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16 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin New Blog Site

  1. SoutheastVA says:


    I can’t get to your site @ work. Your site pops up as uncategorized so my access is blocked. Are there any antivirus, antispyware and categorization buttons or settings that were on the old site but may not be on the new one?

  2. Constance says:

    Big New York Times article on the housewives…clearly Jill is main source. Jill’s picture on top of article ( no pic of Alex or Kelly)

    “Tensions escalated early this summer, not only among the Housewives but their publicists, too. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Ms. de Lesseps was a featured guest at the Miracle House benefit in Bridgehampton, known in some circles as an A-list gay event. Ms. Zarin was also attending, and her name somehow ended up on publicity materials.

    That set off a round of e-mails from board members and publicists to party reporters stating that “Jill Zarin is not part of the program in any way.” Everyone had an agenda, not least of all Ms. de Lesseps’s publicist.”


    • cantbelievemyeyes says:

      I am sure everyone is aware that if LuAnn wasn’t worried about billing, neither would her publist be. That said, I can see Jill ignoring when someone else commits, time, energy to an event/then just putting her name on it, thinking that her attendance is valuable enough for credit.
      Everyone compains about publicists, clients complain TO the publcist, maybe this is why B.F. quit including Jill I everything…..? Thoughts?

  3. Maggie says:

    They really are obnoxious, childish and deluded about their importance! I guess it goes without saying, I can’t stand them!!!

  4. LovesAlexAndSimonAndRamonaAndMario says:

    I agree with Maggie and will not watch another episode of NY Housewives if they bring Jealous Jill back. They should keep the blondes and get 3 new housewives.

    • Linda Lee says:

      I can’t stand Jill you have to get rid of her.She is so fake and not a good person.She is not a good friend either she is two faced.Alex is so much better than her and the fake Countess LuAnn my god they need a a_ _ kicking really bad.We need someone to take the place of these two.And get rid of Kelly too why your at it.

  5. RabbleRouser says:

    I can’t get the site to work either. It’s says something about CBS?

    I have major gossip.

  6. Kokuanani says:

    I too get sent to CBS.

    Can’t find you anywhere. For a while I was sent to some “TV100” site, then told you were no longer there.

    Please, can we long-time and loyal fans have some info?

    • Diane Quinlan says:

      I loved reading this blog….it was the highlight of my day! But, now that you’ve moved, I no longer receive it!! Why can’t I find out how to get your blog into my in box everyday? Please help!! I really miss you!

      • RabbleRouser says:

        HI, the link below this post has the new location. It might bring up an older blog but to the right of the page it will list the most recent blogs.

  7. Deco says:

    good morning,kokuanani
    try the link i’m pasting below for lynnnchicago.com
    NEW BLOG and permanent home:
    I Hate Jill Zarin Weekend Housewives News / Project Runway | LynnNChicago http://bit.ly/orYv8p

  8. Viewer says:

    After watching both parts of the recent RHONY reunions, I am seriously considering ending this perverse viewing pleasure because it is no longer a viewing pleasure. These ladies have lost whatever class they had and the division between between the two groups (blondes v. brunettes) has become boring and hateful. While I think some tension amongst the women makes for interesting TV, it has become too ugly (e.g. LuAnn), stupid (e.g. Kelly), and vile (e.g. Jill). Did anyone besides me feel like they were watching overaged high school girls fighting it out with the brunettes beating up the blondes?

  9. Diane Quinlan says:

    When Lynn had the old site, I got an email every time she sent one out. Isnt that possible with the new site? I love her blog!

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