I Hate Jill Zarin Is Kelly Ready for Tonight? June 17, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Kelly Is Preparing Us-The Reunion Finale    June 17, 2010

The final installment of the Real Housewives of New York Reunion airs tonight.  Leading up to the finale of the reunion, Kelly Bensimon has been extremely active on Twitter.  The majority of her tweets listed here are responses to questions and comments that she is receiving from fans of the show.  It is fairly evident the content of the tweets coming her way based on her responses.

From what I see, Kelly is now saying that she was planning on leaving St. John prior to the dinner in which she lost her marbles.  She says that is “insider information” then adds” shhhh” to the tweet.  Really?  Now?  After all this time she is now saying it was her “plan” to leave St. John when she did.  There was only one day left of the trip so why would she leave at that point?  I don’t buy this story at this late date.  Kelly continues to insist she was forced to go on the trip due to the expense of the trip.  I really don’t understand that statement.  I’m sure it was an expensive trip but would the price go up or down based on Kelly’s attendance?  Why wasn’t Jill forced to go?  Luann?  These women are exempt from the Bravo rule that all women must attend the Virgin Island vacation? 

I would believe that ALL of the women were strongly encouraged to go.  I would believe that Kelly’s agent strongly encouraged her to go.  Kelly had very little camera time all season, she had no storyline going on except to comment on the other’s behavior.  Kelly was basically a bit part player until the scenes on St. John.  No one was even talking about Kelly until the trip aired on the show. 

I don’t believe that Kelly meant for any of this to happen.  I don’t think that she purposely acted this way to get air time and to get people talking about her.  I cannot imagine that anyone would want this type of discussion about themselves.  People pity her, they are concerned for her children, they advise her to “get help”, her cast mates and even a Bravo executive are all calling her a liar.  Kelly has gained notoriety, she has gained a poor reputation. 

It appears as though Kelly is looking forward to the final episode being aired so that she can get back to real discussions of her summer activities and Jelly Beans!  She explains why she doesn’t block haters and even responds to them at times. 

Kelly claims that she can now be more charitable.  I really don’t understand her thinking here, she has tweeted about bullying, she has tweeted about condoms and safe sex.  Does anyone who reads these tweets now change their thinking about either of these subjects?  Are those of you who were out there bullying people at work thinking twice about your behavior?  Are those of you who were sleeping around town without using condoms changing your behavior?  What the hell is Kelly talking about?

What has Kelly’s behavior changed?  It has changed the subject.  It has changed the focus of the show.  It has enraged Alex, Bethenny, Ramona and Sonja.  These four women have been called Bullies!  While Kelly has admitted that Sonja had not bullied her and in fact, was nice to her, even apologizing to Sonja, she nullified her apology by telling Sonja that she was intoxicated throughout most of the trip. 

Even if you don’t believe Bethenny, Alex or Ramona, you cannot deny that Sonja has remained neutral up until this point, Sonja hasn’t lied, as far as we know.  Sonja seems to be open and honest and if Sonja says that Kelly wasn’t bullied, I believe her.  Many reports also tell us that Kelly was asked to leave and escorted off the island and back to New York City and I believe that as well. 

Here are Kelly’s most recent tweets:

real-housewives   @LazyBuddhist why would i block a tweeter with an opinion. i will always respond if you have a real issue with something.

@amia009 maybe you are having a rough day. take a walk, drink some water, and breathe. life is too short for anger

@amia009 i will engage in real life issues, not made for tv issues. what you see is what you get.

@rachellelogin girls r mean at all ages, we need to support and celebrate each other.i adore my girl friends and would do anything for them.

@ImaJustSaying “zip it” is so good. speaking louder doesnt get the point across

@sugarplum52 you’re sweet. its my job to entertain. there’s a lot of backlash that comes with that. its all good. i like that people care

@amia009 #rhnyc is a show. watch an enjoy. its no more than that. get angry over an oil spill, not tv.

@amia009 cutIe. rearing kids and flipping pancakes are not connected. rearing children is a lifetime job with no regrets

who liked the remake of KARTE KID?

@meganhorror real drama is exciting, fighting to fight bores me. they create fake drama to masque who they really are. stay real, its cool

@amia009 BRAVO told me i had to go for it was a very expensive trip. no drama, no ratings, no show, no money.

@sugarplum52 i am no longer married and, my ex and i spoke about me dropping his last name awhile ago. my name is kelly killoren bensimon.

@WKM626 in Kellade, where i made lemons into lemonade i use Corona beer

@JoshFittell you don’t have to like everyone you meet, but everyone deserves respect. this is not the premise of #rhnyc.

@atank81 i love anything that has to do with children. Not a big fan of unicorns. i love all jellybeans, gum, and hard candy.

@amandaashe With all i do i am extremely professional, but i don’t take what the other housewives do on camera seriously.


@jamieealexaa yes I will be at bloomingdales 6th floor signing my books. 6-9 tomorrow

sweet dreams. big day. we are all so lucky. we grateful for what you have

lotuslamb    I must admit, my life is good like @kikilet says, may not always be sunshine and rainbows but life is still a beautiful thing!

@BravoPuppetSpy bulleying at any age is disgusting. in your 40s its hard to watch. do u like watching them yell at me about nonsense?

@eddieschneider1 good hotels in the hamptons are :jharper house, surf lodge, montauk yacht club, and maidstone arms

@italian410 better crazy and fun than calculated and bored

@BravoPuppetSpy my family, friends, and i adore the show. we dont take it seriously. if were my own show, id take it very seriously.

@rufullofit scarey island is a poke at fantasy island. i loved that show

#iconfess i love talking to all the tweeters. it is interesting to see how the show is really perceived. you guys rock!

@KellyandEJ i am glad you love the show. next season will be more aspirational. dynasty with no $ and power is over.

@MrsTatem you are so sweet. when the filming ended that night i left. the women didnt know i was already leaving-little insider info shhhh.

@amacdebaca its just a fun show. glad u are enjoying it. watch plumtv this summer and see the real me

sweet dreams, tweeters. that zico pomberry coconut milk is so yummmmy.

@bkbroad i feel sorry that you dont want to evolve. it must be hard for you.

@bNicebReal watch the reunion show 3. they finally let me speak. thank god.

@JoshFittell andy’s cohen’s a cutiebear. he loves that the show does so well, its his baby.

@kikilet i truly don’t think u have a mean bone in ur body. i’ve been in that situation b4 & being attacked by jealous women is the worst.

@realtiagal my girls are my life. i work to make their life better. the show is just fun, glad you enjoy it

@tictactam watch renuion3, you’ll see. their jealousy is so apparent. it makes me sad.

@monilooboo i appreciate that. the show got tons of press. celebrate that!!!!

@SmileyYYC i respect and admire jill and luann

@BertBad i am going to CAPRI for vacation. And then i am in the Hampton Classic horse show. i love summer

@realtiagal i was human on SCAREY island. they jabbed, pushed, and annoyed me. i was so happy to leave. i have no regrets.

@EffingCrazy i get bored defending a tv show.

@birdysboutiques i enjoyed all the filming until we went on scarey island.

@MichelleinCal “kikilet”is little kiki. Its my nickname that designer Alaia gave me

@m293131 i found this season very upsetting too. everyone went too far. it was hard for me to watch. Nyorkers are not like this at all.

Thursday night is the last REUNION SHOW. Get your thoughts out now. Summer is here, and i am ready to have fun.

@pajanimalmom good advice. i like that. i just walk away when i am not interested or i tune out ( mute)

@italian410 for all you tweeters who are obsessed with me “getting help,” i am on TV SHOW where we engage. don’t engage in real life.

@pajanimalmom learn fro me and disengage if someone is attacking or jabbing you. WALK AWAY

@CrabbieAnnie dont let anger be your armor, enjoy the moment you are in

@pajanimalmom @Scout1234 the Reunion show 3 is CRAZY FUN/SAD. Luann, Jill and i laugh at the banterfest. The anger on #rhnyc makes me sad.

@hipeegrl engaging in banter on #rhnyc and raising my girls are disconnected. MY GIRLS ARE OFF LIMITS.

@ArickInRealLife its an honor to work with FEEDING AMERICA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and ASC

@JenHicks7 the last reunion show is over tomorrow. i know you will be disappointed and no one to hate on. haters are part of the ecosystem.

@CrabbieAnnie your anger is a masque. celebrate people, who knows you may learn something new

Bethenny’s Getting Married? follows the reunion tonight and I’m looking forward to that even more than the final reunion.  I think this is a great contrast to RHONY and to see more of Bethenny’s life.  During the season, I found myself enjoying Betehnny’s scenes quite a bit especially those with Alex. 

I hope everyone enjoys tonight’s shows and I’ll be blogging about both. 

Funny that today (Thursday) Bravo aired Season One of the Real Housewives of New York, it was interesting to see it again.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen it but seeing it while knowing more about these women than we did back then is even more eye-opening.  A lot less drama but then the women barely knew each other and didn’t seem to be thrown together as often.  Watching Jill storm out of the Luca Luca show because she wasn’t in the front row should have given us a hint.  Listening to Bethenny talk about her father and her hopes and dreams not only for her personal life but for her career is really great because we know now that she got everything that she wanted.  She worked hard and she opened up to a great guy and she does have it all!  Good for her! 

I want to remind everyone that the discussion here doesn’t have to be about this blog or even Bravo, feel free to comment with anything you’d like to say.  Just because this one show is finishing its season, doesn’t mean that the cast will be disappearing off the fact of the earth.  <wink wink>  Besides, there are plenty of interesting things to discuss and debate!

A quick final note, I’d love input from all of you about the name of this blog going forward.  Obviously, the current name, “I Hate Jill Zarin” was a really great way of everyone finding each other to discuss the show with people who have similar thoughts about the cast and the way the show played out.

Is it crazy to maintain the same name of the blog after the RHONY is over?  As we discuss and tear apart other shows, do we keep the same name or should we come up with a new more generic name?  I’d love to hear your thoughts?

Until Next time……


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634 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Is Kelly Ready for Tonight? June 17, 2010

  1. GrnWave03 says:

    Love your blogs Lynn!
    Kelly is trying to create “white noise”
    to confuse the real issues.. she must have more air time tonight?

    • RAR says:

      It would even sadder if you posted the tweets Kelly was answering;

      “@kilket what kind of truck do you drive”

      @WKM626 in Kellade, where i made lemons into lemonade i use Corona beer

      “@kilket how are you feeling today”

      @JoshFittell you don’t have to like everyone you meet, but everyone deserves respect. this is not the premise of #rhnyc.

      “@kilket what are your girls ages now?”

      @atank81 i love anything that has to do with children. Not a big fan of unicorns. i love all jellybeans, gum, and hard candy.

      “@kilket I made pancakes this morning”

      @amandaashe With all i do i am extremely professional, but i don’t take what the other housewives do on camera seriously.

  2. Adgirl says:

    Hi Lynn, I know I’ve told you this before, but I adore this site and that you let us v.e.n.t!

    You’re right, you need an umbrella name for your site if you are blogging about several shows. Something Like Bravoworld, Bravobitches or Bravoharpies but funnier.

    Speaking of funny, Kelly wrote “bulleying”. Is that how they spell it at Columbia? Or maybe she’s writing in Colombian.

    Thanks for the fun! Don;t know how you get anything else done in your life like work or family or dishes or laundry or sex or hangovers or …

  3. amy17 says:

    I love the blogs name but it has it’s drawbacks. Maybe something RHONY related perhaps an Alex or Bethennyism. Like “Snarky” a very overused descriptive of Bethenny 🙂

  4. patricia henderson says:

    @MrsTatem you are so sweet. when the filming ended that night i left. the women didnt know i was already leaving-little insider info shhhh.

    i copied this tweet cause to me it says, yes they took her off, but she was going anyway. reminds me of, your fired, no i quit! may our wishes come true, thank you

  5. amy17 says:


  6. patricia henderson says:

    how about something like tellin’ it real

  7. Kelly-Has-Big-Shoulders says:

    Lynn love your blog as usual,it was a little bonus before going home from work. If the name must be changed then your name would be appropriate I believe. So we can better find you.

  8. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kelly keeps insisting that everything on RHONY is pretend and that she is acting (obviously without a script) and her role is to be the “crazy” one. Unfortunately, she is performing off the show exactly like she is on the show! Even today she is still insisting that Bravo made her go on the trip!! Maybe her agent told her she had to go (with many reasons relating to her career) and she is confusing the agent for Bravo. Lame, but I am trying!

    • moriasheehan says:

      not lame, makes kelly sense

    • error 404 says:

      Kiki thinks she’s on the Truman Show and that everyone around her is an actor paid by Bravo. If she hadn’t pushed Sea and Teddy out of her lady-parts, she’d think they were on the Bravo payroll too. That’s why she’s always stressing how she’s the only one that’s “real” and has “integrity”.. she knows what’s going on.

      That night on St John’s, she tried to make her escape, but Andy’s goons stopped her. Bravo forces her to do things. Even her ex husband is a paid employee… she figured that one out one time when he said he was going on a business trip but then she saw him on TV taking pictures of models for another Bravo show.. liar!

      Andy is big gay brother, and he is dangerous. Remember Ramona’s story? Jill called her and then after she hung up, Bravo called and told her not to follow Jill’s plan. Don’t you see, they listen in! That’s why they have to keep Ramona and Sonja drunk all the time, so they won’t find out.

      Bethenny is in on it. That’s why she’s on her 3rd TV show. She’s part of it. That’s why Jill was trying to get away from her! And Alex is in on it too. That’s why they are warning the others… “Channeling the devil” is code for Bravo employee. See, Kiki’s smart. Shhhhh I’ve said too much.

  9. Quincy IL says:

    Keep the “I hate Jill Zarin” name for the blog. We can hate her even though she is on vacation.

  10. error 404 says:

    I wouldn’t change the name. Not just yet.

    A fame whore like Jill isn’t going away, just because her show’s season ended. But most importantly, I’d wait until next season’s cast is announced. If she’s on season 4, she may give you 1,000 more reasons to hate her, and to blog about it.

    In the meantime, her tweets and incessant need to wrangler her way into the press will provide many a “I hate you!” blog inspiration I feel.

  11. Bobbi says:

    I’d go for a more generic name. There are many, many Housewives and Bravo shows. You may not even want to confine this to a Bravo related blog. This name was quite appropriate when you started the blog, but I think going forward, it should be more inclusive.

  12. mom2 says:

    Mostly a lurker here … you asked for opinions so here’s mine:

    Change it to something Bravo- or Bethennyish; I appreciated the suggestion above: Snarky. Maybe LynnNChicago’s Snark so it would combine your ‘handle’ and open it to many subjects … sinking back down to lurker land for a bit.

  13. Kokuanani says:

    OT, but “happy birthday to me.”

    Today is my birthday, and the final installment of RHONYC is a perfect gift.

    No, actually, a perfect gift would be if a sandbag fell from the rafters on the set and hit either Kelly or Jill on the head, and if Andy really DID lock the door after the other one stomped off the set.

  14. Seriously? says:

    I think the new title should be “Systematically Bullying Al Sharpton’s Satchels of Gold”–just kidding!

  15. Kokuanani says:

    Are those of you who were out their bullying people at work thinking twice about your behavior? Are those of you who were sleeping around town without using condoms changing your behavior?

    Yeah, I can just hear the sound of so many hands slapping foreheads as people go, “OMG, what was I thinking. Now I’m gonna start using a condom” and “Silly, evil me to have been bullying people all these past years. I’m gonna stop now, after hearing from Kelly.”

  16. Scorpiosue says:

    I would change it to a more basic name and have something like “I Hate Jill Zarin” as a category. You could do something regarding Bravo shows or something about reality shows if you are going to blog about shows from different networks. I’m not so creative with titles.

    Kelly reminds of one of those vacuous girls from high school that was pretty, but there was not substance that giggled a lot.

  17. Thank you for always posting tweets! I enjoy them. I never thought about going on twitter but now that I see what I’m missing I just might sign up.
    Kelly really is a nut job. I think that she thinks that if she plays it off like it was all in good fun and that it’s a big joke to her, that we will follow suit and start thinking it’s a big joke too.
    About her “they needed me to go bc it was expensive” comment; I think she meant that they spent a lot of money on the trip, so they needed her to go so that she make the trip worth it financially through the ratings she brought. She does have a point bc that trip would have been less interesting and gotten less air time without her. But I still don’t believe that anyone forced her to go and I don’t believe she intentionally behaved that way to make the show interesting. In the reunion she says that she called her agent and told him she wanted to leave while they were still on the boat and he told her that everything would be alright and to stay. Maybe in her mind she was being forced. Who knows. She’s clearly nuts and I find it mind boggling that NO ONE has done ANYTHING about this. If she weren’t rich and well connected do you know how fast social services would have taken those kids away?

    About the blog name – I think you should keep it.
    Saks 5th Avenue has stores all over the country, but they don’t change the “5th Avenue” part of the name depending on the location. The blog name is known already, and if it didn’t have this title I don’t think I would have found it that day I was bored and randomly typing things about housewives into the google search bar. I say keep it until you find someone that you hate even more than her. Lol.

  18. katalack says:

    I love the blog. I love the name. Don’t change either one.

  19. Char212 says:

    Kelly feels if she sticks her head in the sand then it isn’t real. She will never ever admit that she was the one who caused all the trouble. She wants to think everyone loves her and thinks she’s the most beautiful thing that ever graced our lives. In Kelly’s world everything IS rainbows and lollypops.
    I think a name change is in order to keep it relevant since we will be talking about things other then Jill. How about…Let’s talk TV lol jk. I do like the other suggestions though.

  20. CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

    Drinking game tonight???

    Take a drink when JZ calls someone a liar and asks for the tape.

    Take a drink when KKB says “Thank You!”.

    Take a drink when Ramona makes crazy eyes.

    Take a drink when anyone says “HoBag!”


    • Anitabee says:

      How about a shot every time Kelly repeats something someone said to her?

    • error 404 says:

      Take a sip when Jill denies something.

      Take two when she retracts it and admits she did do it.

      Take three when she then claims it’s ok because they all do it.

      Take four when she gets tearful and claims she is changed, or will change, or wants to change.

      Take a sip when Jill says she can’t explain why she did something.

      Take two when she says she regrets doing it.

      Down the whole glass every time Jill says “friend”.

      Drink a glass of water when ever the ladies talk over someone else talking… you’ve had too much to drink at this point.

      Take some aspirin when ever Kelly says she’s real… you’re clearly gonna be hung over tomorrow.

      When ever Kelly says she was bullied… go throw up. This will actually be involuntary, but it might make the hangover less painful tomorrow.

      Take a drink whenever Kelly misunderstands what someone says to her. You need to be blotto by this point.

      Take a drink whenever Kelly babels something incoherent. You’re not drunk, she really was babbling incoherently!

      Down a glass whenever Kelly claims to be something great that the other ladies aren’t… real, has integrity, honest, etc… you need to black out in order to erase the memory of this horror!

    • Gypsy says:

      I think I’m already drunk just imaging it and the show hasn’t even started yet!

  21. Anitabee says:

    s far as the renaming this blog, I believe it makes sense. Although we will always HATE ON JILL ZARIN.

    How about Bravobites? kinda tongue in cheek but this only works if Lynn will only blog about bravo shows.

    The only thing that should be resolved after tonight is that Bravo should not renew Jill and Kelly. It is so frustrating seeing Kelly not getting the obvious mental health help for her children if not for her.

    For me, Jill was jealous of a good friend. She went after her with everything she had. She even tried to derail ratings which means $$ to Bravo because of she goes psycho because Bethenny was liked more. It was as simple as that. Jill was jealous. She’s a hater. I see no way of her redeeming herself. Especially now where she hires people to go around the internet attacking people who don’t give her good press.

    What an idiot. Any press is good press. I’m sure a month from now when she is as relevant as lint she will miss us hating on her here. She will probably pay people to come here and plant stories for her to get press.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravobites is cute! Could you work in RHONY too? I realize folks watch the other shows too but the reason I am here is to dish on NY.

  22. I’m re-posting this from the other page. I wasn’t quick enough to see Lynn had put up another blog. Going to read it and everyone’s comments as quickly as possible.

    I want to say a huge Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, encouragement and support. I literally cried and it has taken me awhile to compose myself. My heart goes out to Jenni, Duchess and so many others who are dealing with illness or other stressful situations they are travailing through. I was very hesitant in opening up and I thank all of you who have shared your own stories and advice.

    I have not been diagnosed yet with cancer but my doctor has concerns and wants to know for sure. I go for a biopsy on the 30th. Once we know one way or the other, then he will be able to proceed with my surgery knowing there won’t be any surprises to address. It is all very stressful and just the suspicion or cancer has me terrified.

    Like I said previously, I feel as though I’m surrounded by cancer.I have a large family and having an uncle, aunt and cousin facing this disease at the same time has been hard. I watch my mom and her siblings exhaust themselves trying to help all three in taking care of the everyday responsibilities of life, provide help with medical issues, all the while trying to juggle their own personal lives. Unfortunately, we are already preparing for at least one funeral this year if not two. It is not as though we have given up hope or don’t believe in miracles. We do have hope and are praying for a miracle but the situation for my uncle is dire. We have to face the reality of the situation and accept that sometimes we just can’t control everything to our liking. My cousin is also just hanging on. She was diagnosed quite a few years ago. She underwent chemo and a transplant and for about 6 years she was symptom free. Then the cancer came back with a vengeance. She has dropped from 135lbs to just 95lbs. Just when she seems to be responding well to the chemo, the side effects weaken another part of her body and cause other complications. Cancer is an ugly bitch and I hate it. That, in a nutshell is why I find Jill Zarin sooooo despicable. I don’t understand how anyone who has experienced cancer personally or has had a family member suffer from it could treat it so callously. To use it as a weapon to hurt another is unfathomable to me. To use it for personal gain is vile. Cancer is too devastating and hurtful to do that. It diminishes everyone who’s life has been touched or destroyed by cancer. Jill is an evil and hateful bitch and I don’t get why people can be so forgiving of her. It is bad enough to harbor jealousy toward another, it quite another thing to use a horrendous disease as a tool to destroy someone.

    Again, thank you. I mean that from the heart. I have a lot of support and blessings. I thank God everyday for them. I thank you all for your support. Like I said before, there are many days when this blog site helps me cope. It allows me to laugh and vent
    in a safe place. This is one of the first places I come to when I jump on the computer. I love Lynns’ witty blogs and her insightful commentary. I love that there are so many people here who share their humor and snark. I love that I have finally found a forum that I can express myself freely and others share their thoughts openly as well.

    • Char212 says:

      God Bless you Shadow! You and your whole family! Hugs

    • CuckooforCocoaPuffs says:

      Just know that many of us, all over the world, are hanging in there with you, and will hope and pray that all goes well on the 30th.

      • For some it's more difficult than others. says:

        Good luck to you all. My family has experienced cancer this year. My mom had lymphoma and my dad’s wife had tongue cancer. Friends have gone and are going through treatment now as well. Lucky for us the treatments have all been manageable and relatively easy. I say “easy” given what other people go though. My family and Jill and Bobby experienced “Cancer Light”. That’s the type you would choose if you are faced with “Cancer Dark”. It’s in gratitude that I make this distinction. When the oncologist says to you “the good news is it’s easily treatable” you know which kind of cancer you are dealing with. So sorry for those who do not hear those words. I don’t know who my year would have gone if I did not hear them. I also hope greatly that it never returns. Again, good luck to you. Most of the people I saw on the oncology floor were doing just fine. Many were passing their time there and going right back to there normal day-to-day lives. The doctors and the treatments are so great these days. For a lot of fortunate people the cancer does not come back. Let’s hope.

      • fairydusted says:

        Sends hugs and fairydust all around

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      Hey Shadows, I hope everything goes well & you are healthy & the situation is not as scary or dire as the doctor is thinking. But, God forbid, if not, I pray that He is with you & guides your doctors to do the right thing & for Him to guide you through the healing process.

      My grandmother had ovarian cancer way back in the day when there was nothing they could do for it. It was also during the time they thought it was “compassionate” not to tell her what was happening. (Can you imagine?) Because of the horror stories about her & her illness that I heard when I grew up, I am an absolute basket case when it comes time for “that” particular doctor’s visit. So I know what you’re going through, & I truly hope that everything is okay.

  23. iceNfire says:

    Lynn – Please do not even consider changing this Blog’s name! Contracts have not been signed and Jill has not apologized to A. Chandler on Amazon. Isn’t Amazon where this whole thing started and could have ended MONTHS ago with a simple apology? That is all A. Chandler has ever asked for.

  24. myname2use4now says:

    I think the best name for the blog is “Lynn N Chicago”…take a page from Bethenny and brand yourself girl! After all, it’s not necessarily the subject matter, it’s your point of view and the freedom that the members have here to express ourselves that brings us here. I think the success of this site is no small feat and you should build on it.

    Have I mentioned that I hate Jill Zarin (but loved that the sticker was still on her shoe and that you could see it on TV).

  25. iceNfire says:

    Kokuanani – Happy Birthday Day!

    ( sorry I had to get my rant on 1st. )

  26. Lynn, I’m ok with the current name but if you want to change it how about something like- Keeping it Real in Reality TV.
    Just a thought.

    • iceNfire says:

      shadowsnomore – please click on my name a leave a comment so I can have your email or better yet, check your blog’s Admin and get mine. LOL
      ( I have lots of tips on being bed ridden )

    • RAR says:

      The worst part is Ramona was right! As that episode was being shot last fall, Kodak had just laid off 6,000 employees. Bravo should have run that fact along the bottom of the screen. How could Jill be so stupid as to not do any research – what is she? “A moron?”

  27. Bugmom22 says:

    Long time lurker first time commenter. I’m casting my vote for “Satchels of Gold”. I think it’s a fabulous inside joke for us RHONY fans, who found this wonderful community through our common distaste for a certain someone.

  28. moriasheehan says:

    hi bugmom22, welcome and here, please accept this gift satchel of gold

    • iceNfire says:

      Bugmom22 – Welcome, what took you so long to post? Happy you did!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      and we will throw in some kellybeans and gummi berries too

      • Bugmom22 says:

        Usually by time I get around to reading the blog, what I would have said has already been said and there are usually 500 comments. I had a chance meet Alex and Simon last week and fell in love with them even more. I’m glad to be here and will try to post more often.

  29. lillybee says:

    Since this blog really got going when TWoP screwed us, I suggest calling it DON’T SPARE THE SNARK.

  30. ilovelynn says:

    how about I will ALWAYS hate jill zarin!

  31. Quincy IL says:

    My memory has failed, but recently I read that Alex had stated that Jill wanted the new Bethenny show to be a show about the two of them. Unfortunely, Bravo had a different concept.

    In the beginning of this show, I loved the Jill/Bethenny unit. I wrote on a blog that they reminded me of Lucy and Ethel. I think it was the ditzy red head interacting with the side kick down to Earth person dragged into amazing situations that made me think of that comparison. It must have really been a shock to Jill when Bethenny called with the news.

    Rather than make lemons out of lemonaide and go with the flow, Jill made a mountain out of a mole hill and ruined her own life.

  32. Real Housewife of Upstate NY says:

    So glad to have found this site. Just checking Bravo’s site… who are these people who comment? Telling Jill she’s a beautiful person and Bethenny wronged her and telling Alex she’s a mean girl and an awful person… are they watching the same show???

    • desertgal66 says:

      Actually, most of those people are probably Jill Zarin herself. She does have the history of praising herself via pseudonyms…

  33. Small Town Mama says:

    Technically the name of your blog is lynnchicago101. The current header is I Hate Jill Zarin. I think you should rotate the header based on whatever is currently interesting to you. Maybe a mishmash of Bravo’s summer lineup if you plan on blogging about several of the shows? Or a generic Reality Junky header to cover everything?

  34. iceNfire says:

    Lynn – Is This A Bravo Blog?

  35. Bugmom22 says:

    Hey! I was just notified Alex is following me on Twitter. Simon has been, but now Alex too! I must be interesting or something.

    • moriasheehan says:

      they are great people, lucky you, to have met them, if they ever come to indy, i will be there bells on.

      • Bugmom22 says:

        They truly are good people. Simon makes sure he remembers names if you introduce yourself. They are funny, obviously in love with each other, and yes, the kids are very well behaved. I even have a picture of myself with Simon, Alex AND Francois! It was wonderful to meet them.

  36. Gypsy says:

    Don’t change the name now, it’s making you well known. Besides, if you change it now the “Love to hate the haters” will claim victory.

  37. lillybee says:

    I just watched the beginning of the first episode of Season 3. The first shot of Jason 2 had him standing holding a single red rose. It looked like a scene from the batchlor.

  38. dmt56 says:

    Lynn’s Dirty Dishin – Gettin Real With Reality!!

    Love your comments Lynn, you can dish it and you can take it. Keep up the great commentary.

  39. Gibgrl1 says:

    myname2use4now is right, you need to brand your name. Lynn N Chicago
    If you want to link to Bravo you should put their name somewhere, if you want to be just “out there” perhaps a byline like…The Way I See It….or The Upside Down side of Reality TV…or something else. Either way, seize this opportunity, it’s time to step up to the next level. You have a great flair for writing and and a following. Just please don’t write a book..lol

    • Seriously? says:

      I gotta agree on making Lynn N Chicago your title. It is your brand that gives you a lot of latitude on what you discuss. Maybe a subtitle like “Free Range Snark” or something like that.

  40. ramonacoaster says:

    I think you should keep the name. I found it off the TWOP boards before Strega deleted it. Even though the show is over, there’ll still be reruns of Season 3 to remind fans of Jill’s behavior and more people will find a way to this sanctuary. However it does keep Jill’s name out there. I’m sure Jill will try to keep her name current during the off season. I predict she’s going to want to be on the show next season especially after she’s experienced reality celebrity fame and all the attention and invites to parties that go with that. Her ego would not want to give that up. She’ll want to find a way to “redeem” herself on the next season of RHONY. She’ll pay the press and pr people to keep her name in the news, make fake twitter and facebook accounts to boost her image and befriend other D-list celebrities to boost her media coverage. At least this is a place where people don’t approve of her behavior. From reading some posts, I think a lot of people have a “Jill” in their lives and this is a place where we can vent. Thanks Lynn! And we don’t want to see someone’s evil machinations stemming from jealousy on our tv sets (or flatscreens) since it’s already in our lives (it certainly is in mine). If Bravo checks out this site for marketing purposes, they can get feedback that we don’t want to watch a woman like Jill. As fans of Bravo and/or Real Housewives brand, we’re all due for a change.

  41. Zarout! says:

    Not that my opinion counts for anything, but please, please, please do not incorporate the word “snarky” or any form of the word in the new blog title (should you choose to rename it). It’s SO annoying and extremely overused. It was cute for a hot second, but now every time I read it, I can feel my skin crawl!

    Just MHO 🙂

  42. Barb says:

    The really funny thing is if you click the name of the person that kiklet the idiot is replying to… her answers are totally random. They aren’t answers to the actual questions or responses to actual comments… They are just random bs comments.
    She is insane.

  43. Tootsie says:

    shadowsnomore: You will be in my daily prayers. Keep the faith and a positive attitude. I will put your name on our church’s prayer list. The more prayers a person get the better. He will keep you in the palm of his hand.

  44. error 404 says:

    wait… anyone have this on tape or tivo? That email about Jill being nasty every time it’s not about her that Lulu asks who it’s from… did Andy say it was from “Danielle from NJ”? lol

  45. desertgal66 says:

    I’d stick with LynnNChicago, but if you want something Housewife related for the search engines, how about “Bringing Down The Housewives”? You know, since we do tend to examine all of them from the level of the average, real person.

  46. WindyCityWondering says:


  47. NYCer says:

    I hope you keep the name of the blog through the announcement of next season’s cast. I’m really hoping Jill gets the boot and according to that NYTimes article the bravo peeps will be taking the temperature of the audience, partly through online chatter.

  48. Barb says:

    I say LynnNChicago, you’ve been mentioned in several blogs and articles (that’s how I found you… Just keep the I hate Jill and start the I hate Teresa then of course the rest will follow.

    Just my vote

  49. Hmmm…chocolate cobbler! 😛

  50. Lynn, I agree with most of the others -make it Lynn N Chicago. It’s a great brand.
    It gives you the latitude to blog about anything on any given day. You can vary your topics from day to day. You have already given us the freedom to comment and discuss any topic that interest us. You should have the same freedom and not be tied to one subject. And a BIG THANK YOU for blogging Top Chef. I love that show. I know I was late for the discussion on the previous blog but I loved it. Last season was my favorite and this season looks promising. I think Angelo and Kenny will be the two to beat. I love the Voltaggio brothers and here is the link to their site.


    I know “iceNfire wants to know if there will be other shows besides Bravo’s being blogged on. I am a huge Survivor fan and I got hooked on “Spartacus” on Starz. I’m up to trying new shows and discussing anything others find enjoyable.

    This is a great place to hang out and you should definitely keep your name in the sites title. Thanks to Jills’ vile behavior, she has helped make your name known in the blogosphere. Who would have guessed we would actually have something good to thank Jill for!

  51. iceNfire says:

    Oh Dear God Please Let Us Not Be A Bravo Blog.

  52. moriasheehan says:

    -32 minutes

  53. Barb says:

    Actual tweet sent to this moron:
    @kikilet Thnk the stars it’s the lst show! Ur totaly insane! From ur lopsided boobs, he/she body, “hiiiiiiiiiii”, BULLYING & Gummi Bears BYE about 21 hours ago via mobile web in reply to kikilet

    Moron’s response…
    @amacdebaca its just a fun show. glad u are enjoying it. watch plumtv this summer and see the real me about 21 hours ago via web in reply to amacdebaca

    See I wasn’t kidding

  54. Ches says:

    I read the other day that someone who knew Kelly in her modeling years said she isn’t as clean and innocent, when it comes to sex, as she lets on she is. And her hands were just as dirty, if not more, than her ex.
    They were legally seperated in 2006 and divorced in 2007. I guess that is why I find this pic, that was taken the year before she and GB split a litle weird.
    It’s her, her kids, and Nick Stevanov, the guy she was arrested for assaulting.

    • Sweet Caroline says:

      Wow, what is really odd is that she claimed when she was on the reunion couch last year that he was a nobody in her life and did not even know her kids. They look cosy in that picture. She is probably a hobag and just projecting on Bethenny. She is such a freak. I feel sorry for Nick, she probably did beat him and terrorize him. Can you imagine how she must have freaked out on him. Sure she has “integrity”. That is not something you say about yourself, it is something others say about you. The only consensus she is getting is that she is CRAZY. I think she is mixing drugs like Kathy Griffin suggested tonight on WHHL.

  55. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kelly’s got so many personalities that she can’t keep track of them all! So she competes with herself and can’t cooperate with others.

  56. boston02127 says:

    Am I on the right blog? I just posted asking if we were blogging due to east/west coast and it didn’t show up.

  57. eastbayjanine says:

    Ugh four freaking hours to go! Good thing I’m buzzed! OT i personally feel offended about krackhead kelly trying to be the poster child for anti bullyism. I’ve been the victim of office bullying, take a wild guess what that f-ing cee u next tueday name was.

  58. little rock says:

    Hey, just a thought. Do you think bravo had it in mind to remind us of jill’s “better days” by showing the 1st season today? Like maybe they are trying to soften us up for a season 4 WITH Jill? God, i hope not!

  59. eastbayjanine says:


  60. HD says:

    I would just call it LynnNChicago if you are going to blog about a variety of shows. I have never felt the urge to really discuss another show and honestly not even the Real Housewives before this season because of the outlandish behavior from Jill and then when Bravo censored comments this blog was right on time for me! Thank you, Lynn.

    Moving forward, since Jill is no longer the focus I would just let it be your name and PLEASE don’t use the term snarky. It is used way too much and now is just plain corny.

  61. boston02127 says:

    Kokuanani – Happy Birthday Day!

    • Kokuanani says:

      Thanks, Boston. I am such a Celtics fan, I am watching the game & taping the Housewives.

  62. anutha hata says:

    I didn’t read all of the responses yet, -don’t know if this has been posted yet? I thought of one, but it could be too mean, since it made Jill cry when Bethenny said that Jason doesn’t care for Jill. How about, “We don’t care for Jill Zarin”?, or ” I don’t care for Jill very much”?-ok, now I’ll go-back and look at the rest.

  63. eastbayjanine says:

    it was awful and really you cant do anything about it especially when most of the workforce is related or live across the street from each other.

    • Jenni says:

      Sorry you had to go through that. Hope you do not still work there?

      • eastbayjanine says:

        nope I quit after she pretended to punch me and her fist was just inches away. she thought this funny.

        • Jenni says:

          Smart. Good for you!

          • eastbayjanine says:

            mentally yeah, i feel so much better but i’m going through a finacial crisis, but i would never regret my decision, my family has been supportive in my time of need especially my mother, i wouldnt be in my apartment if it wasnt for her.

  64. Hey guys. I just made a twitter so that I can follow the craziness too.
    But how do I send a message to a specific person instead of just writing a general message?
    I want to ask Kelly what satchels of gold means. Lol.

  65. eastbayjanine says:

    you have an option somewhere on the page to do a direct message, play around with it, anything you post so far is public.

  66. boston02127 says:

    Love Love Love Love Love Love the I hate Jill Zarin title.
    It pisses her off.

  67. I don’t know if anyone has read this piece of work-


    Funny thing is, he slams us at the end of the post for doing the exact thing he is guilty of!

    • desertgal66 says:

      You know, I’m really tired of people like this author who believe it is wrong to “armchair diagnose” someone.

      If I offer the opinion that Kelly Bensimon seems like a paranoid schizophrenic combined with bipolar disorder, OCD, ADHD and narcissistic personality disorder…so what? I’m not treating the woman, for crissake. I’m not interfering with her “real” life. (Not that I would state all that, of course.)

      And maybe, just maybe, if enough people, qualified or otherwise, shout “mental illness”, it will be loud enough to encourage Bravo to stop exploiting a woman who is clearly not all that stable for the sake of ratings.

    • Snarkapalooza says:

      I doubt my comment will make it on to the website, so here goes. Billy Gray is clearly one of Jill’s press “acquaintances”. She’s been mentioned in his previous articles. And so Red Dragon’s PR blitzkrieg begins…

      • Snarkapalooza says:

        I meant the Guest of a Guest website, of course.

        • here's the thing says:

          The author of the website made fun of himself in the last sentence. Everyone on the entire Internet is not a paid employee of Jill Zarin. Guest of A Guest is a website that chronicles the New York social scene, which includes parties the housewives attend. That’s why he’s discussed her previously.

          • Snarkapalooza says:

            I’m well aware of what the Guest of a Guest website is about. Please note that I never claimed he was a paid employee of Jill Zarin’s. However, it’s no secret that Jill works hard at cultivating allies in the NY press, and has used those contacts to plant unflattering items about her castmates in the past. The NYPost is usually the lucky recipient of her “inside source” stories.

  68. boston02127 says:

    West coast people, do any of you mind if we chat about the show here on the east coast while it’s on?

  69. Capiche says:

    Hi all! Checking in for Reunion Part 3. I was with some co-workers after work drinking and I was looking at my watch the whole time making sure I wouldn’t miss RHWONY tonight. This is sad. Truly. Anyway, now that I’m home I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments but Lynn I do think you should change the name when the blog posts are about other reality tv shows or when the new DC housewives show start. (I WILL BE WATCHING! I don’t care about all this the Salahis are trash nonsense. I just hope it’s a good show.) But then you can keep the I hate Jill Zarin tag when she does something stupid or it’s NY related – and we all know that she will – you can blog and we can kvetch. We should only retire the tag when Jill leaves RHWONYC, whether she is forced or walks out. See you guys in 15 minutes!

  70. error 404 says:

    Oh no they didn’t! The Real L Word? Get out! lol

  71. iceNfire says:

    boston – I run and hide when the clock strikes 6 here on West Coast. I hate surprises
    ( go ahead, call me Ramona ) Enjoy! See all you East coasters tomorrow!

    Not a bit jealous. Not one little bit. Not one iota. Not one…………….

  72. chickentales says:

    Just threw together a silly video about Krrazy Kelly Bensimon


  73. emt2 says:

    Kelly just said something that doesn’t make sense.

    Took a shot! lol

    • Squirrels says:

      I thought we were supposed to drink IF she made sense. Oh, we’re gonna need more liquor.

  74. Cyn says:

    re: Drinking Game
    Two teensy problems with the drinking game:

    1) I don’t nearly have enough liquor availabe for this . I’m thinking I would nedd about three bottles of Belvidere just to make it through the hour.

    2) We’ll all be smashed 20 minutes after the show starts!!!!

  75. HD says:

    I love that no one chased Kelly! LOL!

  76. Here comes the fun! You go “B”!

  77. emt2 says:

    Ramona- “I talk to Kelly as if she is a 6 year old.”

  78. Capiche says:

    Kelly came back to police them! Or they would steal her jelly beans!

  79. boston02127 says:

    Bethenny, Alex, Ramona and Sonja should make a YouTube video called:
    “Systematic Blaming” as a joke and to piss Kelly off.

  80. HD says:

    Oh NO SHE DIDN’T!!!!!! Kelly trying to call Sonya out on her drinking!

  81. boston02127 says:

    Kelly says they should apologize! ha

  82. HD says:

    Kelly is stone cold nuts!!!! I can’t believe it!

  83. Capiche says:

    Kelly – “Recover from what????” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  84. boston02127 says:

    Ohhh good one. Sonja just agreed that Kelly did have a “breakthru” followed by “if she can’t handle it she shouldn’t be around it”

  85. moriasheehan says:

    she always says other women are jealous

    • boston02127 says:

      Jealous of Kelly…
      Jealous of her dirty hair?
      Jealous of her poor speaking skills?
      Jealous of man body?
      Jealous of a washed up 42 yr old has-been model?
      This could go on and on…….

  86. Austin1963 says:

    Why is Kelly so greasy and nasty looking? And why doesn’t someone hand her a hairbrush? And why is she so craaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyy?

    • Sweet Caroline says:

      The constant playing with her hair drives me nuts. They should have strapped her into a “hug me” jacket before she sat on the couch so that she would not touch or play with her dirty hair, hit anyone (she pled to a Battery) or played with the pigeon feathers in that nasty bracelet of hers.

      Come to think of it this broad is not a dumb as we think. She always manages to spin things. I did believe that Nick was an angry jilted ex-lover who was jealous of her new fame as a housewife. Now I think that poor guy was her punching bag. I could totally see her hauling off on someone.

  87. The woman is in a delusional haze! She needs a straitjacket!

    • Squirrels says:

      whoaaa Flika……

      So Jill and Kelly waved to each other at the airport. What a friend.

  88. Capiche says:

    Ok. I am a little disappointed they ended this session this quick. No it is NOT disturbing. If Kelly doesn’t want to admit she needs help why should I be deprived of her crazy? But I love her line: haters are part of the ecosystem. Yes, they are. Yes, they are!

  89. emt2 says:

    Kelly just ruined her career.

    • Sweet Caroline says:

      What career is that? She just made sure a career never started from her time on RHONYC. Can you imagine her writing a book? She can’t design jewelry, her fashion sense could best be described as “highlight your vagina” as she seems keen on wearing the shortest possible clothing. I can’t think of anything she could do. I don’t even think charities what her to stump for them. I think Dina’s Ladybug Foundation would give her a big hell no.

  90. boston02127 says:

    I can’t believe that (Bravo) is leaving it at this. No Answers! Kelly’s a mornic nutcase and that’s it!

    Now their recapping Jill showing up in the VI.

  91. lillybee says:

    How many bottles of Pinot should I chill for the drinking game.

  92. error 404 says:

    There you have. Bravo asked her very clearly if she thought she had a breakdown and if she sought treatment, and she won’t admit there was ever even a problem.

    They can’t have her on the show. We all saw she had a breakdown. If she refuses to get help, or even admit it happened, how can they continue to employ her? They can’t.

  93. Jennifer says:

    Jill called the whole thing ‘distrubing’ and Kelly thought she was talking about the other girls but even SHE meant what happened with Kelly, so Kelly not playing with full deck even her ‘friend’ saying she’s disturbing

  94. moriasheehan says:

    jill said wanted us to come, when was bawby invited

  95. Austin1963 says:

    Kelly is sitting there giggling to herself like a permanent tenant at the laughing academy.

  96. I HATE JILL! What a lying BITCH!

  97. Jennifer says:

    Ps if Bravo reading this if u don’t fire Kelly after she thought nothing was wrong and she needed recovery I will not watch RHONYC again

  98. I’m loving me some Ramona right now!

  99. Scorpiosue says:

    Wow. Kelly is delusional. I love how Bethenny asks her if she takes any responsibility for her actions and she didn’t.

    Have you noticed that whenever Kelly looks at LuAnn as if to say “Do you believe this?” and LuAnn is not having it.

  100. moriasheehan says:

    WTF, andy get OFF ramona

  101. Jennifer says:

    Go Sonja!!!!! When she said Why are u all laughing? Yes Sonja!!!!!!

  102. boston02127 says:

    Kelly keeps playing with her dirty hair.

    OMG~~Jill is trying to explain about the VI and she adds oh by the way R thx for asking me & Bobby if we wanted a glass of water! Aparently Jill needs ot by a freaking canteen.

    • Capiche says:

      She really needs to cut that 9-hour bullshit. I travel to the VI all the frickin time, from JFK, and sometimes I have a layover in San Juan or Miami and it’s never fucking 9 hours!! Who is she kidding? Nine-hours is like you’re heading to Europe. Puh-leeze!

  103. Whoever suggested “Satchels of Gold” as a new title — Love it! 😉


    I would suggest leaving the name of the blog the same (“I hate Jill Zarin”). You could, perhaps, add a subtitle (go to the general settings tab), which would allow you to make some sort of general statement about the content of your blog.

    On wordpress you can change the name of the blog whenever you want. The address is the only thing that can’t be changed.

    btw, I don’t think you’ve ever properly added the name of the blog because it still gives the generic address name as the blog title.

    Sorry if I’m getting too technical and wordy here.

    Love your blog!

  104. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s voice only gets forcefull when speaking to Alex.
    Alex is Jill’s new Bethenny.

      • Sweet Caroline says:

        Bethenny was right she has to have someone to blame or be angry with. Does she not get that we the viewers can see what a hateful loathsome person she is. I will boycott Bravo is this parasite comes back. I think she shot herself in the foot when she threw down the gauntlet, Alex or her. Alex is still on a wildly popular book tour. Jill’s book is probably in the dollar bill, they can’t give away that stupid book. She is turning her venom on Alex, we won’t let you get away with it Jillousy.

        I also don’t respect Bobby anymore for indulging her is her delusion of grandeur.

  105. Jennifer says:

    How about when Jill and Aelx got into it at Jens which was week before so Jill full if shit that she NEVER filmed with Alex

  106. lillybee says:

    Jill is back to whining. Jill would you like some cheese to go with that wine.

  107. Capiche says:

    Oh Jill! Look how far you have fallen! You are agreeing with the crazy person! I can’t believe this. She buys kelly’s crap! Oh, gawd. JILL!!! I know I hate you but I never realized….

    • They must be sharing the same lousy PR people. Unfortunately, nothing can help these two delusional bitches!

    • Barb says:

      She’s not buying it she’s looking around
      the is realizing what is happening. Barry White is about to jump off Peg Bundy’s one way train to loserville. So Dirty Red grabs onto the only consistent thing she’s had for months… The cart wheelin freak that sits next to her. Don’t you see her tossing gummy bears in the air to kujo… They are like scooby snacks to that rabid dog…

  108. HD says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOoooooo @ Kelly!!! “Maybe that was one of those acting moments.” LOL! Someone get this woman some lithium. LOL!

  109. Scorpiosue says:

    I think LuAnn wants to be on the BRAS couch. She looks really uncomfortable next to Kelly.

    • Sweet Caroline says:

      I actually respect Luman for admitting that she is a hobag and was stepping out on her husband. Honesty and authenticity go a long way. She took responsibility and I think the other women were glad to see that she could be real. I also respect the fact that she said that she tried to stay out of the fray but admits that she still got sucked in.

      Maybe the tranny mess is not so bad. Time with tell the worst thing she could do is continue to go anywhere near Jillousy.

  110. Jennifer says:

    Kelly STFU…. even Jill told you to STFU

    Kelly is on another show because she is dumb

  111. boston02127 says:

    Romana was explaing to Jill about how upset Alex was breaking out in hives and dropping a glass when Jill showed up. Kelly piped in “maybe it was one of those acting moments”.

  112. Austin1963 says:

    Kelly, they called you crazy to your face because you ARE crazy!

  113. boston02127 says:

    and once again…………………….Jill’s done!

    • Gypsy says:

      Bitch indeed. She never keeps her promises about being done. Oh wait, isn’t that her phrase for “zip it”?

  114. Jennifer says:

    Change the name to I fucking HATE Kelly

    Sorry- she has me so worked up here lol . I might just hate her more than Jill

    • lillybee says:

      I can’t bring myself to hate Kelly because I really believe that she has severe mental issues.

  115. moriasheehan says:

    i am so pissed at andy

  116. Jill should have hired an acting coach besides those 4 PR people. Her tears are SO……FAKE! They are as real as her apologies. This bitch wouldn’t know contrite if it slammed her in the face.

    • Scorpiosue says:

      It’s just like the time at Ramona’s during the “ambush” and she asks if it was wrong that she wasn’t crying then she starts crying later. It takes time to get those tears going.

      • Sweet Caroline says:

        Yeah those crocodile tears are so fake. Especially at the end, please please please Bethenny don’t let her anywhere near Bryn. I wish I could tweet Jason, he had no relationship with Jillousy, protect your child from that hatemonger.

  117. Gypsy says:

    Interesting…Alex just tweeted that Bravo assigns where each of them sits for the reunion.

  118. Squirrels says:

    Refill your glasses ladies and gents…. here comes the second half.



  119. Barb says:

    Jill is the Puppet Master!!! she owns that cart wheelin freak. I’m proud of Ramona getting all Ramotional and telling Peg Bundy off! And that one shouldered Barry White wanna be LuMann needs to ZIP IT before someone throat punches him and damages those nonexistent vocal cords!

  120. Jennifer says:

    Notice they went to the ‘tape’ showing Jill clearly saying she won’t go on trip, I think Bravo wanted to make sure Jill ws shown as clear liar lol. Jill, there’s your tape lol

  121. boston02127 says:

    Can’t believe their done with Kelly.
    LuMan’s turn now. Tough year blah blah blah. Rico Suave ewww….
    Looking for condo….. She’s been pretty boring. Ugg the singing.
    It’s all about her life since divorce. That’s it with LuMan.

  122. Jennifer says:

    Ha LuAnn basically said she had an open marriage

  123. emt2 says:

    Luann should have not said anything about her husband being maybe anti-Jewish.

  124. boston02127 says:

    hold the phone…. calling her out on extra marital crap.

  125. Capiche says:

    Luann’s ex-husband doesn’t like Jews? Huh? Maybe he told her he just doesn’t like Jill! And what’s that? She doesn’t deny she has an open marriage?? I actually kind of respect that.

  126. boston02127 says:

    Bwhahaha~~ LuMan called her countess title a courtesy title and was serious.

  127. emt2 says:

    Luann is actually likable here. She teared up when Ramona apologized for calling her a slut.

    • boston02127 says:

      @emt2~I always thought Luman was likable. If you can stand her snotty ways. She totally picked the wrong team.

      • emt2 says:

        You could tell that Luann did not want to be next to Kelly. I don’t think she likes Kelly at all.

        I never really liked Luann because she fell into that countess thing too much. It was obnoxious and she could be very condescending. But, I do hope that she evolves next season. I would love to see her with Sonja and the antics they could pull off together. I think they are more alike then say Luann and Jill.

  128. Capiche says:

    You have got to be freaking kidding me! Top ten on Itunes. I was just on there the other day, I didn’t see it. Somebody check!

  129. Jennifer says:

    Ok I sorta liking LuAnn cuz she being very honestly and seems to be admitting her flaws

  130. Squirrels says:

    Oh, Jill’s prepping to get ugly.

  131. Scorpiosue says:

    Strange. I kind of like LuAnn now.

    • tracylyn42 says:

      i disliked luann this entire season, but i think she can be redeemed. if she would drop the countess crap and just be luann i think i could like her too. she seems to be falling out of the Jill can do no wrong mindset, and have an opinion of her own. but she is theonly one on that couch that i would give another chance.

  132. boston02127 says:

    commercial~~looks like Jill’s ugly self will be back. Small clip with her telling Alex she was spread eagle in her husbands hotel. I hate Jill.

    • Kokuanani says:

      I think Jill figures that, like with all her other “PR,” if she repeats it often enough, it will get picked up on tape somewhere & shown, and SOMEONE will believe it.

      Vile, nasty woman.

    • Squirrels says:

      anyone see the pics?

      • Waslurking says:

        Are these the same pics that came out, what 3 years ago?
        I shall wait until you east coasters explain this particular
        I can’t “refresh” fast enough…lol

    • Barb says:

      It is my personal opinion that the reality is Jill is jillous of Alex. I Honestly believe that. Think about it, Alex is educated she’s accomplished and to top it off Bethenny and Ramona like her. Thats why she keeps going after Alex. it isn’t what she has done it’s what she feels Alex took from her.

      • Sweet Caroline says:

        Her book is much much much more popular, she is standing up for herself. Jill admits Alex has the body of a model. Alex pulled off Brooklyn fashion week without much help. Oh come to think of it Alex’s event was drama-free compared to Creaky Joints. Alex was gracious and kind and welcoming. The only drama was Kelly but we now realize she is a nut case fruit loop.

        I could see Alex doing a decorating or renovating book.

      • Don’t forget that Alex’s husband shows his affection for her, something you don’t see with Bawby.

  133. I think they went too easy on Luann. She had plenty to be called out for. But, I do think this has been the most genuine she has ever been.

  134. error 404 says:

    Lost footage next thursday!

    • Waslurking says:


    • Barb says:

      I hope it’s from St John that would be sweet…

    • Capiche says:

      We live to snark another week!

      • Jen says:

        Now that’s a great name for Lynn’s blog…


        • Anitabee says:


          There will be at least another 2 “Lost Episodes” before this is all said and done. Bravo not giving up these ratings until they can’t squeeze anything out of this season.

          I would love to see a lost footage of Ramona’s Virgin Island Trip.
          1. Scene of Jill telling the camera “why” she didn’t go.
          2. Scene of why LuAnn didn’t go.
          3. Did Jen refuse to go trying to get on Jill’s good side?
          4. Scene where Kelly voluntarily agrees to go on the trip.
          5. Scene where Kelly calls her agent trying to get off the trip.
          6. More scene of Kelly calling Jill.
          7. Scene of where Kelly was told to go home.
          8. Scene of Kelly being escorted out of the Villa, into a car, onto a plane, and set loose in the wilds of New York.
          9. Scene of BRAS telling Bravo how concerned/afraid they were of Kelly.
          10. The scene where BRAS were either told or decided among themselves to keep quiet about Kelly’s breakdown.

          The list goes on and on but the one thing I don’t want to see is anymore of Kelly’s crazy behavior.

  135. Scorpiosue says:

    Yay! Lost footage next week.

  136. lillybee says:

    Thank you guys for keeping me in the loop.

  137. Capiche says:

    I am a little disappointed in this third part. Nothing is resolved. Kelly spews nonsense and Andy says let’s move on. Luann refuses to answer some questions. Jill is fake crying and we’re done-ing all over the place. I don’t know. Not satisfied so far!

  138. Jill is worse than a dog with a bone. She has displaced her jealousy and hate towards “B” onto Alex. Jill knows that her plan to bring “B” down failed so now she is turning her viciousness towards Alex!She is such a piece of shit!

    • Real Housewife of Upstate NY says:

      Do not like the way Jill treated Alex at all. Low blow bringing up the pics and I believe Alex, they are not as described. Then at the end, I won’t be back because I won’t film with Alex… she hates me. And Alex is kind and says, I don’t hate you.

      • Barb says:

        Think about it she accuses of her of something that would generate negative views by the public and possibly the network ( at least in her mind) then drops the I won’t be back if she is line. She really believes that she’s that big and cannot grasp that her stock has flatlined. What’s worse is this was filmed weeks ago and she’s still running her mouth. Jill needs to make peace with the fact that people like Alex, not for what she “has” but how genuine she seems. She’s not some dumpy mean spirited fame seeking woman that married into wealth. I’m just sayin…

    • I have to wonder who will be next if her attacks against Alex fails. Alex is on the money at her Bravo blog. Maybe Bravo should give Jill her own show so that we could elect not to watch it. She could do her own thing, and fail, and the rest of us could enjoy the housewives.

  139. boston02127 says:

    Their back on Kelly. Playboy shoot.
    She’s such an asshole. She claimed at the begining of the show she was a very private person but dosen’t have a problem showing her private to the world.

  140. Jennifer says:

    Oh B’s face in the left corner when Kelly made the PETA comment

    I am in love with Bravo for this segment

    • Jennifer says:

      ‘if one day I want to be someone and then the next day be someone else’

      so we admitting to 2 personalties

    • Kokuanani says:

      Did anyone notice that Ramona appeared to be wearing a fur coat when she arrived at the hotel for the “renewal” ceremony?

  141. boston02127 says:

    Jill keeps looking at Kelly as if to say shut up.

  142. Capiche says:


  143. coocoopuffs78 says:

    I swear listening to Kelly explain her contradictions is giving me a MIGRAINE!!!

  144. kellyhannah says:

    Holy shit balls!

  145. alottachatter says:

    Can we be done with Kelly?

  146. boston02127 says:

    Their calling Kelly out on all her contradictions and she’s laughing. She’s such moron she dosen’t get it.

    drinking ~~does she?
    processed food
    She just said I’m about to turn you guys off, it’s too much.

    OMG she just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

  147. When Kelly’s able to speak she is perfectly stupid!

  148. coocoopuffs78 says:

    “See when i’m able to speak it’s perfect”…..WTF????!!!!!!!


  149. boston02127 says:

    Kelly just claimed she with her kids all the time.
    That’s not what your tweets say Kelly!

  150. Capiche says:

    Tweets are soundbites.

  151. boston02127 says:

    She can certainly dance around a question.

  152. Austin1963 says:

    O. M. G. – someone PLEASE make Kelly shut up!!!!!

  153. realminkey says:

    What infuriates me, is how those three frauds on the Hobag couch so transparently treat Alex as their social inferior.

    OMG…Please someone, commit Kelly, ASAP.

  154. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Why is this bitch speaking a mile a minute… piss test her ass the next time she steps foot in front of a camera!

  155. Capiche says:

    Lynn, I hope you’re listening carefully. Because I need a translation on the last 10 minutes of Kelly-speak. Really. My brain hurts.

  156. boston02127 says:

    Jill to Alex: You can’t compare your pic’s to Kelly’s.
    You were spread eagle. Hatin Jill more and more here!

  157. Squirrels says:

    omg. Bet was hilarious. the open my legs to show my daughter went right over Ramona’s head. lolol

  158. boston02127 says:

    It seems that was it with Jill and Alex about nude pics. I hope so.

  159. error 404 says:

    OMG! What? Huh? I’m so lost. I’m drunk but I didn’t even drink! What they hell is she talking about?!?

  160. Jennifer says:

    Jill – attacking someone on Amazon and calling them anti-Semitic and threatening their cat is DISTAtEFUL

    ps… Someone find the pics online, is there a spread eagle?

  161. emt2 says:

    Kelly is so jealous of Bethenny. It’s so sad.

    Kelly is so crazy. I have had a whole bottle of wine because of Kelly’s craziness.

  162. boston02127 says:

    If Kelly says one more time that she wants people to “celebrate her” I’m going to puke.

    • little rock says:

      Someone who twitters should tweet kelly and tell her we will celebrate the hell out of her when she’s gone,

  163. HD says:

    I don’t know about ya’ll but I can’t stop laughing! That whole segment with Kelly was hilarious!! LMAO!!

  164. alottachatter says:

    Jill would have to crawl up several rungs of the attitude ladder to reach the level of New York B*tch.

  165. Austin1963 says:

    It’s a good thing I didn’t play the drinking game whenever Kelly said something totally crazy and nonsensical. I’d be in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

    • emt2 says:

      I played the game and I am drunk now. My fiance is laughing at me because I am imitating Kelly being stupid and crazy.

  166. boston02127 says:

    Notice Jill isn’t bring up her book this time around.

  167. Maryla says:

    if anyone needed a reason to hate jill zarin, her comment to Alex just sealed the deal. She is just so blasted mean. When she talked about “spread eagle in the hotel” — it was in her voice, in her eyes, in her face. She wanted to slay that girl (alex this time).

    • Eve says:

      I agree with you. Jill (Miss Blow Job) is a jerk.

      • Jen says:

        Exactly right! She cannot keep the meanness in check at all. Spiteful is the only word I can think of but times 1000! Jill’s true colors showed right there. She’s done.

  168. Jennifer says:

    What else I don’t get is if Kelly thinks BRAS is acting why doesn’t she think Jill is acting?

  169. PFinFL says:

    Okayyyy…I get it now!
    Kelly can’t be around humans.
    Yay for LuAnn questioning Kelly & the way she acts! You would think she could get through to her.
    Boo Jill…for all the attitude, eye rolling & poor…poor me!
    Yay Sonja! Telling it like it is!

  170. Kokuanani says:

    Comment for Boston: dammit, I forgot to request a Boston win for my birthday!!

  171. I saw the photos in question. I’m not a voyeur but I wanted to see what the hoopla was all about. They didn’t show anything more than her breast. Some were a little racy but no more racy than Playboy. Jill is just being a vicious BITCH again!

  172. Squirrels says:

    Jill just threw down the gauntlet. I can’t be here cause Alex hates me.

    She just can’t help but follow Bet.

  173. boston02127 says:

    Jill asks B for a hug.
    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. B hugged her!

  174. boston02127 says:

    Jill has a bit of a creepy liking towards Bethenny.

  175. cc in Miami says:

    Did we learn anything new tonite?

    • Squirrels says:

      Yes. Jill said she didn’t think she could come back next year because Alex hates her. Not so veiled threat to Bravo.

      • Jennifer says:

        Bravo if you’re reading pick Alex

      • Waslurking says:

        Because Alex hates HER?
        uh huh

      • Capiche says:

        Let’s be real here. She is in NO position to threaten Bravo. And if that’s what she has been doing last season, we see how “well” they treated her. Give it up Jill! Everyone is replaceable on that show. Everyone. And with your popularity sinking to the bottom of the ocean last season, it means you’re more in danger than anyone else.

  176. Austin1963 says:

    So Jill says she doesn’t want to come back because Alex hates her? Is she kidding?

    She clearly hates Alex and wishes her only bad things.

    But hey, for whatever reason, I’ll take Jill not coming back.

  177. mom2 says:

    Don’t let her get her hands on your baby!!!!!

  178. moriasheehan says:

    i need 10 xanex

  179. alottachatter says:

    Oy..B just wanted to be done with it already.

  180. realminkey says:

    Good going, Jill. After your beyond-mean closing remark about Alex, I can reiterate I REALLY HATE YOU.

  181. Jennifer says:

    Sorry lost a bit of respect for B with that hug but gained some for Alex because she looked sincere when saying she doesn’t hate Jill. What Jill meant to say is she hates Alex, but I don’t think she hates her I think J is jealous of Alex and it comes out as anger

  182. HD says:

    I know ya’ll all caught Jill throwing Alex under the bus!

  183. Capiche says:

    Jill says she doesn’t know if she could film with Alex because ALEX clearly HATES Jill. Whatever. Jill, you’re the one with hate in your heart. What’s that? Hug time! LOL! Jill flies over to hug B who remains seated. B doesn’t move a muscle to even attempt to hug Jill. This is sad. What is even sadder is what Jill has been saying since the reunion. Guess she never got to see that baby!

  184. That was so… NOT satisfying. Nothing resolved. Kelly is still a crazy delusional Bitch. Jill is still a vile , LYING BITCH.

  185. emt2 says:

    Jill is such a bitch. Did you see what she said to Alex? I won’t do the show if she is on it.

    Bye, bitch, bye! Jill is so grossly misinformed of her “power.”

    And Jill gave Bethenny a fake hug. Bethenny didn’t want to look like the bitch and say no but she didn’t stand up to hug Jill.

    I really do not want Jill to return. She wants to pick fights with everyone. Now it’s Alex. It’s crazy. Jill is such a sad person.

    • suzie says:

      I agree. Although I wasn’t on the I Hate Jill bandwagon, I think she was so hateful tonight that she went into my Could Care Less column. Saying that she understood what happened to Kelly on St. John because of how she was greeted during her unannounced drop-in was pitiful, desperate and such a stretch that it deserves to have a yoga pose named after it. Then she made next season a choice between she and Alex. Hey, Jill: Watch What Happens.

  186. lillybee says:

    So who will bravo choose, Alex or Jill?

    • boston02127 says:

      @lillybee~~I wish they would let Kelly go. Jill’s easy and fun to hate.
      Kelly is to headaching.

    • boston02127 says:

      @lillybee~~I wish they would let Kelly go. Jill’s easy and fun to hate.
      Kelly is too headaching.

      • boston02127 says:

        Sorry for the double post. I tired really quick to change the to to too and waa la, double post. I should know this by now.

  187. GerryBerry says:

    Long-time lurker(HIeeeeeeeee lol)–I love this blog but I really wanted to sock Jill in the face when she insisted Alex was “spread eagle” and rolling her neck and whatnot even though Alex wasn’t.

    I cannot stand Jill.

    • Jen says:

      Me, too! That was a low, low blow… just the Jill Zarin type. Even if it was true, how do things like that come out of her mouth? She is so vindictive. I said it above… with that comment, she’s done. Has to be.

    • Seriously? says:

      What was even more particularly awful about that was that she tried to bring Simon’s place of business into it by mentioning not once but twice that the pictures were taken in the hotel her works in . Vicious bitch.

  188. Squirrels says:

    Amazing that Kelly is so stupid as to be willing to risk an ally in Sonja, she tosses her under a truck.

  189. KookADoodleDo says:

    Kelly’s latest Tweet delusion:

    @peta received more press and awareness due to #rhnyc than any other media outreach they have had. i am proud to help them.
    16 minutes ago via web in reply to SassafrasDonna

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      A response to her delusion:

      @kikilet Sorry koo koo but I’m sure it was b/c @bethenny posed nude for them NOT b/c you wear fur & make fun of them!

    • Jennifer says:


    • Squirrels says:

      Jebus H. Cripes.

      Oh, if only PETA would respond….. but I know they won’t, because they’d just be lighting a fuse.

    • HD says:

      WHAT?! She is sooooooooooooooooo nuts. How in the world did she help them?She act like she posed for PETA instead of Bethanny. She is certifiable. That woman needs so much help it is not funny!

      • desertgal66 says:

        How did Kelly “help” PETA? She’s walking around in fur, bleating about how it’s okay to wear fur. I don’t think PETA would consider that much help.

        It was BETHENNY”S ad that helped PETA, not RHoNY.

      • MickeyMouth says:


  190. moriasheehan says:

    i gotta go, i am really feeling sick from this

  191. boston02127 says:

    Awww B’s mother in law to be is going with her to look at wedding dresses.
    Jason’s parents seem really nice.

  192. cusi77 says:

    Good Evening Lynn! Hello everybody!

    Bethenny is adorable!

  193. desertgal66 says:

    Kelly made no sense, as usual. You can’t believe anything this woman says-it’s just nonsensical babbling.

    Her naked 41 year old body did NOT appear in Playboy. The fully nude photos were taken years ago-and, I gotta say, they were really tacky. The ones that were taken recently were not full nudes, they were skillfully posed, draped and lighted to hide her flaws, and they were airbrushed. Her whole”if you devote yourself to healthy living, you can look good enough at 41 to appear in Playboy” is true, but that isn’t what she did. She’s a 41 one year old woman using photos that are almost two decades old to appear in Playboy-that’s a significantly different thing.

    Jill is lying about Alex’s nude photos. Were they more graphic than the ones that Kelly did? Yes and no. There were more of them, so there were more poses. But, they were very playful, and flattering-there was no “spreadeagled in the hallway of your husband’s hotel” in the distasteful fashion that Jill is describing. They were NOT distasteful or obscene photos. Jill is full of shit. She never could have looked half as good as Alex in a non nude photo, much less a nude one.

    Jill says she doesn’t want to come back for another season if Alex is on the show. Personally, I hope Bravo takes her at her word and renews Alex’s contacts and reminds Jill not to let the door hit her in the ass on the way out.

    And, jeez, Bravo, once again, get rid of Kelly. Watching her babble is a waste of screen time.

    • You said everything I was thinking. I saw both ladies photos. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I honestly thought Alex photos where better and more natural. Never saw a spread eagle. Some where a little racy but nothing like Hustler porn. I’ve seen similar photos published in the likes of Vogue, Cosmo, and Glamour.I would say they are a little more racy than what you find in Maxim. Jill is just a hateful bitch who needs to go. If Bravo brings her back and lets’ Alex go, I won’t be watching.

      • desertgal66 says:

        Exactly. Alex’s photos were racy, but I didn’t consider them lewd or over the top Hustler style graphic. They were also taken for private viewing, and, really, they were more playful than anything else, I thought. She looked pretty in them, too.

        I wouldn’t pose for nude photos myself, but each to their own-and if you are comfortable with it, good for you, and I applaud your confidence. And, I mean, I don’t have the body to appear in Playboy-BUT if Playboy agreed to publish 20 year old pictures of me, then I’d be honest and admit they were old photos. I wouldn’t pretend they were recent just to flatter myself.

    • cusi77 says:

      Very nice, thank you Desertgal!

  194. Scorpiosue says:

    I totally got the feeling that Jill was throwing down the gauntlet to Andy with a basic “It’s me or Alex” to come back to the show. WE WANT ALEX!!!!

    • little rock says:

      Jill absolutely issued the “it’s her or me” challenge. And I think they’ll keep both of them. And the reason is: alex has done NOTHING to be cut out, so they’ll keep her. Jill, being an egomaniac, will not stand for alex being on the show and her not. BALLESSBRAVO will let jill return.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Problem is Jill is not Bethenny! B is the Queen. And with viewers commenting on Jill’s constant attacking of Alex, it was another mistake on her part.

  195. Gypsy says:

    Thank you all for taking time to talk about the show. I really enjoyed your comments.

  196. Squirrels says:

    I did enjoy Jill’s pink eye. That was a plus.

  197. cusi77 says:

    I also had the honor to go with my daughter- in- law to buy her dress… I will cry…

    this brings so beautiful memories! In the country where I was born -and in many others- the groom pays for the bride dress…

  198. emt2 says:


    Alex’s blog is great.

    Jill plays dirty and we know that. Alex will return to the show. Jill is a crazy bitch. This is exactly why people hate her with such a venom. In one breath she says that the women should forgive her and in the next breath Jill says that she hates Alex and won’t return if Alex is a cast member.

    It’s crazy that Jill is blaming Alex for her bad behavior this year. Crazy.

    • Jill certainly blew it when she started badmouthing Alex after the reunion was taped and then later Bethenny too. If she really wanted to repair the relationship with Bethenny, Jill would have changed her ways. She could have won some fans back after that hug if she had just behaved. Guess that means the motive of that hug was just for show and Bethenny later realized that too because jill hadn’t changed her ways.

    • Seriously? says:

      Awesome, Alex. She called her out totally. If you read it on the McCord Van Kempen website, it also includes all of the links to the articles she is referencing. Alex is not playing anymore and I really like her for it.

      Did you also notice that Alex didn’t get hivey at the reunion. The truth did set her free…from Benedryl. Yay, Alex.

  199. butterisafruit says:

    Well that was a waste of my time. I’m not lovin Andy either. He seems to start things then doesn’t let all the parties talk. Kelly threw out a lot of snow balls and no one was allowed to throw any back.
    I think I’ve had enough. If I have to watch Jill or Kelly again, I’m done. I don’t have the strength.

    Have a good night everyone………….I’m hoping my Celtics win tonight. (hey I can dream)

  200. cc in Miami says:

    I just teared up when Bethenny put on her veil.

  201. cc in Miami says:

    And Bethenny finally has a mom that cares about her!

  202. Scorpiosue says:

    I loooooove Jason’s mom. Bravo needs another season of this show. I’m calling it. I want it.

  203. boston02127 says:

    Well Jill said she was sorry. Wop de do. I don’t believe a word she says.
    She didn’t help her self image one bit. She should of told Alex, let’s not do this,
    let’s try and get along.

  204. MickeyMouth says:

    Ok, I actually got misty over that scene in the wedding shop with Jason’s mom. Damn allergies.

  205. lillybee says:

    How did Ramona react to Alex’s nude pictures? I remember her being upset by it in the past.

  206. californiaviewer says:

    Did anyone catch the 1/2 second when Jill was going to hug B and she wobbled on her hideous 5″ green puke Louboutins? If her ankle had gone just a tad more to the left, she would have fallen! I’ve rewound my TIVO 4 times to watch it. Best moment of the show!

  207. cusi77 says:

    could someone explain Jill’s comment “Spread eagle” (I hope I wrote right)…

    • error 404 says:

      with your legs wide open or apart.

    • mom2 says:

      Spread eagle is a position where your arms are extended out to each side all the way, and your legs are spread out as well. Think of a cartwheel mid jump … except you are on your back.

      • desertgal66 says:

        Only the picture that Jill was talking about – Alex wasn’t on her back. She was standing up. Jill misused the term.

    • desertgal66 says:

      In one of Alex’s pictures, she was posed standing, with her arms in the air, and her legs slightly apart – pretty much the same pose that Kelly struck for her Halloween “card” last year.

      It wasn’t distasteful, or obscene, or all that graphic, beyond, you know, that she was nude. The camera wasn’t zoomed in on any particular area, as Jill seemed to suggest. It was playful and flattering.

      Jill is a jackass.

      • Squirrels says:

        Jill is a jackass no matter how you slice it.

      • cusi77 says:

        Thank you, Desert!

        • desertgal66 says:

          You’re welcome.

          I think Jill has some real jealousy going on in that area. I mean, she’s even said that Alex has the figure of a model-and Kelly’s body is in pretty good shape-I mean, I think she has some weird things going on, but she’s definitely fit and well toned. Jill will never even come close, and she isn’t that much older than either woman.

          Any photog who has taken nude photos of Jill isn’t looking to sell them. He’s hiding them in his safe and hoping no one ever finds out he took them.

  208. Scorpiosue says:

    Bethenny cracks me up, “Next, Cookie is going to have an astrologist.”

  209. error 404 says:

    OMG I just learned so much, and hopefully so did Bethenny.

    This how you treat Kiki: ignore her when she barks, give her a treat when she shuts up!

  210. lovemysummergirl says:

    Jill= Nasty,fake, BITCH
    Kelly=Nasty, Crazy, BITCH
    Alex’s blog is GREAT! lmao
    been lurking forever, LOVE you all
    Thank you for all the laughs!!!

  211. desertgal66 says:

    After Jill’s more than obvious attempt at manipulating Bravo tonight, I think everyone who wishes to should write to Bravo and/or Andy Cohen and support Alex’s return to the show. Even if you already have, redoubling the effort can’t hurt. Let’s not let Jill get away with her manipulative crap.

  212. Jennifer says:

    Loving the second episode of BGM? even more ….. I think it’s hard for her to let defenses down around Jason still a bit, took me years to do that with my husband. Scene with her MIL had my crying too but Cookie cracked me up.

  213. boston02127 says:

    I’m laughing so hard over B talking about the man with the facial peel.

  214. boston02127 says:

    Olivia where are you? Come back to us. Are you sitting there with swallowing asprin after asprin after watching the reunion? O-L-I-V-I-A! (that’s me yelling for you)

  215. I so love Alex Bravo blog. She calls out Jill big time. No more holding Alex back. She lays the facts out and the highlighted words are links to support the facts. She doesn’t just hurl accusations like Jill does. She can back up her words. Love it! Love Alex!


    • cusi77 says:

      Shadows__ How nice you are here!

    • Brianna says:

      It’s GREAT!

      So who is going to bite the bullet and “subscribe” so they can read Jill’s blog and post it here?

      • boston02127 says:

        @Brianna–I think you can go on mine and get to her thru mine.
        Go to Facebook and to Boston SoBoston.

        • Jennifer says:

          Jill isn’t posting her blog, she sending it through email to plp registered for her newsletter. Someone create an account, get it and re-post 🙂

    • Scorpiosue says:

      Alex kicks some serious keester on her blog. Bravo to Alex and telling the truth (a foreign concept to Jill) regarding her association with Jill. Jill doesn’t even get that having your photo with Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan makes you look pathetic.

  216. LOL! I just tweeted a message to Alex, then one to Jill and found out jill had blocked me from following her. Think it was my username? LOL! I still tweeted my message to her. 😛

  217. Squirrels says:

    Dang. So much happened my brain is on overload. I so need Lynn’s blog to help put this fiasco into perspective.

  218. Andy tweeted that “we” thought he was too hard on jill and too easy on kelly.

    Whatever your opinion, send him your tweets, emails, or posts to his bravo blog and let him know what you think. I tweeted him that he was too easy on both jill and kelly. And that we wanted jill and kelly to be fired and wanted Alex and Simon back.

    I figured they wouldn’t bring up Amazongate but Alex sure took care of that for us didn’t she! LOL! 🙂

  219. Katiecoo says:

    Quick flyby to say Alex’s blog kicks ASS!

  220. Squirrels says:

    Of course, the good part is, Kathy Griffen is up next !!

  221. Barb says:

    Holy Shitballs!!!! Have you guys read Alex’s blog?????????? She totally calls Jill out! I LOVE it.

  222. BGM is so great. I bet Jill is just seething with jealousy. I can see this show being a big hit for Bravo.

  223. lillybee says:

    Alex’s blog is what Kelly would say amazing.

  224. boston02127 says:

    Newsletter #7
    June 17, 2010

    Reflections, Updates and Many Thanks!

    Well everyone, the season is finally over and it’s time for one last reflection and many thanks. This season was difficult for me at times to film and watch. Yet after reading all of your comments here and on JillZarin.com I have realized that this season has been just as important for many you as it was for me. For the first two seasons you’ve watched me, for the most part, in my better moments. This season- not all perfect. But through it all we’ve learned together that people make mistakes. All we can do is attempt to fix them. Everyone may not end up agreeing with you, but if you are at peace with yourself …journey complete and onto the next new and exciting chapter in your life.

    I could sit here and tell you many things that happened this season that did not make it onto the shows, or that happened after the filming was over. Even as recently as the reunion filming. But to what purpose would that really serve to myself, the other ladies or you, the viewer? You can’t say you are moving on and then keep going backwards. So let’s enjoy the lost footage next week and and close the book on this season!

    Can you believe Ally is going to college in the fall? With her gone I decided I needed to find a hobby! So I did! I have a bedding line that I have designed that will be available this fall. I have worked on it for a long time and am working on Spring 2011 right now. I would love to hear ideas from you, so please sign up for my newsletter at jillzarin.com so we can keep in touch over the summer. I’ll also answer your questions to what I wore at the reunion and more!

    • I guess those 4 PR people finally taught Jill how to shut up. Let’s see how long it will last. I give it less than 8 hours!

    • desertgal66 says:

      Oh, of course. “I made mistakes, and I did attempt to fix them-but if you all really knew what happened off camera or on the cutting room floor, you would realize that I am just a poor little victim, and Bethenny and Alex are really out to get me, and I can’t stand up for myself at all because I’m a little frightened doormouse of a woman whom everyone unfairly picks on, and I never do anything wrong, but Bravo editing makes it look like I do, and yadda yadda yadda, excuse, excuse, excuse, self absorbed twaddle speak, etc, etc…”

      • anutha hata says:

        Thank-you for posting that Boston.
        I KNEW IT!-HA!
        Just for the record, I called it on all the free promos she thought she was sneaking-in for her stupid, smelly, bed-line.
        I’m not surprised that she pushed her way into Kathy Griffin’s dressing room and made a pest out of herself.
        No WAY should Bravo give her a season of free publicity for her bedding. (next season, because she was already pushing it this season in a sneaky way).

    • Brianna says:

      thanks and that was a waste of time Jill

    • Katiecoo says:

      Blah blah blah….all this means is she doesn’t know what ‘lost footage” is going to air next week that she might have to answer to and doesn’t want to pre-contradict it…yet. :::rolleyes:::

  225. Jennifer says:

    Thank you Boston

  226. Jennifer says:

    Kathy on WWHL ….. Yes!!!!!!

  227. Roslyn G says:

    I love BGM, she is so witty and Jason is too cute. Can’t wait for next week. I need to go read Alex’s blog. I thought Jill hit an all time low with her comment about not filming next season with Alex.

    • emt2 says:

      I agree. I didn’t like BGM last week but I laughed out loud several times tonight. Maybe it’s because I was a bit drunk from taking shots when Kelly was being crazy? It’s a cute show and funny and lighthearted yet serious. I loved with B schooled her assistant.

      If there is a God, I hope that Jill is not on RHNYC next year. I won’t watch it. I was getting over my hatred for her and then part 3 intensified my dislike for this woman. She is so disgusting. She needs to learn when to stop and bashing Alex will do her in. Watch what happens.

      I mean, there are people who HATE Jill and she gives them more fodder every time she opens her nasty little mouth.

      I would even take Kelly over Jill.

  228. HD says:

    There is something about this show that turns me off. I like Bethanny on the Real Housewives but something about it just being here all the time is not working for me. I can’t put my finger on what it is. Maybe it is just all the one liners and stuff all the time, constantly…her personality seems abrasive on this show. I am trying to get into it but for some reason something is a little off…

    • desertgal66 says:

      I’m feeling the same way. I love Bethenny, I think she’s great, and I think the premise of the show-pregnant, planning a wedding, building a relationship, and all her business ventures-is a good one, but I think maybe Bethenny bit off more than she realized she wanted to chew doing the show at that particular time. She’s tense, she’s tired, and you get the sense she’s struggling to be on for the cameras and “be Bethenny”, and all she really wants to do is crawl into bed and tune the world out at times.

      I’m hoping the show will renew next year, and film her when she’s had a chance to recuperate and is more relaxed and with not all the hoopla going on.

      • HD says:

        That could be it. Wedding, book, fiance, baby, death of parent, therapy, skinny girl margarita and we just found out a skin care line…..she is doing a lot and I think it was a bad decision to do a show with all this going on…All I keep thinking about is Jessica and Nick….I really want to like this show and continue liking Bethanny but she seems a little over the top or something…I can’t find the word I am looking for but if someone gets what I am saying maybe you can give me the word I am searching for…

        • error 404 says:

          on RHoNY she primarily just commented on the other 5 baffoonishly unself-aware exhibitionists.

          On BGM it’s primarily about her, and not that it’s a surprise, but girlfriend has issues.

          Yes she’s funny, and she has a good self-deprecating sense of humor, but in between all the jokes there are some pretty raw moments of “issues”.. control, fear of commitment, low self-esteem, etc..

          In 3 seasons of RHoNY she never really engaged. She was more like the narrator.

          • HD says:

            Yes. Some major issues. Major. And to be honest I am interested in her and what made her that way not her wedding dress. If she does not deal with those issues I don’t care how good of a man Jason is, Ramona was correct on that bridge, she will mess up one of the best things that has happened to her. I hope she gets to the heart of those issues for not only her sake but for Jason’s and Bryns. And I will tell you one thing, having been raised in a dysfunctional home, getting through all that baggage does not need a camera on it.

            • DLA says:

              You bet you ass it needs a camera on it.

              24/7. Maybe then children of the world would not be raped by the people who love them.

              Or the people who say they love them while they are raping them.

              • DLA says:

                Lynn has made this site so wonderful because she will allow any topic.

                I watch Kelly and I know she is sick because I have seen it in so many women.

                Some women think they have to act like they are 12 yrs or younger to attract a man.

                Because they were raped of their childhood.

        • KookADoodleDo says:

          Over extended?

        • DLA says:

          Starts with an A ends with an E.

          You are so welcome.

    • DLA says:

      HD I was so saying “I am sorry” to you later on tonight cause I was drinking at the time I got pissed at something you said.

      Not drinking now and remember why I got pissed in the first place.

      What the hell is your problem with Bethanny (yes I spelled it wrong).

      She “seems abrasive on this show”.

      I also heard she was a cook.

    • DLA says:

      WOW! Jill and Bawy now have some results (insults) for all the money they have shelled out.

      My may be in love with a certain H.

      • HD says:

        SMH!! Nuts! Is anyone else seeing this? This is the second time Kelly-scratch that-DLA has flipped out. Certifiable. What are you talking about, talking about raping children? Are you nuts? People like you do not need to be online. It is like “Humpty Dumpty” is at the keyboard! You need help. Get it!

  229. little rock says:

    What did kathy just say about kelly? I just heard mumble, mumble bensimone.

  230. ShyAsrai says:

    maybe Silex will get their own show… that way Jill won’t have to film with Alex AND we’d get to see Jill’s head explode

    • Squirrels says:

      I’d pay good money to see that.

    • mom2 says:

      Oh man, I would hope that BRAVO would do their fans the ultimate favor and Tape Jill hearing that announcement … !!! She’d totally think it would be her, then to hear the names of her deepest enemies … ratings would be through the roof. Are you listening, Bravo????

    • Seriously? says:

      I would love that! Are you listening Bravo?

  231. anutha hata says:

    I’m missing Hooked on Housewives. Haven’t seen her here for a few days.
    Is she on Twitter?

  232. Squirrels says:

    It’s war now for Alex. She’s bloody PISSED. Jill is once again going after someone’s livelihood. For that alone she should be publicly flogged.

    • Katiecoo says:

      She should be publicly not asked back for RHONY. But I think she knows that if she declares war on anyone, it’s almost as good as a first class ticket. So….next season we get a whole new season of Jill Zarin on the attack. Just a new target. Yawn…+ …blech.

  233. kats2 says:

    1. I hope Bethenny keeps her precious daughter away from Jill and completely cuts the connection from Jill

    2. I love B’s new show and hope it gets renewed and she doesn’t have to be on HW again

    3. I hope Jill and Kelly are not asked back

    4. I hope the Lost Footage shows the truth about Kelly and Jill

    5. I hope the Lakers lose

  234. Jennifer says:

    I still think it’s telling that Andy didn’t have KKB on WWHL all season. Someone pointed out to him on his Twitter she talks shit about him and I am hoping he sees her crap and fires her ass

    I also think 1 reason Jill is claiming change is she realizes Bravo will start researching to see who plp want back next year and she needs good press not bad now

  235. Katiecoo says:

    Disappointed with KG on WWHL…too much fluff and not enough Housewife chatter.

    • Kokuanani says:

      I was really disappointed too.

      In retrospect, it’s not too surprising that Andy used the 30 min. to promote Kathy Griffin’s new show, NOT to analyze Part 3 of the reunion that we’d all just seen and were dying to have discussed.

  236. Squirrels says:

    I can just see Lynn’s fingers flying now.

    I can see Kelly’s brain cells slipping away with each drop of sweat, I mean sheen.

    I can barely see Jill for all the smoke spewing from her ears.


  237. vilzvet says:

    Alex’s Bravo blog is bold and brave. Kelly’s was a waste of two lines, and if I have to read her “Happy summer” again I’ll explode.

    For the love of God, WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE MAKE KELLY STOP TWIRLING FIDDLING WITH AND TOUCHING HER HAIR??? Was any of the other women doing that? It was the actions of a 12-year-old. Why couldn’t she be the “professional actress” she claims she is and just SIT. Sheesh!!

  238. Char212 says:

    I so love Bethanny’s show. It’s just what we needed after the fiasco of RHoNY. Jason’s parents are adorable and I loved it when his mom said that she hopes they can give Bethanny the family she’s always wanted.

    Kelly just made me ill tonight. My sister called me and said “are you believing this shit?” What’s so frustrating to all of us is that she either can’t see it or refuses too. Jill made me mad when she said that she saw what Kelly went through after the reception she got when she “surprised” them. Of course Kelly just ate that up.

    I had to laugh when I saw the previews of the lost footage. It was when they were showing Jill putting a bracelet on. Did you hear her say to Bobby that “if you buy me jewelry you might get lucky tonight” or something close to that. I can’t remember it word for word but it was along that order. I guess she read her own book lmao.

    • Kokuanani says:

      I did hear that.

      Can you imagine being Bobby, and having customers or friends [if he has any] smirking and making dirty remarks about Jill, jewelry and blow-jobs?

      Hey, Jill, suggested title of your next book/blog: “Jewelry for BJ.”

  239. WindyCityWondering says:

    Well, the reunion was disappointing!
    Why didn’t the other women who went to St. John get to tell their side of the story – Andy promised they would get their turn!? Why did we have to hear more lunacy – PETA? Hate is part of the Ecosystem?? Name calling – blood type is Pinto Grigio??? Kelly is not only crazy – she is mean mouthed, combatitive, nasty, and I am tired of listening to her.

    • moriasheehan says:

      windy, i actually had chest pains and had to lay down and try to calm myself. andy was so unfair to the non bully ladies. he let kelly spout her hate and made ramona zip it. i am so not liking him. and i think it is pretty pervy this ben kid on WWHL

    • Squirrels says:

      <<<<applauds and whistles…..

  240. TLM says:

    This season, we saw the disintegration of a friendship, and the mental disintegration of a cast member. I don’t think Jill or Bethenny will be back, and if Bravo’s risk management department has anything to say about it, Kelly should not be back either. That leaves Ramona, Sonja, Luann and Alex. I actually think these 4 could be good together, but I wouldn’t want to cast the other 2.

    I got so angry with Kelly that I wanted to smack her across the face during this final episode. I’m not kidding. I want to be compassionate but she really knows how to press buttons, as crazy as she is. She’s still on the “Bethenny didn’t cook” crap, and she still for some reason doesn’t blame Sonja even though Sonja has told her she’s crazy and called her on the same things the other women did. This is why it’s so hard dealing with people who are mentally ill. It is maddening to try and make sense out of something that makes no sense. And then to watch her sit on the couch and play with one lock of her hair for 20 minutes like a 5-year old was really, really pissing me off. And when Andy asked her did she recover from the trip, her answer is, “Recover from what?” HUH??? Is this the same person who described herself as “shellshocked” in a confessional after St. John??!? She thinks it’s fine that she contradicts herself from one minute to the next, and she also thinks the other women are jealous of her. Lost cause, that one is. I was even angrier at Jill for reinforcing Kelly’s delusions and actually saying that she “knew what Kelly was dealing with” when she came to the island and equating Kelly’s being “bullied” with her being given the cold shoulder. Good for Sonja for explaining why they “kicked Jill out” of St. John, and saying it wasn’t a 6-yr old’s birthday party. Not to be outdone, Jill again brought up that Ramona didn’t offer her water or a bathroom, and again said everything was Alex’s fault. Effing freak.

    What happened where Jill was angry and fighting back when Ramona shouted at her about showing up in St. John, and then all of a sudden was remorseful about it? Was something major cut out from the taping? It was an abrupt turnaround, even for Jill. I suspect something was blurted out in connection with Kelly’s behavior or departure that couldn’t be aired, so the discussion around it had to be cut also.

    I did gain respect for Luann coming clean about her marriage in a very diplomatic way, and I think she also showed she has a sense of humor by doing the spoof of herself on The Dish. It sounds like she is letting go of some of her “Countessness,” and becoming more likeable.

    On WWHL: I am now obsessed with the Alexander McQueen peep toe pumps. First Bethenny, and then Kathy G. I was mad that she didn’t say who the 2nd pair of pumps were by…if someone knows, please tell me!! And I am beyond jealous of Kathy’s 49-year old body!! Did everyone see the preview of her show in a bikini? Anxious to know who she’s dating.

    Oh crap, the 13-yr old kid is back. Please let this be the last time!!! I enjoyed Kathy’s story about Jill barging into her dressing room at The Borgata!

    On BGM: I was a little confused by the beginning of this episode, because it incorporated so much footage from last week’s episode. I hope that isn’t a continuing trend!!

    I liked the first two dresses Bethenny tried. The second one was actually my favorite. I didn’t care for the Amsale gown she ended up with at *all*. Just did not seem like her style, and I didn’t think it was flattering. I think it’s tough to wear a mermaid dress if you have a perfect body, let alone having a baby bump. However, it was so nice to see B and Jason’s mom shop together for wedding dresses and bond. It is nice that B has found a mom in Jason’s mom and Jason’s mom has found a daughter in her. I don’t understand the appeal of the Four Seasons for a wedding. It looked so cold and corporate to me.

    Enjoyed B’s JCC talk and her training Max, and meeting Cookie’s therapist. Pet therapists are definitely a reality show cliché, but it still worked on me! I honestly don’t know how Bethenny keeps the schedule she does, but that she did all this while pregnant blows my mind. Keep in mind all the stresses she had in the early stages of pregnancy: filming 2 shows, writing a book, getting engaged, her father dying, Jill’s craziness, going on the St. John trip with a lunatic who attacked her, packing up her apartment and moving, planning a wedding, and doing book tour locations. How she did not lose the baby, or her mind, is unbelievable to me.

    Who else was terrified by the skin care guy, or the fact that the person developing B’s line is a man in his 60s ? WTF???

    Well, I’m done for the night all!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO I think that they did cut something out of Ramona’s dress down with Jill. Probably about Kelly’s bizarre behavior but also for Jill’s agenda that didn’t include her sicko friend. Jill is all about Jill and screw anyone who gets in the way of what she wants! SURPRISE Zarin – no one bought it!

  241. Olivia says:

    My take on the final chapter of this season:

    At the end, Bethenny looked as if she had been through a war. Having to sit there for 7 hours with Jill so close by, and having so many things she wanted to correct, must have taken a huge amount of self control. Jill is so many things but she is not a nice person. Lu Ann choosing to fluff her up makes me want to vomit. Of them all, she escaped much of the wrath that she helped stir because of the episodes that were so full of drama that she was mercifully, for her sake at least, able to sit on the end of that couch and watch the fireworks.

    Jill is still a horror show as a human being. My impression is that she has made more than one overture to Bethenny and has been rebuffed repeatedly since last December when filming ceased. The reunion was her hold out card to make amends and show the world what a great person she is by “making up” on camera with Bethenny. But I think Bethenny has largely ignored those overtures which is what we are seeing via Facebook and her Twitters as she continues to whine away about not being forgiven. Whatever she had with Bethenny is over. Done. Ended. Jill is striking back. Had they resolved their differences the tone would be much different but she is still out there, swinging for the bleachers, trying to gain back a semblance of “love” from those who walked away from her.

    Kelly has done a huge disservice to Sonja at least. At no time did Sonja ever bully Kelly and of all of them, was the first to identify a problem. She did make one or two comments about being left all the time to deal with Kelly but there no reason to keep referring to Sonja as on to the four. She continues this mantra until today. The same can be applied to Alex who had little to do with whatever Kelly is talking about. She may have felt some needling by Ramona and Bethenny who chose to engage her when she got out of hand, but neither Sonja or Alex had a direct involvement.

    To see Heckel, Jeckel, and Hyde laughing at Alex in unison on that couch made my head burst. Those three witches are indefensible. Alex was merely trying to make a point when they burst out laughing at her in concert. I really loathe all three women.

    But on to Kelly. I am convinced she has a personality disorder but I think that her main issue is that she is emotionally stunted when dealing with people. Especially women. She went on that trip, IMHO, urged by her agent, because she had little camera time all season. She must have been read the riot act that if she wanted to be relevant she had to show something besides her crotch. She took this as an opportunity to “get back” at those she felt had caused her harm. From the opening scenes in the backseat of that SUV she was baiting Bethenny and it went nonstop. Thinking that Ramona “had her back” as promised, and despising Alex for her outbursts toward her mentor Jill, she never planned on having the entire group join forces in combatting her behavior. She thought she would be able to get away with slamming Bethenny and no one would take up for her. Add a few drinks to the mix and you have Kelly reacting to the camraderie. Used to having Jill and Lu Ann backing her up due to their dislike of Bethenny, she felt lost.

    Jill throwing down the gauntlet of not filming again if Alex was part of the show is again her way of holding the upper hand. She is basically challenging Bravo to make a decision. The woman is a viper. Let’s hope that this time next year we are left asking the question, “what was the name of that woman who had the dog that bit ankles? Jill something or other wasn’t it?”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alex did nothing to Kelly that entire trip – Kelly hates her because Jill hates her. Listen to her little comments when Jill goes after Alex……..Bravo has to take Kelly off the show – she isn’t entertaining, I can’t identify with her at all and I am turning her off NOW………………………….ah white noise is good!

  242. boston02127 says:

    Had to check tweets before I go to bed.

    Trashley seems to be doing good at her new part time job (not). How surprising.

    at work… eating cocoro.. listening to michael jackson… tweeting.. yeah.. i think i like this job 🙂 !!

    Good night everyone, going to try and dream about Kelly falling off a cliff.

  243. Ches says:

    I think the real Jill came out when she was screaming at Ramona. Her face was almost contorted. I think Ramona really pissed her off and she couldn’t control it.
    Also if anybody recorded the show I would love to know some of the other comments Kelly made when Jill was fighting with Ramona. I heard Kelly say to Jill,
    “They hate you”.
    Also Jill said she forgot Ramona didn’t like surprises. Didn’t Luann tell her that at lunch before she left? Anybody remember?

  244. Cyn says:

    Kelly: “I contradict myself.”

    Kelly actually said someting ACCURATE!!! Write it down, people!!

  245. Katiecoo says:

    Anyone else catch that when Bethenny is describing her mother as manipulative and conniving to her therapist, she’s also perfectly describing Jill Zarin. No wonder she was vulnerable to that Narcissist…something about that behavior feels “motherly” to her. FINALLY through Jason’s mother, she has the opportunity to experience real motherliness.

    • Jennifer says:

      caught that- thought the same thing

      Also I think Jill full of it- if she is asked back she will come back regardless of Alex

      • Olivia says:

        Jill would come back even if they put Andy Dick on as another housewife. She ain’t going nowhere unless deliberately pushed out.

      • Ches says:

        If I were BRAS I would never have anything to do with JZ again if only for the comment she made that basically backed up Kelly’s version of the VI. Can’t remember her exact words but it was something like, “I know how Kelly felt because they treated me the same way.” In essence she was saying both she and Kelly were bullied by the other 4. That really pissed me off.

        • Roslyn G says:

          I agree I think BRAS should let Jill know that they are done. I could not believe that she said that to Kelly.

    • emt2 says:

      EXACTLY. I felt the same way and I think that is why Beth is like “Peace out!” to Jill. Jill is toxic and she betrayed Bethenny big time. She hurt her on so many levels.

      I remember when Jill was doing an interview with her sister and they mentioned Bethenny and the fight. Jill said something about people on the show not having any roots and you don’t know where they come from but that she and her sister have a strong family and people know who they are and where they come from.

      I was so shocked that she made that reference because it was so directed at Bethenny and her being an “orphan” as an explanation for her lack of character or whatever it was that Jill was insinuating. That was such a betrayal. Especially since Jill promised Bethenny that she would be her adopted Jewish mother and would love and protect her always.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      yes! and she is probably being told to avoid that type of personality – no way will she be the type of friend that Jill is looking for ever, ever again.

  246. Char212 says:

    This is what’s on Kelly’s blog on Bravo.

    Kelly Killoren Bensimon
    We Fought, We Moved On
    Kelly says a final farewell to fans and is ready to finally move on.

    Then she writes…This season was cathartic. We fought, we talked, we moved on. We are all unpredictable and that’s what makes us fun to watch. Season 4 is going to excite you even more. Happy summer.

    I wonder if this is Bravo’s way of telling us that Kelly’s done. Do we dare hope?

    • Squirrels says:

      WE DARE, WE DARE !!!

    • Kokuanani says:

      I was thinking about Kelly and her future “earning power.”

      Can you imagine ANY company or organization out there that, after seeing this season, or even the last several shows + reunion, is going, “Wow, that Kelly Bessimin. Let’s sign HER up to be the face of our product, or our spokesmodel, or whatever.”

      I mean, is there ANYONE out there who’d hire her, other than for a “don’t do THIS”?

      I’d really like for someone to tally up those companies who used to invite her to have her picture taken in front of their logo/at their event BEFORE, and how many there are in the next 12 months.

  247. Olivia says:

    Watching Kelly I wanted to fill up a bathtub with water and Calgon and give her a good scrubbing down. She appears “dirty” all the time and that unkempt hair and atrocious weave don’t help the look at all. She just looks like someone who hardly bathes and is lathered in makeup to cover a dirty face.

  248. kellyhannah says:

    How about the name

    “The Bully’s Pulpit”

  249. Olivia says:

    Now Bethenny has a skincare line. Match that up with Ramona’s. Kelly and Ramona are pushing jewelry. Jill, Bethenny, Lu Ann, and Alex are pushing books. Lu Ann is pushing a cd. Jill is pushing a bedsheet line. Bethenny is pushing an alcohol beverage.

    It gets to be a little much after awhile. Not to be left out we have Theresa pushing a cookbook. Albie and Chris are pushing tomato sauce. Danielle is pushing a book, a sex tape, and a cd. Ashley is thinking of designing jewelry.

    You can’t read a blog without having a product pushed between the rest of their posts.

    • Squirrels says:

      Yeah, but just because we like them doesn’t mean we have to buy everything they schlep. Even they would agree with that.

      If it’s ok for any corporation or mom and pop biz to make money, who am I to declare, leave me alone, I only want to play voyeur and then comment on your life.

  250. kdsinms says:

    I don’t understand why Andy or any of the others didn’t call Kelly out on the fact that that wasn’t her 42 year old self in playboy. Didn’t I read that they used photos taken years ago by her ex-husband?

  251. Jacqueline A says:

    I think Jill will be back and I think Bravo will continue to allow her to make a fool out of herself. Though we are upset, well I have spent 17 weeks being beyond upset with what Jill tried to pull, I take comfort in that she fooled NO ONE! Kelly has also fooled no one.

    I don’t think Andy gave the ladies a chance to defend themselves but in the court of public opinion I would say that it is aparent that Jill and Kelly are done! Jill lives for the freebies, the publicity, the recognition and that is now over no matter what she does imo. KKB came back to clean up her image and it was an epic failure. From what I have read the money these women can make from this show is pretty astounding. When you add the amount they make on the show, the free clothes (they never wear an outfit twice and the clothes are expensive) the money they make from appearing on shows and other press, the ability to launch an individual brand the income possibilities are endless. Look even Sonja Morgan has figured out how potentially lucurative this venture can be.

    So after spending all these months waiting for Jill to get her just reward I think she is getting hers. This is who Jill is and as Bethenny said she cannot get out of her own way. It wasn’t the brightest thing to go on the reunion to apologize only to continue to use the same tactics on Alex. It also wasn’t very bright to go back an attack Bethenny again and she hasn’t stopped in the past several weeks even on her sisters show (I am not buying that Andy and Bethenny planned to stop the questions as Andy looked flustered as he was stopped from asking Jill another question and he had to change what he was going to do) When you read what Lisa Wexler has now said about Jill being on the show you can tell it is taking a toll on their family.

  252. Squirrels says:


    “…we have to find someone to marry us, we have to find songs, we have to get food, and flowers, and cakes, and lions and tigers and bears.” Bet to Jason

  253. kats2 says:

    Fuck, Fuck, Fuck the Lakers Won! Now I’m mad!!!

    The Bethenny skin care line caught me by surprise. This will not go over well with Ramona. I hope she can handle it. While I think Ramona’s has a very nice jewerly line, I love how she looks and is really in amazing shape. I can see how B would be better qualified to do a skin care line. But this is not to diss Ramona she is doing amazing things with her projects. I think Ramona is coming out with a health/diet thing. . . .I hope they all handle this as adults, there is room for all of it.

    As far as skin care I personally have my own favorites, by a local celeb makeup artist who travels the world and has done makeup for A list stars. It works and I’m sticking with it. I won’t be buying any skin care from HW’s.

  254. kats2 says:

    Forgot to say – Jill has not changed at all, case and point for how vile Kelly has been to Bethenny, there is no way a true friend of B’s would not call Kelly out on her BS. Jill is supporting Kelly and that is major proof for me that Jill is still the nasty little petty girl who wanted to destroy Bethenny because she is still very very jealous.

    No more talking Jill – actions are needed. Break it off with Kelly and you might have a shot at redemption. IF not suffer with Kelly in the bed you both made.

    Good night!!!!

    • Katiecoo says:

      If they keep Jill, they almost need to keep Kelly so they have the Dynamic Duo of Dysfunction. And Jill is that desperate that she would bond with Kelly if that’s what it takes to stay on the show. But it’s sad Bravo would, given all of the options, choose to go in that direction. When they could really steer this thing in a fun Sex and the City vibe now.

  255. Katiecoo says:

    Posted this on amazon:

    To me, Jill’s losing me as a fan isn’t not what she did this season, it’s who she’s revealed she IS. As in “it’s not what you did, it’s who you are”. She displayed herself over and over for weeks and months…not accidentally, not in reaction to anything, not going through a rough time. She did it in a deliberate, calculated way episode after episode–on and off camera (including right here) and she’s continuing it. Nope, not gonna win me back–ever. Please please please Bravo find another fun gal in NYC like Sonja. Key word: FUN. To quote Alex “there’s been enough drama”.

  256. anutha hata says:

    I have to say that the worst part of tonight’s episode was Jill’s phony support of Kelly. ICK.
    I don’t get it. Was she trying to show what a great, loyal friend she can be?
    Defending the indefensible.
    Parroting that she thinks we should “celebrate” Kelly’s insanity.
    Blehch. Yuk.
    Kelly is not cute or funny, and no, Kelly, you aren’t allowed to change your mind in the same sentence you dumb bitch.
    Sorry, but NO.
    Someone on the show, maybe Luann, made a comment, “IF Kelly can read…”
    I’ve been wondering if that is one of Kelly’s secrets?
    A published author, editor even-who is illiterate.
    (not that I have a problem with illiterate people, just people who pretend that they are something they are not.)
    Supporting PETA, and what they do, means not wearing fur-period.
    Someone who has favorite alcoholic beverages, and drinks them, drinks alcohol-period.
    “See, when I talk it is perfect.”(no)—–ugh. Bravo, please have mercy on the viewers and please do not subject us to any more of her perfection.
    It is beyond mind-boggling.

    • Katiecoo says:

      Somehow her being completely contradictory moment by moment is trumped by her “dangerous” and “unpredictable” “bullies”. Bravo simply can’t invite this insanity back on…talk about a liability!

  257. Goosey says:

    I’m on the West Coast and haven’t seen part 3 but I just want to comment on Bethenny. I like her but I feel sorry for her, even with all her success, her winning personality, her quick intelligence, she is, as she admits, very damaged.

    I don’t feel she has any great love for Jason. Its just that she wants to have a baby and just couldn’t bring herself do it while single (don’t know why, plenty of women do it nowadays). Jason is nice and nice-looking but kinda boring and Bethenny is seeing a shrink so that she can cope with being married to a man she doesn’t love love.

    Jason 1.0 had enough sense to give the relationship enough time for him to get to know Bethenny, Jason 2.0 got her pregnant within six months of knowing her and married her within the year. That’s awfully fast but, of course, those kind of relationships do work sometimes.

    With the curse of divorce that seems to be a part of these reality shows, I wouldn’t be surprised if season 3 the show will be titled “Bethenny” or “Bethenny and Bryn.” Jason 2.0 will be a dim memory.

    • Ches says:

      Met my husband, got pregnant, married him 8 months after I met him.
      That was over 25 years ago.
      We still fight over the same things we fought about then.
      So it does workout.

    • kats2 says:

      Totally disagree and not sure we’re watching the same show. You’re entitled to your opinion but based on your comment you open with the I like her line, but there is nothing in your comment to suggest that you really do.

      Good night!

      • Goosey says:

        I do like her. People don’t have to be perfect to be likeable. She’s interesting and I’ll watch her show, if nothing else because, hopefully, there won’t be any of the nastiness that was on Real Housewives.

        Let’s just see. Whatever happens Bethenny will survive as a winner.

    • I agree with kats2. You’re welcome to your opinion, but wonder if you’re watching the same show. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Bethenny. She’s a self-made woman. You’re also forgetting that she had recently lost her father, though they never had a relationship. That as well as the pressure of a new relationship, high-risk pregnancy, falling out with Jill, writing a book, etc. is a lot for one person to handle. In addition, did you hear what Bethenny said about her first marriage? She not only lost a husband, she lost a family. The first caring family she’d ever had, I imagine. It’s smart for her to see a professional to help sort all this out.

      I hope their marriage does work out and I’ll be rooting for them, little Bryn and Cookie.

      • Goosey says:

        I am not hoping the marriage won’t work out, it’s just a feeling. Yes, I have been watching the same show you are watching (that’s kinda mean to say) and I see Jason’s wishes being ignored, I see two very different people, one with family and friends, the other one pretty much a loner. And I see two people who are trying to understand each other.

        Thank you for telling me that I am entitled to my opinion but again I think that was mean and hostile.

        • I don’t see Jason’s wishes being ignored at all. We’ll just agree to disagree in our opinions.

          • Goosey says:

            Hmmm, well the show last week (I haven’t seen this week’s show yet) had Jason asking that Beth not hire a heterosexual and she did so anyway. Which, BTW, I thought to be unfair. Bethenny, being her own woman, did what she thought was best and nice Jason accepted it with grace.

            But she did ignore his request.

          • JillWho?formerlySatchelsofgGold says:

            Watching BGM? Mixed feelings. She’s a mad-woman, but she’s pregnant AND planning a wedding AND getting married AND having a baby. That’s a lot. I also feel I’m learning through her. Daddy (parent) issues WILL affect your relationships. Mine aren’t as extreme but… I do like she and Jason’s relationship. They seem to be a good balance. They to be in sync; similar humor, he’s uber calm which she needs; they seem to “get” each other. She’s a real BOSS when interacting with Max. Not really a choice though. Without guidance he’s a wet rag. Adorable though. She beats him up but like a bitchy big sister. She’s assertive about what she wants. Nothing wrong with that. And, he definitely should not have left her side. He absolutely should have had the car waiting. Or at least let her know that it wasn’t so she could hang a little longer inside with the fans. It looked a bit cold… she and Max standing outside waiting for a car that hasn’t been called yet. SMH He’ll learn, she’ll chill out. She did have a lot on her place during that period. Still– love her, I will DVR at least.

            Regarding Kookoocrazy @Kikilet aka Kelly, I found these tweets of Kelly’s interesting. (To name a few!)

            Fr: Kelly “@sugarplum52 you’re sweet. its my job to entertain. there’s a lot of backlash that comes with that. its all good. i like that people care how” <—-Or is it an afterthought, like her other defenses?

            Fr: Kelly "@KellyandEJ i am glad you love the show. next season will be more aspirational. dynasty with no $ and power is over." <–So, she's returning?? Well it was fun while it lasted. I can't.

            Fr: Kelly "@MichelleinCal “kikilet”is little kiki. Its my nickname that designer Alaia" gave me"<— She's obviously still a child in her mind.

            • JillWho?formerlySatchelsofgGold says:

              Re Bethenny …I forgot to add the book she was writing to the list of things on her plate, in her defense. That’s a lot to do in a 4 week time frame.

              Okay, that.is.all.

              • Goosey says:

                Which is great, another reason I like Bethenny. However, has nothing to do with her emotional and psychological issues. Issues she admits or alluded to.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      B and Jason met in Fall 2008. They had known each other for almost a year when she got pregnant. and well over a year when they got married.

      • Goosey says:

        Really? OK. But that’s still fast. Not bad, just fast.

      • Goosey says:

        Sorry you’re wrong. The timeline goes like this:

        They met in Summer 09
        Bethenny gets pregnant in September 09
        They get engaged in October 09
        Married in March 10
        Bryn born in May 10

        That’s not even a year.

  258. lillybee says:

    I am usually a mind mannered person but when Jill saying she thought she would be welcomed at Ramona’s get away because she knew Kelly would be there had me screaming at the TV, Jill, you ass you just saw her at the airport. Stop with the lies.

    What did Kelly mean when she said that in a few minutes she would shut the other ladies off?

    I thought that it is interesting that Jason seems to be Catholic.

    Did Beth say something about the condom breaking or something like that?

    • Squirrels says:

      I think my ire is raised because Jill knew, she knew Kelly was at the airport. She saw her. Kelly says they just waived hi and bye. No real contact. Great friend. This completely blows Jill’s story of I told her to stay I’m on my way, and btw, “to show you I love you so much I’d fly across the world to make up with you” ?????

      Oh and yeah, dump Kelly in the gutter on my way.

  259. Squirrels says:

    Jill is simply taking out her frustration of being tossed off the island on Alex. She knows Alex had nothing to do with it. It was Ramona’s decision and she weighed it out and made that decision.

    But Jill must have a nemesis in order to feel like a super hero. The fact she’s going after Alex is DEPLORABLE.

    Alex wanted to apologize at the cocktail party. She said so in her talking head moment. Jill rebuffed her. IT COULD HAVE BEEN OVER JILL… u putz !!!

  260. Adgirl says:

    Oh puke. KELLY PHONE HOME!

    I am just so tired of her schtick of “Four women OVER THERE are mean and aggressive, but I am strong and honestly real. Just believe everything I say right now ecause tomorrow there is a new authentic me!”

    Jill I actually felt a teeney bit bad for. She seemed defeated. But I am done with her.

    Alex look fanatastic. I want to open her forhead and grab all of the bitchy remarks and shout them out for her!

    LuAnn was kind of fun tonight! I liked her alot.

    Ramona was off her game tonight. That’s OK she brings it for the show.

    Sonja I want to take you home and talk all day! My new best friend forever!!

    • lillybee says:

      We must remember that poor Ramona was still suffering from jetlag, she had just returned from Africa a few days before. With such a big time change, I would think that she was still exhausted and probably cranky.

  261. iceNfire says:

    West Coast checking in late again! I hate Jill Zarin and the TV channel
    ( wont give it credit ) that airs the NY Bitch!

    Thanks for allowing me to vent Lynn ; )

  262. Squirrels says:

    Part tois was interesting, on many levels. From Andy and his ever shrinking balls, to Jill believing her own BS and Kellamity proving once and for all she should go far far away for the sake of humanity.

  263. lillybee says:

    How short is Beth’s new assistant. She towered over him.

  264. Squirrels says:

    The blogs are going to implode tomorrow. Jill pretty much declared war and Alex has picked up that gauntlet.

  265. kellyhannah says:

    photos between 83-89…..wow some are hot…I must admit.


  266. Mbdea says:


    Overall, I also agree that you should keep the current blog name. However, if you absolutely believe you should change the name, I would like to suggest, “Post What Bravo Won’t.” This is after all why you began your blog, no?

  267. iceNfire says:

    Mbdea – No offense to you. Lynn I will say again and again NO ” that channel” name!
    Enough free publicity for that channel.

  268. “Zap2It” has a new poll out on which housewives you would like to see next season. Alex and Ramona lead so far but it was just posted. I voted. Here is the link. Vote so we can support those we like and send a message to those we don’t!


    • lovemysummergirl says:

      Check out the photo they used, Crackerjacks is sooo trying to get in on BRAS, the other two skanks look photoshopped in…LMFAO!

  269. DLA says:

    Love the site Lynn. Are you afraid of Jill and her lawyers yet?

  270. JillWho?formerlySatchelsofgGold says:

    Just now wathing reunion p3. Clearly J has K on a leash. (I will no longer type their names. I’m waning them slowly from my radar.)

    J: “Stop. (pursed lips) Stop it.”, to K when going after Ramona about the Island scenes. She has clearly been coaching her. It’s obvious they are trying to spin everything in J and K’s favor, with J jumping on the bandwagon with K that they were bullying and being mean-spirited without provocation.

    Done and Done.

    • JillWho?formerlySatchelsofgGold says:

      Meant to say *weaning* them not waning. Sorry. On the West Coast. It’s late. G’Night.

  271. kellyhannah says:

    Didn’t Kelly say she didn’t eat steak on the Island? or Was it just B’s steak?
    Here’s a clip to check out.

  272. DLA says:

    I watched that woman (thanks to recordings from DISH) until late tonight. To HD sorry don’t know what I was mad about but took it out on you. Really am (not in a Jill way but in a really feel bad way for being an ass) I am sorry.

    Seems like she will be back. She got the ratings.

  273. kellyhannah says:

    How about “Channeling the divas”?

  274. DLA says:

    Kelly is now saying how much she helped PETA per her tweets.

  275. DLA says:

    Lynn so many have left this site because they are afraid of lawyers.

    So many have joined this site because they are lawyers.

    Afraid of JZ.

  276. kellyhannah says:

    LuAnne really screwed up with her remarks about the Count. It also makes her look really bad too! We should see her back peddle tomorrow.

    • DLA says:

      Maybe she was trying to hurt her ex. on purpose.

      If she does try and backpaddle it will because she will realize how much she tarnished her children by saying their father is

      can not spell it or say it or believe it is still a part of people who love people.

      I know what I just said sounds stupid but really.

      Is it not time we on the net (if no where else in the world) start to understand that no race, age, status, gender, or all else matters.

      We have a voice. For all you know I am in China or the deepest depths of the ocean. Perhaps I have scars so deep I would not dare to show my face in public. But I have a voice.

      I did not like this site at first because it had the word hate in it. Seems like I have some hate too.

      It is so easy to lash out to strangers and so hard to forgive friends.

      Still on the net we can be honest.

      Lynn. That is why I thank you so very much for this site. (also pretty sure you could beat my ass anywhere, or time)

      I really got pissed when JZ started to threaten you with her lawyers.

      Before we get to the fact you published her business address on you blog (hey let’s sue the white pages) and just because you are not like a dumb ass like me who would suggest “hey guys lets send her a card saying so sorry you suck so bad and everyone hates your guts card”

      I am telling you all. Jill gets her money from Bobby and it is his business in trouble. Because of Jill.

  277. Goosey says:

    I love how Bethenny uses black slang!

    • DLA says:

      Do not think Bethanny uses black slang.

      Think is just Beth slang.

      Think she invented it.

      • Goosey says:

        But she didn’t. Anyway, I love how kind Bethenny is. I was very touched by Jason’s mom and Bethenny shopping for her wedding dress. I thought of how horrible it would have been if Jill had been there.

      • DLA says:

        By the way did anyone see our Bethanny (yes I know I am spelling her name wrong) on the Jimmy show.

        No? You guys she rocked it! So did Jimmy.

        On the view she was dissssssed.

        On Jimmy she was RESPECTed (tell me what you think of me).

        And Jimmy did. He said he remembered her when she was just a Chief (yes I know I mispelled it on purpose) and working hard
        and how much he RESPECTed her.

        • Goosey says:

          Jimmy who? Kimmel? Jam (Bethenny would understand)?

        • Synda says:

          She really did rock the Jimmy Fallon show. I bet Jill and Kelly were screaming their jealous heads off!

          • Goosey says:

            I love Bethenny’s honesty. I don’t have cable and Brave only shows a few episodes on their site and on Hulu HOWEVER, I do get her show on my phone. There are a bunch of clips there too, not sure if they’re on tho.
            In one clip Beth is talking to her shrink and says that one of the reasons she seeing him is because she wants to deal with her committment issues and doesn’t want to mess up her relationship with Jason. WOW! Just what I had suspected but now I feel like this is going to stick. I hope we get to see Bryn grow up. What if she turns out to be a mini-beth? I would love it.

  278. DLA says:

    Got mad left for a few days went to find yu alls site again came up with a HubPages site first.

    Seems like someone (Gwen Bridge) hates our sweet Lynn.

    Also seems like someone on Hub and Death From blah blah

    Loves the Bobbys dollars.

    As they seem to say in NJ. Just saying.

  279. DLA says:

    Lynn what would you like to name it? Hate was a strong word but it got us all here.

    My story as a housewife.

  280. Jill Sucks says:

    This what I wrote on Jills’s Blog and Twitter Wanted you all to see it before she deletes it Sorry for the language but I really can’t stand her she needs to be removed from the show.

    Thu, Jun 17, 2010Featured, Jill’s Blog, Latest News
    Want to be the first to read it? I will be sending it out in a newsletter right after the show. Then you can post your comments. Go to the top of my homepage and just fill in your name to be on my list. You can remove your name anytime. I will be mailing regular updates this summer! If you have any trouble, please let me know. Love, Jill
    112 Responses to “LAST BLOG OF THE SEASON”

    Jill Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 18th, 2010 at 3:50 am
    Typical Long Island jew!


    Jill Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 18th, 2010 at 3:49 am
    You a disgusting human being and wish to God you NEVER come back to RHONYC. I cannot even put into words what I think about you. You are a spoiled Drama Queen, selfish, conniving, insincere bitch. Karma will be a bitch also Jill watch and see. Viewers hate your guts but you are so self absorbed to see any of it. I hope you F***** Die and fall of the face of the planet

    @JillZarin FYI Bethenny still hates your guts
    about 7 hours ago via web


    @JillZarin you are delusional and guess what we don’t want you back
    about 7 hours ago via web

    @JillZarin you are a BITCH a 100% BITCH and I don’t give a rats ass if you block me Oh and Fuck You Have a nice life
    about 7 hours ago via web

  281. MAMAZ says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments this morning. I just wanted to say, who is Jill Zarin kidding? I know she hates Alex but she will still do Housewives if Alex is on next season. Hell she’d do Housewives if Eva Braun was on next season. If Aileen Wournos was a Housewife Jill would film with her.

  282. Love the current name, but if you must change it.... says:

    How about something along the lines of… Suck it TWoP!

  283. Quincy IL says:

    Lynn, when you write your blog, please address Jill Zarin’s vicious attack on Alex Mccord’s photos.


    At the time that they were on the net, I actually (accidentally) looked at them. There was no spread eagle in the hallway of Simon’s hotel. I think Jill Zarin really wanted to hurt Simon and Alex. By bringing in the hotel aspect, she tried to get Simon fired from his position as manager of the hotel. Jill in the Post at the beginning of season two tried to hurt Simon by saying how he was so drunk also. These are attacks on someone’s lively hood just as she tried to harm Bethenny’s ability to earn money with the new show.

    I also watched Jill when they showed a very upset Alex on the island when Jill intruded. Jill made faces that everyone knows showed her disdain for Alex and Alex’s feelings.

    Jill controlled Kelly and used Kelly as a listening post to attack Alex and Bethenny all season. Jill set up the catastrophy on the island and her plan was to ride the white horse ( her ass in those white slacks) into the mess and save the day.

    I am upset by Jill’s behavior in this reunion. I thank God that Bethenny didn’t fall for Jill’s shit. I think Alex can survive this because she does have Ramona now and Simon.

    I have no time to read the posts today, but I look forward to the opinions of the people on this thread over the weekend. Thank goodness, I have the people here because if I thought I was the only person who hated Jill Zarin, I would be miserable. I have to say this, “Jill Zarin is Satan.”

    • TLM says:

      What is more ho-bagish… posing for nude pictures as an audition for Playboy or as a present to your husband, or bargaining with your husband for jewelry in exchange for sexual favors? I think we know the answer, and its name is Jill Zarin.

  284. vilzvet says:

    I would have liked a simple question to Kelly: “Why did the freakin’ GIFT BAG upset you so much? It made you cry?!?”
    And again she “corrected” Sonja, “No the CHEF cooked, not Bethenny”.

    • Just done says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Why didn’t Andy ask her about the gift bag, and exactly why it “put her over the edge.” That scene was unnerving because it really was the beginning of the end.

  285. moriasheehan says:

    i have one remark concerning luann’s ex hating jewish people. what she said was he would be very surprised that SHE was dating a jewish man. to me IMHO, that sounds like he would be surprised because luann is anti jewish.
    did anyone else notice that kelly always looked in the same place, when she was answering questions, kind of in front of her, like she was reading cue cards? or is it a tell, liars often look to the side, rather than meet someones eyes.

    • Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

      Mental nut-jobs do the same thing. They also keep repeating things like a broken record.

  286. Free Ginger (formerly known as wolverinedg) says:

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, is Kelly crazy or what? The woman is a mental case & needs help now.

    Jill is a bitch, and there isn’t a cure for that. Lying sack of crap that she is, crying for days & days because of a fight she started with Bethenny, over NOTHING. And we’re supposed to believe now that ALEX made her do it? F-that, Jill. I am over you. Go away, you bottle-red troll. Get off my damn TV.

    Anyone else notice that LuAnn was inching further & further away from Jill & Kookoo? I swear she was sitting in a different zip code & if she could have made a run for the other couch, she would have. But, seriously, being thanked for “staying out of all the drama?” WTF show was that person watching? Luann was stirring things up for Jill the whole season long!

    If they do a new season of RHONY, I could live with Ramona, Alex, & Sonja, maybe Luann too. Bethenny’s show has proven that you don’t need contrived drama to keep a show popular.

  287. HD says:

    DLA-you are probably certifiable as well. You apologize in one breath and call me an asshole in the next breath. You act just like Kelly, you come off as crazy, so please just leave me alone. I don’t know you, I never will nor will you ever know me, so who cares. GO TO SLEEP! GO TO SLEEP!

    • Viki55 says:

      Is DLA…….otaypanky? Same style of typing & attacking

      • HD says:

        You are crazy. Fifty million people have called Kelly crazy yet you single in on me calling her crazy. You are certifiable as well. You don’t have to like me…look…pause…the world is still rotating. WHO CARES? Get some medication for your mental illness. You need it. Good luck!

  288. chickentales says:

    I’m going to post the Krrazy Kelly video one last time because by the end of today I need to remove it from my blog. My readers (both of them) don’t know who the Real housewives are and would be frightened of them.


  289. lovemysummergirl says:

    Kathy Griffin (sp?) said she thought Kellade was on adderall and blow. Any one else think this is the case?? Possibly prescribed and she taking to much?? Sonja and Crackerjacks were talking about taking adderall to lose weight at the bar in one episode. I really think every time Kellade leaves the scene she does a line.

  290. winston says:

    Why does Bravo keep giving Kelly a pass and not call her on her lies. She accuses others of bullying which is a very serious charge. When they defend themselves she says that is an example of the bullying she gets from them.

    • Squirrels says:

      I think Bravo knows crazy sells. They are milking it to the end, after which they will quietly let her go.

      This way she’ll be able to spin it her way, I have too much charitable work to do, etc., and Bravo gets to walk away without any repercussions.

      Just my hunch.

  291. WindyCityWondering says:

    BEST MOMENT of the Reunion (not for Bethenny): Jill bending over to hug B – was that a massive assive or what?! Jill dresses so inappropriately – can’t walk in her shoes, can’t fit in her dress and can’t apply makeup – don’t even get me going on the accessories!!!!!!

    • yesIwatchthiscrap says:

      Honestly (now I’m not Kelly lol) they were pretty much all ridiculously dressed. Well Alex looked ok, and I actually didn’t mind Kelly’s outfit (although it didn’t really fit for the situation)…I guess Bethheny, Jill, and Luann were just to much for me.
      It would be funny to see someone show up in jeans and a tee-shirt lol.
      Oh but yes I almost pitched my cookies when Jill bent over. I don’t really think her “assive” (lol) was massive….but it just looked so silly to see her lean over like that….and the walk….OMG I thought she would fall over.

  292. Squirrels says:

    Any word from Lynn this am?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I don’t envy Lynn today – it will be difficult to blog on last night’s lunacy.

      Bravo probably shouldn ‘t have done a three part reunion because overall they missed the mark or really don’t listen to viewers’ comments/questions. And I doubt the Lost Footage will address the Kelly show from the point of view of those who had to deal with that freak. I am wondering if Kelly has been diagnosed and therefore Bravo can not disclose what is wrong with her – her dad is a lawyer and I bet he has had to defend her behavior many times over.

  293. desertgal66 says:

    Okay, I have to point this out for those who aren’t sure that Kelly may be using drugs:

    On the island, she picks an argument at lunch, disappears screaming about how they are all delusional, vile women, and comes back chipper and “Hiiiii”.

    At dinner, she picks the mother of all arguments, disappears saying she is exhausted, runs to her room laughing, and comes back munching on candy like she had just discovered food.

    On the reunion, she gets up, walks off the set and returns a few minutes later. Melodrama aside, what the hell is the point of walking off the set for a few minutes for no discernible reason, if she wasn’t looking for a fix?

    Her skin is always oily.
    Her hair is always greasy, and she can’t stop playing with it.
    Just looking at her, one can almost get a whiff of the way she must smell.
    Her eyes are always vacant.
    She can’t string two coherent words together.
    She obviously is an extreme workout fanatic. I don’t know if she uses steroids, but her body is almost overtoned.
    She jogs in the middle of traffic. (And you know THAT segment was edited, because in reality, there were 45 NY cab drivers screaming at her to “get the F**K out of the way, lady!”. )
    She’s got the attention span and the reasoning power of a gnat.
    If you tell her “green”, she hears “yellow”.

    I’ve no doubt there’s some mental illness going on with Kelly, but I’m betting that chick is definitely on something.

  294. yesIwatchthiscrap says:

    Alex’s blog is up….and WOW wow wow WOW….GO ALEX! She calls Jill out and it even has links set to what she is talking about. I have to admit I lost a little bit of respect for her the past few weeks because she just seems angry and not prepared….don’t get me wrong I still like her more than the others…I can relate to her very well….I just wanted her to be more clear in her arguments instead of catty.
    But her Bravo blog just won me right back. LOVE IT!

  295. Agulojn says:

    This is my first post and English is not my first language but anyway here is my thought:

    WHY Kelly can slag off everyone by saying loads of rubbish (eg. everyone is acting, “systematic bulling” whatever that means, scary island, and the list goes on) and none of the houswives can make any comment>

    I know Kelly is dumb, but why, whenever a housewive is telling that Kelly is wrong, she is accused of being a bully????!!!!!!!!

    I mean, come on, Kelly was slagging off 99% of the housewives and is perfectly fine. But when any of them address Kelly, ITS SYSTEMATIC BULLYING IN LA LA LAND

  296. katsc says:

    Jill is obviously a vile and misguided person who would do anything to obtain her evil goals.
    Jill really showed her true colors during the reunion show. Her true intentions became even more transparent as she tried to apologize and defend her actions.
    Jill must have some sick need to constantly have a target to attack with her poisonous arrows; unfortunately Alex seems to be her new target. I think Alex handled Jill’s attacks well, but I am sure it was stressful for Alex. I am concerned that Bravo is fearful of Jill and will not take action to ensure that she does not continue to injure coworkers’ lives. I wonder if Jill realizes she is one of the most hated person in America? (right up there with the CEO of BP) I feel Bravo should refuse to continue to give Jill an opportunity to launch attacks on others and remove her from the show. I enjoy watching NY Housewives, but I don’t think I can watch another season of Jill’s misguided, hurtful, and evil attacks on others. Why doesn’t Bravo replace Jill?

  297. zoekayla says:

    Reading Adgirl’s comment near the top of this blog gave me an idea…


    covers everything, don’t you think?

  298. smithy says:

    Blog name: I hated Jill Zarin who’s next?

  299. viewer243 says:

    That Jill Zarin woman is a cretin. She is so full of hate, then I found out she actually wrote a book with her mother advising people how to be a mother!!! Perhaps she should look at her own mother then in the mirror. She is a horror. I guesss that’s what reality tv is about – finding the most mentally delusional people, give them enough rope and film them hanging themselves. Swing Jill, Swing!

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