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I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York AND Beverly Hills Returns on September 5th!  by LynnNChicago

I love that Lisa’s pup Giggy is in the cast photo…suck it Jill Zarin!  It looks like four of the six got the memo to wear a pastel gown, it would have looked a lot better if they’d all been consistent.

With just five weeks until the premier, Bravo has  posted a few preview video’s of our beloved Beverly Hills Housewives.   Two new “Friends of the Housewives” will be joining the cast there will be more drama than ever.  There is no telling who will emerge as this season’s evil one and who we will all fall in love with, we’ll know soon!   September 5th is the scheduled air date for the new episodes, here’s what Bravo’s site had to say about the new season:

The critically acclaimed series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, returns for a second season of glitz, glamor, and high drama. All six original over-the-top housewives are back including: Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Vanderpump. Though not official “housewives,” this season the ladies are joined by two new friends: Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey, who certainly know how to spice things up in the world’s most famous zip code.

The series offers a glimpse inside the world of luxurious wealth and pampered privilege, but as we learned last season — in Beverly Hills, luxury has its price. Sisters Kim and Kyle are still trying to mend their relationship after last season’s blowout fight, but with Kim focused on a new boyfriend, her relationship with her family and the other ladies seems to not to be a priority. Lisa continues to be the voice of reason, but with six opinionated housewives, the witty Brit begins to ruffle some very expensive feathers. Camille is back and focused on starting her new life without husband, Kelsey. She’s determined to stay away from the drama, but she’s also not one to hold her tongue. Adrienne is forced to make some serious business decisions and when she introduces the ladies to her friend, Brandi, she is also forced to break up a few fights. Last but certainly not least, Taylor and her husband Russell have always put business before pleasure, but it’s had a major impact on their relationship. As Taylor struggles with a loveless marriage, she acts out against the other women and falls on the shoulder of her friend Dana for support. While each of the ladies have their share of drama, they also know how to have fun in true Beverly Hills style. With trips to Hawaii, Vegas, and Vail, jaw-dropping parties, and shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive –The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills do not disappoint. 

I love Bravo’s use of “critically acclaimed” like it’s a life altering, important film or something.  Beverly Hills has created a new category of Housewife, there are now “friends of Housewives” and this new post is being filled by Brandi Granville and Dana Wilkey.

You may have seen Brandi in the tabloids, she is the ex-husband of Eddie Cibrian, now married to country singer Leann Rimes.  The two ladies have had a few snipes and digs at each other over on Twitter as Leann responded to a fan who asked if Eddie would be appearing on Housewives with his ex-wife, she gave a resounding “NO!”.  Rumor has it Leann forbid Eddie to appear or to even talk to his ex-wife while filming.

You can read all about the Brandi / Leann battle here:  http://wp.me/pVOhN-1ix

The second “Friend of Housewives” is Dana Wilkey, party planner and friend of Taylor

Brandi and Dana

Armstrong.  Dana is the force behind the $60,000 birthday party for Taylor’s daughter last season.   The engaged mother of a 22-month old is originally from the East Coast.  I will give her the benefit of the doubt having not seen her yet, any friend of Taylor’s is a friend of Taylor’s and bound to be trouble!

All six original cast members return and Kim tells us that she’s stronger and tougher than ever, Kyle tells us that her battle with her sister Kim last season was extremely difficult but after rebuilding their relationship, they’re stronger than ever.  Camille says that she’s going through a lot of changes and difficult times in her life but don’t expect to see a down in the dumps Camille, I think the loss of her husband and the increase in her bank account is going to change Camille for the better.

My theory about Camille is that this smart lady watched herself last season, she made some really great strides at the reunion correcting her mistakes and I think she’s going to present to us a more refined and likable Camille this season.

Camille was able to work through the child custody battle enough to allow her kids to appear on-screen, I think she’s going to use that to her advantage to show what a great mom she is.  We did see her kids in the photos of the ladies filming their Bravo sponsored vacation in Hawaii.  That’s my prediction about Ms. Grammer.

The preview video shows the ladies looking better than ever with one exception, marriage problems do not agree with Taylor Armstrong, the big lips and limp hair show she’s not taking great care of herself this season.  There are some really bad shots of Taylor in the preview.

More on the Beverly Hills Housewives coming soon on IHJZ!

Until then check out the preview video’s on Bravotv.com


And take a look at Terry Aley’s site for more Housewives news:


Real City Housewife posted her The Real Housewives of New Jersey recap, hysterical!- Get Out Of (Not) My House: http://t.co/b0KEFJ5

The Real Housewives of New York the Reunion Part I 

I had to laugh out loud after Jill Zarin tweeted to Andy Cohen asking him who his guest would be on Watch What Happens Live on Monday after the second part of the reunion show airs.  Clearly Jill didn’t know that there isn’t one scheduled for Monday but that Ramona Singer and Denise Richards will be on this Thursday.  Poor Jill, Ramona will get the last word.

I’m sure Andy’s blackberry will be exploding as Ramona is telling her side of the story and Denise Richards is agreeing that the Blonde’s are the good guys.  Jill will be tweeting until her fingers bleed and screaming voice mail messages to Andy Cohen!  Bwahahahah!

The story hasn’t died down much, even days after the Reunion episode aired, twitter is still buzzing, articles are still whirling around the internet and the water cooler’s continue to be working overtime.

The Brunette’s are absolutely the losers of part one of the Reunion, they looked like bullies, they sounded like mean girls, they had no remorse and clearly had no idea how poorly they came off looking while sitting on those couches.

For Jill Zarin it was a far cry from last year as she sat next to the useless Kelly Bensimon with the unpredictable Luann on the other end.  Jill faced Bethenny with her tail between her legs and knowing that her only way out was to apologize her way out.  It was an epic fail because for every apology she sent Bethenny’s way, she sent a jab or a dig Alex’s way proving that the only thing that Jill changed was her target.  (and maybe her shoes)

Even Jill’s constant mumbling to Kelly was the same, Jill apparently feeds Kelly lines and that gives Kelly her cue to speak, Jill has her trained pretty well after three seasons together.  Hopefully she’s trained Kelly better than she’s trained her dog Ginger otherwise someday Kelly will be pooping all over Jill’s ugly living room.

This season Jill’s PR troop didn’t give her advice to apologize or even to own her words and actions, she was allowed to be herself and say anything she wanted to say.  Big mistake!  Jill was better off being apologetic, even if they were all fake, but did she change?  Not at all!

Jill started the season as she always does, with a strategy.  She admitted it at last year’s reunion, she tried to explain away her decision not to film with Bethenny as a “strategy”.  This season Jill knew she had to make amends with Alex, but it was all fake just as Alex predicted, we all know Jill never liked Alex and she never will.

After thinking she had everyone fooled by making up with Alex, Jill set her sights on Ramona.  Just as Jill underestimated Alex’s popularity, Jill thought she could paint Ramona as an alcoholic.  Knowing Ramona would be pushing her Pinot and having set the stage last season, Kelly mentioned several times at the reunion that Ramona was drunk, we watched the Turtle Time episode.  Ramona made it easy for Jill and Jill jumped on her plan, recruiting Luann, Cindy and Kelly to mention Ramona’s drinking on camera every chance they got.

Unfortunately for the Brunette’s, viewers are smarter than they are and there was rarely any attention put on the nasty comments that Ramona had a drinking problem.  Jill’s plan failed again because she underestimates viewers intelligence, as always, but we know that just because she says it, doesn’t make it true.  In other words, Jill’s lies carried no weight.

On next week’s show Ramona is going to turn the tables and call Jill Zarin out as an alcoholic.  Over the past year that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve gotten quite a few “tips” and “inside sources” telling me that Jill is an alcoholic and that I should write about it.  The fact that Jill only ever drinks Diet Coke is a good indication that she very well may have a drinking problem but if she did have a problem and is a recovering alcoholic, there is absolutely nothing negative for me to say about that.  While it isn’t necessarily anything to be ashamed of, the anonymity of an alcoholic is critical to the success of the AA program and I’d never even consider “outting” anyone, not even Jill Zarin.  If Jill is a recovering alcoholic, good for her, if she’s not an alcoholic and simply chooses not to drink alcohol, that’s ok too.  The only reason I bring it up today is because it is going to be brought up on next week’s reunion.

I’m surprised that Ramona would bring it up, clearly it was out of frustration and anger as Jill just kept banging away and badgering Ramona and finally she cracked.   I have to wonder if Ramona brought up Luann’s daughter Victoria’s You-Tube video as well, it’s possible that she did but it was edited out of the final show.  I do not believe that Ramona is an alcoholic, she announced that she has one or two glasses of wine with her dinner and Jill jumped all over that saying that she’s seen Ramona drink wine without food, really Jill?  What a ridiculous thing to say!  Of course at a cocktail party Ramona will have a glass of wine like anyone else.  Why does it matter to Jill if and when Ramona drinks her Pinot?

This proves once again that Jill not only doesn’t care who her target is, a pregnant woman, the mother of two young boys or the mother of teenage girl close in age to her own daughter.  Yet she has the nerve to yell at Ramona for her remarks saying that Luann’s daughter will see that.  Doesn’t Jill know that the children of her victims are watching too?  Someday little Bryn will look into her mother’s television beginnings and Alex’s boys will Google and find scenes from the shows watching Jill Zarin attack their mom on some reunion show.

Sure, we’ve seen Ramona a little tipsy on the show, we’ve seen Sonja tipsy too!  On other series we’ve seen Gretchen Rossi in Orange County drunk, along with numerous others, does that make them all alcoholics?  I doubt it.

I figured out why I seem to forgive Luann for her nasty, horrible behavior while I can’t seem to forgive Jill.  On screen they’re both equally horrible but Luann walks away at the end of the season, she doesn’t tweet or post on Facebook endlessly but rather she just quietly goes away after the season ends and we never see her again until next season.  Jill never goes away, she never stops plotting, planning and attacking, her whole life revolves around this show and her reputation.  The more Jill tries to repair her reputation, the worse it gets.  Her speaking out by Tweeting and posting on Facebook about bully’s makes her look ridiculous because she’s the biggest bully of them all, her pushing all of her wares is completely out of control.  Jill’s constant desperate tweeting to d-list celebrities is pathetic and extremely annoying.

According to Jill Zarin, Simon threatened her and Mario shoved her, if all of this were true, Jill would have her attorney’s on it like white rice!

If Simon and Mario were dangerous, threatening or in any way a liability to Bravo, action would have been taking by the production company or by Bravo.  Jill tries to paint an ugly picture for her own benefit, not caring about harming reputations.

NaughtyNiceRob Hatred Among ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Cast Is Toxic  http://huff.to/oc4Nza via @huffingtonpost

There are some interesting comments on Rob’s blog today.  Gee, I think he IS talking about us!   hehehe

Meanwhile as we’re all talking about the explosive New York Housewives reunion show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues to pull higher ratings than New York:

Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Earns Nearly 3 Million Total Viewers http://t.co/IqEyKDO

Big Brother 13 Episode 9  Veto Recap  By Shannon

We pick up after the nomination ceremony with Rachel telling both Adam and Dominic that if they want to talk later they can come up to the HOH. This leaves Dominic a little surprised because he already made a deal with them and doesn’t understand why he would need to come and make any new deals. Unbeknown to Dominic they also made a deal with Adam. What the viewers don’t see is that Daniele is in Dominic’s ear telling him how she is going to pit Brendon and Rachel against Jeff and Jordon. She has already started to plant little seeds whenever she gets a chance to Brendon and Rachel. She is playing on Rachel’s insecurities and we all know she has a lot. Daniele is telling Dominic how good of a manipulator she is.

One of Daniele’s many mistakes of this past week is that she goes up to the HOH and pushes way to hard to get them to back door Jeff and Jordan. It went from a little nudge to a full blown tantrum. CBS decided to leave out most of that out. Not that I’m taking up for Brendon and Rachel, because at one time they were considering the option. Some of the scenes in tonight’s episode where it shows them talking and questioning Daniele about the move, was after they had already informed Jeff and Jordan about them considering it, and about how hard Daniele was pushing for it. They were setting Daniele up to see how far she would take this, and she fell for it.

Dominic goes up to the HOH room and talks to Rachel about the deal. He confirms that he wants to work with them because without them he has no shot. Rachel and Brendon both lie to Dominic and tell him that they have no deals with Adam. We see Dominic’s diary room and he tells us “All I need you to do is take me along until I shank you in the back three weeks from now.” Showing Dominic also has no intention of keeping any deals with them. Brendon tells Dominic that he should throw the Veto competition to show he is really with them. If anyone knows anything about this show, it is that you NEVER throw a Veto competition if you are on the block. It’s usually doesn’t end up how you want it.

Next we get to see some of Daniele and Dominic’s flirting. For us long time Big Brother watchers, we are having flashbacks of Season 8, where Daniele spent the first few weeks laying in bed with Nick. We also know how that turned out. Daniele’s next mistake was letting everyone see how much she was falling for Dominic. She pushed for Cassi to go because she wanted to work with Dominic, but did she really want to work with Dominic or be with Dominic?

Drawing for the Veto Competition was a huge disappointment for Daniele. Jeff and Jordan’s names are pulled, having four veterans playing in the Veto Competition. Rachel picks Porsche to host the competition.

Brendon and Rachel decide they need to speak to Jeff and Jordan, they now feel like Daniele is pushing them both to fight against each other. Leaving her safe in the middle. She has most of the newbies thinking she is aligned with them, plus she is still good with the veterans. Leaving her a clear path to the end. After they compare notes they discover this to be true. They don’t show it on the show, but on the live feeds we see them make the decision to play along with Daniele not let her know that they are on to her. They want to see how far she will take it.

Veto Competition

Porsche comes out in a pink bathrobe with 6 different color ducks in her hands. Each player picks a duck and that is the team color that they are on. They houseguests walk outside to a giant bathtub with a huge woman with big spiky hairs on her legs. Each hair has a letter on the end and the competition is to see who can spell the longest word. For those season 11 fans we get a flashback of Jeff trying to spell technotronics, which resulted in a great fight between Jeff and Russell. The houseguests have to run and pluck out a hair and then run back to their razor and drop off the letter. They have 10 minutes to see who can spell the longest word. In the end Brendon wins with spelling understanding, that is also the same word he spelled last year and won. 

Brendon celebrates because they now have all the power in the house with Rachel winning HOH and him winning Veto. They get to decide who they want to get out. Rachel decides to talk to Daniele again and try to get a reason on why she is pushing so hard for them to break the veterans alliance and go after Jeff, so she tells her she is thinking about getting Lawon out this week. Daniele again pushes really hard for Jeff to be back-doored, telling Rachel that Jeff and Jordan are building an army to come after Rachel and Brendon. Rachel knows that really it’s Daniele that is closest to the newbies. If anyone is building an army it’s Daniele.

Dominic goes to Shelly and tries to cut a deal, he wants an alliances with the newbies plus Daniele, to go after the veterans. Shelly plays along but she really wants to be with Jeff and Jordan, so she tells them about the conversation. Jordan wants Shelly to tell Brendon and Rachel this so they both go up to the HOH. After they hear this they know they can’t trust Dominic. This leads Brendon to tell Jeff all about the other plan about back-dooring him. They don’t admit how far in it they were, but push most of the blame onto Daniele. This makes Daniele Jeff’s number one target to get out after Dominic.

At the Veto Ceremony Brendon leaves the nominations the same. So in the end either Adam or Dominic will be voted out. The only thing that will save Dominic now is if Daniele can spin this some way to get the votes. Since she thinks she is the master manipulator, and was cheated out of the win her season, I’m looking forward to her trying.

Thanks Shannon, great job!  Who do you all think will be voted out?  Daniele is really trying to get Dominic to stay, does she have enough “pull” to get her way?  Will the veterans realize soon enough that Daniele is flipping on them?  It won’t be long now until the golden key safety net will be gone, will Danni be the first to go once that happens?

Rocco’s Dinner Party by BB

Rocco’s Dinner Party by BB Chefs are Janet, Kevin and Chris. Janet works in one of Gordon Ramsey’s New York restaurants. Kevin is an executive chef who started out as a dishwasher and works for a company who services seven hotels. Chris is the executive chef at Café Amici in New Jersey. None of them went to culinary school. Janet already has the two other chefs intimidated because she works for Gordon Ramsey and has worked for Chef Jean- Georges.

They have 30 minutes to cook their signature dishes. Kevin is making his interpretation of shrimp and grits. Chris is making a blackened mahi mahi with citrus shallot beuer blanc. Beuer blanc is a butter based emulsified sauce. Janet is making a spicy Korean barbeque pork crepe with three different kimchees. Kimchee is spicy fermented vegetables.

At five minutes left, Janet is a little shaky plating her food. Chris’ beuer blanc is broken, which Janet says is a culinary sin. Kevin is way ahead of the game. Time is up. Chris’ plate is not pretty. Rocco tastes Chris’ dish first. Rocco says Chris is talking like he’s in the principal’s office. He likes Chris’ dish, but says his beuer blanc is a total disaster. Chris says he rushed it a bit. Next is Janet’s dish. Rocco doesn’t like the texture of her kimchee. He thinks the pork is the only delicious thing on her plate. Rocco loves the pork. Rocco thinks Kevin’s shrimp and grits look like something that would come off an assembly line in a very large restaurant, which is actually what Kevin does. Rocco thinks it is a good plate nonetheless. The party is over for Chris because he hasn’t mastered the fundamentals of making a buerre blanc and he made too many excuses. The winner is Kevin because he had made assembly line food delicious. Rocco tells Kevin to leave the engineering mentality at home. He wants Janet to think less and cook more. Rocco tells the chefs the theme of the evening will be Gastropub. He wants them to make English Pub Grub. Janet went to school in England and loves English food so she is excited about the challenge. Kevin chooses to serve second. They meet with the event planner Jes Gordon to plan their dining rooms. Kevin picks the formal dining room and wants it to look like the traditional English pub with the brick walls, butcher paper, crayons, etc. Jen wishes he would put more of himself the room. Jes is blown away by the way Janet wants her intimate dining room to look, a cross of punk glam rock meets English farmhouse chic. Edgy chic.

Kevin’s menu is going to be English Pea Soup, Fish and Chips, Lobster Pot Pie, Roasted Lamb Tenderloin, Seared Liver and Onions, and White and Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding. Janet’s menu is going to be Bacon Chili Crisps, Pimm’s and Lemonade Beet Salad, Bone Marrow with Stilton Cheese, Beer Beef Brisket with Yorkshire Pudding, and Rose Mascarpone Cloud. Kevin says his food is not pretentious and he doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Janet says her menu is ambitious and she’s taking a risk. She tells Kevin her menu destroys his. Kevin is nervous about the competition.

The chefs are shown their rooms by Jes. Janet loves her room. It is very country flowers meets punk style. Janet says Jes is her style sister. Kevin loves his room also. It definitely looks more like a London Pub to me, but what do I know. Rocco informs the chefs that one guest does not eat pork, beef or organs (it’s Raven-Symone’). Kevin has to recreate two dishes for her. He prepares a toasted cumin and tomato soup to replace his pea soup which has bacon in it. Janet is going to pan sear gnocchi to replace her brisket.

The dinner guests are:

Amanda Hesser, New York Times Food Writer

Ken Oringer, Chef and Gastropub Owner

Christopher McDonald, Actor

Frank Carfaro, Founder, DESIRON Furniture

Raven-Symone’, Actor

Cat Deeley, Host of So You Think You Can Dance

Since Cat is the only British guest, Rocco takes her back to meet the chefs. She tells them it was her family’s tradition to buy all the Sunday papers and go to the pub. Kevin worries that he didn’t make any of Cat’s favorites. Janet just wants her to stop talking and leave.

They love Janet’s room and the spike napkin rings. She puts malt vinegar into Raven’s crisps instead of the bacon. Ken starts talking about molecular gastronomy and things I don’t understand. Raven describes herself as a chickaturkeyfishatarian and was not raised to eat pork or beef. She says the crisps with the chili and bacon smell like old feet. The salad comes out and Amanda doesn’t like the fact that she separated the salad. Cat loves the cheese and Chris likes it too. They think the bone marrow dish is sublime. Everyone loves it. The brisket is next and Janet is worried about it not being tender enough. Raven gets the gnocchi and it reminds her of school tater tots and she says it brought her joy. The others think the brisket is too lean and dry but like the Yorkshire pudding. The last course is the Rose Mascarpone Cloud with the milky tea broth. Chris loves it. Cat thinks it’s terrible and she has no idea what milky tea broth is and she’s English. Frank thought it was adequate.

Kevin is next. The guests think Kevin’s room feels more like a pub. I think they like Kevin’s room better than Janet’s. The menu is on a chalk board and Cat seems excited about what’s on it. Kevin says his food is solid food and comfort food. Raven does not like her cumin and tomato soup, but the others like their ham and pea soup. Janet thinks Kevin’s food looks really simple as he’s is pulling it out. The fish and chips are next. They like the batter and the cole slaw. Raven says she loves that she’s in London without taking an 18 hour flight. Kevin is afraid he put too much saffron on his lobster pot pies. Rocco says he thinks of Cartman when he thinks about pot pie. Raven imitates Cartman and Christopher says “That’s so Raven.” Amanda says the pot pie tastes like bathroom tile because of he saffron. It’s not a hit. Next they get the lamb dish and everyone seems to like it except Cat because it has beans and chard and she’s not used to her lamb done that way. Raven won’t eat the lamb (Rocco didn’t know she didn’t eat lamb and apologizes), but she likes the other ingredients on the plate. As a substitute for the liver and onion dish, Raven gets an edamame salad. Raven loves it and the others love the liver dish. The dessert is white and dark chocolate bread pudding. Ken says it seems a little off. The diners really didn’t like it. Rocco says Kevin did a really good job, even though his last impression wasn’t really a good impression. Cat says the dining experience felt comforting.

All guests say they enjoyed both dining experiences. The winner is (I hope it’s Kevin) . . . . . . . . . . . .Kevin! Rocco tells Janet her room made a big impact, but they didn’t like her salad and that she thought too much about it. He tells her the bone marrow and Yorkshire pudding was the best dish of the evening. He tells Kevin his room felt like a gastropub and was warm and inviting. They loved the pea soup and calf liver, but didn’t like the pot pie. Rocco tells Janet that when she allows her intellect to take a back seat to her all of her gifts she will be well on her way to being a great chef.

Thanks BB!  Great job on Rocco’s Dinner Party!


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Today on Bravo they force feed us Millionaire Matchmaker all day...I really hate that show and that woman!  Tonight during prime time they'll re-run the last few episodes of the Real Housewives of New York including Part One of the Reunion in case you missed it or turned it off in disgust.  

Finally, Happy Twitter Birthday to Jill Zarin  (thanks Boston02127) Jill joined Twitter three years ago today.  6,194 Tweets later….minus the one’s she deleted, and no sign of slowing down.

Until Next Time…

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928 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives News / Beverly Hills Returns! / Big Brother / Rocco’s Dinner Party

  1. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Hi Lynn Thank You & BB & boston for pics~
    Just saw the NYC wives reunion part 1 is on repeat at 7 pm so I should be able to see it…lol ;p

  2. Chertin says:

    Jill has plenty of problems, but I doubt alcoholism is one of them. For one thing, unlike many housewives, I can never recall seeing Jill be sloppily drunk on camera — and when you’re filming a reality show and people are plying you with alcohol and encouraging you to drink, I’d think it would be pretty difficult for someone with an alcohol addiction to remain controlled. I had assumed that Jill switched to Diet Coke in an effort to lose weight.

    I think Jill is deliberately bullshitting when she attempts to stir rumors about Ramona having a drinking problem. She probably figures that Ramona is a bit loopy and erratic and has associated herself indelibly with Pinot, so this is something viewers will buy.

    • Kukulet says:

      Sorry, but I don’t see Jill as a recovering alcoholic…not that I would judge her harshly if she were. I grew up with alcoholics, I know the signs all too well, and I haven’t seen them in Jill. And have to agree with Chertin-it would be pretty difficult, if not impossible, to control an alcohol addiction in the situations we often see the housewives in.

      But I don’t feel sorry for her over Ramona’s allegation. Jill’s been dishing the alcoholic dirt at Ramona all season, and Ramona is dishing it back. It’s the tit for tat vile behavior that RHoNY has become. And, in the end, who cares? These gals don’t rise above anything anymore, so scraping the bottom by flinging accusations of alcoholism is par for the course.

      Kadooz to you, Lynn, for refraining from judgment about Jill’s alleged alcoholism. 🙂

      • Amy Matheson says:

        Kadooz to Ramona for not refraining.

      • Chertin says:

        I agree with you — I have no pity for Jill, either. I also wonder if her lobbing alcoholism accusations at Ramona has something to do with her grudge over Kodak. Maybe she thinks that if the Ramona Pinot Grigio brand is associated with alcoholism, Ramona’s business will suffer, too. In fairness, Jill is entitled to be upset about Kodak, although this would be taking things too far.

        • Amy Matheson says:

          “In fairness, Jill is entitled to be upset about Kodak”

          While I respect your right to a different opinion… lol seriously?

          • Chertin says:

            If it’s true that Ramona’s comment cost Jill a seven-figure endorsement deal, then yeah she should be upset. I would be. Hell, even if it was a five- or six-figure deal. I don’t believe Jill had gone after Ramona’s business at that point. What’s the point in gratuitously taking money out of someone’s pocket?

            • Amy Matheson says:

              “If it’s true that Ramona’s comment cost Jill a seven-figure endorsement deal, ”


              • AZ Girl says:

                WHY? would Kodak want Jill Zarin????
                If I were the CEO of Kodak I would not have JIll Zarin heading up the advertising. Her voice alone in a commercial would turn people away.

                • Chertin says:

                  I agree it was sort of random, but Kodak capitalizes on the desire to be photographed, and any reality TV star is a great poster child for that.

              • Chertin says:

                Yeah, I have no idea how seriously to take the “seven figure” claim. But clearly there was an endorsement in place. Even if someone’s callous comment cost me $7k, I’d be pissed.

            • While I don’t believe Jill actually had a 7 figure deal to lose (who would pay her that much), she clearly had some role. Ramona was extraordinarily rude about Kodak – not her finest moment. However the tit for tat thing Jill does is what makes me dislike her more than the others. In a nutshell – this is why they all have to be replaced. They are far too toxic

              • Amy Matheson says:

                Ramona is outspoken and thoughtless at times. But Jill is a shrewish and purposeful conniver.

                While it’s not easy to be empathetic to any of them, it’s clear my side will be wherever Jill is not.

                • Chertin says:

                  >Ramona is outspoken and thoughtless at times. But Jill is a shrewish and purposeful conniver.

                  I agree with this distinction.

            • Kukulet says:

              It’s doubtful that Ramona’s comment cost Jill an endorsement deal, especially one in seven figures.

              First, Ramona’s comments about Kodak being antiquated and in trouble weren’t aired until months later. No one from Kodak knew about them before it aired…unless Jill told them.

              Second, it was pretty obvious that Jill sponsored a party for Kodak’s online gallery relaunch and probably agreed to promote it via her tweets, website, and Facebook. I think that was the “deal” that Jill was talking about.

              Thirdly, it doesn’t make sense that Kodak would use a reality star like Jill Zarin as the “face” of their company, especially at the cost of seven figures when they are already having financial difficulties with the major cutback to their print film division. They’d pick someone who’d really put some “oomph” into promoting the company.

              Fourth, several celebrities promoted Kodak’s online gallery. None of them were the exclusive “face of Kodak” and I’m betting none of them got paid seven figures for a couple of Tweets and playing host at a party.

              I think Jill was trying to make herself look like a player on the level of Bethenny Frankel, who had real endorsement deals from Pepperidge Farms and Whole Foods.

              • Chertin says:

                FWIW, I’m getting my info that Ramona screwed up the endorsement from New York Magazine (which has published LOTS of critical commentary on Jill and can hardly be deemed to be in Jill’s pocket):


                I’m skeptical they would print this if it were unfounded, since they are an actual publication and could get in trouble over something like this.

                • Kukulet says:

                  Tons of “actual publications” print unfounded rumors every single day. Sometimes they don’t get away with it, most of the time they do.

                  I see one sentence in this article whose source is obviously Jill, since it repeats her on camera claim that Ramona screwed up her endorsement deal with Kodak. I don’t see anything that supports the claim. Where’s the evidence? How did Kodak even know what Ramona said months before the footage aired? How do we know that Kodak didn’t decide to cut Jill loose for another reason? How do we know that there was any deal in the first place?

                  Since there is nothing in the article to support what is, essentially, a claim that only Jill has made (Kodak certainly hasn’t backed her up publicly), then it’s still an unfounded rumor.

                  • Chertin says:

                    The sentence clearly isn’t quoting Jill — it’s NYMag editorializing about the show. Assuming the endorsement were dropped as alleged, there’s absolutely no reason to expect the public would see “evidence” of this — if anything, the dissolution would be confidential. It is idiotic to assume Kodak would not have known of these events until the footage aired. For one thing, there were probably Kodak personnel at the party. For another, the endorsement contract surely would have obligated Jill, and/or her staff and/or Bravo staff to notify Kodak ASAP if certain types of adverse events occurred.

                    We know that an endorsement was in place, then a cast member made a compromising comment, and now the endorsement is gone. At least one respectable mainstream publication echoes Jill’s account of the facts. Bravo has not denied Jill’s account of the facts, which they would have a strong incentive to do if Jill were lying, since this story might make other companies hesitate to use Bravo shows for endorsements.

                    You don’t have to like Jill in order to weigh this evidence and acknowledge that there is probably some truth to what Jill says.

                    • Kukulet says:

                      I didn’t realize that we were operating under the idiotic standard of “it’s in print, therefore it must be true.” My bad.

                    • BessiB says:

                      Put it this was, I certainly do not know that there was an endorsement deal in place – only that Jill was engaged to host one event. And just because a magazine repeat something said on TV does not mean it is factual.

                  • Chertin says:

                    >”it’s in print, therefore it must be true”

                    If that’s how you read my comment, you aren’t paying attention.

                    • Kukulet says:

                      Apparently, neither were you.

                      First you said that: “The sentence clearly isn’t quoting Jill — it’s NYMag editorializing about the show. ” Then you said: ‘At least one respectable mainstream publication echoes Jill’s account of the facts.” So, NY Mag didn’t “quote” Jill, they simply “echoed” her. Is there a difference in this case, really? The statement that started this off was Jill saying that Ramona cost her the deal. NY Mag didn’t elaborate further, they merely repeated what Jill said. That was it. That’s not editorializing, it’s repeating.

                      Jill’s “account of the facts” was “Ramona cost me my deal with Kodak.” That’s a pretty limited accounting, and where is the fact? I see an allegation, not a proven fact.

                      You said: “We know that an endorsement was in place, then a cast member made a compromising comment, and now the endorsement is gone.” Who is “we”, kimosabe? I don’t KNOW that. Most people here don’t KNOW that. The only person who has said there was a deal was Jill Zarin. What I saw on the episode was Jill Zarin hosting a party for the relaunch of Kodak’s online gallery. For all “we” know, that party was the sum of her “deal”. I haven’t seen anything else, beyond her one statement, that indicates that Kodak ever asked her to do more than host a party. If they did, that’s fine, but I don’t state that “we” KNOW an endorsement deal was in place without evidence. Kodak certainly never announced any deal with Jill Zarin.

                      You said: “Bravo has not denied Jill’s account of the facts.” Jill hasn’t given an account of the “facts”, merely alleged that Ramona allegedly cost her an alleged endorsement deal with Kodak.

                      You said: “You don’t have to like Jill in order to weigh this evidence and acknowledge that there is probably some truth to what Jill says.” What evidence? A one sentence remark by Jill Zarin that alleges that Ramona Singer allegedly cost her an alleged endorsement deal with Kodak? Granted, it might be true, but I don’t consider it factual without anything to back it up.

                    • Chertin says:

                      I would honestly like to reply to this, but it’s displaying in a narrow column that’s impossible to read — as will my response, I’m sure. And I don’t think it would be productive to continue this discussion with you. If you disagree, start a new post below and I’ll be happy to respond to that one.

                • BessiB says:

                  Check the date of the article – it was just last month!

              • kitkat says:

                I agree with you KuKu! You’re good! 🙂

            • kitkat says:

              I don’t think Ramoner’s comment was the cause of Kodak dumping Jill, but Jill herself…Kodak got a good look at Jill last season, her behavior was abhorrent, there was an article in NYMAG every week about why Jill was The Worst Person Ever, this awesome blog was borne from the ashes of Jill’s destruction…Ramoner’s little comment did not sink Jill, Jill sank Jill. I’m sure the melee that ensued at that Kodak poroduct launch didn’t help matters…didn’t Kelly semi lose it? Kodak got a look at this hot mess and dumped her ass, I’m sure the account exec. that suggested her to begin with also got fired, or at least demoted.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Personally I think Ramona was doing Kodak a favor.

          • Good point.

            I agree with the previous comment about Jill not acting like a recovering alcoholic. The ones I know who are in 12 steps are more humble and kinder as they’ve hit bottom & learned more compassion. Jill doesn’t show any of those traits. If one “recovers” without the 12 steps, they might act desperate like Jill does.

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          I feel that Jill is the one to really mess that up. Ramona give Jill a perfect opportunity to explain why Kodak is not outdated. When Ramona said “Don’t you think Kodak is kinda antiquated?” Jill’s response should have been “You know I kind of thought that myself, but listen to what they have been doing lately ………………” I myself felt Kodak was getting a bit old fashioned, as a spokesperson it was Jill’s job to recognize current perception of a company and then explain why that is not the case. Jill lost this opportunity, not Ramona in my opinion.

          • Chertin says:

            Just because Jill could more effectively have counteracted Ramona’s comment doesn’t absolve Ramona of whatever damage she caused. And even if Jill had come out with an excellent rebuttal, there’s no guarantee Kodak would have kept her.

            • IndianaHousewife says:

              I didn’t reply that there was a guarantee, but probably half of the country felt Kodak was outdated. Either Jill or someone on her or Kodaks team should have worked with Jill on how to respond to these comments. Ramona simply express how many others have felt, should she have done it on TV maybe not, but losing the endorsement was soley Jills fault. She did not handle the situation correctly which is what she was being paid to do.

              • Chertin says:

                But if you agree there WAS no guarantee, then it may not even have mattered how Jill handled the situation — so you cannot call the incident “solely Jill’s fault.” Ramona’s behavior is Ramona’s fault. Whether Jill adequately remediated the fallout from Ramona’s behavior is another issue entirely. If I recklessly, indifferently run over your dog with my car and you’re so flustered, or such a bad driver, that you fail to get him to the vet as quickly as you otherwise could, this doesn’t make the dog’s suffering your fault. I should have been a decent human being and taken care not to plow my car into your pet.

                You are also assuming that what Kodak was buying was Jill’s skill as a spokesperson, and that Jill’s job responsibilities included fielding criticisms about Kodak’s brand. Not sure that’s true.

            • kitkat says:

              Jill’s ugly behavior is what caused her Kodak loss. You can’t blame Ramoner for Jill’s crap book not selling, or ugly sheets not selling. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE JILL. Who buys a product from someone they can’t stand??? I will venture to say that Jill will NEVER be a success in selling anything, she will only succeed if nobody knows that SHE is behind the product. What “celebrity” has a blog like this dedicated to all the horrible things said “celebrity” has done and continues to do??? A whole blog that gets 1000 hits a day, for over a year! WOW, just WOW!

              • Chertin says:

                Lol, for some reason I very much enjoy “Ramoner.”

                • kitkat says:

                  🙂 For some reason, I can’t write it without ther “er” at the end anymore! It’s my private homage to Jill, that and brar, I can’t say “bra” either, and can’t even explain it to my friends because NOBODY I know watches this crack. LOL!

            • Sam says:

              Yes, but.

              If there had been a deal in place, then why didn’t Kodak use some muscle — like the threat of a lawsuit — to keep Bravo from airing the footage? The fact that we saw the exchange between Ramona and Jill tells me Kodak wasn’t in bed with Jill in any way.

              • Chertin says:

                Lawsuits are impractical in many situations. I doubt Bravo would give Kodak veto power over whether the footage aired.

          • Wicked says:

            Jill as a spokesperson was suppose to know how to represent Kodak & know her talking points to represent them. That was her JOB

            • Pghemtchick says:

              Amen to that. Jil’s launch party was in 2009? Kodak also ran a task on The Apprentice in 2009. I find it hard to believe that Kodak would shell out a 7 figure amount to Jill Zarin for 5, 10,15, 20 minutes of screen time on Real Housewives, yet, they had a full episode of The Apprentice with Donald Trump and his uber recognizable children. There is a post out there from a person in attendance who stated that Jill was nice; however, the cameras from Rhony and the petty fights between the ladies really distracted from the party. So in that regard, Bravo would have costed Jill the “endorsement as the face of Kodak”. It’s a free country with a wonderful first amendment. If Ramona wants to call Kodak old-fashioned, I find no issue with it. In her world, it’d be the same as asking why someone was wearing vintage or last season clothing. As a consumer, I would have liked to hear Jill’s response to that. The Apprentice contestants were asked questions as to the new Kodak, how is that any different? I know Kodak has been on the Apprentice several times, a few of which people outright asked questions regarding age and “updates” to the brand. Maybe I missed PR104, where having a launch party for a brand meant you know nothing about the brand. When confronted, Jill should have known about the products and been able to at least state the facts about the newer Kodak. Shame on Bravo for leaving the negative in (well not really cause drama=ratings=money). Kodaks error was choosing an e-list “celeb” that is on a drama filled show. Jill stated herself the reason for the show is to talk about others and behind their backs. Well, kudos to Ramona for making her statement out front where JIll had the chance to say, “Well I thought so too until I realized that . Once again, Jill is not taking any responsibilty for her own actions.

              • Pghemtchick says:

                hmm I guess you can use html, cause my lil things didn’t show up. . . lol sorry. Not used to being on a computer and on here. The sentence should have read “Well, kudos to Ramona for making her statement out front where JIll had the chance to say, “Well I thought so too until I realized that (insert cool new hip features here).

              • Denise says:

                “…however, the ***cameras*** from Rhony and the petty fights between the ladies really distracted from the (Kodak) party…..”

                Hehe—-the irony!

                • Pghemtchick says:

                  Oh I’m slow. That didn’t even pop in my head when typing it. Lol nice catch now I’m giggling!

          • Scorpiosue1102 says:

            If Jill was going to have an endorsement deal from Kodak you’d think she’d know something about the company.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          IF Jill’s endorsement deal was real – she would have gone after Ramona with a legal suit and had a contract to prove it was a seven figure deal. It’s all talk with no proof!

          • Chertin says:

            A real offense does not necessarily precipitate a real lawsuit. There also may be contractual limitations on the ladies’ ability to sue one another. And finally, maybe Jill suspected that by drawing even more attention to the incident, she’d hamper her ability to obtain future profits/endorsements. “If it were real, she would have sued” is definitely not a safe inference to make.

            • Amy Matheson says:

              For someone who doesn’t like Jill you certainly bring a different perspective here. LMAO.


              • Chertin says:

                I try, and I certainly don’t mean to be disrespectful by differing. Thanks 🙂

                I don’t really like Jill, either, but I try to evaluate the good and bad points of each character. I am also a lawyer, so I might view matters like Kodak through a different lens than some people.

                • Rose Colored Glasses says:

                  As a photographer I resemble that analogy! Get your own advocacy group advocate ( a little judicial tease) 🙂

                  • Chertin says:

                    Do you mean you resent the lens metaphor? Hah…I’m never going to be offended by anti-lawyer jokes. Any lawyer is quite accustomed to them and most of us agree with their gist. 🙂

                  • Rose Colored Glasses says:

                    Addendum. Devil’s advocacy is welcome as long as it is respectful of other’s sensitivities. Lawyers have training at annihilating and this site rigourously tries to encourage the wide range of voices, and a certain gentle playfulness. Many lawyers enjoy cross examination but few want it done to them as lawyers well know. Always wise to suss out new surroundings and get a feel for the culture.

                    • Chertin says:

                      Given this site’s pointed title and the venom of some of the posts, I think I failed to anticipate there would be so many sensitivities! Live and learn.

                    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

                      That’s the spirit.. Live, learn and let live. And don’t presume that you are the smartest person on the playground because the smartest ones may not want to play if you do not EVEN get their jokes. See this is how I differ from JZ.

                    • Chertin says:

                      Not sure where I presumed I was the smartest one here? But okay.

                    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

                      But you are presuming that I meant you! Never assume counselor. 🙂

                    • Chertin says:

                      Not a presumption — just the most reasonable reading of what you wrote. If you don’t mean me, that’s great.

                    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

                      The only person I referenced was Jill Zarin.

                    • Chertin says:

                      >How about we both take your advice?

                      I agree — and we should take your advice, too. (Both pieces of advice are pretty good 🙂 ). Sorry things got snippy there!

                  • Chertin says:

                    Okay, then. My turn to reference Jill Zarin:

                    Advice is welcome as long as it’s not condescending and misplaced. Photographers have training at capturing superficial snapshots, but you should always suss people out accurately and get a sense of what they’re actually saying. Live, learn, and let live. Don’t make unfounded jabs in an incoherent way and then chide people for calling you out on them. See this is how I differ from JZ.

                    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

                      I hear you. How about we agree to both take your advice!

                    • Chertin says:

                      >How about we both take your advice?

                      I agree — and we should take your advice, too. (Both pieces of advice are pretty good 🙂 ). Sorry things got snippy there!

                • kitkat says:

                  I actually don’t mind Alex, even kind of like her, yet I find myself writing negative posts about her.

                • Need a Hobby says:

                  You’re a lawyer? Never would have guessed. lol.

                  People come here to discuss, sharing views, opinions & lols, but there’s a difference IMO between discussion and argument. For most It’s not about “winning” against other posters here.

                  Usually it takes a while for new personas on any blog or mesage board to establish some “reputation cred.” Sometimes it takes very little time indeed to inhabit scroll over country.

                  • Chertin says:

                    I didn’t come here to be abrasively argumentative, but I admit that I sometimes debate things for sport, and perhaps some people have taken that the wrong way. I certainly don’t presume I’ll be afforded “reputation cred” as a noob, though I guess my hope was that my posts would be received on their merits and held to the same standards as everyone else’s posts, even THOUGH I’m a noob.

                    • Need a Hobby says:

                      You might consider thinking of this place as an ongoing party rather than a debating society. Or not. Maybe you’ll find some similarly argumentative folks at the party and you all can enjoy it as sport.

                      Many come here simply for a diversion, to amiably chat with online buds & have some lols. Some here deal with quite a lot in their real lives and prefer to avoid unnecessary online argy bargies. Which is why of course God invented the scroll function.

                      Different strokes, etc.

            • Sam says:

              No, it wouldn’t have been Jill suing another Housewife, it would have been Kodak threatening to sue Bravo. Kodak wouldn’t have entered into a deal with Jill without some sort of contractual assurance that the sort of thing we saw wouldn’t happen. So I’m positive there was no deal at all — which is why Jill has never offered us proof of one.

              Jill loves playing the victim — and making up lies to support her self-professed victimhood.

              • Chertin says:

                Negative comments have been made about other products shilled on the show, too. Why would you expect Kodak to have some special contractual assurance afforded none of these other sponsors? And what sort of “proof” of the deal would you expect Jill to offer? Copy of the contract? Please.

                • Sam says:

                  Well, I can provide a copy of my contracts if anyone asks. And the publishers I’m currently contracted with for upcoming books would gladly confirm that they have deals in the works with me if I were to ask them to provide such confirmation. It’s done all the time.

                  • Chertin says:

                    No, it’s not done all the time. That’s why you can’t find a copy of Rihanna’s Kodak contract online, either. Outside specific parameters, this kind of thing is done…never.

                    • Sam says:

                      The tone of your comments rankled me, so I called my son’s manager (my son is a working actor) and asked her to ask her husband (an entertainment attorney) about what you’ve said here. He said I should have more sense than to listen to someone who doesn’t know the old adage, “Never say never.” So from now on I’m going to pass your posts by, and I’m hoping you’ll do the same with mine.

                • jonnyxo says:

                  i’m just gonna jump in here and agree with sam about jill playing the victim. it’s silly to blame ramona for jill’s loss of the endorsement deal. ramona is one woman who made a single comment…and it’s a comment that’s on the mind’s of most of us when it comes to kodak. kodak knows this. if anything, it was the perfect opportunity for jill to vanquish that opinion–aaannnddd she blew it. it makes more sense that kodak dropped her after the season aired and she went from being one of the most popular housewives, to being one of the most hated. that is the most obvious conclusion to draw.

                  why associate with the muck and mire of the housewives franchise if your housewife of choice isn’t even well-liked? i couldn’t imagine consciously makeing such a bad business decision.

                  kodak did what they had to do. good judgement. maybe they WILL make a comeback! 🙂

                  • Sam says:

                    Thanks for agreeing with me!

                    And now we know that Jill’s Kodak “deal” was nothing more than a publicity event involving a Mother’s Day photo album — a one-time-only thing. (See downthread for link to People magazine article about this.) That’s why there’s no “multi-million-dollar contract” to reveal. It doesn’t exist; Jill made it up so she could pretend that Ramona wronged her financially. (A bit of projection, since Jill is known for wronging people financially.)

            • Scorpiosue1102 says:

              Jill draws enough attention by her rude and awful behavior that would hamper her ability to have any kind of deals, friends, family, etc. etc. etc. Her behavior when dealing with Bethenny i.e. saving her message, not having her “notes”, “we’re done”, saying she’s not going to change….alone is suspect behavior for any company wanting someone to represent them. Then you take into account how she went after Ramona for the whole thing about Bethenny’s father and Alex’s blow-up with her @ Jennifer Gilbert’s. All of this behavior is enough for someone to give her the heave-ho.

              Or maybe Kodak heard about the whole Susan Saunders fiasco. Or who knows? The list is long when it comes to Jill having done something rude or wrong.

        • ms molly says:

          IF Jill had a deal with Kodak, the only thing that fizzled the deal was Jill!!

        • BessiB says:

          Here is why I don’t think Jill had any cause to be upset by what Ramona said at the Kodak event: She said nothing wrong, and if you have ever been to a trade show or an promotional event, the purpose is to sell it and get feedback – even to the skeptics. People are invited to show up. they check out the product, tell the rep, “I don’t like the was this lays out” “I always by the competitor’s product because such & such” ” Your price is too high”

          That Jill responded to Ramona’s criticism like she did implies to me that Jill was just there for that event as a face and to draw in her friends (like Ramona) and fans – not to seriously work with the company.

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Have heard that Jill’s ex may have struggled with this so I think we must wait to hear both sides. While I understand Ramona’s position and need to speak up in her own defense I also believe that there is too much pain in any disease to want to pile on anyone who has addiction or mental/emotional issues simply to shame. Jill has been viciously slandering Ramona and no friend or respectful co-worker would handle true concerns this way. That is one of the reasons we say I hate Jill Zarin, exactly the sane way a person might say they hate a rival sports team. Get over yourself Jill. Check your own baggage before you try to ruin other people. Mags, look up hyperbole. Kelly, clean out the cobwebs that keep you from thinking clearly. Mental hygiene should be the most significant step-up you could make for your children. Clean that house (yes I know metaphors confuse you KKB and the fact that this sentence hinges on an analogy means it might confuse you, ask someone other than Jill to explain it) before criticizing Sonja’s home. God speed to anyone struggling with addiction or emotional issues because society has trouble treating people with either, as people with incredibly challenging illnesses and not a weakness or personal failing.

        • Rose Colored Glasses says:

          Oopsie Freudian typo’s lol. Sane should have been same but love word correct’s two cents because it makes me laugh and can’t seem to find the other obvious typo. Sorry 🙂

      • MaryE says:

        Jill has no signs of someone in recovery, When you are, and are successful, it means dealing with who you are, making amends with your past and the people you have damaged. There is no evidence of this here.

        • Chertin says:

          I also think that if she were in recovery for an addiction, she would have pulled a Mel Gibson and tried to blame her addiction for her shameful behavior last season.

      • MKValle says:

        I disagree, I have a family member who has been sober for 20+ years and has no problem whatsoever attending functions when alcohol is being served. It all depends on the person.

    • Trudie says:

      My beverage of choice is Diet Coke, and I have never had a drinking problem. Just don’t like the way I feel the day after hoisting a few alcoholic drinks. People love me because I am the eternal designated driver!

      • kit9 says:

        My sister is a hard core chronic alcoholic. I just spent the last two days getting her to hospitals and detox for the umpteenth time. She’s 45 and has major liver damage, can barely string a few months together of sobriety. She’s lost everything. And, it drives me nuts that the term alcoholic is so overused. You can have a drinking problem/going through a period when you abused alcohol or words to that effect but it doesnt make you an alcoholic. Jill isn’t an alcoholic, imo. As others have said, people in recovery are humble, to one degree or another. It’s part of and necessary for recovery. Humble Jill is not. Also, someone who is a recovering alcoholic would have real empathy for someone they believe was also an alcoholic-even if they didn’t like them and they wouldn’t treat it like this week’s gossip, like Jill does about Ramona but do everything they could to get them help. This is also necessary for recovery. More likely, if anything, I think, Jill went through a period where she drank too much-abused it . 2 cents.

  3. Val says:

    Excellent blog as always. RHONY PT1 reunion. Luann is always stiring the pot, but she is clever enough to do it in a very subtle way and not so much in from of the camera…for crying out loud, the lady thinks she IS a Countes! Also, I think the reason Bravo included “critically acclaimed” is because Beverly Hills got a nomination. Did they win?

  4. RealMinkey says:

    Good Mornin’, all.


    (Damn!… I missed the troll again! Those things always come out when I’m not around!)

  5. NightLight95 says:

    I hope Ramona let’s the viewers know more about what her “inner circle” is gossiping about.

  6. Causing_A_Casino says:

    If you missed this photo recap of the reunion- check it out. It’s hysterical. Photo recap is just below article

    • Kansas Girl says:

      In that first photo, look what direction they have their legs crossed. I find that interesting. (The theory is you cross toward the person you’re comfortable with or want to be close to.)

      • RealMinkey says:

        If that’s true, then a book could be written on what those legs are saying.

      • Kelly says:

        When I saw that photo, I was shocked at the fact that I can see every one of the brunettes’ rear ends. I can even see Jill’s spanx. Are they all wearing micro-minis?

      • Dame Rhetorica says:

        KG, very good catch! Also look at their Proxemics, or space. The blondes really like each other because they’re in intimate space if each other. The brunettes are all for themselves. Course Nonverbal study is not 100% correct.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      I love the line that Ramona couldn’t ride the horse cuz Luann was humping it. One of the best recaps I have seen.

    • Golden Girl says:

      From the way their legs are crossed you can tell that the brunettes don’t really care for one another and that the blondes really do have a relationship.

  7. Dame Rhetorica says:

    28 Happy Birthday TEB & Zoekayla! The following are events that share your special day:

    1896 –The city of Miami, Florida is incorporated.

    2011 – The city of Miami, Florida is agglomerated.

    1948 –Sally Struthers, star of All in the Family, was born. Struthers helped bring social awareness to racial issues with her comedic wit.

    2011 – Victoria de LaSchlep, brings racial issues to social media, because of Ramona’s twitt.

  8. RealMinkey says:

    “2011 – Victoria de LaSchlep, brings racial issues to social media, because of Ramona’s twitt.”

    Happy Birthday, TEB & Zoekayla. Hope it’s as beautiful a day where you are as it is here.

  9. mich_in_mich says:

    Happy Birthday, TEB & Zoekayla 🙂 shout out to Dame Rhetorica! You are a hoot

  10. Dame Rhetorica says:

    I’m still hoping someone really brings down the brunettes. I don’t wish them penniless & destitute, just outer for their actions to the point the shut up & all walk off stage and never come back!
    I hope BH is fun and not all the fighting we see one the clip. I think Kim’s dress overwhelms her. She’s so tiny and needs to be in something closer to her body. And in the right size.
    Have a good day everyone!

    • I’m glad to see Kyle standing up for Kim, but the screaming makes it look like the season will be over the edge. Taylor looked awful.

      • kit9 says:

        I never got the whole Kim is poor little defenseless lamb impression that many had. Kim more than holds her own with anyone in the nasty in your face dept.

    • Jezzibel says:

      I doubt that the brunettes will ever be penniless or destitue, they just won’t have the level of success at branding and marketing themselves after RHNYC is over that the Blondes will have. I see the Brunettes peddling their stuff on local public access channels rather then on HSN, QVC, Food & Wine Magazine.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I don’t believe that will ever happen. The brunettes deny all wrongdoing. There is video evidence of Kelly saying thoses things about Sonja’s house and she still denies saying them! You can reason with the unreasonable. The best thing the blondes could do would be to laugh at them. Out loud and in their faces every thime they pull their BS.

      • sue says:

        Agreed, but I think Andy, or anyone calling Kelly out, and NO matter how long it takes, should make Kelly answer the questions ask of her, and not just let her do “her thing” and act like she doesnt understand. It really pisses me off when they all just “let her be Kelly”….If she wants to “dump” on everyone, then she should be responsible for picking up her own S*^T!!!!

        • happygal says:

          I so agree- I wish they would do that with all of them- That is why we all are so frustrated- there is never any ownership by the 4 witches

    • Sam says:

      Well, you’re a better person than I am in regard to your brunette wishes, because I’ve been hoping that Zarin Fabrics goes broke. Losing money is the only thing that will take Jill down a few pegs. (Although I don’t believe she’ll ever learn true humility.)

  11. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Happy Birthday, TEB & Zoekayla!!!

  12. “If Simon and Mario were dangerous, threatening or in any way a liability to Bravo, action would have been taking by the production company or by Bravo.” LOLOLOL

    While I doubt Simon and Mario did anything more than talk loudly to JZ, there ARE some dangerous and threatening folks that Bravo and Andy encourage – Tree. Kelly, and NeNe come to mind.

  13. Amy Matheson says:

    That Brandi Glanville and Camille Grammer look so much alike it’s crazy. And I have said before that Adrian Malouf and one of those Miami housewives (Marisol maybe??) look separated at birth.

    It more and more evident that depending on your bone structure, cosmetic surgery turns these women into clones of each other.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      ITA on Marisol and AdrIanne. So many of the women in L.A., O.C.,
      and Miami are doing themselves and their individuality a disservice. Over-doing it leaves them with scary mask faces and bodies like skeletons with grapefruit halves (or worse) inflatables affixed to boney ribs. Truly disturbing that women and men have been sold on that creepy look as sexy IMO. Love women who learn to maximize and show off to it’s best advantage their natural beauty. I am a photographer and most anyone natural seems more lovely to me as long as they are radiating from inside a genuine happiness. Leaving soap box and hope I have not offends anyone because choice is a beautiful thing.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Cybil Sheppard famously avoided having plastic surgery for years. She said she wasn’t ruling it out, I hope she never did. She always looked beautiful to me and even though she had obviously aged she looked like herself. What good is it to look younger but like a different person?Jennifer Gray for example looked so much better pre surgery. She hadn’t intended to change her looks so much and it hurt her career.

        • Jezzibel says:

          I think Michelle Pfifer is another one that has left her looks alone, and if she has had work done its subtle and age appropriate which IMHO is how it should be. I think if your going to do botox, liquid face lift..etc it should be done as just cosmetic maintenance to make you look good for the age your at, not a sad attempt to look like how you did as a fresh faced teenager when your 50.

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill is one of those women who hurts others by rumor and innuendo – once she says it she has others talking about it – damage is done and no proof is necessary. It doesn’t have to be true – just hurtfully scandelously delicious enough to spread. She lets herself off the hook (doesn’t own it) by saying she heard it from (fill in the blank). Funny part – those women she most wants to be “friends” with steer clear of gossip mongering shrews like that….

    • AZ Girl says:

      Well said.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I know right. It just ticks me off how Jill blurts out lies and says she heard it in her circle thats how rumors start once its out there you cant take it back and that exactly what she wants.

  15. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks for the blog Lynn. Jill likes to hurt others and she absolves her behavior by claiming she heard a rumor from a friend. Mario is a cheater and Ramona is a drunk is now Jill’s mantra. Just so high school. Ramona obviously is fighting back and the AA comment has to be true. Ramona does not lie like Jill. I commend you on not judging Jill if she is, in fact, a recovering alcoholic.
    Personally I think Jill is burning a lot of bridges lately. She is already trying to contact BH housewives through twitter.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Maybe her close friendship with Kathy Hilton will bring BH’s Kyle and Kim into that faaayybbulous circle she runs with. I bet they are sooo excited about that such an amazing opportunity!

  16. cdnfillie58 says:

    I found it interesting the gowns each BH ladies chose to wear…there’s the 4 Long pastel coloured ones worn by Lisa, Taylor, Kim and Adrienne, the odd Black one worn by Kyle and the SHORT taupe coloured worn by Camille…I’m thinking these two are going to be the prominent ones again this season..can’t wait.
    By the by, being Canadian and all, this is how I spell “coloured” and not “colored” .. but then who cares as long as it sounds like 😛

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I heard Kim and Camille are friendly this season and that Brandi and Camille go after each other. Yeah… I agree, I think that black gown is odd. Looks like they made Kim wear it so that Giggy would be able to be seen in the background.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      There is no coordination in that shot and it almost looks like “teams” (pastels vs bolds). Kyle’s gown is dramatic and the perfect place for Giggy to sit and be noticed.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I sat looking at that photo longer than I should have this morning (should have been heading to work), and was wondering why it was styled as it is. I’m sure the photographer positioned them, perhaps advised by the producers who know how the show will go.

        However Kyle’s dress was chosen, it does stand out as different. If she’d been standing, her skirt would have been a black blob with her top floating over it. By having her sit and spread her skirt, it’s a horizontal line across more or less the bottom of the photo. I think it functions like a frame. And of course the ideal spot to put Giggy. Who, by the way, is now independent of Lisa. Last season he was carried a lot, but in this photo he stands on his own.

        Camille is also not standing. If she were standing, her legs would be less obvious. She’s seated with her legs extended, one leg balanced on the point of her heel, so we really notice her legs. She’s also leaned back, so we see her boobs better.

        Oh, and look closely at Kyle’s top. It looks strapless, but there’s a sheer part that goes up to her neck. She is rather conservative in dress, but conservative in an odd way. Interesting choice.

        The photo appears to be taken in Lisa’s house — silver railings.

        Perhaps I’ve spent WAY too long analyzing this photo! 😀

        • MaryE says:

          Part of this is because Camille and Taylor have great legs…and Kyle is beautiful, yes, but cannot get away with form fitting oufits, and doesn’t have the hips and thighs of a 16 yr old like Taylor. (one child v. how many for Kyle?)

    • cdninvegas says:

      And being a Canadian myself, I didn’t even notice the “typo”. 🙂

  17. Chertin says:

    So is it really the consensus around here that Camille is smart?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      maybe cunning is a more apt term.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      I do not think of her as smart. I do think she sees herself as smart because she is cunning.

      • Chertin says:

        I think she sees herself as smart because what she lacks in self-awareness, she compensates for in self-worth.

        • Rose Colored Glasses says:

          Is she a role model?

          • Chertin says:

            For whom?

            • Rose Colored Glasses says:

              Anyone? Her cihildren?

              • Chertin says:

                I’d certainly hope not!

                • blondieDana says:

                  Why not? I thought she handled a terrible situation pretty well. Kelso pushed for her to be asked on the show, then pushed her into saying yes, knowing full well that he was going to be in New York while they were filming leaving him free to do whatever he wanted. She fell into the first season hole of not knowing just how you come off on TV, just like Silex in NY. She also went with him to the Emmy’s with him just to keep up his image. I’m sure part of that was hoping that he would change his mind. And then for him to actually think a great custody arrangement would be for one child to live with him and one with her was ridiculous. I’m glad she didn’t have a pre-nup, and I predict we will see a toned down Camille this time. But not too much, I hope. I like her just fine the way she is. Kyle makes me gag.

                  • Di says:

                    I personally don’t think Kelsey pushed for her to be on the show. I think Camille does exactly what she wants. She is very cunning.

    • blondieDana says:

      I have to say, Camille is my favorite HW of all the shows. I think she is beautiful, plus I think she is very smart and knows how to use those 2 traits to her full advantage. She always seems like she is a thinking a few moves ahead of everyone else. I think that Kelso was an idiot and she’s better off without him. And for the record, I know that not everyone loves her like I do, I take a lot of heat from my friends, lol. But I just tell them to stop throwing those slings and arrows at me, I heart Camille and I always will!

    • klmh says:

      Academically, I don’t know, but smart and successful, yes. She also learns from her mistakes, unlike JZ or so many of the other housewives.

      • Chertin says:

        I won’t argue with successful. In the field of trophy wifedom, Kesley Grammar is a great catch. Has she learned from any mistakes, though? I honestly haven’t followed her since the conclusion of the season so I have no idea what she’s been up to.

      • i do believe she has learned from her mistakes as per the reunion but do we actually KNOW that yet? the 2nd season hasn’t even started. how much she has learned remains to be seen. i certainly don’t hate Camille like Taylor or the brunettes, but i can’t say i like her either. she did come across has very pompous the 1st season and certainly a bit to cunning for my “love.”

  18. Rose Colored Glasses says:

    Lynn, that is a stellar blog today! Kudos on your thoughtfulness and coverage.

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill is tweetering the BH housewives….she so wants to be noticed by ANYONE.
    Ironically, Bethenny would be accepted by the BH crew but not the fabric peddler’s fugly wife.

    • Causing_A_Casino says:

      Remember- Bethenny and Kyle are good and long time friends. There’s no way Kyle would let JZ get anywhere near the BH ladies.

  20. Error404 says:

    Some interesting things that rhbh brought up here last season IMHO:
    1. Almost every single one of us has been touched by alcoholism, in various degrees of proximity (self, parent, sibling, inlaw, etc…)
    2. We each have a unique story to tell.. There is no ONE way to be an alcoholic.

    These are the reason why I think Jill is a recovering alcoholic:
    – refusal to drink even so much as a sip of champagne for a toast. Booze has not ever once passed her lips in 4 years of filming.
    – her addiction to diet coke is almost as crazy as ramona’s need for Pinot. Kelly for example is ok with standing around at parties with no glass in her hand, but Jill is always cradeling a drink at parties.
    – she throws out “alcoholic” like an insult at everyone when she’s really mad at them. It seems to infuriate her that her enemies drink heavily.
    – She didn’t speak to her sister for years but won’t talk about why.
    – She has a very inflated ego and sense of accomplishment, like she’s been thru something really hard and come out successful. Like quitting drinking. Both her and Lisa make vague references to her not so wonderful past life and how she’s come thru better and just look at how wonderful her life is now.
    – she seems to almost idol worship her grease ball husband, doting on his words like they are gold. Perhaps he helped her thru it? Surrogate sponsor?
    – she never denied nor even responded to the allegation. How often have we seen the words “that’s a lie!” fly out of her mouth like a rocket launched. She even denies things we’ve all seen her do on camera. Funny time to get suddenly shy and tongue-tied.

    Jmho no proof. Just hunch.

    • MaryE says:

      Yes, I agree with all your comments. But as I posted earlier, many people in recovery have to face the damage they have done to others in the past in order to move forward as a clan and sober person. And this needs to be done on an ongoing basis in order to stay sober. In Jill, there is just no evidence here of remorse…

      • MAMAZ says:

        That’s the goal Mary E but not ever recovering addict is able to acheive that level of sef awareness.

      • Error404 says:

        I agree. But Jill did make amends with Lisa and Gloria and ally. She also is obsessed with the idea. The paper burning stint at alex’s, the talk with lulu in the park, the cold latkes, the way she is absolutely devastated by bethenny’s refusal to forgive her, the “heart in hand” arrival in st John, our girls loves a big showy “Mia culpa” jesture. She seems to love the idea if 12 stepping, if not the actual feelings and hard work involved.

        • Kelly says:

          Yes, our Jill does know how to put on a big show of contrition. Unfortunately, it’s all performance. She’s a snake, through and through.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Wasn’t she having champagne at the last dinner for Morocco? I seem to recall them all saying something about JIll having a drink with them. Also I remember her saying at her B-day party, “Ramona where is your wine, tonight I will drink your wine.” Don’t know if she had one though.

      • Chertin says:

        ^This. My recollection is that we’ve definitely seen her drink small amounts on isolated occasions on the show.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Or to hold as a prop to dissuade the rumors of her “alledged problem”. Jill searches the web for any talk about herself. Sadly, she can’t take back what she said or did on camera – which is why her “I’m afraid of Bethenny” is so pathetic! Jill a victim of Bethenny? LOL

    • happygal says:

      Interesting take on it…. I have worked with someone in the program and she mentioned there are people who are alcoholics but have decided not to go to meetings or work the program- they just know they cannot drink- She called it a “dry drunk” – so they are not drinking but have all of the issues tied to it and not doing the ” fixing or steps” that make the program successful. My son has been in the program and the meetings and working out the reasons and making amends are huge parts of cvoming to terms with the situation. I have no jdgement as to whether Jill has had this issue in her past or present- My issue is her universal behavior that is down right nasty- she really has very little redeeming qualities because even when she ” quote is helping others” – she keeps score
      which negates the assistance and good will.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I know someone like that. He quit drinking without AA or any type of program. But he didn’t do any other work on himself. He is still an ass, just an ass who doesn’t drink. He also counts every drink anyone else has. Seriously, he will actually tell you that X had so many beers, Y had so many glasses of wine. He pats himself on the back so much for quitting without help and makes fun of anyone who had to go to rehab or AA. He calls them weak. He’s worse sober than he was drunk. And he’s been sober for 20 years so some people can quit, stay sober and still be pompous douchbags.

        • Golden Girl says:

          I have a friend who does that, counts the drinks the rest of us girls have when we go out. I’m pretty sure its to make herself feel more superior.

        • cdninvegas says:

          Perhaps people like that are like former smokers – they become self-righteous and critical of anyone who smokes. BTW: When they were toasting in their caftans on the last night in Morocco, Jill said something like “I may even take a drink with you tonight” and everyone sounded really happy about that. But I never saw her take a sip. Also, I have a friend who is an alcoholic and went to rehab and stopped drinking alcohol. He does however drink about a case of Diet Coke every day.

      • Error404 says:

        I’d always been told that youre and alcoholic for life, drinking or not, and that recovery is a lifetime process.

        • Denise says:

          For one of my family members, he found that he needed to make a ‘radical recovery’ on his own, rather than the AA 12 step program, as he found that the meetings actually became an addiction in and of themselves.

          He’s a great guy, though–so much better sober, and not judgmental (when sober, anyway). He doesn’t count other people’s drinks at parties. 😉

          You gotta do what you gotta do for what works for YOU, and no one else.

          Great blog, btw–I love that while it’s tempting for all of us Jill haters here to point fingers, we sit back and let karma be the biotch that she is. 😀

    • Angela Cox says:

      I agree with you Error404…your comments are always very insightful….I have a SIL who is always accusing family members including me of being an alcoholic, only because she is a closet drinker…She never lets people just pop over unanounced for coffee, you have to make an appt. with her and my SIL never has any BF’s just acquaints..like Jill…Jill doesn’t let any one really in except B and maybe B knows about some of her past that is why she is so incessant to become friends again so B wont tell anyone…IDK just a thought….

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Didn’t Jill have a drink in Morroco the last night? I know she had a glass in her hand, because Alex made a big deal out of it to take a picture. What I don’t know is if she took a drink of it. It’s not as though that action could prove anything, as everyone has a potential to slip (if a recovering), or endulge at a special occassion (if she isn’t).

      • many people make the mistake of thinking they have it beat and trying to drink in moderation. i think in jill’s case in would be, if true, more so for appearances. Bethenny is too classy and smart to spill secrets like that, even of an ex friend… maybe especially of an ex friend. it really makes a person look petty and petty Bethenny is not.

  21. T-REX says:

    Just a side note to that article at Huffington about teh “blogger who shall not be named”, uh, very Harry Potter of him, anyway, just posting the new numbers on the poll attached to the articles:

    65.85 percent now stating stick a fork on this debaucle cause it’s done
    16.85 percent want them to start playing nice, if not they need to go
    Only 17.3 percent want the show to stay “as is” and I would bet of those IP addresses were available probably all of those voting for everyone staying is from the Jzilla minions.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If Bravo gets the ad revenue they want, then they will not change the cast. Why change what isn’t broken from their prospective? Viewers opinions are just that – revenue talks until ratings tank.

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Sadly so.

      • Sam says:

        And even when ratings tank, some networks still hang on to their Jills, because the head honchos can’t accept that what’s done is done. Case in point is Kate Gosselin. Her ratings have been in the toilet for a while now (at or below a million viewers), and even though a TLC exec once said that if her ratings got to below 1.5 they’d end “Kate Plus Eight” the show is still on. (However, it’s not listed on the fall schedule, so maybe they finally gave up on it and just haven’t made an official announcement to that effect.)

  22. Adgirl says:

    I have no clue whether Jill is an alcoholic or not. She certainly is not in “recovery”.
    When my ex “recovered” from an addiction he got a head full of new, positive thinking that was truly life altering.

    I do think Jill is an addict.
    She is addicted to controlling people and destroying anyone who disobeys her. She is addicted to her “fame” and calls attention to herself 24/7. She plainly goes through “highs” and the “jonesing” for her next hit, be it a hit of twitter-facebook puke, having a camera pointed at her or begging Sharon Osborne to be her instant bestest friend, Jill needs a “hit”. I think her search and detroy missions against the Singers & Van Kempens (and IHJZ) are classic addict behavior. She obssesses until she can strike.

    Very unhealthy thinking on her part. I’ll bet in a recovery group she would be selected as the Queen Baby.

    I do find poor Ally’s (alleged) situation interesting vis a vis Jill’s domineering behavior. But many college students with perfectly healthy families over drink and find themselves in the hospital.

    She is the ultimate stage mother with her plotting and manipulations for or against anyone in her path. Only she is both the stage mother and the starlette. There isn’t a person (Kelly, Bobby, Ally) she won’t destroy and climb over their body so she can be famous.

    • shiny14 says:

      I’m always impressed by everyone’s perceptions on this blog. Impossible to know whether we’re right or not, but the conclusions and ideas are always thought provoking, and the personal stories are heartfelt. Thank you for sharing.

      My guess on Jill was that her father or someone close was an alcoholic – close enough to make her hyper-aware and avoiding alcohol. But she’s never demonstrated the self-awareness that some of my friends who are recovering alcoholics in AA have so obviously now.

      I’m glad she hasn’t been drinking on the show: she’d be one hell of a mean drunk, I’d bet.

    • Angela Cox says:

      JIll probably thinks Ally could be the new Kardashians!!! lol

    • AF says:

      Great comments. Even though we don’t all agree about whether or not Jill is an alcoholic (recovering or no), I think most of us can agree that she is addicted to mean girl behavior. Extremely toxic mean girl behavior.

  23. LoriOkie says:

    Great blog as always, Lynn. Huffingtonpost article had “Jill’s grubby paws all over it.” LOVED the comments though.
    Has anyone seen this?
    “Real Housewives of New York”: Who Should Move Upstate?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If Jill was removed from the franchise then some interesting new alliances would take place. Kelly and Cindy would be the uptown hip chicks doing the b filler scenes. LuAnn would be kissing Sonja’s ass cheeks for a little screen time. Sonja and Ramona would be the dynamic duo but would include Alex as the goofy side kick.

      • Kelly says:

        This I would like to see. And some new blood, as well. Someone w/a personality, please.

      • Causing_A_Casino says:

        If Jill does return it will be the last season. She is systematically destroying RHONY. She was a major factor in B leaving and not coming back even for cameos. She created the whole nasty divide of blondes/brunettes created largely to discredit Ramona and cut out Alex. If Jill returns- she will finish her hatchet jobs and there will be nothing left.
        There are always petty arguments and conflicts- but the big, nasty, vile ones always include Jill.
        If she does not return then I think it will go back to being a better blend of conflict and fun. Luann will probably take (at least part of) that stick out of her ass. Kelly will derail on her own and the blondes will frolic like tipsy wood nymphs

      • sue says:

        If it would happen that way, I would def. watch again!

  24. Amy Matheson says:

    There is this great little greasemonkey application in firefox that allows me to block certain commenters from my blog view…. : )

    happy day

  25. BessiB says:

    I hate Jill Zarin.

    I also hate Andy Cohen.

    Have not read the blog yet, but I did just read a veeeerrry interesting case regarding :

    Taxpayers not entitled to deduct contributions to purported “family charity”
    Setty Gundanna and Prabhavathi Katta Viralam, (2011) 136 TC No. 8

    Oopsies. Bobby and Jill.

    • susanssnark says:

      I really liked Andy in the beginning….not so much anymore.
      Ok…not at ALL anymore. He has lost all credibility and only panders to the housewives that he perceives can help his career. Hate hate hate the way he treated Alex. It was disgusting. If he cannot stand Simon, and that is the reason, then treat Simon poorly. Alex has never done a single thing to him but be probably one of the more respectful ladies on the panel and she, as a season 1 vet, did NOT deserve the last spot on the sofa. I don’t know why this bugged me so much but it does. She should have been up on the end of the blondes next to Andy per her 3 season status. Or at the very least, directly next to Ramona. Now, I understand frick and frack needed to be near each other so fine, they can share the middle and the end if that is the case.
      I don’t like the direction he has taken this series at ALL. The entire season was nasty, mean-spirited and strayed from the original premise that made the show a success and I blame him 100% for it.

  26. cabbie413 says:

    Alex really looked ridiculous when she was panting during the reunion. She comes off as like ..a total geek who just doesnt fit in.

    is part two on tonight?

    • Chertin says:

      I agree she seems geeky/nerdy. Sometimes I get the impression that she approaches the on-air arguments like a kid on a debate team. I think *part* (though not all) of the reason that she is more readily criticized for “butting in” is that for whatever reason, she comes off as more purely argumentative and less organically, emotionally invested in these conflicts than some of the other women, notwithstanding her panting and hives. Some people pull off the sassy reality TV persona better than others. But to me, watching Alex try to play this role makes for fascinating TV and, out of all the current cast members, I think she’s the smartest.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I like Alex too, and yeah… she just comes off like the poor kid who keeps getting kicked out at the lunch table but would happy tape together her glasses and get extra milks if asked by any of the cool kids. Those mean girls do act like they are in high school, and Alex also plays her role. Next time Luann brow beats her and then asks her to come watch her fake sing to her fake lover or a fake yacht, Alex should say “FU@k NO!” But she never would.

      Silex is quirky, no doubt. This makes it hard for some to understand that Alex is the only one in that cast (other than Sonja at times) who is consistently kind and intelligent.

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Kind of like martial arts the way the brunettes are using Alex’s strengths to her own disadvantage. One of the things that establishes who will be the alpha mean girl in high school circles is that she is the one who has been shaped by her experiences to attack in a never ending way and is able to rally the loyalty of the other mean girls by showing them how to annihilate a chosen target en mass ( where is spell correct when you need it? En masse?)
        Alex knows what they are and what they are doing but isn’t effective at using the same sort of martial arts strategy and her mortal flaw is that her laugh is more like panting so that the ultimate card hd by all who are bullied… HUMOR is ineffective. I think this is a part of why Andy seems to be dismissive of Alex because the weenie in him can’t bear to support her geek.

        • shiny14 says:

          I’ve always liked Alex, even first season when she came off a bit shallow and wanting to social climb. Her blogs were articulate and that revealed more about who she was than what I saw in the show. I’m a nerd and have to be proud of it (because if I pretended to be something else, I’d just seem really weird instead).

          So I guess I like her in part because I identify with Alex and her need to say things, to try to be clear and yet not always get the point across, and to want to be part of a group yet know you’re still outside it usually.

          Oh dear, that made me sound a little pathetic – I promise I’m quite happy and reasonably normal even 🙂

          • Golden Girl says:

            I really like Alex, but the scene where she was panting/laughing was kinda embarrassing. Thank God i’m not on TV I would die seeing some of the stuff I do without knowing it lol.

            • shiny14 says:

              I was on a committee for a few years with televised meetings – I couldn’t watch myself because I saw how fidgety I was – which probably made me even more fidgety. And my face showed every thought – so much for my poker career. I would NEVER choose to be on TV,

      • MaryE says:

        Yes, Alex is too boring also…imagine 6 Alex’s on the show???

      • Error404 says:

        I know what you mean, but in this particular case, it wasn’t lulu’s fake party, it was the season wrap and bravo “forced her to go” ala Kiki and st John. I mean, a response of see you next Tuesday to a vidio invite is one thing, but telling your boss your ditching the office party because you cant stna shout co worker is another. No one as attention obsessed as Alex would miss the final wrap party.

        • Amy Matheson says:

          She acted a little too delighted and fawning over getting the invite, especially as everyone was invited.

          A simple, “thank you we’ll be there. I need to get back to my dinner party now” would’ve made her less like the unpopular girl who’s thrilled to be asked to be on the homecoming punch serving committee and attend the queen, Even the way she excused herself from Ramona’s table stammering “I’m sorry I am SO sorry, please I am sorry I HAVE to take this” was ridiculous.

          LOL… did I mention I really like Alex? I do.

    • BessiB says:

      Alex IS a total geek. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I like geeks.
      Furthurmore, she is Charlie Brown to Jill’s Lucy. She just never learns. But Bless her Heart, anyway.

    • Kelly says:

      I love Alex, in large part because she wears her flaws w/humility and actual class. I would invite this woman into my life any day and would never in a million years allow Jill Zarin anywhere near myself or anyone I cared about.

  27. kitkat says:

    On a side note…I think Kelly went after Sonja’s hygiene/house being dirty for retribution after Sonja kept saying she smelled like cat pee on scary island. Kelly seemed like she REALLY wanted to say that, she was really clear and repeated it a couple times…

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I am shocked Cuckoodoodle remembers anything from Scary Island.

      ahhhh…. reruns!

      • BessiB says:

        She probably doesn’t. But she has watched, and re-watched the eps. I think that is why we hear her repeating, over and over, things that Bethenny or other cast members have already said. Then she probable does not remember where she had heard what comes out of her mouth, or she would know what a parroting fool she is.

    • Chertin says:

      Kelly is so easy to loathe. Her batshit baseless comments and totally unfounded self-assurance grate like no other. Worse than JZ IMO. Less malice, but more overconfidence, inanity and stupidity. Also, she presents her mindless babble in this tone of voice that conveys to the listener: “I take myself really seriously and actually believe I am conveying an important insight right now.” STFU, seriously.

      • kitkat says:

        I know! Like that time she was talking to Jill and Luann, totally seriously and said, “You guys know what happened to the messenger, right? He gets killed.” Like she was revealing this wise, deep idea, not spouting off some tired, old cliche. KELLY, YOU’R NOT IMPRESSING ANYONE.

        • Chertin says:

          One possibility I’ve entertained is that Kelly spent many of her formative years watching men be “impressed” with every banality she uttered, and this impacted her unfavorably.

        • Error404 says:

          Kiki studied the classics when she went to Columbia university, south campus down in Bogota, so she knows the famous story of the greek messenger who ran 26 miles to Athens and was then killed. Or was he not killed. Anyway, it’s a great book even if they call the author a homo.

          • Chertin says:

            Ha! Bogota would be more respectable than the School of General Studies.

            • Lollipop165 says:

              Hey, I don’t diss Yale because George W. Bush went there.

              /got my MS in Strat Comm and Marketing at the CU School of General Studies

              • Chertin says:

                Yeah, but do you go around bragging about your purported Ivy League credential? General Studies is fine, but it’s not COLUMBIA Columbia — a fact Kelly does not seem to realize.

                • Lollipop165 says:

                  Um, my degree says I graduated from Columbia.

                  So you are saying if you didn’t go to the Law School, Medical School, or School of Business you didn’t graduate from COLUMBIA Columbia? I’d sure like to let all my friends who graduated from the Columbia Teacher’s College, Nursing School, School of Journalism, Union Theological Seminary, or School of Social Work that!! They obviously wasted their time and energy there!

                  • Chertin says:

                    No, the other ones are valid, although usually you follow “Columbia” with “…Teacher’s College,” etc. But, sorry: saying “I went to Columbia” in a self-aggrandizing fashion (a la Kelly) is something that even real Columbia grads ought not do, and General Studies grads *definitely* have no business doing. This is similar to Tyra Banks bragging about having attended HBS when, really, she did a three-week certificate program.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Let’s think a minute – Jill hasn’t had a one on one with Sonja at her home? LuAnn and Kelly had breakfast there. Cindy has been chastised there. Do we really think that the excluded turd would not mine every morsel of those visits and have a nasty comment or two? Jill is very adept at putting words in Kelly’s mouth and firing that weapon.

      • Denise says:

        Great point! I can actually see Jill picking Kelly’s brain (slim pickin’s), and asking how the house was kept up, already knowing that Sonja may have had to let go of some of the help, and everything blew up from there.

    • TLM says:

      KitKat – EXCELLENT pickup on that one. I think you’re onto something. Otherwise it made no sense for Kookadoodle to attack Sonja. Sonja was the only one who stood by her in St. John. But logic and Kelly are pretty much like gummy bears and broccoli.

      • kitkat says:

        Thanks TLM! I think Kelly is psychotically vindictive and holds onto grudges forever. To this day, her hatred of Bethanny began when Bethanny had the NERVE to call her out in front of everybody at Jill’s charity meeting. “Evidently, Madonna.” She is extremely used to people kissing her ass and can’t take someone standing up to her, sometimes she even punches them in the face.

  28. Causing_A_Casino says:

    Curious- with all the accusations and allegations some of these “ladies” make, I am surprised no one has threatend a lawsuit for libel, slander etc… Particularly when comments are made that can hurt someone’s livelihood. Is there something in their contracts that prevents them from suing each other ( I know the contract forbids holding Bravo accountable)

    • Amy Matheson says:

      I have heard (mostly just on here) that their Bravo contracts protect/prohibit them from legal action from/against the others.

    • Chertin says:

      >Is there something in their contracts that prevents them from suing each other

      Definitely would not rule out this possibility. Otherwise, with all the vicious spats we’ve seen among cast members of various reality TV shows, wouldn’t there have been a lawsuit by now?

      This release signed by people who appear on MTV’s Real World contains a clause waiving not only claims against producers but, additionally, claims against “invitees, participants, cast members,” etc:


  29. FlowerPower says:

    Fantastic blog, Lynn! So excited for BH to come back. I really enjoyed them and I hope the second season isn’t horrible. I desperately want to like one of these franchises again!! I’ve given up on NY (here that, Zarin, we’re done! DONE!) Deleted the reunion without watching after reading all the posts here and won’t bother taping part two. These are not women I want to invite into my home.

    Andy Cohen is just as bad. He’s always rubbed me the wrong way (though, to be fair, I don’t think there exists a RIGHT way Andy Cohen could rub me. Yuck.)

    Is there any word on Miami? I thought they were amusing too.

  30. The previews look like the brunette do some systematic bullying in the form of “humor”. Foot rubs and other mock actions that the blonds did during the season. All plannd out as was their constant jabbing at Alex.

    Shamefully classLESS behavior. But a regular part of the brunettes’ MO.

    • Golden Girl says:

      It is so childish and rude I would have walked out of the reunion until they could at least behave like adults.

      • TLM says:

        It looks like Jill, Countless and Cuckoo at some point pretend to be meditating and tuning out everyone else. Looks pretty orchestrated and childish.

    • plainviewsue says:

      What I am hoping for is when Jill and Kelly imitate the foot rub, Ramona says something to the effect of “at least I have romance and love in my marriage.” Kelly comes off frigid and Jill only does the deed for jewels. No wonder Bobby has a collection of Playboys!

      Let’s face it. Jill married a father figure. Bobby is 15 years older then her, she depends on him for everything and he takes care of like a father would take care of his whining dependent teenage daughter. There is a lot to that marriage I’m sure we don’t know about.

      • AF says:

        “She depends on him for everything…” Absolutely. I love that almost every time she’s had conflict with someone on the show, Jill always has to call Bobby, get Bobby. Two examples: First, the Gotham party in season 3 where Bethenny announced she was engaged. Jill couldn’t just go up to Bethenny on her own and offer her congratulations. No, she had to get Bawby to hold her hand and go with her (though, I guess it’s because she’s sooooo terrified of Bethenny….).

        Second, this season, after Ramona’s Pinot Party, when Jill’s in the car sobbing to LuAnn. After she’s done opining about what a bitch Ramona is, Jill immediately calls beloved Bobby. Why? LuAnn was a perfectly fine person to complain to – why bring the husband into the picture? Oh yeah – dependency.

        For someone who has spend endless time speaking ill of Alex and Simon’s “weird” relationship, it’s funny to me how Jill is incapable of seeing how strange her own marriage comes across to many people.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Ramona should’ve replied “Yeah Jill, you just rub Baawwbby’s wallet, and who else would want to see Baawwby with his shirt off?!”

  31. Amy Matheson says:

    MAMA Z – I made that ganache with your recipe for my SIL’s bday cake. I bow to you. 🙂 Thank you again!

    • MAMAZ says:

      Did I give you a ganache recipe? I don’t remember that. lol
      Glad it was good. 🙂

      • mich_in_mich says:

        Could you re-post it please? And if anyone has a caramel frosting recipe I love it too thanks 🙂

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Um, that was me. Glad it worked out well for you! Here is what has worked for me:

          Ordinary Ganache is 1:1 (ex. 16 fl oz heavy cream to 16 oz chocolate)
          Rich Ganache is 1: 1.5 (16 fl oz heavy cream to 24 oz chocolate )
          Truffle Ganache is 1:2 (16 fl oz heavy cream to 32 oz chocolate)

          I melt the chocolate in a double boiler and add the the cream in small amounts at a time, making sure everything is throughly combined. It also helps to warm the cream before trying to add to the chocolate. I zap the cream in the microwave until it’s warm. You could also probably add a little bit of extract without changing the consistency, although I have not tried that yet.

          Hope that helps mich_in_mich!

  32. Golden Girl says:

    Thanks again to everyone who wrote the blogs for today, I know it take a lot of time and a big effort so Kadoooz to you all! 🙂

  33. WindyCityWondering says:

    Question: On Flipping Out – does it look like Chas had some “refreshing” work done? He looks good.

  34. kbinldo says:

    I realize this is way OT, but it’s something near & dear to my heart. In 2009, I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain (started in France) around the time that Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez were filming their movie “The Way.” (I did because it was something I always wanted to do & especially since I almost died in 2008) It is finally going to be released in the US this October. Here is the website, with the trailer. It’s such a special experience that I wanted to share it with y’all & I hope you can go check out the movie when it comes to your town: http://theway-themovie.com/

    • Golden Girl says:

      Wow that looks like it would give anyone who walks it some healing. What was the experience like for you if you don’t mind me asking? I am glad that you over came your near death experience 2008. I will defiantly watch that movie it looks good.

      • kbinldo says:

        Learned a lot about myself, not all of it good 😉 . But most importantly, learned that I was a lot stronger physically, mentally, emotionally than I thought I ever was. What was amazing was watching people from all countries, cultures, & languages all getting along. It was a trip having conversations at dinner in 6 or 7 different languages, with most people maybe sort of fluent in 1 or 2, but everyone understanding what was being said!

        • Dame Rhetorica says:

          kbindlo, I’m so glad you had the opportunity! But more glad you’re here and see yourself as strong!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Wow, that movie looks great! I’m glad you’re here.

  35. Cusi77 says:

    Good Morning everyone! Thank you Lynn and BB for the Blogs!

    I am confused, the second part of RHONY Reunion will be tonight?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      My comcast guide suggests that we will see reunion part 1 again, followed by WWHL with Ramona and Denise Richards.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        The second part is on Monday, I believe. That’s why Jill is asking who’s the guest on Monday so she can weasel herself in there to have the last word.

  36. I've Been Watching says:

    What I want to know is where are all of the past victims??? I’ve seen people who know the Giudices comment on the site and we know for a fact almost anyone who gives a crap about hws has been on this site especially since Bawby’s shoutout.

    So where are you? Why are you staying silent?
    You know things about Jill Zarin that would curl our toes.

    Sharing is caring 🙂

    • BessiB says:


    • LOLing says:

      People who REALLY know these people keep their mouths shut. It’s the degrees of seperation that blab the most b/c they have nothing to lose! I have a bizarre connection to RHNJ (Guidice/Gorga), which is some degrees away and I hear stuff. None of it is unique or earth shattering or that I didn’t already read, maybe just expanding or explaining a little.

      But, the people who hold Jill’s secrets are few and far between I am sure. Like most people she probably only shares the deepest and darkest w/ a few. So, it’s pretty easy to track down the source of the info. It’s very possible that some people she hurt are still in her life and don’t want to get cut out. They don’t want social ramifications, they use Jill for what her “celebrity” can provide or they just don’t want to feel her wrath.

      I’m sure Bethenney knows ALOT of good stuff about Jill, but she will never tell b/c it will make her look bad too and she doesn’t need that.

    • FlowerPower says:

      “Sharing is caring” LOL

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Wickedly ROFL

    • Error404 says:

      Um… Were you not around when wsl went into cyber hiding and then was bashed by Jill in the press as a stalker. Jill will spend her entire life trying to ruins yours if she gets a bee in her bonnet. She has no life, and ruining yours IS her hobby.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        never were truer words written.

        You get it error404- you really get it

      • Chertin says:

        ROFL…I originally read “bonnet” as “botnet”…god help us if Jill develops hax0ring capabilities.

      • Kris says:

        oOo who is WSL? my overworked noodle is too lazy to try and figure it out, lol. Yes, you are so right, we saw her try and do it to Bethenny and that was on camera, can you imagine the damage she does when the camera isn’t rolling and she doesn’t have her stupid clique to back her up.

  37. LOLing says:

    What’s funny about reality shows is that they never “break the 3rd (or is it 4th?) wall”. As far as Ramonas Kodak comment goes…no one from Kodak would know she said that until the episode aired on TV. So really, if Jill lost the contract (which I am not sure is even true, who knows) her beef shouldn’t be with Ramona it should be with Bravo or Shed Media (or Siren? I forget which does which) for airing it.

    Also, Andy Cohen (or some low paid Bravo Intern) if you are reading this I have a suggestion for you. After the seasons of these shows end, instead of a lame-o lost footage ep, air an episode actually telling us what we want to know. I get why you don’t, but you should! Andy can host it and discuss who said or did what to who or who accused who of what and BACK IT UP WITH FILM! Like the whole Kathy saved the children thing on NJ, if it’s on film, show it! Call it a truth episode or something! I’d rather watch that then a reunion.

    • TLM says:

      Exactly – instead of “Watch What Happens”, a “Watch What Really Happened” episode.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      I so agree with you on the truth episode. I made a comment some time ago that I wanted to see a producers cut of these shows. I want to see what really went down, and where and how.

      I have this little theory that Bravo intentionally aired footage of the hate blog to make these series seem more interactive (if you know what I mean). With twitter, facebook, the blogs, etc we seem to have contact with the housewives(and we know Bravo reads some of this if nothing else for research), now we have been acknowledged. It seem logical to me that the next step would be to answer the “hot” questions. I know I would watch it.

      • LOLing says:

        I think that Bravo does not air the “truth” b/c us not knowing the truth makes the tension on the show more palpable. It keeps you guessing. NJ is famous for this. Like, for example, what if we see that Kathy didn’t save Teresa’s kids? What if we see that Lysa DID pull Teresa’s MIL’s hair? What if Joe Guidice actually didn’ charge Joe Gorga? What if Teresa said a lot more to her brother at the christening? Knowing the truth would change the whole trajectory of the story and change what we think about the players in the story. That’s why I don’t think they’ll ever do a “Watch What Really Happened” show.

        I know exactly what you mean about making it more interactive, the viewers of these shows are really the “extra housewife”!

        I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish they would do one though. People would LOVE it!

        • mich_in_mich says:

          Wasn’t there some overlap during RHDC because of the crashing the state dinner scandal? I could be remembering wrong, but wasn’t some of the Bravo film footage called in as evidence during the hearing? But this is a common ploy of Bravo’s. They did it during RHBH the whole Kyle vs. Camille she said/she said and Taylor saying Kim didn’t have her sister’s back debate. Several viewers requested Andy show the footage of what really happened but Andy “claimed” that exchange happened off camera. hmmmm

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          I think they will do something along these lines when the ratings go down, use it to pull the viewers back. Think about they have endless hours of film so very little cost to them and we (the viewer) have our favorites: series, housewife, situation, etc. It would intrigue me enough to watch it again, and again, and wait I already do that. :0

          • MAMAZ says:

            Kodak would have had a company rep at the party. Without question. That’s how it works. I used to work for an event planner and was involved in many of these coroprate gigs. And Ramona was very rude, also no question about it, but as someone above suggested if JZ had responded with knowledge and authority it would have been a non issue. I don’t think there was ever a deal with Kodak beyond the party.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      “What’s funny about reality shows is that they never “break the 3rd (or is it 4th?) wall”

      That is true LOLing. The only time I noticed anyone breaking this rule was when Lulu was fake explaining to her sweet handsome son, Noel, how he had to fake hear that it was first time that she was telling him that he needed to go upstairs and escort Natalie Cole who would fake pretend to be excited to sing with his fake mom.

      That poor kid looked like he wanted to get the hell out of there and didn’t know where to look. When your own kid looks so uncomfortable (not in front of the camera, but just in front of you… that he looks to the camera for assurance because he’s not used to get it from you, Lulu) that is pretty un-classy.

      I wanna adopt Noel.

      • Amy Matheson says:

        I rarely explain my errors because I have different standards for a non-editable comment blog, but “fake pretend” made me LOL (nay, guffaw) at myself in an unclassy, mannerless way.

    • BessiB says:

      Andy Cohen, if you are reading this, your are an asshole.

  38. WindyCityWondering says:

    Well I don’t care if Jill is an alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic or someone who just doesn’t choose to drink alcohol. She is mean and she plans her attacks to inflict maximum damage. She ruined my favorite HW franchise and for that she can never be excused.

  39. happygal says:

    Lynn- You have been putting out great columns- loving all of the contributions from our group- recapping the shows and also posting all of the added links for us to see- Thank you so much-
    OT- I have a theory, there is another reason the Brunettes dislike the Blondes. The Blondes seem to be comfortable in their own skin, they are playful, and they are sexual people. When I say that, I mean they are people who enjoy the natural easy experience of relations with their partners. It is not really forced (yes, the staged scenes after Morocco may have been a little too much) but they were actions that these women would do even without the camera with their partners. We have seen the blondes over the last seasons all interact with their partners and there has always been an indication of real affection and natural closeness. Mario is at Ramona’s side- hand in the small of her back, knowing how over the top she is and he gets it… allowing her to be who she is and with the family unit, terrific interaction. Alex and Simon owned how they met; they are comfortable with the affection, participate together in the kitchen with little touches and plays and are united in their rearing of the children. Whether they are everyone’s cup of tea- not always – but together they are a unit- strong in their belief in each other, strong during the attacks made to their livelihood and strong in the way they love their boys. Sonja came onto the scene with a bang and even called out the girls during the season 3 reunion about sex and her “not being dead yet.” She maybe a little out there for some, but She owns her behavior- good and bad; at the end of the day is playful, the butt of her own jokes and loves loving and socializing. These three women seem to be more physical – exercising and in tune with their bodies in a way they are comfortable – I am not talking about all of the beauty procedures that are done- that is a whole other subject.
    The Brunettes seem not be as comfortable in their skin. Watch how each of them kiss their partners… they do that grandma closed tight peck- Lumann pulls away from this new love of her life every time he kisses her or even hold her close. In Season 3, Lumann kissed some other guy on screen, she seemed startled by his kiss, as sloppy as it was it was what people do, and she had this look on her face of what? Even with her children she is distant in the physical touching of them. Kelly is another one- she acts like she is 13- doesn’t understand how the human body is beautiful in all of its glory and says she is hurt and offended by a quick, possible glance at a woman’s privates- Really-she was a model, posed for Playboy and she has issues with partial nudity, Really- she runs down highways and in culturally conservative countries in tiny boy shorts and workout bra- she poses for stop and repeats and magazines in bathing suits cut so high, they show her lady parts- and she has issues with Sonja? Really???? Jill – what to say about her- when she is with Bobby- she has more of the Papa/daughter relationship… can we do this Bobby, well if Bobby says so, and then their relationship is sex as a reward- ew….. buy me, do for me and then maybe you will get some Bobby- oh that purse Bobby- oh that watch Bobby- well you just might get lucky tonight Bobby, hmmmmmm- Cindy- she is useless and so uptight she really does need to get some….. which brings me back to the concept- The Brunettes are jealous of the lives of the Blondes- they have warmth, caring, love and physicality that they just will never have… and that is why I think they attack them on that subject- My little theory… it mine and I’m sticking to it 

    • BessiB says:

      And, the blonds just really do not care what the Brunette’s think of them. This makes the Brunettes insane.
      Your spec about Alex brings me to another spec about Jills long held grudge and her campaign against her. Alex’s comfort in her skin and openness to others is so inate, that even Bethenny, who was initially NOT a fan, naturally opened up to Alex – starting with her issues with Jason #1, got the good vibe, then as Alex grew on her, she changes her mind. People like Jill see their BFF’s accumulation of new friends as a threat. Ramona did the same thing when Alex and Simon started to grow on her.

      • Rose Colored Glasses says:

        Wise words.

      • Happygal says:

        Exactly, Alex is nerdy but sincere – so she would be hnest in how she would want to help B, each time- her sweetness when hearing about B’s pregnancy, giving the jeans was just natual- no agenda. When B asked to tell Jillzy she was done- I think B wasn’t necessarily going for that big situation of confrontation that Alex got worked into- Alex’s first intention was just to tell the message- But because – NO ONE allows any one to just speak – she got sucked into that Big announcement- causing more harrassment for her in the future from all of the witches.

    • shiny14 says:

      Happygal – you’re onto something there – real difference in “up-tightness” on those two teams.

      • Happygal says:

        Thanks, It really is apparent… they are just so unhappy and uncomfortable about themselves.

    • Kelly says:

      Jill attacks others who she envies and attempts to destroy what she can’t have.

  40. TLM says:

    Season 2 of Beverly Hills…oh God…MUST we??

    Camille looks beyond awkward in that PR photo, Kyle & Adrienne’s dresses look like hell, I didn’t even recognize Taylor, and I was wondering if she might have had her lips redone. Lisa looks to me like she’s wearing a nightgown. Alcoholic or not, I have to say, Kim Richards in my opinion rocks when it comes to wardrobe. Every dress I’ve seen on her fits her impeccably and is sexy while never looking slutty. I even liked the form-fitting dress she wore to the dinner at that palatial estate last year, where she was introduced to Martin. I’m glad Kim has found a new love, and I really hope she is in a good place.

    As for the others, I love Kyle but I don’t think I can listen to another season of Camille’s arrogant kvetching, Taylor crying, Adrienne sneering at her husband, or DiDi wiping Camille’s ass long enough to get to scenes with Kyle/Mauricio in them. And if they brought back Camille’s F-buddy Nick, I would vomit. I also was never in love with Lisa like most of the other fans are. I would really like to see a show just focusing on the Richards sisters as the central people.

    • Kukulet says:

      I agree with you completely about Kim’s wardrobe. My own favorite was the beautiful white silk tunic top with the turquoise stone and silver embellishment that she wore in several of the talking head interviews last season. That was really gorgeous, too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Funny picture – it looks like three got invited to a slumber party and the other three didn’t. The Maloof looks like she just flew in from Vegas. Kyle’s dress is eye catching and Giggy looks perfect on it. Camille is showing what looking hot is all about.

    • Error404 says:

      Ha! I was going to say rhbh did focus on just the Richards sisters, but then I realized that it was just me ignoring the other dull nonsense until they get around to the real story. Lol

      • Lollipop165 says:

        No way! I think Lisa is the queen of the show! I love watching her life. Although i really like Maloof as a person, I just don’t think she’s reality tv material.

        • Rose Colored Glasses says:

          I have respected the fact that Adrianne Maloof does not engage (or seem to fuel the fire of the cat fights) but am perplexed about her verbal jabs that seem so dismissive of her husband. Any thoughts on their interaction? Is it a game or the drama they choose to portray? I understand playful tug of war but this seems more than that to me. Of course the preview would have us read trouble ahead but it is so clearly a tease, so only time will tell where that leads and what false impressions and surprises we are being fed. Your thoughts?

  41. Indy501 says:

    Has anyone brought up that Jill could have been addicted to drugs? That seems more likely to me than alcohol for a number of reasons. She would still have to work the program and would avoid anything that was mood-altering, although in her case maybe she shouldn’t. (LOL).

    It just amazes me that no one from her past dishes on her. Come on!! We know you are out their lurking…..it’s ok, get it off your chest.

    • Happygal says:

      That she referenced Studio 54 and girls going together as wierd…. maybe she was in the bathrooms at 54 and experienced some sharing of substances… maybe that is why she made such a big deal… hmmmmmmm

  42. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill better watch her wallet around her bf Kelly.
    The wallet lights up when Kelly is around.
    The wallet likes to touch Kelly and air kiss Kelly.
    Just saying, wandering wallets are not a good thing….

  43. Queen Butter Bean says:

    A few things….

    First – great blog Lynn. Kadooz for not slamming Jill about the AA stuff. Everyone deserves the opportunity to overcome an addiction without ridicule. No matter what a bitch JZ can be, that would not have been cool on your part. However, I don’t think she would have given you the same consideration. While it’s not an addiction, think: Mario cheating.

    Second – I’m sure Jill got a 7 figure deal with Kodak. However, you must remember that she was including the figures to the RIGHT of the decimel as well!

    Third – Brandi Granville seems like she’s willing to get physically violent in the preview I saw. Definitely not cool.

    Fourth – Whoever made the comment about the plastic surgery and everyone starting to look like everyone else – spot on! It seems like Adrienne has had more surgery and it really doesn’t look natural. Brandi is the same way and I think she’s much younger.

    Fifth – Shadowsnomore – come back!!!! I always secretly thought you were Sonja!

    • Golden Girl says:

      I was so disappointed seeing Brandi G get physical 😦 After the NY crap I watched I was looking for something more fun and fresh in BH sigh.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Sadly hanging my head – I once slapped a wagging finger out of my face. I have no excuse or defense – it just pissed me off and I removed it from my personal space. Poke at a bear, then you better be prepared.
        That said – Bravo demands getting physical and this is the one franchise that I really didn’t want to see that happen in.

      • LOLing says:

        Brandi is a Playboy model and not a real BH Housewife. She’s friends w/ Cedric. She’s the trash element. Every show has one!

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I thought that was Camille too?

          • Rose Colored Glasses says:

            🙂 OMIB

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Don’t forget Talyor – grifter Barbie – gotta have one of those too.

          • LOLing says:

            I know Camille did “soft porn” (which is an oxymoron to me but whatever!) but was she in Playboy too? I know the morally corrupt Faye Resnick was, but I don’t remember Camille! Camille is annoying, at least she was last season, but I never found her to be trashy.

            • Chertin says:

              She was in soft porn as well as Playboy. Therefore, her pathetic attempt to demean a dinner guest for being in Playboy made her hypocritical and, IMO, trashy.

  44. Pghemtchick says:

    Thanks Lynn and everyone else recapping in the blog today! Great blog as usual. Off to bake zucchini chocolate cake with the first born apdopted son aka my brother’s oldest boy. I know it’s offtopic, but we did The Young Chef’s Academy on Tuesday night for him to learn how to make “homemade” cake. While sitting in the adults area watching the kids bake, I heard him say, “This isn’t homemade, it’s out of a box” followed by “This isn’t baking”. So proud of the lil guy for that. It really had that Stepford wives training feel to it. Never again lol.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Loving your off topic description of one of those times that make cherished memories in real life.

  45. Dame Rhetorica says:

    Since you all are my only entertainment source, I didn’t know anything about Brandi, her ex, or the new wife. But OMG, Brandi looks so much like Camille was supposed to look after all her “procedures”.
    Taylor looks like a hot mess. She must be having a hard time.I think she needs some advise from the sidekick. Know that!

  46. TLM says:

    Lynn – “The fact that Jill only ever drinks Diet Coke is a good indication that she very well may have a drinking problem” — are you kidding?? Tons of women do this because they obsessively count calories, and even people who don’t count calories but are convinced real sugar will hurt them are diet-soda addicts. If I thought that was an indication of alcoholism, I’d suspect almost every friend I’ve had!!! I think to make that association is quite a stretch.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Perhaps I didn’t state it properly, A lot of alcoholics drink Diet Coke, that’s a fact. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

      • TLM says:

        Why Diet Coke vs. Diet Pepsi, or Diet Sprite, or Crystal Light, or Tab, or Diet Dr. Pepper? Or why any diet drink? I actually have known people in AA and this is the first I’ve heard of any Diet Coke association.

        • LOLing says:

          My friend had to go to AA b/c of a DUI (NJ makes you go, which I find stupid) and while I have never heard of a Diet Coke connection specifically, I was told that a lot of the people in AA substitute one addiction w/ another. Whether it’s soda, cigarettes, God (which sounds weird but it is kind of true), candy or whatever. Coke makes sense in a way b/c there are alot of drinks made with Coke, so they are getting one half of the sensation.

          But, like I stated below, I do not believe that Jill has an alcohol problem. I believe she is a control freak. Lots of control freaks abstain from drugs and alcohol not b/c of addiction, but b/c they can’t handle the loss of control.

          • TLM says:

            Yes LOL – sex is a big one, too. They tell people not to date for a year if they’re single. Don’t know how married people deal with this rule! A close friend was in AA. I was told there were donuts and coffee inside, and people chain smoking outside until the meetings began. I imagine all that sugar, caffeine, nicotine and abstinence must have made people want to bite each others’ heads off. Hey, that DOES kinda sound like a RH reunion, doesn’t it…?

            • LOLing says:

              It does! But yep, that pretty much describes what I was told about AA. My friend HATED it, because he was there b/c the state made him go. He always felt so bad sitting in the meetings b/c he made a mistake, he wasn’t an alcoholic. He felt like he was intruding on seoples personal business. But, he did learn some things, which I guess is a good thing.

        • Denise says:

          From one addiction to the next…from alcohol to aspertame. Sad, but true. Aspertame=Rat Poison. 😦

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I’m trying to remember, it’s been a long time but from what I understand when they first stop drinking they crave sweets and to the end they drink a lot of pop (soda) but then there’s all the sugar and weight gain associated with drinking a lot of pop so they go to the diet pop. The AA member that I knew told me there was always a pot of coffee and a case of diet coke at every meeting.

  47. Whiteheat18 says:

    JILL ZARIN SUCKS!…need I say more? Lol

  48. LOLing says:

    I have seen Jill drink on the show. Maybe at her birthday? I can’t remember the ep, but she said “I’m going to have a drink tonight” and they were all shocked. I’m pretty sure she had some alcohol in other eps too, just rarely. I don’t think Jill has an alcohol problem so much as she has a control problem. Jill likes to be in control at all times. Too much booze makes you out of control and Jill can’t handle that.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      hmmm…isn’t that the trait of the Enabler? Co -dependency? Bobby and Jill codependent?

      • LOLing says:

        I’m not sure what you mean? Are you saying they are both drinkers? Can you explain more what you are saying?

    • TLM says:

      I think the diet coke thing is nothing more than another one of her self-imposed dumb rules about dieting, like pouring soda on your french fries, etc. I would guess she drinks it often instead of alcohol to save on the calories. Adrienne Maloof is obsessive with calories, too. I think at that famous dinner at Camille’s, she just took a sip or two of the cocktails and then switched to diet soda. I think Adrienne’s another diet soda junkie. LOL.
      BTW that’s another thing I can’t stand to watch again on RHOBH — Adrienne’s husband asking her a million times, “Don’t you want to eat? Just try this! Come on, just a little bit!” and her answering, “No, I don’t want any. No. Leave me alone, no.” etc. Ugh. Those two and their codependent games. Not entertaining for me at all.

  49. Error404 says:

    Kodak is always featured on jill’s good friend Donald trumps show celebrity apprentice. Maybe the Donald got Jill the gig? Maybe the deal was between bravo and kodak? Maybe kodak was just using Jill to get ton tv again? Who knows.

    Jill and Ramona are always playing tit for tat. Ramoner started out s3 on team Jill and pretty much switched to team bethenny after the Brooklyn bridge fiasco. Was the kodak event right after this? I’d always gotten the impression that what really happened on the bridge is that ramoner found out Jill had been filling her head with lies for months. She accused b of all sorts of things b denied, and then pow, she switched teams.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Can you recall if Jills comments about Ramona’s skincare party came before or after the Kodak event?

      • duchess of dryer lint says:

        After. She was called on it at the reunion last year and admitted her nasty comments were payback for Ramona’s question at the Kodak event.

      • Error404 says:

        After. Jill even semi-appologized saying she was still smarting from ramona’s comments at kodak.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Darn – I had Jill down, tied and ready to drive the bus over. Now I have to rethink my theories. This is starting to get to be too much to track to remember why so and so said this and why so and so did not. I will have to start taking notes. I do not think I will ever be asked to be the blogs private detective, uncovering malicious attempts by the housewives to ruin each others careers, marriages, friendships, etc. Hmmm… back to my boring life – no not so bad I know who my friends are and who my husband sleeps with, guess I have it pretty good.

      • viki55 says:

        Ramona’s was after the Kodak event.

        • Causing_A_Casino says:

          The truth of the matter is Kodak would not have cancelled any promotion regarding Jill because of Ramona’s comment. It was one comment and Jill countered it with good canned company propganda like any rep would. Jill was most likely canned because she had become a liability and her popularity was in the toilet. They hired her after season 2 when her popularity was at a peak, and canned her after season 3 when she became the most hated person on the show.

          • MAMAZ says:

            JZ was probably recommended by the event planner. Jen Gilbert maybe? A lot of corporations use event/party planners for these things. The planner may have explained who JZ was, her NY connections and Bravolebrity. That may have been enough for Kodak to greenlight her w/o even meeting her. A lot of decisions are left up to the event planner. The planner may have indicated to JZ that there was a potential for future deals with Kodak if all went well.

  50. BessiB says:

    Good blog: I guess Bravo learned their lesson with the Cindy fiasco, so now they know better than to announce new housewives before they can get all the footage in. This is better, not that I really have any respect for Bravo producers in the first place.
    Jill Zarin is a moron and Andy is a fool for not blocking her, and I hate Jill Zarin. She may well have just learned ventriloquism & stuck her hand up Kelly’s ass.
    I’m not going to hold it against Ramona for outing Jill as a drunkard. Ramona was punched first, so if she punches back harder, then Jill had it coming. Ramona may well regret punching back so hard, which makes her a decent human being where Jill is not (demonstrated by repeating that she heard Mario cheated twice more with no evidence without having no regrets for saying it in the first place). Kick a puppy enough times and it will bite; Ramona is a yard dog, so too bad for Jill. But give this to Ramona: there were not all the ‘crazy eyes’ comments this season.
    There must have been crappy editing again ( surprise, surprise) around Ramona’s saying she drank two glasses at dinner. Generally when people respond to this, it is in connection with the discussion of drinking every day. There seems to be some disconnect from that to Jill’s “I have seen you drink without food” Two difference issues, really. The population in France and Italy drink wine with dinner every day.
    Jill is a proven liar, Ramona is not. We have all seen on film the manner in which Mario gets in Jill’s face in an argument and I have absolutely no issue with that. Again, Jill had it coming. Ramona says Mario did not push Jill. I believe her.

  51. klmh says:

    Thanks for another great blog Lynn.
    I appreciate your sensitivity and respect toward the drinking issues here. I don’t know what a dry alcoholic is, and don’t really care. To me its just another label put out by AA. It really is none of our business if she does or does not have a problem with alcohol at present, imo. Her unfortunate behavior can’t be blamed on substance abuse, just a horrid personality.

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      100 percent agree. Disease, addiction, whatever, Nasty is Nasty. Crass is Crass. As the old saying goes “if a jerk calls you fat take comfort in the truth that you can always lose the weight, but he will be a jerk forever”

    • Nancy says:

      I was thinking about you today while I was watching The Dog Whisperer. A wild small dog appeared on a couples ranch one day and their horses befriended her. It was like she became one of them. She wouldn’t let any humans get near her but she would play with the young horses and even would sleep next to them in their stalls. However she let something get close to her because she became pregnant 3 different times. Cesar finally was able to gain her trust and the little dog was “fixed.” She recovered in one of the stalls and finally was able to join her horses. She stayed fearful of humans as they walked her outside but as soon as she was let go she ran to the horses and once again became one of them. It was so sweet.
      I was surprised to see your comment re: AA putting labels on people.
      What do you mean by that?

      • klmh says:

        Hi Nancy. What I meant by my statement about AA is that some people, families that have gone thru this program, have determined that its the only way to get sober. If you don’t go thru AA, you can be a dry drunk. If you don’t go around apologizing for your behavior you can’t be recovering. You know the scenario. I think AA works wonders for many people and I have stated that in the past. For me, the support of my family and my committment allowed me the strength to move past alcohol.
        Whatever works for someone is the best “program” for them, but no one program fits everyone.
        Now to the more fun things… what a great story about the dog. I think Cesar does such amazing things with them. Wish he could train cats! Just kidding…

        • Nancy says:

          I hear what you are saying. AA can be very “cult like.”
          I’ve been in the program for a very long time now and this is what I’ve learned.
          There isn’t just one way of getting and staying sober. I think AA gets brought up so much is the fact that it is universal. One day when I was in treatment one of the councilors told my dad that he could not help me in this journey and it broke his heart.
          I will never forget that day. I’m happy to report that my dad had a lot to do with me staying sober. I’m very happy to hear you are doing fine on that front. I would love to meet you one day as it seems we have a lot in common.

          This world does need a Cat Whisperer. Roxy (my blue point) thinks it’s funny to play with my pony tail at 3am. She is so cute and so beautiful I can’t stay mad so I end up playing with her in the middle of the night. How George isn’t afforded this pleasure is something I’m working on.

          • MAMAZ says:

            Good for both of you! And I agree everyone needs to find what works for them.

          • Dame Rhetorica says:

            Hi Nancy, my dog & cat were raised together so they dont know what species they are. He (the dog) plays like a cat at times, and she acts like a dog sometimes. Sooooo cute:)

          • duchess of dryer lint says:

            Nancy, there is a cat whisperer. They show clips from his show on “The Soup” all the time. I thought he was a joke at first, but he is real. here is the link http://animal.discovery.com/tv/my-cat-from-hell/about-jackson-galaxy.html

            • klmh says:

              Oh my, that is a good link. I know when my feral cats look at me with the google eyes, or what he calls soft blinks, I have won them over. There is a definite connection with our eyes.

            • Nancy says:

              Thank-you duchess. I have seen that show.
              Now I want to go and look into my cats eyes.
              Will get back to you.

          • klmh says:

            I know. I can’t stay mad at my kittens either. When my husband turns the corner to walk into the kitchen, sometimes Beelsebubba (black cat) will just reach out and bite or swat my husband. The hubs has never lifted a finger to this cat in anger. No reason, just to be bad.
            I agree about AA or any program. Its just like anything else. Some just take it to extremes. Enjoyed your post Nancy.

            • shiny14 says:

              My black cat responds the same way to my husband. And my husband has learned to walk around him, not looking at him, and with his back turned toward the cat. It’s hilarious to see how the cat trained him to walk through rooms. My husband is a real sweetie about the cats even though they are obviously mine.

      • klmh says:

        We do seem to have a lot in common, although I can’t skate at all. Its one of the things I could never do. I would enjoy meeting you as well, but not on the Sea Shepard(n/v). 🙂

  52. Error404 says:

    Sorry, I wanted to comment to two things imread before but now can’t find 😦

    On Jill being too controlling to be a drinker: I’ve know some really obsessive control freaks who were raging alcoholics. just one ex: my sister’s fall down drunk ex hubby who controlled her every movement. “I’ve changed” was his constant mantra.

    On ally striving to be a kardashian: does vowing to be the next candice bushnell sound like the behavior of a super studious kid who spent most of freshman year hitting the books? Sounds to me like ally had some “adventures ” her first time away from home.

    • LOLing says:

      I wrote about the control thing. It’s not true in every circumstance, there are control freaks who drink to ease the stress of not being able to control everything (does that make sense?). Most people I know that don’t drink (or drink very little) do it b/c they don’t like the out of control feeling. Plus if you barely drink and then decide one night to do so, it’s VERY easy to lose control quickly! So they just don’t do it.

      I feel this is Jill’s thing with booze. Especially when the cameras are rolling. She has drank a few times on the show, I recall tjhat. If she was really a recovering alchi, she would never have a little. Or maybe Jill just doesn’t like alcohol? I know people like that too.

      I think Jill is a crappy human being, but I am not sure she is an ex drunk!

      • Error404 says:

        I think in some cases, the control issues block them from seeking mental health help, so they self medicate with booze. In some twisted way they think they are controlling their demons by drowning them out. And reluctance to attend aa is also reluctance to release control many times.

        Any who, I agree with what you wrote.

        But I think we all are afraid of losing control with things we are unfamiliar, and then get over it with experience. Learning to ride a bike is a good example.
        I.e. The “I don’t drink a lot because I don’t like losing control” to me is what non drinkers or casual drinkers/ drug users feel. Addicts get over it, mostly because they have to in order to feed the chemical addiction.

        I have no clue about Jill. It just seems to fill in a lot of the missing puzzle pieces, so I’m having fun exploring. I just don’t believe that people are born evil. Id love to know what made baby jill into the miserable harpie we now see. Money can’t buy you happiness I guess.

        • LOLing says:

          Such a great point about self medicating. I hadn’t thought of that. Which is funny b/c I am sure a lot of us have done it at one time or another. I admit I have! A terrible day, a stressful time in life…wine is an easy cure! Of course, you wake up the next day w/ the same problems and a nasty hangover. 😉

          As for Jill being a nasty harpie…we HAVE met her mother Gloria right? I hate to paly the blame the parents game, but they do play some role. Maybe she’s a woman who could never please mommy and when someone steps on her toes, she just goes ape-poop. I have said b/f that you can see in Ramona’s behaviors (at times) where the verbal/emotional abuse she lived w/ as a child rears it’s ugly head.

    • klmh says:

      To me, what JZ said to Bethany was true. She can’t change. That discussion took place at Ramona’s marriage renewal, if Im correct.
      When hatred for her reared its head from blogs like this and basically a general outcry from even her most loyal fans ridiculing her for her treatment of Bethany and Alex, she decided a change was necessary and she could do it.
      Some people want to change just because they are assholes. Unfortunately, she failed.
      I see no relevance or connection with alcoholism and her assholedness. jmo

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        no 12 step program for being an ass-a -holic is there?

        • duchess of dryer lint says:

          Duchess singing (ON KEY, thank you very much!) “Have I told you lately, that I love you!

        • klmh says:

          From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, Jill was not the bell of the ball at school. I think she was probably almost as obnoxious as she is now. I just don’t think she’s fallen far from her Mama’s canopy (tree that is).

        • klmh says:

          Sorry, pressed before finished. OK, that’s a new term in my JZ dictionary. Loved it! Ass-a-holic=JZ.

  53. Kukulet says:

    Chertin says:

    I would honestly like to reply to this, but it’s displaying in a narrow column that’s impossible to read — as will my response, I’m sure. And I don’t think it would be productive to continue this discussion with you. If you disagree, start a new post below and I’ll be happy to respond to that one.

    I agree. Trying to actually discuss the issue with you is counterproductive. We’ll just have to agree to disagree about the difference between “fact” and “allegation”.

    • Chertin says:

      So wait…you do or don’t want to continue? I’m confused. Whatever. Here, as I see it, is the bottom line:

      When there are multiple accounts of the facts — and there often are — reasonable people can draw inferences about which account is most credible. I listed a whole bunch of circumstances that lead *me* to infer that Jill did, indeed, have some deal with Kodak that was scuttled after (and probable as a consequence of) Ramona’s comment at the party. That’s it. There is really no need for condescending rants about how I believe anything I read, or don’t know the difference between an allegation and a fact, or whatever. I don’t see what the big deal is.

    • Jezzibel says:

      Before you two start throwing tables and small dogs at each other I found the absurd to sublime article that basically states Jill was making the Kodak deal out to be something that it wasn’t

      • Chertin says:

        That’s just another blog. Here is a New York Times article describing Jill as a spokesperson for Kodak (yeah, I’m sure NYT never fact-checks):


        And here, on the Kodak website, is a press release from 2010 wherein Jill appears as a brand representative in Kodak’s CES booth:


        I’m not saying Jill didn’t depict the deal as more important than it was. But if you were Kodak, and NYT, NYMag, et al are all describing Jill as your representative, wouldn’t you speak up and deny it if there was no truth?

        • Jezzibel says:

          I think the point that is getting ignored Jill did claim to have a million doller deal with kodak, I think if Kodak were going to spend a million dollars it would be for a real celebrity that would tap the youth market not a middle aged reality show star. Jill seems to have taken being a kodak celebrity representative and taken it to mean that she is the Kodak celebrity spokesperson. When infact the current Celebrity spokesperson for Kodak is Rhianna(which I can believe cost a million dollars to sign and she is tapped into the youth market) and she has been since october of 2010.

          • Chertin says:

            Honestly, beyond my confidence that Jill had some sort of representative relationship with Kodak, I have no idea whether she would have been considered a “spokesperson” or “brand ambassador” or whatever. It’s also possible that Kodak uses similar terms in imprecise, overlapping ways — maybe they told Jill colloquially that she was a spokesperson, who knows. The fact that NYT printed “spokeswoman” suggests at very least that they called Kodak, ran this by them, and Kodak okayed that term or a similar term. You can’t just go tell NYT you’re a spokesperson for a major corporation and have NYT re-print it without checking.

            As for seven figures, maybe the deal was structured in a way that it COULD have had a seven-figure upside if Jill succeeded in her role and remained for a set period of time, if she increased sales by a certain percentage, or similar. I completely accept the possibility that she was exaggerating this.

            • Jezzibel says:

              I think she probably was paid a pretty penny for being a representative and I did look around and she did have positive press from it, but her Kodak party was also before I think the backlash against her started to occur, when she was still popular, So I think that blaming anyone other then herself for losing that deal is without merit. I think the viewers reaction to her bad behavior and her behavior outside of the show(amazon, planting rumors about castmates) is what cost her any further deal with Kodak, not Ramona, not Alex and not Bethenny. Kodak maybe a antiquated company but they have have been around long enough to know a liability when they see one.

              • Chertin says:

                Yeah, but when did she lose the deal? As I recall, the Kodak party aired pretty early in the season before most of the backlash had built up. So even if the endorsement was only yanked after the footage aired (and not because Kodak was notified in the interim), it’s not unreasonable to suspect that the deal evaporated due to the comments at the party.

                This PR industry blog certainly seems to focus on Ramona’s remarks, though not to the exclusion of the show’s general nastiness:


          • Kris says:

            good point, it’s actually Rihanna, Trey Songz and Pitbull (there may be another but my memory isn’t @ it’s peak right now, lol). All musicians that tap into the 18-35 category. JZ is very polarizing, I’m doubtful s he’s the spokesperson for anything.

        • Scorpiosue1102 says:

          It would depend on what Jill’s contract was. Seven figures to show up at events? I doubt it.

          Also, if you look up NY Times being wrong on articles you’d be surprised how many have been wrong an it’s been less than 10 years since the Jayson Blair scandal (where he basically made up articles and was found that other reporters from Boston Globe and more did the same thing).

          I don’t doubt that Jill had some kind of deal with Kodak. I just don’t believe how wonderful this deal is supposedly was. Who’s to say that her deal was over and it was the fact that they did not renew her contract. We hear all this stuff from all these sources, but what about directly from Kodak?

    • Jezzibel says:

      and Rhianna is the the Kodak and was signed to be in october 2010
      I think at best Jill was just the host of the party for the launch of the Kodak Gallery

      • duchess of dryer lint says:

        ……Sigh……. (((Jezz)))

        • Rose Colored Glasses says:

          Sometimes the lint is so hard to remove Duch. Sigh.

          • duchess of dryer lint says:


            • Jezzibel says:

              what I cleaned the lint trap yesterday….didn’t find any stray left socks either.

              • duchess of dryer lint says:

                I know, my darling Jezz. And you tried. You really did, and we are very appreciative of that. again big hugs (((Jezz)))

                • MAMAZ says:

                  I replied upthread about the Kodak party but you may not have seen so I will give you my take. I used to work for an event planner. It is common for large corporations to use local planners for local launch parties/promotional gigs. They have their own people who roll out national campaigns. The planners make a lot of the decisions for the event such venue, menu, swag bags contents and who the host/spokesperson will be for that event.
                  The corporations has to ok everything of course. I am only guessing but this is a guess based on experience. Jill was probably recommended for the job by the event planner. I’m sure she was well paid. She would have been considered by Kodak to have been a representative of theirs even if it was on a one time basis. They may have suggeted to the planner who in turn suggested to JZ that it had the potential to turn into a more lucrative deal.
                  I don’t believe Jill Zarin has the star power to command a 7 figure deal from anyone. Most companies don’t go with one spokesperson anymore. Even the major cosmetic companies don’t. There is no FACE of Revlon anymore.
                  Kodak would have had one or more corporate reps at the event. I’m sure they knew about Ramona’s gaffe almost immediately and they would have not been pleased. That may well have been the reason that JZ wasn’t asked to host any more Kodak events. But if JZ was the star she thinks she is the Pope himself could have denounced Kodak and they would have used her again.

    • LOLing says:

      The bottom line is, that whatever kind of a deal Jill had w/ Kodak..it wasn’t lost b/c of Ramona. That was a conversation that was filmed by Bravo and aired months after the event. Kodak didn’t want Jill, she’s bitter and it’s easier to blame Ramona then admit it was b/c you were not right for the endorsement or whatever it was. As for a seven figure deal? A cool mil seems logical, but honestly? The Jill Zarin Target market is kinda small.

      • MAMAZ says:

        The Jill Zarin Target market is kinda small.


      • Kelly says:

        I think that everyone is finding it very hard to believe that Kodak would be paying big bucks to make Jill the face of Kodak. It’s not at all hard to believe that she was paid to host a promotional event for them and was hoping to build a relationship w/the company that would lead to more $$. That didn’t happen. She blames Ramona. The truth more likely is that Kodak just doesn’t want to link their corporate name to Jill Zarin.

  54. Jezzibel says:

    Jill might need to address her addiction to diet coke. I stopped drinking soda 8 years ago when somepeople I worked with used a liter of coke get rid of the rust off grounding rods. I figured if it was a cheap and easy way to remove rust(by disolving it) from grounding rods it was something I did not want in my body. So now I just drink carbonated mineral water.

    • Chertin says:

      Diet soda is harmful in a number of ways. Also, recent studies suggest that aspartame (the sweetener in Diet Coke) encourages weigh gain almost as much as sugar does! It’s a terrible habit.

      • Dame Rhetorica says:

        Well crappy. I just gave up sweet tea. And it’s not like Midwest iced tea! So now I havta give up my diet coke too. Might as well start on alcohol.

        • My son was told (as part of his weight loss plan) that ANY carbonated drink was bad for weight loss. Didn’t matter whether it was diet or not.

          • Jezzibel says:

            really…surely not carbonated mineral water…..damn its so nice to have chilled with a slice of lemon in this triple digit heat.

          • Sam says:

            I don’t think this is true. I lost 3.5 pounds this week on Jenny Craig (I’m up to a 22-pound loss so far) and I’ve been drinking Diet Coke like crazy!

            • Chertin says:

              Saying that Diet Coke inhibits weight gain is not the same thing as saying that you cannot possibly lose weight while drinking Diet Coke.

            • Happygal says:

              woo hoo of the huge accomplishment- I struggle everyday…. food noise, ha ha and I am so proud of what you have achieved

              • Sam says:

                Thank you so much for saying this!

                I’ve tried to lose weight before, but this is the first time I’ve been this successful, and also the first time I’ve made enough of a lifestyle change to know I’ll be able to keep the weight off after I’ve reached my goal. It’s partly because Jenny Craig is such an easy program, and partly because I joined Curves (an exercise place), but even more because my kids are all in the process of moving out so I don’t have any more of their high-calorie junk food in my pantry. (Things like Ding Dongs have always been my undoing!)

        • Nancy says:


        • Pghemtchick says:

          Check into Diet Rite sodas. They dont have the caffeine,sodium, or aspartame. They are made with Splenda. It’s mainly the sodium that keeps weight on according to older studies, couple that with new aspartame suggestions/studies and yeah weight retention. I’m working on stopping again, but have been using caffeinated water with crystal light packets. So far Avitae is my favorite caffeinated water. Lol.

          • Sam says:

            For me, Splenda has an unpleasant aftertaste, but not as much as Stevia.

            When I’m home, I drink iced tea with no sweeteners, no lemon, no nothing. But when I’m out it’s hard to find plain iced tea; in Southern California, flavored teas are all the rage. (Raspberry and mango, mostly.)

            • Jezzibel says:

              does it still have the warning about a**l leakage or have they fixed that?

              • Sam says:

                I don’t think that was Splenda; it was Olestra.

                • Pghemtchick says:

                  Yeah that’s olestra. Splenda is made from real sugar. I agree it has an aftertaste. We did the 6 week body makeover diet, and that was the only pop allowed. Lol. I’m all for caffeinated water.

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      So, maybe the diet coke has eroded her common sense along with her stomach? Works for me!

      • duchess of dryer lint says:

        replied to Jezz. Makes no sense where it posted 🙂

      • Nancy says:

        I read a study that confirms that ingestion of a lot of diet coke may lead to cancer.

        • duchess of dryer lint says:

          Wouldn’t know. I don’t drink pop. Makes me burp. Loud. And I have a rep to protect—:)

          • duchess of dryer lint says:

            And all these studies just make me feel old. I sound like my Grandma when I start saying things like “I just cannot understand how so many people in this world are my age group. We rode bikes without helmets, ate the red M&Ms, drank pop/soda until our eyes changed color, lived in houses with lead paint and our parent smoked and drank to their hearts content.” How did I ever survive?

            • Error404 says:

              My mom regularly cooked 3 meals a day, and fast food/take out places were rare.
              We only drank soda/pop on holidays.
              We never wore seat belts, but road rage was so scarce it didn’t even have an official name.
              We didn’t wear helmets, but were forbidden to ride 2 on 1 bike: too dangerous. Plus the average home only had 1.5 cars. We used to play in the street!
              My parents never smoked nor drank, but half my friend’s dads dropped dead of heart attacks before they were 50.
              And back then, pretty much nobody “survived” cancer. A diagnosis was a death sentence.

              • duchess of dryer lint says:

                Right? I used to ride on the handlebars of my brother’s bike. We all had slingshots and green army men made in china. We climbed trees (again, no helmet) and even went to the neighborhood candy store ON OUR OWN! There is absolutely no reason for us to have made it this far, but we did!

                • Error404 says:

                  Did you see tree of life? A Client who grew up in tx once told me she and her friends used to run after the DDT truck in the 50s. Sure enough it was one of the scenes in the movie, all these kids gleefully playing in the fumes!

                  • Nancy says:

                    They used to play Hockey without helmets.
                    We were talking about this the other night. How did our grandparents raise 6 kids without all this “stuff” thats out there now.

                    • Thedesigndiva says:

                      and we drank TANG…… and lived to talk about it……WHOOHOOOO
                      we slept with the windows opens and the drs unlocked….
                      We for the most part did what our parents asked or told us to do……and a bar of Lava soap was always on stand by for the DIRTY WORD PUNISHMENTS…..If our Grandmothers were alive today both couches on NY would be blowing bubbles all month…….

                  • BessiB says:

                    OH MY GOD DID TOO!. We called them The Fog Trucks in the 60’s. All of our mom’s stayed home, but basicly told us to go play outside, just come home when the street lights came on. Some of my friends from childhood and I were talking about those days recently and were wondering why none of us ever thought about catching a bus – we could have been able to roam so much farther.

            • Rose Colored Glasses says:

              Diva girl you have made me laugh to tears with that one! Thanks and (((Diva))). Bubbles: glub, glub!

          • LOLing says:

            Pop! You must be a midwesterner!

    • klmh says:

      I love carbonated mineral water. I have one of the SodaStream units and until a few weeks ago, went thru 64 oz or more of it a day. Its my favorite and I often put lemons or limes in it. If not at home, Perrier or Pelligrino are my drinks of choice.
      Last month I had my bone density study done, and I am osteopenic. My mother had osteoporosis as well. Im sure you are aware of osteopenia., but if not, its the early stage of osteoporosis. My internist wrote a perception for Boniva, and damn, is it expensive! The whole point of my post is that carbonated mineral water negates the beneficial affects of Boniva, which helps reduce the incidence of osteo and can even lead to regrowth of bone density. Can I tell you how bummed I am?

      • Jezzibel says:

        damn, I’m sorry….I guess all limit my Topo Chico to once every now and then. Its something I enjoy in the summer its a nice change to plain ol water, but obviously not a healthy one in the long run.

        • klmh says:

          I couldn’t believe it either. I know coke and any of the dark sodas are calcium busters, but I thought I was safe with carbonated water. Plain old water tastes like, plain old water 😦

          • BessiB says:

            I put fresh mint and or lime in my water. I taste with my nose.

            • klmh says:

              Good idea. I will try that approach, tasting with my nose. I have used lemon in my filtered water and its just not as exciting or filling as Co2 filtered water.

    • TLM says:

      I may buy Diet Coke yet. I’ve been looking for a good rust remover. 😉

    • AZ Girl says:

      Diet Coke has a lot of sodium which is not good. I stopped drinking it years ago. I told you all before I love the Safeway flavored and carbonated water. No calories and sodium free. I believe you can get it at Jewel in the midwest.

  55. mich_in_mich says:

    Maybe I’m just crabby today or the negativity from the reunion is still hanging around like a bad smell 😦 But I for one wish the “Ultimate Reality Show …. The Olympics” was occurring in 2011 not 2012. I need some feel good excitement … the RHNY is giving me a drama hangover 😦

  56. California35 says:

    Hi everyone,

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    GREAT recaps of NY and BH 🙂 I am actually looking forward to BH just because it is still somewhat new. I am over the others..I watch NJ when I get a chance, and NY is over. Like many of you, I watched reunion part 1 in small pieces. Annoying!!! But I couldn’t stay away though. I didn’t want to watch this season without Bethenny and if those other three were there. Still I had the hopes that this season things would turn around, be fun, and Jill and Kelly would be outed or out casted somehow. Nope, Kelly had more to say and everyone tiptoed around her, Jill continued to be Jill. Of course we also got Luanne that kept being worst, and whatshername new girl. I did enjoy many parts of the show, so it wasn’t all a lost. PLUS I have this place to come to, so I wasn’t alone watching the disaster. HOWEVER — I am hoping this is the END of NY or the cast. Either the brunets leave, or the blondes, or all. The blondes should not have to put up with this any more if the brunets stay.

    I should hope the 2nd part of the reunion brings us some pleasure and closure – less bickering and interruptions would be good too (god luck with that).

  57. Nancy says:

    Here are the promises of AA…

    If we are painstaking about this phase of our development we will be amazed before we are half way through. We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness. We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace. No matter how far down the scale we have gone we will see how our experience can benefit others. That feeling of uselessness and self pity will disappear . We will loose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows. Self seeking will slip away. Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change. Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us. We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us. We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.

    Are these extravagant promises? We think not. They are being fulfilled among us-sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them.
    Does Jill come to mind when you read this?
    I have no idea if Jill is an alcoholic or not but this I know for sure. She is NOT working the
    12 steps of recovery so IMHO it doesn’t matter. The 12 steps of AA/NA is much more than stopping drinking/using it is a life style. Anyone can benefit from it. I do believe that Jill has some knowledge of “The program” because she knew what the 4th step of AA was. She was talking about it to LuAnn when they were walking in the park one day.
    As we say in AA…more will be revealed.
    Sorry I have been MIA these past few days I’ve been involved with campaigns to raise funds for
    The Sea Shepard. SAVE THE WHALES!

    • klmh says:

      Hope your campaign is a success.

    • Error404 says:

      I was hoping you give your opinion Nancy!

      Good luck with the fund raising. It’s a great cause!

      • Nancy says:

        Opinion on what? Jill?

        OT. I was watching Skating with the Stars today on YouTube where Bethenny learns
        the Death Spiral. It got me thinking about the best Death Spiral I’ve ever seen.
        Mishkutenok & Dmitriev 1992 Albertville Olympics Pairs free skate. It’s their last move.
        Even with their 2 mistakes they won the Gold. One of the prettiest pairs program ever.

        • Error404 says:

          Opinion on Jill possibly being a recovering alcoholic.

          I loved that “cloud” lp, really my fav of theirs. I know a lot of peeps prefer them in 94, but 92 m&d is my fav. What did you think of k&d? That sp death spiral from Nagano still makes me cringe!

          • Nancy says:

            Wasn’t one of her better ones. She was so scared for the long program because of that.
            They both are such dramatic skaters. Dmitriev needs to learn how to spin without traveling. He wouldn’t get away with that if he skated now. Do you think G & G should have won the gold over M & D during the 94 games?

    • AZ Girl says:

      Welcome back Nurse Nancy!

  58. WindyCityWondering says:

    I don’t forgive LuAnn at the end of the season just because she walks away and Jill continues to promote herself. LuAnn attacks others and deflects her own behavior. LuAnn has the same mean tendencies as Jill – attack by rumor and innuendo and also adopts the “I am Victim” stance. LuAnn has always been boring, Bravo tried to give her a platform this season – the singing hostess who finally found love – she is still boring and we have learned that she can’t throw a good party, she can’t sing even with auto tune and her boyfriend just may not be that into her.

    • Kris says:

      You’re so right, and her haughtiness is sickening. Her only semi-redeeming quality is she does speak up against the Brunettes when she doesn’t agree with what was on tv, maybe its easier for her to see it in others than herself? Her lack of self-awareness is astounding. I really hope AC scraps the whole cast or just shelves the whole series.

  59. celeste says:

    I wonder if LuAnn knows her family are accused of being ‘known drug abusers’ according to this wikipedia link:

    “Early life

    She was born LuAnn Nadeau and grew up in the small town of Berlin, Connecticut, where her father owned a construction company. The Nadeau family are known drug abusers.[1] She has said her father is of Algonquian descent[2] and that her mother is French Canadian.[3]”

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Holy shit balls….am I related to LuLu….I have a lot of relatives named Nadeau on my mother’s side…lordy shoot me now

      • duchess of dryer lint says:

        No. Given my pretend authority of blog nobility, I will formally absolve you of any form of guilt by unknown association. You are not to be shot. You are too valuable and loved. This is a skeleton we will lock tightly in the closet and never give out the key. 🙂

  60. Thedesigndiva says:

    test….. I’ve tried twice now…just checking…

  61. Thedesigndiva says:

    Well I am trying to post a link..it wont work…says posting comment and POOF…gone…
    and peek a boob back I see you also…….

  62. Thedesigndiva says:

    Well..let’s try copy and paste instead…Sorry folks….
    Click the CES tag at end of article..

    Jill Zarin Thanks Kodak For Endorsement Opportunity In Style
    Guest post by Michael Jacobson

    When most endorsement deals conclude it’s often all business, forms and final paperwork being sent back and forth. Expressed gratitude for a fruitful brand/talent partnership can understandably get lost in the shuffle, so a kind word or thank you note goes a long way in maintaining that relationship long term and strengthening your reputation (for both talent and brand). It’s rare to see talent who understand this – Jill Zarin gets it. At the conclusion of this week’s CES festivities the Real Housewife of New York City and her husband Bobby thanked partner Kodak in a big way. The couple hosted an elegant cocktail party in a luxury suite high above the lights of Las Vegas with Kodak staff workers to CMO invited to attend. No doubt this gesture was well received by the Kodak event team at the end of a very busy CES.

    A thank you note or a simple conversation expressing gratitude is beneficial for both sides at the end of a great program, toasting your successful brand/client partnership atop the Strip works too!

    Tags: CES, Jill Zarin, Kodak, Real Housewives of NYC

    This entry was posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 11:21 am and is filed under All, Celebrity, Endorsement, PR, Reality

    • BessiB says:

      Ok, I clicked on the CES, which basically indicates that these celebs are just ‘paid appearances’ hired by a PR firm for an event. This PR article implies these kind of deals are a one event thing.

      Only in Jill’s dreams would this be 7 figure endorsement deal. I wonder if this Vegas event was before, or after the one in NY.

  63. Thedesigndiva says:

    well i tried copy and paste.it wont work either…. and BOOBS it’s a good story….
    DDL…better to have to undo the bottom button of your shirt for that game instead of the top button on your pants cause thats where they are tucked away…….LOL LOL LOL……
    I know you have a sense of humor and will get it……
    Think MAXINE……


    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      Hah! I always tell the hubs (TMI alert for the sensitive few!) “If you wanna play with the boobs, just start at my ankles. I’ll take off the bra and you can meet somewhere in the middle!” 🙂

  64. Lollipop165 says:

    Am I the only one who DOES think that it is inappropriate to bring the kids up in this show? Although I can’t really blame Ramona for her word vomit in terms of defending herself, and Jill is as guilty as anyone in talking crap about the kids, I do agree that the kids should be “off limits”. I thought Ramona speaking with the Countless about how “wonderful” her daughter is was very passive aggressive and bringing up all that open marriage stuff at the reunion was just rude.

    • Chertin says:

      ITA with you. Ramona’s remarks re: kids were passive aggressive and out of line.

      • Error404 says:

        True. They all do it. Like Kelly was fooling anybody with her ” I was concerned for Avery, having Ramona as a mom” bit. Effing bitch, and not so passive in her aggression lol

    • Error404 says:

      They’re all rude IMO. Alex and Sonja least of all, but the other 5 are like case studies in ant-isocial behavior. LoL

      Re: kids. I think it has a sliding scale. Like how all crime is wrong, but imnot going to judge a shoplifter as equal to a serial killer.

      Little kids are off limits IMO, and I really refrain from talking about sea, teddy, Francois and Johan. Unlike the brunettes, I consider them off limit’s.

      Parenting is not off limits for me, so calling Alex a helicopter mom, Cindy a pretend mom, kiki a crazy mom, etc… Is not off limits, and I will mention the kids with regard to their moms, like how Teddy talks to Kelly, etc…

      Teens IMHO are semi ok. Avery and Victoria almost have their own story lines and it’s obvious to me that bravo wants us to discuss them. I try not to be too judgmental or call them names like I would there moms, but I do discuss their appearance on the show. Same with Noel.

      Ally IMO is an adult and I don’t hesitate to discuss more sticky topics like sex or body image that I would never discuss with regard to Avery or Victoria.

      Does any of that make sense?

      • Delighted says:

        It makes total sense Error..I’ve had a recent terrible thought about what’s really going on in Jill’s mind: knowing that it’s likely that Andy is going to either recast or pull the plug on the series, Jill is now focusing on her own production company. I think that might explain her tweets from London, etc. I’m thinking she’s shopping a show about Ally and her. And I’m thinking she thinks she can direct, produce, etc because after all, she can do anything! Please tell me I’ve been thinking too much…blame it on the heat?

      • I LOVE COFFEE says:

        You always make sense.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It makes sense. Remember when Jill embarrassed Ally with the sex and drugs lectures in S2? Avery and Victoria are the same age now that Ally was then. The teenage years are very challenging and many moms do talk to each other about how to handle the challenges.

      • Kelly says:

        Exactly my take on it. These women are portraying themselves as parents on the show – their parenting is open for comment. And part of commenting on their parenting, is commenting on the behavior of their children. As parents, many of us know that our children’s behavior does reflect on us, no matter how old they are. I do try to keep in mind that these young people probably do read these blogs and try to be sensitive about what I say. But, I don’t think that it’s taboo to note it when the children are acting out or when they are making the parent proud.

      • Lollipop165 says:

        I don’t entirely disagree with you. My feeling is that people can comment on what they see within reason (ie people questioning autism when Alex gave her kid the piano or commenting that Little Gia is acting selfish or whatever) because it is just human to respond like that. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep the kids off the air, not mine. Notice how we dont’ say anything about Sonja’s daughter because she is never on!

    • BessiB says:

      If it is seen on TV or any other media (ie You Tube, FB, Twitter) it is not inappropriate, as far as I am concerned. If Teresa cannot control her kids and they trash up a boutique, Fair Game.

  65. Thedesigndiva says:

    Okay you guys and gals are going to have to work for this story…
    Go to your google search….type in…
    Jill Zarin thanks Kodak for endorsement…
    It wil be the first story to pop up….
    at the end of the story click some of the tags…I liked the CES one….
    Off to help change spark plugs with Mr Ford…I swear a woman’s work is never done…..
    No SOUP for him tonite….wink wink

  66. Maezeppa says:

    The plural of video is “videos”, not “video’s”. The plural of blonde is “blondes”, not “blonde’s”. And so on.

    • I LOVE COFFEE says:

      OH! NO!
      Is there going to be a TEST!!!

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      and the singular of troll is ……yeah, you already know.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Is there a point to your post ???

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        This comment was for the English teacher maezeppa ….don’t know why it landed where it did…

    • Error404 says:

      I’m always surprised to find typos in the hw blogs.
      I’d always assumed that Lynn was a lone wolf, with no one proofreading her work, but I’d also always assumed that the HWs all had assistants and PR staff, etc… Plus unlike wordpress, bravo would be also proofreading before posting, so why all the typos?

    • AZ Girl says:

      Crap I forgot my notes.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I could really use an editor, I can’t pay you but I compose the blog after the show ends around 11pm, I work on it for about 2 hours or so, then I get up early before work and finish it up at around 6am until I need to get in the shower and leave by 8am..so if you can edit anytime between 6am and 8am, you’re hired!

    • boston02127 says:

      Maezeppa —-I hope singular and plural spelling of words is the biggest problem you ever have in your life.

      Not losing loved ones, sickness, the homeless, hunger, crime, drive by shootings, the lonely, the elderly, lost children, etc.

      As long as singular & plural’s are used properly, we as a country should be fine.

    • Carly Hall says:

      My husband, whom I consider a Polish noble, would never be so rude as to correct someone in this manner. Change your ID or your behavior here. Your choice.

      • boston02127 says:

        Carly Hall—Me?

        • Carly Hall says:

          No, our editor up there. You know, the one who contributed advice that was never requested.

          Manners, Lord Byron?
          Whatever would the Countess say?

          • duchess of dryer lint says:

            Do we really care what the Countess would say? See you can’t hang up on me here, missy miss “I have the hangup button and the Duchess is Gone!” LOL

            • Carly Hall says:

              Ha! There is NO WAY I’m going to let you talk long enough for everyone to notice that your voice is, indeed, better than mine.

              Take that.

              (Kidding, you better call Monday. You’re the bees knees. Or is that the bee (apostrophe) “s” knees Maezeppa?)

  67. Dame Rhetorica says:

    Mae, can I just erase the blackboards in lieu of detention?

  68. vilzvet says:

    Is she for real? Here’s a tweet from Jill today:
    “Please tell me if you’ve tried to post a comment on Bravotv.com blog that hasn’t posted.Go to jillzarin.com and let me know??”
    1 hour ago

    Is there an Emmy Award for good acting on twitter?

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      Sure. It’s the one place where lack of facial expression from botox and fillers doesn’t hurt your performance!

    • Perhaps someone could give her the link to here for the day that showed all the posts that accidentally got through and then were deleted.

      • klmh says:

        Mighty fine, Luckyabsraction!
        I guess someone tweeted her that they couldn’t leave positive feedback for her. Ooo, if she only knew how many posts she should really be receiving without the whitewash…

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      As a matter of fact there is…..this years presentor is Elmer Fudd….
      and da award fur da best twatter ghosts to that rascally whabbit …….. whill wearzin ….


    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Carp- if every single one of us that have ever been shut down by Bravo posted on Jill’s blog we’d crash the server.

    • Viewer1234 says:

      OMG – she’s so delusional. I used to try to post – even recently . . . and my comments are NEVER posted.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill? Why don’t you just make a sandwich board hawking your f**king website and have Kelly run through traffic wearing it?

    • Empress of FOD Farm says:

      Just spit up my cancer causing, corrosive Dr. Pepper! JZ worried about comments on Barvo blogs? Give me an effin’ break.

    • Empress of FOD Farm says:

      Went back to her Bravo blogs. The comments used to number in the 100’s and with the Bethenny fight the number was over 2,500. Now that they are deleting and blocking us, they can only get 50-60 of all of the worshippers to comment. OK Jill, we’re stupid.

  69. I read the list of CES invitees Jill joined at the 1000words link. Does that mean Soleil Moon Fry and Amber Ettinger (aka Obama girl) also had million dollar contracts? I think Jill spun a fantasy in her mind about how her relationship with Kodak would mean big bucks and then when it didn’t happen she had to put the blame on someone.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It is so Jill to announce something as if it is only her and it turns out she is one of many. Like when she tweets going to the opening night of a movie and then you see the rest of the housewives there.

    • BessiB says:

      A whole bunch of people were paid to show up at a single event, and that is it. That is the deal. Endorsement deal over.

  70. Sam says:

    Curious about Jill Zarin’s Kodak gig, I typed “Jill Zarin Kodak Endorsement” into Google and came up with a People magazine interview with Jill dated May 5, 2009, that states: “Zarin stopped by the PEOPLE offices recently to talk about the show and her latest project, a partnership with Kodak making Picture Movie DVDs for Mother’s Day.” This is it, this is the “deal”: a very short-term thing. And the reason Jill decided to do it, she says, is because, “I am scarred for life since there were no pictures of me growing up. Call my mom Gloria. She’ll confirm it for you! This is the root of my photography obsession. And my daughter Allyson was born with a talent for photography. She specializes in taking pictures of graffiti art… She has an eye for it. So, for Mother’s Day it was a natural for Ali, me and Gloria to make a photo album.”

    A photo album! All this fuss over a Mother’s Day photo album that only her lies could turn into a multi-million-dollar contract. (The full interview is at http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20422459,00.html)

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Scarred for life.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Nice find Sam. Thank you for clearing that uo!

    • TLM says:

      This is where I take issue with Bravo, whose editing sometimes leaves obvious holes you would think Andy would fill in on WWHL, but he doesn’t. When Alex in her talking head interview says, “Jill says she lost the Kodak deal because of Ramona, but she didn’t” — why not let Alex explain why or why not? Instead, they just left the specific facts out completely.

      • Error404 says:

        Too much stupid stuff no ones cares about to discuss instead! LoL
        When Kiki, a former model who posed for a porn mag and dresses like a whore, was insulted by a possible 5 second flash of pubes, we all laughed at her idiotcy. Yet miss Andy felt that a ” was your vagina rude to Kelly” discussion was broadcast worthy. Is Ben wiener the secret CEO of bravo?

        • TLM says:

          I thought Andy’s comment was dumb and obnoxious too, but so far, you’re the first one to agree with me. Everyone else seemed to think it was genius.

          • AF says:

            I didn’t. I’m with you – it *was* dumb and obnoxious.

          • happygal says:

            tlm- i agree with you… Andy was twistd int he way he did the reunion and all of the wwhl shows… he totally was on the Brunette’s team this season- he is enamor with Lumann and Jill has something on him-Kelly is an accident waiting to happen so he must be careful with her- Cindy…who cares … So- Andy was in the bag tied and done- he wasn’t going to assist or be real so when that comment came out- i thought – you have got to be kidding me-

        • Rose Colored Glasses says:

          Error, liking the Ben Wiener theory. I know for a certain fact that Andy is a weenie!

      • Nancy says:

        That drives me crazy. All 7 of them are yelling at each otter and what does Andy do?
        “Ok we aren’t going to resolve this right here so lets move on.”
        If I ran Bravo I would make the teams split up. That way Jill couldn’t whisper in Kelly’s and LuMan’s ears all night.

        • happygal says:

          Nancy.. correcto! that is the way to do it… not this cat fight and not being able to hear anything- do a few segments- let them speak separately- then rebuttal-

  71. TLM says:

    July 30 will be a day of pop-up chapels for Marriage Equality in New York. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/26/chapel-designs-are-selected-to-pop-up-for-gay-weddings/
    Oh, and Kodak is also giving free photos to couples who partake in the event. I guess this will be another potential Jill – Alex smackdown.

  72. Thedesigndiva says:

    Ohhhhhh mae…..huff p. called
    said to get back to your side of town…….


  73. Dame Rhetorica says:

    My daughter teaches special needs children and Kelly always reminded me of them somehow. So, I asked my hubs. He was a practising psychotherapist and now a psych proff. The diagnosis: Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). I looked it up after he explained it. Sound familiar?

    PDD refers to delays in the development of multiple basic functions including socialization and communication.

    Symptoms of PDD may include social and communication problems such as:
    Difficulty using and understanding language. Difficulty relating to people, objects, and events.
    Difficulty with changes in routine or familiar surroundings.
    Repetitive body movements or behavior patterns, such as hand flapping, HAIR TWIRLING, foot tapping.
    Unable to cuddle or be comforted. (intimacy maybe?)

    • AZ Girl says:

      Holy smokes that is it!!!!

      • Dame Rhetorica says:

        Hi AZ, it does doesn’t it? My hubs said some kind of trama at an early age could cause it. My thoughts: sexual abuse as a young model, threatening older men/women, stress? Kinda sad of true but she’s so mean.

    • Nancy says:

      Dame R.
      Thank-you for that. (or thank your husband for us)
      George and I have been talking about Kelly’s diagnosis for years now.
      She fits into so many categories. AKA…she’s crazy.
      For the life of me I don’t understand Bravo signing her again for another season.

      My dog has always acted like a cat as she was raised by them. When she was a puppy we had 7 cats. I found one of them in the trash can at the hospital. He was starving and cold. We lost him not too long ago from cancer but he showed his appreciation for me every day of his life. HIs name was Howie (as in Howard Stern.) Not my choice!

      • Dame Rhetorica says:

        Nancy, that’s what my husband said! I asked him to diagnose someone & described Kelly and he said crazy:) I’m so sorry about your Howe. I replied to you up post. My cat & dog were raised together & they’re species confused.

      • klmh says:

        So glad he had you in his life.

      • Kris says:

        I think the only reason they kept her on is b/c she’s so off the wall, you can’t even make up half the things she says, so for tv it’s great and Bethenny’s gone. I don’t think they could’ve continued to let the tension/forced interactions continue b/c she def has to be such a huge liability. Everyone’s ignoring and glossing over her mental deficiencies, but heaven forbid she seriously hurts someone they have tons of footage of her being clearly unstable.

        • Dame Rhetorica says:

          Hi Kris, I haven’t talked with you before. I’m with you; I hope her handlers keep an eye on her so she doesnt hurt herself either.

    • chismosa says:

      that sounds fantastic. So now we know we have a narcissistic histrionic? – disorder in Jill, who i also think is a bit also – what was said before- sociopathic? I think i’m incorrect, i think we nailed down the disorder she has as well. But i think i’m wrong.
      See- the two causing the biggest issues on this show have disorders, clearly.

      Luann i think is just an evil bitch deep down. Cindy is just bitter and depressed.

  74. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Does anyone else find this 6th degree of separation interesting?

    So a bit of background: I have a totally inappropriate crush on a cutie patootie named Armando Christian Pérez –better known by his stage name PitBull. Completely inappropriate because I am old enough to be his mother. (sigh)

    So anyway PitBull has his single Give me Everything, with a prominent product placement for Kodak. He’s also in an ad for them.

    So PitBull’s recording label is Ultra Records.

    Luann’s recording label is Ultra Records.

    See where I’m going with this? Luanne can introduce me to Pitbull!

    No just kidding- Kodak seems to be running in a more fabulous circle than Jill Zarin. I don’t really think there was a 7 figure deal.

  75. Error404 says:

    Actually, the longer lulu ha gs out with Jill, the less she “goes away”. Just this morning there was a useless article on Perez where she gives her etiquette opinion on katheryn hagel at the theater.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      was that my fictional boyfriend Armando Christian Pérez? You know- his stage name is PitBull? …ah Armando…sigh

      No I knew who you meant. Just playing!

      • Amy Matheson says:

        I know about your secret crush on Juicy Joe and so I am reserving my judgment of Senor Armando. 😀

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Well, that was me he was calling raccoon face off camera. I had sneaked in and dolled myself up at Teresa’s vanity, I didn’t know my Juicy wouldn’t like a dramatic eye! So we had a huge fight and we’re just taking a little time out right now.
          He doesn’t know about Armando. I’m just playing this out you know?

      • Jezzibel says:

        before he got really big he got hit in the head with a flying beer bottle while singing at a local club here…I’m friends with some of the people that saw it happen…..he was kind of ugly towards some guy’s girl in the audience and the guy retaliated by winging a bud lite bottle at him.

  76. boston02127 says:

    Great blog guys, thank you. Great posts too!

    I think Jill’s drinking problem is Diet Coke itself. It contains aspartame. It has many side effects. My mother was very against anything with aspartame in it. Here is a link to “sweet poison” aspartame.

  77. boston02127 says:

    Is part 2 of the reunion on tonight? Thx.

  78. Error404 says:

    What with everyone always telling her to shut up, I miss a lot of what Alex says. Did I hear her right in morocco, her dad died when she was little after a lengthy struggle with alzimers? That must have been a unique childhood.

    • dickens says:

      I was intrigued by that snippet of info too. I wonder how old he was.

    • AF says:

      I don’t know how old she was when her dad died, but I do remember Alex telling Bethenny of her father’s illness. Alex was encouraging Bethenny to go see her dying father and tell him all the things she’d never been able to say because Alex never got that chance with her own father, due to his Alzheimer’s. This is something Alex apparently regrets to this day.

      • AF says:

        Just to clarify, Alex regrets not being able to have that “final chat” with her father, not telling Bethenny to go see her own ailing dad.

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      According to what I have read he died when she was twelve and they had been living in Kansas.

  79. AZ Girl says:

    Ummmmmm AZGirl going out on a limb here….the blog is starting to turn into Debate 101. As someone posted up thread I find myself scrolling past these exchanges because they really do not add to the blog. I NOT implying that exchanges are BAD. I validate EVERYONE’s right to their opinion. But on every little detailed point??? It just gets tedious to read. Let’s all lighten up. IMHO.

    Besides…we have a grammar test tonight from Maezeppa.

    • Nancy says:

      Has anyone seen my notes?

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      Test cancelled – l erased the board!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – we need snark and humor and to lighten up.
      And I ain’t takin no stinkin test – I know alls I wanta know about Kelsey grammer….

    • Rose Colored Glasses says:

      Quite the casino during the early part of the day today and yesterday, which led to the frustration of Shadowsnomore in particular. Lots of regulars have done their best, each in their own way, to emphasize that this is meant to be a respectful and fun blog but a self described noob is testing some people’s patience. At least that is how I see it. Hoping as you are that the special humor and kindness of this site prevails.

    • Error404 says:

      I Disagree! Oh wait… Shute. Anyway, debate 101 is the one where all debate is good debate, even bad debate, right? I had a special Lisa frank trapper keeper with all of my notes from Kelly’s “class with the coo coo” in it, but can’t find it. Debate 102 is when you just smile and nod and say thank you, right?

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      You are not on that limb alone. Jezz tried, with humor, others tried with polite generalities. I have been ignoring, but wasn’t going to make it much longer. And everyone here knows my policy is peace through humor, but sometimes…….

  80. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Luanne’s brother is Michael and her father was Roland.

    Michael J. Nadeau Carpentry started in 1987 is celebrating its 20th year in business. His personal experience goes back to 1969 when he worked for his father, Roland Nadeau and his uncle Zoel Nadeau. Building goes back three generations to Canada and his grandfather who used to hand hue logs and build barns.”


  81. AF says:

    Okay, this is so random, but since I’ve been suffering from insomnia lately, I watch clips on bravo.com in an attempt to make myself sleepy. I typically watch RHONY or WWHL videos. Anyway, at 4 this morning, while perusing RHONY season 2 clips, I came across this video, which I’ve never seen before: http://www.bravotv.com/videos/dishing-on-the-finale

    It’s f-ing hysterical (to me)! Bethenny is hilarious, Andy is laid back and actually funny and charming…they’re both having such a good time (making fun of Jill) and it was such a joy to watch this. I wish I got this kind of joy out RHONY. But, nobody has a sense of humor anymore. None of the women on the show are even remotely funny. Well, unless you count the Leopard Bobsey Twins (I know LuAnn meant this as a put down, but I think it’s so funny and more complimentary than the “Countess” intended) and their shenanigans. But, Ramonja hardly gets enough air time to make the show more funny than catty and dark.

    Bravo really made a mistake casting Ms. Debbie Downer Barshop. They should have found someone more light-hearted…someone with an actual sense of humor. Perhaps the show wouldn’t have completely devolved into a complete hot mess?

    • boston02127 says:

      @ AF —- I’m shocked that they interviewed her and still hired her. Not one person said “she’s a wet blanket”. Maybe they didn’t care because (hopefully) NY won’t go on with this group of women.

      • AF says:

        This is my theory about Cindy being hired: I think the original intention was to have a “strong business woman” type on the show, someone who isn’t quite the flighty, fancy-free socialite, a juxtaposition to people like LuAnn, Jill, Kelly, and Sonja. I believe they wanted someone different from Bethenny personality wise, but still intended to get someone who marketed herself as a “business woman”.

        However, there must be business women in New York who know how to have a laugh, right? It seems like, at this point, the current cast of women are responsible for suggesting/bringing the newbies onto the show and I have absolutely no idea why Ramona would think Cindy could be a good fit on RHONY. I also don’t understand why the casting people couldn’t see how dull this woman really is. I guess they were all so blinded by the whole “I have a job” thing.

        Even though I’m a Bethenny fan, I don’t need a carbon copy of Bethenny on RHONY. But, her replacement (I don’t consider Sonja Bethenny’s replacement like some other viewers do) really needed to be funny. And funny Cindy is not. Plus, now she thinks Jill Zarin can part seas and turn water into diet coke, so Cindy needs to go 🙂

    • Kris says:

      I seriously don’t know how she got cast, she should’ve went the way of Jennifer. I know Ramona brought her in but why??? I think Andy + Co. saw gold when they saw the drama btw Ramona and Howie and then Cindy switched to the dark side.

    • Nancy says:

      Thank-you so much for posting that. I miss Bethenny!
      The show now is horrible. We like to escape our lives for a hour but this show is TOXIC.
      I actually feel my blood pressure rising when I watch Jill, LuMan,Kelly and CIndy.
      No more. Sometimes I think Andy doesn’t even watch these shows. He didn’t know all the details from Scary Island. I was shocked at that. He was acting like nothing big went on there re: Kelly. Bravo should be ashamed at themselves. She needs help more than she needs a job.

      • AF says:

        You’re most welcome 🙂 I miss Bethenny, too. However, I’m glad she’s off RHONY; I much prefer her show.

        As for Andy watching the shows – he definitely sits in for rough cuts of the episodes, but that doesn’t mean he sees every single moment that’s filmed. I believe he watched the final cuts of each episode, but I think you’re right about him not really watching the shows, at least in their most raw forms.

        And yes, Crazy Beans needs help. Serious, serious help.

    • Error404 says:

      Andy only hired Cindy because she “invented” sticking rhinestones on your lady pond, and being a tweaked out twink, he giggled.
      Once she went postal on him for calling her Cynthia on WWHL I knew he’d be firing her. The word of her being dull and probably not asked back was all over the web soon after.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        oh yeah…I completely forgot about that.
        She should be fired for that- totally ridiculous. people mess up my name all the time- As long as their not calling me sh*thead it’s all good.

    • shiny14 says:

      Now we know where Kelly’s “You’re making a casino” came from. LOL Kelly misquotes bits from others all the time, and I bet she watched (and didn’t understand) this video!

      • AF says:

        I was thinking the exact same thing when Bethenny was talking about casino security cameras! Oh Kelly…

      • For some reason I’ve always had the feeling that the ‘making a casino’ was a semi-pun from Kelly’s father. If they played Casino (the card game) when she was a kid I can see him, as a joke, saying to her “You’re making a ‘Big Ca(scene)o’ out of this or that situation. Being Kelly she didn’t ever grow up enough to understand it was an inside, family joke and she thinks its a real word.

    • BessiB says:

      Thanks! I have not seen that. That is just it – Bethenny left the show and took all the humor with her..

    • happygal says:

      AF, thank you for the that terrific link- OMG OMG that is the Andy i liked and loved- He wasn’t all high and mighty and was just excited to do the series of women- B was wonderful and real-
      The two of them together was innocent and guilty pleasure for the both…
      NOW he is a suck up to Jill and Countess sh*tann so you have lost the fun Andy and it is all ego and bull

  82. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday TEB & Zoekayla. I hope that you both had a great day. 🙂

  83. klmh says:

    LIAR! Our meteorologist said there is rain in the forecast. What is rain? He is such a liar…

    • Jezzibel says:

      I hate that they grin when they talk about the drought like its fun to have tripple digit heat in TX…I just want to wipe the smug smirk of of his face. I’ll believe about Hurrican Don possible bringing rain when and if it gets here.

      • klmh says:

        Well, at least our fellow isn’t that sadistic. He wanted us to feel better I guess and put that in the teaser. Then the real forecast came out.
        You have a mean weatherman. Sorry about the horrid temps and drought you are having. Im praying for Don as well, but they have to be pretty big to reach us.
        Hope you get some rain soon.

        • Jezzibel says:

          if it heads straight to Corpus Christi the effects will be felt here, if it moves north and hits Houston the we might..might get a shower here. As much as some people look down their nose at SA we are prefectly situated, so far south for tornado’s , too far east for hurricanes(unless Corpus takes a direct hit) the last flood was in 98, and no fault lines…it would be paradise if it wasn’t so ****ing hot in the summer

          • klmh says:

            So you are in San Antonio? We try to plan a trip there in the late fall every year, but never seem to make it. My sister thought it was one of the most beautiful cities and several friends have lived or live there now.
            Hope you get some rain soon.

            • Jezzibel says:

              yup….SA has its quirks I hated living here when I was younger but since I’ve been back for that last few years I’ve had a chance to rediscover how much fun it is and how much it has to offer.

    • klmh says:

      Nope. He changed his mind. No rain.

    • BessiB says:

      I smelled some though. I went out about 3: to walk next door for a snack and I smelled rain as soon as I opened the door. It was WONDERFUL! No rain though. I am now starting to hallucinate.

  84. Causing_A_Casino says:

    Luann’s finale blog is finally up. She spends half of it trashing Alex and the rest talking about how wonderful her life is with Jill dancing in fields of daisies like happy Disney woodland creatures (I’m paraphrasing)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Was Ramona the only one to blog an apology for their unladylike behavior at the reunion?

    • AF says:

      LuAnn said Kelly handled Alex’s breakdown well…what breakdown? In Morocco? At the reunion? What is she talking about?

      • Causing_A_Casino says:

        She probably means Morocco when Alex, like a peasant, burst into Luann’s salon’ and interrupted her henna. Luann had also mentioned, when retelling the story, that Alex had been hysterical and crying. Granted, the film shows none of this but this is from a woman who insists she’s been nothing but nice and kind to everyone.

        • AF says:

          Okay, that sort of makes sense. However, I don’t believe Kelly blithering on about Santa and “close your eyes, now open your eyes” qualifies as ‘handling the situation’…

      • K-Ris says:

        Kelly ms breakthrough not breakdown lmfao

    • Error404 says:

      The brunettes are either insanely cruel, or just plain insane.
      Weather deception or delusion, either way what astounds me is how out of touch they are that they think anyone actually likes them. 4 witches around a cauldron!

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Error404….. we Witches don’t use cauldrons any longer..,,
        Since the invention of the microwave we now can whip up our potions even quicker….
        Eye of Newt is getting harder to find…we might have to switch to using Eye of Zerran…


        • Error404 says:

          Don’t you mean toaster oven? 😛

          • Thedesigndiva says:

            Error..heavens NO child….thats like asking for JELLY instead of JAM at my house….
            fanning myself as I type…
            My reading material for the THRONE is..
            The Modern Witch’s Spellbook by Sarah Lyddon Morrison…
            I kid you not……

  85. Mookies1mom says:

    I posted this above for mich_in_mich regarding the ganache recipe. Hope you enjoy it.
    Here is what has worked for me:

    Ordinary Ganache is 1:1 (ex. 16 fl oz heavy cream to 16 oz chocolate)
    Rich Ganache is 1: 1.5 (16 fl oz heavy cream to 24 oz chocolate )
    Truffle Ganache is 1:2 (16 fl oz heavy cream to 32 oz chocolate)

    I melt the chocolate in a double boiler and add the the cream in small amounts at a time, making sure everything is throughly combined. It also helps to warm the cream before trying to add to the chocolate. I zap the cream in the microwave until it’s warm. You could also probably add a little bit of extract without changing the consistency, although I have not tried that yet.

    Now to try and catch up on all the comments!

    • Amy Matheson says:

      WAIT IT WAS YOU WHO GAVE ME THE RECIPE!!! I am horrible. It is YOU to whom I bow.

      Love you. Even if I confused you with someone else.

      xoxoxox ((((hugs)))))

      • Amy Matheson says:

        LOL… Poor Mama Z was prolly all like “what tha hell, girl – I didn’t give you no gan-ash recipe.” (haha… that’s how I imagine talk to me after I have been obtuse)

      • Mookies1mom says:

        You are not horrible at all! Nor do you need to bow. I’m just glad it worked out well for you! Love ya’ back! I don’t have children so if I can pass on my recipes for others to use it makes me happy!

    • Amy Matheson says:

      PS I made the Truffle Ganache and it was stupendous.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I did reply to you upthread and said I didn’t remember giving you the recipe. What I didn’t say was I was afraid it was on one of those nights when I had too many SKMs, lol. Wheew. I’m glad it was Mookies.

        • Amy Matheson says:

          I did see that – you’re so sweet to humor me. : ) You should try Mookie’smom ganache too. It’s beyond awesome.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          I’ve had a night or two like that myself! 😉

          • Mookies1mom says:

            This was for MAMAZ. Amy, that is quite a compliment. Thank you and I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

        • Indy501 says:

          i was like, what the hey? I remember a ganache recipe going around couple of weeks ago. i was a little worried about you mamaz, glad we got it all straightened out.
          anyone want to debate this?

    • mich_in_mich says:

      Thanks so much xoxo

  86. chismosa says:

    hi everyone!
    i dont watch BH, i know i know i should get into it- but that Dana looks TERRIBLE in that pic above next to Brandi. On people.com and in some other sites she looks like she’s mid 30’s or even early 30s and here she looks much older. I hope you all love the series this year… means less love for ny> Jill leaving.
    Wanted to say i’m still laughing hysterically over all the comments from yesterday/ today.

    If Nightlight is reading this at all— wake up nightlight ! (ha ha)
    see this that i posted yesterday, reposting:

    sorry if this was discussed, i’m behind on reading comments (so happy to be back at WP though)- but – Nightlight- you posted this yesterday- can anyone remind me when this came up in S3??:
    when did Bethenny say/ imply this? I never knew they were on some sort of outs?

    NightLight95 says:
    July 26, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    It would explain Bethenny’s comments about Ramona only befriending her for airtime or something along those lines. If I remember correctly, Bethenny said this last time she was WWHL.

    • Error404 says:

      Not s3. S4. Nothing to do with RHNY. After the press broke about b’s $120mill deal, Ramona was quoted in one article saying she didn’t think it was the correct amount be quoted, and b would probably get less. B was on WWHL soon after and Andy asked her about it and she said she had no idea why Ramona said it.

      • chismosa says:

        thanks Error but did B actually SAY that Ramoner was using her for airtime? What did these off-season quotes even have to do with airtime? None of this MADE IT TO AIR. that is what i’m trying to understand.
        Maybe your friend Princess Lara knows?

    • chismosa says:

      i’m saying this Dana chick looks bad in the pic, also that she looks older than in other pictures i’ve seen. You can look bad and younger and older and fantastic. She looks bad and older in the pic above.

  87. chismosa says:

    @TLM- i know you are no fan of Ramona and Alex- but i am responding here to something you wrote yesterday in response to my question ^^ as to Nightlight’s post about Ramoner:

    TLM says:
    July 28, 2011 at 6:08 am

    Of course Ramona’s jealous, and it wouldn’t be the first time she’s zinged Bethenny with a vicious comment. I would never trust Ramona as a friend; she’s all over the place and can stab you with the meanest remarks, even after it seems like she’s been on your side. Personally I can’t respect someone who can be so cruel with their remarks. I don’t care if it is under the guise of “honesty.” Mean is mean. Ramona also said this season of NYC would be “better without Bethenny” because Bethenny “made the show dark.” Really? That’s Bethenny’s friend? With friends like that…

    my response:
    i dont think Ramona meant that B herself made the show dark instead i feel she was insinuating that the Jill-Bethenny breaking up was dark (due to Jill of course), as well as the Bethenny- scary island Kelly episodes (all Kelly, but really K has issues with B that she won’t admit she has, which incite her to act so kookoo around B). I believe R knew that J was the cause of things but she was still at the time of the quote, giving Jill a little room to budge. Now, present-time, Ramona has just had it and is over with Jill.

    If Ramona is indeed as cruel and terrible a friend i don’t think she’d have such wonderful-seeming women as friends as we’ve seen on-screen when witches like Jill and Luann can’t ever seem to show any real friends from off-screen. I’m an honest friend and can be brutal with my friends and these are friends i’ve had since high school for now almost 20 yrs. going strong. They could have dropped me many a time but have not and they are not masochists. It all depends i guess on what you need/ want/ can handle in a friendship. I love Ramona and would like her as a friend because i would never act like a bitch like the brunettes have to her, which would then wind her up to be bitchx3000 to me back. Ramona ‘finishes’ what others started, if you remember the quote she gave. She doesn’t start off being mean to her friends.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Chismosa – I think you’re right about the Bethenny=dark comment. Ramona doesn’t always communicate well. Just like the whole Howie cigar/dead mans suit. I think she was trying to say that her friend was gone and it hurt to see him seemingly replaced. By Howie dating his GF, smoking his cigars and wearing his clothes. And I can understand being resentful in that situation.

  88. California35 says:

    OMIB—– “no 12 step program for being an ass-a -holic is there?”

  89. chismosa says:

    does everyone know for sure there is no WWH next monday? i’m not near my tv so i cant check- oh i should go on tvguide.com and look.
    I know there seems to be scheduled a wwh for tonight with John Hickey on — because he has SO MUCH RELEVANCE TO BRAVO SHOWS. Good call Andy with the casting! You are so desperate dude to get on a morning tv show. God get over yourself. You work behind the scenes- you should have gone to drama school if you wanted to be in front of the camera. I’m so sick of Andy hamming it all the time

    • California35 says:

      I am not sure, but I think WWHL is on only on Sudnays and Thursdays.

      • chismosa says:

        you are right- i think they were doing special for the Monday reunions of NY- but really why even put the reunions on Monday- so crazy. Viewers haven’t even come down the high from the NJ episodes on Sundays. I think it’s because Pro Runway starts tonight and it’s a similar demographic but i’m not sure why exactly. I hope it’s a sendoff of NY for ever. (though, love team Blonde and wish each 3 of them health,fame and fortune going forward)

  90. California35 says:

    Golden Girl — a better day than yesterday — thank you!! I hope you are a having a good day also.
    I am seriously going back to school…can I just be a student and NOTHING else? 😛

    • Golden Girl says:

      Thats great that you are going back to school! 🙂 I am too I start August 22nd I”m so scared. Are you still going to be working full time?

      • California35 says:

        Too late to star on August – so I will sign up for Jan. I better enjoy now because eif I’m busy now, I will be more so when Im at school. Will still be working full time.

  91. boston02127 says:

    I’m going to break down some of Jill’s tweets today because I’m tired and crabby.

    1. Going to bed. Aggravating day while trying to rest up for busy august. Tennis 930!
    ———-Shut your lazy ass mouth Jill. You need to “rest up” for next month. Get over it, get a job, hit a gym. Get out of your smelly bed. You’re a glorified bum.

    2. TwBirthday http://twbirthday.com/Jillzarin/
    ————-You’ve proven over and over what an ignorant liar you are three years in a row!
    That’s the only thing I’ve EVER known that you have done consistently for any length of time because you’re a lazy ass.

    3. Welcome to my new Twitter followers! If you want to ask me anything or leave comment go to jillzarin.com and sign up for newsletter!
    —————-Just shut up. Nobody likes you.

    4. Please tell me if you’ve tried to post a comment on Bravotv.com blog that hasn’t posted.Go to jillzarin.com and let me know??
    —————-Really? Do you want to read the thousands and thousands of negative comments that Bravo won’t post? Keep reading this blog Jill, we know you do…….you’re as transparent as glass tweeting that. Dumb ass.

    5. With family going to play golf. After 2 hours tennis. Having best summer ever!
    ——— Jill’s played tennis maybe 3 times this summer because it’s too hot and she’s too lazy and too much of a complainer. “having the best summer ever” Just lol to that. Jill’s been sitting around the Hamptons with her only friend crazy Kelly with her diet coke, gossiping and avoiding any physical activity.
    Ok, I feel a little better.

    • Nancy says:

      We both had the same thought re: Jill’s “Best summer ever.”

      • boston02127 says:

        Nancy—LOL, can you picture Jill playing tennis for 2 hours? She could barely make it up the front stairs when she went to visit Alex. I thought (and hope a little) she was going to
        collapse. Before she went up the stairs she stopped and went “ugg”.

        • Nancy says:

          She got “tired” doing LuMan’s video! didn’t see used to work at a make-up counter at Macy’s or something. They are on their legs for hours. Believe it not Jill can actually hit the tennis ball rather well. (I play) How long she stays on the tennis court is unknown.
          If she was more active I wonder if Alley would still have issues with her weight. Remember when Bethenny took her to the park to ride her bike? I bet Jill never does stuff like that. Heck Jill can’t even exercise her DOG!

          • boston02127 says:

            N—I remember that eppy with Bethenny & Ally. Ally could barely ride the bike. That was so odd. When we were little we were always doing active things with my mother. I think she was trying to wear us out. (twins)

          • AF says:

            That was such a cute scene. It’s sad to think that Ally probably has as much disdain for Bethenny as Jill.

            Anyway, I do remember in that bike-riding scene Bethenny asking Ally if they could ever get Jill out on a bike. I believe Ally’s response was something along the lines of, “My mom? On a bike? Ha!” Though, Jill must work out on her own, have a personal trainer, or something because she has lost weight since the show started. I’m assuming she also does things like follow her own rule of pouring a drink over uneaten food, so as not to be tempted to “over eat”. I imagine this helps cut calories…

            • Nancy says:

              I see so many homeless, starving people everyday at work. When I think about Jill pouring water over her food I want to slug her. I have never had this much hate towards anyone in my entire life that I have with Jill.

              • AF says:

                I know. It really pisses me off as well. Not only is it a stupid and, in my opinion, a semi-eating disordered “diet” tip, it’s a waste of food. And, like you said, there are too many people in this country alone (not to mention the whole world) that starve on a daily basis. So, for this woman to be so nonchalant about wasting what I imagine is typically really expensive, quality food is completely deranged to me. All in the name of vanity. How Ally is not vomiting up her food every fifteen minutes is beyond me, considering who were mother is…

                Anyway, Jill is so spoiled and so “rich” that she can’t even see beyond the scope of her little wannabe socialite bubble. She can drone on and on about her supposed charity work ’til she’s blue in the face – throwing lavish parties for the Jill Zarin Trust does nothing to help the homeless, the sick, the starving, and everyone else who is currently disadvantaged in life. She doesn’t give a flip about those truly in need; she’ll just name drop causes to make herself look good in the public eye. And then she’ll do something horrific like “play professional victim” (to quote Alex McCord) and cry foul about being cyber-bullied just because it’s a hot topic and she wants to further who own personal agenda and remain relevant in the press.

                She’s so sick. On some level, I want to feel sorry for her. In fact, there are times when I actually feel sympathy for her. But, then that sympathy is always negated when she sets out to destroy someone’s life in the name vengeance or exploit others in the name of Jill Zarin. UGH!

                Okay, I’ll shut up now. I completely went off on a ranting tangent there, lol.

    • chismosa says:

      I LOVE #4! please let’s all tell her that we’ve tried thousands of times.
      is it even worth it to go post negative things on her website- ? i mean i know it may add to her hits on her site but still it’s negative posts that she may indeed read? Moreso than she may read everything here or on twitter- i dont know what Mags or Darren just read or that Jill will read herself

      WHERE does she stay in the Hamptons? she has no friends and has no house. I really want to know

      • Nancy says:

        Good question.

        • chismosa says:

          Nancy you know this stuff- if i am not a follower of Jill, nor does she follow me- and even let’s go so far to say she BLOCKS me- can she still see if i ‘mention’ her? i.e. tweet about her?

      • AF says:

        She probably rents a house. That seems to be a popular thing to do in the Hamptons.

        • Nancy says:

          I was surprised to hear that Kookoo gets kicked out of her apt every summer.
          You know with her being such a clean freak and all.

          • AF says:

            That surprised me as well. I just assumed she set up shop in the Hamptons every summer because she loves the place so much. That and because this what rich New Yorkers typically do – escape to the Hamptons during the summer.

  92. Nancy says:

    One of Jill’s tweets.
    “Having the best summer ever!” Right Jill. Having Kookoo at “your” house in the Hamptoms
    every weekend is the best summer ever? Have another drink dear!

  93. chismosa says:

    ok i just checked tv guide and there seems to be NO WWH for next monday. fingers crossed. i want Ramona to be the final send off of the series’ cast yay!

    does everyone here watch Project Runway? it’s like 4 hours episode tonight….

    • Error404 says:

      Wha??? I though PR was on from 10:00 to 11:00.

      • Error404 says:

        Thanks! I just noticed the preview shows and then the b to b episodes at 9 and 10. Weird, it’s advertised all over town as 10:00. Lifetime is such a mess! Lol

        • chismosa says:

          i just dont know if i have the energy to watch 1 hr of the recruiting of the designers, then watch 2 hrs (or i think it’s really 1 1/2 to be honest).
          hope this season is better than last.

        • LOLing says:

          What’s the point anyway? The winner will be whoever designs a line of all black and gray clothes!

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      OMG! I gotta go & watch it. Anyone recapping it? See u all later. Make it work!

      • MAMAZ says:

        I didn’t even know it was on tonight! Thanks.

      • chismosa says:

        i love Tim. He is male epitome of class. He and Anderson Cooper would be a fabulous couple! But i know AC is taken and TG does not date.

  94. AZ Girl says:

    This is the ultimate perfect Twitter post by Jill Zarin:

    Please tell me if you’ve tried to post a comment on Bravotv.com blog that hasn’t posted.Go to jillzarin.com and let me know??

    Right! Jillzy! The fact that Bravo only post positive comments is WHY WE ARE HERE!!! Like you can’t get enough ego boosting crap on Bravo you need it on your own website which edits negative comments out and only positive posts are shown. Jill Zarin you are really nuts.

    • susanssnark says:

      ya, pretty pathetic on her part
      Trust me, I have TRIED to post my opinion over on the Bravo blogs and it lasts a very short time before some mod rips it down. My comments are never inappropriate and contain no cursing. They just represent the truth and Ms Andy aint interested in the truth on his blogs.

    • Empress of FOD Farm says:

      Check my post above. Bravo comments went from 100’s even 1,000’s to 50-60. Yea, that’s just a mistake, Jill.

  95. boston02127 says:

    South Boston is on House Hunters.

  96. susanssnark says:

    Totallyyyy off the subject for anyone that needs to lighten up after that horrid reunion show….
    Betheny Frankel imitating Simon. Classic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT_FdzWEAjE&feature=related

    • AF says:

      That’s hilarious. My personal favorite is her impression (all of her impressions) of Jill. “Aaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyy!!!!!” She does Jill’s voice so well.

    • happygal says:

      susansnark- thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much! i hadn’t seen that and I am peeing in my pants…. This is why we all love Bethenny- humor and goofy and quick, bright and Smart! None of the witches can do this…. they try- and fail- Jill’s talking head tries so hard to be funny and snarky but fails- instead mean, evil, cruel and cheesey- she cannot be Bethenny no matter how hard she tries- Lumann too-

  97. Bravo is showing the NY reunion now-what the hell are they going to show at 10pm? My Fios guide(in NY) says the reunion is on at 10pm but I dont think they would show it twice-the guide shows Patti Stinkers show for 8pm-…..I’m confused????????

  98. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s been tweeting for people to sign up for her newsletter more than ever. She’s trying to lure peeps away from Bravo comments & twitter. Maybe having so many acct’s is getting to much for her little brain.

  99. BambiBaby22 says:

    I don’t believe Jill ever HAD a deal with Kodak, not only that, but she would have had this deal well before the episode aired. If she had a huge deal, we would have seen her promoting Kodak between the time of filming and air date. I saw NOTHING that placed Jill with kodak.

    Kodak has had very tough financial years of late, I think it would have paid $1m in a more useful way than a bravolebrity.

    I laughed my bottom off when Ramaona said to Jill that Kodak was antiquated…….Jill just said, “are you kidding me?”……haha….me thinks Ms. Zarin doesn’t know the meaning of the word antiquated”….lol

    A “real” spokesperson would have told Ramona the things kodak is doing to update their technology and their products. Wouldn’t a million dollar spokesperson be able to answer a very reasonable claim of it being antiquated? I mean if Jill couldn’t rebutt Ramona’s claim, HOW would Jill be able to convince customers and investors to spend money on Kodak?

    Kodak dodged a bullet with that one!

  100. chismosa says:

    i was just Control-F’ing to see if Shadows had posted something recently to reply to something she said in yesterday’s blog- what casino happened to cause her to leave? Bethenny’s weight posts by Michelle Obama? What?
    Shadows if you are lurking- i agree with everything you say about Sonja~~~ don’t leave!

    i dont think B has an eating disorder, however i think she could stand to gain a few lbs to make her figure & face look better. She looked so beautiful S1 and a bit on S2 on the reruns.

    • chismosa says:

      i miss Nathania’s posts too

      • I think I saw a few posts from Nathania on yesterdays blog-I remember b/c Nathania has great posts

        • chismosa says:

          i’m still catching up, yes i see it. but i dont mean to agree with anything she may have said about AA i know there are some peeps on here who do hold AA in high regard.
          I’m so happy people defined what a dry drunk was because i never knew- that is such an interesting term i have to say!
          I had a functioning alcoholic uncle but all we knew was that he did have some cirrhosis & such and drank without others knowing. So interesting the things to learn on this site

          • I have never heard the term “dry drunk” until i read it here. I dont always agree with what people say but I have learned so many things reading all these comments…entertaining and educational all in one!!!!!

  101. Carly Hall says:

    I have a necklace for sale. Going to the HALL FAMILY TRUST so I can buy new necklaces.



  102. GlamB0t says:

    Hello everyone!!! I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with your hilarious comments and just started a new job, so it’s been a challenge! We’ve had lots to discuss lately haven’t we!?!

    Great POST as usual Lynn!! ❤ YOU!

    *****************HILARITY AHEAD*********************
    I can't take KBB seriously, she has too strong of a resemblance to the Lady Elaine Fairchild puppet on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

    I'm serious guys LOOK:


    *****************END OF HILARITY AND CHILDHOOD DESTRUCTION********************

    • GlamB0t says:

      I’m serious. When I first saw her, I thought: “Damn, she looks like Lady Fairchild” and then she went coo-coo for coco puffs. Making that pic took a piece of my soul away….


    • happygal says:

      Woo Hoo on the new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So great to hear. Hope it is everything you want it to be-

  103. chismosa says:

    stop the press- Ramona is on wwh tonight? i thought it was sunday? yay

    oh ps- i saw on a wwh guide on my tv that Teresa was going to be on with someone – i’m sorry i dont remember who- but like a witty, quick personality. I thought to myself- this is going to be fantastic! I cant wait to see Tre with that company

  104. Amy Matheson says:

    Hey Jill,

    Your attempts to censor what people think on Bravo’s blogs is the reason this blog exists in the first place as someone else so eloquently put it upthread.

    Love you (as in – not really, actually the opposite)
    Amy M.

  105. boston02127 says:

    I just put on the reunion show for a couple of minutes. I can’t watch it again, I just can’t. My brain can’t take it.

    BTW, Jill looks like a pumpkin with a cheap wig on.

  106. chismosa says:

    fyi my guide only says John Hickey on wwh tonight- ?? – i presume with Ramona and please baby Jesus let her have 1st chair.
    Sunday is Jerry O’Connell – (again, fantastic Bravo-centric personality) with Teresa. That will be good except she’ll win every poll as usual. Now i have to go see her face again on this weekend’s Life & Style cover. Baby Jesus,help?

  107. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I think BRAVO’s habit of taping the reunion many weeks in advance doesn’t allow viewers to get the answers to the questions we really want. Two weeks prior to finale should be enough time to edit a final product. The last episodes are where many fans trade allegiance, after having the entire season to watch the characters lives unfold. Example, BH’s Kyle went from fan favorite to being despised for her treatment of Kim, while Camille started to get more fans towards the end of the show. Also OC’s Peggy was given a walk re; her finances while Andy questioned Alexis about hers and soft-shoed around Tamra and Vicky too.

    BRAVO really needs to stop with the favoritism and start asking the hard hitting questions, NOT the ones asked by BenWeiner, but by FANS who watch the shows, read blogs and entertainment news.

    • chismosa says:

      agreed of course- but i dont think it will happen. They need to kick Andy to the curb. Even Wendy Williams asks better questions when she hosts reunions.

  108. OneMoreInBoston says:

    This *never* gets old

  109. OneMoreInBoston says:

    wow- Amy really did break the blog!

  110. Thedesigndiva says:

    I have taken the first step to boycott your HWSNY sponsors…..
    Mr Ford was an avid lover of those things…being from PA and all…. so when he asked me when I got home from the store why I didn’t buy him any I told him I AM BOYCOTTING…..he needs to put his listening ears on…..and remember I don’t bluff……I brought home soft pretzels from the freezer section instead…..He will have to learn to love something new……..if not ..tough boobs..
    I am so proud of myself ~~~~~~~~

  111. chismosa says:

    to the Tweeters here- quickie question:

    if i am not a follower of Jill (for example), nor does she follow me- and even let’s go so far to say she BLOCKS me- can she still see if i ‘mention’ her? i.e. tweet about her?

    • AF says:

      If your twitter account is public and you tweet about her including @jillzarin in your tweet, then yes, I believe she can see what you’re saying. Now, if she blocks you, then she’ll never see anything you tweet about her…which is why she blocks anybody who dares criticize her.

      Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • sony4ou says:

      If you do @jillzarin in your tweet she will see it…she responded to me and she has me blocked

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Yes, a tweet to her using @Jillzarin Will still be seen if she searches anything with her name in it even if the person is blocked. Knowing how Jill is, she searches for her name all the time. I know Kelly searches for her name, she’s responded to me and she has me blocked.

  112. chismosa says:

    i love this post, just re-posting it. ha ha!

    Wicked says:
    July 27, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Jill is a demon

  113. chismosa says:

    update on that hollywood reporter poll on re-casting NY hw’s and who should be re-cast: yay Ramona and Sonja for the win

    Thank you for voting!
    Jill Zarin 30.21%

    Alex McCord 15.57%

    LuAnn DeLesseps 6.13%

    Sonja Morgan 1.62%

    Cindy Barshop 27.23%

    Ramona Singer 4.51%

    Kelly Killoren Bensimon 14.72%

    • AF says:

      It’s interesting that just a few days ago, Cindy was in the running as the housewife people most wanted off the show. And now, it’s Jill. Gee, I wonder why…

      • chismosa says:

        i think when these polls/ online things start up, say the day it comes out- Mags and Darren and Lisa, Ally- (she needs something to do on summer break from college #2)- all get into their tizzy to get all votes for Jill. But then they die down as the news item becomes stale, and they dont furiously vote/ tweet/ comment, etc. Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn, the truth comes out from REAL voters. i.e. checking on old bravo blogs 1 week or 2 after a hw posts it to see the real comments there (though that is a Bravo employee monitoring those).

    • GlamB0t says:

      VOTED! (Jill of course!)

    • Kelly says:

      Wow – I’d say the Brunettes are definitely not the popular girls in school

  114. Nancy says:

    Octomom is on Dr Drew right now. What a mess she is. Oh dear.

    • Nancy says:

      She so reminds me of Kelly.

    • chismosa says:

      why is her voice so awful? I always wondered that. Is it her nosejobs? She has such an awful voice.
      What a MESS

      • Nancy says:

        Dr Drew is getting so frustrated. Check out his face it’s just keeps getting redder and redder. She’s a very well educated woman but has no common sense. What is going to happen with all those children. Dr Drew has triplets himself. His daughter is a competitive figure skater. 🙂

        • chismosa says:

          he has triplets? naturally? OMG… or do hormonal drugs yield triplets as much as twins?
          I used to like him a lot, i really should tune into his show

        • Rose Colored Glasses says:

          Is it that she has no common sense or that she is smart and a lunatic? Just saying.

  115. Need a Hobby says:

    Chismosa: thanks for the reminder about Project Runway! I’d completely forgotten. 😉

  116. boston02127 says:

    oʞɔɐʍ ƃuıʇɔɐ puɐ ǝɹǝɥʍʎɹǝʌǝ ƃuıoƃ ǝɹɐ sʇsod puɐ llnɟ ʎɹǝʌ sı ƃolq ǝɥʇ

  117. Thedesigndiva says:

    According to Comcast / Xfinity schedule Monday Aug 01……NO WWHL….It’s mostly a repeat of the NY series…then the part 2 of the Screeching Bowels …. and then more repeats till 4 a.m. Tuesday…..

  118. shanna says:

    okay, just have to say=YOU PEOPLE SLAY ME! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this blog/site, whatever you call it. Hats off to Lynn, and Kadooze to all of you! ps-I was SO wondering where Krazy Kelly got the Causing a Casino-thanks for posting the clip!

    • Nancy says:

      This blog is great. Very funny people here. Sometimes we get into little “fights” but they pass. Stick around! 🙂

  119. Nancy says:

    Jill’s tweet…Who wants to see me play golf?
    So far no takers. Big surprise!

  120. mich_in_mich says:

    I just read LuLu’s blog and something jumped out at me, she’s big time gunning for Alex but giving Ramona a wide berth. Ramona re-tweeted about LuLu’s daughter (some say Ramona was justified others do not) that compared to Alex and Simon using the “C” word, I’m alittle puzzled. It appears LuLu is more bothered about what is said about her personally and not as concerned about her daughter. Although there is also the possibility that LuLu is fixating on Alex because she is an easier target to go up against than Ramona. I think this is another example of Lulu being self serving and fake.

  121. Indy501 says:

    Carbonated sodas ruin your teeth. Everyone I know that are soda drinkers have issues with their teeth. According to dentist Brother and SIL, they encourage people to eat lots of candy and drink lots of soda, esp. diet. Good for business, wink, wink.
    They recommend if you must, sip through a straw.

    Jill, just pour it over your face.

  122. LavaLady says:

    Thanks to whoever posted the Project Runway heads up. I’ve missed the last few season; but I am happy to begin watching season 9 tonight.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And now she is the voice of reason, the peacemaker and NICE! What a difference a year makes! lol

    • Cusi77 says:

      Kukulet_ Certainly oldie because it was written on July 2010… Now she looks more “normal” (medicated?) but still nothing to celebrate about her… maybe Jill Zarin can, who found a new hobby teaching “the parrot” to do new tricks!

  123. California35 says:

    Golden Girl
    So happy for you ongoing back to school!!!!

    I wrote you up there…Too late to star on August – so I will sign up for Jan. I better enjoy now because eif I’m busy now, I will be more so when Im at school. Will still be working full time.

  124. buffywood says:

    Good Evening Everyone!

    Thanks Lynn for yet another wonderful blog. Since I refused to watch NY this season coming here has reminded me that I really am not missing anything other than being appaled at how some adults can behave.
    With so many animal lovers here I thought many of you would appreciated my favorite video. My son and I call it Snuggle Kitty. After all of the frustration caused by these stupid bitches aka Housewives this should bring smiles to your faces.

    • Golden Girl says:

      That has to be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen! Thank you for that. Are you going to be joining us for RHOBH? I miss your posts over here I know you have been busy.

  125. Error404 says:

    OMG WTH is Dance Moms? What a hot mess!

    • sony4ou says:

      I love that show…it is over the top!!!

    • Nancy says:

      I’ve seen it and I was going to tell YOU about it. How funny.
      Aren’t they just like “skating mom’s”? I was really impressed by their
      dancing. Did you meet the new mom? She’s really rich and a complete
      pain in the ass. I’m so glad you saw it. It would be difficult explaining
      that show.

      • Error404 says:

        Ha! I thought of you as soon as I saw it! LoL
        Depending on my mood, my anti-social mom either made me ” normal”, or ruined my chances for an OMG. LoL
        Is the ” new mom” the former dancer who made the kiddie kennel crack?

  126. Thedesigndiva says:

    Oh mny God…I am off in the office watching my own TV…Mr Ford in the living room…. I am watching willfred right after burn notice..
    He says he may need an intervention after that……
    He LOVES Romona and would do her…such class Mr Ford….. Sonja not his cup of tea…. Asked who the beady eye chick was….. HAHAHAHAhah JZ…. He was shocked and appalled that one woman actually called another woman a F.Bee…..then who was the Amazon Queen..Luann..wanted to know what was wrong with the chick who plays with her hair….LOL LOL LOL……..asked if Cinday was someones Mom……….Told him nope thats the butt lint removal chick ……never said a word about Alex and I didnt ask……..gonna sucker him in for Part Deaux.
    He now wants an ice cream cone…..Good MR ford….. he’s getting Lime sherbert instead….

  127. GlamB0t says:

    Anyone going to WWHL tonight?

  128. Nancy says:

    Just watched the reunion again. I LOVED how Ramona smacked Lulu at the end.
    God that made me happy. Can’t wait to hear Ramona on WWHL.

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Bravo os running part one FIRST then part deaux right after it next Monday……I think Mr Ford sniffed too many gas fumes when we were doing spark plugs earlier….He WOULD NEVER watch this kind of show….said he was bored….. he doesn’t like Willfred.. he needs to go back to smokin or is that token….LOL LOL LOL……..
      So we chatted real quick bout Ramona…..He was SHOCKED when I told him her age… Showed him that video montage she had from the combo Beeday…..He was IMPRESSED…… He does have good taste if I say so myself……wink wink…..
      Off to watch The fan with Robert De niro…

  129. Error404 says:

    OMG Denise looks 16! Lol

  130. Ramona looks FAB…hope she doesnt stick her pretty shoe in her mouth!!!!!

  131. Error404 says:

    I hate these polls because I want to vote both Jill and Kelly.

    Juann! I love it!

  132. Eastbayca says:

    WWHL question: Who is the biggest bully?

    vote vote vote vote

  133. MAMAZ says:

    LMAO, The Kimmel Kartoon

  134. Cusi77 says:

    Someone watching Project Runway? This is the selection of the designers… Wow! Are they now competing with Bravo for drama? Or for good design?

    • Cusi77 – Just finished PR. I am so disappointed with this group. I can’t believe this was the best they could find. I only caught 5 minutes of the audition/pre-show thing so I don’t know what there was to choose from. Tonight, I thought the construction on all the pieces were shoddy and most of the designs were awful. From the preview of the season it does not appear to get much better. This is the one show I talk about all year and look forward – my true little respite – and I feel like it has been ruined. It has only been one episode so I shouldn’t be so bummed and I hope I am wrong about my feelings.

  135. MAMAZ says:

    I wish it was Lynn from Chicago calling