Housewives Photos

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  1. AnaBranca says:

    I’ve watched Millionaire Matchmaker and enjoy it entertainment value, and I appreciated Patti’s straight-shooting approach. I got this video out of sure curiosity and to see if she had any tips. But oh wow- This was a joke. I agree with the reviewer who noted poor production quality and terrible scripting. My friends and I are planning a watch party for the sole purpose to make fun of it.

    I say it’s a joke, but it’s also insulting to single women and also single men. She insults the women who attend her conference, she insults the men who she talks to at the round table discussion…. it’s just awkward. The disappointing thing, though, is that this isn’t the person she is on her TV show.

    Save your money or buy it cheaply. Or do what I did and make it a watch party for you and your single friends.

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