I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York

The Top Ten Things I loved about tonight’s show:

10.  Luann’s horrible singing to Jill Zarin, of course the signing was horrible but the lyrics were even worse!  The best part was Ramona saying she thought it was a guy in drag coming down the stairs!  Hysterical!

9.  Tough little Avery Singer planning her Sweet 16 birthday party, she knows what she wants and she’s going to get it!  She looked incredible and her venue was stunning, I hope she had the time of her life!

8.  Simon getting hypnotized to stop smoking cigarettes, I love how he went outside tosmoke that one last one before he sat getting his brain rearranged to convince himself he’s a non-smoker.  I don’t think it worked….

7.  Dualing Sweet 16 parties, I know which one I’d prefer to attend, Avery’s looked amazing and I’m sure the pot-smoking, racist first daughter of the royal Count enjoyed herself particularly after her mother took off to spend more time with her young stud.  After all Lulu spent hours planning, shopping and preparing this kid’s party, how much time can she be expected to spend with her kids?  Mom time is important, go get laid Lulu.

6.  Jill’s birthday party was a joke!  Before Ramona mentioned it I noticed that the venue looked a bit cramped.  Everyone seemed to be crunched together and Lulu even had to duck her head so she didn’t jam her huge forehead on the rafters.  Jill’s fake screams of delight just proves she is an outstanding actress.  Cindy read a poem dressed as Josephine Baker, how ridiculous!  (and clearly her clothes had not been on hangers!)  What’s with Kelly apologizing over and over for being late, she’s always late!  Did anyone expect anything less from the Kellster?  I think that people give her the wrong time on purpose so they don’t have to deal with her for too long.

5.  People were obsessed with a “bed” set up at Avery’s party!  OMG people, it wasn’t a bed!  Haven’t you seen those lounge square set up’s in clubs and hotels before?  They have them poolside in cabana’s in the fancy hotels…get over it!  No one is going to have sex on the bed in the middle of a party!

4.  Only two housewives attended both Sweet 16 parties, Jill and Kelly the two desperate for screen time!  Heaven forbid they missed something or maybe weren’t on screen for a few seconds if they hadn’t attended both parties.  I’m with Sonja, I’m going to enjoy the one that had a little something for the adults!  But why was Avery asking Kelly to shuttle the adults back to their side of the party?  I know Kelly is a Sasquatch Amazon woman but I don’t think she could fit all those adults on her back.

3.  Cindy has bad body odor. Reason enough to can her for next season!  Enough said!

2.  Somebody give Jill Zarin a damn napkin please?

1.  Of course my new hero, Bobby Zarin who while talking to Simon mentioned a “hate blog” that we all know, of course is our little “Blog That Could”!  Jill has been trying for over a year to get me to take down the blog, then change the name of the blog but she has given me no reason to change the name.

Jill Zarin has not changed, she proved it in the first few episodes when she called Alex a “F***** Bitch” then said she was socializing above her means at the wedding.  Those are Jill’s true feelings about Alex, any attempt to make peace was simply to try to regain fans that she’s lost for being so damn mean!Last season Jill was mean to both Bethenny and Alex and it lost her a whole lot of fans and earned her a “hate blog”.  She watched as Bethenny’s popularity soared, Alex and Ramona gained fans as she lost them so her attempts to be nice to Alex are all fake and a pathetic attempt to win back fans.  We know that she probably goes home each night and vomits after forcing herself to be nice to Alex while filming all day.

Jill’s constant attacks on Ramona are getting pretty old, she’s called Ramona a hypocrite at least a dozen times in the press and on Twitter and Facebook, even creating a poll asking her fans if they think Ramona is a hypocrite.  This poll was right after she explained why she thought Ramona was a hypocrite, I can’t imagine why Jill’s three fans voted in favor of Jill.

More goodies on tonight’s show…very little Cindy or Kelly, that was a big plus!

Alex McCord addresses our little blog here in her Bravotv.com blog, here’s part of what she had to say:

Let me try to shed some light. There’s a blog out in cyberspace that isn’t complimentary to Jill. If you read Bravo blogs, chances are you know it or have heard of it. A year ago, Simon and I were on our book tour, and stopped in Chicago, where the founder of the blog is based. The blogger attended one of our book signings, and had contacted us via our website prior to our arrival — asking that if a meet and greet for local bloggers and fans were to be organized by them, would we attend? We discussed it, ran it by our publisher and agreed that a blogger and fan event was good outreach, and attended the event after our signing in June of 2010. We took fan photos and discussed the book and the show.

I don’t know how that translates into Simon or me being investors, content writers, posters, or even members of the blog. We don’t own it, we don’t have money in it. We don’t write for it. There is a link on the blog to a recap of the Chicago fan event held for us with pictures, and as the blog covers the whole Housewives franchise, we along with all other cast membersare regularly discussed on it. That doesn’t mean we are doing the discussing.

Alex is almost right, the only thing I have to dispute is that I contacted them to set up the meet and greet cocktail reception.  Simon actually contacted me and asked me to set it up.  Here’s what happened, I tweeted to a friend who was going to meet me at Alex and Simon’s book signing in Chicago:

@LynnNChicago@gibgrl1 So excited @mccordalex and @simonvankempen coming to Chicago!!! Who’s joining us???

Simon retweeted my tweet and added:

@Simonvankempen  Who’s booking out dinner?

@Simonvankempen:  So organize it.

I asked Simon if I organize it will he and Alex definitely be there?

@SimonvanKempen @LynnNChicago book a venue, sell tkts & Alex & I will talk. Remember this is 2 days after the finale airs & a week b4 the reunion spec does

Of course he’s referring to last season’s finale and reunion.  You can see these tweets in my “Favorites” on Twitter  http://twitter.com/#!/LynnNChicago/favorites

Other than that, every word of Alex’s blog is true.  I don’t feel like Simon dissed the blog on television, but he does read the blog and he has posted comments a few times but Bobby had his facts wrong and Simon didn’t lie.   I believe that possibly Bobby wasn’t being 100% truthful because he acted like this blog had just been brought to his attention when we know for a fact that Jill has known about and been angry about the blog since it started over a year ago.  I’ll bet Jill didn’t keep this a secret from her husband all these months.

Alex goes on…

Six months later, now that all this nonsense and finger pointing has happened, yes, we do read it, along with a few other sites that blog reality TV. I don’t see everything — there is way too much online to keep up with while maintaining life and work. The blog owner has now met and interviewed quite a few members of the Bravo family, and sometimes tweets us random questions about our show and pop culture in general. Sometimes I answer, though I won’t speak for anyone else because keeping a handle on my own Twitter feed is enough work.

Alex is most likely referring to some of the interviews that I’ve done with other Housewives and Bravo cast members including Sonja Morgan, Cat Ommanney and Tabatha Coffey.  Other Bravo stars also follow me on Twitter, not just Alex and Simon.

Finally, Alex had this to say about bloggers:

If you tweet nice things or garbage, at a Bravolebrity or anyone else in the public eye, chances are they or their fans will see it. I get tons of love and hate every week. Here’s what I DON’T do. I don’t assume that the negative stuff is written by, supported by, or controlled by my castmates. When you assume, you make an A-S-S out of U and ME.

Well said Alex!

My partner in blogging wrote a great blog that sums up some of the history, Thank you Quincy, what would I ever do without you!!!  Lynn~

Research from the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog to help commenters remembers what happened when with reality stars and this blog.  By QuincyIL

I am sure you all have memories of our interaction with Simon van Kempen, but I went back to get the links to share with you.  The evidence is all here.  Lynn was away when Simon came to the board the second time and I notified her in an email that she received days later and responded to me.

Link to early posts of lynnnchicago


These posts are from April 2010 long before Lynn tweeted with Simon after reading about their book tour visit to Chicago.  Do your homework, Bobby Zarin.  To accuse Simon of creating something before he had ever heard of a blogger in Chicago is ridiculous.

Photos of Alex and Simon in Chicago


Blog about the Katrina/Jill comment from Aruba.  Jill Zarin had mentioned on her public tweet line that she was going to Aruba on the board so when someone talked to Lynn about Simon, the people on the board began to speculate.  The comments about this have always been on the board.


Open letter to Jill Zarin which got a response from Rachel/Ally Shapiro (did she legally change it to Zarin?)


Simon posted on the board twice. The first time was to defend Kelly Bensimon who was having a problem with twitter. The second time he came to give a link about false stories placed in the press by you can probably guess and Alex’s comments about having a drink before delivery of their first child. Here is Lynn’s comments and a link to the original discussion:

Simon VanKempen visit’s the blog:

On Saturday night there was a bit of a Twitter battle going on that was discussed in detail on yesterday’s blog and comment section.

It all started with Kelly Bensimon. No surprise there, right? Kelly changed her name on Twitter from @Kikilet to @KKBensimon. When Kelly originally did this, she just started a whole new account with Twitter and lost all of her followers in the process.

In an effort to help, Simon tweeted to Kelly that she could simply change her name from @Kikilet to @KKBensimon without losing her followers. Kelly took Simon’s advice.

What Simon forgot to mention to Kelly, or maybe he thought Kelly would figure it out herself was that if she took his advice, it would leave her old @Kikilet name available for anyone to take and utilize on Twitter. Needless to say, Kelly’s worst nightmare came true. A Twitter member named Chris swiped Kelly’s old name @Kikilet and began to tweet with that name. Admittedly funny to most of us, but of course not to Kelly.

At some point Simon VanKempen sent a private DM to Chris asking her to please “park” the name @Kikilet and not tweet with it anymore as it was clearly upsetting Kelly. Chris didn’t keep Simon’s request private, she told me and a few other Twitter members about Simon’s message.

The entire thing blew up into a battle with complete details on yesterday’s blog including a comment post on this blog from Simon himself explaining his point of view. For the complete story, read through yesterday’s comments and blog post…. http://wp.me/pVOhN-nZ

It really is much more complex and fascinating than I can possibly describe in this blog, it is a must read!

(from Q…this is the day that I got a phone call from Simon van Kempen .  I had written tohim stating who I was and I called him “a turncoat” for his defense of Kelly Bensimon and his new friendship with Jill Zarin which I read about in leaks to the press and guessed at because of the Katrina post.   I later apologized publically for that comment when I found out that he was just trying to help a very upset fellow cast member.  He had compassion for Jill and Kelly that was sincere.  I realized I was wrong and told you that I had done this in the final chapter of the season four fantasy.  QuincyIL)

The second time was Mother’s Day 2011. Lynn was away and I wrote a blog on Pecking order.  People on the board were wishing each other Happy Mother’s Day.  A post came on the board with misinformation.  I felt badly that it was on so in the evening I took it off.  Simon had posted on the thread and he also wished us Happy Mother’s Day.


Since Bobby asked Simon about his interaction with this blog, I wanted to find the links and show you that everything was on the blog.  Lynn writes about all of the interactions with reality stars.  We also have commenters that met with the reality stars and that interaction is in the blogs and on the boards.

I have never had a tweet from Simon, but Sonja Morgan and Alex McCord have retweeted my comments on the show.  ( you can Follow me on Twitter @QuincyILIHJZ)   Sonja mentioned things from a blog that I had written and gave hints that she had read the blog discussion of her in her bravo blog at bravotv.com  Alex commented about this blog at bravotv.com after the episode last night.

Jill Zarin has a zillion comments about this blog on her twitter and in articles.  She also made sure this blog was in season four of “The Real Housewives of New York City.”  Jill is the inspiration that launched hundreds of blogs and  thousands of comments.

Thanks again Quincy great job!  xo  Lynn~

Watch What Happens Live blog tomorrow, right here on IHJZ!

If you missed Carly and I dissing the show, you can listen here:  http://t.co/AERbOlv

Just to remind everyone, we all made a list over a year ago of the many reasons why we Hate Jill Zarin, this list is not all inclusive in fact it doesn’t include anything she’s done in Season Four.  http://wp.me/pVOhN-s

This is not a “Hate Blog” for the record the people who read and comment here are loving and kind, they help each other out, give great advice and rarely stay on topic but that’s exactly what I wanted when I created this blog.  I want people to feel free to come here and discuss anything they want to discuss and the only rule here is to be kind to others.  Everybody doesn’t have to agree, but you can dispute and argue opinions without attacking each other.  That’s what we do here.

Thanks to Boston02127 for the great photo’s with captions, hysterical!

Funny Lady Brooks is at it again…read her latest:  http://ladybrooks.com/2011/06/24/sorry-jill-zarin/

TVTime101 latest on the New Jersey Housewives:


Real City Housewife is back too!


Until Next Time…

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  1. Adgirl says:

    Congrats Lynn! It’s been a long time coming.

  2. cabbie413 says:

    Lynn and Q ,

    I have a sugestion for you – when you guys post on twitter about your new blog can you add hashtags like #rhonj or #rhony, etc with respect to the blog you’re tweeting that day. I think lots more will see it, since lots of ppl do searches on hashtags alone 🙂

    Just a thought!

  3. Rhetotic says:

    Wow! What a day; so thankful for Lynn, Quincy, & all of you. I found this site just about a year ago after surgery. I was in bed with my smart phone & bravo & this blog. It kept me sane and brought laughter. I am so much better now that I have been asked to teach the water recovery class I am in! Thanks, keep on posting!

    • Nancy says:

      That is a sweet story. I’m glad you are feeling better. I love this blog as well.

      • Rhetotic says:

        Thanks Nancy. I love to read your comments, but I’m never online @ the right time to jump in on the conversation.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Awwww! That is a beautiful story Rhetotic! This site provides for many of us with healthy laugh, great articles, really nice people posting and everything is thanks to Lynn Hudson and Quincy! THANK you guys! God Bless you!

    • I’m glad to know that in your recovery some of us might have brought you some laughter.

  4. Str8gal says:

    LOL Maybe she IS taking your advice that ANY press is good press??

  5. WindyCityWondering says:

    Do you think Jill said something in her rounds of showing off her birthday diamond “presents” that she had actually liked a different, larger set than the one Bawby bought? Mix one part red wig, one part pinot grigio and one part sick of Jill’s bs behavior this season and you end up with Ramona’s spot on diamond roast?

    • Nancy says:

      Could you imagine the Beverly Hills housewives acting like Jill with their jewelry and how much it cost and who gave it to them blah blah blah. (and what they had to do for it)
      She makes me want to vomit.

      • plainviewsue says:

        That is the difference between the Beverly Hills ladies and a woman like Jill. She has always been about the material crap.

      • Mavorneen says:

        OMgosh. What a blog. lol If I hadn’t read Romona’s newsletter I might not have known how to find you. (I’m not very computer literate, just basics.) Anyway, I LOVE BHHW. I have often seen the difference in class between some of those women and, phony Jill. Can you imagine Adrienne behaving like Jill? I hope you allow me to stay and post once in awhile or a lot. 🙂

  6. boston02127 says:

    Well that little “cat nap” I was going to take at 5 went well, I just woke up and it’s after 9:30!

  7. Nancy says:

    You did yourself a favor by being asleep.

  8. Jamie Lannister says:

    re-post on the new page

    Yes, I did at the @TVLand awards. He didn’t know she’d said that until he saw the episode & agreed that she was out of line. RT @plainviewsue: @SimonvanKempen U & @mccordalex need to stop being so nice. Did u ever pull over Bawby & complain about how his witchy wife speaks 2 Alex?

    Jill is the biggest “cyber bully” of them all. Bobby is not a helpless babe, but he is apparently too lazy to dump this viper and find a decent wife.

    The above is a tweet from Simon.

    I understand not liking the word “hate” but Bobby’s feelings are NOT hurt because of bloggers, but because of the despicable real life things his wife does. I think, on some level, he knows it. He’s a big boy (old man) and he chose her, now he must dump her or live the the consequences of JILL’S actions.

    As far as the title of the blog, I was one who voted to change it will Lynn did an informal poll WAY back in the early days. It was discussed. Most, including Lynn, decided they liked the title. I honestly don’t remember why, but we all chimed in with our opinions.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ironically, I found this blog by typing in I hate Jill Zarin on google! No, I didn’t hate her personally but I was feeling pretty pissed off with her behavior at that time. I hit the blog jackpot here and every day I laugh and snark with some pretty unhateful people.

      • Kerry Okie says:

        I found it because of Amazon gate. I decided, rightfully so, that I hated Susan Saunders. Susan Saunders is Jill Zarin; there’s no denying it, and until Jill admits to that fact and repents for it, she’s worthy of all this ill will. She has brought it on herself. Despite what she thinks, we are not stupid, and we will not forget. If we get branded as “haters” because of that, so be it. It is what it is.

        • That’s how I found it too.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I had read reviews of Alex’s book on Amazon and then on a lark went to see what was said about Jill’s moldly book. The Saunders’ review was too much and evoked the IHJZ mantra for me as well.

        • lillybee says:

          Same with me especially since TWOP shut the thread down. The threats about the poor reviewer’s “cat”dog were so nasty. Jill still hasn’t redeemed herself from that.

        • PortiaElizabeth says:

          Another here who found it thanks to that kerfuffle on Amazon. I still laugh at the thought that Jill had to pretend to be someone else to read a good review. And I’m also glad for this site. Mostly i just read, but love the commenst!

      • klmh says:


      • Rhetotic says:

        WCW, that’s exactly how I found it. I wanted to talk to someone so badly after last year’s NY reunion, but no one I knew watched it. I kept looking for blogs, and got mad & typed it. Actually, I think It’s a smart title; it brings in posters:)

      • VAgirl says:

        Me too WCW!

    • plainviewsue says:

      That was my tweet to Simon that he answered. I am so tired of Bawby defending his wifes actions when they are so despicable. Its time for Simon and Mario to get together and sit Bobby down and make sure he on THEIR page!

      Never thought I’d say it but Bobby is a condescending jerk just like his wife. I always wondered why he always wears the dark sunglasses. I thought that way when Jill speaks he can just nod off and she wouldn’t know! Maybe he’s the godfather of the Fabric Mafia??????

  9. Kats2 says:

    Need help on Gawker, the actual recap does not mention the hate blog comment made by Bobby last night, but some weirdos with a bug up their ass are doing their best to trash Lynn and this blog. The following link will take you to it. I’m sure it’s all connected to Vile Jill. You know damage control. But any help you can provide to correct some of the comments and some defense would be appreciated.


    • quincyil says:

      I sometimes look at articles, but never bother with comments.

      • Kats2 says:

        Yeah well “Erin in Upstate” perhaps code for Jill Zarin staff or relative. Said she was here for like an hour reading the blog and it’s “very Creepy”. Gawker is NYC based so I’m sure Jill is very concerned anyone else will end up coming here.

        • quincyil says:

          LOL….25,ooo hits… I’m sure a few did not like the blog.

          It’s ok. I’m sure some people don’t care for this person.

        • Rhetotic says:

          Kats, like creepy & hot & unauthentic? Sounds like kk is up & about.

          • MAMAZ says:

            The Gawker readers don’t like JZ any more than we do. Brian Moylen writes the recaps and he is an Alex fan.
            There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like you. I’m not sure why they think anything we do or say here is somehow different than what they do or say. That goes for the readers of NYMag and Reality Tea as well. But they have their opinions just like we have ours. If we go and try to defend Lynn, IHJZ and ourselves it will just get twisted around. It happened once before with Reality Tea. Some of you may remember it involved True Life Diva.
            The best thing to do is just let them go their way and we go ours.

            • Golden Girl says:

              MAMAZ, what happened with TLD?

            • lola says:

              As far as Reality Tea posters goes it was only a chosen few who chose to call you guys names and say hateful things about these commentators. The writer of the blog did her best to pacify her posters and tried to get them (unsuccessfully) to stop with the hateful comments. I found that one a lil funny only because some of them left and tried to take the other posters with them to another site. Eventually they started arguing with themselves over at the other website and sure enough they came right back to Reality Tea, some under they old names others under new names I’m sure. Please don’t put us Reality Tea posters all in one group.

    • brooklyngirl says:

      There is another one out there. New York magazine has a blog called “Vulture” where every week they do a recap of RHONYC. Readers then comment on the blog. Today, in reference to Bawby’s statement to Simon, someone made really nasty and inaccurate comments about this blog. Thought everyone should know.

      • Thanks, I am sure those comments are nothing we haven’t seen before from some of the trolls. I am sure some trolls don’t even like Jill Zarin but just find random sites to stir the shit pot in.

    • nathania says:

      I guess someone should update me on the situation with Gawker comments, because this is the way it used to be: Gawker had, at one time, extremely witty commenters. You couldn’t just post random comments, like here, you had to have an account and you were kind of ‘allowed’ to comment because you’d demonstrated you were witty enough to be worth reading. I don’t know if times have changed but only one of those commenters met that criteria, the one that mentioned the ‘silkwood shower’. The rest of them sound like Jill-minions to me, so I guess pretty much anyone can sign up and post whatever they want at this point. I think they all went to the comments as a group, elected one of them to bring up the ‘hate blog’ as if that was the only part of the show worth commenting on, and then proceeded to trash Lynn. Pretty transparent.

      • Debbie says:

        I left a comment on Gawker and it wasn’t posted. I don’t think I was witty enough 😦

      • Stella says:

        You have to be an approved commenter to have remarks visible. Starred commenters can see unapproved comments in pink, and approve if they deem the comments worthy. Approved, but unstarred commenters have their comments grayed out, and readers can elect to suppress them entirely.

        The conspiracy theories as to the comments at Gawker that find this blog… unusual, to say the least are a bit perplexing. You do realize that one doesn’t need to be Jill Zarin, a member of her family or staff to find a website thoroughly dedicated to hating her a bit on the bizarre side, no?

    • Debbie says:

      I just checked the Gawker comments. There are ten, 4 written by Erin from upstate Manhattan, 2 replies to her. The best one gives Erin the name of this blog. More people will be driven here. Jillz made a mistake this time. Rather than stopping this blog she’s made it even more popular by inadvertently driving people here. Way to go JILL!

      • Erin in Upstate Manhattan says:

        I’m actually team blonde. I first heard about this site on the show. Someone on Gawker gave me the name of this site. I cannot stand Jill Zarin. Watching Bethenny try to mend their friendship and Jill shit all over her was heart wrenching. Silex are the only rational and down to earth people in that cast now. I do think it is creepy that people devote this much time to a television show. Reading Brian Moylan’s recaps on Gawker is enough for me.

  10. Adgirl says:

    From the BravoTV Associate Editor’s blog

    “After Kelly has drawn the battle lines between the adults and Avery and LuAnn has left Victoria to have her fun, Bobby decides to really get the party vibe going by confronting Simon about a Jill Zarin hate website. Simon swears non-involvement and declines Mario’s offer to take it to the patio and the men shake on it. They’re on the same page. . . the same webpage (NERD JOKE).

    Though, I’m not so sure that’s the case, as next week once again the ladies (this time Jill and Simon) are embroilled in an argument that gets to “It’s weird levels.” Stay tuned!”

    • quincyil says:

      They must have been in real trouble if they went this route. How often do stars on a show attack popular fan sites? I bet it only happend in Jill Zarinland.

      • Yet she backed away from it in her blog – and she’s seen the remainder of the episodes to prepare for the reunion. I’m all out of thoughts for the day Q. Where is this leading?

        • Adgirl says:

          The reunion was filmed early this season so all of the women got the final 5 episodes to watch before they faced off.
          So Jill knows what is coming up. If there is a lot coming up about this blog and she was cautioned against giving it too much attention – don’t worry. Jill can’t manager her mouth. Jill’s head will start spinning like Regan MacNeil’s (he Exorcist) until her neck is the size of a straw.

          • FLG says:

            Again? Remember the coke can hair do? I still think it was from her head spinning…and just a lucky accident for the clothing designer. 8)

        • quincyil says:

          I suspect that Jill’s reaction to Alex for meeting Lynn and to Sonja for the radio interview will be on the show now. I think that Jill freaked out over the blog and ended up writing to Lynn on New Years Eve because she could not stop thinking about us.

          I think she crawls into her bed and puts the covers over her head to read the comments on this blog.

          Jill may regret giving this blog attention so she is backtracking on the bravo blogs. She can’t change the show and Bravo will put all of their stars in the worst light. They always do that.

          We know who we are and why we comment here. We discuss the shows. It does not matter what others say because we understand this.

          I think there will be a lot of new peolple next week, but everyone here will help Lynn and me.

          Simon is alone. There are a lot of people here who have shared thoughts for a year. We have figured out how to have a community and we actually like each other which is a huge plus. I can’t see Jill Zarin having an inpact on us.

          We hopefully will have old commenters return and new ones come to share. I think Jill Zarin did Lynn and the rest of us a huge favor.


    • Cusi77 says:

      Victoria looked wasted at the end of her party and “mommy wasn’t there”! Everyone was having their own party, apparently…

    • nathania says:

      the producer refers to Jill and Simon as “the ladies”?

      whomever it was that posted the list of why RHONY sucks this year, and included on the list the item, “BITCH-ASS PRODUCERS” please accept my gratitude for holding these creeps at bravo completely responsible for the all around sh*tty product this season.

  11. boston02127 says:

    I just read the posts. Guess I missed the “hate” thing. But……I’ll say it. I hate Jill, I hate her more and more everytime I see & listen to her. I hate her in the morning and I hate her at night. I hate her until the cows come home.

    • Kats2 says:

      Well that’s a better song than the big old ugly drag queen sang last night

    • @tweatcyn says:

      LOL Boston! Me too. I hate Jill Zarin in a bus, I hate JZ’s girdle rust, I will not like her with some toast, I hate Jill Zarin perhaps the most.

  12. quincyil says:

    I don’t think that the word “hate” is such a big deal. I think is an experssion extreme dislike and that is how we felt at times when we watched the behavior of Jill Zarin. I hate tornadoes, except the ones I name after Error 404. I hate war, death, floods, plagues, and Jill Zarin. That is just about all of my list.

    • I have trouble saying or thinking it when it comes to people – which is why I think I find the blog’s title so provoking. That’s not quite the word I’m looking for – but without the title – it’d just be another snarky blog and JZ could ignore it. In the early days I remember reading about this woman who started EVERY blog entry with the words I Hate Jill Zarin – and I thought wow – I’ve got to check that out.

      • @tweatcyn says:

        The title is very provocative, especially to Jill Zarin, who wants the world to love her, since she has been despised by her mother and her classmates since she was a kid. Her desperation to be loved has been her ultimate downfall.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Can we add ticks to the list? I hate ticks.

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill’s new face is morphing into that Jello commercial with the “pudding face”….I think of her everytime that commercial comes on now! lol

    • Kerry Okie says:

      Oh, and I will too, from now on. “Pudding face,” won’t Jill just love it? I’m peeing my pants just thinking about it. OMG, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

    • Cusi77 says:

      I am watching that commercial right now! Haaa!

  14. Bloke says:

    This blog sucks ass! Alex and Simon are freakazoids!

    • Mary says:

      Is this Jill again? But I do agree that Simon is a freak. But Jill is a monster and Luann is a broken dumped woman that can’t sing.

    • I think Teresa’s going to lick Joe’s ass on Sunday. Simon has strange habits and taste in clothing. Kelly is the closest to a freakazoid of all the housewives. Seriously? What is wrong with Kelly? If I ever started a blog that would be the title. Seriously? What is wrong with Kelly?

      • Kerry Okie says:

        Kelly is a warrior for Jill, as is Luann. War is hell; there’s a lot of collateral damage, but to the victor go the spoils. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but the friend of my enemy is also my enemy, and in war, they all have to be conquered. The warriors will take hits if necessary to protect the warlord, as they’ve sworn allegiance. What’s wrong with Kelly? Let me count the ways . . .

    • Cusi77 says:

      Bloke_ I’ve been waiting for you! Give my best to Susan Saunders!

    • oh_deziner says:

      i agree – lots of hoo-ers on this site

    • Bloke's Disappointing Life says:

      Good for you for making full sentences! I’m sure that was a difficult stretch for your intellect. Now run along to Jilly for a pet on the head. It’s sad that your life has come to this, but good for you for making the best of it but learning to write big grown-up sentences with tired cliched slang sad insults like “freakaoids.” Next time you could use another current (to you) meme like: where’s the beef?

  15. Amy Matheson says:

    I watch RHNYC in part to see if Jill can possibly get any more vile and disgusting. And luckily, she always surpasses my expectations. Jabba the Jill is makes me feel better that she doesn’t live near me. .

  16. Rhetotic says:

    Q, Facebook has a page for RH and someone posted an old blog from here: I guess I’m getting paranoid?
    I Hate Jill Zarin Simon VanKempen Webisode / Real Housewives of New York Updates | Lynnnchicago101 lynnnchicago101.wordpress.com

    • quincyil says:

      Jill has a fit is someone takes her stuff, but I will not do that to other people. Unless you lock your ideas in iron box and sink that box to the bottom of the sea you cannot control the spread. I watch Bravo and discuss the shows. They can read something here and discuss it. I have no proble with this. People can disagree with me and say anything they wish.

  17. LOLing says:

    Needless to say, my mouth dropped open whenthe blog was mentioned on the show! I couldn’t believe it. For the record, I am no Jill fan, but I think this was a stroke of evil genius. Bear with me…

    Back in college I had sociology and psych and in class we did lots of “Group Think” type lessons. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, group think, in shorthand, is when you take on the beliefs of a particular group. Rockket science, right? We see this all of the time in politics. Often times, people within a group are loathe to agreee w/ those that disagree or even accept any other opinions. A cult is an example of group think in action. In a weird way, Housewife blogs can be related to this.

    Look at it this way, roughly 3 million people watch RHONY every week. And those are just the ones they measure through Neilson, that doesn’t include people who DVR, watch it in repeats or online. So the number may be higher. The ratio of viewers to blog readers and blog commenters, is a small sampling of people who actually watch the show. Maybe avid blog followers is 50,000? Subtract that by the number of HW’s blogs and it gets smaller. In any case, the sampling of people who read this blog (obviously, are not nerds like me who sit and think of this stuff) don’t take the numbers into account when reading and interacting here. This is b/c the nature of group think is insular.

    Human nature guides us to associate with and spend time in and with people and places that make us happy. This is why HW’s is what it is, these “woman” are thrown together and have to navigate social dynamics in uncomfortable situations. Same w/ the blogs, in a way. When you spend time in a group, you make that your central focus and in time you begin to believe that “everyone” feels like you do. Not because you’re not smart enough to know better, but b/c that’s how group think works. Your group becomes your “everybody” and you just focus on that. Not the bigger picture.

    So, much as this blog’s surface schtick is IHJZ (even though the content is not) people who have NEVER read a blog, surely went to Google to get to the bottom of this “hate blog”! Kind of like RHONJ S1 when they showed “the book” in the promos and I ran to the computer to find out what the hell it was about! Like I was REALLY going to wait a week! LOL. Of all the newbies, who’s to say a lot of these people are not Jill fans? She does have them. Remember, this is a small sampling. Who’s to say they even if they may not love Jill, they are offended by the title and tone of the blog? (For the record nothing about this blog offends me, just making a point!) A lot of people don’t get involved w/ blogs and social networking b/c their is a lot of nastiness out there. (Twitter, I’m looking at you!) People tend to feel sympathy for people when they perceive them as being “attacked” (see: Guideice, Teresa RHNJ S3). Obviously, there is no way for me to prove or disprove what people are thinking, without them commenting, but I think I am generally correct in my thoughts. Those thoughts being that the ratio of Jill fans to Jill haters is probably even, with non opinions throen in. She is the Barack Obama of RHONYC. *ducks for cover for bringing up politics*.

    Jill must know this, and “exposing” the blog will yes, give Lynn more traffic, yes, get Lynn more posts then usual, but is it going to seal Jill’s fate? No. Is it going to garner her sympathy? Quite possibly. Regardless, she’s getting a ton of attention. Even more evil genius? She made Alex and Simon “responsible” for the blog by proxy. They aren’t, but equating them to hate blog supporters is like calling someone a Klan Member in HW’s world. People who don’t read this stuff or take the time to research it, will just hear “hate” and shape their opinion. Even if they are wrong.

    So, at the end of the day, Jill gets sympathy press due to the evil, horrible hate blog. LOL. AND she makes Alex and Simon, the hate supporting scapegoats. Evil. Brilliant. We’ll see where it goes….

    • Adgirl says:

      Fabulous post. Thank you.

      • Smompy says:

        LOL I agree, this is a brilliant analysis. Jill’s/Bawby’s latest complaints can go either way or both ways – some folks will be glad to discover this blog exists while others will use it as an excuse to defend Jill’s actions and start trolling, etc. – but the fact that this particular thing was timed so close to the filming of the reunion and the public assault & battery accusations being directed at Mario, as well as the airing of the newest brunette assault (against Simon this time) does make one wonder if it wasn’t in fact a savvy strategic move on someone’s part. I have to assume it really couldn’t benefit Jill in the long run, but still….?

    • Rhetotic says:

      LOL, interesting points. I think the title brings in like minded people, but there’s where your point breaks down. Group Think allows no dissent, no opinions that differ, and no questions. It’s just a group of “yes men” to the leader. This is not true with this site.

      • oh_deziner says:

        your name doesn’t make any sense

      • LOLing says:

        True. I didn’t get into that too deeply b/c the damn thing was so long! Even in differing opinions, there is still a support system. (I hate to beat the dead horse, but NJ this season is a good example). Lynn allows this. But most dissent is in the other shows, like NJ, OC etc. This particular blog is focused on hating Jill Zarin, it seems in that specific subject, everyone is in agreement. It’s the other shows that sort of change the dynamic. It’s not total conformity, more of a concept in this situation…

        • Rhetorica says:

          LOL, good points again. I see what u mean now. The title ties the social group together but differences arise about other topics. Very good observation!

    • nathania says:

      most people don’t care that much.

      jill is knee-jerk annoying to most people, and alex and simon are not. don’t sweat it.

  18. Kerry Okie says:

    Did New York just pass a same sex marriage bill?

    • Smompy says:

      HOLY MOLY. yes it did…they just announced it on Channel 7 news. Never thought I’d actually see that happen. Praise the Lord…and the handful of Republicans who were brave enough to vote with their conscience!

    • Mary says:

      The only reason this same sex marriage bill passed is because Sonja is a gay icon.
      Jeez! Andy should be proud.

  19. oh_deziner says:

    you should be ashamed of yourself………..you have the audacity to comment about these women when you are an ugly cow!

    • Golden Girl says:

      Yawn, moving on.

      • oh_deziner says:

        hey golden girl…if i can keep your interest…i am starting an I Hate LynnNChicago blog….it is going to be all about her being a hoo-er!

    • sparow says:

      Shame on you ! Lynn is beautiful inside and out. She has been my guest in NYC and I know personally !

      • oh_deziner says:

        hey sparrow – are you also some hoo-er trying to defend other hoo-ers? zip it, pippy! you know lynn like lynn knows the people that she writes about – you’re even more pathetic! i better not catch you on here again!

  20. oh_deziner says:

    you’re a hoo-er! i think you should run some laps! if i become your friend, i’ll still have more than 6 degrees of separation from the RHONY – news flash, you crazy hoo-er, you don’t know them and they couldn’t give two monkey balls about you. get a job, hoo-er. i can do this all day…. do you have any crazy friends that blog about the other housewives shows? are they also hoo-ers? now i’m done

  21. Diana says:

    I agree! Now that this blog is mentioned watch all the haters!!

    I came to this blog because it was mentioned on the show but wow is it pathetic. I mean, this is your life? Simon tweeted because of this and then this happened oh this was last year. I hardly was able to keep attentive for longer than 10 minutes because this is nonsense!

    I suggest you hit the gym and stop over analyzing why you hate a reality star. It’s funny how people can judge and show their picture and it’s clear that spent a little too much time on the computer (i.e. you’re a fat woman!)

    Hope things turn around for you!

    • Kerry Okie says:

      We’ve been expecting you.


      If it is nonsense,,then why bother to comment? Apparently YOU are the one with too much time on your hands,,,

      I know,,I know,,,don’t feed the trolls,,but it just is too funny that people will try to dismiss this as not being worthy of their time,,but yet will sit at the computer and type….then end the comment thinking they are clever and getting to you,,,well in the year you have had your blog,,you have seen worse then this lightweight thinks it is getting to you..lol..you have dealt with the demon herself,,Jill,,this Diana and any others are lightweight…I needed that laugh.

  22. Kats2 says:

    Lot’s of jealous bloggers and angry HW’s

    • Rhetotic says:

      And hateful people!

    • Smompy says:

      I love the peeps who claim they only came here because Bawby mentioned it on the show. First of all, Bawby didn’t actually name this specific blog. He just asked Simon about being involved in a hate blog. “WE” knew what he meant because we’ve witnessed Jill getting steamed about this blog for a very long time. But face it, JZ is widely hated all across the blogosphere, so what Bawby said wouldn’t necessarily lead anywhere to this particular place. Second, if I were so stupid that I couldn’t find this place on my own and needed Bawby Zarin’s help to get here, I sure as hell wouldn’t admit that in print. And third, if these folk’s lives were really so full and rewarding and so much better than us despicable Jill-haters, obviously they wouldn’t feel the need to seek out this one particular blog, read through the many, many postings, and then spend the night posting troll comments in a place they clearly feel is beneath them, now would they? If they really thought it was so horrible to have a blog dedicated to exposing this horrible wretch of a woman for what she is, they wouldn’t participate in it at all. They’d ignore it. That’s IF they were even being a little bit honest about themselves. But trolls are rarely honest, I find:)

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Jill’s two fans are in a tizzy

  23. Not that Crazy says:

    As tempting as it is ….don’t feed the trolls!!!

    • Rhetorica says:

      I know, I know. But they’re so much fun to play with;)

      • Kerry Okie says:

        Yes, great sport, I know, but after a while, it’s like swatting gnats. What’s that quote? Never wrestle with a pig because you both get muddy, except the pig likes it.

        • Rhetorica says:

          Kerry, of course you’re right. I usually don’t engage but this one seemed easy n his heart wasn’t in it.

      • Nancy says:

        I bet you’re glad you decided to post tonight. You poor thing.
        I personally have nothing better to do tonight so you can throw
        the Troll’s my way. It’s so much fun resorting to a 3rd grader every now and then.
        Did you have surgery? (if I may ask)
        Recouping isn’t fun I know.

        • FLG says:

          Just want to say hi Nancy!

        • Rhetorica says:

          Hi Nancy, I’m having so much fun! I had spinal fusion just about a year ago. Wouldn’t wish it on my ex! The Dr said it would take a year & he was right. I’m so much better now. Let’s team up on the next troll – don’t tell anyone:)

          • Nancy says:

            OMG I worked with a Spine surgeon for 2 years. That surgery is insane.
            We’s be in the OR from 7am to 11pm. (depending how many levels).
            I don’t have an ex but it I did…I have to agree with you. I hope it was a
            success as a lot of them aren’t. Aren’t I cheering you up? ha ha
            P.S. Your name doesn’t even make sense. That was soo funny.

            • Nancy says:

              We’s (not a word Nancy)

            • Rhetorica says:

              Nancy, if I had heard this in Dec I would have been worried. My husband (not my ex) was ready to say fail. You’re a special person to work in medicine; I couldn’t Do it! Don’t ya love smart trolls?

          • FLG says:

            Rhetorica it will take at least a year. I found my best improvement at the 2nd to 3rd year mark. I don’t know at what level your fusion was and each case is unique, but I know first hand what you have been through. I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy, if I had one. I certainly learned who my real friends were. I was in my TLSO for about a year. Hang in there. Healing is a process. Don’t neglect the emotional impact this sort of thing has on you, I had somewhat of a delayed reaction in that area. If you would like to ask me anything I am willing to share my experience. Glad you’re beginning to feel better. Now go hook you some trolls!!!! 8)

  24. brooklyngirl says:

    I love this blog and was so happy when I found it after surfing the web. I felt that i had found a circle of friends who felt as I did about JZ. Unfortunately now the haters have arrived, but they will not prevail . and if we ignore them they will eventually go away and back to Jill’s twitter page where they faun all over her. The stuff there is so dishonest and syrupy sweet it makes me want to vomit.

  25. VAgirl says:

    I’m picturing the green-faced Wicked Witch of the West (JZ) screeching to her flying monkeys (PR Team, Australian teeny-boppers, interns, family members) “Get her!, Get her!” (meaning Lynn) and they all come out with pathetic attempts to do her bidding. We all know what happens to the WWoftheW don’t we my little pretties?

  26. fatally flawed says:

    *raises hand*
    I googled after seeing the episode, I wanted to see what all the hoo ha was about. Found you all that way.

  27. California35 says:

    “Holly $&@balls!” two post for the same blog – thanks Lynn.

    I got lots to read – but had to say hi 🙂

    Had an internee day, no drama, no problems, just intence.. I am ready to have my first Ramona Pinot.

    Take that Jill — Lynn’s blog and Ramona’s wine 🙂

    • Golden Girl says:

      I hope you had a good day at work, Im jealous of your Ramona Pinot they don’t have it here yet.

      • California35 says:

        Thank you GG!
        It is over, that is what matters right now lol I don’t want to think about next week, but I do need o go to work tomorrow just to see if that helps me for next week. No worries though, because i will only go for a few hours and still be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂

        How are you?

        The Pinot is good 🙂 first rime trying it, but I bought it like a week ago. Do you have a Total Wine store near you? That is where I found it.

  28. I didn’t catch this the first time watching NY – but at Jill’s party she said to Ramona – “Ramona, do you have any of your wine here? If so I’ll drink it.” Strange – not judging – just surprised.

  29. Does anyone know if Simon’s hypnosis worked?

  30. WindyCityWondering says:

    I feel like Bravo is cheating on us.
    They built our interest for this season of RHNY and then yanked it back at the last minute – to make it better? So far it has been not better – in fact it has been boring. Now the employer has taped the reunion with a handful of episodes to air using a lame excuse that they can’t get their employees to coordinate their schedules to film what is likely part of their contracts? So whatever happens in the remaining episodes won’t have fan questions (yeah, yeah, yeah like they ever get asked real questions). Bravo changed the rules, viewers are treated like fools and the mean girls seem to rule…..
    Well I will admit that it was hard to watch this season without Bethenny. And I will admit that I won’t watch next season if the same old bitches are back.

    • It could have been edited to make it better – it might have been really really bad. I liked this last episode. Less fighting – more smiles.

    • Golden Girl says:

      Same here

    • nathania says:

      does anyone think this early reunion gives more credence to the rumors that they are recasting the show and didn’t want to risk filming the reunion after more rumors had come out and have some possible no shows or some people trying to extort more money to show up knowing they had absolutely nothing to lose….i.e. they wanted to film the reunion with the women still fully believing they are coming back next year?

      • snarkarella says:

        Andy claims that wasn’t a time later on when they would all be available at the same time to film the reunion. I won’t watch next year if it’s these same women because it’s just going to be more of the same BS. They need to toss a few and bring in a few TRULY interesting ladies. I nominate Jill, CIndy, Kelly and Alex for ejection. PLEASE bring in Cat O.!! Just to bug the crap out of LuMan.

    • sue says:

      You got it Windy. My girls and I were talking about it last night and we all agreed that we will not watch next season, because if this is what Bravo is doing to the viewers and laughing about it, well then they took it too far, cause as far as we are concerned, for these females to get away with what they are doing,Bravo HAS TO BE privy to it…..We also all agreed that we will just check in with IHJZ when and if we want to know anything..Also, it may be a little late, but your girls here in PA. want to say Congrats to Lynn on her Shout out Thursday night!!!!

  31. ROE says:

    I Have Been Here From The Very Very Beginning LYNN…CONGRATS !!!
    I Got Pissed When Bravo Wouldn’t Post My comments And Then I Found You (THANK GOD)
    BTW- I think you guys are all wonderful… XOOXOX TO Sweet Pea… miss you!!!

  32. LynnNChicago says:

    Total views of posts today on your blog 31,464 (as of midnight last night)

    Thank you Zarin family!

  33. It feels like a lot of old friends are back tonight. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. FLG says:

    Skinny Girl Margaritas and a round of Ramona Pinot for all! Maybe hubs and I will move to Manhattan…I wonder if Jill will block us from buying in her building?

  35. SweetValley says:

    Jill’s anti-bullying storyline comes full circle. This is her way to get sympathy. Who cares if she’s a vicious bitch who bullies others? SHE’s being bullied… makes me feel icky.

    • FLG says:

      ITA. but I don’t think this “woe is me” will be much more successful than her moldy book.

  36. FLG says:

    Guess I’d better say we’re from Broward County rather than Fort Lauderdale. We’d better use Hubs work email address. If Jillzy checks our home IP, we’re sunk for sure. Hubs won’t be happy with me.

  37. mariareads says:

    WOW! What a snit the old bat is going to be in when she reads how many hits she helped this blog get today! I LOVE it!

    Every time this woman does something underhanded or nasty it always comes back and bites her in her girdle!

    Congrats, Lynn. Cool and calm in any storm. Warrior woman!

  38. Most beautiful housewife – Cynthia Bailey – hands down. Stop pretending you are models NY and OC ladies!

  39. Laura says:

    I about fell off my couch when I heard Bobby bring up “THE BLOG”….duh duh duuuuuh! (dramatic music) I screamed so loud, paused, rewound and listened/watched again…this brought all my kids running into the living room and then rolling their eyes at me when I explained why I screamed!

    CONGRATS Lynn and Quincy!!!! for calling BS when its BS….i.e. JZ!

    What a day lol…I can’t wait for the 30th!! It feels like Christmas!!!

  40. FLG says:

    Cynthia is a regal beauty!

    • Cusi77 says:

      From Atlanta? She deserves to make an sculpture of her!

      • FLG says:

        Absolutely! She deserves more than photographs or paintings. Not that there is anything wrong with photographs and paintings…

  41. PJ says:

    In JZ’s blog she mentioned Simon mean tweeting her and Kelly. Does anyone know what on earth she is talking about? Sort of pot/kettle isn’t it?

    • She’s just making up a cover story because she doesn’t want to talk about this blog. But it’s too late – if Bawbee’s comments weren’t clear enough – Alex laid it out in her bravo blog.

      • FLG says:

        The thing I really appreciate about Lynn and Quincy is they tell their truth. It’s so much easier than trying to keep up with one’s lies. Yes, Jillzy, I am talking about YOU.

      • PJ says:

        Perhaps, but there are accusations on next weeks show about Simon bad tweeting things about Kelly and Jill. I have no idea what this is about, just wondered if anyone else did.

        • nathania says:

          jill is becoming that annoying kid in third grade who was always like ‘she hit me! he touched me! she’s looking at me!”

          I don’t event think she realizes that that is how she is coming off in the press. every story she leaks out has some ‘he/she attacked me’ spin on it. it’s really getting old.

    • There are no mean tweets from Simon about Jill. Someone someone might have included @SimonVanKempen in a tweet that also mentioned and slammed @Jillzarin I’ve seen Simon say things like he thinks it’s ridiculous when adults will accuse people of being “Bullies” when they are involved in squabbles with other adults but definitely nothing like she is suggesting

    • LavaLady says:

      I find her use of the words “mean tweet” to be extremely juvenile and immature. Honestly, they are adults and are blaming each other for being “mean”. This is the real world, not kindergarten. Get over it. Move one.

  42. FLG says:

    I’m having a little party in my head about the NY news. I thought it was going to pass, but didn’t want to jinx it. Hubs is sleeping. I can’t wait to tell him the good news in the morning!

  43. FLG says:

    I guess I’d better get some sleep or he will wake up before me and read it in the news. I want to tell him myself……

  44. Cusi77 says:

    The power of music…….Amazing Grace

    As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a Funeral Director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper’s cemetery in the Kentucky back country.

    As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost and,being a typical man, I didn’t stop for directions. I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the digging crew left and they were eating lunch. I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late.

    I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn’t know what else to do, so I started to play. The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around.

    I played out my heart and soul for this man with no family and friends. I played like I’ve never played before for this homeless man. And as I played ‘Amazing Grace,’ the workers began to weep. They wept, I wept, we all wept together.

    When I finished, I packed up my bagpipes and started for my car. Though my head hung low, my heart was full. As I opened the door to my car, I heard one of the workers say,

    “I never seen nothin’ like that before and I’ve been putting in septic tanks for twenty years.”

  45. Clevelandguy says:

    I’m no huge Jill fan (she’s a drama-queen and the definition of materialistic), but I find several other housewives to be much more worthy of “hate” Number one being Tamra Barney, and number two being Kelly Bensimon. Granted, to me, none of the housewives are good people. None of them. But, only few deserve “hate”. I’m not so sure Jill is one of them. And, no, this is not Jill writing this…. though I wouldn’t put it past her!

    • cabbie413 says:

      read some of the OC blogs that Lynn has written and read the comments in those ..trust me.. trampra and kookoo kelly have been mentioned lol ..time and time and time again

      get your snuggie and get to catching up on the posts!

      • Clevelandguy says:

        I’d need an eternity! Jill may be materialistic, have the mind-set of a spoiled teenager and be flat-out mean and jealous, but at least she’s not a scuzzy-ho. Tamra is a scuzzy-ho. And, her kids see that on cable TV……. that’s worthy of hate. Kelly deserves hate for not realizing that; a. she’s only a half-step above mentally-handicapped, b. having a mental breakdown is not the same as “being bully-ed” and c. she’s ugly. And, by ugly I mean, totally unbangable. Totally.

    • I’d like to think some of them are good people. Jill rises to the top of manipulating backstabbers for me. Kelly and Tamra are just mean.

    • Melissa says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth, I think Tamra’s the worst housewife in RHW history, so much so that watching her makes me physically ill and feel disgusted to a level that I’m no longer watching the show, no matter how vile Jill was, she somehow never had that effect on me. As for Kelly, she too is my least favorite next to Tamra, she’s like an annoying commercial that keeps interrupting “the flow’ of things, she comes in, starts demanding people to obey her crazy wishes in her erratic way, she’s so beyond annoying! I always feel cheated wondering what would’ve been if Kelly the nut wasn’t there. Seems like just when things start happening, Kelly always pops up making stupid comments and random demands, I’m so sick, SICK of watching those two, they are nothing but nuissance to the viewing experience.

      • Clevelandguy says:

        LOL! Whenever my wife has a “moment”, I grab her by the arm, lock eyes, and tell her, “honey, honey, close your eyes……. breath……..” this is followed by me saying “t–r–i–p o–f a l–i–f–e–t–i–m–e…..” It always cracks her up. Kelly is hard to watch because she’s a walking train wreck. Tamra is garbage. Plain and simple. At least Kelly isn’t Tamra. I’ll give her that.

        • Melissa says:

          LOL, gotta use that too! Yes Kelly isn’t Tamra and that’s the only thing that’s going for her.

      • Adgirl says:

        Kelly is a commercial break … LOL. She interferes with the show which is becoming one big commercial.

        • Melissa says:

          There are good informative commercials, and just plain annoying ones that make you hit the mute button, I’ll let you guess which one she is.

    • Adgirl says:

      Hi Clevelandguy! Thanks for your post. I really appreciate you gave reasons for your opinion. Everyone has differring levels of liking or not-so-much if the shows and the casts.
      I don’t feel as harshly towards Tamra. I think she is pretty gross but she doesn’t try to get people fired from their jobs.

      • Clevelandguy says:

        ….but, if she had the chance, she would. And I hope to contribute more. This is a great blog. The Housewives series is my guilty pleasure. I feel that being a 30ish non gay married man from the rustbelt allows me to offer a unique perspective. Hope that doesn’t come off as self-important!

        • Adgirl says:

          Everytime I see Tamra I get my reality shows mixed up. She belongs on Cops doesn;t she?
          BTW- My husband is from your neck of the woods. Right outside of Erie PA.

        • @tweatcyn says:

          Hi Clevelandguy! Welcome! I love that the menfolk watch and comment on these shows. My brother in law watches with me and my sister and his input is hilarious. RCH’s hub posts are also very funny. Please keep posting.

      • MAMAZ says:

        She can’t try and get people fired because her BFF Vicki’s the only one on OC with a job!

  46. California35 says:

    Ok – on Ramona’s Pinot. . . I loved it! It is not dry and it’s not strong. I had a glass, like they serve it on restaurants not full lol.. Like just under I/2 of the glass. I had it alone with no snacks at all. I mention how much I had, so you get an idea. Also because it made me think about something, if that is the wine Ramona has, there is no way she would be “drunk” or has a drinking problem if she has a drink with her meals. I know we don’t believe la Jill, but I still thought I bring that up. Ok now maybe I will have another drink … I will let you know 🙂

  47. Rhetorica says:

    Didn’t get my nap today so off to bed. Thanks for a great nite!

  48. Adgirl says:

    MickeyMouth discovered how Bobby found out about us…


  49. Adgirl says:

    OMG OMG! I just thought of the most amazing reality show. Real Housewives of Cell Block 10.

    LouAss is the warden. Tamra, NeNe, Gretchen, Sheree and all the cast from NJ are prisoners.
    Everyday the “warden” (LouAss0 gives classes on deportment. Then she performs Caberet during mealtime. If someone doesn’t adore her then she’ll throw them into the maximum security wing where they will share a cell with Kelly.

    • Nancy says:


      And Jill Zarin is on death row!

      • Adgirl says:

        LOL. No … she’s the head of the parole board.

        There’s more!

        On visiting day Eddie comes to see Tamra with his new true love ->Simon Barney! The only person who visits NeNe is Kim Z who insists on singing Tardy for the Party to NeNe until Nene tries to choke her.

  50. Jamie Lannister says:

    Here is the way I really feel.

    I am so sick of RHNY. We need a new cast.

    I have never been able to stomach Jersey (too trashy) or Atlanta (too trashy and pathetic.)

    RHBH had an AMAZING first season and has lots of potential, but I am afraid they will start selling shit next season, and be wary, and general be a let down. I hope not, and I still have hopes *that amazing Hilton history!* alone is just fascinating, that mother!

    RHNY was my go-to reality show. It’s obvious changes need to be made. So here is my dispassionate review of the “wives.”

    This season though? I haven’t watched a single episode on rerun. I don’t wanna. It’s sickening. Last season? Watched them 2, 3, 4 times, easily.

    I like Alex, but she is not cut out for this. I know that for her the money is important. Still? Nah. She needs to go. (I think she is probably very nice, and I would like her in real life…I am just talking here about the show itself.) Buh bye. Kisses!

    Cindy is a joke, whatever dimwit cast Cindy needs to be fired. Don’t let the door hit you in your smelly behind or your bedazzled vajayjay. UGH. Waste of time! BUH BYE!

    Sonja is the only REAL money, REAL connections HW they have from NYC. Yes, through marriage, and I have to admit watching Sonja re-adjust to the world without the name X husband? It’s a real society story. Watching Sonja go through the bankruptcy, and the new status as penny watcher? Yes, compelling TV. (really!) Just google her former houses (and Islands!) This woman had it all, and now is going through that whole “woman of a certain age” with no connections, with no fall back from what she used to be, because face it, she is no longer “fresh” but still, the adjustment to her current status must be wrenching. She had the kind of lifestyle Jill Zarin would happily kill for, Benisome thinks she had, and Luann could only dream of.

    Luann? Hard to tell. She is detestable and fake and classless. A wanna be. A pretender. She is so stupid that with a new cast she could be comedic. Still, she’s a nobody from nowhere. If she chose to show her real self, which I think might actually be quite enjoyable? Mmmmmmaybe. but she won’t, so can her broke ass. Real Luann though? The bawdy woman who wants to lay young studs after selling her youthful coochie to an old guy for a shot at “class” or her limited version of it? The Lulu from the sticks that hit the big time, and got an Italian TV show? The one who easily agreed to an open-marriage and can’t control her kids and get enough sex at the same time? The Lulu that shops at target and has a great bod and just wants to spend her last pre-menopausal years screwing a guy who doesn’t need viagra and tomorrow be d-mned? A straight up Lulu? Woman who sold her youth to get what she thought was a free ride to the “classy” group, but now realizes that it was all a sham? The woman facing her age, her demons, and embracing the time she has left? THAT Lulu I would be happy to watch. It won’t happen. She is so fake that you don’t even need a loop to see it. BUH BYE.

    Jill? Oh please. Horrid woman from Long Island. Just a detestable human being who has done one thing in her whole life, snag an aging fabric salesman. There is no redeeming her. She had no good qualities. She is a bore, a viper, has horrible taste, and she is simply detestable. FIRE HER.

    Ramona. She is the ???? She made her own money first, no marriage for money or “status.” She is reality GOLD, because she has almost no filter. She fits in a way, and would still fit (in the Alex role of wanna-be) with a better cast. She’s iffy. She’s in great shape for a mid-fifties woman, had a great kid, and a hunky husband that adores her. So, she could stay. WITH a richer, hotter, more connected cast. She is one the border, stay or go? DEPENDS.

    Kelly Bensimone. Can’t stand her. She’s nuttier than a can of mixed. She could blow and take out dozens with the wrong raised eyebrow at the wrong moment. She is disaster waiting to happen. She was a catalog model who married a rich, famous photog who continues to support her. She fits the profile, but I feel so bad for her kids. Oddly enough, I think she is a keeper, even though she makes me cringe. KEEP HER (though I really hate to say it)

    So, after my dispassionate examination?

    Holy cow! It says to keep Kelly and Sonja, and possibly Ramona if they can’t find anyone better.

    They need to find some more people who are “real” money or at least close to it, or have show business connections. Surely there are some famous actresses or wives of actors in NYC who could use the money or exposure? There must be some fame hos in NYC who could freshen up this show? Or some kids of famous people, or moneyed people who would sign on?

    I know we will never get any real society types to agree to be on the show, but Bravo should be able to come closer than a nobody Macy’s saleslady that married an old geezer fabric salesman, and now tries to lord it over people or constantly seek revenge?

    Do better BRAVO. It’s NYC.

    I am bored.

    • Mary says:

      WOW! I don’t agree about Kelly but you are spot on. I loved reading your analysis.

    • Error404 says:

      This is my problem with RHNY and why it is no longer enjoyable. I care. Awful I know. But the whole team obsession has finally caught up with me and I am now invested in one team and it makes for bad viewing. When the other team scores a shot, Im livid. When the other team causes a penalty but the ref refuses to charge them, I’m livid. When a stupid d list comic goes on an after show to trash my team, I’m livid. When people on Facebook like someone on the team I hate, I have to stop myself from defriending them. I’m no longer the cool detached viewer who can snark on them all. Ima fan fanatic and it no fun.

  51. VAgirl says:

    Good Morning!

  52. boston02127 says:

    Is anyone making bacon & eggs, toast & homefries? A side of beans would be good too.

  53. VAgirl says:

    Boston, do you have to teach today?

    • boston02127 says:

      I’m working from 11 until 5 then I have the rest of the weekend off. People are moving in downstairs. I’m already dying to get home so I can spy on them moving in.

      • VAgirl says:

        I taught the music portion of Vacation Bible School this past week. It was exhausting. You have my admiration for teaching kids.

        • boston02127 says:

          It is exhausting. But what bothers me more is the noise. Sometimes when I get out of work I just sit in my car for 10 minutes before driving away and enjoy the peace.

  54. boston02127 says:

    I’m off… going to the market. All this talk about food and I’m starving. Have a good day everyone. 🙂

  55. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Thought i’d share…

    Yesturday I had a setback on deal that i’d been working. I was a little sad as I told RealHusband who was very encouraging. He then got up and started to dance and said “I know what’ll make you feel better…I’m going to dance like Ramona!”. He proceeds to do a crazy dance, i’m laughing and say “You know me too well, but it’s like this….” , now i’m doing and teaching the “turtle time” dance, grabbing the air side to side, spinnning and l’m laughing so hard! RealHusband knows most of the HW characters as BRAVO is on a loop on MY tv, He is such an enabler, so I think i’ll keep him around. 🙂

    BTW I also know all the BasketBall and Football teams and key players, watching with him starting with the playofffs to the finals and SuperBowl! A RealWife has to do what she’s gotta do!

  56. It just occurred to me that Jill is Bobby’s Ginger.

    • Error404 says:

      LoL! Well he better stop spoiling her because we’re sick of watching her symbolically shit all over the rug on tv.

      • quincyil says:

        Dress up doll is more like it. I think there is a lot of pressure on Jill to be young. Those injections looked painful. Would Bobby even exercise for her? I dont think so.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I thought Jill was an attractive woman on S1. Now she looks terrible.
          I don’t know anything about cosmetic surgery, can those liquid facelifts cause harm to facial tissue and skin? Before the procedure JZ’s face had the same weird little “dimples” just like I noticed on Tamra during the reunion.

  57. lizie moon says:

    Am I the only person who felt more than a little twinge of Mafioso-handling when Bobby was addressing Simon? I kind of thought Simon felt that, too.

  58. Jennifer says:

    how much free time do you really have on your hands that you could dedicate your whole life to a reality tv show? Its actually quite pathetic!

  59. Megs says:

    Thank you Baubby, because of you I have discovered my new crack. This blog is addictive.

  60. Mc N says:

    Wow, my favorite part of this entry was seeing a picture of you–you certainly look the part of a midwesterner. My second favorite, you ask? Your use of “I” instead of “me”–check your grammar, blogger. Finally, I want to point out that someone so obsessed with Jill Zarin should investigate further the feeling she calls hate because you doth protest a little too much, Lynn.

  61. CHI-TOWN says:

    I was in the mood forf a laugh so I went on Kellly B website and it was hysterical. Ms.B sales everything from books to panties. Whoever is in charge of her advertisement needs to be fired right away. Kelly actually is modeling her panties on this site with her nasty, flat, dented, inflated ass. How or who in the hell let beast of a woman be a model. Oh i forgot you don’t have to be pretty to be a model Kelly’s words not mine.

  62. Linda Bekman says:

    I think that this is a mean spirited blog. How would you feel if someone had a blog and picked you apart. It is not funny and very hurtful. Remember the young girl who committed suicide, this stuff really hurts people. I know that Jill is in the public eye but that doesn’t give you the right to slam her like you are doing. I think that you are taking this a little to far. You are an excellent writer, use those skills in a more positive way.

    • Mo says:

      Linda Linda Linda…(if that’s your real name, wink-wink). Jill is not a young girl, so there’s no comparison. And oh by the way, she’s making lots and lots of MONEY as well as celebrity because of her participation in that show – if she didn’t like the attention, she’d either (1) quit the show so her wittle feewings wouldn’t be hurt, or (2) become a better human being.

      Clearly, only option (1) is a reasonable expectation. So, obviously she likes the money & fame more than she cares about ANY and EVERY other factor. Get real.

  63. maggie_01bklyn says:

    First, I want to say that i love the blog. The mean things said are said by them. The bottom line for me is that these women cannot shut up. They thrive on this this drama. They cannot live without out. They create it and keep it going.

    Jill is always blogging/tweeting horrid things about the people on the show. Obviously, Jill did not change, I think she wanted to change but she went right back with the same old friends, “The Real Harpy’s of New York. If Bobby wants to protect his wife, perhaps he should take about her cell phone and give her a time out away from these women… TWEET TWEET

    Jill with Kelly’s help totally made themselves look foolish with the cyber bully, mean tweeting issue.

    As far of the Countess, nothing could be wrong there, she is after all THE COUNTESS. She knows about class and breeding. She does not mingle with the other cast members. Its obvious that she is on the show because NY Housewives need to watch how a real lady behaves… NOT!!!!! BTW Countess, who paid for the trip to Morocco?

    Kelly is still mentally challenged, BONKERS…. And she is all involved in everyone’s crap. She needs to SHUT UP..

    Neither the Countess or Kelly should be giving anyone marriage advice. Alex and Simon have a great marriage.
    Perhaps if LuAnn was not running around tooting her own horn, she would not be “COUNTLESS” now.

    Ramona is a hoot, she makes me laugh and cry, and some of the things she says that people harp on are goofy. I give her props for being so successful. A self made woman. She does need to filter some more.

    God Bless Sonja, she is one hot mess, but lovable. I want only the best for her.

    I love Alex and Simon as a couple. They love and respect each other. I personally feel that Simon is the best husband out of the NY couples. His style is outrageous but it works for him. I want to thank the tv gods that Alex found her voice this year.

    Finally, The United States should pull all of the NY Housewives Passports. They should not be allowed to travel as Americans. These women scare me.

  64. Mo says:

    Baabby needs to stay out of it, IMO. Jill is capable of fighting her own battles. I find Simon a bit creepy, but at least he’s genuine about who he is, unlike the rest of the women on the show. (Wait, did I just say that?).

    Don’t even get me started on “The Countess”…(my language would get me banned from this blog). I’ll just say, who in America GAS about some puny title like Countess? It’s laughable – she’s The Countess Of Nothing. But it wouldn’t be so laughable IF Luann actually had real class – but alas, she IS, as Alex so eloquently put it, A Thug In A Cocktail Dress. She’s rude, insincere, arrogant beyond words, narcissistic (I know, now I’m just being redundant), childish, a bully, and utterly slappable.

    I wish so much that I could give Alex some lessons in how to deal with people like her…she lets Luann walk all over her by responding to her inane insults, rather than just getting on with her own smackdown. Oh how I would love to see Alex doing that slapping!

    But this blog is about Jill. Sorry. Carry on….

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