I Hate Jill Zarin


I Hate Jill Zarin

It’s not really the last blog (sorry Jill Zarin) it is just the last blog on this site.  The new site is up and running and while we’ll still make a few tweaks to it (not me myself, you don’t want me messing with the behind the scenes stuff on any blog) we can begin to use it immediately.

I will be posting my first blog there around noon today so this will be the last one here, so let’s make it a good one.

Some great tweets from some hysterical Twitter Members:

sweetsarahpdx TO: @LynnNChicago that’s ridiculous you can’t say ppl can’t use your name even stars don’t do that get over yourself @Jillzarin

sweetsarahpdx:  Some people make ur laugh a little louder, ur smile a little brighter, and ur life a little better.” not u @Jillzarin

Bacasuga:  really, which one of @Bethenny lifepaths did @jillzarin take?

Tudorheir128:  Even @BravoAndy doesn’t follow @Jillzarin or@realgingerzarin but he does follow Giggy

tweeterlaura love my jeff lewis cuz he would kill @jillzarin please note @bravoandy jill is such a downer! #rhony

mom22rs I wonder if @Jillzarin privately believes she is responsible for @Bethenny success. Poor Jill – always the victim. Boohoo

@bbbuck120@jillzarin blocked me because I’m only allowed to follow who she tells me to and I didn’t listen to her”

@BethanyHeitman “Catching up on #RHONY. Love the sex writer convo @Allyzarin and @Jillzarin have! As a Cosmo editor I agree with Ally, it’s interesting!”

Jill responded:  “Interview her?”

Seriously Jill Zarin?  It’s bad enough that you pimp yourself out begging to be on TV shows and begging for some attention but now you’re embarrassing your daughter!  Stop it!  Just stop!

KathyHilton:  Just came back from the art show, and lunch with Barron & Olivia!

Jillzarin  to:  @ParisHilton and @KathyHilton:  Ally here this week. What day for lunch with doggies?

KathyHilton TO:  @Jillzarin Have fun ! When did U return from London ? KH

Sure looks like  a “Blow off” to me…haha  Paris didn’t respond to Jill, she never has yet Jill continues to tweet to her.  Kathy’s tweet to Jill with the “have fun” is hysterical because it shows Kathy ignored the part about getting together for lunch with the dogs.  I’m starting to like Kathy Hilton more and more!

We’ve seen some of these before but recently the BravoTV.com blogs had a major shake up, the comments that were posted from a good representative of viewers were posted on Jill’s blog but then removed, here are more of those:

What a cry baby you are… You and your rude side kicks are the real bully’s here. Shame on you!!!!! You can’t compete with Bethany! I bet her sucess really sticks in your craw! And the best part you are naval lint to her. I love it!
Submitted by Kim Hinnkle on July 1, 2011.

Really Jill?? Get over yourself!!! Trust me you are not important to any one but your family!! O…so jealous!!!
Submitted by VirginiaJoy on July 1, 2011.

This whole “thing” is very sad and childish. Please stop playing the sympathy card as if that will gain you support and restore your image. It’s all so pathetic and disturbing. Any explanation that you give is not plausible. No matter how manytimes you use the word “cyber bullying”. Grow up and act like an adult!!!
Submitted by Maggie5 on July 1, 2011.

You diminish the pain of people who are ACTUALLY BEING BULLIED when you throw around a term like “cyber bullying” about someone with whom you have a disagreement. It’s entirely different than being bullied.

If you have a problem with people being honest with you (to the point that you take a page out of Kelly’s book and call it bullying), then I suggest you get off reality television and stop engaging with the public.
Submitted by BBAnnei on July 1, 2011.

Ever heard of resigned effective immediately which is the nice way that companies rid themselves of employees while they pay them handsomely to not say bad things about the company. Oh wait, I guess you would have to have had a real job to understand this…
Submitted by Viv on July 1, 2011.

Simlex will only destroy themselves. No one else. How disappointing.

In the beginning of the show, they seemed more cool & collected.

What happened ??
Submitted by Mveeluz on July 1, 2011.

Jill, you should have not really tried to be Friends with Alex and Simon outside of the show. I really get why LuAnn is ‘dismissive’ with Alex and just cordial around them during filming. Alot of viewers think she is ‘pretentious’ but I see that she really is merely being social and classy. If that was me, I would just completely not include them in any of my social gatherings.
Everybody sees through the smoke screen of them social climbing and promoting moeymaking income simply becoz the couple really were nobodys before RHONY.
Why keep socializing with trash like that? You surround yourself with ‘good’ intent people. Good luck. Enough of trying so hard to explain yourself/action and commenting about ‘them’–it just gets twisted and used against you by haters to make you look bad. Viewers that are in your level sees the real picture anyways. If you STOP making comments about them, then they don’t count, right?
Submitted by 4JUDE on July 1, 2011.

Submitted by Nancy H on July 1, 2011.

I think it is so funny that all normal people see you for what you are-a bully!!!!! You are a joke and with friends like you who needs enemies. Grow up and take that nut job Kelly with you.
Submitted by mjude on July 1, 2011.

you are so hateful & viewers can see it. very sad.
Submitted by Mary from NJ on July 1, 2011.

I thought you really would have learned a lesson dear. You are making the same exact mistake again.
Submitted by Anne W. on July 1, 2011.

You have gone over the edge with this. If someone is trying to explain their behaviour why shut them down? Your supposedly a grown woman, to say that you can’t have a meeting with a man is ludicrous. This drama is getting very stale.
Submitted by JoanD on July 1, 2011.

This show has gone to your head. Season 1; I actually liked you. Now, I can barely watch you; and NO this is not a threat and NO I’m not bullying you. Can you please stop being such a DRAMA queen! You are too old to require so much attention. You can dish it out but you can’t be on the receiving end; otherwise you feel threaten and victimized; it’s exhausting!
Submitted by jml on July 1, 2011.

You are a nutbag lying hypocrite. Go away. Save yourself please. How you could ever have the nerve to criticize anyone given the Amazon debacle you created. Embarrassing!!!
Submitted by Margie Caballero on July 1, 2011.

Jill, whether it’s on the internet or on a talk show – talking negatively about someone is inappropriate. It shows no class and it shows how immature one can be. Oh and btw, I am talking about you! Remember your “Ramona tirade” on Andy WWHL recently? You had snide comment and snide comment that night about her. Grow up, Jill. If you stop the bashing and hate talk, then others sure are to follow your example. You are giving others so much material with your behavior and words on and of the show.
Submitted by Gd on July 1, 2011.


I support your blog. LuAnn and Kelly have your best interests.

Don’t listen to all the negative blogs that probably were written by Alex and Ramona under fake names.
Submitted by trixielandis on July 1, 2011.

Are you blackmailing Andy? Is that why Ramona & Alex are made to look bad by you? The only cyber bullying was done by you-you get people kicked off facebook for disagreeing with you, you delete all your nasty tweets about cast members, you are the bully Jill. You a spiteful person. Team blonde all the way!
Submitted by Eclectic viewer on July 1, 2011.

The title of your blog says it all, “Enough is Enough”!!!

Since you provided no support to show Simon’s meanness, I looked for them myself. Can’t find them. Found yours however. No wonder Alex doesn’t trust you. No wonder Betheny cut you out of her life.

Hope you find some true happiness and fulfillment so you don’t have to keep putting people down.
Submitted by mindella on July 1, 2011.

You truly are an awful human being!! YOU are the one being the bully!! STFU!!!
Submitted by KatBud on July 1, 2011.

Jill, You were right. I would NEVER have lunch with myu friends husband. NEVER without her.
Submitted by Over to OC on July 1, 2011.

Will someone please remind Jill about the fake Amazon accounts she set up to bully reviewers of her book?? I mean does she think she’s untouchable.

I know the reunion has already aired and I’m sure Jill will leave unscathed but if I had just one wish is that there was a ‘call Jill out on her Bull’ segment of the reunion.
Submitted by Kimberley on July 1, 2011.

Mrs Zarin,
It’s quite a shame that you let others speak for you. The countess always defends you to the point of creating the worst possible drama. You, LuAnn & Kelly gang up on the other housewives and you then cry “BULLY”. It seems that your high school mean streak hasn’t left you at all this season, it’s only gotten worse. Shame, I used to be such a fan of yours. Now, I realize that each of us has problems, I just choose to solve those problems like an adult. I talk with the person I have a problem with. I don’t ask ALL my friends to solve my problems for me. Look at your situation with Bethany. Had you not caused that yourself, things would have been different. You stated, “I’m done!” If my friend said that to me, I would take that and know that she meant it. I thought you were such a mean person for crying fowl when Bethany tried to “make-up” with you and you slammed that door in her face.

I sincerely hope things can change on this show for the better, it’s getting very upsetting to constantly watch BRAVO TV’s “BULLIES” (Jill, Kelly & LuAnn) constantly go after Alex, Simon and anyone you deem to be beneath you.

Submitted by A SOLDIERS MOM on July 1, 2011.

Jill, your ugly and mean and I wish you’d just go away!
Submitted by Snerk on July 1, 2011.

Jeez, again you have no self awareness. You, Kelly & Lulu have been bullying all season.
Submitted by frankswif3y on July 1, 2011.

ScotinTexas-I completely agree. Have you seen her twitter timeline lately? All she does is talk about her castmates and retweet negative things people say. She’s awful. Bravo needs to get rid of the brunettes. #teamblondes
Submitted by justafan on July 1, 2011.

Jill, Just keep doing what you are doing. Simon is a nut, maybe jealous? Who knows…all I know is that you are great, no need to explain your actions. Simon needs to expalin his. Just what does he do anyway??? Just asking…
Submitted by dkerntx1 on July 1, 2011.


Sometimes I think you are just pure evil! Why would you even listen to Crazy Kelly? Simon was not aggressive in approaching you for a meeting. If you are the strong, confidant woman you say you are, and I know your husband is confident, why would you try and pull the “1950′s, I can’t meet you, I am married” line. Cmon, Jill we know you have more balls than that. You are ridiculous and you try to stir up crap and you really do feed on other peoples misery. Keep your big nose out of Sonja’s financial business. Your intention was not to help her but to find out more dirt so you can tell everyone!
Your actions alone make me want to mean tweet about you!

Get a life of your own! I hope your whole Skweez biz fails miserably because that is what you deserve!
Submitted by Inigo on July 1, 2011.

You are a reality “STAR”??? You need to get over yourself.
Submitted by kellybelly on July 1, 2011.

You are great Jill!
Submitted by MYDAUGHTERMADEM… on July 1, 2011.

OMG. SHUT UP!!!! Your five towns voice is enough to give someone hives. You’re a spoiled ridiculous person. You’re in way over your head in this city with people who actually have brains. I really can’t say anything constructive or useful because you’re such a vile idiot. FYI, it’s BRAVO, not BWAVO. Maybe you should work on that a little bit.
Submitted by neverhaveposted on July 1, 2011.


Please seek help or don’t bother to venture out of your protected Bawbee circle.

You are a menace to productive and sincere society.

Submitted by ViewerEKS on July 1, 2011.

“We need to leave the drama on the show and support each other to the outside world. ”

Is this what you are thinking when you tweet negative things about the other castmates. Grow up! You really are a despicable person.
Submitted by MrsLappe on July 1, 2011.

Oh, Jill, for crying out loud. You are the biggest cry-baby, attention-seeking, drama queen there is.
Submitted by BarbTX on July 1, 2011.

You should learn to think for yourself. You were fine meeting with Simon until Kelly told you what you should do and like a little lamb, you followed orders. Then Amazon Queen LuAnn has to jump in and give her 2 cents. Are you that stupid that you don’t see what LuAnn is doing? Have you not noticed how she jumps between you and anyone you are having issues with? She is a major bully and yet you call Simon a bully when your best friend is the worst!
Submitted by Not a fan on July 1, 2011.

You are the most obnoxious Housewife — blond or brunette!! You seem to know everything about everything. You are trying to bee cool — just as you were when you and Bethenny were friends — and it just does not work for you. Stop crying wolf about people being mean to you. No one could be as mean to you as you are to them! Thug!
Submitted by frankswif3y on July 1, 2011.

Sorry Jill but your use of the word cyberbullying is insulting. Have you seen the tweets you have out there? The polls on your facebook page about Ramona? You are the only one who’s been spewing hate on twitter. Stop trying to fool the viewers with your victim act. Please!
Submitted by ScotInTexas on July 1, 2011.

You really need to stop making drama out of nothing. Simon has not been bullying or bad mouthing you on Twitter. You on the other hand will have a dig at him, Alex and Ramona every chance you get. Grow up, live in reality and then maybe you can have proper, real friendships with adults instead of those nasty small minded friends Countess De Lusional and LaLaLand Kelly.
Submitted by Mary87 on July 1, 2011.

Your are getting a nutty as Kelly! Grow Up!!!

What’s so wrong about a friend’s husband wanting to clear the air and ask you for lunch?

The same thing happened over on Kelly’s Bravo blog!  Several comments were posted then deleted, here are some of those:

Simon and Alex don’t have anything to do with the bullying, they only have people defending them because YOU PEOPLE are bullying them! They haven’t asked for it either, just normal people stand up when they see innocent people being pushed around!

Submitted by Ricksgrl on July 1, 2011.

Is this a way you want to get revenge for what happeded to you last season…you were the REAL actual crazy one and are now putting it on Alex and Simon??? You bring nothing to the show. I think you may still be going to the “breakthrough” as you said. Your a mean girl, how was Alex suppose to control her skin getting red. Thanks to you they may have to get a whole new NYC housewives cast, you bring nothing to show.

Submitted by CaptainMurphy on July 1, 2011.

I have a very difficult time believing that you were worried about Alex and another thing, stop talking over people and let them feel their feelings!

Submitted by time to move on on July 1, 2011.

Kelly, You are like a parrot. You repeat things you have heard from Jill and LuAnn but are unable to think for yourself. Poor communication skills and a very limited vocabulary shows that you are not bright and hey, you are quite a little systematic bully yourself! Please, Andy Cohen, put this show to rest . It hasn’t been worth viewing since Bethenny left.

Submitted by Viewer from San… on July 1, 2011.

Kelly, dear – PLEASE call your therapist to up your meds. You are clearly headed for another breakdown. You make no sense and you ARE the bully/ mean-girl/ everything you accuse others of being.

I worry about your children.

Submitted by crixx on July 1, 2011.

You are refreshingly kind and genuine this season. And your critics are delussional. Loev how you keep it real!

Submitted by jamran7rhfan on July 1, 2011.

Kelly, stay out of everyone’s business (especially Alex & Simon). The comments you made about them living in Brooklyn and in 1950′s world is just “WIERD”. I think you forgot what “wierd” is. Wierd is your behavior, demeanor and the way you “try” to speak. Can’t make heads or tails of anything that comes out of your crazy jelly bean mouth.

Submitted by jabber on July 1, 2011.

Karma, maybe? Honestly-I could understand if you felt you needed to inform Alex of the concerns/complaints with Simon. But TELLING another women to make her husband behave is a joke. YOU need to approach Simon to discuss your issues. You had no problem ( or business) challanging him about wanting to meet with Jill. You are making so much drama over things that dont even concern you! You constantly intrupt others & are showing that you have no regards for the other person replies. When that & the whining doesnt work, you shut the conversation down. I find you have been quite the bully yourself this season. Not a good look on you.

Submitted by dkerntx1 on July 1, 2011.

Do you have any idea just how delusional and crazy you look on this show?

Submitted by A Real NY Housewife on July 1, 2011.

You asked for advice, here it goes:
Give others the respect and courtesy of responding. Stop talking over people. Start to really listen to what others are saying, especially those buzzing in your ear. Stop running away from confrontation or trying to stuff it back down, because it will explode..instead, be a brave grown up and stand up for yourself in the proper way. Name calling, putting people down, talking over them, that is also a bullying tactic. You, who is so passionate about the anti bully movement basically bullied Alex. It has been hard to watch this season. Furthermore, mingling in social circles is not being relevant, being HUMAN is, being KIND is, being RESPECTFUL is, being CREATIVE is….
If you really want people to respect you, and be a good model to your girls, just focus on real things, important things, treat people nicely, and don’t take any of these ladies too seriously. The only one that will ever really have your back is you. Take a break from Kelly land and learn how to handle and embrace your feelings, handle confrontation with grace, and be the authentic self you strive to be.

Submitted by Mary87 on July 1, 2011.

Inappropriate and weird!!! You know these words so well because they describe yourself!!!

Submitted by Blondie8180 on July 1, 2011.


You had no complaint on the subject until you were sitting next to Jill when Somin approached her. You had nothing to say to Alex about “cyber-bullying” until Jill had a problem with it with Simon. Trust me, Alex does not need your “help”.

Submitted by DMac23 on July 1, 2011.

Kelly, I was just wondering if you ever watch yourself back on the show? If not, maybe you should. You might learn a lot.

Submitted by Over to OC on July 1, 2011.

Kelly – in this situation YOU were the BULLY. You took Alex out to lunch, you threatened to ‘ice her out’ or ‘let people ice her out’ you told her EVERYONE was saying bad things about her yet where was everyone during your lunch? Let other people speak for themselves, your conversation with Alex should have been about YOUR feelings to Alex, not EVERYONE elses. It showed poor taste and weakness in your argument.

Also I am SO confused by the ‘everyone feels so badly for you – Alex lives in Brooklyn, Alex has two kids…’
Huh? So have you been to Park Slope? I know quite a few successful, beautiful, strong, well-off mothers that would have a thing or two to say about your pity for them.

And stop talking over people – it’s weird.

Submitted by Steph A on July 1, 2011.

Clearly you didn’t have any intentions to have a “talk” with Alex because you wouldn’t even let her speak and respond to any of your wacky accusations? And did you seriously tell her to stop being red…maybe you should stop being wierd

Submitted by TOViewer on July 1, 2011.

LMAO @ “Being mean doesn’t keep you relevant — being interesting does.” CLEARLY you don’t watch much American television. What do you think the “reality” genre is based on? Being interesting? It’s not even based on FACT! The show is called Housewives, but last I checked there are only 3 of you left who can, sort of, hold the title…. Simon maybe overstepping some of you, but at least he’s a HUSBAND. There is very little that’s relevant on this show besides sheer, primal entertainment. What is interesting is seeing ALL the ways pent up people are mean without ever really owning up to it. Especially when they coat it in the pseudo-self-help garbage, sprinkle it with free fashion advice, and top it with a fabulously dysfunctional getaway. It’s like an effed up episode of Oprah. Advice? Here ya go: call a spade a spade and stop insulting your audience’s intelligence. That or watch “Bethenny Ever After.” HA!

Submitted by Pained Fan on July 1, 2011.

Kelly, please stop giving advice and trying to be a Miss. Fix-it-all/Know-it-all. You are not in any position to do so. When will you understand that you cannot dictate how/what someone is feeling. When your daughters come to you and say they’re angry, do you tell them, “No, you’re not angry, you’re sad!”

Most important, please stopping using the word “bullying.” It’s not bullying we’re seeing on this show. What used to a fun show for me to enjoy has become a painful reminder how terrible women can treat each other out of jealousy and insecurity. As much as you say you don’t participate in idle gossip and trashtalking, we have seen you do plenty of both this season.

Am I the only one cringing while watching this show?

Submitted by Mandy on July 1, 2011.

Kelly, both Alex and Simon are weird. Simon thinks he is a housewife, needs to behave like a man. No other men are telling Alex to WATCH OUT, very weird to say that to any woman. He is ugly and needs to hang out with some guys to know what real men behave like. They are nobodys.

Submitted by Still Astounded on July 1, 2011.

You would do yourself and your family a favor by leaving the show. It’s not showing you in any kind of positive light.

Submitted by JoanD on July 1, 2011.

Please stop saying the word WEIRD. It’s weird especially coming from you. You and Jill are both passive aggressive. It’s okay for you guys to say whatever you feel but the moment anyone says anything to you guys you feel attacked; it’s so WEIRD.

Submitted by stephanie l ankney on July 1, 2011.

Seriously Kelly? Wow! It is getting very hard to continue watching this show, you are always out in left field, and not even a left field that the viewers can follow. Seek Help!

Submitted by HelloItsMe on July 1, 2011.

You are so full of nonsense. Does that statement equate to cyber-bullying?

Submitted by Leslie E on July 1, 2011.

All I can say is “You Go Girl!”! It’s nice to see someone actually trying to keep the peace and be a good friend. I think you did the right thing.

Submitted by ILovetheHamptons on July 1, 2011.

I think you let Jill buzz too long in your ear!

The stupid is rubbing off...

Submitted by AlexaP on July 1, 2011.

I didn’t like you last season because you were so mean to Bethanny, but I agree with you about Simon. He’s like a child who wants attention. It’s no fun to watch! I wouldn’t go to lunch with my friend’s husband to work things out.. No way!

Submitted by nyc housewife on July 1, 2011.


This season you are right on the money, I don’t know what happened btw last year & this but I find myself agreeing with you more & more.
and more. Alex & her husband have definite issues, I find it very hypocritical of Alex that she says that everyone has to accept her husband as part of the package but she wants you to talk to him separately about any issues. Just keep being yourself & enjoying your life & daughters!

Submitted by downsouthgirl on July 1, 2011.



The number of negative comments that appear on both Kelly and Jill’s blogs on Bravo’s site numbers in the hundreds, someone over at Bravo decided to post them, then someone decided to delete them.  Is this a game that Bravo is playing?  Was this done on purpose to bring more exposure to these blogs?  Maybe Bravo is doing this to lure people to the blogs more often, or to post more comments?  Whatever their reasoning for wanting to look like a bunch of bumbling baboons, they’re doing a great job!  Posting comments then deleting them, then posting new positive comments is absolutely ridiculous and is unprofessional.

We’ve also learned from some of your great comments that Bravo not only posts then deletes comments but they have been known to CHANGE comments.  They will post one sentence of a longer comment, just the one sentence that says something nice (or a portion of a sentence that is sarcasm)  For shame Bravo!  That is so unethical!  This is supposed to be a serious network?  Does NBC know what you’re doing?  How about Comcast?

How many comments have you read over on Bravo’s blogs that start out, “I know you won’t post this…” or “My comments never get posted but…”   Because it is common knowledge that Bravo’s comments are a joke and no one takes them seriously anymore.  The Author of each blog doesn’t get to see all of the comments made, they only see what we see so why even bother posting over there?  You can’t trust that any of it is real or unedited.

Onward and upward, I’ll post the new blog in a few hours, in the meantime enjoy chatting over here….see you on the other side! 🙂

Until Next Time…

Join us on the new site:  http://www.tvtime101.com/?p=11617

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – The  Blogs

First I have to thank Mrs. Ramona Singer for a shout out in her blog to all of us here at IHJZ!  If you want to receive Ramona’s Newsletter, go to her Web Site and you can sign up at the bottom left:  http://www.ramonasinger.com  Thanks Ramona!

I think that Ramona is sending a message to Jill Zarin with her shout out but I don’t care, use me anytime Ramona!  lol  That said, I thank her for saying she enjoys the blog too!  Ramona and Mario are off to Italy for a week, I hope they enjoy their trip very much!

On to the blogs…

Kelly Bensimon – 

Kelly said absolutely nothing of value as always!  She told viewers that some of her cast mates think that Money can buy you Class.  We know that isn’t true!  Kelly clearly has some money, Bravo pays her (although we all know she’d do it for free) and her ex-husband pays her to shut up and go away.  She travels, has a home in the Hampton’s and clearly wants for nothing.  Nope, no class there!

She also tells us that she’s never gambled in a casino before….seriously?  This woman really is a 14-year old boy….er kid!  She rambles on selling her wares, I think she may have more crap for sale than Jill Zarin does.

Ramona Singer

Ramona said:

LuAnn kept getting very testy and defensive with me. I hate when she makes her digs. So, when she was being snarky again with her inference to my marriage and relationship with Avery and everything else, I gave it right back! I was not going to be bulldozed by her.

I love this!  As I said yesterday this was my favorite scene in the show.  Luann is known for her digs, subtle and otherwise.  In this instance Lulu grabbed the wrong housewife for her close up.  This fake woman with the fake title steamrolled over Alex just a few weeks ago on screen but she didn’t have as much luck with Ramona.  Ramona knows how to do battle and Luann is no match for Ramona.

I am really glad that the Blondes (and Cindy) didn’t participate in Luann’s video, we’ve talked about many reasons why they were well within their rights to opt out but something that the ladies discussed that is so important, that stupid video is going to be out there forever, not just a few weeks, forever.  Who wants to be tied to those evil bitches (Luann, Jill and Kelly) long after the RHONY is over?  Being on the show is one thing, they don’t have any control over the cast but this ridiculous video is optional and they made the right decision.

Alex McCord

My entire life, I’ve been of the mind that the “C-word” is one you don’t say. To use it about yourself is to prove it doesn’t apply to you. Using that word about someone else makes you seem aspirational, that the person to whom you refer has something you wish you had, etc. Not good either way. Would I go so far as to say using the  “C-word” is thuggish? Not sure. At any rate, I don’t want to be attached to a song about “cl–s” lying within the soul. When she’s ready to stop with the pretension and have fun doing Kurt Weill or Foxy Brown, great.

I get what Alex is saying although spelling the word is going a bit far…and then spelling it with letters missing as if it is a swear word is completely unnecessary.  However, her message is clear and it’s true.  Luann likes to talk a lot about class yet it is clear she has none.  Jill doesn’t know what the word means and has never been anything close to “classy”.  Some may have difficulty attaching the word to Ramona but if you look at her business sense, her mothering skills and the fact that she mentioned my blog in her Newsletter, I say she’s class all the way!  (LOL)  Cindy and Kelly can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with the “C” word.

If there is one Housewife on the New York cast that has class, it is Alex McCord!  I guess that is very un-classy of me to say that based on Alex’s statement but I don’t care!

Alex talked on the episode tonight about her upbringing, having read her book, I knew that she came from wealth.  There are wealthy people in every state of the union and Kansas is no different.  Alex’s family had several homes and even one in The Virgin Islands but as she said, she rarely talks about it on-screen.  Alex probably had the most affluent lifestyle growing up than any of the cast members but is the most down to earth and kind woman on the show.

Alex mentioned Sonja’s breakfast with Cindy…I think we can all agree with Alex here:

Oh, and that phone call. If you have breakfast with a friend and a conference call, you can’t do both. Switch the time, have brunch on a Saturday, do the call in the car on the way there — something. What Cindy did was disrespectful and rude. Was she trying to show Sonja she’s busy? Nothing she said on the call sounded urgent. Yikes.

Sonja Morgan

I thought Alex’s hair and makeup was the best ever by the fire pit with the family and her friends. Just stellar. She does have a point about class being something better not spoken about in certain situations. Grace under fire in this group should suffice!

Sonja has an interesting writing style, she gets in her digs without actually mentioning the person she is talking about, but we know, don’t we?  Ya gotta love Sonja!

Ramona’s lunch with LuAnn is a disaster. As far as being a parent, my view is no one is perfect, and what is important is that your children know you are there for them when they need you. Why is LuAnn so upset Ramona doesn’t want to do the video? I would respect Avery’s point of view. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with Turtle Time on vacation! Oh no, then she brings up the fortuneteller again. Boy oh boy, these girls really can give it to each other.

I have to disagree that the lunch was a “Disaster”  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

LuAnn deLesseps

This woman is a horrible bitch!  She complains that Alex would not attending her stupid video taping then says it turned out just the way she wanted it to.  Passive aggressive much?  Who the hell cares, your video is a joke!  Where are the “digs” at Sonja for not attending?  You can stop sucking up to Sonja, Lulu, she was digging at you!  I think the jig is up, Sonja’s not a fan and neither am I!

I love the way Luann flat out refuses to talk about the accusations of cheating between her and her ex-husband Alex deLesseps, you know the guy she got the fake title from and the last name that she continues to use.  She doesn’t say it isn’t true (the cheating part) she simply says she doesn’t want to talk about it and it’s nobody’s business.  Hit a sore spot huh?

Cindy Barshop

Why is this woman still on the show?  They dumped Jennifer Gilbert well before the season ended last year!  Cindy admits that she was rude to take a business call in Sonja’s kitchen but then goes on to defend herself.  She adds that Sonja wouldn’t be quiet during her call and complains that Sonja was wearing pajamas.  That is what I call a fake apology / admission of fault if I ever saw one.  Go away Cindy!

Jill Zarin

Did you all know that Jill was in England?  Hey guys!  Jill was in England, she even has photos and if you sign up to receive her Newsletter like 50,000 others have done she’ll send you the photos.  What could be more exciting than to view Jill’s vacation photos.  Wow Jillsy, do you have some home movies we could watch?  Please?

Jill tells us that she’s going to leave it up to us when considering parenting styles and Ramona vs. Luann argument.  Holy hell, what do we do now?  Jill isn’t going to tell us how to think or feel about a situation?  I don’t know how we will be able to decide how to think on our own without Jill’s input.  

Jill says she was in shock watching Alex and Simon talking about Luann, this woman who uses more foul language than anyone on television (ok maybe Jerry Springer’s guests have used more vulgarity)  is suddenly upset about the “C” word?  (not class)  Let’s see, Lulu’s been on the show for 4-years and I think by episode two, Luann has been called that word attached to her fake title.  NOW Jill is shocked?  Has she been living under a rock?  Her fake outrage at foul language is laughable!

Jill goes on in her blog thanking the stylist, make up artist and hairdresser, who would like to bet me that Jill got all of these services done for free in exchange for a shout out in her blog?  Allegedly.

All the blogs are posted, unusual for this group but it’s nice for a change, finally as the season comes to a close … just one more episode – the finale will air this Thursday but don’t get comfortable because the reunion episodes and probably a lost footage episode are still to come.

And now a special treat, for me anyway!   Another great blogger kindly offered to add her perspective to Big Brother, there is certainly a lot going on and the show airs three nights a week so the more the merrier in my blog……

Evil Dick’s Departure – Big Brother by Paige Taylor

Hello fellow Big Brother Fans!  Is it safe to say that the million-dollar question on everyone’s mind is “Can Jordan tell time without Jeff nearby?”  Oh, wait. Never mind.  We know that she cannot.  I guess the next question probably would be “What happened to Evel Dick?”  Well, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have answers- yet (yet being the key word.) 

He offered no reason on his twitter feed (http://twitter.com/#!/EvelDick) other than teasing us all to go to his website (http://www.rtvzone.com/) and watch his video which offered not much of an explanation either.  

He said in his video, “I wasn’t kicked out, I wasn’t put in jail, and I wasn’t diagnosed with cancer.” He went on to say that, “none of his relatives were hospitalized, injured, or killed” and said “this isn’t some kind of lame publicity stunt aimed at promoting [his website] rtvzone.com”

Given that I do agree Evel Dick does “breathe and live for Big Brother” per his daughter Danielle who is still on the show and has been given a golden key because of Dick’s departure, I think that we will find out the real reason for his leaving right about the time of the finale.  Dick is nothing if not a mastermind at manipulating the masses.  Therefore, when all the attention of the Big Brother finale is abuzz, Evel Dick will surely try to bask in the sunlight that is Big Brother again.  While a friend probably did have some emergency that pulled Dick away from the show, I have zero doubt that Dick will use this to his advantage.

What say you? What are your conspiracy theories about Evel Dick’s leaving and the possibility of him using this to his advantage for later? 

Thanks Paige, great job!  I am fascinated by Dick leaving the game, it had to be pretty serious for him to leave the way he did.  His daughter Danielle told us that he is obsessed with all things Big Brother and that it has become his life being a Big Brother former contestant.  (she did point out that it is sad)  What made him leave?  He shed very little light on the whole thing.

* Please note Mags (Maggie Reynolds, Jill’s cyber-assistant) that I didn’t use any of Jill Zarin’s personal photos, I didn’t quote directly from her stupid blog and since you’re babysitting Kelly too, I didn’t use her’s either.

Mags and I have an understanding now so I can call her “Mags” but don’t try this at home.  Maggie is trying her best to get my blog shut down, I’m sure Jill has offered her a great big fat bonus if she’s successful.  Wait, she hasn’t Mags?  You need a better manager!  hahaha

Mags tweeted to me today, I was all a-flutter!  She told me that Jill’s name is trademarked and that I should check the laws.  I’m no lawyer but then Mag’s isn’t either!  Jill Zarin isn’t a lawyer but she plays one on TV along with a doctor, dentist….you all know, we’ve been over this already.

Anyhooo… Enjoy the blog while it’s here, my knees are shaking!  haha  I kid, I kid!

Thanks for this link Boston02127


A funny Tweet from Simon:

SimonvanKempen “We needed a crap scene, so since Kelly left we had to improvise” Was @JillZarin being unintentionally funny?

*Simon please don’t report me to WordPress for quoting your tweet, ok?  Don’t give Simon any shit for “mean tweeting” it was funny!

Worth repeating:


Jill is pushing her daughter into the spotlight now….it’s not enough that Jill begs celebrities for gigs on their show’s, now she is begging people to interview her daughter:


Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York / Big Brother

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York

Before we get into the show I have to say it again, I’m never giving up, I’d Love love love to see Cat Ommanney on this show!  She would be perfect for The Real Housewives of New York!  Cat would stand up to the Brunette’s alongside Sonja, Alex and Ramona!  Cat would be the perfect addition to the Blonde Team!  What do you say Bravo?  Andy??  Anyone???

Quincy and I both wrote our reasons why we’d like to see Cat on The Real Housewives of New York and I think they’re all pretty good ones….

I Hate Jill Zarin We Want Cat Ommanney on Real Housewives of New York: http://t.co/pdVqeB4

On to the show!!!

I have to admit that Jill isn’t as vile and vicious as she was last season, but has she changed?  Hell no!  Jill picked on every member of the cast at one time or another, this season she was pretty cruel to Ramona but she’s backed off of Alex as she really had to in order to make herself look better.  Jill didn’t change but she did learn a thing or two, she learned that she was losing fans by attacking Alex all the time.

Jill apparently thought it would be safe to attack Ramona but The Pinot Queen has fans of her own, plus she can hold her own and doesn’t get tongue-tied and turn red when Jill attacks.  Ramona attacks back as we learned tonight with Lulu.  Wasn’t that great?  We will get into that in a minute!

Ok well Jill isn’t blatantly attacking anyone in the most recent episodes but she is still annoying enough to want to take an ice pick to your ears and a dull spoon to your eyeballs. She still has to throw in the snide comments in her talking head interviews, you know the ones where she says it is her job to snark at her cast mates, it is expected of her, right? More prevalent on this episode is this ridiculous notion that Jill knows everything and is going to prove it just grates on your last nerve, right?

After pretending to know all about dentistry, medicine, the law and fashion, tonight she wanted to prove that she knows how to direct a music video.  You know that horrible spoken word atrocity that Lulu put out needs a video to go along with it so Jill is going to direct it.  Jill’s going to tell them which way to drive the limo, who to put in the video and even how to style Lulu’s hair.  I thought it was hysterical that they couldn’t find enough people to stand around a craps table so they had to grab assistants, Jill’s kid and even the producer himself.  Jill tells us that her feet hurt and she’s exhausted.

So the debate of the night is whether or not the blondes should have sucked it up and went to Atlantic City to be in LuAnn’s video.  I say no way, they didn’t want to and shouldn’t do anything they don’t want to do.  Luann refused to attend Alex’s Brooklyn Fashion Weekend with Jill even telling us “the Countess wouldn’t be caught dead here” while pointing out the trash in front of the place.  (I’ve got news for you Zarin, I’ve seen NYC and there is trash in the streets everywhere, even in your neighborhood!)

I thought that the discussion that Alex and Simon had in their backyard while toasting marshmallows was a good one and Alex made some outstanding points.  Alex reminded everyone that Lulu’s music has messages, those messages are extremely contradictory when compared to Luann’s behavior.  Most people agree that all of Luann’s “class” talk is completely classless!  (Thank you Anderson Cooper!)  Alex explained that while Luann’s message would have or could have been a fine one, coming from the Hypocrisy Queen it was ridiculous and who would want to be a part of that?

Anderson Cooper’s 2 cents:  http://terryaley.com/?p=4365

Add to Alex’s outstanding points, Ramona’s conversation with Sonja about her reasons for not wanting to be in the video were also valid.  Let’s face it, Ramona’s not perfect and she’s probably done a whole slew of things that embarrass her daughter (haven’t we all!) but if Avery really was against Ramona doing it then I see no reason not to honor that simple request.  You can’t let your kids dictate what you can and cannot do but this wasn’t an earth shattering event that Ramona was missing, it was a stupid music video!

Sonja explained that she didn’t want to appear in the video, Jill trying to bully and guilt Sonja into going to Atlantic City for the day was another good example of Jill’s horrible behavior.  Who is Jill Zarin to tell Sonja how to be a good friend to anyone?  Jill told Sonja that even if she didn’t want to be in the video, she should still attend the taping.  WHY?  Sonja explained that she welcomes her daughter home from school at 3pm every day so back the hell off Zarin!  Way to stand your ground Sonja!

My favorite scene tonight is Lulu having lunch with Ramona as Ramona tells Luann she won’t be in her stupid music video.  The whole thing starts off as Luann and her typical moaning says, “I had to come all the way across town to meet you today”.  Oh well, now you know how Bethenny felt in The Hamptons last season when you dragged her to your side of town.

It got way better from there!  Luann tried to slam Ramona but Ramona turned it around and made it a slam at Luann, it was sheer genius!  Ramona told Lulu that she spends a lot of time with her daughter, Luann tried to dig saying, “It’s amazing that she’s turned out as well as she has” implying that time with Ramona could harm the child but Ramona told Luann that when you spend a lot of time with your child they turn out to be good kids, which implied that not only did Lulu not spend time with her kids but they didn’t turn out so well.  It was a thing of beauty!  And it got better!  If you haven’t seen the scene, I highly recommend watching it, it was amazeballs!  GO RAMONA!

This video is just a portion of the entire scene but it’ll give you an idea…


Sorry Lulu, Ramona isn’t Alex and you can’t push her around, she got the better of you and it was a sight to see!  Ramona was even able to get a comment in about Luann’s ex-husband cheating on her causing Luann to get up and walk out of the restaurant, this is becoming Luann’s trademark move…and the crowd goes wild!!!

Luann’s talking head interview telling viewers that her good friend Princess Laura (or Lara) give her good advice, “just go for it” was so pretentious and obnoxious that it was a miracle my television set survived (good thing I had nothing nearby to throw at her face).  Whoever this Princess Laura is, I hope she got her royalties from Nike.



Jill submitted herself to some tests from some doctor, they were free…enough said.

Thank you Bravo for putting the final nail in Cindy’s coffin, her behavior at Sonja’s breakfast was unforgivable!  Why would you agree to attend breakfast then bring your assistant along and get on a conference call in the woman’s kitchen while waiting for breakfast to be prepared?  Just say No Cindy!  She needed to either reschedule the conference call or reschedule breakfast at Sonja’s but you can’t do both!  Who raised this bitch?  Oh yeah, the couple who sat there at lunch watching their daughter struggle to handle one of her twins at the table in the restaurant.  Rather than helping the stupid ass to care for her child, or show her how to amuse the little girl while waiting for lunch to arrive, they sat there dumbfounded as Cindy calls in a nanny to retrieve her child.  Apparently this is how Cindy was raised.  Cindy’s behavior gets worse, Cindy asked Sonja to keep it down because she was cooking too loudly in her own kitchen, preparing breakfast for the rude and dumb as a box of rocks Cindy Barshop.  Toodles Cin, your days are numbered on this show!

Alex and Simon hosted an art party in their Brooklyn home and some very strange art was hung on the walls.  (sorry but the big brown lump on the wall was weird but some of it was cool)  The best part was Sonja telling Alex and Ramona about Cindy’s horrible behavior at breakfast.  It was Mario’s turn to put his foot in his mouth while his wife’s foot remained firmly planted on the floor.  That’s ok, we can forgive Mario for complaining about Brooklyn because he’s an all around good guy but enough with the Brooklyn nonsense!  Now that I’ve been there I can say it’s a beautiful area with amazing homes and huge lush parks, it reminds me of Chicago’s Gold Coast. (without the lakefront)

Somehow Luann forgave and gave a pass to Cindy for not attending the shooting of the music video but the blondes excuses were not acceptable.  Cindy had to be with her kids?  The woman who doesn’t watch her kids, who lays (or lies?) in bed listening to the nanny get up with her kids, the woman who hands her kid off to the nanny because she can’t handle her at lunch, the woman who has more nanny’s than Keebler has cookies.  Cindy had to be with her kids.  (stop laughing)

Don't ask...it was free!

The best part of the show was that Kelly was barely seen, she showed up for 15-minutes to do a few cartwheels in Lulu’s video then she was tail lights…  Of course Jill Zarin never left Luann’s side, she wanted her mug in every shot and she got her wish!

While the video was being shot in Atlantic City, the blondes took a hip hop dance class and as you can imagine it was a bit hysterical but they had fun and Ramona’s daughter is gorgeous, funny and bright.  It’s always a good scene when Avery is part of the fun!   Avery is not faking it, she tells it like it is, similar to her mom we see and hear the real Avery, not the fake one who is perfectly behaved on-screen yet acts like a holy terror off-screen.  (Yes Lulu, I’m talking about your kid)

Shooting the music video was a little dull, I imagine it is like being there for real.  Jill nonstop complained about everything, tried to give her two cents about how things should be shot and all around annoyed the entire production team.  I can’t imagine why the blonde’s didn’t want to be there?  Maybe the real reason is they Hate Jill Zarin?  haha  There isn’t a lot of love to be had for the star of the video either, Luann’s meeting with Ramona certainly wasn’t going to convince Ramona to do the shoot.  If Luann wants something maybe being nice to people could go a long way to that end, huh Lulu?

The brunette’s are blaming Ramona for Sonja’s failure to appear in the video, that is really unfair.  I don’t think Sonja does anything she doesn’t want to do and I certainly don’t think that if Sonja wanted to appear in the ridiculous video anything would have stopped her.  Sonja is perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

The end result of Luann’s video was hysterical, the only problem is that it wasn’t meant to be funny.  Jill’s behavior on screen in this video is typical of who she is, overacting and making a fool of herself.  Kelly also looks ridiculous, does this woman EVER brush her hair?  Luann was overly made up with pancake makeup and her hair was something out of the 1960’s, and not on purpose!  It’s a good laugh in any case and you can view it here:


But this one is better:


Big Brother 13 Episode 4

Eviction Show Recap by Shannon

 Tonight’s episode picked up after the POV ceremony. Rachel and Brendon left the nominations the same so either Keith or Porsche will be going home. We see more interviews explaining how they both think they have the numbers. Porsche completely brushes Keith off when he tries to talk to her, because she feels like she could never trust him and she is just ready for her golden key. Keith acts like he really would like to be friends but it’s a case of too little too late.

We see Cassi talking to the rest of the newbies and deciding that Porsche needs to go. She doesn’t trust her and honestly didn’t even try to like her, because she was so sure she was leaving.

The veterans know they have to flip some votes, so they decide that they need to socialize more. They hang out with the newbies and play games. The only one who didn’t fall for their attempt is Dominic. Jeff thinks they can get Adam since Evil Dick already had a deal with him, but they aren’t sure so they also try to bring in Shelly and Kalia.

Brendon once again gets upset over something Rachel did, and we get to see the two love birds fighting. Well, not so much fighting as pouting. Rachel told some of the houseguests her pet name for him, which is “Bookie,” and when they teasingly call him that as he is playing a game of Corn-hole Toss, he thinks it’s out of line, and decides it’s time for Rachel to call it a night. He leads her up to the HOH room and scolds her about how she is demasculinizing him. He tells her how he wants to get a job as a medical professional one day and doesn’t want anything they do to come back to haunt him. My problem with this is that he has a problem with her telling their nicknames for each other, but doesn’t think it’s a ever going to come up, or be a problem, that they are having sex, on camera, with live feeds rolling.

We get a message from Evil Dick explaining how he loves the game of Big Brother and had to leave for “a personal issue”, but that he was OK, as well as his family and girlfriend. He apologizes to Dani and tells everyone how he is going to watch “every episode.” It really upsets Dani when Julie Chen asks her what she thinks, and she states, “this part’s not ‘Big Brother,’ this part’s real life.” Julie goes on to ask, “No, I love you?” Dani just replies how awkward it was.

Before the voting Julie gives both Keith and Porsche a final plea for the houseguests votes. Keith thanked Porsche and said she “rocked,” and he thanked his fellow houseguests and told them to have fun and remember that it’s only a game. Porsche thanks everyone for playing the game with her.


Dominic – Porsche

Brendon – Keith

Jordan – Keith

Cassi – Porsche

Lawon – Porsche

Jeff – Keith

Dani – Keith

Adam – Porsche

Kalia – Keith

Shelly – Keith

Keith is voted out by 6 to 4. Before Dani placed her vote, she tells Julie that she does love her father. I’m not sure if she had to think about it or if she just didn’t like being put on the spot. Either way, she did want it known that she did love him.

As all the awkward goodbye hugs are taking place you can see the newbies shooting glances at each other. Already trying to figure out who the two people are that switched sides.

During his interview with Julie Chen, she calls him out on his cockiness. Keith admits that he was, and that he is shocked to have been voted out. She suggest that throwing the POV wasn’t the smartest move. Which he agrees.

The goodbye messages are the normal stuff. Everyone telling him how he played the game wrong. Cassi says how Keith came in to play “The Dating Game” instead of “Big Brother.” Lawon tells him he “acted a fool.” Rachel tells him the he fell victim to Hurricane Brenchel and Porsche points at her shirt which says, “You Can Look But You Can’t Touch” shirt. Keith did seem to be a good sport about it and kept laughing through it all.

HOH Competition

The Head Of Household competition is the “Big Brother Open”. It’s a miniature golf game with the contestants trying to get a hole-in-one. The player closest to the number one slot will be HOH. The out going HOH got to pick the order of the players. Rachel picked Dominic to go first and he gets his ball in the 6 slot, Adam was next and he hit his ball into the number 8 slot. The next three players were Cassi, Shelly & Lawon and they all three overshot the numbers and went into the water and were eliminated. Kalia was next and hit the ball in the 6 slot so she tied with Dominic. Jordan was up next and hit her ball in the number 3 spot. Jeff and Brendon were next but both didn’t even try since they knew Jordan was going to be the winner.


The newbies have completely lost trust in one another. They don’t know for sure who the two people were who voted with the veterans so they are all jumping to different conclusions. None of them thinks it could be Shelly, which we all know it was. She is doing a good job in fooling the newbies into thinking she is with them. Lawon thinks it’s Cassi and Dominic that have flipped, while Dominic thinks its Kalia and Adam. So now he has lost trust in his own partner. The veterans are playing them all like a fiddle.

***** End of Spoilers*****

Thanks Shannon, great job!  I’m really disappointed we lost Evel Dick, he makes the game so much more interesting….it’s going to be a fun season!

As I mentioned yesterday the Zarin Camp, specifically her cyber-assistant Maggie Reynolds continues to harass me by reporting my blog daily to WordPress, they don’t like it when I use photo’s that Jill has tweeted or posted on her Facebook wall, they have a problem with me repeating Jill’s tweets and passages from her blog.  It’s not a problem because as a very good friend pointed out, the photos that Jill posts (that I sometimes was posting here for you all to see) typically portray her in a good light or she wouldn’t have posted them in the first place, right?  Not a problem, I’ll simply use the photos of her that show her ugly side, there are plenty of those that are perfectly acceptable to WordPress.  She hasn’t posted her blog this week and didn’t bother last week since she was in England, did you know she was in England?  Yes, she was in England!  She did however manage to post two other blogs, one on her web site and another private blog she mailed only to those who signed up for the Jill Zarin Fan Club err.. signed up to get her blog emailed directly to them.

Jill doesn’t like it when I quote her Tweets here on the blog either, other blogs can do it and she takes no action but that’s ok too because she’s clearly embarrassed by what she has tweeted or she wouldn’t care, right?  Let’s face it, this woman isn’t saving the world.  Besides you can all view her entire Tweet stream right here:


It’s just as embarrassing to Jill this way or if I post it for you….try not to laugh too hard as she begs celebrities to please just talk to her, follow her on Twitter or put her on their show.  Don’t judge her too harshly as she constantly pushes her new undie line at everyone.  Be kind as she tells you that she just got a HUGE check from Ebay for all her used crap that poor suckers bought up, and how she brags about being in England and all the fun things she did while she was there.  (While in England, she sent out newsletters and tweeted constantly, posted on Facebook and she threw rumors out there that she’d be a part of a Real Housewives show in London)  Desperate much?

Yes folks, Jill Zarin is an evil, awful person who has nothing better to do with her time than to harass and annoy me, a blogger from Chicago who simply wants to blog the show and enjoy all the great comments.  Maybe she doesn’t like Chicagoans?  Or maybe she doesn’t like the Midwest?   Maybe she just wants this blog shut down?  That’ll win her more fans and make people like her again, huh?  If anyone thought for one second that Jill Zarin has changed for the better, think again!  Jill is paying someone to harass a blogger, think about that!  I hope Mags is getting paid well by Zarin to act like a fool!

Stop back tomorrow when we’ll talk about the Blogs, maybe by then Jill’s blog will be posted, she’s very busy remember, she just got back from England.  Did you know she was in England?  Yes, she was in England.

Until Next Time…



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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York Let’s Chat!

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York Let’s Chat!

As most of you know, I’ve had some problems with the blog and so what have we learned?  We’ve learned that Jill Zarin is unhappy with the blog, no kidding.  We’ve learned that her assistant, Maggie Reynolds, officially on behalf of Jill Zarin has been reporting this blog to WordPress for copyright infringement.

According to Zarin’s camp the photos, blog portions and tweets all belong to her and they cannot be reposted here without violating the law.  I get that…that’s ok and it may even be true.  Why then is Jill Zarin ONLY reporting my blog and not other people’s blogs?  I’m not the only one who quotes Zarin, other blogs have posted her Tweets just recently in fact.

Take a look at this, Reality Tea has posted a whole slew of Tweets, I don’t see anyone having a problem with that…




This is much easier anyway, you really have to read Jill Zarin’s tweets, she’s such a suck up and always trying to get people to follow her stupid Twitter account for her underwear.    I won’t post them here, you can view them all at once right here, have the VOMIT bucket ready:


Ok so Jill didn’t do anything about Reality Tea quoting her Tweets in their blog, they’re not a plain WordPress blog, they’ve got all the bells and whistles, Jill can’t simply report them, she has to get an attorney and sue them to make them take her Tweets off their page.  We all know she’s too cheap to do that.  So guess what?

I’m going to have my own domain, my own site and I can post anything I want to!  Some of you got a sneak preview of the site today, I’m teaming up with TVTime101.com and we’re going to bring you all some GREAT Blogs!

Let’s Chat!

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I Hate Jill Zarin EXCLUSIVE Interview with Melissa Gorga

I Hate Jill Zarin  EXCLUSIVE Interview with Melissa Gorga – The Real Housewives of New Jersey

 How did you come to be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

I was driving my car on a Friday afternoon and Bravo called me to see if I would interview with them and be on their show.  Just to clear the air, I never contacted Bravo about being on the show, they came to me.

  Is it true that Teresa didn’t want you and your  husband to be on the show?

I think there is a pretty obvious answer about that.  Teresa spoke very strongly about how this was her thing and didn’t want her brother and I to be on the show.

  What was your relationship like with Teresa when you two first met?

I tried really hard with Teresa when I first met her.  I made Joe Guidice the godfather of our first-born child Antonia, I made Teresa the godmother of our second child Gino.  I tried really hard to please her and did everything I could to try to make her feel like we were sisters.

  When did your relationship with Teresa change? and why?

My relationship with Teresa changed after the first year that Joe and I got married. Joe and I especially noticed it when Antonia was born.  Things started to change and get a little too competitive.

Is it true that Teresa purposely tried to keep you and Joe out of any scenes during the first 2 seasons of the show?

Teresa invited us to all the children’s bday’s parties and her house-warming.  If your asking did she try to do any special filming with her only brother, the answer is no but that was fine with us. We have never once said a word to her about it, fought with her about it or ever asked her to put us on the show, never once.  It wasnt a big concern for us.

                                  Do your children enjoy appearing on Television?

I think my kids are so young that they don’t completely understand whats going on right now.  My oldest daughter is going in to first grade and she is just starting to understand now that she is on tv.  She is young enough that it doesn’t affect her and she actually enjoys it.

  You seem to have a very close family, do they get along with Joe’s family?

My family and Joe’s family always got along really great.  My sisters have always welcomed Teresa with open arms and included her in every party they have ever had, that’s just the way my family is.  We love everyone and we welcome everyone.  The 2 that are closest are my sister Lysa and my father in law.  He calls Lysa his girlfriend.

                                        Teresa claims that she and Kathy stopped speaking because of you, what                                                happened between Teresa and Kathy?

That is 100% not true.  Kathy is a big girl and would never stop talking to her cousin because of me and I would never in a million years ask her to do that.  Kathy and I have always had a mutual respect for each other.  It was always just easy for me and her.  We just work. 

  Tell us about your singing career?  How are things going now that the public has heard your beautiful voice?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe this is all really happening. I can’t believe I have gotten as far with it that I have.  I am recording my 5th song now and I can’t wait to share my first one with you, On Display will be out at the beginning of August.

 Caroline seemed pretty cold to you and Kathy during filming, is that your impression?

No, not at all.  I think Caroline like she said before, she doesn’t like you before she likes you.  I think you will see on these upcoming episodes that she does get to know me and we end up liking each other very much. 

 How did you get along with Jacqueline during filming?

Jacqueline is a sweetheart.  I love her to death.  Believe it or not, I think we have a lot of similarities.  We both like to make everyone smile.  She has been great and I get along with her really well.

Lynn:  Here I asked Melissa about the rumored feud between Teresa and                                        Caroline, and the hints that Caroline has given recently that she’s on                                   Team Melissa and has jumped ship on Team Teresa, Melissa declined                                                         to answer that question but did add this:

 One thing that I learned about Caroline is that she is real.  She calls it like she sees it and there is no denying that.  Once she got to know me I think she saw that there is two sides to every story, especially in this case.

 Will you be on the next Season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?  Has filming started?

Yes I will and yes we have begun filming.

 Some photos were released of you all filming on the Jersey Shore, was that for next season?


 You and Joe are so close and loving, do you two get to spend any alone time together?

We try to spend as much alone time as we can.  We are both so lucky to be head over heels in love with each other.  Of course now it’s become a bigger challenge for us but we insist on not letting the reality world tear us apart.

 Is Antonia still dancing?  Does she enjoy it?

Yes Antonia is still dancing and she loves it.  Its something that comes very naturally to her.  Its one of my proudest moments watching her dance.

Your children are stunning, have any of them been involved inany modeling or acting?

Yes, Antonia was in a couple commercials.  She did baby modeling.  It takes a lot of time to go back and forth in to the city so now that she is getting older, I don’t want it to interfere with her school work so we are doing it a little less.

 Are you planning any business ventures like some of the other Housewives have done?  A book?  Jewelry line? etc?

Yes, we are coming out with a champagne.  Its called Magnifico Giornata which stands for a magnificent day.  It’s also has the MG logo that represents both Magnifico Giornata and Melissa Gorga.  It’s a great tasting champagne that I am really excited about.  I want it to be that every day is a magnificent day with champagne not just for special occassions.

End of Interview.

Thank you to Robyn of Illumination PR for all of your help and of course Thank you to Melissa for taking the time to talk with me!  

I was hoping that Melissa would give us the scoop on the Caroline/Teresa feud and shed some light on Caroline’s recent comments about “getting it” when it comes to Melissa.  Clearly Caroline isn’t blindly believing everything Teresa says and Jacqueline seems to enjoy Melissa’s company as well.  I think that Melissa had an uphill battle joining the New Jersey Housewives, after three years together Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa had built relationships, add to that Teresa’s negativity toward Melissa it must have been a bit intimidating.

I think that Melissa has a good heart, she may have some competitive tendencies with her husband’s sister but it doesn’t make her a bad person.  Certainly Teresa is competitive but she’s also mean and vindictive.  Teresa didn’t want her brother to be on the show even though he made it clear that he wanted to be on the show.  Who does that? Teresa actually threatened to quit if Melissa was made a Housewife.  (ala Jill Zarin threatening to quit if Alex remains a Housewife)  Wouldn’t a typical person be happy to have their relatives on the show, they could have been automatic allies for Teresa if it was handled properly.

In the end Teresa continues to tell viewers that she doesn’t want her family feud to play out on television, so why is she letting it play out that way?  Why didn’t she quit if she really didn’t want all this out there?  Why didn’t Teresa have those conversations with her brother and sister-in-law off-screen before the cameras began to roll?  Teresa is crying foul yet she is just as much to blame for all of this being on television as Melissa and Joey are, why does Teresa feel more entitled to be on the show than they are?  Just because she was there first that doesn’t mean others can’t be on the show as well.

I used to like Teresa, during season one I found her to be funny and very down to earth but Teresa has changed.  Teresa caught what I call “Season Two Disease”, she started to believe her own press and all of her adoring fans.  When she teamed up with Jill Zarin, Teresa feel even deeper into the black hole but just like Jill Zarin the things that we learned about Teresa and her husband off-screen were substantially worse than anything she’s done on-screen.  Joe Giudice is a criminal who has already spent time behind bars and will most likely spend more time there.  Teresa’s “I didn’t know” act isn’t going to play well in the courtroom and I certainly don’t buy it either.

Unfortunately Cousin Kathy has yet to break into the group, I was disappointed that Jacqueline didn’t invite Kathy to her party that aired Sunday, I realize they didn’t know each other well but that’s what the Housewives do, they invite all the housewives to everything.  If Tamra could invite Gretchen to her party, and Alex could invite Jill to her home, Jac certainly could have invited Kathy, right?

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I Hate Jill Zarin Flipping Out / Housewives News July 13, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin   Flipping Out /  Housewives News for Wednesday July 13 Flipping Out by VAGirl

Rather than recap this episode in chronological order, I’ve decided to do it by subject matter.

Hiring new interns. Gage and Jeff discuss worthy applicants. Jeff says he wants someone who looks like a stripper and doesn’t even want to consider anyone who did not send a picture with their resume. Gage wants them to be able to do the job. Jeff says his clients respond to his employees, especially attractive ones. Sarah asks whether Jeff would rather have talent or beauty. Jeff accuses her of worrying about not being the prettiest one in the room. They try out three interns. The first one is Natasha. Gage thinks she is cute and talented, until…….she asks for coffee and says she is going out to get some. In the talking head, Jeff says “Are you kidding me? Is she just going to leave and get coffee? That’s a deal killer for me.” Jeff asks Zoila to make coffee for Natasha. Zoila is not happy. On to the next one, Ashley. Ashley is 30 minutes late and even though her family owns a tequila farm and Jeff’s eyes light up at the thought of free tequila, she is not hired. Last is Mai. Jeff really upsets Sarah when he tells Mai in a roundabout way what a screw up Sarah is. Jeff ends up not hiring any of these three because he feels they are just not right for the job.

The new client. Jeff has a new client at the Durand property named Jeanne. She is married to Tommy Shaw of Styxx (whom I recognized right away), but Jeff didn’t know who he was until he was told. Jeff was pretty embarrassed because he says he knows who the band Styxx is and he knows their songs, but he didn’t recognize Tommy Shaw. Sarah didn’t have a clue about what or who Styxx is. Jeanne and Tommy want to redo the house to rent it out. Anyhoo, Jeanne is a no-nonsense client with a potty mouth who is cheap and has the workers sleep at the property while they work on it. She is also slow about paying Jeff. Jeff likes Jeanne.

The Sarah problem. Sarah is a screw up and if she wasn’t Jeff’s brother’s wife’s sister, she would have been long gone. Jeff keeps a sheet of all her mistakes and he is getting really tired of Sarah making the same mistakes over and over. He has tried all approaches with her and she’s not getting any better. To make matters worse, he receives her “save the date” for her wedding in the mail and knows it would be the worst time to fire her. He bounces his frustration off Jenni and even though Jenni loves Sarah she tells Jeff to fire her before things get even worse. Even Trace is getting frustrated and doesn’t cover for her when Jeff asks about her latest mistake. Jeff eventually has a heart to heart private talk with Sarah and tells her that he is giving her a big, big Warning and Wake Up Call, and that if her sheet gets filled up with her constant mistakes, he is going to have to let her go. Jeff just could not fire her.  I’ll tell you, he is a softie when it comes to Sarah and Zoila.

Speaking of Zoila. Jeff went off on Zoila when she returned late from visiting his mother and didn’t bring the mail back like he asked her. He knows they are like family, but feels she is getting too comfortable and taking advantage of him. Zoila gets really upset about Jeff yelling at her and asks if he wants her to find another job or quit. Jeff says he never ever wants Zoila to leave him and he ends up apologizing to her. If I were Zoila, I would be confused about my role with Jeff. He kids around with her and doesn’t treat her like a normal employee, so where is the line drawn?

Jeff has another new client named Stacey who owns the Sunshine Terrace property. He was only going to redo her back yard, but when he saw the inside of her house, he said that had to be redone also. He says Stacey has a lot of expensive junk in her house.

Other notable scenes. When Jeff, Jenni and Trace are in the car, Trace tells Jenni that there is a bug in her hair. Jeff stops the car and tells Jenni to get out because he doesn’t want the bug to get in his car. Jeff’s concern for Jenni is overwhelming. Trace has to get out of the car and help Jenni get the bug/bee out of her hair. Back at the office, Sarah, Zoila, Gage and Jeff are looking at the pictures of prospective interns on the computer. Jeff wants eye candy. Hasn’t he learned his lesson from not choosing the best qualified candidates for his firm in the past? As Zoila would say, Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey.

By the way, where is Jett? Does he still work for Jeff? Talk about eye candy. Wowza – those eyes!

Thanks for the great blog VAGirl!  Excellent work!  I love Jeff and Jenny!  xo

(sorry about the weird font, can’t seem to fix it, thanks WordPress!)

Bethenny on The View by LynnNChicago

Yesterday Bethenny was a guest host on The View, you can view the whole episode here: http://abc.go.com/watch/the-view/SH559080/VD55134862/the-view-712

It is clearly difficult to get a word in with these women, rather than being classy and kind to their guests they force guests to fight to get a point out there, talking over people is one of the rudest things you can do and these women do it constantly!  I am proud of our Bethenny, she did the best she could trying to speak and held her ground.

I loved the segment with Rescue Me’s Denis Leary, Bethenny used to work for him and she talks about that in her book.  He is really a funny guy and it seems that they had a lot of fun together when B cooked for Denis and the crew over at Rescue Me.  You have to give him credit for hiring a natural foods chef who could make healthy meals for his production team.  The show is worth watching just for his few minutes on the air!

While viewing the show on line, it froze up at one point while the camera was on Bethenny but Joy’s face was also partially visible and she was making the most ugly Jill Zarin face


What were they talking about at that very minute?  Bethenny being on the cover of Forbes Magazine and the reported $100 Million she earned selling Skinnygirl Cocktails. It was one thing when Bethenny was a guest on the show, Joy clearly loved slamming Bethenny at every turn and feeling superior to Bethenny because she was on The View and Bethenny was merely a reality star.  Joy loved to dig at Bethenny for her many different reality shows but Bethenny returned as a guest host to be featured the entire hour and I don’t think that Joy can feel superior any more. Joy managed to throw some pretty low blows the last time Bethenny was on The View comparing Bethenny’s career to that of Omarosa of the Apprentice.

Bethenny corrected Joy saying she wasn’t interested in that type of career, she wanted to be a business woman and would compare her career more to that of Elizabeth Hasslebeck.  The entire exchange created a firestorm of mudslinging mostly by Omarosa, her quote:

“Bethenny was a friend, and she stabbed me in the back.  When she got a tummy tuck with her C-section and pretended she lost the baby weight naturally, none of us said anything, but now she’s hurling insults.”

I think my favorite part is “none of us said anything”.  Who is the “us” Omarosa is referring to?  As if Omarosa is part of a group of Bethenny’s friends..haha, what a joke!  Bethenny remained silent and good for her!  Omarosa isn’t even on Bethenny’s radar, her 15-minutes are long since up!

Joy knew the Omarosa comment would be taken as a negative at the time and her superior attitude was sickening!  Joy’s tune has changed but her ugly “Jill like” faces give her away, she simply can’t be nice!  It’s really hysterical how much alike these two women are.

I was disappointed that Bethenny didn’t mention her new talk show, I guess she’s not allowed to talk about it yet but I’d have liked to hear more information on it, I suppose the network has to make the announcement first.

Joy Behar is one of the major reasons why I don’t like The View.  I get that she is supposed to be opinionated and tell us how she feels about “Hot Topics” but she’s not just opinionated, she’s judgmental and has been known to be rude to guests and even her cast mates.  I find her unprofessional and really don’t understand her appeal at all.  I think Barbara should either show up more often and get these women in line or she should make some major changes to the cast.  I find myself not really liking any of them.  Whoopi could do so much better, I am frankly surprised that she associates with these women.

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Mob Wives / Big Brother / Celebrity Rehab

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Mob Wives Reunion, Big Brother and Celebrity Rehab 


Exclusive interview with New Jersey Housewife, Melissa Gorga right here tomorrow at IHJZ!  Don’t miss it!

Big night on TV!  We’ve got several blogs for you today!  VAGirl has brought you Mob Wives and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.   Our friend Shannon has brought us the Big Brother recap, great show last night!  First let’s get into The Jersey girls…

Real Housewives of New Jersey by LynnNChicago

Tonight I was mad at Caroline Manzo and in the next minute I was really liking her…why?  When she talks about her daughter I want to shake her because she comes across so emotional and loving with her two sons yet Lauren is in “bitch mode”?  Later in the episode Caroline objectively looked at Joey and Melissa Gorga and recognized that they’re young, they’re fun and they’re the up and coming next generation.  Caroline said, “they’re not so bad”  for Mrs. Manzo, this is about the best you’re going to get!   Caroline is coming along…in fact I think this is the beginning of Caroline actually enjoying Melissa and Joey a lot more than Teresa and Joe Giudice.  Teresa is a drama queen and Joe is just a pig.  The Gorga’s are fun!  I don’t think it is any secret that Caroline only tolerates Joe Giudice and has little respect for Teresa.

Lauren Manzo really makes no sense based on what we see on the show, she seems to be with her brothers more than most siblings their age.  I do understand that she’s adjusting to them being out of the house but she has a boyfriend and hopefully girlfriends, move on Lauren!  The boys aren’t going anywhere!  That said, Caroline really should have a little empathy for her daughter, she seems to save it all for her sons.  Right or wrong these are Lauren’s feelings and her own mother should show her some support, especially on screen.

Ashley Holmes (I refuse to spell it the way she’s changed it) was only on screen for mere moments tonight but she managed to completely bash her own mother.  Was Ashley right?  Is Jacqueline trying so hard to be her own person and have a mind of her own that she is making bad decisions?  Danielle was first and although Danielle managed to make Jacqueline uncomfortable by talking about Jacqueline’s sister-in-law in a negative way, Jacqueline continued to put herself in situations where she would be in the middle of family and Danielle.  On a side note, who changes the way their name is spelled?  Ashley is so immature!

This season we see Jacqueline going to visit Kim G, and I have just one observation…WHY?  Ok, I have more than one observation.  It simply makes no sense, Jacqueline must have other friends.  I can see why Jac would not want to continually hang out with Teresa, that woman is so self-centered and full of herself it must be exhausting  being Teresa’s friend but wouldn’t Jac be better off alone than with Kim G?  Jacqueline has managed to put herself back into an uncomfortable situation with Kim G raging on Jac’s friend Teresa.  This causing Jacqueline to repeat, “shut the fuck up” several times while Kim continues to rattle on about the rumors swirling around Teresa’s court case.

Ashley tells us in her interview that her mother likes to pretend to be a peacemaker but really just likes to get into the middle of drama.  Why does Ashley hate her mother so much?  Jacqueline and Kim admire Kim’s new chandelier in her foyer and Kim begins to sob about being ill, having a brain tumor leaving her tough as nails.  It’s clear to anyone watching that this whole scene was set up so that Kim could slam Teresa and Jacqueline could pretend like she doesn’t want to hear what RadarOnLine has reported.  (yet later Jac confronts Teresa with the Radar OnLine article)

Teresa and Joe had to appear in court on this episode, the rag mags reported that Teresa got into a screaming match in the courthouse and tonight we got confirmation of what happened thanks to Joe Giudice.  No, this isn’t the court case for the Driving while intoxicated charge, no guys, it’s not the bankruptcy where Joe lied about his assets, oh no, it’s not the one where Joe tried to get a driver’s license in someone else’s name, nope not the charges for fighting in a bar in the Dominican Republic …no try to keep up with all Joe’s legal battles, ok?  (Allegedly)

Backing up a bit, Joe is accused of forging his former business partner’s name on a loan.  Did anyone else notice that Joe never said that he didn’t do it, he merely said he knows who he can and can’t trust now and Teresa said that it doesn’t matter what people say, she knows the truth.  Neither of them denied the charges.  Allegedly.

As the Giudice’s drive to the courthouse Teresa is giving Joe a pep talk telling him to stay positive while Joe tells his wife that he doesn’t want to talk about it, Teresa continues with her pep talk while Joe repeatedly tells his wife to “shut up Tree”.  What a lovely couple.

At the courthouse a woman named Monica who is apparently the wife of the business partner’s attorney is present.   Teresa saw Monica at the Posche Fashion Show with Kim G and our Teresa snapped.  You know, the way she snapped when she flipped a table and the way she snapped at last season’s reunion, you know the way she never snaps, only around Danielle, and Kim G, and now this Monica person…..Teresa never snaps!

As Teresa is telling Jacqueline how she calmly walked up to Monica and snarked at her for talking with Kim G, Joe is telling the manly men that Teresa snapped and went off on Monica, screaming and yelling and finally had to be pulled away threatened with being arrested if she didn’t stop.  What’s one more lawsuit?  Someone has to keep attorney’s in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.  Seems as though our Teresa snapped again, she really never does that!  Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice really should have discussed their stories before going in front of the camera’s at Jacqueline’s house.  One of them is lying, which one do you think lied?  Teresa or Joe and all of the reporters who saw Teresa flip out?  Did Teresa flip out at Jacqueline for talking to Kim G?

Jacqueline’s party looked like a lot of fun, not like the typical parties we see with this group and I think the difference was the Gorga’s!  This couple IS fun, young and they breath new life into this show, there is no doubt about it!  Teresa tried to start a fight with Melissa when Melissa mentioned her sisters, Teresa started to snark at Melissa about losing her brother and not having any sisters.  Melissa made it clear that she would be happy to have Teresa as a sister.  I love that Melissa didn’t back down, she told Teresa to “wake up and smell the coffee”.  Teresa and Joe Giudice sat sulking all evening while the Gorga’s were the life of the party!  

Melissa announces that she is having a party on Saturday night and invites everyone there at Jacqueline’s house to her party.  As Joe Giudice interrupts Melissa and asks at least five times “what time?” the others are all excited and happy to join in the festivities.  The Giudice’s didn’t seem to enjoy this party at Jacqueline’s house nearly as much as everyone else did.

Caroline tells us she is warming up to the Gorga’s and notwithstanding Teresa’s attempts to turn Caroline and Jacqueline against Melissa before even meeting her, Caroline formed her own opinion that night.   Christopher, Albie and their friend Greg even seemed to enjoy the Gorga’s company.  Was Chris Laurita even at his own party?  We didn’t see much of him.

Teresa added, “I’m not really worried about Jacqueline and Caroline becoming friends with Melissa, I share, I have other friends, lots of them”.  Very convincing Teresa!

Missing from Jacqueline’s party was the final housewife, Kathy and her husband Richie.  Richie is determined to open a restaurant while Kathy is cautious and a bit unsure until they look at a beautiful space and she gets excited.

As Kathy explained she and Richie are long time patrons of the Manzo’s Brownstone, the couple go and visit the owner of the Brownstone, Albert Manzo.  The scene felt staged as Albert looked as if he didn’t want to be there and couldn’t understand what he was doing there in the first place.  In fact, it looked like he wasn’t even listening until the minute Richie said they wanted to open a restaurant, then Albert let out the most obnoxious, rude and fake laughter in Jersey Housewife history.  It was awkward.

In the end, all agreed with Albert Manzo but he could have gotten his point across without the laughter by simply telling his 9-11 story of the death of a friend.  I really thought Albert was going to talk about spending more time with family rather than working so hard but instead he told the story of the deceased spending a lot of time at the Brownstone, giving Albert a sense of purpose with his business.  Albert explained that when you have a restaurant you no longer have the time to spend with your family, the business will consume your life.  I can see how that can be true, particularly in the beginning but I would think that by now there has to be a way for Al to hire a good manager and take some time off, I think he simply doesn’t want to, I think he enjoys his work.  On a side note, I still don’t really understand why Christopher Manzo doesn’t work there anymore, and we haven’t been told if he has a new job, how does he pay his portion of the rent?

Caroline tells us that Albert took over the Brownstone at a very young age and it wasn’t doing well, her husband put his blood, sweat and tears into the restaurant to make it the success that it is today.  It must be very successful because it supports Caroline and Albert’s family as well as Dina and Tommy’s family and who knows how many other families, along with all of their Bravo paychecks but Dina’s paycheck now comes from HGTV.

So what have we learned on tonight’s episode?  Ashley Holmes is still a horrible person who uses her screen time to drop kick her own mother.  Chris, Albie and Lauren are adjusting to major changes in their lives.  Teresa isn’t jealous of Caroline and Jacqueline warming up to Melissa.  Joe Giudice is going to be seeing a whole lot of the inside of courtrooms.  Kathy and Richie are going to start small with a catering business rather than jumping into a restaurant.  Jacqueline is a girl that just wants to have fun and found that Melissa is a whole lot more fun than Teresa.

Next week Melissa and Joey Gorga host their own Christmas party and if I heard right they are spending $50k on the bash only to have Teresa flip out because Monica (the wife of the attorney of Joe Giudice’s former business partner) is at the party and Teresa wants her thrown out!   Best we can tell Teresa’s only beef with this woman is that she talks to Kim G.  I wonder if Teresa wants Jacqueline thrown out too?

Immediately following the RHONJ, Jay Mohr hosted Watch What Happens Live with Kathy and Richie, while they were unfortunately dull guests and a lot of Jay’s jokes went right over their heads, I think that overall Jay did a fantastic job and I think he should be the new permanent host of the show!  Jay made it fun and his snark was fantastic!

Stop back tomorrow for my Exclusive Interview with Melissa Gorga!  You won’t want to miss it!  

Mob Wives Reunion by VAgirl

Here we are at the reunion after the 1st season of Mob Wives on VH-1. We already know it’s been renewed for a 2nd season. Drita, Karen, Renee and Carla were the four central characters for Mob wives.

They are either the daughters, wives, ex-wives, or girlfriends of mobsters, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Drita’s husband, Lee, who also used to be Karen’s long-time boyfriend, is currently incarcerated. Drita is divorcing him because she found out he cheated on her before his latest incarceration.

Karen is not currently married, but has a child by someone who was incarcerated but is now out. Karen’s daughter does not currently live with her on Staten Island. Karen is writing a book about being the daughter of Sammy the Bull.

Renee is a divorcee with a teenage son who has had trouble breaking the tie with her ex-husband, Junior. Her father is incarcerated.

Carla is a divorcee with two children whose ex-husband just got out of prison.

During the season, the ladies have had their ups and downs amongst each other, but it seems at the end of the season, Drita and Carla were close, and Renee and Karen were close.

Now to the reunion. The host of the reunion is - wait for it …. Wendy Williams! Hmmmmm, probably not a bad choice for this group of ladies. I think Wendy can hold her own. I’m not going to take the time to go over every question and answer of the reunion since I’m sure VH-1 will rerun it numerous times. I will just hit the highlights.

The reunion opens with a lot of tension in the room since the season ended in a smack down between Drita and Karen. Wendy starts off asking the group their thoughts on people thinking they are a disgrace to Italian Americans or Staten Islanders. They say they are themselves and do not represent anyone.

Wendy mentions that Victoria Gotti thinks the show is scripted. Renee could care less what she has to say. It’s definitely not scripted. Wendy says a lot of fans (and we have on this board, too) have asked how do they live so well when their loved ones are in jail and they don’t seem to have a full-time job? Carla has always worked even if it’s not full-time. Karen used to run a day spa, she has the book advances, and of course she gets paid for doing the show. Renee says “Don’t count my money, it’s not yours,” and everybody needs to mind their own business. Wendy wants to know if there is still a mob on Staten Island.

All the ladies have this “I don’t know look on their faces.” Renee smiles and says “What Mob?” Wink Wink Wendy gets into the three main fights between all the ladies. The first was between Karen and Renee when Karen returned to Staten Island. Nothing new here except we learn that Renee and her father do not speak, not because of Karen but because Renee did the show.

Renee’s father does not watch the show. Karen does speak with her father who watches and supports her. Carla said her ex Joe has no interest in it. Drita said her husband cannot watch VH-1, but that he hears about it and is pissed about the show. He is in prison for robbing banks and during the show she never found out exactly when he was coming home. I guess it doesn’t matter now that she’s divorcing him for cheating on her. He denied his affair.

Drita has confronted the woman, not face to face. Renee says she’s been through it and she has compassion for her. Drita wants to date a regular guy. Karen thinks all the good guys are afraid of them. The second major conflict was between Renee and Carla because Renee did not like Carla’s then boyfriend. Carla is no longer with him and even though she’s not back with her ex, she says they have a good relationship now.

When Carla and Renee start discussing the fight, they get into it again. Renee starts crying and they keep arguing about it. Carla is no longer dating him. Who cares who he put his hands on and where he put his hands? Get over it already! The third major conflict involves Drita and Karen and Drita’s husband Lee, who Karen dated long-term.

Not going into this long drawn out drama and who did what when. By the looks on their faces, I think Drita is over it, but Karen seems to still have that “it’s not over” look on her face. Suffice it to say, this issue has not been resolved and since neither is with Lee, Who Cares? Like I said before, get over it already!

On a lighter note, the talk turns to Renee, the Drama Queen. Renee doesn’t like being referred to as a drama queen, but then numerous scenes are shown where Renee is being a drama queen. She says Junior is gone and she’s getting back out there. She does not have her original nose, has had liposuction and a breast reduction when she was 18. She says she doesn’t exercise like the other girls because she can do it much faster and after 48 hours and the swelling goes down, she can look like them. She is back to styling for rap stars. She has styled 50 Cent and others.

Wendy asks Karen if her daughter is mixed, because in her words, she looks like she has some flavor. Karen says yes. Karen doesn’t know if she will be staying in Staten Island or not. She said her baby daddy has been in and out of jail most of his life, but she felt she needed for her daughter to spend time with him in order to have a relationship and that she spends a lot of time with her also. Wendy tells Renee she knows she likes to dance so she says “start the music” and Renee dances in her seat. I have to say, I like Renee the most out of this group.

Wendy asks each lady if they have any regrets. Karen regrets the big fight with Drita. Carla regrets the big fight with Renee. Drita regrets the big fight with Karen. Renee regrets not losing weight before the season began. That Renee has her priorities straight. She cracks me up.

I think Wendy did a great job.  What do you think?

Until next season ……

Thanks VAGirl, great job!  What did everyone think of the first season of Mob Wives?  Lynn~

Big Brother 13 Episode 2   Nomination Show by Shannon

We pick up from the last episode with the house guests being stunned by the golden key twist. Julie Chen informed them that the houseguest who survives the nomination block will be presented with a golden key and it will guarantee their safety for the next four weeks.

The veterans quickly realize that they have to stick together since they are out numbered 8 to 6. Evil Dick tells them they must pull two newbies in to their side. His first target is Porsche. He tells her that they want her to be with the veterans and that they will protect her even if she goes up on the block, what they want in return is for her to vote with them. She is quickly on board.

The library bedroom is occupied by Dominic, Lawon & Keith. Dominic tells them that they should all three work together since they are partnered up with other people, and they should bring in a fourth member from the other newbie team. That way if any of the teams goes up on the block they will have each others backs and their partners will be voted out. They bring in Cassie as the other member and she quickly agrees. They decide they need a name and Dominic comes up with the Regulators.

Porsche tells Keith that the veterans want to work with them and that she thinks it’s a good idea, since they will be strong. Keith acts like he is on board but then runs back to the Regulators and tells them what Porsche said, so now they feel like they can’t trust her.

Have Not Competition

The house guests, led by the HOH Rachel, are dressed up as cows, and the backyard has been transformed into the moon. The object of the competition is for the teams to run and jump in a pool of milk and soak up as much milk into their outfit as they can and then run across the yard where a squeezer will squeeze all the milk out of their costume. The first two teams to fill up 6 milk jugs will be Haves for the week.

The teams are Jeff, Jordan, Evil Dick & Dani on the Blue team. Adam, Dominic, Porsche & Keith on the Green team, and Shelly, Cassie, Kalia & Lawon on the Orange team. The Blue teams wins followed by the Green teams, which means the Orange team will be the Have Nots.

The library has been turned into an asylum for the Have Not’s room, complete with padded walls. So now not only will they be on slop for the week they also will have to take cold showers and sleep in the asylum where the lights have to remain on even during the night. I still think that’s better than sleeping on the cots like last year.


Rachel says she has learned from last year and will not nominate people for emotional reasons but strictly game play. We’ll see how long that last. I wasn’t a fan of Rachel’s last year, but she seems to have toned it down a little bit this year. Maybe she learned from her mistakes, but she still hasn’t learned that she doesn’t need to yell during her diary room interviews.

Evil Dick suggested Adam as the other one to offer to bring to their side and the other veterans agree. So he pulls Adam up to the HOH and tells him to not be freak out if he gets put up because he is getting the Willy Wonka golden key because they will save him. He goes on to tell him that what they want is for him to vote with the veterans, that he is now with them. He also tells him that if he gets HOH he can’t put up a veteran and they might also want him to throw a POV. Adam seems happy to accept. I was glad to see in his interview that he isn’t as gullible as he acts on the live feeds. He said during his interview that he was really going after Evil Dick. I find that hard to believe since he is such a big Evil Dick fan.

In the end Rachel puts up Keith & Porsche. She wants to get rid of Keith since he is such a tough competitor and she wants Porsche to be on their side. She feels like if she helps Porsche get the golden key then she will be with them.

Great job Shannon, I love this show!  A question for all you Big Brother fans, Shannon has some spoilers but we agreed that posting them might annoy some of you, what are your thoughts, would you like to read the spoilers?  We can be sure to label them for those who would rather not know, Shannon can put them at the end of her blog with the *Spoiler Alert* notice for those who would like to skip them.  What do you all think?   Thanks again Shannon!  Lynn~

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew by VAgirl

Last week as we left Celebrity Rehab, Bai was on the roof. Shelly gets on the roof and tries to talk Bai into using the ladder to get down. She finally gets down and asks Dr. Drew what happened. Dr. Drew tells her they can’t have that happening and they have to protect her. He tells her she needs to take the meds he recommended for her. If she doesn’t, she may have to be transferred to a higher level of medical care. Bai said getting on the roof just happened.

In spite of her being afraid of getting addicted to the medicine, she finally agrees to take the psychiatric medication. On day five, everyone’s withdrawal is beginning to subside and they look better. At group, Sean says she is feeling sad because she is going to have to say goodbye to an old friend, alcohol. She feels fear, remorse and isn’t sure she has the skills to allow that sadness.

Amy states the rehab facility is like prison. Steven says she shot someone in the head and if where she was in prison was better than the rehab facility, then she had it easy. Michael is also angry at Amy because he said prison was hell for him, where pedophiles had pictures of his daughter in their lockers and had pictures of his wife and said vile things about her. He got into lots of trouble in prison because of that and had to stay in the “hole “ most of the time. He says it got so bad he climbed a tree in the yard hoping he would get shot. He leaves the room and gets physically sick.

Dr. Drew checks on him and prescribes anti-nausea medicine. Dr. Drew wants him to continue to express those feelings. Sean talks with Dr. Drew one on one. She thinks being there makes her look like a loser and is completely humiliated by the condition of her reputation in the business. She says she made a lot of stupid mistakes that have damaged her career and she feels they are insurmountable. She doesn’t want to address her feelings, but Dr. Drew tells her in order for her to get better she will have to do just that, in little doses, just like the talk she had with him.

On day five, Amy gets a new roommate, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper who was on Survivor for two separate seasons. She was the first voted off Survivor the second season because she wanted to harm herself. She has been on a downward spiral ever since. When she meets with Dr. Drew, he finds out she drinks, smokes pot, has tried cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy. She also likes Vicodin, Valium and Xanax. Dr. Drew says she is a severe, severe addict and it will be a long haul for her.

On day six, the rehabbers will be going for Equine Therapy. Sean is apprehensive because she fell off a horse and broke her arm in one of the Batman movies and lost the role to Kim Bassinger. Was that one of the better Batman movies or a flop? Not sure because I never saw any of them. Does anyone remember the Sandra Bullock move 28 Days when the addicts had to lift a horse’s hind leg and clean out their hooves? Well, this is what they are doing here.

The trainer is a former addict and has Jessica be the first to go. She can’t do it at first but then looks the horse in the eye, tries again and is successful. It’s all about getting in touch with your emotions. Next is Sean. She tells him she lost a movie role because of a horse and the trainer asks her if the horse took away her ability to act. She says no. He asks her if Kim Bassinger’s career was made from that movie. She says no. The trainer minimizes the effect the accident had on Sean’s career. He hands her the cleaning tool and she approaches the horse and does it. Then she smiles and says she is ready to ride him. Everyone applauds.

On day 7 at morning meditation, everyone states their name and addiction except that Amy won’t. Steven, who is known for his anger issues, goes off. Shelly tries to get through to him, but can’t and he is getting out of control. Amy is upset and says she has to leave. This episode, I really felt sorry for Sean, Jessica and I even felt sorry for Michael. Don’t know if he’s putting on an act, but he’s pretty convincing. 

Thanks VAGirl for that great recap  xoxo!  Lynn~

Tomorrow my exclusive interview with Melissa Gorga will be posted right here along with more on The Jersey girls and their blogs and we’ll talk more about Watch What Happens Live too!

Thanks to Boston02127 for the great photos and captions!

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Let’s Chat!

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Let’s Chat

Before we get into the New Jersey show, I wanted to do a quick update on some of the other shows:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The newest Beverly Hills Housewife Brandi Glanville is getting positive press before the show even hits the screen… LeAnn Rimes can’t seem to do anything right:

As most of you know, Brandi Glanville is the ex-wife of Eddie Ciprian and is now a cast member of Bravo’s Beverly Hills Housewives, Eddie dumped Brandi to be with LeAnn Rimes of country music fame.  LeAnn’s Twitter Bio:

LeAnn Rimes Cibrian

@leannrimes Everywhere

WIFE, Bonus Mom, Friend, Daughter, Caretaker To Everyone I Love Dearly, Incredibly Happy Woman….oh yeah, and I do this little thing called music and film

I have a feeling as Beverly Hills Housewives airs we will be talking more about LeAnn but here’s an article already talking about her link to Bravo’s Housewives:

Eddie and LeAnn

Because she is on a campaign to make sure that absolutely no one on earth likes her anymore, LeAnn Rimes has issued an warning to new hubby Eddie CibrianStay away from Brandi Glanville – or else!

The country singer has made it crystal clear that Cibrian is to keep his distance from both his EX and filming for the second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  What LeAnn, worried that Ed might have succumb to his notoriously wandering eyes…again?

According to a source, although Brandi and LeAnn have recently made nice, LeAnn’s been upset about Brandi being cast on the hit reality show from the start.

LeAnn is LIVID that Brandi is doing the show…but she can’t exactly get Brandi fired.

Or can she?  She’s stuck her nose in plenty of places it hasn’t belonged before; who says she won’t do it again?

Read more: http://bumpshack.com/2011/07/09/leann-rimes-bans-eddie-cibrian-from-rhobh/#ixzz1RinoX7HC  

LeAnn Tweeted:

leannrimes LeAnn Rimes Cibrian to:  @Bravolebrity1 @badcelebrities @brandiglanville Eddie wouldn’t even THINK about “appearing” where do you come up w/ this?! Lol

@LeannRimes to:  @LisaVanderpump thank you so much for the beat table in the house today! Sorry we missed you , but we’ll see you next time. Villa Blanca is stunning!!

Lisa Vanderpump responded to LeAnn Rimes:

LisaVanderpump  to:  @leannrimes ooh just heard you were in….sorry I missed you,crazy schedule…

I wonder how Lisa’s cast mate Brandi feels about that Twitter exchange?  This is going to be a fun season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

From RadarOnLine:


Aloha hot mama Grammer!

It’s been one year to the day that Camille Grammer officially pulled the trigger on her marriage to Kelseyfiling for divorce after 13 years together.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Camille Grammer Is Sizzling In Hawaii

Single and sexy, Camille showed off her smoking hot bikini body while spending July 4th weekend in Hawaii with her daughterMason, 9 and son Jude, 6, tellingRadarOnline.com: “It’s been one year today I filed for divorce, I feel liberated!”

The stunning blonde also says she’s has much to be thankful for this holiday weekend. “What can be better than being with my kids in Hawaii over the
holidays? Nothing!” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star exclusively tells RadarOnline.com. “We’re having the time of our lives. Mason is enjoying hanging out on the beach and dolphin watching. Jude is taking golf lessons with his grandfather and we can barely get him out of the water.”

Grammer, who looks years younger than 42, rocked a two-piece aqua blue Swim Systems bikini which showed off her rock hard abs. She accessorized with a pair of black Tom Ford shades and a sexy black cowboy hat.

Single life certainly seems to suit this yummy mommy!

RadarOnLine’s photos of Camille and her kids in Hawaii:


The Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes in LA to attend a wedding, was out on the town in Los Angeles with Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills Housewives and her husband Maricio.  While NeNe was enjoying her LA experience, her son Bryson was arrested again, this time for shoplifting $28 worth of razor’s at WalMart.


NeNe tweeted only this:

NeNeLeakes  My day just got started off wrong! Damn

NeNeLeakes    God’s got it all in control

MauricioUmansky Fun dinner tonight with bi coastal housewives @neneleakes and @KyleRichards18 yfrog.com/ke75lcgj 

(shhhh it’s ok, he’s hot so he doesn’t have to know US Geography)  lol

NeNeLeakes   to:  @MauricioUmansky @KyleRichards18 Thanks 4 supporting me & takin me out last nite n LA! Thanks 2 u guys, my stomach hurts LOL

KyleRichards18  to:  @NeNeLeakes how much fun did we have?? 🙂

Rumored to be Atlanta’s newest Housewife:  Marlo Hampton:   http://twitter.com/#!/iheartmarlo

PHOTOS – Real Housewives of Atlanta Attend the Opening of Peter’s New Lounge! http://t.co/G5FRxiC

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Ok I know that some guys have that need to dress in flamboyant clothing (see Simon VanKempen) but come on…this guy is gay!  No?


Tamra posted this on her Facebook wall, that’s her man Eddie on the right.  While you’re there scroll through Tam’s photos, I have to give her credit, she posted this photo of her soon-to-be ex-husband Simon with their children:

Tamra has a lot of photos of her kids on her Facebook, even some of Lynne Curtain.

Tamra was an amazing bitch this season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, hopefully she’ll be watching herself more closely and her behavior will improve next season.

There is no excuse for her interfering with Gretchen and Slade (and Slade’s child) or the way she slung mud at her ex, Simon by her disgusting sex scenes with Eddie Judge, her children have got to be mortified!

For some reason I thought Tamra’s kids were younger but looking at the age they are, she is not going to convince me that any court order banning Bravo from being shown to them is going to stop them from seeing her on television.  They’ve “met” Eddie (as Alexis rightly pointed out)  too much of Eddie groping their mother!

Vicki Gunvalson talks about living her life on television:


The reporter asks Vicki if Donn is still living in the house with her, she responds, “I’m not going to talk about that”.  Why do they think they wanted her on the show?  To talk about insurance?  DULL!  But wait!  Vicki has a new business, she’s promoting an eyelash lengthening product.  sigh…

Alexis Bellino and her coutour line is moving forward, she’s now having a contest, all you have to do is buy one of her dresses, take a photo of yourself wearing that dress and you can win …. something…she hasn’t released that information yet.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m on it!  LOL

The dress costs $69.50 and is available for pre-order on her web site.  Some of her dresses are cute but this is the least expensive one, the rest of her dresses range from $319 to $169.

Gretchen Rossi posted this at 1:30am the other day:

So Gavin (Slade’s older son) is in town and has been staying with us for a few days and he comes down just now to get some water and sees that Slade and I are still hard at work and says “Do you guys every sleep?” Slade and I looked at each other and just laughed and then said together….”NOT REALLY” We are busy little bees that is for sure!

As many of you probably know, Prince William and his lovely wife are in Los Angeles, EOnline asked some celebrities and housewives what they suggested the newlywed couple do while they’re in LA, here’s what Gretchen had to say:


Gretchen has branched out from cosmetics and purses to t-shirts and tanks and even a spray tan in a can.  She’s her own little brand now, but is anyone buying this stuff? Gretchen says Yes!  Where are these internet shoppers?  I have a few questions for them!

Gretchen also has an Ebay site where she sells her used clothing…just like Jill Zarin none of the proceeds go to charity.  http://shop.ebay.com/gretchenchristinescloset/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562

The Real Housewives of DC

If anyone missed Rich Amons Guest blog he so graciously wrote for us, you can view it here:


Lynda from DC was told by a fan that they would have liked DC to have another season, Lynda responded:

 @Thereallyndadc:  thank you..always nice to hear. The Reality doesn’t have to be so shallow. We would have been perfect for NBC day time.

Lynda’s got a good point, I think that the DC Housewives would have found an audience somewhere in NBC’s schedule.  They were absolutely overall the most intelligent group of any Housewives series.

THERealLyndaDC I was asked today ‘how did you go from the red carpet to Alabama’ answer ‘Easy..I’m visiting my Mom..the red carpet will wait’

THERealLyndaDC Thoughts and prayers go out to the Ford family. May Betty Ford rest in peace. Her courage and life will live on forever.

Well said Lynda!  Rest In Peace Mrs. Betty Ford.

Catherine Ommanney ‎”Bed bugs, champagne, love, gay domestics and international flights” – my weekly blog coming soon called #mybollocks hahaha stay tuned..

Catherine Ommanney  Im sooo excited – just heard my very best friend is flying in to see me in DC tomorrow!! #bestfriendsfortwentyyears #yippee #cantwait

Our “Rich Amons Asshat of the Week” awards have gone, in the past to Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson,

Asshat of the Week!

Luann deLesseps and Jill Zarin.  This week I would be remiss if I didn’t give it to the biggest Asshat on television:  Kelly Bensimon!

For her rude and vile behavior toward Alex McCord and Simon VanKempen, not to mention her snide remarks in her blog about Sonja and Ramona, Kelly wins the jackpot!

Telling Alex to “stop turning red” and saying that it was anything less than completely appropriate to allow Avery Singer to shop with her mother and Sonja is completely assinine!  But that’s our Kelly, a complete ass or in this case ASSHAT OF THE WEEK!

@BravoAndy:  Gorgeous evening in France. Meanwhile, Jay Mohr is warming up the clubhouse, keeping my seat warm tonight

Does this guy ever just take a damn vacation and shut the hell up?  Someone should take away his Blackberry, cell phone or whatever he’s using to Tweet while vacationing in France!

@BravoAndy:  St. Tropez lunch http://say.ly/jdNu75

Bravo won’t collapse if you’re gone for a few days Cohen!  The studio will still be there and the Housewives will still be bitching!

A lot of us are mom’s so I think you can appreciate Bethenny’s latest post on Facebook:

Bethenny Frankel

Not until you’re married with a child do you fully appreciate a few hours of alone time: whether you watch tv, organize your closet or stare at the ceiling, it’s a guilty pleasure. I bow my head to all of you moms with several children(particularly single moms.) I’m creating an award for you.


Real Housewives of New York

Yes, Jill Zarin is on vacation in London, she is in my family’s home country and it makes me want to vomit, however, we should pity Jill Zarin because while she is on vacation, she continues to tweet even promising to release her private blog while in London.  She can’t just go on vacation, put her stupid phone away and stop Tweeting, how do you suppose Bobby Zarin (aka the doormat) feels about all the time this woman takes Tweeting.  It’s like she’s afraid that people will forget about her….hmmmm, doesn’t she trust me that I’ll keep her name front and center?   Jill posted these tweets at 1:40AM London Time…

Jill Zarin   @jaymohr37 I am in England and will miss you tonight. good luck!

Jill Zarin  I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life. I am with the man I love, my daughter is happy, my family is healthy ( poo poo).

If I thought for one moment that Jill Zarin meant that statement above, I’d shut down this blog.  This is not a happy woman, this is an obsessed woman.  She can’t stop Tweeting for one weekend in London, she is constantly manipulating and scheming to get ahead.  We know based on Jill’s book that she may or may not love her husband as long as he can take care of her and buy her things, she’s happy!   After reading her daughter’s web page, I even have to question her happiness, I wonder,why is she changing schools?

A few months ago I read Ally’s blog and there were a few disturbing entries there indicating that she is not as happy as Jill would like us to believe. (they’ve since been deleted) I didn’t share it with you all because so many get upset with the “kids” are brought into things but when Jill tries to paint this perfect picture, I simply can’t let her continue to lie.

AllyZarin Ally Shapiro Zarin   i need a job!!! anyone looking for an employee in sales/photography/fashion/education/working with children….i can do pretty much anything

AllyZarin Ally Shapiro Zarin   i think im done w twitter


Simon VanKempen wrote a now infamous blog outlining not only events of recent months but timelines and some behind-the-scenes information that is relevant to what is happening on RHONY right now.  In case you haven’t read it, here is the link:

Simon’s RHoNY 4.14 Blog http://j.mp/rk0fJI 

Simon noted that some of the negative comments are posted by just one person using many different names:

“Edited by Simon – this is the 5th alias using four different email addresses but all via the same IP address that has been used to post 15 negative comments on this blog. It seems that someone has taken an almost professional interest in my blog”

This happens here all the time so I know exactly what he is talking about, when someone comes in just to harass and insult causing chaos on the blog I will block the IP address rather than the person’s name.  Simon’s blog is obviously quite different from ours, people typically read and post their thoughts and move on.  On this blog we chat, we respond to each other and we stick around for a while reading the comments.

Kadoos (thanks Ramona) to Simon for not blocking anyone and allowing even negative posts on his blog, however, when one person is posting several times with different names the only goal is to change public perception.  Whoever is doing this (IdidntsayitwasJillspeople) simply wants others to see several negative comments in order to try to sway others way of thinking.   Whoever is doing this also happens to have too much time on their hands.  We call them “Trolls” and we should pity trolls, they’re jealous, they’re hateful (I know I know) and they’ve got nothing better to do than try to manipulate others on the internet.  Trolls truly have no lives, they tend to use vulgar language to shock people but it shows a lack of education and a lack of human decency.  There is a lot of ignorance of things people know nothing about, I don’t care if people call me a “hate blogger” because it simply shows that they are ignorant and uneducated.  Seriously, we should pity them.



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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York News

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – More of The Blogs

Tonight Bravo airs a new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I know you’re all in withdrawal after two weeks without our Jersey girls so let’s finish up on the New York “ladies” so that we can focus on Jersey tomorrow.  Stop back tonight to chat during the Real Housewives of  New Jersey.

Kelly’s blog starts off trying to snark at  Sonja and Ramona but as with all things Kelly, she fails miserably:

So, Sonja, Avery, and Ramona decide to go to shop for Sonja’s burlesque costume at a downtown haunt called, Patricia Fields. (Sonja, Patricia Fields is downtown, are you sure you’ll be safe?!!) Patricia Fields is a New York icon and her store has been a haven for nightclub goers for decades. You may know/recognize Patricia — she was the stylist for the Sex and the City. Why are Ramona, Sonja, and Avery picking out costumes for Sonja’s burlesque party? What do you think about Avery coming to pick out burlesque clothes?

Is Sonja sure she’ll be safe?  What the hell are you talking about?  Why wouldn’t they be picking out outfits for Sonja’s burlesque party?  That is why they are there you moron!  What do we think about Avery picking out berlesque clothes?  She looked like she was having fun, she chose not to attend the party, what’s your point?  At sixteen, Avery is a mature young lady and there is no reason why she shouldn’t be there in this “Iconic” store with her mom and Sonja.  This is the best you’ve got Bensimon?

Kelly rambles on…

I have to be honest, I was not really in a partying kind of mood. It was late on a Friday, I had to get my girls to the beach right after, and it wasn’t clear what the point of the party was. We were merely invited to another theme party Sonja was having.

No need to explain Kell Kell, you were in a “mood”, you should have stayed home.  The point of the party?  What is the point of any party?  To have fun, idiot!  Next time we’ll ask Sonja to send you a complete synopsis on the party along with the menu, budget and some tips on how to enjoy a party.  Example 1.  arrive on time for a change 2.  stay for longer than 10-minutes  3.  stop questioning why you’re there and just enjoy the party.

As for processing problems, many people deal with grief in a variety of ways. I grieved over my divorce for a long time. I made the right decision for me and my children, but it is very scary to lose all of your friends and the lifestyle that some men afford women, and work to reinvent yourself.

We know that you didn’t make the decision for you and your children, Giles made the decision to kick you to the curb!  After getting to know you, who can blame the man?  I only blame him for marrying you in the first place.  What was he thinking?  If you lost “friends” in the divorce, they were never your friends to begin with.  How exactly have you lost your lifestyle?  You still have no job, a free home in New York City, a free house in the Hamptons and you travel all over the country at will, tweeting constantly.  You told us that your ex-husband left you alone all the time anyway, sounds like your life hasn’t changed much at all.  This “woe is me” routine isn’t working here baby!

From Kelly’s blog, word for word, I kid you not:

LuAnn is a very special woman. I’ve grown to love her. At first, I was intimidated but her emotional strength and impressed with her ability to weed through the bad seeds.

This woman wrote three books and is writing another….yeah ok!

More from Kelly about Luann:  Now, I want to know all the tricks of her trade. I don’t need a “moment” with her, we just like to be together and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk.

The “tricks of her trade”?  Is Lulu a hooker now?  What the hell?…. going on about Lulu…

To her, it’s not how her relationship ended, it’s how her new chapter begins that’s interesting.

Of course Lulu’s not interested in talking about how she lost her “Count”, he cheated and he dumped her in an email.  End of story.  Her new chapter is interesting?  To whom?  Pea brain Kelly, that’s whom.

I hope you’re sitting down as Kelly isn’t finished yet…

Jill and Ally. Oh my god. Ally and I are so alike. My mother always used to take me for lunch and shopping. All I wanted to talk to her about was my religion classes, anthropology courses, and urban studies. College is such an amazing experience. Ally is sowing her intellectual seeds, and I love to live vicariously though her. I think I may have worn that shirt to lunch with my mom when I was 19, too.

This proves what I’ve been saying for a long time now, Kelly is watching Jill Zarin and her daughter having lunch.  Kelly relates to the teenager.  Kelly doesn’t think about when her daughter will go off to college, instead Kelly regresses back to when she was a teenager.  Kells has the intelligence level and brain of a young teenager, does she think that the remark about the shirt that Kells would have worn in 1987 was a compliment to Ally?

I’m arduously working on my new book #icanmakeyouhot, and eager to hear of any of your favorite recipes.


Why does Kelly want OUR recipes for her book?  SHE can make you hot?  With OUR recipes?  If reading Kelly’s tweets is any indication, her book is going to be a complete joke!

Kelly got herself a “word of the day” calendar.

ar·du·ous   http://sp.dictionary.com/dictstatic/d/g/speaker.swf [ahr-joo-uhs or, especially Brit., ahr-dyoo-]  Show IPA



requiring great exertion; laborious; difficult: an arduous undertaking.

requiring or using much energy and vigor; strenuous: making an arduous effort.

As she was on screen talking about being mean-tweeted, Kelly was mean tweeting….oh yes she was!

I think parent should be good role models/ accountable. Wasn’t keen on #burlesque

I got a lot of heat for filming #burlesque. Should mothers be attending “strip” scenes. I wasn’t thrilled about filming it. Thoughts?

wow. Comparing modeling for @playboy to filming a #burlesque. Apples and oranges. Good comment, though. Anyone else?

#wwhl love my Carson Kressley. @bravoandy be nice to Carson, he’s a good friend

Kelly is so ridiculous! She’s worried about what her daughter’s think about her attending a burlesque show yet her nude photos appeared in Playboy just last year.  Her daughter’s were on screen telling her that they were mortified but Kelly simply says, “I know they love me”.

Thanks to Boston02127 for this link:


I just watched this video of Kelly Bensimon answering questions about love and marriage and my brain truly hurts ….  the problem is, she is serious.  Kelly is so anxious to defend the Kardashians that she’ll say anything, if it had been someone she didn’t want to suck up to, she’d be singing a different tune.  (please don’t sing Kelly, don’t take everything so literally)


She makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever!  You can see the interviewer’s excitement at getting to reveal Kelly’s stupidity.

Kelly has a real “Hater” here, there is a new blog called, “I Hate Kelly Bensimon” and Kelly herself has acknowledged the blog and even offered to help her write it….Hysterical!  Kelly Tweeted this to the blog owner:

@KKBensimonHater not crazy about the blog, write it like a skit for #snl and be creative with it. Then, i’ll follow. Use bigger picts,too.

@KellyBensimon says:  @KKBensimonHater I love it! I have my own mean tweeter. Send me the blog so we can work on making it better. I hate mediocrity.

@KellyBensimon says:  just for my amusement give me ur best #replaceawordinafamousquotewith duck.

Kelly really does need to get a hobby.

@KellyBensimon says:   if you love my hair, read this now. its all about Irion curls. http://t.co/UawLkn2

If you love Kelly’s hair I feel sorry for you!

@kellybensimon #Icanmakeyoudrunk coming soon 😉

Kelly can make me drunk?  Pass!  Let me guess, something better than Kellaid?  Another cocktail by Kelly?  Could this woman be anymore desperate to be Bethenny?

@KellyBensimon says:  Tweet me ‘friends and family first’ picts and i’ll put the best on my blog.

Do you want a picture of your family on Kelly’s blog?

@KellyBensimon says:  Umm. So, my book American Style is being used as a textbook in Universities like FIT #soflattered

Ok just STOP IT!   If this is true I weep for the education system.  If the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York is using Kelly’s book as a textbook and forcing students to purchase it, they just lost all credibility.  Students, you must boycott the use of Kelly’s book, the woman can’t write and she has no style!

More advice on love and marriage from the Kellster…. she’s an expert having  been divorced for many years, arrested for abusing her boyfriend and remains single even after announcing publicly that she’s looking for a husband…


Why is Hollywood Life asking this woman for advice?  Are they that desperate for a celebrity?  There must be some B or C list celebrity who actually knows what they’re talking about.  Kelly’s a D-list moron!

Kelly continues to tweet using hashtags like #Kelfit and #Kelstyle, completely missing the point of the hashtags, does she really and truly think that people are searching for her tips on health, fitness and style?

World pie for chicken caesar, beach, bbq with friends. Wearing old teeshirt, sequin mini, flip flops #kkbstyle

Sequin skirts are the new denim minis. Get creative for this weekend. #kkbstyle

Taking a run on west side hwy. what a beautiful day #kellyfit

Drink one extra glass of water with lemon or lime today #kellyfit

Does anyone else immediately wonder what the traffic is like on the West Side Highway?

And Now a few Tweets from Bethenny:

@Bethenny Jason just bought bryn a $5 cookie.if I was hallucinating from hunger he wouldn’t buy me a $5 cookie.

What’s everyone doing tonight?cookie myself&jason are having a picnic in bed.bryn is sound asleep.

Why is jason torturing me and making me watch the “silence of the lambs” sequel w julianne moore?

Best day ever swimming in the pool w bryn & a group of ladies. #noboysallowed

New weekly blog on my website,its called “Ask Bethenny”.Submit questions 4 me 2 answer.This wk I answer relationship q’s:http://ow.ly/5yfUR

I came home from dinner.cookie sleeps in bryn’s room when we’re gone. 🙂

In contrast, Jill is on vacation in Europe but still won’t shut the hell up, from her Twitter.

Yes, she is tweeting now to Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew of England.  Dream on Zarin, she doesn’t even know who you are!  Jill’s pathetic attempts to suck up to real celebrities is embarrassing and I don’t know why she refuses to stop!  Even the Kardashians won’t respond to Jill Zarin!  You can read all her Tweets here:


Tonight after The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jay Mohr will host Watch What Happens Live with NJ Housewife Kathy and her husband Rich.  It should be interesting.

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin And Her Little Friends Too!

I Hate Jill Zarin – The Blogs  by LynnNChicago

First thank you to TVTime101 for allowing me to blog here while WordPress has me blocked for posting.  I truly think that Jill’s people just report the blog everyday and hope something sticks.  I’m sure WordPress is getting as sick of this as I am.

I was about to post on TVTime as the owner offered the use of her blog anytime I was blocked out of WordPress, just as I was about to post this blog, WordPress released my site.  Sorry for the confusion.  Lynn~

Moving on…

Cindy Barshop

Cindy’s blog is the latest to be posted and I know you all waited in high anticipation for her to utter her words of wisdom, she merely showed how childish and really stupid she is by mentioning scenes with both Jill and Luann and their daughter’s but completely ignored Ramona’s scene with Avery.  She went on to complain that Sonja is stealing the show, that must be jealousy since she was only in one scene.  I call that a slam dunk!  No Cindy Barshop all night is a beautiful thing!  This woman can’t write a blog to save her life and I think she’s going to have a lot of trouble saving herself as a Housewife.   Take your place among the ex-housewives Ms. Barshop!  Jennifer Gilbert saved a seat just for you! 

Sonja Morgan

Sonja always tries to be neutral but she manages to get in her digs, or at least to ensure viewers know how she feels about certain things, Sonja said:

I love Jill’s costume for the burlesque. I was mad though because she took me aside from my friends as soon as I got off stage to tell me how seriously amazing my act was, and then I learn she was making all these snarky comments while I performed the skit I wrote for everyone from my heart. She can’t help it sometimes. She was very nice to say she was “a little jealous” and that everyone should have a friend like me. That made me feel good. I pride myself on my relationships above all. I agree you can’t have zero tolerance for people to quote Jill. Glad she let the fight go with Simon. I didn’t want to see it fester.

I’m glad that Sonja addressed this incident but giving Jill a pass by saying “she can’t help it sometimes” is a load of BS, she CAN help it, she just has a mean cold heart.  Simon tells us in this episode that Jill has a good and loving heart, I don’t see it. 

Jill Zarin

Jill’s Bravotv blog is short and suspect.  Jill says:

I want to end all of this bickering about mean tweets. Bobby and I both talked to Simon about our relationship and hope we can finally move to a more positive place. I decided to not publish or talk anymore about the hate and move on to more positive and interesting things that we are all doing. Honestly? It is so juvenile.

NOW suddenly it is “juvenile”?   This woman who held onto a voice mail message from Bethenny for four months just so that she could play it on television, who held a grudge against Bethenny for many months, who has been attacking and trying to ruin the lives of Simon and Alex for years has decided that this is all juvenile? 

Here is what I read into this statement by Zarin, “I’ve given the “hate blogger” LynnNChicago enough publicity, Simon is winning the public support because his blog was honest and truthful, besides I have no proof of mean tweets because I just made that stuff up.  I’m going to have to cut my losses here and hope that people stop talking about it because it’s making me look bad.  All I want is to sell my worthless crap to these idiot viewers so maybe if I pretend to take the high road, they’ll shell out their hard earned money for my undies made in a 3rd world country by slave workers.”

This statement by Jill (not the one I made up, the one she really said) is the equalivent of her saying, “We’re Done!” or “We were never friends”.  Jill tries to have the last word and when she decides she wants to end the conversation, she uses one of those mean girl tactics leaving no room for argument.  (maybe she learned these from her attorney sister)  Why does she want to end the conversation?  The same reason she told Bethenny “we’re done!”, because Bethenny was right and made excellent points on the phone that day, Jill had no come back and no excuse so she said, “we’re done” and hung up the phone.  Jill was called out for her horrible behavior toward Alex and couldn’t defend her vile actions so she said, “we’re not friends, we were never friends”.

This is what Jill does, she has no more to say on the subject because she’s buried herself too deep so she has decided not to talk about the “hate” or “mean tweets” anymore.  The true reason is because she painted herself into a corner and when push comes to shove and we ask for proof, she’s got nothing!

From Jill’s extended private, secret blog: 

I want to end all of this bickering about mean tweets etc.  Bobby doesn’t care when the girls go at it because, well, that’s what we all signed up for.  He does object to a man/husband attacking e in any way, (on the show or off).  He doesn’t think men should get involved in the fights.  He thinks men need to be men and stay out of it. 

 I wonder if Bobby changed his tune because he was certainly up for getting involved last season when he confronted Alex at Luann’s house.  He doesn’t think men should get involved in the fights?  Why then would he stick his nose into the fight between Alex and Jill last season?  What about just a few weeks ago when Bobby confronted Simon, I believe Bobby said something to the tune of “I’m here to protect my wife”.  What about Simon protecing Alex?  Didn’t Jill call Alex a “F****N Bitch”?  Simon shouldn’t have the same right as Bobby to protect his wife?  This is another instance where Jill Zarin thinks viewers are stupid and have no memory.

Jill has been bragging all week about her “acting” career…stop laughing!  Ok keep laughing…Gawker is laughing at her too!


Ugh!  Enough about Jill Zarin, she’s AWFUL!

Luann deLesseps

Lulu had this to say about the daughter’s:

Jill’s visit to see Ally at college was instructive to me, since Victoria will be heading off to college in a year. I thought freshman took the basics like English and math, but when Ally told Jill about her Latino film and human sexuality classes, I quickly realized that a

Yes, a lot has changed!

lot has changed since I went to college!

From Gatecrasher regarding Lulu’s daughter Victoria’s well publicized video:

The source says Bravo producers wanted de Lesseps to learn about the video – and Singer – on camera, and discuss the matter with fellow housewife Jill Zarin, who was with her.

The source adds, however, that when the Countess was finally informed of her daughter’s offense, she ignored producers’ prodding to make the video part of the series plot line, and insisted that taping cease immediately. She and Zarin then retreated to a hotel room to discuss the matter privately.

‘Real Housewives of New York’ star LuAnn de Lesseps’ daughter caught in drug video on YouTube http://nydn.us/fynEF1

 I can understand Luann not wanting any of this shot for Bravo but Luann burying her head in the sand and pretending that there is no problem with her teenage daughter is a huge mistake, in my opinion.  Luann clearly doesn’t have the girl’s father around to support and help raise these kids, so Luann is going to have to be tough and ensure there are consequences for her daughter’s behavior. 

Luann goes on to say:

I had to chuckle when Avery shared her thoughts on Ramona’s parenting skills. Wasn’t it just a couple of episodes ago when Ramona shared her opinion of my parenting? I’m sure that Ramona feels she is a good mother and that she spends enough time with her daughter. Nonetheless, this scene goes to show you that it’s difficult to make teenagers happy while balancing family and work.

I can hear that manly, hearty chuckle out of Lulu’s mouth as she judges yet another mother while her kid is proven to be a problem and she admittedly spends days away from her kids every week.  Yes, Lulu, Ramona is a better mother than you are, deal with it!   Luann really should have stayed miles away from the subject of mothering. 

Alex McCord

Where are these mean tweets Simon supposedly sent? Where are the articles Simon supposedly wrote for a blog? Where are the gangs of people we employ to harass Jill? Where is the conspiracy? It’s all in Jill’s head.

I think that says it all, Bravo Alex!

Ramona Singer

I thought Sonja was beyond spectacular at her burlesque party! She captivated everyone with her performance. I loved her line “the jealous b—hes are usually the snitches,” which to me meant they are the ones who make up stories, lie, and exaggerate. I told my daughter, in life you will come across women like this but you need to have a strong sense of self worth and know who you are. If you keep this is mind then women like this can’t hurt or harm you.

Another well said statement Ramona!  Ramona has really changed, I think the renewal thing was slow but it did take place, she’s seem to have matured over the course of the last few seasons and I like her more every week. 

More tomorrow on the blogs (we haven’t even gotten to Kelly’s) and on the show…I’d love to hear your comments!

Don’t forget Big Brother on Sunday night, we have a new blogger who’ll be recapping for us, I’m looking forward to her snark on the Houseguests.

Until Next Time…

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