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I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives Weekend News!

I Hate Jill Zarin  Housewives Weekend News by LynnNChicago

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline finally posted her blog the other day, just a few days late Jac!  I believe that the reason it is so late it because it is so gosh darn long…Six long pages later, Jac really could have boiled it down to this:

Kim G acted like an ass, Caroline told her off, Caroline’s family had her back.  Christopher remains friends with Kim’s son and Jac would still say Hi to Kim G if she saw her on the street. 

The Laurita Christmas is traditional and similar to many others across the country.  They enjoy going to Caroline’s for Christmas Eve but some family members weren’t comfortable with the camera’s and decided against going to the Manzo’s while filming. 

Ashley decided that she didn’t want to spell her name the way her mother and father gave it to her and now spells her name Ashlee, Jacqueline continues to spell it Ashley.  Jac is clearly disgusted by her daughter’s constant digs and jabs at Jacqueline and Chris, but without bashing her own child, she simply hopes Ashley can see the truth someday.  Chris is a great step-fater. 

Six pages down to three paragraphs,I saved you all a whole lot of time.  No, don’t thank me Jac, it was my pleasure 🙂

Teresa’s blog just annoys me, she writes like she’s so much better than anyone else on the cast because she’s not going to bash anyone yet she goes on to use underhanded ways to jab at them anyway.  Teresa says that her husband remained silent while Melissa’s sister’s bump and grind on the dance floor.  WHAT?  This is Teresa’s way of telling viewers that the girls were dancing in what she feels is a raunchy way yet not coming right out and saying it.  I take back my original thought that someone else writes Teresa’s blog for her.  No one else is that stupid.

Some not so bright fan Tweeted to Teresa that she should be on Dancing With The Stars next season, apparently assuming that it is Teresa’s decision in the first place.  Teresa responded:

@Teresa_Guidice:  Would ♥ to but they don’t want Housewives this season. But Playmates are OK?

I don’t think they’ll want Housewives any season, I think the height of the Housewife popluarity may have came and gone.  If they were ever going to put Teresa on Housewives, it would probably have been last season.  There is no more popular or famous Housewife than Bethenny Frankel and even she didn’t warrant an invitation on Dancing with the Stars, she got the next best thing that unfortunately flopped.  The best part of Skating with the Stars was the feud between Bethenny and judge weiny extradonarie Johnny Wier.

Keep dreaming Giudice, no matter how you pronounce your last name this year, or next year DWTS doesn’t want you!

The Manzo boys have a new venture, BLK Water which is water infused with folic acid that is apparently good for you.  The claim/sales tactic is that it helps you get over a hangover.  Interesting idea, would you buy Manzo water? 

I will give the Manzo boys credit for sticking up for their mother Caroline.  Caroline infused herself (yes infused) into a conversation that turned into an argument with Kim G.  Caroline was right that Kim brought Monica to the party to start trouble but it wasn’t Caroline’s trouble and it wasn’t Caroline’s house.  As if that matters!  Caroline gave it to Kim G but good and when it looked as though it may get physical, Chris, Albie and Al Senior all jumped in front of Caroline.  That is the kind of family you can admire.  The Manzo’s don’t typically jump into drama so I think it was genuinely done for their mother.

A preview of Sunday’s Christmas day at the Giudice house:


As Teresa explains that she tries to teach her four daughters that Christmas isn’t about material things, her girls are opening up expensive gifts and her lazy lump husband could barely get out of bed to be there, when he does he just takes a new place on the couch laying there like a lump on a rock.  Joe Giudice is really disgusting.

More RHONJ Previews tomorrow right here at IHJZ!


Enjoy your weekend the New Jersey girls will air on Sunday night with a new Watch What Happens Live to follow.  Immediately after WWHL, don’t miss Carly and I recapping the episode on blogtalk radio!  Here is the link to Carly’s site, you can also listen to past shows here:

Listening to “CARLY HALL PRESENT Real Housewives REUNION with Lynn Hudson” by Carly Hall on #BlogTalkRadio  http://t.co/uKyzO7P

Notice how Jill Tweets in hopes of letting people know what she’s doing and what D-list celebrity she is sucking up to?

I love this, now Andy has to tweet to let people know that he’s with Bethenny!

@BravoAndy I think @Bethenny and I were the loudest people in the Palm tonight. And THAT is saying something…

Real Housewives of New York

The New York ladies will be back with part two of the reunion show on Monday night.  I would imagine anyone watching this show would be concerned for the mental health of Kelly Bensimon. I honestly don’t know where Andy Cohen comes up with calling Bensimon “The voice of reason”    Kelly was a mean girl who treated Alex as if she was a child who was misbehaving, just as Alex pointed out Kelly doesn’t even know Ales but just listens to her boss Jill Zarin and does as she’s told.

Jill continues to whisper in Bensimon’s ear telling her what to say, she can’t help herself.  Even after viewers criticized Jill last season for telling Kells what to say, she did it again.  I don’t know why Jill just doesn’t say it herself, she has no problem inturrupting anyone else, why not just say what you want Kelly to say Ms. Zarin?

Next week will bring more arguments and more vile behavior.

@kellybensimon   Just saw the coolest mentalist perform. Think positive thoughts never know who’s reading them #hamptons



Asshat of the Week!

Asshat of the Week!    This was a tough week to make a decision, there’s the stupidity that IS Kim G of New Jersey. Joe Giudice and his assinine comments to his daughter and about his wife’s family.Andy Cohen’s unprofessional, icy welcome to Alex McCord at the Real Housewives of New York Reunion.There’s no way any of those could hold a candle to the asshat’s that call themselves, “The Brunette’s”   Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, Luann deLesseps and Cindy Barshop are this week’s asshats for their vile behavior on The Reunion Part I.

The Three Stooges plus one

Do you agree with this week’s Asshat?  If I had to pick only one it would have to be Jill Zarin, no surprise there, right?  Here’s why…

I have to give Luann a pass, although she was horrible and told Alex to “be quiet YOU, and stay out of it”, while she sticks her nose into everything (as do all the Brunettes) but Luann did defend Sonja against both Cindy and Kelly so Jill beat Luann without a doubt!

Cindy isn’t important enough to warrant an Asshat all on her own and Kelly is too stupid to have come up with these insults she lobbed at the Blonde’s on her own.  Jill wins!

Jill seemed to try to fly under the radar this season, she pretended to apologize and make peace with Alex McCord but we all know that was acting for the cameras and viewers.  Jill didn’t fool anyone, she was just as awful this season as she was last season.  Last season we made a list of Jill’s bad behavior and I think it’s time to update that list since we have a whole fourth season as well as her off camera behavior.

Just to review, last year’s list is here (don’t forget all the comments where readers added their’s)  http://wp.me/pVOhN-s



We need an updated list so please add your own comments that include Jill Zarin’s bad behavior.

According to the schedule Jill and Ramona will appear on The Today Show on Monday, I think it would be fantastic if the two ladies were asked about their opposing views about our little blog here, wouldn’t it?   Since Jill has done everything to try to shut us down and Ramona has been so supportive including a link in her newsletter, wouldn’t it be nice if they were to talk about it on the Today Show?


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Thanks everyone!





Finally I wanted to concede that Ms. Cat Ommanney will not be joining the cast of The Real

Catherine Ommanney

Housewives of New York, she has tweeted that she’s giving up that desire.  Whether Bravo told her that it wasn’t happening or she’s changed her mind about working with “toxic” women, I certainly hope that my favorite DC Housewife lands on Bravo or some other network in another capacity because I really miss seeing her on TV!  Love you Cat!

Don’t forget to add your example of Jill’s bad behavior today, we’ll create a new updated list!

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin Watch What Happens Live / Big Brother

I Hate Jill Zarin  Watch What Happens Live / Big Brother

Last night Andy Cohen welcomed Ramona Singer and Denise Richards on Watch What Happens Live.   Regardless of all the criticism Andy’s faced over the last few weeks, he continues to bash Alex McCord.  Another montage of Alex’s facial expressions, I really wish he’d have done that with Jill at last year’s reunion, there are plenty of really ugly faces to choose from.  Just look at the face at the top of this blog.  That is a still photo of Jill’s reaction to Ramona reminding Jill that she asked the other ladies not to film with Bethenny.  That’s Jill’s “I am busted, what the hell do I do now” face.

Ramona did really well on the show tonight, she was restrained and was able to get her points out there with little effort.  Ramona managed to defend Alex even while Andy joined the brunette’s, his hair color notwithstanding his disdain for Alex is ridiculously obvious and is getting pretty ugly.

Ramona pointed out to Andy that “people” are very mean to Alex this season and Andy deflected from himself and turned it to the other Housewives were mean to Alex.  Denise pointed out that Alex held her own and was able to speak her mind much better this season.  I don’t think that Denise meant that as a compliment, she is Brunette after all.

Andy’s three obsessions tonight:

1.  Jimmy Kimmels show put together an hysterical clip of Josie and the Pussycats with verbiage from the show.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look.  

2.  Andy allowed Ramona to apologize and explain her remarks that she made at Jill’s Bullying Event (the one that Luann thought was an event where she was supposed to Bully people)

3.  A Montage of Ramona’s antics over the course of the season was shown.  Andy asked Ramona if she was a “nutbag”?  In the midst of the New York Housewives, Andy asks Ramona if she’s a nutbag?  Has he met Kelly?

Tonight’s poll asked which New York Housewife was the biggest bully, another landslide for Jill Zarin with 40% of the vote, Gloria must be so proud!

Denise was asked which housewife would best be suited to be set up with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen – Kelly Bensimon.  Naturally!

Denise also mentioned a few times that she might make a good Beverly Hills Housewife, Andy seemed to think it was a “great idea”.  This is something that viewers have talked about for months!  Is Cohen really out of the loop?

Denise mentioned it again on the After Show, rumor had it that she was offered a spot on the show but turned it down, maybe she’s re-thinking her decision.  Andy certainly seemed excited about the possibility of Denise as a Bravo Housewife.

The After Show was a WHOLE lot better than the show that aired, take a look, Ramona is hysterical, she did great!  Ramona was asked the “Shag, Marry, Kill” question and her three choices were Bethenny, Jill and Luann.  She struggled but ended with “I’d Shag and Marry Bethenny and Kill both Luann and Jill”.  Outstanding!


Thanks to Boston02127 for the photo/caption!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Manzo boys have joined the bandwagon of housewives selling their wares, Chris and Albie have joined forces with Chris Laurita, Jacqueline’s husband to distribute “BLK Water” which is actually water infused with fulvic acid turning the water black, apparently this is good for you?  Here’s what Andy Cohen had to say about it:

So this morning I’m drinking the Manzo boys BLK water to recover from the tequila. This is their new product that they’re distributing and marketing with Jacqueline’s husband Chris. It is literally black water; it’s black because it is infused with fulvic acid that apparently is great for you and a wonderful hangover remedy. It tastes the same as water, so you just have to get over the color. Their tagline is “Enjoy the Dark Side.” I dig it.

Andy apparently indulged in a few too many Skinnygirl Margarita’s the night before, (yes that’s what he said he was drinking) Andy’s insinuating that the Manzo’s BLK Water will cure a hangover?

Big Brother Episode 10  Elimination Show  By Shannon

 This week’s much anticipated episode begins with Julie Chen telling us that after tonight’s vote we will have the top 10. The golden key players are back in the game, and the duo’s are done.

 Dominic and Adam both say they are not surprised that the veto wasn’t used, and that they are relying on Brendon and Rachel to stick to their deals. Next, we have Daniele going to the HOH and she tells Brendon and Rachel that if Dominic goes home she is going to be pissed. She also states that she has done nothing but help them to get further in the game. I’m trying to figure out how building your own army and turning people against them is helping, but hey, if Daniele says it, it must be true. She continues to throw one of her tantrums trying to get her way, but it doesn’t seem to sway them. I will say this for Daniele, I really do think she wanted to keep Rachel around, because she has said numerous times that nobody likes Rachel so it would be good to take her to the end, because she thinks she could beat her.

 Kalia was all for the back-door plan to get Jeff out. She knew about it almost from the very beginning. She thought because Jordan talked a lot to her in the beginning, and they did have that pinky swear not to put each other up, that it would be OK for her to go against Jeff, and that Jordan would then be on her side. But when Jeff found out about the plan, he asked Kalia if she knew about it and she lied and said she didn’t. She also told him that she was on their side and would always let him know if something like that was going around. Well, since Jeff knew she was lying, Jordan stopped giving her any information about their plans. Kalia would keep going back to her and asking what were they thinking and trying to get information from Jordan and she wouldn’t tell her anything. Kalia finally corners Jordan and asks her why she is distant so Jordan tells her that she heard about the plan and she thought Kalia knew about it. Well, or course Kalia lies again and says she didn’t know anything. Gotta love those flashbacks where it shows 3 days before when Daniele was telling Kalia that the plan was to get Jeff back-doored.

 Jeff and Dominic try to have a discussion and Jeff is trying to get Dominic to tell him who started the plan to get him back-doored. Dominic is skirting around the questions because he doesn’t want to say it was Daniele’s plan. After a few lies, Jeff starts to lose his temper. Dominic tells him that nobody told him, that he just knew. After going back and forth for awhile they finally give up. Dominic tries again to see if he can cut any kind of deal with Brendon, Rachel and Jeff, telling them that he can be a weapon that they can use. Jeff is like a dog with a bone, he isn’t letting it go. He tells him he can’t trust him because of the lies and him being a part of trying to get Jeff back-doored.

 Kalia knows that her playing both sides has caught up to her. She already talked to Jordan and then she goes to Brendon to try to smooth the waters. She comments that she made a deal with the vets week one and they haven’t been talking much to her so she wanted to touch base. The problem is that the veterans know she was going against them. So to them the deal is voided. When Kalia tells Brendon that she has been honest with him from the get go, he starts to lose it. He starts with his routine that its not rocket science and he has studied rocket science and that they all know she is playing both sides. Kalia doesn’t seem to think when you are with one group one week then switch over to another group the next week that that isn’t playing both sides. This leads to them both insulting each other. She ends up telling everyone that they are all getting used.

 Jordan is tired of all the lies being told so they decide to have a house meeting. Kalia tells Jeff how she thought she was with them, meaning the veterans side. Jeff tells her that up to the point where he found out she knew about the back-door plan they were but then he said that in his mind thats kinda the end of a friendship. Kalia still insist she didn’t know, then she changes it to well, she knew but she knew nothing was going to happen so thats why she didn’t tell him. None of the veterans are buying it. They all talk about the back-door plan and who started it, all with Daniele sitting right there. She doesn’t say anything for a long time, until Rachel jumps in and says that Daniele would sell you out quicker then she can blink an eye. Daniele finally has had enough and tells Rachel that she is an idiot. Brendon has to jump in because he can’t ever pass up an opportunity to yell at a woman. Daniele is right when she says that at one time Brendon and Rachel was 100 percent on board with the plan.


 Jeff – Dominic

Jordan – Dominic

Kalia – Dominic

Daniele – Adam

Brendon – Dominic

Shelly – Dominic

Lawon – Dominic

Porsche – Dominic

 By a vote of 7 to 1 Dominic is voted out of the Big Brother house.

 HOH Competition

 The HOH Competition is a ski wall. The houseguests are standing against the wall and the skis they are standing on are swinging back and forth. Every now and then they blow fake snow on them. The one staying on the skis the longest will win HOH. Should be a good competition.

 **********EXTREME SPOILER**********

Do not read if you don’t want to know who won HOH!

 The live feeds came back on at 9:15 CST. When they came back Lawon and Adam were already out of the competition. The next person to jump off was Brendon at about 9:26, followed by Jeff at 9:42. This competition seemed to be hard on the guys. Jordan was the next one to jump off at 9:49, with Porsche jumping off at 10:18. Shelly was the veterans last hope jumped off at 10:19. Kalia and Daniele were the last two standing, they know they aren’t going to put each other up so Kalia jumps off at 10:28 letting Daniele take the win. I’m sure there was no way Kalia could have out lasted Daniele, she was determined to win this competition. I think her ego got the best of her, because she knows that most of the house is after her, and with her winning HOH this week, that means she will not be able to play next week. She should have let Kalia win it because she would have been safe, plus she could have played in next weeks HOH.

*****************End Of Spoiler*******************

Thank you Shannon! Great job with the recap.  This season of Big Brother could have been the best ever except for being forced to watch Rachel and Brenden for another season.  I sure hope they get rid of them soon!  

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I Hate Jill Zarin Housewives News / Beverly Hills Returns! / Big Brother / Rocco’s Dinner Party

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York AND Beverly Hills Returns on September 5th!  by LynnNChicago

I love that Lisa’s pup Giggy is in the cast photo…suck it Jill Zarin!  It looks like four of the six got the memo to wear a pastel gown, it would have looked a lot better if they’d all been consistent.

With just five weeks until the premier, Bravo has  posted a few preview video’s of our beloved Beverly Hills Housewives.   Two new “Friends of the Housewives” will be joining the cast there will be more drama than ever.  There is no telling who will emerge as this season’s evil one and who we will all fall in love with, we’ll know soon!   September 5th is the scheduled air date for the new episodes, here’s what Bravo’s site had to say about the new season:

The critically acclaimed series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, returns for a second season of glitz, glamor, and high drama. All six original over-the-top housewives are back including: Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Vanderpump. Though not official “housewives,” this season the ladies are joined by two new friends: Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey, who certainly know how to spice things up in the world’s most famous zip code.

The series offers a glimpse inside the world of luxurious wealth and pampered privilege, but as we learned last season — in Beverly Hills, luxury has its price. Sisters Kim and Kyle are still trying to mend their relationship after last season’s blowout fight, but with Kim focused on a new boyfriend, her relationship with her family and the other ladies seems to not to be a priority. Lisa continues to be the voice of reason, but with six opinionated housewives, the witty Brit begins to ruffle some very expensive feathers. Camille is back and focused on starting her new life without husband, Kelsey. She’s determined to stay away from the drama, but she’s also not one to hold her tongue. Adrienne is forced to make some serious business decisions and when she introduces the ladies to her friend, Brandi, she is also forced to break up a few fights. Last but certainly not least, Taylor and her husband Russell have always put business before pleasure, but it’s had a major impact on their relationship. As Taylor struggles with a loveless marriage, she acts out against the other women and falls on the shoulder of her friend Dana for support. While each of the ladies have their share of drama, they also know how to have fun in true Beverly Hills style. With trips to Hawaii, Vegas, and Vail, jaw-dropping parties, and shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive –The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills do not disappoint. 

I love Bravo’s use of “critically acclaimed” like it’s a life altering, important film or something.  Beverly Hills has created a new category of Housewife, there are now “friends of Housewives” and this new post is being filled by Brandi Granville and Dana Wilkey.

You may have seen Brandi in the tabloids, she is the ex-husband of Eddie Cibrian, now married to country singer Leann Rimes.  The two ladies have had a few snipes and digs at each other over on Twitter as Leann responded to a fan who asked if Eddie would be appearing on Housewives with his ex-wife, she gave a resounding “NO!”.  Rumor has it Leann forbid Eddie to appear or to even talk to his ex-wife while filming.

You can read all about the Brandi / Leann battle here:  http://wp.me/pVOhN-1ix

The second “Friend of Housewives” is Dana Wilkey, party planner and friend of Taylor

Brandi and Dana

Armstrong.  Dana is the force behind the $60,000 birthday party for Taylor’s daughter last season.   The engaged mother of a 22-month old is originally from the East Coast.  I will give her the benefit of the doubt having not seen her yet, any friend of Taylor’s is a friend of Taylor’s and bound to be trouble!

All six original cast members return and Kim tells us that she’s stronger and tougher than ever, Kyle tells us that her battle with her sister Kim last season was extremely difficult but after rebuilding their relationship, they’re stronger than ever.  Camille says that she’s going through a lot of changes and difficult times in her life but don’t expect to see a down in the dumps Camille, I think the loss of her husband and the increase in her bank account is going to change Camille for the better.

My theory about Camille is that this smart lady watched herself last season, she made some really great strides at the reunion correcting her mistakes and I think she’s going to present to us a more refined and likable Camille this season.

Camille was able to work through the child custody battle enough to allow her kids to appear on-screen, I think she’s going to use that to her advantage to show what a great mom she is.  We did see her kids in the photos of the ladies filming their Bravo sponsored vacation in Hawaii.  That’s my prediction about Ms. Grammer.

The preview video shows the ladies looking better than ever with one exception, marriage problems do not agree with Taylor Armstrong, the big lips and limp hair show she’s not taking great care of herself this season.  There are some really bad shots of Taylor in the preview.

More on the Beverly Hills Housewives coming soon on IHJZ!

Until then check out the preview video’s on Bravotv.com


And take a look at Terry Aley’s site for more Housewives news:


Real City Housewife posted her The Real Housewives of New Jersey recap, hysterical!- Get Out Of (Not) My House: http://t.co/b0KEFJ5

The Real Housewives of New York the Reunion Part I 

I had to laugh out loud after Jill Zarin tweeted to Andy Cohen asking him who his guest would be on Watch What Happens Live on Monday after the second part of the reunion show airs.  Clearly Jill didn’t know that there isn’t one scheduled for Monday but that Ramona Singer and Denise Richards will be on this Thursday.  Poor Jill, Ramona will get the last word.

I’m sure Andy’s blackberry will be exploding as Ramona is telling her side of the story and Denise Richards is agreeing that the Blonde’s are the good guys.  Jill will be tweeting until her fingers bleed and screaming voice mail messages to Andy Cohen!  Bwahahahah!

The story hasn’t died down much, even days after the Reunion episode aired, twitter is still buzzing, articles are still whirling around the internet and the water cooler’s continue to be working overtime.

The Brunette’s are absolutely the losers of part one of the Reunion, they looked like bullies, they sounded like mean girls, they had no remorse and clearly had no idea how poorly they came off looking while sitting on those couches.

For Jill Zarin it was a far cry from last year as she sat next to the useless Kelly Bensimon with the unpredictable Luann on the other end.  Jill faced Bethenny with her tail between her legs and knowing that her only way out was to apologize her way out.  It was an epic fail because for every apology she sent Bethenny’s way, she sent a jab or a dig Alex’s way proving that the only thing that Jill changed was her target.  (and maybe her shoes)

Even Jill’s constant mumbling to Kelly was the same, Jill apparently feeds Kelly lines and that gives Kelly her cue to speak, Jill has her trained pretty well after three seasons together.  Hopefully she’s trained Kelly better than she’s trained her dog Ginger otherwise someday Kelly will be pooping all over Jill’s ugly living room.

This season Jill’s PR troop didn’t give her advice to apologize or even to own her words and actions, she was allowed to be herself and say anything she wanted to say.  Big mistake!  Jill was better off being apologetic, even if they were all fake, but did she change?  Not at all!

Jill started the season as she always does, with a strategy.  She admitted it at last year’s reunion, she tried to explain away her decision not to film with Bethenny as a “strategy”.  This season Jill knew she had to make amends with Alex, but it was all fake just as Alex predicted, we all know Jill never liked Alex and she never will.

After thinking she had everyone fooled by making up with Alex, Jill set her sights on Ramona.  Just as Jill underestimated Alex’s popularity, Jill thought she could paint Ramona as an alcoholic.  Knowing Ramona would be pushing her Pinot and having set the stage last season, Kelly mentioned several times at the reunion that Ramona was drunk, we watched the Turtle Time episode.  Ramona made it easy for Jill and Jill jumped on her plan, recruiting Luann, Cindy and Kelly to mention Ramona’s drinking on camera every chance they got.

Unfortunately for the Brunette’s, viewers are smarter than they are and there was rarely any attention put on the nasty comments that Ramona had a drinking problem.  Jill’s plan failed again because she underestimates viewers intelligence, as always, but we know that just because she says it, doesn’t make it true.  In other words, Jill’s lies carried no weight.

On next week’s show Ramona is going to turn the tables and call Jill Zarin out as an alcoholic.  Over the past year that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve gotten quite a few “tips” and “inside sources” telling me that Jill is an alcoholic and that I should write about it.  The fact that Jill only ever drinks Diet Coke is a good indication that she very well may have a drinking problem but if she did have a problem and is a recovering alcoholic, there is absolutely nothing negative for me to say about that.  While it isn’t necessarily anything to be ashamed of, the anonymity of an alcoholic is critical to the success of the AA program and I’d never even consider “outting” anyone, not even Jill Zarin.  If Jill is a recovering alcoholic, good for her, if she’s not an alcoholic and simply chooses not to drink alcohol, that’s ok too.  The only reason I bring it up today is because it is going to be brought up on next week’s reunion.

I’m surprised that Ramona would bring it up, clearly it was out of frustration and anger as Jill just kept banging away and badgering Ramona and finally she cracked.   I have to wonder if Ramona brought up Luann’s daughter Victoria’s You-Tube video as well, it’s possible that she did but it was edited out of the final show.  I do not believe that Ramona is an alcoholic, she announced that she has one or two glasses of wine with her dinner and Jill jumped all over that saying that she’s seen Ramona drink wine without food, really Jill?  What a ridiculous thing to say!  Of course at a cocktail party Ramona will have a glass of wine like anyone else.  Why does it matter to Jill if and when Ramona drinks her Pinot?

This proves once again that Jill not only doesn’t care who her target is, a pregnant woman, the mother of two young boys or the mother of teenage girl close in age to her own daughter.  Yet she has the nerve to yell at Ramona for her remarks saying that Luann’s daughter will see that.  Doesn’t Jill know that the children of her victims are watching too?  Someday little Bryn will look into her mother’s television beginnings and Alex’s boys will Google and find scenes from the shows watching Jill Zarin attack their mom on some reunion show.

Sure, we’ve seen Ramona a little tipsy on the show, we’ve seen Sonja tipsy too!  On other series we’ve seen Gretchen Rossi in Orange County drunk, along with numerous others, does that make them all alcoholics?  I doubt it.

I figured out why I seem to forgive Luann for her nasty, horrible behavior while I can’t seem to forgive Jill.  On screen they’re both equally horrible but Luann walks away at the end of the season, she doesn’t tweet or post on Facebook endlessly but rather she just quietly goes away after the season ends and we never see her again until next season.  Jill never goes away, she never stops plotting, planning and attacking, her whole life revolves around this show and her reputation.  The more Jill tries to repair her reputation, the worse it gets.  Her speaking out by Tweeting and posting on Facebook about bully’s makes her look ridiculous because she’s the biggest bully of them all, her pushing all of her wares is completely out of control.  Jill’s constant desperate tweeting to d-list celebrities is pathetic and extremely annoying.

According to Jill Zarin, Simon threatened her and Mario shoved her, if all of this were true, Jill would have her attorney’s on it like white rice!

If Simon and Mario were dangerous, threatening or in any way a liability to Bravo, action would have been taking by the production company or by Bravo.  Jill tries to paint an ugly picture for her own benefit, not caring about harming reputations.

NaughtyNiceRob Hatred Among ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Cast Is Toxic  http://huff.to/oc4Nza via @huffingtonpost

There are some interesting comments on Rob’s blog today.  Gee, I think he IS talking about us!   hehehe

Meanwhile as we’re all talking about the explosive New York Housewives reunion show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues to pull higher ratings than New York:

Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Earns Nearly 3 Million Total Viewers http://t.co/IqEyKDO

Big Brother 13 Episode 9  Veto Recap  By Shannon

We pick up after the nomination ceremony with Rachel telling both Adam and Dominic that if they want to talk later they can come up to the HOH. This leaves Dominic a little surprised because he already made a deal with them and doesn’t understand why he would need to come and make any new deals. Unbeknown to Dominic they also made a deal with Adam. What the viewers don’t see is that Daniele is in Dominic’s ear telling him how she is going to pit Brendon and Rachel against Jeff and Jordon. She has already started to plant little seeds whenever she gets a chance to Brendon and Rachel. She is playing on Rachel’s insecurities and we all know she has a lot. Daniele is telling Dominic how good of a manipulator she is.

One of Daniele’s many mistakes of this past week is that she goes up to the HOH and pushes way to hard to get them to back door Jeff and Jordan. It went from a little nudge to a full blown tantrum. CBS decided to leave out most of that out. Not that I’m taking up for Brendon and Rachel, because at one time they were considering the option. Some of the scenes in tonight’s episode where it shows them talking and questioning Daniele about the move, was after they had already informed Jeff and Jordan about them considering it, and about how hard Daniele was pushing for it. They were setting Daniele up to see how far she would take this, and she fell for it.

Dominic goes up to the HOH room and talks to Rachel about the deal. He confirms that he wants to work with them because without them he has no shot. Rachel and Brendon both lie to Dominic and tell him that they have no deals with Adam. We see Dominic’s diary room and he tells us “All I need you to do is take me along until I shank you in the back three weeks from now.” Showing Dominic also has no intention of keeping any deals with them. Brendon tells Dominic that he should throw the Veto competition to show he is really with them. If anyone knows anything about this show, it is that you NEVER throw a Veto competition if you are on the block. It’s usually doesn’t end up how you want it.

Next we get to see some of Daniele and Dominic’s flirting. For us long time Big Brother watchers, we are having flashbacks of Season 8, where Daniele spent the first few weeks laying in bed with Nick. We also know how that turned out. Daniele’s next mistake was letting everyone see how much she was falling for Dominic. She pushed for Cassi to go because she wanted to work with Dominic, but did she really want to work with Dominic or be with Dominic?

Drawing for the Veto Competition was a huge disappointment for Daniele. Jeff and Jordan’s names are pulled, having four veterans playing in the Veto Competition. Rachel picks Porsche to host the competition.

Brendon and Rachel decide they need to speak to Jeff and Jordan, they now feel like Daniele is pushing them both to fight against each other. Leaving her safe in the middle. She has most of the newbies thinking she is aligned with them, plus she is still good with the veterans. Leaving her a clear path to the end. After they compare notes they discover this to be true. They don’t show it on the show, but on the live feeds we see them make the decision to play along with Daniele not let her know that they are on to her. They want to see how far she will take it.

Veto Competition

Porsche comes out in a pink bathrobe with 6 different color ducks in her hands. Each player picks a duck and that is the team color that they are on. They houseguests walk outside to a giant bathtub with a huge woman with big spiky hairs on her legs. Each hair has a letter on the end and the competition is to see who can spell the longest word. For those season 11 fans we get a flashback of Jeff trying to spell technotronics, which resulted in a great fight between Jeff and Russell. The houseguests have to run and pluck out a hair and then run back to their razor and drop off the letter. They have 10 minutes to see who can spell the longest word. In the end Brendon wins with spelling understanding, that is also the same word he spelled last year and won. 

Brendon celebrates because they now have all the power in the house with Rachel winning HOH and him winning Veto. They get to decide who they want to get out. Rachel decides to talk to Daniele again and try to get a reason on why she is pushing so hard for them to break the veterans alliance and go after Jeff, so she tells her she is thinking about getting Lawon out this week. Daniele again pushes really hard for Jeff to be back-doored, telling Rachel that Jeff and Jordan are building an army to come after Rachel and Brendon. Rachel knows that really it’s Daniele that is closest to the newbies. If anyone is building an army it’s Daniele.

Dominic goes to Shelly and tries to cut a deal, he wants an alliances with the newbies plus Daniele, to go after the veterans. Shelly plays along but she really wants to be with Jeff and Jordan, so she tells them about the conversation. Jordan wants Shelly to tell Brendon and Rachel this so they both go up to the HOH. After they hear this they know they can’t trust Dominic. This leads Brendon to tell Jeff all about the other plan about back-dooring him. They don’t admit how far in it they were, but push most of the blame onto Daniele. This makes Daniele Jeff’s number one target to get out after Dominic.

At the Veto Ceremony Brendon leaves the nominations the same. So in the end either Adam or Dominic will be voted out. The only thing that will save Dominic now is if Daniele can spin this some way to get the votes. Since she thinks she is the master manipulator, and was cheated out of the win her season, I’m looking forward to her trying.

Thanks Shannon, great job!  Who do you all think will be voted out?  Daniele is really trying to get Dominic to stay, does she have enough “pull” to get her way?  Will the veterans realize soon enough that Daniele is flipping on them?  It won’t be long now until the golden key safety net will be gone, will Danni be the first to go once that happens?

Rocco’s Dinner Party by BB

Rocco’s Dinner Party by BB Chefs are Janet, Kevin and Chris. Janet works in one of Gordon Ramsey’s New York restaurants. Kevin is an executive chef who started out as a dishwasher and works for a company who services seven hotels. Chris is the executive chef at Café Amici in New Jersey. None of them went to culinary school. Janet already has the two other chefs intimidated because she works for Gordon Ramsey and has worked for Chef Jean- Georges.

They have 30 minutes to cook their signature dishes. Kevin is making his interpretation of shrimp and grits. Chris is making a blackened mahi mahi with citrus shallot beuer blanc. Beuer blanc is a butter based emulsified sauce. Janet is making a spicy Korean barbeque pork crepe with three different kimchees. Kimchee is spicy fermented vegetables.

At five minutes left, Janet is a little shaky plating her food. Chris’ beuer blanc is broken, which Janet says is a culinary sin. Kevin is way ahead of the game. Time is up. Chris’ plate is not pretty. Rocco tastes Chris’ dish first. Rocco says Chris is talking like he’s in the principal’s office. He likes Chris’ dish, but says his beuer blanc is a total disaster. Chris says he rushed it a bit. Next is Janet’s dish. Rocco doesn’t like the texture of her kimchee. He thinks the pork is the only delicious thing on her plate. Rocco loves the pork. Rocco thinks Kevin’s shrimp and grits look like something that would come off an assembly line in a very large restaurant, which is actually what Kevin does. Rocco thinks it is a good plate nonetheless. The party is over for Chris because he hasn’t mastered the fundamentals of making a buerre blanc and he made too many excuses. The winner is Kevin because he had made assembly line food delicious. Rocco tells Kevin to leave the engineering mentality at home. He wants Janet to think less and cook more. Rocco tells the chefs the theme of the evening will be Gastropub. He wants them to make English Pub Grub. Janet went to school in England and loves English food so she is excited about the challenge. Kevin chooses to serve second. They meet with the event planner Jes Gordon to plan their dining rooms. Kevin picks the formal dining room and wants it to look like the traditional English pub with the brick walls, butcher paper, crayons, etc. Jen wishes he would put more of himself the room. Jes is blown away by the way Janet wants her intimate dining room to look, a cross of punk glam rock meets English farmhouse chic. Edgy chic.

Kevin’s menu is going to be English Pea Soup, Fish and Chips, Lobster Pot Pie, Roasted Lamb Tenderloin, Seared Liver and Onions, and White and Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding. Janet’s menu is going to be Bacon Chili Crisps, Pimm’s and Lemonade Beet Salad, Bone Marrow with Stilton Cheese, Beer Beef Brisket with Yorkshire Pudding, and Rose Mascarpone Cloud. Kevin says his food is not pretentious and he doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Janet says her menu is ambitious and she’s taking a risk. She tells Kevin her menu destroys his. Kevin is nervous about the competition.

The chefs are shown their rooms by Jes. Janet loves her room. It is very country flowers meets punk style. Janet says Jes is her style sister. Kevin loves his room also. It definitely looks more like a London Pub to me, but what do I know. Rocco informs the chefs that one guest does not eat pork, beef or organs (it’s Raven-Symone’). Kevin has to recreate two dishes for her. He prepares a toasted cumin and tomato soup to replace his pea soup which has bacon in it. Janet is going to pan sear gnocchi to replace her brisket.

The dinner guests are:

Amanda Hesser, New York Times Food Writer

Ken Oringer, Chef and Gastropub Owner

Christopher McDonald, Actor

Frank Carfaro, Founder, DESIRON Furniture

Raven-Symone’, Actor

Cat Deeley, Host of So You Think You Can Dance

Since Cat is the only British guest, Rocco takes her back to meet the chefs. She tells them it was her family’s tradition to buy all the Sunday papers and go to the pub. Kevin worries that he didn’t make any of Cat’s favorites. Janet just wants her to stop talking and leave.

They love Janet’s room and the spike napkin rings. She puts malt vinegar into Raven’s crisps instead of the bacon. Ken starts talking about molecular gastronomy and things I don’t understand. Raven describes herself as a chickaturkeyfishatarian and was not raised to eat pork or beef. She says the crisps with the chili and bacon smell like old feet. The salad comes out and Amanda doesn’t like the fact that she separated the salad. Cat loves the cheese and Chris likes it too. They think the bone marrow dish is sublime. Everyone loves it. The brisket is next and Janet is worried about it not being tender enough. Raven gets the gnocchi and it reminds her of school tater tots and she says it brought her joy. The others think the brisket is too lean and dry but like the Yorkshire pudding. The last course is the Rose Mascarpone Cloud with the milky tea broth. Chris loves it. Cat thinks it’s terrible and she has no idea what milky tea broth is and she’s English. Frank thought it was adequate.

Kevin is next. The guests think Kevin’s room feels more like a pub. I think they like Kevin’s room better than Janet’s. The menu is on a chalk board and Cat seems excited about what’s on it. Kevin says his food is solid food and comfort food. Raven does not like her cumin and tomato soup, but the others like their ham and pea soup. Janet thinks Kevin’s food looks really simple as he’s is pulling it out. The fish and chips are next. They like the batter and the cole slaw. Raven says she loves that she’s in London without taking an 18 hour flight. Kevin is afraid he put too much saffron on his lobster pot pies. Rocco says he thinks of Cartman when he thinks about pot pie. Raven imitates Cartman and Christopher says “That’s so Raven.” Amanda says the pot pie tastes like bathroom tile because of he saffron. It’s not a hit. Next they get the lamb dish and everyone seems to like it except Cat because it has beans and chard and she’s not used to her lamb done that way. Raven won’t eat the lamb (Rocco didn’t know she didn’t eat lamb and apologizes), but she likes the other ingredients on the plate. As a substitute for the liver and onion dish, Raven gets an edamame salad. Raven loves it and the others love the liver dish. The dessert is white and dark chocolate bread pudding. Ken says it seems a little off. The diners really didn’t like it. Rocco says Kevin did a really good job, even though his last impression wasn’t really a good impression. Cat says the dining experience felt comforting.

All guests say they enjoyed both dining experiences. The winner is (I hope it’s Kevin) . . . . . . . . . . . .Kevin! Rocco tells Janet her room made a big impact, but they didn’t like her salad and that she thought too much about it. He tells her the bone marrow and Yorkshire pudding was the best dish of the evening. He tells Kevin his room felt like a gastropub and was warm and inviting. They loved the pea soup and calf liver, but didn’t like the pot pie. Rocco tells Janet that when she allows her intellect to take a back seat to her all of her gifts she will be well on her way to being a great chef.

Thanks BB!  Great job on Rocco’s Dinner Party!


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Today on Bravo they force feed us Millionaire Matchmaker all day...I really hate that show and that woman!  Tonight during prime time they'll re-run the last few episodes of the Real Housewives of New York including Part One of the Reunion in case you missed it or turned it off in disgust.  

Finally, Happy Twitter Birthday to Jill Zarin  (thanks Boston02127) Jill joined Twitter three years ago today.  6,194 Tweets later….minus the one’s she deleted, and no sign of slowing down.

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs

The reunion has created quite a stir in the Housewives Internet world.   Articles, blogs, Twitter and Facebook have exploded!  Not since Teresa Giudice threw Andy Cohen back into his chair has there been so much activity, discussions and criticism of a Housewife on a Reunion show.  Unlike the Teresa incident on The Real Housewives of New Jersey incident, this New York Reunion has people talking about all of them!  (well except Cindy, not much to say about the dull one!)

Cindy’s rudeness and her lack of any remorse for her behavior could have been the big story but the arguments but the vulgar language and Andy Cohen screaming, “Shut the fuck up!” not once but twice was big news and left us all a whole lot to talk about.

Kelly’s blog was the butt of many jokes since the woman can’t even add 54 plus 54, somehow her pea brain came up with 109, but don’t be too hard on Kel Kel, she’s got a lot on her mind being the voice of reason and all.  Kelly asked us if we think she wants to see a 40-something woman’s vulva?   Then she added, FYI, I’m not a gyno.  (in case you were confused and thought Kelly went to med school)  Do you suppose that nano-second that Sonja swung her legs around that Kelly was able to see Sonja’s vulva?  If  you’re claiming you did see that Kelly, describe it!  Quick!  Now add 51 + 51, Now spell Mississippi…. aww Kel, sorry I didn’t mean to tax your brain!  Let’s all leave Kelly to her thoughts.  Run like hell!

Bethenny’s name came up a few times at the reunion show, I wonder if she was watching.  If she wanted a really good laugh and to breathe a sigh of relief because she’s done with all things Housewives , she probably tuned in last night.  Jill told us in her blog that she’s been in touch with Bethenny and insinuates that there is a possibility that they could rebuild their relationship, “we’ll see what happens”  is what Jill told viewers.

I suppose after months of speed dialing Bethenny maybe she accidentally answered the phone or maybe Jill sent her 10,000th text to Bethenny and Bryn was playing with Bethenny’s phone and responded with “BBBBBBB” and Jill was excited.  Maybe the two of them ran into each other in The Hamptons or at the local McDonalds and Bethenny couldn’t run fast enough because she had the stroller and all.  Bethenny tweets often that she walks around her neighborhood with her daughter, maybe she’s regretting that now if Jill spent hours and days lurking around Bethenny’s neighborhood hoping to catch a glimpse of that sweet baby.

I don’t think that Bethenny was kidding when she said that she didn’t want the toxic influence of Jill Zarin around her innocent baby girl.  I doubt anything Jill did on the show this season would lead Bethenny to believe that Jill has changed, there is no way Bethenny has changed her mind and would allow Jill Zarin near her adorable baby girl.

Jill forgets that we’ve all watched Bethenny’s show and we’ve gotten a glimpse into her new life, there is no way Bethenny will allow Jill into that wonderful life.  Jill also forgets that Jason Hoppy doesn’t like her, do you really think that Bethenny would ever go against her husband?   Get a grip Jill Zarin!

Alex’s blog, as always, enlightens us to things that we may have missed or things that we did not know while watching, she starts off with a really good point about Cindy’s hypocracy:

There were multiple times tonight where all seven of us, plus Andy, were talking over each other, and a couple of things got lost in the chatter. When Cindy got huffy at Sonja about Quogue, I reminded her of her attitude about Governors Island, a trip of seven minutes vs. an hour.

Cindy did make a big deal about going “all the way” to Govenors Island to join Alex’s birthday party.  It’s not surprising with Cindy, she is never happy, satisfied or in a good mood.  I think Alex was right, Cindy needs to get laid!

I’m amazed that LuAnn always looks shocked when people point out that she is often less than gracious and kind to many of us

That amazes me too, maybe she really doesn’t watch herself on television, a lot of people are hesitant to watch themselves or hear themselves and can’t watch/listen to themselves.  Goodness knows Luann has good reason to cringe while watching herself.  The moments in the studio singing are all good examples of that.

Alex also pointed out what many of us noted, Kelly’s claim of being Cosmo’s one of five nicest celebrities is no where to be found.  I’ll admit I didn’t study every issue of the magazine but typically these magazines will repeat a lot of their content on line but no mention of Kelly Bensimon in Cosmo was found anywhere.  It’s funny because Kelly seems to tweet a photo of magazine articles about herself anytime they appear, I would have guessed that if Kel Kel was mentioned in a positive way in Cosmo, Kelly would have taken a photo of it and tweeted it as she usually does.  We’ll wait for you to show us Kel Kel, no pressure!

Here’s a good point from Alex:

Sonja really opened up about her financial and marital issues, and I felt for her. It’s funny how that goes — if LuAnn dropped her attitude we’d all feel for her too.

It’s true both Sonja and Luann have been through similar situations, and all women handle divorce and heartache differently.  Luann’s never cried about it on screen, she’s never talked about how she’s hurting, she was always very business-like but she certainly used it over and over last season.  How many times did we hear “my marriage of 16 years” and “how could you talk about my marriage of 16 years” last season.  Before viewers knew it she was completely over it and had a new love, Ross Geller has changed Luann from a raving bitch into a ….wait a minute, she hasn’t changed.

Jill contradicted herself quite a bit tonight. She told me to butt out constantly, yet you see her screaming at Ramona on LuAnn’s behalf. Apparently butting in is only OK if the brunettes do it, and they have their own special set of rules for me. Same with men and women disagreeing. Jill was quick to judge Simon yet his voice was no louder than mine at the MENY march. By the special brunette rules men and women aren’t supposed to talk unless they are married. Aren’t we in the 21st century? Wait, only 25 percent of the other couch is married. Maybe that’s why. Finally, I learned from Jill tonight that name-calling is OK if it’s at the beginning of the season. Do you understand that logic? I don’t.

A lot of us noticed the double standard and noticed that all four of the left couch at one point or another told Alex to “shut up:, “be quiet” or “butt out”.  It was almost as if they discussed it in advance.  Yet all four of the same bitches jumped into conversations that had nothing to do with them.  This was another attempt to nullify Alex and anything she says.  Alex is too polite and too kind to ever do that to anyone else.

I hate to say I told ya so, but I told ya that Alex was upset about being assigned to the end seat on the couch.  Cohen’s explaination was that he knew Sonja was going to cry and wanted her surrounded and that the Ramona/Sonja storyline is hot so they have to sit together.  Whatever Andy’s reason the fact is Alex has been on the show since day one and has been on the end of the couch every season.

I really don’t understand how Luann went from the end of the couch last season to the prime spot next to Andy Cohen this season,maybe she had it written into her contract or maybe she begged, in any case, I am glad that Zarin was de-throned from that prime spot that she’s held from the beginning.

Ramona had this to say in her blog:

You could tell by my answers and body language that this was the last place I wanted to be. When someone lies or insults you with condescending digs and malicious intent, how are you supposed to react? I guess I could turn the cheek, which I did at times, by not wanting to even discuss it. But, at other times, my mouth would get the best of me, and I do apologize for that. I can’t take back what I said.   One thing is, I never lie, and I own up to my mistakes.

Ranona’s blog is short but insightful, she doesn’t mention any names but she doesn’t have to, I think we all know who Ramona is talking about.

If Andy had seen his Watch What Happens Live poll results before choosing his New York Housewives seating, he may have put Sonja in the prime seat next to him, she was voted the post popular housewife by a landslide.  (as Cohen would say)

I cringe when I see that argument between Alex and I. It really is a testament to our friendship that we got through it. LuAnn is right. Alex and I weren’t close before, but we got closer after the fact realizing our future together is more important.

Kelly gets upset when Alex is nervous? Why? Because it makes her uncomfortable? The question was why is she belittling Alex’s feelings and calling her weird. That’s not nice.

I have to give Sonja credit for her opening remark, even after Luann sided with her against both Cindy and Kelly, Sonja stuck with Alex!

The best comment from Kelly is when she says she has no idea, and it’s not her business when she is referring to her comments about my house not being mine, or clean or organized. She can say that again. What would make Kelly make mean-spirited comments about me? I have been nothing but kind and respectful of her — protective in fact. I broke the ice between her and Ramona before we went away because I wanted her to be comfortable after our last trip. She said she gets uneasy around powerful assertive women, but this I deserve?

NO!  Sonja doesn’t deserve this!  I think Kelly got the memo that she’s brunette and she’s supposed to be mean to all blondes so she attacked Sonja without any real reason.  Sonja really had been good to Kelly, without Sonja in St. John, Kelly may have been taken away in a straight jacket!

I never put Cindy down. I asked her to not put Ramona down. Ramona introduced her to us, and then she’s not tolerant of the Ramonacoaster! There is a pecking order. Take care of those who take care of you. Cindy is always twisting the story, and she is always insulting me, while I do not insult her. She has been very aggressive even after I broke the ice between her and Ramona so she would be invited to Ramona’s party that actually turned out to be a surprise birthday party for me!

Barshop!  Another idiot who was told by Jill and Lulu that the blondes were fair game for any insults and attacks!  Interesting that Jill still kisses Sonja’s butt and Luann sticks up for her but Sonja made no mention of Jill and went against Lulu in her blog.  Sonja is the real voice of reason, her indifference when it comes to Jill probably gets to Jill more than if Sonja had slammed her.  Sonja’s a smart woman.

More on the New York Housewives and their blogs, tweets and comments tomorrow.

In the meantime, you don’t want to miss Rob Schuter from AOL’s Popeater, he wrote an article about the “Hate” for and between the New York Housewives, do you think he’s talking about us?

Hatred Among ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Cast is Toxic  http://huff.to/ouw887

My Twitter response to Rob Schuter (NaughtyNiceRob)

LynnNChicago TO:  @NaughtyNiceRob WOW now you won’t mention my name in your article but you wanted to interview me, I knew I made the right choice saying NO!


The show opens at West Knoll (Jeff’s house) where Jenni, Jeff, Trace, Gage and Zoila are sitting at the table eating cookies. (They look yum, I want one). They are discussing Zoila’s surgery tomorrow. The surgery includes a neck lift, full face lift, and upper and lower eye lifts. Jeff tells Zoila they will all be watching her and she will be naked. He asks Zoila when was the last time she shaved her legs and she says about two months ago. Zoila tells Jeff she only has about two or three hairs on each leg. Zoila says she is going to tell the doctor not to let Jeffrey watch. Jeff asks if they are going to have to shave her head. Jenni says the reason Jeff is joking about Zoila’s surgery is because he is very concerned about the 6 hour surgery. Jenni says they can’t lose Zoila because she is the glue that holds everything together. Zoila says when they joke about her surgery, it makes her stomach go crazy and she needs a cookie.

Jeff takes Chaz furniture shopping for the Cole property which has to be finished in the next few weeks. It’s time to make decisions. They have to get functional furniture for a high traffic salon. Jeff says Chaz is decisive after you show him every single chair on the market today. Chaz is very busy so Jeff has to get him alone to make decisions.

Back at West Knoll, Jeff wants to discuss the speaking engagement in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Design Center, so he asks Gage to come into the Living Room, which is also Jeff’s office. Gage seems to be the only one who has a private office. Jeff tells Gage he wants to make it a family trip to include a bachelorette party for Sarah and maybe some of the expenses can be covered by the design people. Gage doesn’t like the idea because Jeff has been playing around with the idea of letting Sarah go. Gage thinks Jeff always seems to cross boundaries and invite more people than he should to events. Jeff doesn’t want any events to be boring. Gage wants to fly in, fly out, get the money and it’s done. Now is a big party. Jeff tells Gage to look into going to the Thunder Down Under show; that Sarah would really enjoy that show and some of the others, too (camera pans to Trace). Jeff says if Gage could, he would cancel the bachelorette party. He thinks Gage would work 7 days a week and never go out. He is really focused that way. Jeff asks Sarah if she ever had an engagement party and she says no, but then Jeff reminds her she did have an engagement party at her sister’s. She giggles and says she was getting that confused with a bachelorette party. She is such a ditz. Jeff tells Gage he wants to take a party bus to Vegas and Gage just sighs deeply.

It’s time for Zoila’s surgery. Jenni, Jeff, and Sarah will be there for Zoila’s surgery. Jeff has arranged for Zoila to stay at a recovery center afterwards. He says it sounds like he’s being very generous, but it’s really because he doesn’t want to have to change her bedpan and give her sponge baths. That’s where he draws the line. On the way there, Jeff is making jokes and they are both nervous. After Zoila is prepped and goes into surgery, they are able to watch the surgery through a window. Jeff said it was weird seeing Zoila so vunerable. The surgery is supposed to take over five hours. After two hours, Jeff leaves Sarah there and he and Jenni go to check on some properties. They go to Cole to check on things. Jeff says he goes there every day, not because he needs to, but because he wants Chaz to see him there. When Jeff and Jenni get back they are bringing Zoila out of surgery and having difficulty waking her up. Jenny is scared and Jeff looks really upset. They finally get Zoila to wake up and when she tells Jeff to shut up, they know she’s going to be OK. Afterwards she goes to a recovery center, which is a nice suite with a nurse there around the clock. Jeff loves Zoila and takes good care of her.

There is a large group going to Vegas. Jeff, Gage, Jenni, Sarah, Trace, Jett, two of Sarah’s friends, Chaz and his sister. They all get together for cocktails. Sarah is wearing a yellow jersey dress with no bra and Jeff says “holy nipples.” He tells her she shouldn’t have bothered to wear a shirt. Gage is already getting nervous about how the night is going to be. They go to dinner and get drunker and drunker. They all take a party bus to a Gentleman’s club. While on the bus, all the women dance around the stripper pole. Jenni’s dance is pretty awkward. Jeff said all the ladies were kinda sexy except Jenni. Jenni says she’s not gonna turn it out for Jeff, her boss, because that’s kinda creepy. I agree with Jenni. They arrive at the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. Wait, Wait, aren’t they supposed to be going to Thunder Down Under, which is a male dancing revue? What kind of a bachelorette party is this? I don’t get it. Gage was definitely not comfortable going to a strip club and tells the group he does not want to be touched. They go to a VIP room and the girls come in. Gage looks disgusted, Chaz looks jazzed and Jenni looks kind of shocked. Jeff thinks Sarah should reconsider her marriage because she seems more comfortable with female strippers than male. The girls are all over Trace and he seems terrified. Jeff thinks Trace is definitely gay. He thinks Chaz may be straight. Jenni, Gage and Jeff leave early because he has a speaking engagement at 11 a.m. the next day. He is testing the others because he told them coming to the speaking engagement was not mandatory, but he wants to see who is taking the business seriously. Gage says the speaking engagements are huge because you never know who is going to be there and what they might want to work on with Jeff. It’s all about networking. Jeff expects at least some of his staff to come to show him that they want to be in the business. Meantime Sarah, Trace and the others are at the pool, still drinking and partying . I could never keep up with the partiers. Two drinks and I’m out like a light. Trace says he was told he wasn’t obligated to go to the speaking engagement, so he decided not to. Wrong decision, Trace. At the speaking engagement, the moderator asks Jeff what is his biggest gripe about his staff. Jeff says with his staff being so small, sometimes they get into each other’s personal business and the boundaries get skewed. Sometimes he gets taken advantage of because of that. In the talking head, he said he was hoping that Sarah, Trace and Jett would have shown up for the speaking engagement, but he kinda knew they wouldn’t, which showed him their commitment, or lack thereof, to his business. Jeff sees Jenni and Gage sitting in the audience and says they are the people who are going to help him build his business. He knew at that point that none of those on his staff who didn’t show up were going to last there, not one. Woah!

Thanks BB! Great job as always!  xo

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Reunion Part I

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – The Reunion Part I

This show rocks!  Did you know that Kelly was rated one of the top five most “nice” celebrities?  She was nice on the show tonight, when she attacked Alex about being “different”, she gets irritated when Alex turns red and that upsets Kelly.  Alex, please stop turning red, the last thing anyone wants is an upset Kelly Bensimon.  Bad things happen when Kelly is upset.  Jelly beans get devoured, men get punched in the face and chaos ensues.

Even Andy Cohen laughed when Kelly told Alex that she was “nice”.  A magazine article named Kelly as one of the top five nicest celebrities and Alex asked her if she really believes her own press.  Apparently she does, she was also named the most charitable person in her area when she was growing up folks!  Don’t forget that!

Kelly is nice, she was nice when she said that Sonja’s house was dirty and unorganized, she told viewers that Sonja is living beyond her means in her ex-husband’s house.  I love that Andy asked Kelly about the home she lives in, Kelly excitedly and proudly told Andy that her ex-husband Giles Bensimon bought that house for $1 million.  She started to go on about what it’s worth now and the square footage as though she was a real estate broker.  Andy cut her off and had to point out the obvious, Kelly didn’t even get the connection between her living in Giles home and what she said about Sonja living in her ex-husband’s home.  Sonja was very clear, that is her home, she owns it outright.

Kelly had the nerve to point out that as a mother, hygiene is very important, implying that Sonja’s home is not only unorganized but when Kelly said her house was “dirty” she meant it was “dirty” as in really dirty.  We all watched as Sonja’s little dog piddled on the carpet but what Kelly was implying was much worse.  All of the ladies seemed to disagree with Kelly, except Cindy but she doesn’t count.

The first montage they showed was Alex McCord after Cohen’s introduction of “Alex seemed to fight with everybody here”.  Poor Alex, she did turn red a lot and she had squabbles with everyone except Ramona and Cindy.  It was very obvious that Jill tried to back off of Alex all season, there were a lot less attacks on Alex this season compared to previous seasons.  Unfortunately for Jill, the remarks she made at the wedding were pretty bad leaving Jill very little defense except to repeat what she said behind Alex’s back directly to her face at the reunion.

Jill’s nasty face stared directly at Alex and said, “you ARE a F****N Bitch” and Alex looked directly at Jill and said, “and so are you!”.   Alex was right, Jill was wrong.  Jill’s comment about Alex being in a social setting that is above her wasn’t brought up, I certainly hope thy don’t let her off the hook for that comment.

Kelly was asked why she was attacking Alex all season, Andy’s viewer question was “what makes you think you can tell Alex how she’s feeling and calling her ‘weird’ repeatedly?”  Kelly didn’t have a proper answer, but then she rarely does.  The New York Housewives begin to talk over each other and it’s impossible to hear what any of them are saying, this happened frequently on tonight’s show and Andy had very little control.

Andy knows that when even two people are talking at the same time, viewers can’t hear either one of them but when four or five of them are all talking it is just like being at a rock concert standing right next to the huge amplifiers while trying to listen to people around you talking, you can’t hear anything at all.  Andy tried to put a stop to it but this went on way too often and for too long.

The montage of Alex also brought up the subject of the Marriage Equality March and the argument between Sonja and Alex.  They seem to have gotten their stories straight and as the two ladies explain we hear Kelly mumbling every few seconds in the background.  At that point Andy decided to find out what Kelly was mumbling about.

Every time Kelly opened her mouth she made a fool of herself.  Kelly jumped into several conversations that had nothing to do with her, the Marriage Equality March argument between Alex and Sonja was being discussed and for some reason Kelly decided she was going to tell the story of what really happened.   Kelly really does need etiquette lessons, she interrupts (while claiming everyone interrupts her) and is rude to everyone.

When Jill and Ramona were arguing about Jill’s event, Ramona was explaining that she thought the wine that she brought was to be served and Jill insists that she asked Ramona not to serve it.  Jill’s martini’s at 11am would be an acceptable offering for her guests, Alex tried to jump in to give her take on things and Jill jumped down her throat telling her to shut up, it is none of her business.  Alex pointed out that she was there and had an opinion the same way Kelly jumped in to arguments simply because she was there.  Apparently Jill only allows that if someone is on her side.

I think almost everyone on the brunette couch at one time or another told Alex to “shut up” or “be quiet” or “stay out of it”.  I truly believe that was planned in advance.  The Brunette’s all decided that they were going to try to neutralize Alex and make her opinions invalid.  This is all part of Zarin’s plan to try to get Alex off the show and that has been Jill Zarin’s goal since season one.  Jill always has a plan.

Every one of them jumped into arguments that had nothing to do with them so for them all to tell Alex to back off was completely obvious and inappropriate.  Luann, the Miss Manners of the group was rude to Alex and told her to “stay out of it” yet Lulu jumped in to try to defend Kelly and even Jill.

Ramona got upset when the subject of her husband was brought up.  Luann tried to sound like the innocent victim as Ramona talked about cheating husbands.  This same subject came up last season as Lulu talked about her ex-husband not liking Jewish people and their “open marriage”.  A wife like Luann who is married to a Count and has the life that she dreamed of with as much money as she could possibly spend doesn’t want an “open marriage”.  Chances are pretty good that she had no choice.  The Count most likely was openly cheating on his wife during his many business trips and Luann would have been told to deal with it or leave.  The Count may have even told his wife she’s free to do the same as long as she’s discrete and doesn’t make a fool of him.  This arrangement would have probably disgusted Ramona and as she said the Count and Countess tried to play it off as if they had this wonderful marriage but they were actually separate more than they were together and both having affairs.

In Morocco when the fortune-teller implied that Mario had another woman, Luann told Ramona that she’s sorry, and she’s there for her and she feels badly, no one should have to go through what Luann went through….and on and on.  This implies that Luann believes that Mario is having an affair.  If Luann really wanted to support Ramona, she would have said, “it’s ridiculous, of course Mario is faithful, just ignore the fortune-teller”.

Jill played into it as well telling viewers that in her “circle of friends”  (Luann and Kelly) she also heard a rumor that Mario was cheating.  Interesting how this came up only this season when a fortune-teller said it and Luann, Kelly and Jill were most likely speculating about Mario.  Let’s face it, Jill doesn’t have a “circle of friends” she has Kelly and Luann during filming, the rest of the time she chases after psudo-celebrities like Kathy Hilton.

Overall I thought Luann was pretty nasty but I have to give her “Kudooos” for not blindly following and agreeing with the Brunette’s on every subject.  Luann was quick to tell Kelly that she was out of line talking about Sonja’s home and her bank account.  Kelly actually tried to defend her comments rather than owning them and apologizing, which would have been the proper thing to do.  Jill didn’t mutter that in Kelly’s ear so how could she possibly know the right thing to say?

Luann also agreed with 99% of the population that Cindy was rude to take a conference call while visiting Sonja for brunch.  Cindy’s only defense was that Sonja knew about it, a fact that Sonja denies.  Regardless of Cindy’s defense it was rude of Cindy to shush her hostess, bring her assistant and schedule a conference call while your hostess is cooking a meal for you.  Isn’t it obvious to anyone else that Cindy had several other options?  The only one discussed on the show was Cindy leaving the room to take the call, that really should have been a last resort.  How about rescheduling the call?  or rescheduling the visit to Sonja’s?  Kelly decided to jump into this argument as well, explaining that Cindy has a “Business!”  and it is important to take these kinds of calls.  It is hysterical how impressed Kelly is with Cindy and the importance Kelly places on Cindy’s business dealings.  Kelly was quick to point out that Cindy’s time was more important because it was “business”.  Let’s remember for a moment that Cindy’s “business” is putting sparkles on women’s private parts.  Kelly’s fascination with Cindy’s business is pretty funny.  Kelly is easily impressed.

Cindy seemed to take an immediate dislike to Sonja, something that was never properly explained but clearly Cindy isn’t hip to the Housewives protocol.  Both Jill and Luann seem to admire Sonja, even defending her against their own Brunette’s.  As Sonja explained that she never tried to change anyone, she accepted each of them for who they are Jill jumped in and agreed, “that’s true Sonja, that’s very true Sonja”.  Of course not being able to let anything go, Cindy chimed in with, “Except me, you tried to change me”.  Not exactly Cindy, she only tried to teach you some manners, something we all agree that you need badly.

Sonja got emotional when discussing her marriage falling apart, she implied that there were outside factors involved in the break down of her marriage.  It could be Morgan’s family, another woman, another man but clearly Sonja is not over the marriage ending.  Her story was heartbreaking.  The fact that there is a child involved makes it even more difficult to not feel sorry for Sonja.

The ladies discussed the final party on the yacht celebrating Luann’s relationship and Ramona was accused of turning it into all about her possible pregnancy.  I loved when Ramona said that she was getting bored anyway but Jill had to jump in and yell that Alex seemed to be “left out”.  That is hysterical coming from Jill who pounded on the door begging to be let in and then went around to all of the guests announcing that Sonja and Ramona were in the bathroom together.  I didn’t see Alex caring all that much and she certainly didn’t try to get into the bathroom with Ramona and Sonja.  Jill obviously was trying to make Alex look bad by implying that the blondes leave Alex out in the cold.  The fact is Sonja and Ramona have been friends for a long time and they have fun together, why does Jill have to make it sinister?  Because she’s a hateful, awful bitch!

There are many things that weren’t covered tonight that I certainly hope are on next weeks’ agenda.  As much as I would like Cindy to get no air time, I’d love to hear her explanation for being unable to care for one child during a 1-hour lunch.

It is sort of fitting that Jill stormed off the set while the talk turned to their children.  Jill has absolutely no problem talking about Alex’s children, she’s called them wild animals, she’s made fun of the cute duo and she’s criticized Alex and Simon’s parenting skills.   Suddenly the kids are off-limits when it comes to talking about Luann’s teenager daughter, could it be because it hit a little close to home?  Jill’s teenage daughter maybe isn’t as perfect as Jill would like us to believe….

Why Jill Zarin’s Daughter Ally Shapiro Really Left Sarah Lawrence College http://t.co/BS06H18 via @crushabledotcom

As so many of you pointed out there is no better day than today to acknowledge that the name of this blog is so appropriate!  Someday Jill Zarin will be off of our television and the question will be “Who the hell is Jill Zarin?”  After Jill’s behavior on last night’s reunion show, I Hate Jill Zarin couldn’t be more accurate!  A few tweeters asked if I’d include all the brunette’s in the name of the blog…I’d love to but it would just be too long LOL

So much more happened on the show including Bethenny’s name coming up a few times but there’s no way to cover it all, post your comments about what you thought and we’ll be back to talk more about it later this week…


In this special episode of Home by Novogratz, Robert and Cortney take a plain family beach condo and go wild with color. They meet in Long Branch, NJ, with their developer friend Dave Barry and his family who have a condo that needs the Novogratz touch. Dave says it’s not like a home and not comfortable. The kids wants more color. The daughter likes pink. The older son wants a durable boy’s room. The youngest wants non-scratchy furniture and pictures. Dave tells them to do whatever they want. They want a family fun house. They go visit the condo to see what they have to work with. They notice it’s very bland with traditional furniture and non-beachy. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. They want to do the entire floor in carpet tiles rather than the wall to wall carpet. It has to have carpet due to sound issues. They want to make the inside match the view. As Robert says, “From Casper the Ghost to Willie Wonka.”

Cortney wants to use tons and tons of color. They discuss the colors of the floors and walls. Each room will have its own color theme; aqua/teal in the living area, blue in the boys’ room, pink in the gir’ls room, and yellow in the parents’ room. They will be updating the furniture, putting art on the walls with light boxes and photography, and installing unique light fixtures. After watching the crew remove the plain beige carpet that is throughout the condo, Cortney and Robert go to Asbury Park for vintage and antique shopping. They want to find unique things with personality. Cortney wants to get a rather gaudy looking marble and gold table. Robert doesn’t want to get it. She talks him into it by saying it can be painted. Robert mumbles that they don’t want to mess this up. I can tell Cortney is the risk-taker of this couple. The living room gets a mix of paint and black and white wallpaper. Remember the living room is a teal/aqua color. They are installing a light box display in the dining area.

Cortney and Robert go to Paula Rubenstein’s antique shop in SoHo to get blankets to warm up the space. They spot an old boogie board and have to have it. They also want a sign that says “No Coasting Downhill.” Cortney is working with her assistant and keeps getting interrupted by her children. She says she loves working in the kitchen with her kids around, but sometimes it gets pretty hectic with them all talking to her at the same time. Cortney checks on the condo project and likes all the painting that has been done and then paints the gaudy gold table green. Then they start hanging light fixtures. They hang a lighted love shack sign in the parents’ bedroom. They will be laying corkboard on the floors and then gluing the carpet tiles into place.

They are putting black and white in the living room, a very bright stripe carpet in the boys’ room. The boys’ beds get duct taped and painted red and white and blue and white. The furniture is very bold with contemporary, vintage, mod and even natural earthy. They approached the condo with a sense of humor and if ever there was a home described as eclectic, this is it. My husband, Mr. Beige, would not be able to visit this place for long periods of time without losing his equilibrium. When the space is revealed to the Barrys, they are blown away. They are impressed with the livability and say even on a rainy day, it’s bright and cheerful. The boys love their room. They love their duct tape beds. The daughter’s room is what I would call the Pepto Bismol room. It really doesn’t look that beachy to me. The parents seem to like their room, but I’m not sure. They say it feels like a boutique hotel room.

Thanks BB, great job as always!  Lynn~

Thanks Boston02127 great photo/caption!

Until Next Time….

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Reunion Part I Let’s Chat!

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part I  Let’s Chat!

Can you believe it is here so quickly?  We don’t have to wait until Thursday night, it seem like just yesterday we were chatting during the finale…based on Bravo’s previews of this thing tonight is going to be a high blood pressure kind of night.

The brunette’s are all so out of line in their behavior and their backwards way of thinking.  Things like, “I was always nice to you Ramona!” out of Lulu’s mouth makes me wonder if I was watching the same show as this woman was appearing on or how about Jill saying, “I’ve changed”?  Is she serious?  Calling Alex a “F****N Bitch” proves just exactly how much Zarin has changed.  If we saw Jill apologize to Alex for saying that tonight maybe we could believe Jill had changed a little bit but instead Jill calls her that again!

I think out of all of the New York housewives Alex would be the one I’d least describe as a “Bitch”.  All of the rest of them have earned that at one time or another but rarely have I seen Alex earn that description.

Kelly is nice?  I’ll let you all digest that for a few minutes.

Cindy isn’t show even speaking during the reunion on the previews, hopefully that is a good indication that she’ll keep her idiotic mouth shut!

Are we ready?  Let’s do this thing!

Courtesy of FOX NEWS and has been reposted all over the internet – this photo is NOT owned by Jill Zarin and it never will be!  🙂  Great job Boston02127 on the photos, Thanks!

Until Next Time…

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Big Brother / Dr. Drew

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New Jersey / Big Brother / Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Real Housewives of New Jersey by LynnNChicago

It’s still Christmas in New Jersey and the parties continue.  Melissa and Joe Gorga’s party is still going strong.  I feel like I have to say, “I told you so” to the Gorga’s when Kim G won’t shut her mouth because I told them that they should have made her leave with her friend Monica last week.

Monica was gone but rather than just enjoying the party and being happy that she wasn’t kicked out on her butt, Kim G talks to anyone who will listen about Teresa and explains how the altercation that Monica and Teresa had at the courthouse was Teresa’s fault.  Well no kidding Kim!  The point is when you’re in her family’s home it doesn’t matter who was at fault, did you really think they were going to take your side against family?

Kim gets loud and obnoxious causing Caroline to step in and tell Kim that she’s out of line, the discussion escalates to become loud and alerts Caroline’s son Christopher who comes over and gets in between his mother and his best friend’s mother, Kim G.  It is clearly time for Kim to leave.

Before long the entire Manzo family is involved as Chris takes Kim outside and tries to reason with her, Caroline had already told her to leave so the only Gorga’s Kim was going to party with from here on out was the ice sculptures of Melissa and Joe in the front lawn.

I think that Kim G was simply invited because of the show, I think that if Teresa had her wish and Melissa had never been a housewife filming for Bravo Kim wouldn’t have been invited.  I guess every party has to have it’s conflict on Housewives.  Melissa is impressed at how the Manzo boys came to their mother’s defense and hopes that her boys will do the same as adults.  I admit Caroline can certainly be proud of her boys and their appropriate behavior.  Chris immediately took it outside and Albie backed off when told to let his brother handle it.  These boys aren’t just looking for a fight, they instinctively did the right thing.  Impressive.

Once Kim G is gone and everyone is calming down, Christopher worries that his friendship with  Kim’s son would be ruined after many years of being close despite the fact that Caroline never warmed up to Kim.  Last season Caroline refused to even have lunch with Kim G.  Christopher’s phone rings, it is Kim’s son, his best friend proving that Kim G is a horrible bitch because the first call she made after leaving the party was to her son.  Why involve the boys Kim?  This woman is pure evil with the brain and maturity of Kelly Bensimon.  They both have the emotional age range of 13-15.

Teresa and Joe had left the party shortly before the drama started but paused in the driveway to watch the fireworks.  Teresa tells us she doesn’t know why Kim was kicked out but is just happy she did get booted.  For once, I agree with Teresa.

It was nice to see that Teresa and Melissa buried the hatchet and even danced together at the party, even with the Kim G drama the party was a success.

The next party on Christmas eve is Teresa’s and the piece of garbage Joe Giudice is vulgar and swearing in front of his children while they discuss their daughter, little Gia, getting a cute little ring from a boy at school.  Joe tells his 9-year old that he’s going to kick the boy’s ass and asks her why she’s wearing the ring.  Poor Gia, things will only get worse for her as she gets older.  As Chris Manzo tells us, no one is going to want to date the Giudice girls because of their father.

Teresa interviews that her sister-in-law Melissa may have the Gorga name, but she’s not a Gorga.  This is after she claims she wants to make things better between the two families.  Teresa’s parents seem to be doing all of the cooking while Teresa tries to walk in her 8 inch heels and her baby daughter tries to walk in a huge elaborate gown.  Little Gia is reprimanding her little sister for getting too close to the candles and Joe Giudice wants to know why he has to spend time with his wife’s family.

Over at the Gorga home, they discuss the upcoming party at the Giudice’s, Joe expresses his distaste for spending his holiday with Joe Giudice and his family while Melissa insists that they have to go there for at least a little while.

The Gorga’s children are crawling around and looking adorable and surprise, their daddy isn’t swearing up a blue streak or being inappropriate in front of his kids.  Joe Giudice, take a look at how a father should act in front of his small children.

The Gorga’s arrive at the Giudice home and Teresa has the nerve to criticize Melissa’s outfit while her vajayjay is hanging out of her ridiculously short skirt.  Teresa is very proud of herself for wearing an ugly feather jacket over her dress to hide the fact that her boobs are hanging out, Melissa’s dress was perfectly fine while Teresa’s was way too short.

Kathy’s scenes are limited tonight but we watch as her family prepares for Christmas Eve dinner with some really yummy looking stuffed mushrooms.  The Manzo’s are also preparing Christmas Eve dinner with Caroline running her kitchen like a well oiled machine.  The boys are in from Hoboken and use their college educations to count the number of guests and chairs they will need.

Teresa’s dinner is well underway as Joe Giudice sits at the kitchen island not lifting a finger to help but making really nasty comments about his brother-in-law but even worse are the things he says about his sister-in-law Melissa.  He calls her a “racoon” and includes her sisters and her family in his ranting.  I have no idea who he is talking to but he is wearing a microphone so his mumblings are clear but just to ensure viewers know that his vile mouth is running, Bravo puts his words on the screen.  This man is really disgusting!

Poor Jacqueline, her storyline is all about her daughter Ashley and the struggle that she is apparently going through having two families.  What a dilemma, poor Ashley has two complete families who love and support her, who care about her and want her to spend time with them.  We learn that this is the first time that Ashley has been with her mother for the Christmas holiday’s, she apparently typically spends time with her father in Texas during the holidays.

Clearly Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have spoiled this girl over the years and have created this monster but at 20-years old, it is time that this girl take some responsibility for her actions and her attitude.  Ashley is trying to paint a picture of a step father who simply throws money at her but doesn’t give of his time and attention.  I don’t think any of that is the case, Chris Laurita has been in Ashley’s life since she was 5-years old and was their only child for many years before their son CJ came along.

It is obvious over the past three years watching Chris with his step-daughter that he cares and is trying very hard to do the right thing for Ashley, yet she is ungrateful and seems to want to slam Chris and Jacqueline every chance she gets.  Tonight she tells us that she wishes Chris wouldn’t just throw money at the problem, last week Ashley told us that her mother likes to create and get into all the drama.  This girl is awful!  Sorry Jac but she is!

Caroline’s radio show is apparently in full swing and her topic of the evening is divorce and how it affects the children.  Chris Laurita calls in to ask for advice, he obviously has issues with his step-daughter.  It seems a little selfish of Chris to take air time when so many New Jersey residents are in need of Caroline’s help, as her brother, Chris could just call her anytime to ask for advice.  (yes that was sarcasm)  Obviously Caroline immediately recognizes her brother’s voice and tells him that he has done a great job with his step-daughter and should be proud of himself for his efforts.

The parties continue as Kathy prepares dinner and is expecting Melissa and Joe for dinner but the Gorga’s are at Teresa’s planning to leave early and head over to Kathy’s house.  This is obviously going to be an issue when the Gorga family attempt to leave before enjoying the dinner Teresa’s parents prepared, yet Kathy is expecting them too.  Utoh!

Next week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey it is STILL Christmas, and there is more cooking and gifts and kids as the festivities continue….

Caroline Manzo and Willie Geist joined Andy Cohen last night on Watch What Happens Live.

Caroline managed to get another underhanded dig in at Teresa when asked if she really believes that Teresa wants to make up with her brother and sister-in-law.  Caroline hemmed and hawwwed and refused to answer the question which clearly said that Teresa wasn’t trying to do the right thing.

Caroline also sang the praises of Joe Giudice which surprised the hell out of me.  More on WWHL tomorrow, right here at IHJZ!

Big Brother 13 Episode 8    Nomination Show Recap  By Shannon

 We picked up with interviews from the houseguests regarding Cassi’s eviction. Shelly is upset because she knows that her voting with the veterans to get Keith out, helped play a part in Cassi leaving. Jordan is sad because she really didn’t want Cassi to leave, but leave it to Rachel to kick someone when their down as she tells us that Cassi can watched the rest of the season from home, while Rachel is still playing the game.

 Since Rachel is HOH, the butt kissing begins. First, we have Adam trying to cut a deal, even though he’s already had a deal but backed out of it during the first week. He throws out Kalia and Lawon’s names hoping that she will put them up. Next we have Lawon pleading his case. He tells them that he is on their side and then rambles on and on until Rachel is ready to just take a nap. He leaves feeling good, but Brendon and Rachel both comment about not trusting him.

 Finally everyone gets to hear Dominic snoring. If you have the live feeds this is something we have known about since the beginning. All the houseguests tease him, and he really is a good sport about it and takes it well. We see Jeff throwing stuff at him trying to make him stop.

 Luxury Competition

 Rachel comes out of the diary room and informs the houseguests that there is a luxury competition and informs them that there will be no Have or Have Nots this week. Which draws a lot of cheers from them. They head outside and and see a red carpet leading to a small stage. Adam, who is a 90210 fanatic, is all excited hoping it’s Tori Spelling. As a man walks out and asks them how they are doing, the houseguests all start looking around and wondering if they are the only one who doesn’t know who this “celebrity” is. He informs them that he is on a new CBS show called Same Name and he has the same name as a International Superstar. He explains that the show is about trading lives for a week with a celebrity that you have the same name as. They will be giving clues as to who the International Superstar is and the first one who guesses it will win.

 The first clue is three bars of soap and opera binoculars. As the houseguests all stand around trying to figure out the clue, Jordan, who is constantly put down for not being very smart, put together that the soap could be Bay soap, and the binoculars would be used to watch something. So she thought of the TV Show Baywatch and went into the diary room and guessed David Hasselhoff. The second clue is a microphone. Brendon guesses Michael C. Hall from Dexter, and as he is coming out of the diary room he notices Rachel telling Porsche a clue. This infuriates him and leads to a huge fight later on. If Rachel did give Porsche the clue then she was trying to make her look stupid, because her guess was Michael Jackson. Since he is dead, it would be really hard to change lives with him for a week. Adam is trying to come up with a soap star that is also a singer and guesses Ricky Martin. Lawon guesses Barbara Streisand, we didn’t get to see how he put that together. The third clue is a man wearing a Knight outfit carrying a lifeguard float. Jeff runs in and guess Mike Knight, followed by Rachel guessing Keira Knightley. After a few more guesses by the houseguests they hear a car and go out to the back yard and see the car Kitt, and out steps David Hasselhoff.

Everyone was ecstatic to see him. They inform him that he is the first person they have seen, other than each other, in over 20 days. They take him on a tour of the Big Brother house. They show him the Have-Not room and he jokingly admits to being there once. Everyone gets the joke that he is talking about rehab. He announces that Jordan is the winner of the Luxury Competition and she gets to pick 3 people to view his upcoming episode of Same Name. Jordan picks Jeff but then shocks everyone by picking Shelly and Kalia.

 Rachel is furiously that she didn’t win and wasn’t picked to go and immediately heads off followed by Brendon complaining because she helped Porsche. Rachel starts with her fake crying and pouting saying how he is putting pressure on her and he starts threatening to leave. They continue to fight as Jordan, Jeff, Shelly and Kalia are watching the TV show. Brendon gets mad thinking about it and decides that they should put up Jeff and Jordan since they didn’t pick them. Considering that they are in a game, it wasn’t a good move by Jordan to not pick them, when she knows how emotionally they play.

 While Jeff, Jordan, Shelly & Kalia are watching the TV Show, Dominic goes to Brendon and Rachel and they make a deal to work together with Daniele. Dominic runs and tells Daniele that they are 100 percent on his side now. Daniele made it her mission to get Rachel to put up Jeff and Jordan. She had already been planting seeds trying to turn them against each other.

But in the end Rachel decided to nominate Adam and Dominic. They both think they are not the target and are being used as a pawn. We will see when the POV is played for and if the nominations stay the same. Gonna be a exciting week!


 The live feeds have been great for the last two days. Alliances are broken and people are turning on each other. Will make for great shows on Wednesday and Thursday. I can’t wait!

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew by BB

Last we were at the Pasadena Recovery Center, Steven Adler was leaving, upset with Amy Fisher and calling her a liar and bamboozler. Shelley is trying to talk him into not leaving. Back in group, Amy kind of admits she has an alcohol problem and Dr. Drew encourages her to look at the drug and alcohol piece of her life. Steven walks back into the facility and says he is not going to let Amy mess up his recovery. Dr. Drew, Shelley and Dr. Sharp talk to Steven, who says he has been lied to and bamboozled by his band and his mom, but he realizes he has to live with it. Dr. Drew says no more attacks on Amy and Steven agrees. Steven says his sobriety is really important to him. Dr. Drew and Steven hug. Steven apologizes to Shelley and even to the camera. Dr. Drew says if he continues to be aggressive towards Amy, he’ll have no choice but to discharge Steven.

On day 11, Shelley rounds everyone up at 7:30 a.m. for morning meditation. Shelley asks if everyone to identify themselves. Amy finally says she has a problem with alcohol. During meditation, they talk about resentment and anger, then they go to group. Steven tells Dr. Drew he has something to say to the group. He apologizes to Amy, says he has issues and he’s sorry he took it out on her. Everyone is proud of him for saying it. Bob asks the group what’s motivating them to stay sober. Has everyone hit a bottom by having their careers ruined, losing their family and friends, having their freedom taken away from them?

Steven says he is exhausted from 20 years of being a drug addict, he regrets it, and it makes him sad instead of being pissed off. Bob asks Bai what is motivating her to want to stay sober. She becomes very upset and says she wants to blame men for making her drink and have sex with them, but knows she messed up her career big time. She says people think of her as a bimbo and she is not. She says if she doesn’t stop, she is dead. Bob tells Bai she doesn’t need to be dating at this time. She says she will be lonely, but the group tells her she should be hanging around with other women who do not drink. Bai walks out of group very upset and goes to talk to Shelley, telling her she is destroying her life.

Sean leaves group and goes to find Bai. She finds her, hugs her and tells her she is not a bimbo and is a talented actress. Shelley tells Bai to sit down on the bed and get back into her body. She is having an acute anxiety attack. Sean and Bai go back to group. Bob tells the group not to re-traumatize themselves over and over. Bai says she wants to change and that this is serious for her. Bob tells the group that whatever has happened in their lives, it can’t dictate what happens in the future unless they let it. Family weekend is coming up and the residents are calling their loved ones about it. Michael calls Kate Major, his ex-fiance. While the phone is ringing, he repeats over and over “please pick up, please pick up, please pick up” and “please be sober, please be sober, please be sober.”

Shelley knows she is an addict and says his calling her every day while she is in her addiction is counter-productive to his own recovery. During the phone call, it’s obvious Kate is high or drunk. She strikes out at him about Lindsay. Shelley says Michael needs to concentrate on himself and doesn’t need the outside stresses. He hangs up on Kate and Kate calls him back. In the one-on-one session with Dr. Drew, Bai talks about her time in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. She was 14 at the time and tells about being sexually abused by the various leaders. She tells Dr. Drew that she didn’t know at that age what was appropriate and she even felt sorry for them because they were alone and not with their wives.

Dr. Drew explains to Bai that what they did to her was not OK and that he does not forgive them for what they did to her even if she does. He suggests to Bai that she write in her journal about what happened to her in Tibet. Dr. Drew says Bai’s story is devastating and that her victimization was so severe she identified with the victimizers. Bai has a long way to go in her recovery.

On day 12, the patients go to a facility called Homeboy Industries, run by Father Greg. It’s the largest gang intervention and rehab facility in the country, and offers everyone without hope a second chance. They watch a video about some of the residents who are there to answer questions. Their stories are very moving. These people never had a chance. They dealt, from very young ages, with parental abandonment, parental drug use, being used as dope dealers as children, youth pregnancy while using, seeing their families get murdered in front of their eyes, and being rejected by their families when they were on their last leg. Bai asks one of them how they got their life back. He said he was tired of living a meaningless life. The celebrities are blown away by their stories. Dr. Drew says if they can get well, he can help people get well, too.

No matter how difficult life becomes, there is always hope. Michael’s ex Kate calls him. Sugar answers the phone and tells Michael “Crazy” is on the phone. He comes to the phone and Kate wants to know why he hasn’t called. He says it’s because he can’t take it anymore. Kate says there is a huge situation about the car. Michael has flown Kate there for the family weekend and Shelley and Bob know there is going to be drama. They listen to the phone conversation. Kate is obviously on something and can’t understand what Michael is telling her. Michael hangs up on her. Bob then asks Michael what he is getting out of that relationship. Bob tells Michael his kids need him and want to know that he’s OK. Bob says he doesn’t care about all the numbskulls and chaotic people in Michael’s life; he only cares about Michael. Bob tells him to get Kate and the other chaos out of his life and focus on himself so he can help his kids out of the chaos in their lives. Bob tells Michael he needs to stop causing himself chaos. I agree that Michaels seems to thrive on chaos and drama.

Day 13 and family weekend is the next day. Everyone is looking forward to it. Michael has invited Kate, his ex. She calls him and tells him she’s not allowed to go to the dinner unless she checks herself into rehab that night. Michael is upset about it. He goes to Shelley and says if Kate’s not drinking or testing dirty, there is no reason she can’t come to see him. Michael says prescription drugs are allowed by the visitors. Shelley says if Kate needs to go into rehab, she needs to go into rehab. Michael tells Shelley to test her and the rules say if she tests clean, she can come to visit him. Michael is upset and tells Steven and Dwight he’s leaving. They try to talk him out of it. Michael is saying if he has to abide by the rules, then the staff has to abide by the rules. Michael asks Steven if someone did this to him, what would he do? Steven says he’d be upset. At that Michael goes to Shelley and says he’s leaving if he can’t speak to Dr. Drew immediately.

Great job on Big Brother and Celebrity Rehab ladies, thanks so much for the great recaps!  I think Big Brother gets my blood pressure rising as much as some of these Housewives do, Rachel has to be the most annoying person on the planet and her trained lap dog Brenden is an absolute moron.

If you missed Carly and me dissing on the New Jersey Housewives last night you can listen here:


Tonight is the first part of the New York Housewives reunion, I can tell already from the preview video’s that I’m going to be infuriated by the left couch, join us here to chat during the show!  Then be sure to click on the above link to listen in as Carly and I recap the whole thing on “Carly Hall Presents..”  immediately after the show.

Until Next Time….

p.s.  Thanks everyone for all the love and support especially over the past 24-hours.  It’s been challenging but knowing that you’re all still here and with me for the long haul makes it all so much easier and worthwhile. I promise to keep the drama to a minimum and get it together with some stability.  I will explain everything very soon. The change returning to this site was unexpected and abrupt for all of us but you all have been so great and I thank you with all of my heart.  xoxo Lynn~

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I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Let’s Chat!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Let’s Chat!

Thanks to Boston02127 for the great photos/captions!  Hysterical!

From anonymous:

2 years after declaring bankruptcy the Aug 1st “In Touch Weekly” magazine
Falsely gives the impression that Teresa and Joe’s bankruptcy is behind them.

When in fact
Mid December Teresa & Joe Giudice will be in court for their bankruptcy fraud hearing !

In Touch stated :
Teresa & Joe were able to keep their NJ home.

Not for sure if the fraud claims stick !

Teresa's typical head tilt and ex-con husband

2 years ago the Giudices filed for the
Chapter  7 bankruptcy relief/status.
Case 09-39032-MS filed 29 Oct 2009
seeking to discharge all debt (except those they reaffirm)

Court hearings for July 13 and Oct 14
were recently combined and rescheduled for a mid December bankruptcy objection hearing.

* NJ Trustee, John Sywilok
case  #: 10-01845-MS Sywilok v. Giudice
*  U.S. Trustee,Roberta DeAngelis
case#10-02150-MS DeAngelis v. Giudice

BOTH the Trustees  OBJECTED to a bankruptcy discharge and both filed to dismiss the Giudice request for
Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and have charged the Giudices with FRAUD

Both trustees accuse the Giudices of FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the trustees win the Giudices will :
*have to repay the $11mil owed
*face Criminal Fraud charges

There is No Turn Around as “In Touch” claims until the
Court Hearing in mid December.

In Touch said:
“Teresa is taking credit for their financial turnaround”
Not so fast Teresa.
I say:
Good luck to all the folks the Giudice’s continue to stiff as they live in their NJ Mc Mansion. They may very well get a bite of the spoils after all if the Trustees win and Teresa &Joe are back where they started with $11mil of debt to pay !
Hope so Teresa !

Until Next Time…

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