I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs.

Kelly Bensimon:  This woman really is an idiot, she can’t write worth a damn yet has had three books published and another in the works.  No one has read them, mind you, but she keeps on writing….

I arrived late to Jill’s surprise birthday party because I was hosting a party for Parker Pens. They in turn donated 10,000 pens to underprivileged school children. I was honored to be apart of the Parker Pen opportunity, which is why I gushed during my speech — though you only saw my apology to the guests. Awkward!! I actually got a pen for my college graduation and am obsessed with the written word, and handwritten notes.

I certainly hope her Parker Pen event was more than a company giving pens to underprivileged children, I mean come on, a pen?  I realize you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth but if these kids are really hurting with no school supplies, clothing or food, etc I certainly hope someone handed them more than a lousy pen!  Leave it to Kelly to find the most pathetic event to be involved in, or possibly she didn’t explain it right?  Her involvement is why she “gushed” at Jill’s party?  Needless to say Kelly had nothing intelligent to say.

Luann deLesseps –

Ready for the shocker?  From Lulu’s blog:

Ramona’s impression of Jill was over the top and pretty funny, but I don’t think Jill thought so. I guess she couldn’t resist once she had the red wig on her head.

WOW, I never expected to hear this from Luann, I thought for sure she would spank Ramona for making fun of Jill at her own birthday party or for being too loud, I guess every once in a while someone will surprise you.

Simon’s hypnotherapy session was interesting to watch because of its brevity. How did Simon fall under the hypnotherapist’s spell so quickly? Smoking is very unhealthy, and I wish Simon the best as he tries to kick the habit.

And the genius falls…I’m sure they didn’t show the entire process of putting Simon under hypnosis, it was probably edited for television.  Smoking is indeed very unhealthy Luann, you should quit too!

More from Luann:

When I watched Bobby confront Simon at Avery’s party, I thought that Bobby was very gracious and very clear about how he wants his wife to be treated. Good for Bobby for sticking up for Jill.

Yes, Bobby was very clear about how he wants his wife to be treated, but when will Bobby acknowledge the way his wife treats others?  Oh and who gives a damn what Bobby wants?  With all due respect to Bobby Zarin who seems like a perfectly nice guy, if you want your wife treated with adoration and respect, she should begin by being worthy, then she should treat others as she wants to be treated herself….yes, I’m sure I’ve read that somewhere….

Sonja Morgan:

I understand Avery had reached a moment where it was time for us to move to the private “parents room,” but for Kelly to get between Ramona and her daughters relationship is wrong and to make further comments was wrong. I would have let Avery vent on me and left it at that. I would not make more out of it then it was.

Thank you Sonja, this is well said!  Kelly is really getting her nose in the middle of everything this season, maybe she got a good scare last season when there was a lot of talk about her not doing another season due to last season’s breakdown.  Kelly’s trying to be relevant in an environment where she is clearly NOT relevant.

I know LuAnn would have loved me there for her daughter’s party but she always cancels me last minute, so I am sure she understood. We have that kind of social friendship. If we make it, great, if we can’t it’s fine.

This is brilliant, the same kind of little digs that Luann likes to give to everyone else, now Lulu is the recipient.

Cindy Barshop:

SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE! THE PINOT HAS NOT MADE IT TO THE SWEET 16 — AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I guess karma came around (for at least a “scare”) when Ramona’s 99 cases didn’t show up during the walk-through of her Avery’s Sweet 16. Even SHE couldn’t get her Pinot Grigio at the right place at the right time! I wonder if she went around town complaining about herself. . .hmmmm?

This woman is a complete moron!  An entire hour show of three parties and your smelly self yet this is what you choose to write an entire paragraph about?  Could you not find anything else to attack Ramona about?  This woman needs to shut the hell up and go away forever!

Cindy goes on to make excuses about her horrible body odor, she says the sweatshirt hadn’t been worn in a year (did you store it in moth balls or what?) and that she worked out before working out with Alex…blah blah blah.  Get yourself some deodorant!

Jill Zarin:

Please sign up for my newsletter if you want to see the present LuAnn and Cindy gave me for my birthday. It’s a portrait of guess who? Andy is putting on the WWHL set!.

This woman is desperate for people to sign up for her newsletter, does she need money that badly?  WOW!   We’ve all seen the ugly picture of your dog Jill, you flashed it on-screen during WWHL, you must really love it since you gave it away.  I thought you said it had a prominent place in your living room?  Now it will be hidden on the set of WWHL just like the photo you framed that Andy ensures isn’t seen on-screen.  Poor Andy!  I think it’s time we encouraged Andy to redecorate the set on Watch What Happens Live.  (Note to Jill Zarin:  Andy Cohen does not like your dog, get over it!)

Jill continues:

Ramona thought that LuAnn having Victoria’s party at a night club was inappropriate since to get into a club normally you need to be 21. I thought that was silly. People rent out nightclubs for private parties all the time. Obviously when it’s an under-age party there is no alcohol served.

Jill Zarin is obsessed with Ramona Singer.  Why can’t Jill just give her own opinions of the parties, why give us Ramona’s opinion then criticize it?  We heard Ramona, Jill, we know what she said!  Get a grip!

Ramona rented a raw space and turned it into a club so Kelly and I didn’t see the difference.

Now you’re speaking for Kelly?  Are you that insecure about your own statements and opinions that you have to put words in Kelly’s mouth?  Kelly can articulate her own opinions, oh wait…..nevermind.

Jill rambles on…

 Both Victoria and Avery looked lovely and their enjoyment of their birthday is all that matters in the end. As a gift, we gave them each a lovely black rope bracelet with a sterling silver drop from Kwiat Jewelers, where all the proceeds go to charity.

So in the end the only thing that matters is that the two 16-year old’s enjoyed their parties yet you have to brag about what you bought them?  Will you ever learn to shut the hell up?  Is it always about you and what you did for others?  You connect Sonja with your sister, you bought the girls a birthday gift, you told Bobby to confront Simon about the “hate blog”!  Thanks for that, by the way!

Jill turned what Bobby said into an entirely different issue, she has realized in hindsight that bringing up this blog was not a great idea for her purposes so she changed it to read that Simon “mean tweeted” to her (and again adds Kelly) but that is NOT what Bobby said…

In the final scene of the episode you see Bobby, Simon, and Mario at the bar. Bobby had been hearing from multiple sources that Simon was heavily engaging in mean tweeting of Kelly and me. Bobby rarely interferes with any any of this as he generally thinks it’s all nonsense. Bobby on his own felt that he needed to have an adult conversation with Simon asking him nicely to stop this behavior. Simon agreed and shook Bobby’s hand. Clearly, Simon was not sincere and is still mean tweeting the both of us.

Simon is “mean tweeting” both of you?  I’d love to see what Simon “mean tweeted” to Jill and Kelly!  In fact if I remember correctly we all gave Simon a hard time for trying to help the dim-witted Kelly on Twitter.  Jill is such a hypocrite, she posts a mean poll on her Facebook page about Ramona and tweets mean things to Ramona all the time, yet she is the one being cyber-bullied?

This is cast mates snarking at and criticizing each other, Kelly Bensimon called Andy Cohen a liar on Twitter last season.  Simon calls them out when they’re caught lying or contradicting themselves, how is that bullying?  Most people on Twitter do that, including Jill Zarin!  It’s ironic that Jill calls Ramona a hypocrite, Jill is the ultimate hypocrite!

Cyber bullying is a serious issue and many teens are devastated by what is happening.  Teens are creating horrible web sites about their class mates and bashing them relentlessly causing kids to drop out of school and worse.  How can Jill take such a serious issue and try to play victim yet again?

We talked about Alex’s blog in yesterday’s blog but I just wanted to re-post this one line:

If you tweet nice things or garbage, at a Bravolebrity or anyone else in the public eye, chances are they or their fans will see it. I get tons of love and hate every week. Here’s what I DON’T do. I don’t assume that the negative stuff is written by, supported by, or controlled by my castmates. When you assume, you make an A-S-S out of U and ME.

Alex is right here, to a point, we have some evidence that Jill is behind some of the nasty posts to Alex as well as some of the “lovey dovey” posts to Jill herself.  Allegedly.

Still no blog from Ramona Singer, I’m interested to see what she has to say about this episode.

If you missed Carly and I discussing Thursday’s Real Housewives of New York, you can listen here:  http://tiny.cc/tph30

Because you asked…Some blog statistics, I think we can easily thank Bobby Zarin for the increase, who would have thought…

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WordPress annually sets up a page at the end of the year that allows you to easily publish with stats for the year.  This blog started in May of 2010 and I did publish it, here are the year end stats for last year 2010:  http://wp.me/pVOhN-l7

Reposting Rich Amons blog in case anyone missed it:

ManRules Reality Show Lessons Learned-Part One by Rich Amons

Since Real Housewives of DC was not reelected to a second term, I mean, not “Renewed” for a second season by Bravo TV powers that be, I have had ample time to reflect on what I could have done better in my role as a DC Househusband that could have possibly helped the show garner a second season. It’s a sharp blow to my outsized ego not to at least be asked to step up and fill in for the Major Asshat role of Natasha and Boris Bedonov on the DC version in a Season Two scenario for which I thought I was well suited. This left me with time to spare since I have had no lines to memorize, no hair or manscaping to tend to, no wardrobe issues, Botox injections and laserlipo appointments to make, no acting classes to take to prepare for the role of playing myself, etc.. So it gave me time to contemplate my navel, I mean, contemplate the reality show universe and how I could improve if ever given another shot at 15 minutes of Fame….

I have been carefully studying BevHills, OC, NJ and NYC shows for Man Rule Clues and tips for reality show success so when ESPN-10 starts up it’s slate of reality based programming, I will be ready with head shot and resume in hand…. with 20/20 Hindsight, these are some notes to myself I thought I would share for comment and discussion;

1) Be Present During Filming- instead of taking kids to travel tournaments, school outings, and tending to work related issues, like work, I should have been more present in the daily filming and insisted on travelling everywhere with Mary to provide constant emotional support(and light make up touch ups-like holding her lipstick), security protection from Flying Vino glasses, drunken accusations and pretzel logic, as well being able to help discern the proper temperature and stemware to serve the Chardonnay v. Cabernet at the end of a long day of filming. I could also play the role of A-Hole, well, 1) Because I am good at it, while Mary is far too nice, naïve, and gracious(and a clean freak on top of it all) to throw mud around while I am extremely comfortable in making deserving people feel uncomfortable and; 2) Well, I am very good at being an A-hole- ask my kids… Honey Badger Parenting at it’s finest… 😉

ManRule Reality Show Failure –Be Camera Ready at all Times, Cancel Real Life!

2) Wardrobe- I should have taken a page out of Mauricio (as taught to him by Matt McConaughey) book and simply removed my shirt for pivotal family scene’s (Don’t get me wrong, Mauricio seems great, total man crush on the dude, great John Turtorro-Gilad Jaklowicz upgrade). Bravo Camera’s were unavailable (Expensive and the Cameraman were afraid of sand & water…you know who you are -B_atches) for my surfing safari’s where I often wear just surf trunks, wetsuits or rash gaurds at most, so mostly half naked, and which as we all learned from watching Kelly Slater on Baywatch, means just one thing,(No, not getting to sleep with Pamela Anderson!) RATING’S GOLD! It’s no secret I prefer to wear a Speedo under my surf trunks as I prefer my wedding tackle to feel secure in rough water environments which often leads to trunk malfunctions and glimpse’s of a my Bar Stool Squat Honed Backside which can be cross marketed to male and female audiences alike to increase the audience base which I am perfectly ok with if tastefully done…..

Man Rule Reality Show Failure- Lose the Shirt, wear a dress and heels, don a sock, get ratings! So simple and yet I failed on this account big time!

3) Location Shooting- Vegas Baby- the show needed to get out from the Washington, DC Beltway, an alternative universe if there ever was one, and out into the real world of where rich people congregate and congratulate themselves on being rich and talk about the next new place they can over develop. The Hampton’s, NYC, Santa Barbara,Nantucket, Golf at Pebble Beach or Bandon Dunes, Fly Fishing in Bimini, Dude Ranching in Montana, Surfing in Costa Rica, etc…. Audiences seem to love these trips on Reality Shows as everyone is more relaxed and laid back and are able to get in more candid and alcohol and Xanax( Palindrome- triple word score!) fueled passionate discussions on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness and leave their petty poor self esteem driven white girl issues behind them so we can truly connect with them as people who are just like the rest of us…. What? That’s not true? Oh, well, sorry I am not sorry, but you have to admit, exotic trips to Morocco and Virgin Islands and All Star weekends in Vegas do help the fur fly and the ratings soar!

Man Rule Reality Show Failure- when in Reality Show Ratings Doubt- ROADTRIP!

4) Drop a Beat or Two- I failed to drop a beat by releasing a Club Mix Trip-Hop single and following it up with appearances at clubs where boyz outnumber women 3-1. I know people in the music biz and they are very talented and successful and have their own studio’s etc., but did I do it? Noooo, I was afraid even Auto Tune couldn’t help my tone deaf vocal chords but that was pure vanity on my part as it hasn’t stopped anyone else from dropping singles of varied quality! As far as clubbing it up, I love clubs where the bass is making my chest explode, and the treble ripping to shreds my eardrums (and what’s left of my hearing!) and being served drinks by topless male bartenders. Why do I love these places, It’s my best chance to spend quality time with Mary and Lolly on a Summer night in Ibiza! Say what you will about “ The Gay’s” they can dance, talk, drink and keep a party going all night long so husbands don’t have to! (Actually that’s my only real major concern with Marriage Equality legislation, if common sense prevails and it passes in more Blue States, will increased civil rights like marriage take the Party out of the “Community” and they become boring, predictable and straight? Careful what you wish for Bitches, but I digress big time!) Again, I didn’t take one for the team, big mistake!

ManRule Reality Show Failure- Don’t fear Auto Tune or clubs named Firehouse, FirePole or some variation of a Fireman and Mustache, Bears v. Twinks themes, it’s Bravo, it’s a safe place.

5) Family Scenes- our family is very, very large and diverse, we can amuse ourselves forhours making fun of whoever just got up and left the room… that is not true, house rules are “Say it to their face or don’t say it”, which can make for interesting “discussions”. Now, that’s not to say that lingering and long festering Family of Origin Issues would be raised on camera at parties or in the back of limo’s, or a fist fight would break out by the Punch Bowl at the Annual Family Festivus, but our family is not only large in number, but large in physical size, so fist fighting is best left to people who believe they still have something to prove from High School, we would rather verbally tick each other off, but off camera, which didn’t bode well for ratings…

ManRule Reality Show Failure- Add Real Family Fighting/Yelling Scenes better left off camera to the mix…

6) Borrow Concepts that Work and Make Them Your Own- I noticed that Wine Spilling, although a definite ManRule Violation on RHoDC, was brushed off and polished up and made ready for prime time for RHWoOC. Chicks flinging wine on each other works (even the now over done, Bravo Central Casting BFF gay sidekick throwing wine back was amusing) so imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery and help the ratings. But I think you need to be careful what you borrow, dinner in Napa is romantic, I’m down with that, but underwater bubble bath scene dealio’s, I felt like I fell asleep watching Showtime and woke up at 3AM to Lady Chatterley’s Lover Part 6- bad soft porn! I don’t want to know what anyone does behind closed doors, much less Bravolebrities! Stay Classy Bravo! Dogs Work- I love Lolly’s dog Kona and felt Giggy the Pom stole the show (Sorry Lisa&Ken- I will adopt Giggy in a heartbeat and knit him sweaters all day long), but like the old Hollywood adage of warning against “working with children and animals”, it can be dicey, so be careful!

ManRule Reality Show Failure- Borrow liberally for what works, but be careful, table flipping is not for everyone and should be considered as advanced as having a psychic show up for a dinner party!

7) Celebrity Bloggers- RHoNJ get’s Jay Mohr to blog?? I mean, c’mon, how unfair is that, to get ripped on by professional Comedian only helps ratings! I know Jay is Joey Gorga’s Heterosexual Life Mate and maybe this was some “package” deal worked out as part of the WWHL appearance, but not for nuthin, more comedians ripping on Bravo Shows please, if Bravo Andy can arrange it, he should. Liquid Ratings Gold! ManRule Reality Show Failure- didn’t recruit a comedic blogger,or NY Magazine or even Richard from Gawker could have worked well, even Jeff Lewis, keep it in the Bravo Frat House, would have been great. The crux of the shows are “ Real Life is Funny” or maybe that’s just me, but highlight the absurdity and stop blaming the editing! So many reality show lessons to be learned, so little time to learn them, I will need to create a new chapter in my ManRules book called “Reality Shows- Know Before You Go” to provide some hopefully helpful guidance to the new and upcoming reality stars as it’s a growing market and the best experience is garnered from watching other’s mistakes. As you all know, I have a AssHat for every day of the year so if I can help others avoid mistakes, then my work on behalf of Reality TV is complete. Stay tuned for my next blog- “How to Handle A Reality Show Reunion with Class and Dignity” followed by “Reality Show Reunions-Total Sh*TShows”. Til next time, follow me on Twitter @RichAmons and look out for my “under construction.”

ManRules website soon for more babble and drivel. Mazel Mazel People!

Thank you so much for sharing your blog with us Rich!  How can you not love this guy!  Bravo really needs to find a place for Rich Amons!  I’m honored that you allowed me to post your blog here!  Hysterical!  Lynn~

Some other sites that had interesting takes on the show:

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I have to thank one more time, Terry Aley who allowed me to guest blog on his site many months ago, visit his site here:


TVTime101  @Imajustsaying  On Twitter


New York Magazine on line:


Finally, great news in New York State!

NY State Senate approves MarriageEquality bill!  It just goes to show that parading around New York City in wedding gowns can pay off!

Stop by tomorrow, Quincy has a special blog that I know you’ll enjoy!  We’ll also preview the New Jersey babes…

by Boston02127

Until Next Time…

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588 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs

  1. Melinda says:

    LOVE YOU LYNN!! seriously….what would we do without IHJZ blog?! and thanks to Bobby Zarin for ensuring that others will find the light here at the end of the tunnel! 😉

  2. MAMAZ says:

    Good morning Lynn.

    Congrats on the big mention!
    Congratulations to the people of NY for passing the Marriage Equality Bill. Well done.

    I thought Sonja’s blog was fantastic. I loved the way she politely said Thanks but no thanks to JZ and LW’s financial advice. I’m sure JZ was pissed that she opted to use the attorney Ramona lintroduced her to, Jill being a connector and all, lol.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      lol I was thinking wow Ramona is a real friend – she hooked Sonja up with someone (not a lecture from a castmate’s sister who didn’t do much more then help grind glass in the wound) who is actually helping her navigate her financial challenges!

      • Error404 says:

        I think this was actually one of the few nice things Jill has done. The whole conversation seemed to have one point only: Sonja is no teressa! Lisa went out of her way to explain in plain English that even a 5 year old could understand that sonja isn’t a dead beat who doesn’t pay her bills. She’s just an unlucky dabbler in buisness that got screwed. Still, Adam corolla felt the need to call her a deadbeat who doesn’t pay her bills on WWHL, so…..

        • California35 says:

          Error – great point! Sonia dis get a chance to explain (and Jill’s sister helped) the situation. She might owe people, but not for her expenses…mortgage, bills, cc, all get paid monthly. She definitely has had some changes on how she spends, she mentions she has old clothes and no “help”…so I do assume she is making adjustments to what she is used to, at least until she gets out of all legal issues.

      • Ramona is a real friend who got a bum rap from Bravo this season

        what they didnt realize was they made us like her even more and Shrill even less

        • Caitlin says:

          Now, ain’t that the truth, Diz! And they waaaaaaay overdid it!

        • Error404 says:

          Yes, but I do wonder sometimes many uses there are in “us”. Anti Ramona and anti bethenny comments are all over every blog it seems, and it can’t all be jill’s minions.

          • Caitlin says:

            Good point, Error, and a very sad one, IMO.

          • oh yes it can when all else fails Blame Jill

            • Caitlin says:

              I said “sad” above, Diz, because I’ve had conversations with intelligent people (my sister, for one!) who find it easier to go along with Jill’s description of Ramona than do their own viewing and thinking for themselves. It’s not that they like Jill, either; they just pick up what they think is “the conventional wisdom” and run with it as if on auto pilot..

    • California35 says:

      We all know Jill’s motives by now, but since the sister was there anyways, I did listen to her and liked how clear she was in her explanation. Jill couldn’t keep her expressions and coments to herself, and had to ignore them.

  3. Error404 says:

    Darn I’m sorry I logged off early last night. It seems Ally stayed up late smoking a blunt with Victoria and then stumbled her way to the computer. You could almost see her knocking her glass of Ramona Pinot all over the keyboard during a giggling fit after typing ” Lynn you hoo- er, go run around the block!” LMAO!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It couldn’t be Ally – her mom is the poster hoo-er for cyberbullying!
      Oh, I forgot, bullies always have others help with their dirty work, so I guess a family that bullies together doesn’t count.

      • Kats2 says:

        “Hoo-er” that was crazy. Had to be a family member or one of her deranged fans
        (There are not many legit fans to choose from, since Bobby pays for most of them.)
        Or I guess it could be a very jealous blogger, plenty of them out there. I can’t imagine the losers at TWOP are too happy about Lynn getting mentioned on national TV.

        • The insults were very similar to those last week – I think it might be an old friend – – –
          They didn’t defend Jill, just attacked Lynn personally – (plus the Friday night and drinking – I wasn’t kidding about that – there is a pattern over the last year)

          • OMG only someone from NJ would call someome a Hoo er

            just watch the sopranos it was said many many times

          • California35 says:

            “Friday night and drinking – I wasn’t kidding about that” Uh oh I resemble that comment this time 😛 I did have some Pinot last night … But I swear I stop posting last night lol
            Beside my post would have been all about peace and love lol

    • LynnNChicago says:

      LMAO The funniest things are often true!

    • Rhetorica says:

      Error, even tho I engaged in “conversation” with it, I still don’t know what a hoo-er is. A whore? (guess I’m stoopid)

      • Golden Girl says:

        Lol it took me awhile to figure out what a hoo-er was too lol.

      • Error404 says:

        I assume so. Personally, I’m still confused about what a “prostituion hoo-er” is. Is it like a full time whore who’s in a union as opposed to freelance whore? Or is it just a nj thing to double up all tiles. ” I’m taking Gia to the doctor quack.” ” mellisa better watch out before I call my lawyer ambulance chaser.” etc

  4. Carly says:

    Bobby should begin by telling his wife that respect is always earned, never given. I respect Bobby for having raised seemingly good children, one of which appears to have overcome obstacles with courage and grace. We all know that such substance is often formed with the help of a loving father. Jill would do well to pattern herself after such a person, rather than use him as a wing-man and diamond dispenser.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Jill doesn’t want respect. She wants adulation. There aren’t enough flowers, book dedications,invitations, surprise parties or jewels in the world to satisfy her.

  5. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks Lynn and Q for all your hard work. I can’t believe how this blog has grown in just one year. To hear Bobby bring it up on the show Thursday night I felt the earth shift. My computer slowed down to a crawl and all of us could not get here fast enough to congratulate you. May our journey continue……

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks AZ girl, I think you and all the others here are just as deserving of the credit as Q and I are, without all of your great comments it just wouldn’t be the same!

      All of you contribute to the blog, people come to read the comments just as much, if not more than the blog itself.

      Thank you to all of you!!!

  6. VAgirl says:

    Thanks Lynn and Quincy for all the time you expend making this blog a great place to visit and chat with friends. Thanks Jill and Bobby for the free advertisement for IHJZ. Thanks Bravo, for not allowing commentors on your blogs, so that this blog was created for me to come and vent my frustrations and meet new people. Last but not least, thanks to my hubby for going and get me breakfast this morning. It gave me the energy to have just given my two dogs the baths they really needed. One loves baths, one would rather have it’s temperature taken, if you get my drift.

    • California35 says:

      I second that!

      Nice of your husband to do get you breakfast. Glad you are done bathing the dogs, as much it is good for everyone, it can imagine it to be exhausting.

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Between dishwasher dogs and pens for the underpriviledged, Kelly is finally getting the editing she deserves for her behavior last season. Now she will get to be a real life PSA for cyberbullying! Kelly only has a short time to make some great tv so it will be interesting to see how she goes after Simon next week. Hoping against hope that Bravo will allow Simon to defend himself and turn this nonsense back on the real bullies.

    • VAgirl says:

      Now you know,WCW, Bravo is not going to let Simon defend himself but so much. They don’t want to upset the Kelly Kart. I think the objective of the Bravo producers is to carry the ridiculousness to the extreme so that people will keep discussing. It’s backfiring on them though because all this leaning to one side (brunettes) has gotten really really old. It’s downright boring when you know going in how these scenarios are going to play out. What they need to do is provide some surprises. The only good surprise I’ve seen this season was Thursday night when Bobby mentioned the “Hate Blog”

    • @———– @SimonvanKempen just watched the preview with you & Jill. Who does Kelly think she is? Are men not ALLOWED to talk to women in Kellyland?

      @SimonvanKempen An excellent question. Let’s see what happens next week…And the week after….. RT

  8. HD says:

    I finally caught the show last night! I still cannot believe Bobby mentioned the “hate blog”. I just can’t believe it!! Can you believe that, Lynn?! Who knew it would ever actually make it to the show?! That is crazy!!!

    Simon…Simom…Simon…growing a pair works wonders!

    • essexgirl2286 says:

      I agree i thought the same of alex last season when bobby came up to her, it seems no one wants to challenge Bobby they just politely nod and let him come of as the honorable husband??? why not explain what exactly is going on if he wants to make it his role to come over and put you in check. Simon should have asked what exactly they were putting behind them since he didn’t create the blog and is not responsible for it

      • maybe its a respecting your elders thing or maybe it is his cancer scare
        they genuinely seem to not upset him
        thank goodness im not in the cast
        i would have told him to F Off

        • I see it differently. Bobby comes up to have a respectful conversation, so they show him respect back. That’s what adult people do – and both Simon and Alex act like adults. They listen to his concerns. Bobby said he had heard Simon was “actively” involved in this blog – and Simon said he wasn’t. If Bobby had said “I heard you invited a person who comments regularly on the blog to the chums birthday party and she wrote a guest blog” hopefully Simon would have said “Why yes we did. And we very much enjoyed her company.”

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            I see Silex as respectful but don’t see Bobby as honorable. He approached Alex to fix the tif with his wife. He said he didn’t want to be involved but likely heard earfuls from his wife about Alex. Sorry, IMO he approaches people not on his wife’s behalf but on his own – he is tired of hearing Jill go on and on about the bs she causes.

          • quincyil says:

            Something had happened to make Jill Zarin go ballistic when Bobby was getting dressed for the two birthday parties. I think it was the birthday party for the kids. I am going to go back into the blogs and check the times, but I bet that blog with the photos on this site make Jill upset. It makes sense that Jill would push Bobby to talk to Simon rather than unloading on Alex since the men mentioned that their wives had the bonfire in Simon’s back yard. I really think it was Jill that showed Bobby what she was talking about.

            I’ll take notes and try to figure this out. I have the dates of the birthday parties in a folder too. We can create a timeline.


            • essexgirl2286 says:

              love me some timelines
              (honestly no sarcasm here i really do hope to see jill downward trajectory laid out with dates before me i might have it made into a poster if you post it)

            • VAgirl says:

              I think the birthday parties were 12/14.

          • Error404 says:

            I see it differently. Alex and Simon know that these are one way conversations and that bawby talks AT you not TO you. When bawby barged into ramona’s girls only mani pedi uninvited and then had the nerve to chastise a pregnant bethenny for upsetting his wife, she very politely apologized for gettnig him involved and he very clearly told her in plain english that he was not caught in the middle but chose to firmly be on his wife’s side. There is nothing, nothing ” honorable” about Bobby zarin.

          • I can believe it about Alex & Simon but i dont see it in Bobby i have a funny feeling he is more of a bully then any of us realize

            • essexgirl2286 says:

              i think its ‘the less you say the smarter you come off’, we don’t know much about him or his personality because he and jill are careful he doesn’t reveal too much, remember when they showed the two filming an interview about Zarin Fabrics his family business that got passed down to him, Jill barely let him get 2 words in.
              I think its common to assumed the best of someone or at least give the benefit of the doubt when you’re still getting to know someone, maybe Jill knows this and used it to her advantage keeping Bobby safe from scrutiny meant she might get the benefit of the doubt by extension ie Jill acted so terrible last episode but her husband seems like such a nice guy it had to be editing or i’m sure there’s more 2 her then what shown on tv for drama…

  9. Good morning!

    Haven’t had my coffee yet – so I’ll start with a tweet from Simon on Marriage Equality and Real Housewives tiffs:

    @_______: @SimonvanKempen @SonjatMorgan Marriage Equality episode paid off.so many others can now have “their” special day recognized too! Amazing 🙂

    @SimonvanKempen Well, It didn’t hurt. The irony is that our little tiff meant 40 mins of #RHoNY airtime discussing #MarriageEquality versus 60 seconds if there’d not been a disagreement!

    • Something really great did come out of it
      so maybe i should thank Sonja insted of having been pissed off for what she pulled that day

      nah she still deserved to be told off for the way she treated Alex afterwards

      that being said i do Love me some Sonja again and truth be told who else here welled up when she was talking about her money probleems and you see her fighting back the tears

      • If having 40 minutes of screen time for the event raised awareness enough to make some politicians feel comfortable voting yes – they “right on Sonja”. That said – it’s clear that Alex and Simon are much more engaged in supporting marriage equality. This wasn’t something they were involved in just to get their name in the press – which is why many of us like them so much – they really do care about more than clothes and shoes.

      • FLG says:

        After I ripped Sonja a new one, I took a look at her overall involvement in the Marriage Equality movement and was very pleased with what I found. I publicly apologized to her on her facebook page and found her to be very gracious. I really feel badly for what she is going through right now. I hope she is able to find a livable solution to her financial fiasco. I wish her well.

    • TLM says:

      Plus Simon can now finally leave Alex and propose to Andy. 😉 Sorry, that was just too easy. I’ve seen too many KCS Cougar cartoons!

  10. Mel says:

    Jill embarrassed herself on WWHL. She sounded viscous, desperate, and conniving. When Ramona was on last time she was surprising nice and made no snide and gross remarks about Jill. She said something like…Jill and I have our ups and done but we always get come back to each other. She had a platform to rip Jill to shreds (and rightfully so) but Ramona didn’t. However, Jill spends the entire 30 minutes bashing Romana. The thing I hate about Jill is that she fights dirty!!! Although Romana says off the wall things sometimes, there is no malicious intent on her part. Jill on the other hand is extremely calculating.

    From insinuating that Romana is an alcoholic to stating that Mario assaulted her….Jill just goes too far. Bethenny had it right last year and she called Jill out. When Jill feels slighted she will stop at nothing to try to ruin you. She will NEVER get her fans back, because Jill will never learn from her mistakes. She continues to blame others and never takes responsibility for her actions. She continues to behave the same way, and expects different results. I have yet to hear a SINCERE apology from Jill and feel she will never get her fan base back, because she is soooo transparent.

    P.S I wanted to comment on LUMANN, but every time I start to type I get extremely pissed. Cannot stand this women, she is beginning to take the crown from Jill as the most hated housewife.

    • Remember the lunch last year with B and Jill (the last lunch). J says something like Alex is toxic. B tilts her head and asks incredulously – “Alex is toxic? People are telling me you’re saying the same about me.” JZ gets this “oh shit” look on her face and changes the topic. Priceless. Just because Jill says it doesn’t mean it’s true.

    • essexgirl2286 says:

      I know i constantly want to talk about LuAnn but where does one even start?! i will say i did not appreciate her having jill’s party at chez josephine, there is no way LuAnn in all her haughtiness and elitism would have been a supporter of josephine baker back then or even if she was living and preforming now. I don’t buy it for a second! it just really got under my skin seeing her play besties with the owner/josephine’s son.

    • Shrill and LuManaconda cant hold a candle next to Ramona who though she sometimes sticks her foot in her mouth ,unlike those other 2 vicious vipers,If Ramona sees that something she said really hurt someones feelings you can tell she feels bad about it and trys to fix it

    • FLG says:

      “she is beginning to take the crown from Jill as the most hated housewife.” I think that has been Jillzy’s plan for saving herself this season. I think Countess Squash Blossom High Horse isn’t smart enough to see the approaching bus she is going to be thrown under.

  11. MAMAZ says:

    I brought this over from the last blog. I hope someone can answer this for me.

    I thought Jill was an attractive woman on S1. Now she looks terrible.
    I don’t know anything about cosmetic surgery, can those liquid facelifts cause harm to facial tissue and skin? Before the procedure JZ’s face had the same weird little “dimples” just like I noticed on Tamra during the reunion.

    • It’s filler and botox from what I’ve read. I’m sure there could be patches where it isn’t smooth. That lady rushed through it – – –

    • Here you go:

      “Physicians must avoid injecting Radiesse® too superficially or too close to the mucous membrane in the mouth so that it will not form any visible lumps. If this occurs, Radiesse® should be extracted immediately by the physician. Immediate extraction is typically easy; however, if Radiesse® is injected too superficially and is not extracted immediately, it may be difficult or impossible to extract without excision. These lumps, in some individuals, may persist for an extended period of time, but are very rare among medical practitioners who have extensive experience with Radiesse® procedures.

      If ArteFill® is injected too superficially, then it may form a raised area or ridge along the injection line. If this occurs, ArteFill® should be extracted immediately by the physician. Immediate extraction is typically easy; however, if ArteFill® is not extracted immediately, it can be difficult or impossible to extract without excision. Patients must be skin tested for allergic reactions before undergoing an ArteFill® treatment. Experienced physicians will immediately massage the area of the ArteFill® injection to help avoid any lumping. ArteFill® should only be injected by physicians highly experienced with dermal filler injections because some of the results may be permanent.”

      • FLG says:

        great research housewifeaddict! Good afternoon! I hope you’re having a wonderful day I always look forward to your posts! 8)

      • Cusi77 says:

        Housewifead_ That sound scary!!! Mayor reasons to not do a thing on my face! I prefer to have wrinkles because I have smiled!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I agree that Jill was pleasant to look at during S1.
      IMO, if you are going to have work done then err on the conservative side – Jill didn’t exactly do that and being on tv and in the public eye it is very easy to see before, during and after changes. Jill wearing her gaudy girdle wear, adopting a new and inappropriate (too young) fashion look doesn’t help either. Jill doesn’t look as deformed as some of the plastic centric RHs but she is on the road to major pudding face.

      • FLG says:

        I see a lot of bad work down here in South Florida. Not pretty. Plastic surgery isn’t an area you go looking for a discount…..

      • ms molly says:

        Wouldn’t it be something if by the luck of the draw, the liquid facelift that she got suddenly started hardening or spreading around wrong or something and she ended up resembling Mama Elsa.

        • FLG says:

          Poor Mama Elsa, South Florida’s poster woman for don’t go to a discount plastic surgeon. Thank goodness she still has a sense of humor.

          • quincyil says:

            I read that she went to the same doctor as her daughter. I think it might be fillers to remove wrinkles. She was incredibly beautiful when young, but smoked and baked in the sun. Your skin will loss elasticity.

            I am aging well. That is what the med spa told me on Thurs. LOL.

        • But At Least Elsa has a charming personality to fall back on
          whats Shrill got but Bawby

    • Kats2 says:

      I believe personality has a lot to do with this. We didn’t know Jill in S1 and if you just judge base on what you physically see, she was an attractive lady. But once you get to know a person and you see their true colors, spirit, etc. This impacts how we see them. An ugly personality will always trump any positive physical appearance. And all of this changes the way a person appears to us visually. So in Jill’s case specifically last season, Jill was so vile to Bethenny, her behavior was strong and ugly it didn’t matter how she really looked, all you see it the ugly. Same with Kelly and Luann. Does that make sense?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Very true – personality does affect the way you see someone!

        • MAMAZ says:

          Thank you Housewifeadddict. Her face does look lumpy. So does Tamra’s.

          Kats2 – Personality plays a part. But I am really talking about the quality of her skin and the way she wears her hair, weight gain. Even the way she dresses.

          I think a lot of women believe that the fountain of youth is all about appearance. And can be obtained through surgery, skin creams and shapewear. Really it starts on the inside. The food we put into our bodies and exercise can achieve far better results. Our bodies are designed to operate best using certain fuels. The better your organs function the better you will look.
          Gravity will take it’s toll on all of us but limiting exposure to the sun, drinking lots of water and not smoking go a long way to maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

          • Kats2 says:

            I agree, food the basics are a big part of it.

            I was thinking about how I see Jill today and there is nothing about her I like and it all stems from her ugly personality.

          • FLG says:

            I agree. Gravity and I aren’t on the best of terms right now….. 8)

          • HW Addict says:

            I agree completely. I am an esthetician and I always discuss diet and exercise with my clients. I do not believe in Botox or fillers. Limit sun exposure, don’t smoke and limit alcohol consumption. Take a good multi-vitamin and flax seed oil capsules I recommend flax seed oil over fish oil because I have had many clients end up with vitamin A toxicity from the fish oil, not to mention the chance of mercury in your fish oil. MOVE every day, preferably outside, weather permitting, w/sunscreen, of course! I live in NE Pennsylvania so I break out the ski mask as soon as the weather turns cold when I walk, wind burn is just as bad as sun burn! Slip on a satan pillow case and try to stay on your back while you sleep. And, for goodness sake, don’t sleep in your make-up!!! Get a good facial every 30 to 45 days that focuses on massage, it’s like yoga for your face. Massage stimulates collagen production and increases micro-circulation, realxes your facial muscles. I refer to my facial massage as “natural botox”. I have been able to rid clients of saggy chins and have seen brows lift as though surgery was involved from my facials. A great facial consists of a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extensive massage and a good mask to complete. For sun damage TCA peels are excellent!!! If you do all that I mention you can throw out all your expensive creams and lotions. I formulate cleansing oils for all my clients and have them exfoliate with baking soda made into a paste once a week, brilliant for blackheads! Moisturize with any product that is paraben free. Just because a product is expensive does not mean it’s better. You’re usually paying for advertising and packaging. There have also done studies that show Botox migrates to the brain…hmmmm, could that be the real issue here with these “ladies”????

            BTW : Congratulations Lynn and Quincy and all you witty, wonderful posters on your mention on RHONY!!! I just found this blog a little while ago and have mentioned before that it gave me hope for the human race!!! Thank you!!!

            • Cusi77 says:

              Thank you HW Addict! Wonderful advice and I totally agree with you “A place like this gives hope for the human race!”

    • Nancy says:

      Botox is a neuro toxin that damages the junction between the nerve and the mussel union. That is what causes the “dimples” you mentioned . She also has what is called
      “lid lag” to her left eyelid. Look at Jill’s TH shots. One eye doesn’t open like the other one. She needs to cool it for a while or she’ll be sorry.

      • Nancy says:

        muscle sorry

      • MAMAZ says:

        That’s terrible! She doesn’t need a surgeon she needs a nutritionist!

        • The droop is a common side effect of botox.

          • MAMAZ says:

            Damn. Does anyone know what the long term side effects from Botox are? The droop and lumps are enough to scare me away. I’ll keep my little crowsfeet thank you very much.

            • The lumps could be long term because they are filler injected in the wrong place (not deep enough). I think Botox wears off eventually.

              I guy good face cream from the drug store (the anti-aging one) with sunscreen. It has helped with my wrinkles – and I haven’t had any side effects. 🙂

            • Kukulet says:

              If you want to see what Botox can do to a person, take a look at a recent Priscilla Presley photo. Part of her issue was “bad” Botox, but also abusing it. Very sad. She was aging beautifully before she started goofing with Botox.

              • maryla says:

                Poor Priscilla Presley. She was so beautiful. I bet she wishes she had botox. Botox wears off. She had industrial silicone injected — it is in there for good — and if they try to remove it, she could suffer nerve damage. She’s stuck looking like that. The guy who did that to her, a disreputable plastic surgeon who visited the “homes of the stars” for treatments, did time in jail (maybe still in jail?) for injecting the stuff, which was not approved for use in humans.

                • TLM says:

                  Exactly — you can definitely overdo Botox, but when that happens it’s generally temporary. It was the bad silicone that did Priscilla in. I couldn’t believe she would be willing to do something so radical and dangerous with her face. She used to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. It is sad.

            • FLG says:

              Botox can potentially be fatal. There was a plastic surgeon here in Fort Lauderdale who was mixing his own brew. He used a fresh batch on a husband and wife, then on himself. The husband and wife both died and he nearly did. He has been charged with murder but to my knowledge the case hasn’t been heard in court yet.

              • Mimisfbay says:

                Was it because the b stands for botulism? Isn’t that the formula? One hell of a poison right? I remember my grandmother warning against some canned vegies because botulism killed so many people in the early 1900’s. Now people inject that crap into their faces for paralysis? Groan.

                Where is Katherine Hepburn when we need her? I think she used vaseline as a cream every night or some such thing. She said “Well, they use it to keep leather soft…” paraphrasing here.

                • HW Addict says:

                  Vaseline does not hydrate but it does form a barrier to trap you skin’s moisture. The molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. I do not recommend it. It can cause major issues. Katherine Hepburn was quite wrinkled, her bone structure saved her from looking like a melted candle. I am an estitician and have posted above all you need to do to look your best naturally and age with grace without looking like something that got off Dr. Frankenstien’s table!

                • FLG says:

                  Gloria Swanson was another who aged beautifully. Nutrition and some creams were her secrets if I recall correctly.

        • Kats2 says:

          All the diet coke she drinks is doing major damage.

  12. klmh says:

    A smile for your day. World’s guiltiest dog:

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      lol – dogs just can’t lie!

    • VAgirl says:

      That is so so funny. I sent it to all my relatives. We are all dog lovers!

    • California35 says:

      So cute 🙂

    • klmh says:

      I loved this too. My great Pyrenees did that this morning. One of the kittehs bowls was on the back porch, empty of course, and I feed them in a different part of the yard. I opened the door and gave her the look. She smiled just like this guilty cutey and put her tail down, then turned around because she couldn’t look at me anymore. Such a wonderful girl, I just love her.

  13. “ManRule Reality Show Failure- Don’t fear Auto Tune or clubs named Firehouse, FirePole or some variation of a Fireman and Mustache, Bears v. Twinks themes, it’s Bravo, it’s a safe place.”

    Just the fact that Rich knows what a bear vs twink theme is makes me love him even more
    Sorry Mary i always look but don’t touch so you don’t have a thing to worry about LOL

    ill say it again had Rich been on the show more,it would have been picked up for a second season

    • klmh says:

      I agree. He and Mary were the bright spots, imo.

      • Serioulsy I would watch a show based on thier family

        • Kats2 says:

          I’d check it out.

        • klmh says:

          Anymore, I think they are too likable for the Bravo line-up. They are too normal, they have a wonderful agenda to promote their charity instead of themselves, and they have integrity and class, unlike any other housewife family in either OC, NF, or NY. Maybe Lisa on BH, but I’m reserving judgment on her.
          The Amon’s would certainly be a pleasure to watch, imoaw.

    • nic says:

      I’d much rather have a new season of DC without the Salami’s than another NYC or NJ season! In all fairness, Bravo should have given them one more chance without the show being hijacked. Speaking of Salami- has anyone seen this? http://www.nbcchicago.com/entertainment/music/124489979.html

      • VAgirl says:

        Is that the one of Michele in her Zebra dress? If so, I think I’ll pass. Yuck!

      • Kats2 says:

        I think Cat needs to be with a stronger cast and around people she can put in their place. So IF Luann is back next season, as long as Cat is there to give her hell I don’t care.

        • LynnSoCal says:

          I can’t get on board the Cat train. The NYHW show is so ugly and mean. Why add someone even more rude and foul mouthed? Also, she’s not reallyrolling in dough either. Her social history is sketchy to say the least. When your claim to fame is drunkenly smashing faces w a much younger royal, I think there’s a problem. I find her to be just abrasive and common. DC was cancelled for more reasons than just the Salimies Mary Aamons way over consumed the wine, acted her daughter’s age. Who puts a lock on their closet to prevent their child from taking her clothes? There’s a reason you’re the parent. Linda, meh, can’t even remember AfAm couple’s name. How soon we forget. I enjoy Rich’s writing on occasion but that’s my limit.

          • Kats2 says:

            The only reason is so she could go after Luann like she did on WWHL. If the vile bitches are back (Jill Luann Kelly and loser smelly new girl Cindy) I just want them to add someone who will fight back. It will still be a total train-wreck but would provide some satisfaction.

          • TLM says:

            Agree on Cat, but I liked Rich and Mary a lot. I just found them likeable, if flawed, and neither seemed to have a mean bone in their body. I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard for Mary to remember to just shut her closet door, but I think there was a whole odd codependent thing going on there. I wish I had her closet and her figure!!

          • FLG says:

            I’m all aboard the Cat train, especially if we can guide whom she eviscerates. I’m usually pretty kindhearted, but I’d been wanting to tell Countess Squash Blossom High Horse off since her first episode, so there is a copious amount of pent up emotion I hold against her. I found Cat’s appearance on WWHL just enough to whet my appetite for more. I could grow tired of it quickly, but I’m willing to take that chance. I can always fast forward or turn it off completely.

          • klmh says:

            I agree. Cat is mean, that is true, but she isn’t the one to put Luann in her place. Even Bethany couldn’t do it. Im not sure who she respects enough to listen to, but as Jill said, she’s condescending etc., but doesn’t care.
            As I mentioned before, when Alex called her rude with the shoe remark, it at least slowed her down. She will talk over anyone and then pompously walk away with a superior attitude. That’s Luann.

    • nathania says:

      for real…. I so did not catch that, that is pretty unusual for a straight man.

  14. Kats2 says:

    Have you heard from Alex and Simon since the episode/blog mention aired? As of today, do you know if Jill and Bobby still think they are connected to your blog or did that get resolved? Are Alex and Jill on good terms now or still issues?

    I recall there was a point when Simon was being kind to Kelly and Jill on twitter and this caused the uproar over that brilliant fake Kelly twitter account. If I remember correctly Simon was trying to help Kelly and many us didn’t like that. I’m trying to put it all in perspective because the timing of all of this is off. What we are watching and responding to now is stuff that was filmed previously, like us all the HW’s are watching it and I’m sure getting some surprises. They are rehashing and reopening wounds. But I thought there was a big come together of all the NYC HW’s and some kind of truce where they were all getting along after filming???

    • @Kats – Simon helping Kelly with her twitter account – and the uproar from fans happened in February or so – I think Q linked to it in yesterday’s blog. These events were taking place in early December. In late November WSL was invited to a party at Simon and Alex’s house and wrote a guest blog (Nov 20th). Two weeks later Bobby confronts Simon about his involvement with this blog – I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

      • Kats2 says:

        Yes, I know it’s no coincidence. But I recall a truce and while we are all responding to what we are watching now and the reunion is rehashing it all. How do they really feel today about each other? We know Jill and Ramona are still fighting. What about Alex and Simon with the rest of the cast members.

        • Or sorry – misread what you were asking. I suppose the biggest hint to where they are today is in their blogs and what gets leaked to page 6. I think there is still a partial truce between Silex and Jill – but all out war between Jill and Ramona. The question in my mind is – is the war between Jill and Ramona real or just for ratings??? What’s it over again?? Ramona bringing Alex to a wedding and not telling Jill?????

          • Happymouth says:

            Jill talked about Ramona yesterday with her sister on the radio show. Both Jill and her sister had very negative remarks about Ramona. They talk about her excessive drinking, called her a tramp, and Jill stated that she will never trust Ramona for ruining her Kodak deal and how she ruined her attempt to make up with Betheney.. In my opinion, Lisa is just as toxic as Jill and enables Jills deploreable behavior. Lisa introduces Jill as the ” star of the real housewives” and she uses her show as a venue to help Jill rip Alex and Ramona apart . I am stunned that Lisa claims to be a ” professional” she acts like a two year old.

            • I agree with you about Lisa. I think the Zarins/Kamens/Wexlers are a bunch of enablers. Jill will never change because she is surrounded by people who never hold her accountable for her actions. I am still surprised that Jill is blaming Ramona for ruining her attempt to make up with Bethenny. She fails to remember that Ramona was the one who tried to get them to make up. Jill has selective memory.

              • FLG says:

                Typical Jillzy. She blames Ramona over the Kodak deal. Yes, Ramona made her comment about Kodak being an obsolete company, but Jill could have saved the day if she had known Kodak’s products and said something like: “The Kodak company is undergoing a renewal, just like you Ramona. You would be amazed at the wonderful products they are introducing this year.” etc., etc. Jill may have been able to keep her deal (if it was as lucrative as Jill says-we only have Jill’s word to go on regarding that) but in my opinion what killed the deal was Jill and HER OWN behavior. Last season ended with her being very unlikable. Are there any other companies that have offered her endorsement deals?? I don’t count the “BB&B already on clearance” as an endorsement deal because that was more of a “Jill Zarin is a designer” product line. Bottom line, she’s lazy except when a camera is rolling.

            • mariareads says:

              Perhaps Jill had better be careful. She went on a radio show and intimated she was a drunk and a tramp? Sounds like a lawyer would like to get involved in this.

              • Happymouth says:

                I think a lawyer getting involved is a great idea. I am surprised that Lisa is a lawyer and she does not feel what she is doing is wrong.

                • There is a difference between morally wrong and illegal. The threshold for legal is much higher – and because Ramona is a public personality the threshold for libel is very high.

                  One thing to consider – while Jill lost her Kodak deal, Ramona’s wine is selling well. After all the digs LuLu has made about designers on the show – I wonder if any of these ladies will get freebies next year. They seem to cut off their nose to spite their face.

                  • dsc60 says:

                    you are correct, that bar is higher, but they still can’t say things that are outright lies. the drunk comment may be hard to dispute, but a tramp? they would have to prove that she was one to prevail. and were there damages, that’s another issue.

                  • FLG says:

                    I’m sure Louis Vuitton is rushing to design a line of horse shoes for her….. 8)

            • Kats2 says:

              That is really sick. So Jill and her vile sister can talk on the radio and say theses horrible things about Ramona, is that air wave bullying?

              • Caitlin says:

                If course it is, but here’s the diff: we don’t see/hear Ramona whining and crying about it, or making up stories, or running to page 6, or “mean tweeting,” or indulging in any other “Jill tactics.” They can call her crazy all they want, but Ramona is not descending to Jill and LuAnn’s level/. She’s getting on with her life, and running to the bank to deposit all those wine sale profits!

                • Caitlin says:

                  And let me also add that the more successful Ramona is, the more the Mean Girls will try to destroy her. Justifiable success, to them, is truly the worst sin of all!

            • lillybee says:

              How dare they call Ramona a tramp?

            • Golden Girl says:

              Thank you Happymouth ITA Lisa is just as bad as JIll.

            • Carly says:

              No Way! They did not! Is this on her stupid sister’s show? I don’t even know where that airs. Can anyone tell me? I would be happy to get a comment from station management about this if anyone can direct me to the stream of the show (if there is one).

              • Happymouth says:

                it is on Jills twitter from yesterday………..Jill is usually on friday at 5:30. Two weeks ago they played the song “The lady is a tramp” they said both Alex and Ramona were tramps. Yesterday they said nasty things about Ramona. Here is her tweet with the information. Jill usually gets to speak for a half an hour and she answers questions from her “fans” that call in. Listen to lisawexler.com @lisawexler right now for who made my dress last night. If you miss it…you will have to wait for newsletter!
                Jillzarin Jill Zarin
                Listen to @lisawexler radio show now live on your computer. Lisawexler.com and click listen live. Call in 203-845-3044 at 530. Best show!
                Hope this helps !

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I have not heard from Alex or Simon since the episode aired and this is just my opinion, I don’t think that Jill and Bobby truly believe that Simon is “involved” with the blog. We’ve not hidden anything, Jill knows exactly what you all know and what I explained in yesterday’s blog. I’ve met them twice and Tweet to them or an occasional email. They’ve never given me information about the show in advance other that what I’ve told you all. (I asked Alex about Cindy before the show aired and Alex told me Cindy was a complainer, wow was she right!)

      I think that Jill wants to paint Simon as a cyber bully and she’s using this blog to do that. Just like Jill did last season, she had a plan, if she could tie Simon to the “hate blog” she would gain sympathy. She realized on Thursday that all she’s done is to promote the blog so for the last two days she’s tried to say that Simon tweets mean things to her. Which is it Jillzy?

      This also goes to prove that Jill is completely insincere in her “make up” with Alex, Jill wouldn’t go after Simon if she was all good with Alex.

  15. WindyCityWondering says:

    One of the biggest problems I have with RHNY, specifically the brunettes, is that there is never an apology for hurting feelings or an admission that their behavior was untoward in any way. LuAnaconda can not admit that she lacks manners, that she is a horrible hostess or that she can learn anything from anyone else! Jill believes that she can act the way she does because other people deserve to be treated with neither respect or admiration. Kelly is mean and stupid and that combo is so not hot! Cindy chose the wrong team instead of being neutral her rookie year – but she is also boring, prone to lying and knows she will be in trouble if she wanted to defect Team Jill. So because Jill elected to continue with her team mentality when she had the opportunity to unite the cast, she needs to be the first RHNY to get the boot!

    • What did Jill say on WWHL – that she told LuLu that she was condescending and rudde during the reunion – but LuLu didn’t care. None of them seem to have a conscience. That’s why I like Atlanta. They know when they’ve been crummy – well except at the end with NeNe and her fit on the tour bus when she went off the deep end. But the rest of them try to see both sides a little. It makes them far more likeable than OC, NJ (except Jaq) or NY brunettes.

  16. floridagirl88 says:

    By my numbers, you have gotten over 40,000 hits since Thursday. Is this right? Wow.

  17. WindyCityWondering says:

    Ramona has a good heart and never wanted to believe Jill was a vile as she really is…now that Jill has turned her nastiness on Ramona….so Ramona has to decide what type of relationship she will have going forward with Jill. IMO – Ramona will never apologize to Jill for putting her guests first on SJVI and Jill will never admit that the genuine reaction she got when she showed up was warranted. Ramona will be nice on the show and avoid the Zarins in real life, while Jill will continue to attempt to destroy the Singers via rumors, blogs, tweets, etc. And while I haven’t said it in awhile – I still hate Jill Zarin!

    • nathania says:

      I think one problem Ramona has is that she doesn’t really hold onto anything. She just gets over it. She has the courage of her convictions, no doubt, but she is innately happy and satisfied with her life. You can see it in her interview clips, she is calmer and more peaceful. She and Jill are complete opposites. Jill never, ever forgets a slight, and if one doesn’t happen, she makes it up. Jill, I imagine, would wait years to get revenge on someone if she had to.

      Plus it’s very possible that Ramona has a version of Jill in her head that was in existence 20 years ago but does not exist in any form now. So she is in a friendship with a memory, and she keeps getting blindsided by the nasty evil shrew that Jill has evolved into.

      • dsc60 says:

        i agree, Ramona has the attitude of water off a duck’s back. i don’t see that as a problem though. who wants all those nasty feelings to stew inside them. that’s the way you turn into a Jill.

        • nathania says:

          I should have clarified, it’s only a problem with regards to Jill…because she gets blindsided by Jill holding on to this crap for 17 years. She’s never prepared for it because she herself lets it go, like you said, water off a ducks back. I think that has to do with the fact that she is such a street fighter in a confrontation. Generally when you can attack back, in the moment, and feel good about it, it’s easier to let it go.

  18. kbinldo says:

    Before I heard the news out of NY, my friend texted me pictures of the twin boys she & her wife had earlier in the day! Yes, you heard me right—she & her wife!! One of these days (the sooner the better), gay marriage will be recognized nationwide. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be now, except for the howling troglodytes.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I read a really good article the other day and I can’t find it now. It was written by a man who graduated from Yale Divinity School. He explained that there is only one explanation in the Bible as to WHY homosexuality is “wrong”. It was something about it being unnatural, the same as long hair on a man. The author says while one of these is taken as a fundamental truth the other is ignored as a cultural issue. The comments section was fascinating. People were furious, telling him he’d better go back and read his Bible again, blah,blah, blah.
      I wish I could find it, I’d love to link to it on here.

    • it is amazing isnt it
      only in this country would they do it state by state and then repeal it over and over in other states
      I voted for Obama but when i hear him say things like he is watching it evolve he doesnt realize he is part of the problem
      grow a pair and actually take a stand one way or the other

      • nathania says:

        I can’t figure out how it is constitutional that gay marriage be recognized in one state and invalid when you drive over the state line. that’s a bit much, I am all for states rights when it comes to selling fireworks and smoking a doobie, but something that impacts individual citizens as much as taking a day trip to the beach and risking not being able to see my spouse in the hospital if we have a car accident, or not having power over medical decisions, etc etc etc, the list just goes on and on.

        honestly I try not to think about it because I get too angry, that this has to be done on a state to state basis. it’s insulting and it trivializes the importance of it. Either I have right to be married in all states in my country or wtf is my country trying to tell me?

        Obama, I don’t think, has a whole lot of love for the gays. I never believed this. I think he looks at the ‘gay issue’ as more of a hemorrhoid on his butt than anything else.

        • FLG says:

          “more of a hemorrhoid on his butt than anything else” ROFL if only preparation H would get the job done…….

  19. We Can Never Be Friends says:

    I keep thinking about Bethenny and what she thinks about this show since she escaped it. I think she thinks it jumped the shark on Scary Island and I do too.

    • Bethenny knew where Jill was headed and got out of there. She has an empire to build and a family to raise. She doesn’t want to be stuck in the petty snarking timewarp. I imagine it is very stressful not knowing when the next Jill Zarin attack will hit.

      • California35 says:

        If Jill wasn’t how she is, I think they would still be in contact. Jill just wanted more and that ruined it. Bethenny was already busy before last season, and she had no time for Jill. Bethenny is waaaaaay more busy now, so there would be even less time. Still though, I think that Bethenny would have made some time to meet with her once in a while like normal people do. I have friends who I used to hang out with all the time, that I don’t now…some understood some didn’t…I still get to gather with some of them. Most of them will understand sooner or later. Bethenny would have tried for SURE, but before she could Jill was saying it wasn’t enough, and even started creating issues for her. We all saw what happened….let me tell you that even those friends that didn’t understand why I could hang out with them as much, and even if they made a few remarcs, they did NOT act like Jill. Guess what? I still talk to those friends, we get together when we can, we talk about those times when we could hang out, missing those time, but happy for each others successes.

        Jill ruined it – I hope she eventually understands that, and let it go at the same time trying not to do the same to others.

        • dsc60 says:

          when Jill first got bent out of shape about Bethenny not being around as much, Bethenny was busy on a book tour. months later when Jill was peddling, or attempting to, that “book” she “co-wrote” and was on her book tour i saw a message on her facebook page that she felt so bad that she had neglected friends and family because she was soooo busy hopping from city to city. she said she had a lot of catching up to do. i wonder how many of Jill’s friends and family tormented her for it. probably not many because most normal people would understand, but it would have been diplomatic justice even many of them did. i just thought the nerve of Jill. i doubt Jill even made the connection but i did try to post about it on her facebook page. it was probably deleted before she ever saw it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo had plans for Bethenny that would remove her from the housewife hemisphere. What Bravo didn’t count on was the acceptance of Bethenny’s show that gave her the power to say no to either a return or talking heads only on the stinkfest Jill turned RHNY into! Bethenny can be a bitch but she owns it and Bethenny has detractors but she doesn’t fight with them.
      Jill logic is one of either you love me or I will hurt you because you don’t. Jill may not be a bad person at her core but she is definately not emotionally mature because she fights like a middle school mean girl.

    • Kats2 says:

      Bethenny is so lucky she got out when she did, Bethenny is so above these other HW’s. Jill and Kelly are so jealous of Bethenny they can’t see straight.

      • Bethenny is very very lucky that she was marketable enough to get her own show. I’m sure Silex would jump if given the same opportunity. Who would want to be stuck on a toxic sinking ship – yet it still is a national show so it’d be hard to leave without something else to go to.

        • and i think that Silex having thier own show would be just as much fun as Bethennys is
          Bravo needs to wake up to the fact that the veiwers are sick of the non stop bitch fest and wants a bunch of happier shows to create more of a ballance

      • tc says:

        @Kats2 That is the absolute truth. Their jealousy is uncomfortably obvious. The kicker is that these two don’t see it in themselves. Jealous people are the most vile and scary types of people around.

  20. PJ says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Kelly’s biggest delusion is in thinking she is nice. Kelly is the meanest most vicious of them all Jill included and therefore the most hypocritical. Saying on camera that she feels sorry for Avery was just one of the meanest things Kelly has said. My guess is that Avery doesn’t feel that way and is upset by Kelly saying that. Worse though is that when you attack a parent you really are also attacking the child as well, what Kelly said was in no real way supportive of Avery.

    My daughter and I have had our disagreements as most mothers and daughters do but if someone said the same thing Kelly said my daughter would be upset as I’m sure Avery must be.

    At least Ramona and Mario had the brains to stay at the party and give some supervision unlike Loomann countess of the toilet seat. Who in their right minds leaves a group of teenagers to be supervised by strangers who really have no vested interest in making sure the teenagers are ok?

    Mostly I have to ask myself why I watch this show. Why am I watching people, inviting them into my home every week, people who I wouldn’t dream of associating with in real life? These women are not enviable, they have no clue how to be real friends, and all they do is cut one another to shreds. They are nasty, mean, vicious, delusional, and crazy. Low class snobs, with not an ounce of humility or manners between them. At least when Bethenny was on the show she provided a voice of reason that cut through the crap these horrible women spew out. Alex is almost the voice of reason but her inability to stand up to these shrews stands in her way. I have to say though that the written word is Alex’s sword of truth, no one can match her there. Without Alex having a blog to say what we were all thinking each week and to fill us in on details that were missed by the camera this show would suck more than it already does. I think the reason the women can’t stand Simon is that he is almost Bethenny. By that I mean that Simon can stand up to them and he can tell it like it is, although he mostly tries to be a gentleman. I say unleash Simon on these delusional horror stories.

    Just where do these bullies get off calling other people bullies? Kelly is herself the biggest bully of all followed by Jill and Loomann countess of the can. I suppose standing up to these three counts as bulling in their limited view of things. But the fact that they throw this word around so easily shows just what horrible bullies they really are.

    After this season I’m done with RHNY. I stopped watching all the other franchises and now it’s time to stop watching this one too. I can’t take these people any longer. There is no fun in this show, Bethenny left and took all the fun with her. I think it would be fun to watch Alex but I think she is not edited well. Bravo must think all people want is the drama, maybe they are right. But to me some humanity mixed with the drama would be refreshing. All drama all the time is too much. You need your mean characters yes, but it helps to have the nice ones to balance things out. Not enough screen time is given to the nice ones to bring any balance to this show.

    All the above is just my opinion.

    • MAMAZ says:

      PJ – I’m sure Avery felt terrible about having her normal teen age feelings about her parents being at her party twisted into a weapon against her mother.
      Kelly is a horrible person.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kelly is a very mean girl – she is accepted by the other mean girls – this makes them all believe they are not mean because they all behave the same way.
      If Avery confided in Kelly about behavior that would put herself in harm’s way – then a conversation with Ramona would be in order. Can you imagine if someone said to Kelly that her amazingly, brilliant and wonderful girls were doing something that would cause that parent concern? Kelly would go ballistic and kill the messenger for interferring or inferring that her daughters were in need of parental guidance and/or intervention! Kelly is crazy but she is also mean!

    • Kelly’s biggest delusion is she thinks Santa is going to fix everything 🙂

    • California35 says:

      Great post and you made le lol when you mentioned Luanne lol

    • kitkat says:

      Truly evil people try to come between a mother and a child. I’m so sure Kelly has Avery’s interests at heart. How DARE she?! She who lies and cries about how awful Betheny was to put her kids in the press! She is the WORST human being.

    • Error404 says:

      One of the things that really drives me crazy about Kelly’s bullying is how often she touches people to gain control. She’s very physical and will often grab the arms of people who are trying to get away from her. Either that, or she shifts positions a lot so she’s always in your face. It’s really vile. it actually bugs me more than nene.

      • nathania says:

        yep, she’s a bully from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back.

        she and Lou ann both bully in the same way.

        my guess is that it started with being a tall girl in grade school, where they learned they could intimidate people with height. you have to have an innate mean streak, which both of them do. but both lou ann and kelly do an awful lot of physical bullying, by touching, leaning into people’s space, standing up to their full height with chins angled up, etc, just a bunch of psychological crap they learned so long ago they don’t even realize that bullying is what they are doing. they just like the way it makes them feel. kelly hangs around with lou ann because apparently she’s been sheltered all her life from her own stupidity and bethenny is the one that had to bring it screaming out into the light of day, kelly bit off more than she could chew with bethenny.

        that’s also why it was hysterical to me that Mario grabbed her and moved her physically over to the cabana seating at Avery’s party…he was saying ” i’m NOT letting you start some b.s. about my wife and daughter even if I have to shove your face into the satin bench covers”.

      • mugzy says:

        My buddy from NY said that Kelly is always partying in clubs with kids in their early 20’s. I guess they all flock around her and she thinks she is the “Belle of the Ball”. I bet its because she feels as though these are the only people who wil listen to her babble which probably makes her feel she has something resembling a brain!

        • nathania says:

          totally believable. Kelly is very age-phobic…she does not want to look older or act older than 27 it seems.

          It also makes it very easy to believe there is something chemical behind her erratic behavior and mood swings.

      • PJ says:

        It does make you wonder about the charges filed against Kelly doesn’t it? I mean she does put her hands on people as you pointed out.

        All I can say is that if Kelly put her hands on me like she did with Alex in Morocco basically pushing Alex out of the dining room like she did, Kelly would have been wearing the plate of food Alex was holding. I know Alex has a lot of class but no one should ever put their hands on someone like Kelly did. That was classic bulling, there is no other way to take that and there is never any excuse to treat someone like that. It was really sick and sickening to watch.

        • tc says:

          @PJ. This is uncanny. I said the same thing to my husband that if Kelly had physically tried to move me out of a room I would have decked her. I just felt so sorry for Alex holding her glass of wine and little plate of lettuce. It was so offensive to me even as a viewer. Kelly makes me think of a big dumb gorilla. But I am sure the gorillas have more smarts. Don’t get me started on Luman. They way she barked at Ramona when she walked into the room that ‘this isn’t the plaza!’ Really? She wouldn’t let her explain her misunderstanding. It’s all so far beyond simple consideration for another person. Was it that big of a deal? I wish she could be knocked off her pretend pedestal. There is something about her that makes me want to go straight for the jugular.

    • omg you said everything that i have been thinking
      plus if Simon were a woman i think it would be more acceptable for him to voice his opinions on those trash bags

      • PJ says:

        Honestly I don’t care if Simon is a woman or not, these women can dish it out they should be able to take it. I say have at it Simon. Make Simon a HW and let him go toe to toe with these women. That just might save this show because it is sadly lacking.

    • dsc60 says:

      and Kelly is not judgmental AT ALL, remember? not AT ALL! she is such a whack job. everything she claims to be she is actually the opposite. i can’t stand Kelly. i can’t stand Luann OR jill OR cindy AT ALL – but i think Kelly turns my stomach the most out of any of them and that’s saying a lot!

  21. Saved A Wench Like Me says:

    Lynn..u rock!!!! You are exactly right…people. need to get a sense of humor and not be so intense. Maybe some people would rather u name your blog….I loathe JZ……l want to barf everytime I hear JZ voice and outright hypocrisy……or myfave..JZ is a …(INSERT INSULT HERE) If you put yourself out there and act like she does then get authentic like her buddy Kelly……(that’s a joke for the humor deprived) Thank u for not caving.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And yet many people are here because they googled, “I hate Jill Zarin”! So is it the name of the blog or the feelings of the viewers/posters here that really offend Jill? It would be funny to go to a blog named “I love Jill Zarin” only to find it full of hate towards her.

      • Kerry Okie says:

        “It’s never about what it’s about.” Jill keeps changing her story, spinning it. I think she’s mad because she can’t manipulate us into believing what she wants us to believe, so she must discredit us, somehow, anyhow.

        • Nancy says:

          Thats so true. We are driving Shrill over the ledge. I bet she talks about us 24/7 and it is driving Bobby CRAZY and that is why he spoke to Simon. It wasn’t for Jill it was for him!
          This site has been here for years. Why all of a sudden is Bobby bringing it up?

        • I’m sure it bugs her that we’re real people – expressing real feelings. She can’t even keep her minions in line – and she pays them!

    • Caitlin says:

      Love your “handle”! I was hysterical when Melissa sang that song with the wrong lyric!

  22. floridagirl88 says:

    For your Saturday morning entertainment, Michale Salami’s new video:http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowldc/salahi-slaughters-gay-zebra-drops-track-in-miami_b43087
    It’s not just awful, but kind of fun to watch. My apologies if this has already been posted.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She has no voice or ability to even bounce to the beat! And what is with the outfit and shoes? At least her pimp husband wasn’t a back up singer/dancer!

    • Mookies1mom says:

      I couldn’t even make it through the whole thing! That was…I have no words. Thanks for the link though! It was fun to see her make an a@@ of herself.

      • Cusi77 says:

        My cousin with “MS” would be soooooo happy to see what a woman with more than 17 years of suffering MS can do!!! (Yes, is sarcasm!)

  23. FLG says:

    I would like to thank Lynn, Quincy and all of the posters who make this such a great place to be. I read the blog from time to time, long before I garnered up the courage to post on it. When I decided to join in, I made the conscious choice to not be closeted and let my gayness be known. I was unsure of the reception I would receive, but felt reasonably confident that I was in pretty safe territory here. You all have been gracious, supportive, friendly, respectful (even when we don’t agree) and welcoming. For this and so many other reasons too long to list, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
    To New York state: I thank you for granting full marriage rights to your citizens. May the beacon you have illuminated spread across this land of ours, so that we ALL the people can participate fully and enjoy the liberties and responsibilities that citizenship grants and requires of us. Although I do not live in New York, your decision to uphold the ideal that ALL PEOPLE are created equal has warmed my heart and given me hope that the movement that began at the Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969 has not ended and is now undergoing a new beginning. It was largely our Drag Queens who fought back. As a gay man I have never personally donned drag and as a sub group of my gay community you have often been treated poorly and unfairly. Today, what you began cements your now heroic place in history. I salute you! May you receive the respect of the gay community you have so richly earned. There is no place for bigotry especially against our own. I will remember yesterday as the day that this blog was lit on fire (the good way) and some of my people became free at last. Perhaps one day I, too, will be a first class citizen in my own state and country. Let Freedom Ring! Rant over.

    • MAMAZ says:

      FLG – That was beautiful. I’m very choked up right now.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      FLG, you are just too cool for school! You have added a voice that is on target and cracks me up on a regular basis. Glad you are here, glad you found your voice and I wish only happiness and equality for you and yours.

    • Rhetorica says:

      FLG., so happy for all of US! We’ll be at your wedding soon:)

    • Nancy says:

      Like I said yesterday I will play my cello at your wedding.
      I just need Quincy and her piano to come on board.
      I am so happy for you. I pray California will be next. 🙂

      • Nancy says:

        May I forward your post to Bobby Zarin to let him know about all the “hating” that goes on in this site?

      • Mimisfbay says:

        Me too! I am so sad that my home state is still in the dark ages. We had a brief shining moment or two and then the Mormon’s and Christianists went on a rampage and Californians caved or, worse, didn’t vote.

        FLG, your blog post is so insightful and lovely. Thanks for that really gorgeous post. My hope is that everyone will have marriage equality. By the way the most fun I have is reading your posts.

    • Kats2 says:

      FLG that’s great, thank you for sharing. This is another example of why I love it here.

    • quincyil says:

      You are gay? When did that happen? rotfl

    • AZ Girl says:

      We are glad you are here.

    • FlowerPower says:

      FLG, LOVE having you here!!! I sincerely hope that one day (SOON) the rest of the country gives you and yours the respect you deserve and we can all celebrate your wedding.

      • FlowerPower says:

        Though I understand your frustration with our country at the moment, we need people like you–passionate, articulate and brave–to stay and continue to speak up for what it right.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      As always I seem to be late here. But that was awesome! You always crack me up and you have given me great advice! I would love to dance at your wedding with you and your hubby! And Mr. Tigre too! I’m so glad that you took the leap into commenting. I know when I first commented I was nervous too. But everyone gave me a warm welcoming. I hope you felt that way too! Gay, straight, black, white or covered in polka dots love knows no boundaries.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks for the great post FLG! I don’t think that I ever properly welcomed you to the blog and I apologize for that, I’ve been enjoying your posts a lot! I think I speak for us all here when I say you’ve enriched the blog and all of our lives by joining us, and of course made us all laugh! xoxo Lynn

      • FLG says:

        Thank you so very much for making this lovely wayward home for Bravo reality show viewers!

    • hoping both your state and mine finally pass it
      is that big closet case still in Power in florida hes as bad as our asshole Christie who has publicly stated that he doesnt care how it gets voted he will veto it as long as he is in office
      I say thats good enough reason to get him OUT of office

      • FLG says:

        I am pleased to say that Charlie “closet case” Crist is no longer holding public office in
        Flori-duh even having had the help of the Zarin’s Hamptons fund raiser (he served his two terms as Governor and was running for the Senate first as a Republican and when he failed to get the nomination he ran as an independent (double-loser). Unfortunately we went from bad to worse with a fellow named Rick Scott. I’m sure he’ll fit nicely within Jill’s fabulous circle of friends.

      • FLG says:

        Good riddance to bad rubbish. Christie’s gotta go.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Cheers to you FLG!

    • Plymouth Lighthouse says:

      I will clap for you…

  24. ms molly says:

    Congratulations Lynn and Q. As you all probably know I rarely post (mainly because someone has already said exactly what I was thinking) but this is the first stop I make when getting set up for the day to do my own work. This blog is such a pleasure to read because of all the honesty and “tell it like it is” posters that accumulate here. I actually found this blog in it’s infancy when I was surfing through other blogs that I knew about randomly and one of them referenced your blog. Needless to say that day it went into my “favorites” and from that day on the rest is history. Thank you.
    Oh, and as Phaedra says – “If people ain’t talking bout you, you ain’t relevant. So you go girl!!

  25. 🙂 One of my daughter’s best friends came out on facebook yesterday. Takes a lot of courage for a 20 year old girl! I’m happy to say she has received nothing but love and support.

    • This was meant to post under FLG post above 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Good for her 🙂

    • Rhetorica says:

      HWaddict, I taught that generation until last Dec. They really are compassionate. So glad for her!

    • HWA thats awesome

      silly me i came out in high school …in the 70’s

      clearly not the smartest thing i ever did
      we all know what high school was like

    • FLG says:

      I congratulate her. It does take a lot of courage and internal struggle and she will be healthier embracing who she is. It isn’t a fix all, but she can now concentrate on building her young life into one that is based upon her truth. I had a secretary who’s husband died of a heart attack at a young age. Shortly thereafter her daughter came out to her. My secretary told her daughter “I’ve lost my dear husband and your father, but I will not lose you. Make a happy life for yourself and find someone who will love you as much as your father and I have. It won’t be easy, but you will be happy. That fine lady and her daughter continue to be part of my “chosen” family. We aren’t related by blood, but we are related by love. We have celebrated birthdays, weddings, welcomed children and buried our dead together.

  26. Rhetorica says:

    My favorite quote was from Kelly’s blog. She loves the written word. That’s probably because all the little lines and circles dance & sing & talk to her!

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t you hate it when that happens?
      If she came into my ER I would put her into a
      “I Love Me Jacket” STAT!
      What do you teach?

      • Rhetorica says:

        Mary, my husband keeps shaking his head cause I keep giggling when I read you! I taught Communication Studies until last Dec. I finished the last two semesters on my phone (interesting) Now I’m teaching water recovery to post op adults; fell into that.

        • Nancy says:

          Really? That sounds interesting. How did you learn what to do and what NOT to do?
          What kind of post-op patients? My money is on Ortho and Cardiac. 🙂

          • Rhetorica says:

            I have been in the program for nearly two years. Both pre & post op. When I began improving last month, they asked if I would like to be certified. It’s by no means a physical therapist; this water program is for people who have released from that. It was fun to go back to “school# & re-learn things I thought I’d never use. I have anyone who is recommended. It’s fun being the youngest, but some of them outdo me! I was a Candy Striper for about two hours when I was young (dating myself;) I couldn’t do it. That’s why I appreciate people in the medical field.

  27. I still can’t get over how awful LuLu looked when she serenaded Jill. Oh those shoulders – and that getup. Right out of a drag queen show. It was about as bad as Kelly in the Big Bird yellow dress last season – but Kels made a self-depreciating joke about it – so she showed some self awareness. NeNe Leakes is a large woman – very tall – but she always looks feminine. LuLu OMGosh. I’m still cracking up.

    • Nancy says:

      I thought she had joined the Ice Capades!

      • I couldn’t believe Jacques could keep a straight face. That man can act!

        • Nancy says:

          Do you think that “relationship” is real? I don’t. IMHO Jacques is just using her. Normally I would follow that with…and LuMan is going to get hurt. But…I don’t think LuMan has a wide range of emotions. She is one cold “lady”. I have little doubt that Victoria is heading down the wrong path. I wonder what boarding school LuMan dumped her off in when she was kicked out of her last one? Is The Count in her life at all? Sadly, I doubt it.

          • IDK. I don’t think it’s a “Max” type completely made up thing – – – but they are also trying to push his wine / dating business – so he could have hooked up with her for the exposure. I thought Slade for sure was just using Gretchen – but it’s been a few years now, so I’m beginning to think it’s real – so never say never . . .

          • FLG says:

            I think Jacques and Countess Louis Vuitton Horse Shoes are a showmance. I’ve looked at his business website and he certainly doesn’t need her for a green card. He carries an impressive list of fine wines. I still want to know if he is related to Andre Azoulay. If that is his father, and he has received family backing, Jacques can easily afford more than a few pairs of designer horse shoes. If it isn’t a showmance and he tires of her and the above is accurate, she isn’t going to go away quietly. He may have to hire a lockable horse trailer to haul her away.

      • Caitlin says:

        Now Nancy, you’re just being nice! It was Third Rate Drag Queen! (Hi! – how are you?)

        • Nancy says:

          No I’m not. I HATE the Ice Capades. Holiday On Ice was on a different planet. IMHO
          LuMan would have to loose a lot of weight or she would be fined. Could you imagine someone telling the “Countess” that? I’d join just to see that. ha ha

          I’m doing ok (thanks for asking) How about you? Do you still go to meetings?

          • Caitlin says:

            Doing great, thanks. Yes, (sigh) I do still go to meetings, but sometimes, I confess, I have to tie myself to the chair to stay the whole time. I am lucky, though, in that so many friends/acquaintances have gone the same route since I started, so I go a lot with them when they are in the initial stages, and then have lots of folks to talk to in more informal settings in my “normal” life. I’m never far from it. And you? You live with a meeting buddy, and I sense that that works well for you.

            • Nancy says:

              We have a very strange sense of humor about addiction. We also work in that area so we have to see the humor or we would burn out professionally and personally.
              We have been in recovery for many yrs now but I still like (and need) going to meetings.

          • Caitlin says:

            And, yes! Luman did look quite heavy in that get-up! And I kept imagining the horrendous “hat hair” she must have had when she took that wretched turban off! Poor Ross!

    • tc says:

      Don’t you think Lulu looked like that puppet, Madame? Spitting image. That scene made me cringe with embarrassment for her.

  28. Jezzibel says:

    I’m going to credit last nights troll for giving me this idea:

    Jill: Olde hoo-er
    Kelly: krazy hoo-er
    Cindy: Smelly hoo-er
    Luann: mannish hoo-er

    • Love it.
      Thought of the day – what made Cindy’s sweatshirt so stinky? Why didn’t she notice?

      • Jezzibel says:

        maybe she overwaxed her nostril hair and lost her sense of smell..who knows

      • Caitlin says:

        You know, I’ve been wracking my brain to try to think of something so dreadful that the guy couldn’t have it on the premises (but she could stand to wear it?). I’m clueless – and this ain’t my first rodeo with stinky stuff!

        • Nancy says:

          I bet it was baby barf. I sure you know what spoiled milk smells like. Yuck!

          • I was also thinking pee.

          • Kats2 says:

            In her Bravo blog Smelly said it was her sweat from a workout prior to that workout, but still means she smells like a pig. I mean it was so bad the trainer had to remove it from the area. People sweat all the time, it doesn’t mean they smell so bad they need to be removed. So smelly Cindy for sure has some personal hygiene problems.

      • kitkat says:

        I think it’s classic ass. She smells like ass. Which is the worst smell, ever. Go sniff the seat of an old man’s chair, and that’s what Cindy smells like. Ass- Juice Cindy

        • Kats2 says:

          Kit – That is so gross and so funny – I’m not sure if I should barf or laugh (is it possible or safe to do both at the same time?)

      • HW Addict says:

        Someone has to ask Alex if she smelled like “cat pee”. Maybe we have another meth head on our hands?

    • LuManaconda: Tranny Hoo er

  29. WindyCityWondering says:

    If Jill is insisting that Ramona caused her to lose the Kodak deal where is the proof? Why didn’t Jill pull a Delta Airlines on Kodak for dumping her over someone saying the word antiquated? IMO, Jill was not a spokesperson but merely the keynote/guest speaker at a Kodak event. The fact that Ramona has never responded to this bs is likely because there never was a seven or six or even five figure deal involved.

    • I’m sure Kodak was aghast that Ramona would make such awful comments about the company – and I’m sure that they dropped Jill like a hot potato. But I doubt they were thinking that Jill was the new face for Kodak and were offering her a huge deal.

      That said – all of the women should be a little more respectful of the people and products they say awful things about – including designers, party planners, decorators, etc. What does around comes around – and no one in their right mind would want to be associated with this bunch.

      • quincyil says:

        I read that Jill had some deals in the works with Kodack before the third season. I think I remember an ad on her site too. I am sure Jill wanted to be their spokesperson and she was trying to get the gig. Ramona did shoot that down and I don’t think Jill will ever forgive her.

        • ms molly says:

          Q, would a major corporation that had it’s sites set on a particular spokesperson actually drop that person and whatever potential they saw in that person based on something that is said by someone else? And, Jill didn’t agree with Ramona, she actually went into damage control mode.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          I disagree. Sure Ramona made that unfortunately rude comment, LOL but I think Jill lost that “deal” because she became the most hated housewife EVER! Those products she was to hawk were negotiated prior to the airing of the 3rd season when she was still seen by some as the nice meddling motherly figure. Then S3 started and she was shown going BSC after Bethenny and Alex, talking shit about everybody! She lost alot of fans, her book bombed and her bedding line tanked… is that Ramona’s fault too?

      • Nancy says:

        How about stopping all the pimping of their products that is done on these shows . I would NEVER have started watching any of these Housewives show if I knew that would be going on. It’s like watching a frigging commercial for an hour now. Stop already!!

        • nathania says:

          O.C. are the worst, to me by far, because the women are so tacky. Gretchen sitting on a toilet, “buy my purses!!” Alexis being the poster child for bigotry and hypocrisy “buy my dresses, sleeves sliced by hand!!” Tamra selling her body, apparently, to get a spin off. Jeanna pretending to sell her extra pounds to stay on tv but then patronizing Jackie Warner by not even trying or being engaged the entire time…

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        ITA – after LuAnaconda’s Hermann Munster LV remark – seriously, what designer would want to supply her with anything? Gotta wonder what jewelry designer she pissed off so that all she wears now are hubcaps and Christmas decorations….

        • essexgirl2286 says:

          good point! ahh another designer that wont dress her ramona costed her david mesiter and now alex with LV if she wasn’t out for blood before i bet she is now! its perhaps very sad that this causes me even a little bit of pleasure but i can’t stand LuAnn i hope someone knocks her off that imagined pedestal of hers very soon.

      • Kukulet says:

        Except that Kodak apparently dropped Jill shortly after the event, BEFORE they even knew Ramona made the remarks.

        Jill Zarin as an effective spokesperson for anything? Naw She’s too controversial, too widely disliked, too polarizing, too disreputable. No way would Kodak, or any other large corporation, consider her seriously in any major role for any major amount of money. Same could be said of ALL the housewives, with the exception of Bethenny and possibly Kim Richards. They’re not A-list. In Jill’s case, she’s somewhere between D List and a sideshow attraction.

        They probably asked Jill to plug their online gallery, along with a bunch of other celebrities, and she twisted that into a bigger “Face of Kodak” deal than it was.

        • Caitlin says:

          Thank you for pointing all of that out, Kukulet, for here is another case where I feel that Ramona is getting a bad rap. And, again, she’s getting it so that Jillousy can feel better about herself and further justify treating Ramona even more poorly than she already does. (If such a thing is even possible!) Moreover, what about the Bravo editor/producer who decided to include that item in the final cut of the show? Are they in league with Jillousy and Luman in a determined effort to make Ramona look as bad as they possibly can? Editing can also make her seem like she drinks a lot more than she does as well. I kinda know whereof I speak here, and I don’t see any ghosts of my drinking past there – and I’m usually the first one to spot them.

  30. Rhetorica says:

    I can’t refresh my phone quickly enough to keep up & I can’t sit this long by the computer. Guess ill watch bravo reruns. Sucs:(

  31. California35 says:

    I hot to get started – I’m so lasy, I don’t want to go to the office waaa waaa lol
    See you guys later.

    • Nancy says:

      We need to get you another job! What are you good at?
      I’m on a mission now. You crack me up. I don’t think I’ve ever run into someone that hates their job as much as you do. You poor thing.

      • VAgirl says:

        Nancy/California I had job like that once and I stayed in it waaaaaay too long. I had moved up fast in the orgnization and it paid well and I felt a kind of loyalty to stay. My family finally said I had to do something and I used one of my longtime contacts to get out of there and into another division of the same organization. I actually ended up making a little more money with less stress. I wish I had done it a lot sooner.

  32. smompy says:

    As much as Kelly can make my blood boil when she sticks her nose into grown folks’ business, her cluelessness often cracks me up too. In her blog she mentions that in her hometown, they weren’t into getting sweet sixteen parties because at that age they were into getting cars. That’s all fine and dandy BTW, and none of my crowd had sweet sixteens either, but if Kelly got a car just for turning sixteen, wouldn’t you think she’d get something a little better than a lousy pen for graduating college? And, as Lynn already touched on, I guess it’s nice of the Parker Pen peeps to do something charitable, but giving away 10,000 pens? When it comes to charitable donations from successful companies, isn’t this kinda small potatoes? Really, how much could it possibly cost then to manufacture 10,000 pens…two grand maybe? And then there’s the write-off they get too. I’m sorry, but that’s just weird, Parker Pens. Parker Pens, you’re being weird. It’s inauthentic. Re-enter, Parker Pens. Oh, damn, I’ve gone off on a tangent again. Ignore what I just wrote. This one line from Kelly’s blog was what I actually wanted to share, because it made me LOL. The pen-owning collitch graduate writes:

    “I was honored to be apart of the Parker Pen opportunity”

    I, and many others, are honored to be APART of you, Kells:)

    • VAgirl says:

      I wish BRAVO would be APART of her, too.

    • Error404 says:

      Pens can be very expensive. What I love about Kiki and her confessed “obsession with handwritten notes” is that Bravo already outed her as an illegible semi-illiterate during the drum circle when no one could read her hand written note. lol

      • Smompy says:

        Really! You know how some zoos do a thing where the trainers dip paintbrushes in various cans of colorful paint and then hand the brushes to elephants, who then smack them against a canvas with their trunks, and then the zoo sells the “paintings”? That’s kinda how I imagine one of Kelly’s carefully handwritten notes to look.

  33. WindyCityWondering says:

    Why does Cindy even bother to blog? She explains nothing that happens in the episode. She throws a mild dig or two at castmates and doesn’t really even bother to hype her fur removal company. She made a classic rookie year mistake of siding with the most evil cast mate even though we all know she watched all the past seasons. How did Bravo believe she could replace Bethenny much less keep up with the big dogs?

    • Adgirl says:

      …fur removal company .. LOL!!! I see RCH calls her The Beav.

      She certainly is a wet blanket on tv and on her blog. Maybe that smell is her personality.

      I adore Alex and Simon because of what they do OFF the show. But if I wasn’t the type to bother with keeping up with them off the show, I would want to kick them off for being boring and ridiculous.

      • Smompy says:

        “How did Bravo believe she could replace Bethenny much less keep up with the big dogs?”

        As far as the addition of Cindy to this show, the only reason I could come up with is that, although he did obviously hatch some good show ideas and propose some decent ratings strategies, at times Andy Cohen can be a real dickhead.

  34. quincyil says:

    I took a walk down memory lane just now. I am shocked. The blog on the day that Jill might have shown Bobby the blog and called us “Hate Mongers” is mine. It’s the tongue in cheek/Mark Twain commmentary of my trip to Chicago when I stayed at the hotel that Dinah would stay in the next week for her fundraiser. I walked all of you into the hotel and through the poinsettias and introduced you to the carpets and chandelliars. I got slammed, of course, but some one pointed out that it was social commentary and I started to discuss how the blog remind me of Mark Twain. Someone I respect took that ball and ran with it for a touch down.

    Well on the board, we were discussing Jill’s bullying campaign. That’s right. On the board we discussed the lady helping her and that we did not see it as bullying. We also discussed Dinah’s and Jill’s twitter comments and said that she was bullying.

    Just for good measure, we discussed her 35 carats of diamonds that she received from Bobby and Ramona mentioned while wearing a red wig a day before.

    So…. we if you read the IHJZ blog and board as religiously as Jill Zarin, you might explode in tears and have to be rescued by Bobby Zarin who goes to Simon and calls this a “Hate Blog” and us “Hate Mongers.” I’m sure everyone else was discussing these things on reality web sites, but they did not have “I Hate Jill Zarin” on the top of their page.

    Bobby probably took offense that he had purchased $350,000 worth of diamonds for his beloved wive and lover, Jill Zarin, and we would dare say anything about it. I think there was a mention of the video with Jill in the jewelry shop looking at the watch from the previous season and offering Bobby a BJ for more jewelry, but luckily that wasn’t my comment.

    Bobby was upset because of this. I am sure of it.

    There were other things going on, but this would affect Bobby himself. Of course, he would not say my wife and myself were ticked off that they would discuss the amount of money we announced that we paid for her choker and earrings. They slammed us on national TV because we read articles and followed her in real life.

    File this in the category….Good to Know.

    I don’t know about you, but it makes sense to me that Jill…”Give me bigger diamonds, Bobby” …would be irate at our discussion of her bigger diamonds.


    • Kats2 says:

      Quincy – I have no idea how you keep up with it all. Great details!

      I was trying earlier to figure the then and now situation with these loons and it gave me a headache. So my conclusion is Jill was a vile bitch then and I didn’t like her. Jill is a vile bitch now and I still don’t like her. Safe to say all my comments about Jill, her Mother, Kelly and Luann on Lynn’s blog over the years have not been favorable of any of these people.

    • Adgirl says:

      Ding ding a winner!
      Thanks for taking the plunge Q. So now it’s your fault that Simon and Alex have to spend the next 6 episodes getting beat up? Maybe you should offer them a recuperative holiday with the chums mucking out stalls at Breezy Q Ranch & Blog Barn somewhere in the plains of Illinois.

      I thought of reading the blogs running up to the sweet 16 parties but when I saw they were all captioned about RHBH or other topics I decided it was too much work!!
      I assumed that something happened off board and off camera that provoked the Zarins.

      They certainly are a touchy couple considering how much they love to rub our faces in their fabulousness.

    • Nancy says:

      Do you think Bobby will read this on a daily basis now?
      How sweet would that be??

      • quincyil says:

        No, I think he was shown the discussion of the necklace and BJs. In the bravotv.com season three video, when she said that at the jewelers he grimmaced so to have that come back when he paid so much money to make him happy must have cause a fight.

        Jill said in Marrakesh to Ramona when returning the swimsuit that she and Bobby have had ups and downs like chapters in a book. I think this was a down.

        This is the little blog that could. Honestly, I am beginning to put it all together now.

        Simon is first linked to us by Jill and then the plan is to beat Simon to a pulp because of our blogs and out discussions on the board. All of those Kelly comments? Kelly is going to share next week. Simon tried to defend Kelly here. That is why he came to the board in Feb. He got in a twitter battle trying to help Kelly. How can Jill do this to him or Alex?

        Darn, I feel another blog coming on. I already turned in one to Lynn for Sunday, but I think the world would like to know what sin we committed in order to change the theme of a season of “The Real Housewives of New York City.” I think I’ll call it, “Why Bobby Zarin Called US Hate Mongers.”


        • WindyCityWondering says:

          IIRC there was also ruffled J bird feathers that Lynn was helping with the book signing cocktail thing as in the J bird wanted the event shut down. And was there not another Chicago blogger who was a wee bit jelly about it as well – the friend of your enemy comes to mind.

          As for Bobby – he wouldn’t read this or any other blog but his wife would be 24/7 in his ear about what was happening in the the HW corner of cyberspace. His wife would stretch the truth to say Simon had a hand in the creation and investment of a particular hater blog that had a fan encounter at an event. And Bobby would run with that lie as truth and have a gentleman’s discussion with Simon.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Wow well done Q a/k/a Sherlock Q.

    • nathania says:

      all I can say is for 350 grand a choker ought to really choke her.

    • I really don’t think that is what got Bobby/Jill all worked up.

      I am sure Jill was the one to leak how much the jewelry costs because she is that pretentious and showy. More so, I can’t see that discussion creating a need for him to discuss it with Simon; unlike “Alice” being a guest in his house.

      It was the later that hit home and made it all too real, with the internet world colliding with the real one.

      • quincyil says:

        RR, we are investigating and will be having blogs on updates.

        I think it’s a culmination of events, but the fanatasy story has some of the reasons that she got angry. Alice through the looking glass. Remember the posts. The blogs tell the story and Jill was on the blogs with us. It did affect her.

        If Jill showed Bobby the blog when he was getting dressed as he said on film, the discussion about the jewelry was there. We are filling in the time line with research for other events and they were all on the boards.

        BTW… the hits are past astrononical…. and we are amazed. The little blog that could is a runaway train.

        The IHJZ blogs will tell everything. You all were a part of this in real time. For Bravo to do this might be ingenious because fans have become a part of the reality and I don’t think that has ever happened before. Leave it to Jill Zarin to invent a new form of entertainment.


        • AZ Girl says:

          That was a time where a lot of things were going down all at once. Chicago book signing, “Alice’s” walk through Manahattan. The visit with the Simon and Alex. The blog was getting involved with real time.

          • quincyil says:

            Chicago booksigning with Lynn was at the end of season three in early summer, the reunion had been filmed, but not shown on TV.

            Jill probably fumed all summer and still was lighting matches in Dec. when she had Bobby talk to Simon.

            Jill’s problems have nothing to do with Chicago. Her issues were Manhattan issues, she wants to punish the blog and us for discussing her on the show and in the news.

            I know for a fact that Simon van Kempen has nothing to do with this blog. Lynn was a fan and went to an after party of a booksigning. Lots of people were there. Bloggers from Chicago went too. They wrote about it on their blogs. Lynn invited all of us and I was miserable that I had a committment here, but I was invited. This was not a coven under a full moon in the middle of a dark woods. It was in Chicago.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Didn’t Jill(‘s people) also phone Alice at work as a result of something a blogger (not us) said, or perhaps it was something going on in Twitter? So Jill would have known that too.

  35. Hi Lynn says:

    Hi, hope this posts. I’m on WIFI. Lynn, I miss you, I think you know who this is. Where is WSL? Anyone see her? Hi Jill, thanx for making an ass of your self and this blog more popular. Lynn, I literaly spit my drink out and lol’d so hard when I heard Bobby ask Simon if he was involved in a hate blog. Jill now is trying to cover it up about tweeters. Is Quincy still around? How about One more in Boston? I’ll be back to see if someone answers me.

  36. Adgirl says:

    absurdtosublime.net about Danielle Staubs restaurant show. I might watch it because Big Pussy from The Sopranos is on it. Fuggetaboutit.


    • Smompy says:

      Recently, while I was re-watching “Awakenings” with Robert Deniro & Robin WIlliams, I suddenly realized that one of the mental patients (one of the dangerous ones Deniro got locked up with when he acted up in the hospital) was Big Pussy himself! Good actor! He was all twitchy and dragging one leg behind him and stuff:)

  37. vilzvet says:

    Here is an interesting comment from Simon on twitter:
    “I posted a comment on that blog twice & only after the season finished filming, once in Feb 2011, when many on her blog attacked me for helping, yes helping Kelly & again in May defending a slanderous comment against Alex. Yes in late May 2010 when we went 2 Chicago we met her & 40 or so others inc @Absurd2Sublime. This was just after Jill stated at the S3 reunion that she wouldn’t ever film w/ Alex again. Being aware of timelines is important. RT @Red_Corazon: @SimonvanKempen Requesting for Lynn to organize an event in Chicago & posting on her blog. Enough said. #buhbyefans @BravoAndy”

    • quincyil says:

      I think he captured and saved our blog for future reference. LOL

    • quincyil says:

      Now, I am doing the work for Lynn and the Bravo stars. rotfl.

    • I’m glad Simon was honest about what happened, but am a little disappointed he qualified it by saying Jill said she wouldn’t film with Alex. It does, prove that he was/is reading the blog on a regular basis and has been for some time. I wonder if he found us by googling “I Hate Jill Zarin”.

      • I really dislike Jill Zarin – but … if Jill and Alex had been friends at the time, then Jill would have had the right to feel betrayed that Simon and Alex were spending time with a woman who wrote a blog with every entry starting with “I Hate Jill Zarin”. I suspect that’s why Simon qualified it. Bobby was talking to Simon months later after the “girls” were getting along again.

        • cabbie413 says:

          Alex and Simon were promoting their book – their interests and livelihood should come WAY BEFORE Jill Zarin’s ..especially in light of the history with Jill slandering them and their children as often as she could.

          gtfoh with that!

          • I think it needs to be said that any positive exchanges between Silex and any of us, do not stem from ‘hating’ Jill Zarin. They are based from them appreciating the support they are given.

            Lynne wasn’t asked to host an event for them because she ‘hates” Jill; it was the fact that she promoted their book and their brand.

            Jill doesn’t and wouldn’t distance herself from someone who adored her but bashed her cast mates, yet she expects this type of loyalty from others.

            This is a woman who asked her followers to produce a vicious (well it attempted to be vicious but failed since the evidence just wasn’t there) about Ramona. This is a woman who hunted a woman down on her wedding day demanding to know why she wasn’t told that Alex was invited-and how could they be ‘friends’ with Ramona.

      • quincyil says:

        The blog was a couple of months old when Lynn went to a book tour/fan event from the publisher of Silex’s book where they signed books. Lynn was tweeting that she was going before Simon tweeted to her. This is all public record and we were there.

        Alex and Jill had just taped the season 3 reunion. How could Alex be friends with someone who accused them of being “spread eagle in the hallway of your husband’s hotel” on national TV?

        Bobby dislikes us using “hate” That sentence “spread eagle in the hallway of your husband’s hotel,” is one trillion times worse. Where is the public apology for that?


  38. Adgirl says:

    Simon is 10x the gentleman that Mario or Bobby is. He really has empathy for people. It’s been easy for people, especially RHNY cast members to pick on him because his fashion (no)sense puts him in the outsider position.
    I would have liked Mario to go WWHL and really berate the Zarins from the bully pulpit. Instead he gets himself into a he said/she said altercation last week with Jill, Bobby and Durwood.

  39. TLM says:

    I don’t like to attack kids on the show, but as Victoria deLesseps has been featured on the show with her mother’s consent, and is not exactly a little kid anymore, I have to ask if anyone else thinks this girl has all the grace of a truck driver? The way she talks, her constant chewing with her mouth open, not to mention all her antics with youtube, jumping out a window, and getting kicked out of boarding school? I can’t help but think this all reflects on her mother who couldn’t be bothered to be a mom, and couldn’t wait until her kids were old enough for her to dump them in boarding school. The Countess ought to be spending time teaching her own daughter how to act and correcting her while she still has some time, rather than going around to grown women and talking to them like a school marm. Instead she left her housekeeper with the job of being a mom to her kids while she went downtown to hang out with her 23-year old niece, pretend she was half her age, and find guys to give her cell phone number to. I can hardly express how much I despise this woman.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      To me, Victoria’s behavior is that of a teen who wishes her mother would pay a little more attention to her.

      • Or her father. It’s important to keep an eye on teenagers after school. I’ve read papers that say that’s when they are the most likely to start getting into trouble.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      LuAnaconda doesn’t possess much of a maternal instinct. Her children have never seemed to be her priority but more of a convenient excuse when she needs one. She was living a lifestyle very different than the one she grew up in and it seemed that the count and that lifestyle were more important than being a hands on mom. Add a divorce, drastic cut in income and a survival instinct (land another income source) and we have one very distracted mommy. Victoria has likely been left to her own devices for a long time. She is playing her mom like a cheap fiddle. LuAnaconda will be the last to see this and the first to be surprized by it.

      • HW Addict says:

        It seems the timeline of Victoria acting out coincides with the divorce and Rosie leaving the household. I stated in another post that Rosie was the true parent. Sad, sad, sad.

    • Smompy says:

      Yeah, but how could LuAnn ever teach anyone grace when she has none herself? I mean, really, she’s not only the most consistently rude housewife but she also has the worst table manners of anyone on this show. Victoria never had a chance.

      • Adgirl says:

        LOL. We need clips of when LouAss giving knife and fork lessons to Victoria’s friends interposed with Louies terrible table manners.

    • she did just have a sweet 16 party she should be off limits till she is a legal adult

    • Melissa says:

      I don’t think Victoria had a chance either with her absent parents, the count for extended periods of time, and a mother who just couldn’t be bothered with motherhood. I remember way back when Bethenny and Luann was going to hit the town and Luann’s son was begging his mother to let him go with her so they can spend time together, only to be scolded by her, it was sad. Didn’t Rosey tell her to mom-up too?
      Victoria always came off like a sad, introverted girl. The exact opposite of Avery who seems level-headed, confident and strong willed like mama. Even though Ramona’s a crazy mom to have, you can see both her and Mario adores Avery very much and she knows. Victoria seems unsure and seems taken aback by Luann showing her interest. Luann even looked uncomfortable showing affection.
      Victoria was one of my favorite HW kids for being creative, beautiful and sweet but she is quickly going down a slippery slope and I can only hope there’s someone like Rosey around to steer her in the right direction, as we know how Luann can’t be bothered.

    • FLG says:

      Countess Squash Blossom High Horse has been a part time mother for years. She did far too many horrid episodes on the happenings in the Hamptons for Plum TV. It was called The Countess Report. It was somewhat like Cognac Wellerlane but far more awkward and totally declasse. Compared to the Countess Cognac Wellerlane is the comic genius of all time.

    • tc says:

      TLM… you nailed it. I can’t stand gum smacking and chewing with her mouth open. Luann is so busy trying to correct everyone and she doesn’t even know how to teach the basics to her own children. I have truly grown to despise this woman myself. Just listening to her voice makes my skin crawl.

  40. TLM says:

    Will someone explain to me how Gretchen “ripped off” Lynne Curtin’s handbag line when Lynne rejected working with the people Gretchen went with and did her own thing? I think Gretchen’s bags look like crap, personally, but I don’t get how she was ripping off Lynne in either case. She didn’t copy Lynne’s designs, and is working with people Lynne didn’t want AND introduced Gretchen to. If she introduced them to Gretchen, what exactly was the surprise to Lynne??

    And WTF was Lynne going on about that “REAL designers don’t have a book of sketches with them…it’s all in their head.” Really, Lynne? Do you think Michael Kors’ just tells its buyers that its fall line is in Michael’s head, so they can’t see the sketches? Ever hear of a Look Book, Lynne?

    What an effing idiot. How she has as much of a line as she has, I’ll never know. The buyers must all deal with Frank, since this woman is a total space case. Can you imagine her trying to sell her line on QVC or HSN? The hosts would be like, “Lynne? Lynne?” as she’d be staring at the ceiling.

    • Adgirl says:

      I agree that if Lynn didn’t want to work with them wouldn;t it be OK for Gretchen? I think Gretchen didn’t get Lynn’s blessing.
      It’s like if a boy likes you but you decide after a few movies that you don’t want to date him. You have discussed this all in detail with your good friend who completely agrees with you. Then all of a sudden a few weeks later the same friend brings him as her date to a wBBQ at your house. You didn’t have a clue.

      It’s Girl Rule #6 – Find your own damn boyfriend, handbag vendor or dress designer.

      • TLM says:

        Exactly, and Lynne seemed to think that the company Gretchen went with was so crappy, I would think she would be happy Gretchen went with what she considered was an inferior company. And they apparently are targeting different venues; it looked like Lynne was trying to get her things into Fred Segal and other boutiques, where Gretchen was going for the lower-priced/higher volume of Shop NBC.

        I thought the whole “which business is it this week?” comment was obnoxious, especially coming from Lynne. Lynne used to be an esthetician; does that mean for the rest of her life she shouldn’t be allowed to do anything else? Gretchen hasn’t worked in real estate for a couple of years. It seemed like Lynne was really grasping at straws to insult Gretchen. I think it’s only going to backfire on her to be this bitter and try to tear down someone else’s company.

    • Melissa says:

      It’s a case of sour grapes, and only people who have zero knowledge in business (Lynn and Tamra) think that way.

      • Eve says:

        She is probably trying to get back on the show…..jumping on the bandwagon against Gretchen and creating drama.

  41. Stella says:

    Everytime I talk to my mom about how I think or feel on a subject she tells me I’m just like a man. I know that she doesn’t think that’s a good thing but I’m ok with that. LOL.

    • Adgirl says:

      The you went outside to shoot some hoops.

      • Stella says:

        That is my best sport. :-). When talking to my mom I guess I’ll have to remember to just listen instead of offering solutions and not to blow things off like they are no big deal when she obviously cares about it. ;-).

  42. Stella says:

    Last night my mom watched a full episode of RHONY for the first time and she was APALLED by Luann’s singing. My mom is hilarious and I just wish I could remember what she had to say about it so I could share it with you guys.

  43. Adgirl says:

    According to Celebritychatta
    RHONY: Did Ramona’s hubby really “shove” Jill?

    “….. According to Ramona, Mario and Jill did come face to face at a party and he asked her about “making up stories,” she said, but it never got physical.

    But Jill isn’t taking any chances. “If he goes near me, I brought my own bodyguard, Wayne, [to the Bad Teacher NYC premiere],” she said. “I had heard Mario was going to be here. I wanted to make sure nobody touched me.”


    Seriously? Jill is going all Star Jones on Mario — a bodyguard? Please!

    • TLM says:

      I wonder if Jill is the secret other woman in Mario’s life. That would be an interesting turn. LOL.

      • Stella says:

        Haha. Maybe you’re right. Did you see how she perked up when Mario said he always wanted his own Jill when Ramona had that red wig on.

      • cabbie413 says:

        ewww Mario would NEVER… (at least not with Jill) lol

        “he got a hottttt body…” (as said like drunkSonja to Kelly on the yacht during the scaryisland episode) lol

        • Stella says:

          IIRC the lady in Morocco only said another woman was thinking of Mario not necessarily the other way around. You’re right though, Mario would never want Jill. Well I can’t speak for him but that would be a disgrace.

    • Kukulet says:

      Mario probably just put his hand on her shoulder to try and get her to shut up for ten seconds so he could get a word in edgewise.

      C’mon…we’ve all seen Mario argue with LuAnn in the past, we’ve seen him interact with his wife and daughter, and some of the other castmates. He’s never come across as a man who “screams uncontrollably” or gets physically violent.

      Jill is full of shit.

    • FLG says:

      Kind of like Danielle taking her unruly friends to the child with cancer event. Trust me Jill, we really don’t want to touch you. I don’t know where all Ginger has been licking. I wouldn’t accept a friendly handshake, unless Queen Elizabeth loaned me a pair of her white gloves.

  44. cabbie413 says:

    Has any of you great detectives uncovered any clues about the content of the reunion in any of the most recent housewife blogs? Since the reunion occurred so soon with 5 episodes left, i’m hoping that some of the cast members will let some reunion details slip through the cracks, either purposefully or accidentally!

    Any clues so far? I’m just waiting on the reunion at this point!

    • Village voice ran a gossip piece where someone (Alex?) said it was like being in a cage fight – and Sonja had a quote.

      • Nancy says:

        I “heard” that KooKoo was “really mean”.
        To what? her hair? A pen? the vodka in her hair?

        • There was something about Sonja having to defend herself when KooKoo called her house dirty and disorganized – I guess KooKoo is wondering who’s gonna fix Sonja’s house – Santa?

        • FLG says:

          OMG, that is Kelly’s problem. It’s from the fumes of the vodka she uses on her hair! Kelly lay off the vodka hair applications!!! Unless your bathroom is extraordinarily well vented, you may as well be huffing glue.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Sonja was alledgedly quoted as being pissed because she was defending people and getting attacked for her efforts. Jill said on WWHL that Ramona and her are not in a good place.
        IMO – same song sung last year. My wish – LuAnn gets called out by the blondes big time.

    • Happymouth says:

      Jill spoke briefly about it on the radio show………..she said that she thinks that 7 housewives are too many and that it will be obvious after we watch the reunion , which housewives will not be returning . I am paraphrasing what she said on Lisa’a radio show. She said she can not discuss the reunion (Ha !) but she said she could give details. It started at 0900, they had a one hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks. They ended at 7:30 pm. The morning got pretty heated and the afternoon was more subdued ( she think they all got tired). Jill feels that she knows who will not be returning next season, she did not mention names.

      • Happymouth says:

        Jill also stated that she handled herself much better than last year and was able to stand up for herself and say what she wanted to say. Jill said that last year was a difficult reunion because her family was not well and when her family is not well , she is not well. If I think of anything else , I will post 🙂

        • Kukulet says:

          Oh, Jill’s always got an excuse…it’s Allie’s first/last day of school, Bobby is sick, she’s having a bad day, she’s getting a weird energy from someone, someone else is sick, her nose is stopped up because Ginger forgot to lick the snot out of it…it’s always something or someone else’s fault.

      • klmh says:

        Wasn’t Jill the one that was spreading rumors of Alex’s departure from hw after the reunion last year?

        • quincyil says:

          I think she was accused of it and she did not deny it. She was very angry with Alex at the time. She does have PR people. They might do things behind her back, but I would think she holds a tight rein.

        • Error404 says:

          And the year before! She been predicting alexis’ dismissal for at least 3 seasons now.

      • FLG says:

        Clarabelle, time to hitch yourself to that carriage. Central park awaits. Maybe that’s why her shirt smelled so badly.

  45. HogHunter says:

    I honestly think that Ramona is a full fledged alcoholic. There is never a time she is with out a drink and if you look at her you can see her body is showing sings of Alcoholism. Her stomach is getting distended, her hair is dryer and most straw looking then normal, And her eyes are getting darker and darker.. Sorry but she is a booze hound. And with her erratic behavior that answers a whole lotta questions.

    • Well – she is in her mid-50s so she could just be putting on a little weight. Her hair looks better than most of the women who dye their hair blonde for years. She has a drink because she’s – gasp – trying to brand her Pinot Grigot. She’s also never without her jewelry line and mentions both every chance she gets. And her erratic behavior – well she is a control freak who behaves erratically – that I’ll concede.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Since season one, Ramona has always enjoyed a glass of pinot grigio – the difference this year is she is actually selling/making a profit off of it. This year she is being “packaged” as an alcoholic by those dark haired harpies to hurt her business venture. Karma is a bitch and will eventually pay them back.

      • klmh says:

        I agree. I think she looks mahvelous dahling! See no sign of alcoholism there.

    • Adgirl says:

      I have dark circles, drying hair and a tummy. I’m Ramona’s age. I think she looks fabulous.
      I do think she is highly hormonal on the verge of meno. She acts hysterical at times. She probably thought she was being cute talking about her wine all of them so she could tie in with her launch but she comes off as obsessed.
      If I had to be around any of those ladies (except possibly Alex) for an extended period of time I would be ready to dunk somones head into the toilet.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I think Ramona is looking her best except for Scary Island when her body was slamming hot. Her makeup looks better this season, her hairdresser is giving her a softer look and her eyes seem less wild. In some episodes she has a glass in her hand, but in many episodes there is more talk than show with the wine. She is pushing her brand and going in hard. She could maybe consult with Bethenny to learn how to be out there without being in your face with it. I am seeing heavy branding, not alcoholism.

    • Caroline says:

      FINALLY someone else sees what I have known for a very long time. My Aunt was an alcoholic and she had the exact same things are you described. And I agree she always seems wasted. Never a show without her having a drink, talking about drinking or being hammered. You can only edit what they give you. Regardless if she has her own line of booze or not this woman and her erratic behavior is a booze pig.

      • kitkat says:

        I think she was a lot more erratic in seasons 1 and 2. I actually find her a lot more likeable this season and sort of vulnerable…and if I look that good at 50, I will be THA-RILLED!

        • Smompy says:

          Yikes, Ramona’s stomach looks distended? If her tummy looks distended, then I must look like a pregnant tick. Time for me to do some more crunches:(

          I like many of the comments from people who so authoritatively diagnose Ramona’s alleged alcoholism on various websites. They’re often amusing. One person – I think it was on realitytea – used as his/her “proof” the fact that Ramona won’t label herself an alcoholic so she’s “in denial,” the theory, of course, being that if someone won’t admit he or she IS an alcoholic, then obviously that person MUST be one. And then the same commenter added “I have never met a single alcoholic who’s not in denial” and followed that up with “and I know this because I myself am a recovering alcoholic.” Um, ok, that is some high-flying LMAO irony right there:)

    • Maybe she is but I am sure she isn’t the only HW out their with vice.

      But if she is, then she needs and intervention and not a confrontation.

      Jill is more than edger to make those implications about her repeatedly, but when it was revealed that she was a recovering alcoholics she lost it and said that people shouldn’t be discussing other peoples issues.

      • *out there with a vice

      • nathania says:

        not even sure, she drank a sip of a champagne toast recently which is a big no-no for a ‘recovering’ person, same as taking a hit off a crack pipe, not done…at this point I don’t know what Jill is, but you can’t judge Ramona or Kim Richards or anyone else from such a *heavily edited” show, and people who need interventions don’t need them from buttwipes who in all actuality loathe them and want them to choke to death in a pool of their own vomit in the gutter (i.e. reality show cast mates), if they need an intervention it should be done in private with real friends and family members who love them.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Please remember that we only see what the producers choose to show us. My guess is that 90% of what Ramona taped does not even show her with a glass in her hand, but because Jill and LuAnn suddenly think Ramona is an alcoholic that is the stance of the RHONY producers. These ladies are filmed A LOT and we only see a bit of what’s filmes.

      • Kukulet says:

        I spent 30 years taking care of two falling down drunk parents. With Ramona, I don’t see an alcoholic…I see a woman battling a hard menopause. She’s 55 years old, after all. All the physical things described here could also be connected to that.

        Kelly is a speed freak, Cindy is a heroin addict, LuAnn is bisexual, and Jill traded in her soul for money…I mean, if we’re going by what we see on film, those actually might be closer to the mark than Ramona the Alcoholic.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Like all the other posts this is Menopause and it sucks. Stomach and weight gain, hair and skin loosing its shine and moisture. I have been through it and man I feel for Ramona. She looks great for being in her mid-50’s.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Jill is also in the throws of menopause and making fun of Ramona! Jill mocked Ramona for getting work done – but then she blows her face up to hide the drooping skin and jowls. Ramona works out to try to keep her figure but Jill uses gaudy girdles instead.

      • Kerry Okie says:

        I agree, and hormonal surges could account for some of those “ramona-motional” episodes as well.

    • nathania says:

      she may or may not be.

      just like kelly may or may not be on meth. Lou ann could also be an alkie who tokes up with her daughter once a week when she’s actually in town.

      The attacks on ramona and the alcoholic ‘meme’ are the result of the b.a.p.m. or the bitch-ass producer mafia, to borrow that label from the blogger whose name I forget that called them that. I resent being manipulated by people holding grudges…that’s insane, to repeat some stupid reality show meme without realizing you’ve been had. Alex has matched ramona pretty much glass for glass this season yet no one is calling her an alkie,…because it’s not in the storyline (yet).

  46. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    So Dina Manzo is going to have her own show on HGTV????? I just saw a commercial for “Dina’s Party”. All I have to say is, “What the HELL?” Seriously, did HGTV not get the memo on how boring Dina is? Dang, just when I thought I’d NEVER have to see Grandma Wrinkles again….I probably missed info on this before, but how disappointing.

    • Just how many times do they think people want to see her go to dollar-rama and hoard all the silk flowers.

      • quincyil says:

        I am looking forward to bloggin it. I watch that kind of show so I know stuff.

      • Caitlin says:

        Did anyone else see her wedding to Tommy on that VH! show, “My Big Fat Tasteless Wedding”? Not actually the title verbatim title, but you get the drift…… All she did was cry and sulk at Tommy’s behavior, then call the florist and say “Get me all the flowers in Honduras!” as some sort of payback. It was a trip………………

    • nathania says:

      for me the issue is she is pretty overwrought and tacky. the only one I can think of that even comes close to her style is Genievieve who is an interior decorator and I think Dina is just a pumpkin bedazzler. I might watch just to see what she has to offer, it’s Caroline that bothered me a bit more than Dina.

  47. Caroline says:

    I saw Jill on the Animal planet today. I thought I was losing my mind.. Had to double check the channel.. lol Not even sure why she was on there to be honest.

    • They might have wanted to know how she was able to teach monkey’s to fly.

    • nathania says:

      at least she’s finally on the right channel.

      Seriously, I saw this a few weeks ago but wouldn’t post the cable channel or show so as not to give her a promo…

      she’s apparently going to be on one of the shows there. I think in this case they renamed the show, “It’s Me or the Jill” to make it more accurate what the problem was.

  48. WindyCityWondering says:

    This RHNY season is about hawking their wares. Bethenny is a hard act to follow, but Ramona is doing well enough that some of her castmates are trying to hurt her efforts by branding her a drunk.
    Ramoma gets to peddle her wine
    Cindy gets to peddle her fur removal spas
    Sonja, well gets a photo op for her (cough) toaster oven recipe book
    Jill plays focus group for her gaudy girdles
    LuAnn – guessing she is trying to keep alive her fantasy singing career
    Kelly thinks she represents companies/products. Where I come from, if you get to an event late and leave it early then you are really just a guest with poor manners.

    • One thing that bugs me about Ramoner is she never stops. Both times she’s been on WWHL she’s tried to plug her crap. Once she had a huge cutout of herself (WTF?) and then last time she lamely gave Andy something. She’s just not good at doing anything subtly.
      That said – I could watch the Countess serenade Jill all day – still chuckling.

  49. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Hi Lynn!
    Just saw the rerun of RHONY and nearly died when I saw Simon and Bobby talking about the “hate” blog!
    Raising a glass of Skinny Girl Margarita in a toast to you and to IHJZ!
    I WILL clap for you! (know that)

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Hi Q!

      • Golden Girl says:

        Hi OMIB! I look forward to reading your snark 🙂

      • quincyil says:

        First there was an earthquake, then the tsunami hit. Scary Island for Season Four is this blog. Jill might walk the plank again this year.

        • FLG says:

          Can I use a chainsaw on the plank as she approaches the end of it and starts to look down at the water? I’ll be really careful to not let the cut end of the plank hit me in the chin as it goes overboard… 😳

    • AZ Girl says:

      I was just asking about you yesterday. Don’t be such a stranger.

    • Wasn’t that a riot. IHJZ made the show!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Hi there!
        OK I lied- I’m not drinking a Skinny Girl Margarita- I’m drinking a Sam Adams Summer Ale- delish!

        So in Boston, when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup- As the team swarmed the net and the whole town was just erupting- The announcer yelled into his mike “get the Duck Boats Ready!” “get the Duck Boats Ready!” ( or maybe it was “cue the Duck Boats”- it was pretty loud…)

        Now, for those that don’t know, the Duck Boats are what the RedSox rode in for their parade and what most recently the Bruins rode in their parade. (cause we don’t set our city on fire- but I digress)

        Lately I don’t know how many can fit on those Duck Boats! Let’s see, we have all of NY state for signing gay marriage into law- they get to ride the Duck Boats- we have Whitey Bulgar, the MA State Police, and the FBI- they get to ride the Duck Boats- and of course all of the IHJZ blog with Lynn and Quincy in the lead Duck Boat riding up Boylston Street -and Simon and Alex with the Chums. (the Duck Boats go by the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture, the Chums will like that)

        Ok- we’ll invite Romaner, and Ok Cat just because she called the Countless out- do you think Bethenny will come with Brynn and Jason? well then Merry-oh and Avery have to come to- where was I?

        Seriously, there are no more slow news days here are there?

  50. I think it must bother Jill that the haters (loathers) that post here are much more articulate than the love-hers that post in defense of her, I notice that when I read pro Jill posts the grammar is wrong and vocabulary limited, When they try to be snarky they totally fail. They resort to vulgarities and common insults usually directed at lady parts. On the whole , I believe Jill’s fans are more common and less educated. They are blind to her failings and admire her for her manipulations, marrying money and can relate to her getting diamonds for BJ’s. She gives them hope in what they aspire to.

    • Well – she’s hiring high school interns to post for her – and that generation (no offense) is lost without spell check.- plus they are always distracted by their cell phones.

    • quincyil says:

      We have grammar and typing issues here too. Someday, Lynn will give us spell check.

      • I’d love an edit button.

        • Adgirl says:

          I am the worst! I change tenses while I write and can’t be bothered to fix it. Also, I can’t type or punctuate worth a damn.(Sorry!)

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Quincy,
        Was thinking about you and your cat today as I was playing w/ my little two gems.
        How is your little one?

        • quincyil says:

          All of the animals are hovering in the barn. It’s like their Noah’s Ark. The torrential rain won’t stop. It’s been 40 days and 40 nights. I am collecting two of every species.

          • AZ Girl says:

            I have been watching the news. I don’t know what is worst…110 here and no rain in sight with fires or torrential rain where you are at.

  51. A tweet from Jill:

    Jillzarin: Reminder…if you follow hate…I will block you. If blocked by accident let me know thru jillzarin.com

    • quincyil says:

      They must have a computer program to monitor Lynn’s twitter. I am sending tweets to Jill at QuincyILIHJZ. It’s like blowing in the cyberwind. Maybe, she has a surveillence person assigned to me and that person hopefully will share my tweets with her.

      • FLG says:

        Empress Q do any of your pets have twitter accounts they will let you use? LOL

        • FLG says:

          If not, maybe your pets could twitter Ginger and Ginger can relay messages for you.

        • quincyil says:

          No, I just got a twitter QuincyILIHJZ. I only tweet about the shows. Buddy would like to be a star, but his mother was a feral cat and he lives on a farm in the prairie. I could drive him to a city if someone wants to put him in a commercial. He likes to ride on the top of the seat in the 1989 3/4 ton pick up.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            My Ed (cat) now has a Facebook account. Like Buddy, he fancies himself the star of the show. Generally he confines himself to listening to people complain and either purring to them or suggesting a nice long nap in the sun to help them feel better about their troubles. It has astounded me how many people want to be fb friends with him. They seem to believe it’s his paws on the keyboard. LOL. I say if Buddy wants to twitter, go for it!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Can she be anymore juvenile or petty? lol what a joke -you can’t be friends with me if you are friends with her!

  52. Amy Matheson says:

    “Jillzarin Jill Zarin
    Reminder…if you follow hate…I will block you. If blocked by accident let me know thru jillzarin.com
    1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply”


    • quincyil says:

      She is using that word an awful lot lately. Bobby said not to say that word.

    • Amy Matheson says:

      “humorandspice Amanda (Humor&Spice)
      #wwhl newsflash for all bravolebrities: just because someone follows u on twitter DOESN’T make them a FAN of yours!!! (@Jillzarin)”

    • cabbie413 says:

      wow she sounds crazy..i mean c’mon ..it’s TWITTER for goodness sakes lol ..she’s so dumb..who cares who’s following you..i mean she wants to be a celeb so she should WANT to get her follower numbers UP. she’s so dumb, doesn’t she know that you’re obligated to follow back??

      • Is there a difference between blocking and unfollowing? If I were to sent a tweet with the @jillstwittername but I had never tried to follow her – would she see it? If she blocked me would she see it?

        • Twitterfan says:

          If you tweet Jill ( and she does not have you blocked ) she will see any and all tweets you send. If you UNFOLLOW someone they dont see your tweets unless they go directly onto your twitter page. If blocked you have NO access to seeing any of their tweets. Hope that makes sense.

          • Hmmmm, I don’t know if I have it wrong or maybe I am just not understanding your explanation but this is my take

            If you follow someone, their tweets will appear on your twitter page for ANYONE to see (unless that person has their paged locked). If this person also follows you, you can direct message each other.

            If you don’t follow them but they tweet you,u, you can still read their tweets under your personal @mentions page. You can not DM them unless you follow each other.

            If you block someone from following you- YOUR tweets will not appear on their page. They can still view your tweets on your home page, unless you have your tweets locked.

            If they tweet you, the tweet will not get delivered to you although it will still appear on their page.

            If you unfollow someone, it just mean their tweets won’t appear on your feed.

    • Kukulet says:

      If you follow hate, she will block you? This from the woman who has hating down to a science.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      LOL Jill Zarin, Jill Zarin – you can’t block me because I don’t twitter! (sticking my tongue out and waggling my hands next to my ears).

    • AZ Girl says:

      The funny part is that she is at a charity event tonight in the Hamptons.

    • LOL she is so desperate to keep as many followers as possiable too bad 99 per cent hate her guts

  53. boston02127 says:

    Jill—“if you follow hate …I will block you”
    This coming from classless Jill who made a toast on May 26th on national TV
    “here’s to those who wish us well…and those who dont can go fu#k themselves” -Jill Zarin
    This is what her fans luv about her? Classy.

    • nathania says:

      I wonder why she doesn’t just tell people to go follow ‘that effin b*tch Alex McCord”.

    • she blocked me last year for much less then this year she added me again for whatever sick twisted demented reason is in that botoxed head of hers cant wait to block her and unfollow her on the 30th

  54. Interesting tidbit from Simon’s tweets:

    @——-: @SimonvanKempen Do any of the housewives “play up” the character they’ve become just for the cameras? Getting that feeling this season..

    I would say only one borders on being inauthentic! The other 5 no, that’s 100% who they are. And, Cindy I have no clue.

    My guess is he means KelKel because of the word inauthentic. No one gives a darn about Cindy.

  55. AZ Girl says:

    Ramona and Jill were at the same charity event tonight but arrived an hour apart. Ramona arrive first. Jill arrive an hour after Ramona left according to the tweets.
    Leaving the Phoenix benefit now off to the16th Annual Artists against Abuse for the Retreat http://yfrog.com/kiexzrj

    Jill tweeted twice on how she looked and if it was a “good” look. I am so glad that Jill is concentrating on the charity and not herself.

    • AZ Girl says:

      This is Jill’s tweet as of 11 minutes ago and the SECOND in an hour about how she looks.

      Jillzarin Jill Zarin
      Do u like this look? Black halo. Beautiful evening with @TonyDiSanto . http://moby.to/qdyaaw

      • Nancy says:

        One of her twitter “people” responded to Jill…
        “Who the f r u to tell me who I can follow!”

        Another one asked JIll how she can find this “Hate” blog everyones talking about?

        Something tells me she is going to regret last Thursday.

        • quincyil says:

          I think she regretted a lof of things and that is why she spent the week before this show shutting this blog down by contacting wordpress. Lynn talks about it on the radiopodcast. I could not understand what caused Jill to do this. Now, we know. Jill was upset when she figured out that this blog would get more hits.

          Jill’s compulsive about giving tweets to the good blogs on her twitter. She does it every time she reads this blog and the comments and gets upset. She also has her “off with her twitter head moments.” I think she was hoping that we would give up and shut the blog down before Thurs.

          Why should would threaten followers is beyond my understanding. I think you can just ignore. People on twitter should not be told who the can or can’t follow. They can make up their own minds. It’s not an either or thing.

          I am trying to show respect for the people who follow me on twitter by following them back. I liked it when Alex and Simon followed me. Even thug..something ..followed me. I thought it was nice of them.

          Some people will like you, some won’t. That’s life.

          • Too funny. I’m glad wordpress didn’t cave.

          • nathania says:

            I honestly think that she thought there would be outrage, followed by a huge group of people coming to her defense here and making us cry and pee in our pants. And then we would be run out of cyber space and hide our faces in shame. Instead masses of people are like ‘hey wait, I hate her too, let me find this blog!’

            I checked the alexa page the night of and the night after and it looked like there was ten percent jump in traffic in one of the stats if I am reading it right. Also 80 of the traffic to this site comes from a google search which apparently Jill and Bawby didn’t calculate, they thought just not naming it would be enough, and people would not be smart enough to enter ‘jill zarin hate site’ in google to get here. morons.

      • VAGirl says:

        The sides of Jill’s nose are starting to look a little Tamraishy

      • its the best she has looked in years im refering to the dress her face is a mess
        if she had left it alone she would look like a perfectly decent looking person as it is she is just a mess not even a hot mess just a plain old ordinary mess

    • I wonder if Jill brought her bodyguard with her. Someone has to protect her from scary Mario. LOL

    • Amy Matheson says:

      That’s sad. If Teresa signs on, then she has hit rock bottom.

    • VAGirl says:

      Holy moley! Drita would beat the crap outta Tree. Have you ever seen her work out? She may look skinny, but she’s a beast! I wouldn’t fight her.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        What a dilema! She’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. The worst part for TMAN is how can she get out of this impending beatdown? She can’t say she’s a mom, lady, pfft, or a professional author who is too classy, ppppfffffftttt, or above violence as we witnessed her goad and practically attack Danielle at the reunion. She also offered to battle Danielle for cash. What will she do…stay tuned for the next installment of “PattersonNights”.

        • FLG says:

          Well, if the purse is say around 11 million, it might be worth it for tree to go and just throw the match.

    • TLM says:

      OMG. This is Tonya Harding territory. Sad.

  56. boston02127 says:

    Caroline Manzo Prefers Real NJ to Fake Hamptons

    Caroline has been 49 for a few years now.

  57. boston02127 says:

    ” Bobby and Simon almost got in a slap fight over Simon’s slam book Jill Zarin hate website, a site in which Simon denies involvement and about which we’ll apparently learn more next week”


    More about this blog next week???

    • quincyil says:

      There was a commercial that showed Alex being confronted about Simon and I think Simon was talking to Jill.

      Boston, this blog is probably the Scary Island of season four of rhony. I think you should be in charge of the plank.

      • boston02127 says:

        Q–I’m not sure what you mean?

        • I think she means this blog is going to be the main story line and the most exciting thing to happen this season – and that Jill is going to go all Kelly on us and cause a casino that Santa can’t fix.

          Okay – I have no idea what she means – but one can dream ….

        • quincyil says:

          I think Jill will not stop at punishing Simon. She will punish Alex too. Alex met with Lynn and she had Alice to her house. Jill will yell and scream as she did in the red room in the riad. Then, she will probaly tell Alex that she is not invited to any of her parties and won’t film with Alex. After fights, Jill always says, “Your are dead to me!”

          Jill is going to go to far in this. You can’t base a war on a lie. Lynn, the IHJZ commenters, you and I will lug a plank out and make Jill Zarin walk it. You will create your photos. Lynn and I will blog. The people on the board will discuss. In the days of sailing ships, walking the plank was a form of execution for bad behaviors. It’s a metaphor when we use the term.

          • Q – were you surprised it was mentioned on air – or were you expecting that?

            • quincyil says:

              I missed it. I was bored with the parties and walked downstairs to check my email. I thought i would look at the chat and I saw them sharing about the blog. After reading, I was unsure if it was Jill on WWHL or the show so I looked at the recording and watched the end.

              I was really bothered that Bobby accused Simon of something thar I knew was a lie so I said it on the chat board. Then I listened to Lynn’s podcast and heard her talking about it.

          • nathania says:

            It’s really starting to piss me off, I can’t imagine how Lynn feels. It’s actually sexist. Women can hate anyone they want to, without the commercial endorsement of men, or men giving them the impetus or encouragement to do so. I am perfectly cabable of noticing hateful behavior in someone, pointing it out, doing a google search and finding a blog of like minded people to talk about it with. I am not a feeble minded woman who needs someone’s husband to start a blog for me to do so. But Jill must think so because she has to have Bawby fight her battles for her.

    • i hope they mention the blog by its full name and Lynn gets a billion more hits
      how funny is it that a “hate” blog is more popular then the “person” we hate LOL

  58. WindyCityWondering says:

    Considering that when we tool around cyberspace and check out other HW centric blogs and in reading their comments – Jill isn’t all that loved. Why would she want to have attention drawn to places that aren’t nice to her? If her goal is to gain fans IMO the opposite will happen! Those who dislike her will find places to share their feelings, while those who like her will do what exactly??? Leave a troll bomb and scamper away?

    • Nancy says:

      Because she is an idiot.
      Do you ever think about why this blog has kept our interest to this level?
      To me I look at this as a psych experiment. I no longer call my friends because I consider all of you as my friends, same with the family, my house work…gone etc
      I would be crushed if this site went belly-up.
      I never thought “Hating Jill Zarin” would feel sooooo good. 🙂

      • quincyil says:

        I also am interested in Human behavior. Now, this has become a social experiment wher fans are interacting with reality stars and have become a part of the show. I think this is a totally new direction in television and you have to give Jil credit and also the producers and Bravo for taking this leap.

        When you talk about interactive television…we are here at the birth of the new medium..

  59. HeyAll says:

    About how many more hits has the blog gotten since the episode aired?

  60. VAgirl says:

    I probably shouldn’t say anything, but haven’t we been troll-free today?

    • Error404 says:

      You’re kinder than I am. I found the whole ” I know for a fact Ramona is a fall down drunk because her hair obviously needs conditioner!” rants to have troll writen all over them, but that’s just me.

      • VAgirl says:

        Maybe! Not quite as obvious as last night, though. Lol.

      • Nancy says:

        What I think these people are talking about is that there are many “forms” of alcoholism not just the drunk falling off the curb, drinking from a paper bag etc.
        An alcoholic can also be someone with a full time job, family etc that can’t go a couple days without a drink.

        • Nancy says:

          They are called functioning alcoholics.

        • VAgirl says:

          Nancy. One of them called her a booze hound and one of them called her a booze pig. I don’t know for sure if she has a alcohol problem or not, but nobody can diagnose anyone as an alcoholic based on what they’ve seen on a television show. They can suspect it, or think it, but how can they say definitively? Also goes for saying Kelly is a drug addict. She may very well be, but I for one would never say “She is definitely a speed freak, or heroin addict” or whatever unless I lived with her 24/7 and knew that for a fact. Also, I don’t know that Victoria is a racist or pothead based on one youtube video. She might very well be, but I’m not calling her that unless I know for a fact. Now as for calling Jill a two faced backstabber, I’ll do that because she admits she is.

          • Nancy says:

            I completely agree. I think a lot of us here (me included) should stop with the diagnosing. Thanks. (except for Jill of course.) ha ha

            • VAgirl says:

              I hope you didn’t think I was personally talking about you. A lot of people do it. ❤

            • Caitlin says:

              Nancy, have you had the same phenomenon that I have had regarding friends asking me whether or not I think they have a problem or someone else does? It’s so individual, IMO, and I’ve never responded “yes” or “no” – just given them some things to read, ask if they want to go to a meeting, etc. Bet you do the same, no? And I have defended Ramona on this blog against the “drunkard” allegations, which is not my usual m.o., but I feel the Bravo folks have been so unfair in their depiction of her.

              • Nancy says:

                I had a surgeon ask me if I thought he had a drinking problem.
                You could have heard a pin drop after that one. I was scrubbed in so I knew I would have to be by him for hours and all I could think of was this…
                People that have to ask hat question usually knows the answer.
                I thought it was brilliant answer.

          • well one thing we can all pretty much agree on is Kelly ogf Kellyland is off her rocker

        • nathania says:

          I know. I used to not believe in them but I have seen them with my own eyes. I have also seen drunks call other people drunks, to project their own problems elsewhere, which is why I don’t jump on the Kim Richards or Ramona is an alkie train.

          Kelly is a bit of a different case, because her behavior is E-rratic with a capital E. And if i am being completely honest, because she’s just so doggone nasty as a human being. The two above mentioned women are nice people. Sometimes it’s hard to hold back, for me, with Kelly, because she is sooooooooooo nasty to people and then just as quickly plays the victim card.

  61. Adgirl says:

    RE: Twitter. If you want to read someone’s twitter feed you do not need a twitter account. Just google their name or handle with “twitter” afterwards. (i.e. Alex McCord twitter). No need to have an account or follow anyone if you don’t want to.

    Here are a few:
    Bethenny http://twitter.com/#!/BETHENNY
    Simon http://twitter.com/#!/simonvankempen
    Alex: http://twitter.com/#!/mccordalex
    Ramona http://twitter.com/#!/ramonasinger
    LouAss http://twitter.com/#!/countessluann
    Kelly https://twitter.com/#!/kellybensimon
    Fake Kelly with KKB’s old handle http://twitter.com/#!/kikilet
    Jill Zarin http://twitter.com/#!/jillzarin

    • TLM says:

      TY for this!! I never knew there were links where you could go back to an entire Twitter feed. The main page will only show you so many and then says it can’t show you earlier tweets. It looks like with these links, you can go back as far as you want.

  62. Adgirl says:

    Lynn or Quincy … I’m in jail. The spam can. I broke a rule about 8 x.

  63. AZ Girl says:

    As far as I am concerned Jill has no dominion over this site. We just need to keep with the program and hunker down against her ridiculous attacks. I feel bad for Simon and Alex. They have been hit bad on Twitter. But admire them for not backing off and retweeting the truth. Eventually Jill will go down in flames. Seriously I believe Jill is nuts and she is not getting any better.

    • Nancy says:

      AZ Girl,
      Does Jill really think she can shut down this site? I don’t even know why Bobby & jill
      let the cat out of the bag. What was to gain and why now? Am I missing something?

      • AZ Girl says:

        Bobby can’t touch us. Personally if there were two individuals that should not be on a reality show it is these two. They just can’t take not being in control of the PR and what is being said about Jill. Bobby was stupid to say anything on film about this blog and because he did so it just made it stronger. Of course they think the opposite and the Jill will be deemed the “victim”. So, they have their minions post here and try and make Simon the bad guy which is just outrageous and funny all at the same time. .

    • mariareads says:

      I agree. I feel bad for them as well. Jill has become such a shrew and I can’t imagine behaving like she does-ever. It’s getting worse too. She’s completely out of control. I think this HW thing has gone to her head and she imagines herself much more important than she is. What a nut job.

    • quincyil says:

      I told Lynn that she is not alone. I will stand right behind her when she takes the oncoming fire from Jill’s battalons and all of you will be there in the front lines.

      Jill wanted a war just like the Camille Grammar’s “The Art of War” forces in BH’s Malibu dinner party. Jill fired the first volley by pushing Bobby when he was getting dressed. New York vs. Chicago, but Chicago has IL, AZ, California,Virginia, Canada, Mexico, Florida…..

      Lynn can be strong because she has all of you.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        At the ready when the call comes! (Remember there are also the silent or quieter members, too. I’m sure they’ll step up as well. Our army is much larger than it appears on first glance.)

  64. boston02127 says:

    In the picture on top of the blog, the cartoon pic that reads “it’s turtle time”, what or who is that little head peeking out next to Cindy?

    • MAMAZ says:

      I can’t figure out who the woman on the step ladder is supposed to be.

      • Amy Matheson says:

        That’s Kelly with an “I’ve never seen woman parts that aren’t mine” face.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Mamaz_ Is Kiki-kookoo

        • Cusi77 says:

          KKB with the face she did in St. Johns when Bethenny shout “Gooooo to Sleeeeeep”

          • Nancy says:

            I’ll be in bed w/ my husband reading while I’m thinking George is FAST asleep only to find him yelling at me to “‘GO TO SLEEP YOU’RE CRAZY GO TO SLEEP.” Then we are both wide awake and cracking up. I don’t think Bethenny will EVER leave our marriage.
            Too funny.

            • Cusi77 says:

              Nancy_ Hehee! I’m cracking up with that image! Btw: Cello is my favorite instrument! I am terrible playing instruments… At home, when I was young, we had Piano and my 5 sisters knew how to play it but me. However I can’t work my sculpture, painting or jewelry without hearing classical music.

              • VAgirl says:

                Cusi/Nancy I wish I were artistic or could play an instrument. I have pretty good singing voice and great pitch and can sight read music. And Ithere is not any type of music I do not like. Everyone has their own talents, though, and they should not be wasted.

                • Cusi77 says:

                  Vagirl_ Are you in Virginia? It must be three hours more than here! I think that everyone has a creative form to express themselves, I wish I could sing without insulting anyone ears! Lol!

              • Nancy says:

                You have good taste. 🙂 If you have time go to YouTube and listen to YoYo Ma play
                Gabriels Oboe. It takes my breath away.

                Carolina Kostner Gabriel’s Oboe

                • Cusi77 says:

                  Thanks, Nancy!

                • mariareads says:

                  Years ago when Yoyo Ma 1st arrived on the scene my inlaws took us to a local concert that was a monthly thing organized by some community group they belonged to. It was my first introduction to this amazing musician. Little did I know how it would explode almost immediately.

      • VAgirl says:

        From left to right – Sonja, Alex, Jill, Ramona, Kelly, Luann, Cindy. I believe the little head is someone the cartoonist puts in all of his/her cartoons, like a signature. I can’t remember the cartoonists name, but the cartoons are great!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Boston_ And Ramona is like “Jill Zarin, Kiss my eyes”!!!!

  65. MAMAZ says:

    Flower Power – Thank you so much for finding the link to the article I mentioned! I want to share it with friends and family. 🙂

  66. MAMAZ says:

    It was a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods. I spent most of it outdoors with my family. All that fresh air and sunshine made me sleepy. Or maybe it was the SG Margaritas.
    Night all.

  67. Cusi77 says:

    Nitol! Before Mr.77 shouts “Go to sleep!!!!”

  68. chismosa says:

    Hi everybody- if anyone sees this before any new blogs that come up on Sunday mornings- i am so happy for you all and for this community of wonderful posters and the notoriety given to this wonderful sight as of the last few minutes of thursday’s RHNY!
    Major congratulations to Lynn and Quincy- i just wanted to give you a big thank you again for a wonderful place to really vent and just get out our frustrations with the actions of a certain (fake) redhead on a reality show, as well as other *fake* redheads on other reality housewives show (I’m talkin’ to youz Caroline).
    Anyhow, still playing catch up as i do, but Lynn and Q- thanks again for wonderful place to be and talk and just get great advice and chat with others. Hope trolls have not visited too much, so far I only saw 1 which is like nothing. Maybe after next week’s episode you’ll have more visitors?

    Hugs to all of you out there, hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

    I Hate Jill Zarin and am so proud to be an early member of this site back when you were pre-Wordpress and just after Amazon-gate. … member since 2010…. ha ha
    ps still Team Melissa, hope others see the light soon. xo

  69. chismosa i love me some Melissa

    • chismosa says:

      Thanks Dizziest I always agree completely with your take on Melissa, am just never online to back you up at the right time!

      Oh I thought I would mention, I am finding this very interesting: I am watching S2 of NY on weekdays on ch 4, and Kelly is just meeting Bethenny and everyone. I have noted in my mind that 2x already B has called Kelly or something about Kelly “inauthentic” or used the term “be authentic” when referring to Kell. I honestly think Kelly sits and re-watches old footage of Bethenny, Ramoner, and Alex in order to recycle what they say. I know this has been mentioned before but it was just soooo eerie to see it and to see THIS season kelly use “authentic” as her word du jour. Please God I can’t handle her on tv again after this season.
      Everyone have a wonderful Sunday!

  70. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~:)

    • VAgirl says:

      Good morning!

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        WWHL is on with JZ now & I am watching for the first time. Wish I had a tape recorder. JZ is so annoying I can hardly stand to watch to wait & see our hate blog mentioned.LOL

        • boston02127 says:

          Good morning. BaaBee Loves Kitties, I just put it on. Ramona should do exactly what Bethenny did and walk away from Jill and never look back.

          • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

            Good morning Boston~I guess I missed the 1st five minutes, is that where Bobby said the hate blog? I agree with you about Ramona too.

            • boston02127 says:

              Bobby said that on the RHONY show. Not on WWHL. I read that there may be more on that comment on next weeks show.

              • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

                Thank you~as usual I am a day or two behind. I tried to watch RHONY last night & had to change the channel because it is so bad.

  71. TLM says:

    LOL @ Adam Carolla on Simon:
    “I’m a snappy dresser and a snappy smoker”
    “I dress like a chick, but I’m a dude”
    “I dress like Elton John, circa 1977”
    “I love my wife way too much”

  72. jeepers1941 says:

    Good morning everyone.
    Can’t stand Adam Carolla and don’t think he is funny at all. But that is JMHO…… 🙂
    Kind of looking forward to NJ show tonight, want to see how Melissa and Teresa’s talk goes. Should be interesting, well at least I hope so. Half to say it, I don’t think Melissa is looking forward to this meeting though. I was amazed at how Joey held his anger in check when meeting with Teresa. They both are so much alike. But I feel Joey should told Teresa he was sorry for going all ape-shit on her at the baby’s baptizmal dinner, even though he was drunk, still know excuse for his behavior.

  73. quincyil says:

    I think it is unfair that Jill has a national podium and can make accusations and Lynn had a little blog on wordpress. Jill can run to Andy and Andy totally ignores bloggers.

    You would think Andy would contact Lynn at some point, but he did not.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Andy is d-head and has gotten to big for his panties. I think the powers that be is trying to show him the door, but he has been dealing with jz for so long, that he acts just like her.
      Personally, I’d like for them to replace Andy with someone who is not afraid to ask the housewives some good hard question about their behavior and stop the pussy footing around with these women.

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Oh Andy wouldn’t be caught dead giving Lynn any kind of response for the great work you and she have done on this site, that is beneath him. He seems to think he is the only one who knows the women better than anyone else. Andy is not a expert on anything other than maybe picking up slim balls.

    • FLG says:

      Good morning. Andy needs to grow a pair. He is the biggest enabler. The only brave thing that comes to mind is having Cat O on with Countess SBHH. My man crush on him lasted less than a day. One of the shortest crushes I’ve experienced.

  74. Amy Matheson says:

    Ick. Can’t imagine this would be worth any kind of bauble.

  75. Amy Matheson says:

    Ick. I can’t imagine this would be worth any kind of bauble.

  76. susieq. says:

    So GLAD Bobby mentioned you blog – great press!!!!!! LOL!!!! u r spot on!!!!! Jill and Kelly and LuAnn are……..too many words to print! Cindy is so vanilla – not worth mentioning!!!!!

  77. tegan says:

    I fell in love with this site when looking for a discussion board that had intelligent recaps and comments of the HW shows I watch…not just because of its title. I find myself checking for your daily recaps on my lunch hour at work because I can’t wait till I get home..lol! I am so happy for you and Quincy too!! Great Job!!!

  78. Beth says:

    I want to thank Bobby Zarrin, because I would have never found your site without him! I LOVE your take on the housewives. You are spot on! I no longer feel alone and stupid, wondering how others couldn’t see through Jill, Luanne and poor Kelly. Thanks so much and keep up the good work…

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