I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives Weekend News!

I Hate Jill Zarin  Housewives Weekend News by LynnNChicago

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline finally posted her blog the other day, just a few days late Jac!  I believe that the reason it is so late it because it is so gosh darn long…Six long pages later, Jac really could have boiled it down to this:

Kim G acted like an ass, Caroline told her off, Caroline’s family had her back.  Christopher remains friends with Kim’s son and Jac would still say Hi to Kim G if she saw her on the street. 

The Laurita Christmas is traditional and similar to many others across the country.  They enjoy going to Caroline’s for Christmas Eve but some family members weren’t comfortable with the camera’s and decided against going to the Manzo’s while filming. 

Ashley decided that she didn’t want to spell her name the way her mother and father gave it to her and now spells her name Ashlee, Jacqueline continues to spell it Ashley.  Jac is clearly disgusted by her daughter’s constant digs and jabs at Jacqueline and Chris, but without bashing her own child, she simply hopes Ashley can see the truth someday.  Chris is a great step-fater. 

Six pages down to three paragraphs,I saved you all a whole lot of time.  No, don’t thank me Jac, it was my pleasure 🙂

Teresa’s blog just annoys me, she writes like she’s so much better than anyone else on the cast because she’s not going to bash anyone yet she goes on to use underhanded ways to jab at them anyway.  Teresa says that her husband remained silent while Melissa’s sister’s bump and grind on the dance floor.  WHAT?  This is Teresa’s way of telling viewers that the girls were dancing in what she feels is a raunchy way yet not coming right out and saying it.  I take back my original thought that someone else writes Teresa’s blog for her.  No one else is that stupid.

Some not so bright fan Tweeted to Teresa that she should be on Dancing With The Stars next season, apparently assuming that it is Teresa’s decision in the first place.  Teresa responded:

@Teresa_Guidice:  Would ♥ to but they don’t want Housewives this season. But Playmates are OK?

I don’t think they’ll want Housewives any season, I think the height of the Housewife popluarity may have came and gone.  If they were ever going to put Teresa on Housewives, it would probably have been last season.  There is no more popular or famous Housewife than Bethenny Frankel and even she didn’t warrant an invitation on Dancing with the Stars, she got the next best thing that unfortunately flopped.  The best part of Skating with the Stars was the feud between Bethenny and judge weiny extradonarie Johnny Wier.

Keep dreaming Giudice, no matter how you pronounce your last name this year, or next year DWTS doesn’t want you!

The Manzo boys have a new venture, BLK Water which is water infused with folic acid that is apparently good for you.  The claim/sales tactic is that it helps you get over a hangover.  Interesting idea, would you buy Manzo water? 

I will give the Manzo boys credit for sticking up for their mother Caroline.  Caroline infused herself (yes infused) into a conversation that turned into an argument with Kim G.  Caroline was right that Kim brought Monica to the party to start trouble but it wasn’t Caroline’s trouble and it wasn’t Caroline’s house.  As if that matters!  Caroline gave it to Kim G but good and when it looked as though it may get physical, Chris, Albie and Al Senior all jumped in front of Caroline.  That is the kind of family you can admire.  The Manzo’s don’t typically jump into drama so I think it was genuinely done for their mother.

A preview of Sunday’s Christmas day at the Giudice house:


As Teresa explains that she tries to teach her four daughters that Christmas isn’t about material things, her girls are opening up expensive gifts and her lazy lump husband could barely get out of bed to be there, when he does he just takes a new place on the couch laying there like a lump on a rock.  Joe Giudice is really disgusting.

More RHONJ Previews tomorrow right here at IHJZ!


Enjoy your weekend the New Jersey girls will air on Sunday night with a new Watch What Happens Live to follow.  Immediately after WWHL, don’t miss Carly and I recapping the episode on blogtalk radio!  Here is the link to Carly’s site, you can also listen to past shows here:

Listening to “CARLY HALL PRESENT Real Housewives REUNION with Lynn Hudson” by Carly Hall on #BlogTalkRadio  http://t.co/uKyzO7P

Notice how Jill Tweets in hopes of letting people know what she’s doing and what D-list celebrity she is sucking up to?

I love this, now Andy has to tweet to let people know that he’s with Bethenny!

@BravoAndy I think @Bethenny and I were the loudest people in the Palm tonight. And THAT is saying something…

Real Housewives of New York

The New York ladies will be back with part two of the reunion show on Monday night.  I would imagine anyone watching this show would be concerned for the mental health of Kelly Bensimon. I honestly don’t know where Andy Cohen comes up with calling Bensimon “The voice of reason”    Kelly was a mean girl who treated Alex as if she was a child who was misbehaving, just as Alex pointed out Kelly doesn’t even know Ales but just listens to her boss Jill Zarin and does as she’s told.

Jill continues to whisper in Bensimon’s ear telling her what to say, she can’t help herself.  Even after viewers criticized Jill last season for telling Kells what to say, she did it again.  I don’t know why Jill just doesn’t say it herself, she has no problem inturrupting anyone else, why not just say what you want Kelly to say Ms. Zarin?

Next week will bring more arguments and more vile behavior.

@kellybensimon   Just saw the coolest mentalist perform. Think positive thoughts never know who’s reading them #hamptons



Asshat of the Week!

Asshat of the Week!    This was a tough week to make a decision, there’s the stupidity that IS Kim G of New Jersey. Joe Giudice and his assinine comments to his daughter and about his wife’s family.Andy Cohen’s unprofessional, icy welcome to Alex McCord at the Real Housewives of New York Reunion.There’s no way any of those could hold a candle to the asshat’s that call themselves, “The Brunette’s”   Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, Luann deLesseps and Cindy Barshop are this week’s asshats for their vile behavior on The Reunion Part I.

The Three Stooges plus one

Do you agree with this week’s Asshat?  If I had to pick only one it would have to be Jill Zarin, no surprise there, right?  Here’s why…

I have to give Luann a pass, although she was horrible and told Alex to “be quiet YOU, and stay out of it”, while she sticks her nose into everything (as do all the Brunettes) but Luann did defend Sonja against both Cindy and Kelly so Jill beat Luann without a doubt!

Cindy isn’t important enough to warrant an Asshat all on her own and Kelly is too stupid to have come up with these insults she lobbed at the Blonde’s on her own.  Jill wins!

Jill seemed to try to fly under the radar this season, she pretended to apologize and make peace with Alex McCord but we all know that was acting for the cameras and viewers.  Jill didn’t fool anyone, she was just as awful this season as she was last season.  Last season we made a list of Jill’s bad behavior and I think it’s time to update that list since we have a whole fourth season as well as her off camera behavior.

Just to review, last year’s list is here (don’t forget all the comments where readers added their’s)  http://wp.me/pVOhN-s



We need an updated list so please add your own comments that include Jill Zarin’s bad behavior.

According to the schedule Jill and Ramona will appear on The Today Show on Monday, I think it would be fantastic if the two ladies were asked about their opposing views about our little blog here, wouldn’t it?   Since Jill has done everything to try to shut us down and Ramona has been so supportive including a link in her newsletter, wouldn’t it be nice if they were to talk about it on the Today Show?


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Finally I wanted to concede that Ms. Cat Ommanney will not be joining the cast of The Real

Catherine Ommanney

Housewives of New York, she has tweeted that she’s giving up that desire.  Whether Bravo told her that it wasn’t happening or she’s changed her mind about working with “toxic” women, I certainly hope that my favorite DC Housewife lands on Bravo or some other network in another capacity because I really miss seeing her on TV!  Love you Cat!

Don’t forget to add your example of Jill’s bad behavior today, we’ll create a new updated list!

Until Next Time…

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502 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives Weekend News!

  1. Kip Mitchell says:

    One thing I’ve really noticed about Jill this year is the backdoor way she goes about putting someone down which I think she thinks is not really being mean. For example, the time she brought up Sonia’s bankruptcy which was just a sneaky way to get it out there and make sure everyone was aware of it. It was uncalled for and none of her business but as usual, her big mouth had to announce it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Sonja has Jill number – after having “lawyer” Lisa show up to discuss what is clearly a private financial matter and then for Jill to bring it up at her gaudy girdle group…yeah, Sonja has her number. Jill’s financials are easy to track – Bawby has the money and she has the mouth….

  2. Powell says:

    Hi Lynn,
    If Indy501 is out there today. I hope you are taking care of yourself. I’ll be back later…

    • Indy501 says:

      Oh Powell, thank you for thnking of me. Now that the dust has settled after the reunion I am fine. I think that I need to go back to taping it and watching it at a later date. When it comes on here at 10, WWHL isn’t over til midnight and then I want to stay up even later to stay current with all of you who have become so dear to me in this short time.
      On regular days I take my mini breaks and check in on the posts.

      • Powell says:

        Great!! I’m glad to here that. I know these shows can be addictive. I haven’t watched any of Bravo’s shows on the original night they air in 3 seasons. Sounds like you’ve got “A new attitude” as Patti Labelle says. Continue to take care.

  3. Dame Rhetorica says:

    30 Happy Birthday Diana & WSM! The following are events that share your special day:

    1916 –The Black Tom Island explosion in Jersey City, New Jersey occurred.

    2009 – The table flipping explosion in Franklin Lakes New Jersey was absurd.

    1881 –Smedley Butler, American Marine general, was born.

    2011 – Smelly Buttshop, American Vajayjay queen general, held one of her children for 4 minutes!

  4. RealMinkey says:

    Good morning!

    I said it twice, because I’m making up for being negligent yesterday.

    Would someone please bring me up to date as to why Rich gets the Asshat? I guess I missed what he said, and that’s some stiff competition he had for the title.

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      He doesn’t get the award. Jill does. It is called the Rich Amon’s Asshat award because he was the one to coin the phrase when he told the Grifter to just admit he was wearing his Asshat one night.

  5. WindyCityWondering says:

    It was hard not to notice how hard Melissa’s sister was trying to be on camera. And I thought it was disgusting when Lyssa was humping JOey’s leg from behind when he was dancing with all the girls. Between Melissa’s skeevy, drunk family and her camera whore husband it is a wonder we even get to see Melissa – they are hijacking her HW spot!

  6. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Thank you for the blog & pics~
    Hope they see soon how these NYC wives are not working. The blondes are definitely great but the others have to go~ 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      I have NOT received anything from you or Lynn.
      I’m going to e-mail Lynn so she can give you my e-mail address.
      I hope the little guy is better. Keep in touch.

  7. Amy Matheson says:

    I have always been a face and voice person.

    Luann is pretty but her dirt and gravel baritone voice kills it for me.
    Jacqueline is cute, but not stunning, but has a really pretty voice that makes her instantly attractive.
    Jill strikes out both counts. I won’t elaborate.

    I could go on about all the rest of them… why some of the most physically beautiful I would avoid like lepers and why some average and quirky and not sculpted to perfection hws radiate an attractiveness I can’t explain.

    In the end though, regardless of the pretty on the outside some housewives are, most of them are so steamingly ugly on the inside any exterior beauty ceases to matter.

    • RealMinkey says:

      Lisa V. wins the face and voice contest.

      • Cynthia Bailey is beautiful on the outside, and from what I can tell very pretty on the inside as well. Her voice is fine.

        • RealMinkey says:

          You’re right. She is beautiful. Why she married that mean bullying loser, I don’t know.
          Is it true she’s off the show in the next season?

      • GlamB0t says:

        ITA! Lovely voice with that accent and sass along with a beautifully put together woman who exudes class and awesome. Love her.

    • Powell says:

      You certainly said it. I believe your last line is a saying by someone. Whether it’s your originality or someone else’s, it’s so true!!!

  8. If you had it like this says:

    I read one of Simon’s tweets in response to a person who asked about Luann saying they were going to start filming again soon!? He said that’s what they’ve heard. Are they dropping Silex you think? I was hoping for an entire recast.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Luann will be back??

      Fine I will start drinking starting now to prepare. Or heyyy… I can stop watching. Snap!

      • RealMinkey says:

        Please Amy, mix me one, and make a double. I despise LuMann.

      • GlamB0t says:

        I try to hate Luann, and typically do- but she will sneak in something that just CRACKS me up and I instantly like her a tiny bit. (she also resembles my mom quite a bit, so I can’t outright hate her)

        Example: In the reunion when she told Cindy something like: “You just have to take the opportunity when it comes darling!” regarding Cindy wanting everyone to “button it” so she could be heard saying things no one wants to hear.

        Sometimes, those “darlings” just crack me up because she slings them well. When she slings them at Ramona, it’s even better because we get Ramon’s impression of Luann and hear the mocking “Oh dahrling’s!” “No Dahrling!” back. Oh, that Ramona! So funny.

      • Powell says:

        I’ve bellied up to the bar. What are we having?????

    • AF says:

      According to this article, both Cindy and Alex have been axed from the show: http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2011/06/27/real-housewives-new-york-city-alex-mccord-cindy-barshop/

      Of course, I’m not certain that article has any merit…

      • If you had it like this says:

        I think Alex nixed that article awhile back but now I’m not so sure!

      • I thought both Bravo and Alex said no decisions had been made after a similar story broke. IF the decisions were made – Jill wouldn’t be trying to get Alex kicked off still – so my guess is she (Jill) keeps leaking this story hoping it’ll stick.

        • nathania says:

          I am sure we will know by Tuesday. I can’t imagine watching without Alex being the moral center…even Sonja and Ramona wouldn’t make it worth it for me to watch if Alex doesn’t come back.

      • Amy Matheson says:

        I remember that article from last month after they filmed the reunion. It’s kind of an open secret that Hollywood Life’s insider is JZ. LOL… whether it happens or not, you can bet it started out as a Jill-fact (meaning stating a wish as fact loudly yet covertly and often enough for people to start believing it.)

        I would like to start a rumor that Jil is a horse face, but that would actually be true.

        haha that’s mean, sorry.

        (Yet true.)

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Bonnie Fuller, who runs the Hollywoodlife site, is a Friend of Jill. Just BTW. Jill does quid pro quo for a number of media venues, giving them anonymous “insider” gossip while she promotes her agenda.

        That article is over a month old. Jill has been campaigning, on and off the show in the media, to get Alex off the show since before Season 3 aired.

    • Simon implies no decisions have been made yet – or that they’ve been told nothing….

      SimonvanKempen Simon van Kempen
      No one knows RT @reality_fun: @SimonvanKempen @phillymom36 okay so whos the cast??
      15 hours ago

      SimonvanKempen Simon van Kempen
      No that’s true as far as we’ve been told RT @phillymom36: @SimonVankempen Luann stated u will start filming in a few I guess that was false.
      15 hours ago

      • If you had it like this says:

        Doesn’t it seem like he’s confirming that are going to start filming soon although he doesn’t seem to know who they will be filming? And it just says a ‘few’. Is that months or weeks?

        • By saying “no one knows” I interpret it as saying that he hasn’t heard yet.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          The usual schedule for RHONY filming has been to start right before or after Labor Day and go through December. This season’s filming apparently lasted into early this year. And the show’s airing was delayed due to editing. Don’t recall when they started filming Season 4.

          So if they start filming at end of August or beginning of Sept, that would be on the usual schedule. In past, siginings of cast, contract negotiations have gone up until last minute. So who knows.

          While the show not as entertaining as before, the ratings appear to be acceptible. So wouldn’t be surprised if RHONY itself comes back. As for the cast, I’ve wondered if Bravo was the one who “leaked” that they might replace the entire cast just to see viewers’ response.

          Alls I know is this season I frequently DVR’d the show & then fast forwarded through much of it. Especially during the Bucky the Beaver, Lulu, Kiki, and Jill portions. Frankly, except for a few glimmers of fun like Sonja & Ramona acting like school girls, much of the show or “drama” less entertaining IMO than those repo shows or ginsu knife demonstrations.

          One remarkable feat: the Real Housewives of New York managed to make NYC itself irrelevant to the show. Most of what we saw could be filmed anywhere, since the season showed us mostly relentless arguments throughout. Filming these b’s might as well be done on a soundstage anywhere. Morroco? Could have shot that at Universal soundstage, add camels & location shoot in CA dunes & desert.

          Hint to Bravo: make NYC the “star” of the show.

          • nathania says:

            yeah, that part is really, really stupid, to spend all that money taking these dames on a trip…when they don’t even really go anywhere. unless it’s a travel show there is NO point in that at all.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        See I read that as confirmation on season 5, and Simon hinting they were told. So, that’s his cheeky way of letting us know they’re coming back. Is it possible they are under a privacy/spoiler clause until the cast is released? Either way, I’d rather watch Alex over Jill. I hate Jill Zarin.

    • I read Simon’s tweet too and I assumed that the RHONY cast had been decided but someone asked Simon who was going to be in the cast. He said “No one knows”. I think Bravo is still deciding who will stay and who will go. Unfortunately, I think LuAnn will be back. I hope I am wrong. 😦

      • RealMinkey says:

        Yes, I bet she’ll be back. There was so much focus upon her this season, with her hostessing Morocco and especially her dreadful “song”, I can’t imagine Andy would dump her at this point. She was sitting on the couch at his right, too.

        • Ugh she’s so boring. She only got screen time because of the awful song and her hypocritical “classy but really the opposite of classy” attitude. If she wasn’t so toxic to Alex, I’d enjoy making fun of her though.

          • RealMinkey says:

            I know what you mean. Making fun of the Countless is too nice a thing for her. Every time she opens her mouth or gives one of those cat w/canary grins, I just want to slap her face.

      • I can’t imagine I’ll care enough to watch another season if it’s just two sides hating each other. The only way to fix it is to either drop JZ or drop her supporting team. Those little pre-planned group bully attacks at the reunion were sickening.

        • RealMinkey says:

          Bravo’s going to have to do SOMETHING to change the dynamic, or it will be utterly unwatchable.

          • Yet so contrived that it’s hard to really care. Last year I really cared about how B was treated, this year it’s hard to really get into it – and even though I like the blondes a whole lot better, they can all act petty.

      • Jezzibel says:

        I think if they try and bring the same cast back for season V it will be a failure, this season was toxic enough, as much as I like the blondes I can’t watch another repeat season IV.

        • sue says:

          Although I Agree it will def. be a failure to bring them back for season 5, I do think Bravo/Andy, who never listen to the viewers anyway, will bring them all back (except cindy), and try to squeeze every last dollar they can from the RHONY series, before they cut their apron strings. I know this though, I WILL NEVER,EVER WATCH ANOTHER SEASON OF NY THAT INCLUDES JILL ZARIN OR KELLY BENSIMON, But if there ever comes a day when Bravo finally gives Jill her due punishment, and call Kelly out on all her lies, then and only then will I watch again, and at that point, I’ll be front row and center!!!

    • Empress of FOD Farm says:

      Alex said in her blog that she and Simon had very exciting news but couldn’t say what it was until next week which would have been this past week. So has anybody heard anything? She said this while they were in Italy.

      • Empress of FOD Farm says:

        Sorry, meant while they were in Egypt.

      • Jezzibel says:

        I asked Simon about that and he said that the good news would be announced during or after part deux of the reunion.

        • My guess is they will get a travel show spin off. They’d be perfect for it!!!! It must be related to Bravo if they will announce it near or after the reunion. She did say they were “working” in Egypt. What other type of work would they have been doing?

          • One of you tweeters tweet him my guess and see what he says please.

            • Jezzibel says:

              whatever the good news is he and Alex are playing it close to the vest and he’s not giving out spoilers…but they had awesome cajun spare ribs last night

          • RealMinkey says:

            I would love to watch them travel the world and go to exotic places. Simon would be hilarious under those circumstances.

          • Pghemtchick says:

            According to Simons tweet reply on the 26th to two tweeters and Alex in reply to the announcement “It’ll come in part two and has to do with our Egypt trip last week, but it’s not our own show”.

            That makes me sad but a glimmer of sly hope Silex Fabrics is in the works. Lol I still suspect they know. Instead of replying up there, I’m lazy lol. Simon tweeted on The 28th.

            Gotta say “No Comment” @BravoTV gods would strike me down if I said anything RT @BBHS1: @SimonvanKempen Gut feeling on casting for next season? All back, some back, none back, or just Kelly gone (who was barely in this season)?

            I hope that paste worked first time trying on the phone.

      • floridagirl88 says:

        I would like to see Alex and Simon get a spinoff with a family show. Then Ramona and Sonya could do their show. The others aren’t worth considering. Jill has run this show into the ground and doesn’t even realize it’s her fault.

        • Rose Colored Glasses says:

          The upscale Laverne and Shirley? Without Squiggy (Jill ) or his friend ( the three other brunettes). And yes with the location being a third character! Bring back NYC as Hobby said. Or Mary Richards, successful strong working women with a feisty, sexpot flirty associate (toaster oven cooking instructor) and a slightly geeky married neighbor who makes up for her quirkiness with her ability to win you over? Instead of throwing her hat up in the air in opening credits, Ramona could asshat all four brunettes single handed. Ahh Rosey, daydreaming on a Saturday afternoon.

  9. Vote in the Bravo poll 🙂 Blondes are gaining ground again – back up go 73%. Take that asshat of the week winner and all your evil stepsisters.


    I think what infuriates me so much about the brunettes is their inability to acknowledge their own behavior. Ramona and Alex see both sides – heck Ramona has admitted that she’s embarrassed by everyone’s behavior (herself included) at the reunion. But those witches on the other coach live in the sea of denial.

    LuLu even goes so far as to say that Andy wasn’t saying STFU to her! So I’ll say it. LuLu – STFU!

    • If you had it like this says:

      It’s so interesting that the blondes are so far ahead in the poll. Bravo can’t control the online poll as much as they control the comments on their blogs!!

  10. Melinda says:

    lmao at your Jac blog summary!! thanks, you did save me the “skim over” i would have done! BLK water does not sound appealing….”black water”??? well that just sounds nasty………they should have had another name! i won’t be buying and i bought Ramon’s Pinot Grigio…not very good I hate to say…….love Ramona but not a fan of her wine..ugh

    • I don’t think I’d like black water. Would it stain your mouth and teeth? I do drink black coffee – so I suppose I should withhold judgement until I see it.

      We make a low-cal margharita (sp?) from freshly squeezed lime, triple sec and Tequila at home – so I’d never buy any pre-mixed drink. I haven’t tried the Pinot yet.

  11. violachica says:

    so i forced myself to read through the comments that people left on Jill’s blog on her website in the section where people could voice their opinions that didn’t get posted on Bravo. interestingly enough, among all of the delusional “omg bravo only posts positive comments for alex and negative ones for your jill!” comments, there were 2 people who called jill out on how her behavior has changed (negatively) since the first season.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      “interestingly enough, among all of the delusional “omg bravo only posts positive comments for alex and negative ones for your jill!” comments, there were 2 people who called jill out on how her behavior has changed (negatively) since the first season.”

      This is on Jill’s blog? Don’t worry, those wont be there for long… lol

  12. More from Simon

    SimonvanKempen Simon van Kempen
    No idea RT @———–: @SimonVankempen will you guys be returning next season?
    16 hours ago

  13. AF says:

    More things to add to the Jill Zarin Bad Behavior List –

    1) Calling Alex a “f-ing bitch” and then proclaiming that she couldn’t believe that Alex was trying to socialize with those above her (give me a break, Zarin…as if you’re NY’s biggest and most important socialite…please…)

    2) Playing the Crazy Beans “bully victim” card from season three and accusing Simon of cyber-bullying via Twitter without offering any proof whatsoever (because there is no proof to offer…because it never happened).

    3) Claiming to be scared of Bethenny and then saying in her newsletter that she and Bethenny have allegedly spoken and that there’s hope for reconciliation in the future (again, Zarin, give me a break with the bullsh*t).

    4) Trying to get LuAnn to scold Ramona for being late to a party and then getting pissed off at LuAnn for not bending to her will.

    5) Constantly saying, “Well, I guess you’re/they’re/she’s not really my friend” in reference to the other Housewives. It’s annoying, it’s stupid, and I think America is sick of hearing her whine about it all the time.

    6) Demanding a recount on WWHL when Ramona won the poll. Even when they found out there was some kind of error with the voting, didn’t Ramona still win anyway? So, that didn’t pan out for Mrs. Zarin…

    7) Accusing Ramona of being a drunk and Mario of cheating – again, with no real evidence, particularly with regard to Mario cheating – in an attempts to undermine Ramona’s businesses (this is just my opinion, but I believe that’s the only reason Jill has said either of these things).

    8) Blocking anyone who even offers her nothing more than constructive criticism because she can’t handle the fact that there are people who really don’t like her and/or her behavior.

    9) Finally, Jill making a big stink about how much she’s changed, yet she continues to try take others down in the name of vengeance or to just further her own agenda. She still puts stories in the press, she cyber-bullies people, she starts rumors to hurt others, she’s mean to anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass, she makes false accusations about really heavy, serious issues like bullying, infidelity, and alcoholism…Jill hasn’t changed one bit.

    • AF says:

      That emoticon should be the number eight, fyi…

    • Amy Matheson says:

      “calling Alex a “f-ing bitch” and then proclaiming that she couldn’t believe that Alex was trying to socialize with those above her (give me a break, Zarin…as if you’re NY’s biggest and most important socialite…please…)”

      Everytime Jill tries to stick her whiney ass into a photo or invite herself to events or tweet how people who barely acknowledge her are her dear friends, I just want to cry …. tears of joy at how assine she appears.

      Like most pathological people, must of what Jill accuses others of is rooted in an intense and deeply seeded self-loathing.

      • AF says:

        Yes – her self-loathing is so glaringly obvious. I could almost feel sorry for her…you know, if she wasn’t so busy with her vile machinations.

  14. Dame Rhetorica says:

    Off to a niece’s wedding. Who gets married in July? All my wedding were in the spring. Catch up with everyone tonight. Have a great day; stay cool. 100 here today!

  15. mimil says:


    You forget allowing Luann to hear her private conversation with Bethenny last seaon (without announcing luann is in the room) Same goes for her conversation with Ramona…Lumann was also present and not announced during the call.


    • AF says:

      Oh, good ones. I was only concentrating on this past season, but those are both excellent examples of classless, bad Zarin behavior. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  16. mimil says:

    JIll is the biggest hypocrite there is, and i am soooo glad Romana can go toe to toe with Luman and Jill…..Alex is too nice to play dirty with these broads. Although romana is no angel, i honestly don’t believe she has ill intent. She pushes hard when someone attacks her. When Romana relizes she has gone too far she apologizes i.e the conversation with Bethenny on the bridge. However, when you attack Romana..be prepared to be attacked back.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Ramona is a street fighter- push her and she’ll come at you with everything she’s got including the kitchen sink

      • cabbie413 says:

        that’s why i Love RAMONA!!! she’s a “don’t start none, won’t be none” kinda woman. lol

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And Alex always gets tripped up at “shut up” – they are using her manners against her.

  17. mel says:

    JIll is the biggest hypocrite there is, and i am soooo glad Romana can go toe to toe with Luman and Jill…..Alex is too nice to play dirty with these broads. Although romana is no angel, i honestly don’t believe she has ill intent. She pushes hard when someone attacks her. When Romana relizes she has gone too far she apologizes i.e the conversation with Bethenny on the bridge. However, when you attack Romana..be prepared to be attacked back.

    I changed my screen name when i was at work, going back to the orginal “Mel” aka Mimil

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      Mel is short for…? I only ask because I am a Melanie.

    • Ramona can get in low blows. The main thing about her is she’ll do it to your face or on screen. Jill is a sneak and whispers all her gossip in the ears of her “reporter” friends, so she can sit there with a smug look on her face and say “what did I say”, knowing that no one wants to bring up the dirt and rehash it again, so she’s safe (onscreen at least). The few comments caught on screen (Mario cheating, Alex a f—ing bitch) are all the amo the blondes have to play with this season. But all that crap in her private blogs, and all she’s done to try to shut down this site – they can’t bring it up without looking petty because barely any of the viewing audience knows about it.

  18. mel says:

    Hi duchess,

    Mel is short for Melissa

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      It just fascinates me how that nickname pops up with so many different names! Melanie, Melody, Melissa, Melinda. You just never know! My cousin is Melissa and she goes by Missy. Missy Pissy actually LOL! I inherited a prejudice from my Dad. He HATED when someone called me Mel. In his generation that was a man’s name and he was not having his little “princess” called a man’s name. Even lit my Grandma up over it once!
      I get Melly, or Melsy thanks to him! Except my brother’s best friend of 30 years who is a Staton Island transplant. With him it sounds like Melsehr and that one has stuck since I was 12! LOL

  19. duchess of dryer lint says:

    Ramona does not play semantics the way Lulu and Jill do, either. If she slams you she owns it. Jill will say “I did not SAY Mario was cheating. I SAID I heard it on the grapevine, I never said it was true.” And Lulu will say “I NEVER said I thought he was cheating, I only expressed concern for you and your marriage because I never want anyone to go through what I did” They insinuate and implicate and then call semantics. Ramona just WHAMS you and then moves on. She will occasionally play the game with them, but I personally think it is only to show them she can, but prefers not to do so.
    ****The above is the personal opinion of the Duchess of Dryer Lint. All opinions are owned, and not posted as fact! 🙂 ***

    • And that’s why we love her. Inappropriate, loud, and even obnoxious at times, but never sneaky, lying and manipulative.

      • RealMinkey says:

        I think it would be such a such blast to have Ramona and Mario over for a dinner party.

    • happygal says:

      ****The above is the personal opinion of the Duchess of Dryer Lint. All opinions are owned, and not posted as fact! ***

      I love that 🙂
      I bow down to that tee hee

  20. OneMoreInBoston says:

    You know…just thinking out loud…If Jill was in AA as Ramona claims- Ramona is not betraying any AA rules of confidentiality because she’s not in the program right?

    But if Jill accuses her of being an alcoholic- why isn’t she reaching out to help Ramona get into AA? As someone who’s a recovering alcoholic and now sees another person struggling with alcohol -why didn’t Jill offer to sponsor her? Or bring her to a meeting?

    Maybe because she doesn’t *really* believe it.


    I hate Jill Zarin.

    • RealMinkey says:

      Jill Zarin’s pants are on fire.

    • Jill has no interest in helping Ramona. The one thing about Ramona is she fights back tit for tat. LuLu & Jill snarked on her marriage – she went after LuLu’s marriage. LuLu snarked on her relationship with her daughter – she went after LuLu’s parenting. Jill and her minions accused her of being an alcoholic – she outed Jill as a recovering alcoholic. Jill and Kelly snarked on her businesses (and Jill tried to destroy the Pinot business) – and she said Jill was a business failure.

      “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And Jill did the jump up leave the kids out of it because Ramona said why is your (Jill) daughter changing schools. Not to defend LuAnn’s kids. It was because Jill landed a jab about Avery changing school and knew that she went too far and put herself/Ally in the mix.

      • Powell says:

        Jill has no interest in helping anyone. Her line is always the same. “I thought we were friends, but now I see were not”. I don’t know why they don’t see it. Jill is using them for whatever she can. Instead of having a real impartial focus group for Skweeze, she USES the brunettes so they would say just what she wants to hear. She doesn’t go to the one person in the group that has nothing but experience in retail, Ramona, who would tell her the truth, help her get a successful product of the ground. Who is on HSN? Ramona. If Jill had any real business sense, that is her target market. She could’ve had Ramona help get her there. What I have seen so far, I’m not impressed. I honestly want Jill to do well with her line, but department stores are not her target market because they are to saturated with Spanx and the like. I thought she graduated from college and was an assistant buyer. She’s suppose to know about economics. The Countess. It sounds great to have a friend with a Title. Kelly. Just a project. Someone that she can get gratitude from. Someone that can be beholding to her. Cindy who?
        That’s what I think all of this wishful thinking about Bethenny is. B has been on so many magazine covers, Fortune being the most important that the Presidents/Buyers of department stores read, Bankers, investors, etc. Jill wants to ride B’s coattails!!!!

        • IceMeNot says:

          Hey Powell! You are being nicer than me! I have no interest in seeing the hated Jill Zarin succeed. Guess what! IMHO, Jill Zarin doesn’t want her Squishware to succeed because then she’d have to work!!! lol She’d have to do what Bethanney has done: devote every single day of every single week to promoting her product. Now why would Jill want to do that when she can go out to the Hamptons and lounge around gossiping? I ask you, does it make any sense for her to leave her lucrative job as the most hated housewife in America for a real job?

      • happygal says:

        You just said it exactly right, OneMoreInBoston! Ramona will leave things alone if not attacked… but attack her, her family or child- what out- and i don’t blame her. Her history of watching her mother deal with the abuse from her father- shaped and molded her- her mother preached to her to watch out for herself- not to be trapped and Ramona learned. i really hand it to Ramona – her business sense and protective attitude about what is really important has always come thru…. She can be tough, reckless in some of her observations and comments- BUT- she owns them. She says them to the person’s face- or she will state she is sincerely sorry she caused pain. I respect that of her- Is she perfect- no way- but she is fun, real and caring.

  21. zanne says:

    Hey you all, the tea bag thing really works on a tooth ache. Now should be able to sleep (if only in 1-2 hour sections). Don’t know how to thank you all. Still hate Jill Zarin

  22. misosweets says:

    For the list on Jill, all of the seeds Jill plants in poor, mindless Kelly should be noted. This has been going on for two seasons, and it seems to be Jill’s way of getting her real thoughts out there without saying them.

    For example in season 3, the “Scary Island” episodes where Kelly is fixated on saying Bethenny is not a chef, but a cook. When Bethenny responds, Kelly basically backs off saying she doesn’t know what Bethenny does. Because she didn’t know, she was only repeating what Jill had told her. Every single comment Kelly made about Bethenny being a cook came from JILL. No doubt about it. She also gave Kelly the “channeling the devil” comment about Alex, among other things.

    This season, there are many more examples of Jill using Kelly as a puppet. One that stands out is Kelly commenting on Sonja’s finances and house. There’s no way Kelly gives a crap about Sonja’s finances, or anyone’s for that matter. Kelly’s head is too far in the clouds to notice how clean anyone’s house is, or when it was last renovated. That OBVIOUSLY came from JILL. JILL is the one who blasted Sonja to Kelly, saying it was her husband’s house, it was dirty, and hadn’t been renovated. Kelly was just repeating it like a good little puppy.

    At the reunion, it was even more obvious that the comments Kelly made about Sonja came from Jill. Watch Jill’s face when Sonja goes off on Kelly. Sonja asks Kelly “where are you getting your information?” and Jill looks like the cat that ate the canary. Fear and shame are written all over her face. BUSTED!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      LOL, I don’t think Kelly could understand Sonja’s finances.

      • sue says:

        Kelly doesnt even understand 1+1, how the hell could she understand finances, or anything for that matter!!!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        But Gilles spend a MILLION dollars on an apartment – and she is living in it! lol

    • duchess of dryer lint says:

      I have been thinking about that. I cannot remember a single scene at Sonja’s house that had Jill present. I don’t even think she was there during the party where the post Scary Island discussion took place. If I am right, and Jill has never been there, then the information would have been planted by —– The classless Countless. She is the only one who goes to Sonja’s home enough to notice any kind of deterioration in standards. She is the only one who has been there both pre and post divorce—Am I right in this, or just forgetting a scene?

      • misosweets says:

        Jill was at Sonja’s for one of the parties in season 3 – the one LuAnn hosted where they were giving away dresses for charity. Jill walked in with Kelly and Bobby. Jill also cried at that party, sitting with Kelly saying she wished she could make up with Bethenny. This is also the party where Bobby confronted Alex and when Alex tried to talk with Jill, Jill refused.

        • Jezzibel says:

          it was after the infamous message delivery where Alex told Jill that Bethenny was done with her.

        • duchess of dryer lint says:

          Okay, I do remember that one. Is that the only time? I am really finding it interesting that with all the parties, dinners, get togethers etc. we have seen at Sonja’s Jill has been absent from the majority of them. Is she not invited, or does she choose not to go? Not invited would crack me up. Since we know that Sonja, as a Morgan, is definately higher on the society food chain than Jill, this could be the clue that she is indeed being “iced out” of the higher eschelons.

          • misosweets says:

            I’m not sure why she didn’t attend certain parties at Sonja’s. Was she in Australia for the first one this year?

            But I think it is definitely true that Jill has been getting iced out of NYC society; this has been reported in blogs, etc. In reality though, she was never even part of high society to begin with. Prior to RHONYC, she just happened to be invited to charity functions because of her husband’s long standing business and his connections. The show probably helped her for a while, but after her true colors were shown, she became more of a pariah. She’s a joke now.

          • Indy501 says:

            Hi DODL, didn’t you say you live in Norwood? My husband is there this weekend for a seminar.
            I feel so connected to you now:)

            • duchess of dryer lint says:

              If I had known earlier I would have invited him for dinner—-wait, is that creepy? Kelly says it is creepy.

              • Indy501 says:

                Lol, if Kelly says it’s creepy than it’s okay. He ate at Whole Foods tonight with his group. If you were there and saw a guy with the most amount of food you can fit in the container that was him. He’s crushed because one of the ladies in the group has to eat gluten free. That means no great Thai, no great Pizza…I may go back with him on Tuesday night. He is doing a Landmark training. Don’t know if you ever heard of it. They have trainings all over the world but not in INdy. It’s about living life more effectively, creatively and with integrity to yourself and those around you.
                Yeah, that even makes watching the housewives even worse:)
                Up until Wednesday night he didn’t have a place to stay, thanks to the Jazz Festival being in town there was not a room to be had. I actually debated asking you. But he connected with a guy we met (and clicked with) when we did the training in early June and he’s staying with him on Forest Avenue.
                Well, it’s @7 here and I promised to take my son to dinner. Chat later!!

                • duchess of dryer lint says:

                  Well, heck Indy, he is literally next door to me! Forest is the connecting street for this side of norwood. I really wish I would have seen this earlier. If he wants gooood pizza, he needs to go to Larosas. Cincinnati original and soooo good! And he should try Skyline Chili too!

      • Jezzibel says:

        Jill was at Sonja’s house for lulu’s charity event last season but I thought she was to busy following Alex around ignoring her to notice anything about the state of Sonja’s housekeeping.

        • misosweets says:

          I think Jill notices everything. Every moment of her life is spent sizing other people up, comparing her possessions to theirs, etc. Even if she doesn’t say anything in the moment, she keeps a mental catalog of criticisms for when she needs them.

      • RealMinkey says:

        That whole Sonja’s house thing bugs me. The fact that her house is messy or needs maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because she’s broke. I know plenty of wealthy people who are slobs. I also know plenty of wealthy people who live in old houses that aren’t updated or in perfect condition. These are all people to whom appearance just isn’t a priority. So, although Sonja may be letting things go because she can’t afford the help or upkeep, I don’t know why this would even be a topic of conversation, except for the fact that the Brunettes are a bunch of catty, mean, socially immature BITCHES.

        • misosweets says:

          Jill is very jealous of Sonja (like she is of most people), so she searches for any little thing, desperate to find a sense of superiority somewhere. Jill’s apartment had been recently renovated, so in her mind that was a point in her favor against Sonja. When Kelly and Jill were sitting around talking about Bethenny at Sonja’s house, I think I recall Jill making a comment or a face about the furniture or something along those lines. When Sonja filed bankruptcy, it was the best day of Jill’s life.

          • RealMinkey says:

            Jill’s cramped apartment is filled with shiny tables,over-priced new crap and some really lousy artwork. Sonja’s is filled with valuable antiques, paintings and oriental rugs.
            Money can’t buy you class!

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Jill follows things from “afar” and since Sonja dressed her down at LuLu’s first auto tuned debut party – she knows not to mess directly with Sonja! Looking back over S3 – Sonja has never given Jill the time of day.

            • duchess of dryer lint says:

              That is what I see! Sonja just kind of smiles, nods and moves on from Jill. Never really directly addresses her. The only time I remember her directly conversing with Jill is when she told her to Shut up and let her talk about Scary Island because she and Lulu were not even there. It was in a nightclub, at Lu’s singing debut. Or squawking debut. whatever. It is never a crappy thing, not a put down persay, just like Jill is not relevant to her life and so she does not deal with her.

        • Indy501 says:

          I remember the scene where Kelly went to visit Sonja after her tummy tuck and was up in her bedroom. Who’s bedroom looks good when you’ve been recuperating in bed for days?

          If her house was so bad how come people would go there to eat? Luann for toaster over cuisine and Cindy for breakfast. If they felt the house was so bad you could always make an excuse not to come.

    • sue says:

      YES!, you are soo right. And also the comment made to Lulu, about just staying Jills friend, cause Jill has so much dirt on Luman, I think and would even go as far to say I know its true, but I also believe that is a big thing with Jill toward Kelly, Kelly has sooo much mud crud on Jill it would make your head spin, and I imagine it could even go as far as Jill cheating on Bobby when she was running around that summer when Bawby was in the hospital. I dont mean to start anything, but it was around then when Lulu was getting her divorce, Jill was starting to worry more about her own appearence, and also when you would see them in scenes together, Jill,Kelly and luann always had that flirty, single girl way of partying when they were out at functions.

  23. Kansas Girl says:

    I still find Andy fascinating. And annoying and infuriating. But also fascinating. He posted this interview of himself to Facebook. http://hamptons-magazine.com/features/articles/good-time-andy Done by his buddy Mark Consuelos.

  24. captnfirepants says:

    I have a lot of facebook friends in AA and they are always the first with the negative comments re: others habits. good example is Amy Winehouse. A lot of I told u so’s and not a whole lot of compasson. As a former member (still don’t drink…just not for me) I have seen the same nasty behavior both in and out of the program. I have actually had a few rumors that I had relapsed. The worst that I was selling my body for drugs. Both untrue and both from manipulative JZ types.
    Don’t count Jill out of the 12 step club.
    There can be a bad Apple in every bunch.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      hmmm…interesting insight- thank you for posting your opinion.

      BTW-I love your name!

  25. kbinldo says:

    Hiring a lawyer to go after Bravo for losing an unscientific poll on WWHL. FFS. Get a hobby!
    Being a little tattle-tale by pointing out to Lulu that Ramona was 30 minutes late to the party.
    Causing a big casino by running through the party crowd to go see what Ramona was doing in the powder room.
    Upon being refused entrance into the bathroom, going back out to the party & announcing in a voice that puts Foghorn Leghorn to shame that RAMONA AND SONJA ARE IN THE POTTY TOGETHER DOIN’ SOMETHIN’
    Calling Alex a “fucking bitch” when she thought she was off-camera, then pretending to bury the hatchet with her when she knew she was being filmed.
    Constantly bringing up Bethenny when there’s no need to, other than to make herself seem relevant.

  26. Kerry says:

    For me, by far the low point of Jill’s behavior at the reunion was her response to the funny montage of Ramona and Sonja having fun. She sat there with a gleam in her eye, ‘But what about Alex. I feel bad she’s left out.’ Mind you this was AFTER she had already called Alex a F’n B. To say you feel bad when you don’t just to create the dialog you hope will make someone look bad, is unadulteraded phoney.
    Jills powers of manipulation are as gracefully executed as her figure skating spins and yet she’s always surprised when she falls on her ass. It was the kind of ugly that reminds me there isn’t a pr firm in the world that can be paid any amount of money to hide this woman’s true nature. If the cameras are there long enough, they will capture candid moments and that one speaks volumes. PS It’s not bullying just because it’s something you don’t want to hear.

    • misosweets says:

      AMEN! Jill was also trying to manipulate the MENY conversation to make Alex and Simon look worse. When the discussion was going in a different direction, Jill made sure to jump in and say “Sonja, how did Simon attacking you make you feel?”. She had to circle the discussion back, because Alex and Simon had not been sufficiently pummeled in her mind.

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jac isn’t the only RHNJ who wrote a novel instead of a blog for the past episode – what is up with that?

  28. Jezzibel says:

    I think that Alex and Simon might also be waiting on announcing their good news, so that Jill has less of a chance to ruin it by running to the press and crapping all over it. She did the same thing with Bethenny, she tried to run her off ‘her’ show for daring to become more popular and successful without her. It might also explain why the loon, the goon, the hairless baboon and the shrieking harpy are very much out to get Alex and shut her down, because Alex has a door opening for her that will make her and Simon more successful.

  29. Rory P. Bellows says:

    well my most recent outrage @ JZ is eventhough she railed at simons alleged connection to lynn and this blog due to its subject matter she had NO issue interviewing with a well connected west coast blogger who wrote more than THIRTY “I HATE BETHENNY FRANKEL” blogs that were as vile as anything jill accuses this blog as being she was delighted to participate and even stated she was a “fan” of the bloggers. knowing full well the bloggers track record. so which is it? its only cyber bullying when its aimed at her?

    as a peace offering i made her latkes………fake biotch

    • AF says:

      Yes, this was extremely hypocritical on Jill’s part. Especially if she’s really going to push this whole, “Bethenny and I might make up,” shtick. Why would she want anything to do with a blogger – who, by Jill’s standards, is a “hate” blogger – who publishes awful things about Bethenny? Again, I say HYPOCRITE.

  30. Eve says:

    I think that Jill may even be more vile and calculating than we give her credit for……she is cunning and deceitful. I don’t know if Alex stands a chance.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill is cunning and deceitful – and in the end she will have no reputation with the crowd Bawby’s wallet has worked so hard to get her access into! Bawby said that Jill is his issue – who refers to his wife as an issue?

  31. GlamB0t says:

    MK over at Dlisted has THIS to say about JZ: http://dlisted.com/2011/07/30/jill-zaring-judging-you-duchess-kate and OMG it. is. AWESOME! I love MK and that site. It’s quite popular and JZ is probably somewhere screaming into the phone or at her PR team (aka Ginger).

    Happy Saturday all!! 🙂

    • lillybee says:

      I mentioned this before. A lot of royals wore white to Prince Albert’s wedding, too. Take that Jill and Lulu.

      • GlamB0t says:

        Yeah, I think that most fashion folklore is now gone with the white after labor day. I remember when it was bad to wear black or dark to weddings also because it gave bad luck to the couple. As long as it’s not a long all white gown, I am pretty sure you’re alright.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      Jill is just mad that Kate said no to appearing with her in Real Housewives of London. How dare Kate! Does she know who Jill Zarin is????

  32. Thedesigndiva says:

    After reading that article all I can say is…RUT ROH JZ….
    “London Bridge is falling down ”


  33. kitty says:

    In the reunion part 1, Alex mentioned designing a store. Anyone know what kind of store? Maybe it has something to do with the news to be announced in part 2?

    • lillybee says:

      That camera store was Willowby’s (not sure of the spelling). It used to be the go to camera store and did a lot of business through the mail. I think it has a very active on line presence. The opening party for the store was in honor of Nigel Barker, who is also a famous photographer.

      So in essense, Alex threw a party for a famous photographer who is not Kelly’s ex.

  34. Adgirl says:

    Not only did Kate wear off white to that wedding but there are no photos of The DumbAss singing “The Way You Look Tonight” at the reception! How did the media miss that?

  35. Indy501 says:

    Over on Twitter Jill is thanking Kelly for always giving her great business advice. Wow, Kelly you need to be up on Capitol Hill. I bet you could save the country.

    • GlamB0t says:

      I can see it now. Jelly Beans FOR ALL. (and then we all die of type two diabetes)

    • Dee says:

      And this is why Jill SUCKS as a business woman. I wouldn’t let Kelly advise me on how to get to the subway let alone give me business advice. Jill has lost her ever-loving mind!!

  36. Jezzibel says:

    Simon just tweeted this
    Join @McCordAlex @RamonaSinger @SonjaTMorgan @KellyBensimon and me at @GLAAD Summer party this Tues 8/2 http://t.co/TNy03lx #GlaadManhattan
    No lulu, Jill,or the other one..whats her name again? But Kelly is going to be there, didn’t she have a problem with Simon, I guess she really will go to the opening of a door if there is a chance she will get her picture taken. I wonder how her bff is going to take kelly hanging out with the blondes…oh wait she thinks the reality show is just a act so she can be as nasty as she wants with out having to cop to it later on.

  37. Dee says:

    How could they possibly let Alex go? When they did that poll on WWHL last week and asked who were the viewers favorite HW’s..didn’t Sonja get 25% of the vote, Jill 18% and Ramona and Alex tying for third at 15% with rest trailing behind? Based upon that…why in the world would they get rid of Alex? If anything..the viewers are not too fond of Cindy, Krazyass Kelly and Luanne.

    Do we think that the brunettes would pull what the NJ cast did and refuse to come back another year if Alex were there? IMHO..they are not that stupid.

    • AF says:

      I doubt they’d refuse to come back if Alex was asked back as well. The NJ housewives were dealing with a certifiably crazy person; Alex is harmless. She’s a target, but she’s not a real threat to anyone. And I think the brunettes know this.

      Also, they would never turn down the chance to continue fame-whoring it up on national television. Neither would most housewives on any franchise.

  38. smompy says:

    I wouldn’t drink the Manzos water for several reasons, mostly because its name makes me think about the Doobie Brothers, and although they may have been great musicians, I dont associate them with purity (or cleansiness?) But if the Manzos can convince young people that this stuff cures hangovers, I bet it’ll sell. All variety of waters were still free for the taking during my glorious formative (a.k.a. drunk & stoned) years, so back then I never even imagined myself paying for it, but if there had been some relatively cheap product that claimed to cure hangovers, my inebriated friends and I probably would have purchased it by the case.

    Now if Teresa suddenly comes out with her own brand of water, I’ll scream. And if she calls her water Agua de Fabulicious skinnyGuidette, I’ll wretch (wench?). And if she calls it Juicy Water, I’ll vomit in terror.

    BTW, there has been some discussion about the possibility of Jill being in AA and a good number of people seem to be of the opinion that 12 step people don’t act like Jill does, but I just wanted to say, yeah well, some of them do. AA and its offshoots have obviously been a lifesaver for a trememdous number of addicted people, but in the wrong hands, a rigid 12 step philosophy can be a dangerous thing too. When it comes to publicly accusing others of alcoholism or addiction (without any real evidence), I find that certain 12-steppers can be the worst offenders. Some of these people will take what they’ve learned in recovery and use it to bash others. My idiotic SIL, who self-admittedly has only been drunk two times in her life but has been attending daily AA meetings for better than 30 years, has accused nearly everyone in the family of being an alcoholic. Seeing someone take one or two drinks is enough evidence for her to label someone a drunk, and if they try to defend themselves, she will say they’re “in denial” which only proves to her that they ARE an alcoholic. There’s no winning with people like this and their circular, distorted 12-step logic. Of course I’m just going on my own experience, not saying everyone in recovery does this. I’m not even saying this kind of behavior is at all “common” among people in recovery…just that it happens sometimes, so, theoretically, Jill could be both a recovering alcoholic and a miserable, malicious bitch at the same time.

    And how come Jillzy isn’t repeatedly threatening to leave the show if Alex remains a cast member during this year’s reunion like she did last year? Well, that was obviously a rhetorical question…it just makes me very tingly to know that Jill knows she’s only hanging on by a thread now. You done been dethroned beyotch! Psych! Psych! Psych!

    • Dee says:

      My vote is for miserable malicious bitch!! She is only accusing Ramona of being a drunk in order to damage Ramona’s businesses. Period. If she were a real friend and really thought that she had a problem, she would do a thoughtful and private intervention. THAT is what friends do.

    • GlamB0t says:

      I really think she would have used “I’m in recovery and Ramona know’s this and pushes Pinot in my face” to gain sympathy. I know nothing about AA, or people in it, but what I’ve seen of JZ I’m sure she would use it especially after S3.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Dinner parties with your family must be a real gas! Do you invite them over for a glass of denial? One could have a lot of fun at your SIL’s expense.

  39. Dee says:

    Question…I’m relatively new to twitter…how can I see the tweets that others have sent to Jill. I sent some tweets and then some people followed me based upon them but I have no idea how they can see my tweets or how to see tweets to Jill and others.

    • GlamB0t says:

      It’s easier to do that with an app for a mobile device, but on the web, at the top of Twitter there’s a search page. If you search for @JillZaren (or whatever her twitter handle is) it will show all the relevant tweets to her. (you can also remove the @ and see her mentioned in tweets)

      • Dee says:

        Thanks….I just went on only to find out that Jill has blocked me!! I wonder why…I only told her that she was a delusional BEYOTCH that was once my favorite….no reason to block me Jill!! LOL

        • GlamB0t says:

          Ha ha welcome to the club! She blocked me almost immediately after u started following Lynn even though I have never even sent her a tweet or mentioned her.

          It does tickle me that she spent money paying someone to take time to block us all. 🙂

  40. Nancy says:

    I bet Alex and Simon are writing another book.

    And…I hate Jill Zarin!

  41. Meg says:

    I really can’t see going through another tedious hate filled season of this show if they keep all the same women. All I see when I look at the brunettes is desperation….and that’s not an attractive or interesting quality.

    Countless is desperate for validation. Desperate to be ‘society’…desperate to be ‘well-known’…desperate to put her “old” marriage behind her. Yet…she clings to the Countess title like a life preserver. Any strong woman who was truly over her marriage and anxious to get on with her life would toss that worthless title pronto. Why is she so desperate to hold onto it?

    Jill is desperate to be the ‘star’. She is desperate to be ‘all knowing’ and wants her advice and counsel to be revered. She lies easily and frequently….even when the truth would be just as easy to say. Jill is someone who must be in control and does not possess the skills of friendship. I find her desperate to be liked…desperate to be loved…and desperate for ‘fame.’ Her desperation to be ‘believed’ actually takes over most of her life. On one hand she constantly states how full and wonderful her life is…yet she spends a great deal of that life desperately checking blogs…tweets…and web sites for her name…so she can set the record straight. I believe she desperately wants to be liked and happy…but won’t put in either the time or effort to achieve it. For Jill it’s just easier to lie.

    Kelly is desperate to be taken seriously. Unfortunately for Kelly…you have to be a grown up with a modicum of intelligence who possesses some knowledge about….well about anything. Kelly is stuck in a 1979 world…with 1979 hair…and a child’s mentality. Nothing she says actually means anything. When Jill feeds her comebacks….it drops to less than nothing. Kelly is desperate to prove that she doesn’t need psychiatric help. Each time she opens her mouth…she shows us all that it is long overdue.

    Cindy is desperate to be remembered. It has to be painfully obvious to her that she is just another ‘one season housewife’. Nothing she can say or do will change that….Bravo isn’t desperate enough to bring her back.

    I feel the show needs to shift from the fights…tantrums…and back stabbing. NYC is a fun place to live…with so many things to do….unfortunately none of that was shown this season. Ramona…Sonja & Alex (maybe less Simon) are fun together and don’t take themselves so seriously. I believe they could carry the show along with some of their friends…and we then could get back to what the show was supposed to be….the life of housewives in NYC.

    Just my opinion.

  42. Bonnie Fuller, who is the Editor In Chief/President of Hollywoodlife.com and friend of Jill’s, accused Simon of mean tweeting. ROFL

    Somebody asked Simon if the Hollywoodlife.com article about Alex and Cindy being let go from RHONY was true. This was his response on Twitter:

    SimonVanKempen @ (name deleted) no, @BonnieFuller shows an unprofessional bias towards Kelly, Jill & LuAnn & @HollywoodLife doesn’t even pretend to be neutral

    Bonnie Fuller’s response:

    BonnieFuller: @SimonvanKempen wow- u mean-tweeted me!

    Simon’s tweet:

    Just called as it is. B’cos we refuse to give you dirt on cast u r never objective

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bawby needs to stop spending his money on PR for his wife! She doesn’t do what they tell her and then release statements like this one – google Jill and you don’t get back positive information. Who would invest with a person like her?

  43. Nancy says:

    I hope you will see this. Please give BaaBee my e-mail address as I’m trying to help her
    with a new kitten that has entered her life. Thanks.

  44. boston02127 says:

    Great blog & posts, thx.

  45. Jill’s rep responded to Ramona’s comments about her failed business ventures.


    • boston02127 says:

      @ icantstandthetoxicity—-There should of been a warning regarding that hugh pic of Jill when you open the link. She looks horrifying, like she died and forgot to lay down.

    • Jezzibel says:

      I noticed no mention of the moldy old book or the failed bed bath and beyond bedding

      • Sonjafan says:

        Jill can’t take anyone else’s success, of course she didn’t mention the crappy 1950’s attitude book, or that stupid bed line. I doubt very much that her girdle line will do well, they are competing with top of the line brands. I love that she mentions her upcoming ideas, maybe she will go into partnership with Cindy and Kelly that tan the jeweled vajayjays (they are both so orange this season). Jill is absolutely and totally disgusting to the point of day old puke (sorry for that visual).

        • Nancy says:

          Hi Sonjafan.
          I left you a message up thread. I have really missed you.
          So glad you are back. So do you like your new job?
          Can you tell us about it?
          Jill needs to look up the definition of Projecting.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      “Jill feels that when there is a struggle on the inside due to poor self-image, it often gets expressed as sabotage of other women. This type of female jealousy or resentment is sometimes referred to as “tall poppy syndrome.” The tallest poppy in the field is the first to get cut down.”

      Projection much?

    • Eastbayca says:

      Just read the article…99% of the comments are negative only one is positive. I think her girdle-wear (i would rather buy spanx) is going to go as far as her book and bedding’s.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Yes and the very first comment is from Maggie Rey. So very close to a name we’re familiar with. Have the tides turned?

  46. boston02127 says:

    Looks like Jill has become a comedian along with being a doctor, lawyer, dentist, etc.

    Her tweet~~~~ Talking to @kellybensimon about business. She always has best advice. Her advice is if u don’t like change it. Thoughts?

    • vilzvet says:

      Here’s a better one. Jill is going all Kelly on us:

      Jillzarin Jill Zarin
      Can’t sleep. Too much aggregation on my mind. Sometimes business not worth doing if too much stress.

      • boston02127 says:

        @V—- She must have girdles on her mind. Or billion dollar Bethenny.

        • Powell says:

          Definitely B on the brain. I truly believe that. That’s why she’ll never forgive Ramona. Even though Ramona did nothing wrong…

        • Nancy says:

          I think Ramona’s AA comment didn’t exactly make her happy.
          If Jill is an alcoholic I’m giving Ramona a pass. She so had it coming.
          Did you notice at the reunion when Ramona said the number of
          Pinot Grigio bottles sold, all the blonds were clapping and yelling out
          with joy while the “Browns” just sat there emotionless. The fact that Ramona
          is doing well with her wine has put Jill over the edge with resentment.
          Not only did they try to ruin the Pinot Grigio from selling by calling Ramona an
          alcoholic but then they went after Mario’s True Faith business by spreading
          rumors that he is being unfaithful.
          They make my blood boil.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        She’s stressed cause ALL THAT TRADEMARK PAPERWORK !!!!! and then the compliance reports and standards for claiming MADE IN USA……
        and those HIGH POWERED WOMEN won’t accept being called a F.B. in a board meeting……..
        Can’t always have Carte Blanche to roughshod EVERY situation JZ……
        Welcome to CORPORATE AMERICA……


    • Jill’s “business” is in big trouble if she has to go to Kelly for advice.

    • AZ Girl says:

      OMG Are you kidding me? JIll is going to Kelly for business advice? Well personally there is only one way for Jill to go with her products that is up.

  47. boston02127 says:

    re: The above posting about Jill calling out Alex & Ramona for wearing cream to a wedding. Next time that eppy is on watch that scene closely. It’s the woman that is sitting beside Jill who first says something about the ladies wearing cream, not Jill. You can see that after hearing the comment that it dawns on Jill and she takes over the conversation.

    Jill who is a follower and who never has an original thought jumped on that band wagon and went with it. Once again, she looks like an idiot by going on and on about it.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      huh. Good catch Boston. She does mimic others quite a bit.
      At Sonja’s thingy-recital? when she was in the Swan Lake get up -I noticed that Jill started to mimic each line as Sonja said it- very, very odd.

    • Nancy says:

      She does that stuff all the time. IMO she is one of the most
      insecure woman I have ever seen. She ALWAYS ends her thought process
      with , “Right?” She does it with Bobby a lot. When Simon approached her
      re: talking with him she was ok with it UNTIL someone (Kelly, Lulu) told her no to.
      People think she is this strong powerful smart “lady” but I see her anything but.

      • boston02127 says:

        I think Jill is a wicked follower. It’s what got her in trouble in the first place. She was “trying to be funny like Bethenny” she admited that on one of the reunion shows and said it didn’t work out for her. Whoever she is with she copies, cloths, speaking terms, words, interests, etc.

  48. gypsy826 says:

    Jill is mean, vicious, nasty, sneaking and totally vile. She sabotages Romana, Bethenny, Alex, Simon and even Sonya through innuendo, gossip, and rumor. On occasion she is nasty and vile to someone’s face, but prefers twittering or responding in online articles. She wants people to think of her as strong and empowered yet is any of her victims speak up, she often becomes the whiney, fragile flower and makes Bawby do her dirty work…yeah send in Bawby to be mean to Alex or Bethenny. Talk about a total slug and cretin. Bawdy, do you get off on chastising these mean women? Shame on you! You know what your horrid wife is like.

    BTW, I don’t post often, though I read this blog every day and have since Hub days!

  49. shiny14 says:

    JZ’s repeated “you’re not my friend, never been my friend” tirades got me wondering about how JZ would define “friend”.
    The JZ Rules of Friendship – the Contract:
    (Feel free to add more – it’s fun.)

    1) Friendship with me cannot be symmetrical: “You have to be my friend no matter what, but I get to do and say whatever I want, even if its about you.”

    2) You can never say I did anything wrong – ever. But that should be easy because I never do anything wrong.

    3) You have to tell me I’m beautiful, rich, wonderful, smart, successful, a REAL socialite, an important person, and always perfect. And you have to say it often, and you should be telling everyone else that, too.

    4) If I’m mad at someone, you have to be mad at that person, too, and tell me how horrible that person is and always has been.

    5) You have to believe (and DO) whatever I say because I know more about everything than you do.

    6) You can never take offense at anything I say or do. If you ever were to take offense, you prove you were never a friend. No matter what we shared, one slip-up on your part will prove none of that mattered.

    7) You have to invite me to every party and make sure your important friends invite me to their parties if you’re invited. You have to have important friends.

    8) If I’m mad at you, you need to grovel and apologize as many times as I want: however, if you ever think you’re mad at me (impossible, of course), then a single “I’m sorry you felt that way” or “I was joking” solves whatever problem you think you’re having with me.

    9) Whenever you hear news or gossip about anyone important, you must tell me first and immediately.

  50. Kokuanani says:

    Lynn, I need a “roadmap.”

    I was following along until I hit the “Jill’s minions have closed down our blog,” and I went over to Tv101 or whatever. Even changed my bookmarks. Then i couldn’t find you over there, and when I posted a query, got a snotty “she’s left” response.

    What happened, and how can we be assured that we’ll be able to find you?

    • boston02127 says:

      @ Kokuanani —-There was trouble on that site. We moved back here quickly and suddenly. We are going to stay here until further notice from Lynn. Glad you found us.

    • And Jill’s minion never closed down this blog – they just kept reporting it every day so it was getting frustrating.

      “Don’t worry. Everything …. is going to be all right.” Lynn will leave us a trail of breadcrumbs if she moves again 🙂

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Kokuanani… I answered your post over at tvtime and in no way was I snotty to you…you may want to go back and read it…. I simply said that Lynn had left….how you derived that was “snotty” is beyond me……I post on multiple blogs and try to be as curteous as possible ……Please don’t be a sand kicker…Thank you


      • Nancy says:

        You are grounded. No partying for you tonight little girl.
        Wouldn’t it be great if someone grounded us these days” I’d be like “Thank God no one to bother me.”
        If you don’t mind me asking have you been sick lately?

        • Thedesigndiva says:

          Nancy…why am I grounded….????
          BUT MMMOOOOMMMM …I didn’t do anything wrong…she pulled my hair first so then I pulled her hair OUT….that will learn her…..
          Yes….I have been VERY sick lately…….. towing a tough road……..
          But as they say…this too shall pass……at least I tell myself that every a.m. and p.m.

          • Nancy says:

            Is there anything we can do? I am having some “issues” with my heart now so I can relate. It’s depressing isn’t it? I used this blog to help me feel that I’m not alone.
            I hope you get better soon.

  51. BambiBaby22 says:

    I am watching “secratariat”. I wonder if bobby frankel ever had a horse run against him?

  52. JillhAter says:

    “Jill Zarin Is Judging You, Duchess Kate”

    • Nancy says:

      As much as I hate to say this I agree with Jill. I would never wear cream at someones wedding. That aside I would NEVER call someone a F*cking B*tch if they did.

    • DeeDee says:

      I just went to a wedding last weekend, and the mother of the bride (my bff) wore cream. Not sayin’ if it’s right or wrong, just sayin’.

  53. Nancy says:

    US Weekly has a poll going on re: Jill. She tweeted someone…
    “You know how I feel about polls.” I almost fell off my chair.
    She hasn’t deleted all her responses yet but a few of them are great.

    • JillhAter says:

      Must be PR 102 do something and then have absolut intolerance for it.

      e.g. :
      -Bully people then create Anti bullying Awareness campaign
      -Purchase and return every item then brag about being such a great customer that a retail store throws a cocktail buy and try party to recoup lost monies.


    • vilzvet says:

      Yeah I saw that, pretty ironic!

  54. AZ Girl says:

    Jill is stressed out gang. She is in the Hamptons, golfing, tennis, beach club, lunch with Kathy Hilton….no wait that did not happen….and now she tweets…

    Can’t sleep. Too much aggregation on my mind. Sometimes business not worth doing if too much stress.

    Jill, my advice to you is I would give up all business ventures because Bawby cannot afford them any longer. Aggregation? need to look that up.

    • Nancy says:

      Jill gets “stressed out” brushing her (fake) teeth. What in God’s name is she
      going to do when Bawby’s money runs out? I think she totally lost it when Ramona’s
      wine took off. First it was Bethenny and now it’s Ramona. I’m sure Jill never in a million years thought that Ramona’s wine would sell like it’s selling. She and Lulu had a mission this season and it was to bring Ramona down. Needless to say they were wrong and Jill is spiraling down big time.

      Jill, how is your way of running your life working for you?

      • Need a Hobby says:

        If Silex manage to achieve some remarkable business success or coup, someone will have to talk Jill down from a bridge. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

        • Nancy says:

          You better believe it. I wonder if this “England” rumor has any merit to it?
          It is something Jill would do. In AA we call it a geographic. “If only I could move all my problems would go away.” Some free advice Jill…You take yourself with you.

          • Do you mean the London HWs? Andy said that it had nothing to do with Bravo if there was such a series. I would think that they’d want British women on the show – why would they care about JZ? Of course – we have a few Brits we love on our HWs shows don’t we – Lisa and Cat – so anything is possible.

            • Nancy says:

              I know Andy said Bravo wasn’t doing it but I wouldn’t be surprises if Jill was pitching the idea herself over there. I’m 1/2 english so I hope to God it never happens.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            There was no England rumor until Jill herself started it & then nurtured it via flunkydom. For attention & maybe hoping someone thinks she’s available and actually might offer her a show, like she’s some celebrity “get.” 🙄

            It’s not like anyone really naturally on their own gave a shit that she was in the UK. Who would’ve known she was there except for her drawing attn to it. It’s not like she’s uh, Madonna.

    • Do you suppose she meant aggravation?

      I wonder is she is laying the groundwork to quit the girdle business. Her Squeez Couture has had the slowest roll-out of any product I’ve ever seen. So far its just vapor-wear.

    • boston02127 says:

      I think Jill is so stressed out because she’s finding out it’s not just us that can’t stand her. I’ve never seen the net so busy with Jill info and what an awful person she is.

    • Adgirl says:

      Aggregation is a real business term. She may have used it improperly or perhaps it was what she meant. It has something to do with distribution and groups of buyers blah blah.

    • RealMinkey says:

      Oh Jill, honey! All that aggregation! Take it easy, sweet thing. Ever think you’re not cut out for this businesswoman stuff? Ever think that you don’t have what it takes like, say, Bethenny or dare I say, even Ramona? Oh, you HAVE thought about it? And THAT’s what has you stressed, isn’t it? That, and that you’re considered vile by the great majority of people who have any idea you exist.

      Here’s my advice, Jilly Willy… Just hang it all up- the show, the girdles, everythiing. Go back to giving Bawby BJs in the back room of the fabric store (just a rumor in my circle) and take it easy. You’ll be happier, Bawby will be happier, and lord knows we’ll be happier. Chin Chin!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      So anyone else see where there is going?

      The business is so aggregating! Can’t sleep! Kelly says if you don’t like something to change it! Too much stress!

      I smell a quit coming on up… disguised in a convenient victim story.

    • brooklynbaby says:

      I think she was trying to say “aggravation”, but she pulled a Teresa Guidice.

  55. boston02127 says:

    I really really really want to know the real reason why Ally is transferring from Sarah Lawrence.

    • lillybee says:

      After seeing that last visit and shopping trip, I thinks she wants to put a lot of distance between herself and her mother. I wouldn’t blame her for that. Actually I think she should go to U of Hawaii.

    • You’re her age. Is it common to transfer if things are going well? The only people I know that have transferred after freshman year did it due to grades or because they hated the school. It’s a lot of work to transfer to another 4 year school – you have to apply early.

      • Nancy says:

        Are you a Whale lover too?

        • Yes – but I’ve never watched Whale Wars. I have gone whale watching quite a few times and live by the Pacific Ocean.

          • Nancy says:

            Don’t worry I’m not going to cram Whale Wars on you. I had to laugh though. 🙂
            Aren’t they beautiful animals? I live near the ocean too. Maybe we should take
            Jill whale watching one day. For me it was a spiritual awakening.

            • RealMinkey says:

              She’d scare those wonderful creatures away with her complaining about the boat. Besides, don’t you need a soul to have a spiritual awakening?

              • Nancy says:

                Good point. I never believed that there were really bad people
                that couldn’t be helped until Jill Zarin entered my life. But I have
                to agree with you. How sad.

            • She’s beyond hope.

              I swam with the Manatees (yes I know they aren’t whales) in Florida (in the wild) once. That was a very unique experience for me – something I’ll never forget. What gentle giants!

              • Nancy says:

                Oh how I’d love to do that. Warning…I’m going to talk
                about the Sea Shepard but it won’t be long. Somehow the whales know
                that the Sea Shepard is there to help/protect them. They swim right next to the ship.
                Even with their young. I know I sound nut’s but I truly believe that they know why we are there. OK Lecture is over. 🙂

                • RealMinkey says:

                  Our family goes whale watching off of Provincetown and Cape Ann MA. We always go on the first run of the day because there’s something particularly awesome about it in early morning. The whales always come right up to the boat and spray us. I love it so much, I just keep going back. 🙂

                  • Nancy says:

                    Lucky you. My dream is being able to swim right along with them. Same with dolphins.

                    • RealMinkey says:

                      I’ve actually done that with dolphins. It was so cool.

                    • neroes says:

                      Nancy if you come to Florida you can swim with the manatees. They are so sweet. I took some classes at Mote Marine in Sarasota Fl. and got to go to the Keys with their scientists to collect animals for their facility. One of the things they research is sharks and why they don’t get cancer. There is also a place in the keys where you can swim with dolphins.

                  • zanne says:

                    My brother sailed a 54′ sail boat from London to Florida. He said the only time they turned on their motors was when the whales got so close and playful he was afraid they would tip over the boat.

      • AF says:

        I had a few friends transfer to other universities while I was in college and it was because they were so, so unhappy at the school from which I eventually graduated. I also knew a girl who transferred because she wasn’t satisfied with the majors. She loved the school, but decided to change her major to something that wasn’t offered at my college.

        I’ve never heard of anyone transferring unless they were dissatisfied with something.

      • boston02127 says:

        @ housewifeaddict– I can’t imagine it would be easy, more of a hugh headache. That’s why I’d like to know the real reason she’s going thru all this. I’m guessing it’s her grades. I know in HS she did have a tutor. And Jill did mention that she had to help Ally with her
        college entrance exams. Maybe she’s not too bright???

    • Nancy says:

      I read that Ally had an attitude because she was “Jill Zarin’s” daughter and her fellow class mates didn’t take too kind of it. Also she had to go to the ER one night after drinking too much and Jill didn’t want Ally to get a reputation so she was out of there.
      (People were talking on campus)
      Apparently Ally didn’t make a lot (or any) friends. When I heard that Ally was changing her last name to Zarin I had a feeling that she was believing her mother was so above everyone and she wanted a part of it. Good luck with that Ally.

      • Adgirl says:

        Wait. I had to totally laugh when immediately after talking about Jill and Ally you discuss Whale Wars.

        • Nancy says:

          Are you insulting my whales again? I laughed so hard my cat flew off the couch and ran outside. Ally just needs to exercise. I bet her thyroid level is low or she has borderline depression. She always acts like she’s tired or bored or doesn’t care…

          • Adgirl says:

            Nancy! I love whales too. I just can’t watch that tv show because it will bum me out too much.

            Ally is apparently pretty interested in sex (according to her interest in becoming a sex columnist). That usually burns a few calories.

            • Nancy says:

              Have you ever watched it? Next Friday would be a good one to watch.
              We finally find the factory ship. It stops the killing immediately. 🙂

              Did you find it strange that Ally has an interest in the “Sex” writing field? I sure did.
              Her role model for this is Jill Zarin? Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t be surprised if Jill has told Ally that it’s your duty as a wife…Blahblahblah I’ve said all along that IMHO Jill and Bawby do NOT have a romanic kind of relationship.

              • Adgirl says:

                I can’t tell if Jill & Bobby “do it”, but they seem very happy together. I think he loves how vivacious Jill is. He loves the attention and red carpet BS. She’s bossy but his mommy probably was too.

                All is probably a very nice young woman. I think she is struggling with her identity. She may even be interested in girls (total specuation on my part – no one in my crowd told me that). I think she is torn between fitting in and standing out. That comment to her mother of all people (on tv!) sounded like a girl who is desperate for attention.

                • OneMoreInBoston says:

                  interesting speculation. Never even crossed my mind.

                  • Adgirl says:

                    It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest but for someone in her situationit could be extremely difficult and depressing. My parents had many close friends who were gay, (their very best friends was a gay couple) but still my brother had a terrible time coming out to them.

                • Nancy says:

                  The lady pond? Ummmmmmm?

                • DeeDee says:

                  @Adgirl, I completely agree. I got that vibe this last time she (Ally) was on the show (when her mother called her a fat a**), that she might be interested in or already has swam in the lady pond. **not that there’s anything wrong with that** /JerrySeinfeldReference

                  In light of how Karma typically acts, and as much heartache/headache/repetitive crap that Jill Zarin fired off into Simon’s lifestyle/interests, whether they’re right or wrong,–it would be interesting to see if anything comes to light that she has to squash quickly regarding Ally possible interests.

    • brooklynbaby says:

      The news reports say her classmate did not think she was a star and she drank too much. Where is she transferring to?

      • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

        Jill said somewhere in the South that starts with a V – I say Vanderbilt or Virginia.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        One important question to ask when looking at prospective colleges is the freshman drop out/transfer rate. A school has to have the correct environment for the student as well as the degree path they want to follow. I hope Ally finds the right place for her college years.

  56. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~On way to Polo. Wearing my summer weight @SkweezCouture under dress to smooth my body.

    Hmm, between golf, tennis, swimming, kayaking, walks on the beach, pilates, shopping, running from party to party, etc. Why the need for Skweez ware? You’d think with ALL that activity that Jill would have the body of Gisele Bundchen.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So what is she wearing to smooth those ham o liscious legs? That swimming suit picture in seared into my brain like a bad tatoo. Summer weight? Don’t you just mean in white or nude and not the madonna on crack crap you wore on WWHL?

      • vilzvet says:

        Did she mean smooth her body or squeeze her fat a$$? When she’s not in the presence of her poor daughter she becomes a lady and uses the proper verbiage.

  57. Adgirl says:

    I wonder about Jill’s grannypanty products. The market appears to be saturated with big lingere brands who already have shape lines. The only reason Bethenny could get placement in stores is because she has a great brand name and is already very popular. Also her shapers are attractive.

    Jill should have launched her brand 2 years ago. Now she is just another reality star trying to muscle into a crowded space. I don’t think the store buyers are impressed with Jill’s product nor her star stature. It’s really too bad because Jill is the perfect example of a shaper customer. Middle age with no intention of exercising the flab away. She also was a hosiery buyer for a dept store wasn’t she? so she must know a lot about the industry. I would think that she has a strong following of Jewish women – maybe she should consider selling her shmata in Israel and Florida.

    Her tweets sound like she is getting ready to throw the towel in on this project. That must piss her off after Ramona’s remarks this week about Jill’s prior business failures.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      she didn’t hit it fast enough or hard enough…sat on the sidelines with focus groups and whatever other f*ckery she was doing instead of working.

      OT- how are you? How’s the job search?

      • It’s a lot of hard work to start a business – you can’t just slap your name on something and expect it to sell. I think she’s inherently lazy and has a big sense of entitlement.

      • Adgirl says:

        I’m working but it isn’t going too well. It’s impossible to bring in new business with the negative economic news. I am seriously thinking about working at Starbucks for the next year.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I’m glad you found a job- hang in there- it *is* the economy not you. Obama signs on 8/02 (?) hopefully that will help.
          Starbucks? don’t think I could learn their language. Tall = small? I would seriously need a Starbucks dictionary.

        • Indy501 says:

          Where are you based? Not that it matters anymore.

          • Adgirl says:

            Bay Area. Why? Do you own a coffee shop I can work at? 🙂

            • Nancy says:

              You are on a roll tonight.
              What kind of job are you looking for?
              Starbucks will work you into a early grave.

              • Adgirl says:

                I just want something easy, social, physical and fun. Somewhere I can land for a year or two before I go back to a career type job. I want to either walk to work or work in a downtown area where I can walk around during lunchtime. I don’t need very much money.
                There is an express bus to SF that stops literally at the end of my driveway.
                I also need Sundays off for football.

            • Indy501 says:

              No, but that would be a sweet sort of job. I’m too much of a klutz to do anything with food or beverage. However, I have really fantasized about being a bartender. I just like the idea of socializing and shooting the breeze with the barflies. But of course, they would have to be the right kind of barflies. You know interesting, intelligent and funny. Somehow, I don’t think I would have a say in that matter.

              I just take an interest in women’s careers because I have been struggling to reinvent myself from an industry that doesn’t exist outside of the coasts. Have done it now.. but that’s my soft spot, empowering women to reach their full potential in earning a living.

              I’m watching someone now build her own business from a small operation out of her house to a small, but growing, marketing business that is really taking off.

      • codystl says:

        maybe her partners are pulling out on her after seeing her behavior and viewer reaction.

    • Dawn says:

      Jill needed to strike while the iron was hot. Her product should have been launched during the airing of the show so that she was fresh in the minds of her “legions” of viewers. Who will be thinking/talking about Jill in the Fall (besides us)?

  58. Simon says NO decisions have been made for the cast of S5 – which makes it strange if they have to start filming in a few weeks.

    SimonvanKempen Simon van Kempen
    @__________ It’s not true we’re off the show, so any reports saying so are false. No one has a contract or an offer for a 5th season yet
    1 hour ago

    SimonvanKempen Simon van Kempen
    @————— Quote “A rep for Bravo tells us: “No decisions have been made regarding next season and everything at this point is rumor.”
    1 hour ago

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Just got in a lil bit ago and saw that. Guess my theory was wrong 😦 oh well, I really hope Alex stays over Kelly or Jill. I like the family scenes. What I miss most are the parties. Not the oh look at me, but the big done up charity event parties.

  59. ****************************************************************************************************************

    Big Brother Spoiler Alert – don’t read on if you don’t want to know what’s happening on the live feeds


    One of the nominees won the veto – but it’s not a given that they’ll save themselves – so things are going to shake up a little in the next few days


  60. boston02127 says:

    BBL, Going for a walk & ice cream. 🙂


    I feel so bad for Kelly’s daughters. Can you imagine her at a parent teachers conference? I bet it blows her mind when the teacher inquires about something. I bet she is the talk of the teachers lounge.

    Addition to Jill Behavior list…

    Anything and everything she does!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      From the scenes of Kelly with her daughters – I don’t see much closeness or self expression there. I wonder if they really spend that much time together.

      • vilzvet says:

        Didn’t she say on camera recently (reunion maybe?) that she’s with her daughters “80 percent of the time” so to me that says that Gilles must have custody or visitation about 1 or 2 days a week. Perhaps they do live with her (obviously in the Hamptons at least).

  62. Nancy says:

    “Bobby has seen how stressed out I’ve been so he has chartered a sail boat for my family to watch the sun set.” Or something like that. Maybe she’ll take a swim…:)

  63. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    Jill’s List
    1. Doing everything she could to lower Ally’s self esteem while shopping with her. Not one positive thing to day about anything she tried on.
    2. Trying to ruin Ramona’s livelihood by calling her an alcoholic.
    3. Trying to ruin Mario’s livelihood by “repeating” cheater gossip.
    4. Falsely accusing Simon of cyberbullying her and threatening her with the Watch Out comment.
    5. Falsely accusing Mario of threatening behaviour when he called her out on the rumor spreading
    6. Agreeing with Kelly when she talked about Sonja’s dirty house, etc.
    7. Calling Sonja a liar when she said her assistant told her to bring Pinot Grigio to serve instead of auctioning off at the bullying event.
    8. Spouting her non-solicited opinion on bankruptcy, dentistry, music production, video production.
    9. Bringing back $1.98 koala bears as souveniers from her trip to Austrailia.
    10. Being the “inside source” to several friendly bloggers and celebrity writers regarding negative rumors about some of her castmates.
    11. Making a big deal about wearing cream to a wedding.
    12. Calling Alex an Effing B.
    13. Saying Alex was beneath “her” crowd.
    14. Routinely bad-mouthing every event’s venue or food she attended unless it was sponsored by one of the “turdy girls.”
    15. Cyberstalking numerous celebrities.
    16. Blocking any negative feedback from her twitter and website.
    17. Having her assistant Maggie scour wordpress in an attempt to shut down IHJZ blog.

    That’s it for now.


  64. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    Hey guys. Whoever keeps saying they missed Home by Novogratz, this is a reminder that it comes on tonight on HGTV at 10 PM EST.

  65. smompy says:

    I’m watching Candice Olson and just saw a commercial for it. Looks like a fun one as they’re doing some kind of modern penthouse…with METALLICS!

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      They always seem like they are having the best time when they are designing a space. We should all enjoy our jobs that much. No drama, no pettiness – just fun.

  66. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    I have read all the previous comments about Jill’s tweets about being stressed out about business and about getting business advice from Kelly (who has never had a business in her life or taken any kind of business course in her life that I know of), and the speculation that this is leading up to her sqweeze line being a bust. I must say it looks that way to me. Of course, it won’t be Jill’s fault that her squeeze line is not coming to stores in the fall. It will be Lynn’s fault, or the commenters on this blog’s fault, or Ramona’s fault, or Sonja’s fault, or Silex’s fault, or Ally’s fault (stressing her out about transferring so far away that she just cannot concentrate on her business), or Kelly’s fault for giving her “bad” business advice (her target for next season?). BUT IT WILL NOT BE JILL ZARIN’S FAULT BECAUSE SHE IS THE VICTIM – DO YOU HEAR ME? – SHE IS YET AGAIN THE VICTIM OF SOMETHING OR SOMEONE INSIDIOUS. It could even be BETHENNY’S FAULT. Bethenny knew Jill wanted to come out with a shaper line and Bethenny stole her idea and came out with one first. But it’s probably that Hate Blog’s fault.

    • Adgirl says:

      What? The store buyers didn’t fill out 3000 purchase orders when Jill told them how awesome she is with her nearly 200,000 twitter followers?!

      Of course she will blame this blog! Jill is notorious, rather than famous. Bobby probably had to twist a few arms & call in some favors to get her appointments with the big stores.
      The Panty & Brar Buyer’s assistant probably printed out a couple of articles and this blog to give the buyer background info on Jill. After a good laugh the buyer sent her on her way.

      That is not an association Saks, Macy’s or Nordstrom’s wants to have.

  67. Larke says:

    I should have listened to Lynn…I never read Bravo blogs, but felt compelled for some reason to read Jac’s.

    This woman talks about Danielle in her blog!?! I can’t believe she is still that bitter or angry that she is still talking about Danielle on a blog about a show, Danielle is no longer on, describing her Christmas! I cannot understand why she would bring her up while describing her family’s merry Christmas celebrations!? Really??? I don’t get it.

    All these women talked about was how they wanted Danielle out of their life and poof, she’s been gone for quite a bit and you are still talking about her. That really bothers me because to me, it shows that Jac was right in the middle of it all and very much to blame for what went down. They all tried to blame it on Danielle every which way, but really those other women wouldn’t leave her alone. They still continue to drag her through the mud, enough already! Danielle can do that all on her own!

    Jac’s whole point in mentioning her was to say “My show’s better than your show!”. Wow, I guess Jac is actually proud that she hangs around lunatics and spends her holidays with people that start fights at other people’s holiday parties.

    I guess it frustrates me because while Jac is the least offensive of the Jersey clan, I think she gets a pass because she is the most sane, but when you watch her carefully her scheming ways come out, in my opinion. Same thing with Kim G- Why even socialize with her?!?

    I don’t want to agree with Ashley, but Jac does seem to be in the middle of a lot of things, but always flies under the radar when things heat up.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      omg! I cannot believe she’s *still* talking about Danielle! you know the only way that clan will be happy is if Danielle committed suicide-it’s that bad.

      • Larke says:

        I know, I was shocked when I read it! Like I said, I don’t read Bravo blogs so maybe she has mentioned Danielle in her blogs this season, don’t know. Your comment is so true! They really will never let her be. They saw her as an easy target from the beginning and trust me, she definitely brought some on herself, but she has no husband, no support, no (little?) money- I don’t understand why they wanted to annihilate her; they should have pitied her and left it at that.

        You can’t battle with someone who’s standing still- if they wouldn’t have engaged her, it would have been a done deal and she would have been gone after the first season. But, then we wouldn’t have known what an animal Teresa was- season two reunion was something else. I remember Jac was extremely bitter and she came off so bad in the first half of that reunion constantly jabbing at Danielle. People need to realize when to walk away before they bring themselves down along with the other person.

      • vilzvet says:

        I admit I do not miss Danielle AT ALL and only wonder how her poor daughters are doing with that wackjob of a mother, so therefore I agree that Jacq should can it.

        • Larke says:

          Oh, i agree. I don’t miss her at all. In fact, I would not have watched if she came back because watching that group gang up on Danielle at every turn during season two was sickening to me. I know that Danielle has serious issues and I didn’t enjoy watching her, but I just felt like Bravo was encouraging those women to attack her and that’s just wrong to me. No matter the age and no matter who is on the other end- a good person or not- it’s wrong. And the way they did attack her made all of them look bad, in my opinion, even Jac and I liked her season one. It was a lose-lose all the way around.

          I do wish that Danielle had found some sort of success and a lot of therapy after RHoNJ, but I don’t think she has.

          • Larke says:

            Oh and to back up that comment, a great example is the ‘Haircut by Bravo’ bit they ran. I just can never understand how that can be funny to anyone, even if you hate Danielle that’s still assault. And the fact that Bravo ran that, says a lot, but then again, Andy says a lot by the way he acts and what he says, and he’s starting to not look so good. I remember at the beginning of WWHL, he was so fun and had relevant, engaging guests, but it’s not a good show anymore. Almost every poll is essentially who is more popular than who and it’s so immature. I mean, what is he trying to prove?!?

            • AF says:

              I think Andy and the Bravo crew realized early on that they could capitalize on the whole “mean girl” aspect of the Housewives show. I didn’t watch the first three or four seasons of O.C., so I don’t know if this show did this, but I know that on the first season NY, part of the whole thing was how much money these women spent. For example, Simon and Alex went on a shopping trip and, when they were done, the amount they spent (well over $2,000) flashed on the bottom right of the screen. Another example is when Jill took Ally to “detox” and the little box in the bottom right corner said the place where Ally was staying cost $700 per night.

              So, at least for RHONY, the show seemed to be equal parts cat fight and money. It was first and foremost about watching how rich people in New York lived their extravagant lives. Starting with season two, though, things changed. The focus of the show changed from money to drama between the women and thing have just spiraled out of control from there.

              Let’s face it – humans enjoy a good blood sport; we (not all humans, of course – I’m making a generalization) love watching humans tear others down. And Bravo execs are now banking because they’ve decided to make almost all of their shows about humans (not just women) behaving like crazy people.

  68. WindyCityWondering says:

    Maybe it is hard to set up a distribution channel when you don’t have a product to show them? Maybe it is equally hard to get interest in a product that is a fugly knockoff?
    Maybe give the way her other products tanked she is having a difficult time getting anyone to take her latest offering?
    Maybe being a saavy business woman with an empire is easier to say than it is to be?

    • Adgirl says:

      I think she has a shitload of samples. She claims to wear them herself. Didn’t she wear some gawdawful Madonna bullet brar one on WWHL?

      The samples are keeping the boxes of Secrets of a Jewish Princess company in the Zarin Fabric baasement.

      • Actually I think she only has a few samples – because on a later WWHL she claimed she left her “lace” one in the hamptons, and had to wear the other one.

      • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

        If her department store distribution deal doesn’t work out, she can put them on Ebay. Who wouldn’t want underwear worn by JZ herself!

        • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

          Or she could have a Zarin Trust fundraiser and put them in the favor bags along with her moldy books.

  69. smompy says:

    I wish someone would force Jill to go into detail about how Ramona sabotaged her alleged seven figure Kodak deal. I mean, I know she won’t ever get too specific because she’s making most of it up, if not all of it, but I wish someone would ask her for specifics. I reviewed the clip of Ramona and Jill at that Kodak event on Bravo’s site, and I noticed something funny. During her talking head interview, which was clearly filmed at a later date, Jill says she’s still mad at Ramona because Ramona “didn’t even realize that she almost ruined my” endorsement deal. Not ruined, but ALMOST ruined. So she must have still had the deal when she filmed that TH. When exactly did she lose her alleged deal and what were Kodak’s specific reasons for dumping her? What Ramona said/did at that event may have been rude (OK it WAS rude) but why would that make Kodak drop JILL??? Jill actually defended Kodak on camera and countered everything Ramona said without making a big scene. That’s pretty much what a company spokesperson is supposed to do. If there was really some kind of Kodak deal in the works (and I still have my doubts there was one) I can’t see how Ramona’s words or actions have anything to do with Jill keeping that deal. It doesn’t make sense.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      unless it wasn’t a Jill Zarin deal but a HoWives of NY deal that they had set up with the producers and Ramona wouldn’t go along so they dropped the whole reality show theme and moved onto to singers and rappers.

      There’s more to the eye on this one.

      • smompy says:

        Yeah, I think that’s a good possibility. Jill was all happy when Ramona showed up at the event and then when Ramona said, Hey, why’d you decide to go with such an antiquated company, Jill?” Jillzy looked surprised in a weird way…it wasn’t a “HOW DARE YOU?” way but looked more as if Ramona hadn’t stayed on script and had instead started ad-libbing her lines so that Jill had to think for a second before she knew how to respond….since the line she had rehearsed wouldn’t work any more. At least that’s the way I interpreted it:)

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          How did Jill go from “hostessing a party for Kodak” to having a million dollar endorsement deal? Ramona’s question was valid – Jill flubbed the answer.

      • Are you saying Jill forgot her notes and messed up on her stories?

  70. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    Jill’s List continued:

    18. Taking advantage of an emotionally and/or intellectually stunted person (Kelly) and making them her “mean girl” substitute to take the attention off of herself.
    19. Taking it upon herself to tell a bride who should or should not be invited to her own wedding and “speaking” to her about at the wedding itself.
    20. Being stupid, stupid, stupid enough to intentionally or unintentionally get Bawby to mention this blog on the show itself. BIG MISTAKE.
    21. Acting like she’s having fun with the turdy girls when she’s really miserable and not having any fun at all while secretly wishing she were having as much fun as the Blondes.
    22. Lying about thinking her birthday party was great when if it were any other person’s party, she would have torn it to shreds with her comments. She wouldn’t have liked the location, the entertainment or the food. Come on, that was a pretty lame party and she would have been the first to be all over it if it had been Alex’s or Ramona’s.

    • gypsy826 says:

      23. She eats like a starving pig. She was really stuffing food in her mouth at the Countless’s party and trying to talk at the same time. Crumbs were flying out of her mouth. She did the same thing at Ramona’s marriage renewal.

  71. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill is just plain stupid to think she can “take down” Ramona. Jill has a proven track record of lying and going after castmates with the intent of hurting their families by ruining their income sources. Ramona doesn’t set out to intentionally hurt Jill – Jill pushes her to the point where Ramona has to answer back. Jill threw alcoholism and infidelity at Ramona, IMO, Ramona threw back a well deserved kill shot on the former and I am dying to see what she does with the later.

  72. Thedesigndiva says:

    Nancy… I REFUSE to get depressed….it’s not worth it….. I sing and dance around the house and DIFFUSE….My attitude will always be upbeat…..when I feel “blue” I allow myself to cry to detox….. But no pity parties at this house…..It is what it is…. I won’t get better I just dont want to get worse…. I have accepted it and try to live with it..I know my limitations……I am in a HAPPY place……Thank you for your care and concern…it is appreciated for sure…….I just want to go back to work…I HATE BEING HOME ALL THE TIME…IT SUCKS…….

    • Nancy says:

      Thank-you for the pep talk. I needed one. Do you have any pets? Mine have really helped out. Right after I had heart surgery my husband came to visit me and his back pack kept moving so I thought it was the drugs I was on but a little pug head poked through. It was my little Emily. The nurses found out because she sings when she’s happy so our cover was blown. They let her stay.
      Unlike you I at times feel bitter as I can no longer do what I used to do for a living.
      I need to let that go. I wish I had your spirit. I promise you I’ll stay happy all weekend. 🙂
      Who knows where that will lead me.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Hi Nancy I hope you feel better. I enjoy your comments & think you are really spunky! Pets do help, my 2 dogs are always next to me & give so much affection. They make my laugh every day. I get frustrated too when I realize how it’s getting hard to do all the stuff I used to do. Stairs are a real challenge some days. Please take good care of yourself & feel better.

        Love your blog Lynn! Just listened to your last radio (podcast?) with Carly & it was so good. Looking forward to the next one. We are going to be so busy Sat. & Sun. nights.

        I found where Quincy is blogging…she’s another favorite of mine.
        If you’re on twitter follow her @QuincyILreality

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Nancy…. We have 3 labs…. I also have Mr Ford and the 27 yr old that has returned back home….. I refer to him as PITA…..
        It’s not a field of dreams here all the time and when I need to I VENT…. and vent BIG..BUT….only at home..Never in public…it’s not lady like…hahahahahaha…BUT of you happen to be so unlucky as to PUSH that BUTTON…. you will wish you had a change of pants in the car…..then I go back to smiling and doing whatever…..
        REMEMBER ONE THING….You can either choose to be Bitter or Better
        And then eat PIE….

  73. Could Jill be stressed because she just watched the tape for the second part of the reunion – or because she doesn’t know if they’ll sign her for S5?

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      There are a whole lot of reasons for Jill to be stressed. Her lies and behavior are catching up with her and her house of cards may be about to fall down around her.

    • Adgirl says:

      Jill realizes this may be her last chance to make big bank off her “stardom”. She’s missed the gravy train. It’s too late to start another huge effort that may not get launched before RH is over. She doesn’t have a winner to prove she can move product.

      Bethenny said her best selling books were what gave her the authority to start the SK line.

      • Adgirl says:

        I meant SG = Skinny Girl.

      • Nancy says:

        Say one of her lines made her a billionaire she still wouldn’t be happy because it has nothing to do with the money. I don’t think Jill has ever been truly happy in her entire life. Being Jill is what is making Jill miserable.

        • Larke says:

          Yes, Nancy! I am one of the few (don’t hurt me!!) that does not hate Jill. Now, I don’t like her, but I don’t find her as terrible as most people find her. Therefore, I rarely, if ever, comment on anything to do with JZ because I don’t want to be run off the board. And I’ve never thought about it, but as I was reading your comment it clicked and you are so right. She is just not a happy person overall which is why she picks and picks and can’t let grudges go- because she needs them to stay relevant, to keep her busy, etc,

          And that is definitely why she does not want other people to be successful. Well, actually, I don’t think she minds if people she likes are successful, but she wants to be right next to them celebrating which is why I think the Bethenny thing killed her. I honestly believe that she wanted Bethenny to have everything she does now, it’s just that she always thought she would be a part of it. And when it all happened and B wasn’t around, I think she was crushed and didn’t know what to do so she turned her venom towards others. Not that it’s right, but I do think her meanness came from deep hurt about losing Bethenny.

          I know a lot of people here say looking back at season one or two they see these things in Jill they don’t like, but to me, in the beginning Jill was pretty genuine and it seemed as though she always encouraged B…until the charity with that alcohol, both Ramona and Jill were wrong and I don’t think Bethenny every fully got over that.

          • Adgirl says:

            Hi Larke & Nancy,
            I also don’t hate JZ, mostly because she reminds me of my elderly aunt who has similar traits as Jill.
            I will disagree with you on Jill’s “meanness came from deep hurt about losing Bethenny”. To me it was the other way around. Obvious she is deeply hurt about Bethenny. And I can’t say I blame Jill for feeling left behind oe betrayed when Bethenny was awarded her own tv show. However, she lost Bethenny due to her outrageously spiteful behavior.

            Jill then lost her fan base because of her shocking compulsion to eradicate others.

            I agree with you both that self loathing may be Jill’s root problem, but at this stage in her life she ought to be in therapy rather than committing virtual homicide every time she is pissed off.
            She is a middle age woman – she needs to grow up.

            • Larke says:

              Hi! I do think she became so spiteful because she was deeply hurt over losing Bethenny and to clarify, losing Bethenny was all Jill’s fault- for sure! But, I still think the loss was a huge one for her and she instantly was distanced from all the success Bethenny was experiencing which is like, the worst thing that can happen for Jill, to not be in the spotlight.

              And I am so glad that someone else can sort of see someone they know in Jill…a little tiny bit. For instance, I know that most people on the blog complain and give Jill crap for ‘knowing everything’ and being a doctor and a lawyer and a dentist, etc which IS annoying, I agree, but for some families or some cultures they grow up having elders like this. And it’s not a negative thing, annoying- yes, but it’s just the way some people are. I absolutely see this in the Jewish families I know, too, but I see it in other families I know and I’ve experienced it first hand. I would never talk down or complain that the elder in my family is a ‘know it all’, it’s just passed on, the family heritage, if you will, you know the same person who passes down old recipes and history from the ‘native’ land.

              I don’t think I’m explaining it well, but in my opinion, it’s not so much that Jill really thinks she is an expert at everything, rather she acts just like her mother and freely passes on all that she knows, or thinks she knows. I think from the outside, someone who doesn’t know this person, it looks as though they might be butting in or rude or pompous, but that’s not at all how it’s looked at if you are in the family or know the family. And I’ve always thought of Jill’s ‘knowing it all’ the same way as my own relative which is why I guess that doesn’t annoy me. Because I would be so hurt if someone thought that about my elder relative.

              • Nancy says:

                I hear what you are saying. IF Jill was nice her “I know everything” act wouldn’t bother me. IMO she does it with an agenda. The way she has treated Alex and Ramona this season is unforgivable to me. She has lost any sympathy I had for her.

          • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

            I think Jill is a person who needs constant validation because of her upbringing. I don’t think she ever thought she was good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. That is her mother’s fault. And I do think that the Bethenny thing was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. I could see little signs of her wanting revenge on those she thought, in her mind, slighted her (like Ramona not inviting her to the cooking party), but going from wanting to beat someone in a tennis match to wanting to harm people’s reputations and livelihoods is something entirely different. She needs help. The sad part about it is she has done the same things to her daughter that her mother did to her. I’m glad she only had one child to do that to to be honest. I’m not saying she doesn’t love Ally. I know she does with al her heart. She’s just repeating what she has learned from her own mother. Very very sad.

            • Larke says:

              I agree Jill needs validation and I see that she has unfortunately passed on all those negative traits to Ally. It seems people often feel sorry for Ally, but from what I recall Ally also has inserted herself into the drama. I’m not on fb or twitter or anything besides this one blog, but I thought I recalled that she actually came on Lynn’s blog before and was saying nasty things. Of course, I can see her protecting her mother, but maybe the apple hasn’t fallen too far. All the way around, it’s sad because Jill is always in the press and I’m sure her daughter wants to fight back, but she is an adult and if she is joining in the ‘mean tweeting’ or whatever then she is at fault, too. I can’t even imagine being Jill’s daughter with all that is in the press about her. But, Ally is young and in college, she should be way too busy (and too smart) to join in the drama and blogs.

              Only time will tell, I guess. I hate to put any HW’s children down, but I bet they all wish they had an Avery!!!! Ramona is one of the most accomplished HW’s of the entire franchise for that alone, the biggest compliment to any parent.

              • Adgirl says:

                My aunt Betty (yes she is Jewish!) is charismatic and opinionated like Jill. I adore her but I keep my distance. Betty holds deep grudges and orders fatwahs on people who anger her. Exactly like Jill.

                You won’t believe this but my 89 year old aunt Betty hates my 93 year old great aunt Mattie because when they were children Mattie was sent to live with Betty and my dad’s home. The girls were 13 and 9 at the time. Betty was insanely jealous Mattie was added to their home.
                To this day they have never spoken as adults even though they lived very close to each other. Aunt Betty recently said to my mother “isn’t she dead yet?”.

                Sound familiar?

                • Nancy says:

                  That was funny. My 2 Aunts in Canada are like that and each one of them tries to get me “on their side.” I know everyone here loves Avery but I think she can be rather rude to her mother.

                • Indy 501 says:

                  Yeah, Aunt M. She tried to destroy my MIL’s reputation. But those people are eventually found out. Even yesterday MIL was talking about the good things she has done. The Jill Zarins of the world run hot and cold. They are two faced and vindictive. But sometimes they will give you the shirt off their back.
                  I believe they are ruled by their inner demons,
                  anger and jealousy.

              • Larke says:

                Nancy, I actually agree that Avery has a sharp tongue with her mother. I’ve always thought that, but other than that she seems so into her studies and so well-behaved which is a testament to Mario and Ramona. With that, Avery’s tongue is also a testament to Ramona! Avery obviously talks like that because Ramona has given her the freedom to speak openly the same way Ramona requires that freedom to say all that she does! I do tend to think that Avery is only quick with her parents because it’s accepted (or expected) in their small family, but I doubt she talks rudely to her teachers or other adults. Not sure, I just get a sense that she is a respectful girl otherwise.

                I am never home on a Saturday night and it was fun chatting with the ladies!! I don’t post often because I sometimes have different opinions than most, and I guess I would rather not post than come against unwarranted, harsh criticism. I decided to post for the first time I think about Jill while not many people were here and I’m glad I did. I won’t do it often, but I got it out of my system while there were kind posters online!! Thanks

                I know people say that posters won’t be attacked for respectful, but differing opinions and for the most part that is true, but I’ve been here since day one and have seen plenty of people attacked which is why I don’t feel that comfortable, but again, I’m glad I posted tonight. It’s just not worth it to me, to post on a busy day because if I’m called a troll, or minion, or Jill herself, I would stop reading and I try to keep reading so I can support Lynn. And I have seen many, many times that one person posted one (respectful) comment and they are immediately confronted that they are a Jill employee by a few regulars. I would rather avoid that and still think of the blog and many of the posters in a fond way.

                So again, I’m glad I decided to brave the IHJZ board and say some sort of nice things about Jill. **Disclaimer anyway: I am not a fan of Jill. Okay, ‘night ladies!!!

                • Indy501 says:

                  Don’t know if you’ll see this. But I’m glad you posted. My husband and I have an only child…same age as Avery. We are also older parents. I know if you peeked into our home you would see an incredibly smart boy who also has a smart mouth. I decided early on what battles to fight and which ones not to…..i decided not to fight the smart mouth. If I inflame him while he is “expressing himself” it will only escalate the situation. Usually I ignore or answer him in a more reasonable way. Where do you think he got the smart mouth?
                  BTW, my son would move mountains for his father or I. Outside of the home, his respect and maturity are often commented on by others

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      I wonder if she’s always been unhappy. You know, like some people are just born old souls? Maybe she’s just an Eyeore.

  74. Blondes back up to 75% on the Bravo poll


    With over 20,000 votes now.

    They are kicking butt.

  75. Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

    Since the Baron and I just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary, I would like to let you all in on the Secrets to A Long Happy Marriage

    An old woman was sipping on a glass of wine, while sitting on the patio with her husband, and she says, “I love you so much, I don’t know how I could ever live without you”… Her husband asks, “Is that you or the wine talking?… She replies, “It’s me… talking to the wine.”

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      Oh Baroness, if only I had that toast today b4 our niece’s wedding! Happy Anniversary! The wedding was lovely. Got to see family old & young. AND I DANCED! First time in 2 years!

      So what did I miss today?

      • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

        Sorry, but that I didn’t get that little marriage advice until a few minutes ago via e-mail from friend of mine. Glad you had such a good time seeing your family and DANCING!

        Well , there’s been a lot of talk about Jill getting business advice from Kelly and her not being able to sleep because she has too much aggregation on her mind, that’s right she tweeted aggregation. She is stressed out so much that Bawby chartered a boat to take the fambly out to watch the sunset. AND NO I AM NOT KIDDING . Just read the posts today. I personally think her world is crumbling down around her.

        • Dame Rhetorica says:

          LOVE she’s aggregated:) Kelly must have suggested that. They’re almost becoming joined at times.

        • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

          Whoops. I usually only write “fambly” when talking about the NJ housewives. Getting my regional dialects mixed up.

    • Indy501 says:

      How true, how true. But we love ’em anyway.

  76. Thedesigndiva says:


    At the launch party for her new book “Secrets of a Jewish Mother,” Jill Zarin announced that her “secret to hiding the love handles her grandmother so kindly passed down to her were thanks to Kymaro Body Shapers.”

    The Real Housewives star, and mom of 4, proudly rocks the $39.99 KYMARO Infomercial Girdles to suck her in and smooth her out in all the right places.
    read more

    I’ve been saving this for weeks till the subject came up…… now it seems only right to share …

  77. Thedesigndiva says:

    Link should work for the READ MORE…fingers crossed…….


  78. Indy501 says:

    Kymaro body wear, also sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Next to the Zarin bedding line?

  79. Thedesigndiva says:

    The BUTTON has been pushed……..LOL LOL LOL……
    and I have more in my vault of secrets,,,,,,hahahahahhahaha

    Oh JZ..if you are reading this….. You should be more skeered of the general public than of BFH..and just for good measure…. I am not afraid of you or your minions….. I’ve called a FB by bigger and better woman….it doesn’t piss me offf when they do it..I call it FUEL……
    back to veggie egg rolls and buttered rice…sherbert for DESSERT…..YUM….
    Hope you all enjoyed that…. I sure did…..


    • Adgirl says:

      Somebody please twitter this interview. LOL.

    • Nancy says:

      One would think being in the fabric business one would wear a solid colored dress while posing in front of Grandma’s couch looking fabrics. And she called Alex an idiot!!

  80. Dame Rhetorica says:

    I read the blog quickly this mng. Just saw now Cat will not be on NY, huh. Any scoop on that? I didn’t watch DC – too much drama! But from most of you have said, she would’ve called out the brunettes. Too bad.

  81. Adgirl says:

    From Jill’s twitter:
    @SkweezCouture willbe in stores september! RT @huckin “@Jillzarin is it on the market yet”
    about 6 hours ago via Twittelator

    • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

      There is no way she would say that if it weren’t true. Woudl she? She can’t be that stupid. I just wonder if it’s going to be in the stores she’s already mentioned.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        BB,,,, can’t you just hear the buzz of all those SINGER sewing machines now….!!!


        • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

          In what country, I wonder?

          • Thedesigndiva says:

            BB,,,, More on that LATER….can’t let all my cats out of the bag….. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING AND READING…….. The torch has been lite….LOL LOL LOL…..

      • It must be well into production by now. She’s probably terrified she won’t be signed for S5. All these stories about how they are too toxic to film together another season are probably sinking in.

        • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

          And how is she ever going to promote it if she’s not signed up for the next season. Of course, it wasn’t OK for Ramona to promote her pinot, but I’m sure Jill will be mentioning her Skweez wear every chance she gets. When she walks into a party, she will be yelling, who wants to look at my Skweez wear and lifting up her dresses to show eveyrone. Can’t wait.

          • Baroness Beachcomber (BB) says:

            Oh, and since Ramona is a so-called Alcoholic for promoting her Pinot this season, then Jill should be called out for being “morbidly obese” next season if she’s promoting her Skweeze wear. It’s only fair.

            • She pretty much promoted it all this season – but without a product for people to buy it was an epic fail.

              I love how Ramona just said – well I was promoting my product so of course I mentioned it. She’s relentless, handing out her skin cream to Andy and Denise on the WWHL aftershow. But I still love her!

      • Adgirl says:

        I’m pretty sure she’s doing a test at selected Macy’s. I thought I read that a few months ago. Similar to the Bed Bat & Beyond test.

        • If it fits well and is an attractive product it’ll have a chance even with her name – but it’s a pretty saturated market and if she couldn’t sell her book or bedding it probably doesn’t have much of a chance. In concept – the bedding was a much better idea because it fit in with Zarin Fabrics.

          • Adgirl says:

            Bedding would be easier wouldn’t it? Nobody cares what the brand name is – just what does it look like and how much is it?

  82. This is a photo of Jill, holding up the Kymaro body wear shaper to promote it LOLOLOL

    Suck it Zarin!

    • Cusi77 says:

      I bet she does her dresses with her sheets line! I can imagine going to bed (as she uses to do all day long) and blen in it! She does the same with Zarin fabrics, she dresses like a sofa!

  83. Thedesigndiva says:

    Zarin later told all of her guests to go purchase a pair and that this is the “real secret behind her fine Jewish Hiney

    That’s about the funniest thing I have ever read….. My FINE Italian Hiney doesn’t need to be SQWEEZED by rubber…only by Mr Ford….. I am ONE lucky lady……

  84. Indy501 says:

    I decided to look for a book to read so I headed over to Goodreads. If you are not familiar with the site it is Facebook like where you can add your friends to see what they are reading and how they reviewed a book. After the posts by your “friends” you can read the reviews of all the others.
    To date, the best-seller had 12, count ’em, 12 reviews (thankfully none of my friends.)

    That is just past pathetic.

    • Adgirl says:

      Mar 10, 2010 Lisa Wexler rated it FIVE STARS
      “Of course I did! Would you expect any less? If you get a chance, please let me know what you think at lisa@lisawexler.com. Love, Lisa ”

      I guess she needed to offset those 1, 2 or 3 star reviews.

    • The reviews on the barnes and noble site are either 5 stars of 1 star. All the 5 star ones were when it first came out – she must have lost interest after that.

      She’s got such a busy life – it must be hard keeping up with all the sites she needs to seed good stuff about herself before the real people express their real opinions. (Although I’m skeptical that any of the 1 star reviewers even read the book – I mean why bother.)

    • Nancy says:

      Oh dear. But I did learn that she had the best parents in the whole wide world.
      To use Ramona’s line…”Whatever you say Jill.”

  85. Nancy says:

    I am so happy Bethenny turned me on to The Pit Boss.
    It’s a great show. Animal Planet Sat 6pm.

  86. Thedesigndiva says:

    Okay..so I went to look for one of those Al Fraken ( sp ) videos from years ago titled
    Gosh darn it and people like me…so I could post and make you all laugh… INSTEAD, this popped up…I read it and just had to post it……too funny.,,

    On this day I will look at my past mistakes and project them onto the future.

    Today I will create a crisis situation so I can feel really alive.

    I have a right to be physically unattractive.

    I will make spiritual bankruptcy my goal for the day.

    I have a right to change people into who I want them to be.

    Today I will belittle those around me as I’ve been belittled in the past.

    Extreme mood swings are my goal for the day, as they are so invigorating.

    I have a right to seek revenge on those who have hurt me, and so today
    I’ll begin to intricately plot against them.

    Today I will surround myself with unhealthy people so that I may feel superior to them.

    Today I celebrate the fact that my underdeveloped sense of identity allows
    me to fit into a wide range of situations.

    Today I will only do things for which I receive very clear approval or applause.

    My choices are limited; therefore, I must rigidly stick to the plan I have
    outlined for myself.

    Today I will start a project only so I can later abandon it because of my
    perfectionistic standards.

    Today I will lie in bed and wallow in self-pity.

    Today I will purposefully fuel someone’s worst fears.

    While in conversation today, I will practice keeping a mental inventory
    of other people’s stupidity.

    Today I will practice playing the victim with my friends and coworkers.

    This year I will save money by not buying birthday cards for anyone; I
    will tell everyone their card must have been lost in the mail.

    I have the hardest life.

    Today I will hoard something I was denied as a child.



    • Nancy says:

      Have you been reading my diary again?

      • Dame Rhetorica says:

        Hi Nancy, have you been sick?

        • Nancy says:

          Hi Dame Rhetorica,
          All the years of figure skating has made my heart enlarged so it’s not “pumping”
          properly. This leaves me very short of breath if I exercise even a little bit.
          I have been healthy all my life so this has thrown me a curve ball big time.
          Enough whining how are you?

          • Dame Rhetorica says:

            I’m great; I didn’t know this about you. I feel bad about dumping my ails on you. How long have you been dealing with this? What can be done? OT but I loved ice dancing. I guess cause I was never athletic but I could dance! Did you follow Torville & Dean any? Beautiful!

            • Nancy says:

              I’ve been dealing with this for a while now. They put in a pacemaker thinking that would solve the problem but it only made it worse. 3 pacemakers later I’m still short of breath.
              I no longer trust doctors so I have ignored their advise which was to be on all these different cardiac medications. The side effects were awful.

              I love Ice Dancing. Yes I watched Torvil & Dean. What a night all 6.0’s.
              Did you see the Canadian dance team win the Gold in 2010? I thought it was
              beautiful. (and I’m not just saying that because they were canadian.)

              How is your pain doing? Are you going back to work?

              • Dame Rhetorica says:

                Ah sweetie, I hate to hear that. You’re always so upbeat (and snarky) . That’s the best medicine sometimes. My pain is really manageable by a few xtra strength tylenol & rest. The best part is getting over the withdrawls! I was on opium derivatives for 22 months. My heart aches for anyone addicted. I Loved the Canadian dance team. Looking forward to the Olympics. Oh yeah, I danced @ our niece’s wedding today! Take care. Forgot: I’m not going back to the college; just rubbing for the water recovery class. Lobe it!

                • Dame Rhetorica says:

                  I’ll let you wonder what I’m “rubbing”. Gonna get a JZ reputation.

                  • Nancy says:

                    That was funny! I know all about getting off of opiates. That’s the
                    reason I am in a 12-step program. The doctors are handing out those meeds way to freely IMHO.

                    • Nancy says:

                      meds not meeds

                    • Dame Rhetorica says:

                      I agree! The pain Dr weaned me off & gave me a hi blood pressure med for withdrawls. But my bp is so low, I nearly fainted. So I went to my gp. He stopped the bp meds & told me I could take half an Oxycodone for extreme pain but just tough it out. The opana was the worse! Bugs on my legs & arms, roaring ears, head swooshing. But I’m Sooooo much better now. Hubs & kids helped. And this blog!!!

                  • Nancy says:

                    How did get off of them and how bad was your withdrawls?

          • Indy 501 says:

            Gosh Nancy. Is that something u just have to live with or is there treatment?

            • Nancy says:

              A heart transplant or lots of medicine or stay short of breath.
              Great options eh? If I’m not moving a lot I am 100% fine.
              I can assist in surgery just fine. I just can’t run to a “code blue” in the hospital.
              I can still play classical music I just can’t carry my own cello to rehearsals.
              My husband is more concerned than I am. I’m going to take diva’s advise
              and be happy instead of sad, mad, scared…It has worked for her. I love her posts.

              • Dame Rhetorica says:

                You do more in a day than most. I love her posts too. I always get happy here even though I get upset watching the shows! I’m so glad I have my buds! I’m gonna sign off; see you tomorrow!

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        SSHHH Nancy….don’t let the secrets out….MINIONS MINIONS MINIONS…….
        Now you know why Mr Ford sticks around,,,he’s too SKEERED to leave…. LOL LOL LOL….

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      Diva,you are on a roll! We should have a game to give a JZ example to demonstrate each one. I pick #8. “I have a right to seek revenge on those who have hurt me, and so today I’ll begin to intricately plot against them.” RAMONA Singer plotted against JZ to kill her friendship with Bettheny. She has the right to ruin them socially & financially.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Dame…just how weird was that ?? I go looking for one thing and something better pops up instead……. God is Good…..
        So , feeling lucky , I dipped into the laundry $$$ , gave PITA 8 quarters and told him to hike it up to the store to buy me 2 lottery tickets……YEEHAW….


    • Causing_A_Casino says:

      These are from a book called “Today I will Nourish My Inner Martyr- Daily Affirmations for Cynics”
      Great Book

  87. Thedesigndiva says:

    DONT CLICK THE FIVE AND DIME LINK…it doesn’t lead anywhere and I don’t know where it came from…Sorry

    • IceMeNot says:

      Diva, dahlink!,
      You have named every one of my character traits, every single one!
      What a genius!
      What a soothsayer!
      You got me! Finally somebody got me.
      Alls of my aggregation is gone! poof!! Iced Out!
      And to think I was sooo aggregated about Monday night 11PM EST when the entire country will find out that I lost, that I’m fired, that Andy says, “You’re 86’ed, Jill Zarin”!
      He just didn’t understand:>(
      So now I’m going to have a drink of diet coke, write my amends to Bethanney, Ramona and Alex, burn them in the toilet, flush them down the drain, unpeel my “fat ass” out of my Skeezware, and finally “Go to sleep!”
      /Jill Zarin

      • Nancy says:

        Not before a BJ though.

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Dear Mz Zarin…..
        Just think how much money I saved BWWAABBIE by doing an arm chair ANALYSIS for you..Now that your faults have been brought to your attention maybe you could address each one of them, of course in your leisure time…..
        I will be standing promptly by my mailbox awaiting the check for services rendered…Could you make it out to CASH ??? and please ask BWWAABBIE to not use the RUBBER ones ……. My dogs will think it’s a chewie toy ….
        Thanking you in advance

        • Nancy says:

          You have missed your calling diva. You need to take your act and hit the road.
          Adgirl and myself will go with you as we have nothing better to do. I can play
          a few Bach suits to earn my keep and Adgirl can make us a great cup of coffee
          as soon as she graduates Starbuck college. California hates her life too so we’ll
          have to talk to her in the morning. I could pay her to carry my cello from city to city.
          Any questions? Do we need an agent?

          • Thedesigndiva says:

            Nancy…. you are not the first to have said that to me… It’s sometimes hard to convey laughter in print..You should hear and see me in person…. You would leave my house with sore ribs and stomach……
            I talk with my hands and can find laughter in any given situation…. When I was in the hospital I was the best patient for the nurses..I had them in stitches and I was the SICK ONE all hooked…..But you best believe they took real good care of me as did the cafeteria women……I will be laughing and doing some stupid comedy routine on my death bed I am sure of it…….
            So, now about an agent….
            As everybody knows ……We will use Phaedra for the legal matters and agent……
            I don’t drive cars , only pickum up trucks….RED of course…..I am OTW and the toiletpaper MUST hang over never under…..LOL..other than that I am good to go….makeup takes like 12 minutes…have short LOREAL POWER RED RUBY RUSH hair…dries in 3 minutes….. DONT WEAR GIRDLES and am a commando girl……. HATE UNDERWEAR…..

            So let’s go ….I am SOOOO ready…..But NO NO NO NEWT YERK CEETY…….


        • IceMeNot says:

          Diva, dahlink!,
          Don’t stand by the postbox waiting for a birthday card!
          I said you understood….I nevah said these are faults!! Traits, I said Traits!
          Listen, we just can’t ever be friends, even though we haven’t been friends, we will nevah be friends now! In fact, D.D., we’re Done!!!
          By the way, his name is Bobby, not Bwwaabbbie or Bawbe, or Bahby or Booby.
          ANd the only rubbers my boy uses are “Skinny Wear Skeezware for little bobbys”.
          Not your BFF,
          /Jill Zarin

          • Thedesigndiva says:

            Dear Mz Zarin……

            Please call 1-800- 328 -7448 for a pre recorded message for you and BBWAABBIIE


            • Thedesigndiva says:

              Hey guys..dont really try and call that number…just match up the letters to the # ‘s


  88. smompy says:

    From Jill’s twitter:
    @SkweezCouture will be in stores September!

    From Smompy’s lips:
    …and it will be in dumpsters across America by October.

    • Nancy says:

      OMG How funny. Someone needs to twitter that to Jill.

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      From Smompy’s lips to God’s ears!

    • gypsy826 says:

      Hah! Very true. Last month she claimed her skweez would be at Marcy’s and…get ready for this…Lord and Taylors. Bwaaaah hah hah. She mentioned L&T before. The only way her stuff will be in L&T is if she pours herself into one of the samples and goes to L&T.

      • Nancy says:

        I’m notifying the Queen in the morning. Harrods will be next.

        • gypsy826 says:

          So that’s why she was in London recently! That could do serious harm to UK and US relations.

          • Nancy says:

            As long as she doesn’t get into Canada I’ll be ok. Not happy but ok. My english grandparent are gone now so I won’t have to warn them. Jill will be tweeting every other day that she is having tea with the Queen. No one will welcome Jill Zarin in England.

  89. Adgirl says:

    Design Diva and Ice you are cracking me up!!!

    • Thedesigndiva says:

      Adgirl…..I am glad to know that you are laughing…Doesn’t it feel great !!!!!!!
      Laughter….Life’s free medicine for what ails ya…

  90. Nancy says:

    Could you imagine being Jill and having the courage to read this blog? I would be suicidal within 10 posts.

  91. Adgirl says:

    Mark Consuelos interviews Andy Cohem for Hamptons magazine


  92. Nancy says:

    NEWS ALERT for all you single gals out there.
    Jill’s last tweet…

    Finding the right man isn’t an accident.
    We have chapters on dating and marriage in our book.
    We share moms advice every single girl needs.

  93. Thedesigndiva says:

    Well , it’s 1;00 a.m. Fla time which means it’s time for your thought of the day…

    ” Having good people around you soothes your soul. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through/dealing with. The joy of fellowship and the ensuing laughter … allows you to temporarily forget about everything else and enjoy the moment.”
    Copyright © 2011 Marques Cherry

    Off to eat some sherbert,,,,Mr ford and PITA are asleep so it’s just me and the dogs….


    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      12:31am here in the midwest. Just cleaned up from company and sent the hubby to bed. Dog went up with the hubby, so it’s just me and the tortilla chips . . .

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      Diva, hope you’re up to read this. THANKS! All youse guys have kept me laughing & healing & sane the last year & half.((((diva))))

      • Thedesigndiva says:

        Ms Dame….I was up but playing ZUMA DELUXE….. Then off to bed round 4 and up @ 8 a.m. …. I am happy to read that you are laughing…..at the end of the show we will be passing around a zip loc BOGGIE for donations….er …I mean baggie..yea yea that’s it..baggie….
        Well off to have another french roast cup of java…..then it will be time to go for a short walk to work the body kinks out….then call my Mother….her only remaining sister passed away the other day….I had told my Mother 2 weeks ago when she called me to tell me that she was ill that it would be quick…..less than 2 weeks TOPS…. I have dreams of death that are 90% accurate and Mom knew that….but my Aunt went in Peace with her 9 nine kids with her and all their children…We should all be so lucky to be surrounded by our loved ones at the end……When I go I just want to be smiling….and I know I will pass in my sleep….smiling….
        Okay enough about the grim reaper…we have more important issues here at hand…
        It’s Sunday…..do you where your butt will be tonite ???


  94. LavaLady says:

    Goodnight everyone. I’m up much later than usual. Just having a cup of tea and reading the blog.

    • Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

      12:31am here in the midwest. Just cleaned up from company and sent the hubby to bed. Dog went up with the hubby, so it’s just me and the tortilla chips . . .

  95. Adgirl says:

    Anderson Cooper still hates on LuAnn. One poster called her Thundercunt.


  96. Adgirl says:

    Anderson Cooper still hates on LuAnn. One poster called her Thundercvnt.


    • We Can Never Be Friends says:

      Anderson is firmly in Alex’s court. I wonder if he and Andy will come to blows about it. LOL, would be like those Nun puppets with boxing gloves I bought at a “who can find the tackiest gift” stores.

  97. Pghemtchick says:

    I saw people outing Jill for her bad behavior with Ally, but has anyone called out her bad behavior with Jennifer? She throws an anti-bullying rally/event, yet is the biggest bully on the show. More importantly, she has this step-daughter in her life who was bullied to the point of wanting to not get out of bed, and Jill basically scoffed in her face via her behavior. I font know what’s worse: calling your kid fat or playing the victim and minimalizing your stepkids suffering?

  98. Adgirl says:

    I want to know which of Victoria’s “friends” uploaded that video of her saying the N word and smoking pot?

  99. We Can Never Be Friends says:

  100. boston02127 says:

    Good moring.

    BaaBee Loves Kitties—-How is everything with the kitty? Ok, I hope.

    • boston02127 says:

      Forgot my N. Good Morning. Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Good morning boston~I just put food out for Sweetie Pie but I haven’t seen him yet this morning. Thank you & how are you this morning honey?

      • boston02127 says:

        Hi BaaBee, I’m doing ok. I wish I could sleep past 5:30 but I wake up automatically at the exact time everyday.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          I do too boston~it drives me crazy that I cannot sleep in sometimes. We have 4 kitties inside & they start crying outside our bedroom door as soon as it starts getting light anyway. l learned to keep them out of our bedroom so they don’t wake us up jumping on & off the bed. That’s why I go to sleep so early & I miss everything.. 😉

          • boston02127 says:

            My oldest cat Spike is curled up above me on the back of the couch cushion. He’s sound asleep with his right paw covering his eyes.

            • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

              That is so adorable~I just went out & looked for Sweetie again but he’s hasn’t come home yet. I am more worried now because of his wound.

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