I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York

It’s the mother / daughter episode!

First we have to watch as Luann teaches her daughter how to drive.   This is a repeat of Bobby and Jill teaching Ally to drive last season, or the season before….who can remember the dull stuff?  Get this, Luann says in her blog that the reason Victoria was driving too fast was because her father likes car racing.  Makes perfect sense to me….actually not so much!

Ramona and her daughter Avery are very real, that school project that Avery wrote about a person that she looks up to and cited her Mother Ramona could have been a set up for television but the reason I don’t think it is, is because Avery also spent a portion of the scene criticizing Ramona, which made the paper seem very real.  Avery isn’t happy that Ramona talks on the phone during their meal time or that she’s home alone until 9pm in the evening while Ramona and Mario are out.  In the end, Ramona must be doing something right because Avery is an amazing young woman.

Jill visited Ally at college and I have to give Jill credit when it’s due, for once the conversation was all about her daughter, Jill asked, listened and followed up with Ally and I actually found Jill funny when she was talking about her daughter taking a human sexuality course.  Jill was able to undo all the good she did at lunch by acting like a shrew while shopping with her daughter.  Poor Ally can’t even choose her own clothes without Jill criticizing her choices.  Overall I wasn’t completely disgusted with the mother/daughter Jill scenes, it could have been worse.

We only had to endure crazy Kelly for one scene really, she and Luann had a conversation (if you can call it that) in a lounge over drinks….Kel Kel couldn’t decide what to order and rather than choosing a cocktail she might like, she was choosing her drink by its name on the menu.  Similar to choosing a race horse by the name and not the horse’s or the jockey’s performance, Kelly picked a drink because of what it was called rather than what was in the drink.  The beer expert had no clue how to order a cocktail, Luann had to read the names to her like a child.  This woman really lives in New York City and raises two children?  Seriously?

The discussion consisted of, “you’re great, I really like you” then, “no, you’re great, I adore you”.   Apparently Kelly could listen to Luann’s stories all day but I have no idea what these two were talking about, they sucked the air right out of the room.  These two women are the biggest fake’s on earth!  No one will convince me that they’re really friends outside of television.

There was a whole lot of scenes showing Sonja getting ready for her burlesque party, shopping, trying on clothes, dancing in her bedroom with Chris Marsh as he helped her prepare her outfit.  They were a little dull to be honest but if the alternative was more of Cindy, Luann, Jill or Kelly, I’d much rather watch Sonja do just about anything.

It was nice to be almost completely Cindy-free, she made an appearance at Sonja’s party just long enough to make an ass out of herself with Jill Zarin.  The two of them stood together watching Sonja’s performance making snarky comments the entire time, even saying, “is she drunk?”, they were completely rude!

Simon and Jill finally had their sit-down with Bobby as a witness and they both said all the right things to each other, Simon apologized although I’m not exactly clear on what he was sorry for because he never said.  Jill used her typical line, “you can’t have zero tolerance for me” which basically means she gets a pass no matter what she does or says.  She can have zero tolerance for others but no one can be upset with Jill if she makes a mistake.

I think this discussion, which later included Alex, was well before Simon and Alex saw the video of Jill calling Alex a “F****n Bitch” at the wedding and the nasty “social status” comment.  I don’t think you can hold anyone to a peace-making discussion when later you learn that one person in the truce was two-faced and lied.  Can you?

As Alex pointed out on Watch What Happens Live, Jill admitted to being two-faced and she’s ok with that, apparently Jill believes that the talking head interviews are meant for slamming her fellow housewives and it’s all part of the game.  Maybe this is where the zero tolerance exception comes into play for Zarin?

Jill proved to be two-faced as Sonja came off the stage and after having slammed her throughout the performance, Jill then hugged Sonja and told her she was jealous of how great she looked.  Really Jill?  Don’t these women remember they’re wearing microphones and being filmed?

I thought the ladies all looked really beautiful at Sonja’s party, I really do like Sonja but she baffles me at times.  She told us that she had very important guests in from Europe and even royalty, they take their burlesque very seriously?

The first performance was just a stripper to me but what do I know about burlesque?  I thought Sonja’s performance was certainly “out there” but in the end we have to give her props for getting up there and performing the way she did, it was pretty daring.  I really loved how Jill thought Sonja was talking about her but said, “is she talking about US?”  Who is “Us” Jill Zarin?  The brunette’s?  I’d say, yes, she is probably talking about YOU Zarin!

All of the ladies seem to like Sonja with the exception of Cindy but Cindy is a complete waste of space and it seems like Bravo is getting that by now.  It’s late in the season and we don’t see too much of Cindy, thank goodness!  Even Luann rarely says a bad word about Sonja, could you imagine if Alex McCord had gotten up and performed that routine?  She’d have been ripped apart limb by limb by all of the brunette’s.  No, only Sonja could have done what she did on national television.

Unfortunately we had to sit through listening to Luann’s song but only a bit of it (Thanks Bravo!) of course Jill had to give her opinion of how to mix the song because Jill’s not only a doctor, dentist, financial advisor, attorney and rude bitch, she’s also a music producer.  Even Luann was quick to remind Jill in her interview that her advice wasn’t needed, but I have to say, someone’s advice telling Luann she shouldn’t do this would have been valuable.  This woman cannot sing, but she’s not singing in this one, she speaks with the voice of a man and makes a complete fool of herself, again!

Luann’s tone deaf producer, Chris Young suggests that Luann do a music video to go along with the song, this guy’s a genius!  Luann clearly already knew she’d be filming a video and tells Jill she wants to include all of the other housewives.  As we know, the only two who agree to do it are Kelly and Jill, the fame whores.  Sonja, Ramona and Alex are chastised by the one who can’t sing yet I noticed Cindy’s not there but seems to get a pass.  When Lulu looks back on this in years to come she’s going to regret including Cindy in her lyrics because we’ve all have forgotten who the hell she is as soon as this season ends.

Next week we actually have to watch Luann, Kelly and Jill make this video, I don’t know why Bravo wants to punish it’s loyal viewers.  What have we done to deserve this Bravo???

There is already a preview video of Jill and Luann getting hair and make up done for the video, could there be anything more dull?  Oh right, no Cindy, I guess we should be thankful?

If you missed Carly and I dissing on the show, you can listen here:


We’ve discussed doing a show after The Real Housewives of New Jersey as well, would you guys listen to that?  Let me know, if there is interest we’ll sure give it a try!

This is the You-tube video Luann parody that Carly refers to (thanks for sending it VAGirl):





Big Brother, A Mini-recap

Big Brother also premiered last night, I love that show!  If anyone is interested in blogging it, please send me an email.  LynnAHudson@aol.com  (remember it’s 3 nights a week) Thanks!

Big Brother Newbies

I think it’s going to be a great season with the couples theme and half the house is made up of newcomers while the other half are veteran Big Brother contestants.  Each couple will play together but the Head of Household (tonight Rachel…yuck!) will choose two people for eviction.  Another twist is that the nominee who does not get evicted will get a golden key and a pass for the next four weeks directly into the final 10.  Jeff and Jordan, Brenden and Rachel, Evil Dick and his daughter Danielle are going to be tough to beat as they proved in the first competition.

The most annoying Big Brother contestant ever, Rachel as head of household will now have to choose two people for eviction but has to remember that whoever is not voted out will be her housemate for at least four weeks.  She promised Evil Dick and Danielle that they would be safe as they made a deal during the competition.  I would have preferred to see Danielle and Rachel fight it out til the end because they’re both tough competitors.

It’s going to be a fun season!

Don’t forget to check out some friendly blogs:








Tomorrow we’ll discuss the blogs, Watch What Happens Live and more of the show, as of this morning we’re still missing Sonja, Jill (who cares?) and Cindy (not missing a thing) from the blogs, apparently Jill is out of town so maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll skip blogging altogether this week.  (crossing fingers!)  And this weekend…The Rich Amons Asshat of the Week, don’t miss it!

Until Next Time…



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I Hate Jill Zarin Flipping Out / Rocco’s Dinner Party / Teen Mom – RHONY Let’s Chat!

I Hate Jill Zarin  Let’s Chat!

I hope you’ll take a few mintues to read these great blogs that were scheduled to be posted this morning but thanks to some petty celebrity housewife it was postponed.  Enjoy!

Flipping Out by VAGirl

So happy that a new season of Flipping Out has started and we can join the
snarky world of Jeff Lewis.  This is a guy who can cut you to the quick with his
dark humor and temper, but who I think has a heart of gold. 

Jeff sold Valley Oak and now rents West Knoll.  He hasn’t had time to look for a
new home.  The new house is much smaller and Jeff can keep a closer eye on
Zoila.  Zoila doesn’t like the new house.  They each tell each other how lucky
the other one is to be employer/employee.

Jeff has Trace, the Design Associate, sitting right beside him because he was
sending too many personal e-mails.  He has Sarah sitting at the dining room
table.  Trace would rather be sitting at the dining room table.  He wants to be
further away from crazy.  Sara wants more duties.  Jeff sends Sara to get some
laundry faucets and wants to make sure she doesn’t get something fugly. She
bumps into something.  Jeff says she’s just a little slower than most of the
other kids.

Jenni, in the car with Jeff, tells him his grandmother has called him.  Jenni
now works as a consult and on his out of town business. Her hours got cut so she
can pursue other opportunities.  Jenni calls him on being snappy and not wanting
to talk to his grandmother.  He says he is busy and doesn’t have time. He is
stressed and apologizes to Jenni for being in a bad mood. Jeff is no longer
flipping houses. He is now a designer and he likes it. 

Jeff’s current projects include Marlo’s House, which they are remodeling for her
not to sell since she broke up with her almost fiancé, but for her to live in. 
Fuller is a major remodel in Hollywood. What is that in Jeff’s hand – a greeting
card with a condom in it?  Ewwwww!  I’m sure Jeff finds a lot of interesting
things along the way.  Durand is a remodel to rent and the client is a tough
woman named Jean.  Spring Oak is a complete remodel for Laura Milligan.  Nobody
can go into the cats’ room without Laura. Jeff is still working on Chaz Dean’s
Cole salon.  They are almost finished with the third and final bungalow.  He
will also being working on a salon in New York for Chaz. 

Jeff’s business is growing and he expects his employees to pull their weight. 
Gage is new and handles all the business affairs, which Jeff sees as a most
critical part of his business. He generates business, speaking engagements, etc. 
The San Francisco Design Center has asked Jeff to be the keynote speaker for
design week.  Gage goes over the schedule and wants to know if Jeff will attend
a cocktail party before he speaks.  Jeff says he is only contracted to speak for
one hour, but agrees to do the cocktail party.  Gage then wants to know if he
wants to attend a reception afterwards.  Jeff says he’s extremely busy and
refuses to do the reception.  Jeff says if Gage had his way, he would have him
working 18 hours a day, with six hours of sleep. Gage wants to help Jeff’s
business grow and make money.  I wonder why?  Ohhhhh – Jeff and Gage are DATING. 
He has a vested interest.  Gage says at the beginning of their relationship he
used to take things personally and has learned not to take things that way with

The staff is sitting around eating brownies.  Gage says he might have eaten
about half of the brownies.  Sarah says Gage gets Jeff’s sense of humor and they
make a good couple.  They have been dating about 2 years and Gage is 26 and Jeff
is 40.  Gage says Jeff doesn’t act like a 40 year old. Jeff goes to the gym more
to get into better shape. Gage makes Jeff want to get more botox. I guess nobody
ages gracefully anymore.  At least not in Bravoland.

Jeff takes Sarah around to tell her what needs to be done while he is in San
Francisco.  Marlo’s house is way behind and Jeff wants Sarah to keep on Chris
the contractor’s back to get it done. Marlo is getting impatient.  He is telling
Sarah to be a bitch when dealing with the contractors. 

Zoila is ecstatic that Jeff is leaving and she will be alone.  She tells Jeffrey
to “Keep it Gangster” as he is leaving for San Francisco.  On the private plane,
Jenni plays flight attendant and fixes everyone drinks and snacks. Jenni
introduced Jeff and Gage.  She says she couldn’t work with her ex, but they seem
to work well together. 

At the San Francisco cocktail party, Jeff was expecting a small dinner party
that was really a large meet and greet. He meets a representative from
California Home and Design who says they are paying for his room and is upset
that he canceled the reception they were going to have for him the next day. He
is blindsided that she brought that up then and there and starts chastising Gage
in front of her, telling him they need to work it out. He asks if it’s too late
to have set it up and she says yes, it is. Gage knows it’s his fault and
apologizes to her.  He could not diffuse the situation and she really doesn’t
accept the apology.

Meanwhile back at the farm, Sarah is taking care of things the Sarah way.  She
is not very assertive.  At Cole, the subcontractor is taking pictures of her.
Don’t know what that’s all about.  Sarah does not do well at confrontation and
she thinks it’s not her job to be bold with the contractors or clients.  Marlo
is pissed and calls Sarah.

Jeff is very nervous about speaking in front of people.  He tries to go over
hand signals with Gage and Jenni. He is concerned he will not get his speaking
fee if he curses because it’s in the contract for him not to curse.  Jeff asks,
“Do you think I’m just opening for someone else?”  The moderator asks Jeff what
his design esthetic is.  Jeff seems nervous.  Jeff talks about his age and says
he hasn’t had plastic surgery and says his hair is not a toupee, it’s real.  He
feels more comfortable after everyone laughs.  The moderator asks what Jeff
thinks his employees say behind his back and says he can use profanity.  Jeff
doesn’t fall for it.  Jeff calls Jenni to the stage. Jenni thinks that Jeff is
showing his appreciation because he trusts her to come on stage and talk.  The
meet and greet afterwards has a lot of people.  Gage and Lisa from California
Home and Design talk again and shake hands.

Back at West Knoll, they are all sitting around having salad.  Jeff tells Zoila
he has a surprise for her birthday.  He’s thinking about legally adopting her.
They joke about Zoila calling Jeff Daddy and Gage Mommy.  Zoila was jealous when
Gage first moved into the house, but she says he’s OK now. 

At Marlo’s house Sarah tells Jeff how much better it looks. Jeff makes a face
and says he is a little disappointed in the progress.  Jeff tells the contractor
off and tries to show Sarah how she should have handled it.  The contractor
admits he delayed the project.  Jeff asks Sara if she is up to the task. She
says yes and he says he is worried about her.  Jeff wants Sara to stalk and
bombard Chris in a very firm manner.  Dawn is her alter ego.  Sarah as Dawn
calls Chris but can’t keep from laughing while she is trying to act tough. When
she hangs up, Jeff tells her she’s too nice and tells her to get tough.

Jeff takes Jenni to Marlo’s house, gets her to take her shoes off and starts
throwing pillows at her.  They finish with the furniture and accessories.  He
wanted it to look nice.  The house looks great.  He says they didn’t spend a lot
and got a lot for their money.  Marlo is happy.

Jeff and Gage discuss Sara.  Jeff says she not close to where he needs her to
be. She’s lacking the skill and traits for her job and he needs someone strong.
Gage says maybe this just isn’t her gig.  Gage looks at it logically.  The goal
is to make money.  It’s not personal.  Jeff doesn’t know what he’s going to do
about it.

So far I think Gage is good for Jeff.  He seems the more mature one and although
Jeff acts tough, I can tell he doesn’t want to fire Sarah. Maybe Gage will give
him the strength to do what he needs to do.  I like Sarah, but she is not the
right person for this job.  At least she wasn’t constantly chewing gum like last
season.  That drove me crazy. 

Rocco’s Dinner Party by VAGirl

The Chefs are Fabio Caparelli, Jen DePalma, and Ryan Poli.   Jen thinks Rocco is
really handsome, but so is her fiancé.  He gives the three chefs 30 minutes to
create their signature dishes.  He will pick two of the three chefs to prepare
the dinner parties.  The two guys are not worried about Jen.  They think they
are competing against each other.  Jen thinks they are too cocky.  Jen is making
Chicken Amore.  Ryan is making fish tacos.  Fabio is making Sea Bass.  He does
not want to be “chattery.”  Jen is pouring wine for everyone.  Ryan takes her up
on it.  Fabio is too serious.  Rocco tastes Ryan’s corn nut infusion and calls
it salty.  Ryan calls it seasoned.  Jen is a mess.  She spills the wine and
catches a towel on fire.  She says she is an emotional chef and she may not
finish on time.  The three guys are watching her finish her dish.  She finishes
on time. 

Rocco tastes all three dishes.  He says Fabio’s shitake broth is way
too bland, but the fish is good.  He says Ryan’s corn nut infusion is too salty
and he made a mistake by not tasting his food first, but he likes the fish and
wine vinaigrette.  He says he is surprised how good Jen’s tastes considering she
is such a mess.  He’s concerned about her being able to do a whole dinner party. 
He eliminates Fabio and names Jen the winner.  She will get to pick the dining
room and choose to serve to first or second.
The theme of the dinner is The Perfect Summer Party.  Each course must be under
350 calories and 10 grams of fat.  He gives each chef a copy of his low calorie,
low fat cook book.  Wow everyone has something to sell on Bravo.  The chefs meet
with Jes, the designer.  Jen picks the Terrace for her dinner party.  Jen wants
a contemporary look after Jes makes a face about tiki torches.  They are going
for the Miami look.  Ryan chose the intimate dining room.  He is going for the
beachy look like message in a bottle.  He bombarded her with a lot of ideas.
Jen is making dishes she has never made before.  Ryan is going for things he’s
familiar with.  I personally like Jen’s room the best.  While the chefs are
cooking, the guests arrive.  The guests are Chaz Palminteri, actor, Betty Wong,
Editor in Chief of Fitness Magazine, Joe Dowdell, Celebrity Physical Trainer,
Demaris Lewis, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Jung Lee, Celebrity Event
Planner, and Jeff Ross, Comedian.
Jeff tells Rocco he doesn’t eat healthy food.  He takes Jeff to meet the chefs
and he tells them he wants chicken salad, pot roast, motzo brie, and cheese
cake.  Rocco tells them the same rules apply and they can both make the same
dishes.  Ryan says he’s going to make the chicken salad and Jen will be making
the matzo brie. Ryan will be serving first. 

The diners go into Ryan’s room.  Joe likes the décor.  Jung says it’s too much. 
She thinks less is more.  Jeff says he thinks it’s delicious and eats the menu. 
First course is Seared Sea Scallops.  Jeff loves the chicken salad and he finds
out it’s made with yogurt instead of mayo.  Betty loves the scallops.  Jeff
doesn’t eat fish or scallops.  Since the next course is cod, Rocco tells Ryan to
make something else.  Ryan makes Jeff shrimp.  Chaz says he doesn’t eat anything
unhealthy, even hot dogs or hamburgers.  He looks fit.  The cod dishes and the
shrimp dish goes out.  Jeff loves the shrimp.  Demaris likes the cod.  Joe
thinks it’s mushy and Jung is not impressed with the cod.  The strawberry
parfait is not really a hit. 
Meanwhile Jen is getting a little stressed out.  Her room is a hit with the
guests.  They seem to really like it.  Jen’s scallop dish is inedible.  She
decides to prepare a shrimp dish she’s never made.  Her cocktail is called a
coco loco spritzer.  They like it. Rocco comes back to the kitchen because
they’ve been waiting a while.  She gets it out and Rocco tells her to get the
next course out faster.  They think she changed the course because of Jeff when
that wasn’t the case.  Jung likes it.  Jen makes up the matzo brie because she
has no idea what it is.  Jeff says it’s motzo dipped in egg and fried.  Jeff
loves it and so does everyone else.  For the main course, Jen gets one of the
servers to help her while the other two clear the first course.  She is fussing
at the servers and you can tell they are not happy.  Jeff is keeping everyone
entertained.  The next course is BBQ Pork Tenderloin.  They don’t believe it’s
low calorie and healthy.  Betty says the sauce tastes like ketchup but the
others seem to like it.  The dessert is a passion fruit trifle.  Jeff says it
tastes like baby food.  But everyone else finishes it.
The winner of the $20,000 prize is — Jen DePalma.  I think it was the dining
room that won it for her.

Thanks VAGirl, great blogs!  Lynn~

Teen Mom  by Cyndi  @buy4shipfree   July 5, 2011

Tonight was the first episode of the new season of Teen Mom.  It brings us back into the lives of the 4 original girls.  After a quick recap of where the mom’s have been and what has brought them to this point in life we delve right in.  Rather than give you a recap of the entire episode (which can be read on MTV’s website written by a better writer than myself) I am giving you my take on each girl one at a time. 

Maci –

Maci is still living in Chattanooga and is back to dating Kyle.  She says she is on summer break and just taking it easy.  At what point do adults get to take summers off?  Not sure why she isn’t working this summer, but I digress.  After a trip to the ATM machine she realizes that her child support hasn’t come.  (I’m pretty sure a job would have helped alleviate some of that stress).  It seems like every single mom I know or have known has had to talk with their “baby daddy” to ask where the money is.  It is never a good conversation but I give Maci credit for trying to keep communication open with Ryan.

We are then witness to an awkward conversation between Ryan and Maci regarding Kyle.  Answer me this though, are all tough questions now asked via text?  Ryan is once again showing his immaturity and proving to Maci that she made the right decision.  Just like pulling a girl’s hair in 2nd grade won’t make her like you, calling her new boyfriend “slow” isn’t going to get her back in your arms. 

On to Farrah

Farrah has decided that due to giving birth her breasts aren’t what they use to be.  If she can just secure a loan then she can have the breasts she once had.  Yes, she is actually going to finance her boobs!  This girl has a mother that has screamed about far less, I can not figure out why she isn’t screaming about this.  You have no real job, do not have a college degree, have a toddler that you are raising on your own and the priority is boobs???  Come on!  By the end though she is crabbing at her dad cause her new, financed boobs hurt. 


Amber, Amber, Amber.  What can I say other than thank goodness she is going to counseling!  She is holding onto the fairytale that she should be with her baby daddy, Gary.  Has this girl every been alone?  While Gary is in her bed she has to go and break up with the current boyfriend.  I have to say this is one relationship that I don’t see making it. 

And finally Catelynn

Catelynn and Tyler are so sweet.  They are so dumb, but oh so sweet.  Neither one has a job but they have decided to move in together because then “like everything will be half off”.  Catelynn’s mom’s house was certainly not safe and she definitely needed to move.  I am not even entirely against them moving in together.  The prospect of renting an apartment with no one working just doesn’t seem like a good move to make.  Catelynn’s mom does seem to be showing a little compassion which is a relief.  I certainly hope we won’t have to see the anger come out of her that we have seen in seasons past.

Four girls all trying to find their way in life while being teen moms.  While I do not envy any of them (very happy my mistakes were not filmed for my children to watch when grown) here are my parting thoughts to each one….

Maci – Get a job and get your degree.  With money in the bank you will never have to depend on Ryan.  Have your own mind and your own money that way a man can be a compliment to you and not a necessity. 

Farrah – Grow up!!!  When a mom “treats herself” she buys new shoes (generally at the Walmart on clearance) she DOES NOT finance plastic surgery!!

Amber – Stick with the counseling and think about spending some time alone.  You will never be happy with some one if you can’t be happy when you are all alone.

Catelynn – Life has not been easy but don’t make it harder by making stupid mistakes.  Get a job and a mentor.  Think about the future and how you are going to get there and then make it happen!

Till next time…….Remember only you can prevent pregnancy and forest fires.  😉

Thanks Cyndi, great job!

Is everyone ready for the Real Housewives of New York, don’t miss Simon’s blog immediately after the show and be sure to listen to Carly and I rip on the ladies at 11:30 / 10:30 central time.

Listen to “Carly Hall presents RHONY with Ly…” hosted by Carly Hall on 7/7/2011 10:30 PMCDT #BlogTalkRadio http://t.co/DZc6TzB

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I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives News July 6, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin     Housewives News

Try not to laugh too hard at the first one, some are funny but some are a bit disturbing…..

“I never dreamed that I would become an actress, but I really enjoy the work and am so grateful for all of these amazing opportunities.”  Jill Zarin

“To be truthful “watch out” wasn’t my finest moment but I apologized, for that comment said in confusion & anger, to Jill face to face within 24 hours”  Simon VanKempen

“Omg how can u put your hand in the toilet with out gloves GROSS Lady Morgan” Cindy Barshop

“Absolutely stunned by the not guilty verdict. For all of the times the justice system prevails, when it fails, it’s just heart wrenching.”  Adrienne Maloof

“Why is it than when you are so god damn tired, that you cant bloody sleep? #neverunderstoodthat #bollocks LOL”  Cat Ommanney

” #caseyanthony is free? do you believe her? or do you think she got out bc they couldnt prove a “shadow ofa doubt”   Kelly Bensimon

“not everyone knows legal jargon. I want to know what my awesome followers think about #caseyanthony#stayreal ”  Kelly Bensimon

MauricioUmansky getting grumpy over missing our flight due to traffic. Does not want 2 hear “Honey,relax Everything happens for a reason”  Kyle Richards

“I’m so disgusted by the verdict that I’m almost consumed by it.”  Bethenny Frankel

“I’m so excited! I just made another BOSS move that I can’t even announce yet. Don’t u hate when u have something u wanna say but u can’t!”  Kandi Burress

“Duck,NC- being a south Jersey Shore kid, all these trees and well planned communities is jarring….;)”  Rich Amons

“am I the only person in America who hasn’t paid a lick of attention to this Casey Anthony trial? #lookatallthetimeisaved”  Andy Cohen

“Slightly hung over from a fun night, so for breakfast the best hang over cure in the world-pink lemonade eboost!”  Brandi Glanville

“Mmmm I have been working like a dog…obviously not one of my dogs..” Lisa Vanderpump

“Finally off my flight! I Sat beside a man who coughed & blew his nose the whole flight! I need a vitamin C fast”  NeNe Leakes

“It’s wonderful to see that you guys r still tweeting me such positive comments of love and support. Will you ever know how much that means?”  Sonja Morgan

“Not fond of flying. Pilot can you get me back in warp speed.”  Camille Grammer

“To all you moms: remember when bryn was perfect, didn’t cry& ate everything.well that was fun. We’ve now entered reality. I’m one of you.”  Bethenny Frankel

*Note:  To be fair, some of these tweets were well before the Anthony verdict was revealed.

“It’s Ladies Night, I introduced Julie to indian food&she loved it.look at her seat!beverly hillbillies”  Bethenny Frankel

Teresa Giudice tweeted this photo of her girls:   http://twitpic.com/4za3o3

RadarOnline is reporting that the trial will begin later this month between Camille and Kelsey Grammer in the fight for custody of their children.


Kim Zolciak shows off her baby boy:


Another great site who “gets it”


Don’t forget to check out new blogger Mz. Chick, she is pretty darn funny and posts several blogs a day, but today she had a very insightful blog on the Anthony case that I found interesting:


Jill was more self-absorbed than usual today, (I know you didn’t think it was possible, right?)  take a look at her Facebook page:   *thanks to Kara for sending it!  (removed by WordPress at Jill Zarin’s request.  Apparently her Facebook page is now considered “private”….all you have to do is “like” her page to view it but whatever…)

Gawker had a few things to say about Jill today:


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Quincy is out of town as her daughter is having a baby, there won’t be a recap of Million Dollar Decorators today, I apologize for that.  Best wishes to Quincy, her daughter and her new baby grandchild who will make an appearance soon!  

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I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives News

I Hate Jill Zarin  Housewives News

Yesterday Bravo had a marathon!  Not just any marathon but it was The Real Housewives of New York marathon.

I don’t know how it is possible but I’ve become numb to Luann’s rudeness, passive aggressiveness and all around bad behavior, you almost expect it now and she has actually said she doesn’t care that she comes off that way.  She is who she is and she’s not changing for anyone.  There you have it.

What I do feel for is Luann’s children, this is a cold-hearted woman who is rarely seen being loving and emotional with her kids.  I wonder if Luann was raised like that?  Luann isn’t a nice person, obviously she’s nice to her kids and her boyfriend, maybe people that she likes but anyone who she doesn’t know or who she doesn’t care about gets the cold shoulder from Lulu.  Remember Caroline’s description of their first meeting?  Luann doesn’t watch the other housewives show and had no idea that Caroline was a housewife.  Let’s face it, Caroline doesn’t look like your typical Bravo Housewife.  To Luann, Caroline was a nobody so she was rude and brushed her off.  Once Luann was told that Caroline was one of the Jersey Housewives, Lulu changed her tune.  Clearly this woman thinks more of herself than anyone else does.  This is the woman who tells Alex to stay out of the argument between Jill and Ramona yet Luann was the first one to jump in and reprimand Ramona both at Jill’s Charity function and in Morocco.  Hypocrite!

I honestly don’t think that Luann even cares about Kelly, Jill or Cindy she merely needs someone to shoot with, she needs to be part of a group on the show but we know she doesn’t truly hang out with these women off-screen.

We’ve never seen Luann cry on-screen, or say she was “hurt” by anyone else on the show, she simply doesn’t care enough about any of these people to have any emotion over them.  We saw her get a tiny bit emotional during Season Two reunion when the ladies all called her out on not inviting Alex to her Memorial Day BBQ and for labeling herself as the epitome of “class” she was caught in a lie and held a pillow up to hide her face.

There is no way to know if her daughter would still be climbing out windows, smoking pot and using vulgar language if her parents had stayed together, we know her father Alex traveled a lot and wasn’t around much anyway but since Lulu started dating Jacques she admitted to being away from her kids several days a week leaving them with a “Mother’s helper”.

As far as we know Luann’s son Noel is doing well, he has created his own line of skateboards and is marketing them.  Nothing against the skateboard crowd but they’re not exactly known to be the best students or part of the “Say No To Drugs” campaign.  That is not to say all kids who skateboard are bad students and druggies but unfortunately that is part of the stereotype.  Time will tell with Lulu’s kids, hopefully they’ll both turn out to be upstanding citizens but without the cold heart their mother sports.

Watching Kelly Bensimon again is really distressing, I’ve said many times that she thinks and acts like a 13-year old girl.  Her reference to 1979 is interesting because she would be right around that age in 1979, maybe a few years younger.  KelKel has proven time and time again that she is not the brightest bulb in the land, she doesn’t know sayings like, “eating crow” or “let your hair down” like a teenage girl would most likely not have heard them.  She takes everything very literally, has absolutely no sense of other people’s feelings.  Kelly challenged Alex at last year’s reunion saying, “do you really care what Ramona feels?”  Why wouldn’t Alex care?  To Kelly it’s like asking someone, “How are you?”  You don’t really want to hear how that person is doing, it is just a pleasantry.  In Kelly land you don’t care about other people’s feelings just like a teenage girl who bully’s and harasses a classmate for being different or for wearing glasses or braces, that bully doesn’t think for a second about her victim’s feelings or she wouldn’t be bullying anyone.

Kelly doesn’t care about Alex’s feelings, and it was distressing to watch their interaction in Morocco because Alex was trying to express her feelings and was getting emotional.  Kelly told Alex “shhhh” and “close your eyes”, she wasn’t listening to Alex just trying to make a fool of her just like that teenage girl who bully’s a classmate.

Kelly did this last season with Bethenny, or she tried to.  Bethenny was successful at ripping right back at Kelly or walking away, unfortunately Alex can’t seem to do that.  Just once I’d like to see Alex give it right back to Kelly but the next interaction between the two ladies at lunch back in New York was the same.  Telling Alex to stop turning red is like telling a redhead to stop having red hair, to ridicule someone about something that they cannot control is vicious and vile.  Kelly is vicious and vile, Alex has never done anything to Kelly Bensimon yet Kelly is constantly berating and belittling Alex.

Kelly hasn’t had a man in her life, that we know of, for quite a long time.  During the Season Two reunion Kelly talked about the man who accused her of beating him up and she of course had used the excuse of “self-defense” yet she wasn’t harmed in any way and she ended up doing community service.  A forty-two year old woman with the brain of a pea..er a 13-year old girl isn’t going to keep a man interested for too long.  Consider her being creeped out by anything to do with sex or the female body and you’ll see a man shaped hole right next to that plastic horse in her living room.

I get the impression that Kelly is more of a friend to her daughter’s than a mother and that most of the mothering is done by nanny’s while Kelly jet sets all over the country and goes out to parties for 10-minutes at a time.

Early in the day we saw the episodes where Sonja was acting like a vicious monster and it will tend to annoy you all over again, won’t it?  Remembering that Alex has forgiven Sonja helps a bit but it really doesn’t bode well for Alex to keep getting shoved around by all of the other housewives, including those that are newer on the series than she is like Sonja and Kelly.

Who is Sonja and how does she really feel about her cast mates?  I don’t think Sonja has a lot of respect for Alex, I think that the comments and actions speak for themselves but that Sonja isn’t really a mean girl.  She may have been having a bad week or a bad month to have shown her ass on-screen the way she did, I think Sonja’s goal is to try to be on both sides and play with all the ladies.  We know that Jill kisses Sonja’s ass, Sonja may be having money trouble right now but Sonja was a true New York socialite.  I think Jill can recognize that Sonja is one person she can’t bully so she pretends to like her.  Sonja is the one New York housewife that all of the ladies seem to have some level of respect for, if nothing else, even Lulu rarely says a bad word about Sonja.

I still don’t understand why Jill has given Sonja a pass for giving me an interview while she is tearing Alex and Simon apart for merely admitting to reading this blog and meeting me in Chicago while they were here on a book signing tour.  I’ve never so much as spoken to Ramona Singer yet Jill is ripping Ramona apart for mentioning this blog in her Newsletter and on her Bravo Blog.

We all know that Jill’s burning of the sins in Alex’s back yard was fake all done for the Television cameras.  Jill made her feelings clear about Alex at the wedding when she called her a F****n Bitch, then said she was socializing above her station in life, or whatever the hell she said, talking to a producer made it even worse because we know that these were her true feelings and not something she was faking for the cameras.  The hatred that showed on Jill’s face for Alex doesn’t just go away because of a few months off filming.

We know that Jill has completely turned on Ramona, these two women have had a volatile relationship since we met them four years ago but Ramona always said that the two of them were true friends and always would be, I think those feelings have certainly changed.  What Jill has done to Ramona is unforgivable.  Yet Ramona has remained silent and has shown style and class by not retaliating even though there are certainly plenty of things Ramona could say about and to Jill Zarin in the press.

We already discussed how fake Jill’s friendship with Luann is but what about Jill’s relationship with Kelly Bensimon?  Are these two women truly friends?  I think Jill looks at Kelly as her most recent project.  Kelly’s life is a mess, she’s got no job, living off her ex-husband’s money and living in his home.  Kelly can’t seem to find a man although she’s been on television for 3 years.  Why hasn’t Mr. Right found her yet?  Jill will take care of Kelly now that her daughter is gone off to college.

Kelly and Jill have been known to have dinner together outside of filming and do apparently get together, I dont’ think it is as frequent as Jill and Bethenny used to hang out together but I think it does happen now and then.

Kelly has ripped Sonja apart with her comments about Sonja’s home, ex-husband and her finances.  Kelly has no room to talk about any of these things since she is living in the same building that her ex-husband owns and lives in, I’m sure if she needed to clear a clogged toilet she would call a plumber and have the bill sent to Gilles Bensimon.  Kelly has nanny’s and probably a cleaning crew while Sonja does it all on her own.

Alex and Ramona have gotten together outside of filming but truly both women lead their own lives with their real friends, relatives and children to raise.

I don’t think that any of the women have really warmed up to Cindy, I think she was just as dull in real life as she has been on the show and none of the ladies have anything in common with her.  Her mothering skills leave a lot to be desired, we watched last Thursday as she called a nanny to retrieve her child (just one of the two) from a luncheon with her parents because she didn’t have the first clue what to do with the child.  In earlier episodes while we barely noticed, Cindy was shown just a few times with her children.  In every case she had some help with them, at the Art Gallery she had two nannies for two babies and in her home she tells viewers that she lies in bed and listens to the nanny getting up in the middle of the night with her kids.  One scene in which the baby’s daddy visits to spend some time with his girls there is a houseful of people and Cindy is constantly criticizing her ex-boyfriend for the way he plays with the girls.  The fact was he was doing just fine, she was handling them like they were porcelain dolls.

I cannot believe that a woman who has been a mother for 13-months still cannot handle one child in a restaurant for a 1-hour lunch.  She has no confidence and she’ll never get any until she dives right in and cares for her kids on her own.  I’m all for women having help if you work, in Cindy’s case she runs a business so obviously she needs someone to care for them while she’s working but to have two nannies at all times is going overboard.  Some people should simply not have children.

Reports are that Cindy is being sued for racial discrimination:

The beauty chain owned by Real Housewives of New York star Cindy Barshop has been accused of racial discrimination after a former employee claimed she was bullied and eventually fired because she is black.

The Completely Bare spas are as famous for their risqué ‘vajazzling’ services as they are for their famous owner.

But Altovise Collier claims she was only hired by managers at the Fifth Avenue flagship to ‘inject some color’, according to a complaint filed with the state Division of Human Rights.

The 25-year-old, who is a licensed aesthetician, told the New York Post how she relocated to New York from Atlanta in March to take the job.

She says she applied online and was interviewed by phone, and did not meet her employers in person until she arrived for her first day of work.

She said: ‘They were very impressed with me – until they saw me.’

Miss Collier said that she was the only black woman among the staff, and was subjected to verbal abuse from Ms Barshop as well as around 50 other employees.

She also claims that she was not trained properly, which lead to customer complaints.

She continued: ‘I was treated like trash and thrown in the gutter, damn near sleeping in the streets.

‘Everyone treated me badly, like I was in some sort of sorority hazing.’

She added that the company also underpaid her, only handing over about half of her $700 weekly salary, and as she was paid in cash, she lacked the payslip proof required to rent an apartment.

As a result, she claims, she was forced to sleep on friends’ couches.

Her lawyer, Lenard Leeds, said: ‘From day one, she wasn’t given the same training, she wasn’t given the same money.’ 

Ms Barshop has denied all charges. She told the paper that Miss Collier was fired ‘because of the quality of her work.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2002162/Cindy-Barshops-Completely-Bare-spa-chain-accused-racial-discrimination.html#ixzz1RBtBV5lw

Is Cindy Barshop racist?

Many people have said that these reality shows like Housewives have replaced soap operas for many women and some men too!  The one thing missing from Reality TV that Soap Opera’s at least tried to have was continuity.  Soaps even had a crew member who was on the production team strictly for continuity that way there was no hypocrisy.

If this were a Soap Opera they would have stopped filming when Luann told Alex to stay out of the argument between Jill and Ramona, they would have reminded Lulu that she did the exact same thing several times during the show and she would have to change her sanctimonious, self righteous speech for another time.  If this were a Soap Opera they’d have had to stop filming a whole lot!

Thanks to Boston02127 for the great photos/captions!

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin Happy 4th Of July

I Hate Jill Zarin           Happy 4th of July  Real Housewives of New Jersey / Celebrity Rehab

Happy Birthday USA!  I always look forward the 4th of July, family, BBQ’s and fireworks, what’s not to love!

Please join me in welcoming new contributor to the blog, “Star” (not her real name), she’s recapped Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for us.  But first…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey  By LynnNChicago

No new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night but they did play the last few episodes again and I caught a few things that I missed the first time.  I think with all the sex talk some of the other things that happened fell through the cracks of our discussion.

Teresa and Melissa’s sit down talk didn’t really go all that well.  Both ladies expressed their skepticism afterward in their talking head interviews and really Melissa did a lot of eye rolling while Teresa was talking.  Her timing wasn’t great either.  When Teresa said things like, “this is killing my parents”, Melissa did the old eye roll.  She explains this in her blog:

I do want to tell everyone that it might seem like I roll my eyes a lot, but that is not because I don’t want to listen to her, it’s because I’m thinking. I think with my eyes, I always have, so I just wanted to clear that up. I also got a little frustrated when she brings up her brother’s business deals. I don’t see how it has anything to do with our conversation. It’s almost like she’s trying to expose him or something. It had nothing to do with the conversation, so I got a little aggravated. 

Based on the comments on Melissa’s blog, viewers didn’t buy her explanation of the eyeroll.  But then, we know we can’t trust those comments to be representative of anything except what Bravo wants us to think.

I do think it was a low blow for Teresa to bring up some contractor who claims that Joey Gorga owes him money when Teresa sleeps in a home built by dozens of contractors who remain unpaid per their Bankruptcy documents.  I wonder how many of them rolled their eyes watching Teresa on the show.

Melissa goes on to say:

When all of this is over, who will still be here? Family. I really want for both of us to stop and get to a happy place. I think it’s OK to agree to disagree sometimes. I’m not saying we won’t ever go back and forth again, we probably will, but I never want to get back to the place we were.

In contrast, here’s what Teresa had to say about Melissa:

From her eye rolling and conversations afterward with her sister and whoever was “sitting on her shoulder” saying “bullsh-t,” I’m not so sure she feels the same way. I guess only time will tell…

During the conversation Teresa’s talking head interview explains that the first time her parents met Melissa she and Joey got into an argument about another woman calling Joey Gorga and she stormed out of the house with Joey following, the couple apparently never returned that night.  While it isn’t great etiquette to storm out of someone’s house, this is Teresa’s side of the story, I’d love to hear Melissa’s side.

I didn’t talk much (or at all) about Kathy in the blog after the show but we watched as she brought an idea to her husband.  Catering with her fabulous looking desserts sounds like a fantastic idea to me.  Kathy created a beautiful dessert table at the Gorga’s on Thanksgiving and doing something similar for weddings, showers and other parties is a great business idea.  Many caterers don’t offer an extensive dessert menu and party planners would love to have one place to call to ensure their party had a fabulous dessert table.  I’m sure there are others out there but Kathy could certainly make it work.

Kathy’s husband wants to take it a step further and open a restaurant, Kathy’s not too sure and as they look at possible spaces for their new venture, Kathy doesn’t seem all that into the idea.  I think she’d prefer to stick to desserts.  We’ll see what happens…

Bravo has posted two previews for the upcoming episode next Sunday, one is called “Lauren is in Bitch Mode”.  I’m sure she appreciates that, the title came from her very own mother who stated that “Lauren is in bitch mode”.  This sibling rivalry makes absolutely no sense to me, her brothers have moved out and that should make her happy, it is a whole lot easier to enjoy your siblings when you don’t live together.  (in my opinion) Besides, Lauren should be happy to be the only kid left at home, that means she gets all the attention, right?  Apparently not!  Caroline Manzo has no sympathy for her only daughter, she tells us that Lauren is in “bitch mode”.  Nice!


The other preview shows us Joey Gorga building a space for his wife in the basement to sing and record her music.  A booth that he describes as a phone booth with thick insulation to ensure it is sound-proof and a space for the producer’s booth.


We have a new contributor to the blog, Star (not her real name..LOL) has written the recap on the only original programming we had last night (don’t quote me on that)  Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  Welcome Star!

 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew by Star

First of all, let’s take a look at the “cast.” The staff of the Pasadena Recovery Center includes Dr. Drew Pinsky; Bob Forrest, Head Counselor and Program Manager; Shelley Sprague, Residential Treatment Technician and Counselor; Will Smith, Residential Technician and Counselor; Jennifer Gimenez, Residential Technician; and Dr. John Sharp, Psychiatrist.

The rehabbers are:

Amy Fisher – Long Island Lolita who served time in prison for shooting the wife of her much older boyfriend Joey Buttafouco. Currently adult film star. Alcoholic.

Bai Ling – Actress. Alcoholic.

Dwight “Doc” Gooden – Former Major League Baseball player. Cocaine addiction.

Jeremy Jackson – Actor and Singer (Baywatch). Addicted to Steroids, Growth Harmones, supplements and pills.

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper – Struggling Actress (Best known for being on Survivor) . Alcoholic and Marijuana user.

Michael Lohan – Occupation?????. Alcoholic

Sean Young – Actress. Alcoholic

Steven Adler – Musician (Formerly drummer for Guns and Roses). Heroin Addict

In this second episode, Amy, Bai, Jeremy, Michael, and Sean have already checked in.

Check in procedures include Shelly searching everyone’s luggage for contraband. Each room holds two residents. Each resident has an introductory session with Dr. Drew. On the night of Day 1, we find out that Steven Adler will be checking in shortly. This upsets Jennifer because he has been violent to her in a past rehab situation. Shelly calms Jennifer down and Steven apologizes to Jennifer and thanks her for calling the police on him because it made him realize he still needed help. At the start of each day, the residents arise at 7 a.m. and there is a group session.

The next morning Bai does not want to get up and Dr. Drew asks her if she wants to get better. She says yes and he tells her she needs to change and it needs to start now. At group, Bob asks what they want to accomplish there. Steven wants to finish what he started. Michael talks about his Dad being an alcoholic and how he was treated as a kid and then tells about how his alcoholism has affected his kids. Amy explains that the things she did as a child (16 years old) made her the way she is today. She doesn’t show her feelings because people are so superficial. Jeremy relates to her. Dr. Drew says that the purpose of group is that one person’s story can affect others and they need to rely on each other as they fight for sobriety.

On day two, Dwight Gooden checks in. He had everything going for him. He started in the major leagues at age 17 as a pitcher and still holds several major league records. He was suspended twice for using cocaine. He spent time in prison for his drug use. He still uses cocaine, alcohol, and Ambien. Shelly checks him in and asks when was the last time he used. He says not for a while. She gets a urine sample from him and it pops positive for cocaine, which means he has used within the past 72 hours. He will be Jeremy’s roommate. He tells Dr. Drew he is 46 years old, has been using since age 20 and has been to rehab 5 times. Dr. Drew confronts him with his positive drug test and he says “OK.” Dwight then tells Dr. Drew he’s not happy in his own skin and he deals with guilt for what he has done to his family. He needs to forgive himself.

On the evening of day two Amy is freaking out because of the cameras. She leaves the center when Will asks her to give up her phone because phones are not allowed after 9 p.m. The camera follows her outside and she tells them to stop following her. Eventually her manager and husband convince her to come back. She explains that the cameras remind her of all the paparazzi when she was 16. On day three, Bai is still very emotional and has not eaten for three days Dr. Drew had prescribed something for her because he feels she is dealing with psychiatric issues aside from her addiction problem. She refuses to take the medication and cannot be forced to take it. Dr. Drew predicts things will not be good for Bai if she doesn’t take the medication.

It’s funny, but Bai is in full make up and looks pretty good for someone who just woke up. She might be having big problems, but she does have time to apply her make up. Got to look good for those cameras no matter what.

In a one-on-one with Dr. Drew, Amy is blaming the media for the way her life turned out because they wouldn’t leave her alone when she was 16. I guess nobody should have noticed that she knocked on the front door of her lover’s house and shot his wife in the face. I’m not saying she is totally to blame because Joey Buttafouco was the adult in this situation and it seems he got off pretty easy. Amy served six years in prison. Poor Mary Jo Buttafouco still suffers with paralysis on one side of her face. Amy hasn’t even mentioned her so far. She’s constantly walking around in short shorts and very low cut tops. She has been in the adult film business for 6 months and feels that, because of her past, it is her only option. Really, Amy? Or is it the only option that, as you say, pays really good money? Maybe I’m being little too hard on Amy.

Here we go again. Bai Ling doesn’t want to get up the next morning and tells Shelly she’ll be up in 10 minutes. Later she is missing and they see her on the roof. The episode ends with Dr. Drew asking the question “Did she jump?” To be continued……

Excellent Job Star, thanks for the recap!

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin Jill Zarin and her Blog Jill Zarin on HGTV’s My Favorite Place

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Blog Comments

I got the best gift today, an email from a reader, Sue from New York, she was kind enough to send me this brilliant post!  As most of you know on Friday  Bravo posted the viewer comments in response to Jill Zarin’s BravoTV.com blog, then they deleted them all and replaced them with the three or four of the most positive ones that they could find…BUT, Sue from New York was able to copy and paste them before Bravo had a chance to delete them….   There were dozens!!!

These are unedited (by me anyway) and are not all my friends and relatives LOL  These are viewers just like we are who feel the same way as we do, as millions of others do…

Enjoy the comments:

ugh. you’re gross.

Submitted by jonny.x on July 1, 2011.


you’re gross.


Submitted by NYC Professor on July 1, 2011.

OH REALLY MRS BULLY??? Jill you are a shrew and a sham. If attention is not on you, you cry and say you are being bullyed yet you mean tweet your co workers every chance you get. You were fine SEason 1 then you thought you were the star of the show and started bullying everyone. I’m hoping Bravo gets some sense and kicks you and LUMann off the show, boring!!!!! Kelly is demented and that’s the kind of pathetic person you enjoy! You are a mean girl, Jill Zarin and you will never change, how pathetic is that!

Submitted by Meliss AA on July 1, 2011.

You and LuAnn are mean you think you come off as assertive and confident when you both actually come off as mean and snobby..Just my observation.

I would NEVER follow, talk

Submitted by shellyincincy on July 1, 2011.

I would NEVER follow, talk to, invite to my house, be hosted by or communicate with someone who threatened another castmate. We need to leave the drama on the show and support each other to the outside world.

This was YOUR quote Jill. Didn’t you put the poll about whether Ramona is a hypocrite on your site? Such support!

Submitted by visitor1023 on July 1, 2011.

Jill you are looking like a phony. You always say your side of the story making yourself look like a victim. You’re smart so you know how to use words to your advantage. However you are not a true friend. I’m tired of your lies.

Submitted by LFTxDal on July 1, 2011.

You and the other 2 losers need to get a HOBBY!!!!!!!!!!! Team Blonde!!!!!!!

Submitted by Inigo on July 1, 2011.

My goodness, where is Susan Saunders when you need her?!?

Submitted by Anatole’s Girl on July 1, 2011.

There is something very tragic about your take on adult things. If I close my eyes I’d swear you were a middle school girl. I teach math to that age group and I know.

Submitted by CalleyCreed on July 1, 2011.

Reality STAR? Says whom and is that really an accomplishment your proud of?

Submitted by TOTALLY AMUSED on July 1, 2011.

WOW, really? You have said a lot of negative about your castmates and screenshots have been taken before you had a chance to delete them. In the words of Bethany… GET A HOBBY!! Oh wait.. you have one.. you buy twitter followers. I used to be one of your biggest fans in season 1 and 2, but now? WHO ARE YOU?

Submitted by NYC EXEC on July 1, 2011.

You’ve made a career out of whining. How lucky are you that Bravo was seeking delusional, spoiled mean girls to fill their RHONY slots.

Submitted by decodiva on July 1, 2011.

Oh come on- your act is getting old. You are the bully and it is getting a bit pathetic. If your life is so wonderful why are you so threatened by absolutely everyone. You are the worst kind of bully- one who is very hard to defend against because you have a very short memory and love to be the victim. Please Jill-
grow up!

Submitted by Ebrowder on July 1, 2011.

BULLYING is being used in the WRONG CONTEXT. Please learn what it is before you accuse others of it.

Interesting thing though: for YEARS…people have suspected that you or people who pay put comments on your castmates blogs/twitters/facebooks..FUNNY..you are NOW accusing others of that. I see through the charade and I am not the only one.

Submitted by Ricksgrl on July 1, 2011.

Your housewives career began deterioration after you stopped being friends with real people like Bethanny, sorry but it’s true and you know it. for your own sake leave the show.

Submitted by sowatcher on July 1, 2011.

You are such a bully on facebook and twitter and Simon never has been. He may answer your outrageous claims or your bullying, but he has never bullied you. He only tried to help Kelly. You can’t turn this around, Jill. You have ruined the show last season and this one. So sad.

Submitted by Seattle Girl on July 1, 2011.

This is addressed to all the ladies…..I love how you blast Alex for the sin of “social climbing”. Excuse me, but isn’t that what ALL of you have been doing? Everyone of you run from event to event to BE SEEN, PHOTOGRAPHED and to BE WRITTEN UP. Have you forgotten where you came from…who you started life as….especially you countess. Just because you attend “events and have money, doesn’t make you important…or classy.

I have more respect for the school teacher who spends her days trying to get through to street smart kids and then goes home to take care of her family. This is the person with “CLASS”…real class, not the kind you throw at us every week on TV. I actually feel kind of sorry for you all, you expend so much energy trying to prove how special you are.

Submitted by cthousewife on July 1, 2011.

You could not have titled your blog better. That is exactly how I feel about this entire season, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I truly feel that everyone has crossed the line and it just isn’t fun to watch anymore. Your argument with Ramotional in Morocco felt as if you both were auditioning for a soap opera. Kelly spent this season trying to change her image, until her lunch with Alex. We once again saw the Scary Island Kelly. Luann is above everyone, so she thinks. It pains me to watch Cindy with her children. Alex and Simon are only looking for more screen time. Sonja is just plain kooky. Again, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Submitted by santa monica mom on July 1, 2011.

Jill…you do NOT do anything that the other housewives have done or do now. Each housewife has said or done something mean and hurtful to another or by way of the confessional camera interview (knowing it will be viewed). More importantly, it’s cowardly but easy for people/viewers that are haters to post hurtful and mean things, when they hide behind a post on a blog. I think you have been doing a great job trying to improve. It’s a humbling experience. When my daughter was in a nationally well known dance company, her co director complained that she stayed away from the group of girls. When asked why, my daughter told her she couldn’t stand listening to how these girls gossiped and made fun of all other dancers…in same co or other dance co. Now in college…and a sorority, it’s the same thing. When she overheard their mean gossip at a meeting, she interrupted asking the haters if they ever talked to the subject of their hate…no. Intolerance and hate is not what we want to teach our children.

Submitted by Awesometowatchd… on July 1, 2011.

It seems like people such as yourselves like to go on reality shows to create a persona. That you have but unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s the one you intended. You started as comforting den mother and have turned into backbiting, drama stirring, cliquey and pathetic. To watch you lacerate Bethenny was all it took to see your true character but now you are just pouring gasoline on the fire with your antics.

Submitted by Catherine65 on July 1, 2011.

As you say all the time just cause you say it doesn’t make it true. YOu continue to act like you are a victim. You and only you have caused your problems. You lie you stir up trouble and then get offended when called out on it. Leave Ramona, SImon and Alex alone.

Submitted by cutie pie on July 1, 2011.

You are a World Class Liar.

Submitted by Catherina on July 1, 2011.

Jill you should be nicer and maybe those around you wouldn’t have negative things to say about you.ou have to take some accountability in these damaged relationships your acquire each season. (Bethanny,Ramona, Alex, and now Simon)

Submitted by Bella0115 on July 1, 2011.

Jill – you are AWFUL!! It amazes me how you feel you can call other people out when you have about 10 faces! You are crazy! When you were in Morocco and you stated under your breath and I paraphrase “my circle knows about Mario cheating on Ramona” – that is when I started to see your true colors…You are the most wicked, evil, disgusting, dirty human being on TV. I would love for Bravo to fire you, but I know they won’t because your antics make people crazy. My god – there’s a major website – I HATE JILL ZARIN – all for you (your welcome lynnnchicago 🙂 ) Love that website, hate you Jill Zarin – you witch! Hmmm…did I just bully the meanest one of all? YAY Blondes :))!

Submitted by Viewer autumn on July 1, 2011.

Jill you are fabulous! Thank you for showing us glimpses of your life. Forget the haters!

Submitted by Palic on July 1, 2011.

Do you realize the damage you, Kelly, & LuAnn do for real people out there that are TRUELY being bullied? You make bulling into a frivolous catty fad and it detracts from as SERIOUS issue that has cost people their lives. The three of you are mean to others and expect no one to stand up for themselves. GROW UP!
Message for BRAVO:

Submitted by StarStruckJillZarin on July 1, 2011.

Stop Stalking celebrities Jill it’s annoying.
Jill what about the message you had on face book and deleted when Cindy said if she wanted something published she would do it her self? You know what I’m talking about, you said Cindy’s friend Carol wanted it posted and Cindy sent it you. Then a viewer asked Cindy why she would do that, then C said if she wanted something posted she would do it her self. Then you took the post down because you got busted in a BOLD FACE LIE>! You are forgetting, Simon defended you, YOU MORON. When the that person said “why would you be nice to Jill, you forget that Simon stood up to that person and said “why wouldn’t I not be, the past is the past” Also, Simon asked the person who took over Kelly’s old twitter name to please not do it” While you morons say all Simon do is tweet all day, On Kelly’s new account, she has 2000 more tweets than Simon does. That don’t count all her crazy tweets from her new account. Old tweets don’t carry over. She opened up a new account. He tried to tell her not to, then look what happened someone took her old name. I know how to look up all old tweets. I am making a twitter account with all your deleted tweets. You make us sick, we wish you just go away. It’s a shame i hate to admit that I likes you season one. every season you get worse and worse. Simon asked you nicely to meet with im, you even said “how do I say no to this” You’re a liar.

Submitted by Riley’s Mom on July 1, 2011.

Why does everyone feel the need to be connected to these tweeters and Facebook “friends”??? Turn it/them off. Indifference is the best form of revenge. They’ll move on.

Submitted by jennifersays on July 1, 2011.

Jill, I have really tried to like you, and underneath it all think you can be a really nice, smart woman. but be real…..SImon is a creep and really strange…no doubt about….but you need to read what YOU post about others as well!

Submitted by Cyndie From VA on July 1, 2011.

Jill, your true colors have come out and they are not pretty!
YOU are a bully, and you are hiding behind the anti-bulling label.

Get over your self. You and Luann need to get some serious eye opening opinions about your selves since you only see yourselves as untoughable.

Thank GOD Bethany has moved on and is doing so well without you!

Submitted by Greg Roberts on July 1, 2011.

B-O-R-I-N-G… you must be desperate to focus on Simon cyber bullying you. You have been spending 2 much time with Kelly. People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. We know that you have sent negative tweets about the other Housewives. You know how to dish it, but you can’t take it. This show is over and hope that Bravo fires all the housewives, because it is dull. You have attacked Simon and Alex’s kids, but can’t say the same for Alex. Has Alex ever attacked Bobby? No. Has she ever attacked Ally? No. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are on a reality show; not curing Cancer. Get over yourself already.

Submitted by CaptainMurphy on July 1, 2011.

“Countless Lucifer” LMAO!

Submitted by I’ll Show your … on July 1, 2011.

Jill what about the message you had on face book and deleted when Cindy said if she wanted something published she would do it her self? You know what I’m talking about, you said Cindy’s friend Carol wanted it posted and Cindy sent it you. Then a viewer asked Cindy why she would do that, then C said if she wanted something posted she would do it her self. Then you took the post down because you got busted in a BOLD FACE LIE>! You are forgetting, Simon defended you, YOU MORON. When the that person said “why would you be nice to Jill, you forget that Simon stood up to that person and said “why wouldn’t I not be, the past is the past” Also, Simon asked the person who took over Kelly’s old twitter name to please not do it” While you morons say all Simon do is tweet all day, On Kelly’s new account, she has 2000 more tweets than Simon does. That don’t count all her crazy tweets from her new account. Old tweets don’t carry over. She opened up a new account. He tried to tell her not to, then look what happened someone took her old name. I know how to look up all old tweets. I am making a twitter account with all your deleted tweets. You make us sick, we wish you just go away. It’s a shame i hate to admit that I likes you season one. every season you get worse and worse. Simon asked you nicely to meet with im, you even said “how do I say no to this” You’re a liar.

Submitted by BG-in-NJ on July 1, 2011.


I love the way you dealt with Ramona. Take a cue from Ramona’s standard line of, “I’m sorry you feel that way”, and move on.

I also love the way you shut down Simon and his nonsense.
Your friend Luann was correct when she stated the “relevance” of the Silex drama mongering.

I am glad you chose to take no part in it. It’s really sad to think Simon has sunk so low as to make his place as a hate-tweeter (since he apparently doesn’t have any other place to be).

Submitted by st augustine viewer on July 1, 2011.

My sister is going through problems with her in-laws and she wanted to confront one of them. I told her that she was beginning to act like Jill Zarin and she IMMEDIATELY changed her tack. You are no role model.

You and your cohorts need to get hobbies other than talking about Silex and Ramona.

Submitted by ecovano on July 1, 2011.

Jill, you are great and don’t listen to all the nonsense! You are they type of person that is generously there for her friends. The fact is that Simon is bullying you and anyone that doesn’t recognize it, is a bystander. And come on, those that accuse you of speaking badly about others… that is the make up of Ramona and Alex!

Submitted by Truth needs to … on July 1, 2011.

Jill what about the message you had on face book and deleted when Cindy said if she wanted something published she would do it her self? You know what I’m talking about, you said Cindy’s friend Carol wanted it posted and Cindy sent it you. Then a viewer asked Cindy why she would do that, then C said if she wanted something posted she would do it her self. Then you took the post down because you got busted in a BOLD FACE LIE>! You are forgetting, Simon defended you, YOU MORON. When the that person said “why would you be nice to Jill, you forget that Simon stood up to that person and said “why wouldn’t I not be, the past is the past” Also, Simon asked the person who took over Kelly’s old twitter name to please not do it” While you morons say all Simon do is tweet all day, On Kelly’s new account, she has 2000 more tweets than Simon does. That don’t count all her crazy tweets from her new account. Old tweets don’t carry over. She opened up a new account. He tried to tell her not to, then look what happened someone took her old name. I know how to look up all old tweets. I am making a twitter account with all your deleted tweets. You make us sick, we wish you just go away. It’s a shame i hate to admit that I likes you season one. every season you get worse and worse. Simon asked you nicely to meet with im, you even said “how do I say no to this” You’re a liar.

Submitted by katecj on July 1, 2011.

WOW – I am so tired of hearing grown women talk about bullying and using the word incorrectly to benefit them. How are you bullied when you can strike back with your own venom? You threw yourself into this, that is not bullying. I think you are smart enough to know that reality fame has positive and negative feedback so put on your big girl panties (I’ll advertise Sqweez here) and deal with it! Those who are bullied are not asking for it. They don’t put themselves out there to be bullied.
Please, I beg of all of you (Kelly, you especially), stop making light of a serious topic. Anyone who has truly been bullied can tell you what you have experienced is not bullying. Hurtful, yes, but face it, you signed up for that.
Finally, advice from Kelly? Really? I know you are smarter than that!

Submitted by Kim Hinnkle on July 1, 2011.

Victim act at it again. This seems to be your core personalitly along with JEALOUS and big mouth gossip!!!

Submitted by Lara Saikali on July 1, 2011.


Your Fabulous! dont let that stupid idiot weirdo social climber cyber bully you, and for those of you that think Jill is Pure Evil?!?!? you clearly need to look that up in the dictionary before using it, Saddam Hussein was Evil not Jill Zarin!shes anything but that! get it together haters! anyway I know we all get put on the spot and make decisions that we dont think about! what Simon did was weird and when he said to you watch out that was an indicator he was doing something wrong and was mad because he got caught! and you know what you people get so mad when she tweets honest truthful facts about the rest of the cast mates, Have you people seen what the other cast mates say about EACH OTHER! Jills not the only one that does that! THEY ALL DO AND NEWS FLASH! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS A REALITY STAR THEY ALL CALL THEMSELVES THAT! You know what im glad Kelly and LuAnn wer being the voice of reasons with you because that was a little weird Simon would try to have a lunch date with Jill ALONE! honestly Bobby wouldn’t approve! Keep your head up girl! your real,funny, and I would like to buy your skweez line! is it gonna be available at Macys? lol love ya! muah muah muah!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox :]

Submitted by MRM1978 on July 1, 2011.

You’re so negative, I can barely stand to watch you or read these blogs anymore. Simon came to ask you to sit down and hash things out, and you were fine with it until Kelly chimed in saying it was “weird”. Please be your own person. I’ve followed Simon from the beginning on Twitter and while he’s retweeted some things that OTHER people has said sometimes, he has never “mean tweeted” you. How old are you? If you don’t like it, don’t follow him on Twitter. Or better yet, DELETE your Twitter! If all of this stuff is impacting your life negatively, you know how to change it.

You went from one of my favorites to my absolute least favorite. I wish you’d just move on. As I said in my first line, you’re just so negative.

Submitted by Mary87 on July 1, 2011.

I think the craziness of Kelly has spread to you and LuAnn!! You three are NUTS and DELUSIONAL!!!!!

YOU ARE NOT A “STAR” OF ANYTHING!!!!!! Never mind a reality Star! HA HA HA

In your dreams!! I think this show has gone in your head!! You really believe all the crap that Kelly and LuAnn tell you.

Submitted by SUNI3 on July 1, 2011.

Jill, I completely agree with you. If Simon was being real he wouldn’t have waited for the camera to be running to talk to you. The show is “Real Housewives”, not “Simon’s World.” There is no excuse for Simon’s behavior. I’m also shocked at some of the vile remarks made here to and about you. Just wondering if these same people would say that to your face? Maybe some of them do when using their “real” names. Everyone needs to grow up.

Submitted by Grow UP JILL ! on July 1, 2011.

Jill what about the message you had on face book and deleted when Cindy said if she wanted something published she would do it her self? You know what I’m talking about, you said Cindy’s friend Carol wanted it posted and Cindy sent it you. Then a viewer asked Cindy why she would do that, then C said if she wanted something posted she would do it her self. Then you took the post down because you got busted in a BOLD FACE LIE>! You are forgetting, Simon defended you, YOU MORON. When the that person said “why would you be nice to Jill, you forget that Simon stood up to that person and said “why wouldn’t I not be, the past is the past” Also, Simon asked the person who took over Kelly’s old twitter name to please not do it” While you morons say all Simon do is tweet all day, On Kelly’s new account, she has 2000 more tweets than Simon does. That don’t count all her crazy tweets from her new account. Old tweets don’t carry over. She opened up a new account. He tried to tell her not to, then look what happened someone took her old name. I know how to look up all old tweets. I am making a twitter account with all your deleted tweets. You make us sick, we wish you just go away. It’s a shame i hate to admit that I likes you season one. every season you get worse and worse. Simon asked you nicely to meet with im, you even said “how do I say no to this” You’re a liar.

Submitted by jelliebean on July 1, 2011.

Wow some of the comments here prove Jill is absolutely right. The level of hate is frightening. It’s kinda sad that people are so invested in a reality TV show.

Submitted by Atena on July 1, 2011.

Someone said Bethenny kep you in check and that’s probably why you were likalble when you were friends. Nutkelly and Lulucas enable your delusions; why not, the more the merrier.

Submitted by snjhousewife on July 1, 2011.

Jill are you serious?? Do you not look at your own tweets and comments? You are a cyber bully more then anyone else on the show!! I love how you play innocent when you put polls out there like you did the other day then conveniently deleted. Lets be honest, you were not cyber bullied by Simon…I read that other blog and all housewives are called out on it, and Simon was met at a book signing and was fairly neutral. Simon standing up when Kelly changed her tweeter handle, was helpful…but now all of a sudden that was cyber bullying too?? You really need a dose of reality Jill. People who are nasty, mean, and talk about others the way you do have no business telling anyone else that they are cyber bullies…when you are the ultimate housewife cyber bully!

Submitted by benz girl on July 1, 2011.

I love Lynn in Chicago. She is very accurate in her depiction of you and the Countless Lucifer.

Submitted by RHONM on July 1, 2011.

Can you just be nice? Ever?

Submitted by Viewer12345 on July 1, 2011.

Crybaby . . . Victim . . . Bully . . . Meanest of Mean Girls . . . Unchanged . . . Rude . . . Narcicist. . . Fake . . . Liar . . . Toxic . . .

Submitted by DebiMac on July 1, 2011.

What a cry baby you are… You and your rude side kicks are the real bully’s here. Shame on you!!!!! You can’t compete with Bethany! I bet her success really sticks in your craw! And the best part you are naval lint to her. I love it!

Submitted by Kim Hinnkle on July 1, 2011.

Really Jill?? Get over yourself!!! Trust me you are not important to any one but your family!! O…so jealous!!!

Submitted by VirginiaJoy on July 1, 2011.

This whole “thing” is very sad and childish. Please stop playing the sympathy card as if that will gain you support and restore your image. It’s all so pathetic and disturbing. Any explanation that you give is not plausible. No matter how manytimes you use the word “cyber bullying”. Grow up and act like an adult!!!

Submitted by Maggie5 on July 1, 2011.

You diminish the pain of people who are ACTUALLY BEING BULLIED when you throw around a term like “cyber bullying” about someone with whom you have a disagreement. It’s entirely different than being bullied.

If you have a problem with people being honest with you (to the point that you take a page out of Kelly’s book and call it bullying), then I suggest you get off reality television and stop engaging with the public.

Submitted by BBAnnei on July 1, 2011.

Ever heard of resigned effective immediately which is the nice way that companies rid themselves of employees while they pay them handsomely to not say bad things about the company. Oh wait, I guess you would have to have had a real job to understand this…

Submitted by Viv on July 1, 2011.

Simlex will only destroy themselves. No one else. How disappointing.

In the beginning of the show, they seemed more cool & collected.

What happened ??

Submitted by Mveeluz on July 1, 2011.

Jill, you should have not really tried to be Friends with Alex and Simon outside of the show. I really get why LuAnn is ‘dismissive’ with Alex and just cordial around them during filming. A lot of viewers think she is ‘pretentious’ but I see that she really is merely being social and classy. If that was me, I would just completely not include them in any of my social gatherings.
Everybody sees through the smoke screen of them social climbing and promoting moeymaking income simply becoz the couple really were nobodys before RHONY.
Why keep socializing with trash like that? You surround yourself with ‘good’ intent people. Good luck. Enough of trying so hard to explain yourself/action and commenting about ‘them’–it just gets twisted and used against you by haters to make you look bad. Viewers that are in your level sees the real picture anyways. If you STOP making comments about them, then they don’t count, right?

Submitted by 4JUDE on July 1, 2011.


Submitted by Nancy H on July 1, 2011.

I think it is so funny that all normal people see you for what you are-a bully!!!!! You are a joke and with friends like you who needs enemies. Grow up and take that nut job Kelly with you.

Submitted by mjude on July 1, 2011.

you are so hateful & viewers can see it. very sad.

Submitted by Mary from NJ on July 1, 2011.

I thought you really would have learned a lesson dear. You are making the same exact mistake again.

Submitted by Anne W. on July 1, 2011.

You have gone over the edge with this. If someone is trying to explain their behaviour why shut them down? Your supposedly a grown woman, to say that you can’t have a meeting with a man is ludicrous. This drama is getting very stale.

Submitted by JoanD on July 1, 2011.

This show has gone to your head. Season 1; I actually liked you. Now, I can barely watch you; and NO this is not a threat and NO I’m not bullying you. Can you please stop being such a DRAMA queen! You are too old to require so much attention. You can dish it out but you can’t be on the receiving end; otherwise you feel threaten and victimized; it’s exhausting!

Submitted by jml on July 1, 2011.

You are a nutbag lying hypocrite. Go away. Save yourself please. How you could ever have the nerve to criticize anyone given the Amazon debacle you created. Embarrassing!!!

Submitted by Margie Caballero on July 1, 2011.

Jill, whether it’s on the internet or on a talk show – talking negatively about someone is inappropriate. It shows no class and it shows how immature one can be. Oh and btw, I am talking about you! Remember your “Ramona tirade” on Andy WWHL recently? You had snide comment and snide comment that night about her. Grow up, Jill. If you stop the bashing and hate talk, then others sure are to follow your example. You are giving others so much material with your behavior and words on and of the show.

Submitted by Gd on July 1, 2011.


I support your blog. LuAnn and Kelly have your best interests.

Don’t listen to all the negative blogs that probably were written by Alex and Ramona under fake names.

Submitted by trixielandis on July 1, 2011.

Are you blackmailing Andy? Is that why Ramona & Alex are made to look bad by you? The only cyber bullying was done by you-you get people kicked off facebook for disagreeing with you, you delete all your nasty tweets about cast members, you are the bully Jill. You a spiteful person. Team blonde all the way!

Submitted by Eclectic viewer on July 1, 2011.

The title of your blog says it all, “Enough is Enough”!!!

Since you provided no support to show Simon’s meanness, I looked for them myself. Can’t find them. Found yours however. No wonder Alex doesn’t trust you. No wonder Betheny cut you out of her life.

Hope you find some true happiness and fulfillment so you don’t have to keep putting people down.

Submitted by mindella on July 1, 2011.

You truly are an awful human being!! YOU are the one being the bully!! STFU!!!

Submitted by KatBud on July 1, 2011.

Jill, You were right. I would NEVER have lunch with myu friends husband. NEVER without her.

Submitted by Over to OC on July 1, 2011.

Will someone please remind Jill about the fake Amazon accounts she set up to bully reviewers of her book?? I mean does she think she’s untouchable.

I know the reunion has already aired and I’m sure Jill will leave unscathed but if I had just one wish is that there was a ‘call Jill out on her Bull’ segment of the reunion.

Submitted by Kimberley on July 1, 2011.

Mrs Zarin,
It’s quite a shame that you let others speak for you. The countess always defends you to the point of creating the worst possible drama. You, LuAnn & Kelly gang up on the other housewives and you then cry “BULLY”. It seems that your high school mean streak hasn’t left you at all this season, it’s only gotten worse. Shame, I used to be such a fan of yours. Now, I realize that each of us has problems, I just choose to solve those problems like an adult. I talk with the person I have a problem with. I don’t ask ALL my friends to solve my problems for me. Look at your situation with Bethany. Had you not caused that yourself, things would have been different. You stated, “I’m done!” If my friend said that to me, I would take that and know that she meant it. I thought you were such a mean person for crying fowl when Bethany tried to “make-up” with you and you slammed that door in her face.

I sincerely hope things can change on this show for the better, it’s getting very upsetting to constantly watch BRAVO TV’s “BULLIES” (Jill, Kelly & LuAnn) constantly go after Alex, Simon and anyone you deem to be beneath you.


Submitted by A SOLDIERS MOM on July 1, 2011.

Jill, your ugly and mean and I wish you’d just go away!

Submitted by Snerk on July 1, 2011.

Jeez, again you have no self awareness. You, Kelly & Lulu have been bullying all season.

Submitted by frankswif3y on July 1, 2011.

ScotinTexas-I completely agree. Have you seen her twitter timeline lately? All she does is talk about her castmates and retweet negative things people say. She’s awful. Bravo needs to get rid of the brunettes. #teamblondes

Submitted by justafan on July 1, 2011.

Jill, Just keep doing what you are doing. Simon is a nut, maybe jealous? Who knows…all I know is that you are great, no need to explain your actions. Simon needs to expalin his. Just what does he do anyway??? Just asking…

Submitted by dkerntx1 on July 1, 2011.


Sometimes I think you are just pure evil! Why would you even listen to Crazy Kelly? Simon was not aggressive in approaching you for a meeting. If you are the strong, confidant woman you say you are, and I know your husband is confident, why would you try and pull the “1950’s, I can’t meet you, I am married” line. Cmon, Jill we know you have more balls than that. You are ridiculous and you try to stir up crap and you really do feed on other peoples misery. Keep your big nose out of Sonja’s financial business. Your intention was not to help her but to find out more dirt so you can tell everyone!
Your actions alone make me want to mean tweet about you!

Get a life of your own! I hope your whole Skweez biz fails miserably because that is what you deserve!

Submitted by Inigo on July 1, 2011.

You are a reality “STAR”??? You need to get over yourself.

Submitted by kellybelly on July 1, 2011.

You are great Jill!

Submitted by MYDAUGHTERMADEM… on July 1, 2011.

OMG. SHUT UP!!!! Your five towns voice is enough to give someone hives. You’re a spoiled ridiculous person. You’re in way over your head in this city with people who actually have brains. I really can’t say anything constructive or useful because you’re such a vile idiot. FYI, it’s BRAVO, not BWAVO. Maybe you should work on that a little bit.

Submitted by neverhaveposted on July 1, 2011.


Please seek help or don’t bother to venture out of your protected Bawbee circle.

You are a menace to productive and sincere society.


Submitted by ViewerEKS on July 1, 2011.

“We need to leave the drama on the show and support each other to the outside world. ”

Is this what you are thinking when you tweet negative things about the other castmates. Grow up! You really are a despicable person.

Submitted by MrsLappe on July 1, 2011.

Oh, Jill, for crying out loud. You are the biggest cry-baby, attention-seeking, drama queen there is.

Submitted by BarbTX on July 1, 2011.

You should learn to think for yourself. You were fine meeting with Simon until Kelly told you what you should do and like a little lamb, you followed orders. Then Amazon Queen LuAnn has to jump in and give her 2 cents. Are you that stupid that you don’t see what LuAnn is doing? Have you not noticed how she jumps between you and anyone you are having issues with? She is a major bully and yet you call Simon a bully when your best friend is the worst!

Submitted by Not a fan on July 1, 2011.

You are the most obnoxious Housewife — blond or brunette!! You seem to know everything about everything. You are trying to bee cool — just as you were when you and Bethenny were friends — and it just does not work for you. Stop crying wolf about people being mean to you. No one could be as mean to you as you are to them! Thug!

Submitted by frankswif3y on July 1, 2011.

Sorry Jill but your use of the word cyberbullying is insulting. Have you seen the tweets you have out there? The polls on your facebook page about Ramona? You are the only one who’s been spewing hate on twitter. Stop trying to fool the viewers with your victim act. Please!

Submitted by ScotInTexas on July 1, 2011.

You really need to stop making drama out of nothing. Simon has not been bullying or bad mouthing you on Twitter. You on the other hand will have a dig at him, Alex and Ramona every chance you get. Grow up, live in reality and then maybe you can have proper, real friendships with adults instead of those nasty small minded friends Countess De Lusional and LaLaLand Kelly.

Submitted by Mary87 on July 1, 2011.

Your are getting a nutty as Kelly! Grow Up!!!

What’s so wrong about a friend’s husband wanting to clear the air and ask you for lunch?

___________________________________________________end of comments

So why did Bravo delete all of these and replace them with some that were quite positive to Jill, as positive as they can be considering it’s tough to find anything nice to say about Zarin?  Did Jill threaten to call her attorney on Bravo…again?  I could see Andy Cohen’s phone blowing up with text messages and voice mail’s from Jill Zarin when all those comments above sat on Bravo’s web site.   Jill certainly runs the show over there.  Did some poor assistant over at Bravo lose their job for posting these comments?  Grow a pair Bravo and post a representative list of comments that reflect what the people are really saying!

This is the very reason I started this blog!  The frustration of taking the time to search out Bravo’s web site, choosing the show and finding the Housewives blogs, signing in, reading what the housewife had to say and taking the time to write a comment of my thoughts on the show about what the housewife had to say only to get a message saying my comment is being moderated.  Ok, I get they have to ensure there is no vulgarity or vile nasty disgusting comments but it seemed no matter what I said, positive or negative, it wasn’t being posted by Bravo’s people.  How frustrating!  It was frustrating enough for me to take up Terry Aley on his offer to guest blog and the rest is history.

Over the months I’ve written to Andy Cohen who claims he has nothing to do with the web site and doesn’t control the comments.  I’ve written to Bravo’s media / guest relations person, no response.  I’ve asked Simon if the comments that do not get posted are at least sent to the Housewife so that she can see ALL of the comments, not just the ones that Bravo posts, the answer was NO.  I suppose I was hoping that although Bravo refused to post them, at least the Housewife in question had an opportunity to read them.  Nope!

Comment Editing by Bravo!  Where Jill Zarin runs the network!


Jill Zarin appeared on HGTV last night, a show called My Favorite Place.  This is perfect for the selfish Jill Zarin, she shows people how fabulous her apartment is and what an amazing life she lives.  <gag me!>

Airing it for the first time during a holiday weekend basically gives off the impression that HGTV doesn’t care if you watch it or not.   Here is Quincy’s recap on the show:

My Favorite Place by Quincy IL

Jill Zarin was “pretty in pink” (which is a bold choice for a redhead) when she opened the door holding Ginger, her dog for the cameras of HGTV at her UES Apartment in Manhattan.  There was a photo of Jill and Bobby when they described the 2,000 sq. ft.  Mahattan condo that they share with Jill’s daughter Allison.
Jill described her living room and showed her L shaped couch that allows the whole family to lie down while watching a TV that rises from a custom cabinet. The camera watched Ginger dragging her stuff animal down the hallway.

Jill shows her carpet with circles and then shares that there is only a little bit of silk in the carpet from a store called Star because Ginger “wee wees” on the carpets and silk is damaged by “wee wee.” She reminds us that she loves the shiny glass like pop coffee tables that she picked out. She wanted pop because it is funny and cute. (She must have changed her mind about the pop tables because she did not like them when she first had them and shows us the renovation and she did not like them when Bethenny came for “Liberace Versace.”)

Jill has a special wall design which is 7 layers of paint with a fish scale appearance which she says is “long-lasting and durable.” (My dad was a builder.  How will you change that paint when you remodel?  Sand it off? Change the drywall? Use plaster and fill in the pattern? By the way, this is the same wall that they were painting in the show recently and it looked flat so someone found a way to get rid of the fish scales.)

Jill was worried about the lack of space so she used every tiny nook and cranny in the apartment.   She has a second seating area that is to the side and uses a rug to define the space. She sits and says that this is where we sit to talk.  Then Jill points to the other room and says the rugs separate the “congluis room.” (I swear she said “congluis,” but I don’t know what she is talking about. I goggled and looked in the dictionary.  It must be a special decorating term only known in NYC.)

We then go the famous round glass table in the dining room with the same chandelier that we saw years ago. (Bethenny thought Brad and Jill were lunatic for arguing where Jill should sit to be  at the head of a round table.) Sam and Sara are working on computers on top of the table.  (They were almost Stepford in their performance. They were looking at the computer afraid that they might miss a comment or tweet.) They do not stop working as Jill explains the cabinet over the radiator that also has a section for wine bottles.  (Don’t you have to have to monitor the temperature of good wines? I would think being in a cabinet with a radiator might be a problem.) On the other side of the cabinet is a small door for a tiny bit of storage.

The kitchen is the heart of Jill’s home and she recommends color over white. She carried her Tiffany blue into the kitchen and put up a bird painting and some collector plates on the walls.  Her doors had glass and she put wall paper on the top doors and kept the bottom doors a darker blue.

Jill’s favorite room is her bedroom and it has a spectacular view of the city.  It is her sanctuary.  Jill kept her ex- dining room Holly Hunter chandelier and put it in her bedroom. She uses Zarin fabrics for drapes and bedding (not her personal like of bedding from Bed Bath and Beyond) and dresses them with cords to make them look more custom.

On her side table is a bowl of roses and a photo of “the queen of the house” kissing ginger. Jill lies on the bed and thanks us for coming to her favorite place.

(Jill used “I” when describing the entire house which looks just like the house that Brad redecorated in Season Two of “The Real Housewives of New York City.” I was shocked that she never mentioned Brad once.  It was as if she had decorated the apartment.  That is not what we saw on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” We saw Brad surprising her left and right and we saw her complaining about everything and questioning his choices in the kitchen.  I don’t know what is up here.  Did she forget that she put this on TV?  I am very confused about Jill’s taking credit for this interior design and decorating. Either she lied to us in Season Two or she lied to us on this HGTV show. It’s another Jill Zarin incongruity.

I still can’t figure out what she meant by “congulis” and that bothers me.  Is it possible she meant “congruous?”  Either her accent is thick or she did not know the correct word to use.)

Thanks Quincy, there is a web site showing that this apartment was put on the market for sale in 2009 shortly after the redecorating (By Brad Boles) was featured on the show.  Jill says, in the article, that she realizes the market is bad but her fame is at an all time high and it’s a great time to sell for big bucks!  haha


Obviously it didn’t sell as Jill continues to live there, unless she sold it and made an arrangement to live there during filming…kidding!  Great Job Quincy!  Thanks for the recap!

A lot of peple around the internet are talking about the blog and Bullying and Jill, Kelly and Lulu,  They’re discussing Twitter and Facebook due to the recent scenes on RHONY, here’s what some are saying:



http://entertainment.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474979540859  by Malene Soegaard  I admit I am new to Malene’s writing but she is clearly intelligent and so observant.  She’s been very supportive of us here at IHJZ but she’s objective too.  I’m a new fan.




This last link even includes a lot of Jill’s tweets proving that if anyone is a cyber-bully, it is Jill Zarin, not Simon VanKempen!  The brunettes call Simon a bully but can’t provide proof, yet so many have provided proof of Jill’s bullying!

Jill keeps saying how inappropriate it is for Simon to approach Jill saying that Bobby Zarin would never do that, yet last season Bobby did approach Alex and tried to interfere with the issues between Jill and Alex.  Alex told Bobby that it wasn’t appropriate for them to discuss it and she would take it up with Jill.  In this case, Simon felt he had issues with Jill and wanted to talk to her directly, what is so wrong with that?  Simon was going to hit her?  The whole thing was light and they were laughing and joking as they made a lunch date.

From Twitter:

Jillzarin said:   Make sure you visit @ZarinFabrics when you are in NYC. Here is all the information on @CityMaps tinyurl.com/42uhu4q

Jill’s right, What a great idea, I did it and you can do it too….Visit Zarin Fabrics if you’re ever in NYC!

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs / Simon VanKepmen’s Webisode

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs by LynnNChicago

After reading Cindy Barshop’s Blog my opinion of her has changed, she’s not a complete moron, she’s a delusional, boring, dumb complete moron.  Sorry about that earlier error assuming that she is simply a complete moron, she’s so much more!

Cindy said, “I was already anxious enough without Simon adding extra stress by confronting Jill. “  When did that happen?  A “confrontation” assumes negativity, Simon was coming from a good place asking Jill Zarin to sit down with a cola and talk to him.  He wasn’t confrontational, he was smiling and joking with Jill but if he had tried to talk to Jill at Cindy’s stupid party he would have been called inappropriate (wrong time, wrong place) so he did the right thing.

The moron goes on to say:

I’d love to meet Mr. Right, what single girl wouldn’t? But I’d rather take care of my babies and run my business myself than marry a man who acts like a teenage girl and causes drama.

Well it might look like a good idea, but don’t marry Kelly!  This boring woman will never meet “Mr. Right” because unless he’s a “Cedric” (From Beverly Hills) who would want this woman?  She is really so dull but the best part, the part you can really laugh at is when she says she takes care of her babies.  When exactly does she do that?  She can’t even handle one of her babies at a 45-minute lunch.  She failed to mention that scene in her blog.

Luann said, “It was really uncouth of Simon to confront Jill at Cindy’s party”  Did Lulu and Cindy compare notes to write their blogs?  When did Simon confront Jill?  He didn’t!

“I think that Simon’s use of the Internet to bully my friends is reprehensible and he should be ashamed of himself.”

What is really reprehensible is when these woman use the word “bully” it’s completely ridiculous!    When bullying and even cyber-bullying is going on and it is hurting young people, gay people and mentally or physically challenged people, it is sickening that Jill is claiming to be bullied.  People like Jill and Lulu use the term “bully” to their advantage, they use it to suit their needs at any given moment. They are cheapening everything and being completely  insensitive to people who really are being abused by bullies.

If any housewife can be accused of “bullying” it is Jill Zarin with Luann coming in a close second!  The way Jill has relentlessly hacked away at Ramona on Facebook and Twitter is unforgivable!  This has definitely put an end to this rocky friendship.

Ramona had this to say:

I was very surprised by the way Jill was speaking about Simon in reference to the negative Facebook posts and Tweets. Was Jill really speaking about herself? I have never witnessed any of this from Simon, but Jill on the other hand gets caught left and right and then deletes her posts like they never happened!

Ramona is right on the money!  This is exactly what happens, Jill is the one who accuses everyone else of doing exactly what she does!   I posted a report just the other day about Jill posting hateful things about Ramona on her Facebook page and then deleting it.  Jill deletes her own tweets and she has her cyber assistants delete any negative comments on her blog or her Facebook posts.  Keep in mind that she has to get dozens and dozens, her assistant truly has a full-time job.  Ramona’s assistants focus on her real business, her wine and her True Renewal products and jewelry.  Jill and Ramona both pay assistants, which one do you suppose earns their salary?  If I were hiring someone to work for me, and I pay them, it better be to improve my business and make me money otherwise what the hell are you doing?  In Jill’s case, her assistants don’t help her to make money, they help her to try to improve her public image but they’re failing miserably.   I think it’s an impossible job.

Ramona ended her blog with this:

Anyway, I have no time for such nonsense. I only concentrate on the positive, not the negative.

Way to go Ramona!  Ramona has not said one negative thing about Jill Zarin on Twitter or on Facebook, she has silently allowed Jill to mock her, attack her and threaten to release a private personal letter that refers to Ramona.  Kudoooze to Ramona for keeping it classy and ignoring the mean girl!

The insane one…. Kelly had this to say about her meeting with Alex:

I asked Alex to meet at my fav local haunt, Delicatessen, because I was worried about Alex. She’s gotten such a bad rap for so many seasons, and she seems like a really nice person who’s clearly out of her element. From what we’ve seen, Alex storms into create moments that have bad timing. I found her awkwardness charming, until their mean tweeting/cyberbullying/awkward moments started to get out of control. All I can do is express concern.

Kell Kell is concerned about poor little Alex?  How sweet!  Is she serious with this nonsense?  The only reason Alex is out of her element is because she is clearly not a MEAN GIRL like you and your buddies Kelly!  Who are you to try to straighten out Alex McCord?  Kelly has a lot of nerve to try to tell Alex how to behave or how to interact with her husband.  No one tells a woman how to interact with her husband!  That relationship is sacred and no couple should ever let anyone come between them.  A marriage is a partnership and trust is the key.

If Alex even wavered in her loyalty to her husband it would be evident that the marriage is on the rocks, clearly that’s not the case here!  I’m sure Alex and Simon don’t always agree on everything, every couple has arguments but it isn’t something that you let the outside world get involved in.  What Alex says and doesn’t say to her husband is not up for debate, especially with someone like Kelly Bensimon!  The biggest moron on the planet doesn’t get a say so in their relationship.  Kelly’s failed marriage disqualifies her for being a marriage advisor along with a whole lot of other things.  The woman who said Gilles stuck her ass in the Hamptons and left her there alone is going to tell another woman to reprimand her husband?  Let’s not forget that Alex doesn’t even agree with Kelly’s assessment of what Simon has done.  Only the brunette’s think Simon did anything wrong!

The genius added:

Being mean doesn’t keep you relevant — being interesting does.

When will you stop being mean and start being interesting Kelly?  Your discussion with Alex was mean, your treatment of pregnant Bethenny Frankel was mean, your constant rude interruptions and completely bazaar behavior was mean, you are mean!   We’re ready for some interesting…bring it on!

Now, we are all reading RHONY blogs/tweets, and its horrible to think that someone in your close circuit is actively trying to harm and hurt your career choices. As we all know, our lives are stressful enough: raising children, making money, and trying to be the best people and friends. No one needs to wake up to mean tweets or retweets from his many cyberbullies.

Someone is trying to harm you or hurt your career?  You mean like your buddy Jill?  She suggested that anyone who “mean tweets” her that she will call their employer to get them fired.  Remember that one Kel Kel?   We all wake up to mean tweets but we don’t all go and speak to the writer’s spouse.  I still argue that Simon hasn’t cyber bullied anyone.  Most of his tweets that even mention Kelly, Jill or any other Housewives cast member are in response to something they’ve already posted, he doesn’t start these conversations at all!  Maybe some of you will remember that Simon had to defend himself for helping Kelly Bensimon?  The idiot changed her Twitter name leaving her old name exposed so anyone could use it.  Simon tried to help her with the situation and took a lot of heat for doing it.   So Kelly, show us Simon’s mean tweets?  Let’s see some evidence of this cyber bullying you insist is going on.

Now, more interesting stuff…Alex had this to say, in part:

Jill and Kelly both tweet a lot. Jill tends to chase celebrities and try to meet them. She also tweets and posts on Facebook snarky things about people she doesn’t like — myself, Ramona, and Simon just to name a few. Kelly has gotten better with tweeting since she started, I’ll give her that, but back when this all was filmed she constantly tweeted nonsensical stuff that seemed to be written in code.

That first line is perfectly true!  They do both Tweet…A LOT and Jill has asked many celebrities if she could be on their show.  I’ve posted about it here before, many times.  Unfortunately she jumped on the Oprah bandwagon too late.  (Jill, the show’s over, but nice try!)  I have posted both Kelly’s and Jill’s tweets many times here on IHJZ and you can see how twisted they both really are.  I’ve also posted Simon’s tweets, sometimes Alex’s too but most of the time their snarky tweets are in response to someone’s nasty comment and many times the nasty comments come from Jill and Kelly!

I don’t know why Kelly thinks Simon tweets all day; she tweets a lot more than he does. We all joined Twitter around the same time and she has sent 2,000 more tweets than Simon. 

This is important to note because we all know that Kelly tweets all day long, she says “Good Mooooorrrrrnnnnning” to all of her followers and after tweeting photos of herself at various places around New York and her travels throughout the US, then says “nighty Niiiiiiite” when she signs of as if she’s afraid people will wonder why she’s not tweeting if she doesn’t tell them she’s going to bed.  Kelly literally does Tweet all day!

When Jill tweets snark, and Kelly tweets gibberish, or other people respond to their tweets and also tag Simon, sometimes Simon responds. He might retort, or make a joke while trying to decipher some tweet-in-code that Kelly wrote. Sometimes, he also corrects or sticks up for them if what the person tweeted was horrible. Anyone who follows those three onlinecan see that — go and have a look.

As always, Alex tells it like it is.  Every word of this is true and is exactly what happens.  It usually starts with a viewer, they will say something to Simon or about Simon and they’ll include Jill or Kelly in their Tweet.  Simon will respond with his opinion of what this viewer says and he’ll also include Jill or Kelly in his response.  Sometimes Simon is complimentary and defensive of frick and frack but most times he is being snarky right back.

So, what Alex says is absolutely true, the question is, why doesn’t Simon ignore the snarky tweets from the mean and nasty viewers?  Most of the Housewives ignore them, Jill, Kelly and Luann block the snarky viewer, Ramona never engages with these people and even Alex ignores the nasty tweets.  Simon can’t seem to ignore.

I’ve mentioned this before, Simon and Alex use a Twitter program that automatically follows anyone who follows them.  I was not a fan of this practice because they were also following people who hated them and so they would see every nasty Tweet that came their way and reward the mean people by following them.  From a PR standpoint it is fantastic because Alex and Simon get tons of Tweets from grateful fans who are very excited that stars of The Real Housewives of NY are following them back!  They’ve probably gained a lot of fans by doing this.

The problem with it, besides following haters, is they see every single Tweet in their timeline, there is no filter.  Another problem is that people will try to get Simon going by asking him a snarky question about Jill Zarin in hopes that he’ll bash her somehow.  You have no idea how many times I’ve seen Simon Tweet, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Jill”.  That said, sometimes he buys into the game, I don’t know if it depends on his mood or how irritated he is with Jill at any given moment but he has had his share of responding to snarky tweets that he probably should have left alone.  Simon simply can’t leave those Tweets alone sent by Jill or Kelly.  If either of them post a snarky tweet about Alex or Simon, Simon will typically respond every time.

The worst offender of snarky Tweets and nasty Facebook posts is the Queen of Mean, Jill Zarin herself.  Alex pointed that out as well.  Kelly will mostly ignore but she has been known to respond to a critical viewer with her “sunshine and lollypops” nonsense.  She tells viewers she is simply making a TV show to entertain them and they should get out and enjoy the sunshine.  (This, from a woman who Tweets constantly)

Jill and Kelly are both so narcissistic that they think any challenging response to them is “mean.” They single Simon out amongst the thousands who tag them because they know him. The real problem for Jill and Kelly is the other people on Twitter who challenge them on their BS or nonsense daily.

Thank you Alex!  This is what I’ve been saying all along, it isn’t bullying when you criticize a cast member of a TV show, that is what viewers are expected to do and Bravo even encourages it by allowing (but rarely posting) comments on these ladies blogs.

Next, I am truly amazed that LuAnn actually thinks that I equate her with any sort of New York society. Why would Kelly, LuAnn, or Jill think Simon or I want their attention? Sure, I enjoy sparring with them when we are together — that’s entertaining to you and me both. Do I think any of them are socially relevant? Nope; I know they are not.

You’re not alone Alex, we agree that Luann’s claims are absolutely ridiculous!  NY Society laughs at her, hell Madison, Wisconsin society laughs at her!

Jill and Simon needed to talk. When Jill and I burnt the past, that did not mean that Simon automatically forgave her for trying to ruin his career twice, or that he automatically forgave her for all her digs at me, our kids, and him.

I agree that they needed to talk but I also agree with many viewers who said that maybe this would have been better done off screen.  The only thing this accomplished was Jill pulling the strings, feeling empowered and providing her with another reason to try to make Alex and Simon look bad.  It was easy to foresee Jill using this against Simon.

Finally, Alex had this to say about her sit-down with Kelly the clown:

Moving on to the next bratty brunette, Kelly and I went to lunch. I planned to ask her why her behavior kept getting weirder and weirder. I had no idea why she was concerned about me. Concerned for her sanity, yes, especially after casinos and Santa tattoos and open-your-eyes-no-close-your-eyes. Kelly mistakenly thought I was worried about something other than her own bizarro behavior. I’m not sure where she I thought I might be “iced out” of — Kellyland? If that’s the case, let’s make iced tea. Long Island, please.

Alex, you forgot to say, “It was none of her damn business!”

Now on to Jill Zarin, Jill has several different blogs on any given Thursday.  She writes one for Bravotv.com, another for her web site and a third that she sends out to her “subscribers”.   You all need to thank me because I’ve read them all and it was torture!  Bravo edited her blog on Bravotv.com but it obviously remains in tact in her newsletter, Jill talks about a woman who visited Alex and Simon in their home for their son’s birthday party.  You all read about it right here months ago.  One of our regular readers/contributors WSL had the honor of attending a party at Alex and Simon’s home, you can read about it here:  http://wp.me/pVOhN-gW

From Zarin’s Bravo blog:

 But those people are total and complete strangers. Simon and Alex and even Ramona have engaged with these haters who have tried to hurt me and my family outside of the show. I would NEVER follow, talk to, invite to my house, be hosted by or communicate with someone who threatened another castmate.

Who threatened you Jill?  Where’s the evidence?  Stop lying!!!

Jill’s top secret private blog goes on to say this:

It appears on the show that the only issue was what Simon was tweeting. That is not entirely accurate. Simon has hosted a person who has stalked me at my home and office, in their home for one of the boy’s birthday parties. He knew exactly who she was, as he met her through another person who has seriously threatened my family to the point we had to call the police and postal service security. For them to deny it now is simply ridiculous as there is a paper trail a mile long thanks to my cyber assistants. As usual Bobby’s instincts were right. My cyber assistants later discovered that Alex actually attended my anti-bullying luncheon the day after she and Simon entertained someone they knew to be my stalker, in their home. Not someone who just stalked me, but was also accused of stalking a former employee of hers. How would you feel?

There is no “stalking” going on, this was merely a woman attending a birthday party, what is Jill’s issue with this?  Simple, Jill hates this blog and anyone associated with it.  Jill goes on to slander me (without using my name) by saying that I “threatened” her and her family.  I’d love to see evidence of that, where is it?  Jill has been going on and on about this for months and has absolutely no evidence of anything.  Why?  Because it never happened!  I’ve been open and honest with all of you in this blog, you all know everything that goes on in the IHJZ world.  There was no stalking and there were no threats, period!  Think about it, if any of what Jill was saying were true, she claims to have contacted “proper authorities” wouldn’t they have contacted me?  An email, a phone call, drop me a line?  Something?  If WSL had been stalking her, wouldn’t there be some sort of contact from police or other authorities with her over this?

Come on!  Jill dramatizes everything for her own “cry me a river” benefit trying to get sympathy for playing victim.  She has a history of lying to get fans to get them to feel sorry for her, she feeds lies and manipulative nonsense to the press, how can anyone believe a word that comes out of her mouth?  I think Alex called it “crying wolf”.   She’s been humming this tune for months, give it up Zarin!  Stalking and threatening are serious accusations.  Isn’t it illegal to accuse people of illegal activity without proof?  I suppose I’ll need to ask an attorney.

I wonder if Jill gave Sonja Morgan a hard time about doing an interview with me for Reality Buzz?  Jill has been fawning over Sonja all season, she says she really likes Sonja and feels bad for all that Sonja is going through.  I would think that Sonja giving me an interview is a bigger issue for Zarin than a few comments posted by Simon on the blog?  This interview was done December 13, right around the same time that all of this other nonsense happened on the show.  You can listen to that interview here:


Sonja was wonderful, I was a nervous wreck but I noticed that Jill isn’t attacking Sonja, this to me, proves that Jill is looking for any reason to attack Alex and Simon, again!

I went over and told Simon how I really felt about it. I was kind and gentle. I was NOT at all aggressive. Simon was not happy to say the least and actually THREATENED ME! He told me to watch out! Watch out??? What the heck did that mean? Simon is over 6 feet tall and is an imposing figure. Was he going to hit me?

Are you serious Jill Zarin?  Was he going to hit you?  Hit you???  You cannot be serious?  Jill Zarin shame on you for typing that!  Are you saying that tall men hit women?  He told you to “Watch Out”, maybe you were about to trip over your ugly shoes and he was telling you to “watch out”.  That’s about as real as anything you’ve said!  Jill is implying that she is physically afraid of Simon VanKempen, she thinks he may “hit  her”.  I’m sure many, many, many people would love to get a good slap at that condescending face but there is no way she was truly afraid that Simon would hit her.  More lies to gain public sympathy!  I believe the cast sign an agreement not to sue other cast members but this one deserves a C&D Letter at the very least.

Jill says she nicely and politely went over to Simon to tell him how she really felt about having this discussion, the truth is Jill went over to tell Simon how KELLY felt about having the discussion.  Jill was absolutely fine with it until Kelly yapped in her ear.

Explain to me please how Simon asking Jill to have a talk is “weird” or “creepy”?  Jill said herself that she has always had a good relationship with Simon, she even said that she and Simon were friends.  Jill acknowledged that even when she and Alex were battling, she remained fine with Simon so if Simon has an issue with Jill (for calling his kids animals, for example) why is it weird for him to ask for a discussion about it?  Again, I think he should have done it off-screen so as not to give Jill ammunition.

Simon has crossed the line and Alex can’t control him.

What a ridiculous thing to say, if Alex controlled Simon their marriage wouldn’t last very long and same holds true if Simon controlled Alex.  Just because you control Bobby doesn’t mean all couples work that way.  Get a grip Zarin!

I’m a little confused about Alex’s opinion about what’s going on with Simon. First, she says if someone is not friends with Simon, she can’t be friends with them. Yet when Kelly confronted her about Simon she says they are two separate people and she wants no part of it. Sounds like a contradiction to me, what do you think?

What do I think?  I think you should get a life, seriously!  You’re going to analyze every word Alex says?  One has nothing to do with the other, it is not a contradiction.  What does being friends with people have to do with Alex and Simon each being their own person?

To end on an upnote, I saved Sonja Morgan for last, she had little to say about this tweeting/blogging business but what she did say made perfect sense:

Whats all the talk of mean tweets? Where are these mean tweets? No one in this group is shy when it comes to snarky comments. I have to see the actual mean tweets to believe it.

Sonja managed to nail Kelly perfectly:

Kelly saying she is concerned when it comes to Alex doesn’t ring true. If she has a problem with Simon, she knows Alex is not going to get in the middle of that, so why ask her? That just puts Alex on the spot. Why doesn’t she talk about her relationship with Alex? Why is Kelly saying Alex is not doing so great? Because she lives in Brooklyn? What is that about? Why is Kelly pointing out Alex is red? So mean and unfeeling.

I cannot improve upon Sonja’s statement.

Simon’s Webisode  Alex’s Homecoming by Quincy IL

Alex returned to her Brownstone with a white façade in Brooklyn.  The scene is winter and the driver had a hard time lugging that large red suitcase up the icy staircase.  Simon hears her steps and greets Alex at the door with a hug and kiss. So far, so good.

Alex was away on a business trip and she wanted to get home to the boys and Simon as soon as possible so she gave up a night of sleep and took the red-eye.

Simon shares a great story about Johan and their trip to Francois school bus stop.  Sometimes Johan says that his legs are tired. Sometimes he says his pants are falling down. This morning, he said that his legs were falling down. Simon and Alex thought this was a new twist on an old theme.  I wish they had shown Johan going to the bus and saying this because it would have been more interesting.

Simon had a gift wrapped in a box with a bow.  Alex opens it to discover and white lace bra and white lace panties. Simon asks her to try them on and she agrees.  They kiss and it’s over.

I think this is nice. They are a loving couple.  It reminded me of his lingerie trip and box of panties from the last webisode.  I just am not into this.  Sorry.   I know it’s only 2.44 minutes, but the first few webisodes were really great.  

I am hoping for some family fun next week.


Thanks Quincy!  Thanks to Boston02127 for the captioned photos.

 p.s.  Yesterday I posted a photo of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for Bethenny Frankel.  No, it wasn’t real!  lol



Until Next Time….

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York by LynnNChicago

Kelly Bensimon is a complete moron!  This woman decides she is going to help Alex McCord to avoid getting “iced out” on The Real Housewives of New York.  Kelly, being the expert at making friends and influencing people is the perfect person to school Alex on how to behave.  Kelly thinks that Alex should reel her husband Simon in and get him to stop mean tweeting her.  I would think that’d be a snap for Alex since Simon doesn’t mean tweet anyone.  Certainly don’t need Kelly’s advice for that!

Kelly probably thinks it would be a good idea for Alex to smack Simon around a bit, that’s how Kelly deals with her men, give them a good beating until they do what you want them to do!  Does anyone else get the irony of Kelly Bensimon giving anyone advice of any kind?  This woman who completely flipped out last season on St. John during filming she inturrputed everyone, was completely rude and condesending while harassing a high risk pregnant woman who just buried her father.  This woman had a Twitter war with Andy Cohen the night her Scary Island episode aired.  Really Kel Kel?  You’re dispensing advice?  To Alex McCord? 

It just killed me that Alex, because she is not only a nice person but she’s well-mannered and has class, sat there allowing Kelly to say her peace.  Kelly went on and on about a whole lot of nonsense claiming to be concerned for Alex and her well-being.  Alex never inturrupted, she listened patiently for her turn to speak, it never came. 

Kelly uses that Jr. High School tactic, it’s simple really, as soon as the other person is about to make a good point you say, “omg you’re turning red Alex!  Stop turning red”.  How does Alex respond to that?  The jaw dropped along with all of us and each and every time Alex attempted to say anything at all, Kelly would come out with another unrelated and inappropriate statement that made no sense.  You cannot have a normal adult conversation with Kelly Bensimon, she’s a child!  Her behavior can no longer be excused because she’s crazy, this woman is vile, vicious and mean!

Simon is a pageant dad and Alex is his 6-year old daughter?  WTF?  Kelly has done and said some really stupid, hateful and cruel things but this is vile!

Cindy Barshop is a complete moron!  This woman has twin girls who are 13-months old.  I am not disputing that twins are difficult, there is double the work to be done.  Double the feedings, double the diaper changes and on and on.  However, this woman decided that going to lunch with her parents, they might like to see their granddaughters but since Cindy isn’t comfortable caring for two toddlers on her own in a restaurant, she brought only one of her children. (I wonder if they drew straws?)

Cindy had no confidence, she was nervous and didn’t have the first clue how to entertain her 13-month old while waiting for lunch to arrive at the table.  I found it odd that her parents just sat there watching Cindy struggle, maybe they don’t know what to do either? My mother would have jumped all over that but then, I’d never act like that with my child. 

Let’s break this down for just a moment, the child didn’t want to sit in the high chair, there was no food, no toys and nothing to amuse the child so it was understandable that the kid wanted out of the chair.  Cindy picked up her daughter and sat her on her lap, no change except the venue, the child was still antsy and looking for something to amuse herself with, why not a knife?  Comeon Cindy, let the kid play with the knife, let’s see what she does!  What a friggin idiot!  Everyone who has kids knows that first you remove all sharp objects then you bring some toys or a snack to keep the child busy while waiting for the meal to arrive, but not Cindy!  Cindy calls her nanny to come and take her child out of the restaurant!  Even if you’re not prepared and forgot a toy or a snack, there is always something on the table you can let them play with to keep them occupied, I’ve given my kids sugar packets (before they could open them) and even my bracelet to keep them happy for the few minutes while waiting for the food to arrive, and I’ve had to amuse twins!   This is not rocket science, take care of your child Cindy! 

Some people don’t have the motherly instinct and Cindy is clearly one of those people, and I guess her mom is too!  Cindy panicked and called someone to retrieve her child.  Unbelievable!  Bravo knows what they’re doing when it comes to airing scenes, we know they film a whole lot more than they air and clearly the boring, dull Cindy Barshop had little to show but Bravo had to include this scene proving Cindy’s completely clueless when it comes to mothering a child. I guess if you have nanny’s 24/7 you never learn?

Luann deLesseps is a complete moron!  Luckily we didn’t have to witness a whole lot of Lulu in this episode but the comments that she made about Simon and Alex were absolutely ridiculous and made no sense.  This woman talks just to hear herself speak, she throws out the stupidest things with such authority that people actually listen to her.  I know, it’s insane! 

Luann coupled with Kelly to talk Jill out of having a lunch discussion with Simon.  This is after Luann, just a few short weeks ago, gave Alex a good talking to for getting involved in things that are none of her business.  Luann is the ultimate hypocrite, who is she to tell Jill what to do?  Why doesn’t she just mind her own business?  Yes, I’m sure I heard someone say that somewhere…..

Luann's New Look

Speaking of Lulu, the best part of Watch What Happens Live was watching Anderson Cooper making fun of the pretend Countess.  Luann had nothing to say except that she was going on vacation with her boyfriend and her kids.  Maybe they’ll run into her ex-husband in Europe and she can meet the newest Countess in training. 

Sonja Morgan is a complete moron.  Ok, she’s not but I started all the housewives with that line.  I will say that I hope she learned her lesson and will never again stick her hand in a dirty toilet while a plumber stands by watching.  When she pulled out a cell phone dripping with dirty toilet paper I honestly thought I was going to vomit.  The plumber had some good advice, gloves!  Maybe next time let the plumber do his job? 

I did feel for Sonja tonight as she struggled to cope with all the turmoil in her life.  I hope that having that woman rearrange her furniture helped because some positive energy certainly couldn’t hurt!   Sonja talked about people who want to bring her down and are jealous of her, that isn’t something we’ve seen on screen.  It was nice to hear Sonja being positive at the end saying that she has had high’s and low’s and is ready for the High’s again.  Fire up that dubie Sonja!  I Kid I Kid!

Sonja’s look in her talking head interviews tonight was amazing, she looks great! 

The party that Ramona hosted in honor of her birthday and Sonja’s was really beautiful, that space was gorgeous and with the exception of Cindy, the ladies all looked beautiful.  (but no, Jill did not look like JLo, put down the dubie Sonja!)  I thought it was very nice of Ramona to do that for Sonja, she clearly knew that Sonja was hurting and in a bad place in her life and this party that included Sonja’s “true” friends, not just housewives like Jill’s pathetic party, was exactly what Sonja needed.  Could you even compare tonight’s party to Jill’s of last week? 

Jill’s was like a 3-cent circus complete with a man/woman and Ramona threw an elegant dinner party in a beautiful venue and took the time to create the slide show of photographs which was adorable! 

Jill Zarin is a complete moron!  I was actually sort of proud of Jill when she agreed to meet with Simon in a more appropriate setting to discuss things and air things out.   Simon was straightforward and told Jill that he was glad that she and Alex worked things out and he simply wanted to do the same with Jill.  I didn’t see anything wrong with that and neither did Jill…that is until idiot Kelly griped in her ear nonstop telling her it was weird and he’s a MAN and what could he possibly have to say to the Queen Jill Zarin?  Oh shut up Kelly! 

Jill took all of two seconds to change her mind and cancel the lunch with Simon, she didn’t allow him to say anything, she simply did what Kelly told her to do.  Seriously?   Do you have a mind of your own Jill Zarin?  Last season you were telling Kelly what to do and whispering instructions into Kelly’s ear, how things change in one year, huh? –>

I simply can’t say that Ramona and Alex are complete morons because they’re not!  Alex stood by her husband, exactly what she was supposed to do.  As she said, did they really expect her to choose them over her husband?   Kelly comes to Alex claiming to be speaking for “everyone” not just herself!  Kelly can’t even speak for herself, she’s too stupid!  Do you suppose that Kelly, stuck in the Hamptons, Bensimon told the most famous photographer in the universe what to do while they were married?  Maybe she did, maybe that’s why they are divorced!   I’m starting to really, really HATE Kelly Bensimon! 

I just wish that Alex was able to stand up to Kelly, if it was as easy as an injection or a pill she could take I’d gladly send it to her!  Alex is simply too nice and was raised with manners.  Kelly was either raised by animals or all her manners fell out of her head during her cartwheels phase of 1979.  How does a woman who is ORANGE tell Alex not to turn red?  Kelly brings out the red rage in all of us! 

Ramona was certainly not a moron tonight!  I really loved that she was so kind to Sonja after watching Sonja so sad at her home earlier in the episode made it all the more sweet!  Ramona was drama free and just enjoyed her party.   Mario even got into it and won the hottest Husband on Watch What Happens Live! 

Speaking of Watch What Happens Live, tonight’s poll asking who the hottest RHONY Husband is was a direct result of Jill Zarin complaining on Twitter to Andy Cohen because poor Bobby had never been a part of a poll on the show.  Did Jill think that Bobby was going to win that one?  Or did Jill think that Andy would ask who the “Nicest” husband is?  I still think Mario would have won! 

As Andy Cohen bows even further to Jill Zarin, the ugly dog of hers was visible on the show tonight and no sign of Giggy.  Who runs Bravo?  Jill Zarin?  Way to let this woman take over Cohen! 

Stop by tomorrow for a recap of the New York Housewives Blogs as well as a discussion of some of Bravo’s RHONY preview video’s.  Why oh why do we have to hear Luann singing again?  sigh….

Some of Kelly’s Mean Tweets:

kellybensimon While all the #rhony mean tweeters are going to town, I’m at din with my bestie. Stay positive, have fun. Life is short.

She’s at dinner with her best friend and she’s tweeting?  Is there anything meaner?  Sure!  She continues to tweet while enjoying dinner with her friend…

kellybensimon   Sometimes I hate #twitter bc of the @mccordalex @SimonvanKempen followers. Its boring. Ugh @bravoandy

There are so many things wrong with this statement that I don’t even know where to begin.  “Its boring”?  What a childish thing to say!  She’s tweeting this TO Andy Cohen so it is like tattling to the boss on the co-workers.  In the end Alex and Simon don’t control everyone on Twitter who hates Kelly Bensimon!  Believe me some people aren’t even fans of Alex’s but still can’t stand Kelly so how can she even begin to blame Alex and Simon for all the people who are criticizing her? 

kellybensimon  Omg I LOVE all of my amaze followers. If u watch #rhony or not, life is good. Stay positive. Happpppy 4thhhhhhh. Xoxo kelly

Kelly, you only have “amaze followers” because you’re on RHONY otherwise people wouldn’t know who the hell you are and for the record, It’s July FIRST you moron! 

Many people criticized her ridiculous blog today, she claims to be a writer yet her blogs are childish and full of horrible grammar, Kelly tweeted this in response:

kellybensimon  morning. I love ur comments on writing. Write how you speak so everyone can understand. #kkbstyle

So I guess Kelly is explaining why no one can understand a damn thing she says!  Kelly’s constant hashtags with her “kkbstyle” and “kkbfood” and “kkbfitness” are completely out of control, does she think people really search for her advice on these things?  Kelly should just hashtag everything with #kkbmoron and it would fit all of her tweets! 

kellybensimon    you seem so sweet. Don’t ever take sides, be understanding and help others. People are blind,neighbors aint.

“People are blind, neighbors aint”?  Is she serious?  This woman just keeps spewing more garbage every day.  I feel sorry for her children, I really do.  They have to live with this contradictory, unpredictable and unstable woman every day. 

If you missed Carly and I discussing last night’s episode, you can listen to it here:  Listen to “Carly Hall Presents…hosted by Carly Hall on 6/30/2011 10:30 PMCDT #BlogTalkRadio http://t.co/5AeC57o

Thank you to Boston02127 for the great photos/captions!  You rock girl! 

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin/ The Real Housewives of New York City and Simon Chat!

New York City Meets The Old West

Welcome to the “I Hate Jill Zarin” chat for “The Real Housewives of New York City and Simon van Kempen.”  Since we are all a part of the Bravo Family
now, we have to create a theme and a formula for our chat.  Lynn told me to go for it so here it is:

Theme Quick Fire

The Shootout at the OK Corral theme was submitted by our Arizona commenters.  They suspected that Jill and Simon would be drawing weapons this evening.  They knew
that there are never any winners in a gunfight and there are never any survivors when Jill Zarin lays her cards on the table.
The Chicago enclave envisioned “The Valentine’s Day Massacre.”   I suspect that
Chicagoans feel like we have been blind folded and are awaiting execution by firing
squad tonight.   After tossing a coin, the Arizona gang won.  They chose to have the IHJZ party in a Tombstone Saloon.

Fashions of the Evening

This was easy for everyone West of the Mississippi. They may wear boots, cowboy hats, jeans and  teeshirts.  The Easterners might not havethe proper attire so they can wear pajamas like Jeff Lewis when he is trying to get clients in the Hollywood Hills.

Open Bar

Our drinks will be Skinny Girl Margaritas by Bethenny Frankel, Ramona Pinot Grigio, and Lemonade for the teetotalers.     (Kelly has a thing for lemons.)

Main Course

We will attempt to make toaster oven zucchini and mushrooms stuffed with tofu for our herbivores with reduced balsamic vinegar on a bed of brown rice.  The carnivores will have chicken wings, beef steaks, potatoes, onions and beans cooked on a camp fire in an iron skillet.


Cheesecake, ice cream in cones and some mores described by Jill Zarin as the treat she wanted in the Moroccan desert tent.

The Winning Circle

The guests will eat, discuss, and laugh while watching the show.  The winner will be every single person who has been on “The I Hate Jill Zarin” blog from day one because you
all made this blog what it is. Without readers and commenters there would be no
reason for Lynn or me to write the blogs every day. You are the blog!

Jill Zarin may use her arsenal of NY gossip columnists and her PR department to fire at us, but she can’t harm us because we know this blog and we know Lynn.   In the West, we know what is important our communities and this is a community that welcomes new and old friends.

Our Radio Show!

and Lynn will be on the radio at 11:30 tonight right after WWHL.

You can call the telephone number and talk to them about the Bravo reality shows.
If you can don’t have your computer speaker on because you can hear the show in
the phone. When Carly says your telephone area code, you can ask your question
or make a comment.

This link works:


Have a wonderful evening,

Quincy IL

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I Hate Jill Zarin Rocco’s Dinner Party / Jill’s At It Again!

I Hate Jill Zarin  Rocco’s Dinner Party by Quincy IL

This week Rocco shares an Italian dinner with his Italian guests.  His goal, as always, is to have the perfect event. He asked three chefs to provide their signature dishes in a 30 minute time period. 

Chef Nicola Carro was born and raised in Italy. His mother was a fabulous cook.  He works in NYC.  The next chef works in NJ and she is 26 year old Ninamarie Nomica of Italian descent. Finally, the surprise is the Fababrizo Carro, Nicola twin brother. He works in Miami.  Ninamarie asks if the twins know each other when she sees they are identical. The brothers hug when greeting each other.

Nicola’s signature dish is homemade egg yolk rissoto, Bumba Tangallo with red wine reduction, and Robiola cheese.

Ninamarie sets up a smoker in a pan to make rosemary, sumac, and fennel on lamb with blood oranges.
Fababrizo made Colorado lamb with cheese. 

Ninamarie mentions that the brothers have a 90s plating style. Rocco turns off the smoke alarms because of the smoker. Fababrizo realizes that his oven is too cool and time has almost run out.

Rocco is a brave man.  He eats anything put in front of him.  Nicola’s food was cooked and looked beautiful, but the flavors did not work together. Ninamarie’s lamb was overdone and she said that it was dry on the outside.  Fababrizo’s lamb was uncooked and no one wanted to try it after Rocco took a bite.

Rocco sent Nicola home and gave the prize to Ninamarie, who got the choice of the formal dining room and serving first.  Fababrizo will serve on the terrace.

Décor Design with Jes Gordon, a NYC party planner was next.  Ninamarie went with the restaurant designs of Little Italy in NYC. There will be photographs and a large wooden table.  Jes knew what she wanted right away.  Fababrizo wanted a wine table, fruit on the table and the feel of a garden in Tuscany.

They shop and share their love of food as they purchase items in a store called, “The Garden of Eden.”  Ninamarie is experienced in Mediteranian and French cooking.  She mentions infusion. Fababrizo will have Italian foods from the North and South. Everything will be made by hand according to Fababrizo.

The second day, they begin to cook.  Ninamarie will have 4 courses in an hour. She is making eggplant capanata, zuchinni brea, braised pork, grilled asparagus with figs, veal Milanese, Israeli coucous, and chilled poached basil infused fruit. Fababrizo prepares Melanzone al Parmigiana salumi, Bramzanio formaggio, lasagna with Bramzanio white fish, and panncotta with expresso.  There are meatballs in red sauce/gravy.

Ninamarie marinates her chicken in mayonnaise which horrifies Fababrizo. No Italian cook would do that. He says that you can never trust a woman with blue eyes and Ninamarie has gorgeous blue eyes. If Ninamarie wins, Fababrizo will cook Japanese food for the rest of his life.

Jes Gordon shows both chefs their rooms and they are blown away.

Rocco meets his dinner guests:
Caroline and Albert Manzo, owners of the Brownstone in NJ.
Sara Gore Open House on LXTV
Jules Fatone actor and TV host (who receives a call from the Manzo’s daughter, a
    fan, during the dinner parties)
Tammy Pescatelli comedian and actress
Silvio Marchetto owner of Di Silvano Restaurant in NYC

The guest talk about their experiences with Italian dinner parties, how they set up the table. Caroline likes to dominate the conversations so she makes sure we know that she has open house every Sunday.
One guest has a special request.  Sara Gore is on a carb free diet so the chefs are asked to provide food for her.  Fababrizo changes his menu to make something carb free in the main menu. His lasagna for Sara uses zucchini slices instead of pasta.  Ninamarie said that Sara can eat mussels and what she wants from the foods provided for everyone.

Albert Manzo said that he never criticizes food in restaurants and then he fully participates in the critiques.  He talks about the flavors and obviously knows Italian foods. He asks what Fababrizo made by hand and lists ingredients.  Sara picks at food. She is on a diet and wants us to know that. Rocco’s mom makes the best Italian meatballs on Earth, but Fabrabrizo’s are very good.  Fabrabrizo’s lasagna lacked and was bland, but it looked gorgeous.  Fabrabrizo’s fish had a smell and Caroline did not like that.
Caroline liked all of the food, but she uses portion control to stay thin. Ninamarie’s infused fruit did not infuse.

Caroline Manzo loved the room. It reminded her of when she was dating Albert who she met at his first big wedding at the Brownstone. She was the maid of honor and she asked him to dance with her.

 The other guests did not share much or Bravo edited them out. They give Rocco their opinions and he makes the decision that Fababrizo wins.  Fabrabrizo will take his twin brother with him to Hawaii.  Ninamarie is young and she did well.  She feels she has a future.

 Italian dinners are all about family. The guests celebrate Fababrizo’s win with a toast.

Great job my friend!  Quincy’s just too nice to say it but I have to add that Caroline Manzo’s “portion control” diet has a lot to do with the reported lap band surgery that both she and her husband Albert had.  Apparently when they tie off 2/3 of your stomach, you can’t eat as much.  Allegedly.

Housewives News by LynnNChicago

You guys won’t believe this, Jill is at it again!  This woman has some nerve calling anyone else a cyber-bully, wait until you see what she did this time…

This is a screen shot of Jill’s Facebook page:

In case the font in the screen shot is too small to read, here is what it says:

Jill Zarin said:  “Do you want to read a letter from Carol about Ramona?  In ep 1. you saw Carol and the “Cigar Incident”   I have been asked to make this letter public by Cindy, should I?”

This quote Jill created is in the form of a poll, she found a new toy on Facebook folks!  The poll was an overwhelming yes!  

I know what you’re thinking,  “oh no she didn’t”  But yes she did folks, then a funny new blogger tweeted to Cindy asking her why on earth she would ask Jill Zarin to do her dirty work and publically publish a private letter.  Guess what Cindy said?

CindyBarshop @MzElizaChick I never requested anything; if I wanted something posted, I would post it. P.S. Love your avatar!

But it’s not over yet, Jill then posted this on her Facebook page:

Oh yes, she did say that!  Then she deleted them both, luckily new blogger ElizaChick had the good sense to catch those screen shots.  Kudooze to you!  (As Ramona would say!) 

I’m blown away that Jill knows that the upcoming episode of her show is all about cyber-bullying and she will be accusing Simon of bullying her, yet she thinks that it is ok for her to post something like this?  Let’s pretend for a minute that Cindy DID ask Jill to make this letter public, why would Jill agree to get involved?  Just Say No to Cyberbullying Jill Zarin!  You peice of garbage!   Seriously we know Cindy never asked Jill to do anything like this.  I’m not Cindy’s biggest fan but I think if she wanted this letter out there, she could certainly do it herself. 

Jill Zarin makes a complete ass out of herself every single day, how does her cyber-assistant put up with her?  How does anyone put up with her?  She’s a mean girl and she’s in high school…yes I’m certain I heard that somewhere…

This story courtesy of Mz Eliza Chick, you can read her really funny blog here:  http://mzelizachick.blogspot.com/  follow her on Twitter too!  @MzElizaChick

If you haven’t seen it  yet, Luann deLesseps has come out with her new video, she claims that she invited all of the housewives to join her in the video but that only Jill and Kelly agreed to be part of the project.  As much as I hate to admit it, Kelly didn’t make quite as big a fool of herself as Jill did but no one looked more ridiculous than Luann herself.  If it was meant to be funny, it wasn’t, if it was meant as a serious shot at a music video, it was a joke.  Oh, and Jill can’t dance at all!  I get why she doesn’t dance on screen, she should have stuck to that rule. 


As most of you know Quincy’s town was hit hard by a storm in fact many are still without power in her area, she’s been helping out in town with those in need and missed blogging about

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