        • Bravo won’t make their decision on casting based on Jill and Kelly ignoring Alex. If anything, because they have conflict with Alex, she’s more than likely going to be asked to return.

          • Bess says:

            Forget those bitches: just a coulp of Zeros. If I were Alex I would not be back because Andy Cohen treats her like crap. I am not all-over-myself an Alex fan, but I like her OK and it pisses me off how comptemptuous he is toward her. There are four other women that deserve that so much more!

            I hate that guy.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Alex should not come back. She is too classy, and in part one of the reunion she was treated like garbage by those disgusting mean girls. What the hell did Alex ever do to Cindy?

          • MaryE says:

            Alex won’t be back. While I respect her, it looked like all season she was trying to get her mojo on, stand up and be vocal, aggressive…but it never looked natural and was uncomfortable/painful to watch. She tried too hard. Alex even looks awkward when she tries her “wild” side routine.

      • kbinldo says:

        Yeah, I did. Even when Andy pointed out that the conversation was based on something SHE said, she denied she ever suggested that Sonja’s house was dirty & not her own. Then she went off on hygiene, which turned that incident into a total WTF moment. Whatever reality she’s in, it bears no relation to what the rest of us experienced.

        • RabbleRouser says:

          Did you see how Kelly tried to flip it.
          “Why are you talking to me about this Sonja,? This is your chit list” As if those comments in Morocco were made by Ali Baba and the 40 thieves and for some reason Sonjia is trying to pin it on Kelly.

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          say this outloud using the same voice tatooo uses to announce DE PLANE….

    • Debbie says:

      kbinldo. I agree with you! I too can only put up with so much BS. Jill ” afraid” of Bethenny is such a load of crap her eyes are brown and her ( Jill) acting so tough…PLUEEZE give me a break! Remember when Jill was on WWHL and said ‘ she didnt say that” it was editing?!?!??? calling Alex a F n bitch? She is a liar … Just saying… Luv your comment 🙂

  12. Hotpinksuga says:

    All I have to say is B*tches be crazy….

  13. BambiBaby22 says:

    LuLu said that all she was doing in Morocco was “translating” to Ramona what the psychic said, and of course she is innocent of gossiping about Mario. BUT, during the psychic episode, even Kelly said LuLu was paraphrasing what the psychic said an it was KELLY who told Ramona word for word what the psychic said. There is a big differrence between “there is more than one woman in his life” and “Mario is cheating on you”.

    Did you see how obnoxius Jill and Luann are in part two? How very class-less.

    • Kukulet says:

      Actually, what the fortune teller said, according to Kelly, was that “another woman is thinking of your husband.”
      The fortune teller never said that there is another woman in Mario’s life. That’s how some of the others interpreted what she said. But there is a difference, too, between “a woman is thinking of your husband” and “there is another woman in your husband’s life.”

    • I don’t think LuLu was nearly as awful as Jill was about the cheating – and Ramona probably shouldn’t have gone after LuLu as hard for her cheating, since most of that was already talked about last season. But whatever – it’s not like I care about LuLu’s feelings.

  14. GrnWave03 says:

    kinda disgusted at the childish behavior yet to come. Mocking Ramona and Mario. they are going overboard. They should maybe think a bit.. if they want more ‘television’ opportunities after this – they way they are behaving now… the only opportunity would be some jerry springer produced reality show. Loved Ramona’s commet to Jill that she doesn’t even know what is reality anymore (kinda like Kelly). That the show and reality have become one in the same for Jill. I think Maybe B said it after the 2nd season.. the show went to Jill’s head and she believed her own hype. She did in fact change. the bossy/bitchy/self-important side became more amplified and all decency slipped away. Bobby is her only redeaming quality. She seems to just thrive on people’s suffering. going into a pantry and texting about a death in a friend’s (that she so afraid of) family.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      I remember when Jill described her own confusion about the pretend and real in regards to her bitter fight with Bethenny. Jill said at one point something like she thought it was only for the cameras. Bethenny’s last act of friendship towards Jill was to point out the change she observed in Jill as Jill transformed with the spotlight of the show.

  15. sue says:

    I have to say, I think there is MAJOR truth to what Alex said at the end of the reunion. Alex said to LULU that, the only reason Lulu and kelly stick so close to Jill is that she has so much dirt on them and them on her. I think old jillsy and lulu must play it single when they go out and they all probably do “hands in” and swear to each other “you dont tell what I do, and I wont tell what you do”, even at the risk of both Luann and Jill having to look as dumb as Kelly!!!

    • addictedtobravo says:

      So true! But I laughed out loud when Jill got all high and mighty about the kids and then said “you’ll have to deal with me!” Ooooo we are so scared.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        I find this an almost admission by Jill that she DOES do nasty things to those she deems her “enemy”. Is Jill referring to “cyber-bulling” exclusively or will she try to get her “enemies” fired from their jobs when she says “you will have to deal with me”?

        Her comment sounds like she is mimicking Caroline.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Apparently Simon has been tweeting about this too. I once lived in a community where extremely wealthy jobless women spent a great deal of time maintaining their place on the social ladder with manipulative gossip. One of the most powerful ways was to befriend and learn all the details of other people’s lives to establish seniority and to make the chance of mutiny by anyone in the group too risky. I was lucky enough to be outside their games but saw this behavior burn many. I also saw that it makes the individuals that practice it, as does Jill Zarin, become terribly bitter and jealous. They keep missing the high they used to feel and repeat the self-destructive power- tripping as the people with values or success avoid them.

  16. chismosa says:

    Ok I haven’t gotten finished reading through all the comments just yet and I’m sure Lynn is going to post todays blog soon but all I want to say is that I am so happy people here finally get to see the Sonja I saw weeks ago, when people were still holding grudges because of the meny march incident with Alex. I only hope that my intuition serves me right (as it tends to) that all you anti-melissa and anti-kathy folks (not saying you love Tre)- will come around soon! I am so sad because some of my favorite posters here who I mostly agree with 90% on stuff can be so anti m and k, even some calling kathy crafty and mischievous, which honestly I could cry over I adore her and her family so much. It boggles my mind every day that I come to this blog.
    So hopefully just as I knew people would come around to Sonja, hopefully it will happen across the river, with the tacky gals from the armpit of america (lol, no offense to anyone). Even when I hated linebacker last year, I was waiting for others to see what I saw. Finally this year~ backlash on Caroline

    • K-Ros says:

      I’m more of a lurker but I’m team m and k bc I despise tre. M says some
      Nonehead things and she’s def partially to blame but at least her husband and her are trying to make amends tre is expecting them to jump over hurdles to prove themselves and that’s just bs.

    • kbinldo says:

      Hey, I like Kathy. Still on the fence about Melissa, though. So, you are not alone. 🙂

    • christie says:

      I like M&K too and Sonja. I think she is truly the only one on the show and has not delivered low blows -only defends herself and then forgives. Really forgives not like Alex and Jill.

  17. Causing_A_Casino says:

    First of all, How can Kelly tell Alex to stop being red whe Kelly, herself, is terminally orange? Second- there is no way Sonja’s house can be any dirtier than Kelly’s hair. Lastly, where does she get off laughing at Alex when Alex says she works full time too but doesn’t take business calls during social meetings. Umm…hello?? Kelly? Exactly what kind of work do you do? Stop talking and just look at the shiny lights.
    Loved Jill saying men shouldn’t yell at woman. Doesn’t she yell at everyone? Does she forget yelling at Mario 2 seasons ago about some tennis match? Yes…yelling
    All in all the brunettes came off horribly. There was an obvious game plan to laugh at and be rude to Alex. It was so obvious and so planned. In the end it only made Alex look better and them-worse.
    BTW- the reason for Andy’s curt intro of Alex is because they had a fight right before filming. He stuck ALex at the end of the couch again and she told him exactly what she thought of that. Kadoos to Alex for not letting it show.

    • RealMinkey says:

      Andy and Alex had a fight? About what? I wondered about that cold intro.

      • Causing_A_Casino says:

        Alex was supposed to be in the middle of the blonde couch. Andy moved Sonja to the middle saying “I know she’s going to be crying” . I think thats supposed to mean he wanted her surrounded by people. Could be real- could be an excuse. He really only seems interested in Alex for mocking purposes and I don’t really know why

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Orange versus red says it all! ITA with all your other points!

    • TLM says:

      That would be funny:

      Kelly: Stop being red!
      Alex: Stop being orange!

      I don’t think Alex is quick enough to have that as a comeback.

      Casino, how did you know about the fight between Andy & Alex? Did she tweet or blog about it? I think it’s silly to be worried about where on the couch one is, unless you’re seated next to a mortal enemy, and she wasn’t.

        • TLM says:

          Thanks Casino! For God’s sake… a “flaming row”? As I said earlier, it sounds pretty childish to me for Alex to have started an argument over seating. I wonder if she followed him around the studio saying, “EXCUSE me, Andy! EXCUSE me, Andy!” LOL.

          • RabbleRouser says:

            Ridiculous to flip out over were you are seated, as bad as Jill storming out at the fashion show when she was seated behind Ramona.

            I don’t think Alex will be invited back next year based on that alone.

            • Causing_A_Casino says:

              The seating order correlates with how involved Andy wants you to be. I’m sure it was really not about the actual seat but yet one more slight from Andy towards Alex.
              As Bethenny said- “it’s never about what it’s about.”

              • RabbleRouser says:

                And seating in a fashion show is probably reflective of how important someone thinks you are compared to someone else; but at end of the day Andy is calling the shots. It’s probably wiser to go with the flow- then fight and end up in the same spot anyway.

          • Bess says:

            They think seating is a huge deal. It was insulting to move Sonja up the couch when Alex has been on the show twice as long. It indicates how Andy views her in the pecking order. If your job was perceived to be on the line, you may fight for it, too, if you really wanted it. In the housewives world, she should be looking for ‘othe opportunities’.

            • RabbleRouser says:

              Sure- but at the same time the FAN favorites also called in their pecking order and favor Sonja over all the other housewives. If Alex were sitting in the middle, I don’t think she would be any quicker on the draw. She just isn’t equipped to deal with what this show has become. .

    • I don’t think Andy has EVER liked or respected Alex. I don’t for the life of me know why? He is a pig if you ask me. I blame him and the new production team for allowing the brunetts to hijake the show. I wonder how much Bobby paid them or what kind of dirt Jill has on him to allow this. The blondes where railroaded big time this season- especially Ramona and Alex.

      • Bess says:

        I hate Andy Cohen.

        • Karen says:

          I can’t stand looking at him. Way before any of this I felt that way. Years ago I thought he was shady, slimy, a liar and a major s**t stirrer. RH was made to make fun of these women and while they’ve stepped up to the plate and owned their spots Andy does what he has to to make sure they not only stay sick but that the sick get sicker. He loves it. He hoped Bethenny would self destruct in BGM? And when she showed who she truly was he had no choice but to let her be real. He’s disgusting. I have never watched his show no matter who’s on. Ugh

    • chismosa says:

      Oh and did anyone hear Kelly trying to talk over 4 other women when the Browns were yelling at Ramoner, Kelly goes “just stick to your Businesses” or something like that. Very OFF the topic they were even talking to Ramoner about

    • RabbleRouser says:

      LOL @ – there is no way Sonja’s house can be any dirtier than Kelly’s hair.

    • christie says:

      How can anyone really believe that Alex is so REAL when she is fighting over where she is sitting on the couch ? That is damn pathetic.

  18. viki55 says:

    I wanted to bring this over from last night because it is so profound! Also, some commented about Andy’s obvious misogyny. I have oftern wondered why the shows have changed so much and why Bravo & Andy ignore the viewers, not just in their blogs but in the re-hire of evil/mentally ill women. The hatred of women was on display last night on Andy’s show, it made me sick.

    susanssnark says:
    July 25, 2011 at 10:40 pm
    Sorry, this is a long one but I really want to get this off my chest.

    I know I started watching these type of shows because I loved watching the lifestyles of the rich and famous. I enjoyed seeing how the super-rich jet setters lived. I wanted to see the interiors of their various homes and catch a glimpse into the social circles they traveled in. It was an escape for me to take a peek into how the “other side” operated and got to live. It was fun and I enjoyed ever minute of it. RHONY and the OC did that for me, initially. I was amazed at the plastic surgeries, the shopping trips, the private limos to the jewelry stores, and number of staff they had, the shoes, furs, clothing, decor and excess…it was all fabulous. To top it ALL off, these ladies were housewives with kids for the most part. They and I shared something in common.

    . And then….it changed. The rich lost their money. Numerous bankruptcy filings, divorces, nasty legal battles over money, infidelities, back-stabbing so-called friends, gossip and I mean really mean-hearted, nasty damaging gossip, lies, bullying- real bullying not the kind JZ and Jellyhead talk about but real bullying, issues with finances, homes being foreclosed on.

    None of the above is what I signed on for when I became of the fan of this show!!! NONE of it! I feel cheated. I feel duped. I don’t want to see this ugliness week after bloody week! I want to see them shop, spend money, travel and redecorate their fabulous homes! I want to see grand parties and chic brunches!!! I want to see their walk-in closets and jewelry not the gold encrusted knives they so nonchalantly shove into each other’s backs at every opportunity! I want to see the mega-exclusive private schools their children attend, not hear the news reports of the foul obscene thins their children have done or the crimes they have committed.

    This show has changed. The entire series has changed. The focus of the entire premise upon which REAL HOUSEWIVES was built has shifted. And I don’t care for it anymore. Some may say perhaps it has become a little “too real”. Maybe that’s true. But if I wanted REAL I never would have tuned in, in the first place. I can get real down at the local grocery store. I can get real while I am on my 4th load of laundry and scrubbing my bathroom floors. I can get real when I am trying to balance the checkbook and there simply is not enough to go around. My life is already plenty real, I don’t need anymore realness here. We’re all filled up with real and sold out of reality.

    Andy Cohen- please, put the show back the way it was. You have become to enmeshed in these ladies lives. You have lost your perspective and there is no balance anymore. You play favorites. Your credibility as a partial outside observer, or referee, is gone, sir. You have become as transparent as the women sitting to your right. They now truly believe they are television stars. And I think, unfortunately, you have been drinking the Kool-Aid.

    • Carly Hall says:

      Misogyny? What is this you speak of? Only as obvious as a fake tan on RHONY.

      Need further proof than NPH on WWHL?

    • Zarout! says:

      Very well stated. I agree completely.

    • TEB2350 says:

      I think everything changed when that trasbag Teresa G flipped the table their first season. Everyone has been trying to top it since!

      • i think it has to do with the longevity of the show. the longer a show is on, the more true personalities are going to come out, alliances are created, and enemies are made. when you put several women together for a period of time, especially women like this, for the most part fame whoring women, women with strong personalities, chaos is bound to ensue, sooner or later.

    • Indy Anna says:

      You go girl, well said and so true.

  19. OneMoreInBoston says:

    I feel yucky after watching last night.

    I also felt like there were rippling undercurrents in the reunion- not everything is out in the open. I’m afraid that Alex is really in for it next week.

    Jill is just vile and horrible and boy she looks like she has really aged if you compare her pics last night to last season’s reunion. What the hell is Dr. Wexler doing? it sure isn’t working.

    I feel like the brunettes were going for broke because they either know or believe that this is the last time for them- and are getting their shots in.

    Andy is a big fat joke- and I was very disappointed in Neil Patrick Harris, I thought some of *his* remarks were somewhat misogynist too. Meanwhile he’s in a f*cking Smurf movie- hello?

    Thanks Lynn- great blog!

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I like the way Ramona said that she (ramona) doesn’t need liquid facelift…..bazinga!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ((OMiB)) – I was so ready to have fun last night and there was nothing there to work with! The turdy couch was ill mannered and classless to the core. There is no way I can watch another season of this swill.

    • NightLight95 says:

      I watched Anthony Bourdain last night so I didn’t see all of the reunion but I had a couple of comments. On the finale, did anyone else find it interesting that the last shot of the ladies went to black and white? I took it to mean, lights for RHONY. Maybe I am being wishful. The talking over each other was pretty pathetic, NPH suggested that they recast the whole group and find people who actually go on with their lives instead of looking for fights, totally agree. Alex, Alex, Alex. This is what happens when you bottle it all up. Alex might have excellent points and is truthful and a lovely person all the way around, but it’s wasted on this show. The brunettes are full of poison and lies.

      • parkeril says:

        Loved that NPH suggested a recast….and Andy didn’t seem to po-poo the idea

        • NightLight95 says:

          I think that should be the next WWHL poll question: Should RHONY have new cast? YEs or YES

        • Bess says:

          That was a plant if I ever say one.

        • i’ll take every nasty thing i ever said about andy back if he recasts this show (well maybe not every nasty thing)! anyway… PLEASE kick jill, luann, kelly and cindy to the curb. i’m so sorry, but if the collateral damage is that alex, ramona and sonja have to go too, so be it. while they’re at it, let them recast OC too… i’m not too fond of ANY of them – no collateral damage there.

  20. Andizi says:

    Last night I witnessed a horrible display of 4 brunette women (who pretend and often claim to be nice, classy, or elegant) acting like TRASHY MEANGIRL TWEENAGERS. I believe that they believe just because their net worth is about 10 thousand times above poverty level, they are automatically graced with superiority. So NOT the case, their behavior gives me the impression they are one step out of a derelict trailer park. ALL 4 of those brunettes ganged up on Alex attempting to make her appear irrelevant. It became so obvious to me when botox-botched Cindy finally shushed Alex that there was a plan concocted prior to this reunion. And, the plan was to attack Alex at all costs. These women were so transparent in their actions that it makes me sick. Their actions and comments toward Alex were the sincerest form of bullying! Every single one of those brunettes interrupted and injected themselves in questions they had no relevance answering. Yet when Alex had a comment, WOW, each one went out of their way to shut her down. I think the Zarin was the worst because you could actually see the evil in her eyes when she called Alex a F’in bitch. KARMA ZARIN! How are you going to feel when someone behaves like that to your daughter? What comes around goes around! As for Kellazy, I really can’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. It’s like she’s the puppet and Zarin is the puppet master. I really think she’s a stoner and her head is filled with too much reefer to have an original thought or the ability to form a complete and coherent statement all by herself. Poor little wrinkled piece of bacon. (That’s what she looks like. LOL) As for Lu-man, how’s that book working out for you? I can locate that in the Fiction section, right? Ramona and Cindy. What can I say, you never change and are true to who you are. I never witnessed either one of you intentionally or maliciously attacking anyone. You two (Alex included) are the real class acts. Keep it real and keep it classy ladies. Don’t let those 4 brunettes invite you in to their trashy trailer park world. (BTW, I know there are nice people who live in trailer parks. I’m referring to the derelict, cesspool parks.)

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      The only trailer homes I’ve been invited in had far classier ladies. 🙂 just saying!

    • If you had it like this says:

      Cindy did call Alex a lapdog when Alex was kind of laughing/hyperventilating. I agree with everything you said except I think Cindy is pretty hateful.

  21. addictedtobravo says:

    Hi Eveyone, I went away for a few days and am confused about where to look for the blog. On my computer TVtime doesn’t show any new blogs after the 24th but I am finding there here still. Are we back to wordpress or what? Thanks for any enlightenment

  22. TLM says:

    Great. Evidently I missed Novogratz AGAIN. Oh, well, at this rate I can only hope Comcast adds it to its On Demand menu.

    I posted this morning in the middle of yesterday’s blog about the reunion so I won’t repeat here. But I did have some additional thoughts about regarding Cindy’s conference call — which was totally rude and unforgivable, as was her arrogant comment that Sonja might “learn something” from it. I thought it was also (although perhaps not equally) rude that Sonja invited someone over for 11am and couldn’t manage to get herself out of her Sophia Petrillo housecoat and slippers. I’m not saying she had to be in a business suit, but if you invite someone over for breakfast — or really, brunch, at that point — how is it you can’t manage to get showered and dressed when you don’t even have to leave your house? Even being in yoga pants and sneakers with wet hair in a ponytail would have been preferable to the way she was. And especially since she knew it was a filming day, I just didn’t get it. It looked like coming over to Grandma’s house, and it also kind of destroyed Sonja’s claim that she had a ton of things to do. It looked as though she rolled out of bed at 10:59. I would have thought she would have had the table set and a few fresh flowers – isn’t she also supposed to be a gardening maven? Or how about flowers from the supermarket where she shopped for the groceries? The table wasn’t even set, and I thought it was tacky to hand Cindy silverware. I know it sounds like I’m picking, and Cindy’s behavior was horrible, but I’m so sick of Sonja and her name-dropping, and acting like she’s the doyenne of gracious living when she’s not. If the Churchills wouldn’t say, “Would ya gimme a minute?” I don’t think the Churchills would have appreciated her looking like an unmade bed and having nothing ready if they were invited to breakfast. I got the sense that Sonja thinks she’s so effing cool that she makes wearing a grandma housecoat cool. She doesn’t, and it isn’t.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I don’t feed guests in my jammies and never at the kitchen counter/island.
      I don’t do business when I am at a friend’s house for a meal.
      Sonja wants everyone to believe she is very busy and Cindy wants everyone to believe she is a very busy beaver groomer.
      Truth be told – they both came off like asshats!

      • TLM says:

        “very busy beaver groomer” – I’ve never been so sickened and yet laughed so hard at the same time! Good one Windy. 😉

      • kitkat says:

        I think Sonja is cultivating a “quirky” persona. Which is a mistake, you are either quirky naturally, or you’re not. Like grace. You either have it or you don’t.

    • chismosa says:

      I get that Sonja’s style and mannerisms may seem haught and off to some but truth be told I see a ton of heart in her and she owns whatever she does, her upbringing, aand she only wants to make those around her feel comfortable. I think- personally- that she makes for great tv. I feel her exuberance when she’s onscreen. Take THAT 5 TOWNS jill!

      • chismosa says:

        Meant haughty

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I get Sonja’s light and playful side and I laugh at her Gray Garden wisfulness of Morgan glory days and I enjoy watching her as well – I just really thought she was out of line with the Cindy brunch! Would she do that if the Churchill’s were at brunch? NO, she would be dressed and a dining table would be involved.

        • kill them with kindness :) says:

          Sonja always looks fabulous and I would hardly call what she was wearing to be like “an unmade bed”- I love Sonja! She is interesting and fun. She was making Brunch and kept it casual and relaxed, plus who cares! The fact that she is making a meal for her is as good as it gets- I love when someone cooks for me 🙂 It is a gift and a super gracious act- Cindy needs to crawl back under her hairy rock- it was a peace making effort by Sonja and Cindy ruined it by her offensive ill-mannered behavior. Cindy is unable to grasp anything descent or loving- She is a miserable person who complains too much and needs to take parenting classes- Cindy could learn a lot from Ms. Morgan.

  23. BambiBaby22 says:

    Did anyone else notice when Kelly said, “Gilles saved me” and Jill immediately reached over to her? Me thinks Jill heard “Jill saved me”. Her ego has no bounds.

    • TLM says:

      ROFLMAO Bambi!!! You might be right about Gilles/Jill. But then they seemed to agree it was Kelly’s kids who saved her. I wish I could adopt those two. 😉

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Well Gilles didn’t do a very good job – she went out and started beating up boyfriends again!

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        LOL that’s what I was screaming at the tv last night, “You beat up your boyfriend”. She didn’t “break the cycle”, did she?

    • Noreen says:

      I thought the same thing! Of course Gilles saved her right up until the time he divorced her because she wouldn’t have sex with him anymore.

    • If you had it like this says:

      OMG! I was about to say that!! She thought she meant her!!

    • NeptuneCA says:

      I’ve only posted on here a few times, but I read most of the comments and follow various housewife shows. On a more consistent note, I do hate JZ daily. Last night I felt this whole exchange with Kelly was interesting….er, as interesting as anything about Kelly can be.

      Considering the fact that everything Kelly says is the opposite of what really happens, I have a feeling her “I was slapped around by an ex in my early twenties” admission was Kellyland speak for, “I used to slap and punch an ex-boyfriend around when I was in my twenties”.

      The thing is, I get Jill’s psychosis as many here do too. She wasn’t popular, wasn’t given unconditional love at home, grew up desperate for attention, played second fiddle to a more successful sister, and on and on and on. She’s easy to figure out. Kelly on the other hand is a riddle wrapped in unwashed hair and bird feathers. I have studied psychology and have worked with people in counseling situations, but the big orange bird is a mystery. I can’t seem to figure out if she has a low IQ, sexual trauma which has resulted in arrested development, an information processing disorder, or is just a straight up bitch that will answer to no one because she thinks marrying someone twice her age with money means she can be an asshole. Every time she’s on screen I have a physical reaction to her – anxiety and exhaustion.

      Has anyone EVER come to a conclusion on this site about what is wrong with her? Today I hate her a little bit more than JZ and that’s saying a lot.

  24. addictedtobravo says:

    I didn’t like NPH in last night’s WWHL but he did say one thing to Andy that I hope he heard: “Scrap all of them and start over” – I really felt the same way after the reunion. The whole thing is so nasty and mean. There should be a rule that anyone they sign up only gets two seasons to keep it fresh and “nice”. When they start thinking they are bigger than life it ruins the show. I really don’t think I would watch this again and may not watch the second part of the reunion – it’s just too awful.

  25. Dwight Schrute says:

    Last night they were all a pretty despicable bunch, yelling over each other. It did seem like the brunettes were united in their plan of attack, maybe Jill hired some better pr people to advise her this year.

    Hey Cindy, why all the vitriol towards Alex? Has she EVER done anything against you?

    Hey Jill, you called Alex a F******* B******! I guess you didn’t mean it when you made that big display of burning away your problems with her.

    Oh, Kel, Kel, you get offended by Sonja’s vajayjay and am embarrassed by talk about that area of the body but constantly harp on what an important businesswoman Cindy is. Really? Inauthentic!

    Luann, the tone of your voice mocked Ramona’s parenting and hinted that Mario was unfaithful but you left in a huff when Ramona turned those same items around on you. Contradiction?

    • NightLight95 says:

      Best question Andy EVER posed, “Sonja, was your vagina rude to Kelly?”
      BTW who won the poll last nigh?

      • TLM says:

        I actually didn’t like that question. Yes, Kelly was being moronic, but asking that question was even more so. And including it in teasers for the reunion, even MORE so.

        • NightLight95 says:

          I didn’t find it rude, if you insert any body part into the question it’s still moronic, which to me was made so funny because he asked it so seriously as if were speaking about increasing the debt ceiling.

      • kill them with kindness :) says:

        Sonja!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee 🙂

      • Bess says:

        Sonjo won. Jill’s robo-caller scored her a second place, Ramona & Alex tied for third, followed by Kelly & Cindy

        If I remember correctly. I did not watch it after NPH said to replace all the HWs, but I checked the poll before I erased it.

    • TLM says:

      Yeah, I kinda didn’t understand how Jill repeated the “FB” remark and renewed it after writing earlier, “Alex and I fought hard and laughed harder.”

  26. mich_in_mich says:

    The brunettes had a definite strategy going into last nights part 1 reunion. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had hired experts to prep them. Say what you will about Kelly (and I could say a lot …. all bad), I don’t think she came up with the “it wasn’t a break down it was a break through” and the “systemic bullying” defense at last year’s reunion all on her own. As she mentions in her blog, she comes from a family of lawyers. Trial lawyers are highly skilled at discrediting opposing views and spinning their own version of the truth. I have a bad feeling that Alex is going to get pummeled next week 😦

    • MsJxn says:

      You are spot on,..on the attny spin!!!! And she doesn’t have enough brain cells to come up with that one on the fly! Shite,…she can’t even have a spontaneous giggle,..twirling the hair now,..ughmmmm …….thinking about it,..

  27. So glad someone else said they were bored. NPH was a terrible choice for the postmortem. Seriously? He doesn’t watch the show, doesn’t “know their names?” Thought Alex “deserved” the nastiness?
    I think Alex needs a role playing class before she films again—if she/they film again. She is terrible on her feet–terrible—the open-mouth look is not working for her. It could be called “Come-back Boot Bamp” “Bitch Boot Camp” …..

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Alex is a maverick on the show .She just doesn’t belong on it. She is ill equipped to handle the mean zingers and the one upmanship.
      But that is to her credit, in a way.

      • Error404 says:

        She is a valuable counterbalance IMO. I loved when she brought her husband to “girls night”! LOL too many viewers IMHO take these shows lying down… Andy’s 3 ring circus of oohing and ahhing over the fabulous curtains an assortment of plastic trophy wives hang in their over priced lving rooms.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Alex is to be admired that she is too good for this show imo. What a disaster, stick a fork in Rhony ’cause it is so done it’s painful to watch! All they did was shout over each other, nothing to be proud of from last night’s performance. I am team blonde but wish they would have just sat silently on their couch & let the turdy girls over on the brunette couch hang themselves. Even Ramona was disappointing to watch, she let the craptastic brunettes get to her, especially Luman. Jill, Luman, Kelly & Cindy are so vile that really nothing needs to be said to them…we saw the episodes where they all behaved like well…like turds!

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      So true that Alex undermines herself when flustered! But in the end I think she will be able to learn so much from this series and will come out of this more able to handle badgering and back stabbers when this time in her career has passed. She younger and not raised to be as cut-throat but is learning. As for boot camp, precisely. The Bravo shows center around powerful drill sergeants like Jeff, Tabitha etc. It is a trademark of other reallity competitiona shows like those of Gordon Ramsey. Therefore is the actual RHoNY for better or for worse, Alex’s bootcamp? Kinda funny, wonder if anyone producing this summer’s Bravo ad was thinking along those lines! Boot camp for bitches= These reality shows!

      • klmh says:

        I think Alex is the most intelligent of the bunch. She just needs a course in “bitch speak”. Seriously though, she is too nice, which is why we like her, imho.

    • kitkat says:

      I don’t think that is something Alex can learn. Biting back hard comes from years of living under dysfunctional conditions. SHe is just not a quick wit.

    • MoDee says:

      Alex is the one to bring a knife to a gunfight. She innocently believes no one will get hurt.

    • Karen ONeill says:

      If it was so pathetic and unimportant, why did Andy fight her on it all the way?

  28. NJBev says:

    ok. are we back on WordPress?
    I was so happy to open my e-mail and there you were,
    i didn’t even read the blog yet-(i never do that-so anal,
    i must read entire blog and all the posts first!!)

    I don’t care where you blog, I’ll find you-
    but this was nice to see you waiting for me with my
    morning mail.

    I didn’t watch the show last night. 1st time in history.
    I watched the special on HBO “what’s wrong w/ aunt Diane”
    and then switched to reunion. It was unwatchable, the
    screaming, name calling and apparent plan to gang
    up and attack Alex was more than I could stand.

    I am done w/ New York-I say it free and easy, no regrets-
    I will never watch anything that has JZ in it again.
    She is the most contemptible woman I have ever witnessed.

    • LavaLady says:

      Hi Bev: I’m so glad you mentioned the HBO documentary “There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane”. I also watched it last night and again this morning. It was riveting, compelling, and upsetting all at the same time. Since I am in NJ like you, we all remember that horrific accident, and the aftermath. Everyone involved has been through hell, and there is no clear resolution for anyone. I recently hear that the mother of the three little girls who were killed in the accident is pregnant again.

      The NY reunion made me feel sick to my stomach.

      • NJBev says:

        Hi there Lava!
        Im hoping you’re loving your summer-I know I am.
        Funny thing about the Documentary-I only planned to watch the
        first half and then flip over to HW-but I could not change the channel!!

        You’re so right about how big this story was in our area at the time-
        the doc. was riveting. to go from that to the reunion was a mind shock-

        The triviality of this group of women was so glaring after watching
        the scenario of how 8 people died and we still do not know why- ?

        This reunion show made me sick as well.

        • LavaLady says:

          Hi Bev: The summer is going well, lots of back and forth for me, but I’m not complaining. I agree, it was hard to watch the reunion after the documentary, I was really torn over what to do, but we have HBO on demand, so I watched the ending of the doc this morning.

          It’s a mystery that most likely will never be solved. I never knew about the toothache
          before. But I think it would have been more likely she would have just stopped somewhere else for a tylenol or advil when the first store didn’t have any.

          • NJBev says:

            Lava-don’t know if you’ll ever read this late post.
            on the day this show aired I had spent 6 hours in the
            oral surgeons office getting a root canal AND fixing
            an abscessed tooth. so sitting there with my swollen face
            watching this made me shiver. the pain after the surgery
            was nothing compared to the pain before the surgery.
            how this woman allowed a tooth to go that long without
            fixing it is beyond comprehension.
            Her husband seems like someone I’m very glad I didn’t
            marry. I’ll leave it at that.

            oh, and totally off Topic, I completely get the going back and forth
            and I do complain!!

      • ms molly says:

        LavaLady, I also watched the documentary, and it was everything you said and more. I actually had trouble falling asleep last night – every time I closed my eyes, I saw her body on the ground. I’m wondering what, if anything, showing her dead body laying on the ground was supposed to do.

        • LavaLady says:

          Yes, molly, that was disturbing. I watched half last night and half this am, and I also had trouble sleeping last night. I read today that D. Schuler filed a lawsuit against the State of New York and his in-laws, the parents of the 3 deceased children.

  29. Noreen says:

    NPH broke my heart when he was mean to Alex. He came off as such a snot last night, like he was only judging her on her looks. I was shocked how much Andy stood up for Alex. I thought he really trashed her on the last few shows. The whole evening was grueling to watch. I think this series or cast is done.

    • NightLight95 says:

      How were the ratings for RHONY this season?

    • TLM says:

      I guess I am the only one who liked NPH. I actually have NOT liked him in recent years. Thought he made an ass of himself hosting some award show on TV, and I’ve only watched a few mins. here and there of How I Met Your Mother, which I found completely unentertaining. He also played a total dick in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, and the character is him, Neil Patrick Harris. I know that last one was supposed to be a joke, but I guess he played a creep so well in everything I mentioned that I just associated that with him personally. I actually did like him on the show last night, BUT I think it would have been a better show if it had been him & Jay Mohr.

      I hope people will tweet @bravoandy and tell him we want Mohr, Mohr, MOHR of Jay!! 🙂

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      Someone last night made a very good point about NPH and his opinion about Alex (forgive me for I do not recall who posted this brilliant observation), but what he or she said was that as a gay man, you would think NPH would like Alex since she was the housewife the most that fights for gay marriage.

      • Alex is the only one who truly walks the walk for her beliefs. He disgusted me last night.

        • BambiBaby22 says:

          You are right, Alex had to shame Jill into going to the march, remember Jill was going to stay in the Hamptons?

          I think Jill simply didn’t want to miss camera time.

      • TLM says:

        Not necessarily. First, I think it’s kind of insulting to LGBT people to assume they’ll automatically like anyone who supports those issues. I am sure that supporters are preferable to non-supporters, but they still may have differences over personality clashes, or the way people go about things. I don’t think it gives an automatic “pass” for NPH or any other gay man to like Alex because she was in the march. Second, I think all the wives supported the issue. Almost all showed for the march. I don’t think it is or should be a contest over who supports it “the most,” AND, third, I feel Simon and Alex have used the issue for self-promotion, and because it was in vogue to do so. I find them very disingenuous with the things they get involved in. Alex’s taking credit for M. E. passing was just flat-out obnoxious. This has been a hard-fought series of legal battles she has had nothing to do with.

        • TLM says:

          To wit, here are Alex & Simon right after the march, and what are they promoting? Are they wearing MENY shirts? No, they’re self-promoting with their own t-shirts which I can’t imagine they’ve sold more than 20 of. http://thenymphandthebee.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-screening-benefiting-marriage-equality-new-york/

        • I think she explained her meaning about the reunion comment quite well in her Bravo blog. Alex and Simon have long supported the gay community before the show or even before it became vouge to do so. I just found it disgusting of NPH to make a judgment call about Alex without watching the season or knowing anything about her. And he liked KELLY! I know you don’t like Alex and Simon so I know it is futile to discuss them with you but Alex really does a lot of work for the causes she belives and supports.

          • NJBev says:

            But wasn’t it great when alex posted a tweet and Andy read it out loud
            “and to think NPH, that I loved you so much as Doogie Houser?”

      • Karen ONeill says:

        NPH also admitted to being a freind of Kelly.

    • Error404 says:

      I agree with those who say it was a set up. Nph doesn’t even watch the show and has no idea who anyone is or what they do. Everything he said is almost word for word things that Andy is rumored to have said off camera. And where was the 2nd guest? Even andy’s friends won’t be on the show anymore?

      • cdninvegas says:

        He was the wrong guest at the wrong time. But I suppose it would be difficult for Andy to choose one or two of the housewives to be on WWHL after such a grueling, horrible hour and a half.

    • RealMinkey says:

      If you don’t know a cast member’s name, then you don’t know enough about them to make judgements about their character.
      I don’t care if he was Doogie Howser; The man’s now starring with Smurfs.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      NPH’s Frankenstein comment was snarky and since he said he does not watch I thought was as cruel as saying it to Alex herself, because when you do not know someone it is repulsive to mock them for the things that are choiceless ( probably not a word so try on God given!)
      We who have watched for years are snarking the actual behaviors …concious choices in all but Kelly’s case … Jill Zarin! To snark appearance crosses right up to the line of misogyny. As in fairness, did Alex’s ” you need to get laid” reference which I noticed Andy seemed to wonder about the appropriateness of? I agree with Error 404 about Andy Cohen’ s own seeming love of seeing women demean each other, so hated to see Alex hit any woman with what I feel is as bad as It gets as it is used in rape etc. Totally below the belt as Alex intended, but bad choice in my opinion.
      Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but even my Rosie self sees red on Alex using that insult. Far, far worse than the word she refuses to say …class.. We all learn from saying things and having their impact explained so I hope Alex who fights fir equality rethinks that choice of jibe, since for others like me it boomerangs and made Alex look misogynistic Each of us has said things and then learned that they were beyond bounds as did a whole generation about the word retarded.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I really didn’t like it either. It was a low blow.
        Meanwhile Cindy could be getting laid all the live long day- she just doesn’t have a steady man

      • cdninvegas says:

        The Frankenstein comment was way way below the belt. As Error said, NPH was seemingly mimicking things Andy has said, so given that we know Andy hates Alex for reasons we may never know, the comment seems to validate Error’s notation.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      My guess is he doesn’t watch the show and could only guess based on what little he had seen last night and admittedly they all looked pretty bad last night, Alex included. The brunettes all ganged up on her and, if he was unfamiliar with her, he could assumed it was for a reason and picked her. He seemed pretty uncomfortable to be pushed into naming someone.

    • kitkat says:

      I thought he was really awful and he lost me as a fan. And not just because he was unnecessarily nasty about Alex, but because he really is not very clever or entertaining. Brat Pack?? He WISHES! Donning a black, skinny suit doesn’t make it so!

    • Karen ONeill says:

      If I’m not mistaken, NPH also said that he is a friend of Kelly.

  30. Tarasa says:

    Never commented before but I’ve been meaning to (hello everyone). Was so confused about where Lynn and the group was (enjoy reading the comments!). So glad that I decided to check back here.

    Overall, so disgusted with last night’s display of bitchy and I wish the blondes had not quite played into the “I’M GOING TO SPEAK LOUDER AND NOT SHUT UP UNTIL I’M HEARD” game because nobody ever wins in that game (particularly the audience). Love NPH but didn’t like his take on the ladies either. Oh well.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Posting here will help with the gut churning disgust the RHNY has turned into – glad you found your voice!

      • Tarasa says:

        Thanks WCW. It was a bit hard to go to sleep last night because of the bile I was choking on. The trifecta of mental insanity, bully/mean girl, and snob de jour have beaten me and I will be unable to watch all THREE of them next season (at least one if not two have to go). I consider Cindy a non-issue, she was such a mistake that I can’t imagine that they’re even entertaining the idea of asking her back.

  31. Twitterfan says:

    I tried to find the article about Kelly in Cosmo and couldn’t. Does anyone have it? Jill and Ramona are both bullies and just plain MEAN. They are bitches at the highest form. Let’s face it Ramona is an alcoholic and doesn’t realize half the crap she says. She needs HELP in a big way. There is NO doubt in my mind that her husband is cheating on her. And Jill, oh lord Jill. She is just plain crazy. There really is something wrong with her. If she was a boozer Id blame it on that but she isnt. WTH makes her think she can talk to people the way she does and get away with it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that she and Kelly are super jealous of Bethenny. Kelly tweeted something about how Cindy actually works to make a million and others don’t. She was referring to Bethenny. I love how Bethenny has made millions and millions and Kelly and Jill are NO where near that. Karma is a bitch Jill.

    • viki55 says:

      See above at 8:16 about the cosmo thingy.

    • Error404 says:

      You can’t find the article because it doesn’t exist. Kiki lies on a regular basis, often big fat whoopers.

      I don’t agree about Ramona, but playing devils advocate, if she was a drunk with a cheating husband, I’d feel bad, not take glee in her troubles.

      I may dislike them, but I do feel bad that Gilles and the count cheated on Kiki and lulu so much, and suspect bawby cheats on Jill too. But I would feel even worse for Ramona just because she didn’t gold dig for a snake to give her $$ for sex like the 3 brunette whores did.

  32. ChiTownRocks says:

    Best line of the night was Alex telling Cindy to “get laid”. I did see Jill and Krazy Kelly act so hypocritical. I watched Kelly mean tweet on twitter and they have the nerve to say Simon was mean twitting? Jill is nothing but a social climbing, back stabbing, hypocritical bitch, who can do nothing without a Minion or two to do her bidding. LuAnn is so full of narcissism she is going to fall on her ass big time.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      Best question was , “Sonya, was your vagina rude to Kelly?”

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Repeating a section from my post above since ChiTownRocks seems clear you may not have thought about the laid comment as some like myself do. My post mentioned NPH’s Frankenstein dig at Alex and defend her but question the comment you think rocks, Alex’s ” you need to get laid” reference which I noticed Andy seemed to wonder about the appropriateness of? I agree with Error 404 about Andy Cohen’ s own seeming love of seeing women demean each other, so hated to see Alex hit any woman with what I feel is as bad as It gets as it is used in rape etc. Totally below the belt as Alex intended, but bad choice in my opinion.
      Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but even my Rosie self sees red on Alex using that insult. Far, far worse than the word she refuses to say …class.. We all learn from saying things and having their impact explained so I hope Alex who fights fir equality rethinks that choice of jibe, since for others like me it boomerangs and made Alex look misogynistic Each of us has said things and then learned that they were beyond bounds as did a whole generation about the word retarded.

  33. Rose Colored Glasses says:

    Natalie Cole on Today show being interviewed right now by coincidence ( not about RHoNY but Hep C) and performance tomorrow in NYC.

  34. WindyCityWondering says:

    The pony rides at Cindy’s clam party – Ramona was a liability? Ramona was the only one not allowed to take the horse on the trail?
    I couldn’t catch what LuAnn said but it sounded like Cindy was lying again!

    • Causing_A_Casino says:

      How drunk could Ramona have been? Cindy forgot the Pinot
      Seems like Cindy’s attempt at revenge for all the Howie stuff

      • medicalchick says:

        Ramona was WASTED. It took a while for them to get there and she drank in the car on the way there. She is always wasted. She has a distended stomach which is a very clear sign of alcoholism. You can always tell when she is wasted even though her eyes are huge they are a bit delayed moving left and right when wasted. She needs help.

  35. What My Name, Call me Daddy. (lol trying to be creative) says:

    Lynn, Are we allowed to ask questions about you know the elephant in the room lol.

  36. Error404 says:

    Kiki vs Sonja:
    When Kiki suddenly just started rattling off about Sonja at lunch, it seemed really scripted to me, like she came out of a daydream to deliver a soliloquy, then then went right back to focusing on her salad after her lines were over.
    Then, trying to defend her commments, most of which she didn’t even remember saying, she very clearly stressed “it was a SCENE!” and repeated said she didn’t mean anything bad by the words.
    I’m tellin ya, this broad actually thinks she’s an actress on a prime time drama, delivering lines. She’s lost all contact with reality.

    • Causing_A_Casino says:

      She’s the one always talking about people acting. When called out on her behavior (cough cough…Brakdown) She replies with “it makes great tv.”.
      She has no idea what is going on. That’s why she sits with the other dillusionals.
      Kelly is always the last person in the room to get oxygen

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alex was on target when she said Kelly listens to her BFFs and spouts whatever they tell her to say. IMO, Kelly can say mean things because she believes she is an actress/there is a script and that no feelings are hurt or involved in acting!

  37. Wendy says:

    I agree with NPH that the women were rude towards Andy, and that what Andy should do about it is to get rid of everyone and start fresh. I do think some conflict is entertaining to watch, but what happens on NY between the housewives is beyond conflict and just mean and petty, and it makes me feel uncomfortable a lot of the time. I have to record it and watch it when my boyfriend isn’t home, because he can’t believe that I would watch grown women behave the way they do and it makes me feel like I am doing something wrong! If I were in charge I would keep Ramona and Sonja, as they seem to have an authentic friendship based on fun and mutual respect and Mario always seems natural and relaxed on camera. Seeing more of their adventures together could be fun. I love Alex, but she is not a good fit for this show. There needs to be a Brooklyn Housewives- she lives a different lifestyle then the others, one that I find more interesting but doesn’t fit well with the others. She’s too nice, and that combined with the different lifestyle puts her on the outskirts at times. No one would miss Luann or Kelly. Jill would be missed just because we all love to hate her, maybe she could come back in a diminished role; once every couple of episodes someone could meet her for lunch or something. Basically, I would love for the show to lose the over the top nastiness and get back down to earth. It won’t happen without a major cast change, as there is too much animosity between all of these women.

    • I don’t think the women were any more rude to Andy than he is to them every season, in the reunions or on WWHL. He doesn’t mind one bit when it all brings him publicity so don’t cry foul when he brings up past hurts.

      Andy Cohen seems to be a very vile, meanspirited person. So is Neal Patrick Buttface.

      And the Huff Post article about I Hate Jill Zarin… Yes it could have been I hate Jill Zarin’s Behavior blog but Jill has shown that she IS her behavior. She’s nasty and vile through and through.

  38. plainviewsue says:

    Okay. Watching the reunion was an experience in futility. Jill continues to blame Alex and Ramona for not making up with Bethenny?? Because they were jealous of J & B’s relationship???? This woman is delusional. I would love to know what Bethenny was thinking watching this. Bethenny scared Jill? Jill’s potty mouth and her voice would scare anyone! Thank god Andy at least called her out on that one.

    Why does Cindy also disike Alex? Easy answer. Because Jill told her to. I’m sure there was a meeting at Jill’s house before the reunion and she reminded them all to just tear the blondes apart. There was one point where I saw Jill mouth to Cindy “say something.”

    I am dying to know what Ramona meant about Jill’s marriage. Next week when the mean girls make fun with the rubbing of the feet, I hope Ramona says something to the affect of at least I have romance in my marriage! Unlike Jill. I loved how Ramona pointed out that none of their mutual friends knew what Jill was talking about. We all know Jill made that up.

    The show needs to be recast. All new New York women. While I don’t think NPH was the right choice for WWHL, he did make one very valid point. All these women do is tear each other down.

  39. Error404 says:

    Sorry, but wearing your girlfriend’s dead ex lovers suit is sooooo creepy I can’t get over anyone doing such a thing.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I know! And Andy looked both horrified and creeped out but wouldn’t say it!

      • NJBev says:

        How stupid it was to wear the suit-
        if Ramona was creeped out by the cigars,
        can you imagine her horror when she
        recognized the suit?
        very poor taste on the part of the girlfiend-

        • And what is even creepier to me is Cindy and her brother’s girlfriend Carol look identical! They look like they could be twins.I actually thought it was Cindy we saw with him at the wedding in the first episoid. Then I rewatched and relized my mistake. It just gives me the creeps to be honest. I always found Cindy’s relationship with her brother odd!

          • Rose Colored Glasses says:

            ITA weird?!

          • kitkat says:

            They remind me of something from the Adam’s Family, or those creepy cartoon neighbors of the Flintstones, that had a man-eating plant in their yard. Cindy is totally vile. Uglier on the inside than the outside. No manners and PROUD of it. PROUD of acting like an ass in someone’s home on national television!

    • RabbleRouser says:

      Then it rubbed it in by smoking his cigar, I can see why Ramona got so riled up.

  40. ChgoGal says:

    Ramona needs to get a grip. She needs to realize that at the age of 56 she is NOT pregnant but she going thru menopause.. When Jill said that the look on her face was priceless. It looked like she wanted to jump over Andy and kick her ass. And even LuLu chimed in saying that Ramona the drunk was complaining all season of hot flashes. New flash drunkie drunk YOUR going thru the change of life. GET OVER IT.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      huh? I know a few 50+ moms. It’s called a “surprise!” pregnancy.
      You body goes through a last ditch attempt to get pregnant and you become very fertile. It sounds like Ramona might have been pregnant but miscarried.

      As far as Ramona being a drunk, I believe that is an attempt to discredit her.

      Meanwhile it’s rumored that Jill’s daughter had to be hospitalized and have her stomach pumped to avoid alcohol poisoning at college. Hypocritical much?

      • NJBev says:

        OMIB, I got that horrible feeling too, that
        Ramona actually was pregnant and later miscarried.
        that’s why they never showed the results of the test

        Also–could that be why the show was re-edited?

        • klmh says:

          As open as Ramona is, she wouldn’t have a problem sharing news of a mis-carriage, if that had been the case, jmo.

        • Bess says:

          Well, she says she thinks she was pregnant for a few days then it just didn’t stick.

          You know, the woman knows her own body.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill is losing her own battle with menopause – and her liquid facelift and gaudy girdle wear are not hiding anything! When she jumped up and started babbling in her “defending the kids” tantrum (mood swings) moment – she looked like a warthog stuffed into an ill fitting sausage casing – she was red (hot flashing?).

    • Error404 says:

      I’ll never understand why women are so rude to each other. Why throw out menopause like it’s an insult. You’ll all go thru it, so what’s up with the meanness?

      • I agree Error. It’s just another stage of a woman’s life. I don’t get why it is used to insult anyone. Jill will have her day too. Hopefully someone will be sympathetic to Jill when she goes through it. I wouldn’t. Sorry but it’s true!

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Because it infers that a woman is no longer young, desirable or capable of doing her primary function in life of producing babies. I am not saying that I think woman can only have babies, ect. this is just what a woman body is designed for. I also think men played a role in menopause being a bad thing as some tend to replace the old wife with a new younger one and have children with them. I personally will celebrate the day that menopause knocks on my door for the rest of my life.

        • Error404 says:

          I get what negativity men bring to it. But why do women side with men rather than other women?
          Similarly, what could be richer than Kelly insulting Sonja by saying she lives in her husbands house, and has to accept that shes no longer mrs Morgan living off a man. Than 5 minutes later reaffirms that being Kelly bensimon is who she is. She’s not supporting a fellow divorcee. She sticking a big old “my sugar daddy I leeched off of was better than your sugar daddy you leeched off of” knife in Sonjas back.

          • IndianaHousewife says:

            If you ever figure out why women do the things they do to each other you will hold the key to the universe in your hands. Most of my life I have worked in a male dominated fields and only just recently switched to an all female office. I am still trying to figure out the proper way to interact with these people. If I tell one her hair looks good, someone else is pissed I didn’t notice her the week before, an on and on. (I gave up trying to figure out Kelly some time ago – the lunatic is out. Plus I really just do not care about her very much.)

          • JenFromCincy says:

            Sad fact of the matter, Error, is that there’s a fairly decent percentage of women who will throw another woman under the bus in a heartbeat if it makes them look or feel better about themselves. I’m guessing that the percentage is even higher amongst ugly-souled social climbers.

      • Bess says:

        Menopause is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a good thing, as far as I am concerned.

      • thank you!! i went through an early menopause… i was 38 years old. is that something i should be ashamed of? people cannot believe it when i tell them i’m 51 years old, they think i’m in my early 40s at the most so it didn’t cause me to get old looking and decrepit. (not that there’s anything wrong with getting older either… geez) i already have medical problems with late stage lyme disease and complications from same so of course i don’t feel my best. and yes, i have onset of osteoporosis but luckily there are medications for it these days. but i find it extremely insulting when people act like it’s some sinister condition in itself.

    • Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

      I do not believe Ramona is a drunk. That is what the Brunettes having been implying and using against her every chance they got. Ramona is plugging her Pinot every chance she got, I call it marketing.

    • qball says:

      I agree with you 100 percent. I think that Ramona is nutts. If she was pregnant and had a miscarriage she would have filmed that and the woe is me factor would have come out. As must as she drinks I think IF ( YES A BIG IF ) she was pg that would have a huge factor in her not being pg now. Ramona needs to realize that the change of life is in her lap.

      • HD says:

        @ ChgoGal I totally agree with you. I thought Ramona was a little silly not to even entertain the idea that she may be going through the change of life.

        I don’t see what the big deal is. It is part of life that all women if they reach a general age will go through. Big freaking deal. I don’t care how good Ramona’s body looks at the end of the day you still have a 55 year old uterus. Get over it!

    • Sam says:

      You can’t generalize like that when it comes to menopause. I’m 54 and and still fertile. And when my kids were in high school, one of the women on the fundraising committee for the marching band got pregnant, and she was Ramona’s age. (Her 18-year-old son was mortified when news of the pregnancy got out!) Just because your body shut down early doesn’t mean all women’s do.

      • HD says:

        I hear the you can’t generalize but I am gonna go out on a limb and just ask in “general” how many women do you see walking around pregnant from the ages of 55-70? A lot of them? I will be more inclined to agree if it was like a common every day thing. No one is shocked when a 20-30 something year old gets pregnant. Why? Because it’s common. That is why people can say I knew A woman that got pregnant at 50 or 60. It is not common. That is why it makes the news “65 year old woman gives birth” If it was so common it wouldn’t even make the news. The common thought for most women I would think is, I must be entering or on the verge of entering menopause. To me it was just common sense. Ramona is 55 years old. This is life. Your cycle is going to start changing. That was not drama. It is just biology. I don’t mind her thinking she was pregnant but the common sense odds were not on pregnancy but on her body just starting to change. Sometimes though as they say common sense is not so common.

        • BessiB says:

          All true. Except in her particular case, she says, her Dr. told her she was not. So she went to option B.

  41. T-REX says:

    Woo been gone from the blog for a while, needed to take a break! After reading the Reunion Blog I am so glad that I did not waste 1 second of my time watching this season of RHNY! As some of you know, since KKB-jellybeanbrain was asked to continue on the show, I refused to watch this debaucle, and am thankful to never have seen Cindy! Oh and to Barvajayjayshop if you read here, I may have checked out your shop at some time, but now I will never do so, way to lose future clientele!

  42. Causing_A_Casino says:

    I don’t think there’s any way you can scratch the entire cast and start over. First of all, people have their faves and will be pissed if they go. Plus they would have to start from scratch building a fan base for all the new women. Also- trying to make it more like Beverly Hills is a mistake. We already have BH- why would we need a copycat? I think they need to transition by replacing half the cast (brunettes). Then as the seasons progress continue to rotate.
    However, if Jill Zarin is allowed to stay- she will singlehandedly destroy the show. I really think she can’t help herself.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      I think you first sentence says exactly why it might be best to scratch everyone. Everyone does have a favorite and I think that if you kick off their favorite and keep someone you don’t like would turn people away. For example, if Alex is kicked off and Jill’s poor behavior is rewarded then I would not watch it again. If Luann or Jill were kicked off and others remain, I imagine there may be some who would not watch again. I use the word “imagine” because I have no idea who that could be. The only way to get around that situation would be an entire recast. I would give that show and opportunity. Right now the only person I can imagine being booted off without alienating a particular fan base is Cindy. She’s new and she hasn’t been particularly relevant. Sort of like the party planner from last year or Fernanda from RHOOC this year.

    • viki55 says:

      It would be nice if someone could post about our blog in the comments of that article. I could never post a Huffpo.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Maybe if Rob got his nose out of Jill’s ass he would get his “facts” straight. But I guess this is why he is a two bit gossip whore and not a credible or entertaining “read”.

    • Error404 says:

      Hahahahaha Jill threatening to quit is she doesn’t get her way again! Yeah, that threat worked out real well for youma year ago Jill, not! Lol

    • Zoey says:

      What a silly write up. I think it makes the ‘reporter’ look foolish, since he obviously doesn’t know the whole story and just prints quotes from Jill.

    • lol – mostly all the comments were anti jill… actually anti brunette. only a couple against Silex, Simon mostly. the remainder were just anti RH and anti Bravo.

  43. Dame Rhetorica says:

    As God said when he poked my belly and made my belly button, ” You’re done!” I can watch no more! The brunettes will not only never have their comeuppance, they will continue to think they’re superior in every way. No justice nor Karma.

  44. parkeril says:

    Did anyone notice that LuAnn’s face makeup was much darker that that on her neck/chest? Maybe she pissed-off the makeup person??

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Yessssss! Two tones for a two faced poser. And on the full set shots her weird dress looked one shoulder with a big, deformed nipple – someone really hit her with the ugly styling stick this reunion.

    • Zoey says:

      I noticed it looked odd. I commented that her nose looked a little more brown than usual, and it did! Belonging to the Cult of Jill has stained it permanently I suppose!

    • RealMinkey says:

      Yes, YES.
      None of those brunettes looked good last night. LuMann’s face was darkened, Jill was too smooth and bright orange, Kelly looked old and tired, and Cindy’s face was strangely balloonish.

      • NJBev says:

        Cindy really needs a new dentist,
        and hair stylist. and make-up artist.
        while I’m at it, she could really use
        an attitude adjustment, as well.

        • Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

          Yes Cindy needs help with her appearance. Maybe Kelly can be her stylist. LMAO!

          • cindy is simply unattractive and more so because of her horrid personality. i thought Sonja looked beautiful and i think Alex has looked much prettier this entire season. i think Ramona is adorable and i just can’t be objective about the other three – they are all fugly to me.

  45. Zoey says:

    Although I know Jill is a mean, vile, jealous witch with a huge anger management problem, I still get shocked by her behavior! She really didn’t hold back, unlike last year’s reunion when she pretended to be sorry for everything she did horrible and apologized, ONLY because she thought there was a slight chance to still ride the Bethenny train to more fame and popularity.
    Now that she knows that’s O-V-E-R, she can show her real self, and put down Bethenny as well. What a witch.

    • Causing_A_Casino says:

      Jill will destroy RHONY and then lay in the rubble, in a fetal position, screaming at the world and plotting revenge on everyone

    • klmh says:

      It was interesting to me to see her demeanor in relationship to her hair style changes from last year’s and this year’s reunion.

  46. cparkeast says:

    did you say “cute duo” when referring the VanKempen kids? As much as I dislike Jill and her nasally self, Alex was the most disgusting Frankenstein-y fool this season. Deliberately, trying to cause drama everywhere she goes to stay on the show. Her scene in lingerie was vomit worthy and bragging she had good genes clearly shows she’s not dealing with a full deck.That comment Cindy needs to get laid was inappropriate. She’s a midwest loser and should go back to Kansas which she’s so ashamed of.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Hi, I am from the midwest and plan to overlook your rudeness as I think you are here looking to cause trouble. It sounds like you are having a bad day – hope it gets better:)

    • I’m a Kansan and I don’t think she is ashamed at all. Her kids are cute. I guess you are okay attacking Alex’s kids but it’s not okay to mention Luann’s daughters’ behavior. Behavior she made public on Utube? I believe Jill, Luann, Kelly, and Cindy made bigger fools of themselves than Alex ever did. Jill has a gutter mouth and provrd what a vile, disgusting woman she is last night. I’m sure the rest of the reunion will only validate that more.

    • Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

      Alex may be quirky but she is one of the few on the show with CLASS!!

    • vilzvet says:

      Hmmmm, according to your screen name looks like Jill sent one of her “inner circle” here to comment. You seem to be just as ugly as she, inside and I’m betting outside as well.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Well we haven’t seen it on camera but from reports we’ve heard, the VanKempen kids don’t hold a candle to the Luann’s or Jill’s daughters in the misbehaving department.

      • Zoey says:

        I’ve never heard that. In fact, quite the opposite. I smell BS.

        • RabbleRouser says:

          Dwight is talking about Victoria dropping N-bombs and smoking dope and the rumor that Allie thought she was hot shit at college but apparently came across as old diarrhea – ad got so drunk she had to have her stomach pump. He is saying- that small boys running around in a fabric store doesn’t mean anything in comparison to that.

    • kitkat says:

      …speaking of losers, you should get back to Nymag where you belong…buh bye

    • Zoey says:

      cparkeast, your jealousy of Alex’s calm coolness is soooo obvious! Why can’t people who behave so childishly such as yourself see what we so obviously see? You obviously care a great deal! Lol, you’d do well to get a life. No one here is buying it.
      Go team blond!

    • MoDee says:

      You have something against the midwest? We kick your ass out or something?

    • christie says:

      I agree with you but noone else on this blog will so lookout for the backlash.

  47. klmh says:


    I left a note for you yesterday, but I’ll repost. I know you are disappointed in missing Novogratz show, so go to this website, type in Novogratz in the search box, and all of their showings will come up, thru out the week.


    • TLM says:

      I actually did find them on TV guide yesterday, but the airings are so all over the place I can’t remember when they are on. I had hoped tv guide had a feature where you could click on a button to get emailed each time an episode was airing, but they don’t, and I wasn’t going to copy all the info. Went to HGTV and couldn’t find anything like that either. Really dumb on HGTV and TV Guide’s part. They could include ads in such emails.

  48. IndianaHousewife says:

    I just had a thought – took awhile to find my brain after last night. Unless I missed something Luann is now team blonde correct? Just made me giggle, it didn’t take her long to switch sides.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      LuAnn wants to be liked by Sonja – but she doesn’t care about either Ramona or Alex.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        You are correct. I am sorry I wasn’t very clear didn’t she just recently go see Ted Gibson and go Team Blonde? Maybe she had an epiphany during the reunion?

        • chismosa says:

          Omg yeah what happened to the Dragqueen 3.0 blonde hairdo-extensions? Was that after the reunion (farewell taping, fingers crossed) taping?

  49. chismosa says:

    Great commemts all around and I thank god I have you all to commiserate with on all this.

    I’m sorry I don’t have your name available (on my phone- hate it)- but someone above just said that maybe Ramona miscarried and that is why they re-shot/re-edited the season? That makes me so sad if that were the case. I truly wonder WHY they had to re-shoot and reschedule the season. I wonder if Alex would disclose that, or Simon. At this point in the end of the season/ end of cast- maybe someone can spill the beans.

    One more thing- did anyone see Luann say something to Alex to shut her up/ chastise her – then Alex looked shocked- then the camera panned to Lu and the camera stayed on her for quite a while and she had this slow Cheshire cat grin on her face. PURE EVIL. The face of evil

    • RealMinkey says:

      I caught that too.

    • NJBev says:

      Hi Chismosa
      OMIB speculated that Ramona may have miscarried
      and I agreed with her-
      I also thought that may be why the season was redited.
      they never showed the results of the test….
      I also don’t know that anyone other than Ramona or Sonia
      (or production) knew the results either-

      • chismosa says:

        Hi Bev- that truly makes me sad if that was what happened. Love Ramona.
        I want to know WHY THE SEASON WAS SUCH A SCHEDULING MESS!!!what is the big secret

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        It could be her miscarriage wasn’t a big dramatic scene- just cramping and a heavier than normal period.
        She really *did* look pregnant- and had that sorta goofy euphoria that some of my friends have when they got preggers.
        I agree though, if she *did* miscarry and knew it- she would spill the beans because it would “prove” she wasn’t menapuasel

        • I’m not so sure about that. I had a miscarriage and to this day I still have difficulty talking about it. I have 5 healthy and beautiful children that I’m thankful for but it’s still hard for me to think about what might have been. A miscarriage is very devasting.

          • Kukulet says:

            Yeah, I have to agree. It’s not easy to talk about a miscarriage, even with loved ones. To say it to someone like Jill, who would offer no real sympathy, would be very hard to do.

            A miscarriage does make sense re: the scheduling mess and the fact they didn’t show the results of the test. I was wondering about that, after all that on the boat, when a test only takes three minutes, why they didn’t show that.

        • NJBev says:

          I agree that Ramona seems likely to say if she had miscarriage, given her
          big mouth.
          But in my social circle(yeah, yeah, whatever that is-) I am known to have quite a
          mouth myself. I have had several miscarriages and never spoke about
          them-. It made me too vulnerable and I would be damned before I would
          give someone the satisfaction- I would let them tell me i was menopausal.
          But that’s just me

  50. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    Agree with you Lynn, especially regarding Jill.
    Cindy has no social skills that is why she probably gets along so well with Kelly. She even told Luann off who was only trying to help her, by telling her to jump in and talk when she saw an opportunity. What a bitch when she told Luann ” Don’t tell me what to do”. Kelly is an idiot makes no sense and is it me or does she look like she has aged? Jill is a puppet mater whispering in Kelly’s ear things to say. Luann was not as horrible as other times she at least agreed with the blondes on Kelly and Cindy’s manners.
    Now what Jill wrote in her blog is what I don’t understand. What is the big deal about Alex showing up at a wedding with Ramona that Jill was at. Why is that such a problem why couldn’t Jill be civil. Does the bride have to give Jill a list of all the people invited prior to the wedding to see if Jill approves and to make sure she is not blindsided by people she may not like. HOW CHILDISH!

    • spunkymonkey says:

      I don’t understand that either…the whole thing with the wedding. It’s up to the bride and groom who they invite to their wedding, not the guests. I come from a very dysfunctional family and there is always someone who is mad at someone else and won’t be in the same room with them, etc. etc. They tried to pull that BS at my wedding saying they wouldn’t come if so and so was invited and I told them to knock it off. My wedding, not theirs, and everyone was invited. But this was a family member saying this. Not a social friend, which is what I believe Jill was/is to the bride and groom. Not a close friend, just someone who runs in your circle. Did Jill really think she got to dictate the guest list of someone else’s wedding?!

      • shiny14 says:

        How many times, including the clip of the wedding, has JZ claimed that other housewives “set me up”: Ramona getting her together with Bethenny, Ramona telling JZ at Ramona’s party that she was hurt by JZ’s wedding comments, etc etc. JZ is always sure that someone else made her look bad by “setting her up.” She doesn’t need any help to look bad with her over-reactions to everything.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Because she didn’t have her notes! What if Bethenny was there? We now know how “scared” she was of Bethenny.

  51. Read Jill and Kelly’s blogs on Bravo.
    Both women are delusional.
    Kelly makes no sense as usual. She truly has gone off the deep end.

    Jill is trying to spin, spin, spin to make herself look better. Nothing she says will ever rebuild the facade of niceness and change she tried to fabricate.
    She tries to blame Alex for not truly accepting her apology and says she didn’t bad mouth her after they had the burning party. I don’t recall Alex bad mouthing Jill until Jill started attacking Simon. Alex did say she had a hard time beliving and trusting Jill. Given her past with Jill, who could blame her!
    And, who wouldn’t defend their spouse if attacked. Alex sticks up for Simon and Mario defends Ramona. I see nothing wrong with it. How dare Jill try to disrupt others marriages and try to force a wedge between couples! Makes me wonder about her marriage to Bobby. Ramona alluded to Jill having problems with her marriage to Bobby. I’d like to know that story!

  52. The brunettes shutting Alex down is all part of what Kelly told her at the lunch. She told Alex in no uncertain terms that if she did not throw her husband under the bus and crawl to Jill with an apology over the “mean tweets/hate blog” issue she would be “iced out”. This conversation was filmed months before the reunion was. That is the plan being executed. They do not want her to speak, and when she does all of them are in agreement that they will simply tell her to shut up and ignore her from that point. They will render her irrelevant. They are indeed “icing her out”.

    • Bingo! You are so on the money with that observation. I hope it backfires big time and bites them all in the ass!

    • klmh says:

      Spot on.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      I agree with Shadow you nailed it!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      OMG- you are so right!
      Okay so we have to carefully mine Kelly’s every utterance as it provides foreshadowing for the RHONY plot!

    • shiny14 says:

      Wow – I totally missed that connection – you are so right!

    • plainviewsue says:

      Wow, I didn’t think of that at all. I did guess that the brunettes had a team meeting before the reunion, but it all makes sense now. Why was Cindy angry at Alex unless something happened that we never saw.

    • Causing_A_Casino says:

      You totally nailed it! You’re pretty smart for royalty. Will you be releasing an auto-tune single?

      • Hah! too “smart” for that. I did actually used to sing and made some money at it. Local stuff, talent contests, battle of the bands kind of stuff. Some rather vivid Karioke memories. It was good for free drinks back in the day. 🙂 Made it onto a local tv show once. Take that LuLu.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      OMG! You are so right!

    • YES! what wicked bitches! oh please PLEASE can’t someone tweet that! this are the times i wish i tweeted! since Bravo never posts our comments there is no other way to get the message across. you busted them big time! how in the world can such vile shrews keep getting worse? yes kelly – you are sooooo nice GAG ME!!!

  53. klmh says:

    I went back to read the comments from last nights chat session. As I was reading my tirade of posts, as well as others, as we were gnashing our teeth and typing as fast as we could to put words to screen, a little blue box pops up and says “hang in there. Just another 25 minutes”, from Lynn of course. So funny!

  54. Best (worst?) moments from last night:

    – Jill lying her fucking ass off by claiming that Ramona was “in on it” with her about not filming with Bethenny, but that she wouldn’t “go there” because she has no proof. HAHA! Yeah, okay Jill. This broad lies almost as much as Teresa Giudice does in court.

    – Jill freaking out about “the children”. Why the hell didn’t Alex slap them with some self awareness on that issue? Because as you said, they both said mean shit about Alex’s kids and parenting skills in past seasons. I’m so sick of those 2 getting away with just saying wtfever they want about other people while being guilty of it themselves.

    Don’t you just love how nobody is allowed to discuss issues that scare Jill and Luann because of how horrible and private they are (Victoria and Ally) but it’s perfectly okay for Jill to go around outing people on stuff like nude pictures and supposed alcoholism?

    Honestly, I didn’t hate Jill before this season. I certainly didn’t like her after what happened with Bethenny, but I didn’t think she was downright awful either. Now I see it 10 fold. She’s a fucking disgrace to herself, her family, and women in general. Her lies are hypocrisy are out of control.

    Kelly needs to go. I can’t even stomach her anymore. It’s so Kelly to be caught attacking someone and then when she gets called out she says, “OMG, what are you doing? You always do this with me! You pick at me!”. Wtf are you talking about, you crazy bitch?! You said things that were a. untrue and b. wrong. Why should you not be held accountable? Oh, that’s right. Because you think you’re “nice”. What a lunatic!

    • Nancy says:

      Are we related? I couldn’t have agreed with you more. Except I did hate
      Jill Zarin before the reunion. And before that…and…

  55. Zoey says:

    I think we should all boycott and NOT watch the second part, and maybe Andy will realize the viewers should have a say so, too. We don’t want hate-filled drama, period.
    I will follow here for the amusement and friendship, but not watching the one-sided bullying.. It’s just too toxic. I might check out Alex’s Twitter as well, since she won’t be posting anything mean or cuckoo.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I’ll do it. From the looks of the previews its just even more bad behavior. I cant believe how bad they are treating Alex, did you see the part where she starts to talk and they start humming to drown out her voice? Ridiculous!

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Yes it appears to be rehearsed, since it is so unlikely. Looks like something they learned at Canyon Ranch spa during their trip with Cindy. Supposed to be mediation “ummmmm” to drown out the noise in your own heads but they do it as an in joke to minimize Alex. Truly transcendental! Their yogi must be proud… Not. Yogi bear and boo boo.

  56. psol says:

    With all the drama from the housewife shows I began to get anxiety just watching, so I made the decision not to watch New York after last season. I didn’t now if I would actually go ahead with my plan because I am a housewife addict. I did watch the first show this season and decided to just come here and read this wonderful blog.

    I must say after reading yesterday’s “Let’s Chat” blog and this blog here that I really grateful I didn’t watch. My daughter and I both watched the show together and she couldn’t believe that I wasn’t watching this season. Last night when the reunion aired, she thought that I had lost my mind when I told her to erase it from the dvr.

    I would like to thank Lynn and all the posters here for your comments, because I can’t stomach what that show has become. I must admit that just sometimes reading the recaps gives me anxiety. It almost seems impossible that, for me, the best HW show is now the worst.

    I am “Team Blonde” all the way!

  57. Thedesigndiva says:

    I am just too tired , my hands are swollen , RA and Fibro in full bloom today and just too emotionally spent to retype my comments about this matter…So I choose to be lazy and just copy and paste….. so please excuse me….

    Here was my posted comment…..
    My Parents raised us to NEVER HATE a person …..But I was in a very RARE mood last night.
    I should not have watched that reunion
    So upon some further reflection I will now change my wording..
    I HATE that some women feel the need to have this constant need to degrade and make others feel worthless and to actually state on PUBLIC televsion that another co-worker is a F…B… is beyond claseless…..it borders on harrassment and those words are slanderous in nature…..
    ALL those woman have taken a gift to appear to the world as smart caring vivacious women….and turned it into a HATE FEST….I am appalled that Braveless the network and all its affiliates would even to presume that after that airing their sponsors would even continue to spend money with them,,,,, If Gloria Steinham ( sp ) and all the other women who worked so hard to achieve some equal status for women were still active they would BE APPALLED…. I know that I am….

    I will now spend my time composing a letter to EACH of Bravos and its affiliates sponsors a letter stating my feelings on this matter…..I will no longer allow these types to send women a message that it is acceptable to act like this…
    Jill Zarin NEEDS to go to Temple and get on her knees and beg for forgiveness for acting the way she did last night….Such contempt for others..it’s disgusting indeed..
    I hope she realizes just how vile she acted and sounded..All future ventures of hers will now and SHOULD lose any monetary support should she go seek financing for her deals…..
    I could go on and on but I wont….I am not going to allow myself to go to a place of NO with this……
    Grab your Jewish Bible and start reading JZ….Judgement Day will be here before you know it….Will you be prepared ???

    • Error404 says:

      And I hope you feel better too

      • vilzvet says:

        Fantastic post, designdiva!

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Thank you….. Gonna go sit and the sun and reflect…
        BTW….Mz Jz….If you are reading these blogs, I do hope you get that Girdle Trademark thing under control before the DUE DATE…..Nothing worse than pissing off the TMO….You won’t be able to STOMP your feet and use the old you’re a FB remark there… They are indeed the HIGHER POWER…..And you really should get the Rosetta Stones CDS to learn all those FOREIGN LANGUAGES…. You may need them sooner than you realize…….
        When KARMA comes calling she DOESNT KNOCK….She arrives w/o warning under the cover of darkness……

    • if the fact that jill said this was the best season ever doesn’t prove that she’s a lying bitch and a half and/or completely and utterly delusional then absolutely nothing does. i like what you are doing. a much better use of your time.

  58. WindyCityWondering says:

    RHNY didn’t survive Bethenny leaving. Jill single handedly destroy this franchise.
    Her “strategies”, her hateful, petty core, her innuendo and lie campaigns, and her obnoxious use of her castmates to do her dirty deeds are not entertaining.
    Ironically, Jill needed this show more than the rest of the cast combined and she is the one who is responsible for the unwatchable hot mess!

    • psol says:

      I agree with you 100%.

    • She wanted to sabotage Bethenny’s show. Instead she is destroying the one she is on.How’s that for Karma!

    • Error404 says:

      As much as I hate Jill, I think bravo and shed are equally to blame as she for ruining the show. This season was poorly filmed and poorly edited and focused on things we didn’t want to see and shows a lack of touch with their own audiences’s taste.

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Bravo Error and no bravos for the Bravo network. (Name change required) 😉

      • Delighted says:

        They just rode the golden horse into the ground. Totally cynical and truly awful. I actually feel sorry for (most) of the housewives. They got sold down the river by a bunch of execs who don’t give a flying fig about these women or any women..unfortunately, they forgot that their audience is primarily female and we’re not all as dumb as Kelly. I love it that it was the guys on this blog who brought this misogeny issue to the conversation. Love you.

  59. MaryE says:

    I asked you to rate IQs yesterday. So…who is the most manipulative and successful at it?? Teresa or Caroline, Jill, or LuAnn?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Four way tie!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Teresa is in huge debt and is facing possible jail time
        Jill drove out the star of her stupid reality show and as a result will probably get it cancelled
        Luanne has a crappy song(s) a daughter who shoots racist drug using videos and is now divorced.
        so Caroline is the winner by default. I think her strategy changed after Dina left and she chose to try to use the show to provide a platform to make her children “stars”.They *are* getting airtime.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Moms a big Caroline fan. Pretty sure the only reason she watches NJ with me is Caroline. Anyways, I digressed. I’ve gotta give Caroline some credit last night when she was tweeting about the reunion. “WOW- not cool-this is a marriage we’re talking about. hurtful”. The replies are regarding Ramona talking about Lulu, but she tweeted it when Jillzilla was going at Ramona about Mario. At least she’s calling JZ out too.

      • the difference between Ramona saying it to luann and anyone saying it to Ramona is that it’s irrefutable that luann’s husband did cheat and their marriage has been over for two years. Ramona is still married and she believes blissfully married. apples and oranges. they say a certain amount of time should pass before it’s “tasteful” for a comedian to make a joke about a tragedy… well i think two years is enough time. you should be able to talk about it by now and the truth is the truth.

  60. BambiBaby22 says:

    I loved the way the brunettes made such an issue of a “man yelling at a woman”, when Simon “yelled” at Sonja, but then, it was Andy who yelled at the women to “shut the fuck up”. HAHA…..but I bet not a word will not be whispered about Andy yelling at women.

  61. spunkymonkey says:

    Ugh, where to even begin. I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack watching this show last night. It started out mean and nasty, there wasn’t even a warm-up. I think next week I will need a valium and bottle of wine just to get through the episode.

    I was hoping that entire couch on the left side of my screen would implode. Jill is just vile. How does someone become so full of hate and rage? Luann is a delusional, condescending c u next tuesday. Kelly, the oversized oompa lompa, has completely lost touch with reality. If this is what a diet of jelly beans and beer does to one’s brain, I will abstain from both. She doesn’t remember making the comments about Sonja’s home even though they just played the clip that they all watched. If you’re gonna be a bitch, then you better learn how to own it.

    And Cindy…she’s just repugnant. Awful awful awful. I can’t find one redeeming quality about her. I especially disliked her treatment of Alex on this episode. Alex tried to sympathize with her situation, saying she knows what it’s like to have two very young children and working, and Cindy responds by telling her to “shut the f**k up” and calling her an idiot. WTH did Alex ever do to Cindy? Did I miss an episode? Alex invited her to her party, which Cindy showed up to at the very end and did nothing but complain. Alex is absolutely right…she is a sourpuss! She was never warm, or friendly, or even nice to anyone.

    There’s a lot more that bothered me about this episode but I would be writing all day…

    • spunkymonkey says:

      Oh and one more thing…Cindy calling Alex a lap dog? That is just plain nasty.

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Keep writing, good observations 🙂

      • RabbleRouser says:

        IDK- the panting was OTT.
        Given how the lines were drawn and everything that was coming out of everyone’s mouth, I it was fair game.

      • i think the lap dog remark was much worse than the “you need to get laid remark.” whether it was appropriate or not, “you need to get laid” is synonymous with “you’re being a miserable human being” and Cindy has definitely been that the entire season.

        • jonnyxo says:

          i agree. “lapdog” and “stop turning red” are really just childish last resorts at jabs when you have nothing better to say. laaammeee–just like everything else about cindy.

  62. MoDee says:

    Just want to say first, Lynn, thanks for coming back home, at TVTime’s site, I felt like I was at a party I didn’t want to go to in the first place…just felt uncomfortable.

    All season with this show, something has been totally off for me, and with the reunion last night, it clicked. These (brunettes) women actually hate each other (blondes), otherwise how can they say some of the most vile and vicious things I’ve ever heard to one another? It’s one thing to have a disagreement with a friend but you always (ok, usually) have a filter when you argue with someone, not saying you don’t hurt their feelings, just saying you own up to it and apologize and hope you don’t sink that low again. All of them, and I mean ALL of them, said things that normal women in that age group just will not say to another woman or to another human being for that matter. You just can’t take back some of those words.

    I watch alot of shows just for the sheer pleasure and entertainment value, with absolutely no plot whatsoever, but this show was so dark for me, I know I won’t watch again with these women representing the New York Housewives. I want the fun back… like the fashion shows, bar scenes, charity events with famous people, shopping, etc.

    I don’t think some of these women have experienced life like alot of us here on the board have had to face, like cancer, death of loved ones, major health issues, abuse (yeah I know what Kelly says…), stalking, or bullying. These things you have no control over. If they have experienced some of these things, they would realize that life is short and you start living your life like there’s no tomorrow and distance your self from the bullshit. No amount of money or illusions of fame would make me say some of the stuff I heard last night. No way, shape, or form. Being from the midwest and country living I guess has sheltered me, but I’ll take that anyday over being in these people’s vicinity. Thanks everybody for letting me vent.

    • spunkymonkey says:

      Very true…people who have experienced such things don’t worry about such petty crap like they do. I have had to distance myself from many people I once considered friends because they worry about the wrong things and I simply don’t have the patience.

    • UnderMyWheels says:

      The brunettes are not grateful for the wonderful lives they actually have.

      It will be interesting to see how they behave when something really bad happens to them. That usually separates the wheat from the chaff.

      • well when bobby *supposedly* had cancer jill was partying in the Hamptons remember? i think they think money will buy them anything and that they’re untouchable. they’re delusional and in their worlds everything is rainbows and unicorns. luann’s divorce? well she says it – she thought she had it good before but she’s just getting started. i think the only thing that would be devastating to them is if all of their money and Jimmy Choos were taken away.

    • jonnyxo says:

      ooohh well said. there is something about kelly, jill, and luanne that actually depresses me. it makes me fearful of middle-age and becoming something like that. i think they bother me so much because their values are so superficial. i think to feel fulfilled you have have to grow as a person along the road of life, but these women were only concerned with marrying for money. seems like an empty existence to me. while watching the reunion those ladies were bringing me dooowwn.

  63. Zoey says:

    One more thing, Andy if you’re listening- an example of how many of us feel is that we went from having our wine ready to toast the show, and sooo happily excited to watch it, to having our wine ready to cope with the show and dread watching it. That’s NO fun!
    It used to fly by and left us chatting excitedly about it. Now we watch the clock to see when it’ll be over and still feel sick the next day!
    Oh my, this really does sound like addicts! We can’t get that first high anymore! Time to cut it off and move on.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I did the same thing I kept checking the clock to see how much longer I had before it was over lol.

    • i was actually disappointed when i found out it was 1 1/2 hours worth of crap. i thought it was just an hour. and you’re right, we do sound like addicts. more power to those who have broken away from the madness.

  64. Thedesigndiva says:

    Geez I really am spent…forgot to add this…
    It seemed at a certain hour yesterday at my house it turned into the BEEITCHING HOUR…
    I belong to a blog here that turned nasty… I , in turn , also stooped to that level….Then of course came the SHOW…. I felt bad this a.m. and went back to the blog and extended a heartfelt apology to all my readers…
    I also posted this thought that I came up with….maybe some of the girls can use it…

    “”” today is a different day….onward and upward as they say….. I refuse to allow others to pull me down to their level BUT … however, I will defend my place on the ladder to the bitter end….””.


  65. WindyCityWondering says:

    Dear Jill – I didn’t write a book but I know a few things.
    1) Using other people to do your dirty work is cowardly.
    2) Applying different rules for different people is cowardly.
    3) Hurting others via lies or innuendo is cowardly.
    4) Apologizing without sincerity is cowardly.
    Hell, I would be here all day, so the bottomline is simple – Jill is a coward, a fraud and the ugliest housewife (inside and out) most hated housewife in HW history. Yeah, that is a title to be proud of!

  66. mimisfbay says:

    I was super tired when I turned on the reunion show thinking it would be just another mind numbing fiasco. Hollering over one another and revisionist history; no surprise there.

    Dare I mention KKK and her memory lapses? When she answers from Planet Kelly I am always dumbfounded. Her memory must last a nano-second because her responses are enough to stop all conversation; or would if she weren’t sitting next to vile Jill. I loved the comment above about JZ as Puppet Master, indeed! Interesting that both she and Kelly referred to “scenes” as if the show was scripted.

    Wondered, during the show, how Bravo could possibly dump JZ without her suing the doo doo outta them. I think Andy fears her and with good cause. JZ has a proven track record of vindictive craziness and we have actually watched her try to disembowel her costars. She is a vicious and ugly person who truly believes that she is the star of the show. When she called Alex a F’ing B, her face said it all; she was positively maniacal. They sent the beast to London to work on a British version of the show? Not Cat O? Telling.

    Can’t wait for Part 2! Escape is wonderful.

    • jonnyxo says:

      hold up–are you saying they sent jill to london to work on a british version of the show? that what you saying? i’ll flip. why is she the ambassador

  67. Carly Hall says:

    Hold everything, who’s read the Huffington Post today???

  68. Constance says:

    Looks like Jill’s minons have found Alex’s blog on her website….quite a few nasty comments

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      • WindyCityWondering says:

        For giggles I put my remarks for the turdy girls in Ramona, Sonja and Alex’s blogs – maybe they will get through, maybe they won’t. lol Bravo’s blogs are a joke and I like the ladies having their own newsletters – then I can show my support by subscribing directly or not at all.

    • ms molly says:

      But on the other hand Constance, Jill wrote some very wonderful and complimentary comments about herself on her bravotv. blogsite. It looks like she is just about as proud of herself as she can be.

  69. kitkat says:

    I think when the conversation isn’t going Kelly’s way, she pretends to not get it. Like when they where all pointing out her obvious hypocrisy in claiming how nice she is and simultaneously bashing Sonja in such a vicious, nasty way, she fell right back into her “what?, who?, where? what are you talking about” routine. Along with her stupid, contrived confused expression on her face. Her crazy, delusional, dumb behavior may be a safety she reverts to because she can’t handle conflict and doesn’t know how to express herself, or to save face when she is obviously losing an argument. It’s a confusion tactic. Confuse everyone, and they veer off the topic at hand.

    • MoDee says:

      I agree totally, she can speak 2 languages, she’s not dumb by any means, she’s laughing at all of us viewers. I bet she learned that tactic at an early age and just perfected it.

      • sue says:

        Sorry Mo Dee, I totally disagree. Kelly is very dumb, and got to where she is on looks and lying, she lives in a pretend world, and because at a young age she hooked up with, at the time, a very famous,well connected man who let her create a world so know-one would find out that he married a lunatic. She did not attend the university she speaks of, she did not write her own books, she did not get jobs on her own, and the ones she had were favor jobs and others did her work for her, and yet, Bravo, the press, other celebs never call her out on it!…I dont call that smart, I call that lucky. One day she will have to face it, or she will do something to someone or herself, and everyone will stand around saying I should have, I could have or I would have tried to stop it, but!…But, is just saying its too late!!!!

        • MoDee says:

          JMO is all, I’ll probably eat crow one day…

        • kitkat says:

          I still think she’s a mean, nasty conniver, and I thought she was really purely dumb too until last night. She KNEW to what they refering, her gossiping about Sonja at lunch and saying such awful things, but PRETENDED to not get it. Her screwing up her face and looking up at the ceiling and acting like she was trying to figure it all out was so sickeningly phoney to me. But she’s dumb too, don’t get me wrong, and since she’s dumb, she’s always had to rely on an arsenol of dirty games. I recall her doing the same to Bethenny when Bethanny tried to clear the air in Jill’s apt. She acted like she never said “I’m up here…etc.” At first I thought she was off, but now I think it’s all calculated to make the person she is talking to question her own sanity…and Bethennny even gleefully exclaimed as much on Scary Island whe she said “SEE? SEE? SHE’s CRAZY!”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kelly is the perfect storm – dumb and mean! She tries to get a pass for being dumb just so she can be extra mean.

  70. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill’s Bravo blog is posting only sunshine out your ass comments so I won’t bother commenting there.
    Jill, once again, you have fouled the season for RHNY. Accepting an apology means being sorry for what you did and NOT doing it again. You don’t get a clean slate – you get an opportunity to change your behavior and prove to that person that you are sincerely correcting the issues you have created!
    You have said horrible things about your castmates via lies, gossip, innuendos! It would have been cool to see you truly redeem yourself but you honestly don’t have the tools to do so. I would never buy a product you endorse, I would never believe a word out of your mouth, and I would never be friends with a person like you. So peace and love baby! And you better take a good look in the mirror because menopause is looking back at you!

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Very well stated WCW! Too damned bad they more than likely will not allow it to be posted. But maybe Jill will see it here!?!?!

    • A says:

      Post it anyway and bravo people might read it and get rid if her

    • JenFromCincy says:

      I sent in a sarcastic one to Kelly (telling her she should have studied Math 101 instead of PR101), a nice one to Sonja, and a nice one to Ramona. Only the Ramona one went through. There never seems to be any rhyme or reason behind what gets posted. Thank goodness for Lynn! At least here we can vent before it builds up and causes a casino.

  71. TLM says:

    OT but old OC is airing on NBC. Noticed that Jeana compared Vicki to Hitler because Vicki said she was happy to have “all my people” here with her when they were in Chicago. A couple years later, Simon Barney compared Vicki to Hitler, saying, “Hitler had a good side.”

    Hmmm… I guess the Jeana-Simon alliance started way back.

  72. mariareads says:

    I thought Jill behaved like a rabid dog. Her screaming and mumbling while others were talking was psychotic. The woman is certifiable. I hope Kelly was medicated because if she wasn’t, she is one dumb ass! “It bothers me when you get red”. What IS that? What’s her name with the dehairing salons-Cindy? Total nut job last night. It’s so obvious she has major insecurities and is it just me or does she always look dirty? Seemed to me that other than the remarks about Mario cheating, that all the squabbling was about nothing. Very middle school girl stuff. Also, Jill’s hair looked like krap. It accentuated that bump on her nose. Flat, to her head.

    And yes, Countess, your daughter has major problems and if kids are not allowed to be critiqued then why did she blab about Alex’s kids last season and why did Jill repeat it?

    These women are done. Like Seinfeld said last season on WWHL “Why would I put my head in that toilet?” I’m beginning to agree with him. This crew has had it.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I’m beginning to agree with Seinfeld as well.

    • LOL, I noticed the same thing and crooked. If she poofed the hair it would take the focus off that bump. Her fake smile is not turned up, it is strait across, how can you smile horizontal. It looks like she is in a NASA video doing 5 G’s.

    • Debbie says:

      mariareads, your comment is SO TRUE and completely honest! I feels the same way… and I think you are hysterical!!!! I hope you get this post and can say ” HI”.

      Thank you so very much 🙂


  73. NMhousewife says:

    One of the worst 2 hours of TV watching of my life and I’m including WWHL. IMO the only thing NPH said of any worth is to scrap this cast and start over with women who don’t just fight w/ each other. I can’t even go into any opinions regarding the ladies as I’m too disgusted and it hurts my brain to try.

  74. cdnfillie58 says:

    Great blog Lynn…I’m happy we are back here too…not feeling the welcome at that other place 😛
    Anyway, I stopped watching after Jill spewed crap about being afraid of Bethenny.. can’t take anymore and I’m not gonna waste my time watching the 2nd part. I’ll get my info from here from you guys.
    Alex is beautiful inside and out but I get upset when I see her not able to find her “balls” and give back as good as she gets when she’s attacked. To me that shows a slight case of low self esteem.
    Ramona is the only one I would love to party with, and get to know better, but I would definitely clue her in when she gets a case of verbal diarrhea. Not cool with that.
    Sonya, I can take in small doses, her grandiose style of dropping important names and refusal to accept that she cannot have the life she knew as a married Morgan would seriously try my patience. She is honest and upfront and keeps it all out there for people to see who she really is, but really should I be THAT interested in what use to make Sonya Morgan tick.
    Kelly…..DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said
    Cindy…..DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said
    LuLu….. you can’t sing, you can’t be real much less act, you can’t be a proper mother to your daughter, you can’t possibly be more full of yourself, you don’t see your son is embarrassed for you, you think you’re shite don’t stink and Jillouzy SO has something on you, you don’t want known, but it will eventually. Know this… there’s KARMA and then there’s JILL ZARIN.
    JZ….ugh..I’ve spent way too much time on her.

    There’s no fun in watching RHNYC anymore, can’t be bothered to DVR either cause I don’t care to watch later. They are DONE DONE DONE, and I may start a letter campaign to keep our Canadian Bravo station from airing these scenes at a later date…
    :::hit upside head:: sorry folks must of had a Jillouzy moment to think I would make that kind of difference 😛

  75. kitkat says:

    Doogie Howser is a douche! Who knew?

  76. kitkat says:

    These reunions used to be my Superbowls, but last night, I actually switched to Seinfeld when it came on my local channel.

  77. Laurie says:

    I posted what I truly thought of Jill and Kelly on Bravo and of course they never allow my comments through. They are horrible, Jill is vile (we know that) and Kelly is MEAN. Disgusting. I don’t think I can watch part II.

    I would like to see Cat from DC on there as well. I have a feeling she could put the brunette bitches in their place. Ramona makes me laugh. In Morocco when Luann didn’t tell anybody about dinner, I loved when Ramona got her all riled up with the “What’s for Dinner” comment. Team Blonde all the way.

    Do you think Jill might have sociopathic tendencies? I mean we all know she’s a narcissist but you could really see the hate flow out of her on the reunion.

    • Nancy says:

      Jill is a sociopathic and yes I think she could be dangerous.
      She’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

      • Zoey says:

        I agree. She looked scary, she was so angry! And for what? She is a controlling freak whose deviousness, jealousy, and lust for revenge may just bring her down one day. (Further down).

  78. One way to get your opinion on Bravo across is to tweet in the “whyImsoramontional” tweet. You can find it on the RHONY page. I’ve had all my tweets show up on it. None of my comments ever show up on the ladies blogs.

  79. BambiBaby22 says:

    I loved the way the brunettes made such an issue of a “man yelling at a woman”, when Simon “yelled” at Sonja, but then, it was Andy who yelled at the women to “shut the eff up”. HAHA…..but I bet not a word will not be whispered about Andy yelling at women.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Of course not..He signs the checks and the PINK SLIPS……

    • jonnyxo says:

      yea really. that was jill angling get simon (and by extension, alex) off the show. she wants to portray him as a bully. she always has an angle. she can’t be direct because her intentions are always VILE. so controlling and manipulative. ew

  80. vilzvet says:

    Ramona’s best line: “Get a life, loser!” to Jill. She was having fun for the most part and letting the brunettes not get to her. Although she was getting PO’d at the Mario Is Cheating line of questioning, did you catch her telling Andy to stop? I also loved her telliing Jill that Bobby is not a good hubby like Mario.

  81. blondieDana says:

    I have a friend that watches NY but not as closely or as often as me. She basically watches enough to keep up with the gist of it, if you know what I mean. She was watching the reunion this morning, and I get this phone call. “Who is the chic in the purple dress? Was she even on this show?” Never fear, I got her up to date on Cindy. I told her she was a hanger loving hippie that bedazzled lady parts for a living. I also advised her to not get too attached to her, I didn’t see her being around for long.

  82. MoDee says:

    I used to think having Cat O on rhony would be the answer to the toxin that new york has become, but now I think it would just be – same shit different day – instead of 4 vs 3, it would be 4 vs 4, more hate and screaming. Just not my cup of tea for someone wanting fluff shows.

    • MoDee says:

      I’ve posted more on this episode than I’ve posted on any blog. Can you tell how it affected me??! lol

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      I second, third, and fourth you on that! Figure if Jill Zarin can robo vote so may I! Adding Cat would just increase the volume of this tedious b.s. being passed off as entertainment. Basta! Enough! Uncle! Put a knife in it! Done!

  83. vilzvet says:

    OMG I’m rewatching this crapola and the funniest shot was when Andy started his section on Cindy and the camera went to her and she had this deer-in-headlights look. Hysterical, you have to rewatch that. Wow, she was truly bitchy and disrespectful to Andy as well. “Are you gonna let me tawk?”

  84. mich_in_mich says:

    Hi everyone! I’m slowly getting over my case of Toxic Shock Syndrome brought on from viewing reunion part 1. Please tell me I’m crazy and giving Kelly too much credit, but an unsettling thought has occurred to me (hopefully it’s just a side effect of the TSS). Well here is my gut feeling (I hope 98% is wrong):
    – Based on Alex’s blog about a new and exciting event coming up I fear the writing is on the wall and she will not be returning to RHNY.
    – Cindy will all also be gone (that I hope I’m right about)
    – The 3 remaining brunettes will stay (I begging I’m wrong about that)
    – Cat O will take Alex’s place on the blonde brigade (I would love Cat to join but I want to keep Alex too, she could pick up a few tips from Cat)
    – Kelly has picked her next target … Sonja (did anyone read her blog today? she’s really nasty to Sonja … and Sonja has done nothing to Kelly … she says nothing about Alex … as if she knows something we don’t)
    What do you think? Does anyone have the same vibe or am I totally off base?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I am thinking Alex is done, of her own choice. Which explains why Andy was so bitchy to her.
      I’m thinking Jill *might* be done from her farewell blog
      I am feeling that Cat is in.
      They always throw a curve ball though so who knows?

      • mich_in_mich says:

        Do you have any theories on why Kelly is gunning for Sonja? To generate screen time? It seems so random yet calculated. Although paradox is another word for bipolar.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Nope- it was because of Max.
          Kelly’s out for Max revenge. She *really* liked him.

          deep breath- ok so you’re all going to think I’m crazy but I *feel* like Kelly might have slept with Brian. I saw a really really brief shot of him with his hand on the back of her neck in a very intimate, odd, and protective way. I dunno- I didn’t think too much about it until Sonja said they broke up at the reunion.

          • mich_in_mich says:

            hmmm you may be right! When part 1 replays, I hope Kelly’s face is in the camera shot when Sonja says they broke up (I’d love to see Kelly’s expression). I did notice that when Sonja was breaking down about her marriage, Kelly looked bored … hmmmm … good call OMIB

          • jonnyxo says:

            whoa! you guys know and see everything here! i love it. kelly with brian? i could totally see that. in morocco she pulled sonja aside during the fortune teller scene to tell her brian was a great guy. i thought that was strange but it was brushed over, so i didn’t think much of it

        • MaryE says:

          Kelly’s not bipolar…I think she’s just manipulative in a 13 yr odl girl way…I agree with what mich in mich says…Alex is gone and Kelly needs someone to spar with to get screentime. While they were all going for Alex, I’m sorry, she is stiff and dull

        • Zoey says:

          Could be if Kelly thinks Sonja is losing most of her money, she’s no longer relevant to Kelly. Kelly is only impressed by ‘stuff’.

      • If you had it like this says:

        You know Andy and Alex got into a fight about seating right before the taping? Simon said that was why Andy was so cold in his opening greeting to her. I guess she objected to being on the end again. Was she on the end last year or was Sonja? Now I can’t remember. Pecking order….

        • BambiBaby22 says:

          wow……where did simon post that? twitter? Not to smar of him to get involved in a tiff his wife had with her boss.

          • BambiBaby22 says:

            i meant “not too smart”…..for some reason I have some sticky keys on my laptop.

        • Error404 says:

          She was on end for first half. Then Sonja joined them in PT 2 and Sonja was on the end.

    • kitkat says:

      I think she’s after Sonja because she feels Sonja crossed her by really calling her on the crap she was spewing at the lunch in Morrocco. Nobody ever stands up to that orange scarecrow and if someone does (like Bethenny) watch out! She has a hit list just like Zarin.

  85. IndianaHousewife says:

    Just got the super secret, must know the handshake newsletter from JZ. The only thing different from the Bravo blog is that Jill thinks Ramona and Alex did their best to keep her and Bethenny apart, however ……..(wait for it)…………Jill and Bethenny have been in contact since then and Jill doesn’t know what the future will bring.

    Please note Jill does not say they were in contact recently, just since the island.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      are you f*cking kidding me?

      Is that when she became afraid of Bethenny?

      well, Jill has to stop hiding in people’s garbage cans to get them to talk to her. I’m sure when she popped out Bethenny yelled at her. I would too.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Nope not kidding she says at Ramona’s house was the wrong time to get her mind ready. At the Island was Ramona’s chance to make things right, but she threw me out.

        Now someone tell me why Ramona needed a chance to make things right? Jill you need to grow up and OWN your own BS! You started the fight, you caused the fight, and you and you alone could have ended the fight! TIme to pull up your really, really, big, girdle panties and move on. Lord knows Bethenny has, I believe Ramona too.

        • mich_in_mich says:

          Wow Jill it’s all about you right? Jill wasn’t ready to reconcile at Ramona’s house but she just ASSUMES that Bethenny who just lost her father and was dealing with a high risk pregnancy wants to drop everything in the middle of a girl’s weekend getaway to fit Jill’s calendar?

          • IndianaHousewife says:

            I still can’t figure out how it became Ramona’s responsibility to fix this mess she created? She is truly delusional.

            • mich_in_mich says:

              Because Jill never takes responsibility for any of her actions. Ramona was hosting the girls weekend so in weird Jill logic that makes Ramona responsible. And if I recall correctly when Ramona walked Jill out to her car, Jill said to Ramona “you chose Alex over me”. Jill carries grudges like none other, so that I think also played a role.

        • ms molly says:

          And Jill really didn’t want Bethenny to go on the trip in the first place. The first thing out of her mouth when Ramona told her about the trip was “Is there anyone you won’t invite.” This b(tch is a pathological, plotting, conniving liar!!

        • kitkat says:

          UN. BE. LIEVE. ABLE. she owns nothing and is so freakin’ delusional! Does she REALLY believe that? SHe really needs some serious therapy.

      • Bess says:

        The statment is not false on its face, but Jill is definately misleading to give an impression, which means it is a lie. (Got that?)

        They were ‘in contact’ on the set of the stupid Bravo summer camp commercial.

        Bethenny has said if she saw Jill she would she would say ‘hello’, so that is probably what happened.

  86. spunkymonkey says:

    Last night Luann made a comment along the lines of “I hope your daughter never has problems” and I was hoping someone would have chimed in on that. I would have told her “If my daughter was having behavioral problems I would not be leaving her alone with a sitter while I run off to the city several times a week to pretend I’m some pretentious socialite and spend time with my boyfriend. I would be there with her every day taking her to school and picking her up and enrollng her in extracurricular activities, that I would also be present for. I would not leave her unsupervised for extended periods of time, and I especially would not leave her at her 16th birthday party so she was free to do whatever at the party and once it was over. I would be watching her like a hawk.”

    • I noticed when she said that too. It A) confirmed that she’s having problems and B) shows that she doesn’t think her failures to parent have any connection to Victoria’s problems.

    • MaryE says:

      This is the height of venom..wishing ill on someone else’s child. Disgusting. I think Lulu is just happy her daughter is on the gossip girl NYC party circuit. As far as her duaghter’s racism goes, do you think it comes from the father or the mother???

    • Noreen says:

      Over the past week they played re-runs of season I when the Countess’s son begged his mother not to go out. He said all his friend’s mom’s were at home. And off she was (sans the Count) to party. It was very interesting. Even Rosie said it was difficult. I wish it had been brought up by Andy at the reunion. Not that a woman should never go out, but it was evident it was a constant problem in the household. Their father was always away and the Countess was always out. Seems like a family recipe for disaster and I think that is what Ramona was getting at.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If Victoria has been at four schools four years in a row then there is a major problem and her mother doesn’t want to deal with the core issues. Whether LuAnn is a full time, part time, weekend parent – it is Victoria who is being hurt not LuAnn.

  87. TLM says:

    Bethenny’s summer update!!!!
    So, how is everyone’s summer going? Mine has been whipping by. I’ve been traveling to promote the launch of Skinnygirl Sangria, spending time in Montauk, and soaking in every possible minute of Bryn’s life. During the day, we go to the park, have mommy-and-me lunch, and run through the nearest sprinkler we can find.

    She is walking, and she really can move. We walk the city sharing pizza and Italian ices and making sure we’re both lathered in sunscreen. I’ve damaged my skin, but I’m making sure to protect my little chickpea’s perfect skin.

    I can’t believe she’s 14 months already! Everything you said about how quickly it goes is beyond true. I maneuver my entire life to not miss a minute. Batheez every night, then I rock her to sleep before I put her down, and I am the first to run into her room to see her when she wakes.

    Motherhood is the best!


  88. Jezzibel says:

    what frosted me about NPH on WWHL was the fact that he said he thought Alex deserved what she got at the reunion…..are you kidding me. What woman deserves to be told she a f**king B, socializing abover her lot, told by the non-entity on the show to “shut the f**k up” when she was actually sympathyzing with her. If thats his attitude towards a woman he has never met let alone not even bothered to get any kind of back story, then I will not support any of his endevors i.e. movies films or tv shows.

    • spunkymonkey says:

      That was the one scene that really ticked me off last night. Cindy has had very little dealings with Alex and for her to be so nasty towards her what just totally uncalled for. While I found Alex’s “you need to get laid” comment funny, it was a bit out of line as well. And then afterwards I think Alex was laughing and Cindy said she was panting like a lap dog, and told to shut the f**k up, and called an idiot, etc. etc. Absolute nasty trash! She’s a business woman? Puhlease! Someone else is running that thing for her because she obviously does not know how to deal with people, nor does she seem to care about the image she is projecting which makes her company look bad.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        no Cindy does run it – and she hires others to do the dealing with other people. She’s just pissed because no one fawns over and kisses her ass like her employees do.

    • cdninvegas says:

      As a rule, I hate four-letter words, but I was particularly disturbed by how viciously Jill uttered those words to Alex without a single sign of remorse or embarrassment. If I knew Jill, or was related to her, I would be sickened by how nasty and vile her comment was, esp. since it was televised for the world to hear. Sad, just sad….

  89. IceMeNot says:

    Well, thank heavens for the mute button….haven’t read all the comments this morning, but I just want to say my name is apt: the whole point of this season was to Ice Alex and dethrone Ramona. That’s it.

    Should they replace the gals and find new ones? Ummm, unless they have Bethanney along with the others, what’s the point? NYC is known for fast wit, friendly, gruff citizens, I mean, come on, if you learn to give as well as you get!

    But hey, Lynn, the last pic up there today says it all: 3 of the ladies who got where they are in life through sex and charm.

    Finally, I was so Iced Out last night that I muted everything Cindy said, and turned off Andy’s little playhouse where he had his buddy deliver the message: You’re all gonna get Iced Out!!

    What’s the point of going on with a show that is not fun to watch anymore? I said on an earlier blog that I love watching repeats of the first 3 seasons. The Season 3 reunion was a pleasure because Bethanney was holding court and knew the temperature in the room, especially that all she had to do was count the seconds and she’d be done with this franchise. And she was right. Let’s all find a better show for next year?
    Thanks, Lynn for keeping this going, and I enjoy listening to Carly, a wonderful radio voice, and you dish after these pathetic attempts at entertainment.

    So count me Iced Out of RHONYC! Even though I adore Ramona, like Sonya and root for Alex to win!!

  90. IndianaHousewife says:

    Is anyone actually looking for to Dallas’s Most Eligible? I can’t get into the previews for this show.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Another BRAVELESS attempt to lure us into a senseless trap…..reminds me of that LOSER show Miami Social…. UGH UGH UGH…..
      Braveless attempts to have these so called ” reality ” shows are proving to be a major FAIL……..
      This is not reality…far from it..even with the HWS shows….it’s a feeble attempt at best into some wacked out demented fanasty of sorts…..
      Braveless Ex’s are in seriesasssssss need of a major revamp of their programming….
      Is it really in their best interest to “incite” the women of the world now a days..????

      Back to working on my PROTEST letter….. Will write it, read it, place it in the freezer to allow it to “COOL” down, then reread it later in the week….Want to make sure there are not any words in there that can come back and haunt me……

    • Golden Girl says:

      I will not be able to watch that show, it looks horrible.

    • Bess says:

      I’m not watching ANY new shows on Bravo. NONE. I hate Andy Cohen.

      • Maddie says:

        @ Bess
        I’m not watching ANY new shows on Bravo. NONE. I hate Andy Cohen.

        I have to agree with you on that, I will not be watching Bravo either , it’s become the tasteless channel after Project Runway ran away.

  91. Kukulet says:

    christie says:
    Thanks for bringing the facts to the table Carly. Seems at this blog, which I do enjoy reading by the way, everying the brunettes say is a lie and everything the brunettes do is awful. Then the blondes do the same things, and everyone starts making excuses for them.

    Please pardon me while I shout up to your pedestal of perfection there, Christie. I’m not making excuses for the blondes at all. The entire cast has descended into a writhing mass of hate and petty behavior which has, frankly, become pretty damn boring to watch.

    I thought Kelly was lying. I double checked and didn’t find any reference to what she claimed. Carly set me straight. Would you like me to sacrifice a small animal in penance for my mistake or could you try to get a grip and stop making gross generalizations?

    Like it or not, Kelly HAS lied before. It wasn’t such a stretch to think she was lying now. A thousand mea culpas for affronting your delicate sensibilities. [insert eye roll here]

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Kukulet – trying to think of what to say to show you support without adding fuel to the fire. Let me just say that I agree with you and just winked at you across the room.

      • HD says:

        I am just going to be honest and say that I have seen that as well. Why is Ramona any different from Jill when she says mean stuff. Ramona’s excuse is, I say it to their face. Oh okay so that makes it right. Also when she got caught gossiping about Cindy’s brother was she talking to his face then? . What would make it right to me, is to STFU sometimes and know that everything you think doesn’t have to come out of your mouth. Ramona is quick to tear people down too, she did it to Alex, Simon, Bethanny, Luann, Kelly and Jill. So why would Ramona be any better than anyone else?

        I just call it like I see it because I am not invested into any of the women on the show. They don’t pay my bills so if you are acting like a straight up witch I don’t care if you are Team Blond, Red, Brown or Rainbow hair I am gonna call it like I see it. Alex needed to stop being relevant this year with all those silly fights, she CAN’T hold her own so she looks silly half the time, Simon needs a job, I am still convinced Mario is a cheater which I thought since season ONE not because of a medium, Ramona drinks A LOT and needs to STFU, Kelly is nuts, Luann is a witch with a B and bad mother, Jill is a bad person, Sonia needs to stop living in the past, Cindy is a non-factor on the show and probably wants to screw her brother. Done.

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          Not sure why you are responding to me in this way. I was supporting Kukulet because I feel that anytime someone uses the words everytime, everything, everyone in one post it tends to be combative. No one never, always, does everything to everyone. I stated I did not wish to add fuel to the fire, so I am going to move along and say no more.

          • HD says:

            Perhaps you are unclear why I am responding to you that way because I was not responding to you, IndianaHousewife. I was responding to Christie’s claim that Kukulet posted.

            Sometimes when I hit respond I don’t know what person it is going to end up under. That happens a lot and I dare say it happens to a few people. So, you are correct in not undertstanding because I was not responding to you.

        • Kukulet says:

          HD, I have no problem with what you say. As I said, imo, the entire cast has descended into a writhing mass of hatred and petty behavior. Bravo needs to pull the plug, because last night’s reunion was nothing more than a screaming, incoherent bitchfest. Maybe Bravo should ditch reality shows altogether and just program pro-wrestling, if last night is the best they have to offer.

          I called Kelly a liar-I couldn’t find any evidence to support her claim, and I believed she was lying. It was an honest mistake on my part, and Carly set me straight. I have no problem admitting that I was wrong.

          Christie turned MY mistake into a gross generalization about “everyone” here, which was uncalled for. That’s all I’m sayin’.

        • Nancy says:

          Mario is not having an affair. Did you see how happy he was when
          Ramona told him that she may be pregnant? That was true love HD.

          • HD says:

            No offense here, Nancy but didn’t you and I have this conversation before about Mario? Maybe I am thinking of someone else but it was with a poster whose husband is a doctor or something. I will not reiterate why I think that (no need to beat a dead horse) I just do.

        • Bess says:

          It is not really about mean stuff said. It is about the place from where they are coming.

    • I agree.
      Look we all have our favorites. I have cringed plenty of times over some of the things Alex, Ramona, or Sonja have said or did. And we DO call them out on it. Some of us like Melissa and a lot of us don’t. A lot of us “get” Alex and Simon and some can’t stand them. Sonja has her fans and her detractors.

      All the ladies have been called out at one time or another. However, IMO none of the blondes have ever been as vicious, rude, hateful and petty like Jill and her posse. The blondes tend to react to the actions and behavior of the brunetts. The brunetts have almost always been the instigators, insinuaters, and peratrators of hateful mean girl behavior and words.

      • exactly. does Ramona say things she shouldn’t? absolutely – but it’s not done with malice and hate. i do like the blondes better than the brunettes and because of that i’ll accept more crap from them but if they ever got like the blondes are IMO, i’d call them on it and would stop being a “fan.” i just do not believe they are made from the same cloth at all. my opinion and i own it. for example – does Ramona admit to not having a filter? yes… does jill admit to being hateful and vile? no instead she claims the opposite. and i’ve never heard Ramona say over and over again “i’m nice, i’m nice, i’m real, i’m real.” is anyone perfect? no. i’m not either. we have to accept some people’s faults or else how would we get through life? but hateful, vile and vengeful, nope will never accept it.

  92. IceMeNot says:

    Well, thank heavens for the mute button….haven’t read all the comments this morning, but I just want to say my name is apt: the whole point of this season was to Ice Alex and dethrone Ramona. That’s it.

    Should they replace the gals and find new ones? Ummm, unless they have Bethanney along with the others, what’s the point? NYC is known for fast wit, friendly, gruff citizens, I mean, come on, you learn while in diapers to give as well as you get! I lived there for over a decade, I learned, too!!

    Lynn, the last pic up there today says it all: 3 grifters in a circus side show who got where they are in life through sex and flattery. Period.

    Finally, I muted everything Cindy said, she is an example of a homebred New Yorker who ends up on the bottom of one’s show on a hot day as you get out of the subway….just sticks to the sole of your shoe and you stand at the curb rubbing it off before you get home. And Andy’s little playhouse where he had his buddy deliver the message: You’re all gonna get Iced Out!! Andy is nothing without Bethanney, she is his only guest that makes him palatable! Didn’t even watch that mess.

    What’s the point of going on with a show that is not fun to watch anymore? I said on an earlier blog that I love watching repeats of the first 3 seasons. The Season 3 reunion was a pleasure because Bethanney was holding court and knew the temperature in the room, especially that all she had to do was count the seconds and she’d be done with this franchise. And she was right. Let’s all find a better show for next year?

    Thanks, Lynn for keeping this going, and I enjoy listening to Carly, a wonderful radio voice, and you dish after these pathetic attempts at entertainment. And thanks to each of the posters here who have kept me laughing since I found I Hate Jill Zarin!

    Even though I adore Ramona, am charmed by Sonya and love to root the underdog Alex, count me as,

    Iced Out!

  93. I just read Jill’s newsletter blog. She says that despite Ramona and Alex’s efforts to keep her and Bethenny apart, they have been in contact. She also said “who knows what the future will bring”.

    • They’ve probably run into one another at some events. Bethanny has probaly made small talk with Jill to be polite. Now Jill thinks they have a relationship again. That relationship is probably as strong as the one Jill has with Kathy Hilton!

      • I agree with you and Jill wants people to think that they are friends again to improve her image. It’s a PR move on Jill’s part.

        • Golden Girl says:

          Agree, I don’t believe for one second that B will ever makeup with Jill.

          • T-REX says:

            I agree as well, Jzilla may have seen Bethenny at an event, but there was probably nothing more than a cordial greeting. Trust if Jzilla had a tweet from her, an actual email, call, anything, Jzilla would have posted that to show they are now friends. She hasn’t even met Bryn and since Bethenny has Bryn with her all the time, we can safely assume Jzilla is lying or at best over-exagerrating once again.

    • Causing_A_Casino says:

      “who knows what the future will bring?”
      I suspect a restraining order from Bethenny

    • TLM says:

      Jill was waiting in line at one of the Skinnygirl bottle signings with a bottle she bought to get signed, and managed to yell, “Hi, Bethenny!” before security dragged her away. I’m sure that was the “contact.”

      • zanne says:

        Did they see each other at the Bravo Summer Camp filming? If so —- you know it was ‘hi how are you’ type of thing. Get real Jill. We didn’t fall off a watermelon truck.

  94. debbie says:

    If the following paragraph from the super secret blog could cause a problem, I hope you remove it. It seems Jillzy added the following paragraph to her Bravo blog:

    Removed by Blog owner due to content, don’t want Jilzy’s people reporting us again! Sorry guys!

    Now we all know that she needs her notes and it was the “wrong time to get her mind ready.”
    I’ll leave it to those snarkier than me to comment on her readiness of mind.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Hopefully you’ve all seen what Debbie posted, it included Jill saying that she’s been in contact with Bethenny and “who knows what the future holds”. Jill continues to blame Ramona for the meeting when Jill wasn’t prepared to talk to Bethenny. It was hateful and awful some of the things Jill said to Bethenny that day, she can’t blame THAT part on Ramona.

      Anyhoo, you’ve all seen Bethenny Ever After, there is no way that the beautiful life that Bethenny has created and the amazing family that she has could ever be infultrated by Jill Zarin, I know that Bethenny would never allow that to happen.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Lynn I referenced this super secret blog above, however there were no direct quotes, close though. You might want to check it out. Thanks

        • debbie says:

          Lynn and Indiana,
          I just left a comment similar to Indiana’s at the bottom because I couldn’t find this thread again.
          Sorry I overstepped Lynn. I wasn’t sure you could quote/paste her here. I knew we could NOT post entire newsletters.
          I totally agree with what you said above and that’s pretty much what I said at the bottom.

      • Zarout! says:

        She is completely Jillusional if she thinks anyone is going to believe her and Bethenny are in touch. Puh-lease!

      • NightLight95 says:

        It would explain Bethenny’s comments about Ramona only befriending her for airtime or something along those lines. If I remember correctly, Bethenny said this last time she was WWHL.

      • TLM says:

        Jill was waiting in line at one of the Skinnygirl bottle signings with a bottle she bought to get signed, and managed to yell, “Hi, Bethenny!” before security dragged her away. I’m sure that was the “contact.” #getahobbyjill

    • Jezzibel says:

      I’m willing to bet that the contact jill had with Bethenny was probably during filming for that Summer by Bravo commercial. I highly doubt it was nothing anything like what Jill seems to try and allude to. I’m willing to bet Bethenny was cordial towards Jill and Luann, but I think that Bethenny is over it and has been for a while. I doubt very much after watching how Jill is behaving at this reunion that she will not be going out of her way to be in contact and I really doubt that she wants Jill anywhere near Bryn.

      I also think that they probably do wind up attending the same funtions but that Bethenny tries to minimize socializing with Jill.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Bethenny can be cordial to anyone – including Jill.
        What I find curious is Jill’s wording – “I have been in contact” and “who knows what the future will bring” – I talk to my friends, I see my friends, I run into my friends – I don’t say I have been in contact with my friends. And while no one knows what the future will bring – I am willing to bet it won’t bring a friendship between Jill and Bethenny. Epic fail Jill, epic fail.

  95. Eastbayca says:

    Forgive me if this has already been said.
    The four non-blondes game plan for the reunion turns out to be deny, attack and lie. These women seem to suffer from selective memory, selective hearing, selective sight and perpetually open mouth syndrome. The screaming and shouting that came from the four non-blondes was amazingly disgusting and non of them actually answered the questions.
    Kuku is clearly without a doubt delusional and is an empty drum that makes a lot of noise. No shrink or mental institution will take her on. Am sure someone in Columbia regrets giving her that degree. She is clearly a dumb model. How the hell do you make it to be a model and never encounter vaginas or naked bodies?
    Cindy couldn’t sit still last night it almost like the sit was biting her ass or was it the vajezels (sp) on her vajay jay making her uncomfortable!

    I have to take a break.

  96. Rose Colored Glasses says:

    So ready to join you in that igloo!

  97. If you had it like this says:

    Well, I have to acknowledge that the show just hasn’t been as good without Bethenny. I like Bethenny and sometimes she cracks me up but she also really annoys me at times so I haven’t been her number one fan by any stretch of the imagination. I realized last night that for some reason, out of all the franchises, NY needs a voice of reason or a Greek chorus, as it were. I’m not exactly sure why they need it more than other franchises since they are seemingly smarter and more together than some of the other women but they do. Perhaps because these women are sharper than some of the other ladies in the other cities, they are more malicious. Also, NY by nature, is a more competitive city and this can bring out the worst in some people. I have to ask myself how truly likable any of them are. I used to think Alex was the only one who wasn’t really malicious but now I see she has to roll around in the mud with them in order to survive and that just feels dirty. I think the women and the show in general may have become too negative without any relief.

    • If you had it like this says:

      And P.S., I’m commenting on my own comment, I find the animosity and the fight between Jill and Silex boring at this point. It’s just petty and it doesn’t go anywhere and I really realized that when I read both of their blogs today.

  98. Mum says:

    I sure hope Alex, Simon and the chums get some kind of show of their own, ala Bethenny. Maybe they should get Bravo Andy to buy them a B&B and give us a chance to see them start it up.

    As for Jill, you guys really are to nice for her, Jill’s name should be poison.

    Thanks Lynn for your insightful recap, saved from seeing the disgust.

    • cdninvegas says:

      Luv luv luv the idea of a B&B for Silex. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think up a show for them. Kadooze Mum! Let’s all vote 4 it!

  99. Rose says:

    The so-called Fortune teller was repeating what Jill told Brad to tell her to say. Does anyone actually know this so-called fortune teller except for Brad? Is there anyway to pay her to tell the truth about where she got her information? BTW who paid for the fortune teller in the first place?
    When did the women get together off camera to agree to leave the kids out of it? Since they all bring their kids on the show, why stop there? Anyone on the show is fair game and they have a clause in their contracts no matter what is said and done they can not hold Bravo responsible. Ramona can not sue Jill for deflamation. Jill can lie about all of them and it is up to them to prove Jill lied, that is if they can get the audience back to clear the air. What does LuAnn have over Jill’s head and vice versa? They do not act like real friends but co-horts in crime.

  100. Causing_A_Casino says:

    I’ve said it previously but KooKoo is attacking the blondes because they (along with Bethenny) know the truth about her breakdown on scary island- how crazy it got, how she was escorted off etc… This places them in a position of power over her and if she can discredit them as mean, drunk or whatever- than anything they say about her breakdown may be diminished. Luann and Jill support kelly because 1- they weren’t there to see it 2- Kelly is easy to manipulate and use.
    I think she is escpecially going after Sonja because Sonja spent the most time with her on scary island. Plus there’s no way Kelly can fight with Ramona and Alex isn’t high enough on the food chain for her.

    • Kris says:

      THIS~I never thought of that but it makes so much sense, especially since it’s a 180 from where they were at during last seasons Reunion; Sonja was the only one KKB didn’t blame. Interesting.

  101. WindyCityWondering says:

    The one aspect of all the HW franchises that I have never liked is the creating of teams! I don’t like having to like everyone on any given team. I don’t like being told that if I dislike Jill I have to like Ramona or if I don’t like Teresa I have to like Melissa. And I can actually dislike someone and like something they did or said! That is why I love this blog because everyone here can be real without reservation and respected – it is how my real life rolls!

  102. Golden Girl says:

    @shadowsnomore, up thread you said you were a Kansan do you still live there?

    • I’m a transplanted Kansan. I’m originally from Illinois (central). My ex-husband was in the military for 12 years and I had the opportunity to live in various places across the county and world wide. After the military we lived in the DC area for a while. A business opportunity brought us to Kansas and me back to my midwest roots. Now I’m settled here and I love it. I’m a JOCO resident.

  103. Kukulet says:

    Snort. Guffaw. Chortle. “Oh, no, she din’t”. Bethenny happened to glance in Jill’s direction at a party or something, and Jill is now screeching that they have been “in contact”.

    I can tell her what the future holds: the same as the recent past, which is Bethenny running as fast as she can in the other direction whenever Jill tries to do more than exchange pleasantries. B. ain’t dumb. Girlfriend don’t jump into the same fire twice.

  104. So, Andy put Alex on the end of the couch so that WHEN Sonja cried she would be supported by her buds on either side? Hmmmmmm………

  105. Nancy says:

    *************NEWS ALERT**************
    The cat is out of the bag. Per Ramona…
    Jill is an alcoholic and used to go to AA!!

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Not a surprise.

    • Jezzibel says:

      wasn’t the speculation a few blogs back that she had all the symptoms of a dry drunk

      • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

        Nancy and I have been speculating about that for some time now.

        • Jezzibel says:

          its nice to have it confirmed though.
          I think that what Jill does’nt like about herself or problems she has she accuses or projects them on to other people.
          Ramona’s a drunk= Jill had a problem with alcohol and went to AA
          The blonds are bullys=Jills the Bully
          Alex is a effing B=Jills the effing B
          Mario is having an affair=rumors last season Jill cheated on bawby when he was at deaths door, /this season rumor is bawby is not the husband he seems
          Jill has been in contact with Bethenny=she saw Bethenny across a crowded room.

        • Nancy says:

          Jill needs to go back to AA. I would sponsor her. (not a joke)
          Remember when Jill met Lulu at the park and they were talking about
          a Jewish holiday (sorry I don’t remember which one) but it had something to do with
          admitting ones faults…Anyway Jill was telling Lulu that it was like doing a “4th step.”
          Only another alcoholic that has been going to AA meeting would know what a 4th step is.
          Her diagnosis is “A dry drunk.” She is” white knuckling” it. IMO she has replaced alcohol
          with “things” and she gets a high thinking she is important.
          It’s become her drug of choice. If that is taken away from her she will be back to drinking in no time. She is a sad one.

        • Bess says:

          You called it.

    • RealMinkey says:

      Ahah! Where did this info come from?

      • RealMinkey says:

        If true, it’s even more odd that she chose to serve martinis at an 11AM party. Mimosas, perhaps. But martinis?

        • Nancy says:

          I don’t agree. Alcoholics have to deal with real life.

          • RealMinkey says:

            I’m not an alcoholic, but have been known to enjoy a drink or two (hmm, or three), but my real life has never included martinis at 11 in the morning. Not even in my wildest days.

            • Pghemtchick says:

              I can honestly say I have a drink or two when at a nice dinner or party. I’m not an alcoholic, but I’ve partaken in 9am martinis before. A few years ago, our college Anthropology club went to a conference in New Jersey. After a night of speakers and two parties, there was one speaker who was DRY! As two of us thought it was rude to fall asleep, we went up and made martinis in coffee cups. No one knew and it was a great presentation after that. I’m not defending it as now a few years wiser, I’d grab a coffee.

    • RealMinkey says:

      I wonder what she thinks of Bobby’s drinking. He likes to imbibe quite a bit.

    • justanothermary says:

      Did Ramona actually say this? Is there somewhere we can confirm it? I would not be surprised, but didn’t she drink once in Morocco? I see to recall her saying that she was going to have a drink with the girls one night. I’ve dealt with addicts my entire life and Jill has never struck me as being a dry drunk, I think her issues stem from her childhood need to be loved. Her lack of true social skills is more than just being a dry drunk, IMHO.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I am amazed she stayed sober. Kudooz for that.

      But what a fu@king hypocrite.

      Suck it, Jill Zarin.

    • JillhAter says:

      Go Ramona!!!

    • AF says:

      I don’t know if it’s true that Jill is an alcoholic. But, last night, while watching the reunion, my mom said, “Jill acts like a dry drunk,” meaning that Jill has the anger issues of someone who hasn’t had a drink in a while. My mom grew up in a family full of alcoholics, so she just based her opinion on her upbringing – it’s not necessarily an accurate diagnosis.

      I’m really not going to accuse Jill of being an alcoholic without real evidence (imagine that – not making accusations based upon rumor…). However, if real proof ever emerges confirming Jill does/did have a problem alcohol, I guess I won’t be surprised.

  106. Okie Folkie says:

    Good Afternoon everyone! Lynn, thanks for the great blog. Yesterday folks were saying that Cat O. would have a blog about the reunion show, or did I dream that? Anyway, I havent read all of todays comments, does anyone know if Cat did indeed write a blog? And if she did where can I find it?

    • Waslurking says:

      I couldn’t find it either……. very disappointing.
      le sigh

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Well I’m glad you responded, Was….at least now I know I wasnt dreaming! And it is disappointing, I really wanted to see what Cat had to say.

  107. Thedesigndiva says:

    Okay guys and gals…..
    Before I go and cause a casino at an intersection here in town……LOL..
    I have been trying to delouse my brain of thoughts of HWS..
    Go to you tube..
    Listen to Adele…Rolling in the Deep….
    Crank up the volume and veg……
    She is AWESOME……

  108. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    A large majority of my TV viewing is for entertainment purposes (the other part is for educational or learning purposes). I am no longer entertained by the The Real Housewives of New York or Watch What Happens Live. I wish Alex, Sonja and Ramona all the best in their future endeavors. I hope Luann, Jill, and Kelly will get whatever help they need to be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. I wish the best for all their children and hope they grow up to lead productive and happy lives. Lastly, I hope Cindy wakes up and realizes she needs to be a real mom to her two little ones before it’s too late. They should be the center of her life and not a side hobby. I must say although I can see the blondes have had it up to here and needed to get things off their chests, none of the housewives did themselves proud last night, with the exception of maybe Sonja. It was a gutter fight, pure and simple.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It is funny that Bethenny and Cindy’s babies are around the same age. Bethenny can’t stop talking about Bryn and I don’t even know what Cindy’s girls’ names are!

      • justanothermary says:

        It kinda amazes me that Cindy even exists. Did anyone at Bravo to Shed Media talk to her for FIVE MINUTES???? Just because she’s a single mother of twins and a muff buffer does not make her interesting. Ok – that would make most people interesting, but not What’s-her-name. Did we ever see her having a good time all season, ever even once? I truly don’t remember her having fun. Maybe she was and I slept through it because even if she was having a blast – she’d still be boring. Even when she’s rude she’s boring. How can anyone be so boring? I’m getting bored just typing about her!

        • Golden Girl says:

          LOL! A muff buffer! I die!

        • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

          I know. The first episode when she was having the artsy party, I thought she was going to be way different that what she turned out of be. She seemed like a hip bohemian type of person who liked to have fun, kind of like Silex. I WAS SO OFF THE MARK. What a stick in the mud. No sense of humor, no style, no mother earth vibe – NOTHING!

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            alas, muffy fell in with the wrong crowd and it will cost her all the $$$$ and visibility she thought she was going to get by being in RHNY. There is a pecking order and there is choosing friends wisely – she ignored the first and she will pay for the latter – cause no one buys goods or services from people they don’t like or respect.

        • justanothermary says:

          On some level I think this puts The Red Menace above Muff Buffer in my book. At least I take the time to watch Jill Zarin be a total, off-the-chain, straight from the gutter, bitch. Then again, if it weren’t for Cindy I’d be SOL every time I had to pee.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Muffy and Buffy…

        • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:


        • justanothermary says:


        • buffywood says:

          NO! Not Buffy sorry that name is taken! I think it is Baby A and Baby B. That is what her doctors called them and when she was born she was doing a new store launch and didn’t have the time to come up with names. Rosie Pope was already booked for a Think Tank Baby Naming sessions so she stayed with A and B.

  109. lillybee says:

    I think that Jill’s remark about being afraid of Bethenny may damage whatever future that she thinks she may have with Bethenny.

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      She has no future with B. Just wishful thinking and she really needs to let that go. It’s not happening. B didn’t make$120 mil for being stupid.

    • Jill tweeted last night that she was going to explain what she meant when she claimed that she was afraid of Bethenny in her newsletter blog. She didn’t, she went in another direction and claimed that she has been in contact with Bethenny. She didn’t mention anything about being afraid of Bethenny.

  110. ZillJarinsvoicebreaksglass says:

    Someone in my group of friends said that Bobby Zarin has a homosexual lover. Now I’m not insinuating that its true, but thats what I heard…..from my imaginary group of friends that dont exsist. I ALSO heard that Ally Zarin Shapiro is a fat drunk. Oh no wait…I didnt hear that, I said it.

  111. J says:

    Saddest part for me is that these are real women and some of them think it’s okay to act like that!!!

  112. butterisafruit says:

    I don’t care what any one says. I don’t care what happens anymore. I’m quite happy watching Sonja sit across from Cindy. All knowing that she sliced her out of all the pictures in Morocco. There is a sweet taste there, like the fairy princess destroyed the dull boring step sister.

    • justanothermary says:

      I kinda like that Sonja’s vagina offended Kelly. Sonja (and her vagina) can stay.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And that Sonja doesn’t speak to Jill – like when Jill wanted to know when Sonja and Brian broke up. And hung the most cringeworthy moment on Jill talking about her bankruptsy at her girdle gathering.

      • vilzvet says:

        I thought Sonja handled Kelly beautifully. She was super pissed and let her have it. It was absurd to see Kelly practically scratching her head, saying “I said that?” about Cindy’s home.

      • Amy Matheson says:

        Kelly’s existence offends me.

  113. Deena says:

    Ok this blog is spot on. I hate Jill too, but she really took the cake last night. Ramona captured it perfectly by telling Jill that she does not know anymore where real life ends and reality tv begins. I cant believe these broads think they are celebrities! Kelly needs serious help and as much as I love Andy, he does not want to seriously confront Kelly about her mental issues because she has become so polarizing and makes for good tv. He should have completely called her out on the mean stuff she said about Alex and Sonya. She shouldn’t be let off the hook. I like Alex but if she can’teven stand up for herself without panting like a dog (hate to give Kelly credit LOL) then she’s a lost cause. Will be watching part 2 as I have no life. That is all. 🙂

  114. cabbie413 says:

    ok this is pissing me off — are we at tvtime or back here again? I have been looking or the blog or chat blog over at tvtime and finally STALKED Lynn and read her twitter when she told someone else to come here.. so i did too and now i see you guys have been back here for a while now..argh!!

    ugh! get it together!

    rant over

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      Lynn’s not doing this on purpose. She’s trying to give us the best place to talk without inteference from others, whether it be JZ or anyone else. It didn’t work out over at TVtime. Sorry you were so inconvenienced, but Lynn has been inconvenienced the most trying to keep us all happy. Thank You Lynn. Sorry – had to say it. Now I feel better.

      • cabbie413 says:

        I agree, Lyn is jumping through hoops for us and I too have thanked her for a wonderful blog and great community here. Can I just say, that i’m glad tvtme didnt work out!!!? I couldn’t get with the format and it’s too much content which led to a lot of confusion and trying to find the most recent ihjz blog was like finding waldo!

        glad things are back here!! now i can get my tweet on! Last night I wanted to tweet Lynn’s blog to people but I couldnt find out where it was. I like to promote the blog during the shows. Boston mentioned tweeting the blog link to ppl who tweet Jill.. lol so i thought it was a great idea and was going to do it for most of theppl who tweeted the brunettes lol

        oh well, lost opportunity..maybe next week!

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          there there
          you’re back home now
          Your room is just the way you left it- go and unpack, Duchess is making your favorite dinner and I’ll go get you a drink and some high quality chocolate ‘kay?

        • Bess says:

          Sign up for the email notification. It is one of the things that works here, and not there.

      • floridagirl88 says:

        I have to say I am relieved we are back over here. I like it here. Thanks for all your trouble, Lynn. I appreciate all you do to keep us together, snarking and having fun.

  115. Thedesigndiva says:

    Ya know..after careful consideration of JZ remarks regarding being ” afraid” of B…hhmmm
    There might be some credence to her train of thought….. B knows all her dirty little secrets about EVERYTHING….Now that B has her own ” empire” JZ is afraid that it won’t cost B a thing to tell all…
    JZ …you should be afraid….very afraid,,,,,,,
    Might be time to book a flight for that aluminum can in the sky…….Don’t forget your trunk….

    • Jezzibel says:

      good point

    • cabbie413 says:

      Someone should’ve asked Jill why she DESPERATELY wants to be friends with someone she’s AFRAID of ..doesn’t that seem weird? I agree with you Diva, she’s AFRAID of what Bethenny knows about her, that’s what she’s afraid of ..she’s afraid of having to OWN UP to all the sh*t she’s done to Bethenny.

    • I think you may be on to something. Bethenny probably has the dirt on Jill. I just believe “B” is too “classy” of a lady to spill the beans. However, If Jill pushes in the wrong direction or starts crap in the press about “B” and her family,then all bets are off.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Bethenny will never put herself in Jill’s low level. She cares about her fans, her image, her family. She doesn’t even bother to mention Jill’s name!

      • pinkpurse83 says:

        I agree, I remember reading an article last year how both Bethenny and Brad Boles knew of an affair Jill had had a few years ago (after RHONY had started), before the falling out. Neither of them agreed with it. Then all the crap with Jill last season and the behind the scenes sabotage on Bethenny. I think Bethenny also has dirt on LuAnn and of course, Kelly….Bethenny, Sonja, Alex and Ramona know what really went down in St. John with Kelly.

    • Nancy says:

      And your girdles.

  116. WindyCityWondering says:

    When I compare the NY reunions – it is clear that these women can no longer hold a conversation that is civil, on topic or interesting. And it should be clear to Bravo that this group of women can no longer film together and produce something viewers will watch. Jill has so polarized this franchise and it is time for her to take her Team Jill tee shirt mentality and go home.

  117. lurker315 says:

    Perez is reporting that someone is definitely off RHONJ for next season. Maybe it’s Juicy Joe.
    Do you think there is a “moral’s” clause in their contracts that he may have violated by trying to get his fake license?

    • TLM says:

      I would think it’s Kathy. She seems like she’s had enough of the drama. Caroline and Jac are used to it, and Teresa and Melissa would rather die than have a camera taken off them.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Morals forbidden clause!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I don’t trust that dbag to tell me what day it is! But if I had to wager on who would be gone it would be Ashley.

      • cabbie413 says:

        i’ll say it’s Caroline ..with all the legal mess that her boys are in,and being associated with all the Theresa drama and madness.. i think she’s had enough

        • klmh says:

          I guess Im out of the loop. What are her sons legal dilemmas?

          • Zoey says:

            Same here, didn’t know they were in any trouble other than failure to cut the umbiblical cord (as someone I know pronounces it, lol).

          • Okie Folkie says:

            I think its that fight in the D.R. in the bar, Tre started it the the Manzo boys got in on it. Two guys from Ill. were pretty beat up. And of course they are suing.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Kathy wasn’t filming at the shore.

  118. AF says:

    I don’t even know where to begin with regard to that reunion episode last night…

    First of all, I can’t believe that Bethenny is even a topic of discussion anymore, and I say this as someone who absolutely adored Bethenny Frankel. I realize that a viewer wrote in and asked a question to Crazy Beans regarding Bethenny and that’s fine. But, why do the other housewives need to keep bringing the poor woman up. Bethenny’s moved on – she’s got her own show, her business is thriving, she’s happy, and she doesn’t give a flying f**k about the RHONY. End of story. Also, I don’t believe that Jill has had what I would consider “real” contact with Bethenny. Given B’s trust issues, there’s no way she’s going to let the woman who basically made her life a living hell on national television back into her life. No freaking way. That trust was obliterated long ago and it will never be regained.

    I agree with everyone who has said that the the whole episode was migraine inducing. Yes, I like the Blondes, but they were *all* absolutely ridiculous. Talking over each other, spewing obscenities, making fun of one another…it was like watching a group of pre-teens go at it in a school cafeteria. I mean, really, can they all just grow up already? Even Ramona admitted that we as an audience would never know that all of the women – including herself – are educated, polished New York ladies. Now, I’m not in agreement that all of them are educated, polished, or even what I would consider ladies, but Ramona’s critique is spot on.

    Having said that, I will say that I was disgusted with how Alex was targeted last night. It’s fine if one or more the women wanted to call Alex out on something they thought was inappropriate, but here’s what really bothered me: Alex was most frequently accused of “meddling” every time she tried to defend either Ramona or Sonja. But Jill Zarin and the Harpies Three felt it was just fine for all of them to stick up for each other. So, basically, Alex is not allowed to defend her friends, but the Brunettes are? HELLO, HYPOCRISY! I guess it’s because Alex is not really friends with Ramona or Sonja; at least, this is what Crazy Beans would say. *rolls eyes*

    As far as Andy Cohen…I’m sick of his “moderating” abilities. In fact, I’m sick of there being a typical moderator period. These women don’t need their asses kissed by Andy – they need to be called out on their behavior. I want someone to host the reunion shows who won’t be afraid to say, “Excuse me Kelly, you just criticized Sonja for living off of her husband, yet you just admitted that your own ex-husband keeps you afloat in life. Care to explain that?” How hard would it have been for Andy to do that?! But he didn’t! He just let it go, as usual. Get it together, Andy! You’re such a coward when it comes to these women. What power do they have over you? Aren’t you the one signing their paychecks? UGH.

    But, here’s what really, really, *really* got to me about the whole reunion – once again, evil prevails. Despite Sonja winning favorite housewife on WWHL and defending herself beautifully on the show, despite Alex and Ramona trying their best to defend themselves, Team Blonde came off looking ridiculous last night. Because, as usual, Team Zarin managed to manipulate the situation, with the help of useless Andy Cohen. I’m so sick of it. I’m sick of watching Jill, Kelly, LuAnn, and now Cindy not have to own up to a damn thing, while Ramona, Alex, and Sonja are made to look like worthless fools. It’s not fair and it’s horrible to watch.

    I’m officially done with this show. I’ll stick to RHONJ and maybe I can get into Beverly Hills or something, to fill the void. Or maybe I’ll just stop watching every Housewives franchise. I don’t know. I just know that I can’t watch women behave this way anymore…

    • AF says:

      *adores Bethenny Frankel

      • Well said. I totally agree with you about Andy. I for one have never liked him. He plays favorites and rarely calls some of these women out on their lies and bullsh*t. I feel like he and this new production team have allowed the brunetts to hijack this season. They have been allowed to spread lies and insinuations. They have compeletly railroaded Ramona and Alex. I’m fed up too.
        I wish I was strong enough to boycott this show. I would hate to see Alex, Ramona or Sonja be replaced. They could drop the brunetts off a cliff for all I care. If they only replace the blondes, I will not be back for another season.
        Andy needs to grow a pair of balls and make each woman accountable for their behavior.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Andy is getting payback for his ways – these women have no respect for him.

    • Jezzibel says:

      or it could be that he hates the brunettes and has a long term payback plan for them making the show practiacally unwatchable.
      The more the burnettes act up the more the viewers hate them and will not buy products they endorse
      People hate Jill so they won’t buy anything she attaches her name too(book, knockoff spanx, eau de desperation..whatever)
      People dislike Kelly so they mock her but don’t buy anything she endorses(I’ve never seen any of her books at Borders of B&N)
      People dislike Cindy so I imagine her business is going to suffer because she is so insufferable(she’s not the only muff mower around)
      Luann is delusional if she thinks people will buy her music after RHNYC is over
      The Blondes are suffering in the short term bu they will reap the benefits in the long term. It worked for Bethenny
      People will buy Ramona Pinot because people like Ramona
      Silex have gotten job offers because they are good writers (didn’t their book go into a second printing)
      People will buy Sonja’s toaster book because its quirky and doable

    • RealMinkey says:

      Great comments. Spot on.

  119. TLM says:

    “While The Other Housewives Were Off Getting Drunk, I Was Doing Business” [Selling Drinks?!?] – Bethenny’s somewhat ironic quote about RH. http://www.realitytea.com/2011/07/25/bethenny-frankel-launches-skinnygirl-skincare-line-plus-shes-so-over-reality-tv/

    • Waslurking says:

      Lot of horrible nasty comments…….. boooooooooooo!

      • AF says:

        Okay, I just read some of the comments on that Bethenny article…um, why are people talking about this blog and, in particular, WSL? What do either have to do with Bethenny’s skin care line?

        People need to get e get grip.

  120. Thedesigndiva says:


    This woman gives birth to a baby, and afterwards, the doctor comes in, and he says, “I have to tell you something about your baby.”

    The woman sits up in bed and says, “What’s wrong with my baby, Doctor? What’s wrong?”

    The doctor says, “Well, now, nothing’s wrong, exactly, but your baby is a little bit different. Your baby is a hermaphrodite.”

    The woman says, “A hermaphrodite… what’s that?”

    The doctor says, “Well, it means your baby has the… er… features… of a male and a female.”

    The woman turns pale. She says, “Oh my god! You mean it has a penis… AND a brain

    Now back to our regular scheduled snark fest…..

  121. wow… a lot happened in the few days i was away. i went to the other site and read the RHoNJ blog not realizing that anything had happened and thought Lynn lost her sense of humor! i just knew it didn’t sound like you Lynn – the blog was flat and you’re anything but. then i saw 0 comments! i knew something was seriously wrong. i backtracked and discovered that you moved back here and i have to say i was very relieved that the RH world hadn’t actually gone crazy while i was gone. i’m so sorry it didn’t work out Lynn but i think in the long run you’re better off. i sincerely believe everything happens for a reason and in the end everything works out the way it’s supposed to. at least now you KNOW you have a loyal group of followers here not that you shouldn’t have known that already. thanks so much – i join everyone when i say i really do appreciate all you do and just hope you would let us all know if you need anything. 🙂 well i wanted to say this before i read today’s blog. what an annoying night, huh? i’m sure i’ll be back to comment some more.

  122. Larke says:

    I NEVER comment on NY, but have to say this…

    As frustrating as it was to watch all four brunettes tell Alex to shut up every five minutes, I agree that she should have kept most of what she said to herself. Not that her opinion isn’t valid, but why go there?!? She did it right the first three seasons and that’s why people came around to her- because she wasn’t acting like an idiot!! I really saw her as inserting herself into things that didn’t concern her, even if she was at the same event. But, maybe she’s done with it all and doesn’t care anymore! I think Bravo is over her, as well, but she is the most intelligent of the cast and will be totally fine.

    And for Sonja…I liked her the most last season and she did start to come around toward the end of this season, but she really does act like she’s at the top of the pecking order. For What?!? No doubt she is of a certain status and I’m sure she had money before she got married, but she wasn’t Sonja Morgan with a multitude of houses, staff, etc. I know people connected with her because of her trouble with divorcing and that was a humbling moment for her, but she needs more than a few moments of humility! I really do like her, but she was so arrogant to me this season. She was out of line at the MENY march and to me, that is the perfect example of who she is a lot of the times. It’s all about her and when you are in her presence- know that! I just think that all the people in her circle respect her name and know their place so it’s not as obvious how she acts.

    And while Cindy was totally out of line at the brunch, Sonja was rude to her from jump street telling her she’s at the bottom of the order. Plus, at the flower shop, Sonja really did railroad her and by talking in circles around Cindy it kind of made Sonja look more guilty! If you aren’t wrong, why ramble ‘your point’ for ten minutes not letting the other person speak.

    I know everyone dislikes Cindy, but I really feel the Blondes were hard on her, with Sonja being the worst offender. I have no doubt that Sonja does not think that much of Alex and Simon either, but there is support in numbers. I don’t care for Cindy either, but can still see when she was wronged. I know everyone has issues with Jill, and I know I’m in the minority, but Luann is sooo much worse to me than Jill. I mean, Luann is awful!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Cindy really botched her rookie year. She fell in with a bad crowd.

    • PJ says:

      Why should everyone else give their opinion freely while Alex has to just sit there and be quiet? I couldn’t disagree more. The one person on the show whose opinion I am interested in, because she tells the truth without spin, is Alex. I could care less what the four brunettes have to say. I hate liars and I don’t want to listen to lies. So as a viewer I have to sit and listen to people I can’t stand while the one person I actually want to hear from has to be quiet………..no I don’t think so..

  123. TLM says:

    Why can’t Luann pronounce names correctly?? She calls Jacques “Zhack” instead of “Zhock” and called Sonja “Son,” instead of “Sewn” as it would be if you just chopped the “ya” off her name.

    What’s next? Killee instead of Kelly? Ay-locks instead of Alex? Jerry instead of Ramona??

  124. PJ says:

    I actually stopped watching RHNY a few episodes back because of the behavior of JZ, the Loo, Kells, and what’s her name. But I got sucked back in last night and watched half of the reunion. I’m not missing anything. It’s really clear that when JZ was unsuccessful in trying to get people to not film with other people on this show she came up with a new tactic. The brunettes brutally ganged up on Alex. Apparently they can say what they want but Alex can only say what they allow her to say. It was sickening. Just who are the real bullies on this show anyway; I think we saw in action at the reunion last night. Honestly these four are not worthy of watching. Telling Alex to shut up, talking over her, calling her vile names, acting like they are so superior to her. What on earth is wrong with these people? It’s clear that the insane ones are running the asylum so to speak. This show is being hijacked by these four women and the show is NOT better for it not by a long shot. This show is done. Andy was tight they were like a pack of animals going after their prey; the coyotes who try to get my dog are friendlier, nicer and have better manners.

    Could Cindy be a bigger bitch or more irrelevant? Could JZ be more vile and contemptible? Could Kelly be more narcissistic and delusional? Could the Loo be ruder and more condescending and completely classless or should I say low class? Could Ramona and Sonja be more fun, well sure if the brunettes were gone. Could Alex be classier or more reasonable, again sure if the brunettes were gone. Get rid of all the brunettes and put people in their place that will make the show better, not try to hijack the show and dictate who is on the show and who isn’t. It is my opinion that if the brunettes succeed and get rid of Alex they will only go after Ramona next and then who know who after that. All of the above is my opinion I think giving an opinion is still allowed in this country at least last time I checked it was.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It does remind me of Animal Planet

      • Nancy says:

        Please don’t insult my favorite show.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Chill Nancy – I watch Animal Planet and I am referring to animals who take stalk and take down prey!

          • Nancy says:

            I get it. Aren’t they horrible.

            • zanne says:

              I know this is nature’s way — but it does not have to happen in my living room. So I am a part time watcher of this channel. I just can’t stand for any warm blooded thing being hunted for the pleasure of others. Surprise how this has been going on in NYHW. I just now figured it out — they are no better than a lion after their prey or a cat and a mouse. I guess this is what tears my guts out watching the brown tear apart that which they think are weaker and Andy there to support them. Hope this make sense. Dr gave me different pain meds yesterday and I’m acting just a little crazy.

  125. MAMAZ says:

    Good afternoon everyone.
    I LOATHE Jill Zarin. And LuAnn, Kelly and Cindy Barslop.

    When Kelly told everyone that Cosmo ranked her as one of the top five nicest Celebs I wish Alex had said “Even Cosmo make mistakes.”

  126. Mookies1mom says:

    I need to get this off my chest after watching that crapfest last night. They have too many housewives on this show. Show Cindy the door, she boring and just not relevant. Send Kelly to an institution so she can get the help she so desperately needs. But you can’t fix her lack of intelligence or the fact that she is just plain mean. With those two gone we are down to a more manageable number. Jill and Lulu need to have permanent ballgags installed. So that solves a couple of problems. It would silence Jill forever or until her head explodes, whichever comes first. It also means no more “singing” from Lulu or listening to her condescending attitude. This leaves Ramona, Sonja and Alex. They are the only ones that I would ever actually want to spend any time with, not that that is going to happen but you get my point. After this season is over I’m not watching anymore. You hear that Zarin? We ARE done!

  127. all i have to say about the reunion is GO TEAM BLONDE!

    the rest of the “ladys” need to go

    • MAMAZ says:

      Hi DQ! How are you feeling?

    • Nancy says:

      We haven’t heard from you in a while.
      Everything OK?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Hi stranger!

      • debbie says:

        Dizziest Queen,
        I’ve missed your comments. Happy to see you again! How are you feeling? Hope you’re healthy and everything is sorted out and under control.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Queen! Happy to see you around!

      • Thanks Guys
        well the steroid i was given to combat the bells palsey has screwed up all my numbers for my blood sugar and i have been told it can be up to a year for teh steroid to completely leave your sysytem so of course me being me that as left me a nervous wreck
        othere then that ive been pretty pretty good
        im still tryint to get over how obnoxious Shrill was being during part 1 i know it isnt suprising but i thought she had changed LOL
        what a joke
        i only hope simon coes in on part two with a fruit pie and flings it in her face LOL

  128. Thedesigndiva says:

    Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to
    leave because I’d go berserk?? Well…
    You left me anyhow and then the days got worse and worse and now you see
    I’ve gone completely out of my mind.. And..
    They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
    They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
    To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be
    happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re
    coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

    You thought it was a joke and so you laughed, you laughed when I had said
    that loosing you would make me flip my lid.. RIGHT???
    I know you laughed, I heard you laugh, you laughed you laughed and
    laughed and then you left, but now you know I’m utterly mad… And..

    They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa,
    They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa.
    To the happy home. With trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket
    weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes and they’re
    coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!

    I cooked your food, I cleaned your house, and this is how you pay me back
    for all my kind unselfish loving deeds.. Huh??
    Well you just wait, they’ll find you yet and when they do they’ll put you
    in the ASPCA, you mangy mutt!!! And…

    They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa.
    They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa.
    To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be happy
    to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re coming
    to take me away, ha-haaa!!!
    To the happy home, with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket
    weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes and they’re
    coming to take me away, ha-haa!!!
    To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time… (fade out)

    Hey, buddy!
    Yes officer..
    You a head?
    No, but I’m catching up, ha ha ha….

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      • RealMinkey says:

        Oh dear. It finally happened… Last night sent her over the deep end.
        I wonder if she can sue Andy Cohen.

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          AC doeen’t have a thing I want need or desire….He is low on my food chain…

      • Jezzibel says:

        she’s having a gummy bear induced kelly moment, don’t make any sudden moves or she’ll take off running in traffic with her lady bits hanging out

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          I only run in Intersections or is that circles….????@@@@@
          I am however in close proximity to a CASINO !!!!!!
          THINK INDIANS ( Florida )

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        It posted before I could finish..weirdest thing I ever saw…Then my sick dog needed IMMEDIATE attention…..
        I was going to headline it
        Theme song at KJLB divorce party…
        Sorry bout that….

    • neroes says:

      I remember that song. They had to stop playing it on the radio in NY because it offended too many people.

    • debbie says:

      I sure hope you needed to look up those lyrics..You didn’t remember them from headier days did you? If you did, I think I’m in a Groovy.Kind of Love. 🙂

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        I have a library of songs and lyrics each fitting an occasion in my life…..My music tastes crosses a broad spectrum….. When I get bored I go to the library and reflect on days gone by..It helps to keep your brain strong….Or drive people nuts in the grocery store cause it brings them back to some place maybe they didnt want to go…..
        I dance around the house and my entire family knows I am NUTS in the good way…..
        Leon Russell’s music has been very good to me…saw him in concert with Michael McDonald….FREAKING AWESOME SHOW…….
        Color my world is my wedding song…… go you tube it……
        I wont bore you all with anymore…BUT music and it’s words are a critical need in this world now a days…especially OUR MUSIC FROM BACK THEN…ya know before power as my son says and I say BEFORE AUTO TUNE>……..

        • neroes says:

          It’s odd that sometimes I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast, but if a song comes on from the 50’s or 60’s I remember every word.

          • Thedesigndiva says:

            NEROES……..Cause those were the days my friend…..we thought they’d never end…..
            Sorta like at the burger barn when I was working with all those new wave teenagers from hell…Their bands doing REMAKES of MY music….and here I am singing right along and they say..WOW Diva you know the words to that song..that’s cool….
            Look DUMBASS…. that song is from the early 70’s….it’s not new it’s just been BUTCHERED…….
            They LOVE me at work….Cant wait till I come back..they are BORED TO TEARS…Literally…..hahahahahahaha

            • neroes says:

              When my children were teenagers they were amazed that their OLD mom knew the words to some of the songs that they thought were new and cool.

        • debbie says:

          Did you know Elton John pulled Leon out of a severe funk after a health crisis? I saw an interview with the both of them on TV a while back. They recorded some tracks together too.

          • Thedesigndiva says:

            Yes I did…..I like Eltons music also….
            The Bitch is back…my theme song….

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ah, she is just having Hot Fun in the Summertime!

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          OOOHHHHH good song…. Rock it WCW…….
          Summer in the city,,,back of my neck getting sweaty and gritty….

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            I’m thinking Sly and the Family Stone…..

          • debbie says:

            ….all around people looking half dead
            walking on sidewalks hotter than a matchhead…..

            sounds like this summer across the country 🙂

            • Thedesigndiva says:

              Can you sing that whole line in one breath ?????
              Mr Ford just walked in to check on me….LOL LOL LOL…
              Wondered who I was singing /talking to…….
              I gave him that ” REALLY ” look….
              I swear he suffers from early Anheisers……..gonna have to switch him to Natty Ice….LOL LOL

    • Cusi77 says:

      That was a song from the 60’s!!!!! Los locos me quieren llevar, haa haa

      OneMore_ you are too young to remember….

  129. vilzvet says:

    Kuku Kelly is “beyond flattered” that Neil Patrick Harris voted her his favorite housewife, even though he pointed out that he DOES NOT WATCH the show! She was hyperventilating about it on twitter and told Andy to “thank” him. Oh brother…

  130. Causing_A_Casino says:

    Light bulb moment here
    Alex said luann was friends with Jill because she (jill) had a lot of dirt on her (luann)
    There have been more and more rumours suggestion luann is gay or bi
    Everytime Luann is seem kissing a man (Kort, Jacques) she is very tight lipped and looks really uncomfortable

    • Jezzibel says:

      or when she’s not at home being a mother to teenagers, she’s in the city being a high end escort/dominatrix. She’s living nice for having no visable income stream

      • Jezzibel says:

        She’s living nice for having no visable income stream outside of RHNYC, which after taxes, clothing, food, gas, teenagers, rental, HOA fees, probably does not have a lot left over.
        Did she and count have a pre-nup? I remember reading that she got kind of a raw deal after the divorce

      • Causing_A_Casino says:

        When is she at home being a mother?

        • RealMinkey says:

          Don’t be silly. She’s managed to fit them in from 10 to 11AM on Saturdays and Sundays…After she rolls over and says good morning to Le Fonze, and before she goes to her sacred private boudoir to prepare for her days’ social events.

          • Causing_A_Casino says:

            I wonder if they are allowed to enter her salon’ while she is getting her henna. Apparently that is very sacred time. Really? Salon’?

    • Waslurking says:

      Ya know I don’t really care about Lulu’s sex life, at all. Past
      or present….. what bothers me is her holier than thou bullsh*t
      and preaching. Face it….. you kicked it/had a good old time, own it.
      or STFU

  131. RealMinkey says:

    What upset me most last night was the pure HATRED that was being emanated from the left side of the screen. It was venomous and malevolent. Those four need to do some serious soul searching.

    • RealMinkey says:

      As in… searching to see if they even HAVE souls.

    • Jezzibel says:

      Like I said up there, I think the Brunettes are going to get the suffer the backlash of how they acted in the long term, where the blondes are suffering in the Short term, they will have a lot of gains in the long term because of it.

      • RealMinkey says:

        Yep! Ya reap whatcha sow.

        • Jezzibel says:

          I don’t think Jill or Cindy escpecially have yet to comprehend the level backlash they are going to recieve in business and socially.
          Jill, I’m pretty sure was tettering on the edge of social siberia after season 3, I’m pretty sure she’s in the middle of it now. I think that fabulous circle she claims to run with have started to not return her calls/emails/tweets/texts after watching her be herself last night.
          I doubt after last nights show Cindy is going to be able to have her bedazzled muff mowing shop in every major city.
          Lulu and Kookoo they are just filler and after housewives are over the invitations to stuff like clubs and parties and premieres are going to dry up fast.

          • Waslurking says:

            I hear ya……but I disagree on Cindy’s ‘branching’ out. Think it would have happened
            HW’s or not. It is a growing business all over. Will she lose customers due to her
            crap? There will be peeps that go just to ‘see’ her business… it’s a such a two way
            street. The gawkers verses the real customer base.
            If she does well in that business good for her I guess…….but please I don’t want
            to see her nasty ass on HW’s again.

            • Jezzibel says:

              you are right about the sycophants…but how many of Jills diehard fans brought her book the anwser not enough for her to make a profit at it.
              I think Cindy would have been able to open her bedazzling muff mowing in alot of cities had she not done the show and showed everyone how aweful she is. Plus your right it is a growing business and her being on the show has probably given her competition a huge lead jump.
              Sycophants vs paying customer…..I’m a consumer and I would’nt by any completely bare products if they were on clearence.

    • Kukulet says:

      Venomous and malevolent…and pointless. Seriously. These women are all hating over the most trivial, petty crap that most of us wouldn’t make time for in our real lives.

      See, that’s where Bethenny stands out and, I think, why so many people like her. Sharp tongued and brutally honest, yes, but in a way, that serves her well, because she doesn’t nurture hatred in herself over bogus nonsense. And that’s admirable. Even with her father, whom she could very well have written off completely, she found it within herself to go when he called her, even AFTER he rejected her the first time she visited the hospital.

      It’s too bad these other women don’t follow her example.

  132. WindyCityWondering says:

    Andy took away Jill’s first chair and sandwiched her ass between the giant loon and giant goon and didn’t give her a phonebook to sit on.Jill may be a diva but Andy is the diva wrangler – she will go after him before this reunion is over.

    • RealMinkey says:

      She did look like a wetted down little rat between those two Amazons, didn’t she? Lol.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      JILL ZARIN IS NO DIVA…poi poi….perish that very thought ……and Dandy Andy wouldn’t know how to wrangle himself out of a wedgie much less a Diva……


      • cdninvegas says:

        Justa wonderin’ Diva. You are so spot on with your posts and then you make me chortle with your silly fab comments – was hopin’ you could fess up re your age and/or decade of teenagerhoodness. I think we might have sang to the same music during our hairbrush microphone/mirror era. No need for an answer if it’s too personal.

  133. debbie says:

    I commented up thread about Jillz blog and can’t find it. I knew the paragraph I had pasted from her blog would need to be deleted and I want to comment on one sentence. I’m paraphrasing for apparent reasons.
    Jill said despite Ramona and Alex’s attempts to keep her and Bethenny apart during season 3, Bethenny and Jill have been in contact and no one knows what the future will bring.
    She was implying that they have spoken since that season. I believe that she and Bethenny might have spoken after filming ended.. but it was at the reunion. I don’t believe that B would have anything to do with her after that unless it was at a public event. Nothing planned on B’s part. When you think about the problems B had with her family and the way her mom was, I don’t think she’d want Jillz to poison baby Bryn’s life by bringing unwanted stress into the Hoppy’s Happy Home.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill is counting on Bethenny not responding to that little LIE, because Jill wants fans to believe they are working towards a friendship and they will be two little girls on the beach any day now!

      • Waslurking says:

        Nail meet head! She’s pathetic!
        B has made it VERY clear she wants nothing to do with the NYHW’s.
        So of course Jill had to bring her up all season and use her to attack the women
        still there.
        ………..GAG…… just ……….GAG….

        Don’t suppose anyone has seen a ‘response’ from B on twitter aye?
        She is OVER it Jill……….. leave her alone!

        • AF says:

          I agree – leave poor Bethenny alone…well, actually B’s not poor, but you know what I mean. I think it was pretty clear at the S3 reunion that she had officially had enough with RHONY and all the women in the franchise. Like she said, they were all women getting paid for their bad behavior. There’s no way in hell she’d invite Jill Zarin back into her life. Because, Bethenny really is over it and she’s over Jill. Too bad Jill can’t get the message…

  134. Dubyaveeyou says:

    Every one of these women is lacking–a sense of humor. So many of the rants we lived through last night would have vaporized in the face of self deprecating humor. They all take themselves far too seriously. They ( and sometimes we) need to remember that they are allowing this invasion of their lives. They already have decent incomes, so I believe they must have thought it would be enjoyable, be FUN to participate in this show. Somehow they have managed to suck out every iota of fun. Bethenny, there is a huge gaping chasm where you stood in RHONYC and no one has stepped up to fill it. There is no joy among the mudslingers. Crap. Watching this show used to be fun.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – the fun is gone and those who still try to have fun (Frick and Frack) get chastised for it!

  135. tarri30 says:


    CBS nails the cyber bullying:

    “So attention, housewives (we won’t name names here), if you feel so strongly about being victims of cyber bullying, perhaps you should refrain from cyber bullying others first. Look in the mirror (or rather, your computer screen) and consider that you’re guilty of doing just the same.”

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      wow. that was a pretty pointed remark.

    • Jezzibel says:

      has anyone tweeted a link with that story to Jill, wackadoodle, Cindy, or lulu

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill has done alot of disturbing things to her castmates but my blood ran cold when she started the cyber bullying victim storyline – she crossed a line. I don’t hate her as a person but her hate hurts real people.

  136. Zoey says:

    Here’s a thought, someone take all those Skeez things that no one is going to buy, add a few straps and make straight jackets out of them for these crazed brunettes! Not digging Andy, but he’s right that they are beasts! He needs to have a vet on hand with some sort of injection nearby…

    • FLG says:

      I can see how a few dart guns would come in handy. If one will drop a raging rhino, a couple per housewife should do the trick.

  137. A "non-hater" says:

    This blog is totally rude, mean, and don’t you have anything better to do? You obviously have too much time on your hands to spread “hate”. Looking to get famous maybe? Like how the photos of Alex and mentions of Simon(ewww) are so promoting for them.
    Get a life.

    • cabbie413 says:

      how is recapping an episode of a reality show “rude” exactly?

      • Jezzibel says:

        hey look we got a nice welcome home troll. Thats so sweet I wonder who sent it, Jill or Mags.

    • pinkpurse83 says:

      Hiiiieeeeeee Jill!!

    • Kukulet says:

      A “non-hater” says:
      Get a life.

      You first.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      SPREAD HATE…..what are you blind ???
      This blog has many great contributors on it…We offer medical advice landscaping tips and other cultural things like MUSIC…We laugh and have fun to “escape” life as we know it now…..
      I have lots of time on my hands…. I am up 18 hrs a day and probably do more in those 18 hrs that you ever could….. No one in my house ever goes hungry…you could eat off my floors because I am OCD about clean…also have 3 large labs that I tend to…everyone has clean underwear and my toilet bowl is shiny…SO get over yourself…. loosen that grip on your brain remove your asshat and try to enjoy ……
      BTW I am famous and fabulous…Wait till you meet me…. You will be gently shocked when you do….
      Hope to READ you around here again…..

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      your avatar is so pretty

    • Zoey says:

      You’re a ‘non-hater’ yet you say ‘Simon (ewww)’? That’s not very nice. Sounds like hate to me. Why, you must be a hypocrite!

    • FLG says:

      How are we “spreading hate”? As far a I can see, we’re keeping our comments pretty much here on this blog. I think it’s pretty well contained, wrapped up quite nicely in one single package. It’s not like we have our own show on Bravo where we are entering America’s living rooms. Like a television, which has something called a channel selector, and an on/off switch, you can come and go as you please. No one is forcing you to come visit us. We do like to have visitors and invite them to come and play. We do, however politely ask that you back up your opinions with reasoned analysis. I don’t think that is too much to ask for, do you?

    • JuliaVaughn says:

      I love this blog. If you don’t get it. Get lost.

  138. boston02127 says:

    Great blog & posts. Thanks.

  139. TLM says:

    I don’t know why everyone’s so locked into “the blondes vs. the brunettes,” this artificial construct Bravo set up for this season. And, I don’t know why people think “the blondes” are such a friend to Alex, or hold her in such high esteem independent of the feud with Jill and Luann.

    If you disregard Cindy (who was barely relevant this season anyway), you basically have 2 sets of best friends who are on an equal footing: Jill and Luann, and Ramona and Sonja.

    Kelly is the often-inept one who tags along with Jill & Luann, and Alex is the often-inept one who tags along with Ramona & Sonja and who IS often cut out, since Ramona & Sonja prefer to do things on their own.

    The season started with a huge blowup between Alex & Sonja which I don’t think will EVER really be resolved, and I think Sonja just tolerates Alex. She had already gone on vacation with Alex and said to her, “Simon – is that your husband’s name?” as if she barely knows them. Before that, Ramona made it clear how bizarre she thought Silex were, and especially Simon, and for Ramona I believe it’s a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation, in other words, she’d rather stick with Alex because it irritates Jill and Luann, and she’ll go to Alex’s art event because it means she’s NOT going to Luann’s video.

    If everyone remembers, this is how it went last season. The only reason Simon & Alex were suddenly popular is that they were being used as pawns. It was a competition between Jill and Ramona to see whose “side” they could get Silex on. Period. I don’t really see such a strong alliance for “The Blondes.” If it weren’t for this show, I doubt either Sonja or Ramona would have much at all to do with Alex or her husband.

    • Jezzibel says:

      I believe some of Alex’s exclusion comes because of the fact Ramona and Sonja have also know each other since back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I think after the show is over the blondes will all go their seperate ways and if they run into each other socially I think the blondes will atleast have a good laugh with each other. I think Sonja, Ramona and Alex have gotten together outside of filming a few times for non-RHNYC stuff
      I doubt very much that Luann and Jill hang out with each other socially outside of filming. I don’t think Cindy acknowledges that any of them exist outside of the show.
      But you could be right also, I guess time will tell

      • TLM says:

        You’re right about that, that Sonja and Ramona have a history. But they also share a similar personality that Alex just doesn’t. Sonja and Ramona get together and kind of revert to two giddy 12-year old girls running around together. I don’t think Alex is even capable of that, and I would guess she wasn’t like that even when she WAS 12. Forgive me but it’s kinda like she’s their bucktoothed, nerdy friend whom they’re nice to, but who doesn’t really fit in with them. Alex is 37 and Ramona is 54, but you’d never know it. It often seems like it should be the reverse.

    • klmh says:

      You make some good points.

      • Nancy says:

        Have you seen the program called The Lion Ranger on NG?
        He becomes part of the lions pack. You can’t take your eyes off of it because your waiting for him to get attacked but it doesn’t happen. Anyway it’s a lovely show.
        Hope all your “babies” are doing ok in this heat.
        I thought that interaction you and your husband had last night was pretty funny.

        • klmh says:

          Hi Nancy.
          I am so bad, but I hate to see animals or humans being hurt or killed, so I don’t watch scary real life animal or extreme human shows. I am a woos, and when we watch TV, its usually history, science, you know things like that. I go into the other room to watch Bravo sometimes though. We just don’t watch a lot of TV.
          A cool front came in and it was only 105 here! I am so sick of this heat. We have a bit of a project going on in a tiny bathroom, so hopefully it will move more quickly than it has so far. We had a wall toilet, the ones that fit into the wall and only the bowl is exposed, ordered and shipped in Feb., opened a dam*ed box and it was busted. Have waited 2 weeks and now all of the other skilled workers are doing something else. Oh well, Im glad we are getting the dumb toilet fixed and bathroom renovated. Yea.
          Im not sure I told you but it looks like 3 of the 5 kittehs have FIP. They probably won’t make it to adulthood, but Im going to fight the fight anyway. These feral kittens have really become sweet. I love them and hate what will happen to them in the next few months. Have been thru this once before, just last year. You just do the best you can.
          Thanks for the note about last night. I had the best belly laugh I’ve had in ages!

  140. Sonjafan says:

    The reunion show left me gasping for breath. Andy lost control, but did have one line that I really liked…when he asked Kelly if her therapy or meds worked to make her more likable this season. All that crap about kids made me gag. Let’s face if Lulus daughter going to 4 schools is a big issue, and now we have reports of Ally moving schools because of being a snob and alcohol poisoning (if I had Jill for a mother I would drink as well – who taunts their kid about weight when shoppin). Jill and lulu had a field day about Alex’s children from the get go. But now all of a sudden it’s not fair. This show lost it’s appeal because of Bethenny and her greek chorus routine. She was the voice of reason. I was hoping Alex could have stepped into that role in her own style somehow, but that isn’t working, as her nature is too sweet. I wish Ramona and Sonja had stuck up for Alex a bit more last night. Also let’s face the issue everything Jill has tried to brand/make money has failed – book, bedding line and now her ripoff of spanx (which has gone back to the drawing board I believe). Reading up thread about Jill being an alcoholic doesn’t surprise me, however she certainly doesn’t live the tenets of AA’s creed…she is only physically cured.
    The brunettes were hateful and vile, the blondes gave back pretty well, but they are also more likable as they still make us laugh. I am a big sonjafan and get her sense of humor and righteousness…thank God Sonja got a few digs into Jill (about her bankruptcy disc.at J’s girdle discussion) and also to Kelly abou nice, nice, nice. Kelly is just as bad as last year, but not as obvious as I am sure she is medicated on psycho babble drugs, per ex’s dictates with regard to money and their kids. Cindy is a non-entity – bad mother, bad friend, bad bus.woman, bad gf; she even bit into Luman and the look on Jill and Lumans face was priceless!

    • TLM says:

      Ramona & Sonja didn’t stick up for Alex because they barely care. Perhaps this was the reason Alex wanted not so much to sit next to Andy, as people keep saying, but to sit next to Ramona, because Ramona is more expressive regardless of whom she is next to, and it would have made Alex look more like an intimate friend than she really is. Sonja just tolerates Alex, and it shows.

      • Causing_A_Casino says:

        Ramona did stick up for Alex. When the brunettes were attacking Alex, the camera was focused on Alex talking but you could hear Ramonas voice, as well, agreeing with and defending Alex. The two have been seen socializing outside of filming as well so a real friendship has developed

        • Nancy says:

          I think maybe Jill wanted to be in the middle last night because then she could whisper in Lulu’s ears AND Kookoo’s to let them know what she wants them to say.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Jill would never give up first chair – never! First chairs are for the popular girls and Jill got demoted. In Andy’s getting ready for the reunion video – Jill comes in last and give LuAnn that look like move over and LuAnn just ignored her!

            • Nancy says:

              Luann was told to sit there. Andy tells all of them where to sit.
              I’m confused about Jill getting demoted. I wonder why Andy did that?

              • RealMinkey says:

                I think LuMann was Andy’s designated Alpha Female this season. She ran the vacation, she had the video. All negative story lines about her were thrown away.

              • Waslurking says:

                Was kinda of handy that she could whisper on both sides tho……

        • TLM says:

          I agree that of the two other blondes, Ramona is closer to Alex. But I do think that it’s based on a common dislike of Luann and Jill, and that if it weren’t for continued existence of the show, the friendship would fall apart. I might be wrong but that’s just my take on it.

          • Jezzibel says:

            Sonja might have some deep seated trust issues, her husband ditched her for a lady she thought was her friend and that she introduced to him. So I think she keeps everyone new in her life at a certain arms length in case they hurt her.
            I also think that on a deep level she’s jealous of Simon & Alex, they have the type of relationship that she should have had with her husband, Simon in active and involved with Alex(sometimes maybe too much) but he’s there and constant. Alex and Simon are also about the same age, while I believe Sonja when she said she loved her ex, there was a noticeable age gap between them, so they might have had a generational conflict added on top. It might be on such a deep level that she’s just not conciously aware of it.

        • FLG says:

          Alex was also genuinely comforting Sonja as Sonja discussed that there were many factors and outside influences that caused the failure of her marriage. I sensed that Alex really treasures the developing friendship that she has with Sonja. I also sensed that Sonja really did genuinely love her ex-husband and grieves that loss of love and companionship and it was NOT the loss of money and prestige that she mourns.

      • Waslurking says:

        I think you are wrong!
        You’ve made it very clear that you have no love for Alex and or Simon and that
        is fine…… but I don’t think it’s fair at all to assume Alex was left adrift from
        Your bias is showing…… it’s not pretty.

        • Jezzibel says:

          Hey now….we don’t need to get into a reenactment of last nights ugliness. TLM is entitled to her/him/its view of things. You two could be seeing the same thing with a different perspective and opinion thats normal around this blog.
          Lynn runs a open blog where you can have different opinions so long as you don’t attack the opinionee.

          • Waslurking says:

            I am very aware of Lynn’s blog…….. I’ve been here since her hub pages and have followed her where ever she has gone and or will be.
            I never said TLM is not entitled to her opinion. I just strongly disagree and she/he
            posts the same thing over and over. We get that she has a problem with Alex and Simon….. ok, already!
            Call it a bad day…… just tired of the same old……
            Check my ‘name’……………. I hardly ever post…….just tired of the attitude.
            Sue me! 🙂

            • Jezzibel says:

              nah..too poor to afford a lawyer 😀
              Its cool. After last night I might be a little hyper-sensitive towards arguments getting as ugly as last nights reunion.

            • TLM says:

              I try not to say the same thing more than once, and I don’t think I write posts that are blind attacks, but rather situations I have given serious thought to. Where my views aren’t consistent, I say so. I have complimented all of the women at different times for different things.

              I don’t know why it would be so bothersome that one person has a divergent point of view when there are posts that support the opposite view, and plenty of them to read.

              • Waslurking says:

                The one thing you a consistent about is bashing Silex.
                Him/her/them……… whatever. No big deal, caught me at a “moment”

                It’s all good……

                • Waslurking says:

                  Btw…… thank you Jezz and TLM for actually responding to me for whatever
                  the reason.
                  I feel pretty damn invisible when I do have something to say, so thank you
                  both for ‘seeing’ me.

  141. AZ Girl says:

    I just finished reading Jill’s Super secret blog on her website and as Cat O would say “bullocks”. Jill has to be on crack. First, Jill was the first to cut Bethenny out. Bethenny tried several time to reconcile but Jill said “We are over”.
    Why? Don’t you remember Jill? I know you or one of your poorly paid morons are reading this. You did not want anyone to film with Bethenny because you were pissed that she got her own show. So like the Pit Bull (i apologize to all Pit Bull owners) bitch that you are you went after her and ripped her apart. Ramona was being nice trying to get you both together to hash it out. Who needs notes?
    Why would Jill need to go half way around the world to work things out when Bethenny lived blocks away in NYC? Jill you were feeling the heat from the bad press and wanted to reconcile on film. It was not about Bethenny it was about you.

    You don’t fool us here. You can spin all the BS you want on your blog but Jill you need therapy and quick. Kelly is behaving more normal than you are. I hope Bravo fires you and re-casts NY. You BS is just getting old.