I Hate Jill Zarin Simon VanKempen Webisode / Real Housewives of New York Updates

I Hate Jill Zarin  Even when she’s not on the show  Part Two

Simon’s Webisode by Quincy IL

Cooking with Simon

The big day is here.  Q finally got a show to blog.  Thanks, Lynn.  It’s a 3.23 minute webisode from Bravotv.com with music and a lead in where New Yorkers are trudging through the snow with music.  The long awaited webisode has arrived atbravotv.com.  It’s in the RHNYC section next to Ramona crying on the bed and Kelly making sand angels on the Hampton’s beach.

Alex, François, Johann and Simon are in the family kitchen creating a concoction, a Fudge Walnut Pie.  Simon tells us that Johan started to use the word, “concoction,” for their innovative cooking sessions.  Everyone wears an apron and the boys have their own Top Chef hats.   Alex reminds them to wash their hands.  One of the boys says that he never washes his hands.  Alex asks if he touches his bum and picks his nose then touches the food.  Simon says, “No bottom words, Mother.” 

Alex helps the boys with ingredients.  They add sugar and chocolate.  Alex then allows the boys to add cayenne pepper. One of the boys says, “Oh, no!”  That’s something that every parent loves to hear in the kitchen. Simon is washing dishes while the dessert chefs, not cooks work.   We hear a cough and suspect that it was over the bowl, but no worry, the concoction goes in the GE oven and the germs should be eliminated in the cooking process.

Alex asks, “Who’s going to taste it?”  The boys know better than to volunteer.  They know about cayenne pepper.  Simon volunteers to be the guinea pig.  He tastes it and reacts.  There is a mad dash for water and the comment that he has” to evacuate” his mouth.  I think Simon watched Iman on the Fashion Show with me.

Mom and the chums are left in the kitchen with the spicy fudge walnut pie.  The boys do enjoy the session and someday they will make edible food.

BTW, since my opinions are in this blog, I thought Simon did a great job with his music video.   He was in tune, a rare event in the world of the Real Housewives.  Simon has a shtick and it works for him. I don’t think Simon’s song will hit the height of Kim Z’s, “Tardy for the Party,” but I really enjoyed it.  I can see why there is a portrait of Alice Cooper with a snake in Alex’s very red living room.  Simon has a flare for decorating and we know what kind of music he enjoys now.

From a farm on the prairie in Western Illinois, Q  Watch the Webisode here:


Watch What Happens Live

Yesterday’s blog only touched on Watch What Happens Live, Bravo has also posted the two After Show videos so lets talk about WWHL.  Simon Van Kempen joins the trio of Denise Richards, Alex McCord and Andy Cohen for the After Show and they talk a bit about Simon’s new song.  I’m kinda likin it to be honest.


I really think that Denise Richards handled herself very well on the show, her segment of Andy asking all about her ex-husband Charlie Sheen got a lot of attention.  E! News, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition all ran the clip of her answering difficult questions with grace and style.  Andy got a big boost by having Denise on his show.  She flew into NY just to appear on Watch What Happens Live.

Last night marked the first WWHL game in a really long time that was actually pretty funny.  When Andy described the game I thought it was another lame game but I enjoyed it, especially Alex doing the thug in a cocktail dress, funny stuff!

I really liked the way that Alex and Denise seemed to really like each other, they apparently met last fall when they were working together.  I think that if Alex lived in Los Angeles, she would be part of the dinner club that Denise attends with other LA celebrity moms.   Simon made a point to bring up that he had met her months earlier and found her to be a really great person.  I admit my opinion of Denise Richards has changed.

Denise had her own reality show for a short time and I admit I only saw bits and pieces of the show but she seemed to swear a lot and then vowed to stop swearing but continued to swear a lot.  As a result her father made her donate a pair of her designer shoes to charity for each time she swore.  I found it hard to believe they really made a show out of that.

Andy asked Denise about the rumor that she’ll be joining the Beverly Hills Housewives, it seems that she won’t be a housewife but she does host some of the housewives in her home and it was filmed for the show.

All of the Real Housewives of New York have posted their blogs but as most of you know, Jill has a secret blog that she only sends to her “fan club”.  I’m not a member of that elite, very small group but our very own Boston02127 is and I thank her for sharing Jill’s blog with us all…(As Jill frantically searches her email list to delete Boston …Good luck finding out which one she is Jill Zarin..hahaha)  Here is Jill’s emailed blog, complete with photos of herself.

Jill Zarin

Happy Passover and Happy Easter! 

I had a wonderful Passover with both sides of my family. We went to my sister Lisa’s house Monday night with mommy, daddy and 27 of us in all! I took a few funny videos! Click below to see.  (ED:  feel free to skip the video’s I took the bullet and it’s not worth your time, trust me.  Lynn~)

Passover video part 1    Passover video part  2    Passover video part  3 

Tuesday night we went to The Friar’s Club with the Zarin’s where there were nearly 40 of us! Though it started out as only family we had a few friends who didn’t have a place to go. It is a “mitzvah” (good deed) to set another setting at the table and in this case we set 6! Spending this time with my family and friends is precious to me and reaffirmed once again what is truly important in life and how lucky I am not only to have such a wonderful family, but to have them there for me in good times or bad. Their unconditional love and mine for them, is unwavering. Watching our children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews grow is up what gives us the most joy.  (ED-Six months from now Jill’s story will be that she fed six homeless people who were starving.  Lynn~)


After such a wonderfully busy week, it was very strangely pleasant to not be in this weeks episode and to just sit back and watch my fellow cast mates in action! They surely did not disappoint. I am glad that you are finally beginning to meet the real Kelly who is very dear to me. She is an excellent mother and role model to her beautiful girls. I love seeing how well they behave onscreen. It is a bright reflection on Kelly. I also think it’s a testament to her character that she is looking for “Mr. Right” and not “Mr. Right Now.” A great guy is out there waiting for her!  (ED- It was just plain old “pleasant” for viewers that you weren’t in this episode and we thank you Jill Zarin!  Lynn~)

I’m happy to see that Luann found the love of her life, Jacques. He is as warm and friendly off screen as he is on. It brings a smile to my face seeing them so happy together. I loved the Wine Connector scene. What a great business idea. How funny were the other ladies? I was dying when Kelly started role playing with her guy. This scene was a good example of a lot of the fun times we have filming. I’m glad it was aired as it really shows what great senses of humor the girls have. Cindy has been an absolute perfect fit, just the personality type we needed I think.  (ED-  There ya go thinking again.  Lynn~)

Ramona deciding to do another stroll down the catwalk was a great scene! I’m saying nothing, I thought the other girls said it all! I hope Ramona doesn’t get mad at them for their comments. She has to see the humor in this by now.  (ED- Can’t let anything go, can you?  Lynn~)

I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad I missed the day at Cindy’s Completely Bare Spa. Too much information shared! But I will say, I have been to Completely Bare since and it is an great experience that I do recommend no matter what your “needs” are. I couldn’t believe The Countess jumped right in!! OMG, I never would have guessed. Too funny.  (ED -We’re ALL glad you weren’t there, we couldn’t “bare” to hear you talking about your hairy bits.  Unwatchable TV.  Lynn~)

Even though I am not in tonight’s episode nor will I be in it next week, I will be back and will let you know when.  (ED – Thank you for the warning, take your time, no really, take your time!  Lynn~)


Photo of Jill as she appeared on Wendy Williams, this time the pony tail is red, no improvement.  The Moet is donated.   Lynn~

Lastly, you would have had to have been living under a rock this week to not have heard something about my “liquid facelift.” So let me tell you, my fans, “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” I have been doing liquid injections for 7 years and no one noticed anything different. A year and half ago I started seeing Dr. Pat Wexler. She started doing restylane on the sides of my face to create a liquid “facelift” from the sides, rather than injecting into the folds of my smile lines. It was not meant to nor did it smooth it out entirely.  (ED – So anyone who doesn’t know everything about your pathetic life and your lies about your nose job, must be living under a rock?  Your ego needs a serious adjustment lady!  Lynn~)

When I was on WWHL after the first episode, my hair and makeup artist pulled my hair up into a high ponytail and did some makeup tricks. You will see toward the end of the season I try a few new “do’s” on the show. Some will work, some won’t. Then last Sunday I was at the TV Land Awards and wanted to dress and pay homage to my favorite housewife of all time “Lucille Ball” and dressed in a 50″s style dress with hair style and makeup to match. I wasn’t supposed to look like me. That was the point! Anyway…between both of these events a press storm started that culminated in me being featured in 5 weeklys and too many TV shows to count. But let me say…it is much more fun to be grilled over how I look 10 years younger than anything else, so I’ll take it all as one big compliment.  (ED – before you take it as a compliment watch Denise Richards and Alex McCord respond to Andy’s question about your new “look” they were polite but honest.  Most of us think you look ridiculous Jill, when you surround yourself with yes-men you will find that you don’t hear the whole truth.  This is the result of blocking everyone on Twitter and on Facebook and living in a bubble, no one will tell you the truth.  Well I will, you are no Lucille Ball, give it up!    Lynn~)

I’ll be speaking at Brown University’s Reality TV Symposium on Friday April 22 and it is open to the public. I will be speaking at 5:45pm so if you make it, I would love to see you there! I will also be doing a book signing at the Brown Bookstore Friday from 4pm-5pm. (ED – I guess you only need an hour for that book signing.  Bethenny runs out of books on this week’s episode, you should check out how the professionals do it!  Oh who are we kidding, you’re glued to the TV on Monday nights, we both know that.  Lynn~)

I will then be heading to Boston for the weekend. I am hosting an event at Simmons Leadership Conference on Monday night and introducing one of the honorees Tuesday morning in front of 1500 women. I can’t wait to take Bobby around Boston and visit some old friends.

Until next week…  <—this looks familiar you thief!  Lynn~ 

“Don’t say Cheese say Skweez!”  <—you can’t be serious?




Jill’s Bravotv blog is similar but she talks about hypocrisy as she watches the show just like we do she sees Sonja slamming Alex at every turn yet Alex forgives and forgets, Jill wonders why Alex doesn’t forgive her the way she forgives Sonja and the way she forgave Ramona and Bethenny.

Since Jill seems to be rather slow, pardon  me while I address just the idiots of the group.  (yes Jill, that’s you)  The difference between what you did to Alex and what the other housewives have done to Alex are night and day.  As you’ve been told many times and you don’t seem to understand is that, as Alex pointed out, whenever a cast mate has some success or gets something that you want, “you fight back and you fight back dirty”.  Sonja, Ramona and Bethenny have all snarked their snide remarks to Alex but none of them tried to get Alex thrown off the show, tried to get her husband fired from his job and attacked her children the way that you did.

The comments that you made to the producer at the wedding calling Alex a bitch and saying that she was socializing with people who are “above her” was classic Jill Zarin and unforgivable!  It is unfortunate that Alex didn’t hear them until after filming was over.

We know that Bravo’s producers/editors are having fun with this!

The Housewives series across the board snark at each other, they argue, fight and make fun of each other.  When it is taken off screen and vicious attacks are made, when you try to get people fired from their jobs, you’ve crossed the line and become Danielle Staub, you become psychotic and dangerous.  Jill, you’re a control freak and you’re vicious.  You aren’t happy for your cast mates when something great happens in their career, you fight to get what they have and more.  You are no Sonja Morgan, she may have made mistakes but she is slowly trying to fix them.  Your jealousy of their friendship is ugly and you should stop!  Stawwwwwp!  Jill Zaaaarin!

Glad we cleared that up.

Nose Job? Of course she did!

From Cindy Barshop’s blog:

To clear everything up I think it was wonderful what Thurston, I mean Simon, did for Alex, but it’s sometimes hard for me to get out my own house in Manhattan. And now I had to trek with the girls to an unstable weather island. It was freezing and super windy with no shelter, and champagne was toppling everywhere. I really don’t see why we all had to leave Manhattan when we all live there so . . .I escaped earlier than the rest.

This clears up nothing Cindy Barshop, Alex cleared it up when she told us that you arrived four hours late, after the sun went down and the party was breaking up.  You are rude and a complete moron to not understand that there is a world outside of Manhattan, you really should expand your horizons and get your kids outdoors and some new scenery.

From Luann deLesseps  blog:

Alex’s modeling gig was hysterical to watch. Her facial expressions and hairstyle were over the top. I admire her courage but she shouldn’t quit her day job!

Don't quit your day job Luann, oops what day job?

I thought you used to model Luann?  Most of the modeling photo shoots are over the top, I guess it is just jealousy since modeling IS HER DAY JOB you moron!  At least she has a job, what’s your job?  Oh right, you don’t have one.  Marry another millionaire Luann and crawl back under your rock.

A very wise viewer commented on Luann’s blog reminding her of this:

A couple of seasons ago you criticized Romona for giving the “just go out and have fun” dating advice to B. What changed your mind?

Excellent point!

Let’s talk Sonja Morgan, shall we?  From her blog:

LuAnn is really making headway and getting to know Kelly. I also want to get to know Kelly better, as you will see in future episodes. I felt so bad for her on Scary Island and never want to see that again. I was thinking that maybe all the negative thinking before she left made it happen? I was trying to stay positive because I promised Kelly I wouldn’t let anything happen and that she and I would have good time. I want to keep that promise and make things good between her and all the girls. I like to be the peacekeeper. I love LOVE!

I think Sonja forgets that we all watched last season.  Sonja called Kelly “crazy” just like the rest of the cast.  Sonja said, “Don’t abandon me with her (Kelly)”  and “I always get stuck with Kelly”.  Now she is saying she was protecting poor Kelly from the rest of the cast, she promised Kelly that “nothing would happen”?  What the hell was going to happen?  Sonja is now talking like the rest of the cast WERE against Kelly.  Way to change your tune Son.  Anyway good luck with that getting to know Kelly thing…enjoy!

More from Sonja:

I’m glad Alex and I have a strong enough friendship and respect for each other to meet and agree to move on. Our friendship is more important than one heated moment. I agree with her that she and I will never completely understand or be able to talk about how it really happened or how it came that she was added to the online speaking roster long after I was involved, or why Simon wasn’t allowed to invite himself to speak.

WOW passive-aggressive much?  “Simon wasn’t allowed to invite himself to speak”.  You just had to get that last dig in, didn’t you?  Give it up, we’ve all seen the web site announcing that Alex McCord was scheduled to speak, we know you insisted on being Grand Marshall and insisted on being the only cast member to speak.  What we don’t know is why MENY allowed you to dictate terms like that.

When they asked me to kick off the MENY March they made it a point to mention Alex wasonly marching and Jill was on the “materials,” so I made it clear that at the time I wan’t sure if I was returning for another season of RHONY. I’m sorry I confused the viewers on Watch What Happens Live.

Sonja Morgan, you didn’t confuse viewers on WWHL, you LIED!  You said on last season’s reunion that you would be returning for another season so that didn’t come into play here.

MENY made it clear I didn’t have to march to make them happy. But I joined Alex in marching because she asked me to, and I did so with great spirit

You didn’t have to march to make them happy, but a speech that made some sense would have been nice.  I thought you marched because it was a great cause that you deeply believe in, not because Alex asked you to march.

Alex’s hair made such fun for us that night, and I thought she looked great. She and I had a blast that night and her modeling has put rocket fuel into our lives!

Can you say backpeddle?  Your tune was a whole lot different on the show.

Sonja has put together a montage of her TV appearances, we see Sonja on a local NY talk show wearing the same outfit that she’s wearing as she throws Alex out of her house.


Finally Alex McCord had this to say:  (btw, I love Alex’s blogs because she spells everything out, clears up rumors and gives a lot of behind the scenes information)

Simon and I have been cheerleaders for Brooklyn since our show started, and now let us be the same for Governors Island -– it has only been open to the public for a few years and is 800 yards from Manhattan, which takes about seven minutes on a ferry to reach. It’s a hidden gem in NYC that not many people know about yet, and home to artist residencies and all sorts of cool stuff. We had a fantastic day, and the only problem was that Kelly and Cindy arrived four hours late, just as the sun went away. It got cold, windy, and everyone was ready to leave. We didn’t serve beer and wings either, which is the only reason I can imagine why Kelly wouldn’t let Cindy eat. Moral of that story? If you’re going to whine and complain, please do everyone else a favor and don’t come. That aside, it was a great birthday and Simon outdid himself, fully surprising me with a day the chums and I will never forget.

Now that we know the truth and exactly the way that the day played out it makes Cindy and Kelly look even worse.  Well done ladies!

Bravo’s previews are up along with a bonus video of Ramona and her family spending quality time together playing some tennis:


One of the previews is of Ramona asking Cindy where her Pinot is,  (Phaedra voice)  Everybody knows… you don’t invite Ramona to anything without ensuring the bar is well stocked with Ramona’s favorite wine.  Cindy assures Ramona that they have the Pinot, it’s on the way…then complains that she has to get Pinot for Ramona, seriously?

Kelly Tweets to Simon:

kellybensimonKelly K. Bensimon

@simonvankempen congrats on your new single. I didnt know you werent “real.” Your the reel deal. Congratssss

Columbia University degree in Journalism?  Really?  Is this a sincere congrats to Simon from Kelly or is this her pathetic attempt at sarcasm?  Only Kelly knows for sure, and even that’s “iffy”.

Don’t forget to join us for the Royal Wedding, we’ll be chatting live right here, pop on your TV at 4am and watch / comment along with us!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Simon’s favorite song:  (thank you lovemamaearth!)

Until Next Time…

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298 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Simon VanKempen Webisode / Real Housewives of New York Updates

  1. GoldenPoolGirl says:

    Loved the blog, as always. Especially the Kelly/Columbia bit. Right before announcing that Kelly would be joining amnewyork, KKB tweeted this gem. She was referring to her earlier “modeling?” days on some island and said, “I used to film their a lot.”
    Thanks for the blogs. I never miss one!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks for reading all the blogs! I hope you post more often! 🙂 Welcome!

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Me too. Thanks Lynn.

      I watched WWHL Afterwards and Simon said that Alex works out 5 days a week

      I think Denise would be a good addition to BH. I just wish Andy had honored Alex by putting her next to him. I know it’s minor, but would have been good.

      • NJ Bev says:

        I agree that Alex should have sat next to Andy.
        I think Andy had her sit there because she flew
        out from LA just for the show…..
        But that begs another question? wasn’t there anyone in NY
        willing to do the show? It wasn’t like Denise had
        anything to plug. I think Andy just wanted to
        grill her on Charlie. Maybe that was a “get” for

        • VAgirl says:

          Since Denise’s comments got a lot of play elsewhere, I think is was a real get for him to have her on there.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          they may be making a new show with her in itdoing those dinner parties
          personally i think it could be huge as all her guest are celebs

          as long as a certain “medium” isnt invited it should be fun

    • @tweatcyn says:

      Notice in Kelly’s most recent blog, she completely omits Columbia on her CV. She says she attended Trinity College briefly then travelled the world modeling. No mention of her fantasy degree in Journalism from Columbia. I think Bethenny was right. She went to Columbia the country, not the college.

      • Sammysmom says:

        That’s what I said yesterday but was told I was wrong. Thank you, I know I’m dingy but not blind.

      • VAgirl says:

        Personal Life
        Kelly Jean Killoren was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. She began working as a model at the age of 15. Killoren was the third wife of French fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon. The couple have two daughters: Sea Louise Bensimon (born 1998) and Thaddeus Ann “Teddy” Bensimon (born 2000). The couple divorced in July 2007. The former Mrs. Bensimon now resides in New York City and East Hampton, according to the NYC ACRIS property record database.

        Killoren Bensimon initially attended Trinity College, Connecticut as a member of the Class of 1990, but left after a year.[1] She graduated in 1998 from Columbia University’s School of General Studies with a degree in Literature and Writing.[1][2][3]

        • MK Valle says:

          Need to take anything on Wikipedia with a grain of salt. Anyone can become a member, log in and edit a profile.

  2. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Jill looked better before the nose job~eeek! That must really be horrible for her. Oh well.
    Everything she wears looks just like she stole the look from Bethenny who by way she must in heaven & finally be able to sit down & eat something big, like a ham.lol
    I guess even though I missed the episode the recap here is far better than the show.
    Thank You Lynn~
    Happy Easter & All Other Days Of Celebration To You All~
    Peace Love & Hugs To The Lynn Family~:)

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Another sad thing about Jill is that in trying to duplicate Bethenny’s success/look/life/skills/humor/etc, she is further losing her own uniqueness. Which makes her an easy target. She keeps having to spin things. That Jeannie in a Bottle hairdo doesn’t work, it’s not her look. Removing the bangs exposed her plastic surgery and makes her look odd and sound stupid as if we the viewing public (and observant members of this blog) can’t tell what’s happened. The latest episode was nearly over before I realized that nothing interesting was about to happen and that the stress from Jill was missing. Yeay!

      Bethenny really made RHONY watchable. The energy of that show left when Bethenny moved on. I looooooooove Bethenny’s show. Everyone on there is interesting. I’m always smiling as I watch.

    • Dawn says:

      Totally agree that her old nose suited her face better. She ruined her appearance by changing it.

      • sophie says:

        When I was in high school (32 years ago), my very best friend (and she still is) ‘disappeared’ over the summer. When I saw her for the first time the following September in school, I noticed immediately she’d had her nose done. From a large hump to a little button nose was pretty obvious. She vehemently denied it. She denies it to this very day. I don’t know why, but she cannot fess up and it’s ridiculous. I leave it alone now, only she knows the reason she cannot admit to this.

        While it’s obvious Jill had ‘something’ done to her nose, in my opinion it doesn’t create any improvement to her face. I think she looked more interesting before. Her real nose was not disfiguring. It was cute in a way, it belonged to her, made her ‘her’.

        My mom had a long ski slope nose that was hit by a rock as a child resulting in a bump near the bridge. None of my sisters and I have the bump, but her original nose. Oddly, if you took the bump off my mom’s nose, she wouldn’t have been as pretty. It made her stand out. She was very striking.

        What Jill should perhaps work on instead of her physical appearance is her personality. Her physical appearance is very attractive. Her personality comes off as the opposite.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      What kills me about it is how she keeps denying having anything done. I don’t care what kind of makeup she is wearing or where they are injecting stuff, her nostrils are THINNER. She looks like she had the same thing done that Nene did. Just own it already. Injectibles my ass!

      • Kansas Girl says:

        This is a sad statement of how I spend a Saturday morning, but I put her before and after pictures into Paint and moved pieces of her old face over the new face. They match. Exactly. I too had thought there had been some plastic surgery done, but I’ve revised my opinion to some really skilled makeup that creates false shadow. I’m amazed.

        • kotagirl29 says:

          Is there any way you can post that for the rest of us? I for one am dying to see it.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            I wish I could but I’m not that talented. What we really need is the kind of photo program where you can get a transparent copy of a photo and hold that over the other. I have no idea how to do that, but surely someone does. What I did was cut pieces of the old and slid them over to the new. I could only match edges, so I did a lot of pieces — enough to convince myself that it really is the same face with heavy shading at the sides of the nose. I think she also has makeup under her eyes that makes the area a bit flatter. And the makeup overall is not as bright as her usual look. Kind of matte. It was an interesting experiment.

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    Denise Richards was a great and gracious guest. Alex isn’t overly endowed and it makes her hips look huge so a brar and better posture would help alot. Neither woman shied away from answering questions. And I was so glad that we didn’t have to see Simon on the regular show – I wonder if Bravo is giving him “projects” to keep him away from the RHNY.

    The Bravo blogs suck – the Birthday Party was BS – glad Alex explained the timeline because without it it was a non scene. Both Kelly and Cindy were so petty and rude, so I am glad they got caught showing their true colors. If Cindy keeps up her incessant whining, she will be the scenes no one watches – can you say Jan Gilbert??

    • nathania says:

      I bet if Cindy and Kelly hadn’t shown up Bravo would not have included the birthday party AT ALL. In fact, I have to wonder if everyone had such a good time at the birthday party that Bravo started ringing housewives and saying, “*somebody* had better get on that ferry and come over to this island and start acting like a b*tch, pronto…because we’ve got reels of film of these nimrods riding bikes and being all polite to each other, and if one of yous don’t get over here and put some nastiness on camera, all this film is going in the trash!”.

      well except now it’s probably all digital so never mind, but apply that to hourly pay for crew…if you go to the photos Alex posted a link to you see a bunch of completely normal, amicable people having a fun time, definitely not something Andy Cohen would think of as ‘entertaining’. He tortured us with the Jersey wives pumpkin patch excursion, but that was only so Jacq could call Danielle a pig in front of her child…which Andy probably put her up to just so the outing would be included on the show.

  4. TLM says:

    Simon is doing Kelly’s scoliosis pose above in his red bathing trunks.

  5. BlueSky_Forever says:

    Lynn thank you for the great blogs I’ve been enjoying them. Alex was very good on WWHL. Denise Richards is another celebrity that Andy drools over.

    For a few laughs, check out these fashion critiques from People…hilarious!


  6. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn! Thank you Boston! What a blast to read your comments to JZ blog plagued with lies.

    Have a nice great everyone! Heading for work!

  7. PJ says:

    A few years ago Denise Richards was getting criticized for saying that Charlie had problems. People thought she was making it up. Turns out she was right about everything she said.
    I love Simon he is so much more fun than the Housewives. More Simon less Housewives! I love Simon’s single, it’s fun. At least he sounds good unlike Kim and Countless.
    Countless needs to keep her day job, whatever it is. Maybe she could host a No class with the Countless seminar. There could be a special section on how to give a passive aggressive laugh as you put someone down. Countless is the master of that one.

    • quincyil says:

      I like Simon too. I liked the music video and the webisode and look forward to more family times.

      You have to love Bravo to take a taste of that concoction knowing that the cayenne pepper went in.

      I enjoyed the scene where Kelly made pancakes with her girls too. Those are the best of times and it’s fun watching families enjoy their lives.

      Simon must watch the Bravo shows because in his twittter and in the video he takes words from the other shows as his own. You have to be intelligent to do that.


      • lovemamaearth says:

        Thanks for your work on the recaps too, Q.

        Remember Kelly’s pancake video? And the one daughter wrote everything instead of answering verbally? I bet they both get told to “zip it” pretty often. Sad.

        I love the videos on B’s site. (glad not to give bravo hits).

        • kbinldo says:

          You mean the one where Kelly thought “pre-heating” meant that pancakes were too hard to make?

          • lovemamaearth says:

            lol Yeah. I can’t believe Russell Simmons lets Kelly anywhere near him.

            Re B’s videos, more are listed after you watch the ice skating one:

            • NJ Bev says:

              that was great.

            • jeepers1941 says:

              lovemamaearth, thank you so much for the link, it was great, I laughed, cried and yes, peed myself, but thanks anyway….Jeeepers1941

              • lovemamaearth says:

                lol B does that to many of us eh?

                OT but did anyone watch the movie about the Loud family from the 70’s? Very interesting.

                • DJ Loops Fruit says:

                  i only caught the tail end but my b/f taped it for me

                  im suprised no one thought to release An American Family on dvd

                  i remember watching it when it was first aired
                  the very first reality show and i used to know Lance loud when he was working at Interview Magazine
                  he was really funny in person
                  more funny then catty

                  • DJ Loops Fruit says:

                    update about A American Family
                    pbs ran the entire series as a marathon first time airing it in maybe 38 years
                    little did i know this was on ttill the next to the last episode 😦

      • PJ says:

        I wish Bravo would give Simon and Alex their own show sans the passive aggressive NY Housewives.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          I agree i would watch thier show over housewives for sure
          and have Ramona on all the time too

    • nathania says:

      I remember that. It was during the divorce and it was very creepy accusastions about child porn and him starting a girls clothing line.

      The thing was boy people hated on her back then. I mean, she was ripped to shreds on the internet. I have always liked her and I believed her when she said Sheen was on the fringe because of the rumors about him being one of Heidi Fleiss’s best customers and so on and those rumors about him and hookers have been flying since back in the day. Many people still insist that that is in fact how he met Denise Richards herself, from that ‘business’.

      She seems to have changed her tune in regard to the more far-fetched accusations, which means I guess she was lying or exaggerating at the time because if those things were really true I would hate to think she’d allow her kids around him ever again.

      Apparently when this last run started she had to repossess her dogs from him and even then it was too late and one of them died of malnutrition. That was sickening to me that he could be sitting there in a mansion with millions in the bank and be too strung out to even feed his own dog, which lead to it’s death.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        LOL i thought you were saying all that about the Loud Family LOL
        till you said internet

  8. WindyCityWondering says:

    Do you think since the general consensus is that Jill would look better with bangs that she will dig her heels in and continue with the billboard forehead?

    • floridagirl88 says:

      She’s stupid like that.

    • quincyil says:

      Hmmmm…. the hairdressers told me not to wear bangs. I think it has something to do with your face. Perhaps, we have a board member that can help us with this because people in the hair styling profession seem to know a lot about this.

    • Sammysmom says:

      I’m surprized she doesn’t have Zarin fabrics tatooed on that forehead

      • Error404 says:

        LOL! That makes two of us

      • MrWestVirginia says:

        Better yet, why not just have a “Swatch Of The Month” and have it duct taped to her forehead and see what Zarin Fabrics are selling!! LOL.

        • Debbie says:

          Or a simple “skweeze” tattoo should do it . maybe someone will take it to mean they should skweeze her mouth shut before she inserts her foot once again

  9. HD says:

    Thank you for the blog Lynn and Q. I did not watch the webisode and I won’t be watching as most of you know how I feel about Simon. Not Alex, Simon. Honestly, Q, what do you think the purpose is of the webisode? Do you think they are trying to get some spinoff show or something?

    Can someone tell me because I have been kind of half watching NYC, did I miss the Countess and Alex having lunch when she mentioned the Herman Munster shoes? The Countess is still getting in her digs. Now I didn’t like all of Alex’s looks but didn’t the Countess dawn a red cowgirl hat with her body wrapped around some man on the cover of Playgirl? That’s not over the top?

    Jill-thank you so much for clearly up why you had on the glittery Easter dress. You were paying homage to Lucille Ball. Okay. Nooowwwwwwwww I get it. Funny I loved I Love Lucy and I thought Lucille Ball was one of the most beautiful woman and you…hmmm….just stick to being Jill and not playing dress up.

    • quincyil says:

      I think they filmed a lot of Alex and Simon in their home this season and decided to use the “cute” family get togethers for an extra tid bit for bravotv.com.

      I actually talked to Simon about this when he called me last winter. I asked if they would be going to different part of NYC as I had collected those photos from Governor’s Island for the IHJZ imaginary 4th Season. He told me that they were filmed after the weather got bad so they are mostly indoor scenes.

      From research, I discovered that Simon got cut and that was filmed. I believe he needed stitches. I think this is a part of the webisode series.

      Sonja seems to have issues with Simon as do Cindy and Kelly in their blogs.
      I really like him and think he is a good husband and dad.

      He was not happy with me on that phone call so I don’t like him because he swayed me in some way. He told me I was 90% incorrect and wanted to set me straight.

      I thought that he and Alex were pretentious in Season One, but over time, I come to believe that they are really who they are. They love fashion and love to play with fashion. They believe in causes and care enough to give their time. They do love opera and rock music.

      Simon takes a lot of hits, but he keeps moving forward. I like people who keep trying. We all have foiboles. Simon’s are on TV.

      BTW… I don’t believe I was 90% wrong, Simon… 63.24% wrong and now more. LOL.


      • 2Stupid says:

        I go back and forth with Silex. I did just watch Simon’s video, and I have to say I really kind of dug it!!!! The one thing I can relate to Simon and Alex about is, that they don’t hide that they have to make a living. I think it is taking a toll on them and I hope they make some money on these ventures (Thug in A Cocktail dress and song!) I don’t think they have their eye on the prize like Bethenny and I think any money they make will be nominal. I also, think these ventures are probably in the long run hurting their credibility. Alex is a pretty woman, but let’s face it, she is not going to make a living at it. They needed to find a way they could tie their strengths into a real career. Granted you can’t have Bethenny’s kind of success, but Alex should be trying to parlay her working mom schtick into being a blogger, correspondent for talk shows, something. I really think this is going to hurt them more than help them. It kind of smells of desperation. And trust, if I could make a quick buck throwing a song on I-tunes I would, but in the long run the novelty will wear off and their credibility will be tarnished. I think they are both incredibly intelligent people, but I wish they could have come up with something unique that wold set them apart and people could relate.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Whoever marketed stupid Kim Z’s song & singing gigs should be called in to work with Simon. He’s much better than Kimwithnomorals&nogratitude.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Simon could also go to a bunch of little coffee shops or bars where they let people sing and play guitar.

            I had to look up Simon’s karaoke song:

        • alicia says:

          I wonder how their book is doing ?

        • nathania says:

          the thing I keep noticing about Alex is she takes these stunning avant garde shots. The kind that make bourgeois people like the Clueless wrinkle up her nose and go ‘ew, ugly’. Alex definitely has that edgy high fashion thing that I don’t think any of the other housewives can carry it off, but boy howdy, Alex can. And that gives her a niche, among the ‘people who want to use Housewives to market things’ crowd. Because all of the other housewives just look ridiculous in that stuff. It’s odd to me that no one ever seems to ask Luann to walk in any shows. Probably because her frame is so large and she’d rip the clothes, but she does seem to claim a lot of cred and knowledge about modeling for someone who never gets asked to do it. It says something when Ramona is asked to model and Luann could just as easily do it but doesn’t get a call.

          One thing I have to hand Luann, she has actually come out of the closet about her actual, real, in broad daylight dislike for someone, meaning Alex. It’s not all behind the scenes, and it’s not just about something someone said, it’s about the fact that she for no good reason hates Alex’s guts. So that makes her like one tenth of a percent less hypocritical than usual, that she’s copping to her irrational dislike for another person without dressing it up in ‘natural superiority’ or some other garbage

          And since it appears I just paid the Countless a compliment, I need a shower.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          but Simon can actually sing and with the right producer he could posiably have a hit single possibly album

      • quincyil says:

        OK, I think Simon answered us on his blog. He wrote about his webisode mentioned the cayenne pepper and then wrote about cutting finger while chopping onions.

        Jill isn’t the only reality star who has to check this blog. LOL.

        She used to jump up and down on twitter chopping off the heads of people who follow Lynn and herself. Now, she gives Bravo DVDs to her favorite “I love Jill Zarin” blogger. Yes, I saved those tweets. I’m sure that favorite blogger will get shout outs after Jill reads today’s blogs and comments.

        I am mowing, pulling weeds, cooking, and watching Lynn get hits.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      HD – I would have never guessed Jill doing Lucy either! Maybe June Cleaver? Maybe Barbie’s Mystery Date? Maybe why no one asked her to the prom? But NOT Lucy!

  10. kbinldo says:

    I don’t know, call me crazy, but I just don’t think Lucille Ball would have ever worn pink. Homage to Lucy, my ass.

    • Adgirl says:

      Jill is Ethel Mertz, not Lucy.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Stop saying nasty things about Ethel (LOL). I think in S1 during the looking at condos scene – Bethenny or Jill compared themselves to Lucy and Ethel – like they were some sort of great comedy team. Jill needs to let it go. Bethenny is now playing Laverne and Shirley with her husband Jason – and they are the comedy team. She’s left Jill far far behind.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        bite your tounge Ethel was fierce
        Shrill is just a horrendous person that got lucky to be cast

  11. SkewedHalo says:

    She was referring to her earlier “modeling?” days on some island and said, “I used to film their a lot.”

    Film their WHAT a lot? Or did she mean THERE. Yes, this is a Columbia grad. snort

  12. Veronique says:


    Have you tried contacting MENY?

    It actually kind of shocks me that, with all of the twitter activity (Sonja trending on twitter worldwide with absolute HATE the night the show first aired, for example, that no one has be able to print a response from MENY, or even good “off the record” stuff.

    For me? I have to have someone likable to enjoy a show, or at least multi-faceted. Actually, I need a few. It’s sad that Sonja’s true colors are showing this season and frankly, I absolutely can NOT stand the drunken, over-the-hill, nasty, pretentious, full of herself, snobby mean girl any more. It is so obvious that she along with Luann, Jill, and Kelly (all leeches who just married rich old geezers) look down on Alex (and others) and feel free to treat people like shit. For what? Not marrying “money?”

    Bethenny WAS, she was unlikable to me when she was with Jill, because I am one of the very few who could not STAND Jill from the beginning, and for me, that rubbed off on Bethenny as much as Bethenny’s mere presence in so many scenes with Jill seemed to make people like Jill more.

    Now? It is just no fun.

    Alex, under attack from all, with only unpredictable Ramona as an ally? UGH.

    Vagazzler with her snotty “problems” of the upsetting nanny and snobby pretensions while grooming nether regions? She can’t even carry her own child?

    Jill still thinking the viewers are all idiots she can lie to and manipulate, with her (STILL!) Bethenny hate and jealousy, targeting Alex now?

    Countless (who was probably screwing Jaques during her marriage too, everyone knows they both cheated and it was name-only for years) and her fake “class” act? She came from nothing, just married an old guy, but she is convinced she is “better” than Alex?

    Sonja? Broke ass ex-hostess, aging sex kitten delusional bitch, screwing people out of money she owes them by declaring bankruptcy, drunk driving, “our GAYS” disgusting drunk who obviously feels she is on a different level than Alex?

    Alex disappointed me this episode as well. Sucking up to that drunk? WHY? Fucking stand your ground. I know others thought it was nice or smart of her to “drop it” but it made me sad and sick to watch that scene.

    Ramona alone isn’t enough to carry this for me. She’s smart, but she is constantly selling.

    It may be time to put a fork in this.

  13. VAgirl says:

    Thanks for the lowdown on the webisode Quincy. I enjoyed the webisode itself very much. Simon has grown on me since Season 3. I am not gullible enough to think that he and Alex aren’t trying their best to capitalize by being on NYHW, but then, so is everyone else who is in reality tv. But I really believe them when they say they support a cause or like to bring attention to things not Manhattan because I think they really care about their corner of the world. They aren’t just giving lip service like the others. And thanks Lynn and Boston for sharing Jill’s blog to us. I just shake my head in wonder that she actually expects sane people to believe what she is spewing.
    This season I’m really hating on Luann and Kelly. I’m giving Cindy a pass, but if she keeps up the rude and dismissive behavior like she did for Alex’s bday event, then she’ll be on my s-list too. Sonja I believe is in some sort of mid-life crisis or is drinking too much or something. I just kind of feel sorry for her. Ramona is Ramona and I just like her. I understand that it’s Sonja that falls off the horse next week, not Kelly, but can’t remember where I read it. We shall see.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Doesn’t someone fall off a camel too in Morocco – either Sonja or Luann?

      I really like Ramona – but I do find it strange that she’d be upset Kelly wasn’t coming to the event where she gets her award, but she doesn’t invite Kelly to much else, including the Guicci event because of Kelly’s erratic behavior. Wouldn’t she be worried about that at a serious event?

      And yes – Kelly did have a breakdown – but if she’s gotten help it’s not Ramona’s place to continuously remind her (and us) about it. We haven’t forgotten, but it sure does seem that Kelly is on meds or something, and while I don’t think she should be on this show – I also think she should be allowed to move on with her life. Mental illness and drug addiction are very serious issues, and I’m glad she’s gotten the help she very much needed. Admittedly she’s not bright and does seem to have other things going on – but the breakdown (through) was something at a whole different level that I hope doesn’t happen again.

      • quincyil says:

        Everyone needs to survive. I agree with moving forward, but it’s impossible to forget what is our memories when Bravo keeps replaying it for us.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          IMO part of the problem is Jill – the Kelly not liking Ramona (she didn’t “Protect” her in SJVI) is being fed to her by Jill. Ramona doesn’t feel comfortable around Kelly because of what happened there either. I’d give the crazy one a wide berth as well.

      • Sammysmom says:

        I thought that the first line said “camel toe” lol

    • TLM says:

      Is it my imagination, or do Cindy Vajazzle and Danielle Staub look like they could be sisters? To me they even sound alike.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      on Lynns blog i said it
      maybe you read it somewhere else too
      but the first clue was that when she falls they show Kelly looking at her with a typical krazy dazed look

  14. captainfirepants says:

    Thank you! I’ve been been reading all of the comments and then squinting like a loon trying to see signs of surgery.

    I don’t really think she looks all that bad with the ponytail. She really needs to find an updated every day look minus those horrible 90’s bangs.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Her bangs would look better if she layered her hair and brought the length up to the top of her shoulders. I also would love for her to get highlights/lowlights as well.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I’d love for Jill to be fired.

        • Sammysmom says:

          I love that comment. Straight to the point and I couldn’t agree more. I wonder if that is what Bravo is planning with Jill being so difficult, all her antics, lies, complaining, hiring lawyers, not being in two episodes in a row. Maybe it’s a test or a phase out.

          • VAgirl says:

            Hopefully they are letting her hang herself (lending videos, etc) so they can fire her for next season (if there is one). I do think they should keep a NY housewife franchise, just greatly overhauled with some new personnel.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          or shot


  15. Adgirl says:

    This season is just painful to watch.
    I thought the masterful diplomatic skills Sonja displayed on Scary Island would make NY fun to watch. Instead all I see is Alex slowly being ground into sausage, a week at a time. Ramona is up next for the same treatment.

    The real bitch here is LUANN!! She is a sneak! She probably spends her evenings making off camera phone calls with Sonja to mock & undermine Alex and Ramona.

    LuAnn never attends anything to support Alex or Ramona. I don’t think she did for Bethenny either. She only went to Ramona’s fashion show to make fun of her. Then LuAnn refused to attend Ramona’s wonderful award banquet.

    I used to be neutral about LuAnn, but now I loath her. She is just as bad as Jill.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I liked LuAnn quite a bit S1 and S2 a little less. S3 I didn’t give her much thought – and bought off of the “I’m going through a difficult time” excuse because divorce is very painful. I guess I’m just plain disappointed with her now. She seems to understand that Kelly had a breakdown and that Sonja was acting like a diva – but she has so much dislike/disgust for Alex, Bethenny, and Ramona that she doesn’t stick up for them, or even stay neutral. She’s really the classic “mean girl”. She’s a “yes” person – will tell her group whatever they want to hear just to stay popular. I don’t think that’s the case with the others. Kelly is just not bright, so she can’t sort things out fast enough to understand what’s going on. Jill will twist anything to her advantage. But LuAnn is simply a snobby, mean girl, hypocritical yes girl.

      I say this with a deep sigh – because two episodes ago I was still trying to find something likable about her.

      • Sammysmom says:

        I think Luann is two faced, a snob, a snake, weasel and rude to people. I am so sick of her and her snide comments and her “Daaaling”

        • Kellita says:

          Agree! Every time she says “Dahhling” I want to smack her. It sounds so pretentious.

      • alicia says:

        LuAnn only relates to people according to their social status. She’s disdainful of Alex because she considers Alex a “climber”.
        In Palm Beach you see this all the time- wealthy families high up the line are “bulletproof”,despite alcohol and drug addiction and major disfunction.

      • nathania says:

        Alex, Bethenny, and Ramona WORK.

        Kelly, Jill, Sonya, and herself (Luann), whored/whore for their money. In my mind they are a composite known as the Whore-Luck Club.

        It sounds severe but this is a very big deal, apparently, to someone like Luann. I firmly believe it’s the reason she can’t stand Alex and Bethenny and barely tolerates Ramona. Ramona has been around the scene so long she knows that one isn’t going anywhere, but the noobies Alex and Bethenny she really has tried to undermine. Women like that remind women like Luann just how disingenuous she has had to be in life to get where she is. And also show her that there is another way to get there, without giving up one’s integrity, albeit requiring a lot of hard work. She can’t stand them because they reflect what she hates about herself, not because of anything about them. She really makes me sick, I can safely channel surf during her scenes because I know she is never going to say or do anything interesting, because she killed off anything even remotely unique or interesting about herself years ago out of fear of not adhering to her little social rules that she used to climb that ‘social ladder’ as she puts it.

    • quincyil says:

      I am still convinced that there will be a major explosion between Alex and Jill. Jill was taunting our Lynn from Aruba on New Years when she posted on this board using the name Katrina. (Did Jill get that from the Hurricane that destroyed New Orleans? If so, wow, Jill.) My guess from my research is this happened in early Dec. as Jill and Alex were able to go to the two Sweet 16 parties, sit at the same table, and then give comments to the press that the have wonderful evening with their friends.

      I think that Jill is really mad at Alex in the first and second episode. You can see it in the “she’s a f****** bitch comment and in the way Jill went insane when Alex welcomed her to the MENY march. Then Jill goes for 2 weeks to Australia and we are forced to think about Luann and Kelly’s body hair.

      Jill was gone for the first two weeks in Oct.

      In mid Nov, the ladies went to Marrakesh for one week and they were not getting along. That was around Nov. 16th…

      So… the Alex/Jill explosion that we see coming will probably be in mid season….. At that time, I think Jill wins and Alex is vanquished. (In my dreams, I insert Cat O and the battle against Jill gets reinforcements, but I don’t think that happens.)

      I just don’t think Alex McCord is a warrior. She folded with Sonja just to keep a friendship even though it is very obvious that Sonja wanted that day to be “Sonja Tremont (my husband is a descendent of JP Morgan) Morgan Day.”

      There is also an underlying theme: Pecking Order. Jill is down and Sonja would love to be in the center of fabulous friends. I see Alex becoming a backer of Sonja in the war against Jill even though Alex will have a truce with Jill Zarin…

      Jill and her minions keep mentioning “hypocrisy” in their blogs and in articles. I am using soothsayer skills here, but I think Jill is saying that Alex is a back stabber. Jill expects that the slate is clean, but it is never clean in RHNYC land. Jill wants to know why Sonja got a pass on recent events and Jill is in trouble for things that happened in season one.

      I think Jill hates it that we remember and have watched the reruns when Bravo puts them on TV for us to watch. If you have time read between the lines in Jill’s blog as Lynn does. I think you will see Jill is sharing with us.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Everyone is fighting this season or hanging out with women you wouldn’t think would do so. IMO, Sonja is eyeing that top spot but then she hasn’t had her close up with Jill yet. Jill is still mad at Ramona for the Scary Island snub – and paybacks are the currency. Jill needs to divide the blondes and get Cindy on her team – this is winning the Zarin way.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Interesting take on things Q.

        I predict (with no evidence whatsoever) that Alex and Jill kiss and make up – and the main fight shifts to Ramona and Jill, with Alex pretending to be neutral. I don’t see a huge fight between Jill and Alex because Alex isn’t a fighter, and Jill is convinced that if she makes up with Alex we’ll all love her. I don’t see Alex being vanquished. I see them having a very fake relationship where they pretend to get along on camera. I believe that they were all still pretending until the first episode aired, and now the truce is gone.

        Sonja, Cindy, and Kelly will be “forced” to take sides by Jill – since Jill is so polarizing. I think Sonja rebels about having to choose, and then gravitates towards Ramona and Alex, because they aren’t forcing her to do anything.

        • quincyil says:

          Ramona is extremely ramotional this season. I think she is in hormonal flux. She will not back down if Jill attacks and she certainly fights to the death in Marrakesh.

          At the end of filming Jill took Luann’s side when it came to Victoria’s video, but they stopped the filming so I don’t know if Bravo got enough footage to use that.

          Ramona certainly didn’t step back from the WWHL a few days ago.

          Ramona is in this to make money. I think she could make a deal with Beelzebub if he would order 25,000 tea shirts with “Turtle Time” and a photo of a bottle of Ramona 2009 on the front.

          • Sammysmom says:

            I think you are right on it about the hormones. That scene coming up with the pregnancy test made me think her cycles are off and she is ramotional because of menapause.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      for some reason that crazy snake follows ME on twitter
      i should block her LOL

  16. Veronique says:

    I am getting really tired of aging old broads looking down on other women (Alex, Bethenny) because they apparently feel they are better because they screwed OLD MEN to get into “society” and “be rich.”

    This show completely sucks without Bethenny. Sonja had such possibility, but she has shown her true (and ugly as hell) colors now.

    Put a fork in it.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I have the garbage can open!

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I agree. The YOUNG women are making their own way and the old broads married money and mistook that for work. On the other hand, it was work of a kind…. Having had an opportunity to see Alex and Simon in person in DC last year helped me to understand that they are for real. Yes, they are quirky, but in a good way. I wish them the best and hope they can find their way to success without selling their souls on RHONY.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        A mixture of younger and older SELF made women would be wonderful! Get rid of the married it and/or married it and lost it club – not interested in them either.

    • krone says:

      I sooooo agree Veronique!!!

  17. housewifeaddict says:

    The video of Kelly making sand angels on Bravo – I think there is someone else making them with her – just off camera. Can someone else take a look and tell me what you think?

    I think each woman on this show is going to have their turn at being skewered.

    I know some people think that Andy was awful to Alex on WWHL. I think he’s just a crummy host that asks horrible questions, but that he wasn’t trying to get her or anything. You can tell that he doesn’t like Jill at all, but I don’t sense that with Alex. I don’t think asking Alex if she was wearing a braaaaa was that out of line. He asks tons of inappropriate questions – that one seems mild.

    Andy clearly loves Denise Richards – who is very lively, sweet, and did answer all his questions. I’d actually like it if she joined BH. She’d fit right in. The only thing I remember from her reality show was it was a behind the scenes look at her short stint on DWTS. Parallels to Bethenny. She didn’t mention Charlie Sheen at all in the episodes I watched – they were mainly about her dad and her dogs.

    • quincyil says:

      There is someone walking with her. I thought it was Sonja as I read a description that Ramona and Kelly went on a walk on a beach to discuss their issues. There is a black lab, Chief, and another smaller dog that looks like Ramona’s dog. The thing that bothers me it the height of the women walking. Ramona is short compared to Kelly and you don’t see that in the video of the women walking. So…my second guess is… Sonja is with Kelly on the beach as Sonja’s dog looks like Ramona’s and Sonja is taller than Ramona.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      the questions Andy ask are written by the fans so you cant really blame him for that

  18. Adgirl says:

    I think Denise Richards is working it with Bravo for her own show.
    Bravo will feature her on BH. If they like what they see Bravo will give her a try. I just don’t know if Denise has enough going on day-to-day to be watchable. Sheen’s lawyers will make sure there isn’t any talk about him or their kids.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • lovemamaearth says:

      Denise had her own show. It was sweet but she’s kind of a dimwit. A very sweet and likeable dimwit who would be great in BH RHW. jmho

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I regret the dimwit comment. Denise if you read here, I sincerely apologize.
        And from Harvey the movie:
        Elwood P. Dowd: Years ago my mother used to say to me, she’d say, “In this world, Elwood, you must be” – she always called me Elwood – “In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.” Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me.

    • nathania says:

      Did anyone just about choke when Andy “asked” Denise if she was going to be a Housewife. Puhleeze Andy, you know what color underwear every housewife has on and when the last time they shaved their armpits was. If Denise is on there you want her to be and if she’s not it’s because you don’t. Who you think you foolin’?

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      the show they wanna do is just her dinner partys there is enough there for a show

  19. Adgirl says:

    Whoever first suggested Cat O for NY is brilliant. She would tear up the mean girls.

    • quincyil says:

      During the discussion for the campaign to save DC that Lynn ran and I contributed to… I said that Cat O should go to NYC because Alex could not handle Jill. I wrote a campaign letter to Comcast which I put on the board too. I wrote this on March 24, 2011.

      Dear Comcast, the Boss of Bravo and Andy Cohen
      This is America and we fans should elect Cat O to become a new housewife on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Bravo is just a corporation. We are the American fans of Bravo and we should have one housewife in Manhattan that tells it like it is.
      Every franchise needs one honest housewife. Bethenny Frankel was our Greek Chorus in “The Real Housewives of New York City.” When someone was outrageous, Bethenny was there to point it out to us in a clever way. With the loss of Bethenny from the cast of our NYC reality show, there is no strong foil to Jill Zarin and the other stars. Alex McCord is too nice and has hives when she tries to deal with the women of Manhattan. Alex gets shocked at the outrageous statements and become tongue tied. RHNYC desperately needs a witty firecracker that simply won’t take “Bullocks.”
      I can see it now. Jill Zarin begins to discuss whether or not it is correct to wear ivory dresses to a wedding. Cat O would tell Jill Zarin that it was better than wearing your mother’s draperies. Jill Zarin says to Cat O, “You never were a real friend to me.” Cat O replies, “Who are you again?”
      Cat O has a memory like an elephant. She knew the comments from every cast mate at the reunion of DC. She has lists in her head.
      Cat O would understand European history and would not doubt inform The Countess that a little event happened in 1789 called The French Revolution. There has not been a French Aristocracy since that year.
      Cat O would be able to handle Ramona’s outbursts with humor. Ramona tells Cat O that she doesn’t care to listen to her. Cat O tells Ramona that she should turn off her hearing aid.
      Cat O would share quality time discussing men as I am sure she has had as many good times as Sonja Morgan. They could discuss the differences between Spanish and French lovers. The Countess might join in that conversation as it seems she has experience in the region also. Kelly can tune down to a zero during those discussions and play with her hair while she thinks about looking for pigeon feathers in Central Park.
      Cat O could also visit Bethenny’s show as a housewife friend who stops by to try Bethenny’s new cocktail mixes. I’m sure Cat O is an expert on good cocktails. Both Jason and Bethenny will love Cat O. Cookie will love Cat O. Cat O can throw balls for Cookie to run after.
      In off season from the RHNYC, Cat O could go to Beverly Hills for luncheons at Villa Blanca. I don’t think Taylor would be allowed to threaten Kim Richards in the presence of Cat O. Cat O would definitely go London on Taylor for doing that.
      I will go to the top with my suggestions, the fans of Bravos Reality Shows. Let’s simply call for an election and vote Cat O into a housewife position in “The Real Housewives of New York City.” If this fails, we fans might go America on the big shots at 30 Rock. That should get their attention.

      • quincyil says:

        Cat O seems to read this board and she noticed that there was a campaign to get her into the NYC RH when she responded to Jill Zarin’s snide tweet about the demise of DC. Cat O said something like, “Did you hear that I am coming to NYC?” Lynn had the tweets on her blog.

        I don’t know if I am the first, but I have been nagging Lynn about this for months. LOL. Lynn will confirm this. ROTFL…

        • quincyil says:

          Plus… Simon and Alex went to the same Cat O book event in NYC as Lynn. They all like each other. I can see Cat O living in Queens and blowing Jill’s mind. Jill Zarin associate with someone from Queens…never….

          • nathania says:

            Cat would tie Luann up like a pretzel. Someone with a British accent is Klassy to someone like the Countless but Cat doesn’t give an eff and the Countless would not know what to do with her. I would love watching that.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        quincy Comcast doesnt have controlling shares in Bravo any longer GE does

  20. LynnNChicago says:

    Hi all – 2 things….

    For my Canadian readers who were asking about viewing the shows on line, Real City Housewife keeps updating her sight with the location where you can view the shows within 24 hours after air, she said the sites keep getting shut down but new ones open. She’ll always have the most updated ones on her site, right now she’s viewing shows here:

    RCH web site is: http://www.RealityCrackHouse.com

    Second, I just got a DM on Twitter from Cat Ommanney, I adore her as you all know and Quincy and I talked about rallying the troops to see if we can convince Bravo to put Cat onto the New York housewives. If nothing else, we won’t see the word “Boring” anymore when describing RHONY. Assuming they have a 5th season, I’d love to see Cat on it and she’s all for it!

    I think it is a good idea to begin our rally around the time that Cat appears on WWHL next week, I hope you’ll join us in tweeting, emailing and getting the word out that we want to see Cat on RHONY, I’d love to see her tell Jill off just once!

    • quincyil says:

      Wow… that was fast. LOL. If CatO and Simon are reading the board, I hope you come to here during the royal wedding to read posts and possibly share with the board as we will be watching the event together and posting here.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’m in- I think she’d be a hoot! If only to put Luanne in her place.

      So just tell us what you want us to do. I’d love to see her put on RHONY!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Andy could get rid of Kelly and Cindy in and put Cat on in their place – it would level the playing field, clear out the deadwood and give everyone more scenes. Meow mix it up!

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      oh so then she really does want to join the ny cast
      id love to see her replace the newest drip that adds nothing to the show

  21. PJ says:

    If Bethenny has made 120 million doesn’t that make her the richest of all the housewives?

    • quincyil says:

      I think the BH wives are rich.

      If she sold, she has to pay taxes and share with her business partner so I don’t know how much of the $120 million, she gets to keep.

      • PJ says:

        However much she could keep for her own. I think she is probably the richest NY Housewife. Plus she is only at the start of her line of Skinny Girl drinks. What makes Bethenny real is she didn’t marry money she made it on her own, which is something the NY poseurs (Countless, JZ, Kelly, Sonja) can’t say.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Bethenny is likely richer than all the NY ladies now. And that $120K doesn’t include her NY Times bestseller, her Bravo paycheck or her soon to be flying off the shelves foundation line.

          • klmh says:

            Im confused. I have seen the number 120K, and that is 120 thousand. K means thousands, not millions. Has anyone else seen this written as well?

          • floridagirl88 says:

            DVD sales, personal trainer link, and more drink mixes to come and that’s 3 books now.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        BH HWs didn’t make their own money like B did though.

        If Cat joins NY, I’ll quit watching for sure so I’d have more time for other things. Change is a constant so it’s all good. I’d vote no though.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Both Lisa and Adrienne are business women, and neither married for money. Lisa and her husband grew rich together. Adrienne is in a family business, so I don’t know how much of a role she has in it – but she’s not a gold digger.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            No I know Adrienne isn’t but she’s not the founder of her wealth either. She & Lisa are keepers for sure, just for their nice personalities. It’s one reason I’d love Denise to replace Taylor or Kim’s hateful sister (drawing a blank).

            Any thoughts on B’s talk show possibilities? Would she continue with the BEA and morph it into a behind the scenes like Oprah has done on OWN? B being on Nate’s show makes me wonder if B will be on OWN.

            Wow Lynn, thanks for posting the song site I shared! wow! 🙂

      • kotagirl29 says:

        Kelsey Grammar was worth $110 million before his divorce with Camille. So even if Bethenny has to share proceeds of the sale and paying taxes, she still has earned at least as much as what Camille got in the divorce. Add to that whatever she is making off endorsements, books, tv show(s), appearances, she is making HUGE bank. And she did it on her own two feet, not on her back.

        • PJ says:

          I don’t know if Bethenny is as rich as BH but my guess is she is right up there with them. The thing that makes it so funny is that Countless, Sonja, JZ and Krazy all are just wannabes. I could never
          see any one of them even coming close to B in earning potential. No wonder JZ can’t stop talking about her.

        • Sammysmom says:

          Very well said. “Not on her back”. I love to see self made women.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            lol Funny. I have to say that being wooed by an older man can be seductive. I can only imagine if he was rich.

            There’s a line in Suburban Girl where she says there’s no question she has that Archie doesn’t have the answer to and she admits she wants the answers.

  22. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Hi Q!

    When I first saw that you were reviewing Simon’s webisode, I thought “well, better her than me!” I have always liked Simon- but lately I’ve been thinking of breaking up with him.

    I see questions and opinion here and on other blogs that make you think: Is he controlling of Alex? Does he insert himself where he doesn’t belong? Would we have a different opinion of Alex if she wasn’t part of Silex? Maybe Sonja has a point?

    and then I watched this webisode! Sooo super cute!

    Their kitchen is really nice- very big by any standards but by NYC standards must be considered huge- and I really liked how they all interacted with each other. The boys weren’t spoiled or affected acting AT ALL- and they just look relaxed and happy.

    I loved how the two chums put extra Cayenne pepper in the fudge( ?)when Simon’s back was turned. My mother used to let me make little things with her when she cooked, and I will always cherish those memories. Sometimes it’s just the little things that you remember that remind you that you were once loved.

    No matter what happens on RHONY, no matter who marches in what parade, or how anyone wears their hair, those two little boys will always know that they were truly loved.

    And really- isn’t that what’s important?

    • quincyil says:

      I used to cook with my kids, but cayenne pepper never went into fudge walnut pie. We used cook books and measured.

      Having that light and fun filled video for a change as it’s a Happy weekend for families. Simon comes up with great ideas for birthdays and parties. Kelly and Cindy should have come earlier and they would have had a better time.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I lost a lot of respect for Cindy after I read Alex’s blog.

        Kelly’s just plain nuts, and is late to everything, but Cindy should have known better to be so rude.

        No wonder when they got there and Bravo’s cameras panned over the group, they looked so unenthusiastic to see Cindy and Kelly when they walked up. I just though they were typical New Yorkers! LOL!

        • quincyil says:

          Cindy (I am not Barstop) Barshop was supposed to be fun and funny. I don’t see it.

          • Error404 says:

            She is fun and funny. But not in a bethenny kind of way. In a countless lulu “I’m consumed by my own fabulousness and completely unaware that everyone is laughing at me” kins of way. She’s in good company with Jill and Kelly, who also make frequent proclamations about thier own fanulouslness despite being total jokes.

            • quincyil says:

              I guess I just didn’t see it. People around here think you are a hoot, Error. There are a lot of really edgy and hysterically funny posts on this blog.

              Maybe, I am more of a Brooklyn girl than a downtown girl and that is why I don’t laugh at Cindy (I am not Barstop) Barshop.

              Before the last two episodes, Sonja Morgan was one of my favorite funny ladies and if you had told me that she would turn it around in two episodes, I would not believe you

              The best line Sonja gave was, “water off a duck’s back.” If she had followed through with that, there would be parades in the streets of Chicago for her.

              Lynn, can we invite Sonja to our next St. Pat’s Day Parade and ask her to wear green? We could hold a reception too. Jill Zarin would love this.

              • fort lauderdale gay says:

                Does it seem just too convenient to any of you, that Jill is absent for not one, but two episodes after Sonja shot herself in the foot?

                • OneMoreInBoston says:

                  Honestly? I just don’t think she’s that smart.

                  I think she thought Bravo would run after her to Australia- and oopsies! no one cared she was gone.

                  too bad- so sad

                  • lovemamaearth says:

                    Yes!! Jill tried to pull an Oprah going to Australia.

                    I don’t enjoy Cindy. Icky with the brother, doesn’t sound nice to nannies, cozies up to Kelly, etc.

          • housewifeaddict says:

            If I had to wait around for them to show (presumably so that the party would make it on air) I’d be annoyed too. Alex and Simon had real friends at the party – with lots of real children – the rudeness of Kelly and Cindy is astonishing.

          • If you had it like this says:

            I think there’s somthing grim about her. And sullen.

      • PJ says:

        My daughter used to make concoctions and she loved it. It’s good to let them create. I also cooked with her and we measured and made actual cookies & things that you could eat.

        • @tweatcyn says:

          My sister and I used to make concoctions for our other sister to drink. Everything liquid in the fridge went into them. Grenadine syrup, cocktail onion and olive juice, you get the idea. We always sold her on how delicious it was and got her to drink it. I know, mean, but oh so funny too.

          • Sammysmom says:

            OMG. That is funny. I was in the restaurant business for years and back then all chefs and cooks in the kitchen had glasses of soda at their stations. I would put liquid smoke, tabasco, pickle juice or whatever was around, in a guys drink. He and I pulled pranks back and forth for years. I was a cook (not a chef)

  23. @tweatcyn says:

    Was reading the Bravo blogs today and found this great comment on Jills that slipped by. I’m loving it that these are getting through. I left a couple on my own for Jill and Kelly but don’t have hopes they’ll be posted. We’ll see. Meantime, enjoy this one:

    • quincyil says:

      Windy City is a poster here and she discovered that the unpaid interns only read the first sentence of the post.

      We should have prenatal/preblogposting for bravo…. classes so more comments will accepted.

  24. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Oh- before I forget- shout out to Amber…Real Housewide for re- nick naming
    LuAnne – DAS BOOT on the last blog- I read it so late that we were all here, so I thought I’d bring it over.

    That is frickin hysterical!

  25. fort lauderdale gay says:

    Lynn and Posters:

    Love this blog! Always up to date and informative. The hostess, contributors and posters really do their homework. I’d love to see Cat join RHONY. I, too think she would put Countess Squash blossom High Horse in her place. She is the one housewife I cannot stomach. If she and Jacques get married I don’t know whether to send him a shock collar or a muzzle as a mitzvah.

    • quincyil says:

      People move from city to city for their jobs when one location closes. Why not Cat?

      I think Cat would interact well with Sonja. They both like men.

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        That would be a great story line, especially in today’s economy. It worked somewhat successfully for MTV, when the did The City spin off from The Hills.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      uh oh…Amber might have to move over:

      “Countess Squash blossom High Horse” is pretty frickin’ hilarious too!

  26. Sammysmom says:

    What in the hell is this person talking about??? “Hormone infused menapuse”??It was posted on Kellys Bravo blog…”Kelly- I just wanted to get a few things off my chest since I’m in the mood to blog 🙂 . Number one is just an FYI that I realize we have never met and we probably never will, however, I feel like I have gotten to know the ladies personalities during the 3 1/2 seasons it’s been on. YOU ARE AN AMAZING, GORGEOUS, CARING AND GIVING PERSON. I have seen your personality evolve and grow on TV. You have gone through personal difficulties, hormone infused menopausal drama brought on by others and personal attacks from people that honestly should be looking at themselves and their behavior a little more closely before telling you how to behave.”

    • Error404 says:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Yes, I have always believed most questions are scripted! Andy is always shuffling his notes instead of keep everyone on track.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      So no wonder the questions always seem so lame!

    • Sammysmom says:

      This is getting to be way too much nonsense from Bravo and Andy. I don’t want to stop watching, just yet, but I am getting so close to changing the channel. It’s getting ridiculous.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Didn’t one of our IHJZ board members get one one time? I think I remember she used her posting name. Could she reply here and tell us what process she went through?

  27. TLM says:

    I can no longer stand Fashion Police on E!, and I was wondering if anyone else felt similarly.

    Joan Rivers needs to be replaced *yesterday*. I like to hear about fashion, but her vulgarity on Fashion Police is nauseating. I am by no means a prude, but her need to constantly reference vaginas — the last show she was talking about the size of Heidi Klum’s “slit” as a double entendre — is truly sickening and not funny. Many times she says these nasty things just to get one of her “jokes” in when she doesn’t even believe the garment is bad, which truly makes the show a waste of time. It’s supposed to be about the clothes, not whether or not people have VD, etc. Clearly Joan has lost touch with what is funny, and she just doesn’t get that she is repelling people with her so-called humor. I can feel the embarrassment of her castmates, who nervously laugh along. Many times I have muted the show because I can’t stand to listen, but then I’m missing information about the garments which makes everything useless, so I’ve just stopped tuning in.

    IMO Joan has become the female equivalent of the Dirty Old Man, completely repulsive with her comments. And I don’t care for her commentary on the clothing, either, which I often vehemently disagree with. I feel that Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic, while not vulgar like Joan, have no taste whatsoever and often look like they need a makeover themselves. Kelly Osbourne’s hair looks like it was stolen off a 1950s waitress at a truck stop, and I won’t even bother to go into her clothes. Giuliana isn’t much better. The only person I enjoy hearing from is George Kotsiopolis, who is genuine and has legitimate things to say about the fashions. He is mostly cut off and drowned out by the others, but mostly by Joan. It is really time for Joan to be off this show and for her to do standup for those who want to listen to her. I don’t, and I’ll be going elsewhere for my fashion news.

    There used to be a show called Fashion File years ago that had an almost hypnotic beginning, and just showed different runway shows. It wasn’t celebrity-focused. It began with a black and white, slow motion film of a girl running in a ball gown and looking back over her shoulder. Does anyone remember it? I really miss that one. I think it aired in the early 90s.

    • TLM says:

      I was thinking about this and actually, I think I answered my own question on who should replace some of the Fashion Police crew. I think Alex, or Simon, or both would be good. Not because I agree with them about fashion, since I often don’t. But I know they both love it and take it seriously, and they would give thoughtful remarks about clothing rather than taking jabs at people and talking about genitalia. I would actually prefer to see Simon on there. Really, what qualifications do Joan, Giuliana or Kelly have other than that they buy & wear clothes? I’m voting for Simon.

      • Sammysmom says:

        I love that idea. Maybe someone will give Silex their own show and fashion can be the focus or even just a segment along with marriage/relationships, parenting, social events. Man the list could go on and on.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I love that idea. I can’t stand Joan Rivers after seeing how she treats Melissa. And she’s a nasty bully in that fashion show.

    • Smompy says:

      I can’t say you’re wrong about Joan getting awfully vulgar at times but, personally, I often LMAO at her. I think some people can make vulgar funny and others can’t. Joan can, IMO. I don’t dislike any of the others, but if Joan Rivers weren’t on that show, I’d probably never watch it.

      Then again, I am fairly vulgar myself:)

      • TLM says:

        I used to think JR was ok, but the older she gets, IMO, the more unbearable. I don’t think she can get away with it, the same way that as Howard Stern gets older, it’s going to be creepier and creepier listening to him talk about his sexual desires, etc. Like it or not, age is a factor in what you can get away with, and that goes for both men and women. Joan is 77. By no means am I saying she should retire, but you have to shift as times change and as you change, agewise and otherwise. I feel like she just keeps getting raunchier in an attempt to hold onto her career, which just to me is a turnoff and desperate. If she were more subtle in her jokes, or just focused on fashion for the purpose of Fashion Police, she would do a lot better.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I’ll say it. Joan should retire. IMO So should Barbie Walters. And while I’m on a tear, I don’t like Piers Morgan or whatever his name is.

  28. floridagirl88 says:

    I’m watching Fall in Manhattan, S3, and at the fashion show, Luann says to Bethenny I can’t believe you called me a skank and Bethenny corrects her and says no she called her a snake. Hilarious.

  29. Smompy says:

    Speaking of vulgarity, anybody else here read TVgasm’s recaps? I hadn’t been to that site in quite a while, but I used to like some of the snarky and wildly inappropriate recappers and the many amusing commenters there, so I figured I’d check to see if they did a BEA recap. Turns out they do, but WTF? I read three of the recaps. They’re all whiny and completely UNfunny, and the recapper clearly doesn’t care for Bethenny at all. Plus, almost every comment comes from a Bethenny hater. Why the hell do these type of people faithfully follow a show starring someone they dislike so much? And where did all the witty, original tvgasm peeps go? Damn, what a disappoinment!

    Oh, and apropos of nothing in particular, I’m not convinced that JZ had any work done to her nose. Not saying she definitely didn’t, but it only looks slightly different in various pics, and that could be due to the fact that she’s holding her head at slightly different angles. I need better evidence before callling that a nosejob. That said, whatever she did have done to her face, I honestly think she looks worse now than she did before. Lynn is right, Jill. Those Yes-Men you surround yourself with are not doing you any favors. And grow the bangs back. Stat.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Isn’t that kind of what we do here? We follow and comment on a show (or shows) that feature(s) a cast of characters that we dislike for various reasons (some, not all). There cannot be light without dark, there are two sides to everything. Many came to this blog because we felt extreme dislike or dissatisfaction. Maybe whoever is writing those recaps or commenting or even visiting feels the same way about Bethenny and her show as we feel about Jill and others. To each his/her own. The best way to handle a site that has content you disagree with is to not visit it again.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        We seek places where we are comfortable.

        • Smompy says:

          No, it’s a totally different experience. At least it used to be. If you read some of the old recaps on tvgasm, you’ll see what I mean. And to be fair, there may still be a lot of funny and witty people there…but they’re definitely not involved with the BEA recaps. The various reality tv recaps there were always funny, albeit very “down and dirty” at times. Everybody got skewered, but the one’s who really behaved horribly got most of the snark. Jill Zarin, for instance, made herself a target. But, like here, people such Ramona or Bethenny, who sometimes behave badly but are in essence decent people, were appreciated and acknowledged. It seems that Bethenny is now universally despised there, and no matter what she does, it is criticized out of hand. There are literally no jokes in the recaps I read, except the occasional “whatevs” or “that’s what she said” variety. And most the comments I read seemed to consist of statements like, “That hateful bitch is going to destroy Jason’s family” and then a bunch of agreement from other commenters. There’s no more wit at all. And, seriously, I used to laugh my ass off when I was reading recaps on that site.

          • kotagirl29 says:

            Jealousy can be pretty ugly. I take it with a grain of salt. Bethenny made good and now she has haters. Since they can’t fault her business they will fault her family or her looks. I say let ’em. Unfortunately with her fame and popularity also comes those who wish her ill. I say f*** ’em!

        • kotagirl29 says:

          There are many reasons why I still visit this site. I return here time and again for the laughs as much as anything. There are days when it feels like life has taken a big dump on my head and then I’ll read something here and get a much needed belly laugh. Other days I may read a bunch of posts that make me realize the world is not populated by only a**holes. And some days I just need to vent. Whatever the reason, whatever the day, you are right there is a comfort that I have found here. Being surrounded by a bunch of smart-asses like myself doesn’t hurt either.

    • TLM says:

      I’m not crazy about her bangs, but I think she needs a style of her own, neither the one she had on the reunion nor the Madonna/Bethenny ponytail. I think blunt and chin-length or blunt and shoulder-length would be distinctive and age-appropriate.

    • JKW says:

      I love TVgasm and read their recaps of shows that I watch. Most are hilarious and they do a really great job. I don’t think they hate Bethenny. I think that alot of people are getting tired of the tears and the breakdowns. It isn’t just TVgasm that says/think these things. I like her but it does get tiring hearing how much she has going on…which she chose to do. Since several of the episodes have been about this or upset about Jasons’ parents….that’s pretty much the material they have to work with.

  30. jeang says:

    I think it is so funny to know that Jillous, Looman and Krazy are so frustrated to know that Betheny has it all and has it now. She could buy and sell their debts and still be richer than they are. She didnt have to crawl into bed or give BJ to some greasy, smarmy, slimey, whithered up Viagra breath old coot to get her money either. Shes got a hottie husband with a fabulous sense of humour, loyal friends, cute as a button and sweet daughter and Cookie, and normal and caring in laws. I think whoever ALly dates is never going to want to marry into that family and have Jillous as a motherinlaw.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Karma really is a bitch, isn’t she?

    • quincyil says:

      I don’t know what is up with NYC people, but many of the women seem like monsters on the Bravo shows and they find husbands. The husbands seem to be very wealthy also.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Some found husbands and kept them, some found and lost…. In a way I have to feel sorry for Sonja and DasBoot because they came from humble beginnings and will be returning there – it will likely be more painful than the divorces. Kelly is different because she has no concept of the real world and to her credit stays away from that train of thought – she too will suffer when it becomes apparent she has not real skills for a real job.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Wow. I guess I agree that they are probably jealous of her success.

      I don’t think just because you marry someone older than you or richer than you means you don’t love them. Jill and Bobby seem to get along fine, and both Kelly and LuAnn were in their marriages for a significant amount of time, and both had two children with their husbands. I’m not sure Bobby is much older than Jill. Sonja also married a much older and richer man – and seems more like a gold digger than Jill.

      I doubt any of them care that Bethenny married a hot younger man. They can all have relationships with hot, young men (except Jill) any time they want. I think they are jealous because she’s the breakout star from Bravo, and they are just one of the housewives.

      I’m not fond of Cookie. She’s sort of mean. Giggy is the breakout star of housewife dogs.

      • Adgirl says:

        Of course they loved their older husbands.
        But what they REALLY love is their new last name & the social doors that the name opened more then the geezer himself.

        Cookie is your typical only child that is suddenly living with step siblings. It’s very hard to share your family and home with interlopers.

      • VAgirl says:

        I like them all – even Ginger. She can’t help that her owner has ruined her.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Ginger is being abused by Jill and alot of that nasty behavior can’t be changed until Jill takes better care of her. Both Ginger and Cookie could do with some obediance training. Giggy scares me because half the tme I think he is dead.

      • lillybee says:

        I like Ramona’s dog. He was so well behaved at her vow renewal.

    • Sammysmom says:

      Oh my, I have never even thought about poor Allie and her getting married someday. That poor girl. Maybe she’ll be like Bethenny and not be around her mom and stepdad. I really like Allie. I wonder how she feels now that Bethenny isn’t in her life either. They were really close.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      The irony is that while they made every attempt to “put her in her place” she succeeded. Jill said they were DONE and Bethenny said divorce hurts. Bethenny moved on while Jill is still trying to figure out what went wrong.

  31. fort lauderdale gay says:

    Jill said that she so wanted to support that new blog she endorsed that she bought an ad on it. Well, it shows that a used (like new) paperback copy of it can be had on Amazon for $2.25. It also shows the prices for other housewife penned books (except Alex and Simon’s and NeNe’s) are all demanding decidedly higher prices than hers. Great marketing and branding there Jill. Maybe she’s working on being the Queen of discounted books?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • quincyil says:

      Alex’s book is hard back. I bought it when I was babysitting my infant granddaughter and read it when she would nap. I finished it and left it in my daughter’s guest room and several other women told me that they enjoyed reading it very much. It is a back and forth sharing of their lives that comes together with the children. I love that they cared about their moms and share their lives with the boys grandmothers. Both Alex and Simon lost their dads very young. I highly recommend the book.

      I was going to buy Jill’s paper back so I could write about her chapter on bullies, but I never got around to it. I guess I really don’t care what Jill’s opinion on this topic is because I feel she is the hater and the bully.

  32. Adgirl says:

    Did someone upthread say LuMann might be getting married to whats-his-schnoze?

    My wedding gift to Jacques: A magnifying glass. So he can see his balls.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If she marries him I will be surprised (unless it is for economic reasons). She looks like she is having fun but she doesn’t look like she is really in love to me. And there is that pesky title to consider…..do you really think she is ready to give it up?

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        Maybe she can get Zsa Zsa and her hubby to adopt them. They don’t mind adopting and selling titles.

  33. TLM says:

    Was Alex still not wearing a BRAR on WWHL??? Her breasts were practically at her waist. I just don’t get why she refuses to wear one. Not pretty.

  34. Smompy says:

    I just got a good look at Cindy’s brother’s date at that wedding. Wow, she really is a dead ringer for Cindy. He’s dating his sister’s doppleganger (sp?). Weird!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      wasn’t that just the most confusing thing? I couldn’t figure out who the GF was who Cindy was, who the brother was- totally lost…and not comprehending what all the ruckus was about.

      I dialed it down to about a 2 😉

    • Adgirl says:

      He’s so short. It’s like Cindy got all the testosterone in the family.

  35. SkewedHalo says:

  36. fort lauderdale gay says:

    On a more serious note, when Kelly gummy bears and Countess Squash Blossom High Horse met for their manicures, did anyone else notice or think that the Countess has had some work done? I swear, she looked a bit more like the very heavily airbrushed cover to that dreadful song she released last year. I think there may be a serious restylane and juvederm shortage in New York.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Crap no- True story- one of my injectible reps told me that New York’s tri state area was it’s own separate company within the company- meaning new York has its own production days, a separate staff , separate pricing discounts- everything because of the high volume.

      There will NEVER be a shortage. Meanwhile the last big event I did, my rep had to drive over and give me some from her own demonstration stash. sigh

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        I’ve noticed down here, quite a few of the centers are giving discounts now. I’ve talked to a few of my friends and they seem to think the discounting is due to the bad economy down here. Real Estate still hasn’t really hit bottom here yet. Plus, there have been several huge ponzi schemes uncovered in our tri-county area that have really hit the movers and shakers here.

      • SkewedHalo says:

        OneMore, I’m confused. You said your place of business does everything except waxing otherwise they’d need a doctor on staff. Are you saying waxing needs a Dr. prescription?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          heavens no!

          We don’t do waxing BECAUSE we have an MD on staff. The margins are too thin, and the MD’s getting icky about it- the only want to oversee medical cosmetic procedures.

          It is a MEDSPA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medspa#Medical_spa

          Cindy sort of blurred the lines by offering waxing too.

          Hey it works for her- but I wonder how she can roll out her spas across the country for LHR- the laws on who can operate a laser are different from state to state, so it will be very difficult to have the same protocols for each spa.

      • Adgirl says:

        It makes me wonder about where all that crap comes from and where it goes to later.

        Will future archeologists be digging up skeletons with sets of silicon boobs, hair extensions, plastic finger nails, cheek implants, vagazzle-jewels and Taylor’s lips?

  37. JaniceP says:

    I was just looking at the beautiful picture of Prince William and Kate above and I was admiring Kate’s pale flawless skin. Then I looked just above, well, to my horror there’s old tanned leather face Kelly winking to the camera. Yuck. I hate to be mean but, she needs to stop the spray tanning or whatever she is doing ASAP!! By the way, love the blog and all of your comments! I’m your fan.

  38. kotagirl29 says:

    Bethenny’s $120 million deal is featured on Yahoo’s buzz news. There is a photo article listing the highest earning reality stars and she tops the list. Almost doubling what the Kardashian clan (combined) earned. I LOVE IT! Every time I see a new article I can’t help but think of all the pain and anguish it causes Jillous and her cronies.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill made a hugh mistake kicking Bethenny to the curb when she did. Hope whatever pleasure she got from trying to hurt her was worth it! Well played Jill, well played – not!

      • Adgirl says:

        I know! There could have been a Skinny Ethel & Lucy gin fizzy.

      • floridagirl88 says:


      • Error404 says:

        Jill thought for sure she had a fool proof plan to destroy little orphan bethy but then Bobby Frankel did the only nice thing he ever did for his kid and croaked, shifting all viewer sympathy her way and trumphing jill’s stupid faux cancer story.

        Forgetting to bring her notes to ramona’s that day cost her the whole war and by the engagement even she knew she’d lost and switch to begging for forgiveness.

        • SkewedHalo says:

          Jill thought she knew the art of war. What a piker.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Well that’s why Jill was so MAD at Ramoner and Alex for not telling her about Frankel being on his deathbed. If she had know Bethenny was going to get viewers sympathy, she’d have changed her game plan. Then Bethenny had to go get engaged and then pregnant, and Bawbee was all better by then. The horror! It just wasn’t Jill’s year at all.

  39. kotagirl29 says:

    It has got to chap her ass when two nights in a row, Friday and Saturday no less, and Bethenny has been trending on Yahoo. If she hadn’t been such a jealous biatch she would be right there, probably sharing the rewards. Bethenny does not strike me as selfish, or stingy, when it comes to people she cares about.

  40. jeepers1941 says:

    In my perfect world, I would like to see many things before I die. I am going to be 70 in Sept. so who knows……….LOL
    How my life got so wrapped up in this HW franchise I will never understand, but here I am, setting here telling strangers, some who could care less and some who do care my most enter thoughts on people I don’t know personally, but apparently they are a part of my life.
    Bethenny will survive, because she is driven to prove her worth. Millions from what if have read and heard about. From where I am setting, this is not a bad thing or place to be. She has successfully escaped the hate and discontent of women who truly hate her for that reason alone. They are so full of hate, jealousy, and anger towards her for the successes she has achieved. Bethenny is not a lazy person, she has worked hard all her adult life for what she has now. God Bless her. She married Jason for love, not wealth or social events. She had the baby she always wanted and Bryn has brought so many happy moments into their lives already. God Bless them all! They are a young family trying to find a way to deal with all of these things and live a “normal” life. Well as normal as they can only say what is normal.
    Jill’s problem(s) are so complex and she has several of them. 1) Bethenny was always a project for Jill. 2) Bethenny was her “adult daughter”, someone to hang out with. 3) Bethenny was Jill’s “show n tell” to Jill’s “friends”. 4) Bethenny was as Jill started to come to grips with, Jill’s success to “break out” herself from the franchise. 5) Bethenny was a true friend to Jill, but Jill doesn’t know about “true friends”. 6) Bethenny is not lazy, Jill is definitely lazy. And the lists of problems Jill has, goes on and on!
    As for the other cast mates, LULU, SONJA, KOOKOO, there is not one of them who can support themselves in the customs they became use to when they were spending the ex’s $$! Jill uses them as her puppets now. I think Jill is learning she has lost power with BRAVO, Andy Cohen and whoever else’s balls she was holding onto for dear life. For this reason alone, Jill is fighting for her life, publicly, socially and family, not to mention, her “fabulous circle of friends”. She lost many of her fans by her own actions and regardless of what she says, we as viewers do remember times, dates, etc.
    Alex and Ramona will do fine, not in the way Bethenny has, but they will survive. As long as they are aware of Jills fangs and those of her cohorts. I do believe if Ramona was to ever really have it out with Jill, I mean really tell her off and walk out on her, Jill might drop dead on the floor, ‘GO RAMONA”!
    Sorry if I have wasted your time, but this is just my own spin, my feelings, my thoughts…………..Peace out to all of you……………… Jeepers1941 Happy Easter!!!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Well said!

      • Adgirl says:

        Love this.
        I’ll bet Andy can’t stand Jill after she tried to manage the show off screen (making casting announcements, demanding cast members not shoot with others). How about that WWHL vote recount recently? I’m sure he just loves it everytime Jill’s attorney calls him.

        I think Andy is really proud of Bethenny. She makes Bravo look good. Bethenny and Bravo made each other successful.

        • jeepers1941 says:

          Shit, Jill knew from the get go she would not win, probably had her attorney within seconds of the count. I mean this woman does not get it, she really has pissed off a lot of people and they ain’t gonna come back to her little fold…….this bitch is just insufferable, period!

        • lillybee says:

          Remember when she told people who wanted to be on MM to talk to her. LOL trying to cast another show.

          • jeepers1941 says:

            lillybee, yes do recall that, bet the other skag had shit fits over that for sure….lol

        • nathania says:

          I bet Andy loves her for a whole different reason, because she’s a great excuse not to give them a bigger piece of the 300 mill from the franchises, when they whine to him about needing a raise he can just point to Bethenny’s success and say, ‘you too can do that’.

    • Shannon says:

      Great Post!

    • SkewedHalo says:

      That is a most beautiful rant! God bless you. 🙂

      • jeepers1941 says:

        Why thank you my dear, hope you enjoyed it as much I did writing it………lol

  41. jeepers1941 says:

    thank you
    God can throw me in “hell” for this, but, I TRULY TRULY HATE JILL ZARIN!

  42. kotagirl29 says:

    I think with all the other crap going on in the world today that your spot in heaven is safe, even with a bit of hate in your heart.

  43. jeepers1941 says:

    but we have to remember, that is when Jill was incharge of everything going on at BRAVO…….lol

  44. jeang says:

    I still have questions as to why she would leave the country in the middle of filming to go to Australia. Either she was pissed, or she tried to manipulate Bravo to film the others on her trip (and get yet another freebee) or maybe Bravo told her her episodes would be limited and she stormed over to Australia. Then again Bravo may be having Jillless episodes to watch the ratings without her. They were slightly up this week to 1,927 million. Whatever the reason, it just doesnt add up for one of the most fame hungry bitches to leave on a trip when there was screen time to be had. It is so not her to pass up those facetime chances.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Just glad she went! Didn’t miss her either.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I’ve wondered that too. My guess is she tried to manipulate them somehow, and Bravo called her bluff. It’s clear Andy can’t stand her. She couldn’t have possibly thought they’d send a film crew with her (on their cheap budget) but maybe she thought they’d suspend filming until she got back.

      Whatever – it’s a gift to the viewers to have 2 weeks without her. Yippeee!!!

    • jeepers1941 says:

      jeang, presonally, I believe Jill has embarrassed herself so much, she will try, do and say anything to climb her way out of her antics, which unfortunately for her, is to little to late. Let’s face it folks, she is a control freak, with a capital “B”. Remember Joan Collins, from the “Carrington” era? Only with Jill, she is so stupid, she truly believes she can still pull the strings, that makes her world go round…..LOL. She really thinks people still love her on the show and we don’t. BRAVO is finding this out now, but it’s showbiz folks, RATINGS! And ratings mean money and that is the bottom line for BRAVO. Now when they have milked it for all they can get, then “BYE BYE JILL”.

  45. Sammysmom says:

    Happy Easter everyone!! Have a blessed day, whatever you do.

  46. jeepers1941 says:

    ty Sammysmon, the same to you.

    Now I am starting to think I took to many of my lucid pills today…..jk
    But I am beginning to wonder why I want to see this woman self-destruct and in front of the whole world. Maybe I need a time out…..lol

  47. jeepers1941 says:

    yep, nathania, you are right about that, when BRAVO’s “Jill well” runs dry, like I said, “bye bye Jill”

  48. chismosa says:

    Lynn loved the Jill blog and your editor’s comments! Fabulous touch. Hope you are all doing well this holiday week/weekend!

    still getting through all the comments, but here goes, please forgive me putting all my thoughts here at once, it’s been sometime for me to catch up!

    Why is Jill standing in the center shot – above- with all the other housewives FRAMING HER like she IS THE STAR OF THE SHOW? What the hell?
    when Jill states that she was happy to not have been at the Completely Bare outing, no Lynn I disagree, we would not have heard anything out of Jill’s mouth because don’t you remember the scene last season when Luann took them all to a spa- (not sure if it was the same spa that Bethenny wound up having her shower at- ) Chakra? or whatever- and Luann was talking about how scary it was that she was alone now with the kids- and every woman there opened up about their divorce- Jill never said 1 word. She is divorced too and did not think to contribute to her ‘close friends.’ She would never dare give us entry into her true emotional world. We only get evil conniving Jill.

    I hate redheads in pink. Bad choice Jill — bad! Bangs are better, and we know you were attempting the clapham, or council ponytail- (British slang for the Brits who do this as a ‘facelift’). But guess what, Bethenny does a better ponytail and did it FIRST. We can add this to your list of copying maneuvers.

    i saw a couple of blogs ago that TWOP is on an anti-Bethenny binge as opposed to maybe the most obvious person should be- anti-Jill.- I have a theory for that: maybe Bravo/NBC/Comcast got upset that since Bethenny has now netted this huge multi-million$$$ deal out of her SkinnyGirl franchise – and with all her other business ventures- Bravo/ ANDY saw NONE of this money come their way, it all went to Bethenny. Now, BECAUSE OF THAT- any new talent hired by Bravo for shows, housewives (dear god not any new ones please let it end!)- must sign over deals to Bravo for a percentage of any profit on anything the talent makes.

    so jill not being in a couple of episodes *at the very least, please god*- does this mean she does not get paid for these two episodes? Aren’t the Bravo- celebs paid per episode?

    re: Womens venture fund/ Ramona’s event- does anyone else wonder if Bethenny was invited to support Ramona? B certainly is a business woman that would be a fantastic model for that organization, it seems- so i wonder if she was invited/ supported Ramona at all? I wonder too if that organization looks at Bethenny too as someone to invite into that group/ honor?

    Did everyone notice how Kelly was late to EVERY SINGLE THING in the episode? And only was not late to dinner with Cindy because Cindy herself ran late? I can’t take IT. I could never socialize with someone like that.

    To: Nathania- a couple blogs ago you mentioned something about a Bloomberg article about Andy and his complete control of Bravo/ Housewives’ show- can i find it online do you think?

    I agree about the Alex issue and Andy’s agenda against her. Very clear this season.

  49. chismosa says:

    @NATHANIA- you summed up Luann’s issue with the successful working women PERFECTLY. Like, literally Lu does not have to go to therapy (ha ha if she would even)

  50. jeang says:

    I’ll bet old Countboy is counting the months down to when his child support ends….She better start cranking out some more books, songs, whatever, before her lofty ass has to get a 9 to 5 like the rest of the world.

  51. jeang says:

    Since London is ahead of Eastern time zone by 5 hours, does that mean this Friday coverage for our area of wedding will probably be throughout early early am and wedding at London time is 11:00 it will be 6:00 for us??…..I remember watching Diana and Charles wedding during the night back in the day and going to work the next day. It doesnt seem possible and is extraordinary to be alive to see this event happening as well. Hopefully their married life will be more sucessful.

    • TLM says:

      I don’t know whether it’s because I watched William’s father’s wedding, each of their sons being presented to the world and his mother’s funeral on tv, but I have no desire to obsess or watch this wedding. I’ve been upset by the fact that every time the wedding is covered on the news, more is said about Charles and Diana than about William and Kate, and the focus on the past feels almost morbid to me.

      We now know that for all the pomp and the show of that wedding, the truth was far from the fairy tale of what the ceremony looked like, and Diana knew Charles was having an affair before she even walked down the aisle. I look back on that wedding now and it feels like a lamb being led to the slaughter rather than a girl becoming a princess. Amidst all the superficial glamour, Diana led a very sad life, and Charles was too controlled by his mother to ever say no to her. At age 56 he finally had the stones to marry the woman who had been his partner for 30 years, and I still think he was scared of what his mother thought. What BS. If that generation represented anything, it was that the lies and rigidity of the traditional monarchy no longer work, and that people have to be true to themselves.

      This marriage, and this generation, could not be more different than the last one. William and Kate already share a home, and they have announced they won’t have servants, nor will they be using a carriage for the wedding. I welcome the breaks with tradition, and I think it would have been nice if they had a small wedding that wasn’t at Westminster Abbey at all. I was even bothered by the fact that Kate was given Diana’s ring to wear; I would have liked to have seen William give her a ring that she designed and chose for herself.

      Many people loved Diana, and no one is going to forget her. But these two have their own lives to lead, and I wish the focus were more on them than about what gown Diana wore, etc. I wish William and Kate a far happier and far more normal life based on their genuine bond and the fact that they chose each other.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Jeang, that sounds about right. It’s 4:00 am here in Kansas, I think. As we get into the week, I’m sure better times will be posted. (Why can’t these people marry at a decent hour?!!!! LOL!)

  52. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~Happy Easter Everyone~

  53. boston02127 says:

    Good morning & Happy Easter ✞

    • VAgirl says:

      Cute. I’m from the old school:

      Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin down the bunny trail
      Hippity, Hoppity Easter’s on it’s way.

      Happy Easter, everyone!

    • FlowerPower says:

      LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Boston. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

  54. ihearttalavera says:

    Lynn, I LOVE YOU. I had to travel out of state for a wedding this weekend and have not had access to Bravo in the hotel. It’s killing me. I have not seen Thursday’s episode yet so your blog has been a lifesaver, not to mention totally entertaining while I’m stuck on planes! Thank you soooo much for all you do. I really think you’re a genius. If you ever film an infomercial, I’m your girl. ;). PS – Cannot wait for the royal wedding!!!

    • VAgirl says:

      It’s amazing how many cable companies do not carry Bravo. Luckily, mine does but there have been many times I’ve traveled and not been able to get Bravo.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        I know! I was actually wondering if Bravo has been banned from hotels. I’ve stayed in quite a few, and can never find it. So sad! I’m home now with Bravo access. I feel complete…

  55. FlowerPower says:

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  56. butterisafruit says:

    Good Morning and Happy Easter everyone.

    I hope everyone has a lovely day. Boston I know this is the first Easter without your Mom and it can be a little hard. You’re in my thoughts.

    Mary Ellen

  57. jeang says:

    According to Loomans twitter she and Jacques are in Bahamas. Since Jill revealed she isnt Jewish, I wonder if her pretensiousness is advising and telling the Jews the correct protocol and traditions of how to properly celebrate their Holy days. You know she wrote the book of correctness and she cant seem to zip it. BTW, hands dont lie about your age, and her latest twitter pick shows her with her arm around Jacques and her hand looks older than my 61 year old hand. Gotta think before you pose Countless.

  58. jeang says:

    Bethenys twitter shows bunny cake she and Jason and his parents made. Bryns first bunny cake…..so cute.

    • vilzvet says:

      Cute, I have to check that out. I am making pistachio cake with Cool Whip frosting, next is chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes for the teens…Happy Easter to all! I can’t believe my son is not with me, though. He is down at the Animal Kingdom in Disney right now with his buddy’s family, lucky duck. I haven’t yet been to that park, we kept skipping it. Oh well. And my younger daughter is in Fire Island for the weekend. I will only have one child with me today for Easter…but it’ll be okay.

  59. WindyCityWondering says:

    Happy Easter to one and all – and a great day to those who don’t celebrate too!

  60. Kellita says:

    Happy Easter to all!

    Okay, here are the crazy, weird thoughts that keep me up at night:
    Why isn’t Sonya’s daughter ever shown or mentioned on the show? Is it because her ex has refused to sign off on her? Or are they afraid of abduction because of family wealth? And on that note, with Bethenny making millions on the sale of Skinny Girl and it being public record, I wonder if she’s going to be uncomfortable having her daughter & nanny appearing on her show because of potential crazies and abduction for ransom? I know I watch too many Law & Order type shows, but I’ve seriously been worried about that for Bryn.

    • cusi77 says:

      Kellita_ Happy Easter to you as well!

      I think that your concerns about Bryn are legit. I am be worried too.
      Too much money growing in geometrical proportion and very exposed for all to see. I hope Bethenny has taken measures…

      In another note: Reading JZ Blog for her “fans” she mentions how KKB is such a great human being, mother, friend, Etc. Is it an early “damage control” for what is comin to? Another “breakthrough”?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Sonja said it was more because of the influence of TV on her daughter, not necessarily about being abducted (although that may be a concern too) but Sonja’s daughter has been photographed with her mom so people know what she looks like.

      I think Sonja is trying to keep her daughter out of the spotlight because she’s seen other HW kids being criticized for their behavior/weight/looks and she doesn’t want Quincy (her daughter) to have to deal with that.

      I asked Sonja that when I interviewed her.

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