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I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – The Blogs by LynnNChicago

After reading Cindy Barshop’s Blog my opinion of her has changed, she’s not a complete moron, she’s a delusional, boring, dumb complete moron.  Sorry about that earlier error assuming that she is simply a complete moron, she’s so much more!

Cindy said, “I was already anxious enough without Simon adding extra stress by confronting Jill. “  When did that happen?  A “confrontation” assumes negativity, Simon was coming from a good place asking Jill Zarin to sit down with a cola and talk to him.  He wasn’t confrontational, he was smiling and joking with Jill but if he had tried to talk to Jill at Cindy’s stupid party he would have been called inappropriate (wrong time, wrong place) so he did the right thing.

The moron goes on to say:

I’d love to meet Mr. Right, what single girl wouldn’t? But I’d rather take care of my babies and run my business myself than marry a man who acts like a teenage girl and causes drama.

Well it might look like a good idea, but don’t marry Kelly!  This boring woman will never meet “Mr. Right” because unless he’s a “Cedric” (From Beverly Hills) who would want this woman?  She is really so dull but the best part, the part you can really laugh at is when she says she takes care of her babies.  When exactly does she do that?  She can’t even handle one of her babies at a 45-minute lunch.  She failed to mention that scene in her blog.

Luann said, “It was really uncouth of Simon to confront Jill at Cindy’s party”  Did Lulu and Cindy compare notes to write their blogs?  When did Simon confront Jill?  He didn’t!

“I think that Simon’s use of the Internet to bully my friends is reprehensible and he should be ashamed of himself.”

What is really reprehensible is when these woman use the word “bully” it’s completely ridiculous!    When bullying and even cyber-bullying is going on and it is hurting young people, gay people and mentally or physically challenged people, it is sickening that Jill is claiming to be bullied.  People like Jill and Lulu use the term “bully” to their advantage, they use it to suit their needs at any given moment. They are cheapening everything and being completely  insensitive to people who really are being abused by bullies.

If any housewife can be accused of “bullying” it is Jill Zarin with Luann coming in a close second!  The way Jill has relentlessly hacked away at Ramona on Facebook and Twitter is unforgivable!  This has definitely put an end to this rocky friendship.

Ramona had this to say:

I was very surprised by the way Jill was speaking about Simon in reference to the negative Facebook posts and Tweets. Was Jill really speaking about herself? I have never witnessed any of this from Simon, but Jill on the other hand gets caught left and right and then deletes her posts like they never happened!

Ramona is right on the money!  This is exactly what happens, Jill is the one who accuses everyone else of doing exactly what she does!   I posted a report just the other day about Jill posting hateful things about Ramona on her Facebook page and then deleting it.  Jill deletes her own tweets and she has her cyber assistants delete any negative comments on her blog or her Facebook posts.  Keep in mind that she has to get dozens and dozens, her assistant truly has a full-time job.  Ramona’s assistants focus on her real business, her wine and her True Renewal products and jewelry.  Jill and Ramona both pay assistants, which one do you suppose earns their salary?  If I were hiring someone to work for me, and I pay them, it better be to improve my business and make me money otherwise what the hell are you doing?  In Jill’s case, her assistants don’t help her to make money, they help her to try to improve her public image but they’re failing miserably.   I think it’s an impossible job.

Ramona ended her blog with this:

Anyway, I have no time for such nonsense. I only concentrate on the positive, not the negative.

Way to go Ramona!  Ramona has not said one negative thing about Jill Zarin on Twitter or on Facebook, she has silently allowed Jill to mock her, attack her and threaten to release a private personal letter that refers to Ramona.  Kudoooze to Ramona for keeping it classy and ignoring the mean girl!

The insane one…. Kelly had this to say about her meeting with Alex:

I asked Alex to meet at my fav local haunt, Delicatessen, because I was worried about Alex. She’s gotten such a bad rap for so many seasons, and she seems like a really nice person who’s clearly out of her element. From what we’ve seen, Alex storms into create moments that have bad timing. I found her awkwardness charming, until their mean tweeting/cyberbullying/awkward moments started to get out of control. All I can do is express concern.

Kell Kell is concerned about poor little Alex?  How sweet!  Is she serious with this nonsense?  The only reason Alex is out of her element is because she is clearly not a MEAN GIRL like you and your buddies Kelly!  Who are you to try to straighten out Alex McCord?  Kelly has a lot of nerve to try to tell Alex how to behave or how to interact with her husband.  No one tells a woman how to interact with her husband!  That relationship is sacred and no couple should ever let anyone come between them.  A marriage is a partnership and trust is the key.

If Alex even wavered in her loyalty to her husband it would be evident that the marriage is on the rocks, clearly that’s not the case here!  I’m sure Alex and Simon don’t always agree on everything, every couple has arguments but it isn’t something that you let the outside world get involved in.  What Alex says and doesn’t say to her husband is not up for debate, especially with someone like Kelly Bensimon!  The biggest moron on the planet doesn’t get a say so in their relationship.  Kelly’s failed marriage disqualifies her for being a marriage advisor along with a whole lot of other things.  The woman who said Gilles stuck her ass in the Hamptons and left her there alone is going to tell another woman to reprimand her husband?  Let’s not forget that Alex doesn’t even agree with Kelly’s assessment of what Simon has done.  Only the brunette’s think Simon did anything wrong!

The genius added:

Being mean doesn’t keep you relevant — being interesting does.

When will you stop being mean and start being interesting Kelly?  Your discussion with Alex was mean, your treatment of pregnant Bethenny Frankel was mean, your constant rude interruptions and completely bazaar behavior was mean, you are mean!   We’re ready for some interesting…bring it on!

Now, we are all reading RHONY blogs/tweets, and its horrible to think that someone in your close circuit is actively trying to harm and hurt your career choices. As we all know, our lives are stressful enough: raising children, making money, and trying to be the best people and friends. No one needs to wake up to mean tweets or retweets from his many cyberbullies.

Someone is trying to harm you or hurt your career?  You mean like your buddy Jill?  She suggested that anyone who “mean tweets” her that she will call their employer to get them fired.  Remember that one Kel Kel?   We all wake up to mean tweets but we don’t all go and speak to the writer’s spouse.  I still argue that Simon hasn’t cyber bullied anyone.  Most of his tweets that even mention Kelly, Jill or any other Housewives cast member are in response to something they’ve already posted, he doesn’t start these conversations at all!  Maybe some of you will remember that Simon had to defend himself for helping Kelly Bensimon?  The idiot changed her Twitter name leaving her old name exposed so anyone could use it.  Simon tried to help her with the situation and took a lot of heat for doing it.   So Kelly, show us Simon’s mean tweets?  Let’s see some evidence of this cyber bullying you insist is going on.

Now, more interesting stuff…Alex had this to say, in part:

Jill and Kelly both tweet a lot. Jill tends to chase celebrities and try to meet them. She also tweets and posts on Facebook snarky things about people she doesn’t like — myself, Ramona, and Simon just to name a few. Kelly has gotten better with tweeting since she started, I’ll give her that, but back when this all was filmed she constantly tweeted nonsensical stuff that seemed to be written in code.

That first line is perfectly true!  They do both Tweet…A LOT and Jill has asked many celebrities if she could be on their show.  I’ve posted about it here before, many times.  Unfortunately she jumped on the Oprah bandwagon too late.  (Jill, the show’s over, but nice try!)  I have posted both Kelly’s and Jill’s tweets many times here on IHJZ and you can see how twisted they both really are.  I’ve also posted Simon’s tweets, sometimes Alex’s too but most of the time their snarky tweets are in response to someone’s nasty comment and many times the nasty comments come from Jill and Kelly!

I don’t know why Kelly thinks Simon tweets all day; she tweets a lot more than he does. We all joined Twitter around the same time and she has sent 2,000 more tweets than Simon. 

This is important to note because we all know that Kelly tweets all day long, she says “Good Mooooorrrrrnnnnning” to all of her followers and after tweeting photos of herself at various places around New York and her travels throughout the US, then says “nighty Niiiiiiite” when she signs of as if she’s afraid people will wonder why she’s not tweeting if she doesn’t tell them she’s going to bed.  Kelly literally does Tweet all day!

When Jill tweets snark, and Kelly tweets gibberish, or other people respond to their tweets and also tag Simon, sometimes Simon responds. He might retort, or make a joke while trying to decipher some tweet-in-code that Kelly wrote. Sometimes, he also corrects or sticks up for them if what the person tweeted was horrible. Anyone who follows those three onlinecan see that — go and have a look.

As always, Alex tells it like it is.  Every word of this is true and is exactly what happens.  It usually starts with a viewer, they will say something to Simon or about Simon and they’ll include Jill or Kelly in their Tweet.  Simon will respond with his opinion of what this viewer says and he’ll also include Jill or Kelly in his response.  Sometimes Simon is complimentary and defensive of frick and frack but most times he is being snarky right back.

So, what Alex says is absolutely true, the question is, why doesn’t Simon ignore the snarky tweets from the mean and nasty viewers?  Most of the Housewives ignore them, Jill, Kelly and Luann block the snarky viewer, Ramona never engages with these people and even Alex ignores the nasty tweets.  Simon can’t seem to ignore.

I’ve mentioned this before, Simon and Alex use a Twitter program that automatically follows anyone who follows them.  I was not a fan of this practice because they were also following people who hated them and so they would see every nasty Tweet that came their way and reward the mean people by following them.  From a PR standpoint it is fantastic because Alex and Simon get tons of Tweets from grateful fans who are very excited that stars of The Real Housewives of NY are following them back!  They’ve probably gained a lot of fans by doing this.

The problem with it, besides following haters, is they see every single Tweet in their timeline, there is no filter.  Another problem is that people will try to get Simon going by asking him a snarky question about Jill Zarin in hopes that he’ll bash her somehow.  You have no idea how many times I’ve seen Simon Tweet, “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Jill”.  That said, sometimes he buys into the game, I don’t know if it depends on his mood or how irritated he is with Jill at any given moment but he has had his share of responding to snarky tweets that he probably should have left alone.  Simon simply can’t leave those Tweets alone sent by Jill or Kelly.  If either of them post a snarky tweet about Alex or Simon, Simon will typically respond every time.

The worst offender of snarky Tweets and nasty Facebook posts is the Queen of Mean, Jill Zarin herself.  Alex pointed that out as well.  Kelly will mostly ignore but she has been known to respond to a critical viewer with her “sunshine and lollypops” nonsense.  She tells viewers she is simply making a TV show to entertain them and they should get out and enjoy the sunshine.  (This, from a woman who Tweets constantly)

Jill and Kelly are both so narcissistic that they think any challenging response to them is “mean.” They single Simon out amongst the thousands who tag them because they know him. The real problem for Jill and Kelly is the other people on Twitter who challenge them on their BS or nonsense daily.

Thank you Alex!  This is what I’ve been saying all along, it isn’t bullying when you criticize a cast member of a TV show, that is what viewers are expected to do and Bravo even encourages it by allowing (but rarely posting) comments on these ladies blogs.

Next, I am truly amazed that LuAnn actually thinks that I equate her with any sort of New York society. Why would Kelly, LuAnn, or Jill think Simon or I want their attention? Sure, I enjoy sparring with them when we are together — that’s entertaining to you and me both. Do I think any of them are socially relevant? Nope; I know they are not.

You’re not alone Alex, we agree that Luann’s claims are absolutely ridiculous!  NY Society laughs at her, hell Madison, Wisconsin society laughs at her!

Jill and Simon needed to talk. When Jill and I burnt the past, that did not mean that Simon automatically forgave her for trying to ruin his career twice, or that he automatically forgave her for all her digs at me, our kids, and him.

I agree that they needed to talk but I also agree with many viewers who said that maybe this would have been better done off screen.  The only thing this accomplished was Jill pulling the strings, feeling empowered and providing her with another reason to try to make Alex and Simon look bad.  It was easy to foresee Jill using this against Simon.

Finally, Alex had this to say about her sit-down with Kelly the clown:

Moving on to the next bratty brunette, Kelly and I went to lunch. I planned to ask her why her behavior kept getting weirder and weirder. I had no idea why she was concerned about me. Concerned for her sanity, yes, especially after casinos and Santa tattoos and open-your-eyes-no-close-your-eyes. Kelly mistakenly thought I was worried about something other than her own bizarro behavior. I’m not sure where she I thought I might be “iced out” of — Kellyland? If that’s the case, let’s make iced tea. Long Island, please.

Alex, you forgot to say, “It was none of her damn business!”

Now on to Jill Zarin, Jill has several different blogs on any given Thursday.  She writes one for Bravotv.com, another for her web site and a third that she sends out to her “subscribers”.   You all need to thank me because I’ve read them all and it was torture!  Bravo edited her blog on Bravotv.com but it obviously remains in tact in her newsletter, Jill talks about a woman who visited Alex and Simon in their home for their son’s birthday party.  You all read about it right here months ago.  One of our regular readers/contributors WSL had the honor of attending a party at Alex and Simon’s home, you can read about it here:  http://wp.me/pVOhN-gW

From Zarin’s Bravo blog:

 But those people are total and complete strangers. Simon and Alex and even Ramona have engaged with these haters who have tried to hurt me and my family outside of the show. I would NEVER follow, talk to, invite to my house, be hosted by or communicate with someone who threatened another castmate.

Who threatened you Jill?  Where’s the evidence?  Stop lying!!!

Jill’s top secret private blog goes on to say this:

It appears on the show that the only issue was what Simon was tweeting. That is not entirely accurate. Simon has hosted a person who has stalked me at my home and office, in their home for one of the boy’s birthday parties. He knew exactly who she was, as he met her through another person who has seriously threatened my family to the point we had to call the police and postal service security. For them to deny it now is simply ridiculous as there is a paper trail a mile long thanks to my cyber assistants. As usual Bobby’s instincts were right. My cyber assistants later discovered that Alex actually attended my anti-bullying luncheon the day after she and Simon entertained someone they knew to be my stalker, in their home. Not someone who just stalked me, but was also accused of stalking a former employee of hers. How would you feel?

There is no “stalking” going on, this was merely a woman attending a birthday party, what is Jill’s issue with this?  Simple, Jill hates this blog and anyone associated with it.  Jill goes on to slander me (without using my name) by saying that I “threatened” her and her family.  I’d love to see evidence of that, where is it?  Jill has been going on and on about this for months and has absolutely no evidence of anything.  Why?  Because it never happened!  I’ve been open and honest with all of you in this blog, you all know everything that goes on in the IHJZ world.  There was no stalking and there were no threats, period!  Think about it, if any of what Jill was saying were true, she claims to have contacted “proper authorities” wouldn’t they have contacted me?  An email, a phone call, drop me a line?  Something?  If WSL had been stalking her, wouldn’t there be some sort of contact from police or other authorities with her over this?

Come on!  Jill dramatizes everything for her own “cry me a river” benefit trying to get sympathy for playing victim.  She has a history of lying to get fans to get them to feel sorry for her, she feeds lies and manipulative nonsense to the press, how can anyone believe a word that comes out of her mouth?  I think Alex called it “crying wolf”.   She’s been humming this tune for months, give it up Zarin!  Stalking and threatening are serious accusations.  Isn’t it illegal to accuse people of illegal activity without proof?  I suppose I’ll need to ask an attorney.

I wonder if Jill gave Sonja Morgan a hard time about doing an interview with me for Reality Buzz?  Jill has been fawning over Sonja all season, she says she really likes Sonja and feels bad for all that Sonja is going through.  I would think that Sonja giving me an interview is a bigger issue for Zarin than a few comments posted by Simon on the blog?  This interview was done December 13, right around the same time that all of this other nonsense happened on the show.  You can listen to that interview here:


Sonja was wonderful, I was a nervous wreck but I noticed that Jill isn’t attacking Sonja, this to me, proves that Jill is looking for any reason to attack Alex and Simon, again!

I went over and told Simon how I really felt about it. I was kind and gentle. I was NOT at all aggressive. Simon was not happy to say the least and actually THREATENED ME! He told me to watch out! Watch out??? What the heck did that mean? Simon is over 6 feet tall and is an imposing figure. Was he going to hit me?

Are you serious Jill Zarin?  Was he going to hit you?  Hit you???  You cannot be serious?  Jill Zarin shame on you for typing that!  Are you saying that tall men hit women?  He told you to “Watch Out”, maybe you were about to trip over your ugly shoes and he was telling you to “watch out”.  That’s about as real as anything you’ve said!  Jill is implying that she is physically afraid of Simon VanKempen, she thinks he may “hit  her”.  I’m sure many, many, many people would love to get a good slap at that condescending face but there is no way she was truly afraid that Simon would hit her.  More lies to gain public sympathy!  I believe the cast sign an agreement not to sue other cast members but this one deserves a C&D Letter at the very least.

Jill says she nicely and politely went over to Simon to tell him how she really felt about having this discussion, the truth is Jill went over to tell Simon how KELLY felt about having the discussion.  Jill was absolutely fine with it until Kelly yapped in her ear.

Explain to me please how Simon asking Jill to have a talk is “weird” or “creepy”?  Jill said herself that she has always had a good relationship with Simon, she even said that she and Simon were friends.  Jill acknowledged that even when she and Alex were battling, she remained fine with Simon so if Simon has an issue with Jill (for calling his kids animals, for example) why is it weird for him to ask for a discussion about it?  Again, I think he should have done it off-screen so as not to give Jill ammunition.

Simon has crossed the line and Alex can’t control him.

What a ridiculous thing to say, if Alex controlled Simon their marriage wouldn’t last very long and same holds true if Simon controlled Alex.  Just because you control Bobby doesn’t mean all couples work that way.  Get a grip Zarin!

I’m a little confused about Alex’s opinion about what’s going on with Simon. First, she says if someone is not friends with Simon, she can’t be friends with them. Yet when Kelly confronted her about Simon she says they are two separate people and she wants no part of it. Sounds like a contradiction to me, what do you think?

What do I think?  I think you should get a life, seriously!  You’re going to analyze every word Alex says?  One has nothing to do with the other, it is not a contradiction.  What does being friends with people have to do with Alex and Simon each being their own person?

To end on an upnote, I saved Sonja Morgan for last, she had little to say about this tweeting/blogging business but what she did say made perfect sense:

Whats all the talk of mean tweets? Where are these mean tweets? No one in this group is shy when it comes to snarky comments. I have to see the actual mean tweets to believe it.

Sonja managed to nail Kelly perfectly:

Kelly saying she is concerned when it comes to Alex doesn’t ring true. If she has a problem with Simon, she knows Alex is not going to get in the middle of that, so why ask her? That just puts Alex on the spot. Why doesn’t she talk about her relationship with Alex? Why is Kelly saying Alex is not doing so great? Because she lives in Brooklyn? What is that about? Why is Kelly pointing out Alex is red? So mean and unfeeling.

I cannot improve upon Sonja’s statement.

Simon’s Webisode  Alex’s Homecoming by Quincy IL

Alex returned to her Brownstone with a white façade in Brooklyn.  The scene is winter and the driver had a hard time lugging that large red suitcase up the icy staircase.  Simon hears her steps and greets Alex at the door with a hug and kiss. So far, so good.

Alex was away on a business trip and she wanted to get home to the boys and Simon as soon as possible so she gave up a night of sleep and took the red-eye.

Simon shares a great story about Johan and their trip to Francois school bus stop.  Sometimes Johan says that his legs are tired. Sometimes he says his pants are falling down. This morning, he said that his legs were falling down. Simon and Alex thought this was a new twist on an old theme.  I wish they had shown Johan going to the bus and saying this because it would have been more interesting.

Simon had a gift wrapped in a box with a bow.  Alex opens it to discover and white lace bra and white lace panties. Simon asks her to try them on and she agrees.  They kiss and it’s over.

I think this is nice. They are a loving couple.  It reminded me of his lingerie trip and box of panties from the last webisode.  I just am not into this.  Sorry.   I know it’s only 2.44 minutes, but the first few webisodes were really great.  

I am hoping for some family fun next week.


Thanks Quincy!  Thanks to Boston02127 for the captioned photos.

 p.s.  Yesterday I posted a photo of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for Bethenny Frankel.  No, it wasn’t real!  lol



Until Next Time….

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  1. Cheri says:

    Morning everyone!

    • Angela Sussman says:

      I heard a rumor that Jill zarin was the victim of domestic abuse by both of her husbands.

      Can someone please confirm?

      • Never heard about that. I would hope it’s just a rumor as domestic violence is horrific. But given that it’s Jill, it could have been something as benign as being told ‘No’ to pull that card.

    • kit9 says:

      Am I imagining things or do I seem to remember that Jill said of Simon and Alex in an earlier season, quote, “If you hit me, I’ll hit you back!”? Bullying! Jill threatened violence!! Bully!

      • MsJxn says:

        No, Kells Bensomeone used that “card” ,also,..so ergo Jillousy!! NOT=No Original Thought!!!!

  2. AZ Girl says:

    Good morning Lynn and Quincy! Happy 4th of July weekend.

  3. Powell says:

    I haven’t read how the Housewives franchise gets new Housewives, except From OC Alexis supposedly recommended Peggy, but whoever recommended Cindy must’ve been drinking something because in my opinion she should just stay a businesswomen. She is very boring & it’s so obvious that she watched previous seasons & determined she had to but into other peoples business & act outrageous so that she would get another season. She didn’t want to flip her wig like Kelly did last season, since she has small children. So her actions throughout the season was a way for her to go.

  4. Another Lynn says:

    Once again, you are absolutely right. I am so grateful for this blog. Thanks Lynn and Quincy for your perspective. I still hate Jill Zarin and her stupid friends. Even though I am a brunette, I say power to the Blondes!

  5. Good Morning.

    When I visited NY a few years ago (and when I still liked Jill), we only had a day to sight see and took a quick bus tour to see more of the city. The bus went by Zarin Fabrics. I noticed it and whispered to one of my daughters – that’s on the show. Gosh – do you think Jill thinks I’m a stalker too? Will writing this down somehow be used as evidence. (Please note that at that time I had no knowledge of Lynn n Chicago or this blog. All actions I took were on my own). Geeesh.

  6. Rhetorica says:

    I was reading Mz Chick’s blog this morning (only because Lynn’s wasn’t up yet:) Mz posts funny tweets. I guess I hit Twitter, because a new page came up that said I was blocked by Jill Zarin! I was so excited my hubs asked what was going on & them congratulated me. Funny part is, I never tweet! I guess I followed her to unfollow her and forgot! Along that same thought.. today I took my last pain pill! Send good thoughts not only for little pain but little withdrawls!

    • Happymouth says:

      Hope you have a great pain free day !

    • FLG says:

      Best of Luck with both Rhetorica. I’m sending sweet healing thoughts your way.

      • Rhetorica says:

        Hey FLG! Did you get my email address? How you doing?

        • FLG says:

          I sent a letter to you at the email address that Lynn provided me a few days ago. I will ask Lynn to send you mine.

    • Nancy says:

      Been there done that! (post knee surgery) Let me know how you are doing.
      Are you worried you will still have pain? There are other drugs you can use besides narcotics. Keep in touch, you are not alone. 🙂

      • Rhetorica says:

        Hey girlfriend! We aren’t on @ the same time; I miss you. I’m more worried about withdrawls. My head clicks. I’ll see the Dr in a week to check if I need something. But sooo much better. How are you doing.?

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Wishing you the best luck with the withdrawal. The best advice I have is: if you have any meds left hide them. I’m going on my 5th surgery on my foot ( ORIF, 2 fusions, hardware removal, and now upcoming triple atheodesis). After the first one in 2008, I was on 15mg of vicodin every 4-6 hours. Needless to say, I prolly could have understood KKB then. When I stopped I had the worst headaches and the only thing that made them better was vicodin. Once you get past a few days, there is definitely a brighter side. Goodluck! Have faith and just know it’ll get better 🙂

  7. Okie Folkie says:

    Good Mornin’ everyone! Hope everyone is staying cool this Holiday weekend. I think we are supposed to get up to 105*….I just wanted to say ‘hey’. Now I’m gonna read the blog!

  8. Mel says:

    Jill is her worse own enemy. She continues to behave like an ASS and expect everyone to feel sorry for her. When it comes to the housewives, I try to be objective…even if I don’t like a particular housewife. However, with Jill i cannot be objective. I think this women is just plan cruel….so I just can’t bring myself to even try to see her side of it. Anytime, i feel a slight bit of sympathy she says or does something that just goes to far.

    She continues to imply, tweet, and facebook disgusting things about her castmates, yet expects to be treated with kid gloves. She WILL NEVER gain the fan base she had on season one. She is getting worse every season and not matter how hard she tries she will never be seen as a victim. There is a paper trail of all of her antics and quite number of sites and reports of her shady and disgusting behavior all over the net. Can’t she undestand….there is too much evidence of her bad behavior.

  9. Rory P. Bellows says:

    (they obviously make you batshit crazy)

    • Kristy says:

      i was surprised thats the line the countess chose for kelly, but i think she’s too dim to pick up on that being a jab anyway, i don’t get when she mentions everyone bringing something in her song but at the tail end just says alex and simon… where they not incharge of bringing anything to this imaginary oh so chic party in atlantic city? what about ice, plastic cups??

    • Hey maybe she could market that! Batshit Crazy Jellybeans for real authentic people like me!Now open your eyes, now close them , now open them!No red jellybeans…they bother me! Quit causing a casino!Go in and come back. Just buy the damn things!

  10. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    My memory can be a bit faulty at times, and granted I often flit in and out of here because of time constraints in my “real” world. However, the veiled reference in Jill’s newsletter to the “threats” from members of this blog and the postal authorities—Is she referring to the cards campaign someone tried to get going on her a looooong time ago? If she is, that wasn’t you, that was a poster here, and many of us, including YOU, told her NO, we did not want to be involved in that kind of thing. If I rememeber correctly wasn’t that the catalyst of that poster beginning a, for lack of better word, Cyber War with you and eventually led to her leaving the blog? She was very militant and had some issues that we all tried to calm her down from acting on. She would rant and rant about us not following along in her schemes. Then she disappeared from the postings.
    Am I right about that? And did she actually get some people to send cards to Zarin Fabrics? I do not see how you can be held accountable for the actions of a slightly (based on her posts) over the top person who eventually left this blog because you “Wouldn’t support her”.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        See, that is what I thought I remembered. It was not Lynn, it was a poster starting all that with the cards. Also, this crap was addressed over a YEAR ago. NOW Jill wants to bring it all out AGAIN? Lord, woman, change the record (cd for your young ‘uns!) SERIOUSLY!

        • quincyil says:

          I agree. It was long ago, but Jill has a list and she can’t forgive even when someone explains what happened.

          • Debbie says:

            “It was long ago, but Jill has a list ……….” Do you think she uses Kelly’s Santa to check it twice?

          • Lily says:

            What are the results of National Unfollow JZ from 6/30?

          • Lily says:

            Oops sorry, trying to ask quincyil the question about what happened re: National unfollow JZ day on 6/30 but posted in the wrong place.

        • I don't have my notes says:

          Respectfully, I think you need to look back further in the archives to see who started the idea of sending cards. I was very much involved in that discussion at the time and remember it differently.

          • coco says:

            I agree with “I don’t have my notes”….let’s be honest here

          • quincyil says:

            The original idea was on the board.


          • That’s why I asked. I don’t remember exactly how it started, but I was pretty sure it was not Lynn who started it. Could be wrong. As your name says—I don’t have my notes! LOL! Actually, maybe I should start keeping them–the older I get the more my memory seems to be leaving me. I have actually walked into a room and not remembered why I came in there. It is frustrating!
            I do remember one poster getting really militant and that poster is no longer on the board. If I am wrong about this particular situation it may be because I am confusing one issue with another regarding the particular poster. If I get time, I will try and research, but it was sooooo long ago I doubt I will find it.

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            Was your name the same back then? I am trying to narrow down my search peramiters and using a ctrl F and your name would shorten my search, as you were in the discussion and I was not commenting on it. Thanks.

            • I don't have my notes says:


              Yes I used the same name back then. You may be right that another poster brought up the idea initially, I do remember someone going crazy with it and sending cards already. I was just saying Lynn encouraged it for awhile and then there was a lot of discussion against it and she admitted it was a bad idea and asked people not to do it, if my memory serves. I only bring this up because it dawned on me that Jill’s twisted mind would see this as a threat against her life.

          • klmh says:

            I remember it differently as well.

  11. FLG says:

    Good Morning Lynn, Quincy and posters! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hubs already has the grass mowed, and the weather here is cloudy, but cooler. We’ll be keeping the grill going this weekend and going for a traditional 4th of July weekend.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      I wanna do some grilling too, FLG, but its so hot here. I’m sure its hot down yer way too. I just dont want to stand over the open fire, although in the end, it will be well worth it.

      Whatcha cooking?

      • FLG says:

        We did hamburgers yesterday, We’re doing smoked pulled pork today (I make my own Memphis style Bar-B-Que sauce), hot dogs tomorrow and steaks on Monday! That should satisfy our carnivore urges for a long while. I think Tuesday will start a more vegetarian trend and then we’ll go back to balance….LOL! Mr. Tigre will continue to eat his cat chow. He doesn’t eat people food and we don’t eat his cat chow. It’s all quite agreeable to him. I do give him some vitamin enriched kitty treats….they actually smell pretty good, but I stick to our agreement! 8)

  12. Kristy says:

    The reason this blog is so important is because it encourages growth. Jill, ever heard “The unexamined life is not worth living?,” i have seen what eating a big ol’ piece of humble pie looks like thanks to these shows(or what is DoesN’T look like) and i remind myself when i get something wrong or i treat someone badly to own up and SINCERELY apologize. sometimes i actually stop and tell myself don’t be Jill Zarin, running from your own words and actions only makes you look worse. This isn’t something i constantly have to do, i can only recall doing it twice so far this year- each time at work, nothing that stemmed from being malicious just a slip up out of frustration, but owning it and swallowing your pride as hard as it may be is a strength and shows great character(something jill has never shown us) and afterwards you feel so good about yourself it can be very empowering far more so then constantly trying to make someone else look worse to make make you look/feel better.(which is clearly her fav tactic w/ ramona and simon this yr)
    As much as i do like alex i admit sometimes i do find simon creepy but the one thing he hasn’t done is shown us such a blatant disregard for the truth and the viewers’ integrity and intelligence which is why there isn’t an i hate simon blog, at least not to my knowledge. but to admit fault is a characteristic Jill simply does not have, she only apologizes when she’s backed into a corner(like last season’s reunion) and there is not way out and she always uses the same excuse ‘im not perfect! i make mistakes so what?’

  13. Wow – blog hits 2,931,042

    My prediction – 3 million by the end of NJ airing on Sunday evening.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Wow! That’s a lot! I can’t keep up. I bet the 3 million hits isn’t too far off. I haven’t made it through yesterdays comments and I don’t know if I’ll make it through todays because I’m having a dinner party tonight. Then tomorrow I’m having a cookout with some friends. I made a cheesecake last night along with blueberry muffins and pumpkin bread. Lots more cooking to do before the day is over.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        OK the, Mookies1mom, I’m on my way! I love cheesecake!
        I do hope you and everyone else here has a wonderful, fun, safe and HAPPY 4th of July!

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Can’t make any promises on how it’s going to taste but it looks pretty. I lost my favorite recipe for it and had to try a new one. (I should have asked FLG for his recipe!) Hope everyone has a happy 4th! I’ll leave the back door open for you!

  14. Eve says:

    Jill Kelly, Luann and even Cindy are SO full of themselves. Sometimes it is painful to read their blogs.

  15. I actually still “Liked” Jill BEFORE she blocked me from FOLLOWING her!!! I think she blocks everyone Simon & Alex follows, b/c I never said ANYTHING bad about or to her! I don’t like saying “I HATE” anyone, but I truly LOVE the title of your blog!!! I’m a HUGE fan of yours…I’ll be waiting with bated breath until next episode’s recap. My opinion of Jill & Kelly…WACKADOO NUT JOBS. xoxo

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I can proudly say I’ve been blocked for over year. Best year of my life *wipes a tear*

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I am probably blocked, but since I don’t follow her I can’t say for sure. Besides, everything she says or does gets reported on this blog, so block away Jill. Hee hee

  16. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Great blog Lynn. You are completely spot on in everything that you have said.

    Note to Jill: Just because you say you are being bullied or stalked does not make it true. If you truly thought you were being stalked REALLY go to the police. Don’t just say it. There is a stalking law in NY so if, as you have claimed, you went to the police they would have investigated it or in all likelihood the police realized there is no case. My request to Jill: PROVE IT. Make copies of the police report. Show the world that you went to the cops. The reason why you haven’t (and you would have) is that it NEVER happened. So do us a favor and keep your vile mouth closed.

    End of rant.

    *flounces away*

    • She can’t. The same way she didn’t press charges against Mario. None of it is true. She is a constant liar and distorts things so she can play victim. If she filed a police report and the police discovered the lies, she could be held criminally responsible for filing a false report.
      She uses the press and her blog instead. She makes inflammatory statements with out proof . Then she sits back and watches the damage being done. Even if her accusations are proven false, the damage is done and no amount of backtracking can unring that bell.
      That is her intend. Plant a lie or imply it, create doubt in viewers minds, have people speculate on her enemies behavior and watch the fallout. She did the same things to Bethenny.
      Even if she gives a fake “I’m sorry” later or ammits the truth, The lie or accusation is out there and will forever stick with some people as truth.

      • Sorry for the typo’s. Mind going faster than my fingers!

      • quincyil says:

        I imagine she could be have issues in civil court too.

        • Powell says:

          I don’t know who her PR, lawyers & business mgt is but if I where her I’d ask for my money back. She definitely is so desperate to stay relevant since the rumor of the whole cast being replaced by real wealthy Housewives. She wants her own national tv show. She’s been on The Dog Whisperer, The Nate Burkus show, The Talk & tonight on HGTV-a show about NYC Apts decor. Bethenny is suppose to be doing her own show & Jill can’t stand anyone showing her up, especially B. And as we all know that is why Jill is so upset w/Ramona, that she didn’t get to makeup w/ B on “Scary Island”. She didn’t get to hook herself onto B’s Star.
          If Jill doesn’t stop her antics sooner rather than later, there is going to be so much shrapnel in the Zarin household that Bawbee won’t have enough money to buy their way out from underneath it.:..

  17. cali says:

    Where to begin with thi outrageous behavior of these B*tches! Let’s start with the simple one – Kelly: Kelly is totally kooky Cocoapuffs! She needs mental healthcare; the orange must have burnt up her pea brain if she ever had one.
    LuMann: Dominating wanna be, obsessed with being someone, but coming across as pure trailer trash-no class, no sense of reality, to consumed with everything other than the most important issue in her life-taking care of her dope smoking, and racist daughter. Who knows maybe the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, no?
    Cindy: serious mental issues, and maternal issues. She needs to figure out why she even has children, it appears that she does not want them, she doesn’t even care for them. She too is Cocopuffs with her weird trains of thoughts, not making any more sense that orange, and lollipop addicted Kelly. Creates drama where there does not need to be; herd mentality attacking other cast members if approved by Liquid damaged Jill, LuMann, and Orange acid Kelly. And she smells bad, or rather has body odors. (By the way Cindy, you may want to observe Alex, and simon what it means to be a good parent). Remember, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander, no?!

    Liquid Jill Zarin- what a pathetic liar, fabricator, manipulator, hater, plastic and artificial b*tch! A woman does not act like she does, not even an immature teenager-she has serious mental issues. To threaten someone with ruining their career? Are you totally nuts? Accusing someone of stalking, and threaten? Slander with the malicious intent to harm is a CRIME Jill Zarin! Did you know that, or are you too dumb to ask your sister, who supposedly is a lawyer? Or is that a lie too? Anyting out of Liquid’s mouth is a lie, distortion of facts, and outright fantasy. Jill must be watching herself in some fantasy movie, pretending all this happening to her, convinced everybody is out to get her. What a sorry excuse for a woman! Go ahead, and try or attempt to ruin my career-you wouldn’t be able and good enough to come near where I took a dump to be intentionally blunt!!
    If I were Alex, and simon, or Lynn from this blog, I would sue you ass as fast, you wouldn’t be able to figure out what hit you on your head!
    We all laugh about you, but we also know what a manipulator like you is capable of, so I would suggest to Liquid that she knocks it off!
    Someone needs to put this moron in check; obviously she manhandles her husband, he turned into Jello. No more tolerance for this woman fantasy lies!

  18. kellynnola says:

    My 11 year old niece is staying with me this weekend and she went to my DVR on the Tv and turned on RHNY. I told her she might want to find something else to watch, but then she said she watches it all the time at her house. I don’t want be mean but just save her for the best LoL.

  19. Lovinthisblog says:

    Great Blog. I am incensed by Kelly’s “out of her element” comment. Again, we see the brunettes talking like shrews about poor, penniless Alex. Anyone want to take a guess at Kelly’s net worth once her ex moves out from the downstairs? It’s common NYC knowledge that she is broke and running around town trying to bag any set of pants with a bank account. The other housewives have been overheard calling her “broke.”
    Truth hurts. There’s only so much Parker Pens can cut you a check for.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Hey Lovin’! Welcome! I agree with you about Koo-Koo, she makes Edith Bunker seem like a top member of MENSA.

      Great Blog Lynn and Quincy! But, may I ask a question? I was so hopeful you would address the deleted comment on the Bravo blogs yesterday. There were so many negitive ones, (only for a lil bit) I loved it. I was wondering why you didnt bring that up?
      I know you are both very busy ladies, but I am curious. I not trying to be mean! 😉

      • quincyil says:

        Sunday morning has another editorial/update.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          Yippiiiieeeee!!!! Thank you so much sweet Quincy! OF COURSE, something will be said. I figured. But I did forget that we usually get updates of the wicked females both days of the weekend. Sorry.
          Thank you all so much for bringing such fun and humor into my boring little life.

      • Nancy says:

        Bravo does this all the time. They like to manipulate the viewers. For whatever reason they want Jill to look good right now. Stop hitting your head against the wall. We don’t get it either. But look on the bright side this blog was born out of all of this. 🙂

  20. cabbie413 says:

    I hope everyone enjoys their 4th weekend!

  21. Dawn says:

    I’m wondering if I missed a response by Lynn about the event that she planned to attend in Chicago for Ramona’s pinot grigio? It was mentioned by Quincy that she would be attending and then several followers made comments about when to expect a report of the events?
    Lynn, did you attend? If so, do you plan to tell us about your experience?

  22. Knitty says:

    Even Dilbert is weighing in on bullying! He must be on Team Blonde http://dilbert.com/

  23. lillybee says:

    Posters are now forbidden to comment about Lynn’s blog on the TWOP site even though it has been brought up on the show.

    • quincyil says:

      Hmmm. Interesting.

      • shanna says:

        I can only reply, so forgive my butting in. I really support this great blog sight, and I really enjoy Q and Lynn. I think I might, however, have to boycott my Andy after the last WWHL. Someone said it yesterday, but I think it may be true, that JZ has purchased Bravo stock, or something. I am sickend by the thought that JZ is now in control of Bravo. Oh well….God Bless the USA!

    • I left TWOP along time ago because of similar crap. If you say something the don’t like, you get infractions or banned. In some cases they shut the board down completely like they did with season 3 of RHONY. Jill must have some good attorneys because hardly anything negative about her can be posted there or on the Bravo blogs. There must be a small quota of negativity that she is forced to allow. Because we all know she allows none on her facebook and twitter. I have to wonder what she has in her pocket to hold the network and it’s affiliates by their balls. It doesn’t make sense to me that she has been given or allowed so much power.

    • I can’t stand TWOP. That Smegma person or whatever their name is takes themselves way too seriously and thinks they are the HBIC.

    • Lily says:

      TWOP? What is the TWOP site?

  24. VAgirl says:

    Is anyone going to watch Jill’s appearance on HGTV today at 6 PM EST? It will feature her fabulous upper eastside apartment and some upholstering will be involved. Sounds riveting!

  25. Adgirl says:

    Whatever happened with that Gatecrasher column? The writer tweeted this week to Jill/Lu/Kelly they should read it. Was the item spiked by the Zarin’s?

  26. Furalis says:

    OK I have to get some lawn work done it is actually 1:45 here and I have been on the blog all day. I’ll check later – everyone have a great day.

    • Debbie says:

      I wised up after yesterday’s blog. I did everything that need to be done first and then opened the blog.

  27. I don't have my notes says:

    After reading Alex’s blog this morning, it gave me an insight on how Jill’s mind works. Alex said that if someone asks Jill where she is from, that Jill is so thin-skinned she perceives that as an attack.

    A long time ago, Lynn had a misguided notion that everyone should send Jill a sympathy card for the death of her soul. When Jill mentioned in her recent blog that she had to contact postal security ( whatever that is) I bet she thought Lynn was going to kill her and that is why everyone needed to send a sympathy card. This is no where near the truth of course, but again, thinking like Jill, she perceived this as a threat of an attack. I think this is the basis of her argument. Other people would not think of it this way, but Jill did.

  28. lovemamaearth says:

    lol at don’t mary Kelly. Cindy doesn’t seem to run her business or take care of her kids. Shame on Kelly’s stupidity and shame on Bravo for havinga mentally off person on their series.

    When Kelly attacked Alenx in the restaurant, I wish Alex would have laughed and looked around and asked if they were on Candid Camera. Kelly looked just that stupid. It was almost a repeat of when she met B with the “up here/down there” comment. Way off base.

    And Ithink Simon’s “watch out ” comment to Jill was a reminder of how we fans would be reacting to Jill’s bullying comments that night.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      And I’d bet that Jill would accuse all of us here of stalking her ifit got her some attention.

      Great story from WSL. I’m sorry I missed it at the time. What a calm ego WSL seems to have. No wonder some here have mised her so. 🙂

    • LavaLady says:

      I agree with you love, I think when Simon said “Watch out” to Jill, he meant watch what happens because Jill wouldn’t listen to him.or meet with him. Watch out meaning she will not be prepared for how much this blog will affect her in a negative way.

  29. chris says:

    I think Alex should carry a thesaurus in her purse for the next time Kelly tells her she or Simon are weird, creepy, inauthentic or any of the other words she constantly uses. I would love to see her hand it to Kelly and tell her to use it to come up with some better adjectives.

  30. Rhetorica says:

    Can someone explain the visitor to Simon & Alexs party & the connection to this blog? I remember something about it but need more reminders. Thanks!

    • If you had it like this says:

      I was wondering the same thing. Wasn’t that Wall Street Lady? Didn’t she post a photo of herself at that party. What happened to WSL? Is there a reason she left the blog? I thought she would be back for the NY wives.

      • quincyil says:

        WSL left, but she came back recently and posted under a new name, but she identified herself on the board.

      • WSL(Wall Street Lady) was invited to a party at Alex and Simon’s. She wrote a guest blog about it. Lynn or Q posted a link to it sometime this week – the original guest blog was in November if I remember correctly. It was very sweet – nothing to do with Jill at all – however obviously ballistic about it.
        The stalker part is probably because a few weeks earlier (in Nov) WSL was watching old videos from S1 & 2 and recognized Jill’s apartment building. She went for a walk and thought she found the building, and wrote about it in the comments. She thought it was under the Brooklyn Bridge. But I think she later found out they just used another building in the episode – and Jill’s actual apartment was a few blocks away. Anyway – my guess is that is what JZ is talking about. I’m pretty sure going for a walk in your neighborhood isn’t considered stalking – but maybe the rules are different in NYC.

        • Oops – however Jill obviously went ballistic about it.

          • Carly Hall says:

            So unlike her.

            • LOL. It must take a lot of her time to read all the comments. She probably had it all inventoried. I’ve come and gone over the months – but remember that incident pretty well. It must have been a rainy weekend in my part of the country.

              • Rhetorica says:

                Thanks housewifeaddict.It’s all coming back now. But I missed her return recently. (I think;)

        • quincyil says:

          I am so glad you wrote that because it is exactly what I wrote in Sunday’s editorial blog and I sent that to Lynn this morning. I said in the blog the commenters would confirm what I wrote and you already have confirmd this. Tomorrow, when Lynn posts the blogs, would you drag this to the new board and show that the time was before my blog went up. It is so helpful to the discussion.

          If anyone else has memories, put them on the board either today or tomorrow because I believe that all of the reality stars are reading this and so is Bravo and the production companies. I think truth is important.

          A lawyer from the board told me a long time ago that truth is the best defense. I really believe this. We all were there. We all read the same boards. Let the boards stand and truth come out.


        • Kansas Girl says:

          I remember this. WSL had watched the first season (and perhaps second season — I can’t remember) video and realized she recognized the streets. She figured out it was walking distance from her, so went for a walk and found the awning that was shown on TV, which was supposedly (on the show) the building the Zarins live in. Turned out that is not actually their building.

          But where they live is NOT a secret — the address is still on the Internet from back when they had the apartment on the market. Anyone can find it.

          Part of what WSL found so amusing was that they live near an older bridge that is noisy.
          Apparently New Yorkers don’t want to live where they can hear this bridge noise, so she was laughing that Jill lives so close to the noisy bridge. Just not the swank living environment Jill had presented on the show. For those of us who don’t live in NY, having a native NYer explain this was an interesting insight.

          • Zoey says:

            I agree, that’s what I remember. No one cares about her actual address- where she lives is only relevant because it’s in a different place than what is represented/shown on TV. Then WSL obviously noted that it’s in a noisy place. She shared this with us. That’s what we do on this blog, share. The end.
            Jill, you’re just not interesting enough to be stalked.Sorry.

        • It’s so stupid. I remember that Jill Zarins address was posted in an article about her. Here is the link http://www.luxist.com/tag/jill+zarin/ . Perhaps Jill should accuse them of stalking.

  31. HD says:

    Good Afternoon, Everyone! Jill is nuts-I mean stone cold crazy. So much is going on with her and her accusatory comments that it is just too much. How did this go from a reality TV show to real life? SMH. No one cares about what Jill does and why she thinks people do baffles me. At least I don’t. In the big scheme of life eff Jill. She ain’t paying my bills. Goodness when is this show over. I haven’t watched for the last two weeks and after all this b.s. I am glad I didn’t. She is too over the top for me!

    • smompy says:

      I hear ya, HD! I also stopped watching for a while because I felt like she was ruining the show for me. But then I came to a realization, i.e. that JZ can’t really upset me any more because I don’t care enough about her to let that happen. Now I just look at her an occasionally amusing annoyance. I’d still like it better if she were off the show completely, of course, but she’s so consistently ridiculous that she’s become basically irrelevant to my enjoyment in viewing the RHoNYC any more. Kelly’s quickly headed to that same place, although for the moment she does have the ability to piss me off at times, whereas Jill is just kinda “there,” like some loud, ugly wallpaper in the background. I think maybe the difference between my view of Kiki and my view of JZ stems from the fact that I’m still a tiny bit hopeful that I’ll someday get to see Kelly get some form of comeuppance. It isn’t likely of course, but at least it’s possible. As With Jill, I’ve lost all hope of anything like that ever happening. I know that’s just not in the cards and I have to accept that she’s gonna be there anyway….kinda like I had to accept this about George Dubya being in the White House.

      Anyway, the upcoming episode has real possibilities as it seems like it’ll be largely LuMancentric. I hate her snotty ass too, but despising her is still a sport for me. The fact that she’s going to try to force the blondes to appear in her craptacular “music” video and the fact that they’re all gonna flat out refuse….well, it’s making my mouth water! That preview clip Bravo showed us, where Ramona tells Lulu that being in her video is not the message she wants to send her daughter and then Lulu asks her what kind of message that is? The question from LuMan opens up so many great opportunites for comedic entertainment. How will Ramona respond? Will she say, “Well, LuAnn, I don’t want my daughter to think it’s OK for her mother to appear in a humiliating video starring a talenless, classless tranny hooker who literally CANNOT SING and so she speaks a bunch of mornoic mmeaningless words to the din of some dreadful canned music while Foghorn, Kuku and Baby Herman bop around awkwardly in the background”? ‘Cause that’s what I’m hoping she’ll say. But OK, so Ramona prolly won’t say that exactly…she will prolly say something that’ll offend or upset Lulu, though, and that’ll make the show so very watchable for me. Plus, if we’re really, really lucky, we’ll also get to see both Alex and Sonja rejecting Lulu’s sorry-ass invitation to become immortalized as embarassing jokes on youtube along with her untalented, mannish self. Perhaps the blonde’s rejection (and Cindy’s too, I assume?) will even cause Lulu to break down and cry! Ahhh, the salty tears of a phoney, stuck-up countless are just like manna from heaven, aren’t they? Please, Lord, if you’ll just make her a little dejected & lacrimose for me, I’ll promise to stop begging you for thse winning lotto numbers!

      • Zoey says:

        Count me in on that wish!!!

      • MsJxn says:

        Ya had me,…but,..remember,..NO Politic’s!!???!!! hum…….hum…now,.I have to play nice,..or I’m the bitch,…..remember the rules of the board,…….cause what you got there now,…well,…nevermind!

    • Error404 says:

      I actually blame shed and bravo. I think they realized s4 was in the can and basically unwatchable. So they asked for a lot of filler scenes to be filmed to make something out of nothing. The brunettes “painting” so they could rehash and fluff up the ” mean tweet” accusations was so post production filler! As was lulu and Alex sit down, and kiki and alex’s sit down. Had Alex been smart she would have cut her hair short the day they originally wrapped. LoL still, inserting the ” fing bitch” comment from the wedding just to support this made up at the last minute bullying story wasn’t nice. The reedited morocco scenes were the best because they kept playing with he editing until it no longer made sense. They’d announce dinner is over and then 15 minutes later would be served the first course. Or when Cindy finished lunch, had an argument over hangars, than returned to the table and retold the hangar story while eating her starter salad. LoL

      • Debbie C. says:

        Are we all sure that the LU isn’t the “Count” in drag? Ok–sorry….could not help myself.
        I remember the moment when my attitude changed toward Lu & Z. It is forever burned onto my brain. BF standing outside crying her heart out after yet another attempt to make up with JZ the beast!
        Happy 4th to you all. Debbie aka the newbie 🙂

  32. Jill Zarin has a bad combination of being so narcissistic that she’d do anything to be on television and have connections to famous people, but so utterly thin-skinned that she can’t take even the most banal criticism of the behavior SHE exhibits in front of the cameras. Therefore, LynnNChicago is “threatening” her family. Ugh. She’s just gross.

    • Nancy says:

      Hide your cats everyone. Jill’s mad!

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Mookie has asked for witness protection. He gets a weird look on his face when he hears Jill’s voice when I watch the RHNY and leaves the room.

        • lillybee says:

          Since the reviewer’s “cat” really was a small dog, Jill doesn’t know pets. None are safe. I am going to be hiding my small doggie.

        • FLG says:

          Mr. Tigre wants to know if he should pack up his cat chow and head for Canada?

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Ed says “bring her on”. What she doesn’t know is that he is an excellent chewer and her designer clothing will never look the same. He’s ready to take her on. He “does” shoes and purses too. Really, nothing is safe around Ed. The chewier, the better in his eyes.

  33. Desiree says:

    When I read Jill’s Bravo blog yesterday, there was a whole page of negative comments. Today, those comments are all GONE. Interesting? Why did Bravo allow the comments to post, and then remove them? Did Jill complain? Did anyone else see the negative comments that I saw?

    • I believe Jill had to have made a casino about them. Look through yesterday’s comment, DEBBIE and a few others where able to capture some of them before they mysteriously disappeared. Each ladies blog had lots of comments at one point, now they only have a handful shown except for Alex. I guess she didn’t bitch about it because truth is on her side. Her comments weren’t as negative as the bad brunettes were.

  34. Carly Hall says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say (and post again) that this is a really good interview Lynn did with Sonja; http://www.winningbeautypageants.com/2010/12/sonja-morgan-talks-gardens-gals-on-reality-buzz-with-lynn-hudson/
    because I love to talk hair, I wanted to post a bit about David Evangelista (stylist to Sonja and Paula Deen.) Lynn and I got to talk with him quite a bit (pre-editing) but you don’t hear it in the interview. He’s talented (but quit following me on FB when I fawned all over some of Sonja’s other stylists….). Such is life, but thought you would enjoy this anyway; http://davidevangelista.com/

  35. chris says:

    After reading Jill’s (GAG) blog, I had to make a comment which we all know will never see the light of day. She mentions at the beginning that she had to go to all these appointments to talk about her skweez couture and had really gotten the “design bug” back. Here’s what I wrote:
    Wow…you are getting your design bug back! That’s great. I’m so glad that you invented skweez couture since there was nothing remotely like it out there on the market. Next, maybe you can come up with a fizzy brown drink that has caffeine in it, but no calories. If you don’t mind, I’ll suggest a name for it: ‘Kwok Zeewo’. I’m sure your designer’s brain will come up with a better name for it than that, though. There are so many things to invent and so little time…you go girl!

    Ok…I got it off my chest…she is such a moron.

    • Error404 says:

      Here’s what I read in this: “the product isn’t testing well and I’m being told it will bomb, so now were going to completely retool the design so it’s not so fugly old lady looking, and if that doesn’t work, then I’m gonna try to at the very least postpone pulling the plug on it until after the season is over and I’m less in the spotlight.”

      • quincyil says:

        Told ya so. They reminded me of my grandmother’s girdles from the 1960s.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Retro chic is one thing, ugly retro girdles something else entirely, lol.

          • I guess she should have invited Ramona to the focus group after all. But I don’t think tat would ave helped the product line, getting Jill Zarin to endorse your wears is like buying a ticket on the titanic.

  36. ChiTownRocks says:

    I need to get Twitter so I can have the honor of being blocked by not only Jill, but LuMann and KooKoo for KoKopuffs Kelly

    • Cheri says:

      I think we should make a game of it and all sign up for her twitter and see hiw long it takes for us to be blocked. The one who goes the longest wins the prize.

  37. JaniceP says:

    Hi, thanks QuincyIL & Lynn for the blog today. I still haven’t watched the entire episode of HWONY. My husbands on vacation, so I’m hiding from him on our back porch and reading your blog. There’s a beautiful deer eating the wild Mulberries back here, so cute. Back to the the blog (sorry). I did read the the blogs on Bravo yesterday morning and to my delight Jill had 289 negative comments. I figured what the heck and wrote one to Kelly telling her to mind her own busines. Of course, Bravo deleted all the negative tweets and I am still fuming! What is it that Jill has on Andy? I’m at the point, I can’t watch this show anymore and I really do get all the info I need right here. The same goes for WWHL. At one point, I loved watching, but it’s becoming another loser. SIGH! Thanks for letting me comment. It helps relieve all my tension! Everyone hope you enjoy the long weekend!

  38. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Am I the only one that is laughing my ass off at this:
    “postal service security”

    yes, not many know the Postal Inspection Service Security (PISS) were the very first responders to Whitey’s disappearance 16 years ago. If only PISS hadn’t been pulled off the case to deliver mail, he would have been caught too!

    Never mind the super secret bin Laden initiative: Going Postal. Those overachieving Navy Seals beat PISS to the punch again! Luckily this frees up all of their time to guard Jill Zarin and her priceless fambly jewels. Oh wait. There are no fambly jewels? Well they’re guarding something alright. I know that because Jill Zarin told me so.

    Anyone else notice how Jill Zarin conveniently left out of her newsletter the phone calls that were made to WSL’s office? By Jill Zarin’s assistant? Allegedly.

    Who’s zooming who?

    This chick’s wackadoodles.

    • quincyil says:

      My mom was a Postmaster in Chicago and Barrington and my sister was in the PISS and trained by the FBI to handle weapons. I thought Jill must have made up the accusation because there is no such thing as “postal service security.”

  39. OneMoreInBoston says:


    I haven’t seen you in forever! Welcome back!

    • Thanks. Finally in a good place emotionally to be back. Have to give a victim impact statement on the 12th of August. The drunk driver finally (after a year of legal wrangling) plead guilty to all 5 felony counts. He will be sentenced then. It is up to the judge on if he will have to serve the maximum sentence. Even if he gets that, Kansas penalties for drunk drivers are pathetically week. If my son would have been over the state line in Missouri, the guy would be looking at going away for a very long time. In Kansas he will maybe get 3 years for almost killing 4 kids. So not fair! Like JILL ZARIN both make me sick. Family is finally in a decent place health wise as well. 2011 has been much better than 2010. This is helping me to have courage and strength in having my voice and opinions heard again.

      • Happymouth says:

        I am so glad you are back…………..prayers for you and your family !

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I’m so glad to hear that your family is doing better but I’m still so sad over the senseless deaths of your son’s friends plus all of the physical and emotional injuries he had to endure.

        I’ve thought about both you and your son from time to time, and I’m just so pleased you’re feeling strong enough to come back here.

        and you are absolutely right. So not fair.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Glad to hear this! Your mention of the state line makes me think we are in the same neck of the woods?

  40. Debbie says:

    Thanks ofr this Holiday Weekend Blog on Blogs…I didn’t finish yet, I got as far as Kelly. I agree with you about her advising Alex to reprimand Simon. Not only doesn’t she have the right she has nothing to base it on.She has her failed marriage and she settled her Boy Toy problem last year by slugging him in the eye and getting arrested for domestic abuse. So, STFU, Kelly!!

  41. Gigi says:

    Hi Lynn and Quincey,
    I have been reading this great blog I think since scarey island and love it.

    Just wanted to let you know that, yes, we in Madison, WI are laughing at Luman, Fog Horn and Crazy Kelly.

    Thanks for many hours of entertainment.

    • quincyil says:

      You live in Paradise. Madison is so beautiful. I love the lake.


      • Gigi says:

        You’re right Q, Madison is a beautiful city but it too has it’s crazies. Actually it has four lakes and is known as the city of sixty square miles surrounded by reality. You’ll understand it you are familiar with it’s politics.

        I have left Madison three times to live elsewhere and am here for good.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I love Madison, Wis. But went to St. Norbert’s for one semester and then realized I needed a warmer climate. 117 today…HA!!! Be careful for what you wish for.

  42. quincyil says:

    I am proud that I have .1% of the number of Jill’s followers on twitter, but mine are all real Human beings.


  43. Carly Hall says:

    My mother always said that “silence was golden.” I, for one, think it can be deadly. Did anyone else notice that Silex signed off this morning? Bad news for Jill if they’ve had enough. Did this make anyone else go “hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….?”

      • Carly Hall says:

        Yes. This morning Simon said he was signing off for a bit and then Alex followed. They are maintaining radio silence for now. Holiday? Conspiracy?

        I hope it’s the latter. These two deserve some justice.

        • quincyil says:

          Probably figured it was a giant waste of time and effort to answer Jill’s fan’s accusations.

        • cabbie413 says:

          Maybe they are just enjoying a 4th of July weekend family day with friends and grilled food

          I think #RHONY bravolebrity is only a portion of their life, unlike Jill Zarin who lives for the cameras.

          I don’t think much of them signing off for this long holiday weekend.

  44. NAmerican says:

    Again, I am so tired of “housewives” accusing others of bullying! How dare them take such a serious issue, that unfortunately sometimes leads to teen suicide, so lightly. Jill and the others decided to become a public figure and both positive and negative press is what goes along with that “fame”. The following link is what real bullying can do and “crying wolf” about “self perceived bullying” show little respect to the true victims.

    • You said it. As I said on Carly and Lynn’s radio show, it makes me sick how Jill (and the dark hairs) are exploiting such a serious issue, as a shied against being account able for their own behavior (and in Jill’s case it’s also for profit).

      If what is happening to.Jill is going to be called “bullying” then she is guilty of online and in person assault, extortion and tormenting.

    • buffywood says:

      Thank you for posting this. These are the real victims of what Jill, Lumann, and Kelly are doing. With their false cries they belittle the real pain and suffering others have gone through. Many “real” people are bullied and stalked. Every false claim, especially one so publically made adds that little bit of skepticism in the minds of law enforcement. I can’t even image what it is like for a parent of a bullied child when he or she watches these grown women whine “poor me”.

  45. boston02127 says:

    The whole Zarin clan is screwed up. That’s right Jill….sue me. I can’t believe that not one person in her life will tell her “you need to stop” or “you’re making an ass of yourself”. I’m even more shocked that her sister is a lawyer and doesn’t say anything to her.

    Imagine what a boring & dull life she leads to find the time to dream up such crap. How sad your life must be Jill, you have a family, your health, a home, vacations, cloths and money but you’re never happy. It must suck to be such a miserable and vile person.

    • Carly Hall says:

      I hate to be this elementary, but I think it’s quite simple, really. After seeing LIsa Wexhler yesterday (and hearing Don Imus talking about how hard she was on the eyes), I’m sure I’m right. Here’s the equation;
      These two were young, ugly girls. Instead of learning that time and experience can change the way the world views you, they constantly berated everyone they perceived as “prettier” to make themselves feel better. Since this would be about everyone, berating people and creating horrible stories about others became the norm.
      Now, it can’t be changed. Her life is all about doing this, only now she has a platform and better clothes in which to do it.

      Danger Will Robinson.

      • quincyil says:

        It’s still shocking that a lawyer would act like that.

      • Error404 says:

        Lisa makes her own $$ which is why she has the balls to get fat and wear “comfortable” clothes even a uberfeminist lesbian would consider unattractive.

        This is where I feel bad for Jill, who has to pour diet coke all over those fries she wants so badly, and then get her face all f-Ed up with needles, because if she doesn’t bawby will just trade up for a newer model of bitchy Gold digger, one that doesn’t refuse mercedes because there’re no phone cradle.

  46. boston02127 says:

    (Exclusive) Jill Zarin: My Life Outside “Real Housewives”
    Jill……You have NO LIFE outside the Real Housewives. You’ve proven it over and over.

    • I'm in Florida says:

      just took this off of the bravo boards…some stuff is still getting thru:

      Below are just some of tweets made by Jill about her cast mates (mostly Ramona) in recent weeks –

      “Mixed message? Your a hypocrite!” tweeted Jill about Ramona on June 23rd.
      “Just watched next weeks episode. It’s like soft porn. Gross!!! Then Luann takes down a housewife. Want to guess who? Such great episode!” tweeted Jill on June 11th.
      “We r dying laughing watching Ramona fake cry.” tweeted Jill June 9th.
      “She is just using me to try to get more twitter followers. Desperate move don’t u think? She did that with b too. Sad.” tweeted Jill on June 5th.
      “I agree its gross.RT @jlrtweets101665 “@Jillzarin I think RHONY has become a 1 hour advertisement for Ramona’s beverage and it is becoming very very annoying.”” tweeted Jill on June 5th.
      “Actually a producer!RT @KNeddie “@Jillzarin didn’t ramona hit a cameraman during filming?” tweeted Jill June 2nd.
      “I think so too!RT @AbbieLLear “@Jillzarin what a selfish heartless [expletive deleted]..Ramona is a prime example of bullying! I would be mortified if I were Avery! Jennifer is GORGEOUS.” tweeted Jill May 20th.
      “What did I do that hurt Ramona to her face. She publicly attacked me. Big difference, you admit u put your foot in mouth and that’s ok?” tweeted Jill May 19th.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Man, jlrtweets101665 gets around. I tweeted Simon & Alex back on May 18th about the recast rumor only to have jlr ask where I heard it then chide me that @jillzarin had nothing to do with it. They are definitely a passionate fan. I believe it was last month they were mean tweeting Simon. Yet, Jillsy still has them following her. Yay to be a sycophant!

    • VAgirl says:

      OMG She said “I never dreamed I’d become an actress.” One scene on a cable network show and suddenly she’s an “actress.” I wonder if she’s called James Lipton yet?

    • FLG says:

      Oh Hell, She’s ringing the bell at the stock market opening on Tuesday????…….I would feel much more comfortable it Bethenny was doing that. Tuesday could go badly if the stock market reacts like the sale of her moldy book. Allegedly…

      • FLG says:

        IF Bethenny was doing that….

        • Carly Hall says:

          It’s not an honor. Howard Stern’s wife just rung the bell.

          • FLG says:

            Countess Squash Blossom…I mean….Countess Talentless High Horse did it while she was still married to the Count.

            • buffywood says:

              The cast of The Jersey Shore did it too. How pathetic. I think they should have a NYC Teacher, Police Office, or Fire Fighter etc ring the bell everyday. That would do The Stock Exchange some justice… not low life wanna be reality star trash.

          • AZ Girl says:

            F.Y.I. Beth Stern happens to be an active member of the North Shore Animal League which rescues hundreds of stray cats and dogs. Say what you like about Howard. Beth really does give to the community.

  47. NYCer says:

    Am I alone in thinking that it IS odd that Alex & Simon invited a viewer to their son’s birthday party? I read the original story from the link Lynn posted and it doesn’t mention if they had a connection other than that WSL was a “fan.”

    The stalker label is out of control. I know where Jill, Sonja, Ramona, and Bethenny (when she was on RHONY) live because the show shoots the outsides of their buildings and I’m familiar enough with the neighborhood.

    • NYCer says:

      oh, and PS, I’ve also been to Completely Bare!

      And this weekend we are in the Hamptons. Not unusual to have celeb sightings here but I don’t consider the RHONY women celebs. Sorry countess!

      • FLG says:

        I think you’re safe in the Hamptons this weekend…..I read that Countess No Talent High Horse is off to France this weekend. You may want to carry a pair of ear plugs, just in case the article I read was incorrect.

    • quincyil says:

      Alice is gregarious and a well known person…..

      • NYCer says:

        but well known to whom? Not to Alex and Simon, right? A child’s bday party in your home is usually an intimate thing.

        • quincyil says:

          I think famous. She was on tv and in New York Times and Forbes.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            Named one of NYC top 50 most influential women.
            They have many mutual friends.
            The chums had been to her penthouse and had played with her extensive collection of Beanie Babies.

            • NYCer says:

              Ahhh. Thank you! So they know each other and are friends? Not just a fan being invited over. That makes more sense, but I didn’t think the blog read that way.

  48. WindyCityWondering says:

    What is the point of the HW Bravo blogs? Alex, Ramona and Sonja try to stay within the episodes and offer their take on the various scenes. Jill, Kelly and LuAnn use their blogs to bash their castmates. Cindy apparently doesn’t even watch the episodes or realize she should comment on the token scenes she gets!

  49. Powell says:

    Like I’ve always said, if these ladies don’t like one another they shouldn’t tape w one another. Bravo can’t make them. We’ve seen throughout the franchise when they don’t want to tape w/anyone of them they don’t.

  50. Mary says:

    This blog is fun and more entertaining than the show. However, the adoration and hero worship of Simon and Alex is not deserved. Sure, I like Alex okay but Simon is talentless fame whore. He just drags Alex down. It was INAPPROPRIATE to invite a married woman to lunch/coffee/whatever to discuss his issues regarding his wife and HIS feeling. NO real man would do that. Perhaps if he had a job he would have less time on his hands. I remember Ramona being furious with Simon because he had to attend every event with his wife. Then this season the idiot has to speak at the rally! OMG!

    Only Lynn has the final word on if she felt betrayed by Simon denying his “active involvement” with this blog, but in my opinion he is a Judas, user, lier and unbearable to watch with his ugly bloated face. He does say very rude things on twitter and tweets.

    He has counted on the support of this blog, in MY OPINION. Now he is quick to deny it. To make things worse he tells a woman to “watch out”. What a coward. No Lynn, he wasn’t trying to tell her shoelaces were untied. He got angry because she did not want to give him attention, even after he dressed like an idiot in her cheap sheets to endear himself at her birthday party. I bet no other husband would do something so ridiculous and transparent. I am real, my ass. It’s more like I am desperate for attention.

    Last thing, Jill Zarin is a snake. Simon played right into her vile plan.

    • NYCer says:

      If Jill had just kept her mouth shut and didn’t stage that phony apt painting scene where they started with the idiotic “cyberbully” labels, she could have had an ok episode, because Simon clearly lost his temper, and then lost his cool when he was relating the story back to Alex. He wanted the camera time, and then acted like a petulant child when she denied him.

    • I don’t think people on this blog have “adoration” or “hero worship” of Simon.

      I don’t think Simon or Alex or Ramona owe the Lynn or the people who post on this blog anything. We post because we want to – not to make them happy.

      Yes – I agree that his fashion sense is a hoot – however I find it amusing – entertaining even. I’d rather watch that than the constant talking heads with people being mean to each other.

      I agree the “watch out” comment was out of line – but I don’t really see anything wrong with asking Jill to lunch. She could say yes or no – or take Bobby. Many women I know – myself included – are pretty comfortable having lunch with men who aren’t our husbands – but everyone has their own level of comfort.

      • VAgirl says:

        Agree with you HWA. Don’t get the Simon hate. I don’t LOVE him or HATE him. He’s just OK and I really haven’t seen him do anything out of line. So he wants to be a housewife – so what? Obviously Jill didn’t see anything wrong with him asking her to lunch. She said yes. It wasn’t until the crazies got into her head that she changed her mind. She could have met him on a park bench or anywhere else. He adds a little pizazz to what is most times a boring show.

    • Rhetorica says:

      Mary, Simon does like being on RHONY but this issue was thrust upon him by Bobby. He didn’t go looking for attention. JMHO

      • MAMAZ says:

        I am not fond of Simon. And I do think he insinuates himself too much into the drama between the women. However I don’t think it’s right to suggest that him doing so is unmanly. Kelly telling Simon to be a man was offensive. Who has the right to decide which traits are masculine or feminine? KooKoo Kellyjellybeansomeone? Us?
        My husband is so nosy about the neighbors that I call him Mrs. Kravitz. He is always peeping out the blinds and telling me who’s driving what, has company, divorcing, marrying, blah, blah, blah. He’s a retired military officer still employed by the US gov. And let me tell you he is VERY manly. He just likes gossip. I on the other hand don’t know half of our neighbors names, lol. I’m just not interested in home association scuttlebutt. I’m tiny, very ladlike and stylish. Girly to the max.
        Lets not assign people roles based on gender.

        • NYCer says:

          That is so funny. Does Mr. Kravitz watch the housewives? I roped my “manly man” into watching RHONY this week–we are on vacation and had come back from an early night out. If we were home it wouldn’t have happened. It was tough to watch with him because he commented throughout and I easily missed half the dialogue–but he was still talking about it the next day!!

          • MAMAZ says:

            He travels a lot but when he’s home he watches with me and asks questions the whole time! very annoying lol. He likes Ramona, thinks she’s funny. He hates all the rest of them. Especially Vicki.

        • MAMAZ says:


        • Nancy says:

          Your husband sounds funny. A GREAT quality in a man IMHO!

          • Okie Folkie says:

            Heck, my EX husband will watch the HWs with me. And, he, too, will ask so many questions. We found our ‘friendship’ again after we divorced.

        • FLG says:

          Thank you Mamaz! But I’m just a gay guy, what would I know, Mary?

          • FLG says:

            If Jill was bothered by Simon, rather than having Bawby approach Simon, Jill should have approached Simon herself. Since Bawby chose to become involved by talking to Simon, I think it WAS appropriate for Simon to speak directly to Jill at lunch or when ever/where ever they agreed to. Jill had a “perceived” problem with Simon and Bawby and especially Kelly Kill Joy should have stayed out of it. This is the 21st Century. Take your problems up with the people you have the problem with. Involving third (and fourth) individuals only complicates matters. It sounds to me that Jillzy was jealous that Alice/WSL (if I understand it correctly, they are the same person) attended one of the boy’s b’day parties. I know I sound like a broken record, but GROW UP, JILL. (not holding breath here)

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I have no problem with a man and woman getting together, having lunch and discussing problems that they may have. We’ve seen in the past where Simon has not been Alex’s “wingman” and has still been friendly to Jill so it’s not out of the realm for this to happen.

    • Sam says:

      I’ve been married for 32 years to a “real man” and he sometimes goes out to lunch with one of our mutual female friends without me, just as I sometimes go to lunch with one of our mutual male friends. Mature people in strong, committed relationships really are able to do things like this, without it being odd or involving anything sexual. So I don’t see anything wrong with Simon asking Jill to talk over coffee or whatever, especially because Bravo probably told him to set up the meeting.

    • Suzieq says:

      I guess I just see this as completely different than anyone else…..
      This is not just 2 normal ppl, man and woman, going to lunch. These r 2 ppl working together in a reality show. Millions of ppl r interested in a fight or make up between them.
      I just can’t group this situation of a man asking his friends wife to lunch with a lunch between J and S….it’s completely different to me.
      I’m really bad at explaining what I’m thinking…this probably makes no sense!! Lol

      • floridagirl88 says:

        And remember, Jill and Simon have been friends so a sitdown was not out of line.

  51. Q I found it ….

    Wall St Lady says:
    November 4, 2010 at 5:32 pm
    I am watching season one of
    NYC Ho wives (got at Target).


    OMG I just saw where Jill lives !
    It is around the corner from me ! Its not an A building ! It is almost under the 59th St bridge. I bet a troll thought Jill was his Mamma and followed her home & lives under her bed.
    The entrance to her building is across from a public base ball field that a few years ago was a garbage filled block full of street People.
    I guess she felt comfortable cuz of the homeless people in front of Zarrin Fabrics.

    The reason you never see a view on TV from the Zarrin apartment is because the view is blocked by the bridge. No view is Yucky for someone as rich as Jill claims to be.
    This means Jill filmed all the scenes in the Bentley being picked up or dropped off in front a Park Ave. Apartment that
    WAS NOT HER Apartment ! ! !

    Jill says they own a house in Water Mill. What a liar ,they rent.

    Love WSL

    • https://lynnnchicago101.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/i-hate-jill-zarin-top-chef-just-desserts-2/

      Basically the entire post was a running commentary of the episode she was watching – no stalking involved. Two or three days later she posted that she was wrong about the building – – –

      • quincyil says:

        I saved it. Thank you so much for this. I remembered her saying she bought the dvd at target, but I did not remember that she described the buildings. The CIA needs women like you.

        • Happymouth says:

          I remember all of this happening…………I loved reading WSL’s posts……………it was a completely innocent situation………………..no stalking involved ! GEEZE Jill, get a life !

          • Kansas Girl says:

            I remember it too. Also loved WSL’s posts. They were funny and fun — an at-the-moment reaction to what she was watching on dvds and then catching us “foreigners” up on New York. It was fun. Not scary, not stalking.

      • quincyil says:

        I remember photographs of the bridge and that famous restaurant under the bridge that Lynn took off because they were incorrect. So she did go to the location that she thought that building was at and take a pictures with her blacberry of the neighborhood she thought was on the show.

        Later she told us that Jill lived over a Bed, Bath and Beyond so I put that in the 4th Season Fantasy Story. I’m sure her lawyers will document all of this too.

        • Happymouth says:

          I remember when she said Jill lived over the Bed and Bath store. I have been reading since the hub pages, however I was also enrolled in a double major graduate program, so I never posted because I was so burnt out on all the typing involved for graduate school. I have only recently started posting as I have recently graduated . This situation with Jill really bothers me, there was never any malicious intent from anyone on this blog towards Jill. I feel sorry for Alex ,Simon , Lynn and WS Lthat they have to go through this. Once again, it was an innocent situation.

          • NYCer says:

            That’s it. There was a scene in one of the first episodes also where Bobby presented Jill a car and where he parked it was very identifiable (for me at least because I recognized it right away).

        • Yes – I’m sure if we check between Nov 4th and 7th the whole thing will be there – but it’s sunny out so ….

        • lillybee says:

          The interesting thing is that Jill’s address was available on line at a few real estate sites because her apt. was listed for sale.

          • Happymouth says:

            True ………………………………….good point !!

          • floridagirl88 says:

            So anyone who could past muster with a real estate agent could have visited the actual apartment. Would Jill consider it stalking if potential buyers were in her apartment? You can’t live a public life and then try to be all private about it.

    • Carly Hall says:

      So is this the evidence of “dangerous stalking?”
      Don’t all women talk about other women’s homes?

      God know that each time one of my mother’s friends move I have to sit thru a gossip session about the drapes, granite, neighborhood, lighting, etc.

      • quincyil says:

        So the question is, why did Bravo let Jill Zarin throw herself off the cliff? I think they should have investigated. I would have looking into things before I put it on TV.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I am deeply offended by the “stalking” label given to WSL. There is a difference between being a stalker and a fan. As the victim/survivor of a real stalker I am very aware of those differences.

        Looking for a home or business featured on a television show is not stalking. I am a big fan of the Sienfeld show and I made sure to visit the diner where the filmed all the scenes of Monks diner. I went to the Soup Nazi’s place. I have also shopped at Barneys when in NYC and they have featured Barneys in Seinfield several times. Guess Jerry Seinfeld better alert the authorities about me.
        My best friend loved the Sopranos. She made a trip to NJ for the sole purpose of going on the Sopranos bus tour. She loved it by the way. She also was not a stalker.

        • NYCer says:

          Totally agree.

        • VAgirl says:

          Well said.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          As a result of this show, I have spent hours looking at Bing and Google satellite maps to find where the NY and BH ladies live. Is that stalking? I love to travel (and those are two places I have not visited yet), so this is just armchair travel for me. I also love puzzles, so comparing what I see on TV to the maps, I eventually figure out locations. Puzzle-solving, healthy curiosity, or stalking?

        • Cheri says:

          When i was in Dallas I went out to the Southfork Ranch, does that mean I stalked JR (LH)?

        • Error404 says:

          Yes, it is stalking and it is dangerous. This is why no one should ever ever ever step into zarin fabrics and buy anything. Spending money at zarins is stalking and I will call the police on anyone i see trying to buy there!

          • Mary says:

            Error is right! Let’s tell everyone we know to never step foot in Zarin fabrics. We should also boycott her girdles.

          • floridagirl88 says:

            Maybe it’s stalking if you visit Zarin Fabrics and don’t buy anything!

        • Smompy says:

          Plus, Jill’s fugly apartment was put up for sale right after Brad Boles defaced it, so it already appeared on a whole bunch of websites anyway. I myself remember seeing it either on the Realestalker or something that linked directly to that site. Are all the realtors and people who visit their websites stalkers too then? Let’s face it, if Jill ever managed to attract a REAL stalker, she’d be in hog heaven. Imagine how much she’d adore all that the drama and public victimhood! I bet that before long her stalker would beg to be put in a cell on Riker’s Island just to get the hell away from that crazy drama queen.

        • Alert the palace gaurds – we are going to England next year and I WILL be seeing Buckingham Palace and *gasp* plan on taking a photo or two.

          Lock me in the Tower until they take my head!

      • Sam says:

        Not only do women talk about other women’s homes, but in Hollywood there are guided tours that show you exactly where celebrities live. And of course, the paparazzi know where they are even when they’re away from home. Jill’s paranoia about all this is ridiculous.

    • happygal says:

      Housewifeaddict- you rock! I remember all of this as I have been reading this blog since the end of season three- All of the comments and exchanges aare people with like minds talking water cooler stuff about a show they follow- That these “characters” are sort of based in reality- Questions still out of the Brunettes” – is the only difference- WSL was a wonderful contributer- Loved her comments as she came from an insiders view- she was part of the new york scene, had credibility, excellent details and just a love of stetting it straight- I have lived in New York City – love it- it is like no other place – and just like any other place- there are events and levels of activities for different interests and exconomic levels…. The show was supposed to show all of that- However, due to the agenda of Bravo, they have reduced this down to old saggy broads ganging up of others who are not running around with the self proclaimed queen bee- zarin- it is school yard- lord of the flys stuff and it is really base….
      I think that Zarin has totally taken over the Shed Media deal- she has become their viewpoint of everything- same with Teresa- they have gotten into bed with these women and that is the way they are producing these show with that slant- It is a shame because it promotes everything that is bad behavior.

  52. Some people have given Simon a hard time because he asked Jill for a meeting on camera. They accuse him of trying to get more camera time or even trying to be the 8th housewife. I didn’t have a problem with him doing this and Jill didn’t either until Kelly butted in.

    Jill has done a lot of despicable and destructive things to Alex and Simon. Alex was right to be cautious in her making amends with Jill. Jill personally attacked Simon on many occasions and I didn’t see anything wrong with him wanting to express HIS feelings and opinions.
    And because we are dealing with Jill, I would have wanted every camera or recording device brought to the meeting. If Jill was uncomfortable meeting with him one on one, I don’t for an instant believe Simon would have objected to Alex and Bobby coming as well.

    Look what Jill did to Mario when cameras weren’t around. I’m sure Mario was trying to be polite and probably pulled Jill aside when he confronted her at that party. Mario wanted to voice his anger and displeasure about the lies and insinuations Jill was spreading about his wife and family on and off camera. He probably got heated (who wouldn’t) and said a lot of negative things to Jill. And we all know how Jill reacts to negative things. So Jill did the most hateful thing she could do…..she and her lackeys accused Mario of verbally and physically assaulting Jill! No cameras or recording devices around to prove otherwise, her hired minions became her witnesses. So not credible. But , the lie is out there and some people are gullible enough to believe it. No police reports where filed. Why? If it’s true Mario could face serious charges. But, Jill knows just enough about the law not to file a false police report. Otherwise she would be in a legal shit-hole.

    If I where any of the blondes or their family members, I would make damn sure that I had any camera, audio recording device or camera phone handy anytime Jill Zarin was in close proximity. The woman is just evil..She is a famewhore who will never have the kind of fame she seeks. She maybe come infamous ( a sad example of what not to do to reach success), but she will never be famous or RESPECTED.

    • happygal says:

      Shadows no more- You are absolutely right about the Mario confrontation-
      If hands had really been used- more people besides Jill’s posse would be making comments- no others besides “her” people commented on it- so major doubt-
      Also- A man asking a woman out for lunch or a “diet coke” to discuss a situation is normal. It is not weird- everyone knows everyone- he wanted to clear the air- and if she was soooo concerned- she could say- could Alex and Bobby join us-
      These people twist stuff to suit their needs- i would so love to see them sued for slander- wouldn’t that be delicious! AND yes- tape everything when talking to any of them- not to use unless needed for reference!

      • Nancy says:

        I couldn’t care less if my husband wanted to take another woman to luck to “clear the air.” Obviously KooKoo, LuMan and Shrill aren’t secure enough in their “relationship”
        to be ok with that. Says a lot doesn’t it. Jill needs her initials on Bobby’s shirts to “keep all the women” away. What a joke thy are.

      • Mary says:

        I most certainly am not in “Jill’s Posse” and I do think it was totally inappropriate for Simon to inject himself into the drama that should be handled housewife-to-housewife on camera. Simon is NOT a housewife. When I posted it was inappropriate for Simon to have asked Jill out to talk, it most certainly isn’t because genders of the opposite sex shouldn’t go have lunch. I personally have lunch with male colleagues often and my husband wouldn’t raise an eyebrow to it. However, if my husband started asking out my friends to discuss arguments I’ve had with them, I would tell him to let me handle my own friends. I can’t believe I’m saying this about Kelly, but she was right! And in no way shape or form are Simon and Jill friends. Simon simply wanted air-time. He’s an unemployed fame-whore with too much time to twitter. This is the same idiot that put a basket of panties on his crotch and tried to ingratiate himself to the same woman that called his wife a fu****** bit***. Sorry, but that’s not manly to me. I respect all the other opinions, but I’m sticking to mine. I come to this blog to enjoy the community and I feel you HappyGal are attacking me and anyone with a dissenting opinion when you write:

        “You are absolutely right about the Mario confrontation-
        If hands had really been used- more people besides Jill’s posse would be making comments- no others besides “her” people commented on it…”

        When you accuse commenters with different opinions than the norm on this specific blog of basically being trolls, you give credence to the accusation on other popular blogs that only group think is tolerated here. Seriously, this is a valid concern. Nevertheless, I come back here because I love Lynn & Quincy and enjoy the comments here, and no I am not a Jill fan. I’m just simply not a fan of a man that tells a woman to “watch out”. In my opinion, that makes him a coward, even if he said it to a snake called Jill. Simon Van Kempen simply had a melt-down because Jill wouldn’t give him attention on film.

        Thanks for reading my post. Have a great Sunday.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Not 100% sure (cause I’m not Happygal), but I just assumed by her people etc she was referring to the fact that the main witness involved was the boyfriend of one of Jill’s staff. Thus, making him part of her posse.

        • BessiB says:

          Simon is paid to have airtime, just like all the other housewives. Why do people keep saying that he just wants air time? It is part of this contract!

        • Jill is Jealous says:

          Mary, Kelly isn’t a housewife and neither is Cindy and Sonya. Simon and Alex should get their own show and Bravo should cancel the New York Housewives.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Totally agree with everything you’ve said. I love the “alcoholic or drinks too much” tab gets used by Jill for anyone she has a beef with i.e. “Simon drinks too much” and Ramona this season.

      From 6/08 from Jill regarding Alex and Simon:

      “I do not speak to those two. First of all, he drinks too much. And is very insulting. And they are not invited to my July Fourth party in the Hamptons, which is very big and which is my fifth annual and which everybody wants to come to. She and I will keep doing the show, of course, but I will have nothing to do with her otherwise.”

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I just scared the cat with my laughing at “which is very big and which is my fifth annual and which everybody wants to come to”. I love this. It strikes me as so over-the-top delusional. It’s the kind of ridiculous line you want to work into a story some day. Or just use somehow to be funny. Thanks, Jillosaurous.

  53. VAgirl says:

    I was just in the shower and got to thinking (I have done some of my best thinking in the shower). The timing of Victoria-gate is suspicious. Luann had just asked Ramona to be in the video and apparently had a problem with Ramona not agreeing. The video of Victoria got accidentally tweeted while she was in Atlantic City making the video. Do ya think maybe Ramona was trying to make a point to Luann that if she stayed at home more with her kids something like this might not have happened?

  54. MAMAZ says:

    These people have chosen to be on reality shows. They want us to see their lives, their homes, their families and “fabulous circle of friends”. Then cry foul if we say “I know where that home is, that business.” They invited our interest in their personal lives. Hell, they are counting on it! I think they have some legitimate security concerns. But that’s part of the deal they made when they allowed a camera to follow them around.
    It’s not the same as an actor who plays a role and trys to keep his/her private life private. And BTW you can buy maps to their homes and not be a stalker.

    • Re-reading WSL’s full post (the link I posted above – I just pulled a small part of it over here) I’ll bet Jill was steamed that WSL could see through all her fabulous web of lies. Of course she wasn’t a stalker – Jill would be lucky to get invited to the same parties as this woman.

    • happygal says:

      So agree- They want to be in the show- They want the attention and then cry wolf when they get it-
      it takes a specific type of person to be in a reality show- very few are able to control the out come- the only person who has had a positive outcome of this has been Bethenny- and even she has had to deal with the hits- She knew what she was doing from the Martha Stewart reality experience… and with that- decided to use the opportunity to promote her Skinny Girl Brand- she made it really clear from the first episode- remained true to that- however, it still is a risk to do this type of filming and most participants are casualties in their personal lives and sometimes professional. They start to believe they really are stars and much more important that they really are- hence second season syndrome.

      • Error404 says:

        Bethenny is lucky that things ended up as good as they did. During the first2seasons of RHNY, a lot of “bad” things happened for her. The company she spent most of her time plugging went belly up. Her bf broke up with her after he lost his job because of the show. Bravo hired a crazy bitch who hater her and who actively out to get her. She’s very lucky that 60% of viewers find her funny, because the 40% who don’t are a vociferous group.

        • happygal says:

          First, Error 404- love your name… and all of the posts- insight, funny and sharp- this one was insightful- It is a combination of lucky for Bethenny but also her nature and drive made her prepared for the final outcome- As her book, A place of Yes states, her walk through this experience- was all roads lead to Rome- she had to experience it all in order for her to be where she is now- and that is really the universal truth we all know within ourselves… She did not invent that concept- our parents and others who have taken the time to talk with us and mentor us over the years all talk about that concept, one way or another… she just put it in a form that works easily – She worked with what she knew, dealt with all of the “bad stuff from the first 2 seasons, and moved on….
          I think that all of the “blondes have kind of had this same experience in this season… Alex seems to have realized what this is all about is ready to release all of this emotionally, and Ramona has seen her “relationship with Jill go by the wayside and is ready to dump her.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I think what was so infuriating to WSL was Jill was shown in Season 1 getting out of a limo in front of a beautiful Manhattan hi rise complete with doorman.

      Then Jill put her apartment up for sale, so it was a matter of public record where it was located because she was trying to use her “cachet” as a RH “star” to jack up the price.

      WSL lives in the neighborhood, vaguely knew where the apartment for sale was located as it’s near her building- but had a surprise when she saw that the apartment for sale was NOT the apartment that Jill gets out in front of in season 1.

      So she went for a walk to see for herself.

      And here we are.

    • FLG says:

      I’m not going to stop watching Burn Notice because I am familiar with Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. It’s one of the reasons I DO watch it. I enjoy “travelling around town, recognizing buildings and neighborhoods”, without having to deal with the traffic down here! When I feel like going to Coconut Grove, I go there. When I feel like going to South Beach, I go there. There are several political figures I have seen in gay bars that wish I hadn’t seen them in that environment together, but they chose to go to those bars, too. Not My Fault.

      • arabracer says:

        My dad use to have coffee in the mornings in south beach- versace loved walking down to this corner cafe and no one ever bothered him. We do see celebrities in palm beach during season and at the horse shows. Jill zarin really wouldn’t count here.

        • MAMAZ says:

          When I was in London I had my husband take my picture under the Baker Street sign because I like the Sherlock Holmes books. Should I turn myself in to Scotland Yard?

        • Debbie says:

          he’s walk down ocean drive to the news cafe..saw him often..you’re right. jz’s a joke.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        FLG, I worry about you being too close to “Dexter”. Please do not ‘stalk’ Dexter, he might deviate from “The Code”. 😉

  55. This is what Simon had to say before signing off of Twitter:

    @——–: @SimonvanKempen @mccordalex any response that you invited @Jillzarin stalker to bday party? I call bs but would like to hear ur take.


    1) I didn’t know of her allegations until after they’d been here.
    2) I don’t randomly ask people who come to our home “Do you or did you stalk Jill Zarin”
    3) How did this person allegedly stalk her & where r the police complaint/charges?

    Then he posted this ….

    @——: @SimonvanKempen Forget the “haters” You don’t need to keep defending and explaining yourself Take a break and enjoy your family and friends

    I agree, this is all just too absurd. I’m checking out of twitter. Bye bye for now. Wishing a gr8 4th to all! RT

  56. Dwight Schrute says:

    Dear Kelly B.

    Here. I invited you over for this pancake because I’m worried about you. Breathe. Don’t breathe. You’re orange. I don’t like that. Oh, my God, don’t be orange, Kelly!

    Honestly, I’d like to ask you about your blog because I am concerned about you. You wrote “its horrible to think that someone in your close circuit is actively trying to harm and hurt your career choices.”

    -Did you know that Jill Zarin, under a nom de plume apparently went onto Amazon to give bad reviews to books written by others in the close circuit?
    -Did you know, that Jill Zarin apparently attempted to put the kibosh on Bethenny’s spin off?
    -Did you know, that Jill Zairn apparently attempted to get herself put in place of other opportunities for housewives to guest on talk shows?
    -Did you know, that Jill Zairn tried to get Alex removed from Housewives and Simon fired from his hotel job?

    If you didn’t know that, now you do. Know that you do, Do you still stand by that statement because,as I see it, the person who has been guilty of actively trying to harm and hurt career choices has been Jill Zarin, not Simon van Kempen.

    I only bring this up because I’m worried about you and don’t want you to be iced out. Now finish your pancake and go run along in the street.

    • happygal says:

      hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha snort giggle howl hahahahahahaha
      oh i need to breathe, hahahahahahahahahaha, sigh…..
      I want you as my concerned friend…..

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Oh Hell and Holy Water. Marry Me. Wait, I’m already married. Would an illicit cyber affair complete with jelly beans, pinot grigio and a red wig work for you?

      • happygal says:

        noooooooooooooooooooooo now everyone will what you…….
        oh- am i stalking you???? or am i just appreciating your sense of humor…..

    • Mary says:

      Loved your letter!

    • If only Kelly knew how to read complete paragraphs.

  57. Tina Succoro says:

    Jill has a scar on her upper right cheek. Does anyone else notice the scar? Was she the victim of abuse from her first husband or Bobby?

    Jill’s scar is definitely from a trauma.

    Any thoughts on Jill’s bad scar?

  58. Tina Soccoccio says:

    Jill has a scar on her upper right cheek. Does anyone else notice the scar? Was she the victim of abuse from her first husband or Bobby?

    Jill’s scar is definitely from a trauma.

    Any thoughts on Jill’s bad scar?

  59. Nancy says:

    How Alex and Simon could be in the same room with Shill after she called Simon’s boss is beyond
    me. Of course she had him fired and she is trying the same thing with his new job. She is a piece of work. Could you imagine the personal hell she is in day in and day out? I almost feel sorry for her. IMHO Shrill and LuMan will never really be happy ever again.

    • quincyil says:

      Jill is on twitter giving the http of her juicy details in her super secret blog. I think is is a mistake.

      • I hope they add WSL to the show for next year. That would NOT be a mistake. I’d love to see someone on the show who actually lives the fabulous lifestyle they all claim to lead.

      • Carly Hall says:

        I just realized that Bravo Andy does not “follow” Jill. I bet he doesn’t know the 1/2 of what she does. This must keep her awake at night.

        • I’ll bet she blocked him with her autoblock thingy.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Here at the university, most students have decided to not allow Mom and Dad to friend them on Facebook because they might see the drunk party pics and other bad behavior. I see a striking similarity. Someone should ask Andy why he doesn’t follow Jill.

          • Do you go to KU? or UMKC? I do think we are in the same neck of the woods!

            • Kansas Girl says:

              Shadows, I’m not a student, but thanks for the compliment! I like to think I’m just a young slip of a thing, LOL! I answered DGCO above, the clue. And I work for the big factory in town, if ya know what I mean. LOL. We are neighbors.

          • floridagirl88 says:

            Maybe it was like cyber stalking and he blocked her.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Nancy, I thought the same exact thing. Where in hell does she have the nerve to call someone else’s employer? Are you kidding me? If Jill doesn’t get FIRED from RHONY, Alex needs to leave this show. It is such an unhealthy environment for her.

  60. AZ Girl says:

    Dear Lisa Wexler: Just looked up your profile on Martindale.com. What? No peer rating???? hmmmmm that is unfortunate….

    • Carly Hall says:

      She’s been “peer-reviewed” by Don Imus. I think the words he used were “unlikeable and fat.”

      • AZ Girl says:

        I still can’t forget the look on Imus’ face when Jill and Lisa gave him a knitted scarf from Gloria. He looked at it like it was roadkill. I am not a fan of Imus but he had me at that moment.

        • Carly Hall says:

          OMG! ROFL!

          Wasn’t it the next day he was complaining about them to in-studio guest Bethenny? I will never forget that B did not go along for even one second. She even seemed to frown at Imus calling Lisa fat, as tho it wasn’t appropriate.

          Roles reversed and Jill would have cackled like a hen.

          • AZ Girl says:

            This is why Bethenny is a class act and Jill is……whatever….twitter fodder…

  61. I decided to but this on the blog again. It was late when I linked it to Lynn’s last blog. This is a link to Ramonas’ facebook .It’s the video slideshow of all the pictures shown at Ramona &Sonja Birthday party. Whether you love or hate Ramona, you got to admit it was very sweet to share her birthday party with Sonja.That party was so much classier and special compared to the trashy party Lulu and Cindy hosted for Jill birthday. Ramona was pretty hot in her younger days. No wonder Mario found her attractive then and I’m sure now. Avery looks a lot like her mom. Sonja is gorgeous too. Both ladies have retained their beauty well.


    • Smompy says:

      Thanks for reposting…I hadn’t seen it when it was posted before. Ramona really rocked those 1980s looks! And, for that matter, so did Sonja. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think young Mario looked a little more like our own Error than JFK Junior.

  62. neroes says:

    Bethenny just tweeted that Bryn Casey Hoppy took her first steps today. Gosh I remember those days.

    • Nancy says:

      Ohhhhh how sweet. Remember her first word was “Mama.”
      Congratulations Bethenny and Jason!

  63. FlowerPower says:

    Wow! So much to read. Fantastic blog, Lynn. Haven’t had time to keep up…two-year-old granddaughter had third spinal surgery and is still in the hospital, but her little toes are wiggling, so we’re happy. Home with a migraine myself, so reading (slowly) with dimmed screen, trying to ignore the pain.

    Happy Fourth, everyone!!!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      (trying to type very quietly)
      I hope your grand-daughter is home soon, and I hope your migraine lifts

      • FlowerPower says:

        Thank you 🙂 It’s so nice to see you posting again. You guys are all amazing. So funny and brilliant! I love this blog (even when reading with one eye closed).

    • quincyil says:

      I am so happy. wriggling toes are wonderful.

      • FlowerPower says:

        They are! We were so worried she’d lose all leg function.

        • FLG says:

          Congratulations on wiggling toes! I am a spinal cord injury/surgery survivor. I remember very well when I began to wiggle my toes. I really knew things would be better when I felt one of my toes itch. Bless you and your granddaughter. Many milestones can begin with the wiggling of a toe.

          • FlowerPower says:

            I thought of you and rhetorica and (others on the board who have been through so much) while we were waiting during the surgery. I included all of you in the prayers I was saying.

            • Fort Lauderdale Gay says:

              You and your granddaughter are in mine as well. I think the ordeal is harder on the loved ones/caregivers than the patients. They at least give us patients the good medications. We’re asleep while you are left to wait and worry. If there is anyway I can be of help, let me know. I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t sincerely mean it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Sorry about your migraine but wiggling toes is so wonderful and worth celebrating!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Flower, the wiggly toes are great and I’m sure you’re very relieved. I’d suspect the migraine is one of relief from the worry. Hope it lifts soon.

      • FlowerPower says:

        Ooh, you might be right! I used to get them on the weekends after really tough work-weeks. I had forgotten about that…..

        • Kansas Girl says:

          As I understand, and I’m not a doctor (but my mom was a nurse and my best friend’s father was a doctor, so I’m practically a doctor, LOL), migraines are caused by the blood vessels being constricted for a while and then relaxing. It’s the relaxation and the flood of normal circulation that causes the migraine. So it would make sense that after a stressful event you could get one. I’m not sure how scientific that is. And to totally refute that theory, my mother had migraines that came monthly. Clearly I need another medical person in my family to make me a better doctor.

          • MAMAZ says:

            FlowerPower – Wonderful news about those wiggly toes! I have never had a migraine so I can offer nothing no advice just sympathy. Thinking about those little toes must help.

        • quincyil says:

          “Let down headaches.” I have them also. If I am under stress, the headaches will follow the event. I take my medicine and relax in a warm bathtub. I think it helps the meds work faster.

          This works for me. I have had tons of different meds over the years, but this does not make me sick to my stomach.

          Ask you doctor if this could help you:

    • Rhetorica says:

      Oh Flower Power such good news! Please take a breath & relax now. Keep us posted.

    • Good wishes and prayers from me to you and your granddaughter. Migraines suck! I got them a lot when I was younger. I occasionally get them now. If I run out of my prescription pain reliever I’m can be in serious trouble. It helps me to dim lightsand put a cold compress on my forehead. Sometimes the only trick for me is to sleep through it. They suck and I am usually wiped out after they pass.

  64. What if?

    When LuAnn was talking about Alex using people to social climb – they were really talking about Alex having WSL over to her house so that she had a society friend to sit with at fabulous events? Holy cow – no wonder Jill and LuAnn were in a tizzy and have been all season!

    Here are some of the things WSL had to say about Jill when she reviewed S1 part 1

    “Wall St Lady says:
    November 4, 2010 at 5:32 pm
    I am watching season one of
    NYC Ho wives (got at Target).

    In a rented car Jill shows her 3 invitations proudly (all are on the internet).Having an invitation doesn’t”’ mean u have an IN table to join.

    Jill says entrance to NY society is expensive.
    Yes when u r a troll and no one wants u unless u make large donations.

    For normal socialites (like moi) u just have to buy a ticket and have someone with a great table to sit with.
    Some one told Jill to go away until Bobby donates a building. I bet she offered Zarrin Fabrics !
    She must really not be wanted.

    Trust me the Trump wives would never let Jill sit at their table.

    This was 1 of 3 of season one.
    Love WSL”

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      makes sense. They both want to keep Alex in “her place”. God forbid she becomes more fabulous than the two of them.

  65. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill said her family wanted her to return this season to show viewers who she really is….I don’t believe that for a minute. More likely, they couldn’t talk her out of leaving the show and she couldn’t keep her word when she said she wouldn’t come back if Alex did. She wants to be loved and she isn’t even likeable!
    Unfortunately, she did come back and sadly has only reinforced what she showed us last season. Now she has her sister actively participating in her bullying via her two bit radio program (which won’t last very much longer) and her husband, who she has misinformed speaking out on national tv!
    Jill doesn’t understand that nothing is super secret or exclusive on the internet or twitter. Moron!

    • floridagirl88 says:

      “…her family wanted her to return this season to show viewers who she really is…”

      You mean her own family wants her to fail? Maybe they are afraid of her too.

  66. EnoughTransphobia says:

    Not gonna lie, one of the responses made me laugh pretty hard,

    This is not meant to make light of the domestic abuse that Kelly victimized her fiance Nick Stefanov – it just made me chuckle that someone called her out for offering love advice when she has been charged with criminal domestic assault. I would laugh in morbid horror at a love advice from Ike Turner or Chris after he battered Rihanna, too.

    • EnoughTransphobia says:

      whoopps, link didn’t go:


      Obviously, the link is from one of the sites Jill pays to lick her asshole, so use your proxies, people, if you are concerned about idiot nothings having your IP addresses. Which is actually a pretty valid concern – Jill would stop at nothing to silence her critics.

      Bonnie Fuller is renowned throughout NY world as being a super hack – one of the kind of people that Jon Stewart thinks “hurts America” – she is a bad journalist and a bad person. Evidently, it costs about 5,000 pounds to curry her good favor for editorials. She puts forth all kinds of pro-Jill rhetoric with no level-headed analysis at all. With no information at all! People keep saying it’s clear she doesn’t even really watch the show; she’s simply print trash, as they say.

  67. Carly Hall says:

    I think I know who is behind one of the new, crazy twitter accounts….a truly insane woman. I think I just put it together. I hate when I don’t have enough work to not pay attention to these weirdos.

    • Nancy says:

      Do you know what the real NY socialites think of Bobby and Jill?

      • Adgirl says:

        Real socialites don’t think about them at all.

        • Nancy says:

          I just read a blog from 6 months ago. I couldn’t believe what you went through. I found this site after that occurred. Is that all behind you now? Life is strange sometimes.
          Hope you have a nice 4th of July weekend. 🙂

          • Adgirl says:

            Hi Nancy, Thank you for your kind words. We are all doing reasonably OK. My kids are much better now.
            The person who is still injured is my husband. He was a high flying CFO in manufacturing. That sector doesn’t exist in CA anymore. He made the finals for every job he interviewed for. They all say “no” due to “no experience” in medical, high tech or non-profit etc. It’s discouraging to him. Otherwise he is “overqualified”.
            Everyone has problems. We just need to take one step at a time.

      • TangyOrange says:

        I wondered the same. Anderson Cooper is a REAL socialite born bred and many generations legacy. His snark on these women is side splitting.

    • Happymouth says:

      truely insane…………….it must be Jill or Kelly

  68. EnoughTransphobia says:

    Oh, God, I’m sorry I just read through a bunch of Kelly’s responses -oh, this is the funniest most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.


    It’s just so funny. I guess I have a very dark sense of humor.

    Dear Henry VIII, my wives heads bounce too much upon execution, and I find it difficult to hide the bruises after I’ve beaten them. What do? Love, peasants. Dear peasants, make sure you’re on a reality show, and then it won’t matter if YOU BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR LOVED ONES, EVIDENTLY. Regarding head bouncing, try to only hire executioners from London – they are better trained to aim downwards so as to not upset the crowds with bouncing bits.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Enough, you have a strange, yet amusing, sense of humor.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        what does Enough Transphobia mean?

        Transportation phobia?

        Transylvania Phobia?

        Transvestite Phobia?

        Sweet Tranvestite from Transylvania Phobia?

        • annoyedbyconstantstupidclichedtansphobicjokesseriusly says:

          I think we should let everyone know, including the media, how much this blog hates homosexuals and transsexuals, and how much jokes about them are celebrated. 🙂

          I was legitimately completely on you side and thought you guys were the shit, but it tuns out you guys just despise gays and trans, like any other disgusting hate blog. boil in your hatred, dear. It’s sort of hilarious that no one wants to know you or date you. 🙂

          • MAMAZ says:

            We don’t despise gays or trans! Where did you ever get that idea? Don’t you know some of the people posting on here are gay?

          • Fort Lauderdale Gay says:

            You have jumped to the wrong conclusion here.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            WOW I don’t know where you get that idea, we have absolutely no prejudice here! Eveyone is welcome, gay, straight, male, female and every in between. Care to explain where you got this ridiculous idea?

          • I have never once witness anyone on this blog show hatred toward someone who is gay. My son is gay and many posters hear are as well. There are many differences in opinions but never a hateful word or action to someone because of sexuality, gender, age or ethnicity. There are various senses of humor but nothing that has ever crossed the line and if someone every said they where offended by a joke or comment, I am absolutely positive an apology would be issued. NO ONE intentionally tries to offend here. We even treat the trolls nice.

          • floridagirl88 says:

            Oh, Jill, give it a rest. It’s a holiday.

    • MAMAZ says:


    • FLG says:

      When verbal evisceration is the only remedy, Cat O is the go to girl, IMHO!

  69. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello my lovely ladies and Error, FLG and DizQueen too! I’ve been MIA a bit as I was caring for RealDad as RealMom was in the hospital with a pneumonia. GREAT NEWS… RealParents are back in their own home, as she was released and they were both happy to go home. Although it was a short time, it was a bit overwhelming, and I thank all of you who encouraged me with your kind words. Being a caregiver for a parent is HARD WORK and I notice my sisters quickly disappeared. That’s okay. My parents are well and that’s all that matters. 🙂

    Now back to my originally scheduled snarking…. RealThoughts by Amber… LOL

    1. Why all the anger towards Simon when Mario will rip, shred, and tear a housewife to pieces in a NY minute?! Mario has famously coined the names of “Jillousy” for Jill and the funny on every level “Countless” for DasBootDelooselips! LOL He’s the one they should be afraid of, but then again Simon is more cerebral and catty in his battles and that can make him more lethal. It’s like child’s play to him, but Jill is Chucky! 😛

    2. I’ve come up with a hypothesis as to why Claude aka DinaDownerManzo is not speaking to CarolinebackerClownettaManzo. She wanted to return to the show and when BRAVO wasn’t interested, wanted the Joisey HW’s to band together, refusing to film if Dina wasn’t rehired. BozoManzoon (who was now the HBIC) and JacBeSimple, realizing that BRAVO would never have a repeat performance of their lockout again, said “Hell No!”. TMAN, however, desperate to keep her SIL and Kat from joining, or at least having a real ally, was all for it. That’s why Terroriza is still in GungaDinDin’s inner circle, along with GrandmaWrinkles and some other cat.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      ah yes. We have a winner.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Amber – I think you are right on both points.
        1 The big difference is Mario doesn’t care about the Housewives or the show and Simon really loves being on TV.
        2 – Absolutely! I’m positive this is what happened.

    • FLG says:

      Welcome back! So very happy for you that your parents are back home. I hope you get plenty of much deserved rest and laughter! The combination is a wonderful tonic, but I know you already know that!

  70. Why would Jill accuse a person much higher on the social ladder than her of being her stalker?? This is really bugging me. Is it a way to get WSL to come forward – guaranteeing press? Does she think WSL will stay quiet because she’s embarrassed about watching these shows? Jill can’t possibly think she can make inflammatory comments and get away with it, can she?? And quite frankly – it’s only a matter of time before someone other than us figures out who WSL is.

    Thinking … thinking … thinking ….

    If Jill was strategic, this would be an excellent way to guarantee her a position on the show next year – but that’s expecting too much from her.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      In my opinion, Jillosaurus’ logic is not the same as our logic. So she may well think she and WSL are on the same social level. She may well not understand her comments are inflammatory. I think her reality is quite different from ours and that makes it hard for us to understand what on earth she could be thinking.

    • Adgirl says:

      I don’t think WSL gives a crap. I doubt she will bother with responding publicly.

      I do think you are correct about Jill trying to provoke her. Just like Jill’s threat to Simon about repeating what his ex-boss alledgedly said about him. If she ever does say anything, I bet his former boss will defend him – isn’t one of Simon’s clients his former hotel?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Theory #1 It’s a way of linking her name to WSL. ie: if this person on a higher rung on NYC Social ladder is interested in lil ole me than lil ole me must be super exciting indeed.

      Theory #2- Her vendettas have no boundries. We’re all anonymous here except Lynn. When WSL was outed on another blog- and Jill knew exactly who was trashing her on this blog, she went into full on battle mode. Lynn is half a country away but WSL is literally in Jill’s back yard. They know a lot of the same people so Jill is using this as a presumptive strike to turn opinion away from WSL.

      WSL knows Bobby and knows Bobby’s family pre Jill, so Jill is tiptoeing around naming her (IMHO). I think she’s trading on that long time allegiance that WSL will keep her mouth shut.

      Watching the show and being interested in the RHONY is nothing for WSL or anyone for that matter to be embarrassed about. BUT WSL has a company that is very much in the business of keeping confidences. It may not look good to her client’s that she’s mixing it up with a reality star nobody with no financial background or credentials.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        WSL is a lady through and through – class, manners and a high powered businesswoman. She would never roll around in the mud with a pig like Jill nor would she give her the time of day. WSL would just ice her out!

      • FLG says:

        Ding, Ding, Ding, lights flashing in my head and it’s not Thorazine! Thank you OMIB and WCW!

  71. TangyOrange says:

    Love this site. I would have never known about it if Jill had not done all that advertising.

  72. Nancy says:

    Cesar Millan must be channeling Jill Zarin this weekend.
    Quote…”That’s what makes a human being a human being. Admit your faults, move on, and try to help someone else.”
    Lets all pray Jill is watching The Dog Whisperer today.

  73. Cindy is a baffoon. Enough said about her. Kelly, well, she’s just Kelly. Stupid, inappropriate, waay out there, and looking old. God love Alex and Simon. No matter what they stick together. I dont know why Simon wasted his time trying to set a “meet up” with JZ. Why bother?? I could give a shit less what she thinks, and so should he. He might as well have banged his head against a brick wall. Either way, it doesn’t end pretty.

    Why is Cindy still on the show, and Luanne, and Kelly…none of them are “housewives”. They’re just pathetic, divorced, psuedo moms with too much money. I could give two rat’s asses about any of them.

  74. ommyfriggingod says:

    Ok, hahahhaha. For anyone who does not know, Kelly has an advice column ok. I have some questions too.

    1. Kelly, sometimes I beat my fiance a little but not to the point that he’s black and blue. The bruises I have given him are more around the greenish mark. How can I best cover them if I have to take him to an event?

    2 Kelly, I beat the shit out of my fiance and my kids heard all about it the next day. How can I assure them that he is still manly and also avoid them knowing that I’m essentially a domestic abuser?

    3. My kids have figured out that I’m a domestic abuser, a GIANT hypocrite, and a violent, unstable, bad person. What can I do to make them not hate me now that they know who I really am?

  75. I just read an article about Jill in Star Magazine. The title of the article is “RHONYC Jill Connected & Protected By Mob Wives.” A source told Star magazine that Jill was the only Bravolebrity to welcome the cast of Mob Wives. According to the source, Renee Graziano doesn’t like the other Housewives because they snubbed her when they attended the same parties in NYC. The source also claims that some of the Housewives think they are better than the Mob Wives. Jill reached out to the Mob Wives and they vowed to watch her back and to make sure that their new friend won’t be bullied anymore. Renee Graziano allegedly told Jill that she can consider herself protected and the other Housewives better cool it or else they’ll come over the bridge whenever she needs them. Gee, I wonder who would leak this story to Star Magazine.

    • annoyedbyconstantstupidclichedtansphobicjokesseriusly says:

      Oh, wow. Thanks for post! I adore the mob wives, but like, what the hell is Renee gonna do? Suffocate me with her lower ab flab? She’s so silly, and useless, and has no teeth nor legs. Her guy is in jail and genuinely doesn’t give a shit about her nor her squabbles anyway. It’s s bizarre that she thinks she’s scary when everyone, literally everyone, thinks she’s a giant ugly joke!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:


        ok what now?

        annoyed by constant stupid cliched tans phobic jokes seriusly

        I’m a little lost but anyhoo…

        I love that crazy mob chick! She has teeth! (right?) hard to see them past the overly Restalyned lips but they’re there. I wouldn’t be afraid of her at all. She’s a big ole buffoon.

        Drita on the other hand? Not so sure I’d f*ck with that.

      • Rory P. Bellows says:

        as someone with “lower ab flab” I’M OFFENDED!…….LMAO

    • TangyOrange says:

      So, Star Mag has connected Jill to the mob? Interesting. Can’t see how Bawby could see this as a great business move.

    • FLG says:

      Unsolicited advice to the other housewives: You may want to keep an eye out for the Staten Island Ferry and stay away from Todt Hill, too!

    • Maybe that’s why Kelly carried Jills’ message to Alex about being ICED! Maybe Jill thinks she now apart of the mob and Kelly is her henchman!

      • floridagirl88 says:

        So does that make Kelly a cyber bully? Why is she issuing threats to Alex?

    • Rory P. Bellows says:

      i heard that drita met some of rhnyc and said they were nice but that she was a BETHANNY FAN heres the poop………….

      “Lori Koff: We heard that recently you hung out with Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon of The Real Housewives of New York City? How did that come about? Are they fans of your show?

      Drita D’avanzo: Yes. I met with Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon while I was hosting a party at the Chelsea Room. They were so friendly and we had a really nice time together. I was so flattered to hear that they are fans of mine. She [Jill] told me she loved me and that I’m beautiful in person… she was awesome. Kelly the same. I’m their fav which is great.

      LK: Are you a Real Housewives fan? Which franchises do you watch and who are your favorite housewives and why?

      DD: I do watch the Real Housewives of NYC on occasion and I admire all powerful women from New York! One of my favorites has to be Bethenny Frankel (well, Hoppy now!). I love how driven she is and it’s so nice to see her success”

      Continue reading on Examiner.com Exclusive: Mob Wives’ Drita D’avanzo talks about Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ – National The Real Housewives | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/the-real-housewives-in-national/exclusive-mob-wives-drita-d-avanzo-talks-about-bravo-s-real-housewives#ixzz1R164zJ00

  76. annoyedbyconstantstupidclichedtansphobicjokesseriusly says:

    Oh, ok, I guess Lynn via quincy despises transsexuals and feels extreme hatefulness toward them, Good to know. 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:



      • Nancy says:

        So am I.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          maybe our sweet transvestite in transexual transylvania needs to lighten up just a tad. There’s no hate here.

          Posting a Utube video from Rocky Horror picture show is not enough of a sin to tell me to boil in my hatred and that no one wants to date me. really? I’m hurt to the core. Not.

          I’m an equal opportunity hater, meaning I’ll hate you cause you’re a pompous windbag who’s full of yourself -not because you look better in a dress than me.


    • AZ Girl says:

      I am totally lost.

    • quincyil says:

      I have no problem with any adult having any lifestyle.

      • FLG says:

        I can vouch for Lynn, Quincy, this board and it’s members. I have found no LGBT-phobia on this board. They have welcomed me like I am one of their own. I cannot say that about some of Bravo’s stars.

    • Fort Lauderdale Gay says:

      Just in case you may have taken my comment wrong,
      1) the Staten Island Ferry is one of the major ways of commuting from Staten Island to New York City.
      2) Todt Hill is the highest elevation on Staten Island and where many of the Mob Bosses allegedly have homes. Many of the largest homes in New York City are located in the Todt Hill area.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      What the hell are you talking about?

      • Nancy says:

        You crack me up. No fluff no beating around bush, give it to them straight…

        “What the hell are you talking about?”

  77. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Looks like Courtney and Bob Novogratz from Bravo’s 9 by Design have a new show coming to HGTV. Looks like HGTV is picking up Bravo’s castoff’s.

    • Carly Hall says:

      OH I love them. Well, sometimes Bob is a bit grouchy for my taste, but I love that big, healthy family. THANKS for this info!!!!!!!

    • Error404 says:

      Finally! It premiers 7/16. They’ve been talking about it for months, I was starting to get paranoid I missed it! Afaik, neither they nor bravo have come out and said 9byD won’t have a s2.

  78. AZ Girl says:

    You would think Jill would give her minions the weekend off on the 4th of July.

    • Nancy says:

      AZ Girl,
      Are you kidding? She has to have her “people” work 24/7 to keep up with negative posts. I wonder where she hides them? Seriously they probably had to rent an apt to fit them all in. The no doubt work around the clock. Just think what good Jill COULD have done with all the energy she puts into this.
      I guess I could say the same thing about myself.

      • Happymouth says:

        Jill said yesterday on the radio show that her cyber assistant Darren and his boyfriend were spending the weekend with her and Bobby in the Hamptons ( in their rented house ) Kelly and her girls are also staying with Jill because Kelly’s home in the Hamptons has been rented out for the summer. I am sure Jill’s “people” are working this weekend.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Poor minions trapped in some basement to do Jill’s dirty work while she in the the Hamptons.

  79. MAMAZ says:

    Dream WWHL guest
    Rabbi Schmuley Boteach
    I would love to hear what he has to say about the machinations of JZ and her cohorts.

    • happygal says:

      Right on…. How could he look at Jill in the face and agree with all that she has done… Her behavior is nothing that I learned in temple!

      • MAMAZ says:

        happygal – did you ever watch his TLC show Shalom in the Home? I loved it! He’s all peace and love like Bawby claims to be,

        • happygal says:

          yup, i have caught it… and he is coming from a place of good… where as she is coming from a lash back and keeping score… she turns my stomach and embarrasses me with her actions…
          Must do deep cleansing breath 🙂

          • Nancy says:

            I wonder if he could help Bethenny with all her “issues” re: her childhood.
            She doesn’t know this yet but that is the key for her to be truly happy.

        • Nancy says:

          I LOVE that show. We have to find a way for him and Jill to meet.
          I’m not joking around. He would be PERFECT for Jill (and Bobby.)
          How can we do this?

          • MAMAZ says:

            I think he’s the one person who could maybe, MAYBE, make her see what she’s doing, the damage she’s causing and the pain she’s inflicting. And could do it without being confrontational and judgemental.

  80. MAMAZ says:

    Annoyedbyconstantstupidclichedtransphobicjokesseriusly – I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m truly sorry if I said anything to offend you. I am not transphobic or homophobic. I am human and therefore capable of being insensitive sometimes. Please accept this apology and stick around. I think you’ll find we are a loving, accepting group.


    • Nancy says:

      I think I’m the guilty one. My comment to Kelly was meant to be a joke. I was the one that was out of line and I’m sorry.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I don’t think anyone did anything on purpose or to be bigoted or hateful. i just didn’t want someones feelings to be hurt.
        I hope annoyed will accept both our apologies. 🙂

      • Error404 says:

        Shrug. Comics have been getting bellylaughs for Centuries over people’s inherent human flaws.

        I said lisa’s clothes were so unattractive even an uber-feminist lesbian would find them unflattering. I’ve seen many lesbian comics over the years and they say stuff like this all of the time. Twisting that around into ” this blog has an official policy to hate gays” is just idiotic IMO. It’s a frigging joke!

        I also said joked about the wrinkles that look like a bulge in kiki’s pants. People make jokes like this every day. If she had a wet spot and we said she looked like she peered her pants, would we be haters of the incontinent too then? What if she had a parrot on her shoulder and we made a pitot joke, would we have to apologize for hating 16 th century seafaring theives?

        Seriously, this remark is just as bad as jill’s I’m being bullied bullshit. Accusations of Defamation must prove malicious intent in court, or else everyone who got highly offend by the color green would be rewarded a million $ every time they saw a bush.

        • Fort Lauderdale Gay says:

          Loud Applause. You don’t go to a Lisa Lampanelli show if you’re in the mood for an aria!

          • Nancy says:

            You remind me so much of my pairs partner from the show.
            He would say the things you say right before we were to take the ice.
            Let me tell you it is almost impossible to skate when you are cracking up.
            I would get so mad at him because one night I got fined by the Director because I was unable to do a lift because I was laughing.
            Sweet memories.

        • Nancy says:

          Thanks error.
          I would hate it here if we weren’t allowed to joke around. But I can see if someone new didn’t know us some comments could be hurtful.
          But…get over yourself.

          • MAMAZ says:

            I posted this but somehow it ended up downthread.

            I know and I don’t want to be too PC but I just don’t want someone new to misunderstand. Or think we really are transphobic.
            I think transgender people are one of the least respected groups. I just wanted annoyed to know that we are generally a pretty caring group of people.

            • Zoey says:

              I agree with you all that I haven’t seen anyone here be rude toward, well any minorities or groups that might be targeted at times…eh, trying to find the right words here. Basically new people should know that there WILL be jokes, comments, attempts at jokes, all on the subject of Luann being manly, and Kelly similarly- not so feminine.

              Hope it doesn’t offend because it cracks me up! I love hearing new names for these two clowns. I apologize to clowns everywhere….Wait a minute, no I don’t. I find clowns creepy, sorry, but I do!!!

  81. happygal says:

    Jill’s tweet that i saw…
    Jillzarin Jill Zarin
    Make sure you visit @ZarinFabrics when you are in NYC. Here is all the information on @CityMaps tinyurl.com/42uhu4q

    So if i visit that place, which you are inviting me to do with a detailed map, will i then become a stalker….- I am confused … because you accused others of going to the location you just invited me to.. and said they were stalkers….

  82. happygal says:

    saw this on jill’s twitter…

    Jillzarin Jill Zarin
    Make sure you visit @ZarinFabrics when you are in NYC. Here is all the information on @CityMaps tinyurl.com/42uhu4q

    If I visist – like you are inviting me.. will i be labeled a stalker – like you did to every other person that has come by your shop… really makes one wonder?

  83. Pantry viewer says:

    Did Jill have a minion contact wsl?? Why did she stop posting here?

    • Michigan Susan says:

      Hey Pantry, I’m confused too. I’ve been lurking and reading for several months now and I haven’t figured out the whole WSL story. Somebody needs to send me the cliffnotes for this blog. I missed some critical details along the way……
      And I have to say, Lynn and Quincy and all the gang have kept me chuckling and giggling with their humor and snark. While I read the blog and comments, I picture all of us hanging around in a kitchen drinking our beverage of choice having the greatest time.

      • Fort Lauderdale Gay says:

        and eating Cheese cake!

        • Michigan Susan says:

          Hey there FLG,
          How could I forget the cheesecake? That’s the best part of all. BTW, Your responses are priceless….smart, lightning quick and hilarious!

  84. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Did anyone notice how Baawwwby almost broke his neck turning to look at Sonja when she greeted him as she was walking with Ramona and Mario to the Dining/Montage area? Boy I bet Jillousy was jealous when she saw his greasey old ass eyeing Sonja. Am I the only one who saw that?

    • Carly Hall says:

      OH no! I didn’t see. But who could blame him. Hysterical.

    • MAMAZ says:

      LOL, I didn’t notice but it would have killed her.
      I think it bothers JZ that Sonja and Ramona have known each other so long and have reconnected. She wants to paint a picture of Ramona as someone who is so difficult that she has no friends. She can’t accomplish that with Sonja around.

    • cabbie413 says:

      i caught it!!!! ..and here I thought Bawby was an old gay mafia boss. He might be hetero afterall!

      • quincyil says:

        Sonja is stunning and she is the same age as Jill, but natural. Jill’s left eye was dropping in the last episode. It was quite noticable. I think the botox must have something to do with it.

        Sonja might have no money, but the trampoline doctor and his staff are excellent.

  85. MAMAZ says:

    Has anyone seen the pictures from Prince Albert’s wedding? She wore Armani and it was STUNNING! Much more my taste than Kate Middletons dress.

  86. Cusi77 says:

    Great Blog Lynn and Quincy! What a great duo, Girls!

    I’ve been reading about all the today posts… Fascinating information!

    Lynn: Jillzilla is green JEALOUS of YOU!!! Jelous of Your friendship with The Real Socialite of NYC and one of most influential Business Woman in The Country is killing her! She has sent her minions-trolls for months, she sent infiltrated nice others just to find out you can be more fabulous than her nobodywannabe self! This is my opinion and I stick with it! Lol! I pity Jill Zarin…

    • Fort Lauderdale Gay says:

      Hi Cusi! How are you tonight? Did you see my questions about the jewelry you make?

      • Cusi77 says:

        Oh! Sorry! I left last night without saying “Nitol”… I read that you do sculpture as well?

        I had my training as a Jewelry designer and Goldsmith in San Francisco and I’ve had my first solo “Sculptures to wear” on May 6th… 35 pieces, mostly in Silver, some use of gold and ebony and some unconventional materials like “a construction label” instead of stone for a two finger ring! It was a lot of work, fun, but it was when I hurt my hands, because I did many projects on watercolor paper, three dimensional and drawings as well.

        • Fort Lauderdale Gay says:

          I remember you were having a show, but I don’t think I was aware of the media you work with. I’m sure you would be familiar with many of my mentors. Have you heard of or were you ever lucky enough to meet Heikki Seppa? He was amazing!

          • FLG says:

            I’ve worked with many materials. I worked quite a bit with reactive metals, gold, silver. I really like hollow forms the best. I enjoy the combination of reflective surfaces with anodized reactive metals.

            • MAMAZ says:

              Yeah, but have you worked with feathers?
              The great jewelry designer KooKooBensimone has!

              • FLG says:

                Wow, I just managed to spew my monitor and fall off my chair at the same time! I must admit, I have never worked with feathers. I have played with them though. 8)

                • Nancy says:

                  So has my cat. And that’s where they should stay. IMHO

                • quincyil says:

                  Wow, FLG, I paint. I can do realistic, but I love abstract. I work with watercolors, acrylics and oils. I also do large stain glass installations and have repaired windows for small Catholic and Protestant Churches that have no money. My brother tore down buildings in the Chicago area and we have a warehouse full of old stained glass windows that we salvage. I also repair plasture statues for Churches with no money. I have come home to find an 8 ft. Mary in a box on my doorstep. She looked young when I sent her back home to her church. LOL. I felt a connection to you, but I had no idea you were an artist.


            • Cusi77 says:

              I would love to see your work! I also like hollowed pieces! How can I email you?
              Yes. I have seen Heikki Seppa work, but never met. I studied with Master Goldsmith Alan Revere and Abrasha. Rhonda Coryel, Christine Dhein… do you know them? Have you seen their work?

              • FLG says:

                I am very familiar with Alan Revere. I met him at a SNAG conference once, many years ago. You’ve studied with the best! I will email Lynn and ask her to give you my email.

                • Cusi77 says:

                  Thank you! Do you know Michael Good? I think Seppa work was the big influence in his work. I do know him personally but I love his work!

                  • FLG says:

                    I am very familiar with Michael Good and his work. One of my first mentors studied under him. You are correct Heikki’s work was the foundation of modern hollow forming. Heikki taught me how to make my first spiculum. I imagine you can order them now. Do you know Tim McCreight?

                    • FLG says:

                      What Heikki Seppa could do with a simple piece of steel to make a tool was mind bending. A simple hardware store run was literally a gold mine to acquire affordable tools.

                    • Cusi77 says:

                      What an honor FLG! I am looking forward to talk to you!

        • FLG says:

          If I failed to congratulate you at the time, forgive me. I love working with gold, but it is so expensive now.

          • Cusi77 says:

            Very! I just use it like an accent here and there… I like geometric forms and minimal designs. Silver is now 34.00 but was 40’s Dollars… imagine I bought my metal when it was in 14.00!!!!! It is impossible to sell my pieces! who can afford them?

            • Nancy says:

              Hi Cusi77 and FLG,
              Do either of you make one of a kind?

              • Nancy says:

                That didn’t come out right. If I asked you to make something would you?

                • Cusi77 says:

                  I do. But I have never sold a single piece… yet! There are some pieces that I would like to make an small tirage -6 signed pieces. But soon I’ll be working with “toilet paper” since metal is sooooo expensive now!

                • FLG says:

                  I make very few pieces per year now. My back won’t allow me to sit the jeweler’s bench for very long.

                  • FLG says:

                    I have developed a following that buy the few pieces I produce now.

                    • Cusi77 says:

                      Why don’t you try to do Tai-Chi? There is in Amazon “Scott Cole” Tai-chi to heal the back… I do my exercises every morning with his CD’s is very soft. Sometimes, you know well, I spent 6-7 hours at the bench sawing metal without noticing!

                    • FLG says:

                      I can’t seem to find the reply button for you CD comment, Cusi. I will look for the CD. I do spend a lot of time in our pool, and that takes pressure off of my spine. I’m lucky I still have the use of my legs and am still walking unaided, but not sure how much longer that is going to last. I’ll tell you more via email.

              • FLG says:

                I look forward to discussing metal-smithing with you Cusi.

                • FLG says:

                  I will look into that CD. I am looking for alternative therapies for my back. I’m quite lucky I still have the use of my legs and can walk unaided. I’m not sure how much longer that is going to last….

            • FLG says:

              I know I sure miss $300.00 gold!

    • Michigan Susan says:

      FLG was right…I was too busy eating cheesecake with everyone and not listening to the details. Someday maybe I’ll figure out the WSL mystery. Someone should have told me to “PAY ATTENTION, PULEEZZZE”.

      • I have a feeling we’re about to learn more – – –
        I only know who she is because her identity got “outed” on another blog a long time ago, and I was there at the time. It was all removed by the next morning.

        • Michigan Susan says:

          My confusion is about why it would be scandalous for someone or anyone to visit Alex and Simon? I would imagine that they have MANY friends that don’t like Jill. Isn’t there anyone in Jill’s life that has told her that what she’s doing/saying is completely inappropriate? Where’s that fabulous circle of friends? Why aren’t they saying anything to her???? It boggles the mind.

  87. MAMAZ says:

    I know and I don’t want to be too PC but I just don’t want someone new to misunderstand. Or think we really are transphobic.
    I think transgender people are one of the least respected groups. I just wanted anniyed to know that we are generally a pretty caring group of people.

    • MBDEA says:

      I commend you for the clarification and ITA about what a caring group this is.

    • FLG says:

      They obviously did not read my post on the passage of gay marriage in New York State. I clearly addressed and stated my respect for the transgender members of my people.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I’m sure they didn’t. Today was probably their first time here.
        Part of the problem is maybe how often we call LuAnn a drag queen, or LuMann. And she has been frequently called a tranny. I don’t know if that’s an offensive term to a transgender person.
        But I know nobody here considers being a drag queen or transgender a bad thing. I just wasn’t sure annoyed knew it and I honestly don’t want to offend anyone. But we also want to be able to have fun here.

    • Kansas Girl says:


      • MAMAZ says:

        Both articles were very favorable. My only objection is how in the first one she refers to what JZ does as sparring. That makes it sound like harmless banter. No, what JZ does isn’t sparring it’s a full on gloves off, no holds barred contact sport.

        • FLG says:

          What Jill does is out and out assassination. She won’t be satisfied until her opponent is crushed and destroyed.

          • FLG says:

            allegedly, in my humble opinion.

            • Nancy says:

              I second that.

              What do you think is going to happen in the Casey trial?
              I don’t want her to get the death penally. It’s amazing how one person
              can affect an entire family in such a horrible way. Very sad.

              • neroes says:

                Now that they’ve proved that the mom lied under oath she could also go to prison.

                • Nancy says:

                  You are right but what mother wouldn’t have done the same thing.
                  I don’t think they’ll do anything to her. I hope that marriage lasts.
                  They really need to come together now esp Casey’s brother.
                  The whole thing breaks my heart. Did you hear his suicide letter.

                  • FLG says:

                    I haven’t followed the case enough to comment. I know it’s going on in Flori-duh (am spelling it that way until things get better down here). I’m not comfortable with the death penalty for anyone. I know it’s not a popular position, but it does reflect my belief system. I escort insects out of my house rather than kill them.

                    • neroes says:

                      FLG I’ve lived in Manatee County since 1986 and nothing has changed. Now I do catch and release spiders that want to live in my house, roaches and mosquitos get squished.

                    • Nancy says:

                      Ditto FLG,
                      My cats drag in lizards, birds, mice, grasshoppers, and anything else they can find.
                      I’m the one that spends hours trying to save these little guys. I’m glad we have the same beliefs.

                  • neroes says:

                    Yes, it’s so sad and I hope they don’t charge her mom but I live in Fl. (originally from NY) and nothing surprises me anymore.

                • lillybee says:

                  Even Nancy Grace says that she would have done the same thing for her daughter.

                  • Nancy says:

                    I heard that as well. I was shocked because Nancy does everything by the book. I guess she’s human after all. 🙂

              • quincyil says:

                I can’t watch the case, The whole thing breaks my heart. That baby was so precious. Why do I care more than that mother?

    • Very supportive articles 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      What is ironic is that Jill has visited and contributed here using made up names!

    • AZ Girl says:

      TEAM LYNN!

    • twoile says:


  88. LynnNChicago says:

    Sonja’s Quote:
    “I’m going to be on E! Hollywood Story for Bethenny. ”

    E! is making a True Hollywood Story of Bethenny! woohoo! She has arrived!

    • MAMAZ says:

      It just goes from bad to worse for Jill Zarin, lol.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Wow! Great News! I am so happy for Bethenny, she is a real model to follow, she has arrived with class and dignity!


      I do not understand what does it mean “off the ground” Jill’s skeeshing thing “Off the ground”…..(????)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      lol it could have been you Jill, it could have been you!

  89. MAMAZ says:

    Good night all. I’ve got a new book I’m dying to read. Gonna curl up with it for a while before bed.

  90. Powell says:

    E! is doing an E! Hollywood True Story on Bethenny!!!! Oh boy. That’s not gonna sit well w/Jill Z. Who will be her next victim to take her anger out on? Poor soul whoever you are, I feel for you. Watch your back!!!!

  91. FLG says:

    Good Night Everyone! Sweet dreams!

  92. VoicesCarried says:

    Lol I never did get into the NY housewives… the fighting is so predictable to me, as in everytime anyone gets together they start poppin’ off. But oh how I miss the DC housewives! <\3 I liked Beverly Hills too…

  93. Amy Matheson says:

    From Jill’s super secret blog that anyone can read… a list of her fabulous engagements in the amazing crowd she hangs with:

    “Phoenix House Charity event in the Hamptons on Saturday, dinner with friends Sunday, Swan Lake Monday, Luann’s CD launch party Tuesday and Cirque du Soleil Wednesday and a wedding Thursday night. Add to that meetings all day and I am literally pooped out!”

    Really Jill? “LITERALLY pooped out?” From where? This explains a lot.

  94. boston02127 says:

    Good morning. Why, why, why can’t I sleep on a day off!!! It’s only 6 a.m.

    Last night I put on the AC because it was so loud outside (fireworks) This morning I woke up feeling 2 little nostrils breathing on my neck. My dog was curled up in my blanket like a stuffed animal. It was freezing in here.

    We went to see the movie Bad Teacher last night. Stink-a-roo.

  95. jc says:

    I read the blog often and enjoy is too much. Thank goodness for iphones so I can get here and catch up during the day.

    I think the reason Jill infuriates us so much is that we know people that are like her. They are the ones that point fingers (the guilty dog barks the loudest) and get away with everything. In the end what goes around comes around eventually. I’m finally old enough to see some of the goes around. Jill will be no exception and she, like Bethenny said cannot get out of her own way. Instead of unfollowing her as she can buy twitter followers why not write the blog and just ignore her part in the show. We know this woman is vile. We know she must have the most aweful life as she seems to be miserable or she wouldnt do or say the things she has too much time to say and do. To me, her 15 minutes are at about 14 minutes and counting. She has failed at ever business attempt that she has ever tried as she is the laziest thing. She brags about her 150k followers in a New York City that has over 8 million people.How pathetic?

    This blog has done an amazing job of holding JiIll accountable which I love and people do finally see Jill for who Jill really is. She isn’t fooling anyone in her rented Hampton home.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      That is a good point, JC. Over 8m in NYC alone then add in the million+ viewers and she only gets 150K followers (even with bulk purchases)? Pay attention Jill.

  96. boston02127 says:

    Just got off EBay. Jill is now selling her used shoes. Her old T-shirt that reads “Team Jill” is for sale too (29.99) in case anyone is intrested. Vin?

    • quincyil says:

      I love some of Sonja’s outfits. The one in teh souk with that hat was fantastic. I would actually considering buying her stuff on eBay. I think they are classics. The skirt and top that did not zip would be perfect for me. I can have my mom fix the zipper.

      I wonder what size Sonya is.

      Jill had some 8s but I really don’t want to own anything she touched.

  97. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning & happy day to all~ ;0

    • boston02127 says:

      Morning Kitties ☼

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:


      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        Hi boston~how are you doing today?

        • boston02127 says:

          I’m good BaaBee, thx. Just showered, thinking of getting out for a while. Lol, yet I’m very comfortable.

          • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

            I am just going in the shower~have been cleaning patio & feeding birdies & bunnies~
            2 bunnies have been here for a couple of months now & as soon as I put out bread for the birds they hop right up to me. They are still babies & so cute. 🙂

    • Zoey says:

      Good morning everyone. I head something on the news yesterday that stayed with me; thought I’d share. The story was about how ironic is it that the Fourth of July holiday, standing for freedom and being American, etc, is problematic for some veterans. The problem is that the sound of the random firecrackers is very similar to gunfire, and those that have ptsd and flashbacks often get very stressed. I feel for them, as I think vets are so often forgotten about.

      Hopefully the majority of them enjoy the Fourth, and Lord knows I admire all that they do and have done! Have a great Sunday and Monday all!

  98. Zoey says:

    Make that I ‘heard’. My eyes and my hands are not meeting in the middle…maybe coffee will help!

  99. OneMoreInBoston says:



  100. t says:

    WOW!!! You sound like a woman who is really bitter. Do you wish you were a wonderful person like Jill and that you had her money and success. I think that anyone who has the time to create a website that encourages hatemongering towards others they know not personally, needs therapy and to get a life outside reality TV. That is all it is…. REALITY TV. Half the stuff they do is scripted and edited and yet, everyone blogging on this site, save myself, is taking it to be real. That is what’s sooo funny about you people. lol. I believe that the creator of this web site is a FAT, unhappy, chick with no life outside of the television and internet, and that is sad. My advice to the creator is….. go to the gym, dont sit on your ass in front of the computer all day, and get out side where real life is going on. But more importantly…. get your own life and stop blogging about others you dont know.

    • Debbie says:

      You said: “That is all it is…. REALITY TV. Half the stuff they do is scripted and edited and yet, everyone blogging on this site, save myself, is taking it to be real. ”
      If that is true, why does Jill continue her harassment and nasty comments after the filming has ended? She continues her bad behavior and insults in the press and social media to this day .

  101. boston02127 says:


  102. Jill is Jealous says:

    Simon, when are you and Alex going to learn that Jill doesn’t like you. She feels superior to you and she is not. Jill blames everyone for everything and does not own what she is or what she does. She didn’t invite Ramona to her event and blamed her partner. When you invited her to talk, she said yes and then blamed Kelly for changing her mind. She was horrible to Alex and I don’t know why you and Alex don’t just do what Bethanny did and get the hell away from her for good.

  103. Tarheel nurse says:

    I couldn’t even finish reading this garbage. It is so obviously written by Alex. I don’t think anyone else could be so mean spirited and illiterate.

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